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1 5 5 X 1 5 ,, 'v-X ' J! .. 5- w ,wi X . g 'K' C f 9- B' STEPHEN KARWOWSKI BARRYK.-1 TZ .N'fgin:":e: Stale. .-1"1bf::':n I-:::i:e llerrzorfes: Junior Var- 55 s1.::ess:1.f fn fffe. E:::'f:e sffj. Bsslteibalf Tecra: C":.:s:ng -Xlgrwgfj.: S' T2. E:::'- A"Ci1.'2!'iECf?l6H:.".X-Gdd: i Ou :fe E.r,:'ess. f 15:51. Pe: On lfcxueff. Second,-ire. Wes: Pee:e:D:-ing 1 e fn gjrn. Ling Branch. C cerfs: Dale Jfssin. Doors. .-1... .cn B e Gra-tefufADecd. Emerson. Lake ana Paenen: Ajlocdg Blues: Jethro Tuff. Sfcenarne: Cazzie. Sr S.. J-UIES KIJIBLE DAVID KISS ,XVfC2fV!U'YlEf "Kiss ..-krnbftion: to fire CO"'2f.O'fGDij in life. Pe: Peere: hating to get ,u in the rnorrzing so some -w .Qt-nm, 45, ,Z...X. DOCCGV. ,4 JUDYK.-XTZ "The EGG and the LOTUS" . Woodj 's Hu: . one more box of cartridges . Hillside . .Vex and Rod Stewart .-lndress. Pennsj-lrania . Dor. Dor. Dor . . Ocean Palm ... Lisboa Rose Jani and Blanche .. Loocg. Lester and Sglrester ... Georgia. C ARL K.-1l.TJLfLY I-'arorite .Uemoriesf Summer of 1972: 113 Cross-Country Trip and Battle Hill: In front of Deb- bie's house: Concerts: Jethro Tull. .Woody Blues. Edgar Win- ters: Emerson. Lake And Pal- rner. J. Geils. Ambition: To be a success in u'hateL'erIdo. fe-Q-'1 SHARON KISS A V Time it was. And what a time If was. It u'as .. A time of innoc- ence. A time of confzdences. Long ago it must be .Ihare a photograph. Preserre your mein- ories: Theyre all thats left you. PaulSz"rion JJLMLWTI I OLOTQI -?' ALLEN K-1 LTER Remember: Biology AP. Fetal Pig Dissection. Ham- Hang. A chain only has tzro links, General Dayan. Death Valley. Ambi- tions: Become a Doctor. own a car. Clubs: Fishing Club - 72. 73: Future Phg sicians Club - 72. 73: Rifle Club - 72. 73. . . ,. .--mum I' JODY KEA VEXEY there is a sign in the hall that reads "Quiet" - it waits for no one - i think that is what makes people different than signs. bob dylan AXITA KLALO Corky Kla3 and Klaybird. Wan- na Play Football. Italians. DOA. The Great Escape. Shinnydip- ping, The Boys. Cupid. Down- falls. The Wharf, Girls night out, tie one on. Fearless Faure some. Coffee. Newark State Camiial LaborD x Weekend. fsffoggsuitosf +0 f I, -1 I , ,Ll,2,.fj1,p-YL,-5.J9Q' f-S ,I , I jf ,.',, .' ,M fi ,I , gcovsfu JC mbu,,fiTl gvcblu 7504! 1 if A , I JG :L+-4!VvL5'1 f"'l '4'i"'Le , fiafi .431 jfu 44,LUJAf1-O H-ffefoyaw 7, - , , , ,' f ,,, : . ,, ,415 you HA- 'fnfx I 1,4 ,C ' - I : 1 ..AUl,1 ,fel .mvff 'nfxihregjsilx ,f ' 7d'W'c'EJ .fgmgn " J wif 4 , ',f 2 V ,,?' 5 ' WWW ,H 'asm . ,gi ' l 'bf IA NANCY KLAPPROTH 1969-1970-1971-1972-and the rest of my life with John - Deb 8: Kathy - and all my friends - Florida 1972 - Pocono's - camping - D.A. - J.B. - Weekends down the shore S.D. V. - Camaro - J. H. as JAY KLITZNER Nickname: Klitz Memories: Weekend at Janet's house, Bombers. Just another case of madness, Paint my car! Summer 72, Allman Brothers, Card Games, Mike's subs, Soccer Field, Pile ons. Flare on Olive Terrace. if LARRY KOHN USY, the Breaks Hotel, Room 306, the Boardwalk, the Green Lane Y, Jersey City. Bayonne. the Janet House. Cat Stevens, Sunday Football, Vernon Valley. Austria, and JDL. -.P ALLAN BARRY KLEIN Nickname: Rob, Favorite Pastime: sleeping in class. Not going to classes so I can sleep home. Grieoances: most ofthe teachers, most of the ivork, no smoking lounge and rotten food. A great High School, DIANE KL UCINIKAS S.- SUSAN KLENKE KA THERINE KOEHLER DORIS KLIXK Nez. Years Eve 1971 Cliuvics Locomotive Breath Februorjy I2 1972 Wou Nelly' "Yellow von- vertible VW." Zoom it Max Hey Judy. ivill you ever knoiix Tick toclk' flocks and feather pil- loivs. Maybe someday Kenny. LURI KUHEN di, M.S., orange juice, Plan X, "Kathi", Live like this is your ffiPf1d-S street IGS Brad- Summer always, S.F.'I'., 27 days only life - because it is, but leg Beach "Get 0ut.'."' in a Hole! Rock 'n Roll, cell, remember not much is neededm driving summers con- friends, sitting here getting old. keep it happy. Favorite Memo- verts 3rd lunch Stanleyk "Existence would be intolerable ries Iroughly speakingj: traveling D-222 hanging Brook- ifwe werenever to dream." light, Aloha, times u'e ttorried side you can't aluays get about it later, Diane, Denise, uhat you uant "Youre Bernie - Thanh you. Kidding'."' Pioneer Village, .Massachusetts if your I E,-, friends are there then every- S things alright. ELIZABETH KOLSTER I believe in the sun even ivhen it is not shining. I believe in love even when I'm alone. I believe in God even when He is silent, '- K 1 "J- .1-ure'-" .-Af -n L A. X . ,ml X Y Auf. 1Au of bf ur.. r 5, ,W . 1 " ,f gy: , A il Q 5.1 Q , w Nu. 5, .M wma? " gf? :Pdf Q Q-L., THEODORE KONICKI KATHY KRATZ Summer 71 , . "little Zeke" ... The Circle ... Mr. Kastner's sophomore homeroom , , . Dra- matics . . . Senior Homeroom . . . Don't look for someone's faults . . look for his good points, and be thankful for what you have. Somewhere, Someway, Some- how, Someday. My w 151' GAIL KULL Ambition: to make the one Ilove happy. Memories: Florida - Jane, 'ADoes you still own that towel?" "Drip" "Drip" B.B.U's "Greetings" Tenn. - G.0.0. "Eug". Favorite Pastime: flush- ing smoke withJane. ANIELA KOZAKIEWICZ "As I love nature, as I love sing- ing birds, and gleaming stubble and flowing rivers, and moming and evening and summer and winter - I love thee my friend. " To all my friends and family - Thank you! fs- 1 JEFF A. KROMPIER The good times in Union High are now just memories - Debat- ing Club, Stage Band, Concert Band, The Marching "Funny" Band, Chuck, J. C., Uncle Al. The past three years have' meant meeting new people - sus- taining old friendships. AMY KURMAN When sundown pales the sky, I want to hide a while, Behind your smile, and everywhere I'd look your eyes I'd find. KAREN KUKLISH Memories: David and Fifth Ave- nue New York ...Albert . .. July 12, 1972 .. , Blue Skylark Buick ... Summer 1.972 Ambition: Stewardess, to make that certain someone happy. "To make the happiest days in my past, The saddest days in my future." Qu- QR., DREW LA GRA VENESE La Grave. Columbians: Wilk, Val, Buttacks, John Vitolo, Volpe, Wadams, and Leahy. Labor Day 1972, Mrs. Vogt's Sophomore Geometry class, Big and Uncle Al, laughing at kids with swim team varsity coats. To own a cadillac. JANE KULIKOWSKI Ambition: to make the one Ilove happy. Memories: winter S.M.U., Tenn. O.L., "Does your T.V. set work?" "ICRA-SH" "How's your mosquito bite?" "Whoops". Favorite Pastime: taking a break. li? GENE LAGUNA unforgettable times with Gale ... Soccer ... Basketball ... Baseball . . . 'AGune" . . . Jan. 24, 1974. 'WO' gf xo U.: ,JY ForAll Friends . . . Union High School Union, New Jersey T5 is if VALERIE LANGAN Ambition: to be successful in whatever I strive to do. Activi- ties: FTA, Bowling, Soccer, Bas- ketball, Volleyball, and Softball. Memories: Puerto Rico D-222, D- 223, Mariar, Istperiod gym, IV G Chorus and Island Beach. we TONY LA URINO 'bw Fi MA UREEN LEARY 12,3 5 . MARK LANGE CINDY LA WRENCE October 12, RMJSJ, an empty room , Blackberries, will pool, and 11120170 at Fillmore . If you forget! McDonald's casa. Severno Park - Friday night . "My friend, Iwill not fail nor for sake thee. "Joshua KENNETH LEIBOWITZ "It is impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself as for a thing to be and not to be. at the same time. "Ralph Waldo Emerson if if 1 ,uf - 3Q,,v I , . ... , l Wim... - . M, M, RICK LA SALVZA Pet Peeve: cadillacs of '72 .. Uncle Al to be successful, summer Am bztion: KATHY LEAK Ambition: to become successful in Life and make my parents proud of me. Pet Peeves: back stabbers, tu'o faced people and jives. Memories: '72 f F.E.J. III. Remembrance is the only paradise out of which ue cannot bedriven. lol oil' 15 0 VINCENT A. LA URIA Three years of maturity sur- passed. Remembering "Labor Day 1971" with Marilynn, Mr. Greenberg, and my rock band - "Backrhodes" with Lou, Bob. Frank, and Gail. Remember "Life is the mere exchange of sodium and potassium. " ,A 0 Lf M LESLIE LEHMAN "IfI laugh just a little bit maybe I cah forget the chance that I didn 't have to know you, and live in peace, Maybe I can forget the plans that I didn't use to get VCU. 1 rs X :Q Union High School v- it Mi BARRY LEPINSKY Nickname: "Lip", Ambiton: ag- ricultural engineer. Favorite Memories: JJ, Uncle Al, U.S. History II, German III, Sympho- ny Hall, Caddy, Cherksters, Un- ion Drive-in, megaphones. we SHELLY LEVIN Massachusetts .,. Pioneer Village . . Room 30 . . Unter 63 .,. friends ... Time is filled with promises, and only time can make them come true. I' arf VINCENT PA TRICK LEPORE Main Ambition: Major in Histo- ry, Degree in Law. 32"- Ages... STEVEN LEVIN Basketball team, Cleveland Indi- ans, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleve- land Browns. "Cancel my sub- scription to the resurrection. " DENISE LEMA TTY Parsippany rr 383, Hillside - acme - Jerry. 12:30-2:00 ship - bottom - Mark, Woods party, graduation parties - 72, July 4th weekend - B.C. r-bag fRos- iej Miami - A,U. 5m Susi's place. LA URIE LE VANDA "Friendship is a golden key Unlocking every door, X Creating understanding f That did not exist before. I You're someone who has found this key X For you possess the art of thoughtfulness that finds a way I To open every heart. " LARRY LEVINE There you go, Man, Keep as cool as you can, Face piles andpiles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave and keep on think- ing free. LOUIS LEONE "Hey Joe" Down the shore! Al- pine Park fthe good timesj, The bigparties down Keith's cellar. GARYLEVENDUSKY Leven - English class 6th peri- od. Debbie and Rae greatest friends. The Hill. Summer of 72. The Moody Blues fKnights in White Satinj. and other concerts. All the walks and the talks, And to all my friends Thank You. LA URIE LEVY How can we be sure of anything! the tide changes. X The wind that made the grain wave gently yes- terday I blows down the trees tomorrow. l W, V-1 sf .its mug -Ixfl, M . , . l,"fiW?v?' .HK J' n Rr - -. , K, .337 f , ...owl '.' ' ef, 1973 BOOSTER Editors ..,. .......,.... Art Editor .......... Literary Editors .... Typing Editors ...,, Photography Editors Finance Editor .... Advisor ...... . . . . . . Virginia Dyke LeeAnn McElroy . . . . . . Leslie Fazio , . . Julie Nagazina Patricia Napoli . . . . . Marilyn Revera Holly Rice Jeffrey Chodakewitz Alan Roland . . Roberta Rosenthal Patricia McCutcheon l ANGELA LEWIS Ambitions: to become a profes- sional model and professional hair styler. Memories: 10!1Of72, I went to N. Y. Fox hunting, Marge Zara, Michael Calvin "Barron" Black Beauty. Pet Peeues: Gail's problems every morning about Amos. Tu ta Nana. Q' , JOSEPH LICWINKO Nickname: Joe, Ambition: to become a commercial pilot, ur- 0 . ' 'fo Bi' ,OOQV -4000 N 'ings 'l 94, RAY LIUTTA Good times with Clee. SOCCGF Basketball Ji! Bebe, LX LEON LEWIS "Itchy" Activity: basketball, Memories: december '71 january '72 lC.D.J. Ambition: to continue to struggle for the most beautiful people in the world. fBlack People! Because, well, you know Black is beautiful! Tu Ta Nana. L- KAREN LIFSHUTZ Florida . . Summer '72 "the streets" .. munchies Sun Valley . moonwalk "I DON'T KNOW" conven- tions ice cream sandwiches . Friends shopping carts Wellington Cold Duck all roads lead to football games getting letters. f'N K? GINNY LLOYD Linda's parties, The fillmore, 3!5!7I, neu' years "72", roller skating. florida "72", 8lI8!72. 8!I9!72, driving, IOIIOITZZ in neu' york, Kathy, Maggi and all the fun we have had. fa, -si LINDA LEWIS Nicknames: Lewy, Pumpkin head, November 3, 1970 - Charlieg Kraoett's lousy trailer Aggressive G.I. Joey summer of '7Ig Island Beach. Love is bring- ing out the best in each other. RANDEE LE WI TT Summer '71 Bradley Memorial Weekend 4Cheer- leading Unionsrl 'Senate Camp Days Jr. Prom Sweet Sixteens Cliorus Florida Linda and I. Best Friends always Li LJ' I . B . V1 if I' SCOTT LOEFFLER A.VTHO.N'Y LURI,-1 Memories: Summer Of "72". .wemfirtef Pfimnnp, ff,,1Cm, "Nou, 1972, " Ambition: to ou'n .wummernf 72, Alpine Gang. Man myoirn business, I9. 72, Keith! house Ambition to have my oun business and to travel across the L' S A 1 , W f me , N a v J f Y I Q: i 2 U I- af, w A98 RICHARD LOTT JOHN MAHON DEBBIE LOVELOCK Summers down the shore .H Florida ...J...L S ...P .., K ... Jahn's ... Stanley's ... working ... football games . . . basketball games . . . listen- ing to records . . . A man who lies cannot love. '55 JIM LO WDA Memories: my MG, which al- ways ran, through wind, rain, snow, my boats which ran well until they got in water, Karl's goat which never ran. The swej plague, Seymour the JB, Savitt, Grant, and all of us C's. RON LUSTBADER Nicknames: Lus, Roonish. Mem4 ories: the old Cadillac, stranded and drifting out to sea, the boat, the big chase, hitting the Mercedes, Mr. Schwartz, and Two Guys Discount Department Store. JOAN MAGERKURTH " so shall ye reap.", jolly green giant and funny face, gym - little buddies, soccer jocks, homeroom, '71 4 when were 70 "If everyone in this world u.fasn't a little crazy, this whole world would be insane." - su1nmerof"72". IO 4 JANET MABRY Nickname: Maybanks. Pet Peeve: people who think they are bad. Favorite Memories: going skiing with Cheryl, meeting E.S.R.g June 23, 1972. Ambition: to be whatever Iam cutout to be and to be really good at it. SANDY LOZANO Jim, October 10, 1971, Happy times with Jim, "Summer of '72", Red machine IAMXJ, Football, baseball '72, times with Stan and Ellen, Drill Team, Years of friendship with Yvonne "Gu1e',, D.B., Biertemple Park, Make him happy in years to come. fJ.C.J R ONALD MAA G SCOTT MAC GREGOR "Scottie Mac". Activities: two years varsity football. Memories: Trenton, 1971, Summer Pet Peeve: practice . . . weightlifting. Most Respected: Mr. Bizzaro, Mr. Lilli, Mr. Corrigan. Best Friends: Other members ofstart- ing team . , . my Brother. Favor- ite Saying: "What's Happening? ',.. "abuse, " A time of confidences. Itwas... A time of innocence, in DAN MAL WITZ Activities: three years Varsity Football, baseball, weightlifting, Memories: undefeated football season, "Proving Ground", Coaches - Mr. Bizzaro, Mr, Bell, Mr. Corrigan, Mr. Lelli. Best Friends: other members of Ist team offense and defense. Ambition: to do God's will. DONALD MARANGI Summer of '72 Good Friends Trip to Italy. DEBBIE MANTONE "Mantoni". Battle Hill, Labor Day "71"fDebbiej, "72"summer friendship forever: Joey, Vicki, Debbie, Rae, Zainer, Laurette, Gail, Leven, Shins. Excursions Zainer and Faget, Party Wagon, Chinese Food - "tuck fat in," The Club, Clown, 8129172 Dod- do, Detention. LINDA MARANG1 Memories: the weekend of Sept. 1, 2, 3, 1972, Tar's, Campaigning. "'71 -72", Friends. Songs: Alone Again KNaturall-vj, Garden Party. JOE MARTINO Favorite Memory: concerts KAI!- man Brothers and Rod Stewartl. The Tunnel, Summer of '71, f-N ERMA MASTROLACASA Ricky. April 9, 1971, Woodbridge - Senior Prom 1971- Summer of '70 with RG. Y Oct. JU. 19711 - "Sweet Dreams" - Spain - JG Chorus with Nancy - John 's Accident A June 25, 1971 - Looking forward ta the future 5 X f gn' iii PA7'T1MARGl'L1ES 4' To my friends a thank you song for being hind ta me I have known wavxs to lice dif- ferent from trays Iprarx ed to die, Lord. To m5 friends a thank yutt song for being kind to me -235. X- ' :fra 5 Q21 :li DUMIXIC' J. .VA TERAZZ1 Nickname' Gimp. Kirk. Classes, Mr. I-Iafzardk .Wu.si'c Class. Ju- nior and Senior year, Serg Lel- lieis gym class. Junior year. Summer of M727 with Ezlleen. M5 friends with great people "Lice and Let Lire, 'A Pet peeie knee surgery and knee drain ,...- 11I?l'C'll.I,A I. M.-1 RNHALI, .N'it'hnan1e' C'illa Pet I'e4'i'e.' l'n- ion High Sthuul' Ambition' to make IVIFX fTllllIIt'1'Ill1fJf7-X hx grad- uating and hw a gout! ii iff' to mx future husband Muhawl Memo- ry Michael Amir .'VIar- shall .pq VN RICH,-1161! .Us-1l'HlIil.l.U .Wemurial Ilan Wrvtirnrl '72 II the Hillside Inn -Junior Ifne li-h u ifh Mr Krnfigf nnti Jima, Hi-turj. 1. ith .xIrs ,Url-'fi' '1.17 Ixlr -If -II! flllflfih Ill house uith J I1 and H H Rua Slfltllfl l'f,n1 Art 'ff Inn' h Hi: L en, Su"inzwruf Q 1 '. .th 'li an Long ago . It must be I flcfwf, 'fr-9a f if 'fq,fg7lfQff . 4 7,5-5 Lp f 'mf .4 W' 1 W1-fw' wf ,vw ,, .1 My - Q5 . ,f pjsw g , F .4'i,,Z,,1wl'Q4if,-,fy I have a photograph -51 HA R OL D MA YLA XD KATHYMcCOY Summer '72 Bradley . crazy friends Dausns house Bensalem Pa ,My love to Italy .Way -1, 1971 Den. "To love is ,to place our happi- ness in the happiness of another." 'Sf I" YYY' KE VIN MCA DAM 'll' 'I if' MA UREEN MCCA ULEY D.R. . April I, 1971, Susan 's Cellar, Ocean Beach '71, '58 Fred ... Deb 45 Ken, "We can make it if we try". To be as good to my children as myparents are to me. To stay with DA VID! Q ff' ix A f LOUIS NICDO WELL LA -IWW- RI TA ANN IMCD O WELL Fai-. Memory: Summer of '72 . . April 9, 1971 Sept. 30 Leet wanted to stay all night .. Ambition: To liue a successful and happy life, and to stay sin- gle. Pet Peevesf English, and phoney people. bv- DEBRA M cEL WEE WILLIAMMCCLAIN n D . Alias: fWhoopie.'j Activities: Wrestling. Favorite Memon? Winning District Tournam n . Winter o '71. mbition: e suc6essLafl5y.lzXiQ'- if I-N' .fm iv +- 3 Nw Ax N Vu" nf'-I fi' . r-Q mf x v - - LEEANN McELROY . Dazzling and tremendous how quick the sunrise would kill me, If I could not now and always send sunrise out of me., W. Whit- man. To live long is not of itself praiseuxorthyg To live fully is. fx f , Q: --4 .F 'K r- ' ' ,Q 1 , 'U.'a'2, fi gf: Wig' My . ,Q . BOB McFARLANE Bob and Geri 717171 . , . Spain in '72 Cranberry Lake, Guard- ing on the beach J. Geil's Band, Academy of Music, Smoke on the water Blueberry Is- land , . . Bob, good luck in swim- ming... 09,001 'Ir WWQCWWWWWW MMM ,MM ff W WWW Z,giiW'Mpj?fjMmw'07P M WMCWMWSW WW wwf WV ff My Memories . . . Nostalgia MU 'L - jgr 2. , ' x , s. - ' ' .. : A H' A ,Q. ,gn H vi V ' xx ,Z X . f t . 5 : 5 " . 5 ,g,,tg:f,, .,,, KEVIN MCINTOSH CHRISTYMENNILLO The boy next doorg 21111725 Wild- wood, Heavy Duty: Burger Kingg Summer of '72g All talk no act- tion: '70 Chevelleg tobogganing with Eddie, Diane, Jamie, Donnie, Lisa: neighbor kids, the trailer, Island, D.A, class. I"l is TIMMEHAFFEY Mehaf. Memories: THE '63 Bonneville, golf team, Edgar Winter Concert, ALL-NIGHT CARD GAMES, Steak and Brew, JJ. 's class? Gay moments in Willie's Livingston School Playground. Quotes: Dooo, E-Z, whimp, ace, Horace. dude, all right. 'Y' PA UL MENSCH I never thought I'd live to be a hundred. I never thought I'd get to do the things, That all those other sons do, and they do. Inev- er thought l'd ever have my free- dom. An age ago my maker was refusing me The pleasure of the vzeux It MARY ELLENMUGARVEY Memories: Summer of '72, Fle- mington Fair grounds Sprint car facing on dirt Jan Op- perman at Trenton, green crash helmets photography, Shi Club Jimmy Maguire Fan Club, L7.S.A.C. IO7 I' Lf- if ' f H , DANNYMELILLU Nickname: Wolfman. Ambition: To be successful in ivhateverl do. Favorite Memory: July 8. 1972, and A.A.O. Favorite Ex- pression: What? I' 'I ,nw-v WHLTMERFERT .Vichnamei Merf. .wemoriesi Wildwood Kathx' Max' 251, 11971. Frida5 and Saturday nights. Summers of "I968"- 4'I972". J.J. Gth period class, The "Gang". The Germany Famous Saying: U yaaa, Pet Peeve: People ivhv always want to be the centerofattention 6 t, .ui A f N T V1 -. . 5' JEFF .VvGR.-X TH .Viehnarnes.' Jake. Super-Star. Nlemorzesf Summer "TIE" me and Mary-ann, the "rreu"' at my house. Kev 's frat parties, playing football with the Crvux Trips to the island in "rny" car lfinallpx l'm out of this place Sw if'-0' . A X ' . XX ' dl' Y '- - L 5 . DENIS MELLU Nickname: Chuck or Dean, Fa- vorite Memories: 1971 undefeat- ed football team. THE CIRCLE. Mr. Watson! class, Fraternity Parties, September 1971 lo Nlarch 1972. Pet Peeves: People who always talh but say nothing, Mr. Hell, "Are you kidding me." " 1RV1XlIMERl.ETTE Nickname .Scoatw Ambition Aircraft Mechaniv Faiariff- Memories "The flood flld ling N in ,Wr .Variinl Auto ,Nlewh class." Pet Pceve irazj. about girls, but .still looking for that special one Wiz iff' 'YW ffvV,,,, 2 7 f 379565 5,gy,w.,f , ,X .f U0VW.q,,, I I , ,, ,fW,,,fw,, ' .f f J ,f X4 M ff , . Z x F 1- li' ' J QW' '7 2 and '54 F rzends 'KW 2 54. Xmwwwb 'W 1,9 55? ,,,-'Vu 'I CHRIS MESSINA Time is a tapestry of colored memories stitched together .. We can make it happen, we can change the world now, we can save the children, we can make it better friends, basketball, summer '72 ., if, , , V ' sc "' 5 Hu 1. fe it? 'X PA UL MILCIK Memories: The Bombers, surfing '72, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Labor day week, the park, Bike riding in '72, the Drive-in, Shop I, II, and IIL hitchin' down the share. l"l 5- ,, -9' "" DOROTHYMICKINS BETH MILLER Ambition: To become a success- ful Dental Assistant and to make those who I love proud of me. Favorite Memories: Summer of "72" . . . Working in Stonybrook Camp Trip to Washington, D.C. To end with twelve great years in school, 108 r s, 'bf--A 'H-,-J DIANE MIHALKER Dee, Jackie's friendship, Memo- ries with Mitch, Spain, Weekends at BZ'sg "Stairway to Heaven", Summer '7I,' "It was but yesterday we met in a dream - should our hands meet in another dream we shall build another castle in the sky. " +L by 'CTT- EILEEN MILLER Favorite Memories: Bowling, Football games, Penn. Aug. 24-26 with Susan, Nancy, Eddie and Judy, Tamaqua, Florida with Carol, Sophomore year, Hardee's. Ls WILLIAM MILLER r, CATHLEEN MILAN "Cathy" - Billy 11!14f71 . . . St. Joe's Dances , . . the rec . . . Green '70 Lemans . . , all the good times . . . Crazy times with Nancy Karen, my twin and Miss Schmidt's class . . . 5!15f71 ... and, of course, my little Italian friend, Debbie . . . JYU' LAURA MILLER we can 't foresee how long we'll be together. you and me we won't live forever. While we're here Why not walk together hand in hand letting peace rain every- where. we are one we are one We'vejust begun . . . VALENTINE MIRTO Nickname: Mirt. Ambition: Make it to the top, honestly. Favorite Memories: Columbia Boys, Buttock, Drew, Mark, Johnny, Volpe, Worm, sopho- more Spanish with Louie Koeh- ler, Calling Max, wrestling. hiring. .4 is 4 Our chief want in life is to find someone Who will help us to Find ourselves. Emerson L .I I in 1 0 Q P QQTQ? O-145 Q RAE M1sc10sc1A Battle hill, friendship, Debbie, Erma, Zainer, Laurette, the club, 11!28!70, good times with Louie, 12!15!70, New York 4f27!71, Erma's summer '70, Spain, Chinese food, "tuck the fat in", Party wagon, D.A. tests, ta-ta's house, Labor day Races - 8112172 Y,.,r CAROL MISERENDINO The mind has a thousand eyes, And the heart but oneg Yet the life of the bright world dies When love is done. fl. MITCHELL MITELSKI 'I DONNA MARIA MONACO db . . gr , jb Neu' York ... Summer '71 . Night Rides family ,. friends Equality . Peace. Maybe it's time we started thinking of others in- stead ofjust ourselves. that goes for me too! I J OANN E MISIUK Nickname: Jo. "God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things Ican and Wis- dom to knou' the difference." Favorite Memories: April 15, 1972, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. L. 'T--F X., JACKIE MITCHELL Let those who want wisdom seek it in the buttercup ofa pinch of clay. Precious Memories: August 10, 1972, '70-'71 the dreams it held with Kurt. Ambition: Make Kurt and Erika happy Moth- er and Father "Thank You Dear God" l"'l ds, JIMMYMONA CO Long Beach Island Wildwood ., Concerts: Allman Bros. Faces The Dead Edgar Win ter the corner trip to Neu' York my 90 watt amp '63 Rambler. JOSEPH MISTRETTA Memories: The summer of '72 M6m0fl.Gl weekend at the Janet House, LFJCEDJK Allman Brothers Humble Pie, March 18, 1972 Main Labor Day Weekend. . gga S - A- ' .' 'S JILL MITCHELL "I don 't know what l'm searching for I never haue opened the door, Tomorrow may find me at last, Turning my back on the past " J. Hayward 55's Q-" PA UL MOND Favorite lW?mUfi8S,A Bull-neck Smiling Jai-li, Big Az, wan White. the Peek-ofBoo drew, Xortex in the 5th, 53.5.7 Xa,-d, andy ang ante-foal balllhnmiw l'Uf1. If we only have love Then tomorrow will dawn And the days of our years Will rise on that morn. If we only have love To embrace without fears We will kiss with our eyes x We will kiss without tears. If we only have love With our arms open wide Then the young and the old Will stand at our side. If we only have love Love that's falling like rain Then the parched desert earth Will grow green again. If we only have love For the hymn that we shout For the song that we sing Then we'll have a way out. If we only have love We can reach those in pain We can heal all our wounds We can use our own names. IO WX M sy . :M WWE si we W. ss' as Q ,sfwigw Q LOLYE MONT Battle Hill, 11th grade-boys' room after H.R., Band, Spain. Drivers Ed, Summer of '72 - Joes house down the shore. Cali- fornia. Xeu' York with Rae' friends: Debbie Kpall, Joe, Carl. Gary Jeff. Joe. if if-"I BONNIE MOSKALUK uahing up, being late, h.r. rnr. nugent, missing bus, hitching. quichsiluer, dances, jus "fantasy, jahns, parties, burger-kznguelhs, best friends, evil-fap, berthe, spider, tree, mr. kracht, scott the rot, dan the man. bus stop. ,7-, aff' X.-LYCYMOSKO HYTZ 'Where i'll end up u'ell i think only G-d reall,x'l1nou's." 41' WK Q, CHERYL MORGAN Easter, 1972. Spain, June 11, 1972. The song says, "Hey, hey, hey it's a beautiful inlay" but that day u'on't come until there's no more war and no more crime. When u.'e can Iiue together in peace. ,MICHAEL MOSKOWITZ 1 PAJVIELA M UC K John, Oct 8, '71-'72, "Friends" . New Years Eve . . .Mistakes - rewards , Thanx to Joe's cellar , Watching changes without understanding Summer of '72 . Beach Haven, "Sea Crest Cottage", "Amber House" Jan Peters . Love- ly things happen when you lore somebody . Q0-jwy OJJJNX, c 2 Q--4 JANE MORRISON "coming, going, the waterfowl leaves not a trace, Nor does it need a guide. 'l Dogen BARBARA MOSES "teddy" ... McDonald's ,.. concerts , , Spain, llamaba? , . 1972 .. . shore, Donna 's .. "Merica" Pennsylvania, mountains, field . . , "The loss of a friend is like that ofa limb, time may heal the anguish ofa wound, but the loss cannot be repaired. " Southey. S--f l"l BE VERL YMUHA jf 9,- MARYMULVANEY Ray 3!7!72 , . . Penny . . . Califor- nia , . . Friends at DeHart, Quick Check, Burger king , . Van Ness Terrace ... Carol and Bob ,.. Dental Assisting Class and Mrs. Gaetano .. "What are you, high? " .. Iwant to make those I love proud ofme. 95 M WLWMN Dk Egg? up Qfwiw if ll A uf, 6 115' If we only have love We can melt all the guns And then give the new world To our daughters and sons. If we only have love Then Jerusalem stands And then death has no shadow There are no foreign lands. Ifwe only have love e will never bow down We 'll be tall as the pines Neither heroes nor clowns. If we only have love Then we'll only be men And we'll drink from the Grail To be born once again. Then with nothing at all But the little we are We'll have conquered all time All space, the sun and sky. I1 vfws- CARQL MURDEN NATAIE MYCHAJLU -NVQ WC RICHARD MYRTLE Favorite Memories: Otto -July 0 0.5 'Nc ',X Q5-3' N3 Favorite Memory: The night I 28, 1972, The Junior Prom. Prep- XD 0 CX iff C f X' A50 J, had eight. ' pie. I-Iardees, Football gamesxf 6555 Q- 65 2 -JL 0 His Little surprises. Paula A. Qt' NX ' CQ' 'B '71 ,X and Scooter Champs, 3rd Lunch? .590 -X f xi pf NIP . IJ The Unbeatables and Bowling.'XRXQ- gfJZiQ.axe:o QV ,XXV Q-J x . g I - K -g-95 ISCEMLONCL Florida. The Shore. Otto: Everything will be alright! JULIE NAGAZINA Thank you Holly, Sue, Ginny, friends from Elizabeth, and everyone else. Y-hoca, Bradley Beach, subs, the "dig", Autumn '71, WFD, concerts and movies. "Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the fu- ture with longing. " DEBBIE NELSON scorpio: 'fOut of Sight People", very passionate and sympathet- ic, so give a toast to the scorpios. Nickname: Sly. Activities: Track and field,.Basketball, volleyball, and bowling. Ambition: Medical Technician. ,me Q35-ya by i'l NN T"f NADINE NAPOLI Memorial Weekend "72" . . Mind games ... Adjuda . Bal- dy .., Moby ... and everything ... I0 in. ,.. Denises Cellar Hayward Nights in White Satin ... Crash ., Teddy- Mobile ... ILove you .. Bobby ...FunFair... -4 v ,.-:sit BILL NEUGROSCHEL Key Club lPresidentJ, Editor of Cannon, Espana, poxing to Burg- er-King, Greeks, "Alice Cooper". being "on the air"- WJDM Pro- ject. bestfriends Garry, warm football games "special friends" We Still Got A Long Way To Go Goodbye. fam ix PATRICIA NAPOLI Friends Bradley Beach week- ends Janizcithoutbangs Riding KLCC - the Fear- some Foursome Under My Thumb Bopping Mrs. McCutcheon's class Cheese- quake Park The W'hile Rorer Dead concerts Trips PFB lgot by with a little help from my friends -'16 . 4 'K S: Q I '1"i" l 1 izfadii 1' B ' gf " . ' ' -Y t :ji'9f!'fK- if -ff' ' ' . F 4' V- 1 x , CORRIE ,YACKSIJX The Bombers. just another case of madness, hitchirig through Pa., Freight train riding. B nk' ', RONALD NEBENZAHL Nickname: "SKINS" Ifaiinritv Mernorrxx' B.H.B. Ambition: To be successful in u'hateL'er I do in life. E We ll soon remember And our friends were small And the world was new. ' pf O! Cat Stevens v V Whenazz things were fall Q UPA' QV ,fl lf C- " A X f , flbygblf JK all l MX A vp . " JV ,Y , ' l ,- i V KV NX I s VJ QV- l f U xi 'I ,f A I My b f! JA. X. I if , y if f of VPN ,109 'I ff! CV . ,. 1" X, If Al - L, if fl, VW 4.f.,, ,, . f-nj.. .- J ,V Z nw, i 'J' .j" dl , I X 1, 'Midi ,Jwr l X xr 'ff' .V 'jr' Jjf ' ,Q 5 N if 'will X - K Y f "K 55 Q We , Rf J 'f f QQANJ ' V 1 Xgbx Va :pf ,Ja , ' "f wwf- , U , ff , wPf,g."f'fz"fi'fr' 12 JEFF NEWTON Newt, boy's room before and after H,R. Ilth grade, Junior Prom, The Hill, Joes house down the shore, Sam 's class, God Bless my friends, and thanks to my parents for watching over me, DONALD NICHOLAS Cn-v 'Hu-f MARK ORTIZ Beat the system Luck run- ning out. QW QV' bv' BETTYNG Memories - The year of 1971 and 1972, Debbie and Dori. Favorite Expression - "What's Happening," Ambition - Suc- cessful Secretary. DEBBIE NOVAJOVSKY Favorite Memory: April 10, 1971, Ernie. Summers of '71 cfz '72, Nickname: Imissj Crabtree. 'If' JOSEPH OAKLEY Ambition: To be successful in life. Union High School was a "trip" in itself. Experiences: Hanging on the corner, Burnet, Wawayanda Lake, the Reservoir, MICHAEL O'SHEA Favorite Expression: "Be cool." Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Byrne. Pet Peeve: English. Ambition: To win the 51,000,000 lottery. DEBBIEPACE ... Emil, Summer of '70, G.T,O., Feb. 7, cuting with Lin da T., Italians, Edgar Wirlfef-9, parties at Barb 's, Seaside, Belko, Gail's House, John Elide. Fa- vorite Saying: Take it easy. Pet Peeve: People without a sense of humor. KAREN O'ROURKE Pork ... "The Gimp" . . . fats 502 and Git ... Thom ... Cruisin' ... hockey ... Espanol ... Rocket catching . . . boys!! So on and on you go, The seconds tick the time out. There's so much left to know, And I'm on the road to find out. GARYPACHECO It's been tenacious. Remember- ing the derelicts in J.J. 's sixth period. Broken Man and Harry- Harry. Basketball and the man- agers. Intramural basketball Ihave miles to go before Isleep. Q ' ' W ' f If E . ,u5,,ffgy,. V 5'--.,.. l57Q I 5 wmim THERE My 2 Off HAVE 745550 -f,qg,,,, gy, M457 wfllffvf 5ffllf A N OMH ow? FW TH L Q ww 5 ,ufppgw wins frwnfmw 1 UFTHESQJM nw ,, DW Kg MOON: we H 4:4 QPWLD 1 of ,mg Vow Love mwfufs O0 WHMK A 5 E ba U9 ' fmt! D rL1ufw?Lff HW W-f'JV""f5 HMM? ' I4 5 I A3g"gw1?H WV W5 TDMLW ffwffp 6 A ' I 1555! pug Loaf! MLA i cfm Slfnf F02 , f f f f f Q l?Z?y0u,'ewe0fy, Remfmv fmawg, wffefevak Wh We W mlfijgffy- ' ' ' T f1'fdfyfhemZ'Z1'n ey bull- l'mffllVff95 xr-5fLL!?fE QOAL x 0' monyoufgifiig 5urifA3S C513 t9o551blQQ 'mon VVGWLQ Qu 5:-7' LA URETTE PADFIELD Battle Hill, The Club, Gerti Vicki, Sue, Liz, Debbie, Gail, Debbie, Rae, Ice skating, The Prom, Party Wagon, 3-4-72, 10: 20. Spain, "Soldier Boy", N.Y.C., Snuffy, Summer, The Dunes, 3-13-71, Ist Episode at Hienton. All my Friends. , CATHYPAROCHNIACK Memories: Practicing "Kansas City" in the cafeteria last year with Jerry and Monica, "Those Juniors," Fritz, and last but not least, Spook. , , , 1' DONALD PENCIN GER Thanh you Ma 8: Tess, cutting with the uegta buddies, my first trip to Baltimore, The Bentley Hotel, Blinky. PATPANICHI For the future I hope to be a Nurse, for always, a friend. 'I HOWARD PAULMAN Memories of Union High: Jack Trager and the "Tunny Band," the Thanksgiving Day football game of 1971, May 13, 1972, Summer of '72, driving, to school for the first time, eing ac- cepted to college, and . . GRADUATION. I' '-"-Q. Xu RALPH PENNA DENNIS M. PARKER I have lived in Union for five years. I have studied and partici- pated. in extracurricular activi- tzes in Kaicameeh Jr. High School and Union High School. My ambition is to go to college and become an architect. I' 'I 'rf' ir' ELL YN PEDINOFF I don 't know what l'm searching for. Ihaue never opened the door. Tomorrow may find me at last Turning my back on the past. Time will tell of stars that fell A million years ago. Moody Blues ', 75. E5 ev I x.,' S- "'-sv MAGLENDA JEAN PARKER Nickname: Maggie, P.K. Ambi- tion: To become successful and make my father proud of me. Memories: Gary. The Bomb. O.J.C. Pet Peeue: "Too Cool People". Favorite Sayings: "Take it the way you wanna". "Dig Here", Something Ain 't Right! I' 61 DEBBIE PELOSI Kenny Cortese March 2, 1970 Just to see him smile makes my life worthwhile Summer '69 Drive-In . Good times with Kenny . My great sister and brother-in-law . To be as good to my children as my par- ents are to me. 5 Bl k tix 923 Qlmfrw mmm, 'X f ,v- Aim, """'....r-1:3 T51 xy -W. ff, gl! ' ' z fig? iii , . m l i - Y 'I Q' af Q 1 ig. PE TER PE RNA 1 Q' tv" FRANCES PETROCCIONE "Fran" November 24. 1971 Sirnmers of 'fi and '72 Circle Parties . Weekends down Wifdzvood Food I with Hogan and Singer Motorcy- cles Hanging at thecircle ofdy records strawberry can- dfe "Rocky 9 7053 L 'L DO.Y.Y.-1 PE TE S C L-1 Fly your willow branches. wrap your body 'round my soul. Lay down your reeds and drums on my soft sheets. There are years behind us reaching. To the place where hearts are beating. Q'-if . . ! li. -1'1,-Q-1.3 - Q DOM PETROZZELLO ,Yicknamef Pumpkin. Favorite ,xI?V7'L0V'I.8S.' Lp thefield house 6th period. .Yo Gym. Heavy Chevy v'63,f. Economics 3rd period. Benching with Blaz. Favorite Expression: GET-A-JOB. Hud- dle-up. Pet Peevef Casey. Middle Guards. Rotten Red. Proving Grounds. ED PEPE 1 Band from Broken Man to Epi- taph. Memorial Day. 1972 at the Inn, down the shore. good times with friends. Looking forward to go on to College. QP--Y LINDA PE TRELLI Talks with my closest friends Donna, Phyll, Susi, Joni .. all the good times we've had with Kenny .. Kenilworth - Bobs front porch .. Summer '71 Pat .. July -ith '72 . . .Man those drakes are good' .Man on the bus. is-9 KATHIJ. PHILLIPS Wh en you are sorrowful look again in your heart, andyou shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your de- light. Kahlil Gibran. Illarthas Vineyard - August 1972. Nec-er to be forgotten. T011 PERINA Ambition: To be president of my own electronic corporation and make several million. Quote: Tragedy is sitting through one of Mr. C's lectures. A .VTOINE TTE PE TRILL O Toni. This small space is "dedi- cated tothe onellove .."Mau- ro, .Way I-1, 1972 - Casa Italiana ... Coop ... Diploman ... Tom 's River, never go back Capricorn every Friday night . . All week without you. Forever, .Marie gf, J ROBERTPIAGARI Favorite Memories: Asbury Park, Rye Beach, Forest lodge, summer of '71 and 72. Ambition: To be a good auto mechanic and own my own business. Favorite Quote: To each hils own. 'lrz-'hs - .lf li .-H7 Q ,Q E. ,filu I . B' f : L fi -in To-'::!: El 't' 9. Av 4-ef' I . . V bl! Qa- ,, Q io !"'5.,-'- ,L-1 X P' ' A '.f:+-ZCVJV' , iffgg' '.'Al'. s. "7'1Q11 U ,mln -4' 1' 'I R- Y- -:',.:L' 6 H 145 is ANTHONY PIANO A V ELIZABETH POLINGER D Fauorite Memory: all my friends and the good times we'ue shared. The future lies before MS lik? G shining path of snow. We must be careful hou' we tread For every step will show. .Ein YP ELLEN PINNEY Friends, fL.L.Lj, Memorial Day Weekend '72, Deb 's house, park, the Dead, dancing, "Memories are to be stored and treasured Ori deposit in a secret heart . Withdrawn when needed, And redeposited for another rainy day." fi' . f em 1' it r' 2. "K. .J 1 .H 'I BRENDA POLKOSNIK Memories: shore '72 A.A. planning on Monday . g.r. basketball games notes lockers . . eyes . March I7 All my friends and all the fun. The memories of days past will forever brighten our future. 5 ix v-4 DENISE PISCIOTTA Life is a preparation for the fu- tureg and the bestpreparation for the future is to live as if there were none, Hubbard. 7f5I72. 5fI3I72 RC. Junior Prom U72 rides Monday morning cooking wrapping 69- 72. 51. PA TTI PODLA5 from childhood to Childhood we have come together again in our little world, and perhaps in a feu' years, if again we meet u'e can relive another childhood. inf' '5-I JOSEPH POLUHOVICH I hare only made one mistake. Once I though I made a mistake. NORMA X PLA .YE R Junior and Senior year Bas- ketball - '73 champs Abo- longo McCann 's slim allfnighters March I7 Learn as ifyou were to live forer- er, and live as zfyou were to die tomorroux .NK STEVEN POL ES if? 'ig' HEL EXE POSNER Thank you ,iw CARLISSA JOAN PRATHER Favorite Saying - I'll be John Brown. Favorite Memories - Mrs. Deusinger, Bermuda 1970, going with K.B., Mrs. Austin. Ambition - To be successful and be happy in whatever I do, Best wishes to the class of '73. VINNIE PREZI OSI Fav. Memories: Summer of "72" New Year's Eve "72" F,S. Derelict . . . D,R. Jackson, meet- ing in the parking lot. Waiting for the big weekends. Sophomore Geometry and Spanish. Teltzers Seaside. Pet Peeve - People who change with the weather. LLOYD CLINTON PR YOR Alias: Sancho, Movie Star, Things To Come "Ha Ha". Memories: fnoneJ X-Country, Interact, Mark, Whoopy, Mark S., Kev, Lloyd, Mike, Carleton, Chico, Oz, and a cast of thousands, Q-L-,A DENISE PRA WDZIK ROBERT PRICE ROBERTPRESCHEL Nickname: Pretzel. "Winning isn't everything, but losing isn't anything. " Remember: Losing in intramural basketball first period with JP, . . . Tenacious! . . . Harry Harry . . , Cornelius Death Valley ,. . Ambition: Be happy. ,fir f RH ODA PRESTON Roach. Life is what you make it You can make it if you try. F. Memories: Senior of '72. 696272 with C.L.M. KRatj and B. W. Pet Peeves: people who are not them- selves. Rat 6? Roach. ,J ,., I -2 'mf 15:-es.. TED PSZONAK QT' SCOTTPUDBERRY The G.D. Saturday After- noons after B.B. practice with S.F. . . . Moe, Larry, :Q who?! . .. Seaside Hts. ... KMB ... Ji! What a vegetable! I'll always remember my high school days, they 've been a trip! ROBERT PUGLISI 5-EA -.JA -1 Ad hoc, ad hoc And quid pro quo, So little time So much to know. r , ii A L' n L jf. I Q Q Q12 F I ' A , X v do PAUL PULEO Nickname: Big Planner. Memo- ries: '71 Wrestling Team, UH,S. Football games, Summer '71 in Italy, '70A '71 lunch table, South Mountain, Friends in Spring- field. Pet Peeve: People who aren't themselves. Ambition: Return to Italy, work with com- puters, to be lucky. 'ls- CLAIRE QUA GLIA TO Fav. Mem.: New Year's Eve, '72, Junior Prom. Beginnings. Karen, Laurie, Chris, Nap. and most of all Ray and all the times we made each other smile. Baby. Our weekends, ROBERTPURCELL Sophomore year with Mr. Wellner getting out of class . . lunch with everybody in Ju- nior year . . all my friends . Donna - Nov. "71" Down the Shore. DOM QUAGLIATO D,Q. Shooting a 99 against Nu- tley. New Hope, Penn. Moody Blues Concert. Iwish I could live my life over, but this is not possible. I will strive to live with my failures. Ambition: Research Chemist. HILDA RANDELL l V Memories: The big time in N10 cafeteria, the g00d flghf fn the hall, and the good times with Rachael, Frida, Joyce, Debbie, Pot, Midgy. and Mrs. McFall. GAIL ELIZABETH RANSQM In remembrance of the riot of 1970 Right on! We've come too far to end our dreams nou' and let the white man bring us down. Power and Peace! Remember New York Oct. 10, 1972. bg-, . eg if 1 K . i 7'-v MICHELE RACIOPPI Mrs. Vogel's French class. Nleet- ing Barbara and Slang History and English Watchung - Februe ary Meetings. Jeff. Passing ex- ams, Last year of school. Good Luck to Class of 73. :sw 9-f' MARK RAPOPORT The summer of 71 The sum- mer of 72 Mr. Greenberg 's chemistry class Nfiss Bluhm's German III class Cindy Surprise Lake March 29, 1972. an-7' Q ,- rx MARIA ROSARIA RAIMO l'll always remember summer 1971 together with A.P. P.P.. S.I., and N.l. wedding. - -, M :.fw',, ,I , ' ' , 3viigi:3 , ' if, , ,, Ji.-. C' Z' 'I X K.. ,J . W 2,57 f s-w . gg, . FRED R.-1SMl'SSE.N' , , tif mf ,Q i,f Mfffh, , ,CH I 174 ,VL . ffgi, iv f " Q,-4,54 ,I 2,1 ,fy QXQ 'Qi ,"' Q Q7 M, X ,',f , gig f.fffwf1?,i X ff., f f ' ff f f f, ,f . fi W ,f , fy. 5, Q ,ef f 'uf ,ff 'UM fWLv" f X ff"f1fn win, gpg, X 12:5 ? YV , , f'w2fT41'!9'4 Af' ' ' ff, ff L, W ' . , . , A f,,f. if ,fi-f7,t!f5?f , G' wt it .is-fa, s-af, ,.. .'.p?ff1c"f2"fQoi5?f if 9? ' fLiQ5'f5" 547 ' V- H - 4 , , f f f ., , . f W+3',f,.'i,ffi,q.,' 5 Y. any K?,W5frff.9241.yfJfQ',t:2f.e,' 7 " o f I - - f' i' , f f f ff ff V014-ff, ,,,:,a,f fgzqww f,,,fff4,cf,4.wr, ff f f ,.,cmyff.m4 -- l r . l i . 4 rrrr. as C - f f as ' -'Wm-M 1-MM t got FI'EdSfGh'l1il78t'A, at . V Superintendent,ofSchoblsI V Dedication .s Staff members of the1972-1973130 t l i i l l i ll VWV ll 'W ,V if 7 4 'V is za' I ,5I if ye L,5,fg,fyf.1a2egf,.l'.gf2 gf. , A f r avages . .f., W . ,M. , i f ,, 4,7 f, w e:- GH2, 41 "J,W4Galff-7434174952283 ' 2 is ff me f f - M7 f, me :G f 1:1 7 X ' -off' fffppaawwafwae .if f fsffuw Www mff7,,f,ff , ,f , Z , ,fyffffwfggjffffl f ya ff f 4 K 4' f CXZEXZZ ZW? if ZZ? we W7 ff f ,ii f 1, K4 , ffeijfqgp? ap? XZZJZ :ww 1 WZ! we f 4 iff ff ff' 1 sf? Q ,g f 3? f Z ,ff ps .i may y fi? 4 Wg, f WX K ,fa Wh Ziff 42 egg? fig? X ,J A 6,3 yfwjilifii I acegyfz af fo f aw ,f an ,?i1fei.ft . ft,a4'a,ff ,lf 4, ,341-fy ,A 14 git, iL"fZ',g1 r wx' W ,-g gf' f 22' 1 fy affff , 1, V f J"ANfX' 1' 'f n. '. , 'i ff - f f 7 MH wwf, W, . 1 f H fa' 5 ? , yu A escrow, f 4 f ,:a.fZ52Q42 rt? , if Q, ii fi fa,-,Q who .Q . M., Y 1,lhf!4F6i'Q?f4n,'k54? ' ,, X,,. . is f f ,.- Q, ,. W4-Qhvfvq ' stalks' 1 f 54444279293 51' ,,, -fm--if ,yay ,Mgr . .,,.,,.wA. ,N 'fi-lewd s X J WW, yf fwff, , , .,V' l PLZVKQ " -e,iw.ff,afW Wf ' f , 2:9623 , A ,,,.,1emo- ,, X fgfyf W mae, ,af - ,wit wwf, wftz ,aff f" ' 51: ,, ,fy e payoff ,-5, ,fwff vs , f X , f Wo! ,a V ma :fame f f f '64 "wiv f , wi! , , , 5, , ,A bag i- ' os er are proudito .dedicate if much loved and respected educator. Dr. Fred 'Stahiuben Dry Union Township as teacher, coach, principal, assistant superirttendentg T Superintendent of Schools have been characterized throughout'the'fgtiiaiisqflbjljqlayfiltgy T X VVW1 and professionalism. May we all, administrators, faculty, and A f you, Dr. Stahuber, both our gratitude and our every bestiwishesgforitlie ' rli' l 3 18 V 1, ji: mai , ., Q., .3 7 A' fi, ,zz f , f, f , 75 , he We 1 lmsgea Af , nn. BETH LYNN RA UC H Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within your- self, in your ueay of thinking. Marcus Aruelius Q- ERIC REICKER Memories: summers down the shore, .Mary Sol Concert, Parties in the parking lot, Allman Broth- ers Concert. It was fun but I wouldnt do it again for all reds in Union. .Q Q..- -1-1-p,,,. 'L--f .JV RICHIE RAYMOND Favorite Saying -your beautiful kid. Ambition - To be as suc- cessful as Ipossibly can and al- ways make Hilary happy. Favor- ite Memories - June 15, 1970, Summer of 71, and Christmas Eve, 1972. Pet Peeve who yak and yak. BERNARD REILLY Summers of 71, 72. Faces Con- cert Sixth Period Jr. year. Pet Peeue: Rainy weekends. '31 g. JOHN REED mx '12 EILEEN REILLY Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves. JEFF REGAN "Liked by no one loved by all."' KATHY REINER Memories: "February 26, 1972" Soccer Basketball .. girls sports Jane Bet. . Friends ... Junior Lunch Summer of '72' ... Parties ... Maplewood . . Blind Dates "You 're Welcome, Jane. " Lv q... 9 NANCY REISS Friendshzf cheers like a sunbearng c arms like a good sto- ryg inspires like a brave leader, binds like a golden chainq guides like a heavenly vision, X X 'kg RALPH RELLA Ambition: to make the most out of life. Can usually be found by Battle Hill. Memories: Summer of "72", and Mr. Kracht's sixth period English III class. Dr. James M. Caulfield Assistant Superin tenden! QTR Il, Mr. Harr5 R. Cooke, Jr. Axsistani Superintendent rf I RICHARD RIEDLINGER ALAN ROLAND Naturally, High School is the stepping off place in life. There are many good memories and a feii' bad, but, Iam sure, this will be a period in my life that I will remember. Lf ' ' ' ? Q , X-A an-. STEVEN RIOS Memories: third lunch - Pocono Festival - Dead Concert - Moody Blues Concert - friday nights and weekends with the "gang". "I don't believe you, you've got the whole damn thing all wrong. He's not the kind you have to wind-up on Sundays. " GAIL ROSEN Favorite Memory: Spain. Ambi- tion: To see the world before I die. AX1 MARILYN REVERA Mar . Che. All things must pass, none of life strings can last. So I must be on my way Memories: cruisin' P. Pride raunchy humungus wrecked gym cracker jacks and espanol. Q-I KEN RIZZU in -x..-, 5. HA NK ROSENBA UM gf HOLLY RICE In friendship, all thoughts, de- sires, and expectations are born and shared. with joy that is un- acclaimed. Gibran. Julie. Potty. Sue. I2l19l70. Y-Ho-Ca. JN. EL, MS. Friends from Elizabeth. Who hnows uhere the tim e goes? Au revior. JUAN FRANCES ROGAUSKAS He yourself, He happy, make oth- ers happy, mahe your life what you want, and when things looh dim, let Jesus be your candle, I wish you all love, cookie. A 'VK Y wx? ROB E R TA L YNNE ROSENTHA L dministration t L , . Dr: Hfzrry A. Lawrence Principal of Union High School f f Mei 'Q' -:ara ,1 ix ..,1 , nf ,f Y f 5 4 X , X W Q Qs' ww x wi I Q J G 21 i . ,Q Eff " "fse'ziS.s4Qf - "-:Zeb V' Q , 55? f , fl' H5.zg.+, 4' . .crm- ' ,viii 5,3 J. 1.-k. L ,ff sz: ' kai 1 'Q 151841 , 111 E259 , ,Q ' .Q-bs- . ' A -V .- -1 2-fs, A f 41' 5146. .' . vcr? 4' ' Y 3 ' Q, f S W , Q, 'F 5: 2 M Q, 2? 2 1. , yaralwx 5 ilfgii' ' 17? Wai' -4 vias! 1, 7 :wa ,ew -. ? 1 'S ',,-5.31, 11 '- ffwifal 75" ,ff . ,gp 1 , ff, Eg , ,i i " ff? J ,V 1 .H A , ,O M5 -nb. KEN ROSER JOHN PIERRE ROY Grebes Class in 71-72, Edgar Winter's White Trash, J Geil's Band, Joey's Big Head, The Corner. WENDY RUED Remember the summers 71 Si 72, Challenger drill team, capt. hockey, R.K. SB. and the gang at WS. Proms. We ought to take more time to live, to truly care, to deeply feel, to see, to laugh, to love. JEFFREY ROTH Favorite Memories - Mr. Mar- chetti's Graphic Arts class - "71-'72". Summer of "72", Alice Cooper di: J Geils, Week-ends, Harry 's Bar 8: Grill. FRIDA ROYAL Fav. Mem. fP.C.l, G.P.j Sum- mer of "70, 71 " working at Scher- ing 72-73, A.S., S.W, Worm, BB. Chuckie, Lena, H.R., R.T., Am- bition - to go to business college or with IBM. KENNETH RUFF Nickname: Shorty - Memories: February 7, 1972 .. mushroom . . Little one . Ma Amus ...A,VA. .. Summer "72" . Jitter Bugging . . . Coffee House . Electricity II, III ,. "57" Chevy ... Frog . . All my Friends . . Ambitionx to be alll can by living life to its fullest. V E3 KAREN BETH ROTHSTEIN Where flowers bloom, where trees grow tall. Where grass is green, where snowflakes fall, Where hope and peace is everyday, where is where I want to stay. -QL.. KAREN BETH RUBIN "False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the wall it em- braces, but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports. " l V DA VID RO WER M.M. "Stinky" - April Fools Day '71, monthly parking tickets '58 Fred the island. Summer of '71, To have a good time. MINDY RUBIN ' Favorite Memories - H.H. Fe- burary 26, 1971, The Mountains, drums, bongo's, Saturdays, the park, down the shore, Chicago - "color my world." Deb, Ade, Deb, Summer '71'72, sophomore lunch, driving, eating, partying, bowling, dieting "watching each other grow up. " .,4f'V' V ,A,.,. ., 44 f ,,.., , I ., Mg, , ,. f i ' 1 u.+4.,.1, .. . , . A - . 4 1 Q7 , 4- J- f "bfi .' .' 1 fv,'vU1',.4 4 Y t . ' 1 gf, A54 Jf xfj, ? Z Q , ' fig vw- Y: L gg' ,ffgfzff'f,:'Zw:' . V f ' f ' wg " " ff .ff 1' ' ' ., ,jzffg ,. 'gig " aff, 'Ne ,. ,M f., ' 41. ,. ,,. . on ' sz -- .,' n.,' nu' MU' A ., W 'v, '14 4 Huw 0 4 1 . ' 7 if f r 'Q y in 4 1135 WX ' fi 1 W , P Ak , , .. ' 3 A fd lzf'3YQl1,hf mr , -ihi4i,,,4,,.3,.f-.vfvgg , I I X Y ' x fx ff, W f 4 'X f 4 f f f ' 24, JZZV ' A ifz if f ff 0? fr V 4,47 X g 4 Q yf 6 ff ff 1 3 f f y ff f 4 1 W Y 'X ,f 5 , f ,4 ,ff 1, . Eff f ,z i' 1 5 .wr . , V 'V 1 . '1 ' 'NL' X ia , NMI. 1.,,'j MMU., g,1 '- . I4 ' ' .,fj:--, H., M. O 2.4 Q, +- 40 w M 1 on , 44 L, Q.. ' . .L on . 'Q v. 4, 8 if 9 '9O99:tn . 4 On 'z' 4' QR .: 0,1 9 . 'P , v. 1 ' L 4 ' 2' A 1 , Q, . 1 ng Nag' an 5 4" OOO .,:.! X ' ,. ian 4-,, J . ' 41, f.,Qf 4, ' 4 1 , Q-.,," f ok ' W Q.. I '51 . Q ,mari M M., 1 V , u v., . 0 ., ,Q.- xl f . . 2 L Q., fy v:3...,, , - E54 lf! Ooafffjljl 1 Q , in '.f 21" A'--I 4.4 p.. f, . v-.. ..,,,,,, 1 -JQQQO Q-V.: ,, ,HHN O.. -K., nun , ': 4 ' 'v vp nb "' . g:. ' v 2 . " O f og Os N . 9322" ,fire- 4615 tau 990 Mr, Jann R. Gaffabmnf Vice-Principal ,. , 4 ' Mr. Coney A- Pawel' vice-Principal 'fUs LORRAINE RUOCCO STANLEY RUZYCK1 Memories: Camping at Ablolngo, times at the rack track, Steak N' Brew, the All-Nighters, the shore. A person may think he's on top, but in the eyes of others he is still working from the bottom. DEBBIE SABO Favorite Memories: taking walks. Summer of "71", lunch. Goal: to be happy in all Ido. BARRY SAFHARUH' Memories Dude Ranch Crazy Henry R ,Wotorty t le The accident Miss Sernitts Homeroom RA Mr, Fad- den And The fool turned out to be the sanest man of them all '-3' se-.. J" RICHARD SALLS "Clique 43'497": Thank you all so very much. lam forever indebt- ed. I hope the porch clears by now. J. ROR. SO. NOL. Italy is better, Ireland. Stumblin' Ritas Thank You Take it slow. "And the Gods made Love". -.,, PETER SAL LATO Nickname fSfGL'l1fl. Iplan to ga to college for Music. My favorite times in the Green Van, IZI ROBERT SA CKS Varsity Basketball Abolongo Night Skiing at Snoivboivl Junior Year Miss P. df Z, Good Times Nights with Nothing to Do Bad Times Bad Times Friends Never Having Any t'Buc'ks" I'd like to be rich, but l'd rather be happy. I' 'l PAUL SAND Y Remember pushing '55 lR.A.K.y. parties, nights over Dale! house lBarbara1 Summer of '72 tk '71, Good times in period 5 lMis.v Pitrellil. Challenger 'tl -z JUHX SALA ZA R 'U' ..- 44 ADELE SANTURU Robby GrzlloJulj. l, IHTU Uur Gold Skylark July 2.3. 1971 "Boo Ghost " -lust ian 't hfttp believing, Vader the Boafdo all: To be as good to my ihlldrffrz 11. my parents are lo me IJ 5' Thanks llom and Had Sta ff.. F aculty, Guidance W and Secretaries f ,, :iff ,5:4,4,,,Wff fy Z M f ,, 15 'O 1 '? ag W7 ,- V f 3 p " v , , ty I' 4" if Barba a A m Karen Lee Baz Louis J Bechle Joseph E. Beliv 22 4 BARBARA SA l.'ER horses Oct. 1971 George shows summer of 72 .. Labor Day . Chester Twin Pyhes Saturday nights dances horses. 4: TOM SA VIN Suxedge White, Brown shirt day Dolf, Village Square 12 noon, wrestling, Gettysburg, Mr. Cola- grande, Uncle Al's Knicks, Lou Koeler, Irvings bus, Homeroom rep, .Mogalirina Herman, Easter of '53, Bob's stickball, Faggot, Karen Grossl? G-6' ,K FRANK SBLEXDORIU l"l MARK SA LTYDERS Nicknames: Roselle. Pet Peeve: Ain 't nothing but a word. Ambi- tion: To make it. Favorite ,Mem- ories: Sideline johes of 71 and Wildwood 72. MARC SA WTT Illemories - Joey fNunziaf Mano, AVA. periods l,2,3,4,5,6', T. W 8: R.B. IYF-705, LBK 119. Kathy Darling, Summer of 't72", Ambition - to grow a mustache like Rogers Pet Peeve - Serv- er 's Nfouth. 'll' QT. JOE SCHAEFI-'ER .Vemoriesf Gay moments in Wil- lie's3 for5 3 BeerB 8:2 1 Fiegg 'sf Oh Dear.'.'.' To all m5 friends have a good time else- where. Thanks cz lot for every- thing. Deniseff 122 'Q' .NQAXC Y SA LEYDERS football games, twirling, sum- mer of '70, '71, and '72, ski trip, dances, Newark, New Year's Eve, Bertha, gang, Elk 's, the bus stop, swimming at 3 AEM., par- ties, P.J., Graucho, Jahn's, Burg- er King, BOB SA VAS TANO Memories - my three great years were 1968-1970. iff, JEFF SCHARDIEN Ambition - to be successful in everything I do, and to find the right girl for me. .Memories - 396 SS Chevelle. Summer '72 - Yasmin, Norma, Debbie. 4- ROBERT S CHARDIEN -1-r ff .3 tm ' Robert J. Bergen A 'X A 'l 141-H if r x if 'lf Betty Berger Charlotte C. Bluhm HJ ffl f 1'-"fr 5.1 Allan H. Boyle MONIKA SCHEDLIK MONICA SCHNEIDER Memories: ninth grade Home Ec., eleventh grade gym playing volleyball, falling on Lois and Amy ice skating, and the sum- mer of '72. Ambition: to be a song writer but mainly live and be happy. "I EMILY SCHULTZ RCW . 6-18-72 Summer of '72 Graduation '72 , Bob- mobile ., 1651 . Monmouth Race Track , Funny Band Ken Phillips 8 Co. . Mitch Warwick Chautaugua Senior Prom . Spain. Bob - thanks for letting me share a part ofyour life with you. its SANDY SCHENFELD "We've been long together through pleasant and through cloudy weather, 'Tis hard to part when friends are dear, perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tear. " 'I AMELIA SCHNUG Memories: Saturdays at O.K. corral, Driving to Florida '72, Yesterday is already a Dream, and Tomorrow is only a visiong But Today, Well Lived, makes every yesterday a Dream of Happiness and every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope! SHERRI SCHUSTRIN Activities: bowling llth :Q 12th, volleyball llth 8: 12th, chorus 11th, Nickname: "Shoestring. Ta live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde JOYCE A. SCHERTZER Memories: 3-27-71 Menlo Park, Woodbridge Mall, Humphreys, riding around in yellau' canoe, 7- 12-72, Soapsuds, smoking neu' brands, Cohesburry, Jack in the Box. I' 'I GALE SCHORK Joey, all the good times u'e had, Summer "72". the shore, Deb 8: Barry, "What it means to me?."' "Angelo Battle Hill, The Club, Summer '71 Penn., J.I3,, Spain, Bortle, Reynes, lVIt1y5th. Deana, RAHI Q Us if Q"'+ JANE SCHNIITT "Nou its time to go, for every thing must end. I'll see you .soon I hnou, lfcnotiing time is my friend. " ti- V1C'Kl.SC'Hf1RR Hanging out, L.A,, lsrael.'1'Witi'h, Alex, Alma. Big Hitch, West Orange Boys, brother Eddie, Caren, OJU summer 72: Glenn. Concerts, Wilduood, Vaseline, fun nights, football games. Thanh you Glenn for .sfl much lote, I It Ili!!! :i'r-r ' Cy ,41 235 :J 'X In 1 ff 'Haul ff . ., 4 m .gf W 51 5' 4 8 Qu .y M -6. -. 4 J' F A .. e Constance D, Brown Ruth Buontempo A mx "z, , f ,E f Margaret O. Bus tard uf ' ,031 ,Q fi, Thomas Canrzella Q ' Q -X W f fl. f X 25332 P ' X Nelson A. Claypnule .vw J Genevieve Butler Mary Byme .11 I x4f0" , ,fl - lj ,Ly f. Ur jzyvlqi ful. Z7-1725 Lp 2,151 all 0 l 'QW I sfJLLf5'6?fT"' M-A21. 1 22,1 hc b iffy 67. 6 CQ LJ. ,.6'Ll'LL K 61,140 - -' -,F 'f ""' L.-if -- "'V'9' '57, ' , 'P' " 6- px f Q 1-Ii 1 yk"LL,i,.LfZ" L' M7 li ' , ' - L, A DQ QA I A H1490 U, MN, xfyja ,,.e - ,f ,Q-lfsfh gl' v.-fe..- 1 'fi' ,ASA Jfdfl ' K 6 L, f'2,1.ff.3"l'fV ' Af' ff .1 f' "" -G ' :Uv 9 , '5 In . if LVL? lid LJCJJJ 5' Cfynj ff Half I gif ,f!,,N 4f.4f""l,f, 2 2i'L'y,fL.fnd51-ff.-- -57 Vll.gfl' 'V1 'I . ,fl .lf ff J ,M-feff-11 of wwf1,FW1-1 M f I J,-ri J Aff V We ,Q LM, ,L AJ! lfgiyff tl V 4... ,je 1:73, ff 2, l me Vflflilld if If , . V X -. -. L, XMJY ' ,A Frank M. Cappadorma Debra Ellen Cerruti X John Colagrande JoAnn Calling DA VID SCHWARTZ "The pump don't work, cause the vandals took the handle. "Majes- tic Theatre bathroom, The Dead "Mango Mare". That's Cool. Duane. Maxwell Street. 3 W SUE SCHWARZ Now I'Ue been smiling lately, Thinking about the good things to come. And I believe it could be something good has begun. - Cat Stevens GARY SCHWARTZ "55" Favorite Groups: E.L.P., Dead. Driving that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones you'd bet- ter watch your speed. Trouble ahead, trouble behind and you know that notion just crossed my mind. JOSEPH S CIA RRIN O ANN SEXTON ' Phrances Phrog Charlze's Recitation Flossie Clod Squad PDQ Bach. MITCHELL SHARPE 8f24 , I'll fry your face . . "Migs" . my, but you look pale Mr. Conroy Stretch , . 5:00 A.M. ?!!! . Bill's .5l9!51?? , Robin Sarah Teufel: "The best is yet to come . .. " 4 MICHAEL SELD ON ALISON SHA W Activities: Bowling Soccer . . . Basketball . . . Volleyball . . . Leader's Club. Memories: Miss Zeid's 6th period class - Junior year - after school softball - gym class. 614 and GLENN SHERMAN President Future Physicians Club in 10th 62 llth grades ... sports Editor of Cannon as Ju- nior Associate Editor-in- Chief in Senior year , . . Ran two mile on Track Team Key Club . . . - is ,K bgtge f Gene Consales Pau! Corrigan M. Charlene Dean Vincent A. DeSantis Joseph F. DeStephan . V F Y 1 X 4. fm 1 3 X .3 Q' X x ' f lf K . ap., 1.-ve' g,ii'5?f:y1e:f2if'f 1. , 2, L . , ' we Ruth H. Deusinger Andrea Douglen v ! X? o f I ' Y L i .-AF . A.. 2' . 5 , ff I, . , X Al I. YQ s . Jean Elste 'CE' BARBARA SHOEMAKER Sophomore English . . Week of Aug.. 29, 1971 , . . Drill Team . , , Sitting on the curb . . . Thanks- giving 1971 June 1972 Summer of '72 . . , The telephone pole . . The Great Escape Going through red lights ,. Weekend of Aug. 19, 1972 Talks with Leslie. ALAN SILK Interests: Interact, Advanced Biology, people. "All our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave. Must be some- thing else we say, Somehow to defend this place. lEverything must be this way, Everything must be this wayl"J. Morrison ADRIENNE MARINETTA SIMMONS Nickname: "Sissy", Memories: Summers in E.O., K.T., Covi. The Cousins, "'69-70", Frida. Psychedelic Shack. Ronnie, Mole's PJ Party .. Ida, Bike Riding. .Bowie Cory . skat- ingrink .. 'OS Q' ' LISA SHULMAN This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. FRED SIL VERMAN A Eat, drink and be merry, and live each day as it comes. JOHN SIMON Ambition: To become an archi- tect. Favorite Memories: Biology with Mr. Gotti Mechanical Drawing with M. McKay. 125 DA VID SHUR Nickname: El Spidero. Favorite Group: King Crimson. Great memories of the "Alice Cooper", fanatics of the Key Club. Ambi- tion: To succeed and to beat out Keith Emerson, fx LINDA SIL VERSTEIN ERIC SICKELS Member of Rifle Team and UH.S. Marching Band. Favorite Memories: .Mr Greenbergs :End period chemistry class and "half time show." Ambition: Hope to attend "Siu" Sweet Sixteens Kenilworth July 4, 1972, beach toys italian hotdogs "Man those Drakes are good" 3999.99 Grant's golf "oh Thanks to Donna for our talks. no" lottery tickets spa- Thanks to Billy and Cindy ghetti my friends Tues- Good times with Linda, Susi and day nights eyelashes summer Phyll , Leon Russell Concert fun - barbecues scary mov- and Santana Concert. Bob's ies imaginary brakes "oI- house pork chops. dies but goodies" good luck to all. ,figilnrzv--., 4- ' an - 'M i ,.- , . - '. f , ft - D i 5' v - t H l T ' X - lv 1. 3 q. Y K r ' ,. f , -1 - A I vw, Jkt, ,- 4'.Q.xy 5-4 . f 1 eq- T . X ff? 1 L I Ry ' 1' .,,'K,, 1, , , ,1,. -V x ' L , .f ' XZ J 12. 'r'-u-f-ff' ' 4 un f 9-5. A M 'M ff J K, 2 f 5 E313 . , 4 , an f 5155 Q B' f 3 .1 f? , 5' ' 2" "--..,,x Z, " -'P ' X' 1: 'f. 'fig ' f' ' g gfn,-,A fix, -21, M k.. -Eg-rf' -f -We Y ,M Ada A. Eska Howard L. Fenton Hgm-y Fischer immw s .U 7 xy, Q ef f w JZ 3 4: xv 7 5- Martha Flashberg Claire Flynn Nw-5-., ' . xi M w x. Q4 52:9 Ruth Forrest Vincent P, Fosbre X ffl' Tam Y wi 'nxw , -Mr' 4 ,.x!'? ' Qi msg f - PEGGYSIMON Facorite Nlemories: Summer of '72 in Germany, September 29. 1972 . gigee's roller skating . 3rd lunch fights wiith Carole, all the fun in 5th and 6th. Ambi- tion: To make thoselloce proud ofme. BRUCE SIMS Memories: The Fort W.O., T.F.'s Party. lfly friend Bud. Future Hopes: I want to go to Lhion County Tech and see the world. If MARKSMIT1-1 Favorite Alemories: Battle Hill summer '72 ,, weekend of August 25th, Concerts ofAllman Brothers, Alice Cooper, Chicago Poco '71 cutting. office detention, the "party wagon". Favorite Expression: "W'hat's happening.'?" Pet Peece: mouchers, ZX XIX. K tw is Y" STEPHEN SINION Ambition: To be an Accountant. Nfemories: Lisa 5th perioa History lIVIiss Zuman and R. 8: R.: . . French flidesdames Fried- man and Vogelj . . don't know what 1 would have done without French IV . and to Randy I leave K. W. V fl JANIES SKIBIN V1 ROGER SIVIITH Favorite IVIemorjy: All the great parties at Ashwood Terr. And getting out of this cell. "Pappy's" Auto Body Shop. Pet Feece: The most messed up park in Ifnion. Nickname: "Bolto". 1 l"'l 4' ROGER SLACK Favorite Memories: All the good times with Otis and the people I met with him ... Getting ready for school in the Parking lot. Pet Peei'e:IV1r. Young. I' lrfr' LA URIE ANNE SODANO Memories: J.P. Ikfay 29, 1971, Roselle Catholic Senior Prom - May 10, Led Zeppelin Concert, all the summers down Seaside, soccer games at R.C., Spanish III 3rdperiod. V BARBARA SMEDA 1972: Fannys child "always Gary" . . . doubles . . . chemistry class . . . Melanie . . . the proms . . , New York . , . Bradley Beach and this terrific summer Selma's . .. Cat's Concert , . , La Casa. ELLEN SOLOMON Favorite School Activities: Mod- ern Dance and Dramatics. lplan to fulfill a career as a foreign cor- respondent so that I may have a better understanding of the peo- ples of other nations and that I may better myself. 1-"" 3 Q E Donald V F 9425 L, X jW3f?NiYAJfCQfQegM Q f WWW I X Q, 5 IW?-N- al ' Q4 1 K f M in E - Y A GERALD SOLOMON "Jerry" Memories J,J.'s sixth period class, gay moments in Willies, the card games, in the gutter, scoints in the cafeteria, season tickets, JP. 's chemistry class, concerts, giving boiz a hard time, watching Joe and Fiegy: Sportscaster. ur" DEBRA SPECK -R WILLIAM STAN ULIS It is not the end, It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the begin- ning, Favorite Memories: Jill , . . looking for the fox . . . football ... Butch - "Are you kidding me?"Blaz . . . friends. ,Qs STEVEN SOMMER "That's a lousy alibi: it sounds more like you were trying to con- template your navelf' J.P. Memories: Choice graffitti in boy 's rooms, the back row in Mr. Polisin's class, "Happy" Pigs, Advanced Biology. Ambition: Cardiovascular Surgeon, in ,X A 6' TOM SPYCHALSKI Favorite Memories: Summer '72 llth grade ,.. English with J.J.K. Future Lawyers Club. Ambition: To finish college and become a lawyer ora teacher, I' X DEBBIE STASUZZO "Take your time think alot, think of everything you'L'e got. for you may still be here tomor- row but your dreams may not. " W Q, -Y 1- ---dave SUSAN SOMMERS Today I dream of things, which I hope tomorrow will materialize. Things I've done are nou'-in the past. The times are bringing forth many changes. But the hope Ihave for us is hope of ever- lasting happiness. 7--v KA THLEEN SPA TH -ad 1 r .1 23 MINO STA VRAKIS Greek. Favorite Memories: Drinking at Newark State Col- lege Playing cards at Lh7pie's . Hanging down the park. Ambition: To be an English teacherorPrincipaI. TOM STA VRAKIS Every-bndy plays the fool, Some time. No exception to the rule fwsonec cfm: EW. 5 A tl - u K1 A X mi H4 4 - li' 1- L, rw vi" ., . . ,. ,'i9-vi WMD 'F 0 ' ,ww HE? X Q xfw 4 XX we :Nz- X X S H4 lx ---ff ' ' B, -1 ' ., .ws-i fm r FE-ii W 5515 f ii'-'ir X 311.11 fiiaf K ..----X. NrN'2" K' ' s. - ,e ,g ,..- - . zzff- .. 5553? A M Sy-Z, .X Q, xiii? . ' 5 W: .VU .. 21 2 wma- f?e1YgA ' ' ew., t , N f W f -,, 2 5 'f 4 2 Q fe r be ff" , fl As g... ,J ,fefsyvw s X wh A f '-"ffY,P?W'G ' ,, e V W 'fxfjfwffiix ,-1 f - ,V WL, .4 5 W M. . . - , A' ' I ',, ,WH W , Ai - el Q -'I r 2 .5 A, W-1 we f, ' 4 .WV I fQV,QfjQ.-, f Y. 5, .wfax ' A4232 ' , f Y 3 we A f A, 5 A 0 1' 5, sy 1 a 4 5? J X, f 9 K ' V f A 5 2, X 5 1 M f f '-5Zi,,f"f3 ,f ' ' Doris Hanson 28 ff 'Qtr David M. Green Albert Greenberg Charlotte C. Gross Q 1 jk ' ,fs wir ' , A L : ' Robert V. Hassard VIRGINIA STEEBER Friends ., Battle Hill .. El gran senor "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" ., Summer '71 Mornings out- side the cafeteria . Sweet I6's. JOE STEIN Summer of '72, classes with Miss Perillo and Miss Pitrelli, '64 , , Nova, Big Al's re-test of a re- test, Grant's Locker and Grill, "Grape Juice," The Peter Princi- ple in Action, and of course, Jack and Jill. GARYSTEITZ Pet Peeves: People who fake it. Nickname: Popeye Doyle. Ambi- tion: Career in Law Enforce- ment, Memories: Watching Rog- er grow a mustache in Radio Car it 40. GLENN STEFANSKI JOHN STEFANSK1 Nickname: TROOPER. Pet Peeve: Dumb People, Ambition: gaw Enforcement. Memory: R. . 40. DEBBIE STEIN "I don 't know what I'm searching for I've never opened the door . . . The change in these past years has made me see our world in many ways How can I tell you all the things inside my head. " 1 MICHAEL STEINWAND Main and New Hampshire, La- bor Day, Poco, going camping with T ,,. Beach Haven .., Del Water Gap to High Point , , , A rock in stokes Miller Nips boat .. . THANKS, TOM STIMPSON Nickname: Stosh. Pet Peeve: Pleted People. Memories: The Pocono trips my van Soaring at the Big Top , . . cruis- ing with Betty Lou . . . sunrise at avon ... fires at crickets ... Electric Ladyland . . . The Echo Live at Leeds Rainbow Bridge. we by RANDI STORM "As life passes, little is appre- ciated. We live in ignorance, unaware of what we have. Then it is taken away and you long for the past. Grasp what you can, and be thankful, for memories aren't the same. " LISA STRAITMAN Favorite Memories: Summers at Spring Gardens . . . Senior Prom Weekend '72 ,. . Memorial Day Weekends .. . Barry March 12, 1972 . . . drill team . . . Junior English . . . Stanley's . . . hockey games friendships the clique" ... there's so many dreams I've yet to find . . , I' AOA 5' Barbara H. Haug , cl V v X 2 A A 4 William C. Hazelton gg' A sv.: Z' Isabelle Henry N' Gloria C. Hmes JEFFSTROIN Living is laughing - Memories: The Bombers .., summer of "71" "RAFF" ... weekends at the drive in The Park 1972 shore scene. ern" LINDA SULKOWSKI Memories.' "Summer of 72" I? ?1 .,. "B.H. " ... Fourth of July weekend "Not you three again!" Week in Mexico K?1 BJQL August 16th pumpkin seeds . . . license . . . football games My friends: A.Vf .,. D. O. B.M. lBetherj ,.. R.H. ...P.V. ,..andB.H. -Fl KATHLEEN TATZMANN 11th grade gym, "Bubbles," ,. . Football games . , especially Thanksgiving 1971 Deutsch IIII and IV . ,. Adult school .. . Painting the house - inside and out! . . Sunday mornings .:. Shanana ... Carpenter and Osmond Concerts , . . j ROBERT SUCHOW My Favorite Memories: Kracht's Kids, Sending eggs in the male frog, The Pillsbury Doughhead, " .., drop those arms!", Chuck Javis' and his monogrammed pants. 'sr STEPHEN SWELL Yarbles! Yarbles! Yarbles! If Rashaan Roland Kirk can embellish, then why can't Harold P, Stench? Excuse me, my em- bouchure is dry. I" ROBERT TA VARES 129 f-gjizv,-. r ...an .ATT .- m ,- s,- ..1 ' '.,,-. .-rr-N A 'H-1-Q-' 1'-ff . GLENNSYLVAN Janie, Favorite Memory: Memo- rial Day weekend 1972, Pet Peeve: Parking a car. Favorite Saying: Far gone and catch ya in the funnies. Nickname: Willie ,QQ DEBORAH TARANTINO Debbie ,. Summers of 70, 71, 72 .. The Shore . . The Dances Friday Nights New York New Year's Eve , August 12th To be happy If you love something, set it free, if it returns, it is yours forever. 'I I' C ': 5 g 1 " i 4:- JOHN TEMPLE Memories: Jimmy's Aunt's House, '63 Rambler . . the acci- dent playing baseball in the hall , Mr. Whites class Dom- inico Gotti Mr, Fischer's studyhall. HAMPTON TERRY Nlemoriesf Glen, Leon Bob- by: Nickname. Ambition: Be happy and become successful in life. ff I ff I f, f fig! if .' A, av- ,Q my va ff L j . fx . .l iv Catharine A. Hossfeld -Z...,l.bA f Jw Q 'N A f 5 Y I . f 1 X A r 1 ,, i 2:'ff7fT:'T A y Irwin N. Jaeger , rx 7 'er Sw -, ag V A Qxg n s Q 2 xl R 3 I 3 .7 fe 1, is 1 James Jeskey flares-nies.. ff' , - Lf xx' A , x. .filo-X IX Wu IICLMUC! v tk i --wrt? ' Q 'K' is ROBINTEUFEL 6!25f71 mitchell 10l17!71 ... where's the sun? .. . mickey mouse pal ... toots and toots, too . .. no eyelashes? . .. toots and toots, too . .. no eyelashes? . . . tuesday nights . . . hospital visits scooter pies . .. our tree and that's the truth plghhh!!! 'Sw Vex,- ADELE TORTORELLO Favorite Memories: Dennis March 20, 1971 McDonald's Beach . . . Jr. 81 Sr. Prom . . . and all the good times to come Min, Deb, Deb, summer of '71, '72 sophomore lunch driving . . . eating . . . partying ... bowling ... dieting ... "watching each other grow up. " gl IQ' LINDA TISSIERE Memories: The shore A.A. . .. Lockers . . . notes . . . basketball . .. December25 . . . Life is made up of small comings and goings, and for everything a man takes with him, there is something he must leave behind. 1' JOHN TRONTIS I would like to wish our class of '72 best wishes in the future, and in reply to the question raised by a fellow hom player Harold P. Stench shouldn 't improvise at all! Good Luck, John Trontis. 1, ,X , , jg' I .....,,.. W, . -new . 130 1 5 If KENNETH TOBLER Nicknames: Thelma, Enk Eblrot, and Totes Noted For: Being a pest . . . Ambition: To buy a '78 Lincoln . . . Memo- ries: Mr. Fischer's study . . . and Miss Zeid's algebra class ... Special Thanks to: Dandy Jotes and Gorge not to forget Ike. KATHY TRA GER The future is a basket whose con- tents aren't concealed . . . It is glazed with the cellophane stains of un-yet-fulfilled dreams .. . And through the bottom leak distilled droplets of time. :ff LINDA TRINKER Cheerleading happy times with Randee .. summers at Bradley . , . My violin . . . Senate . . . Camp Cochecton Spitit . , . Florida with JG. They tried to tell us we're too young, too young to really be in love, but Jules and Ishowed them. he , wr'-'f eu? DIANE TOMKO Life is a holiday, let us life it to- gether, Accept me as I am, only then will we discover each other, PA TTY TRAHMAN Sweet Sixteens ... Jimmy ... arbol . . . Patty Trahman Memo- rial Hole, Flood in Spain .. . Trashman, Mike, Nightingale's vice-president, McDonald's, Drill Team Secretary, Doug, football games. My Friends: the ones who know all about me and love mejust the same. MARK TUCKER Memories: wrestling ready wrestle ... blew districts "'71- '72' '... Bad Brothers: Whoppy, super-shaft, uncle wad, shaft and superfly . .. Clint: stay cool. November 15, 16, 17, Mes- sage: Be your own black self. fhfkug V 'K W 4 2 I if I EH' l' 15:5 I sw- I' JE' f I. SQ' I 593' v if an IFDIGESUVEFUNCTION' K- ,lf iii? E 15 1 11 T I1 ': 4 . A 2 'S N s. R Q I ? S T. Z E! , x , pf ang' I . -"'zf f- 1.1: .Q11 N ,ipggs H ,ISM H Cynthia E, Jones I Hi ,n z 1 1 5 fl M1 x 4 x V :Q 42" L. 1 ,ill ' 31 fvff F"'l Q F,y'f1 'i3 ski' 'X afunf , - -I . +7 y--ga l Q LA URA ULRI CH K, . : 1 1 DENNIS URBAN I' ALEXIS VAUGHAN FAVORITE MEMORIES: New York and Steak 8: Brew with B.R., S.B., and P.P.g Sep- tember 30, 19725 TW, Summer of 1970-1971 .. . Road Runner: Plainfield: Mrs. Miller's House. FAVORITE SAYING: Peanupsf To B.R. Are you going ta dv lf! PET PEEVE: People who play the roll. BOB VELLA True friends are really some- thing, hard to came by, it's taken my entire life to find a precious few. They know what they mean to me, and to them I offer my love, but owe my life. E NANCY TURKIN February 20 February 28 July 24 August 19 August 4 August 9 August 19 i -nv" V LUDMILA VALIZER MEMORIES . loxie, chimpy, poochiej , Ballet-Beethoven .. Forever JOSE' K7!16f71J Jr. Prom My Debutane with Natalie Suzy-Z , Tina truck driver, mattress, erasers My parents . . My family .., My friends .. Coruettes , jewelry , . August 5, 1972. DIANA VINCENTE Aug, 12, '72-G.M., second period - J.M. Spam, '72, carrying Di- ane's swords everywhere, Jackie yelling "Socorro" in the park, Climbing over balconies, Stsf, Erma's sunburn, waking up after the night before and finding dai- sies in my bed? ,3- u, MELI TA TWI TTY AMBITION: To find myself be- fore it is too late. MEMORIES: Summer of '71 and '72 Maltwonzas friendship last- ing through '71-'72 maybe '73 49 ,74 PET PEEVE: Those who laugh first. DIANNE J. VASSALLO FAVORITE MEMORIES: April 10 . , April 25-1971 .. March 8- '72 . back seat of Jimmy's Mustang, Willowbrook Parking Lot - 312 A Hillside A Mc- Guire Air Force Base A Rosey Ji Peter . , October 29 - Surprise party. NICKNAME: "BRINK". HILARY VIETH Richie June 15, 1970, Christ- mas Eue, 1971 "Band of Gold", Richie, Seaside Heights rf: Sea Girt, NJ., Grease! Cos. Red hair is beautiful Ilove Richie. L f ' 11 ,lu nf f 4 , , , gt:5,f..Lzf.,mfw if' , pg f .q,, ., , ,, , y '- W L M Z' f ff? 11.51552 ' ' A Y- , mul i f Z., 1 H ' gifgzilzyiif , , - ,,-a,- " 'f 3g"fQ2'.-1221. fm ' .,-.,,'. -A' n H. ' I f +2 T 4 2 Rail.-ax Jerome J. Kracht . 21 3 .ffwfff fa f . ,f fm X - wx :llc J., 1,-. . J. 4.5.2 W My e f z iff if ff f if, xg H ,U fff 'fx yi, , i if ' ?, 4,f ff I 14 ,J if " f 'vfwgf fiwf 5 2 fy f ! 11 ,Y7 , i'f4 .. . ,Wd Leonard J. Leeds f . f Mi' aff, -7 ,y.jvy,4 2 - , ,,,, Y. , W . J Q . 1' ' f fr- "'f': , Q Q . . .Q i'2 Ja- X gh I Y f Vi f . f f f , 7n., , frwg,,w ,af U X I, f M., 'W' ' 1 Robert L. Lelli 0:7494 . ff , af, ww Gary Malles Michael Mango ww f r in mga, Zi, ff. Albert D. Lilley J S me Q. - . . 2 if 1 2' r a 3' , g ff: T if L' T' Frank R, Marchetti William M, Marvin e r ' 1 . Ruth W. McFall Alice Micone Margaret Morrison fw- Margot Neigel "ff yt af f, f f- ' , ' f ff " .1 M,-QQLJWZ , ff f : -L .- . ..... i ,L "" , if My 9 f 5 f My 1- ff j ' v f , 4 37' , .rigx 4 I ? ' Fayne L. Newlin 4 Nicholas Nugent .f5414f. ' sf nf . f kd-ff' , ' ' . " -' 'Z' 4 ' 'uf ff-'I 'fi ld-H I L 21 j! ' 1 ff U 1 1 ,ig ",. AC .r r ' A 'W WW ' ' 'S . I L' ' 75' V -' X . ' V- Q1 ff W I ' 'ff'.,j+:.,'.f 1 5 Y Gertrude M. MacDonald Roberta! O'Dell n . 'f i .,, L, .. LUCY VITALE Lucy and Michael , . .-February 11-12, 1972. .. . Beautiful things remind me ofyou , . , Michael! ANTHONY VOLPE Tony, MEMORIES: J.L. 's House, Columbiansg Oct. 16Jan. 15, G.B. Patrol. FA VORITE SAYING: You 'll only live once so try it. 41" KARIN H. WALDNER MEMORIES: Campaign '71 37th 8: Lexington . , . sick sweet sixteen and three years of high school. PET PEEVE: fake, transparent, unfriendly people. AMBITION: to drive my own Mercedes Benz. HOPE: to love and be loved by someone someday. JOHN VITOLO FAVORITE MEMORIES: Big Ed, Little Al, Wild Willy, The Guys: J.L's House, Mixin' it up, Saturday afternoons, A day off. PET PEEVE: Proving Grounds, Gap Block, No place to go. NICKNAME: Johnny Lubes. WAYNE WADAMS "Bear" FAVORITE MEMO- RIES: "II" Football fLinden "71"2 Summer "72" Echo, Mirt The Spirt, laughing Crow, Oldies But Goodies, "Dion", What's Happenin' Chap?, Scott, "On- ward", Columbia Boys, The Guys, Welcome home B.J, FA- VORITE EXPRESSION: "You Know." CATHY WALGUARNERY IDEAS FOR LIVING: "Life is very short . . . The things you put a lot of time into have very little permanent worth. The perma- nent things are matters of the spirit and of the heart. " - Billy Graham PATRICIA VOLKER Patti ... Drill Team ... Foot- ball games , . . Summer "69" . , . Memorial Day Weekend . . . the shore . . . accidents . . , license .. cowbells in church? LYNN VOLLMUTH Remember Sept. "71" . . . Intra- mural and Varsity Sports Football Games Pet Peeve: People that hurt others and are no better themselves Clubs in N.Yf If-when discus- L S You gotta lost and Friends , . . WAGENHEIM see the earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful in the eternal silence where it floats, is to see ourselves as ri- ders on the earth . . . brothers on that bright loveliness in the eter- nal cold.. . .. Friends . , , Summer of "72" ... Nickname: fcan't sayj ... Being Crazy , . . 'A friend is the you give yourself. MARYELLEN WAGNER Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves. - Sir James Barrie .iv " 'C va .J Q - 1 A- I I I "' --... I f Q X. nw-A Beverly J. Opar f f X2 yzmwyyiy.. WH?L'l7fCf'Iw?:fQ4?Y?:P'f"' wwf, iff 1' ' lf ff l c Mei, 1, Mfza M3282 ., f ,, 'Www f . fc way, X , g f . f . , V ' "zw4f.m'A , ,.,,W,,W,,V ,Ivy fififfx fy!!! wwf,-I , Q Q , if wnf'f3'2z?1 ,V , :W W . M, f., -, 11 M ,I ,l, 4 W ,Q ff!! f f f V 4 ., fC,.!f..,,. A, f 'Ex f. g W , ff f f , f 4 J Aff ad Z X X A f , f , . if . H 6 4. , 5 ' 11 V.. Q. Sigrid Pagano J ' M: x.. Robert M. Petracco x Q 1 M. Norma Petter -ff? -x 'wg s W0 ' 5- i N Julia E. Pinko 'If " 'K 1 Nw if 4 .iigif '. ' N 0 J N5 L X -A . ,I i 1 Arleyne L. Pittenger 5 '5 -..3,-Q" fri, -41' iw- 5-, f. CHERYL DENISE WALKER PET PEEVE: People who talk when they don't know what they're talking about. FAVOR- ITE MEMORIES: June 23, 1972, Getting into things with Janet. AMBITION: To have a success- ful future and to make my loved ones proud of me. 19 EUNICE WALKER Virgo: I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations. And You're not in this world to live up to mine. Iam I, And You are You, And if by chance we meet, It'll be beautiful. 'Q LESLIE WASSERMAN UHS. ways have rearranged my life entirely. I will always trea- sure the "7I" IRMJ, "72" and its birds, Hard Birds! Never, Mush 8: Tush Forever. PAUL WASSERMAN May you walk the straight and narrow path and may you always see crystal streams at the end of yourjoumey. in ROY WALKER SST., THE SOUND OF A FRI. NIGHT. SST., THE SOUND OF A SAT. NIGHT. and Snap. Crackel, Pop. RICHARD WARREN 9 T? STAN WATERS Barbara, Oct. 7, I969. From Un- zon to Hazlet to Union. SUZANNE WALKER Randall, Sv close yet. so far apart, So in love in mind, Yet uncertain at heart, Wanting to be together, Yet wanting to be free, A Love like ours LL'l'llAllL'Gj'S be, '72, Alwaysyours. Suzy MICHAEL WASKY fm. 'Oi JACK WA TTSTEIN Union, New Jersey Student of Union High. 1. 4. fi.- w, ,,, an-fi.M,.i Amsfx.. , 1 I 2 I. 4 I 4 Qiasssizazzzaf X - 'fi 1 I I I I I I I I I I i !' Patricia Riley !" Ib QM J '- ,JAVQXX ,. xwpf John J Polisin 2 4,43 fs. I 5' I I YN GOUCIV 010 RYUVLS Sandra Scarpato , I ill' cfm GARY W-1 WSZKIEWICZ .-LMBITIOX: to make use of all the opportunities life has to offer. FAVORITE MEMORIES: B :Q K Automotive, The Crew, Bits and Pieces. PET PEEVE: Gas for the "Led Sled. JLDY TVEISHOLTZ 'ZA friend indeed is a friend that you need who can help you through the troubled times. So reach on out and take a hold of my hand . "Loggins and Mes- sina. Thanks for the good times, I E R NE S T WENDE L rank !i"' DEBORAH YVEINSTELY I remember that words are only necessary after lore has gone. Xlemories: Volvo, year of '72, Lisa, SS., chocolate Easter Eggs. R.I.T. Rollin' 'n' Rocking Franny, Ernie, Wfhitey, Simp and Swabie, HW'aterbags" and MushyJoeJoe. 7 is ag. PA UL YVEISEXBA C KER BLLL WEISHAPL FAVORITE JVIEMORY: Sum- mer of '72 - also, Fall of '70g Winning at the race track. AM- BIT ION: To be successful in life and also, be Bob in stickball. '3- 'et- 118.2 MARK WEITZNER fN ?'ll' 'I 'N-.-J "Iii the beginning God created S USAR' WESTPHALEX ROY WETZEL Sue ... .Mike . Oct. 9. 1971 .. Kev Club, "Bussic" Summer '72 . "Cant Find the Time to Tell You" . The rest of m5 life with Genesis 151 .Hike - 1974 "I dunno" Hillside . ,M'r. Gattis Biology Class Sweet Sixteen .. .Wike .Hike .Wil-2e.'.'.' I' LINDA WHITE MEMORIES: "O" Seaside "72, "Get rich quick, "Knees, 9!11f7l. After school in the hallways. Wild Raspberry, Chip, Summer's last week '72, Cinnamon Brown. AMBITION: To be successful and do the things I want to do most in life. ,y f1'ff"f 8 gy' f rvs Z.-:7 V118 wr I '33 2 , Q 5 1 Karen E. Schmitt Ruth A Schnezder L . 31 'IQ .Q .,,f-ef Qi if :jg . 3. I ,-.aQ"bJ 9 X , qi fu. .... William C. Schuster Sy L. Shames 'dz'-3 ? .ww V? ' ...A . -,.s. Q, vw, r, V V .,.q..., ...Wm ,, , ,.,... . " ', .hM.......-...Z1 L......,-M. .. -.MVN Q k 7. ,-V..-,,...... F., , v- ',...-.. :.,.,.,i . , , ,V .WM """""'f "' v-0-n ---- -.,-.....,,..,,- ,,,,,. -.A-.n.4 5.4 - Y--, -,V--v .au-.v......- Y,.,Yv .,,,,, M v,.....-.,,..... , ..,...,,,, .,..,.-.n...,,........ .. . -.,... 7 U '- ..,.A ...Y .-..... V. ,. " ' '- :::.. -.,, - ky V V: III ---1 ""':':,,..."'f 1'SQ..,.T.T.""""'Y W ' " '--"M" .1 il.: M'-'-if-' " ' W '- ' A ... --........ --.-.......5l -.........k,,, , , TIT."""X....1- ' "-, -----'la-I. ' -, -,--.......g""""' H-vw-411 "ATL" -. - v'----lil. .- . - ' Ei.- I, HL 3 I 51 11 N H 2 EIT' 1- fliill L '. , w..A-..,, . ins: F -, . 'fi 5R53 'fn Js A H' ROBERT WHITEMAN I know I'm not very popular, this is the way I preferred it, but whether I know you or not, Iwish you all good luck. ALFRED WILKINS AMBITION: to be a Diesel Me- chanic and have a racing car. MEMORIES: ofpast years of all friends and Auto Mechanics, also wrestling. FA VORITE SPORTS: Wrestling, Cross Country, track, .Xl KAREN WIEGAND Moving to Hillside Ave 7!20!71 and 5f25!72 Mr. Ha- zelton's anti-women jokes Mr. Malles' book-keeping tests. Mrs. Deusinger's bank collection . . . Mrs. Friedman's friends . . . Margo's graduation Hoping to be an accountant someday. . 'J. - if ff ' wifi. f - no- V74 DEBBIE WILKINSON MEMORIES: Mass., Summer '71, '72, "Trip up Poconos", Jules-Bob, 5 S's, "His House", Max, Confusion room, Elaine's faces, Carol King, "Odis", K. park, B.Z. 's house planning with Albert, J.C,, T.M., T.D., G.S. gf -if ELLEN WILDECK 4!23!71 - Terry . . , "The Gang" . . . sophomore and junior lunch "Hey, Wilducku . . Long talks with "the Uke" .. . Emer- son, Lake, and Palmer Weekend . . . New Year's at John's ... Sue Birdie .. "Preserve your memories, They're all that's left you. " NA THAN WILEY MARK WILKINSON KWilkl FAVORITE SAYING. You do it, I'll watch. FAVORITE MEMORIES: The Columbia Boys, The fire engine, hubcap drills. Track - Sophomore, Jus nior, and Senior years. June Ju- nior year, "Summer of 72,". Bob's rentals, Labor Day Week- end, Baked Beans, Ladder Expeditions. ROGER WILLSTEIN . . "the more you study, the more you know, the more you know the more you can forget, the more you can forget, the more you do forget, the less you know, so why study?' '... "DOCTOR."' ,. Wrestling "What's new?" DEBORAH WILLIAMS AMBITION: Become Airline Reservationist. PET PEEVE: Back Stabbers. FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "nothings hap- pening", "oh wow." HOBBIES: Motorcycle Ridin, Skating, sew- ing, and Parties. BEST TIMES: "72": Skating Rink, Partying at Montclair College, East Orange Parties, "Feeling Good. " Z x., MARK WINTER NICKNAME: lMarcus Driveusl, MEMORIES: Brentwood Souna Studios, Slacurlacit, Ideal De- sign, Drifting out to Sea, Cherks- ters, Driving the Schmotillac, Nebula, Megaphones, M.E. Joe Expert. BEST FRIEND: Bank Americard. FAVORITE QUOTES: Fill it up! Dress Circle? 1 Upstairs .' Judith M. Sheedy ff ,... .VZ f A il. f I " Wx ' ik' " J ! .0713 , 4 .' ' , 1 ' : ff, ' ifvwif -. 3 4: iw, ,.4,.,fffm . xi kg: Qfxfgg WN ,,", , i 'A a ff QW'- William J. Shortlidge Nancy L. Slack 4151 ' , Zi 'K 4 , 4 , f f f 1 , ' ff ,f J? . f 1. 41.1 5 K Leriore A. Sio thower fi' . 'X ix . XX Q xy P 1 ,Q ' SET: v Q53 X X xX X X xx iYxyfQm1c- 155 4.., Q XXX - ' 'M ff M While! A S0dl1'10 Emanuel Solomon J. Sopko 'f an ff X. K, 13 ' 'fyffffi' ,J -f" . .: 4 Xffvw """- Richard F. Stegemann W 'gms Fred S tengel Michael L. Strano g 5 MINDY WOLENSK Y Radical Europe Miss Schmitt's 5th period .. . Battle Hill . . . What's happening . . , "i got by with a little help from my friends. " PAMELA WOLFF fPamJ Tars Campaign "71", "72" .. . Jennie Matthews .,. Head Dude July 17... My friends .. . Miss Baker .. . Laughter . . . the space of life. Q11 ROBERT WURSTER 32: -Q w,,MrX HOWARD WOLF FAVORITE MEMORIES: 1968 Lemans, Conn., The Carnival, CAN YA HEAR ME, New Year's Eve Parties, Roz and Murray, Ready Look: Belmare with Pops and Paul, cards, cards, cards, Anticipation, Kennilworth, Washington, Oh Edgie, Summer 0f1971. BRUCE WOLSKI NICKNAME: Doc. PET PEEVE.' Homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '72g my cousin from Ohio. AMBITION: to practice medicine. FAVOR- ITE EXPRESSION: that's a good start. QUOTE: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,' only better. " aus..-A STEVE WYDEN FAVORITE MEMORIES: Lan- ie, August 10th, Broodside, Physical Science, lab partner. PET PEEVE: Are you two get- ting married? FAVORITE PAS- TIME: my Mustang, Working as an electrician, Making money. . s L ff-12 I if is w xc? -:Q e .9 P4 vu-' -.,.,...-- -- u 5-A - ,N ,L .41 , . 554 . s 3445 .s-1, ,, 4 su my f Y, A. 38 5 1 Q zifgsfl-155 g DELORES WRIGHT NICKNAME: "De De". AMBI- TION: to be a good wife and mother. PET PEEVE: Working. FAVORITE MEMORY' 7!31!69, I2f7f70, 3f24f72. FAVORITE TEACHER: Mr. Fortunato. FAVORITE SAYING: "So." NOTED FOR: Keeping an atti- tude with Freddie. CAROL YN RENEE WYLIE Success comes to those who seek it! NICKNAME: Carol. AMBI- TION: To get all I can out of life. MEMORIES: Summer of '72, PET PEE VE: Phony people. EVAN WUHL NICKNAME: Evonne. PET PEEVE: Union High. FAVOR- ITE EXPRESSION: HUH! HUH! FAVORITE MEMORY: Miss Fulcomer's sixth period class. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Varsity Swim Team, GolL Stu- dent Congress. EILEEN YANNELL MEMORIES: Nov. 16, '70, and Jan. 4, '71. PET PEE VE: People who don't care and don't under- stand someone that does. LIFE AMBITION: Be a good nurse and to make Bruce, the one I love, happy! 'AT Edward Torcicollo 4' ' N lf. Wanda Vogt Robert A. White Avg, ,fl N kk Al F Jack Trager 'x X Joseph W Walsh and 5 x Q WX'lQ Ll Ellen J. Wilezol 1. f. I! 'iffy ff' " On , iv ,",l'V,f , .1 'ts i J 'K John Val 4' Zelda Vogel W of fx x 6' r 1 W l l ' David .'WQtson Nicholas L. Wellner Q fv- Q' Bonnie Willenshy Michael Yesenko DEBBIE YARISH MEMORIES: Nov. 28, 1970, Karen always there when you need her Getting involved ,. "Summer of 72" Mike , THAT ONE WEEKEND ,. Friends . Good times with Kathy and Dennis. Dreams are for those who have something to believe in. Q' DOL ORES ZA TOR MEMORIES: Spain '72, O., Linda, Irish Spring, Seaside in August '72, Fred, "Sock", After school in the halls. AMBITION: to be rich and famous, and to travel around the world. PET PEEVE.' Conceited People. WEND Y ZIPKIN The last day does not bring ex- tinction but change ofplace. xy. 5 .. .X F 1. , , J' " , 1 ,l,L,,,c1,' x,'vt-fini :,-X 4,w,:,f4,ofJ7 If',t.f Jfu.,-fl ffl ' 1.1. U 4, X, , A f , if . 1 fir--L., Ji CUT' 4 . f,Qlf"-'J' -' lui V ECL I K L"l"""' ' '1 'WSJ - i- io, L 5- 1-A4 .. LA WRENCE BERRY YERICH MEMORIES: Sophomore biolo- gy with Ivfr. C., fishing expedi- tions, "The Fort". FAVORITE EXPRESSIOIVS: yo, jachsonff 4:5 my goodness! AMBITIONS' to see the world 8: be successful in all my studies . GOOD RIDD- ANCE! 5-n RONALD ZIESER S. MARYLOL' ZREBIEC . , -1 1 ' ',-' . 1' x-..,' ..- ',,1'mi QJXP- -4 -- fu . x l , ,LH - x ,, ,Aj '15,-4 il YD, 27 NI 4 bf 1. J fi, X I J 'I 4- ui JOHN ZALESKY ANIERKS Summer of '72, GTBL, English DQZO6, German. Rain3 Dag-s. Chocolate Chip cookies, AMBITION Architect. BOB ZIMBARDO REMEJIBER: those times urith DG' Summer of '72, those times in A.T.'s car, PET PEEVE: School, plastic people, uork, AMBITIOX- To hate o good time for the rest of my life, no matter what I'm doing. I' 'L-1 KA THY ZALEWSKI .VOTED FOR: Looking lzke .Yank C5 "Are -muse tuo sisters? Cousins? related?" All the good times mth John. Pennsylranni- an Weekends, Houis 5our fern. stall creelzn? Metal Sculpture u'ith Jlr, Watson, Getting Car' ried auay Lore even one. includ- inggourself TOM ZIOIA Eternity sneaks in, her arms full of u'1ld promises. The young men go to sleep to dream of technicol- or battles. MEMORIES' Sum- mer 72. Nfaine, Beach Hai en, Sophomoregear 5.-.' a'-' 5 Fa: rx, -3 5, K X ,.a""""r"" i - 7 Wzfsi, l 1 ...W ' 1 s fx l , Q.x 1. K - X e -sfgmgxiezf, 9,3522 3. Q0 o f,, 2 1 . safs , ,. " gig if . F ,E " ., - :J C xxx Y A we ..:.1f1f:-lzff xggfeffleilff ig, - t L. ,X .. -2 ' 5 '- ve 'N ' K V BK' , ' f, V, I , N if L., t K., ,,,, ' ff- Q, . V QQ, - A4 f lee P. " s e l .Q f, . ' - - .s X x V ' x ' "U - gal , y J" - , Mary Sharon Young I m - "' l Rosalyn Zeid 5 s 1. .W The Staff of the 1972-73 yearbook expresses its thanks to those teach- ers who both had their pictures tak- en and then allowed us to print 10' MARCY ZUCKER "Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the blossoms, Kind deeds are the fruits. " X LARRYZWEIGBAUNI Those memorable times with S,P. then M.O., S.F., P.F., G.S., and the first time. Summer of '71-Seaside, Strawberry Fields, Forever? G.D. concerts, Stanley Theater, with J.G., R.D., JB., S.P., B.Z., 8: MS, AND of course F.S., 7-12. H0 WARD ZUCKERMAN U.H,S. Rifle Team UH.S. Marching Band UN- FAVORITE NICKNAME: 'Pug- man" . . . I REMEMBER: Fall- ing asleep in "Alpha-Beta-Cap pa-Dona's"5thper1bd class. JANI ZWILLMAN MEMORIES "California nights", "Black Magic Woman" ... purple wine ... smoke .., oldies, "Friends" . , . jaanne, get off the phone!!!! "19th Nervous Breakdown" .. . room 30 ... A special thanks to Blanche and Larry for making all this possible. 4+ 7 .wa V. :Z ' ...t ::. 1 va ,. , gf' tt, .- i"'wmn.., ruff themg we have tried to represent in candid photography as many teach- ers as possible who do not appear in the studio shots. I. ag . ., K ' , tk ,A x A .AE 'ii , 3 Y L AgnesZofay N' X Y 1 Q X.,-fm A Q 5. 193, 'QL 5' N N : W. F ' A sefe fx, Ri Ruth D. Zuman --. . ,. wifes-L, .I -.-.....4 Ylrw- f .5 so V , ff' ,fx 5 ll- I 1 n ' g LJ f - fd r 1 R 4417020 Charlotte Boyd Wayne Bundy Thomas Cordaro Richard Covington Ralph Crute Anthony Cucco Thomas Drobny Linda Lee Daley Eva Dauid Alan Fainer William Glatt Guy Kelly Denise Murph Michael Nalewichi David Prairie Gil Prather Gary Reynolds George Riviere David Rock Edward Runne Monika Schedlik Wayne Sibilla Cindy Singer Linda Torciuia Richard White 5 I ft WW WWWV ,amy f QW, , 'f 7' .W 7??'6, ' i f , f , , fb, ,V jgniy f ig if 4 f off ff yy f ,ez , Q.. ,V " ff if f f ,. 5 , ., ,, 1 , 1,1,,.pwc.pf5fE"f4 1 V. M V , ,,.W,m,,v.-A 1, 1 , 2 I4 M y bf ff! R , is G, -2 ef 4 f gig I f , 4 U 5 2 4 ' 1 'iw fv 'fx if W 3 4 ' izwffv' - 4' f W. , ,M ' Mm Z. ,.,W,.,,, f 2 , 2 W A , . f, Q 1 is ,wfnff .., ff fri' f HMM- -ffff -- V71 -' X ' ' w w f, , .. 55 X v W if I 55355 2 if f il, xi ,f 1 X WN, ef J gy 1 , f I W iss? KA' ' X331 f W fi x' f 1 7, ki, W r 2+ Q , 1 ' X A g , ff ff' ig 1 X 1 gig' A H N r X ig? J ggi , f 5252 M ,A W W if 42 -Fifi , , , f , , . - 1 ,of if 1 3 YW -V" W, Q W, f' . 'QQ , , Wi ' ff V, 4'-if " ' lf ' P if' ffgLf',,4,:,e:-'sl 1' 'riff Lf' f if- L . , ' yr ' - ' M, '-r, ff if f' I V, auf q fn ,V Vu ? 2 'fy ,gm iw If f W , , , , , , , , , 1: Xa f nl l ig, f Qi , xx ' A is WI ' , , , WV ,ff -. fr. Bvllwmmaummf, - v M M., . wgzzvi fe f J, 2' If E V, Jw 2, I ,,,, 'J A --V- 1,,,,gy,,,4,1w,1 f Y .,,,,,,.,.Mw-f-,.,,,..-A-4 E ib- 1,' ,, .V.X ,515 -73, ,.'.5El,7VW , M iYf'5'f??hm. 5 W5 NH ,fa T? A, A 'jack yu fm' ,f1,,jf-if ,-,,,,,,3 pe-- 1" if .f f . ,v E" .14-lx. , X. , me :f A ,, Vi? , 4: ., V 1120? ,aff--, 5'1TL!gf'34-111: 1 ::,,ff', Q Q Vf,fl:t'.Q . 1-n -, f v , . .Qs-X , . gggifs W-.A . ,QW -- F 1' 'vqtfml ,, vw- x .:?'!',fg:'-2 W .-'JJ 3 1 . 1 Fa mous Words . . 1 wi Y V, Q 'H 4 , 4- ' . -'e 1 - ,pw 17: " 1 -K' 4-1 .Q 'U . , ww ' hi., ww-Wg M. v 3 ' it ,N ,GN , , , ' 19 ,VL ' 4 LIWJGI ,wg ff- 5 fy :Qu . sie fj2SQ4,3,: V ' 7 inf, ,. ?7 1, :if - ' grim- Q 1 L V ,N ,WW . , , , EY:-V F , X, ,.,, , , V , fig., f., 1 fa L - X 4 , . 140 if QMS: 4 NY 9 .v-1 -N Al. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Patti Napoli, Lau- rie Leuy, Jerry Epstein. Q A:-'V ffffffl 'T Ki' ig L H7 iff: -,-,1:'.1:x--'!.g- F, L' 'wh -29 ' 'V 1 , '- I -' ' 35--'-"'. f ',5gg,g1 41254 fx .' I X iQ " W Q.: . f ff JL: , ,avi W1 - f-f u, 3.... , iii "ii 3 ,, " W ,z 1' -2,4 . . ' ' '- A "f A , , , I f V, V V , 5-I . , ,. .,, 4 . . , . ,. , iii, J? '? f 'px QQ, 52- L1 ...W , ,, :WMC .:, Y"G'-if! J ,Zigi ., SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS cz'1If1i'72S .. . ', 1,14-:Wx 1- -. 1lf - 1 n STUDENT COUNCIL 11 4:1111-14 uch Thing As Leprechauns? Xsg ' CONSERVATION CLUB CANNON EDITORS DEBA TIN G CL UB CHESS CL UB Illwiiiiifilkii 42 LF 3 1 1. 5 L 144. tk, J "1 XP" 7 I ff f Ri .. Q , ,. ' A' 'fs , 4' 'fl f, 2 - f 4, if flux 'Z Q Mi 5 . lv '1:11". . xi gl-un- Ili Q , m V Q . 5 34 Y., 4 ELECTRONICS CLUB FASHION CLUB FIRE SQUAD FISHING CLUB 43 ii? :gg :BA ' M, .w A , g .. E "ff 'fxffvf' i 1351 2-ff L'f"ff'4 r 'w,,,',3 ,A i' - ' vyfxfszs 1 ,f. I ,H , ,,,,.... .Ap--ma--'A --V f- .qi -52 'inf --....,4., ' s aff FOREIGN EXCHANGE CLUB FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FRENCH CL UB FUTURE PHYSICIANS CL UB ,s SWIM 2, 9,5566 E1 Lf..- FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION GERMAN CL UB JUNIOR RED CROSS KEY CLUB - 1 ' ff v 1 .Q ., :'. - Hs ., , f I I . V- . ,N ,Nw c'?:' ,- ' - 2' ,. .. -yard f. 4-gg., ya I' 97' 25 Nr . :S sm' ' IL., -f9LR, i 5 ' TALZQ..- Q . 1 '.,' lx v, M ..A1 -'f'4f r "' J ,J .-:: . 7"f f w 4x-. KEYETTES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NEW JERSEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY NIGHTINGALES I Q ju! , ff ' Q41 ff , T -,, . I, Lk, ., Q 0 Y , 'T f f fr- Tuff M5 522' I 2 1. ' f I fx -.kI 'if f k, A 5' 1 f n , 1- 'I" A ' . A fe . I A, 46 ,11u PQ ,, 7' weve-H-w at 45- fxslrn w -ffkr, Q1 -V465 .Q 'IA i 'fl 3' ' R N'--f-Ikgfsmav ii- ,A ' f -5 ' 'l-41,155.43 Q L 'K lf -2-."".4. 7 "fi-' - Hlsii- 148 we-K v . x- HQS "YN, 'sl F' .M lv fi ,, -: KNEW V' 2.3511 M ' ' ff ...T-j' - 15 9 F Ig e s 1391 x. aw fb. , NEA .. .:. 11 6- A 1 -A Y- ., , AAI , ugag , 1: ' 4 - rt ,lin W " A Q f 'M L 1 'V 4 ,, ,- ,. A. , 4 -Q ff - fr' 41,::wfHfff'f'w A IL PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB SKI CLUB SPANISH CLUB STAGE BAND K V 47 if V' V -'F Q' . bv' '0'1y0',Qo' "V ' 6,-'W 'QU X -45--?w,,e A. Y. av". -mf fi-+W3"5Q4ef 5? ff: 4 PF' 56-1 P kv 'SV P4562 iff? 594 9 H 2 1 " 'a.::s..f""aV ,""' "' 1 ?5'f if gulf? if W i,Qi2iZ?4i'? 19 51.3 Q I. E , 5,f:43Q9 Wg ,'?'5ig W M 2ivZ6Z4I'EQIii-M sf-yi LI . 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M. .rfq ff-' v L ., 7- V ,Q M ' -ffgm- g.s,'v'.'.. 43. 'ei f.g,:1N. Q5"a,: "- -- -'r - .lf f 4-f 1.1-P" J. ', . , "' q3f"s.' 1'-C"" ' ' A'-r-'-- --' " ' ' f,.,-'tl' , f ' , -v,. K - - '4' '-' .-.. ',-' . , f 1 ' ' as...-. K " STAGE CREW TICKET SALES CLUB THESPIA NS YEARBOOK H OM ER 0 OM REPRESEN TA TI VES X v . rap ,. 1 ktflsifx- gm: -2-Rin 1 5 BW Y , . ' , - .1 F WV , , IQ.: Art and Layout Staff Editor ak Leslie Fazio Yearbook , ri.1'1'1'Unr'n-n :nf -1-ru v- ig on Ji! 'R S ' , x. , 1 -,.,Q- A , -,x --- is , J ..-,. -nT.?'1',f,, E ,, Q75 Ad., ' W-" f2..1e, ,--sh 1:33 "' -an , ' 4 ..f , ' N su ' I ' .."f'n ' y-Q-61: . : ,'-Q1 ' ,--Q - w ,f - .f ,V , V , . ',,'fefx,, i342wai+l'5XQ'1k 1 4 f 1 .f f ,f f - 'A' W- - v..4..f,.i+54.'sQi..w.l:.' Y.-A. 23? .15 .'f1xs5'n.1-ff.. ,?c.C,J:.f .5 4 1 gl ,' if 1' , ngnauvpfig-1-1-nuuz.m-nxmmmuuv .nm.u1p.v..x.-min.-11.111 . 1'-v-1.-.1 A -,-Lana-rqwvxx -sn' 1. .X An - -ww FINANCE COMMITTEE Roberta Rosenthal EDITORIAL BOARD if LJ H- -w W - .f,V--...... 1 4- f..,,.. ,.... .. Q- ' 1 -- -f--L--7-...1,..,- ,,,,- ,,,,,,, ,, 4 My-M Me- A-f-...-,....-..,.,. ,, ,. QW xi, y, flkm 5 R 5 152 1 44 455 LITERARY STAFF: EDITORS ' Julie Nagaziria, Patty Napoli. x TYPING STAFF: EDITORS ' Mar- ilyn Reuera, Holly Rice. fr ,nk ff lx .M N. W., 4. ,, Xi' ! 5,4325 vw 7-7 1 . an-"1f' jr, ,M-A ...r "1 , "TT - mum., n P 'F' .-I---r ,--- wg L- 'L 'S 2, .. 'N if YEARB OOK EDITORS '+R 4 special thanks NP ,fx Ywr gg we.fH6giwm',,vY?'i' Q, , ,,.afnXV , s -MQ 'fi' M'-'Hn s 1' ' f j ' ,,,, f 9 , , 9. f i , A 4 K x 1 f 1 R if x 1,'11':3,':'x S XX, Ng- X f X Af . YN , '- f i :fx flfy, , , WA !1,' ..' sv 'I V4 4 K BOWLING TEAM win YP1 nvmme 'n nnvwv , -ia .7 2 H 1 1.1 fn, ,: ., X 'U' ' - mf 1' 'wmmqlzwgifw EQE Sv .1 , -U .-kim ,y -1, A F ' ' 1 - -, thu- 1 J' ' CHEERLEADERS 54 CROSS COUNTRY DRILL TEAM wr 4 My z I fi I .1-r -4- D . I3 . 1- 4 si Q! JJ .iq , f 1 ff, ' ll' Ya v-'I 1 P' Q5 wvQ25M'QWL Qffgivs' 9 I aw 56 B1 aaa If 35 5 158 1 I 1 , F J 1 Y .Q l-M "-QB! att' 37 7 I suv Z- X...6 - I3 1 gs-A T ' xg Nba-. X x . x K .Sy xx .Mr Aix' b A. Q ' D ij fwlaffh -4 I-lflb f N 521551 t'1 S f XBQ g A ',q- A U f --. -5" fe-v .1 1 I 'E' . x NX gn' . ii -ff 24Y't?"hsQ 1 " Y QD. ti Y 521, 5 ,gb 'r 0. 0 Hi xv gum ii! .g.,.- rl ,E 3 'E': l 1 H T , 11 1 , 44' . "fi a 91 lib ' rw-W' 151-" UD xg ef' 7 rig' Fl tk L' ', , 6152 sl in 'bg tg 65 all gb Q 'll J-f fs c',nQ1 MQ QQ . 1 iw ,E hw m f iv' U15 P15 , v ,ff n ng ' - A F' - e,, - ,F QA I 'tl I 'Ubud can A luzzunx ', 1 1 'WX , Wm Ww,, V W M , , ,,4M,.. 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' Q .Lv , F ' ' 'nf - i - .ff nfl-. Q4 ' ll 2.1 ff- ' qi' 'V' 'Ii 1. 5 wi XQ 1 as ,W E . , -A vi , ,IB r Q ,Lx , 3, . 4 ln 1, 'H - V1 0 -' - - ., Y 5- ..- L . ff .4155 , ,- ' 1 , MMI Q X A . ?L!:qY,-Wt. 5 R W " - ' -X W- . .7-?,.f1fl'? 5 1 , . V ,, . , . , - ,J-l-""' ,." ,vii .N ! 01. Q ,I I . A N F h,"'4:'ir ' v - I . 'ii A -x an M"ev-- , ,, . ' - 1- 1. ' - x , I M, ,Wx A -Miata ' Agn .Q 1 ' H W' f "':- wi '- " W 1 ,U W , 'fi,,v , ' 'L' I . I ,qlfw M l fg iz lf i s 4, ' 1. . ' - . , , . Q... 3.51 in I r X M2 , 'W ftlav?-ff A 'KL .W fb- ja -, Z' " W" -? " f 7 31'-.-'B A V 5 L ' ' .gwZ" ', if-' 3 ' .2,-+15 i' ' Q ff? 1 T-'f 'W'-T. EEK gf' 1? 11 'Ns-f af- :Qff ilmmiai.-if - ' ' "Y F ki' 1 I Y 1, Q - 1.1 4 'Q ' - fl 2 l 1 ' 1 f' ""'q',. . . TW f'4..-PQ 3' SS' 4. 44-gn-, ,- vibjfi' an ASEA4. I' Lg A f E: fa-E: fl-!1i F',l-,asvgsff2-.35 5 '.-,:',-'- '7a'n75"'-'i Q?'Yf2?rf-z:,:y-ff-w1m. + ! sw 4 1' 'ag' A ' .num 62 , 41, Y it 5 AQTJT' Xfjs? ' "5 N au, , , QL -. 5 3 -J., xr ,J 1 x .Vw lfrgwl, , 5 Q A3 T' s-- X' --,- ,- ' ui-f VLJVD we nd if-'7 -nf-.Q I U57 41 ye-f N4 -4 Lf- sf: ' 511 ,1 GOLF TEAM YIDN - , ,as-" fi' ....-., 4... qv Q, Nam, -1 ' yv,..., T ,fr :QQ :iff 164 v.: -vm.. .'NwA""""N+K. x.,. I if' f 3' 1 K YF .l 1 : A- JV . ,,-JT" . 79 ' ff,li, situ "1 , U .NQ - 't".1 , f. lg!! ' r , A-v - .4 zz! r , -Q-, 51 'gn 5 8. . . P A v., f X '-. ,iu if. -fr ,, QQ' , - . -I N50 '-Q: ,-13 ill., W. 5 V A454 rl v V. in X 8 'V' 'Pxf' ,, .,V , -4v1'3 -'25 ,nv- 'X xl-1 X-'3Q', J -C. H v'-fiizx.-F:-v: mu .4 f ' 51-5,-,, ,, -- 0 ' fl .I 3 yn.. ff U,,,'W'!'1L" X v-Q This strange generation exists between sleeping and Waking.iIt ho1ds in its hands the soil of the past and the seeds of the future. t -- Kahiil Gibran. 'S 1' ,M Q an ' f HOCKEY TEAM RIFLE TEAM RICH ACCURDINO Memories: Going to Shea Stadi- um . . . Being mugged in the Port Authority Building Miss Young's English Class. Nick- name - Accor. Ambition - Being the Secretary of the Treasury, nv N DEBORAH ALBANESE Short Stuff .. l2f23f7I Al- pine ... United Markets ... Keith ... 61 Comet ... Summer '72 .,. Newark ... Times with Denise ... rides with Debi .. . my Best friend Cathy. CLARENCE ALSTON Peace on Earth. That should be our goal when we go out into the world. I like skiing baseball ... football ... J.L.A. ... girls , . giving friendship and love to people ofall backgrounds, "I 2 PAULA ADAM Cheerleading ... intramural sports with boots p.b., b.h., and s.r. lunch .. grilled cheese . . tell it like it is . . surprise I7 .. sewing with p.v. ... rah-rah . . allyn is a friek . . carol m. and scooter champs . . . carlton popping in little girl . . jay. 'C' JOHNALCAMO The Cubs Going to Wrigley Field .,. Good Times with my Friend John . . . The Yankees . . Ambitions taking a cross country trip meeting Ron Santo ... Having Fun .. meet- ing a girl . . . getting married . . . making the Big Leagues. JOHN AMALFE Pet Peeve - homework, tests, Ambition - to graduate college and become a success. Memories - Varsity Basketball, 10l29!72, times with M.H., Mr. Kratcht's English class. l"l FOREST ADAMS Woody Nova E, C si Triumph . . Springfield girls Green "55" Flagship Esso N, Derby Rd. Red VW Summer '72 down the shore. I' '1 DA VID ALLDIAN Allah's Baby Weekend of July 4, 1970 Zeus II Christmas '71 . . '71 leftover Marine Police Week on Yan- kee II . never a dry ride search for the floating root beer bombs at Cape Island Old Faithful strikes. qs SUSAN AHEARN In the silence of the greenztood. I knew the secret of the ferns. Their delicate leaves tremble, Breathing an undescribeel tzd unuttered liffq Round them the mountains and the stars dau-ned in glad companionship forever. Kathie Mike Judy. 'frry GAIL ALLISTER Enjoy the sweetness of youth now! Before it's pressed between pages of the book of time. Memo- ries can be preserved if you have them. Make memories now! En- joyl 5Q,f' C I 157 U,,.,,..,,,:, y,-n.-.F-nf, V ...,.., ., .f.-.am-gg'-', . ... -.4-11, N- ':. 111-.-.y:f:g.-ich if g' ' f L" Pvt ,Ei"J'..E1l?I'1 .1i7f'g-Q25 'ze 15. Zag? 711, VY- e. ,-.4 K :.:.: -X -,5'mQ,f-- yr- 'H -jg,-1 mx, swsa.-g-2-.sg-1 -, -..-g,-g--- rzsfgxrfwy-11' "- '3 i'1S,""'-. --- ,Ni qs., Q .-, 'tw-.:f:: f-Q ..-s-if -1... Y, A W. . Y 1:11 no is-.ff-!..71'-71 ' ,Oy ..,.v.L..,--ir ..,:1 rf, if 3, gg 3,-:awfzir A :pf ef V Q-,Y 5 ,K A , 4. KENNETH AMBERG The stage is set, The curtain raised. We're the performers, Until our graves. Molded to be what we seem, Scolded for what we are. United under the flag of Youth, But, divided as a Lie is to Truth. 1' f--v YVONNE A NDE RS ON City nights . Sandy, our year of fun Poconos R-Place . , many successful capers BirdFamil3 gule . SisterC . drobandencan snappin' that wasted feeling my crazy lore life laughing . "All things must pass enjoy ichatyou haL'eu'hileit'syours." s. - 5v sw.,-,wgsn . 'i-'+.. MIKE AMRON To decide who serves first spin racket and call rough or smooth. The winner can either serve or take his choice of court. To serve, one must stand behind the base line. A fault is a violation. ' l Civv Y ANGELE 2799 home away from home ., Karen, I don 't think it's gonna fit . . Bobby, our tree, our song . Meathead . the gang Irwin Park . . New Years Eve . Summers 71. '72. Herman and Hilda D,M. remember Seaside . missing and loving him. ALLYN J. AMATO Memories: Ellynn ,.. 4f15!72 , N. Y. ... N.J. shore .. the tele- phone .. Paula Rah-Rah J.J.K. .. . Summer Secret. Mes- sage: The Duck is Blue. And for the future, just Friendship and Love. JANICE ANDERSON Friendship can turn to love, but how sad the love, that turns to friendship. 413171 .. RH .. FEC . Jean the shore .. cheerleading football and baseball games ... friends .,. memories . . HOT .. Johnny B. Goode QB. .Lee BabyJan Jan Happy . . for- ever . . DD. w PATANSCHUETZ Memories: BJ., the shore . partying "the Cruisers" ., long walhs and talks up school Templed Hills .,. It's only the beginning sunshine superman .. concerts . Surf- ing, USA .. coffee - regular , . LaborDay 1970. ELAINE MARIE AMBANDOS "This above all: To thine own self be true, And thus it will fol- low, as the day the night, Thou canst not then be false to any man." Pet ple. Best Mechanics the best in . , ARLEEN ARGALAS "R" Memories .., "Donnie" .,. Camaro "70" .., April 29, 1971 Junior Prom .. shore . California . . . Morris Plains . Greenwood Christmas .. Johnson's farm . presents . . movies Turtle Back Zoo . . . coz , friends . mushrooms talks Karen . , J.R, ., New Years the apartment .,. New Hope ., Ambition: To learn to mahe lasagna!! 168 3. JAMIE ARNOLD Pet Peeve: Time. Ambition: To be born in 1954 and to live happi- ly ever after. Favorite Memory: Linda. l ooNNA BABES Nickname: Sweets. Memories: Nov, 7, 1970, Sr. Prom 1972, times with Cornell's parents encouragement, dancing. Ambi- tion.' become a professional dan- cer and singer. Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for euery dream precedes the goal. bs 'S' NANCY BADUINI "There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens. " l3:I-82 Summer of '72 Joe Grun- nings wrestling meets weekends . Foreign Exchange Portrait Studio . Usher Squad. inf 4' T. d i"l ll f y me 1 , 42 l f RON ARONT Sid . baseball ., bowling, Memories: Falling out of cars Friday nights at the fights . Periods I,2,3 and crew . . 10th trips to the Island . T.W.B. ,, jello .,, hot corner September 30 .. That's bush Rygiels house . GOOD-BYE. . Q ii GLENN BA CHSTETT SHQKP JA YE BAKER Tootsula, Tools too wrestling meet walks Thanksgiving Games . Teuf Toots Mickey Blouse Tivirp Dance Surprise Parties Summer of 71. '72 Tuesday nights salt shakers Yellou' River dead battery roof sittings stretch "Give peace in our time, O Lord. " ,,-.- JOSEPH A URILLO 1 in LINDA A VA NTA GIA T0 Remember: F..-X. and Arrowhead. I wish to go to a Fashion Schoolq one of these tivo: LIM or Nancy Taylor. Homeroom in Jr. High was something to remember esp. 8th grade, and the Jr. Prom. JUNE BAL YK Memory is Mans best souvenir. While material things may break Or be broken, A memory is an eternal token of that uhzch has been. Friends Bradley Beach Weekends Happiness My Sweetie. 5 CHRIS HAMI3l'IiAK Itry only to U'flll'lUW'll'lll7,U.Sll7f1l are in afford zrith my nun wtf Why then la this so irrx difficult? 'T JI," I ...q-apm.-.w...qp.fhanwu,-. -muabua-..+.m..x..-W .---q...m.m.f -fl, ww- A f -ix 169 ,pf- SUSAN BANKEL If you love someone . . set him free If he returns , he's yours forever . Ifhe doesn't , . . he was never yours .., Memo- ries: Bunny . '68 Firebird . , N.N. and M.M. Summer '71 . E.L. March 16, '71-'72 . . loving Kenny the rest of my life, , 'WZ A , . I 'N fgQ!g,, 1 , , ' f,. , . , V. f it ? s , EAN 1 ,:,4,sQ,,t J, , ' ,. 'stew 4 'wt' A 1 574 ...ij or - I 'Zi ,5f,,,'fg'!.. J Nw ph... -r- .J 1555 f GUY BARBATO Go take a sister by the hand, lead her away from this foreign land, Far away, where we might laugh again, We are leaving, you don 't need us. Live like you want to live . . . Peace. ,. .K WALTER BARRETT Nickname: Wally Memories: Alpine, EF. and FC., Summer of '72, Dover Gardens with R.H, and boys, erratic in lunch, those fantastic weekends. JEAN BASHFORD "Bash" Funny Band Mrs. Deusinger and her board- notes . marching .. field hockey and Mrs. Neigel "Hoff and Squirtzn Wyo- ming, 1970 , . Hoover '72 soccer and softball .. SKOBO , .asye sow. PEGGY BARBELLA tell it like it is lunch beth , freinds that are there ... s.r. sweet 16's .. foot- ball games . . 10-23-72 t.f. ., one does not fall into love,' one grows into love, and love grows in him. K.. ROBIN BARNETT May all the tears be forgotten by the joys, and may friendships last forever. if Kg.. NANCY BASTIEN meeting new friends . . , bowling on Thursdays with Lisette, Alli- son, and Lee Ann learning how to drive . Mr. Kracht's English class ,. . we had three happy years here ,. . good luck and best wishes to everyone. DEBBIE BARNES Nickname: chic, Joe's daughter, banana, Remember: Field Day '72 - Gary, July 4, Irvington General, Andreas, Pa., 1962 Mer-. cury, Kravet's lousy trailer, Fa- vorite Saying: Love is a series of ups and downs. Goal: To have lots of babies. Lt -'fi DA VID BARONE Although I am very proud to be graduating, I seem to have a feel- ing of sadness, as Iwill be leaving behind many good memories. So, I say to all who have made these memories possible: Thank You! JOAN ELAINE BATOR Memories: Gym "70"!l - Mus- tang, Nov, 20, '71 - Gary, Summer of "72", car accidentll, Spet. 17, D,P. -Laoallette. "We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there." TENNIS TEAM SHARON BA TTIA TO "Shar" , . Nouember ll, 1971 . , Christmas 1971 . . Mary . secrets with Elide . discus- sions with Debbie . those times with Lois Alpine Miss Koehler's classes . St. J0e's dances . Mr. Bell's homeroom ., June 11, 1971 ,, Jimmy and Paulie . "Ya know whatImean?" KEVIN BAXTER A Uncle Bob and his chorus of shnoohy' poos Greenjeans in the fifth . . to Ms. Perillo for enlightment on what truth is Crash 's class and being taught waht a football is the Plucha- man and Belmar episodes . To the "Brown Beastie. " RICHARD BELLACOSA Richie Jody' February' Ji. 1971. President ofthe Sophomore Class, Vice-President of Student Council, President of Student Council, President of the Inter- act Club of Union. "Behind every' successful man, there is a woman." 47 ANNMARIE BA VOSA Memories: 4-I6-71 M.A., Green VW, and when it came in L.A., the elephant, his chopper, sis fPaJ, Alstate school, "Guys up school", Room 202, Calif. 9-IO-72 FDRRJ, Cake Bar fold crewj, Tops and Bottoms, 9-I-72, the walks and talhs. DIANE BEACH M.D.B.M.D. Mono Mary Drill Team Conoll half- birthdays GCI W. Va. . "waste in space", .humun- gus . . are you Mr. Beach 's daughter? And these memo- ries lose their rneaning!Whe.n I think of lace as something new!Thaugh Ihnaw I'll never lose affection. MICHAEL BELLIS Helmit head or Mike Nfary- land's beautiful, Ittill alztays remember it, The sand is golden, and the water is as blue as the shy. Iu'ill miss it. 5 31? MAGGIE BEISLER Look for today' for yesterday' is but a dream. and tomorrou' only' a vision. but today' u'ell lived makes every' yesterday' a dream of happiness and every tomorraui a vision ofhope. fr' if THLEEN BEGLEY is composed of two parts. that which is past - a dream, and that which is to come - a wish. Laughing giggling hauing fun D108 Wild- wood Gene SJLEL Friends that uiere always there. ROBIN BENNERMAN' Memories: February I9, 1972. June 27, 1972 and L.A.W Pet Peece' Breaking up with some- one you really like. Fatorzte line: "Hey baby uhatls happening?" "Walk in the path of God. and you u'ill never ualh alone " Ti' MIKE BEREZA Nttlzname: Mr Hy de. ,vtpmmpt playing basketball, football and baseball in .Wr Calteuirvk homie room ti ith a pair of rolled up ,sy ni shorts, Favorite Saying' Krvp on smiling. It makes people unnder irhat you 'ie been up Io' 4-2 it ui!-f v,. .L,, K ,. i. Y xv., ., fg -fl ,Vx- ,-,.-' ,.f .f .1 x -, f,,A, - . ., Y., X ,, vw, ,. 9. ,, -A. , -f XJ Y -f X A K"'f- .M fyv- -fy f '----k K. ML 4.,, ,X X- V -f-L, -W x jr f C, A -,..x . -x ff ,- ..1 F1 5:-l ' ,f- A- X-'X NV. .J w , v - 5 V . Xjpx f-J .N ., -- ,-. A ,V-I ff? A- .W X -Q NVQ- A ,H ..L G,,- ... I- N 4 . ,,. ,Q I . N.. ' , - f' x,- , xi 4, 24 'X ,N-,. 'xhf A gf .. x . -.. .M X-M? ,- j',.., ,QV ,Xf- 54 -- ,- ,.,f - , xx.-K' J f X.,,,,.N: -,- M x, ,.,t..- wx.. Cv, ' Xi., Af' I A - N. S - f,,. :- 2 N Q- 125: fx , X- Y A X!--,, xg '..,.., 4--.4 vvf ,f, X X- I ,W ,V X- -muj ' ns - . ,W . " ' " -X ' - f'-..-- ,' -X N. - ,, X, xwv, A-. X ,,X..J,, - mf if . ,A 44, .J " A ""-n " .L 'Vx .T '1 X A 1.x - .f , .,-,. X V-4 x,x., xg f- 1- X f I Q 5- J , ,, . - ,W-wr. J , 'Q' f - 'K . ' ' 5-XC' " , '-- , N-, '- "' x- V 4, " X 5 , , '-ff' -J w,f xwf. f - A ,Q ZR' ,- , , x X - ,, - 5, x , , A - .x ,UAL ,J ,H My W X' - fx ,,,' X g :A -, .,,,,g,,-W5 -bf 'x5.,f , , P V. ff 'fs RICH BERGER Nickname: Joe Expert. .Verno- ries: Nebula. the cheehsters. the checitfinder. rriegaphones. sos - Jef: ro right. Brentwood Sound Studios. drifting out to sea. Or- chestra p-26. p-25. Marich Amps. Favorire Quotes: "vog- onsu. "I paid :op dollar for this seat. " "I:'s your day. " ii' KEN BIDDULPH lb' ambition is to be a success. Memories ofall the good times in Mr. De Santis' Electricity. class. JI5 hobby is listening to WCBS- FM to those Oldies but Goodies. -U3 RICHARD BERKOWITZ Ambition: To be a laug er. Favor- ite ,Vemoriesz The El San Juan. Papa Pepe's and pina colladas ,. ushering at Sy rnphony Hall. uorking-at .UcDonaIds . the 7- daj. limi: Kubrick . .Urs Deusingers L'.S. Hist. I class. and all my teachers. PETER BIEDERJI.-LVN Ihope to make it through college. "The Airplane flies higher than any one. f DANIEL BERLIXRLT One 'should not give up their goals no matter hou' difficult it might be to achieve them. ROGER BISCHOFF Pet Name: The Captain. Ambi- tion: to become a State Trooper. Most memorable occasions were working evenings at the schools. Most Famous Saying: Dynamic. Favorite Pastime: Going out and finding something neu' to do and enjoying it. 9' BECKYBIZZARO Russ . Summer of '72 ,. szveet sixteens football games band Tuesdaynights , Drill Team . my family and friends the shore , . dances love . concerts "Yes- terday is todays memory and tomorrou' is today 's dream. " DONNA BERRY Biscuits Summer of '72 .. Seaside ... Letls split ... Cos . . Oct. 10th Museum of Arts .. NYY. Pd: B Anybody have a Kool? ,My Ding a Ling . . Capricorn and Joe . Always seen with Ant . .. Nights and White Satin ... Ca- reer: Future Beautician. KATHLEEN BITTEL Nlemories: not being in band my Sr. Year. Mr. Hazeltonls frogs and Mr. Krachtis derelicts. "Vv'hen you leave here, don 't for- get Lvhy you came. UA. Stevenson TONL1. BLACKWELL H710 can bring back the hour of spendour in the grass, glory in the flouter. memories of thepast? We will grieve not but rather find strength in what remains behind. Q m , LSE - , gawk F: xx -. 1 x T, ' N P ' "1 X. 'fafesiwwsggsaalllltggsfwmgfifiigg gffmn' -W i5?5a'5255' u s' ' Wa rm + ,ng k Q fh 5 .-,X 41. f . ,I ' . V, 1' Ii " . ' - -' - , "' U53-15,-5 lg - , . if ?M 1:4533 - A . . V , Y Y - Q - 1 - , . gf - 35 5855 -1 12 5 7 . . ti A ig 7 if if 4-fiff ii: ' . -- . 2 r, w ' I 4 V , '4,x1, 'T' H . y , ,.'L, , ,qewvff-1-,5,,,J.,Q..f--of ,. . .., , 1' Ke-3-iw M. 'n ,wr I 'Q' ' RON BLAZINSKI JOE B., Football Practice, Mr. Fortunato, "Last Rep", Pump- hin, 1971-1972 Football teams, Summer get-togethers at the "Field", Double Sessions, "Blaz". 5-N .2-N LINDA BLUME Q Memories: Florida '72 , . shi trip Junior Prom ,- Diana's . the guys . my friends d108. "Everything I see is smil- ing bach at me. Everything Isee is happier and true. Eueryth1ngI say says love has come my wayf KAREN BONNER Scott - my neen long talks with Laurie trips with Chris square shot neenanon . October weekends Cheese- quahe Park . i'll go now, Laur, and if i can 't come back will it really matter? ir' 5-1 sf LINDA BLITZ just blitz, Mr. Jeranek, marry me and I can giue you all my 5,923,632 bumed out candles and anchors fawaylj, To Dawn, Ani- ta, Stacie, Kathy, Dennis, and Rich: We look ahead with calm, we look back and smile. f F' 51 'I I' xv EDDIE BOCZAR "E.J. "A true enthusiast ifJohn- ny Winter. Will always recall the Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead Concerts. Partial to the outdoors, sports, and interesting people. Looking forward to col- lege and an exciting future. CHARLES BOUL WARE l"l DEBRA BOLDING Sv X Nl:-'Y CINDY BOUTSIKARIS It 's been an experience. .Wy friend Butch. Football games. Union record 9-O. The immortal D114 live on.' fJust hich the transmitter! My friend Pork. soccertennisL'olle5 ballbashetball softballandLeaders'C'lub LARRY BOLDING To the people of Vauxhall: Peo- ple make the world go round. I'll be there. Stop, look, listen fto your heartj, Iu'ish it would rain, Ball of confusion: that 's what the 1t'orld's today. MYRXA BOWERS The wise man looks into space and does not regard the small as too little or the great as too ble for he hnous that there Lx no lim- it to dimeruions Life I Loie You Elma I Loi e You -AQPEKX h --1 -,N U GIRLS' TENNIS 173 ,, .J " C 3.2 4172 S .X Af' SONYIA PERCY BOWERS Ambition: to make Percy Very Happy. Favorite Memories: In New York with Percy, Alexis, and Butch. The Bug, Maple- wood, Shelly, Maria's, Fraa . . ., Turkey, Peanups! Favorite Say- ing: Lexy, what number yall on? Pet Peeve: False rumors! EErrrrrrrl 'ff IRIS BRA UNSTEIN ,W--qv NEDDA BRAINEN Memories.' I. W Future Plans: To make music and to be happy. My Favorite Things: bowling, music, fun and love. BONNIE LYNN BRIEF President's Ball, Honeypie, Pines, Funny Band, Sly, Y-HO- CA, Westfield, Drill Team, Sweet 16, Friends, Love ... K'Only you and I can help the sun to rise each morning. If we don't it may drench itself out in sorrow." BENJAMIN BRANCH Nickname: Ben. Favorite Say- ing: "What's up". Remember: Junior Year and track. Future Plan: College. W' GARY "DUSTY" BROADBENT SUSAN BRODKIN rnunchies . . "the streets" summer of '71 and '72, Sun Val- ley .. Group 4 Moonwalk , conventions . "friends" . . ice cream sandwiches . . Rolling Stones . , , Davids Attic froggy .. all roads lead to Staten Island .. football games 4- CARRIE BRA UN May God grant me: Serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things lean. Wisdom to know the difference. Memories: YAC day camp, Catskills, Florida, close friends, J.E.C. basketball games. Today 's tomorrow's Yesterday. GINA BROD Maggie, B.B., Ugly Karen, July 4, 1971, 120 Club, Group 5 - The 5 of us, IHS, The Wiesel, Wednesday nites at Rena's. Yes- terday's hurt is today's under- standing and tomorrows love. DENISE BROMBORSKY Friends at OK Corral . . . BBC's ... not in the mood .. Harachi ,.. Ice Skating .., Bumpies . EE's Party Livingston Mall . , . If you want to play you have topay . P.G. 's Party . . ,didn 74 is '!r"f LORI BROOKS Maybe I am still only me but I am more than just the girl I used to be. I know now that love is more than only giving. Love, real love, is sharing a dream of infinity. BARBARA BRUNNER Stan 1017169 Time it was, And what a time it was, It was . A time of innocence, A time of con- fidences. Long ago . . it must be .. I have a photograph. Pre- serve your memories, They're all that's left you. KATHLEEN BUFFARDI Nickname: Kathy. Favorite Memories: Poconos, down the shore u'ith my friends, Syracuse. N. Y., and Mr. Jeranek 's History class. Activities: 10th and Ilth grade intramurals and Work Experience l"'l Q7-f DONNA BROWN memories of that certain some- one good times l've shared with my closest friends, Phyll, Linda, Susi, and Ioni's long friendship . Stones concert Man those Drakes are good man on the bus . porch Wildwood . All the talks with Phyll. PATRICIA BUEHLER April 15, 1972 - letters to a friend - Seaside '71 - my long friendship with Cathy - Big "D" - Minnesota Fats - Sept. 20, 1979 - Normandy Beach 4 to find health, wealth, and hap- piness, and to live my life to its fullest. 65 if RICHARD BUHS l"l LENORA BROWN Nickname: Lee. Ambition: To become a secretary, and to make the one I love proud of me. Pet Peeve: Waiting for him. .Voted For: having an attitude. Favorite Memory: February 1, 1970, Re- ginald O'Neal. N- -1 'fl f. .---A I' Q. "Hx PA TRICIA BRO WX Ambition: to become a registered nurse and to travel all over the u'orld. .Wemoriesf of being irith my friends in the halls tall:- ing and hai-ing fun in the cafete- ria trith Debbie C. Going to the shows with Sandy , "bf xXsr U41-il RUSSELL BLHVDICK Saturday nights, student coun- fil, 10th and Ilth grade horne- roums, Buns, Varsity football games, Nea' York, Randi, Jerry. Ellen. EJ, Debi, 1HarL'ey?j, Bon- nie. Jerry, "I'm sorry but you can 't sleep here?", 4122172 simi- an, vegetables of 73. good luck lyoullneeditj. I T LESLIEBURKH good times uith my friwnd. "the bushes" fb fall uf '71 lane talks ztith al: Wm. 'IW' 'lf if P'Ul1I1l."uti utllt barb april IH. 1972 tm. Nldf' dt! t-htrd dtifg fhf' SHUI r'.fc'f'l,'7F hfnih hir, ynnfnfif it I'llf'f' 1, TRA C K TEA M 5 is --.X KARL BIJRKHARDT June 23. 1923 Kirk Eletatoe summer of '72 . Tunder dricers license '52 BMW to find good luck, health, and happiness in everythingl do. 5' N DEBORAH ANN BUSCH Barnv - 2!28l71. J.T.C. fpoop- siej, S.P. 5!21171, Drive In, Peter and Tzceetie, Nlarlboro, Debbie II - Westend, 1971, Vickala, Bali Hi and Senokot 1970, Apricot Brandy, S.A.P., Best men, "Club members only", "Keep it up."' V , ., p .,. ta 1- 5 ,- "7if-'xc' -JEANQYIFER CAMPBELL what ill giie you since youte asked is all my time together. This is what i give, this is what i ask for, Nothing more. Rollin Rockin, sumer party ing, my peo- ple, my thanks, the old in-out. L 9 x- jul ? ., ' '. ', ' 1 .BV p 1 E , 1 JACKIE CANGRO Being uith John Droban den- can, frogs. Donna, ueekends over BZ's , "K" Park, Poconos, put- ting peanuts in their bedroom, Diane, Spain. 5-Ss, Dental A.s- sistance. Leslie. the shore '70, '71, '72, Black Elephants, "In the Summertime". ED BUTLER Memories:All Lin .. Mr, C. . . . basketball .. champs '73 .. Jefferson Pa. '72 . . . Dec. 25 ..LT Jan. 23, 1971 "Success - but not at the ex- pense ofothers. " JOHN CALABRESE People who love you Bring love from you to them. Those who aren 't sure make you uncertain. And the ones who hate you make you reach out to Find where they were misleadf Debbie, 6!16f72, touching, 'I X JOSEPH CANNON Nickname: Poochie. Ambitions: Attend Tennessee State. Memo- ries: 3l3l72 . Uncle Bob Bench Mark Old Red Jail House. "Make it thy business to knou' thy self, which is the most difficult lesson in the world. " SARA JEAN BUTLER Nickname: Jeankie. Favorite Memories: Drill Team, Football games, cold weather, summer of '72, Pet Peeve: Backstabbers. Ambition: To be a success in the future and to be an elementary teacher. Favorite Saying: Parde. Noted For: dancing, being tal- ented and together. -s.Q GARY CAMINSKY Ambition: to have a happy and successful life. Favorite Memo- ries: summer of '71, riding around at night, Mr, Young's of- Zci, the party wagon, "Battle 1 . DONNA CAPISTA Summer of '72, The Girls, Drill Team, Baseball Manager, Ro- selle Park and the guys, Spain. There are tu:o things to aim at in life, first to get what you want: and, after that to enjoy it. v E JAY CARLDON March 18, 1972, Maine, Poconos, The Janet House on Memorial Day Weekend, good weekends, October II, 1972 and The Neoer Say No Kid. To Jay Kiltzner: GetAjob. Pbv DA VID CASSAK ROBIN CHAMBERS Nickname: Slim, Rosco. Pet Peeue: Backstabbers, Hobbies: Modern Dance and sewing. Ambitions: Attend Berkekylfor fashion, marriage, have twins. g.a.h. Memories: Glenn Holla- way, July 29, 1971. Sept. IZ, 1972 with G.H.. August 23, Newark, Oct. 6, 1972. Club Diana and Peter Pan, Summer of 72. M.S.C, .Nw i M -4-4, I-s 1" GARY CARNIVALE Summer of '71 and '72, General Metals Ill, Track Team, W.C,, July 11, 1972. 1d LANCE CASSAK 6th period, Ilth grade 3rd lunch, llth grade not grokhing Advanced Comp. Mr. T. and Coach Haze, and the family jewels . Mrs. Bailin 's senior homeroom Period 5, Ilth grade, for all intents and purposes. CARLETON CHAPPELLE ' Nickname: Clayville. Sports: Football 3, "TB", l2I9j, indoor- outdoor track 3, -140. Ambition: Pro Ball, Physical Education. Unforgettable Memory: 50 yd. line "Sat nights", "never on Friday nights" n.r.p,s. "shore" sun coming up "the pins. " DENISE CASALE John 7f6l70 5!29l7I Neu- arh good times at Junes house l2l26!70 Janice's house United Markets limes u'ith Debbie 5ll9f72 seriously J.lVI. rides u'ith Debi and Patty Summer of '72 Gee Gee and Buttons IOf7!72 872 Cougar. DENISE CERRATO The saddest thing under the sun is saying good-bye to those you love. All that you have hnoitn became your life, your L'i'l'nY ou'n,' But before you knoug you say good-byej Just thank life for its happy ties. q,- . ,- .. jg' eu., 1 ' I Q 'QU V. Q-' Y f' lvl Q . l" - 1,1 ' . 5-:si x nf-7' JOHN C.-XS.-yl.Ef I V V - 1 1' Q' Summer of ltj Hari sidel. lThe Hotel. Great Auakening, Poconos. Aliet er. Joes party. Jamie C'harlie's house. Warren Hamilton, Round Valley. is beautiful is good and who is good u'ill soon be beautiful also. " fl flint CHER YL CER WINSKI sQ.J in X. TWIRLERS -1 . -.wr -.sisairl--'N-Mrfy. . .Z--1.-f--.f-nl--.-.-'.v . GIRLS' SOCCER " 1 .f ' rig' ef' "W SUSAN CHAPMAN SHARYN CHARLES Summer of '71 ., Island Beach conventions summer of '72 Canada . partying j andj andj DaL'id's attic football games ticket stubs. "It's plain to see I'm on my own, oh, I ain 't blind " "Planning mygetauay. "p.s. MICHELLE CITRO August 24, '72 the lake close friends ski trips Sundays in the parh fine - le nds "It is a beautiful uee e .. . necessity of our nature to lore something," KEITH R. CHARLES Monk school is nice for giving parties in the boys rooms: Union High School is O.K. to go to. SONDRA CHESTNUT "Sandy" ,.. "Chestnut" memo- ries "P.N. summer of '72 Springfield Ave , Fleet- wood. Ambitions . to be suc- cessful in the future, Pet Peeue , . Nosey people, and those who think they're better than eoery- one else. Noted For . being mean and cold. DONNA CIVITANO "A friend is the present you give yourself. " July 21, '71 ar- cades Rusty "Sooner or Later" rides Wednesdays down the shore . August I, '71 Seaside "gang" i,r. 3rd lunch walks rainy days 375 Madison Square Garden June II, '72 friends JLEL VISCD. JEFFREY CHODAKEWITZ Remember: Kracht's Kiddies, all those derelictsg the 4 offifth peri- od biologyg Deutsch Drei?g the Corona tangentg Union High Funny Band, the poxers of UHS Key Club, the force of Debating Club, all the other good l?j memories. fbi 'JE ELIZABETH CIVITANO "liz" . , "i shall not pass this way again. any good thing that i can do, or any kindness that i can show, let me do it now! ..."l97I spain ds channel. . LEONA CHRISTIE Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is the best ending for one . . Summer of '71 . , . letters . . . puddles , . . This time is a very good one ifwe know what to do with it. DONNA CLERICUZIO "Years have rolled byg Iam older and wiser. wiser, but yet Not till my heart and it's feelings grow colder can Iforgetnfriends ... Socials . , . Junior English . . . Getting Experience . . . Grants 3999.999 ,. . That End, 81 "oh no. 47 I M1 RICHARD COCUZZA Memories: In Vermont, The Morning in the Sears parklot with the friendly Freaks. Nich- name: The Rock. Remember . . . class of 72 in Machine Tool 8: Die, B.Z., R.S., M.N., Rl-I. NANCY COHN Noted For: Looking like Kathy, Are you's 2 sisters? Cousins? Related? Pennsylvania weekends with the best of people! "How's your fern?" Iby P.M.1 Kracht's English. IV G Chorus. Contact lenses. Little Casey Jones. Mus- tang. "our House." Hardees. Crozy Kathy Most Important: Eddie . always. MICHAEL CONSTANTINO MARY ANN CODOMO This love of mine had not begin- ning. It has no end. RICKY. June 22, 1969 and everyday with him. Florida , . Wildwood Warin, Ambition: Be happy and content with life . .. To make Ricky hap- py and my parents proud ofme. Z-- MARK CONFORTI Keep on trucking, Caseydonesf JACQUELINE CONZOL0 ,I X HELANE COHEN "If you build castles in the air, your work need not be lost: that is ichere they should be. Nou' put the foundation under them. Tho- reau. Socials IVG Chorus activities Robin, Good luck in thefuture. if 1124" JUANNE CONNOLLY Sally and Norbert, Sandg Hook, MD, Bleach M.D. lalias Mono Maryj, Nfr. Anderson lalias Mr. Chipsl, beth. The Beach Boys. Disney Girls 1957, 'tziaste of space, " dancing xmas trees, Het- sytown, raunchy che, Tico Guys, The Walk, Winstanley. Boys' Vinh, 4" 4 ll 4g -461 YN JLDIE CO1-IEN' Favorite Memories: Summer of 'TI Memorial Day Wcclccnd '72, Fourth ofJul-x D..-X. class Nlrs. G. behind thc black hoard Madison Sq. Garden Ambition - To become a nurse. JUAN MARIE f'UNSTANTIlVU Any good I can do or any hind- HUM I can show, let me do it now, for I'll not pass this may again. Memories: Mr. Kracht's Class, Pennsylvania, Period 4 Gym, Mrs. Slothou'er's Class, "You 're hiddingf I 1 ' g J? 5, 'ig , -s - , - li' -A K A 1 M Q, KI , I if ' V JI' - V ' 'gif' lite X 1 . , . .Q-AN fr .s 'L .7 I si ' 5 f".L.,x: "' A . -4, ' -.Q .'TTs V. '. y 4' ri an 4 ' 'J .gr 1 I gi it. s 1. " a P' V F V ? , M,,.,.....- Il -,,,.--1 wp S17 'Q 'fi ,4 ,-Q g ee? g Y' X1 C K COS T,-LYZA ,XIer'z:":es: Boobfs 6th Period .-Lsebra Il' fiCSS.:G"C'F-ffI"1E not C5"1p: 3rd funch. -info' '-EE"fSE'ili'1f Sroerarns CII footoaff garnes 3 SI aight gears: Biology and Big 4: Student Councils Siudertf E.r:r:a't:e Program' The lmfsiofe Studehrtt fn'Perfoa 3 English: Dezxsth Dref? yl... eu, N7 LL K 'Q 5 V w Q I ' iss 1 b , x N f'3"-f,gi,'l? T. " 1' L , L4 ,jf if .J E. d STEPHEN CR-UIER .-Xctitities: Jr. Horneroorn Rep. .Uernoriesr Toms River. Con- cfaues. Atlantic City, Wilkes- Barre. Dellolay. Gettysburg. Julie. XY. C. JIoSorlegs. Peanut Butter Sandztiches. DEI ci Il .Horns Appfe Pie. Giri Next Door. Faaorite Date: June 22. 1913. 1 e, 'Off J' fH.Y CR1VELLO.YE "I DEBORAH CROSS We the people Arribftion - to become a nurse Favorite Col- ors - red rf: blue. SP. sorry you rant be here with us .Varch 11. 1972: The night of my life Pet Peere - Smiling faces noted for being evil. Favorite Expressions - Really noui KEN COOXEY ,Vemories Hamilton Ten. Friends. Just Good People Tables mysteriously collapsing in lunch , "Try as u'e might. frustrated as ire may become. ue cannot recapture the minutes that have quickly passed us byu Future: The Navy. "Something in Sayrerillef ifx 'F 5- BRADLEY CR.-LYE 1 say good-by to the great year 73. Ihad a great time here. I" 'I CATHY CROST.-1 Paul - April 4th 1970 - and all the good times after that - 66 Chevelle Y For Theatre A Re- sertior - Summers of 71-72 - Patty - Confirmation - Exced- rin - Blue AMX - Gillette - Florida 1970 - Di - long talks - Why do lI.oL'e thee? 'Q' KE.N'.YE TH C OR TES E Debbie Pelosi . .March 2. 1970 Summer '71 and Christmas too . Xeu' Years Eze '71 , Bronx Zoo driueein .. the bears To spend my life with that certain someone fD.P.y and to rnahe herproud ofme. iv JIMJIY CRILLY I'll tell you a story about John ,VcCory and nou' my storys be- gun. I'll tell you another about his brother and nou' my story is done. I' S ANNA C YXAJKO Blernories , Summer '70 Suzy Q .Yeuo Years '72 Hunter George , Luscianos Joey Dee Roch and Roll Rerivals , Chicago Beginnings Col- our ,Vy World , .Miss Zuman Historjy Jlrs. Berkowitz typ- ing , Mr. Fortunate DE Yershan Happiness is Being Ukrainian , H fm V ,-'Y W--1-:rv-M""" " ' 'wm- wsi sw 1 av Q X f dj aa. Q ' wx fxf , I A fi A X - ' We Q ,, Q- X. .g f gh lf ,-4 M er 'M""i"!! 4 ' , 5'W?,?QVhQf'fQ Q W Xu 4 x f 1' ah JfgZ?9'?'f ,Q aff if i 1411 ws3"' ig V' 15551: XX VJ PI!!-Jr,,,,-f ...- w ---....,, n""""-vw-.....V 5 5 Q 3 "Navy- , fnfwl' Q f 5 mm-on f , ' 'ff F " zf,f,f,g. .m,, , ,, ' 'A Qf34b?fLwnk f 'x,-ima,-1-" H , 1 u ,,.,g?T, K ' ,V f-im' 3 yi A I 1' WILLIAM CYRUS Billy. Pet Peeue - 3rd lunch. Ambition - Data Processor. Memories - Summer of 72 in jamming little Curryville with Victorzft the gang. si ROBERT D'ANDREA DALE DA VIS Nickname - Caesar. Favorite Memories - Dead Concert, Al- gebra II, Friday night rides. Merps, Goodyear Blimp, Hienek- in. Ambition - Not to go to summer school. ROGER DAINER Memories: Tackling Krampier, Watching Swell eat his home- made cheese sandwich, Hearing Jack yell at Trontis and seeing "Big" stumpling for a TD. Ambi- tion: Become a doctor and listen to Ed Beach. FRANK DAQUINO Memory: January 28, 1972 Deb- bie, Drive-In, Walking, Fighting. Bicycles, Driving, Summer of "72", Filet - Doo Da, F, Fog, Bush Wars, Pals R,G.P.N.Q.V,F.M.D. "Well Talk About A Morning." Echo Lake, Snow Dunkin Donuts. Q- 'ii RANDYDAVIS April 16, '72 Flo . a record the green hornet and all its problems Ambition . to leave this school and all its teachers and to be successful in whatever Idecide to do. Favorite Expression "Yo Caesar". I 0 ,-L.. DAVE DALY Favorite Memories: Sticks room, Mountain Rides, The Dead, The Allman Brothers. Many thanks to Slick and Hugh for many hours of vegetation. 1' cr' LAURA D1-LYDREA Mr. Mangok Spanish Class, Spain "72", Florida "72", Mr. Consoles' Girls Chorus, Drill Team. Wooie. heat-Fxdude, friends at OK. Corral. B S. "Bc- hind the Curtain's mystic- fold. The glowing future lics unrolled " .flax sq 11 xi BOB DECKERT Memories: Summers down the shore fishing. boating. and irat- erskiing, beating my cousin in stickball. Ambitious: to eo to col- lege and be the best as uhateierl do' .XXI - -, , 1 ELL YNX DECTER April 15. 1972 alhn june 2-1. 1972 merry-gn-round "5leuth" u eel-:end dffun thc shoe plugs rfirnefl Sweet IH talks nigh 1,gmr Ifareuell partx hnipigqj visits Annu' flaklrj. " yesterday is but today '.- vm rnf,rj, and turnorrou is today R dream x2 .Q-f MARCUS DEFAGO Favorite Mem, the B. Boys esp the departed head . ., Mr Gatti . . . JOANN MARIE DEGEORGE Memories: Jan. 11, l971,' Sum- mer of '71g Mr. Kracht 's 3rd peri- od, cookingg Seaside and "Ex- pensive", Alice Cooper Concert, color forrnsg Saturday in Eliza- beth, Jahn's, R.C. Dance, PJ J-, LESLIE DENHOLTZ new ho e ,.. Chicago at Allen p . town , Poconos Kathy - Drobandencan .. . Jackie ,. . Summers at the shore, ROSEANN DEN TE Reflections . . I look into a mir- ror - what do Isee? Naturally, I see a reflection of me. What do I think of the image that squarely looks me in the eye? This de- pends upon factors my con- science dictates. FRANK DELANE Memories: Falcons, Neat Beats, Euthanasia, Friction, Back Rhodes, Lisbon '70 Gibson SG- 12, SST, VT-22 Door Knobs, Cronoite, Boing do its, Groucho, Favorite Teacher: Mr. McKay. !""w ERNESTDELUCA The Field f Double Ernia f Sli- fer's Bike Accident f Allman Bros. Band I Concert 10, The Poconos fMemorial Day Week- end At The Janet House I Stop- ping Off In The Woods During x-ctry time f Trails f Pet Peeve.' "You Guys Are Cheap". DONNA DE LEO Let today embrace the past with remem brance, and the future with understanding. its GREGORYDEMPSEY "Greg" Favorite Memories: Sept. 18, 1971 Michele, '72 Cuda, Mr. D's classes Favorite Pastime: Football. Pet Peeve.' 12th Grade English, 7-11, Get- ting up in The Morning. Ambi- tion: Refrigeration and Air Con- ditioning M echanic. JOHN DE PA UL Fav. Mem. "The Tunnel" 8: in- vading the rec. with the AAO club, Fav. Exp, "Really". Fav. Pastime sleeping over down the shore, when there's some where to sleep! DONNA MARIE DE SAL VO Part of my life is completed, not finished. For day by day, the drifting occurences still remain in the my mind. "Ilive, yet not L but Christ liveth in me." Gala- tians 2:20. 4 .,..-v-.--f 5- 1 L 4 M, pw 1 'fb , , ' " ffm , ,f ff My .av A JOE DE SARNO To have happiness and peace, To see the love of man increase, To see friendships in the past, To see that they always last. Sum- mer of '72, 8-29-72 .,. 3AM, Boys Room after HR Ilth grade. BILL DE VITO xv' 'i ROBERT DIEBOLD 4, TRACIE DE SARNO Summer of '71 ... "Sounds of Silence" Sweet sixteen . , "Friends" ... butchie Poco - Oct. '71 my best "pal" 5th period History I . , , Spanish III and IV and Senores . . , "Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart. " JOHN D'IACOVO U" -. - 9 .. 7 K . -5. ' ' iii.: il. 2 flzfa 2 i t ssl , J 'E 1 rg l DONNA DI BELLO Memories: Special friends QB . . . Shore Football season '72 Cheerleading . . February '71 .,. Tom. "You give but little when you give of yourself that you truly give. " SUSAN DIETZOLD "Dietz" Happy Memories Make Warm Companions. .. . Klay Leslie , , Barb. Grow- ing away from home to become a person in your own right is never painless , . . But there are ways to make the break for freedom easier. wx, JOHN DILEO K.E. ... Nov. 28, 1970 . .. Sena- tor ,.. Football games 9-0 3rd lunch I1 o'cloch .. "Joe Stats" , . Patience Jr. Prom D-220 U.N.E.S.C.O. and the W.S.J. , . myfavorite "listener" STACIE DICK A "With a friend at hand You will see the light. If your friends are there, Then everything is al- right" - Friends. Gin, Wrong? .. Borstel Boy . Sossins Yac Born loser ,. Di ,.. Ist ave. . . trust letter? . . Italy ,. shoppingamy close friends. bv ...f JERRY DI MODICA I'll always remember singing in Uncle Bob's class B-112, and singing Kansas City in the Cafe- teria. But most ofall, I'll remem- ber thelast dayofschool. C . F. i.: O f'4",Al"'v- . 4 ' I ' v- ,, V 2194 pa J M a V ' wb.: 2 . 1111, ?!' ,,.,. , 'jg ffzfzif ff? Wai kri- 'M' vlfla 137 ' 1 " 15.04111 im kiilflld ' +Y"a?'? P' 4, ,,.. iff!! 5415 ' """"4'mnxlwL , 12 ,fr""'?7f , A , ,. r. 1,", ,IWW Aff -gl! fl 0' 5 fl '11 1. a I - ' 1 rz .rv-.u gs JEFF DIXXER.MAX All those memories , "TI" at BS. "TZ" at SG. Bernes Boys, New Years Eve "72". Party at Din 's house. The "Hill" , , B,H.B.'s ., .Harwell lfts. RT. . . Roosevelt. Capitol . . . A little Buz Blitzed . , LfH.S. Varsity. Eyse G me, 'CE' ROSE DRAGOXE Nickname: Rosie. more f9J. Summer of 72, -ith of July ueekend peanuts "Saturday in the Park" , r-bag lDenisej ,. Ocean Beach. Summers in Long Branch Chelsea, T..-1. .. Maggie May, Tobogganing Pete, Susiesplace .. 1 2 'QN QT7 IIA CREEN DINSMORE I" CHARLES DRAIDFORT Lim 'bp C 'I Wil, R W gig my T' K Aw Ulm 82 tr" Nf,,, CHARLES DOONER Ambition: To be uxhat I u'ant Favorite .MEmOTiES.' Camp- ing, skiing, Thursday nights at Jefferson. The Gang. and coach Eds Party. li BOB DREW Summer in the cellar ,.. R.E.D. and the coffee houses , , home- room u'ith Stacie Krachfs Kids ... D-121 ... The lake and BM. ,War :Q Geri ,. Nick Nick , GH with P.G,E.H. W. if CAROL YN DUKES Memories , Bill, Febt-1, '72 . Bitter End .. Academy .,, Senior Prom. '72 Spain with Barbara. Llamaba? Thanks Jlr. Mango' , Ms. Perillo 's first period with Jane and the Walrus head .VcDorzald's Willie Butt. ROBERT DOTY KATHY DROBNY Wayne - XLCH '72 - Droban- dencan - Our rock Tackle Fris- bee - Leslie - Facebird and Gule Pocorw's 1 and 2 - Sylvie and the Girls Roasting Marsh- mellows and Picking Lb Peanuts - Bird - Chicago. The Many Things One Can Pick Db, L fy DA VID D UNBA R 'FQQSQJ N ss' xx L 4 x 1 xx TERRY DUTTON Love is life and life is love, sepa- rate one from the other and you have nothing. Richie, August 17, September 9, Seaside. , mwmig, .- 11, if , ffl " f" f ., i x , KIM EGBERT John, November 28, 1970, Janu- ary 7, 1971, Friz, Jaye, Robin, remember Twirp Dance? Sweet Sixteens, Junior Prom, Drill Team, Band, Football games, Friends, Understanding, I know John, Always. "Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. " STEPHEN ENGLER ICS VIRGINIA DYKE " ., What gnarled forgotten root might not bloom yet with some globed concentrate more globed and concentrate and heady -perfect because the neg- lected root was planted warped and lay not dead but merely slept forgot." You-outl, Thanks Stace. RITA ELLIS Nickname: Teensie. Pet Peeve: conceited people. Favorite Dates: July 17 and 3, Feb. 19, March 28, Favorite Pastime: being alone with Greg Moore. Goal: to become a professional secretary and to make my loved ones proud ofme. 1-Q JERRY EPSTEIN Satan, Ma Barker, Broken-Man, Epitath. From six to one. Mr. Kracht's Junior class. Labor Day Weekend. Ed's House. "The Impossible Years," Robyn, a great and dear friend with whom I have had many great times. Thanks. i qf' PA TRICIA EMER Y "Patty" Joe '70 Swinger Junior Prom Summer of '72, vacation visits August 29, 1972 red roses The Manor our spot some day cos - Karen 's pocketbooh . ambition: to learn how to make lasagne and apple pie.' ELSA ESTEVES Ambitions: to be healthy and lice a happy life. Pet Peeve: snotty people. Favorite Lines: Oh, my Godl Oh, come one' Iiflemories: summer of '72, Portugal, Portu- guese gang and dances, tap, JF. Mr. De Stephan 's class. 1y,.1 - 5. CHRIS ENGLAND K+., RUBYN FALK I remember: Cafe Mozart a foggy day Massachusetts Pioneer Village 'tTa.r1" VHR lfnterf Room 310 Hey Bear AKFH going crazy broken bottle Stan- lev's Thanx and Iill never forget my friends .' Remem- ber yesterdag liL'e today and dream of tomorroux' 'f-QA X een' V52 l 45? fv- EVA FAPIANO MARIAN FARRELL .JW o-fax, DA WN FELA UER Bill, May, 1972, my birthday. Linda, I'm not upset, moth, the lake, pretzels with Kathy, thanks to my friends for being there and for understanding, from Den: "You must die before you live and live before you die. " KEITH FELD "? 3'--...v LESLIE FAZIO fats lol ... Larry ... cruisin ... art pork .. . March 17, 1971 che VW... lorretta John Sebastion . . . junior and senior proms .. . waterfall .. . it's a fargone lullabye so many years ago mama, mama many worlds I've come since Ifirst left ,pv- KAREN FENTON Karen - Bob, Aug. 27, 1971 '- Sept. 30, 1972. Nicknames: Kak Ki Ruff. To love 8: cherish Bob for the rest of my life. Favorite Memories: Summer of '71-'72, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Sea- side, Junior :Q Senior Proms, Duck Pond, Fort Dix, Monmouth. I' 1 I, ,Ie STEVEN FERRANTE KAREN FEDORCZYK Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, or glory in the flower, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. W Words- worth . . . May 24, 1971. TONY FEO Summer of '72, Union, loads of tri-bombs, Wildwood, loads of C.T.'s with nice safs, nice dob, all liked peanut butter. But, it was repaired. No Side jump. Matuse, Repaired! Tonsils, Nev- er! Pie, Sanguine, Uncle Bud, Huh! CARRIE FERRIGNO Lenny, "ILY" 10l29!7I, January 1, 1972, Island Beach State Park, Senior Prom 1972, down the shore, "The Duck, " Woodshop Per. 6, F.C. and "Our Bench. " Xe 1421 www . 7 cn---3 V Y , 4 jgm 'f-'ff ,,' Mfobif , ,.Q,,C7 DONNA FERRUGIA Brink Jimmy 10!30!71 . . , Summer of '72 down Seaside , , . Learning not to hurt some- body cuz you'll only get hurt in return Willowbrook parking lot Thanks to Karen and Diane for their advice. ANN FINLAY Favorite Memories: Shmoogie, 5th period U.S. History I, Summer '71, '72, Poco, Pickin Up the Pieces, Buicks, May 12, 1972, Sweet l6's, and Freddy. "To My Friends A Thank-you Song For Being Kind To Me. " DEBBIE FIORA VANTI U Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the prin- cipal thing: therefore get wis- dom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Summer "72 ,' Football games: colorguardq Pres. usher squad: "TheImpass1- ble Years". -Ln, 'Nd ive' Z' ANTHONYFIALKOWSKI RICHARD FIDUCIA PHYLLIS FIERRO Ambition: Forestry .. . Favorite Memory: Mr. Colagrande's Geol- ogy class. IQ :7l'v.i: J , -' elite " 54526 BRIAN FINNEY JEFF FIRSICHBA UM Baum Favorite Memories? "HEY Kink", October evenings in the leaves, B7CID, Summer of '72, 'A ------- , stay on your side of the road please". taking trips with friends, O.D.K., "Play it again, Sam."', 3 o'clock in morn- ing, Geret, guns. SANFORD FISCH And then there was , .'Veu.' Year's Eve 1970, lhf, 425 Spy Florida, 72. Summer of 72 - Stones - The Shore - Sunday night at Seaside: Killer and Fred July -tth, 72, l.z., Those monu- mental Morningsf Baum? 'T MA RIA NN' F I TZ SIMM f LYS Ambition: To be happy uith life and to accomplish u hateuer I set out to accomplish. Faiorzte Memories: first lunch. summer of '72, Urtley Beach, Skiing at Hunter Mountain, LBS. Hzstorjx I, M.A..N'., Pal Joejfs Su,-ee? Szxteens. J X -"' , ' 11,2 ,qw Q ' 'ff f ,fu . 1 . . K f 'H :,"L , 7.9 . .sf.,,,W+,4 . goodbye f , xf YL, ...,af -' ,l , X . 3... j, A . , , ' t x.1 -gf ' t .. . . X ,. 1 . X N ,i -f: N. N, -,sf -sf M 1- ,...V Q' X ,""' .' 'if .fs 17 A, , -J ,- ,, V, ,AM X' "I fk ' S J I I rt 'Nr xx' .. sl-7 x'-.J -A KQQ N4 . r' . , . wg, '-I .A J 'A ,A 1' Rv Y I V' ' 'Nu ka f A if ,, P4 PN' I SL' K- NL. 1 ,fx XJ NX C Y 1 jg! fx . XL! f f-, JOHN FLENO "Flip Fritz", 3rd period Spanish with Louie K, Mirto's mouth getting me in trouble, Labor Day '72, Pocono Festival, f'The String", Lag's unsuccessful at- tempt, he says, "Enjoy Your- self." Activities: Football 2,3, Baseball 3,4. K xr if xr- f ROBERT FORD Ambitions: to become an archi- tect, to live a life of luxury. Fa- vorite School Memory: Mr. Val- li's trip to N. Y. Least Favorite Memory: SCHOOL. Activities: Track. x 1 ii - I ei, -ig ' .' A, A nf. v . .lv V ' 2" - uf 'J I ' - , .. ' a . . -. A is. Xwk, ,155 x . A ,S X- sin.. V x , A ' 'I ffl, ff 'f :gy ,..g. M- J X' ' ', . r N . . S: xg 4.355 '- . 12:51 . ,, 46- r xeif.-' ' -, -1'gk' 5?1 ..,'4-4 ' -v 'J Q'--nr' " ,-4., -, A sd-egg: Q 1. W ... Q 3' .. H 4 - -, ., , .5 4- " A ' - 1: . 1 gd., . I 4. ' - ' ' . .. fe,,...'e.ei- -f- , - V'-.3 -. -.. Q . f -4. .ive-V Q..-.-. DOLORES FRANZO Seaside '71, March 5, 1971, Lake George, Ski trip, Summer of '72, Englishtown, Sunshine Inn, All my friends, Bus stop, Berthe, Ortley, Evil, Boe, Burger King, Arcade, The Garden, Picnicing, The Pied, Side Jump, Tonga, Oct. 9, 1972. ibfx ff' LENNYFREED Memories: Going out with Karen . . Summer of '72 . Memorial weekend at Janet's with JCJKJMED Getting Kicked out . Maine Humble Pie March 18th, 1972 . Concert IO at the Poconos , Allman Brothers, lifting at Val's Don 't forget Sid. BILL FORMAN The sunshine that changed my thoughts, Guitars, Getting Blasted - Bong!!! - The Dead, The new Riders. Thanks to all the people who helped me along the way, Germany '72. Ifyou love something set itfree . .. MERRILL FRANK "No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. " FUN ,1' PHILIP FREEMAN Phil, Florida April, '72 with s.f., Chicago '72 dz c.h., Summer of '72, The morning ride to school, "Baum" 8: that weekend, "Kill- er" by f.s. di l.z. AZ: s.p.p., and the cry of "Bobo", DEBBIE FRANK "Real as a dream, What shall I do with this great opportunity to fly? What is the interpretation of this planet, this moon? If I can dream what I dream, and dream anything dreamable, CAN I DREAM!" i NANCY FRANKOVICH Happiness is not something you gget, but something you do ummer of "7I" ... "Bill" Aug 3, 1971 Gino's and all the guys ... D-108 ... Up or Down . . . Her sense of humor. To live a long, happy, and successful life. PETER FREUNDLICH "Boyce," Mr. Kracht's English class, Advanced Biology, "Hap- py Pigs, " Soccer - broken wrist, Varsity Club initiation, Golf - the Hill, Fiddler's Elbow, West- chester Classic, Cards at Tim's and Toad's, "Ante two, boys," tm., t.d., e.f. COMPLIMENTS OF TTUBNAPORANO FAMIL Y PA TR ONS B O OS TERS THE STAFF OF THE 1973 BOOSTER WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOW- ING PEOPLE FOR THEIR FINANCIAL SUPPORT: SCHMEREL BROS. FURS MR. JOHN, COIFFURES CAPRI PIZZERIA AND RESTAURANT UNION AUTOMOTIVE CO. DISCOUNT VACUUM STORES PARK LIQUORS RED DOT CLEANERS MR. Sz MRS. C. MURDEN COLONIAL PHARMACY MR. Sz MRS. J.G. KLUCINIKAS ONE HOUR MARTIN IZING OF UNION MAUREEN Sz DAVID, APRIL 1, 1971 SUE Sz MIKE, Oct. 9, 1971 Janet Leonardis Gary Krzewinski Jolene Eileen Sz James Keep on "Truckin" Now until the end - Live! Denise Pisciotta Gary Urquart Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul Koehler Mr. Sz Mrs. Larry Kubin Eileen, Jean, Marilyn, Sz Ken Quipps Romans 6-23 But the gift of God is ete The McBrides Linds Denise Dirner Mickey Sz Minnie Mouse Toots-u-la Sz Toots too Lenny Sz Karen Ricky Sz Marianne Karen Hunter Roger Willstein Steve Wyden mal Sue Sz Mike Arleen Sz Donnie Dave Sz Kim Ken Rizzo John Mahon John Sz Kim Jody Sz Richie Curtis Fuko William Buchan Hans Haenchen The Health Shoppe Five Points Getty Rocky Sz Fran Joe Stevens Harry A Friend Five Points Esso Steve Cadena Eddie Sz Nancy Economy Market Sz Luncheonette Esther Di Corein Mr. Sz Mrs. Abe Rosenthal rm-.vat AGENCY - 96 B I i Congratulations! The il a--ff Best to All of You! W0"'.d 2 " - -TQ' :' N Florence Jo 188 l rrs.X'. lj Tl CHEVRON OIL CO. 1894-96 Morris Ave. Q,-...1 ELAINE FHICKE Summers of 1970, 1971, and 1972, 714171, Corvair, biology, 2f20f71, "George", New Hope, Pa., Get Around, The Wheelers, 10f12f71, Senior Prom, "Love conquers all." 'TT ROBIN FRISCH Favorite Memory: November 5, 1970, David, Prom 1971, con- certs, sweet 16's, clubs galore, color guard, football games, friends, memories , . , "Know the true value of time, snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment ofit. " i- RICHARD GALE Cards with the boyce, shuffle this Uncle Al the kiddies-pal Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Fiegg savs, "Oh Dear" Beach Boys nG'Kinks. The Dead ci All "The Bearded Clam. " BRUCE FRIEDMAN Bruno, favorite expressions: der- elict, Dr., trimendie. Remember crowded halls, soccer games, Jungle Jim, "Push out", the tor- tures of v.c. initiation, Mr, D'- Stephen 's class. Ambition: To be happy and free. I' 'I DEBORAH GAGLIARDO Debbie, '70, '71, '72, Dorvair, Cadillacs, "B,E.",4?'s1A'z 2, to do my best in life, to mahe the ones I love proud of me. "one cannot be lonely when he sees a smiling face. "B.B. in 61 DEBBIE FRIEDMAN Favorite Memories - D,W De- cember 28, 1970, The lV!ts, Byrds, Rolling Stones Concert, Florida, Quinnipiac, our life to- gether, Min, Ade, Deb, summer of '71, '72, sophomore lunch, driving, eating, partying, bowl- ing, our dieting, "Watching each othergrou' up. " DONNA GALANTE "Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery by doubling our joy and dividing our grief." old friends, "Honey" and Barb . Nov. '71 Shore Sharing? E ,MMIII GALIANO Nickname . JJ Memories May 5, '72 the lake Sept, 22, '72 nights in ivhite satin George Favorite Sayings What am I doing here? yechhhhf Sue, I can 't cut today Ambition to make the people I love proud ofme lG.H,J unr- KENNY F RIEDM.-LN' You can 't always get ithatlyou u'ant,' but if you try sometimes 5 ou just might find, you get what you need, Stones, Pege and Batt, Umungous, far-out. "If1 don I sleep, nobody sleeps. " LINDA GALASSO He whom Ilove, his face not to be painted, his body not to be sculp- tured, his mind not to be noted, his love to be cherished. Gordon, Nights in White Satin, Eliza' beth, Bob, Florida, Happy, Mag- gie May. W K ' 1 MANNIN GS . . . for clothes for now 64 Broad Street I Elizabeth, N.J. 358 Millbum Ave. II Millbum, N.J. 229 Bellvue Ave. IH Upper Montclair, N.J. 57 Main Street IV Mi11bum,N.J. VENTURE . . . DIRNER'S SALES AND RENTAL CORPORATION CAMPING TRAILERS NEW AND USED BUY OR RENT 457 LEHIGH AVE. UNION, N.J. 964-0395 ... STARCRAFT 7- I' I , I,-, CONGRATULATIONS from the W. T. GRANT CO. Of Union 1350 Galloping Hill Rd. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '73 Mr. C. Edward Keller Mr. Walter Shallcross Mrs. Joy Ashfield DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION TRI-STATE OFFICIAL POLICE TO WING 810 Frelinghuysen Ave. Newark, N.J. The best of luck to the class of 1973 . . . ALLAN H. BOYLE, DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE COMPLIMENTS OF HELLER AND HELLER 1896 Morris Avenue, Union, N.J. 4-gi , ELAINE GALLO PETER GA WR YLUK Memories: good times with "G, " and the rest of my freinds. Camping at Hendies. Friday nights in the blue bomb. Concert 10. " Hunting with Dino. The old park. Thanks. for 'UQ JACK GERSON Favorite Pabulum: Pomegrantes au rum, a la Papa. Favorite Bur- ra Sahib: Prince Ranje Manje of Umbey. Favorite Pastorales: "A- sleep in the Deep." FRANCINE GARGANO Favorite Memory Boston Trip June 11-13, 1971. Nickname - Fatima. irvington park orange mountains mustang ... van ... feel good .,. drink- ing RON dave. A Mes- sage: For all that has been thanks, for all that will be yes. TREE GELB For my friends and R. W.N.F.L.: "Love can change the world, Love can change your life. Do what makes you happy, Do what you know is right. And love with all your might, Before it's too late. "Moody Blues. GARRY GIAMMARINO Memories: Key Club Extrava- ganzas, Espana, Musician Friends, Concerts, CANNON. Success is to be measured not so rnuch by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed. N J ULES GELTZELLER "Julio" . . . In the deep recesses of my heart starting as a trickle, growing into a beautiful stream engrossing my heart and mind, becoming apowerful river. EVADYNE GIANAS Matty ... my future ... my life the two of us will be one. April 3, 1970, Senior Prom '71, 4th of July weekend '72, '64 Chevy, surprises, friends, loving him, blue eyes. ROBERT GEMRA JOSEPH GIA N CASPRO HOLL YWO OD FURNITURE Juvenile Furniture and Toys 1730 Stuyvesant Avenue Member of Union County Multiple Listing Service A UTORIN O Realty Company REALTORS . . . INSURORS . . . BUILDERS 1307 Stuyvesant Avenue Phone: 687-4800 WIGS . . . by OIOI CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1973 from . . . 1025 S3Qfgfj2FJ5VeHue ROBERT THOMPSON W Srl-'tori argjd CoX?EareQgyov1.:IIaa65l ' LA WNANO OSNOWEQUIPMENT e H' Y at U 1 SA VO YJE WELERS 2472 Vauxhall Road 414 W. Grand St. Phone: 96443776 Phone 353-5969 970 Stuyvesant Ave- HERB REES Good Luck, Kids! ROXY . . . INTERIOR DEC ORA TORS AND OOOO LOOK ALL OLNLOLO FROM A O L UPH OLS TERERS Wm. Leuenson Company 1093 Stuyvesant Ave. I1'ViY1gIf0f1, N-J- Box 488, Union, N.J. Phone: 375-8001-2 OR DR 9-9141 CHROME CRAFT COMPANY SUPER VAL UE SELF-SER VICE Dinettes and Upholstering Phone: 399-9822 Betty Kavouras, Mgr. 38 Mm Road' Irvington' NJ' Sci-gfilliivf-Eiigilidst. 569-571 South 0:33515 t201J 767-1328 GOOD LUCK TO NANCY AND HER FRIENDS FROM . . . CHARLES SAMPSON Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin and SAMCO PUOUBOX 252 David FOOD BROKERS, INC. Alpine, N.J. Good Luck to the Seniors of Union! CONGRATULATIONS FROM Mr. and Mrs. Al Flach HAINES FARMS 355 Cedar Grove Terrace DR. MARTIN SIEGEL, Dentist MILL ROAD S WEE T SH OPPE Phone: 688-0707 190 32 Mill Road 1465 Morris Ave. Union, N.J. 07083 Irvington, N.J. itfk ,W-ev DEBBY GIARDINA Favorite Memories: "Goofy" and "Silly," March 24, 1972. "It started as fun . , "Jr. Prom, baseball manager, hockey, 29. S.J.S. C-lass Treasurer. Driving, bowling cfz "watching each other grow up." MONA GLASSNER Standing in your heart, Is where I want to be, And long to be. Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind. LINDA GOENNEWICH Nickname - Ninna. Favorite saying - See ya in the Girls' Room. Happiness is graduating. Memories - Foods class, spend- ing vacations at Sandi 6? Pete's. Ray, Miss Suman 's class, I AIAA PA TTI GIBBONS Memories: Saturdays at O.K. Corral , . Skating with D.A. . Speculator, N.Y. Sometimes I can laugh and cry, And I can't remember why, But I still love those good times gone by. S, JAN GLICK Peace, Love, Enjoyment, Excite- ment, Adventure. if Q--1 LISA GOESSL Don fB.C'.S.l Friday nights. Se- nior Prom, Summer of l'7I-721. tobogganing, Pocono Concert, Bronx Zoo, Soccer Season lgoaliel. l"l Wx ttf' BARBARA GILBERT Memories - TED, Oct. 8, "Bef ginningsf' Prom '71, those bas- ketball games, 27, hockey, bel- mar daily, the cabin, dinners in New York, Suite, red roses. HENRIETTA GLOECKLER Never avoid change, accept it for what it is - a neu' chance in life to become a better person Never regret leaving, because to live in hearts me leave behind lr not to leave. how D .A ,. , '-asrkff' rx Wi 5..- X - X , I S i ROBERT GILLII Favorite Memories: Battle Hill people. part5 wagon, football 1971 9-0-U. football 1972. .summrr of '72, Pet Peeve A people who do not mind their oiin l7Lt.Nt'7lt'Nh TOM GLUNK Who said "Time flies when you 're having a good time? " The past years have flown by but, u'ho's had a good time? Actually, it hasn 't been all bad, -Q 4 T1 n-1291, " 1 .- Hy,-1 f'., 2' to :er , f 1 755: . .,..,,,, ,E J I .CW il' Best Wishes to the Class of 373 , , , ADA ESKA - Librarian FROM THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE . Congratulation and best ofluckl DOTTIE CASE . .. OLIVER YOUNG ... FAYNE L. NEWLIN- Librarian SALLYLEWIS , I , CLAIREFLYNN-Secretary MARYDEL GUERCIO ACADEMY OF JUDO AND KARATE 1965 Morris Ave. Phone: 687-8322 SELF DEFENSE FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN PERKINS, UNION CENTER PHARMACY ALLEN C. HODAPP, R.P. 1023 Stuyvesant Ave. Phone: 686-0876 Best Wishes to the Class of 1973 from: I. VfT.E. OFFICE: Joseph R. Kordys . . , Claire P. Horan . . . Connie Brown . . . Joseph Beliveau . . . Joseph DeStephan . . . Vincent Fosbre THE WORLD OFART ARTIST SUPPLIES CUSTOM FRAMING 954B Stuyvesant Ave. Phone: 964-9190 HAPPY H OLIDA Y DR Y CLEANING . . . Free Storage for the Price of Cleaning . . . 929 Stuyvesant Ave. Cor. Roosevelt Ave. JOE CARLO MARG ULIES ARMY AND NA VY STORE SURPLUS 1 UNISEX EELLS AND TOPS - BOOTS LANDLUBBERS - SWEET ORE - LIVE-INS 63 Washington St., Bloomfield, N.J. JOHN DE GEORGE JE WELERS, INC. . . . diamonds, watches, jewelry, engagement rings . . . Jewelry Repaired and Remodeled 342 Chestnut St. at 5 Pts. LEVY'S DISCOUNT SHOES Better shoes for less money . Original discount Store for over 60 years . . 60 First St. Elizabeth, 76 So. Orange Ave., South Orange, 499 Emston Rd., Parlin GOOD LUCK '73 FROM ALL THE VHS. CUSTODIANS UNION CENTER COIN-OP CLEANERS AND LA UNDERETTE 1877 Morris Ave. "We are a dependable dry cleaner . . . Ill IN REMEMBRANCE OF A. Al--X WC- SHELL vH.S. INSTITUTION. . . ft'E'f!E!'l5!E .E'i6.'5f.5'2!'.EE.Ef"'f" READY . . . LOOK! uswcmr-runs up aruunu 575 CHESTNUT ST. U ION, N. J. 07033 AL 55N 960-7155 Crewef - Lafcl1HooIeRugs - Needlepoint qui?-aa JV' fknittirzg denim 15 MILL ROAD IRVINGTON, N. I. 07111 Ira Weiss Tel. 399-7909 The Curtain Zn 1036 STUYVESANT AVENUE UNION, NEW JERSEY 07083 586-5015 CUSTOM AND READY MADE CURTAIN. I LININB BED SPRIADS AND DRAPERIEB -,, .1 , 4 ' 4 Q l 1 "vw ' 'I Y-1 'J AXQQS, f ' YN 1' " xxxxk "5'Ifi'fRQ 11,21 Mi 1 R 4' ' o"I ' ' 1, ,I Ill LOUIS GOLDBERG TN? BARBARA GOLDFARB "The only freedom which de- serves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own tray, so long as we do not at- tempt to deprive others of theirs or impede their efforts to obtain it. " MAXINE GOLDBERG 'sv VICTORIA GOODMAN Hi diddledee A Dental Assistant l'll be, It all startedat Battle Hill then on to J.C. Alan and the thrill Of meeting such great duades 8: suedes, Especially Bubushka and Mantoni. T?-TM ROBERT GOITIANDIA Farewell to Union High, where my last years of school were the best. T.. Q., N:-r RICHARD GOLDBERG "Toad", 'Tm glad it's all over." Memories: Lori and all the times we spent together .. Out with the boys ... Gay Willie's 6th .,. Spain . , . Caring for drunkardst Ambition: To make the onelloue proud ofme fL.G.J. MICHAEL GORDET Qitryi RICHARD G OLD Rich 7 months with P.G.g August 1, 1972 KBangla Desl-ij . . . Smoke . , . Beatles . . . Baseball New Year's Eve "73". Pet Peeue: "Say park the car" .. . G.T. 's , , The good times with GLENN. f Ur-" SYLVIA GOLDBLATT Pookie . , . You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough. Frenz, Battle Hill U,, Hoch and Da boys, Mindy R., wez P.D. 's Robert Zuman Goodbye. WILLIAM GOWDER Grateful Dead Ki New Riders of the Purple Sage, April, 1971, Fill- more East, "Sheiba-Sheiba, " . . . Dawn , . . "I don't care ifit rains or freezes as long as I have my plastic Jesus , . . "Don Imus NEISELS 1000 Stuyvesant Ave. Union, N. J. CUSTOM KITCHENS by TANKE'S Quaker Maid and Custom Cabinets 1048 Clinton Ave, Irvington THE 374-1818 Congratulations BEST WISHES to the Graduating class FROM of 1973 UNION HIGH SCHOOL SECRETA RIAL STAFF: Helen Dardae, Jean Elste, Claire Flynn, Doris lrlanson, Barbara Haug, Gert MacDonald, Bea Stem. CITYMUSIC CENTER 82 Springfield Ave Newark, N.J . Our best wishes to the class of 1973 from your GUIDANCE COUNSELORS AND SECRETARIES MURDOCK 8-9416 TERMINAL MILL END STORES, INC Fabrics of Every Description SLIP COVERS, DRAPES AND CORNICES MADE TO ORDER REUPHOLSTERING, FOAM RUBBER, BEDSPREADS 962 Stuyvesant Ave Union, N.J. 07082 Julia F. Dainer Robert Bergen Betty Berger M. Charlene Dean Donald Freeman Lorraine l-lallgring Joan Dwyer Michael Strano Florence Sullivan Joseph Walsh Cosmo PARKWAY NORTH ESSO Garden State Parkway Northbound Colonia, N. 07057 Gentilcore Phone: 388-9603 All Work Guczranfeed 964-0646 gmfn Hunt Zilrleaiaiun Sales 84 Spy,-uit, Color T. V, - Siereo - Air Condition Service 'RV WWETT was Moms AVENUE uNloN, N. J. 074134 Nr JOSEPH GRANT We are clever - we are as clever as monkeys, and some of us l have intellect, which is our dan- ger, for we Zach inteiiigencelAnd have forgotten instinct. Edna St. Vincent Millay. GARRETT GRIGGS ,-K .X ,- KAREN GROSS Always remember: CA 776 home away from home .. Ginahwhat day is it??? fag!!! Junior History all my "tush" friends' LFDCRAJCRM . "gross l . Gettysburg, ragdoll tom sauin??? Cathy, your glasses are crooked hey, head . Lenny and tush , . smile. '42 I In NORMAN GREEN 'br PA UL GRIPPARDI To J.J. from Gumby. Mrs. Mc- Cutcheon and Cheesequahe Park, G,H., and everything, Jo Jo and Company, cad, April 2, 1971, 3rd lunch with Lobo. When it was so uncomplicated BRIAN GROVEMAN Summing it all up. Remember: 6th period physics '71-'72, homes room D-102, playing Jeopardy in U.S. History I, initials, field trips, gym. Don 't remember: English IV, intramural bushel- ball, 'punch you out", "water on the knee", "Meterology". 5, BETSY GREENBLA TT Be gone with the past and re- member its treasures, Look onto the future - it comes all too soon. But cherish the present, live each moment fully. For it is ourpast and ourfuture. A A 1..- s. GA R Y G REENWALD Through my school years I come and go the stuff they thrnu' day after day ueeh after ireeh I finally made it to my peak and say good-by Win ch ester, Pin' to, Summer of '72, skiing, Mari- asquan Beach. CAROL GURCZSKI Summer of '72, July -ith, WZJE. Certain place, blue cans, NG.. English pub, the shore, rain. BYK's M.M. 19 D.F., driving, H, Bell, April Weddings, all rightf, May 20, Scorpions, Pisceans, R.A., Sagittarians, js' lg' 'V . "s'N,. K -41 BRUCE lIl'RI1ISl!.N' Remember' LN History I-Joop ardyj Shephvrdfs shun Schuarlz. Flick, liaswr off, CBS-FM: Fifi gland WALKER DRUGS 1Mi11R0ad CONGRATULATIONS FROM FIVE II'VlI'lgtOI1 Prescriptionsn, cosmetics,,, Russell Stover Candies 375-6262 NA VY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '73 13 BROAD STREET ARA Services, Inc. ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY .UI-he People Pleasers E A V GOOD LUCK FROM: THE FOUR SEASONS BOWLING CLUB WEST CHESTNUT AT ROUTE 22 UNION, NEW JERSEY Joe LaGregor, General Manager Gail Rosen Roberta Rosenthal Kenneth Roser Jeffrey Roth Karen Rothstein David Rower John Roy Frieda Royal Karen Rubin Edward Runne Stan Ruzycki Debbie Sabo Barry Sacharow Robert Sachs Rich Salls Pete Salvato Paul Sandy Adele Santoro 687-0151 Mindy Rubin Wendy Rued Mr. Sy Sharnes Kenneth Ruff THANK GOODNESS WE'VE MADE IT: PHONE MURDD B 1373 HOPE YOU DO, TOO, BUSH! l.uTz'E PURK STURE. INC. PFUME MEATE AND POULTRY HDME MADE BCILDENAS Dun SPECIALTY BAKER WHOLESALE H2155 s'ruYvEsAN'r AVENUE AND RETAlL UNION, NEW .JERSEY NANCYHABERBUSH A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. Emer- son. Memories: Summer Brick . surfing .. Spain friends . . p.f. . . parties . . skiing. '1 STEVEN HABERMAN It's been three bad years, And this year is the worst. But there are some cool memories: The year of 1970, Good ol' Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Wickham. . in-f DA VID HAMBERG Activities: wrestling, soccer,' chess team, coin club, the school play, "FUNNY BAND. " Memo- ries: Drill Team '70, J.J. Kract's klass, Espanol, Robbie, locker decorations, competing with Bonnie, permit trouble, J,A,, engarde sophomorel, amiga Jose, Spanish birthday parties. RICH HAND Favorite Memories: "Goofy" and "Silly", football, baseball, win- ning, JIT, Lenape Lake, out with the boys! Pet Peeve: French, proving grounds, nothing to do, sand. DEANNE HABICH Dee . . . Deutsch III Ji IV. Driv- er's Ed. Monica, Physics, Mrs. Bustard's English class .,. German Club, Ski Club, Future Physicians . , . Swim Team, Drill Team football games -j Thanksgiving Day '71 Flori- da, T.A.R. . . . Ambition: dental hygienist, airline stewardess. PA UL HALBING The only thing I hope to get out of life is what I deserve, and what Iput into it. I hope to have an upcoming future and to be successful. BRIANHANLEY Memories: Bangla Desh concert . , Mustang Rolling Stones ,. Van Economics .. Po- conos T,V Studio Mun- chies .. French .. Moody Blues .. school show. Ambi- tion: accountant. Pet Peeve: doing term papers in lunch, "Fear is the lock, laughter the key to your heart. "Stills LEANNE HABI CH Lee , . . Deutsch III :Ez IK Mr. Jeranek's US. History IL Phys- ics, Driver's Ed. German Club, Ski Club, Future Physi- cians Swim Team, Drill Team football games - Thanksgiving Day '71 Flori- da, T.A.R. . . . Ambition: Medi- cal technologist, airline stewardess. JOE HALKO "You can say I want to be free, I can say someday Iwill be. " Biol- ogy, Miss Young, Grow up!, Greenjeans Scores, Junior Pram, Leapin'Joey G., Dork, Rosco got the Bosco, Carol, Barnum and Bailey, Mojo, Dud. CATHYHARRIMAN Memories: Tom 8: Walt, Josh Guevremont, Gene Carr and New York Rangers, Eddie White, Bozo, Little Jerry, The Monkey Barrel, Pumpkin and the Bus, the Wagons, the Station, Hawaii Kai and Waimea Kay, Short Hills, Gilly. I E P2 II Y IT 141, III 'I III 5 .- 5. IGI uw PHONE gg mm LQ RBI! 964-8533 Z1 1 6111 EIU!! Jlflnll Grohe as , 2443 Voux HQII Road - P. O. Box I397 - HAROLD S -I-'V' Union, New Jersey 07083 gg SALES 8: SERVICE INC. 'II CATERING O COCKTAIL LOUNGE 0 PICNIC GRI ' Ex:-HBITION SALON i X- . Servmg the Public for Three Generations I I I I HAROLD R. MIHALAK IO7O STUYVESANT AVENUE I , PRESIDENT UNION, N. J. 07083 I 5 .5 I I .In I . il QI I I 1:1 1Il II' Ill' Ili I, I :Fi I' I I I I Ili N U w II I In IX I ' Ii I I 1 f Munonmc s-1955 PAUL SEVERANCE 81 SDN, INI3. DUTCH BUY - MDDRE - DX-LINE 5: INDUSTRIAL PAINTS DOMESTIC 8: IMPORTED WALLPAPERS gf 1049 STUYVESANT Ave. II UNIDN, N. J. ovuaza I NANCY PICTDN IAT CENTERI if J5- mi II "I I lx W In 4, '1 Ii xr! II Phone: 686-4695 E .-ripe if I, .Il"'I QA : 1 as f I 1 .... . . .... .5 Fiivrvi-1:11:12 ixlllrtiirxrxrlli Ili ill LUB' cut hmr for men und women Millburn Ave. Sm Main St. Millburn, N. I. I-lg, hr DENISE HA UPT "Deni. " I wish I was what I was when I wished I was what I am now. Jr.'s, Conant Park, H.P. S., Coe, Labor Day weekend, fun fair, belts, crash. Q""v' GARYHECKEH Memories: Vermont Week- ends . . . Hurdles . . . refer mad- ness Denise ... Yo Hack ... Feb. 6 ... let's be immature .. The Penn's . ., Orphieus . .. snow. As I've learned how to love, to feel and to give, Your strength is my purpose, my freedom to live. 'ld LOIS HEYNS Time is not measured by the passing of the years, But by what one does, What one feels, And what one achieves. Jewaharlal Nehru 'V' JERRYHEALY Favorite Memories: The Bro's, Cinday, Tomm Turtle, Millburn, Crazy of '72, Goob, no seeing Bro Bro 's almost failing my t 'Q' ANDREA HIGHTOWER Linnie Pooh - Memories: foot- ball Sz basketball season, skating rink, Algebra I, P.J,'s party. A.S., C.D. Ms., Bowie. Activi- ties: Soccer, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Bowling, Drill Team. Ambi- tion: To make my loved ones the proudest people around. To make everyone happy. JEFFR HENDERSHOT Sayi , give peace a chance. ory: Summer of '72, B- t' DA VID HINKES Life has a value only when it has something valuable as its object. Favorite Memories: pile-ups in track, quarters in cross, biology class. Cross-country Ilth and 12th. Favorite Song: Any- where Lihe Heaven. .Yichnamef Hink. MICHELLE HERKERT "Michie" "To those who have loved me as Ihave loved them, words are unnecessary. To those who have not words are useless. " 2fI9f72, Budweiser, cream of wheat, I3 bumps, Hill- side. To my friends: love! RONI HIRSCH Hold fast to dreams, Fnr if dreams die. Life ts a hrnkm. winged bird That cannot fly Hold fast to dreams, For uhm dreams en, Life ls o barren field Frozen ii-ith .snmi Hughes LEWITT INSURANCE AGENC Y BEST WISHES TO THE 1000 STUYVESANT AVENUE CLASS OF 1973 UNION'NEWJERSEY07083 CALLMEN'S EMERGENCY UNIT 686-0650 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS JENNIS DRUGS FROM THE 2704 MORRIS AVE. UNION, NEW JERSEY GALL OPING HILL INN CongTatu1ations! BEST WISHES TO THE CLAS1231973 LLOYD EXCHANGE TRAVEL THE UNION HIGH SCHOOL 1988M0f'iSAVe- ADMINISTRA TORS U"i'm'N-1 686-4600 HARRYJ. BURKE Kz SON FL ORIS T UNION, NJ. 07083 HAROLD S. DICK ASSOCIATES C lt' gN1 hanicallingi 9305 V' Ax A C dm ' g-H ' g- Xtl g-P -XSt is-. ff CAROL YN HOCHBERG I love you in aplace u'here there 's no .space and time. I love you for my life, you are a friend of mine. KLeon Russel! D.N,, Bradley and the people forever. 'F if CLAIRE HOLMES 'lib DEBBIE HOCHULI GLENN HOLLA WAY Nickname: Ateash. Favorite Memories: Robin Chambers, July 29, 1971, the night of Sept. 2, 1972, with Robin, Junkies Corner D-III. Sport: Basketball '70-73. Ambition: college, mar- riage, become the father of twins, keep moms happy. Bidi JOHN HOFACKER Favorite Memory: missing 40 days in my junior year. Pet Peeve: the 120 that I came to school. Ambition: to retire. Ac- tivities: football Id: II. RICHARD HOLLYWOOD Favorite Memories.' in the summer of '72, at Dover Gardens. Nickname: Beard. Favorite Ex- pression: in the saddle. MARTY HOLZMAN When you tell your trouble to your neighbor you present him with a part of your heart. Ifhe understands Love, he possesses a great soul and thanks you, if he does not, he belittles you. Memo- ries: Janice. KATHYHOGAN F. Expression - You must be high! F, Memories - Summers '70, '71, '72, "Candio's,Crew" . . . my friends down the shore, roller skating, Linda's parties, Schrnidt's class with Pet Singer swimming at the pond??? Mag- gie's house, being with my close friends, Maggie and Ginny. JEFF HOLOTA Memories.' Summer of '72 Allman Brothers concert . . Seaside Heights Mountain .. . Bowcraft .. . Harry-Harry ...hamburgers ...Fat Rich ... snakes . . Woodshop I dz II . . . elephant GT mini-putt motorcycles . . Friday night The Dudelllf HELEN HONCZARENKO Do not seek answers outside yourself . . Ellen, Steve, and all my buddies .. dancing lessons . . . being Ukranian. Evil vanish- es from he who lets the sun into his heart. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '73 PARENT- TEA CHER ASSU CIA TIUN GF UNIQN HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISI-IES f ro m as Ku:-1NEN 7hAVEl., INC. SERVICE UNLIMITED 1 6 MARYANN HONDO "Sometimes I can laugh and cry And I can't remember why, But I still love those days gone by . . . " John 10171 eyes the shore '72 A.A. . . what? . . g.r. . . cheerleading . , lockers Sundays cafeteria . friends . . good times. ALAN HOR WITZ Memories.' 1970-1973 clubs, great teachers, boring teachers, morn- ing, afternoon and lunchtime socializing, meeting new friends. Quote For The Day: Friends are the stepping stone to happiness A person that lives with happi- ness will find love and beauty. BOB HUGHES Baseball, Soccer, Wrestling, Varsity Club. JJK. and Junior English, first Varsity Baseball win, T.J. I1 K's. Soccer 72. Sweat room, no food, Gendell Memorial, 6 minutes to graduate college, medicine. 'ON CAROL HOROWITZ Ambition: to be happy in life. "A smile is the passport to happi- ness." Favorite Memories: J.Q., April 17, 1971, Summer of 1971, South Beach, junior year, homeroom. 1 , ' ff' ,, f , 4.-A A NANCYANNHOSID Drill Team Levy . Weeh- ends at New Hope . Parties Seaside . . CK. Cat Steuen's Concert BBG Fights . "Through endearing hours, the sands of time flow on their way. We cannot relive, just recall our precious days. " ,i HARRYHUNTER Ambition: Lawyer. Memories: Tennis, Wrestling, Hockey "COACH", "Panchie", Uncle Al. Nickname: "Hesh". A Little Rebellion Nour and Then is a Good Thing. 'd . li? N.. I V..........t.. ..'.- 1 .3-Hill A - if -,.,,, - -,Egg gg - sw f. . 4 '- i i, 1 .' -IJ f'Qf,.-'11 . 4 ' ' -1 fi --f i'i'?'5ol ' . .1 1 WN f gg ,T ff'-WH4?"'i" if I D hw:-, ir ia-.iam if 5 2 QT.. - KATHIE HUUCK When you have Loved the tray I have Loved, Then you have Lived the way Ihaue Lived, Fa- uorite Memories: Miss Young 4th period, Sam's Class llirdj, June 25, 1972, Russell, Sue. 51"-rp KA REN H UN TE R Nickname: "Kar". "Memories" My sister Arleen .. "Jimmy" Sept 22 Midland Blue Pathmarh M.B. Purple bomb "That one ueehendu "4" Debfs problems Cos Twister drive-inv. Ambition: To make theeux Ilote happy. "To my parents whole done every thing for me " Lg, Jl'L1UHUBERT Future Physicians Club, Kay' Club, Science Club, Chess Club IU-28, Elizabeth Hospital. JIM IKl, 'SS Nickname' lhuss in the x'Tfif'V1lVI,L' Memories' Stage Crea. Bren!- uqood Studios, Ideal ltvszgn. Electrility, Tennis. Porlzfhwp George Carlin, WXAG, Th r Wall, Slacurlacit. My ihess bud- dy. Faiarite Saying: Would ou like uhat! behind llnor Ywnhf f l. Umor ,Yum ber 2. ' COMPLIMENTS OF . . . THE HOWARD SA VIN GS Stuyvesant Village Branch 1097 Stuyvesant Avenue Irvington, New Jersey Insured by F.D.I.C. I - , aa A fncoqoorafeof X X , 125 Broad Street f Elizabeth, New Jersey 9iQ 354-5500 ,X STUDENT FOOD SERVICES ,, 'K , . x ' 5,41 5. Q jg maker' fAe orzdf 'f , 1416 Sfuyvesani Avenue V 'S UNION, New JERSEY Phone 686-0920 197 JANINEIMBRIACO Italy Summer nights at Gene's and V.G.'s . New Year's Eve '71 . Chicago , Drill Team and Mascot tryouts .. Cat Stevens , NYC , . Friends , . . "Even in the darkest night there is a star - or at least the promise ofdawn. " MICHAEL JACOBY Nickname: Jake. "To sin by si- lence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men! " 'P'- flu -r TOMIMFELD Nickname: "Fidget". Favorite Memory: The weekend ofJune 4, 1971 going thru 3 cases of B.F., going to a concert and sleeping out. Ambition: To become a printer and make plenty of money. CINDYJANECZKO My future plans are to become a beautician and to see a lot more of H.M. and hope to be married to him some day soon. Favorite Memory: April 18, 1972, 'I DEBORAH INGRASSIA Nickname: "Dimples". July 20, 1.970 Florida . . . United Markets , . Harvey Alpine . . . Bombing around with the girls times at Keith's ,.. Burger King ... '63 Chevy Down Atlantic City , . . Sneaking out with Deb- bie and Denise. "Love means never having to say you 're sorry. " CINDYJASGUR Favorite Memories: Winter of "71". 4-HOCA, Peter Pan, space- man, Social Service, Seaside, Dental Assistant, Miss Young's 4thperiod, 'I CASSANDRA JONES Nickname: Bones. Favorite Say- ing: Here I'm is. Favorite Memo- ries: Mrs. Schmidt's cooking class, English with Mrs. Byrnes, going with MD. Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatev- erldn Good Luck Class of '73! MARGIJACKSON "Slim". "Do what you wanna do. Be what you wanna be, Life is what you make it. " Pet Peeve: Backstabbers. Memories: Sum- mer of 69-71-72 in E.O. and being with Mike Murray Pee Wee Wig- gins and hanging down the "kittykat". WILLIAM JENSEN Remember the year with the faint word: "BRUNO!" ELSIE JONES "The only reward of virtue is vir- tue, the only way to have afriend is to be one. " i H 11 fl ii i 'z I Ni H W 4 si I I E 3 1 K. I I sf 3 i ! i I ii 1 5 "1 in it QQ!! ,, you 69 gum I UNION - WE'5T DRANGE - ELIZABETH BOB KUBY WEST DRANGE 731 4400 PRESIDENT UNICIN 289 56DD K'Cong'ratu1ations to the Class of 1973 Wishing you the best of luck in the future" 2400 Vauxhall Ro d Union, New Red DHVIIMG Jersey 0 FIREMEN'S MUTUAL BENE VOLEN T ASS OCIA TION LOCAL 1146 UNION N J G dL kt th C1 f73 Compliments of Ricky Crosta. President of . . . RICHARDS morons of umuu YOUR American Motors 8. 595 CHESTNUT ST. VI Jeep HEAIJUUARIERS UNl0N V!lS:TfZ'FZa" has-6566 Ai, With the Compliments of the ADLER BUSINESS MA CHINES, INC. 1600 Route 22 Union, New Jer QUALITY PROTECTION INC. RESIDENTIAL Sz COMMERCIAL FIRE 8a BURGLAR ALARMS SYSTEMS 24 HOUR SERVICE CALL 964-1292 NORBERT J. CHAPMAN PRES CONGRATULATIONS To The 1973 Union High School Graduates FROM SCHERING CORPORA TION 1. I I I I I I ,I II , I N, I: . 5' I- U. u I ...n -N . . W , .5 fs. . V " 0 , Q I , I .W K I I I I I I . I I E I ,F I I I 'I I 'I . I I? I I , QQ, sglitiljif 1 .. Mu 6-9651-2-:3-6 -,- 2064 MCIRRIS Ave. u'NIcIN. N. J. ' M EMBER UF BETTER BU5lNE5SMEN'B BuREAu DF UNIUN DISTRIBUTORS: ALUMINUM COMBINATION WINDOWS 6. DDDRS JALUUSIE wINDcIws 8. Donna PI:1RI:I-I ENI:LcIsuREs - ALUMINUM AWNINI:-as ALUMINUM SIDINB RIJUFINI3 - GUTTERS a LEADERS PO? C61'a?WaW ft www 50 5 if 95tuy 93 M 1' u 'N I 1 O XII EN W 0 O yw Wx NN U, E W ' -'LV' , ,Y , Q xi ' w W O Cuff' 3jQyn0-f'f ' X moqoo Culfn E N Sufnfn 0 GUN bf! l is w N Note nu l jx' 'tf vasont avenue- union - youre ff' h' H I p fb i UNION TOWNSHIP FEDERATION OF TEACHERS LOCALJW455 B t h for success and h pp t the'73 graduates I 4 I E 77 7 jr ff ,X Z4 f A, Zffxzzfj . ff ig? If uafifz J0mM00Efv.5 Wynne Murchison Publications 8z Photography Q TOPEKA, KANSAS Cfmsultfmt Lmcroft, N.J. 07738 Q vlSAuA, CALIFORNIA Phone 747-2910 OFFICES AND PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Q WINNIPEG, MANITOBA Q CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE if -ffrlg ff---:lf-"ff" g STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA 20-I 4l- HIS IS YOUR PROUDEST HOUR mm, . ..... Culminating a period in your life you will always want to rcmcmher. .-Xe your ollicial photographer, we feel elated to have heen able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread - the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality l though captured in a split second will he an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. ' 1 l ll l LURSTA -'run is.'rtino.' I FORENIOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPIIERS IN 'l'lll-I li,XS'l' I , 1 t., A V l L 205 m 9 u 5 S W 4 4 w nu 0' f uf ' I' f' 'QW if . :sf 7 11' E32 V, , - 1. I 1 "1 311A gm Sqim 5.1:- fam, '35 ei-Jr.-1 DEAR 6454, 1 7' 7' Z. ff Aff W6 af my 41175, 7',4,g,y,? yay Kale W'4'Vf' lf0u25 0, 84144 fgAxr7'flV6 ffv 7f fopkoc faaop ,fL.ucfF IN Tug ,D,eE-ga AWD 074-ggi-' Loaf, . GJD pdyg' D VJF wi ' - if 9 W Li-0"7 Jf if DQOJX L Xpaffb Xu Q5-VJ J 4,9 KT'6 QCQXIXX bww-,QQA !J I J WINSAQXQ ygfff T5 W fx if gm if YWE4 E"'fp7m D vb K ' - Jfu X5 X ' X 9 X- A 1 v- ,tg wi M 622561 W3 Mm 'W 'W W Kwik' of VFP ,Q Wxak ,K N 'W' X hgaz fgdf 70M '75 ZF K 9, Cu D QA: K' Ur D OKXV Xyflfaf fy hx' oN Q! , 7-W,-f ffl' ' 0401, gg LQDCJ I Lf Q57 grolj 4 5 Ogllxylowy 60 N'JdvCJ36gjJ5 ji If fuf,Z yon- Vvfrff JMS L XYJO X KBC? 441 JL af XJ JLV' pf Op M JL 70" L4Mz NJ M9051 LD Rn MQ 762' ffffvf-if Wad "AZ'747f . . O ,D U XJSDJ XX? KLWX xrxkoa LL JBL 7.2, gf! 74.1,-4i,' iwv U33 QXPL 'JZ f' 1 x . QfbO8i,f3 vavmfmkncr Qopldo, Ifffggckqgwecdpililgo A - E Ha Mm mf , UMW- fQ6OiECQ??,?0jQWf1vf C Known. Shag, +m+ ww. Wowvf bw '22 900 Bggood Q1 Qrmmd Mnfsnc QD3594 8 Llfiiilfgf Sm, 91146 dave 053 q0uLIf96l,Q LQUEQM V X 'rv ,, - Q ,jg ,Af 7 L' - ',.,f.-w' ,Vip , -4 f fx 2 's x A ..,.- ..-- ,u- I ri, f , fr' , ' 5' ,w ,f :PI -5: ,F f X9 A 1 ff ,, ,.!f,-I, 'Q' "1 ' ,I f X X: yr X ff, 1 f . I f fx 1 fn' V -9' J ' 1. e. x' - Z 1 1 0 'JT V ' 5' 2 W, 409 ooo

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