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5 Q ! 2 I Q E ! x 1 5 In I 4 if V ! 2 5 A .1 4 fs, H - J' D -F PTY' F I QL-. 5, A E IN PRIN IPI ' be g lllirfllfliir UNION, NSW ISRSSY l9F6 - , " 1 X gl Maj 1 ,J f Q - 55,5 fjijij ll 3 ' , f , .4 , " "'f -vu- f QVC? T, f s r Q-fi i if , fl "The Glory That Was Greece-" The days of Attica and Archimedes, of Aristophanes and Aristotle, are long past. Many of the concepts, achievements and discoveries-political, artistic, athletic, mathematical-of those days are so absorbed in our culture we often forget their origin. As a reminder of this debt we have chosen some symbols of Greek culture as our theme. Thus, Minerva, goddess of wisdom, epitomizes our faculty, Mt. Olympus, universally symbolic of achieving the heights, represents the seniors, a Greek Olympic contestant personifies our sportsg and Pan, god of music, portrayed on the preceding page serenading a goddess, depicts us, the Yearbook Staff, hoping to entertain you, the Reader. , Z 2 ,l,, 4 DEDICATION To Mr. Fred Stahuber Union High School Principal More than a leader - - - a frien FA4LI LTY f6J The Aristocracy OUR ADMINISTRATORS .- Q Allman.. my if ffs MR. CHARLES T. HASSARD Superintendent of Srlaools W? A 4--""". MISS LEONORA E. FEUCHTER MR- WILLIAM C- TULI-Y Vice-Principal Administrative Assistant The Erudite .ci Q -F w " .,f -f Q -N N. L.. 4 I if i GUI DANCE DEPARTMENT L. 1 .,. -N M OUR FACULTY Mrs. Elizabeth M. Barnes, Mr. Charles B. Kelly, Mrs. Mary Mr. Allan H. Boyle, Directory Mrs. Ann H. Baker. .l -1 . .-, cu.. A wx .- M. Martin, -. ..- - -H. su we N sir..-1 , . -fin i '----," -. I I I I 5 ' -Q x if! s n ,gui OFFICE STAFFS Standing, frearj: Mrs. Catherine M. Schefe, Mrs. jean R. Elste, Mrs. Winifred M. Weeks. ' ' M 'l' Garrabrant. Slanrling, fforcgrormdj: Mrs. Sealrd: Mrs. A. Dana. Kaminski, Mrs. ariyn Kathryn H. Phillips, Mrs. Eleanor E. Lauyer. lil Faculty fcont'dJ SCI IENCE DEPA RTM ENT Iflrst Roux' Miss Charlotte C. Gross, Department Chairman: Miss Florence Carraccino, Mr. Anthony D. Orsini, Mr. john Semcresen. Second Roux' Mr. Harry A. Lawrence, jr., Mr. Charles L. Frey, Mr. Robert T. Faclden, Mr. joseph F. Becker, Mr. Dominco Gatti. ff? F .E I Illfdfy II LIL' J: in Q. I NIU", LA NG UAG li DEPARTMENT SmlvrI.' Miss Charlotte C. Bluhm, Miss M. Norma Petter, Miss Fayne L. Newlin, Miss Claire A. Dye, Miss Bernice Bass. Strulrliugx Mr. Peter Nic- eforo, Mr. Eduard Ciolcla, Mr. Harold L. Ruland, Depart- ment Chairmang Mr. Richard C. Vleher, Mr. Massena Clark. Iffl PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Kneeling: Mr. Joseph J. Mente, Mr. Walter A. Shallcross, Mr. Paul D. Corrigan. Stam1'ing.' Mr. Ernest j. Harasty, Mr. Har- ry E. Lake, Director of Health and Physical Education: Mrs. Lilyan B. Wfright, Miss Arleyne L. Pittinger, Miss Elizabeth A. Krako, Miss Geraldine H. Gu- towski, Mr. Cornelius E. Keller, Mr. VU. Grenville Mulford, As- sistant Director of Health and Physical Education. 1 s-Y. MATHEMATICS I DIZ PA RTM IiNT Miss Mary If. Frousret, Mr. Pal N. Donatiello, Miss Dorothy A. Capolowill, Mr. Ilarry S. Broun, jr., Mrs. Gloria S. Sanuk, Miss Agnes Zofay. Not fJYt'5t'lIf.' Miss jcssic Ii. Dayton, Mrs. lilsic M. Imelifcl Qllcpart- ment Chairmanj. .,.i ,dovl f ave' ' Faculty fc0nt'dJ BUSINESS E DUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Mary T. Kopera, Mrs. Gladys B. Hart, Miss A. Mar- garet Morrison, Department Chairman, Miss Mildred A. Baker, Mrs. M. Charlene Dean, Mr. Edwin L. Henry, Mr. Rob- ert A. Lachenauer, Mr. Anthony A. Bruscia. INDUSTRIAL ARTS IJEPARTM IENT Left to rigbls Mr. Robert j. Bergen, Mr. joseph R. Kordys, Mr. William F. XVhite, Mr. J. Kenneth McKay, Mr. Vincent P. Fosbre, Mr. Samuel M. Valla. WI Faculty Ccont'dJ MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Miss Estelle Millspaugh, R.N. M USIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Eugene Consales, Mr. Robert V. Has- sard, Mr. jack E. Trager, Mr. Leo W. Rindler, Director. l10l ART DEPARTNIENT Mr. Howard L. Fenton, Mr. Elmer M. Eide Mr. Emanuel I. Solomon. 'Ni ""x HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Miss Rebecca Kane, Mrs. Mary H. Pierce, Mrs. Carol R. Wagner. Faculty Ccont'dJ an WWIHMHWH '1- rqu ....f' Q Pwnf XM-K' DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. joseph M. Romanko ATTENDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Dora D. Feins, Mrs. Mary H. Pierce I111 Faculty fc0nt'dJ HISTORY DEPARTMENT Seated: Mr. Donald j. Tosh, Mrs. Ruth H. Deusinger, Mr. Edward L. Beach, jr., Miss julia E. Pinko, Department Chairman. Standirzgx Mr. Floyd H. Lee, Mr. Eugene R. Biringer, Mr. Michael C. Bury, Mr. John R. Garrabrant, Mr. Michael R. Ye- senko, Mr. Michael L. Strano. PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES DEPARTNIENT Left to riglatx Mrs. Vernice C. Clark, Mrs. Doris K. O'Connor, Miss E. Cecilia Kernan, Director and Psychologist. C 1f , ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Sealed: Miss Ruth Purcell, Miss Florence A. Brady, Miss Fayne L. Newlin, Miss Catharine A. Hose- feld, Department Chairmang Miss joan H. O'Neill. Mrs. Ada A. La- katos, Mrs. Geraldine R. Erman, Miss Genevieve M. Butler. Sland- ing: Mr. Massena Clark, Mr. Wil- liam B. Sharratt, Mr. F. Kevin Larsen, Mr. Charles F. Murphy, Mr. james L. Ives, Mr. Charles A. Lubetkin, Mr. Walter C. Peach. Not Prervnl.' Mr. Arnold Berg- mann. SSNIORS First at Ol mpus- 0 R CLASS OFFICER 4.'l:'iH ,g "'r '12 Q 42? A H 1 QQ 1? X9 ' ff i Michael Kobran, Presidenl H Patricia Fuchs, Treasurer R f '94 ligim, Q B'Nvu if M 1 vs? Y 41 f-:api .-wQ E Nancy Mclilwain, Serrelary john Michalski, Vice President if' ks I r N W! limi! v A all .SXSW ar 3 DORIS JEWEL ALLEN "Ditch" To he happy always "Liked is she by ally pferzy, sweet and full of fun" Freshman Congress: Basketball l,2, 3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,4p Baseball l,2, Soccer 3: Leaders' Club 2,3: Modern Dance l,2,3,4g Yearbook Finance Staff 4. Favorite Memory-The variety shows Per Peeve-Surprise tests Noted For-Her voice PWC lla who urdlf .af L . ft NM . M eff J 0-6 mtl Wfsszwl- . RUTH AMELIA ALTMAN To be happy always "A girl who is pleasant the livelong day." Cheerleading 2,3,4g Captain 43 Vol- leyball l,2,3: Basketball 1,23 Bowling 3,43 Junior Congressg Modern Dance 1,25 Baseball 3. Favorite Memory-Cheerleading Pet Peeve-The Army Noted For-Being captain of Cheer- leaders V . I i "H" RONALD JOSEPH AMBERG "Zeke" Real Estate "What's the use of worrying? ll never was worthwhile." Intramural Football 2,3,4g Freshman Football l. Favorite Memory-Going hunting Pet Peeve-Afternoon homeroom Noted For-Hunting in rr I f ff Rose Q 0 Secretary "Her manner is generous, open, and sincere." Volleyball 1,23 Office Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Music, Freshman year. Pet Peeve-Homeroom Noted For-Being smart if? MARY ANN AMBERG "Tootie" Secretary "lVhat sweet delight a quiet life affords." Bowling 43 Volleyball 1. Favorite Memory-That certain day Pet lzieeve-Homework over the week- en . Noted For-Being engaged ALAN HALSEY ANDERSON HAI!! To get along in life "A willing way and a pleasant smile." Freshman Football 1. Favorite Memory-Going to lunch Pet Peeve-A certain person in home- room Noted For--Fixing Shupka's car Rm ,k it Mar 5 .t Moy" GLENN ANDERSON mtclemrl Own a convertible "lust a great guy,' what more do you want?" Intramural Football lg Boys' Bowl- ing 2g Intramural Basketball 3. Favorite Memory-Fourth period Bi- ology with Mr. Dultz, Sophomore year Pet Peeve-No cars at lunchtime Noted For-Hitting horses JOHN AUGUST ANGSTROM "Mr, Form" Undecided "No man is born without worldly desires." Freshman Footballg Student Council Alternate 1. Favorite Memory-Teachers who gave me good marks Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-His Boy Scout uniform fs at gia. , I .ff1,Eeg.iJ-fievg.l,sf..?f,'Lf w.-.n at M -.f.,s-itat i. N31 ELAINE DOROTHY ANFUSO To live a happy, successful life "Simple of manner, sweet of smile." Freshman Congress Alternateg Vol- leyball 1,25 Basketball 1,2g Modern Dance 1,25 Softball 3. Favorite Memory-junior year Pet Peeve-Boys with bea s, long hair and side burns. Noted For-Being seen in t ord is of fra THERESA ANN ANGEN "Terry" Fashion Designer "Light in manner, sweet and gay." Bowling 35 Volleyball 1,25 Home- room Treasurer 1, Senior Congressg Art Club 2. Favorite Memory-Sophomore year Pet Peeve-P.M. homeroom Noted For - Making posters for dances x-9,40 MARIL DIANE JOYCE ASHBEY !KDeel! To be healthy, happy and successful "Sincerity is a virtue few possess." Band 1,2g Senior Congress Alter- nateg Nightingales 35 F.T.A. 4. Favorite Memory-Geography with Mr. Tewksbury Pet Peeve--Homework assignments Noted For-Her dimples To live, love, and be happy "A cheer for one who rheers for others." Volleyball 1,23 Basketball 1,2, Cheerleader 2,3,4g Modern Dance 2 Leaders' Club 2,35 Bowling 2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Cheerleading Pet Peeve-Maryland University Noted For-Her University of Mary land jacket J' . u. 9 1, WE? ,,-fav" AV ?-4- CAROLE ELIZABETH AYLWARD To be happy always "Eyes loo expressive to be blue, loo lovely to be gray." Volleyball lg Basketball 1, 25 Bowl- ing, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club 2, 5: Oflice Staff 4. Favorite Memory - One night on Springfield Avenue Pet Peeve-Being called by my last name Noted For-Interest in Pingry - at SWA. ,. .M t .B KO walks b -- .uit s,,,,x, 0.5 .era C 1 wx Ll -Ffiobtll' me V1 LOUIS JOSEP BADUINI HL ! I To be successful and happy "Good nature is Ibe best asset" Intramural Football 2, 4g junior Congress Alternateg Student Council Alternate 4. Favorite Memory-just making A.M. homeroom Pet Peeve-The way teachers pro- nounce my name Noted For-His "crazy-colored" Merc ' A, . ROBERT JOHN BAGGSTROM "Beanso" To be a grease monkey "Be a friend to yourself, and others will be so, too" Intramural Basketball 13 Intramural Football lg Intramural Softball 1. Favorite Memory-Mr. I-Iarasty's class Pet Peeve--'41 Dodges, with fluid drive Noted For-Being shy RALPH ANTHONY BALDASARE "Whitey" Radio or TV broadcasting "Modesly becomes a young man" Intramural Basketball 2, 5, 43 Chess Club 3: Radio Club 43 Pre-season Bas- ketball 4. Favorite Memory-The varsity foot- ball games Pet Peeve-The long waiting lines in the cafeteria Noted For-Always saying "hello!" ,,0f1L4g5fU- , ig .- if My 'Z 'gf A5 L-Y 2 lf! , iff J gk - 1 , It PETER FRANK BAHR "Richard" To join the Navy "A little misrbief by tbe way, a little fun to spire the day" Favorite Memory-Nights at the car hop in my '38 Pet Peeve-Homeroom Noted For-Being bald IAN BAIRD J "Pe Baird" ,gf To be a success - "Men of few words usually become the best" Track 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 25 Golf 1. Favorite Memory-Senior year Pet Peeve-Physics class Noted For-Blond curly hair e .. ': ' ' E . - 'LM ,J-X at eh .-rim .1 . K-sal Q 1 Z Q WJ A VMW' ff K M, 1 ARLENE MARY BALLET CY J A R OW , I uAru , ' U n To be happy and lead a. full life ' .N. and degree in nursing "She's pretty to walh with, heart li g ,md ha ply" witty Iv fdlk will!" Student C u 1 f , 2, , 4g1Ie'iElers' Freshman Congress: Volleyball 1, 2g Club ' 2, , 3 Modem Basketball 1, 23 Softball 3g Bowling Da 23 ' 5 3, 4g Vice. 3, 4g Modern Dance 2: Art Club 43 5, ent 'ghtu-,gales 43 Volley. Yearbook Art Staff 4g Homeroom hal 1 , omewom Officer, President 1. Fav Memory-My junior and Favorite Memory-The great times our club has had Pet Peeve-Getting up at 7:00 every morning Noted For-Being well-dressed e r ea p asmg e Be les DALE BARNARD BARNES llcoolylf Architecture "Silence is more eloquent than words" Track 2, 3. Favorite Memory-Walking through the halls from 8:00 to 8:27 Pet Peeve-Collecting dues for Senior year Noted For-His pink sweater ROBERT MATTHEW BARON "Baronski" To put "white walls" on my car "Pleasure before business" j.V. Football 35 Spring Track 2, 3, 4: Homeroom President 2, 5, 43 junior Congressg Intramural Basketball 3. Favorite Memory-3:15 bell Pet Peeve-Not being able to ride around during lunch Noted For-Drawing and driving Pe e ' o 1 1 oted For-Her l u , X. DONALD WAYNE BASHFORD 11Dontv Contractor "I go my own way silently ELIZABETH KATHERINE BAUMANN uBettyU Secretary "Her heart is as light as her eyes are bright" Nightingales 3g Cannon Advertising and bother no one" Staff I Favorite Memory-Mechanics class Favorlre Memory'-.lumof dance Pet Peeve-Homeroom Pet Pfeve-Homework Noted For-Being seen at the car hop N0fed For--Being ffiendll' K' C2243 ' 5 I it . A 4 x I - FRED DANIEL SHIRLEY LYDIA BECK BAUMANN, JR. "Shirl" To be a private secretary "Cl5ararter is arteptable in all rountrie.v" Volleyball 1, Z3 Tennis 5: Bowling "Plumber" Sanitary Engineer "He ix just the quiet kind, whore nature never varies" Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Memory - Mechanical draw- mg Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Being lefty non Typist 4g Baseball 3. Favorite Memory-My trip to Europe last summer . Pet Peeve-People who think they know it all Noted For-Going to Germany 'l-'nun ANDREW CHARLES BEFUMO I "Amos" To get my drivcr's license some da "Good nature surpasxex all"' C Yearbook Editorial Boardg Senior Congress Alternate: Intramural Bas- o far er all ' e has n ' soul" nd 5 chest 1, 2, 3, 4, her ub ' hestra ketball 3, 49 Intramural Football 3, 4. Favorite Memory-Mr Mente's gym ft class F ite Merkry' 1,8 rchestra Pet Pceve-Monda mornings Pet eeve-Histo . , 3.f . 3 l ' - ta Y 5 Ay . . Noted For-His dimple oted For-Pla g e vi in 3, 43 F.T.A. 3, 43 Cannon 3, 41 Year- book Typing Staff 45 Art Club 33 Can- t B A a 5 1 A - pi lytic 41671, fm ECKER W unny" 50.1" To travel X "WitlJ twinkling eyes and a friendly smile" junior Congress Alternateg Bowling 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club 34 Oflice Helper 4. Favorite Memory-Football games and my Senior year Pet Peeve-Unfriendly people Noted For-Being called "Bunny" BARBARA ANNE BENJAMIN uBenin To live a happ' and prosperous life "A little mirtz, a lot of mischief" Student Council Alternate 1, 3: Bowling 2, 3, 43 F. T. A. 3, 4, Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2. Favorite Memory-Football games Pet Peeves-"Cry-babies" Noted For-Her driving A 2 ! is X44 r Xa. 2 ces' My b CORITA BERGMAN Undecided "Small in form, large at heart" Volleyball 1, 23 Modern Dance 23 Softball 2, 33 Student Council Alter- nate 4g Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-The crazy Amor- ette club meetings Pet Peeve-People who don't yell at Pep assemblies and football games Noted For-Her long hair 1' PAUL BERKMAN I !Keni 7 To do original research "Every man is best known to himself" Chess Club 2, 3, 44 Secretary 4: Bowling 2, 4. Favorite Memory-Sending notes to Geom. teacher before 12:00 of date due Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Research ALYCIA WINIFRED BERNSTEIN Interior Design "Gentle in her manner, .the accomplishes things in a quiet way" Modern Dance 1, 23 Dramatics Club 23 Volleyball 13 Basketball 13 Year- book Photography Staff 4. Favorite Memory-The wonderful feeling of accomplishment and con- fidence that one attains in the Sen- ior year Pet Peeve-Club jackets Noted For-Her pocketbooks GERALD BERNSTEIN . Undecided "A little nonsense now and then, doe: become the hest of men" Football 1, 2, 5, 313 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Congressg Vice-President Junior Classg Key Club 3, 4g Track 1. Favorite Memory-Football Pet Peeve-English Noted For-Red roof CAROL ELAINE BERT "Little Carol" Teacher "A little mischief, full of fun: certainly liked by everyone" Volleyball 1, 23 Basketball 2, 33 Bowling 4g F.T.A. 3, 4g Tennis 33 Homeroom President 1, 2. Favorite Memory-Sophomore year Pet Peeve-People that think they're better than others Noted For-Talking in homeroom JEAN BIGGS !lBettyYl To become a secretary "And a nice girl you'll find her" Volleyball 1, 23 Basketball 1, 23 Ping-Pong 13 Bowling 23 Archery 23 Hockey 33 Office Helper 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Bruscia's sec- ond period steno class Pet Peeve-Having more than one test on the same day Noted For-Working in the office , M' HERBERT WALTER BINDER III-Ierbyil Get a house down at the shore "Tbere's nothing about him tbat's mean" Homeroom President 2, 3, 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Clark's Ger- man class Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning Noted For-Singing like johnny Ray 1 io I P "Bins" N 1 l 'S ' if EDMUND PETER BINGLE ttEddin To make a fast million "Quiet-but we wonder" Favorite Memory - Second period cooking class Pet Peeve-Getting up Monday morn- ing before 12 o'clock Noted For-5 o'clock shadow 4.-.fx Nb, were ' ll RICHARD BITTERLE Navy HOWARD BLECHMANN Tis the quiet and unassuming "Howie" who go the lJ.igl1est" Engineering Tflfk lv 29 Maffhmg Band 1, 2- "Never too serious, not too frivolous, Favorite Memory-Mechanics but a rare good fellow" Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning Favorite Mgmory-Thg day 1 got my Noted For-His quietness license Pet Peeve-To get a hair cut Noted For-His chin-ups f',.f tt ,E .- fl ig sts-'W MNf:RILYNl1JIO1xN BIRCH Private Secretary "Merit is worthier than fame" Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Office Helper 41 Ten- nis 3g Cannon Typist 4: Ping-pong 1. Favorite Memory-junior Prom Pet Peeve-Two minutes to get dressed after gym Noted For-Athletics CLAIRE MARIE BOHM "Claire" To be a credit to my parents always "Behold this vision so fair, the lass with the delicate air" Basketball lg Volleyball 1. Favorite Memory - My wonderful times in '54-'55 e Pet Peeve-Being called "Bleach" Noted For-Sophistication , J' 1 X A it - , ..,.. ,,,' T75 Qui 3 if l I 3 l x f DAVID BOYD "Frenchie" Musician "Always merry" Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, Outdoor Track 1, 2. Favorite Memory-When I ioined the United States Naval Reserve Pet Peeve-Commercials after every song on a radio program Noted For-Navy Reserves EDWIN JULIUS BRAUN FRED JAMES BRADLEY "Bird" To enter the Forestry Service "His armor is his bones! thought" Favorite Memory-Mr. Clark's Ger- man class Pet Peeve-People who use my car for a taxicab Noted For-Taking care of Willy Butt Ml "Brock" Take life easy "Character and intelligence go band-in-lrarzdf' Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Con- gress: Senior Congress, Intramural Football 3, 4. Favorite Memory-Fragrance of wres- tling practice Pet Peeve-"Cool Man" Noted For-Hair cut in junior year j We JEAN-ELLEN BREUNIG lijeanfl To be happy and successful BRADLEY "Peggy', To earn my MRS. degree "She knows the satisfaction of work well done" Dramatics Club 1, Basketball 3 Tennis 3, Oliice Staff 4, Bowling 4 Volleyball 4. Fav ite Memory-My Senior home- Qin et Peeve-Homework Noted BRUDER "Bobbie" Success BARBARA FRANCES "The world belongs to the energetic" Usher Squad 1, Ping-pong 1, Bad- minton lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball 1, 2, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Tennis 3, Junior Congress, Senior Congress, Archery 3, Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4, Can- non Typist 4, Yearbook Typing Edi- tor, Yearbook Editorial Board. Favorite Memory-My four years at Union High Pet Peeve-String beans and unfriend- ly people Noted For-Being energetic "Softly speak and sweetly smile. Bowling 3, 4 Baseball 3. Favorite Memory-july 13th Pet Peeve-My nickname Noted For-Her legs Vu 4 ' N x ,O U' X S: , .1 . Y!-v't,, E' in I A ' X' QV, lf C' if , I Sgr 'Y O' if NN LEON BRYLA ' GEORGE BUNTING EVA JANE "Lee" ,C ,UV "joe" "Janie" Electronics Undecided Teacher "Take life as it comes" "Quiet, but ready for fun" "I don't trouble trouble,- Track l. Football 15 Bowling 1, 2, 35 lntra- it troubles me" Favorite Memory-The day I received mural Football 3. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, my driving license Favorite Memory-Mr. Tewksbury's 2, 3, 43 Softball 3, 43 Hockey 3, 4: Pet Peeve-Swelled-heads geography class F.T.A. 3, 43 Hall M0ni!0l' ZZ USM! Noted For-His muscles Pet Peeve-German Squad 3: I-e2lCl'2l'S' Club 2, 31 Ping- Noted For-Reckless driving pong 1: Badminton 1. Favorite Memory-"Crazy" third lunch Pet Peeve-Rules and regulations con- , , I cerning lunch X ,I ,I J if Noted For-Saying she'll get to col- lege ,W 'W JANET MARIE BUTLER 45,5 llJan!l gig ,sf To own my own ranch home I QQ' in Arizona ' " "Simple of manner, sweet of smile" LIU., Volleyball 23 Hall Monitor 2: Bas- L' jk' ketball 25 junior Congress Alternate. ' 51 Favorite Memory-Three years of fqly., homeroom with Miss Kopera 'fi - Pet Peeve-Not getting out of class Fwy. , ,h on time to eat lunch 1 d ,f't,r'- 'Q Noted For-The ring hanging aroun her neck , 1 SL it f t at X li " GEORGE OTTO BURGER llRedlY To be 3 ,uccess CAROL QIARIF BURKE Carol "The world knows nothing of its greatest men" udent Council l 2 Wrestlin l A life of happiness and success "Always ready with a :mile and a willingness to help others" S! , 5 , 2, 3, 4: junior and Senior Congeess Alternateg Baseball lg Intramural Soft- ball 3. Favorite Memory-Mrs. Deusinger's details Pet Peeve-Algebra II Noted For-His red hair Freshman Con ress' Volleyball 1 2 g 1 Q a 35 Basketball 1, 2, 39 F.T.A. 3, 4g Of- fice Worker 3. Favorite Memory-The friends l have made and locker No. 666 Pet Peeve-The girls' locker room Noted For-Nice appearance K NANCY EDNA BYATT "Nance" To go to college "She flitr around merrily, bringing foy wherever she goes" Art Club 1,29 Volleyball l,2,3,4g Basketball 2g Bowling 2,33 F.T.A. 3, 4: Nightingales 43 Student Council Alternate 4. Favorite Memory-junior Prom Pet Peeve-Two minutes to dress in gym Noted For-Her appetite ROBERTA CATHERINE CALCAGNO "Robbi" To marry that certain someone "Shelf active, stirring, all aglow" Secretary Freshman Homeroomg Volleyball 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 2,3,4g Bowling 3,43 Basketball 1,2. Favorite Memory-My week-end at Blair Pet Peeve-Syracuse University Noted For-Her Syracuse jacket CAROLYN EMMA BYERS To be a secretary "Laughter and chatter are her passwords." Baseball 3, Volleyball 25 Basket- ball 1. Favorite Memory-Mr. I.achenauer's field trips Pet Peeve-Walking to the corner at Lunch Noted For-Her chatter LORETTA Rose CAGLINARI llLOrry, Y To be a secretary "Light of manner, sweet and gay" Hall Monitor 4. Favorite Memory-Third lunch with all the girls Pet Peeve-Guys that think they know it all Noted for-Long, dark hair SALVATORE .lON CAMMARATA usaln To inherit a few million dollars "He has a soul of wit, and the power to light the multitudes." Student Council 1,3,4g Intramural Football 25 Sophomore Congress, jun- ior Congressg junior Class President, Key Club 3,45 Secretary 43 President of Student Council 4. Favorite Memory-The friends I've made in Union High Pet Peeve-Not getting the million dollars yet. Noted For-Being President of Stu- dent Council NANCY CAPLAN "Nan" To be a success in whatever I do "lt's hard to find many like you, a jolly good sport, a real pal too." Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 5: Bowling 3, Ping-Pong lg F.T.A. 3,43 Student Council Alternate 4. Favorite Memory-August of '54 Pet Peeve-People that "knock" my giggle Noted For-Talking about her nephew A ' I O I v' LOUISE HELEN CARUSO "Lou" To be a famous and successful model "They are rirla who lmve friends." Ping-Pong lg Badminton lg Volley- ball 1,23 Basketball l,2,3,4: Softball 3.4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Peach's 4th period English class Pet Peeve-Freshmen that carry brief- cases Noted For-Her beauty mark ,. 5: LEONARD ANTHONY CASTORO "Hatchet" To be a butcher "Ile ball: a mild, quiet manner. Favorite Memory-Lost Weekentl Pet Peevt-Wtrnten drivers Noted For-Sleeping in study I1 W "Chic" V To enjoy life "Laugh, fake, and be merry" Projection Squad 3: Intramural Football 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 2. Favorite Memory-Mr. Mente's gym class Pet Peeve-Half-hour lunch periods N ted or-His wavy hair O ANTHONY JoH1f1 CATENARO tt-I-on yy Y To get rich "The love of money is e a of all evil." Favorite Memory-Going no Kull- man's Pet Peeve-Having to walk to cross- walk at lunch Noted For-A fantastic walk M L.J' f i, 1.3 I I -.r X. R I I H. I t tt X MARIE TERESA CASALINO To be a beautician "Sugar and .rpice and everything nice." Volleyball I,2,5,4: Basketball l,2,3,-lg Modern Dance 2,5: Softball 3,4g Hockey 33 Bowling 23 Usher Squad 3: Ping-Pong lg Badminton 1. Favorite Memory-Mr. Consales' classes Pet Peeve-Freshmen Noted For-Her naturally curly hair DANIEL EDWARD CATULLO "Doggy To be a pilot "A little mischief by the way, a little fun to spice the day." Intramural Football 23 Intramural Softball 23 Freshmen Football. Favorite Memory-Mr. Mente's gym 5 . cla Pet S on weekends For--Hts statto v ,L lv 0' ii - N WMV . jf VIRGINIA THERESA CAVANAGH llGin,l Teacher "The better part of one's life consists of her friendship." Library Staff 15 Art Club 25 Camera Club 25 F.T.A. 3,45 Student Council 45 Nightingales 45 Tennis Club 3. Favorite Memory-Second lunch- junior year Pet Peeve-Doing stunts in gym Noted Fon? Being quiet . ' fl .N , CKQBC J' ' fl BA ' JO ff 1 U .OW fv' ,ff f'Barb" . " K 'To be a Vkistere fnurse " merry hear goeth the way." ibrary itdff 1,2,3 Gannon Staff, 2,3,4' Cro ' 2 , ightin ales 41 lBowi ' E , fflkggvti it' I ry-QA rg? - sa es c ses 1 Pet Peevt People ywho cal' t pro- nounce ' y last name. Noted For-Small stature BARBARA ANNE CHAMBERS llCham,Y To do God's will To take it cool "And as she smiled, all the world 1 A little nonsense, now and then, was guy." V is relished by the best of men." Modern Dance 2,3,45 Volleyball 2, 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Sophomore Con- gress Alternateg Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-My Sophomore year Pet Peeve-"Wise Guys" Noted For-Always talking Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,25 Track 1,45 Vice-President Freshman Homeroom. Favorite Memory-Going to Kull- man's Pet Peeve-Trying to get home from Kullman's Noted For-His big shoulders .s,.na-N--1 5 guylf Senior 4g Soccer 45 Key Club the var- Fresh- Pet Peeve-Getting up in Noted For-His crew-cut FLOYD CHARLES CLENDANIEL join the navy "Ambition drives me on." Bowling 25 Soccer 1. Favorite Memory-General Mechanics II Pet Peeve-The crowded lunch room Noted For-Always being in a. hurry X. K? if SHIRLEY ANNE COLEMAN f ,JI NORMAN MACOMBER CLEVELY "Norm" Physicist "Success is the reward of toil." Student Council 2,3,43 State Student Council 33 Bowling 2,3,43 Chess Club 1,2,3,43 Dramatics Club l,2Q Debating Club 2g Literary Staff of Yearbook 4. Favorite Memory-Chemistry with Mr. Becker Pet Peeve-B ring classes Noted Forivismg a brain If ! l A' ' ' 'lv I ROBERT LOUIS COHEN "Bob" Electrician "Nothing is bad if we understand it right." Football lg Baseball 13 Soccer 1,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Trip to Naval Academy Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Being "GOALY" .off 5 1 To be a secretary 'Silence is more eloquent JOAN HELEN CONKLIN than words." "J0ni" Vuueybau 2' . , . Airline Hostess Favorite Memory-Driver s Educatlon NAU ,kings mme to ,bose who wait!! Pet Peeve-The crowded halls Leaders' Club 2,35 Nightingales L4: Nmfd Ffff-Pleamfnfss Volleyball l,z,s,4g Basketball 1,z,3,4g Baseball 3,43 Hockey 3. Favorite Memory-Sophomore year Pet Peeve-Algebra Noted For-Modeling CAROL RUTH COLEMAN "Ruthie" Teacher "And here, the silence mlm." Marching Band 23 Art Club 1,21 Tennis 33 Red Cross 33 Cannon Staff 1,2,3,43 Editor of Cannon 43 Volley- ball l,2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Leaders' Club 2,3,43 F.T.A. 2,3,43 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-Biology and Chem- istry classes Pet Peeve-Term papers Noted For-Being poetic YW "Action speak 1 r than ' 5.1! Volleyball 33 g 2,35 Basketba 1, 3 . .A. 2,3,4' Oliice Squad 3 matics!C b 23 Staff 4. Favorite o y-Junior ar Pet Peev ' d I Noted For- al ln ' a JU . 1 ,f'p .af L1-I yjflllf-ll' if-dajfljl V file Favorite Cla Pet SS who Noted ar 51 GAIL JUNE COVERT' J "Cov" In 154 Teaching 7- "Calmly she pursues her way."S tj no' That s Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3gf " first zmpresszonf' Bowling 2,3,4g Tennis 55 F.T.A. 2.3,4g Dramatics Club 2g Yearbook Photog- phy Staff 4. avorite Memory-junior Year Pet Peeve-Homework on weekends Noted For-Being photogenig .X VX, W' WM 1 ARLENE CAROLINE COZZOLINO HAI!! Private Secretary "Nothing endures but personal qualities." Volleyball 1,2,4g Basketball 1,2,5,4g Softball 3,4. Favorite Memory-Meeting that cer- tain someone. Pet. Peeve-People who are never on time. Noted For-Her winning way. HAROLD LESLIE CRATER uHa11J Business Administration "Men of few words are the best of men." Wrestling 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Soc- cer 3,4g Freshman Footballg Freshman Congressg Vice President German Club 2. Favorite Memory-Doing homework in homeroom. Pet Peeve-People who consider themselves to be "big deals." Noted For-Throwing the shot-put 'mg 45 Baseball 3. A JP, f fl" fvollleyball 1,2g Basketball Favorite Memory-October' , Pet Peeve-The Navy g Noted For-Having pretty. esh fer' ' ae P RUTH CREVEL "Ruthie" Teacher "Her mind has its own methods." Future Teachers of America 3,44 Camera Club 3. Favorite Memory-My Junior Year Pet Peeve-Classes are too long Noted For-Diffident manner Q JACK ALLAN CURTIS nacurtsv Electrical Engineering "He is prepared for the ronlest." Favorite Memory-Friday nights Pet Peeve-Teachers who say "No homework on weekend" but give it to you anyhow Noted For-Moving to Australia K iz! 5. 'iff fv 9"' BRYNA SHEILA CUTLER KlBrynP! To live, love, and be a red-head. "Tbere'5 miscbiefirl ber eyes and ber merry laughter :babes the skies." Volleyball 1,2,: Basketball 2: Bowl- ing 2,3: Dramatics Club 1: Art Club 13 Student Council 2: Cannon Staff 1: Hall Monitor 4. Favorite Memory-The fall of 1955 Pet Peeve-Guys who can't dance. Noted For-Being on the radio. QR-was 1 . ROBERT NORMAN DAVIDS "Monk" Geologist "Actions speak louder than words." Freshman Footballg Freshman Bas- ketballg Varsity Football 2,3,4g Spring Track 1,2,3,4g Indoor Track 23,45 In- tramural Wrestling Zg Key Club 3,43 Cannon Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Getting my car Pet Peeve-Girls who smoke Noted For-Being collegiate and one of the guys ROBERT DAVID DeHAAS "Bob" Aeronautical Engineer "A brain is known by its fruits." Bowling 2,3,4g Chess Club 2,3,4g Debating Club 2, Student Council Alternate 35 Usher Squad 4g Con- struction Materials Club 3: Cannon Staff 2,3. Favorite Memory-My first "200" game CBowlingJ Pet Peeve-Not getting into office Noted For-His bowling ,I .V 'Ad' ' DOLQRE 'I INET iE J,.ff,.' D. Wrj W i . on J Torlilfekffiliappy tmessful life. i"Sbe's 1' anulated sugar, MW t and refnedf' Voxl eybal 1: Bowling 43 Oiiice Worker 4g ec.-Treas. H.R. 2,44 Vice President H.R. 3: Photography Staff- Yearbook. Favorite Memory-October, 16, 1954 Pet PeeveNot being able to mention people's names in the favorite memory. Noted For-Going with that tall boy DIANE DELAN EY Teacher "The longer you know ber tbe better you like ber." Volleyball 1,2: Soccer 3: Basketball 2, Leaders' Club 3,43 F.T.A. 3,43 Bowl- ing 3. Favorite Memory-Summer of 1955 Pet Peeve-Those special "up" and "down" stairways i Noted For-Her mysterious ways if o ' if N JOAN FRANCES DELLA-CERRA To be happy in work and love. "Age cannot wither, nor custom stale, her infinite variety." Vice-President Student Council 35 Nightingales 3,45 President Night- ingales 45 Leaders' Club 2,3,45 Sec.- Treas. Leaders' Club 25 Modern Dance l,2,3,45 Extracurricular Sports 1,Z,3, 4g F.T.A. 3,45 F.T.A. Vice-President 35 Cannon Staff 45 Representative to Girl's State 35 Ofiice Squad 45 Presi- dent H.R. 1,35 Vice-President Home- room 4. Favorite Memory-Having the honor to represent Union High School at Girl's State in 1955 Pet Peeve-Having to wear shoes in JUNE LOIS DENMAN To become an R. N. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Volleyball 2,39 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Bowling 2,35 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Nightingales 3,45 Freshman Congressg Office Squad 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Cannon Staff 3,4. Favorite Memory-The wonderful people and times especially the jun- ior Prom. Pet Peeve-Unfriendly people Noted for-Strawberry-blonde hair DOROTHY ANN DENNEY "Dottie" To go to college. "With her smile goes sweetness and ambition." Photography Editor - Yearbook5 Leaders' Club 3,45 Sec. Leaders' Club 45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 F.T.A. .45 Nightingales 35 Bowling 2,33 junior Congressg Sophomore Congressg Vol- leyball 15 Basketball 15 Baseball 3. Favorite Memory--Senior Prom, 1955 Pet Peeve-People who are not friend- ly Noted For-Her beautiful ways 1 school Noted For-Versatility GEORGE LOUIS DEO Teacher "Every man is best known to himself." Favorite Memory-Summer of 1955 Pet Peeve-Getting out of bed in the morning. Noted For-Being conscientious. RUSSELL DAVID DePUY "Russ" Be a success "A better man is hard to find." Freshman Footballg Baseball 1,25 Wrestling 1,25 Intramural Football 2, 3,45 Intramural Baseball 3,4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Mente's gym class. Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning for school. Noted For-Being a nice guy. ROBERT WILL M DIECKMANN "Bob" U. S. Navy "Wbat!.' Me worry??" Track 15 Junior Congressg Soccer 4. Favorite Memory-Riding around at night with the boys. Pet Peeve-The long hours of school. Noted For-Being fun. To be a desi ner SANDRA DUBE DOROTHY MARY DLUGOSZ uDotn To become a successful secretary. "lay is always in her presence." Bowling 35 Volleyball 3. Favorite Memory-junior and Senior year Pet Peeve-Restrictions during lunch hour. Noted For-Getting in trouble CAROLE 'LYNN DRECHSEL ltcaru g . Make the best use of woman's gift-chit chat." Girls' Basketball Team lg Girls' Volleyball Team 25 Girls' Soccer Team 3. Favorite Memory-junior Prom 1954 Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning. Noted For-Always talking ANN DODGE upatsn To have a pony tail. "It's nice to he natural when you're naturally nice." Volleyball lg Freshman, Junior, Senior Congressg Vice-Pres. Home- room lg Bowling 2, 4g F.T.A. 3,4g Office Monitor 2,3,4g Basketball 25 Nightingales 3g Leaders' Club 35 Color Guard 45 Yearbook Staffg Ping- Pong 1. Favorite Memory-Weekends at Le- high Pet Peeve--Ten days' detention with the girls. Noted For-Pretty blonde h beautiful eyes. . air and l V 4 . Usandyii To become a first rade teacher "Thought is deeper tgan all speech." Volleyball Team 25 Future Teachers of America 4. Favorite Memory - Mr. Murphy's English class. Pet Peeve-Getting up at seven o'clock in the morning. Noted For-Being quiet 333 e wp , . , , . ia: .2 . To be successful but not let success overshadow my happiness. "She is attractive and neat as can be,' a happier smile you never will see." Dramatics Club 1,43 Art Club l,2, 4g Basketball Z,4g F.T.A. 43 Leaders Club 45 Softball 35 Volleyball 45 Girls' Softball 4. Favorite Memory-Decorating for our Junior Prom. Pef Peeve-People who are always ate. Noted For--Artistic talent MARLY DUF F HAUS To become an art teacher. "Art is the right hand af nature." Art Club 2,3,4g Tennis 3,43 Bowling 3,4g Leaders' Club 3,43 Baseball 55 Baseball Manager 43 Headline Editor of Cannon 3,45 Yearbook Editorial Board-Art Editorg F.T.A. 4g Alternate for Citizenship Forum. Favorite Memory-Doing exercises in Miss Gutowski's Class Pet Peeve-lgnorant people Noted For-Her refined manner f , K1 R SONJA EISENMENGER "Sonny" To get a good job. "Many a virtue is hidden behind her silence." Volleyball 2,5,4g Hockey 3,43 Ten- nis 3,45 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-Mrs. Wright teach ing hockey. Pet Peeve-My brother Noted For-Her scholastic ability JUDITH RAE ELLIS QlJudy!! To be successful in life. "This cule blonde sensation could rock the whole nation." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,3, 4g Nightingales 3,45 Treas. of Night- ingales 45 Student Council Treas. 4g Senior Congressg Alt. junior Con- gressg Bowling 2,55 Dramatics Club 2g Homeroom Treas. and Sec. 15 Home- room President 25 Homeroom Vice- President 35 Cannon 3,4. I DONALD EUGENE ELY "Don" To be an artist. "Says not much but thinks be more." Art Club 2,3. Favorite Memory-Dad's face when I got a "2" in history. Pet Peeve-Women drivers Noted For-Being a good artist. fx t, BARBARA JOAN FANN ER "Bobbie" To have twins. "Kindness makes her many friends." Bowling 3,45 Volleyball 24 lg.R. Sec. 2g H.R. Treas. 4g Cannon Sta k Typing . Yearboo Staff 4 Favorite "Buddies" Pet pf who of "Jap Noted J Favorite Memory-Winning the elec- tion to be Student Council Trea- surer Pet Peeve-Boys who have D. A.'s Noted For-Counting money BENJAMIN ROBERT FELDMAN !lBen!! To be a success. "He's quiet and modest in his way." Senior Congressg Bowling League 43 Debating Club 2g Junior Congress Alternate. Favorite Memory - Biology with Mr. Dultz Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Being quiet !!Nanl! Secretary "There's mischief in her eyes Basketball lg Volleyball l,2. Favorite Memory-My friends Pet Peeve-Homeroom at 3:15 Noted For-Being cute MAE FERRY JJ THERESA MARGARET FORD T0 be a bookkeeper. JOSEPHINE DOLORES i . X I 1 ,sl , T, Vi'f ALLAN NOAH FIELDS ..Al.. To he a success. "I don'r look for trouble-,' it looks for me." Homcroom V.P. 2: Homeroom President 33 Intramural Football 3: Ilomeroom Secretary 4. Favorite Memory-Getting a "One" on my biology exam Pct Peeve-Being only a minute or two late for school. Noted For-His wise remarks to JW fx Y upegrr Small in form, but large in heart." Volleyball 2. Favorite Memory-Meeting that cer- ton someone. Pet Peeve-Bermuda shorts, white bucks. 3 ,Qs W' . f Gai I fi f 44' A fit' F' FRED JOHN FIESENTHALER "Fritz" To join the navy and become an admiral "A man of few words-at times." Track 1,21 Soccer 1. Favorite Memory-Mechanical Draw- ing class Pet Peeve-Girls who wear Bermuda shorts Noted For-Squinting his eyes W 50' T il. 1 ROBERT GEORGE FOEHNER "Penguin" To become a chemist. "He likes to fake and fest and laugbg while on life's way be makes bi: path." Favorite Memory-Mr. Becker's flrst period chemistry class with the class of "55". Pet Peeve-Term papers Noted For- Being silly MARILYN JOYCE FOSSETT "Mar" To be happy and successful. "Combine brains and mischief and the result is Marilyn." Student Council Rep. 13,41 Student Council Alt. 23 Rep. to Rutgers Stu- dent Council Convention lg Leaders' Club 2: Volleyball 1,21 Intramural Bas- ketball 1,2g Intramural Soccer 3: Bowl- ing 2,3,4: Modern Dance 13 F.T.A. 5,41 Biography and Humor StaFf of Yearbook 41 Color Guard 4. Favorite Memory-junior Prom f' '55" Pet Peeve-People who call me by my last name. Noted For-Talking fast ,l FORGIONE UJOH To be a successful secretary. "Sheff a sweet girl- who can say more?" Hall Monitor 2. Noted For-Being tiny. Favorite Memory-That "Peachy" English class! Pet Peeve-Third floor homeroomg oh-those stairs Noted For-Being quiet and intelli- gent. jf WILLIAM JOHN FREAD ALEX FOTI NAI!! "Why should the devil have all the good times?" Baseball 1,2. Favorite Memory - Mr. Fadden's Physical Science class. Pet Peeve-People who nag Noted For-Playing football with matchbooks. ROBERT OTTO FRAUENZIMMER uBobu Animal Husbandry Specialist. "Not too bold, not too shy, just a wonderful sort of guy." Soccer 3,4g Captain of Soccer team 4g Intramural Sportsg Hall monitor. Favorite Memory-2 weeks on a beautiful farm. Pet Peeve-People who refer to and translate my last name. Noted For-Having his name in the paper for soccer. DOROTHY MARIE FOULDS ' 'Dot" To be a secretary. "A quiet cloak covers a merry heart." Volleyball 1,Zg Basketball 15 Soccer 24 Ping-Pong 1. Favorite Memory-Getting out of school at 5:15. Pet Peeve-History. Noted For-Her red hair. LEO PAT FRAM "Champ" To graduate. "Laughing and talking all the day, he always has something witty to say." Bowling 3,4. Favorite Memory-Mrs. Wagner's cooking class. Pet Peeve-Detention Noted For-Always being at the bowling alley lQPat,, I To drive a pink convertible PATRICIA JOAN FUCHS uBunnyn Whitewalls and skirts for my Merc "There's mischief in that man." Homeroom Treas. 2,34 Hall Monitor 23 Freshman Baseball Mgr. 15 Intra- mural Football 3g Intramural Basket- ball 3. Favorite Memory-Kitchen number 5 in Mrs. Wagner's cooking class. Pet Peeve-Lower classmen who have no respect for Seniors. Noted For-Being wise. "Time for work, time for play! Student Council 2g Homeroon' President 23 Homeroom Sec. 35 F.T.A. 3,43 Office Staff 3,45 Senior Congress: Senior Class Treas.g Yearbook Photog- raphy Staffg Volleyball 2. Favorite Memory - Between-class meetings Pet Peeve-Boys who don't Wear suits on dates. Noted For-Winning by one vote i vii we CORA MAY GADDIE "Chee" To be a loving secretary. "Some think she's swell, but we know il." Baseball 53 Basketball 2,53 Volley- ball 2.32 Soccer 5. Favorite Memory-Class of "S5j' Pct Peeve-People who take life too seriously. . Noted For-Dressing nicely. . v EUGENE ALBERT GAISER "Gene" To finish college. "For him the world would have little in it if there were only boys." Student Council Alt. 5,45 Track 53 Intramural Football lg Intramural Football 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Semcresen's homeroom Pet Peeve-Hearing your name called in the hall, and not seeing anyone. Noted For-Lifting weights ite l 141 T o F I MICHAEL liiwlilt GALANTI "Mike" To get a signed piece of paper on June 16. "If work interferes with pleasure, one must give up work." Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 1,2g Track l. Favorite Memory-The happy days of of summer school. Pet Peevoelieing a nurse maid on the way home from Kullmann's. Noted For-Tony Curtis' hair comb. NORMA LOIS GEHRLICH "Norm" To be happy and travel to far-away places. "A good worker, she'll prove no less: we know someday she'll find success." Nightingales 3,43 Leaders' Club 3: Volleyball lg Basketball 25 Dramatics Club 1,21 F.T.A. 45 Tennis Club 3,43 Homeroom Vice-Pres. lg Homeroom Secretary 2. Favorite Memory-My Freshman Ger- man class A f- Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Getting excited fi' 5. ., K N 'x :YO X gl 1 ,P 7 .e Z-, 1 ,yy . s 9 eat gust DONALD JOSEPH GARTNER "Wht1l er s es, e l. "DOH" s rl. 0 vii To own a Caddy. Mfxwf "Neither too careless nor too gladf Nz Office Or l Om C l neither too serious nor too sad." SICSSS M31 ' ' F - 1 Homeroom Vice-President 4. Homeroo 1' - r Cn! HY- Favorite Memory-Football games book SIHHS I COUHYCSS I-2 V01 Pet Peeve-School leyball 23 B . etball 25 Student Coun- Noted For-His quiet mannef cil 3. Favorite Memory-My four years in Union High. Pet Peeve-People who make fun of the way I laugh. Noted For-Her friendly smile. X , X3- I. il Q I Q- " ' X vw "1- S 1 .. I . e ' 4 i JUDITH LEE GEISER !!Judy!J To write children's books. "She's always happy, always gay,' her chatter rontinuesu Treas. of Freshman Classg Volley- ball Zg Basketball 23 Girls' Citizenship Institute 5: Modern Dance 2,39 Home- room Treas. lg Dramatics Club 1,2,3, 43 Thespian Society 4g junior Con- gress Rep.g Student Council Alternate 4. Favorite Memory-Senior Play "SS" and red roses Pet Peeve-Being allergic to dogs Noted For-Acting KAY FRANCIS GETER "Katie" To marry "Very honest, a sweet smile, laughing all the while." Art Club 1,2,3,4g Future Teachers of America 45 Basketball lg Volley- ball Zg Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca 4. Favorite Memory-The class of "1953". Pet Peeve-School bus Noted or-Being friendly Shfybxw Q01 N5 Q., 0 QXQ,-Pb 1,2,3S Band Red Cross 39 Bowling 45 Typing Staff 4. Favorite Memory-junior Prom - 1955 Pet Peeve-Traiiic jams in the halls Noted For-Playing the accordion lit ,ar ,ya .gr 1 JOHN JOSEPH GlAClNl, JR. "johnny" Music "Always good natured, good humored and gay." Favorite Memory-Junior Dance Pet Peeve-School Noted For-His mambo Teachers of Ameri- NORMAN GEORGE GERNDT "skip" To be happy and successful. "Mischief-thou art a-foot." Vice-President Class 15 Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketballg Fresh- man Baseball: Varsity Football 2,44 Intramural Football 55 Homeroom President 45 Intramural Basketball 3. Favorite Memory-Mr. Orsini's Gen- eral Science class. Pet Peeve-"No Smoking" rules and signs. Noted For-His Chrysler 1 1 , ARLEEN FRANCES GILLICK l!ArH Live, love, and be happy. "Delightful, sweet, and nice to meet, a girl like Arleen is hard to heat." Basketball 1,2g Volleyball 1,29 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-A certain night on Springiield Ave. Pet Peeve-Guys that think they're big shots. Noted For-Being lots of fun I frm in reality." ,V he - t meal een , -v fl M s SUSAN FRANCINEIW GINSHERG To live, love, laugh, and be happy. "Silence is a virtue, but with Sue it's a rarity." Volleyball lg Dramatics 2g F.H.A. 35 Bowling 3,4g Alternate Student Council 4: Basketball 51 Ping-Pong lg Badminton 1. Favorite Memory-Being Queen of Seton Hall University Pet Peeve-Restricted lunches Noted For-Her "flirty" eyes ., ,.,.. ., ,., ,,,.,,..m - ,, Q X F' 1' fi .jsut ' .' "Wil JUNE CAROL GLEASON "Prunes" Not to work. "A cheery greeting, a friendly smile, happy-go-lucky is her style." Sec. of Class lg Treas. Homeroom 23 Sec. Homeroom 3.4: Volleyball l,2g tba :W A rgr w, - i .Mg .Y 4 A is S .5 . X ri TTT' '70 ' 1 A ,, in I I 1' Q ' 4" g g 1 ll . 1 . t JOHN PATRICK G YNN "A lad that's gentle in manner, GEORGE HENRY GLASSEN "Chet" To be a musician. "Full of fun and musir, too. Great guys like him are few." Freshman Class President: Sopho- more Congressg junior Congressg Sophomore Homeroom Vice-Pres.: Senior Homeroom Vice-Pres.: Edi- torial Board of Yearbook 4g Intra- mural Basketball and Football 3,43 Band lg Yearbook Biography and Humor Editor 4. Favorite Memory-Our Jazz Concert assembly in junior Year. Pet Peeve--Cracking on high notes Noted For-Liking progressive jazz f . Ujackll See all the states. Bowling 2,3,4g Basketball 3,45 Softball 2,3,4g Cannon Staff l. Favorite Memory-Mrs. Pierce's class -'52 Pet Peeve-People who call me "Prunes" Noted For-Her sense of humor. Wrestling Manager 2.3. Favorite Memory-Auto Shop Pet Peeve-Teachers that give lots homework. Noted For-Being a hall monitor. LINDA GLASSER llLin7l To be happy all my life. "To worry little, and study less, is my idea of hatpinessf' Volleyball l,2g Bas etball lg Art Club 3i F.T.A. 4. Favorite Memory-Teachers that didn't give homework. Pet Peeve-Unfriendy people Noted For-Putting make-up on in class. D ' 1 YKJ' iN., 9 Q by xl: IVF KARL HENRY GOLLHARDT 1!Di erY! To learn a trade. "Little I ask and my wants are few." Favorite Memory-Third period math -Junior year. Pet Peeve-People who worry about 4's on their report card. Noted For-Being a junior Police- man WARREN ARTHUR GRANT "Warr" Keep building things. "His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hearty sport or contest hold." Football l,2,3,4g Wrestling 1,24 Track 1,2. Favorite Memory-The months spent on my sailboat Pat Peeve-"Cool" clothes Noted For-Being one of the 7T's RUTH NANCY GRAESSLE "Ruthie,' To work on a food magazine. "Delightfully interesting and companionahlef' Nightingales 4, F.T.A. 33 Bowling 2,35 Leaders' Club 3,4g Senior Con- gress 4g Ski Club 4: Student Council Alt. 3, Volleyball 2,3,4g Cannon 3,43 Modern Dance 33 Basketball 2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Chemistry Pet Peeve-Homework on weekends Noted For-Being witty LEROY JOHN GRIGGS trjackrs Salesman. ' "He doeth muah that doeth a thing well." Favorite Memory-Junior Prom Pet Peeve-8:30, Monday thru Friday Noted For-His many cars M 2 R, awk is e ..,,, e".. t.' we "-- -45:57 -"-' Q- it' 12 'ff 1 . ' -V1 '-,. Q' ' 1: iiiiiflilili-'H ff-et, .J-v-15f's'i.a-1:'. - :eff 2'-F Ja." f' t,., s i,,l I 7' ,kgr . .k-f I , 3 l I 9' JOYCE CAROL GRAMENS "Tinytim" To be a success in whatever I may do in the future. "Sweet and feminine all the way." Volleyball 1,2,3,4i Basketball 2,35 Bowling 29 Dramatics Club lg Base- ball 3g Treas. Homeroom 1,2,3. Favorite Memory-1953 at a Miss-B- Tune Club meeting. Pet Peeve-Guys who thing that they are "it". Noted For-Buying peroxide NEIL JOSEPH GROHMANN To graduate from college. "He is happy who knoweth himself not to he otherwise." Varsity Soccer 3,44 Intramural Basketball 3g Alternate Senior Con- gressg German Club 2, Basketball Manager 3. Favorite Memory-Mr. Lee's class, first period. Pet Peeve-Third lunch Noted For-Playing soccer aLl ll f , it QQWQM , . i EDWARD GROSS llEdvl To be a millionaire. "Every man to his own pleasures." Junior Congressg Baseball 3,4: Basketball 23 Chess Club 3. Favorite Memory-The evening of my "junior Prom" Pct Peeve-Hating to get up in the morning and hating to go to sleep at night. Noted For-Selling magazines. ' Q" V 1. 'af -1j..iP , ,-, , D, . ..'1., :-, 3- wr, ,, .. , J , 4, ,.t. . 'r' I gigfisil' i I-.,. JOAN ANN GUMINSKI "Joni" To be a good wife and mother "Happiness grows al our own presides" Homeroom President l,3,41 Home- room Treas. 2' Softball 3' Volle 'ball "In any list of famous men BARBARA JUNE GUENTHER uBax-bn To be a private secretary. "There was a sofl and pensive grate, a ras! of thought upon her fare." Volleyball l,2,5,4q Basketball l,3,4g Bowling 41 Tennis 33 Cannon Typing Staff 45 Yearbook Typing Staff 4: Nightingales 41 Soccer 5: Junior Red Cross 3: Baseball 43 Freshman Con- gress Alt. Favorite Memory-After-school activi- ties Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Scholastic ability ws' if 'vsapx-s3fg.g:..i ' , in 3 1?- R 4 -if .- ssf?33?iflWf" 'f ' 5 at so Q LL v v X 5 l st, 5 ' if . 'X 1' F 2, J a M RAYMOND GEORGE GUHI. -Rays To be a success "Still wafer runs deep" Favorite Memory-"Back To School. Drive Carcfully" Pet Peeve-Doing Physics experiments Noted For-Wtirking in Krantz's JAMES uso t ER 5 ' P ' S 'n coll 3 -- -th . u f f ff x a ,. K, y . 4 1 lib . -1 ' . : .f:' 1 .Q -.u xv aseball 1,2,4g oom 4. Faacorit - ry-Th gxfat t'mes I n sports esp 'al e first b s etball gam l d on the arstty as a sopho Pet Peeve-Guys th k theyre something but are no g but vuse guls h ,F t F Noted For--His saxophone ROBERT JOHN GUNTHER lIBOb7! To go to college Q . s J lg Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-Being an "Amor- CIIBU Pet Peeve-The song "Seventeen" Noted For--Teaching girls to drive in her car there are always those with tilian hair" Transferred from Seton Hall Prep., September, 1954. Favorite Memory-Chef's specialties Pet Peeve-Term paper Noted for-His red, "Chicago box haircut 'Hifi' CAROLYN HELEN HALL Kipinkyi, To make some man happy "Always merry and bright" Favorite Memory-The days in my Business Math class Pet Peeve-Getting up at 7:00 o'clock to come to school Noted For-Being friendly HENRY HANSEN '-Hank" - Sports announcer "Noble in every thought and in every deed" Intramural Basketball 2,3,-S. Favorite Memory-When our wires- tling team won the State Champion- ship by beating Roselle Park Pet PeevePhysics ,My Vs-it N A . . gg NES- I 1. Y 4 ! J K P A -fe : , ' if--2 ' K ' ' Ex' infix, -gm K , if-,. -1 we ., -,Q-sealer Q - .Lf-3.512 L . 4 K V A 2 15'-im. gil 'T'i1iQ.ffsi1 if , nwiiilff liffsf W- Zfl-ns-725 11' v " if ' fm -I his f f'i+,5Is,s'5i,-K,,:Pf'. .. .1 -s ' - .-of s A -. 'Y,5:wf1r'2fsf:52nf12lifyi5ix,'3':9f X ,Q-45,r5'iff,,,.t"1,-W 2 i pt1rr1.i1 1----as wtf,-ts-.wi f NEAL HAMILTON Electrical Engineer "Man, alone, consciously assists in the fulfillment of his nature" Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4g Intra- mural Baseball 2,3,43 Intramural Foot- ball lg Photography Staff-Yearbook. Favorite Memory-Time spent help- ing the photographer Pet Peeve-Being a minute late and getting detention Noted For- Being soft-spoken To get a "Man should he measured and evalu- ated according to the degree of his mobilized output" Chess Club 1,2g Pres. of Chess Club 3,45 Boys' Bowling 2,3,4g Student Council lg Class Congress 2,3. Favorite Memory-Relaxing in flrst lunch Pet Peeve-Afternoon homeroom Noted For-His brain in Physics WALTER BJARNE HANSEN "Wait" Mechanic "Every man to his trade" J. V. Football 2. Favorite Memory-My day-off from school Pet Peeve-Misconduct reports Noted For-His green "bomb" RICHARD ROOTE HANSON :tTiltrJ Tool and Die maker "A joke, a laugh, and a sincere heart" Band 1,2,3. Favorite Memory-junior Prom Pet Peeve-Freshman and Sophomore girls that smoke Noted For-His Ford at Retire it an earl ' a e 1' mayo, ' 'iff if "5 DOROTHY ISLISE HARMS "Dot" To live, laugh, and he happy "A good laugh is sunshine in the house" Usher Squad 13 Volleyball 13 Bowl- ing 5,43 Art Club 1,23 Othce Staff 2. Favorite Memory - Crazy times at lunch with the girls Pct Peeve-Having "Out of Bounds" Noted For-Being at Forsgate's ,-.- -- ,, ri as I "' . f --'ist 6? 135, L, . I ,e-,, -- HOWARD WILLIAM HARTER "Rebel" Naval Officer "Not iz sinner, not a saint" Freshman Congressg Cross Country 1,25 Track 1,2. Favorite Memory-Going to the jun- ior Dance Pet Peeve-Girls who think they are "high and mighty" Noted For-His "cool" pants l RICHARD IRVING HARTJEN uDicku Be a State Trooper "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere." Basketball I,21 Baseball lg Sopho- more Congress: Bowling 5,45 Intra- mural Football l,2,3,4. Favorite Memory - Mrs. Wagner's Cooking Class Pet Peeve-Being a taxi Noted For-Being a swell guy 1 'N' n 0 Laxb O SC ' I 26 'f 4' 'J X J Q . ' yo Yi' ' fe' Q0 x '59 ,G xl 3 ' 3, O0- 1 -ts XOXO' 5 X9 dr X I JOHN HAYES, JR. of 49,5 join the Armed Services ge-' "Worth, courage, honor, these indeed Q' your sustenance and birthright are." fe etf :il DOUGLAS GEORGE HARTMAN N "Doug" OAN MARIE HAYDEN I Art Teacher ' 7 I g "One boy is more trouble than n dozen girls." Band 2,3: Intramural Football l,23 Intramural Baseball 3,43 Wrestling 1. Favorite Memory-Band with Mr. Traeger Pet Peeve-Being called "Dougie" Noted For-Quihhling in class "So excellent in nrt and still so sweet' Art Club l,2,43 Modern Dance 2,3,43 Bowling 43 Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3,43 Hockei' 5: Volleyball 2,53 Usher Squad 13 Dramatics Club lg Tennis Club 43 Basketball 2. Favorite Memory-Art Class Pet Peeve-Studying for tests Noted For-Being artistically inclined Track 23 Football 4: Intramural Basketball 3. Favorite Memory--My first 1 Pet Peeve-Biology Noted For- is q tfjwf ff' A 'N gift CL LUCIEL HAYNES :QI-lucyn Secretary "lust a little gal, but oh! my."" F.H.A. 3: Basketball 1,3,4g Soccer 3,41 Softball 3,4g Volleyball 1. Favorite Memory-3rd lunch Pet Peeve-General Science I Noted For-Her many stories 9 Gt nD sL1st in co ege LESLIE HENDRICKS m1LeSu To get out of high school "Life is just a bowl of cherries." Freshman Footballg Varsity Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 1,23 Indoor Track Zg Outdoor Track 1,2,3. Favorite Memory-Football Pet Peeve-Being in the same home- room for three years Noted For-His mocking ways CAROL EMILY HENN To live, love, and enjoy happiness in life "A laugh is worth a hundred groans." Cannon 2,3,43 junior Red Cross 2,3, 4, Library Staff 2,3,4g Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-All my memories are favorites Pet Peeve-Half-hour lunch period Noted For-Curly hair 1-TQ' I T f ' ' MO , ' I rie' e ' -. ' ' ' 'll " erso ' I 'ty is to a woman u' fi 1 rf e is to a flower." Bas : all 2,41 Volleyball 1,2,4g Sp n' 1 Club l,3g Bo ling 3,4g All- St -key lg T.A , Ofhce - ' in on 1 B mi ' Dra tics ub I Fav ite Mem - ts, Benj and r 4, S-P l ' ' Cl lackout et Peeve-Baby Talk 1 Noted For-Squinting ev' BETTY FRIEDA HILBERG uBettyas To be happy and a success in whatever I do "Let us be gay while we may." Student Council 3,4g Cannon Staff 3,4g Leaders' Club 2,33 Homeroom President 3g Twirler 3,43 Modern Dance Group 2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Bowling 3,43 Dra- matics Club 1,21 Ping-pong 1: Bad- minton 1. Favorite Memory-Twirling at foot- ball games Pet Peeve-People who know you one day and not the next Noted For-Twirling GEORGE HERBERT HOERRNER "Big Man" To be a success in everything I do "A tall hotly leaves room for a large heart." Junior Congress: Senior Congressg Oflice Helper 3,43 Football 1,23 Intra- mural Football 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Cafeteria Monitor 3,4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Dultz's Biol- ogy class Pet Peeve-Kids who don't support their school Noted For-Basketball and "bucks" lxxr-A-y x fi N 'f A 'i I GEORGE HERBERT HOHWEILER "George" Engineering "Maris brain is, after all, the greatest natural resource." Student Council l,2,5g New jersey Student Council Convention 25 Senate 4g Key Club 4, Bowling 3,43 Spring Track 2,5,4g Indoor Track 5,-4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Becker's Chem- istr ' class . y . Pet Peeve--Having to do something over again Noted For-- Being scholarly but "swell," too EVELYN HEDY HORN ' ..Ev,, Fashion Illustrator "Small, petite, but extra sweet" Alternate Student Council 45 Alter- nate Congress 2,5: Bowling 2,35 F.T.A. 3,44 Secretary F.T.A. 45 Yearbook Art Staffg Art Club 1,21 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,3,41 Cannon 4. Favorite Memory-Meeting friends in the morning and exchanging gossip Pet Peeve-People who tell me I nev- er talk enough Noted For-Drawing faces A 2 'cf 'i 177' BETTY ANN HOLZL "Betty" To be happy and successful in whatever I do Blesl with that charm, the certainty to please." Volleyball 1,23 Basketball 1,2,3: Table Tennis 13 Badminton lg Night- ingales 3,41 Advertising Staff of Can- non 4g F.T.A. 3,45 Homeroom Treas- urer 3. Favorite Memory - Nightingales with Carol and Joan, junior year Pet Peeve-People who know you one day and not the next Noted For-Always laughing 'NN NORMA HOTZ Medical Secretary "A smile which cheered like the breaking day." Volleyball lg F.T.A. 3,4g Art Club 1. Favorite Memory-Memorial Week- end, "SS" Pet Peeve-Running to P.M. home- room Noted For-Writing letters jx ' t X -H' A-0 FRAN 404J Hooder To play professional ball "Don't ever get him started because he's hard to stop." Homeroom President 43 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,5,43 Baseball l,2,S,4. Favorite Memory-Playing football Pet Peeve-What else? Homework, term papers and dead classes Noted For-Making touchdowns WILLIAM GEORGE HOUSLEY "Bill" Become a dentist "A nicer guy you'll never meet." Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Intramural Bad- minton 2,3,4. Favorite Memory-First day of high school Pet shorts car two -za , - -. , , ,J Q, T iii E' ,t QJUK ul- A 0' 2 KJV JULIA MACE HOUSTON Ujudym To be "Miss America" "The charm of ber presence is felt u'ber'er :be may be." All-State Hockey lg Modern Dance 1,2,3: Volleyball 1,2g Basketball 1,2,3g Bowling 3,4. Favorite Memory-A Cappella Choir Pet Peeve-Sophomore English Noted For-Her '55 Crown Victoria Ford MARLENE TERESA HUDZIK r:Marn Private Secretary "She is worlby of ber friends," Usher Squad l,2,3g Volleyball 1,23 Basketball 23 Bowling 3. Favorite Memory-The friends I've made Pet Peeve-The crowded halls Noted For-Her "chameleon" hair BEVERLY DAWNE HUMMEL teHurnvr To become a kindergarten teacher "An aetife maid, full of the joy of living." Volleyball lg Basketball lg Student Council 2g Soph. Congressg Juniorx Congressg F.T.A. 3,41 Senior Congress Alternate: Homeroom Oflicer 1. Favorite Memory-Junior Prom Pet Peeve-Present Freshman class Noted For-Going to Blair. i M I, H. CHARLES WESLEY HUNT txwesu To become a commercial artist "True arlists are a rare, rare breed." Baseball 2g Track 3,44 Basketball l,2,45 Soccer 4. vo ' e Fa rit - Miss Carracino's Pet in the halls crew cut LOUISE Lou f To get my Mrs. "A willing way, a pleasant smile, a friend to be remembered." Usher Squad 55 Hall Monitor 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Peach's Eng- lish class Pet Peeve-Freshmen cluttering the halls Noted For-Her long hair ?F"L?UY'l CHARLES JACKSON , "Chas" and "Charlie" To be a chemical engineer "A swell fellow, full of fun, well liked by everyone." Archery lg Yearbook Staff 43 Home- room Vice President 4. Favorite Memory-A certain blonde teacher of Physics in 303 by the name of Miss F. Carraccino Pet Peeve-Teachers who patrol the cafeteria Noted For-Having a great sense of humor 6 . 1 N w ., xv..-" X 4 4 . sqlgwiq M fu- W RALPH HARRY JOHNSON To work "Quiet in appearance with motives unknown." Favorite memory-July 17, 1954 Pet Peeve-Nosey people Noted For-Running the projectors LEE KANDRAT Kindergarten Teacher "Tiny in height, but not in might." Volleyball lg Leaders' Club 23 Art Club lg F.T.A. 2,43 Basketball 3. Favorite Memory - Mrs. Wagner's Cooking class Pet Peeve-Teachers that know my father Noted For-Being small but nice MARILYN LOIS JONES !lLynY! To be a teacher "Sweet in manners, fair in favor." F.T.A. 2,3,4g Nightingales 49 Soph- omore Congress Alternateg Junior Red Cross 33 Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 2,3,4q Dramatics Club 1,25 Tennis 3,4g Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-The football games Pet Peeve-Term Papers Noted For- Looking like a doll SANFORD JUMAN ilsandyll Dentist "Knowledge is a treasure but praclice is lhe key to il." Junior Congressg Senior Congressg Bowling 45 Intramural Basketball 2,3. Favorite Memory-Dodgers becoming World Champs Pet Peeve-Being clocked on Saturday nights Noted For-His desert-brown pants A" l if ,., 1 S RICHARD RON E KARGUS ttBearn To be a pilot "The quiet mind is rirher than a crown." Intramural Baseball 3. Favorite Memory-To be in Doc. Sharratt's class for a day of laughter Pet Peeve-Crowded cafeteria Noted For-His "cool" gym shorts JOYCE MARILYN KELLY To be happy in whatever I do "Her wit, ber smile, ber friendly way. will make her a favorite all of be: days." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,3 4g Baseball 3: Bowling 2,3,4g Studen Council 2,33 Leaders' Club 3,43 Senioi Congressg Twirling 4g Yearbook Edi torial Boardg F.T.A. 3: Nightingale: 43 Office Squad 4: Modern Dancing 2,3,4g Ping-pong 1: Badminton lg Yearbook Finance Staff. Favorite Memory-Football games and twirling Pet Peeve-People who tell me that I'm blushing Noted for-Her red hair W X he . Xt - ilfftf Nb' ' ,J fl ily 5 -55. i. ' hw-10 SONIA KELLY "Sonny" Legal Secretary "She :miles and docs noi care." Volleyball 3,43 Baseball 3,4. Favorite Memory-Days in high school Pet Peeve-Unfriendly people Noted For-Being independent Pai se , N ' V uf u ' ' ERNEST JOSEPH KLEINEICK "Poacher" Tool and Die Maker "Surrz'.ts if grunlcd to those who zlexervt' il." Cross Country 1. Favorite Memory - Mr. MacKinnon's Mechanics Shop Pet Peevwlelomework Noted For-His long hair WILLIAM HENRY KEMP "Bill" Sailor "The good and wise It-all quiel lives." Favorite Memory-Time out of school Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For--Being easily amused QQ MICHAEL FRANCIS KOBRAN, JR. "Mickey" Civil Engineer "A rare combinalion of fun, popularity, and personality." Key Club 2,3,4: Key Club Vice- President 4: Varsity Track 3,45 Foot- ball l,2,3: Basketball l,2: Sophomore Class President: Senior Class Presi- dent: Representative to Boys' State 3. Favorite Memory-Being one of the seven "T's" club Pet Peeve-People who ask me why I'm not playing football this year Noted For- Being President of Sen ior class Lt yy 1 Ili K X A - HOWARD BERNARD KESSLER llvicll Gym Instructor "A very nite boy you'll pm! him" Intramural Basketball: Bowling. Favorite Memory-Wfhen I came to Union High Pet Peeve-To do homework Noted For-Taking a business course ROBERT ALLEN KOCH To go to college and graduate "Silence is true u'isdom'J reply." Cross Country 3,43 Indoor Track 3: Outdoor Track l,2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Senior year Pet Peeve-Crowded halls Noted For-Getting confused with Robert E. Koch . . Y EP' , e ROBERT KOCH 1 IR! I Apprentice for tool making "Today's dreamer is tomorroufs success" Favorite Memory-Shop class Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Robert E. PATRICIA ANN KRILL Upatii To be happy and successful always "A light heart lives long." Leaders' Club 3,43 junior Congressg Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,-ig Office Monitor 3,4: Soccer 3. Favorite memory-The football sons Pet Peeve-Monday Noted For-Going v GAYLE JUDY KOEHLER l1Gay1e!7 To have 30 hours a day and 8 days in a week "A voice that rings out true and clear, a voice most pleasant to the ear" Dramatic Club lg Homeroom Sec- retary 2. Favorite Memory-Those high C's in A Cappella Choir Pet Peeve-Rushing to work school ' Noted paper HELEN MARIE KRONSEDER To be able to show understanding toward others "Never gloomy, never sad,' always happy, always glad" Sophomore Class Secretaryg Student Council Secretary 3,45 Cannon News Editor 23 Cannon Features Editor 3: Canon Editorial Board 4g Nightingales 43 Ski Club 33 National Thespian So- ciety 4: Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Alternate Student Council lg Modern Dance 2,33 Dramatics Club 1,2g Secretary 2: Vol- leyball 1,25 Basketball 1,29 Ping-pong lg Bowling 2,33 Rep. to N.I.A.H.S.S.C. 3,4g Rep. to N.C.N.H.S.S.C. 3g Rep. to N.S.C.L.C. 35 Rep. to C.S.P.A. 2,3. Favorite Memory--All the wonderful friends I've made Pet Peeve-People who aren't grate- ful for what they have Noted For-Friendliness and enthusi- ZSIII BARBARA ANNE KOWALCHYK uBarbn Diplomatic Relations "The price of wisdom is above ruhies" Volleyball 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Dra- matics Club 1,29 Cannon Staff 1g De- bating Club 2g Bowling 2,3. Favorite Memory-My language classes Peeve-Trying to get to class on knee-length stockings ALEX WILLIAM KUBIDA Doctor "His sincerity is always apparent Congress 2,3,4g Usher Squad 1 2 3 4 Wrestling 1,23 Archery Club 2,34 Favorite Memory-First day of high school Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Winning the radio X i F3 JOHN KUCHTA "Cookie" Have a big ranch "Greater men llnan I may have lived." Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Murphy's Eng- lish lII Pet Peeve-Teachers Noted For-Being a "pinky" Q i all N Qll lb ,infill .. X ff 1, ,, ' wi I , l We lm lllif' If ll MYLFS CHARLES KUNZ Farmer "A quiet boy with a friendly smile." Projection Squad 1. Favorite Memory-First day in high school Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For--His unusual name J' gr' 3 's ff Q"'V' A CAROLE ANNE KURTZNER Social Worker "Charms strike the sight, and merit wins the soul" Basketball l,2,3,4gVolleyball l,2,3,43 Bowling 55 F.T.A. 3,43 Nightingales 4, Senior Congressg Homeroom V.P. lg Student Council Alternate 3: Ski Club 35 Dramatics Club 1. Favorite Memory-Junior year Pet PeeveAfternoon homework Noted For-Her travels CAROL ANN LANDAUER Primary School Teacher "Never a dull moment." Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,4g junior Congress: Student Council 43 Modern Dance 1. Favorite Memory-My "better half" Pet Peeve-Wlmite bucks on fullbacks Noted For-Her walk HARVEY DAVID LaKIND ul-Iarvn To be healthy, wealthy, and secure "He came, he saw, be conquered." Freshman Basketballg Varsity Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Freshman Football, Baseball l,5,4g Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 1,55 Student Council Alternate 5. Favorite Memory - Beating Linden High School for the Big Five Con- ference Championship--108 to 77 Pet Peeve-Girls who talk too much Noted For--Playing basketball TONY MARCO LAMBUSTA ullarnbn To make money and learn how to keep it "Easy come, easy go." Marching Band 1,25 Homeroom Vice-President 4. Favorite Memory-My cooking class with the boys and Mrs. Wagner Pet Peeve-Bermuda Shorts and White Bucks Noted For-His hair comb X? NORMAN LANDIS :mNormll To go to college, and be a success "The greater the courtesy, the greater the man." Favorite Memory-Being a senior Pet Peeve-Gossiping girls in home- room Noted For-His suede belt LILLIE ROSE LEE !lLi19l Private Secretary "Her popularity compared only with the sparkle in her eyes." Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,-'lg Ping-pong lg Badminton lg Archery 2g Leaders' Club 3g Tennis 3,45 Softball 3,45 Modern Dance 3,4. Favorite Memory-My Sophomore year Pet Peeve-Not enough holidays Noted For- thletic ability 4- X1 i k WILLIAM LaTERRE "Bill" Hotel Administration "Great hopes make great men." s III Favorite Memory-Chef Specialtie Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-His gym bag X1 ,R W S X xx tw f, t, JAY FRANCIS LEARY Undecided "Knowledge is success,' success is happiness." Class Congress 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Editorial Boardg Yearbook Literary Editorg Chess Club l,2,3,4g Debating Club lg Dramatics Club l,2g Bowling 2,3,4g Oliice Helper. Favorite Memory-Senior year Pet Peeve-Starting school so early in the morning Noted For-His "flowery" vocabulary I et 1 l BARBARA ELLEN LEHWALD "Tootie" Beautician "Friendlineess, efficiency, kindness, these will help her reach her goal." Bowling 2g Volleyball 1,23 Basket- ball 1. Favorite Memory-Memorial week-end ..,55.. Pet Peeve-Running to afternoon homeroom on the third floor Noted For-Taking it easy T0 Change my IHS! name MARILYN ROSE LEVY ucarn To be as happy as I am now "Happy am I, free from rare." Volleyball 1,23 Basketball lg Usher Squad 1, 2, Bowling 3,43 Dramatics Club 1. Favorite Memory-Wfhen he asked me that certain question Pet Peeve-To have homework on week-ends Noted For-Being a RUTH ELLEN LEVINE ANN LEMMICK PAUL HEINZ LENZ "Small Paul" Physician and Surgeon "W'heret'er the art of medicine is loved, there also is love of humanity." Student Council 1,2,5,4, Usher Squad 1,2,5,4g Usher Squad Captain 3,4g Yearbook Finance Committee 45 Rep. to N. J.s.s.C.c. Favorite Memory-Driver's Education class Pet PeeveCrowded school buses Noted For-Being Santa Claus at the Christmas Ball DONNA VALERIE LEO Marry a millionaire "A congenial companion, eager for a good time." Volleyball 1,21 Basketball 1,24 F.'I'.A. l,2,3,4g Art Club 1. Favorite Memory-Study Hall, 3rd year Pet Peeve-P.M. homeroom Noted for-Artistic Ability BARBARA ANN LIME 5? To make the most of all that comes, and the least of all that goes." Volleyball 1,23 Basketball lg Bowl- ine 2,5,4g Cannon Staff. Favorite Memory-English with Mr. Peach Pet Pceve--Business Math., sophomore year Noted For-Working in the library To be an actress "An attractive brunette, friendly and conscientious." Twirling 2,3,4, Volleyball 1,24 Bas- ketball lg F.T.A. 3, Thespian Society President 2,3,4g Dramatics Club 1,23 Art Club 1, Homeroom Secretary 1,2. Freshman Congress Alternate: jun- ior Congressg Modern Dance 2,5,4g Tennis 5. Favorite Memory-Mr. Becker's fifth period chemistry class Pet Peeve-People who have no aim in life Noted For-Her acting "Barb" To be a success in anything I do "Liked is :be by all and one, pretty, sweet, and full ofqfunf' Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,33 Bowling 2,3,4g F.T.A. 4. Favorite Memory-February 22, 1955 et Peeve-Conceited boys Noted For-Being maid of honor Ai BILL LIPKIN YW fl UD PATRICIA ANN LOFFERT utldippysl J To find a clean table in 3rd lunch "Succeeding is a worthwhile goal." Dramatics Club 1,25 Student Coun-Y I' cil Alternate 1,25 junior Congress All- ternate 35 Debating Club 25 Home- room President l,2. Favorite Memory-Mrs. Deusinger's quizzes Pet Peeve-True and false tests Noted For-His walk .JM llpatll To live a happy life above quantity, she strikes a note among her friends." nom Class President 35 Vol- 1,25 Freshman Congress5 Bowl- Memory - Amorette club , with whiskers or Her "page-boy" and bangs OJ JOYCE CAROL LUCKUS lijoyii To get married "A sunny nature wins lasting friendship everywhere" Basketball 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,4g Bowling Club 35 Ollice Helper 2,45 Cannon Staff 4. Favorite Memory-All my friends in school Pet Peeve-Homework over weekends Noted For-Her dimple CAROLE ESTELLE LYP QQLYPH Private Secretary "If it's a sport, she plays it." Basketball l,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 3.45 Ping-pong 15 Badminton 15 Archery 25 Hockey 3,45 Bowlin 4. Favorite Memory-The fun I hat? in Mrs. Pierce's Sewing and Cooking class Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Being a good sport sdlfk vista' 'sk f:9f tw llMartynl "Continually harvesting wit with the blade of his tongue." Wrestling 1,2,5,4. Favorite Memory-Listening to Mr. Kordy's rib-tickling jokes Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-His red jeep is J, . i Q . t" 1' Qi, ,"1'f df 1 y,f ef!! we ' ff. ,.-r LEONAR MICHA L MACK "Lennie" To become an electrician "Thu setret to success is constancy of purpose." Intramural Football 23 Intramural Baseball 23 Wrestling Manager 2: Varsity Soccer 51 Homeroom Vice- Prcsident 2. Favorite Memory-Mr. Mente's Gym 1-we ' K-...af I LILLIAN MARIE MACKIE "Li1', To have my desires fulfilled "A carefree person is she." Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,2,53 Bowling 53 Baseball lg Art Club 1. Favorite Memory-Last year's senior class with Bobbie, Mary and Elaine Pet Peeve-Counting the days until I get my permit Noted For-Liking a Mariner X Wx spy ee classes P P- v -P.M. II Niitedwiffif-tpufty iiiiiiiiiuiirif 3 X ,K bf' 1 J f - . I . ' I F' A ' . 'f 'B I" .1 .af ,P 4 Jjf 1 Tiff . as if 1 . ! Y! L f . .. if V I .4 .. ,I wld? ii f"' 1 ' f X af., ALBERT MAGLEY NAI!! To be a success RONNEY MAJOR " "Fuzz" "Happy men slmll have many friends. Favorite Memory-The day Miss Car- racino bought a Booster ticket Pet Peeve-Noisy girls Noted For-His white turtleneck SWCEIICI' Musician or Mechanic "lust an all-round likeable guy in every way." Football l,2,3: Wrestling 1,23 Band 1. Favorite Memory-All my friends I'll never forget. The Pep Assemblies and the Award Assemblies Pet Pecve-Not being able to play football in his senior year Noted For-Motorcycles Q. QI fu . GAIL MAGIN Teacher "Sweet in manner, fair in favor." Nightingales 4: F.T.A. 3,43 Dra matics Club 1: Volleyball l,2,3,43 Bas- ketball l,2,3,4g Cannon Staff 33 Ten- nis 3. Favorite Memory-The football games we won Pet Peeve-The jam-ups in the hall Noted For-Being smart in Spanish ELAINE CYNTHIA MALWITZ '-Red" To have music, music, music "Music is the creation of man." Band l,3,4: Orchestra 4. Favorite Memory-Third lunch Pet Peeve-Three years of German in 237 Noted For--Playing tpe organ 'Nfl Ll! I Ci 'T5' QW NN' sew cu! 1 .f I 03 IX D " . 2 C QM, 6463! Qysbibfybjx bp EW uf?" as wg BARRETT JOHN MANDEL uBal-ryn Show Business "To look at him you'd think him shy: to know him he'.t really quite a guy." Marching Band 1,23 Dramatics Club 1,23 Archery 3: Thespian Society 2,3,4g Chairman 4: Sophomore Congress Al- ternateg Senior Congress Alternate. WILLIAM FRED MANN "Bill" To enjoy whatever I may do "As a friend he's rated high." Student Council 1,25 Senior Con- gressg Intramural Basketball 2. Favorite Memory-The junior Prom' Pet Peeve-The great thoughts of Monday morning try gl ' 1 f"'1a' N INA MARIA MARCHELLO uNeenn To get married "A friend to all, a foe to none." Usher Squad lg Oflice Helper 3,4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Peach's Eng- lish class Pet Peeve-Crossing at the crosswpllgx on Caldwell Avenue . ' X Favorite Memory - The Wonderful Noted For-Well-groomed hair Noted For-Working in Mtt. Fein's times during the "school play" sea- 'v I 5 office I ' sons ' i r- "s . ,A- ,,,, , Pet Peeve-The teachers who feel that N, 'xx I Lv their subjects are the only ones of importance Noted For-His "Charleston" .xx ARNOLD NORMAN MARCUS "Arnie" Medicine "Never put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today." Home Room President 1,24 Foot- ball lg Baseball 2,49 Intramural Foot- ball 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball 5,4g Intramural Baseball 1,3. Favorite Memory-Mr. Mente's gym classes Pet Peeve-Waking up Monday morn- mg Noted For-Being a typical clown all A Y? MARIA HELEN MARTINO "Mer" BARBARA LILLIAN MARTER uBabsn To have happiness and success in college and life "The way to make friends is to be sf friendly. Sweet and amiable is her style." Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Nightingales 5,43 Nightingale Secretary 43 Volley- ball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 1,2,3,4g Bowling 2,3,4g Future Teachers of America 4. Favorite Memory-Four years at U.H.S. and football games 't 'AL' Pet Peeve-Unfriendly people To have success and happiness in everything I do "Attractive through grace and pertonalityf' Volleyball 15 Baseball 3,45 Bowl- ing 4g Student Council Alternate 45 Senior Congress Alternate 4g Year- book Finance Staff 45 Cannon Staff 4. Favorite Memory-junior Prom Pet Peeve-People who think they are superior Noted For-Being cheerful ,592 5 - i A Noted for-Being a typical all-around girl PATRICIA ANNE MARTINO "Little Pat" To be a good wife and mother "Tiny in height, though not in might." Volleyball l,2g Basketball 1,23 Base- ball 5,43 Cheerleader 23,43 Bowling 5,41 Senior Congress: Yearbook Finance Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Cheerleading Pet Peeve-6th Period History IV Noted For-Being sensitive sr'--., f JAMES ROBERT MARTY ..jim,. To be successful in business "IIe's a regular guy: why say more?" Baseball Manager 23 Football Z,3,4: Intramural Basketball 33 Hall Moni- tor 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Dultz's Bi- ology class Pet Peeve-People who think they can do everything right but can't do anything at all Noted For-His crew cut RN 4 ILRVING HOWIZS MASON "Herk" Bc a farmer, and have 20 kids so they can help me "lmlit'iilual in his manner." Soccer 35 Hall Monitor 4. Favorite Memory-English Ill and Mr. Pcach's jokes Pet Peeve-Girls! Noted For-Always arguing l f NICK ANTHONY Massimo -'Duke' To have my own business "He smiles with the intent to do mischief." Football lg Home Room Treasurer 51 Rifle Club 1. Favorite Memory-The junior Prom Pet Peeve-Trying to collect fund money in homeroom Noted For-His naturally curly hair 4: , 4 I I ROBERT HAROLD MARYOTT "Bob" To be an individualist "Massive nonronformity, hut nevertheless, lJe's a lover of fun" Favorite Memory-junior Prom Pet Peeve-Bermuda shorts and white bucks Noted for-Being a great guy JOYCE ANN MATEYKA To get married "Her virtues are many, her faults are few." Homeroom Treasurer 2,5,4g Volley- ball lg Basketball 1: Bowling 2,3,4g Badminton 1: Ping Pong 1. Favorite Memory-Freshman' Gym, ..52., Pet Peeve-Bermuda shorts and white bucks Noted For-Being vivacious f LESTER HOWARD MATHIS "Howie" Veterinary Medicine "Not a sinner, not a saint." Band 1,2,35 Archery 2,3,45 Fire Squad 3,4. Favorite Memory-German I Pet Peeve-"Sugar jets" Noted For-Being a Junior Police- man RICHARD ROBERT MCALINDIN l C7l To live a long and easy life "Some think the world was made for fun and frolir, and so do I." Intramural Football 2,45 Track 2,4. Favorite Memory- ? Pet Peeve-Teachers . Noted For-His wild antics N., 2 "Fran" Live as long as I want and never want as long as I live Capable, clever, gay,' an all-round gal in every way" Student Council Alternate 25 Stu- dent Council 35 junior Congress5 Bowling 3,45 Volleyball, 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Dramatics Club 15 Yearbook Biography and Humor Edi- tor 45 Future Homemakers of America 35 junior Red Cross 45 Ping Pong 15 Badminton 15 Baseball 4. rr Favorite Memory-"Coquettes',. E A Pet Peeve-Having several activities on the same day and not knowing which one to attend Noted For-Being chairman of dec- ROMAN HENRY MAYER "Buck" To be as successful as Al Capp "He reverses the usual business of if being seen, but not heard, and ' can Ze founi uihere th C iq ll laug s are t e lourieyll v, lf Favorite Memory- g in nb! V in l1U lr ' 7 I A Pet, eev ework onifgifeekends IL NJ dflbr-Hlismcartoorz , ' Z V 'f ,V L f"' Zi fp V! ,l ff Z f ki I L U I if T 0" for it A we I 94' ,f if f ,Sl orations5 always out of class and in NANCY JANE MCELWAIN A HN ance" To own a red convertible "Born with a gif! of laughter and a mischievous glint in her eyes." Volleyball 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Stu- dent Council 1,2,45 Leaders' Club 2, 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Soccer 3,45 Class Secretary 3,45 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Yearbook Literary Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Lawrence's Bi- ology class, and Mr. Peach's English class Pet Peeve-People who "grub" Noted For-Her gray hairs WARREN JOHN 'MCFALL "Mickey" Navy Aviation "There is honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in thee." Football 3,45 Bowling 45 Fire Squad 4. Favorite Memory-The last day of school each year Pet Peeve-Homework and smoking Noted For-Training bees DORIS ELIZABETH - r. -I-. 51 ., ,, is BEVERLY JOSEPH MQLAUGHLIN uBevo To win the Pan-American Road Race "A Jmilt' for every friend and a friend for every smile." Favorite Memory-No! getting home the night of the junior Prom Pet Pc-eve-Girls mzttle-up like clowns Noted For-Speed shifting Q. ' J 'S T 4' '-47. sl Ig. X I no 4 ,4 ',. s '-,J v 54 , V' ,E , ft R I Jus Qs- 'i A GEORGE HAROLD MENZIE --Menzrn lt. W ef FRED MECKY To keep cool and have success in later life "Quiet in appearance u'i!lJ molives ur1knou'n." Orchestra l,2g Intramural Basket- ball 2,5,4. Favorite Memory-English class with Mr. Murphy Pet Peeve - Teachers who try to "crack" stale jokes Noted For-His perpetual haircut 0' A great man is made up of qualities tba! mee! or make great occasions." Varsity Football 5,41 junior Con- gressg Ilomeroom President 4. Favorite MemoryMF'laying Football Pet Peeve-Little men who think they're big Noted For-Being a great loss to our football team: his red jacket, and his good heart MERBLER ttDorn To get married "She lm: a happy spirit but n quiet mind." Bowling 3,43 Cannon Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Peach's English III Pet Peeve-School regulations Noted For-Her maroon jacket I EVERETT YOUNG MENKENS HBV., To graduate from Rutgers "The only way to bare n friend is to be one." XX'restling 11 Cross Country 1: Base- ball 21 Soccer 5,43 Key Club. Favorite Memory-The junior Prom Pet Peeve-Being beaten in a "drag" race Noted For-His fraternity jacket WILLIAM JAMES MESSER, JR. "Bill" To be a success "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die." Projection Squad 5,45 Cafeteria Squad 4. Favorite Memory-junior year in U.H,S. Pet Peeve-Having to cross at the cross walks at noon Noted For-Getting excused at 3:00 Ci, ORTRUD MESZKAT K Q ! To be an airline stewardess "Her ways are ways of pleasanlnessf' Modern Dance 2. Favorite Memory-A Cappella Choir Pet Peeve-junior English class Noted For-Her voice MYRNA CAROL MEYERS Fashion Coordinator "In goodness there are all kinds of wisdom." Volleyball 1,23 Basketball 1,35 Modern Dance 29 Art Club l,2,3g Student Council Alternate 4, Cannon 4: Dramatics Club 2,4. Favorite Memory-Senior year Pet Peeve-Some teachers Noted For-Looking glamorous Medical re is 1 iet ways" Leaders' 4g Nightingales 3,43 Basketball 2g Vo leyball 1,25 Bad- minton 1. Favorite Memory-Sophomore year Pet Peeve-P.M. Homeroom Noted For-Her pretty earrings itt, .NNN ROBERT FREDERICK MICHAEL "Muscles" of-LQ MARILYN MARIE METZGER "Mar' ' To live, love and be happy "Of open heart and friendly naluref' Volleyball 1,2,4g Basketball 1,2,4 Archery 2,4g Bowling 3. ' Favorite Memory-Senior Prom 1953, and going steady Pet Peeve-Conceited guys Noted For-Walking slowly JOHN IOSEPH MICHALSKI Engineering "The best of men" To have my own "rock-and-roll' radio program "The fewer words, the less criticism." Track 25 Vice President Home Room 3. Favorite Memory-Girls that walk "that" walk, and talk "that" talk Pet Peeve-Hearing people say hello! in the halls, and when you turn around you can't see them Noted For-Being muscular Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 1234 Track 1,2,3,4g Key Club 3,4g junior Class Treasurerg Senior Class Vice- President. Favorite Memory-Varsity Football Games Pet Peeve-Smoking Noted For-Being football captain HILDEGARDE ERIKA XV Q1 bx 17 0'- 34562 A NEIL BARTOLETT MILLER To take it easy "Silence makes no mistakes." Favorite Memory-When I leave Union High Pet Peeve-My middle name Noted For-Being quiet .4 53' , .pax 4 , 1' X E 2 DONALD MOCKO Be an engineer X elf i I i tip WALTER DOU . " ILLS ..Walt,. To be healthy, wealthy and wise "A good man, ba py, is a common go d." Football 1. Favorite Memory-Tl ' day I get my diploma Pet Peeve-Teacher who don't give me the "Pass" Noted For-Wor ng at the bank ul Shadows of annoyance never rome near thee." Senior Congress. Favorite Memory-Last day of ology with Mr. Dultz Pet Peeve-Physics class Noted For-His haircut Bi- MOESSNER ltliildyl! To go to Alaska and the West Coast "Politeness is the result of good sense and good nature." Art Club 13 Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,4: Modern Dance 2,3,4g Future Teachers of America 45 Night- ingales 3,45 Sophomore Class Treas- urer: Senior Congress Alternate: Marching Band 2,32 Office Helper 43 Student Council Alternate 3. Favorite Memory-Modern dance and traveling to "away" football games with the band Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-- Being intelligent S Bi WILLIAM JOHN MITTS ll ll!! To own Bardy Farms "For he's a folly good 'fe1la'." Vice-President Home Room 13 President Home Room 2,33 Golf 2,3. Favorite Memory-All the social parties Pet Peeve-Ray Noted For-His Pontiac BENJAMIN MOLLOW l1BenYl Nuclear Physicist "Wil now and then, struck smartly, shows a spark." I-Iomeroom President lg Student Council 5: Wrestling 1,2,5,4: Orches- tra lg Key Club 45 Golf Team 2: Cans non Staff 3,4. Favorite Memory-First lunch Pet Peeve-Third lunch Noted For-His wrestling, .- - '. ,f 4.. -Af 4,54-1 sr ' ' , ..,., -as WTWQZ, V - ROBERT MONETTI llB0bY! To own a fleet of Cadillacs "A ar, 4 mr, a rar, my kingdom N for a mr." Baseball Manager lg Varsity Foot- ball 5,4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Weber, both in homeroom and on the field Pet Peeve-Sitting on the bench Noted For-Falling asleep in class YVONNE EVELYN MOODY "Frenchie" Private Secretary "The milder! manners and gentler! heart." Volleyball 1,2 35 Basketball 1 5 9 Sophomore Congressg Junior Con- gress. Favorite Memory-Senior year Pet Peeve-Crowded halls Noted For-Her friendly ways Q RICHARD MOOR uRichrx To be a success "Life is a constant holiday." Construction Club 33 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Bury's Hrst period history class Pet Peeve-Teachers who give too much homework Noted For-His wise cracks MADELYN MORELLO To be a secretary "Calmly she pursues her way: calmly .the goes lhrough the day." Art Club 15 Soccer Team 1g Volley- ball 2. Favorite Memory - Mr. Maloney's office Pet Peeve-Getting ready for gym Noted For-Talking slowly ca 3 et To retire "Did nothing in parlirular and did il very well." 'Usher Squad lg Bowling 5,4. class For-joining the Navy F1031 Ql5j,.f ff' . 'fi 'flak My 1561, - .swirls ' X warg LAI' !v!l1A!kI ftp l LEONARD JOSEPH MOYE Memory--Mr. Dultz's B Third lunch every year GAIL CATHERINE MURPHY To get married "I'1't' laien my fun where I'1'e found it." Basketball lg Volleyball lg Ping Pong lg Badminton lg Student Coun- cil Alternate lg Bowling 25,43 Can- non Stall 41 Yearbook Staff 4. Favorite Memory-English III with Mr. Peach JANET FRANCES NADZAN u-Iannu To get my Mrs. Degree "A true friend to all that know ber." Art Club 1,25 Volleyball 1,Zg Office Monitor 4: Usher Squad 2,5. Favorite Memory-The cross corri- dors when periods are changing Pet Peeve-Trying to thing of a Pet Pet Peeve-Knee socks, bucks and "Iiermudas" Noted For-Her sense of humor JOAN NELSON TO be a success in fashion or commercial design "The ideal of courtesy, grace, wit, and charm." Girls' State Alternate: Student Council I,2,5g Senior Congress: Year- book Art Editor 43 Leaders' Club 1,25 Modern Dance 1. Favorite Memory-XVo king with the the Yearbook Staff Pet Peeve-Practical ' ers 2 Noted For-Her art ork E9 t 40071 T 6444! 1 K1 l v i ' GERALD JOSEPH NEIDEL llulerryfl To be a success "Man must make the angels laugh." Stage Crew 1,2g Bowling 2. Favorite Memory-All the teachers who helped me out during my days in school Pet Peeve-Homework Peeve Noted For-Getting excited Noted For-Being temperamental f I 3 SONJA HENNY OLSEN marrietil .I ll A an sm: e 1' T' an "Am- ' orette e 7, af s f X x l I lf? CARL ROBERT NITSCHKE f 4, liBuddy,! I K Television Technician 1' if ,V I "He has a quiet and impressive Xl dignity." Favorite Memory-English IV Pet Peeve-Getting up early X ff ote m -His small mustache V ,X f 01,0 f ROBERT ALEXANDER ORM SBY "Bob" To be a farmer "A good guy and full of sport." Homeroom Class President 55 Foot- ball 4. Favorite Memory-Monetti and Mr. Weber at football practice Pet Peeve-Fourth period study hall Noted For-Being a hard man to stop JERRY PADOVANO ' 'Butch" To be a millionaire "Time for work, time for play." Intramural Basketball 3. Favorite Memory-Miss Carracino's fifth period Physics class Pet PeeveHaving an empty gas tank Noted For-His '55 Pontiac BARBARA ANN ORTTE uBal-bu To become a good nurse "She bas done her part as a cheerful friend." Volleyball 25 Basketball 33 Night- ingales 5,4g Office Monitor 4. Favorite Memory-Senior year in high school Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning for school Noted For-Being quiet and nice .. QU" . lib' QI ODIES PARHAM To make a lot of money "To do your pleasure and continue friends." Favorite Memory-Graduation day Pet Peeve-Girls that smoke Noted For-Being slow to work RAYMOND ANTHONY OSTROSKI ..Ray,, To own Bardy Farms "Full of fun and mischief too, doing things be sl9ouldn't do." Wrestling 2,5,4g Golf 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Base- ball l,2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Cooking class Pet Peeve-Most teachers Noted For-His clowning and famous sayings 1 GREGORY RICHARD PECLET uGregn To go to California "lf work interferes with pleasure, give up work." Soccer 33 Soccer Manager 55 Track 2g Home Room President 25 Student Council 1. Favorite Memory-Miss Pinko's Study Hall Pet Peeve-Physical Education Noted For-Going to Florida 6 K, CAROLE JUDITH PERLMAN To work in the Kessler Institute "Sober, but not seriousf quiet, but not idle." Future Teachers of America 3,43 Art Club l,2,3,4g Student Council Alternate 43 Basketball 1. Favorite Memory-Mr. Solomon's art classes Pet Peeve-People calling me "Pearl" Noted For-Being conscientious , s-- . lt' I- 1 f' - i l ' T I ,J 4 ,fl I ' ' I I 1 f 1i .if',.lf:.,.. , f ROSS EDWARD PETREN "Ssor" Physical Education "Happy and carefree am I" Cross Country 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,3, 4g Intramural Basketball 5,4. Fgforite Memory-Card games with the guys on Friday nights Pet Peeve-The girl who occupies the seat next to me in homeroom Noted For-Being president of the "Motley Crew" L KENNETH ANTHONY PETERS "Kenny" Builder "None but himself can he his parallel." Varsity Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball l,2g Baseball 1,2. Favorite Memory-Those moonlight hayrides after winning a football game Pet Peeve-People who think they're cool Noted For-Playing four years of varsity football and being great illi I A ,yr 4,s A L it it fx Jn Q' if 1 " I 2' A P it .4 5 A it X s rx . I W . Z 'J' ,V l Teac PM ' winning srqye, a esire to please." Volle 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3, 4- n Dance 2,3, 3 P'6g,Pong lg on lg S tbal .T.A. 4. Favoni ,Memo' m with W other " - s" Pe eeve-Th guy who sits two seats behind me in homeroom Noted For-Being a Co-Ed RICHARD MILES PHIBBS "Rich" To join the Navy "In your quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Soccer 2: Track 2,35 Bowling 5,4. Favorite Memory-Getting a "1" in the geography exam Pet Peeve-Teachers who talk too much and tell "corny" jokes Noted For-Looking like Gil Mc- Dougal M yrt, A rtiye ,Q N, 4 ' C ' mf l is N I 1 if , J BERNARD PAUL PETROSKI "Bernie" White walls for my car "A friend to all." Football 1,3,4g junior Congress. Favorite Memory-Mr. Dultz's Bi- ology class Pet Peeve-The one who sits two seats in front of me in homeroom Noted For-Getting tickets 'U 2 Se 4-'Z I Li H, - ANDREW HAROLD PHILLIPS "Andy" "He says little and listens much." Spring track 2,3,4g Cross Country 35 Bowling 3. Favorite Memory-Gym class Pet Peeve-One-way stairways and third lunch Noted For-His love of grammar JUNE BEATRICE POOLE Little Cess Secretary A light heart lweth long Softball 3 4 Volleyball 1 2 3 4 Bas ketball l 2 3 4 Ping Pong Sophomore Congress Favorite Memory Meeting that cer tain someone at a block dance Pet Peeve-Miss Carracinos General Science class Noted For-Being with a guy who hits horses 1 sl BARBARA PLOSKI --Bafbt' Dressmaking "A rich girl with a nice way." Volleyball 1,25 Basketball l,2. Favorite Memory-The day I graduate Pet Peeve-Lunch room Noted For-Being very nice ROSE ANN POLICASTRO "Little Onel' Secretary "Softly speaks, sweetly smiles." Volleyball l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 23 Olice Helper 54 Softball 3,4g Ping Pong lg Cannon Ad- vertising Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Meeting that cer- tain someone in my Freshman year Pet Peeve-The guy who sits next to me in homeroom Noted For-Working at McCrory's XM. GARY POSTELL To be a success EDYTHE ANNE POPPELENU N "I never worry, I never rare." "Eddi" Wrestling 1,2,3,4g Football 43 Golf To major in art "A quiet cloak, hut underneath a lighter mood." Transferred to Union High in 1955. Favorite Memory-Going to the Orange Lawn Tennis Club Pet Peeve-Book reports Noted For-Being Irvington's loss, our gain 1,2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Saturday nights Pet Peeve-Nice looking girls who go steady Noted For-Being good looking X 5 '-I nate. Favorite Memory-Senior Prom 1955 4 1 WQJP aff" ll if " We , few fx 83 JUDITH LOUISE PO FTER Judy A Commercial Artist "Her talents are of the silent type." Volleyball -ig Basketball 45 Baseball 2, Art Club 15 junior Congress Alter- 1 1 JANIES BE NETT PROULX l!Twigl7 join the Air Force "A little guy with a big smile." Favorite Memory'-Walking home from the sophomore dance with a friend Pet Peeve-Peroxide hair on brunettes Noted For-His freckles Pet Peeve-Quiet boys Noted For-Her nice way I LORRAINE MARTHA PULTAR "Lulu" "Power, a smile is its sword." Freshman Congress Alternateg Stu- dent Council Alternate 2,33 Senior Homeroom Secretaryg Cannon Adver- tising Staff 49 Volleyball l,2,43 Bowl- ing 2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Summer of 1955 Pet Peevc.-My nicknames Noted For-Her nice complexion , .9 1 ' ' rf! fb' JAMES ROBERT PURCELL 1lJim1Y College Graduate "Silence is a gain to many of mankind." Varsity Football 35 Baseball Mana- ger 2,3,-ig Usher Squad 2. Favorite Memory-Algebra II Pet PeevfeCertain women teachers and homework over vacation Noted For-Battling crowded halls ROSEMARY 'IOSEPHINE PUGLIESE uR0Se-s Graduate and get married "Calmly sbe pursues ber way." Modern Dance 1,23 Volleyball 1,23 Basketball 1,25 Hockey 3: Night- ingales 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Brusica's Busi- ness Math class in sophomore year Pet Peeve-Bookkeeping Noted For-Being a real sweet gal CAROL RACE "Carol" To remain as happy as I've been in the past "Queen of good company and ebeerfulnessf' Student Council 1,2,5: Freshman Congress: Senior Congress: Volleyball 1,23 Basketball 1, Bowling 2,3,4g Leaders' Club 2,3,4g Homeroom Sec- retary 3. Favorite Memory-January 29, 1953 Pet Peeve-Having a first floor locker and a second floor homeroom Noted For-Waiting in front of the bank ff MW QP' I EL. Oyilf ll . X I ntl? aww DAVID WILLIAM RASTALT "Dave" join the Navy "School is all right when there isn't anything else to do." Freshman Footballg Wrestling 1,2, 3,4- Favorite Memory-Beating Roselle Park in a wrestling match Pet Peeve-Women drivers Noted For-Laughing it up with Shupka RICHARD ANDREW REIF "Dick" To be an architect "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Art Club 1,29 Flying Squad 3: Boys' State 3g Class Congress 2,5,4g Key Club 2,3,4g President Key Club 49 Cannon Staff 34' Y 4: Senate 4. Favorite Mechanical Pet Editor Noted FRANCES REEVES !!Fran.H Be happy "just a little gal, hut oh! My."' Favorite Memory-When I came to U.H.S. as a freshman Pet Peeve-To be called "Frankie" Noted For-Being short Eh' C . ,t r RONALD ERWIN REU QlChOP!, To be rich and retire early "There is deviltry beneath his mild exterior." Favorite Memory-"Hanging out" at the Crossroads Pet Peeve-Driving to school on a cold morning Noted For-Being called "Chop-Soey" We RU H R EVES "Ruthie" To live a gay life "Lives, loves, and laughs." Cannon Staff 13 Basketball 1. Favorite Memory-French classes with Mr. Ruland Pet Peeve-To be called a twin Noted For-Laughing . A ti my 'R' Wd, PETER DAVID REVES upeterx Go to college "Wit is the salt of conversation." Wrestling 1,23 Student Council 1,2, 3g Track 3,45 Soccer 3,45 Sophomore Congressg Marching Band 1,2,3g Ski Club 2,3. Favorite Memory-junior Prom Pet Peeve-Physics, 6th period Noted For-His white bucks To be happy, successful and rich U79 the track dozing LILLIAN ANN ROSCIETTI "Lil" "A litlle mischief, mul a lo! of laugblerf' Office Helper 33 Bowling 3,43 Photography Club 33 jr. Red Cross 33 Basketball 4. Favorite Memory'-junior year Pct Peeve-llomeroom 3:15 Noted For-Losing a lot of weight an 'ii'- A ,4 11 15 1 ' qc. I fl ' 6 N ' A " f , I A T z'i I S , V 5 .rmil ' . be dis 47 S tC 'i -' te 3 offer Team 2,33 -, Favori 'Men o ' Mr. Ruland's Pet P Not being allowed to talk in st c ' Noted c -Having lived in England o an marry "The world belongs to Freshman Congress3 Club 13 Volleyball l,2,5,4Q 1,2,3 43 Hockey 3,43 F.T.A. 3,43 Ski Club 3,43 Leaders' Club 2,5Q Student Coun- cil 43 Senior Congress Alternate: Bowling 2,43 Nightingales 43 Table Tennis 23 junior Congress: Cannon Stall 3,43 Tennis 3,43 Softball 3,4. Favorite Memory-junior homeroom Pet Peeve-A second floor homeroom with a first floor locker Noted For-Horseback riding v- .r,., ,, . ' ,f-1 'J' , i CAROL ANN ROESHOT "Carol" To become a highly paid private secretary "Sweet in mammr, fair in favor." Girls' Bowling 3. Favorite Memory-junior year Pet Peeve-Teachers without a sense of humor Noted For-Her high heels BRENDA RUTH RUCHOXVITZ "Beni" To win the 364,000 question "A u'0mau'J l'7'0ll'?IlIIg glory is ber hair." Basketball 1,Z,33 Volleyball l,2: Student Congress Alt. Z1 junior Con- gress: Leaders' Club 233,43 Night- ingales 4. Favorite Memory-March 26, 1954- 1955 Peex'e-Wlien someone asks me, Are you a Freshman?" For-Her pretty hair and mark gg., y we K ' f f e.. ' . - 4 , 1 1 - fi ..g?s'i5wi25gj,vf. 'Q f gi we Q a . K ,N ,r as , 'X' X x ? kv it A , at , .. A Q rm Q33 we farm gas My , se ,J F ft M 'Gil 21 X . it 21 'i if A t . it rg f M , R f as if D ' T'fIi':?'i'3'V-is .F ,ni W 5 K 'ffpg e s - - K ' Hifi, ' SHEILA LORRAINE RUCHOWITZ "Shelly" To live a rich and happy life "There is merrimenl in ber quiei ways." Basketball 1,2,3: Volleyball 1,2,3: Nightingales 43 F.T.A. 43 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-Fire drills during tests Pet Peeve-Wfhen people ask, "You're twins?" Noted For-Her long eyelashes MARLENE ANN SACKS 1tMar,i To be a success "Quiet in appearance with motives unknown." Library Staff 5,44 Volleyball 23 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-The new friends I've met Pet Peeve-Getting up for school in the morning Noted For-Her pleasant disposition fl! UDOLPH "Ellie,', ,xixk ' To' get m ' 94A ways a good ' d and ll smiling face." Basketball lg Volleyball l,2. Favorite Memory-First week of my senior year Pet Peeve-People who talk too much about uninteresting things Noted For-Going with a guy with a blue Merc f-'. QW 'swans' FRANCES ANN SAROSSY "Fran', To be a singer "Good nature is the best asset." 82,91 f W KENNETH HENRY RUSSELL "Kenny" To be healthy and happy "A swell guy, full of fun, well liked by everyone." Basketball 1,2,3,4: Baseball l,2,3,4g Homeroom President 1,2,3,4g Vice President Sophomore Classg Student Council Vice President 3: Year Book Finance Staff 4. Favorite Memory-"Dolo", October 16, 1954 Pet Peeve-Not being able to mention people's names in the favorite memory Noted For-Being with that short girl ,ia - Bowling 1,2,4g Homeroom Presi- dent 1. Favorite Memory-Girls' Ensemble Sophomore year Pet Peeve-Bookkeeping class Noted For-Making faces ,z 'wax viiii ' is 'H i b A "'l"""x . B B M i Q fa if W ai Reggie NWALT ER ROBERT SARRE "Walt" State Police "The good and wise lead quiet lives." Archery Club 1,2,3,4. Favorite Memory-First year in the high school' orchestra Pet Peeve-When someone in the band plays off-key Noted For-Making All-State Orches- tra if' S .S Jl 'UfVJu9"J M W Wi 450 if 'Ergo' IEDXWARD LOUIS SASLOXV lid To be an expert on some subjett "KlIllll'lL'llgL' is power." Chess Club 2,5,-11 Debating Club 2. Favorite Memory- Mr. I.ee's lfarly liuropean llistory tlass Pet Peet e--Phonics and others not working up to their mental capacity Noted For-His briefcase ROBERT JOSEPH SCHAIZDLIZR "The ReClmhn" To be a millionaire "'lif1t'rt"x flame in his lmir. fun .tml friwltllirltxvx in his bmrlf' Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Soccer 5,-i. Favorite Mernoryglvlr. Mente's gym class Pet Peeve-lnsurance companies Noted For-His red curly hair and olive green sweater 197' DAVID SCHAIZFFFR "Dave" Doctor "A gvullcmim rmikrs no noise." Transferred from XVeequahic High School, junior Year. Senior Congress: Fire Squad. Favorite Memory-My trip to Florida this year Pet Pc-eve-Geometry Noted For-His bop glasses ' pf. SANDRA SCHNUR Q "Sandy" 5 To be healthy, wealthy and wise "Her u'iI, fesis. ber f7'l.'lfllt'Ylf xmilv. Ilhlkt' ber frieml5lJip well tt'orlbu'bile." 7127 Pl' I'liR 'IHON SCHLOTTER "Pete" Electrician "Silem'e is golden, but be prefers brass." CAROL ANNE SCHMIDT "Schmitty" To be healthy, happy, and rich Archery Club. Favorite Memory-Riding around in Mouse's car Pet Peeve-Rules and regulations for those who eat outside Noted For-Having animals "AJ sweet and gay as they come." Volleyball 1,25 Basketball 23 Bowl- ing 3,4: Yearbook Finance Staffg H.R. Secretary 13 H.R. President 23 Soft- ball 3. Favorite Memory-"Amorette" club meetings Pet Peeve-"Big deal" little people Noted For-Having a certain ring Volleyball 1,-1: Basketball 1,-ig Ping- Pong 1: Badminton 11 Sophomore Congress: Bowling 2,5,-1: Color Guard Yearbook Stall' 4: Spanish Club 1: H.R. 21 Tennis 4. Favorite class glasses eff- -2.9 Tw ig? S em i L,-2. . lil S, , 5-ew Sf, 'iw' V if I JOHN WILLIAM SCHOLZ ujacku Retire at 21 "A solemn fellow I appear to be, but there's plenty of mischief inside of me." Football 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Intra- mural Football 3. Favorite Memory-Going to the races in Hartchy's "bomb" Pet Peeve - Monetti's love for Chryslers 99 1 1 gl ood ture Archery , 5 23,41 r- . dmtnton-15 S r 3,45 Cl 2,i,4,5fYearb Finance Noted For-Being fast CAROL SCHWARTZ To help others and to help myself "A ready smile and pleasant personality." Spanish Club 15 Badminton 15 Vol- leyball 154: Basketball 3,45 Office Helper 45 Nightingales 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Bruscia's Math Class Pet Peeve-The over-crowded cafe- teria Noted cut slips Staff 'F.T.A7' 42 Te n' 3,43 Ping- Porw ,. Favorite fkfemory Ni hti ales at Elizabeth General " 3 Q Pet Peeve-All' extracur i activi- ties and clubs meetin the same night Noted For-Worrying about her marks JOYCE BARBARA SCHWARTZ Dancer " 'Tis easy enough to be pleasant." Basketball Z,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Leaders' Club 2g Softball 3,45 Color Guard 45 Bowling 4. Favorite Memory-My junior Prom Pet Peeve-Bookkeeping class in my unior ear J V Noted For-Wanting to be a Rockette F I ,Q ,i :,,I A A Ai Ls. . LL. t In X is RICHARD CHARLES SCHUPKA "Rich" To ride on the 94 bus "What a dull place this world would he if we did not have a few like theeg your greatest love-to pun." Wrestling 15 Intramural Football 1. Favorite Memory - Riding Danny Catullo's station wagon Pet Peeve-School Noted For-Cars and clowning '19 ELLEN SCHW "Boots" To live, love, be happy and successful "Popularity can't be had at any pricey Ellen got it by being nice." Drum Majorette 45 Twirling l,2,3,45 Senior Senator 45 Student Council 1,2, 43 Yearbook Staff 45 Othce Helper 45 Leaders' Club 2,3,4: Pres. 2,45 Modern Dance l,2,3,45 Nightingales 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Bowling 35 Secretary of Homeroom 35 Dramatic Club 15 Soc- cer 3. Favorite Memory-Being a twirler for 4 years: Sth period Chemistry with Mr. Becker Pet Peeve-Too many things to do and not enough time to do them Noted For-Being Drum Majorette VIRGINIA SARA SIERRA, nw, W fl ta 'Q' i-.1 x Y' ARTHUR GIEORGIZ SIEEMAN "Art" Dentist "An muy going guy, lim-luring mul intvlligcnlf' Senior Congress: Hand 2,51 Chess Club 2,55 Debating Team Z1 Home- room President 1: Basketball 5,42 ln- tramural Basketball: junior Congress 5: Bowling Club 4. Favorite lNlen1ory-Chemistry with Mr. Betker L j Pet Pceve-gPla'safi5 NtlK0LLf3f'!ACll 'y canJpaign itil X?ifQftl?lffl, Zgf . l 1- t I , ..Ginny,, IV - Concert Pianist ,V ,off iihlrlifi and .4-2 ia A 77' LOUISE MARGARET SELLMIZYISR ULOUQ. To be successful "The rirlory of szrcrvss ix buff iron u'1Jen one gains the lmbil of xrorllf' Favorite Memory-The talks between classes Pet Peeve-P.M. Homeroom Noted For-Her quiet smile lln'r4"5 mnsir in her fungi," Orchestra l,2,'a,'l1 Bowlinglfg F.T.A. 'lg llramatics Club lg Librarv Stall' l. Favorite Memory- Vifonderful two- hour long assembly programs Pet Peevevlixamsl Noted For-Playing the piano and castanets LINDA LEE SNELL "Lin" Dental Assistant "She goes through lbe day full of laughter and fun." Volleyball l,2,5,4: Basketball l,2,5,4: Ping-Pong l,Zg Tennis 5,45 Baseball AA, Leaders' Club 2,5,-45 Vice Pres. 41 F.H.A. 5,41 Olliee Helper 43 Volley- ball Manager 4. Favorite Memory-Playing volleyball and basketball with other schools Pet Peeve-Arguments with Lillie Rose Noted For-Handing out absentee lists im' 3 MT L , t eetw i.4,7tj,,jCjM If A aff Vi' l p A flffff JOYCE ANN SIENGER Live a long and successful life Hllalflflilltlli ix il :lulirale btilanrt ln'- lu'cen mba! one is and u'lJal one bar." Favorite lNlemory-Good times in study hall Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-ller pleasantness LEONA FRANCES SOBKA "Panty" To graduate "If you :lmft .fre bar lalking. yllllill bear ber laughing." Volleyball 1,23 Bowling ll, ll.R. Secretary 2. Favorite Memory-"Amorettesn club meetings Pet Peeve-Being called Leona Noted For-Being an "Amorette" '7 1lp'f,,,fWM M V, To be wealthy MIRIAM VIRGINIA SPEICHER lfMir!Y To be successful and happy "Give me tbe glory of being independent." Band l,2,5,4Q Marching Band 1,2, 5,4: Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 23 Bowling 23 Archery 23 F.T.A. 4g Nightingales 43 Senior Congress. Favorite Memory--My four years in Union High and the football games Pet Peeve-Having six tests in one day Noted For-Playing the flute ROBERT CARL STAVA To retire at 25 "A gentleman, easy going and intelligent." junior Congress3 Student Council 43 Homeroom Basketball 3,43 Intramural Basketball 3,43 Construction Materials Club 33 Yearbook Staff 4. Favorite Memory-Chemistry with Mr. Becker Pet Peeve-Crowded hallways Noted For-Being agreeable dk 2 It w t'L ,. A If A 1 35,311- CASIMER PAUL STEINBERG "Cass" Tool and Die maker "Oh sleep, it is a gentle tbing, beloved from pole to pole." Track 2,3,43 Bowling 3,43 Intra- mural Basketball 2,51 Soccer 2,43 In- tramural Football 1,2. Favorite Memory'-Wlien we won the Homeroom Basketball League in my junior year Pet Peeve-Teachers or ' who give a lot of homew k KAY STORCH Private Secretary Doing little things well is a step towards doing big things better." Volleyball 1,2,4: Basketball 13 F.T.A. 2,43 Art Club 33 Softball 4. Favorite Memory-Senior Prom of ft 1954 Pet Peeve-Third lunch and no food left Noted For- collars MARILYN ELLEN STRAND UMairH Noted For- IRMA GAIL STRAUSS ulrrnn To go to college "She knows the satisfaction of work well done." ,S "The most important ingredient in the formula for sueress is knowing bow to get along with people." junior Congress: Student Council 43 Modern Dance l,2,3,43 Bowling 3,4: Volleyball 1,2,43 Basketball l,2Q Lead- ers' Club 3,43 Ping-Pong 1. Favorite Memory-The football games Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Her dancing Leaders' Club 2.3,4g Soccer 3,43 Vol leyball l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,4Q Arch- ery 43 Tennis Club 3,43 Ping-Pong 13 Badminton 13 F.T.A. 45 Spanish Club 1. Favorite Memory-Day I got my driv- er's permit Pet Peeve-Algebra Il Noted For-Giving a good argument 1 O ,r ... JOHN HELMUTH STRODEL ..Hal-- To be rich "There it good xflorl at your nmHng" Football l,5,4g Baseball lg Home- room President lg Intramural Basket- ball 5. Favorite Memory-Thanksgiving game of '54 Pet Peeyewllomework and notebooks Noted For'-Scoring on Thanksgiving, 195-1 ,W BERNICF PAULA SZCZEPANSKI Medical secretary "Lvl 115 be of good flJvvr." Nightingales 31 Art Club 5: Otbce Ilelper 2.4: Volleyball 2. Favorite Memory-Senior Prom of '54 Pet Peeve-Constantly being asked if my hair is bleached Noted For-Her pretty hair and voice N-v5 QP? WILMA FLORENCE TAYLOR ' "Willy" Homemaker "joyful muy your bcurl be tlltlutyxf' li.ll.A. jg junior Red Cross 5, 4' Oflice Helper l,Z.5,-i. A Favorite MetnoryATrips to l:lUflKl11 Pet Peeve- 'Tests Noted Forvf-ller tharm bracelet rx CAROL ANN N1 Q THEURER To be happy and successful "The Hand tba! lmlb made you fair, bulb made you good," Volleyball l,2,-ig Basketball 1,2411 Archery -ig Badminton 1. Faxorite Memory-The day I got my driver's license Pet Peeve-Boys who won't dance Noted For-Being friendly PHYLLIS NANCY TALISH "Phil" To obtain all the goals of life "II's a great life" Homeroom Secretary l: Homeroom President 53 Modern Dance l,Z,5,41 Bowling 25,43 Nightingales 51 F.T.A. 3,-lg Leaders' Club 2.3,-ig Congress Alternate 1,21 Congress -lg Volleyball l,2,4: Basketball 1.2.-iz Softball 5,41 Ping-Pong 11 Yearbook Photography liditor 4. Favorite Memory-Henry j. Kaiser- Frazer Pet Peeves-Activities falling on the same days Noted For-Her "Henry J" HAROLD FRED THEURER Graduate Nothing l'Ill1lH't'.V but persorml lfllrllifitfdv Favorite Memory-lNlr. Larsen's Eng- ,lish class flftpet Peeye-Ho-t "fheyys" Noted I'or-His I-ord as X? fi fb is is 1212 N. L TRUDY ANN THIEME t1Trudlr Model "Laugbler and rlmller are ber passwords." Volleyball 2,34 Bowling 2,41 Office Helper 4. Favorite Memory-Summer vacations Pet Peeve-7:00 A.M. every morning Noted For-Xvorking at "Bohm's" DIANE TYLER To get married "A carefree person is she." Volleyball 1,25 Nightingales 4. Favorite Memory-My junior year Pet Peeve-Going to school Noted For-Being a Roller Derby fan 95x if Qt, 3fI"'hNN,,, tiig .Q Nw SUSAN TOBY THORN "Sue" To be an occupational therapist "Sweet and amiable in ber way." Freshman Congress: Nightingales 3: Volleyball l,2,4g Basketball l,2,5,4g Ping-Pong lg Archery 23 Alt. Congress 33 Alt. Student Council lg Badminton 15 Basketball Referee 5,4. Favorite Memory-The days of Driv- er's Ed. Pet Peeve-Algebra II Noted For-Smart clothes from her mother's store ' f-'Z I 3 ',tf as tn S 'QS' KATHERINE ANN THUM "Kathy" Success and happiness "She hath fl natural, wise sinrerityf' Tennis 3. Favorite lVIemory-The day I got my driver's permit Pet Peeve-Homework on week-ends Noted For-Being pleasant 9 , 'tt L W 3 5 -11" at F1 -tst ' Q . . itgsaw' glgfkf, Ji. l wi PETER BURGESS VAN HORN upeteu Navy, become an Admiral "A laugh is worlh a hundred frowns in any market." Favorite Memory-Friends made at Union Pet Peeve-Freshmen that think they're big wheels Noted For-Being jolly . s C RUTH VAN LEUVEN Teaching "Good sense and good nature are never separated." Student Council lg Basketball 1,2 3,43 Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Badminton l' Ping-Pong lg Marching Band 11 Bowl: ing lg F.T.A. 5,43 Nightingales 33 Office Squad 4. Favorite Memory-My four years at Union Pet Peeve-Surprise quizzes Noted For-Being silent Radio and 'I'.V. servicin I-mv P ' 5,1 EDWARD GEORGE VARGA llI'EdIl Iinter the Air Force "He that mirhief hatrheth, mixrhiel nitrhethf' Indoor Track 1,25 Outdoor Track 1,23 Cross-country 5,45 Intramural Basketball 'sg Flying Squad. Favorite Memory-Becoming a Senior Pct Peeve-Biology Class, bird call, and the early morning walks Noted For-His "jeep" escapades I. RICHARD FREDERICK WACIKER "Richie" MANUEL MICHAEL VIEIRA "Dick" To own a gold mine "I'm uluuys ready for work or play- preferahly play." Wrestling l,2,5,4g Baseball l. Favorite Memory-Trip to Annapolis Pet Peeve-junior Police Noted For-Being a "wild" man Qs.-Z' 'NX GEORGE MORGAN WAIDELICH III i lVlml'J an ounce of misrgief in an ocean of goodm'JJ.9" Favorite Memory-The day l passed Summer school Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning Noted For--Having pull with the Po- licc Department "Politician George" Business administration and advertising "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the bex! of men." Bowling l,2. Favorite Memory-My freshman year Pet Peeve-Girls and flirting Noted For-His eyelet shirts C, ELAINE VILLA E' To get married "Let naught your cheery nature spoil." Nightingales -ig Volleyball 1,25 Bad- minton 1. Favorite Memory-A Cappella Choir Pet Peeve-Boys who make me blush Noted For-Her assortment of cars AUDREY .IEANNE WAITZ "Aud" To have success and happiness "Charm and alfertion go with n sweet face." Volleyball l,2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3,-ig Bowling 23,43 F.T.A. 5.4, Pres. 4: Leaders' Club 2,3,4: Archery 3,43 H,R, Pres. lg Student Council 33 Senior Congress: Badminton 23 Table Tennis 2: Ofiice Squad 43 Sophomore Con- gress Alt. Favorite Memory-The friends I've made at Union High Pet Peeve-Monday morning Noted For-Her pretty blo d 'avy hair I l .l 5 'fl' ff' V W X BARBARA SUSAN WALSH "Bobbie" To be happy and successful "It isn't your position that makes you happy or unhappy: it's your disposition." Table Tennis 25 Badminton 25 Vol- leyball 1,2,3: Girls' Basketball 1,2,5,45 Bowling 45 Modern Dance 2,35 Can- non Staff 4: Softball 3,4. Favorite Memory-A Cappella Choir Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-Being oh! so sweet ARTHUR WEINFELD uArtu To own a "Continental" "While you're young, have all your fun." Intramural Football 2,3,45 Intra- mural Basketball 2,3. Favorite Memory-The day I got my driver's license Pet Peeve-Crowded halls near the front corridor Noted For-His "Tony Curtis" curl A 5 5 3, . Q S. ,Q AM 5 JERRY WARD To get the most out of life "Unknown to her is the word dismay." Art Club 2,3,45 Future Teachers of America 43 Future Homemakers of America 45 Basketball 1: Ping-pong 15 Volleyball 15 Badminton 15 Cannon Staff 1. Favorite Memory-The class of '54 Pet Peeve-Boring classes and un- friendly people Noted For-Being seen with an Air Force guy IAN WALKER WARRENDER UAnguSl! Chemist "To look at him you'd think him shy,' fo know him he's really quite a guy." Baseball 1,25 Track 3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Intramural Football 3,45 Yearbook Photography Staff 4. Favorite Memory-junior Prom and getting my license Pet Peeve-Guys who mock Scotland Noted For-Being swift N-Wx Wife GISE A JEAN WEISS "Jeannie" Success "A gift wrapped parkage of fun and mirth." Cannon Feature Staff 15 Basketball 1,2,35 Volleyball 1,2,3g Leaders' Club 2,3,45 Bowling 35 Art Club 35 Spanish Club 15 Dramatics Club 15 Rep. to Citizenship Instituteg Yearbook Fi- nance Editorg Congress 1,2,3,45 Alter- nate 1,4. Favorite Memory-My junior year, and especially Mr. Murphy's Eng- lish III class Pet Peeve-My first name Noted For-Her questions ,tw K 5 A 1 Lex I IN xl N , X 'X R RONALD WAYNE WEN BERG uR0n1r Electrical Engineer "Someone new, quiet and pleasant, has been added." Chess and Checker Club5 Hobby Club. Favorite Memory-Mech. Drawing class Pet Peeve-People who make left turns from the right-hand side of the road Noted For-His white hair px VVS fi G- 'ilu-", ELVA ROBERTA WENZ ..El.. To achieve my goal "Anil she is filled tvilh merry sport and limghtcrf' Orchestra 1,2,5,-ig Volleyball 2,5,-ig Modern Dance Z,5,-ig Basketball l,2, 5,43 Hockey 3,43 Ping-Pong lg Bad- minton lg I:.T.A. 5,41 Bowling 5,-1. Favorite Memory-Not getting "hol- lered at" in music class and Mrs. Wrigl1t's health class Pet Peeve-Being called Alvira, Flbo, - A' ' ' nt s Athlcttt and Pea lt. Noted For-Her DONALD GREGG WILLIAMSON "Gregg" College ,jfilif ROBERT JOSEPH WHITE "Bob" To be it millionaire "A laughing young man, sunny with frerklesf' Favorite Memory-Sth period "'54- .SSH Pet Peey'e-Wcmmen drivers Noted For-His bird call K7 fy . '. , . GERALD CHRISTOPHER WILMS "Jerry" Colle e D "A gentleman by nature, scholar by education." junior Congress: Senior Congress: Key Club 45 H.R. President 4g Year- book Finance Staff 43 Intramural Bas- ketball 3,4. Favorite Memory-Miss Carracino's Physics class, junior year Pet Peeve-A girl who lets you know on Friday night whether she can go out Saturday night Noted For-His eyes and looking like jerry 3 "Always silent and never demands, but when he wishes he takes the world in his hands." Student Council 1,2,3,4g Key Club 3,4g Yearbook Biog. and Humor Staff 43 Senior Congress Alt.: H.R. Presi- dent 1,53 Intramural Football l.2,4g Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Becker's Chem- istry class Pet Peeve-Wfomen drivers Noted For-Being well-dressed and his '55 Buick BETTY HOPE XWICK "Betty" To be happily married "jolly, talkative. happy and guy." Basketball 21 Volleyball 1,23 Bowl- ing 2,5,4: Modern Dance 31 H.R Treasurer lg Badminton 1. Favorite Memory-Miss Pierce's cook ing class in '55 Pet Peeve-Men drivers Noted Ftmr-Wearing tight skirts BARBARA PAULA WINITS "Barb" To be happy in whatever I do "As she is, so should she stay." Cannon Features Editor 5: Cannon Editorial Board -ig F.T.A. 31 Modern Dance 1,2,3,-ig Volleyball 1,255 jour- nalism Club 51 Basketball 1,2,3: Hu- mor and Biography Staff -Ig Art Club I,2gTennis 55 Dramatics Club 13 Quill and Scroll Society 4. Favorite Memory-The crazy after- noons in "Mr. Peach's Pit" fCan- non Ofiicej Pet Peeye-Losing elections by one vote ' Noted For-Her great wit :iff C ,-Q A3 Z 5, ' 1 H I ' il ' WM Ml ,Nfl fl flu i v Q V "V .- Q J . O . ef WILLIAM PETER WISHART "Willy,' Auto Mechanic "just an all round pleamnl chap." - Intramural Football 1,2,4g Intra- 'mural Basketball 25,43 Intramural Softball 2,43 Wrestling lg Rifle Club 3. Favorite Memory-Mr. Harasty's Auto Mechanics class Pet Peeve-Guys with "Fluid Drives" Noted For-Driving at 14 THEODORE GEORGE WOUITECH nfl-'edu Agricultural Engineer "A carefree fellow is be." Football lg Intramural Football 1,2, 3,43 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. Favorite Memory-Mr. Yesenko's first period history class Pet Peeve-Girls that ask you out and then give you a hard time Noted For-Being with "Dichie" N'3'P'w-rl CARL WOERNER "Carl,' Own a race track "We're born io be happy, all of us" Football Ig Wrestling 1,3. Favorite Memory: First card game Pet Pees'e-Women teachers Noted For-Liking to gamble rf- ROBERT M ROW WOJTECH "Bob" To be a success in everything "Quiet and morlexl in bis ways." Transferred from Hillside, junior year. Favorite Memory-My Senior year Pet Peeve-Inconvenient lockers Noted For-Being unduly timid .51 . b in :fl ' 5, Il K flu-,ah K I " " .T , 191' . Q fowl I A ., 5, 1 4,1 ,. ,..n' rsh U. 1 s was ,Q -' if fyfg 6 I ms -tugs? ,i I Q cava .gt 1' I W' '- '-t ew: ' . wi gy - .gfa1,tf1..,gQ 1,-a at . Q' '7i'7'uLi 3 TEV' Thai 1 '-eff JOHN ARTHUR WOOLLEY ujaseu To become a success in life "Be always merry as ever you ran, for no one delights in a sorrowful man." Intramural Basketball 3,4g Intra- mural Softball Zg Football lg Basket- ball lg Intramural Football 2,4. Favorite Memory-The 10 weeks we get off for summer vacation Pet Peeve-Wise-guys Noted For-Always walking around the "Center" DIANA HELEN WRIGHT "Diane" To be happy and successful "Quietnesx at its -height, sweetness at a sight." Favorite Memory-The teachers I have had in my four years at Union High Pet Peeve--Too much homework Noted For-Being sweet and gentle E- , : Y ffrzsejgdfg,-5-ff' ' . ggvfgff . Jr av W' fee! BARBARA MARIE WUNDER "Barb" To have good times "Loaded with brains and bubbling with fun, she never leatfes a task half-done." Nightingales 4: Art Club lg F.T.A. 3,45 Yearbook Biography and Humor Staff: Cannon Staff 3: Hockey 3: Bas- ketball l,Z,3: Tennis 3g Volleyball l,2,3. Favorite Memory-Those club meet- ilu.. JOHN ALBERT WIJNDER UAV, Construction "Dreamy eyes, wavy hair, the answer to a maiden's prayer." Student Council 1,2,32 Basketball l,2,3g Soccer 3,45 Intramural Softball 3,4. Favorite Memory-Chorus 1,2,3,4 Pet Peeve-Homework Noted For-His blue eyes ings in room 117 after school, and football games Pet Peeve-Pigmy freshmen Noted For-Being called the 8th "wunder" if HX! I ROBERT FREDERICK YAUCH "Peepers" To be a success in the business and social world "He's forever friendly, happy and gay." Football lg Soccer 3,43 Track 33 Track Manager 4: Freshman-Sopho- more Homeroom President. Favorite Memory-School football and basketball games Pet Peeve-Girls who talk to their friends who are at the other end of the hall Noted For-Looking like Mr. Peepers if ess -J h s ROBERT CHARLES WUNDERLICH "Bob" Chemical Engineer "With virtue and quietness one may conquer the world." Favorite Memory-Four years of split- lunches Pet Peeve-First period tests Noted For-Being called B.B. Wearing Uur C0untry's Colors DONALD SHAAP M9 arg 6 DONALD HARRY HUGHES HENRY JOHN ZDANOWSKI "Hank" To be an architect "A little nonsense now and then, does become the best of men." Baseball 13 Basketball l,2. Favorite Memory-The day I was 17 Pet Peeve-Boys who ride around in so-called "Custom Cars" Noted For-Being last, but not least DAVID GODFREY SRNKA "Among men, the best is the soldier. " 'Tis d l80l QQ' goo to learn from those who counsel well" Sophocles Upon the retirement of Miss Jessie E. Dayton, above, and Dr. William B. Sharratt, below, we, the student body, wish to acknowledge the ceaseless devotion of two who have labored to educate others. AGIVITKS 2 The Keyswne STUDENT COUNCIL of Democracy e 1 W Salvatore Cammarata, President Helen Kronseder, Secretary Judy Ellis, Tfed-fllfer . - was K W Sfferfm-' v f82:l Thomas Huebner, Vive President Q fifhw iy , .. +5 f V. , Nina! . Q , l va f: "9 T'-,ix . ' H: Silting: S. Cammarata, j. Kolek, G. Huhweiler, l5.Scl1wurz, F. Burns, R. Reif, J. Cooper, S. Sless, D. Lccllci. Slumls ing: Mrs. Ruth Deusinger, Adviser: C. Heun, B. Gordon 1 A. Couper, B. Birklmolz, j. Ellis, H. Kronsecler. rl in STUDENT COUNCIL Ir' R B, lI'll-ierg, j. Bnngiovanni, M. Rubulmla hlfsglcxly, H. lironseder, T. Huebner, J. Iillis, G. An I , M. R ' ll', P. L nz, V. Cavanaglu. Second Roux Tersgilnms, ,l-czirilirrllxyv M- eslmndv Denman' N' Barlow' M. ramen, N. M1-ialwain, M. Goldberg, H- Mfmfm- B- Winits. Thin! Row: lf. Lindner, N. Search, R. Maltlmner, J. D'Angelo, A. Fiello, J. Milman, H. Kasch, H. Brug- hammer, J. Shriner, J. Wfiley, C. Stiles, D. Villa. Fourth Row: R. Douglas, M. Turkel, S. High, R. A. Chmirllin, j. Talias, C. Berry, K. Auster, J. Getter, K. Griffith, P. Wisnmar, P. linlwarnls, H. Wuner, QI. Hilbcrg, S. XX'illinn1s, Mrs. Ruth Deusingcr, Adviser, D. Haddon. Fiflh Row: R. Greenwood, j. Riker, W. Schoner. L33l E IOR CO GRESS ""3p' Miss Genevieve Butler, Class Adviser '13, J Mr. Michael Strano, Class Adviser Inn fri? Nl l alll 3. ll 'l y S gr is ll ' I 5' SENIOR CLASS CONGRESS First Row: jean Breunig, Phyllis Talish, Nancy McEl- wain, Michael Kobran, john Michalski, Pat Fuchs, Pat Dodge, Joan Nelson. Second Row: Terry Angen, Ruth Graessle, Judy Ellis, Carole Kurtzner, Audrey Waitz, Joyce Kelly. Third Row: Don Mocko, Ray Hanft, Ben Feldman, Art Seeman, Terry Claypoole, jerry Bernstein. Fourth Row: Bill Mann, Ed Braun, jay Leary, George Hoerrner, Gregg Williamson, Dick Reif. I UNDERCLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lvl! In night: D. Cieiser, Miss Iilizzlbeth Frouster, Ativiserg Al. Tzllials, Lind, Mr. Charles Murphy, Adviserg J. Tallman. Q-' s SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Ifirsl Roux' P. lidwmrtis, R. Weiss, Miss Bernire Bass, Adviser. Second row: Mr. Robert Lachenuuer, Adviserg W. Muzoku, P. Kinzel. FRIESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Ld! lo rilubts C. Burns, R. Kiss, Miss Nurmn Petter, Atlviserg L. Ketrlmuw, Mr, Hurry 85 Lawrence, Adviser: M. Krim. L I E Row 1.' J. Kolek, F. Burns, J. Talias, G. Lind, J. Tallman D. Geiser, J. Cooper, E. Bantel, G. Ferrar. Row 2: Mr. Charles F. Murphy, Adviser, J. Nevins, R. Turk, M. Castle- ton, D. Schuster, B. Fimbel, C. Humlich, B. Cross, J. Bauer, Miss Mary E. Froustet, Adviser. Row 3: C. Lambert, B. F1 , . Q?-,I ... . .... A A f l -A. A- -a l"" -r Fi si C -5' .2 X LK . . sn , - ' 1. K. I ,wa-we A 1 A ' ,J L. - All - 'Y First Raw: C. Gangano, N. D'Antonio, XV. Mozoko, R. Weiss, G. Edwards, P. Kinzel, L. Lombardi. Sefond Row: M. Stecker, C. Rittenhouse, M. Donovetsky, E. Riggio, N. Henry, D. Kalb, L. Silvio. Third Row: R. Badalato, E. Fl f' -rf f-1 A' ff FRESHMAN CLASS CONGRESS 1 .Ar I 4,4 First Row: C. Steirman, C. Marter, M. Krim, C. Burns, R. Kiss, L. Ketchow, T. Farrington, M. Henry. Second Row: B. Frey, M. Maloney, P. Rappeport, P. Handell, J. Faulkner, C. Kunz, R. Tafel. Tbird Row: J. Brearly, V. JUNIOR CLASS CONGRESS ,gm S SOPHOMORE CLASS CONGRESS Schoder, R. Biondi, M. Horn, G. Rita, V. Connolly, M. Moessner, P. Maull. Row 4: R. Houston, L. Becker, C. Tell, G. Flynn, I. Geller, J. Makowsky, G. Kein, W. Hous- ton. Row 5: J. Amato, J. Moreno, C. Reinhardt, H. Chioffe, D. Gordon, D. Weiss. ., wg.-Z.. P ev Q 1. YR ..........,. .c'T5"1 I F Hoeken, J. Witting, L. Carracino, R. Kaye, M. Balfour S. Sless, N. Ullman, J. Bogues, J. Colman, S. Green, E Friedman, Miss Bernice Bass, Adviser. . haml- Denman, B. Blindt, J. Roesner, L. Yetter, J. Auer, J. Wil- liams, V. Collins. Fourth Row: W. Donnelly, E. Thomas, W. Behringer, D. Lurie, L. Cashin, J. Shipner, M. Hollander, E. Wnoraski. Fiflb Row: S. Weiss, G. Gray, A. Forst. E861 UNDERCLASS CON GRESSES E. Dunlop. Fourlh Row: Mr. Robert Lachenauer, Adviser, fl A 4 r'-'rv CANNON EDITORIAL BOARD George Flynn, Carolyn Berry, Helen Kronsecler, Barbara Winits. 6-" I X " - J' 3 " Nnj mx sf f I if 1 Mr. Walter Peach, Adviser CANNON EDITORS Mary Reynolds, Barbara Ciuniwitz, Robert Greenwall S G ldb , ue o erg, john McDougal, Marly Dulfhaus. Wr- fav LV ,mm li LH. CANNON STAFF Rau' I: R Policastrn E Baummn L Pultar B Fann G M l . , . . , . , . er, . urpiy, M. Duffliaus, B. Ciunowicz C. Berry, H. Kronseder, P. Wfalsli. Rou'2.' R. Biondi. R, Coleman, B. Lewis, N. Henry, F. Burns, D. Fiehs, B. Holzl, B. Hilberg, B. Lipnick, M. Reynolds, L. Corson, R. Gruessle. Rau' 3: F. Rig gin, M. Henry, D. Thibaulr, M. Donovetsky, R. Simon, S. Komroff, M. Stocker, B. Guenther, S. Beck, M. Gessner, M. Schuler, M. Birch, J. Breunig, R. Levine, M. Levy, M. Rubulogm, J. Ellis, J. Denman, j. Della Cerra, J. Lucus, G. Ferrar, R. Calcagno, P. Martino, M. Martino. Row 4: Mr. Edwin Henry, Financial Adviser: G. Flynn, R. Greenwood, -I. Mncllougnll, R. Hanft, B. Moll ' . P Al ' " r ' ' ' ow, J eri lo, IN. Van Syelxle, J. Miehalaki, R. Reif, R. Davids, j. Whrgo. THE BOO TER TAFF I A-rn-"V .r. 13? . H J .1 Z! 4 . Richard Reif, Editor-in-Chief 4' 1 Ll YEARBOOK EDITORIAL BOARD Smtvrl: Frances Mavraides, UB. left smff5, Phyllis Talislm Miss lom O'Neill Arlviser Riclnrd Reif, joyce Kelly, jean W'eiss, Dorothy Denny. Slandirzgi' -Mnrly.Duffhaus,'joan Nelson, 3ay Leary, Andrew Befumo. Not in pirlure: jean Breunig. ,.f- ' ...V W QL. 1 M If 589 Booster taff lc0nt'dl YEARBOOK TYPING STAFF Seated: Barbara Fanner, left, and Rosemarie Gerber, right. Stand- ing: Doris Merbler, Shirley Beck, Barbara Guenther, jean Breunig, Chairman. YEARBOOK ART COMMITTEE Sitting: Joan Nelson, Marly Duffhaus. Standing: Mark Costello, Evelyn Horn. Arlene Ballet, rl, YEARBOOK FINANCE COMMITTEE Seated: Doris Allen, june Denman, Joyce Kelly, Pat Schorner. jean Weiss. Standing: Michael Kobran, Pat Martino, Gregg Williamson, Marie Martino, Ken Russel, Carol Schmidt, Pat Dodge, Paul Lenz. YEARBOOK BIOGRAPHY-HUNIOR STAFF Sitting: B. Winits, A. Befumo, F. Mavraicles, M. Fossett. Stand- ing: C. jackson, Garrity, j. Wilms, E, Swartz, B. Wunder, G. Glassen. 1 , x 'J' , a .- xy ,, 15,43-r sux , xv v X a jg.,-.2 l 1 was YEARBOOK LITERARY COMMITTEE Norm Clevely, Nancy Mclilwain, jay Leary. YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF First Row: Neil Hamilton, Sandra Schnur, Alycia Bernstein, Dor- othy Denney, Co-Chairman: Dolores D'Antonio. Second Row: Dolores jaye, Myrna Goldberg, Carol Schwartz, Phyllis Talish, Co-Chairman, Pat Fuchs, Ian Warrender. Third Row: Robert Stava. Not present: Gail Covert. Isl row: T. Hermo, N. Mclilwain, C. Alvwartl, L. Pultar, A. Gillick, P. Talish, B. Lime. P. Peters, P. Dodge, B. Ben jamin, F. Mavraitles, S. Ginsberg. M. Strand. S. Schnur.' Jml row: N. Caplan, M. Auer, C. Race, D. Harms, M. Fus- sett. S. Ruchuwitz, C. Henn, G. Covert, B. Chamberm, D Delaney, M. jones, P. Krill, j. Hayden, R. Gerber, A. Whtitz lnl row: j. Breunig, M. Birth, J. llnustnn, D. jayc, M Hollnmn, j. Schwartz, B. Mairc, M. Satrks, S. liisenmenger. M. Dullhaus, S. Berk, V. Sierra, B. Gunther. V-HIJ rou': B. llilherg, M. Rubulutla, li. Wenl, J. Thieme, B. Fanner, j. Gleason, G. Murphy, R. Levine, B. Wick,. F. Samssy, C. nowltz. Lemmick. P. Bradley M. Amherg, B. Ciu LUB visor. GIRLS' BOWLINCS X tx 5 FIRE SQUAD Firxl Razr: XV. McF:tll, G. Liss, L. Becker, A. Pnlumhn. Scfmul Roux' R. Schmnler. C- Tell. D. Srlmateffer, Mr. lfllX!'ill'll Henry, Atl- GIRLS' BOXX'l.lNG u' I: L. Cox, A. Ballet. P. Lulft-rt. D. D'Amuniu, P. Nltrtino, R. Cztlutgnn, C. Sclunitlr. H. Brutler, R. Altman, Martino. Rau' 2: D. Batnkovtski, B. Frazer, M. Miller, St'lll1t'lCl1.'I'Il1SlllII, D. Kremp, K. Clexely, M. Wt'l1t-r, bl. Rtisxen, j. Banners, A. Fiello, R. Sfmt. Rau' 7: M. Crater, li. Heck. j. Zinn-r. li. Reif. C. Cutulln, nl. Amlrixik, l.. john nun, M. Butlney, D. Miller, ll. l..tlfalmi, L. Catrusn, N. Rt-mm linger. Run' -I: D. lsratcl, N. Ko.-ller, ll. Rommel, N. Ball linger, P. Andrews, VI. Oxmaln, P. Lipsu.-in, ll. Rust-nlmrg K. Austin. Nui fII'4'5t'rll.' Mrs. lflsie Luellel. Atlviser. Clubs fconfdj PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB J. Meola, j. Wargtx, G. Denby, R. Crcvel, j. Bretail. Not present: Mr. j. Kenneth McKay, Adviser. KEY CLUB ls! row: j. Michalski, R. Davids, M. Kobran, R. Reif, T. Heubner, G. Wilnls, G. Williamvxn. 2nd row: R. Meyer, R. Gral, VU. Oberman, G. Howeiler, T. Claypoole, G. Bernstein, B. Scho- der. 3rd rou'.' F. Schlageter, R. Greenwood, N. Gauss, M. Smart, W. Conlin, A. Modugno. . ' FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Roux- B. Beck, j. Riesen, M. Speicher, E. Horn, A. Waltz, D. Denney, j. Garrity, AI. Miles, B. Rornmel, M. Berg. Second Roux' H. Moessner, P. Talish, B. Benjamin, M. Goldberg, R. Van Leuven, C. Burke, B. Wunder, G. Magin, B. Hossel, S. Beck, Tulias. P. Lilislfifl, M. Reynolds, Royce. Tbinl Roux' P. Sclmorner, B. Donald, T. Hermo, R. Scott, D. Israel, K. Auster. M. Boyar, -I. Della Cerra, li. Mer- vue, D. Delaney, P. Dodge, R. Ress, R. johnson, l. Bardy, M. Horn, M. jacohs. Fourlb Row: B. Cross, G. Lennox, R. Coleman, R. Crevel, G. Cavnnaugh, M. Dulllmus, S. Duhe, M. jones, R. Gerber, j. Burger, C. Bert, G. Covert, S. Ruehowitz, E. Carter, S. Schnur, A. Caplan, K. Getcr, M. Rulwulotta, I. Strauss, B. Mayer, B. Marter, N. Byatt. Not prexcul: Miss Bernice Bass, Adviser. A TECHNIQUE GROUP OF MODERN DANCE Loft lo rigbl. Rau' l: V. Col- lins. Rau' 2: C. McClcllar1l, L. Coombe, S. Komrall, S. High. Rau' 3: J. Underwald. J. Berry. DANCE GROUP OF MODERN DANCE Ou floor. ld! to rigbl, First Row: M. Levy. Svroml Row: C. Cliohonla. B. Beck, C. Perl- man. Tbinl Roux' J. Hayden, P. Talish, E. Schwarz. Sinful- ing. First Row: H. Moessner, B. Chambers, B. Hilberg. Ser- oml Roux' V. Connolly, M Preskey, J. Della Cerra. TECHNIQUE GROUP OF MODERN DANCE Lvl! lo rigbl. Rau I: D. Thie- bault, P. Maull. Rau' 2: B. Blindt, V. Denman, L. Brill, J. Hunt, J. Willing. Row 3.- L. Carraccino, J. Berry. Q-5, DANCE GROUP OF MODERN DANCE Rau' I: J. Bowers. Rau' 2: E. Vl'enz, J. Sclnwalrlz, D. Dcnney. Rau' 3: D. Allen. J. Denman, J. Kelly, M. Strand. Q Clubs fcont'dJ LIBRARY hl'AFF , 1 ,au - 'iii ' iii' .ikiq qi' Ili, K " '.. ..'f 4 ilu Nl s I lllrlo It I hnrles, Clerk: N. Lllllhlff, J. Erlal: B. Ciunivilz, ll. Walnle. J. Hunl. Tbinl Roux' Nveslon. B. Nlrs Adi Lnkuos Librarian. Srroml Roux' G. Dcnhy, A. Bergman, S. Williania, H. Clnnh, B. Fraser, M. Horn. J Us l Hoxull B lmlwarcls, S. Mayer, C. Hcnn, M. Sucks, J. VC'ilting, ll. Lenz, J. Reuns. Fifi' 9 9 f3h'7 FP0 5W'0f"' 9 f'9'j's5 4 3 FQ fp? Ngvfw W KKWA Y 'J lb? AA as 1? 1 6 6 . .I N' A rf'-'J L 4 , Qi 5 E-'J-'TEE m .. 1 i - 3 'V-u K ,., .W .- Q lmmmll:4l1f . bv nl-:null 1 , :semi-11 x. ,E 2 , 4 nu.-sail , X A s..,,,o 5 A -- '. 0 1 3 L7 :Z A71 'Y' ' ff! 3 I 3 4 Q . if 4' .IQA - I I 4" L- . ,1 1 i s Yi I I ' .' V - - mi if wx N-Cf" li Lwk Y r .:'.:.':?:5:E-PE ...VW Gb C3 ,lj 49 C? I 961 Clubs Cc0nt'dJ COLOR GUARD hn ' ' Sandy Sc ur, Pat Dodge, Marilyn Fossett, Joyce Schwartz IWIRLERS Front: Ellen Schwarz, Drum Majorette. Back: Betty Hilberg, Lorretta Carracino, Joyce Kelly, judy Green,. Rita Marzarella, Dolores jaye, Donna Israel. Clubs Cc0nt'dJ - . w ? . F-1 W .WI 2 ,f .V 4, . , 3 Q1 CHEERLEADERS Firsf Row: M. Auer, R. Altman, R. Calcagno, P. Martino. Serond Row: R. Lynch, L. jaeckel, II. Shortlcdgc. Third Row: N. Hagen, M. Stccker, C. Karge, C. Van Hocke. i971 Clubs Cc0nt'dJ Q , S . 5 f , .4 "M .V 'ff swear 2 ,f MARCHING BAND Row 6: L. Strassman, T. Wooley, J. Bramgartner, D. Smith, H. Leventhal, D. Smith, B Ilildebrant, R. Blackwell, R. Bowers, G. Boyden, J. Brautigan, F. Haynes. Row 5: J. Parella T. Perry, F. Poole, J. Shpines, L. Schaffer, R. Rogers, D. Boyd, R. Mazia, L. Smarte, W Beringer. Row 4: T. Farrington, J. Magad, E. Jordan, M. Korb, W. Obermann, F. Wening L. Moore, A. Selomine, W. Roylance, S. Jaye, R. Milsap, A. Cooper. Row 3: E. Hoeker, I Scholman, R. Alber, R. Schoder, B. Probs, B. Lederberg, T. Bolwin, N. McChorer, B. Modell W. Schroner. Row 2.' P. Dodge, G. Underwald, J. Tallman, R. Woller, J. Anderson, E. Regal N. Melcione, I. Adornia, J. Chadwick, J. Ulrich, P. Kinzel, J. Yanosey. Row I: Schwartz D. Israel, B. Hilberg, R. Marzarrella, J. Green, E. Schwarz, J. Kelly, L. Carracino, D. Jaye M. Fossett, S. Schnur, J. Trager. s Clubs fc0nt'dJ E p 3'-,faf'Q t" y 5 . , . ex, Q?E.,' ' sh ' l C' A QQ ' ' H1 J ,. v ii iii- - J ta lf 'B jeff all ' R A HOCKEY 1955 Front Row, sitting: S. Billetter, L. Goetz, J. Knight, E. Minka-ns, P. Pollock, B. Crater, J. Coates, L. Brell, A. Mes- sig. Svroml Row, sitting: C. Grecnburg, C. Burns, C. Kunz, C. lluen, li. Zimmerman, C. McClelland, M. Monson, C. Wfoltl, B. Burger, G. Kirkpatrick. Kneeling: J. Tote, C. Wagner, D. Rotlcz, J. D'Agostino, C. Chorborda, M. Frank- lin, P. Fenner, E. Ward, P. Cavanagh, R. Simon, J. Malafy, D. Watkins. Bark Row: Coach, Mrs. Lilyan Wright: B. Morgan, S. Eisenmenger, R. Biondi, M. Rubulotta, E. Wenz, J. Burger, J. D'Angelo, V. Connolly, J. Miles, A. Feldman, B. Brooks, C. Rosenberg, B. Brande, B. Beck, M. Prusky, M. Reynolds. Managers.' M. Rubulotta, M. Reynolds, C. Chor- borda. YS pi ,Ed :lv q'x. STAGE HANDS Mr. Robert Bergen, Adviser, J. Kolek, W. Fenzo, C. Jahn, N. Gauss, B. Messer. 1 STUDENT PROJECTION SQUAD Left .ride of stairs, from bot- tom to top: B. Hildebrandt, J. Tricarico, R. Zorn, S. Zavocki, L. Schultz, G. Krat- Lel. Right side of stairs, from bottom to top: R. Wotmler, L. O'Rourke, M. Jepson, R. Seyfarth, J. Dante, L. Warren, S. Kohke. Stand- ing, from left to ri bt: D. D'Antonio, J. Lucius, E. Schwarz, C. Aylward, M. Morello, P. Maloney, G. Knittel, W. Messer fseatedj, R. Reise. l99l Clubs Cc0nt'dJ .LPN NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Barry Mandel, Marilyn Levy, Helen Kronseder, Pamella Maull, Mrs. Elizabeth Harth, Adviser. JUNIOR RED CROSS lst Row: E. Williams, M. Hague, N. Henry, A. Collins. Zud Roux' R. Hoinowski, R. Simon, J. Stafford, C. Rit- tenhouse, M. Turkel. 3rd Row: R. Crevel, B. Leder- berg, B. Carter, W. Taylor, J. Ahearn. 411: Roux' U. Bir- terle, A. Davis, G. Denby, A. Price, C, Keller, J. Koess- ner, C. Bardy, V. Breen, L. Brill, S. High. THESPIAN UNDERSTUDIES lst row: E. Goldfarb, A. Blaier, L. Kosmu, S. Gold- berg, L. Lombardi, G. Flynn. 2nd row: j. Gilmartin, B. Hilberg, M. Levy, B. Man- del, P. Maull, M. Tallin, M. Duchin, R. Bussom. 3rd row: D. Lacey, B. Wade, N. Gebrlich, N. Van Syckle, D. Thibault, H. Hankin, L. Becker, W. Tomy, E. Nea- bor, Mrs. Elizabeth Harth, Adviser. FRESIIMAN-SOPHOMORE ARCHIERY CLUB Svalezl: li. Buehler, P. Hel- wig, P. Schorner, J. Paas, B. Bergman. Standing: C. Pntetta, M. Hultquist, K. Grillithsg Miss Geraldine Gutowski, Adviser, V. La Vere, L. Luft, U. Bitterle, E. Boller. NIGHTINGALES Rau' I: B. Ciunowicz, V. Cavanagh, S. Weiner, R. Chemidlin, B. Matter, Secre- tary: J. Della Cerra, Presi- dent, J. Fllis, Treasurer, N. Barlow, Vice President, B. Ledenberg, M. Hoffman, M. A. Ruhulotla, N. Hyatt, L. ledrusiak. Rou'2.' F. Burns, S. Ruchowitz, M. Crater, J. Nevins, G. Lennox, M. Sal- zano, P. Spano, M. Jones, N. Gehrlich, H. Moessner, H. Broghummer, H. Kronseder, li. Villa. Row 3: D. Israel, M. Boyar, M. Burg, B. Ruch- owitz, H. Morton, M. Hill- mann, C. Dux, E. Bantel, E. Schwartz, V. Connolly, M. Reynolds, S. Suesserman. Rau' 4: l. Metzger. N. Schagle, D. Schuster, C. Amsden, L. Jaeckel, B. Ski- per, R. Pugliese, E. Brand, B. L. Kavlick, J. Conklin, C. Schwartz, li. Bardy, R. Graessle. Row 5: Mrs. Ann Baker, Adviser: J. Kelly, Denman, P. Schorner, C. Kurtzner, B. Holzl, R. Ress, M. Speicher, G. Magin, J. Broadhurst, R. Haerle, B. Ortte, B. Guenther, Miss Arleyne L. Pittenger, Ad- viser. JUNIOR-SENIOR ARCHFRY CLUB Seated: C. Gottula, J. Miles, C. Rosenberg, D. Geiset, C. Theurer, B. Mair. Slanding: P. Schorner, Miss Geraldine Gutowski, Advisor, J. Reuss, l. Strauss, J. Andryszczyk, R. Chemidlin, J. Erla, L. Mack, M. Reynolds, li. Rief. Clubs Ccont'dJ 5- , ' ,. .FNB 1 ff 0 ,ity L. Clubs Cc0nt'dJ .Jam ' l nl .91 1- ' - 2. USHER SQUAD First Row: J. Erla, L. Gag- liardo, E. Balen, J. Ahearn, M. Mclilwee, K. Gatsch, J. Garrigan, B. Ort, S. Heller, G. Denby. Second Row.' B. Kavlick, M. Bernauer, P. Peltz, E. Canter, C. Ratner, C. Rittenhouse, C. Keller, E. Williams, S. High, P. Gahan, M. Christensen. Third row: L. Mack, P. Pollack, J. Slifer, N. Henry, D. Fiehs, P. Lenz, P. Wismar, H. Wie- ner, R. Asnin. Fourth Row.' M. Henry, C. Wolff, C. Greenberg, L. Brill, M. Schuler, N. Van Syckle, B. Carter, C. Bardy, S. Alexan- der, M. Burg, M. Levy, E. Bardy, J. Ruess, M. Horn, Miss Fayne L. Newlin, Ad- viser. Fifth Row.' M. Hell- mann, B. Flader, B. Eschner, B. Haberbush, M. Shul-tan, M. Amato, B. Douglas, J. Meola, R. Brewer, G. Olson, J. Van Horn, L. Cashin, S. Shukan, M. Hoffmann. OFFICE HELPERS First Row.' P. O'Hara, C. Rosenberg, B. Mollow, J. Riggio, R. Hanft, J. Leary, J. Della Cerra, R. Van Leu- ven. Second Row.' D. D'An- tonio, J. Mateyka, C. Schwartz, P. Lewis, C. Ayl- ward, P. Fuchs, B. Benjamin, T. Hermo, P. Dodge, J. Den- man, J. Lukas, W. Taylor, L. Corson, E. Schwarz, H. Moessner. Third Row.' J. Wagner, P. Krill, I. Metz- ger, M. Morello, M. Birch, L. Snell, B. Szcepanski, R. Amogretti, R. Puglese, H. Becker, J. Kelly, A. Waitz, Miss Kopera. Fourth Row: G. Baldwin, A. Arnt, J. Get- ter, R. Townsend, T. Thiem, B. Ortte, S. Howell, M. Mar- tino, H. Shortledge. Fifth Row: M. Gessner, J. Garrity, B. Biggs, J. Nadzan, N. Mar- chello, I. Kessler. DEBATING CLUB First Row.' J. Wargo, Mr. Edward J. Golda, Adviser, B. Letterman, H. Kronseder, J. Geiser, P. Cavanagh. Sec- ond Row.' R. Hanft, E. Sas- low, B. Lipkin, J. Leary, K. Bergman, E. Friedman, N. Clevely. Gary Postell Gerald Bernstein Gladiator john Frank Hood," X I 1 Robert Monetzi Leslne Hendncks Marty Grant -w. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: C. Chiovetti, R. Davids, Bernstein, Guter, Third Row: Mr. John R. Gnrrabrant and Mr. Cornelius QCoaehes,j C. Keller, J. Ryan, R. Hayes, D. Bardy, J. Clayton, R. Horrer W. Hosely, Iiolclt, Monahan, A. Braun, XV. Montgomery XV. Birkhoffcr, R. Bradley, R. Brauman, J. Fusco, NV. McMann A. Hansen, Mr. Whlter Shallcross, Mr. Paul Corrigan, and Mr Richard W'eber, Coaches. Hayes, Michalski, F. Hood, W". McFall, H. Strodel, L. Hend- riks, G. Posrcll, N. Gerndt. Second Row: XV. Grant, R. Orms- by, G. Kelley, R. Sehriner, R. Monetti, J. Roessner, A. Soto, W. Chango, F. Hayes, P. Petroski, Marty, C. Mohr, R. Graf. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: T. Sarcn, H. Brcnan, L. Janis, C. Bettita, B. Wliitta- L. Shaffer, Marancis, T. Wiles, D. Newcomb, R. Fisher, D. mcn, Vickers, M. Danz, E. Schmittle, B. Schoner. Second Row: Mahoney, B. MacGrath. Third Row: M. McI:all, H. Bally, L. Evans, L. Nuchic, Mr. Walter Shallcross, Coach. my ,Q gl' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: S. Preston, E. Maieski, T. Thomas, N. Barslty, S. Mr. Anthony Orsini, Coach, Mathews, L. O'Rourke, J. Gard Holsoffel, D. Donally, IJ. Murphy, B. Nothangl, R. Vitolla, R. Bur- ner, L. Devita, T. Pettrine, A. Reynolds, S. Pettit, J. Burko, G gcr. Second Row: T. Mnrello, B. Knrlmnn, S. Weiss, C. Voden, L. Gray, W. Blaine, C. Niciniski, Sarn, J. Germano, B. Austin. A Pollie, II, Wang, S. Jay, K, Illsty, R. W'oods, Barns. Third Row: W'r:iy, N. Dcspinseri, Mr. Michael Bury, Coach. 'Au N LL 4 V A Turkey Day Kickojf Linden on the move. .. 0 L O A .Q ' ! " I I R' " ' ' 1 -1- '-4 nj ' . -. --A 4230 , v gx - .1 'elif 3- 1 , .T , f ,fwfr it A . . ., k W x , fl 1 5 If 2, I' -A ' 'I f 'A .f l t 3 ' I f '! ' vo' V 3 ' 'gk' . u D - . h A f 4 W -W , ' Wg :"'-i"?J"fNT-141 g"-"M'?- : 1 .' ..- H-, ..! v,,f jx.,-., I :fix M43 V3 a 1111, x,,,.a,,:..,k'.-Ii' li ,l A V.: .ff in , ff'fv,,. , 1 . y xx.: fl 'i vas-f++gb.5Ef.W'i':3T"LM :aes-""?1 'f2f1'-54 1115: Hit him low! Yea, Team! if In the dear! Through the middle . Block that kick! Wait 'till next year! .A -4 u .:.J' 1 '9"' ' gmggg .1l"! .J?L.. M v - nlxwfufff ...Y 1,1-raw? ' ' T , x ,Mk ff-v..,,.N my Wi . ,1Q..f4.X.. - A ,MMM Wan.. L, M.: ,mn 5' t is I 3 ff 5 X N X ! JAMES :jf 1-..--f I 1 R. pw, 4 X' ,g..-""""k BASKETBALL HARVEY LaKIND ,lx f:-.3-7 : J' fi ,R KENNETH RUSSELL ,Q , I is Wi x J awry, ,fl RNER A . if I 1 1 V-Q v ! , 1 I l 'K f ' I x,. Y l-.1 - 1 1 l A VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: R. Burns, Guler Stano, R G. ell. Second Row' Mod- Lakind, G. Hoerrner, K. Russel, C. Rinehardr, K. Dunbar, F. Hood, Mr. Edward L. Beach, Jr. Coach. 5 Q2 "' is 9,-'Twp , JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM XV. Rohlance, R. Wissinger, R. Wentz, G. Kelly, B. Kury, R. McGreal, W. Kane, J. Herman, L. Evans, N. Gauss, Mr. Richard Weber, Coach. ,px K 8 Z' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: H. Hummel, D. Murphy, K. Elste, F. Poole, T. Mifhael Bury, W- EUISI, A- ReYf10ldS, F- HHYUCS, T- Wol- Perry, S. Friedman, Manager. Second Row: D. Low, Coach ICY, G- Gray, R- Thiemey M- D21lhiiUS9r- Abient fr0m photo: J. Berko, J. Sarn. E .1 .rv . --1.-. Up, George, Up! , . x On your toes! nlctigifk jump ball. Did he make it? ll"lJo's got tbe ball? We ran fly! X lg. 5 I 1 -- . , : -:U ' , .:, E4hl, ' , ' I - 1 . . Last second slrafegy. 1 .X N Get ibal ball! WRESTLING First Row: B. Mollow, R. Ostroski, M. Vieira, D. Rastall M. Masciejewski, H. Brennan, G. Postell, R. Petren, J. Michalski. Second Row: Coach W'alter Shallcross, W. Ny- borg, J. MacDonald", J. Till", T. Restivo"', E. Dunlap, L. Becker, R. Woods? Third Row: M. Askinf, T. Wells"', B. Schroder, R. Kopf, W. Blaine, B. Mayer, L. Calasurto, J. Marawski"', R. Donovan, S. Green, R. Housten, R. Opanowitz Fourth Row: B. Froehlich, R. Zorn, F. Prather, J. Vickers, A. Hansen, B. McGraf, A. Soto, M. Simko, B. Brown, R. Dreyer", R. Schmidt. Fifth Row: R. Buggellif, R. Gordon, R. Baish, P. Vigliatta, F. Schlageter, G. Stall, G. Koch", G. Lippe, J. Roessner, E. Vohden. Sixth Row: T. Petren, R Heck'l', R. Fisch, E. Horrer, B. Brauman, R. Colley, B. Fried- lander, N. White, H. Baily, R. Berquist"'. Seventh Row: P Zavocki, Bandura, R. Vickery, R. Simpson, E. Yanchok, G Underwald, J. Tallman, B. Ash, G. Creekmur. Eighth Row: E. Ryan, N. Melcihione, J. Chadwick, H. Ahlholm"', R Senyk, R. Janis, J. Chernosky, R. Weber, W. Rita, T. Mc: Dougall. 4'-Dropped from the team. "Tb Met and onguerea' All" The wrestling team, coached by Mr. Shallcross and Mr. Beringer, after a spectacular, undefeated season in duel matches went to the state champion- ships at Rahway with high hopes which were more than fulfilled. Ben Mollow in the 115 pound class won a very 51121 close match for the championship in that division. Manuel Vieira easily captured the row for the 130 pound class. David Rastall and Ernie Ruhlac each won a second to win overwhelmingly the State Team Championship for Union. This was the fourth time in 23 years that a Union team has gained this honor. l X XKI I N-4-T .,h J F I vu A 1 f ' ' V, r , X 1 N 7,1 -as Al: ' MARTIN MACIEJEWSKI N , ' 'A GARY POSTELI. gg S 1 M M., Ross PETREN Q PNN 5 - ' . XX A X- D X, , K 5 , . 1 , 3' -ff - I X , 5 fgf Mg Q, HARRY BENJAMIN MOLLOW S I RAYMOND OSTROSKI in X. - . I 1 X '5 V J ' ' ' fx!""" f I at DAVID RASTALL Ax MANUEL VIEIRA JOHN MICHALS ' Kneeling: R. Schagller, P. Reves, H. Crater, T. Cury, R. Frauenzimmer, N. Grohmann P. Jelm. R' Dyrltman. E. Menkens. Standing: B. Froelich, W. Hunt, N. Melthione, W. Tomalow j. Boques. T. Claypoole, Dalhauser, W. Zorn, N. Mueller, W. Kruse, XV. Mueller, R. Zornl E. Bernell, C. Steinberg, G. Lothian, li. Burnell, R. Markman, R. Yauch, R. Cohen, Mr. Don- ald Tosh, Adviser. U SOCCER This year Union High's soccer team completed its second season with a record not too impressive on the surface. In the final tally we won six games and lost five. However, Mr. Donald Tosh, head soccer coach, pointed out that all of Union's losses were to older, more established teams, teams. such as Kearny, which have dominated interscholastic soccer for many years. Union High won all the games it played against teams of equivalent strength. Union is proud of the sportsmanship displayed by those who participated in this sport so new to our school. 0 Cross Country The cross country team has spent this year rebuilding the squad, and Mr. Romanko, the coach, feels that next year's team will be one to contend with and thinks that Union may very well win the county championship. This year's team was hampered by bad luck, losing three meets by only one point. The topxrunners are Mel Smart and Gary Underwaldg the team counts among its more promising members two freshmen, Frank Pool and Gary Allen. Many members of this year's team will be returning next season. This year's team placed fourth in the county meet and seventh in the state. L lo R: B. Green, G. Underwalcl, S. Modell, B. Birchman, R. Schmidt, R. Brown, R. Mayer A. Modugno. 2nd Row: D. Haddon, F. Poole, W. Stevens, R. Koch, M. Smart, R. Van Pelt B. Birchman, Manager jack Chambers, Coach joseph Romanko. 'i 1 D Varsity pring Track VARSITY SPRING TRACK TEAM lst Row: G. Creekmur, W. Hunt, R. Davids, j. Michalski, G. Hohweiler, I. Baird, H. Crater R. Koch, H. Chioffe. 2nd Row: Mr. Cornelius Keller, Coach, J. Kolek, G. Kellv, W. Scho- ner, W. Barnes, D. Bardy, W. Montgomery, J. Dante, R. Zinkwichg Mr. Paul Corrigan, Coach 3rd Row: W. Gustafson, R. Pankuck, C. Sebastian, J. Birkhofer, J. Walsh, L. Shaffer, R Gunther, R. Baldasare. 4th Row: R. Salzman, H. Salerno, D. Knittle, R. Belikoff, K. Fera R. Nicinski, B. Birchman, E. Brunelle. 5112 Row: R. Autorino, W. Chango, D. Gordon, L Becker, M. Smart, A. Modugno, R. Graf. 611: Row: W. Mozaki, R. Witteman, A. Soto A. Ray, W. Parnell, R. Braumann. 7th Row: E. Ryan, G. Stephens, R. Kiss, B. Hanson. y CR... LAST-MINUTE POINTERS George Hohweiler, John Michalski, Ian Baird, Wesley Hunt, Robert Koch, 116 Robert Davids, Harold Crater, Coach Paul Corrigan. We Replay The Olympics Every Spring! ihggl W :if Sb ' f Bob David, prepare, gg hurl that Harold Crater puts his heart in it. discus. Ready.' Set! Ian Baird, George Hohweiler, Wesley Hunt, Robert Koch. Harry Chioje. Let 'ef fly, Hdffy-' john Michalski demonstrates his technique Baseball 51183 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM lst Row.' Roger Mason, Terrence Claypoole, Ronald Castiglione, William Fenzau, Henry Kremp, Alan Stewart, Jack Scholz, John Slztter"', Kenneth Dunbar. 2nd Row: Coach Joseph Romanko, Robert Adams, Robert Greenwald, Bernie Kury, Fred Baumann, Richard Hartjen, Donald Morgenroth, Frank Hood, Norman Gerndt, Kenneth Russell, Neil Ullman, Manager. "On Junior Varsity Team ,w K. N ,yi i Mfg, in . ,W K 1 A. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM lst Row: M. Askin, J. Hermann, D. Ledlie, R. Newcombe, K. Roylance, J. Reisher, R. Janish, R. Badolato, S. Modell, E. Grant. 2nd Row: G. Underwold, H. Hayes, J. Riker, R. Bradley, B. Bogues, S. Markman, J. Baly, C. Reinhardt, J. Loria, R. Morris, A. Hansen, B. Birkholz. eniors C711 fx the Varsity , nl-A Nj' 5 9'8L?"! - as in 3.4 1 . .JA L ,H quad Lw,wsg,,g K ,M nb L .L .,g m ,Qs f 1 2, R, dm4.Qfxggg 11,1 ,i ' . gi sw f Y' , ..., - Qu 8 , 11: ii'f. f:i::F'p'f"5' 2.7 5- 7: 'Q V L ds . - V--11'.g:::f .... 53. x .::.,.,, Q : gi X .7 , V 'Hx mf N I Q ' . nk ' nf , , za!l"1 f SH' .M ,U xy M dl bats 0 11,1001 X W ivvw. 1' O ' x skip Gem Km Rw 1 sul, se I wg,-mx up W, 4 , -his ... jack Scholz makes a fetch. 51193 Baseball fc0n'tJ Coafh joseph Romanko talks it over with Fred Baumann and Terry Claypoole. F .wk Hood - on the bel'-' Fwd Baumann 1201 Y ,mm " few- Golf Coacb Robert Lacbenauer lends a band to Richard Schmidt. Ray Ostroski on the upswing! jerry Bongiavanni teeing of. 121 I 1 122 Ed Rappaport watches it 80" Peter Marshall lines up! Gary Postell and the sport of sports! Golf Ccon'tJ MKMORISS The nmrniug lull before the Alarm . . . Wml mf ew , X I if '50- i 'J Ibe 1141111 umm 1111112 is A Q If ! K9 "AIa4'betlJ" zum funn' Lf Www va . f' 1 eu n ww' 1 :wb T1 J wi . A 5 U 'igihi N-w...qxE! Q. Trig made us ibink-we think! o 1 -sr- Fgaff 1 at p ,,. 'f ,. A-Vp 1 WIN 'ii WS, ilk QV 0 'EQQ 'Q Une kvlzl ilu' lbinl floor in a .xtatc of umlslurll four - - - I 2 JF . ff L i ' N Our artixtx worker! zvilb a will fo ll'iIl and mlm' of lbcm did ll 'mf " I will ' Rehearsals were guy . . . k ' 'N' v. I Y 1 2 5, 5 :gg f 3 1 m . L D ", ' I. I kt X kr 4 " K L, A , 39 ' a':QZ . X ,Y 1 f. L vp div N , - E , Q , f f- LR ,E 1 ' '. . , K. A ' WA up! D i X .J - V f X? . ' ' ,ff ' Q. f , P- Q M4 X5 1 F 4 .wh . , ' 1 A , I .X . , 1 Cranmziug for a lest. Nexi period? K X M S l , l - -l I l it x The rave of the l'6'IIfIlf'-y., ' NN , - Serrelaries of Iomorrnw. mVw'7x"9' """'W3"Qn Q I Q' 'F W - -L..- f W V r' T Q K :Lui rkk, K 'rfmj . xv ' L , 'A 1 21 1 . "1 4 5 X .., , K f 5 , 153 11-I' , Q N. , , XX , R A' ,K Q g A 'X if 'Q' 3 N ,X f 'l"f . is- by M 5 "fda, .gui ,J M And Asxembly ended lbe week L aa hp., 55 W 7" 3:15 um just the middle of the day for some o X 'F .N , , M 2 4-IV' 'L M ffff WSJ. iff Qin, Jn '4 n x E -1- .- -H ,4-. WL ' f-5 1 v 1. -,, VK , .?"..T1Q'H' xiiiHL 'Q f -1' 1 ffl xl fi' . ,,...hw,gsaiw - ., , ll I M . x v ., 1 A . - Q F, -. - fi' fin .Q W V, 1.9 v,..- "Ma-2 152204 df.. aff- 1 ! i ,QL .KX . wi . ii? 1 lj ,gl , L .sl effsa v 4 41,44 ,.--1 Qin., qc-A if 1.1s.2' , sl 7.3-- 4.5. N Q if -'ilu -il , . -ff' ' I f i Y MM 'I-r Q 1 KSKQ L. x ' ,F 1. 3-ll 5 Q .ta 1.1 ,fr 'Maw 1 A V2 O ff. . , 5 1 f 4. . xx, 'N-,gg is N A 1 , I , ...M - igpn' 1 , L . ,pw v"W iv-1 M I' f A W9 'J 12: V: K T. , '. 'Q l A K ...gli-I .ali- Auf" ' ...lgf A a Q A --E-qs?-1--1-irli-I M i1 .!2"j,' ... .".""M'A ' i , , 1 4 .s.,7 K V ...ull " ,ff Q A 1' .f f"':"5. ' 1 QQ' :::::- :::q::::::4::::o::::-A A---A::::::: ::::voo4: F Congratulations Class of '56 Education is not a substitute for intelligence, ambition, and energy. But lack of an education is a handicap that too often cannot be overcome. Your high school diploma will always be an asset. May you achieve the success for which you have been preparing. The Union Center National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION P :::o4:::: -::::: :::::::::-:::: -A-- A me A--:boo -A O ::::::::::o:-v-- Congratulations from UNION CAMERA EXCHANGE lO34 Stuyvesant Avenue MUrdock 8-6573 lO24 MARSHALL'S Clothiers for Men and Boys Home of Hart, Schatfner and Marx Clothes Stuyvesant Ave. Union C DORRY'S SPORTSWEAR and LINGERIE lO2O Stuyvesant Avenue Union, New Jersey Compliments of PAUL SEVERANCE Congratulations to the Class of 1956! INVESTORS SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 977 Stuyvesant Avenue Union, New Jersey SCHERING CORPORATION "MANUFACTURERS or FINE PHARMACEUTICALS" The Personnel Department will welcome graduating students to discuss employment possibilities lOl I Morris Avenue ---:r-01:---:boq::::rc:1::1oq::L-::::::booc :::oo-0-oooc::p-ooc---:oc--:voooc- 51573 Union, New Jersey --IN uNi6M'?e3'b'Ek'iiv?5 f CHARLES V. BERRY, INC. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1865 Morris Avenue Union, N. J. MUrdock 8-3800 Congratulations to Our Fellow Graduates TH E B ELLES Audrey Ellen Babs Helen Bunny Joan Dot Joyce Judy June Nancy Ruth Compliments of THE ROSE SWEET SHOP 992 Stuyvesant Avenue Union, N. J. EL 4-l5OO MU 8-7500 In N. Y.: CO 7-8933 Construction Lumber - Building Materials Hardwoods - Millwork - Grating REISEN LUMBER 5' MILLWORK CO. Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey 1381 X fffgcf-f?i' , ,jf Compliments Of KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL d h UNION HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB I J - ....,,.... -- ----- ,... --,,::::::::Q-::::----A --AA vccc: :::: MU 6-9868 MU 6-9798 LARCHMONT CONFECTIONERY 2725 Morris Avenue Union Luncheon and Fountain Service Toys - Candy - Stationery Compliments of BRICK CHURCH APPLIANCE CO. CHAMPION PAPER PRODUCTS COMPANY 667 Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey CHARLES BAKER - JOHN McMAHON REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE i338 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey Murdock 8-3454 P The Finest in Dairy Products TUSCAN FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY P -ooc---:no-oc-- vvvvv ----:cv .... :vooo ::::::4:::::rocoooc:::oc:::1:::voo-oc::oc:::r 51401 oA--------A--------o---- :::Qo-: :::-: :occ A1 7 what Future? """'-s. . -N One of New Jersey's Fastest Growing Banks qlie, ER This is a question which is concerning all of you. The more advanced you are in your education the more important to you. But let us assure you that you are making your future now. School is not only a preparation for lifeg it is a most vital part of it. Your connections will also play a leading role in your future. You are in a position to establish your bank connections early and well. And we hope that con- nection will be the local bank. T STATE ANK OF UNION S " 1 f 3 1 A . 1 A 1 .f Q -f-an af. -' Morris Avenue .3 W V D -' .'l.5VI,j - 'T Union, New Jersey at I l -l-' gif MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT Burke Parkway ' LW, INSURANCE CORPORATION BANKING nouns ' T' Q Nl DRWMN HOURS: Mon. thru Fri' 4 ff! ' I ' Tues., Wed., 6' Thurs. 8 A'M. to 2 PUM' K 1--ki lk I 8 PLM. to 2 P.M. and I 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. Evening HOUVST P Mondays and Fridays: Mondays and Fridays X ,, 'lm ' 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. and 7 P.M. to 8.30 P.M. 3 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. Safe Deposit Boxes Available in All Sizes F1411 G. Cantarella, Prop. . JERRY'S BARBER SHOP Compllmenls Specializing in of Ladies and Children's Haircutting 2707 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey MICRO MACHINE COMPANY Permanents of Distinction Hair Shaping 52l Lehigh Avenue PHILIP HAIRDRESSER 2583 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey Union. New -lel'5eY lNext to Bardy Farms! MU 6-9443 Compliments Compliments of of SOLAR srszl. CORPORATION A FNEND Murdock 6-2248 Bicycle Parts - Accessories Outdoor Furniture ooN rnANKuN's BEAUTY sALoN Vicfofv Bicvde and TOY c0"'Pa"Y JEANNE FRANKLIN 2559 Morris Avenue 2705 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey Unlon' New Jersey 4520,-merly of East Q,-angey MU 6-2383 We service what we sell We, at FIELDS, wish to extend our heartiest congratulations and hope that you give your loved ones continued pleasure in the years to come. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Fields FIELDS' JEWELERS Established l9l4 DIAMONDS if GIFTS wk SILVERWARE lOOl Stuyvesant Avenue 3l8 N. Wood Avenue Union, New Jersey Linden, New Jersey MU 6-0708 WA 5-0840 51423 Best of luck to our fellow classmates from the -"MlSS-B-HAVElS"- Terry Angen Diane Delaney Arleen Cillick Pat Peters Marilyn Auer Pat Dodge Joyce Gramens Lorraine Pultar Carole Aylward Barbara Donald Terry Hermo Carol Race Barbara Benjamin Carol Farina Tootie Lehwald Ellie Rudolph Nancy Caplin Marilyn Fossetf Barbara Lime Phil Talish Bryna Cutler Pat Fuchs Nancy McElwain Barbara Votapek MUrdock 6-l2l2 We Deliver DOWD KRAVET DRUGS Edwards ChiIdren's Shoes CHARLES KRAVET, Reg. Pharm. , , Chestnut St. at 5 Points Union, N. J. 5 Pomt Shoppmg Center PRESCRIPTIONS - COSMETICS MU 8'309l MU d k 8-9832 L. HANDLER rf co. 'oc R, lFormerly Almin Hardware and coogi S i Union Sport and Cycle Shopl Tydol sennce stahon 4359 Clxstmjt Street Morris and Liberty Avenues mon' ew ersey Union, New Jersey AUTO ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY We Call and Deliver l3 Day Servicel 1884 Moms Avenue Union, New Jersey RENEE CLEANERS MUrd0Ck 6-9220-l-2-3 1965 Morris Avenue Union, N. J. C l' Phone Murdock 6-0548 "mp ""e"'S of a Modern Plant on Premises FRIEND 51453 -A---oc Congratulations to the Class of l956 from the Union Township Teachers Association Best Wishes for Health, Happiness, and Success to The Class of 1956 from The Parent Teacher Association of Union High School -- ---A-- ----o:::: 51443 :::::4::::::::::::: THE LENNARD'S ANTIQUES and ANTIQUE JEWELRY 2547 Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey MUrdock 6-8494 MU 6-2363 Free Delivery LARCHMONT FOOD MARKET Choice Meats - Groceries Frozen Foods - Fresh Produce ---v---,- .... ,,---v--- .... ----:r4:---- 2717 Morris Ave. Union, N. J. Compliments of ,air R' Y " T cRosskoAos SWEET sHoP Jill E 4Ol Chestnut Street Spred Satin Paint Tools Renter ROTH'S HARDWARE Plumbing - Electrical Housewares and Paints 342 Chestnut St. at 5 Points Union, N. J. MU 6-8336 ? ELASTIC STOPNUT CORPORATION OF AMERICA o-t-- ---- :soc ---- --A- A -, --YY .... .... 04: - 1: : P ---:pooo-o--:- --- -- 145 -- - --vc--1 NATICNAL WIRE CORPCRATION 555 LEHICH AVENUE W JERSEY :Q :::::Jo:::::::: f ll 'A':v-oc--- Dining Room Available A R N O L D ' S at Five Points Fine Food Homemade Ice Cream and Candy for Parties ---oooq:---'-:h1:-- --:oc-:hoc-:no Compliments of MARTY'S UNION SWEET SHOPPE 966 Stuyvesant Avenue "Union Center" Leading Brands of Paints and Wallpaper CENTER PAINT 960 Stuyvesant Ave. Union, N. J Opposite AGP Phone MU 6-2420 Compliments of J. A. K. CONSTRUCTION CO. Compliments Heating and Plumbing V of sol-lM's TRETOLA'S Oven-Fresh Bake Shop 000090990-04 o4::oooo-c::roooo0--:ooo-4: v t - ooooooooooo oo 1471 R HANKINS CONTAIN ER COMPANY 601 Lehigh Avenue Union, New Jersey MUrdock 6-7800 Q MUrdock 6-9832 Seb-Mor FORMAL WEAR 1873 Morris Ave. Union, N. iOpposite Post Office! Evenings by Appointment J. WE-WASH IT LAUNDRY Morris and Grandview Avenues MUrdock 8-6611 Wet Wash - Fluff Drying Shop while your laundering is being done Union Window Shade fr Awning Co. Cal Deckert 6' Sons ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS Window Shades - Venetian Blinds Table Pads - Porch Shades - Jalousies Traverse Rods Radiator Enclosures - Aluminum Awnings 1873 Morris Avenue Union, N. J. MUrdock 8-4746 UNION TYPEWRITER COMPANY TYPEWRITERS - ADDING MACHINES Rentals - Repaired - Bought - Sold JAMES MARCHESE 1921 Morris Avenue Union, N. J. Best Wishes to our Fellow Graduates IMPERIALS - .... :bc-:vooo .... -- .... ,Y .... --vv----- H481 p,MU-'UO JJJ "1i1L'W+f33g: Mx, cpff 2 aaa lilfiig wbw J-U-dv ,Juni Melina? 49 M 266 3' Zl1Z.mw..w-f-'ff' fa mn. I ,nook-Zz ,QI J,?L,-4.1 M ,T x g .- V I-J u ? f l , 1 T N : . Q H, 291.1 5 5 ,, , '."' k:1 rl J w i l l ' wit 90' E 4 . V, - , ,W--J1' u r 'WW' ' ' 1 .. , Ts' Q N0 ' . , W ,,.m..u. Mm, V ' A ' " WL

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