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 - Class of 1952

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has 44+ W My Wm new gg wifi W 94f4 !CiZjf" v wwii DW QW ff fg1 fQ" 'f YM Lawn 1'4" ,ZMLJ-Q y -vw? ff? M. M 'M A123 MNA jfgql QR TJMW wlliaflm Q , wil XXX Mfvwdf 37.14 Hn 46 W 'Zffmf ZW,4, fb? fill 1' ,M f' ,lffftit ff Bag MMEWWW df, 'W cf' ' ff, , xl I x AWWA' U yltlff MM A I M Zag " DEW fr.-MU ' ,ky 9 i ,G GO-va" jffjjffgw wqkiiiyp M fm 1' M W' W A MI WR A ?,j3WJ?,u M19 s 2 ffifgvm if KAOLUME xn. gp fwiilzlg 1'7f .'TEf of ,156 fp, x" :' QM Afffk Levy 15 -2 3 bf' '5,fyffy'f f"fff- wvwfiffff' E-EQCQ QM- 7,1 WW. 5 MJNQSQ MM M a,.ff,Q, 'W ,s,, X u 'fe My -' TW M fb . N' ,W 'LM' 'WW Vff1Nw6N44D. 6676 Qvff' ' Cfwbfn CDMMLQQ' uf' YJ . ., ' XWMQ. iiHNIOgljl3dLE5UMQACHO0L Q 5533 iffy wwgfigjggbx 5' 3.2M Q6 435' t Q 1 lf' 1 V , Y .6 ii' , 1 M f 3 qt 'A A li' K ' 'Gnu Cuz" 'A fit QL rv' it gr 5' . 'F am ,, A2 it -.MM , . Aw M A. , - u 'EF ' 'gfffq W 4 H A f I 5 L ,Y-1 is -.Q A - ' It . gg :fy , P MJ, f Q -auf' 'Eg 'Qpul-i t 8:1 2 2 i 1 it if r 5 K . 'W Qs A Q. k, nl 1 H i x 1 Ami it F' ,xx . , ' X ' f ?l 9 E . ,, X . . 5, Q K Q S ,Y tk 1 4 I u , . . i ..,.2f V1 4 A O it xl A-V A V g at t A., 1-2 ff A5'l" 'S' " , .'.5 . I l The staff sincerely thanks Mr. Edgar A. Guest for permission to use us its theme purcphroses ot lines from his famous poem, "t-tome". -1 ,. ,- 1 Y H+ . A 2 Xi 5'x119ff2f,ff - 'I 4. ww Q f - 1 -.A-vr'-mg ey i,7w.,:u .v. :W 1 . 1f:gg,g.yefgg::f , i A w 1 I PW, My x n 9:5 If w I ,X You've got to love each brick an' stone from cellar up to dome." . , , To treasure every entrance that leads down familiar halls . . . past popular wooden wastebaskets, colorful murals, and littered bulletin boards . , . Up crowded stairways in search of lockers where the populace of Union discusses life . . , Around the cor- ugh numbered doors into classrooms filled with sks . . . Much-used blackboorrds and pencil-sharp- ners . . . Windows that invite daydreaming , . . The ' rary with books of knowledge lining its four walls , . The food-scented cafeteria where meals always satisfy . . . Through the auditorium to the stage with its props, lights, and crew cherishing memories ol plays, assemblies, and meetings , . . Past glass trophy cases and hard-won debate plaques, on to the Big Gym where cheering mobs urge vi tory . . . Through these haunts, so familiar, so d r o teachers and students alike beats the heart ion . , , vibrating over and over, "A Heap O' L ',,. " X , r! o gather supplies from the busy school store . . . 4 9- 7- , K1 - M5 aa if if Neff w uw 'Q ww nz -iii -f yay ww ' ,f . 0' V f Q fl fm. Q, Wig? I . ,, 1. :L Dedication Miss Nr-llo Atwood, Head ol the Mathematics Department Mis? Dorothy Blake Head at the Latin and lfnglish Departments Mathematics students will long value Miss Nelle Thirty-three yearsl Thats a "heap o' teachin' " Atwood for her standards of accurate and efficient that Miss Dorothy Blake has contributed to Union work. Underneath the qualities of a thorough teacher High youth, who have found her always to be un- is a pleasant, sincerely earnest personality, During derstanding and graciously refined- fa real lady. her thirty-five years' stay at Union, she has assisted Language students, both Latin and English, have innumerable students in tackling firmly the prob- shared profitably the classical and literary en- lems of learning and of life. thusiasm of this modest but gifted teacher. Math problem hard to solve? Miss Atwood is certain to have the clear explanation --and the right solution! Miss Blake points out the important details in the clothing of these modern "Romans," members of her Latin class. , I , , 6 Table of Contents pq W ,. ft 60' 521 School Lifeif,n'? 5 Page 8 .. ' 7310 Ze 7 53354, 29 Work-of-the-Schoolm . . Page 20 WMV fvfaxffy ,M I I , , wwe N seniors ff jf . . . Page 32 ,., ri .4 A X AJ 0-Q Underclaiyien . . . Page 50 45 AJZW fm- ' fffwfiw yfdf 41 fwdfeeqvajy ff N. 3 f f Kff0t2ff47?5i?2l'QM P Organizations .... Page 62 fi' A f, Qwf f-1 JLML 9, if MFE MQIYVPKD UB CQQSEQES Sports I. . . t. Page 82 f ,ZW CY ig -Gina:-of 'V' '4 ' r . X. - , I- 4' fb 0 13.1 M, . -L Jn f ', V ,,,.. ' 1 . V V ' ' - J h . . J .f ,f ' ' i - - A f h-o Q. if xg' ,iffy ,j.f,440f4 ,4,,h1"An' learn to love 'the friends' ye have xg 'K ,MW by seein' 'em each day." J , lj-. XX I ff - ,I . . ly! ' 1 1 ' ,N -,,.,,?,v1,?1 ko' ' if ,. Q- -L Cpffa ,. ' iffy? MV ' yi! Y AA Q 1' X X!! Ifvv 4 - A, , , 1 fa P 43 MI for yvfrll wi ga D Q3 IIE-fl 4. K 'V X . , x4 N 1 X U 1 Afx , M , J 'e X - 3 x ,Ja RJ ' I 1 Af School Life 1 Q- a4XX 1 - X J' fox J w 'H' ms- ff L - ,, 1. --W gwmwfy mwAl.4.,.,qg. T.,LL.w:.i N WL Xwjvf 5- ki A xii' gLWNfx4i' ' N1 .1 ww. ww..:- ,. ,W !.g..W.- M.. 1.1-, W . L ?f?f?3h3Q?i2?QDFf:55f Zsisff W A "NM 6 AN . VL ,. ,. . L .L .L . ws. X L fi A fy if xi S' L V. . LL Q ' L 'h 'SEL L L 1 Lg 2,1 .L K X ww gl 2 M LS L. L L gf if .N ...MJ S Q S .5-ix vw 1 ., NSW' X M ,cw - 'Q' y IQ .415 . 3 XF :X Eff l -lg. 5 5 . 1 , MW yn ,gk Jgffifib 'Y' w ' X, ia, wx M Pvww P 1 f x Gay Dances To the tune of soft melodies and jazzy hit numbers, many Unionites spent their leisure hours dancrina with their school vhums in the aaly decorated aym ... ' I ""-4 NYU' X' , . i . 3 - , 9' Y"-A iII"I I .X5', 3 'ilirl .wi 1 . V, ,I ' ,An Swayina To the music lrorn The luke box are the-se loyal students allen a baslcelball aamp Drvamily dancina to the enchanting music ol the I. C. lli-Notes are these lwosomes al the Swoe-lhvart Swirl lliahliahlina I h +1 xophoinore ye-ar 1:1 thi,- merry dance which the-y annually sponsor Hanging ihr- gala decorations lor The- S1 Pa1r1ck's dance are Lauman Skull L4-nf nmg, Kezivilch and Vrana Laboriously cleaning up the paper streamers and broken balloons alter a dance are Vf-enslra and Vander Vevn 10 I Liven Year However, dances aren't all alamour and alilter, as any hard-workina committee can tell you, lor some students must perform the unenviable jobs ol checking, cleaninafup, and ecll- ina refreshments. ,wwe-verwro' ! i gm-ww Lpqvlrm lmm, ,S 1,151 my rwqinnina ol a bla liafinq party cookies and sipping punch diiiirzrz inte-iniirsion at llif- Piom arf- Kim'-ll, vve-nina Im iiolwil Kfii--ckns and Pat Hwy-ol Hieme,-rsma, l'ckman, and Spaulding fzlimfirnv-1. Highlighting the social events of the year was the lunior - Senior Blossom Time" as the theme. Many romantic couples danced to the soft and gay melodies of Tom Zalaoras' Delightful Prom Highlights Year band, At intermission refreshments and some of Unions best entertainment were offered in the cafe- teria. After this perfect evening of delightful fun the vision of pretty swishina formals and fragrant corsages left a bright spot in the memory of the happy dancers. llrvamily dancing to the soft music at the Iunior-Se-nior Prom are- Hollins, Hingelberg, Moore McKay, Strand, Mervenrie, Viana, Hovinq, Von Woerkem and Budde I-W'-X L V 1 y --7 i-..,,,, iw-W-....q.,,,,, U ' s , 4, - , y mv, --...W .J H w-s-...N - ' , 'w"""""""W--A---,,.. W, , W . Wwe 1-MLW. an-I ..i, ,,,,,......-Ww- ,,.,,.....,..-wf-- -.4-.,..J.- ..,,i,.,i, if "Roaring '2O'S" Live Again With a theme of "the roarina 20's ', familiar to a aeneration aao, "The Frollies of 52", presented in three captivating performances, featured hilarious comedy and fascinatina music. Under the experienced direction of Delores Whitaker Stoltz and with the unfailina co-operation of the Community Council and the senior class, the alitterina show captured the hearts of the de- lighted audience and "roared" to a success. Tapping out th- rhythm to UA Lullaby of Broadway" ar- these fe-rt Iunioi Frollit-Iles Adams Haan H-rim Godfrey, Claus,-I Ohm Champion Miller Thomas Todl-rbi-n Wi-nd! Weston Lafquwf and Pwtzovicta Singing and swayinq to "that ole soft shaf- are thf-se dapper and dandy boys Bloom Kurlciian, Fizngelberq Vande: V1-1-n Gauqi-z Ver Dain Bush Norkus Wi-sf Vw-nfsfr-1 Betts Ze-eryp and La Bell-- A corihastznq combination nf :zoft hall'-f ani intriguinq tap featured the Senior Fi'ollivtt'-A Van Wofrrkom Du Clos, Chiiqwin, Z'-insfva Pafnoudf' Lenninz Chapman, lrwin, Ki-pni-i Champion Si Lduman and Holm'-1: 1 '1111111' C'-tk-.1 1'1111l 1f1t11l11 1'l'11'1a 11tl1: 11 111111-11117 M111Lf-1 111.21 lJ11t'111'.rl- wt 1111' 1' 12- , .1.11 1 1 11 1 ,'11l 1l1111-'1--.. 11lt11 1 1111.1 111111111 1117--'l1.1 3:11 7'11q11-11' 1l1111S l'1'Y.' 'l 1I'-' V11 11" 1 l l 1 11111: 1'1 NV:1'1 -11111 1 1: N1 1' 11.1 F1 1' 1 The many c1ct1vit1Qs ot U111011 studewtts 1-011 llI'lLlG 101111 qlter the 3130 bell 1111115 Clecm l1111 and Cl'llGTlCI1TlIIlGl'll such as dances cmd basket h ball Games l1ll the leisure eve11111p1 1101115 and t e offe1111v1t1m1111011191115 ote111oy111e11tw1tl1 fellow students, Getttimq toqetlmr lor G coke ot Cl dC1IlCQ OT cl1ec111111 qt C1 bmsketbmll 1111111111 1110 ws 11111011 C11 1:1011 of school lite as the lfCS1c:ll11QP HRS. glwggt' A111f1t11-1 11.11.111-1 11., 1111 11111-l Hawks 11f11:nf:1- C1-11t111l lvl ll :11 111 111:11 11-11:11, 111 71,1 '1 11:111-11' 1' l41.'t111. i1y111 l'x1'1t1-tl l+111:f1 g,l11v1 ::11111tfl1ll'-tl lwynlty r1:atl1wy Clw-111 1l11-11 if-11111 1311 tw ,'1ct11'y 14 if H r 1909 eq? q 9300 J' Me G99 ' 0 dqlbo C5 Ccxsuals for the Rugged 'Is Fashion Wise Navy blue storm coatsg ln the spring the fashion- warm, dark blue sweat shirts wise teenagers sported cool with zippersg and heavy checked shirts, light sum- rnedallions on chains proved mery blouses With colorful to be the smart and comfort- flowers at the neck, pony able fashions ot the year. tails, and classy white bucks. Sporty White Bucks Modern Checks for Fellows 1 11 xo"'e J' 7017 66,1 Y 15 I,t.r.f't. '.::tf- fmt ttxft' Sfmt Pzfxgrtty dtffmzstnq tht- ,notmnus tvnypf-rt Som-ftttmo new has bf-n added' Candy :r:'1:'!t.rxw: tn tht- v.1t.'t1-tm ,r.-:: t-tw-fn rt.t-t If fxz- 153,-'tf y Vvxttrwrx Vltytlts' Hrmfi, mxncy Iwftrw-rrxtxn 'ltr kfqt busy Cttcktrtq fam ctfttctoufz cnrmy twf1t:: 'O Inq.: ::1t:tivnt:z 11.4 lf t,.- .-::,t1t:tt 1:51-rl xmvtty wrtjoymg tw- rtfw' f:1'tt'izt1or1 :H 'frttiw-'kfxwrt Vykl-tru Gulf-, cnd Kmd EochtgusyckufbdnqsnemfexpememcestoloeouHntrUmtomHes os they tum idle moments mto cheerful bits of ltvtmu, Hearty louohter resourtds trom the coteterio obout 11:30 CIS storvirto students olorsb to ond tro. .Shiny new Candy mocbines odd spectol deliobt to the tomtsbed crowd Spocml services also brtoltten the doy, Keeping up to the porce set by post Wgrodss' ts U btq cwdertortbese devgded workemsotthe schoolskne ondtbetnetuomot 'A :fnrmlt eu tts' 'Itmt :1 :tw xt.ot'o rt? YV t tvx'..',rt Mt-lv Htntllf I f t' tv :tr Lwft' 'i but tttv wmv nt'-mozlcxl that mtortdss 1t.:1t P- .1 1, Cmclyrt Mbit: Hob V1-1-mtrfx It Ny H' rp oirif f Art" and Hwvwxly 1 "1 rt! 114 rt' 'tr ttf fy gt vt' fm ta' tta' 1UtUOf Indy VVOIQ rev Ck. and Champ ton oss th: y UMM rtutty dis-:st ff mow 't.d1mt-, tit,-ma tw Hw- 'v'r'1"'rt 'v't1r1t3..::t muy :Q rchoot mtg 3111-sz tm CRANT Q .sxaysjl lt? cm .U yy ml., hwy, .1f 111, 1- 11111. H11 m:rm'.:,.- xx.: l.mW.:11l1:x.s. lr W'xwxn.:l11'. H11 f..-ful vl 11 'lx umm-xl lvm..-l mx: '.11:1' xx 1 wL.l.1' xr1w::f1u:f1'y 111 M' H1 :lf J'11w1l: H11 .lxflv ll1',w'1 IX11111'.: 3.1111 l H 1 w ll 111-1 11'11'f1'I'r1' "1-Ill - " U1 VV'+1'x'1"1 1 '1 N'y mmss :C I1Vtd Q Cflull wr-utllc-V l:1'e1f1lc1c3l 61 tl.1 .'1c1.'l1c'lim.:v1sll1fy.1r at HOLISGIIIFIII Field, The 1'1in1l1l ol NOVllIl1l,lExIk lll, to vvilnn- Thi 1 S yeGrS mmuril HO11161c'Om1ml1 nfwrllo, plmyzd Wl IC lllllllllltl . WQ'C,1I1dCDllQ' Amllvlpmliorm lzllod tlu- fill us tl v 1 ' lm l 1 1 Wl 1 tl 1 Wlllillf' llvvv cmrlulxlflrm mm Wmcim Mm lf ., 1 1 - .1 the lmll, Q-mum' Umomtvs vrowded mmr tlm lfJ6?CTIIIlIf1xI kim: cmd QIICPIE, and VV4Ill'l1EfCl lirvcitlllvssly llfi tlwy l1r'f1c'lO11Sly lu'vf1plf1d ll1t'xlIkC'VONA'I1S from Mr llwss, Wlwm lllt' lmml Wllliillf' xlmrlcf-c,l flu Nucl ml lllv 11f'1m0 vvllll Umm! lfllllllflllfifll 33-ffl llw SlllClt"Ill51 l1Qm1v.' llmt lllli wl ss f r' lllwy vylmld :ml luvrvl lcv' yours to VO 1 1 mxlml lf' lml1x.IxJ ' '-1 1. '21 1HlI1.:l!l llwmf 01.112111 ll11rw1 I ,1'A'.I': 'f 111121 I1 1 " 1 ...rn 1.11.. My -1 :MM : 11 ' E.1' :lwwlnz vwuzl llf ll111:. amlzm :. lmix :-nz. Um 1,1-.-1.1 :1l111., K, IT 1 ll 11n11:, .-nd with 11 1111111 dash stud:-nts burst horn their 'l'l11- annual G U C Yulf-tide g'11ty wif: 1 l'11'1 :w1v1'1-sau: th 1 in 1-xc1t1-rily i1i1k1n1 th'-1: w11y toward tht- goodies hwinz lllltf' cutv-st outfits wt-rw sf-lwctf-:I wpvh th' 1t1w.'-- :,t11.l'-r1t.: w1lk n1 1 1 1 U1 1-xi' dfw-.z with th-2 honors Q . Q Q I UA heap of living" is had around the busy halls of Union as frolicking 'ibrainsters' take time from daily tasks to enioy their . T. leigure moments, d h I f I b L crumptious treats await stu ents at t e cose o tie usy day, and the doughnuts, ice cream, or candied apples guickly vanish at the hands of the hungry crowd, loyful gatherings enliven school life as numerous clubs and friendly groups meet durina free time at designated places lor fun and frolic. One of the most treasured sights to Unions students are the familiar green lockers which serve as other gathering places for groups of chattering classmates Yesl The day begins and ends with joyful, cheerful living, stunt in loss--1 tlrwr:-1 115 iuislvinr .at-:cl-'ri!. :curry i1io11nd th-1 51' n 1r1 a 1 ' 5 111a111p,l11-'mv th 1 'vdy bvll rings 18 ,ff Helen Schols. Prize Essay Writer Ioyce Barber Showing Bill Norkus Relaxing Talent as a Baton Twirler at a Familiar Pastime Memorable Pals Of '52 Popular Ioyce LeBaron Versatile Alan Betts Frank Marino and George Briggs, Best of Pals Ken Koopmans, Dramatic Whiz Sue te' New Vocal sim 19 R 1g V I I' I , 5 hi 'W U 1' f st! I I X 1 K F- -L Y f 1 x 1 . x 1 . x M' X J, I XAXX lfh jMlffK,X I 4 . fl wk , J "Right there ye've got t' bring 'em up V ' f' women good, an' men." XX: fi ' V xv K , X N U 5 ' x - XX Wrf J xfi .f 3 Q .pf A 4 . , of 8 9- NWI f A I fi W ff X N Mun ,aff B. war Work-of-the-School me mm-,. f ,""""""'Ww--mq..,,. A AI,,JEWW W... N - A W fb A .. kiwi. , - SfWf?x':,1,if"+T:'? ' , , W, xjwa h l IQ, ,1 M1 fi- y.:lFw,wg, N! it SMFIRH'-uw, -nm-up fgiftwb an W' Q gd L4 , !" gg ff' -W . gf P 1. ,. ' f .L v , xg iff -ff 2 ri 5 f A . . . Principal Charles A Everest and Miss Olga Perschbacher, Assistant Principal. Kindly, under- standing, and O genuinely inter- ested in the many p r o b l e m s of a school day is Principal Charles A. Everest. He is ever workina to bring more and better student selff government to Union through the service staff, stu- dentfoperated studyhalls, the Student Council, and the Senior Counsellors, Theirs Is an limi: ri- lfwyrr lCt'C1tllY ll:-wys and Principal f't'1Tr'Eii Sparkle, personality, and keen humor well de- scribe Union's Assistant Principal Perschbacher, Her tact has made her many friends among both teach- ers and students, Always graciously endeavoring to bring about a better relationship between teachers and students, she has made a real place for herself at Union Her pixie-like charm is always felt by everyone who comes into contact with her unusual personality. Miss Goebel Mrs Mcraan and Miss Pv-tssch bacher Always ready to help many students with their problems is Mr. Everest. Here he talks over the schedule of classes with Dorothy and Eugene Dewys. Seen conferring with Miss Perschbacher are these two new teachers, Miss Goebel and Mrs, Morgan. They find her prepared to help with any problems that may arise, DJ Mrs Crossman, Personnel Adviser Who knows the most about almost everyone in school? Helen Olson and Mary Felmer, of course! From 8:30 AM. to 3:30 P.M., Union's office girls make out bulletins, answer 'phone calls, keep endless records, and comfort shak- ing students when they must be reprimanded by Principal Everest for being bad, Union's office can well be compared to a busy beehive. 'Mrs. Hunt and Miss Noble, Librarians lf a person were to eavesdrop at Mrs. Crossman's of- fice door, he might hear: "Mrs, Cross- man, these adjunct phrases are ter-riblel Will you help us?" - "Young man, your homeroom teacher tells me that you have not been arriving at school on time for the past two weeks!"-"Oh golly, this four year plan simply won't come out right." These are just a few examples of the innumerable problems with which Union's patient personnel adviser must cope. Some of her unending duties include supervising the Kuder Preference testsg going to junior high, rural, and elementary schoolsg to tell incoming students about life at Union, helping seniors to secure jobs or to choose the right college. They Help Keep Union Moving .it f-i X- 'c,,...,,, Miss Olson and Miss Felmer, School Secretaries All through high school, students see the same old movies on how to wrestle successfully with a library. After absorbing all this knowl- edge, dilemmas still arise and librarians be- come indispensable. Anything from "Claudia" to "Plutarch's Lives" will be placed in a stu- dent's hands, almost as soon as he requests it, by Union's helpful librarians, Miss Noble and Mrs, Hunt. 23 ATKiNSON, MARIOHIF IMRSJ ATWOOD, NELLE BALBACH, BARBARA BARR, FORREST E Se-noqraphy Adviser, Sr. Y- Head of Mathematics Ir. High Music, lr. High Bookkeeping, Commercial leens, Secretary, Faculty Department Girls' Glee Club Department Chairman, Sev- Steerinq Committee and Fac- ulty Council enth-Hour St u d y H a ll and Service Staff Chairman How? Why? When? Music Lovers where? and BY Whom? are a few of the questions about music hashed over in each meeting of the newly born music appre- ciation class. The idea of a composition class was first conceived by Unions aspiring composers, but not enough students were courageous enough to tackle this awesome class, so, to compromise, the present class was formed, Little known facts about the lives of composers from Bach to Gershwin are discovered at nearly every meeting of the class. Enjoying the peculiar sound of a harpsichord are: Nelson, Ranta, Van Houten, Nance, Reynolds, Brown, Koppenol, l-lusted, Ritums, and See, BAZUIN, CLAYTON W BAZUIN, IUNE S. KMRS J BEST, FLORENCE C. 1 BLACK. MARGAHI'-T fMHS-l Chemistry, Head of Science Eighth Grade Unified Pro- Choir, Glee Clubs, Music Physical and Health Educa- Department, Faculty Steer- gram- English Appreciation hon. G'-.U.C. Sponsor: lr, Inq Cgmmlttpgr G.A.A. Sponsor, Community Council BLAKE, IDOROTHY S BROWN, JEAN CMRS.J BRUNETTE, LORRAINE L. CMRS J CARLSON, MARION D. Latin, Latin Club, Head of Family Living. Clothing Englishg Horizon Club Seventh-Grade Unified English Department Sponsor Program Imagine study- Please Pardon mg eight years for an English testi That's what these juniors have done, Our English and the time of reckoning has arrived. Will their eight years of hard labor at the English book go lor nothing, or will they prove that they have really learned their "minimum essentialsw? Rec- ords show that alter much worrying, most juniors passed. CARPENTER, RUTH English CHAMBEHLAIN, ROY W. Electricity: Seventh and Eighth Grade Football DeGROO'l', CECILE Clothing, Cafeteria Director DeYOUNG, IRENE KMHS l DOCKEHAY, GRACE KMRSJ Eighth-Grade Unilied Seventh-Grade Unified Program Program fx DHIGGFTT, MAHGAHFTTE EARLY, FLOYD L. ELLINGSON, MAYNARD lliahth-Grade Umlied Mathematicsq Senior Class Social Sciencep Basketball Program Adviserp Student Council Coach: Baseball Coach Adviser FHYFOGLE, THEODORE GALANT, EDMUND C. GOEBEL, ELIZABETH Hand, Orchestra, lnstru- Historyg Freshman Football Englishp Dramatics me-ntal Music They Advise The Boss To lind a way to calm down the thundering herd ot students going to as- semblies is among the problems considered this year by the Faculty Steer- ing Committee. Seated are Blake and Atkinson, secree taryg standing are Hess, Heseltine, Smelker, Hous- ton, chairman, Gorski, and Bazuin. FAHH DOROTHY IANE Sight-Saving GOHSKI, ELEANOR Seventh-Grade Unified Program 26 O O Lai Friendly Advice Always There So familiar to those students, who often visit Mrs. Crossmarfs otlice are Gayle Smith and Delores Holmes who spend most of their time, ably assisting her in each day's Work. Their Winning smiles Welcome new and old students alike as they come to discuss their problems or check their credits. HAWKINS, PERCY S, Trade and lndustry Shop HESELTINE, MYRTLE English, lournalisrnp Publica- tions Adviser, Faculty Steer- ing Committee HAYNES, IANE fMRS.J Geography, Seventh-Grade Unified Program HESS, IOHN Biology HEEMSTRA, CLARENCE Iumor Vocational Academic HOUSTON, KEITH R. R. World History, Chairman, Steerin Committee, Adviser, Girls' grill Corps HENRY, EDWARD Social Scienceg Assistant Football Coach, Second- Team Basketball Coach IDA, ALFRED E. Related Trade and lndustry, Trade andvlndustrial Co- ordinator . s KOSANKE, MARTHA KNIESLEY, ESTHER LAIR, FORREST LAMB, MARION Stenoqraphy Civics, Health Education Arithmetic Sftailingp Co-ordinator, acemen' They Ponder Life Problems "Better living for tomorrow" well describes Mrs. Browns Family Living class where Frances LaHatos, Marcia Ploeg, Chuck Hill, Ernest Patterson, Marcia lones, lim Bennett, David Keeler, Iay Huber, Veto Iones, and Bob Bliss form a panel for the discussion of family budgets for various income brackets. MAROUSEK, RICHARD 7-- Head of Social Studies Department MARCKWARDT, PAUL Woodsho : Adviser Song, Cheer Eeadersp Athletic Board LISKY, ELMER LANGIN, BERNICE Civics, Driver Education, OHICB PYGCUCB: AdV1S6l'. Sf- Faculty Manager of Ath- MAC LENNAN, MARY I. Horizon Club leticsg Iunior Class Adviser Mathematics 28 MCDERMOTT, MARIE MEYERING, LEONARD MOERDYK, GLEN D, MORGAN, BARBARA lMl-lS.l Arithmetic: Secretory Com- English Printing, School Treasurer K lumor ond Senior High munity Council School Home Economics Students Meet Color Design Flower arrangementsl Yes, that is one of the many topics taken up by Miss Williams' Art Appreciation Class where Minkler, Muth, Iarvis, and Hand arrange bouquets while Williams points out a weak spot in one. This new class teaches art knowledge that will serve in their everyday life. MULDER, WINIFRED lMRS.l Foods, Home Management, Personal Regimen, Colthing MYCKOWIAK, MICHAEL Metal Worky Adviser Sophomore Class NEEDHAM, GEORGE Civics, World History, Coach 'lvnnisz Movie Club PALMER, LOWELL M, Biology, Track, Cross-Coum fry Coachg Sponsor Varsity Club OUINLAN, VALORA Englishp Unilied Program SMELKER, DEXTER Biology: PhysiolOQY: Conver- sational Spanish: Spanish Club Adviser WAIVIO, KARL Junior High Academicg As- sistant Track Coachp Equip- ment Managerg Senior Hi-Y Adviser RAVER, CHARLES M. Machine Shop SUKUP, MILO Physical Educationy Health: Head Football and Golf Coach: Ninth-Grade Basket- ball Coach WILLIAMS, EULALIA Art REYNDERS, DEE SCHRODER, HARRIET Mechanical, Architectural Sight Saving Drawing TIMMER, HARRIS TUCKER, ARTHUR E, Physicsp General Science: KM!Sgt.l Assistant Student Council Reserve Officers Training Adviser Corps WRAY, MARIAN ZUR MUEHLEN, EMMA Englishg Truth-For4Youth United States History Club Helpers Keep Union Running Pausing for a moment from their busy morning of making savory dinners for those often starved "kids" that descend on the cafeteria when the noon bell announces that it's time to eat are Mrs Ossewaarde, Mrs, Chamness, and Paulene Madura. Their ready service of well-balanced meals helps to make the day at Union. The turkey dinners served at Thanksgiving and Christmas topped their list of delicious dishes. Working hard to keep Union in condition for a "heap o' living" are these custodians and engineers, first row, Shank, Botts, VanMalsen, Shaffner, cus- iodiansg and Groover, engineer, second row, Coulter, custodian, Havens, firemang Cornell, head custodiang and Mrs, Batchelder, Matron. Their constant service can be observed in the halls and classrooms Where the floors are kept clean, rooms warm, and the many clocks on time. Most familiar to pupils and teachers are Mrs. Batchelder and Bill Reed, who run the elevator. , 'W 'nw Often seen conferring with each other in the course of a day's work are Ray Groover, engineer, and Ed Cornell, head custodian. The responsibility of keep ing Union running smoothly and on schedule falls on their shoulders. Their ready help, to students who often desperately call on them to unlock those stub- born combinations make them valued "friends indeed". Mr. Cornell is easily distinguished by the large ring of keys he carries, with which he can open any room or cupboard. ssggsggpspss Q X M pesos wise 666 636 Fe the e e cen th t grip the heart, on' when yer fe o e dr ed ye find the school is deorer on 't was, f d FX! ww pfyiifg NVW AW ln! ic MAL: 4 MN W . ,rfffwf F iujfgmgffjg W, MIM? wifi 1. f 'wwf M My M M fx mi 66 Ly Jlfui'liW1' M .- .. .L i' ful, LA, .IX X, Jipwgwfgwfv M n iii? ' 53 VX, I J Q4 4 I .lK, .Q Seniors I X . X X x Action plus describes this senior board 'l'l1ey discuss difficulties, aid roiiiiiiittees, and act as aeri- eral iiianaaers for the class officers. They are Hoaalslci, Lipman, Gabrycli, Veeristra, Paqerielli, Seniors March Toward Goal Looks like plans in the inalcinu as the senior class officers aather 'round "Pop" Early for his popular opinion. Led by hard-workina Mel Ftingleberg as president the Class of '52 marched on to a successful year. Planning future events are VanderVeen, vice-presidenti Ringlebera, Early, and Holmes, secretary. Kay Lammers and Blanche Kieff are the treasurers rnissina from the picture. the day. Paulson, VanderZon, Early. Hinaelbera is callina the meetina to order. Missina are Bill DeWitt, Woztnialc, and Kieff llDonlt foraet to vote on araduation an nounceiiients this week," was only one ot many similar requests made of these aarcv able seniors comfort w ably listenina, at ont of their class rneetinas, to discuss new business o Snappy Seniors Win Awards Leadership, scholarship, and citizenship characterize these seniors who proudly walked off with the twenty-two gold keys awarded this year, First row, left to right, are Rossman, Patton, Champion, Brown, Holmes, and Schols, second row: Herpol- sheimer, Kurkjian, Gabrych, Paul- son, Muth, and lrwin, third row: Betts, Bingleberg, McConnell, Veenstra, VerDuin and Vander Veen. Bruce Tweddale and lerrie Herpolsheimer have distinguished themselves in all-around school serv- ice, scholarship, and citizenship. To them, for their outstanding achieve- ment, Union presents her highest honor, the Dilling- ham Cup. Leading in scholarship are these first sixteen: hrst rowg I-lerpolsheimer, Schols, Muth, lrwin, Champion, second on the list, second row: Kurkjian, hrst on the list, McConnell, Binijleberg, Morrissette. Missing are Tweddale, Kemp, Mullian, Orcutt, Boszman, and Pearson. ,sf M ,- l ' i A' Special awards went to Kurkjian, U, of M, and M.S.C, scholarships, Bingleberg, U, ot M. Scholarship and Albert Iennings Award, McConnell, U. of M. Scholarship, Schols, U. of M. and Keck Award, lrwin, U, of M. and Marian jennings Language Award, second row: Champion, P.T.A. Scholarship, Muth, Western Michi- gan College Scholarship, Paulson, D.A.B, Award, Hansen, Iunior Cham- ber of Commerce Award and Met- ropolitan Scholarship, third row: Lammers and Manne, American Legion Award, l-lerpolsheimer and Betts, junior College Scholarship. Missing are Tweddale, M.S.C. Scholarship, Kemp, Albion College Scholarship, Bay Mattingly, Marion L. lenninas Language Award. 'x VB' ' 1 'J s , K' . -3 .rf ' " ' ' l X fx- -s ,,. 5, 1 ' ' , A., Q ' 'V ,.: ' , K . -fx . ., .A . ng. . Q32 AMX .2 4352- ' 54 9 'l U ADAMS, l.OHAlNli ADAMS, MAHVlN AURICCHIO, GERALD AYERS, THELMA AYEHS, VELMA Dull Corrs 7 Cl1OlT 2, 3, 47 H O 'l' C 2, 3, Football l 2 SPVVICG Stall 35 Pls-d C1055 Had Cross 3, Sr-rvmsw Stall Chgrug 2, 3, 4 Av 2, Drrll Corps I Senlor Counsellor 4, Cv U C 2, 3 BALZFSKI, GIHHALD BAHAGHH, NATALIH BELKE THOMAS BENNETT, IAMES BERDAN, SALLY SVUn1Sh Club 2 3 Sf-mor Play 4g Band 2, 3, Chorr l, Drull Corrws 2. Svrvrcrl Stat! 4 Drxll Corps l SPTVICQ' Stall 2 Sr-mor Glu- 2 S ' Sk' Th h W' h I. I1 A Th enlors lp roug Year It aug ter s eme . BlI'l"l'S, ALAN' HIGFOHD, MARTHA BLATTNER, FRANK BLOOM, DAVID BOFHMA, lOYC'lI Hvllm-ctol 4, ldxtm 4 Sr,-rvlce Stall 2, 3, Drmll Track l, Z, 3, 45 Varslty Track 3, 4, Reflector 4 Class Sacreftary 3, Song Cross ,ountry 3, 4, Car Corps 2 Club 2 3, 4 Ls-adflr 3, 4, Captain 4, tam 3 Track 2, 3, 4, Var' sxty Club 3 4, Prf-sudrfnt 4 U 'fi ' 2 f ,- r 5 fa , , 94? ' 5151: I A hifi. 'I . . .. '--- , CH- 'ff"Q5 . Om.- .,., - , 2-432-fp Q " ROl.Tlll-l HICHAHIW Smvrce- Stall 7 Stud:-nt Counrxl 4, H1-Y 3, Study Hall Clmaxrman 3 4 HHOWN LOlS Studwnt Councxl l, 2, SPHIOI Counsvlor 4, GUC. l, 7, 3, Sona Lf-adv-r 3, 4 4 Z " 404' BOS, DONNA Servtcv Stall 2, 3g Horizon Club 4, Noon Hour Movxe Club 4, Sf-mor Play Com- mxttfw- 4 BUDDY, HARRY Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Se-rvxcef Stall 2, "Frollies" 3, 4 Sffmor 'Iounsvllor 4, Svrv- ICC' Stall 2 3 f-4 BOWER, GERALDINE Had Cross 1, 2, 3, 4 BULKOVVSKI, lOAN G.U,C. 1,2,3,Sen1or Coun- selor 4, Song Leader 3, 4: Class Board 2, 4 ,Y iq!! Q BRAVENER, WILLIAM BROOKS, IAMES Study Hall 3 BUHNITA, EUNICE BUSH, :UI-ll H C, UIC, 1, 2' 3 Football 2, 3, 4, Irack 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Vxce Presrdent 4, Hellector Statt 4 HYLSMA, DAVID CAMPBELL, ROBERT Football 2, 3, 4, IIIY 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 Presl- Haskvtball 2, Varslty Club clffnt 4 Track 4 3, 4 COOK, AHLIINII COOK, LOIS Girls' St-mor Class Choir Sf-rvlcv Stall 2, 3 4, Choir 4g Bible Club 3, G U C 2 3, 4 St-mor Class Glue- 4 3, 4, Svrvtce- Stall 3, 4 CHAMPION, BEVERLY GUC 2, 3, 4, Sentot Counsvlor 4, Aurora 4, "Frollms" 3, 4 CUDNIIY, LYNWOOD Baskvtblll I, 2, 3, 4, Base' ball l, 3, 4, Captam 4, Cross County 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Sight Graduation . . . June I2 . . IUIICKIIH, PIITITH Rvllvctor 4, Hand il, Stu ds-nt Council 4 UH WITT, WILLIAM Rvllector 4, Football 2, Stu- dvnt Councrl 3, Studyhall Chairman 2, 3, 4 DIY WYS, IISTHER Sf-mor Girls Glee 4, Serv' ICQ Stall 3, 4, Bible Club I 2, 3, 4g Retailing Club 4 Q, ..:-fttryrc:-, . ..,Y,,,,.. ... .. ., DHASIIIWSKI, IOSEPII FLAK, EDWARD Track 3, 45 UFTOIIIGSH 3, 4 Thosptans 3, 4g Student Councxl 4 4 S gk DRIVER, YVONNI3 Service- Stall 3, Girls' Senior Class Glee 4, Olhce Practxce Club 4, Study Hall Chairman 3 4 FOHSTHOM, DONNA Bible' Club 2 3, 4, Cholr 7, 3. Aurora Stall 4, Senior Counsvlor 4 DUPHEE, IANICE Bible Club 4, Ollice Prac- tice Club 45 Senior Class Choir 45 Study Hall Chair' man 2, 3, 4 FHUEH, IOHN Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 41 Co-Captam 4. Varsit Club 2, 3, 4g Stu- dent Council I, 2, 3 jjg-Q 'r- g- , , . 39 , , A Nl as ,,, , ,, Am " wat , , ., ,.,.. Jai X Q 13 Q 4 fi Q , "" , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, , ,,, ,,,,,, r at 2- ,fl fs: .,,. -. - ' , . . CHFI-INOBY SOPI-lllf CHUHCHAHD, IILVEHA Se-rvlce Stall 4, Drrll Corps Hwzl Cross I, 7, 3, 4, Homt-Y ' ' 7 3 4 ro l, 2 3, Orcnffstra ,, . CZINDIIH, SHIHLIIY om Se-crvtaty l, 2, 3, 4, Service Stall I, 2, 3, 4 DAVIDOSKI, IOSIIPH GU.C l,2, 3, S+-rvlcv Stall Bcsltwtball 3, 3, 4g Basv 3g Studghall Operator 2, ball I 7, 3, 4, Varslty Club I Y 3 4 S-hruor Iw- . As High Moment. . . IDIBBLH, CHAHLENF Orchvstra I, 2, 3, 4, Aurora 4, Red Cross 2, Girls' Dull Corps 3 IUOVIIH, SHIHIIY S-tvtcv Stall l Q A we ELLINGFR, DONALD FALES, rovct ROTC 2, 3 ROTC Chorus 3 FUHTNEY, PATRICIA Service Stall 2, 3, 4, Drlll Corps Zp Choir 12, 3, Senior Board 4 Thesplans 3, 4, Senior Counselor 4, Stud Hall Operator 2, 3, Sopgomorcv Board 'Z GABHYCII, PATRICIA G.U,C, 2, 3, 4g Thes Ians 3, 45 Services Staff 4, Aurora 4 O 4 4 'wg I 'Q 31 "Stuffing the ballot box?" "Not us," insist Bylsma, Sciarnanna, gfsll-fgE2illfY2,BGSebu11 ,V and Haven, while Bos and lohnson wait patiently to take their gI,l7453Virs11y Club 2 3 turn choosing their leaders lor this last lively year. t 2' 4. GOEBEL, MARTIN Aurora Stall 4 Dramatics 4 R.O.T C l V4 ..1T. M GINGHICH, ROBHIIT Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, Varsity Club 3, 4 Service- Stall l 2 GOLHC, MAI-lY IANYI Drill Corps l, 2: Senior Counselor 4 Service Start T 3 4 Elect Capable, Hard-Working Officers to Lead Class. GOODWIN IROHIIHT GRIEP, lOl-IN HAADSMA, DANIEL 6 Football l 2 Track l, 2, 3 Senior Counselor 4, Stu- Football l, Baseball l L, 4 Varsity Club T dent Council 3, Cross Varsity Club 3, 4 C:o::s County 4 Country 3, Varsity Club 3, 4 ,'??l" : ' . 2 ' "' , 9' ' , 2 'dll . it ,,, -'t-- ' :- f.., I SPV I ,.,.. - ' 5 If 5 M, I t , , l I Ap 42" I I, .sa I I .., , , -,.,,: ll ..., 35? K 4 ,ij ,I , ,Q , . K 'gr , ' v EI' ' ' "'- ' g , , , K, Q x iptglfsr,-slsl nxt: HAND, PHYLLIS GUC l, 7, 3 Glm-I 4 HIIYBOIIH HONALD Hetailina 3 4 HANSIIN, DALF Basketball l, 2, 3 4 Baseball 4 HOLMES, DELORES "Froll1es" l, 2, 3, 4: Serv ice Stall 3: Senior Play 4: " Class Secretary 4 HANSEN, IO ANN Senior Counselor 45 Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Aurora Stall 4, Managing Editor 4: Thes- pians 3, 4 I-IOLMQUIST, MARIORIE Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 45 Blble Club 2, 3, '4 HAMELINK, MARGARET Rellector 4, Senior Coma- 13. 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 O selor 4: Senior Play Service Stall 3, 4 O HAMLIN, IOHN otball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Service Staff l 2 l . Q 3 K I 45" 4 . V 4 HAI ...,, ,A X " ' It ,I infra I fl- . -. ,. I, HAVEN, IOYCE HERPOLSHEIMIII-t, IIII-ll-tlfi Service Stall 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4, Senior Girls' Glen- 4, Senior Play 4 I-IOST, MARIE GUC 2, 3, 4: uFI'OlllE'Sl' 3, 4, Senior Counselor 4, Aurora4 HCLZSCIIUH, SANDRA School Store 3: Band 3 'lf fa- 'ff l Y i bill HUBEH, FAY Orchestra l, 2, 3 lOllNSON, MAHLENE Latin Club 3, 45 Service Stall 3, 4: G.U C. 2, 3 Senior Play 4 is 53 ' . , -527 L f- ,fb " a 5 1 ,Q--K inf 5 wt .:,. IHWIN, LINDA lANES, MABGIE lANES, VETO Senior Play 45 Senior Service Stall 35 Horizon Counselor 45 Thespians 3, Club 35 Senior Chorus 4 4, Director 35 Aurora Stall 4 IOHNSON, RUSSELL IONES, MARCIA lOUSTRA, MARVIN Baseball 2 3, 45 German Club 3 Home Room President 4, Service Statl 45 Student Council 45 Band l, 2, 3 Li sa lOHNSON, BETTY Drill Corps 35 Librar Club 3 GU.C. 2, 35 Slervice Stall 2, 3 KEMP, HICHAHD Student Council 4, Presi- dent 45 Aurora 45 Senior Counselor 4 Stage Hilarious Three-Act Comedy, "Our Miss Brooks" KIEFF, BLANCHE KLINGE, ROGER KONING, DOUGLAS Hetail Selling Club 4, Aurora 45 Service Stall 35 Majors-tte 3, 4 'F E' rsr. - I ii, ..-5 Q - f .5 "l A 3 ., -- .Q ,Q I Q KOOPMANS, KENNETH Student Council 3, 45 Gall R OTC l 3: Senior Play 3, 45 Thes- pians 3, 4 LA BELLE, EUGENE KUIECK, IOHN LAMMERS, KAY Football 2, 35 Baseball 2, Service Stall 1, 2, 3, 45 3, German Club 2 Senior Counselor 45 Class Treasurer 45 Tbespians 3, 4 KURKNAN, ROBERT Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Varsity Club 4, Senior Counselor 4 LAMMERS, MICHAEL Football 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3, 45 Class Board 25 Service Staff 4 Make-up Magic "Easy does it," sighs Holmes as she paints Hctmelink, while Baragar inspects the job and Norkus innocently watches. ,ug Q fam r ff! 5 Es. ' vs 5 A fn ff Q. -8 3 . 1 il? l,l llllfxflfx lOYCl' l,l.ONAlll7, VONDA l.l'SSA,SlllHLllY l.lfWlS HICHAHIX l.lT-ll'l,MAl-I lOYCl l':ll 5315: ,' 51-:'.'v.iw Stull lhlll Corps fl, Sv-nw: CIM- S1-nxfvr Clloxv 4, H'-hill Hriskvlblill l Q' .l V1 V-1: Ollxw- llrfx -Invw Clulw -1 -1 fi' nw' l'l1v -1 SY'lfl1-ni l 234-xvlvw SH17! I Oll1C-- Prqcllcw 4 G U C :ally Club 3 -1 G ll C l Q1 llrxll Frupu: l 'W X .rx 'll 4 ,' 'l l fllv--' Cflwl' l l.ll'lT-JSEC MAHCIA Lll3MAN,'l'llOMAS Ll'l'l'llLL Al-iLl'fNlf LUNDHIING WlLLlAM l.UNlWlll'f4 l.NWOf3l' llfrvlw- lm!! -1 llxlk-lv Clull l':'mtlvnll l, 3 11, l5c'lSlCr'l Hfxnrl l 7 fl Varsity Club 'K 4 'l'vnm: H11f:ko-tlwwll .1 fl -1 Coflxp 14 -1 lxl-xrfwrf-ftp 1' li A1 :null l Z l'!nsz-bqlll 3, I1 3, 4 mm -1 Vmmly Clxllw R 41 lk .'x.:'- "lv1::,-':, Flxall -1 Claw: Hfmzfl 17 3 4 Stwdv-rx! C'w,.n-'xl -1 S' A He F P' t t De d' F ' d Ml-.l.l'H0llE PllYI.LlS MALMHUKG PAUI. MANNF LOIS Svfrvlcf- Stull fl l71r1mr1t1c:' F51-:'.':Sw S!-xl? 4 -1 Llxfm fl -l 'lnlxwayllfins 3, 4,D1r-wt "luv Al Au'-ww: film! 1 'wr -1 Sf-:nm Play-1 l' A-.rf 'w:' V'lw1lv 1 as 'Q' ,.,, ' Y, N h W "" A 'f f l 'Val " 4 , ..., -,-V ,- 1, t 1 ,L if Y 1 yr in L , . 1 A ., lx 4 . swap shop mA11El11l?,7Hc3B1iH1' SAHSHALL BARBARA Py1A'I"IlHl1WS,CA-WZWI. sm . . wrvxca- Stoll l Z 3 4 bv-rvlcw Stull I Q,, J, G U C Army hallway or classroom is all right SQ2'Efub4'QGQ"Q1 Al HO" l,',rgmf,l,'1jQjulQ'Q'fl 1 Om" w1ll1 Mead, Host, oustrcn, Mcllfroid and , . l ' . MAIIHYSS1., WILLIAM MACKEYRICHAHU MAIILHCZAK IOsrim! Huber who smxlmcxly swap qraduotlon sfxmof Plqy 4, smudf-me ROTC 2, 3 Smdylmll Crmfmlm 3' -1 Councxl 4, Study Hall Dlcflures Opf-rcztor 4, Homf- Room V101 Pr'-sxdf-nl 4 N ,A os- it A MA'l"l'lNCLY, RAYMOND Lauri Club Il, 4 MUDOWYILL, l.OlS Clioxr l, 2, 3, 4, Servici- Stall 3, Biblv Club l, Z Sf-mor Play Studm-nt D1 rm-ctor MCCONNHLL, ROBERT Debate 3, 4 Spanish Club if, 3, 4, President 3: Senior Counselor 4, Se-rvrce Statl Clrairrncm 4 MEAD, BARBARA C1 U C l, 2' Girls' Drill Corps 3 -1 Measure Up to Size . Ml1AD, lllf'l'TY MERCER, F-UHYL Otlicv Piacticv Club 4g Drill Corpsl ROC 3 Sfwvicm Statl QT, 3, Mayor- .-tt-- 23, 3 4, G UC 1 is .sw A N.. 3 4? L. ,xe- Q w 'fi' MOONFY, DAVID NONLIMAN, IACQUELYN sr-mor al.-P 1, 2, 3, 4, 'Trollif-s" 3, Retail Olflcu Club 4 MORRISSETTE, LORRAINE Drill Corps 1 NGOR, FRANK Occupational Training 3, 4 Feeling a definite tinge ol excitement at being fitted lor their caps and gowns are: Stone, measuring DeWitt, Snellink, recordf inqg and Hanson, taking lol'1nson's cap size. . . For Gowns of Blue and White MERGENTHALER, lRMA Service Stall 2, 37 GU C 2, 35 Senior Play 4: Class Board 2 if-3 M . H :ss MULI., MARIORIH Girls' Senior Choir 4, Pres- ident 4g Service Stall 2, 3, 4 NOWICKI, BARBARA Drill Corps 3 MERVHNNIY, DAVID , A Q X W, si , MULLIAN, EDWARD Football l, 27 Cross Coun- try 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4 OLSON, IOAN Service Stall 4, Senior Girls' Glee 4, Home Room Secretary 3, Vice Presi- dent 4 MlKl'l'A, FRll,D Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baskole ball l, 2 Varsity Club 3, 4 1 K .M , MUTH, CAROLYN GUC, 2, 3, 45 Senior Counselor 4, Aurora Staff 4, School Store 4 OHCUTT, BEVERLY Drill Corps 2, 3g Tliespians 3, 4, Senior Counselor 4, Service Stall 2, 3 I I 21 I -lb 4 li ,W ff in P :.:5 I ' if OSRIICK RIf'l'II Sf-nror Counsf-lor 4 Sona L1 adm' 4, Studs nt Councll I, Sf-rvrcw Stall 3 4 PI ARSON 'IIIEOIHORE S1-rvrcv Stott 3, 4 Study Ilall Chmrman 4, Sp-amsh Club l Phystcs Assem- twlv 4 OVERLEY, IO ANN Cholr 1, 7, 3, 4, Horlxlon Club 3 PLDDEMORS, DONNA GUC l, Rortzon Club 1, Z Gene-ral Olhce PFGCIICU Club 4, Servlcfl StaII 2, 3 PAGENELLI, GERALDINE Choir 2, 3, 4, Horlzon Club 2, 3, 4, Presxdent 4, G U C. 2, 3, Se-mor Board 4 PETERSON, MARIAN Re-Ilector Stall 4, Service PATTON, SHIRLEY L1brary Club 3, 4 Secre- tary 4, Reflector Stott 4 Senior Girls' Glee Club 4, G U.C 1, 2, 3 PIERCE,PAUL ROTC, 1,2 3 4 ROTC Stalt 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 PAULSON, MOLLY G U C l, 2, 3, 4, Pre-sadrrnt 4, Sc-mor Counselor 4, He-- Ilv-car StatI 4, Thr-spmns 3, 4 Secretary-'Irs-asxxrer 4 PLOEG, MARCIA S+-rvrce Stall I 2, 3, Ottgo- Practlce- Club 4 Walk Together . . . Talk and Laugh in Favorite Haunts POWERS, DELORES RADECKI, GERALD G,U,C, 1, 2, Lxbrary Club German Club 3 3, Drlll Corps 2, Major- ete 4 Q x Devoted Twosomes "Two peaches make a pair"- --and who wont agree when they recognize Lipman, Rogalski, Bylsma, Boerma, Matthysse and Harnelink walking together as usual? is maj it I ga It 22233 534 ' I' REED, DARRELL Tennrs 3 4, CO-Captatn 4 RICE, IANICE "FrolIies" 2, Student Coun- c1I 1, 3: Library Club 3 REMINGTON, VIRGINIA SGYVICQ Stall l, 2 3, L1- brary Club I. 2 3 RINGELBERG, MELVIN Class Prestdent 4: Se-mor Counselor 4, Presldent 4, Student Counczl 3, 4 Sen- ior Play 4 REDLON, IUDITH Study Ilall Chalrman 4, G U C 3, Grrls' Noon Hot.: Glen 3, Dramatrcs Club 3 kt 5 REYBURN, MARIE ROBERTS, MARY ANNE Re-Ilector Stall 4, Servtov Stott 3, Home Room Secre- otry l, 4 t in ,.. HOGALSKI l.OHlf'I"l'A HOQF GOHDON CIM, Roma 4 Bugkabm 1 Football ll Pointing out the values ot the posternadvertisements for the annual Sweetheart Swrrl rs Veenstra whrle commrttee members Ringelbera, Furtney, l-lolmes, and Gabrych listen attentively, Hosrimzwrzro, 1-rurrr HossMAN, NANCY Clrorr Y, 4, S+-nror Chorus Clrorr 1,2 3, Reflector Stall 4 Aurora 4, Comme-ncv 4 Student Councrl 4 rru-nt Cmrrrnrttm- 4 'lannrs 3 G UC l Q, 3 4 Lightly Dance and Whirl . . . At the Sweetheart Swirl HYSDYK, FPWAHP Hand Ql, 3 SCHOLS HELEN Ss-nror Play 4, Commence- mt-nt Cornrnrttet- 4, Student Councrl -1 Aurora 4 X C X .,, I ggfuwt 5, ...,. 41 Q , t SKl1S'l'ONlf, THANK Golf 2 fl 4, Varsrty Club LT, 3 4 SMl'l'H, MARILYN llIAN GUC 2, llrrll Corps Ll, Servrce Stall 3, Iunror Board 3 f N flu.: SKHOBOT, IAMES Red Cross l, 2, 37 Track 2, 3 Football 3 ' SNELLINK, lAMlES Baseball 3, 4, Servrce Stall 3 SClAMANNA, ROBERT Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsrty Club 2, 3, 4- Hr-Y 47 Bowlv rna 4 0 fa . 4 -'1' :rt X "'l Q . 3 " SEEKMAN, Pl-IYLLIS Se-rvrce Stall 2, 3, GUC l, 2, Senror Play 4 Oltrcr Practrce Club 4 If Qi :- xffnzlf ' is , 55 , uri i 1 - I SKUTT,-HELEN t SLABBEKGRN, ROGER Song Leader.3, 45 Orchesf "l"rollres" 4g Goll 2, 4 tra l, 2, 3, 4g Senror Play 4, Servrce Stall 2, 3 SOKOLOSKI, PATRICIA SMOES,Cl-IAHLES GU.C l, 2 3, Horaron Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- Club 4 ball l, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Club 3, 47 Servrce Stalf 3 SFYMEH, MAHLENE Sffnror Band l 2 3, 4g Latrn Club 45 Bible Club 4, Student Councrl 4 .N I at Re . ul. wit: 'fn' ,Qi 1 4 1 93 I. I A " SMITH, HTHEIL MAH Hed Cross 3, 4 SOMMLH AHTHUH Hellector Stall 4, H.O.T C.l A'I5on't ao," pleads Norkus as be bids good-bye to Matthews, gmltgmrlllltt- Peterson, Decker, Bulkowski and Morrissette, who, represen- Club 2 3, 4f Lotm Carts It tattve ot :nany seniors tlns year, srnilinaly wave as they leave DUN COTS Z 3 lor afternoon jobs. srIiL1,pMA,nAvm Football l, Z, 3, 4, Track 4, Varslty Club 3 4 Baslcw' ball I " 5? mfs STIIIINLANIU WILLIAM HIY 4 "FyolI1e-s' fl, Art Club II STOKOII MARIORII' Orchestra l, 2 fl 4, Chou 4 Somor Gtrls' Calm- 4 Seek Success ond Experience in Business World . . . ISTONII GLORIA fi'I'UAR'l', 'T-LIINN SU'I'TllH, TIIOMAS SYMON l'IOI'lIll'l'lF TAKIINS, IlOl"lO'I'HY fit-nxor lllrry 4, Stuvlylttrll Rusk.-tball l, QI 3, 4, Cap Track Team 2 3, 4, Cross blblft Club l, ll, fl -1 L1 CII nun rn fl St-rvtcw Stal' tam 4 Goll l, 7, Il, 4 Country 3, 4, Varstty Club brary Club 3 4, Gulf: 'I Study Ilnll CIM-Ckv-r 3 CQIIIIGIYI tl Varsity Club 4, Sparnslx Club 4 Senior Cvlfw 4 Otttct- Pam- I 2 fl 4 tml- Club 4 L ,ry ' if S ,,,, QQ QA. , .3 H - . K . 9, - , Q c t X A ,mi , . -' I ..,..,. , -es 1 ..., ' s' V -ws. 1, ' I ff 2,911 x Q E if ll ' G-. ,,. Z , Vs TIIUNIS, IJONALIU Football 2 3 Varr-:tty Club 1' 3 VANDLN AKKIIR, IOIIN Chou 2 TOFIIL, PATRICIA MAE Sf-rvtce Stall 4, Semor Gxrls' Glmr- 4 VANDER VIIIIN, KHNNEITII Track 3, 4, Varstty Club 3, 4 Class Vlce President 4, Se-mor Play 4 TROIANOWSKI RICHARD Track 2, 3, Bowlma 4 VANDER WALL, MAXINII G U C Q7, Drxll Corps 3, 4 TWFDDALF, BRUCE Football I, 2, 3 4 Co Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2 3, 4, Class Presxdent 3 Semor Counselor 4 VANDER ZON MARILYN Se-rvtce Stat! 2, 3: GUC. l, Majorette 2 3, 4, "Frol hes" l VALKFMA, BETTY S-rrvxcv Stall Y, 3, 4 VAN GILST, WARRIIN Football 2, 3 4 Co Cap tam 4, Varstty Club 3 4 Iumor Class Tr'-asurt-r VAN O'l"l'lfRl'fN, GHRAHD Tr-nms 2, 3, Movie- Club l, ll, 3, 4, S amslt Club l, l'Froll1n-s" 4 WALTUHART, IO ANN S1-mor Gxrls' Glee 4, Serv' ice- Statl 3, 4, GE-rman Club 3 VAN PORTFLlET RAYMOND Football 2, Rel Stafle Cralt 3 WALLHR, RICHAR ROTC? 3 OI VAN SETTERS, IOYCE WALTON, BARBARA Office Practice Club 4, Sr-rvxce Stall 4 VEENSTRA, ROBERT Senior Counselor 4, Rellecu tor 4, School Store 4, "l"roll1es" 4, Co-Chain man 4 WELCH, LARRY Football 2, Basketball T Track 2, 3, 4 VFR DUIN, IACK Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Ca tam 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Class President 25 "l"rollxes" 4 WESTON, PATRICIA Senior Play 4, G,U.C. 2, 35 Student Council 3, 4, "Froll1es" 4, Board Mom- bfr 4 Swing to Action in Lively Classes That Brighten Year WILSON IIM WILSON, IUNII Service- Stall 2, 3, Board Member 2, GU C 2, 3 WOl..OSllCKl, IUDY Choir l, 2, 3, 4, "Froll1es' l, 4, Sophomore Court 2, Homecoming Court 4 Aw Pgpulqr Clqss WOITAS, PAUL WOZNIAK, ROBERT WRIGHT, BARBARA . , , Track 3, Football 3, Senior Se-mor Counselor 4, Serv- Belore entermg mto a world ol Engllsh Play 4 tcp Stall 3, 4 l1l9fCIlUF9, SGUIOTS PSCIYSOH, ROSGUZWSIQ, ZEEPF, BARBARA z1r:zu1L, THOMAS RoscH,1oHN Blake, Skutt G d L ' ' ll-ll9SDlGl'l 3, 4, Chou' 2, 3, Reflector Staff 4, Golf 3, 4. , rt arnmers talk to anuable M1ss it QGIEHC, If 2: ..FrOlhGS.. ,,FmmeS,, 4 Shutter-Shy Senior Atlltrttf, AlJl'1Llt-ll' BOSCH lfitlll HAHNHS, Gliflltfii' HLAUW AliBlfH'l' Stiidy Hall Chfiiriririn HOIDIILL LJUANE' Stwdy H-ull Ch-iiirnoin 4 YWCKFYHSON, MAHGAHV' 1 . l zll.wlNC1A,KlNlwl.lH l'f7tll.HltOC3K WAl.'l'l'H Gr'Wlll.ll llONAl,ll CROSS lilflltlllltll illiiiltlNGA lfl..tIANOH ltrfirnriticfss Clrild Qi MOT -1 ltilvlw Clwis S'-ivifgib Stull fl lll.MMlS llfltl'tY lhfvtlmll lll'Til'Gl'fS CONSTANCI' VAC!-QSOFKI Cl.Alllbl KAMIT-lSi'Cl LEWIS KllHDlILSKl IIM MlQYlfHl?-JK lflslllfxll Di1llCO:ivsfl lvflNNlfliCO ltlA'lA G U C ll 3 Clfuss Choir rl MLYNAXCZYK CHARLES Track l ll 3, -1 Ccxptmn V1 Vootlfnll 3 4 Varsity Clwif 3 Li HANTA HAYMONV 3zo1'C Q I? l'AYl,Ori l"lOltlS Sf-rvitm Stull 4 5 in N oi.,-. 4 wrraipit nouoms wrist' isiiimir F-stlw' .1 A-.Wi Av- - lx WITUCKI STAXJLY Hfxsebnll Ll 3 -1 CJ Cup 'mn V1 lli Y ft 41 V irzfzztx' Clwb 3 l Choose Queens to Reign Over Fun ond Festivities . . . Choivw ol the cglossl lt didn't take seniors lonq to it-f-otinige the lint-witcrliind chdrins of Yvonne Driver rind lflliyllis: lvldllroid Union proudly entered them, snow saints ond dll, in the dnnudl city-wide Snow Qtr'-on Contest Tliey fidded sporkle to winters dreary drive Belle ol the boil With niomic in her rrrown, Queer: loycie Boernio ond handsome Kind liin Williciiiis ot Wyandotte reigned over the Hoiiievoiiiiritz festivities os Union S football teoin won the tzoine to nioke the orcosion CJ :wld ottdir for students mid dlinnni dlilm plagued by a deadline! This happened when Mr. Moerdyk decided to let advanced printers Bloom, Simmons, Wilsoii, Decker and Rysdyk print "The Reflector." Four issues were expertly assembled by these fellows. A big "thanks" goes to these efficient mimeo- qraphers Dover, Ayers, Mergenthaler, Smith, Soko- loski and Littell, who make possible smooth running projects, not only for the Aurora Staff but for every school organization. Achievement Shines Bright as Action-Packed Year Ends First aaainl With workers like Weston and Betts, the seniors fought cold and wind on every corner in the downtown area to collect a grand total of 457 dollars in the annual March of Dimes campaign. For the third consecutive year Union took top honors iii the fiaht aoainst infantile paralysis. QPF Helen Schols claimed first prize in the Bill of Rights essay contest sponsored by the Real Estate Board Present at a banquet to feast on delicious food and witness the presentation of awards were seven other top notch writers from Union, Standina are Schols, Stokoe, lrwin, Lammers, lvfikita, McCon- nell, DeWitt and Ringelbera. 4 iv I U Mali Az. 515 fl xg K Vx, l A 'fs Z 1 - if N 'bs 22" y ,gd as W V W QT ff 37 Q- 53 ix 4 xy v L Gif F91 ix. Q' S514 Y I ,H , A - 5 40" f ETS x , 6, 'X fs, F f f . gwfiff' 5 E X be V I 4.-54 IP I 5 KW X 1 Unclerclassmen vin 14"-553.9 - . f NNN, . 4 c L53 155 WN-K W , M2 A ff I I s Q. 'N-.g,.,M .N""""uw,, " W- NAME 5 - H if - Wg, A. :x Q A 'A Q -x-, Ag X9 x "' . 3' 1 x V ,-......-.,, , N VK - 7 'Q' ,Qi . " M Q, . ,, 5' Q B x in fi r'-r ot '53, Snappy Juniors Pave the Way Plunqinq into tlie rriony duties ploced on tli r willino shoulders is this peppy ioirrsorrie, Bctr vrfe president, Andrews, secretory Moore, preside nt C1 d Boelirn, treasurer, For tliezn, ci Hlieop o' livin volves oround tlie excitino octivities ot tlic Clws Tlieir outstondincr leodersnip lids been express: it in tlie Prom ond other scliool don:-fi-s fm xrrrritr' A'nrririrr:, Arid'-:fron P Arrdw-we S Andis ws Aruonzrri Ap r lv' A::rist:c-no Fair rr.: Fri. 1.-rriitrf, Hi l w lwvr l' rrrr ru: Fritt li: ll lit nm tt Hf rqr 'S B.-tit Er'i.:lcrrrs B11-sclrkf Bidrrr ll lilrzss Prricx FJ viii. rw lr iii limi fini Hottrrr Boi? llmckr tt lirfrrrdf-: Brandt, Hiott brunt Hi.rnfA!t llignitrz Hxun: llirrsrrm l f irr itmit Cnzlrorr, Clrrig rrifm Ctiirqwrrr Christen Clark Cole Curl Pcrnsorr llf-l-irirynff ltr ctr-it l 1-frirril l rrut- lf: ' it lrlf- l'ornirrrr l'rr w llroskr ltrrH:'idf1f, l7rrClos lxrrdlrfy llyki-rnmrr Yyitvfz l'c'icrr1in l,dw1wl,: iii:-: llxrrrr llrrory lrrorrion Youre rmorr Ffrllconskr Farr H-1 nstm Ylynn Tw' rr- to If .Qvr Cir Gfxtrr-Q rr K' r 'ar Glfwr-r Ciirrrkrr Golf mi-1 ski, Grclvms, Crm n, Gzilicxfz Cvrodiis l H11-in K llvrnn l'l'iilliri'rr ' H111-:irrsrrrr -U Q N 0 ' , L V 1 r K at F .Q V, I H Y , Y 0 1 Af" -i 1 ' - ir , 13 , 8 it if f 7 ? - r' 8 r .Q K N .f , HX hm 'Y .g is .5 r -t r r v A Aa- gg H , r I , , WV... , - r i Q i , i , rr- ft, Y I . r D: if + h, I: ' f '11 A 5 ' J, , 'r yi X! , u 1 Q . f K 1, or V 'l , , if , J if qs 'Q .3 P 54 Q , r s Q , A it ' I Y I y 4 M X ' i 1 "1 V Q A ti wire 5 r . f .,.. i i - A ,-' x ' 9 1 'ni - i .r ...if if W., fre' , ,Q - AX ' , . I ,. 'fr H f Q -'yy ? Q, v 1 , ::':r. H I J, I V Y s Q . 5. 1' run g Q. .. E Qs., If E Q ,dy aa 'W' Q ' " , "' . - - eff in fi A i , Q ."':f vf. r.. -0 M A. f i my K Q ' 52 rr it rr Plans cl-Makin' For Peppy Year 'lThrouqh toils and troubles, well bring our class through," is the attitude of the energetic Iunior Board consistina of Minier, Andrews, Vrana, Moore, Betz, lrwin, Patnoude, Kurkjian, Spaulding, Wilson, Boehm, Apple, and Liskey, their adviser. This sprite-looking group plans the long antici- pated Prorn as well as numerous other dances and school activities. How One Hoacox, llmm Hi-rpolsheimer, Herrmann, Higgs, C. Hill, I. Hill, Hoek, Hollins, Hollebeck, Hooqe-rhyde, lloving Row Two Irwin, Iackson, Iacobsen, Iarvis, lense-n, Iohnson, Iones, Kavicicas, Keeler, Kehrl, Keley, Kemp How 'llirvv Kepner, Ketelaai, Kiel, Kina, Kizivtch, M, Klawieter, R, Klawieter, Richard Khnge, Roger Khnge, Kolehouse, Kondracki, Kopi ol How Four Kosten, Kribbet, Kuks, Kunst, Kurkjian, Lakatos, Lammers. Lastoczy, Lauman, LeBaron, Lending, Lennox How Five LePard, Lipscomb, Little, Masalski, McAdams, Mccleary, McConnell, McDowell, Mclflhaney, McGrath, McKey, McNulty How Six Molson Melnycziik, Meyers, Mieras, Miller, Miller, Mmier, Nancy Minkler, Norma Minkler, Mitchell, Moomey, Moore How Sovf-n Morgan, Mount, Myers, Nauta, Nelson, Noppert, Nordyke, Noorthoek, Nygard, Olson, Osbeck Ottenwess 552 x . .Q4 kxb. . ,,.,, ,,,, It ,,., ,.., , ..,., ...,, .,,,., , S : ,.,, C ' .' i il ' Z i A ii. Q , . 3' Q . .... ,- ' . X' 4 ' ,,'2"3:'-T53 - 'fi' ' N 113935: . R E- v. K.. Q K, W Q! , In y i tx it i i x :j. xg-Exx.::.. 'T-Y ' E 5. L A v:.-, is .." yd, gi, 4 , ' i ,H .. P X ,, yul, ,QS . . X' P f l In it Q ,, if , X, ' ' . i t -. w ith r i 21- 'H-f my b., h N gi? . , azjiv I, x r 3, .fi " . " 'ii' ,lx X ix, , L " fi i-' if es- S 4 Q E se X l Y 5 L. rhanlil , ' it 3 Em' ix f 9 an x Alf 1 L. ,, in 'N i l 5 L 5 Lf, i ':e...w Q 5 A 1 Q ll f Y 4 U W QW' 2 Q X, 'I i . r an 1 it A f :ii : lii ' A 9 lit In . ' My f T fl is.. ' " t . ' ,Q aj . . . -- X .f .-..-. i. Q M- , 'Q is 'sw i ' Q ,, QQ ,JA 514 Q s Q " AA A 1 t t t t . t zl. ,. Q j :,,. -,.b I , 1-.b 3 A A Q , ..- if Att Q ' i f - wa- t A A ' PA., 1 g X P A.A,A s 5- , f ' A, Q, -. I ., is 1 .s . ., ,,,..,i. we r 2 A v . y . I r , Q, f EL if 1 ' 'L f r "" :Af Af 4 X' k .Nfl , 41 My , , Q 1 9 , ,q A . ly N iw I ? 1 , Q, Aw Qi :gy in V , .a 'E 2 is A Q 1- if .w -' y - Q W mf' "-4 ' Cf' I: ,Pri 1- P i f ,-" A A S ,:. l 1 A V T A s Mihai S "": ' iff lf!! H' I ' - A wwf:- ' Q' I. A I I, SHWJ? .,' -1 Q i ' .Sl W ,rt it 1 A A A t A f,. lf' x - . X f Vx if A P 5 f- f - tw Ona' Paar- Parks, Parsaca, Patnoudr-, Patterson, Paulsen, Pawloski Pickvm, D Peterson, K Peterson, Polvqa Valniritwr lttfw Two Pominrin, Poplawzaki, l Postr-ma, W Postr-ma, Powers, lflomsey, Hants, Flap!-r, Hausch, head, Her-d, Reid vw 'l'hrv,-4- lt'-kucki! Hr-ynoldrz, ltufidh-, Hiemersmo, Hossmcn, Rothley, Ryan, Sachs, Schmitt, Schoolmerestvr, Schroder, Schuihng How Your Schutt,-, Schaitiq Sie-rev:-ld, Simpson, Skrycki, Skurka Slf-nker, A Smith, B, Smith, G Smith, I, Smith, Snook How Vivw- Spaulding St Andre,St-1tanski,Stf-wart Stronten,Stawi1ts, Strand, Strocr-tbrfck, Strotis, Sund, Swartz, Swihnk how Six Sxynckowskv Tab:-1 Takas, 'll-ryfstrq lihomas, 'l'homL1s,'l'omasrw-wszki 'liapvp Truax Vachon Valkvma, Vondf-nllosch Gleaming Rings- Tokens of '53 "Gosh, look at the size of this one?" "Aren't they swell?" "Gee, what a variety to choose from!" are only a few gay exclamations that escaped from these popular juniors, Kareckas, Schroeder, Burnita, and DuC1os, as they eagerly gaze upon the display ot gleaming class rings. The new hawk emblem on the rings has made a hit with many of the iuniors. 54 . Q We ky .. ' A ' z, "" . - .fi ' ' s . , , fi ' g i f bi, 2 lll, ,:.,, 'gy' ' il 1 K .- 5 of s , 'L-'L - ' . if , K . ,W - 5. .V ' i t -is - -f I f ze' ...J . if W gi s h I :V ,.., ,M . I i 7 l 1 ti m tv. I 1 10 Kal ei 1 C Q Row Ona C. VanDuinen, I. Vanlluinen, Jerry VanDusen, lim VanDusen, Vanflss, Vanlslouten, Vanlieirken, Vanl.ew, Van Male, VanMalsen, VanOtteren, VanPortfliet How Two. VanWarm, VanWoerkom, Vereecker, VerWoert, Visser, Vodry, Vrana, Weaver, Weber, Wendt, West, Westen Plow Three' I, White, S White, Whittmill, Wiebenga, Wiest, Wigda, M. Wilson, S Wilson, Williams, P. Wood, V. Wood, Zeeryp Row Four Zeinstra, Zenk, Zerbst, Ziemski Looking for action? You'l1 find it in the Class of '54. Mr. Myckowiak, the newly appointed sophomore class adviser, has led the industrious tenth-graders through an action-packed year. Unionites will miss him next year when he leaves to teach at Harrison Park Iunior High School. ve were sponsored by the class. Many organizations appreci- ate the cooperation of the Class of '54 in helping to sponsor activities. The sophomore has long been the "forgotten" student at Union, Special counsellors are pro- vided for the junior highs, program planning, for the freshmen, and innumerable activities for the juniors and seniors. However, the Class of '54 has gone a long way toward making this years "forgotten men" a well-remembered class. Sophs Whirl Into Action Four dances and a paper dri Row One Aikens Andevson Andree Andrews Auricchio Austin Bailey Barber Barnes Barnhard B th B t , , , , ,,.,, , ar us, ect ie Row Two A, Beerthuis, C Beerthuis, Bekcimpis, Benham B B e B' h Bl k , erg, ess y, is op, auwie el, Richard Block, Robert Block, Bloom, Blue How Three Bodell, Boos, Boris, Boss, Botruff, Bott, Bour, B. Brewer, L. Brewer, Brokens, Brown, Brummelhoff X-.g14.' L: .--i, nf -. - . K. X l ll it EF' We i Q 4 tl . - 55 gsmggs g . .. My , V 'f Q QQ I is ' D :D I I f s Q f if " it ur " '. s 'fi . , D i if 1 . t tu. , . - at V 4 PK ' Nr ' . A , Q , - - V x 5: . I , 2: 1 ' gs-,Q- . f.: 2 Q " fl , ' : V, 3 A - - .I I," ' D. I, P g 4 - jar if I-if 'Vs- ' 'gg , ,S U4-A z- . Q t . I M xg ..... .. l .A A I Q I. -3 -sv ,, - . A j r , t M 5 .ak , S A . i n x X K " I 1 s l l il it i ' Q U E in K F 3: "' 3 Q l U K rx, I lt , 5 Q Y A, si.,-.A 45 x , , V I . ft . . 9, - 29 .J ' ...., H r 5' --" .,:. f 'Q -r rf 1 ' A H165 g V ' ,., 'X ky AQ l Y, - ff, - x l s a 1 x4 3 U x cf l .s, if ' "' Q A ,,.,. , -l ' Ja X' an s '99 -f X' I ' -rv '. P' , Wi f' .. f' N - fl' 5, lifiz. .-f M l 'Q ,., d i, 4. lll- Q Q- 1 5-L :,.:-, . . 3 , A Q 1 N , 3, ' s ' ,, V rm r K ' fs r I liovr, Uni' llylasrria Caldwell, Carlson, Chase Cliernoby, Cherry, Chicky Chrttenten Ciccarelli Clousv Curl Daniel flow- Ql wo ltamf-lson Darling, Dwliriryn, Dr-qraal Denton, Delloos, De-vlaeminck, D Dewey, L Dewey DeWys, Dt-Xie: 'Doane ll-ow Ili.:--W Dola llomlvroslci, Dov--r Dr-iss, Dressler, D Dubridqe, L Dubridge, Dudley, Dutly, Duke-tt, Dykf-man l,ldr+-A How. l our f l lkins l'i'rar1:,on, Franson Freeberq, Gabrycli, George, Gessner, Gilbert, Gleason Glover, Godlre-y, Got-Inari Q lww HV" i3f'v'111l14lC1 Groolr-is Gray, Grvw.i Greerilioe Gutlian, Haan, Haberman, llamelmk Hammerlurid, Hvacos, ll--idi-my-1 :xr-uv Six ll--im ll--nriznq H+-ss, Hive, Barbara lliqhliouse B--tty Highhouse, Holt Hoogt-rhyde D Horton M llorton, Hoimfri, Howi- rn vw 1'- It How-ll. ll .:.-:1 lrrrifziak lrr1:t1m D If-risen P lensf,-n, Hob'-frt lohnson Hose lolmson Sufi- lolinsori 7'iclin1i-wicfrt B Kilt-1 L Kali-r Leaders Guide Class Ably Transforming the sophomore class into an orderly, etticient organization and aainina the co- operation of their classmates were just two of the irons in the lire for these capable leaders: Cran- dell, vice-presidentg Godfrey, secretary, Todleben, treasurerg Williams, president, and Mr, Myckowe iak, their adviser. Class Board Starts Work "What should we da?" Thats the question the sophomore class board had to answer when it oraanized in the tall. These student leaders-- Mead, Wielhouwer, Prince, Gabrych, Clause, Mr, Myckowiak, their adviser, Kareclcas, Paul, and Kalehouse were selected by their classmates to plan the years activities. A haw Orin lfiz--:lcas Kennedy Kitlirr, Klf-icliisch Klein Knapp, Koss, I Kostt-n S Kostfin, Kotrcli, Kiopt Kiilc ttow 'l'wa Kiikliiraki l.t1t'lf-wig lsanjan Laskawski, Levandoski, Lrwis Logan, Lowiiiq, Maqqini, Maslawski, Mritthyssfg lvlcllonald How 'l'lir1--- Mcliiriiiiiy McNulty, Mead Melnf-lc Melpolder, Merkle, Michaels, Miendf-ntsrria, Mol, Moon'-, Moiintcastlv, Nay ltow Four Natlsiriqi-i, Nyssen Olson, Orean, Paqanolli, Parody, Paiauettv, Paxil, Paulson! Payne! Pegg, Penn--ll How l'ivii Pfvfkins Pvt'-rsan Petrovicli, Poaa, Poleaa, Palmantf-er, Perritt, Parte: Portlli-f-I Prince Prindlf-, Prins How Six P:iif:, Hank ltaiisch, Rmstvr, Hinaelberg, Rodgers, Hoaalskf-, Hoosos Hyan, Hydm-wski Sandas Savaat- fu tt-W' t ' in an i ,t , ' 'Q y lei f, av Q -9 X :i i. Q . 'ff t ri gf fs tb ' X x, .41 - . as I ,. + 6 Q G t TQ 2- ' F? f . l X A f' ' T lr l -tlt - nxt. Q Qt w ' I M, . X 1: TQ ' Qi it an ' t" Ji gf -r -ft Q .,.. ts, . , ., , i 11:5 . Q V gf . he f -is 3 ' 5 t .Mg it J My X, N, F1 1 - "fi r gr 5 , i ,"'i r"s "1 "' l 'f 'Vs ' Y 'R Q. as A , is at 4' ti is til . s 'Q f 'EZ bbbb N4 . Q 'Ax , -- . , , f 4' Q 5 x 5 tk rr.. X, K R g I . I . T, Q ja x g y A xt ,b f Ti In A I 5 I- r 2 Q 3? at . ' ,K v 'Sl I rt ', QW 1' ft- 2 .tt :ri,s 1 ,tll gs t , - E. ,--' 'f f x tk s A f . x f ls ., ' wi, :.', A - x- ' ff i - ' N .,.. if 3 , 'I ' ' -limi 57 Court Reigns At Dance The crowd gathers, following the fanfare of Unions Swing Band, Then the big event of the night f- Mr. Marckwardt crowns Mildred Van Oosten Miss St. Patrick with her court, Sandy Heim and Theresa Paul, Where and when did this happen? Those who were there won't forget that it was the Shamrock Shuffle on the night of the second Christian basketball aame, Haw One- Schadrir, Scholz Schultz, See, Seven, Shatter, Shanahan, Shutha, Simmons, Slabbc-koorn, Slocum, Smith liow Two Snarski, Snoop, Soules, Spencer, Stehouwer, Steil, Sterken, Swanson, Swart, Swartz lohn Swee-rs, Ioyce Swc-ers ttcfw Thru- Takas, Taylor, Te-unis Thompson, Todleben, Twist, Van Aartsel, Van Belois, Van Bonnekon, I Vandenakkar, S, Vands-nakkar, Vandr-r How Four Vander Hof-st, Van Dyk:-, Van Lew, Van Malsen, Van Oosten, Van Oostendorp, Van Sweden, Van Woerkom, Van Wyk Virkstrs, Visa:-r How Vive- Von Thr, Waldhart, Wall, Waltz, Wass, Weber, Wenger, Weston, Whitcomb, D Wie-lhoiiwer l Wiolhouwt-r Wilkerson How Six Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wing, Witucki, D, Wright, L Wright Yon, Zeelf Zimmerman Zof-t - Q W I . ., ...,, , fi M, -.,.,,I , A ., lf S. ff' -N ' . A, fu .1' ' 'I ,f 'W '. fri 3 , ' ' N '- . K V , ,. in I ' J ' - .i 4 , .' IC Hi 'A A ,MW ,A 4.,iqg5,E5 Q A' tra is ' 5 'T 'I I . df I . -. H., ,, ---. .5 I I ,I .-esp.. 'ir ,- A ..' ' '-i' ',"' 5 ' r". T ' -sl., 1 . , eff Q ' f ""5l'i' if vi, 'Q T ' 1 U T 1 ' T ' S w .alt f t lr V . Wy ,kV, . g g -., ., E ' . K ' V l ,ffl is : E, ,W ' :W i W Q I Y' I fx? we " I. 9 ' , Q x T ' ' X if H clqiwg ti Q :rl H Q T X at We 5 A f 4 iii . 'sw . -v , S " it --'-r- -f-ii 3 , 7 Q i .. A if :"' if "-- " - -' V X .7 ' ' sr , .f ,f xi, 5. ,- , Q , , e Q, , , E V " ' X 4 as x I "i 15. .. - 4 M 3-1, k . k - 'l ,. . T. Z' X I H li ' A My E Q , " , QA fl be r W , 'f ' --.:,, I .4 J ' - 1 .- , -, , N an , f f el, T br l iff- ii L X lm . if ' Frosh Classes Hit the Road A bus ride, accompanied by laughter, new laces, and sightseeing, was an event which took place April l lor the 9-2 Civics classes when they climbed aboard for a trip to Michigan State Col- lege and a iaunt through the capitol. Unionites ate their lunches on the campus and, later, met the governor and Senators Green and' Feenstra. How One- Alt:-es, Alyea, Anderson, Andree, Arendsen, Austin, Bailey, Barber, Beduhn, Beeler, Bennett, Beurki-ns How Two Biele-Clci, Billings, Bills, A Bischoff, M. Bischolt, Blauw, Bolthouse, Hoogard, Boyle, Bowen, Buttin, Bunn How 'I'hr+-e Charlene Burton, Claire Hiirton, Caminer, Carpenter, Carver, Case, Champion, Cliarttvrson, Clillord, Clin en, Connell, Crosbie How Four Cole, Crowley, Cyranoski, Czarnecki, Daggatt, K. Danielson, M Danielson, Dauksza, Davis, DeSmit, Dewys, DiGrandi How Five Dixon, Donley, Dorman, Doty, Doughty, Drilling, Droske, DuBridge, Durdle, Duryea, lfllinger, Engels Row Six Verinaa, Fleming, Fredricks, Gibbens, Glauy, M Green, R Green, Grilles, Gigowski, Gryczan, Hall, He-ible lim D f V 5 ',:-- ' "" ' - X if , i -'-: . X . . V , .Q 'r--: ,,,,', or - , 1 i r f ,,- N , M ' -fl, ' I '1'. -' sejj' W , .- S , 'T Q N Y t ,. NQE, ,X , K A sk :',v.f X 2:25 -Q .. is I S 5 El" ' 1. 1 X I-Y A -' L . . il V D211 5 if is 5 V h J ,,,,, , ,..., ., . A , , w g . f , i V if e ig Q- ' ,.. , J i - ' " 5 - . it Q A sw! .,', ,ip ,K ti gil K, r ,Q " . Q: ,f x mf "" Q, vw V si K- 5. , W gd: ,L K xx Y kg A f 21 L ., 'D 2 Riff- i 'X Q A 1 is ' Sf D - -f -sr D ' ' . i ' ' 1 I -r ' in .,:,.' ' " ll -r'. ..T"- '- ' .. ' y We g M. 4 i , 1 it g X s 4 I , K , , ' X 'K ,Z f Q . , s nf' pw A ' ' , . - V ' sr , . . V ..., i Q C X .i s .J . at sis B l . ' i N F F. g ll .ff ,.,,v.e.-g 'Ii ,sh I v Q dr qw xi I , .nl rx -we .- gf -- ' ,g ' :. -,., i ' 1 t X t ga .Q he in .35 Q Q: ki , 1- f., -sw . g , Q ii K NH . ,,,,,:,'? K 'a v fi,-J., I ' ....,. , , ., , - ' ' s g i'-' e 1- f , - vii ' 15, Q A 1 i i - i ' 59 ! sf 9 .Q ,, 1 ' - I 4 -, 1, v 3 ' ul . ., a f. -0 ': ,IW H ' W, ' L Q , vc lf- it A -r ' ' - .- ' 3 31 Q' F ,JI I Q, ,, lx 'A H Y Q -Q N 3 r f -:-f : ...,, 4 A 4 A ,el XM 4 .IQV . r - : ., W ' .jail 5313? . d 1? I le- I '- ' ::':' fx I Aud- 2- f, an Q, if f .2 . gA I, Q -, .ae , V , X. 4 V UZ: i X KA, .K , Mg was .m.g. :- zv. A V E3 fa. 28.1, .ty Q hh : L b if Q A ,Q f 3 Yr. 4 .Q ,F Sp. f' 7? 'fi G' I .,,, I I , S5 -', r I I ' .. I if ' ,- ' ":" ' I '- :,. 1, - L . A 1 --ZQ A I? It : ' l r at I E 1, S .,.- bi -5 :-l-: , t , 5 , I N r I-1 N. .. .I ,.. Z-- A .. ., -::v 1? ET: is K M. 4 ' I N' l Q! .- I - , ' I - . sis. 7- . , ,. we f . 3 I I G 1 xg 5 E R- A 3 X. . I sv' ' fl x Q 1 Q Hndrlckraon, lie-my HL-yboel Hyppf-nstwzl, Holt, Hook, llofton Hupp, Hundflfsmmclm Hurt Huslvdl Hutcln-ns lflrmsmk, Iokublf-lgkl, ICIIVI, D Iohnson D Iohnson, G, Iohnson, I, Iolmson Karplnskz Kzk Kllxsi:-wskx Kltl--: llnw 'l'l1:1-v- Klwklnwsky Korhonfvn, Kostc-n, Lonq, Lcrkm Laskfgy, I Lcxsky, H. Losky, Lawn,-ncw Lwspwrcncp Lmlvllom, Lxnlllwzvy How llwml: Lltlll- Lublnskcs Lukos,Mr1ldf1g,D Malonrg D, Malone Morble,Mr1rblg-S,Mozkusl Mfxzmo L Mclrlrm Mcslowskz How l'1v,, Ml:Clfflll1n Mcl5cm1+-l::,McDonc1ld McKay I, McKean, P MCKPWGH Mead Mrlrcvr Me-rvvrmnw M--yvfxs Moon'-y Mom'- llfww 5.x Mull--n Mvmy Ncncw Nh-lson G Nxllp- L Nlllw Nowak l, Ohm, L Olxrn Osbovn Plsswr-El: Pall'-n How On- H HOW Iwo Hyswll Bmw flnw P nb :gan P'-ml IW Pfllwrsorm I' P1-ivxson F Pl-le-rson, Plzlllmpg Polmrmkfz, Polmonls-Hr Poozm in I Pow-H.-: P' 111 llrocro' How 'lwfx llfffwl ll EI'---.11 ll Hr-I-d, H+-lndlw llflyvrs D Hrlynolds, I H-Hynolds, llxdf-:, l'lllI1ITlS, llolwznscm Hodmm -' Elms -rmkwmok llww 'l'l::--f- llollm Hydmlskl Srlllwcxnvy, Scztllflx, Sounders Soylvs, Schulte-r, Sclumdt Schnmde-r Sclm.-Ike Sclmll--mu Scot' How Your S-lmvfxllf-1, bln--1 Shollm-r L Sw-rf, S Slurz, Slcl-:slonfq I Smxtll S Smmtlm Snfzrskx Snap Snook Smxm-v--ld! .1 Q .d.. - 2 A V ,ff-' 2 I G ' E 2 ' 81 ,LAW ...,. I n ,sf 'V' -5 lm .Q L. ,, l V , M 3 ' V , L .I f.. ,I - -' " .. , If 1' , x I 'fv dp r l ,- i ...F . Q, -nr 1 I 39 5531- - -Q M -1 4 , Aw gr 'lr : W K- - 'ff f : Qs.. I . -1 , , 153 L - ,.,, , Y . - V . W .., ,f "1 :. 4: Q "" , 4 X , 'MW K' - 4 'X , 4 ' ' TA- U I' lah fl ' ..,.: fel: ' . K D 6. ,R Q - ' , Q 3 it A ka J I M . " , f' I 1 ' r ', a A' "" I I Vt, gil, A :fi I Ig 'JV .L I I . U 7. . ,V I A Q fl I A ICI.. -fr . 3 iz.: 5 ' 3 - I , W - 4, 'Y -. f WP -L, 2 X I ' , 1 5 .. .ga ,I :sn E I I - . 4, 1- I 9 vw I 41 , 1 is ' , I 1 I Q .. 1 I I 7 I I ------' . .. , vi, - 'KY 'W l f ' - ' ' '- '9-ff-' :SW A 2213 1. mf 60 52 1f- . L , - J ' f ., -5 -2 s ' - A3-.M 'T I T i N- s it r T i -f T sf .af ' , ' ""' ' ' ' 1' ' ,ri 1 .ft kt, t ...., E , - 1 K .. t , f - f .5 'I 3' gg, , is XX ' si Q fi : wi . ' tt 2 Kitt ' ,E kt: ' 3 ' 9' ss X if ,rw A Q ...Q X N X Q 'TI s K sr 3 X? . . h '- - ' - is - , if ltow One Stahr Sh-aaald St-rgehuis, Stillwell Stotters, Stratton, Suttoip, Stand, Take-ns Tandin-r Taurins Taylor tow Two Thonas, 'l'lmmpson, 'lkvttt-1' Tw-Addale, Vander Band, Van lfss, B Vanden Bosch, I, Vanden Bosch, Van lck Van llouten, Popf,-rinq Van Slyke How Tluw, Vt-t-ut-ma Vt-nlt-1 Ve-re-vclcen Vetsen, Ver Woe-1't,Vlckt-ry, Vincent, Walker Walton Westcott Wfstt-zhna, Weston ltnw Vout Wl.aIe'n C Whitaker H Whitaker, Vllhitcomb Whitltclc, Willtams, Wilt, Woytas, Wolte, Woltltr Worsley, Wysockl How Five Zalt-wski, Zoet, Zombert, Zorpa Future 'Wheels' Lead Busy Life Oh, tor the busy lite ot a seventh or eiahth graderl The lively junior highs spend most of their precious time with the capable and ever dependable Unified Proaram teachers Miss Carlson, Mrs. Driagett, Miss Gorski, Mrs, DeYoung, Mrs, Bazuin, and Mrs, Dockeray, The peppy students study academic work in the mornina with one teacher and, in the after- noon, venture iorth to such special classes as shop, music, and home-living with other teachers. All ot their brain work is done in their classes, as they have no study halls. Their lives at school are tull ot lun but they work too, tor they will be the future 'lbig wheels" of Union Hiah, lloffsrrt tu-tin pwpait-d unde-i Mis Mulder's capable leadership, Here-, Nowak presides over tln- punch bowl whilw Milpold Patten and Scholten Wait their turn lor the taisty delicacies this look cl:-ltcious3' lts one- ol tht- lancy buttet luncheons which has Lage-rly helping the mid-tum students who olten find themselves in a quanciary over the many angles and problems ol Union are Pcekelclt-r Apple, ...iell, Bauman, Baker, Franson, Pope Shippy, Kfbmr, Marino, Mangus, and Czuhai, who answered the jtAHClf'X1l'1Q questions for thc- "small try," ,G xx. it , til I h I y until someho y I pp d d everything is i 2'?f0? 9' X25 Fil is k E wt' ' N ig! -Q A Ni' 23 Organizations sv' ,Ii lfl 'S , it fx ws 1: w Row One Apple, Lorkm, King, Irwin, Kepner How Two Hoffman, Bowen, Herpolsheimer, White, Weston, Bills How Three Bischoff, Phillips, Schols, Hossman, Prince, Norkus, Matthysse how Four Zimmerman Williams, Moore, Hingleberg, Betts, Clouse, Holter, McDonald Van Dnsf-n, Ma'blr Seymer Standing Mr. Early Ioan Hansen I "Something new has been addedl"VYes, one of the most important accomplishments oi this year s Student Council was d I the initiating ot that series of rip-rarin' panel discussions that S everyone enjoyed so much, The panels gave students a chance to vent steam on such timely problems as cheating and those hateful noon-hour regulations which everyone agreed should be abolished immediately. Under the direction oi Mr. Early and Mr, Timmer and with the spirited leadership of loan l-lansen, the Council also tackled the noon-hour program, citizenship, and safety. A new constitution was drawn up which provides lor an lnter-Club Council, and a plan was set up to provide flowers for the memorial, Pausina G momr-nt from the pressing problems which go along with Mulling over a workable plan for free noon-liours are Alan Ftifs iw :na Student Council officers are Mr Timmer advise-rg lohn Hansen, Marlene Seymer, Iim Van Duse-n, Helen Schols, and, standing Fat givsiclfrnt and Ioan Ve-re-ecken, se-crf-tary. Herpolsheimer. 64 .Q s .414 ln room 327 on one Thursday ot each month, between nibbles, business is carried on by the Community Council consisting at tsittingl Klawieterg Irwin, Everest, vice president, Ley, Simpson, Earlyp Haadsmag Steenland, president, McDermott, secretaryg tstandinqj Williams, sophomore, Moore, juniorg Ringelberg, senior, Blackq Douglas Missing Peterson, treasurer A Redressing the band is the main project ot this enterprising Community Council composed ot faculty, business men, h ' ' alumni, the PTA., and representatives from the three upper- IS T classes. As in years before they sponsor "The Frolliesf' under- take the Honor Banquet, and provide buses for the excursions, Here is service for all and not tor only a few. What would the junior-high do without the Senior Counselors? Helping these "kids" ad- just themselves to lite here at Union, ushering at plays given tor grade schools or acting as teacher assistants for study-troubled students all come in the line of duty, Establishing a workshop tor required subjects is their plan tor the future. "We singily will not give -ip"' Ringelberg, forceful president ot the Senior Counselors, emphasizes as Hansen, Hamelink, For-rsma, erpolsheirnoi, Paulson, Champion, Muth, VerDuin, aid Veenstra consider the many problems the junior high students present to them "Pop Early looks on only to help in the light spots. 65 How One Apple Hs-im, Burtt, Spaulding, Tofel, Hansen, Holfius, Skutt, Takens, DuClos Flynn, Holmes, Sachs w 'Iwo K+-gmt: Vrana, Gr?-s-n Lapinski, Manno, White, Gabrych, Kareckus, Engman, Walclhart, Stowitts, Sonne-veldt, Irwin, Wilson Hmpolshf-imwr These cheery Workers keep study halls running smoothly and maintain orderly halls throughout the day, By taking over jobs formerly done by teachers, they give the faculty a much appreciated "breather" Whether they man a lonely Service Staff outpost or cope with a talkative studyhall, they turn out the same quiet, efficient service which is the key to their success. Keeping peace and checking attendance in studyhalls or collecting l'out" permits at busy entrances, the Service Staff "kids" really Work for those pins which they receive for two years on duty. How One Weston, Cook, Irwin, Miller, Grrvdus, Sommer, LaBelle, Cook, Sachs how Two Eckman, Lcxmmers, Dcrvidoski, Hill, Paulson, Kareckas, Muth, Lipman, White 66 How One Prince, Nelson, Ryan, Trapp, Bott. Row Two' Noble, Alexander, Andrews, Gates, Snarski, Burton, Minkler, Burton, Masalski, Minkler, Ammons, Hunt. I-vb M 0 "Eager beavers" describes these efficient librarians, who I are always ready to lend a helping hand. This year the Library Club thrilled the school audience with an original Knowledgeplay featuring National Book Week. A Valentine and a Christmas party also added to the fun. Besides learning to use a projector skillfully, the Movie Clubs objective is to render services to others by presenting special movies to various classes, Under the guidance of Mr. Need- ham, the club prepares the exciting noon-hour movies for eager students, How One. Marino, Rydzewski, Needham. Row Two Franson, Chernoby, Bunn, Levandowski, Van Belios. Raw Three: Van Otteron, Icrvis, Lubbers. 67 'Via Hin n intl M-illfml vv f1.Tl"illi1I'l'J -.711-mix svicctsslully on these clioimmq Thespiczn oct"-sses, Paulson and Vliftf wlipiu Mnrttliysew, Gdbzy tullv dw o and Miss Goebel mirth A .gtrr v-- I 7 W k The lun-loving, hordfworkino Thespions, members ol the t S Notionol Thespidn Society, presented o mystery called i'The Girl with Two Faces," under the direction of Miss Goebel, Each lA yeor the best Thespicln is choosen on the bcfsis of quolity ond ornount ot work done, Voriety ot work, ond oenerol ottitude The Drornotics Club inenibers ore odrnitted to the Ncxtionol Thespion Society olter eornf ino ot leost twenty points ond mointoininq cr HB" overcroe in their studies, The Drorniotics Club olso took port in the production ol the "Girl with Two Focesf llrcmidtics Club members grouped below ore Swirl-d Ionsen, Hornelinlc Hoon, Petrovich, McKinney, Boss Stondinq Wendt Hl1ingrJ,Winq,Koler,Elkins,Hiqhhouse 68 These energetic Latin Club ollicers, Spaulding, Row One: Bott, Seymer, Sacks, Slenker, Kepner Apple, Zenk, and Wilson under the supervision ol Row Two Forstrom, Sonneveldt, Manne, Helm, Kemp their sponsor, Miss Blake, are discussing plans to: How Three' lrwin, Spaulding, Todleben, Kareckas, Wilson th--11 nc-xt festive event Standing Mattingly, Zenk, Fngman, Stewart, lohnson, Poorman, Holtius, Applt Thomas I . . The Latin Club listens attentively as their sponsor, Miss Blake, explains the customs ot the Roman people. For enter- ' . . tainment the club members staged the annual Roman Banquet held this year at Christmas. The club also took part in the Easter pageant presented by Miss Best. The Spanish Club lLos Diviertosl, sponsored by Mr, Smelker, has promoted student in- terest in foreign languages by appointing a Public Relations Committee to promote an as- sembly, ln the Christmas assembly everyone enjoyed seeing the members take place in the exciting game of breaking the pinata, About to listen to Mr, Smelker play a Spanish record are these Spanish Club members Row One. Noorthoelc, Her olsheimer, Wilson, Weston, Swartz Row Two McKey, Vanwroerkom, Green, Bergers, Andrews l-low Three Mr, Smelker, Bronder, Moore, McConnell, Balzeski, Campbell, Bell, Moore, Bloom, Domino 'gf G9 tt m g 153.5 A - 352 wa , B Seriously rondf-riria br-ttf-r ways for arousing girls Row One Mrs, Crossman, Vanderzon, Helm, Preebuig Henning, Slenker, Cherry to find tli 'ir t- ture n 1 .. - 1 nursina are Pagerman, Sonnef Mrs, lreland ldv and Vmstmrn Row Two Vanbennel-ron, Zeinstra, Bursma, Snarski, L. McNulty, C McNulty, Gate-s Manne Kropf, Yon, lohnson 0 ,, , . . . PNC, a glittering gold pin, proves the wearers to be future nurses of America. The eyes of these pert girls light up as they IS tour each city hospital or view their Window display in a down- town store. Practical, student, and registered nurses from local hospitals aid the club members in forseeing their future in nursing by speeches and demon- strations of methods they use in daily Work. For these future nurses the cap does fit. Preparing Easter baskets and dressing dolls for orphans are the two annual projects of the Y-teen group, Parties, dances, and conferences, such as the one in February at Lapeer, Michigan, give these energetic Y-teeners social experience and the ideal of service. How One Mrs Atkinson, Y-Teen adviser, Page, McAdams, interclub representative, Thomas, president, Green, secretaryg White, Patnoude co-ed representative: Freeburg, treasurerg Lauman, vice president, Nelson How Two VanDuinen, Reed, Olelniczak, VerWoert, Alexander, Hoffius, Aikens, Parks, Stranz, Verecken, DuBridqe How three Herpolsheimer, Kizivitcli, VanMalsen, Wood, Lennng, Noordyke, Read, Paulson, Stowitts, l-lallebeck, Andrews 70 ai..s....3s.....m...M.,.,,..,t.,e.,.,i ... M ,. Row One: Kurkjian, Pawloski, Polmanteer, Cudney, Glupker, Gauger, Grodus, Kuk, Conversing over the new replaceable letter bulletin Hice, Kribbet, Mr. Palmer board to be located near the Fourth Street Entrance Row Two' Block, Beatle, Barber, Betz, Hoving, Minier, White, Eckman, Lammers, are Betts, president of the Varsity Club Ftothley Haadsma treasurer, and Bush, secretary. Row Three' Vei'Du1n, Sciamanna, Davidoski, Skestone, Stellema, Stuart, Bush, Bylsma, Frueh, Norkus, Gingrich, Rothley . ' 7 The shouts ot "Potato chips, paddle pops!" from the Var- por mg en s . . sity Club at basketball games brings the eager response, ' "Here" The Thanksgiving Day dance and the annual Varsity picnic was carried out with flying colors, Among the club's many other activities was the assembly introducing Union boys to sports and coaches. Only by one point did the exceptional Hi-Y basketball league of Union High lose the championship challenging all Hi-Y leagues. Hi-Y fellows manifest Christian character by rendering services to school activities and by sponsoring dances, games, or shows for charit- able causes. Row One: Anderson, Kribbet, Grodus, Betz, Hoving, Minier, Gaugar, Parsaca, Pawioski Arduous workers ol the Hi-Y Club easily describe Richard Block, Robert Block, Wavlo Parsaca treasurer, Howell, president, Elkins, vice- Row Two' Glupker, Block, Kuk, Lipman, Stellema, Bylsma, Sciamanna, Eckman White pri sident, and Williams, secretary Elkins, Howell, Steel 71 An eight-boy, eight-girl livewire ' ' staff, sparked with BY enthusiasm and argumentative moods, issued five first-rate papers the first semester. Under the guiding hand of Miss l-leseltine and with the co-operation of Mr. Moerdyk, who printed the papers in the school shop ffor the first time in ten yearsl, the project was financially solvent. Discussing the front page make-up of the latest Reflector are Decker, chief news editor, Bloom, exchange editor, Bush, cartoonist, and Betts, man, aging editor. Counting the proceeds from a mornings sale of Reflectors is Patton, circulation manager, while Roberts is turning in an ad contract to Rossman, advertising manager. 1 Knowing the sweat and hard work which goes into every paper are these staff members, Looking over sport copy is Sommers, while- Vnndrrr Vw-n, make-up mon, advises Veenstra, feature editor, and Zteziul and DeWitt look over the third page with its editor, Peterson Harm-link and Woloseckt study the last issue, Paulson types some copy, and Roberts files an ad contract, 72 Caught at their daily whirlwind ol work are Dibble, typing, Rosenzweig, pasting, Schols and Manne, trimming G lop-sided picture, Muth, pasting: Champion, workina on that dumb dummy which continually needed revisingg and Gabrych, Wojtas, and Goebel, wondering which is the iiahl word to use S H C Whatmakesan ta Aurora? A little ' 0 7 copy, a couple ol S p ' r 5 2 pictures, the proper idents, and you have a page. A hundred pages and you have a book --but not an Aurora. No, there's something more. On every sheet there's a theme, a mood, a pervading spirit. Each and every Unionite contributes to that spirit. Then the Staff painstaking- ly records it. That makes an Aurora, Pondering over a particularly muddled section oi that obstinate dummy are Top Executives Bob McConnell, associate managing editorg Ierrie Her- polsheimer, advertising manager, Ioann Hansen, managing editor, and Blanche Kiell, circulation manager. Consulting each other on problems of photo- graphy and art in an attempt to please those lussy Aurora Workers are Photographer Gordon l-lankinson, and Artists Charlene Dibble and Dave Zeeryp, How One Van Otteren, Elzinga, Larkin, Ed erle, Anderson, Cornhoen, Skutt Holmquist 1 How Two lfnaman, Dibble, Girschle, Van Houten, arks, Baragar, Hoek, Seymer, Austin, Kaler Stokf-y How 'ltirwt 'thompson Houston, Mu, Frytogle, Hand, Champion, Williamson, Zenk, Whitaker, Reimersma Giles, Kropt, Boehm Peterson Cudney Vanden Bosch, Austin, Landon, Brookens Members of the orchestra are' 7' cl 74 Merrily Twang The Strings "As sweet as a robins sono in the spring" is the harmonious music of the Union l-liah Orchestra, under the excellent direction of Mr, Fryfoqle. These talented instrumentalists proved themselves worthy of beina concert stars of tomorrow by contributing many pleasant melodies to both the Annual Sprina Concert and the Christmas Program, ln the Variety Show, the strings filled the air with the song, popular with students, called Hlazz Leaatof "Talent plus" brouaht these aentlemen a first division award in the Holland Dis- trict Festival. Apkerian, Austin, and Seymer, who made up a cornet trio, were amona the lucky first division winners Bowen, Holmquist, Van Houten, and Giles each played a perfect solo which honored them individually with a ratina of first division. Boldly Beat The Drums To the vibrant sound and fury of Unions stirring band, majorettes Lam- mers, N. Powers, Mead, Lipinski, Kieff, D. Powers, Vander Zon, and Barber did their stuff to pep up the intervals between the halves of those thrilling football games. Assemblies, too, owe much of their color to the snappy renditions of the Loyalty song and other numbers by this harmonious band. But it is not accom- plished overnight, The band members labor long and hard every second hour to play those tricky tunes. With the expert direction of Mr. Fryfogle, they also learn to execute various marching techniques and formations such as the big block "U" done at the games. There is real talent in this outfit. Who knows? Perhaps some future bandleaders will rise from among its ranksl How One Hoek Seymer, Peterson, lohnson, Gam, Berg Austin How Two Vanden Bosch, Iensen, Reynolds, Pawloski, Cxuhai Kropl, loustra, Holmquist, Giles How Three: Landon, Warsley, Zappa, Phillips, Reimers Majorettes Lammers, Powers, Mead, kneeling, Lapinski, Kieff, Powers, Vander Zon, and Barber, standing ma, Whittaker, Zenk, Van Dusen, Apkarian, Lmdberry, Seven, Austin, Seyrner, Woltler, Curl, Bottrofl, Duryea, Kleine Nord k, ldema, Houston, Boen, Cudney, Peterson Row Four lglaler, Mr. Fryfogle, Klingon, Zaleuski, Kor- honon, Van Houten, loslm, Cham ion, Hand, Williamson Y R fi lie it .53 M1 111111111 of 1111 C1115 51111111 C311-1 11'1 I Mw H11101 I11111:' !11111 H--1111, I1-X111 I1'11,11:11111 C1c1w1+1y P111111'k1, 11111111.1101 '1rc1::.1:11: H1'11--- 1 1 . , w 111111. 1.f111 1111111 N1E11 K11i1-1 !11'1:,1111,'w1111! 'I':111":x H011 15111115011 Puff, MCK.11111y I4I111.w l3.1k11.- M11:.111111 fc 11 1 M.1'111. M111.1111 A111111 f311111i1-1 Kl11k0w::ic1'1 L11Hr11c111 11c1:1:11111111 Wfuw' W'Q1'n1:1.: '1N1:1f1'11" 111111111 A'111.1'111 W1s1r111 L11w111111'11 P1"11111111+l!1 V 1' 51' w 1111111 C1151 'l'11k111:2 I'1Wv' I'1.1r1-1 M111r111k1r111 IX'1'.'1' Mc"I1:f11' 1211111 W1 1.1 ., M 1' I1 : 1 1"'11 111 Y, 1 e7S M S'c F1-11111111111 V011 1 51 r U I :f:1111 C1111 fsv1'f111 Fmmgw I 1 6 A' 21.111111-1 11:4 TI111 1111151 15 5011101 Class fji11'Yl. and CSIYISI 511111131 C3101 2111111 101 VIII 1111121-11.1 fy Wfliifll f1llf1d StLldf'TV1tS 'Nlfil i1w1- C1152 111 1111 1 3111111111 3011115 1.1115 fTOI1l Hf1T1dC1S vyMfX5iS1C11l A'EC111y1o msd' 11111 1112-SP 111f'II1d?lOI11f11'111"1pS, wpc, 11111110 Qt U111c11 1111111 crfvffry 111011111111 111 7-1bs:1111r1 to 1:01111 111011 k1o1St1i11O11s VCTVOS 101' 111-1111111111 1f.f 1l1Ex'lOdY of1111-1111ve11ysC:1,1:s U1 1 1 vd 1 11111111 111' 511111 'w11 11111'1 v11,11.: I 11 111 1 1 1 11:w:.k1 11112111 11' 11,1 11111111 1:11. 111' 11 1' H. . Fw 1- 11111111 '1111111: ' ' 1 1 ' 1 -1'1 I"'1' 1'.1,1w 13111-1 VI .1'11. 111111111 1111: H11 ' i1f:.11,':111 1. E 1 .'1',:1,1 .1-1'1:111 1111w f' .rr ,- 111111 '1-1111111 31.111 111, V11 H1111 511111-1y 1111: Pw11w F1111 11 M- y11'1 H11 1-111 1 M ff 1. '1N11f M V1111' 1 .F 1 111 A11-1111 f'11'1:1111 111111: fS:11111. 55111111 1'f11'1 '1"11111'1111'1111 S11'11lt1w:11 T13 "Sw:-wt music lrorn liiavelrilm was tlte- harmony ol these charming angels, who contributed many songs to the annual Christmas program Miss Balbach was the- director ol these talented sonastressffs , 0 S G The R.O.T.C. song- h sters pepped up an as- ' bly tor the students In T elr Song ffm l r Q y singing the1r version ot "Sound Ott." Last year the group was honored by beina the only RO,T.C. vocal group in the countryr Miss Bests well-blended choir participated, along with various other schools, in the annual Christmas Service held at the Fountain Street Baptist Church, They sana "O Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudlyf' and HQ, Bethlehem. ' Vibrantly smq the male ROTC Chorus Standing are lirst row Altflrs, Nowak, Williamson, Host-nbrook, Smith, Prms, Iohnsong sm-cond row Witt, Gessnc-r Sieiakowski, Slocum Savaas' Carlson, lfdwards How One Wolosrcki lohnson Wilson Hoiliiis, Vrana, Hank, C-lover, Van Oosten, Dressler, Haven, Paaanrllli Hoe-r How Two McAdam Kunst, Hausch, Hoogerhyde, Dauksaa, De Gratl, Van Dusen, Heindle Zeinstra, Melpolde-r Stowitts, Boltvr, McDowell How 'l'lur1-f- Kale-r Du Bridge, Antonini, He-ynolds, Ze-et, Smith, Carlson, Bills, Di Grandi, Zoet, Bennett, Zee-t Van Wourkem, Ver Wovrt How Your Stranzt Mt,-ad, Alexander Biirnita, Barnes, Kurkiian, Hogvell, Batt, lwetiruyne McConnell, Lewis, Lennina haserrizwvia, Free-bura, .trand T7 "Chin up, :rms downl" .nstructs Mr. Houston firmly Hit the bull's eye! 'l'hat's their aim! Seated in front row are Witucki, Wing, as he trains Lamrners, Mead, and Vander Wall, three Mead, Bishop, Van Malsen, Swartz Standing are Sergeant Tucker, Bunn, bright membfgs ol the Drill Corps Hutchens, Van Bennekom, Mead, Cherry l-tutkowski, Mr Houston "forward March!" commands Mr, Houston as hegdirects the ' activities of these feminine soldiers. Prettily donned in uniforms C h G' I of dark blue and white, the Drill Corps' lively steps reward t e S these girls with better postures and even the courage to handle a rifle. The girls also render their services to the school by ushering in many assemblies. This year the Rifle Team was added to the groups activities. Sergeant Tucker, a man of exe perience in rifling, helps teach the girls to hit the target in the right place. ltow Our- l'fwnst:"x, Van Malsen, sergeants, Vander Wall, lieutenant, Savage, Rutkowslci, Cadet instructors Lamrners, li-vrtwrtant Mt-ad captain How Two De-Bruyne, Swartz, Cherry, Carver, Bott, Polmanteer, Bott, Bergers, Chapman How Threw Mt Houston Dombroslct, Bishop, Noltsinger, Polega, Kropf, Wing, Bonnelcom, lohnson, Cole TOI'HGSZftWSlKl, swraf-ants 'z n V A . ' ' ,.,., .. X' gag , , if , -er 1 78 , . 4-L . . V . . . , , . - V - llow How How How 'l'ht-sv are- the "dead-eyes" ol Unionwthe- H O,T.C, Rifle Team. The task ol leading the company through those tricky Km-f-ltna Smith Prins and Hausch Standing Ifdwards, Rydzewski, Close-order drills is ug: to ollicers Hydzewskl, 2nd I.t.y H1-ndat-s, Beattie, and Savaae McDonald, Znd Lt, dwards, Company Commander, Van Dusen, Executive Otlicer l-lalted a moment in the precise ranks in which they take pride is Unions ROTC, Company, Under the expert instruc- ' ' tion of Sergeant Tucker, they become masters ot marching, In map reading, strategy, first aid, and marksmanship. Along with routine work they sponsor the annual Military Ball with the other R.O.T,C, units in the city, prepare for the inspection by Federal officers, and the big field day in lune, and practice sharpshooting for the Rifle Team which took third place in the city this year. Whether they become top Army brass or not, their ROTC. experience will prove reward- ma. How One Beattie Cwith llagl, Levandoski, Van Dusen,Edwards,Rydzewsk1 McDonald Two Klt-ibusCh,S11emore-, Me-lson,W1lliamson,l'lupp,Lang,Gorman, Norwalk, Smith, Hurt, Tolleri, Danielson Bischoll, DuBridge Rausch B h d H d , arn ar , en ges 'l'hr1-v Van Woe-rkom, Wall, Waldrtiiller, Kotrch, Gessner, Matthysse, Glauz, Duckett, Pator, Smarski, Thomas, G, lohnson, Van Eck Thompson, Finch, Lukas Four Van Wyk, Slocum Sie-nokowskt,Savage, Bunn, Low1ng,Hice, Rosenbrook, Hutkowski, Kramer, Taylor, Prins, Case, Marino, Grooters, Lubinshas Five Houttnan, Hvyors Gribes, Wilkerson, Carlson, See, Vander Roest, Witt, Vickery, Vander Band, lohnson, Strain, Alters, Dewey Myers, Laclewig ln. T9 "WY ' To Help Others ,remember the hilarious teachers I line at the Variety ls Y-Teens Goa Show? M Show was only one of the many doings ot the lunior YfTeens group as they sailed through the year spon- soring the unusual Sox l-lop, singing at Christmas- time lor the fellows at Soldiers' Home, dressing hordes ot dolls for orphans, contributing to the and helping others in general, G r i n n i n G proudly as they admire the Lit- tle Red Debate lug they fought so hard to win are the members ot the debate team, Mary Irwin, Bailey Apple, Gordon Zenk, and Bob McConnell, Sharp Debaters Top In City Below, the debaters brush up tor a coming debate with Apple at the stand and McConnell, Prince, Williarns, Zenk, and lrwin taking notes. They won eleven out ot twelve debates in the city. ,AJ-' ...M " Under th-f lffrxdezgtrrr- or Pr--side-nt, Barber, Vice Pres Davirsza Secretary, Comme: Tteas, Crowley und Advise: Miss Pnilirifltir-2 rr.-4 lumrur Y Tr-1-ns fuftcornr-lish--d ri good deal and had r1 lot of fun doing it Flow One Gibbens Carniner ltariksia Crowley Drrrdlf- How Two lilarrw, Giaowski Bt-nm-tt Prince, Hfirnrm-rlunrt How Three Dudley, Dress Champion Arendsf-n B,-rirk'-ns How Forty Iohnson lirirturi Putt-rsori W--:lion 8 Q7 i These happy people are looking over the programs ol the National Dave McConnell and Bob Batt, outstanding vocalists, each won a Scholastic Art Contest in which they have lust won lustrous gold keys place in the light opera entitled "Song ot Norway." Ioan Gigowski tor their achievements ana Lois Kalet' were tireless accompanists at the piano. Speech 'n Speed Md they came creep- Their Skills c r e e p 1 n g , creeping, Susan White in her most scary tones as she practices tor the coming Forensic Contest. Other contest entrants Zenk, Wozniak, Wing, Maltroid, and Williams listen raptly. The beaming girls at the right, Patton, Rossman, Morrissette, Brown, Lindeman, and Peterson, are really very etticient super-secretaries who can take dictation at a hundred words a minute. Gifted Artists mgjfjfg gvgzfglnfgggg Take Honors 22:3sJsQ5,1?3gr tured four out of the eleven gold keys awarded in Grand Rapids for the National Scholastic Art Contest. Everyone at Union will remember the fine voices and inspired piano playing done by Miss Best's groups at the assemblies. Above at the right are tour outstanding members. VQXMMZW Md f ffidlfffff , . ,Www M X4 5 K e Q got t sung an cheer for years, of A wa Pl 9 ' ye've got 1' ro p and play." p 63 VX' M wg? mi5v w"5QM'W"wMjgbO!'gyifw4Vif V Q ks' 5 , W nbw"'G'W Q M ff+H1 W fob-I X -' wi f Cv W QM CD I 2 W EEFQQWJW Q13 Q W Wiifw 5 is Q15 Qlxmtimgx Gig 2,5 P9515 My M wwfw f wi M M fffwffffg X E X X NW .-at How Orin Bos-hm, Minier, Hoving, Grodus, Van Gilst, Tweddale, LeBaron, Pawloski, R Smith, Takczs How 'l'wo Erickson, Hill, Hamlin, Kuks, Kurkjian, Eckman, Lipman, Mikita, Anderson, Petersen, Kuk How Three Keeler, Kareskis, Shusta, Dagget, Gingrich, Betts, Stellma How Four Schuling, Ver Dum, I. Hill, Mlynarczyk, Bylsma, Bush, Smoes how Five Liskey, Chamberlain, Sukup, Henry, Galant Union's Red Hawks displayed flashes ol brilliance and down- right determination in every game which they played, The ' t llbl d dthb 1 d ditbll Tue for Second 5352, Sukisaifsrgize 555, was constantly plagued by injuries but even under this handicap the season ended with Union in a three way tie lor second spot. Scores Union 25, Flint 2U Union 7, Catholic 33 Union 7, Qemml 5 Union 27, Ottawa l3 - Union l9, Battle Crk. l4 Enlon 25' Ejflristonl-I 22 Union 33, Wyandotte 28 mon r S QU ls- Union 0, south 20 Hman turvriw: ilu- limi all tlw- way as Lipman and Mxkita clear tht- path Le-Baron sprints forward as Boehm and Mlynrircytyk oprrn a llolf- lor lnm 84 Rugged Grldmen tejggnijginggg ' ' techniques as Show Ablllty fullback, made many long gains by using his blockers Well, Gingrich backed up defensive line at center, was 1 hard hitting tackler who stopped many an op- Jonents' charge. VanGilst, co-captain, was a running guard on Jffense, a wonderful blocker, and an all around good player Tweddale, All-City and All-State end, called plays md did a magnificent job leading the squad. Verduin, stalwart halfback, Was elected All-City or his Work as a hard runner and for his terrific Jassing ability. Gingrich VanGilst, Co-captain Minier Verduin Smoes Tweddale, Co-captain Smoes, rugged on defense, excelled as blocker and was a good pass snagger due to his height. Lipman, deceptive quarterback, showed Well as a solid blocker and diving tackler. He was a glue- handed pass catcher. Mikita, All-City, master at blocking, was a main- stay on defense. Bush, end, did punting for the team, and was a sure-armed passer. Bylsma, aggressive tackle, sure blocker, was out of action during most of the season because of injury. Hamlin, played offensive guard, did Well as a blocker, and was a hard Worker. l..eBaron, halfback, extremely fast and shifty, scored many T.D.'s and also did some of the booting for extra points. Mikita Bush Lipman Hamlin LeBaron Bylsma How Oni' I7 Nelson, rnanaar-r, Andrews, Boos, Blauwinkle, Smith, Van Duinen, Tweddale, Paulson, Vander Laan manager, Mr-yerink, manager New Two Mellow:-ll, manage-r, P'-qanelli, Van Destonon, Howe Carlson, Green, Paradie, Heidenaa lohnson Van Lew, 'lakas it llowell, Crandall, Roy Chamberlain coach How 'ltr-1 Osh--ck l' Simmons, Stl,-il, li Simmons, B, Block, Curl, Elkins, Schaafer, H Block Patton Ba:tlcus H+-qulslcz Lorkowuk: Zalewski, Schulte Re Unions second Se squad, although ' st t' 't l , ' - Gel' EXpeI'I6l1C6 pfQjQZO5,jjffY12lS thc l95l season progressed. Every boy was given an equal chance to play by Coach Chamberlain who employed a full defensive and offensive team for the first time in his coaching history at Union. ln city league play Union tied for third by defeating Creston 34-U and blanking Ottawa 7-U and then tied South 6-6. The freshman team from the stand- 9 r - - d Rugged Troll rOzz2,gOfWiQ?rQ5:2i12n successful, but what they gained in experience greatly offset their losses on the gridiron. The season pointed the way toward a better team for next year by giving all the boys on the squad actual playing knowledge. Several of Coach Galants better boys were used on the second team, consequently mak- ing it imperative to use men of less experience. how One Beulrn, Witt, Degrandy, Gryczan, VcmSlylce, Heysel, llamson, Henry, Hott, Ellinger, Vickerri, Vanlet, 'Nhittikr-r, Littlv' How 'l'wo Vandr-rlaan, manager, Pearl, Tolfer, Purmen, Faringa, Van Ess, lvferveen, Versen, Schuitema, ubinskas, Hendrickson, II Anderson, Sekman, Mr. Galant, coach. Missing: Patton, Weston t tlj Bill Norkus and George Beattie fighting to the end t2J Host ol runners in the Union vs, Catholic meet ' Union's harriers went through city-league ' ' competition without de- teat and won the Grand Rapids Y, M. C. A. meet. Showing splendid reserve power, the Red Hawks, led hy Terry Block, Ron Rothley, and Doug Horton, swept by Ottawa l5 to 40, then romped over Creston l8 to 37, smashed Central li7 to 38, and in the loattle of the season riff' . .A-'?"i',,q 'X we l3l Terry Block in the lead as always C41 Waiting lor the finish knocked Catholic Central out ot competition with a 23 to 32 victory. The young Hawks clinched the title with a Z0 to 35 defeat ot South. With a fine show of balanced power they won the city Y. M. C. A. meet with a low score ol 35. ln the state meet at Yipsilanti Union's harriers showed enough improvement over last years squad to rise from nineteenth to fourth place in the state. How One Glover, Hice, Miillian, Wojtas, Sutter, Korhonen, Cudney, Baltrausaitus, Patterson How Two Betts, Glupker, Orean, Block, Burkens, Beattie, Palmanleer, Gessner Row Three Coach Palmer, Norkus, Horton, White, Rothley, Skriski, Goodwin I8 " fini'-rni-ef.kz Swa't.', Hf-lcucki, Baiaaai, Shusta, Twefddalv, Stuart, Lundec-n, Fiueh, Davidoski, Lewis, Hansen, Hnadsma, Cudnv-y lflliriaszciri The Seuson's Scores ' ' The Union bus' L n in S xton Y1V6E TTZEY Un'0n Qulntet keteers were ivwctic- Fgrdsoi .e ...,. f A Q 51 46 0 be-atable, South .M ,...., . 47 4l P I G C e S F I r jsixinlgnlightning- Muskegon Hts. . . . 44 34 fast attacks and fine accuracy on their shots. The ggfxc Cemml ' team had plenty of reserve strength and was seldom Central I "AA' 51 40 behind at any time during the games. Coach Elling- Chrisiicm , , , , 27 25 son and his boys came up with fresh strategy which CTGSfO1'1 - - - r 77 46 kept their opponents guessing every minute of play. South I '---' 4 f --" ' 71 45 The Hawks tied with Christian for the City Title, giglvigc Cemml ' winnina fourteen out of fifteen contests. Central - ' H y 75 53 Christian A 4 . . 35 38 Creston . .,,.... . . , 60 48 loc- Davidoski dropped the ball in regularly to help his teammates to victory, John Frueh tipped the ball in the jumps many times to open scoring play Glenn Stuart, All State, top scorer in city, scored fifteen or more points in 10 out of 15 games during eason Enwood Lundeen did stellar job at Guard Spot, foiled many an opponents scorma chance- Lynn Cudney was a fast speedster, whose spirit and dash paved the way for victory. Dick Lewis, fast hard-working guard, excelled in stopping his man. 88 Stuart is the main center ot attraction as Frueh and Lundeen Davidoski cmd Cudney start their race down court as Stuart wait tor him to shoot. gets the rebound, Lundeen is protecting Stuart The l95l-52 sea- son will go down on the record books as a great character- building season for the young Red Hawks. Although the Hawks won only three of their regulation city aaines, the ones they lost were mostly by close scores. The reserves gained a lot ot experience and should prove to be a much better team next season. Union Union Union Union Union Union The 1951-52 Record South 39 Union 28. . ,South 40 Catholic 25 Union l8 Catholic 32 Ottawa 39 Union 52 Ottawa 57 Central 35 Union 29 Central 53 Christian 37 Union 35 Christian 43 Creston 37 Union 45 Creston 3l Coach Henry Kitlsfr Howe, Horton, Parady, Henry, Boas, Tweedale, Barbfzr, Stahr, Marble, Carlson, Colehouse, Shatter, Hendrickson. How One I Takas, Hurst, D. Takas, Vanden Bosh, Hice, Korhanen, Sutter, Betts, Glover, Polmanteer, Mullian, Patterson,Kr1bett,Gessner, H. Wojtes, Moore How Two l,lF1l'1lE'fl, Van Lew, Howell, lohnson, Kurl, Baringa, Howe, Carlson, Mtnier, Glupker, Cook, Goodwin, Orean, T. Block, Damsen, Campbell, Schroeder, Block, Block, Berg How 'lh:w- Kawckas, Buerkens, Shusta, Sayles, Sxeralowski, Paulson, Vander Veen, Beattze, P. Woltas, Norkus, Bush, LeBaron, Frueh, Blattner, Rothly, Skrtski, McConnell, Boos, Blowinkle, Coaches Palmer and Warvxo Cindermen Run all to a fast start this Bill LeBaron, Iohn Frueh, lule Bush, and Terry spring and defeated Block were the pace Setters for the experienced Red stubborn Central 70 to 39. Ottawa was next for the Hawks who tucked away the South West Confer- Union aggregation and Union came out on Top 7l1f2 ence Meet trophy and WON!! city regionals crown. Union's thinclads got to 37V2. Then Creston took it on the chin 100 to 9. Terry Block and Alan Betts show thc-xr groundeeatrng pace. Iohn Frueh and Frank Blattner show splendid form going over the hurdles Bob Goodwm hands ott the baton to Iohn Kurkjian. Btll LeBaron and lerry Mtmer get oll to a last start. Gordon Carlson and Alan Polmanteer tight to the hnish. 90 un i 4 l, Paul Woytas watches the shot put soar through the air alter his mighty heave. 2. Pete Kribbet gives that extra lift as he soars over the bar. Q 3, George Beattie glides gracefully through the air. i 4. Ken Vander Veen gives that something extra as he goes up and over. ,,--ff gg,.5F',sJ Q everyone with their skill and were riding in first place late in the season. Their victories included a Union's baseball H Z' team, led by pitcher 15 to 5 swamping oi Catholic, a 5 to O shut-out of Stan Witucki and an Christian, and a IO to 5 slaughter ot Creston, The array of better-than-average hitters, which included veteran hawks also defeated Ottawa ll to 9, and Lyn Cudney, Ioe Davidoski, lim Snellink, Tom Lip- trampled Central twice with scores of 5 to l and man, Bob Sciammana, and Dan Haadsrna, surprised 10 to l. First How Paqanelli, De Boer, Rank, Bogart, Anderson, Hendrickson, Hott, Greene, l-lupp, Si-cond Row' Tweedale, Sciammiana, Lipman, Haadsma, Witucki, Cudney, Snellink, Davidoski, Iohnson Gauger. Third How Shatter, Little, Anders, lickman, Broton, Kolowski, Starr, Hansen, Grodus, Anderson, and Coach Ellingson. 91 Rugged Sluggers Stan Witucki, Union's mainstay of the pitching department, has re- corded some impressive victories for Union. Lyn Cudney, speedy centerfielder, goes way to his left to make a beautiful catch. Russ Iohnson, regular first baseman, is set to fire the ball into home plate. Tom Tweedale, a promising pitcher, takes his wind up. His delivery is soon to follow. lim Snellink cleanly picks up a ground ball. He is Union's shortstop and a power hitter. IU. l Tom Lipman, veteran third baseman, goes far to his left to make a good play. Alvin Shaffer, a junior, is shown giving the signal to the pitcher. Dan Haadsma, a fiery second baseman, reaches for a slow roller. Ioe Davidoski, power hitter and regular left fielder, goes up high for a line drive. lay Gauger "fares" back, ready to deliver the ball. lay and Stan Witucki shared most of Union's pitching. Bob Sciamanna reaches way out for a low throw. Bob shared first base. w ' - .xl 'Xl' WTML Examining the clubs for the opening match art- Stuart, Skestone and Swartz Fairway Four Cops Second Glenn Stuart, Frank Skestone, Fred Swartz, and Tom Zieziul led Union's golt team to a second-place tie for second in the city, Fine drives, good chip shots, accurate putting, and above all, pars and birdies, led the boys to many victories over their opponents. Union took South, Christian, and Central each by the score ot 5-U, whipped Creston 4-1, but was outmatched by Ottawa 5-U and beaten by Catholic 4V2 to Vg. Laiiahina about an :ncident which happened in the 'piv- cvcliiia aarnif arf- trant :ow Hi-id, Henry, Whittaker Nil hams, back IDW Couch Ni-iwlliatii Schmitt, Kiiks Bills Getting last minute pointers are Stuart Skestone, Swartz, Barager, Petersen, Zie Zuil, Stial, Stellma, B. Skestone Courtmen Work Under Handicap The racquet boys fared well in experience during the '52 season even though their won-and-lost record was not impressive, Everyone was able to get in the matches, and Coach Needham made sure that all the boys had the chance to show their worth. A couple ot injuries and two mid-semester graduates cut down the tennis teams potential, but the team did its best and had fun doing it! and Whitt- "'l'tie-re must have been a hole in that racket " lOkt'5 Held as Whitt- aan,-Q-5. ,mi Glrrnn Stuart, Bruce Twe-ddale, and lack Ver Duin, Unions most valuable attilr-tes, take a moment otl lrom school work Union's Best ' were presented to three Union athletes, Stuart, Tweedale, and VerDuin, who were tied with 41 points tor the most valuable athletes award. Next in line tor honors were Cudney with 40 points, Lipman with 39, l-laadsma with 35, Davidoski with 34, and Frueh with 30 points. Three trophy cups 'lakrria litt- .easy lov a moment arf, first row Coaches Liskt-y Sukui Palrrit-r, Hs-nry, Charnherlainy second row lfllinasori, Galant, VVaivio, Needham. Athletic Award winners include first row Lynwood Cudney, Dan Haadsrria, Tom Lipman, Second How loc Davidoski and Iohn Frueh Red Hawk coaches, pictured at lower left, have done a magnificent job with Unions young athletes, coaching them to high places in their respective sports, and to the All-Sports Trophy which Union won for the first time since l936. Pictured at the lower right are the managers who have given unseltishly of their time to aid Unions athletic teams. The managers behind Unio'1's athle-tic teams inclmziw McDowell Kinks, Marckwardt, Schmitt, and Waivio, 94 Gals who rereived All- fity Honors lor out- standina work are Took, Gahrycli, Patil'- Girls Too Capturino the honors ol the G.U,C, tournaments are Heirn, loadininton, Boer, pinopona, Kemp, laadininton, Burnita, oowlina. l'This is how l would do it," explains Slenlier as Burnita and Baieina watch on. Srnilina happily at Vrana, one ot their leaders, alter complet- ing a happy year in G,A.A, are l-leiin, Dauksza, Caininar, and lohnson. Looking lor those all important tips that help win their games are the enthusiasts, l-leim, Green, and Kemp, son, Muth, Champion, and Herpolshieiner. They have, for three years, laithlully lullilled all requirements. i'Swina your partner left and right," sing Zoet, Guthan, Zeel, Godfrey, Toddleben, Working hard to earn points lor awards and Chernoby as they sway gayly to a snappy square dance number. these energetic basket girls, Sachs and ' ' T o o m u c h work cmd no play makes lane a dull girl" can not apply to those lucky gals who enjoy gym twice a week with Mrs. Black, playing cageball, volleyball, softball, and artillery. Healthful Play . . . Happy Maidens Mead, hand out towels to worn and tired gym girls. Unions vivacious songleaders and cheerleaders never complain at the end of a game when they have no voice, pep, or vitality left after leading the crowds through song and cheers. lt is the gals ever-inspiring yells that have helped pull our teams through those tight spots in their march to victory. 'il'la, lla, you m1ssod"' are the general exclamations, as the girls Always smiling are the peppy and lively cheerleaders, Skurka ol om- tr-am dodge tht- hall and the girls ol the opposing team try to Simpson, Kizevitch, Lauman, Osbeck, Bulkowski Boerma, Skutt, Brown lu! th'-rn Lenning, Bennett and Vrana as they lead the lans in rooting at sport events. "Baking a light, fluffy angel food cake is an art," agree Bailey Apple and Molly Paulson. Ann Warden of the MICHIGAN CONSOLI- DATED GAS COMPANY demonstrates how its done in the new Roper gas range oven. Making one of the necessary refueling stops are Schols, Dibble, and Manne as they and their hot-rod receive courteous service from smiling attendants at BLOOM'S SERVICE STAf TION located at Stocking and Fifth. A 'burg with French fries is a specialty served at the popular KEWPEE HOTEL where Tweddale, Henry, Norlcus, and Wojtas satisfy their pangs of hunger while graciously being served by the assistant manager. Ken Kooprnans, one of our favorite custom- ers, sampling BIXBYS usual splendid service. Dazzling colors well describe the floral arrangements of the QUALITY FLOWER SHOP. Here, Rosenzweig, Pierson, Manne, and Dibble choose beautiful corsages offered by the friendly manager, Mr, Forstrorn, "Check the oil and water, too," request many customers at IAKOLAT BROTHERS on U. S, I6 at Walker Station. Here Gauger, Frueh, and Lewis watch as Richard Iakolat fills Eruelis shiny convertible with gas. WE DARED TO BE DIFFERENT! The 1952 Aurora features ads for the first time in twenty years. The statt expresses a "heap o' thanks" to the many contributors who bought ads from its salesmen. 611,175 and GUWII ,T Q oss , gf Ir' . . . and telephones what have telephones to tlo with caps and gowns? 'l'hul's an question you tlithft find in your linal exauninutions. But Mielligan Bell has the answer, :Intl it's one that eoultl he mighty important to you. Miehigun Bells husiness is telephone service. And grud- ll1lll'S from high sehools like yours are the kind of young women the telephone coni- puny likes to have as employees. Because the telephone is so important in the llllNlt'l'll world., Michigan Bell girls iiml at reall thrill in their johs. They receive exeellent pay. too, right from the start . . . have gootl opportunities for aulvaneement . . . make eongeniul friends . . . enjoy vaca- tions with pany :tml other ilIlVllllIilgIOS. So if you're grauluuting this month, antl looking for that kintl of at joh, Miehigan Bell may have one for you-an important joh as eushier, teller, switehhoartl operator, elerk or typist. XY hy not clrop in now at our employment olliee. IT Fountain, NAV., Llfilllll llupitls, for an interview? MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY "A Friendly Place fo Work" Your name, please?" Hundreds like Czuhai and Dantema passed by McConnell, Kiett, Goebal, and other staff members to have their pictures taken by Mr. Mol, the ECONOMY PHOTO SERVICE photographer, tor the l952 Aurora, Phyllis Spencer, Union graduate l95l, dis- cusses employment opportunities with Walter Swartz, Employment Director at DAVENPORT INSTITUTE. Phyllis entered DAVENPORT IN- STITUTE in September, 1951. She plans to "Up, up, and away" to HERPOLSHEIMERS TEEN DEPARTMENT where styles always sat- isly. Admiring the dainty summer clothing are Hansen, Matthews, and Boerma while Mrs. Read lends her able assistance to insure a happy selection. Ads ................... Art Appreciation Class . . . Art Winners ,,.,.4.,..... Athletic Award Winners ,.... Athletic Directors ........,.,. Athletic Student Managers .... Aurora Staff ..r..,.,......, Band ....t...,......,.... Baseball ,.....,..,... Baseball Regulars t..... Basketball Fans .,..,....., Basketball First Team ,...... Basketball Individual Shots . . Basketball Second Team .... Boys' Glee Club ,,.,......... Buffet Luncheon ,,....,.,.... Cap and Gown Measurements ,.., Checking Coats ..........,.. Choir .........,............ Civics Class Trip .,.. Coke Drinkers .,.4... Commencement ..,,.,.. Community Council ,... Cooks. Cafeteria ....4,... Comell. Head Custodian .... Custodians ,...,.,......... Cross Country . . . ...,.. . . . . Crossman, Mrs. Marguerite. . . Dances ..........4,......... D.A.R. Award .........,.... Debate .,..... Dedication .A.........., Declamation .,.....,....... Dillingham Cup Winners .A.. Dramatics ...........,... Essay Contest Winners .... Everest. C. A.. Principal .... . Faculty .....,............... Faculty Steering Committee . . Family Living Class .......... Fashions .................. Football First Teain ........ Football Freshman Team ..,, Football Individual Shots .,.. Football Second Team . . . "I-'rollies" Couples .... , . Frollies of 52 ...,......... Future Nurses Club ...,....., Girls' Combined Glee Clubs. . Girls' Drill Corps .4.....,.... Girls' Gym Class ..... Gold Key Awards ...,. Golf Team ..,,....... Groover. Repair Man .... G. U. C. .......,.... . G. U. C. Party .,,.., Hi-Y Club ............, Homecoming ..........,. Iunior Board Members . . . Iunior Class Officers . .. Iunior Y-Teens ...... INDEX . , . .97-99 29 ..,..80 .....94 .....94 .....94 .....73 75 91 92 14 ....,88 .....88 .....89 .....76 61 41 ...14 .....77 59 14 48 65 .,...31 .....31 .....31 .....87 23 .....10 .....35 ,....81 6 .....81 .....35 .....68 .....47 .....22 . , . .25-30 26 .....2a .....l5 ...,.84 ...Mas ...Hag ...Mas .....49 ...,.12 ...Avo 76 78 96 35 93 31 ,....95 ...19 .....71 .....l7 .....53 .....52 80 Keck Award ........ Language Awards . . , Latin Club ....,,.... Library Club ....... Locker Scene ........ Lunch Time Scenes ,..4. Majorettes ...4....,..... March of Dimes Workers. Marion L, Iennings Award .... ..... Memorable Pals ,,....., Memorial Workers ...... Mimeographers ....,.... Minimum Essentials Test. Most Valuable Athlete. . . Movie Club ..........,.. Music Appreciation Class Music Contest Winners. , , Office Secretaries ....... Orchestra .................,.......,..,....... Panel ........................................ Perschbacher. Olga tMissJ, Assistant Principal .... Personnel Assistants ........................... Printers of Reflector .................... ........ Prom ............... Queens ........ Reflector Staff ..... Rifle Team. Boys . . . Rifle Team, Girls . . . Rings ..,.....,... R. O. T. C. .......,..,. Sale, After-School ........ ..... School Store Workers ....... ,.... Senior Board of Directors .... ..... Senior Class Election ...... ..... Senior Class Officers ..... ..... Senior Counselors ......... ...,. Senior English Class ........ ..... Seniors Exchanging Pictures ..... ..... Seniors Leaving for lobs ........... ..... Seniors With Highest Scholarship ..... ..... Senior Play ...................... ..... Senior Play ............ Senior Trip ...... ..... . . Seniors Without Pictures . Senior Y-Teens ...,..... Service Staff ............ Song and Cheerleaders . . Sophomore Class Board Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Queen ....,. Spanish Club .,......... Stenographers ..... Student Council ...... Studyhall Chairman .... Sweetheart Swirl ..... Tennis ...... ,..... Thespians ...... Track ............ Typical Couples .... Varsity Club ...... Vocalists ....,.. 35 35 69 67 19 16 75 47 35 18 16 47 25 94 67 24 74 23 " 74 61 22 47 11 46 72 79 78 54 79 19 16 34 38 34 65 45 40 44 35 39 13 49 46 70 66 96 58 56 57 69 81 64 66 43 93 68 90 42 71 80 WW ff' 4- W i ,J donyfwbf W fl RWM? Www!!! xWw?,ig""' QW' J WJ MQ' Q QQ xx gm eff QMS 05 KW M M W Ziff W, K M M W 953 WWW QWSQ W' KQURL M W OQ jx WM "W" WWW GUM MYZUQ5 Ogw f J 1 . Q X Aww 'NSF' oivw-f9 . x N- . W ,WF 9,4 lat 1ZgfQ'4uw,,1f , ,53 ,ffoglwp ' W ' . . I 42. afya MfQiffSffH,, MWWK iafE'5 Siu 453521 Q gf 65531 Www, if ED ' pithy ,ljwgwr PM J M K vm nf 't Wager SSRN MMM 6 5X Qi Ng Wfgi Nik E S Mjffff if 35152 Mvififf ,Qi WMM L9 My Ziff -iv wlwqf 22 555 My VWQW 4 ML T3 we ffm? 7 3 Qrlaww A vww WWF? 133 QMNJ 5:5 Ygqjf:'Df2SW .H WL x-. MK! f,f?fL?gjirgf'LLW1wMw'QWf af f.f fJ-wma 93

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