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I ,...p-1 Ex Z8 MN ""..'!l - w J 5 4' . .. s, - f . .. ew -Wag i ,4 M. ,E 9 5 E rr I 5 .N if-A . M W -.... ' 1 ID ,Q 6 X K V' Q N. -..- I ,Lf A 3 ' .,Q?Wi?f?R1 ' vf +3 , A v . li ..liLQ.1 . .. Awww fifggw ff tix Rf 'jgQf5 g3p '2.,2gElQ fiaw ff -.L THE UNION HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1960 PRESENTS . . . l , UNION HIGH SGHDUL, UNION, N.J. "Adelante, Siempre, Adelantef' On- ward, ever onward ! These are the words of our school motto, and though they may sound like the battle cry of a con- quering army, they are, in a sense, ap- plicable to us, the Class of 1960. Today, the world cries for the con- quering of the mysteries of space, of the problems jeopardizing democracy and freedom, of the ills of body and mind, of poverty, oppression and world- wide dissension. We will be the con- querors and our weapon will be KNOWLEDGE. This weapon is being built in our institutions of learning. We are proud to say that at Union High School we have been given a fine foun- dation of education which will help us in pursuing our individual goals and in becoming responsible and useful citizens. W e, the Class of 1960, will always remember "Adelante, Siempre, Ade- lance I" Unward, ever onward to a fu- ture bright with learning and filled with accomplishments to help make this world a better place in which to live. in memori l The Class of 1960 wishes to acknowledge with solemn reverence the memory of Kathleen Mulligan, who would have graduated this year, of Mr. Harry S. Brown of the Mathematics Depart- ment and Mr. Harry E. Lake, Director of Health and Phys sical hducation, respectively. We have sincerely felt the loss of these individuals who were so much a part of our school life. cial Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Art, :un siness Education, Physical Education., Industrial A me Economics, Social Studies, English, Mathemat ence, A rt, Music, Business Education, Physical Educat, lustrial ,c-' irts, Home Economics, Social Studies, Engl thematics, Science, A rt, Music, Business Education, Ph Education, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, So idies, English, Jllathematics, Science, .-lrt, Music, Busi: ucation, Physical Education, Industrial Arts, Home I mics, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, tsic, Business Education, Physical Education, Indus! ts, Home Economics, Social Studies, English, Ma xtics, Science, Art, lllusic, Business Education, Phys ucation, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Social Stun glish, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Business Ed nu, Physical Education, Industrial Arts, Home Econom cial Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, tif irt, Ml. uness Education, Physical Education, Industrial A FACU LTY :ial Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Mn siness Education, Physical Education, Industrial A me Economics, Social Studies, English, Mathemal ence, Art, Music, Business Education, Physical Educatt fustrial Arts, Home Economics, Social Studies, Engl, thematics, Science, Art, Music, Business Education, Ph Education, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, So dies, English.. Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Busir ication, Physical Education, Industrial flrts, Home I nics, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, . sic, Business Education, Physical Education, Indust THE ADMINISTRATION Mr. Fred Stahuber, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Lauren-ce G. Holland, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Harry R. Cooke, Jr., Principal Miss Leonora E. Feuchter, Vice-Principal X I V-sand-vw, lfgle-vu ,V Mr. john R. Garrabrant, Administrative Assistant THE FACULTY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seafed: Miss Catherine Hossfeld, Department Chairmang Walter C, Peach, Mg, Arnold O, Bergmann, Mr. CharlCS Miss FIOTCUCC Bf3dYv Miss Genevieve B'-lflefy Miss FaYfle A. Lubetkin, Mr. james L. Ives, Mr. R. Alexander Grant, Newlin, Mrs. George Bustard, Mrs. james McCutcheon, Mr. Jacgb Hy,-a, Mr, Harry j. Schuetz, Miss joan Mrs. Nat Pollard.. Standing: Mr. Massena Clark, Mr. O'Nei1l, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Fin! Row: Miss Charlotte Gross, Department Chairmang Mr. Lee Taylor, Mr. Robert Fadden, Mrs. Leonard Carter. Serond Row: Mr. Irwin Jaeger, Mr. Dominco Gatti, Mr. Albert Greenberg, Mr. john Polisin, Mr. Guy Barbato. ......1 . SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Fin! Row: Miss julia E, Pinko, Department Chairmang Mrs. Frederick Deusinger, Mr, Michael R, Yesenko, Mr. Gordon R. Le-Matty, Mr. Sidney D. Young. Second Row: Mr. Donald FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Seated: Miss Claire A. Dye, Miss joan A. Massoth, Miss Charlotte C. Bluhm, Miss Frances Hermo. Slanding: Mr. Harold L. Ruland, Department Chairmang Miss M. Norma Petter, Mr. Richard C. Weber. J. Tosh, Mr. Donald I. Shepphard, Mr. Robert Sabatino, Mr. Charles R. Kozischek, Mr. Edward L. Beach, jr., Mr. Xjosemz R. Bizzaro, Mr. Martin Stein, Mr. Aipthany L. Tsa. A f 51 1 ' 2 4. X W' ' A f f J WW X1 i ,L 0' 4' . r 1 .f MMA U JL" 'Wm ,iff MATKTSLMKTICS DEPARTMENT Af Sealed: Mrs. Elsie M. Loeffel, Department Chairmang Miss Agnes Zofay, Miss Mary E. Froustet, Miss Mary Ann Swenson. Standing: Mr. Clito A. Poiani. Mr. Earl B. Gardner, Mr. Pat N. Donatiello. Insert: Mr. George Habeeb BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Sealed: Miss A. Margaret Morrison. Department Chairmang Kopera. Standing: Miss Mildred A. Baker, Mrs. Gladys B. Mrs. Paul Jamison, Miss Barbara Scarpa, Miss Mary T. Hart, Mr. Donald R. Geddis, Mr. Edwin L, Henry, Mrs. john A. Dean, Mrs. William Brown. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT ART DEPARTMENT Mr. joseph R. Kordys, Mr. Ronald D. Frey, Mr. Robert J. Bergen, Mf- Howard Fenton. Mfs- Paul 5t0fY, MY Mr. Kenneth McKay, Mr. William M. Marvin, Mr. Gerard H. 51110111101 5010111011- Werle. HOME LIVING DEPARTMENT Miss Mary Ann Damasevitz, Mr. Stephen Raskow- sky, Mr. Richard A. Micone. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Fmt Rauf: Mrs. Richard Wright, Miss Bernice -I. Alleyer, Mr. Paul D. Corrigan, Mr. Cornelius E. Keller, Assistant Miss Geraldine Gutowski, Miss Arleyne L. Pittenger, Miss to Directorg Mr. james R. jeskey, Mr. W. Grenville Mul- G. jane Forman. Second Row: Mr. Walter A. Shallcross, ford, Director of Health and Physical Educationg Mr. ,Aim DRIVERS' EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert J. O'Dell, Mr. Martin J. Farrell. Ernest 1. Harasty. GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Served: Mr. Michael Dainer, Miss Ruth Purcell. Standing: Mr. Allan H. Boyle, Directorg Mr. Vincent P. Fosbre, Mr. Michael Strano. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Gene Consales, Mr. jack E. Trager, Mr. Robert V. Hassarcl. X . 1 fs-.sn-KM vw' ., 1 HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE SECRETARIES LIBRARIAN Mrs Iohn Lakatos Mrs. Herman Elste, Mrs. E. R. Weeks, Mrs. Frank Kaminski, Mrs. john ' MacDonald. 'X .. Q 'Q if . ...r. f . g,: 'ki' 2' ' 4: JANITORIAL STAFF SCHOOL NURSE Fin! Row: hir. Walter J. Sedo, Head janitorg Mr. George Hallgring M1-5, john Sullivan , Mr. john Sullivan. Serorzd Row: Mr. Ralph Butler, Mr. Otto Broghammer, Mr. Pat Santaniello. Third Row: Mr. Walter Austin, Mr. Frank Bradley, Mr. Rocco Pignone. ll ATTENDANCE DEPARTMENT CAFETERIA STAFF Sealed: Mrs, I, Feeney Feing, Attend. Left to Right: Mrs. Margie Suchak, Mrs. Esther Mulherin, Mrs. Alfreda Reese, ance Officer, Standing: Mrs, Herbert Mrs. Ann Leckovich, Mrs. Freda Breustedt, Mrs. Florence Maloney, Mrs. Marie Case, Miss Florence Brady, Winter, Mrs. Emma Davis, Mrs. Eleanor Lynch, Mrs. Gertrude Stockel. I M, , - SENIORS MARIANNE ROSE ACQUE To be a private secretary Her eye: dance with light- willingneyx. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2,39 Bowling 45 Congress Alternate 2g Year- book Editorial Board 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom '59g second lunch, jun- Ior year. PET PEEvE: Not having enough time to change after gym. RALPH AGOSTINELLI TO make loads of money Calm, cool, and collected man- nerr. Baseball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: My first day Of high school. PET PEEVE: Finding a park- ing space. MARIE ELAINE ALLGEYER I.B.M. operator Alzilily in Jport.r- never at a lou for wordf. Intramural Soccer 2,6,4g Intru- mural Volleyball 2g Basket- ball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The weekends and summers at the shore. PET PEEVE: Homeroom after 3:10. ALAN DALE ANDERSON "ANDY" To help mankind in whatever I undertake Bury at our 1201 dog :tand- great knowledge, grea! penan- ality. Bowling 2,35 Boys' State No- mineeg Key 'Club 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of 1959 with a certain someone. PET PEEVE: Too much to do with little time to do it. MICHAEL ALAN ADLER "MIKE" To be a business man His' parfion if mrs, mn, mfr. Science Club 3,4g Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My so- phomore year and when I got my driver's license. PET PEEVE: The parking at the school. PAUL ALBERTS UAL.. To succeed in life Good-mzlured temperament- appealing quielnexy. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my driver's license. PET PEEVE: Girls who block traffic in the halls. SCOTT CHESTER AMBERG "SCOTT" To be president Dereptiue quielnerr - "curly top" - lackadairiral manner. FAVORITE MEMORY: The end of last year. PET PEEVE: People who get in front of me in the halls. PATRICIA LYNN ANDERSON "PAT'l'I" I.B.M. operator She bar much to my and .flue my: it. FAVORITE MEMORY: Home- room and weekends down at the shore. PET PEEVE: 8:30 - 3:10. DONALD RIGGS ANGELBECK "BOGIE" TO be happy Maker many a learbefr bair tum gray. Intramural Wrestling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fresh- man year. PET PEEVE: Guys who smoke in the boys' room and get caught. ROBIN MARY ANGUS "ROBBIE" To graduate from college Slylirb wardrobe-.favoir faire -popularily at the pollr. Class Secretary 2, 3: Secretary Student Council 4: Congress Representative 2,35 Cheerlead- ing 3,43 National Honor So- ciety 3,4p Leaders' Club 2,33 Nightingales 35 Delegate to Student Council Leadership Training Conference 45 Girls' Intramural Sports 2,3,4g Girls' State Alternate 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Serving in a secretarial post for 3 years. PET PEEVE: Not enough time to change after gym. CHARLES FRANK ARMBRUST Engineer Tbinking murb but .raying liirle. Bowling 3,43 Science Club 3,45 Usher Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: 1959 summer vacation. PET PEEvE': Girls smoking. JOAN W. ASPINALL To make him happy Engaging brown eyer- envi- able fgure. Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Ring Dance, 19583 February 14, 1957. PET PEEVE: The three muske- teers and the "drag" races. WILLIAM NICK ANGELUS "POTCH" To go in business with my brother A likable guy-bi: camera ir alwayr on band. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Kick-OH Dance. PET PEEVE: No parking in the parking lot. MARC THEODORE APTER TO be a successful engineer Contribute: to every ronvena- tion-:peed demon. Science Club 2,3,4g Spring Track Team 2,3,4g Indoor Track Team 3,43 Boys' Usher Squad 2,3,4g Captain 43 Elec- tronics Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The good times I've had at the high school. MYRA ANN ASKIN To make my parents proud of me Socializer every minute, experi- ally in :be lor-ber room. FAVORITE MEMORY: Union High School, the football games, my great gym class, getting my di-iver's license. PET PEEVE: Reckless drivers: people who can't take a joke. JAMES HENRY AUSTER ..JIM,. Medicine Ivy league look- year-round crew cut. Golf 3,45 Swimming 45 Con- gress Alternate 2,33 Science Club 4g Bowling 2,3g Assist- ant Secretary of Bowling League 35 Cannon 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Getting my license. , PET PEEVE: A certain English class. DIANE CLAIRE BABIARZ "DEE" Laboratory Technician Extremely compatible - taker thing! at they rome. Nightingales 45 Intramural Volleyball 35 Cannon Staff 49 Intramural Bowling 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Gym Class, Period I, 1957-58. PET PEEVE: Two-faced girls. MADELINE THERESA BACHSTADT "MADDY" Private Secretary Year-round friendliness-Jweet personality. Class Congress 2g Intramural Bowling 3,45 Nightingales 45 Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more and junior yearsg Sen- ior Prom, 1959. PET PEEVE: People who think they are better than others: jealous people. ROBERT LOUIS BADUINI "BATS" To see the world through Uncle Sam Even dirporition-carefree at- titude. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sixth period mechanics. PET PEEVE: The attendance oliice. MICHAEL A. BAILIN "MIKE" To live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life Big of stature, big of heart. J. V. Basketball 2g Varsity Basketball 2,3,4g Key Club 5,45 Honor Society 33 Stu- dent Council Alternate 5,4g Senior Congress Alternate 4g Varsity Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The first 1958 Perth Amboy basket- ball game. PET PEEVE: More than one hour's homework. MICHAEL BACH "MICKEY" To bowl "soo" A quietnen about him - pleamnt perron. Bowling League 2,5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer- time '59. PET PEEVE: "Girls." CHARLES BADOLATO "CHARLIE" To be a millionaire at 18 A joke for one, a joke for all. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mrs. Brown's typing class, junior year, period 6. PET PEEVE: The parking situ- ation at Union High School. CAROL MARY BAGGOT "BAGGSIE" To lead the fullest possible life Intelligenre - pretty fare - bright outlook on life. Honor Society 5,45 Nightin- gales 5,4g All-State Orchestra 2,3,4g Marching Band 2,43 Cannon Editor 2,3,4g Student Council 25,43 Girls' Sports flnterscholasticj 2,3,4g Lead- ers' Club 2.3. FAVORITE MEMORY: My Jun- ior Prom. PET PEEVE: Teachers who don't realize there are 5 other teachers who give you home- work too. HARRIET YVONNE BAKER "Sl-IORTY" I.B.M. operator She prove: that good thing! rome in .rmall parhager. FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to Thanksgiving football game, 1959. PET PEEVE: Girls who think they're cute. ELAINE T. BALASIA "REBEL" Dental Hygienist Hilariou: humor-making tbe mort friends in the least time. Track 3g Softball 3,43 Basket- ball 4g Modern Dance 4: Fu- ture Teachers of America 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Coming back to Union High and meeting my old friends. PET PEEVE: People who pre- tend to be better than others. WILLIAM G. BALDWIN "BILL" To be a manager of an A 8: P Carnal attitude toward life- ulufay: being with "ben" FAVORITE MEMORY: Walking through the halls with "her," PET PEEvE: Arguing with uherln JANICE MARIE BANKS I-J-ANI' Nurse Gentle and .rinrere-Jweet and kind--pleamnt company. FAvoRITE MEMORY: Cooking class in my senior year. PET PEEVE: Staying after school. BRUCE ROBERT BARN HARD To be a dentist Man with a down beat-aL ways in the "swim" of thing: -good nutured. Student Council Alternate 2,43 Bowling 2,33 All-State Band 2,3,4g Cannon 2,3g All-State Orchestra 3,45 Swimming Team 4: Dance Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 2,34 Yearbook Staff 43 National Honor So- ciety 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The pic- nic and the day after the junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Boat-neck shirts, tucked in. BARBARA ALBERTA BALDWIN "BARB" Modeling or secretary Carefree manner-ultra-blonde hair. Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. CARL A. BALLING To find a job I like best Eary-going-a :well guy to know. FAVORITE MEMORY: Electrici- ty classes. PET PEEVE: White bucks and the "Ivy-League" look. WAYNE HARVEY BARDY Happiness in whatever I endeavor Provider taxi Jervife for lair friends - at nite at they come. Stamp Club 33 Congress 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mrs. Wareis Sth period Spanish II Class. PET PEEVE: The '59-'60 park- ing situation, JOAN PATRICIA BARTLETT Medical technologist Her .fweet and conridemte way: attmrt many friendt. Volleyball 25 Intramural Bas- ketball Zg Nightingales 45 Sen- ior Congress 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom, especially the band in the cafeteria. PET PEEVE: Silence in study hall. ,ei -..' R 'i" if iiii Bill. .L ,r.: I BONNIE JOAN BATTISTE "BON" To become a successful secretary Surceeds in ber utmost desires. Volleyball 2g Thespian Under- studies 3: Creo Staff-4: Na- tional Thespians 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: English III. PET PEEVE: Indecision. JOSEPH HUGH BEGLEY UJOE., To go to college A great person who will go a long way. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior English class. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. BRIAN CHARLES BAUMANN Salesman FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year's sixth period biology class. PET PEEVE: Too much home- work, CAROLYN BETTY BECKER "CAROL" To live a happy and successful life Always happy, vivarious, and 849'- Bowling 3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Novem- ber 15, 19585 junior Ring Dance. PET PEEVE: Taking gym. LEWIS IRA BAURER "LEW" To be successful, but most of all, happy in life Inlelligeni, studiaus, capable. Congress 2g Congress Alter- nate 5,4g Chess Club 35 Fire Squad 4. i FAVORITE ME MORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls and Algebra II, period 5. NANCY BECKER "NANCE" To become a private secretary Fun to know, easy lo like- nalural with a needle. Volleyball 2,45 Basketball 2,4g Tennis 25 Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: March 18, 1958: being a Debon- naire. PET PEEVE: The Navy: igno- rant people. BEVERLY BAUM "BEV" To be a teacher Always sincere and surrounded wills friends. Future Teachers of America 3,45 Art Club 35 Usher Squad 45 Intramural Softball 25 Bowl- ing Club 43 Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom and fifth period algebra class. PET PEEVE: Homework and people who aren't friendly. GARY MARK BEINHAKER To be successful in my endeavors Outstanding personality - friendly. Intramural Basketball 2,5. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior health class. PET PEEVE: Catty girls who think they have no faults. JUDITH A. BELL "JUDY" To live a long life and be happy Always on time, cheerful, and happy. Cheerleader 3,43 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Intramural Soccer 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom weekend and Debon- , naires. PET PEEVE: Waiting for people. 1, E JACQUELINE MARIE BELOTT To be a good wife and mother To know her it to like her- Jmart dresrer. FAVORITE MEMORY: October 5, 1958. PET PEEvE: Reading poetry. fniylvf l E . A O WILLIAM MU-AN 'I - To be a metallurgist - ili, Fun, fun, and more fun.'- I' 7 anzour or dance deroralionr. N, I . , , Track 2: Congress 2,3,4. -r'r FAVORITE MEMORY: Third ' xl period English class. I PET PEEvEs Girls who smoke. It HERBERT BRUCE BENTZ To be successful Hard working - ronnientiou: -amhitiour. Fire Squadg Attendance Moni- tor 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Sem- cresen's and Mr. Gatti's classes. PET PEEvE: People doing things wrong and getting away with it. THOMAS HENRY BELL "TOM" To own my Own cattle ranch "Life ir just a howl of cherfierf' Soccer 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I was seventeen and got my driver's permit. PET PEEvE: Women drivers. 1 sf A A R A - rf. O is JUDITH DEANNA BENKE I "JUDY" To be a teacher Quie! but ejerfive way of get- ting thing: accomplished. Soccer 43 Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 3,43 Tennis 5,44 Archery 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football gamesg summer of 1959 at the lake. PET PEEVE: One-way halls: teachers who assign home- : . ir- A . work after the bell rings. ' - L- Lttsmlhliirr Q ,X g J O ' r ,.Lj-Q. . li CAROLYN EVONNE 5 BENNETT "CAROL" Quiet hut always happy and friendly. FAVORITE MEMORY: Child care and cooking, my junior and senior year. PET PEEVE: Staying after school. H tlggt gl .ig ettet I LESLIE HOWARD BERGER "LES' " To be a lawyer and an accountant Tweedy rlolhe: - di.rlinrti1.'e humor - amhitiour. Cannon Editor 2g Glee Club 2g Boys' Bowling League 35 Fire Squad 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day that I received my driver's license. PET PEEVE: Inadequate park- ing space for seniors: Alge- bra II, period 3. ROBERT GEORGE BIENKOWSKI "BEANS" To become an electrical engineer Stereo and bi-ji entburiasl- :eriauf Jtyle. Bowling 2g Intramural Basket- ball 2,4g Fire Squad 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. PETER JAMES BIONDI "PETE" To make a million An all-around guy, liked by all. Football 2,3,4g Baseball 23 In- tramural Football 2g Intramu- ral Basketball 2g Intramural Softball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: 800 Caldwell Avenue. PET PEEVE: Not being able to park in the parking lor. STUART MARTIN BERNSTEIN HSTU.. To be a dentist Seriour - well-mannered - indurlriaur. Student Council 3,44 'Football 35 Wrestling 2,3,4g Outdoor Track 2,3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball 2g Intramural Softball 2g Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Home- room in "30l." PET PEEVE: Lack of adequate parking area for students with cars. 'Nl 'l la THOMAS ANDREW BIRKN ER "TOM" To get out of school 'W 1 and Find a job .E ite jliial: .g g . " . .1-W .,,. oe., new ..1ff.fs.,..w s.w Mr . lla- is-ns.. .st- flw .-1r:...R:",:5 ' " fvfs2ime2f'l3l5in'.x. A ' il ' ' R H ififfi. K 'iii-1: K I AMW T. ttniatltt aattzfatsrie R , .- ' i"1'i7flV' Friendly in 4 quiet way. FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to the football games. PET PEEVE: Short lunches. JEFFREY CARL BIELA "BEALS" To become rich Hi: prerenre if felt rather than beard. Bowling 2,5. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior English class. PET PEEVE: Third lunch. CAROL ANN BISHOP Fashion co-ordinator Many good friend:-alwuyr in vogue - peachef-and-rream romplexion. Bowling 3,4g Cannoneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year and all the friends I have made. PET PEEVE : Unfriendly people. ARLENE JOY BIERBAUM ..R.. To fulfill all my goals That twinkle in her eye show: much mifcbief and fun. Vice - President Nightingalesg Cannon 25 Cannoneers 45 Usher Squad 4g Modern Dance 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff: Future Teachers of America 5,4g Student Council 2,4g Swimming Team 43 Girls' Sports 2,3,4g Honor Society 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Those mornings in Mr. Grant's homeroom. PET PEEvE: Insincerity and prejudice. WALTER KURT BIRKENHAGEN "WALT" To get my Ph.D. All the pozenzialr for Juccerr and bappinen. Football 2,35 Tennis 3g Track 2: Visual Aids Crew 2,3,4g Captain 4: Stamp Club 3: Science Club 5,4g Vice-Presi- dent Science Club 4g Bowling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Science Club. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. JOYCE CAROL BONO "MOUSE" Professional hairstylist Alwayr good-bumored, good- nalured, and gay. Yearbook Photography Staff 49 Ofiice Helper 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year and summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Not being able to drive until 1960. ROBERT ALLEN BORNSTEIN "BOB" To retire june of 1960 Load: of fung nice to know. FAVORITE MEMORY: My first two years of high school. PET PEEVE: Early to bed and early to riseg it's the curse of the working class. KATHRYN MARY BITTMENN "KATHY" Legal secretary Sweel, Jincere, and ronriderate. Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Bowling 3,45 Cannon- eers 4g Leaders' Club 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The crazy times I had with the girlsg and junior year Eng- lish. PET PEEVE: People who break promises and two- faced friends. ef. 1 . i -,:. V ,J . " ..... STEPHEN ALAN BOYAR "STEVE" To be successful in business Har the ability io make any riluation laiilariour. Bowling 2,3,4g Secretary Bowl- ing League 35 Congress Alter- nate 4g Yearbook Staff 45 Cannon 2,5,4g Intramural Bas- ketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer, 1959. PET PEEVE: "Nisht-tweedy people." HENRIETTA BLATT "HANK" To live as full a life as possible Capable - clever - gay. Student Council 25 Cannon Editor 23 Debating Club 2g Science Club 2g Leaders' Club 2g Intramural Girls' Sports 3,43 All-State Orchestra 2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,45 Usher Squad 3g National Honor Society 3,43 Class Congress 3,4g Library Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All my friends. PET PEEVE: Insincerity. EILEEN BRADLEY To be a success in life Alwayr ready for fun. Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Week- ends at the shore and sum- mer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Tall juniors that think I'm a sophomore. JAMES WESTON BOONE "PAT" To study agriculture Make: muric for other:-taker exciting tripr. Marching Band 2,3,4g Or- chestra 2,3,4g Dance Band 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior prom. PET PEEVE: Weekend home- work. NANCY BOSCO "NANCE" To lead a helpful and happy life Her inner glow give: ber a funny perxonality and radialer ufarmtlo to all ber friendr. Congress Representative 2 g Fu- ture Teachers of America 4: Nightingales 4g Yearbook Staff 43 Cannoneers 4g Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball 2g Girls' In- tramural Bowling 3g Honor Society 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Learning how to drive. PET PEEVE: People who are late. PAUL MARK BRASKIN To be a success Plays the role-dark wavy hair. J. V. Baseball 2g Intramural Bowling 2, FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59, leaving school on Fri- day, walking the halls before homeroom. PET PEEVE: One-way halls on the second floor: girls who donft pay any attention to you. BARBARA ELIZABETH BREEN "BARB" To get the most out of life Blushing, hlue-eyed, blonde- fun-jilled college weekends- shimming the surf. Yearbook Editorial Board 45 Future Teachers of America 4: Congress Representative 3g Congress Alternate 2,45 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2g Girls' Intramural Hockey 5g Cannon- eers 45 Girls' Intramural Bowling 3g Girls' Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The foot- ball games and the Junior Prom. JOSEPH EDWARD BROWN UJOE.. To be a success in whatever I undertake in life Good looks - strength of cha:-after - tremendous tackle- power. Varsity Football 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Kel- ler's private lunchroom. ROBERT JOHN BROWN "BOB" To make a million Sharp dresser- class clown. PET PEEVE: People who ask too many questions. f , ff, a s Qnalxfeiig , f V -, lafff SFX' . I'1.i:" t- is ff.-'. . ' 12 an . 'f:.'-.Sieeli12If,i ,git ,- ta J -:s.i2f5ff,2i5f1"Vi11' f ' ' R i ROBERT GEORGE BRAUMAN "GATOR" join the Navy, get married, and be rich Devil-may-rare attitude - no aversion to the opposite sex. Intramural Track 2: Intramu- ral Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4g Congress Representative 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The night we slept at Seaside in one of the guy's cars. PET PEEVE: Girls who don't pay any attention to you. ALAN SANDOR BRENNER "SANDY" To be a doctor Unending ambition - dili- gence-friendly ways. Student Council Alternate 2g Boys' Stateg Intramural Wrest- ling 25 Intramural Tennis 2, 3,43 Intramural Bowling 2, 5,43 Cannon Staff 4g Year- book Staff 4g Cross Country Team 33 Science Club 43 Intra- mural Baseball 2g Intramural Basketball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Union and the State Tennis Champ- ionship. PET PEEVE: Two-hour park- ing zone. MARILYN LEE BROWN "MAWN" To be a success Fun II where you find it. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Climbing up three Hights Of stairs. SALLIE LEE BROWN "REBEL" To be a model Her southern acrent and roy smile hring Georgia sunshine to Union High. Oflice Helper 33 C0-Captain Cannoneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '59 PET PEEVE: One-way halls. Qs 'Ql- A-.--,R a. I, X. .1 I + 9 b ws I s care! X A qpv-e-'N SUSAN ELIZABETH BROWN First to graduate and then become a nurse Unplnnned parlier - alwayr rurrounded by ber Union High friendr. Cannoneers 4g Girls' Intramu- ral Sports 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Homework. ELMER JAMES BRUMLEY To be rich An all-around fellow with many friendf. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year. PET PEEVE: 8:30 in the morn- ing when school starts. THEODORE WILLIAM BUBNOWSKI "TED" To major in money-making A demon on the barelmll diu- mond-u favorite of every- one. Varsity Baseball 2,3,4g Con- gress Representative 2,3,4g Fire Squad 2g Varsity Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY! Getting my driver's license and play- ing varsity baseball. PET PEEVE: People who criti- cize others. WALTER ARTUR BUERKLE "WALT" To be a success in electronics Elertronirf wizard. FAVORITE MEMORY! The night of July 4, 1959. PET PEEVE: 1950 Chevy. vf. -. is CAROLEE DORIS BROWNLEE "CAROL" To have a happy and successful life A Jweet and gentle nalure. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. CATHERINE C. BRYANT "CATHY" To go to airline school Vim and vigor and minhief, too. Girls' Intramural Hockey 2, 3,4, Girls' Intramural Volley- ball 2g Girls' Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Girls' Modern Dance 2,3,4g Girls' Intramural Tennis 3,43 Girls' Intramural Softball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: A certain quarterback, 1958. PET PEEVE: Getting up at 7 o'cIock, going to third floor for homeroom, senior year. ROBERT WILLIAM BUEHLER "BOB" To be successful and happy Tall, blond, and vermtile- well-liked by everyone. Intramural Football 23 Intra- mural Wrestling 2,3g Intramu- ral Bowling 3,4g Intramural Baseball 2,45 Student Coun- cil 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Physics class, room 303, period 3, junior year. EDWARD JOSEPH BULLION "EASY ED" To be a success Alert -- friendly - mrual. Intramural Bowling 45 Chess Club 4g Fire Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: First pe- riod geometry with Mr. Donatiello. PET PEEVE: One-way halls and 30-minute lunch periods. Schoo1's function . to train our bodies and our minds . . . 25 HAROLD WALTER BUNTING "HAL" R.H.S. fRich happy single! g,jg.L.Q1ig1.5g.z.Q.,ig21.s2.: ' " ' I if in ' ' " , IQ' Thai, plaftef of paris auto- ' graph book - numerous ex- rufer for being late. Yearbook Staff 4: Bowling 25 Intramural Football 4g Intra- mural Basketball 4. PET PEEVE: People who are tOO "busy" to say "hello," GAIL VIRGINIA BURKHARDT "PUSSY CAT" TO be happy Know: her own mind -mir- rlaievour. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1957. PET PEEVE: Crowded places. ALLEN ROBERT BUSH UAL.. To join the Navy and to be successful Friendly and lot: of fun. Bowling 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. JOSEPH NELSON CAGNINA ..-ICE.. To go to college Mild-mannered and cafual -a great guy to know. Art Club 23 Class Senate Al- ternate 2g Camera Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Art class trip to New York. PET PEEVE: Girls who try to act "bad." whey' JOYCE ANN BURKE To be a successful and happy person Full of life-sparkling--neat -naturally roxy cheeked. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 23 Bowling 4: Color Guard 43 Tennis 2g Leaders' Club 2g Student Council Alternate 33 Senior Congress 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom, October 26, 1957. PET PE EVE : Unfriendly peopleg 5rd floor homeroom. RICHARD WILLIAM BUSCH A quiet smile and a pleasant manner Chess Clubg Varsity Soccerg J. V. Track: Tennis. PET PEEVE: Physics III. WILLIAM ALLAN BUSSOM "BILL" To own a new Cadillac Don't lei his quiet way! fool you! PET PEEVE: Getting up in the morning. NORMA JACQUELINE CAIANO "NORM" To be a successful secretary An avid fan of Lalin American music. Intramural Volleyball 33 Bowl- ing 3: Softball 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59, PET PEEVE: Not enough time between classes. FRANCES J. CALDERONE "FRAN" Medical secretary A whiz with a whirling baton. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Twirling 3,45 Nightingales 2,35 Leaders' Club 2,35 Bowling 2,52 Con- gress Alternate 3g Cannon Typist. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the fun I had on all my wonder- ful summer vacations. PET PEEVE: Not enough time and energy to do all the things I'd like to do. JOE MICHAEL CAMELIA "MIGHTY MOUSE" To be rich Eary-going manner - subtle humor. FAVORITE MEMORY: Thurs- day, September 24. PET PEEVE: New rules they have in our school. HARVEY LEE CANNON Hit easy-going walk ir charac- teriftic of hir nature. FAVORITE MEMORY: That "certain" someone. VALERIE GENE CAPUTO "VAL" To be a good secretary Petite, gay and easy to get along with. Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Night of Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Conceited boys. JOSEPHINE MARY CALDERONE "JOsIE" Private secretary Her witty remark! brighten many a dull day. Student Council 25 Bowling 3,45 Basketball 25 Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year. PET PEEVE : Homework. LAN A CONSTANCE CAMMARATA To be successful Happy - go - luehy attitude - Ieamxtrefx Jupreme. Volleyball 2,45 Basketball 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Week- end Of the Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: People who think they're God's gift to women. JOANNE LOIS CAPRIO "SIS" To be an interior decorator Spontaneous laughter - art ability-vive la Parkview! Intramural Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Gradua- tion night, 1959. PET PEEVE: Smart-aleck kids. DOM IN ICK ANTHONY CARDACE "DOM" Actuary That certain "appeal" roupled with .rinrerity and intelligence giver ur our "Mr. Preridentf' Spring Track 3,45 Cross Coun- try Team 45 Key Club 3,45 Marching Band 25 Key Club Treasurer 45 Student Council 35 Student Council President 45 Student Council Alternate 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: National Student Council conference at Pittsburgh, June, 1959. PET PEEVE: Sneak quizzes. EUGENIE DBWITT CARTER "GENIE" To do my best in everything I attempt Greatly admired for ber intel- ligence and sincerity. Senate 2,59 Cannon Staff 2g Nightingales 3,43 Marching Band 2,3,4, Library Staff 3,45 Intramural Soccer 3g Volley- ballg Honor Society 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Girls' Citizenship Institute. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. JUDITH DIANE CARTER "JUDY" To be successful Alwayr bubbling over with laughter. FAVORITE MEMORY! The day after the junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Boys who drive too fast. PATRICK JOSEPH CATINO To have everything a guy could want Rugged wrertler - rontinuou: "wire-cracker." Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Seaside Heights, 1959. PET PEEVE: Girls who wear a lor of make up. FRAN CINE BARBARA CHEPIGA "FRAN" Laboratory technician "Perf an' puny-bundle of fun." Intramural Volleyball 4, Bas- ketball 4-. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sen- ior year and that certain someone. PET PEEVE: People who think the world revolves around them. JOAN CARTER "JOAN1E" To marry a certain fellow Full of pep-friendly-lot: of fun. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I started going steady, july, 1958. PET PEEVE: Too much home- work. RALPH ANTHONY CASALE " To build a ranch-type house Portion for pizza-an unfor- gettable guy - fun-loving per- ronalizy, Class Congress Representative 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 15, 1957 and June 6, 1958. PET PEEVE: The year 1959. RICHARD LEWIS CATULLO "RICH" Teacher Big man on the court-lover of good food. Student Council Alternate 2,45 Bowling 2,3,45 Tennis Team 3,4g Bowling Secretary 4: Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Tennis team practice. PET PEEVE: Grls who smoke and wear heavy make-up. CHARLES FRANK CHICARELLI "CHIC" Auto repair work Mechanical madnerr. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: "Stuck-up" girls. 1"-W ,. 'lfgfk " I fr ,,i.5:ftgzi ' if 1 is 4 jp J, t .494 . L I Qt Y C 1 - Q M H- , - x L. iii' . QJVV Rid, X A N . ROBERT ADRIAN CHRISTMANN, JR. "CHRIS" To join the Navy Full of pep! Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom, and the day I almost lost my license. PET PEEvE: Girls who think they are too good to say, "Hello," BARBARA JOYCE CLARK "BARB" To have a happy and successful life Sincere interert in other people -quiet dirporition. Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Intramural Softball 2,3,4g In- tramural Volleyball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Spring of 1959. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. HOWARD REID COLLINS R. , J "TOM" To be an architect A spirit light and gay - keep: the girl: guerring. Marching Band 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: August 15, 's9. PET PEEVE: Thinking of a "Pet Peeve." RICHARD CONTE "RICHIE" To graduate Ladier' man-play: the role. FAVORITE MEMORY: Christ- mas of '58. PET PEEVE: After-school de- tention, and no parking area for our cars. REGINA CICHY "REGGlE" To be worthy of my parents Sunrlaine in ber :mile-Sinatra "all the way." Yearbook Editorial Board 4g Nightingales 3,4, Secretary 4: Future Teachers of America 43 Cannoneers 4: Congress Representative 3,4g Student Council Representative 2: Leaders' Club 2,3g Girls' In- termural and Intramural Sports 2,3,4g Honor Society 4. FAVORITE MELIORYZ The Jun- ior Prom and my first skiing trip. PET PEEvE: Prejudice. ANTHONY JOHN COLASURDO "TONY" To be a pharmacist Capability on a wrettling mat -bi: '49 Ford and that "ne- rermry arrer.rory." Varsity Wrestling 2,5,4g Intra- mural Basketball 3g Student Council Alternate 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of 1957. PET PEEVE: Tests on Mon- days. MAUREEN ELAINE CONN ELLY Secretary Sweet in manner, with 4 win- ning rmile. Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year, Debonnaire Club, meet- ings, getting my driver's li- cense. PET PEEVE: One-way halls, 5rd floor homeroom. MARY LESLIE COOKE "MERRILY" Medical secretary Soft spoken-neat appearance. Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1958 at Cape Cod. PET PEEvE: People who think they are better than they are. 1 A gkz fri. N" A 'Wi are 'gtg ,lg t s siergrxqj. ANNE MARIE CORBO To teach handicapped children Innocenl look: hide impirb wayf. Transfer student from Bar- ringer High School, 1958. Intramural Volleyball 3,4g F. T. A. 3,4g Congress Alternate 45 Nightingales 4. I if MARGARET E. CRISALLI "MARGE" Typist U nvarying pleamntnen - con- tagiou: laughter. Glee Club 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY! Senior year with a "certain some- one." PET PEEvE: Conceited people. QW 5- "vf"" ix' ,wk V , PAUL LIVIO COSULICH To marry a rich widow Well liked-alwayr ready wifb L1 wiffy reznarlf Class Congress 23 Boys' ln- tramural Bowling Team 2.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: August 14, 1958. PET PEEvE: One-way halls. DOROTHY GERTRUDE COULTER "DOTTIE" Nurse A litlle miftbf a Iitrle mi:- chief. Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2, 3,45 Basketball 2,4g Nightin- gales 3,4g Softball 2,3,4g Sophomore Congressg Office Helper 3,4. FAVORITE MEMoRY: Senior year, and the day I graduate. PET PEEvE: School and His- tory IV, 5th period. 4 ly. 'fl' - ii A MARIE COTELL Secretary A small pm-kage of sincerity and gaiely- cannon: rar ron- fusion. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMoRY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Boys who think girls can't drive. ALAINE MARY COX "SIS" Cosmetologist Counl: calorie: needlenly- has 4 flavor for fun. Intramural Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Being with a "certain someone." PET PEEVE: People who don't have a sense of humor. S' isrr . I 'il .. I E... I f' ' ' . 2 . . .. . KAREN SUE CORZINE To be a physical therapist A welrome addition to our .renior clan - tenni: and Jwimming entburiuxl. Transfer student from Jeffer- sonville, Ind., 1959. I. . , u KAREN A. CROSBY To be happily married To know her if to like ber. Bowling sg Art Club z,3: Volleyball 2,3,4: Future Teachers of America 43 Basket- ball 2,5. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year. PET PEEVE: People who think they're too good for others. THOMAS H, CROWHURST "TOM" To join the Navy Show: thai character it higher than imellerl. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Peach's eleventh year English. PET PEEvE: Corvettes. BEVERLY ANN DAY ' 'BEV" To be an airline stewardess Her sweet Imile and friendly manner win her many friendt. Volleyball 2,3g Basketball 2g Office Helper 4g Softball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year and the following sum- r me . PET PEEvE: That "certain someone." JOHN ANDRED CUNNINGI-IAM "JACK" To live a high and mighty life jark'.f energy it uted on hit "cool" '51 Merc. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Peach's llth year English class. PET PEEvE: P.M. Homeroom. ROBERT JOSEPH DANIELCZYK "ZEKE" To lead a good, rich life Though cool and collecfed, Zehe'.r mighly proud of his '59 Ford. Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Gradua- tion parties of '59, PET PEEVE: Walking six blocks to school after I parked my car. JACQUELINE CZAPLINSKI "JACKIE" Cosmetologist Pretty red hair rrownt 4 pelite, :heerful girl. Leaders' Club 2,33 Girls' ln- tramural Hockey 33 Class Con- gress 2g Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I met that certain someone. PET PEEVE: People who do not have a sense of humor. HOWARD MARC DAVIS "HOWIE" Chemist Tall, rollegiate and "crew-cut." Bowling 23 Basketball 2,4g Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sixth period biology in my sopho- more year. PET PEEvE: Teachers who talk during their tests. RONNI JANET CRYSTAL "RON" To live at a "Walden" and write Creative ability-dramatic way of :peaking -- ever-present originalily. Cannon Staff 23 Creo Editorial Board 2,34 Student Council Al- ternate 2g Yearbook Literary Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Schuetz's iunior English class, and Walt Whitman. PET PEEvE: People who are materialistic and hypocritical. SHARON PHYLLIS DECTER To approach as near perfection as possible in all my endeavors Her leaderthip and character will take her lar. Honor Society 3,45 Vice-Presi- dent Honor Society 4g Thes- pians 2,3,4g Vice-President Thespians 45 Secretary F.T.A. 4g F.T.A. 3,4g Student Coun- cil 3,45 Leaders' Clubg Girls' Citizenship Instituteg Oflice Helper 2,3,4g- Cannon Staff 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year. PET PEEVE: Conceited people. WILLIAM JACOB DE MARCO, 111 "BILL" To End my place in this world A tall, dark, and handrome football player- what a com- binationl Varsity Football 253,45 Stu- dent Council 25 Basketball 25 Baseball 2,35 Intramural Base- ball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the good times at Union High School and playing varsity football. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke while walking on the street. VALERIE MAI DES ROCHERS "VAL" A happy and successful marriage Someone like Val we all like to know. Ofhce Helper 23 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summers of '58, '59. PET PEEvE: People who are always late. ANGELINA MARIE DE GEORGE "ANGEL" To be a beautician Her dark eyer Ipafkle when 1he'r having fun-which ir often. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Jun- ior Prom. PET PEEvE: Stuck-up people. PATRICIA ANN DE VRIES "PAT" To be a success as a secretary and as a wife Small, Jwfel, and thoughtful of orherr. Bowling 35 Tennis 3,45 Intra- mural Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: July 4, 1959. PET PEEVE: A certain 1950 Chevy. ELEANOR DELLI SANTE "DEL" To be successful in life Her enthusiartir .rpirit make: El fun to be with. Modern Dance 2,35 Bowling 3,45 Softball 3,45 Volleyball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom, and after the prom. PET PEEVE: 8:30 A.M. rush. NORMA R. DIEGELMANN "DEEGELL" To do the best with what I have Alwayr happy, always gay, brightens up the hleakext day. Intramural Volleyball 2,45 Bowling 45 Congress 45 In- tramural Basketball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEvE: Being kidded about my name. WALTER JOHN DEPTULA join the Navy He may not Jay much, but his friend: know he'.r a great fel- low. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my driver's license. PET PEEvE: Woman drivers. PETER JOSEPH DE VICO "PETE" To be a disc jockey A nicer fellow would be hard to find. Science Club 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sixth pe- riod geometry class. PET PEEVE: Short lunches. JUDITH ANN DLUGOSZ "JUDY" To be a teacher A better friend than Judy ir hard to ind. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,45 I-'.T.A. 3,4g Library Staff 3,43 Bowling 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The fun l'Ve had at the football games. 'PET PEEVE: People who don't say "hello" in the halls. PATRICIA JUNE DOMAR "PAT" To get married A petite fgure and pretty blond hair mark Pat inrtantly. Volleyball 2,33 Intramural Bas- ketball 2g Intramural Softball 2g Nightingales 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: june 28, 1957. PET PEEVE: The Army. fre? lil DANIEL DOMINICK DIMARTINO, JR. "DAN" To be an I.B.M. technician Thi: happy-go-lucky fellow can often he :een in his .rtrihing white convertible. FAVORITE MEMORY: Biology in 311. PET PEEVE: Girls who use and wear a lot of make-up. FRANK A. DIORE, JR. To join the Navy There couldn'l he a nicer fel- low than Frank. Intramural Softball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: New Year's Eve "59." PET PEEVE: Girls who think they're the world's end. CARL WILLIAM DRECHSEL, JR. "BILL" To be a good scientist Hi: many friendx. Cross Country Team 33 Track and Field 2,3,4g Indoor Track 3,4g Usher Squad 3,4g Con- gress 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Friday aftemoons, 3:10 P.M. PET PEEVE: Sophomores who play the role. NICHOLAS MICHAEL JOSEPH DVORETSKY "NICK" To do better in the future than I did in the past Nirh'J mild manner and cheer- fulnerr Imahe him eary to get along with. Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my driVer's license. PET PEEVE: Drivers who don't signal on turns, or wait until they get to the comer to signal. KALMAN JOSEPH DOLGOS, JR. "STOGIE" To graduate and make 31,000,000 Hi: "hot" Plymouth ir hi: pride and joy. FAVORITE MEMORY: The great beach parties at Sea' side Heights with the gradu- ating class of 1959. PET PEEVE: People who think 1948 Plymouths are slow! GAYLE BROOKE DONN E LLY To reach the heights of all my dreams Her vivaeiour perronality and friendly :mile ,gather many friendr. Leaders' Club 2,34 Yearbook Editorial Board 4g Student Council Alternate 4g F.T.A. 4g Intramural Soccer 3,45 In- tramural Volleyball 2,3,4g ln- tramural Basketball 2,3,4g In- tramural Softball 2,3,4g Can- non Typist 4, FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom '57g summer '59g club meetings, senior year. PET PEEVE: Uncertainty. ,.K,, . , ,, . .as K . iv PETER JOSEPH ECKERT "PETE" T o be successful Pete'r great penonality make: bim very well-liked. J. V. Wrestling 33 J. V. Cross Country Team 53 Wrestling 43 Usher Squad 4g Senior Con- gress Alternate. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Ber- gen's fifth period electricity class. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke on corners. HENRY FRED EICHHOLZ "HANK" To be happy always Hank is an invaluable mem- ber of any baseball team. Bowling 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my car. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. JOHN GEORGE '- 'f" it sl'- fl S nj E n tgg f -A , .'?fffffJ2.?'TH Enter college Intelligent, athletic, and well- liked, a combination bard to beat. Fire Squad 2,3,4g Key Club 2,3,43 Secretary Key Club 4g Cross Country Team 23 Indoor Track Team 23 Outdoor Track Team 23 Manager, Cross Coun- try 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Trip out West in 1957 with Mr. Brown. PET PEEVE: Homework 2, 3, 4! JUDITH ENZER AJUDY., To be a useful member of society A friend is a trearure. Congress Alternate 2,3,43 Can- non Stalf 2g Cannon Editor 33 Intramural Basketball 2,33 In- tramural Volleyball 5,43 Year- book Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: July 17, 1958, U. s. History III. PET PEEVE: Walking home from the bus stop for three years. -' . Q is .sf tl 11 My ,....ct,,, ll . E li' 12? 1 ' I lg 11, W' 5 1 t. . 5 Fa ' It J l J -M' 13" - is . t. t is .:-, ' 5 ' .-E. If R I E - 4. ' xt:-..., 1. 2 by HAROLD EDWARD ECKSTEIN "HAL" To go to college and come out with a diploma N ever-ending wit - adaptabil- ity to any situation. Audio-visual Aids Crew 43 Thespian Understudies 3: Thespians 4g Library Staff 4g Cannon Stall' 4g Usher Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Europe, S. S. United States, summer of '58, '59. PET PEEVE: People who think they're big wheels because they go around in circles. KATHERINE EIDE "KATHY" To be a success in life Studiou: and .raft-spoken, Katbylr a plearure to bane around. Future Teachers of America 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Having a locker next to the same person for four years. NATALIE GAIL ENIS Practical nurse Sbort and cute-uifzariour. Modern Dance 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sum- mer of '59 and moving back from Florida. PET PEEVE: Conceited boys and people who aren't "Ivy," BEVERLY ANN EVANS "BEV' ' To be a nurse and get married to that "certain someone" A rute color-guard-all-around friend. Color Guard 4g Junior Con- gress. FAVORITE MEMORY: February 18, 1959, exploring a haunted house, going to the wrestling and football games, and mak- ing color guard senior year. PET PEEVE: People who think the world revolves around them. FRANK RICHARD FAIELLO "FRANKIE" To be an English teacher Humor if hi: rode of life-a ine friend to have. Swimming Team 4. FAVORITE ME MORY: The times I had at East Side High School. JOAN GLORIA EARLEY "jONI" To make the ones I love proud of me Plearing permnalily - worthy of friendrhip. Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Student Council 2,3,4g Honor Society 33 Orchestra 2,5,4g Girls' Sports 2,3,4g Future Teachers of America 3,4, FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom, 1958. PET PEEVE: People who think they're superior. HOWARD SPENCER FASTOW "HOWIE" To be a success Smurf in attire and manner. Boys' Bowling 5,4g Baseball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Strug- gling in senior math and chemistry. PET PEEvE: Not being able to make the honor roll. JEROME BRIAN EEINSTEIN "JERRY" To go to college Perrevering on the ma! and In hi: Jludiex. J.V. Soccer 23 Wrestling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: When our wrestling team won the state championship in 1958. PET PEEvE: Getting pinned in wrestling. RICHARD E. FAIR "RICHIE" To join the Marines Enjoy: carefree fun-talk, tall, mlb. FAVORITE MEMORY: Tenth and eleventh grade home- room, and second lunch. PET PEEVE: Teachers who think they are rough. LUCILLE PATRICIA FARRO ULU.. To be a secretary Quiet in' :peach but not in thought. Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The fun we had at the football game. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. CHARLES A. FAUTZ "CHUCK" To be rich Mighly in body and wit. Wrestling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Winning Mr. New jersey High School Title, 1959. PET PEEvE: Guys who think they're tough. WILLIAM ALAN FELDMAN "WILD BILL" To be a success, "Hold that line."'-friendly to ull. Varsity Football 3,43 Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Friday afternoon football practice. PET PEEvE: Monday after- noon football practice. Science is indicative of our generation . . X is 59 A- Q fix? ANNA BERTHA F ERANEC To be happy always Sweetnexr and .rincerizy follow ber alwayt. Cannon Staff 4g Hockey 4g Tennis 33 Archery 5. FAVORITE ME MORY: 'Football games, Senior Prom, Drivers' Ed. Class. PET PEEVE: 5rd floor home- room, one-way halls, boys. BETTY F ERNANDEZ To be a success For congeniality it .rbe known - cute and quiet- :weetneu it lser notable trait. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Getting up in the morning. VINCENT MICHAEL FERRIGNO "BUDDY" To get a lot of money fast and marry that certain someone Friendly and happy - yet, thi: if be. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior biology class. PET PEEvE: Lunch restric- tions and book reports. ANTHONY JOSEPH F IORE "TONY" To be a banker From quiet came: good worth. Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Third period Boys' Ensemble class. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke and try to act "cool." EDWARD MATHEW FERGUSON "FERG" To go to college jovial nature - agreeable per- Jonality - warm congeniality. Wrestling 2,53 Track 3,4g Bas- ketball 4g Intramural Basket- ball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Decem- ber 22, 1958. PET PEEVE: Teachers taking over the parking lot. DOLORES LINDA FERREIROS UDEE.. To be happy always Happy and carefree ways. Volleyball 2g Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom of 1959. PET PEEVE: Third-floor home- room. RICHARD W. FETZER "DICK" To move to Florida More than just A wirbful thinker. Soccer 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: English III class, period 4. PET PEEVE: Stuck-up girls. JAMES HAROLD FISCHER "FISH" To do well in college Speed if hi: rtyle-an intel- ligent fellow. Cross Country Team 2,3,4g Track Team 2,3,4g Key Club 3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Indoor track meets in New York. PET PEEVE: "Cool" men, and girls that smoke. MARIANNE FISCHER ..MAR,, To be an efhcient secretary Gentlenerr hreedr friendship- alwuyr ready with a smile. Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Driving class. PET PEEvE: Third floor homeroom. MARGARET THERESA FITZSIMONS "PEGGY" To be a success Sweei, Jhorl, demure. Volleyball Team 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year. PET PEEvE: Late bell. FRANCIS FRED FLEMING To own a '58 Impala When he Jingr, everyone rwingi. FAVORITE MEMORY: january 28, 1958. PET PEEvE: Girls who talk too much. FREDERICK FLORENTINE "FREDDY" Electronica! engineer Explorer of the deep rea. FAVORITE MEMORY: July, 1959. i PET PEEVE: Teachers and their pets. EDITH ISABELL F ITZE TO work in the office of a bank Life is wha! we make il! Volleyball Team 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the fun I've had in the past two years of school. PET PEEVE: Shortage of food in third lunch. PAULETTE A. FLAIT College bound, after, to be happily married Model-like appearanre - good .renre and good nature. Volleyball 2g junior Red Cross 2g Tennis 2,4g Student Coun- cil 3,43 Bowling 3,45 Night- ingales 4, Yearbook Staff 45 Cannoneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year, parties, dances and hav- ing a lot of fun. PET PEEVE: Tactless people. ELEANORE TONI FLOCKE "ELLIE" Become a secretary Simplicily of manner, and rweetnerr of Jmile. Hockey 2,5,4g Volleyball 2,4g Basketball 2g Tennis 2,3,4g Softball 2,5,4g Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more English class and His- tory 4. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom. JOHN JOSEPH FLYNN "LITTLE JOHN" Naval career Happy people make a happy world. ' Basketball 2,33 Track 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 4, In- tramural Football 5,4g Intra- mural Softball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Econo- mics class, April 9. PET PEEVE: Slow-moving girls in the hall in the A.M. CHARLES V. FORD "CHARLIE" To make money and be happy A hit of rerioumerr, a bit of fun. Visual Aids Crew 2,3,4g Track Team 2: Senior Congress 43 Congress Alternate 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Bury's, third period history class. PET PEEVE: Slow-moving girls in the hallways. RICHARD DEAN FORMAN "BRAIN" Ministry, Vice-President of bank Willing worker: work won- den. Transferred from Roselle Park High, 3rd year. Marching Band 33 Dance Band 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Marching Band Drum sec- tiOn's lousy wheel-making CAsbury Park game-'59D. PET PEEVE: Girls combing hair during class. SUSAN LOIS FRANK "SUSIE" To make my parents proud of me A cheerful package of fun- cutenerr of face-Jtylirhnerr of clolher. National Honor Society 3,45 Cannon Editor 2,3g Yearbook Editorial Board 4g Chairman Yearbook Biography Staff 4g Student Council Alternate 2: Congress 3,49 Future Teachers of America 4: Modern Dance Group 2g Bowling 35 Intra- mural Basketball 2g Intramu- ral Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: U. S. History III class. PET PEEVE: Waiting for two buses after school. MURIEL ROSE FREEMAN "ROSIE" To become a success in life Happinerr ir necessary every- where - excellent .ringing voice. FAVORITE MEMORY: English class, junior year. PET PEEVE: Math. WILLIAM FORLANDER "BIG BILL" Become a dentist and a success Enjoy when you can, and en- joy when you mart-4 :ure thot. Tennis Team 3,43 Sophomore and junior Congress 2,33 Stu- dent Council Alternate 3g In- tramural Basketball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: When it snowed and we couldn't go to school. PET PEEVE: 3rd lunch and one-way halls. ANTONIO EM.ILIO F RAN CESCA "TONY" To become a disc jockey or go on TV Hi: "happy-go-Inky" dirpori- lion ir hir greater! arret. Bowling 2,3,4g Wrestling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Geogra- phy class, sophomore year. PET PEEVE: The kids that think they're too "cool" or too "collegiate." HERSCHEL ISRAEL FRANKEL To be a success in life Hi: friendly and glib manner maker him eary to :peak zo. Visual Aids Crew 2,3,4g Golf Team 3,45 Bowling 2,31 In- tramural Football 2. FAVORITE ,MEMoRY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEvE: People who think they are too great to be talked to. RICHARD FREY "DICK" To be a success in life Hi: good-natured and pleasant perronalily is well-known. Golf 2,3,4g Congress Alter- nate 2. FAVORITE MEMORY! My jun- ior year with that certain "someone" and New Year's Eve. PET PEEVE: Girls that are "stuck-up." CAROL ANN FRIEDLAND To be happy in whatever I dm Gleaming highlighlr in her hair-a friendly giggle. Bowling 55 Congress Alter- nate 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: History class, junior year. PET PEEVE: Changing to go to work after school on Fri- day. ELSBETH L. FUCHS "BETTY" Secretary An eager and willing worker. Orchestra 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year, fifth period. PET PEEvE: One-way halls. BRENDA FURER "BREN" TO be happy and successful Being compelenl and induttri- our will get her far. Intramural Volleyball Team 25 Usher Squad 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Conceited boys with crew cuts, and going to work after school. DANNY MIKE GALANTI To make money without working Light hearled - never in 4 hurry -- a friendly fellow. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59. PET PEEVE: People who be- lieve everything they hear. CHRISTINE F. FUCHS "CHRIS" To continue my education and, after, be happily married A conrrienliour girl with a good fente of humor. Intramural Volleyball 2,35 In- tramural Bowling 35 Congress 3g Student Council 45 Year- book Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom and its coinciding with my birthday. PET PEEVE: Boys who think they're GOd's gift to women. LOIS ANN FULLER ELO.. Business machine Operator Small in Jize, but big in heart. Leaders' Club 25 Tennis 25 Girls' Basketball Team 2. FAVORITE MEMORY! Junior Ring Dance. ' PET PEEVE: Showoffs. FRANCES JULIA GAINES "FRANKIE" To succeed in anything I attempt to do There are .rome people who ran't help being nice. Hockey Team 2,3,45 Basket- ball Team 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: "MoOn- light in Virginia." PET PEEVEA1 Carrying trays in the cafeteria. PATRICIA ANN GARAF AN O "PAT" To marry that certain someone Cute, pert, and peliie, Volleyball 25 Bowling 4. FAvORITE MEMORY: Summer Of 1958, moonlight over Florida. PET PEEVE: The United States Navy, girls with no make- up. .. :ii 'S' '3 'Sf lr .f e Q 'xr 5 .- T T L as . -i O P , ,v I I . t X .. 'Q f ' 2 ' xi . I JOAN RUTH GARFINKLE Teacher Sincere and ronfcienliou: - al- wny: on lhe go. junior Red Cross 25 Usher Squad 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY:, Fresh- man English class. PET PEEVE: Being the only girl in my physics class. SHERRY ANN GENDELMAN To finish law school A 567112 of humor-4 :weel and cute friend to have. Cannon Staff 2,35 Thespian Understudies 25 Yearbook Edi- torial Boardg Chairman Year- book Biography Staff 43 Girls' Sports 2,35 Debating Club 45 Congress 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: History III class and summer of 1958. PET PEEVE: Conformists and being so young. if :vi . WALTER WILLIAM GARTHWAITE "WALT" To become a go-lf pro Golfer- oblivion: ro care: - happy- , Golf Team 3,45 Captain Golf Team 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: My first "car," and the first "eagle" I made. PET PEEVE: Teachers that give a lot of homework and quizzes. EDWARD WILLIAM GATSCH NED., To be successful Hi: happy attitude i: an a::e1 lo hi: :urre::. Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Bowling 3,45 Intramural Soft- ball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sen- ior year at Union High. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. . ' ' , XS mfr- : i s. ' r ' "" ELAINE GARRIGAN To be happy A girl who i: a: friendly ar her :mile-wilh an abundance of :weetne:: and charm. F.T.A. 45 Bowling 3,45 Can- noneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The jun- ior Ring Dance and junior Prom with "my guy." PET PEEVE: Not having enough time to get to classes. X if fi . ANDREW MICHAEL GATELY "MIKE" To be happy and successful One wilh both :harp wit and even :harper dre::. Football 2,35 Wrestling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959 and my senior year. PET PEEVE: Being asked what my pet peeve is. JOHN JOSEPH GATI'O . Music education Superb :axophone player. Marching Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Regional Band 2,3,45 Senior Congress5 Science Club 45 All- State Band 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sen- ior year at U.H.S. PET PEEVE: Excessive amount of homework. MARGARET JEAN OEN1s "MARGE" To be a good wife, mother, and friend Her friendly :mile i: the hey to her perronalily. Student Council 2,3,45 Leaders' Club 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Tennis 2,3,45 Soc- cer 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more and junior years, all the fun with the Debonnaires. PET PEEVE: Missing football games in senior year. MARIE ROSE GEN OVA To be happy and successful in everything I do Her rare-free azlitude if a .rourre of enjoymem for othen. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '59, senior year in U.H.S., all the wonderful friends I've made in U.H.S., football games and all the fun I have hadfat them. PET PEEVE: Having "those" two permits and not a license. MARSHA DIANE GILL "MAR" To have the "best" of everything Good-bumored, witty, full of fun. FAVORITE MEMORY: My life in Newark, and the wonder- ful friends I've made in the last four years. PET PEEVE: Getting up on cold days, rain! CATHERINE HELEN GIACINI "CATHY" To live to love, and love to live A well-rounded perfonalily lend! lsappineu to otberf. Basketball 2,43 Volleyball 2, 3,4g Bowling 43 Office Helper 4. t FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year, summer of '59, and the big "4." PET PEEVE: Not having my license in the beginning of my senior year, people with "borrowed" personalities. DONNA LOU GIBSON "DONNA" To live, love, laugh, and be happy A rompazible, congenial com- panion. Future Teachers of America 4, Volleyball 2,4g Tennis 3.4, Bowling 3,43 Cannoneers 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year, football games, and summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: People who think they're too good for every- one else. lil MARIO JOSEPH GIAIMO Engineering A friendly and talkative per- :on if needed for a good ron- verration. Student Council 3,45 Intramu- ral Football 3g Intramural Baseball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year at Union. PET PEEVE: Certain teachers. CAROL VIRGINIA GILL "GEORGE" OR "GILLIE" To be a legal secretary. Always in a pleaxanl frame of mind. Intramural Volleyball 25 Soft- ball 2g Tennis 2,35 Congress Alternate 4, Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Drivers' Education class in my junior year. PET PEEVE: Crowded cafe- teria, and having third lunch. JUDITH LYNN GERRING "JUDY" To be happy and make those I love happy A rare rombinalion of fun, popularity, and perronalily. Cheerleading 2,3g Captain 4, Future Teachers of America 2,33 Treasurer 49 Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Intramural Tennis 2,3,4g Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Intramural Soccer 2,3,4g Intra- mural Basketball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom "59," and junior year. PET PEEVE: Lack of school spirit. RALPH W. GILL Meteoroloist The loudnen of bi: drum: doer noi reflect bi: -manner. Concert Band 2,3,4g Orchestra 25,45 Dance Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 2,3,4g Senior Congress Alternate 45 Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Union High School football games. PET PEEVE: Caldwell Avenue parking lot, for teachers only. BARBARA PAULA GOLDBERG "BO'BBI" To love and be loved Fabulous fun-4 song in her heart. Dance Band 23 Thespian Un- derstudies 2,3343 F.T.A. 43 In- tramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Con- sales, Mr.-Grant, Mr. Jaeger, and summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Preiudice and conformity. WILLIAM ALLEN GOLDBERG "BILL" To go into a profession I like Winning personality-Union's golden trumpeter - stores, stamps and postcards. Science Club 3,43 Debating Club 2,3,43 Chess Club 2,3,43 Intramural Bowling 2,33 Dance Band 233,43 Swimming Team 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEvE: Chalk, scraping on the blackboard. STEPHEN LEWIS GLEITZMAN "GLEITZ" Physical education teacher A great, versatile athlete. Football- 2,3343 Baseball 2,3.43 Wrestling 2,3,4 3 Varsity Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Co-cap- tain football team. PET PEEVE: Girls who get serious. KAREN L. GOLDSMITH Teaching and marriage Radiance from within-avid johnny Mathis fan-genuine friendliness. Thespian Understudy 2,33 Fu- ture Teachers of America 3,43 Usher Squad 3,43 Cannon Page Editor 3,43 Congress Alternate 2.43 Cannon Reporter 23 Treasurer Debating Club 3,43 Bowling Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My iun- ior year and the summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Teachers who give homework on the week- ends. DALE GLOGOCHESKI Electronic engineer Electronically minded-neither frets nor fumes. Bowling 23 Radio Club 33 Congress 2.3. FAVORITE MEMORY: A mas- querade dance. PET PEEVE: History. RAYMOND GOLONKA "RAY" A To own a Corvette Bait and tackle enthusiast-an encyclopedia on cars-full of the devil. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year. PET PEEVE: Guys who clon't like Corvettes. 44 LEON GOLDBERG "LEE" To go to college Specializes in :ports -- amiable nature - court festef of Union High School. Bowling 2,43 Intramural Bas- ketball 3,43 Intramural Base- ball 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my license. PET PEEVE: Union High School assemblies. MYRN A SUSAN GOLDBLAT "MOSI-I" To become an illustrator Delightful! y diferent - never still 4 minute-magic with ka brush. Congress 2,3g Student Coun- cil 4g Yearbook Editorial Board 43 Art Club 2,33 In- tramural Tennis 33 Intramural Basketball 23 Intramural Vol- leyball 23 Intramural Bowling 2,33 Intramural Lacrosse 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more class show and village scene in the junior class show. PET PEEVE: My sticky senior hall locker. CARROL LEE GOSS To become a secretary Silver-toned .filenee - perfect combinalion of Jincerizy and understanding - lady driver! Bowling 3,4g Intramural Vol- leyball 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom, senior year, and June 27. 1959. PET PEEVE: People who mind other people's business and not their own. CAROL C. GOURLAY "CHRIS" Secretary Sew: "rorne' .stitch - gracious perronality -- glide: through life. Intramural Volleyball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Girls who talk about other girls. MARTIN GOODMAN "MARTY" To be successful in whatever I do Canlera cut-up -dark and dir- tracling- man of few wordr. Intramural Bowling 2,3,4g In- tramural Baseball Zg Science Club 2,35 Cannon Staff 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1958, a night at the shore. PET PEEVE: Girls who ride around in new cars. CAROLYN A. GRAESSLE To help my fellow man School Jpirit plu.r--.rweet as .rugar -- ralossur of knowl- edge. Nightingales 3,43 National Honor Society 3,4g Student Council 2: Senate 3,43 Con- gress 3,4g Cannoneers 4g jr. Red Cross 2g Intramural Bas- ketball Zg Debating Club 2, 3,4g Vice-President Debating Club 45 Cannon Staff 2g Can- non Page Editor 3g Cannon Editorial Board 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: "D" Days. PET PEEVE: Insincere people. ANITA BETTY GORDON To make "him" a good wife So lucky in love-amiable per- sonality-"take a letter." Intramural Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: October 4, 1958. PET PEEVE: Waiting for pay- day. BERNARDETTE GRANT "BE.RNIE" To do the best I can, always Fiery lorkr-avid reader- heart of gold. Intramural Volleyball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Latin Ill class, '58, '59, PET PEEVE: Tests and home- work! 45 i ,K Nwiv, me at BARRY GOTTLIEB "BARRY" To go in the Navy and be a pharmacist Merry mircbief- "Field and Stream" -Ibat big Cadillac. Boys' Intramural Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Grant's "Morning Home- room Fan Club." PET PEEVE: No parking in the parking lot for students. JOHN GRABKO "BECKTOI..D" To be a success in life Never a "lull" moment-4 "reel" man-lettering can ir hir unurual bobby. Varsity Soccer 3,4g Swimming Team 45 Track 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Winning a swimming race at Princeton University. ' PET PEEVE: Parking for teachers only in the parking Of. ERNEST DENNIS GRAZIANO "ERNIE" To enter a college Turnt gloom into glee-fart, cart, cart-al home at rea. Varsity Cross Country Team 2g Marching Band 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 3:10 bell at the end of sixth period. PET PEEvE: Getting up for school on Monday mornings. JAMES E. GREGORY HJIM.. Businessman Touchdown triumphs--:ilenre it golden-hir hunting dogs are hir hen friendf. Varsity Football 2,5,4g Track 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Being captain of the 1959 football team, PET PEEVE: Too much hard work. DOROTHY ELIZABETH GREGOVICH "DOT'I'IE" T0 get my R. N. Sugar 'n' Jpire-a worthwhile, friendly charm - hewitching ballroom danrer. Junior Red Cross 23 Intramu- ral Volleyball 2g Nightingales 3,4g Treasurer of Nightingales 4g Tennis 2,5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: People who think they are better than you are. JOHN GROHMANN To become an engineer Full of life and fun. FAVORITE MEMORY: August 2, 1959. PET PEEVE: NO parking in the parking lot. MICHAEL JOSEPH GREENW OOD "MIKE" Orthodontist Addr a lively .rparhle to life- a :mile for everyone-Jwirm ming if his Jport. Yearbook Staff 4g Student Council Representative 3: Al- ternate 4g Congress Alternate 2,33 Radio Club ai Usher Squad. FAVORITE MEMORY: U. S. History III, and the Junior Ring Dance. PET PEEVE: Girls who help themselves to food from my refrigerator. JOHN WALTER GREGORY "TUMA" To become a business man Gridiron giant-hun!er'.r ha- ven-inlerensz rporlr, ran, and girlr. Varsity Football 3,4g J. V. Football 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: First football game against Trent- on. PET PEEVE: Too much home- work! VERONICA A. GROGAN "RONNIE" D an! perronality - herorning " 'friend -Mfr. Homemaker of Tomorrow. Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The night of the junior Prom. PET PEEvE: Teachers that call you by your last name. JOAN LYNDA GROM "JOANNY" To work in the Prudential A winning way-a vivaciou: Mir:-thore .rlujed pert! FAVORITE MEMORY: Gradua- tion parties of 1958. PET PEEVE: Teachers who "mock" students. sqm 'WM 'E' 'rl 2515 I, BARBARA ANN GRUBER "BARB" To be a secretary Enjoyable companion - plea!- anl perronality - becoming brown bair. Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59. PET PEEVE: Sixth period gym. LOUIS D. GURA ..LOU.. To be a mathematician Deftinationz .rucren -- brain: and perronalily plur -- 4 beacon in matb. Congress 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 43 Bowling 5g Treasurer Na- tional Honor Society 4: Alter- nate Student Council 2: Science Club 53 Usher Squad 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Chemis- try. PET PEEVE: Homework. JUDITH JEANNE HACKETT "JUDY" To be a secretary Saxopbone-a friend lo one, a friend to all. Band 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 28, 1959. PET PEEVE: People who are always late for dates. BARBARA CECILIA HAIRSTON "BOBBIE" To be successful Atblelic - fun loving - friendly. Varsity Hockey 2,3,4g Intra- mural Softball 2g Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Modern Dance 2,3,4g Intramural Vol. leyball 2g Intramural Tennis 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Winning tirst prize in a cha-cha con- test at the sophomore dance. PET PEEVE: People with evil dispositions and pessimistic Outlooks. DENNIS CHARLES GRYGOTIS "DEN" Enter the field of dentistry Manly deririvenen - friendly belpfulneff. Football 2,53 Track 2,3,4g Science Club 3,49 Intramural Bowling 3,43 Intramural Bas- ketball 3g Stamp Club 3: Audio Visual Aids Crew 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My freshman General Science class with Mr. Semcresen. PET PEEVE: First period gym. LORRAYNE ROBERTA CORRINE HACELA "LORRY" To attend college "A :oft voice berpeakr femi- ninityf' Softball 2g Tennis 2,43 La- crosse Zg Debating Club 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 4, '59 and junior Prom. PET PEEVE: U. S. History, ROBIN LOWELL HAGELIN "CI-IICKIE" "A woman may rbange ber mind." Intramural Hockey 2g Intra- mural Volleyball 2,3,4g Intra- mural Basketball 2g Twirlers 23 Intramural Baseball 2: Yearbook Biography Staff 43 Cannoneers 4, Colorguard Sub 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The fun I've had at Union High, es- pecially sophomore year. PET PEEVE: Not being able to go to Union High in my freshman year. CYNTHIA CAROLE HALO "CINDY" To be a success in life A :bining "Halo" girl-fan minine cbarm- "It'J a wom- an'J world." Nightingales 4: Intramural Volleyball 33 Intramural Bas- ketball Zg Cannoneers 45 Intra- mural Soccer 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the good times I'Ve had during the summers of 1958 and 1959. PET PEEVE: Back-seat drivers. 'Doub1c, Double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble . . X'-in , . ,,., N, I I'm glad you like my soup! 48 Third lunch? ? PHILIP F. HALPIN "PHIL" Forestry engineer Quie! and modefl in lair ways. J. V. Track 2,45 J. V. Wrest- ling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Ring Dance. PET PEEVE: Student parking. EDWARD ROBERT HANEWALD NED.. Lineman Quiet and unaJ:uming--frier1d- ly and dependable. J. V. Baseball 25 J. V. Bas- ketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior health class. PET PEEVE: Girls with short hair. JEANNE CAROLE HARMS To be a nurse and make people proud of me Agile, clever, gay-an all- around gal in every way. Intramural Volleyball Z5 Twir- ling 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Softball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Being with "him" in junior history class. PET PEEVE: Getting up in the morning. KENNETH BURTON HARSELL To be an electronics engineer Good renre and good nature are never Jeparaled. Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior English class. PET PEEVE: Those "really big" halls around the cafe- teria. ' DELORES BARBARA HAMMER To be happy and successful Always happy, lol: of fun, e11eryone's friendrbip .the bar won. Yearbook Editorial Board 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Leaders' Club 3,45 Intramu- ral Volleyball 2,3,45 Cannon- eers 45 Student Council Alter- nate 3,45 Twirling 3,45 Bowl- ing 3,45 Intramural Soccer 3, 45 Intramural Softball 254. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year. PET PEEVE: Being one of the youngest in my class. ROBERT WARREN HANSCOM "BOB" To be a success A tall guy, quiel and Jincere. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer in South America. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. BETTY ANN HARRIS TO be a stenographer She? always merry and bright! Congress 2 5 Intramural Hockey 35 Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to football games with "him." PET PEEVE: Unfriendly friends. BETTES FRANCES HARTJEN Airline stewardess or Secretary Personality plus-a laughing girl-warm smile. Modern Dance 25 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,45 Tennis 25 Intramural Basketball 2,45 Softball 25 Bowling 45 Year- book Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Jun- ior Ring Dance, the day after the Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Dreamy eyes. REGINA ANN HAUKE "GINA" Insurance work Eagerly we welcome rbi: lovely Miff. FAVORITE MEMORY: Decem- ber 13, 1953, my first day in the United States. PET PEEVE: Homework. CORNELIUS EDWARD HAYNES "CONNIE" To be A physical education teacher A :well guy, full of fun, well liked by everyone. Varsity Football 2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2,3g Track 2,55 Indoor Track 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Playing quarterback on the football team. PET PEEVE: "Way-out" girls, and henpecked boys. ROBERT JAMES HECK "R. J." Building contractor Happy-go-lucky - carefree - witty. FAVORITE MEMORY: Decem- ber 7, 1958. . PET PEEVE: A certain girl. ROBERT MAX HEISSLER "BOB" To be successful Happy men rball have many friends! Indoor Track 2,3,4g Cross Country 4g Outdoor Track 2, 3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1958. PET PEEVE: The Caldwell Avenue parking lot. WILLIAM HAYES "SHOTGUN" To be an airplane pilot . Athletic and jovial. Varsity Football 2,3g Varsity Track Team 2,3,4g Varsity In- door Track 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My freshman year with the sen- ior girls. PET PEEVE: "Stuck-up" girls! THOMAS PATRICK HEALEY "TOM" To go to college A fellow who will alwayf have friends. Varsity Cross Country 3,4g Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4g Var- sity Track 2,3,4g Bowling 2: Key Club 5,4g Senior Con- gress. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fourth period Driver Education class. PET PEEvE: Teachers who mark tests late. CAROLYN JUNE HEDDEN To find happiness in life Entburiartir - energetic - happy. F.T.A. 3,45 Leaders' Club 5,45 Intramural Volleyball 2.5.43 Intramural Hockey 45 Intra- mural Basketball 3,4g Intramu- ral Tennis 2,3,4g Intramural Archery 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My va- cation at the shore during 1959. PET PEEVE: People who walk very slowly in the halls. PATRICK HENDER "PAT" To be a success A good sense of humor- rlsemirtry lab ability-a.r one of :be guy: heir one of the grealexf. Bowling 2,3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball 4g Varsity Swimming Team 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sixth period study in sophomore year. PET PEEVE: The parking lot. A ERIC FRED HENRICHS Electrical career He believes in life, liberty, and a rar ro pursue hoppinen! Bowling 23 Wrestling 33 In- tramural Football 23 Intramu- ral Softball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: When l could park in the parking lot. PET PEEVE: That parking lot. WENDY ROSE HERLIHY To set an example worthy of being followed A diligent and capable .rm- denz - tremendous momentum -popular. Yearbook Staff 43 Leaders' Club 2,33 Cannon Staff 2,33 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,43 Intramural Softball 2,33 In- tramural Volleyball 3g Intra- mural Basketball 2,3,43 Intra- mural Basketball 33 F.T.A. 3,43 National Honor Society 33 Student Council Represent- ative 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Singing with the "Modernaires." PET PEEVE: Teachers who give "busy-work." ROBERT HENRY HEUSCHKEL "DIPPER" Philanthropist jun o good guy-what more do you want? J. V. Basketball 23 Varsity Basketball 33 Varsity Baseball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: 6th pe- riod history class. PET PEEVE: Girls who paint their face. BARBARA ANN HILL "MICKI" To be a sociologist, wife, and mother Charm - poise - delenmina- lion. Intramural Hockey 23 Intra- mural Basketball 23 Intramu- ral Tennis 2,3,43 Intramural Volleyball 33 Bowling 33 Con- gress Alternate 2,33 Thespian Understudies 2,3,4g Library Staff 43 Cannon Staff 3,43 Nightingales 3,43 F.T.A. 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Christ- mas vacation 1958. PET PEEVE: Injustice. DON LAWRENCE HENRY "PEBBIE" Electrical career Friendly to all, great and small. Bowling 33 Intramural Basket- ball 4g Track 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Biology. DOUGLAS JOSEPH HERZOG ' Mechanic A "cool" guy-joking wayr. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 3:10 bell. PET PEEVE: Getting up and coming to school. CAROL ANN HIGEL "CI-IIGS" To become a nurse Three important "C'.r": cheer- fulnerr, cooperation, and cour- tery. Interscholastic Hockey 2,3,4g Intramural Volleyball 2,33 In- tramural Basketball 23 La- crosse 23 Art Club 23 Usher Squad 43 Leaders' Club 2,33 Nightingales 3,43 Intramural Softball 33 Archery 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: The one-way halls. JAN ET DOROTHY HILL ..JAN., To be a secretary, wife, and mother Simple of manner-sweet of smile. Intramural Volleyball 2,33 In- tramural Basketball 2,4Q Bowl- ing 43 Yearbook Staff 4g Leaders' Club 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ring Dance, 1958. PET PEEVE: A certain green uMerC.u KENNETH JOHN HIRTZ "STAR" Electrical engineer A good bowler-quiet ways. Bowling 2,3,45 Tennis 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Walking through the halls with a cer- tain girl. PET PEEvE: 8:40 bell. JANE BRYAN HOERRNER To achieve happiness and success If friendr were money, rlae would be tbe ricbert. Senior Class Secretaryg F.T.A. Vice-President 35 President 45 Leaders' Club 2,35 Vice-Presb dent 45 Congress 3,45 Student Council Alternate 35 Cannon- eers 45 Girls' Intermural and Intramural Sports 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the friends I've made and good times I've had at Union High School. PET PEEVE: Students who have no school spirit. JOHN FRED HOFMANN "PEELER" To be a success in college Today: dreamer ir tomorrowif rurcexr. Intramural Bowling 25 Swim- ming Team 45 J. V. Outdoor Track, 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring Dance. PET PEEvE: Parking lor for teachers. RALPH PAUL HOLZMILLER To be a success in life Curly blonde hair-men of few word: are the bert of men. FAVORITE MEMORY: First pe- riod English. PET PEEVE: Parking lot prob- lem. GLORIA LYNNE HOCHBERG "GLOR" To be a nurse and get married A willing way and a plearant smile. Cannon Staff 25 Sophomore Congressg Interscholastic Soc- cer 35 Usher Squad 45 F.T.A. 45 Bowling 45 Yearbook Fi- nance Staff 4. . FAVORITE MEMORY: Hanover and Bradley. PET PEEVE: "Boys," EDWARD JOHN HOFFMAN "RED" Bus driver Red hair - frerkler - quiet ways. FAVORITE MEMORY: First pe- riod of junior year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. LEONA MARIE HOLZL "LEE" Airline stewardess Liked by all-a friendly lar: -dreamy eyer. Soccer 2,35 Volleyball 25 Lead- ers' Club 2,3g Basketball 2, 3,45 Cannon Art Staff 33 Cheerleading 45 Congress 25 Student Council 35 Yearbook Stal? 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sen- ior prom weekend of 1959. PET PEEvE: Students who have no school spirit. MARY GERTRUDE HOLZSCHUH "TRUDY" Secretary New Brunrwirkk lor: and our gain. Cannoneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cheering at tl1e games. PET PEEVE: People who dOn't cheer at the school games. CAROL ANN HOMER Private secretary Congenial - adaptable - eager to pleare. Intramural Volleyball 2,39 In- tramural Softball 2,3g Bowl- ing 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY! Senior year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. ELAINE MARIE HYDE "SAM" To make money and be happy A light heart live: long. Intramural Volleyball 2,4g Bowling 4: jr. Red Cross 3: Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMoRY: April 3, 1959. PET PEEvE: People who one day say "hello" and the next day act as if they clon't know you. STEPHEN DAVID HOROWITZ "STEVE" To be a success Conrcientiouur-giver a good argument - parlez-von: fran- fair? Intramural Baseball 35 Science Club 3,45 Cannon Staff 35 Student Council 4: junior Con- gress 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: French for four years. PET PEEVE: Insincere people with wrong ideas. PATRICIA HUTCHIN SON "PATTI" Get married Flowing tre.r.fe.r - talkative - petite. Volleyball 3,45 Softball 4. FAVORITE MEMoRY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Not being al- lowed to smoke during lunch. CAROL MARIE HUDZIAK To be a friend, and have friends Dancer - active - competent. Volleyball 23 Yearbook Edito- rial Board 4g Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMoRY: U. S. History 3. PET PEEVE: People who make you wait. CAROL ANN HUTHWAITE To get married to that certain someone Lendy a willing band-- con- centrated derirer - likeable. Intramural Volleyball 2g In- tramural Basketball 2,3. KURT WILLIAM HOPPE "DOC" To be an aeronautical engineer Quietnen and conjidenre :ball be bi: Jtrengtb. Soccer 4g Bowling 2g Science Club 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Chemis- try class. PET PEEVE: Traffic jams in the hall. K 7..k . K S DENNIS BRIAN IGOE To be a success Friendly-witty-Irish smile. Intramural Basketball 4g Track 5,4g Indoor Track 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring Dance. PET PBEVE! Third floor homeroom. JOAN MARION INTRAEARTOLA "JONI" To be happily married Lott of fun and fancy free. Leaders' Club 2,55 Hockey 2g Soccer 35 Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 3,4. ' FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year, when I got my license. PET PEEVE: People who think they're too good for every- body. WERNER JEHLE To be happy and successful in life Nice - friendly - compatible. Wrestling 2,3g Baseball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Third period economics class in my junior year. PET PEEVE: Girls who dye their hair. ELIZABETH ANN JACKSON "BETTY" To fulfill all my goals Oni: outlook ir part of lair virtue. Nightingales 4: Volleyball 4: Intramural Basketball 4g In- tramural Baseball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom of '59 and Senior Prom of '59. PET PEEVE: Boys who think they are God's gift to women and "Jive Time" boys. PHILIP ALAN JAMES "PHIL" Electrical technician Good-natured - eaty-going - worthy of friendf. Wrestling 23 Student Council 2g Student Council Alternate 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. D.'s lectures in Plane Geometry. PET PEEVE: Walking back and forth from the Jeanette St. parking lot. 8 JOHN FRANCIS JAKOSITZ "JACK" To be a technician Fair of hair - quiet - intent on "one." FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring Dance. PET PEEVE: Two-hour park- ing zones. BARBARA JEAN JAWORSKI "BEE JAY" To be happy and successful in what I decide to do Quiet - dancing - intelligent. Modern Dance 2g Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4: Archery 3, 4: Bowling 3,4: Basketball 3,45 F.T.A. 35 Leaders' Club 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59, football games. PET PEEVE: Having to walk up to the third Hoor just for homeroom. ROBERT HENRY ISAKSEN "IKE" Store manager Dependable - lively - ter- riir pefxonality. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Jun- ior Prom. PET PEEVE: Getting up in the morning. RICHARD JAMES JOHNSON "RICK" Always to be well off Clever and an all-around nite guy. FAVORITE MEMORY: Week- ends. PET PEEVE: Money problems. STEPHEN F. JUMAN "STEVE" Dental surgeon Truttworthy - humorous' - dependable. Sophomore Congress: Student Council 33 Senior Congressg Intramural Basketball 3,43 Bas- ketball Manager 3g Intramural Baseball 5. FAVORITE MEMORY: Union High's basketball games. PET PEEvE: Low-marking teachers. ELIZABETH ANN JUPA "LIZ" To have success and happiness in the future Small - capable - intererting. Intramural Volleyball 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Friday, February 13, 1959. PET PEEVE: Not being able to have a mid-morning snack. S JAMES ROBERT JOHNSON "JIMMY" To do something for mankind Great competitive .rpirit - .ttrong Jilent type. Wrestling 2,3,4g Soccer 3,43 Intramural Basketball 3g Base- ball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: My last year at Union High School. PET PEEVE: People who try to impress you by trying to be something they're not. JOAN HARRIET KALB "jOANIE" To be a success in whatever I do Very talkative - alwayr joking -full of fun. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Baseball 2: Cannon Staff 3g Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior homeroom. PET PEEVE: Teachers who give homework over the weekend. BLANCHE CAROL JONES .B J .. To go to college and make the best of life Radiant Jmile - twinkling eye:-bundle of fun. Nightingales 45 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Hockey 3: Intramural Basketball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year at Union High School. PET PEEVE: One-way halls and "Jive time" boys. NANCY ANN KANE "NANCY" To get my beautician's license Light of heartw-Jhillful in .rtyling hair. Intramural Hockey 29 Intra- mural Volleyball 2g Orchestra 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Early moming meetings. PET PEEvE: Conceited people. JOANNE L. JUNKER UO.. To lead a happy and successful life Small in stature, great in character. Intramural Volleyball 2g Soft- ball 2g Nightingales 3,4g Con- gress 4g Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Last half of iunior year. PET PEEVE: Third floor home- room. LAWRENCE S, KACHELRIESS, JR. "LARRY" Journalist and 'public relations man Continually joking, hut alwayx competent and willing. Student Council 4g Intramural Basketball 3,45 Basketball Manager 33 Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Saturday football games. , PET PEEVE: Teachers who do not mark tests right away. JOSEPH MICHAEL KARCH "MIKE" To live a full and happy life Humorotu -manner - friendly Jmile. Football 2,5,4g Track 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Wood- bridge J. V. football game, 1958. ' PET PEEVE: Girls who act "cool." RAYMOND JOSEPH KARPIN SKI "RAY" To be a success Nonehalanl perfonality-quick to get right into the :wing of thingr at Union High School. Intramural Bowling 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Teachers who pile on homework. GARY KANTROWITZ To teach elementary school Fun-loving - happf- good Jport. Bowling 3,49 Chess Club 45 Boys' Glee Club 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Getting my driVer's license. PET PEEVE: Only faculty parking in the lot. HOWARD KATZ "HOWIE" To be a nuclear engineer A gentlemen by nature, a .rcholar by education -future atom rmaxher. Chess Club 4g Senior Congress 45 Yearbook Staff 43 Bowling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Student Council Dance in sophomore year. PET PEEVE: Teachers who give long assignments. THOMAS KAPTOR "STANLEY" To retire at 21 Great athletic ability - good :port - friendl y. Football 3,4g Indoor Track 3,43 Outdoor' Track 2,3,4g Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Indoor track team. PET PEEVE: Guys who think they're cool. ALAN MYRON KAY NAL.. To be successful Liked for hi: friendly, ton- :iderate wayf. Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year, third period Eco- nomics in my junior year. PET PEEVE: Two-hour park- ing at the high school. .Wt , JOSEPH WILLIAM KAREIVIS To be a success in business A Jincere, friendly fellow- quietneu portray: him. Bowling 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: My iun- ior English class. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. ARNOLD MICHAEL KATZ "ARNY" To become a pharmacist Addr to the gaiety in the bath of the room. Bowling 2,3,4g Chess Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Ring Dance, Senior Kick-off, junior year. PET PEEVE: Girls who wear their blouses outside their skirts. t, 4 WILLIAM A. KAYAN "BILL" To have a good life Relaxed and carefree - candid -proud of lair '53 Ford. FAvoRt'rE MEMoRY: Room 301 in my senior and iunior years. PET PEEVE: Two-hour park- ing at the high school. JUDITH CHARLOTTE KEIPER "JUDY" To become a teacher, get married, and raise a family A trearure of rheerfulnerr and caurtery. Future Teachers of America 4. FAVORITE MEMORY! Driver Education with that certain teacher. PET PEEVE: People who think they are better than others. MARGARET DEANNA KELLER "MARGIE" To be successful Mildert manner - gentler: way. Intramural Basketball 2, Vol- leyball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Drivers' Education class. PET PEEVE! Oral book re- ports, teachers who think their subject is the most im- portant. ROBERT S. KENDLER "BOB" To be successful in life's venture Intriguing perronalily-:park ling ronvermlion-optimirm. Soccer 2,3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball 2. Favonmz MEMORY! The day I got my car. PET PEEVE: People who know nothing about everything. HERMAN NICHOLAS KEEHBLER "NICK" To go to college Calmly atlenliue - companion- ably Jympatlaelic. Student Council Alternate 3: Bowling 2g Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4g Baseball 5,4. FAVORITE MEMoRY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Talkative fe- males. DANN1 Jo KELLER "DAN" To decide on the future and follow through A rare combination of inlel- ligenre, fun, and perronulity. Student Council 2,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Varsity Soc- cer 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Novem- ber 14, 1958, andhall the friends I've made since enter- ing Union High. PET PEEVE: People who act higher than those really above them. ELAINE MARY KELLY "LENI" To get married A happy bear!-from pen: and pencil: to pot: and pant. FAVORITE MEMORY: Christ- mas Eve of 1958. PET PEEVE: People who re- fuse to give another person a break. WILLIAM ERWIN KIESS "BILL" To become an electrical engineer Alway: 4 joke or two. Radio Clubg Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3g Intramural Foot- ball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Electri- city 1, 2, 3 and April 22, 1958. PET PEEVE: Third lunch, P.M. homeroom. CAROLINE G. KIRCHNER "SI-IORTIE" To be a secretary Deeply inquirilive - tiny pack of dynamite-:Iunning :ten- ogfapber. Intramural Volleyball 2, In- tramural Softball 2g Intramu- ral Archery 3g Intramural Soc- cer 3,4g Leaders' Club 3,43 Congress Alternate 3: Student Council Alternate 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: April to December 1957. PET PEEVE: Thick-headed boys. EDWARD WILLIAM KOEMPEL To be a success Calmly be punue: bi: way. FAVORITE MEMORY: First day of school. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. ROBERT HAROLD KOHN "BOB" Navy A good looking, dependable guy. FAVORITE MEMORY: Gene- vieve. PET PEEvE: Getting lost on assembly days. - CAROLINE PAULINE KOLB "CAROL" To be a good wife and mother Her virtue: are many: ber fault: are few. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 1958 and the two happy years that have followed. Jun- ior and Senior Proms with that certain someone. PET PEEvE: Insincere and un- friendly people. THEODORE STEPHEN KOBRAN "TEDDY" To go to college and major in journalism Quick comeback: - Proiertr? Belter late than never! Concert Band 2,3,4g Dance Band 2,33 Marching Band 2, 3,45 Intramural Baseball 2, 5,4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3,4g Intramural Football 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 28, 1959 and the day I got my license. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke, and the Marching Band. LOIS ANN KOHAUT ..LO,. Doctors assistant Lively Lo - loquarioxu. Girls' Usher Squad 3,4g Bowl- ing 2,3,4g Softball 2g Intra- mural Hockey 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: July 12, 1957. PET PEEVE: Too much to do in not enough time. WILLIAM ARTHUR KOLB "BILL" To go to college Load: of fun and a really nice fellow. Intramural Baseball 2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Football 25 Bowling 2,3,4g Golf 3,45 Cross Country 43 Indoor Track 4: Fire Squad 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year. PET PEEVB: One-way halls. CAROL M. KOOK "KOOKIE" TO be a kind, learned, and line human being Know: what to ray, :ay: il, and :ay: it well. Yearbook Editorial Board 4g Cannon Staff 2,3,4g Modern Dance 3,43 Congress 23 Con- gress Alternate 4g Leaders' Club 3,45 Intramural Basket- ball 3,4g Thespian Under- studies 2,33 National Thes. pians 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring Dance preparation. PET PEEvE: People who say "Modern Art - horrible!" working, Studying alone, S' 3 'fi' E 5 5 . getting help playing hard and fun are integral parts of our lives. DANIEL ROBERT KORB "DAN" To go to college Hi: way: are those of a quiet permn. Baseball 3,4g Basketball 2g In- tramural Football 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Girls who own convertibles. MICHALINE KOTARSKI "MICKI" Bachelor's private secretary That constant urge for advent- ure-a knack with a needle -platinum blond hair. Intramural Hockey Zg Intra- mural Volleyball 2,3,4g Bowl- ing 3,43 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: October 2, 1959. PET PEEVE: Soggy French fries, "Brownies." HELEN KOVASALA To earn my "Mrs." degree A ".rteady" girl-a gaod word for all. Intramural Basketball 39 In- tramural Volleyball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day "he" got his license. PET PEEVE: Guys who think they're "cooI." JOHN KRAUSE To be successful in whatever I clo Always "fixing" hir car-an all-around great guy. Track 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE : Two-faced people. SUSAN JEAN KOSS "SUE" To find happiness and success in whatever I do Service with a Jrnile-always ready for work or plearure. Girls' Usher Squad 3,45 Office Helper 23 Congress 3,45 Intra- mural Volleyball 2,3,4g Intra- mural Basketball 2,4g Nightin- gales 3,45 Corresponding Sec- retary Nightingales 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My ac- tivities and the friends I've made, senior year, and the senior prom. PET PEEVE: People who think too highly of themselves. ANNA EVELYN KOTZUN "ANN" To be a secretary It'.r nice to he natural when you're naturally nice. Intramural Volleyball 2,45 Modern Dance 2,35 Cannon Typing Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer Of 1959, senior year. PET PEEVE: People who al- ways need an explanation when they are asked a ques- tion. LINDA KRAIS "LYNN" To get married Happy Jpirit, but quiet mind --her heart belong: to him. FAVORITE MEMORY: When "he" got his license, july 1, 1958. PET PEEVE: People who think the world of themselves. KATHLEEN AMELIA KRAUSE To be successful in life Rexerved manner - friendly way. Intramural Basketball 2g Soft- ball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The jun- ior Ring Dance. P E T P E E v E : After-school homeroom. JOHN LAWRENCE KREIDEWEIS To be successful A friend to all, foe to none. Junior Congressg Senior Con- gressg Key Club 3,45 Jersey Boys' State 35 Football 2,35 Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Repre- senting U.H.S. in sports and wearing a U.H.S. uniform. JUNE MAE KRINSKY Secretary or professional dancer Shy, dependable, conscientious. Volleyball 2,45 Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959, senior year. PET PEEVE: Constant borrow- ers, no returnersg people who think they are never wrong. CAROL ANN KUNZ "KUNZIE" To lead a happy, useful life. A friendly smile brings joy to others. Twirlers 2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 2,45 Bowling 3,45 Archery 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Intramural Track and Field 2. MARY M. KYNOCK "PEGGY" To get my "Mrs." degree A petite girl with u sweet manner. Girls' Intramural Hockey 25 Intramural Volleyball 2,45 Bas- ketball 2,45 Softball 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year with that 6'1", blonde, blue-eyed guy, and the Debonnaires. PET PEEvE: The U. S. Army and a certain high school somewhere. S .l is , . ROBERT WILLIAM KREMP i "KEMP" TO be successful in electronics Athletirally and socially in the groove. Varsity Baseball 2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 2.3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Kids that have cars without working for them. CAROLE LYNN KUMF ERT To get my Mrs. degree Always willing to help others. Basketball 2,35 Intramural Soc- cer 3g Volleyball 25 Sopho- more Congressg Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Christ- mas vacation, my junior year, and july 3, 1959. PET PEEVE: The live days between weekends. EDWARD STEPHEN KURYLO To have four successful years in the Navy Eager -- giant size - "anchors aweighf' Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring dance. PET PEEVE: One-way halls on the second Hoor. JUDITH ANNE LACHENAUER "JUDY" TO lead a happy life A smiling personality is the formula for making friends. Student Council 33 Colorguard Captain 45 Leaders' Club 2,35 Intramural Soccer 2,33 Intra- mural Volleyball 2,4g Basket- ball 2,45 Intramural Tennis 25 Archery 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the friends I've made in Union Highg football games, 1959, PET PEEVE: Those who are insincere. LEWIS LADOCSI "LENY" Chemical engineer He who never giver up, will win the larger! rewardr. Soccer 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: This wonderful land of freedom and adventure. PET PEEVE: All that trouble with the language. JEAN MARJORIE LAKOMY Secretary Dramalic ability - demurity. Thespian Understudy 4: Oflice Helper 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring Dance. PET PEEVE: Certain people. NANCY CAROLE LA MEDICA "NAN" That my only dream will turn to reality Her cute personality rtemi from a cute and intelligent perron. Intramural Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 2,33 Bowling 33 Cheerleading 3,4g National Honor Society 3,43 Student Council Representative 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom weekend Of 1959. PET PEEVE: That certain someOne's temper. JOANNE LA MONICA NIO., Secretary She il able lo talk with all and make many friends. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom of 1958. PET PEEVE: Homeroom. ANNETTE 'LA FAUCI To get married Neal in appearance, a very sweet girl. Intramural Volleyball 2g In- tramural Basketball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959, and those rides to Summit. PET PEEVE: People who pull my pony tail. RUTH ANN LAMBERT "RUTHlE" To earn my B.S. in medical technology Ambitious worker- heart of gold. Cannon Staff 5.4: Intramural Basketball 23 Intramural Vol- leyball 2g Intramural Bowling 4: Nightingales 3,4g Congress Alternate 3,43 Yearbook Edi- torial Board 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sen- Ior year. PET PEEVE: People who chew with their mouths Open. JUDITH ANN LAMENDOLA "JUDY" To be happy and successful Gentlenerr breed: happiness. Intramural Volleyball 2g Intra- mural Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom '59, summer of '59, PET PEEVE: Half-hour lunch. MARY JOYCE LANE "jOICIE" Executive secretary Conriderate of other:-able in rporlf. Intramural Volleyball 2,3g Fu- ture Teachers of America 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior and senior year. PET PEEVE: People who go to the Very extreme to be in style. JOAN ANN LANKAY "SHORTY" Nursing and marriage Quiet -- rererrfed - likeable. Volleyball 2,5,4g Basketball 23 Nightingales 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: june 6, 1959, junior Prom, 4th pe- riod English, junior year. PET PEEVE: People who know it all fespecially boysy. ILENE JOAN LEEF To be a success Her Jeriournerr of purpore will help ber achieve Iyer goalr. Senate 3.4, Congress 45 Can- non Page Editor 3.45 Modern Dance 2.54 Intramural Volley- ball 2g Intramural Basketball 2,33 Intramural Softball 2g In- tramural Tennis Zg Intramural Hockey 3, National Honor So- ciety 5,4g Cannon Reporter 23 Library Staff 4g Leaders' Club 2.3. JAMES LEMBO "JIMMY" To get out of high school Popular with the fairer rex- a gleam in lair eyer. Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my driver's license. PET PEEVE: Teachers waking me up in class. MALCOLM LEONARD To be a dentist Friendly dirporiiion--"groovy" dren. Transferred from Martin Van Beuren High School, Bayside, New York. FAVORITE MEMOIRYZ Senior Prom. PET PEEVE: Trying to find a parking spot in the morning. SHARON JANE LA VERE "SHAR" To do as God wills Shining dark hair frame! a prelly fare-eferverrenl per- ronalily. Intramural Sports 2,3,4g Fu- ture Teachers Ot' America 3.4g Student Council 44 Intramu- ral Soccer 2,4g Yearbook Staff 43 Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '59, "Debonnaires," and all the great times and wonder- ful people I've met at U.H.S. in my four years. PET PEEVE: Insincere people. BERNHARD HENRY LEHWALD "BERNIE" To make a lot of money Extraordinary, ordinary man. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 4, 1959. PET PEEVE: Teachers giving a lot of homework. SUSAN ERIKA LENSEN "SUE" Nurse Alwayr willing to do ber be!! for olherr. Volleyball 2,3g Basketball 25 Tennis 23 Bowling 3,4g Night- ingales 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Driving class in junior year and the junior Prom. PET PEEVE: One-way halls, and getting up in the morn- ing. I FLORENCE ANN LEONE "FLO" To earn my Mrs. degree Her :mile and warm friend- .rlaip will be long-remembered. Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2, 3,4g Intramural Volleyball 25 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Cheerleading 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the proms and dances. PET PEEVE: Changing for gyln. ALBERT ANTHONY LETUNIC UAL.. join the Navy Carefree, likable, and alwayx clowning. FAVORITE MEMORY: Biology class. PET PEEvE: Girls who think they know everything. .L-:H is :limi-ffzf' ,V EDWARD LITTMAN "WOODY" To become a dentist If work interfere! with play, give up work. Bowling 2,3,45 Football 2,31 Cannon Staff 3g Swimming Team 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: 4th pe- riod History III class. PET PEEvE: Naive girls. " '.,,-, .V " " r:- . ' , f "l.. ' ..-" flfj! .,.. 5, ,.,. 5 359+ -f'H'lF'5i!fZ' f ir ? I I 1 f f f .li. P' ' . . iff' A I it ROBERT WILLIAM LEWIS "BOB" Mechanic A little fun never burr anyane. Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2, 3,45 Track 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Safe drivers. DORIS GLORIA LIPSON "DOR" To succeed through the years Short and :week Intramural Basketball 25 Vol- leyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Spring and summer of 1959. PET PEEvE: Three Muske- TECH. MARY ANN KATHLEEN LINGSCH "COOKIE" To be happy and to get married Rexerved rloeerfulnexy - quiet eongeniality. Volleyball 2g Intramural Bas- ketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: March 15, 1959. PET PEEVE: People who think they know it all. HOWARD DAVID LIPSTEIN "LIP" To become an attorney Hi: quiet and determined at- titude will win him many friendf. Dance Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,4g Bowling 2,3545 Intramural Baseball 24 Golf 2, 3,4g Congress Altemate 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 22, 1959. PET PEEvE: One-way halls. W., I . , , 5 rpp RHEA CAROL LEVY "RHE" Government work Axfiduity, acting ability. National Honor Society 3,43 Cannon Editor 2,3,45 Student Council 2,3,4g Senate 2g In- tramural Sports 2,3,4g Thes- pian Society Secretary 55 Thes- pian Society President 49 Soph- omore Congress 25 Future Teachers of America 35 Rep- resentative to New jersey High School Conference 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Insincere people. L JOSEPH LORDI MICE.. To make money Marie in bi: mul -a talent for making trouble: disappear. Orchestra 2,3,4. FRANK JOSEPH LOTO To become a commercial artist Freedom from all vanity and :elf-gloriour pride. Intramural Bowling 2,3,4g Art Club 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Attend- ing football games especially the games we won. PET PEEVE: Parking lot. R A 'ssi 'V :sxvviw f ' 5izQ3?i'Qf - 4 , tn.-sd' at s, Rial?-C7' ' - . I .ar We g., -L Q l l GEORGE LUTZ To live the "Life Of Riley" Exuberanzly joyaux -- rampan- iomzble-quick willed. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fresh- men year. PET PEEVE: Trying to find a parking space after 7:30 A.M. ARLENE MARY LUCZKOWSKI "ARE" Secretary Happy am I, free from rare. FAVORITE MEMORY: May and june of '59, and October 10, 1959. PET .PEEVE: Loud mouths who want everyone else to know their business. ROBERT PATRICK LUSK "BOBBY" Medical doctor Self-conlrolled - Jeriour - rongeniul. Congress 2,5,4g Art Club 25 Bowling 3,45 Golf 45 Fire Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My first "1" in Mr. Grant's English class. PET PEEVE: Having a cousin in my History IV class. JOYCE FLORENCE LUDVINSKY To live a happy and successful life Quiez, Tweet, and debanair, .rbe doe.m'z .feem io have a rare. Bowling 4g Softball 2g Volley- ball 2,35 Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Being one of the Debonnaires, sen- ior year. PET PEEVE: Changing for gYm- ROSEMARY SUSAN LUSK "ROE" To make the ones dear to me happy Change: cloud: into rainbow: -life of every party-love 'n' luugbler. Intramural Archery 3,43 Fu- ture Teachers of America 3,43 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Junior Congressg Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Intramural Tennis 2,45 Intramural Soft- ball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom 1958, all the wonder- ful times spent with "my bet- ter half." PET PEEVE: A certain uni- versity being so far away. CAMILLE ANN LUBRANI "CAMI" Private secretary Her arlionr are afforded with her mind, being lively, frank, and kind. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Intermural Basketball 2g Bowl- ing 43 Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Club meetings, winning football games. PET PEEVE: People who wear plaids and stripes together. RICHARD ALBERT MACH "BIG RICH" Chemical engineer Lot: of rrbool spirit. Track 2,3,4g Photography Club 25 Intramural Bowling 25 Football 49 Soccer 2. PETER BARRY MACKOF F "PETE" Accountant in law Small men do big thing:- Jtrihe or rpare? Cannon Staff 23 Bowling 3,43 Congress 33 Fire Squad 3,43 Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Bowling league and Fire Squad. PET PEEvE: Getting up so early to go to school. PHILIP ROCCO MAGALETTA "PHIL" To do what I like The more the mirchief, the better the Jport. Student Council 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: That cer- tain period 6, English class. PET PEEVE: School clocks. CATHERINE ANDREA MACK "CATHIE" To be a buyer Perhy perranality - Jweet and Jpoftf minded. Student Congress Alternate 33 F.T.A. 3,42 Usher Squad 2,4Q Yearbook Editorial Board 43 Leaders' Club 33 Intramural Soccer 3,43 Varsity Soccer 3, 4g Volleyball 2,33 Basketball 2,43 Softball 23 Tennis 23 Archery 33 Cannoneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year activities. PET PEEVE: Having too many meetings at the same time. PATRICIA ANN GEORGE WILLIAM MACKIEWICZ "MACK" To make money FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEvE: Parking lot, and homework over the week- ends. EUNICE MAHR MAHER --PAT-I-In Executive secretary To be a Success A pretty girl-u live wire- in everything I may do fl WW' 5ef"elf"'y- Friendlinerr re1milJ- oired OHICC HelPef 3,49 Cannon P P and plearant. Volleyball 23 Intramural Bas- ketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: All of junior and senior years. PET PEEVE: Lockers that are forever stuck. Typist 4g Volleyball 23 Bas- ketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year and Mr. 'Gatti's biology class. PET PEEvE: Going to work right after school. DOUGLAS FRANK MACMANUS "MAC" Business career Beneath thi: mild exterior there lier a heap of mirrhief. Intramural Baskeball 33 Intra- mural Baseball 33 Camera Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year. PET PEEVE: Sophomores who "play the role." DONALD CORNELL MAGEE "MAGOO" To make a million A :well guy, full of fun, well lihed hy everyone. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior lunch period. PET PEEVE: Girls who think they're too good to say "hello." sUsAN JANE MANDEL "SUE" To be an entertaining entertainer Perpetual morion - heading for .rongdom-Jpirited. Vice - President Sophomore Classg National Thespians 2,3g Marching Band 2,5,4g Dance Band 2,3,4g Swimming Team 4: Debating Club 4g Student Council Representative 2,33 Student Council Alternate 4g Cannon Staff 2,3g National Honor Society 5,43 Bowling 35 Intramural Hockey 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber l959, first professional performance. PET PEEVE: Teachers patrol- ling the lunch room. MICHAEL SAM MANSUETO "MIKE" A man devoted to pleasure Varsity Football 2,3g Varsity Wrestling 2,3. PET PEEvE: Detention. JUDITH ELLEN MAINKER "JUDY" Art career Compared demeanor- excel- lenre in art-definite plan: for the future. Intramural Volleyball 25 In- tramural Basketball 2g Varsity Soccer 3,43 Student Council Alternate 3g Art Club 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 7, 1958. PET PEEVE! Sarcasm. ROBERT WILLIAM MANTEK "MANNY" To be a successful executive Silence ir the geniur of fool: and one of the virtues of the wire. Cross Country 5,4g Wrestling 3,45 Usher Squad 43 Senior Congress 4g Intramural Base- ball 5,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Wres- ing, and summer of 1959. PET PEEvE: When we became a "1" car family. ANTHONY MATTHEW MALERBA "TONY" Business career A mild and quiet manner- bir Ibougbtr :peak louder than words. Intramural Basketball 33 Intra- mural Baseball 3, FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior homeroom with Mr. Jaeger. PET PEEvE: One-way halls. ANTHONY MARESCA "TONY" Automotive specialist A joke, a laugh, a rinrere bearl. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEvE: Stuck-up girls. MAUREEN MARIE MANGOLD "MAUR" To be happy Quiet and Jby, but very .rweel - capable and efcierzt. Yearbook Staff 4: Congress 2,3,4g Basketball 2g Volleyball 2,3,4g Tennis 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: My ter- riic homeroom. PET PEEvE: Small gym lockers. ROSALIE MARIE MAN SUETO "ROE" To be a success and find happiness Neillser a geniur nor a bare - ruperb ringer. Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior and senior years. PET PEEvE: All-girl classes. MARGARET MARY MARTENS "PEGGY" To be an I.B.M. operator Quiel in nppeamnre, with marines unknown. Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Homework on weekends. NANCY ELIZABETH MARTIN "NAN" To get married and become a secretary Friendly wayr - warm Zrmile --fordinl greeting. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year, sixth period. PET PEEVE: One-way halls and homework over week- ends. LOUISE MARIE MARTINO "LOU" To become a legal secretary A true friend to all who hnow her. Intramural Volleyball 2,3,-lg Basketball 2: Yearbook Typing Staff 43 Bowling 3,4g I.B.M. Cannon Typist. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior and senior years. PET PEEVE: Gym. PASQUALE PHILIP MATULLO "PAT" Business administrator If mauerr not how long we live, hui how. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Pe- tosa's Global Geography class. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. JOHN GEORGE , MARTIN "MARTY" TO be a suocess Happy - go - lucky -- cheerful dirporilion. Soccer 2: Baseball 2g Bowl- ing 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: My all- girl classes. PET PEEVE: First period gym. WILLIAM RICHARD MARTIN "MORTY" To be a success A little fun never hurt any- one. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sec- ond year of biology with Mr. Gatti. PET PEEVE: Detention after school. PHILIP ANTHONY MASSIMINO "SAL" Medical career Silence is more eloquent than words. Senior Congress Alternate 4g Bowling League 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of 1959, September 19, 1959. PET PEEVE: Getting up for school on Monday mornings. FRANK WALTER MATUSIAK To be a success Talkazive -- fun-loving. FAVORITE MEMORY: When I got my car. PET PEEVE: Detention before school starts. A iit . ti. Z., 'Q -I ., I A r W I' If ' . . M ll ' " 'Wi' I f:awZ ,.:H1axTE,5? f s 1: " A Isa I lx fi l tl I elle , R' I - l I " If E I j . . .73 lt' Cv-If Eiiili-gzzfi , , KIMBALL I. MAULL "KIM" Biologist Well uerred - intelligent - likeable. Sophomore Congressg Creo Staff. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Grant's English III class, that super market, and that girl. PET PEEVE: Teachers who think theirs is the only sub- ject in school. RALPH E. MCCLOUD To be a success Quiet - plearunt. Bowling 2.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Health 4 with Mr. jesky. I PET PEEVE: Teachers that don't believe you work after school. ROBERT JOHN MCGRATH "MACK" Air force To have friendf if to be friendly. Varsity Basketball 2,3,4g Var- sity Baseball 2,3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Meeting that certain girl. PET PEEVE: Going to Eco- nomics. SUSAN MESKIN "SUE" To go to college Wfordr are fewg thought! are plenty. Nightingales 3,45 Debating Club 2,33 Tennis 35 F.T.A. 3,43 Science Club 4g Senior Congress. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer Of '59. PET PEEVE: People who scream instead of talking over the phone. :if '2 2,-E535 EDWARD ALBERT MAYER "EDDIE" To win friends and influence people Tall, dark, and lmndronte- rreatively ingeniouf. Senior Congressg National Thespian Understudy 41 Year- book Staff 4g Indoor and Out- door Track Manager 2g Art Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior homeroom with Mr. O'Dell. PET PEEVE! Rainy half-day sessions. JOSEPH C. MCELWEE Civil engineer Carefree rtudenl - rourteoul friend - carnal golfer. Soccer 2,3,43 Wrestling 2.3.43 Golf 2,3,4g Intramural Base- ball. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my driving license and the summer Of '59. PET PEEvE: Girls who think they're great. WALTER OTTO MERZ "WALT" Electronics technician The greater your Jlrengtb, lbe greater your manner. FAVORITE MEMORY! Septem- ber 28, 1959, the day I got my license. PET PEEVE: 3:15 P.M. PHYLLIS ANNE MEYER To fill my very special wish Friendly, Jtudiour, and quite rontent. Library Staff 2,3,f1g Cannon Staff 2,33 Volleyball 24 Bowl- ing'3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The great time I had at my junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Girls who think they're "it," 72 "Music and rhythm had their way into the secret places of the soul." - Plato LOIS FLORENCE MICHEL "RED" Always to have faith in God With laughter zhere if no joy. Intramural Girls' Sports 3,43 Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games, junior and senior years. PET PEEVE: First period gym, fighting with "G.P." LYNNE MARDGE MILLER To be a registered nurse Viuariouf - uuizty - friendly. Intramural Volleyball 2, In- tramural Basketball 2g Con- gress Zg Yearbook Staff 4g Nightingales 5,45 Student Council 45 Hall Monitor 45 Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Nightin- gales,' junior Prom, 1958 Kick-'off Dance. PET PEEVE: Algebra. RICHARD RUDY MITCHELL "MITCH" To be a success The good and wife live quiet liver. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my license. PET PEEVE: Getting up early in the morning to go to school. JUDY ANN MONTELEONE To live a successful and happy life Her crown i.f her hair. Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Early moming meetings, May 12, 19593 being a "Les Amiesg" summer Of '59. PET PEEVE: Some certain guys, second lunch, guys who think they're great. I 'H' J ARLENE ANN MILLER "ARE" To reach my goal Long hair- waiting for mail. Intramural Volleyball 2,33 Bas- ketball Zg Congress Repre- sentative 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Student Council Dance of '58. PET PEEVE: Physical educa- tion, and oral reports. MARY ANN MILLER "MARE" To be a success in life To be quiet if lo he liked. Volleyball 35 junior Red Cross 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 28, 1958g summer Of 1959. PET PEEVE: Getting up early on school daysg no time to change in gym. MARIANNE E. MOESSNER "ELLA CINDERSH Friendrhip if pun-hared only hy friendihip. Volleyball 2,3,4' Art Club 25 F.T.A. 45 Softball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Being il paint splasher for the junior show. PET PEEVE: Being called Moessner. FRED WILLIAM MORGAN, JR. To go into the Air Force Never without a :mile 0f hi: camera. Audio-Visual Aides 2,3,4g Ra- dio Club 35 Camera Club 23 Science Club 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: sth pe- riod in room 227g Audio- Visual Aids Crew. PET PEEvE: Teachers that give homework on weekends. CAROLEANN MORGENROTH "MARGIE" To live a happy and successful life She is filed with merry :port and laughter. Intramural Volleyball 2,35 Bowling 3,4g Basketball 2,53 Softball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Writing to that "certain someone," being a Debonnaire, and my senior year. PET PEEvE: Being restricted at lunch time. ALAN JEFFREY MORRIS UAL.. To own a car hop Thoughtful - tall - alwayr talking. Student Council 2,3g Intramu- ral Sports 2: Bowling 2,33 Swimming Team 43 Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Parking in a 2-hour zone. PET PEEvE: Separate girls' and boys' lunch rooms. CRAIG THOMAS MUELLER To be rich Good nature rurpaxrer all. Bowling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year. PET PEEVE: Getting up for school on Monday mornings. KATHLEEN DELORES MUIR "KATHY" To have the happiest day of my past be the saddest day of my future Alwayr in the midrt of .racial and athletic actioitie:-full of laughs. Congress 2g Cheerleading 2 4g Intramural Soccer 2,35 Softball 2,35 Basketball 2,33 Intramural Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Christ- mas, 19583 Debonnaire pa- jama parties. PET PEEVE: Office detention, and people with those great personalities they don't have. s JOSEPH GEORGE MOROOKIAN To be a millionaire Eafy to get along with-one of our great "11." Football 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Practice in the rain. PET PEEVE: Air-raid drills. MICHAEL LEWIS MOSS "MIKE" To be successful and happy Dancing ability--ronrrientiour. nerr. Thespian Understudiesg lun- ior Congressg Radio Club: Art Club 2,43 Usher Squad 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My jun- ior year, and a 6th period history class in 209. PET PEEVE: The half hour lunch period, and the senior cafeteria. GLENN MARTIN MUELLER "FUZZ" Electrical engineer Plearantly rapahle - rongeni- ally amhiliour - honertly friendly. Key Club 3,4g National Honor Society 43 Class Congress 2: Boys' State Alternate 3: Year- book Editor 45 Student Coun- cil Alternate 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Those walks in the halls before morning homeroom. PET PEEvE: The "large" as- sortment Of food for 3rd lunch. NANCY LOUISE MULLER To lead a happy, successful life Cheerful manner - friendly "hello" - witty humor. Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom, 1958. PET PEEVE: People you know who don't say "hello." MARIJAYNE MUNDERICK To be a nurse "A u'orrzan'r crowning glory is her hair." Intramural Volleyball 25 Bowl- ing 3,4g Nightingales 4. FAVORITE MEMoRY: junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Damp days. CHARLES C. MURDEN To make 35200 a week Self contained - interested - derorour. Bowling 2,33 Indoor Track 2. PET PEEvE: Peroxide blondes WALTER HENRY MYER "MOON" To be the "biggest" naval architect Top-notch team manager - bead and :boulders above the rert of the crowd. Outdoor Track Manager 2,5,4g Indoor Track Manager 3,4g Football Manager 3,4g Stamp Club 3,43 Student Council Representative 23 Student Council Alternate 39 Congress Representative 3g Senate 4. FAVORITE MEMORY? All the great sports events I've seen, and all the great people I've met. PET PEEVE: Working at the car hop and missing football games. ROSEMARY ANTOINETTE N APOLIS "ROE" To have the happiest day of my past be the saddest day of my future Small and petite, and ob, .ro Jweet! Intramural Volleyball 25 In- tramural Basketball 2g Sopho- more Congress. FAVORITE MEMORY: june 7, 1958, and Maine, 1959. PET PEEVE: Not being able to smoke in school, and office detention. PATRICIA ANN MURATORE To be successful in everything I do Quality above quantity- one of an imeparable pair. FAVORITE MEMoRY: My fresh- man and sophomore years. PET PEEVE: Having straight hair when it rains. WILLIAM B, MURRAY "BILL" To be rich Crazy for can and girl: - jurt miner the top of the door. FAVORITE MEMORY! My '53 Chevy. PET PEEVE: Crewcutsg my car stalling in trafhc. BETTE IRIS NADLER "BET" To be a nurse Full of fun-alwayr gay and cordial. Intramural Volleyball 2,33 Usher Squad 3,45 F.T.A. 4g Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: "Unclut- tered" American History III boards, and vacations at Brickmans. PET PEEvE: The No. 94 bus and its bus drivers. JOSEPH DONTIE NASO "BUTCH" To make a million Rugged individualirt. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sophomore dance and a girl called "Pigeon," PET PEEVE: Parking in the parking lot. JUDITH CORTRIGI-IT NELSON "JUDY" To End happiness and success in life Willowy appearance -- .funny dirparition - an extenrive wardrobe. Cannoneers 45 Intramural Vol- leyball 4. FAVORITE Memorwz junior Ring Dance, all those great football games, my English class, 1958. . Per Peeve: People that don't smileg insincerity. LAWRENCE FRANK NICOTERA "LARRY" To be a success Plearantly earner! - auto minded. FAvoiu're Memonv: The day I got my car. ROBERT FREDERICK N OESNER "BOB" Draftsman Friendly and considerate in a quiet way. FAVORITE Menoev: My jun- ior physics class. Per Peeve: Chalk marks on chairs. BARBARA JEAN NOWELS "BARB" OR "BOBBI" To become Mrs. and live a happy life A bit of Jeriournerr, a bit of fun. FAVORITE Menon: February 9, 19585 March 21, 19595 be- ing engaged. Per Peeve: Doing exercises in gym. DANIEL JOHN NEUWEILER "DAN" To be a success in whatever I do Hir motto-to laugh the live long day. Intramural Baseball 3,45 Foot- ball 25 Basketball 2,3. FAvolu're MeMo1tY: Getting my convertible. Per Peeve: Only teachers' parking in the parking lot. JANE ANNE NIELSEN Nurse Good-natured - rlainer in any crowd- will don a white cap. Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Vollevball 2,31 Tennis 25 Archery 25 Nightingales 3,45 President 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Congress Alternate 3. FAVORITE MeMonY: Sopho- more dance, Nightingales, and the Debonnaires. Per Peeve: Not enough time to change in gym and one- way halls. VAL ANN N OLAN To succeed in whatever career I choose Determined and full of fun - magnetic personality. Leaders' Club 2,33 Intramural Hockey 2,35 Intramural Vol- leyball 2,35 Intermural Volley- ball 35 Intramural Basketball 2,35 Intermural Basketball 35 All-State Orchestra 3,45 Bowl- ing 35 Intermural Track and Field 2,35 Archery 31 Nightin- galcs 5,4. FAvom1'e Menon: Junior Prom. Per Peeve: People who don't have school spirit. THOMAS DEAN NOWELSKY "TERROR" To be a minister Witty and clever. Cannon Staff 2,35 Science Club 25 Audio-Visual Aids Crew 3,45 Varsity Tennis 3,4. FAvo1u're MeMoRY: Mr. Brown's Algebra I class. Per Peeve: Homework on weekends. BARBARA JANE NUSSER "BOBBY" Interior decorator Soft spoken and sincere-ab pirirzg and artistic. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer vacation, 1959. PET PEEVE: Changing for gym. CAROL ANN SUSAN O'LENICK Commercial artist Sincere and friendly - good lmmored. National Honor Societyg Stu- dent Council 5,4g Intramural Basketball 2,5,4g Bowling 5: National Thespian Societyg Tennis 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Christ- mas Ball, 1958. PET PEEVE: Slow people who crowd the halls. V . S JAMES JOSEPH O'DONNELL, JR. UJIM.. To be successful Curly haired - :oft Jpoken - sincere. Wrestling Team 33 Bowling 35 Intramural Baseball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior English class. PET PEEVE: The parking situation. RICHARD VINCENT OEHRLEIN "ERNIE" To have a successful, happy life after completing college Athletic ability of ufbirly to he proud-has the key to the treamry of knowledge. Varsity Football 2.3.43 Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Baseball 2g Ten- nis 3,4g Key Club. 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day the Union High School Ten- nis Team won the state tennis championship, May, 1959. PET PEEvE: A person who does not use the intelligence given to him, in performing his school work. CHARLES JOHN OEDER "Cl-IAS" To be a guitarist A quiet fellow who make: the mort of bi: weekendJ. Bowling Team 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior English class. PET PEEVE: Homework over the weekend, and no parking in the parking lot. JAMES FRANCIS O'HARA ..JIM,, To join the Navy A happy-go-lucky attitude. FAVORITE MEMORY: Monday nights at the Pines. PET PEEVE: The parking lot that we can't park in. DEN ISE CLARE N UTTMAN Commercial artist or nurse Strawberry blonde hair- talk- ing "up a storm." Nightingales 3,4g Congress Representative 35 Congress Al- ternate 4g Future Teachers of America 43 Cannoneers 4. FAvoRITE MEMORY: Junior Prom 1959, and football games. PET PEEVE: Being told to keep quiet! EUGENE FREDERICK OLLEMAR "GENE" TO take life easy Devil-may-care attitude. FAVORITE MEMORY: Home- room. PET PEEVE: No parking places. CARL OLSON "BOBO" Career in the Air Force Rugged, red- beaded football player. FAVORITE MEMORY: Starting lirst varsity football game. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. SUSAN ANNE ORTH "SUE" To get my "Mrs," degree Big blue eye.r-roy, flirlatiour glance:-practical jokex. 'Bowling 4: Student Council Alternate 4. FAvoRITE MEMORY: U. S. History III class. PET PEEvE: Guys who think they are God's gift to women. GALE ENID ONTELL Elementary teacher Simple of manner, Tweet of fmile. Student Council Alternate 2g F.T.A. 3.4g Usher Squad 3,4g Library Staff 33 Tennis 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: U. S. History III. PET. PEEVE: Getting the measles the last day of school. BARBARA ANN ORLATTI "BOBBIE" Secretarial work Alwayf happy, lot.r of fun, everyones friendrhip .rhe ba: won. Transferred from Weequahic High, 3. Intramural Volleyball 3,4. A FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year, 4th period, and friends made in Union. PET PEEVE: Surprise tests, 3rd lunch. EDWARD PAUL ORENSTEIN "COOCH" The world "Cool" - dependable -- .fenre of humor. Congress 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Clark's Dramatics class, jun- ior year. PET PEEVE: Lack of consider- ation for students in the parking situation. PATRICIA KATHY ORLATTI To be a successful secretary and office worker Sweelneir and virtue Thine for- ever around laer. Transferred from Weequahic High School, 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Practice for the Junior Variety Show and junior year. PET PEEVE: Unhappy people. JUDY DORIS ONDREJCEK "JUDY" To get a job Laugbler and rbutler are ber pauwordr. Transferred from Woodbridge High School. FAVORITE MEMORY: Early morning meetings and the summer of "59." PET PEEVE! Girls who tell wilcl stories. ROBERT PABST "BOB" Electronics work Determined, .relf-willed, plea.:- dflf. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Fad- den's fourth period, Physical Science class. PET PEEVE: Lack of consider- ation for students in the park- ing situation. JOSEPH DOMINICK PAN TE ..-IOE.. Airforce Agreeable - good Izalufed- enfy going. Intramural Football 2,33 In- tramural Basketball 2,3g Intra- mural Baseball 2,3g Bowling 2,5g Indoor Track 3,45 Out- door Track 3,4g Hall Monitor. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior physics class, fourth marking period, Mrs. Henry. PET PEEVE: Teachers who park in the parking lot. NICHOLAS FRANK PARISI "NICK" To own a Cadillac Alwayr looking for new ad- 1'E71lIlI'6'.l'. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year. PET PEEVE: Detention in 105. JOEL PAGANO ..JOE,, Army His md eye: laide the excite- ment ufilbin-army bound. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Gatti's biology room. PET PEEVE: D.G. jr-3. EWALD WALTER PAUL NED.. To become an engineer Quiel, Jineere, friendly. Soccer 2,3,4g Tennis 2,3,4g All-State Bandg All-State Or- chestra. FAVORITE MEMORY: Winning the state tennis champion- ship. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. CHRISTOPHER PALMAFFY "CHRIS" To take life easy Hi: cool and friendly dllillldt' ir ezlwayf eviden!-a boy you :ann forget. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Gatti's biology class. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. LAWRENCE CHRISTIAN PECK "LARRY" Retire at 35 Rererued perronality-leirurely outlook on life. FAVORITE MEMORY: Two years of plane geometry. PET PEEVE: Getting up in the morning for school. LINDA ANN PARCHUC "LYNN" A career in nursing Congenial - rweet - agree- able. Nightingales 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the great times I had in fresh- man year, and all my years at Union High School. PET PEEVE: Guys that act too "cool," FRANK JOHN PATKUS "PONCHO" join the Navy Conrervative - rererved - liked by all. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Young's geography class. PET PEEVE: Getting up Mon- day morning for school. K-augur Q. .,.. ,, .,,. s E YE-T '--Wf R.. ti -'f 3 its ANDREA PEREGRIM "ANDY" To become an airline stewardess A rufeet elegance about ber promire: a rucrerfful fulure. Twirling 2,3,4: Cannoneers 4: Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Bowling 33 Tennis 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Twirling for football games. PET PEEvE: Going out for gym on damp days. ELIZABETH ANN PERRY "BETTY" Teacher Arrive participation in U.H.S. afairr. Basketball 2,3,4g Volleyball 2, 3,4g Softball 2,3,4g Tennis 2: Intramural Volleyball 33 Fu- ture Teachers Of America 3,4g Debating Club 2,33 Leaders' Club 2,31 Cannon Staff 2,3,4: Yearbook Editorial Board 4: Senior Congressg Color Guard 4: Swimming Team 43 Can- noneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year and the friends I've made at Union High. PET PEEVE! Boys in Ber- mudas. PATRICIA KAROL JAMES ANTHONY PECK PEPE "PAT" "JIM" Nurse To be a millionaire at 21 Brimming with fun, conver- Calm, cool, and collected. ralion, and inzererz. FAVORITE MEMORY: Third FAVORITE MEMORY: junior period English class in my Prom, and my junior and sen- ior lunches Junior year. PET PEEvE Bein cal . : g led to PET PEEvE: First floor home- the Oflice. room, first period, third floor. MARTIN ALLEN PETERSEL To be successful in life Quiez and rincere-self de- lermined. Chess Club 2,33 Alternate Stu- dent Council 4g Fire Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: When I got my driver's license. PET PEEvE: Girls who think they're "it." DANIEL Rocco PETRUCCELLI "DAN" Never a dull moment when l2e'J around - ,rzreanzlined for Jpeed. Indoor Track 2,3,4g Outdoor Track 2,3,4g Cross Country 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Novem- ber 15, 1958. PET PEEvE: Kids with no school spirit. MARY VIRGINIA PERKINS "GINNY" Secretary Her .fparkling eye: and win- ning rmile will take ber far. Intramural Hockey 2g Intra- mural Volleyball 2,3g Twirl- ing 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 1958 Thanksgiving Day football game. PET PEEvE: First period gym in sophomore and senior years! ERIC JOHN PERSSON To be a mechanical engineer Congenial, benign, arriduour. Track Team 2: Bowling 3,45 Chess Team 2,3,4g Student Council 35 Senior Congress. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games. PET PEEvE: One-way halls. RICHARD ANTONY PETRUCCELLI "DICK" To be a success in life Hi: friendly woyt put every- one at ease. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom. PET PEEVE: People who think they are better than others. NICHOLAS JOSEPH PICCIONE "NICK" Undecided Never a dull moment when be'J around. Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: 3:45 P.M. September 28, 1959, Monday. PET PEEVE: Teacher's park- ing lot. FRANK BARON PITT To become successful in business Quiet with o pleafing penan- ality. Basketball 2,33 Student Coun- cil 3: Congress 45 Swimming 45 Band 25 Marching Band 25 Baseball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Two-hour park- ing. CHARLES MICHAEL PLOSKI "CHARLIE" Undecided Carefree manner - contented mind. Bowling 25 Congress 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I got my license. PET PEEVE: School parking system. LYMAN GARY PEYSER "BEANY" To be an engineer Ambitious' - withdrawn - rererved. Bowling 2,35 Swimming 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Biology in 310. PET PEEVE: Hall monitors. MARILYN FRANCES PIKOR "LYNN" To be happy and make those I love happy Her friendliness to all make: ber enjoyable to be with. Student Council 25 junior Congressg Senior Congress Al- ternate5 Yearbook Editorial Board 45 Intramural Volley- ball 2,4g Intramural Softball 25 Cannoneers 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year and summer '59. PET PEEVE: Two flights of stairs, 8:15 every morning. CAROL RUTH PLONNER "CHARLIE" To teach Quiet, onzbitiour, plenmnt. Field Hockey 2,35 Tennis 25 Softball 2,35 Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 25 Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sen- ior year. PET PEEVE: "Short" assign- IIIEKIIS. ELAINE VICKIE POLLARD "POLLI" To teach mathematics Proficienry in moth-aniduity -graceful in dance. Modern Dance: Volleyball 25 Tennis 25 Cannon Staff 2,3,45 Cannon Editor 5,45 School Service Committee 5,45 Girls' Citizenship Institute Alternate5 Marching Band 3,45 Student Council Representative 45 Fu- ture Teachers of America 3,45 Usher Squad 3,45 Library Staff 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The year 1959. PET PEEVE: Most "popular" music. y - 5 - ii- .srg-I-If-ef. -:'- - , r I h. I, -. .. z ,'.L, J If THOMAS JOSEPH POPOLA, III "TOM" Undecided Easy lo know, eary to like- never a woman hater. Bowling Team 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sum.mer of 1959, the tirst summer with my carg visit I made that summer. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom, and girls who think they are the only girls in the school. DORIT META PROBST To be a nurse Stately walk - naturally blond hair. Volleyball 23 Swimming 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 12, 1959. PET PEEVE: Chemistry valen- ces. IRENE QUEEN UQUEENS' Court stenographer Her adorable manner rnatcbet her looks. Girls' Intramural Hockey 2,3g Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Girls' Intramural Soft- ball 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: August 3, 1958, August 22, 1959. PET PEEVE: Girls with per- sonality-plus. STANLEY PHILIP RAPPAPORT I 'STANU To be a journalist Of unique perfonality. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 155 my license. PET PEEVE: Girls who won't say "hello." VINCENT POTUTO "VINCE" Beautician A unique and quiet penan- alizy. Soccer 2g Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 3, 1958. PET PEEVE: Teachers' park- ing lot. DANIEL N. QUAGLIATO "DAN" Engineer Inrerexting, agreeable, friendly. Intramural Basketball 4. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. CAROL LOUISE RADLER To be successful in whatever I do Wilb ber rrnile goe: Jweet- nexr and arnbilion. Junior Red Cross 2,33 Night- ingales 5,45 Usher Squad 45 Bowling 3,45 Tennis 3,4g Archery 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games and Nightingales. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom. ELENA ANITA RATUSHNY To be a research chemist A: Iferratile and dependable ar the day ir long. Intramural Volleyball 2,33 Representative to jersey Girls' Stateg Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Nigh'tingales 3,45 Intramural Hockey 3,49 Intramural Soft- ball 2g Intramural Archery- 3, 45 Congress 45 National Thes- pian Society 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,43 Bowling 33 Tennis 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom. PET PEEVE: People who don't smile. 1 . wi ai 25' 1 84 ,gg f.m:3' .K , ,g,k,,s:1gk -,-1f:w'- 3455 L gp, 1 -zrffixwfiwr :s "If the teacher is interested and wants you to learn, you have more interest in your work and what she teaches you." Wayne Miller Sims ANNA MARIE REBOL "MARIE" To be successful in all I attempt to do Softly speak and sweetly rmile. junior Red Cross 2,35 Night- ingales 3,4g Bowling 4g Usher Squad 4g Art Club 3,45 Arch- ery 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom of 1959. PET PEEvE: Third floor homeroom. ELAINE MARIE REEDE To be happy and successful in all my undertakings There are .rome people who can't help being nice. Congress 2g Intramural Vol- leyball 2,3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball Z. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior and senior years. PET PEEVE: People who talk about you behind your back. RICHARD GERALD REISHER To make a million He believer in having fun. Basketball 2g Track 2,3. PET PEEVE: No parking in the parking lot. CATHERINE ANN REYNOLDS "CATHY" Bookkeeper A good dirporition ir one of the rarest giftr. Volleyball 2,3,4g Bowling 3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year history, 6th period. PET PEEvE: Teachers who talk about boys and girls in their classes. New JOYCE RUTH RECH To be successful in all I do Skilled in sport:-hind and helpful to others. Soccer 43 Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4g Intramural Volley- ball 2,3,4g Leaders' Club 2, 3,4g Treasurer 45 Intramural Softball 33 Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Leaders' Club camping trip in 1957. PET PEEVE: Homeroom on the third Hoor. LITTY ANN REINER "LIT" To be happy, to live life and enjoy it A perfect harmony of popu- larity, vitality and perronality. Twirling 2,5,4g Volleyball 3, 45 Basketball 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The year of 1957. PET PEEVE: Homework and third lunch. RICHARD BRUCE RENZ To further my knowledge of electronics The good and wire lead quiet liver. Stage Crew 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of 1957. PET PEEVE: Walking my girl friend home. RICHARD P. REYNOLDS "NAI LS" Own my own business For him the world would have little in it if there were only boyr. FAVORITE MEMORY: A cer- tain class. PET PEEvE: Dropping trans- missions. ROSALIND MYRA RIBNER "SHOSHY" To be a teacher Bury, bury, all the day. Orchestra 253,45 Tennis 25 Al- ternate, Student Council 3,45 Archery 35 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Volleyball 2,35 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Leaders' Club 2,35 Cannon Staff 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,33 Usher Squad 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer in Israel, 1958, and Brussels' WOrld's Fair. PET PEEVE: Mathematics. SUSAN ELIZABETH RICKER "SUE" To become a nurse A friendly smile and cheery "laeIlo." Bowling 45 Hockey 25 Intra- mural Volleyball 25 Intramu- ral Basketball 25 Nightingales 3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: July 17, 1959. PET PEEVE: A certain boss. ROXANNE GRACE RILEY 'ROXYH To be a good secretary and then a good wife Plmtogenic lovelinerr -- full of fun. Congress Alternate 25 Con- gress Representative 35 Stu- dent Council 45 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 253,45 Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 16, 1959, and the Debonnaires' pajama parties. PET PEEVE: False friends. JOSEPH RIZZUTO "CUCH" Machinist The atom, loo, ir Jmall. Audio-Visual Aids Squad 2, 3,45 Wrestling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Every Saturday. PET PEEVE: Teachers. ,,fsTw4E 'A 551m gf.i EIIEEE f'fetaNi . 1iF' IIK: :., K . K :J .L f xi tg "we . 87 HARVEY LEWIS RICE To be successful in whatever I do Ile bezterr the world will: .mng and fairly. Fire Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: A reviv- al that I attended in Newark. PET PEEVE: Slow-walking girls who block the hall. DORIS M. RIEDEL To be a nurse To know ber if lo like ber. Intramural Volleyball 2.3,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Bowling 43 Nightingales 3,45 Tennis 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Gym, Erst period in the morning. ROBERT RITTELMAN "BOB" To get married and let my wife work "laugh and the world laugh: will: you." Bowling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: 3:10. PET PEEVE: Three years of third lunch. JERALD ROBBINS 'UERRYU The service Silence ir golden but who bar gold? Bowling 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Driving down a one-way street, the wrong way, in Driver's Edu- cation class. PET PEEVE: Bob and jerry's vocal group. HILDA ELISE ROEMPCKE "HII.DY" To be happy and successful in all that I do There newer war a red-beaded raint. Art Club 25 Intramural Bas- ketball 25 Student Council 3,45 Nightingales 3g Intramu- ral Volleyball 2,35 National Honor Society 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer Of 1957. PET PEEVE: Two-day week- ends. ROBERT DAVID ROHM "BOB" Quiez in appearanre wizb mo- zirfer unknown. FAVORITE MEMORY: Biology 1 and 2. ERNEST ROSENBERG College Quick to get into the rwing of lbingi at U.H.S. Transferred from james Madi- son High School, Brooklyn. Intramural Basketball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Playing varsity football at james Madison High. DENISE ARLENE ROSENZWEIG Never to cease to learn A leader through and through. Cannon Editor 2,35 Cannon Editor-in-Chief 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Debating Club 2,3,45 Secretary, Debating Club 3,45 Leaders' Club 35 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Li- brary Staff 253,45 Usher Squad 3,45 Student Handbook 2,35 Cheerleader 25 Soccer 25 Vol- leyball 2.33 Tennis 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom, class Of 1960. PET PEEVE: Only 24 hours in a day. JAMES FRANCIS ROGAUSKAS UNM., Trapper Man of few wordr. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fall and Winter '59-'60. PET PEEvE: Short lunch pe- riod. ELLEN PATRICIA ROOT "PAT" To be a private secretary There ir merrimerzt in ber wayr. Student Council Alternate 25 Intramural Softball 25 Bowl- ing 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer Of 1959. PET PEEVE: Boys with "a line." ROBERT JAN ROSENFELD "ROSEY" Lawyer Plearanlly verbore. Bowling 25 Wrestling 3: Glee Club 2g Thespian Under- study 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Students following teachers going down the One-way hall the Opposite way. PET PEEVE: Afternoon home- room. DALE LINDA ROSS "SHU-SI-IU" To be eternally maladjusted Striking irzdividualily - :fea- tive ability. Thespian Understudies 2,35 Secretary, Thespians 45 Art Club 25 Congress Alternate 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 25 Intramural Basketball 25 Creo Staff 3,45 Varsity Soccer 3.45 Yearbook Editorial Board 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Jun- ior show. PET PEEVE! Prejudice. ' 14" 5 if X lj x ... r 1359? i.L LEAH FRANCES ROTHBART "LEE" To be a successful teacher She it aclive, nirring, all aglow. Hockey 2,3,4g Intramural Vol- leyball 2,3,4g Archery 3,4g Cannoneers 4g Intramural Ten- nis 3,4g Future Teachers of America 3,4: Nightingales 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE:'Getting up early for school. ROBERT JOSEPH ROZYLA "BOB" To enter the Navy and own my own boat Quiet mind: run deep. Baseball 2,34 Bowling 33 Foot- ball 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: My car. DIANE RUDOWSKY "DEE" To share with others the happiness and fulfillment of life A :mile ir a parrporc to hap- pineu. Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 3,4g Cannon Staff 2,53 Editor-in- Chief, Cannon 5,43 Creo Staff 3,4: NightingaLes 3.4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4g Con- gress 2,4g Quill and Scroll 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Entering Mr. Boyle's ice-box every morning. PET PEEVE: Changing every- day for gym. MARIO ANTHONY RUSSO To retire at 25 Amhizion ir great, but Jeruice divine. FAVORITE MEMORY: Boys' ensemble class. PET PEEVE: Walking home from school. EUGENE ROTOLO "GENE" To be happy A tall hody leave! roam for a large heart. Soccer 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Vacation at Atlantic City. PET PEEVE: Homework over the weekends. JAMES LEE RUDOWSKI Tool and die maker High character through and through. Intramural Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games. PET PEEVE: Short lunch pe- riod. NANCY ANN RUNG "NANCE" Secretary A twinkle in her eyex-quiet rincerity. Girls' Intramural Tennis 2: Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: January 10, 1959, Senior Prom and afterwards. PET PEEVE: False friends. JANE MARIE RUTLEDGE "JANIE" To be a secretary Her hair if her crowning glory. Hockey 2: Volleyball 3: Office Helper 35 Softball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Early morning meetings and being in the Les Amies. PET PEEVE: False friends. S? -Sw S R ERNEST G. SALERNO "ERNIE" To graduate from college and be a success One of the nicest and Jincer- e.r1 persons you'll ever meet. Vice-President of Senior Class5 Congress 2,3,45 Bowling 2,3, 45 Intramural Softball 2,3545 Basketball 2,35 Football 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mrs. Por- cellO's Algebra II class. PET PEEVE: Girls that "smoke." . lm l 'L 9 a , . f ,---f' .. . ff.: . .s.ip1:u+fs.:gy2gg-: -f X... ' . If'if:-'7'55i7z.ff5l ei . f J' 4' - 'L 21:41-be -ff-,s xifwl . . ?gr5,ffgggg,f: . . , I -. . ,,., ,f-f . - it ESTHER GEORGANNA SCHAEFFER "PENNY" To become a nurse Her prelly face and charming perronality aid in making a nice person. Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year, and summer 1959. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. vii, . 5 PATRICIA ANN SANTANIELLO "PAT" I.B.M. operator Sparkle: like champagne. Girls' Intramural Basketball 25 Senior Congress. FAVORITE MEMORY: Singing with the "Modernaires." PET PEEVE: False friends, and undecided people. JUDITH MARCELLA SCARBOROUGH "JUDY" To be a success in life She haf learned how lo enjoy life. Intramural Hockey 2.3.45 Vol- leyball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3, 45 Tennis 3,45 Lacrosse 2.3. 45 Baseball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the fun I had after school sports with Mrs. Wright and Miss Gutowski. PET PEEVE: Being in third lunch with all my friends in my senior year. PAULA JOAN SAPERSTEIN Kindergarten teacher Her hair if blond, her eye: are blue, and her clothe: are prelly, loo. Cannon Staff 3g Nightingales 35 Art Club 35 Usher Squad 3,45 Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3,45 Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: August of 1958. PET PEEVE: People who know you but don't say "Hi!" ELIZABETH MARGARET SCHAAF "BETTY" To do some good in the world Enlhusianic participation in all high rchool eoenlr- joy with- in her-reliability. Leaders' Club 2,3,45 Nightin- gales 3,45 Cannoneers 45 Con- gress Representative 45 Intra- mural Hockey 2,3,45 Tennis 2,45 Volleyball 2,3545 Softball 25 Basketball 2,3,45 Intramu- ral Lacrosse 25 Archery 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games, pep rallies, junior year. PET PEEVE: A lack of "school spirit." FRANK JAMES SALUCCIO To be a success in life The murce of much female chatzer -- witty. Bowling 2,3,45 Intramural Softball 2,3. PET PEEvE: The one-way hall on the second floor. r J Ji- E K A ,ff M' -Q . jk .. y yy CAROLE FRANCES SCHARFFENBERGER "AGILE" To be a beautician Her hair it her crowning glory. Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59. PET PEEVE: Locks on lockers. KENNETH GUNTER SCHIFFBAUER "KEN" To sail among South Sea Islands A quest for originality. Photography Club. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. O'Dell and Driver's Educa- tion. PET PEEVE: Teachers takin over the parking lor. HENRY JOHN SCHROEDER, JR, Successful engineer A challenging cherr player- high scholastic average. Student Council 3g Bowling Club 3,43 Chess Club 3,43 Usher Squad 4g Boys' Stateg National Honor Society 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. JUN E CAROL SCHMIDT Something to be very proud of She help: bring laughter to a dull moment. Cannoneers 4g Student Coun- cil 3,43 Nightingales 3,45 Hockey 2g Tennis 2g Leaders' Club 25 Creo Staff 4, Can- non Staff SQ Volleyball 25 Bowling 3,43 Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Having "Senioritis." PET PEEVE: Narrow-minded people. THEODORE ALLEN SCHNEIDER "DUKE" To become a lawyer Manly Jtraight forwardnerr- intelligent dircernment - un- affected sincerity. Assistant Editor of Yearbook 43 Student Council Represent- ative 25 Congress Representa- tive 3,4g jersey Boys' Stateg Bowling 2g Vice-President jun- ior Class 33 Key Club 4. FAvoRITE MEMORY: April 5, 1959. PET PEEVE: People who talk too much and never say any- thing. i.E,F4s ... 9. I f t Xlf PATRICIA CLAIRE SCHNEIDER "PATTI" To get married A very likeable girl-good renre of humor. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 1959, and freshman year. PET PEEVE: U. S. Navy, not being able to go to any foot- ball games. GERTRUDE K. SCHOEMER "TRUDY" To be happy and successful A .rweet and friendly perron- ality. Intramural Lacrosse 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The friends I've made at Union High, Junior Prom, Summer 1959. PET PEEVE! Being called Gertrude. CAROLJOYCE SCHLAPE To be a beautician She har a fine comhinalion of loohf and charm. Volleyball 25 Basketball 25 Congress 2,3g Softball 2: Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: April 3, 1959, and the summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Arguments. ROBERT SCHUBERT "BOB" To get a new car Quietly idealistic - eafnerlly friendly. Bowling 2,3g Golf 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of '59. PET PEEVE: The two-hour parking zone. ff' I fwfr l ,g ggfiggsvigrfzjre I I .M . KV, ,, -" A ,Iii CAROL MARGARET SEDO TO go to a good college and be successful She comhiner intelligence with nimhlenerr and rreater a well- rounded person. Leaders' Club 2,33 Future Teachers of America 5,45 Vol- leyball 2,3,4g Congress Alter- nate 4g Basketball 2,3,4g Hockey 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My en- tire sophomore year, along with Mr. Eide's homeroom and Mr. O'Dell's junior homeroom. PET PEEVE: Cheerleading try- outs of 1959. ELEANOR ARLENE SHARKEY "ELLEN" Medical profession Vivaciou: - afahle - .rin- rere. Nightingales 4, Library Staff 43 Usher Squad 3,43 Art Club 2,33 Volleyball 2,3,4g Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Home- room, and Art Major in room 221 with a certain teacher. PET PEEVE: A certain boy. GUNDEL SCHUELER "GUNNIE" To find happiness She gain: friend! through her pleasant, rongenial wayx. Soccer 3,45 Tennis 2,3,4g Art Club 3,4g Usher Squad 5,45 Debating Club 4g Volleyball 45 Yearbook Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Biology class with Mr. Barbato, and Driver's Education. PET PEEVE: People who say, "Now, if everybody did that CHARLES JOSEPH SICKINGER "CHARLIE" To succeed in whatever I do A pleatant fellow with a fond- netr for fun. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom, PET PEEVE: "Baddies." WILLIAM TYRONE SCOTT "SCOTTY" Diesel mechanic Many smile: gain many friendr. Football, Wrestling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY : Fresh- man year. PET PEEVE: Homework. l EMIL E. SIGLOCH To graduate Latin viuacity. FAVORITE MEMORY: My 6th ,period, sophomore math class. PET PEEVE: Afternoon deten- tion. EILEEN MARIE SHANLEY "SI-IAN" To get married Eary to get along with. Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fresh- man year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. GEORGE JOSEPH SHERIDAN journalist Hi.r ready smile and quiet courage are outrtanding qualitief. Congress 2. , FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom 1959. PET PEEVE: People who are always late. ROBERT SILVERMAN "BOB" To become an architect AJ one of the boy: he i.r one of the hert. Track 2,34 Science Club 25 Science Club Treasurer 5: Science Club President 4g Na- tional Honor Society 3,4g Con- gress Representative 3g Fire Squad 3,43 Cannon Staff 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Girls that "play the role." JOHN ROBERT SMART To be a principal Hi: charm, good loohr, and friendly way: have brought him much Jureerr. Bowling 2,3,4g Congress 2g Marching Band 2,3: Orchestra 43 Key Club 2,3,4g Vice-Presi- dent of Student Council 3: President of Honor Society 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Her sen- io: prom in my junior year. PET PEEvE: Our departed parking lot. FRED A. SIGLOCH "FRI'IZ" Marine biologist Mature, rexeroed manner. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Clark's German I class. PET PEEvE: Girls "stuck on" themselves. JOSEPH EARL SMITH To be a photographer There'J a twinkle in hi: eye for Jportr and earr. Wrestling 2,33 Football 5. IEGVORITE MEMORY: English I . PET PEEVE: Girls who talk too much. 'ik- fir 'iid .gi JOSEPH RICHARD SILVA To become an engineer He intermingler jert with earn- ertnefr - one of the nicer! people around. Baseball 2,35 Student Coun- cil 2,3,4g Photography Clubg Intramural Sports 2,3,4g Boys' State. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football game rallies. PET PEEVE: Too much home- work. UL f iff' sSiii2'J'T'l. T ern, E -i -.5,,1Ets.-my R wit., -145 4.-i'i'i-Z A - fL':'. .73 ifjsftiei .1 - Qi J 5 f . VL . -,1- ',.. E ",-..-ct . if .ij L - . ,' I 1 7-49.61, ,. J . .. . ' f ,t 1. A 'rf LAWRENCE D. SMITH ULARRYU Marine biologist Admired for hir intelligence and sincere friendlineu. Student Council 2,35 Bowling 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games. PET PEEvE: Woman drivers. RUDOLPH PETER SIMON, JR. "RUDY" To be rich Speech ir great, but .tilenre ir greater. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. EDWARD HENRY SMIALOWICZ "SMII..EY" Electrical engineer A plearant perron with a plear- ant Jmile. Bowling 2g Photography Club 2,4g Radio Club 35 Track 3,45 Soccer 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Dates I've had with a certain girl. f PETER MARTIN SMITH "PETE" To go to college Many joke: brought smile: to many people. Baseball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games. PET PEEVE: Parking lot. ANDRE M. SOLOMINE "ANDY" To be a hair stylist Devilixh wit, flirtatioux per- sonality, and good look: rom- hined to make the greateyt guy. Sophomore Trackg junior Trackg Marching Band 25 Con- cert Band 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Pe- tOsa's history class of 1956. PET PEEVE: Girls who drive. MARTIN JOSEPH SOOS "MARTY" To be successful A true friend is forever a friend. Wrestling 35 Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Cor- rigan's lst period history class. PET PEEVE: Girls who stop in halls to talk. . ' 1g ,' - 55, -' FLORENCE MAY SPENCER "FLO" To succeed in life What fweet delight a quiet life ajfordJ. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE! Homeroom and , lunch trays. f f z v . s I if - ,,,FtQ .. tsiif' JOEL STEVEN SOKOL ..JOE,, To be a success in whatever I do He xmilef with the intent to do mixrhief. Bowling 2,3,4g Science Club 2,3,4g Cannon 2,35 Intramu- ral Sports 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Miss Newlin's Latin I class, my sophomore year. PET PEEVE: "False" people. OTTO PHILIP SOMMER To be a success in life A calm, quiet way help: him achieve hir goals. Baseball 2,3,4g Bowling 3,45 Sophomore Congress. FAVORITE MEMORY: The first day I drove my 1950 Mercury to school. PET PEEVE: First period ge- ometry class. ILON A SPAN GENBERGER To do well in everything I do Fare .fo .sweet and igure fair,' always a smile and never a rare. Ofiice Helper 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year. PET PEEVE: People that think that they are "it." STEPHEN SPIEGEL "SPIEG" To be a success Hi: pngerx create the rhyme: of wordr. Track Team 2g Science Club 4g Creo Staff 45 Congress Al- ternate 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sprague and I vs. a certain teacher. PET PEEVE: Cafeteria clowns. CAROL ANN SPINA To get married and be happy Alwaff good-natured, good lau- rnored, and free. Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior yeat. PET PEEVE: Guys who think they're "it," GEORGE SPINELLI, JR, To be successful Many 4 dull clan' but been brightened by bir witty re- markr. Chess Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Saturday football games. PET PEEVE: Note books. JANE L. STAMLER " ANIE" I TO succeed in college Stylirb dren reveals a cute girl with it very Tweet and clever perronality. Congress 2,3,4g Bowling 3,43 Art Club 2,33 Future Teachers of America 3,43 Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball 2,39 Girls' Intramural Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Bury's U. S. History III class, and the summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: "False" people. JEFFREY BATES STEARN "JEFF" To be a success He bar a mild, quiet, and intelligent manner. Spring Track 21 Swimming Club 43 Concert Band 2,43 Marching Band 2,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the fun I've had at Union High. PET PEEVE: Playing the tuba at the football games. 95 is A THOMAS SMITH SPINANGER, JR, "TOM" He combines intelligence witb wit. Wrestling 2,35 Track 2,3g Congress fig Creo Staff fig Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Tay1or's physics class, when he was there. PET PEEVE: English III re- search papers. EDWARD MILLS SPRAGUE Math teacher A laughing countenance if neafert to Heaven. Library Staff 2,3,4g Student Council 23 Chess Club 35 Stamp Club 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Lectures. ELAINE STAVISKY "LENNI" Show business Her dancing tbrillr the nzodernr. Bowling 4g junior Congress Alternateg Modern Dance 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: My sen- ior year. PET PEEVE: History tests. DOLORES MARIE' STEETS "DORRY" TO be happy and successful A golden halo top! of ta petite girl. Girls' Intramural Basketball 25 Girls' Intramural Hockey 25 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2g Tennis 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: "Stuck up" boys. . . . above and beyond the call of duty. s553w"'w ALBERT STEIGINGA, JR. HAL.. To be a doctor A great guy, full of fun, de- .fEl'1f'6J' the honorr hertowed upon him. Class President 3,4g Baseball 2,3g Wrestling 35 Key Club 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Four years at Union High School. PET PEEVE: People that don't act "natural," JUDYLYNN STEINER "JUDY" To be a success, and to bring someone happiness Black 'hair amz' hlzze eye: are a .rtrihing ronzhirzation for a ,Ilrihingly plearanz perron. Bowling 33 Congress 35 Bowl- ing 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Kids I've met, and the fun I've had, singing with the "Modern- aires." PET PEEVE: People who aren't honest with Others. LORETTA CAROLE STERN "LORRIE" To get my R.N. and Mrs. degrees She ir like granulafed sugar, mee! and rehfzed. Intramural Volleyball 2,3g Soc- cer 3,4g Bowling 4g Swim- ming Team 43 Congress 2,-Ig Speedball 3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3g Tennis 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to the senior prom in my freshman year. PET PEEVE: P.M. homeroom. GLORIA ANN STYS "GLO" To be a teacher Her hig, hlue eye: and ready smile hring happiness to all. Ofhce Monitor 23 Intramural Basketball 2g Dramatics 3: Intramural Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year. PET PEEVE: People who never smile. PHYLLIS STEIN "PHYL" To be a success Charming in a quie! way. Transferred from Linden High. Girls' Intramural Bowling 43 Usher Squad 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Teachers who give homework over holidays. ROBERT ELLIOT STEINREICH To help mankind in the field of psychology or the healing arts Diligenl Jzudenl with never- ending ideas. Congress Representative 3,45 Marching Band 3: Science Club 3,43 Bowling 35 Year- book Editorial Board 4g Con- cert Band 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber 1959, the day I obtained my driver's license and began my senior year at Union High. PET PEEVE: Insincerity. THEODORE HENRY STIEGLITZ "TED" To get out of school Silence never helrays him. RALPH GEORGE SULLIVAN "MICKEY" Corporation lawyer A rare combination of intel- ligenre, wil, and good lookr. Bowling 2,33 President of Sophomore Class 25 Class Congress 2g Student Council 2,3,4g Boys' State Alternate 33 Key Club 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4g Cannon Staff 3g Thes- pian Understudies 4. FAVORITE MEMORY! The Jim- ior Proms and the Key Club activities. PET PEEVE: Not being al- lowed to get out of a cer- tain course. WALTER HARRY SULLIVAN "BUDDY" To own my own business It ir our arlual work wbirla deierminer our value. FAVORITE MEMORY: First day of high school. PET PEEVE: The high school parking lot. ARLENE CYNTHIA TALIAS "ARE" Medical secretary joy -- Jparleling humor - . ap- peal. Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Library Staff 25 UShCr Squad 3,4g Bowling 3,4g Nightingales 4g Track 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: That cer- tain class junior year, and the junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Male-ego. LENORE MARY TEDESCHI "LEE" Secretary Driving entburiamz - raven zrerrer- ever present Jmile. Volleyball 25 Usher Squad 45 Basketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Ring Dance, summer of '58 and '59. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom and the "navy." FRED G. TEITSCHEID "TIDY" Future in electronics Ambition - eager rreativity. Track 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Modern- ization of Mr. Bergen's elec- tricity class. PET PEEVE: Union High's three flights of stairs. sinia t-Q mnagawmeafz appear GrevwMeewi+5s3?.gs A MARGARET ETHEL SZABO "MARGE" Secretary Joyful, gay, Mier- Bowling 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE! History IV. JUDITH ANN TAUSCH 'JUDYH To be content An eferverrent, rbeerful per- mnalily. Tennis 2g Soccer 35 Speedball 3g Basketball 35 Volleyball 3,45 Nightingales 4g Modern Dance 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior history. PET PEEVE: Conceited, arro- gant people. PHYLLIS R. TEITELBAUM "Pl-lYL" Fashion merchandiser Prelty df a ,tzirzare-fafbion u'iJe - friendf galore. junior Congressg Senior Con- gress Alternateg Hockey 23 Bowling 3,4g Archery 33 Vol- leyball 2.3.43 Basketball 2,3.4g Softball 23 Future Teachers of America 3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior history. PET PEEVE: People who think they are better than others! LYNN ARLINE THOMA To get my "Mrs." degree Her friendlineu ir a con- lagious arret. Soccer 33 Leaders' Club 35 Basketball 2g Volleyball 2,3,4g Bowling 3,4g Cannoneers 4: Student Council Alternate 2, 4g Nightingales 45 Future Teachers of America 4g Sopho- more Congress Alternate. FAVORITE MEMORY: The foot- ball games, the Junior Prom, and the clay after the junior Ring Dance. PET PEEVE: The two flights of stairs leading to third floor homeroom. MARGIE THOMAS To be a success in whatever I do A friend to all, averse to none - superh singer - wonderful disposition. Leaders' Club 2.3.43 Hockey 2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,-45 Lacrosse 2,3,4g Tennis 3,4. FAVORITE ME MORY: Being on all-girls' sports teamg Art Major I. PET PEEVE: People who can't listen. JOHN GEORGE TIMER "TANK" To be a success An active howler-a good sportsnzon. J. V. Baseballg Intramural Softballg Intramural Footballg Intramural Bowlingg Fire Squadg Student Council Alter- nateg Student Council Repre- sentative. FAVORITE MEMORY: Friday bowling leagues, and Mr. Schuetz's English class. PET PEEVE: Girls who wear excessive make up and smokeg no parking in the lot. DONALD PAUL TORSIELLO "TORS" Automobile mechanic Patience is the hey to all virtue. FAVORITE MEMORY: Me- chanics class. PET PEEvE: Girls who smoke. BRUCE WINFIELD TRAUTWEILER To be an engineer A white chariot for u hing of humor and charm. Sophomore Congressg Congress 4g Bowling 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The day I turned 17. PET PEEVE: Guys who think they have the fastest cars around. JUNE STELLA THOMPSON "BLONDIE" To be an airline stewardess Blond - liheahle - compat- ihle. Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2, 3,43 Archery 32 Track and Field 3,45 Softball 2g Art Club 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: july 13, 1958, and junior Ring Dance. PET PEEvE: People who think only of themselves and their wants. HOWARD TOPLANSKY "TOP" Scientist Musician of renown - am- bitious and creative. Bandg Orchestrag Marching Bandg All-State Bandg Science Clubg Photography Clubg Can- non Staffg All-State Orchestra. FAVORITE MEMORY: Assistant director of Union High School Concert Band. PET PEEVE: Rock 'n' roll. ROSE DIANE TRAPAN I "ROE" To enter the entertainment field The twinkle in her eyes proves that mischief is nearhy. Drarnatics. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year, night of junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Rainy school days, and Hat tires. JOAN MARIE TREGLIO TO become a teacher Friendly and oinucious-joy ful and rute. Tennis 25 Soccer 3,43 Volley- ball 3g Usher Squad 3: Night- ingales 35 F.T.A. 43 Basket- ball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Biology, sOpho.more year. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom for two years. 100 ROBERT ADOLF TRIEBEL "TWEETY" To join the Navy The gleam in hir eye and the :mile of hir face reflect the contentment of hir heart. Soccer 25 Indoor and Outdoor Track 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: When I could park in the parking lot. PET PEEVE: Students' parking lot. RAYMOND CHESTER TULLIS "RAYMONDO" Mechanic Man with :tick - to - itine- nerr. Junior Congress. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Peach's English III class. PET PEEVE: The one-way hallsg being late for class. HENRY RALPH TUTTAS To be a success Liheahle-fun to he with- a typical great guy. Intramural Soccer 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Global geography in my sophomore year. PET PEEVE: Afternoon home- room. RICHARD J, ULASEWICH "CHINK" Navy Great rchool :pirit-athletic :kill and friendly nature. Football 2,5,4g Wrestling 25 Baseball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mr. Kel- ler's training room during lunch for the football teamg the junior Prom. PET PEEVE: Taking the bus to school in my senior year. 101 BONNIE ILYNNE TUCKER To be a nurse Laughter and chatter are her parrwordr. Volleyball 25 Cannon Staff 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Prom 1959. PET PEEVE: Same third floor homeroom for two years. LESLIE M. TUTICS To be a successg make a million Clever - witty - mirchieuoul. Football 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year with a certain someone. PET PEEVE : Girls who smokeg stubborn people. PAUL F. TWORDS To be successful in life A good rpoft, full of fun. Intramural Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Global geography sophomore year, sixth period, and English III, period 3, junior year. PET PEEVE: Teachers who give homework, afternoon homeroom, and homeroom on the third floor. VALERIE ELLEN URBANOWITZ "VAL" Teacher Enviahle motivation - rweet Jemitivity. Cannon Editor 3,45 Night- ingales 3,43 Student Council Representative 23 Student Council Alternate 34 Senior Congress 45 F.T.A. 3,4g Hockey 2,33 Leaders' Club 25 Yearbook Editorial Board 43 Volleyball 25 Basketball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior Ring Dance and English IV. PET PEEVE: First period gym. sy LINDA CAROLINE VAETH "LIN" To get married "Diamond: are u gi1'l'J ben friend." Volleyball 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Early morning meetings before school. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom. JOANNE ARLEN E VERTELIS ,JON To go to college Enffiable year-round lan - un- rurpaned knowledge of the li. brary. Nightingales 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Third Hoor home- room for two years, and book reports. FRED DANIEL ,W, .,.. ---.- e' 1' -r - ' .ea:.::.t.-, 9:--iw.--. -:,saE-f::f: .-:.'s,,:-': " ' i .EQ t-er Hftfzf, -.-.-sf :':35':aQf-I,5gE-. ,raw e,f15..44--afkmgr ,, g 1 I . 3 Ea. Q- ir I E ' : - 1- .-.el-4,,-,. - F, -, .-R. Fe.. 55,-F Mfg.. is T, If .5 I Ffa I 3 lsiyilnlgl Qlfggiiiilqzgig 4 in I rw sw T ,L gig ,li K . , ft- , ' - ., h Lis V X Q Y i Q iw 'K' I' Q 'rriii K lriy lori A l GERALD NICHOLAS VECCHIONE VELLA "FRED" "GERRY" jeweler Business A .rlmrp dresser with many Likealzle, Jinceffff happy. friendy, Bowling: Senior Congress Al- FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year. PET PEEVE: 3rd Hoor home- tefflafe. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mocking "him" in first period physics. rOom. PET PEEVE: Third floor homeroom. YVONNE ERNESTINE NANCY THERESA VELLA VENEZIA Airline hostess T0 get married and Short, but not in friendlineu. to be happy I Twirling 2,3,4g Intramural Demonflmtive, afable, 607771- Volleyball 2,3g junior Con- Cdl- gressg Bowling 3: Cannon V0llfYb21ll2- Staff 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sopho- more year and junior Prom ..58.,, PET PEEVE! Third floor home- room. FAVORITE MEMORY: Early morning meetings before school. PET PEEVE: Conceited guys. ROBERT FRANCIS VARZAL "BOB" Be a commercial artist Arrini: - fapable - creative. FAVORITE MEMORY: Nothing in particular. PET PEEVE: Srudebakers and Nashes. PATRICIA JOAN VIGLIOTTA "PAT" To go to college Pleamnl - likeable, F.T.A. 4: Congress Represent- ative 3g Color Guard 43 Nightingales 3,43 Tennis 25 Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2, 3,43 Softball 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fresh- man year, summer of 1958. PET PEEvE: Throwing things away and then regretting it. DANIEL DAVID VON SPRECKELSEN "VONS" To graduate from high school Mirchievout, fun-flled, load! of laughler. Intramural Footballg Intramu- ral Softball. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 3:15 bell. PET PEEVE: Short lunch pe- riod. -QQ EDWARD PETER WEBER To beat a certain Corvette One who know: hit own mind --good look: plm. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sixth pe- riod English, junior year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. WALTER RUDOLPH WADLE "WALT" To go to college and be successful Soccer :tar - thore "cool" rhoer-Jhorl hut mighty. Intramural Soccer 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom. PET PEEvE: Book reports, stubborn people. HELEN STELLA WASZKIEWICZ Secretary N ever-ending chatler - an un- pronounceahle lar! name. Volleyball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of 1959 when I met a certain someone. PET PEEVE: People who are snobs when you say "hello!" 105 JOSEPH F. WARREN To a successful architect Dependahilizy hu: no replace- mfflf. FAVORITE MEMORY: Acapul- co, 1957. PET PEEVE: Neighbor's dan- delions. FRANK ANDREW WEAG "STEINER" Veterinarian A rererved .rente of humor. Student Council Alternate 2.5. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1958. PET PEEvE: School intercom system. GEORGE ARTHUR WADE To go to the Olympics Friendfhip har no replace- ment. Cross Country 5,43 Indoor Track 2,5,4g Outdoor Track 2,3,4g Jersey Boys' State 43 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council Representative 3g Treasurer of Student Coun- cil 4g Vice-President of Key Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The County and State track meets Of 1958 and 1959. PET PEEVE: "Cool" men who smoke. RUTH LYNN WEINBRENNER To be a secretary Dark gleaming hair - inter- erted in swimming and .fea- .thore fun. Girls' Usher Squad 4g Library Staff 45 Nightingales 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom, and summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Girls who smoke. DIANE B. WENDRUFF To be a good nurse Dirplayed dramatic talent in the senior play-another Flo- rence Nightingale. Cannon Staff 3: Nightingales 3,45 Junior Red Cross 2: In- tramural Hockey 3g Future Teachers of America 45 Arch- ery 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Guidance Ofiice Monitor 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior and senior years. PET PEEVE: The No. 8 bus, people who call me "Miss Preen." ROSALIND SANDRA WETSCHER "ROZ" To be successful in whatever I do Nothing great war ever achieved without enthusiasm. Student Council 2,35 F.T.A. 33 Leaders' Club 3: Orchestra 2,3g Dance Band 4: Intramu- ral Hockey 3g Volleyball 2,34 Basketball 2,39 Cannon Staff 2,3. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior year. . PET PEEVE: United States Marine Corps. JOHN WILLIAM WEISSERT "JACK" To go to college and be successful Quiet-mannered, roft-Jpohen. Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 3,4g Band 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Winning a wrestling match. PET PEEVE: French II, "stuck- up" girls, WALTER HOWARD WHITEHEAD, III "WHITEY" TO be a Marine Plenty of minhief hehind that quiet exterior - one of the fmt to get his license and car. Chess Club 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The jun- ior Prom. PET PEEVE: Small female sophomores. MARVIN ROY WELLES "MARV" To have a good successful life He goer through life with 4 mzile-music ir hi! merri- ment. Concert Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 2.3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4g Dance Band 2,3,4g Bowling 2g Varsity Basketball 2,3,4g Var- sity Golf 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: junior and senior years. PET PEEVE: People who ask me: "HOw's the weather up there?" PHILIP WHITTIN G "PHIL" TO complete well what I undertake Timely wittitirms -- truly great for he is truly good. Congress Alternate 2,31 In- tramural Basketball 2g Intra- mural Football 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hillbilly talk in Art Elective I. PET PEEVE: Beatniks and practice teachers. 104 ROBERT BRUCE WESTON "CAC'I'US" To join the Navy Be gone dull cure! You and I Jhtzll never agree. Wrestling 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior year. PET PEEVE: Being in the same homeroom twice. CAROL ANNE WHEATLEY To see the world "Laugh and the world laugh! with you." Basketball 3g Bowling 3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 1959. PET PEEVE: Clock watchers. AARON WILLIAMS Meteorologist "Action: :peak louder than wordxf' Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Sat- urday football games. WALTER FREDERICK WILLIAMS "WALT" To become a draftsman A friendly "hello" for all. FAVORITE MEMORY: Saturday football games. PET PEEVE: Beatniks. GAIL FLORENCE WIDMAN Medical assistant Soflr oben dimpler -- a . p - . tiny bundle of fun. Archery 3,4g Intramural Vol. leyball 2,3,4g Student Coun- cil Representative 4g Swim- ming Team 4g Bowling 3,45 Cannoneers 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: The many unforgettable times I've had with a certain someone. PET PEEVE: People who don't smile. RONALD KENT WISHART To do my best with the least work Keenneu of mind, .rufiftnexr of foo:-Jure fufren ahead. Cannon Staff 2,33 National Honor Society 3g Yearbook Staff 45 Key Club 2,3,4g Con- gress 2,3,4g Senate 2,3,4g Boys' State Alternate 3g Stu. dent Council Conference 31 Outdoor Track 2,3,4g Soccer 2,3g Cross Country 4g Wrest- ling 25 Indoor Track 3,4. FAVORITE ME MORY: Key Club activities. PET PEEVE: Certain math classes. BETTY ANN WIEDEN "ABBIE" To be satisfied with life Sweetnen perronified. Archery 5,4g Tennis 2,3,4g In- tramural Soccer 5,4g Volley- ball 2. FAVORITE MEMORYZ- Spring Festival of '595 football games. PET PEEVE: First period gym. RONALD HEINZ WOHLLEBEN To become an engineer The man worth while ir the man who can smile. FAVORITE MEMORY: Second period physics class, junior year. 105 VIRGINIA ANNE WILLIAMS "GINNY" Government service Lyric enrhanirefx - houndlexr energy-a happy heart. National Honor Society, Sec- retary 43 National Honor So- ciety 3,4g Nightingales 31 Leaders' Club 2,33 Class Treas- urer 2,3,4g Modern Dance 25 Tennis 5,4g Varsity Basketball 2,3g Intramural Volleyball 2, 5,45 Jersey Girls' State Rep- resentative. FAVORITE MEMORY: Singing with the "Modernaires." PET PEEVE: Insinceriry. EILEEN ANN WILN ER TO reach some, but never all, of my goals Har that uncommon sente- reJe1'vedly rapahle. Yearbook Editorial Board 4: National Honor Society 4g Future Teachers of America 4: Congress Representative 4: Congress Alternate 33 Can- noneers 4: Art Club 3,4g Bowl. ing 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 2, 3,43 Girls' Track and Field Teams 2,3,4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year, senior prom, 1959. PET PEEVE: Favorite hound, out-of-town. ARLINE ANNA WOLF "WOLFIE" To have a happy and successful life Devoted to fun-ulwuy: find- ing rorrtething to talk ahout. Intramural Tennis 2g Intramu- ral Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the fun I've had at Union. PET PEEVE: Boys that have "lines." PAUL PHILLIP YACOVELLE To make a million A friendly guy to all he hrzowr -popular with the girly! Camera Club 4: Swimming Team 4: Intramural Wrestling 43 Intramural Basketball 45 Bowling 3,45 Intramural Soft- ball 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. DIANA PATRICIA ANNE YOUNG HDEE.. To marry a certain someone Quietrzerr veil: her pleurant perrorzality. FAVORITE MEMORY: Septem- ber l0, 1958 and '59, and summer of 1958 and '59. PET PEEVE: Four years of gym. CAROLE LOUISE ZACK Teacher Har 4 way with 4 rong-ex- uherunt company. Congress Representative 3,4: Cannoneers 43 Swimming Team 4: Intramural Volleyball 4g Future Teachers of America 4: Bowling 4. . FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 1959. PET PEEvE: The 8:00 bus that comes at 8:20. 106 JOYCE ANNE WUESTMAN To End happiness and success A good dirpofitiorfir u valu- able porresrion. Intramural Soccer 3,4g Intra- mural Volleyball 2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2. FAVORITE MEMORY: Junior Prom and junior year. PET PEEVE: One-way halls. JEROME ABRAHAM YERICH "JERRY" To be a success While you're young have all your fun. FAVORITE MEMORY! The Jun- ior Prom. PET PEEVE: Getting up so early in the morning. JUDITH RACHEL ZABOHONSKI "JUDY" To be a secretary There ir no ruhrtitute for Jin- renty. Volleyball 2,35 Nightingales 3. FAVORITE MEMORY: The sum- mer of '57: freshman and sophomore year. PET PEEVE: Weekend home- work. LAWRENCE ANTHONY ZAVODNY "LARRY" Field of economics Popular with both sexe: - good-humored - dirtinrtive deep voice. Student Council Alternate 2,3g Key Club 2,3,4: Marching Band 2,3,4g Basketball 2,45 Congress Representative 4: In- door Track 3. I FAVORITE MEMORY: My iun- ior year with a certain girl. PET PEEVE: Marching in the band on Saturdays. SERVING IN ARMED FORCES DEN IS SCHUSTER "He who renfex bi: country Jervef bert." ARLEN E E. ZEIDENITZ "ARE" To make those I love happy "Trzlkability" - funny red lmir - Hknizler bug." Intramural Volleyball 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4g Intramural Bowling 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: July 31, 19565 the junior and Senior Proms. PET PEEVE: People who ask me what I use On my hair. DAVID SOL ZUCKERMAN "ZUCKY" Architect Hi: female admiren dan'i plmre bim - 4 :elf-explanw tary fellow. Boys' Glee Club 35 Boys' Usher Squad 49 Fire Squadg Radio Club 3,45 Science Club 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Parking on Caldwell Avenue. PET PEEVE: Practice teachers. JANE FRANCES ZIMMERMAN "JANIE" To be successful in whatever I do Quiez, but not .rby -- long dark Heffel. Volleyball 4g Tennis 3,4g Bowling 3.4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Football games. PET PEEVE: Surprise tests. JOYCE BARBARA ZURICK HJOY.. To marry that certain someone Eau Orange? lou, our gain. Transferred from East Orange High. FAVORITE MEMORY: Walking into Union High School for the first time- and discover- ing how friendly the students were. PET PEEVE: Being late for first period because Of One- way halls. 'ii Vkfg K 108 K JUNIOR PROM GLASS 0F 1960 2.3- 1155 ji pr KIGKOFF DANCE W . Q ff 'Es' THANKSGIVING DAY V lj -f .. I FOOTBALL GAME f A I Q ., ,L V A f if - A m' 2 ' N ' 9 :i i .- K i w- ..'- 1 ' ,A ,,x Q Ig ,-yew f,-, .4 5 ju ., . ffm K V 15 6 'A f "H - fa- A--rr-wQ5J ' I P Y Aff 'i YV 4 ,. 4 , . V 4 Q' ,. lug? y , 4., X . A I. "1' - x ' Yi' ' U 4 ' "Mg . , ggi. 1 e vw ., f' A lf- + " ' ' i i s hu -W 4 , , , E . 1 I " Q X , fs S: qs: 4 '64 ' 4 W 5 ' ' - r 4 Sta: i-A Q. , 'tj 15" ug 1 ,: if .,- .11 - hgh! , A - ..., . ,..,,,,. I 4 ,. k -f , . tx gg"f5'i ,251 "' ' f - ' - - A A Q 2, 3312 4, fx ws-'iQ rw, P - - , K h'ffme, 5528:-:'1la.,I',..p.i-wfQ,1.f 4,1- L - fig, fmihff M9 I T L f" 3'-:X Wil, K s ri'5Sf4Q"'lv::-5 4 "All the girls talk about the boys and all the boys talk about the girls. - Wayne Miller ll:-i -Auf' X N W CHRISTMAS BALL 1959 A ZH as . '! 7 ' K , THE CHRISTMAS B LL 1959 , K ,. :A , .,, 4 I M S VW. " 47 4. . X , -"H W9 - - ,JEAN 4, z Y 51 A 2 'gm . 'MA V JE A 53 Ar .' C lFf'1g's'1f""' ' , .wif ' 4 T 'L ,-LSE' 5i?5',:,zQ,-Qjfiif J Jfwiwfg 5 ' rw Wg .3 'K f-f""f4m F1 'Q 4 45 rn , 1. '54n -:QQ ffffiigrml www? K u,,,ga-15' E 4 f 5 I . i I 5 . V bx I f W' , 5 Q, . L. 1 J W' nun 1 31 -5 . . w , 1 'Q I 1 X f wfffgk, N "WITNESS FUR THE PRUSEDUTIUN 0ur Faculty has many talents. GLASS HISTURY The history of the class of 1960 really began in September, 1957, when the students of the first ninth grade of Kawameeh junior High School joined the rest of the class at Union High. Our earliest individual memories concern taking the wrong turn or stairway and getting lost during those first hectic days. Gradually, high school became a part of us and we a part of it. How we cheered for our school at the football games. The class made its first mark by presenting a brilliant variety show depicting a gala night club, Our Second effort was in the form of the Sophomore Dance, where, of course, "a good time was had by all." A junior year, as everyone agreed at the time, seemed the hardest of all as we struggled with our studiesg but, we did have fun. An unforgetable event for every student was the receiving of his class ring, and to magnify the glory of the moment there was the "junior Ring Dance." The school year progressed with other memorable events, such as the presenta- tion of Handel's Messiah by the music and art departments at Christmas time, Then, in the spring came our first formal dance, the junior Prom. How extravagant we were. We had the choice of ballroom dancing or rock 'n' roll, depending on whether we chose to remain in the "Orient" or the "Inferno," as the gym and cafeteria, respectively, had become. To climax our accomplishments that year, we presented another outstanding variety show, and who can forget the Greenwich Village scene that concluded the performance. As we entered school this past September, we realized that we were "Seniors," We were finally on top! While remembering the gay evening spent at the Kick-off Dance, and planning the annual Christmas Ball, we began to consider seriously what we had ac' complished during those three past years at Union High that would prepare us for tomorrow. The real history of the class is contained in the lives of each individual, and thereis no room to record all that should be said. But each one will know and remember the friend- ships, heartaches, growing pains, honors, and dreams that were his as a member of the class of 1960. y i "A world to be born under your footsteps -- St. john Perse ACTIVITQ . J Wx: V Ernest Salerno, Senior Class Vice President FE? A .af ' . ly an -f' I '3 2 .af F' f 44" ' , lf iff? lf' , 1 is 41 M, if . Q A S ii , Qi A f Q. is QC JM' f ' ' 3 Y' 1' Q 4 '. 4- ' g Q? T T X' ,1 .. ii gb. N- 2 1 ' ' 5, v,.' M, - igk i , Sf ,'3 55 Jane Hoerrner, Senior Class Secretary Virginia Williams, Senior Class Treasurer 'Q SENIUR GLASS CDNGRESS The Class Congress has con- tinued to do a noteworthy job as the student-governing.body of the Class of 1960. Each year two "congressmen" and two alternates have been chosen to represent their homeroom at Congress meetings where such activities as dances, social events, class shows, the class trip, and the junior and Senior proms were carefully planned and organized. Acting as a link between homeroom and Con- gress, the congressmen keep us informed as to the latest news regarding coming events and have the final responsibility of selling tickets to all of our func- tions. With the able guidance of our class advisers, Miss Brady, Mr. Grant, and Mr. Jaeger, our Class Congress has succeeded in affording us a most enjoyable and memorable social life in Miss Florence Brady Semor Clary Adwier ai fer December, 1959. high school. Mrs Thomas Porcello Semur Clurr Adwrer lllllll December, 1959. Urbanowitz, C. Graessle, S. Koss, J, Enzer, B. Shaaf, V. Williams, j. Hoerrner, Fuurlb Row: E. Orenstein, S. joman, B. Benko, J. Catto, L. Zavodny, C. Ford, T. Healy, P. Massi- mino, L, Gura, Fifth Row: R. Wishart, A. Schneider, R. Mantek, E. Salerno, A. Steiginga, E, Mayer, W. Angelus. l 123 114-T' L--- .Q X, ,M I 3 STUDENT W" ' X 39 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Upper Left: Dominick Cardace, Student Council President. Upper Riglai: George Wade, Student Council Treasurer. Lower Left: Robin Angus, Student Council Secretary. Lower Right: Phil Pondiscio, Student Council Vice Presidentg middle, Mrs. Frederick Deusinger, Student Council Adviser. Su it New " -,-l f is " COUNCIL SENATE W3 s , Fin! Row: Dom Cardace. Second Row: Pat Cooke, Karen Carlson, Ilene Leif, Robin Angus, Pat Kelly. Third Row: Phil Pondiscio, Eleanor Martino, Steve Herzburg, Gary Alberts. Fourtb Row: Ron Wishart, Caroline Graessle, Gil Stockard. Fifzb Row: George Wade, Wayne Les- ser. Sixzb Row: Walter Myer. STUDENT COUNCIL Krokowsky, D. Mandl, L. Brager, V. Shapiro, Miller, E. Pollard, L. Komroff, G. Widman, Second Row: E. Reutlinger P. Bolem, Carol Mahaz, M. Pecutto, B. Cummins, L. Teicher, Holz, R. Angus, D. Cardace. Third Row: B. Buhler, R. Kopleck, L. Alimi, B. Scherer, N. Chenid- Fin! Row: J. J. Scuteri, L. D. Choborda. Spinanger, P. J. Magin, C. 'Wx'-S' M III-- lein, M. Walsh, S. Decter, E. Leif, L. Phillips, P. Pondi- scio, F. Becker, Fourlla Row: S. Bernstein, K. Zdanowski, S. Lavere, D. Keller, G. Ulrich, A. Gould, K. Sasso, J Lohen, C. Joralaman, T. Geiser, Frank Remo. Fifth Raw L. Kachelries, J. Milste, M. Genis, J. Gustafson, C. Baggot H. Roempecke, J. Jancoska, G. Wade, R. Sullivan, P Gordon. NNV N 'mm S2222 ' J., ' 4- ,L,. ,Q 1." K " I Q 5 .4.5-lm-eg QW-' ' af, 'Q 'ggi K, e Q-: iL in e li i 2- , r , , 'Q l 5, 11 H1 School's fblication, rs the ro - x 1 ' T' ' 0 NP 'H I 'W jak W - . 5 amsnrprg gly large number nf pepple. Qggiringilfncofrecr , f - g ,-ms andere:yfuq,sng'-f-i5'5'ny aH ll 5 ' fi lhei-arena aienewspapgi fhe i ivnovafions have , ted year in lggedordto err e in 4 .r ...ri 1.2 . 1, eiie v N 1l .e 1- - . e N i. N . in e fefl1eeEle!sQc3f5ihn1srer1r 1 l SQOI15 X lwwqveieeedlwmhweeeele ,ge 1.: f,fL, Q -.'f',f -.'f , 5 1,,,,,1,,efiie , V . 1 K K sei fx A gi- , l I , . i , fcandldm-ef-Smnd, eeni msre rhs Pn l' C SS?arevar!ffSTSQ,uf,Gd'f-rich Involved '23 i - N N 1 . Ltr " , e o iefutgater 1 directly to a N 'ill' o un m eatli' bien and a hi her ' i.- -,-1'. . 'I cy i . N l i l - W-me CANNON PAGE EDITORS Fin! Raw: Maxine Goldberg, Elaine Pollard, Denise Rosensweig, Diane Rudowsky. Semnd Row: Karen Goldsmith, Valerie Urbanowitz, Carol Ulfer, Ilene Leff, Ken Bisbing, Lynn Komroff, Eugenie Carter, joan Sobo. ll CANNON EDITORIAL BOARD Diane Rudowsky, Denise Rosenswieg, Carolyn Graessle, Miss Joan A. Massoth, Adviser. P4 In-. ,F CANNON STA FF Fin! Raw: D. Rudowsky, C. Graessle. D. Rosenswieg. Semnd Row: G. Uffer, D. Margolis, M. Wiener, Y, Vella, A. For- gione, L. Martino, M. Greenstine, E. Pollard, J. Kock. M. Leher, D, Malcon, C. Uffer. Third Row: L. Lieberfeld, S. Hebel, j, Soho, L. Komroff, C. Sasso, S. Snift, D. Steets, V. Forlander, J. Lankay, B. Cummings, E. Carter. Fourth Row: 5 i A Q in w w f Fgqgcwgw-fzzfvgggc 3-use-H B. Hill. P. Grunt, F. Lefi, H. Hohauser, P, Gordon, A Brenner, H. Eckstein, B, Fein, K. Bisbing, P. Siller, R. Mail- man, K, Goldsmith. Fifth Raw: M. Goldberg, G. Marcus, R. Winneld, I, Leff. R. Lambert, L. Tiecher. S. Applebaum. B Perry, B. Weinbrenner, A. Kotzun, L. Kohaut. Sixzh Raw: A. Miller, V. Urbanowitz, C. Bishop, B. Miller, L. Allen, J Nadel, D. Babiarz, F. Leone, H. Roemke. JUNIOR GLASS A, sf i jj L. I 'ily .W yy QW JV ' QY 1 . A, .- 'P , V s., ' X V lf if .sy -X V lk L of ,,' . if A 3. l, V Q -4 ' x. S c' 4 ' ' ' L . ,ff . won Q JCL on I x E 2. C V , 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Firfz Row: Stella La Salvia, Secretary. Second Row: Larry Allen, Treasurerg Tony DeFalco, President Third Row: Betty Scherrer, Vice-president. JUNIOR CONGRESS Firfl Row: Betty Scherrer, jean Hague, Reba Cooke, Nancy Carnell, Arnell Lesser, Dot Amoto. Sefarzd Row: Gail List, Sue Shoemaker, Sandy Searles, Ingrid Jordon, Linda Gasga. Tbird Row: Gerry Leclie, Walter Allen, Larry Allen, Clem Hiech, Harvey Hohager, l 128 Miss Fayne Newlin Mr. Anthony L. Petosa Mrs. William BIOWH junior Claw Advifer junior Clan AdUjJ'El' junior Clan Adviser SOPHOMORE GLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Sealed: Albert Ray, Presi- dent. Left lo right: Elaine Wishart, Secretaryg Bar- bara Holub, Treasurer, Stanley Barber, Vice- President. , ,,,v SOPHOMORE CONGRESS Fifi! Row: C. Uffer, M. Lear, L. Potter, M. Maloney, N. Rodbur V Forlander P Cooke C Babic A Katuria. S, - , - V . , - C. Goodman. Second Row: P. Karch, J. Bruscia, Sturtavant L. High, R. Rosianio, R. Epstein, S. Netunan, S. Kim N. Wright, M. Phillips, D. Homer, N. Waple, I. Coakly Third Row: M. Sefko, H. Leese, R, Cyprus, J. Dalin, B Johnsen, B. Castiglione, D. Kahn. J. Miller, G. Gifol, R Nobleman, C. Smytn. Fourth Row: W. Maddox, E. Brauer E. Rechberger, R. Woodton, G. Tisch, H. Ward. W. Lesser P. Herot, J. Fulcomer, J. Munko, B. Rostock, J. Altman R. Hussey. 'f"? SOPHOMORE CLASS ADVISERS Mr, Vincent P. Fosbre, Miss Mary Ann Swenson, Mr. Lee H. Taylor. Mr. Gordon R. LeMatty. 129 130 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Fjrrt Row: K. Bisbing, G. Stockard, S. Mandell, R. Stew- art, 1. Evans, J. Smart, H. Schroeder, G. Wade, C. Graessle, G. Mueller, M. Genis. Second Row: E, Wilner, L. Gura, S. Whitehead, E. Ratushny, C. Baggot, V. Williams, D. Keller, H. Roempke, C. O'Lenick, A. National Honor Society The Honor Society is a national organization which selects its members from among those students holding a "1" or a "2" average in all subjects. Each member must also hold at least one elected ofiice and be active in at least two other extra- curricular activities. Needless to say, the members' conduct must be above reproach. Union High School is justly proud of this fine organization which sets such high examples of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. Kimorough, R. Farington. Third Row: P. Kelly, G. Carter, I. Leif, R. Silverman, H. Blatt, S. Decter, P. Pondiscio, G. Albert, R. Angus, S. Applebaum, C. Hoborta. Fourth Row: F. De Christopher, S. Frank, L. Komroff, D. Rosenzweig, D. Rudowsky, K. Carlson, N. La Medica, E. Pollard, R. Ribner. Key Club The sight of young men selling refreshments at our football games and presenting the flag during assemblies is familiar to every student at Union High. These are some of the services performed by the Key Club, a voluntary service organization for high school boys. New members are admitted by invitation. To be eligible for membership, a boy must have a "2.5" average. He must also take part in extra-curricular activities and have a record of good citizenship. KEY CLUB Fffff Row: J. Eitzen, G. Wade, A. Anderson, D. Cardace. Second Row: H. Koeberpj. Fischer, R. Green, R. Wishart, P. Pondiscio. Third Razr: G. Mueller, R, Sullivant Kreideweis. R. Louden. Fourth Raw: R. Oehrlein, M. Bailin, J. Smart, W. Oehrlein, A. Steiginga, L. Zavodny. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA .ziwu i . 5 Fmt Row: Sharon Decter, Jane Hoerrner, Ann Gould Judy Gerring. Second Row: D. Windruff, G. Uffer, S. Frank, E. Pollard, A. Brautgan, P. Partelow, J. Treg- lio, B. Goldberg, A. Bieroaum, P. Sapelsiew, J. Du- lugoszz, K. Eide, I. Zevin, C. Barna, R. Ribner, D Margolis, J. Keiper. Third Row: G. Hochberg, B Samuels, B. Heyman, C. Pagana, R. Cooke, N. Gitlin G. Hedden, I. Burns, R. Robins, L. Petcesky, N. Parnell L. Komroff, D. Rosenzweig, A. Corbo, J. Garfinkle G. Ontell, M. Goldberg, B. Nadler. Fourth Row: B 'ly AAA-6 gi, fr-WJ' Miller, A. Utenrith, E. Skarl, D. Albrack, C. Mack D. Hammer, D. Stanley, L. Alimi, B. Scherer, C. Lan: choeck. E. Garrigan, D. Gibson, J. Skipper, T. Ruf S. Rosner, B. Hill, M. Moesser, K. Goldsmith, B. Baum S. Shoemaker. E. Sharkey. Fifth Row: S. Vandein, J. Stamler, R. Winfield, D. Nuttman, W. Herlihy, H. Blatt, P. Jacko, E. Williams, D. Kessler, D. Loefller C. Dunelowitz, L. Gaska, R. Lusk, S. La Vere, B. Breen N. Bosco, E. Perry, I. Stone, A. Wollenberg, G. Lis C. Charkowski. fl, L Uk LJ T' vb t f V 9 -,.Xw .ilwrch ,tr Jvibi lg L . alllll IlmlliJ ,lllll Q 5g.g.L-- .... . .. WM I? J D ,. -A-L' , L M r 'c t.e., Q , . '7 A it -oss 4 CQ- Q - H. 5 ' i!ggbQfq?5U. egg? - , in-ails NIGHTINGALES Front Row: D. Grebowich, A. Bierbaum, J. Nielson, R. Cichy, S. Kos. Serond R-ow: K. Carlson, D. Nutman, S. Lensen, E. McGreal, D. Rudowsky, A. Corbo, J. Magin, M. Mansina, D. Sacks, D. Coulter, A. Brau- tigan, A. Mandato, J. Junker, Miss Pittenger. Third Row: Mrs. Sullivan, J. Lankay, B. Scherber, P. Adrion, L. Parchuck, E. Burns, J. Skiper, D. Pecklers, R. Wein- brenner, J. Adams, B. McEnery, G. McNulty, J. MCClay, B. Tillish, Mrs. Higel. Fourth Raw: B. Hill, L. Iacona, 'J ,1iY""""b M. Miller, L. Hansen, E. Carter, E. Jackson, B. J. Tausch, S. Yerger, P. Bolem, D, Michel, E. Williams, S. Meskin, B. Jones, L. Miller, D. Reidel, C. Radler. Fifth Row: B. Miller, A. Talis, R. Lambert, F. Calder- one, C. Halo, L. Thoma, J. Schmidt, B. Scaff, S. Miller, P. Flait, B. Weinbrenner, L. Lewis, P. Vigliotto, D. McLeon, J. Bartlett, D. Babiars, C. Lutunic. Sixth Row: C. Graessle, A. Rebol, C. Breining, B. Busch, M. Mun- derick, D. Wendruff, J. Roncorini, J. Ledie, M. Sussfo J. Virtelus. y 1 n Q kf Carol Kunz Judy Gerring Drum Majorelte Captain of Cheerleaderx COLOR GUARDS Lefi la right: Beverly Evans, Judy Lachenaur, Joyce Burke, Pat Vigliotto. CHEERLEADERS Left to right: L. Potter, J. Scuteri, N. Lameclica, J. Pet- toski, A. DiMartino, L. Holzl, K. Muir, II. Bell, F. Leone, C. Bush, R. Angus, P. Kelly, V. Shapiro. Center: Judy Gerring. Marvin Wells Drum Major TWIRLERS Left to right: S. Shoemaker, S. Vanclien, F. Calderone, D. Hammer, A. Peregrim, Y. Vella, L. Reiner. Center: Carol Kunz. 153 J fart UNION HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND Drummerf, lefl Io right, botlom row: S. Fiore, R. Yocovetti C. Flayer, CCenterj R. Forwon, J. Strivelli, G. Stiegler. R. Gill. Fir!! Roux Slanding, left 10 right: M, Welles, G Hay, G, Albert, J, Scheren, M. Goldsmith, J. Leese, I Danier, S. Aberboch, R. Grunt. J. Milo, D. Goerdich. S Frankel, K. Klain, R. Cypress, D. Krasner. Mr. jack Trager Conductor. Semnd Row: A, Scuorizo, A. Otte, R. Graham J. Gatto, j. Boone, T. Kobran, j. Wackett, L. Vatchy, E BOYS' CHORUS Fin! Rauf M. Gately, T. Popola, N. Picchione. S. Levine, J. Low- enstein, A. Landis, P. Jacinski. Second Row: E. Leif, G. Heimall, I. Flynn, F. Cohen, R. Kendler, J. Higgins, A. Amodeo. Third Row: R. Bailey, R. McCloud, H. Glass, B. Forlancler, R. Donald, W. Mergott. Tbore mining: W. Kaiser. I. Berko, G. Kantrowitz, R. Brunner, R. Kramer. GIRLS' CHORUS Fi:-.ft Row: Mr. Eugene Con- sales, Director, F, Tufted, P. Anderson, M. Sandle, C. Kolb 1 M. Cristelli, M. Hughs, L. Petchesky, B. Goldberg, P. Parte- low, C. Hedden, P. Muratore, G. Uffer. Second Row: C, Gill, J. Newsome, C. Fuchs, D. Pro-bst S. Koss, M. Allegeyer, E. Clark A. Kimbrough. Stain: B. Clark P. Santaniello, J. Steiner, P, Root C. Zack, L. Rothbart, L. Thoma, C, Halo, F. Calderone, J. Cal- v v I v Perry, A. Dee, G. Ulrich. Pollard, S. Mandel. N. Artlin, J. Doudera, I. Wague. E Martino, B. Epstein, L. jacona. Third Row: J. Millstein D. Pieler, G. Pieley. J. Ahearn, R. Schroeder, H. Collins C. Wiggins, G. Tisch, R. Fink, G. Mass, M. Katz, R Weller, G. Wutskolf. M. Baggot. L. Zavodney, E. Carter Back Rauf: D. Fields, W, Goldberg, E. Paul, H. Ward R. Lucas, R. Conrad, W. Lesser, S, Ellenport, J. Steam H. Toplansky. ,,,,,,,, ,, , , ,. ,..... ML.. ..... .. ....... ,... ,.-.-. .-........e.- 4 .. 134 A. ,..,. ,T ,N 5 .k .X f,,. -Lf.. A ' .w- ...,...,.. . .....,...-.. .......,.,..,.......... . .. derone, K. Corzine, S. Frenko E ORCHESTRA Fin! Row: L. Leberfeld, E. Martino, H. Blatt, P. Freid- man, C. Lordi. Seroud Rauf: P. McCormick, N. Kane, R. Ribner, J. Graf. M. Baggot, E. Carter, C. Malkin. Third Row: Mr. jack Trager, Conductorg J. Smart, STARLIGHTERS Firzrl Row: David Krasner, Howard Toplansky, john Gatto, Howard Lipstein, Elinor Martino. Second Rauf: William Goldsmith, William Goldberg, James Boone, QW v W STV? N. ,. K. Kraemer, AI. Leese, H. Lipstein. J. Gatto, H. Top- lansky. Fourth Row: S, Mandel, S. Ellenport, DI. Millstein, K. Klein, W. Goldberb, M. Welles, E. Pollard, D. Goerlich, J. Boone, Fiflh Razr: R. Gill, R. Forman, J. Gonsales, 1. Lordi, B. Barnhard. Garry Cutikoff, Marvin Welles, Kenneth Kuin, Direc- torg Mr. J. Trager. Third Roux joshua Millstein, Ralph Gill, joe Gonzales, Samuel Ellenport. Bruce Barnhard, Sue Mandel. 135 OFFICE HELPERS Fin! Row: I. Lankay, W. Bell, F. Kominsky, D. Ru- dowsky, N. LaMedica, S. Yerger, P. Lind, C. Donnely, B. Breen, R. Cichy, M. Grasso, V. Caputo. Serond Row: Mrs. ,I. Dean, Adviserg B. Ioworski, B. Iitausch, S. Feins, S. Franks, C. Banake, R. Iackson, C. Fresolone, K. Dandosky, P. Iacko, D. Young. Third Row: A. An- derson, R. Von Sprecklson, L. Rusulski, R. Sullivan, B. Benz, VI. Mazoki, N. Keehb- ler, G. Wade, B. Nazard, L. Weinfeld, B. Miller. Fourth Row: H. Schroeder, B. Nad- ler, I. Keiper, H. Roempke, A. Reinopreet, D. Wendruf, C. Gernert, E. Mahr, K. Muir, B. Day, L. Hacella, B. Grant. 136 SWIMMING CLUB Fin! Row: Mr. Eugene Con- sales, Adviser, A. Bryant, S. Herzberg, S. Kealy, R. Strain, B. Fink, A. Tolin, R. Brad- bury. Serond Row: I. Halpin, G. Widman, L. Adorna, A. Bierbaum, R. St. Louis, L. Hyde, S. Leafinan, I. Stern. Third Row: S. Allen, B. Perry, C eick, M. Baggot, R. Schae r, I. Haugue, F. Heindricks. Fourth Row: H. Schwartz, I. Hofmann, I. Heiss, I. Grabko, D. Probst, I. Higgens, K. Hardy, W. Goldberg. " ' PM S115- ,IUNIOR RED CROSS Fir!! Row: B. Le Page, M. Miller, I. Zeuin, KI. Crack, D. Kessler, P. Buttery, B. Kuck, C. Barner. Serond Row: I. Lee, N. Gitlin, D. Wyler, P. Cackowsky, B. Lancheck, E. Zipperstein, D. Ulbrick, M. Walsh, R. Lewin. Third Row: M. Ehas, H. Suconek, D. Ryder, C. Smych, M. Ler- man, I. Adams, M. Smolin- ski, S. Feins. Fourth Row: C. Gerner, C. Puller, L. Lewis. HALL MONITORS Fin! Row: Rhea Levy, Nancy Stohck, Carol Smith. Second Row: Lynn Miller, S. Shoe- maker. Third Row: Arthur Brodie, B. Rosyla, G. Ring. Fourll: Row: Ioseph Pante. ...-ap... cd . ,,.A,..., - BOYS' USHER SQUAD Fin! Row: M. Apter, D. Frank, P. Eckert, M. Moss, B. Drechsel. Serond Row: K. Schiffbauer, H. Eckstein M. Greenwoood, C. Arm brust. Third Row: B. Mantek L. Allen, K. Zuckerman, J. Flynn. i' GIRLS' USHER SQUAD Firrt Row: C. Uffer, D. Mar- golis, E. Pollard, J. Sobo, R. Slifer, L. Pechefsky, J. Greene, C. Mack. Serond Raw: G. Schueler, P. Stein, M. Black, I. Garfinkle, A. Bierbaum, L. Paige, B. Miller, E. Jone, II. McNulty, I. Krack, H. Blatt. Third Row: R. Fried- man, I. Greenfield, B. Key- man, L. Komroff, R. Robbins, M. Goldberg, Stone, L. Wein- brenner, B. Furia, D. Berke. Fourlh Row: R. Phibbs, B. Samuels, VI. Applebaum, AI. Schlifer, T. Ruff, S. Portis, K. Goldsmith, B. Baum, P. Boegis. Fifth Rauf: R. Taylor, L. Tedeschi, G. Ontel, R. Napolis, S. Wintis, R. Win- field, A. Wollenberg, L. Kohout, B. Swift, B. Nadler. Sixlb Row: A. Talias, D. Gregavich, A. Rebel, S. Koss, S. Serele, B. Weinbrenner, A. Gould, I. Leddy, P. Mc- Cormich, B. Mibis, E. Sharkey. 137 LEADERS' CLUB Firzfl Row: B. Schwartz, D. Stachin, D. Morgalis, J. Hoerrner, N. Par- nell, J. Rech, F. de Christophe, J. Lankey, B, Dick, J. Petroski. Second Row: E. Sharke, L. Komroff, L. High, T. Razza, L. Richards, S. Davidson, J. Steets, C. Kirchner, B. Hoffman. Third Row: L. Schipper, N. Schmide, F. Zelikow, N, Baggot, -I. Skipper, K. Lanweher, D. Cho- borcla, L. Alimi, N. Wright. Fourth Row: D. Furlong, E. Perry, B. Jawor- ski, A. Kimbrough, 1. Bondar, P. jacko, S. Dector, R. Kiplik, H. Hussler, J. Magin. Fifth Row: C. Autenreith, S. Shoemaker, G. Ull- rich, J, Leddy, A. Gould, L. Felsen- thaler, A. Kordulik, S. Whitehead, H. Schwartz. 138 CANNONEERS Firff Row: Lynn Thoma, Judy Steiner Betty Perry, Cindy Halo, Carol Zack Donna Gibson, Cathy Mack. Second Rout Andrea Perequim, Nancy Bosco, Regina Cichy, Gail Widmiin Elaine Garrigan, Paulette Flait Arlene Bierbaum, Barbara Breen Third Row: Lynn Pikor, Robin Hagelin, Diane Babiers. Karen Crosby, Eileen Wilneir, june Schmidt Fourfh Row: Denise Nuttman, Sharen Decter, Kathy Bittman, Carol Bishop Carolyn Graessle, Val Urbanowitz Fiffh Row: Trudy Holschuh, judy Nelson, jane Hoerrner, Betty Schaff Carol O'Lenick. Lea Tathgard. VARSITY "U" CLUB First Row: Curtis Gardner, jim Fischer, Walter Waclle, Steve Gleitzman, joe MacElwee, Ronald Wishart. Second Row: Tony Colasurdo, Al Brenner, Leonard Ladosci, Connie Haynes, Bill Feldman, Third Row: Ed Paul, John Kreicleweiss, George Wade, Larry Zavodny, Tom Kaptor, Pat Mac- Garry. Fourth Row: Bill Drechsel, Mike Balin, Richie Oehrlein, Walter Oehrlein, Walter Myer. 1 FLYING SQUAD Firrz Row: Ted Bubnowski, Mario Giamo, Len Ladosci, John Eitzen, Paul Alberts, Bruce Trautweiler, Bob Silverman. Serond Row: Rich Reisher, Bob Schubert, Steve Spiegel, Bob Noesner, joe Morookian, Phil Magaletta. Third Row: Tom Kap- tor, Martin Soos, Kurt Hoppe, Walt Myer, Eric Henrichs, John Hof- mann, Iohn Grabko. CREO STAFF Sealed: Mr, Harry Schuetz, Mrs. ,Iames McCutcheon, Mr. R. Alex- ander Grant, Advisers, Lynn Kom- roif, Clara Armstrong, James 'Ful- comer, Richard Grunt. Second Row: Dale Ross, Paula Jacko, Fran De Christopher, Sheila Rosner, Bonnie Battiste, S. Hunter, June Schmidt, Marcy Waksman. Third Row: G. Nadel, C. Fisher, T. Spinanger, S. Spiegel, Ronnie Crystal, Diane Rudowsky. HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Mrs. Leonard Carter, Adviser, Rona Freedman, Diane Choborda, Sam Ellenport, Ken Bisbing, Eugenie Carter. 139 il l l E DEBATING CLUB Pint Row: L. Goldstein, Karen Goldsmith, C. Graessle, H. Blatt, D. Rosenzweig, L. Leberfeld. Semnd Row: R. Sturtevant, S. Feins, D. Mur- phy, S. Meskin, S, Apple- baum, E. Nemetz, G. Schuler. Third Row: L. Gernert, E. Leif, S. Ellenport, C. Fischer H. Sukoneck, S. Natonem. Fourtb Row: W. Goldberg Mr. Charles A. Lubetkin Adviser. v m r CHESS CLUB First Row: E. Leif, L. Wein- feld, R. Farrington, R. Stock- ard, F. Loelk, S. Hertzberg. Second Row: K. Craemer, H. Whitehead, B. Fulling, M. Rakin, E. Boifa. Third Row: E. Person, R. Gold- berg, Henry Schroder, R. Busch. -ff. -f ...EMI s AFTERNOON ART CLUB Standing: ,Iudy Mainker, Karen Crosby, Eleanor Shar- key, Mr. Emanuel Solomon, Adviser, George McLaughlin, Wayne Enstice, John Fischer, Michael Moss, Gundel Schue- ler, Eileen Wilner, Mimi Pashkow. Sift i n g 1 Ruth Phibbs, Marianne Moessner, Dorothy Albrecht, Elaine Wil- liams, Iudy Appebaum, Donna Simpson, Mary Ann Prim- mer, Ellen Stegman. STAGE CREW Ronald Heller, Robert Volk, Richard Renz, Malcolm Mayercik. THESPIAN UNDERSTUDIES Fin! Row: Janet Koch, Dean Lakony, Barbara Goldberg, Barbara Weinbren- ner, Barbara Hill, Maxine Goldberg, Vivian Forlander, Ann Forgiane, Doris Malkin. Setond Row: Mr. Howard Fenton, Adviserg Stephen Herzberg, lean Hague, Harvey Hohauser, Eddie Mayer, Ralph Sullivan, Richard O'Brian, Carrol O'Lenick, Iudv Gustusen, Eugene Le . THESPIANS Sitting: Mr. Howard Fenton, Adviserg S. Dector, C. Kook, E. Ratushnv, B. Battiste. Standing: R. Levy, D. Ross A. Pareis, H. Eckstein. 1-AF . 141 vvflstgfiqf Anzac U . .... mv. ........-.-,,- 5 FIRE SQUAD Firrt Row: Mr. Edward L. Beach, Ir., Advise-rg M. Greenberger, Pete Mackoff, Les Burger, Bob Silver- man, Bruce Benz. Serzforzd Row: Harvey Rice, Dennis Hopkins, Richard Freeman, Steve Swartz, ,Iohn Eitzen. Third Row: ,Iohn Timer, Dave Zuckerman, john Flynn, james Fullcomer. STAMP CLUB Fin! Raw: Howard Weiss, -Ierry Rothenberg, Richard Friedman, Kennard Bisbing, Mike Greenberger, Herbert Weiss. Second Row: Mr. James Ives, Advise-rg Richard Montross, John Evan, john Dobra, james Fulcomer. W""'5? ,.a.1s.,.A , :- 142 PROJECTION SQUAD Fin: Raw: W. Birkenhagen, J. Rizzuto, D. Simon, F. Morgan. Second Row: R. Kappan, T. Riz- zuto, S. Brakl, J. Rothenberg, W. Smith. Third Row: J. Barron, A. Beider, H. Frankel, L. Sherk. Fourth Row: Mr. Harold G. Lord, Adviserg H. Eckstein, T. Nowelsky, -I. Bell, H. Ward, K. Lakind. fi-QQBNMKIH SCIENCE CLUB Fzrfz Run: R. Silverman, W, Birk- enhagen, D. Simon. Srmrzd 160147 Mr lohn Polisin, Adviser, S. Brakl, l. Rothenberg. D. Malkin, R. Sfhcr- rcr. P. Mackoff. S. Horowitz, Mr. Guy Barhato, Adviser. 'I'fvn'd RUM: I. Auster, K. Smiles, H. Wfeiss, M. Aptur, l. Schmidt, A. Brenner, A. Bautlinct, Ifffnrllt Run: R. Schus- ..- tcr, S. Mcskins, I. Bcnkc. K. Krac- mar, G. VC'cinr.r. R. Farrington Ifzffli Rua: T. Spinangcr. W. Gold- herg. R. Gill, H. Wfard, C. Hoch- hcrg. M. Katz, A. Morris. Sliflb Rfm: C. Armhrust, D. Grygotis, V K. Flanzer, I. Fulcomer, S. Spiegel, K, Hoppe. .tw 1 4 LIBRARY STA FF Ififarz Rflllf D. Margolis, R. Weinbrenner, L. Patchiskc. I, Dlugosz. LePage, E. Pollard, B. Cuch. K. Carlson, B. Mclfnery, P. Cook, E. Carter, K. Bisbing, Sprague. Srfaud Razr: B. Hill, C. Schmurtz, H, Eckstein. Tlvfzu' Run! l, Evan, R, Kohaut, R. Ansel, S. Feines. I. Lcff, H, Blatt. B. Weinhrenner, I. Hague. A. Gould, S. Sealles, P. Meyer, P. McCormick. Ii. Sharkcy. N. Hackett, C. Wie1'hisk6y'. C. Gernert, Mrs, john Lakatos, l.ihrai'iang Mrs. Wfarrcn Charles, Clerkg Miss Fayne Newlin, Assistant to the Librarian. CAMERA CLUB Fm! Row: Mr. Kenneth MacKay, Adviserg Dennis Simon, Peter Pol- len, Arthur Brodie, Steve Brakl. Strmm' Rout Terry Smithamen, ,Iohn Cook, loe Prusky, Tbzrd Rout Ed Smialowicz. 4' Boosnan me eff smrr Glenn Mueller Allen Schneider Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Affiylanl Editor mi. .lll,,l,, YEARBOOK EDITORIAL BGARD First Raw: J, Bono, K, Mack, G. Mueller, A. Schneider, D. Hammer, B. Breen, R. Cichy, M. Acque. Second Row: B, Perry, C. Kook, E. Wilmer, R. Steinreich, G. Donnelley, L, Pikor, V. Urbanowitz, D. Ross, R. Lambert, S. Gendelman. YEARBOOK ART STAFF Carol Kook, Eileen Wilmer, Myrna Goldblat Gundel Schueler Marianne Moessner, Eddie Mayer. YEARBOOK FINANCE STAFF Sining: A. Bierbaum, A. Miller, C. Hudziak, J. Kalb, G. Hockberg. Stand- ing: C. Fuchs, L. Berger, I. Enzer, B. Nadler, C. Kunz, S. Boyar, D. Lip- son, H. Davis, B. Perry, A. Brenner, V. Urbano- witz, D. Wendruif, L. Holzl, R. Wishart, R. Lambert. QMS! . . , .l YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Walter Myers, William Angelus Delores Hammer Catherine Mack, Michael Greenwood Elaine Garrigan YEARBOOK BIOGRAPHY STAFF Fin: Raw: 5. Prank, S. Genclelman G Donnelly, B. Breen, R. Cichy. Semnd Row! B.. Hairston, S. La Vere, N. Bosco, J. Hxll, L. Gura P Flait W , . , . Herlihy, B. Hartien. Third Row: B. Barnhard A. zeadnitz, R. suluvan, H. Bunting, J Flynn, C. Lubrani, J, Nielsen, R. Hagelinz YEARBOOK TYPING STAFF Left to right: M. Mangold, M. Acque, L. Pikor, M. Bachstaclt, L. Martino. YEARBOOK LITERARY STAFF Lei: Zo right Eugenie Carte: Dale as Z 5: Ronnie Crystal, Robert Steinrich., ' ' I 146 510 G 1' SPDRTS lf! . 1 in .- f l n.: 4 cr an Y, VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Fifi! Raw: C. Lorey, H. Koerber, T. Kaptor, C. Haynes, S. Gleitzman, J. Gregory, F. Kiebler, P. Biondi, B. De Marco, R. Ulasawich, C. Gardner. Second Row: A. De Falco, A. Policastro, F. Cohen, J. Vitolo, F. Nucci, J. Gregory, C. Gagliano, J. Weissert, A. Lilley, E. Gatsch, K, MacBreen, M. Marrotta. Tlaird Row: C. Momm, B. FOOTBALL The Union High Farmers have "pushed the pigskin" through another victorious season. Under coach Mr. Weber, the team employed a new "pro" offense which proved very effective as is shown by the final tally of 5 wins against 3 defeats. Vieira, B. Harris, B, Underwald, E. Rozyla, J. Mozoki, R. Bohm, J. Morookian, J. Brown, L. Tutties, B. Lewis. Fourlh Raw: Walter Myer, Mr. Paul Corrigan and Mr. Joseph Bizzaro, Coaches, C. Olson, W. Oehrlein, P, Mac- Garry, R. Oehrlein, J. Gibney, Mr. Walter Shallcross, Coach, Mr. Richard Weber, Head Coach, Mr. Cornelius Keller, Coach, J. Ogle. Sparlced by the eagle-eye of quarterback and co-cap- tain, Connie Haines, as well as by the deceptive running and catching ability of Steve Gleitzman, who is the team's other co-captain, Union downed highly-rated Trenton Central 13-12, and shut-out previously-unbeaten New Brunswick 20-0. The season closed on a low note as Linden upset the Farmers 20-7 in the annual Turkey-day classic, but all agree that the gridders played outstanding football, de- feating some of the state's toughest competition. B-SQUAD FOOTBALL TEAM Firfl Row: R. Anderson, W. Parsons, P. Dinsmore, P. Herdt, J. Lind, R, Petren, E. Weiland, K. Russ, R. Makowsky, R. Lennert. Second Row: J. Wills, K. Cleary, 148 R, Martucci, R. Sharon, J. Roessner, C. Bennet, J. Kurth, A. Calderone, R. Brauer, W. Hodzik. Third Raw: W. Myer, Managerg Mr, Donald Geddis, Coachg J. Ogle, Manager, Mr. Ernest Harasty, Coach. If l 3'w+: ia, 9, , ,, b ,., , ' :H 'f:'.f"""f "nf , A, ,M .., nhl in , ,z -. 1, +3 fn 'Q . WW ' U I NQFSQ ,Nav I, id: hy, w A-Q -., A , , 'S 1 . , 'L WWW li A hy. M ,.,, Q K X -b ' ' ffsfns -wg N ' ' -- ...,, Q , -- N . , N - XM 'N' UW- an fr ' 'R 1 -S Q ,gf .x" di?'?'f?+E.wf-f. .K " K 'M G A Q 1' ' Q-ligfwzg ' '.w-zggzfiqwgq 'AA-f.'f' -' 1. 1 A P .Q-.-'x'7,'1Q,'1j' :wg Q11-fx , -1. K - ' -, ' - fx Avila, i. 22185 j,:,ri.'sh-Q .ir i X K M .. P. -K . ,, 1 mu:-' --1 f"T'5 A ' -w11A'wif.'f"E 1 f 'x -5- ,QQ M .5 "1 -if" ,,,,l:..EfmiRs,xf: me-: .WM -A ' - , wi 1 , 1 ww" vzne.,s,x?,.,,,,-1Mg,"3,j,. - 4- , -ff 2. ep, ' .- M as-,,3,.x:m -- " " '- - . . yi.. 35V'W'lYw-NYS-41 -fm: 'T A-. 'X' 'K M-fm 'Q ymykfwvz N-J... 4' v-vm -.bt N- , 'Fl Nl' vi fins w, - Twiizf ffl fl7'Ji,QtJf A BASKETBALL ii, ,W-LW, 113174 Y VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Fin: Row: Richard Heu- schkel, Marvin Welles, Michael Bailin, Richard Oehrlein, Walter Oehrlein. Serond Row: Sanford Le- vine, Brian Tack, Howard Glass, Howard Davis, Frank Pitt, Carl Olson, Robert McGrath, Robert Isaacs, Mr. Martin Farrell, Coach. The Union High Basketball Team under Coach against 8 defeats and gained a seeded berth of 7th in Ml:-Erfindfcarrell fwlgo boags afsix-foot-Eve frame him- the Union County Tournament. Some promising new se 1 a nota e jo 0 putting the old ball faces on the court were 6-foot-seven senior Marv tgrough the hoop this season. Sparked by the sharp- Welles and juniors, Rick Heuschkel and Russ Hawke, s ooting o Captain Mike Bailin and Richie Oehr- wh . ith s ch de e d ble e l B b McGrath, lein, both hitting double figures in most of the con- Waclt vfgehrlelin, anfcl nM2ike Brgllkilrsliiglpeccl make this tests, the cagers claimed a winning season of 9 wins af VS a better-than-average basketball season. I 7 ' l 'f f"tI-'?"5 Vcl' ffwkk r gc WY U4 NV 2 9 XX ,CL ill' 'Uclglfb 4 1,77 . . 1 sm ti- ,gcicfcfch L SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Mr. Joseph Biz- zarro. Firrt Row: Ronald Steinberg, William Aicher, Robert Makowsky, Louis Perella, Robert Grahm, Robert Castellone, Donald Aicher. Second Row: Wil- liam Wismar, Gunther Fourst, Edward Doherty, Gary Magin, Ray Petren, Wayne Lesser. 152 Marvin Welles Ns Y 1. 24 Howard Davis Robert McGrath Bobo" Olson Richard Oehrlein Frank Pitt 'mf' V I, I,lq'g f Jef QV 155 wnssnlua Anthony Colasurdo Patfick C3500 Steven Gleitzmann ' -6' S f ,, If 1 K n joseph MacElwee Robert Brauman Thomas Healey 156 Robert Mantek Robert Lewis W L, -ax. .., V ' W Li 1 R Charles F autz M1Ch8C1 Gately ,WN Stuart Bernstein Jack Welssert S x i L - Q WRESTLING TEAM Firrt Row: T. Healy, M, Gately, J. MacElwee. Serond Row: B. Brauman, S. Bernstein, C. Fautz, R. Mantek, R. Lewis. j. Weissert, S. Gleitzmann, P. Catino, A. Colasurdo. Third Row: Mr, Walter Shallcross, Coach, R. Burke, A. Lesser, S. Goldroff, N. Brooks, S. Fiore, P. Horowitz, J. Kaltnecker. j. Wills, P. Pondiscio, Mr. Richard Frey, Coach. Fourth This year's wrestling, under the able coaching of Mr. Walte.r Shallcross and assistant coach, Mr. Ron- ald Frey, has continued to pound the mats in time fashion. Many veteran matmen, as well as a host of "new blood," brought the total team membership to fifty-eight, one of Union's largest groups of grapplers. Although the won-lost record was not over- impressive, the team, as a whole, made a notable showing against such formidable foes as Bound Rauf: J. Borragine, P. Nyborg, J. Jerald, K. Kramer, j. janish, R. Greene, G. Olson, Nazzaro, T. Bell, T. Far- rington. Fiflla Raw: R. Roessner, H. Koerber, C. Kittel, B. Brennan, B. Rafter, J. Nelson, C. Lorey, F. Bollent, j. Lillie. Sixth Raw: H. Case, I. Tisch, R. Lambert, J. Mazoki, B. Viera, C. Momm, F. Remo, J. Lind. Brook, and Somerville high schools, This season's schedule included ten inter-scholastic matches, the annual meet with the Navy Plebes at Annapolis, Md., and the Hunterdon Central In- vitational Tournament in which Union placed sixth. All in all, Union boasts one of the best wrestling squads as of yet and is glad to donate the cafeteria to these martyrs of the mats for their after-school efforts. q..avutU'l". if vf A x wr SOCCER The Soccer team concluded its season with a .500 record. This was a commendable achievement, considering that many of the players were new to the team. Furthermore, it is indicative of a promising season next year when the newcomers are experienced players. Part of the credit for the team's success is owed to the coach, Mr. Donald Tosh, and to his training assistant, Mr. Gordon LeMatty. Mr. Wadle, captain Walter Wadle's father, was one of the most avid fans and willingly assisted with the training program. SOCCER TEAM Firrl Row: Richard Bogner, Joseph MacElwee, Ewald Paul, Licinio Cruz, Walter Wadle, Leonard Ladosci, Robert Graham, john Hoppe, Mr. Donald Tosh, Coach. Second Row: Paul Palto, Richard Becker, john Carroll, Herbert Case, john Grabko, Henry Tuttas, Wayne Lesser, Richard Siller, Richard Busch, Robert Kendler. My auailieifi' fl 4 , I 1 4 f 4 4 i 1 . john Grabko Henry Tuttas Walter Wadle joseph Mdilwee Ewald Paul Leonard Ladosci INDUUR TRACK The fourth season of Indoor Track in Union High produced an enviable record for our school, The team, coached by Mr. Paul Corrigan, has been con- sidered "the best so far." Early in the season the boys participated in several New York Catholic High School meets and later were invited to compete in the Millrose and Philadelphia Inquirer games. Two outstanding runners, James Fischer and George Wade, were entered in the National Championship games at Madison Square Garden. Our achievements in this relatively new sport are indicative of our athletic potential that needs only to be developed. Thomas Kaptor Robert Heissler 162 james Fischer Connie Haynes A Ronald Wishart --........, UNION Marc Apter Phillip Halpin William Hayes sP is is . INDOOR TRACK TEAM Fir!! Row: R. Wishart, J. Fischer, C, Hayes, R. Woodton, W.. Hayes, P. Saake, R. Lukas, R. Heissler, A. Ray, N. Smith, Sefofzd Row: B. Gluck, 1. Dainer, J. Weissmueller, N 1 Q wr. 3 'NION1 EUNIUN ' P. Halpin, M. Apter, B. Loudon, H. Hohause, j. Gardner j, Fisher. Third Row: Mr. Paul Corrigan, Coachg L. Lon dino, A. Brodie, E. Rodig, T, Kaptor, G. Meyer, L. Allen A. Heuschkel, F. Budney, G. Stehli, G. Ring, W. Myer 163 CROSS-COUNTRY Fir!! Row: J. Danier, B. Gluck, E. Rodig, F, Budncy, B. Lukas, G. Meyer, L. Allen, B. Hcisslcr. N. Smith, G. Ring. P. Pondiscio, T. Healy, Semnd Row: Mr. Robert O'Dell, Coach, B. Schweitzer. Managerg J. Weissmueller, D. Curdace, G. Wade, J. Fullomcr, B. Mantek, R, Wishart. j, Fischer. R. Zavocki, J. Fischer, R. Garcia, -I. MacCullough. Manager. TRACK Lefn james Fischer s R1 gb! Robert Mantek Below Thomas Healey UNION xo X UNION Ronald Wishan U N I O George Wade GRDSS GUUNTRY Dominick Cardace Robert Heissler SPRING TRACK I ff .rl -, ..i,, 'van if 41- .V ,hr N. If ,Qi XALV .. H H Fin! Row: Mr. Ernest J. Harasty, Coach, G. Wade, B Ray, P. Halpin, G. Ring, T. Healy, N, Smith, B. Gluck J. Fischer, R. Wishart, C. Gardner, Mr. Robert J. O'Dell Coach. Second Row: F, Lardiere, B. Lewis, L. Londino W. Creekmur, E. Rodig, J. Denney, B. Stone, R. Bodnar, J. Danier, P. Pondiscio. Third Row: B, Aicher, S. Bern- stein, R. Woodton, J. Gregory, M. Apter, J. Fischer, R. Schweitzer, C. Haynes, R, Lowenstein, A. Amodio, A. Tollin. Fourth Row: K, Russ, J. Hoppe, R. Pullen, T. Kaptor, A. Santorini, E. Wheiland, J. Lind, R, Buchcyk, F. Budney, C. Brennig, B. Heissler, W. Myer, Fifth Row: P. Filipek, D, Lukas, G. Meyer, F. Teitscheid, J. Flynn, R, Mach, D. Grygotis, L. Allen, W. Hewss, J. Wilson, P. Herdt. I s George Wade Mgr. Walter Myer Th0maS Healey I I I I Connie Haynes Philip Halpin um A fs james Gregory Robert Heissler Fred Teitscheid james Fischer Robert Lewrs Thomas Kaptor Ronald Wishan 168 4- ,.,, f X A , Ax is X I A Y xt l x ik, fa 0 1, Finr Row: Sanford Levine, Allor Lesser, Thomas Nowelsky, Walter Buerkenhagen. Second Row: Mr, Michael R. Yesenko, Coachg Richard Catullo, Allan Brenner, Richard Oehrlein, Walter Oehrlein, Edward Paul, Roger Farrington. Fin! Rauf: William Kolb, Marvin Welles, joseph McElwee, Donald Kaplan. Second Row: Mr. James R. Jeskey, Coachg james Auster, Roger Kramer, Nicholas Keebler, Robert Schubert, Walter Garthwaite, TENNIS HQ. Aja, Richard Oehrlein Walter Buerkenhagen Ewald Paul Allan Brenner Thgmag Nowelsky Richard Catullo 170 joseph McElwee GULF Nicholas Keebler "-yy... 3 'Q james Auster Marvin Welles William Kolb Robert Schubert Walter Garthwaite promising season by defeating Perth Amboy, 3-0. Coach Gordon LeMatty was confident that the boys would conclude the season with a winning record. Co-captains Bob Heuschkel and Ted Bubnowski seemed well equipped to lead the team to this goal. The Union High School Baseball Team opened a Fin! Row: T. Bubnowski, R. johnson, F, Kiebler, S. Kremp, E. Gatch, R. Hawke, B, I-Ieuschkel, R. Heuschkel, Gleitzman, J. Vitolo, R. Tomcyzk, W. Vierschilling, R. D. Roessner, Third Row: T. Correia, W. Wismar, K. McGrath, Second Row: Mr. G. LeMatty, Coachg R, Mason, G. Forst, J. Gibney, R, Ulasawich, j. Lyp. Mining from Picture: Kreideweis. 1 in -' - Robert Heuschkel Ted Bubnowski Steve Gleitzman Edward Gatch William Ulasewich Robert McGrath Robert Kremp SOPHOMORE HOCKEY TEAM Firrl Rauf: P. Cooke, C. Mueller, M. J. Phillips, M, Muntreck, J. Riemer, T. Razza, L. Potter, M. Wiener, C. Bressler, Second Row: N. Wright, L. Phillips, N. Baggot, J. Thursten. J. Owen, E. Hovis, K. Landwehr, G. Shoeman, J. Spencer, S, Bendow, S. Grant, A. Erbe, J. Brenkman, J. Ludesher, C. Busch. L. High. P. Myers. Third Row: F. Hansen, K. Schawo, K. Babol, N. Hacket, F. Shipper, B. Ricker, M. Beck, E. Snaders, F. Gargalowitz. SOPHOMORE SOCCER Firrl Row: Susan Holl, Carol Baggot, Naomi Rodberg, Janet Petite, Rosemary Rucinno, Barbara Wolfe. Second Raw: Martha Smalinski, Elenor Baisch, Fran Zelikow, Marilyn Zucker, Jean Blair, Susan Dietrich. Third Row: Renee Koplic, Benay Epstein, Helen Heissler, Julie Bondas, Kathy Smith, Jean Zalewski. 174 GIRLS' SPORTS GIRLS' HOCKEY First Row: F. de Christopher, B. Bryant, C. Baggot, L. Roth- bart, J, Hoerrner, C. Higel, C. Bryant, B. Fields, R. Friedman. Seromz' Row: J. Skiper, L. Richards, B. Dick, G. Kanouse, N. Parnell, M. Crosley, E. Happ, B. Kuch, J. White. Third Row: A. Gould, S. Whitehead, E. Perry, C. Knox, P, Jacko, D. Peck- lers, E. Williams, D. Chaborda, L. Alimi, C. Kumpfert. Fuurlh Raw: D. Furlong, S. Shoemaker, A. Kimbrough, G. Ulrich, A. Kordulak, J. Leddie. SOCCER -Junior and Senior Firfl Row: C. Mack, S. LaSalvia, C. Kirchner, N, Schmidt, Linda Gaska, Betty Scherer, Betty Wieden. Serand Row: Rebecca Koor, Loretta Stern, Carol Holz, Joyce Magin, Sie Yerger, Phyllis Lind, Sandy Davidson, Joan Treglio. Third Row: Joy Petroski, Jo Alheri, Joyce Rach, Sharon Dector, Maryann Sanders, Pat Bouem, Pat Kelly, Joyce Wuestman. Fourth Row: Louise Micheal, Judy Benke, Linda Paas, Gundel Schueler, Carol Auten- rith, Danni Keller, Sue Koff, Linda Fisenthaler. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Fin! Row: J. Treglio, E. Fitz, C. Goss, C. Kirchner, A, Korbo, B. Jaworski, J. Rech. Second Raw: B. Perry, L. Kohaut, L, Rothban, A. Talias, S. Koss, M. Katarsky, Third Raw: E. Wilner, L. Thoma, E. Jackson, M. Thomas, C. Schlape, J. Lamendola, A. Zeidenitz. Faurzh Row: B. Jones, S. LaVere, C. Kunz, J. Lachenauer, P. Vigliotto, G, Williams. Fiflh Row: G. Schueler, J, Benke, P. Nahr, B. Harris. JUNIOR GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Firrt Row: D. Choborda, Jerri Leddie, L. Komroff, D. Margolis, S. Shoemaker, S. Whitehead, L. Alimi, G. Ulrich, B. Dick, N. Schmidt. Second Raw: J. Garron, M. Crosley, L. Richards, C. Auten reith, S. Davidson, A. Kordulak, F. de Christopher, J. Aurnhammer, T. Ruff. Third Row: J. Sabo, P. Partelow, S. Rusner, E, I-Iapp, S. Cadash, J. Magin, L, Hansen, T. Peoples, R. Treedman, J. Adams Fourth Row: M. Goldburg, I. Stone, P. Butting, P. Stanley, J. McKlay, Williams, B. Samuels, J. Rommel. Fifrh Row: L. DeAngelo, S, Ries, L. M. Perker, M. Walsh, M. Mainza, C. Holz, J. McNulty. Sixth Row: Newsome, P. Stankin, R. Winfield, L. Fiesenthaler, P. Lind, G. Liss, Murray, M. Hart, S. Yerger, M. Sanders. D. MCLown, K. Strain, J P. Bolem. Seventh Row: J P. Fromm, J. Applebaun, E Gaska, B. Garalis, L. Miller, fjrgllllcl .i'1Y' . JM, , J , H UXM Qwfl' W K 5,1 f' mil' 11 c Jlrfj ,sukrlgny ,Dsl 113-14 J We T,.rfiL' . wif CAN W 017 ' r'-bf milf: ' NK' K I 1. h I rf 5 hlI',fJj" it C, J We 0lvf.M,? A ,N girl M f I I fully 0 I A Al,-U if' iff ' 90 ' ' L," 'diff -,kxkw .lpn if IW' ,Af uf" QMS! c,'Ij',0'! YH W .11 VA. Lp' ii A41 .wdf Af .1 .1 ,,.- J L. , lb," ,J 1 I l. , ,vi l' ,15 :VJ 175 MODERN DANCE Firrt Row: J. Skipper, E. Perry, D. Siegle, G. Marcus, P. Instructor, D. Furlong, S. Shoemaker, S. Van Dien, D Stanley, I. Linker, C. Kook, B. Hairsten, A. Bierbaum, E. Probst, S. Whitehead, V. Ulrich, J. Landescher, N. Schmidt P0llH1'd, P- Partlow. Sfwfld ROW! MiSS Bernie Allgeyfr, S. Ries, I. Jorden, B. Shearer, L. Alimi, G. Crosby, R. Gaines fi " 'V ,L L.. ,IQ ff f' 1f,. L' rj Ll Ill' ,ffff ' .. fef'n,w,fk - K ff ' .JC 'Car ,-fjf f ,ff is -ff ' L fjff -rj ,gf 1" -if .A1,zg,1 Y . .L 1- fm- ,.f.f'ef'v-g,fgy4,,,,,,,.' AMA-f,Zl , .gygw-..- L' fflffq un 1 41-f N-alll., 65-1-'T 1-4 N9 162-6-fl 3- I -W ' -"'7 A ,,., flu. 'Q '7 ,A fd 4' CASJC Vai MODERN DANCE MODERN DANCE Firrt Row: Rosemary Rusciaro, Barbara Epstein, Dolores Walter, Cheyl Heble, Ron- nie Slifer, Ann Forgione, Judy Kopper, Donna Day. Second Row: Elaine Sanders, Lynn Hansen, Salena Bendow, Holly Schwartz, Karen Landwehr, Alfreda Erp, Lynn Hawk. First Rout Carol Tarala, Thelma Clark, Judy Bruscia, Pat Cooke, Susan I-loll, Linda Bryer, Gail Uffer. Serum! Row: Susan Dietrick, Carol Smith, Martina Schmiedel, Elaine Wishart, Yavan Jones, Susan Elphanbien, Joan Petilo, Joyce Brenkmen, Phyliss Lind, Pat Kelley, Joan Thursten. ..f'L.' I "I, I I ' I' X , rg ,Pig : .' ' ' '- la' GIRLS' SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL TEAMS Fin! Row: K. Kirchner, C. Ujhler, A. Viseb, C. Baggot, N. Rodberg, J. Owen, M. Wiener, M. Lekes, P. First, R. Booken, D. Ryder, J. Yanell, M. Tuful, J. Steets Second Row: S. Applebaum, N. Baggot, M. Zucker, J Herschel, E. Stonack, S. Seyforth, Y. Dawlling, J. Brenk- man, A. Eusbe, E. Goeller, L. Schipper, K. Wagner, I Sear, M. Cheety, J. Brawman. Third Row: D. Murphy, M. Cacamo, J. Thurston, S. Bendow, C. Bressler, T Colman, C. Bush, C. Juralmon, K. Smith, M. Smolinsky GIRLS' TENNIS TEAMS Fin! Row: J. Lankay, C. Hedden, C. Haren, J. Sublanski, E. Van Houten, M. Greestien, S. Holl, M. Maloney, E. Pollard, B. Wieden, T, Coleman, L. Martino, A. Pere- grim, J, Thurston. Second Row: J. Dobera, S. James, V Carlson, B. Berdot, J. Bruscia, N. Wright, L. Stern, R Eolman, C. Spinanger, A. Zack, A. Codo, S. Lensen, R. Lusk. Third Row: R. Lambert, K. Murphy, E. Taylor, C. Tralalla, C. Goodman, M. Schmeidel, S. Kim, K. Zandowski, S. Grant. Faurzh Row: R, Ansel, K, Smiedel C. Ehaz, B. Bugbauer, H. Schwartz, D. Pfeiffer, H. Stonack, P. Christopher, L. Johns, C. James, D, McLain, J. Doudera, J. Siasile, J. Bonder, S. Kinicky, H. Cox, G. Crosby, C. Mueller. Fifth Row: J. Zolewski, J. Patillo, P. Myers, N. Wright, S. Dietrich, J. Ludesker S. Holl, H. Hussler, L. Waldrip, J. Robinson, S. Blaire M. Suitor, A. Sagany, R. Sturtenany, G. Hawke, K. Schawo, C. Freselone, N. Hocket. y 1 1 P. Meyer, K. Schmidt, J. Martin, H. Schwartz, J. Wuest- man, C. Konner, E. Perry, C. O'Lenick, C. Halo, P. Bolam, M. Schmeidel. Fourth Row: J. Blair, J. Gustafson J. Wain, S. Applebaum, A. Gouid, J. Hague, M. Suzker, M. Baggot, S. Koss, C. Bishop, P. Flait, S. Whitehead. Fifth Row: N. Hacket, J, Benke, J. Leddy, G. Schueler, P. Haberbush, E. Flocke, C. Gill. Mining from Picture: M. Mangolo, C. Mack. 1 111-1'-ljli a-511-.Qt-.-.I-li GIRLS' BOWLING - FIRST SEMESTER Firri Row B Hart'en F deCristo her P Garafano D Mar I . J , - P , . , . - golis, J. Junker, J. Dlugos, C. Kirchner, P. Stein, G, Widman, B. Samuels, C. Homer. Second Row: M. Bachstadt, L. Kom- roff, C. Goss, J. McNulty, E. MacGreal, R. Phibbs, B. Schwartz, L. Stern, C. Kumfort, D. Reidel. Third Row: C. Lhbrani, J. Hoerrner, E. Stone, B. McEnery, P. From, J. Steiner, D, Gibson, S. Lensen, L. Miller, R. Napolis, C. Becker, B. Mibis, E. Stavitsky, C. Hudziak, Fourth Row: K. Goldsmith, B. Baum. P. Bogeus, B. Langenbacher, C. Wheatley, S, Ries, E. Hyde, BUWLING f it if 3 0ksQ ,lf Q, GIRLS' BOWLING-SECOND SEMESTER N! LK Fin! Row: E. Stonack, C. Haren, W. Shapiro, P. Growney, K. Gorkow, M. Bagstatt, C. Kirchner, J. Dlugosz, L. Bryer, D. Amato. Semnd Row: J. Rech, B. Jaworski, K. Wagner, C. Trulla, B. Cummins, A. Davis, D. Pfieffer, L, Stern, C. Korn- blatt, S. Holl, E. Jupa. Third Row: C. Hudziak, C. Lordi, P. Myers, M. Melchior, R, Ansel, L. Hensen, J. Hague, J. Gus- N. Dieleman, S. Orth, D. Krebble. Fifth Row: B. Jaworski, J, Rech, A. Rebol, J. Fugo, A, DiMartino, B. Garriles, E Panzana, S. Koff, L. Miller, S. VanDien. Sixth Row: J Grendzinski, J. Baumann, N. Schmidt, J. Hill, J. Miller, K Crosby, E. Wilner, J, Schmidt, L. Thoma, P. MacC0rmick Skventh Row: R. Lambert, S. Gendelman, J. Stamlcr, P. Teitle- baum, A. Zeiclenitz, D. Babiarz, K. Bittmenn, G. Hochberg A. Wolfe, M, Kotorski, C4Bishop, C. Autenreith, D, McG1one B. Wnorski. Q with X Q5 J kind, C. Jerolomen, N. Muller. Fourth Row: J. White, C Bishop, K. Bittmann, D. Babiers, B. Perry, J. Calderone, J Thompson, E. Delli Sante, C. Ujler, I. Szczepanski. Fifth Row N. Liclig, A. Robel, S, Dietrich, K. Dretchman, J. Intra bartola, P. Flait, B. Breen, R. Hagelin, J. Burke, J. Chepiga Sixlh Row: C. Gill, C. Gornae, K. Babel, R. Kokly, L. Paas K. Harding, B. Gailis, B. Brown, R. McDonald, S. Smith. l , ,, ,tx R BOYS' BOWLING - FIRST SEMESTER I-'im Rau: S, Brakl, P. Mackoff, D. Frank, F. Salucio, F. Loto, M. Goldsmith, D. Ersman, F. Gerber, J. Fischer. Sewzzd Rout T. Garuhbo, G. Kantrowitz, A. Katz, P. Francis, R. Gadeski, R. Catullo, A. Brenner. Third Roux S. Schwartz, J. Timer, R. Kramer, E. Kosmo, N. Dvoretski. BOYS' BOWLING - SECOND SEMESTER lie ki Fi:-.rr Raw: R. Godesky, R. Cattullo. L. Vester, G. Kante- witz, J. Silva. B. Johnsen. L. Dropkin. F. Sauccio, S. Brarl Semnd Row: N. Deuoriski, j, Kreideweiss. C. Mueller, B. Ford. j. Rudowski. M. Adler. j. Milo, j. Berko, E. Bul M. Adler, G. Wade. Family Row: W. Wadle, S, Gleitzman. j. MacElwee, B. Ford, W. Angelus, W. Birkenhagen. W. Drechsel. Fiflfa Raw: P, Massimino, I-I. Katz, W, Littman, H. Fastow, YI. Sokol, M. Goodman, L. Zavodny. C. Arm- hrust. Sixth Rout D. Korb. M. Boch, R. Danielczyk, P. Cosulich, C. Murray, j. Smith, j. Ehrhardt, I-. Adorna. lion. Third Row: D. Korb. W. Birkinhagin, I-I, Eicholz L. Priesmeyer. R. Peins, C. I-Ieick, W. Birch, W. Allen Fourlh Row: E, Salerno, C, Armbrust, C. Leisst, B. Schaffer R. McCloud, D. Grygotis, j. Ussino, R. Buhler. Fifth Ron' M. Mergott, B. Bailey, B. Lowenstein. 1 5 E s 2 Z 5 5 f I . 2 2 Z s 5 ! ! I s '3'H"5,L:m- -f"fEki:'13g'mQ j.1xe1.wlZi"'!f f'2r"+Q1IiK1f5elzf'Yi-ff-kv! 'K 2-2 MEF ' f :ff fmicff5!f,.r-!3x!'ff'21-'JsJ4sii2.Lf3asQ11?J:sik ' ' publishers of fine 22 CALIFORNIA INCORPORATED AVENUE! PATERSO MULBERRY 4-4322 yearbooks since 1914 N , N E w J E R s E v 181 INTERNATIONAL PAINT CO., INC. COMPLIMENTS OF Union, New Jersey A FRIEND The World's Lorgesi' Marine Poini Makers McCRACKEN FUNERAL HOME "ThoughI'Fully Serving Every Fc:iIh" I500 MORRIS AVENUE UNION. NEW JERSEY 182 WHlTNEY'S FASHIONS Union, New Jersey M U 6-4404 D O R Y ' S SPORTSWEAR - LINGERIE Union Cenfer, New Jersey RIPPER - FLORIST Finesf in Floral Fashions 2472 Vauxhall Road Union, New Jersey M U 6-0047 DRexel 6-3350 Disco Elec+ronics, Inc. 469 Roufe 22, Springfield, N. J. WHOLESALE CBS Producrs Ampegrex Sherwood Red-O-Kuf DISTRIBUTORS Audax Speakers General Eleciric Talk-A-Phone Burgess Baiieries Life is a voyage. The winds oi life come sfrong from every poinig yef each will speed 'rhy course along, if ihou wiih sieady hand when iempesfs blow cansi keep Ihy course arighi' ancl never once lei go. CARL A. HEROLD COM PLIMENTS OF A FRIEND WA 9-9800 WA 3-6269 Gus. Ben and Nuch Paolercio FRANKLIN ESSO SERVICENTER Tires - Tubes - Accessories General Auio Repairs Winahs and Liberfy Avenues, Hillside, New M U rdock 6-2866 DAMASCUS TOOL CO. Plasfic Molds for Inieciion, Compression 46l Lehigh Avenue and Transfer Union, New Je sey Jersey To Your Fuiure Successl GENERAL OFFICES METALS DISINTEGRATING COMPANY, lnc. UNION, NEW JERSEY POWDER METALS - METAL PIGMENTS METAL ABRASIVES PLANTS: Union, New Jersey: Berkeley, California: Summif, New Jersey: Manchesfer, New Hampshire: Emeryville, California U nion and Kenilworlh FORMAL WEAR SUBURBAN CLEANERS l02l Sluyvesanl' Avenue MU 6-0685 BR 2-6655 Buy Your Ari Supplies al' Paul Severance "The Ari Cenler of Union" FEATURING GRUMBACHER Discounis 'ro Siudenis ond Teachers 99l Sfuyvesanl' Avenue. Union, N. J, MUrdocl: 6-i956 Phone: MUrdock 8-I373 We Deliver LU1Z'S PORK STORE. Inc. Prime Meais and Poulfry Home Made Bolognas Our Specioliy Wholesale and Retail I055 Sluyvesanl' Avenue Union, New Jersey MU 6.45I7 Larry Siana THE BOWLER'S SHOP "Where Measuring ls o Science ond Drilling an Ari" l4l6 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey TUSCAN FARM PRODS, CQ, Murdock 8-9867 Mr. Alberf 750 Union Avenue, Union, New Jersey APRIL BEAUTY SALON MU 6-i500 T059 Sfuyvesanf Avenue Union, New Jersey T iz! WMQW, Congrarularions and fhe besf of luck! We af Thomas are proud of fhe parf we have had in helping fo make your classbook a permanenl reminder of your school years, recording wifh phofo- graphs one of fhe happiesf and mosf excifing +imes of your life! We hope fhar, iusf as you have chosen us as your class phofographer, you will confinue fo fhinlc of Thomas Sfudios when you want phofographs fo help you remember other momenfous days fo come! When you choose Thomas porfraifs, you are sure of +he finesr craffsmanship a+ fhe mos? moderafe prices! THOMA W T D10 Foremosr School Phofographers in 'rhe Easl 185 We, o+ FIELDS, wish To exfend our heor+ies+ congroIuIoI'ions ond hope I'ho+ you give your loved ones con'rinuecI pIeosure in Ihe yeors Io come. MR. and MRS. s. A. FIELDS FIELDS JEWELERS Es+oIoIished l9l4 DIAMONDS - GIFTS - SILVERWARE IO0I Sfuyvesani' Avenue 3I8 Norfh Wood Avenue Union, New Jersey Linden, New Jersey MU 6-0708 . WA 5-0840 "UNION'S HOME OF LASTINC5 GIFTS" Americo's Foremosf Monufoclrurer of SELF-LOCKING FASTENERS For 'rhe Aircroff, Missile ond I-Ieovy Equipmenf IncIus'rries Elasfic S+op Nui' Corpora'rion of America UNION, NEW JERSEY 186 Bes+ Wishes Io The Class of I96O from 'rhe SHALOM SENIORS Compiimenfs of MICRO MACHINE COMPANY 52I Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey Congraiulafions and Besf Wishes Ior Happiness from 'rhe UNION TOWNSHIP TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION M Urdock 8-2077 Salem Ceramic Ari' Sfudio, Inc. KILNS. MOLDS. SUPPLIES, AND INSTRUCTIONS CHINA PAINTING. PORCELAIN. LACE DRAPING CERAMICS. PERSONALIZED GIFTS I042 Salem Road Union, New Jersey M Urdock 6-0920 "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" WALTER THE FLORIST Choice Flowers for All Occasions I4I6 Sfuyvesanf Avenue, Union, New Jersey DR 6-3400 Repair Service HARMONY HOUSE WORLD'S LARGEST HIGHWAY MUSIC CENTER Hi-Fi and Sfereo Records, Plionographs, Tapes, Tape Recorders, Accessories and Musical Insfrumenfs Rouie 22 Springfield, New Jersey MU 8-SOI7 HY-WAY BOWL Roufe 22 Union, New Jersey Telephone: MUrdock 8-OI40 UNIONVILLE SERVICE CENTER KARL KONRAD, Prop. Servicing All Makes of Cars Burneli Avenue and Vauxhall Road, Union, New Jersey Complimenfs of COLONIAL PHARMACY Morris and Colonial Avenues I-IERMAN ALEXANDER, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS 'ro +he CLASS OF I96O P O T T E R AERONAUTICAL COMPANY Union, New Jersey See 'rI1e Superlaiive New CHEVROLET and Amazing New CORVAIR of L 8: S CHEVROLET CO. Cor. Morris ancl Commerce Avenues Union, New Jersey M Urdock 6-2800 EL 2-6538 Res.: MU 6-605I A. J. PIKOR AUCTION OUTLET Fine Used Furni+ure ' Anliques Chino ' Bric-a-Brac ' Rugs Office Furnifure ' Bouglfr and Sold 478 Cheslnul Sfreel' Union, New Jersey To I960's GraduaTes Advice is a cheap commodiTy and graduaTes geT more Than Their share. In my opinion The besT advice anyone can receive aT any Time in life is To be honesT wiTh one's selT: To be ToIeranT-including being ToIeranT of inToIerance: To Iceep an open mind, and have confidence in The honesTy of oTher people. You may be cIisappoinTed. buT The disappoinTmenTs are only occasional, and The beneTiTs Trom such a philosophy are consTanT. PresidenT THE UNION CENTER NATIONAL BANK AND x.... TH! FIVE MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 189 U. S. Highway 22 Unio fb I T 67 fziifmigj L y59My-ff ! lL ijnznuzfe 22,,,fvr1hW2lq'yff7d Complimenls of MAYFAIR CLEANERS TRIUMPH TR - 3 America's No. I Sporls Car l200 Springfield Road, Union, New Jersey Alpha Phi Pi Fraferniiy, Inc. Alpha Tau Chapler Union, New Jersey CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I96O BROTHERS PICTURED ARE: Gary Meyer, Michael Moss. Michael Greenwood Slephen l-lorowilz, Sluarl' Bernslein, Lewis Baurer Arfhur Brodie and Jerry Feinsfein. U. S. Wire and Cable Corporafion Union, New Jersey HITCHIN POST INN LUNCHEON - DINNERS WEDDINGS--DANCING n, New Jer HELLER'S PHARMACY ARTHUR GESTEN, R.PhQf. BEST WISHES TO OUR FELLOW GRADUATES FROM: TH E EPSILONS I l sey Arlene Zeidenih Cam Lubroni 60l Chesfnul' Slreef. Union, N. J. Carol schlcpe Judy Lomendolo Doris Riedel Rvfli l-Cmbeff Free Prompl' Delivery Phone: MU 8-I l77 Lynne Miller Jane? Hill Arlene Miller Belles Harfien Cam Messina Gayle Donnelly 190 M Urdock 8- I 550 CLASSIC KITCI-IENS by COMPLIMENTS OF SCHROEDER BROS. CO. T. E. C. Recreofion Rooms ' Dens Show Room: I057 Commerce Avenue, Union, New Jersey I-IEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS 'ro 'rhe CLASS OF 1960 The Poreni'-Teacher Associo+ion of Union High School 191 -'Zu '. .j,'-'p 7 X...- .SEQ -.' ' - 'f"i. ,,JTf '-My-'-: - A..-.-3 L... ' -3-f:,f.ii""'-ff ,W-'. -11P'.,.-. 1,7.44""' " ' " L ff lf. 'J' L .X nv t'- J I Il rx . ...,... f-.f,.:f..1,..2 l.. .4--1:-.::, 2 ' 1 f,.. 1- ram fff ...f ia, 'ich J, f 2.17: ,Q 2,,".3-'TAN' 4 H.: --Q .f.:.f, -. . ' ,-:4:..r:nL.:...1,.. . , - " 'fr,5r::5r::5r:: 1'!L:! :":i" , ,. , . .... , .,,..,... ...-.. ,- .N ,..M.... .. w' , . , -:g:::A::,A::,5f,.-f:,:f .z ,:::p::: ' f .:::::1m::fmf-: :4M:5:m:::1.. ' - , - If ,.- -:wfsfny-fv:.:f -- - ' .' f '1:ifrE:. i::.:'1... .ffm.::f.f:f.m.:::bG-:. m ' HAFFWSEQI:-gulf:-:5::i':: .:f,.: - ::-:::-.::..:- . , ..:.,::..-:.h:..::. :: .. - '::": Rami " I 1 'l 1 V , I 0 X 1 , . I . . 1 1 V X, gl , , V., 1 f f .4i.,,!.l,, lf,-, 5 ,. f, , A .:ff:fs:is:sff5,::5g:::-3, :s:::sqf:-- -ff-::s-:iremfr ' 4 -, : - .. -N C' ,-sss::s::sffff:s::sf1-fy. -ff, NEMA' ktfhsfrfffra. -9 --:-' ,-. -. 'N .:::::::f:::::m:,:u:- wr, :ff .-farm:--':. fg.vfr-:s::::r!:- 'f. 4 -- . V' 1-1' : s- -'Ffswa ' . ' :' ': X -1 ::. Q -. -. fggwqxfi- . ff 5 - -... '. .1-L. ".-. . .. - 1. .wit-' ' nlwiuliq ..: 2111... -- .. X - .: v:l,,.,s:.ff!4 a fsfmqhml-Qw 1 1- e " . . 1' fy- L ur ':,::fg::5::5::5:::f' wg: :,:::F::: 'E . :5:,,.:.::::5:-ff'-Q:ref.: -'-.- .f,...--' , . ". -gf:,f:f:gf:,1,,5f- Q.-.: .Mfg-'-1 -, i ,,.,5-:fm,.:,m:.,,.g.s5,,,fQ,5:, , .-- ..-- -- :msf1f5:,g:f5, ' yngffyx: . , ,,-1:--:,g::5:5::m: V 5 ',,. f - ,. - ",..-- - ' .:::s:ssfss :..,.f:s:.sf-me-ffsffsws:2:s::s::a:':sfsf::fsw::. - '11 1- 4- 'I 1 .ff nip, , --, . ',.,...,-. . .---w - Q::ng::Ef!f'Hsi::k::::::ru::2QfIS'- f:ff:ruE51::g:g..,5.? 'Z' "L.-.-4-- fe' . -. . .--- 4-13:1 5 7 we 1 I All lim, f 1 1. 1 1 .JL , .Um -iii: ..-In fait. f 7: 'I F, I-.11 i'uf'1l I IK. I I I rf I fgf -f mxizlvrjhixr an-:.,El1l1?1-Ir, J-13.-re 5-Elia 1 If f I : , , f If mf X ,f gs 4 4: - - - 1' I I 1 -I In vu I 1 , f 1,1 ff! ' iff' i7"'fZ4lff1 "ri, Wffibi f' 1 HJg'4 Lr"'2,. Fri er L " gfalnif, ff Us mfr- -1 -. f , I- un, X , ,.. J 5, x , f X 'if' lv 'rf' "SUN "' ff , ,f X , fu, 3, -wngxi, "v,Q,,f' 4 K1 I: 3' Ex I X 1 1 1 I fm. ,f ' f X 121-.vi-L,-4'gJ' mu: "1 , , f A ' v JH I xx' 1 1 N ' ffl, ' X ul r1r5l.ip,l?,'5'wlh' 1 1 . 1 I , if"-if-,1r,11' , , , ff-+1 1 1 I -' V! I Come in soon and transfer your School Savings Account to a regular savings account. lt will start you on the right way. ' ZW HVIIIGS f aacfdfoaajfuoahhby This little old world of ours may be creaking a bit at the seams Cas it always has, but you can do your part to keep it spinning. Personal finan- cial stability has always been one of its pillars of strength. And to you who will now share in the responsi- bilities of the future we say: KEEP THE HABIT OF THRIFT. IT'S THE BEST WAY TO ASSURE YOUR STAKE IN THE FUTURE. ELIZABETH KENILWORTH LINDEN 192 M Urdock 8-8933 SAMUEL KOOK PLUMBING and HEATING Wafer Soffeners - Wafer Healers RUMMEL FIBRE COMPANY ' , N J "Jobbing Is Our Specially" so Progress Slireeli Umor' ew el-soy 473 Homesiead Place Union, New Jersey BROWN FORD CHARLES KEWANEK and Sons 2037 Morris Avenue MU 85960 We Deliver Phone: MUrdoclc 8-6476 Free Delivery "DeIicaIessen Means Delicofe Foods" ELBERSONS MARKET KURY S DEUCATESSEN Delicofessen - Groceries - Vegefables Fine Groceries - Dairy Producfs - Frozen Foods Cigars - Soda and Ice Cream Cold Cufs - Specialfies -- Home Made Salads Beers and Frosied Foods I398 Sfuyvesanf Avenue Union, New Jersey I044 Salem Road Union. New Jersey 4.4 'Denison O U. S. HIGHWAY 22 UNION. NEW JERSEY American Machine 8: Mfg. Co. 95 Progress Sfreef Union, New Jersey MUrdock 8-8282 Fishing Taclcle 0 Archery Taclrle 0 Guns Ammunifion ' Camping Equipmenf Sporfing Goods 0 Afhleiic Equipmeni HUFF'S SPORT SHOP I354 Siuyvesanf Avenue Union, New Jersey MUrdock B-5445 C I ' steve HALO s. soN On9'OIUOi'O"S JEWELERS +0 We Diamonds - Mouniing - Wedding Rings 50 Percenl' Off 20l5 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey J. Schon Tool 8: Machine Company IOI6 Springfield Road Union, New Jersey Graduaiing Class of I96O COM PLIMENTS OF ZEIDENITZ BAKERY 609 Sfuyvesanf Avenue, Union, New Jersey 193 ' zil , E I tIe Q .,.... f.f.Q.QIQfQfif f ffIf' . . . . :2-1- -' :" - , my ir... tti I -S.: -.':2:5:::1:3:5fr"3 .3151 :gzgfg-3.3: .3159 ''FIl2Ei2Eiii23iE3ifE2if?2Efiffiiifififiifiiifft ,.,. ,,.A ,,A:,,..A,, ,Q,. Q .,.,.,.,. .,.,.,.,. ,.,A , . .,..,.,.:.:,:,:,:,,,,,,:,,:,:.,,:A:. - AA. :4, F ......w g,::,::g. -,-' f ,154'-5'---- Wit A Q J A M ' es 'T' 5 1 N N N34 . or f ' N B 2 'sw 12? .I 2 . . . it s best to establish a sound relationship with a bank as soon as possible. Over the years, many of you have saved at First State Bank. We have thoroughly enjoyed this relationship and sin- cerely hope that we shall have the privilege of serving you for many years to come. Open your personal checking account now for your college or personal expenses. Sincere best wishes for future success to all of the graduat' ing class of 1960. THE FIRST STATE BANK OF UNION MAIN OFFICE: HIGHWAY BRANCH: Morris Ave. oi' Burke Pkwy. Roufe 22 a+ Monroe S+. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 194 M Urdocl: 6-3002 UNION PainI' 8: Hardware Co. Lawn and Garden Supplies Housewares and Gifrs I038-I040 Sfuyvesanr Avenue, Union. N. J. MU 8-5050 H I T C H C O C K School of Music and Music Cenier I056 sIuyvem+ A venue union, New Jersey STAN SOMMER APPAREL FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGES M U 8-8070 WilderoI'+er Furniiure Co. Home Furnishings - Carpefing Television - Siereo - Appliances 980 SI'uyvesanI Avenue KRANTZ'S ATTHECENTER STATIONERY - GREETING CARDS GIFTS - MAGAZINES - BOOKS I000 S'I'uyvesanI' Avenue Union. New Jersey Res.: Mu 6-bm Iam L. such UNION HI BARBER SHOP SERVICE FOR YOUR SATISFACTION me Morris Avenue union. New Jersey M Urdock 8-4822 MAJESTIC Dry Cleaners and Launclerers 2589 Morris Avenue INex+ 'Io Bardy Farms, Union, New Jersey CHAMPION PAPER PRODUCTS 667 Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey Complimenfs of WINSLOW COMPANY, Inc. ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTS 70l Lehigh Avenue COMPLIMENTS or REPTILE TANNING CORPORATION 68 Amsferdam Sfreef Newark, New Jersey COMPLIMENTS or HARRY RICH AND COMPANY M U 6-966I Bes+ Wishes 'Io The Class of I'-760 B. 8: M. ALUMINUM COMPANY 2064 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey 195 Mu 8-9727 BEST wisHEs DUKE'S ESSO SERVICENTER Morris and Elmwood Avenue, Union, New Jersey FIORI'S UNION FLORIST CORSAGES MU 8-6689 UNION ARMY and NAVY STORE Coniinenial Slaclcs- School Jaclcefs While Duclcs Complefe Line of Sporiswear IOIb Sfuyvesanf Avenue, Union, New Jersey GAYLIN BUICK, Inc. 2I40 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey SERVICE SATISFACTION IS A MUST WITH US MU 6-6655 UNION DINETTES Cusiom Buili Kifchen and Dineife Sefs Kiichen Chairs Recovered 956 Siuyvssanr Avenue Union, New Jersey G R U B E R ' S "YOUR FASHION HEADQUARTERS" Wishes You Happiness and Success in Your Fufure Careers Phone: MU 6-I2I2 Free Delivery MU 7-04I4 Closed Tuesday CHARLES KRAVET, Reg. Pharm. F R A N K ' S Chesfnui' Sfreei' of 5 Poinis Union, New Jersey MU 8-2075 SUBURBAN RECORD SHOP Opposife A. 8: P. Super Marker 954 Sfuyvesonf Avenue Union, New Jersey Pizzeria 8: Spaghefri House Specializing in Iialian Sandwiches 2036 Morris Avenue, Union Cenrer, N. J. A.B.C. SALES COMPANY Division of NEWARKVILLE MACHINE 8: TOOL COMPANY Disfribufors and Manufacfurers of High Speed and Carbide Cuifing Tools for Machine Shops and Tool Rooms ALL TOOL COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS-CLASS I960 Samuel Furiness Mat Co., Inc. Union, New Jersey 196 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FELLOW GRADUATES FROM THE "DEBONAIRES" Nancy Beclcer Judy Bell Barbara Breen Maureen Connelly . Joan Farley Marge Genis Judy Gerring Jean Harms Lee Holzl Danni Keller Carol Kunz Peggy Kynock Judy Lachenauer Nancy LaMedica Sharon LaVere Rosemary Lusk Joyce Ludvinsky Carole Morgenrofh Karhy Muir Rosemary Napolis Jane Nielsen Lilly Reiner Roxanne Riley PaHi Schneider Yvonne Vella CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FELLOW GRADUATES FROM THE BACK ROW: Pal' Conslanza Doffie Coulfer Cathy Giacini Marianne Acqua Joyce Bono DEMURES " SECOND ROW: Eunice Mohr Beverl Da Y Y Francine Chepiga Beverly Evans Flo Leone FIRST ROW: Elaine Balasia Pa? Vigliolfa Marie Genova Delores Ferreiros 197 UNION KIWANIS CLUB Ch cl UNION HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB MUrdocIc 8-7370 RIMMELFS FLOWER SHOP I638 Siuyvescnf Avenue Union, New Jersey Phone: MUrdocIc 8-04-40 Easfern Precision TooI 8: Gage Co. JOSEPH ROTH Precision Gages, Tools, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures and Special Machinery 45I Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey Bus.: MUrdocI: 6-3733 Res.: MUrdocIc 6-2620 FRED D. BAUMANN PLUMBING ond HEATING CONTRACTOR Welding-Process and Power Piping I324 S+uyveson+ Avenue, Union, New Jersey CONGRATULATIONS Io +I1e CLASS OF I96O I N V E S T O R S Savings and Loan Associafion 977-979 Sfuyvesani' Avenue, Union, N. J 198 WorId's Largest Manufacfurer of PAINTS and GLAZIERS TOOLS SINCE I872 IDEAL DAIRY FARMS 233I Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey MILK and MILK PRODUCTS MU 6-l9OO Congrafulaiions +o 'rhe Class of '60 UNION CAMERA EXCHANGE I034 Sfuyvesanf Avenue WARREN-Class of '44 SANDY--Class of '52 BOB-Class of '57 MU 8-3030 JEAN'S BRIDAL SHOPPE CUSTOM GOWNS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 964 Sfuyvesanf Avenue, Union, New Jersey HOURS: Daily 9:30 A.M. fo 6:00 P.M. Mondays and Fridays 'Til 9:00 P.M. MU 647067 Open Monday and Friday Evenings 'Til 9:00 P.M. THE SHOE-BOX. Inc. I047 Siuyvesani' Avenue Union, New Jersey Congraiulalions To Class of I960 K A U F M A N ' S LINGERIE and SPORTSWEAR I037 Sfuyvesani' Avenue, Union, New Jersey MU 8-9494 ,sffff ' I Lofnni jft fjffuh ,WCJJCAIJL ,,' ec I' . X X124 4 ffnnlff I? ,441 j 6LxV1d.7,W, IJ, , J 1 AWA Lf .ef W L fy J , fJAb4,y1,,cfLilf" WW A COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D 199 -H - .--'X 'fi'-I-IM, . ar. 'S---4.-.1 . .... 5515" 'N""9 "A ' .w. . -1.-,ax-6 I --4 A-.5.-44:-:sh-' '- 5-1-s95fFJ5f ,- iii 2 -.-.-3 'Pi-bf. Sie- .:,,.,s-fa-5' zi,f,?,:i5-s,, D. . -.Y .- . QI- .el 4. ff? 'T ' fs Q I 'z'-G"'15f:Z3' ? . .-12340.-2,-,Q .--.-:-.,::g.:w5:2:-:N-,gg-.:,.:,, . I :-:'1,:Qb:f:5?Egf, :2-07. . mx. -.fa-.,4.-.,.:.g-. :- .: .,.,,, 51Eizr5?:rs::: "f'rEE:f2:EErEfEa -'.-:vs:f:f:'.. K ..,. , ' ' E51i2E1EEE2:F . '.::1:a45- x-'E1E9E2E1E - 'igfflg ' "IS: 1 ':l 44' .fp ,' V 'W ." f '-9155552255152 'WC' , sz-' " ' -'11:2:2I:5:5E5g:a52, ' ,,.z5:::,5q.f5:s?3.g:gsapI:,::--:w:::-- ' " -- - :I - . -.,,-,,.:.x-zg.-:-,ies-32-, . 4 H 4 'M gm. 1. 1: I, W . . e S E 'Nfl E X corpomtzon Union, New J ersey 200 lg. QM' nfl' n 555 , v. fn M Cf M. Q Lf,- ,.,-.- E , ,x my f . 431' 5 A 4955. . 4 v, . +5 ll' Tam m Q . 4 Q' . gl S 5 inns fy 4' 1 I XI PK ? 9 :Bw -Lf An..hQsAnnAA4u--4 un. . 1 1' J- x.- ,, , KJV" Z 1 X f f -S i -fs F '11, 3. k f. aa, lj, 45,2 ' o

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