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 - Class of 1943

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.Y sv-:Sus-Y., f ... vu.. if-'-7533? , ,V - -fr ,-2, - 1 -V ff'ff-ae-.-:WA-1,1 ' ' - .' J- ., 3, 1.7-5'-Qlfig ,, , 3 ,Q - A V., Q ,-fd?" -x - x v V. ,, . Ju 1-lm.: ,- Q- .v, 1-, , ' ,:'-f,...'s , ff-fa , .-F JR "Qn.f - .. Q. w f,Q1:'::f D 4- ' 4 ,Q i K 4. , , 'I 1 1 1 n We 5- 1 - - S. , x J., 515 K , .V fr:'.'I'1'-2" fa:-'f 551243--.F -Qi' - ' '1 V- , hz I . ' 'S I .. Q 1. 1 - v 4 .,,, , J , 4, ,, yin 4 1 ' ' .-.9 . X ' -gf, Y, 4- , V 'Hb - 'A . . - n .17 Lk . 1 X , f , ,fb wa- Y 3' ia.-ff .gn x-w':,5"-.g wi -:YJ,,a,Y-- -' ,. - ,L,L4:5,, . uf-' ge e?- " fu 1 -. " wif: - f-xy. I T7-'. ,r Zs ,f.gf'5lE .'5355:',3,f1: -if 2 - fi I D ff . 4,311 frg -w. 4 1- f .fffffl I V' 1 5134113 .. ' .' f ' 'J .2 7 Q 5 41 'ez :J 1 -'1 -5, L if N .nv P, w ,Zz.:ri fa-A4 98, WfML"'w?fWWf2ffw 7542 050.44 7 !?Ll3. 1943 Volume XXXII 14000126 10.60-Vw f J v Lf , n , uluon fb ' ucnxrnam Q i n :su ,' UNION HIGH SCHOQL Grand Rapids, Michigan 9-1 M Q Q E S Q S 3 S15 ,L ,J 1 E S fi: H 5 E 53 Foreword Dedication Faculty . Classes . Activities Sports . 7czUeaf0anl'enB Senior Directory . . z44YwcwMnaZ5ea4Zaae,4afwcwplcf ncvlieamcalm-ikkt eqmmwmq M66 af Gq Zlfkaleuw cfqfefw from MM, Za Zfze eden! af Me M me cfemamacq- zqhakam fmcafn 4m a Eellw Zdcvilal 70 Juilal Meia Ifamwmow Me qoiiM. of iaflaq afie fmepafiina. fifze Made wliode iwei me lr-mein Jepieiefi, lifpical :fauna rqmaicawi alie new Jeaelapina dlaunclz cf:-alzaclevlfi anal uwiwdwina allenifian la clwfif lay Me way in wfiicfr- Meif aaail fanowleclae aalliwecl mawi dyuhilual 'wie Jffviouafz Me aaed, Me afili, ami dcien- Zomafuiaw. Tlffaile equipping Memdeloei wiM "Zadie ecliicalion, " diicfewifi wie Me oppoelnmllied, lofi dell-wcfmad-ion ogmecl ly moefym menlollfi. l1'fu4.ic, acliwllliei, am! aMleli0L all leach caofzexialian, Jeuelayz am! deg 711-eff wha wcvifz naw will leacl lomcwzaw in Mech ciliwi of :heavily will finawfiawlaaeunile, willzlomliof waalffgwillbiiilqlzaueeaaizecllfzefiilifae fm which they alle ew maine and 1... MISS MARIE C. NEUMAN fbefdzcarzan Miss Marie C. Neuman, to whom this book is most proudly and sincerely dedi- cated, will often be remembered by many students and teachers. Through the fine example of the well patterned life led by Miss Neuman, we too hope to attain her high standards of thorough cooperation, sincere interest in all projects, capability of organization, and genial spirit. Her modern management of the cafeteria has made it one of the most attractive and efhciently run in the city. With the emphasis on war activities in school this year, she introduced the Victory Lunch program into the cafeteria system. A pioneer in classes in modern home economics, she has dignified home making until many students have come to look upon it as a liberal art. During her twenty-one years of teaching at Union, she has with the aid of her classes given frequent teas for students, mothers, and teachers, not only for class in- struction but also as a guidance of student social activities. In future years, tucked away with our fondest recollections of Union, will be Miss Neuman's memory, and we will be proud that we have known her. 6 aaowllfq Alanna Roll COLONEL MERLE HOWE MISS OLGA PERSCHBACHER MISS INA FINDLEY MR. HENRY HORNBECK Colonel Merle Howe, former Union High School aviation and world history teacher, has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, and the Oak Lee Cluster for conspicuous bravery beyond the line of duty. Colonel Howe, who joined the infantry as a captain last year, soon proved his military abilities and readily moved to the top ranks. Co-author with Miss Dorothy Wilde of the book "America Speaking," Miss Olga Persch- bacher has finally achieved her goal of helping students better to understand American democracy as revealed in its literature. She has taught at Union since 1920 and has been chairman of the English department for seven years. After teaching English and arithmetic at Union High School for twenty-five years, Miss Ina Findley found it necessary, because of ill health, to retire early last fall. She sincerely enjoyed the boys and girls in her classes. Because of serious illness, Mr. Henry Hornbeck was not able to return to school the second semester this year. As a teacher of hygiene and sanitation, physiology, and biology, he was well liked by all students. Mr. Hornbeck has taught at Union since 1912. .',1-vgw, 4 . "Wg x ' Fas' .1 sxfgfryf. ' ' I-Leg. , .vgqv 4 - ., V ., , f,."f? 1- .f.:L it . - .J , - X ,.. . ,. . 7125 V f ,r , J .L H sg Q A,-I X gif, A 5 llrri-J-. ,Q X "- ' "-'f if5rf--'i- g Mtg- - "" ., , iut w, l K , ' ' 'f, 7. as s 4 V . 1 .,-,. . Q , E 1 FH. ' '- s Q , , 1. I . .X X "'-' -fr.. ,A .. -..H t H k , .ev ' ' ' 'H' ' ' if .715 lf Tv" ', 'H -1 ,. H . ""'-""' -- ' Qi - -Um .- git . -1- X971 -51 . - 1 , ,..-s-9.:jf2::1 . . fy., L . A . a Se Q, H . V'-" ' -"f-ftialtm. "iff: -- ' .-'ff ..e.,. - 1 M- , .Q .L ff ? -- 5 ? ru-. 'M - . ' H""l1-.1--. . fe-J ' , , - -4.f... A ' ,- in f "'j-- Y I . .1 . .7-3... -a--. 1- .:. - J""-rffztxzg . .,4, N . -A Nr, V :MM my ...fa .K - V-f -ff - I -' ' "' V 'V 4 '-F1 f. ..,-.'g,- 'ff H- . , ' - " ' ,, 151.-33 b gage.-, I Q-gf " ' . .- -1 'jf , A,,,,..-1: 'M .M f A .A'.,q,f-1 i2,33y:'- .:.,c.. .gui-.51 ,5T!E.1,f.:l . -.-y-A-., Q A . 17 . . s'5e"'5" ":'l"i"" - ' -P hy. -. .. "IL . 4' ' " ' rs.. XE' . ' 11, 4. '5-fL . af ' 'Y' Fiifsx ' . - GW . , 4 , 1. ,-. w53f"'E: ' . . - Sli - Y '-.P , 2. 5 :fr .r ---,:. K, A X . . .s .V -..-4. .X-s, .., .1 V N""'i.,:' . EY. - X 1-.. . .... - N , 'rg fn ' I 'J:L9,6.r., , f And man, the stumbler and finder, goes on man the dreamer of deep dreams, man the shaper and maker, man the answerer . . . SANDBURG L71 Wwe, Gm '7ew!W14.f 7a :fm no zzmfqzvzwf, mfpcumza, gnakfecf aw! faahllepfi anJ uncfwfiifoocf auf:- many pnalclemd we efecficale ff:-191 of life pqwzoaa. Gowifianlfly in cafaefl-ee difncfenii, and leacfzylfi wafcfr- wi yaow. M.: mx, .za Me :man of zen, M- 44hyolZfae4?L71-ufuILiinaeac!in', wfulifinz anff 'lu2'funal'ic, Jul May alia dame ad, cannul- laad ancf acfudmd. 704111. an eye Zawaful ine fuluae, Zfnianl faculfy 191 fzelpiny Zfze 4iyaZen1ii fmepaae camfzlicafecf in ine wodrf of Zamomow. Zlfalffr- an eaen maize 4y4l'em- of Jemaozacy Jeiny encawzayecf Jy Zfnian than M41 will Aung unzfcny Za auf: nalian ancf Jndcf a. Knowing rw an fniww will may Me wad-ch of and feacfudldf fan many fimefi, Me ufucfenz' Lcufy mfmefun uname Zhanka fm than Jeaalecf wow. Uaaflf ' ,aw MISS HELEN OLSON Extending a ready hand to aid all who may need it and making the way for a better tomorrow are two invaluable characteristics of Principal Charles A. Everest. Efficiently aiding him in numerous daily tasks in the office is Miss Helen Olson. The fact that Mr. Everest is a very patriotic enthus- iast has resulted in Union's holding first place honors in the city-wide defense campaigns. His zealous in- terest and unrelenting efforts in the projects here created new aspirations among the students to do their utmost today to make the world safe tomorrow. Not only does this qualified authority take charge of scholastic affairs, but he also answers the numer- ous questions which students and visitors inquire. Doubtlessly, there are many occasions when only his keen sense of humor has saved some lucky scamp MR. CHARLES A. EVEHEST from the punishment that would otherwise have been dealt him. Fewer outside activities and more good old "book larnin' " is the policy now adopted by Mr. Everest and the faculty. Many privileges, however, are still granted with the freedom traditional at Union. How- ever, like so many other things the war has curtailed, a few activities have been discarded in favor of the three Miss Helen Olson has really proved herself to be the highly resourceful and capable person she is be- lieved to be. During the month's illness of Principal Everest, she ably proceeded to take charge in his absence and performed the duties of a principal with "nary a hitch" until his return. Maxaman ma vaaaafa wa, "Keep 'em Hyin' " is the motto of Mr. Voss's pre-flight class as they study the technicalities of aeronautics. This course furnishes a substantial background for those interested in meteorology or for boys planning to enter the air-corps. As mathematics forms the root and trunk of the tree of knowledge, so it forms the basis of the present military strategy. No other group of workers can be more emphasized for their impor- tance in the mechanical and strategical part of our national defense than the men and boys with mathematical ability. Union caters very patriotically to the production of such experts by offering as many stages of mathematics possible for those with the ability to master them. Included in this Victory program are algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and physics. Leit - MR. FLOYD EARLY, MR. MAYNARD ELLINGSON KEEP 'EM FLYIN' Kouchoukos. and Class Members MACLENNAN, MR. WILLIAM PEASE -1 . . -wth-4, Lower Left - MR. VOSS, Frances Dcmko. Howard Muncley, Paul Lower Right - MR. FRED VOSS, MISS NELLE ATWOOD. MISS MARY Science ani '70 '4 WMM Important formulae and molecular mixtures keep the students interested in Mr. Bazuin's chemis- try class, where they are being taught the fundamentals of one of the most productive sciences both for today's war and a better tomorrow. Biology is another vertebra in the backbone of science which is receiving concentrated attention at Union as Miss Perrin's and Mr. 1-Iess's classes study plants and animal lite. Geography widens knowledge of the world, and hygiene, sanitation, and physiology make for sound social and personal health for the strenuous days ahead, Right - MISS ELIZABETH PERRIN Left -MR. HENRY HORNBECK. MR. OREN STIEHL MR. IOHN HESS, MR. CLAYTON BAZUIN 'va' DELICATE OPERATION? V Lower Right - Standing - Tulos, Werrengu, Lomasiewicz. Margis. Kurafain, Fcmsen, MH. BAZUIN Seated - Luccase ,sv- m,,,,,,...M-ww-A 'T iris?- L.,a KE' 7 fmMe'7a1w1 Coffee tables, lamp bases, base-ball bats, feeding troughs, and service boards! These are only a few of the varied articles made by Mr. Marckwardtls woodshop classes. A new service honor roll board was made by these classes when over 1,000 names filled the other board to overflowing. Mechanical drawing classes are unusually large this year because of student desire to get technical training for the army, navy, and factory. Metal work, machine shop, auto mechanics, electricity, and Printing! also train for the times. Right - Turner, MR. GEORGE GUY Below-MR. ERNEST VREELAND, MR. ROY CHAMBERLAIN. MR. CHARLES RAVER. MR. DEE REYNDERS BLUEPRINT BLUES Lower Left - First Row - Rouse. MR. REYNDERS. Faulkner Second Row -- Miller, Veenstm, Obermeyer Lower Right -MR. HARRY DEXTER, MR. PAUL F. MARCKWARDT 7a 'J Jfamemakwut Planning menus to comply with government restrictions and cooking vegetables in new ways are some of the tasks performed in the foods laboratory by Union's future homemakers. Youthful seamstresses are taught through wise planning and buying how to dress well on bal- anced budgetg while problems of personality, grooming, social poise, and etiquette confront personal regimen classes. Thus do girls at Union seek the feminine arts in addition to their intellectual and cultural interests. Left - MISS MAUDE THAUT First Row Below-MISS INA DENNIS, MISS MARIE NEUMAN, MISS MARIORIE I-'IELDNER Lower Left - MISS ELIZABETH DOCKERAY WHATS COOKIN'? Lower High! -First Row -Tulos, Wysocki, Burger. Nalbandian, Iacobs Second How - Schulz. Gillman iii.Q1..i QkiQY a Yi?-My 'Ht F'1t S, Znqlidfr., fbedalle, 1' - - Interpretations of American democracy were featured by Miss Perschbacher, chairman of the English department, and her fellow English teachers this past year. Miss Perschbacher feels that if students of today are to promote world democracy after the war, they should thoroughly under- stand the beliefs and freedoms they will be called upon to practice. Bible narrative, a study of the Bible from the literary standpoint, was resumed this year, for the the first time since Reverend Reuben S. Smith's retirement in 1935. Miss Smallidge, English teacher, reorganized the class this year. With frequent debates and short daily hymn sings to stimulate student interest, the course proved worthwhile. The art of clear expression and the joy of good reading occupy all junior and senior high classes. Left -- MISS OLGA PERSCHBACHER Below-MISS LURA SIPE. MISS GRACE THOMASMA, MISS LAVINA LAIBLE, MISS LILLIAN THOMAS HYMN SING Lower Left-Standing-Nelson, Smeenge, Larson, Drake, Mulder, Verheek, Edwards Seated - Danielson, Van Ess Lower Right-MISS CLARA SMALLIDGE, MR. LEONARD MEYERING 'ay MK ,WSI 5 1404 ' a' With the United States and South America becoming more closely united, Spanish is indeed proving itself a worthwhile subject. Reading a newspaper from Mexico and the Spanish edition of the Readers' Digest were the unusual activities of the Spanish IV class this year. Because Latin is the foundation of all romance languages as well as the vocabulary fund for most modern sciences, it is a valuable language to know. To meet wartime needs, French, taught by Miss Scholes, was reintroduced here the second semester. Knowledge of the art of newspaper writing is obtained in the interesting journalism classes taught by Miss Heseltine. To learn the fundamentals of oral expression is the practical objective of the many students taking speech from Mr. Albers. si 0-f Right - MISS DOROTHY BLAKE Below-MR. STANLEY ALBERS. MISS ETHEI. SCHOLES, MISS MABEL ALLEN. VALORA QUINLAN Lower Left -MISS MYRTLE HESELTINE, MISS RUTH CARPENTER DISCIPULOS DE ESPANOLES Lower Right - McDowell. Kouchoukos, Bianchi kann, nam' 4-Ml A r vii ...ff ie. 1 Im-ii amwaafe. '7wmm9 E ' Zappa-Zi The future in business demands efficiency, accuracy, and the willingness to work h 1rd Now more than ever, does the world need persons with a knowl- edge of typing, stenography, and bookkeeping. To assure this accomplishment the business depart- ment at Union offers such courses. Students type to rhythm to acquire speed. Book- keeping develops accuracy and efhciencyg stenogra- phy demands all three. ln the future as in the past, students of credit- able scholarship are recommended to desirable po- sitions by Mr. Avery, chairman of the business department. Left-MISS EDITH LE I-IEW, MISS IDA WILLISON. MISS EDNA MAXON, MR. ARTHUR AVERY, MR. BURTON KEMP Bc-low-MISS MARIE MCDERMOTT, MR. FORREST LAIR I U-I i I RHYTHM MAKERS Lower Left - MR. FORREST BARR First Row - Cox, Meyers, Van Oss Second Row - Carlson, McDowell Third Row - Lighiloot, Nuimo, Bouchard of 7? wif U lw fiiiiiif Ea? Q ' 'H 'N KEY TO KNOWLEDGE MISS DOROTHY IANE FARR MISS HARRIETT SCHRODER MISS ESTHER NOBEL, Robert Caminov, Patricia Prus, Spec. . "Learn now, remember later" might well be the theme of the library with its many books, while art and music, developing in students a love of the beautiful, provide emotional outlets for wartime tensions. To conserve vision is the responsibility of the sight-saving department. Witli an eye to the future, gym teachers are, this year, giving students strenuous body-building exercises. First Row -MR. THEODORE FRYFOGLE and Bob Host, MISS FLORENCE BEST MODERN DESIGN MOVES AHEAD Lee Whipple cmd MISS FLORENCE PARSELL Second Row -MR. MILO SUKUP, MISS MARGARET MAC DONALD and MISS MARY MURPHY, MISS EDITH BARKER E .ya-1.1 L1-. 'L+' H., 'ag 'vi fu- if "1 P' 'iv Ns. -1- . i N, , .1 fe M, " 17.43. "H 1 -. sf '- .1'i X i 21,3 a ii. x,l fn, i' f .aff 1 ' 73. :Xl - N N, 2 , N. NN 11' K, 1. ' rv 1 , 1, " '11 7 t X .ng wx' ,Q "'f,. .,f E n -.ff-9, -ff Q: 1, ,A . .b ,-"' ' ' I J' I ' P' ',:' 1. iv' -X.. I 1 1 ' K, ' , ,Q .. .9 , -A -Aw. K - me-...A EfQ,g,"He' za 1 5 . 1 3 'Ti' 'L' 1 i I "' '- - 1' -1 In ' i,,. W l. 'Ska , . -"""f1a ' ' ,,, ' if-:F "J ,,'.. "5"'fr-P1fe?A3'a-'..:" " -X -N., 'ml ' G-5 I dr , ,g,J I, . ' - -: - . . Q5 X21 .y ' mx nj- .h i . nr 4, , X .QTL ' 'S-5'-K'-', 4' is ' "' ' N-,, 2' 1 , N'l".l'?": 'ff'-5 Thine alabaster cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears. - BATES 0114 of 7fae1?L fbaeamft ls'MJz...ei9fnl-ffnabiafancflifnefaa alaA4e1z'a6e74h!14Z2fhe4aumlafM,016eN, logo faailz. in fda!-Z'-fran cladfiei Za meal' Une Judcfinq,manqJeni0'lAnp.aJuwZ'ecfin4e6- uaaaqihailheqmighldwanwdwaacki- waaa1aafa,jamin7Wm:leSam'4foacu,on gnmglawlleqe. Beam? ww-mmddwfia Zafafle mm 4aiou4Z!uJLqea2L,Zfne0lafMaf'43w62ffa Ewqmdnwwnuwzqmqmmhu lb!-11060110-CGHJMMGZG Jaffa loflaq Mal' will make fda ca FAGCWI lfamcvw-ow in wfx-icfnffnwieqaung-menancfwaanenmaq N22 ZW n Senicvag ' When we think of our Alma Mater, Fun in springtime and in fall, And we read the following verses, Let's remember, let's recall. Doug Anderson - our commander-in-chief, His aides - jack, Jo, and june, With the help of Mr. Voss, Kept the class in tune. Although our team was not the cha And was not covered with fame, It isn't just the scores that count But how they played the game. The Victory Stomp for the U.S.O. One balmy night was staged. mP Sixty dollars for the "boys" was gained And fun for all engaged. Because of the Axis greediness, Which made us all detest her, We had to cut the Reflector out For one whole long semester. Among the war's creations Some things are mighty queer. It made us have a graduation In the middle of the year. Tardy centers were empty, Students right on time When dear old Uncle Sammy Changed hours eight to nine. The O.P.A. installed rationing Sugar, coffee, meat, and shoes, They took away our butter But not our senior dues. Glazed do-nuts after school were sold By the hundreds, don't cha know? Students and teachers bought and ate, And that's a lot of "dough," "The Patsyl' -senior play supreme- Proved itself a huge success, Its comedy, drama, and romance Brought the class much happiness. The boys who played our basketball Over six feet tall or more! This year's area champs, no less, Really rolled up quite a score. The juniors for the seniors gave A Prom which was the best- Other dances we have had, But this surpassed the rest. Dancing, ping-pong, lots of cokes Made the senior mixer fun When we schoolmates get together, Oh! how the blues do run. We had fun and food for everyone When the honor banqueters congregated, 'A program too, with speeches galore, O'er which high spirits predominated. Into the ranks our boys have gone To fight for what is right, When the war is o'er and they come back The world will shine with freedom's light. The end of our stay somehow has come. Our diplomas we accept with a sigh, And though we now are leaving here, We'll always remember Union High. ADRIAANSEN, CORNELIA U. H. S. Club KZ, 31 ADRIAANSEN, FRANCES U, S. H. f2,31 AMPULSKI, LUCILLE G.U.C. KI1: Atbletif Council fl, 2. 31: Cbairrnan Serifiee Staff KZ, 3, 41, Perfonality Club K3, 41 ANDERSON, DOUGLAS Clan President f4'1,' Debate Team f41,' Senior Countellor f41,' Hi-Y K3, 41 ANDERSON, ROBERT Conterifation Club f11,'Frer1rb Club I31 ANDREW, RICHARD Aviation Club f21 APKARIAN, WILSON Mia'-term BAKER, ARTHUR Bafketball 141 BARANOWSKI, FLORENCE Service Staff f31,' Club Demorrufy 131 BARBER, ROBERT Mid-terrng Football KZ, 3, 41,' Spanitb Club fl, 2, 31,- Student Council f11,' Vanity Club K41 BARNES, PATRICIA Mid-term, Service Staff f3,41,' Safety Club f2,31,' Horne Eronornin Club K31 BARSTIS, JOE Football f2,3,41,' Track f3,41,' Wretllirzg f2,31,' Vurxity Club IZ, 3, 41, Prefident I41 BATTS, ARTHUR Aurora Staff f41,' Hi-Y, PreJiderzt l41,' Football f21 BEDNARZ, HELEN Serifiee Staf I3, 415 U.H.S. Club f31,' Girl Referifex M15 Aurora Staf K41 BENDER, EUGENIA Spanirb Club I2,31,' Iunior Play f31,' Reflector Staf f41,' Senior Play K41 BENNETT, BETTY 1. Student Counril f31,' Perforzality Club f31,' Inter- Higb Prem, Rerording Seeretary f41,' Aurora Stab' K41 BENNETT, CHARLES Home Room Prexident f41,' Latin Club K21 BENZIN, FRANCES Serzfiee Staff K31 BEUTE, ARLENE Home Efonomiey f31,' Aurora Staff f31,' Senior Countellor M1 BIZIOREK, EDMUND BLATTNER, ERNEST Mid-term BOIETTNIER, GHRALDINE Mirl-fwm: Girl Rewf1'e,r f1,2,3j,' Prem Club Ulf swf.-K my my BULTHOUSIS, JOAN BOONSTRA, EVIELYN BOUCHARD, HURERT Mid-farm: Prefr Club fl, 2, ,ily Afblelif Cruuzzril KZ, 32: junior Sleemge Crmlmillee KS! BRUINSMA, JOHN l3,1,fbelb.1ll 13, 4l.' Tsllzzif H25 Hi-Y KS. 42: Vurrifj Club Ml BRUMMIEL, HARRY Blueblzll, K3. 4l,' Vurzrily Club K3, 42 BRYSKA, HARRY Aiill-term! Gulf f3l BU1sNscgH, RUTH BURc:sTAH1.1zR, JOAN Lulizl Club KU: Slflclllilb Club I-ij CuoA1.s, LIQONARD R.0,l.C, 12, 3. 41 CHRISTOPUULOS, DEMO CHRIS'l'0POUl.OS, CQIEORGIQ And-IL'7'll1 CQHRYSLIQR, DON lilnld KI, 2. 3, 4l.' R.0.7'.C. 13,-H: Sluden! Couuril f2l.' 'l'f'Jl'L'lll1'Q Aufwzlblj' 0,41 Clllssmzwlciz, I.0RRA1Nls l"w'uwmlilV1' Club KZ, 32: Club llezzzrzfnlry HI: Sufctj Clillillll KZ, Sl: Swzlvu Suzy I3, 41 CI1.1s1.ANn, RfJI5lfRT Stuzlcul Cvl!lHlL'll ISI: Tmrb K-U E, 1 ...:..:.,:s?i 3 1 ,,,. , .:,,., ' 'V :.V- ':"' " ,. M GENERAL STAFF OUTLINES CAMPAIGN Standing - Anderson Seated- Navarro, Iuntunen, MH. VOSS. Icxnis fx Y 'Nba Jf i231 COATES, IRIS Buucl KZ, 3, 41, Orvbexmz K2, 3, 4l,' Sufety Club K2l CRANE, PHYLLIS Sfudwlf Coufzfil K2,3,4l.' Senior Coumellor K4l,' IIIHIIMIIE' Club K2, 3, 4l, Treufurer K3j Prefideul K4l,' Aurora Stuff K4l CIIMBERWORTH, RODNEY Mid-lerm DANIELSON, HELEN Cor1.rer1'u1io11 Club Kllg G.U.C. K2, 3l,' Aurora Staff K3l DANKO, FRANCES Frezzfb Club K1,2l,' Humane Club K1,2l G.U,C. K2. 3, -il: Mixed Cborur K2j DE HAM ER, JOYCE DE KORNE, JAMES Bur1u'K2l,'R.0.T,C. K1,2j DELINICK, ELEANORE Mid-lerw: G.U.C. K1,2,3l,' Audubon Club KU, Glee Club K1,2j DETTMANN, EVELYN Spurzifb Club K2l,' Perforzulily Club K2l,' G.U,C, K2l,' Home Erorzomirx Club K4l DEVERMAN, ANTOINETTE U.H.S, Club K1,2j DE WITT, MINA U.H.S. Club K2,3.4l: Girl Referrer K2l,' junior Plug' K3l DINGMAN, ARLIN R.O.T.C. K4l DOLPHIN, SHIRLEY U.H.S. Club K2l,' Druuzutim' Club, Serretury K4l DOYLE, THOMAS DRAKE, KATHERINE Senior Orvbeftm K1,2,3,4l,' G.U.C. K2l DYKEMA, HOWARD Mid'ferm,' Football K1l,' Tmvk K2, 3. 4l,' Vurfily Club K-il: Hi-Y K3l EDWARDS, VIRGINIA Lllllfl Club K2j ELLINGSON, BETTY Cllzn Secretary K3l,' Spauifb Club K3, 41, Sevretury K4l,' Student Courzfil K1,3,4l,' Serzfire Sluf K2 3, 42 ENEODY, RALPH R.0.'1'.C. K3l FERRIS, LORRAINE Sludeul Couzlril K2l FINSTROM, ELAINE C, ...,....v, .J un.- Senior Orfbeylm Ml: Girl Re,ver1'e.r l3l,' Ifwlli- eiiex Ml FRANSEN, ANNA Baud l1,2,3,4l,' Ari Club l2,3l, Prexiderzl Ulf Sludeu! Council lI,4l,' Senior Pl.ry Mazinger Ml GIROU, IRIS S6'f1'if6' Stub! Ml: Girlx' Glee Ml: Foreign Service Club Ml GLASS, JACK GLASS, VIVIAN Perroriulily Club l1,2l Cbuirmfzn Serrire Stay fl, 2, 3, 4l,' G.U.C. l1l,' Aibleiir Couuvil l1,2l GONOM, JUANITA Perxonulify Club l2,3l,' Safely Club f2l,' Club Demovrary K2l.'Luli11 Club f2l GORSKI, JENNIE Perfomrlity Club KI, 2l GOUDZWAARD, MARIAN GOULD, RUTH Llifiil Club f1,2l,' Sufeiy Club f2l,' Aurora Staff Ml,' Serzfire Stay' K3. 4l GRESSLER, GEORGE GROSE, VUESLIEY Senior Band fl, 2, 3, 4l GUTHAN, ANTOINETTIE Perfomrliry Club KZ. 3l.' Club D6l11Il!'7'JL'j' f3l,' Safety Couritil 12,31 HAADSMA, KAY U.H.S. Club i2l HALIZ, ALBERT Senior Build lI,2. 3,-4l,' Frerzfb Club l1l,' Senior Orrberlrlr l3l Humane Club lil HAMMOND, GIERALDINE Serrife SMH f2l,' Camp Fire Girly ll. 2,3l,' Safety Club f1,2l HAMMOND, MELVIN Bufebull f2, 3, 4l,' Bu.:-belbull f2l HANSEN, HARRIETT Frerivb Club KZ, 3l HANSON, ROBERT Tmrb 13, 4l HARKINS, NINA Serrfire SMH f3l,' Permmzlily Club f3l.' Club De- morrury f3l HART, MARY Lulizi Club f2l,' Sjmiliib Club Ml.' Comerzuiliorz Club l1l,' Senior Play Ml HARTWELL, RICHARD Lalirr Club II,2,3l,' Hi-Y f3l,' ll"re.rIlir1g l2,3l,' I 25 Senior Couzzfellor Ml HARTWELL, ROBERT Latin Club K2,32.' Hi'Y K32: U"re.stlir1g K2,32,' Senior Bdlld K2. 32 HAY, DAVID HAYES, ALBERT Mid-term HEIMERDINQEIER, ROGER Lutiu Club K2,32,' Stump Club K32: Serrife Sldffz K2, 32: C0t1.fer'1'uti0t1 Club K12 HERRMANN, ROBERT HESSEL, RUTH Mid-term: Serrire Stuff K3,42,' Home Erorzouzirf Club K42 HEYT, BETTY j. Latin Club K2,32,' Cor1,fer1'utiozz Club K12,' Serzfife Slzljf K3, 42: Auroru Stuff K42 HOISINCSTON, ROGER Reflertor Slug' K32g Hi-Y K3, 42x Secretary K42 HOLMES, BONNIE Service Stuff K2.3,42,' Song Leader K42: Girl Re- .l'6'7'1'F5 K2, 42g Reflector Stuf K-42 HOST, ROBERT Mid-termg Sezzior Orflaeftru K2, 3, 42: Spuzzilb Club K3, 42, Treafurer K32: Student Couuril K42 HOWARD, MAE HRYBYK, ANN HUPP, CHARLES Hi-Y K32 HUNTER, PI-IYLLIS Girl Re,rer1'e.f K42,' U.H.S. Club K32: Serrire Stuf K42: Aurora Stuff K42 JAKEMS, EVELYN Reflertor Stuff K42,' Student Courzril K-42? Senior Orfbeftru K1, 2, 3, 42,' Service Stuff K1, 22 JANIS, JUNE G.U.C. KZ, 3, 42g Senior Band K3,42.' Senior Coun- .rellor K42,' Clu,f.r Treufurer K42 JARKA, BERNICE Auroru Stuff K42: Girl Re,fer1'e,f K42,' U.H.S. Club K32,' Serrire Stuff K42 -IARVI, ERNEST Mid-term JARVIS, EARL Mid-terzzg Football K2, 3, 42,' Trnrk K2, 3, 42,' Vurfity Club K3, 42, Prexiderzt K42 JELSMA, BARBARA Frollief K42,- Seruire Staff K32,' Girl R6.l'?7'1'6'.1 JENSEN, MARION Servire Stuff K1, 2, 3, 42,' Safety Club KI, 22 JIEV!lZ'l'T, BETTY Mid-Iwm JOHNSTON, PEIQIQY Senior Buzfcl KI, 2, 3, 415 Sul rn Colmrzllm 4 Student Crzuuvil U15 Aurum S11 H1 JIINTIINEN, JACK Ifrmlbull 12,315 Clan' Vin' Iruldull I4 Siu alll Coiwfil f2, 413 'lhlflf KZ, 31 KADISH, RAY Golf KZ, 3, 41 KAMAsAIIsIcAs, MATlI.IDA Mid-leruzq Serrive Stuff K31 KAIII, JUNE I71'wn'b Club f21 KARoLIcIIswIc:z, JISNNIE KASTNER, BILL R.O.T.C. f21,' Sjmrzifb Club KEENA, LORRAINIZ Mid-fem! KIZLLEY, VIRGINIA KING, BERTHA MAE Swrife SMH K2, 31 KIRILHEN, ELSIIE P7'C'.Y.f Club fI.21.' Lufiu Club fi 41 S Iulzu 4 Ffwzfb Club K41, Swf'etII1'y K4 Aumrz Slif 4 KITLIER, RUSSELL Lufirz Club f2,31.' Ilumum Club 2 3 Surlu SHIV fl, 2. 3. KLATT, CTIERALD A. R.0.T,C. KZ, 311 Bur Jud Cbenrmu 3 Kl,AW'ITliR, LORIETTA Pr'e.I,r Club fI1.' CUIllL'?'l'I.IflUll Club fl Sf Club K2, 31, Sc'w'emrJ' U15 Aumrz Sllf 41 KI.I?lN, IRIS SE'1'I'it'L' sniff f2.31.' 7'm1'el111g Alitlllbllil Fwlliw f2,3.41.' COI1.f6'1'I'l1fl0lI Club I S :rainy KU KNOLI., MARY JEAN Lufiu Club f2.31,' Ilnrizmz Club fl 2 41 fm i.Ib Club KS, -11: Alzrrmz Smff I-71 KONINIQ, BILL . Mid-farm KORF, ROBERT KSOIICIHCJIIKOS, PAUL C. N R.0.T.C. f2,3.-715 Swlirn' Couffullm 4 1 Team 13.41, Cdfffdlll M15 5111111117 Club 3 Via' Pfenizlefll K41 KIIKLIEWSKI, VICITCDRIA Nfixed Cbm'u.I f2,-11: Gulf Ig y SL'1'1'ir'U Smff K21 KULAK, DOROTHY Perxonality Club KZ, 3l,' Club Democracy f3l,' Safety Council K2, 3l LA BRENZ, JAMES Band f1,2, 3, 4l,' 0rcl9eJtra f3l,' junior Play f3l,' Clan Secretary Ill LAKATOS, JULIA LAKE, FLORENCE Mid-term: Club Democracy l3l,' Aurora Staff l3l: Reflector Stab' Ml LANSKI, RAY Prem Club f2.3l, Prefident f3l,' Hi-Y Club f3, 4l, Prerident f4l,' Reflector Staff Ml,' Bafeball f2l LAPHAM, STEWART Humane Club f1,2, 3l.' Atbletic Council f3l,' Seru- iceSta1j! U, 4l,' Hi-Y Ml LASTOCZY, RUTH Safely Club f2l LAUDE, LAWRENCE Track l2l,- R.0.T.C. Ml LEWIS, COLLEEN Humane Club Ulf Senior Counfellor Ml LINDHOLM, SYLVIA Senior Counxellor Ml,' G.U.C. l2,3,4l, Treaxurer Ml: Reflector Staff Ml,' Aurora Staff f2,3,4l, Managing Editor Ml LOEENSKY, BETTY IANE Reflector Staff K3,4l, Managing Editor Mlg Men in Service Committee Ml, Secretary Mlg Senior Counfellor Ml: junior Play f3l LOVERIN, LAURAJANE Senior Band Ml: Senior Girli' Glee Ml: Girl Re- ,rerz'e,r, Treaxurer f3l,' Humane Club, Treafurer Ml LUNDBERG, EUGENE Senior Band f1,2l,' Debate f3l,' Play f2l,' Freib- rnan Prefident fll MADIIRA, CATHERINE French Club f1l,' Humane Club f1,2l,' Mixed Cboruf l2l MAHER, DOROTHY Humane Club f1.2l,' Safety Club f1,2l,' G.U.C. f1,2,3l MALINOWSKI, LUCILLE Perxonality Club f2.3l,' Safety Club f2l,' Club Democracy f2l MANCLEY, HOWARD MANNI, LEON Home Room Secretary Ml MARTIN, SHIRLEY MCCLURE, GERALD R.O.T.C. f2,3.4l,' Atbletic Manager f2,3l,' Hi-Y Mlr Rifle Team Ml MEEKER, GARRETT Clan Prefident f2l,' Bafketball f1,2,3, li Student Council f1,2l IWQYIQRS, KATHl.1s15N St'7'I'll'L' Sluff lil: Slhnziilv Club f2l.' Pc'r'm11.1liIy Club lil lN'1IKI'I'A, HIEIAIEN Ifruurb Club Tru.1mr'w' KZ. Sl: Glue Club fl, 2, Sly GVC' lil C'ir!Rmv1UfSl . ,.. .'1' '."". , lN1ll.I.IiR, RICHARD MlI,l.li'l', SHIRLEY Mumuc., ELIZANOR G'.I7.C. fl. 3.4l.' Ari Club f2,3l. Vin' Pwnidwll I2l, Surrumry Ml: Aumm SMH Ml: Illlllldlll' Club Ill Momma, AILIZIEN flllfl-7lIlbt'l'L'lllllIli Cbllfrmml l-ily SL'1'I'il'6' SMH fi, ll Iwoksls, RUTH Mu!-farm MfmsK1a'I"1'l, RUDY A1n'ur'.1 lilruimzm Alumlgw' KS, -ll: SL'llllH' Pifllzw f,'l7.ll7'IlllIll l-ll! SL'lll!l?' CfIlHl.H'llfl?' Ml: F7'L'Il!'b7 Club. l'ir'u-l'r'widw1I f,3l MIlllrlfNlillliKQ, JASPER lizml lil Mmmau, BIIAI, R,0.'l'.C. lJ,3.A1l.' Sufvfy Club f2l.' l,',rlnf1'v' Club f2..il Mmumv, IDONALD S1'lllU7' l,l.l1' f-fl! Savior 15.11141 f2,3,4l.' Alblvlif Cuurlfil l2. il: St'7'I'll'L' SMH Ml NAlJfJl.SKI, ESTHIQR Stlllllf' f,.UlHllL'llU7A I-ll: G1 ',C. ll. 3, -llfSL'l1l!I?'BdIId fi, .Jl.' lfrwlrlv Club K2. Sl NAVARRA, JOSIEPHINIE Sw'r'ir'u Stuff 12,141.1 Aiixud Cl7lH'll.N f2.3l.' Glu' Club KZ, Sl: Cl.1u SL'ls1'L'f.Il"l' lil NAVARRA, Lolrlsli Mixul Clwrul f.?,,3l.' Glu' Club Ill: 'l'r'.1l'c'liflAq Ammbliw Q, Sl: lfrulliw K2, 3, -il Nl'IlJliliX'l2l.ll, fQARl.I2NIi Girl leL'lL'7'lL'f l2l,' Club 171-n1m'r11z'y fl, 2. Sl: Prem Club KZ, Sl: lhfrllwfffr' SMH K-ll P, 'Q 1.:,. f J 'li' iw X ws 1 BETWEEN SCENES Sealed - Stranz. Woliers Sianding-Bender, Van Driel, Murray. Har! Not in Picture - Olson, Verheek, Tebeau NELSON, PHYLLIS Senior Orrbenra 13, 42,' Reflerlor Staff 142 NORTHQUIST, DELORES Humane Club 112 OLSON, CHARLES Mid-termg Golf 13, 42,' Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 42,' Clan Play 13, 42,' Claw Vice-Prerident 112 OLSON, VIVIAN U.S.H. Club 132, Servire Squad 132 OLSZEWSKI, VINCENT Bafkezball 11, 2, 3, 42,' Azblefic Council 12, 425 Siu- denl Countil 1425 Vanity Club 13,42 OMILIAN, DOLORES Perfonalizy Club 1325 Serzfife Staff 132 ORTOWSKI, MARY Audubon Club 122,' Perfonality Club 122,' Aurora Slajjl 142 OWEN, GEORGE R.0.T.C. 12, 3, 42 OWSINSKI, HELEN PACKER, VERA PARKER, RUTH Seruire Staff 11, 2, 3, 42,' Confervalion Club 11,225 Mixed Cboruf 112 PELTOLA, IRENE Mixed Cboruf 1225 Girlf' Glee 11,2,32,' Serfife Staff 12,42 PETERSON, HELEN Mixed Cborux 122 PINDER, RUTH Band 12, 32,' Safety Club 1225 Student Counfil 142 POGGI, LUCILLE Humane Club 11,22,' G.U.C. 13,425 Aurora Staj 142,' R.O.T.C, Sponfor 13, 42 POLMANTEER, RUSSELL Football 12, 3, 42,' Trark 12, 3, 42,' IWreJlling 11, 2, 325 Mixed Cborui 142 PORTER, GWENDOLYN Aurora Staf 13, 42,' Spanifb Club 12, 3, 42 Humane Club 12, 32 POST, PETER PRINCE, KATHRYN PRINCEKAVICH, LORRAINE Home Economirx Club 13,425 Mixed Cborux 1225 Service Slap' 12, 325 Red Croff Knilling 132 PUKSZTA, VIRGINIA G.U.C. 12, 3, 425 Girl Refervei 13, 42,' Seruire Stab' 1425 Men in Servife Commillee 1-42,' Chairman 142 RACZKIEWICZ, ANTHONY Humane Club 111,' R.O.T.C. 11, 2, 31,' Bar and Cberronf Club 111: Cbeer Leader 141 RAMSEY, HELEN Serifire Slaf 141 RANTA, JIINE Perfonalily Club 131,' Club Demorracy 131,' Foreign Service Club 141 READ, MARCSIIE Mixed Cboru.r 121,' Traveling Anembly 131 RIEKIEWIC, FLORENCE Service Stag 11, 2, 3, 41,' Club Demorraey 121 RIZYNHOUT, JACQLIELINE Aurora SMH 131: G.U.C. 141: Perfonaliiy Club 1215 Serrite Slaf 131 REYNOLDS, GEORGE Mid-lermq Football 121,' Trarb 121,' Brubelball 131 RICHARDSON, EILEEN RIDDERING, MAXINE RINOELBERG, LOIS Home Emnomiff Club 131: Aurora Slajf 131 ROACH, MARTHA ANN ROBINSON, JACK Prem Club 11, 2, 31,' Bar and Cberfroni 13, 415 Ufberf' Club 12, 31,' Serzfire Slaf 121 ROMANSKI, GLADYS ROI1sE, FRANCINE Camp Fire Girl! 1I,2,3,41,' Prem Club 121,' Slu- denl Counfil 121,' Humane Club 11, 21 ROZEONAL, JOSEPH R.0.T.C. 141 ROZEMA, DALE R.0.T.C. 11, 2, 3, 41,' Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 41,' Bar and Cbeuronf Club 12, 3, 41, Trarb 13, 41 RIISCH, MARLLARET Aurora Slaff 13, 41,' Senior Counfellor 1411 G.U.C. 13, 41,' Lulin Club 12, 3, 41 SAMRICK, ESTHER Mid-lerm: Home Eronorniff Club 12, 3, 41,' U.H.S. Club 12, 31,' Student Counril 131 SAUNDERS, DONALD Hi-Y 141 SAWKA, VIRGINIA Latin Club 131,' Aurora Slaf 131, Servire Stay 141 SCHLIHARDT, JOAN Girl Referwef, Sefrelary 141: Senior Coumellor 1415 Reflerior Slay' 141,' Frenrb Club, Preridenl 131 SEAMON, JOSEPH Mid-lerr11,' Refleflor Slajjl K41 SHAVALIER, MARIIE Girls" Band f1,21,' Senior Band f2,3,41,' Senior Orrbenra M1,' Aurora Stab' K31 SHEARER, WILMA Humane Club f21,' Serzfire Stab! Cbairrnan fI,2, 3, 41 SKOK, CAROLYN Seriife Szaff M1 SKRYSKI, ELEANORE Home Eronornicf Club f3,41,' Mixed Cboruf I21, Serrire Slaj KZ, 31, Red Crou I31 SMEENGE, ESTHER Girl R6'.l'67'1'6.f f31,' Aurora Slab' f31,' Lazin Club 03,41 SMITH, EILEEN Mid-term, G.U.C. fl, 21,' Girl Re.rer1'e.f f21 SMITH, ELEANOR Horne Eronorniri Club K31, Vire Prefiden! K311 Girl Re.rer1'e,f. Treaxurer K3, 41, G.U.C. f31,' Drum Major- ezze 13, 41 SOKIIP, HELEN Aurora Staff f31,' Perfonality Club f31,' Latin Club I31: Club Demofrafy K31 SONNEVELDT, JUNE Mid-lernz SOWINSKI, CHESTER Hi-Y 13, 41, Spanifb Club KZ, 31 STEENHAGEN, EVELYN Aurora Stahl M1,' Horizon Club fl, 2, 3, 41, Home Ef0IIll7llif.f Club M1 STONEBURNER, MARIAN Sludent Counril f11,' G.U.C. IZ, 3, 41, Prejident K41 STRACH, MICHAEL Mid-lerrng Foolball f31,' Sludenl Council I31, Re- fleczor Slagz f31,' Atblelif Council K31 STRAIN, SHIRLEY Song Leader f3,41,' Girl Reseruei KZ, 3, 41, Vire- Preiidenl M1,' Refleflor Staf M1,' Aurora Slaf I31 STRANZ, FLOSSIE Refleflor Slaf M1,' Senior Play M1,' junior Play f31,' Mobilization Council M1, Secretary M1 SWIIFT, SHIRLEY Girl Reserve! I3,41,' Serretary M1,' Serrire Slaf 13,41 SZOKA, SOPHIE Spanifb Club f21,' Humane Club I1,21,' Horne Efonornirf Club f2, 3, 41 TELECZAN, EDMUND R.0.T.C. IZ, 3, 4'1,' Bar and Cbeuronx Club K31, Model Airplane Club f21 TEPPER, ARLENE Service Staff 141 32 1 THORNDILL, TOM TOMASIK, EILEEN Serrire Slap' 141: Luliu 131 TOTORAITIS, HARRY Vurfily Club 11, 2, 3, -71 Club TOWNER, jAc:K Alfd-Tt"7'7Il.' 716111111 131 VANDER HOFF, RUTH VANDER MALIE, HELIENIE VANDER MALIE, LORRAINE VANDER PLOEU, ANNE VAN DRIIEL, HAZIEI. U.H.S. Club 121, Trmfzzrw 121: ljflllllnlfjfl Club 1J1 VAN DRIIEI., 'IACQUIELINE junior Play 131g Senior Plug- 1-11.' Allfl1P'4l SMH 141: Sefrire Smff 131 VAN DYKE, RUTH VAN Ess, GLADYS Senior Orrbexmz 141 VAN GEMIERT, DOROTHY G.U.C. 1315 Girl Re,rer1'w' 111,' flume Effllllllllifl' Club 111 VAN HA'l'T'EM, JEANNI3 R.0.T.C. Sprmmr 13, 415 Aurora S1411 131: Alblerir Cflllllfil 131 Girl Re.fer'1'e.u' 13,41: VAN HIEMERT, RUTH Mid-Termg Latin Club 12, 3, 415 G'.U.C. 13, 415 Girl RC',f87l'6.l' 131,' Auron: Smff 131 VAN HOF, MAXINIE Humane Club 111: Perrmmlity Club 121: Swwinf' SMH 11. 2. 3, 41 VAN LOOZENOORD, WAYNE Iyfffifflillg 131: Tmrb 141: Hi-Y 141: Blind 12. 3. 41 VAN SETTERS, NIARIAN U.H.S. Club 12. 31: Give Club 11. 2. 31 VEENSTRA, GERTRUDIE VELTE, LENA Girl Re,fer1'e.r 141, Pnuidwll 141: Snug Leudxr' 1.11: Reflerfor Stuff 141: Serrire Sluff 11. 2. 3. 41 VIENEMA, ELAINE Mid-lerm VIERHEIEK, GEORGE R.0,T.C. 11, 2, 3, -11.' Sfudwll Culzflril 141. PrL',ui1lwll 141,' Reflermr Stuff 141: C'lu.r,r Pllly 13,-11 12, 31: Aumm SMH 33 VIDRO, GEORGE Mid-144111 VIDRO, ROBERT Mid-fwm VISSIQR, LILLIAN VOSHOL, DOROTHY Auron: SMH K-fl: Hwizwz Club K3 -H WAIVIO, KARL Foolbull f2,3.4l.' Tmrk 2 3 -fl Blvielbzll 2 3, 41: Buxebllll KB. 42 WANROOY, WILLIAM Nlid-twwf XXIAPNER, JEAN Mid-Ieruz VUITIDENFELLIZR, HIiR1'HA Home ljrozzfmzim' Club UI Trenzner KS! Senna Smff f1,2, 3.41: Pffillllplllfj Klub 22 WELLER, ERNIE Mid-Iemzg Afbletif Cozmffl ful Clzss Pftllldtlll Bl WHITING, DAIIYI. Mid-lerm VUHITTFN, ANNIE Swiiw' cll1lll,YL'll07' K-il: Re lfzlm Sl K-ll XVIIZRIZNGA, ROBERT Hi-Y L31 VUILLIAMS, BETTY Mid-lw'11.' VUILLIAMS, VALERIA Mid.fe1'u1 WINRLER, NORh1A DEAN G.U.C, f2, Sl! Glw Club WINTIERS, ROBERT Mid-term: Baud fl. 2l,' R 0 1 C 2 WISSE, W1L1.1AM Fnolbull 12. 3, All! Bun 71 4 T1 uk Vlmily Club K3. il XYJOLESON, SYLVIA Huuume Club Ill: Iffwwll Club 1 Snug Le :der Ml: Club will f21'glllll.1TIflfHl Cfmluzzflu I2 S VVOLTERS, ERNEST Baud f2l: R.0.T.C, f2,3 -fl Sfudeul Cnuuul K-fl Clan Plug' K-ll WOROBEQL, STEVIE VVRIGHT, JUNE Ilumlzue Club f1l,'Se1'I'lLc Slip' K-41 Adama, Harold Fnolball f3,4j Canute, Jack Czuhai, Eugene Cu11.fer'1'afim1 C Ference, Edwin Golf Q31 Freidrich, Tom jarosch, Jack King, Harold Mid-term Mid-lerm ZEEF, JACK Mid-term Mid-term Minnaar, George Mid-term Obermeyer, Edward R.O.T.C. QQ Orsinger, Fred M U? Mzi1-1a,-m,- HAY 425 ,f Burke!- bull f1,2,3,4j,' Tmrk 13,415 Vanity Club my Owsinski, Walter Sludenl C ounvil QU Prince, Bernard R.0.T.C. C315 Modelflir- plane Club f3j WYNSMA, BARBARA Audubon Club f2,3j,' Svrifire SMH f4l,' Perron izliry Club KZ. 32 Wvsocgm, HELEN Latin Club KZ, 32: Home Erozmmici Club 12, 3 4 Prefident Ml: Aumm Sluff f31.' Senior Counrellor Ml YCJWAISH, MARY ALICE ZAMIARA, OLGA Auron! Stuff f4l-' G'.U.C. f2,3,4l,' R0 Spoflfor KS, 4j,' Humane Club fll ZEEF, DOROTHY ZETAVICKY, STELLA ZIEZIUL, RITA Service Stizj fI.2,3,4l,' Aurora Slug Ml: Refler mr Slap' ML' Home Eronomicx Club 131 Zuicowslcl, BERNICE Razmus, Frank R.O.T.C, fl, Schumm, Walter Chairman of Key C45 Turner, Postal Mia'-term Weiner, Alvin S6'lIl0I'Bdl16l 13,-4, Zemaitis, Esther Mill-tern: Zokoe, Bob Campaign 'Wray who Swan! They are not deadg life'J flag if never furled. ARMY De Boer, Gerald Folkertsma, Joris De Vries, Sidney Fuller, Steve Hosman, Gerald ARMY AIR CORPS EDWIN MARKHAM Opacki, Edward Soltysiak, john Bright, Fred jr. Simpson, Ernest NAVY McGraw, Carl Jr. zllfliafuf Jlamvz Rall '43 ARMY Adama, Harold Harring, james Barber, Robert King, Harold Blattner, Ernest Strach, Mike Dutkiewicz, Bernard Towner, Jack Feringa, Frank Tumnia, William RESERVES NAVY Cannute, jack Orsinger, Fred ' Dykema, Howard Piechochi, Richard Heiftjie, Edward Post, Peter Newbergh, John Reynolds, George MARINES Apkarian, Willson ARMY AIR CORPS Turner, Postal Vidro, George Viclro, Robert Zeeff, jack Seamon, joseph Williams, Carl Wilrox, Tom Owsinski, Walter Bryska, Harry NAVAL AIR CORPS Jarvis, Earl ARMY AIR CORPS Krosschell, Henry Robinson, George E. 6 I Wolters, Ernest fllfliafuf Alanna Rall '42 Basowski, joseph Bezara, Peter Braciak, Thaddeus Bepristis, Alvin Cardinal, Marvin Carlson, Arthur Connel, jack Czuhai, Dan DeGraw, Willard Albers, Robert Bigorowski, Gerald Blik, Raymond Chernoby, Steve Czuhai, Dan Droski, Stanley Francis, Glenn Burns, Eugene T. Dean, Roger ARMY Dummer, William Frankee, Martin Fredrickson, Dean Gumowski, Edward Heyt, Gerard Jackin, Frank Karosiewicz, Walter Kiehle, Don Olszewski, Frank NAVY Edison, Charles Esch, Richard Ferwerda, Norman Ferwerda, Raymond Fernamburg, James Geske, Don Golden, Aaron MARINES Hughes, Richard AIR CORPS Gigowski, Carl Grundman, Ed. Poligi, Chester Quigley, Dave Reynolds, Earl Regemorter, john Schuilling, james Stehouwer, Adrian Van Neuren, jack Weih, Ernest Weick, Edgar Levandoski, William Nelson, Robert Oliver, Lloyd Opacki, Joseph Reynders, Robert Sattler, Kenneth Schulz, Fred Hausser, Kenneth Lillis, Robert T. : "W . -:' j:?'j:2 ' WMM Nr. I ,Was In 381 Zfncfe Sam '4 lvepfnewd First Row - George Ellisworth, Lawrence Van Malsen. Walter Owsinski. Iohn Mikila Second Row-Norman Ferwerda, Raymond Ferwerda, luck Carmule, Bernard Ortowski Third Row - Robert Mollo, Nick Mikila. Haber! Iakems Fourlh Row- Custis Bailey, Iames Den Braber, Edward Yalacki, Russel Young, Richard Piechocki wwf Wdn qoncl rqclien We, llze Senlofz Glen of 1943, Jalnk nan, lfze mn, foe noun gallant in and :alma luafm on lap of euezn ch-flue connlnelezl flu!! neall-. fnlune in llnal coop- malian aulln fellow dflnclenli ani ldallfzell- noocl foo one anollzefz. will fmoaicle laioln foo non in aelnllfling llre pau'-wan waalcl. 70 llne anal doplnoanafzei we wfepecialln nacje, "Kegan encoding aocalionfi lfaal will del in ine woalcf ihong ancf " Sim! aeleelang 411224, Qaexlunen, ln can-Qnlln planning noun fzlmglzafnd lfaal non :nan efeaelofz llze Glaaflaelela an which Mode pawn lo non, deaenln anel edynln qwflen, in fume 'Uzotwf ewan. Wfalllaafonclaclien, ulinilcl foo a della lomofwow. " uniaa Need LEADERS OF TOMORROW Seated-Crowley. MR. EARLY, McDowell Standing - Gruenbcruer. Iohnson Starting the year with practically nothing in the treasury, the junior class by sponsoring dances, selling drinks after the basketball games, and having after-school sales increased the treasury to almost one hundred dollars. With Bill Gruenbaur, popular debating student, as class presidentg Phyllis McDowell as vice- presidentg Betty Crowly as secretaryg and Ken johnson as treasurer, the juniors sponsored one of the best junior-senior proms ever held at Union. Bob Carlson acted as general chairmang Ed Koul's orchestra furnished the music. The occasion was semi-formal, in keeping with the wartime mood. KEEP IN STEP First Row - Verhey, Buczek Second Row-Zetti, Fox Third Row -Walkers, Cederquisi Fourth Row -- Wiersrna, Hansen -u 'Q A'Qv M655 GWMA W J, J A Q., Std v 1 ' I K' ir i T ,', 4 . H . Q P 4, N M 4 f 'ig If . .1 :', ... an ,, - 4, W I A E' . . Vi ,fr .41 1 ". i " ,- S ' 'W 4. , V is Pvu. . . 1. A. jg. H., , ' J -4 ,, , ', , t , 5. 1 I i l X ,,l' . i .1 .E I ' . 1. :ei ,...4 J in Y I , vit, AH -, 2 f ,, 5 " 2'A 'A" 1 ' V' I V af I Q 2, ,. -' "-. 1 5 'ix' ',,'f 4 ' ei--. 2 -1 'Ti " - ' M' ' ,,., , ' V ' x XY! A Q Zfififf ' 0 V -I Vi., 1- W N. , ' if 'iv "X 5 ' i 3 . -' Q , ff - " ' : 5' -, . JY 2 4 , ., 1 X J 1 , . 4 . . ' W 1 7 1 Ylhin 1 2 lifts' - it , . A V .53 .,.' in . ,b 5 I Q 3 4 . yi '- c , , A 4 Y z 1 Huw Q. 1-X gms me HHQCYBODI LIIIUDBIII Anderson. Lorraine Anderson,Roger Andree, Ioy Baar. Raymond Baxter, Gerald Beukema, Dorothy Bielski. Iennie Blackport, William B ekking, Paul oauey. wuour Barkowski. Albert Barnabiyl, Betty Baron, elen Blik, Genevieve Bogard. Richard Bonczhowski, Ierome Bonczkowski, Leona lv:-ff-'AQ Boukamp. Burton Bowman, Sylvia Brinks. Edward Bruggema, Barbara Bruggink, Kathleen Carlson, Doris Carlson. Robert Carver. Barbara Cham ion, Wendell Chrysllar, Art De Vries. Hilda De Vries, Ioe De Young, Maxine Dunn. Cecilia Duckett. Robert Faulkner, Helen Fedorawicz, Ierry Fixler, Alvin Foote, Dorothy Fredericlrson, Betty Gillman. Virginia Glass, Bob Godse . Robert Goebel. Melvin Bouzwaarcl. Lois Gumowski, Irene Haach, Delores Hackett. Ioe Hammond. Ph llis Hancock, Amelia Hippensteel. Von Holleman, Dorothy Hoogerstegen. Marilyn Huber. Frank Iohnson, Kenneth Iohnson. Marjorie Iohnson. Merle Iohnson, Robert Iorney, Monna Karalhewicz. Eleanore Kari. Mae Kennedg. Hugh Kindig. laine King, Rodney Krosschel, Henry Krucirski, Virginia Kulesha. Iosephine Kuraiian, Haig Kuzawa. Alan Leussenkamp. Rhoda Leven, Elizabeth Lewis. Emma Lewis. Phyllis Leyen, Doris Lozicki, Chester Lucasse. Gordon Ludwick, Iohn Lund, Evelyn Lundberg. Robert Marvin, Gordon McCullough, Evelyn McDowell, Phyllis Meekhot. Mabel Melnykowicz. Pauline Buczek, Anton Bunn. Patricia Burama. Dawn Byl, Mitchell Cimochowski, Sophie Collins. Dwight Cook. Barbara Cook, Mary Lou Dekker, Dorothy De Roos, Elmer De Smit. Marion De Vries. Bill Ek. Thelma Falicki, Ierry Falk, Virginia Farran. Richard Gale, Dorothea Gates. Rose Marie Ge er, Iustin Gillman. Don Bouzwaard. Frances Gritten, Wilmagene Grosebeck. Delight Gruenbaur, William Havelhorst. Don Haywood, Fern Hazewinkle. Ruth Hieme, Corinne Ingersoll. Margaret lacobs, Lorraine Iacobson. Paul Ietlers. Elaine Ietiery. Doris Kalawart, Duane Kamp. Lewis Kamp. Norma Kanehl. Yvonne Knill. Ruth Koets. Roselyn Koperski, Iack Krapp, Iean La Baron, Marjorie Lentz, lack Lessa. Colleen Lettinga. Iune Lillibredge, Phyllis Lomasiewicz, Anthony Longton. Crystal Loucks. lohn Lutz, Norman Mahlebashian, Dorothy Maniewicz, Ierome Martz. Kenneth Menardie, Robert Mergenthalen, Elsie Meyers. Billie Miles, Betty get R- -I' . 1 3 Z' 3 X ai ls.. ,Q :,- ,-., . . I thrill tt r. H. n is xl A T xx 5,5 px tx J-se. , x 4 xi 'S 'A gs ' s' XR N rs X Q ti E s X -xi I' Q S52 if ram- -' - ' 'K " rt' -"' ' " " 1 -Q gx . R . ...L H so , , ,D to , . f is xt ..:, , , X T 3 W . -.,,-, .-t.,.,,: .sf , K. A ,:,.:,, 2 ,,,.,. , ...,. ., gp 'vi ,N ft 4 m. f ' . x ff' I , .4.2::: 5 I Q ,sir ,. . I, :., , . s ,- - ...,.,. . mi, r ? Y y .1 - e - -1 ? A1., E r :- s X r ,N will 1 1 Q I :,, Q I .,...,., ,::: I Q.: .seg I' ' 'fl 1 . A .P . , ,, -1 I t' ' is f 'W 'I r 1 2.5: , 4 - r.3:5g5:-' .52 1 N tx iz . Q 3 .11 , we Q I ..., ,... t X 3 Y Q . . .:.:.. if -. Z", fi ,ff-7 ' , Qi ii' 1 3 -f In ge ' Q at I - 1, K R 3 X E J 5 , ww l A is .-K. v ig A, 'F Q Q A we ' tsl BOOSTING BIG BUSINESS I-121 First Row - Kindig, MR. EARLY t 6 Q Q . Verboom, t Storm. Dave Strant, Venita Van Allsburgh, Earl Doroth 1,5 Y Vernon, lack Second Row -De Haan. Leven, McDowell Third Row - Geyer, Vanden Berg, Vander Molen Standing - Gruenbauer Miller, Don Minaar, Dorothy Nawrocki, Edwin Niewadomslci, Iulius Noneman, Roger Ognodzinski, Emily Ogreen. Margaret Orth, Margaret Overmeyer, Vivian Peterson, Alice Polega, Lorraine Raper, Luanna Rekuclci, Walter Reiner. Iackie Reynolds, Steve Sachs, Florence Sadlowslri, Rose Schipper, Roland Sharp, Beatrice Silvers, Elaine Smith. Irene Smith, Phylis Smith, Richard Snook, Catherine Snoap, Bonnie Sweeney, Delores Terpstra, Bud Tomasik, Bette Tomaszewski, Eleanor Tournell, Howard Vader, Norma Van Auken, lean Vandenberg, Louise Vander Hyde, Donald Vander Molen, Cleo Van Oss, Paul Van Oosten, Iim Veenstra, Bill Verhey, Eleanor Versluis, lean Voss. Clare Voss. Connie Walker, Paul Weikert, Theresia Weingate, Charles Wietsma, Ray Wilson, Elaine Wilmes, lack Wolosiecky, Dorthy Wolosiecky, Walter Ziemski, Elizabeth Aurichio, Iosephine Bennett, lee Brown, Betty Cooper, Randall Fongers, lulia Noppert, Henry Nordmark, Pat Nosal, lane Nowicki, Clare Peterson, Marvin Petrulis, Nellie Pierson, Elizabeth Poggi, Louis Roth. Esther Rozema, Pauline Ruben, Bernard Ruiter, Iohn Slcipp, Rita Skrycki, Iohn Slcrobot, Richard Smith, Ann Sopkowski, Iohn Sosnowslci, Lawrence Stewart, Barbara St. Iohn, Gladys Trapp. Helen Tuinstra, Katheryn Tulos, Larry Turner, Iames Vander Veen, Gladys Vander Veen, Evelyn Vander Wert, Cornelia Van Maldegan, Marge Vidro, Amelia Viergever, Doris Visser, Marion Voshel, Lois Westerweel, Roger Whipple, Lee Wiencko. Esther Wiersma, Margie Wysoczynslri, Edward Zaskewicz, Eleanor Zemitis, Ierome Zetti, Helen Czurak, Rose Dodds, Elna Dziedic, Catherine Edsenga, lune Ritzerna, Marilyn Fox, Russell Link, Rosemary Powers, Tom Patirink, Harold Robson, Margaret Rolricki, Dorothy Roth, Esther eacfeh of '45 After mastering the difficulty of getting enough names on petitions for their annual elections, the sophomores were finally organized in January and really proved to be one of the outstanding classes of the year. With Andy Kalchuk as class president, Morris Caminer, vice president, Eugene Kaslovich, treasurer, Margaret Peterson, secretary, and Mr. Guy, class adviser, the sophomores successfully planned an all-school roller skating party held at Ramona Park and a dance. The Class of '45 has truly earned a lot of credit for an ambitious organization with plenty of "zip" Acton. Louise Adams. Eu ene Anderson, Donald Bakon. Mary Baldwin, Mary Baldwin. Martha Andre. Nanc Balgoogen. Donna Y Arvidson. Roy Balter. lean Barnecki, Ann Baxter. Earl Beckwith. lack Begthel. Lucille Berggren. Doris Berkovitch. Ga le Bernhardt. Frei! Beyer. Norma Bianchi. Adeline Blank. Carloann Boone. Dan Borst. Betty Bosley. Peggy Bosowski. Gertrude Bosschet. Irene Bostwick. Maxine Bouchard, Wallace V s Bowens. lim Busse, Patricia Brown, Ruth Muriel Bylsma. Harold Bulley. Dick Caminer. Morris Burger. Betty Carey. Patricia Burton. Helen Carlen, Helen Civinslras. Richard Carlen, Ruth Coleman. Gordon Castor. Barbara Collins. Darrell Cha el. Darrell p Cook. Iane Christopoulos. Ame lia Cooper. Russel Cosmer. Irvin Coykendall, Pgyrtle Cross. Richard Cross, Wilford Cummings. Marie Czarnopys. Iohn Czubay. Stanley DeBruyn, Ruth De Fouw. Francis De Vos. Delores Den Boer. lim Dewey. Bob Denton, Beverly De Witt. Lois De Roos. Avis Douma. Catherine De Vood, Martin Draeger. Maxine Faasen. Iirn Duscald. Barbara Fartuin. Neil Eberlein. Erwin Fellmer, Betty Eckman. Gloria Fletcher. Howard Bling. Iessie l Flipse. Helen Frederickson. Bill Flynn. Louise Gaber. Irene l Poor. Owen Galer. Carl l Fransen. Walter Gommesen. Dan l Frebille. Iune LEADER LINE-UP First Row - Kalchuk Second Row - Caminer, Peterson, Kozlovich Gessner, Theodore Gezon, Larry Gillis. Mildred Glass, Shirley Golembiewski, Gerald Goodell, Dorothy Gritter, Phyllis Groggai, Barbara Hammerlund. Don Haskins, Betty Hazelton, lane Hendrickson, Fred Henning, lean Higgins, Collein Hilliker, Imogene Hillman, Bob Hiaan, Richard Hodgins, Cliiord laybury, Arthur Iewett. Audrey Iohnson. Donald lost, Mary Ioswick, Walter Keenan, Richard Kelly, Stanley Kelso, Dolores Kepler. Larue King. Emma Lou Kooyers, Theron Koprowski, Chester Korenkiewicz, Irene Kozlovich, Eugene Kraiewski, Richard Kulpa. Marcia Kunecki, Cecelia Lanski, Lorraine Larson, Ioyce Leskinen, Allen Leussenkamp, Ruth Livingston, lack Lozicki, Esther Luckey, Ioyce Ludwig, Robert Lundberg, William Markules, Lorraine Marlowe. Marilyn Maslowski, Ioseph Mehrtens. Richard Michaloski. Florence Morse. Doug Morter, Ileen Morter, Ioyce Moxon, Alice Nalbandian. Frieda Norton, Dick Nowicki. Edward Ogwodzinski, Richard Olszewski. Phyllis Omilian, Richard Gogolslci, Iohnny Gold, Mariiean Golembiewska, Carolyn Grusnis, George Guthan, Pat Haadsma, Mildred Haberman, Lois Haddon, Alice Herbig. lack Herrman, Martha Hess, David Heyboer, Robert Hoffman, Alice Hymk, Bernard Iacobs, Mary lean Iansma, Betty Iuzynski, lean Kalchuk. Andrew Kasnia, Dorothy Kasul, Alice Knutson, Edith Koets, Betty Kolkawik. Ted Kooistra, Alice Krulek, Ioseph Kuipers, Dorothy Kukieski, Charles Kukleski, Louise Lewandowski, Lorraine Lewandowski. Victoria Lightfoot. George Malinowski, Murray Mangus, LeRoy Mangas, Eugene Marchini, Richard Miedema, lean Miller. Cecile Mohrig, Howard Mooney, Poter Nelson, Mary Jane Nelson, Carl Nelson. Francis Neperala, Dorothy Paltola, Mary Parker. Elaine Parkins, Harold Pater. Mitchell CAN YOU FIND IT? Seated - Peterson Standing-Vander Ploeg, Schulz, Steenhagen, Casmer Beckwith fl 4 J if '. . Of' .- if i I' . W .,.,q yr wi 535 if Patt, Doris Peterson, Donald Peterson, Margaret Peterson, Virginia Phillips. Burl Poddiq, Dick Pozegnak, Wanda Princekavich, Richard Prus, Barbara Pulaski, Eddie Richards. Betty Richards, Harry Rietburg, Peggy Riewald. Richard Rittenhouse. Robert Sabiechowski, Bernard Sasak, Patricia Schinske, Evelyn Schulz, Donna Shores. Betty Sides. Warren Sienkiewidz, Nettie Simms, Richard Simpson, Gerry Smith, Phyllis Snoap, Maxfne Sparks, Dorothy Svarks, Frances Steenhagen, Arlene Suchacki, Chester Sweeney, Louise Sweers, Aleen Swidwa. Leo Szolka, Lucille Thorpe, Norma Timmer, Gordon Timmerman, Gordon Tolodziecki, Maxine Tolonqa, Bob I 9 f , v LN ander Ploeg, Henry Van't Hol, Doris Van Ysseldyke, Ir., Andy Verbis, Donald Walczak, Ed Wallin, Geraldine Wallington, Dick Wapner, lean Wapner, Lillian Wickstrom. Carla Wilcox, Shirley Winslow, Charles Witizak, Raymond Wolfson. Irving Yalacki, Harry Yaruian, Nita Ziemski, Bernard Zokas, Olga Zokeo, Clarence aww. kia. 4' fix me Phillippus, Betty Ioyce Phillips, Ted Pickem, Ernest Pinkevich, Olga Pulaski, Frances Quick. Merle Radick, Donna Hhoades, Iames Rockwell, Robert Rozanski, Frank Husky, William Rysdyk, Sadie Seagren, Daniel Shafer, Louise Sharphorn, Ioseph Shaw, Frank Shellard, Lucy Sinkler. Ioseph Skipp, Charles Snellink. Don Smith, Catherine Steil, Mildred Stout, Bob Stuart, Sally Swanson, Doris Terry, Donna Thomason, Bernard Thompson, Evelyn Thompson, Lucille Urbanski, Dorothy Van Allsbura. Harold Van Dallin, Doris Vander Male, Emily Vereecken, Robert Verhaar, Ioyce Verheek. Ianet Versluis, Betty Visser. Roger Weaver, Iacaueline Weronko, Ioseph Wessman, Virginia Vlelherbee, lack Wolosecky, Steve Wondolewski, Iohn Wood, Dorothy Yalacki, Eddie lti E461 Aardema, Fred Adams, Josephine Ahrens, Lois Jean Akiamitoriska, Mary Aksomstowski, Alice Alkema, Louis Altema, Edith Anderson, Robert Andrew, Rita Arford, Vanda Mae Baer, Theodore Bailey, Grace Baranowska, Dorothy Barnes, Frank Barnes, Mae Batt, Dolores Beardsley, Ivaline Belbot, Eugene Bergers, Betty Berglund, Carolyn Ruth Berridge, Bernice Billings, Virgil Bischoff, Lois Blackall, Loren Blackwell, Barbara Blair, Arthur Blanton, Howard Bloomfield, Rosemary Boehm, Richard Boone, James Boruta, Ruth Bower, Maryellen Bowhay, Elaine Brever, Walter' Brown, Donal Brown, Lillia Brown, Margaret Burgess, Robert Burnett, Robert Busse, Frances Bylsma, Barbara Byrne, Lucille Carlen, Helen Carlen, Ruth Carlson, Marjorie Carlson, Richard Carter, Robert Castor, Carl Chernoby, Nick Choate, Alice Clark, Jacqueline Clup, Joyce Elaine Coleman, Barbara Jane Cox, Mary Coykendall, Myrtle Crane, Betty Cudney, Donna Curtis, Kenneth Czlanka, Dorothy Czuhai, Vera Danulski, Anne Dauser, Marjorie Davidoski, Gloria De Boer, William De Fouw Virginia Ruth Vrien t, Patricia De Vries, John De Young, Robert Doane, Edith Domasik, Tom Dominisk, Lois Dost, Pauline Dunnetta, Rolland Earhart, Ray Eling, Marian Eppink, Marvin Failay, John Falarski, Jerome Fales, Marquerite amfi fan '46 Farr, Phyllis Faulkner, Bob Flak, Lorraine Foster, Geraldine Fowler, Jack Gaca, Betty Jane Gardiner, Peggy Gates, Jacqueline George, Betty Gibbons, Frank Gigowski, Bill Gill, Carl Gingrich, Donald Girou, Mary Gorton, Leon Gottfried, Edgar Grebel, Phillip Green, Richard Greenfield, Marian Gregarious, Rosalyn Greener, June Gruzinski, Lorraine Haack, Mary Lou Haddan, Carol Haga, Arlene Hale, Gordon Hamblin, Iva Hammond, Robert Hanson, Carl Hawkins, Herbert Herda, Rose Herpolsheimer, Ralph Hess, John Higgins, Colleen Hinkel, Virienne I-lippinstul, Frances Hochstrosser, Hildegarde Hofiins, Jack Hutchins, Bette Hutson, Donna Hyde, Muriel Ignasiak, Thomas Janes, Dolores Jasper, Earl Jeffers, Noreen Jeffrey, Wendell Johnson, John Johnston, Patricia Jourdan, Williamette Kaiserlian, Gladys Kaiserlian, Joyce Kaiserlian, Ruth Kalinowski, Walter Kamp, Erwin Kanehl, Marjorie Kapla, Margaret Kaufman, Barbara Kellar, Durght Kent, Anne Marie Kiestra, Catherine King, Eleanor Korf, Mary Kuk, John Kunichi, Elaine Launiere, Don Lazarski, Doris Leach, Bill Leader, Virginia LeBlanc, Rae Anne Lepeeh, Jimmy Lessa, Bob Leussenkamp, Garrett Lewicki, Herman Lipscomb, Rodney Little, Betty Lozaski, Eleanor Lund, Charlotte Mansfield, Robert Marcus, Allen Marven, Davis Masiewicz, Mary McCarthy, Lela McConnell, Bill Meier, Herbert Melpolder, Joe Merritt, Reva Ann Meulendyk, Elmer Mientele, Agnes Mikita, Walter Miller, Cecile Miller, Gerald Mordas, John Mroz, Eleanor Murray, Harriet Mutsaers, Ray Namey, Doris Naperala, Robert Napierrala, Marjorie Nelson, Joyce Northquist, Phyllis Norton, Richard Nystrom, Jerry Nystrom, Russell Obermeyer, Duane Obermeyer, Harold O'Hearn, Barbara Olejniczak, Laraine Osadehuk, Alice Oumedian, Thelma Pacific, Caroline Panochyk, Mildred Paniwozik, George Parks, Betty Jane Paulsen, Clarence Peterson, Elmer Peterson, Jane Peterson, Virginia Phiscator, Bonnie Plonski, Justine Plumb, Jacqueline Post, Helen Irene Pratt, June Pratt, Leo Prus, Patricia Puchocki, Louis Pulaski, Stanley Pulawski, Lucilla Quigley, Mary Lou Ramey, Juanita Reese, Edward Reickard, William Remington, Harriet Richard, John Ring, Thomas Rittmeyer, June Rogalskv, Louis Rouse, Donald Rouse, Jack Rozanski, Frank Ruben, Sylvia Rudik, Lucille Sandborn, Rosella Sanders, Patricia Schott, Helen Schouwink, John Schuiling, Elizabeth Seagren, Miriam Sedan, Charles Shattuck, Vernn Sherman, Harriet Shearer, Robert Sietsma, Katherine Simonis, Leonard Skawron, Joseph Skorupski, Gerald Slater, Jennie Mae Sleeman, Barbara Sleeman, Richard Sleziak, Joseph Smith, Betty Smith, Margaret Smith, Robert Dale Smith Wilma Smitter, Eric Snell, Charlene Snook, Richard Sobolewski, Chester Speth, Adolph Spozyonski, Irene Stankiewiez, Betty Staskiewicz, Laura Stevens, Betty Jane Stevens, Richard Steil, Walter Stewart, Jack Stewart, William Stoddard, Betty Jane Stuart, Betty Sund, Fred Swartz, Marjorie Sweers, Willard Sypniewski, Richard Ter Haar, Gordon Terwee, Loay Jane Thresher, Catherine Ann Tieni, Beverly Tigchon, Louis Towner, Robert Towns, Raymond Tolodziecki, Maxine Turelsky, Lewis Van Bendegona, James Vander Laan, Don Van Houten, Arlene Van Malsen, Kathleen Van Portfliet, Mildred Velders, Roger Veldman, Stuart Veneklasen, Marvin Vernon, Betty Versluis, Kathleen Walcott, Eileen Walczewski, Robert Warn, Bob Warnelo, Norman Wapner, Jean Betty Webber, Ethel Weidenfeller, Eileen Weidenfeller, Herbert Weikert, Dollice Wells, Marvin Wengler, Adeline Weronko, Joseph Wheeler, Noreen Wheeler, Carl Wheeler, Clinton White, Dawn White. Bennie White, Joe W'hite, Kenneth Wielhower, Marie Wilkeison, Lucy Wilson, Tim Wolford, Nancy Woodard, Betty Wright, Mary Wright, Josephine Wysocki, Violet Wysocki, William Yerington, Margaret Yost, Fredrick Zalsman, Harvey Zeeff, Elma Zech, L. D. Zeman, Cazmir Zeman, Helen Zemitis, Victor Zlydaszyk, Charles Buck pfulualwl Sponsoring a get-acquainted, all-game mixer under the chairmanship of Robert liaulker and giving dancing instructions under the direction of Rose Mary Bloom- field, the freshmen class started their high school career with a bang! They are really learning the fundamentals of social grace, And why not with such able class otiicers and Miss Lucille Ellen Meyering, popular history teacher, as adviser? Racing from the front to the back of the book, covering every page in detail, the students of Mr, Liskey's 8-2 history class can generally be seen hovering over their lessons, In addition to textbook work they regularly report current events, discovered in the daily newspaper, on the radio, or in their current-events weekly, "Young America". Another big task they frequently undertake is to write about two famous and important men named in each unit of work. Troubled thoughts and trembling knees are the possessions of many seventh grad- ers when they take one of the broadest jumps of all, entering a large entirely different school for the first time in antici- pation of many years of high school life. Helping them become acquainted with the school life is the duty of the senior counsellors, who are chosen that they may help the new students with any mind- troubling problems. FRESHMENS' CHOICE Seated - Gigowski. Bower, MISS MEYERING Standing - Carlson. Faulkner "ARE YOU PREPARED?" Collins, Fik, Miller, Thompson. Pekrick COUNSELLED TODAY: COUNSELLORS TOMORROW First How -- Czuhai, Dorman Second Row -- Carpenter, Nelson Counsellor -- Johnston Www J, We --Q.-.... H ii. Q I-JAR LEADERS!-HO 4 n F '4" ' . Y , Y Y. -.,.,,... Hu .. M: . L ' -. 2 '- f. .1 M4 . 4-gf. . 2 :. " - .x-- f', - ,.,.,..,-- 1, ', ,r v- . -.s '1--- , ,L A. ei. X gk-f, 1 -e ttf" , Y, N 121 Rf. . w -Q, J-wggfp. . 1-.,.. 'wqgw - . . .fi .ff 15,4 uhm. :ELK . ,. , ,. .v ' ' ' , ' - M"-79.2 -,X "-3-x I . 'ff-......w' .1 I am 21 part of all that I have met. TUNNYSON I 49 nafwfm nm me, "Keep waafeing, keep playing, keep " game clay afeayuf week, Wnion- alfa kepl woafdmf, ham! ai Zfzebz 4-iucfia am! auiiirfe aolfiudfied, Zffze lin. can chaiue, Me Swap lame, Key lfampaiqn, mm, wr eww, mama aww, Jul' aiefoay aullffain Zfnemdelued. fzeqalzclleu of equ ancf paiwi-faking mmwm eww, me me mane of Iffzeclawancfiuqingawalzdlampiefaae Jah-9 la :lance faelpecf mafee ca 7114-ouqfm ffzeie aoiiuflfiefi, Wnion diu- Jeeu lealuzecf Mel Aaazfhwhaocl mean! nal ,ml llldflfkih-Q zbeezflm in when! Jw! elm inplanninqfaaanewwaalcf, wfzenpeace, llvaauqln gzuzup eoopawiian, will Wicfoaq Gaaffu To promote patriotic enthusiasm among students was the chore of the Student Mohili- zation Council this year. Truly a representa- tive body at Union, its memhers enlist a total of two pupils elected in each home- room, Through group cooperation the Mohilization Council has promoted success- fully the Tuherculosis Drive, Bond and Stamp Sales, Key Kampaign, and Scrap Drive. Principal Everest is adviser of this all-school organization. FOUR-SHOULDER STRONG Lindholm, Strcxnz, Verheek. Kennedy Witlm keen eyes peeled and Mr. Bazuin's guiding hand clearing the way, Unionites went swiftly and accurately to their sales objective, for which a direct hit of 327,000 worth of stamps and honds sold was scored. Acting under martial orders to boost sales victory leaders in such rooms as 23-1 and 225 early in the hattle led their student troops into the top. Mothers old pots and pans, wheels from hahy's buggy, and junior's old tricycle were sacrificed for the scrap metal drive which was directed by Mr. Stiehl. Under an organized Camp Union, later changed into a home- room campaign, thousands of pounds of scrap metal were obtained with rooms 2-12, 3-16, and 348 taking top honors. The stu- dents pictured represent only a portion ot Union's patriotic scrappers. Leading the drive with 257 pounds is Shirley Kirtlandg jack Tompkins, 210 poundsg and Don Frazine and Charles Flora each with 168 pounds. UNCLE SAM'S CHILDREN First How - Quigley, Ruper, Koets, Smitter, Lettings, Edsenga, MR. BAZUIN Back Row - Gordon, Zenk, Ielfe ries , Thrope, Verscoor GOODS FROM WASTE Left to Riaiht - Frazine, Upton, Smith, Billings, Stewart, omkins, Ve rschoor, MR. STIEHL, Bower, Burgalski, Kelly, Stunts, Kaluwurt, Smeenge, Kirtland, Bloomfield, Peterson l5Il Etfervescent patriotism and military cooperation keeps company E a top-notcher in R. O. T. C. This company not only won first place in the city in the latest batallion inspection, but also salutes to Tom lfrederic of their sturdy group, who cleverly shot the hull's eye out of the all city rifle tournament. The sponsors of this group are doing their pa- triotic duty by sending boxes to the fighting por- tion of the R. O. T. C. COMPANY E WE SALUTE First Row -- A. Dingman Second How -B. Mulder, R. Zokoe, L. Choals, G. Verheek, Staff Sergeant Lehman Third Row-W. De Vries, G. Owen, R. Andrew Fourth Row-H. Wysocki, P. Walker, C. Voss, I. Skrycki, E. Harasin, L. Poggi Filth Row-A. VcmYsseldyk, I. Bennett, G. Grusnis, H. Hozegnal, S. Chubai, I. Simpson Sixth Row-I. Herhig, R. Cooper, O. Vander Molen, H. Civinskas, M. Wells, W. Bouchard Seventh Row-L. Alkema, L. Blackhall. F. Barnard, W. Steihl, H. Hyboer. I. Livingston Eighth Row-E. Walczak, R. Erhardt, I. Iohnson, E. Wal- den, F. Razmus, R. Mansfield Ninth Row - I. Schowink, H. De Vries, H. Zalsmen. O. Foot, I. Golembiewski. E. Gottfield Tenth Row-I. Huiter, R. Kennan, M. Malinowski, E. Peter- son, C. Gill, E. Welbon Eleventh Row-E. Telidzan, D. Hess, R. Maslowski Twelfth Row-T. Frederick, I. Koperski ea ,P Bystanders become hushed with the solemnity of the ceremony performed daily by Union's R. O. T. C. members. Each day at precisely 8:05 A. M. Robert Hammond plays reveille while alter- nating members of the R. O. T. C. raise the Flag of our country. This event takes place at the main entrance of the building. The school day is pa- triotically ended with the lowering of the Flag, to the tune of the bugler playing "To the Colors." OLD GLORY Lett to Right-De Roos, Harasim, Peterson, Robinson. Hammond "Right shoulder arms!" These orders, barl-:ed at the R. O. T. C. by student officers, cause them to snap to immediate attention, and through clever, skillfull maneuvers shift their rifles from one shoulder to the other in perferct uniformity. Other accomplishments promoted by the officers include extensive drill training of maps, as well as the recon- struction of a rifle with not more than two pieces left over. After all the drills have been performed satisfactorily, the command, "At ease!" is given, and these well disciplined otlicers be- come school boys once more. UP IN THE BANKS First Row - Verheek, Whitaker. Paul, Scholes, Owen Second Row-Zulkee, Mulder. Kouchoukos, Chrysler, De Roos inf eclfian To keep up the morale of the company, add color to the unit, and act as hostess at all social gatherings - f these are the duties of every sponsor in the R. O. T. C. unit, Monthly inspections find these girls in perfect attire. Sparkling buttons, regulation shirts, ties, gloves, and shoes add to their uniformity. A green ribbon is given as an award to each for superiority in personal appearance. FEMS IN UNIFORM Lett to Right-Hammond, Krupp, McDowell, Zamiam, Poggi, Ver Hey Keen trigger-squeezing plus steady nerves plus a sharp eye for aiming-head are the qualifications for top notch shooters. The old adage, "Practice makes perfect," is ob- served by the nine members of Union's R. O. T. C. Rifie Team. Obtaining the City Rifle Team Championship was an event for these nine boys, thus bringing the season to a successful end. Outstanding member with an average of 179 is Tom Frederick the best sighter on the team. Captain Paul Kouchoukas and Donald Chrysler are close seconds with averages of 173. Team man- agement is under the able direction of Staff Sgt. Walter O. Lehman. BULI.'S EYE First Row -Mulder, Owens. Paul Second Row-Kouchoukus, Peterson, Bowkamp, Gesslor Third Row-Hansen, Baker, Chrysler, McClure, Frederick "Company, Attention! By the numbers, Hand Salute!" Through such commands during tri- weekly drill, the boys learn the fundamentals of drilling and map studying. Ribbons and medals are awards for the highest ratings in monthly in- spections. Company lf was headed by Louis Paul as lieutenant colonel and Paul Kouchoukas as captain, under Staff Sgt. Wzilter O. Lehman. COMPANY F BRASS BUTTON BRIGADE First Row-M. Gordon Second Row-L. Paul, P. Kouchoukcs. D. Chrysler. A. Whitaker, E. De Roos Third How-Staff Sergt. Lehman, R. Hansen, I. Robinson, B. Kindi , B. Bowkcxmp. E. Obermeyer Fourth gow-M. Peterson, R. Miller. E. Vanhllsburg. A. Buczek, G. McClure, E. Margus Fifth Row-R. Wallington, I. McClellan. E. Pickem. I. Klag, I. Krulek, F. Heyboer Sixt Row-M. DeVoogd, G. Kuraiian, M. Puter. H. Ober- meyer, G. Denton, D. Secholm Seventh Row-G. Zemetis, G. Hale, M. Wornelo, A. Les- kinen, R. Hammond. P. Gessner Eighth Row-M. Koppernal, I. Weronko, D. Kenna. C. Nowicki. C. Suchocki. I. Vosburg Ninth Row-E. Smitter, W. Wysocki, G. Paniwoczek, W. Cross, I. Timmer, B. Sobiechowski Tenth Row-F. Yost. R. Ingersoll. I. Turner. E. Adams, R. Carlson. I. Bouwens Eleventh Row-I. Skowron. B. White. R. Stone. C. Schwcriger, I.. Vcrn't Hot Twelfth Row-I. Rants. W. Weingate fs. I Q". ,QR ,i f Ni. '7 of '43 Witli the greatest number of activity points and the unanimous decision of the faculty, Sylvia Lind- holm, an A-l student, was chosen to receive one of the Dillingham cups, Sharing this honor with her is Douglas Anderson, senior class president and an all-around student. Phyllis Crane, Elsie Kirchen, Anna Fransen, Betty Lobensky, Karl Wfaivio, Esther Nololski, George Ver- heek, Paul Kouchoukos, William Wisse, Anne Whit- ten, Ray Lanski, and Eugene Lundberg were pre- sented with Gold Keys for showing distinctive leadership in extra-curricular activities. lior maintaining a high standard in the various branches of home economics, Sophie Szoka was given the award of that department. Helen Wysocrki and lilsie Kirchen shared the Slaght Award for outstand- ing work in foods. Awarded annually for superior creative ability in some specific held ,the Christine Keck award was given this year to Eugene Lundberg for extraordi- nary work in mathematics. The Marion L. Jennings award was won by joan Schuhardt frightj for excel- lent work in the language department. Margaret Rusch fleftj merited the D.A.R, award for superior citizenship. K 516 ' R011-UQ X buf- exor- UBLXTY- B . wskx. Magzcxteb- Pio usiww. FQ 1 Govemfzjenv va3,G,een slaidiiii Bosleqscxineidw' 595 e A ROW f 595011 QUT ani 55 , G To W town' SOMEdt1:uLxuq9emu' Ku . I V5 ' Tin cans, pots and pans, phonograph records, all kinds of scrap metal, or the purchase of war savings stamps! Dancing and movies were the noon hour activities that required such varied articles as admis- sion. It was the Spanish Club, with Miss Carpenter as adviser, that sponsored these recreational activities as its defense project. Forward to the peace front! French, after a year's leave, has marched back into the class room to be studied by future citizens for use as a weapon in the peace of tomorrow. Newly organized, the French Club, under the direction of Miss Scholes, has been collecting books and jokes for soldiers. YOUTH SPEAKS FORTH MR. ALBERS, Smith, Wolfson. Anderson. Gruenbuuer Even when the new system of two-membered debate teams instead of three was tried out this year, the team captured the top honors in the city tourna- ment and tied the contest in Muskegon. These decisions made them eligible for the state elimina- tions. However, the team did not enter because of gas rationing. Laying the foundation for world understanding, not only by studying the language but also working for the Red Cross, the Latin Club, under the sponsor- ship of Miss Blake, has purchased five over-seas kits, made scrapbooks, and knitted squares as their con- tribution to future peace. DOING THEIR PART Standing - Cook Seated-De Haan, Van Oosten, Ziemski, Crowley, Ogrodm Hants, Smeenge. Castor, Mergenthaler, Champion, Ludw HOOD ' n Konexfgirchen sg WA Tc Coleman, ZIFUL EYES mpujskil Gidnqrzl N ass, pqdxgmgml Smith 1 9 Wm f Ogrodi nsk i, Ellihgsonl DEMOLITIO N s First QUAD1 secongow N Ba . . Th, vm, 'Fw X ms. wein fl 6113 "" Howlogenoofis' Lufffte' Bans caper' fvlgiggsen orsiqnggllysgkeiii, Ron e e c 1, ' "HYde, N0 rsoll, Aqrgeowski, Mu neman. Behm F fmz. Fixlerirgf: ffl HE S ' feaedck UQ. Ki., B P D Maintaining good order and discipline in "ye olde Alma Mater" is the duty ot' the ever watchful and alert service staff memhers. These faithful hall protectorates guard their posts, watching for those who would dare disturh the blissful silence of those strangely peaceful halls during class hours. Under the direction of Mr. Hess, a group of boys known as the liomh Class has heen formed. The hoys are taught the procedure to follow in case of an air raid, how to put out incendiary homhs, and what to do with hysterical people. , aka . I' veehs An all--out search for keys, lasting ten days, made room 334A the winner of a large key awarded the group collecting the largest number of poundage. Altogether the school turned in 173 pounds ot' keys. Mr. Marousek supervised the campaign, Proof of the Men-ln-Service-Clommittc-e's good work can be seen on the first floor. Here in a large display, under Mr. Guy's direction, are the names of alumni and this year's graduates who are taking an active part in the war. EY KIDS HONORING UN1oN's 1-iznozsi First How - Crcme, Loverin, Pinder. Gommeson. Hcrvelhorst Second Row-Hacket, Stranz. Pukszta Pukszta, Anderson, MR. EARLY, Grundman. Kanehl, Lobensky Seagren. Ludwick 335,44 V Wyse vw ,- V Sv. Q W Q ii ww .ani ik 'I , DWL HLSLHW A ..,, pf V, ?Qf GIRLS ON THE HOME FRONT 04841019 New To develop personality, initiative, leadership, and social poise are the aim and endeavor of the Home Economics Club, sponsored hy Miss Traut. The cluh advocated the wise use of spare time this year hy the major activity of making lap robes for soldiers in Red Cross hospitals. These girls also kept in touch with trends and topics in the home economics world. Through sales these girls contributed to the Red Cross and the Home Economics Scholarship Fund. Chosen hecause of their high standards in scholarship, leadership and character, the senior counselors give advice and Knitted afghans, cotton afghans, layettes, hospital slippers, and utility bags were made hy the junior Red Cross girls during the past year as their con- tribution to the war effort. They also collected hooks and magazines and through sales obtained one hun- dred dollars to give to the American Red Cross. Miss Dockeray, adviser of the cluh, assisted Edith Altman, president, Dorothy Verboom, secretaryg and julias Margoles, treasurer to carry out the club activities. WHAT'S NEW IN HOME EC? Wysocki, Dettman, Schultz, Smith, Bulgooyen, Bonezkowski, Minnur, Draeger, Szoka rssistance to the much bewildered seventh graders. Each counselor has a group with whom he meets once a week. These seniors help the seventh graders plan their programs, discuss hobbies, encour- age new friendships. ln these various ways the counselors help these wideaeyed kids over trouhlesome spots. First Row - MIS S D O C K E H AY, Ramey, Wapner, Berkovitch, Verboom Second Row -Altman. Walkinson, Post, Verhuar CONFUCIUS SAY" First How -Wysocki, Iohnston, Ianis Second Row -Schuhcrrdt, Nadolski, Lewis Third How - Hartwell, Rusch, Lobensky, Crane Fourth Row - Kouchoukos, Mosketti Left--First Row: Zoet, Heeran, Heald, Palmateer. Dewar Seeond Row: Rexford, Van Alsburg, Valkema, Watson Second Row: Newton, Van Liere, Peterson. Smart, Nyberg, Baits Third Row: Wrldbahn, Zyrnko Third Row: Billings, Workema, Birxdar, Sparks, Ienkins, Sumner Center--Poet-Iulius Margolis: Franz Zuiber-Reid Hansen: Mrs. Gun- Right -First Row: Loosenort, Schawe, Gorton, Vrosh, Schustha ber-Evelyn Lund. Sian-aimfffecf 5 The curtains opened, a fanfare sounded, and the final tableau presenting selections from the "Nut- cracker Suite" created an admirable ending for the vocal Christmas concert. The beautiful "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," several selections by the choruses, and a scene depicting the birth of the hymn, Silent Night, all held the rapt attention of the audience. Miss Best, director, merits sincere praise for the suc- cess of the project. "Weir Songs on Parade," another of Miss Best's achievements, revived interest in the military tunes written since the French and Indian War up to the present day conflict. Many colorful, student enacted scenes portrayed the spirit of the songs as the vocalists chorusecl the rousing refrains. To give students additional opportunities to learn and sing present day patriotic songs, several Victory LEG WORK Axlord, Rudik. Byrne, Klein, Leach, Le Baron, Forberg, Van Bendigom Song assemblies were held during the school days. l'Get an eye full of that tap dance and line kick." The Frolliettes were again featured in the Frollies of '43, directed by Miss MacDonald. Additional features were the Swingerettes who sang popular war songs of this warg Doug Morse and Arlen Dingman, who did a special tap dance. A former Union cheerleader, Bill Roh, acted as master of ceremonies. Flags of the United Nations were featured at the Book Week Assembly, of which Miss Grace Thom- asma was in charge. Rabbi Folkman and Mrs. john Dykstra were guest speakers. On display in the halls and library were books banned by the Axis, books that Pearl Buck said would teach the oriental people about America and the students about foreign countries. UNITED THEY STAND Vander Molen, Van Ysseldyke. Paler, Carlson, Dingman Krulek, Ronald Cooper. Randall Cooper, Vander Ploeg De Vries -- - A- ,.. .c.. , . W wry, www, ,MW -X X F, 2 g Q AEM ,,, 1 H f 2 me W ff ffl? Q 2 . 'Q Mg ,V 5 V eg 1, tial, E N1 , V.. 2 1 3 Q , V K igkwi , gl K t , fix ,XA 1 1 Q fix' W ' , , I . ,Q .7 Q ,bmw Wk n ' W' 1, M ,in 3 an V323 Q Vik A ,V , , Y Af? 3. m 1 iff, I , X K 1, r my K Q3 , 3 9 6,5 4Q,fw1 A if 1 2,1 , , :rh- ,X ' - f f Sf 1 ,sf sa 3 I , ' " y A fig, M v " X f f 5 ,, ,, . , 5 Q , 11 ' gf 5' ' I qs 5 Q. A 25? W ,iv 3 E it Y E' Q W ,fi fy, sg, 5' X g,g3j'?' 55 gym , I ' ,Q xx A k g 'Q " ' h jf. 'Q 'ZX QL, gwfgxg A ggi? AX--4 'E 'F"',1N ffl 6 X...K 3 -' 4. N, if f,XQ-A Mrk WMA fbi: J 1 4 ..-. Q-5,55 A- H ,-1.?'Hw 3, .I af? fini :A - G m 722 if 4 G if ? 52 , ,W N if 54 An.. j i? l 'A .D M. , Y . . A V MQ. Y YW 1 D '?5'2f 'Z 1 if I ,F 5, 5 9 ,Hsin - '51 x i f X 1 my wiiwa ww 3. 0' . fi'-1-N T 'fl J' if Sw . ' iff' ' X .ff I' .-L-' Q' 1' .fi J '1 A . . jf' .1 -4,1 'F'-'N x g 1-H, , ,:. x A . .fx Q A , 'fr' '. ,filw wx. Q ,gig su, 6 . if if N "Q . 4 Af H H I A 'S , Ili E s - Xi ' A' P 'ff br .hy .V,,. t- , L.: ,.: I It . X ., ' - f., j 1' ,a ... - , " - 1- 5 4 -1 ' , "' u 1 ., ,Q H ,1 W' Y A., ',.- L rf I , f .- ig' 2 ' ku A 25, wh'-.' ' -1 I A N D 25'-1 f .i""l, 'fy V Z 2 f , ' ' .sv if 1 h , , , , bf xigf '53 "Q 5 : A "fi 'tgh' Q '. ' ' - .' ' Q ,Q-'J .. ' ., A '-1 .J 1 Y " f -Q-.5 ,a :ff :AF :V 'I I K qi? E5::' :- hw f n ' Q5 A 2 '3 fk , .fi ,, .fA "' f' V .- 1 4- if ,1 A-'Z -.?'f" it ' ' ..1.x5,u 3- , -I -DA. :Y 3 F. 3 -.. -'--:K sa- A V 2 x M 15 122337 H h 1 iff' ' ' ' ' f' , - V I5 1 'Ya ' , Q '41 ug 1. ' .9 Q 31 :xg 12. N -:.! ' . .Ig - if ig wx 'f x I .1 X 1? N-1' A-AEK, h "fag-z 1'P?fii '-'- . :WX S.. - .. fluff 4-132, 1'. 1' ' ,1 . . A I v , S f Q Fw ' f 1, .Sf f - - A ,Pk 7f'i'?7" l ffl' f" ' "i Aff9 :" ' . ' ' 2292? 5'f:1 "' 1 N -pi r pi :W 1 Nw W , iw- I ' 1 5. 41 I Q ' -- Q21-1,124 f3w:,, ,',a5-J, ff- TS-'P h ' . -A 4 ' - 24 . ' h , 4-,3 :Q AE. h ,Y f K+ ff ff' '-,ti-4., 1: ' 'N-u'2.as1y -0- Difhculties are things that show what men MC- - EPICTETUS i631 404 Edin .Ewing Heaeaie iwifeal of fbuhoqf Maia Zhqfwlf ana! who Madam". 'Www me Me inculaafecf in Me auaza-ge 9171-lancfioqafzfnian Scfzaal. pfzydicalfflllneddcauwlficiaeaiflaflawaacf 7a Jaullcfalaffq mzuwwwawmmwuinada Ifafikafaliiaam. acuziawi wma, dnzda wx faalltall, Aadwidall, imnu,Aa4eAaJl,mJb1wk,Afun1q4r09edm !Z'l'ea4Jnuif1-emdeq-maAl'e!1qancf,a6aae azz,z1.21,4cf,,,.,z0,,zzmWf0f..,a1zfu,me,, afncfwonzenfoadeifedaliuinqinlfxefonma- aowwfnen-man, 1fM.,W,gm.fa,,-a-wee4?4,,,,zm Aw,wmem4z0zzwMum40,4,WJ baUqyndMAa,bpaepme Wemdwwwmpmmmmw Wqmkwwmwwuwnyww. Jil' n Wax ,V 'J O li O 'n ik- Sum rwf'3""' v kv: . 'c'I- I YNQWSW E115 neil Railuafllaison- Homes 1 u ' ic ' Wo ,Aon Sfflnow j, ll 192201: eve' fyxzona B: ZSKDKK . 541316 W' "We're loyal to you." At these familiar words, the song and cheerleaders can be seen, rain or shine, spurring their Alma Mater and filling hearts with school spirit. True to form, this human blur of red and white togs are seen performing their duties at pep assemblies and on school battlefields. These popularly chosen pep-pushers have contributed much to 'ye old school housef To obtain support from the student body, the Athletic Council has once more been under way with Maynard "Doc" Ellingson as its energetic adviser. It has promoted ticket sales, boosted advertising for rival athletic feats, and put over a number of successful pep assemblies. The council has earned its niche in the sport world at Union. HEARTY PROMOTERS Seat . . clnski, Kanehl. Bowens, Leskinen ed - Ahmns, Baruta Velle L Standing - Kennedy, MR. ELLINGSON l65l FW Q-',. W3 K, S 5 5 mv wi 31' WBAR ' EZEBSKJSSWZ Q j figs . S Aiiviidhvf 'Mir if RX' " MA ' Jo YAA S- X 3 iw A "v 6 I' M 1 fr f if 7 .KM if 'ff Q S I3 Q Mm I 'main' 33 My ,XI 7 , , If--I ' 'X gif, 'ii '4',AQ'z! fu QE qi 15 'S 14 jjj x I f ' ' :flak f-:I' if ' ' gk Q-my W 31 ' L may A A A . ' g 4 .,... A. if , F ,M fm A l I J' . x W2 ' , A ' ff' N iv 5 k ,.:iM.Ms!i,522 14,7 A ,V AIVL -K Vi 5 K' 7 M W , I Q K K X K V1 Q Q is Q 2? XE cy W 5' 5 my 9 N--. if- 1, W x p Q Tl 5 i Q I if f we A,,A- ' E 1 wiiis 'dr' :ij if A Ii. ' 7 QW . Z-W , gi i 1? X f N f fi he Q 3 ESF NET-WITS First Row -Blackport. Turner. Wollson. Margolis, Lahr Second Row-COACH MEYERING. Bowkamp. Margis, Smith. Geyer. De Haan ClNDl-ZR POUNDERS First Row - Towns. Czuhai. Gigowski. Milewski. Verbis, Civinskas, Grundman Second Row - B o rk o ws k i , W o ro b e c . Nelson. Miller, Gessner. Kurkiian. Stoul Zlydaszyk. COACH HESS Third How-Chapel. Polmanteer. Skipp. Waivio. Captain. Kellar. Kozlovich Phillips. Fortuin. Carlson. Hip insteel Fouri Row -Lomasiewicz. Hanson. Simonis. De Vries. Sobiechowski, Roudis Cleland. Iohnson. Buczek. Van Loozenoord. Wheeler. Cox. Manager Missing - Hartwell. Ruben. White Warm WMZQMW Witlm blue skies and balmy days, comes the familiar twang of ball on racquet. From twenty-four hopeful candidates, Coach Meyering picked justin Geyer and jim Turner as number one and two men, respectively, to carry most of Union's tennis burdens. Though much hard work was experienced, the team had a very successful season. A crack of the starting gun! Flying feet, and another cinder season began. Witli forty newcomers and only three letter winners of last year, Coach Hess piloted his Red Hawks through a successful season. Waivio, Carlson, and Hippinsteel, the only veterans, S W "" ' were very instrumental in assisting the Hawks this year. From about 75 hopefuls, Coach "Doc" Ellingson began picking a fast powerful baseball squad. Starting practice April 3, at Third Street play ground, and moving later to Valley Field, Coach Ellingson stressed mostly the fundamentals of baseball. Witliotit doubt, the team has made a proud mark on the ledgers of time for I9-45. SWING SHIFT Hammond BATTLING BATTALION Firsl Haw-COACH HLLINGSON. Brummel, Barula. Totoraitis, Wisse. Hammond, Mosketti. Wysoczynski. Sund. Castor Second How-Sund. Lentz. Van Oss. Westfield. Glass. Rekucki Third How-Kalchuk. Hendrickson. Fletcher. Nelson. Hessel. Vander Plaase -2 1? 5 f 'Nw M! if 3 1 1 ai 1. 935 1 W Us 33+ ..:,5E,,,.,.:Eg.:.,.,,.:,:,: ff t??f'fg2iS! 5' 5 2 1 Q51 X 2 2 B 1 gr, 3 2 ""N.,,1..4f' ? i K. ii. K H ag Z X. k 9 QR N M g sg f ' 5 :Q -f Sfj nil' V N, 4 .L 3 N, M' K f ' 9 V -W , F ,, A , . . MW, ' 24935235 L:f?1TNfiff2f N q'Z . WM. W. Q, .sam Adama, Harold, 561 Eleventh St., N.W ...........--. - Adriaansen, Cornelia, 1424 Pine Ave., N.W ....... Adriaansen, Frances, 1424 Pine Ave., N.W ....... Ampulski, Lucille, 766 Fifth St., N.W ---..---,------ Anderson, Douglas, 1012 Oakleigh Ave., N.W .... .......8-6179 ...EES-5543 .......,.....7-2169 Anderson, Robert, 307 Scott Ave., N.W ...,............---A---r----- Andrew, Richard, 919 Lake MlChifl3U Dr., N-V7 --A---------- Apkarian, Wilson, 857 Tenth St., N.W ................ .............9-7037 Baker, Arthur, 1720 Bristol Ave., N.W ..............-.... ...-.-, 7 -S435 Baranowski, Florence, 741 Fremont Ave., N.W ..,.... .,.. Barber, Robert, 832 Scribner Ave., N.W ..........,. Barnes, Patricia, 127 Hastings ............,...,......1.. Barstis, Joe, 614 Turner Ave., N.W .....,......... . Batts, Arthur, 1116 Muskegon Ave., N.W ....... . Bednarz, Helen, 307 Gunnison Ave., S.W ........ Bender, Eugenia, 635 Third St., N.W ............. Bennett, Betty, 729 Atwood St., N.E. ..... ....... Bennett, Charles, 1651 Alpine Ave., N.W ........... Benzin, Frances, 1420 Maplewood Rd., N.W ....... Beute, Arlene, 834 Roger St., N.W ................... . Biziorek, Edmund, 1013 Hovey St., S.W ......... Blattner, Ernest, 652 Garheld Ave., N.W ......... . Boettner, Geraldine, 1401 Pannell Rd., N.W ....... Bolthouse, Joan, 1143 Jennette Ave., N.W ........... Boonstra, Evelyn, 1044 Lincoln Ave., N.W ......... Bouchard, Hubert, 258 Valley Ave., N.W ....... . Bruinsma, John, 1450 Hillcrest Ave., N.W ........ Brummel, Harry, 1801 Walker Rd., N.W ........ Bryska, Harry, 747 Seventh St., N.W ............ Buensch, Ruth, 844 Dayton, S.W ........................ Burgstahler, Joan, 611 Front Ave., N.W ....... . Canute, Jack, 543 College Ave., N.W .............. Choals, Leonard, 854 Bridge St., N.W ............... Christopoulos, Demo, 418 Barker Ave., N.W ...... Christopoulos, George, 418 Barker Ave., Chrysler, Donald, 1117 Kusterer Dr., N.W ......... Cieslewicz, Lorraine, 951 McReynolds, N.W ....... Cleland, Robert, 1042 Richmond St., N.W ,....... Coates, Iris, 547 Crosby St., N.W .......................... EIIE6-5595 .......6-5179 .......6-8811 ...EES-1742 ...ZZ8-3391 .......7-9595 11:8-0693 .......9-2046 .......7-7282 .......9-5284 .......9-0574 .......8-4466 ....... 8-8424 ....... 8-8424 .......7-2529 .......7-6988 .............7-7854 Crane, Phyllis, 204 Burton St., S.W ................................. 5-1773 Cumberworth, Rodney, 1319 Maplewood Rd., N.W ......... 7-1630 Czuhai, Eugene, 1167 Sixth St., N.W ................................. Danielson, Helen, 1549 Sibley St., N.W ............... Danko, Frances, 942 Sibley St., N.W ................ DeHamer, Joyce, 539 Scribner Ave., N.W ........... .......8-3623 IESSI9-8628 Delinick, Eleanore, 1440 Tamarack Ave., N.W ....... .... DeKorne, James, 1115 Second St., N.W ............... Dettman, Evelyn, 1110 Second St., N.W .................... .... Deverman, Antoinette, 924 Underhill Ave., N.W ............... De Witt, Mina, 1009 Crosby St., N.W ..................... Dingman, Arlin, 1068 Ida Ave., N.W ................... Dolphin, Shirley, 1643 Alpine Ave., N.W ........ Doyle, Thomas, 759 Butterworth St., N.W ........ Drake, Katherine, 831 Bridge St., N.W ............ Dvkema, Howard, 76 Richards Ave., N.W ........ Edwards, Virginia, 620 Crosby St., N.W ........ Ellingson, Betty, 254 Richards Ave., N.W ....... . Enbody, Ralph, 1451 Richmond St., N.W ........ Ference, Edwin, 945 Muskegon Ave., N.W ....... Ferris, I.orraine, 1242 Fourth St., N.W .............. . Finstrom. Elaine, 213 Richards Ave., N.W ....... Forberg, Doris, R.R. No. 2 Peach Rd ................ Fransen, Anna, 4 Gold Ave., N.W ....................... Freidrich. Tom, 1069 Collinwood Rd., N.W ...... . Girou, Iris, R.R. No. 2, Walker Rd .............. 5... Glass, Jack, 931 Crosby St., N.W ................ . Glass, Vivian. 222 Valley Ave., N.W ................... .......7-8578 .......7-8726 ...EER-2161 .......8-8389 BEDS-8965 ...BE6-5865 .......8-0716 .......9-8084 :SQ6-7055 820-F12 .....,.7-5321 Gonom, luanita, 627 Stocking Ave., N.W .............. ..... Gorski, Jennie, 1126 Davis Ave., N.W ............................. 6-6782 Goudawaard, Marion, 1021 Leonard St., N.W .......... Gould, Ruth, R.R. No, 2, Peach Rd .......................... . Gressler, George, 917 First St., N.W ........... . Grose, Wesley, 517 Crosby St., N.W ............... Guthan, Antoinette, 916 Fourth St., N.W ....... Haadsma, Kay, 1118 Leonard St., N.W ........ Hale, Albert, 1007 Eleventh St., N.W ............... . Hammond, Geraldine, 900 Fourth St., N.W ...... . Hammond, Mel, 1315 Turner Ave., N.W ...... . Hansen, Harriet, 934 Chatham St., N.W ....... Hanson, Robert, 1046 Richard St., N.W ........ Harkins, Nina, R.R. No. 5 ............................. ......... Hart, Mary, 1463 Fourth St., N.W ................... Hartwell, Richard, R.R. No. 5, O'Brien Rd ...... Hartwell, Robert, R.R. No. 5, O'Brien Rd ......... Hay, David, 210 Garfield Ave., N.W ............... Hayes, Albert, 152 National Ave., N.W ........... Heimeridinger, Roger, 33 Gold Ave., S.W ...... . Herrmann, Robert, 1141 Bridge St., N.W ....... Hessel, Ruth, 836 Fourth St., N.W .......................... ..,.-i:l6-6665 ........8-0882 772-F14 ........8-9701 ........8-3631 ........8-3631 SEEBE6-1153 ...SES-9418 Heyt, Betty Jane, R.R. No. 2, Peach Rd ............................. 7-9774 Hoisington, Roger, 327 Woodmere Ave., S.E ................. 9-0551 Holmes, Bonnie, 59 Richards Ave., N.W ............. . Host, Robert, 1512 Walker, N.W ...................... Howard, Mae, 2608 Miller Ave., N.E ............... Hrybyk, Ann, 18 Indiana Ave., N.W ...................... Hupp, Charles, 1341 Hamilton Ave., N.W .......... Hunter, Phyllis, 1045 Jackson St., N.W ............,. . Jakems, Evelyn, 1564 Turner Ave., N.W ....... Janis, June, 218 Straight Ave., N.W ........,... Jarka, Bernice, 11 Valley Ave., N,W ......... Jarosch, Jack, 631 Pettibone Ave., N.W ........ Jarvi, Ernest, 665 Garfield Ave., N.W ............ Jarvis, Earl, 1513 Powers Ave., N.W ............. Jelsma, Barbara, 931 Cogswell St., N.W ....... Jensen, Marion, 5 Mt. Vernon Ave., N.W ....... Jewett, Betty, 311 11th St., N.W .................,.. ........9-6833 ....':l.7-64311 ::i:9-2727 ........7-2387 ...i::8-2628 ........9-7843 ........8-9172 ........7-5135 ...fffffo-9730 Johnston, Peggy, 446 Clancy Ave., N.E ............,................ Juntunen, Jack, 1525 Fremont Ave., N.W ...... ...................7-061O Kadish, Ray, 1031 Quarry, N.W ......................................... 8-0649 Kamasouskas, Matilda, 1216 Hamilton Ave. Kari, June, 655 Broadway Ave., N.W .................. Karolkiewicz, Jennie, 755 First St., N.W ...... Kastner, William, 201 Glenhaven Ave., N.W .......... Keena, Lorraine, 1721 Alpine Ave., N.W .......... . Kelley, Virginia, 510 Crosby St., N.W ................ King, Bertha Mae, 4th at Valley Ave., N.W ....... Kirchen, Elsie, 807 Jackson St., N.W ....,.......... Kitler, Russell, 1543 Tamarack Ave., N.W ...... . Klatt, Gerald, 909 Fourth St., N.W ............. Klawiter,Loretta, R. R. 2, Peach Rd ................ Klein, Iris, 648 Chatham St., N.W ..................... Knoll, Mary Jean, 627 Valley Ave., N.W ............. Koning, William, 1421 Tamarack Ave., N.W ..... . Korf, Robert, 969 Powers Ave., N.W ............... Kouchoukos, Paul, 1228 Scribner Ave., N.W ....... Kuklewski, Victoria, 747 Sixth St., N.W ........... Kulak, Dorothy, 919 Nagold St., N.W ......... . La Brenz, James, 1106 Second St., N.W ........ Lakatos, Julia, 827 Richmond St., N.W .,........... Lake, Florence, 1511 Garfield Ave., N.W ............ . Lanski, Raymond, 1065 Woodrow Ave., N.W ........ Lapham, Steward, 40 Valley Ave., N.W ......,........ Lastoczy, Ruth, 1523 Powers Ave., N.W ,,,........... Laude, Lawrence, 1127 Scribner Ave., N.W ....... . Lewis, Colleen, 746 Leonard St., N.W ............,.. Lindholm, Sylvia, 681 Third St., N.W ............ Lobensky, Betty, 124 National Ave., N.W ....... Lundberg, Eugene, 553 Lincoln Ave., N.W ....... Madura, Catherine, 759 Fourth St., N.W ............. Maher, Dorothy, 108 Lexington Ave., N.W ........ . Malinowski, Lucille, 1119 Second St., N.W .... ,.... Manni, Leon, 1249 Morgan St., N.W .............. . , N.W ........... ...........8-6327 ...........6-9245 fffffffv-5425 lliiiljitl-0759 ........9-5501 ........7-9752 i::iji7-6342 ..,.....a5897 ........s-9500 ..7-8812 ........9-5665 ........9-5753 f.Affffff6-5076 .,.fffff7-4510 SQISSBE8-6728 ...f.'.'f.'9-4970 ........8-8868 ii:j:i8-5629 ........9-2661 ........7-5374 I7ll 8 . I . Martin, Shirley, R. R. No. 5, O'Brien Rd .,...,,. McClure, Gerald, 1331 Davis Ave., N.W ......... Meeker, Garrett, 422 Carrier St., N.E ................,.. ........7-0929 ........8-8754 Meyers, Kathleen, 1124 Hamilton Ave., N.W ........ ........ 9 -5810 Mikita, Helen, 905 Jackson St., N.W ......,............ Miller, Richard, 899 Rogers St., N.W ............... Millett, Shirley, 2001 W. Leonard Rd ..........., Minnaar, George, 1431 Jennette St., N.W ....... Mohrig, Eleanor, 215 Straight Ave., N.W ....... Moose, Aileen, 1033 Powers Ave., N.W ............... iiii:i7-1930 ........7-8566 ........7-0764 Mosketti, Rudy, 312 Gunnison Ave., N.W .............. ........ 8 -2781 Muilenburg, Jasper, 1417 Powers Ave., N.W .......... ........ Mulder, Willis, 1117 Jennette Ave., N.W ........... Murray, Donald, 923 Valley Ave., N.W ........... Nadolski, 904 Jackson St., N.W ................. Navarra, Josephine, 918 Hovey St., S.W ........ Navarra, Louise, 918 Hovey St., S.W .........,..... Nederveld, Carlene, 1230 Myrtle St., N.W ...,... Nelson, Phyllis, 75 Richards Ave., N.W .............. Northquist, Dolores, 350 Marion Ave., N.W ....., ........8-5615 ........9-3792 ........8-6155 ........6-9286 ........6-9286 .........7-7056 ........6-5767 Obermeyer, Edward, 1028 Lincoln Ave., N.W ........ ......,. 8 -9305 Olson, Charles, 1012 Veto St., N.W ............,.... Olson, Vivian, 1954 Will Ave., N.W ..,................ ........7-6075 Olszewski, Vincent, 454 Second St., N.W ........,....... ........ Omilian, Dolores, 978 Van Buren Ave., N.W ........ ........ 9 -7020 Ortowski, Mary, 1025 Myrtle St., N.W ................ Orsinger, Fred, 214 Garfield .....,...............,......., Owen, George, 311 Scott Ave., N.W .,...,.,...... Owsinski, Helen, 202 Straight St., N.W ........... Owsinski, Walter, 202 Straight St., N.W ....,.... Packer, Vera, 1341 Crosby St., N.W ..l........... Parker, Ruth, 15 Gunnison Ave., S.W ........ Peltola, Irene, 500 Ottawa Ave., N.W .........,.. Peterson, Helen, 241 Sunset Ave., N.W .............. Pinder, Ruth, 1519 Widdicomb Ave., N.W ........ Poggi, Lucille, 915 Hovey St., N.W ................. Porter, Gwendolyn, 814 Twelfth St., N.W ...,... Post, Peter, 670 Scribner Ave., N.W ..,.............. Prince, Bernard, 1244 Hamilton Ave., N.W ..,......... ........9-7815 9 935.0 iiiiiiii9-4730 ........7-7228 ........8-8479 ........9-8664 ........7-9332 Qfffffffs-5398 Prince, Katherine, 1526 Annie Ave., N.W ......................... 7-8488 Princekavich, Lorraine, 1066 Elizabeth Ave., N.W ............ . Pukszta, Virginia, 744 Stocking Ave., N.W ....................... Raczkiewicz, Anthony, 501 Milwaukee Ave., N.W ............. 8-0958 Ramsey, Helen, 152 Turner Ave., N.W ..............,........ Ranta, June, 1029 Kusterer Dr., N.W ......,,.............. ....... . 7-2163 Razmus, Frank, 835 Bridge St., N.W .......... Read, Margie, 410 Marion Ave., N.W ................................. 9-3095 Reynolds, George, 649 Garfield Ave., N.W ...............,,......,. Rediewic, Florence, 1015 McReynolds Ave., N.W ........ .. Richardson, Eileen, 1636 Hamilton Ave., N.W ................. Reynhout, Jacqueline, 1109 Crosby St., N.W ...................., Rrdderrng, Maxine, R. R. No. 5 ...................,................ Ringelburg, Lois, 898 Rogers St., N.W .,........ Roach, Martha, 321 Ball Park Blvd., N.W ,......... 116-809F4 ........7-4332 ........8-3250 Robinson, George, 1211 Bridge St., N.W .............. .,,,.... 8 -3352 Romanski, Gladys, 844172 Chatham St., N.W .,....... . Rouse, Francine, 806 Turner Ave., N.W ............... Rozegnal, Joseph, 744 Second St., N.W ........... Rozema, Dale, Comstock Park, Mich ............,. Rusch, Margaret, 1338 Myrtle St., N.W ........... Samrich, Esther, 1126 Turner Ave., N.W ............ Saunders, Donald, 1322 Scribner Ave., N.W ........ Sawka, Virginia, 1222 Park St., S.W ..........,...... Schuhardt, Joan, 104 Richards Ave., N.W .,..... Seamon, Joseph, 1710 Elizabeth .................. Shavalier, Marie, 610 Lane Ave., N.W ............. Shearer, Wilma, 718 Gravel Ct., N.W ......,,.......... Skok, Caroline, 1539 Alpine Ave., N.W ............,..... Skryski, Eleanore, 1048 Muskegon Ave., N.W.. Smeenge, Esther, 1036 Powers Ave., N.W ...,....... 1721 ........9-5585 ........6-8911 ffffffffv-5396 ........7-2504 ........7-7138 ........8-3729 ........8-4426 Smith, Eileen, 1230 Front Ave., N.W ........ Smith, Eleanor, 880 Courtney St., N.W ......... Sokup, Helen, 1001 Louis Ave., N.W ........ 7-5992 7-5045 Sonneveldt, June, 2320 W. Leonard Rd ................ Sowinski, Chester, 915 Davis Ave., N.W ....,.......... ......... Steenhagen, Evelyn, 907 Frederick Ave., N.W .... Strach, Michael, 811 Jackson St., N.W ................. Stoneburner, Marian, 1050 Scribner Ave., N.W. Strain, Shirley, 1344 Myrtle St., N.W .................. Stranz, Flossie, 4 Gold Ave., N.W .........,....... Swift, Shirley, 1045 Scribner Ave., N.W ....... Szoka, Sophie, 928 Fifth St., N.W .......... , ....... Teliczan, Edmund, 933 Fifth St., N.W ............ 6-5104 9-6892 7-7235 6-7055 Tepper, Arlene, 1300 Northrup Dr., N.W .......... Thorndill, Tom, 1800 Maplewood Rd., N.W ......... ......... Tomasik, Eileen, 1657 Fourth St., N.W .....,.......... Totoraitis, Harry, R. R. No. 5, O'Brien Rd ......... Towner, Jack, 335 Hogadone ...........................,... 7-1800 6-5696 Turner, Postal, 2501 Lake Michigan St., N.W ....... Van Driel, Hazel, 947 Richmond St., N.W ........... ......... Van Driel, Jacqueline, R. R. No. 2, Walker Rd ........ W Vander Hoff, Ruth, 1039 Eleventh St., N. 7-4559 8-6349 Vander Male, Helene, 1531 Tamarack Ave., N.W ............. 7-6810 Vander Male, Lorraine, 1420 Jennette Ave., N.W ............. Vander Ploeg, Anne, 1141 Tamarack Ave., N.W ....... .. Van Dyke, Ruth, 3000 Alpine Ave., N.W ................ W--i7-6191 Van Ess, Gladys, 944 Parnell St., N.W .,............... ........ Van Gemert, Dorothy, 1215 Myrtle St., N.W ................... 7-4363 Van Hattem, Jeanne, 1143 Fremont Ave., N.W ................. 8-4575 Van Hemert, Ruth, 1230 Arriana St., N.W ..............,......., 7-7275 Van Hof, Maxine, 146 Stocking Ave., N.W ........,............ Van Loozenaared, Wayne, 1019 Jennette Ave., N.W ....... Van Setters, Marian, 1018 Crosby St., N.W ..................... Veenstra, Gertrude, 1133 Lincoln Ave., N.W .... Velte, Lena, 1150 Veto St., N.W ........................ Venema, Elaine, 1518 Widdicomb, N.W .......... Verheek, George, 845 Turner Ave., N.W ........ Vidro, George, 425 Veto St., N.W .............. . Vidro, Robert, 425 Veto St., N.W .............. Visser, Lillian, 860 Jones St., N.W .................... Voshol, Dorothy, 1028 Arianna St., N.W ..,....... :7-8267 .........8-2104 .........6-5720 .........6-5720 Wanrooy, William, 1445 Tamarack Ave., Wapner, Jean, 823 Broadway Ave., N.W ,......... Waivio, Karl, 1050 Richmond St., N.W ............ Weller, Ernest, 1123 Dayton St., N.W ............ Weidenfeller, Hertha, 733 Sixth St., N.W ....... . Weiner, Alvin, 609 Fairview Ave., N.W ........ Whiting, Daryle, 724 Center Ave... .................. . Williams, Betty, 715 Eleventh St.. N.W ........... . Williams, Valerie, 715 Eleventh St., N.W ........ Whitten, Anne, 935 Jackson St., N.W .............. Wierenga, Robert, 1050 Covell Rd., N.W .,...... Winkler, Norma, 1018 Webster St., N.W ....... . Winters, Robert, 1120 Front Ave., N.W .....,...... Wisse, William, 1127 Jennette Ave., N.W ........ Wolfson, Sylvia, 542 Union Ave., S.E ...........,.. Wolters, Ernest, 301 Webster St., N.W ....... Worobec, Steve, 955 Jackson St., N.W ............ .........8-6132 .........9-7400 .........9-3624 .........7-7362 ..,......7-7900 .........8-4706 .........7-4811 Wright, June, 242 Bradford Ave., N.W ...........,..... ......... 6 -5022 Wynsma, Barbara, 1326 Anderson Rd., N.W ......... ......... 7 -1108 Wysocki, Helen, 1344 Walker St., N.W ..................,.......... 7-8196 Yowaish, Mary Alice, 1148 Turner Ave., N.W ........ ...... Zamiara, Olga, 10 Marion Ave., S.W ........,............ ....,. Zeelf, Dorothy, 1049 Woodrow St., N.W ............ ......... 7 -7045 Zeelf, Jack, 631 Third St., N.W .......................... ......... 9 -5428 Zetavicky, Stella, 1246 Quarry Ave., N.W .,.........,, ...,,, Zemaites. Esther, 1335 Hamilton Ave., N.W! ......... ......... Zieziul, Rita, 614 Garfield Ave., N.W ..................... ......... 6 -5187 Zokow, Robert, R. R. No. 5, Lake Michigan Dr. ........ 802-F2 8-6249 Zukowski, Bernice, 243 Seward Ave., N.W ........ ......... 'WWW flflvf Nuyffz-ZZZAAJ iff fiyx 49 ob , MMM wma paw' ' uf.- 'J'- W . .kt 'm1,.,:4 F232 kg,n JQLES 132 ,gm 1 -. , 3. wwf, . wzf 52. P, ,. ifgn ,..Q K K ,N ...v . 5 rCA ,LHS ld 1. '. fi? af-4 :J af .1 k': gk' .- 'L 'UG M L'w: F? 'v w 3 ' 4, If s ' 'Q , 1.- ?,L 2531 2?x. 1. t'g5 L ., mr. ff i 7, SL , , 6 E Vglf, 4 1 f uf--1 f , af-' , , 4' ,L n iuiv -2 r 1 4 U .. 1:-f r r., 1-V g,, ff lva lla 4, n i.'. ..a- Ngg ., 1.- ' x ,

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