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X .al -Tw: , '. :J 1 .i .1 R Ig 3 1 -.- 1 . .A- -. . 1 . 11 'Z' ,Q I. X - ,S Q , 1 I , -21- W li, ,, , Q. Q 1 .1-Q : 1" .,?- 1 1 5,5 . ' is-Tl fif '-g-'- -w. -3. x. , -Ay " A ' 7 Q . ' vfifk ' 1f " f "" " ' v 13 - f , f15'- -5 'f' V xg-g,".v . . .L V4 ,Z ,L., :MM-i T 5 , Htl: . . .. . 0- -kv: " Y' K' f .. .x fi? -b ,,1 ':,, , -:ff ' lv ,, k.nM.g.uQn.J..3.A..u. ,,i,.....L..V...L..A,,..... ......A....J.....:u,,..Amzm...,fm,., ,..,...a-.....,...i. .Q .ML N... J. A v ,Jia-,..:F I .-,mm M ,mn r L f' .,,, W, .,.,..,. .. 0.9.1, V rw. - 4- g,,.5.,g - , -- M 1, E,g,'A,'? iq' QQ ml ""'f,.w4a.'E,J ...N 'T www L .,, rfiwy w AU R0 RA VOLUME XLIV f 11 MH UNION HIGH SCHOOL BAY ff Y. X WA WT, ., AW .W J X ffvWWHR " H QW W I GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN UNION-the place where each brick, blackboard, and book be- comes a stepping stone for those within these walls as they acquire knowledge and strive to reach their "stars". These "stars" seem far in the distance when students enter Union but as they pass from grade to grade their "star" becomes almost within reach. As graduation ap- proaches, the outlook on life is much clearer and each individual "star" is waiting to be grasped. R' x M' 15 " ' Q -.- ,X I A ' N" 'vm :uf JQIBUYZ r 'K 1 : ,ov 1 w. M L' , . ., 1.-.-.. . ff-xi-1 ,X ig 'Tai fi 1 , Wu F 9 'WY 'lyk '- N1- - ,xy S .kip -Q ' - , f. . . 'f 'Q 'lashes 1? ' f ' ,.+ Y Awf ' .4 ss'- .efu ' Q' ig'i' Y .-' 'QYW-F" V' E' iii' 5, ' A-'V iid ., Qiglyk L Q, , I N ,, 53366 : t ,Q ., .X me . YQ . fi , 3. k ':l12.wg 1 A' -my ay Jigs 2 W - Q in fi.-iL .e fa if M f , V " ' . .1 5 ' - k QS A K J' , ' I, 11 . 1 Q J., ' g, x 1-6 in fgay , X t A if fi, , a .Fling kg" .f bask 5 5 if ., My ' if -, , ff Q 59 . . 1 . - ,,,- Q. - 5? Q ,. , ids 3:52 - -- -LQ V .. R, vx ,iasaz fb, , 'av 1 Q X .2 VK . A Mfr: Ja .wk 5 - ,L t fi ,iff t ,L ' Rf. 2 if , 9? ff Q '14' .Qi J f . V A :C ' r f 5' - U Q if 5 , j s f " , P' ' -5 Q ' 5'5?"i-51 'f . . 5' V - ' 1 9,1 - f-2 '. M 3 f' ' Vi V , 'f ,355 we 3 K 'Ei nm-'N-f R ' Q 1, . -"f X f ' ,Q-.. I -- ' ' , 'f . . -P ! X? ' J -. y ,ff ', Ea . . I I is A Q ,. "Q 'Q Q A ' A g Iv 1 51 EAN. LL J Q " wr fx ' S A A is 4 sf A lifkxl lslfh ' h --gif' 'K A 9 , , -if 'f is F55 , f Q' Q. i U 1, , P W' . A 9 , .4 1 ,?J.j.f3,tr:, 'I J 4 ' 0 X .J ' . if --'U 'fl k X .- . ,Q I ,. if . 1 1'-' iii? Qv f ' . - " icifnff. H .. in -' ff if 1 df, f w -way fa. Q- Q M 'f' A ' , ky 'x f 4 ' Q. . i , IP ' Aggiff? A'1,:L.9 m ' ' S.. 'K ' .. ,ff T -M ig Q , fb, , ,we--'E 9 .. A , K i - . X J. , A43 I r xx . . 9 , . . M- :nf .yn . 3 K' A 1 BI if mf ., m, Mlm .fi V, W kk? 1 A w ' 'f gg 3 7 ' m 'HQQ 5 q 7 4 .1 A X gi, 5 I ' 5? .5 LA ' X ' A Q - gk, X S4 -f i A V-'Zi'..J55'fA gi'::f'3,-"-2'S1T":t' 'r:ff"" ..... , -f-'W' E' , K 5 ' 'lgl Q 5:5 A ' ,v'1,,.':-'Si' - fh'f A- S A , f 3, , 1 I R .fn S gk Q .f az- .ff ,L "fl K 5 - WW ,' -f?fQ 3 iflff K 1X r F i H , ,, S X 5ff?f.r,13-"2 ggi .Q Q -ff " Z? i',,. wil ,,.....--AM., TSN si m 'SEQ t " 'EYE 225 5.1.-gl' ' V+ Eizif... ' :E ......- ..- ... 'L x' . ,.. ... Lg- ,J "xx: 1:52 , ,Hd W E? 33323 A usznssfunsssssfrff tub W!!! 118, 'L f f5!5!fiE!5LiY5'i'fEi.....Q.f4.. 'vf 4 - '---M M- ' w'Y , ' , ,... - f -,gg f 4 .-vw, ' -EVK. J.-,,, .J , 5 . ww 2 'K K... . ,E K , . Lg A Ll Belonging to organizations oFfer many opportunities to help us fulfill further am- bitions in our lives. Through understanding and helpful guidance of the teachers, students are encouraged to strive toward their goals in life. Union Activities ill Flashing friendly smiles are these stu- dents who are discussing many of the 4 which highlight Union's memorable Guide Many Obtaining the city championship in football was a step towards Union's bid for the All Sports Trophy. J Completing a maior step in reaching their individual "stars" in life are seniors receiving diplomas from Mr. Stark. Working diligently on their studies are these underclassmen who are striving to reach their individual "stars". 5 DEDICATICN For her unconquerable spirit in the field of iournalism and for her ever ready hel th p, ough at all times the odds were great, we gratefully dedicate this, our 1955 Aurora, to Miss Myrtle Heseltine. 6 U., .-.,tL,.,..,,,.,,,Ag...,,L..L...eL. - me .-me gg, R. ihgvii Q 15, 12, Qrglvvaacnon 5' liao! 4' gf Q Ufgaaga UM 0 ffibnra if SZ Wnadnffaamul fa 68 Jen 014 5 Aoi? QQ? ,b 1 wdw fb A332772 9 xw Q 1 X .M . kv., c 9 4' 546' f5Ya,,1 a WORK-OF -THE-SCHOOL f1 N w 1 gun 1:----- a 4431 tl "No Request Cf? 17 Seems Too Extreme ' Q' k 29 Xlhtlnmi. mx 9 Q Nu .awxx vm Yam ds?-1 Kqssg Cn cm X855 Ya- X ,.. 91 L.. .if 4 ' ,fb - X we. XXM .Nuff VW - Y' x-- W, N-NSW ., 3,1 - -xl XL , +" xv-'N' ,.--if' ,sway kL,'.wj'f xafgix' ,N 9 va is N Uxx .- Sf' . S. lf. fn, -A A me ff, xg , wx- N ,fx A, " X off A axis! 'N x A .Q . 1 5 vs .g. , ,Q .. av lfdkfwf .fb x ff. V' "' fm ,X ' '- X xi Rf 'Q r br ssl' X, f N X x xy xy gl x x .. W" Y ...' t 5 S S ,. xfe'-Qvx I .si GX X xl 5:51 QFQ M xg X X Faculty Promotes Ideas Kind, understanding, and energetic best de- scribes Principal, Mr. Robert Stark and Assistant Principal Miss Olga Perschbacher. Among other things student government and better relationship between students and teachers are genuine inter- Do you have a problem? The logical place to take all problems at Union is to Mrs. Marguerite Crossman, Counselor. Her warm friendliness along with an understanding heart make her a favorite with all. Her efficient and friendly secretaries are Fern Swanson and Joyce Barber. Vs' ests of our administration. Teamwork plus a sin- cere desire to develop more and better leaders make Mr. Stark and Miss Perschbacher well loved by the student body and faculty. The help of Mr. Edmund Galant, Attendance Of- ficer, is greatly appreciated by the faculty and stu- dents. Don't let his title frighten you, he's every- body's "pal". Mr. Galant shares many hardships with the students. Two of his helpers are Gordon Hicks and Bob Bloom. lO and Lends a Helping Hand "Could you check my credits?" is one of the well known phrases heard by our new office sec- retary, Mrs. llene Barkley and veteran Miss Helen Olson. The two ladies create a cheerful atmos- phere in our new office. Union is very proud of its clean, neat, and well furnished library under the expert'direction of Mrs. Hunt and Miss Noble. Whether it is a history as- signment or iust a good book, the librarians are ready to serve efficiently and cheerfully. The steering committee of the Faculty Council Skaff, recorder, Mr. Fryfogle, chairman, Mrs. Erick- functions as a clearing house for faculty problems song Mr. Vander Breggeng and Mr.. Yllolotira. Miss- dealing with the school organization. This com- ing is Mrs. Morrow, who has left to loin her husband mittee consists of Mr. Timmerg Mrs. McDougal, Miss in Japan. ll D'S . I I 1' ' l . ' f 9 A I ..,, : . F. , V. W K k . sl A I , : . , . , L . It . , 741 ff , T. si 1 f vw- 1 - . f lf ' ' Q Allyn, Hazel lMrs.l Atklnson, Marlorle Axkoul, Robert Burr, Forrest E. Bozuln, Clayton W. BFZUIII, Juno fMrs.l Best, Florence 9th Grade Fused lMrs.l Speech, World Bookkeeping, Typingg fbocl E'9l"7' Gfudelflliid Vvwl Mvsirz Chdif: Program, Typing, Shorthand, HiSVOI'Y: Commercial Depart- Chemistry, Science PYOSY'-im: .HONIOF1 Glee Club. English, Journalism, Commercial Club Debate Couch. ment Head. Department Head, Clvb AUVUSGF- English Department Adviser. School Store. Head, Aurora Adviser. A new and popular teacher at Union this year is Mr. lgnazio De Angelo, music instructor. Vocal music is not his only interest as members of the Junior Band and Orchestra are progressing speed- ily under his direction. Carpenter, Ruth English ,mfs an 1' Do Groot, Cecile Cafeteria Manager, Clothing. s 'I F Black, Margaret lMrs.l Physical Education, G.U.C. Adviser. DePuit, Helen Dewitt, John DeYoung, Irene lMrs.l Mathematics, Senior lNlrs.l Foods, Home Living Session Roomg Eighth Grade Fused Mathematic Depart- Program, Jr. High ment Head. Student Council Ewa ' , 5' 1 Brunette, I-oroln Carlson, Marlon D, QMrs.l Eighth Grade Fused Englishg History, latin, Latin Club Adviser. Dockeray, Grace lMrs.l Eighth Grade Fused Program, Develop- mental Reading, Program . Drlggett, Nlargarette Ulflrs.l Ninth Grade Fused Programg Horizon Club Adviser. W s X xx -, A re use Q "Il" if i 1,-.,,g,,, General Science. 4 , ,, . it p l 19" is Teacher's Va t Reward . XA it X N K ' . Early, Flgyd Qpgpj Elllngson, Maynud Erickson, Marlorla Mathematics, Senior lbocl lMl'5-l Clegg Adviser, Sgnigr History, Coach, Ninth Grade Fused Cgunsglqr Adviggr, Baseball, Basketball. Program. .sf eree s Q H s' 4 we 3 - " ss. . . . e if lffxk A P I ' Q ,A N f : . Hawkins, Percy Neemstra, Clqrqngg Henry, Edward X YQ . , ffgfie, - , 1. 1 mAm. A fl. gg 'x ,. .xx ' .A b K5 1 . dw .b x . If Fryfogle, Theodore George, Ralph Gorslci, Eleanor Hqvllgk, Rulh Instrumental Music, Woodworking Seventh Grade Fused'Foads, Home Living Band and Orchestra. Program, Health. Trade Program Eighth Gqngrql Advanced Civics, Science, Arithmetic. Economics. An able and eFficient clothing teacher has been added to the teaching staff at Union. She is Miss Violet Hornbeck who is shown instructing Mary Lou Shepard in the use of the sewing machine. Another member of the class, Marilyn DeVos, is pressing the garment she has made under Miss Hornbeck's supervision. Hess, John Houston, Keith Knlesley, Esther Kesattke, Martha Lair, Forrest Langin, Bernice Mlsgt. Louis Lattorman Biology, Eighth Grad. History tMrs.l Typing, Shorthand. Algebra, Senior Typing, Otiice R.O.T.C. Seventh Grade Fused Program, Health. R T, , . .s sax 5 i A cexgt J h. cs.. , a' ' X, .4 K 'QR ' Session Room. Practice, Commercial Club Adviser. -.9 tg, . , A S I3 Fun and Frolic Adds to r . Q I' A ' I I E- ' I , U ' -P - ' ' ' AI- Q it , , - ' . 4' ' -- 5 ' :AZ - ' ' . 1 - . , I A V 1 ,... .x. s liskey, Elmer Marousek. Rlrllvfd McDermott, Marie McDougal, Vivian MOYFfll19f l-UUINIYU4 M90l'dYk: Glen llllvirldlldf Abe Business Math, Advanced Civics, Arithmetic lMr5,, English PIIMIHQJ 5Cl'l00l Trade OpportunitY Faculty Manager. History, Social Science Seventh Grade Fused Ne"59'-'Pal' COUCHA Department Head. Program, Health. Looking forward to defeating the Hi-Y team in The cherry pie contest was held at Union in the annual spring game are members of the faculty January. Sampling the delicious cherry pies are the basketball team. Conferririg with their coach, Ed- iudges, Miss Havelick, Mr. Needham, and Mr ward Henry are, left to right, front row, Coach E. Marousek. Henry, G. Needham, W. Norgrove, and R. Azkoul. Back row, M. Sukup, K. Wavio, N. Shuiling, and A. Moerland. Morrow, Adele Needham, George NQYSYOVOI WCIIGCB Harm Arithmetic, Movie H-story: Coushg Ninth Grade Fused Club Adviser. Drill CorP Adtflief- Pragramg Dramaticsp Senior Play Director. Palmer, Lowell Biology: CONN: Varsity Club Adviser. I4 Quinlan, Valorl llaver, Charles English. Machine Shop. its . U nl Y E Savina, Pder Metal Shop, Home Mechanics, Class Adviser. an Day of Hard Work ' f I . s '-L , , 7 WL V E. at ,ln ' f Q ,W ,,, D M :V ' n wa ' H 7 iw ' '3 wr -' .JF sg 1 1 L Ng, ,ig ' . , . W' 'J il . S 3 i M .i J iii. . so i . Schulllng, Norman Skal, Constance Smelker, Dexter Sruba, Edwln Sukup, Mlla Tltfany, Dorothy Tlmmtn Hilffil Mathmatics English, Biology, glut,-iciqy, Physical Education, lMrs.l Pl1YSiCS: Horizon Club Spanish, Coach. Sight Saving. General Science. Advisor, Spanish Club Adviser Class Adviser. Furnishing a good hot meal for students and faculty are our expert cooks, F. Hobart, M. Morrow, and D. Dempsey. Vonderlreggen, Gordon Mechanical and Architectural Drawing. G 'c Qs. A 1 Vanderldolen, Robert Seventh Grade Program, Family living, Student Counci Adviser, Coach. - The eFficient operation of our school is largely due to the friendly interest of the people who care for our school. Shown here are: L. Shoffner, E. Cornell, D. Shank, D. Bartlett, R. Reed. Second row: M. Batchelder, H. Batts, R. Palmer, C. Sheler, H. Howland, H. Umlauft, and F. Hagen. Ygygg, Rgbgff vnlaivio, Karl Williams, Eulalla Wblvllfdf Robert Wray, Marlan Trad. and lndustry Seventh Grade Fused: Art Ninth Grade Fused Englishg latin, Fused Health. Programg Hi-Y. latin Club Adviser, Bible Club Adviser. ' 4' il 'l5 QI' K K 1 J if M' K if SCHOOL LIFE "Fate Steps In and Sees You Through ww .2 , CU CQJ Some moment of each busy day, Union students, Stankus and Billey, pause for a refreshing drink at one of Union's fountains. M kin osters is a familiar task, as SYUIIKUS, MBV' 0 9 P h I venne and Luce put the lost touches to t ese eYe catchers. Peterson hands out the Reflector to two of its sub- scribers, Versen and Meyer. School Days Lightenecl "Come on, team, fight," echoes back from the raf- ters as the score goes up o Union's exciting basketball games. nother notch at one of Noon hour is the time for a great chess duel. Rooney and Weikert try their hands to determine who is "champ." By Small Bits Ol Pleasures In the hope of convincing the opposition that their views are right, Edgerle and Schopiro continue with their constructive speeches as Kemp, Apple, Chicky, and Oliver, enthusiastically. During the joyous Christmas season the dramatics, speech, vocal and instrumental departments combine their efforts in presenting an inspirational Christmas program. 'I9 Satisfied with their completed work on the hurdles, these students admire their handiwork. Books, paper, pencils, and candy are found at the popular school store, Postmus, Oppeneer, Cozier, Mr. Bazuin, Champion, and Caminer are always on hand to help. Checking over the wide selection ol records on the new iuke box are Moore, Uzarski, and Osbeck. "Calendar Daze" Sets Theme A i Contributing fun and laughter to the "Frollies of '55" were Jo Ann Gailius and Mary Jane Haven doing their pantomine version of the popular song, "No More." No"Frollies" would be complete without the hilariously funny dainty boy's line, and the year was no exception. Featured as the "Charleston Cuties" they are left to right, Bloom, Vanden Bosch, Meyer, Hoff, Droski, Barnhard, Visser, Karpenski, Quinn, Mercer, Hurt, Korhonen, and Ritums. 20 K 9 , PR aj ' ,,. For "55" Frollies 6 1, , , pink ears and soft white tails, were portrayed by our high-stepping iunior Frolliettes, Scholten, Al- kema, Van Malsen, Stankus, Doland, Blandford, Desatell, Longfield, Shingoll, Andrews, Van't Hof. The month of July started with a "bang" as our high-kicking Senior Frolliettes portraying the tra ditional fire crackers, danced to the catchy tune of "Yankee Doodle." Left to right are DeWys, Blauw McKean, Hamilink, Ohrn, Gigowski, Champion, Bennett, Orlowski, Vercken, Stormzand, Miller, Molnar and Heim. Wir Q, 21 "Father Knows Best" An Engaging Production Spreading the word of the Senior Play, The all important crew behind the was one phase of the publicity committee. scenes are Jim Vanden Bosch, Lois Vander Pictured are Diana Champion and Ruth Wull and Lucy Marino. Caminer. Lilking mffir ENGL b0w are the smiling senior play cast members JoAnn Gailius, Marilyn Hendricks, C cly goo , oma Crowley, Jerry Voshel, Nancy Hamelink, Everett VanMalsen, Marilyn Jonkers, aro ee Evertse, Bonne bell, Rusty Barnhard, Randy Versen, Mel Visser, Terry Hurt, Jim Quinn, Joan Deland, Judy Mulder, Shirley Durdle, Ellyn Arendsen, Mary Hoftmeyer, and Cheryl Niemeyer Shown being "made-up" before her all -EWU!!! li llll ll Fill O preparations are important role in the Senior play is Making lGfl minute I Marilyn Jonker. Fixing her up are Marcia the hardworking student directors, Joyce Mieras and Lyn Johnson. Barber and Jim Quinn, 22 Highlighting Personalities of 55 Promising futures beckon "likely to succeed" Diana Champion and Terry Hurt. "FriendIy" best describes popular Marilyn Hen dricks and Gary Hoff. Alert, fun loving Marilyn Jonker and Jim Quinn wear the "witty" title. l Busily activities rates Joyce Barber and Randy Versen as the "versatiles". 23 i Carrying the title "brain" weighs heavily on the shoulders of Betty Bennett and Keith Oppenneer. Sparkling QueenS A good choice of the R.O.T.C., was striking Queen Ruth Bennett, and her petite alternate Carole Van't Hof. Reign Supreme Lovely Jackie Buerkins was chosen Fop Hop Queen along with her charming court consisting of Nancy Allgood and Sherry Nie- meyer. LB 50 L 0 P 2 D 0 4 A -6 25 A ,f sr' 1 K New cn .E sc J L U .. va Principal Robert were crowned by eY fhof and Handsome Bob Kell 8 ling Marcia Ti Spark 0 .C -0- l m G the g with 954, at Houseman Field. Reignin r5,l coming, Novembe 8 Hom S OH Uni of and Queen vi x. U g court memb rmin their cha Wefe af after the gam Gym lingham Dil the in held ONCE oming D eC Hom uf S 0 O X .c .... O L O O -42 O 'E .93 I- .E U L U 2 C sv cv D U Kelley, Bob '19 ,Ki Ohrn kv cy Allgood, ln On eN right ar -N fo Left if o I er, and Gary Dick Green, Mel Viss n Feensfra, Ro efe VV rf the cou f Saplis. Also in Pa and Fashion Firsts For "55" For Pat it's a sports coat, for Russ it's a iacket Droski and Johnson in sweaters "mighty slick", R n h. h , Are sure to turn the heads of almost every Ulf' Of 5 'nefi eY'fe WOW all The lime. . if Union chick. ' itz f E Randy's sharp crewcut is quite the 50ndy's new hair-cut is sweet and rage, keen, No matter the time, no matter the In fGCl, lt Set the style for almost age! eVeI'y ieen. Carol's shining necklace, Yarnies sweater gay, tw Are sure to be seen almost any time of day. if Bermuda shorts on Bouwknegt and Hice, All dfessed up and looking mm' A w t Camille and popular We must admit looks awfully nice. 'in 5 ee lm. 26 Junior High Activities Demonstrate F Authoress Miss Kosanke reviews her new book, Indian Romance of the Western Frontier, to three enthusiastic seventh-grcldeI'S, RGY' mond Peters, Susan Kettlehake, and Karen Wiest, while LUQY Marino displays an authentic Indian costume. A familiar scene noon-hour and between classes, is Dick Sidebot- ham scanning through his locker looking for the right book as Dawn Moore patiently looks on. Loaded down with their many books, left to right, are David Betteridge, Barbara Dilley, Carol Bronkema, and Max Apple, as they hurry ottto their fifth hour class, eager to learn. 27 Pat Manoogian. un And Promises Preparing for the big event the "Snow Swirl", given bythe eighth graders are, in the back row Cheryl Di Grandi, Chris Farogi and Marcia Rose. Front row are Judy Henry, Wayne Bruining and Dress-Up Dances Add To Memorable Events Attending the annual Sweetheart Swirl, spon- sored by the Senior Class, were Marcia Mieras, Dave Vander Laan, Joan Van Dyke, and Wm. Van- den Bosch. Looking their best the many couples danced to the dreamy music of the "Blue Knights" The Shamrock Shuffle complete with queen and court will long be remembered by those couples who attended. Pictured are Kemp, White, Pitsch, and Reindle. The popular "after game" dances were attend- ed by many faithful "Unionites". Shown dancing to the "Music with a beatl" are Tom Cummings, Pat Gedris, Judy Pekelder, and lrv Miller. 28 "Rhapsody In Blue" Highlights Junior-Senior Prom X v f lndustriously preparing refreshments Carol Vander Meer, Karol Longfield are iuniors Joan Jaroski, Tom Mais, and and Art Appkarian, make last minute ar Virginia Spaulding. el, ' E Q 1 5 5 l Mw..,,. rangements or ?. JF . xf I X t - L . is .si Jonker receives the tra- ditional corsage from Pete Marsiglia, Marilyn preceding the Prom. for the Junior-Senior Prom Ruth Bennett, Tom Mais Norma Alkema, Gary Russell. Barbara Blandford, and Bob Giles, leave the louis XIV at the Rowe Hotel after a gay exciting evening. "Rapsody ln Blue" was the theme of the Junior-Senior Prom, given May 27, l955, bringing to a close the social events of the season. 29 ORGANIZATIONS I' -l , 0, ZA M4 fx S' I Q - I I1 lllillllll 4- ffl "Makes No DiFference Who You Are I xx f xx W S Q o. pf -6 if 0 xr. J 3 T 1 i . 1 O , A . .X N A A ' ,' . - - . x n 1 , 1 ,B 5' J" 'i"fY N , Q' .4 X , XX x 4' . If - ,f Y Council Benefits School Members of the Community Council are: lseatedl Black, Van Otteren, Treasurer, Evertse, Vanden Bosch, McDermott Sec- retary, lstandinql Earlv, Visser, Grant, president. Missing: Sponsoring the honor banquet and promoting the 1955 "Frollies" top the duties undertaken by the Union High Community Council. This council is composed of presidents of each class at Union and West Side merchants. Officers are: President, Mr. Orson Grand, vice-president, Mr. Robert J. Stark, secretary, Miss Marie McDermott, treasurer, Mrs. Glen Van Otteren. Ambitious Senior Counselors ore: First row: CroWlBY, spat-'ld' ing, Luce, Hice, Early, advisor. Second row: Crysldl, Bclfbeff Peterson, Dauksza, Jarosik, Sanzi, Hoftmeyer. Third row: Ben Steenland, Whitaker, Erwin, Lwandowski, Vander Molen, Stark, vice president, Lay, Wiest, larbell, Lippman, Miller. Explaining the educational and social life at Union keeps the Senior Counselors busy. Under the direction of Mrs. Crossman and Mr. Early, these diligent students help underclassmen become well adiusted to school life. The highlight of this year was the Christmas party which was given in honor of the Junior High Students. nett, VanHouton, VandenBosch, Ritums, Caqier, Bennett, Storm land, Mulder. Third row: Feenstra, Blandford, Hurt, Carlson Higgins, Quinn, Groenber, Arendson, Champion. Leaders of Tomorrow lst row: Barber, Hottman, Apple, Chicky, Haan, Nivala, Dauksza Patton, second row: Swanson, VanDyke, Caminer, Luce, Bland lord, Van Portfleit, Deland, Ruton, Bennett, Edison, Berdyke, Striving to make a more democratic student government was the goal of this year's Student Council. The members worked diligently on com- mittees to promote better student operated study halls. The council introduced a Suggestion Box to the students and formed a Pep Club to instill school Mr. Vander Molen, advisor, is looking on approvingly at the posters mode by the Pep Club. Lett to right are: Mr. Vander Molen, Peterson, Hamelink, and Dauksza. Durdle, third row: Feenstra, Anderson, Melpolder, Vanden Bosch, Korhonen, VanHouten, Hurt, Larkin, Kemp, Visser, Marsiglia, Oppeneer, Peterson, Arendsen, Thure, Hamelink. spirit. The Student Council started a Big Brother and Sister program to acquaint the new students with Union. The Union Council was also host to a regional Student Council Leadership Workshop, January l8. Checking the grades of student operated study halls are Seated, Hurt, Standing: Durdle, Larkin, and Barber. N,llN Many Extra-Curricular Discussing program for the next meeting are Etilicient Library Club members are: Beurkens, Hilton, Miller, Walton officers: iseatedl White, president, Durdle, sec- Sigmund, Haitey, Weining, Landon, Danielson, White, Nille, Masalski retary, lstandingl Beurkens, vice-president, Van Luce, Appleton, Marino, Patten. Westrenen, treasurer. Always ready with helpful service are the en- thusiastic members of the Library Club. Some assist at the desk, some prepare new books, and others check in books. Two of their proiects were to earn money through baked good sales to buy a gift for the school and a faculty coffee to exhibit their new books and magazines. Energetic members of the Junior Student Council are: First row: Driver, president, Apple, vice-president, VanDaaIen, secretary, Farougi, treasurer. Second row: Jackson, Vint, Bacon, Bulthuis, Turel, Moore, Staudacher, Burnett, Kuenzel, Hopkins, Korhonen. Third row: Pennell, Masaldoski, Pintsch, Sytsma, Paause, Schmit, Garrison, Johnson, Reyers, Baavener. Noon hour activities for the Junior High students has been the main obiective of the Junior Student Council. During every noon hour, students go to assigned rooms to play Scrabble, Checkers, read or to mingle with friends. A new club recently organized under the direc- tion of Mr. DeWitt, is the Math Club. The club meets every Wednesday to work out unusual problems and to hear distinguished speakers-engineers and others engaged in related'professions. Math Club members are: First row: Seller, secretary, Seymer, Vice- president, Schindler, president, DeWitt, advisor. Second row: Sattler, Van Popering, Nelson, Blandford, Thure, Vander Ark, Giles. Third row: Nellis, Wittowski, Tucker, Boyle, Groenleer, Zolitis, Cooper, Postmus. Activities Promote Leadership Members of the Truth for Youth Club are: Patten, Peters, Fase, Swanson, Program Chairman, Barber, President, B. Pekaar, secretary-treasurer, Anderson, viceepresidentp Crystal, Hoebede Second raw: Mulder, Niemeyer, Peterson, Baker, P. Pekaar, Owen, Sonneveldt, Schuiling, Engman, VanWestrenen, Achtyes, Among the obiectives of the Truth for Youth Club are the encouragement of moral and spirit- ual inspiration, promotion of Christian fellowship through noon hour meetings, and social activities. This year the club held a rummage sale to raise 'funds for activities. Members of the Future Nurses Club are: VanDyke, Swanson, Stormzand, Haan. Second row: Walton, Spruit, Nelson, Roslyn Parsaca, Rosemarie Parsaca, Fourth row: Bennett, Cazier, C. Anderson, Pekaar, Crystal, Lawrence, Parde, Kik, Hilton. Feist. Third row: Miss Wray, advisor, Simmons, VandenAkker Foster, Pardee, Feenstra, Wilder, Waggoner, Tokens, Bush Glass. Fourth row: Nelson, J. Sproat, Haan, S. Sproat, Bergsma Holmquist, F. Peterson, Roode, Nelson, Anderson, VanderMoIen Twiest. One of Union's most active groups is the Future Nurses Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Crossman. The members have visited Butterworth Hospital. Among the duties of the club are helping the school nurse, folding bandages for the Cancer Drive, and giving a fruit basket to St. John's Home. Checking over the minutes of the last meet- ing are Future Nurses Club officers: Haan, treasurer, Van Dyk, president, Stormzand, secretary, Swanson, vice-president. I be Common Interests Unite Members of the Commercial Club are: Langin, advisor, Cobb Peters, Gailius, Weber, Landon, Beurkens, Walton, Gemmil Hippensteel, Blauw, Koenes, Resonosky, Shingola, Heim, Miller, VanMalsen, Briola, Hoebeke, Fischer, Crystal, Second row Klumpstra. Brown, Chittenden, Pekaar, Owen, Haifly, Peterson Similar interests and goals bring Union High Commercial students together to promote fellow- ship among the business people of the future. During the year, the group heard several promi- nent speakers. The members made a survey of office machines in Grand Rapids Business Offices. During an executive meeting of Commercial Club, oflicers take time out to pose for picture 1 lseatedl PGTSYSOF1, PI'eSl- dent, Johnson, secretary, tstandingl Albrecht, vice-president, Beurkens, treasurer. Pres, Flipse, Andrews, Fase, Barager, Van Duinen,- Goeman, Dauksza, Kozlowski, Doty, Warfield, Lockwood, Durdle, Atkin- son, advisor, Third row: L. Johnson, Orlowski, D. Johnson, Lud- wick, Gray, Kuk, Schultz, Mackey, Albrecht, McGraw, Haven, Bennett, Marino, Dalman, Galinis, Rose, Hayes, Takens, Hunders- marck. The club bought a gift for the Commercial De- partment at the end of the year with the money they earned through after school sales and other proiects. The group also brightened the year with holiday parties and the annual chicken dinner. Commercial Club has held a series of parties. These friendly get togethers are always looked forward to and long remem- bered. Here are some members being served at their annual banquet. -ii' 12, " i Individual Group Checking the Voting Machine before a class election are VandenBosch explaining how to operate stage lighting. look- Ulmsklf 5eC'elU"Yi MOOYE, president, Needham, advisor of the ing on are: Uzarski, Moore, Schuitman, Osbeck, Thure, Pierce, Movie Club' Scotts, and Schumale. The members of the Movie Club readily agree, of the teachers who may have dilificulty with pro- that they have greatly profited from their experi- iectors. ences in the club. A few of their many projects Whether there is an assembly, movie, class elec- were learning backstage techniques, running movie tion, play, assembly or any other school activity a projectors, supervision of the iuke box for school few members ofthe club are certain to be on hand. dances, and giving their helpful assistance to any Taking time out to admire the new juke box given to the Time out from their many duties are the members of the School l'-'Y the C0mmUrtity Council are: Carlson, Moore, Vanden- Movie Club. Bosch, Und Needhflm, advisor. 37 Service-Social Activities Spur Sr. Y-Teens members are: First raw: Algood, president, Billey, vice-president, Spaulding, treasurer, Second row: Havelik, advisor, Blauw, Peters, Klumpstra, Heim, Andrews, Vander Meer, Resonosky, Shingola, Bell, Jonkers, Mieras, Briola, Bouwkamp, Fischer. Third row: Hoffmeyer, Deland, Koenes, Jarosik, Kalee, The active Senior Y-Teen girls have a merry time at their many gatherings. Programs, teas, and par- ties are a few of the activities listed on the year's agenda, The club dressed dolls for St. John's Home and gave a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family. Sponsoring dances at school and coed dances at the Y is also another undertaking of this am- bitious group. lntermediate Y-Teens members are: First row: Cieslak, Presi- dent, Houmann, vice-president, Anderson, Secretary, Arnold, Barager, Van Diunen, VanMalsen, Miller, Hendricks, Evertse, Zoppa, Stokoe, Wiser, Cumberworth, Vander Heide. Fourth row: Willman, Beurkens, Vry, Korhonen, Merkle, Feenstra, Mel- polder, Doland, Blandford, Galinis, Johnson, Berdyk, Rose, Hayes, Riardon, Nowak. Service and recreation are combined in the lntermediate Y-Teens. Following in the steps of their big sisters, the Senior Y-Teens, they dressed dolls and gave a basket to a needy family. The group also held many parties. Treasurer, Second row: Feutz, Phillips, Erickson, advisor, Third row: Driver, Van Daalen, Diumstra, Ratalisk, Novak Student to Membership Hi-Y members are: First row: Ferris, Czuhai, DuBois, King. Second row: Makoski, Felcroni, Bednariz, Ferris, Mercer, Azkoul, advisory Third row: Parks, Friedl, Meyers, Apkarian, Phillips, and Korhonen. Following the Golden Rule and displaying good Under the guidance of the group's advisors, sportsmanship are the standards that the Hi-Y Club Waivio and Azkoul, the club has iust completed a members work and play by. Even though the club very successful year. The basket ball team gained members play basketball, they still find time to second place in the l955 Hi-y League. sponsor co-ed dances at the "Y" as well as school dances. Members ot the Hi-Y Basketball team are: First row: G. Ger- ris, Hott, Phillips, Green. Second row: Friedl, Czuhai, Ferris, Meyers, Ferris, Korhonen, and Wojtas, Bednariz, and Diemstra. Otticers stop to discuss the date for the next meeting me sg , sl A li 39 Club Promote Service, Good Eng,-gegic members of the Epsilon-Tri-Upsilon Horizon Club AppIe,.ShieIds, Hoffman, Mead, Vanderlaon, Troger, Third row: are: First row: Edison, Franson, Schmitt, Greip, Second r0W: Vet' DUIVT. Pape, PlfCh,Shanhan, Reed, Wilson. Throughout the year these girls ofthe Epsilon-Tri- Working for the benefit of the community was Upsllon, have worked for the betterment of our the obiective of the Trin-a-doris Horizon Club. school, community, and country. Among their many worthwhile activities were fold- A CARE package, sales, baskets for needy fam- ing bandages and giving baskets to needy families. Illes, hayrides, and class dances have been some The rou also bri htened the year with arties. 9 P 9 P of their numerous activities. Ambitious members of the Trin.q.dQ,-is Horizon Club are, retary, Varcna, Treasurer. Second row: Uzarski, Baker, Brown, first row: Chicky, President, lcraway, Vice President, Zeef, Sec- lhlfd VOWI PGVSGCO. Smilh, PGVSGCCI, 300671, Seekmun- 40 Fellow hip, Understanding Latin Club members are: First row: Jarosik, Merkle, Vry, J Feenstra, Cummings, president, Dauksza, vice-president, Bland- ford, secretary, Austin, treasurer. Second row: Spaulding, Swan- The aim of the Latin Club is to further classical interests and to help the Latin students understand the Romans, which furthers knowledge of the Latin language and the people who spoke it. It also aims to interest the rest of the student body in Latin. Dur- ing the year the club had a Roman banquet at which they performed a Roman Wedding. son, VanWestrenen, Giles, Ritums, Stormzand, Bennett, Edison, Wray, advisor. Third row: Brunett, advisor, Thure, Connell, Tucker, Cazier, Postmus, Luce, and A. Swanson. Gaiety and service were on the agenda for the Spanish Club members this year. Sponsoring a dance and many sales after-school, made it pos- sible for the club to give a basket for a family at Easter time, and do many other services. The end of a busy year was spent at Grand Haven for a picnic. Membefi Of the 5P0nl5h Club ure: NYS' FOWI Benneli. Pfe5l' Stormzand, Champion, Heeringa, Salhaney. Third row: Sanzi, dent, Hopkins, vice-president, VanDyke, secretary, Carlson, Wierdu, Nille, DeVries, Smelker, advisor, Gailius, Youngblood, treasurer, Hice, Appleton. Second row: White, Walton, Allgood, AuFrance. 7 "Practice Make Perfect' Members of the choir are first row, left to right: Folkertsma LaBour, Arnold, Reindle, Noffsinger, Carpenter, Cielak, Ledford DeWitt. Second row: Bizorek, Mead, Peterson, VanDaulen Gould, Shapiro, Tafil, Baker, Henningsen, Sprugot, Glass. Q Girls of the ensemble at early morning practice are left to "QM: Bllmell, Reindle, Wiser, Van Daalen, Nowack, Owen, Arnold, Henry, and seated at the piano accompanying them is Burton. The melodious voices in the Girls Glee Club, under the ex- cellent direction of Miss Best, belong to L-R first row: Ricketson, lantingo, Sidebotham, laird, Dutmer, Burnett, Cummings, De- ir, r. is- .i ii, n - i i 1- i 1-,Y - ,,.,, Third row: Zieltow, Owen, Nowack, Driver, Davis, Hiemstro, Cummings, Decker, Burton, Griep, Dill. Fourth row: Nivala, Wierda, Henry, Johnson, Dressler, Smoes, Coykendall, Comp- bell, Gigowski, Osborn, Wiser, and Smith. Lifting their voices clearly, the vocal groups sang happily through a busy year. A big event for Unionites was the Easter assembly, featuring the dramatics class and language clubs. On April the annual evening Spring Concert was presented. Ott, Moyer, Heimler, Miles, A. Hemmes, Hultgren, Payne, Gray Holliday, Todd, Leedy. Third row: Cross, lawrence, Peters Bravener, Sytsma, Todd, lankomp, J. Hemmes, Haskins, Moore I Choral Group Motto Members of R.O.T.C. Chorus are: Row one: DiAn.gelo, direc- torg Sonneveldt, accompanist, Second row: DuBridge, John- The vocal groups are remembered for their combined presentation of a beautiful and dramatic pageant, which was given during the Christmas Season. They also brightened the assemblies with their mellow voices. The unforgettable Easter program was given by the Vocal Departm Bancl and Orchestra' Star Band members are, Achtyes, Ward, Leonard, Walsh, Reed, Berg, Silson, Johnson, Apkarion, Reynolds, Roberts, Larken, Van Houten, Challield, Hoflman, Seymer, Austin, Gould, Zalewski, Austin, Montgomery, Youngblood, Heeringa, Pawlaski, Venlet, Tucker, Nelson, Molmberg, Rutkowski, Sprort, Van Malsen, gs , R., 'S Arousing school spirit is the stimulat- ing task which the band performs dur- ing exciting football games and as- semblies. This year band members played at the Optimist All-City High Senior Band Concert under the direc- tion of Merle Evans. After a very successful year, the band finished the year with presentation of their annual Spring Concert in May. W 42 The "high-stepping" cuties that lead the band, do much to install school L spirit. Swinging into action are: Joyce Barber and Norma Shumate. Hansen, Shields, Sirige, Zeeff, Kuiper, Gritter, Kettle, Phillips Ronson, Herpolsheimer, Bouwens, Baty, Kassner, Holmqutst Vrana, Sies, Poorman, Symko, Ruthnoski, Vander Zouwen Peterson l ZR'-if + - Sis s s- Kgxis Is Musical Perfection Orchestra members are, left to right, Herpolsheimer, Jonker, Giorge, Zenk, Apkarian, Zeeff, Simpson, lisk, Youngblood Engman, Mcsalski, Gilson, Hohnson, Manaogean, Austin, Giles, Seymer, Heeringu, Miller, Austin, Martin, Anderson, Va,nHouten Anderson, Sprout, Edgerle, Holmquist, Stokie, Shields, Phillips, Farougi, DeGraft, Kowalski. s F ck 5 7 if A bright and promising future is fs :fig fu' W mtl' 0 x Q ' ' X IM J 45 certain for the skillful musicians who perform in Union's Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Fryfogle. This year they received First Division 'in the District Festival at South High School proving their ability for concert per- formances. 1 Q l This group was entitled to go to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival in Ann Arbor. Spirit of Aurora-Reflector An enthusiastic and cooperative group well describes this year's Re- flector staff, which produced an out- standing issue every two weeks for the whole school year. Admiring the completed issue of the latest 1955 Reflector are: seated: McKean, Business Managery Quinn, Editor in Chiefg Peterson, News Editorg standing: Verson, Sports Editor: and Moerdyke, staff advisor. Always on the scene for a scoop, these bustling reporters were able to fill each Reflector with "up to date" news. looking at the Publications Department's new IBM typewriter are: sealed: Owen, Albrecht. Standing: These emcieng stuff members are checking copy Rudirh, Avslon. Dewvlel. Andfee. and Pelefs- for the latest Reflector before ir is printed: Mullner, Nivalo, Heim, Van Portfleet, and Goeman. Throughout the year the school pa- per came out sizzling with news. Mem- ories ofthe school year will be re- tained, as students look back at these issues. 46 Staffs ls Alive for '55 Determination plus effort is the necessary quality of all Aurora staff members. This year there was a combined, Aurora-Reflector sub- scription drive which was started oft by an assembly. -rev Nigga!-AW Busily cutting qlossies for layouts are: McKeiver, To keep things running smoothly is the job of co-editors, Mulaer, Hottmeyerg co- business managers, Pekaar, Champion, Photographer and helper, Twiest, and DeBruyne Austin, Barber, Zmudlra, Dauksza The assembly was followed by long hours of hard work, selling subscriptions, miniature pictures, and senior photo tickets, arrang- ing for pictures, and writing copy to carry out a top notch yearbook, the 1955 Aurora. Ritums,Caminer,Schindler,Postmus, Groenleer, Edison, 5l'lVl"'9 FU"ne5'lY 'O meet the decdllne DuShone, Wilder, Sigmund,,VanRyn Missing: DeWys, are: Hendncks' Deland' Durdle' Crowley Ohrn. Under the guiding hand of Mrs. Allyn the "55" stat? has presented not just a book, no, there's some thing more. On every sheet there's a theme, a mood, a prevailing spirit, and each and every Union- ite contributes to that spirit. Ludwick, Niemeyer, Arendson, Mieras Club Render Service and Members ot the Aurora Pulchra Horizon Club are: First row: Durdle, Crowley, Loenes, Saplis, Gailius, VanderMeer. Sec- ond row: Beurkens, Blandford, Spaulding, Barager, Barber, Bennett, Galinis, third Service to the community was the major proiect of the Aurora Pulchra Horizon Club. The members gave bas- kets to a needy family each month. Proceeds from baked good sales, also, provided two chairs for the teachers lounge and a general gift for the school. row: Johnson, Hendricks, Driggett, advisor: Arendson, president, Caminer, vice-presi- dent, Champion, Secretary, Dauksza, treasurer, Miller. Members of the A-O-Wa-Kia Horizon Club contributed, prepared, and gave Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to a needy family. To raise money the group held baked good sales after school. With the money raised a gift will be given to the school. Members of the WaeKe-Ma-Horizon Club are first row: DeLand, President, Mieras, Treasurer, Blauw, DeWys, Raymer, Wilman,VanDyke, Allgood, Simpson, Hook, AI- brecht, Ludwick, Johnson, Mulder, Hotf- meyer, Skoff, Advisor, Jonker, Evertse, Bell, Haven. 48 Cffer Social Activities Members ofthe A-O-Wa-Kia Horizon Club contributed, prepared, and gave Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to a needy family. To raise money the group held baked good sales after school. With the money raised a gift will be given to the school. Members of A-O-Wa-Kia Horizon Club are Hippensteel, Orlowski, President, Wal- ton, vice-president, Marino, secretary, Reed, treasurer, Doty, Second row: Koz Members of the Delta Epsilon Horizon Club are: Heeringa, treasurer, Melpolder, vice-president, Mrs. Jarosik, advisor, J. Jorosik, president: Vry. Second row: Sonzi, Alkema, White, Hailley, Hice, VanderHeide, Bouma, Glass, Hopkins, DeVries, Hoebeke, Third row: Mackey, Nivala Bouwkamp, Merkle, Luce, Stokey, Kor honen, Feenstra, VanPortfleet, Rekelder, Campbell. 49 lowski, Gimmel, McDonald, Dorman, Sal- haney, Slormzand, McDermott, advisor. Third row: Swanson, Peterson, Bennett, Cuzier, Postmus, Warfield, Hundersmark. Christmas basket for the needy, visits to the old age home, a hayride at Wilder's farm, Christmas Carol sings and working on the Sparkle Spin were a few of the many projects of the Delta Epsilon Horizon Club. Also a few of the girls worked as hospital aids. Drill Corps and R.0.T.C "Ready, Aim, Fire!" Learning to be sharp shooters are the members of the Girls' Drill Corps Rifle Team. 'tForward March!" commands Mr. Nor- grove as he directs these feminine soldiers, the Girls Drill Corps, in addition to this, they have served the school by ushering at the assemblies. The group has spon- sored many sales and dances. They bought u flag with the money which they earned. Members are: Sanzi, Peterson, VanderWoll, Norgrove, leader: Second row: Appleton, Swanson, Haan, Third row: Roberts, Van Dyke. Fourth row: Jerieck, Kuk, De Roos. Fifth row: Vander Band, Wirt, Morrissette. Sixth row: Visser, Norris, Lakenta, Seventh row: Wisinski. .3 Leaders in the Girls' Drill Corps have set the pace for a successful year. Ofilicers are: Sanz: Peterson and Vander Wall. Concentrate on Future The members ot Union's outstanding R.O.T.C. Company are: Row one: Jurczuk, Williamson, Prins, Wheeler, Wiebemga, Lamper, DeGraH, Fischer, Davis, Datema, Nelson, Jaarda, Noneman, Cup, Cher- nooy, Newville, Sturgis, DuBridqe, Nowak, Knight. Row two: Pater, Gailius, Bent, EI mer, Hager, Kingsley, Tafil, Feutz, Car- penter, Mikalski, Adamczak, Redner, Ver- sen, Bendokaitis, Daning, Cadaret, Mars man, Matthysse, Luce. Row three: McCord Curtis, Beurkens, Odeniewski, Solnoloski Kovera, Kowalski, Wingate, Felicioni Vedevs, Ridgeway, Galer, Smedberg, Git chell, Flint, lazinski. Row four: Duclzett Bremmer, Peterson, Fase, Noftsinger, Van Slyke, Horton, Nichols, Turner, Croft, Kar- pinski, DeGroot, Rusky, Bruining, Price Parerdzik, Weber, Dronkers. l?.O.T.C. Officers are: Rosenbrook, lst Lieutenant, Knight, lst Lieutenant, Williamson, Captain, Prins, Lieutenant Colonel, Weber, lst Lieutenant, and Nowak, Captain. 51 Hit the bull's eye! ls their aim! This year these cadets have showed tiring ability, accuracy, and skill in many matches, lkneelingl Capt. Williamson, Sgt. Manning, Sgt. Heimler, Sgt. Johnson, lst Sgt. Jurczk, Sgt. Datema, Sgt. Davis, Capt. Nowak, lstandingl Sgt. Turner, Lt. Rosenbrook, Lt. Col. Prins, Pfc. Todd, Sgt. Anes, and Sgt. Clark. SPORTS 1 rw mf A 1 .1-W,Wffff 2 X ,H MMG X QI P95 Nu,4,,Nnr1rxAq'fllll5 1 ' Stars Are Made, Not Born 'Ci' Q ,I a ,' I if K. .X- nf sf 4. As 3 ,..... ii Q, X4 Ima mama Cm rcanm Q CIIIYZIXIIX! II HZ' Q,, . . ,, .x.x. ...xg UR WIRE!!! HIGH "MW Wtlidlw W k k , 1113- mw Xu ' U? NBR Q. ,wx 'Q Q, 354 f SA' 1 X , 3. , aw. 'FF' , S x s X- - i , sm Nw y K A-'f ' 5 --" , . 2 X First row: Sayles, Hendrickson, Van Ess, Feringa, Kelley, Green, DeBoer, Johnson, Bills, Droski. Second row.: Vereecken, Reid, Baltusaitis, Miller, Hoff, Henry, Tweedale, Topping, AnCl9VS0n, lmpellr Chase. Third row: Faculty Manager Liskey, Frosh Coach Norgrove, Vander Laan, Terry, Brott, Shoup, Lipman,DOugherty, Driver, Smoes, Wisner, Schuur, Kemp, Athletic Manager Timmer, Assistant Coach Wavio, Coach Sukup- THRILLING SEASCN LEADS HAWKS TO CHAMPIONSHIP The Red Hawks captured the city title after a thrilling and unpredictable season. They be- gan the season by losing to a highly rated Muskegon Heights team by the score 21-12. This, however, did not affect the determination and ability of the Hawks when they defeated a strong Holland team 28-7. The Hawks' third en- counter was Central, which they defeated 34-T9 after a hearty offensive battle. ln the next game Union barely edged out a surprisingly powerful Creston team 6-O. Once again the Hawks remained determined and defeated Mus- kegon Catholic 26-l-4, to win their fourth con- secutive victory. ln the next game the combined team effort of the Hawks defeated an overconfi- dent and undefeated Catholic Central squad 20-6. Then, on a muddy and snowy field, an unpre- dictable Ottawa team tied Union. The next game was non-league against Battle Creek, which was rated first team in the state. Battle Creek nipped the Hawks in a close contest I4-l3. ln their last game the Hawks concluded a success- ful season by defeating South 21-13 to capture the city championship and the traditional "Little Red Jug". ln this scramble Topping is in the middle of the Df05l4l is CC1ffYlflQ llW9 bull Wlllle l0lT'1S0n Und pile, Green is on the top with the ball. VON E55 Clem the WGY- Union I2 Muskegon Heights 2l Union 28 Holland 7 k Co ca tain Kelley, end- Co-captoin Green, full bac . ' P Union 34 Central I9 Union 6 Creston O 2 Van Ess, guard, Feringc, center. BlllS, lcillle- De Boer, tackle. Tweedale, end, Union 20 Cutholic Central 6 Union 26 Muskegon Catholic I4 Hoff, guard. Sayles, guard. Hendrickson, quarterback Johnson, haltbcck. Droski, hclfback. Union 2l South I3 55 Union 6 Ottawa 6 Union .l3 Battle Creek 14 First row: Esther, Cook, Felicioni, Shippe, Height, Cumings, Czuahi. Second row: Friedl, Komar, Tuttle, Weaver, Parks. Bednar. Third row: Cherry, Phillips, Synder, Vander Lind, Duimstra, Farougi, Baty, Coach Moreland. Future Stars Test Gridiron The second team ended in third place this year The Frosh team also traveled a rough road but in city league competition. They were a determined taired a little better in the end with 2 wins and and hard working squad even though they ended 5 defeats. This put them in third place in city the season with l win and 4 defeats. They also leG9Ue SlGf1dln9S- played four out of town teams. These were Mus- kegon Heights, Holland, Muskegon, and Muskegon Catholic. The reserves lost all four games. First row: Vela, Kuiper, Lossin, Gryzan, Green, Raymer. Second row: Vedies, Vereeke, Cass, Krey, Stiel, Van Duinen, De Anglis. Third row: Coach Norgrove, Raczevwich, Marcules, Zegunis, Borek, Bart, Salminen, Car- penter, Kurti. 56 l-Ooklng forward to vic- First row: Hansen, De Roos, Carlson, Marlett, Mikulski, Bloom, Adams. tones are co-captains Second row: Russell, Meyer, Woitas, Korhonen, De Haven, Moore, Vanden Har,-Y Woiios and Bert Bosch. Third row. Beach, Smith, Holmquist, J. Mais, T. Mais, Marsiglia, Mont- Korhomenu gomery, Coach Palmer. Harriers Capture Second Place The Harriers ended in second place this year in SCQRES city league competition. They have an excellent Union Qiiqwq record with only one defeat and tive wins. The Union Creston Hawks took second place in the Y.M.C.A. meet, Union Chrisfion third place in the Regional meet, and tenth place Union Cofholio in the State meet. They were a hardworking squad Union South and strove for the best under the able supervision Union Cenirol of Coach Lowell Palmer and leadership of co- Y,M,C,A, Meet 2nd Ploce captains Bert Korhonen and Harry Woitas. Regional Meet 3rd Place State Meet l0th Place Taking if BUSY is MY- Off in a flash are Gary Russell and Pete Marsiglia, Union cross country Palmer, cross country runners. coach. Manager Vander Laan, Hicks, Russell, Miller, Marsiglia, Mais, Weber, Vander Lind, Lipman, Rindale, Fredericks and Coach Ellingson- Shoot'n Stars Uncover Talents This year's basketball team demonstrated light- ning speed on its many fast charges, and also showed accuracy in its high flying shots. The use of new strategy by Coach "Doc" Ellingson and his team kept their opponents guessing throughout the entire season. Union showed exceptional skill while playing Ottawa. They thrilled the enthusiastic crowd by holding them to an unusual standstill in which Ottawa was unable to score during the final period. These games will long be remembered by the many students who attended them. Union's top scorer and captain of the Basketball team is Gordy ' - I . , , , Hicks with "Doc" Ellingson, who ln this thriller, Irv Miller is reaching for the ball while Gordy Hicks is has been coaching of Union 26 standing by ready to assist. Years. 58 Hicks Russell Weber Fredericks SCORES Union 54 Traverse City 41 Union 57 Ottawa 87 Union 52 Muskegon Heights 86 Union 56 South 71 Union 65 Catholic Central 62 Marsiglia Union 55 Central 57 Union 83 Creston 51 Union 41 Christian 52 'scones Union 64 Ottawa 65 Union 58 Catholic Central 57 Union 52 South 48 Union 65 Central 66 Union 51 Creston 42 Union 52 Christian 66 Uni0t1 55 Muskegon 58 Vander Lind Lipman V 59 Miller Mais Firgt ,-0w,Anderson, Van Ee, Stankus, Adams, Cumings, Nye, Meader. Second row: Manager Baty, Johnson Engelsman, Lammers, Mais, Schuur, Mangus, Snyder, Coach Vander Molen. Junior Cagers Gain Experience The second team ended in second place this season in city league competition. lt has a record of 7 wins and 5 defeats. lt excelled in many things and had an enioyable season under the coaching of Mr. Vander Molen. The team had fun outside of its practices and games by doing extracurricular activities. The ninth grade team started out the season by losing to Catholic 36 to 21. It also lost the next four games by similar margins. The Junior Hawks won their first victory against Oakleigh 35 to 25. They ended the season with I win and 8 defeats. They gained a lot of experience and were given good advice by their coach Mr. Moerland. First row: Davis, Kasper, Malmberg, Kurti, Carlson, Dewey, Jingles, Coach Moerland. Second row: Garrison Krey Cass, Green, Kuhn, Higbee, Borek. First row: Chase, Captain Seltzer, Van Strein, Cherry. Second row: Postmus, Bourma, Dressler, Duimstraiilhia row: Coach Norgrove, Curtis, Rogers, Montgomery, Poorman, and Karpinski. Strenuous Sport Develops Might The swimming team this year was considered a maior sport for the first time. lt was to help a lot in deciding the all-sports-trophy. The team however, started out the season by losing to Ottawa and also to South, Catholic, Central, and Christian respect- tively. The Hawks won their first game against Creston 42 to 32. At the end of the season they Quick, willing, and able des- cribes Union's student managers. Standing, Burt, Beach, Ferris, had l win and 6 defeats. However, they contrib- uted 40 points to the all-sports-trophy. The Hawks showed determination and outstanding work in the 40 yard free style and the 100 yard back stroke and made good showings against the other schools, even though they lost the games. Stacey, Czaikowski, Scott, Athletic The most valuable athlete and honor athletes were chosen on Manager Mr. Timmer. Kneeling, these bases: Maior letter-5 points, minor letter-4 points, second team Baty, Vander Laan, Barnhard. letter-3 points, 9th grade letter-2 points, captain of team-1 point. Honor Athletes Tweddale, Tom Hoff, Gary Korhonen. Bert Hendrickson, Gerald Green, Richard Billg, Earl Droski, Richard Woitas, Harry Honor- Athletes Anderson, Earl 0 i Henry, Delbert Most Valuable Athlete De Haven, Arnold VandenBosch, Bill Kelley, Robert , 1 1 ,,, - -.flxllt First row: Vereecken, Hoff, Green, Droski, Hicks, Reynhout, Kuick, Holtrop Coach Ellingson. Second row: Nye, Losey, Andree, Miller, Tucker, Seymer, Nellis Giles. Third row: Vander Lind, Anderson, Scott, Lammers, Stankus, Engelsman Nyssen, Cook, Cumings. Top row: Baty, Esther, Nye, Sandusky, Tuttle, Karasinski Slabbekorn. Lively Hawks Demonstrate Skill on Diamond The Hawks started out this season with a bang. Their speed, accuracy, and quick thinking has led them victory against Christian, 9-4, and Creston, 5-4. ln a close contest the Hawks were defeated by Catholic 3 2 Even though the season has lust gotten under way, the Hawks' future looks bright. The baseball season is here and Union s baseball coach "Doc" Ellingson and Randy Versen, the capable captain of this year s In his action shot are the members of Union's baseball team. team, discuss approaching games 1 A 62 a li, Lossey, leftfield NYG, Kvick. centerfield Holtrop, rightfield x 1 Z ,ms : r- - J i ,, , K .c ,, N'N""""N':'i5'Pt"Q"""'3'N?"'0"'K"lH"N?Ht' Tis. N, . . 'f , e N , 1 e - s f - . .. . . , A -- 2 f- f -X s, . Q 1 - 2. -4: c . A .2 T 5 ., df' I img., - K b MN -. 5 i. ,X K A ' ' Q,fZT"fQRfTi . New of M. ' .5 -?1itYi.QiliNY5zif 5 , 'ww g,a5m:,s,sg3pw,A sb .cemfw sf c K X h A K h . -A .M log-3-,H-src: , 1 Q s - - - X '- ' - ' ., A ,. 4 Versen, lst base Green 2nd base Hicks, 3rd base , i Vereecken, shortstop Fifi Hoff, pitcher Grubaugh, pitcher D k ros i, catcher TRACK This year's Freshman team replaced the reserve team of former years. The boys on the team showed prom use in their performances. First row: Marcules, Steil, Dewey, Davis, and Jingles. Second row: Hartman, De Angelis, Betteridge, Kurti, Froman, Van Duinen, Coach Norgrove. Third row: Green, Czakowski, Hanna, and Zegunis. 63 u This year Gordy Ferris served as captain of the promising track team. Capable and hardworking, his assistance was appreciated by both Mr. Wavio and the rest of the squad. Speedy Runners Seek Success Returning Iettermen were scarce for this year s team The squad started the season by defeating Christian 71 to 38 The season looked bright for a hugh finish in the league Mr Wavio was working with a large ln a thrilling battle to the finish line are some Union and Creston Trying 10 lead the way are these HHCYS Union long distance runners. k xx X.-kk! This year's golf team showed ability, accuracy, Taking time out are members of the tennis team and skill. They are: Coach Sukup, Meader, Stacey, First row, Shippy, Gollar, Godfrey, Mais, DeVries, Sal Kelley, Hamelink, and Zyzyk. minen, Malmberg. Second rowg Coach Moerdyk, Rogers Captain Walker, Vander Ark, Poorman, and Vander Laan. Swinging Hawks Challenge Cpponents Looking over the seasons golf schedule are Mr. In TMS 0Cll0f1 Shol Gfel C'-1PlUln W0lke", Vander Sukup, the coach and Bill Skestone one of the return- l-GUN, ROQSTS, Poormun and Vfmdef Ark- The b0Y5 ing Ietfermen, showed promise in their performances. 65 Badminton, Bowling, Ping FWW Efficient and dependable well describe ..Don.t miss the birdien is one of the familiar phrases th. , GU , .th th he' heard from the girls' gym every Monday night after school. 'S Year S ' 'Cf omcerf' W' e p Involved in 0 thrilling game of badminton are Shields, 0fM'S-B'0Ck' me" f'dV'S0'- Thev' C"e2 Barbara Blandford, Treasurer, Mrs. Black, Wilder, Zeeff, and Haan. AdViSOf: Roma Crowley, President, Ruth Demonstrating the right position in which to bowl is Smith, while Caminer and Briola, are setting pins and Block, Bennett, and Kalkofen are keeping score. The girls are taught the fundamentals of bowling and of score keeping. 0 66 Bennett, Vice President, and Eleanor Peterson, Secretary. Engaged in an exciting game of cage ball are these 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls. They form the Jr. G.A.A. which is under the direction of Joyce Barber and June Dauksza. This year's G.U.C. tournament winners are: Miller in bowling, Gillmore in ping- pong, and Niemeyer and Billey in bad- minton. Pong,and Cheerleading These girls have been active in Union I h High's G.U.C. club for the past three years of fhmgs to do The gms me ploymg pmg pong and are receiving their "All City Honor" which they have been eagerly awaiting. They are: Niemeyer, Bennett, Daukszq BClfb9l', CGmir1er, Gigowski, Crowley, Afef1dSe"'f MiSSir19 GFS McKean, and Peterson. I A variety of costumes and combi- nations are seen at the G.U.C. annual Christmas Party. Some of the winners for the best costumes are: Landon and I. Haan, Zeeff and Sproat, Oliver and J. Haan. Through all kinds of weather and at the assemblies in school, these spirited and charming cheerleaders lead the school cheers, They are, Niemeyer, Gigowski, De Wys, Blauw, and their advisor, Miss Langin. UNDERCLASSMEN U" "2 Sf!- I-rj VX, . "Work Will Make Your Dreams Come True Rv. S, RF' Q . 'N .T-1353 K . wx G- X wi X k M Q x ., Q 2 ,, X Q X , . M as ' X l s S Orientation Month Initiates .,. . 33 7 - . , .-k . ---- -A - 1 -- 5-A e - N " K . . ttnn K . r 4 , 5 . 1 W n AE, X ,Qt 9. Q kVL'lQQi.,Y ' ' ,Ii , A K' 4? Akker, B. Ammerman, B, Anderson, N. Andrews, G. Atkinson, C. Atkinson, T. AuFrunce, R. Austin, D, Bates, D, Beatty, D. Bgrgg, 1, Beyrefidgel Q, -vo, . 52:5 - L . ' 33, Vg of 'V' 'sfo 5 e f ' if A ' - , ' 9 .F 1 Q B , L Q i me ' ., ,. -K. 1 -.flinw 4' I4 A , . AA, 4' WOW, M. Blodgett, .I. Bradley, K. Brailey, R. Bravener,1. Breaker, S. Bruen, R. Budzynske, D. Bulthuis, P, Burnett, 1. Bylsmu, M. Comer, S. ix K in Q A . , .. 4. -- ' E' A . .,. A 1 I X . , a . .U r 1 .. . ' , - ' 9-vw if ix- A .. - - JK 'ai T , rl ll l . fflnli, K. Coykendall, W. Cumings, K. De Graff, B. De Graff, G. Den Braber, R. Denamon, K. Dewey, N. Douglas, 1. Drown, B. Dulak, J. Dusendang, D. EGYONI D- Eaton. l- EP5lel"' S' Farr, L. Feenstra, M. Floyd, B. Y Q. K - f ff , 'X Floyd, lim Fosburg, 1. Foshurg, K. Foster, J. Frune, C. Fullord, K. at 'O Q V' ' . r , mmf L Good""" w' G0'd0"1 D4 GYOYD. 5- A M Gryrzan, M. Gustinis, B. Hulik, G. A Taking the younger set, Q W Weaver, Peterson, Atkinson, Q ig A - , - .y and Tobey, to one of Union's " -:ui ' l T ..g'2Q'.,. many activities are Quinn A if , w, ' 17" "W 'F' and Radich " X- NGIL 1' Hatton, S- Nemmfff A ' Hamersmn, A. Hineline, A. Harford, E. Holmes, n :,. Q .i F z . . , . A - fe ' s -. 'f - --,Q '- "2 2 ' 3 ' ', , My 2- ' 5 ,- ' X ' L-7 ' P5 , 52 ' .. t,,L-.,J A gf . ' . .K os 'An S ".. K 'J - l , K' Y' ,,g B r. K Hopkins, R. Hossler, H, Huff, N. Jatkson, T. Jeffers, C, lenkinson, L, Johsen, Jones, M. Kurusenski, V. Kasper, B. Kasper, M. MMP, N- '- 3.1 A . 'i ff. D -"TL,-I ' .4 K9"l9l10K9, 5- K'f'9l9Y, fe KDYIIIYK, G. K orhonen, A. Kossen, T. Kowumczyk, R. Kubicke, G. Kucngel, A. Kuhn, J. Kukly, G. LaLone, C. lulone, P, I iq 5 , r , : Q In I, . . A 4 k YQ!! L' li . V-it ' 'fm s- 'Q -is 5 I is Q' if A N A 'Q . L, , y A 1 , . , Q, ,.ss. xy ang, M. Lantinga, M, Luwrenre, D. lowrenre, L. lawrence, R. Leedy, L. Lehman, K, Lejins, B, Lombard, L. Lovett, J. Lukas, D. Main, R, 70 Student into Life at Union he my y . " T ' 4 'T . , .. 'J 5 Q 1 . f x .. te . A , ,. . Sim , vw? . .Q S ii , QA . Lf Ji: 'Ii' 3 , Q! A ' . .. . . ,. ' ' X Q- H , . nln .i ' N T 'Z .. ' -' i f s . i S Lx ix . . . il K A K P Malinslre, M. Malloy, M. Malotl, R. Marhkan, ll. Mars, C. Mask, R. Maynard, P. McCarty, D. McDonald, D, McDouglas, S. McElhaney, R, McGraw, J. ' i f - - T J W K . in ii' as 5 . '- D 1 .viz - Q if Z T "1 ' i Q X-" . . .. 5 'rm 'Q time S '-15" if . .. H -. .sl i i 1 lim 'N . H 4' 'i X A in ' .. 7 Mclain, C, Meader, S. Melpolder, M. Merburg, R. Miller, M. Moore, D. Morrow, J. Moyer, S. Murphey, L. Nllwflll, 5- NUY, P- Nellie, M. may in , . ,K L , . L . . K .- fi b ' ',-.' -" 4. E Y Y. 'Q .Q E 3 T 5 "-5' sv S . M S S- R . . H -fo . H . J S ' FQ ' . "5" i ' , Til: :f.,f,Q ' is 1' f 'fi .Li 1 pl T Nolan, J, Nyland, D, Odezewski, K. Olds, C. Olson, J. Ott, J. Oudersleeys, D. Parks, S. Patter, D. Pellerito, T. Peat, H. Pgmgon, J. - .. V f J X . .s- li A ' J' 5 ftf? H e" Mfr ?"",,. . -. ? fl A ...Q ' K. ,J K . s-3-.S V- Q X . , . - - .. W . -sf' 1. H S - Peterson, N. Peterson, R. Pirkerd, L. Pierce, S. Planck, R. Pohanka, B. Porter, C. Preston, P. Prill, S. Proctor, H. Ratliff, B, Razanske. R. ' Z5 . Q , f-e i ' ' - 1 L , ,J .T T 1 .., . W.. g 3. . - .. . Reamer, J. Redner, l, Rice, C. Richards, l. Rickerxon, V. Robinson, R. Roe, H. Roelofs, J. Roth, D. Russell, D. Rustemeyer, R. Srhandenburg - '4 X. if f ,x , - . X St. Andre, K. Staudarher, J. X' 5 X. V . Steffes, B. Steil, E we s m . X . 4 je' , wtf., ' Q ,.- 5' I x A . 4 T 3, 4 - f--- . .PQ H is '---A .- "mrs .5 fn Schmitt, S. Schuitman, D. Shepard, H. Sl-ippy, M. Sidebotham, D. Siesling, T. Smith, Bonnie Smith, Jim Smith, Lynda Snider, S Sradanas, K' Sli-illf, P. . ir fxzfxir fl Q H Y ooo ' V K - Stewart, S. Stokes, S. Story, l. Stouten, M. Swanson, W. Sweeris, M. Sytsema, P. Tenelgtiot, D. X 5 - K S 1 u 2 . W ' T S H . Q . g T . l S 1 Q 1 . -. E S -- Q xii Thorne, 6. Tobey, B. Todd, G. Tolar, R. Turel, S. Uminski, P. Vanlissen, C. VanVennekon VanWormer, R. VanderMeulen Vunvl Hof. 5- Vlmellli D- W X ' ' . K . t , ii 1.9 . 3. 3 'tem' w ' .. yy' .'L'. ' . Q M A3 . 1 T . gf, . ' f. ' , .ee X if 'lrr M o . lrd' -- 1 az- .e i M '-.1 N .. . L i"' X A Waddell, J. Waem, N, Walker, R. Walters, D. Walters, D. Warning, C. Weaver, L. Webster, R. Wenger' M. Wim' K- wilmx' S- wilson' U- H H H P ..... . . . f f J-1: 3 .-. I 1 .Q s - f' -S., - . I , fy , -J - , , v 'P .3 . g. i' 7 gg- i . ' 'I Q' J , .155 Q g + ' X - Xi e xx , 5 - .1 X T r ep .2 X -is .N 2 5. Y L SQ 1 'M K K E Q , " N- J . T . . it r - f - -' fic Winowiedre Winters, R. Wiseman, P. Woltier, T. Zaiser,J. leller,R. Ziabkowslre,J. ZoIenslre,J. 1Yfll9Wlf1,B. 71 8th Graders Enioy Merrymaking .. ,. M-, gc., ,M ,V M' . L,hI L I V . . s 1, f '1 -- f' a . 'V 5 'Q Adams, A. Aikens, M. Anderson, J. Anes, P. Apple, M. Bacon, R. Bercza, T. Billey, 5, Bisbee. R- 3005. M- BYUdf0fd.1' BYUUGY, 1- . U E Q ' A -T its 5 -' 'sl 'Q in 'IE' e- 1 ' A A- l1""' 'ff-.?i'x as .lx BYCHHBF, K. Bronlsema, C, Bruining, W. llylxma, I. Carbaial, W. Carter, J. Charles, D. Chittenden, W. Cole, ll. Coykendall,1. Crego, J. Crinion, J. 5 g - I - . . g I' l Q gs 4 A are-5 f r 'f ' 29 'W :ss " N, V. X Q . H A , .5 as.. .,. ,4 H V K uryx , . . ,. .. v K - A It X-M -us 2 N' so A. 1-.- LJJ' A Cross, C. C1arnecki,B. Darling, D. Davis, E. DeHaan, S. DiGrandi, S. Donley, B. DuPree, J. Ferris, S. Fixler, M. Foehl, B. Freeman, S. f Gable, D. Garrison, L. x Pnl Gleason. C. Glerum, I. x. no , 4,"f' .1 Q . A A .wth Q - 4 Giaimo, B. Gilbert, B. ' Groombridge Hagerty, D. '- 1-1' -.. Hone" S' H""0Pf1Y"fR- Haskins, G. Heeringa, B. The junior high noon-hour program under the guidance of -a Q' -V Student Council has provided hours of enioyment for many stu- 47' ' A 9 dents. Rain or shine you'll always find members playing games i s A X' of checkers Scrabble and k' . A Hendrickson Henkle, C. ' ' S Ip Across Henry, 1. Hickerson, R. . 2 15 2 M . Hogan, H. Hoonrirlr, A. Hopkins, K. Hossler, E. Hull, P. Hultgrem, K. Hutchine, L. Ingalls, L. Jansma, J. Johnson, 1. Jones, A. Jurrzuk, R. 2 3 .: 19. , W y 4 1 V A ff.,-...L . s A De f. .ss . Q " i D., .S . Kingston, K. Koopmans, D. Kovell, H. Kozar, S. Krauss, V. Kribbet, J. Kurlenda, D. Kwekel, S. Laird, K. Lake, T. Lang, B. Lawrence, . 5.5 AQ' ,,,' 7. . s - :sw a A s s., f . , - '- I ""1' ' '-37 l ' Lge. . A AX 4 K m. '1 - .N- Leech, P. Levondaski, J. Lillie, ll. l.isk, B. Lookwood,1. Lopez, L. Lystra, ll. Mais, I. Mqigr, C, Maloney, S, Marcus, J. Mursiglia, A 72 a Wella Musicmaking it - . Q., Se. .,. A 3 Q S Kf.L . ,. S gg V W 3 A ' - S' 'rr Kr X 'ii T Mrfarty, T. McGowan, M. McGraw, J. McMahon, l, McNulty, J. Melnyzzuk, A. Menoogian, P. Meyrink, R. Miles, S. Miller, D. Miller, F. Moore, M. 3 'L l . s I so Nl' sn. H i .,Q 5 i . , ' , '-L.. . .. ,. ' it sw x 'tx it S .os S . R .-. ffl .-S- - 'll' 3 e f Moore, Mary Mountrnstle Munz, M. Nelson, loyre Nelson, Vere Nickelson, D. Norton, N. Novosad, M. Nowack, l. Oliver, ll. Olson, E. Oom, J. 'N J 1 Q, its in ,F , Q . sh X 2 A 7: 1 v K., ,yk K ti ,sf K L! - -ff' 1 a S i . fl. ii ...ff 'X "S . i ii Uiblllh l-- Oli, J. Parks, 1. Porter, M. Pasxurelli, A. Payne, D. Petens, J. Piccard, M. Pircard, Mel. Piechocki, N. Pierson, D. Pinrkney, L ,Y 7 Fil, 2 Y ax Piigchl 1- pony' N' Price, R, Randall, D, ,Q Q 4' . N - . Si., X, R,,,,,,,,,, B, Rqgg, R, l nnymef, s. Reichurd, ii XS.. ' . nammn, o. Riley, r. l im Rings, J. Ronde, R. Enioyment and accomplishment is the goal of these iunior high band members. The band was organized by Mr. D'Angelo. Throughout the year they displayed their talents K ' if S by entertaining the faculty and students during the noon- A ' K, M RMIM- Rmnbmokljv hour and at assemblies. Rukuwm' B, 5,,,,dy,g, k . , M , , 'Q , 9 . 'S 7 'S ' f G 9 S. " . Q . N' ' S t ig 'I ' ' 3 ig. Lf -wi ,S ' 'Q -.Li : 1 Sfllwlt, P. Schmidt, G. Similar D, Siegel, R, Sierz, R. Smith, R. Sorenson, S. Stokes, M. Siowie, S. Stuart, B. Sturgis, J. Swanger, J, 'un-7 D Q in I mia Ti wa . S . --. QF S -S s Y- V xi? 3 it ,Y s , . . Q y A ww .L E 4' .X I N , 5 L A ' i 'P Ki. I ' .Q 1 tl 'S Syhesma, 1, Sytsma, J. Tobias, J. Todd, L. Toler, J. Towne, H. Tufts, B. Turner, R. Valentine, B. Van Cleve, l. Van Dam, S. Van Ess, G. . . . . 3 . W fini ' Q. S... t 0 . , , S- 1. . M Q in . Si S i S . 'S 'N ig RSS .4 P, w . -g f . Vnnderhrk, R. Vint, B, Wagner, M. Warwick, C. W k' E at ins, . Weersmo, J, Weidenfeller Wiext, S. Willoughby, K. Wingate, 0. Zalewski, A. Zenk, l. 73 Enthusia mln pired by Cheerleaders A C or 'E" , . ly I S K y tr 5. A I N 1 , ' Q f- - .,'. - YH. -' S 5 -. . ' ' '- f ' ' M "" - . ' - ,- 1. s fy ., " , ,, ,. ' -J-.. K V. .V -V Y K7 hx s bv X M., K 'Ns 1 lk xv kg ' Q K1 . ! . 'ls 1 M i 5 Aardema, G. Arhlyes, 1. Adams, J. Alkire, M. Ammons, W. Anderson, A. Anderson, H. Arnold, D, Arnold, M. Bacon, N. 6 I ,,,.. .qi r F , .. h ,1 Q3 I I, :aj .. I " Y '--3" jg r' -Y ' 'r 1 X - s -' . , ' ' '- r , ' A S R 'rrr A' -- . A Burl, J. Beach, S. Berg, . Bergsmo, I. Bergsma, M. Belleridge, D. Beurkens, H. Beuscheh, C. Bishop, H. Biziorek, yi ,,, ,E Q 3 F -R. T 6? -f ' -.-1. ., - if ,., -. rf K 4 . 1- . g 'try C f L 'gf e - Boller, N. Borek, J. Boris, C. Borrello, N. Bouwkamp, P. Braybrook, I. Brouwer, C. Burton, W. Bush, J. Cadarel, J. Cuss, R. Christensen, E. Q ri. Cnols, D. Corey, S. rl K X ' is if " . . Bonlra, J. Bannack, C. .Q W 2 Qs I A .. IN Blair, C. Blum,J. l Carlson, D. Carpenler, C. Chrislensen, 1. Cieslulr, 1. 9.2. Couch, M. Crawley, E. 1 'l . Culp, K. Czcrikowske, T. C1nrneclre,T. Davis, E. Leading the spirited studenl body at an assembly are the cheerleaders, Beverly Vugteveen, Carol Brower, Sharon in A Rerndle, Karen Vrana, Barb Duimslra, Ann Driver, Capt., , G , K Sharon VanDaalen, Judy Hoff, Jan Seekman, Sandy Beach, 'wg r Sally Laraway, capl. Dellngclis, R. Deoson, G. Dellrrar, A. Decker, L. ,Q f' Q ,Q D 'f W , V F f Sf? C se' - ' C . A . A rs... . h Dnfralf, F. DeVos, M. DeVries, M. Dewey, R. Dibble, B. Dill, M. Dressler, R, Driver, A. DYYUUN. Pl DUCBGU, UUirr1Slr0.Br UUYFUCY, E. Q .I A' . 4 fi - ' r - 4' 1' .. - Y. B ' r ' 4 3 N -1 A 3 , j W- .' K Ah:-MX X I ,Q ILS 'A - Ebcrlnin, K, Egqerding, R. Fngnrnn, R. Faber, B. Fniks, P. Fuse, G. Feisl, P. Feutz, Don Feulz, D. Fischer, Bill Fischer, M. Flipse, M. 1 C 5' .,,. so-5 A s the f - " Q ' Q .2.....f -,Wil '-' . 3 ll' I r , "' W ' ,Bs ' In V I N lg. IQ- , H x . F v L fy , A . A AL V A Simi? -- . l .l. Freeman, G. Froman, D. Gage, R. Gailius, B. Garrison, 1. Gillis, C. Glemboske, C. Godfrey, 1. Gordon, H. ' Gray, M. Green, B, Grihas, P. 74 Nl Government Comes to Life ' 9 . P , Y - H . - FQ . -. 4 R .- .. - ' P Q H W H NP L Q is at Q . s . X. L i S sr i HH ' ' N . .- .ef . ' v---' li ,, Q X 1 . . , t .,,, H . 2 Q K gb Ht X ' .. . of N ig, P . . X N i SL ' P . , U... r. . Grycyan, C. Hager, R. Haisley,1. Hanna, F. Harmon, L. Hartmann, T. Haskens, J. Havmann, L. Heuld, J. Herren, E. Higbee, R. Hindges, T. H H, . f .H , H Q K gs e.,.o-wSese.V saow--sms -. me ' H' X- - N .H H - K h f . X . Q 1 N , - ,, Es at r . Q. R, ,e . ., H - , N 4 K as ,K Hine, I. Holt, J. sr . S . Kettle, Ri Keltlehake, t-52 -R .-s E s Kuhn, J. Kuiper, K. Qu. FY'-. i X-2 5, .. Lnlone, G. Landheer, E. NF as Larkin, D. Lassin, J. rf a- s s -HSS H, 'H H is . . X .s -N A ., R V .sat Leonard, Y, Lisk, R. F N is was if so A. me f me . ., su? Hottman, B. Holiday, D. Houtman, P. Howard, C. Hurt, S. lckes, 6. Jingles, D. Kalnins, R. Kasper, T. Keil, L H 'Yes H Rf iii' ' 'I 'Kiss .4 Ha . 'lf .ef R Q . , is ss s tlif.. H ,5 Q' 4-4,4 " i " "' Af A v R. Kingsley, R, Kilterman, D. Klein, J. Kloet, A. Kloostra, G. Koetsier, D. Kolakoski, E. Kowalski, K. KIUPP. N. Krey, E. I ., .V X? Kula, M. Kurli, B. Q- - Max u .A L Lontinga, R. Laruway, S. . . . 5 Hs 11? . .,., . , ' Lawrence, G, Lawrente, V ... .. .Mo R e takes time out for a picture before they board a bus for ' Lansing. Mrs. Driggett, their teacher, promises them on in- 'il -With smiling faces one of the 9th grade civic's classes Ni :TE if 'P Y 1 teresting and exciting time at the State capitol, where they it will see government in action ,. Losey, D. Love, G. X ., . I , p M H.Ssw. -F mwe.W Q .f. rg . :P CN 1' ' i P I T ' Luce, R. Lumpkin, J. lurk, G. MUCEGCDTOD Malmberg, M. Maloney, J. Marble, L. Marculis, 8. Marsman, L. Masalkoski, N. Matthysse, L. McCann, M. s . H . ii ' 11 H Z .- ' . . Q s 5, me 'f 'le f H. 3: f - Q.-1 -fs . H Y-zen . , WW F . is K .' HH K xg f i gi isi , . P 33 1- L- . ii'i 1 rs . ' ' . t -I Meader, D. Moore, H. Nagle, M. Nelson, F. Newville, R. Nichols, D. Nol1eman,J. Nowack, 1. Odeiewski, R. Olivier, C, Olsen, B. Olson, W. -Q eeHWefwe were 'X P53 , - . E 5? .- . ,QA f I H .L Q if il . H ,+ ew visa R H as S, - Hi Kjos , '5 "" I ,. L, .9 -Q ssiifgj: i l ,,. ,. . ,.,.. . . . . 0V9flYU. 3- Uvfun, 5- Fuf1vwe,J. PGUUWG. N- Pater, K. Payne, M. Peaslee, J. Peddemors, N. Pennell, S. Peterson, B. Peterson, P. Phillips, C. 75 Their Goal, A Well .0 - ,yyk V I W K A . X . I : . ' I jr f 5 Q. .g T W . . s if . . Y. ,ff ., ' ' . s 4 V H. be - is - Q -fel: e Pierson, C. Prowdzik, R. Price, ll. Punches, ll. Roczkiewicz Rondale, R. Randoll,1. Reod, 1. Reindle, S. Rietmon, 1. Reyers, ll. Rider, J. , ,P,l' . V 'H an Q ' to 5 W - 5 . 2 1 . ' e. , ,I .K y V, .fsfgf In I f j if , ' .. , ' - VA M in . L iii 't-:ull Nil' M 1. '. ' A LA Ridgeway' C. Rimdami 5' Rogers, M, Rgongyl L, Roth, Arnelh Roth, lorry Rubin, A. Salhaney, P. Solminen, E. Schmid, B. Srhuiling,1. Seelrman, J. IIQ ol h x I i A ' , A ' K ' X . A . he Shepard, F. Shernoby, P. Seymour, D. Shapiro, I. r V , -44, Shollner, V. Skrobot, T. Simpson, E, Simpson, K. l r , - . 1 In i, .- -. Silefrwfe, ll- Smedbif, W- Sokoloske, M. Sonneveldl gordenl N, Stacey, B, Steil, Glenn Sleil, Pal - This attentive algebra class realizes that the best way A to meet its future goal is to study today. Standing are Mr. ,T DeWitt and Bett Chick . Seated are Maril n Dill, Barbara Y Y Y ty , Bizarek, and Joan Creslak. ' ,A Si. Pierre,1. Srrung,N. Svwdui, lv Suttorp, R. Q . 5 -3 .K V . " 'S f I A , V . A ll r :.""'-r 1 f ' hs- """ 'ai A ' A all Qi -V 4 Sytsma, Ron Sylsma, T. Tarball, B. Taylor, N. Tauslra, N. Telzerow. R. Topping, B. Troosl, M. V00 DGGIGD V071 Dlllllen V00 Elk. ll- vm' Muldegm . , if ' , fgg f Q .V I K . it-,vs I f .V I I 4 ' A i-'. 8.4.54-. s - 1 e is ' '- Vftm 'U' 1 , Van Ryn, J. Van Weslrenen Vander Boegh Vander Zouwen Vndis, E. Vela, R. Von lnngirl Vennema, M. Veffelfei D- VBYSBH, B4 V0l1, l VFUHU, K- as I f . g if A ,F 1. 1 -an 0 wk I 1 X ..., I i i ii ,, 3 . Q: sir Vugleveen, B. Waddell, G. Waem, L. Walsh, R. Weining, L. Wingate, R. Yonkers, M. York, M. Youngblgod Zegunis, D, Zietow, B. Zimmerman 76 Rounded Life ot Union 4.1 asmw-..D.sM... l 4 4 ' 4 n i d the "55" Refiedof' Counselor , and Wg time to rec Counselee nuve friendly Cho, Races highlight Christmas party. 'K HP , USS" Aurora. rcichce makes perfecv, K first look of ' Says M' D'A'1 I Unionites Qe i ge O' 77 Soph' Set the Pace . Q- W YL it ' K' I 1 . 1 'Q k'V' t . k. IZ ' . of I ig. 4 LM. , , Al - ' ,z l f . Fl ig. 'E ' ' "' . 1 + .... is vi. ' Us , -F B' f tnlml- Q fl 'f 'Y' f 'rf X hrrr Q4 2 Q r Em Adams, C. Adams, Ken Aikens, T. Alkemu, B. Anderson, N. Andrews, D. Andree, M. Apple, M. Babcock, J. Buiemu, J. Boker, M. Baty, G. ' it B ..M .nn .nnfn he B 1 - 2 if '4 ' it Q B J . -- e e . 'K' .nM. - B' rr. 1 'wiv -f C- .C . - -. W B +. .B 4' . . .B - er' Bednufz, J. Belbot, W. Bell, C. Bergsmu, E. Bernutowicz Bielecki, 1. Blork, C. Boermu Bolle, D. Bouwens, J. Bour, S. Bouwknegt,J er fr - Fr n 1 C . Q 'E' "Q ilef .W ' A .:.' "Q C - F- 'a Q 1 it 3 'if B . - Bowman, G. Bruiley, P. Brundow, A. Brott, R. Brown, C. Brownyerd Bruining, K. Bulkowski, J. Bush, W. Carpenter, J. Carter, T. Cherry, P. if free? Chicky, B. Chittenden X . Q 1 121 'Q Cobb, J. Cook, B. X lx Cumingx, J. Curry. L- -. . Couch,W, Coykendol,H. Czurnecki, R, Czuhui, M. Degkefl M, Degmffl A, Frustrations and festivities of the sophomore class are many, but eummer finds everything capably guided to a happy halt: Holding the reins of the sophomore wagon are: Tim Lipman, m PFGS-: Mary Decker, sec'y., Maxine Apple, vice-pres., and Jon y . ' DeGro0t, B, DeGroot, D. Cummgs' 'reds' De Hoon, R. D9'T'PWYfl' ' . - C . ,. B' . 1 Qty' . gre ,ve Q .. . ' . Q 'F . P+' V ea .C " . , . . Deltoox, H. Dekoos, John DeVries, D. Dronkers, W. Dubridge, D. Duimstru, D. Edison, J. Elve, D. Engelsmon, J. Esther, B. Evunlo, B. Fnrougi, P. v- ' B .- E -' ' if we .M 'C , " 'rr' B1 r r E' . fr: ' I ' B 1 .i""e i' 4 4 l i f x 'f Q . 4 6 If Felicioni, l. Ferris, D. Feutz, F. Flint, D. Foster, P. Fouxe, C. Franxon, E. rung, C. Guler, I. Geller, M. Gardner, B. George, P, r Hr. r H, wp - -' -+ ' i. he e. A 'Y .V B' gli? o 7 Be- "Q, y Gerard, D. Gexxner, R. Gitchell, D. Gilmour, M. Glemboski, F. Gorman, M. Gnrte, 1. Gray, J. Griep, M. Groenleer, L. Haan, Judy Haan, Viviun 78 Royalty Reigns is at Shamrock Shuffle is R . J r Q as ettr i a 4 , J T-hi? H X- 'K . . ' ..- A-Ag' J TQ ' , N. J' H 1 K - -x ALL - mx " Haight, W. Hamm, T. Hansen, N. Hartger, S. Heath, B. Herbert, M. Heim, Jinny Heim, Ken Henningsen Henry, M. Heimstra, G. Hoinler, M. we 'NG wt h-Q 72 H H . ' l ix 1. Herpolshsimar Herrmann, R. Hilaski, H. Hilton, M. Haefakker, N. Hoekatra, T. Hoffman, J. Nollebeck, N. Hoogerhyde Hultgren, R. Nusted, J. Jaarda, J. 5 Q65 :H Q "QQ, Q' ,Q Y? . . 4 H H J H va uk 1 -f,' ' J ., H Q. .1 I i . J - T' fr Wk J 'N T Xxx . Jelsema, G. Jesionek, A. Johnson, Erir Johnson, J. Johnson, T. Joling, B. Jones, . Jones, Ralph Jost, B. Jurczuk, A. Karasinski Karopczyk, B. " if .Q .l. E,-ag -.- J M- 4l K,m,,e,, A. King, 1. Kissel, P. Kitler, B. K K t ,.'S ,V N Knight, S. Komar, P. K0fff l- Kdilel, R. 9 Q f 1 g n. gr. Koveml G. Kfibbegl 3. laBour, M. lammers, T. ' The sophomores displayed excellent taste when they selected Q N . . these pretty lasses to reign over the Shamrock Shuffle, the annual s 4 St. Patrick's Day dance. They are Mary Decker, Judy Bouwknegt, -, T ' Lancaster, J. Lankamp, B. queen? and Joan Smelds- leach, J. lewis, C. QW ' . - 5 A H , ,sz . gi .QQ 5 H' Q - ' xx . H. H J t 1 : . 1 H 't. . . 1 H X . H . H A145 -' it Ubvnlfr A- libvnli, T- li"dh0UTr M- UPNUU, T- l0WiIIQ. f- MUCEGITIYOU Mais, J, Mangus, J. Marcus, P. Marino, F. Martin, J. Martinus, D. H H H x H - H in ,H . so '51 R l - H it gk .... ' . ' . r 1 R Mattingly, R. McBride, J. Mcford, R. Mcl.ain, J. Mead, J. Mieras, M. Mikulski, R. Mall, Mary Moomey, N. Morrrssette Murlenhurg Myers, L. gm K . 5 . seein., . gl . . ,. 'i H 2... . H . ,. , , , ,H X. M Q . 'H X . - s A ' - of 1 . --ts f . . 521. ' "". H- -A X R Q HL , 1. M to M I-.A.-.is 2129.1-1 .- -. Naqlo, cl Nelson, yv Norm, M, Nye, B. Nyssen, B. Osbeck, B. Osborn, C. Osharn, B. Ossewuarde Pape, N. Pardee, J. Parks, M. 79 Active Sophomores Help Fcimished Unionites mob the door where Murcia Griep ond Ethel Fronson ore sell- ing baked goods in order to make money for their Horizon club, Epsilon Tri Upsilon. No one con resist the tempting look of the"goodies" sold every night after school by various clubs. 99 , at ...... ,Q hmm' R. pamm' R. puyfen, J, Pelrcla, R. Peterson, Bill Peterson, B. Peterson, D. , ' F . 0 V' ' ' :ZF gg 'gg ' t-, v I 4 ,Q x P-5 , . if . ,, L , , , . 'AS i . Ml? I 1' " ' - ! V Peterson, ll. Peterson, l. Petronis, A. Phillips, G, Phillips, R. Pitsch, C. Poarman, J. Porritt, G. Postema, R. Price, S. Priest, S. Proctor, M. " ff sf 3' ' , 4' Q 1-Q - 4 'U . l -Y t et it ez I to . f t - V 'K K 1 el A he MRL I ,A K . , Prus, J, Radich, A. Roterink, S. lteamer, J. Redner, D. Redlon, M. Reed, Darlene Reed, Marilyn Reed, Norman Reindle, D. Reynhout, R. Richards, B, 6, 2 , , of f 1, 'es -cf. ,. S.. 1. , gf, ve- ' if ,jf -'ri . ri? ,jg s., X e- in .M "1 Q.. .L E 4 -'K.mL'w:A I -.L K 'uh Richter, R. Rutkowski, J. Sandusky, E. Schmitt, C. Schuiling, R. Schultz, D, Schultz, S. Schuur, T. Scott, Floyd Scott, Jim Shanahan, G. Shields, J. Q tg V F.. M X ,f 3 M J Q ' 2 '9 iii . LZ' , 4 5' ' M15 'T' sl ' S . Q fy I .X EK ...cn Q n iw x K wt. 1 Shippy, D, Short, D. Shumate, N. Sidebothon Siegel, G. Sigmund, S. Simmons, S. Slabbelcorn Smith, Bob Smith, Carol Smith, Salty Snyder, D, 80 Finance Their Class .zc..,. .. more if H if 1, ...,... vs. The money making proiect for the sophomore class of "55" was the "Sophomore Swing." Shown here dancing to dreamy music are: Roy Friedl, .loan Shields, Betty Chicky, Rich Phillips, Judy Edison, Tim Lipman, Judy Bouwknegt, Mart VanderLind, Maxine Apple, and Terry Schuur. F P sc T s -r .R X T ' ' ' ' . N K in .Q ,. l " A l l ' TTU ' T Q ' Spurgol, C. Sprout, S. Stunkus, R. Stehouwer Stoutiesdyk Sutter, P. Swantek, M. ,V .- V , yd! N H A K an i. is or K t' 'er T .L fr' 3 'S - - V, A -A S. ..,: , " Qs A X .. , of i--- T I -- , T -T K " - l TN' l X T. sf Symko, S. Sytsmu, L. Tokens, l. Teter, G. Thomas, J. Thompson, J. Tricoll, R. Troeger, P. Turner, M. Tuttle, lt. Twiest, C. Uzorski, D. Q , '2 M ' H . , i , . sf g 4' gs X r E' T ' 1 Ns exe S f Y 4- . . .. f . Fw l ' Q X . ' f' ,. . r ' so VanEe, H. VunSuilichem VonVulkenburg VnndeVrede VnndenAkker Vonderluon Vanderlind VunderMoIen Venlet, S. VerDuin,J. Vereecken,.l. Visxer,J. x ..-R wks' " N hi 'MX. f' ' -xo ' 7 'W " Wuggoner Wagner, B. Walcott, D. Wulstru, H. Word, K. Warfield, S. Watson, G. Weaver, ll. Weber, Lois Weeber, louis Weening, D. Weers, W wg ,ex 1? RH- r Westcott, G. Wheeler, K. Wiellrouwer Wierdo, S. Wilder, B. Williams, D. Willoughby Wilson, M. Wisner, P. Wycolf, D. Yurkinos, ll. Zeal, I. 8l Juniors Surge Upward ss f Q . wiv, L' 4 . ' .- - - A K ,f W ' , i , N 3 J' . VA , 321, . ,iz M ' K K " 5 X ' A : K ' - A Abbott, 1. Achtyes, K. Adams, E. Alkemo, N. Anderson, C. Anderson, J. Andree, M. Ames, 1. Apkarian, A. Appleton, B. AuFrance, A. Austin, N. s i I , V' '13 a ,l L 'W' .JT ,,. A ' . Q , ' l -B Qt, Q94 .1 -1 I .qi is .v Q K . - - We ' .L Y 4, . g 1 Boker,1. Ballenger, B. Baroger, J. Barnes, G. Bornhard, S. Butts, B. Beach, Y. Beard, J. Bendakitis, T. Berdyck, lt. Beurkens, J. Bieschko, J. tif . I . -Q +- K' A C Qs f ,N , A E ' - . E.. E 5 JK, W A . il J , A K . 6 l " 1 A A ' - ' M ' A f 1X , ' 1 Q Q - ' - . Billey, P. Bills, C. Blandford, B. Blok, K. Bovma, J. Bouwkamo, P. Broila, S. Bronkema, B. Brouwer, D. Brown, lt. Bruin, W. Burton, M. 2 Y ., ,, A A R1 f Campbell, L. Carlson, B. Chase, Bob Chase, Stun ef- . is M . 'V' SX A Chittenden, C. Clark, B. Cooper, ll. Craft, I. The star that these ofticers worked towards was a successful year for the iunior class. Standing: Joe Sklandis, vice-pres., and Barb Crystal, treas. Seated: Margaret White, secretary, and Irv Miller, president. Culp, E. Cumberworth Cnossen,1. Cook, ll. 2 l is Crawley, E. Crystal, B. 1 . is . ' . Cumberworth Cumings, T Q LN I 55255 . by ,, . il? e ,A Q K is Q s Q.. W- V If .l-' ,...' L1 A ., .. B . ' C G A B. . m ' 1 fs f - Curtis, A. . Dalman, M. Danielson, C. Daning, A. Dellaas, C. Derks, D. Desautels, J. DeVries, D. Deyms' M, pewm, j, poland, B, Dragster, R ,,. ... , , I ' A 3' 7 5'-' A ff: 21. ffi ilh-1 " 11 ' - ' X Q , .,... i lf' " .,. .- ' , D LTS: Q Driver, Y. DuBuis, ll. Edgerle, C. Elve, D. Feutz, C. , . . : N 4- 'Q-. .lax 'Q -,N N I -- t f f- 'Ck Q 1' Elvey, K. Endres, R. Fuse, J. Feenstrc, J. 5,1491 5, 4 ? A gk. ' ew 4431 A LAL ' .- 2. . . Folkertsma Galinis, K. Gates, J. Gedres, F. Gerschle, S. Giles, A. Giles, Bob Gillesse, C. GHITIOFB, A- GUSDH, -l. 82 rasfher,1. rnpse, B- ,sk . Gloss, N. Gleason, N. The Ring's the Thing . Z' 5 3 -I 1 JD 1 su . he fi? . 1 EQ' -as . s.s. ' H rt, .f 498 9 1 . F fe. , ' 7 ' if 'i ix'-7, l -N. J 1 x . .Ps l l s if r 'lox' V K Godfrey, R. Goemun, li. Gorkowski, H. Gray, D. Groenleer, D. Huun, l. Huifley, l. Hamelink, B. Hayes, D. Heeringa, J. Heidengu, J. Heim, P. 1 'Sf' . y I s f K f 1 rag Q' tc ' Q .4 5 y A .X 'X . -. T A A L A 5. ,T ' KO Y' , . fix 5 f .w y li A N Q Heimler, F. Heisler, M. Hice, S. Higgins, R. Hoeheke, S. Hoinucki, M. Holmquist, P. ldema, D. Imperi, ll. Jarosik, J. Jones, L. Jurczuk, E fl if ee .. 1 . J -4' Q ... at - rms e 5 l . kd 5 ., X b . X xg' K 1 if NN Br K et tlalee, M. Kulkolen, L. Kammeruud Kelly, J. KOYHP. 1- Kivilef, l. King, D. Knioht. T. Koonmans, A. Kortronen, S. Kuk, R. london, P sl- l x v '. 9 i ' . rl X T 1 --4 Q . Lunkumv. 1- l'1"'0"""" T' Lnzinske, n. reins. E- P . l f ...N-ff, r lelientn, l. lockwood, A. longfieldl K. lun, p. it 'lm 1 iiii S Lumsden, B- MUCUY, M- - Mackey, B. MackeY, R- "What's all the excitement?" The iuniors are ordering class rings. There are many ring styles and colored stones. The de- - . K v cision is made! Ahead are many days of eager anticipation for ' . ee Y the big moment when the rings will arrive. ' Mais, T. Marlett, R. Mnrsiglis, P. Mosulslri, P. l Q, i ' , . J 'S' ' f ' . . -f Masck, T. Matthysse, A. Mutulis, V. Mcfledry, J. McKinley, R. Melpolder, N. Mercer, H. Merkle, A. Miller, ll. Miller, Donna Miller, l. Molnar, D. '- 'F S Q 'ik 'P . A Q I4 . E N S e S tix W Montgomery Myslewiec Neuhr, S. Neels, R. Nellis, R. Nelson, J. Nielson, C. Nolle, A. Nivaln, M. Notfsinger, B. Nowak, R. Oom, J. I 5 , se , ,K . :H+ 5 ,., f t . Peter, J. Pntten, P. Pearson, T. Peknur, ll. Pekelder, J. Peot, J. Peterson, E. Pierce, P, Polmanteer Poxtmus, G. Prince, N. Procter, N. 83 I Studies and Activities Rank High Pantomiming many popular records and doing impersonations, Bill Selzer and Bob Kammeraad enioyed star billing during Union's assemblies and talent shows. The duet has become known as the "Spike Jones' Kids." ,-. Y',"',.Js These studious iuniors have spent many hours in the library gaining knowledge about future vocations. Hard at work are: Pat Bouwkamp, Ann Merkle, JoAnne Jarosik, Phyllis Luce, John Zalitis, and Jim Schindler. Q.. .. - . . , 0. n . 1 -- ,, f , 1 ' " . ,- . .Q ,.., K , . f f . M .. g , . S' Y ,, , Read, B. Rector, C. Redman, B. Resonaslry, E. Rider, B. Ringleberg Riordan, C. Ritsemo, tl. Robbins, W. Roberts, ll. o . y ,, rg, ft. Q 'MA . A t A A-by 1 ' R R 4 l 71 .X ' R A ' L ' 5 I ' W Rogers, N. Rose, ll. Russell, G. Sattem, P. Schindler, J. Schalten, B. Schulz, B. Seller, B. Seymer, R. Shapiro, C. Shingola, L. Shoup, M. A 1 21' . ,V , 1 8 ' K M 215, eh r l Siedlerlra, 1, Simmons, K. Sipple, D. Sklandis, J. Smith, D. Smith, Kay Smith, Tom Smoex, F. Spaulding, V. Sprout, J. Stanlrus, G. Staxlrewicl ' V T ' . 'L :T f ' ef' , if - T " 2 "M I rr fs A V .i V7 ii -.ffm " UF" I fl .. .- '- A X .I ' - 4 l .. az. A ' , -5- .:. n . . Stewart, E. Stokoe, B. Storey, J. Swanson, F. Sweeney, R. Terry, R. Thosum, K. Thure, T. Todd, R. Tomaszewske Tucker, D. Turner, G. 84 Banquet ancl Prom, Finale of Year These iuniors are learning the art of serving in hope that they will be chosen as waiters and waitresses for the honor banquet. They remember to serve to the left and pick up from the right. l lt's Prom time, the big social event of the season Shown busily making plans for the Jr.-Sr. Prom are Penny VanWestren, Judy Barager, JoAnn Vry, Karen Thomas, .lan Feenstra, and Norma Alkema ww Fo f , Q, K . K9 Q Y Q Q . Yi 6 -Sy WT M -'EY ,ty is Li, so Nr 'M . .. A L X X T Uzorski, M. VanDuinen VanDyke, K. VcnEe,C. VunPopering VunPortfIiet n ' 4- ' l .wa z A A "' " W dire' -ani , g 9" I - K N K 1. Vanderlrk, K. Vnnderllund VanderHeide Vanderlaan VunderMeer VunderMulen K Q Visser, B. Visser, D. Vogel, B. VonEhr, B. Vry, 1. Vugteveen, E. -2 , -in Q ' 4.9, - 1 V f it . K 3 . f , X ' , e ei , R A Whittington Wieland, D. Williams, R. Wisinski, F. Wisner, B. Witcmk, B. 85 Vunllyn, B. VunStrein, D. VanValkenburg Vunwestrenen A Q bf -. y 55 . . A 5 ' if 3 K N. V in x K - an T 5- rg .. Vanderlouwen Van'tHof, C. Venemu, R. Vereecken, B. Versen, R. VerWoert,J .uf 5' 9 i T29 is ' 3 X gy . r .j Q ,, Weber, Ed Weber, loan Wehler, G. Weiser, S. Went, B. White, M. is i Q 1, Y i r K x 3 T I 's nf- - ' Til' ' , kj ., , R RY A N Witczak, S. Wittkoski, J. Yost, D. Zulewski, C. Zulitis, J. Zoppn, D. 1 9. SENIORS Wishing on ca Stc1r,0ur Dreams Came True Seniors installed the "big four," secretary, Mari- lyn Jonker, treasurer, Betty Bennett, vice-president Keith Oppeneer, and president, Melvin Visser. Members of the capable class board are left to right: Randy Verson, .lib Quinn, Carlene Peterson, Ellyn Arendsen, Carolee Evertse, and Terry Hurt. Missing are Marilyn Hendricks and Dick Kuieck. Senior Officers Direct Class Senior homeroom was successfully guided by the co-operative hands of the class advisor, "Pop" Early and homeroom advisor, Mr. J. De Witt. The Class of '55 enioyed having the auditorium this year for their homeroom. I Ruth Caminer I954-55 DILLINGHAM CUP WINNERS ., gs Bruce Moore Union Honors Senior Students GOLD KEY WINNERS Ellyn Arendsen, Joyce Barber, Betty Bennett, Diane Champion, Roma Crowley, June Dauksza, Bert Korhonen, Judy Mulder, Carlene Peterson, Bill Vanden Bosch, Fred Van Houten. Missing from the picture are Peggy McKean and Eleanor Peterson. LEADING IN SCHOLARSHIP ARE: Jay Albrecht, Betty Bennitt, Diane Champion, Roma Crowley, Ruth Caminer, June Dauksza, Keith Oppeneer, Joyce Barber, Judy Mulder, Rosemary Sanzi, James Quinn, Mary Hoffmeyer, Terry Hurt, Carlene Peterson, Elsa Posthma, Oskar Ritsum, Ellyn Arendsen, Melvin Visser, Bert Kor- honen, Bill Vanden Bosch, Fred Van Houten, Bruce Moore. Missing from picture are: Peggy McKean and Eleanor Peterson. 5' l' f Albrecht, Joyce Horizon Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Reflector 3, 4 Antvelink, James Hi-Y 4 Movie Club 2, 3, 4 Allgood, Nancy Y-Teens President 4 Senior Play 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Arendsen, Ellyn Horizon Club 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Alyea, Marilyn Future Nurses Club 2, 3 Bible Club l, 3, 4 Horizon Club 3 Austin, George Senior Band l, 2, 4 Choir 3 Frollies 4 Anderson, Earl Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Frollies 3, 4 Barber, Joyce Student Council Pres. 4 Truth for Youth l, 2, 3, 4 Maiorette l, 2, 3, 4 Andree, Donald 'Baseball 3, 4 Barnhard, Rusty Senior Play 4 Track 3, 4 Class of '55 Depicts Vim ancl Vigor Beduhn, Rodney Football l, 2 Baseball 3, 4 Beurkens, Jacquelyn Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 Songleader 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Boogard, Ronald .eb , X, . r 4. , is .Fc Bell, Bonnie Senior Play 4 Yfleens 4 Frollies 3, 4 Bigler, Joyce Bouma, Ralph 43. w ait ii , ' . 'QP' 3' ig 3 l r 6' Bennett, Betty Senior Counsellor 4 Class Treasurer 4 Spanish Club President 4 Blauw, Jane Cheerleader 4 Frollies 2, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Boyle, Allan Math Club 4 Chess Club 4 an S- 3 ., X, H Q. 5 .14, ,"',, ... iw rl l x Q f x 1 ff ,eff 90 Bennett, Ruth Songleader 3, 4 Senior Counsellor 4 Frollies 2, 3, 4 Bloom, Robert Cross Country 4 Frollies 4 Track 4 Brewer, Lawrence ROTC 'l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 'N . 3 A ' 'itsyf 4 Berdyck, Patricia Choir 3, 4 Student Council 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Boehm, Lawrence Football 3 Brown, Joan G.u.C. 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club 3, 4 Glee Club l 'iA g - KPQF' X s C: 4 Caminer, Ruth Senior Counsellor 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Clifford, Jack Basketball l, 2 Baseball 2, 3 I N C :sf .- Tifilxf . X . A -V C - ll S l A if. , C ' 4 C . , " 1 , 'SL A L- XR ig Carlson, Roger Movie Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Hi-Y 4 Cobb, Carole Commercial Club 3, 4 Cazier, Bessie 'fs- 0-.4 X i i 1-5 1 3 -' it' 331 f K il' ss.. . K. 'Q 3.-'I is ' Qwflff K . - Champion, Diana Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 4 Frollies l, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 4 Senior Counsellor 4 Crowley, Roma Senior Play 4 Senior Counsellor 3, 4 G.U.C. l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3 Class Secretary 3 Cummings, Ruth Commercial Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 2, 3 essful "Twirp" Seas Sponsors Succ Davis, Robert R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Rille Team 3, 4 Demorest, Irene Truth for Youth Club 2, 3 Horizon Club 3, 4 G.U.C. 2, 3 Doty, Phyllis Commercial Club 3, 4 Bible Club 1, 2,3 Horizon Club 4 la- , 1 ' 9 3 A' De Bok, Marcia Commercial Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 2, 3 De Vries, Norma Commercial Club 3 Dougherty, Fran -. - De Bruyne, Lawrence Aurora 4 Bible Club 2, 4 Student Counsellor 3 De Wys, Dorothy Cheerleader 3, 4 Frollies 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Drillina, Dale De Haven, Arnold Track 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Di Grandi, Edward Football I, 2 Basketball 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Droski, Richard Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Christensen, Ronald Dauksza, June Senior Counsellor 4 Latin Club 3, 4 G.U.C. l, 2, 3, 4 on De Land, Joan Senior Play 4 Horizon Club 2, 3, 4 Frollies 4 Dorman, Gwendolyn Student Council l Y-Teens 2 Horizon Club 2, 3, 4 Du Bridge, Terrance sa ill? 'B "fl A 91 Seniors are often seen in Mrs. Crossman's office checking Credits and scholarship applications. Shown here are: Kathy Hippensteel, Mike Radish, and Bessie Cazier with Mrs. Crossman. Promotes Smash Hit . . . "Fa Fagerman, Duwoyne Feenstra, Ronald Feringa, Raymond Football l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2 Basketball l Gardner, Douglas R.O.T.C. 2, 3 Green, Richard Football I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 3, 4 Class Vice President 3 vs, wr 5 Q ,j f 0 ' 4 S t Q 3, , 1 J . ,1 Q. pn , ' 2 ' i-ni 5 K I- 1 Gemmill, Virginia Reflector 3, 4 Horizon Club 4 Commercial Club 3 Hall, Geraldine Senior Band l, 2, 3 Gigowski, Joan Frollies 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Hamelink, Nancy Senior Play 4 Songleader 4 Frollies 2, 3, 4 92 XX ur Q tis. if is JA is R' Durdle, Shirley Student Council Treasurer library Club 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Elkins, Nancy .W bb' 4 K" Duryea, Ronald' Evertse, Carolee Frollies 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Y-Teens 4 ther Knows Best" Fleming, Shirley Bible Club l, 2, 3,4 Commercial Club 3, Horizon Club 4 Gilson, Harriet Harig, Robert 4 Gailius, Jo Ann Commercial Club 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Green, Martha Bible Club l, 2, 3, 4 Haven, Mary Jane Horizon Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 fl 4' x ff y 'K , J 12 .. sis- f, X - - sg 3 Ki . , 1.5: .af S at 'Q XX ix 1 f . 1" ' . CSS, i ss ix X xi? X QQ' XX 'ii' Y xxx s i if! gl M Hendricks, Marilyn Senior Play 4 Student Council 4 Senior Board 4 Henning, William Football 2 ,sir X C C s S X as R Qi if s Q Q ESS ' i Hendrickson, Gerald Football i, 2, 3,4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Henry, Delbert Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 track l 1 . t , 1 C Busy reading for the senior play tryouts, "Father Knows Best are Larry De Bruyne, Carol Miller, and Marcia Mieras. Standing are Sherry Niemeyer and Gary Hott. Receives Guidance from Counselors Hesslinga, Elaine Hook, Diane Horizon Club 3, 4 Johnson, David Hippensteel, Kathleen Bible Club l G.U.C. 2 Commercial Club 3, 4 Hundersmark, Greta Commercial Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 4 Johnson, Donna G.U.C. l, 2, 3, 4 Horizon Club 4 Hott, Gary Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Hurt, Terry Frollies 4 Senior Play 4 Student Council 3, 4 Johnson, Gordon Hoffmyer, Mary Horizon Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Senior Counsellor 4 lgnasiak, Marlene Johnson, John Football l, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Varsity Club 3, 4 Holtrop, Lyn Baseball 3, 4 Track 2 Varsity- Club 3, 4 Jarvi, Joan Johnson, Lynne Y-Teens 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 A os-Q s. : 93 .AP in i ' X Jonker, Marilyn Class Secretary 4 Frollies 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Korhonen, Bert Cross Country l, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Karpinski, Edward Frollies 2, 3, 4 Swimming 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Kozlowski, Sharon Student Council l, 2, 3, 4 Horizon Club 4 Commercial Club 4 K 'Cf' 2- if' 3 gf A-4 Kelley, Robert Football 3, 4 Golf 3, 4 Kuick, Richard Football 2, 3 Basketball 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Klumpstra, Verlee Commercial Club 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 Dramatics 4 Kukleski, Dolores Frollies 3 Advises Underclassmen Student directors ot the smash hit, "Father Knows Best," Joyce Barber and Jim Quinn, are seen in the rear of the auditorium giving directions to the characters of the play. Larkin, Willard Student Council 3, 4 Senior Counselor 4 Little, Frank Senior Band 2 Ludwick, Lois Horizon Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 'Qtr , WH 4 x w, N ' 90 I S, 94 , l-GWYSHCC, Arlene Glee Club l Lofquist, Geraldine Frollies 2, 3 Lukas, Tony Football 2, 3 Track 2. .1 ' A .f' sq -Q. ' it - x Koenes, Mariorie Commercial Club 3, 4 G.U.C. 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Kurkjian, Richard Reflector 4 Football 2 Hi-Y 2 Lindberry, Gerald Lucas, David Basketball l, 2 Lundberg, Cynthia Commercial Club 4 .Va 1? 1- X Q Y fx Marino, Lucy .eff I X t 2 ..1., ,ic J 0 i ggi M X fi up Y fu x N Y Qt Y X X Y 3 3 ii - 3 E 5- 7 :wus MC Clellun, Sandra Mc Donald, Barbara Mc Donald, Patricia Mc Graw, Carol Drill CUVPS 3 Sl!-'den' COUFICH 3 Horizon Club 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Drill Corps 2 Commercial Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Mc Kean, Peggy Mc Keiver, Norbert Mercer, William Meyer, James Mieras, Marcia Songleader 3, 4 Aurora 4 Football 2 Frollies 4 Horizon Club 2, 3, 4 G.U.C. l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2 Hi-Y 4 Y-Teens 4 Frollies 4 Aurora 4 Combines Work with Pleasure Miller, Carol Frollies 2, 3, 4 G.U.C. 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Morissette, Delores Norris, Beverly Drill Corps 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Mooney. Ronald Mulder, Judy Senior Counsellor 3, 4 Bible Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Bond 2. 3 Nowak, Jack R.O.T.C. 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Rifle Team 3 Moore, Bruce Movie Club 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 Niemeyer, Cheryl Cheerleader 4 Qfagj One of the popular vocal trios at 'Uunion Nye, Donald is the "Three l'l's" who are always willing Baskenmn 2 3 4 to add a mils ical note here and there. Bqgebqll 2, gf, 1 They are, Marilyn Jonkers, Carolee Evertse, F00'b0'l 2' 3 and Bonnie Bell. S x X N A Y, x A. fs? NR 95 2 Q- S ff " If X w ii. 'Y' Ohrn, lngrid Oppeneer, Keith Orlowski, Sylvia Owen, Mary Louise Frollies l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Counsellor 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Bible Club 2, 3, 4 Maiorette 3 Class Vice President 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 4 Aurora 3, 4 Movie Club 2, 3, 4 Frollics 4 Choir 2, 3, .1 Pekaar, Phyllis Peters, Shirley Peterson, Carlene Peterson, Eleanor Senior Counsellor 3, 4 Senior Counsellor 3, 4 Drill Corps 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Bible Club 2, 3, 4 Bible Club 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 3, 4 Songleader 3, 4 Library Club 3 Reflector 4 Reflector 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 D X4 X , ,cr-is Patten, James Peterson, Forrest Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Truth for Youth 3, 4 Gleans Knowledge from Associates Petronis, Genevieve Pohanka, William Dramatics 3, 4 Truck 2 Glee Club 2 Prins, William Quinn, James R.O.T.C- 4 Senior Counsellor 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Reflector 4 Rifle Team 3 Senior Play 4 Reindle, Gerald Reynhouil David Senior Glee l, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Senior Chair 3, 4 goseboll 3' 4 Student Council 4 yummy Club 3' 4 ' Poorman, Kenneth Football I Swimming 4 Radich, Mitchell R.O.T.C. 2, 3 Reflector 3, 4 Tennis 3 Reynolds, Richard Band l, 2, 3, 4 Postema, Janet Drill Corps 2 Thespians 3 Frollies 3 Raymer, Alice Y-Teens 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 2, 3 Ritums, Oskars Student Council 4 Senior Counsellor Aurora 4 3,4 Postmus, Elsa latin Club 4 Horizon Club 4 Aurora 4 Read, Lucille Horizon Club 3, 4 Drill Corps 2, 3 Choir 2 Roberts, Hugh Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4 Nd' ,,,, ii H X M 'li'f!'fg. -' -. ,, Q -f g 55, ,,- .,,, r., mf - We S' ft , ' , 1 fs ii te . , ..,, ..,,.,- ' -' -s' qs 11' fl"-"' V , 17 , ii Qi, of it ri -li , is 1? 96 'i -- ss- ! Q..-s fri C f s or 't , os jg Rooney, Walter Sanzi, Rosemary Choir l, 2, 3 Drill Corps l, 2, 3, 4 Horizon Club l, 2, 3, 4 Enioys Schuiling, Brian Simpson, Mary Lou Senior Orchestra 2, 3 Horizon Club 3 Commercial Club 4 Stanalis, Ronald Rosenbrook, Richard Rydzeski, Kenneth Basketball I, 2 R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4 Rysdyk, Jo Ann Bible Club 2, 3, 4 G.U.C. 2 Drill Corps 2 5UPllS, Patricia Sattler, Douglas Sayles, David Commercial Club 3 Senior Counsellor 4 Fgofbgll 2, 3, 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Mgyh Club 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Caunnil 4 Social Life . . . Junior-Senior Scott, Sue Future Nurses Club 3 Skestone, William Golf l, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 Football l Stahr, Russell Basketball l, 2, 3 Track 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Shaffer, Marlene G.U.C. l, 2 Horizon Club 2 Drill Corps l Smith, Lorraine Strain, Craig s 411 YR., ,, 4 1- s ,tw W-fill-f ' . ,,k..h. A N . X Shavalier, Ronald Basketball l Track 2 Hi+Y 3, 4 Snook, Elizabeth Stormzand, Fran Senior Counsellor 4 Frollies 4 Latin Club 3, 4 -Q 4 - -f C 1, 97 C 6 Q- X fi Salhaney, Sandra Horizon Club l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Schaner, Russell Prom Sherwin, Roger Sonneveldt, Joanne Bible Club I, 2, 3,4 Stratton, Shari G.U.C. l Horizon Club 2 Frollies 2, 3 6. Wofklngvdlllgenfly to complete the plans for the senior class memorial are, seated, Bessie Cazier, Betty Bennett, and June Dauksza. Standing, Bill Prins, and Jack Nowak. Takens, Sharon Bible Club l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Bond l, 2 Umlor, Lucille Glee Club 2, 3 Van Houten, Fred Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, Debate 3, 4 4 v , 2 fr iii, y , ii' f ,,, --E::..,,-,,. .,..: T. 7x,,,,,n..,ki5,vfk W zdi-u x as , xr 'Y Y Y 5 l il . X ii if if Steketee, Dennis Reflector 3, 4 R.O.T.C. l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Swanson, Alice Drill Corps 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Travels to Climax School Life Thompson, Harvey Tiethof, Marcia R.O.T.C. l, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Frollies 3 Choir 3 Vanden Bosch, William Vander Wall, Lois Track l, 2, 3, 4 Bible Club 2 Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4 Drill Corps 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Van Malsen, Everett Von pope,-ing, Glenn Senior Bfmd 3, 4 Boys oiee Club 1 45e'1l0f Pl0Y 4 Student Council 3 Math Club 4 Ltr Hn., , 3:- 1 ' 1' t rr 4' ., , if ., ' 10131: WS "1 ir il Tweddale, Tom Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 4 Van Dyk, Betty Horizon Club 3 Van Portfliet, Fran Y-Teens 3, 4 Horizon Club 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Sukstas, Ronald Taber, Ethel Dramotics 2, 3 Commercial Club 3 G.U.C. l Twiest, David Bible Club 2, 3, 4 Library Club 3 Aurora 4 Van Dyke, Joanne Future Nurses Club 3, 4 Drill Corps 2, 3 Spanish Club 4 Van Slyke, Albert Boys Glee Club l Senior Bond 3 if QE Q if 'if Q A . if 6. . ,, fs. 4.53 l 9 , ,' ,e. W 4 il it' 21 4 S s . SX R 6' s -- we is X rr 'vig Van Wormer, Maureen Y-Teens 3, 4 Choir I, 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 Versen, Randy Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Football I, 2 Senior Play 4 Viergiver, Roger. Walton, Charlene Future Nurses Club 3, Spanish Club 4 Commercial Club 4 Wierckz, Richard 4 4 r .4 X Tam X, :ef1leI:,CFgEefg 3 Busilv planning the climax of the wonderful years of school life m U 1 1 ' ' - . 5210: Band 3, 4 'ls i fha Cgmmizcinenf C0mmIll96- Members' are: vice-chairmen, QIS Cin el' G and Roma Crowley, chairman, Diana Cham- Ve, Woerfl Gordon P'0ni others are Nancy Hamlink and Fred Van Houten. Basketball I Class Board 2 Stars in Commencement Roll Visser, Melvin Class President 4 Student Council 4 Senior Play 4 Warfield, Patricia Voshel, Gerald R.O.T.C. 2, 3 Senior Play 4 Frollies 3, 4 Weikert, Starr Glee Club 3 Woltas, Harry Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Cross Country I, 2, Track l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Horizon Club 3, 4 Glee Club I Willman, Elaine Horizon Club 2, 3 Dramatics Club 3 Y-Teens 4 f an i X i so if 3 Rf 3,4 , X x Pigs ur x ss . Van Ess, James Football I, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Werre, Jack Basketball I Baseball 2 Football 2 Worsley, Robert Senior Band I, 2, 3 an . K J Lili' t-,ga .. , . if time F 9 Walker, Clyde Tennis 2, 3, 4 Whalen, Lois Girls Glee Club I, 2 Wright, Lawrence R.O.T.C. 3, 4 99 fm? if fi ' . Zalewski, Boniface Senior Band 2, 3. 4 Zmudka, Richard Zoppa, David R.0.T.C. 2, 3. 4 x- . Zalitis, Ruta Future Nurses Club 3, 4 Zoet, Gerald Zyzyk, Kenneth ft -, . 44 1535543 ,li Shutterbug Shy Seniors Bills, Earl Football 'l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 'I Tennis 'l, 2, 3 Carpenter, Thomas Connell, .lack Datema, Ronald R.O.T.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Dover, Terry Ellingef, John Engles, Leonard Evanzo, Phillip Cross Country 2, 3 Varsity Club 3 Track 2, 3 A TRIBUTE Kitler, Howard Basketball l, 2 Losey, Clinton Baseball 3, 4 Paberzs, Janiana Taylor, Patricia Vereeken, Gloria Frollies 4 Wysocki, Carl We, the class of '55, wish to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to Mr. Forrest E. .Lair for his patience, cooperation, and assistance in 9U'd ing our class. Earl Simmons, 18, and .lack Hill, 19, Union l-ligh graduates, were killed in an airplane explosion, .luly 24, 1954, when on their way home for their first furlough. IOO Brief View of Union's Royalty Royalty has work to do. Busily studying together are the F.O.P. Hop queen and alternates. They are: Nancy Allgood, Queeng Jackie Beurkens and Sherry Niemeyer. 3 "Do you know the answer?" is asked by our Homecoming King, Bob KelleY, l0 the pert Homecoming Queen, MUVCW Tiethof. A friendly noon hour chat is always welcomed as shown by the R.O.T.C. Queen, Ruth Bennett, and her alternate, Carol Van't Hof. M0 QU-9 1 Nw ww. W .12 xo ot of' 0 el of Won 'N 1 av" "Dorn for 99? T iO?b, Rihymsl Mzldzoie 'Or dugg onicerspu meck- r' KlU'f'SYru. Hendriclgs 102 'Adi 44. . Yxke 590 r .-go 'iw 0 W.-A onjlo .. 59 - '7 , godxo- xwi 101,951 'le' XVQUC1 I we O x 9 Y-e Vg NS o oat? OA mafem b e pi 1' W :So Q 6 gx 10 eo MII you sign lh oh y Aurora?" ludwick, Pelco anim, Reynhoul. Of, X execs Xng 4 1 "War 'ma' I f 051000, Or Me ' 'Wfbr sk' 0ef,1,e ox' 3614 ho" -Ylwigf ""w.r1fo "YO . f P eleq 103 I? I X ix'-'SX Ywix' P. ,oo . xoi G OK S AIXAX V9 v"'5w"',Q,.W"" S "'o af' WWI ,N- mac 'N' yo A-0 10 9 . 46' . 9 1. Not. 9746 ef' Y ws Qoyof Z 501 90 VD' ' P' o wx A ve . . k X Sovxxfb are lb 41 so ' , q . , 11, ,Hain 1,25 rl l X9 u Q' e Q Pro, M Ek , eq SSWU cgefs Iekelec V all s ee Und oldor e,- - ' C, 0 Q 00801-6 , ee 56 P f 'ooo"o .r ll ,'bb'9e,,, J' . Qjff, f I0 O 1, r ' 4s Q., Q, so 104 W'-711 bow , S ,Q nook , e,. ,7- Uoof Q 410 oy., fo' of a "Which announcements do you hke? Andree, Durdh, Soyhes, Sodis, McKean. x on me "RPT, ou xoV5109 ..xNy,ox ences! rwxaef. HN 0 er. Com' 609' kl?U,hh1Qy 'E I fyeqbop 0 0,44 Q J. Das lure 9: f 'hu oo 45 105 7 y . W, Admiring some topnotch photography from the Van Dyke The place to go to till your many needs for school life is Studio are Bennett, and Beurkens, before ordering mei, sengo, Yakes School and Oflice Supply Co. located at 449 Bridge, N.W. photos. xnnw "Service with a smile" is Dorothy DeWys' slogan as she "Planning a party" is no trouble for you if you shop ot the serves Smudka, Koenes, and McKiever at Bylsma's Dairy, 1040 Bob Blandford's Grocery Store, 2165 Alpine, N.W. Here you Leonard, N.W. find the best. The proprietor with his commanding smile and salesmanship, Say it with flowers from Ball Park Floral at 8 Valley Avenue, invites Skestone, Van Ess and Mervenne to choose from the N.W. Showing the fine quality of flowers to EllYn Afendsen large selection of goods at Jurgens 8. Holtvluwer Store. and Roma Crowley is Mr- Sldftkt Pl'0P"'el0'- 106 ww- Iliff!!! O QW HMGY I imeres' You in candy?" asks ,he Proprietor of Boll "Mother's little Helpers" prove that the after-the-game snack is a cinch on a "Modern Matchless Gas Range." They cost less Park Drug Store when Roma Crowley and Larry DeBruyne stop for 0 coke. to buy and use. Pictured are Oscar Ritums and George Austin. ,.,,, Bouma Cana e Com an is alwa S ready ,O serve the people For the finest portraits visit Wallace Studio at 517 Leonard 9 P Y Y no mane' what the distance. Street, N.W. where your wishes are a command with these expert photographers. ' L i 3 I ji' I A tv I I Choosing paint and other materials from the ,Shade and --Fm-er up.. Wm, Phillips 661 exdoims Mdqeiver as he smps Linoleum Shop are Schindler, Twiest, Wilder and Sigmund. for gas mverbruggeg Service smnomaridge and Indiana Nlw 107 Make u date to visit Mr. Mol for that friendly and etticient service which he and the Economy Studio have for you. i "lush" hamburgs, "yummy" malts are featured at Kewpee's Hotel where students gather for o chat. ' t gl PW' ls mlm K yqtty Vu mom A-I 'N "H LUWlfSl W Plum li fm, 1' 010 A VCRSI Je. IN pig yum .004 714115 57, 141, 4 Uv lim, 1' 9 ,afar 147 A pleasant reception room and equally pleasant Doctor May greets Larry DeBruyne, Roma Crowley, and Ellyn Arendgen, aff? ff, ,io- ,. ft gi-gt' stiv. 'S du:"" .gf 0' ,, .. dlxpdtst -Q' am, For the latest in paper, paint and decorating ideas call at Chrest Paint and Wallpaper Store, 303 Bridge, N.W. For the easiest decorating in the world go to leo's Hardware and Variety Store, 748 West Fulton St. lO8 ARTISTS PRINTING ENGRAVERS PHOTOGRAPHERS LITHOGRAPI-lens Z' ff' GRAND RAPlDS,MlCl'llGAN I I O I We suggest you first consult your printer when next you have a job of "communicating" His advice and help may well mean the difference between the success or failure of the printed piece. We make this suggestion because of our confidence in the print- ing craftsmen of this community. Their confidence in us as typographers has enabled us to grow to one of the largest trade typesetting plants in the nation. The CENTRAL TRADE PLANT of Grand Rapid, '7w0WPfW 109 "A mme Sens" is fhe moito of rheiwiniam Ma?hew's Drug- "C0vff-HY wvn'S" may well be 'he mono of fhe Sfonfon siores. Purchasing merchandise from Mr. Mathew's are Roma Food sfofef where Ed B'-"'5m0 Und Bill V00 RYI1 we Waning on Crowley and Roger White. U Cusmmef- ins-..., .W-Hp., For the very best in appliances ask Ray and Joe Nawara al Ball Park Hardware, 1030 Fulton, N.W. H0 Co-Editors . . Business Managers Faculty . . . School Life . . . Organizations . . . Sports . . Underclassmen . . Seniors . . . Advertising . . . Photographers .. Artist . . . Advisor . . . Aurora Staff SOME PEOPLE HAVE A PERFECT GENIUS FOR DOING NOTHING AND DOING IT WELL I I I . . . .Judy Mulder Mary Hoffmeyer .Diana Champion Phyllis Pekaar . . .Joyce Barber Ellyn Arendsen Marilyn Hendricks Roma Crowley . . .Shirley Durdle Joan De Land . . .June Dauksza . . .Ruth Caminer Elsa Postmus Lois Ludwick Dorothy DeWys .Cheryl Niemeyer Marcia Mieras Ingrid Ohrn . .Norb McKeiver Oskar Ritums . . . . Dave Twiest Larry DeBruyne Jim Schindler Dave Groenleer . . . . Bill Vereecken . Mrs. Hazel Allyn Ads ..,................. Admlnlstratlon .................... INDEX T06-T T0 A-0-Wa-Kia Horizon Club ....... .,,,,,,,,, 4 9 Athletlcs Award Winners ...... Aurora Pulchra Horlzon Club ....... .,,,,,.,., 4 8 Aurora Staff ........................ Baseball Indlvldual Shots ........ .......... 6 3 Baseball Team ................. Basketball Frosh Team ........... ,,,,,,,,,, 6 0 Basketball Indlvldual Shots ......... ,,,,,,..,, 5 9 Basketball Second Team ..,.,..,. .,,,,,,.,, 6 0 Basketball Team ......... Cheerleaders ............. Cherry Pie Contest ....... Class Rings ..........., Clothing Class ........ Commercial Club ..............,... Commencement Committee ..... Community Council .......... Cooks .................... Cross Country ........ Custodlans ..... Dedication ...,........................ .......67 5 .......T3 .......99 .......T4 .......28, 81 Delta Epsilon Horizon Club ............ .......... 4 9 Epsilon-Trl-Upsllon Horizon Cl Faculty ............................... Faculty Basketball Team ...... Fashions .........................,.,,. ub 2-T 5 5 Fop Hop Queen and Court ...... ........ 2 4, TOT Football Frosh Team .....,...,., Football Indlvldual Shots ........ .,,..,,.., 5 5 Football Second Team ...... Football Team .......... "Frollies" ................... Girls Athletic Awards ......... Girls Drill Corps ............. Girls Glee Club ...... Glrls Gym Class ........ Golf Team ............ G.U.C. ......... . ..........s4 .......2o, 2T .......,..bo ..........so .......oa, 67 HI-Y ....,......,,.. Homecoming ................. Intermediate Y-Teens ...... Junior Class Gflicers ........ .lunior Cheerleaders ....... latin Club .............. librarians ....... library Club ...... Maiorettes ............... Managers lAthleticl ..... Math Club ................. Memorial Committee ........ Movie Club ............,.,...........,., Mr. Galant, Attendance Otlicer ...... Music Class ............................. Nurses Club ...... Orchestra ....... Prom ................ Prom Committee ....... Reflector Stall ........ 25, TOT .......82 .......74 .......4T T .......34 .......44 .......6T .......34 .......98 .......36 .......T0 2 .......35 .......45 .......29 .......85 .......46 R.0.T.C. ...................................... ..,,,.....,.,, 5 T R.0.T.C. Queen and Alternate 24, TOT Sale ..................................,.... ........... 8 0 School Store .......... Senior Counselors ..... Senior Personalities ..... Senior Play ............ Senior Trip ........ Senior Y-Teens .................... Sophomore Officers .............. Sophomore Queen and Court Spanish Club ........................ Stark, R. J., Principal ..... . Student Council ............. Swimming Team ....... Tennis Team ...... Track .............................. Track Frosh Team ................ .......T9 .......32 22, T04 .........TQ5 .......38 .......78 .......79 .......4T .......TQ .......33 .......6T .......65 .......64 Trin-A-Dorus Horizon Club ....... . ........, 40 Truth tor Youth Club ........ View of School ................. Wa-Ke-Ma Horizon Club ...... .......35 ........2, 3 .......48 wvA-- -nmqnnnr-M A- ,mg-f M-m...L.,...A-mf-A---.ann-f M WWW' 1.-st' 5 MN an W J 126' -.rg X J f r -ff: 2 , ,,, ve 2325 ., :UL df ,V-f I , wi' 4 j' Y' S5 ' , -NS' W .5 , Lf rr, K ,Vg QT ' Ju I .4 iw' :ii . 423, '35 W Y- -Q4 .Lam Y , w'.2'y-:QJVl1fk N, L wan YZ. ' M. , gd ,fe- Y 4 65- f' ' vvip ,yng f 'L :J .ik my, J 11,35-ff. Q W' lf' 1 ,gf.,f,.. P 57f5,W...f,v 7,.!r4.4wy.4 'WFWW 1"'T'75'?f'5V7'f' -w P 3 1: 3 V5 551 Q 4 Tk ' 1 l JC: 'G 'X 46 Y is 3 1 1 rs 65,53 l gglfip 'VA' r ':,'wwqr:',m1,f gig.-5-,gzifhf12 5, gg, " :um Y,L,,.,15'Rfg-gf5nff,.s:4'Z?Q::.,,. A -.v.-..- - :f'F?fil .VEWM I . Qi fa P5 ,.. 5 f P4 'vz ,L 'P ZX lf 5 is Q. inf .XL F , K' 1 M

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