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3' e T f s . "fag, J-if R587 4 3 QQ' r ,ky ,N Q C .V ,fi-2.1 4 1-2- 31' as-, x I L 1 I I i f 4 1959 Boosren V 'Q L S... V """" KO UNION HIGH SCHOOL In Memory Mnss Rebecca Kane We rhe Class of I959 wrsh 'ro dedncare lhls yearboolc fo The memory of Mnss Rebecca Kane Nancyl Frnclce and Don old Rupper+ Mnss Kane a feacher un +he Home Luvnng Deparrmenr was devofed for years 'ro rhe nnreresrs of rhe sfudenfs of Union Hugh School H was Indeed a greaf loss ro 'fhe school when she passed away In l958 Nancy Fruclce and Donald Rupperf were members of our class who would have graduared wurh us rhus June All 'three we revere In memory .-M Nancy Jean Frlclre Donald Wllham Rupperf or c l l xv.. ' rf Q. .x THE ADMINISTRATION Mr Fred Sfohuber Superm'rencIen+ of Schools Mr. Harry R. Cooke, .Ir. Miss Leonora E Feuchfer Mr. John R. Gorrcbroni' PrmclpoI Vnce Prlnc:poI Admunusfrofnve Assus+or1I 6 Mr. Poi N. Donaiiello Mr. Harry S. Brown M iss Mary E Frousfef Mr Earl Gardner Physical Educahon Depclr+men+ This program IS one very familiar fo all of us for everyone required fa complefe four years of physical educaflon Each sfudenf ai some hme during fhe year siudnes Healfh Mr Harry Laie s fhe Direcfor of Heallh and Physical Educahon in fhe Union School sysrem Mr W Grenville Mulford is fhe Assisfanf Dlrec+or in char e of safely and aihlehcs This deparfmenf also includes driver educahc given by M: ODell and Mr Farrell The addlhan lhls year of a I959 Chevrolef and a l959 Buick has augmenied fhe benefiis f fbi! COUTSO Miss G Jane Mm Geraldine Forman Gufowsh i Miss Arleyne Mr Walfer A Pnffenger Shallcross Mafhemarics Deparlmenr Union High is very proud of ifs ex- cellenf mafhemofical program, under lhe supervision ol Mrs. Loeffel lrigh+l, fhe quielly efficienl chairman of lhe de- parfmenf. The exiensive program in- cludes such courses as General Mafh, Algebra, Shop Mafh, Plane Geometry, "Senior College Ma+h" la one year course of frigonomefry, solid geomefry, and college algebral, and "Accelera+ed Maih and Plane and Solid Geomefryf' E Mrs Thomas Mass Mary Ann Porcello Swenson Mr Joseph Buuaro l ,f Mr Cornelius Keller Mr Ernesf Harasfy ' QM! Q' 'X Es? 5 rf Mr James Mr Herbert A Jeskey Smlfh Mrs. Joi.n C, Loeffel Deparfmenr Chairman . ww 2 +L , vw , 4 .i V . 4, ,, . -,E - A , rg? r x M iss Agnes Zofoy Mr Marhn Farrell Mr RoberfJ O Dell 7 S- QM3 Mn Richard Wnghf l I O . . . . ' is X . . . ,Y - . . . , ' I . S Ll' we . . , in . J V ' f' f ,l f 1 4 e QR ' e f x F' i J .1 . X P Q Q L - ' V xi! Zif sr . ' -5 r- . 'f' '- . iu,w aff' Social Sludies Deparlmenl The pelile Miss Julia Pinlto llelll is lhe Chairman of lhe Social Sludies Deparlmenf. ln lhis program only lwo subiecls are required: U. S. Hisfory lll and U. S, Hislory lV. These musl be lalren in lhe iunior and senior years, respeclively. Modern Hislory, Global Geography, World Hislory, Early European Hisfory and Economics conslilule eleclives slu- denls may select Miss Julia E Plnlro Mr Edward Deparlmenl Chairman Beqch Jr Mr Michael Bury Mr Paul Corrigan Mrs Fl'9d0l'lCk Mr Gordon R Mr Anlhony Deusnnger Le MGHY Pefosq Mr Roberl Mr Murray K Tarl r Donal Tggh Mr Michael Mr Srdney D Sabahno XXX Yesenlmo Young Qt A 'L Mrss Charlofle Mr Massena Clark Miss Claire A Dye Bluhm Mr Harold L Ruland De parlmenl Chairman Foreign Language Deparlmenl Union Hugh has an excellenl language deparlmenl conslshng of 'lhree years of German Spanish and Lahn and four years of French The willy lmgursl' Mr Harold Ruland above has lhe responsl bllufy of supervising lhe deparlmenl as r+s Chairman Miss Joan A Moss M Norma Massolh PeHer Richard Weber C f I. S X l 7 0 C f j . L. . . V . 4 , ' . ' . N X Oki l fl 'M - . N, . 5 "' il, V 0 at l, X . - . . X ,, ,fi 1' ' 5? ' . ' - Mr- ' i 1 im af J LL "ff7"7' fwwffif-C 45141 1' Zffr .1-JL-!LL"1 F 'id 1 f-., M Arnold Bergmann "I . 1 c Ni flfnglligh Deparlmenl' All lhe sfuden+s of Union High are in confacl' wifh some division of fhis deparlmeni' as four years of English are com- pulsory. There are 65 English classes, on differeni levels. Miss Calharine Hossfeld lrighfl is 'lhe busy Chairman of +his exfen- sive program. ln addi+ion lo regular English classes fhere are included a course in Creafive Wrifing and Speech given by Mr. Lubeflxin, and a course in Dramaiics under Mr. Clarlr. We are very forfunafe lo include in fhis program a special Developmenfal Reading course given by Miss Brady. The fachisfiscope and reading accelerafor are used lo aid her in leaching her classes. Mrs Lakafos is lhe librarian of our large and camplele library Miss Florence Mrs George Miss Genevieve Brady Busfard Bufler M s James Mr Jacob Hyra Mr James L Ives Mr Charles A Lubemn McCu+cheon Miss Joan O Neill Mr Waller Peach MPS N'-If P0llUl'd Mr Harry J Schueh Ar+ Deparfmenr Mr Massena Clark The arf deparfmenf has no deparfmenl chairman buf nfs courses are ably con ducied by fhe arhsflc Messrs Fenlon Solo mon and Morefh Sludenis may fake Ari Elechve fhe general arf course or Ari Malor an ar+ course which in addihon io ofher prolecfs cansirucls and paunfs sfage scenery and makes Chrlsimas decorahons Mr Howard L Fenfon Mr Michael L Morefh Miss Cafharine Hossfeld Mr R Alexander Gran? Miss Fayne L Will? Z 0 5. 5 '5'Y'fPZf"l E Mr Emanuel Solomon Y lr' , xxx , . - ' Q 4 ,4 - ' . Jr V , ig. 9 lll 3 ' M ilu l Science Deparlmenl' A+ 'rhe leff is Miss Charlo++e Gross, ihe capable Chairman of Union High's Science Deparlmeni, This program includes courses in General Science, Physical Science, and Physics. There are also I4 classes in Biology, I0 classes in Biology Survey. and 9 classes in Chemislry. To accompany lhese courses we have ex' 'rremely well-equipped laboraiories fo help ihe siuden+ "learn by experience." Miss Charlofle C Gross Deporfmenf Chairman Mr Guy Barbaio Mrs Leonard Carier Mr Roberi Fadden Miss Mary E Mr Dommco Gqhh Mr Alben FFOUSJOJ Greenberg Mr lrwm Jaeger Mr Johnj Mr Lee H Taylor Polisin lnduslrlal Ar+s Deparlmenl' The lndusfnal Arfs courses include courses ln Eleciriclfy Woodworlung Mechanical Drawing General Mechanics Archlfeciural Drawing and General Arfs The Deparfmenf boasls much modern machinery and equlpmenl which increases :is value lo lhe siudenf Mr Ronald D Mr Ronald A Mr Joseph R Mr J Kennefh Frey Goldblaff Kordys McKay Mr Roberi J Bergen Mr Gerard Werle Q fs fx There is no deparimenf head of 'rhe lndusirial Ar+s Deparimenl in Union High School. 'F P ik ' Business Educalion Deparlmenl' Miss Margarei Morrison lrighil is our very indusirious Chairman of +he Business Educafion Deparlmervf. Bookkeeping, Typing, Record Keeping, Business Ma+h, Sienog- raphy, Office Pracfice, Business Training, and Job Relaiions are The excelleni courses offered by fha depariment Some courses malre use of fwo special IBM +ypewri+ers and many oiher machines and equipment Miss Mildred A Baker Mrs William Brown Mrs Gladys I Hari Mr Edwin Henry Home Living Deparlmenl' There IS no chairman of lhls deparimenl' The courses available as elechves are Chef Specnalhes Foods Clofhmg Child Care Family and Social Relahons and Personal homemakers Music Deparimenl' The music deparfmenf al' Union School Includes a varlefy of courses Include Chorus Music Appreclahon Ensemble Boys Ensemble Orchesira Theory Music Apprecnahon and High These Glrs Music Band The music deparimenf has no deparimonf chairman Mass Morne Carroll Mass Mary Kopora Mrs Richard A Mucone Mr Gene Consoles Miss Margaref Morrison Deparimeni Chairman Mrs John A Dean Mr Donald R .J Mrs P ul McConnell 4 Mr labor! V Hassard Geddls fx Mrs Sfephan Raskavsky Mr Jael E Trager 1 7 ' 1 4 v L T 'K s is sf B - Q . ' L. ' e e ' Q' e e u X Problems. all designed fo inake us good f , V A . fx ffl T is . I I I I . XX. . t ' ' ' . . x X - ' X 1' ,Z ,L . . . Mass Esfelle Mullspaugh Mrs Fee,-my Fam, Mrs John Lalafos GUICJGDCS Confldanfe of all college bound seniors Mr Allan Boyle rs 'lhe dlreclor of lhe Guidance Deparimenl' and rs In charge of all college placemenfs Mrs Danuer ns lhe sensor counselor She as rn charge of all leshng an fhe school and also of all vocahonal placemenf Mass Rufh Purcell counsels and schedules gunnors Mr Fosbre sophomores and Mr Slrano yunnors and sophomores Qu -Alf' Ml- Allan H Mrs Mnchael Mr Vmcenl Fesbre Mlss Rulh Purcell Boyle Damer Z' Mrs Herberi Case Mrs Warren Charles Clerlcal Union Hlgh School has an efflcnenl and congenial clerlcal sfal? ln lhe mann omce Mrs Emyrus Weeks us secrefary fo Mr Coolce Mrs Frank Kamlnskl lo Mlss Feuchfer Mrs Herman Elsie works wlfh Mr Garrabranl' and IS In charge l supplies Mrs Harry Schefe IS Guidance clerlz and Mrs John MacDonald assusfs Mrs Schefe wllh franscrnpfs and records Mrs Warren Charles s clerk In fhe Inbrary whale Mrs Herberf Case GSSISfS Mrs Ferns nn rhe Alrlendance Deparf menf Mrs Herman Elsie Mrs Frank Mrs John Mrs Harry Schefe Kamunsh MacDonald Mr Mnchael Sirano tl? A j Mrs Emyrus Weeks Ann M. Adams Freckles To be successful In college and allaln lhe goals I wanl lo achieve Hockey I, 2, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 4: Baskelball I, 2: Tennis I. 2: Sollball I, 2. 3. 4: Bowl- ing 4: Yearbook Slaff 4: Hall Monilar 4. Favorlle Memory - The good llmes wilh Mrs. Wrlghl, summer of 1958. and Union High School Fel Peevevhople who call me "Annie" Noled far'-Her delermlna- lion Raymond A Adams Ray To make a lol al money Favorlle Memory - Mrs Llnlons ch fs I and ll classes Fel Peeve-Glrls who wear knee socks Noled for-Always being around James Paul Adorna sm To sludy chemislry M rchmg Band I 2 3 4 ance B nd I 2 3 Bowling League 2 3 Scuence Club 4 Congress Allernale 3 4 Concerl Band I heslra I All Slule Band 2 3 Favorlle Memory Physics In 303 Fel Peeve-Marching al loolball games Noled for--Making All Slale Band Frederick W Ahlholm Whiley To have a whlle Cadillac I 2 Favorlle Memory T e day I received my drivers Ilcense Fel Peeve-Those 3 I5 classes Noled for-I-IIs really Island llalr 14 Neal Monroe Adams To enioy life Marching Band 2. 3, 4: Archery Club I: Concerl Band 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: Dance Band 4: Yearbook Fi- nance Slall 4: Junior Show, Favorlle Memory-Days ell because ol snow Fel Peeve-Tesls I didn'l sludy for Noled for-Belng an Inlel- Iecl Vlclor C Addolla' To become an engineer Favarlle Memory-Hlslory ll Room 209 Fel Peeve-Walling in a long lsne in lhe calelerla for lunch Noled for-Hls dark black ha r Charles J Allllllo Pizza To be In lhe Navy and see lhe world Favorlle Memory Goin sleady and lhe da I lsoughl my lirsl car Pel Peeve-Conceiled glrls and homework Noled for-His happy go lucky ways Russell Frank Alber Alps To have a successful llle Marching Band I 2 Inlra mural Baskelball I 2 3 4 Inlramural Baseball 3 4 Hall Duly 4 Concerl Band I 2 Favorlle Memory Oclolser 23 I957 Fel Peeve-Breaking a wln dow in school Noled for-Hls sofl pleas anl volce Susan H. Alexander ue To become a denial llYgIBllISf cl Crossl 2 Us r Squad l 2 3 4 Nlghhngoles 3 4 Yearbook Slaff 4 Bowl 3 T Favorlle Memory Te foolball games and all lhe wonderful kids af Unlon High Fel' Peeve The 8 Bus Nofed for-Her ihaughfful ness Jean Ann Allgeyer Jeanne Beauhclan Volleyball I 2 3 4 Basie? 4 So 3 4 Hockey 2 3 Lea s Cu 2 3 Favorlfe Memory e year of 1956 Pef Feeve-School No ed for Her ong wavy halr Q-'4 V ,ff IIN qx 'Jir- eff? ,Douglas M. Allen J, Doug T be happy land perhaps successfull Sophomore Congress Tracl: l 2 3 4 Cross Counlry Co Caplaln 4 Cannon Slaff l 3 4 Usher Squad 3 Sfudenl' Councul Publnclfy Comm 4 Cross Counlry l 2 3 4 Honor Soclefy 3 4 Sporls Ednfor of Cannon 3 4 Varslfy Club 4 Program Chanrman of Honor Sacnely 4 Per Peeve The pleasanl' dnsposlfion of my leacherx Nofed for-Has lxeenness of mind and swiffness of fool' Suzanne B Alpaugh Suzie Medical field Volleyball l Soffball I Nlglwllngales 3 4 Favarlfe Memory M Sophomore year Pef Peeve-Homework Nofed for-Her sweei' dl: posliian 1 F lasik lrdugmrg KET 15 Dennis Ern: Alfmann Bowhng 3 Favorrle Memory Mr Fad den s Physlcal Sclenco class second perlod Fel Peeve-Wamng unhl January for my Incense No ed for Hls curly halr Pefer D Amogreffi Pele Rehre of 30 Favorlfe Memory Snxfh perlod sludy hall ln my iumor year Pei Peeve Homeroom feachers Nofed for-Gefhng delen Hon in semor homeroom 16 Li Michael Amalo To do graduafe work C ngress 3 4 Congress Alferncle I Cannon Slaff I 2 3 4 Sporls Ednlor Cannon 3 Ednlorual Board Cannon 4 Yearbool: Ednfornal Board 4 Scnence Club 4 Usher Squad I 2 3 4 School Servvce Com ee I 2 3 4 Chaxrm 4 Sludenl Council Allernale 2 Quull and Scroll Favorale Memory Class dances especially lhe Sen lor Pram Pef Peeve So many lhlngs fhaf Id luke lo do buf noi' enough 'llme fo do fhem Nofed for-Bemg busy Hugh William Andes Hump To be a mllllonaure lnlramural Soffball lnfra mural Baslrelball Favorlle Memory Tha! nigh! I qoi my car Fel Peeve Gnrls ihal' 'Ihink fhey are befler 'Phan all lhe resl Noled for--Talung If easy Carol Ann Angsfer Sunshine Always fo wear a smlle Baslrelball 2 Nnghhngales 3 Bowlmgl 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 .lumor and Senior Con gress Archery2 4 Manager4 Favorrfe Memory Llifle Nausea Pei' Peeve People luddlng me aboul' my nose Nofed for Her cufe lrl"l'le nose Roberfo T Asnln Tam: llluslralor Cannon Slaff I 3 4 Usher Squad Bowling 3 4 Favorlle Memory The fun we had un Arl' Mayor 'l and 2 Pef Peeve Splul' perlod nn Ari' Mayor 3 Nofed for Having a name fhe same as a song hlle bw fr""v 'Femme Lloyd Frank Applln Shorly Mechanic ck I Favorife Memory Bulck ,f Fel Peeve Homework Bulck Noted for Having had many cars e Carol Auer 'l' e an arf leacher ole balll 2 3 4 Hockey l Basielball 2 4 Bowlmg 2 3 on ress lmgales 4 F T A umor ed Cross I a o Memory Summer Peeve Druvers who 1 e always an a hurry and JY conslanfly blow lhenr horn j rj' jj Nofed for-Her fnendlmess yfylijy foward all WA Jydyqji' .lj hemlslry was ucll lun' Where were you lasl nighl? 17 . ' ' "' Tra , 2. . ' .' ' - '46 ' I ,' ' . - . M 5' ' ' ' . ' . . - : '40 A L r f 7 f f.: 4f'. c ' 1. ' i If I . X - ,Mt . 1.5: , J. Ubi .' Q ' ' 4" J, .1 - V -4 U V , , , 3 h Z ' 'I :Z Year- all 4 X' 4:. C 9 I l' 2' 3' 45 bool: Arl Sfalrf 45 Ar+ Club 4. A , 4" Cl' Nlgl' I ' ' ' 4: . . -I - ' ' LL y '--. . K fl'll fx' v f I . . f' ' lj J f' - ' '51 I . V J . . . X Q' ff 5 I Q' -, 'L' ,W V 'TQ I - .1 ,,, , .3 I lp 1 Icy' f . uf X . - X , i I 1 ,Q ' Q ' A 4 4 ' 'fit I Eleanor Augensfeln Ellie Secrelary Cannon Adverlising Slcfl: Volleyball 2. Favorife Memory-My frip lo Ohio 'lwo summers ago Fel Peeve-Washing and ironing 'lhe gym suii every week Noled for-Her reserved manner Cary Axelrod IIAXII To be a millionaire Favorile Memory - Firsl' "one" in French Pel' Peeve-Thal U. S. his- 'lory 'leacher who gives sneak quizzes Noled for-His blue eyes Pafrlcla Ann Baer Paffi Be a pediafric nurse Nighlingales 3: Boslrelball 3, Favorlfe Memory-Summer of 1958 Fel' Peeve - People who 'lhink Huey know everylhlng and know nofhing Nofed for--Noi growing "one Inch" since she's been In lulglu school Edward J. Baggsfrom lliagll leconse a 'lile conlracfor Favorlfe Memory-A snack In sixth period cooking class Pol Peevo-All Chovs. Nofod for--Hls "six" Ford 18 Y Bruce Lamont Ausfin Monfy To go info fhe Service -X Freshman Foofboll. Wie x ' X14- l ,V in l 1 My . if lil,-wha Gu ,Qt .., 1 j s ' F ,E Q W B- Y""' AL ' ' 'A y Nl? ,. 9 bfife if x 7' s .,2'Jf', ,, . Qu, ' ' , N . . ' .'.,'. V. illiall. I 'g E :wife-Sift-1-f, ff M V , -,rj ..s4.::5i.4bg r' slffw-'1 l 1.- A ve? L ' f n if is f :-if wa'l.si'9l Andrew Babernilch ..GumP.. To be successful in life Favorlfe Memory - Mr. lergmann's English class Pef Peeve-Teachers who give sneaky quizzes Nofed for-His nea'l hand- wriiing if rl Qi Where do we go from here? Allan Eugene Bahrs AI Freshman Congress: Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4: Cannon Slaff 2, 3, 4: Cannon Editor 2: Year- book Lilerary Sloff 4: Chair- man of Edilorial Board of Cannon 4: Nalional Honor Sociely. Favorife Memory-Day I received my driver's license Pei Peeve-Firsl' I Nofed for-Being ' MMP William M. Banil' Sfudenl' Council I: Science Club 4: Honor Sociely 4: Boys' Usher Squad 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3: lndoor Traci: 3: Spring Track 2, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely, Noled for-His courleous manners Edilor I John R. Bandura lulch To be an eleclriclan Wresiling I, 2, 3, 4: Fool'- ball 3. Pel Peeve - Teachers who play "flue role" Noled for-Being congenial Fred Banlel Flying Squad. Noled for-I-lis fish slories Carole Pllyllls Bardy To live, love. and be happy Vice Presidenl Red Crosi2: Usher Squad I, 2, 3, 4: Shl- denl Council Aliernafe I: Bowling 3, 4: Tennis 2: Soil- ball I, 2: Volleyball I: Niglol- ingoles 4: Presidenl' Home- room 2. Favorlfe Memory - Sixlh period freshman year Pal' Peeve-Tesfs on Mon- day Noled for-Her golden hair James Neil Barnes 4 llkedn '. To bea success Foollaall I, 2, 3, 4: Traclr I. 3, 4: Senior Congress Al- fernale: Hall Squad 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory--Mr. Bar- bafo's biology class and playing foofball Pel Peeve-Guys who acl "cool," and third Boar homeroom Noled for-Being a hall monilor 19 r See' Hs easyl The hour of release Norman C Barsky Norm Foo all I Baseball I 2 Bowling I 2 3 4 Homeroom Presldenf I Favorlfe Memory Nighl' of l'he Junior Prom Fel Peeve Gnvlng oral bool: reporfs In English class and 'lhurd Ioor home room Nofed for Has bowling ability Donald W lafflsfe Don Commercual orfisi Favorlfe Memory Golfing my dnvers Incense Pef Peeve-Women drivers old fhlrd ioor homeroom Nofed for-Being a good enlerfalner 20 awk Q17 "N Janice Lorraine Bafes an To llve a full and successful I e eyball I 2 F Nnglnhngales 3 Bowling 4 Favorlfe Memory Decem ber l956 and lhe summer of 57 Pef Peeve People who lhmk lhey re good enough lo 'lear everyone down Nofed for Being a Sueno Eleanor G Baumann E IE To be a nurse Favorlfe Memory Junior Prom and Ralnbow Conven hon 1958 Fel Peeve-Gelhng up in fhe morning 'lo go 'lo school Nofed for-Being sweei' Rose Bavosa Happiness and success Soflball 2. 3, 4: Bowling 43 Senior Congress Allernale: Yearbook Slaff 4. Favorife Memory-July 30, l958, and Ocfober 27, 1958 Per Peeve--Conceiledness Nofed for'--Her dark eyes Consfance Beler Connie To be a medical secretary Baslrelboll 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Colorguard 4 Homeroom Congress Allernale I Sludenl Councnl Alfernale 2 Leaders Club 3 4 Tennis 2 4 Volley I 2 3 4 Nlghlmga Bowlmg 3 Favorlfe Memory Thal' wonderful year of 57 dal ing fhaf cerfam someone Pef Peeve Hugh and mlghfy people Nofed for Her prefly smile Beffe Ann Bergmann To be a feacher Honor SocleIy3 4 Leaders Cu I 2 3 4 Nlghfsngales yboll Hcey 2 3 4 Archey I Baslxelboll I 2 3 4 Field and Tc2FTA4Sl'u nl Council Alfernale 3 Usher Squad 3 4 Lxbrary Sloff I 4 Tennis 2 Soflball I 4 Bowling 3 Favorlfe Memory Irving fon Hugh Senior Prom 1957 Pef Peeve Locker and homeroom an fhlrd floor Nofed for-Being exclfable Sfeven W Berlmer To be a successful doctor Traclr Team 3 4 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Class Congress 3 Bowling 3 4 Scuen Cu 2 3 4 Yearbook F nance Slaff 4 ,Favorlfe Memory My I7fh blrlhday Oclober I5 1958 Pef Peeve English 'lesfs Noted for-His hol Merc Q"-9 5 X 5-cr C1 all JH Waller J. Behringer Wally To be an announcer Class Congress I, 2: Band and Orchesfraq Dance Band: lnframural Baskelbolly Fire S u Bowlin I, 2, 3, Emi ry - Trip o We wif Mr. Brown ' 956 Pef Peeve-Yankee fans 4 LI 0-,7Nofed f r - Playing 'lhe 2. Merle Susan Benisch To become a lundergarfen feacher F T A 3 4 Debafrng Club 4 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Tenms 3 Guidance Moml'or4 French Club I Arl' Club I Volloy b II 2 3 4 Bowlmg 4 Favorife Memory Mrs Deusmgers 'lhlrd porlod hnfory class Per Peeve The one way hall on flue second lloor Nofed for Talking wlfh her hands John Berko To enloy fhe beffer fhlngs ll life Foo ball I 2 3 4 Favorife Memory Flrsl' varsrly foofball game Pei Peeve-Gefhng info ac cldenls Noled for Belng fall dark and handsome Harvey Bernsfem Groduale from college Track Team 2 3 Class Con ess 2 3 Ari' Club I Cannon Slalf 2 3 4 Camera Club I Usher Squad 2 3 4 Bowling Sfudenl Council Favorrfe Memory The inf performance of flue Sopho more Show Pei Peeve Teachers 'lhal' fhlnk flley know more lhan I do and do Noted for Bemg collegl a e 21 Sandra Kay lllleffer Sandy To become a feacher and do my besf 'lo make o'lher people happy a ers Club I 2 Nnghhngolos 3 Homeroom Secrelary I 2 Sluclenl Coun cel 3 4 Yearbook Fmance Commurlee 4 Cannon Sfaff 3 cey I 2 3 Baseb II VoIIeybaIII 2 3 4 Baslrelball Gnrls Track 3 4 Favorite Memory The wonderful fnends Ive mel' ln hugh school 'lhe Jumor Prom Grace Ann Bishop Foreign Correspondenl Baslrelball I 2 3 4 VoIIey ba I 2 3 4 Tenms 2 an non 3 4 Fmance Commnlleo for Yearbook 4 Thespuan Un clersfudles 3 Sludenl Councrl 2 .Iumor Red Cross Secrelary of Jr Red Cross 4 wmg 4 F T A 4 Presldenl' of Homeroom 3 Favorite Memory Driver Edacahon class nn my sen lor year Fel Peeve-lnsnncere 'lwo faced friends Nafed for'--Dramal'Ic falls n Elaine l Binder lngne To be happy and successful Baslrelball I Tenms I VI Ieyball 2 3 Modern Dance 2 3 Homeroom Vnce Presldenl' 2 Sensor Congress Cheerlead mg3 4 Soccer Speedball 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Y r book Biography Slaff 4 Bowl Ing 4 Dreamers foofball games and club meelmgs Fel Peeve Gelhng up In fhe morning Nofed for-Her vlfalrly Wayne F Blaine Bankey Auto Mechanic Foo ball I 2 3 4 Wresl' Im I Baseball I TracIz2 3 Favorrfe Memory Meehng my gurl al' fhe founfaun Fel' Peeve-Monday prac 'hces Nofed for-An all around GREAT guy 22 r ,- I IQ' . IIILI 3' Lx' pllrl I' 'J .N . V . f ,, - Q . ' I-I - . -1 5 4 K : : O- I '1 .' f , 'in , 'lf , g , Le d 1 I ' 3' ,ZXI ,gn : . a : . . : M . ' - Hok , , : a Ipvxjl -iff NT' 'Xt ' , . , . : 'I ,If ' pf N ' L Favorlfe Memory-The I,2, 43 Soccer 2: Speedball 2:' MQ .-fy " ," . lr X ll . fl II..,:""I:C: S' -QI ' . I : ' . R- '. - i . I, 5 'I 3: . ' Bo I' : , :Vice I I .. .- . I 9 i A I III 4' ,,, M if 5 "rl ii-,-- Mal I M, ' 4. L . ' I-Q4 . - I I and our fingers flew' Ll sg, mn ' e.i 3. ia., Alan James Blalr To go lnfo eleclrncal work Favorafe Memory Gelflng my dnvers Incense Fel Peeve+Women drlvers and flurd floor homeroom Nofed for Hls sllver Merc Elame Roseann Bolen Honey To be an alrllne slewardess Favorlfe Memory Decem ber 22 1956 and my Junior From Pef Peeve- United States Army Nofed for-Her nickname '-ig U" 1- GN in 45 N ,LL MAJ IW Harrlef Ilene Bloch I-lar To be someone ln lhe world Cannon Sfaff 2 3 4 Jumor Red Cross 3 4 Nlghfmgales 3 4 Arl Club l Debahng F T A 4 Volleyball vor e Memory o of 1958 Peeve lnsincere for Her consiani Her ln classroom Paula Bollenf Pruvale or medical secrelary SoHball 3 4 Tennis 3 Vol leyball 4 Office Helper 3 4 Bowling 4, Favorite Memory-Taking a Volkswagen for my li cease Mr Beochs hlsfory class iunior year' Junior Prom 1958 Pef Peeve-My driving? 7 Nofed for-Her slncerlfy and frankness Elaine Helen Boller To become a 'leacher and be happy ln life Archery I. 2: F. T. A, 4: Nighfingales 4: Volleyball l, 2, 4: Baskelball Ig Yearbook Edi- -forial Board 4. Favorife Memory - The many wonderful friends l have made af Union High Fel Peeve - Men drivers who always fhink lhey are righf Nofed for-Her wavy hair Michael Thomas Bono Mike Professional Baseball Soccer 2: Baseball I, 2, 3.4: Wreslling l, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory-Going wlfha cerfain girl I will never forgef Per Peeve - People who don'f know enough fo sfop bofhering you Nofed for-I-lls"'chopping" ways Herberf A. Bopp Berf To graduafe from college lnframural Baseball. Favorife Memory-Fourth period gym class Fel' Peeve-Teachers who glve homework on week- ends Nofed for-Taking life easy Roberf S. Boron lab " To be a denfisf - .A ' J. Foolball 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. Favarife Memory -- The 1927 foofball loam fe! Peevo-One-way halls Noted-L for -- Making up Sfories K A .: "" J , -'N . A ,,,,'s 1 Lf ' ,Y ,aff .f .4 fl'ff..2-f' nfl 5lafWC.V' A JJ' F. '- if. fl :gf N 'rfifnr Eff " rin if V -Eb who Big rusl17777 Walfer M. Boraczek Wall' To be a lawyer Favorife Memory-Mr. Pol- isin's physics class Pel' Peeve - Affernoon homeroom Nofed for-His sense of humor Brenda M. Bradley Bren To marry a cerfain someone Favorlfe Memory-Meefing a cerfain someone Fef Peeve - People who fhink foo much of fhem- selves and nof enough of ofhers Nofed for Her Brlflsh accenf Evelyn E. Brauer ..Ev.. Live a life of happiness Nighlingoles 3: Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3: Bowling 4: Usher Squad 2, 3, 4. Fovorile Memory--The lil- lle room on lhe second lloor in my iunior year Fel Peeve-Wiseguys Noled for-Being conscien- lious Carol Ann Breen Carol To be a successful secre- lory and lead a good life Volleyball l, 2, 3: Boslelball 3: Yearbook Typing Sloll 4: Cannon Slolf 3, 4: Girls' Traclx Team 3, Favorlle Memory - Lasl summer Pel Peeve - People who worry aboul lhings Noled lor-lnleresling con- versalionalisl 7,1 .gf us' if! K, 4'-x ti. K ,,,k 0 il' JP .ludilll Belly Branl Judy To be an airline slewardess Bowling 3, 4. Favorlle Memory-Summer of '57 and '58 ond being in lhe "Los Fuegos" Fel Peeve-Lunch reslric- lions and lhird lloor home- room Noled for-Changing hair slyles Arlene D. Bralchko Are Prlvale Secrelary Tennis 3, 4: Bowling 4: Niglwlingales 4. Favorile Memory-Junior Prom Pel Peeve--Boys who have a line Noled lor-Her pleasanl ways Judilh Ann lrearley Judy Nurse Nighlingales 3, 4: Niglllin- gales Vice Presidenl 4: Sludenl' Council 2: Bowling 3, 4: Bas- lnelball 2: Congress l. 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Tennis l, 2: Hoclxey 3, Track 2. 3. Favorlle Memory - My "beller-half" Pel Peeve-"No-hand-holb ing" rule in lhe hall Noled lor-Her laugh Vivian Lee Breen Viv To be a successful doclor Usher Squad I, 2, 3, 4: Li- brary Sloff 3: Junior Congress: Senior Congress Allernale: Nighlingales 3, 4: Volleyball l, 3, 4: Red Cross l. 2: Bowl- ing 3, 4: Assislanl Edilor Year- boolr 4: F. T. A. 4: Honor Sociely 4: Archery I. Fovorlle Memory--Foolball games: walking around the halls before school Pel Peeve - Taking buses: walling for people Noled lor- Being collegi- Ifl 25 Rrchard C Breuer Rich Jom 'lhe servlce afler school Usher Squad I Favorafe Memory Peachs English class my car Fel Peeve Homework Nofed for Keeplng 'lo hlm se Eleonor Broghammer e Prlvale Secretary Yearbook Biography Sfaff 4 Nlghllngales 3 4 Leader Cu 34 BowIng34 I Ieyboll 2 3 4 Soccer4 Sell ball 3 4 Baskelball 2 Office Helper 4 Favorrfe Memory Mr Fen lon s lirsl pernod arl class in my sophomore year Per Peeve-People who are always lale Nafed for Always being friendly and happy Daniel Melvm Brooks Danny Accounlanl' Indoor Track 3 Chess Club I 2 3 4 Capfann of Chess Team4 Debahng Club I 2 3 4 Allernale 'lo Sophomore Congress Favorlfe Memory The fen monlhs of sfudymg nolhlng bu! grammar In my lunior year Per Peeve Teachers who believe fhal' ihere IS only one possible correcf an swer 'lo any problem Nofed for-Playing chess Elvera Carol Buehler Ell e Teacher Congress Allernale 3 Usher Squad 3 4 Tennns Team I 2 Archery Squad I 2 Home room Vace Presndenl I F T A 4 Yearbook Slaff 4 Arl Club 4 Bowling 3 4 Favorlfe Memory Labor Day weekend 1958 Per Peeve-School prolecls Nofed for-Being an arhsf WEN is '75 H"N W Ohm qv- 75? Q'-5 42: . A, IJ ., I, 5, '1 Lmda Carol Brrll To reach lhe goals I have se NIQIIIIDQGIES3 4 Honor So caely 3 4 Yearbook Finance Slaff 4 Modern Dance I 2 3 4 Delegale lo G C I Usher uad I 2 3 4 Junnor Cossl 2 3 4 SecreIary3 Presndenl 4 F T A 4 Sopho more Congress Sludenf Coun cII Allernale 3 Cannon Sloff 4 Office Helper 3 4 Hockey T ms Vo ybaII I Favorrfe Memory week al' Girls Crhzenshlp lnsl'll'u'l'e June 1958 sum mer 1958 In Israel Ronald W Bronsfeln Ron Law or medicine Sludenl Councull 3 Debal mo Club 3 4 Vice Presldenl 4 Homeroom Chanrmon 2 AI lernale Congress 4 Yearbook Luferary Slaff 4 Bowlmg 3 Favorlfe Memory Lee s huslory class and also those oppropnafe sayings lacked up on The bullehn board of fhe Physics and Chemlslry room Per Peeve-Havmg offen fo 'lake mos? mdlrecl' rolrle lo classes because of one way halls Bonnie A Brush To be somebody 1 Tenms Team I 2 Volleyball I 2 3 4 Baskelball Team 2 G-urls Track2 3 4 Junxor Red Cross 3 4 Favorrfe Memory The Jun nor Ring Dance and lhe sum mer of 58 wllh fhal ceriam someone Fel' Peeves People 'lhol' arenl on 'hme Nofed for-Her red halr Dorofhy J Bulllvanf Da To llve In lhe manner l'o which I would like l'o be come accuslomed Baskelball I 2 3 4 Volley I 2 3 4 Homeroom Secrelary 2 Soflball l Archery 2 Favonfe Memory Fresh man year and hlslory 4 Per Peeve-Forgelful bor rowers Nofed far-Raiding refrlg eralars Gary Nlcllolas Burak Nick Mecllanlcal Englneermg Arc ery Club 2 Flying Squad 4 Favorlfe Memory Bunldlng our 136 hydroplane and Mr Pollslns pllyslcs class Fel' Peeves Glrls who wear knee socks Nofed f fi-HIS fasi' XM yi? ff Mfffff' Carolme Nancy Burns Coolue To be a nurse Vnce Presnclenf of freshman class Freshman Congress Nlglvhngales 3 4 Leaders u I 2 4 Ho y ball Soffball I 2 3 4 Baslrelball Favorite Memory All the greaf fumes I had a'I' Umon Hlgll boil: lnslde and oul' especially my freshman year Per Peeve Gossip Nofed for-Her walk Q-A if e-ff-ff' ?"W U-1, pn 0' Ehzabefh C Burger Belly Sfenographer Hockey I 2 Volleyball I 2 3 4 Baskefballl Baseball I 2 Nughllngales 3 Favonfe Memory Junlor Prom Pef Peeve Homework over the weekends Nofed for-Her red llalr James W Burrell, Ill Jimmy To be a success Foolball 4 Favorlfe Memory My days al Wes! Sade Hugh Pe? Peeve-These girls wlfh ihe wonderful personaliiles fhey don I have Noted for--Hls curly llalr 'Ullman- 53.- rr is '15 G Thus ns a classroom? 27 I' F ' . : . .. ..'.. . -.- I ' . 4 ' - ' Q' ff " - . f I '31 M' f 'I' X f ' L f I 4 JI lp . ii . . 7, ' : I k 45 , T CII: , ,3,: clue l,2, '9' ' 3, 4: Valley I, 2, 3, 4: Q . . . : C ' I, 2, 3, 4. M Y ji ' ' . 1 . 1 A ' -. ' ' ' Q an .' - y, f.- 3 , G fsaffuu In . --H "1'I'l'vl 5 I P I Q III N r qs I In G I v o ' N ' s A 1 L r x ,- X 1 , I' ' yr If-:gl '1 " sv!-Lv -s 'Q ig 'l' " ' ,, ,- ., N xg Anne Charlene Bush To be a dancer and raise horses Favorlfe Memory Dancing on Sleel Pier Aflanfic Clly Pei' Peeve-Gelhng up in 'lhe morning Nofed for-Being demure Carrie Lee Byers Midgle To be a model or nurse Favorlfe Memory T e nlghl' al' South Beach and flue nighl' in Gasforla of Ugam Pef Peeve-Do we have fo have Healfh Noled for Her frlendly ways Elaine M Bufchyk Bulch To become a secretary and always be happy Volleyball I 2 Baslrelball l Yearbook Typing Slaff 4 Bowlmg 4 Favonfe Memory New Years Eve In 19567 and our crazy club meehngs Pef Peeve Hlsfory 3 and defenhon Nofed for--Being heard be fore being seen Gregg C Cameron Ro To be a success Flying Squad 4 Fovorlfe Memory The un ior Ring Dance Pei Peeve-Nashes Nofed for His lnferesf In avnahon and boafs Roberf H Camera Bob Become an engmeer Class Congress l 2 3 Slu denl Council 4 Key Club 4 Flymg Squad 4 Nahonal Honor Socnefy Favorlfe Memory Junsor Prom Fel' Peeve End of 'lhe marlunq period Nofed for-Has greal' per sonalrly James Campenof Field of ovnahon mechanics Favorlfe Memory My lirsl car M Peach s s xlh period English class Pef Peeve-Homework Nofed for-lelng friendly ln a quiel' way 1 in wi 1 qi John J Campbell Jake To own my own business Bowlung 3 Favorlle Memory Hyra s Enghsh class lumor year iffh pernod Pef Pe-eve-Wanhng lo gel my drivers Incense Nofed for Bemg a good BUY Darlfus Dee Cannon Roclxey Navy Foolball 4 Wresllmg Favorile Memory Salur day nlghf gel logelhers af parhes and dances Pef Peeve-A cerfaln cop on lhe Unuon Police Force Nofed for Hrs shalinq ablllly Who posed for l'hose7 Preparalion for Chrislmas. 29 Elame Sue Canfer Always 'lo be happy healflly and successful Volleyballl 2 Llbrary Sfaff 3 .lunxor Red Cross 2 3 4 C nnon Sfaff 3 4 Us er Squad 2 3 4 Adverhslng Slaff of 'llwa Cannon 4 Favorlfe Memory Junior Prom Pef Feeve The one way a Nofed for Her smile Ronald A Carllsh To be a docfor of medicine esllnng I 2 4 denl' Councll l Sludenl Con gress 2 4 Sclonce Club 3 4 wang I 2 3 4 Track2 Baseball I Tennis 4 Cannon Slaff 4 Yearbook Phofography Slafl 4 Debahng Club 4 Na honal Honor Soclely Favorife Memory Leaving school Pef Feeve Gelhng up In 'llxe mornmg Nofed for--His good looks Lucy D Cafenaro Lor To 'lake life easy Favorlfe Memory January 1958 and belng Sueno Pei Feeve Reporf cards and havmg two gyms Nored for Her comical cracks Maryann Cernak To be a success Favorlfe Memory The Jun- ior Prom and afferwards Pei Feeve Na+ having enough flme fo gel' dressed offer gym Nofed for Her consfanf chaffer 30 Q"9 S' Lena Capra ee To be a successful secre fary and fhen a successful wnfe Volleyball 3 4 Bowlnng 3 4 Lacrosse 3 4 Cannon Ad verhsmg Sfaff Favonfe Memory Junlor Prom and affer 'lhe prom Pef Feeve Nof having enough 'hme fo gel' dressed afler gym Nofed for-Her happy go lucky ways Mike Rrchard Caruso Mike Be a millionaire Foo ball I Baseball I Favorrfe Memory Summer of 58 and Mrs Llnfons lirsl' penod cooklng class Pef Feeve All flue Movie Slars In fhe hugh school Nofed for Hls sense of humor 'fl Careful Mr Solomon' John W Chadwlck Jack To be a success un wha! ever I underfake Soccer 3 4 Wresllmg I 2 k 4 Club 3 4 Allernafe Sludenl Council 4 Favorlfe Memory All ihe greaf hmes we had ln lunlor and sensor years Pef Peeve Knee socks gurls fha? 'lhink 'lhey re cool Nofed for Playlng fhe fuba and being Iors of fun Roberf A Cheefy o To be an Underlaker Foolboll I Wresflmg 2 3 Bowllng 3 Favorlfe Memory Mrs Izol s geography class and Miss luflers English class Nofed for Bemg good nafured gk -'Vx 7.4- iq. wills? ww Chrls+mas and geomelry X Nancy E Chapin Nance To lead a good life F T A 3 4 Library all 4 Cannon Sfafl 4 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Jr Red Cross 2 3 4 HallMom1 Volleyball I Tenms l Favorlfe Memory Junior year Pei Peeve Hnslory prol ecfs Nofed for-Her quielness and soff voice Joel Sfeven Cherof! To be an engineer Wresflmg 2 3 Bowlmg 3 4 Favorlfe Memory Mr Pe 'loses hlsfory class Pei PeeveThlrd lunch and weekend homework Nofed for-Bemg a regular QWY Edward L Chesslck Eddie To gef rich quick Bowmg l 2 Favorlfe Memory-Cllrlsf mas vacahon 57 Per Peeve-Women drivers Noted for-Being mdepen den! I heavronia Chrlsfopher Ny Ronme fo be a successful exocu five secreiary Volleyball 2 4 Thespuan Un dersludnes Tennls 4 Favorlfe Memory Sephm bel' 'IU 1956 J l For Peeve-Surpri I 4 ' J, .Nored for - I-le? l! U L f dliness LAXIEYL- Vrypn 1 'l N 51 Wolch your fingers! 000 Dorofhy Alma Clark Do To be a success In whal' ever l do Sof all l 3 4 Volleyball 2 4 Hall Monrlor 4 Favorlfe Memory Augusl' 15 1958 Fel Peeve-Freckles Nofed for Always dolng samelhmg dllferenl Glorua J Consalo Luhle Gloria To lead a happy and suc cessful hfe Track 3 Bowlmg 4 Favorlfe Memory Seplem X ber 13 1958 and being m 'llle Los Suenos 2.7- Pef Peeve Lunch resfric flons Nofed for Her sense of humor 52 Q-9 551 XM... is "Us, UN-, E99 14's ,ljyf Jacqueline C Coafes Jackie To be a nurse Closs Secrelary 3 4 Naghl mgoles 4 Bowling 3 Hoclrey V bull 2 Ten 2 Sluclenl Councnl I Sopho more Congress 2 Yearbook Fl none l aff e Memory Seplem fb fl 1 1957 and my lunlor d senlor years el Peeve People who ave o school spnrll for-Bemg cheerful gf ,VI aendly and wlllmg 'lo ac ff! ngjsf cepl' responsnbnhhes Lmda Mane Coombe To complefe college Modern Doncel 2 3 Lecd Club 2 3 4 Hoclcey Bosllelboll 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 Tenms 3 4 Yearbook B ogropl1y Slclzf 4 Ofllce Helper Favorlfe Memory Fall of 1958 Fel Peeve-lmpahenl' drlv ers Noled for Her dancing ablllly Valerie Ann Coombs a To be a beauhclan o eybaII I So ball Tennis 4 Favorite Memory Junior year and summer of 1958 Per Peeve People going fhe wrong way In a one way hall Nofed for Her shining red hair Richard .I Cooper Rick To be a success ln whafever I o Yearbook SIa'Ff 4 BowIlng I 2 3 4 Sfudenl' Council Aller e I Fir Squa Congress Alfernafe 2 C n gress Represenfahve 3 Visual Aids 4 Favorife Memory e proms Pef Peeve-- Cool feach ers Nofed for-Being a all round greaf guy Eileen Mary Corrigan Teacher VoIIeyboII I 2 3 Boskelball I 3 Bowling 4 Cheerleading 2 Nughlnngoles 3 Yearbook Ediforial Board 4, Favorlfe Memory-Summer 56 and 58 Per Peeve - People who fhink 'lhey are beffer ofhers Nofed for-Her aff ness 4- Beffy Jane Crafer To be an English feacher Bowling 4: Junior Congress: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 4: Library Sfaff 2, 3. 4: Debaf- ing Club 23 Soccer 3. 4: Soff- baII I: Hockey I, 2: Baslrefball I, 2: VoIIeybaII I, 2, 33 FieId and Track 3, 41 Nafional Honor Sociefy. Favorife Memory - Coun- seling fhe summer of 1958 Pef Peeve - Confeffi friends af foofball games Nofed for-Always smil- ing. neaf and pleasanf x 1'- 1' iv Q" Y 9--5 N 165 'Q 'B 4 Alan Edgar Cooper To be a successful denfisf M rchlng Band I 2 3 4 Dance Band I 2 3 4 ass Congress Alfernafe 2 4 Siu deni' Council Alfernafe 2 Seno+or I All Sfafe Chorus 4 Science Club 4 School Organ Favorlfe Memory Chorus Ill wifh Mr C Per Peeve-The exfra lafe and rushed rehearsals for class shows Nofed for Being a ferrlfic piamsf Nancy Ellen Corbeels Nan Teacher Usher Squad 2 3 4 Fufure Teachers of America Tennis 2 VoIIeyboII 2 Track 3 4 Nohonal Thespian So clely 3 Soccer I 4 Favorrfe Memory Junior year Pei Peeve-The sack looli ,VNofed for Her cheerful willingness fo help ff Mary Lou Coulfer To gef married Baslefball 2 3 4 SofIbaII Fovonfe Memory Decem ber 25 'I957 Per Peeve-Thal' lafe bell Nofed for - Being pefife and sweel Edward Cruz Soccer. Nofed for - His ferrific smile 35 Marlin Joel Culler Marfy Rehre al' 25 Inframural Foolball I 2 Inlramural Baslrelball I 2 Favorrfe Memory Augusl 4 1958 Fel' Peeve Flal hres Nofed for Hls friends from Lmden Manfred Herberf Dalhausser Manny Go lo college and be suc cessful Varsuly Soccer Team I 2 3 4 Baslrelboll I Key Club 4 Sensor Congress Varslfy Club 2 Favorlfe Memory The fun We had lumor and sen lor years Fel Peeve-Knee socks Noled for-Bemg well liked Joan T DAgosfmo Dag Medicine and malhemahcs Cass Treasurer 2 3 4 Sludenl Councul 2 3 4 Class Cngress 2 3 4 Leaders u I 2 ceslra I 2 3 4 orfs I 3 4 Nallo Honor Socnefy lvonfe Memory All lhe nderful hmes Ive had of mon Hugh School MEL Peeve Unhappy people Nofed for-Always collecl mg money Sfanley J Danelskl To be rlch Favorite Memory Fadden s science class Fef Peeve-Going oul or a fire drnll on a cold day Nofed for--Being likable ...4-ll' ea. Leggo, you bully! Such pafiencel 34 Bonme Ray Day Pnvale Secrefary Volleyball 2 Library Slaff 3 4 Nnghhngales 4 Usher Squad 4 Cannon Sfaff 4 Favorife Memory Labor Day 1958 Pei Peeve Noi' havlng enough hme ia gel dressed un gym Nafed for-Her quuei' ways and confenfed spmf Shirley Mae Dean Shlrl To be a nurse Hoclrey Tenms3 4 Baseball 3 4 Cannon Adverhsmg Sfaff Volleyball Favorlfe Memory 1953 Junior Prom Fel Peeve People who show of Nofed for I-Ier cheerful dlsposnhon K ,...1-sb' Jesse Dean Jess Mlnlsler leacher and Civil Service Fare Squad CrossCoun'lry Irack 4 Baseball 4 Wresl In I Favorite Memory Fadden s fourfh period Phy sical Science class Pef Peeve One way hall sysfem on second lloor Nofed for-His opfimism Rachel J DeMarco Rae Prwafe Secrelary Bowlmg 3 4 Nlghhngales 3 4 Volleyball 2 4 Basluefball 2 Soflball 2 Favorlfe Memory Decem ber 7 'I957 Pei Peeve Homework on ihe weekends Noled for-Always laugh ing and fun fo be wlfh John Charles Demos To be a docfor Congress 3: Slamp Club 3, 4: lnlromural Soflball 3, 4. Favorife Memory-Gram- mar school Pef Peeve - Mafhemalics classes Nofed for-His keen ap- precialion of humor Angela Ann DeNicolo Ang To be happy Favorife Memory - Seven monfhs of going ouf with a wonderful guy Pef Feeve-Fighfing wifh a cer'l'ain someone Nofed for---Always wriiing noies in class I ,fi ' i'l'.4,,,, I ,I Virginia Rufh Denman Ginny Nurse Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- Irefball I, 2, 4: Modern Dance I, 2, 3: Class Congress I, 2: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: Color Guard 4. Favorlfe Memory - The friends l've made ai Union High Pei Peeve - Unfriendly people Nofed for - Driving her Plymouih y Nicholas John Dispenziere Nick To become a physical edu- cation feacher and coach Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Favorife Memory - Being able fo wear a Union High School uniform, and io com- pefe in sporfs Pef Peeve-One-way halls Noled for-Being friendly 36 Caughl unaware' Elena P Dispenzlere To be a dancer or dancing 'ieacher Volleyball Baslceiball Hockey Modern Dance Favorlfe Memory Summer 1957 Pef Peeve-People who can ea'I' wlfhouf worry Nofed for-Her dancing David Kennefh Dixon Dave Several years in fhe Air Force Indoor Tracl: 2: Indoor and Spring Track 3, -4: Slud nl Council 2: Fire Squad 4. Favorlfe Memory - Sopho- more English class Pef Peeve - Gelfing p early on cold, cloudy Mon. day mornings 'lo come fo school Nofed for--Always reading "Mad" comics Margaref P. Doherfy Pessy To be a privafe secrefary Volleyball 3: Solfball 3: Soc- cer 4: Bowling 4. Favorlfe Memory-Geffing my drlver's license Pef Peeve-People who say "hello" fo you one day and nof fhe nexf Nofed for'-Her quief and independenf ways Wllllam P. Donnelly Bill Physical educafion feacher Proiecfion Squad I: Base- ball I: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: lnframural Baslrefball I, 2, 3: Freshman Congress. Favorlfe Memory-Scoring fouchdown againsf Asbury Park Pef Feeve-Teachers fhaf won'f give "guys" a break Nofed for - Being fhe cenfer an fhe foofball feam wifh a winning smile YP'-v .ff f' 1f,fY'l J' X lf l 1 f :calm ' xy I' ' ', by f J i j, S eww., 5 is C' f . c 51 lik, f we ,rl . : llulf i a , 7: x 'N f bv- Jw' Q5 I Yi .--Qvlll ,f'?l. 3 5 is Hg? .A .sq ff N V . - gf: ,. 'fr '1 5, , 'f , H.. 2 ,V , r.'r,y53 ,L '- 'ff , , .f5Q'3l,F,,gl5,.. 'Xp E V iz.. .:.,,.', f6iv. f . 1. ?' " Hb 6. ,uk- i ,nn- if Q. fi, Y Eleanore M. Dlouhy Teacher Leaders' Club 3. 4: Usher-1 Squad 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 4: Tennis 2: Soffball 3: Soccer 4: f Volleyball 2, 4. Q Pef Peeve-One-way halls, Nofed for - Her love of camping Q Elizabefh M. Dlugoszl' Beffy v To achieve success and happiness in whafever I do., Baslefball 2. 3 Favorlfe Memory - Augusli, 8, 1958. The day I mef fhaff: special one Pef Feeve -The one-wayy frafic in flle halls il Nofed for - Her ready smile Kalman J. Dolgos 2 "Sfogie" I To be a bachelor , Favorlfe Memory - Mrs. Porcello's fhlrd period Al- gebra Il class Pef Peeves - Guys who V mock '48 four-door Ply- mouflls Nofed for - Taking fesfs In Guidance oflice Roberf D. Douglass Bob Nof fo finish irsf: iusf fo ,' be in fhere frying Usher Squad I: lnframural . l Baslcefball I, 2, 3: lnframural Soffball 3: Wresfling l, 3: f Wresfling Manager 2: Tracl 3: Soccer 4: Key Club Execu- live Board 4: Home Room Vice-Presidenf 2: Home Room Presidenf 3: Sfudenf Council l, , 2: Sfudenf Council Alfernofe ' 3: Key Club 3. 4: Nafional 1 Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Vico-Presi- denf of Senior Class. ,A Favorife Memory - FGBFIF,-li ary 29, 1957 ' Nofed for-His wiffy sensef W? of humor and his willingness fi' .41 Y Waller Frank Dreyer Wall' To be a mason Wresflmg l lnlramural Bas all l 2 Favorlfe Memory Golfing my llcense and 'lhe Senior Prom Pef Peeve-Knee socks and gurls lhal' wear 'loo much make up Nofed for-Bemg so hand some Michael W Duch Mlke Indoor Track 2 3 4 Oul door Track2 3 4 Key Club4 Favorlfe Memory 1958 Umon Counfy Champion ships Track Meel' Pef Peeve Homework over the weekend Nofed for Beung a pole vauller Roberl' Andrew Dunn Bo To work In a bank Soccer 2 3 Senior Con gress Yearbook Eclllorlal Board 4 Favorlle Memory Juluor Prom Nofed for-His willingness lo work John W Elsenmenger Wlllle . Own a prosperous gas sfafion Favorlie Memory-Morning delenlion Per Peeve - Coming info homeroom iusl' as lhe bell rlngs Nofed for - Sleeping ln Spanish class 38 Alan Marvin Dubov Dubls To loan fhe Navy and fake up eleclronlcs Favorlfe Memory 3rd pe nod lunch Fel' Peeve-Teachers 'lhal pour on lhe homework Nofed for-Hrs hol Chry s er Elaine Dunbar To go lo college Volleyball l Baskelboll I Archery 2 Cheerleading 2 occer 3 4 Bowlmg 3 Fufure Teachers of America 4 Tennis 4 liavorzfe Memory Foolball games Xp ef Peeve People who are I pilways lale for dales and R721 ,J if appounlmenfs ,044 Nofed for-Her sweel' al M ,J 'lrachveness fwrf ff' Edward John Dybas To masler a 'lrade Favorlle Memory Hula Hop April 25 1958 al' Easl' Slde Hugh School Pef Peeve Domg 'lerm papers Noled for-Being solilary Susan Jane Ellls Susle Lel foie fake nfs course and hope il is a happy one Soccer 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 2, 3, 4: Usher Squad 2, Tennis 2: Speedball 3, 4: Soflball 2: Track 3: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 3. Favorite Memory-Summer of H58 al Cranberry Lake Pel' Peeve - People l'ha'l slarl' lo say somejlhing and fhen don'l' inish il' Nofed for-Being a barrel of 'lun Kurf Louis Elsie Go lo college Ke Club 2 3 4 Sludenf uncnl I 3 4 Baseball I 3 4 Cross Counlry 2 Fool' I Ba Science Club 4 Nahonal Honor Socsely Fovorlfe Memory ey Club Convenhon 1958 Pel' Peeve Unfrlendly people Noled for-Being presldenl' of Key Club Fred Raymond Ennls Freddue To become a success in life Favorlfe Memory The day l gal' my car Fel Peeve-Women drivers Nofed lon-Hu qulel' ways 5 qu., 1 'Ui 6 Chrnslmas comes buf once a year Elaine Joan Englerf To marry a ncll man Bowlmg 4 Volleyball 3 4 Junior Red Cross 2 Baskelball 3 4 Soffball 4 Favorlle Memory Seplem ber 1957 and 'lhe day I gel' my dnvers Incense Fel Peeve Homework on weekends Nofed for Her friendly hello Jean Arlene Enms Secrefary Volleyball l 4 Bowling 4 Favarlle Memory Foolball games Fel Peeve Noi' having enough hme fo eal' a do cenl' lunch Nafed for-Bema soclabla -Q 7 Down, anyone? 39 y , , 1 ' . D I I I Co ' , , : I 2. , I bull' , 3. 4: slzelball I, 2: A lx I f I l I -' ' ' I I X---' n u . -' K -' ' fy "Vx, K . -' " E I - . . as ,fe Q I , i. ,ll M I ,- V1 . I ' . . . , ' . I nd f A , 1 , 1 ll - I, I I I ll H 4,5 V I x Lunch 'hme revuval squad ,dar Bufch To make my ini' milllon al' 21 Baseball I 2 3 4 Baslrel ball I Foolball 3 Soccer 2 Favorlfe Memory Mr Pe 'l'osas3rd penod U S Hls fory Ill class Fel' Peeve-Gurls 'lllal' use your car lloor ax an ash fray Nefed for-I-Ils sunglasses Paul Roberf Eskln Elecfranlc 'leellnlclan Progechorg Squad 2 Favorlfe Memory Bergen: 5l'll period class Noled for-Being compla cenl' xb- -.Zf X.: ,fs .fhxxtk LJ fish-e. Corky To Ilve a happy healfhy and full life s er Squad I F T A 3 4 Nlghhngales 3 Bowlnng 3 4 Thesplan Under sfudy l Favorite Memory Seplla more year and senior year Pei' Peeve-People who are 'Iwo faced Noled for Her bubbling personahly Llnda D Eulllardl' To be happy and salisfied In whalever I do F T A 3 4 Usher Squad 3 4 Volleyball I 3 4 Tennis 2 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 4 Favorlfe Memory Summer vocahon Pef Peeve-Gelflng up In flue morning Noted for Her qulel' In ielligenco ' 3' gg. NL M. e A K ' "" ' Q Q . Y' f ' ' . X, -L 1' K- AIN ' 'fx 0 , , I ' , . .X Q If -4 ae, 3 1 I Q-' W In 'Q Q , X wane, E'-ns, I W3 Ik 4 Pa'I'rIclqlAnn'Fscllner ' ' ' : , -G' Uh . J 2. 3: . .,-,g:' , le, y -1 'lift' I 3 ia '..M.-, 4 .....: ' U .' 'gl 5, ' ' ' ' - ' h w... ,f . lik - ' 40 h Thomas A Farrlngfon 'The Greaf Chemusf I 2 3 Tennis 2 3 Scxence Club 2 3 4 Chess Clubl 2 4 Freshman Con gress BowImg3 4 Favorlfe Memory Mr Po llsms physics class Per Peeve-One-way corn dors Nofed for-Hn nickname Anneffe Fern To be an arf feacher Vo eybaII I Bowhng 4 Cannon 2 3 4 Arf CIub I 4 F T A 3 4 Usher SquacI2 Favorlfe Memory Summer of 1958 spenf In Israel Pef Peeve+Havmg a spllf arf class when you re In fhe middle of a pamfmg Nofed for Her frlp fo Israel O-1 T' J aulkner June a happy useful nd successful hfe Sfudenl' C cll AI+ernafe I Slucl nbCo cn 2 Sophomore ness fe nafe Sensor on espnan Under sf 1 3 4 Nnghhngales emor Senalor Fresh Congressl Soffball l 2 sIKeII:cII I 2 3 4 VoIIeybaII 2 3 4 Spee 3 4 Nahoncl Honor rife Memory All fhe greaf fumes Ive had smce AA Carolyn A Ferrara To be a beouhclan Arl' Club I VoIIeybaII I 2 Baslrefball Z 3 SoffbaII I 2 Bowlmg 3 Favorlfe Memory Gradu ahon mghfs of 1957 and 1958 Per Peeve-Bemg referred fo as fhelr llffle sisfer Nofed for-Being friendly IIg'l9..I1?.rd11 Food for +hough+! 41 1 Salvafore Filippone Sal Television fechnician Bowling I, 2, 3, 4: Troelu 4: lnframural Foofball 3: Junior Congress Allernafe 3. Favorlfe Memory-English class 1956 Pef Peeve-Two girls wluo gef in flue middle of flue halls so one can'f pass flueuuu Nofed for-His hair Beffe Jayne Flader ' Bef To be a good nurse Cannon Sfaii I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Nighfingales 4: Sfu- denf Council l: Sfudenf Coun- cil Alfernafe 2: Sophomore Congress: Freshman Congress Alfernafe: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Usher Squad I, 2: Hall Moni- for 4: Girls' Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. Favorife Memory-Labor Day weekend, 1958 Pef Peeve-My fafher's early-dafe deadlines Nofed for - Doing crazy fluings Alfred Forsf Al To see flue world wiflu flue Navy Traclr I, 2. Favorife Memory-Wluen my mofluer wenl' fo Europe for flue summer. 1958 Fel' Peeve-"Ivy league" feacluers Nofed for-Working in a cemefery Valerie J. Franklin Val To live, love and be happy Volleyball l, 2: Baslrefball l, 2: Hockey 2: Baseball l. Favorlfe Memory-Sepfem- ber. 1957 ' Pef Peeve-Girls wlflu "bor- rowed" personalifies Nofed for-Being a greaf person 42 'J N 1 fl '13, . f' Tw 'f , . '11, ' 1"" if ,X u X 'L' Theresa Dana Fischer Terry To go fo college. fo worlu, and fo marry Girls' Allulefics I. 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club 3, 4: 'Library Sfalil 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 3, 4: Biography Sfaff of Year olu 4: Sludenl Council nafe 3: Senior Congre .Affiurnofm , f f' X, N wwe 'ory - cuub vrvefingfy and foofball 'vs if 13 ,garnet N P55-Peeve-Teachers wluo W2an'f confrol flueir classes 'Q . . 1 Nofefi r-Eafung puzza WW' X Valerie K. Forgione Val To puf more info life and gef more ouf of if Orcluesfra I, 2, 3. 4: Volley- ball I: Soffball I. -Favorife Memory - Every- fluing and everyone in Union High School Pef Peeve-Boys Noied for - Her 'friendly quief ways Keep up flue good world ix' L 7, Arlene E., Frederlcks Ar Archifecf Ari Club I, 4: Volleyball I! Dramalics Club 2g Bowling 3. 4: Cannon Ari' Slaff 4. Favorlfe Memory-Rooms 2'I7, 139, and fhe liffle brass ring Pel' Peeve - People who aren"l individualisfs Noled for - Being an in- dividualisf Frank .l. Freiboff Frankie To see 'lhe world Favorlfe Memory-German I in my freshman year Pef Peeve-Old people who creep along in a big. new, 'fasl' car Noled for - His hunling 'lrips 1' .g1i?2ii1'.'-ff?Efi:tf' , e, 4' 4 s ye , 5 X ewrel bf isa. 'f Q ,fl r 2 i I I sr' W we 7 L" I, l up gv- ' vs- Tw? gf . X 1 if i.fQZi9i" 'Ki ,C lv Alxlffi. I-fi" ,G-f - ,fy L4 M , Z 7 i 1 I of Kp V411 4. 4, jf' ,7 If ff "4f'?E.. A-' .f 1 ,-. , A ish- Edward P. Freeman llshugll To become a successful meleorologisi' in 'lhe Navy Foofball I, 2, 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory-The nighi ihe 1956 foolball players on Union's squad of which I was a member each re- ceived a lrophy for fha Group IV Championship Pef Peeve-All lhe home- work afier vacalions Noted for-Playing fool'- ball Barbara Anne Frey Barbie Always lo be happy and lo succeed in all I do Congress I, 2: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Baslrelball I. 2: Yearbook Typing Slaff 45 Homeroom Treasurer I, 2: Bowling 4. Favorlfe Memory-Sopl1a- more year Pef Peeve-Third year his- tory Noted few-Her easy going manner Roberl' Michael Friedlander Bob Docfor Sludenl' Council l: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2: Senior Congress Alfernaleg Science Club 3, 43 Cannon 3, 4: Boys' Bowling 4. Favorife Memory - Miss Zofay's second period, Al- gebra ll class - Pel Peeve-Rewriling my noles Nofed .for - His comlcal mannerlsms Sfeven Ira' Friedman , Sieve Navy career Baslrelball I: Tennis 3, 4: Chess Club lg Radio Club 2. 4: Sophomore Congress. Favorlle Memory-Summer. 1958 Fel Peeve-Homework Nofed for - Being philo- sophical, infelleciual. and inquisilive 45 Wha+'s 'e maIrin'? Boris Froehlrch To be a success Wresflmg I Soccer I Favonfe Memory Lasi' summer Pef Peeve-Women drnvers Nofed for-Working In a bank Jesse Gardner To be a physical educaflon 'leacher FooIbaIII 2 3 4 Wresilmg 3 4 BasebaII I 2 n muraI BasleIbaII 2 Favorlfe Memory Consoles s 3rd period chorus The Swlfchin Klf chen 5758 Pei Peeve Llffle Shois Nofed for-Being an a around greaf guy pi.,- ih- ,gt 1'-f' wok QM Gloria Jean Gaiser Bug Gloria To be a beauflclan Homeroom Treasurer I Bas lei' all I 2 3 Baseball I 2 3 Favorite Memory Summer of 1957 Pet Peeve Fighiing wiih M Nofed for-The gleam In her eyes Joshua J Gedrlch Business Chess Club 4 Sfamp CIub 4 Sclence Club 4 Debahng Club 4 Favorlfe Memory e Wesl' 56 Pef Peeve-Women dnvers Note for-Being falkofive Wolf I l A 1- A ,WMV , 1 Q, -. X , b I I : - ' . . ix I ,ff . s. - fi' .fJ.R." I if Iv 'I 9-'FI I 'N ' . : ' I : ' - ' '3 ky . 2, . I ' ' gms. H IIYN MTI In -.rn ' W - Mr. A .. I I ' Il , u X W , ff' " I -I 1 H mg I ' I -l X E r f Us , "' ii ' gf Eiga - I 'P' 4 ' .,4 I 4- ' ' I - , I Kerfh Howard Geisow To gel' on ln Ilfe Favonfe Memory The day I gof my car Pef Peeve Gefhng up for school rn 'lhe mornrng Nofed for-Havmg frouble sfarhng fhaf Oldsmobilel Maxme B Gendelman Max To see fhe world Lubrary Sfaff 2 3 4 Usher uad 2 3 4 Junlor Cross 2 3 Favonfe Memory Summer of T958 Pef Peeve-Boys who fhink fhey know lf all Nofed for-Her curly halr Domrmc J Genfrlcore Dick To become a marme englneer Track 3 Foofball 4 Base ball 4 Favorlfe Memory Chem lsfry wlfh Mr Polusln Pef Peeve Someone who always borrows my car Nofed for-Hrs bug brown eyes and his sharp sfyle Joyce Grace Gracinl To be a good wlfe fo fhaf cerfain someone Bowling 4' Hall Monifor 2. Favorite Memory-July 2 1958 and everday since Ive been going sfeady Pef Peeve The way my boyfrlend knows how fo gef me mad Nofed for-Being falkafive TQ gl janv- 17 vii, qw David Gelband Law or engmeermg and marriage Bowmg I 2 3 4 Tennis 2 3 4 Debafmg Club I 2 3 4 ess Club I 2 3 4 gr ss I Track I Favorife Memory Summer of T956 Pef Peeve People who fhmk fhey know If all Noted for Hrs numerous drssenslons Harold Wrlllam Gengenbacll Genk Commercial arflsf Wresllmg I Vusual Aids Squad I Favorlfe Memory Mr Gaf 'hs biology class Pef Peeve Washing fho car and fhen rf rams Noted for Hrs orfisfic abllufy M Marilyn Lee Gerrmg R Merril 31-1 1 '11 Ev 3113 if e a happy and suc cessful Ilfe heerleadlng 3 4 Senafe odern Dance 2 3 Lead ers Club 2 3 4 Congress3 Volleyball I 2 4 all I 2 3 4 Soccer Bowmg 4 F T A 4 rack Favorlfe Memory Greaf flmes ln Unlon I-hgh School especially wlfh fhal' cerfaln someone Nofed for Having many friends In general one specral ufm Glasser ue rofessional nurse olleyball I 2 3 4 Baskef I Tenns 2 Track 3 Nighlingales 3 4' Bowlmg 2 3 4' Color Guard 4' Year- book Ediforial Board 4' Edifor arb ok Biography Sfaff 4' rllra ural Soflball 2' Nafional I IQ! Honor Sociely, ls vorlfe ory-All fhe friends I ve made ople I ve mel' In high ' ef eeve Unfrlondly lwfivle Nofed for-Her shiny long halr Aloyslus Herberf Gmemeder Herb To gel' nch qunck and rehre Favorlfe Memory Trlp fo Europe Pef Peeve Sneakfesfs and quizzes Nofed for-Being happy go lucky Lenl Gerfrude Goefz To be a beauhclan Hockey I Volleyball I 2 3 4 Baskelball I 2 3 4 Home room Presndenf I Favorlfe Memory Gradu ahon mqhl' of 57 and sum mer of 57 Pef Peeve People who 'lhmk lhey re be'I'l'er 'lhan o'l'hers Noled for-Her wlfiy re marks ps- ff +95 1--.uv Lg Q'-p Irene Godwin To be a success In life Volleyball I 2 Baslcefball I Favorlfe Memory Fresh man year Pef PBEYELHISIOTY III Noled for-Her crazy laugh Rlfa S Goldfinger To be a school 'leacher Fufure Teachers of America 3 4 CoCI'1aurman of Home room 4 Favonfe Memory e friends I have made Pef Peeve-One way halls Nofed for Her friendly ways 46 0 'X Hs Greek lo me' i. ...I Barbara E Gollinoff Bobbi Model or become a C PA Homeroom Vrce Presadenl I Baslrefball I 2 Volleyball 2 3 Nnghhngales 3 4 Honor Soclely 3 4 Sophomore Con grass Sfudenl Council 4 Of lice Helper 2 Fovorlfe Memory-Oclober 23 1957 and .lunlor Prom Fel Peeve-lnfolerance Noied for-Her neal ap pearance Alan L Goodman f!"P To excel In lhe ield which I enler Sludenl Council 2 3 De U bahng Club Vuco Presldenl 3 4 Yearbook Sfaff Lnlorary ff- Commnllee 4 Junuor Congress Nahonal Honor Soclely 3 4 Bowling League I 3 4 Track om I 2 Favorlfe Memory A cer fain beach parly Pei' Peeve People who don 0 make full use of lhe obllifles which God gave them Nofed for His grasp ol knowledge Rrchard W Golonka Rlchle To marry Favorlfe Memory Sfrafford Road Pef Peeve People who don f like long hour on boys Nofed for Being al' 541 Slralford Road Brenda Carol Gordon To make good-noi excuses Bowhng 3 4 Usher Squad 3 4 Llbrary Slaff 3 4 Can n S+aFF 3 4 F T A Senator I Favorlfe Memory Sopllo more year and Aprll 5 1958 Pol Peeve Junior home room Nofed for I-lor fashion able dress Mrchael G Gordon Muke To be o success Sensor Congress Bowlung I 3 4 Fure Squad 4 Tra 3 Flyung Squad 4 Cannon Slaf'F2 Arcl1ery4 lnlromural B elball 2 3 Foolball I Favorufe Memory Junuor year Pef Peeve Cerfaun Englush leachers Nofed for-Hus fruendly ad vonces .Iudulh Lynn Goffula Judy To be a nurse Yearbook Buograplwy Slaff 4 Nuglufungoles 3 4 Congress 3 Congress Alfernale 4 Soccer 3 4 Bowlung 4 Hockey l 'lramurol Volleyball I 2 3 4 lnlramural Baskelball I 2 3 4 Office Helper4 Homeroom Clwaurmon 4 Favorufe Memory Wresl lung meels foolball games and Sunday affernoons Fel' Peeve Mussung fool ball games un my senior year Nofed for-Her Iuulile red bomb Fred Graunger Graduafe from hugh school and work for my falher Favorufe Memory T e good fumes un Chorus Ill wulh Mr Consales Pet Peeve Cerlaun leach ers lhal' make the school a pruson Nofed for-Hus hol car Sfanley R Graybuslu Slash To beller myself Favorlle Memory The irsl day of Driver's Ed Pei' Peeve Goung fo Chefs Specualhes, blh period Nofed for Hus crewcui 'Zig A? it-al 4- 1 5 1 Professor Alden of Pruncelon Unuversufy honors us wullu cu vusul and cluafs WIII1 a French class 4' x 7 X p' 3 3 X ' f I .' 48 I I V 4 ' 5 X Gary Gray Draffsman Foofball I 2 3 4 Baskelball I 2 Wresllung 3 4 Baseball Track Favorule Memory Mrs Deusungers 6'lh peruod hus lory class Pef Peeve Runnung oul' of gas Noled for-Slrong un body luund un manner Charles R Green To gel oul of hugh school Fovorlfe Memory When I firsl came fo Unuon Hugh School Fef Peeve-Walking home from school ofler defenlion Nofed for-Being quuuel bul fruendly Shocking' Nell B Greenberg To own a small yachi' in N 'Phe Soufh Seas Progechon Squad I Cannon Sc b Debahng Club 4 Slamp Club 3 4 Chess Club 4 Favorlfe Memory Sum mers all of fhem Pei Peeve-Lecfures Nofed for-His stomp col lechng Roberl' Grlbbm Bo To be a success ln whal' ever I choose Slage Crew 4 Favorlfe Memory Working on fhe sfage during semblnes Pei Peeve-Model bulldmg Nofed for Doing o great lob for fhe sfage crew Carol Lee Greenberg To be as happy in 'Ihe fu- lure as I have been in lho pasf Cannon 2, 3, 4: Usher Squad I, 2, 3, 4: .lunior Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Office Helper 3. 4: Library Slalif 4: F, T. A. 3, 4: luclenl' Council Allernale IZ YHoclcey l: Volleyball l, 2, 4: jsoflball 2: Baslcelball l, 2, 4: l 'Nighringales 4. Fovorlfe Memory-Fresh- man year Pel' Peeve-Gym firsl' peri- od, fhree years ln o row Nofed for-Her eyes Michael A. Greenberg Mike To sfari' on my second million 'Junior Congress: Bowling 3: Fire Squad: Archery 4: Fool- ball I. Favorlfe Memory-Febru- ary 30 1958 Pef Peeve Teachers who 'Ihmk Ihey know ll' all and don I' Nofed for Hls wif and sense of humor ybavld A Greenfield Dave o be a successful docfor Senale 2 Science Club 3 4 lamp Club 4 Sludenl Coun cll 3 4 Congress 2 Fovonfe Memory Physics and chenusiry m Mr P Ilsln s class Pei Peeve-A pre'H'y gurl n a sack dress ofed for Being consclen 'I ous Werner Grossmueller Fefe 'fo succeed in Ihe held of science Favorlle Memory Three years of English wrlh Miss ufler ef Peeve-These charoc 'lers lmalel you see walk mg around the halls wufh Hair hanging over fhelr ears Nofed for-Being a parfy boy Marie M Guenfher le Bookkeeper or occounlanl Edxlorual Board of Yearbook 4 Edulor of Typmg Slall f Yearbook 4 IBM lypusf lor Cannon Congress Represenla 'hvel 2 3 4 Nnghhngales3 Senior Homeroom Secrelary eyball I 2 3 4 Bas I 4 Sol Tenms I 2 Archery 2 Favorrfe Memory Becom mg worlhy advlser of Ram bow gurls Nored for Bemg neverfoo busy 'lo say hello Carolyn E Gunfher Carol To lrve a happy and sue cessful lafe Yearbook Slaff 4 Usher Squad 2 Tennis 2 3 4 Vol Ieyball 2 3 4 Speedboll 3 Baskefball I 2 3 4 cer 2 3 4 Track 2 Archery 2 3 Soflball I Fovorlfe Memory Year of 57 and summer of 58 Fel Peeve People who know you one day and noi the nexf Nofed for--Her long dark halr Willlam A Gustafson Gus To confrubufe somelhlng in fhe field of engmeerrng Track Manager I Foolball Manager Bowlmg 2 3 Allernofe Homeroom Repre senlahve 3 Infromural Bos kefball 3 Flymg Squad 3 4 Favorlle Memory e day I gel a I on a wrll Yen book reporl Pef Peeve--The way leach- ers always gave homework on ihe nlglrls I work Noled for - His llalnlng ha r ' Janel' .loseplnne Haas an A good secrelary house- wife and rnofher Congress Allernals 4' Vol- leyball I. Favorlle Memory Seven leenlh brrfhday my irsl o Pei Peeve-One way halls and people who Ihlnk they are befler flnan olhers Nofed for-Being a 'lease 50 Erwln F Gueflg To go fo college Bowlvng 2 3 4 Soccer 3 4 Sludenl Councll R p 2 4 Sludenl Council Allernale 3 Inlramural Baskelball and Baseball Frre Squad 4 Fovorrfe Memory Friday affernoons al' 3 'I5 Fel Peeve Gelhng oul' of bed mornmgs fo go 'lo school ofed for Hls freckles Roberl' John Gunlller ob Aqrlcullurlsl' Bowlmg 2 3 4 Archery 3 Favorlfe Memory Gelhng oul of school when summer comes Pef Peeve Never having enough money Noled for Being a cool ca Carol A Gusfavsen Gussle To be a nurse Track Team 3 Volleyball 3 4 Baskelboll 3 Lacrosse 3 Bowlmg 4 Nrglrhngales 4 Thesplans 4 Tenms 4 Favorrle Memory My 'Irlp fo Florida summer of 57 Pef Peeve-One way halls Nofed for Her smarl clolhes Arlhur B Haberbush larry To be a boss Track I 2 4' Usher Squad 2 3 4' Bowling 2' C Club 2 3' Slamp Club 2 3 4' Soccer' Homeroom Chairman 2 3' Congress 3 Flying Squad 4' Sludenr Council 3 4' Con- gress 2. Favorlfe Memory T e fun I ve had over Ille.years wllh all my friends Per Peeve-An emply wal lei' Noled for-Being a clown Edwm G Hackney Eddie Saul around lhe world Baseball 2 4 Baslcelball 2 Favorife Memory Senior Prom and gefhng my ll cense Fel' Peeve Thnrd floor homeroom and irsl' perlod 9Ym Nofed for-Having o qulel dlsponhon Charloffe M Hagen To be a good booklceeper German Club 2 Office Helper 4 Favorlle Memory lhree years of hugh school Fel Peeve One way halls Nofed for-Being hny qw 'Hx Inge M Hagemeler To be happy Sfudenl' Councll 3 Hall Monrlor 3 Favorlfe Memory New Years Eve 1956 Fel Peeve Conceifed people Nofed for-Her sweet and friendly ways Pafncla Ann Hague a Courf sfenographer Favonfe Memory The Sensor Prom of 'I958 Pef Peeve Teachers who don! know when io keep qulef Nofed lor-Riding ln a lav ender converhble are-ao, Girls sfill malue befler cooks. 51 Phyllis Mma Handell Phyl To engoy life Cannon I 2 3 4 Congress Represenlahve I Congress Allernafe 3' Sludenl Council 2' Library Siafl 3' Usher Squad 3 4' Deboling Club ' lnlramural Volleyball I 2 3 4' Hall Monllor 4' Fulure Teachers of America 4' Guid- ance Office 2 3' lnlramural Baslrelball I, Favorlfe Memory-Summer of 1957 al Bradley Beach freshman year .and going lo 'Phe Junior Prom ln ihe snow April 1955 Nofed for--lemg frank Mary Louise Hanf Mary Lou Medical asslslanl Tennis 2' Sollball 3' Bas- lrelball 3' Hall Monilor, Favorile Memory-Junior Rang Dance and Augusl' 29 1958 Fel Peeve--Teachers giving loo much homework on 'lhe weekend and one way halls Nofed for Being a hall momlor June Ann Handzo June To recelye my RN and Hrs degree A, ,51'udeniCouncll Allernale I ludenl Council Represenla- we 2' Congress Allernale 3' Volleyball I 4' Cannon Adver- llslng Slall 4' Tennis 4. Favorife Memory - e summer of 1957 wi'lh 'lhal cerlain guy and May 11 1957 Pel Peeve-Concelled boys and one-way halls Nofed for-Her blue eyes Arlene Joyce Hannon Secrelary or alrlme sfewardess Soflball 3 4' Volleyball 3 4' Bowling 4. Favorlfe Memory-Junior year of cooking ,and June 1954 Pef Peeve-People who are your friends when a favor IS needed bul' olherwlse do nal speak 'la you Noled for-Having a fwin brother Where would we be wllhoul lhem? THE JANITORIAL STAFF. I if 2 u . in yi -K V :e x . 0 I . . . I It :T up ,rf ,I ' I 7 I '- I rg g I 2, I I I , ' , ff I . . 2, , , 4. - - I ' ' ' ' K p I' I Th I 1 I . ill ,lil I n . Vw' Ab g, ' VMJL . . ' ff' EW : llkll ' Sr ' . ! W Q vii' u - . T . ' . 1 ," . 52 1 Roberf Hanscom Bob To fake if easy Favorife Memory-3:15 Pei' Feeve-Studying Nofed for - Being uncon- cerned Carol Edifh Hansen To be a nurse Nighlingoles 4: Thespian Undersiudy 4' Baslrefball 3 4' Volleyball 3 4 Lacrosse 3 Soffboll 3 Bowling 4 Tennis 4 Favorife Memory My 'Iwo years oi Umon High School Pei Peeve-A cerfam guy Nofed for-Being qulel' and sincere 2 lv' s u,L i 'S ".:45 ,,7 Q W" -' ' . in 1 , 1' X I-"' W. I- , ,. f . ! I-' in 'VU ' -Av ' 4 I 5 e l hir x ,- . 1 , Y , fe .. W I . ,K.. Ja. ii' -'mg an-. gsm Lf-X Z""Y 'lo 1 ooggn 'QS lil ooo .0"l 00eosoooo4'c Barry Pefer Hansen To go io agricultural school ,K Track I, 2: Bowling 2, 3: JCongress 4, Favorife Memory-The day offer exams Pef Peeve-Noi' being able lo gel' my own car Nofed for-His casual man- ner of speaking Judifh C. Harfmann Judy To become a nurse Vo eyball I 2 3 4' Junior Red Cross 2 3 Nnghhngales 3 4 Bowling 4 Favorlfe Memory My four years In Umon High Pe! Peeve People who walk pasl' you and danl' say hello Nofed for Her sense of humor Back lo classes 'UW- W 14. '-1 55 . . . ll . . . ., ' ' ' 5 ' - ' I p ' g . . -' . . I . - , , . . . O r Y , .- - - IM- - I . l . . i I . 5 -A n ul U o ' g .I o K. 4 Q 0 1- . nh .' x .- 1 N 5 is F x ' ' ss" 0 sf o o o . . . 0 n' X O .1 ill 6 s. , 'w, I . ,YW 2, .A ' 'ly K ""' lg v ., g N 5 -. Q. ' I . W 5 l , . A. C.. v , ., .. of. -'.' ,Lv e ' 43 , 4 .L' -5 '.. -:,.", ' - - - sn, 1 - 736.11 'Vi ,u - ' XA . " - :-,fi ,cz 5- " ,Q ,, '- fg.. ,.,3,,L,1 .-gzr, , QV' 4, , V, - V .H '1,-'- Y ff i Lf- -. 4-SEV'-Jr. -1. -je in , , ,nic ,... ..., ,,.j,,- 1 ,. , . . Fonfaine R. Haynes "Choke" To be a gym leacher Bcslcelboll I, 2: Baseball I: Foo+baII I, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3. 4: Homeroom Presidenf 4: Marching Band I, 2, 3. Favorife Memory - Mr. Brown's lirsf period al- gebra class Pei Peeve-English classes Nofed for-Being an all- around alhlele Linda Jeanne Heimall Lin Opera singer Dramafics 4. Favorife Memory-Working on music wilh Mr. Consoles Pef Peeve - Sludenls noi loleraling individualism Nofed for---Her singing and dress Harry E. Hellmund Har To ioin 'lhe Navy Track Ig Bowling I, 3. Favorlfe Memory-The day I gol' my license Pei' Peeve - Third floor homeroom Nofed for-His car Carole Marie ,Hempel Carole Gel' my "Mrs," degree Cannon Adverlising Sfaff 4: Bowling 4, Baslxelball I, 4: Archery 4. Favorife Memory - Going wifh a cerfain Marine and lhe Honey Babes' club meelings Pei Peeve-One-way halls and P. M..homeroom Nofed for-Being a "Honey lobe" 54 Roberf Henry Heck Bob To be rich Favorlfe Memory-i3:l5 Pef Peeve-8:30 Nofed for-Being "bad" Bruce Heinze "Moose" Go lo Rulgers nighls for accounling and gel' a good iob Favorife Memory-The day I pilched a no-hiller in lhe Lillle League Fel Peeve-People who are in the righl-hand lane of a dual road wilh 'lheir righl' blinker on and make a Ieff- hand lurn Nofed for-His quiel' man- ner I " Faniasy Charleslon, anyone? Marcella Henry Marcy To go fo college Freshman Congress: Usher Squad I, 2, 4: Library Slafl 4: Cannon Adverfising Slafl I, 2, 3: Cannon Adverlising Ediicr 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 4: Homeroom Vice- Presidenl 4. Favorife Memory-Junior and senior years Pei Peeve - People who lhinlr lhey are be'l"I'er 'lhan you. and oral reporfs Nofed for - Her genlle ways Carol June Heun To be an air hosless Hockey I, 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Lead- . me TQ Ja or ., 4 . W 32" ,. , 'wang z Ori ,..,,.. 'Uh ers' Club I: Senafe l. Favorlfe Memory-Novem- ber 27, 1957 and 'lhe people I mel' and lhe fun we had Pef Peeve-One-way halls and people who lhinlc fhey are beller 'lhan olhers Nofed for-Her baby-blue Ford converlible 'ix 3-s -JJ' fZ""'v5 In Snow 1 is ,1c,,' 'J' 1 ,J ,. if '27 aw '59 5' X K J 1 Roberf John Herfling Bobby To be a rich bachelor Baseball I: Traclr 2: Wresi- Iing 4. Favorlle Memory-Going sfeady wilh "her" Per Peeve-Sack dresses, and lhird floor homeroom Nofed for - Being wifh ushers: Jean Emma Hilberg To be happy and a success in whafever I do Sludenl Council I: Sludenl Council Allernale 4: Cannon Slaff I, 2, 3, 4: Usher Squad 3. 4: Junior Red Cross 3, 4: lnlramural Baslnelball I, 2: Ping Pong I: Volleyball I, 2, 3: Bowling 3, 4: Badminforv I, Favorlfe Memory-Fresh- man year Fel Peeve-One-way I Noted for-Her niceness Bradford Waller Hildebrandf To be a minisler Visual Aids I, 2. 3, 4: Al- 'lernale Sfudenl- Council. Favorite Memory - Sixlh period in Room 227 Ref Peeve - Bleached blondes Nofed for-Being a Junior Policeman Fred Arfhur Hoffman To be rich Favorlfe Memory-Mr. Fad- den's Physical Science class Pef Peeve-Fire drills on cold winler mornings Nofed for-His Iovial man- ner 'il , 55 Sophomore ollllcers, Class of '59 King and Queen of our Sophomore Dance, Rlchard Y Hogan Dck Favorlle Memory Novem ber I0 1956 Pol Peeve-Women drsvers Nofed for'-Being a good Melvyn A Hollander Muscles To be a physician Debahng Club 4 Freshman Congress Fel Peeve-Golfing up in Hue morning io go lo school Noted for-His muscles xbiw 'rg Fonlosy in Snow. 11 sv'- x J 'Xrfvdx Alexander Michael Homowskl Chemlsl or chemuslry feacher ess Club I Science Club2 3 4 Wreslllng 2 3 4 Office Helper 4 Favorlle Memory Mr Pe iosas lnslory 3 class and physics Fel Peeve-Homework and lhose shorl 'lesls Noled for-I-lis sluderule William H Holzapfel Pee Wee To become successful Foofboll I Favorlfe Memory Summer of 1958 Pei l'eev?Gnrls who never stop fallung oh-Kd for--Being cool LJ-' JJ Wy Marita Jane Hoover To be a make-up artist or do theater work Transfer student from Fairview Park High School. Cleveland. Ohio Favorite Memory: March 28, 1957 Pet Peeve: Conceited peo- ple Noted For: Having gone to many dilterent schools Gerald Divid Hoy "Josh" To retire at 20 Pet Peeve-School Noted tor'-His long hair Louan Carol Hunt ou To be a secretary Volleyball I Basketball I Homeroom Secretary 2 3 Nlglmtlngales 3 Congress 4 Oflice Helper 4 Favorite Memory Easter 1958 and senior year Pet Peeve Boys with long ha r Noted for Her pretty blonde hair Rosemary T Hurley Rose To be a secretary Basketball 2 Favorite Memory August 8 1958 the day l met my love Pet Peeve-Brain students who are always complain Inq about their marks Noted for Her compla cent manner 4' Ns 9"""s 1 ,ti ,ro 11" L I il 7 -:W 4 g in-J YQ? r 'th pea 'S+' +1 3551 Waldo Rudolph Hot: "Duke" To retire young Favorite Memory-Mr. Fad- den's Physical Science class of 1957 Pet Peeve -- Halt- hour lunches and 3:10 homeroom Noted for - Working and socializing in McCrory's Herbert H. Hummel Herb To enioy the better things in lite Favorlte Memory-Senior year Pet Peeve - Girls who smoke Noted for-Being a sharp dresser Joyce Ellen Hunt Joyce To be a private secretary and engoy a happy Ilfe Modern Dance I 2 Lead ers Club I 2 Student Coun cal 2 Honor Society 4 lntra mural Volleyball I Congress 3 Yearbook Editorial Board 4 Tenms 2 Homeroom Pres: dent 2 Volleyball I 2 Favorite Memory Skating competitively and the 1958 National Championships ln skating Pet Peeve People who arent responsible Noted tor-Her skatlna Donald J lannarone Duke To make money Favorite Memory Mr a den s Physical Science class Noted for-Towering over hls classmates 57 Barry M lsenberg To succeed Congress 4 Bowlnng 2 3 4 Scnence Club 4 Favorlfe Memory Chemls fry class fiflh period Pef Peeve Homework Nofed for Looking luke Ricky Nelson Sfephen Michael Jaye Sieve Engineering Freshman Foolball March m Band l Bwnng Wesllmg 2 3 4 Tenms 2 3 4 Yearbook Slaff 4 Sfudenl Council Allernole 3 Flymg Squad 4 Favorlfe Memory Mr or dys lokes Pef Peeve Homework on weekends Nofed for-Being a wresi' er Nb ,l, yl ,J if lplql? Q,-f 15 .Qs 2: Y il lla' fi ""' if 3' i"""' if VX! Anfhony G Janlsh Tony To be somebody Baseball! 2 Track3 Fool boll 2 3 4 Wresllrng 2 Favorlfe Memory My firsf VCPSITY foofball game Fef Peeve Teachers fha! won 1' gave q guy a break Nofed for Hls afhlehc ablhfy and casual alhlude Gerfrude L Johnson Trudy To be a success ln what ever I do Favorlfe Memory May 1958 and flue NJDJC Fel' Peeve Buying locks for lockers Nofed for Her pleasanf personallfy 58 Meel' Mr Snowman' y 0 . 3 ll .ll , . .. .. ' l - ' . ' ' .A . . : ' .3. 4. . ' L, , y . - . T ' ' ' i f ,ggi- :-, : 4 ,X 1 . . M'fi'l,. , ' Z 4 7. -' V' Y, " Q ' 1. ' aff-fvfrf 'lin ' '.'1', - ff 1 ,, ,fl f sl, .i 'A , .. 1' ,Aol . if ,A fi L. J. Rr- -I. Fl ragga , g 'fe I Ui 'gig fi sm' 4 J'f'1'-"V ue .m -1, ., 'fx-'T' ey. m fg, 'T' 2-1'- ,J ' filly .5 : - " , 4' Y ls ' g 7 o l' 3, 4: Z Q 3 A A 1 I- ' I I I ' I I " - u I . . . . . : : V K W. 1 . x- , k5'v'.. H .. , K . I ' K - ep -2 . I Q - Q I X y . T ll gg , ary ' Q X , V ' f ,L 'A Y' X I ll ws- i sl . jz Thol snow wasn'l' iusl' oulsiclel Did you make flnal oll by yourself? Mervm S Johnson Blg Merf To be a foresler Favorlfe Memory The irsi day of hunhng season fober 11 1958 Per Peeve-People 'I'l1a+ are never on hme Nofed for-Hn hunfing Barbara A Kaluzniak Bobble To be a ieacher Hockey 2 3 4 Inlrcmural selballl 2 3 4 n mural Volleyball I 2 4 Ten 2 3 4 Boskelbc fereeung 2 3 4 Lacrosse 3 of+boll I 2 Favorlfe Memory Aprll 26 1958 sophomore lunch and summer of 1958 Pef Peeve Quiet people and boys fhaf need a halr cu Nofed for-Her dark eyes fh- 44 'WW if -42 i 'WI Edward Fred Jordan River To own a lol' of land and a bool' wang I 2 4 n mural Soflball I 2 Archery I 2 Bond 3 Marching Band I Favorlfe Memory English Pef Peeve-Women drivers Noled for--Hls willy an swers JoAnn C Karafz To do well In whalever I do Homeroom Presldenl I Vol leyball 2 Favorlfe Memory The day of April 11 1958 ln Unlon Cenler al' 3 30 Per Peeve People who never smile and who 1 fop rl oi are slubborn Noled for'-Always lallslng Janel' Elsie Kusch Jan To 'lravel Office Helper I, 2. Favorife Memory-Senlor year Pe? Peeve Wallung homo on ralny days Nofed lor-Blushing Walfer Kass Alfred To shady medlclne Cannon Slaff 2 3 Science Clu 3 4 Noled for-Hrs peppy walk Louise G Kaslner ou To be worfhy Favorlfe Memory T e summer of 1958 Fel' Peeve People who wonf accept 'lhe lrulh Nofed for-Her qulef ways Michael Kealy Mike To gel' oul' of high school Foolball Favorlfe Memory Gym class Fel Peeve-Teachers Nofed for-His ready reply 60 l W, lvwaww' ' Who? s so funny? I1 nl. wi '14 'UGG Qlx Y'--r ' Bravol' jx Qu 1-wg xy' F!! ViFf' Lmda Helene Kafz To be o medncal f9CllllIClCl'l or a medical asslslonl' Volleyball 4 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Thesplan Unclersfudy 2 Tenms 2 Soffball 2 Can non Sfaff 3 4 Cannon Ad verhsmq Sloff 4 .lumor Red Cross3 4 Congress4 Office Helper 2 Favorlle Memory Belong ing 'lo Mr Granfs 3 I0 club Fel Peeve The lack of sllverware and food fhlrd lunch Nofed for Her dromahc abllrly .loan Carol Kemp Blondie To qraduafe from hugh school and meef 'lhal' cer fam someone Favorrle Memory freshman year nn sixlh pe rlod sfudy hall wllh oll The sensors Pef Peeve Slaymg afler school Nofed for Her blonde hair S ill Wall for l'l1e cameral A grand group' l""' Ronald Koloman Kiss Ron To have four happy years al college and 'Io be a success Track Team 3 Traclr Man ager 2 Wresllnng 3 4 Wresl' Img Manager 4 Boys Bowling I 4 Inlramural Baslcelball 2 3 Class Congress I 2 4 Freshman Class Presuclenl I Jumor Class Senafe 3 Flymg Squad 2 3 Cannon SlalT3 4 Honor SOCIEIY 3 Honor So CIGIY Treasurer 4 Key Club 3 Key Club Treasurer 4 Boys Slale Allernale 3 Favorlfe Memory e Club meefings and achvl lei Leonard Harris Klein Mo chu chy To be successful lnlramural Baslrefball I 2 Homeroom Presndenl I Favorlfe Memory Wood Avenue Fel Peeve-Girls who wear sacks Nofed for-Drlvlng around In a Cadlllac 795- 5'-"" 'Ut Q"+l Lynn Karen Kefcllow To be a secrelary and have a successful lnfe Modern Dance I Soccer 4 B elball I 3 4 Tenms3 4 Congress I 2 3 Leaders Cu I 2 3 SollbaIl3 ol Ieyball I Yearbook Typmg Slafl 4 Sludenl' Council 4 Class Treasurer I Homeroom Presndenl 2 3 4 Bowlmg 4 Favorafe Memory Navem ber 'I3 l956 and lhe Jun nor Prom and semor year Fel Peeve-People fallung aboul' olher people Nofed for-Her dancing Ann Klerslead Happiness Favorlfe Memory grade science class Nofed for Her auburn har Brenda Joyce Kifzler Bren To be a secrelary Sludenl Councll I VoIIoy ball I Baslrelloall I Sluclenl' Councll Allernale 2 Nlglulln es 3 F T A Slu on Councul 3 .Iumor Red Cross Favonfe Memory Jumor Rmg Dance weekend Pel' Peeve-Trymg lo ind a chair in firsl' lunch Noled for-Being an all around good lud Nancy Rufll Klelssler Nan To be a successful secre 'Iary and lo be happily married Bowlnng 4 Sollball 4 Vol Ieyball 4 Favorlle Memory June 28 1957 al' 'lhe Essex House Fel Peeve-Opening my big moufh al' lhe wrong 'lime ln Job Relahons class Noted for Gomg vvrlh a sailor 61 Barbara Ann Khmko Barb To find 'Ihe nghl guy and hve happlly ever afler Bowllng 4 Favorrfe Memory The day I 'lransfered fo Umon Hugh Per Peeve Wlse guys ihal 'Ihlnlx lhey re God s glff 'lo women Nofed for Her prefly smule Vera Jean Kmghf Jeanne To lead a very happy and mfereshng llfe Hoc ey I 2 3 Volleyball I 2 Baseballl Baslxefballl Nvghlmgales 3 Favorafe Memory Augusl 9 958 Pef Peeve People wilh borrowed personalihes Nofed for-Bemg an mdl VldllCIISf Shawna Margo Koif To earn my BA and Mrs degrees Volleyball I 4 Baslnefball 4 Soccer 3 Allernofe Sfudenl Councul 3 4 Junior Red Cross 2 3 Jumor Red Cross Pres: n 4 F T A 3 4 Nl mgaes 3 4 Bowling 4 Na honal Honor Socuely Favorlfe Memory The shi denls I have mel' in Ihe four years of school Pei' Peeve-Too much 'Io do and nol' enough lime fo do Nofed for Her unusual halr sfyles Nancy Ellzabefh Kohl Nanc To be deserving of happiness F T A 4 Nahonal Honor Soclely 4 Sfudenl Council Allernafe 3 Class Congress 3 4 NIQIIIIYIQCIGS4 Yearbooll Biography Sfaff 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Moialern Dance al Tenmsl 2 3 Baslcelbolll 2 3 Soccer 2 Track and Fceld2 Favorlfe Memory A cor fain wonderful person Pef Peeve-Maih Noted for Bemg an all around gurl Bn if ig, if-S. Wi W? Qing fy, 'ix ls- Sfephame Ann Kluck SIEVIB To be a medncol secrelary Favonfe Memory Loolung for my sensor In my gun :or year Pef Peeve-Boys wllh side burns and no manners Nofed forsHer many boy friends Inge H Koenig Ingle To be a success In life Lubrary Slaff I 2 4 Favorife Memory July 20 1958 and dances wulh 'Iho club Fei Peeve Hlsfory home work on speclal occasnons Nofed for-Being qlllef ,Z Sfephen John Kohke Elecfrncal engineer V ual Auds I 2 3 4 Vusual Auds Capfam 4 Vlsual Aids Ca Caplam 3 Slage Crew 3 4 Science Club 4 Favorufe Memory T e N J Vocahonal Arfs As SOCIUIIOII Pef Peeve-Sfuck up girls Nofed for-Being a Illrl' Diane K Kolassa Dlce To see The world Volleyball I 2 4 Baskefball I 2 4 Ofllce Helper 2 Bowlmg 3 4 Nnghhngales 3 4 Llbrary Sfaff 4 Favorrfe Memory Mr Or sums sclence class Per Peeve Lines In Ihe cafeferla Nofed for Having shoulder fo cry on I l N I q I , - 'I lr ' , , , 0 if Lt' k I I I I y j ' i ' . . . X. '-' ' ' ', - - ' 4 ,VQIL - . I ' 1 y , 45 - us . . .. - . .. ag FT I I, I ,,y.,Q . . . cg is . ' I I z . . . ' : Wk - ' 5 I , ' . 'Q . 1 ' : ' I ' L ' .- C' ' - h de I : . . . . : 'ghv- 'Y ' u ' . ' ' " l . : " : - g - 'ILKQQIX' -f I no . . .mf - - S ge . . : - ' . . z . 3: 1 - -I I . 5. . . I . . I . . : L' I ' ' T 2, 3, 4: Volleyb I, 2, 3: . 1 ' . - a Roberf Kopec To be a pharmaclsf Wresllmg 2 3 Bowlmg3 4 Favorlfe Memory Johnsrud s chemlsfry class iffh period Per Peeve-One way halls Nofed for Bemg qulel' and mce Anfomeffe Mary Kofarski Tom To be a pnvale secrelary Volleyball 2 3 Usher Squad 2 Library Slaff 4 Favorlfe Memory Farsi lunch durmg my lumor year Pei Peeve Concelled people especially con celfed boys Nofed for--Tallung fan! J... fix 'Dx 'VN "lit: 21' Q9 l 'P-4' George R Kopelson To graduaie from college and be successful in bull ness Bowlmg l 2 3 4 Congress l 2 4 lnframural Foolball l Homeroom Baslcefball I 2 3 4 Vnsual And Squad I Favonfe Memory My U 5 Husfory 3 class and the Semor Prom Pei Peeve-Girls who fhlnk 'lhey re If Nofed for Playing fha ree Ann Marie Judifh Kofchkowski Ann To be a receplionlsi Volleyball 2 3 Usher Squad 2 3 Cannon Adverhsxng Sfafl 4 Favornfe Memory Slxfh perlod English wiih M Murphy in lumor year Pef Peeve-Sneak 'lesh and examinahons Nofed for--Worrying about iesfs Pay alfenhon, fellas! 'X MX Xe SWF? 65 .Iunior Prom -"EIev enlh Heaven" An EIeven'Ih Heaven on ear+I1' Whois your I1urry?7 Helen Susan Kofzun To be a secreiary Volleyball I 4 Baslrelball 4 Yearbook Adverflslng Slaff 4 Favorlfe Memory Murphys Enghsh class Pel' Peeve The irays m fhe cafeferla Nofed for-Bemg qurel' Edrfh Ann Kresln Edie To marry Nnqhhngales 3 4 VoIIey b I 3 4 Baskefball 3 4 Favorlfe Memory Jlmlor Prom Pei Peeve-One way halls Nofed for-Going wifh a coham guy 64 Jn.-x 'Us 3. NEP' L ni Roberl' Kovasala Kovle To go fo college BasIre'IbaII 2 3 4 Congress Allernale 4 Hall Monllor Favorlle Memory Mr Pe 'losas lhlrd period hls'I'ory class Fel' PGEYBLGIFIS Nofed for--Playing baske? ba Myra Sue Krlm To graduafe from college Nahonal Honor Socrely 3 4 Cannon Slaff I 2 Cannon Edilor 3 Cannon Edulorlal Board 4 F T A 3 4 ILlbrary Sic I 2 3 4 Treasurer 2 Office Helper 2 3 4 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Bowling 3 4 Freshman Class Secrelary Congress Allernafs 4 Sludenl Council Al'I'erna'Io 3 Soplvo more Congress Yearbook Bu ography Slaff 4 Favonre Memory Being a senior and sophomore year Walfer Edward Kruse To gef rach fasl' occer I Vnsuo u s Squad 2 3 Favonfe Memory Sclence class Fel Peeve To go oul' on cold days on fire drills Nofed for-Wanhng 'lo lom one of fhe armed forces Pafrlcla M Kubasch a To be a legal secrefary Inlramurol Volleyball 2 3 4 L crcsse 3 4 Tenms 2 3 4 lnlromural Buslcelball 4 Fovonfe Memory Summer of 1958 and offer school sporls Fei Peeve-Bleached hanr qulei' people Nofed for-Chewing gum ff! -er S.,-V 1""'r up--.. Pafrrcsa Kryeske a To be a nurse NIgh+Il'lgCIlES 3 4 Tennis 2 3 4 Baslxefbc 3 Presrdenl Lnbrory Slafl 4 Soc cer4 Speedball-1 Procluchon Slafl of Cannon Fovorlfe Memory My irsf prom Pei Peeve Too much homework Noled for-Bemg consclen 'llous Milan Michael Kublk Kuball To work around auiomo biles Favorlfe Memory The irsl' home fooiball game of 1958 where a well known leach er gal a confeffi shower Fel' Peeve- Hoi custom bullfs Noted for Talking aboul' cars And you lhoughl' fhe halls were crowded! 65 Joseph R. Kugelman "Duke" To own a farm Foolball I, 2, 3: Tracl: I, 2. Favorlfe Memory-Gelling my driver's license Pei Peeve-Union High'x rules and regulalions Nofed for-Being a "Rebel" Charleen Kunz To leach 'lhe handicapped Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Treasurer of Sfudenl Council 4: Sludenl' Council 3, 4: Class Congress I, 2: Usher Squad I: Hockey I, 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslrerball I, 2, 3, 4: Field and Track 2: Sophomore Class Secrelary 2: F. T, A. 3, 4: Delegale lo Girls' Cilizen Inslilule: Color Guard 4: Edi- lorial Board of Yeorboolz 4: Nighlingales 3: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance 2, 3. Favorife Memory-Junior Prom 1958 and a cerlain friend and feacher Marlene H. Lalevee Mar Secrelary Bowling 4: Baskelboll l, 2: Volleyball I, 2: Cannon Sfalzf 4. Favorife Memory - The greal' Honey Babes' meel- ings Pef Peeve-When a Honey Babe misses a club meefing Nofed for-Her plaiinum hair Lynne Lammerding To become a laboralory technician Leaders' Club 3: Tennis I: Soccer 3: Speeclball 3: Archery I: Soilball I: Troclr 2: Volley- ball 3: Baslceiball I: Congress Allernale 3. Favorife Memory - The summer of 1958 Fel Peeve - People who don'f like fo ea! Nofed for-Her collegiale cloihes 66 I '59 --9 4.5 .S . Q35- fn' wr I' X A Q' -. . af' 'V Q10 .QS-,X ,W . ' wifi eff?-1, ff 3' sy 3,3 1 I iv .1-,K 5-f H P? " ov 1 . R l t l . N wx I V, . ,wil 3. 'Q John George Kunna To be a real man Bowling 3: Congress 3: Fly- ing Squad: Iniramurol Basker- ball 3: Inlrarnural Baseball 2. Favorife Memory - Gym classes and U. S. Hisfory 3 Pef Peeve-Noi' being able fo have yeorbooks signed in classes Nofed for-Being shy Pafricia A. LaGregor Palfi Laboralory 'lechnician and music Volleyball I, 2: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Bowling 3: Fulure Teachers of America 3, 4. Favorife Memory - High school Fel Peeve-One-way halls Nofed for-Being a good sporl Smiles, slars, and lired feel! Ns.. V,-rs be Gail Rose Landauer Nurse Volleyball I, 2: Baskelball l, 2. Favorile Memory-Junior year Pei Peeve - People who know you one day and ig- nore you 'lhe nexl Nofed for-Being friendly Nancy Jean Lausfer To find happiness in whal- ever I do Sludeni Council 2: Volley- ball 2: Nigl1lingales3.4: Bowl. ing 3, Favorife Memory - The summers of 1957-58 Fel Peeve-Two minufes fo gel' dressed in gym class Nofed for--Always having a ring around her neck Joan M. Lakocque Joonie To be a success in Che business world Favorlfe Memory-My four years of school in Union High Pei Peeve--People who eai in fhe movies I Nofed for-Being small Eugene J. Lazarov Gene .x 'AM 'li'L'To gel' in fhe 90'fo fax braclrel' Wreslling 2: Yearbool: Slaff 4: Bowling 3, 4: Nafionol Honor Sociely, - Favorile Memor y - U. S. Hislory Ill Pei Peeve-Exams Nofed for--Being very in4 'lelligenf Morfon Lebovifz "Sl're'lch" To be a millionaire Favorlfe Memory-None Pei Peeve - Noi enough forks in lhird lunch Noled for-Being a clown Gloria Jean Lee "Cannon" To marry a cerfain guy Volleyball I: Soflball I: l.B.M. fypisl for lho Cannon. Favorife Memory-Sopho- more year Pef Peeve - People who never grow up Nolfed for-Being a good hid The flowers were heavenly loo' I M f he No fheres nolhmg sn fhe punch' CGSHBS In lhe sky! Joan Susan Lenorf Jon To achieve success ond ind hoppmess Sludenl Councrl l 2 Fulure Teochers of Amenco Fovorlfe Memory sophomore yeor Pei Peeve People who don 1' rnlnd fhelr own busl ness Nofed for Her beoullful eyes Leslie Wolf Lerman To become successful Bowling 2 3 4 lnlromurol Foolboll I lnlromurol Sofl boll 3 Track 2 Fovorlfe Memory M as lullers English III IV Pei Peeve-People who coll me Lesfer Nofed for-Alwoys chew Inq gum wif'-A if 9- ilwfls rw Carl Leo To molxe a mllhon Favorlfe Memory Moy 31 1951 Pef Peeve-Four years of hugh school Nofed for-Beung easy qol n Cofherine J Lessner Cofhy To be o good wife ond molher Fovorlfe Memory My irsf job os o solesglrl In 'lhe J J Newberry Siore Pef Peeve-No room un lho cafelerlo 'lo have o decenf lunch hour Nofed lor'-Her voice Gail Elizabefh Levish To do God's will Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4: Hockey 3, 4: Baskefball I, 2, 45 Soil'- ball 2: Science Club 4: F. T. A. 3. Favorlfe Memory - The summer of 1958 Pei Feeve-Teachers who seem 'lo know when I'm going oul' and fhen give homework Nofed for-Wonfing lo be a missionary Pafrlcra D Linck Polly To llve love and be happy Bow ing 4 Volleyball I 2 Baseball 3 4 Tennls3 4 Favorlre Memory Thanks glvlng 1957 Per Peeve-Moody people Nofed for Her unusual hair slyles Roberf Lance Loeb Bobby To be a success Baseball 3 4 Favorlfe Memory Junior Ring Dance Per Peeve-One way halls Nofed for Riding around In his red converhble Barbara Anne Loff Buflons To be happy and successful in leaching Fulure Teachers of America Favorlfe Memory Senior year Per Peeve-Chemlsfry Nofed for-Her walk 5, 2-ui' A- 1 iz. gg '-1. 'Q 'W ajt 14' Yi Gilberl' Allan Lewin Gil To be a doclor Science Club 2, Favorlfe Memory-.lunlor year Per Peeve-One-way halls on lhe second floor Nofed for-Escorling 'lhe girls in his red Ford Walfer F Linck Wall' To be a chemical engineer Slamp Club 2 3 4 Archery Club 2 Favorlfe Memory Ger rnan I Per Peeve-Book reporls Nofed for-Being qulel' buf n ce Carmen Maryann Lombard: To be a nurse Transfer from lalhn I-hgh School Ehzabefh N J Favorlfe Memory Music class wllh Mr Consoles Per Peeve Shorfage of chairs in fhe cafeferia Nofed For Slnglng David Low Dave Pharmacisl' Baskolball Manager I Oul' door Track I 2 3 4 Indoor Track 2 3 4 Cross Counlry 4 Favorlfe Memory Parlici pahng in my firsl' slale 'lrack meel' Per Peeve-Algebra II class Nofed for-Moving around as! Judlfh Helen Luclrus Judle To be happy and successful Track Team 3 Favorlfe Memory Mrs Raskowskys coolung class ln my 'lhlrd year Fel Peeves Slaying afler school Nofed for Her boyush halrcul' John Charles Lusk Johnny To have a good lob and a happy home hfe Baseball 2 lnlramural Bas lrefball 3 Favorlfe Memory Slxfh period hlsfory In my sensor year Per Peeve One way halls Noled for Sharp halr cuh fm an' Mosl happy fella! 70 ganna i Ck, e All Donald Lurle lrush To be a bnologusl' phys ed feacher or somefhm Cross Counlry I Class Con gress I Debalmg Socuely 3 Favorlfe Memory Making book reporfs an Mass Bul Iers Enghsh Ill class Pef Feeve A cerfam leacher Nofed for--Hns orlgmal book reporls James Joseph Lynch lm T be happy and successful In lnfe owlmg l Cannon Slaff 2 Sludenl Council l 2 4 Con gress 3 Usher Squad 4 Favonfe Memory Sopho more year Pef Peeve One way halls Nofed for Bemg a good 9uY 'l"' 44" Lel"s have o Toas+! Whal lazy people! 5-XXX X Xxxxuvlnf :Ll ifQE'ElQ XX qv 1 A ' 4, ff- ,4IP"' Mac To lead a useful life Cross Counfry 2 3 4 esfhng l 2 4 Tr 2 3 4 Allernole lo oys e 3 Key Club 2 3 Vlce Presndenl of Key Club 4 Sluden+ Councul 3 Senafe 4 Honor Socnely 4 Yearboolr Sfaff 4 Fovorlfe Memory Rlchie Janlshs wlnnmg fhe sfaie wresfhng championship nn 1957 Per Peeve-U H S siudenh ihal' don 1 suppori ainlehc achvrhes Elame Frances Mack To gel' my Mrs degree Ofllce Helper 3 Cannon Adverhslng Sfaff Yearbook Sfaff 4 Favorlfe Memory Febru ary 23 1958 Pef Peeve Lunch reslrlc lions. one-way halls. and people who lhmk 'lhey're "big deals" Noled for-Her long halr A 34" 45 ,wwf C""P Qx Y-lg CY? sf 3 To be successful In my career Lnbrary Sfaff 3 4 Fufure Teachers of Amernca 3 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 Track and Fueld 3 Congress3 4 Bowlmg 3 4 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Favorlfe Memory New Years 1958 Pei Peeve Exfra class prolech Nofed for Her arflsflc abilify Edwm L Mackie Ir sh To be a success Favorlfe Memory Junior hlslory class Pef Peeve Benng un fhe same homeroom iwa years un a row Noted for-His boa? 71 y ' - e A4 T i Y- flex'- P, Qzijwsr '- K Y , : 4 3 A V 1 1-47, V ' Kd A ' r ' V ' 1 R .1 N . ' fr fm lj l ' I j A , f J' X l 5 , Terry E. Macbougall 9 9 cam' Am' Mack Wr ' ,,3.':'acll N . 'll I All . . : B ' . 1 . Slof g , , 4: Q, . 7 - 7 ' . I ' 5 kv A I I Ll I .. y 5 l la Qi. , . : A sp . - i ' 1' - 5 1 ' Samuel A. Magaleffa Sam To refire Favorlfe Memory-Moving fo Union. Oct 3. 1955 Per Peeve - Week-end homework Nofed for-His long hair Roger Magley "Mr. Dual!" To become a commercial ariisf Favorlfe Memory-Those early morning rides Fei Peeve-Long homework assignmenfs Nofed for-His green Ford John Magod To become a business execuiive Cannon Sfaff I, 2, 3: De- bafing Club 2. 3, 4: Chess Club 2, 3, 4: Marching Band I, 2, 3: Science Club 4. Favorlfe Memory-My sen- ior year ai' Union High Pei' Peeve--Weekend home- work Nofed for--Being a sporfs wrifer David Malony Dave ,. To ga 'lo callegeand be successful ' Cros Cou lry4l, 2. Favorffe klielnory - Mr. CIark's Ge alas! Pef Peevemils who are always 'talking V Noted fowl-Singing barber- shops ' ' f , , l . 1 s 'ln-. N, A-new Christmas Ball Ltr X N A 1 f' fi' 635.7 uuuo fqzysef. s. , 1 Q. 1--9 3 E Jail birds' view, Marlon M. Maloney To keep smiling Narional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Leaders' Club l, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club Treasurer l: Fuiure Teachers of America 3, 4: Track and Field 3: Class Congress I, 2, 3. 4: Yearbook Edilorial Board 4: Yearbook Finance Slaff 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 4: Baslrelball l. 2. 3, 4, Favorlfe Memory-Junior year-ifs parries, dances, and unforgeffable limes Pei Peeve-lnsinceri'I'y Noled for--Being a lol of fun Paul Manley Aeronaufical engineer Wresfling 2, 3: Bowling 3, 4 Favorlfe Memory - Span: ish ll Pef Peeve-8:30 A.M. Mon- day-Friday Noted for-His deep voice Morrls Markowlfz Favorlfe Memory-Summer 1958 Fel' Peeve -- "Slack-up" girls in Union High School Nofed for--Cuhing up ln class Ronald P. Marfino Ron To be a success Baskelball 3. 4: Baseball 2: lnlramural Baslrelball. Favorlfe Memory - Mrs. BIoom's geomefry class Pef Peeve - Girls who smoke Nofed for-Being a greal' dancer QA ii. .i"'-N aw if Q x sys Z.. s 'lk Dew... V,' E: - .. C X vm.-f f . - .wgw U 'tt I 5- -in Sv Q ...1 ,fl in 'K l.,l , Dianne M. Manzella ni To be a success and a good wife Bowling 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory-July 22. 'I958 Pel' Peeve-People who 'lry fo be whal llley're nol Nofed for - Dressing smarlly Franklin Henry Maris Frank Acfuary Traclr 3, 4: Vice Prosldenl Homeroom 4: Congress Alfor- nale 45 Wreslllng 3. Favorlfe Memory-My 'Iwo years al' Union Fel Peeve-My procrasfln- alien ' Noted for -- Being iniel- llgenl' and well liked Charles Elwood Marfer, Jr. "Skipper" To become a pilol and bo. a success Congress l, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory--Junior Prom. 1958 Fel' Peeve - People who mock '54 Fords Nofed ron-Being a "cooI" clown Alan M. Mafeyka AI To enioy llfe Foolball lg Track 2, 3, 4: Usher Squad 2: Proieclion Squad 2, 3: Flying Squad. Favorlfe Memory - Mr. l'eacll's English class Fel Peeve-School Nofed for - Running 'lllo proiecfors 75 William Henry Mayer I To become an engineer Favorlfe Memory Miss Dyes Spanish class Pei Peeve-Grammar Nofed for Being a hall monlfor Judufh K McBreen To be successful Tennis 3 Nnghhngales 3 Yearbook Phcfography Slaff 4 Favorlfe Memory Junior year Nofed for Being soil spoken Nafhamel Mcbougald Nale Eleclrucuan Favorlfe Memory-Physical educafion and English Pe! Peeve-Having a lol' of homework In each sub- ed Nofed for-Always saying hello Thomas MeGougll To relire al' 25 Favorlfe Memory-Fresh- man year Pel Peeve-Teachers who won'l' lislen fo reason Nofed for-Taking ii easy 74 S., lav- i 3 71 !216'5A.wW roof ,,90,.v,zf,f-16 pf if 'Vx slngvf Q YYQ-v S.: Q -we . Lf- 1- ,bv A X Ixf. 4. fee, ,. e n fggk ,. .-pang". ' ht A ' ..o 1 ki Richard Frank Mazlk Elecfrical engineer Marching Band I 2 Track 2 3 4 Soccer3 Favorlle Memory Junior year Nofed for-Being a quaef 'lease Margarel' Ann McClemenl' Peggy Secreiary Volleyball I Fovonfe Memory My lun nor year Pef Peeve--Boys who lhlnk ihey re God s gif! fo fhe women Nofed for-Her long blond ha r Judifh Arlme McFall Judy Execuhve Secrefary Bow ing 3 4' Te nis 2 3 4' Usher Squad 3' Ari' Club 3. Favorife Memory - T e Milifary Ball al Newark College of Engineering Fel' Feeve-One way cor rldors Nofed for--Her winning smile Donald McKa "Barlow" To be successful Favorife Memory-The ay I Ilunked my driver's license fest Pei Peeve--English Noled for--Always having a carload of girls Glorla Jane Mclaln o To be a success In anyfhmg I o Favorlle Memory l-resh man year Pef Peeve English and has fory Nofed for Always laugh nn Nicholas Wrlllam Melchlone Nlcky To be a baseball player eboll I 2 3 4 Soc 2 3 4 Wresl l c Favorlle Memory The irsf varslfy baseball game l won Pef Peeve Gurls who smoke Noled for Playmg soccer Wfv- WS Xu PN .gn-vv 'if 4 We Our worlhy advisers. Uv K 40's Eileen Mehle Teaching Nng lmgoles 3 4 F T A umor ed Cross So all I 2 Yearbook F nance Slaff 4 Sludenl Coun cal Allernule 3 4 Bowling 2 3 4 Baskelball l 2 Vo y balll 2 3 4 Track4 Tenmsl Favorlle Memory Junior year and all lhe frnends Ive made al' U H S Pei' Peeve Unfnendly people Noled for--Her beauhful blue eyes Arlene Marne Merkel Teacher F T A 4 Nsghhngales 4 Congress Alfernale 4 Library Sloff 3 Usher Squad 4 .lun lor Red Cross 4 Favorlfe Memory April 9 l956 Fel' Peeve One way halls on lhe second lloor Nofed for Dressing l' lrachvely l . i l I How did Sonia carry ll1cl'?' 75 Whal a pose' George E Merlen X , .,,,' R 1 , 'Q 3 N f , .l 3 1 . Q ' -- -- V ' ' , A" I I ,fff E I-XXI M' ,- . ' " ' if I ,, . ...nf f 5. . . - Mr. I w . 'Y ' D - ' ' X 4: . . 4: ' 'N f-.Q . f . . ' n I - I . u u L, Q fag I ' I I --x 1 i 3.:..:. Hin ' , I li . . . : l li - . . : . . :Sol - X l - ' ball , 2: Tennis l, 2, 3, 4: X rf' I ' .ix ' . I th A.'T.slhlN PV.- n - u A 'L I lmkxi, T . . - ' '4' Q K . E3 l 2-ws .1 . '- '54 f '- o lr , , , 3 Sl y ' ' -' f I - . I ' - J' bv u .l : . , f U . I ' I L xi -nl I 'O I 'lp . 5 A I 'I i I Baldy To be o success Baseball Fuvorlfe Memory D Amadeo s summer school Engllsll class Pef Peeve-Algebra Nofed f0F1HIS crew cul' Eleanor Mlckens Suler To gel' married lo a cerlom guy and lo be a baby nurse Hcoyl 2 3 4 Varl Volleyballl 2 3 Vorsxly Bas belball l 2 Varslly Baseball l 2 Nlglwhngales 3 4 Favorlfe Memory Fourlh of July 1957 and doublmg of 'llle Jumor Prom Fel Peeve-People saying I ouglll' lo sfrllxe you and kick you! Nofed for-Bemg fun lo bo w lh 424 v-'vm 'YS L' rw-v 3" i ti' Arlene Louise Messig To serve God and help ofhers Nallonal Honor SOClB+Y 3 Sluclenl' Councul I 3 Congress 2 Llbrary Slaff I 2 3 Vlce Presudenl of Llbrary S 3 Leaders Club I 2 4 F T A 3 4 Cnhzens Alfernale 3 Nnghhngales 3 4 Thespnan Undersludles 2 Hoc ey I 2 3 4 Volleyball I 2 3 Baslrelballl 2 3 I l Bowlnng 4 Favorlfe Memory Junlor year especially second lunch Roberl' E Mikolaolzyk Robbie head norfh Fovorlfe Memory e guys ou'l' by lhe free and Ihe leachers Pef Peeve Bulloned up slurls Nofed for-His long halr John Milo John To gel' our of hugh school Favorrfe Memory German I and sludy hall Pei Peeve English feachers Nofed for-l-hs black wavy hanr James A Monahan To be a mllllonalre Foolball Track Wresllnng Favorlfe Memory T e summer of 1957 and 1958 al Belmar Pei' Peeve-School Nofed for-Being a 'lerrlfic foolball player Roberf M Mulsop o To be a foresl ranger B n l 2 Favorlfe Memory Joan Joyce Barbara Eileen Beify Carol Jean Nancy Charlofte Edna Sue Jane Janice and Polly Per Peeve Some band leaders Nofed for--Has many glrl fruends Manlyn J Monson Mar Elemenfary feacher Cheerleadnng3 4 Congress 3 4 Jumor Class Vice Pres: clenl' Nahonal Honor Soclely A 3 4 Lea Club 2 3 4 NahonalTl'1es plan Socnely 3 4 Vuce Press clenl 4 Sfudenl Council 3 Alfernale 2 Yearbook Bl ograplwy Slafl: 4 Bowllng 4 Baskelball I 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 Hoclc l Ten Sub Twurler 2 Modern Dance Fovorlfe Memory Jan 28 1956 PJ Party Aug 28 1958 Be Bops Dream ers And here we lnave777 HV -'H Wziix ncore' Rose M. Monfeleone Ro To gef married and be successful Volleyball l, 2: Baslrefball 2, Favorlfe Memory - Mr. McKays' developing room Per Peeve-Guys who fhink 'l'hey're God's giff fo women Nofed for-Working in fhe bakery Pafricia Moran E Paf Teacher Hockey 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Baskefball 2, 3, 4: Soff- ball I, 3, 4: Tennis I. 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 3. Favorlfe Memory - Affer- school sporfs wifh Mrs. Wrighi' Pef Peeve - Walking all around fhe building iusf fo go nexf door Nofed for-Being sensitive Elizabeth J. Morgan llB.J.ll Physical educafion feacher Yearbook Ecliforial Board 4: Hoclley I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslxefboll l, 2, 3, 4: F. T, A. 3: Modern Dance 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 3: Congress Al- 'lernate 3: Leaders' Club l, 2. 3, 4: Presidenf Leaders' Club 2: Vice Presidenf Leaders' Club I: Softball I, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3: Track and Field 3. Favorife Memory-Sophos more year ' Pef Peeve-Being misfaken for fwo of my friends Noted for - Her alhlefic abilify Alan Morrison Al To be a commissioned of- icer in fhe Marine Corps Fire Squad: Congress Al- lernafe 4. Favorlfe Memory - Mr. Fadden's science class Per Peeve--School cloclu always sfopping Nofed for-Working on his car 78 -'Wx 'Z ...a, Q in 9 s. 'A Ir' gf' gnu' Kennefh Edwin Moor Ken To be happy and successful in whafever I do Bowling 2, 3, 4: Chess Club 2: Usher Squad 2, 3: Sluclenf Council Alfernafe 2: Sfamp Club 2: Congress Alfernafe 3: Thespian Undersfudies 2, 3: Nolional Thespian Socieiy 3, 4: Presldenf Nalionol Thespian Sociely 4: Congress 4: Science Club 4: Yearboolc Biography Sfaff 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy. Favorife Memory-All fha friends l've made in U.H.S. John A. Morello "John-ney" To own a fleef of Eldorados Foolball I, 2: Tracl: I, 4. Favorife Memory-Thomas Jefferson foofball game in '56 Pei Peeve-Teachers who 'lhink fhey're "sfiff" Noted for - Being easily amused Don'+ iusf sfand fhere! be in 1 xx .f- M 31 Joan D. Morrison To do fhe righl lhing always Soccer 4: Bcslcelboll 3. Favorife Memory-Movinqyfy-.-.U ,v L1 , K, J V ,5 AJ fo Union L Pel' Peeve - Nol' having ix! gone lo Union High foci' four years .. L Nofed for - Being Melu--5 f chen's loss, our gain 4 .J M K , A 5 W f yr' ffef 'L Y 3 . Q Pre ff , gk rs 7" .41 . Leonard E. Moskowifz Len To breed a lop-winning show Greal' Done Favorife Memory - When my Great Dane had her firsf lifter of eleven heallhy puppies Per Peeve-Teachers who require nofes and mark fhem on penmanship Nofed for'-His inferesl' in dogs jQg?t,.,..1 iff.: . -1 r .gg Wifi S Alberf Mosby AI To ioin fhe Navy Pef Peeve-The long lunch lines in 'lhe cofeierio Nofed for-Being a good 9llY Joan Ann Mrozik Joanie To become a secrefary and lo marry Bowling. Favorife Memory-Sepl'em- ber 14. 1958 Fel' Peeve-People who be- Iilfle ofhers Nofed for-Her quiel way James W. Mueller Jim To have fhe 'lime of my life in college Sfudenl Council Alfernola I: Congress 2, 4: Baslrelball Manager 2, 3: J. V. Baseball 2: Golf 3: Bowling 3: Science Club Presidenf 45 lnlramural Baskelball 2, 4. Favorife Memory - My whole senior year Pei Peeve - Drivers who don"l follow direclions' Nofed for-Playing golf Richard G. Mueller "Big Rich" Succeed in eleclronicx Favorlfe Memory-Trying fo ind classes on lirsl' day of freshman year Per Peeve-Long homework assignmenfs N7ofed for-Being qulol 7rdyk,' .J 3 K L K4 M EX .. They danced and danced and . . . - - - danced- L- + Dennis James Murphy Murph To be successful m whal' ever I pursue Foolball I Baslcelball I Homeroom Chaurman Favorlfe Memory o summer of 1958 when I gof my cor Pe! Peeve People who fhlnlr lhey re belfer 'Hman everyone else Nofed for-I-lls voleo Helene P Musso To be a beauheian Volleyball I Softball 2 Favorite Memory Summer of 1958 and club meehngs Fei Peeve People who 'Ialk foo much Nofed for-Her sense of humor R vs Q"' sq-1 QQ '25 .L 3 OX .ludrfh Anne Murray Judie To Ilve a happy and suc cessful hfe Congress I Modern Dance I 2 3 lnlramural Volleyball I 2 3 4 Intramural Sollball Favorile Memory June I957 and club meehngs Pei Peeve-A person who canl' lake a lake Nofed for-Singing In Ihe halls Charlolfe M Myers To be successful Volleyball l Favorlle Memory Frlday assemblies Pei Peevnv-Cadillac con verhbles Noled for-Her qulel' man ner lan Nelson Ian Merchandising Baskelball 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 47 Treasurer of Home- rocm I, 2. Favorlfe Memory-Junior English wilh Miss Buller Pei Peeve - Girls who smoke Nofed for-Being collegl- ale Zelda Marsha Neuss Mickey To become an arf 'leacher eyball 3' F. T. A. ' Usher Squad 3 4' Debaling Club 4' Arl' Club 4. Favorrfe Memory-Going 'lo our foofball games Pef Peeve The half hour lunch periods Noled for Being called Zelda Charles E Nrcmska Chuck To go lo college Coss Counfry I 2 3 4 Indoor Track I 2 3 4 Sprung Tack I 2 3 4 Congress 2 Favorife Memory My firsl varslly 'lrack lefler in my freshman year Fel' Peeve Going lo offer noon homeroom Nofed for Fllfflllg wllh fhe gurls Frank Richard Nrsch Frankie To be a success Favorlle Memory e own horse Per Peeve-Teachers who wasle lhe period and fhen give homework Nofed for Wearing a cowboy hai' 'Dx Wh 0-if Il "N L- ' 1 11.11 ' V Jw I s Yw M ,. ,112 'gff i' HM -,. , , T fx p.4a'V Cf . I I or 4 Lvl! k Z 'i says. in L.. ,M von , 3, 4, . . ' . . . , X 1 . r , A ,I I . , ' ff I 4 'A ' ' 1- r , , , 1 I . . . I i' 3. 4. V V Q i : : - ' - V L 'be ' . . I px .... I i . - ' - 2 , . : I ' : ' V X - Soflb , , 3 n ' 3, 4. 4 I f I . . - ' - ,W ' I 1 I . f -- Th : :V - privilege of owning my . , , sily Baseball 3, 4: .Key Club y is fl M 3 mg :I I . 1 : . - - " 1' " - - ' n - 'nffff iff? . . I 81 ' ' :Olaf j ,ef V lfxf def Judifh In E 'le Ay,lNemefz ,N Y To bec a A urse. gel ma r' a . e a family in ramalc u MA. I' Clb U Q s -"1 : De I Club 4: Cannon Slafr ' F v rlfe Memory--The en- ' 'year of 1957 Peeve-Physics N fed for--Her high and dislind voice David l. Newberger Mo-Chi-Cho J. V. Baskelball- Varslly Bas- kelball 3 4' Track 2' Sludenl Council I, Favorlfe Memory-Wood Ave. Pei' Peeve--Teachers fhal' check homework Nofed for-Hls ho? Hud son Eleanore E Nielsen Ellie To go around lhe world Congressl 2 3 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Yearbook Ed: fonal Board 4 Lrlerary Co edslor 4 Library Slaff4 Thes plan Undersludles 2 3 4 F T A 4 Hockey I Soccer Speedball 3 4 lnlramural Val Ieyboll I 2 3 4 Varsrly Vol Ieyball I 2 3 lnlramural Bas kelball I 2 3 4 Varslly Bas kelball I 2 Track and Field Z all I 3 4 Te ms Favorlfe Memory My lun lor and senior years William P Nofhnagel n To be a success in life Foolballl Baseball I ar 3 4 Sludenl' Council 4 Bowl In 3 4 .I V Baseball 2 Favorite Memory Junior Prom and 6'lh period chem islry class Pef Peeve-Women drivers who donl' know lefl' from rsghf Noted for-Playing base ba Evelyn M N ovobllskl Evle To be a success In life Soffbull 3 4 Soccer 4 Vol leyboll 4 Bowlmg 4 Speed bo 4 Favorlfe Memory My sen lor year Pei Peeve-One way halls Nofed for-Her 57 Chevy Susanne M OHaro ue To ge? my Mrs degree Inlramural Soflball 3 4 lnlramural Boslxellaoll 3 4 Bowlung 4 Favorlfe Memory March 8 1957 June 8 'I957 and being a Sueno Pef Peeve-Monday mghfs Nofed for Having hu rmg 1 TN T' 'rx may C"" ,fi if IL ft QL. Beverly Joan Nowels ev When I graduate Io mee? more greaf people like fhose Ive mei' ln my four years of hugh schoo Volleyball I Favorrfe Memory Junlor year and club meehngs Per Peeve Unfrlendly people Noted for-Her speed In sfenography Larry David Olman Track I 2 Wresllxng 2 3 4 lnlromural Boslrelball 4 Favorlfe Memory None Pei Peeve Geffing up fo go fo school Nofed for-Always gefflng Info mlschief SL Professional decorolors 1'l"I""l 82 1 J I' S L1 s F . ' l B . T , 5 , V I ' 7 ' ' f , all ' . ' , ' ' I . . X '-x - ll . 1 - 1 . , . 5 f A , Q . I ' . If Y v 51 L- A3 ' - ' ', Q N y if . - . X xN 'Q ll 4, l 'Sf I . ' 0 S I I I n I I l I l I M 1 . ' 0 u n lx ' ll ' ll l' xlx ' kwin ' '-L" 4 . I I in W V I . Y W I f 1 ' l 'F i ' , Q 4 ' .J . 5 I 4 I l l Arenl' 'llley missing l'wo7 George E Olsson Air Force Airplane Mechanic Usher Squad I 2 Favorrle Memory Foolball games Fel Peeve English Nofed for - Reading in class Kallllyn Joyce Oppel Kalh To be happy an successful Sub Twirler 2' Bowling 4. Favorlfe Memory-Summer of 1958 and Oclober 'l 1958 Pef Peeve-Homework. and people who lhink l'luey'ro befler than everybody also Noled for - Having long fingernails H-.21 L.,- nur 5 is--v 'T' George J Ondlsh Arllsl' Chess 3 4 Ari Club 3 S+udenl'CouncnlI 2 Congress Allernaie 3 Wresllmg 2 Fovorlle Memory Hlsfory class Fel Peeve--Work Noled for-His way wllh words Barbara Carol Orell Bobbie Secrelary Bowling 3 4' Sludenl Coun- cil Allernale I 4, Favorife Memory-Jumor year Pel' Peeve-One-way halls Noled for-Her shorf dark hair Florence C. Pagano Flo Secrelary Volleyball I: Bowling 4. Favorife Memory-My iun- ior year Pei Peeve-Homework and one-way halls Noled for--Being liny Joseph F. Palmucci To make a lol' of money fasf Favorlle Memory- Febru- ary '58, when I mel' "her" Pel Peeve-Arguing wi'l'h "lhal ceriain someone" Noled for-Breaking ihe school rule by holding hands wiih "her" Paul A. Paolella To be a success in life Favorlfe Memory - Mr. Kordys' sfores Nofed for - His "crazy walk" Barbara J. Porclluc Barb Inferior Decoralor Ari' Club 4: Volleyball 41 Baslrelball 4: Tennis 4: Soff- boll 4. Favorlfe Memory-My iun- Ior year Fel Peeve-"Wise guys" Noled for-Looking aifrac- five In glasses ., Our New Field LP Q--v If if 1 in-r -.f 1 Who's cold? N., 1 if Florence R. Papov Flo Medical lechnician Junior Red Cross 3, 43 Con non Slcff 4: Cannon Adverlis ing Slaff 4. Fovorife Memory-Seplem ber 1, 1958 Pef Peeve-Teachers who give foo much homework Noled for-Her nalurally curly hair Roberf Charles Parks Bob To become a success in 'I'he field I choose Slage Crew 2, 3.4: Science Club 2, 3, 4, Favorife Memory-Working on fhe slage during free periods Pei Peeve - The swilch- board 'lhal' never works when you need il' ' Noled for-Being a mem- ber of 'lhe slage crew 45' ag? 'MN Phyllis Gail Pelfz Phyll To be happy and gel' married Volleyball I, 2: Usher Squad I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Library Slaff 2, 3, 4: Cannon Slaff 3, 4: Sludenl Council Al+erncle 4. Favorlfe Memory-Junior year Fef Peeve - Trays-and 'leacherx who make you gel' lhem Nofeel for - Pulling on make-up in homeroom Joseph R. Perella Pee-wee To be a doclor Sludenl' Council 2: Assembly Cornmiflee 2, 3: Visual Aids 2: Marching Band I. 2: Class Congress 4: Track 2: lnlra- mural Baskelboll I, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Slaff 4: Senior Homeroom Treasurer 4. Favorlfe Memory-My sen- ior year in Union High and all lhe fun in everylhing af Union Pei Peevw"Sack" dresses and crew-neck sweafers Nofed for-Those long legs fig fs 'W ww, es.. if 'Wx Helen Arlene Pearse To be a secrelary Volleyball I, 2: Girls' Bowl- ing 4: .lunior Red Cross l. Favorife Memory-My iun- ior year Pef Peeve--Girls who wear knee socks Noted for-Talking confine- ously Marian Pearse To gel married and be a secrelary Office Helper I, 3, 4. Favorife Memor -Fresh y -I an l' flue Senior Prom we year of 1955 with l cerlaln someone Pel' Peeve - People who think +hey're beller 'lhan Nofed for-Being engaged Elaine Pereira To be a secrelary Bowling 4. Favorlfe Memory - The summer of 1958 and my four years in high school Pei Peeve - People who never Nofed VY' if 4 4 x dt. ' F Honor Sociely 4, President: Key Club 2. 3. 4: Lieulenanl Governor, New Jersey Boys' Slole: New Jersey Represenlalive 'lo Boys' Nalion: Band l,- 2: Usher Squad 3. 4: Yearbook Slaff 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Class Congress 2. 3: Sludenl' Council. Speaker Pro Tempore 3: Baskelball I, 2: Cross Counlry 2, 3: Base- ball I: Track 2, 3, 4: Soccer 4. Thomas C. Pefren Peeps To live a long life and have fun . Foelball I, 4. Favorife Memory-Gelling my license Fel Peeve-Lacking money Nofed for-Being swell Chrrsfme Pollcasfro Chns To have a happy and suc cessful fulure Bowling 4 Favorlfe Memory Meehng a cerfain someone a+ Huckles In freshman year Pef Peeve The nickname for my pony 'lall Nofed for Qulel buf frlendly Lawrence D Pollock Larry To be rich In life Fooball I Inlrarnural Sporls 2 3 4 Bowlmg Favorlfe Memory When I gel' my drlvers license and my car Pef Peeve-Always gelllng hurl' Nofed for-His Ford Maureen A Polfer A lrip 'lo Hawaii Yearbook Biography Slal? 4 Volleyball I 2 3 4' Congress 3 4' Leaders Club I 2 3 4' Bowling 4' Color Guard' Can- non Typnsl' Baskelball I 2 3 4' Soccer 4' Baseball I' Tennis 2' Track 3. Favorlfe Memory May 58 'lhe Dreamers fool ball games' le Bops Pef Peeve - People who arenl' sincere Nofed for Her winning personality 86 ik 'SI ki Vincenf Plaia Vinny To be a success in life by being a greal' guilar player Archery Team 2. Favorile Memory-The day of gradualion Pef Peeve-Girls who go for lhose Ivy League sfyles Nofed for His cool clolhes Phyllis Pollack Phy Teacher Senale 2 Nahonal Honor Soclely3 4 Leaders Club I 2 3 4 Leaders Club Sec relary 2 Leaders Club Treas urr 3 heerleader 3 4 Nlgbllngales 3 Homeroom Presrdenf 4 Modern Dance 2 3 Office Helper 2 4 Sludenl Council 4 Usher Squad I Leadership Conference al Rul gers 2 Hockey I 2 4 Volley I 2 3 4 Cllaarman Volleyball I 2 Baskelboll I 2 3 4 Sollballl 3 BowImg4 Frank Harper Poole Cess To become a pedralrlcian Presrdenl' of Sludenl' Council 4 Vice Presldenl' of Sludenl Council 3 Class Congress I 2 3 Jersey Boys Slale 3 Var sufy Oufdoor Track 2 3 4 Cross Counlry I 2 3 4 Fresh man Track and Baskelball Sfale Sludenl Council Camp Slale Sfudenl Council Con 'ference 3 4 Varsuly Club I 2 3 4 Varsrly Club Vice Pres: denl' 3 Marching Band I 2 Orcheslra 3 4 Favorife Memory Track meels In New York Clfy all lhe dances '62-Jwf' fd Franklin L Pralher 'pn ' J 1 Xe Franlue fy Joln fhe Navy oolbclll 4 Wresflung I 4' ck I 3 4' Indoor Track 2. Favorlfe Memory Miss Denmngers hlsfory class 5fh period Pef Peeve+Gurls who over- ac , Nofed,Jor Shaving his hea , ', gf Gall M Presfwich To be happy and successful Volleyball I 2 BasIrefbaII 2 Bowlmg 4 Favorzfe Memory Fresh man year club meehngs and foofball games Pef Peeve Hoods and wnse guys Nofed for-Her red hair Roberf Probsf o To be happy B n I 2 Foo'fbalIl Favornfe Memory A cer fam dafe on June 7 Fel' Peeve Glrls who wear knee sacks Nofed for-Has shori' halr "rr" Jiafqfgsfag 'L 'S Ahce Marfha Pnce To become a feacher Nahonal Honor Socle'I'y 3 4 Secre+ary 4 Junnor Red Coss I 2 3 4 Treasurer3 Presudenr 4 Congress 2 Arl u I Lnbrary Slaff 3 Fufure Teachers of Amereca 3 4 N1ghhngaIes 4 Hockey 4 Volleyball I 2 3 4 Archery 2 Basluefballl 2 Baseballl Tennss 2 3 Track and Field 3 Favorlfe Memory The fun we had on ihe canoe irlp down the Delaware In fha summer of 1957 Edward H Rachner To become a successful PHYSICISI Chess Club 2 3 4 Slamp Club 3 4 Indoor Track 3 4 Ouldoor Track 2 3 4 Cross Counlry 3 4 Scsence Club 4 NahonaI Honor Socxely Favorrfe Memory When I received my varsnfy frack Ieffer In 1958 Per Peeve Two way people nn one way halls Nofed for Bemg on fhe frack feam if The presenfahon of Memorial field. by Mayor F. Edward Bnerfuemplel Io Mr. Samuel Rablun, Presndenl' of fhe Board of Educahon. 87 . Everybody who was anybody was 'Ihere We Ihanl: you for 'Phe fielcll when lhe new field was decllcaled Elsberh Marla Radzlo To become an elemenfary school 'Ieacher Cheerleading 2 3 4 F T A 3 4 Nahonal Honor Socne+y 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 All Sfale Orcheslra 2 3 4 Siu clenf Council Allernale I Vol leyballl 2 3 4 Baslrelbull I 2 Tennis 2 3 4 Bowling 4 Homeroom Secro+ary 4 Favorlfe Memory 'I958 Sfafe Wresfllng Mafches being cheerleading co cap fam Pef Peeve 'I957 cheer leading 'Iryouh Nofed for-Her plahnum halr H Andrew R Ray. Jr Andy To be like my faiher Foo ball I 2 3 4' In oor Track I 3 4' Varsify Club I4 2' All-SIa+e Chorus 3 4' Year- baolz Sfaff 4. Favorlfe Memory May 1758 and nlghh wlfh Pop Pef Peeve-Flafx wifhoul lacks especially on fhe Nh Nofed for-His Mae ofx PVS in In Virginia Ann Raube Ginny To have a career and a suc cessful life and marrlage Bowling 4 Favorife Memory June 27 1958 and Mr Boyles drlv ing class Pe! Feeve-To have argu menfs and lose friendships wlfh gurls Nofed for-Her Hawauan dancing David Eric Raymon Dave Live happily ever offer Sfudenl Council Represenla- live I Alfernaie 4' Junior Con- gress Alfernale' Key Club 2 3 4' Cannon Slaff 4' Bowling Team 3 4' Experimenfal AH' Club 4- Yearbook Edi'Ior-in- Chief 4' Visual Aid Squad 3 4. Favo He Memory - Good PJ wlih 'Ihose I mel' I. I chief ear k I, y Iv MQW Q Geraldine Mary Reis Gerry To be o good wlfe and moiher Bowlmg 4 Favorlfe Memory Years of 56 51 Pe! Peeve-My brofher Nofed for Her preily lewelry Thomas Reshvo Tom To 'lrovel Jumor Congress Favorlfe Memory Jumor Prom Pei Peeve-Female druvers Nofed for-Hrs dark wavy hair K' 2 QV' Jules James Repperf Buddy To be rlch Foolball l Favorafe Memory 3 15 Fel Peeve-8 30 A M Nofed for Belng foo coo Allen C Reynolds To own my own ousmess Favorlfe Memory Umon Drive ln Pef Peeve-Droppmg 'irons mnsnons Noled f0l'1Llffl!lg welghfs Packed like sarclines' 89 'W James J. Reynolds Mechanical engineer Sophomore Congress: lnlra- mural Boslrelboll I, 2, 3, 4: lnlrcmural Foolball l, 2, 3: Bowling I. 2. Favorife Memory - Miss Frouslel's plane geomelry class in my sophomore year Pei Peeve-Girls who "go s'l'eady" Nofed for-Being lale for class Elizabelll J. Riclller Belly Secrelary Bowling l, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Sollball 3, 4: Freshman Congress Alfernale. Favorife Memory - Memo- rial Day, 1958 Fel Peeve - Two-faced people Nofed for - Her preffy blonde hair Edifh Rieger Edie To be happy always Favorlfe Memory--Senior Prom in 1956 and Chorus III, IV Fel' Peeve - People who lhink lhey're beller 'lhan o'l'hers Nored for-Being friendly William Edward Rlfa Bill Engineer Wreslling l, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3. 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Key Club Secrefory 4: Visual Aids 3. 4: Horneroom Presidenf 3: Senior Congress: Varsily Club 2: Yearpoolz Biography SlaFl 4: Nalional Honor Sociely, Favorife Memory-Classes wi'l'h J. P. Fel' PeevehGell'ing up In lhe morning Nofed for-Being iusl' fer- riic 90 1 Elizabefh R. Richards -01 'Tj fps? 95 R .Q J: Befsy Medical secrefary Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4:Bowling 4: Boslrelboll I, 2, 3: Library S+aFl 3, 4: Niglwlingales 3, 4: Sollboll 2, 3. Favorile Memory - U. S. Hisfory Ill. and 'lhe summer of 1957 Pef Peeve - People who know you one day and nal' ihe nexf Nofed for - Her sense of humor June Marie Ridler ,To live a happy married life Volleyball l. 4: Ollice Help- gy? -fe 5' er 2, 3, 4: Bowling 4. Favorlfe Memory-Decem- ber 1956 and summer of 1957 Fel Peeve - People who sfarl' rumors Noled for-Her long hair, and iewelry Now, nowl No secrels. YW Diana Helen Rodlg uninkyu To be o chemisl Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3: Baskelball I, 2, 32 Soilboll I, 2: Tennis I. 2: Track and Field 3: Nalional Honor Sociely., Favorife Memory--B-lops. everyone I have known lhrough school. mall: class Pef Peeve-People wilhoul' pafience: loo much home- work' Noled for-Brains, person- alily and looks Roberf Rogers Bob Game biologisl' Dance Band: Track 3: Soc- cer I, Favorlfe Memory-Slh pe- riod physics class Fel' Peeve - Geffing up early in lhe morning Nafed for-Playing in fhe band ew 1. :ff ,L f '22,ii',' 'lf . 'w7,., 4- : I g 4-M, r ,I ' ,ta-:1v.,'y,71,:'Q'. , .e w , ' J- .pie ' H V , ggrllfgfrvifp X Q 4 .v ga "Zi.I'x NBL , x . ' , s My A in 1' I A X me lynx Q- 'lr' 5 . I f 9: ye 4, . if . 4, 3, . u. ef A 3 -r . lw ',e, QQ L4- 'N-5, H' 3 Z' 4' Q, ifu. Joan Ellen Roessner "Vocky" To become a nurse Congress I, 3, 4: Junior Red Cross I: Volleyball I. 2, 3. 4: Baskelball 2: Soccer 3: Bowling 3. 4: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Nighlingales 3, 4: Yearbook Biography Slafl 4: Cheerleader 3. 4 Favorile Memory - Cheer- leading and all flue friends l've mel' al' Union High Noled lon-Belng a friend fo all Alberf Emil Rohner Al Navy Fovorile Memory-3rd pe- riod chemislry class, 6l'h period hisfory Per Peeve--Homework Nofed for--Being a really nice guy Joseph A. Romano To do some good In fho world Foolball I. 2: Spring Track 2, 3. 4: Indoor Track Cannon Slaff 3. Favorife Memory-All fha wonderful people of Unlon High Fel' Peeve - Girls who smoke fo be popular Nofed for-His walk Michael John Romeo Hisfory teacher Bowling 3: Inlramurol Soff- ball 2, 3, 4: Inlramurol Fool- ball 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory - Inf pe- riod algebra I Fef Peeve-30-minufe lunch periods Nofed for-Hu harem If 91 Shirley A Rupperf Shlrl To be a nurse Volleyball I 2 Baslcelball2 Slu Club 3 Nnghhngales 3 4 Treasurer of Nsghhngales 4 Cannon Slaff 3 4 .lr Red Cross 2 3 Usher Squad 2 3 4 Nahonal Honor Socrefy 4 Bowlmg 4 Yearbook Bsography Slalfl 4 Sophomore Congress Sensor Congress Allernafe lo Jr Congress Favorlfe Memory Junior year and all fhe luds ln 'lhe senior class Nofed for Her pleasing IIICIIIICI' Barbara Ann Ryan Barb Aifend college and become a feacher F T A 4 lnframural Valley ball 4 lnlramural Boslzelball 4 Favorlfe Memory Wes? ield summer 1958 Pei Peeve People who fhink 'lhey are beffer fhan ofhers Nofed for-Her qulel' ways .lanef Rushmore Rudy To be a success In Ilfe Cannon Adverhsmg Sid? 4 Bashelball 2 Volleyball! 2 3 Bowlnng 4 Tennis 4 Favorlfe Memory Mr Or slms Science class fresh man year Fel Peeve-- Healih Nofed for-Her shoes awrence Samarfln Larry Teachang and music Baseball l Congress I 2 4 All Slafe Band l 2 3 Sopho more Class Presldenf 2 March B n 2 3 4 Siu ouncll 3 Nahonal Key Club 3 4 Presldenl' of Marching 2 Dance B nd 2 Presndenl' of Sensor Class 1 3 Favorlfe Memory e summer of 1958 Noted for'-Bemg Presideni' Senior Class Mayor 4 Orcheslra I Roberf T Samrla Moose Englneerlng Traclu I Favonfe Memory Mr Pe fosas Counlry Club 213 Pef Peeve-One way halls Nofed for-Hls slze James Edward Sarn nm To be a success Foo ball I 2 3 4 Baslrei I 4 Tr Baseball 2 Key Club Favonfe Memory Playlng foofball Per Peeve None Noled for IS alhlehc abnllhes John M Schaedler Jack To be A famous resiauraleur Sludenl' Councul 2 Sensor Congress Fare Squad 2 3 4 Assembly Commnffee 4 oys Bowmg 2 3 4 Key Club 4 Honor Socnely 4 Favorlie Memory The .lun lor Prom and Assembly Commnflee meehngs Fel' Peeve Unfrlendly people Nofed for-Has red hanr and sense of humor Pafrrcna Ann Schanfz Palh Teacher Cheerleadnng 2 3 4 Co Caplaun 4, Bowlmg 3, 4, F T A 3, 4, .lumor Red Cross 2 Yearboolx Blography Sloff 4, Archery 2, Inlramural Volley ball 3, 4, Inlramural Boslcefball 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4 Favorlfe Memory Lehigh Universily, February 15, 1958 Fel Peeve Too many fhings 'lo do and nol' enough hme fo do ihem Nofed for-Her ponylail fm -vp' 0' Q"-'? f x 50' f ,f 'in' Q eq If I H 1 fm 'Q rv-3 'Vx 'if Elame G Sardella To be a nurse Sludenl Councul Alfernale I VoIIeyball 2 Archery 2 Hall Monlfor 4 Nlghlmgales 4 Bowlmg 4 Favorlle Memory Augusl' 1957 lunlor year Slevens Inshlule frafernlly parfy Pef Peeve False friends no'I' being able lo have fhe fhmgs you wanl' mosl' Nofed for Her conslanl chalfer Ronald W Savarese Ronnie Law degree Foolball 4 Wreslllng 4 Baseball 3 4 Sludenl Council 4 Hall Momfor 4 Favonfe Memory All my friends al' Unuon Hugh Pef Peeve None Nofed for--Being a greaf gu Bonme E Schaefer To have a happy and suc Cessful Ilfe Infromural Volleyball l 2 3 4 Inlramural Baslielball I 2 Nngl'1lmgaIes3 Bowling 4 Yearbook Bnography Sfallf 4 Favorlfe Memory Febru ary 20 1957 and club meel ngs Pef Peeve Tesis on Mon day ond pap qulues Noled for-Bemg full of fun Mona Ellen Scher To achieve success and happmess Lubrary Slaff 4 Usher Squad 4, Junnor Red Cross 4, F T A 4 Favorlfe Memory Febru ary 28, 1957 Fel Peeve-Snobs Noled for-Her walk Frederick C Scherr Freddie To be rich Favonle Memory ar rmger Hugh School and July 25 1958 Pef Peeve lnqunsrhve people Noied for-Talung life easy Marle Schmldf To be a nurse Nughhngales 3 Jumor Red oss 2 3 eyball I 2 3 Favonfe Memory sophomore year when l wenl' fo flue Chrnsfmas Ba Pef Peeve-When people s'l'ar'l io say fhungs and never limsh 41 ways Q ,f"'f""f if if V-.ds Cx 'WW E i Emil Walfer Schmldf Oafy To be an elecfromcs 'lechmclan Bowmg I 4 Favorrfe Memory Mafh and elecfracsfy classes Pef Peeve Bermuda shorfs and knee socks Nofed fdl'-HIS eleclronlc ablllhes Roberf Reid Schmldl' o To be an aufo mechanic and own my own garage Favorlfe Memory sophomore arf class wl'l'h fhe boys Pef Peeve Gnrls who wear lhelr hair shorf Nofed for-Hrs alerl' ex presslon A' rfb! 4 We wonl' Barnesl Muhevn K la fum 1-fl ' - X 4 . I " ' "' r I -..M,:k..Q. ' M ,' 9 o ' - B - K +1 I , ' ' . . av A I. V I I . , B' . . ' i V f . . . M, 1 . e 5 , y ' , if A' 5 ',s",'2 - V ' ' ' B b . . z . rx Cr . r P. T, A. 3, 4: FX M , von , , , 4. . 5 M - YY ' - MY " N . :- , xr o - . p aj . . " O' ' V - - Nofed for-Her nice uief K W v'-'M "'l gl .V -in 'Q me 4. , ,J do - 1, A . ' as M . 1 I . Q in . , . I 5' .:Y,A K If J L' A V his "eh ' . Q. - p f - .N ' gy ' v "f wit , 'V ' J V '-+L 1 ., -4 .gy fu.. 28,1 " g..,'K,,-as , A " , U ir- ,FQAYQ -:1 7' ll M Qerr 'I' ""'T7'5' I . . W . V I A, I ..:ivg,AL, , a , 1 M -- Y,-ave: 94 l I! 2! 3! push! Barbara Jean Schmlfz Barb To be a nurse Vo eyball I 2 Siu enf Council 4 Junuor Congress Twnrnng Squad 4 F T A 4 NughhngaIes 3 4 Yearbook Pholography SIGH 4 Favorlfe Memory All fhe fun Ive had In Union Hugh School bemg a 'lwlrler Pei Peeve People who donl' have any manners and 'lhmk fhey know if all Nofed for-Being a 'Iwlrler Donald G Schnibbe QI WW To go fo college Cross Counlry 4 Indoor Track 2 3 4 Ouldoor Traci Favorlfe Memory Chemis My lry class Pef Peeve Being called Dove Nofed for-Bemg fasi and :mari if If W 'Q ,aes 5. I 4 David W Schnlbbe Dave To go 'lo college Bowmg I Indoor Track 2 4 Ouldoor Traclr I 2 4 Cross Counlry 4 Favorlie Memory e friends Ive made m Umon Hugh School Nofed for Bemg on lhe lroclx leam William C Schnlfzler I Mechamc Bowling 3 4 Favorlfe Memory 315 bell ihe good old days chemislry Pef Peeve-Crowded park Ing lols ire drills durin gym one way halls Nofed for His bowling ablllhes Norman H. Schroeder To make a million Track I, 2: Inframurol Sporls. Favorife Memory-Gefling my new Impala Pef Peeve-Guys who race their cars Nofed for-His curly halr Donald A. Schuler llskipll To own a 1957 Ford Science CIub 2, 4: Bowling 3: Allerncle Sludeni Con- gress I. Favorife Memory-Senior year hislory class Pei' Peeve-Drinking foun- 'I'ains fhal' don'f work Nofed for-Aciing "cool" Joseph F. Schulman Joey Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Edilorial Board 43 Senior Congress Allernafe: Proiecfion Squad Ig Boys' Bowl- ing 3q Dance Band l, 2, 3. 4. Favorlfe Memory-Senior year Fel' Peeve-People who are "anl'i-'l'weedy" Nofed for-An all-around nice guy Arlene E. Schulfz Scllulhle To become a beauhcsan Favbrife Memory e summer of 1958 and slxih penod sensor economics Pef Peeve-Noi' being able io gel' my drivers license Noled for - Her 'pleafed slurfs Qfgv K. 11? T4 ,il Three cheers for lheahhgerleadersl af ,M-""'j1! 'fi I . ' Q41 ' L Wu ', M . ffl I Liffqlx. I 1 ' A ft f 'i' 'ff ,f , 4 if af! 1 l,.,,,!'f,!I ef' ' 4 we 'TNI cf' I' 5556 'xxx ' ,n we sf' ,X Norman Schulman To succeed in life Track 3, 45 Soccer 3, 4: Wresfling 3: Usher Squad 3: Yearbook Ari Slaff 4. Favorlfe Memory-The old days in Spanish l Pef Peeve - Walking io school in my senior year Nofed for-Playing soccer Carol Schulfz Ta become a ieacher Nighlingales 3 4' F. T. A. 3 4' Junior Red Cross 2 4' VcIIeybaII 3 4. Favorife Memory-Junlor Prom 1958 and summer of 1958 Pei Peeve Snobs and 'lhree mnnules la change for 9Ym Nofed for-Qulef and nlce QQ ldelle S. Schwarfz IITII To lead a successful and happy life Volleyball I, 2, 3: Leaders' Club 2, 3: Twirling 2, 3, 4: Sfudenl' Council I: Sophomore Congress: F. T, A. 4: Year- book Biography Slaff 4: Na- fional Honor Sociely. Favorife Memory - The summer of 1957 Pef Peeve - People who profess fo be friends and fhen folk behind your back Nofed for-Being capfain of fhe Twirlers George ,A. Scuorzo llTonyll To marry a veferinarian Cross Counlry I, 4: Track 2, 4: Baskefball I. Favorite Memory-My Jun- ior summer wilh a cerfain girl, and July 3, 1958 Pef Peeve-Taking a bus fo school in my senior year Nofed for-His curly hair Lowell E. Schulz Elecfronics engineer Proieclion Squad I: Bowling I: Congress 3. Favorife Memory - The week-end of fhe Junior Prom Per Peeve - "Pracfice" feachers Nofed for - His hof "47" Chrysler Charles D. Schwarfz "Chick" Chemisf Chess Club 2, 3: Wreslling 3, 4. Favorlfe Memory-Mr. Po- lisin's physics and chemis- fry classes Fef Peeve - People who consfanlly brag Nofed for.- Being called "Chick" Arlene Rufh Scoff To be a nurse Library Slaff I, 3, 4: Usher Squad 3: Nighfingoles 4: Vol- leyball 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2: Tennis I, 2. Fovorife Memory-My sen- ior year Pef Peeve-Teachers who give homework over fhe weekends Nofed for--Being quief Roberf Michael Senyk Bob To be happy Wresfling l, 2, 3, 4: Traci I: Tennis 3, 4: Usher Squad 3: Bowling 4. Favorife Memory - Wresf- ling boufs Fel Peeve-Having fo rush fo lunch Nofed for-His "iil'lerbug- gingll 97 Bruce W. Sessler Mechanic Favorile Memory-My irsl' cor- Mercury '57 Fel Peeve-One-way halls Nofed for-Being "bad" Barbara J Sheppard Shep To llve a long and happy I e Volleyball I 2 3 4 Baslrel 2 3 4 Bowling Favorlfe Memory All lhe wonderful frlends I ve made IH Umon Hugh Nofed for Being embar rassed John Joseph Shevlln Jack To be a rlch man Favorlfe Memory The day I wenl' for my Incense Fel Peeve Tlnrd period lunch and one way halls Nofed for lelng called 'lhe llflle one Jeffrey Lewls Shplner Jeff To be o success Marchlng Band I 2 3 4 Orcheslra 2 3 4 Freshman Congress Progechon Squad l Dance Band I 2 Favorlle Memory Walling for 'Ihe bus on Ihose cold wlnler mornings Pef Peeve-People who are always complaining oboll 'lhe way I ploy lhe drums Nofed for-Playing in fha school band , ffl Henry Couper Sharp Harry Foolball 2, 37 Track 2' Wreslling Manager 2. Favorlfe Memory-Mr. Po- lisin's "Counlry Club" 1 Noted for-Being qulel and conservalive Ll W, jjfpfffflq' ' vw If IMI Joseph Sheridan Peeps To see lhe world Ihrough a porflhole Sludenl Council Allernale I Office Helper I Flre Squad 4 Favorlfe Memory Senior year Fel' Peeve People who are unfriendly Noled for-Falling asleep ln English IV Roberl James Shevlln Bob Track 2 Favorlfe Memory Consaless boys ensemble class In my sophomore year Pei Peeve- Sack dresses Nofed for-His car fff-f V Michael R Shukan Mille To become a pharrnaclsl Usher Squad l 2 3 4 Co Caplaln of Usher Squad 4 Congress Allernafe 2 Wresl' Img I 3 4 Inframural Bashel' 2 3 4 Inlramu Baseball I 2 3 4 Yearbooh Edllornol Board 4 Edrlor of Yearbook Brogrophy Slafl 4 B wmg I 2 3 Favorlre Memory Referee mg my irsf Junlor Yarslfy wreslllng meel an fron! of all fhose people Nofed for His good nalure I I Sfeven Barry Shukan Deak To become a pedlafriclan Sophomore Congress Senuor Congress Yearbook SIQIT 4 Bowmg I 2 Wresflmg I 2 U er Squad I 2 Usher Squad Copfavn 4 In IromuraI Boskefboll I 2 3 4 InI'ramuroI Baseball I 2 3 4 Favorrfe Memory Mr Po Ilslns slxfh period physics and chemlsfry classes also July 4 1958 Pef Peeve Half hour lunch periods Nofed for-Brmging signs mio Mr Pohslns class Lucrlle J Simmef ou Pnvaie secrefary BaskeIboII 2 3 4 VoIIeybaII 3 4 Tennis 2 4 L1 rar Sfag 4 Yearbook Adverhslng Sfaff 4 Favorlfe Memory Febru ary 22 1958 Maud of honor af my slsfers wedding Pef Peeve Being called Lucy Nofed for Being soffl spoken 1 94,-,3 CJ Q4 infra-sw 5356 f WI ' 0 A-x ok Mrchael E Srmko Mike To be many Ihlngs Wresilmg I 2 Favorrfe Memory e graduahon parhes of lasf year and geihng ouf of school Pet Peeve Some of Ihe feachers Ive had Nofed for Hls mulil colored halr 2' Douglas J Simpson Doug To have frlends Wresflmg I 2 4 Bowling 3 Homeroom Treasurer 4 enuor Congress AIfernafe I Favorlfe Memory Week ends with friends Per Peeve Girls fha! smoke Nofed for-Hls converhble Al... Presenfafion of +he coIors. 99 , I , A Q ' ' ' - rn I. ' I . I ' 4 l . . 3. 43 sI1 , , 3, 4: Y: fs- P' ' I : " 1 4, ' ' . ' 'J 'A ,I V Q- . I r 2 If Kjid ., 6 . . I. 3 Q Z..a 14: U . , V ? , . PL Q . U . 5 . : u 1 Ina, has , ,-,N n ' ' ' U 2. . : . : b y gg 5 1 J ' , ' : - - 1 if I X3 A , S . . ,' - I A ,D K 'I T- I X ,I I . . . QA ' Ig K, e,f' ,I -1 ' '- '. . se-.Ar . M ' I P' L . ' jg by . . .. N ,-757,47 I - be I I Q .1 esssfwp f 3. gig? A . eff'-J Xigix 3' -' if is . ,keirisfg 'if I 4' I L I 1 .ludlfh Lynn Slifer To be happy In whafever do Allernafe for Gurls Crhzen slup lnshlule Sludenl Councxl I e Pr sudenf F T A P esldenl' of lhe F T A 4 Us er Squad I 2 3 4 r s Nollonol Honor Socuely 3 4 Vice Presudenl 4 Leaders u I Nnghlmgales 3 4 .lunlor Red C oss l 2 3 selball I 2 3 4 Vo I 2 3 4 Tennis 3 Tr and Field 2 3 Bowling 4 Favorlfe Memory summer of 1958 In Israel Carol T Slugocke Slugo Asrlune hosfess Library Sfalf 2 3 4 Jumor Cross I 2 4 Usher Squad 4 Volleyball I 2 4 Baslcelball 2 Tennis 2 Congress Alfernale 4 Favorlfe Memory Summer of 1958 Pei Peeve--Homework and sfubborn people Nofed for--Eaflng prefzels In class ,Q Where's lhe mus+ard7 ZZ!! ,vm ,,,,.vf' X dx. 'NI aww IM sa X Q Susan Carol Shker ue T A 3 4 Homero Presndenl' 2 4 Sfudenl Council Allernare 3 Jumor Red Cross 3 Ccnno Sl Arl Club l 2 Bowlmg 4 Vol leyball 4 Baslnelball 2 Tennis I Usher Squad 4 Yearbook Favorife Memory Junior year Per Peeve People who smoke for allenhon Nofed for--Her congenial ,, manner Esfelle Sarah Smarf Slelle To become a music feacher F T A 3 4 Library ff Favorlfe Memory Hnsiory 3 Engllsh 3 Pet Peeve Afternoon homeroom French 2 Noted for Playlnq fha piano . fl I, Q ' I In H ia . Q , ' S- - new I 'I . F. . . , : om I, 2. 3, 4:'F. T. A. 3, 4. I. 2. : ' n aff 3.4: V'c e' . . . 3: . : ' : - rh' . . P. 'I KT I I ' , . , I e I- sf I I denl of Usher Squad 3, 4: sw, Lf' Bl09"0Pl1Y Shin 4. . . : ' I Q90 'lv I CI b , 2, 3, 4, ' ' I Af ,, - . 1 ' r . . : i"' w- 4. ' Bo lm , , , 1 lley- .4 ball . . , I ' I acl: ff , l' A' . . i - .My Q C , . 1 F 'QD X my -'ws . r ES -. ' I , 3 ' X. 'I . . . . I ' Sla Rd , , 3, gG'rl' ' -3.4- e : n sl , - U. S. . I ,' , 3 ry! ' 0 K A . Ov 1 NN , h 'F 100 iq ' 'I I - I' , Elaine Gall Smlfll To go 'lo college Nlghhngcles 4 F T A 4 Volleyball 2 4 Favorlfe Memory My lun lor year and especnally fhe Junlor and Semor Proms of lhal year Fel Peeve Havlng lwo or lhree fest: all In lhe same CY Noted for-Her many dales Vmcenl' Joseph Smlfh Vlnce To be a morhclan Foolball Manager 3 Favorlle Memory Bayley V'Hnqx Et ,Bi W G Of' 1'- Ellard 'ef' 105 Pef Peeve One way hallsx I' 5. Nofed for Has cakgal p ,.....m,, W Q gig WWWW' Ky! Roberl' W Smlfll o To be self employed n oor Tracll I acl: l 2 3 4 lnlramu Soflball 2 3 4 Cross Counlry 3 4 Homeroom Vlce Pres: den? 4 Favorlle Memory e lrack leam Fef Peeve A poor feller of good pokes Noled for Saying brulsk Lallran Marla Snell Marne To be a model Favorrle Memory The Jun lor Prom 1957 Pef Peeve Four years of Heal'l'h Nofed for Her frlendly smile Howdy, Tex! where are lhose wnenersl 101 . . N " 5 . - , .Q-f 1- 1 . B b l.7..:Z 4 Tld .'2I3I4i . -1 - e au, ' ' ' -. 4 'Q - - 4 s"- pig,-,T 'V ' : - rn 4 'l l - llee M 4 new ' f '- ' " ' " M - 1 4 X NX, ..,... JN nh 'AJ .8 ? A ' .. ww 4 M ' willy' A lx 3 fv 5 - .. . ' - I . lflfli' ' - N W Jin A '65 4 f H H - - l - l I, . p Alf, - gr' - . X . . l 5 i lf, x 1 ,. 4 .Cm 'W . , 4 '- 'A ' ff 4 ' " l if : r e f . ft A ll ' , -A 'fglfii' e'.- Xl ' ' 1' l X Carla Ella Sprelmann Carl Mlsslonary Aeronauhsl' Soccer2 3 4 Speedball 2 4 Vo eyball 2 3 4 lrel all 2 3 4 Lacrosse 3 Soflball 2 3 4 Leaders Club Favorlfe Memory Novem ber 17 1956 Pef Peeve-Poor drlvers Nofed lon--Her qulel' man ner Judlfll Elame Sfamer Judy To become a good leacher Nahonal Honor Soclely 4 Class Congress 2 3 4 Usher Squad 3 4 Secrelary of Usher Squad 4 Bowlmg 4 F A 3 4 Volleyball Favorlle Memory um mers of 1957 and 1958 Fel' Peeve--Pracllclng 'lhe piano Noled for-Having quuel capalulrly Jane M Sfruble Janle To be a very underslanding lundergarlen leacher Jumor Red Cross I 2 Can non Slafl 3 4 Thespuan Un dersludnes 4 Volleyball I 2 4 F T A 4 Usher Squad I 2 4 Sludenl Council Alfernale 4 Nughlmgales 3 Nahonal Honor SOCISIY Favorlfe Memory Biology class wrfh Mr larbafo lhlrd penod sophomore year Per Peeve-Self plfy Noted for Her smiling 'lace and laughing eyes Roberl Suydam Bob Engineer Golf 2, 4. Favorife Memory-Junior Ring Dance Fel' Peeve - Girls who A smoke Nofed for-Working in his fal'her's iewelry s'I'ore 102 QP' x...-c 'UQ ' r' fx in-ff" 'CL' Lucille Ann Spmelll To be successful in all I do Spanish Club I 2 .lun Cross I F Cannon SfaFf I Favorlfe Memory The day I go'l my dnvers Incense and my car Fel Feeves Boys who are concelled Nofed for Her friendly dnsposrllon Carole Sferrman Blondie School 'leacher or denial hyquenlsl' Freshman Congress Junior Congress Allernale Volley ball Baslrelball Favorlfe Memory Fresh man year Sepfelnber 1955 and Mr Ives English class sophomore year Pel Peeve-One way halls Nofed for Her sfyllsh dress Banners on hugh Lead Larry lead! John Alan Swrck Johnny Denhsf Vnsual And Squad 2 3 Fovorrfe Memory M P s classes Pol' Peeve-One way halls Nofed for--Never belng in A.M homeroom Barbara W Sylvesfer Bobble To be a success Favorrle Memory Augusl' I 8 Pei' Peeve-One way halls affernoon homeroom Nofed for-Being shorl' L Wl19f6'S everyone? Reserve sloclc. Margarel' D Swlff Maggie To be a successful business woman and housewife Volleyball 2 Favorrfe Memory Junior year Thanksgiving Junlor Prom Fel' Peeve Qulel people slow drlvers Noled for- Gomg sfeady Regina Szczepanskr Ginny To be a beauhcuan Usher Squad 3 Hall Momfor l Bowlmg 3 4 Arl Club 3 Tenms 4 Favorlfe Memory Sensor Prom of 'I957 Pef Peeve Always belng asked whal' l use on my halr Nofed for Her blonde ha r Mane Ann Szpalchler To be a good secrefar wang 3 4 Tennis 3 Favorlfe Memory Augusl 1958 Pef Peeve-One way halls Noted for Her friendly dlsposlhon Rose Marie Tafel Rosle To lead an unferesiing and happy hfe Congress l, 4, Nnghhngales 3: Bowling 4: Traclr and Field 3: Soflball lg Homeroom Secrelary I, 43 Leaders' Club 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3. 4: Soccer and Speedball 3, 4: Baslrelball 3, 45 Tennis 2: Na- lional Honor Sociely. Favorlfe Memory -- "Shin- digs" in my iunior and sen- ior years: football. wresl- ling, and baskefball games Fel' Peeve - Being "frus- 'I'ra+ed:" my middle name Nofed for-Her "bubbley" personalify 105 Happy Landing! . A I, he 0 5.0 Michael A Tallas Make To ob'I'ann happiness and success ln llfe Key Club 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 Indoor Track 3 4 ul door Track 3 4 Sludenf Coun cnl Represenfahve 3 4 Cross Counlry 3 4 Congress AI 'lernale 2 Sludenl' Council Allernale 2 Favonfe Memory The Key Club beach party Pef Peeve Eahng durmg second lunch wlfh mne ofher fellows al a lunch fable l'ha'l seals sux Nofed for--Being an all around guy Edward Ward Thomas, Jr Tlm To see lhe world on a ship Foolball I Bowlmg I Con gress 4 Foolball Manager 2 3 Favorlfe Memory Flrsl' fwo monlhs of senior year Pel' Peeve People who fhlnk fhey have fasf cars Nofed for-Saslboaf rocmg 104 i5 Mu Roger W Thleme To be weollhy Baslzelball I 2 Soccer 2 wnng 3 Tack I Favorlle Memory The 3 I5 e Per Feeve Morning de fenhon Noled for Driving wllh sunglasses Kennefh Thomas Noled for-'lgglung Ilfe easy Nancy Ann Thompson Nan To be happy all my life Baslrefball 2 Favorlfe Memory The Jun lor Prom of 1958 and 'lhe day offer al' Bear Moun fam Pei Peeve Moody people and knee socks Noled for Her bug ear rlngs Roberf Barry Trsch Bob o Go around 'lhe world on a fanlxer T c l 2 3 4 Wresllm I 2 3 4 Soccer3 Key Club Nahonal Honor Socuely Con gress 3 Favorafe Memory Summer of 1958 Per Peeve People who chop Fords Nofed for Hrs qunei Ford Wallace Sfeven Tomy Wally To become a chemlsf cor Traclr I 2 3 Bowllng 3 Nahonal Honor Socnely Key Club Thespsan Undersludy l Sludenl Council 3 4 Congress 3 Yearbook Edlforlal Board Science Club Indoor Track 3 4 Favorrfe Memory Mrs Deusmgers lhnrd period U S hlsfory class Pef Peeve Sfudenfs who cul ln al' fhe lunch llne J! Al Nofed for-Being a greai 9UY Arfhur Andrew Tofe Arfy Umled S'lal'es Alr Force Favorrfe Memory Decem ber 3 1957 Pef Peeve-Conceiled girls, and gurls who wear knee socks fo school Nofed for Being an aver age guy K I in -.S Af 'S xl 'Ve 15 s ei Q 514 'Vx . UMNIN '10 3 an be f--. gl!- 1 Y ' wr-'X 47 1 ew' giis M- if John Joseph Till I Umfed Sfales Navy Favorrfe Memory Jumor Engllsh class Pei' Peeve School Nofed for Playmg lhe roe Marhn Max Tollin Marfy To be a good acfor 3 Nahonal Thespxan Socuefy 4 Baseball Manager 2 3 Congress Alfernale 4 Favorrfe Memory o nrghf l won a very special prlze wlfh a very special person Pei Peeve--Girls who drive Noled for-l-hs enferiam un Joseph C Tonzola oe Elecfrlcal englneer Indoor Track Oudoor Track Fovorlfe Memory The day I moved Pef Peeve To gel' mad Nofed for-Being a good Arlene Trachfenberg Denial CSSISTCIIT Basltelball 2 Library Slaff 2 Chess Club 3 Favorlfe Memory July 22, 1957, December 7, 1958 Pef Peeve ihink they are loo good io say "hello" 'lo anyone Her "frosfed" People who Nofed for hair 105 W f' . ru . wkgvqufk ' ..- ff! ' - ' . ' 7 b ' v. -1 I n ve' ' 5' ' . ef' ga' I i - 1. A SN 4 , ,, ilk: X ' :X I ,-fp-,H , Q fin - , H '- 1 'J 5522: Y mj r .- -A .' - Aff? , I", ', -Y K 'A .. fl' T h i f i' ' f ri, do , I I ure... .. . 'V ' I Thespian Undersludles l, 2, 'N j , ispffagz, 15:7 . . . . ra lx . . . I ' 9 .' ' ' f ' I . . 1 . . -, . 1 si, , . , ' .' - Tll .. , 1 . . i bf u u 5 ' . i ' ll ' ll Y I . . 9 fl ' ' e gf. r r on-we . Ovfd . . . 41 A K - ' r. ' ' ' : I : ' l ' 1 . , NN - y , . I . S , A 2 I . . : -. I :V Y 5 g uid , if gl! l- A 'V 3 f in ,T ' Q . A .1 ,f?Vg3?':1f: sl A,,. .1 jf ' ,A . A-4 ' Q A I y . so ' . . 1 ,y Ar . . - - . it 2 A H N y : . : 1' . K, 'ef .f X G . Olivia Rose Treglio v To be a feacher Cannon Sfaff 3 4 Nlghhn es3 Volleyball I 2 3 Tlwesplan Undersludy 4 Sol? ball I Usher Squad 4 Con gress Allernale 4 F T A 4 Favorlfe Memory Being In Mr Barbaios lhard period blology class ln sophomore year Fei Peeve-Teachers Nofed for-Being consclen fious Myra Sue Turkel To hve love laugh and be h3PPY Sludenl Council I 2 Slu den? Councsl Allernale 4 De ba mg Club 3 4 Fu ure Teachers of America 3 4 Junaor Red Cross I 3 4 Ari Clu I Hall Mamlor3 Lu brary Slaff3 4 Office Helpers 2 4 Usher Squad 3 4 Can non Sfaff 2 3 4 Nahonal Honor Socuely 3 Favorlfe Memory My .lun lor year especially a day In December Nofed for-Her bug brown eyes Mm aka. Qr""" - g ax IA' S' if H, :fx 2 Joseph D Trlcarico oe Elecfrncal engmeer aseball I Vnsua I Squad Congress Allernale 3 Favorafe Memory Seplem ber 26 1958 Pei Peeve-Half hour lunch peruod Nofed for-I-hs car Gall Lois Ullrlcll Successful bookkeeper Volleyball 3 Favorile Memory Junlor Ring Dance November I6 Pef Peeve-One way halls Noled for Her reserved manner .Q""""6a I-few Whal are you warhng for? 10 Li I l' . J. D , , - -. B I ' I ,va 90' . : . . . 4: if " 3 - I 9 - I -N I - : .... i ' f ' .' 'M . y f t I '1 .rikku My If I I . I I - ll ' .: :+ L' 7 lxsfp - I v I , :V I V J C b I . z .- 34. . : U I . I - l A 1 Y ., S DIIQ ,Q slre I ' I I ",fll I . lm' I ' 6 15 4 I ' Thal's our boy! l Hold il! Piclure lime. y My My John Wallace Ulrich Jack Bowlmg I 2 Marchmg Band To llve a happy Ilfe i 4 Dan 2 4 Orcheslra l 2 3 Favorlfe Memory Fiflh pe rlod chemlslry class wilh Pef Peeve-One way halls on fhe second 'lloor Nofed for-Hn 'lrumpel' John VanHorn To enioy llfe Usher Squad l Archery Club 2 lniramural Baseball 3 Scuence Club 3 Congress 4 Hall Monllor 4 Favorlfe Memory Friends made al' Union Per Peeve-One way halls Noted for I-lis corrulor passes S' ,bl M" J Judlfh Arlene Yaefh .ladle Seereiary Orchesfra l 2 3 4 Volley bo I Favorlfe Memory o nlghl' of ihe Junior Prom Pef Peeve-Knee socks and hush puppies Nofed for-Her lang hair Raymond D Ylckery ne To make money and 'lalro If easy Wresllmg l Favorite Memory Cam mg wrlh fha Woodrow: Pei Peeve-People who 'loll fall siornes Nofed for-lomg a 'Wood row Louise Mary Vieira Lou To make fhe besl' ' of everylhing Bowling 4. Favorife Memory - Mr. Peach's English class Pef Feeve-Conceifed boys Nofed for-Her laugh Richard Vifolo Richie To have a lol of money wilhoul' worrying Favorife Memory-A cer- lain parfy-January ll, 1958 Fel Peeve-All fhese ine cakes in cooking 'lhaf never furned our Nofed for-Being "cool" Fred Voelksen ' llFri+zIl To be a success al' whal- ever l do Bowling 2, 3, 4: Flying Squad 4. Favoriie Memory-A cer- lain German class in my freshman year Pef Peeve-Conceiled girls Nofed for-His freckles ' Cafherine Ann von Obenauer Cafhie ' To be a beaufician and gel' married Congress Allernale l: Slu- denl' Council Allennafe 2: Girls' Bowling League 3, 4: Girls' Usher Squad 3: Sludenl' Council Represenlalive 4. Favorife Memory-The sec- ond half of my iunior year Pef PeevefTeachers who falk wifh fheir hands. and noisy eaters Nofed for - Her Pennsyl- vania accent 108 I ,, . ,XA 7- , 'Ui' lex v-+-,f h 1-N- S- v--.s JA L 3' QT. 'Y'x , I. X QTY' ' I Q Q2-I-' This is lhe lasi half for lhe seniors. Doris Erna Voigl' Dorrie To be a success in my career Favorife Memory-My lrip fo Europe, 1958 Pef Peeve-When all 'lesls are given on flue same day Nofed for-Her pleasant- ness Carolyn F. Vreeland Carol To get married Volleyball l, 2: Baskelball 2: Office Helper 2: Bowling 3. 4: Tennis 4g Fu-lure Teachers of America 4: Twirling 4. Favorife Memory - Club meelings: fwirling: Driver's Educafion Pef Peeve-U. S. Hisfory Ill Nofed for-Being a 'lwirler Pafricia D. Wagner Paffie To be a 'Ieacher Siudenl' Council 2: Junior Red Cross I: Volleyball I, 2, 3: Baslreiball 2: Cannon Sfaff I, 2. Favorife Memory-Sophm more year: my four-day hip 'Io Virginia Pef Peeve - lnsineere people Nofed for--Her smile Juanifa Rufh Wafers Nifa Bookkeeper Basliefball I, 2: Baseball I, 2: Volleyball I. Favorife Memory - Mr. Solomon's and Mr. Eide's arf classes, and Mr. GaM'i's biology class Fel' Peeve-Final exams Noted for-Her sense of humor lf i 'i U s fi' Q I 1' 'iv My C- 'Ns Ubi 3' 5- 1:19 F x . I ll .lin 's B X C' i 1'- ! Barbara Helen Wade To be a good nurse Sludenl Council Represenla- live 3: Sludenl Council Secre- fary 4: Congress 2: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club Secreiory 4: Nighiingales 3, 4: Corresponding Secrelary oi Nighlingales 4: Library Sfafi I, 3: Modern Dance I, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Sporfs I, 2: Tennis Manager 2: Cannon Edilor 3, 4: Tlnespion Undersiudy I, 2:32 Nalional Thespian Socieiy 2,1 3, 4: Nafional Honor Socieiyy 3, 4: New Jersey Leadership Training Conference Delegaie. Favorife Memory - Sum- mer of 1958 Cynfhia C. Wagner A Cindy ., To be "his" wife and make ,- "him" happy Volleyball I: Bosltefball I, 4: ' Hockey I: Office Helper 2, 3:1 Congress Alfernaie 4: Leaders'-7 Club 3: Track and Field 3: -A Tennis 3, 4. Favorife Memory - The A, greai' 'limes "we" have had! foqefher L' Pef Peeve-Plans 'l'ha'l fall 1 fhrough ' ' Nafed for-Her hair June Carol Wanner To be a successful feacherlf? Nalionol Honor Socieiy 4:.? Congress 3, 4: F. T. A. 3. 4I'1 - 1 Yearbook Edilorial Board 4'i Edilor of Yearbook Biography : I: Sfali 4: Homeroom Treasurer - 2: Homeroom Vice-Presidenl 4: ' Bowling 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3: Baslneiball I, 2. Favorife Memory-Junior Prom and four years of club meelings, Per Peeve - People who are 'Iwo-faced Nofed for-Her calm man- ner William Weag Willie ' To own an auio mechanic shop Foolball l: Traci: I: Con-' gress 2, 3. , Favorite Memory-German class: freshman year ' Per Peeve-Knee socks i. Nofed for - Being an all- around nice guy ' 109 A e .1 Richard R. Weber "Phanfom Prince" Disc iockey and sporfs announcer Soccer 2: Thesplan Under- s'luc.ly 4: lnlramural Baslcel- ball 4. Favorlfe Mem-ory-Mr. Pe- fosa's fhird period hislory class: iunior year Pef Peeve-"Sack" dresses Nofed for - Wearing sun glasses ' Morgaref Marie Welgandl' Margie To have a happy and :uc cessful llfe Yearboalr Arl Slaff 4 Nrghf mgales 4 Archery 2 Tenms 3 4 Baslcelball I Track 2 Volleyball 2 3 4 Favorlfe Memory Club meefmgs and second lunch iunlor year Pef Peeve-F1noI exams Nofed for Her arflsflc ablllfy Sfeve Weiss Gefflng lnfo college Foo ball I 2 Tracl: I 2 Congress 2 Nohonal Thesplan Socnefy 3 4 Boslrelball Pef Peeve-Geffing up for school Nofed for-Wearing wllife backs Carole Werfhmann A happy and successful marriage Bowling 3 4 Olflce Helper3 '12 1958 and fhaf cerfaln Someone Pof Peove Long engage lnenfs and shorf marriages Nofed for-Her long blond ha r 'N we I 3 we I A.. . rx 5 s I 3 x I' K Y. R' nf' I ,V X AW 1 Mr Carol Ann Weigandf Secrelary Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Boslrel- ball 25 Tennis 3, 4: Cannon Adverllsing Sfaff 4. Favorife Memory-Junior year Pel Peeve - People who keep one guessing Nofed for-Her affracfive clofhes Carol E Weisman Prnvafe secrefary V eyball I 2 3 Bow g 4 Office Helper 4 Favorlfe Memory T e good limes during home room m freshman and lun nor years Per Peeve People who be come your friend only when flley need your help Noied for-Having a qulef dlspaslhon Joan E Welssmuller Joanme To recelve a BS Degree ln nursing Leaders Club 2 3 4 Nrghl aes 3 4 Preslclenl' f Nrghhngales 4 Preszdenf of Homeroom 2 3 Jersey Glrls Slale Delegale 3 Nallonal Honor Socrely 3 4 Senale 2 Junior Red Cross I Volleyball 3 4 Baslrel Bowlmg 4 Favorlfe Memory o ,Jsummer of 1958 Af' Nofed for-Being shorf and xweef Judrfh Ellen Wesfon Judy To be a feacher Fulure Teachers of America Teachers of America 4 Nlghl Ill I 2 4 Sfudenf Council nale 3 4 Library Sloff Hockey 3 4 Soflball 3 all 2 3 4 Bas 3 4 Tenn s 2 avorlfe Memory Summer eve-Thur J Nofe WWW, .... ,M l ' 1 f' - oll , . : lin . I I. , . , - h ' : z: 'I . I I ' I I I ' I I I T. - i I .. X 'f . : . : 'D I- - I I ' ing l , : V I' I o- f . I: ' ' ' I i u, z.. , r boil 2, 3. 4: P f 0 ' - rn I H V wfavorne hgmory -, Aprii ,if 3, 4: Secrelary. of Fufuro A. ' ' ' - I I ' .' ' -' ' xl I xg . : I. I : : ' - ,ff NJ oll y I, , , g keg. 5 " F u . 2. .' : i , 3. Q si J, 3' H ' I I , , , '- I' "- I f g dp' 'VL fl A a u U y . , ' Q ,110 2 'D .V -" ' , Q A, '- ff IV A fb' , li . ' , K ' Joan Marie Wefzel Wefz Physucal Educahon Teacher Homeroom Vrce Presxdenf 3 4 Bowln Hoc ey 2 3 4 Volleyball I 2 3 4 Soccer and Speeclball 2 Traclz and Field 2 Soffball all Leaders Club 2 3 4 Office He per 2 3 4 Favonfe Memory Sum merhme summerhme foofball games Union, II, High School Pei' Peeve Afler schoo K homeroom Nofed for--Her lolly wa-is Rosalie Wien Coolue To have a wonderful Info eyball I 2 4 Jun Red Cross 4 Usher Squad 4 Adverhsnng S'IaFF of Cannon 4 Favorde Memory The day I mel' fhal' ceriam boy Pef Peeve-Oral book re porls Nofed for-Her black halr 11' ,,, grey 'R S4 1' L 6 I Q-Y' .milf WP' 1-. We Vx tar Roberf Gary Whiffmg Auto mechanic Vlsual And Squad I 2 Favorlfe Memory Goldblaffx general chanlcs classes Noted for-Being on e prolecflon squad Hermlne Pal' Wiener Herm To be happy Sludenf Councnl I Congress 2 Leaders CIub2 3 Library Sfafl 2 3 4 Usher Squad I 2 3 4 Bowling 3 4 Thsspnan Undersludles 2 3 Cannon I 2 3 4 Noghhngales 3 4 F 3 4 Girls Sporfs I 3 Jumor Red Cross I Favorife Memory foolball games and hlsiory wlfh Mrs Deusinger Pef Peeve Sludymg for feds Noied for-Being gullible 1 i ,-...nn-""' Caufious chemusls. Xl' nj 111 . A S, ffl ' b . .. .. "'1I?f ' - , - . I -- Mr. . ' "' x I F. T. A. 3, 1 I g 4: , ' m" ll . . : . W . 5, fl! . r , A A I I, 3. 4: BasIce+b I, 2, 3. 4: y -"' I , , I ff T ,gn . K , i l - f - ,ZE3 'fd-. - itll ' x ' - - ez '?sff1.:N-5 as-fe 2 ' , ' ' -' ' M I 1-E '3':'5T .A ..--E.'31'3' . . ' My eg- -N 'g-.ff Q A. -ha--lugj ' . 4' . ,f'.f,f:E.-Q ,451 - - it ' iff. l ' ,fi.j.:.V?'. ':f.: .1 -- ' E 4 ,I ' -,'is'ff-are , 1' ,,5, f wait 1 I 'k", I' s s ' , .. - .. Voll , , : lor , I . . . I I I ' ' . I I 1 , X I . . : ' ' . : . T.A..: " ,2, f I I . l - The ' I-II e g " v l I' - I 1 Can 'l'l1ey sang as well as lhey look? Joel Mlchael Wllllams oe Noled for Belng sharp dresser John Thomas Wllson SI: p Aulo mechanic Soccer 3 Favonfe Memory Eides arf classes Fel Peeve-The men who hand oul' long whsle cards Noied for-leing cool 112 W1"'v 'i 6- S. Susan P Wlllrams Wlllle Ar Senale 4 Nahonal Honor Socuely 3 Nnglmhngales 3 4 F T A 3 Yearbook Arl Edllor 4 Sl'udenl'Counc1l I 2 Slu denl' Councll Represenlahvs ul' Rufgers I Arl Club 4 Hockey I Soccer 2 3 4 Vol le all I 2 3 4 Baslne l Baseball 2 3 Llbrary Slaff Favorlfe Memory My four lam packed years al' Union High Barbara Ann Wlrh Barb Airline hosless Volleyball I 2 Nughlmgalss 4 Hall Momlor 4 Favorlle Memory Junior Prom summer of 58 Fel Peeve Bolslerous people Noted for-Her bangs lfgiaf Peeve Unfrlendly Edward J Wnoroskl Eddie To be a successful engineer Cass Congress I 2 3 Slage crew 34 Science Club 3 4 Hall Momfor4 Bowling l Sfamp Club 4 Track I 2 Usher Squad 3 4 Favorlfe Memory e summer of 58 Per Peeve--Girls you Irnow who wonl' say hello one way halls people who don? ear Nofed for Helping fhe leachers Arlene M Wolff To do fo fhe besf of my abllify anylhmq I underfalxe ln my life Favorlfe Memory Easier 1957 summer of 1951 Per Peeve Exlremely windy days Nofed for-Her quietness Q- .la 'Do 3 sr """Y I l John Charles Wolf Wolf To fravel and see lhe world J V Foolball 3 Favorrfe Memory Eldes arf class Per Peeve Crowded lunch rooms Nofed for Working al Olympic Park parole .lean Wolff Foxie 3, To b happiness fo my elf and olhers J, aders Club2 3 4 Nnghl' pmgales 3 4 Congress 2 3 Congress Allernale 4 Usher Squad I Biography Slafl of Yearbook4 Hockey I 2 3 4 Volleyballl 2 3 4 Baskefball ack 2 4 Te Favorlfe Memory Our crazy shlndlgs and 'lhe mmer of 58 spirit X! A 'Familiar face fo all Miss Eslelle Mullspaugh who is rehrlng fhns June was gradualed from lhe Over look School of Nursing She lirsl came lo Umon Hugh School when Miss Durlmg was principal Durmg her lirsl fwelve years Miss Mullspaugh was fhe school nurse for several ol 'Ihe grammar schools as well as for 'lhe hugh school In Ihe old days lhe medical room was localed over lhe band in +he reading room ll had lusl lwo cols buf we always had lols of music Twelve years ago, she became a permanenl' nurse al' Ihe high school. Wulh Ihe opening ol lhe new addllion, she moved inlo her new office. "I did noi know whal +o do wifh all 'Ihe room," she said. How- ever, 'Ihe sludenl' body had grown from one lhousancl lo lwo lhousand and now lhere are more sick sfudenls lhan ever before. And now, affer lhirly years of devofed service, she is reliring. We seniors, lrequenl recipienls of her minislrafions, are graleful for her never-failing sym- palhy. and wish her a long and happy refiremenl. ' 113 people lack of school Nofed for-Being willy Raymond Woller GY To conlrlbule somelhlng fo science Vvsual And Squad Co Cap n I 2 3 4 Dance Band 2 3 4 Marchmg Band I 2 3 4 Tennus Team 3 4 Bowl mg 4 Key Club 3 4 Sludenl uncll I 2 3 4 Scnen Club 3 4 Sclence Club Pres ldenl 4 Cannon Slaff 4 Favorlfe Memory ey Clu and lhe lwo classes Mr Peachs and Mr Pollsins Nofed for-Being lirsl' In class slandings Edna Lee Woodfon Woodle To marry 'lhal' cerlam 9Y Volleyball l 2 Hall Momlor Favorlfe Memory Burys hlsfory class New Years Eve 1957 quarfer back on football 'leam of 1958 Per Peeve Boys who break girls hearls Junior Prom of 1957 Nofed for Havlng friendly dlsposlhon Edmund Anfhony Wrlghf To own a new car Track I 2 Favorlfe Memory Mrs Wares sludy hall in 1957 Pet Peeve The way this school IS operafed Nofed For I-lls blond halr John N Yanosey Yan To be successful Marchmg Band l 2 3 4 Favorlfe Memory End of school Per Peeve-So called cus foms Nofed for-His slow walk 114 if Gr- W of R run X i' S- I: I Roberl' Lee Woods Woodchuck Mechanical engineer Foolball I 2 4 Wresfllng 2 4 Track Favorife Memory Flrsl' pe riod class In 'lhe klichen with 'lhe pofs and pans Fel Peeve-Gefhng up lo come fo school afler being oul' Sunday nlghls Nofed for-Hls mckname Thomas Woolley Tom Engineer Key Club Buskelball I 2 3 4 Baseball I Track 2 3 4 Cross Counfry 2 3 Con grass 4 Favorife Memory Mr Pe- iosa s hlslory class Fel' Peeve-Oral reporfs Nofed for-Blushing Frederick Wuerfhner Fred To make a success ou? of I e Favorlfe Memory Flrsf lunch ssxfh period iflldy a Pe? Peeve Teachers who fhnnk lhey re rl slack up glrls Noled for--Fooling around wllh cars Lmda Yeffer ee To be happy In whalever I do Volleyball I Congress I 4 Sludenl' Councll Alfernale 3 Bowllng 3 4 IB M Typrsl' for +l'1e Cannon Favorlfe Memory Summer of 1958 Pei' Peeve-Humld weafher Noled for-Being nahlrally ahrachve Roberfa Zall Bobble or Beri To be a sfeno feacher Favorlfe Memory The boy I mel In 'lhe summer of 'I958 Pef Peeve-Klds who fhlnls 'Ihey re il' Nofed for Bemg qulei enough Io be heard Eileen Zimmerman Zim Secrelary Soccer3 4 Volleyball I 2 elball I Bowlmg 3 4 Nnghhngales 3 4 Baseball I Leaders Club 3 4 Tennis l 2 IBM Typusl for Cannon Favorlfe Memory Good 'hmes down af the shore and the Jumor Prom Pei Peeve-People Ialltlng fo you one day and noi Iho sexi Nofed for Her crazy ways Mmam Doris Young Midgue To gel a car Baskelball I Volleyball I Baseball I Fovorlfe Memory quuck frnp Io Bosfon New Years Eve of 1957 Pef Peeve--Eahng m 'Ihe cafelerna my senior sfeno class Nofed for-Wearmg sun glasses Sfephen Zavockl Sieve Wreslllng l 2 3 4 Tr ck V ual And Squad I 2 Favorlfe Memory Foddens physical scnence class Pell Peeve One way halls Nofed for-Havmg 'Ihe blg gesf head of hour on Ihe wreslhng Ieam QF' 'J fl ' Carol Ann Zimmermann Zummne Doing worihwhlle 'Ihlngs 'Ihrough life Scccer3 4 Volle a elball I Baseball I Tennrs 3 Bowlung 4 NIgl1hngales3 4 Sena'fe3 4 Nahonal Honor Scclely l B M Typnsf for Cannon Favorlfe Memory Wresl Img mafch al' Roselle Park nn sophomore year and everyone al Umon High Fel' Peeve-Noi belng able Io do all I wanl fo do Nofed for-Always 'Ending fume fo soy hello Richard Zorn Duck To be successful Soccer I 2 3 4 Wresllmg I 2 Varslly Club 3 Favorlfe Memory Clarks German class In 1956 Fel Peeve--One way halls lunch reslriclions Nofed for-Playing soccer phomore Congress CLASS HISTORY lf has faken us, fhe Class of l959, four years fo emerge as seniors from our humble beginnings as "ex-eighfh graders." We are fhe lasf class fo spend four years in fhe high school. As we look back on fhose firsf evenfful days in Union High, we fondly remember searching feverishly for our classrooms, our sfudenf handbook clufched fighfly in our hands, our pockefs sfuffed wifh elevafor fickefs. Our school social life began wifh fhe freshman parfy. A record number of 450 sfudenfs affended fhis successful dance. Our firsf foofball season wifh all ifs excifemenf was followe-d by fhe Chrisfmas season. We remember fondly fhe school program and fhe parfies, shows and enioyable fimes of fhe vacafion week. A freshman falenf show broughf added excife- menf fo our class, as well as fo fhe resf of fhe sfudenf body. Then all of a sudden fhe freshman year was over and we were sophomores! If was our furn fo heckle! The firsf monfhs of school again provided us wifh a successful foofball feam and an acfive holiday vacafion. The sophomore variefy show was succeeded by "Fanfasy in Snow." our sophomore dance. lf proved fo be fruly fanfasfic. How surprised fhe decorafing commiffee was fo find Nafure adding ifs fouch. Eighf inches of snow fell fhe very nighf of fhe dance! The end of our sophomore year broughf fhe usual period of cramming for examinafions. Wifh fhaf obsfacle behind us we venfured forfh on anofher summer of enjoymenf, In fhe fall we refurned fo Union High once more, buf fhis fime as UPPERCLASSMENl We had af lasf reached our goal of fwo years. The offend- ance af classes, games, and social funcfions of all fypes was lower fhan usual during fhe firsf monfhs. Asiafic flu sfruck Union High and sfruck hard. Those who were presenf remember fhose lengfhy absenfee sheefs. Our sporfs deparfmenf broughf high honors fo our school. Again, fhe foofball feam had a highly successful season. For fhe fhird year in a row fhe wresfling feam capfured fhe sfafe championship. Obfoining our class rings af fhe ring dance was fhe highlighf of fhe pre-Chrisfmas season. How will we ever fargef fhe drooping crepe-paper ceiling in fhe gymnasium? Much confusion accompanied fhe preparafion for fhe Junior Show, However, fhe fheme, planning for a show, provided fhe many falenfed iuniors wifh a good background for fheir falenfs. All fhoughfs soon furned fo fhe Junior Prom. "Elevenfh Heaven" proved a challenging fheme for fhose concerned. Though fhe days of waifing and planning passed slowly, fhe acfual "nighf of fhe ear" flew by. All foo soon fhe prom was anofher happy memory. However, fhe memory was some- whaf dimmed for a while by fhe yearly examina- fions which closely followed fhe prom. Then we were SENIQRS, af lasf! Again Union High's foofball feam proved ifself fo be a winner. The "Harves+ Moon Hop" opened fhe social season for us upperclassmen. This dance was followed by fhe annual senior "Chrisfmas Ball." The affracfive decorafions, fine music, and pleasanf company made fhe "Ball" a perfecf beginning fo fhe Chrisf- mas fesfivifies of l958, "The Man Who Came fo Dinner" came fo Union High School in fhe form of fhe annual Senior Class play. This fine comedy proved fo be a perfeci' showcase for fhe many fine fhespians, nof only in 'l'he senior class, buf also in Union High School as a whole. Throughouf fhe enfire year one fhing remained fo challenge, and somefimes puzzle, members of fhe senior class - College! How well seniors remember fhe frequenf visifs fo Mr. Boyle's office for guidance and advice. Those nof college bound frequenfly wenf fo see Mrs. Danier concerning iobs and em- ploymenf offer graduafion. ri PW fn D ff' '- TIM QT fl, U' ea A -jj gkls, Freslirhan Cbngress M, 1 l L-as .f-...Q ...J gf Q 1, ,mg '3 -I 1 can G. in ii . rf? ,ly J.1mor Congress fi I . . S 4 , 1 1 t z 5 5 s . 5 . ' :Q A 'I 1 Il f ii 1? 5 T STUDENT CCUNCIL Franl Poole Pres donl and larbora Wade Secrelcry llnlon I-llqh School ls forlunale lo have a line re lallooahlp exlsllnq helween lhe sledenls and lhe admlnlslrallon And ln no befler way can this relahon ship he exemplliad lhan by our Sludenf Council Through fhls legulahve body. problems confronhlng fha shdenh are liscossed and lows desired by fhe shllanh are enacled Olhcers of lhe House of Represenlahves and Sena lor: compaugn for elechon Every homeroom eleels lwo represenlahves one of whom ls an allernafe From Ohe membershlp ol lhe ehilre argamzalion various commullees are formed Some of lhese are lhe Rules Finance Eleelion Assembly Arfs and Poslers The Shadenl' Connell eondlels many exeellenl' ae llvllles CIHIQ the school year Among the acllvllies A-Eur Qsy Mrs Ffkdlfltk C Deusunger Advuser 3 M 1,19 as I John Smarl Vnce Presxdeni Charlnn Kunz Treasurer all Qurosfhejrsl eopeeio all The Halen? ooh fo ma nlalns a re clprocal exchange vlsllaflon program wllh olher high schools un ihe area A balleflll of Connell proeeednogs aoolhor oolivlly ol In read lo the lob- roala hy lhe Nina No doubl' fhe Sludenl' Council s masl' pralseworlhy funcflon as lls fasleraqe of an overseas orphan This ls accomplished through slldeols conlrlbolloos and assoelolloa wllh gh lagler Panels Hal., 'randi Lee Sul Yul a Korean orphan is belng elofh fed and housed by our conlrlbullans ll ususnzgll weanrar lhal Unlon High School s Shi Couoa roug numerous Gill!! eoollpgn to new num WM erganlxalh-ans? ,. 4 14- ln v Q 1 X , - , 4, o A Q 5 . . '7 T e 5, X V M Q, fl :QL-1 I: ' ,,V . 4, , , 'I ,kr H A L- Q ,Q-1, P' 'K . ,Q . A . F 4 , 1' . - f fy m f X ml I , . if l . A e .- l l ' , v I' , .- l ' . ' T , A or 53 1 , , 3 Q fi j T A 5 i , ' . ,.,,,: i- 1 ,, , H VA E- VVV.,. 0 0 0 V, O . . T , . 'I I ' I D ' by s ' W -f' . ,. - I ' . , . I I - I . . ' . -. , , . , , V ' . . A f h u .,.- . ' ' ' ' I I t I I I . I - ' l I l I I T K Q I Lcfgf ' ' , I. vi ,A,, s A, ,VV if , A, ' 1 x. . zu I Y 7 I A fi-, jew I Lykv u :V ,Q V , I . l 7 1 f,fTZf W ifif' STUDENT COUNCIL lsi Row R saflnd Rabner Bar ara Wade Duane Chobe da R Fredman 1 1 o D r fny fxma+o P 'f Sk: ey rol HONZ Kefchow Beffy Shcrer 2nd Row Pnyihs Lund Barbara Schmnh Rhea Levy Sharon Decfer Joan Farley Carol Ol.ennsck Carol Boggs? Kafny Von Obernauer 3rd ow lady S f an A s e e M u Hwda Rornplwe lc san Var- e BMW Nodnna nf' Jae Snva Sieve Juman Sandy Bnihffer Charleew K nz 4141 Row Ray Wo! Sfuarf Bernsfeun Jar-nes Lynch Cary Werner Q3 Sfa kard Barbara Gollnod' Marqe Gans Frank Poole Domunxc Candace Kari' Elsfe 591 Row Mncnaen lauas Neal Adams vvuxe Ureenwoaa ml Far lander Renaud Kass Barry Hcberbush Allan Moms o er? Cameron Larry Sm n Erwn GJeHq Ge Wade F SENATE ls1'Row Sandra Searles iene Leff Eugenie Carter Jane Faavkner Cara! Zfmmerman Gary Aw er? 2nd Row Susan WWl+ams Ronafd W1s1"ar+ C rolyr- G aes e Qaberi' Sfe aff G b v cnc d Te y acu va R w F n J n c a aae D... ...-..l...-..---- Q A - V' - L. .. 'A .. W' 3 b . ' r ' Pcna Y - K aa :V fer, 4 ' Q X, - X. Seb, ac' , a. yn , Ca . Lufa ' , 'ii C . I ,, K I, g .I W Y , I 1 I I 1 - R z 1 51 ef lc D' gc f"'fZ Ari '- ess?a Dlane R b , 7+', XE ' cfge Fa lk, " C, Su ,L -d 3, ' M a' . V "if , x ' Y , I W. W '. I K I '3 V' ' . 1 4 all -ef 1 , 'K fb .- :-' 3' I '. . a ,. f sfx. 'vv ,vK'o? Svc' ' rf M 'Now' '. 3rd o : FG R Pa.,e4 gh SI'T"O'?, Ba" cf W l , Cnadeen Kwz. 119 X 7- -fa 1' xv: 447 ,,. a-,Q 'mfkfwd 'T' xx -is 45,1-ei, ry 4 , 6 I Mnss Charlolle Bluhm The Class Congress has been 'rhe govermnq body ol lhe class of l959 Every year each homeroom elecled 'rwo congressmen and lwo alfernales lo represenl Hr These represenlahves served as lhe lsnlf belween The governmenl and The sludenl body by brmgung news Class Advisers ff' Mr Mnchoel Yesenlro back from The meelmnqs and re +urmng fo rneelnngs wnh queshons 'ro oe answered Under The guxdance of The cla s advisers 'rhe Class Congress ac compl shed a varuely of laslcs Al The rneehngs all of lhe soczal alfaurs were carefully planned and Mass Florence Brady orgamzeo The Congress arranged lor The class shows and The class frrp H look orders for class rings and puns and also collecled class dues Lasl nr planned The gradua hon ceremonies wulh whlch al wall have fnnrshed serving you The class of 959 -Qillizli - DA BJ-ul SENIOR CONGRESS Kneeling Lawrence Somar In Roberf Douqlass .lacquelme Cooles Joan DAqos+ no lsl' Row Mr Mnchael Yesenlco Adv ser Nancy Kohl Rose Marne alel Mormon Maloney Roberl D nn Lrndo Coomb Jane Faollcr-er Cynfhra Waqner Lrndo Kal: Elanne Bnder Mss Charlolle Buhm Advlser Znd Row Maureen Polfer Shwrey Rupperl' Judxfh Sfamer Marllyn Monson Barry Ezsenberq .lcnef Haas Jne Auer Carol Anqsler Morylun Gerrnq M s Florence Body Adv: er 3rd Row Char s Ma rer Louann Hun? Joan Roessner Mare G en her June anner udh Brearey Elean e Nrelsen o n Schaedler Sleven Shulcon Ronald Carlssh M1 hael Cordon 4+h Row John Van Hoff' Berry Hansen Edward Thomas Wxlfam Rula Mrchael Amaro Man Fred Dalhauser Waller Behrrnqer Thomas Wooley Kennefh Moore Senior Congress 'lt TlTl"7'f"' l ,L U r A-de T I Junior 3 Wa. Class " H Advisers S Mr. Alexander Gran? Mrs. Thomas Porcello Mr. Jaeger Junior Class Officers Alberl Sleigenga Alan Schneider Robin Angus Virginia Williams Presidenf Vice Presidenl Secreiary Treasurer 122 Junior Congress IHHZW JUNIOR CONGRESS-Isl' Row: Alberl Slei en a Presidenr- Allner' Schneider Q 9' - ' ' 1 Robin Angus, Secrelaryg Virginia Williams, Treasurer. 2nd Row: Theodore Bubnowslry, rnan, Diane Rudowslry, Denise Nuffman, Barbara Breen, Regina Cichy, Maureen Gura. 3rd Row: Henriella Blair, Arlene Miller, Phyllis Teilelbaurn, Jane Slamler, Vice Presidenh Sherry Gendlef Manaold, Louis Carol Schlope. Judy Sfeiner, Roberl' Silverman. 4i'l1 Row: Chrisline Fuchs, Ronald Wisharf, Raberf Sleinreich, Susan Flynn, Waller Meyers, John Kreideweis. Carolyn Grossle. Koss, Pafricia Vigliolfa, Beverly Evans, Barbara Jaeclrel, Lynn Pikor. Sfh Row: Roxanne Riley, Jann Sophomore class OFFICERS OF SOPHOMORE CLASS- PI1iIEp Pon. discio, PresIdenI: Beffv She-fer, Vice Presidenft Po+ri:o Bu+'ery, Secreiorvg Larry A"er- Treospfer. SOPHOMORE CLASS ADVISERS Mss Fovne rw Nr Anfwonv PeI so Mrs W1 om Broxn SOPHOMORE CONGRESS ow R me e Lrwdo Mo D moId To e Mamas 3rd Row JerIIvn Le eod aM N v rw e I co Io Sondra eo S Sendo Wie ew ry P In fs o n Row L, c Cf r' Ano eo Im o B en 4II1 H Z Mo ro o o C s r Ww B Do c W f' G Ro P+ SN r 1 I Nf3'w'f W I , I 3 , V . ""' ' ' V J Q A -"'i',,1i.:.4g,: I f I I 1 I 1 I ' I TT! ff I ' ifzl I is X r . .F,,. -ISIR : o 7 SIS: f, E Korn- Roberk: , C o 7 'I .'. , I 'K CICIV fog G r I Zn C ':I+. loo Sc-."7er' Arfhovv DeFo':o EH en Jome-s W"ev Povf? 7 S 'Icon . S fe. I ' If? Z 'W Go er C roI Uxef, 2 d 1 S' LC' ' Ke - Lend EIOIV9 Pe-rw, Indy ' 'c. , P fricfo QI' . ROW Ref' ocker. 'ie DICCJID Bc ' cf De-hog. K 'ef of on I.es'e Wa, cf' f 'cfoek' Podeue Pwr.. SI1 'on Rhine Hg", Dcrcfov F,r'cng ,bf 'Q I. 123 BOOSTER STAFF David Raymond Eclilor ai the Yearbooh Vivian Iron Assisianr Edifor of lhe Yearbool: This edifion of rhe Boosler fruly serves as a memo- rial 'lo fhe iniense eflorfs of ifs Ediforial Board and si-aff. Many affernoons were spenr in ifs prepara- iion, affernoons when members of fhe sfaff mighl have been aHending a baslcefball game or iusf sifiing around relaxing. Ceriainly congrafulafions are in order for our Edifor-in-Chief, Dave Raymond, and our Assisfanf Edilor, Vivian Breen. Any organizaiion needs one or iwo leaders who are capable of insuring effici- ency. ll' was 'lhey who had 'lhe responsibilify and burden of seeing fhaf all commiflees mei iheir deadlines. For lhe wirficisms designafed 'lo each of our graduaring seniors we are indebled fo the Biog- raphy Slaff. The Liierary Slalf, under Chorleen Kunz and Eleanore Nielsen, creafed the pilhy paragraphs and commenls which animaie our Boosier. The Finance Sfali, worlring under Bob Dunn, Elaine Boller, Joe'Schulman,. and Marion Maloney, spenf many affernaons searching for ads in order fo finance and malre ihis yearbook possible. To fhem we owe man ihanlzs. Despife 'lhe obsfacle of having io reschedule many phofographs, 'lhe hofograph sfaff, whose edilors were BeH'y .lane Morgan and Eileen Corri- gan, managed fo meer iis deadline. For fhe formal' of our Boosler and 'lhe piciures which adorn lhese pages, we are grareful io ihe arl' commiflee headed by Susan Williams and Michael Amalo. Few of 'lhe headlines go fo ihose who musr perform fhe ledious, yer essenfial, iob of 'lyping all wriffen malarial for publicafion. Graiifude is due lo fhe fyping commirlee whose chairmen were Malrie Guenfher and Joyce Hunf, for fulfilling 'ihis fas . V Congralulafions fo lhe Boosfer siaif of '59 for a iob well done. if Y I1 'J YEARBOOK EDlTORlAl. STAFF- Isl Row: Eileen Corrigan, Schulman, June Wanner. Wallace Tomy, Eleanore Nielsen, Michael Amare, Vivian Breen, David Raymond. Belly Jane Marion Maloney, Michael Shulzan, Elaine Boller, Marie Moraan. 2nd Row: Susan Williams, Charleen Kunz, Joseph Guenrher, Susan Glasser, Joyce Huni, Roberi' Dunn. YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-Ann Adams. Diane Ro- dig, Ronald Carlish, Steven Jay. Andrew Ray, Karen McBreen. Susan Alexander. Saaied: Eileen Corrigan, Belly Jane Morgan. 4 YEARBOOK LITERARY STAFF-Sifiingz Eleanore Nielsen, Char. leen Kunz. Siandinq: Terry Macoaugall, Alan Goodman. Ran- ald Bronsfein, Alan Bahrs. ,Sq , YEARBOOK TYPING STAFF-Sihing: Marie Gueniher, Joyce Huni, ing: Rose Bavosa. Carolyn Gunther, Elaine Buichylr. Barbara Frey, Ann Breen. Abseni: Lynn Kefchow. .1 re" if! 1 T1 W ' U - 5 Z, O 'i ' - I 'QW V ' 445-1 I if l YEARBOOK FINANCE STAFF-Kneeling: Marion Maloney. Sandra Billeher, Grace Bishop, Elaine Boller, Linda Brill. Sfand- ing: James Dunn, Stephen Shulzon. Joseph Schulman. Thomas Perry. Joseph Perella. Stephen Berlinger, Eugene Lazarov. Sfand- Carol sg ,liz Margarei Williams. Sfanding: Michael AMMO. Arlene Fredericlrs. Norman Asmn. rf . YEARIOOK BIQGRAPHY STAFF-ls! Row: Elaine Binder. Eleanor Broghomrner, Myra Krim. Bonnie Shaeier, Linda Coombs. Judy Goffula. Ind Row: Shirley Ruppert, Terry Fisher. Pai' Schanh, Susan Slilrer, Nancy Kohl, Marilyn Monson, June Warmer. 3rd Row: Susan Glasser. Michael Shulcan, Wallace Tomy. Kennefh Moore, William Rita, Maureen Poffer. The "CCH1f10f1." Union High School's mon+hly newspaper, is a producl' of exlensive research, deep thinking, careful sfudy. and much confusion. Almost any day aflr school one can find diligenf sfudenls working in an afmosphere of ink, glue, and scrap paper. Sessions offen exlend unlil seven o'clock in lhe evening as +he would-be iournalisls feverishly endeavor +o meer 'fhe deadline. Leading 'lhe "Cannon" is an Ediforial Board commanded by +l1e chair- man. lndividual page ediiors are responsible for planning lheir respecfive pages and assigning slories +o 'lheir sfudenl reporfers. The enfire produclion is overseen by 'lhe adviser, Miss Joan Massolh. Compleled assignmenfs are re+urned lo l'he page edilors by fhe reporfers. Afler being proof-read and cor- recled, fhe copy is lyped on special "IBM" machines by business maior sfudenls. Sludenls 'lhen assemble lhe lyped maierial info a dummy copy of lhe "Cannon" which is senl' 'lo the prinler. By 'lhe "pho+o off-sei" melhod l800 copies are produced for disfribulion no'l only in Union High School, buf also in fhe Township, and fhroughouf ofher secondary schools in New Jersey. CANNON EDITORIAL BOARD-Sealed: Miss Joan Massorh, Adviser: Allan Bahrs Slanding M chael Amolo, Belle Flader, Myra Krim, CANNON STAFF Is+ Row Carol Ufler Gloria Lee Duane Margoles Rasalrd Rbner Susan Frank Barbara Wade .loan Sobo Lynn Komrolif Rovena Robbrns Lnda Kalz rs Relz Derrse Rosensvyerq 2nd Row Rhea evy renda Gordon L da Brrll Elarne Pollard Myra rum fer Herm ne Wrener Maxrne Goldberq Erleen Linker June Handza Ronald Wuslmarf 3rd Row Alen Bolmrs Bonne ay Euqenle Carfer Ronnr Cryslal Werdy l-lerlrhy Reber? Snlver n llene L rl ILdy Enzer Car 7rmmerman Rosemarie Tale lnqrrd l-laq rnerer Gal Rreslwrch Mrcliey SU IVUH 4th Row Ronald Carlrsln Arlene Wolff Roberf Sr ler Slnaron Declnter Karen Goldsrnrrln Carol Welaandl Susan Slllcer Sandy Searles Belly Perry Sherry Gendl mgn L Cllle Sm Rozalznd Wersclmer Marre G enrner Belly Flader Sfh Row Make Amafo Jane Sclnmllz Florence Papov Carol Ann G lc rn 'ea r l qol' Valerle Urbanawrlz Ann Kolclwlrowslcr Carole Hempel Marlene Lalavee Edward Lrllrnan Jane l-loerrner 6+l'1 Row Ronald Kiss Grace Brslv p l-la rrel Bloch Carol Greenberq Elleen Znmmerrnan Lnda Yerler Maureen Roller Eleanor Allgeflifem Shirley Rupperf Judy Nemrlz Harvey Bernsfern Gary Bernlwalcer Douqlas Alen PA E EDITORS We dy l-ler my Do g 04 A en C yr Graes e Den se Ro en swelg Susan Fr nk Arr-elfe Fe n Barbara Wad H nreT Ba Earre Po ar 2 . 4 1 l - . , e , u ' ' ns. Plwy'l' l .' ' : L , " ' , ' u 'f , , 1 B , in ' 4 ' , K' , ' K ' V Myra Turlcel, Arlene Blerbaurn, Diane Rudowslqy, Elaine Can- Breen, Belly N d. r, Tan! Asnin, , n Hilbera, Ca o Brnq. , ' . : 'f , E D , V - 1 ' I A N . ' . W -. U - n . A . U! T. t 1 ma , er , - o' ..' , ' ' ' 1 1 A , R ', K ' x9 5 , 'f ' , ' ll' . ' I ' r ' V ' X ' l G v- n " 'J l , ' grg sl , l 3 - I . 3 , ,r Q , 9, Q. 'Q lt ' II d. 2 HONOR SOCIETY lsT Row Thomos Perry J oy SH er Pr e Rcnclo Kss Denuse Ro enzw Q Lndo ro K Tm Noncy Tv o o n ow y P k Cor BoggoTT T-len o BUTT Arlere Messmx Wendy r ny Mor E Roozo yce TT rn R erT o s Terr HONOR SOCIETY The Honor SocveTy as o sele-cTrve orgomzohon sTudenTs holdnnq o l or 2 In ell sube lT o member receuves o 3 IH ony sublecT he on proboTuon Tor one morlcung period IT Th grode IS repeoTed The member ns osked To reslgn A prospechve member musT hold on elecTe4 oTTrce ond be ocTuve IR Two oTher ocTuvlTles No musconducT reporTs ore ollowed Some oT The seryuceg rendered by The cluo Include TuTorlnq persons logging IH Their sTudles on onnuol colce sole ond on ossembly proorom Mo Dc go E gene Coder Rheo Levy lcon Welss mulle 3rd Row Donmlo Keller Mon yn Morfon June Wor-rer Borboro GoTllnoTT Co oyn Groe se Wlllom nT D go Alen Roer T h Edwodflocn Wolo e T my Aon Goodmon Vsromuo Wmloms Shlr ley R poe T J dy STomer Chorleen K nz KEY CLUB The Key Club IS on orgonnzohon Tor The boys oT Unuon Hugh School The Members seTecTed musT hove o 2 5 overoge They musT olso Tolce porT sn exTro curruculor OCTTVITIGS ond be IH good sTondTnq wuTh Therr closs The club renders mony servnces To The school They Include Toknng core oT The Tlog m The mornsng ond clurmg ossemblres woshung The Trophy coses ond The Drrvers lfducohon cors Turmshung Qundes Tor The AdulT School runnvng The concessuon sTond oT The home TooTboll games and guvmg on onnuol ossembly TQ1 N KEY CLUB-IsT Row KurT Elsfe Terry Mocllougoll W Tom RTTo Ronold Kuss 2nd Row Roberf Dougloss Nor Anderson Wrlluom Nofhnogel Chores MorTer Raymond Woller Ronod WTshorT Muchoel Tollos 3rd Row Domrmc Cordoce, Rclph Sullnvon John Elfzen, Fronlr Poole John Chodwlck Wolloce Tomy 4Th Row RoberT Tuscn Dowd Roymond Lorry Somorfm Mrchoel Duch Aberf Srewgmog John SmorT, Lorry Zovodny Sfh Row James Sorn Thomos Wooley Roberi' Comeron, Thomas Perry 1 W bfqy l - I , ol ,'T , C u T, ., I , ' - Ace lc , T' ' , ' 5 e5 I Brfl, 1 r. : ' , T 'f T, , My rl , Lo 'Te 'ic .2 d R :PT 'l is choc, , 'A , r l 5 , 'll' o' , .r7eTT 3 , 'u, T I Bo T. ou 5 lT . b T Esc- ' h. er, l-Te' , lon Mc orey Norcy Koh, lsbeTn 'S , I c o , T , 'U' ' , '- li Hur, Core! Zmrner or, cb D ,glo 5, y u I LT , ' V , of . .T TT TT TT . Cfgl . . ' I . TT TT T - I5 TT . TT . . . . L IS , v . . .. . f yr. T I Tf T I l HALL MONITORS ld Row Marnn Cullen' Mary LoJ Hanf lnlelle Scrwarfi Edna Woodrow Plwyllss Handel Barbara Wrrrz Nancy Cnap Kalry Slwean Merle Ben,h Doroflny Clark Anne Adams 2nd Row Belle Flader Ea ne Sard la James Baras RJ sel Plber Jonallwen Van Hora Roberf Kovasalla Brll Mayer Joan Berlco Gary Gray 1 FLYING SQUAD ls1'Row Kuff Esfe Gregg Cameron Roger Magley Aan Maleylca Donald McKay Paul Paolella 2nd Row Frederfc Banlel Michael Gordon Wal ram Gusrafson Barry Haber bush Gary Buralc George Merfen Samuel Magoleffa 3rd Row Reber? Cameron Gary Gray LLoyd Applun Sfeplwen Jaye John Kunna Frederuck Voelksen CHESS TEAM lsf Row Ken Kramer Marfm Pefersa Ken Brsbrng Lows Bauer Danny Kaplan Gary Alberl' 2nd Row Roberf Wolk Raclmn Mack Gul S ackwcrd Nell Greenberg Danny Broclws Presndenf Roger Farrungfon John Magod 3rd Row Henry Schoder Belly Goldberq Edward Spraque Davud Gelband, Ed Rachner George Onduslw I rl I l G js J l' f G 5' J, I Y y .,:1 W 1 T i Q A 5 I , ' - 'L , l A 1 G y Q,- i I I 1 -I r . -. - ay y , ' F Q x y J J im' new Y b J ,Q A I 'J ', Wa. - 5: J 2' 'J J L' " .fi g 3 J , K XA. ' 1 K. ' 1- 4 - 'S F 1 3 , .1 E ' . 'l l J 'i . . ll ' sl V 53 . f f R 6+ .S STARLIGHTERS lsf Row N Adams R Waller G rl' 3rd w E ran Ga o l"l Lnpslem Alberf M G-oldsmulh G Kwalcoll' S Mandel J Ulrmch lop anslcy M Walls B Barnharl R Raqers J Boone Mr J Trager Conduclcr 2nd Row J Schulman S Ellen R Glll 4'fh Row K Klem J Guldenberg W Berrmqer T Kcbran J Gonsales .i'i!1l'li! waht 4-a MARCHING BAND lsf Row Larry Samarln Lunda lacona Elame Pollard Gary Alberl Jamce Thomasella Nancy G-vllln Gerry G-sldenburq Jean Haque Judy Graf Gary Kufalrohl Euqenne Carler Mr Jaclr Traqer Leader 2nd Row Kennelh Kleen Sue Mandel Michael Bach Marvnn Goldsf-mlh George Slleqler Marvin Kalz Kenny Kraemer Bobby Graham Jae Walker KennY -.I Radclc' 3rd Row Margorue Leqqelf Glenn Pnehler Raymond Waller Ronald Heller James Mornm John Yanosey Charles Foushnol' John Gallo Joseph Schulman Theodore Kobran 4fh Row Sam Ellenporl' Carl Flanzer Edward Jordan Jack Ulruch Bob Roqers Edward Napa wrcla Raymond Conrad Alan Cooper Wally Behrmqer Bull Goldberg N I 'f 2 1 ' R. ' l .Lf- I ,A E A A G' y Q ' S ' n Tin 4 X . Ffh 'I . rl lx ' l - : , . . . po . Ro : , Jo d , J, H , , ' ' . H C "' l un I E5- . . , no T I ,l - .C 5 ' I R Ja 5 i -'Y W ' A in B qxzgirahuw-M i- i Y if .5 - Mi i h . -. 5 l , ' rl 2 ' ' x N , . . Kiwi .iflflli IIIEZE NIGHTINGALES Isl Row Joan Weissmuller Judy Brearley arbara Wade Barbara Gollinoll Shirley Rup perl 2nd Row Diane Wendrufl Barbara Schmrlz Judy Harlman Arlene Bradclco Jaclne Coales Eleanor Brea hammer Hermiene Weiner Fuqenie Carier Bonnie Day Suzanne Alpaugh Denise Nullman Reqie Cicl-ny Barbara Parchuc Margarel Welgandl' Olivia Treglio 3rd Row Miss Arleyen Piffenger Adviser L da B ll Nancy Lausler Judy Wesran Barbara Wrrlz Carol Zimmerman Susan Lensen Doris Reidel Arlene Bierbaum Palricia Kryslce Caroline Burns Judy Slifer Vivian Breen Elaine Smrlh Diana ROdlQ Rulh Lamberl 4th Row Belsy Rlcn ards Alice Price Nancy Kohl Carole Wolfe June Auer amos mimi EG' a Harrier Bloclc, Shawna Kali, Joan Schmidl. Susan Meslcin, Diane Kolassa, Eileen Zimmerman, Eleanore Miclcens June Faullcner, Fran Calderon, Paula Soperslein, Diane Couller, Judy Gollula. 5lh Row: Carolyn Graessle, Susan Alexander, Arlene Scoll, Carol Radler, Susan Koss, Hilde Roempclce, Belly Schaal, Val Nolan, Val Urbanawirz, Carol Baggoll, Dorofhy Gregovich, Barbara Hill, Robin Angus, Arlene Messig, Ann Reboul, Judy Lachenauer, Elaine Boller. bil! Row: Judy Verfelis, Belly Flader. Rachael DeMarco, Belle Bergmann, Jane Nielsen, Virginia Wil- liams, Edilh Kresin, Susan Glasser, Elaine Sardella, Care! Greenberg, Susan Riclcer, Carol Higel, Elean Ralushney, Susan Williams, Carol Schullz, Carol Gusravsen. - FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Isl Row: Judy Slifer, Jane Haerrner Judy Weslon, Joan D'Agoslino. 2nd Row Annelle Fein Rilo Goldfinger, Rosalind Ribner, -lUd"l" l-UQOsz Carolyn Hedden, Karen Maclc, Judy Gar- linch, Brenda Gordon Elaine Pollard, Linda Brill, Denise Rosenszweig Olivia Treaulio. Paula Sapersrein, Arlene Blerbaum, Myra Krim, Wendy Herlehe. 3rd Row: Linda Eulhardl, Vivian Breen Gale Onfell, Rilo Levy, Barbara Schmilz Eleanore Dleuqhy, Diane Wefzel, Elaine Dunbar. 5009 Simbel. Hermlene Weiner, Linda Combs, Pal Schanlz, Elsbelh Rodzio, Nancy Kohl, Susan Slilrer, June Auer 41h Row Elaine Boller, Marilyn Garring, Marion D n nl ,,,,,, J iQf,g, , af Hi L B , 1: i S Q29 ll! ' SJ E- ' i J I fi fi J . A so .,,-'f7ff7'g . X ...., , . -...- ......-A............-..,,.....N,. -.... Y Maloney, Terry Fischer, Marie Schmidl, Elaine Smilh, Zelda Neuss Merle Benisch, Leah Rolhbarl, Karen Gold- smilh, Beverly Baum, Nancy Corbeels, Henriella Blall, Susan Decler, Susan Mesliin, Susan Kopf, 5fl'1 Row: Arlene Messig, Sharon LaVere, Rosemary Lusk, Judy Gerring, Joan Farley, Judy Slamer, Par Fredlebaum, Rosalind Welscher, B. J. Jovorslci, Barbara Perry, Nancy Chapin, Carol Mack Judy Nemerz, Judy Slamer, Eleanore Nielsen, Alice Price. bfh Row: Barbara Hill, Elena Ralushnev. Diane Falk, Grace Bishop, Harrier Bloch, ldelle Schwarh, Marilyn Monson, Charlene Kunz, Carol Schullz, Eleanor Broghammer, Carol Greenberg, Marge Genis, Esfelle Smarl, Susan Alexander, Elvira Bueher. WEDNESDAY IOYS' IOWLING LEAGUE- I sf Row: Frank Peferson. Don Henry. Arny Koh, Michael Bock, Edward Kosmo. Gury Konlrowifz, Tom Egner, Howard Koh. Jock Schaedler. Jelfrey Biella, Mr. Herberi Srnilh, Coach. 2nd Row:,Glenn Piehler, Sieve Boyer, Jim Ausier. Marty Merble, Nick Peccone, David Gordon, Sal Fillipone. Henry Echolz, Al Fiary. Larry Srnirh. iid Row: John Smarf, Bob Buehler, Marfy Good- man, William Benlra, Allen Goodman. Par Hendler. Bill Kalb, Ralph Sullivan, Bill Angeles. Roberf Chrisfmon. 4l'l'l Row: Gary Meyer, Carl Berringer, Eric Pers- son, Henry Schroeder, Bob Guniher, Emil Schmidt Bill Shnilzlar, Fred Vollcsan. Ken- nefh Moore. William Goldberg, Edward Currolo. FRIDAY BOYS' BOWLING LEAGUE- lsf Row: Sfeven Brokle, Frank Saluccio. Lewis G-usa, Peler Moclroff, Leslie Berger, Frank Lara, Paul Moioroizo, Norman Bar- slny. Mr. Herberi' Smifh, Adviser. 2nd Row: Ani-hony Garubo. Allen Maieylo. Craig Mueller, Paul Alberfs, Raymond Waller, Joseph Panie, James Rudowshy, Roberl' Buclm. Rober? Holiman. Fred Ger- ber. 3rd Row: Roberi Senylz. Thomas Far- ringion, Jeffrey Lennox. Kenneih Hurfx. Daniel Neuwehler, James O'Donnel, Ron- ald Corlish, Edward Jordon, Nici Vrefslry. Mb Row: David Gelband, Richard Cooper, David Raymond, Robert Danial- zilr, Sleven Joy, Ronald Kiss. Charles Armlfrusl, Ralph McCloud. , Q R .. Jfby 3 , Af ii W r '13- 31141 if at ' 'f . nits' ,ill ' YY MODERN DANCE: TECHNIQUE GROUP--Isl' low: Pal Parfelow. Pa- tricia Sfanley, Ginger Ulrich, Lynn Lewis. Elaine Perry, Dee Furlong, Beffy Sherrer. 2nd Rev: Ilene Zevon, llene Linlzer, Susan Shoemolrer, Dorene Segal, Gail' Marcos. Susan Lowe, Arlene Wallenburg, Carol Caolr. 3rd Row: Sandra Reiss, Nom? Schmiff, Sandy Whileheur2l.' Sandy Van Dion, Linda Alimi, Trade Rufnludy Skip- per. Rebe Coolc. J '52i'.6"i fi sl: ra! , ' . I Q , I ' , l l i u MODERN DANCE: DANCE GROUP- lsf Row: Cafhy Bryanl, Ilene Leff, Anna Kolzen. Ind Row: Barbara Hairslon. Ar- lene Bierbaum. 3rd Row: Rosalind Ribner. Belly Jane Morgan, Linda Brill. V FQ . if GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM-lsr Row: Ann Adams. Paula Bollenr. PafLincl1.Florence Pagana, Par Esclmer, Brenda Gordon, Susan O'Hara, Gloria Cansala, Myra Krim, Helen Pearse. 2nd Row: Bonnie Schaefer, Tami Asnin, Hermeine Wiener, Marcy Henry, Barbara Orell, Janice Bafes, Judy Harfman, Carol Bardy, Chris Palicasfro, Lynn Kefchow. 3rd Rav: Mona Scher, Geri Reis. Carol Weisman, Carol Zimmerman. June Ridler,,Eileen Corrigan, Rose Bayosa, Carol Angsrer, Karen Crosby, Belly Craler. 414: Row: Shirley Rupperl, Jean Ennis, Carol Hansen, Elaine Engler, Linda Yeller, Carol Werlh- mann. Judy Slamer, Carol Bishop- Mar- garet Dougherly, Belsy Richards. Slh Row: Cathy Oppel. Barbara Shephard. Maureen Poller. Evelyn Brauer, Louise Vieira, Susan Alexander. .loan Mrazilr, Jane Haerrner, GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM-lvl Row: Elaine Dunbar, Judy Goffula, Diane Manzella, Elaine Perriera, Elaine Binder, Judy McFall, Eleanor Braglaamrner, Vir' ginia Raube, Rosemarie Talel. 2nd Row: Cafhy von Abenauer, Carol Hempel. Judy Miller, Pafricia Shania, Phyllis Pal- laclr, Arlene Bralchlno, Gail Preslwicli, Nancy Kleissler, Miss Arleyne Pilienqer. Adviser. 3rd Row: Diane Kolassa, June Auer, Evelyn Novabilslzi. Barbara Erey. Marie Szpaichler, Barbara Klimlxo, Belly Perry, Marlene Lalavee, Shawna Kell. 40h Row: Belly Flader, Elaine Sardella, Susan Glasser, Carolyn Vreeland, Judy Brearley. Eileen Zimmerman, Regina Scezpanslri, Elaine Bufchylr, Roxanne Rilev- Elvira Buehler. I L9 ' n,, ev f, 95, 'mm . DEBAUNG CLUB- ls+ Row: Dense Rcsensweig, Ronald Bransleiny l-'lenrietla Blarf, Alan Goodman Karen Qoldsmilh, 2nd Row: Elizabelh Bury, SJsan Meslrin, Judy Nernelz Carolyn Graessle Merle Benisch, Barbara Sianwyclr, 3rd Row: Neil Green. berg, Roberf Friedlander, John Magod David Gelband. Ronald Carlish, Josh Gedrch, Sfev Bronson, Daniel Brooks. THESPIAN UNDERSTUDIES - Isl Row: Ronnie Chrislooher Maxine Goldberg! Rcber'a Mai- Donald Karer Go dsrnirh Carol Cool: Mr. Howard Fenlon, Advsef: Ronnie Cfyslai, Bcnrie Bahsle Oivia Treqlio. 2nd Row: l-lal Eckslein Richard Weber Sieve Weiss Allen Pareis, J,dy Nemelz, Eleanor Nei sen Carol Hansen, June Fa. lcner, Jane Slroble. 1 ,QQ STAGE CREW-Mr. Roberl Beraen Adviser: Roberl' Gribben, Reber? Vollc, Roberl Parks, Sieven Kohlxe, Edward Wnorowslri. 134 JUNIOR RED CROSS-Isl Row: Phy'lis Pellz, Elaine Canfer Rosalie Wein, Alice Price, Joyce Magin, Sherri Rhineharl, Gerry MCNull'y, Mary Ann Menoza, Joyce Krack. 2nd Row: Bonnie BrUsl'1,LindG Eolhardl. Nancy Chapin, Eileen Berg, Shawna Kofi, Carol Maclc, Nancy Jeranclr, Deanna Kessler, Jane Adams, 3rd Row: Maryalice Lynch Susan Yerger, Anna Marie Rebel, Bal Buifery, Florence Papav. Carol Schultz l-larriel Bloch, Carol Greenberg. EXPERIMENTAL ART CLUB- Isf Row: Suzanne Lorre Guendel Sclioler Judy Applebawrn. 2nd Row: Rebecca Coolre, Harvey Bernsfein, Carol G:'d- blalf, Mr. Emanuel Solomon Adviser' David Ray mand, Beverly Baurn Efeer Zevin, Larry Losses, Glen Sleqrnan, Wileen WiIner. OFFICE HELPERS lsf Row Mrs Cnarene Dean Adv :J a Krnn A n Wien r Jftor VVe7ss-in er Linda Brfl Joyze Boro, Cnarlolfe Hass-', 2nd Row: Caro' Weisman Kafnerine Bar- ber Raja Bo'Ienr, Karen McBreen, Dorollrsy C' 'f-r Eizabelln DI 12:1 V3-fan Breen, 3rd Row: Rn, s Rowaglc ,I dr Siler, Merle Be'-iscla, Carol Zrrrferrnann Jody G:",'a, Kafnerire von Oben- o er loo' We'zei J.dy Breary, 4+I1 Row: Lcuan I" " ,fe Ria or Mano' Pearse, Lada Efncfd' Car' Greer-bcrq, Sliawra Kofi, Harrier Bloclm Sfh Row: Alex I-Ininowslri Ronald.CarIf5li, Jolin Mazolri, Rober' Sana Br,ce Benlz George Wade, Bar- bara M l'er, VISUAL AID SQUAD- Isf Row: Sfeoren Kolilre. Bernard Janisiv Alan Ryder, Jaseon Rizzwo, Sfeplnen Braclrle Frederick Morgan, Dennis Simon, Raymond Waller, 2nd Row: Mr, I-larry Brown, Adviser, Rob- erl' Groliarn, Kennellu Lalrind Tlriornas Noweislry, Jarnea Bongiovonni Cliarles Ford, Ricliard Cooper, HSVSCLIGI Frankel, 3rd Row: Bradford I-Iildsbrandl, WOIISV Birlreniraaen Gary Meyer David Raymond, William Rilo, Jolwn Swiclr, Riclward Donaid, FIRE SQUAD-James Culver. Wally Belnrinqer, Vidar Berquisf, Mr, Miglvael Bury Adviser: Jaclc Scnaedler, Jclwn Eifzen, Micliael Gordon Rcberl Silverman. USHER SQUAD- Is? Row: William Banii. Michael Amafo, Barry Haberbush, Norman Schulman, Michael Shulran, Sieven Shobran. Edward Wnorslri, William Drexel. 2nd Row: Olivia Treglio, Phyllis Pelh. Linda Brill, Elaine Pollard, Denise Rcsenswig, Brenda Gordon.-Myra Krim, Brenda Fuhrer, Maxine Gendlemen. Linda Kah. 3rd Row: Myra Turlrel, Marcella Henry, Jane Siruble, Susan Slilier. Bonnie Day, Eleanore Dloughy, Vivian Breeng Nancy S7 J Q26 ul G STAMP CLUB-Neil Greenberg, David Greenfield. John Demos Michael Parries. Kennafh Bisbing, Peier Smifh, Alan Pareiss Barry Halverbush, Edward Rachner, Joshua Gedrich. Chapin, Hermeine Wiener, Gail Oniel. 4'lll Row: Carol Bardy, Zelda Nuess, MerleyBenish. Carol Goldblali, Beverl Baum, Judy Slifer, Linda Eulhardi, Henrieiia Blaff, Eleanore Sharlxe, Beify Nodler, Sfh Row: Rosalie Wien, Elaine Canier, Arlene Talias, Susan Koss. Judy Siamer, Evelyn Brauer, Shirley Rupperf, Mona Sherer. 61h Row: Coral Maclr, Beinie Bergmann, Susan Alexander, Eivira Buehler, Guendel Schueler. Nancy Corbeels, Carol Green- oerg. UNION HIGH CAMERA CLUB- ls? Row: Jccl: Cool: Joel Sherer, Sieve Bralcl. 2nd Row: Mr. J. Kennefh Mc Kay, Adviser: Dennis Simon, Jo Preslzy, Howard Taplanslu ig I l T 4 SENIOR GIRLS' SOCCER AND SPEEDBALL TEAM- lsf Row: Eleanor Nielsen, Lynne Lammerding. Elaine Dunbar, Judy Galfula. Susan Ellis, Carol Zimmerman, Eileen Zimmerman, Rose Tafel. 2nd Row: Elaine Binder, Eleanor Dloughy. Pal' Kresgie. Evelyn Novabilslri, Susan Williams, Miss Geraldine Gufowslci, Coach: Carolyn Gunfher, Peggy Douglwerfy. Joan Morrison, Maureen Poiler, Eleanor Broghammer. JUNIOR GIRLS' SOCCER AND SPEEDBALL TEAM- Isf Raw: Joyce Wesfman, Carol Kumforf, Kafhy Mack, Eugenie Coder, Lydia Unlercoflier. 2nd Row: Judy Mainlcer, Gayle Donnelly, Joan Inlrabarlola. Jaan Treg- Iio. Joan Farley, Judy Gerring, Barbara Jaeclnel. 3rd Row: Judy Tausclw, Dolores Hammer, Gundel Schuele. Lynn Thoma, Marge Genis, Judy Bell, Judy Lachenauer, Callwy Muir, Dale Ross. ' SOPHOMORE GIRLS' SOCCER AND SPEEDBALL TEAM--Phyllis Lind. Belly Sherrer, Kalhy Slweean. Maxine Shob, Pafricia Kelly. Linda Paas, Susan Pfeiffer, Maryanne Sanders. Joy Peiroslci. Linda Fiesen- ihaler. Linda Gaslca. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM-Isl' Row: Tootsie Peoples. Pai' Kelly. BeH'y Scherrer, Shirley Dean, Ann Adams, Belly Perry, Val Nolan. 2nd Raw: Carol Simp- son, Elaine Perry, Linda Alimi. Marilyn Gerring, B. J. Morgan, Wendy Herlihy, Carol O'LennicIr. 3rd Row: Arlene Kimbrough, Linda Gaslza, Maryanne Sanders. Joan D'Agoslino, Joan Wefzel, Judy Benlre, Margie Thomas. 4fIl Row: Peggy McCormiclr.' Joy Pefrosky. Anile Marfino, Sandy Billefer, Carole Wolff. Jane Hoerrner. Judy Scarborough. 5'lI'l Raw: Carol Cliarlrow- slzi. Dee Furlong, Sandy Van Deen. 615: Row: Jeri Leddy. Sandy Whitehead, Carol Sedo. , 4 ' Q 5. S- P- li' an t fx... 'I U 'c fag: v In - 7- SENIOR GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM- Is? Row: Arlene Messig. Belfe Bergmann. Phyllis Pollaclr. Carole WolIT. 2nd Row: Ann Adams. Barbara Kalusniak, Alice Price. Gail Levish. Eleanor Miclcens, Berry Jane Moran, Par Moran. JUNIOR GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM-lsf Row: Lea Rolhbarl, Jaclcie Czplinslri. Barbara Hairsfon. Regina Cichy, Beverly Bryanf. Barbara Breen, Sherry Gendle- man. 2ncI Row: Par Gaddi, Berry Schaffe, Elena Rafushney, Carol Higel, Judy Scarborough. Jane Hoerrner, Berry Harris, Val Nolan. Margie Thomas, Sharron Decler, Ilene Lefl. SOPHOMORE GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM-Is! Row: Fran DeChrisfopher, Elsie Happ, Rona Friedman. Lynn Komroff, Nancy Parnell, Shirley Broolrs, Barbara Schwartz, Maxine Goldberg. 2nd Raw: Judy Skipper, Phyllis Boges, Eileen Sfone, Bonnie Dick, Diane Peck- Iers, Linda Alimi, Jean Hague, Elaine Perry, Linda Percheslry. 3rd Row: Pal' Sieingan, Sandy Whifehead. Judy Heiss. Dorofhy Ferlors, Carol Charlrawslri, Gerry Leddi. Susan Shoemaker, Nancy Schmidr, Carol Knox. GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB--ISI' Row: E. Broghammer, R. Chichy, R. Friedman, C. Maclc. C. Burns. E. Binder, D. Margolis, C. Hedden, C. Kirchner, L. Komroff, N. Parnell. Znd Row: C. Alimi. J. Slcipper, E. Dloughy, J. Slifer, B. Schwarlz, L, Richards, P. Schanlz, D. Choborda, D. Hammer, J. Wefzel. 3rd Row: S. Billelfer, N. Kohl, J. D'Agos+ino, M. Maloney, E. Radzio, M. Gefrlng. T. Fisher, R. Tafel. C. Biers, B. J. Morgan. C. Wolff. 4fh Row: P, Jaclro, I.. Fiesenfhaler, K. Sheehan, I. Leff, B. Crafer. J. Peiroslcy, L. Gaslca. C. Sedo, H. Bluff, R. Angus. Sfh Row: E, Zimmerman, A. Kimboraugh, R. Wefhcher, S. Decrer. B. J. Jaworslcy, F, Caldarone. G. Ulrich, A. Kordulac, A. Messig. M. Thomas. 61h Row: K. Hardy. D. McLane, A. Gould, B. Schaffe, G, Denman, K. Birimann, J, Farley. J. Gerring. J. Lachanauer, B. Perry. 7Ih Row: V. Urbana- wilz. V, Nolan, D. Reynolds, C. Kunz, M. Monson, M. Pofrer, P, Pollaclr, K. Muir, E. Nielson. S. Whitehead. S. Shoemaker. Bfh Row: J. Leddy, G. Williams, D. Ro- dig, C. Chorlcowslry, L. Lammerding, S. Van Deen, D. Furlong, M. Legger, C. Higel, J. Hoerrner. y. 4 ,Q Q. . w. . ! U ,Q ,X if ii hgh Q f -5 I M? 'S James Barnes Anilwony Janisll Fonfame Haines William Donnely l Dominic Genfilcoro Ronald Savarese Michael Bono James Sarn, Capfain Jesse Gardner f.-We 9 asf? i'5.x3"Qli9 S x f 'XEL4 qglgbuliag fqgilm sag.-ax 'U X871 41, bl' 'F 51 kfaaaesz, 51? 1 4 'E H f 4 ' ' if sw, , 11? f,, ' 765-1,X91E Naav ,Q W1 M- 1a-2gfXwXsfQ' if 83,g34,g334aUQs'9,Q B125 191 sag gg? +9 WW fm A A . x fx mx f KS R 12249 7E f' x w +9-f ,mMml, fi K V 4 Q .. 487.1 . , l X , A-N ww 2 2 fi w' m.Y. rA - 3. 1 2' -if Kzgff x 'VW Y' ff' ' ' ,aa 3214 Again 3U p'.91r5'3ft,88 Q43 31 4 4 l Q , ' . i . ,35,,33, f T931 .17 2 Q4 , ff 'W 'F A 31 N N," Lnrx ' A .SQ--vvd 1:--gg Qf2F ,, , 45n'N51' gsuylq ' '4 ' 'T' 1 fx ,Q V Aff n QQ A ' VC' ff Q". I2 ,Q :Qu .1 .. Q, . fn- fu -,-.5 , -' ' ' ' . .I . V Y-.fuzz '- Glu ' 1"1"',2 - '25 In , ,,arf" 'xx . ,. K Q ' wmv' 'f WW A .-r, A I J. , .- x -. r. . ,l :M .or ,,' . gnfn- 4 f, 'A ' - ' 'f ' A' . ,1-4--g:,,g- 'Q' l f ' '-'- - " 4 'n..- E .... L" , . ""T'. . iz, ,Q - 1 V-.7 I I +,,2ftws+,1f,, . 1'T V-..-...Av,,,,nw3- A-,ZVQLLQA-LV Wulf " .'1o,5A 'Ig 1 'fx , ' 'i3-YT"- 7F:.AlN.- p xv! v- ""w- , , 4.,,.:'-J - .,.N4i,,-'f gg' . ' I I 5 51. -1 B , 1 ' -: , 1 ' '.. nit: 'ai M., . ,. r U 3 A C ' bl - ' I W K 4 2 ' 5 .- '-wr x ' "Q v K ' I :'f:gf.f:-gag f , 1' . , .M ,. ,-I A -,-.2p..f . Q A ' if .. -A Ll A f - , - . ' 'lT'4.'sv.,.' J ' 'Ti 4 , 23 X 1' V, .Q .A Ai rj ,' -.. xt ' an . 1 4 W ""'9'-, ' , f . ,1 wg 1 .1 i'J ' - ,E .M L 1 NN ' 1 Don'+ s+op now! CommiHee mee+ing7 1 .- -.gym M WR TLIN Mr. WcI+er Shcllcross Coach WRESTLING TEAM- lsi Row: A. Colasurdo, B. Janish, H Kaerber, J. Ciewelz J. Williams R. Braumann, M. Sehci. S. Goldlropf, T. Creamer. K. Klein, J. Johnson, W. Schroeder. R. Hoffman P. Pondiscio, P. Eclcerf R. Schwar1z.2rld Row: M Talhn, R. Schmidt W, JehJe, J. McEJwee, M. Shukan, J Geiger. A. Kolelr, L, Olrnan, J. Bandera, P, Ca'rino, M. Gaflev. D. KoHnecJrer, R. Farringfon, T. Healy, G. S+ockOrd. C. MUI' ray, T, MacDougaJ1. 3rd Row: T. Spinanger, R. Green, B. Underwald, S. Bernsfein, S, Gleifzman, A. Garruba, A. Janish, N. Dispenziere, E. Shea, C. Marfer, J. Gardner, J Hersenko, Manager: J. Gresko D. Lorie, A. Ammodio, A Lilley. 41h Row: E. Henrichs, K. Wishnefslry, R. Carhsh, P Fwipek M. Rushmore, J, Weissarr, R, Vleria, J. Carrol, R Frredlander, J, Mcmm S, Feinsrein, S. Shulran, M, Bono, J Chadwick A. Scherer, F. Prafher. 5+h Row: R. Manfek, R Lewls, M. Romeo. R, Tisch, R,.BeuhIer, J. Gonzales, S. Jaye W. Dugrnore, M. Soos, J. Mizolri, A. Franciesca, R. Senyk D. Simpson, T. Perry, C. Fausf, A. Sfeiginga, J. Scarf. 1 Y Y Anihony Janish f' . 1 1 Michael Bono Terry MocDougal 'sf ,. - Elsbefh Radzio Copfoln of CLeereoders Sfeven Joye Nicholas Dispenziere Roberf Senylr Roberf Tisch Charles Marfer Lawrence Olmcn ROUGH CCFIISIW .lock Chadwuck Sfeven Shukan R0b9l'+ Frledlander John Bondura Jesse Deon 42V 32' JAYVEE BASKETBALL Is? Row Rnchard Breumng Roberi' Graham Bruan Tack Curfus ardner Rrchard Hewsche W A ch W 2nd Row Reber? Shee an an Goss M shoe! Brrl: r Q rvn e Fra K Pm WaHer Oehrevn RJS- Hawk anfoud Levme Mr J 5 c c VARSITY BASKETBALL - ld Row: lan Ne-Nscn Robed McGrafh, David Newbefger Roberf KovasaNa, Rcbed Kremn. 2nd Row: Richard Oehrlein, Mfhaef Balfiw Thomas Woofev, Rab- erf Herschel, Mr. Marfin Farre-H, Coach. 147 Co captain David Newberger Senior Varsity Players Ca capfa n Roberf Kovasala Union Highs baslcelball 'leam sfarled :ls l958 l959 campaign wilh a new head coach al' 'lhe helm Mr Marlin Farrell a former baslcelball sfancloul' for Selon Hall assumed l'he new h+le Viewing 'lhe squad In early season Mr Farrell said 'lhal alfhough lhe feam pushed around The +eam s+ar'red lhe new season oFF very well bu' received a selbaclr upon losing 'lhe services of lwo key players One of +he 'ream s chief disadvan+ages has been :ls lack of henqhl' I+ has had fo oFfse+ lhls fhrough :ls aggressiveness Thus Union has proved a conhnuol polenhal fhreaf 'lo some fop aggregahons upon occasions Thomas Wooley lan Nelson l migh+ no+ win championship honors, il' would no'l' be I P4 .1 Q S' fi' N 5-3, NV' Thomas Perry Nicholas Melchiane Jack Chadwick William Rilo Erwin Guefig Norman Schulman el Richard Mazik ,1 was CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Firsf row: Richard Zavoclci Terry MacDougall, Peler Eclcerl, David Low, Miclrae Talias, Charles Walker, Clnarles Murray, Roberl Gluck, Thomas l-lealy. Second row: Roberf O'Dell, Coacln: Robert' Smifn, James Fislwer, George , .. M ws- Ji 71-9, uiuarf Ulffoy Scurozo, Ned Smirlw, Frank Poole, George Wade, Alan Brenner, Donald Sczlwnilobe, Frank Bedney, William Drexel. Third row: Jolnn Eilzenr Manager: Lawrence Allen, David Sclwnibbe, Gary Meyer, Edward Racliner, Douglass Allen, Ernesl Salerno, Manager. Douglas Allen Fonlain Haines Robert Boron James Barnes Michael Duch milf Q Q1 11- SPRING TRACK TEAM SENIORS Flrsi row Dcvld Second row Andrew Ray Mlclwael Tallas Edward Rach Low Charles Nrcmskr Davld Sczlwrbbe Reber? Smlfh ner MOFTIH Tolln Rober+Fuscl1 Fonfame l"la,nes Doug Donald Schmbbe Norman Slw man Alan Mafeykg Las A len Michael Duclw James Barnes Joseph Romano Andrew Ray David Schnlbbe Edward Raclwner 34" Donald Sclwmbbe Roberf Smlih 154 Al , l ,. 1 ' - ' ... 1 'I , ? 1 ' l R 1 V . . .X . V ' , V W . ' . V ' , I . l U I l . I 1 V I I I . I X l Salvalore Filippane, Frank Prarlner. V I -.1 l 7' SFRlNG TRACK TEAM-FirsT row: A. Rider, L. Johnson B. Sfone. ,O C. Gydrer H. Kcrbei R. Sovolri R, Sivermor, J, Scherer. A. We"e' K. Ken M. Mayercik F, Cohen. D. Low, L, CrLx, F, Ferg.szn. Second row: P. Pondicio, J. Fischer, R. Buniclr, N. Smw L Lena ro, C. NVQ ker, J, Wiley, A, MeTeylra, l-T, Ho- ' -sen G. Weiner N. Scnu mon, C. Murrey A. Li.ey R. G .fly R. Mi R. WisharT, D. Cardaco. Third row: R. Murray, R. S'ewar', D. Re'r..ccelli, R, Treibci J. Ronfe, R. Thema, M. Talas C, Nlfcinzlii, A. Rav, M, Apfor, S. Bernsrein, S, Fhilfppone, F, F'a"er R. Richer R. Schoeher G. STehf, FourTh row: A. lllll ll ll v I ., ...., .N.,,.,4.., A ....,,..... v r . . Brodie, D. Schnibhe, R. SmiTh, J. T-ToTTmon, D. Igoe, L. WhiTe J. Barnes G. Wade, M. To'Ir E. Rachrer J, Romano. L Zavodney T. Kaprar D. Dxan M. Dfh, F, Sersaii, Mr, E Horasry Cc-ach. Fiffh row: F. Haynes, R. Heissler R, Drechsel C. Benrirger F. Bcdney, B. Lewis B. Tisch B, Hayes. B Wiiamsfein, W. Henss, G. Ramef, D. Schnfbbe D. Alien, J Mozolci, Mr. C. Keiler, Coach, SixTh row: W, Myer, P, McGarry P, Saalce, T. Wooley, R, Boron, J, Flynn, L. Allen J. Gregory F. Smolowilz, D. GrygoTTes, F. TeiTscheid, G. Meyer, F. Poole Mr. P. Corrigan, Coach. Union Highs Spring Traclc Team, under The coaching oT Mr. Pau The The The Union CounTy lndoor Championship Team. The Farmers were noTed Tor Their remarkable depTh, parTicularly in The disTonce evenTs. Seven milers ran The disTance in under Tive minuTes. There were many ouTsTanding members on The Team. James Sarn capTured The New Jersey Discus Championship in his junior year. OThers compiled ouTsTanding records Tor Themselves and Union. I Corrigan, fielded one oT The mosT powerTuI squads in The sTaTe. Team, which had capTured almosT every maior championship previous year, had many Hholdoversf' Many OT The boys ran on i. i QB. X' N J . K 'v ' is RoberT Tisch Michael Talias 0 P I 1. Thomas Wooley 155 I 1 T . I np ,- .I-lm. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-Firsi row: RonoId S+ein- VeerchiIIing, Orfo Sommer. Second row: Mr. Sidney berg, CI'iorIes Fosnock, PI'1iIIip RezeIIi, Edward Gqfch, Young, Coocng WoIIer Eirhorf, Sol Veferone, Roberf Thomos Cromer, Bcrney Jonisn, RusseII Howk, WoI+er CGIUIIO, Howard Gloss, Clem I-Ieicks. Ernesf SoIerno, Gary Mogin, George Merfen, Tony Corriec. Kurf Benneff, VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Firsi row: Mr. Gordon Le- Fronk Vi+oIo, Richord I-Ieusciwkel Second row: Nick Mei- Moify, Coach: Fred Kiebler, Sieve Gieifzmon, Nick Dis- chione, Ronnie Scivorese, John Kreideweis, AI S+eigno, penziere, BiII No+I'1nczgeI, Ted Bobnowski, Bob McGro+I1, Roberf I-IeoscI'ikeI, WoI1er Ernst James Gibney, Richard Uioggwich, Korf EIs+e. Roberf Kremp, Mike Bono. N cholcs Melchaone - rnu d o wor furrs fn ohfs 0? bo ebo ' Whof e e7 ost yeor under Hue Q ocnmng of Mr Rrcnord Weber fine feorn W s Cenfrol Jer ey IV Soup Chompr ws yeor eom hos had onorner su essful seoson under 'fine coocnung of M Gordon LeMoHy The Junior Vorsny Teom was Cooched by onofher new coach Mr Ssdney Young All of Hue home games were ployed of Brer ruempfel Pork on Wan low Avenue Walier Ernsf Wullnom Nofhnagal Michael Bono I 0 Nnckozas Duspenzuere Ronald Savaroso Kur+ Elsie 4 mms MN 1 I Q Q 5 . 'ff 11: """s.4 ,wwf V1 lgf 1 'xggk 44:1 X-mp 1 . , , F X Z in P ly if J , , -S0m7"L 1 Q g , I l, 5 'a ,. ' T - z Q' ,A ' 7 G" ,Y -T 'X 1 Q. s ' ' ' 'v W' - W, X f :Et 3 5 A , ffm "' A f ' - ' , S NLF, Q ix '..' 1 if - 4 ' 1 1 'R u 1 5 ,, . . .. ,ls mlm: ., ,. TSR. fy 'N .' 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BROS TIRE COMPANY SUBURBAN RECORD SHOP 2240 MO SA Q ue o N Je e MUrdock 8 8870 DISTRIBUTOR COODYEAR TIRES 954 Stuyvesant Avenue BAT1-ERIE5 UNO" New Jmey COMMERCIAL sTATIoNERs Eve yrh ng fo the Ofhce 1v1Urdock 8 2975 Mu dock 8 7078 9 160 5 2015 rrrs v nue Uni n, ew rsey T I. - i v r - i m 5 - r - Furniture Morris ve, I' - rri v FI Uni n, ew rs y r I r ' 2020 Morris Avenue r , - 3111:3C22:23I::---::---::::::::::----- .... -----...-- .... ----............ --v-----Y----b1:--,,,D1:-- Compliments of CANTEEN SERVICE 457 LEHICH AVENUE UNION, NEW JERSEY Industrial Caterers MU 8 6573 UNION CAMERA EXCHANGE Photographnc Supplnes IO34 Stuyvesant Avenue Unuon N J Phones MUrdock 8 O44O 8 0441 EASTERN PRECISION TOOL Cr GAGE CO PRECISION GAGES TOOLS DIES JIGS FIXTURES and SPECIAL MACHINERY Lehugh A e ue U o Comp! ments of ELBERSON S MARKET Salem Road U on N J CROSSROADS SWEET SHOPPE Spec al z ng In ITALIAN SAUSAGE I M 67I7I 8OL MAX MILLINCER WHOLESALE ckocin eh gh A e r1IOn In Unlon for Formal Wear to hlre SUBURBAN CLEANERS Latest Fashlons Speclal Group Rates MU 6 0685 IOZI Stuyvesant Avenue Unnon iii Est. 9I8 U - 5 i v. U' ,N.J 451 ' vn , nin,N.J. ' I , ni , ,. ' 161 ------- ----- ---A-----A-Y-----A-A---- 1 mm Barbie Nancy I Butch Dot ..:-, Elaine Suzy Bobbi 'V Carol Congratulations to the Class of 1959 M"""' T Cai from the HON EYBAB ES oyn Complrments of A B MURRAY CO Inc Unaon New Jersey HUFF S SPORT SHOP Everythmg for Outdoor Spo tsmen 1354 Stuy esant Avenue Un on New Jersey MU 8 8282 ESsse 3 2832 Repalr ng GABRIEL J SWENSON FLOOR SERVICE Say It wrth Flowers WALTER THE FLORIST 1638 Stuy esant A enue U on New Jersey MU dock 6 0920 IDEAL DAIRY FARMS 2331 Morr s A enue Umon New Jersey MILK Cf MILK PRODUCTS 6 9OO HARRY J BURKE Flonst 891 Pennsylvania Ave Umon New Jersey Phone lV1Urdock 6 O955 SANDING FINISHING WAXING 280 Nesb r Ter ace 162 I A u. Z I as ay ' Y Car I I v v ni I f' - . . ., . - i v MU -I 1 ' r V f i , x - 'i ' , i r Irvington 11, N. J. --v---v---- v-- ...... 'I-v-----1:-------,,- LA K 4 31,77 ,,,, ,,,7, , ,,,YY, 7 777-7777 HANKINS CONTAINER COMPANY 601 Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey MU 6 7800 7000 marhn h hochadel nsu ance a d Real Estate Agency 2 31 Mor S A e ue Cornplements of on Ne Je Bus ness Broke THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO Pamts Wallpape Rekall Wholesale I ust 1990 Mor A e ue no N Je sey 8 3606 Compliments of KRAIS TOOL Cr DIE Dae Cashng Dues Mold Dues General Tool Maclune Work 1051 COmmerCe Ave Unron N J MU 6 6251 ROBERT KRAIS JOSEPHS BEAUTY SALON Best W shes KAUFMAN S 1037 Stuy esa t A e o N Co plments of BROADWAY HOSIERY SHOPS U o Center MU 8- I r n 1 ri v n 1 Uni , w rsey i r l ' 1 r ' 1 - nd rial ris v n U i n, ew r MU - 1 CO. . . . . v n v nue Uni n, m i ni n 163 WMMWW REISEN LUMBER AND MILLWORK Compliments of I Compliments of HAINES FARMS H. F. BUTLER, Inc. CO,,,p,i,,,e,,,SO, ROLLING PIN BAKERY ECONOMY MARKET Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of l959 THE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION OF UNION HIGH SCHOOL I65 Compliments of o::::::::::::::::::Q::::::::::::: ::::::::oo::::::::::::::::: ::rt:::Jo-ooo SHUKAN'S DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists at Bergon St. and Hawthorne Ave. Newark, N, J. Open all day Sunday Bl 2-9823 Compliments of STAN SOM M ER MU 8-8280 NATIONAL APPLIANCE SERVICE CO., Inc. Westinghouse and Frigidaire Commercial and Domestic SALES and SERVICE 1965 Morris Avenue Union, N, J. MU 6 6655 UNION DINETTES CUSTOM BUILT KITCHEN Ir DINETTE SETS KITCHEN CHAIRS RECOVERED 956 A Stuyvesant Avenue Un on New Jersey INTERNATIONAL PAINT CO. INC. Union, New Jersey THE WORLD'S LARGEST MARINE PAINT MAKERS SEE THE ALL NEW CHEVROLET at our Showrooms A complete line of new and used cars and trucks Our large volume of new car sales enables us to have big bargains for you L Cf S CHEVROLET CO Inc ALLAN PEARL Phone MU 8 6520 CENTER CAMERA EXCHANGE PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES 2010 Mo rs A enue Union N J lOpp Uno Ce ter Nat onal Bank! MUrdock 8 6872 CORSAGES Flor s Un on Florlst MUrdock 6 9801 FRANK S PIZZERIA Cr SPAGHETTI HOUSE Specializing nn Italian Sandwiches Fast take out o der service 2036 Morr s Avenue Un on Center Corner Morris and Cornmerclal Avenues chased Tuesdal' Union New Jersey Res NIUYCIOCIQ 6 6676 UNION HI BARBER SHOP Murdo k 6 2800 SERVICE FOR YOUR SATISFACTION C 2133 Mor as Avenue Umon New Jersey JIM L STlCr-I i . . rl v , ' , , . - , in n i . ll ll ,V . 0 ' 1, . . i, i . i - f I O, I I I i U . - r. . . ::::::::::::::-:::::pooc:::::11::::::t:::o-o:::::::::::boo4:::l:::::::p-4:::::::Q -- ---- -A---A-- ---- --o-A--------A---::::::::::::::::::::::::g-::::::::::: Compliments of congfafulations A to the Class of 1959 THE SHALOM SENIORS OF CONGREGATION BETH SHALOM MU 8-9291 JOHN-S SOLTIWSKY TAILOR - FURRIER - CLEANER fr DYER CUSTOM MADE SUITS REPAIRING - REMODELING 2009 Emerson Avenue Union, N, J KRANTZ'S at the center STATIONERY - GREETING CARDS GIFTS - MAGAZINES - BOOKS IOOO Stuyvesant Avenue Union, N, J UNION PHOTO CO 415 Chestnut Street Unuon N MU 6 6554 QUALITY PHOTO FINISHING SAME DAY SERVICE 8 9777 TRIMMERS SHELL SERVICE TUNE UP BRAKE SERVICE CARS PICKED UP AND DELIVERED 901 Stuyvesant Ave Unlon MU 6 7067 Open Mon C7 Fr: evenmgs fll 9 M THE SHOE BOX QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN 1047 Stuyvesant Avenue Unuon N J COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS 6' DOORS B Cr M ALUMINUM CO 2064 Morrns Avenue Unnon New Jersey MU 6 9661 f uol n anuz-My guesamkngg 6SOl NO'IVS AJJIV38 'IIIHV L986 8 UW USCIIV W Compliments of LAS AMANTES June Auer Enleen Zummermann Duane Kolassa Eleanore Broghammer Eileen Mehle Joan Roessner Sue Glasser Arlene Fredencks Eduth Kresln Rachel De Marco Jacquelme Coates R Best wishes to the Class of 1959 from UNION HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB JOHN J BRADLEY Inc REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 936 Stuyvesant Avenue Un on N 8 1730 J 81780 MAXON S MARKETS P me meats and poultry 988 Stuyvesant A enue MU 6 2459 DAILY DELIVERIES HOME OF QUALITY MEATS Complnments of J C TILP nc Molds for Plashcs Mrlltown Road Unuon New Jersey Compliments of DENNISON CLOTHIERS Route 22 Umon New Jersey MU 8 7252 MU 8 3200 Compl ments of UNION BLUE RIBBON BAK SHOP 988 Stuyvesant Avenue Unaon New Jersey RELIABLE MU 6 4797 Interior Decorators Specvalnzzng Slip Covers Drapes MU 6 7305 In Fme Quallt es Only 1007 Stuy esant A enue Un on New Jersey 168 3 . , . , ,i,.. MU- MU- ri ' , v i . . ,I . E I. in . .i ' v v i. "BE-BOPS" Elaine Binder Diana Blair Marilyn Cierring Judy Cottula Rose Kremp Marion Maloney Marilyn Monson Maureen Potter Elsbeth Radzio Diana Rodig Bonnie Schaefer Barbara Sheppard Rose Tafel June Wanner Joan Wetzel Carol Zimmermann CONGRATULATIONS AN D BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE TO OUR FELLOW GRADUATES MUrdock 8 3302 Compliments of CHESTNUT SWEET SHOPPE HELLMUT Er ANNA KERBETZ 517 Chestnut Street Union New Jersey Murdock 6 2866 DAMASCUS TOOL CO PLASTIC MOLDS FOR INJECTION COMPRESSION TRANSFER PLUNGER 46l Leh gh A enue U on New Jersey WALTER MACHESKA QUALITY SHOE REPAIR 6Ol Chestnut Street Lowest Pr ces Always MARTIN RENZO Prop Murdock 6 9778 PAL DISCOUNT SHOES Famous B and Shoes for the ent re family 2626 Mor s A e HELLER S PHARMACY Arth r Cesten R P 6Ol Chestnut Street U on N J Phone MU 8 ll77 Custom made Drapenes Bedspreads Cr Slip Covers UNION CENTER Decorators and Fabncs For home service call MU 6 6220 ALEX PRAWER lO23 Stuyvesant Avenue Union New Jersey 169 . KA r . . .. I ri v. UniOn,N, 1 u , .. , . ni . - - . F l v ni , . . I SYMBOL OF THE BEGINNING Your new adult lnfe really commences when you funally remove your ca d p an gown after graduatnon lt as the beglnnlng of a new peruod of re sponsubulnty for each young man and woman No matter what ath p your future takes whether at be to hlgher education or Fl ht t h g an o t e world to earn a lnvung you wall always fund a need for banklng servuces Crow wlth our h t b y ome own ank For any banking service come to The Furst State Bank of Union IRST TATE ANK OF NION UNION EH N1-:WJERSEY Servmq nh ,M 7he 7actory 7112 ,Store 1 7f1e 7101197 .1 Moms Avenue at Route 22 af Burke Parkway Monroe Street l7O US . . . I . I I I I CJAQ, .U '- -F I IILL I f- I I "Bn Best Wishes WHITE PRINTING 5' PUBLISHING CO. Complete Printing and Offset Service 492 Chestnut Street Union New Jersey MU 8 6626 7 PAUL SEVERANCE Inc Featuring Grumbacher Art Supplies or Students Artists Teachers Dutch Boy Du Pont Ox Lune and Colorrzed Paints Domestic and Imported Wallpapers 99l Stuyvesant Avenue Union New Jersey MU 61956 Congratulations to the Class of i959 INVESTORS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 977 Stuyvesant Avenue Union, New Jersey Compliments of OHAUS SCALE CORPORATION , . f CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR HAPPINESS FROM THE UNION TOWNSHIP TEACHERS ASSOCIATION ZISS QUALITY MEATS 2022 Morris A e ue Un on New Jersey E W Heuer O Cadnae ECHO SETTING COMPANY WHOLESALE JEWELRY DIAMOND SETTING POLISHING PLATING 932 Stuyvesant A e ue Un on New Jersey MUrdock 6 0322 BROWN FORD 2037 Morrls Avenue Complnments of STERLING PLASTICS CO I 140 Commerce Avenue Unnon New Jersey Compl ments of INSTRUMENT RESISTORS COMPANY IO36 Comme ce A enue U on New Jersey HAPPY HOLIDAY DRY CLEANERS Co ner of Stuy esanf a d Roose el! A enues Un on N Je sey BOB BERLINER MU dock 6 8615 'vn i, - ., .ril . vn 5, i r v ni, r v n v v i,ewr ,- . 'tt---'acc-A'-'A" ------- Y--------Y-'rf --A--- - --AA ---------o-0-4:-----A--- Best Wishes to our Fellow Graduates LOS SUENOS Gloria Gaiser Leni Goetz Eileen Corrigan Gloria Consalo Barbara Jaeckel Pat Yannelli Carolyn Ferrar Sue O'Hara Louan Hunt Janice Bates Pat Linck Betty Richter Lucy Catenaro Mary Coulter SUPPLY Everything for Building 2165 Morris Avenue Union New Jersey Next to High School MUrdock 6 2756 To Buy or Sell RING RAY BELL MUrdock 8 6000 FOR THE BEST IN HAIR CUTS TOWNLEY BARBER SHOP 1378 Morris Avenue Union BUILDING MAINTENANCE Compl ments of RICHARD F WACKER Class of 1956 UNION CAISERS PORK STORE Inc FINEST QUALITY HOME MADE BOLOGNA PORK PRODUCTS AND PRIME MEATS 2019 Morrs Avenue U on N J MU dock 6 3421 i ll U a n 'Y OF as ' i ni , . . ,- - ' , ' ,N,J, 173 ,,,,v,-,,-----,- v,,,,. ,,-v ..,. v-,---,,,----:bo------v,----Y-- TO 1959's GRADUATES, Advice is a cheap commodity and graduates get more than their share. In my opinion the best advice anyone can receive at any time in life is to be honest with one's selfg to be tolerant-including being tolerant of intoler- anceg to keep an open mind, and have confidence in the honesty of other people. You may be disappointed, but the disappointments are only occas- ional, and the benefits from such a philosophy are constant. President TH UNION CENTER NATIONAL BANK A T Five I-omTsI MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I74 246 E T257 L HY-WAY BOWL T O Route 22, Union, New Jersey DOLAN Qga P' as I AN H O R - 88 an in 5' HITCHIN' Posr INN 6,94 ao' 4fCE Moe- A COMPLETE CAPRI RESTAURANT REAL ESTATE Cr INSURANCE SERVICE DORRY S 250 North Broad Street Elizabeth 3 N J SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE Union Center EL S We, at FIELDS wnsh to extend our heartuest congratulatnons and hope that you gnve your loved ones continued pleasure nn the year s to come Mr and Mrs S A Fields FIELDS JEWELERS ESTABLISHED 1914 Dlamonds Cuffs Silverware 'l00'I Stuyvesant Avenue 3I8 North Wood Avenue Union New Jersey Lmden New Jersey MU 6 0708 WA 5 0840 175 x , . . ! . , I I l I 1 1 - . U 1 ::::1::::::::::::::::1:::::::::::::::::::1:::::::::1: ----L--Y---oo------Y .-v--- Y-,,::::::::::::::: JEAN'S BRIDAL SHOPPE CUSTOM GOWNS FOR ALL OCCASIONS INCLUDING PROM COWNS 964 Stuyvesant Avenue Union Center Union, New Jersey MU 8-3030 Phone MUrdock 6-0282 HARBRO DRUGS L. Brown, Pl'1.C. 2002 Morris Ave., Cor. Stuyvesant Ave. Union, New Jersey WE DELIVER UNION STATIONERS, Inc. Opposite Woolworth 1v1Urdock 8-3113 - 3114 COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES 1026 Stuyvesant Avenue Union, New Jersey UNION PAINT Cr HARDWARE CO LAWN Cr GARDEN SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES 6 GIFTS PRODUCTS P LEGION MOTORS, Inc CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Sales - Service - Parts 1415 Stuyvesant Avenue Union, New Jersey lV1Urdock 8 5200 To Your Future Success' GENERAL OFFICES METALS Powder Metals DISINTEGRATING COMPANY Metal Pigments Elnzabeth B New Jersey Metal Abrasuves PLANTS Elizabeth N J Berkeley Calif Emeryville Calif Manchester N H P , INC Q ...-Ti ' Q o : s , Q s T , . a , 0 1 , . Q :::::po-c:::::::::r-oc::::::: ::::::o1::::::::1:.1:::oo-oc:::roo1::::roc:1::roo:: 176 ---v ,.,, - .--- ---v--v- --.. voo::::::--:::::::::::::o:::-::-::1:3:::::: Compliments of WHITNEY'S LAMMERDINC OIL CO Inc 5e"'Ce 'O 5a"SfY sAsoslK FURNITURE COMPANY U o Center 927 Stuyvesant A enue Un o New Jersey O L BURNERS SALES 8' SERVICE MU 6 1030 One Lowden Street HITCHCOCK CAMPANA Elizabeth New Jersey INSTRUMENTS SHEET Mus: RENTAL PLAN INSTRUMENT REPAIR IO56 Stuy esa t A e ue EI.lZaI.D6I'I'1 2 6300 U on Ne Jersey MUrdock 6 2269 MU 8 5050 Budget Plans ELMWOOD ESSO STATION 924 St y esa t A enue 3 'gf' 3 if W tQwf55s The Gemex Corporation UNION NEW JERSEY I77 ni n 0 , a 4 A , E D 1 V i n, . V PI V D - ni , w U V F1 V .- 'ZQ:QL:S'-5-- -.5 Z ' .-:-24' . "':b-1:-. I'-' ,fTi5fP?1E?2'w16-:- - A-'ckalgife:::s:1:2:s:?zx-215:29 J-A . 1-:Az . .g-'E w ' '--:-:Ez-:ggi511-g.:-5:5215 - ''A-'R1:2:e:as:egfe1z:Q::R:a1.. ysswzfesigy, '-1'1z:z:::1:1:1:Ezs:e:1.. y4-:!:1:1E1:5:2:I15T:I:I- ''-7:12223:1:5:5:11l:i:- .5gSj5Q:Q:2:Q:fiQ:55" ' ''71:Q:Q:2:1:2:2:Qg:Q:2:g,. ra:s:z:z:a:215:g:ea xzhzggsgsgagzgeg. "f252i2i2i22i2E2i22:1, -1:52533ii2E5E3521E:i2:,. Q-1:132:3i:15:3:3553:223:g:is:5z:3q:1:gjg3yg5:,3:3g::v:5:2:5:5:::-:-' - 0 V I 3 2 : Z 1 tc : 1 C e--: Q: 2 Z-: : e- 3 e-----------------------------.....-....... Compliments of T. E. C. MUrdoc:lc 6 7644 SCHARF S PRE TEENS TEENS MISSES SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE 1036 Sfuyvesant Avenue Umon New Jersey Best wishes to the Class of 1959 from LUTZ'S PORK STORE lformerly Scl'1umm'sl 1055 Stuyvesant Avenue Good luck to the Class of 1 9 LEONARD R MOORE D D S Class of 1939 - 95 9 VJ-nn-U 178 -,C-A--::::::::::::::::g:::::::::::::::::::::::: ---- :--A---- OU the graduate can now look forward to a brand new Way of llfe Whether you start to work or go on to college you re full of hopes and aspnratlons for the future We smcerely hope you let us help you make all your new dreams come true contmumg your savmg wxth Cnty Sav mgs Please come m and transfer the balance m your School Savmgs Account to a Regular Savmgs Account at your earlxest convemence 74 AGING of Sedan! fu ture S0 BRIGHT . . . Congratulauons and Best Wlshes to the Class of 52 from aucngzi Ln glzza ef 7640143 VG lhlllgfllgggu I7 9 ::::::::33::--:::::::::::oo::0:C2:220:- -::::::::13:""""' Compliments of UNION AUTOMOTIVE CO. . CHAMPION PAPER PRODUCTS Compliments of 667 Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey Compliments of A FRIEND Juuus and Mucxev Comp! e ts f VELLER AUTO ELECTRIC CO ELASTIC STOP NUT CORPORATION OF AMERICA 180 IITI H O . ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::oo---oo-.9-s---....Q,.-Q...-9009...

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