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'1- K., 3-225 -.1-fl 1.12 2. 'dI'..'.r4 V . ,- ,-1. ,, ,. .,L -: 2 1 --rv. , f . ,,-,-X. ,P 'nj' :A K V. Q3 fr?qf'f:, X11 V A ,. Ja, wliffi 1:4 .T UYP1-4, ' ,H , -.,..J',i, 3 V' -I . -:Z,f.l1,fSA,f-'f V- ,.:'-'.: 'fi"Q:5': 31-A "Z1Y"..' . K . 3 - ',Ct5"f73' vw, .EQJA1 , .-,,.:.1a' ' V., , 5 -51 H v . X X -wg f - 4, .' ' , Qc, 1 ,- . ,f V :cv : . .. ,. ,V Q., 7-, .- .. V, - 1 ' 2 1 ' ' -. V ,.k, , 51 .- W' . A J,1 f7QL" 'ilfz .r VA Qfwf . ' V 11222, ',,.g . f. gf.f1-w ."L. .- .f , Y . '. W ' -.- f, . '- , - ' Y -':5'. Q .Z 1 ' 1 ' ' ' 7? "f"f'ffT,. T? ' 3-:fi."?"'A1""AT' ""5'-L" ,- Tv' "'?"'T" "!""" 'BY' "'!i!i7:"T" fr lv 1 yawn:--.s.u1'-iflllwvv-uQ4+o+'?-E-Q..-., ,,,,.,,.,, -,!,, has--um-nutadfgj-,,,, gi, N-. . . ! i . i -2 1' mea! .1-4735-LXXI:?C'-:-if 5.N':',iiSi:,'6r Jliklxib !,f..f1'L,'.L b':4'.Bsi1i'..,'f3?f1-,ff "-fi-'U' :I-45,14 'Lf' f. f' , X- uv, ,, 0' ' -, V "M 'J'l'f . W, 'MH '1S7"4!W- . ,115-65,525-'.,.x.i l':i"'f'4!af.JY?ff:lEU5!.'1?D ka: 2 3 s n R f v 1 E F 1 1 i . i V I I E I i 1 I 4 - 1 1 iilii' " ?lEH:.tlEBk'! ' ., - , , I Kd. ,.. JV V VVVQ1., A 47,257 - . ,.,..., V s y' 3-page 1., 53, Vw VVV -I, ,J ,-.VV -. ' nf: 'V - ,H e 42- AV V 5 -F. ini. if S, 1' .VVJVH : j,,JVV.x- V, .V..,p, .- - V V :fx ' +V?-if V4 . .VV 21.22 "VV V V. ,VV .- V if gf-' 1. m 1 V- 1. ' 'fs ' K W , V ,VV . V ' V' . , V V 44' 3 , ' V ':. VV - A., ,H -Va, v. V V gi V, Vu f' i,f'fV:" 1 . V 'F-"'V:'1.I 'V V V.'r,V:g'- V:.VV ' '+V' V . VA.. W ' ' 'VJ ' V. V. ., , V , .MV V .. V' ' .- Vp- .V-'V K. V : V." - r ,- , 4 5, VVV:,V V. V 2- 4 " ',Q.'f'L" ' V, WV.'.-zV.VVV.j-.rjEQ., ' 'NV' "' V- 5 ' V i3 -V ' ,. A, H J, V, :V V aff- ' . '7.VVV. . ' ' - fi 2. ' ' -.5 -,W 'W' - V' . . . Vu VVVAVV-VV ' V' VV V :."- ....fw,V'f.VV V, . V1 , VJr.T51:".,.-- 'V V ' V. V " 'VT-gA?1f',,f' LV. V QV 'V.-xiii . , I , -..V' W ,Va . ,qi " V, 1:VV,Qn 4,5-4 V 3.:.5"q.,, , 'V V 4.V'VgVV'ET. V- V 5'-'M f Pwr, i'-':5ew.4+22I',V1.- , ' V,1VVV VVV 'Vg 'V J , ' : :V . ,g.V VV-M., V. V V lr wi". 1 "V.7'i'Lpi? 'Q ' 'T L Bdffi' "ii Q19 - VVVVVVTIC2 ' V . V'V Qi . . LWV M 4 , Jes .I if- VH A .5 rf. , .V V V. ' "J .V':'g!f,5 212' V VV V V ,V fV is VQVVVVV'-V... . .+,V. . -.L'5:.'a"1Wf' JF, V V fi: 7 Q" " " 'V " '. V - T j n ,m J AI :u,f,,VV,. A - I :.V pw ,.V1. :Vg'VM:.5 --9-5. , nm V.V,2i::.re --,Q VV , 1 1 .-..V .-,. V, V V.4V .. V. ,V wi 0 V .mx VV'-V , Vu: . 4-VV V V' -' 31" V. V ' ' -- VVVVVV"f '- .HV ff, 1-'V ' 2 p:.'1'?- ' 'l' ' ' WVQV V IHQ, ' !J.V , , - .. J, View 'V 5 'f V , .':'V,gi'VfVV+"' V- ' -s"11fr1VVVfV' 4 My - w- ' -VVV " V 'V .. V ,VV -V V ' ,wg V I 1 VV. 1 ' .1!'V'.'-' .V 5' ' , V .V -Vw, ,1.43.,- V ., -.V' --V, V- V'v V,. il V ' ' "ff .,. . QV. V ,Qt .VMV,.' . V V VV if' 'rt J V' V5-wg' QV VV VN Vf "V 'WV :,, -1 "'V1zg..1,:'V L-"LQ VV., -'Aw A-' V 34 . ' ' VV"" V VV.: V. . VV my ... ,V V .5 -. V -V 1 A . ., , V .. ,-ln..-' X41 "ILE" ' V ' X VV' " VV 5" ."V"' -"" sixth' .JV Q V-.iq ., hm. V V V wi. .Q I V V... ,VV Y . V V . K. 3.4, .. r .V KV:-. , ' w A , 4',.VV fr 1 V V V . ' V VV .' V , ' ., V V Y .V'V' V A N J. V VV-V, , - V V ,V'-.VVV-VPVM f' '!gs"V 'T' A VI '51- .,2xmV?' -'V I V grff 'V' '71 ,f -V" '- nu V .V . V,.,, - .- .?g'pw,.VQ'F ' V ' VV:-fV9'VVx-EIGL' fwmy 'V' ' 'z-, ,I 'V V? V V"V3, , V N-:I.,'1".. V- VH- A V V , ff'f9!QimJ,f5rf:y19F-Vv' fix V ' .A 'V ' .-., ,, V V ' '.SV.,, VaV1- V:-: ,V ..VV V r .-VVV V.VivV. ' V -FV-wa AV. ' V V?'V -Q V. -V 5 ' ,Pfj-V. ,v'f,I,.,V,.V V' j'Y',' '- -A -Eiff- qge-VVQ fV.5:V,:2gVV-.Q 'QV'-3:-1-'Zfj, : . A,-Vu .W - V, . -f - V 1 f V ,xg 'V' 5-.1 V: , . .VVVV V , . V 'wg .VV 'V"- :Vx 'mg 'I V V 'V 'V iezz V. ' ' 11 QVVV' .QQ '-'lg 21 74... ,V , V Vu . , ,V .. V J' N145 .V, V,4.:V,'c i.,,,V'j4,V Y ' 'mi' ' 1' VV K- W , V ,E-'JET' V 'V,2EV VS . ...ii-P.-L.-YVp3V,2,,!V, VV, V: . My L7 3 ., 1, V If , W W V.. -,J V,-, .V W.. ,-., - V VV V V- VV ' V- VV V. -QV V "uw V I V - 213' V-1"-' " "4" V 'gf-ti Q1 ' -,'- -- V . V.. V 4 V . ' V ' V 5 " A,5Vgf..V.V,,5 -. 'A' V V' -,rg-, V' ,V :K ,,.,..'V V L. V -,pa ,V VV V... ,ll V gf-VVVVJJ Vw Vw ff Q-, V- iw. - V V' VVV1.,4VV '.,.:g..'. V- Vf?'w. V - V..5.u,1 V-4:V1VwL ' in V1'1V'f.VVVVVV. ,V ,,. L., . -. f'-run' ' .4J5'qrV' V7 .r VI--1 ..:: "- lfffr? ' . VVVVV.- VSVV Vfdwnf.. -,x gsixzggw. A' . - fl. Er V' V V . VVVVJ , V' fi ' ': 4. .VJ ' X Vwiizf V ' ' -V V- W.. .-pg' , , V V V, V V .1 , Vu'-,V 'V ' :, -V Nui.: V. wh. ,VmV1,rg.1ihTVihuAnALQVV3z4:ir.. V , VVVV .FI -,- Q., VV .n MN, , Tb ' 'V 3'V':, su' , J J" n x. 5 x UNIUNHIGH SCHINII l I L UNIUN, NEW JERSEY DEDICATIQIN LAURENCE G. HOLLAND Herein is contained the material com- piled and molded into form by members of the Senior Class. We remembered, as we labored to complete our work, one who has been both a teacher and a friend to us all. Recalling his fine spirit in cooperating with us in the functions of the various organizations and the con- sideration he showed us in his teachings, we deem it fitting that we offer him some mark of our appreciation. Therefore, to you, Mr. Holland, as a token of our respect and gratitude, we, the Class of 1938, dedicate this, our Booster. 4 BO0S'l'Eli STAFF Ilmuml' Lu: IIHLHN In s.xl,Bx XI mu xnm' ZEN-' llunlur' NIH. III,-um. .Iizlm-ffl' .lurk Umm IIOBHR1' NN INt1lIl'R4TII II,mnIr:'l' SIZIINXINIQ Donls I,om1,l4: Iinxrzwlrfzwi I'IAlKlJYZI'IXXSlxl I'Il,IzxBlf:'l'll NIIIOLL ILIKIIIIII'-IIII-fill1.11. I,l'I0f'tlI"V SMU' Xlns. NVISNIAN. ,'Idl'I.Sl'I' ,I milfs SAVAHESI-I Smrmmw Iuswzn I Irl und l,u,voul Xlxss I"l2Lf1:HTr1H. ."IlIl'l'.S'K'l' XINIUIIC STUNIPF ICIl.r:lcN IIl?LSE Iflmfxlw IQICLL .IH-xx I"1.lc'rm:nliR IIIITII ZINlNIIiHNIfk'N VI'w.nlf:x Iloxnnsox I'll'TH Iimsox' IIARRIET IAM f1rl1'fr-l1'.vw11f'11l NI Rs. Ii UY. ,-I d1'i.vfv' Iilwru IIIIMNIJLEII liliuul-:S Ixrms IIUBERT II-xLsI2Y Iiolzswl' IMPP Xxxlc I'II-INDRY NIIRIIXI Ilbxslsrnu l'1'f-llzrfav I 1'l.l'l'llIIlI ion 'livping NIR. IIULL-xxn. I1lrr'.w'r' Xlns. II,xn'1'. :IfI'I'lL.W'I' Nlns. Iiozwrw. .'IdI'I..W'l Illmnlms I'J1Nr:1,l-: Ilowzms VVRIGIVI' XIMHUN Kn1'rzx1A4:1xr:n IJICIGII Ilmsml. Hmmm III0NINl'I'l"l' Uusi-I Ilmmhix Iimmm' 'I',xYLon Ii'r'rx SIZII.'KI"FliR Drums Sx1I'l'n IinNr:s'r Nlosrsn XxNr:'r'rr: Nllsnxml NIMH' 'XIIIIAHIJU .lrmx Iiewscill I,li'l'I4IR XIlli,xLAK I"l,r1R1-:Mins IIUICIINI .Innes III-IXlU1I.I'I I':I,lCKh0R Wnlzrxmz Imlxlulxrc Inuxrz 'I'Iw Iino.vlf'r SIQIII' wislws In IIlanI4 Nliss Ilorningv and NIV. Cap for rlirvvlingf lhf' url and muvh ul' lhf' nlwlnffra :hy in lhis book. I 2- I . 0llE T0 THE CLASS 0F 938 O Union, in whose quiet halls Are heard the sounds of gleeful talk, Where those in quest of learning walk, If thou shouldst need us, wilt thou call? Let not the tears of Sorrow well Like Grief that knows no metes and houndsg Let joys of yesterday be found, Which in our hearts may ever dwell. To you, classmates, so close and dear- Serene will be the days and bright, When we in Life's long, tedious fight, Practice the precepts taught us here. Give unto us, made humbly wise, The Faith which conquers dull despair, The Hope which makes the world more fair, The spirit of Self-sacrifice. In lowly duties nobly done, May we Life's deeper meanings find Binding the hearts of all mankind In Love which sweetens conquests won. -J AMEs LUNDQUIST 6 r l lilm mn F. XYALIDRON, Sllfll'l'I'iS!'Ilfj I'l'1'11r'l'pr1 Xllw firurr: Nl. D1 nmvs. IJ1'1'r1f'1'pu The Faculty NIILDHED IN. ISAKER. HS. Commercial NPW York I niversily Iilmw.um CAP, HS., Nl.fN. Gerrnan INlll1g'9l'S Ilniversily NIASSHNA IILNRK. BA.. NIA. Iinglish Yale I'niversiLy, Columbia lfniversily NI.moAnIc'r H. DAVIES Assislanl Secrclary lo the I'rincipal Jrzssm IC. I'MY'1'oN. IIA. V Nlathemalics Ilood College Crum-3 P. I5m1lNo11:. I.I'1"r.I3.. NIA. Art New Jersey College for Women ol' INIIIQIPVS. Columbia l nixoersily Cmmr: ,N. IJYIC. IBB.. NIA. Nlathenlalics William Smith College, New York l'nix'f'rsil5 Incomolm Ii. I"r:m11I'rr1k. ISS.. NIA. llistory Newark Slale Normal School, INIll.g'CI'S I lIlIN'0l'SIlN, New York I'niv0rsily JOHN I". Ifmwczls, ISA. Iingrlish. lieogruplxy, Ilislory 'NlonlCla1ir Stale 'I'eac'I1ers College C. LESLII-1 Ifnrrz, IIS. Conm1er1'ial Ilehigrh l'niv0rsily, Nlontanu Slulv College CHAm.o'r'l'l4: C. linoss, INN, Biology Nlonlvluir Slate rI'0uc'lw1's Collvgegv 10 ADA E. HAIIII,ToN Dietitian Mansfield, Pa. Normal School, Ware School Tea Room and Cafeteria Management ciLADYS B. HART Commercial TrentoI1 State Normal School EDWIN L. HENRY, l3.C.S. Commercial Rider College PEARL IIILTON, B. X. Latin Xlonlclair Stale Teachers College CARoLYN PORTI.-X IIINE. HS. English, French New York llniversity JAMES T. ll0LcoxIBIf:, BA. Science, Nlalhematics Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. PETI-in W. KANDHM, HS. Physics Lebanon Valley College Reeecoa KANE, Home Economics Elmira College EVELYN D. KAY, l3.S. Commercial Trenton State Teachers College JOSEPH H. Konms, A.E. Industrial Arts Newark College of Engineering E. Lrzxomz K.UN'rz, HS., l3.S. IN L.S. Librarian East Stroudsburg Slate Teachers College, Drexel lnslilute of Technology Senior Advisers HARRY LAKE, B.S. Physical Education Rutgers University CATHERINE M. LAMB, B.A., M.A. General Science Wellesley College, Montclair State Teachers College H. ALLEN LUSHEAR Practical Arts Newark College of Engineering, Rutgers University, Newark State Normal School, Sheldon School DONALD W. NIACKINNON, B.S. English, Physical Education Temple University ELLEN NICCLOSKEY Music New England Conservatory of Music ESTELLE MILLSPAUGH, R.N. Nurse Overlook Hospital School of Nursing JAMES C. NIORAN, B.A. Chemistry Montclair State Teachers College JOHN T. NICHOLSON Music Columbia University, Rutgers University WALTER C. PEACH, B.A. English Seton Hall College B. VIRGINIA PERRY, B.S. IN ED. English, Physical Education Trenton State Teachers College RONALD W. RINGLER, B.S. English, Mathematics East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, Rutgers University CHARLOTTE I. ROY, B.S. English, Mathematics Elmira College ALICE C. ROZNOY, B.S. Commercial Trenton State Teachers College HAROLD L. BULAND, B.A., M.A. French Cornell University WILLIAM B. SHARRATT, B.A., PH.D. English Bethany College, Columbia University, New York llniversity VIRGINIA H. SHERMAN, B.A. History Montclair State Teachers College IRENE HAMBRIGZIT SIMSACK, B.S., M.A. Commercial Temple University, Columbia lfniversity PALMYRE STEPPE Secretary to the Principal HOWARD B. TWITCHELL, B.S. History Rutgers University BERYL B. WISMAN, B.A., M.A. English George Washington University, Columbia University JULIA 0. ZIMANSKY, B.S. IN ED. Physical Education Trenton State Teachers College 12 GENEVIEVE J. BARDYZEVVSISI .lennie ller eyes as slars of l11'ilighlfair,' Like lzviliglzfs. foo, her dusky ha ir. General Transferred from Battin Iligh School Hockey 3, -Ig Basketball Club 3: Booster Staff -Ig Archery Club I. CHARLES D. BLAIB Clmrlie Be gone, dull care' Thou and I shall mfver agree. College Preparatory Wrestling 3, Ll-3 Chemistry Club lg Student Council l, 2, Sig Traffic Squad 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3, fl. Hobby Club I . General Girls' GI:-e Club l. WILLIAM BECKEH lleallh and clzeerjfulness mutually bagel each olhcr. Commercial Class Football 2: Wrestling 2, 3. ANNE MABIE BLUNK Pork Lighl hair and soft mild eyes. General Handicraft Club I, 33 Trallie Squad 3: Girls' Glee Club l, 2. 14 MABY LOUISE ACCAHDO Colmly .vhe pursues her uwiyi Calmly goes through. every day. Commercial Course Hockey lg Boosler StaIl"l:Tral1lc- Squad 1: Girls' Glue Club ll: EDYTI-IE AUEB Red ller eyes delighl in laughing 1ighl,' Le! gods describe hfr hu ir. College Preparatory Dancing Club 3, -lg lloekey l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Club I. 2, 3, lg Odds and Ends 3, -lg Latin Club 2. 3: Archery Club rl. ELONOBE BACHINIAN 1 lhink buf dare not speak. Dramaties Club Ig Hockey 3: JANE'l' G. ANTIIUNY .lon .-I righl merry maid. slfrzeerely lrue. and a good sporl uvilhal. College Preparatory Student Council 2: Bing Com- mittee 3: Udds and Ends 2: Latin Club I. 2, 3, I. ELLA 'MAE AUSTIN EI As merry as Ihr' day is long. College Preparatory Girls' Glee Club l. 2, 3, flg Basketball Club flp Spiritual Choir 3. A. ALBERT BA MBEBGEB Bud .-I cleaner, beller sporl lhere ne'er has been. College Preparatory Transferred from Maplewood Junior High School Class Football 2: Football 3, fl: Basketball 2, 3, I. FLORENCE RUTH BOEHM Flosslv She was a phantom of delight When. .first she beamed upon Ill-N sight. General Handicraft Club l: Girls' Glee Club lg Booster Stall l: Gym Club I. EDITH BRUNNER .fl sweet content Passing all nwisdonz or its fairest flower. General Dramatics lg Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, German Glee Club 1. LORRAINE M ARY BURKHARDT Rain She is a maid of artistic grave. Gentle in form andfair of-face. Commercial Dramatics 1, 2, 3g Handicraft Club 2g Dancing Club 1, -1: Hockey 1, -lg Debating Club l: Art Club 1, 23 Girls' Glee Club I. EDWARD BOGDA Eddy Let thern call it rnisehief: When it is past and prospered. 'twill be virtue. Practical Arts Airplane Club 2, 3g Boat Club 1: Art Club 3g Emergency Squad -1. FRA NK GEORGE BUOB Ozzie Deeds are better things than words areq .-1 vtions might ier than boastings. Commercial Class Football lg Football 2, 3, 1-, 55 Class Basketball 1g Basket- ball 3, 55 Track 23 Boys' Glee Club 2. JAMES CANSDALE Music is the universal language of mankind. College Preparatory Orchestra l, 2, 3, :tg Dance Or- chestra 'lg Latin Club 1. BERNARD CARNIVALE There is likewise a reward for jaith f ul silence. College Preparatory Chemistry Club 4: Band I, 2, DOROTHY M. CLAIR Dottie A willing way, a pleasant smile- A friend to be remembered. Commercial Dancing Club 1, 2: Hockey 3, 41-3 Basketball Club I, 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 4. 15 EDITH D. D. CHANDLER Chan Too busy with the crowded l1our to fear to live or die, College Preparatory Dancing Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Hockey 1, 2, 3, -lg Basketball Club 1, 2. 3: Social Committee 2. 3, -1g Booster Staff 43 Odds and Ends 2, 3, 43 Latin Club I, 2. CLAIRE B. CONKLIN V Honky Good. nature and good sense must ever Join. College Preparatory Dancing Club 1, 23 Orchestra 41: Band 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2. MILDRED Clililfhhlllll Creek A merry hear! mukellz a elwerjful counlenance. General Dancing Club I: Pasketball Club 2. 3: Girls' Glee Club l. 2. 3. 14: Gym Club l. 2. ADELLE DE W A l.D Dilly I'll be merry andfree: I'l1 be sad for nobody. Commercial Dramatics 1. 2. 3. I: Dancing Club 1. 2, 3. l: Hockey I. 2: Basketball Club l. 2: Band 3. li: Student Council I. 2: Girls' Glee Club l. 2. 3. li: German Glee Club 2. WARREN W. DUNALDSON He speakelll nol. and ye! lhere l ies A comiersalion in his eyes. General Transferred from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. Art Club 2. 3: Student Council 2: Boosler Stall' l: Boys' Glee Club 2. 3, l. NN ll.l,lA M DENT lferl The opporlimillv lo do nzixeliirjf is forum' II ll-lllIlll'f"ll limes ll rlntv. College Preparatory Football 2. 3. l. CHARLES DlNGl,E Clmse Krloiulellyf' mines. lzul wisrlnnz lingers. College Preparatory Chemistry Club li: Student Council fl: Hoosier Stall' I: Trallie Squad 2. 3. 11: Usher Squad 3. lf: Movie Squad 2. 3, lg Boys' Glee Club lg German Glee Club 2. li. .IUSEPII NN. DUVYLING Huck Music ix Ihe poelrqv of Ihe air. College Preparatory Class Wrestling l, 2: Cross Country 2. 3: Track 3, l-: Pho- tography Club Orchestra l. 2. 3. -lg Activities Council 3: Trallic Squad 3, -L: Usher Squad 3, li: Movie Squad 2. 3. ROBERT DREW Bob Life is noi so shorl bul lhal lhere is always lime enough for courlesiv. General Class Football l: Football 2. 33 Dramatics 2. lg Odds and Ends 2, 3, 'lg Traffic Squad fl: Movie Squad 3, 1: Roys' Glce Club 3, li. RUTH V ll DLA EASON Hiuly Friend lo lrulh. of soul sincere, ln, aclionfailhful. and in honor. clear. General Basketball Club l. 3. l: llandi- craft Club l: llockey 2. ll Booster Stall' l: Girls' Glee Club l, 2. l. 16 FREDERICK N. DROTOS The clock upbraids me ivllh Ihr- waslv of lime. General Football l. 2. 3. 1: Class Basket- ball l. 2: Wrestling 3. -ll: Track 3. l: Emergency Squad 2. 3. EDlTll FRANCES ERNST No! murh lalkgo grrnl. sweel xilmre. General Art, Club l : German Glee Club l. JEAN Nl A R ETTE FLETCHER Flelrl: Tll,PFPl.Y nol ri bonnie birrl llzal sings Bu! rninrls me o' my Jean. General Dramatics 1: Art Club l. 23 Stu- dent Council 3: Boosler Stall' l: Odds and Ends 1. ALBERT FOSTER -11 For he's u jolly good jellozr. General Class Football 1: Class Rasket- ball 2: Boys' Glee Club 1: Boat Club 1. MARGARET ESKDALE Pfyay Slze's shorl and sweel, And all hea1'en's in her eye. General Transferred from Rarringer High School llockey 3, 1: Rasketball 1: Traffic Squad lt: Archery Club 1. JOHN EUGENE FECOSKAY Johnny This world 's no beller if we hurry: Life's no longer if -we worry. General Wrestling 2: Ushers Squad 1: Roys' Glet' Club 2. RORERT JOHN FEXA Ilis gravity is sweelened by his smile. College Preparatory Cross Country 2. 3, 1: Track 2. 3. -13 Photography Club 11: Ae- tivities Council lt: Trallie Squad W Squad lt. FRANK FLOSTER Nolhing becomes a man as modes! slillness. General Class Football 2: Football 3, 'tg Wrestling 3. -lug Track 3, 1. HESTER FOUNTAIN Mingle a lillle jolly will: your wisdorn: a l illle nonsense now and fhen is pleasanl. General Rasketball Club 1: Handicraft Club 2, ZS: Trallic Squad lg .Archery Club 1. 17 3, l-3 Ushers Squad 3, 1: Movie HELEN FARCHER Speech is silver but silence is golden. Commercial Handicraft Club 13 Hockey lg Basketball Club 1, 2, fi. EDWARD FELL His eomversalion was brief , and I1 is desire was lo be silenl. Commercial Hoosier Stall' 1. WILLIAM J. FLAMME Bill I have no mocking or argurnenls: I zvilness and wail. College Preparatory Class Football 1: Football 2, 3: Cross Country 4: Track 2, 4: Chemistry Club 11: Dramatics 2: Activities Council -1: Social Committee 2. 3, 1: Traffic Squad 3. 1: Movie Squad 3, V1: Roys' Glee Club 2, 1. JULIA GAWRYLUK Jewel Happy and good, kind and Irue, A friend who always proves lrue blue. Commercial Student Council 33 Odds and Ends 3g Trallic Squad 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, fl. MARIE GIBSON Sell' lrusl is lhe ,hrsi secrel of suc- cess. General Transferred from Roselle High School Traffic Squad lg Girls' Glce Club 4. SARAH ELIZABETH GILLIS Quielness greal worth conceals. College Preparatory Transferred from Roselle High School JULIA DOROTHY FRANKO Jul A lol of challer by lhe way, A lillle fun lo spice each day. College Preparatory Basketball Ig Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 43 Latin Club 2. GRACE GALL Gracie A good alhlele and a good sporl. College Preparatory Dancing Club 13 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4-g Basketball Club l, 2, 3, flg Biology Club 4: Gym Club 1, 33 Archery Club -lg Game Club fl. RAYMOND ANDREW GEIGEH Gig Never gloomy, never sad Always happy, always glad. General Football 43 Class Basketball 1, 23 Boxing 23 Cross Country 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 41 Student Council 4, Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3, 4. IRENE CATHERINE GILFORD Rene Then she will lalk-ye gods, how she will lalk! General Handicraft Club 23 Student Council lg Odds and Ends 1: Archery Club 4. EDWARD GLADSON Ed A moral, sensible, and well-bred man. College Preparatory Transferred from Irvington High School Football 3g Photography Club el. 18 LUCILLE MARIA FRISCO Lucky Thou who hasl lhe falal gifl of beauly. Commercial Hockey 43 Student Council 2: Shorthand Club 2. LOUISE GALLINI Lou Forward and frolic glee was lhere: The will lo do, lhe soul lo dare. Commercial Dramatics lg Handicraft Club 3g Dancing Club -1: Hockey 1: Tumbling Club 3. GEORGE GOELLEH The QILIIPI mind is richer llmn ll crown. College Preparatory Chemistry Club I, -I: Nlovie Squad 3: German Glee Club 2, I. INIAILIOIIIE GHEWE Ill'-yfee Quiel in appenrmice will: molires unknoivn. College Preparatory Dancing Club I. 2: Ilockey 2: Odds and Ends 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club I, 2: Latin Club I, 2: Gym Club I, 2. .IUIIN GUTSCII Earl: mind has ils own melhod. College Preparatory Cross Country I: Chemistry Club I: Photography Club I: Boosler Stall fl: Movie Squad 3, I: German Gloe Club 1, 2: Soccer I. .I ACK GIIUBER .-1 man of lemper ruzrl lenzperamenl, Commercial Class Football 3. Ii: Class Basket- ball lg Boxing 1: Dramaties I. NIABEL DULOBES GIIIIBEII lllulv She is prelly lo walk willi Willy fo lalk wilh And pleasrml loo, lo llzink on. Commercial Hockey 1, 2, 3, I: Basketball Club I, 2, 3: Archery Club I: Student, Council 2, 3: Odds and Ends LI: Senior Class President: Girls' Glee Club I, 3, I. VIRGINIA MONICA HALL llinny Seeing only wha! is fair, sipping only wlzal is sweel, Thou dos! mock al fall' and cure. General Dramatics I : Dancing Club I, 2: Hockey 2: Girls' Glee Club 1.2, 3, -I: Gym Club I, 2. IIUIIEIYT IIIIGII IIALSEY Hob I lc is honesl and of un open mul free nulure. General Football 2, 3, -Ii: Wrestling 2. 3, I: Traek 2, 3, I: Iloat Club 1: Hoosler Stall' li: lnterclass Wres- tling I. 19 ANITA GUNDEHIXIAN Holden hair like sunlight slream- mr On, llie marble of her shoulder. General Hockey 3, 'Ig Basketball Club I, 2, 3: Art Club I, 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 33 German Glee Club 2: Archery Club VI. FII A NCES ELIZABETH IIA M ILTUN Belly ,-1 pleasing counlerzance is o silenl cornrrwrulalzorz. General 'I'ransl'errecI from Iiattin High School Orchestra 3, I: Archery Club -lg Glce Club 3. JEAN M AE IIARH IS .I erm ic Peace rules llle clay wliere reason rules Ilia mind. College Preparatory Handicraft Club Il: Uflds and Ends I-: Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, I: Latin Club I. NICHOLAS HARRIS Nick His heart was as the world, but there was no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong. Commercial Track 1. MIRIAM HASHITHG Midge A tender heart: a will inj'te.rible. General Dramatics 1, 2. 3. l: Dancing 3. 4: Hockey l, 2, 3. I: Pasketball Club 2, 3, lg Archery Club li: Activities Council -1: Booster Stall' 1: Odds and Ends 4: Trallic Squad l: French Club THOMAS HA RZULA Tim A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. General Football 2, 3, lt: Basketball 2: Latin Club l. SHIRLEY HASBURG Shirt What a sweet delight a quiet life iljfordsl General Dramatics l. 2: Hockey 1: Ring Committee 3: Archery Club -14: French Club 3. CHARLES HECK Cholly A friend may well he reckoned the masterpiece of nature. Practical Arts Wrestling 2, lg Photography Club el: Boat Club 1: Ushers Squad le: Emergency Squad 1, 2. 3, li. OLGA HOOLKO Ollie Iter voice was ever soft. Gentle, and low-an excellent thing in woman. Commercial Transferred from llridgeport. Conn, Dancing Club l: Art Club 3: Booster Stall' 1. JUNE E. lll IFF .liidv Fair as a star when only one ls shining in the sky. College Preparatory Dancing Club l, 2. li: ttdds and Ends 3: Trallic Squad 2. 3. ll Latin Club l. 2. Il. 1: Gym Club l. 2. 20 ANNE HENDHY Annie My heart is like a singing bird. Dancing Club 3, fl: Hockey 2, Il, -lf: Basketball Club 1, 2, 4: Booster Staff "lf: Odds and Ends 3. li: Archery Club 1-. LEIGH B. HOWELL tlflodest fame is not to he despised by the higher character. College Preparatory Chemistry Club lg Photography Club ig Booster Stall' ii: Senior Class Treasurer: Trailic Squad 3. 'lg Ushers Squad 11: Movie Squad 1. VICTOR E. HUGO Vic' Une still, strong man in tl blatant land. Practical Arts Class Track l : Airplane Club 2, HENRY B. JANSSEN Ilen To spend loo much lime in sludies is slolh. General Football 3g Cross Country lg Track 2. LELIA S. JENKINS Lillle Lelia A merry hear! goelh all llze day. Commercial Basketball Club 4: Odds and Ends lg Girls' Glee Club I. ELSIE JOHNSTON Chic A friend whose wanls are few. Commercial Hockey 45 Basketball Club 4g Archery Club 4. EILEEN M. HULSE I She's modes! as any, as blilhe as she is bonny. College Preparatory Dramatics 39 Hockey 43 Boosler Stall' 4: Odds and Ends 3. 4: Traffic Squad 2, 3. 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2. SYLVIA D. ISAKSEN Hon Un the road lo learning, There are many pleasanl by-ways. Commercial Dancing Club lg Hockey 43 Stu- dent Council 1: Archery Club 4: Gym Club l, 2, 33 Shorthand Club 2. LEALA JENKINS Leal .Slrengih and honor are her clolh- mg. General Dancing Club 1, 23 Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3. lg Gym Club l, 2. MURIEL JENKINS Those smiles and glances let me sec Whal make lhe m1ser's lreasure poor. I General LOUIS JUBANOWSKY .lable Il is a very good world lo live in, To lend, or lo spend, or lo give in.. College Preparatory Basketball Club 2. 33 Student Council lg Social Committee lg German Glee Club 1, 23 Soccer 2. 21 LORRAINE J. IHLING Topsy Her every lone is muslc's own. Commercial Hockey 4g Boosler Stall 4: Arch- ery Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 13 Gym Club 35 Shorthand Club 2. FRED JANNETT Splinter A good nmne is rulher fo be chosen lhan greal riches. College Preparatory Track 3, 4: Airplane Club 2g Handicraft Club 1. WASHINGTON KOONCE Curly I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. College Preparatory MARION WILMA KBITZMACHER Mar How sweet andfair she seems lo be, Calm, unrufled as the summer sea. Commercial Handicraft Club I, 2g Hockey 43 Archery Club 4, Basketball fly, Booster Staff 43 Odds and Ends 4. ANGIE D. KALTNECKAH Happiness consists in activity. Commercial Handicraft Club 1, 2, 3g Dancing Club 1, 2, 3: Hockey l, 2, 3, fl: Basketball Club l, 2, 3, il: Arch- ery Club 45 Trallic Squad 2. 3, fl, Girls' Glee Club l, 2. CHARLES KEES Dutch ,fl joke, a laugh, and a good hearl. Practical .Arts Class Football 2, 3. -141 Class Basketball Ig Wrestling 2, 3. 45 Student Council 2g Iling Com- mittee 3g Booster Stall' fl. IHENE KELLEY Killy Laugh for the time is brief- ,fl lhread the length of a span. General Basketball Club l, 3g Dramatics I: Handicraft I. 2g Hockey 1. 2, Al: Student Council I: Odds and 3, -1. MICHAEL KOZAK I1 is mind was keen, Intense, and frugal. General Class Football 2 3 Football 3, 4g Basketball 2. 33 Boys' Glee Club 2. HELEN K USALBA K uss ie Those curious locks so aptly lwin'd, Whose every hair a soul doth bind. College Preparatory Activities Council 4: Booster Staff 4-3 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, -li. 22 Ends lg Girls' Glec Club 1, 2, JOHNNY KANZLER Johnny Short and snappy. General Football I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, lg Class Wrestling l. CHARLES J. KELLEY Irish ifls he lhinketh in his hearl, so is ze. Gcncral Cross Country -lg Athletic Man- ager l, 23 Student Council I. SHl+lll MAN MOSS KISNER K is The secrel of success is constancy of purpose. College Preparatory Class Football Ig Football 2, 43 Wrestling l, 2g Track 2, fl-3 Chemistry Club 1: Booster Staff 43 Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Traflic Squad -1. MILDRED JANE LAKE Ali! She liked u'half"f'r Sha' looked on mul her looks zzvvzl mwrlvuvllerff. College Prcparatory Dancing Club lx Uclzls and Ends lg Girls' Clee Club 2. lg Gym Club l. MARIE RUTH LAUKAITIS llullzir' Galhvr ,ve rosvbllrls u'hil0 .ve malv. Ceneral Girls' Glee Club l. 2. 3, l. WALTER JOHN LEY There is morr hrrr' lhan zlolh al jirsl appear. College Preparatory Transferred from West Side High School Boys' Clce Club I: German C-lcc Club l. HOW A R D LAM RE RT Lamb Lilllf' slrokesfell grcal oaks. Practical Arts Football Il: Class Football l, 2, Il: Class Basketball l. 2, Track 3, Alg Basketball 3. JAMES L. LEVERCOOD .lim lfVho rlmwlops lhe l.I1l!?lll'Cl can Qfl flclliewe greal rleerls. College Preparatory Athletic Managers l, 2, 3, lg Debating Club lg Student Coun- cil l, 2, 3, lg Odds and Ends 1, 2, ll: Trallic Squad 3, -ll. DORIS M. LOHILE llaply I lhink on Ihre,-and lhen my stale, Clalke lo lhe lark al break of day llI'lSU1.g From sullen earlhj sings hymns ul lll'll1Yl'I1,S gale. Ring Committee Sl, Hoosier Stall' l. MALCOLM VY. LOHILE Mac l am as sober as a judge. College Preparatory Cross Country Il, 45 Class Track lg Track 2, 3, slug Chemistry Club lg Airplanc Club 2, Orchestra l: Rand lg Class Soccer l. JAMES F. LUNDQUIST, .lR. Lunkiv In lhis age lhe man who dares To lhinkfor himself does a Service lo Ihr race. College Preparatory Boxing lg Latin Club 1, 2: De- bating I g Dramatics l, 2, Al.: Chemistry Club 1, 2, fl: Athletic Manager 2, Sig Photography Club 4g Student Council 2, Executive Council 3, -'lg Trallic Squad 2, 3, 'lg Usher Squad 3, 4, Movie Squad 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club -L 23 HARRIET M. LUM Hal The lwaren such grace' did lend her Tha! she Illlfllll mlrnircfd lm. College Preparatory Dancing Club fl, Hockey l, 2, 3, ll: Raskethall Club 1, 2, 3, Came Club fl: Orchestra l, 2, 3. 43 Student Council 23 .Activities Council -ll: Hoosier Stall' 15 Latin Club l. 23 Rand 1, 2, 3, 1., CHARLES MA ROS Charlie Sudden flu' worst lurns lhr' best lo lhe brave. General Boat Club -ll. ROSE A. MASSO Wlzosv honor is her liorwsl ll1o11.yl1l. And simple lrulll her ulmosl skill. Commercial Dancing Club lg Cirls' Cleo Club 4. HEllBEllT MURRAY M ESN ICR lllen of feu' words ure' llw bffsl IIIPII. Transferred from Abraham Clark High Svhool Band 1. RAYMOND MEYER llvroul yvl rlwvrful. avlizv- lwfl resigned. Collage Preparatory Class Basketball 31 Cross Coun- try 3. -11: Track 3, lg Photography Club Al: lioys' Clem' Club -l-2 Latin Club lg German Clem- Club 25 lnlvrclass 5111-11-r l. WIIAIA E. NIELNA Wllliw .-1 merry hear! dofflh good like u IllPI1ll7l'IIE'. Commercial Trallic Squad 3, 'lg Girls' Clee Club 1, 2. 3, ll: Gym Club lg Student Council 2. JACK 'XIEUSEL 1 was IIPIWI' lrss alone' llum 1l'lll'lI by 111-vsvlf. Practical Arts Class Basketball l. 2g Basketball 3, -I-1 Art Club lg Airplane- Club 23. PETER .l. NllllAlAlx Pvlv None lllll llI'lllSt'U. can lu' his parulllfl. Com-ral Cross Country lg Orchestra 3, ,lg Dam-e Orchestra 3. -lr: Band 1. 2, 3, Al: Boys, Cla-1' Club lg Booslzfr Stall ll. ALBERT MILLER Al I am sure llllll care-'s un vrwrniv lo life. College Preparatory Cross Country 2. 3, 13 Track 3, rl: Dramatics fl: llshm-rs Squad il: Movie Squad fl: Boys' Cleo Club lg Latin Club l. C l I All LES M l lx Clzarlle When he has 1mll1l11g lo sulv, ln' keeps Slill. General 24 ROBERT Mll,LEll .lllllfll may lu' Slllill on. ball: sides. Practical Arts Transferred from Thomas Jeillvr- son High Svhool LYLA ARLEEN MITCHELL lllil Thy 111o1lr'sly's a candle lo llzy lILf'f'l'l. College Preparatory Dramatics 1: Art Club -'lg Odds and Ends 43 French Club 3g Latin Club 1, 2, 3. YICTUH ICDNX XRD YELSUN lfllllll-V Ilurle llou' will llu' 4l'11l11r1' r1'1'lm11 will: lhix lllflll? 1 11-nc-ral 'l'ra1'k 2: Chvmislry Club 23 lioat Club 5: l':llll'I'Ql'lll'y Squad J. NIAHY lQl,lZAlili'l'll NlC0l,l, Iifflllv .1 Illl Ilt',l'l' 1l1'1l llr1'1'i11n rlzlsvl lI'IIl'!' .-1 llylllllll. tl lI'll-llfl. or ll yr111':' Qfjinzfrfornz or l1n'1'l11'r .lilll'J'. Collvgv Prvparatory Drarnatics I. 2. I: llockc-5 I: Baske-tballr Club I: .-Xrt Club -1: Latin Club l. 2. IS. l: Cym Club 3. -I: Arvhvry Club I. ERNEST F. MUSEH Ernie I I1 mvery rank, greal or xmull. 'Tis 1'n1luslry supporls us all. Practical Arts Photography Club li: Booslvr Stall' -ll: Ushers Squad 1: Emor- gvnvyr Squad l, 2, 3. 1-1 Boys' Clam- Club 1. MAIIIUN LUIS Nllll.I,lGAN Bzmrzlv Tlly mind Shall lu' II IIllIIISlUll for ull lmwllv Qlbrms. lilly III1'IIl0f'AV lw us ll llll'f'lllllg- pl111'1' Fur 11ll x11v1'1'l SIIIIIHIS flllll hur- nmniefx, Cc-ne-ral 'l'rar1sl'vrr1+1l from Long Branch l ifb Svbool CllAlll,U'l"l'l'l Nlkli MYER Iflmrl Siu' 1'l111ll1'l'x, 1'l111ll1'1'S us Xllf' grwxg I l 111' vuvvs 11r1' 1'1v1'r llllllfllly. 1 ll'Il1'I'iil Drzuuativs I. I: llovkvy 23 Odds 11ml Ends 2. 31 Arclwry Club I-1 Cirls' Clvv Club I. 2: l'lI'1'Ill'll Club 3: l.atin Club l. 2. 31 lxICNNli'l'll NN. NICVDICCIQ lxvn II1' is nal in Ihr IOII' qf'ur1l1r111r.v nwn. Collvgm- l'r1-paratory Chvulistry Club lz llI'l'lN'Sl,I'Zl 2, il. I: Dani-me Urvhvstra 3. I: Band l. 2. Il. l: Nlovim- Squad Il. l. 'NYNli'l"l'l'I llllTH NCSl3AllNl lfools Clmrms slrikv Ilw xlylll, Iiul nz1'r1'l ll'llIS II11' soul, Couuuf-rvial IJ!'Hlllillll'S l: llElIlIlli'I'Hl'l, Club l. 23 Art Club l. 2. 3. al: Odds 111111 Enrlx l: Studvnt Council 2, 31 Iirmslvr Stall' -l-1 Girls' Cleo Club l. 2. 3, l: Trallic Squad 1-, 25 Tumbling Club 2. liLlZAl3ETll A N NE Nllll,LlllAN l,l'fll'1i0 Th1'r1"s nollzing lllal ulluys an angry nunrl so soon 11x ll 31l't'l'l bf'lllll.V. General Transferrvd from Long: Branch lligh School LA U IIETT A XI. 'Nl URSELL .fl q1L1'1'l sur! 141' girl, 1'111l11.vlr1'1111s wilhal. Comm1'r1'ial Arclwry Club l: f,llIlS Illllll Ends l. 'l'lllil,lXl,vN NMRISL Tlufl Mirllz, will: llzrz' I IIIPIIII lo ll'l'l'. COlllIll4?l'l'liil Crirls' Clw- Club l, 2. IS. l. GEORGE PAIN TON Bud A fellowifeeling makes one won- drous kind. Practical Arts Transferred from Central High 'School Emergency Squad 4. MARY HELEN PAZCIK Dolly A willing liearl is llze jrsl slep lo success. Commercial Dramatics 2g Basketball 43 Girls' Glee Club fl. ROBERT PERRY Bip Thou has! no sorrow in Thy song, No winter in Thy year. General German Glee Club 2. if ,eva aiu- MARTHA OBERLE Mar! Un with llze dance! Lel joy be unconjned. Commercial Dramatics lg Dancing Club l. 2. 35 Art Club 1, 2, 3, fl. DOROTHY MARIE OREBEC K T!IPlIfP!lFl A pleasant smile, a quiel way Enshrines you in our hearls lo slay. College Preparatory Handicraft Club l. 31 Odds and Ends flg Basketball Club l: Traflic Squad lg Latin Club 23 Biology Club 41. JOHN WILKESON STEELE ORD Red Sir, your wil ambles well, il goes easily. College Preparatory Boxing 1, 23 Cross Country 1, 2g Track 43 Boosler Staff 43 Traffic Squad 3, 49 Latin Club 1, 23 Soccer 1, 2. ELSIE PAAS Blondie As frank as rain on cherry blos- soms. Commercial Dancing Club lg Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, fl. MARIE PARRISH A pleasanl smile is lhe llii-ng llial goes farlhesl lowards making li fe worllz while. General Basketball Club 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Spiritual Choir 3. ROBERT PEACOCK Bob What should a man do but be merry? General Class Football 1, 29 Football 33 Class Track lg Track 2, 3, 44g Boys, lilee Club fl. LOUISE PETRUZZIELLO Dimp les Qf manners genlle, of ajfeclions mild. Commercial Hobby Club l. 26 HAROLD C. PFEIFFER Where Ihere's music lhere can be no harm. General Orchestra l. 2. 3. -l-: Dance Or- chestra 3, 'lg Gym Club 2. ARTHUR PRINTZ Firpo Let me have an audience for a DOR IS PRAHI, Laughing. happy all lhe lime. Commercial Dancing Club 1: Hockey 1, 2. CATHERINE M. PRODZIEWICZ Prod Diligence is llze molher of good word or Iwo. forlane. General College Preparatory Football 3, 'lg Basketball 2, 3, -lg Handicraft Club 1, 33 Hockey lg Vklrestling 2g Boxing 2. Basketball Club 1gTrallic Squad l. 1 i JOHN PRODZIEWICZ Prod One ear il heard: al lhe olher oul il wenl. General Football 2, 3, fig Wrestling 3. ROBERT RAPP Rapp Ile was no! merely a chip of lhe old block, but lhe old block ilself. General Class Football 1. 2 5 Football 3, 45 Track 3, 43 Ring Committee 33 Boosler Staff 43 Latin Club 1. STEPHEN GEORGE REGENYE Chick Man is QI' soul and body, formed for deeds of high resolve. General Class Football lg Class Basket- ball 1, 2g Basketball 3, 43 Track 2. 27 VIULA I. RAMSEY Vic And mislress of herself, lhoagh China fall. General Transferred from Hillside High School ELIZABETH R. RAU Red A girl who is pleasant lhe livelong day. Commercial Dancing Club -lg Hockey -li: Art Club -1: Odds ana' Ends 3, -lg Handicraft Club l. RUTH ANNE REIMER Squeek ie Always ready lo lend a helping hand. College Preparatory Art Club 2, 4g Odds and Ends -'lg Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH REINERTSEN Square Head A hard worker and a good sporl. General Hockey 3: Basketball Club 31 Archcry Club IlgStu1l0nt Council 3. WILBUR H. IKICKICMEIEII liek fllan is man and masler QI' his falc. Ccncral DORIS HEINHARDT Dol Pleasant of speech, liY1ff?lligf'71f rj' mind, A charm that kills all lhoaghls 1u1,k1'nd. College Preparatory Dancing Club l, 2, 3, fl-1 Hockey I, 2, 3. 'lg Basketball Club 1, 2, 3, "lg Orchestra l, 2, 3, -lg Band I, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Came Club ll. JAMES l.. HEXIACLE Jimmy Nnlhiny grval is ever achieved llllllllflll 1'flllIflLSLflSIIl. Um-ncral Wrcstling 2, I: Boxing l: Ath- lctic Nlanagcr 33 Boosler Stall' fl-. Airplane Cluli 2. Commercial llLllf1. Practical Arts 2, 33 Orchcstra 1. 28 lAllIlliNCl'I W. lill'l,liY .-1 llffllf' IIUIISPIISP nou' aml Ihrn is rfflrxlzrrl hiv Ihr 1l'i.w'sl nzrn. Collcgc Prcparatory Cross Country 3, lg Track 3, I: MILDRIED RUICIINEIK llil 11.9 plrasanl as Ihr' ronzing af' sprmg. and qutlz' as nalural. Dramatics l: Dancing Club lg llockcy l. 23 Baskctball Club lg Archcry Club ll. li0l3lCll'l' lillSSlCl,la Hass I dare do all Ihal may lN'l'0IIIl' a Basketball 2. 253 Airplanc Club CLARA A. IROBEIRTS ,ll rrkqv No! slapping o'cr Ihr lmunrlx Qf' rlzarlafsllv. fl0lIlIIl0I'ClZll Dancing Club fl: Hockcy 1: Art Club ll: Uflrlx and Ends 1: Cirls' lilcc Club 1. 2, 3, 1: llanclicraft Club l. CHUVICH RUDOLPII .l man hr' sfffnzs afcl1f'f'rjf11l.vf'slf'r- flalvx, .-lml !'0llAfllll'l1l lomorrmus. C4-ncral Track 3, 1: Cross Country 3, 4, liulcrgcncy Squad 2, Boys, Glue Club -l. D1 Ili! DTI lY HY ICHSUN Dollie .al woman, is always changeable and rvaprzczoas. Couuucrcial Draluatics Club lg Archery Club -ll, Cirls' Glcc Club 2, 3, 4. Dramatics 1. 3: Girls' Clcc Club WILLIAM C. SEVERSON Sm' Slrong and great, a hero. College Preparatory Class Football lg Football 2, 3, 4: Class Vircstling l: Wrestling 2, 3. 4: Boxing: l. 2: Band l: Student Council l. 2: Trallic Squad 3, l: Movie Squad 2. 3: Boys' lilec Club 2, 3. RUTH I". SHUSTEII Hulhie Sinrz-rily is rr ziirluc jlfw possess. College Preparatory 2. 3: I-erman I-lcc Club 2. l: Latin Club l. 2. SlllllLEY F. SLOCUM Shir! I have ll hear! wilh room for vrcry jolv. Coll:-gc Prcparatory Dramatics l. 2. l: Dancing Club l, 2. 3. 1: Hockey 1. 2. 3. l: Basketball Club l. 2. 3. lr: Latin Club l. 2: Archcry Club 1. JACK SHARRATT His mind his kingdom, and his will his law. Collcgc Preparatory Track I. 3, -lf: Airplane Club 3: Chemistry Club 1. THEODORE SIEGEL Ted Large was his holmly, and his soul sllzcerc. I Collcgc I rcparatory HELENE SAAD Lei us be gay, while we may. Commercial Hockey 1: Basketball Club 1: Handicraft Club 1. DOROTI IEA SC HMITZ Dot The elernalfeniininr' dolh draw on us. Commercial Odds and Ends -lg Handicraft Club I. Chemistry Club ll: Dramatics l: Orchestra 3. I-3 Dance Orchcstra I: Band 2. 3. fl. DORIS li. SMITH Dorie .4 perjfccl woman. nobly planned To 1l'!lI'lI. lo romforl. and vom- moml. General llandicraft Club 2: Boosler Stalf 1: Girls' Glcc Club l. 2, 3. lg Latin Club l, 2. 29 JAMES SAVA HESE Jim Who mixes wisdom wilh pleasure, and wisdom wilh mirth. Class Football 1: Wrestling 4: Class Track 1: Track 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 1: Photography Club 4: Orchestra 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Student Council 23 Executive Council 3, 4: Boosier Staff 4: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4: Ushers Squad 3, 4: Movie Squad 2, 4. HARRIET SCHWING Cheerfulness is an ojfshool of goodness and wisdom. Commercial Transferred from John Adams lligh School Basketball Club 3, 4: Hockey 3, 1: Booslcr Staff el: Odds and Ends l. CILBERT SUSSER Hill I will be lorrl mvrr rntvxvlf. Collcgc Prcparatory Dramatic Club I. 2. 3: Trallic Squad 3. II: llshcrs Squad I. RORERT TAYLOR Hob Nol a Sinner, nol ll xuinl, pcrlzaps. Bu! jusl llu' rcrlv lwsl Q1-FIIUPS. Collcgc Prcparatory Chcmistry Club I. 2, I: Dra- matics Club VI: Orchestra 3: Rand 2. 3. I1 liooxlcr Stall' Il: Trallic Squad 3, I: llshcrs Squad 3, I: Movic Squad 3, I1 Latin Club I. 2. Commercial A '- .1 fl quccrz. Ccncral LFS I!! .ll lfrcnch Club 3. I CLADYS L. SYMES lic gone. rlull care! You aml I shall rzcmfr uyrmf. Commcrcial llorkc I' llawkctball Club 'I' ' ,y V, . ,, , , Orchcstra Ig Girls' Clcc Club 2. 3, I. FRED 'I'EllI4'Iil, 1,fgl'l,v .II fricnd lo unc. afrimul lo all. Ccncral Photography Club I: Airplanc- Club 2: Art Club I: Dancc Orclwstra I: Rand 3, 'I-. 30 FLOR EN CE SNI IT H Fluxxlc Siu' is ycrillc llml doll: gcnllf' rlcwls. Archery Club 'I-2 Odds and Ends 3, 'Ig Girls' Clcc Club I, I. EDNA JANE STALEY She mow Q a rorlflcss, and xlw looks Ilockcy I : Ilaskctball Club I: Rand I: Trallic Squad 3, I: Vi I ' Flu VIII I 'V 3 I' STANLEY STRIZVER Slrl: L1fl's mccl and f'l.llll'I' do or rlic. Collcgc I rcparatory Class Football I. 2: Football 3: Wrestling 3, I: Track 3: Dcbat- ing Club 31 Ring Committcc 3: Trallic Squad 2. 3, .I EAN R. SKI ITII llcr nalurc jus! as .vzmfvl and lruc as Ihr' sofl vlzorrls shf' plays so znrpcrllv. Collcgc Preparatory Transllcrrcd from llillside- Iligh School Girls' Clcc Club I: lfrcnch Club 3: Dramatics -Ig Hockey -Ig Raskctball Club -Il: Activities Council I: Odds and Ends I1-5 Trallic Squad ll. OLIVE ER MA STODDART Popeye Iluppirlrfss Sl'I'lII,S Illllllf' lo be xlmrcrl. Collcgc Prcparatory llandicrallt Club I. 3: lloclmy Ig Studcnt Council I 3 Trallic Squad I1 Iliology Club I. N'I!XRCE STll'Vll'I" Sllunpy Siu' sluoll II .Vlijllll In nmkz' an old num young. Ccncral Dancing Club I. 2: lloclwy I. 2: llaskctball Club I. 2: lfooslcr Stall' -ll. LULA THORNE Lu Nolhing endures bu! personal qualifies. General Hockey 2: Basketball Club 1. 2, 43 Girls' Glee Club 2. 3, L: Spiritual Choir 3, 4. GERDA E. TONNETT Geri Be lrue to your word and your work and your friend. Commercial Dramatics 3, 4, Dancing Club 1: Hockey 2, 3, Activities Council 4, Bing Committee 33 Hoosier Staff 43 Odds and Ends 43 Ger- man Glee Club 4-. EARL TB IPKE Wrile me as one who loves his fellow men. College Preparatory Social Committee 23 lnterelass Soccer 1, 2g Track 43 Chemistry Club 1-. DELNO KERMIT TOMPKINS Ilick A man of few words. Commercial Class Football 2g Football 3, 4: Class Basketball 33 Wrestling 3. DOROTHY M. TR ACY Dol Nothing is impossible lo a willing heurl. Commercial llockey 4g Odds und Ends 2, 3, lg Trallie Squad 3, fl-3 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Club ll: Archery Club 4. JOSEPH VOKOUN Joe Each mind has ils own melhod. College Preparatory Dramatics lg Art Club lg Or- chestra 1. 2, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, -1-3 Boys' Glec Club 1, 2, 3, -1-g German Glee Club 4, 'Latin Club 2, 3. 1 EDWARD VOLLIIEHBST An ajfable and courleous genlle- man. College Preparatory Chemistry Club -13 Debating Club 23 German Glee Club l, 2g Soccer 1. CATHERINE WAGNEH Ku-v Hou' hrillianl and mirlhful lhe lighl of her eye! Commercial Dramatics I, 21 Gym Club 1. 2. 31 ANNE WAGNER A nnie Mae Mine hours were nice and lucky, Commercial Dramaties 1, 2. MARY WALCSAK Nolhing lozvelier can he found in woman Ihun lo study household good. Commercial Dramaties 1: Archery Club 4, Girls' Glee Club fl. ROBERT E. WALDRON Bob Learning is like mercury, One of lhe mos! powerful and ef- cellent lhings in the world, in skillful hands. College Preparatory Chemistry Club I: Airplane Club 2, 33 German Glee Club 1, 2. HELEN E. WEAG Weagy A lover of all sporls. Commercial Dancing Club I, 2. 3, I-: Hockey l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Club l, 2, 3, -lg Archery Club -I: Activities Council 43 Odds and Ends fl: Senior Class Secretary: Trallic Squad 3, 'Ig Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR A. Nl ICRLE Unnie Her ready speech jlozrerl free and fair. General Boosler Stall -lg Trallie Squad 3, L1-3 Girls' Glee Club l. 2. 3. I2 French Club 3. RAYMOND L. WALKER I ehabod Silence is one of lhe virlues of lhe wise. Practical Arts Airplane Club 2. IRENE WVENZEL Dulrhie I low prelly her blushing was. .4 nd hour she blushed againl College Preparatory Dancing Club lg llockey l, 2. 3, -lg Basketball Club l, 2, 3, L: Game Club el: Archery Club lg Student Council -lg Cheerleader 2. Il, I: Trallic Squad 3. I1 French Club 3: Gym Club I. 2. CHRISTIAN C. WERTIIVVEIN Chris Take no lhoughlfor lhefulure: The presenl will su Hire. Commercial Class Football l, 2: Track 2, Il, al: Roys, Glee Club 2, 3, I-3 Ilaskctball li. ALFRED ALMA WIIITEHEAD ,-'ll Perjfecl simplirily is uncon- sciously pleasing. College Preparatory Dancing Club 2g Girls' Glee Club I. 2, Il. lg Gym Club I. 23 Spiritual Choir Il. M. CAROLYN VVIEDERSPAIIN IfVeellie llonor is lhe reward of cirlue. College Preparatory Dramatics I, Ig llockey l, 2. 3, -lg Basketball Club 1. 2, lg Arch- ery Club lg Debating Club Ig Art Club l. 2, 3: Student Coun- cil 1: Activities Council -le: Social Committee 2, 3. 'I-: Odds and Ends 3. 'lg German Glee Club lg Latin Club 2, 3. I: Gym Club 1.2. 32 EDWARD WHITEMAN The caulious seldom err. General Debating Club 21 Odds and Ends 2. ROBERT WINCHURCH Windy The courage never lo submit or .Vll'l!l And wha! is else nol lo be over- come. Practical Arts Airplane Club 2, 3: Boosler Stall' I: Boys' Glee Club 3. WILLIA M Zl N4 M ER MA N Zim Work frsf. and 1hen resl. Practical Arts Airplane Club 35 Boat Club 4g Ushers Squad 49 Emergency Squad l. 2, 3. 4. ANNE MIKUS Bly 11111111111 is 11ea1I11 and perfecl ease: My conscience clear my chief defense. Commercial ROBERT D. WOLFSKEIL Bob His mind, his kingdom, and 11is 11.1111 111s law. General Boys' Glec Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DORIS VVUESTNIAN Dol The cynosure of neigliboririg eyes. Commercial Hockey 4, Archery Club 45 Odds and Ends 4g Girls' Glee Club 4. firsl 1 ine. General CHARLES M. ZISSEL Charlie Wi111 llzy clear, keen joyance Langaor cannot be. College Preparatory Class Basketball 1, 2, Basket- ball 4g Cross Country 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 4g Dramatics lg Traffic Squad 2, 33 Ushers Squad 3, 4, German Glee Club 2, Latin Club 1. JOSEPH ZIKA Zeke As a wit, if no! firsl, in 1110 very Class Football 2, Class Wrestling 23 Chemistry Club 1. ETTA SCHAFFEH Her ways are i11e ways of ger1,11e- ness, and all her palhs are peace. Commercial Student Council 1, 2, Boosler Staff 4. 33 DOUGLAS WRIGHT Doug In every rank, greal or small, 'Tis lJldllSfl'y slipporls as all. Commercial Dramatics 2, -tg Student Coun- cil 4: Boosler Staff 4, Odds and Ends 3, 4. MARGARET Nl. ZEPF 1Warg ie Wi111 c11eerfa1r1ess andfriend1iness wrifien on ereryfealare. College Prepara tor y Archery Club 4, Trallic Squad 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 4, French Club 3. A. RUTH ZIMMERMAN Zimmie Her aciions accorded wilh her mind, n Lively, ardenl, frank, and kind. Commercial Dramatics 3, 43 Hockey 4, Archery Club 43 Basketball Club 4, Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Staff 4-3 Odds and Ends 3, 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Girls' Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY SPITZNAGEL Sland ing wilh relaclani feel Where ihe brook and river meeia Womanhood and glil'11l0O!l'fl861. Commercial Transferred from East Side High School JUNIIIIIS The Junior class has proved itself worthy to be our successors. With five one-hundred-percent homerooms, they ranked third in the annual Activities Ticket drive. Scholastically they placed very high. Jack Dingle, VVarren Hoff'- man, Shirley Partington. Jeanne Reimer, Hugh Richards. and June Schaffner were on the high honor roll for the first term. In extra-curricular activities this class was very active, and in athletics they have enjoyed a very successful year. Union may depend upon such steady performers as Jack Garrabrant. Bill McLaughlin. Harold Sonnabend, Art Schiller. Bill Medcraft. Norman lloltaway, Lenny Moore, Fred Christ, Les Floster. Art Molchan, and George Smith to carry its colors high in the field of sports next year. Last March when llnion's delegates attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, our eight representatives were Juniors: Don Goff, Audrey Standt. Jeanne Reimer, Lenny Moore. Hugh Richards, June liricksen. lilaine Lachenauer, and Eleanor Nicholson. ln the field of music, Lyn Trotman and Florence Carmichael showed their ability when they were chosen to participate in the New Jersey All-State Orchestra. Don Goff also added to the laurels of the Junior class by winning a township Safety Poster Contest. The twin cheerleaders, Anne and Eleanor Asmus, will surely continue their iine work in encouraging the teams on to victory. Our vote of' thanks to the Junior members of the Photography Club, who have added many a picture to this year's Booster. Best wishes for a year filled with happiness and achievement from the class of 1938, to the class of l939. 34' SOPll0MOBES In September 1937. last year's Freshmen became full-fledged Sophomores, with the "greeness" of being Freshmen worn off. These students comprised the largest class our school has ever known, having ten homerooms. They showed their spirit early, with five homerooms one hundred per cent in buying Activities Tickets. Edward Miller, a member of this enterprising class, had the highest scholastic average in the school for the first termg while Robert Hill and Kenneth Gruber have won honorable mention in a county essay contest. This year. for the first time, the Sophomores have had representatives in the Social Committee. They also have in the Student Council members who have worked very industriously for them. Robert Adams was their outstanding athlete of the year, winning two letters, one for football and the other for wrestling. In the latter sport, Charles Wimmer also won the coveted " li." The girls were no less interested and active, having a large number participating in all branches of athletics open to them. In addition to all these activities, the Sophomores were active in musical organizations, boasting twenty-two of their number in the Band, fourteen in the Orchestra, and fully as many in The Girls' Glee Club. Congratulations, Sophomores! We anticipate more of your good work in the future. 35 FRESIIMEN This year's Freshman class adjusted itself in a surprisingly short time to a schedule which necessarily isolated them from the upperclassmen. Regrettable as such a situation is, the Freshmen undoubtedly were saved a possible education in humility and were permitted to enjoy bankers' hours. In spite of being thus hampered and pampered, they have displayed great school spirit. They began the year by manifesting splendid enthusiasm in the Activities Ticket drive, placing second among the classes, with a ninety-seven-percent membership in the Booster Association. Although upperclass activities have been denied them, the Freshmen have shown commendable energy in forming an orchestra under the direction of Mr. Holcombe. from which the best players have been invited to play with the Senior Band: and an eager group of songsters comprised a fine Freshman Girls' Glee Club directed by Miss Sherman. Since facilities would not permit their attending our regular assembly, they had their owI1 assembly periods in which many unique programs were presented. Some of the best of these were "A Spelling Beef, a Professor Quiz program, a model boat show, and a science program which traced the history of electricity from Thales, 600 B. C., to Thomas Edison. The Freshmen also proved to be promising athletes, their football team being one of the best in our school's history. The stars in this field were William Upton, Walter Strohbach, Joe Mayleyg in basketball, Norman Herman and Richard Davenportg and in track, Irvin Samuels and Al Donafri. Those who were on the high honor roll for the first term were Janet Bace, .loan Bitzig, Elinor Martin, Emma Louise Ranck, Ann Ritchie, and Jacque Severson. Altogether, we may say with pride that the class of '41 has shown throughout the year the ability and the attitude that should make them highly successful. 36 w 5 W Dramatics Club ACTIVITIES ln few schools are student activities so varied. so popular, or so wholly success- ful as at llnion High. The following pages give only brief glimpses and high lights but should serve as reminders of many enjoyable occasions. Our narrative begins with "Loose Ankles." produced under the supervision of Miss Dye and Mr. Clark. aided by the prompters, Carolyn Wiederspahn and Doris Waitz. This play, another feather in our cap. was presented on December 3 and ll by the Dramatics Club, which was made up of the members of the cast: Jean Smith. Audrey Slandt., Robert. Drew. Adelle De Wald. Ferdinand Wieder- spahn, Nliriarn llasburg, Ruth Zimmerman, James liundquist, Charlotte Myer, tlerda Tonnett, Joe Yokoun. Seymour Hell. Douglas Wright. Albert. Nliller. Shirley Slocum. and Robert. Taylor. This gay and highly entertaining production seemed to be enjoyed as much by the actors as by the audience and gave abundant, evidence of the histrionic ability in our midst.. MUSIIJ America swings, and so do lnion High's musical organizations. Following the trend of the limes. both band and orchestra have devoted considerable time to the production of the afore-mentioned style of music. The band swung through the football series enlivening the stands and boosting the team to greater victory. With Edna Staley. our first girl drum-major. strutting before the band and lidgar 38 Bennett twirling the baton, this organization achieved greater recognition. Having played for the P.T.A., they sponsored their own concert which, although it was modern, did not neglect the works of the Masters. Combining their efforts with the physical education departments, a first-rate circus was produced. During the first semester the band supplied the music for assemblies, for the remainder of the year, the band and orchestra shared the honors. The latter's fine rendition of the classics for the P.T.A, concert proved their excellence. The success of the operetta, "Rose of the Danube," was partly due to this organization for its finished accom- paniment. This year seven members of this organization received recognition by being invited to play in the All-State Orchestra led by Jose lturbi. Under the leadership of Mr. Holcombe, a Freshman orchestra, which partici- pated in the Freshman assemblies, was organized for the first time this year. Its main purpose was to serve as a training group for the Senior Band and Orchestra. The Freshman Glee Club, led by Miss Sherman, sang in some of their assemblies. Our particularly fine Jazz Orchestra, under the leadership of Mr. Buland and the baton of Edgar Bennett, swung and swayed at the Hallowe'en and Christmas parties, for the dancing which followed the Alumni Basketball game, for the school play, the Band Concert, and the Circus. Let us take you from swingtime in the music room to singtime in the audito- rium, where much time was spent in the training of the voices which added so much to our operetta and to our Baccalaureate service. The operetta, "Prose of the Danubefi was an excellent production because of the good solo voices and the melodious harmonies contributed by the chorus. The Baccalaureate service would Seene from ffLoose Ankles 9' 39 have heen incomplete il' l nion lligh's lllee tlluh had not heen there singing so beautifully for the satisfaction ol' the graduating class. For the lirst, time l3nion was represented in the :Xll-State Chorus hy four girls who had the honor and pleasure ol' singing with this group al Atlantic City. They were .lean Smith. Adelle De Wald, lileanor Werle. and Audrey Standt.. Because. as Longlellovv says. " Nlusic is the universal language ol' mankind," these organizations are some ol' the most. popular and most cultural in the high school. SQUADS liarly in the school year. the l'shers Squad, composed ol' only Junior and Senior boys. was personally chosen by Nliss Ilurling. This squad had a great 011-h astra variety ol' duties. heing always ready to carry out. any order of our principal. They arranged the auditorium for assemblies, ushered and collected tickets for all school functions, and delivered the Christmas baskets to the poor. :Xl football games, these boys ran the scoreboard and acted as linesmen. The little odd jobs they perl'orm are countless. and although important to the smooth running of our various activities, many ol' them pass unnoticed. The Trallic Squad. composed of lifty undergraduales. this year sustained a change in advisers just prior to the end of the lirst. term, when Nlr. llolland trans- ferred to his present position. Nliss tiross was chosen as successor to the former adviser, and very adtnirlhly did she execute her duties. 40 ,i ,V A M A, in 'jig V Q I 7.4 5, 24 fr . 4 5 1 X ,E ilk N x , Q6 A My . L K X' 1 M 1 fl in was f 0-265 'iw au fs 15-9225 gi! MQ? W 'main' New wif g raw- :iff X 5 , ff. i Q 3 7. :j Us if K Y A, F ? f 3 ? gf 'A 0 H in fl 155 5 "VH ' gf A Qi' ' 1, ?w"" 3 I Q ' va Q- in . N ,f-Til jf? 'sa fh A.,, MAE . Q2 V za: NS: 4 4 Af , , gl., V JW Vin i iizk W X ig: ..,V 1 A , 1 E " x, K J H K , W, Z xi aw 5 w, , 3 x-52430 s JA? P5559 X15 JAX iii,v,,,,,aa ig R535 i J Junior lileo Club Hy the end of the year. there are numerous things which have been at some time either repaired or built by these model citizens. CIIEEIILEADEIIS The cheerleaders. who are so largely responsible for the development, of school and team spirit. should be allowed to take a bow. All dressed up in brand new outfits. they combined with our winning football team and band to present a most colorful display on Mitchell Field. They showed ingenuity in developing new cheers and ability in using old ones. If the band had any new novelty numbers. the cheerleaders cooperated to put them across. lfaeh year two sophomores are ehosen by the student body. with the approval of the Activities Council. to serve as Cheerleaders during their remaining years at Union High. Thus. there are always two representatives from each of the upper Classes occupying these honored positions. This year. the white sweater signifying the head cheerleader was worn by lrene Wenzel, Senior: and maroon ones with white bands signifying the number of years as a cheerleader. were worn by Joe Yokoun, the other Senior. the Asmus twins. .luniors. and Shirley tllair and Doris Gordon. the newly selected Sophomores. C0 U NCI LS The student government ol' the tlnion lligh School is conducted by three organizations: the lixeeutive Council. the Activities Council. and the Student Council. the first being the highest ranking body. lls main duties are to organize I,fjl'lIur1'yl1l.' ,VNm:i,i.i1: Di-1 XNfu.n, lfl.H.xNon NN I'IllI.l'l. Mumm' S'l'AND'I', .ll-IAN Sylrrll at Aliilllllt' f ity tht- Hand at a football gauw. elshtim 1 1 fl Senior Glee Club the governing bodies at the beginning ol' each year and to consider for approval all new regulations introduced by the other two. Two Senior and two Junior executors are elected by popular vote of the student body from nominations made by members of the faculty. The Senior members this year were James Lundquist and James Savareseg the Juniors were Audrey Standt and Hugh liichards. The oflicers were James Lundquisti. president and Audrey Standt. secretary. The advisory duties have been most efficiently discharged by Nliss Feuchter. Ylr. ltuland. and Mr. Holland, though we have missed the latter since he left Union High School for his present. higher-ranking position. One accomplishment ot' this group was the changing ot' the school's constitution. providing a new method of election for Student Council members. The extra-curricular activities are supervised by the Activities Council. made up of representatives from each club or organization. The sale of our Activities Ticket is the special project of this Council. Because so many Worthwhile oppor- tunities were incorporated in these tickets. ninety-four per cent of the school purchased them. This year. for the first time. we had Christmas decorations throughout the school provided and put up by the Activities Council. Christmas invaded the cafeteria through the medium of a huge tree. glittering with silver. colored balls. and lights. Wreaths and smaller trees were placed in the auditorium. There were ten students and three facility members in this active organization. The president was Carolyn Wiederspahng secretary. Jean Smithg and the facility members. Nliss Dayton. Miss Baker. and Miss Kuntz. The faculty and the lixecutive Council. using the 11ew method provided for in the constitution early in the year. suggested candidates from the various classes to run for membership in the Student Council. These candidates were then voted upon sher Squad l ,ie sludenl body. who chose Irene Wenzel. presidenl: lfdward Hiller vice-presidenl: and Doris Nlueller, sevrelary. Other members were Geiger, Charles Dingle. James Levergroud. Douglas Wrigl Meder, Paul liergmami, liuyrnond Haines, Ann Adams. and John Friseu. Nliss Dye Ni' advisers. Mnmigg the mallei honor system in slu I divide lhf U bv ll , , M lien ll. Yi Lum ' ,,, lssi' ' i rs prep . my h' ' , 2 hull: ' Lhe 1' rmond ulel Ash. liric . Marge Sprague. Hubert ness. und NI rs. Iiny served as facully senled and dismissed ul, lhe meelin,1,:s were an ails, one-way lraffic in the cerrirlors. and while lines lo s in half. When a problem was discussed and il proved le be for ,ood nflhe school, il was lhen pul into eliiecl. Because urlicles had been missed Traffif' Squad ffl Emergency Squad frmn lockers. this eonncil inslallecl a new rnunilor squad rmnposecl ul' sixty-four nieinhers, smne of whmn were on duly all all limes during: the sellcml day. The Councils l'0l'lTl9fl a slnclenl governnienl never before quite so elfeeliie in our sclnml, SUCIAL IIUMMITTEE The social cmnmillee under the leadership of Nliss Dayton prepared four major social l'llIlCllUIlS lhis year. planning and arranging: for the progfrains, refresh- Usher Squculg Christmas Baslwis ments, and decorations for all events. These were the Freshnian llallowe'en Party. the Sophomore Christmas Party. the Senior Prom. and the Junior Prom. Painted, masked, and weirdly dis- guised, the Freshmen attended their Hrst party at lnion lligh School. At the Sophomore Christmas Party, ' dancing occupied more time than at the Freshman part yAbeeause of a greater degree of Sophomore sophisti- cation. To give this party an even greater holiday atmosphere than holly wreaths and boughs and a huge brightly trimmed tree Could produce, Santa Clans appeared. That jolly man distributed gifts which he carried in his pack and which had been pre- sented individually by the Sophomores as they entered. Pretty girls in the latest. mode of evening wear and handsome boys in smooth- fitting tuxedoes stepped out Saturday night, February 5. to the big "formal " of the year. lt was Senior Prom night, and everyone was swinging to the music of the Clef Club Orchestra. Our plain everyday gymnasium was transformed into a win- ter wonderland of snowflakes, snowballs, snowmen, and icicles. Snowballs were provided, and a snowball fight was waged when it was time to don wraps and bid Cheerleaders i 46 ccutivc Council Activities Council 47 goodnighls. Cookies and punch were served, buffet style. in the corridorg and finally. when twelve o'clock rolled around, everyone danced to the tune of " Coodnight, Sweetheart." The Social Committee is planning for the Junior Prom, second only to the Senior Prom in social importance. This "formal " is the coming-out party for the Juniors, demonstrating the step taken since their underclass days. We thank Miss Dayton, the faculty adviser, and the following members of the committee who have made our social affairs so delightful: Carolyn Wiederspahn, Edith Chandler. William Flamme, our Senior repre- sentativesg June Ericksen. June Shaff' ner, and Leonard Moore, our Junior representativesg and our Sophomores, Jack Ring, Edward Miller, Joyce Dyer and Ruth Conover. Congratulations for your untiring efforts which have produced each weekly publication of the 1937438 Odds and Ends! First. directing the student staff, are members of the faculty, advisers who deserve a good part of the credit for the publication's success. Heading the feature staff was Mrs. Wisman, who kept her group always on the alert for novel feature ideas. Mrs. Hoy was the efficient news adviser. and Mr. Sharrattis staff submitted snappy and interesting sports articles. The typing was wisely left, to the management of Nlr. Henry, and the final arrangement and makeup to Mr. Cap. Nluch credit also goes to the editors of the various departments. Under the editor-in-chief. Jean Smith. Eleanor Nicholson held the important position of news editorg Huth Anne Reimer headed the successful feature staff, while sports news came to us through the efforts of James Lever- good. Dorothy Tracy managed the exchange department-newly created in Union lligh Schoolfwhich exchanged our Odds and Ends for the publications of other high schools. The artistic Carolyn Wiederspahn. art editor. supplied the decorations. liarly this year at the Rutgers llniversity press clinic. llnion was well repre- sented by lileanor Nicholson. 'Xlargaret Patz. Carolyn Wiederspahn. Ruth Anne Reimer. Jean Smith. editor-in-chief. and Mrs. Hoy. faculty adviser of the news stall' and general manager of the whole newspaper. Proving that our Odds and Ends was really among the best, we emerged vic- torious. placing in the first group at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention in New York. The information gained will be employed when next. year's Odds and Ends goes to press. MIN 0B CLUBS One of our youngest organizations is the Camera Club under the direction of Wir. Cap. the head darkroom enthusiast. with Xliss Durling as the honorary chief assistant. Those people you saw running up and down the football field with their cameras belong to this group. The greatest thrill of all was the night of the Bound Brook wrestling match. The members photographed the match- popped into the dark room, developed the negatives. dried them, and enlarged them all in an hour and a half! Don't ask, however. when the camera fiends went home that night! Those pictures recently on exhibition and the informal snapshots in this yearbook are the club's brain children. If it seems that too few pictures have emerged out of the dark room this year, at least a world of experience has been acquired. The shutter-clickers are Jack Dingle, Robert Giffin. William Jensen, Robert Waldron, Leonard Moore, and Prichard Schumpelt. Another group meeting with Mr. Cap now and then just for the sheer joy of singing the "Lieder" is the quite informal German Singing Club. Some people Student Council 48 believe that this organization is composed entirely ot' sopranos and altos. but the reporter did diseover three basses in the group. "Banners of Union" has been translated into German and sung lustily. it' not accurately. The members are Nlargaret Patz. lilaine Lachenauer. Jeanne lieimer. Dorothea Lingsrh. Clara Paas, Augusta linterwald. -Xudrey Standt.. Irene Smith, Carolyn Wiederspahn, Richard Sehumpelt. Walter Ley. Charles Dingle, limily liose. Franves lirnst., and lidith Brunner. Still another ol' these invreasingly popular activities is the Bios Club, organized in the early part ol' November under the supervision of Xliss Gross. at the request ol' various students who were interested in taking up other fields not covered in class as well as furthering their knowledge along the regular course ol' study. lt, was decided that dues of live cents would be paid Weekly, the accumulation of which would be used for materials and a special trip. Meetings were held every Tuesday after school in the biology room. The officers elected were president. Jerry Detweiler: vire-president. Carolyn l'iec-liowirzg sec'retary, Gertrude Baznerg Social Conunittee V149 l 66011118 and Ends 99 Staff and treasurer. Dorothy Orebeck. Many plans were made for the year's program. some of which were fulfilled this spring. The interests of the club centered around dissection and microscopic work. and when the weather permitted the club trans- ferred its activities to field work. The members also concentrated on plant struc- ture, the plant kingdom. prehistoric life. and the laws of heredity. No organization in school has proved more stimulating and delightful to its members nor more fascinating to those who have seen its products than the Model Yacht Club composed of forty-one members under the leadership of Nlr. Kordys. lt has completed its first year with great success. all members having participated in the art ol' building model racing yachts. The ofticers of the club were as follows: Stephen tiulick. presidentg tleorge Col. vice-presidentg Clement Johnson. secretaryg Raymond Haines. treasurer. From all the models that were built. two teams were chosen during the elimina- tion races held in Warinanco Park. lilizabeth. New Jersey. One team was of the Marblehead class. the other the 36N class. Both of these teams represented the llnion lligh School and both competed against teams of other schools. .Nlthough these activities are classed as "minor." they have proved among the most attractive in the school. ASSEMBLY' PBINIIIAMS lndoubtedly, we have had this year the most unique and entertaining pro- grams thal have ever been presented in llnion High School. Pamahasikas Pets 50 Boat Builders were presented at our first assembly and proved to be not a conventional display of ordinary pets, but a show proving the ability of many birds and animals. some very new to us. The Australian cockatoos Waltzed and per- formed on horizontal bars. Little Billy did problems for us. several intelligent dogs and Bozo, the human monkey, did hoop and barrel sluntsg and Commo- dore, the pony. had his act to perform. Our next feature was a program presented by Cleveland Grant, an authority on bird life. whose lecture was illustrated with colored slides, and an interesting motion picture of the most intimate pictures of bird life ever taken. A special assembly based on the importance of safe driving was brought to us through the makers of Coca Cola. After that we heard a thrilling account of Aerial Adventure given by Captain Hooke. an amazing soldier of fortune who. on his famous solo flight from London to India. in a single-engined Nloth Plane. made one of the most spectacular flights in the entire history of aviation. One of our most interesting and instructive assemblies was presented by Nlajor Lester. from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. who lectured OII how science and the skill ofthe Federal agents are used to capture criminals. "Wheels Across Africa." a talking picture, was presented through the courtesy of the Dodge Nlotor Car Company. showing the thrills and excitement ofa twenty- Setting for Play German Singing Club 51 four-month expedition. The film showed the highspots of the trip from London through Timbuctoo, Capetown, Nairobi, to Cairo. The main feature of our annual Christmas assembly was the presentation of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Caroln by Dr. Armitage. who has been keenly in- terested in Dickensia from childhood. His recital from this famous novel was augmented by the showing of lantern slides taken from pictures in his several rare editions and from fine old prints. "Safari on Wheels." another talking picture on Africa. was shown by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. This mapped a trip from Algiers to Nairbu. Science and its marvelous development was brought tous by Mr. Harry White, an associate of lidison and Steinmetz. who seemed almost a magician. This presentation dealt with scientific inventions that are not familiar to most people. Among his explainable miracles ofelectricity and light were the largest and smallest electric light bulbs, an original Edison light. the electric eye. and the black light. This program was especially interesting and left us amazed and puzzled. Following this was another unique performance combining music and art. While Nliss Dalziel played descriptive music. Nlr. Pleaser recounted with a brush, on twenty feel of paper. humorous and dramatic tales told by the music. The Ambassador Quartet. made up of unusually line singers with wonderful personalities, offered a program of the finest music. both vocal and instrumental, ranging from the popular to the best operatic selections. Dressed in brilliantly colored costumes and dramatizing many of their renditions. this Bell-Ringing Company presented a program that was superior and pleasing. Senior Dance l 52 Our last but surely not our least appreciated assembly program of the year was presented by the Bohemian Glass Blowers. This inspiring program was given by the Howell family, one of whom is a member of our graduating class. Animals, birds, flowers, ornaments, and scientific instruments were made without the aid of tools or molds by this quaint and now almost forgotten art of glass blowing. Thus our interesting and entertaining assembly programs were concluded by a fascinating and instructive demonstration of science, art, and skill. IN APPRECIATIIIN It is with reluctance that we say, " Farewell, Union High Schoolli' We thank you for four happy years and for lasting friendships you have helped us gain through your friendly atmosphere. As we prepare to leave you, We try to recall all of the happy experiences we have had while with you. For the enjoyable hours we have spent in your auditorium, singing, cheering, being entertained, and listening to Miss Durling's announcements, we are grateful. In your gymnasium we have enjoyed many happy and worth-while hours in playing basketball or volley- ball, in wrestling or participating in other sports, in watching our athletes perform or performing ourselves on Mitchell Field. We who have been active in your athletic program shall always remember the months of pleasurable toil spent on this field or in the 'egymf' The hard knocks we have received have prepared us to meet the harder knocks that will be ours later in life. For your grand athletic coaches We are duly thankful and for the acquaintances gained in competing with our friendly rivals. The spirit of sportsmanship achieved through participation in our school athletics we feel sure will carry us far in the world before us. The monogram presented to us will always stand for a measure of success acquired at Union High School. For the numerous advantages which have been ours to prepare ourselves for life and work, for the relations your halls have afforded us between classes, and for the good times we have had talking, laughing and joking in your cafeteria and on your grounds, we're indebted to you. For our teachers we are thankful. Although often we felt burdened by work, we are sure we leave better prepared for our future because of it. The admission charges have always been favorable to us, and we have shown our appreciation of the good performances presented in concerts, plays, operettas, the annual circus, and special assembly programs by the support we have given them. Those of us who have played or sung in the concerts thank you, Union High, for the grand musical training given us here. Our dramatic training in presenting worth-while plays also has been appreciated. The comparatively low cost of your Activities Ticket has been an object of gratitude always and the many memorable times afforded by this ticket shall not be soon forgotten. We are mindful of the fact that because of the newly installed double session, we will be the last class for some time to enjoy the numerous advantages We have had. Graduating, we take with us a conviction that adverse conditions will never down that old Union spirit and that you're the grandest school ever. Our very best wish for our successors is that they may enjoy such pleasures and privileges as have been ours at Union High School. 53 SENIQJRS' CHIIICE Favorite actor Favorite actress Favorite radio program Favorite type of music, swing, classical, etc. Favorite sport to participate in Will you marry for love or money? Favorite sport to watch Favorite hobby Favorite movie of 1937-38 Favorite orchestra Favorite dance Favorite comic strip Favorite newspaper Favorite comedian Favorite magazine Favorite flower Favorite breed of dog Do you like bright nail polish? Favorite pie Favorite cake Your favorite fruit Your size shoe, girl Your size shoe, boy Your ancestors' nationality Favorite type of beauty Favorite color Favorite type of literature Do you prefer summer or winter sports? Most interesting assembly Do you approve of women in politics? 54. Clark Gable, Gary Cooper Sonja Henie, Loretta Young Charlie McCarthy's Swing Swimming Love Football Beading, Dancing Wells Fargo, Snow White Sammy Kaye, Horace Heidt Waltz, Big Apple Li'l Abner Newark Evening News J ack Benny Life, Look Rose Collie No! Apple Chocolate Banana, Apple 6-average 9-average German Brunette Blue Novel Summer Bell ringers Yes ATHLETICS Nothing in Union lligh attracted more boys and girls than the athletic events. We may boast both of good teams and of an ardent spectator cheering squad present at all tests of athletic ability. This year our hill-and-dalers proved Cross Country worthy of the promotion to a major sport by completing a most. successl'ul season. Captained by Robert Fexa. the team compiled a respectable record as shown by l.he following scores: .lellerson 30. l?nion 25: l'nion 31. Kearny 21: VVeequahic 31. lnion 2 tg Regional 140. llnion 203 Jellerson 27. llnion 283 VVest. Side 38. llnion IT: Regional 35. l'nion 20. We had a new coach this year. who must be congratulated. Nlr. Fritz's team was outstanding because ofits results and for the competitive spirit and teamwork of the boys. although our captain was unable to participate part of the season because of an injured ankle which gave him considerable trouble. Two senior boys, Albert, Miller and liobert Fexa, received gold track shoes as awards for three years of varsity com- pet.ition. Other awards went to Ray- mond Meyer, who received a second 'year letter. and Malcolm lioihle. Leonard Moore. and Norman lloltaway. who received lirsl year awards. Beginning the season under a new coach. Nlr. llingler. llnion again had an excellent wrestling season. Performing before large and appreciative audiences. the team always put on a display of wrestling ability which never failed to excite the fans. Not once on our home Cross Country Wrestling Basketball Team 56 grounds did the fellows disappoint us by failing to come through on topg and only once, away. by the close margin of two points, did we meet defeat. Our grapplers conquered Newton, Regional High School, Bound Brook, Trenton, Thomas Jefferson, and Roselle Park. They won the County Champion- ship with Smith, Adams, Remacle, Hal- sey, Kees. and Drotos as champions. We also boast three state champions: Smith, Kees, and Drotos. The team was comprised of Charles Wimmer in the 95 pound class, Adrian Schaeffer and Robert Fluche, 105, George Smith, 1153 Robert Adams, 125, Charles Blair and Frank Floster, 1353 James Remacle, 11-5, Robert Halsey, 1553 Wil- liam Severson and Peter Kassak, 165, Charles Kees, 1753 and Fred Drotos, un- limited. The boys on the team must be com- mended for their persistent training under adverse circumstances. Because of the crowded condition of the school, they had to wait until five oiclock for the gymnasium. All through the season our boys had trouble keeping their weight down. it was necessary for them to carry mats down to the boiler room and work out there to get rid of those extra pounds, for the new rules require that you be on or under your weight division, but not one pound over. Mr. Ringler proved himself to be an excellent coach. Every night, instead of merely telling the boys what to do, he donned his own wrestling togs and worked out with them. At the meets, it was a pleasure to see the way he handled the boys. Before each bout he gave each wrestler a few words of encouragement: and at the end, win or lose, he never failed to greet the boy with a hearty handshake and a few words of consolation or congratulations. 57 Football Team So we leave wrestling, hoping that next year's Boosler can boast as fine a team as this year's. We're sure it will, with so fine a coach as Mr. Ringler and the many excellent wrestlers he has for material. BASKETBALL Starting the i938 season with only two returning lettermen forming the nucleus for a green, inexperienced squad, Union High School's Basketball Team went through another luckless season. Hampered from the start by adverse practicing conditions, the squad, having to report for practice at seven P. Nl. each evening, never hit its stride. This late starting hour meant that the team would not reach home until quite late at night, and as a result, many potential basketball players were lost. Under a new coach, Mr. Leslie Fritz, the boys showed marked improvement soon afl er the season got under way, but meeting such teams as Bound Brook, Carteret, Rahway, and Linden kept them from the winning column. Our record is very deceiving, for in many games the team produced real thrillers, either tying the score in the closing minutes of the game or staging a threatening rally, but Lady Luck was not with us, and our opponents would manage to emerge victorious. The team scored only four victories: two over Roselle, one over Pingry, and one over Linden. Despite the poor season, the boys must be praised for the manner in which they took defeat. The members of the quintet were Albert Bamberger, John Kanzler, William McLaughlin, Frank Buob, Charles Zissel, .lack Meusel, Stephen Regenye, and 58 Arthur Printz. liamberger. Kanzler. and McLaughlin deserve recognition for their floor work. scoring ability, and defensive play. VVith the majority of this year's varsity men graduating. we can do little but hope that next yearis squad will turn some of those close ones into victories. F00'l'BALL Rising above their usual season of mediocrity. lnion Iligh School's 1937 Football team rose to heights achieved but. once before in the history of the school. With fine evidence of spirit and drilling. the team went through a schedule more formidable than any ever faced by a llnioti team and finished the season with the splendid record of six victories. two ties. and one defeat. From the first day of fall practice. there could be noted a certain altitude and spirit among the players that predicted big things for the approaching campaign. The lnion boys showed an abundance of offensive and defensive strength as they captured their first game on September 25 by a score of I 1f0. from an Alumni learn composed of many of llnion's stars of former years. Dominating the play completely, the boys used a fine aerial attack. In their game with Bound Brook on Nlitchell Field the following Week. the 'Wlaroon and White" mowed down the visitors for their second victory of the season. winning again by the score of I PO. The game had more the aspect of a track meet than a football game. with Nlchaughlin doing most of the running. Our " NlcLaughIin to l3amberger" passing combination sparkled. Cross Country Team Coach Fritz and Norlraun Iloltawuy 59 Y ,- l Girls' Hockey Visiting Hoselle next on October 9, Union extended its winning streak to three straight games, steamrollering Roselle by the now-habitual score l4Le0. With its fourth straight victory in view, the Union team struck a snag in the form of Sectional Champions of Group Three, Carteret, being defeated l3e0. In a wild game featured by long runs, fine defensive play, and Garrabrant's excellent punting, luck was just not with us. Numerous scoring opportunities were lost by had breaks. Despite the defeat, it was our best performance of the season, to date. Traveling to South River on a muddy Saturday, Union's warriors rose to still greater heights, coming from behind gloriously in the second half to tie a powerful South River team. Kees played a fine defensive game while the " McLaughlin to Bambergei-" combination shone its brightest, as "Bam" scored twice on long forwards. ln the closing minutes of the game, with a thrilling goalline stand in which they turned back four successive thrusts from within their five yard line, the boys really earned the final 1242 tie. Invading Schools Stadium, Newark. the Union gridders administered a 19-0 defeat to the S'Indians" of Weequahic High School before a large crowd. ln one of the finest displays of blocking, tackling, running, and kicking ever seen in these parts, our boys completely dominated the play. and scored practically at will in the final period. Garrabrant and McLaughlin stood out. the former for his timely punting and the latter for his fine passing and running. Bamberger, Severson and Drotos also turned in fine performances. Hosts to Rahway's "Big Pied." the Union team was very unmannerly in the way that they treated their guests. In a veritable S' field day," the boys entirely 60 outplayed the visitors, crushing them with powerful off-tackle plays by a score of 25-0. Garrabrant scored twice with his weak-side reverse, McLaughlin duplicating the feat with his off-tackle slant. Buob's blocking was a feature of the game. Clashing with Linden, our perennial rival in the annual "Turkey Day " game, the boys brought home a 19-7 decision. Out-scored in the first quarter 7-6 by a fighting Linden team, Union came back to score twice in the second quarter, and give us the decisive margin at which the game ended. Linden was wholly out- classed, and could do no more than hold the "Maroon and White" in check in the final half, a fourth Union touchdown being called back for penalty. McLaughlin's passing and running stood out, as did Kees's and F losteris defensive work. Saturday, December 4, marked the date of the clash between Union and Roselle Park in one of the most exciting games played in the county this year. In a thrilling match of offenses, the two teams fought each other to a standstill, the game ending in a 7-7 deadlock. At the annual Football assembly, December 17, awards were presented to the following players: Frank Buob, William Severson, Fred Drotos, J ack Garrabrant, Harold Sonnabend, William McLaughlin, Robert Halsey, Charles Kees, Albert Bamberger, Frank F loster, Sherman Kisner, Arthur Schiller, William Medcraft, Robert Adams, Peter Kassak, and William Dent. The boys all agree that without the time and careful attention given them by coaches Lake and Kandrat, they would not have been able to enjoy such a successful season. Congratulations are due these men for the fine job they did, and thanks are also extended to assistant coaches Fiorella, Twitchell, and Ringler for the time they spent developing our "J. V." squads, from which will come next year's team. TRACK AND FIELD With an abundance of material returning this year, Union High faced the Outdoor Track season with some degree of optimism. Forced to forego the usual Indoor Track campaign, by the lack of training facilities, the boys did not consider this a handicap and were again a power to be reckoned with on the track. With such fine athletes as Loihle and Peacock in the sprints and broad j umpg Fexa, broad jump and half-rnileg Geiger, hurdlesg Floster, weights, McLaughlin, weights and hurdles, Meyer and Holtaway, mileg Savarese, quarter-mile, Moore and Miller, half-mile, we had ample reason for optimism. Few additions were needed to round out this well-balanced array, which in March appeared to be as strong as our 1935 County Champions. GIRLS' SPIDRTS Among the various sports enjoyed by the girls, hockey, as usual, played one of the leading roles. The Hockey Club, which when it was organized in September boasted of a total membership of one hundred forty-five, sponsored a preliminary tournament-in which ten teams were enlisted-and a class tournament, which was won by the Seniors. Leading the experienced Seniors were Helen Weag, captain, and Irene Wenzel, manager. At the head of the ambitious Juniors were Eleanor Asmus, captain, and Josephine Kaltneckar, managerg and leading the deter- mined, fighting Sophomores were Florence Miller and Shirley Clair, co-captains, and Mary Bouvier, manager. 61 The winter season proved to be a busy one. Four clubs met each week. Monday morning found the gymnasium occupied by the eighty-five basketball enthusiasts of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes who practiced with their class teammates. Florence Miller, Catherine Bunnell, and Helen Weag were, respectively, the Sophomore, Junior and Senior captains. Of course, every one wanted to be on the teams chosen to participate in the various play days with Hillside, Madison, Millburn, and Linden. Wednesday's activities period was devoted to those girls with rhythm in their feet, namely the girls of the Tap Club. These energetic girls attracted considerable attention as they tapped away Wednesday mornings, Friday afternoons, and any other spare time they hadg but their fine performances in both the operetta, " Rose of the Danube," and the Circus proved that their practice wasn't in vain. The Seniors were the privileged ones on Thursday. Because the original number of girls who came out for archery could not be accommodated in the limited amount of time and space, and with our rather slim supply of tackle, the privilege had to be limited to the Seniors. Thirty of them conscientiously met every Thursday morning in the gymnasium and proceeded to puncture the target with their steadily-improving shots. The interest which developed in the club itself made the tournament held in March inevitable. The fourth period on Friday mornings was reserved for the Badminton- Ping-Pong Club. Any girl who was free that period was permitted to sign up. She was given a number, and each Friday she played one of these games according to the position of her number on the chart which was posted on the bulletin board. It was a purely recreational period, during which the girls played for the sake of playing. The Archery Tournament held on Monday and Tuesday, April 11 and 12, was met with enthusiasm by the twenty senior members of the club who entered it. The Tournament had to be a modification of the Junior Columbia Bound, and of necessity, was shot in two sessions, the twenty yard ends on Monday morning and the thirty yard ends on Tuesday morning. At the close of the tournament the following girls led with highest scores: Ruth Zimmerman 194 Doris Wuestman 174 Irene Wenzel 134 Angie Kaltneckar 114 Marion Kritzmacher 111 This fortunate tive represented Union High School in the Interscholastic Archery Tournament for High School Girls, sponsored by Panzer College on Tuesday, May 10, and held in Verona Park, Verona, New Jersey. Thus ended the girls' sport season for 1937f38, which had received unfailing cooperation and enthusiasm on the part of both class and varsity teams. On behalf of the girls in the entire student body, the senior girls wish to express their gratitude to Miss Zimanski for her patience and untiring efforts in working with us and to wish her success, happiness, and appreciative classes in her future years at Union. Outdoor badminton, volleyball, and baseball terminated the year's activities in the girls' athletics. 62 A SENIIJIVS SOLILOQUY Ho, hum. Here I am, but just where am IP When I was a darling with oversized ears and feet that didn't track, it seemed to me that being a senior was about all that anyone could wish for. Why, I used to think that the faculty sat up nights trying to think up nice things to say to the seniors. And I still think they sit up nights to hatch out words to pass on to the seniors. But what words! But here I am, and by the Great Horned Spoon, I'll soon be getting dunned for Alumni Association dues if something doesnft go hay-wire. When I was a darling I guess I never really thought I'd live long enough to graduate. Certain other cynical folks frequently expressed doubts along the same line. But all along, I've had it beaten into me, figuratively speaking, of course, that you had to stick it out and graduate or be called a quitter. Sometimes they were a little foggy as to just why I must graduate, but I must do it. lVIustn't dis- grace my family, mustn't disgrace my class and mustnft disappoint my teachers. Once in a while they even went so far as to say that I ought to turn the trick for my own good. One fall I played hockey. I sprained an ankle, but to make up for that I collected a nice scar and a Charley horse. Had lots of fun at it and learned a few odds and ends about hockey and a lot more about being a sport. One year I got ambitious and tried out for basketball. Coach said that if speed, accuracy, intelligence, and intestinal fortitude weren't necessary, I'd prob- ably be a whiz. I'm not sure, but I think that was meant for a dirty dig. All spoofing aside, I believe there are some things that have filtered into my ivory. I've really gotten wise to a few pointers. What are they? One thing that took longest to soak in is the fact that even when teachers roll you out flat and burn you up that they really want to see you make something out of yourself. I used to suppose they got paid according to the number they succeeded in flunking. Then one day when I had said that Columbus wrote the Declaration of Indepen- dence, the man Qyou know the one I meanj nailed me before I could make my get- away. In words of one syllable, or less, he showed me that if I flunked, it really meant that he had fallen down on his job. Pardon the intrusion, but in case you are confused on the subject, it wasn't Columbus who wrote the Declaration. He's known for another stunt, but we won't go into that now. Anything else? Yeah, the Big Shots. There are two kinds of fem. One is all noise and the other packs a punch like a Missouri mule's hindwheels. The first one wants to see his name in the Odds and Ends and his map in the Booster. When free ducats are dished out he's at the head of the line. When work's the dish, he isn't even at the foot of the line. He's off on one side talking importantly to the faculty. He always tries to make them think he's a cross between Solomon and a tree full of owls. He gets offices and doesn't work anything but his trap. The Big Shot with the punch is an egg of another feather, if you get me. When he was a darling ninth grader, he did a lot of work for nothing. By the time he was a Junior they let him do a lot of work that the other kind of B. S. meaning Big Shot, of course, was getting most of the credit for. S'funny, the churnp seemed to enjoy doing the things he didn't even get publicity for. But I've noticed that when the faculty gives out the prizes, that it's this kind of B. S. that rates. AND HOW. 64 One other curious item I added to my mental museum is this: When you've pulled a boner, don't be too free with the alibis. For a couple of years you never caught me short of a good line in case I got hooked. I could explain even ditching so well that the entire office staff was ready to break into tears before I finished my little story. Then one day when I'd gummed the works and was called on by higher authorities for an explanation, the Power-As-Is looked very pained and said! "Well, Alibi Ike, which one of your numerous grandmothers died this time?" D'ye know, I began to believe that my line wasn't so good. All of a sudden I found myself telling the truth. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the P. A. I. tPower-As-Isl. When I said I'd been a long-eared, two-legged donkey I got the first real smile I'd ever seen in that office. Well, I'm dumb, but I can occa- sionally see through a tennis racket, and I've cut out the alibi. Now, it's about over. Everyone asks me what I'm going to do when I'm turned loose on the palpitating world. Without getting any splinters in my fingers I've scratched my head trying to dope out the answer. Sometimes I say I'm going to college. When I say that to one of the faculty, I generally see at least one eyebrow raised and their noses seem to curl up as though they smell some limburger that's past due. They say the world's a big place, and I am going to fit in somewhere. But I do hope two things for myself. I hope that with all of my uselessness these past four years that they still think enough of me to be glad to see me come back once in a while. And I hope my new boss will be tickled because he hired a Unionite. If at the end of the first year he says: "Boy, Union must be some school-look what it made out of youf' then I'll be happy. Boy, it's been a fine trip. I'm getting ready to transfer to another line. But I'll never forget old Union High. 1937-38 UNION HIGH FADS FAD Wearing pink ribbons Forming school clubs Green sport jackets Turned-up pants Velvet and satin shirts Spider ornaments Brilliant sox Dark glasses Striped sweaters Hot foot INTRODUCED BY: Stan Strizver Phi Gamma Delta Les Floster Senior boys Bob Fexa Every girl Charles Dingle Margie Zepf Junior boys Charlie Zissel "CINEMA SIMILES" Saturday's Hero" The Awful Truth" Dead End" Nobody's Baby " A Fight to the Finish" San Quentini' A Day at the Racesn Slim" Perfect Specimen" They W0n't Forgetn A Star is Born" Life of the Party " The Big Shot Time out for Romance Souls at Sea" The Outcast" The Devil is Driving" It Could Happen to You" On Such a Night" One in a Million" Smartest Girl in Town" Things to Come" Piccadilly J im' Georgeous Hussy " The Great Guy', Kid Galahad" Riding on Air" As Good as Married" Back in Circulationw League of F rightened Men" Two Wise Maids" Fly-Away Babyu Big Business" The Man Who Could Work Miracles" Easy on the Eyesv Alwa s Belittlin"' Y Please Pardon Us, We're in Lovel' Blame it on the Rhumban When Did You Leave Heaven?" One Never Knows, Does One?" It Goes to Your Feet" Afraid to Dream " Sing, Sing, Singi' Veini, Veini, Veini" Sweet is the Word For You " Pretzel man Exam marks Senior's skull Fred Drotos History contract Detention Track meet Ray Welton James Cansdale Commencement School play Bill Medcraft Senior Between halves Freshmen Monitor "Red" Dent Failing Senior Prom Smart Freshmen Harriet Lum Vacation Jimmie Savarese Eileen Hulse Jack Garrabrant Bill Severson Ray Meyer's car Robert Rapp and W. Keanie Anne Hendry Football Coaches Ass'n. Eleanor and Anna Asmus Gladys Mair James Levergood Sir Harry Lake Mabel Gruber Jack Ord and Harry Lake Football team Sore feet Peggy Eskdale At Examinations Red flannels Miss Dayton's class Double talk More double talk Charles "Honey-Pot" Kees I Wouldnit Change You For the World' "Dalch,' Wenzel Smarty" It's on, It's off" Charles Dingle Roselle Park game WE D0 0UB 0WN BAVIN' Once upon a Friday morning, while I waited nearly yawning For the regular assembly to commence its usual course, While I sat there glibly talking, suddenly I heard a stalking As of someone slowly walking, walking toward the platform floor. " 'Tis Miss Durlingf' I did mutter, "walking toward the platform floor. 'Tis the boss and nothing more." Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the brisk November When the tang of wintry sport was in the frosty Autumn air And this proved the reason-for it truly was the season When the football spirit entered, entered every youthful soul- That Miss Durling blustered forth the coming game's desired score: Seven touchdowns, if not more. Then the vigorous cheerleaders, the school's distinguished noise greeters, Approached the stage to lead the whole assembly in a roar. And the noise that had proceeded from each student far exceeded Any little sound extracted by the teachers in the class But each mind's content in either case is something to deplore: Thereis blankness there, nothing more. The noisiest ones were on the stage and looked like monkeys in a cage But their animated antics helped to rouse the student body's shouting mood Louder, louder they demanded of the audience they commandedg And louder did the noise become till ears filled with a monotonous drone. But a voice that urged the shouting on was heard above the roar- 'Twas the boss and nothing more. And as the flying time passed on, the increasing din destroyed all calm But since no mind exertion was required, all were pleased With the rumbling thundering boom of all the noise that rocked the room. It seemed as if the trembling roof from off the quaking walls would fly And on the stage a figure sat and grinned at what she heard and saw- 'Twas the boss and nothing more. HARRIET SCHWING 67 s s S 6 L L s s 4 'Half Angel" SILLY SYNUNYMS Something to Sing About" Graduating That Foolish Feeling" In the spring Ten o'Clock Town" Union The Horse with the Dreamy Eyes" Fred Drotos We Only Love Oncel' Where Are You? " You're Unfair to Organized Love" You Have Everything" Am I in Love?" Once at a time Who wants to know? Faculty You can't have everything No, you're in Union I'd Love to Play a Little Love Scene" Opposite Jean Smith All God's Chillun Got Rhythm" Love ls Like a Firefly" Miles Apart" And homework Somebody always gets burned Mr. Lakels ears Listen, My Children, and You Shall Hear" That's logical I'm Yours for the Asking" I Like the Nose on Your Face" I'm in My Glory' What! No questions? Stan Strizcer "Irish" McLaughlin Moanin' in the Morning" School daze Nobody Cries When the Tailor Dyes" Robert " The" Taylor Mama Don't Allow It" Truckin, Why Talk About Love?" Why not? Words Fail Men Take, and Take, and Take" Thirty Days Has September" In the Dark" Below Par" Close" All Tangled Up in Love" Mad About the Boy" Don't Mention Love to Me' 9 He's Tall, He's Tan, He's Terrific" I'm Just a Natural Sweetheart" Beautiful Face-Have a Heartl' You've Got to Be a Football Hero" Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Two in a Crowd" All of Me" Show Them No Mercy" Charlie Chan in Union" Tough Guy" We're Only Human Forgotten Faces" Beloved Enemy" 99 Lady of Secrets" The Jungle Princess" GS So do teachers The Broken Record And my Pop Sophomores Mama, who has a lower berth What keeps laundries busy Dorothy Ryerson Anita Gunderman Anne Hendry Leslie Floster Dorothy Van Houlen Doris Westman Frank Floster Charles Mink Doris Prahl Helen Saad Teacher's batllecry Boy, does he get around! Jimmy tllubinojfb Cansdale "Humor" Staff Alumni Eileen Hulse Etta Schaffer Anna Blonk Ruth Laukaitis as U Roaming Ladyn "The Lady Paysu "Small Town Girl" Three Smart Girlsw "Lady Be Careful" " M'liss" "These Three" " Romeo Si Juliet" "Cain 8a Mabeln "Ham 8z Eggs" " Double Trouble" sa The Lady Consents " Clara Roberts Gladys Symes Elsie Paas Mary Wolsak Elonore Bachman Rath Reinertsen Mary Pazcik Viola Ramsey iltarie Parrish Petrazziello, ilflarsell, Roehner "SNOW-WHITE Victor H ago J Ray Walker Leigh J Anita Severson J Kees Baob J Kanzler AND TIIE SEVEN DWARFSU " Doc " " Grumpy " Dopey " Sneezy " Happy " "Sleepy " " Bashful " " Snow-White " is ic an Jlr. Sharratt Mr. Clark .Wr. Lake Mr. Ruland Mr. Twitchell Mr. Francis ,Wr. Fritz .W iss Drifting MAKING UNION IIIGIPS PERFECT CIIUPLE Contributor Contributions Contributor Charles Dingle Intelligence Harriet Lum James Savarese Personality Peggy Eskdale Charles Kees Humor Anne Hendry Robert Fexa Looks Lucille Frisco Jack Ord Clothes Eileen Hulse Joseph Dowling Nlusical Talent Doris Reinhardt Joseph Vokoun Vitality Irene Wenzel George Goeller Temperament Shirley Slocum William Severson Athletic Ability Helen Weag James Lundquist Leadership Mabel Gruber ONE PERFECT BOY PERFECTION 'ONE P 59 ERFECT GIRL "JUST IMAGINE" Bill Severson James Levergood Eileen Hulse Charles Kees Bob Fexa Jean Smith James Savarese James Lundquist Doris Wuestman Bob Taylor James Cansdale Leigh Howell Nick Harris Charlotte Myer Marguerite Gibson Mr. Moran Ray Geiger Al Miller Mr. Lake Charles Dingle Irene Wenzel Doris Reinhardt Sherman Kisner Marge Stumpf Dorothy Clair Harold Sonnabend Lorraine Burkhardt Charles Zissel Robert Taylor Eleanor Werle Robert Halsey Eddie Gladson Helen Weag Peggy Eskdale Robert Waldron Ruth Rau Joe Vokoun L. J ubanowsky Adelle De Wald Edith Chandler "Ace" Bamberger William Dent Robert Drew Julia Franko June Huff Warren Donaldson Ella May Austin Harold Pfeiffer William Zimmerman Douglas Wright George Goeller Robert Russell Helen Kusalba Fred Teufel Jean Harris Corning to classes Not talking about Carteret girls Keeping that New Year's resolution Without that accent Without a girl friend Understanding Mr. Moran Telling a funny joke Not talking to some girl Going out alone Dancing quietly Insulting Fred Drotos Without Anita Not "cracking wise" Not acting just too, too demure Leaving her hair alone Laughing his head ojf Taking out the wrong twin As a matinee idol Catching " The Redhead " truckin' Being a naughty, naughty boy Losing that voice Not tooting on that cute flute Learning to dance Not acting bored I n Edna Staley's clothes Coming out of his trance "Lynching', Johnny Not inventing a practical joke Leaving the girls alone Standing still Not getting kidded by Severson Realizing the "war is over" Without "Renee" Picking on someone her size Not trying to outsmart Dingle Worrying about Wipperman Knowing his algebra Not talking to himself Settling down Making some sense Gombing that hair Not blushing Without a comeback Slappin' that bass Not acting like a Buob Saying the right thing Getting to class on time Working hard Not yelling at Winchurch As he was in the school play Girl crazy Not slaying the women Without that hair style Asking a sensible question Not being quiet-but dejnitely Charles Heck Fred J annett Henry Janssen Victor Hugo Howard Lambert Dorothy Orebeck George Painton Ernest Moser Carolyn Wiederspahn Robert Peacock Gerda Tonnett Robert Wolfskeil Walter Ley Edward Whiteman Bernie Carnivale Edward Vollherbst Earl Tripke Ray Walker Chris Werthwein Robert Miller Annette N usbaum Martha Oberle Arthur Printz Grover Rudolph Gilbert Susser Theodore Siegel Washington Koonce Laurence Ripley James Remacle John Prodziewicz Catherine Prodziewiczi Edward Bogda William Becker John Fecosky Edward Fell Albert Foster Louise Gallini Hester Fountain John Gotsch Virginia Hall Jean Fletcher Thomas Harzula Shirley Hasburg Lorraine lhling Leala Jenkins Lelia Jenkins Muriel Jenkins Elsie Johnston Charles Kelley Irene Kelley Michael Kozak Mildred Lake Malcolm Loihle Charles Maros Rose Masso Wilma Melna Doris Loihle Without those nbootiful big eyes" Not standing near Edna Staley's post Worrying about those marks As another Rembrandt Getting noisy Not doing Eileen's "lab" work Quieting down to a mere bedlam As a circus giant M is-pronouncing a word Not tearing up the track Remembering back to the seventh grade Not wearing his hat in school Not plaguing Mr. Clark Wearing his sweater outside his pants Not "ganging" on J ubanowsky Fighting with Les Floster Leaving U.H.S. after all these years Liking anything about Union Without the following " Without the above With a permanent Growing up Loving Shakespeare As the last Siegel Leaving Ella May alone Not "believing it" Without his curls Getting their names spelled right Not drawing on Mr. Glark's blackboard Working in a Beckery As Union's bowling champion Getting aroused by anything Not waiting for some girl in the morning Loving all the dear teachers Spouting water Not being Determination itself Tweeting a sour note Not acting superior Studying in activities period Without the ever-present grin Coming down to earth As a singing trio Being conspicuous Getting some work done in homeroom As another Patsy Winning a bet from Kanzler Creating a disturbance Slowing down Bragging about something I mitating Mussolini Sliding down the school banisters Making loud noises 71 J ack M eusel Arleen Mitchell Elizabeth Mulligani Marian Mulligan Thelma Nagel Victor Nelson Ken Neudeck J oe Zika Alma Whitehead Anne Wagner Delno Tompkins Ruth Shuster Olive Stoddart Lula Thorne Catherine Wagner J ack Sharratt Dorothea Schmitz Doris Smith Pete Mihalak Robert Perry Wilbur Rekemeier "Chick" Piegenye Marjorie Grewe Helen F archer Mary Accardo Edith Brunner Betty Hamilton Irene Gilford Sarah Gillis Frances Ernst Ruth Eason Olga Hoolka J Having his name pronounced correctly Doing anything unconventional Having anything in common except their names Not looking oh so tired Still being in love Doing something quietly Not being in a terrgic hurry Not relaxing all day Helping make those famous pies Forgetting those Irvington twins Giggling Trucking on down Getting stuck Not liking Bob's hat Not going to church Without high heels Not littering over nothing at all Imitating "Pete the Tramp" Playing tennis like his namesake Asserting himseh' Not fooling with Lucille Getting mad at being called " The Ten Pretty Girls" MISSED THEIR VOCATIONS Miss Kuntz Mr. Moran Miss Feuchter Mr. Holcombe Mrs. Wisman Mr. Francis Miss Zimansky Mr. Henry Mrs. Hart Mr. Hingler Mrs. Roznoy Mr. Peach Mrs. Roy Mr. Cap Miss Baker Mr. Kandrat Night Club Entertainer Lion Tamer Trapeze Artist Hog-caller Another Dorothy Dix Bubble Dancer A Comedienne Physical Culturist Customs Inspector Weight Lifter Acrobat Head of an Escort Bureau A Lady Blacksmith Tea Taster Social Butterfly Shoe Shine Boy Miss Gross Lady Detective Mr. MacKinnon Tobacco Auctioneer Miss Dye Ballet Dancer Mr. Lushear Clown in Barnum and Bailey's 0llE T0 A STUDY HALL I think that I shall ne'er recall A place as loud as study hall- A study hall whose purpose is To study for a sudden quiz But where the teachers stand all day While students wear their lives away, A study hall where students could Prepare their studies if they would. But itfs a place that's filled with sound Until Miss Durling comes around. Fools like us can start a riot But only she can keep us quiet. HARRIET SCHWING WACKY WITTICISMS Kees: "What are you going to be when you get out of college, Seversoni' " Severson: "An old man, I'm afraid." Mrs. Wisman: "Well, Kisner, what have you been doing all afternoon? " K Lsner: "Shooting craps, Mrs. Wismanf' Mrs. Wisman: "That must stop. Those little things have as much right to live as you have." Brutus: "How many cheese sandwiches did you eat, Caesar? i' Caesar: "Et tu, Brute." If all the students who slept in study hall were laid end to end, they would be more comfortable. Miss Darling: "How's Garrabrant in the high jump? Any good?" Mr. Lake: "Naw-he can hardly clear his throat." Miss Daylon: "Charles, don't use such bad words." Blair: "Shakespeare used them!" Miss Dayton: "Well, don't play with him any more." Schiller: "No girl ever made a fool out of mel" Girls: "Who was it, then?" T3 SENIOIl CLASSTISTICS E LD E H E : S E B re as E 'Z vu Q C C .s va L 3 'C S3 UH E Q -E VJ -1 E, 2 we en Dist In H0 C09 gh Throu bale Q L 1? .: an :1 c F-I .: E-1 nu p-1 U LH 9 4? Q L C .Z Q an .E .Q 43 o Z cu : E rn Cute DALE ESK PEGGY CHARLES BLAIR Tarzan Physique Jefferson Wrestlers Circus Freak Laughed Through CHARLOTTE MYER Coquettishness Competition Spinster Wiggled Through JAMES SAVARESE Kinky Locks Good Jokes Cigar Store Indian Easily ANNE HENDRY Martha Raye attitude Sherman Kisner Winchell's girl-Friday Nobody Knows ROBERT FEXA Loud Sox Spelling Molar-Mangler Looked Handsome JEAN SMITH Brilliance Silly Girls City Editor Sang Through JACK ORD Crimson Croquinole Debutantes Editor of Esquire Trucked Through EILEEN HULSE Aloofness Red Heads Debutante Tee Hee'd Th gh J AMES LUNDQUIST Sex Appeal Catty Girls Grammarian " Couldn't Help It IRENE WENZEL Sports Ability Moody People Social Wow Worried Through .-C1 'ED ED sf, o oz, S- :-C .:: -ss.. E-' P.: ,U 'CSFQQQJ 49+-iran' 1-:Q,n.Q-4 Oqgn.i"" I-n.A4 wtlln-'KD Q. DEE bug--v zc: B cu--E42 aiming :aio QCDOIZCD .E cu :I 'H-M o an T3 :: QCD .E cz: E553 F-l 52:0 ,, 'cs .EBSQ .E AH gg O GJ :Puck s-Emo E-'NLY-lm .2225 ECDC!!! Z O 'E EE :img U1 EE D ESE?-I Eazig A9553 QCQUP-e 74 zed Around 4-7 U-1 :E bd 0 EAD O O -is ID s.. U -C -4-v O :- CQ -Q I C 's CJ W 5 O -- O i Mal STRIZVER LEY Z 4 H CD Stewed Around Dancer Stew " is U 'U 5 .5 s-4 -C ulc P SLOCUM LEY ca P-1 I rn Oozed Through male Impersonator F QD Who Copy People cles vERsoN Mus F11 U3 Q n-l v-4 CQ 43 GJ ': S-I cu I 'U Q3 llow Fo Terror is Table Tenn C O Milt Excluslveness . ARDT REINH OBIS D .:: at Se F-an -5:1 Ho f-4 I .-C1 -35- 751 mi? mi-a f-53 Br: : E'-4 -S 4 -bil 5? 3:5 cf 2 E bb 3.5 .-Q is CDU GD P it 6 C! GJ I G2 Ea Q.-1 Q-QCD D1 Q10 mm E: ,gn H111 P. m CU E It Took Shot .99 CQ vi I-1 -cs C as I as D I 4 .E 4 -is C an R Innoc ISNE K AN SHERM ct .E FQ-t9 FTE ,Qw 'SE 32-E Sm so a-15' z 5825 -0-Yi! go 82 we -WMS 25 CGD-4 i QC no fi E: C1114 5: V3-C ga: -502 Q13 So CQC5 55 QCD :Q GN CDV: EE 4 25 'C CJ .M Wor Player Harp Z L1 as 1-'4 U cc in CJ 2 ,M o 5 C F24 C .2 -H C5 .2 -a -2 -C S' cn z 4 E e- E B Q 5 Q as .L' E cn .-C! an 5 cv S-4 .-C! H 'D GJ o FI! o .ED CD rn -Q O C rn an E as Z His ERT T AYLoR OB R How They Got Deslined Vocation Pe! Aversion Ling gu 'bale isl Dislin Cognomen -Q ? o E H -Q R Q I0 in as E C cu -C 13 'C .E -C as Q3 T-2 I T: an I: 4 'SE I as E .2 'U 'Q LT-1 GJ s S IS! as in :s -OJ as Z na I-4 4 .4 U v- E c as o Q Q ai 5 E5-5-Q Enom? -:E 'U P452 :gin CEs..OC5 MUBU L: GJ C 3 O 2 L 5 is E235 vcpv. 5.2730 E355 Qian 09.29 mum? E : c: If 2-I2 F-' an -e: Sim flJL'un3 5'E5.Es: oflfigg C1-ar Arn J: 7,... Q E433 E355 SBDC.. :- 52 gm3:, BJAOQ C:5Zm EES' scsi as fume mi5E .4 Q'- 4EAE R S gh 5 O UE as Q 5 EP gun ,lg Hgzgq--Own:-EU an an-Esrfsnsegtg 1 riisggmwigggifei about m9"U"U'5'10o,.U-I-1 Q I-1.QNU2"U E498a.E3oQ,"ds... wa:fE2eEQsQB2s22s c5-Cmws"OflJLQ's..g,'C2T3'-- Om Bu?BimDmHmhmmz4QA W 2 5 E 2 5 E .Q S H S Es 5 'S s..QJ CD S Sfdgscnuz-2 BEDS 35 LEEEEEEEEQEEEE Q:-5,2,DL5'U'-':ga.v5"1L.gO'n'-55' OQ"5qgp..ir2-5a,.::s-,25--3.92.2 mUH44DJmQUQUZaCwQ 2 3 .3 W 6 E : E H a mi Q gas me-'Q if 305 5 D222 529579525 Einagfiocli -H.-Q74 5 Ho--IE 8--I CDE EQDQJOS .-.ap ,-'j..."C3 -wg saaasgabizgzisoia :o4mmme44PmBuwi4c 35 7w E' E . W U Q '-I 0 5 GJ 5 Cf S' 7, 335 'JESS I 25551 Szniisegmiwg we 0 UMQQQQQPBEQMEFAEE .Erg'5,EHgg'g,ggo-Qian G5.EEi'aaooQ....4,:-:"8Q.EFpg,2,D m-wmmm:mQm4?4m:bm z' 2 za-5 ZE3 mf Q mUQNhA O25 Eg QNWQEWEEAWQQOO fmggasiaiasigzag IQQSQEEQ mwssmhg E-' 11-I 4 4:3 5. 4 DEEZDI QF P 43 EE wamnnw SSWEEA gzgS'4SUQZ O "" BI DQ m4H4omuQ44:QQmQmi 75 GJ O r:. CU .E :1 EZ -:S SS S-1 3 I-Tv gi -S .Eg Q2 Cllr-J ,GJ 1: -4-7 C5 I E To U? bn.- .EE GJ OSD fi 0: Ecu 3,4 .,-GJ 'USE go rn! m a. S EQ D: 4: H EE nab :no 445 ICD 'U 8 Sf O Pz if 45 SS S- O : 'U uni .Ee ge ri cv:-2 53 O02 'Em OE go wg MU S 35 fe rn! 2 m FIJI 35 QE EQ Ez O! Qc if-we Taking Notices Around 2 CL 0 as D-I E Q s.. C5 J cn GJ .M C 'H Scotch Sternness OLL BETTY NIC Acting Shy : m E Z' E cu LI-I W 3 as I-J Y Speed ncerit Si NT WILLIAM DE 'S QD G -2 S1 How med Vocalwn Desi Pct Averswn eq E -E VJ E an 2 ve -N n Dis Cognome Through te 3 2 L -me we YC O f-1 .S P4 U -as I cd U .: DD :J -u .2 bn an :s F-4 -4-2 an N E 7: U I 2 2 5: li m 2 E O I O 3 -ln L-4 Her URG HASB HIRLEY 13 KD GJ ns, Kiddi Brai Cheerleader Noise Quietness RON RT WALD Roms SYLVIA ISAKSEN Attitude Charles Marriage Being Icy FRANK F LosTER Shyness Oral Reports Congressman Blushed Through J AMES CANSDALE Ruggedness Violin Lessons Concert Musician Ankled Through 4: an : o H .cz H 'U GJ on Shag ger Blues Sin O .- w 5 2 E 7: 5 CG 3 Her CREEKMUR W ..1 A 5 Z3 ved E o 0 CII J: H ? 22 O 13 EQ? 523 F'igU2V?:v..gw -50,59--45,-Q..,.uP' 3 Diem, -Q'5,'S,gi.-:seg E49.i.l5F-gfiim fCMQ..Q:n.AME1 43 F-4 F-1 Li 498 bl es .EFS-1 7: gp-1 5.530305-2 8EEE8gzE L1-1AmQl31'v-:UQ-4 J: w O 3 2 o 3 'H W P '33 5.1 Q8 -1 QE 353 mu I :E PW E SL 2 S33 'DS was 'EQGEFS-gee PUALQ3mw VJ t si 2 nl-I O 4 .A-Em, Z if +9 E 0 Q 5 Q 522543 D 3'Ega.2gZl'U 1, r-mfli Qiiiimgg 25325235 uzmassmee W A az? 5 sis 2 Zara C Q L M W Q 4 55255310 WHEN-'Q in 4 UOEE-Eiiiz b-'54 54:41:11- Qfma-:gazes m2ummmwm 76 li nsol P I-1 0 .I o cd an F YD lo E o Q ca 0 ill VJ 5-4 0 .Q N -03 c m Q 2 m U .- A4 Free ECKAR TN KAL ANGIE -AJ E as TE o o 4 Q 4 s: .E -cs as E O U m D 5 D-4 Jn u Grube Dialect NICK HARRIS -z: :: 3 ml-4 34 9-4-cs W2 376 F-1 mi F-0 4-133 .Eg gm 38 'aB E E! .Q DQ: ENE Km E12 VJ GD s: 32 3? mi as E cs EE is 40 EQ D5 Cin -cs 2 E MP E Q as C5 M QD Q4 O an C O ,C Q4 2 as P' ID c: .2 -cs GJ E Q CJ U ni : o a-1 .S U fl as 7: H Pretty MACHER ITZ MAR1oN KR S C TS GJ Eg S -5.5 w S Q QANEFE s-P4 QD"- cvs EQQCQ Iw.9.DU"Js-1 .E g US 1: c 215512 Ei! '6E1c1'EC': O coccsdfcwo i-4 3 is og 172 QQ 5 cgi., L1 s-4.2"2"5E-l jG",73'QcnC! .--gui-:wg f3s-.55""s-. mFOF2m FII 56 e5 Ln un-liim E-Eg-ogg swung, eo: Qmm24Q V2 gp H ,W gm fgdegg GESQEC EWAQSO Q4 3 CL 5 E: ?1cD?'EFI-' cg -1 .-40 -41':7:O?l mUmU43 IE E gieewi igigig 242320 EQ LD P' Z Cn H QQWQE mira'-lane opzmma CQvwk-will-'U Through utted H +a UD E +3 :: E E o U 0 TE .LD I ping Quiet 86 K Get F RMAN WIPPE FRED ltzed Through Wa HH Worn Business -as cn N FH UD .E E cd 3 5 O A 75 rrz Tire A SCHM OROTHE D ll0N9T TELL US YOU NEVER: Ducked across the hall when the monitor Wasn't looking. Went innocently down to the office to get the paper stretcher, or the well-known striped paint. Wanted to go out with Lucille Frisco. Tried to truck like Anne Hendry. Went completely berserk at a football game. Wanted to shag in the aisles when Uncle Nick started to "swing on down." Looked in a mirror and tried to see some resemblance to Clark Gable or Simone Simon. Dreaded asking Miss Durling to recommend you to college. QGO South, young man.J Tried to use the old gag about the clock stopping when you found yourself late. Wished you'd studied for those exams. CAfter the exams were over.J Wondered why Schiller kept kidding himself. Had a wild idea about burning the school down some lovely peaceful night. Were interrupted from a sound sleep by the ever-present study hall teacher. Lost your homework, when you never even had it done. Thought that writing a note to your "sweet someone" was more important to your education than history. Wished YOU were the principal of dear old Union. Contemplated stealing the detention book from the office. Never bought candy during any other lunch period than your own. Decided about 1:00 oiclock that you simply must see that picture playing at the Union. Wondered at about 7:00 on Monday morning why there Was ever such an institu- tion as a school. Prayed that the boilers might go on the blink again. LITTLE GBEATNESS When they asked what she'd like to do, She answered, "Be straight and strong and true." She said, "No matter how long I live, I'd like to be able always to give- Ohl I don't mean be rich-a material thingg I mean in strife to be able to sing. I'd like to be able to give the truth, To steer from the evil, vulgar, uncouth, Or, perhaps, teach the old the charm of youth. I know I'd like to give a thought To all the wonders God has wrought, The things that poets rhyme about, Miracles none can ever doubt: The earth, the sun, the sky, and sea, The things that God has given mef' LORRAINE BURKHARDT ,38 WGRKING IIIIRSES Horses plodding, nodding In unison. Tails swishing Patient beasts-wishing, no doubt To be resting, digesting Tempting morsels of luscious grasses In some cool and tranquil meadow. But here they plod and nod, Slaves to more intelligent masters. While flies persecute- And man drives- And metal burns- And dogs bark- Still, with bodies exhausted, They plod and nod In unison. CAROLYN WIEDERSPAHN '38 IlAY9S END When the day's chores are through And there's nothing else to do, I wander down the woodland trail Through rocky glen and grassy dale, To the spot I love the best Where I find content and rest. MY MUTT A thump, a wag, a bark of joy, A run, a jump, a furry hug, A scratch, a yelp, a sloppy kiss, A smell, a paw, a shine of eyes, A beg, a woof, a sudden jerk Of head, a pull, a rip of dress, A snap, a howl, a prick of ears, A race, a slide, a turned-up rug, A hit-a miss, a broken vase, A bound, a roll, a waving toe, A tail, a tooth, a hairy ear, A nail, a leap, a scratched-up door! He drags my slippers all around, He races through the live-long day, He's a rascal, he's an imp-but he mourns when I'm away. He romps, and digs my garden up, He yelps and whines and whimpersg But always I'll forgive the scamp Because he's just a little pup! LORRAINE BURKHARDT '38 From there I watch the sky of blue Adorn itself in sunset huej It's pink and gold and fiery red, But soon this beauty all is fled. Lurking shadows close in fast, Another day has come and passed. MARY BARTELL '39 SUCIAL INJUSTICE Music urges me to dance .... I refuse to dance the standard steps. I must not be hampered by Laboring and perspiring youth. I must be free to whirl and whisk And glide . . . and slide. . . Execute unexpected steps, Just spin and swirl and go nowhere- Music awakens my limbs, Infuses them with Rhythm, And in the full swing of the Melody-I dance! But conventions are social laws And so . . . one, two . . . one, two. . Step, glide- I am a slave to social laws! CAROLYN WIEDERSPAHN '38 Glass will Wa, the members of the Class of 1938, being supposedly sound in mind and body, despite having spent four years in Union High School, and feeling that we should leave some mementoes of our spotless reputation, dauntless spirit, vibrant personalities, and stuff, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by us. 1. On the Juniors We bestow our dignity, and poise, our tested and approved methods of chiseling-our battle scarred homerooms, and our bloody but unbowed teachers. 2. To the Sophomores, who may as yet not know what it is all about, we be- queath our knowledge and understanding of the complexity of life. 3. To the Freshmen we can only leave our deepest sympathies. 4. To the faculty we leave the deep impressions We have undoubtedly im- printed upon their minds-and we do mean deep. We, the honorable seniors, further bequeath: Charlotte Myers' coquettish- ness to Eleanor Nicholson, Charlie Blair's speed to Norman Holtaway, Mildred Lake's timidity to Marge Claffey, Sevy's sex appeal to Bill Mqdcraft, Red Dent's driving ability to Cliff Longell, Renee's voice to Shirley Claire, Printz's brains to Jack Dingle, Kisner's superior attitude to Lenny Moore, Edna Staley's walk to Ruth Zerbe, Cansdale's manly physique to Les F loster, Jimmie Savareseis corny jokes to " Irishi' McLaughlin, the Leigh and Anita romance to the Loeffel-Krause combination, Strizver's pulchritude to Johnny Frisco, J ubanowsky's subtle practical jokes to some other Lamebrain. We further bequeath: The leftover material of the yearbook to next yearis Booster' staff. Heh! Heh! A bunch of pedigreed cockroaches and a flock of trained cooties to the Bugology class. A two weeks' vacation in a sanatorium for the faculty advisers of the Yearbook staff. Our sincere love and kisses to Harry Lake. Unaccustomed as we are to mental labors, and realizing that our beings will never again roam the halls of U.H.S., We fade into the dubious future. Sealed and signed under "the stately elms" in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-eight. JACK ORD, Testator WITNESSES: L.S. Anne Hendry L.S. Harriet Schwing 79 APPRECIATION The Class of l938, especially the Booster Staff, wishes to ex- press its appreciation of the support of the advertisers in the i938 Booster. Their cooperation has, in a large measure, made this book possible and they deserve the patronage of the faculty, student body, and friends of Union High School. Connecticut Farms Post No. 35 American Legion extends to each member of the Class of i938 its most sincere wish for a successful career. Commander Emil A. Donofri 80 MADAME ALICE BEAUTY SALON, INC. PERMANENT WAVES All our waves ore given by experts with years of experience. Any type of wave you wish can be obtained here with the serene knowledge the work will be absolutely perfect. Try our MACHINELESS "COMFORT WIRELESS" PERMANENT Our Permanents 52.95 to 57.00 55.00 Permanents . . . Z for 56.00 Unionville 2-2921 1000 Stuyvesant Ave. Cor. Morris Ave. Union, N. J. Essex 2-9390 Soringfield Ave. Cor. 22nd St. Irvington, N. J. Telephone Unionville 2-3146 ATLANTIC WHITE FLASH SERVICE STATION JOHN K. ROESSNER, JR. Authorized Deoler Route 29 at Elks Club Union, N. J. HARRY J. BURKE FLORIST 891 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, UNION, N. J. UNION COUNTY PHONE: UN IONVI LLE 2-0955 Member of Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association Phone Unionville 2-2620 FRED D. BAUMANN CONTRACTOR Estimates Furnished Plumbing 3 Heating 3 Tanning 2ll0 Kay Avenue Union, New Jersey BELLEVILLE SPORT SHOP SPORTING GOODS 326 Washington Avenue Belleville, New Jersey 81 Compliments ot MISS BAKER'S HOMEROOM Martha Agnew Francis Angele Betty Armstrong Kathryn Arrants Edna Bashtord Rhoda Bashtord Marie Bittmon Josephine Blicharz Isabel Broadwell Mary Bouvier Helen Bowler Arthur Cables Ruth Cannitf Robert Cansdale Earl Carter Dorothy Cale l-lelen CollinS Helen Conway George Cornish Antonette Cuzzo Dorothy Dassing William Dass:ng Margaret Decker Marion Dilcher Alicia Dunleavy Marie Elberson Gloria Fecoskay Kathryn Fedrott William Fiore Thelma Ford Rose Frank Yolanda Fuko BERKELEY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG WOMEN . One-year intensive secretarial course preparing high-school graduates and college women exclusively tor business. Individualized instruction under dis- tinguished university faculty. Charm- ingly appointed root-garden studios, Re- stricted enrollment. Placement service. For bulletin, address the DIRECTOR, 22 PROSPECT ST. EAST ORANGE, N. J. ORange Eel 246 Best Wishes from WILLIAM BAUER COMPANY FAIRLIE WILSON COAL CO. Best Grade Coal Genuine Koppers Coke Fuel Oil Coal Stoker-Oil Burner Service Office 998 Stuyvesant Avenue UNION CENTER Phone Un. 240078-0079 Essex 3-5930 A. BRUNNER C1 SONS, INC. FLORIST 73 Oakland Avenue HARRY C. BRADSHAW COLLEGE JEWELER Closs Rings ond Pins, Medals, Cups, Trophies, Fraternity ond Sorority Rings ond Pins, Ribbons, Pennonts, Bonners. 93 Lafayette Street Newark, New Jersey 83 Un. 2-0674 PAUL J. BEYER AND CO. Distributors ot Borden's Fine Cheeses III4 Woolley Avenue Union, New Jersey CELIA BROWN'S Barbecue Sandwiches Ice Cream Sodas Plenty of Parking Space I259 Stuyvesant Avenue Union, New Jersey BEST WISI-IES TO TI-IE CLASS OF T938 FROM The EcIwaraI Austin CI1ancIIers Potter Avenue Townley rei. unionviiie 2 are eeaaee scraisisisie, Prop. COLONIAL SERVICE STATION Expert Service Towing Repairing Overlwaaling Battery Service Ignition Chestnut Street and Colonial Avenue Union, New Jersey SHOP IN UNION cooics sri to si sroke 985 Stuyvesant Avenue, Union Opposite Union Theatre 84 COMPLIMENTS or A FR I E ND Compliments of Un. 2-283 RAY CORYELL THE BICYCLE MAN 5 CRYSTAL BAKERY Home of good baking Specializing in Birthday and Wedding Cake Open all day Sunday Maplewood, N. J. 2061 Springfield Ave. Vauxhall, N MR. CLARK'S HOMEROOM Edward Bogda Warren Donaldson Robert Drew Ered Drotos John Eecoskay Robert Fexa Frank Eloster Albert Foster Jack Garrabrant Raymond Geiger Robert Halsey Thomas Harzula Charles Heck Victor Hugo Henry Janssen John Kanzler Charles Kees Charles Kelley Michael Kozak Howard Lambert James Leyergoocl Jack Meusel Robert Miller Ernest Moser Jack Ord George Painton Robert Russell William Severson Harold Sonnabend Raymond Walker Robert Winchurch William Zimmerman n "Soy it with Flowers Telephone Milburn 6-2665 CRYSTAL STREAM FLORIST WILERED WEBER, Prop. Floral Designs BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF i938 cur Flowers MISS DAYTON'S HOMEROOM Plants Nursery Stock Springfield N. J. Route Z9 Compliments of D'ANDREA BROS. LEHIGH COAL KOPPERS COKE FUEL OIL l20 Montclair Avenue Vauxhall, New Jersey Phone Unionville 2-lOO8 Compliments of THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL PARENT-TEACH ERS' ASSOCIATIONS Compliments of MISS DYE'S HOMEROOM Refreshments Home Mode Cakes and Pies SECRETARIAL SCHOOL DU-KUM-INN - OFFERS - Modern Courses in Secretarial Sciences To High School Graduates and College Trained Students Executive Secretarial Training Stenographic General Business Advanced Accounting Graduates Assisted to Desirable Positions Phone Elizabeth 2-5509 120 Broad Street Elizabeth, N. J. R. J. Hall, Manager WILLIAM H. CORDTS, Prop. Phone Unionville 2H3l7O CAKES AND PIES MADE TO ORDER Route 29, near Springfield line Union, New Jersey Phone Un, 2-0299 Free Delivery ELBERSON'S MARKET DELICATESSEN - GROCERIES VEGETABLES CIGARS - SODA AND ICE CREAM l044 Salem Road Compliments of DURLING FARMS WHITEHOUSE, NEW JERSEY MISS FEUCHTER'S KIDS Mulligan, Elizabeth Mulligan, Marion Myer, Charlotte Parrish, Marie Ramsey, Viola Reinertsen, Ruth Smith, Doris Staley, Edna Stumpf, Marge Thorne, Lulu Werle, Eleanor Maros, Charles Mesnick, Herbert Mihalak, Peter Mink, Charles Nelson, Victor Peacock, Robert Perry, Robert Pfeiffer, l-larold Printz, Arthur Prodziewicz, John Rapp, Robert Regenye, Stephen Rekemeier, Wilbur Remacle, James Rudolph, Grover Teufel, Fred Whiteman, Edward Wolfskeil, Robert Zika, Joseph 88 TO IVIODERNIZE YOUR KITCHEN START WITH THE GAS RANGE We invite you to visit our showroom and inspect the complete line of up-to- the-minute Gas Appliances embodying all the latest features that mean com- plete kitchen convenience. WATER is the most necessary utility service in the home, and yet it is the cheapest. The cost tor the majority ot our do- mestic consumers is less than tive cents per day tor the entire family. ELIZABETHTOWN ELIZABETHTOWN CONSOLIDATED WATER CO. GAS COMPANY CONSOLIDATED Compliments of FRED A. ELSASSER ARCHITECT Settlers Building Union, New Jersey Unionville 2'25l4 GEORGE FEE DAIRY OUR OWN DAIRY Hillside, New Jersey Compliments of FISCHER BAKING COMPANY FULLER BRUSHES at Reduced Prices For demonstration call or write L. A. McKEE A. L. CRANE I2 Arlington Rd. 2802 Morris Ave. Cranford, N. J. Union, N. J. CR 643501-M Milb. 6-0265-W Graceland Memorial Parlc A CEMETERY WITHOUT TOMBSTONES Graceland Memorial Park is based upon the sentiment that the last resting place should be one of quiet beauty which tells the story of life, not death. The founders of this community institution believe that death should be accompanied by as few of the symbols of mourning as good taste and the conventions will permit, and that the cemetery which is the portal between this life and that beyond, should not be dismal and forbidding but should be inviting and hope-inspiring, The enlightened logic of modern-day reason tells us that the mortal remains of those we love deserve a final abode of peace, beauty and dignity-a sequestered retreat remote from the din of active life In carrying out this high purpose, the founders of Graceland have provided for an endowment held in trust for the perpetual maintenance of the Park and have banished forever the old-fashioned tombstone, using in its stead a memorial tablet set flush with the lawn and made of statuary bronze, sometimes called "the metal of the centuries" because it is the most enduring substance known for this purpose. AN INVITATION The Music Committee of the Graceland Memorial Park Associa- tion cordially invites you to attend recitols of the best in music at Graceland Memorial Park each Sunday afternoon. WI-IERE TI-IE MEMORY OF BEAUTIFUL LIVES WILL BE KEPT BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS GALLOPING HILL ROAD KENILWORTH, N. J. 90 The H. A. Greene Co. SPORTING GOODS - CAMP OUTFITTERS Baseball, Track, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Football, Gym Suits, Hockey Supplies We Carry a Complete Line ot Golf Clubs, Bags, Balls and Accessories at Very Reasonable Prices Everything in Sporting Goods or Camp Outfits Outfitters for Union High School Athletic Teams Special discounts to Union High School Students 88 Halsey Street Newark, New Jersey Phonei Market 3-9605 91 George Morris Compliments of R. GEIGER AND SON Compliments of DR. ISAAC GELBER MISS CHARLOTTE GROSS Biology Room EDWARD MILLER President JEAN MEAD Vice President ,i.. 1-1 Eleanor Hondelman Hazel Hendry Louise Hendry Arline Hermes Theda Hinmon Dorothy Janson Vernie Jones lrene Knoth Dolores Krasa Eleanor Kreh Roberta Lee Helen Masterson lrene Momm Albertino Mendes Robert Hill Stanley Hirsch Harold Hunt Louis lmfeld Frank Keller Naomi Kennedy Bernard Keppler Robert Krauss Victor Kulbiclc Norman Ley Ann Lum Carl Lindohl Robert Lowe King MacLelIon Jock Michenfelder el. Sherwood 2-8875 GUTKAISS STUDIO Photography in All Its Branches Home Portraits, Children's, School, College and Commercial Weddings a Specialty ADOLPH GUTKAISS I97 Market Street Paterson, N. J. Albert Mueller Phone Unionville 2-ll6O Phone Unionville 2-3l9O DR. K. D. GOOMRIGIAN GOSH'S GRILL DENTIST SEA FOOD Settlers Building Union Center 2032 Morris Ave. Union, N 1000 Stuyvesant Ave. Union, N. J. One Block West of Union Center 92 Compliments ot GROTH BAKERY 464 Chestnut Street Ul'li0l'l, N- Compliments of DR. ROBERT S. HEEB Compliments of MRS. HART'S ROOM Mildred Roehner l-larriet Schwing Doris Prahl Wilma Melna Dorothy Ryerson Chris Werthwein Annette Nusbaum Anne Mikus Lauretta Mursell Doris Wuestman Florence Smith Etta Schaffer Dorothy Spitznagel Catherine Wagner Rose Masso Elsie Roos Dorothea Schmitz Martha Oberle Delno Tompkins Ruth Rau Gerda Tannett Thelma Nagel Dorothy Tracy l-lelen Weag Gladys Symes Mary Walcsak Louise Petruzziello Mary Pazsik Anne Wagner l-lelene Saad Douglas Wright Clara Roberts Ruth Zimmerman Tel. Unionville 2-2286 L. HEMHAUSER PLUMBING . . . l-lEATlNG . . . TINNING 85 Concord Avenue Maplewood, N. J Compliments at MISS HlNE'S HOMEROOM 93 Compliments of MR. HENRY'S HOMEROOM Otto Poetel Ruth Knapp Bette Koenig Doris Krohn Betty Loeftel Ethel Malthy Jane Norrie Rigmor Olsen Frieda Poetel Rose Phillips Ruth Ruf Kay Ruott Josie Kaltneckar Marcella Kommer Thelma Lambert Dorothea Lingsch Connie McCormick Anthony Pisciotta Vera Pisciotta Eleanor Piaget Genevieve Poskitt John Rehberger Alice Reinertson Dick Norrie Catherine Kirsteuer MISS HILTON'S Marjorie Sprague Ann Okulicz Nellie Painton Charles PHiIlips James MOrrison Florence Miller Frances POspisil E.inar Ramsey He'en MuEIler Margaret Scavuzzo Charles Pospisil Matilda SchWeighardt Thurza Mlller William Schaefer Francis ReHberger Doris Russell F orence Schille Joseph Schwiighardt Henry ProtiNsky Adele Seltlinger Walter Ravn0r Laura Rhyner Joseph Shurina Beatrice Riegle Evelyn Steudle Florence RUh John SChwinQ Lois SpiCer Grace Ruppil Frank Stanley Evelyn Satera Compliments cf MR. HOLCOMBE'S CLASS Telephone Unionville 2-l379 HOLLYWOOD MONUME NTAL CO. MANUFACTURERS OF DlSTlNCTlVE MEMORIALS 1618 Stuyvesant Ave. Union, N. lOpposite Hollywood Cemeteryl Compliments ot DR. J. E. L. IMBLEAU That Individual Touch At THE INDIAN RUN BAR Leo oisterftno, P 645 Chestnut Street BER SHOP rop, Union, N. FAMOUS FOR OUR COFFEE INGLISH HOUSE Union Center Steak Sandwiches Hamburgers French Fries Compliments of IDEAL DAIRY FARMS Morris Avenue Union, New Jersey Member T D S. JAEGER FLORIST H83 Stuyvesant Avenue Irvington, New Jersey Floral Designs Es, 3-0526 Compliments of HARRISON B. JOHNSON 95 Mr. Kandrat's Homeroom Albert Bamberger Charles Blair James Cansdale Bernard Carniyale William Dent Charles Dingle Joseph Dowling William Flamme Edward Gladson George Goeller John Gotsch Leigh Howell Fred Jannett Louis Jubanowsky Sherman Kisner Washington Koonce Walter Ley Malcolm Loihle James Lundauist Raymond Meyer Albert Miller Kenneth Neudeck Laurence Ripley James Savarese Jack Sharratt Theodore Siegel Stanley Strizver Gilbert Susser Robert Taylor Earl Triplce Joseph Vokoun Edward Vollherbst Robert Waldron Charles Zissel Compliments of MRS. KAY'S HOMEROOM Compliments of GUSTAVE G. KEIN RECORDER Falls Building Morris Avenue Union, N Compliments of MISS KU NTZ'S HOMEROOM William McLaughlin Frank Maxwell William Medcratt Erich Meder Ruth Merrell Leonard Moore Doris Muller Eleanor Nicholson Shirley Partington Margaret Patz Doris Poynter Lucille Raymond Jeanne Reimer Hugh Richards John Ries Edel Rupp George Ruff June Shattner Anna Scott Florence Scott Gwen Sharratt George Smith Marion Sonntag James Thompson Yolanda Tretola Franklin Wagner ELIZABETH GENERAL Tl SERVICE, INC. 408 Morris Avenue Elizabeth, N. J. Tires, Radio, Batteries Use-Our-Easy-Payment-Plan El, 2-'IIOO-Ol Elizabeth Waldron RE BENJAMIN KOSBERG CO. PAINTS WALL PAPER ART SUPPLIES Two Stores 233 Broad Street 431 Elizabeth Avenue WILLIAM F. KRUEGER OWN-DAIRY Grade-A-Milk-and-Cream From Our State-Accredited l-le rd I598 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, N. Phone Essex 2-5887 Elizabeth, N. J. Tel, Eliz 2-2773 J. Compliments ot MISS LAMB'S HOMEROOM 97 Tel. Un. 2-2800 CHEVROLET SALES fr SERVICE also A Large Stock of O. K. Used Cars L. 8 S. CHEVROLET CO., INC. Corner Vauxhall Road and Stuyvesant Avenue Union, N. J. LEHIGH COAL Er COKE CO., INC. Morris Avenue at L. V. R. R. Bridge "The Gem of Anthracite" Telephone Elizabeth 2-7200 Elizabeth 3e7200 Union, New Jersey Coa I-Coke MR. LUSH EAR'S BOYS TI-IE YOUTI-I HEADQUARTERS OF UNION COUNTY LEVY BROTHERS Elizabeth, N. J. Frank Andersen Robert Anderson William Angle Joseph Auer Thomas Birch Joseph Decker Robert Dorfman Donald Goff Steve Gulick Raymond Haines Clement Johnson Walter Jubonowsky Michael Kusalba Donald McCracken John Melna Ryder Minnerly Wilbur Moyer John Pointon Vincent Pektor Adrian Schaeffer Sal! Spadaro Cliff Whitehead A. LINSENMANN FLORIST Floral Avenue, cor. McClellan Street Tel, Elizabeth 3-2930 Bigelow 3-5994 Tel, Un. 2-2348 LOUlE'S MEAT MARKET QUALITY AND SERVICE MEATS, FRUIT AND VEGETABLES l380 Morris Avenue ess Established l879 PRUNING - SPRAYING CHARLES MOMM 6' SONS, INC. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS Evergreens - Shrubs Ornamental Trees Fruit Trees Tel. Un 2-0752 Stuyvesant and Oakland Avenues Union, New Jersey MACKIE AND MACKIE Upholstering, Springs, Mattresses and New Furniture I9Z5-Z7-29 Vauxhall Road Union, N. J. Unionville 2-O3l9 DR. HENRY MEHR Falls Building Union New Jersey ANYTHING YOU NEED Compliments of N. MOSBY HARDWARE I4 Milburn Avenue Maplewood, N. J. MARTlN'S SERVICE STATION "That Good Gulf Gasoline" and "Time to retire-get a Fisk" Compliments of MRS. ROZNOY'S ROOM Mary Accardo William Becker Frank Buob Lorraine Burkhardt Dorothy Clair Adelle Dewald Helen Farcher Dorothy Feick Edward Fell Lucille Frisco Louise Gallini Julia Gawryluk Jack Gruber Mabel Gruber Nick Harris Olga Hoolko Lorraine lhling Sylvia lsaksen Lelia Jenkins Elsie Johnston Angle Kaltneckar Marion Kritzmacher Doris Loihle EUGENE A. MCMURRAY EMIL A. SCHMIDLIN ARCHITECTS 981 Stuyvesant Ave. Tel. Unionville 2-l2OO Union, N. J. Compliments ot METALS DISINTEGRATING COMPANY Townley, New Jersey "The Home of Good Milk" Complimenfg of C7 Wholesale - Retoil LEO MIGATZ MILK DEALERS Chestnut Street Union, New Jersey Telephone Unionville 2-2633 Compliments of ALFRED A. MOORE UNION CENTER CLEANERS AND DYERS THE MUSIC SERVICE EVERYTHING MUSICAL-INSTRUMENTS, ACCEssoRIEs, ivIusIC, RECORDS, RADIOS Our Notionollv Advertised Lines Offer Time-Tested Fundomentols ond Dependobilityo They Provide lmportont New Feotures Which Contribute to Srnorter Appeoronce ond More Brilliont Performance Ill E. 14th Street I Free Catalog New York, N. Y. Phonesi Un, 2-0746 Un 2-2458 Un. 2-i974 Un, 2-OO76 levening Servicel NEW SUBURB DEVELOPMENT NORSIE PRESS COMPANY, INC. REALTORS PRINTERS Reol Estote ond lnsuronce Brokers Morris Cr Stuyvesant Avenues 95 Walton Avenue Union N J Union, Union County, N. J. ' ' ' ' L. J. ZEHNBAUER, SeC'y IWLTON OHR FRANKLIN OHR 100 Compliments of MR. PEACH'S HOMEROOM HAPPY GOING TO THE SENIORS FROM THE ERESHMEN OF MISS PERRY'S ROOM REAL ESTATE FOR SALE UNION 56,500-1938 sensationg 6 rooms, bath, attached garage: on lot 50111003 colonial, Georgian and Cape Cod designs: oak and double tlooringg tile bath, domestic science kit- chen: copper plumbing and leaders: waterproof cellars: cork and rock wool lnproof cellars, cork and rock wool in- seededg ln Townley section of Union, S600 down payment, balance S43 monthly f thi FHA l ' 'll k or every ng on pan, wi ta e B. 8a L. stock for down payment. We have other homes for sale, ranging from Lots 54,000 W S15,000. Manor 55,000-The most beautiful and cozy 4-room bungalow, with attached garage: on lot 50xl00: large attic for 2 additional rooms, 4 designs to select from, domestic science kitchen, copper plumbing and leaders: waterproof cellars, fully plas- tered wallsg front lawn shrubbed and seeded: down payment 5500, balance S38 monthly for everything on FHA plan, will ttake B. dz L. stock for down pay- men . for sale in Putnam Manor, Townley and Suburban Park. We Also Effect All Kinds Oi Insurance PETERSON 8. STALFORD l400 Morris Avenue, cor. Midland Boulevard, Union UN 2-l4OO Open Sundays Compliments of STEPHEN J. POTTER PURE PRODUCTS CO., INC. Wholesale Distributors of Popularly Priced Penny and Five Cent Candies 625 Elizabeth Ave. Elizabeth, N J 101 Janet Anthony Edythe Auer Ella Mae Austin Edith Chandler Claire Conklin Julia Eranko Grace Gall Elizabeth Gillis Marjorie Grevve Jean l-larris June Hutt Eileen Hulse Helen Kusalba Mildred Lake ROY'S RCJOSTERS Margaret Zept l-larriett Lum Arleen Mitchell Betty Nicoll Dorothy Orebek Catherine Prodziewicz Ruth Anne Reimer Doris Reinhardt Ruth Shuster Shirley Slocum Jean Smith Olive Stoddart Irene Wenzel Alma Whitehead Carolyn Wiederspahn 102 Mitchell 2-2494 STRUNK AND SON, INC. WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS 354 Washington Street Newark, N RIDER COLLEGE of Business Administration Bachelor of Science degrees in Commerce and Education ROTHSCH I LD oksss SHOP Featuring Dresses for Sport, Daytime and Evening Coats, Suits, Hats, Hosiery Silk Underwear At Popular Prices Founded l865 Tfenfvm N- J- 987 Stuyvesant Ave. Union, N Best Wishes from Essex 2-i803 SEALFRED DAIRY R 0 S E S W E E T S H O P Distributors of Waldron's Country Union Center Bottled Milk Next to Theatre 222 40th Street, Irvington, N. J. Compliments of MR. TWITCH ELL'S HOMEROOM Willie Ding Oscar Eberle Henry Firestine Clifford Hoffman Wilbur Johns Richard Kohler Matthew Konvit William Kukis Norman Laukaitis Leo Lisowski Robert MacDuff Warren Nelson Robert Ostlin Elmer Ries Lawrence Roberts William Schwartner Markham Smith Donald Soales Bernard Textor Arvil Thompkins Andrew Traier Malcolm Vail Henry Van Dorpe Edward Van Houten Robert Voetsch Frank Ward Charles Weisbecker Vito Weiveris Warren Weiveris Charles Wimmer 103 Phone Un, 2-3l85 Est. l909 SALEM AUTO REPAIR AND SERVICE STATION Mechanical and Electrical Repairs on All Makes of Automobiles Guaranteed Service Weaver Equipment VITO FRESOLONE, Prop. 29 Years Experience l070 Salem Road Union, N. J. SCHULTZ SUPER SERVICE GAS R OIL - TIRES Morris and Colonial Avenues Union, New Jersey TALMADGE ESSO STATIONS Millburn G' Morris Aves. Phone Millburn 6-OOBI Millburn Ave., 8' Vauxhall Rd. Phone Millburn 6-i738 ATLAS - TIRES - TUBES BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES STILES' DAIRY J. RAYMOND G A, NORMAN STILES Pure, Rich Guernsey and Jersey Milk Unionville 2-2570 Elizabeth 24589 Morris Avenue, Union, N. J. Mitchell 2-2208 THE SAN I FECT COMPANY LARGEST JANITOR SUPPLY HOUSE IN STATE Janitor Supplies far Institutions, Boards of Education, Public Buildings, Factory and Office Buildings. 26-28 Longworth Street Newark, N. J. W. Clifton Terrill - C. Hoyt Terrill TERRILL'S HOME FOR FUNERALS Tel Es 2-2203 660 Stuyvesant Avenue Irvington Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1938 from Un. 2-3052 We Gladly Deliver Un. 2-1630 Excellent Delivery Prompt Collections STUYVESANT SPA HAROLD W. REICHE, JR. '33 LU NCI-IEON ETTE NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES Candy - Cigars - Stationery All Metropolitan and Foreign Complete Fountain Service PUIJIICGIIOHS 220 Sommer Avenue BEN GORDON STUYVESANT SPA 1000 Stuyvesant Avenue, Union, N. J. 1000 Stuyvesant Avenue, Union, N. J. Compliments of UNION TOWNSHIP TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION 105 C0MPLiMENTs OF MAYOR CHARLES SCHRAMM And Township Committeemen F. EDWARD BIERTUEMPFEL WILLIAM NOTHNAGEL BENJAMIN ROMANO NELSON KIEB MEMBERS OE Tl-IE REGULAR REPUBLICAN CLUB "A Political Club willi Civic Pride" CGMPLIMENTS OF Union Higim Scilooi Parent-Teachers' Association THE UNION COUNTY JUNIOR COLLEGE TED'S MARKET 603 Chestnut Street ROSELLE, NEW JERSEY wishes success to oll members of your class of Phone Un. 2-0085 l938 ond offers to ull qualified students the odvontoges of its Freshman college courses for Free Delivery the yeor l938-39. Compliments of UNION RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS 979 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, New Jersey M. C. CRANE, Prop, Phone Un. 2-3l02 Unionville 2-l793-3l37 UNION SANITARY MARKET, INC. DELICATESSEN ond GROCERY IOI7 Stuyvesant Ave., at the Center We Deliver V. CONTE, Pres. Quality Certified Koppers Cool Fuel Oil Coke WEIMAR-TOWNLEY FUEL CO. PROMPT AND EFFIClEN'l' SERVICE Phonest Yard and Office: Unionville 2-3080 I000 Morris Ave., Union, N. J. Elizabeth 2-5292 Compliments of Compliments of UNITED GROCERY COMPANY VAUXHALL TAILOR SHOP cur. of cmwfofd and chestnut sis. Oldest Establishment ln Town 108 lnspectlon Servlce E. P. VOLLHERBST Phone Un. 24Ol4Z TYPEWRITERS-Sold-Rented-Repaired?-Exchanged And Portable Typewrrters of All Makes 2035 Balmoral Avenue Union, New Jersey AL. WEINER DELICATESSEN - GROCERIES - CONFECTIONERY PERIODICALS - NOTIONS 1001 Vauxhall Road Tvvnlev, Union Unionville 24206 Compliments of MICHAEL A. KELLY POST No. 2433 xvw V . Ga Vegglff 2 -- 1 5. A W R Union, N. J. t o n e 1, xx ' -... - 9a 73 ,, if gl a f S X Un, 2-Ol l7 IDEAL Brand Food Products t'x"ll','1'! WILKINSON, GADDls rf co. , ,, S 9l " - t""' f. Newark, New Jersey 967 Stuyvesant Ave. Open Evenlngs FRANK WOERDICH Union's Jeweler Buy the dnamond where there is no chance of mlsguving afterwards. Honestly onced and rep- resented stones from our selections are sound in- vestments, Union, N. J. 109 COMPLIMENTS OF Mrs. Wisman's Homeroom Elonore Bachman Genevieve Bardyzevvski Anne Blonk Florence Boehm Edith Brunner Mildred Creekmur Dawn Curry Ruth Eason Frances Ernst Margaret Eslcdale Jean Fletcher Hester Fountain Ruth Laukaitis Marie Gibson lrene Gilford Anita Gunderman Virginia Hall Betty Hamilton Helen Harter Miriam Hasburg Shirley Hasburg Anne Hendry l.eala Jenkins Muriel Jenkins Irene Kelley 110 Compliments of JOHN WOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS 1060 Warren Avenue Union, New Jersey AMAN'S SERVICE STATION, Springfield and Milburn Aves, Maplewood So. Orange 2-934I COMPLIMENTS of JOE BARDY BLUE RIBBON BAKERY, Next to Union Theatre, Union, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHEERLEADERS, Irene, Joe, Eleanor, Anna, Shirley, Doris. Best Wishes to the Class of I938 from Mabel, Sherrnan, Helen, and Leigh. CONNlE'S BEAUTY PARLOR, I9I9 Springfield Ave., So. Orange 2-9773 LOUIS COHEN, Full dress, tuxedo suits, and Culowoys. I I62 Elizabeth Ave, El. 2-3173 COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLlE'S MARKET, I87I Vauxhall Rd., Union, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. DE WALD DU BARRY BEAUTY SALON, 969 Stuyvesant Ave. Machine and Machineless Waves DYLLA BROS., INC., Springfield Ave, at 43rd St., Irvington COMPLIMENTS OF ESQUIRE, CLOTHIER COMPLIMENTS OF E. W. EISCI-IER FLICKENGER 5 LEAR, INC. Men's Furnishings COMPLIMENTS OF MR. FRANCIS' HOMEROOM COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. FRANKO GARDNER'S SERVICE STATION, 2546 Vauxhall Road, Union, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF MRS. HAMILTON 111 HAMILTON BEAUTY STUDIO, I025 Sterling Road, Townley Un. 2-I836-W COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM HASBURG HUB HARDWARE 6 PAINT STORE, 97I Stuyvesant Avenue, Union Center COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. C. HULSE HUTCHINSON HARDWARE, 9I 5 Magie Ave., Union, N. J., Elizabeth 2-7580 IDEAL SERVICE, Magie Avenue 6 Harding Road, Elizabeth, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF THE JANITORS YOUR BROKER-PAUL L. JONES COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNIOR WOMEN'S CLUB OF CONNECTICUT FARMS KAHNS DRY GOODS 5 SHOE STORE, I905 Springfield Ave., Maplewood KAISER'S FRUIT 6 VEGETABLE MARKET, 20'5I Springfield Ave., Vauxhall Un. 2-3I 44 "KELLER SERVICE STATION" COMPLIMENTS OF KEYE'S SERVICE STATION, 2I97 Springfield Ave., Vauxhall KOCH'S FOOD STORE, 2066 Morris Avenue MR. KORDY'S HOMEROOM MR, AND MRS. A. KUSALBA LEO'S BARBER SHOP, Springfield Avenue, Vauxhall, New Jersey LERNER'S DEPARTMENT STORE, IOI6 Stuyvesant Avenue, Union, N. J. LIBERTY FOOD STORE, 2096 Stanley Terrace, Union, New Jersey COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES LUGER 112 C. LAVINIA LUM, REAL ESTATE, Minute Arms. Unionville 2-0902 MAPLEWOOD DINER, 2024 Springfield Ave., Maplewood. Always open. MAXON'S MARKET BEST WISHES OF A FRIEND. MONTE'S BEAUTY SALON, 983 Stuyvesant Ave. 20fZJ discount to all graduates on permanent waves. COMPLIMENTS OE DISTRICT CLERK JOHN W. MULEORD NATIONAL GROCERY CO., ROBERT BAIRD, Manager. Union Center NEW JERSEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL, l9I 5 Morris Ave. Unionville 2-2257 NlCK'S MARKET, Laurel Ave., Union, N. J. Unionville 2-3l78 COMPLIMENTS OF DRS. A. AND J. OXMAN COMPLIMENTS OF PAUL IMAPLEWOODJ COMPLIMENTS of "THE PENGUINSH Chan, Charl, Dilly, Kay, Lorrie, Shirl. PLEASANT MARKET, Prime Meats and Poultry, I654 Stuyvesant Ave. Un. 2-I I I3 RADIO SERVICE OF UNION, I026 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, N. J. Un, 2-0649 RAPANA'S BARBER SHOP, Laurel Ave., Union, New Jersey COMPLIMENTS OF UNION REGISTER, 930 Stuyvesant Ave., Un. 2-0780 MR. AND MRS, G. R. REIMER REISEN LUMBER 6 MILLWORK CORPORATION, Townley, N. J. RON'S SODA SHOPPE, I296 Stuyvesant Ave., Unionville 2-3092 COMPLIMENTS OF R. RUNDSTEDT, DELICATESSEN, 2053 Springfield Ave., Vauxhall 113 CHARLES SCHAEFFER G SON OF N. J., INC. SHALLCROSS BUS SERVICE-Busses for Hire Springfield Road, Kenilworth, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF H. A. SIEGEL SINCLAIR PRODUCTS, I925 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, N, J. MISS STANDER, PIANO TEACHER, 5 Byron Terrace, Vauxhall, N. J. JUST A FOOTBALL FAN SWEET'S PROSPECT DELICATESSEN, I887 Springfield Ave., Maplewood THE TEENSI Jane, Kay, Alice, Marian, Lynn, Ruth, Marion, Ruth POOMQICIPW "WIP Pl9!JPU!JdS PUD UIIJQIIW 'NOlJ.VJ.S EIDIAEIEIS ODVDGJ TOWNLEY CLEANERS G DYERS, i378 Morris Ave., Townley. Un. 2-I404 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND TOPF'S PHARMACY, I885 Springfield Ave., Maplewood. So. Or. 2-9643 UNION FOOD STORES, 64I Chestnut Street, Union, N. J., Un. 2-0250 GROCERI ES-MEATS-FRU ITS-VEGETAB LES-F ree Delivery COMPLIMENTS OF UNION PAINT AND HARDWARE CO. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. A. WERLE WHITE POULTRY FARM, B, Schille, l20I Stuyvesant Ave., Union, Un. 2-0043 WILLIAMS MEAT AND VEGETABLE MARKET, 99l Stuyvesant Ave., Union. Un. 2-3004 ZORA'S BEAUTY SALON, 2036 Morris Ave., Union, N. J., Un 2-0952 114 0? X T V , Q1 'N-I vii fr AHN AND OLLIER AGAIN" 4 4 fu A. ,Mix X, , is N if ' xx? :Q Will' X Mr X xv y Wy I lt rl' I Lf ,, , 1 TH, vim 111 P J 1 1 ,f , I xg, ,IM '- Yr y. Repeated acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the John 8. Ollier slogan that gathers increcs mg significance with each succeeding year 115 151716 mm Lily ie 14655 We oillfr you the llteilities which are ixxqttiretl to produce ontstzniding puhlicutions, College annuals, house organs, and periodieztls similar to those illustrated. Because ol' the excellence of worlanizmnship and the high honors awarded our products in open contests it is suggested that you should avail yourself of a like opportunity to have your printing and puhlishing problems hztndled by us. 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Suggestions in the Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) collection:

Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Booster Yearbook (Union, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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