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AURCDRA UNICDN I-HGH SCI-IOOI. piols, AM X VII J T938 Foreword The Aurora staff has made an effort to produce a yearbook which will bring back memories of happy days at Union in 193768. We believe that a photograph album and a diary are perhaps the most effective way of ref calling the past, so in our memory book we are making these the outstanding features. Our album contains, for the Hrst time, in addif tion to the usual senior pictures, informal snap' shots of the faculty and group pictures of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades. School life is portrayed in the diary of Jean Unionite. Her activities and interests symbolize those of the average girl studentg while the activif ties and interests of her friend, Joe Highschool, symbolize those of the average boy student. The staff hopes that in the years to come this memory book will bring happy recollections and that our readers will enjoy reviewing its pages as much as we have enjoyed preparing them. Dedication To Miss Myrtle Heseltine, adviser of the school newspaper, The Reflector, and former adviser of the annual, we dedicate this Aurora. She has surmounted the innumerable difficulties which beset a high school publications adviser to produce Reflectors and Auroras worthy of being called Union's own. The Aurora won AllfAmerican honors in 1936 under her capable direction. No other Grand Rapids high school in the last eight years has produced a year' book which has won AllfAmerican honors, and in 1936 no other high school in Michigan won this distinction. Miss Heseltine was a pioneer in the use of action pictures to replace the stiff, posed groups in annuals of byfgone days. The Reflector received First Class rating in 1936 and 1937, another tribute to our hard working adviser's ingenuity and willingness to experiment. Working on the Reflector staff, students become aware of her consideration to all with whom she comes in contact. She would refuse to allow any item to appear in the paper if she thought that it would hurt someone's feelings even an infinitesimal amount. She strives to make her students appreciate and achieve accuracy, that prime requisite of publications work. She knows how to take a joke, loves fun, and has the knack of pleasing everyf body. She knows and understands boys and girls and helps them improve themselves. We salute Miss Heseltine! 5111 'illllemnriam "Loyalty is the holiest thing in the human heart?-Seneca The passing of Mr. William Pearn on February 8, 1938, brought sorrow and a distinct sense of loss to students and teachers who were in any manner associated with him. His cheerfulness, helpfulness, and extended interest in the school beneited Union High School both morally and physically. Whatever was of interest to Union was of interest. to Mr. Pearn. He constantly strove to assist in solving his students' social and vocational problems. He was born February 15, 1881. Following his graduation from Western State Teachers College, he began his career at Lewis Institute in Chicago, by teaching machine shop there as he did for twentyfone years at Union. It was in Chicago that he learned the tool and die trade at which he was most skillful. In September, 1916, he came to Union to teach machine shop, mechanical drawing, and mathematics. He kept his own shop in utmost orderliness and in his spare time made several machines for the science laboratory. Keeping his car in perfect running order was his hobby. Although not a sportsrnan, he was a lover of birds, animals, and the outfoffdoors and was keenly interested in the preservation of nature. During his last illness, new machines, obtained largely through his efforts, had been brought into his shop. His last wish was to see these machines and the shop in which he had served so long. Loyalty and devotion such as Mr. Pearn's is an inspiration to all. 'TY' rsneathen Named to Captam Hawks Nlne ' Bill Sneathen, veteran catcher n Union High baseball team, was. lected by his teammates Wednes-1 ay to captain the squad this year. 1 his is Sneathen's fourth season' the Red Hawks' team. A oach Doc Ellingson said Thurs- ' y that the team was looking for 5 ctice games this week-end as! added measure of conditioningj the coming .ea . , New York-QIPJ-Copper-Barel steadyg electrolytic spot, 10.50 10.750, export, 10.15c. Tin-Stead spot and nearby, 46.30cg forwar 46200, Lead-Steadyg spot, Ne York, 4,75Q4.SOc: East St. Lou 4.60c. Zic-Steadyg East St. Lo spot and forward, 4.5Oc. Quicksilv 916139541 Pig Iron, Alumin antimony, platinum and Chin wolframite unchanged. EAXNNXLIEUV M -ff! 315 40 s I xf W-1 zYv' J i3f..,,:.1...N 3 W 'pmvfwph ii I F if W N ' x-ii ,,.--f-- Y S , -sig-Fa' fe' ff--'M' 1 ' J -.T 'wil ' 71 f-f--" ' ' QJQ '6 H-'- Q f r ,- I x ,...i... Q ,....,s T 'F'-www t-'V-XXI , ' -A-5 FT ' ,ll 1 ,,-.. 'E Lili , It f Q """"" 'FQ -11 - - '-" 3 f -v ' ' Wfww-W'-M 1 Ig .iff Nmfhf-ffwx 1 f A .f-1 ,Y -..,,. z""!.A4-MHx - A.1K x. -ff! w W ! if ix '1'f'.'!'!j , sk l -4 y a JZGD S'!AXIbUm In this section we present an almost complete collecf tion of pictures of the faculty and students at Union High School. We believe that if you study the photographs of the senior girls you will eventually see a picture of an averf age senior girl, whom we are going to call jean Union' ite. Likewise if you study the faces of the senior boys, you will come to know Jean's friend, Joe Highschool. Among the ninth grade pictures you will hnd Ioe's kid brother, Tommy. jean's younger sister, Barbie, typifies the tenth graders. Joe and Iean's senior friends - more than three hundred and seventy in number -- constitute the largest group that has ever been graduated from Union High School. The pictures of their ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade friends are an innovation, for this is the Hrst time that the entire student body has been pictured in an Aurora. We hope that in the years to come the owners of this book will, as they refturn the pages of our album, revive happy memories of schoolday friendships. 45wze1 The Administration Mr. Everest, our energetic principal, is determined that Unionites take part in extrafcurricular activities during their school years. In the picture he is talking with Geraldine Merritt, Gerald Dribbin, Louise Lanski, and Genevieve Kwiatf kowski about plans for the traveling assembly. That student leadership and responsibility should be cultivated by high school students is the belief of Mr. Everest, and it is in this direction that he advises the Student Council, which is the student governing body. It is Mr. Everest, also, who listens to the troubles of all of us, faculty and students alike, and helps us in our difficulties. Miss Blanche Mann, assistant principal, with the aid of Miss Helen Olsen and Miss Violet Eavel, office clerks, has complete charge of the attendance of Union's two thousand, two hundred thirtyftwo high school and one hundred three grade school students. In addition to this work, she is principal of Turner Elementary School and looks after the four hundred twenty children there. At Union Miss Mann is a very busy persong for, besides her numerous other duties, she is the adviser of the Service Squad, which keeps our halls in business' like order, and the supervisor of the N. Y. A. workers, who help the faculty when there are odd jobs to be done. V A-Y1s'N""'TM'w -l-he leaching Stall New specimens are the topic for discusf sion at a meeting of the science department. The members are, from left to right, Mr. Lemuel G. Holbrook, Mr. Henry H. Horn' beck, Mr. Oren D. Stiehl, Mr. Clayton W. Bazuin, Miss Elizabeth I. Perrin, Mr. John Hess, and Mr. Keith Kennedy. , To help choose a new text book is the problem confronting the mathematics def partment. Pictured from left to right are Miss Edith J, Vandenberg, Miss Ina A. Findlay, Miss Harriet Schroder, Miss Mary Mac Lennan, Mr. Fred Voss, Miss Nelle Atwood, Mr. William R. Pease, and Mr. Floyd L. Early. I The members of the commercial depart' ment watch a demonstration of the new Monroe electricallyfdriven calculating ma' chine. From left to right, they are Mr. For' rest E. Lair, Miss Ruby Potter, Miss Clarissa Richardson, Miss Edna Maxon, Miss Eliza' beth B. Crotser, Miss Clementine Willizims, Miss Marie Mc Dermott, Mr. Oren D. Stiehl, Mr. Arthur J. Avery, and Mr. Forrest E. Barr. The Teaching Staff x ls the social science department planning a vacation in the South? Pictured from left to right are Miss Lucile Ellen Meyering, Miss Emma Zur Meuhlen, Miss Evelyn Eos' ter, Miss May E. Conlon, Mr. Richard L. Marousek, Mr. Edward Henry, Miss Gerfy aldinc Masters, and Miss Edith Van Wick' len. Miss Lucille Dunn, not in the picture, is also a member of the social science faculty.X A reforganization of the content of various courses is the problem before these English teachers. They are, from left to right, Mr. C. Dwight Packard, Miss Esther E. Eby, Miss Elizabeth De Jonge, Miss Lillian Thomas, Miss Clara B. Smallidge, Miss Valora Quinlan, Mr. Leonard Meyering, Miss Lavina A. Laible, and Miss Mabel E. Allen. Here you see a meeting of a consultation group of English, speech, and language teachf ers. They are, from left to right, Miss Olga Pershbacher, Mr. Stanley Albers, Miss Grace Thomasma Miss Dorothy J. Farr, Miss Dorothy S. Blake, Miss Myrtle Heseltine, Miss Ruth Carpenter, and Miss Ethel Scholes. The teachers of art and music consult the librarians about new books and magazines of special interest to them. Those pictured are, from left to right, Mr. Theodore Fryfogle, Miss Florence Best, Miss Lucille Ralston, Miss Florence Parsell, Mrs. Alice Peckham, and Mrs. Frances Linn. Miss Edith Barker, not in the picture, is also a member of the art faculty. Mr. George Guy, Mr. Merle Howe, Mr. Paul F. Marckwardt, Mr. Frederick A. Kuhn, Mr. Ernest F. Vreeland, and Mr. Dee A. Reynders, industrial arts teachers, look on while Mr. E. G. Bengston shows them how his new jig saw machine operates. J The 'leaching Stall The exponents of physical fitness at Union High are discussing recent changes in the basket ball rules. lviembers of the athletic staff are Mr. W. Maynard Ellingson, Miss Margaret E, Mac Donald, Mr. john Hess, Miss Esther Vander Broek, and Mr. Elmer Liskey. The merits of a new gas range are under discussion by the home economics teachers, Miss Maude A. Traut, Miss Elizabeth Doc' keray, Miss Marie C. Neuman, Miss Laura L. Rowson, Miss Anita Holland, and Miss Lura V. Sipe. QUT Busy -l-ZGCIWQYS Representing Union on committees choosf ing new books is an extra task for some of our faculty. Miss Mabel Allen is helping to choose new English texts. Miss Mary Mac Lennan is the city chairman of the mathemaf tics committee who will select an elementary math book. On the committee for the selecf tion of a physics text are Mr. Lemuel Holf brook and Mr. Fred Voss. Mr. Clayton Bazuin was the first person to discover the nesting place of the Arkansas king bird in Michigan. He also won the Grand Rapids Audubon migration prize for the year 193 7. Recently he was elected chair' man for two years of the finance and mem' bership committee of the Michigan Education Association. Miss Florence Best is the author of an arf ticle, "Experiments in Student Directing," which appeared in the Music Educators Jour' nal for OctoberfNovember, 1937. She has also written the music for an operetta which was put on in Ann Arbor March 13 and 14, 1938, and is chairman of the music depart' ment of the fourth district of the Michigan Education Association. Miss Elizabeth Dockeray and her clothing classes proved to be real Samaritians when they provided Christmas cheer for sixtyfiive at the Juvenile Home. Refreshments and new and renovated presents were distributed to the children. "Once Glorious Galena," an article written by Miss Esther E. Eby, was published in the Journal of the Illinois Historical Society, in July, 1937. Miss Eby also acted as super' visor of the 1937 Aurora, which won All' American rating. Winning of the regional tournament was the achievement of the Union basketball team, coached by Mr. Maynard fDocj Ellingf son. Hard work and perseverance have made Union city champion three times in three years and have given us thirty straight victories over city teams. The Union band under the direction of Mr. Theodore Fryfogle won second prize at the Tulip Festival at Holland in May, 1937. Early. last December an original skit was broadcast over Station WCOD by Miss Myrtle Heseltine's journalism classes. The skit, "Deadline," showed typical publications staff work and proved a huge success. - Girls in Miss Marie Mc Dermott's session room labored diligently to get enough money to attend the concerts of the Grand Rapids Symphony orchestra. "Where there's a will, there's a way" was proved once again when the girls, aided by Miss Mc Dermott, through food sales and the sale of rags and paper Hnally raised the necessary money. Miss Valora Quinlan represents the high schools on the city Junior Red Cross board. Miss Grace Thomasma was one of the quickfwitted participants in a discussion group dealing with the question, "Curriculum Revision on the Secondary School Level," at the fourth district convention of the M.E.A. last November. Miss Maude Traut is president of the Past Matrons Association, York Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, and acting secref tary of the Grand Rapids Home Economics Club. Among Union faculty travelers is Miss Lucille Dunn, who made an extensive tour of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Poland, and Germany last summer. Miss Blanche Mann, assistant principal, has given many lectures on her recent trip to Bermuda. Sun' ny Bermuda was also the place chosen by Miss Geraldine Masters for her last vacation trip. There is probably no more widely' traveled teacher at Union than Miss Florence Parsell, who has gone to Alaska by boat and traveled Hfteen hundred miles down the Yu' kong enjoyed a camping trip through the West, visited Mexico, painted at Cape Ann, Gloucester, and Provincetown, Massachuf settsg and made two trips to Europe. Follow' ing her last summer's trip to Germany, Miss Emma Zur Meuhlen has given many lectures, on that country including one to the Grand Rapids unit of the American Association of University Women. J TI-TE STUDENT BCDDV Let us introduce to you half of Unionls students gathered on September 30 for the first assembly of the year. You will see them many times on the following pages. We would like to show all of our schoo1's two thousand, two hundred, and thirty' two, but the auditorium accommodates only half of them at one time. Th6xfOllOW' ing day the other students went to a repetition of the same program. Union's three hundred and seventyftwo seniors, ive hundred and five juniors, iive hundred and twentyfseven sophomores, three hundred and ten freshmen, two T121 hundred and seventyfnine eighth graders, and two hundred and thirtyfnine seventh graders are always glad when it is their turn to go to an assembly. No other school event or activity has such universal student appeal. More students assemble in the auditor' ium at one time than ever gather in any other one place. Thus it would be pos' sible for you to meet more students at an assembly than at any other place. If you think that there is a slightly bored or skeptical look on the students' faces at this particular assembly, it is bef cause they are listening to the campaign promises of the candidates for the Student Council presidency. Gerald Dribbin, our silverftongued orator, won the student election held at the close of the meeting. The general quictude and attentiveness which prevail at assemblies prove that they are both educational and interesting to the students. We hope that, if you cannot find your' self in this picture, you will be able to do so in the succeeding pages which contain senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman pictures. I E131 7--T - Vfff- V- f - s Senior Qllicers A I E rr 1 sr , .1 fr li l P G' r l 1. Eur. . President . . . A. Zimnowski . ' - ' . . . . V. R h - Adviser Vzce preszdent - o Adviser M V Girl Treasurer . . B. Edlson Miss Thomasma I'. S . O S Boy Treasurer . . W. Mlller Secretary . . L. Stoll Pictures Invitations Mary Finckler, Edward Birgelaitis, Hilda Ruth Iarvi Ka-suba, Helen Fultz Orchestra Memorial Edmund Ianiak Ethelmae Sweeney, Edmund Ianiak Decorations Pla-9 Frances Samiec, Margaret Dane, AldOI1-H Ethel Niemi, Fred Seaholm, Lucy Manoo- Viktaravich gian, Ernest Gommesen A C Refreshments nnouncements and aids Iohn Michalak, Helen Palma, Etta De Mildred Mohrig, Bernard Au France Young Class Song I Richard Goolian, Ethel Niemi, Amon Checking l , , Loretta Rumlnski, Iosephlne Matel, Elean- Bumgarner, Margaret Dane , . nor Potapa, Irene Skuzinski Motto Grace Hall, lack Hart, Naorna Lovett, C19-3n'UP Bernard Ia,-mol Charles Kelezeski Program Publicity Corrine Sonneveldt, Loraine Esenwein, Thomas Linacre, Amon Bumgarner, A Louis Ungrey, George Bosse Maurice Barbour, Blair Mc Kenzie U41 Adamczak, Emily U. H. S. Club 1115 German Club 11, 213 Senior Girls' League Aleszka, Mary Senior Girls' League Alicki, Ernest Allen, Walter Allison, Lorraine German Club, President 131g Senior Girls' League, Service Squad 13, 41, N. H. S. 141 Anderson. Corrine Anisko, Louis French Club 131 Appel, Robert HifY Club 12, 3, 41g Football a S rs 12, 31 Armitage, Betty Girl Reserves 13, 41, Vicefpresident 141, Aurora Sfaifg Student Council 141g Senior Girls' League Atkinson, Mary El., H. S. Club 1415 Senior Girls' Leagueg Girls' Meet 3 Au France, Bernard Football 12, 3, 41g Track 12, 31, Latin Club 13, 41g Varsity Club 13, 41, President 141 Ayers, Agatha N. H. S. 13,'41g Aurora Stziffg Audubon Club 13, 41, Vice-president 141, Counselor 141 Baar, Stewart HifY Club 13, 413 Athletic Council 121 Bailey, Frederick Student Council 131g Hi-Y- Club 141, Conservation League, Treasurer 141 Balinski, Dorothy Senior Girls' League Balulis, Lucille Senior Girls' Leagueg Audubon Club 141g N. H. S. 141 Barbour, Maurice Bar and Chevrons Club 12, 3, 41g Public Relations Staff 141g Lieutenant, R, O. T. C. 141g French Club 1l1 Baron, Walter German Club 1313 Aviation Club 1119 Student Man' ager 11, 2, 31 Barrett, Frederick Basarahski. Mary Audubon Club 12, 3, 41, Secretary 141, Mixed Chorus 121, Girls' Glee Club 121g Spanish Club 121 Beasecker, Richard Bessey, Alva HifY Club 13, 415 Track 13, 41 Beyer, Robert Captain, R. O. T. C. 141, Bar and Chevrons Club 12, 3, 41, Vicefpresident 1415 Rifle Team 13, 41g Model Club 12, 31 Bigorowski, Eugene Model Club 1215 Bar and Chevrons Club 12, 31, Cheer Leader 1413 Pep Club 141 Birgelaitis, Edward N. H. S., President 1413 I-lifY Club, President 1415 Associate Editor Aurora Biziorek, Raymond Senior Band 12, 3, 413 Hi'Y Club 131g Airplane Club 1213 Service Squad 141 Bolthouse, Wilma French Club 111g G. U. C. 131g Military Tap 131, Home Economics Club 111 Boone, Marian Gan' Gke cnt 1D ll5l ig Q! S KJ J 4 J '7 . I E1 , X 5 Borgeld. Marie Girl Reserves 111, U. H. S. Club 1313 Senior Girls' Leagueg Audubon Club, President 141 ' Bosse. George Boys' Glce Club 1415 Mixed Chorus 141g Press Club 141g Reflector Staff 141 Boukma. Egbert Bousman. Ieanne Senior Girls' League, U. H. S. Club 141, Girl Reserves 141g Spanish Club 1413 Service Squad 11, 215 Public Relations Staif 141 Bowman. Ruth Senior Girls' League Brand. Robert Athletic Council 121g Reserve Basketball 1213 Public Relations Stail' 141 Broucek. Kenneth Editor-infehiet' Aurorag Reflector Staff 1415 HifY Club, Secretary 1413 N. H. S., Vicefpresident 141, Counselor 141, Student Council 131 Bryska. Harriet Spanish Club 12, 31, U. H. S, Club 111g Junior Audubon Club, Secretary 1113 Senior Girls' League Bumgarner. Amon Cheer Leader 141, Aurora Stailg Reflector Stan' 141g Senior Playg HifY Club 131 Bustraan. Susan Home Economics Club, Secretary 1113 Girl Reserves 11, 41, Vicefpresident 111g German Club, Seeretaryf Treasurer 12, 31, U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 41, Vice' president 131 Carey. Iune French Club 13, 41g N. H. S. 141 Carls. Henry Captain, R. O. T. C. 141g Bar and Chevrons Club 11, 2, 3, 41 Carsok. Mildred U. H. S. Club 141g G. U. C. 12, 3, 41, Girl Ref serves 141g Senior Girls' League, Spanish Club 121g Service Squad 11, 21 Cederquist. Earle Drumfmajor 141g Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 413 Model Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Vieefpresident 13, 41 Chase. Birnird Cheslock, Celia Spanish Club 121, Home Economies Club 111, Senior Girls' League A 'cavimki . Charles 1 'H - 1 b. , , gi - k , :QB kr 11' Q mixing Cl1Sbx'r2sureiQ14'1'K 3' 41 Qdljfrmibbixlizb sr 1' ' - Clark. Phyllis 3 Girl Reserves, Vicefpresident 111g G. U. C. 1215 Girls' Meet 11, 2, 3, 41g Mixed Chorus 111g Service Squad 111 Colyetl. Morton. Boys' Glee Club 1,-113 R. O. T. C, 12, 31 Cowell. Mabel Aurora Staff, Audubon Club 141g Senior Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club 131g Community Council 141, Student Council 11, 21 X Cox. Meredith Reflector Staff 141g French Club, Treasurer 141 Crater. Doris Girl Reserves 1413 N.. S. 13, 41 4 D Crowley. Harrie 4 HIQYF' 7 Tir' 3 A Boys' Glee Club 11. 2, 3, 41, MixedlChorus 12, 3, 41g Solo Class 13, 41g Spanish Club 131 Czerew. Robert Basketball 1213 Track 1215 Golf 111 Czuhai. Ruth Dales. Donald R. O. T. C. 11, 2, 3, 41, Corporal 141g Bur and Chev' rons Club 141 Dane. Margaret Student Council 131g Cofehairinan, Welfare Committee 1313 G. U. C. 12, 3, 41 De Boer. Gerald HfY Club 12, 31 1161 De Haan, Mary Athletic Council 13, 41, Dramatics 131 De Hamer, Phyllis Senior Girls' Leagueg Girl Reserves 141 De Hollander, Robert Delinick, Florence Spanish Club 1315 Reflector Stall 141 I Dellacher, Rose Girls' Glee Club 11, 2, 31g German Club 121 De Looli, Arthur HifY Club 12, 313 Student Manager 12, 31 Dettmann, Ruth Senior Girls' League De Vries. Maynard Student Council 141, N. H. S 141 De Young, Gene Aurora Staff- Reflector Stntl 41' Cheer Leader 13, 411 , 1 . Service Squad 141g Pep Club, President 141 De Young, Etta Doak, Rosemary Audubon Club 141 Douma, Martin HifY Club 1413 N. H. S. 141 Drake, Phyllis Red Cross Representative 1l1g Girls' Glee Club, Treas' urer 141g Mixed Chorus 1413 Senior Girls' League Draugalis, Peter Spanish Club 12, 3, 41 Dribbin, Gerald President, Student Council 141, Class President 1314 Senior Playg Reflector Staff 1413 Debating Team 13, 41 Dutkiewicz, Maxine Senior Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club 131g Mixed Chorus 141, U. H. S. Club 131 Dykhouse, Iohn Edison, Betty Song Leader 141g Class Treasurer 1415 Class Vice' president 131g Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41g G. U, C. 12, 3, 413 Service Squad 11, 2, 31: U. H. S. Club, Vice' president 1213 Senior Girls' League Ellis, Irma Home Economies Club 1215 Senior Girls' Leagueg Girls Meet 111g Senior Band 141 Ensign, Betty wg, N. H. S. 141g Girls' Glee Clllb 1213 Senior Girls Leagueg Service Squad 141 Erickson, Ruth ' ,- Girl Reserves 11, 21g Girls' Glee Club 111 Esenwein, Loraine Numeral 121g G. U. C. 12, 3, 415 Home Economics Club, President 1215 junior Press Club, President 1119 Service Squad 11, 2, 31g N. H. S. 13, 41 Ferwerda, Cornelia Audubon Club 141g Senior Girls' League Fields, Joseph Senior Orchestra 111g Debating 1413 Clams Pres dent 111s N. H. S. 141 Finckler, Mary Aurora Statig Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41, President 1313 G. U. C. 13, 413 Audubon Club 111 Finneman, Margit Audubon Club 141g Art Club 141 Fisher, George Debating 13, 415 Spanish Club 121 Flora, Louis Boys' Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Student Manzieer 12, 31g HifY Club 141g Service Squad 1415 Solo'Glass 141 i17l , Flynn, Edna Girls' Glee Club 13, 415 Mixed Chorus 141g Senior Girls' League Ford, Thomas Baseball 12, 3, 41g Basketball 131 Freas, Lorraine Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 31g Girls' Glee Club 12, 31g Service Squad 1l, 2, 315 Girl Reserves 1315 Senior Girls' Leagueg Girls' Meet 11, 3, 41 Frederick, Ann ' Audubon Club 141g Girl Reserves 1l, 41, Senior Girls' League Fuhrmann, Anthea Press Club 121, Advertising Stail 141g Girls' Glee Club 111 Fultz, Helen Girls' Glee Club 1113 Mixed Chorus 1213 Girl Ref serves 11, 21g Aurora Staifg Senior Girls' League Gardner, Robert Football 121g Track 12, 3, 4.1. . Gilchrist, Frances Spanish Club 131g Mixed Chorus 131g Girls' Glee Club 121 Glass, Eugene Glupker, Robert Student Council 131g HifY Club 141, Aviation Club 111 Goeman, Lester Aurora Stal? Golembiewski, Edward Captain, R. O. T. C. 141g Bar and Chevrons Club 12, 3, 41, Secretary 1413 N. H. S. 1415 Rifle Team 141g Spanish Club 12, 31 Gommesen, Ernest Senior Playg Tennis 11, 2, 311 Football 1313 Boys' Glee Club 12, 31 Goolian, Richard Basketball 1l, 2, 3, 41g Reflector Stull 141 Gotch, Ellamae C. U. C., President 1415 Home Economies Club 141g U. H. S. Club 13. 415 Gerrnan Club 121 Gravelyn, Donald Gregorczyk, Casimer Football 11, 2, 3, 41g Spanish Club 12, 31g Varsity Club 12, 3, 41, Boys' Glce Club 121 Groggel, Eleanor U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 41, Vieefpresident 141g Student Council 141, Editorfinfclnef, Public Relations Stal? 141g G, U. C. 141 Grooters, Dorothy Service Squad 12, 311 Spanish Club 121, Senior Girls' League, Press Club 141 Gumnowski, Helen Senior Girls' League Hall, Grace French Club 141g N. H. S. 141 Hankins, Keith Spanish Club, Secretary 141g HifY Club 141 Hansen, Robert Model Club, SecretaryfTre:-isurer 141 Hansma, Robert Hanson, Helen German Club 1213 Girl Reserves 1411 G. U. C. 1413 U. H. S. Club 141 Haraburda, Iohn Harmelink, Maurice Intramural Sports 13, 41g Traek 131 Hart, lack N. H. S., Secretary 1415 Aurora Stallg HifY Club, Treasurer 141 U81 Hayes. Thelma Student Council 111, Spanish Club 121, Mixed Chorus 121, Service Squad 121, Senior Girls' League Haynes, Alfred Managing Editor, Reflector 141, Boys' Glee Club 121 31, Aurora Stall, Senior Play, Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 41, HifY Club 12, 3, 41, Secretary 141, Vicefpresident 131 Hentschel. Robert Senior Play Herda, Wanda G. U. C. 12, 3, 41, Girl Reserves 12, 31, Senor Girls' League Heyer. Mary Mixed Chorus 12, 31, French Club 12, 31, Audubon Club 141, Senior Girls' League, Girl Reserves 141 Heys. Russell Highhouse, William Basketball 111, Football 12, 3, -41, Track 12, 3, 41, Varsity Club 141 Hilton. Willard Hockey. Dortha Senior Girls' League Hoekwater. Dorothy Girl Reserves 111, U. H. S. Club 131, Reflector Stall 141, Audubon Club 13, 41 Homrich, Arline Senior Girls' League, Girls' Meet 12, 31, U. H. S. Club 121, Junior Red Cross Club 121 Honholt, Gertrude ' Song Leader 13, 41, G. U. C. 12, 3, 41, Reflector Staff 141 Hornbeck. William Student Council 141, Activity Planning Committee 141, Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 41 lwanski, lulia Latin Club 1l, 21, Heine Economics Club 111 Iackson. William Ianiak. Edmund Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 41, HifY Club 131, Serxice Squad 141, Senior Play, French Club 121 Ianiak, Regina Girl Reserves 141, Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41, Senior Girls' League Iarmol, Bernard Student Council 111, French Club 12, 3, 41, Vice' president 13, 41, Red Cross Club 111 larvi. Ruth Managing Editor, Reflector 141, Aurora Stall, N. H. S. 13, 41, Student Council 131, Athletic Council 131, French Club, Secretary 141, Service Squad 12, 3, 41 Ieweli, Norma Girl Reserves 141, Senior Girls' League Iohnson. Lois French Club, President 141 Kalee, Adrian Kalkofen, Robert Dramatics 13, 41, Spanish Club 12, 31, Class Secref tary 111, Intramural Sports 12, 31, Editorfinfchicf, Reflector 141 Karslon. Charles Football 12, 3, 41, Varsity Club 13, 41, Vicefpresif dent 141 Kasuba. Hilda Archery Club 141, Audubon Club 141, Senior Orchestra 13, 41, Senior Girls' League Kaufman. Charles f v' Q . . . 4 -1 Football 121, Track 131, Student Council .1113 'Busif ness lvlanager, Senior Play A r an ' Kay. Elsworlh ' ' J' V' R. O. T. C. 12, 31 Kelezeski. Charles Football 12, 3, 41, Track 13, 41, Golf 11, 2, 3, 41, Varsity Club 13, 41, Treasurer 131, Vicefpresident 141 l19l Kelley. Violet 4 Keno. Marie Humane Club 1113 Girls' Meet 11, 2, 3, 413 Girl Reserves 111g Archery Club 1413 Senior Girls' League Ketchel. Helen Mixed Chorus 12, 31: French Club 1313 Audubon Club 141, Senior Girls' League, Girl Reserves 141 Kloet. Eleanor Senior Girls' League Konkle. Donna Koopmans. Harry Korsikas. Albert Cosmopolitan Club 1313 Intramural Sports 141 Kosten. Andrew Conservation League. Secretary 141 Kosten. Ianet Girls' Glee Club 11, 213 Audubon Club, Treasurer 13, 413 U. H. S. Club 1313 Senior Girls' League Koster. Glenn Spanish Club 12, 3, 413 HifY Club 12, 3, 41 Kramer. Lois N. H. S. 141, Student Council 1213 Audubon Club 11, 212 Secretary, Senior Girls' League3 French Club 13, 41, Counselor 1413 Archery Club 141 Krause. Frank Basketball 12, 3, 413 Intramural Sports 12, 313 Boys' Glee Club 111 Kruis. Bernice Aurora Staff: Student Council 121, Audubon Club, President 1413 Girl Reserves 11, 413 U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 413 Senior Girls' League Krulek. Anne Senior Girls' League3 Girl Reserves 141 Krzywosz. Vincent French Club 13, 413 Tennis 13, 41 Ksiazkiewicz. Gus Kucharczyk. Mary Senior Girls' League Kuennen. Roy Model Club 11, 2, 3, 41, President 1413 Bar and Chevrons Club 12, 3, 41g Nature Club 11, 213 Auf dubon Club 1213 Aviation Club 13, 41, President 141 Kuiper. Bessie Girl Reserves 11, 2, 313 Home Economics Club 11, 213 Senior Girls' League Kuiowinski. Anthony Nature Club 131 Kuk. Irene Senior Girls' League Kunst. Lawrence Kutchin. Ioyce Girl Reserves 13, 413 U. H. S. Club 13, 413 Audubon Club 1413 Service Squad 12, 31 Kulesha. Peter Kuzawa. Seraphin . Football 12, 3, 41, Varsity Club 1413 Track 141 Kuzinski. Wahneta Senior Girls' League Lapham. Margaret Song Leader 141Q N. H. S. 13, 413 Reflector Stan' 1413 Aurora Staff, G. U. C. 12, 3, -11, Class Treasurer 111g Service Squad 12, 3, 41 Larson. Stanley Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 411 Senior Orchestra 12, 3, 413 Press Club 1412 Service Squad 1413 Advertising Staff 141 1201 La Rue, Bette Leggett. Leila Lenning. Pauline Senior Girls' League, Girl Reserves 141 Lieffers. Stella Senior Girls' League Linacre, Thomas Mixed Chorus 11, 21, Boys' Glce Club 11, 21g Tennis 12, 3, 413 Advertising Manager, Reflector 1415 Pub' licity Chairman 1413 Service Squad 141 Lovett. Naoma Latin Club 141g Senior Girls' League Luyendyk. Geraldine Machiela. Iessie Girl Reserves 141g Senior Girls' League Makoski. Harold Aurora Staif Malewitz. Geraldine Girls' Glee Club 1415 Mixed Chorus 1415 Girls' Meet 13, 413 Senior Girls' League, Audubon Club 141g Home Economics Club 13, 41g Service Squad 13, 41g U. H. s. Club 123 Maloney. Carrie Girl Reserves 13, 41g Mixed Chorus 11, 31 Manoogian, Lucy N. H. S., Treasurer 1413 Audubon Club 111, Senior Girls' League, Play Committee 141, Girls' Meet 11, 41 Markell, Lyle Boys' Glce Club 13, 41, Treasurer, Mixed Chorus 13, 415 Solo Class 131 Masalski. Edward Hi1Y Club 141 Maslowski. Wanda French Club 121g Senior Girls' League, Aurora Staff Matel. Iosephine U. H. S, Club 1-11g Pep Club 141, Girl Reserves 141, Senior Girls' League Mcxtuk, Frank Mazurek. Iohn Track 12, 3, 413 Varsity Club 13, 41 Mc Carthy. Eileen Military Tap 131g French Club 1113 Home Economies Club 111 Mc Ewan, Helen Girls' Glee Club 11, 213 U. H. S. Club 13, 413 Senior Girls' League Mc Kenzie, Blair Advertising Stail' 1415 Senior Playg R. O. T. C. 1413 Boys' Glee Club 11, 2, 313 Football 131, Hi'Y Club 1315 Basketball Manager 131 Meernik, Ioanne Senior Girls' League Megetarian, Rose Spanish Club 1215 Aviation Club 131, Senior Girls' League Meielonis. Iohn Track 1-11g Aurora Staff Meyer, Iosephine Girl Reserves 141g Senior Girls' League Meyer. Mary Michalak. Iohn Varsity Club 12, 3, 41, President 1413 Football 11, 2, 3, 413, Captain 141, Service Squad 141, Track 11, 2, 3, 4 Mieras, Edith Business Manager, Reflector 1413 Audubon Club, Treasf urer, 131: Advertising Staff 141g Service Squad 12, 3, 41g Senior Girls' League, Home Economics Club 12, 3. 41 1211 Mikita. Peter Football 11, 2, 3, 413 Track 1313 Varsity Club 13, 41, Secretary 1413 Cosmopolitan Club 12, 31 Miller, William Football 11, 2, 3, 413 Track 11, 2, 3, 413 Varsity Club 13, 413 Class Treasurer 1413 Cosmopolitan Club, President 12, 31 Mioduchowski, Stanley Basketball 12, 3, 413 Track 13, 41 Mitchell. William Bar and Chevrons Club 1413 Chess Club 1213 Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 413 Stamp Club 1213 Sergeant, R,O, T. C. 1413 Rifle Team 13, 41 Moerland, Iames Mohng. Mildred Reflector Staif 1413 Aurora Sfiilfi U. H. S. Club 11, 213 Glee Club 13, 413 Humane Club 1313 Senior Girls' LE2lgUEQ Art Club 141 Mixed Chorus 13, 41 Moxon. Franklin Senior Band 13, 411 Boys' Glee Club 13, 413 R. O. T. C. 12, 313 HifY Club 141 Mrowinski, Donald Track 141 Mulder, Myra Service Squad 13, 413 French Club 13, 413 Latin Club 11, 2, 313 Home Economics Club 1313 Senior Girls' League Mull. Margaret Myrowitz, Annabel Girl Reserves 13, 413 U. H. S. Club 13, 413 Public Relations Staff 1413 Aurora StaH:3 Humane Club 11, 213 Service Squad 1313 Senior Girls' Leagueg N. H. S. 141 Newbeng. Thomas N. H. S. 1413 Student Council 11, 213 Aurora Stain Service Squad 1413 Conservation League, Vice'presif dent 141 - Newman. Lillian Service Squad 11, 2, 413 N, H. S. 13, 413 Aurora SURE: Chairman of Counselors 1413 Senior Girls' League3 Girls' Meet 11, 3, 41 Niemi. Ethel Associate Editor, Aurora3 Senior Girls' League, Presif dent3 Feature Editor, Reflector, 1413 N. H. S. 1413 Home Economics Club, President 1413 Class Treasurer 1313 Music Award 1313 Service Squad 11, 2, 31 Northedge. Phyllis Red Cross Club 12, 31 Norman, Esther Girl Reserves 1213 U. H. S. Club 1213 N. H. S. 13, 413 Service Squad 11, 2, 41 'Nusca. Raymond Senior Band 13, 413 Service Squad 1413 Senior Or' chestra 13, 41 Qbermeyer. Elwood ,T Bayketball 11, 2, 3, 413 Football 11, 213 Baseball 11, J' Za 3, 41 iOhmann. William Senior Band 12, 3, 41 Olee. Lorraine G. U. C. 12, 3, 413 U. H. S. Club 1113 School Store 13, 413 Red Cross Club 1313 Service Squad 11, 2, 31 Olman. lean French Club 11, 213 Senior Girls' League3 Girls' Meet 131 Olszewski. Stanley Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Captain 1413 Football 11, 2, 3, 413 Baseball 11, 213 Varsity Club 12, 3, 41 Olszewski. Walter Opacki. Dorothy Spanish Club, Vicefpresident 121 Overbeek. Ruth Owsinski. Ioseph Spanish Club 12, 31 Pakiela. Henry Track 12, 3, 413 Varsity Club 12, 3, 413 Senior Play Palma. Helen Home Economics Club 12, 3, 413 Girls' Glee Club 141 l2 Peck. Barbara Peterson. Carl HifY Club 43, 41 Pinder, Rayniond Spanish Club Q3, 41 Portko. Virginia Senior Girls' League Poselenzny. Marie Student Council Q11g Senior Girls' League Post. Burton Baseball Q3, 413 Spanish Club Q2, 315 Varsity Club Q41 Potapa, Eleanor U. H. S. Club Q41g Girl Reserves Q-l1g Senior Girls' Leagueg Pep Club Q41 Quigley. lack Class Treasurer Ql1g HifY Club Q21, Cheer Leader Q41g R. O. T. C. Q1, 21g Service Squad Q41 Race. Marion Girls' Glee Club Q1, 2, 3, 41g Mixed Chorus Q2, 3, 41g Senior Girls' League, Spanish Club Q11 Raiierty, Virginia G. U. C. QZ, 3, 41, Student Council Q41g Song Leader Q41 g Senior Girls' League Rector, Delbert Reed. Carolyn Senior Girls' Leagueg Mixed Chorus Q2, 31 Rendall. Gwendolyn U. H. S. Club, President Q31g Girl Reserves Q3, 41g G. U. C. Q41g Reflector Staff Q41 I Renshawu Verna Audubon Club Q3, -41, Home Economics Club Q3, 41g Senior Girls' League, Glee Club Ql, 21 Reyers. Eleanor Audubon Club Q3, 413 Home Economics Club Q3, 413 Senior Girls' League Reynders. Betty Song Leader Q41g Home Economies Club, Vicefpresident Q41g U, H. S. Club Q-41, N. H. S. Q41 Rex. Ardis Girl Reserves Q41g Service Squad Q31g Mixed Chorus Q31g Senior Girls' League Rhoades. Mildred Senior Girls' League Rice, Walter Football Ql, 2, 3, 415 Basketball Q2, 3, 41, Track Ql, 2, 315 Cosmopolitan Club, Secretary Q31g Varsity Club Q41 Riddering. Donald Riewald. Walter Hi'Y Club Q3, 41g Glee Club Q11, Aviation Club Q11 Rigiero, Dorothy Senior Girls' Leaeueg R. O. T. C., Sponsor Q2, 3, 413 Bar and Chevrons Club Q2, 3, 413 Mixed Chorus Q2, 31 Robinson, Gloria R. O. T. C., Sponsor Q2, 3, 41, Mixed Chorus Q7.1g Senior Girls' League, Bar and Chevrons Club Q2, 3, 415 Counselor Q41g N. H. S. Q41 Robinson, Thelma Senior Girlsi League Roetman, Elieane Audubon Club Q41g Senior Girls' League Roh. Virginia Class Vicefpresident Q-Hg U. H. S. Club, President Q21g N. H. S., Treasurer Q-l1g Reflector Staff Q41 Rosenbach, Mary Ann U. H. S. Club Q21g Senior Girls' League - Ruminski, Loretta G. U. C. Q2, 3, 41, Girl Reserves QI, 2, 3, 41, French Club Q21g Senior Girls' Leagueg Audubon Club Q11 231 Rupinski, Clara Audubon Club 1415 Service Squad 12, 3, 413 Senior Girls' Leagueg Home Economics Club 141 Sachs, Doris G. U. C. 12, 3, 41g Girl Reserves 12, 3, 413 German Club 1313 U, H. S. Club 1315 Senior Girls' League Samiec. Frances G. U. C. 12, 3, 413 Girl Reserves 1l, 2, 3, 41: Spanish Club 141g French Club 13, 41g Aurora Staff 141g N. H. S., Secretary 141 Sattler, Melbourne Schmitt, Irene U. H, S. Club, Treasurer 141, Service Squad 11, 215 Reflector Staff 141, Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41 Schneider. Rita Latin Club, Vicefpresident 141, G. U. C., Treasurer 13, 413 Girl Reserves, Treasurer 141g Athletic Awards 11, 2, 313 Student Council 1215 U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 41 Schols, Elaine Senior Girls' League Schroeder, Donald Basketball 1211 Advertising Staff 1413 Track 131g Ser' vice Squad 141 Scully, Eileen G. U, C. 12, 3, 41g Girl Reserves 12, 315 Senior Girls, League K - Seaholm, Fred - 1 Boys' Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Senior Playg Student Council 131g Service Squad 111 Sharphorn, Hugh Senior Band 12, 3, 413 Baseball 141 Sheffield, Ruth U. H. s. Club 141 Sherman. Seburn Shively, Richard Shreve. Lorraine German Club 121 Sidor, William R. O. T. C., Rifle Team 141 Simons, Paul Conservation League 141 Sirney, Thelma Girlsi Glee Club, President 13, 413 Mixed Chorus 141g Senior Girls' Leagucg Audubon Club 1411 Home Eco' nomics Club 13, 413 Service Squad 12, 3, 415 U. H. S. Club 121 Skuzinski, Edward Aurora Staffg junior Sportsman's Club 12, 413 Hi-Y Club, President 1413 Spanish Club 111 Skuzinski. Irene G. U. C. 12, 3, 411 Girl Reserves 1415 Athletic Coun- cil 141g U. H. S. Club 11, 2, 3, 41 Slivick, Paul Sloma, Margaret Dramatics 1313 Archery Club 141g Basketball 141: Senior Girls' League Smedes, Iohn Smith, Rita Senior Girls' Leagueg Student Council 141g Archery Club 1415 Mixed Chorus 1213 Senior Play 141 Smolenski, Henry Smolenski, Marcella Senior Girls' League Snip, Floyd Senior Band 13, 41g Senior Orchestra 13, 41 Sonneveldt, Corrine ' Service Squad 11, 2, 3, 41g Class Secretary 131g U. H. S. Club, President 1414 Reflector Staff 141g Athf letic Council 141 . i241 Sponable. Alberta Senior Girls' League Spyroski. Clara Aurora Staff3 Senior Girls' League Staskiewicz. Madalen N. H. S. 13, 411 Senior Girls' Leagueg Aurora Staff Stetler. Betty Senior Girls' LEHEUCQ Girls' Mcet 12, 313 U. H. S. CIub3 junior Red Cross Club 121 Stevens. Gordon Aurora Sta1f3 Boys' Glee Club 13, 41Q Class Treasurer 1213 junior Sportsman's Club 12, 313 Public Relations Staff 1413 Service Squad 141 Stevenson. Edward Service Squad 11, 213 lntramural Sports Manager 13, 413 Senior Band 12, 313 Junior Sportsman's Club 1313 Spanish Club 121 Stolk. Marinus Humane Club, Secretary 11, 211 Junior Press Club 111 Stoll. Llovd Spanish Club 12, 313 Service Squad 1413 Student Council 1313 Class Secretary 1413 Aurora Staff Stremlow. Evelyn German Club 131 Stungis. Virginia Latin Club 141 Swart. Geraldine G. U. C. 12, 3, 41, Secretary 1413 Girl Reserves 12, 313 U. H. S. Club 121 Sweedyk. Nelson Service Squad 1413 Assistant Ticket Manager 1413 Busi- iness Manager, Aurora Sweeney. Ethelmae Service Squad 1413 Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 411 Debating 13, 41Q Student Council, Secretary 1413 School Orator 1313 All School Play 1311 Senior Play Sweers. Marian Senior Girls' League3 Girls' Glee Club 11, 3, 413 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 413 U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 41 Swietlik. Max Hi-Y Club 12, 3, 41, Treasurer 141, Viccfpresident 1413 Junior Sportsman's Club 12, 3, 413 Spanish Club 12, 313 Tennis 141 Symko. Leonard Baseball 141: Reserve Basketball 12, 3, 413 Track 141 Szczepaniuk. Irene Reflector Staff 1413 Service Squad 12, 3, 413 All City Honor 1413 G. U. C. 13, 413 Vicefpresident, Senior Girls' League Tetzlaif. Charlotte Thomas. Beulah G. U. C. 12, 3, 41, Vice-president 1413 Girl Reserxrs 12, 313 U. H. S. Club 121 Thomas. Iames Thorpe. Ruth German Club 1213 Senior Girls' Leagueg Audubon Club 121 Tloczynski. Marion Home Economics Club 1213 Senior Girls' League Tomasik. Leon Trauger, Dora Senior Girls' Leagueg Service Squad 1113 Student Counf cil 1213 U. H. S, Club 131 Trendt. Gordon Boys' Glue Club 13, 413 x rus 12, 313 Class Treasurer 1313 Intramural rs 11, , 3, 41 Troianowski. Sophie Audubon Club 1413 Senior Girls' Lcagueg Service Squad 1413 Home Economics Club 141 Ungrey. Louis Basketball 12, 313 General Chairman, Service Squad 1413, Student Manager 1413 Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 4 Van Allsburg. Vera G. U. C. 1413 U. H. S. Club 13, 413 Girl Reserves President 141 I251 4 ,f ff fa ' . If gl Van Dam, Henry Senior Band 13, 41 Vanderberg. Katherine U. H. S. Club, 12, 3, 413 Senior Girls' League: Girls' Glee Club 11, 413 Mixed Chorus 13, 41 Vander Laan, Raymond Football 11, 2, 3, 413 Baseball 1313 Varsity Club 13, 41 Vanderlind. Hazel Senior Girls' Le:1gue3 N, H. S. 13, 41 Vander Meer. Gertrude Girl Reserves 1113 Service Squad 1113 Girls' Meet 11, 2, 313 Home Economics Club 111 Vander Meer, Henry iieflecgor Staff 13, 413 Hi-Y Club 1313 Press Club 3, 4 Vander Veen. Gracine Home Economics Club 12, 3, 41, Secretary 1313 U. H. S. Club 1413 Girl Reserves 141Q Student Council 141 Vander Weri, Marguerite Spanish Club 1311 Reflector Staff 1413 N. H. S. 13, 413 Aurora Staff 1413 Senior Girls' League Van Hot. Dorothy U. H. S. Club, Treasurer 1311 Reflector Staff 141: Counselor 141Q G. U. C. 1413 U. H. S. Club 1413 Service Squad 11, 213 Girl 'Reserves 141 Van Mullen. Lawrence HifY Club 13, 413 Boys' Glee Club 111 Van Portfliet. Melvyn Van Soestberg. Iay Senior Band 13, 41 Van Strien. Frances Senior Girls' League Van Til, Frances Senior Girls' League Van Ysseldyke. Verna Athletic Council 1213 Service Squad 13, 413 Girl Ref serves 1413 Audubon Club 1413 U. H. S. Club 1413 Senior Girls' Lczigueg N. H. S. 141 Veneklasen. Kenneth Model Club 111 Verhey. Marian Service Squad 1313 Athletic Council 1313 C-lee Club 12, 313 Senior Girls' League l Versluis, Marie . Ver Wys, Nellie Senior Girls' Leagueg Girls' Glee Club 11, 3, 412 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41 Viktaravich, Aldona Senior Orchestra 12, 3, 413 Senior Band 1413 G. U. C. 12, 313 Senior Girls' League Wapner. Rose G. U. C. 12, 3, 413 Girl Reserves 13, 413 U. H. S. Club 13, 413 Senior Girls' League3 Humane Club 11, 213 junior Press Club, President 1113 Class Chair' man 111 'Wellman. Lavene Werner. George N. H, S. 1413 Aurora Staff 1413 Service Squad 1413 junior Sportsman's Club 12, 3, -11, President 13, 413 HifY Club 13, 413 Boys' Glee Club 1313 Counselor 141 Wesholski, Donald West, Harold Model Club 121 Wieck, Annette G. U. C. 13, 413 U. H. S. Club 11, 413 Aviation Club, Secretary 1313 Senior Girls' League Wielhouwer, Katie Red Cross Club, Secretary 1313 Athletic Council 1113 Service Squad 121g Senior Girls' League Wikstrom. Ethyl Reflector Staff 1413 Senior Girls' League 1261 Wild, Leota Girls' Glee Club 1213 Girl Reserves 1413 Archery Club 1413 Senior Girls' League Willard. Doris Girls' Glee Club 1313 Girls' Meet 11, 2, 31 Winick. Peggy G. U. C. 12, 3, 413 Girl Reserves 12, 3, 413 Senior Girls' l..C3gl1CQ French Club 121 Wrzesinski, Lois Humane Club, Vice-president 11, 211 Song Leader 1413 Girl Reserves 1113 Girls' Glee Club 12, 31 Wyxgmans. Hugh Senior Playg Intramural Sports Manager 141 Wysocki, Stephanie Senior Girls' League Yavruian. Sooran Spanish Club 13, 41 Ysseldyke, Betty Service Squad 13, 413 Girl Reserves 11, 41 Zeeif. Harriet Home Economics Club 12, 413 Senior Service Squad 131 Girls' Leagiu Zetaveckas. Mary Ann I Ziezuil. Virginia G. U. C. 12, 3, 41, U. H. S. Club ball Captain 1413 Audubon Club 111 11, Z Zilinskas. Lucy Aurora Stail' 141 Audubon Club 1413 N Senior Girls' League 13, 413 Basket' 3 German Club .H. S. 13, 413 Zimnowski. Anthony Class President 1413 N. H, S., President 1413 Basket' ball 13, 413 Student Council 12, 3, 413 Counselor 1413 Varsity Club 141 Zoet, Lois Song Leader 13, 413 G. U. C. 1313 Girl Reserves 1313 U. H. S. Club 12, 31 Zwartenkot. Catherine Girls' Glee Club 11, 213 Service Squad 11, 213 Senior Girls' League Clifford, Betty U. H. S. Club 12, 312 G. U. C, 1413 Senior Girls' League3 Girls' Meet 11, 2, 3, 41 Flagler. Robert Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. 1413 Rifle Team 12, 3, 413 Bar and Clievrons Club 1413 Senior Band 141 Hayden. Mary lane Red Cross Club 1213 Class Treasurer 1211 R:flector Staff 1313 Service Squad 121 .fQ?i"' xr ff .1 f , . Seniors Without pictures Bouwkamp. Harry Karsakas. Eleanor Kohan. Anthony Comfort. Douglas Track 13, 41 Debating Team 141 Drebot' Carl Nauialis. Marie Reflector Staff 1413 French Club 12, 313 Mixed Chorus 12, 313 Senior Girls' Lvagueg Godle ' Charles T. C- my 2, 45 Home Economics Club 141 Y Model Club 1113 R. O. Greenfield. Solomon Needham' Robert Chemistry Club 1211 R. O. T. C. 12, 3, 41 Grodzicki. Iosep I Ribbens, Henry RCB Boys' Glre Club 11, 2, 3, 41 I Sabaitis, Nellie Audubon Club 141Q Latin Senior Girls' League Club 13, 413 Thorndill, Burr 0 Trasky. Raymond Wentzlofi, Allred 'Y Junior Sports n's l 131 Wessman. rr n ReHector Sta 413 F l Club 12, 313 Mixed Chor 12, 31, 'or Girls' League Winski. W da Juniors Q . 7 Class of 1939 IUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Sturgis, Becker, Wilkinson, Chapel, Castor, Ampul- ski, Millet, Downer, Mc Mann, Goosman, Mallette Nichols, Schneider That active group of students known as the class of 1939 has accomplished many things this year under the able direction of Miss Nelle Atwood, adviser. The first task was to appoint a ring committee who, with students from lower grades, were to select a new class ring. After numerous meetings a choice was made to the satisfaction of everyone. Next the juniors cooperated in putting on an interfclass, senior high dance, the SleighfBell Swing. They worked diligently to help make the third annual Roundfup a success by sponsoring a night club, which, with eats and a floor show, proved one of the brightest spots of Union's 1938 fiesta. As a rule, the social highlight of any school year is the juniorfsenior prom. This year's farewell to the class of 1938 proved no exception to the rule, for the class of '39 gave the seniors a rousing time which they will long remember. .JV Back row, left to right: Beurkens, L. Bassett, Adams, F. Bustraan, K. Ber- thuis, G. Broukema, M. Borisiewicz, H Anderson, H. Ward, B. Beimers, B Blandford Third .rowz P. Barnes, H. Adama, M. Burlingham, W. Borgeld, R. Bier, W Brown, E. Breitfus, F. Adamczak, W. Blickley, L. Ampulski, Berglund Second row: S. Bobko, I. Anderson, R. Boynton, M. Boynton, Allen, L. Bora uta, R. Baird, C. Anderson, G. Allen, F Bothee First row: V. Byce, K. Burns, E. Breck- er, B. Berry, E. Beekman, R. Baranow- ski, Blonk, D. Berry, M. Byle 1281 1 Back row: R. Centilli, H. Cook, R. Cimo, M. Cook, B. Cznaropys, I. Berg- lund, F. Crowley, R. Adomat, L. Cud- zanowski, B. Centilli Third row: L. Belbot, R. Eiko, G. Couch, F. Cutler, S. Cohen, S. Castor, I. Coates, M. Carlson, B. Ailwarcl, I. Choals Second row: A. Apkarian, Bepristis, E. Czacharski, E. Czerew, L. Colver, B. Chase, F. Chase. L. Becker, M. Bar- anowski First row: B. Cowell, N. Catenack, M. Carlson, I. Catell, N. Corbin, V. Cum- mings, M. Chapel, T. LaMarbe, L. Chicklan Back row: R. Decker, R. Downer, M. Dykema, G. Frost, B. Ellingson, D. Den Braber, C. Eggebeen, D. De Vos, L. Parker, W. Dykstra Third row: G. Fik, G. Develin, L. Flik, M. Dempsey, G. Doak, R. Downer, L. Ference, B. Eckman, P. Dolphin, D. Fleece Second row: L. Esch, P. Fagan, M. Fuhring, D. Drenth, R. Derezinski, M. Di Sabatini, R. Edwards, R. Dutkiewicz First row: M. Fritz, S. Daswick, D. Emmons, R. Walcott, L. Draugalis, A. Degenther, R. Dykema, G. Dribbin, E. De Hass Back row: G. Grams, R. Kloet, R. Hill, A. Igleski, O. Hanson, C. Grach- trup, N. Grathen, I. Gieroch, P. Goeman Third row: Hinman, C. Host, I. Heemstra, L. Goosman, C. Hornbeck, M. Gregorczak, D. Heyes, M. Harralson, M. Golembiewski Second row: M. Hieftje, I. Haan. D. Shoemaker, M. Haak, I. Hagar, H. Hall, I. Hoffman, H. Grodus, D. Nason, E. Horton First row: M. Hupp, M. Hansknecht, C. Haendlee, C. Geotzel, L. Holmes, L. Holmes, R. Hewartson, R. Geib, Z. Goolian l29l Juniors, A 1 .luniory ally Back row: D. Koppenal, W. Ieneson, R. Korten, L. Hoogerhyde, Heeringa, W. Ieltema, D. Dean, H. Kocnders, A. Iaworowicz, C. Kline Third row: E. Kudlicki, C. Kruh, R. Kuzawa, L. Iessup, A. Kadish, C. las- kowski, C. Iensen, N. Huisjen, I. Kortz Second row: F. Kline, A. Knottnerus, O. Iensen, M. Iones, T. Kopec, M. Kreni, R. Iohnson, I. Hemilink, V. Iuchnie- wicz, I. Ioling First row: P. Iesionowski, G. Iackson. H. Iaskiewicz, E. Iulian, L. Haack, A. Goldberg, A. Kurkjan, M. Hart, M. Goudzwaard Back row: R. Mallette, Lubinskas, P. Michalac, D. Mac Clure, F. Kurdel- ski, A. Monje, M. Mentzer, A. Laramy Third row: P. Lantinga, D. Miller, A. Lach, D. Mollo. I. Mikita, H. Lapinski, K. Lathrop, K. Lyons, M. Miliusis Second row: I. Maghilsey, B. Misner, G. Montague, V. Moore, E. Mc Mann, L. Lanski, B. Lovell, E. Moore First row: P. Meyers, A. Nletzger, R. Metzger, L. Martz, I. Lumas, M. Moxon, K. May, D. Lair e IVY, ". ,I . C Back row: Niewodoniski, K. Quin- lan, D. Ritzema, G. Parkins, R. Nichols, D. Piso, E. N'yholt. W. Roode, F. Mul- brecht Third row: R. Read, H. Prominski, M. Peterson, E. Root, L. Packard, G. Ry- hart, F. Plaska, K. Rodenhouse, W. Miedema Second row: P. Nebelius, McFar- land, B. Raterink, M. Ozeneclci, B. Pet- erson, C. Riener, M. Rhoades, B. Olson First ro M. Rinner, M. Orwant, Near, D. eithifer, D. Olson, L. Naper- ala, L. Raskawitz, P. Obermeyer I30l Back row: R. Schneider, R. Sturgis, H. Syphiewski, M. Sciamani, R. Smith M. Schramm, F. Szekely, K. Peterson, R. Shippy, H. Suttorp, I. Stanley Third row: E. Seaholm, P. Stapleton, H. Straub, D. Timmers, W. Sneathen, I. Seltzer, V. Soules, Steenlanci, E. Stoneburner, R. Skrzycki, D. Sund- stroom, I. Simoncini Second row: L. Skrupski, V. Stankus, E. Sterken,"A. Simonis,"M. Subatz, E. Sosnowski, F. Smith, R. Siegel, M. Siegel First row: A. Stehower, I. Smith, I. Sunclbeck, H. Schultz, C. Petersen, M. Smith, D. Smith, D. Steen, H. Scott F Back rowz L. Van Dalsen, F. Van Strein, A. Van Ommering, D. Trepke, D. Van Dam, R. Van Allsburg, H. Van Oosten, C. Vande Werf, R. Toms, E. Trenis Second row: Timmerman, R. Tan- ski, I. Velte, E. Veenstra, I. Van Ess, R. Van Ess, F. Versluis, P. Verwys First rozv:,B.fVanCIer' Kipple, V. Van Hof, LfVy40f6afIlqIFVan Ommering, V. Veltman, D. Tracki, I. Tournell, R. Topolski, V. Victarvich Back row: E. Wierzbicki, C. Wronko, R. Warner, Walton, R. Weber, L. Za- miara, S. Weiner, M. Westerwill Third row: A. Waivio, R. Wilkinson, H. Word, E. Wall, M. Whally, P. Zas- kiewicz, E. West, R. White Second row: V. Wiseman, C. Wit- koski, O. Wolosiecky, D. Westburg, A. Zukowski, V. Wheat, D. Washelski First row: H. Wolosiecky, M West- burg, H. Wronko, H. Zobro, M. Winslci, E. Weitsma, I. Zeman, D. Weber i311 v Juniors Solohomores Van Allsburg Class of 1940 is The sophomore class launched its activities for the year on October 14, 1937, by electing Robert Van Allsburg class president. The other officers were vice' president, Carol York, secretary, Dorothy Rietbergg girl and boy treasurers, Margaret Krause and Leon Nowacki respectively. Sophie Chmurynski was chairman of the nominating committee. During the year the sophs participated in many school affairs. At the allfschool Christmas party held December 17, they were in charge of the refreshments and pingfpong. The Roundfup, the annual school carnival, saw the sophomores again hard at work sponsoring a court room skit with Jack Stanley acting as judge. The defend' ants were the performers of a raided night club who appeared before the judge to get his opinion on the legality of their acts. Those appearing before the bar of justice were: Rosemary Martin, Frances Siebeniecher, and Arline Shea in a jazz ballet, Casimira Pilarz and Maxine Catell, toe dancersg Alyce Faasen and Jeanne Hoisington, negro dialogistsg and James Himan, Gordon Tendt, Chester Hornbeck, and Ray Bier, blues singers. Sophie Chmurynski, Geraldine Merritt, Leon Novvacki, Robert Van Allsburg, and Richard De Vries acted on the committee assisting Mr. Everest in choosing the class ring. Margaret Jean Smith acted as chairman of this committee. The class is planning to raise 'money to buy roller skates which they hope to give to the school. Miss .Clarissa Richardson, shorthand and typing instructor, and Mr. Floyd Early, mathematics instructor, are the competent advisers of the sophomores. Mr. Early, D. Rietberg C. York, L. Nowacki R Back row: P. Nanta, K. Pasco, R. Nowara, R. Poslenzny, C. Pearson, C. Myslywiec, E. Peterson, B. Overbeek Third row: E. Peck, E. Olds, E. Peck, L. Perichke, P. Pierce, T. Poggi, B. Nederweld, A. Orsinger Second row: E. Nowak, F. Dutkie- wicz, L. Olszewski, H. Peltola, M. Price, N. Peterson, E. Nardin First row: L. Paulis, D. Nelson, C. Pilarz, D. Oleszkewicz, R. Price, E. Poley, H. Powell, B. Strek Back row: B. Toloziecki, S. Sherman, I. Van Dalsen, N. Sckut, C. Radecfi, G. Van Dyken, F. Shoemaker, E. Van Houten, G. Serney, M. Vlahandreas Third row: M. Swierbut, M. Smith, L. Skuzinski, D. Van't Hof, M. Van Der Veen, T. Staskewicz, M. Van Portliiet, M. Vander Werf, I. Van Til, P. Vander Burg, B. Swiers Second row: F. Thomas, R. Sieben- eicher, M. Stander, M. Van Duine, M. Vander Welde, A. Vander Ploeg, G. Sweedyke, I. Skok First row: A. Szoko, I. Van Ort, E. Van Dyke, A. Shea, R. Van Allsburg, I. Spront, H. Schuka, M. Vander Kuyl, R. S,t. Iohn , I fgff Ile! 'c' ,Pd Back row: D. Leader, L. Luckette, L. Maslowski, R. Mulder, A. Lillis, L. No- wacki, R. Lampert, C. Mioduchowslti, E. Mervenne, P. La Bree Third row: E. Loucks, F. Linacre, W. Lovett, I. Montgomery, W. Leenker, A. Larrabee, V. Lappi, I. Matthews, A. Mahlabashian Second row: E. Mauzy, M. Miling, I. Levandowski, S. Lazicli, N'. Metelonis, B. Lehr, G. Merritt, I. Mason, S. Micntck First row: C. Mc Carthy, E. Moerland, I. Montgomery, R. Leopold. G. Marriott, S. Maul, E. Mikael, M. Mutchler, M. Mazurek E331 Sophomores jf. J fl Q. 5 i Sophomores ! L H Back row: G. Raddatz, M. Schaner, A. Steketee, B. Runcel, M. Schollart, I. Reynolds, M. Zyskorski, R. Sutter, R. Sonneveldt, B. Schriber Third row: I. Hubbard, E. Robinson, I. Rybarsyk, D. Rietberg, L. Nowacki, R. Schroeder, I. Rause, R. Russell, R. Reynolds Second row: H. Russell, L. Suey, L. Reisman, S. Schultz, L. Ruff, E. Skrzy- cki, L. Roth, W. Nyberg, R. Swenson First row: F. Reyers, N. Schumann, F. Reed, D. Randall, F. O'Malley, N. Ry- mar, I. Stenhagen, A. Sturgis Back row: G. Boonstra, H. Cooper, F. Cummings, L. Bauchard, I. Carlen, I. Balder, A. Beunch, E. Content, C. An- derson, D. Brown, M. Chapin Third row: C. Blumensheid, R. Black- mer, G. Baltruczak, P. Carsok, C. Bro- ske, R. Buss, M. Cattell, R. Buckawing, L. Bidgood, D. Bauer Second row: B. Bowkay, R. Andree. B. Check, M. Carlson, I. Cieslewicz, E. Czuhai, B. Covell, A. Chernoby, S. Chmurynski First row: T. Alters, I. Bergsma, B. Bulkowski, R. Arnansde, M. Bolier, R. Andre, W. Bergsma, B. Broekstra, E. Cheslock Back row: T. De Vries, P. De Boer, H. Hancock, L. Gilson, R. Glupker, F. Gar- ber, L. Hendershot, D. Heald, B. Hansen Third row: M. Fliskinger, I. Geraitis, D. Heald, N. Green, E. Gressler, R. Gell- er, T. Golembiewski, C. Gross, E. Gom- mesen, W. Broske Second row: L. Grzechowiak, A. Gil- christ, D. Gillis, L. Harshberger, A. Heruth, R. Haberinan, I. Hoisington, S. Hoogewind, L. Hodde First row: M. Heim, G. Gruzeski. A. Gardner, I. Harvey, I. Gardner, D. Haan, A. Gritter, N. Hanson, D. Hay l34l Back row: I. Verschoor, R. Igleski, P. Wielhouwer, R. Zimmerman, G. Youngs K. Zilis, S. Williams, M. Zuraitis, I. Yonheis, Slat Second row: E. Merilo, M. Ziezuil, M. Weed, D. Schroeder, M. Warneclho, M.. Zyzkowski, F. Zemitas, H. Tew, E. Swendraski First row: G. Weingate, R. Ciucci, M. Valkema, L. Wynsma, I. Walters, L. Wolfson, I. Waigh, L. Wierenga Back rowi W. Kunst, C. Kalnza, F.. Henzel, F. Iohnson, L. Ienezon, H. Iohn- ston, L. Klinsport, M. Kuzawa, E. Kniif, M. Krause Third row: M. Karczewski, M. Iablon- sky, E. Kucharczyk, S. Kowicz, B. Kui- tert, R. Lang, M. Iewett, I. Ketchel, L. King, V. Krezen Second row: D. Kulpa, V. Bronecki, B. Krzykwa, L. Kiel, A. Klawiter, L. Kar- sakas, N. Krem, R. Kuennon, B. Klasen First row: E. Kowrack, B. Kolasa, C. Ietel, D. Hoedeman, Iakuboskas, G. Ielsma, G. Iohnston, I. Karasiewicz, M. Kuk Back row: A. Ford, B. De Young, T. Edison, I. Dewey, E. Elliott, V. Fletcher, C. Dummer, E. De Vries, B. De Vries, T. De Graaf, R. De Vries Third row: I. Begthel, B. De Schipper, C. De Bok, M, Arbogast, I. Folkersma, G. Frederyck, D. Bauer, G. Allen, De Witt, A. Faasen Second row: Fuhrman, C. Fisher, D. Flickinger, M. Drabinski, B. Bae, I. Freil- berger, R. Faulhaber, L. Dopey, A. Drozd First row: N. Fewless, K. Drake, I. Banka, S. Bacon, H. Folkersma, M. Hupp, M. De Young, F.. Feenstra, S. Elzinga ' E351 Sophomores 'C ii E gl mf I:I'2Sf'HTl2fl Wolfson, Swenson, Verschoor, Ghering, Gommesen, Mauzy, Lovett. Goolian, Anderson, Hess, Iohnson, Miss Mc Dermott ,Class of 1941 Creating a feeling of social relationship among the class members was the object of this year's freshmen. Under the excellent guidance of their adviser, Miss McDermott, and a staff of capable officers this undertaking was accomplished. At the election held in November, the officers elected were: president, Lester Wolfsong vice' president, Emily Gommeseng secretary, Robert Swenson, boy treasurer, Paul Anderson, girl treasurer, Betty Ghering. The sales manager was Frances johnson. William Lovett was the class reporter. Ernest Mauzy handled the parties. The chairman of the publicity committee was Jack Verschoor. Paul Goolian and Mary Jean Hess were in charge of all athletic events. Among the autumn activities of the class was a meeting at which Gerald Dribbin, president of the Student Council, gave a talk on cofoperation. The first class party, held January 27, achieved its purpose H- a better understanding and inf creased friendships among class members. The second party, held in June, proved to be even more successful than the first. The freshmen aided the Roundfup by selling paddlefpops. The class offered suggestions for the maintenance of the high standards for which Union stands. Because freshmen were members and officers in various clubs, their influence was felt in numerous school activities. According to a custom begun in 1937, by the freshman class, prizes of five dollars each were given to the freshman boy and girl with the highest scholastic average. This year two additional awards of five dollars were given to the boy and girl with the highest leadership ability. These awards were made in the belief that leadership is an admirable characteristic - comparable with scholarship. The winner of the boy's scholastic award this year was Tom Edison, and the winner of the girl's was Genevieve Kwiatkowski. The boy winner of the leadership award was Lester Wolfson. He was president of the freshman class and a member of the Stamp and Humane Clubs. The girl's leadership award went to Frances Johnson. She was chairman of sales for the freshmen class and for the Humane Club and secretary of the Campfire Girls. f36l nlfQ Back row, left to right: H. Berkens, G. Dykstra, A. Di Sabitini, C. De Korver, W. Davis, A. Carlson, I. Brown, D. Campbell, A. Cosner Third row: Bailey, B. Block, C. Dudowicz, W. Ampulski, D. Bednoz, D. Doyle, E. Brown, D. Berklyn, P. Dykstra Second row: S. Damanski, P. Ander- son, K. Canfield, A. Aleszka, R. Dye- ma, B. Boomer, L. Bielski, V. Moore, 'D. Bachachec First row: C. Baranowski, C. Bara- beau, T. Bozen, A. Bothee, B. Centilli, M. Corbett, V. Van Dyke, C. Czlonka Back row: R. Hankamp, L. Hall, G. Huebner, R. Gaunt, B. Goosman, R. Hazebrook, B. Holzworth, R. Kuiper, M. Hess, R. Iarka Third row: B. Harpts, M. Hanson, C. Fliss, N. Fisher, R. Hiemenclingcr, B.. Ghering, C. Fredrickson, R. Ellis, I. Gillmer, P. Goolian, R. Morrow Second row: L. Peless, I. Wetherbee, B. Petersen, C. Lambert, H. Clifford, V. Kidd, E. Hoffman, D. Kelly, H. Marsh First row: E. Makariwicz, K. Hauser, W. Homrnarich, G. Magilla, D. Meer- nik, A. Hay, C. Lewis, G. Fausett, I. Mulder Back row: D. Iohnson, H. Morecki, I. Lavinduski, H. Bardwell, H. Kwiat- kowski, E. Kolinski, A. laniak, R. Kuzniak, A. Kapila, M. Grusnis, D. Miles Third row: E. Lipka, F. Iabury, A. Kotula, D. Mohr, R. Meyers, H. Mc Mann, F. Kurjian, G. Kwiatkowski, S. Kerlokitz, W. Karstevics Second row: B. Phillip, W. Kilanow- ski, A. Koppeman, M. Kime, M. King, A. Mullian, F. Kosten, V. Moxon, R. Iacobson, R. Nelson First row: R. Meitross, I. Kobel, M. Milanowski, I. Ielsma, A. Hammcnzl, B. Helhorst, A. Langenbacker, L. Kosten, R. Iacobson l37l l:I'2Sl'1lTI2D - .Ale 4' Freshmen 's .Fl b .,. ,, V X Y Back row, left to right: T. Meyers, C. Zimmerman, W. Mathews, I. Sos- nowski, R. Wilkinson, V. Snyder, M. Kennedy, D. Schudera, I. Kone Third row: A. Batenburg, M. Valkf ema, K. Zabel, A. Renis, I. Worst, C. Wysoczynski, I. Wood, A. Wap- ner Second row: M. Tower, E. Surofchec, P. Wilcox, G. Winters, A. Young, L. Spyroski, L. Winslof, F. Wiseman First row: C. Widestrom, M. Veldf man, E, Wolosiecky, F. Voss, C. PaciHc, W. Wierzbicki, L. Ward, A. Shroeder Back row: G. Sherwood, A. Pomenf teer, W. Reed, E. Sawyer, M, Pike, W. Schultz, R. Panochyk, M. Sidor- owcz. G. Szotko, D. Petersen, I. Sem- elka, T. Root Third row: E. Lipke, G. Olson, L. Sniden, M. Ogieko, I. Tracki, D. Per- ski, G. Olyniczak, A. Stepanchuk, H. Olenjiak, I. Petersen, I. Simmo Second row: R. Iarvi, W. Tournell, E. Pukstra, I. Raghacki, E. See, R. Thompson, O. Troiima, C. Rose, E. Saunders, E, Sommers First row: I. Sedan, E. Thompson, W. Ritzi, I. Smith, D. Shmitt, E. Snook, E. Roice, E. Silczuk, B. Slivic l38l mx Wxq XJ E ' Qwgqgg XX -S 0 0 ?-pMo:' " Y xxx O QQ, 5 S in-' :x .QV 1' , 'I v CTOBER ., D ,Q 'A v "3 P fl' . oo Q 'lg X o 4 A7 Q 5 -4 1 x J' N47 no A - Oo S 0 coo ' r 00 oo 'Ki l 4 so 1-fu W s f ' Do xl' 7 '11 f, . A47 Pi WE' A L W WlJlIlI'1ll'llFJl ,Q , ,VE G1 x 3 w i 0 wir' 0 4 , Z an - F Q 0 W I. ' A 0 . V V f M i " ' + r Jeanis Diary Through Jean Unionite's diary We shall at' tempt to show you the trend of life at Union High School. jean is a busy senior who takes an active part in club and organization activities. Jean's friends belong to the French Club, the Audubon Club, the National Honor Society, the Student Council, and various other school or' ganizations. Joe Highschool is Iean's boy friend, and we ind him interested in basketball, baseball, and other sport activities. He is a member of the R. C. T. C. and the boys' HifY Club. Barbie, Jean's sophomore sister, is also in the diary and Hnds life at Union interesting. Tommy, Joe Highschool's freshman brother, enjoys the hustle and bustle of school activities. We hope that the reader - as he reviews the diary of Jean Unionite from time to time - will, with joe and Jean and Tommy and Barbie, ref live happy days at Union. eg, .gg ' Enigma 'Ili September 13, 1937 Twelve weeks of vacation looked half long enough to me last Juneg but gee, it was great to be back in school, seeing my friends again. It was hard to realize, as I walked in the main doorway this morning, that I was really entering school for my last year. September 25 Joe went to Fordson with the football team. Union got a bad sendfoff for the year, taking a 6fO beating from Fordson, E although Joe says Captain Miehalak and the team put up a hard fight from the Hrst to the last whistle. l September 30 What a thrill when Cadets Joe Weber and Alex Borkowski marched down the aisle to raise our flags, the U.S.A.'s and Union's, for the opening of our first as' sembly! I believe we're the only school in the city to have this impressive ceremony. The spealiers of the day were Gerald Dribbin, Eleanor Croggel, and Ethelmae Sweeney, candidates for the presidency of the Student Council. Joe tried to get me to vote for Gerald, who won the election anywayg but I remained loyal to the girls, FOOTBALL SQUAD Left to right: Post, Highhouse, Lyons, Au France, Vander Wert, Mikita, Ellingson, Uzar- ski, Timmers, Karston, Lambert, Broekema, Kelezeski, De Vries, Coach Hess, Michalak, Prominski, Civinskas, Parker, Miller, Sneathen, Kuzawa, Rice, Seltzer, Vander Laan, Olszewf ski, Sciamana, and others CHEER LEADERS Mac Kellar, Quigley, Bigorowski, De Young VARSITY CLUB Seltzer, Michalak, Oleszkiewicz, Au France, Mr. Voss, Karston, Mikita, Mazurek, Baraf nowski, Kohan, Rice, Miller, Orlikowski, Broe- kema, Grycegorczyk, Toms, Post, Pakiela, Ku- zawa, De Vries, Kelezeski, Zimnowski, High- house, Olzewski, Goolian, Parker, Civinskas, and Straub SONG LEADERS Edison, Wrzesinski, Reynders, Honholt, Lapf ham, Zoet, Rafferty U. H. S. HALLOWEEN PARTY Back row: Burns, Walton, Simmons, Breck- er, Hager, Gotch, Edison, Lapham, Norman, Van Ysseldyke, Kutchin, Kruis, Miss Parsell, Ziezuil, Schneider, Wapner, Thomas, Swart- Szczepaniuk, Sheffield, Atkinson, Schmitt, Hanson, Bousman, Sonneveldt, Skuzinski, Roh, Groggel, Miss Perrin, Honholt, Vander Veen, Carsok, Bustraan, Van Hof, Rodenhouse. Becker, Goldberg, Haack, Reynders ' H21 lg: , a , r 5 a t f - 2 , v f N A ,ml ' iiii 535 "Ai f' E ' If? -'i i'-W' -A - 4 51... 'ffieeive-52-23 , wl 'P 4" EPP B of' :E 53' "' i"1fx gs..-ll u ,Y -- g -- 5.1 Y di- 'Q - ' ' If ff' - E3gqjg:.g:g-395,1443511222 ,iff ' . Q' F U 'y v ' ., . 1 October 7 Spent all the money I had for a season football ticket so had to borrow six bits from the kid sister today to pay my chem' istry fee. Barbie can spare it, but the Board of Education can't, it seems. October 9 Community Council Day at the Catholic Central game, played at Ninth Street Field. Joe and I almost burst our lungs, but our team got licked 2OfO. October 12 Senior class election. Again the boys were smart and concentrated their efforts on one candidate, Tony Zimnowski, who was elected. The girls split their vote be' tween Betty Edison and Virginia Roh. Virginia became vicefpresident by winning second place. October 13 Brr! The first snow flakes of the season made us shiver on our Audubon Club hike to Amon Park. October 14 The Hrst Reflector looks great with its modernized type and makefup. October 15 Night hawks? Not our team! We lost our first evening game to Central, at Houseman Field. The score was 6fO. "Bogeyl' Baranowski is small, but he's a package of T.N.T. when he gets his hands on the ball. October 18 Joe has been talking about the plans the Varsity Club is making for the homecomf ing dance. After their meeting Thursday the Aurora photographer caught them on the stairs. Popeye hasn't anything on them. Look at the umusklef' October 22 Union's musclemen held the Davis Tech team to a scoreless tie. Joe, Barbie, Tom' my, and I hiked to Housernan Field. All of the players put up a good defense, but Barbie saw only her hero, Bill Miller. October 27 Hooray! No school for two whole days. We vacation while the teachers attend their convention. October 29 After a movie Joe and I picked up a white sheet fwith Barbie beneath itj from the UQH. S. Club Halloween party in Edif son's barn. Of course she'd had a "simply marvelous" time. October 30 Kifyifyifyi! We were out after Ottawa's scalp today. Ed Post scored the first touch' down of the season, but Ottawa got the best of us, 7f6. lVlusl4e3on-Union Game De Vries, Michalak, Broek ema, Seltzer, Straub, Scia mana, Post, Ellingson Senior Girls Soeedhall Team Schmidt, Skuzinski, Gotch, Roh, Schneider, Wieclc, Sonneveldt, Ed- ison, Honholt, Swartz Athletic Council Gommesen, E. Post, Stoneburner, Lobensky, Ghering,'Boe, Read, Topolski, Balder, Wolfson, Lovett, Castor, Mullet, Davis, Pirog, Mathews, Miss Meyering, Tournel, D. Post, Kadish, Ellingson, Trenis W fa-27711 l-ce KHP: 163- Q ' , wa s ef . - 1 3.39 . A g a, I :r n WIFI! lwax v 1 mei. ', sa wif . .,i !iW NCDVEMDED fi? 1 1 S ' If V- , . , : November 6 What a day! Joe and I went to the most exciting game so far this season Muskegon at Ninth Street Field. We scored two touchdowns against the state champs of 1936 even though we lost 2742. How that Ellingson can run! Everyone had a good time after the game at the Homecoming Strut sponsored by the Varsity Club. November 8 Hooray! We won the speedball game from the sophs today, 16f6. Barbie does' n't think it is so swell though. November 10 Today's assembly was the climax of American Education Week for Unionites. Mel Jonesis reading of "America First" certainly impressed me! November 1 2 The winners of an essay contest ref ceived their awards in assembly today. Prizes of money and theater tickets, along with a Red Hawk Flag for the school, were presented by a member of the Com' munity Council. Ethel Niemi won first prize. November 1 3 Briggs Field was a sea of mud, and the weather suited our mood perfectly when Creston beat us 13fO. November 18 At the assembly the Reverend Milton M. Me Corrill gave an interesting talk on "Why I Read" in celebration of Book Week. November 19 Barbie has just been telling me about the good talk Miss May Quigley of Ryerf son Library gave the junior high assembly today. November 24 We had another football broadcast tof night. lt was held with South High this time, because of the big game tomorrow. It certainly was a swell broadcast and there was yelling enough to satisfy every' body. November 25 After stuffing ourselves with turkey, Joe, Barbie, Tommy, and l went to the game today. We lost, worse luck, 7fO. Anyhow the band formation couldn't have been better. Even the students from South admitted that. November 30 Athletic Council meeting today, Now that our gridiron heroes are about through with a season of hard nghting for good old Union, we students are going to work up a little energy ourselves and boost our basketball players on to a triumphant series of games. 45 ' 9 'L i vip ' .QQ He' 1 Q7 I, Q ' ' U- ' ' if ' 'CI .Q ,-f - g I Q? 1 I ' 0 0 H W A h Ln" ' .F-ji E 0 'J ' " FWD if 4 O " 'I'-.W an 25' ,VV December 1 Joe is out for the basketball team, along with Olszevvski, Ellingson, Obermeyer, Kloet, Krause, Post, Stapleton, Wierzbicki, Zimnovvski, and Mioduchowski. December 3 Joe savv the team defeat Wayne 35f2O. December 4 Y Happened to be in the library this morning and savv Coach Hess congratuf lating Captain Michalak on making the allfcity football team. December 10 The Junior Red Cross met. One of our major activities is exchanging portfolios and letters with students of foreign na' tions. December 1 3 Wuxtral Wuxtral Joe and I celebrated Christmas the Spanish way. The holiday fiesta of the Spanish Club, included a bull ight and a new way to distribute gifts. December 14 The annual kid's party given by the Girls' MU" Club allowed us gals a chance to work off all the goodness we have been IUNIOR RED CROSS Sztting: Hammond, Hess, York, Wielhouwer, Zieziul Covell, St. Iohn, Shea, Pilarz, Rietberg Standing: Czuhai, Lappi, Groom, Reisman SHOP PICTURE Mr. Bengston, Iohnse, Mr. Marckwardt, Mayo Cimoch, Atom, Thorndill ,bp ng., 'rn' QSPQT cuncurn 'J' V- , amuse , TODA n' ,. A accumulating in anticipation of Santa's visit. The Aurora-photographer was there and caught members Staskiewicz, De Witt, Hewartson, Molnar, Rafferty, and Esenwein. December 15 The boys in Mr. Marckwardt's and Mr. Bengston's classes are making toys for children whose parents can't afford to give them a Christmas present. Tommy says the boys have nearly worn the things out playing with them. December 16 Mmfmm- the Christmas dinner in the cafeteria was good. Carols were sung be' tween the courses of turkey, squash, bakingfpowder biscuits, cranberry jam, and mince pie. Mr. Albers's and Miss Smalliclge's public speaking classes put on a beautiful and impressive Christmas pageant this after' noon. December 17 Cur basketball team is after its fourth championship in five years. Tonight they defeated Tech, 4048. After the game we went to an all school party, the SleighfBell Swing. Hurrah for two whole weeks of vacaf tion! ' 4 SPANISH CLUB PARTY Front row: Ver Wys, Carsok, Koster, Draugalis, Sciamann, De Boer, Vanden Berg, Van Dyke, Mas- lowski, Schroeder, Gardner, Visitor, Heruth, M. Siegel, R. Siegel Back row: Hankins, Sikanas, Raddatz, Banka, Wit' kowski, Velte, Yavruian, Grachtrup, Borgelcl, Mc Carthy, Lappi, Reisman, Czuhai, Cheslock The bull: Nichols and Pindar Sfanding on bull: Dykema H71 BASKETBALL Obermeyer, Wierzbicki, Olszewski GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front row, left to right: Metzger, Westberg, Sweers, Moerland, Rinner, Ver Wys, Race, Aldrich, Iulian, Rodenhouse, Becker, Roslanic, Powell Second row: Hoffman, Drake, Burns, Vander Veen, Dellacher, Moll, Schipper, Sirney, Flynn, Ioling, Iensen, Szekeley, Blackmer Third row: De Boer, Chapin, Petersen, Schan- er, Malowitz, Thomas, Allen, Moll, Peterson, Ludwig, Belda, Frost, Mohrig, Andre ldirectorj MUSIC AWARDS Markell, Di Sahatini SERVICE SQUAD Ungrey, Miss Mann, Smith, Iones MODERN PROBLEMS CLASS Mr. Sparks, Goolian, Greenfield, Bcasecker, Bigorowski, Cederquist, De I-lollander, Com- fort, Fields, Fisher, I-Iansma, I-Ientschel, High- house, Kalee, Kaufman, Kelezeski, Ksiazkief Wicz, Needham, Owsinski, Smolenski, Stevens FINAL EXAM Van Til, Armitage, Maloney, Barbour, Bum- garner, Mc Kenzie, Bousman, Miss Thomasma, and others HSI " r 5 w , Nj. , gk, FQ fx -..- 6 . I .,'- a sf- ve ' - Hssroav Eneusn MATH. J SCIENCE SHOP MUSIC January 7 January 21 Joe and I had the thrill of seeing Union's cagers retain first place in the city basketball league by defeating the Central Hilltoppers, 25f21. January 1 1 Went to Trinity Community Hall where Union's vocal department held their January concert. Our student directors def served all the applause they received for their splendid work. January 1 3 I was glad to be on the retiring Reflect' or staff this week. Our "cubs", the be' ginning journalism class, gave us a rest by putting out this week's edition. January 18 Ambled over to Creston's gym to see the Polar Bears trounced by our own Red Hawks, 2145. Some game! Looks as though Union is headed for another city championship. January 19 Our hardfworking Service Squad brought out the accumulated junk of years and had a motley display of lost articles. I looked and looked for my lost compact but could not spy it. . Joe and I saw the Union quintet defeat the Catholic Central Cougars 2949. January 25 Mr. Frank Sparks, editor of the Grand Rapids Herald, had quite a chat with the modern problems class, so Joe tells me. And of all the nice things Mr. Sparks said about the class in his "Reflections of an Editor" column! January 28 Joe took me to the tenth annual Sno Shu Shuffle, sponsored by the U. H. S. Club. We all had fun "trucking" to the swingy music of Eddie Marek and his band. Judging by Barbie's voice, she yelled herself hoarse at the UnionfOttawa game. The game was important, for Ottawa was our closest rivalg but we nosed them out, 26f23, for our eighth straight victory of the year. January 29 Alas and alack! Here's where I burn some midnight oil. Semester exams begin Friday. Too much work and no play may make Joe a dull boy, but a little 'study will make Jean a bright student-I hope! .Nt 2 fy f P is 'if-im v 4295 ' , - .... . ',.VV' 35 lg ."P ' ' N ' ' A 'fi 2 V5 1:3 E gf Z2 "" ' " Z "'2 igffiixif , W M 3 www, iQ, X ' ::g.: ff" 5 fum , 3 :- my A ' QWHEXW RQ ,.,, - 5.25: Q, fr-2: .,,. 2 --I A S S' 1 4 . M ,sk my Q 1. N Vx ' 1 we ' y www:-k.,.!x.,., Q, bf K ' ff- ., M: - .X Q V, . 5 i. 152 SN N F' 2 '1 fm A 3 'f me if l W M 5 X Q2 .. K, Y M 4 , ., ga !" 5? b .f Q Wwafiisgfl fpiiv February 2 What a sigh of relief I gave as I handed in my last exam paper today! February 4 Mzide the rounds collecting my first semf esters credit slips this morning. Tonight the fighting Red Hawks played the South Trojans. The game, which def cided who would occupy first place in the city league, attracted so many people that Joe and I almost didn't get seats. The Trojans gave us a bad scare, but we won 19f17. February 7 Barbie and I started for school early this morning to be sure to get into all of the classes we wanted. What a mad rush! I had to change my program twice because classes were filled. February 9 Joe happened to talk to Coach Liskey about the basket ball second team today, and he got some interesting information. The Union boys, who won five games and lost five games, scored 218 points to their opponents' 215. The game with South was by far the best game the Red and White Seconds played. The boys fought hard until the final whistle and were on the upper end of a 21 to 19 score at the climax. When Joe asked the coach about indif vidual stars, Mr. Liskey showed him his record book. Out of the total 218 points 'T .L in scored by Union, Bert DeVries scored 118 points, L'Red" Linacre and Joe Cimoch tied- for second with 36 points each. February 10 As I looked around the session room this morning and saw how studious the girls were, I decided that, like me, they're all determined to get better marks this semester than they did last. Joe says the boys seem to have made some new sem' ester resolutions, too. February 11 We saw Union swamp Tech 45f12 to retain undisputed possession of first place. February 18 Union won again to gain their tenth straight victory of the season! This time they defeated Central 38f19. February 21 The Cardinals became the champs of the Senior Intramural League. 2 February 22 At the patriotic assembly today, Mr. Sparks, editor of the Herald, was our speaker. February 24 Barbie came home simply thrilled about the dog that she saw at the Humane Club meeting. Itis evident there'll be no peace until this family owns a dog for Barb to treat humanely. fa,u 1 rs J -ft, r 7 QE 1 A Q.-5' - N 'V I- -ee inf" L March 1 joe took me to Creston tonight to see our Red Hawks beat the Polar Bears 33 to 23. This gives us the city championship. March 4 Our team beat Catholic 31 to 19 tonight to stretch our winning streak to thirteen games this season. March 8 Three representatives of the League of Women Voters, Mrs. Raabe, Mrs. Am' berg, and Mrs. Baker, presented a round table discussion and explained the aims of their organization at the Senior Girls' League meeting after school today. It was such an interesting discussion that I stayed and didn't get home until late. Our presif dent, Ethel Niemi, presided well. March 9 I worked on the miniature Roman house our Latin Club is building. Guess it won't be long now before I'll know how the early Romans lived. March 10 Ushered tonight at the senior play, "Seven Keys to Baldpatef, Joe went to Muskegon Heights to see the opening of the regional tournament. He says we won another game, 3Of23. Kloet, Krause, Obermeyer, and Ellingson did some Hne defensive work. March 11 I saw the senior play again, and I 'Thought it was worth seeing twice. Cur team beat the Big Reds at Muskef gon tonight 26 to 17. According to the girls, Mioduchowski was the hero. LATIN CLUB Belda, Sturgis, Lovett, Luckett, Versluis, Mc Mann, Schneider, Hoffman, Gedris, La Bree, Staskiewicz, Iakuboskas, Mentzer, Smith, Orwant, Weiner, Iohn- ston, Moore, Belbot, Esenwein, Veldman, Dickey, De Young, Van Oosten SENIOR PLAY Wygmans, Zoet, Seaholm, Sweeney, Bumgarncr, Hentschel, Mc Kenzie, Pakiela, Beyer, Commesen, Skuzinski, Sonneveldt, Haynes, Dribbin i521 5 w. 1 'IFQL 1 Q . EK' . ff ' S . ' """""'l --' 0 ' 1? Qlf: if 'M -E-as, ,o -'--aggg 7 s J' 1 A A p 3' --"' 1- , - LI .ww if' -1' All':AE'6t - March 17 Joe and I went to the Civic Auditorium tonight to see the quarter Hnals in the ' s ate basketball tournament. Our team played hard and fast, but Kalamazoo Cen' tral was a little too good for us, piling up 7:9 to our 31. March 20 Union makes the front page of thc Sun' day Herald! Cadets Quigley and Hanson how the long and short of our R.O.T.C. March 22 Another assembly! The National Honor Society pledged twentyftwo new members, Joe among them, and was he proud! Dr, Kilgour of the Church of Christ, gave an excellent talk. March 23 Disappointment! The Audubon Club members were all set to go for a hike and it rained cats and dogs. March 25 At last! After two weeks of highfpresf sure ticket selling, the third annual Round' up got under way. Joe took tickets for the Latin Club roller skating rink and I had to sell white elephants for the Audubon Club It was nearly eleven before we reached home. March 26 Another night of the Roundfup. I col' lected tickets at the dance which the Sen' ior Girls' League sponsored. I took time off to see an awfully clever puppet show given by the French Club. joc's kid brother Tommy went home from thc Round up with a radio-one of the many nice door prizes given away. ALIDUBON CLUB Sabaitis Balulis, Kruis, Van Ysseldyke, Haack, Miss Crotser Sponable, Finnaman, Ayers, Frederick, Kos- ten Roetman, Mieras, Boe, Ferwerda, Ketchel, Ka- suba Hoekwater, Sirney, Malewitz, Cattell, Bas- arabski Veenstra, Gornmesen, Kik, Ver Wys, Zilin- skas Kutchin, Borgeld, Couch, Crowell FRENCH CLUB Winick West, Sarniec, Niemi, Cox, Mulder, Bessey, Kramer armol, Iarvi, Iohnson, Krzywocz, Fuhring, Near Anisko, Schuhardt, Hall, Ianiak, Winski, ewett Cohen WRESTLING Kroon, Geib, Wisernan, Baird, Lumas, Shippy, Iones, Coach Hess, Civinskas, Folkertsma, Parker, Lovett, Baranowski, Hinman, Au France fassistant coachl, Quigley ART CLUB Mr. Bach, Van Ort, Samiec, Van Mullen, Bergsma, Olsen, Borgeld, Dane, Finneman, Miss Barker, Mohrig, Iewett HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Niemi, Haan, Miss Traut, Mieras, Harver, Heald, Heald, Czuhai, Lappi, Sirney, Malewitz PRESS CLUB Castor, Honholt, Rouse, Kuzawa, Bouchard, Bumgarner, Stanley, Sirney, Fletcher, Miss Smallidge, Swanson, Hanson, Sawyer, York, Becker, Mieras, and others NATURE CLUB Krause, Tower, Surofchek, Nardin, Sullivan, Mr. Bazuin, Race, Nowacki, Sneden, Ogieko, Van Malsen, Petersen, Le Bree, Hansen GIRL RESERVES Berthuis, Kurkjan, Goosman, Downer, Olee, Myrowitz, Rymarowicz, Wapner, Nebelius, Rex, Winick, Sachs, Kruis, Kutchin, De Hamer, Castor, Hart, Goolian, Cohen, Weiner, Roden- house, Ziezuil, Sonneveldt, Edison, Wild, Romanski, Powell, Chapin, Blackmer, Lenning, Krulek, May, Bustraan, Meyers, Olson, Schu- hardt, Orwant, Ysseldyke, Skuzinski, Matell, Siegel, Siegel, Ianiak, Lovett, and others HI-Y Blandford, Slivick, Swietlik, Van Mullen, Mox- on, Broucek, Hart, Baar, Appel, Glupker, Haynes, Mr. Reynders, Flora, Werner, Blonk, Bailey, Bessey, Masalski Hankins, Peterson, Riewald, Grams, Weber, Skuzinski, Kowal- kowski, Van Dalsen, Bergsma, Koster, Van Dam, Douma, and others CONSERVATION LEAGUE Mr. Early, Kosten, Nowacki, Werner, Bailey, Maynard, Skuzinski, Swietlik, Birqelaitis ' P , .,--- : -'GAQW51 W ' I " A lV5'm?6 . Q30 Os ' ' ' 5 Q is-fin ll E1 N-TSN Z S ff n AX M JMX Nr 2Q'?!X .Q Q w G i7I"f re ' Q l- ff fl K I ' April 4 ' Met Tommie on the way to algebra. He told me that the wrestling team had com' peted in the city wrestling meet and tied with Creston for third place. i Barbie has just been telling me about the Art Club's gay jaunt to the Grand Rapids Art Gallery. April 8 "I'm from Grand Haven. Where are you from?" asked a polite voice at my side. My Grand Haven friend was only one of two hundred and fifty home econ' omics girls who attended the regional ban' quet - a smorgasbord dinner in honor of the speaker, Miss Marta Dalen, inter' national scholarship student of Stockholm, Sweden. April 14 Barbie came home scolding because she had printers' ink on her arm. The Reflectf or came out late and was not completely dry when Barbie, press agent for her sixth hour class, started to distribute the papers. I assured her that plenty of soap and water would make her as good as new. Joe and the fellows drove to Hastings after school to see the track team perform for the first time this season. Under the leadership of Herm Straub the Red Hawks ran up seventy points against their opponf ents' score of thirty. April 21 I ran into Tommie's gang in the lunch room this noon. They were enthusiastic' ally discussing the high spots of the Na' ture Club's earlv morning hike. 'k0h, Jean, you don't know how swell it is to start to school at 7:15, on a spring morning. Come on and walk with me," begged Joe. He gets to school at 7:40 a. m. every other Friday to attend the HifY meeting. How those fellows think straight at that early hour is beyond me, but I liked their idea of planning a wienie roast with the Girl Reserves. April 22 Joe, Barbie. Tommy, and I rooted for Union when they beat Central's batsmen to the tune of 8f4. April 28 It was hard to recognize all my pals in their Sundayfgoftofmeetin' clothes for Shiek's Day. At the sunlite dance after school, we had a gay time doing the 'Big Apple" and the "Shag" April 29 Fish and trout streams. That's the only subject Joe and the fellows in the Conf servation League have discussed all the past week. NAM fi. ,-te-4 I- ,QA ' l ,Auf ' , , ' ' I 4-R I' 59" exe ' r r saw F fgg f' K K 5 C. ',41 gr: uI'::'?Fm -.. I , - li:-5 H:g- flfif-I! A "-w:e2:::ii:: May 2 An unusually enthusiastic crowd turned out to see our baseball team beat Central, 8f5. May 7 Watched the Union tennis tcam practice for their city match with Christian High on Monday. May 12 Cay Tyrolean costumes and a Maytime ball were the highlights of the "Nuremberg Doll," in which an old German legend came to life. May 19 Joe says that our track team will be in top form for the regional tournament to be held next Saturf day. Decisive victories over Hastf ings, Creston, and Catholic indif cate what our wellfbalanced team can do. May 21 Pastel net dresses with swirling skirts were the high fashion note for girls at the juniorfsenior prom. BASEBALL Sitting, left to right: Ti1nmers,E. Post, Lyons, Mc Kellar, Sharphorn, Mangus Standing: Lambert, Ford, B. Post, Wierzbicki, Sciamana, Ellingson, Sneathen, Swierbut TENNIS Host, Kortz, Parrette, Boukma, Coach Meyering, Linacre, Mc Kenzie, Gom- mesen, Van Ess OPERETTA Cress, Emmons, Kasper, Heugal, Rin- ner, Bumgarner, Van Ammering, Rex, Crowley, Carlen, Meyers, Ieltema, Di Sabatina, Millet, Boomer, Ander- son, Maloney, Peterson, Meyers, La- pinski, Markell, Kuchanzek, Mulder, Mc Carthy, Suey, Zimmerman, Wil- cox, Schuka, Word, Schumann, Van Hof, Aldrich, Flynn, Drake, Sirney, Ver Wys, Wielhouwer, Allen, Powell, Hoffman, Mohrig, Metzger, Basarabski TRACK First row, left to right: Parker, Bara- nowski, Shippy, Lasiewski, Mazurek, Wiseman, Straub, Wronko, Smaltz, Heyes, Lumas, Waivio, Loucks l l.Sccond EO.llL1-1XlBlSOH,lViiOdL1ChOWSki, Baird, Crandall, Oleszkiewicz, S. Mio- duchowski, Pakiela, Civinskas, I. Lu- mas, Iaworowicz, Bessey, Mass, Cimoch Third row: Weih, Hugo, Nichols, Bier, Kohan, Michalak, Downer, Broekema, Quigley, De Young, Hin- man, Zamiara, Pfarrer, Dykema, Iones, Coach Hess i561 5 is 'sf F alli- W? , , JUNE , June 1 Union's golf team composed of Mioduchowf ski, Phillips, De Vries, Seltzer, and Kelezeski, has made a clean sweep of its matches with East Grand Rapids, Tech, Greston, and Chris' tian. As three of the four man team are shoot' ing in the seventies, Joe says they should win the regionals. ' june 2 Barbie went to the junior high assembly to' day and is wondering why some people have all the luck for is it brains?j Five dollar awards given by the freshman class went to Tom Edie son and Genevieve Kwiatkowski for outstanding scholarship and to Frances Johnson and Lester Wolfson for leadership. June 3 Senior awards assembly. The Dillingham cups, awarded to the two most outstanding seniors, were presented to Eleanor Groggel and Anthony Zimnowski. Seniors receiving gold keys were Loraine Esenwein, Ruth Jarvi, Edith Mieras, Ethel Niemi, Margaret Lapham, Cor' rine Sonneveldt, Alfred Haynes, Mildred Mohf rig, Gerald Dribbin, Betty Edison, and Anf thony Zimnowski. A large number of our eaglefeyed hall guards also received awards for their labors. The Elizabeth Slaght award in home eco' nomics went to Betty Reynders. Winners of Marian Jennings foreign language awards were Frances Samiec, Ethel Niemi, and Edward Golembiewski. Kenneth Broucek received the Spanish Club award. I heard some people saying, "Lucky guys," but I think it's a matter of hard work, not luck. June 17 The day of days has finally come and gone and the members of the first graduating class to wear caps and gowns are now alumni! SERVICE SQUAD First row: Kobel, Grooters, Norman, Allison, Meyer, Iarvi, Groggel, Bizorek Second row: Ungrey, Miedema, Castor, Nebelius, Lapham, Szczepaniuk, C. Sonneveldt, Esenwein Third row: Markell, Van Ysseldyke, Smith, Larson, R. Sonneveldt, Ysseldyke, Van Dusen, Nusca, Ianiak i571 Names in the News Meet'lCeneral" LORNA GOOSMANN of the victorious Gold Army. With the spirit of a true Amazon, she led her session room to top place in the annual Round' up ticketfsellingi campaign. This active junior is vicefpresident of her class, plays a bass viol in the senior orchestra, and is president of the Cirl Reserves. The most exacting position on the school paper, that of managing editor, was filled by RUTH JARVI during the second semester. In addition to her work on the Reflector and Aurora staffs, she has found time to be a seventh grade counselor, secretary of the French Club, and vicefpresident of the National Honor Society. "Service" is the motto of EDITH MIERAS, who is noted for her promotion of numerous campaigns and sales for school organizations. A gold key winner, Edith is a member of the Service Squad, treasurer of the Audubon Club, and has been advertising and business manager of The Reflector. A truly versatile Unionite is ANTHONY ZIMNOWSKI, winner of the Dilf lingham cup and a gold key. In addition to his basketball and Varsity Club activif ties, he has served as president of both the senior class and the National Honor Society. Tony was also cofchairman of the Sleighfbell Swing, held in the Dillingf ham gym in December. Although he attends Sibley School and is only a prospective Unionite, BLAINE KINDIC attracted wide attention during the year when he appeared as junior drum major of Union's band. He is an accomplished baton twirler and at the age of twelve is the youngest drum major in the history of the organization. Winner of the Dillingham memorial award and chosen the "best allfround girll' in the senior class, ELEANCR CRCGCEL is completing a busy high school career. Her activities include work on the Student Council, acting as chairman of the Public Relations Staff, being vicefpresident of the Union High Safety Club, a member of the G. U. C., and general of the Powder Blue Army in the Roundfup. mwwww Kwai I s.er .,,.. l Names in the News Enthusiasm and ambition have placed ALFRED HAYNES among the most active seniors. His many duties have included being managing editor of The Reflector, secretary of the HifY, a member of the Aurora staff, and an actor in the senior play and operetta. Al is a favorite soloist at assemblies and vocal concerts. Union's representative at the D. A. R. Convention at Lansing this year was LUCY ZILINSKAS, who was chosen for her excellent grades in history. She was winner of one of two junior college scholarships awarded annually by the Women's University Club to girls who are graduating from the city high schools. The role of William Hallowell Magee, a part which usually calls for a prof fessional actor, was effectively portrayed by FRED SEAHOLM in the senior prof duction, "Seven Keys to Baldpatefj Although assigned the part at virtually the last minute, Fred handled it like a veteran. Gifted with a rich baritone voice, he has sung at various school gatherings. president of the Senior Girls' League. Reflector. Roundfup. ' Acting as feature editor of The Reflector and associate editor of The Aurora have been two of the many activities of literary ETHEL NIEMI winner of the Grand Rapids Safety Council essay contest held in November A leader in both scholastic and social interests, Ethel is a member of the National Honor Society and Sixffoot-two and every inch a scholar is KENNETH BROUCEK editor in chief of the Aurora. A mathematics enthusiast, Kenneth is vicefpresident of the National Honor Society and was named "senior boy scholar" in the mock election Kenneth has put his mathematical precision into use in the writing of headlines for The Here are the two luckiest Unionites. JEAN CARLEN, popular junior broke into the news last fall when she won a muchfcoveted Dodge ctr at the Auto Show Because he held a lucky number, MAYNARD DE VRIES became the owner of a new gas refrigerator, the grand door prize at the annual Community Council X . ga Y K COMPANY E Shackelton, I. Weber, A. Weber, G. Sullivan, Shellard, Content, Nichol, Hodges, Kuzma, Sidor, Pilarz, Mientek, De Roos, Iakems, E. Golembiewski, Milling, Flagler, and others COMPANY C Back row: Sgt. Lehman, Hansen, Simonis, McClure, Lillis, Van Dyken, Iohnston, L. Zimmerman, R. Zimmerman, Shoemaker, Patterson, Hancock, Kline, Decker, Schalliart Fourth row: Nivison, Iaeger, Patt, Dykstra, Bassett, Rickson, Mulder, Blodgett, Kuitert, R. Reed, Lundberg, Schroeder, Reynolds, A. lgleski Third row: Dubart, R. Igleski, Kirnoski, Mitchell, Nowacki, Broniewski, Mat- thews, Lovell, Kiel, Cress I Second row: Kelly, Buss, Raddotz, McKenzie, Henger, Blandford, Braciak, Haskin, Kuennen, Bright, Garber, Whitney, C. Reed First row: Fredrickson, Veldman, Rhoades, Beyer, Carls, Barbour, Mallette, Fuhrmann, Fisher, Ellis, Chernoby To 0 . ff' Mitchell, Rochalski, Hansen, Hubbard, Haskins, Igleski, Nichol, Kelley, and others Marching forward again this year, Union's junior R.O.T.C. unit broke all enrollment records thus necessitating the formation of a new company and an entire new squad of sponsors. The appearance of the two companies was considerably improved with the addif tion of white dress belts and white shirts to the cadet uniform. The sponsors had a complete refstyling of their uniforms: for the first time at Union, they wear white corduroy skirts, red corduroy jackets, and red and white overseas caps which are very becoming. The reorganization of the rifle team added four new teams to the roster, there' Rhoacles Pilarz, Fuhrmann, Fisher, Ference, Mete- lonis Ellis, Veldman, Schuhardt, Ampulski, De Roos, Miling Frederickson by providing marksmanship training for some four or five times the number of cadets that formerly had this experience. Sergeants Vernon Kelley and William Mitchell won firstand second places ref spectively for the school in the intercity matches. Roundfup time again found the Bar and Chevrons Club sponsoring a successful shooting galleryj Character building is the keynote of R.O.T.C, training which strives to instill in the cadets qualities of neatness, poise, selffcontrol, selffconiidence, initiative, good scholarship, and good citizenship. Beyer, W b , Kelley, Mitchell, Flagler, Mc Kenzie 5 1 n zswwsawasas was ,, . , N ., , 5 , 2. :Q we M Mwawta. , sp A . at ag: aft, Q mzeff wwwmwm Reflector Staff Staskiewicz, Van Ysseldyke, Hoekwater, Anderson, Tournell, Holmes, Holmes, Mohrig, Bousman, Bumgarner, Carsok, Vander Veen, Esenwein, Honholt, Miss Heseltine, Brand, Lapham, Iarvi, Goolian, Cox, Dribbin ' The Reflector appeared in modern dress in the first issue, October 14. A new type and flushedfleft heads were used. The names of all columns were changed. Several new columns were added: a world' news column, 'LWith the Tide," a manners column, 'LTips to the Teensn, and a culture column, "Open Doors". "Topic of the Week", an editorial on a current school problem, was placed on the front page. The first semester staff consisted of Alfred Haynes, managing editor, Virginia Roh, news editor, Ethel Niemi, feature editor, Bob Kalkofen, editorfinfchief, Dorothy Van Hof, girl sport editor, Richard Goolian, boy sport editor, Corrine Sonneveldt and Kenneth Broucek, headline writers. Seated: Mieras, Sonneveldt C'L,,,1',, rX,a, L,, fX,1',',1 1711 K7 1 'TXT I' The advertising, as well as the editorial work, was carried on in the journalism classes the second semesf ter. A "Dotty Dix" column was added at this time. Student questions were answered by both mothers and teachers. A feature of the work of the second semester's staff was the annual April Fool number, which was patterned after a country newspaper. It related the "doings" of the "folks" in Union Center. The second term staff included Ruth Jarvi, man' aging editor, Loraine Esenwein, news editor, Amon Buingarner and Mildred Carsok, feature editors, Meredith Cox, editorfinfchief, Gertrude Honholt, girl sport editor Bob B nd, boy sport editor, Louella Holmes, chie headl' e writer, Corrine Sonneveldt, advertising nager. l62l rwvxzr 11 1171 1 1 . . ln., T1,,1,. xl, Pfn 31 Aurora Stall Broucek, at desk: Birgelaitis, standing: Hart, Lapham, Sweedyk, De Young, Staskiewicz, Stoll, Metelonis, Samiec, Maslowski, Haynes, Skuzinski, Stevens, Cowell, Fultz, Werner, Makoski, Goeman, Unqrey, Mohrig, Iarvi, Ayers, Vander Werf, Newberg, Niemi, Newman. Esenwein, Myrowitz, Kruis EDITORfINfCHIEF Kenneth Broucek EDITORIAL STAFF Betty Armitage Agatha Ayers Mabel Cowell Gene De Young Loraine Esenwein Helen Fultz Lester Goeman Jack Hart ART STAFF Mildred Mohrig Frances Samiec Geraldine Swart Ruth Thorp Stanley Larson PHOTOGRAPHERS Gordon Stevens Lloyd Stoll Ruth Jarvi Bernice Kruis Margaret Lapham Alfred Haynes Harold Makoski Wanda Maslowski John Metelonis Annabel Myrowitz SALESMEN Rita Schneider Peter Mikita John Metelonis Thelma Sirney Gloria Robinson - Geraldine Malewitz Jean Olman Joseph Owsinski jack Quigley Anthony Zimnowski Bessie Kuiper ASSISTANT EDITORS Ethel Neimi Edward Birgelaitis Thomas Newberg Lillian Newman Edward Skuzinski Clara Spyroski Madalen Staskiewicz Marguerite Vander Werf George Werner Lucy Zilinskas BUSINESS STAFF Amon Bumgarner Nelson Sweedyk Louis Ungrey FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Esther E. Eby O Miss Edith Barker Mr. A. J. Avery Miss Clarissa Richardson PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION First row, left to right: Mesdames Rinner. Schneide Miss Smallidge, Mesdames Coolian, Robson, Versehoor, I-Ioisington r, Ceih, Misner, A Second row: Mesdamcs Whipple, Voss, Sneathen, Buttermore, Smith Ivlontigue uf i. - 2 Yiiiiigs 51 Q' I F' if . 'Ira g an 'W sleev- GUI' BZFIZFGCLOVS The P.T.A. helps the school in various ways. Recently it has given aid to scholf arship funds, contributed to milk funds, and helped clothing teachers to purchase materials for needy students. It has also assisted the Community Council with the work on the annual Roundfups. The offif cers are Miss Clara Smallidge, president, Mrs. Fred Voss, vicefpresident, Mr. Fred Voss, teacher vicefpresidentg the Rev. Mr. De Vinney, father vicefpresidentg Mrs. Ward Geib, secretary, Mrs. Walter Rob' son, corresponding secretary, Mrs. L. Coolian, treasurer. fxfXkJ,v TA. S ' S E' Sr as '42 L fi f ff' ........L.. ' fs wr lf - Sk if 3' rl gi al 'fi !Bl.i?ro11o no' 1,9 v ,Q a, The Union High Community Council is in line with a current trend in education, that of bringing the school closer to the community. The Council is a comf munity group organized to serve and to promote the activities of the school. It has accomplished the following: purchased seventy band uniforms, fourteen baseball uniforms, six uniforms for song leaders, a school flag, sponsored three annual Round' ups, and engaged in other activities. The officers are Mr. Raymond Rasmussen, prezidentg Mr. Everest, permanent vice' president, Mrs. Otto Rinner, recording secretary, Miss Clara Smallidge, corref sponding secretary, and Mr. Peter Peter' son, treasurer. f SLM "5VV3 . 325 O if 5 Cf- .. mis I 'gk G'-,I 9 fb ,, v f Va-5 an CQUNcyV7 UNION HIGH COMMUNITY COUNCIL First row, left to right: Mrs. Goolian, Mrs. Voss, Mr. Marek- wardt, Mr. Early, Mrs. Castor, Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Everest, Mr. Rasmussen, Mr. Zoet, Miss Smallidge, Mrs. Rinner, Miss Mac Dermott Second row: R. Stiebeneicher, L. Ampulski, M. Cowell, R. l64l Schneider, L. Wolfson, W. Lovett, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Parker igaspri' O .i.:5..I - 1 :. '- f' fd X ATICDNAL I-IONOR IOCIETY Students chosen by a faculty committee are pledged into the Union chapter of the National Honor Society at a special assembly. Members are elected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Outstanding juniors are received into the organization in the last semester of their junior year, and other members are chosen the last semester before graduation. Anthony Zimnowski, Ruth Jarvi, Margaret Lapham, Frances Samiec, Kenneth Broucek, Lillian Newman, Esther Norman, Madalen Staskiewicz, Marguerite Van' der Werf, Lucy Zilinskas, Edward Birgelaitis, Doris Crater, Loraine Esenwein, Virginia Roh, Hazel Vander Lind, and Agatha Ayers were pledged as juniors. The middle picture shows the new senior members taking their pledge in March .of this year. They are Lorraine Allison, Lucille Balulis, Harriet Bryska, June Garey, Ruth Czuhai, Maynard De Vries, Martin Douma, Betty Ensign, Edward Golembiewski, Grace Hall, Jack Hart, Lois Kramer, Lucy Manoogian, Annabel Myrowitz, Thomas Newberg, Ethel Niemi, Betty Reynders, Gloria Robinson, Clara Spyroski, Donald Van Dam, Verna Van Ysseldyke, and George Werner. One of the major duties of the club is counseling the seventh graders. Under the chairmanship of Lillian Newman the counselors instruct the new students in problems of school life. One of the annual social functions of the club is a tea held immediately after the initiation assembly to which the parents of the members and the teachers are invited. The picture on the right shows one of the members introducing her mother to Miss Thomasma, the adviser. J w x 'g, 'Kg F'-'A 51 I E Lorraine Allison Agatha Ayers Lucille Balulis Edward Birgelaitis Kenneth Broucek Harriet Bryska Doris Crater Ruth Czuhai Martin Douma Betty Ensign Loraine Esenwein Edward Golembiewski Ruth jarvi Lois Kramer Bernice Kruis Margaret Lapham Lucy Manoogian IIE? Annabel Myrowitz Thomas Newberg Lillian Newman Ethel Niemi Esther Norman Betty Reynders Gloria Robinson Virginia Roh Frances Samiec Clara Spyroski Mzidalen Staskiewicz Hazel Vander Lind Marguerite Vander Werf Verna Van Ysseldylie George Werner Lucy Zilinskas Anthony Zimnowski if .lx 1" LJIXIDEIT-2C2l.Ll,fflNflElXl Dorothy Berry Wilnmzi Bliclzley Bessie Crowell Geraldine Devlin Caroline Dummer Angeline Dziedzic Thomas Edison Geraldine Fik Bernard Flickinger Anne Goldberg Emily Gommesen Paul Goolian Zabelle Goolian Celia Gross Dorothy Haan Louise Harshberger Margaret Hart Donald Heys Robert Jarka Roberta Johnston Genevieve Kwiatkowski Alice Larrabee Robert Lampert Seymour Leven William Lovett Irene Maghielse Ernest Mauzy Mary Ann Mentzer Betty Nederveld Mildred Orwant Helen Peltola Fred Reyers Franklin Root Mary Sinkler Margaret Smith Marjorie Smith Theodora Staskievvicz Arlene Stehouwer Rosaline Tanski Frances Thomas Evelyn Van Dyke Arthur Weber Evelyn West Sonia Wiener Elaine Wietsma Patricia Wilccvx Lester Wcnlfsmun Senior Class Song Words by Ethel Niemi Music by Richard Goolian As we set out to face the world, We pause to look behind On happy days at Union, Care-free, content in mind. Mem'ries of you we'll e'er hold dear, The mention of your name Will help us on, inspire us To reach our highest aim. Your teachers, classes, school days, all In every heart remain, We're proud to say we're Unionites, We're proud to share your fame. Chorus: Farewell, Union, Alma Mater, We sing our last adieu, We pledge our hearts and hands, we pledge To e'er remain true blue. Farewell, Union, Alma Mater, We'll always trust in you. W'e'll sing our thanks and praise When cherished dreams come true. , Class Will of 1938 Cn this the sixth day of June, in this the ninth day of the depression, or the first year of the recession, better known as 1938, as repref sentatives of the Senior Class of this pretentious institute called Union High School, we take up our wornfout quills to pen this traditional docu- ment entitled the Class Will. Item: To the underclassmen we leave our highlyfdeveloped technique of working the cafe' teria peanut machine to get full value of that one "red" cent. If you lack the skillful touch, you'd better take a lesson from those who know how. Item: To next year's seniors we bequeath the privilege of calling our beloved gym teacher by her nickname "Macky." Item: To the Reflector staff of '39 we entrust the care of the tender plants now flourishing on the editor's desk. Water the plants faithfully: we always did. You'll need the inspiration the blooms give, we know. Item: To the athletes of the next year we entrust the power of carrying the Red Hawks on to greater heights. Item: To the basketball team in particular we extend the wish that you will gain the state championship for the school and "Doc" Elf lingson. Item: To the eighth, ninth, and tenth graders we leave the hope, although we know that we are expecting the impossible, that you will be satisfied with the school ring when you become seniors. Item: Also to the eighth, ninth, and tenth graders we leave behind plenty of velocity and uscrimmage stuff" to help you to get through the halls and to your classes in one hundred and eighty split seconds. Item: To the members of the weaker sex, we leave a gross of sandfpaper to be used to smooth down those awful stocking snaggers in the library. Item: To the underclassmen we leave the challenge of assisting the Union Community Council as efficaciously as we always did in putting on the Roundfup. Since we were sopho- mores, we have helped make the event a sucf cess. Now it's your turn. Signed, Loraine Esenwein Ethel Niemi Witnesses: Jean Unionite Joe Highschool X, f V ,f s K -- ff , X fa X ll!!! Cederquist, Mr. Fryfoglc, l'-lliling, Trenis, Hryhyk, Jaeger, Zenk, Iarosch, Ruff, Van Ess, Haynes, Huebner, Wilkinscsn, Mitchell, Siebieneicher, Van Socstbcrg, Kuzniak, White, Smith, De Hollander, Snip, Drake, Faulhaber, Groters, Oleson, Cumherworth, Sharphorn, NVhalley, Van Ess, Buttermore, Herman, Van Maldigan, Kutchins, Perschke, Kruh, Schneider, Hornbeck, Gieroch, Matulaitis, Moxon, Sprout, Patt, Vanden Berg, Weilx, Peterson, Nowicki, Rysdyk, Larson, Pilarz, Reynolds, Gilson, Braciak, Biziorek, Flagler, Janiak, Hodges, Dc Vos, Jenezon, Nusca, Niewadomski, Ohman, Mc Carthy, Adornat, Vvlord Bdfld dfld CDfCl'l2S'Efd Probably no organizations add more enjoyment to school and community functions than do Union's band and orchestra. In addition to its many appearances at football games and at the Holland Tulip Festivals, the band is popular as a concert organization. And now the orchestra plays a grand finale to an eventful school year and the 1938 Aurora! Drake, Nykamp, Van Dyken, Klnmpferer, Mr. Fryfogle, Apkarian, lvlnrlatt, Stout, Bohachyk, N. Johnson, M, Johnson, Ouisinski, Reiner, Hess, Jaarda, Robson, Youngs, Mason, R. janiak, Hay, Smith, Braciak, Parker, NVinters, Olds, A. Ianiak, Haynes, Vvlilkinson, Snip, Drake, Gieroch, XVhallcy, Sharphom, Blattner, Wickstrom, Nusca, Kasuba, Goosmann, Mazurek, Larson, Pilarz l69l Adamczak, Emily 838 Veto St., N. W. Aleszka, Mary 513 Lexington Ave., N. YV. Alicki, Ernest 1126 Fourth St., N. W. Allen, Walter R.R.2, Grand Rapids, Mich. 1161735174 Allison, Lorraine 1105 Louis Ave., N. W. Anderson, Corrine 2227 Genesee Ave., N. W, Anisko, Louis 880 Fourth St., N. W. Appel, Robert 1000 Lincoln Ave., N. W, Armitage, Betty 1031 Scribner Ave., N. W. Atkinson, Mary 2200 W, Leonard Rd. 7f6lO3 Au France, Bernard 1038 Richmond St., N. W. 7-7393 Ayers, Agatha 552 Turner Ave., N. W. Baar, Stewart 1032 Louis Ave., N. W. 7f574'i Bailey, Frederick R.R,2, Grand Rapids, Mich. Balinski, Dorothy 815 Seventh St., N. W. Balulis, Lucille 719 Richmond St., N. W. Barbour, Maurice 360 Ball Park Blvd., N. W. 9f5262 Baron, Walter 719 Scribner Ave., N. W. Barrett, Frederick 1727 Fourth St., N. W. 8-7166 Basarabski, Mary 747 First St., N. W. Beasecker, Richard 833 Rogers St., N. W. 718433 Bessey, Alva R.R,1, Comstock Park, Mich. Beyer, Robert 700 Lincoln Ave., N. W. Bf7749 Bigorowski, Eugene 669 Third st., N. W. Birgelaitis, Edward 1013 Leonard St., N. W. 7f9753 Biziorek, Raymond Hovey St., N. W. Bolthouse, Wilma 1243 Broadway Ave,, N. W. 715784 Boone, Marian 1102 Tamarack Ave., N. W. 714102 Borgeld, Marie 1034 Fremont Ave., N. W. 8-9090 Bosse, George 321 Cedar St,, N. E. Seruor D Boukma, Egbert 1028 Courtney St., N. W. 7'7367 Bousrnan, leanne 1546 Broadway Ave., N. W. Boukamp, Harry 452 Third St., N. W. Bowman, Ruth 15 Mt. Vernon Ave., N. W. 9'384U Brand, Robert 742 Veto Ave,, N. W. 819076 Broucek, Kenneth 114 Richards Ave., N. W. 295851 Bryska, Harriet 747 Seventh St., N. W. 9'6809 Bumgarner, Amon 407 Sixth St., N. W. Bustraan, Susan 1037 Arianna St., N. W. 718375 Carey, june 1236 Walker St., N. W. Carls, Henry 340 Tenth bt., N. W. 8f0770 Carsok, Mildred 1712 Hamilton Ave., N, XV. Cederquist, Earle 916 Richmond St., N.W. 7-5872 Chase, Birnird 1131 Edison Ave., N. W. 7f8757 Cheslock, Celia 914 Iennette Ave., N. W. 8f2969 Civinskas, Charles 1249 Front Ave., N. W. Clark, Phyllis 1523 Widdicomb Ave., N. W. 7f9592 Clifford, Betty 3 1206 Fourth St., N. W. Comfort, Douglas 1035 Scribner Ave., N. W. Corbett, Morton 1014 Gariield Ave., N. . Cowell, Mabel 846 Harding St., N, W. 7f8144 Cox, Meredith 901 Jackson St. Jefferson City, Missouri 'W Crater, Doris 744 Broadway Ave., N. W. Crowley, Harrie 1316 Scribner Ave., N. W. Czerew, Robert 852 Alpine Ave., N. W. Czuhai, Ruth 1167 Sixth St., N, W. Dales, Donald 824 Turner Ave,, N. W. Dane, Margaret 1047 Alpine Ave., N. W. De Boer, Gerald 927 Ninth St., N. W. 8f9678 De Haan, Mary 1343 Turner Ave,, N. W. 7-6521 irectory De Hamer, Phyllis 1623 Mc Donald St., N. W. 714113 De Hollander, Robert 2210 Gen-see Ave., N. W. Delinick, Florence 1418 Muskegon Ave,, N. W. Dellacher, Rose 735 Garfield Ave., N. W. 8f3911 De Looff, Arthur 835 S. Oakleigh Road Dettmann, Ruth 1110 Second St., N. W. De Vries, Maynard 546 Crosby St., N. W. 7f7654 De Young, Gene 124 Richards. Ave,, N, VJ. De Young, Etta R. R. 2, Walker Station Doak, Rosemary 1040 jackson St., N. W. Doiuna, Martin 1452 Tamarack Ave., N. YV. 716209 ' Drake, Phyllis 831 Bridge St., N. W. 8f2161 Draugalis, Peter 1665 Broadway Ave., N. W. Drebot, Carl 813 Chatham St., N. W. Dribbin, Gerald 519 Stocking Ave., N. W. 914054 Dutkiewicz, Maxine 921 Davis Ave,, N, W. Dykhouse, Iohn R,R.2, Grand Rapids, Mich. Edison, Betty Lake Michigan Drive 9-6569 Ellis, Irma 1327 Butterworth St., S, W. 8f4353 Ensign, Betty 1546 Fremont Ave., N. W. Erickson, Ruth 643 Turner Ave., N. W. Esenwein, Loraine 560 Lan: Ave., N. W, Ferwerda, Cornelia 1123 Broadway Ave., N. W. Fields, Ioseph 149 Lane Ave., N. W. Finckler, Mary 25 Elm St-., S. W. Finneman, Margit 524 Coit Ave., N. E. Fisher, George 813 California St., N. W. Flagler, Robert 1212 jackson St., N. W. Flora, Louis 1130 Covell Rd., N. W. Flynn, Edna 17 National Ave., N. W. Ford, Thomas 908 Harding St., N. W. Freas, Lorraine 117 Lexington Ave., N, W. 915870 Frederick, Ann 815 Twelfth St,, N. W, Fuhrrnann, Anthea 39 Garfield Ave., N. W. Fultz, Helen 616 Chatham St., N. YV. 810707 Gardner, Robert 1452 Alpine Ave., N. W. Gilchrist, Frances 1100 Richmond St., N. W, Glass, Eugene 262 Spencer St., N. E. Glupker, Robert 1423 Garneld Ave., N. W. Godley, Charles 112 indiana Ave., S. W. Goeman, Lester 1715 Richmond St., N. W. Golembiewski, Edward 757 Lake Michigan Dr., N. W Gommesen, Ernest 333 Valley Ave., N. W. Goolian, Richard 755 Turner Ave., N. W. Gotch, Ellamae 19 Richards Ave., N. W. 818476 Gravelyn, Donald 1444 Alpine Ave., N. W. Greenfield, Solomon 1527 Alpine Ave., N. W. Gregorczyk, Casimir 612 Pine Ave., N. W. Grodzicki, Ioseph 924 Jackson St., N. W. Groggel, Eleanor 1411 Gariield Ave., N. YV. 717703 Grooters, Dorothy 262 Fitz Ave., S. W. Gumnowski, Helen 752 Seventh St., N. W. Hall, Grace McEwan Rd., N. W. 9f4796 Hankins, Keith 214 Lexington Ave., N. W. Hansen, Robert 909 Bridge St,, N. W. Hansma, Robert Fourth Street Road Hanson, Helen 1416 Walker St., N. W. 7f5637 f Haraburda, Iohn 756 Sixth St., N. W. Harmelink, Maurice 1235 Myrtle St., N. W. Hart, lack 1449 Fourth St,, N. W. 819701 Hayden, Maryjane 615 Stocking Ave,, N. W. Hayes, Thelma 1232 Fourth St., N. W. Haynes, Alfred 820 First St,, N. W. Hentschel, Robert 950 Sibley St., N. W. Herda, Wanda 746 Butterworth St., N. W. Heyer, Mary 714 Chatham St., N. XV. Heys, Russell 1976 Dayton St., S. W. Highhouse, Clarence 1221 Fourth St., N. W. Highhouse, William 1221 Fourth St., N. W. Hilton, Williard R.R.2. Hockey, Dortha 1421 bristol Ave., N. XV. 7f9674 Hoekwater, Dorothy 4 1046 Crosby St., N. W. 7f6987 Homrich, Arline 203 Lexington Ave., N. W. 8'434O Honholt, Gertrude 1046 Twelfth St., N. XV. Hornbeck, William 324 Sunset Ave., N. W. 84887 Iwanski, lulia 1 Straight Ave., S. W. Iackson, William 1710 Broadway Ave., N. XV laniak, Edmund 874 lackson St., N. W. 8f9772 Ianiak. Regina 874 lackson St., N. W. 8f9772 Iarmol, Bernard 414 Tenth St., N. W. larvi, Ruth 667 Garfield Ave., N. W. Iewett, Norma 1309 Broadway Ave., N. W. Iohnson, Lois 724 Turner Ave., N. W. Kalee, Adrian 1106 Garfield Ave., N. W. Kalkofen, Robert - 1006 Mc Reynolds Ave., N.W Karsakas, Eleanore 1304 Hamilton Ave., N. W. 7'7887 Karston, Charles 609 Mc Reynolds Ave., N. W Kasuba, Hilda 1320 Turner Ave., N. W. 7-7372 Kaufman, Charles 747 Ann St., N. W. 7f6989 V Kay, Elsworth 1216 Crosby St., N. W. 7f7114 Kelley, Violet R.R.1, Comstock Park, Mich. Kelezeski, Charles 236 Marion Ave., N. W. Keno, Marie 1320 Walker St., N. W. N. W. 842 Alpine Ave Kloet Eleanor R R 2 Bristol Rd 719842 Kohan, Anthony Ketchel, - Helen 827 Douglas St., N .W. Senior Directory Konkle, Donna 917 Turner Ave., N. W. Koopmans, Harry R1x.2, Kusterer Drive, Grand Rapids, Mich. Korsikas, Albert 1422 Broadway Ave., N. W. Kosten, Andrew R R.7, Lake Michigan Drive 116-774172 Kosten, Ianet 979 Tamarack Ave., N. W. Koster, Glenn 1421 Widdicomb Ave., N. W Kramer, Lois 619 Second St., N. W. Krause, Frank 916 Courtney St., N. W. Kruis, Bernice H122 Crosby St., N. W. 7'7474 Krulek, Anne 1441 Quarry Ave., N. W. 7f7271 Krzywosz, Vincent 622 Lincoln Ave., N. W. 94888 Ksiazkiewicz, Gus 937 Lincoln Ave., N. W. Kucharczyk, Mary 424 Lexington Ave., N. W. Kuennen, Roy 123 Straight Ave., N. W. 817437 Kuiper, Bessie 637 Ottawa Ave., N. W. Kujowinski, Anthony 932 Second St., N. W. Kuk, Irene 730 Blymer Ct., N. W. Kulesha, Peter 771 Front Ave., N. XV. Kunst, Lawrence 210 Pine Ave., N. XV. Kutchin, loyce 1047 Courtney St., N. W. 717072 Kuzawa, Seraphin 1021 Dayton St., S. W. Kuzinski, Wahneta 343 Lexington Ave., N. XV. Lapham, Margaret 40 Valley Ave., N. W. Larson, Stanley - 208 Glenhaven Ave., N. W. 8-3329 La Rue, Bette 662 Third sr., N. W. Leggett, Leila 823 Fourth St., N. W. Lenning, Pauline 1771 Turner Ave., N. W. Lieffers, Stella 1220 Third St., N. W. Linacre, Thomas R.R.7. O'Brien Rd. 116f868F21 Lovett, Naoma 716 Bond Ave., N. W. Luyendyk, Geraldine 1774 Alpine Ave., N. W. 7f9293 Machiela, Iessie 838 lennette Ave., N. W. Makoski, Harold 882 Fourth St., N. W. 8-3198 Malewitz, Geraldine 207 Lane Ave., N. W. 8fO701 Maloney, Carrie 108 Gold Ave., N. W. 714887 Manoogian, Lucy 419 Milwaukee St., N. XV Markell, Lyle 1361 Portland Ave., N. E. Masalski, Edward 373 jackson St., N. W. Maslowski. Wanda 1227 Fourth St., N. XV. Matel, Iosephine 238 Straight Ave., N. W. 917347 Matuk, Frank 720 Second St., N. XV. Mazurek, lohn 112 Winter St., N. W. McCarthy, Eileen 1334 Scribner Ave., N. W Mc Ewan, Helen 218 Glenhaven Ave., N. XV 817147 Mc Kenzie, Blair 363 Ball Park Blvd., N. W 814671 Meernik, Ioanne 427 Rosell Ave., N. W. Megetarain, Rose 270 Marion Ave., N. W. Metelonis, Iohn 1026 Quarry Ave., N. W. Meyer, Iosephine 220 Paris Ave., N. E. Meyer, Mary 17 Straight Ave., N. W. Michalak, Iohn 948 Park St., S. W. Mieras, Edith 1244 Morgan St., N. W. Mikita, Peter 907 Jackson St., N. W. Miller, William 1132 Scribner Ave., N. W 7f7022 Mioduchowski, Stanley 1048 Lincoln Ave., N. W. Mitchell, William 779 Stocking Ave., N. W. Moerland, Iames 906 Tamarack Ave., N. W Mohrig, Mildred 217 Straight Ave., N. W. Moxon, Franklin 48 Straight Ave., S. W. Mrowinski, Donald 1070 Scribner Ave., N. W Mulder, Myra 747 Fifth St., N. W. 9'2672 Mull, Margaret 1727 3Walker Road f833 Myrowitz, Annabel 1012 Ottawa Ave., N. W. Sf7l67 N'aujalis, Marie 1120 Quarry Ave., N. W. Needham, Robert 974 Rogers St., N. W. Newberg, Thomas v 2101 Lake Michigan Dr.,N.W 8f7077 Newman, Lillian 834 Scribner Ave., N. W. 814977 Niemi, Ethel 941 Garfield Ave., N. W. Northedge, Phyllis 1212 Arianna St., N. W. 7,7397 Norman, Esther 970 Van Buren Ave., N. XV. Nusca, Raymond 316 Spencer St., N. E. Obermeyer, Elwood 1028 Lincoln Ave., N. W. 8'9307 Ohmann, William R.R. 7. 917369 Olee, Lorraine 1204 Hovcy St., S. W. 596202 Olman, lean 273 Lexington Ave., N. W. 9-7273 Olszewski, Stanley 474 Second St., N. W. 8'7674 Olszewski, Walter 49 Straight Ave., N. W. Opacki, Dorothy 874 Nagold St., N. W. Overbeek, Ruth 1140 Widdicomb Ave., N. W 7f9710 - Owsinski, Ioseph 931 Sibley St., N. XV. Pakiela, Henry 817 Chatham St., N. W. Palma, Helen 1232 Arianna St., N. XV. 717497 Peck, Barbara 711 Veto St., N. W. Peterson, Carl 811 Crosby St., N. W. 7'4119 Pinder, Raymond 1719 Widdicomb Axe., N. XV 719322 Portko, Virginia 1179 First Sr., N. W. Post, Burton 1174 W. Leonard St., N. XV 7f9303 Potapa, Eleanore 829 California St., N. W. Quigley, lack 333 Valley Ave., N. W. Race, Marion 1014 First St., N. W. 8-2448 Rafferty, Virginia 337 Crosby St., N. W. 716674 Rector, Delbert R.R.1, Comstock Park, Mich Reed, Carolyn Kent Co. juvenile Home 712383 Rendall, Gwendolyn 431 Barker Ave., N. XV. Renshaw, Verna 1011 Scribner Avc., N. W. Reyers, Eleanor 1054 Garfield Ave., N. W. Reynders, Betty 1458 Covell Rd. 7f6117 Rex, Ardis 1020 Scribner Ave., N. W. Rhoades, Mildred ' 611 Douglas St., N. W. Ribbens, Henry 1407 Union Ave., S. E. Rice, Walter 900 Jackson St., N. XV. Riddering, Donald 1948 Haines Ave., N. W Riewald, Walter 1335 Alpine Ave., N. XV 716636 Rigiero, Dorothy 1-15 Gunnison Ave., S. W Robinson, Gloria 849 Hovey St., S. W. Robinson, Thelma 1016 Richmond St., N. XV, 7f7500 Roetman, Eljeane 1008 Alpine Ave., N. W. 9,2214 Roh, Virginia 1035 laclcsixn St., N. W. 3f3064 Rosenbach, Mary Ann 332 Marion Ave., N. XV. 819659 Ruminski, Loretta 815 Butterworth St., N. XV, 8-0272 Rupinski, Clara 900 First St., N. W. Sabaitis, Nellie 1401 Hamilton Ave., N. XV. Sachs, Doris 754 Turner Ave., N. W, 293070 Samiec, Frances 928 jackson St., N. W. Sattler, Melbourne 1031 Veto St., N. W. Schmitt, Irene 261 Garfield Ave., N. W. 8-3500 Schneider, Rita 665 Scribner Ave., N. W Schols, Elaine 1336 Leonard St., N. W. 7f3459 Schroeder, Donald 1341 Scribner Ave., N. XV Scully, Eileen 1001 Second St., N. W. Sf2825 Seaholm, Fred 322 Valley Ave., N. W. 9f5836 Sharphorn, Hugh 1881 Leonard Rd., N. W. 7f7965 Sheffield, Ruth 2161 W. Leonard Rd. 7f6403 Sherman, Seburn R.R.2, Bristol Rd., N. W. 7f8957 Seruor D Shively, Richard 223 Garfield Ave., N. W. Shreve, Lorraine 1112? Muskegon Ave., N. W. 7f8 12 Sidor, William 229 Mt. Vernon Ave., N. W. Simons, Paul 1215 California St., N. W. Sirney Thelma 1540 Bridge Hill, N. W. Skuzinski, Edward 851 Nagold St., N. W. Skuzinski, Irene 600 Jackson St., N, XV. Slivick, Paul 826 Wealthy St., S. W. Sloma, Margaret 1014 Alpine Ave., N. W. Smedes, Iohn 1230 Scribner Ave., N. W. Smith, Rita 262 Valley Ave., N. W. 9f7594 Smolenski, Henry 682 Third St., N. W. Smolenski, Marcella 343 Gold Ave., N. W. Snip, Floyd R.R.5, Grand Rapids, Mich. Sonneveldt, Corrine 1512 Turner Ave., N. W. 7f6693 Sponable, Alberta 329 Allen St., N. W. Spyroski, Clara 826 Fourth St., N. W. Staskiewicz, Madalen 1105 Muskegon Ave., N. W. Stetler, Betty 144 Garheld Ave., N. W. 913817 Stevens, Gordon 970 Lincoln Ave., N. W. 849461 Stevenson, Edward 948 Chatham St., N. YV. Stolk, Marinus 5 1046 Broadway Ave., N. W. Stoll, Lloyd 1332 Oakleigh Rd. 7f1102 Stremlow, Evelyn 416 Pine Ave., N. W. 9f5347 Sturgis, Virginia 8 Gold Ave., S. W. Swart, Geraldine 232 Summer Ave., N. W. Sweedyk, Nelson 1033 Front Ave., N. W. Sweeney, Ethelmae 1109 Broadway Ave., N. W. Sweers, Marian 1021 Courtney St., N. W. Swietlik, Max 1057 Davis Ave., N. W. Symko, Leonard 746 Broadway Ave., N. W. Szczepaniuk, Irene 612 Third St., N. W. 9f5040 Hectory Tetzlaff, Charlotte 242 Valley Ave., N. W. 8f2926 Thomas, Beulah 955 Front Ave., N. YV. Thomas, Iames 955 Front Ave., N. W. 8f5239 Thorndill, Burr 771 Stocking Ave., N. XV. 8'7934 Thorpe, Ruth 527 Fremont Ave., N. W. Tloczynski, Marion 1628 Alpine Ave., N. W. 7f1109 Tomasik, Leon 107 Dayton St., S. W. Trasky, Raymond 822 W. Fulton St. Trauger, Dora 1244 North Ave., N. E. Trendt, Gordon 1149 Sibley St., N. W. 945839 Trojanowski, Sophie 417 Fremont Ave., N. W. Ungrey, Louis 1920 Leonard St., N. W. 743291 Van Allsburg, Vera 620 Veto St., N. W. 9f2836 Van Dam, Henry 1141 Haines Ave., N. W. 7f9532 Vrnderberg, Katherine 1043 White Ave., N. XV. Vander Laan, Raymond 939 Hovey St., S. W. Vander Lind, Hazel 2446 Lillian Ave., N. W. Vander Meer, Gertrude 1527 Widdicomb Ave., N. W. 7f8762 Vander Meer, Henry 1212 S. Division Ave. 3f5391 Vander Veen, Gracine 1225 Crosby St., N. W. 7f7214 Vander Werf, Marguerite 1324 Davis Avc., N. W. Van Hof, Dorothy 746 Stocking Ave., N. W, Van Mullen, Lawrence 1235 Crosby St., N, W, Van Portiliet, Melvyn 909 Courtney St., N. W, Van Soestberg, lay 1060 Dick Ave., N. W. 7'5890 Van Strien, Frances sas Eighth sr., N. W. 8'9892 Van Til, Frances 715 W. Leonard Van Ysseldyke, Verna 314 Leonard St., N. W. 7f2429 Veneklasen, Kenneth 905 Front Ave., N. W. 84627 Verhey, Marian 1239 Alpine Ave., N. YV. 7-7793 Versluis, Marie Lake Michigan Dr. 116f772F12 Ver Wys, Nellie 859 Eleventh St., N. W. 9'2l34 Viktaravich, Aldcna 1436 ,Iennettc Ave., N. NV Wapner, Rose 753 Stocking Ave., N. W. 9'6001 Wellman, Lavene 645 Ferris St., N. W. 7-8779 Wentzloff, Alfred 1120 Third Sr., N. W. Werner, George 1803 W. Leonard St., N. Vv' 7f5949 Wesholski Donald 1112 Elizabeth St., N. W. Wessman Lorraine 919 Valley Ave., N. W. 912770 West, Harold R.R.2, Sparta, Mich. Wieck, Annette 256 Marion Ave., N. W. 84725 Wielhouwer, Katie 1040 Turner Ave., N. W. 84736 Wikstrom, Ethyl 355 Scott Ave., N. XV. 816556 Wild, Leota 17 Deluny Ave., S. W. 816781 Willard, Doris R.R.2, Walker Rd. 116f820F2 Winick, Peggy 341 Eighth St., N. YV. Winski, Wanda R.R.5, Grand Rapids. Mich. Wrzesinski, Lois 933 Garfield Ave., N. W. Wygmans, Hugh 64 Richards Ave., N. W'. 298980 Wysocki, Stephanie 536 Milwaukee Ave., N. W. Yavruain, Sooran 515 Stocking Ave., N. W. Ysseldyke, Betty 714 Ardmore St., S. E. 513013 . Zeeff, Hariet 631 Third St., N. W. 9f5428 Zetaveckas, Mary Ann 1246 Quarry Ave., N. XV. Ziezuil, Virginia 614 Garfield Ave., N. W. Zilinskas, Lucy 313 Leonard St., N. W. Zimnowski, Anthony 660 Broadway Ave., N. W. Zoet, Lois 1180 Walker St., N. W. 815125 Zwartenkot, Catherine 2438 Alpine Ave., N. W. 1 , M ,. . .W , --w 4- .wf.,.,w,,,,...,..www . A .A R I U X 1 A. iii B514 K + J C223 WML - M., M-. . ,M , .. Wi. ,V , . ,hir K 551-W A ii Q '3w',..,fq2Mrf-Apv-5 , Ak Lrfmtvwmww s 1 Pri ' b O W O. ngrav RAL ENGRAVING CO. ' 31 h. 17 L S N. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. - ' ' M---H-snr - A -f --" ----Q WI- ' -'A-fl ui ' " '-' A '

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