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xi 2 IG T JO f S08 W X., I QU , W, K I - , W' fd a V' x 3 K Uv RAX , U if A A 6' ' , Q' k , ' 4 , m , 'r' '+ - i jlxu GJ? ' MN9 - 6 G , G Q, 4 HQ- X ,in 1 he fu SQ T E . 3 v q 1 k :Nui-Q , AQ x m--RW-hd-u ......, 4 Q an K A F55 Dny 4 4 . 12-, 24x . ' J ff' QQ W' 6953? ., " X355 C-its t x qrdifbfs 'Q ' X? wav? , , TORUJ M ' 'luluumr ENIOR A Q 1 4 ' HY, Q? Y ' Y V x ' . iQf:'45,Xf W -- '33 O U Q f ff QL, Q'-Sm' "U:-5-fiiw pffffls by f .3 25' I Vi 9 9 I .1 in '! 1 I t I O' X 1 I rf' 'Rf' ZTILLQ.: 1 tl' E. Q. 'fs jsssvf.-4 ,. 2 , k ,I'.:.f-,qpsqg ZQP-'ZCI IQHI 010m E FQ Dedication To the four teachers who have been at Union High School during the past twenty-tive years, Mr. Keith Kennedy, Miss May Conlon, Miss Edith V andenberg, and Mr. Henry Hornbeck, and to Union's first graduating class, that of 1912, we dedicate this Aurora. Under the direction of Miss Christine Keck, long a teacher at Union, the class of 1912 published our first yearbook and so established the tradition of an annual. lt was also this class, with the aid ot the other students who were then attending Union, which gave to the school the statue oi Abraham Lincoln that stands in our front hall. Although in 1912 the teachers to Whom this Aurora is dedicated were rather new to our school, they were already among Union's most loved iaculty members. Today, after at least twenty-tive years ot service, they hold an even higher place in the esteem of the students, for they are admired not only for their high intellectual standards, the excellence of their instruction, and the inspiration ot their personalities but also for their years of service dedicated to guiding students to "the good lite" by means ot the light of their own examples. 121 v Foreword 2 -- t a 3 ' . . . , . This Aurora of,1937 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publicat? tion of a yearbook at Union 1-Iigh Schoolflnx place of the cornpositidns and formal group picturesdot' 1912 and succeeding uyears, we follow the trend of the times byi presenting in czctionshots the-Unioiii faculty and students in their daily quest ef "the good life." ' 4 L When hgglth, wealth,f.d:nd happinessi the right proportions, -webtiuevs-1ie,.sxpefiencss "the goodiililef' Therefore, we first shovrtyou how teachers and students 'here at Union- seek healthu through sports and Butyalsvp throtigh studies relating to the nourishment and of gpefbedy. ' " A ' l' ' ' Wealth, too, is ours: for our school gives freely of the books, instruction, and practice that offer to each of us the infinite wealth of a trained mind, a skilled hand, and a character and personality developed through partici- pation in 'school activities. ' I Some students may find happiness in the satisfaction of achievement, others in the joy of service, and still others in social activities, but all of us find it abundantly in the good fellowship that each day brings. New features of our '37 yearbook are the use ot photography on the divisional pages, news-commentator style in our senior chronicle, cartoons to brighten pages of copy, a page honoring faculty activities, and a senior directory. - We sincerely: believe that what we have learned as students will aid us in the future to seek "the good life" and to find it. . in .Q A X X N. ,ix ..., ' A -9 1 . . x..k,, W1 -Q. ,. A ws Qgf . A N .. wmgggg 1 i .WM K. Q Q - Q xi , Q, '44-W 5 KX Kiwi ,i K . W- . .L , N M3 'fig X k K gl 'E L ,. Mi 5 , 1 Li, 1 X '- f ifvi we , A Y x 7 Ki lx ' aifif' y 2 rd-A ,W f 1 xx "ip .WSF ' f Seelcers, 5 .- ' 1 gl , il' Flash! Ancient tradition debunkedl 'Teach- ers no longer stilted pedagogues, with their chief business struggling to maintain a scholar- ly atmosphere and to impress their dull or mis- chievous underlings with a super-severe dignity and the imrhinence of the old hickory switch. Faculty and students have turned co- workers striving for the -ideal of "the good life." What more opportune place might be pro-' vided for our co-searchings than a high school such as ours where students and faculty work side by side, developing projects like our school newspaper and our student govem- nient, l 1 4 p e With the superior knowledge and deeper understanding ' which life experience has brought them, our teachers while they are striving to present to us a concept of what they believe to be "the good life" endeavor to approach for themselves the ideal they set up for us of a life rich in appreciation of all that is fine. By pointing the way, our faculty inspire us to enjoy the best in all the arts, to cultivate satisfying hobbies, to'enter into civic enter- prise, to feel em tenderness for good home life, and to-appreciate the beauty of a radiant per- sonality and a stalwart character. Together we strive daily for a realization of "the good life." . it in 4 . r - V 4 5 , ' im- f -In 14 lsakanliaiv '11 si Mr. Charles A. Everest, busy principal of Union, has a systematic method of keeping the faculty informed of school activities and regulations. l-le dictates bulletins to Miss Helen Olsen, office clerk, who sees that they are mimeographed and distributed to the teachers. Miss Olsen does a great deal of the routine work in the office and answers countless questions asked by students and teachers. As the adviser of the Student Council, Mr. Everest has helped that body to effect many improvements in its parliamentary procedure. Two of his brain children of l937 are: a plan which has brought a decided improvement in the assemblies both in student conduct and in programs, and a plan which assigns each student to a definite place Where he must be during the entire fifth hour. Besides being principal of Union, Mr. Everest is a member of the govern- ing board of the Kent County Humane Society and an ex-officio member of the Michigan Educational Association. Administration Miss Blanche Mann, assistant principal, is a sympathetic listener. She straightens out the troubles of over-burdened students and helps others to discover their mistakes and correct them. Miss Mann is doing a constructive piece of work by supervising the N.Y.A. workers at Union. Members of the faculty notify Miss Mann about any work they would like done and she assigns N.Y.A. students to do it. The Service Squad, the traffic officers of the school, are also under her advisership, Because she is the principal of Turner Elementary School, Miss Mann is here only half-days, but those half-days are crowded with the tasks of helping students as Well as faculty members to solve distressing problems. l7l . if- 4- va. ' 'Q x .A S: F - to AG 3... , U 'f-., A . Q ' -1 A I d 4' Wg 4 L-Y ,,, 39. nw .Wai K is , M. 'i 6.4. i . V .. ' -I X.. Stanley Albers Speech, Ecoiioiiiivga lliipv l'iillog,1o, B. A.: Viililiiiliizi, M. A. Mabel E. Allen English, Soiaixion Room Uiiivvrsity ul' Mi:-liigzin. B. A. Nelle Atwood MOlll0IllOllC1f Uiiivvrsily wt' ltlivliigziii. ll. A. Arthur I. Avery liookkeepinq, Typino VVl'Sll'I'Il Stun- T4-:ii-livrs Ciilli-ge: Offii-4' Train ing: Se-liiitil. li. U. S Edith F. Barker Art liiliiiiilvizi liiiivi-i'sity. IXI. A. Forrest E. Barr Typinfx Alliiuii l'ivlln-gif. H. A. Clayton W. Bazuin Biolofiy Zoolofiy lliiin' Uiille-ggi-. li. A. Madeline E. Becker l"li1:tory Nurtliwvsti-rli llIllY4'I'SllY, M. A. ll.:-ft? E. G. Bengtson Wooflworkinri Mit-lii3::iii hlulo Imiriiml Florence Best Music Niii'lliw1-stu-rii Uiiixwmsity, H. N, IC. Dorothy S. Blake Latin, lfnaliisli Ulwrliii Ciillm-ge. R. A. Ruth Carpenter Sponiizli Uiiixw-rsity 1-I' Mit-liigziii, H. A.: Nlicliiln-Iiilr'y M. A. May F. Conlon Hinatory Uiiivi-rsity wt' Mir-liigziii, B. A. Elizabeth B. Crotser Sliortlianil VVvstm-rii Stzilv 'IW-:im-tif-i's Viillvgs- Elizabeth De Ionge linqlinli lliipa- Ciilli-gi-, H. A.: Uiiivn-i'sity uf Min-liiizuii, M. A. Elizabeth Dockeray Clotliinfi, lwonaonol l'lf?lV1llIlQt'l Kllllllltlllil liiiiw-i'sity, R. h. Lucille Dunn History, Civics UIllYt'l'Sllj' iii lXlll'lllH'4lIl, H. A., M. A. Esther E. Eby hnolirsli, Publication Aclviiaer llflI'll'lirll Ciillvigi-, H. A.: NAlI'lllXVl'Sl1'l'll, M. A, Floyd L. Early Motlioiiiotics, Session Room VVQXSIQ-l'ii Slate T1':ic'l1v1's Uivlle-ge, R. A. W. Maynard Ellingson Matlioiiiaticia, Home log-tlsoll Couch VV1'Sl1't'll Stuti- 'l't'2t1'llPl'S Uiille-gui, li, A. Dorothy I. Farr Sifilit Congservotion lNlii'lii,::il1 Stzitv Niiriiiul Uullvge-, H. S.: lllllYt'I'- sity ul' Mivliigziii Ina A. Findlay Motlxoiigaticia, Civics, History VVf'Sll'l'll Stsilv 'l's-zu-livi's l'1illPg'v 1I.it'1- Corti- Iiwiteft Evelyn Foster History. Session Room Uiiiw-i'sily wil' Alll'lllL1lll, H. A. Theodore Frylogle Bond Orclicaztro Niirtlivrli State Ti-zu-lie-i's Ciillvgii Charlotte Gierst Art VV4'Slt'l'll Slam- 'l'n':ii'lie-1's l'iillvi.:0, H. A. George Guy Printinfi, Bookbindincz Stout Institiiti-. H, S. Mrs. Gladys Hartwick Pliysical Education lAlll'lll,L1Illl Stziti- Niiriiuil, R. S. Myrtle Heseltine Ioiirnoliuiim lilllflllillll Pub- licotionzs Adviser Uiiivvrsity tif Mivliiggziii, H, A. X. w - WN Na 535- 2: x me Iohn Hess Biology, Track, Football Coach Lonilmral College, B. S. Lemuel G. Holbrook- Physics, Biology University ot' Mit-liigiin, M. A. Anita Holland f Foods Kzuisus State College, B. S. Henry H. Hornbeck f Science Mic-liigzin State College, B, S. Merle Howe Electricity, Aviation Cmitrul Stzitv Te:u'liers Uolle-ge tI.ifv Certi Iivzitel Keith Kennedy - f Science Uiiivvrsity oi' Mir-liiguii, R. A. Lavina A. LaiblefEnglish University of Micliigzili, B. A. Forrest E. Lair f f Mathematics XVust0rn Stzite Teuvliers College, B. A. Margaret E. MacDonald Physical Ediica tion Coluniliiu University, B. S. Mary MacLennan Mathematics Olivet, B. A.: Coluiiilvizi University, M. A. Paul F. Marckwardr- Industrial Arts Detroit Tem'lier's College Richard L. Marousek- History, Civics University of Iowa, B. A. Geraldine Masters History, Civics University of Mir-liignii, R. A. Edna Maxon Bookkeeping, Typing Western Stiito Te-:xt-tiers College: Ferris In stitutr- Marie McDermott 77 Shorthand, Mathematics University ot' Mic-higun, B. A. Leonard Meyering f f English University of Mictiiguii, B. A. Lucile Ellen Meyering' 'History University ot' Mir-higzui, B. A. Elizabeth Miller f Librarian Michigan State Nornizil Mrs. C. Louise Mosher English Western State Tezirliers College, B. A. Mrs. Bertha B. Murphy 1 Music New York University, B. S. Marie C. Newmanflioods and Nutrition University of Chirzigo, Ph. B. C. Dwight PackardfBusine-ss English We-stern Reserve University, B. S., M. A. Florence Parsell W- Art Colimitmizi University. B. S. William I. Pearn Machine Shop Western State Tetirliers College iLife Certi ficiitel William R. Pease General Shop, Drafting Kansas State Tezicliers College. B. S. Mrs. Alice Peckham Librarian University of Mirliiguii Elizabeth I. PerrinfPhysiology, Biology University of Chic-ago, Ph. B.: C'oluinbi:1, M. A Olga Pershbacher f English Uiiive-i'sity of Mit-liigun, B. A. Ruby Poiterf Retail Selling Central State Teachers College, B. S. Valora Quinlan English University of Michigan. B. A, Dee A. Reyndersflviechanical Drawing University of Michigan, B. C. E. Clarissa Richardson- Shorthand, Typing Western State Teachers College, B. A. Laura L. Howson-Clothing Columbia University, B. S. Ethel Scholes'--French, English, History University of Chicago, Ph. B.: University of Paris Harriet Schroder V- Sight Conservation Michigan State Normal College, B. Lura V. Sipefl-lome Economics Albion College, B. A. Clara B. Smallidge f English, Session Room University of Michigan, B. A.. M. A. Reuben S. SmithfCommercial Law, Gov- ernment, Bible Narrative University of Michigan, B. A. Oren D. StiehlfScience, Session Room River Falls Normal, Ph, B. Lillian Thomas-English, Session Room Michigan State Normal Grace Thomasma - English, Session Room, Senior Adviser University of Michigan. B. A.: Columbia Uni- versity, M. A. Maude A. Traut--Clothing Western State Teachers College. B. S, Edith I. Vandenbergflvlathematics University of Chicago, Ph. B. Esther Vander Broek' Physical Education Mirhigan State Normal College, B. S. 4Leftl Edith Van Wicklin 'f-f Social Science Western State Teachers College, B. A. Fred Voss - Mathematics, Senior Adviser, Session Room Hope College, B. A. Ernest F. Vreeland--Auto Repairing University of Mir-higan Russell Waters- Physical Education Western State Teachers College, B. Clementine Williams- -Retail Selling University of Michigan, B. A., B. S. Emma ZurMeuhlenf German, History Uiiitvegity of Michigan, B. A.: Mitldlehury, . f- -fwfr ft ftrf'-?f33,QgQgsf,,5ii3i?' "Nil, , , V -if M . Our Ever Active Faculty Two book reviews, "The Flowering of New England" by Brooks and "The Theatre of Life" by Howard, in the Grand Rapids Sunday Herald, were written by Miss Mabel Allen. Miss Nelle Atwood is treasurer of the Grand Rapids branch of the Amer- ican Association of University Women. Students in Miss Edith Barker's art classes made panels for the P.T.A. Founders Day Banquet. The Michigan Education Iournal for March, 1937, published a story and pictures of their designs. A picture by Richard Yonk- ers, "Boy With a Rabbit," was repro- duced in "Art Education for l936." Back to nature Mr. Clayton Bazuin went to gather material for articles on "The Food of Trout" and' "A Bird Cen- sus oi Grand Rapids" for the daily Press. Mr. Bazuin, past president of the Grand Rapids Audubon Society, spends much of his spare time in col- lecting biological material for schools and colleges. Miss Florence Best gave the Mich- igan School Masters Club at Ann Ar- bor pointers on junior high music in her speech on April 30. Mr. Floyd Early is the recently elected president of the Wyoming Park- Beverly Garden Club. The Union High band, under the baton of Mr. Theodore Fryfogle, was the only one in the city invited to play at the Shrine Circus, the Red Cross benefit football game, and the Lions Club Kettle Parade. "The Vegetable Garden," a repro- duction of a painting by the famous Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh, has been given to the school by Miss Char- lotte Gierst. A first-class rating for this year's Reflector and the coveted All-Ameri- can rating for the 1936 Aurora were the two recent staff honors obtained under Miss Myrtle Heseltine's direction. During this year Miss Heseltine has led yearbook roundtables at both the national and state scholastic press con- ventions. A bored teacher may turn to boards for relaxation. Miss Geraldine Masters is president of the Vandenberg Division ot the Board of the Michigan Alumnae Association and scholarship chairman of the board of the Women's University Club. To be a friend in need is the duty of Mr. Leonard Meyering, chairman of the Iunior Red Cross of the high schools of Kent County. Mrs. B. Bradford Murphy, teacher of junior high school music, is organist and choir director at the People's Church. Associated with American "royal- ty" is Miss Elizabeth Perrin, who is a member of the Governor's safety com- mittee. The Michigan Poetry Society bulle- tin has recently published a paper by Miss Olga Pershbacher on the teaching of poetry to high school students. Miss Clara Srnallidge, president of our P.T.A., helped the organization to stage an unusual "open house" at which mothers took their children's places in classes. Busy Mr. Orin D. Stiehl is general superintendent of the First Methodist Sunday School. Because of Miss Grace Thomasma's work as adviser and director of the groups of Union students who wrote and presented a peace pageant, "The Pact of Paris," a historical pageant, "George Washington," and a Michigan centennial pageant, "Builders: Epic of the Lady of the Lakes," she presided at a roundtable on Vitalized Commence- ment during the MEA. Convention last October. 'Find a way or make one," To live up to its motto, the senior class ot 1937 tioids a session to determine the Ways and means to do so. Gathered in a body, seniors tind the school auditor- ium an open forum on the question ot the day, be it a discussion on gradua- tion costumes or on tlio disporzat ot an unaccounted toi titty cents: iii time :aviiioi treasury. Teamwork, a byword witti time class, makes ttie seniors' route a pious ant one, However, when a stone walt is reached, Miss Ttiomasma and Mr. Voss, class advisers, help their puzzled charges to surmount the barrier by suggesting a detour. Personal prob- lems as well as class difficulties are brought to the advisers, who have guided many a nonchalant senior to his diploma. 4 fm if '-112r.:f : tl it fs a 14' I X ,li .L '- 'lk ya A . na ega- J Amon, lack Ifootbzill 12. 3. 433 Basketball 1l, 2, 3, -133 Truck 1.3, 33, Captain 133: President. Varsity Clubg V11-0-president, Press Club 143 Andersen, Delwin Buys' Glee Club 11. 2. 3, -13: Mixed Chorus Anderson, Charles Class President 1-13: President, N. It. S. Club 143: Hi-Y Club 143: Press Club 143: Editur-in- Chief. Reflector 1-13 Baer, Geraldine Red Cross Club 113: German Club 123: Seriim- Orrliestrzi 123: Serviee Squad 133: Reflector Stuff 1-l3 Bajema, Madelyne Hume El'1llll3ltllt'S Club 133 Bajema, Susanna Baltruczak, Helen Home E1'13non1ir's Club 123 Bancuk, Bernard Athletic Cuunril 143 Barendregt, Iohn Barnes, Albert Varsity Club 13. -43: Artivities Planning Cmn- mittee 1-13: Truvk 12, 3, 43, Captain 1-13: Re- flector Staff 143 Barstis, Agnes Service Squad 12, 3. 43: Aurora. Stuff: lltnne E1'13tl1311llt'S' Club 143: U. II. S. Club 13, -13 Base, Albert Batts, Marcia Press Club 143: lVIzin:11.:er, Seniur M1-et: Girl Reserves 11, 2. 3, 43: G, U. C. 12. 3, -13: Vim-- president 143 Baura, Ice Becker, Helen Press Club 13. -43: Treasurer, Girl Reserves 123: Latin Club 133 Beckmann, Robert Counsellor 133: Press Club 1-13: Aurora. Stuff: Reftector Stuff 1-33 Begthel, Iosephine Home Erbnuniit-s Club 1113 Behrens, Ruth Girls' Athletif- Meet 12. 432 G. U. l'. 13. l3i U. H. S. Club 143 Bennett, Robert Treasurer, Hi-Y 143: Intrzunurnl Sports 1413 Bennett, William Hi-Y Club 1-13 Bentall, Stanley Band 11, 2. 3, 113: Orebestrzt 11. 12. 3. 433 Student Cuunf-il 123 Bernholtz, Albert Senior Band 13, -13 Bialas, Peter Football 12, 3. -13: Trac-k 13, 43: Varsity Club 13, -13. President 143: Aurora Stuff Bialk, Dorothy Audubon Club 143: Ilume Ermiimiit-s Club 113: U. H. S. Club 143 Blekking. Florence N. H. S, 1-13: Aurora Stuff: Prt-sid1-nt. Audubon Club 143 Blickley, Annabel Reflector Stuff 143: Ilunuine Club Block. Paul Vice-President. Starnp Club 133i Athletic- Council 133: Intramural Sports Blum, Minnie Rfd Crtiss Club 1-13: G. U. C. 1413. Girls' 111111-1 11 13 r-"-M Q ,A ., M 1 Q , l fl' I l 1 A AL, BS- S 1. nf sv ...S 1 mf ' w .l TX . X w 1 ,A b' , Q. Boris. Eleanore Spanish Club 1-11 Borkowski. loseph Football 12, 3. 41: Trzivk 1-11: Varsity Club 1-11: Spanish Club 111 Bosch, Margaret Bradley. lane Vi1'e-President, Girl Re-se-rvvs 1-11: Reflector Staff 141: Press Club 1-11: All City Honor 1-11 Brandow, Donald Tran-k 12, 31: Football 12, 31: I'r1-si1lvnt, Athletiv Counril 1-11: Vnrsity Club 13, 41: Activity Plzmning Conunittvo 1-11 Brietius. Matthew Bar numl Chevrons Club 121: Gr0l'll1IHl Club 1121: Football 12, -11: Varsity Club 1-11 Brisk, Arleigh Burnet, Margaret Song Leader 1-11: Vic-P-Pre-sirlf-nl. G. U, C. 1-11: Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, -1,13 Reflector Stuff 1-113 Press Club 1-11 Bush, Ruth Studs-nt Council 111: NiIXt'1i4Cll11l'llS 12. 3, -11: Girls' Gloo Club 12. 31: Spanish Club 12, 3. -11: Athletir' Counr-il 131 Bylsma, Ellen Campbell. Helen Girls' Moot 11, -11: From-li Club 1313 iiilt'1'killf.l' Committvv 1-11 Castor, Carol Sorvivv Squad 11 uient 'num-il 4' ..2,31, S11 11 11. G, U. C. 12, 3, -111 Acivvrtisiug Stuff, Reflector Chapel. Arlirxe R911 Cross Club 111: N. H. S. 141 Check. Frank Cichaniewicz. lane G, U. C. 121: Svrvicc- Squznl 131: lioniv Evoli- omivs Club 1-11 Cook. Iene Vi1'e-Prvsillmit, fi!-'Vlllllll Club 1-11: Reflector Stuff 1-11: Prvss Club 1-I1 Craig. Curtis Crater, W. Iames Bar :ind Clwvroris Club Crowell, Rosa 1-I1 Aurora. Stuff: U. II. S. Club 1-11 Cutler, Don Student Coum-il 111: R:iskv1b:ill 111: Vursity Club 141 Czarnopys, Wanda Editor-in-1'hif-f, Reflector 111: U. 11. S. Club 1-11 Czubai, Frank Class President 131: Class Tl'13ilSlll'1'l' 1-11: iillP1'l' Lmider 12, 3. -11: Slumlqnt lvlzuizugvi' 13, -113 Vivo-Prf-simlent. Student Counvil 1-11 Dauksza. Aldonna Servive Suuml 13, -11: Au Spanish Club 13, 111 DeKorn. Richard Latin Club 12, 31: TV1-an Iutrunulrnl Sports 112, 3. bull 121 DeMeester. Corrine Der Harootunian, Robert Spanish Club 12, 3, -11 DeVries, Enid Eunice rlubon Club 13. 111 survr. lli-Y Club 131: 111 Il1'S1'l'Yl1 Iizxslivl- French Club 1-11: Gz1r1l1-u Club 121i Mixed 111 1uls 1111 Club 111 Chorus - : '1 H DeVries, Tressa Clnss Tl'91lSlll'15l' 1211 U. ll. S. Club 1-11: Athletiv Counvil 1-11: II. S. 13. -11: Coun- sellor 1-11 1 lL 'id' 4, A u 'i 4- . Downing. Iames Football 121: Basketball 121: Track 12, 3. 41: Varsity Club 13, 41: Press Club 141 Dykhouse. Wilma Athletic: Council 131 Dysart. Iune Audubon Club 13, 41: Class Vice-President 1313 Spanish Club 141: Girls' Glee Club 141: Service Squad 131 Early. Lois Servire Squad 12, 3, 41: Audubon Club 13, 41: Latin Club 13, 41: Cherking Committee 131 Edison. lack Reserve Football 141: Hi-Y Club 13. 41: Secre- tary, Hi-Y Club 141 Edison. Lorraine Red Cross Club 13, 41: Girl Reserves 111: Press Club 13, 41 Ellingson. Clayton Isoiitbfall 131: Cosmopolitan Club 131: Basket- a 11 Fe nske. Norma Ferwerda. Elizabeth Editor-in-chief. Aurora: N. H. S. 13. 41: Press Club 13. 41: President, Red Cross Club 141: Counsellor 141 Fisher, Edith Irene Cfiergzking Committee 141: Girls' Athletic Meet 1 . . 41 Fitzpatrick. Ellen Flora. Iames Debating Team 141: Public Address ltlallugcr 13, 41 Fuhring. Erna President, German Club 131 Gardner. Lorne Radio Club 121 Garter. Max Senior Band 13. 41 Gates. Elmore Hi-Y Club 141 Gayman. Phyllis Geib. Elberta Press Club 13. 41: Service Squad 131 Gelwich. Tom Dramatics 141 Gephart. Irving Hi-Y Club 141: Senior Band 13, 41: Tran-k 13, 41: Intramural Sports 141 Ghering. Florence Goodbalian, Iake Goudzwaard. Alice Managing Editor, Reflector 1-11: Ser-rs-tary, N. Il. S. 141: Press Club 12, 3, -11. Se1'ret:u'y 1-I1 Goudzwaard. Iohn Hi-Y Club 141: Junior Sportsmt-n's Club 131 Granger. Bruce Senior Play: Radio Club 121 Gray. Mitchel 1 Aviation Club 12, 3, -11, President 1-11 Grygorczyk. Bernice Home Economics Club 121 Gurslcis. Leo Press Club 141: Reiector Staff 141 ff' js aux Q., '93 e. .kay ffl 9' . . 1 A J wx 3 in ,R 1, 2 'Q fx 'aa it 43 1.3 3.35 ,. ,,. f I 171 A Haendle, Irene Hall, Roger Band 13, 43: Orchestra 13. 43: Gerinan Club 113: Stamp Club 123 Hankins, Betty Chairman, Play Committee 1-13: Senior Play: Press Club 13, 43 Hansen, William French Club 123: Tennis 133: Draiuatirs 143 Haskins. Gerald Senior Band 11, 2, 3. 43: Class Set-retnry 143: Senitiis Play: Student Council 143: Mixed Choi-. us 1 Herrema, Ruth Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 33: Home E1-uiiuiiiius Club 13, 43: German Club 123: Girls' Glee Club 113 Herrick, Evelyn Hinkle, Cloyd Orchestra 12, 3, 43: Band 12. 3, -13 I-Iinman, Arthur President, Student Count-il 143: Aurora Staff: Manager, Popularity Contest 143 Hooper. Elizabeth Girl Reserves 143: Reflector Statf 1-13: Athletic' Awards 11, 2, 3, 43: G. U. C. 12, 3. 43: Press Club 13, 43 Huebner, Mildred Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 43: Girls' G11-0 Club 11, 2, 3, 43: G. U. C. 11, 23 Huyser, Roiena Aurora. Staff: N. H. S. 143: Latin Club 143 Iabury. Abe Iacobs, Crystal Iansma, Lois Home Ecunoniirs Club 143: Girls' Athletic' M1-ot 113 Iasaitis, Helen Chairman, Assembly Planning Cuiiunittev 1-13: G. U. C. 12, 3, 43: N. II. S. 143: Servive Squall 11, 3, 43: Girls' Athletic Awards ll. 2, 3, 43 Iensen. Louis Hi-Y Club 13, 43 Iewett. Evelyn President, Audubon Club 143: Vi1'e-1-liziiriniin, Service Squad 143: Student Cuunvil 143: Frenvli Club 13, 43: Press Club 13. 43 Iohnson, Lenore Vive-President, N. H. S. 143: Secretary, Student Council 143: G. U. C. 3, 43: Service Squad 12. 3. 43: Class Treasurer 143 Ioling, Pearl Girls' Glee Club 143: Reflector Staff 143: Athletic Cnunvil 1433 Press Club 143 Iuntunen, Viola N. H. S, 13, 43: Secretary, Student Count-il 133: President, G. U. C. 143: Press Club 143: Aurora Staff Iurewicz, Martha Exrhange Editor, Reflector 143 Iurkites, Ann U. H. S. Club 143: Audubon Club 133: Frviivli Club 143 Kabza. Theodore Nature Club 143: Student Cuunm-il 143: Reflector Staff 143: Chairman, Ilandbuuk Coinniittee 143 Kalinoski, Frances G. U. C. 12, 33: Treasurer, Audubon Club 123: Home Ecnntnnit-s Club 123 Kaminski. Roman Boys' Glee Club 143 Karatkiewicz, Walter Football 11, 23: Basketball 113: Track 113 Karczinski, Raymond ln 91- ' 1- .X ? 1? 3' .9 !jg:7S if? Qi 1 ' ,A W .. ' Yg- V Q New . . ' is ., U . A , 4. ,. ., .J , 3 V.. 1 f ,7 fi. 5" ' ,K 1 f 1 as 1 ,NL ,,.,,L,X ga Karpowicz, Theodore Latin Club 1-11 Kelly, Forrest Bur and Chevrons Club 11, 12. 3. 411 Kielek. Anne Feature Editor, Reflector 1,11 Kirkwood, William Intrarnurzil Sports: Spanish Club 13, -11: Stage Mzinztger 141: Drarnutiffs 141 Kline, Ardys Mixed Chorus 121: Latin Club 131: Freneh Club 131: Press Club 13. 41: Serviee Squad 131 Kloppe, Pauline Girls' Athletic' Meet 11, 2, 41 Koppleman, Lucille German Club 1-11: Girl Reserves 141: Latin Club 121 Kortz, Lucy Memorial Committee 141: Captain, Volleyball 131: Captain, Basketball 1-11: Aurora Stuff: Reflector Stuff 11113 G. U, C. 13, -11 Kowaliszyn, Mary G. U. C. 12. 3. 41: Serviee Squad 11, 21: Mixed Chorus 11, 21 Kowalski, Mary Assoeiate Editor. Aurora.: President, Frenc-li Club 1-11: President, Audubon Club 131: Treas- urerg. H. S. 1111: Girls' Athletii- Awards 12. '. 4 Kowrack. Irene Kraai, Muriel Kramer. Kenneth Stamp Club 131: Sen Scouts 111 Krombeen, Esther Drum Major 141: Sponsor. R, 0. T, C. 13. 412 Press Club 13. 41 Krosschell. Ioan Girls' Glee Club 13, -11: Athletie Coum-il 1-11 Kuele. Antionette N. H. S. 1-11: Press Club 1-11 Kulmacz. Iulia Spanish Club 12. 3, -11: Girls' Glee Club 12, 3 11 Kurlyka, Iohn Class President 111: Cluss Vive-President 1-11: President. Cosmopolitan Club 131: Treasurer, Varsity Club 1111 La Brenz, Howard Latin Club 111: Stump Club 121: Reflector Staff 141: Vive-President. Hi-Y Club 141 Lagendyk, Helen Audubon Club 131: U. H. S, Club 1-11 Lahr, Corlene Lane, Thomas Bur und Chevrons Club 11. 2. 3. 41: Football 11. 2. 31: Student ltlziriager 141: Rifle Teairn 13. 41 Laramy, Bernice Girls' Glee Club 121: Servii-e Sound 111: Audu- bon Club 131: Girls' Meet 11, 21 Leven, Paul Press Club 13, 41: Advertising St:i1T, Reflector 1111: Drzm1:1ti1's 141: Trziek 1-11: Tennis 13. 111 Lindberg, lean Student Council 11, 41: Class SG'l'l't'l1ll'y 131: Audubon Club 13, 41: Aurora, Stuff: Serviee Squad 13, 41 Little. Frank Public Address l1I:inziger 131: Rui' :ind Chevrons Club 1111 Lohnes, Howard Treasurer, N. H. S. 141: Mixed Chorus 13, -11: Tenfnis Club 13, 41: Chess Club 12. 31: Aurora. Sta Lomker, Elfrida W , n 1 1 ms... 6' R.. i f Ludwick. Alice I-guna E1-un1nni1's Club 12. 3, 111: Prvss Club 1 . 41 Mains. Bettyann Sewetury, G. U. C. 141: Redector Stuff 1-11: Student Cuunc-il 111: Spnnsur. Il. O. T, C. 12. 3, 41: Service Squzul 11, 12. 31 Mcmcley. Evelyn Red Cross Club 141: G. U. C. 12. 3. '11 Matson, Rulh Gonorul Chairman. Servive Squzul 1-11: Class Vl1'0'PFt!Sll1t?Ill 121: Reflector Stuff 1311 Audu- bon Club 12, 3, 41: Treasurer, Pre-ss Club 141 May. Herbert Cosmopolitan Club 12. 31: Avizitiun Club 11. 21: Spanisg Club 11. 212 Trzwk 11, 2. 31: Fmwtbzill 11, 2. 1 McClellan. Margaret Girls' Glee Club 12, 31: Mixed Chorus 1-111 Iflmne E1'1nnnnic's Club 131 Medema. Helen Megetarian. Robert Mencinski. Carl Buys' Glue Club 141: Spanish Club 12, 31 Mercer. Oscar Fbntball 13. 141, Captain 1,11 Mervenne. Leonard Mester. Edward Buys' Glee Club 121: Mixed Chorus 121 Metzger. Constance lluinv Evnnivniirs Club 12. 3, -11: U. Il. S. Club 11, 2. 31: Mixed Chorus 12, 31: Servive Squiul 111 Michalski. Lorraine Miedemu, Gerald Mieras. Marinus Milanowski. Caroline Audubon Club 141: U. H. S. Club 131: limne E1-tnnlniius Club 141 Millett. Lois Girls' Glee Club 1-111 U, Il. S. Club 141 Misner, Irma Mixed Chorus 141: Girls' Give Club 141: Ilmnc Eciniuniirs Club 13. 41 Mollo. Violet Press Club 11. 2. 3, 41: Fre-ni-h Club 131: Girls' Glee Club 11, 21 Monie. Ieanne Audubon Club 141, Home E1'11ll11llll1'S Club 131: Feature Eaiitnr, Reilector 141 Morris. Robert Vzirslty Club 13. -11: Basketball 41 Moxon, Vincent Buys' Glee Club 12, 3. -11: Aurora. Stuff: Mixvrl Chnrus 12. 3. 41: Intrzmuirzil Sports 11, 2. 3, 41 Mullian. Gabriel Srzxnish Club 121: Intrznnurail Sports 11. 3. -11: Trzirk 13, -11 Mutchler. Verlee Myers. Ernest lli-Y Club 131: LlPll11'lllllll, R. O. T. C. 131: Invitzitinn Cbrnmitte-e 1-11: Aurora. Stuff: N. ll. il. 1-11 Nawrocki. Eugene Intrmnuml Sports: Bzmobull 13. .11 Newman. lack Football 11. 2. 3. 41: Basketball 11. 2. 3, 41: Baseball 131: Varsity Club 13, -11 -.. 1'-M 1 A "... -. 4-6' 1' MQ 5' f nr v Q Q 5 1? R ,, W 5' 1.- r U' K.. Nivala. Roger Clieerlezutei' 11, 3. -11: lllll'2lIllll1'2ll Sports 11, 211: Class Vive-P1'1'si1lm1t 1221: 1,l'l'Slllt'lll, Atl1l1-111' 01111111-il 141: D1':1111:1ti1-s 1-11 Nordstrom. Walter Buys' G11-0 Club 1112 S1'lll11l' O1'1'l111sll':1 13. 11: R. O. T. C. 12, 31 Northedge. Virginia Kewl Cross Club 13, V111 Girls' G11-v llltlll lillj Mixed Cll11l'llS 121 Nykamp. Robert S01-1'11t:11'y, JLllll11I' Sl111l'lSlll1'll'S Club 131: ll:1111l- 11111114 Curxiiiiittee 1-11: Stuflvnt C11u111'il 1111: Sor- vivv Slllliltl 121: Aurora. Stuff Olee. Lucille Girls' Glee Club 11, 21: S1-1'vi11v Squzul 12, 211: Hunw l":1'll1111l1ll1'S Cl11b 1-11: Rui Cross lllllli 1-11 Olson. Barbara S111'vi1'11 Squaul 12, 3, 11: C111111s1-l1111- 121, I1: Aurora. Stuff: N. 11. S, 121, 11: 111111111 Com- niittvv 141 Opacki. Edward Packer. Milton T1':11'k 1111 Pakiela. Ieanne Palma. Dorothy Home El'11lllllllll'S fllllll 12. 3, -11: 1'1'1-ss Club 13, -11: Ci1'1'111:1ti11g: Nl2lllllQ.2'Cl', Reflector 111 Palma. Saramae G, U. C. 121: Atlilvtiw f'111lll1'll 1111: 111111111 P11-11111111111-s Club 1-11: Aurora Sturt: Slll1l1'lll f,'11llll1'll 131 Panfil. Mary Reiiector Stuff: Pre-ss llllllt 131: l'll'l'lll'll fllllll 111: 111111112 E1'111111111i1's Cl11b 1111: A1l1l1-tiv Awzuwl 1111 Pera. Leonard Senior OI'1'lll'S1l'!l 11, 11. 3, -11: S1-uiul' li:1111l 11, 12, 11: Class T1'1':1s111'1'1' 111 Plumb. Martha Porcupile. lo Ann Spuliscw, R. O. T. C, 12. 3, 11: 8111114 111111111-1' 13, -11: Svrvit-e 811111111 11, 12, 3, -11: 11, U. C. 13, -11 Posthumus. lay Hi-Y Club 112. 3. 11: Atlilm-tiv C1111111-il 131, 11: Iul1':1111111'z1l Sports 13, 11 Princekavich. Frank Spanish Club 112, 3. 1113 Hzislivllmll 12, 3, -11: Tmvk 12, 31: Ili-Y Club 112, 31 Radziewicz. Esther Ramey. Hazel Reflector Stzitt' 141 Randall. Clarice U, H. S. Clltlll 111, lil Reynders. Iames Dee Ili-Y Club 13, ,11. P1'11si1l1'11t 1-11 Rhode. Charlotte Roh. Robert H. S. 1-11: Reflector Stull 111: l'l'1'SH Club 111: Aurora Stuff: RL'fl't'Slllllt'lll C11111111itl1-1- 1-I1 Roseman. Charles Svuiru' Bzinfl 121. 3, 11: Cllvss Club 12. 241, lJI'6'SlllP!ll 131 Rothenberger. Edgar l,I'11Sl1lt'lll. .l1111i111' S51111'1s1111-11's Club 1211: Aurora, Stuff: SllltlL'1ll Ll1Illll1'll 111: N. ll. S. 111: 1211111- svllm' 131 Rudolph. Viola Girl Resoiwvs 11. 2, It, 11: S111'vi1-1- S1111:11l 12, 3. 11: Pre-ss Club 1441: Retiector Stull' 111: Girls' Glvc Club 1fl1 Rudzinski. Iohn Russell. Paul Senior O1'1'hv:1t1'11 12. 31: Buys' Glu- Club 1-llj Sevretzxry, Hi-Y Club 1111 51., .. 3' '1,a, g.L k . xxx. ., ' . Rybachok. Peter Reflector Slzlti' 1411: A1u111uu1'e1u1-ut :uul Czml C11l1lllllll0Q 1-11: B::seb:1ll 13, -I1 Rymarowicz. Iulian Class President 1131: Slll1l1'lll Coum-il 11, 2, 111: Tran-k 12. 3, 41: Bzuui 11, 2, 3, 11 Sauerberg. Robert Sauerberg. Ruth 1,11'1'l1est1':1 121: 811111 Claiss 131 Schmidt. Gerald Bzlud 112. 3, -11 Schramm. Helen Se1'1'etzu'y, Home Et'11ll11llll1'S Club 111: Girls' Meet 11, LZ, 41: Cithflllilll Club 1-11: R1-11 Cross Club 141 Schrickel. Ioyce Reflector SHUT 131: Home E1-1111111x1i1-s Club 131 Schrickel. William Stage lVl:111:ige1'. Senior Play Serdynsky. Iulia AlI1llll,11111 Club 12, 3, 111: Ilome E1-11111n11i1-s Club 1-11: Servive Squad 13, 411: Girl R1-s1-1'v1-s 111 Shapiro. Arthur Bill' z1u1l CllQVI'11llS Club 12, 3, 111: Irieuleuaiut, R. O. T. C. 141: Press Club 1,11 Sharphorn, Fred SPl'l'6'l2Ll'y, Sp111'ts1ue11's Club 131: HifY Club 141 Siebeneicher. Margaret Home E1-111111111i1's Club 141 Siebert. Arthur T1'e:1su1'e1', Press Club 13, 41: Build 11, il. 3, 111: Atlvertising lVl2Hltlgt'I', Reflector: Vl1'1'-I'l'l'Sl' tleut, Red Cross Club 131: Business lVlZtll2lgk'1'. Reiiectzor 1-11 Siembab. Walter Aurora Stuff 1-11: N. II. S. 1111: Reflector Staff 141 Simms. Robert Reflector Stuff 1-11: Press Club 1111: Aurora, Stuff: Senior Play Simon. Benjamin Press Club: Cl1:1i1'n1:111, Publivity C11mmilt1-e 141: Basketball 11, 21: Stunleut Cuuuvil 111: Reflector Stutt 141 Sinkler. Irene Aurora Stuff: lvlzniupxiug Etlitor, Reflector 1-11: U. Ig. S. Club 121: Geriuzin Club 1212 N. ll. S. 1 , 111 Skuzinski. Anthony Spanish Club 111: Sptvrtsim-n's Club 131 Slinsky. Iosephine Girls' Meet 11, ZZ. 41 Sly. Kenneth Smith. Dorothy Ruth N. H. S. 13, -11: Reflector Stuff 1-11: Aurora Stuff 1-11: Gi1'l Reserves 131: Press Club 13, -11 Smith. Reginald Baud 12, 3. 41: Busebzill 13. -11: '1'1':u-k 131: Iiitrzmlurzil Spurts: Varsity Club 13. 41 Smith. Robert C. Student C11llIll'll 121: Vll'tl-l,t'l'Sl1lK'lll, l'wI'1'll1'll Club 131: Rerl Cruss Club 12, 3, 41: l,l'11Ll'1'Illll C1m1mittee 141 Sonke. Richard Bzmtl 11. 3, '11 Soukup. Audrey U. H. S. Club 13. -11 Sperry. Yvonne Stanul. Cecilia U. H, S. Club 1-11: A1lve1'1isiug St:11'I', Reflector: Lzltiu Club 141 Stapleton. Wayne Marcus 1 .1 -in .im A 41' W 5 'k I .. . 111 5 zz' . 1 - ' - iii? 1221 1 1 1, ' i..... Steen. Marian U. H. S. Club 13, -11: 111111111 l'I1-11ii11ini1's Club 141: Svrvive Squzul 1111: Press Club 13, 112 Reflector Staff 141 Stehouwer. Doris Stockholm. Iune Virginia Home E1-11n11mi1-s Club 131: Pr1-ss Club 131 Stone. Paula N. H. S. 141: Aurora. Stuff: Reflector Stuff 111: Press Club 13, -11: Fr1-nvb Club 131 Storteboom. Ruth Reflector Staff 1-11: G. U. C. 11. 111: Mixn-11 Chorus 1413 Hamlin-1 1'I1'11ll11llli1'S Club 111: Girls' Me-et 11, 2, -11 Stratcotenko. Stanley Surofchek. Cecilia N, H. S, 13, 41: f'111lllS11ll11l' 111: Athlvliv Council 141: Aurora Steiff: Sll11l'lllZll11l Awzirai Sweedyk. Charles Class Serretury 111: Bur :uni f1l11'VI'11llS Club 11, 2. 312 Double Quartet 131: Stuff S:irp:1-:nn1. R, O. T. C. 131 Symko. Bernard Truck 11, 2, 3. 41: Spanish Club 13, 11: Vvr- Sity Club 13. 41: Fimtbzill 111 Szczytko. Victoria U. H. S. Club 141: A11vvrtisiug Stuff, R-eiiector 141: Lzitiu Club 131 Szekely. Irene President, N. H. S 141: G. U. C, Club 12, 3. 111: Servirv Squzul 13, -11: S1u1l1-ut C11uu1'iI 11, 21: Divisiiunal Eclilnr, Aurora Szoka, Frances U. H. S, Club 1-11: Home E1-11n11ini1-s Club 131: Latin Club 131: Girls' Athletic 111111-t 11, 2, '11 Takas. Margaret Teliczan. Alphonse Stage Work 13, 41 Thurber. Frances N. H. S. Club 141: Se-i'vi1'e Ssquml 131 Timmer. William Timmerman. Elaine Mixed Chorus 11, 21: Girls' Give- Club 11, :111 U. H. S. Club 13, 41: Aurora Smit: Reflector Staff 141 Tolfson. Mildred Turetsky. Sylvia G. U. C. Club 12. 3, -41: Girl R11S11I'X'Q1S 1-112 Service Squad 13. 41 VanDam. Robert Vive-Presiiteiu, Germain Club 131: Vl1'1'APl'1'Si- dent, Aviation Club 13. -11: Reis:-bull 13. -11 Vander Kuyl. Howard Servir-e Squzul 131: Hi-Y 1-11: Soniur Bauul 13, 111 Vander Meer. Gerald Vander Sys. Carolyn Girls' Glee Club 11, 2, 3. 41: Mixer! Chorus 11. 2, 3, 41: Chziirmzui, Clziss Snug 1'11n1mi1t1-1- 141: U. H. Club 1231 Van Houten. Iohn N. H. S. Club 13, -11: Hi-Y 13, 411: Aurora. Staff Van Langen. Ruth Germain Club 121: Home E1'11l111lIli1'S Club 12. 41: Press Club 141: Mixed Chorus 12, 31: Girls' Glee Club 12, 31 Van Portiliet, Paul N, H. S. Club 13, -11 Vasilauskas. Katherine U. H. S. Club 13, 41: Home E1-1ninini1's Club 111 Velders. Marian Home Economics Club 141 r 1 .,., E.. A,...... . wk . 4 it save. l vl' r" W 31 QQ Z4 i Q Q 5 finals A Velte. Katherine German Club 1-15 Verheek. Barbara G. U. C. Club 12, 3, 45: Press Club 13, 45: Girl Reserves 12, 3, -15: Aurora Stuff Verhey. Fred Visota, Anthony I. Spanish Club 1452 Cusiiiupnliiuii Club 135 Voshol. Eleanor I. German Club 13, 115: U. H. S. Club 125 Voss, Donna C. Class Treasurer 115: Girl Reserves 12. 3, -15: G. U. C. Club 12, 35: Spinisur, R. O. T. C. 12, 3, 45: Girls' Glee Club 145 Wagoner. Marlin Buys' Glee Club 145: Senior Rand 1-'ll Walcott. Gerald Latin Club 11. 25: Service Squzni 125: Bur :in1l Clievrons Club 135: Chuirinzin, Meinnrizil Cmn- inittee 145: Senior Play Walczewski. Constance Mixed Cluirus 12. 35: llume Evuiieviiiirfs Club 13. 45: Class Treasurer' 135: Cbuirnizin, Cus- tume Cumrnitlee 145 Wasileski. Anne Germain Club 11. 12. 3, 45: Hinno E1'llIl15llll1'S Club 145 Wellman. La Vonne Girls' Gloe Club 135: Mix:-rl Chorus 115: Hunn- Emfullnniivs Club 145 Welniak. Margaret U. H. S. Club 125: Girls' Glee Club 125 Westrate. Ellen Servive Squxul 1l5: U. H. S. Club 115: Girl Reserves 115 White. Lucille Girls' Glee Club 145 Whitmore. Norma Wieck. Elliot Fuutball 145: Bzisketbzill 145 Wierenga. Bernice Sevretziry, French Club 145: Latin Club 125: Girl Reserves 125 Wilkinson. Dawn E N. H. S, 115: Audubun Club: Guziiwiizm, Blue Bird Gruup Williams. Harriet Reflector Stuff 145: President. Girl Reserves 1-l5: Girls' Glee Club 135: Latin Club 135: Press Club 1-ll Wittkoski. Lucille Rell Cross Club 13. 45: Reflector Stuff 1-15: Mutha Cmnninittee 145 Woiciaczek. Elynor U. H. S. Club Worobec. Olga Home Er-1ni1nni1-s Club 1515: G. U. C. 145: Spanish Club 135 Wynstra. Marian Home E1-unfmiim-s Club 11, 2. 3. 45: Reflector Staff 145: Mixed Cliurus 115: Girls' Glee Club Yonkers. Richard Hi-Y Club 145 Young. Russell Junior SD15l'lSIllFtll'S Club 12. 35 Zabel. Fred W. Major, R. O. T. C, 145: Bar and Clievruns Club 12. 3. 45: All Sclimil Play 145: Chess Club 125: Assembly Planning Cmiiiiiittee 145 Zagumny. Walter Zaskiewicz. Emile Zeeff. lean Girls' Glee Club 11, 23: French Club 11. 23: Home Economics Club 12, 33 Zimmerman, Charles Bar and Chevrons Club 143: Red Cross Club 12, 3, 43: Student Manager 12, 3, 43 Zobro. Edward Athletic Council 143 Zoppa. Leota Latin Club 133: Girls' Glee Club 143: Dramatic-s Club 143 Zvirzdinis. Albert Cosmopolitan Club 11. 2, 33 Zwartenkot, Florence Girls' Glee Club 143 Zyskoski, Dorothy Seniors Without Pictures Belda. Adeline Home Economics Club 1333 Press Club 13, 43 Bothee. Herbert Boys' Glee Club 143: B-eilector Staff 143 Brown, Richard Senior Band 12, 3, 43 DeYoung, Erwin genior Band 12, 3, 435 Senior Orchestra 12 .'43 Finneman. Olaf Frost. Leo Football 11, 2. 3, 43: Varsity Club 13, 43 Student Manager 143 Hughson. Iames Iackin. Ioe Football 13, 43 Iennings. Herbert Football 12, 3. 43: Varsity Club 13, 43 Klien. Dan Football 11, 2, 3, 433 Track 11, 2, 3, 43: Varsity Club 143 Kopec, Bernard Reflector Staff 143 Langland. Virginia Spanish Club 12, 33: N. H. S. 13, 43 Oppenhuizen, Robert Student Council 133: Latin Club 143: N. H. S. 13, 43: Associate Editor, Aurora: Nature Club 143 Pakiela, Stanley Track 143 Rydzewski. Edwin Urbon, Ioseph Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 43 Winski. Sidney Senior Orchestra 13, 43 M Senior Class Officers President . . . Charles Anderson Vice-president . . Iohn Kurtyka Secretary . . Gerald Haskins Girl Treasurer . . Lenore Iohnson Boy Treasurer . . Frank,Czubaj Committees Memorial Committee Gerald Walcott, Edgar Rothenberger, Lucy Kortz Play Committee Betty Hankins, Mary Kowalski, Iune Dysart, Gerald Haskins Motto Committee Barbara Olson, Howard Lohnes, Lucille Wittkoski, Elmore Gates Class Song and Music Committee Carolyn Vander Sys Picture Committee Io Ann Porcupile, Fred Zabel, Esther Krombeen Announcement and Cards Committee lean Lindberg, Peter Rybackok, Iane Bradley Program Committee Ruth Matson, Evelyn Mancley, Peter Bialas, Robert Smith Orchestra Committee Vincent Moxon Invitations Committee Dorothy Ruth Smith, Ernest Myers Q l25l n Publicity Committee Benjamin Simon, Paul Leven, Arthur Shapiro, Roger Nivala, Viola Rudolph Refreshments Committee Helen Iasaitis, Lois Early, Caroline Ryer, Robert Roh, Edgar Rothenberger Tickets Committee Leonard Mervenne . Checking Committee Irene Szekely, Paula Stone Clean-Up Committee Theodore Kabza, Albert Barnes, Robert Simms, Walter Sembab Decorations Committee Iames Downing, Robert Morris, Frank Little, Rober Hall, Viola Rudolph, Mar- garet Burnett, Donna Voss Costume Committee Constance Walczewski, Enid De Vries, Charlotte Rhode, Mary Panfil, Eleanor Boris, Viola Rudolph, Bettyann Mains, Robert Beckmann, Iames Downing Publicity Committee for Senior Play Iames Flora, Barbara Verheek, Arthur Hinman, Robert Smith, Lucy Kortz Mock Election on ,- x W 2 -CJ! Most Popular Girl ' ll' Most Popular Boy J 0 Class Crooner Q' .J l Margaret Burnet 'YQ Charles Anderson 5 J Irma Misner l A '55 01 759 I B Pal Wi l" G1 P 1 J l Oy S L - Best All-around Boy ' 'J lr as ,- . Bob Bennett I P t B, I X Helen Iasaltis 0 Irving Gephart I 9 er IQ QS " Lenore Iohnson ,, 1 .Q l l fl x' l xl fs 'f 1 b bl U A J E G' I S h l 3 I 5 prettiest Girl Hcmdsomest BOY 9 Q Nl IARC? Gsildzwaard lo Ann Porcupile Edward Mesler S-'pf' iseFa 'lA Q2 Q05 'V BOY Fashion plate , 'TJ my Class Insep-arables Boy Scholar , k ' ob Morris Ch 1 A d Ioe Iackin Q., VIOIQ Rudolph ar es n erson 'lm - f X53 -, K Y . ' ' I! Girl Fashion Plate "' C1055 Muslclfm Most Bashtul Girl Q, 'S Paula Stone ' CGYOIYY1 Vmldef SYS 2 Alice Goudzwaard ' f LW X I-It I J 1 L K , 4 1 3 Ni -,S A Class Bluff I Class Loafer Most Bashful Boy Stanley Pakiela aa Tom Gelwich X m Richard DeKorne A i 'B PJ .4- x .X f - ,' LX f ' A L 'R X . X q f Class Optimist Class Comedian K 'S l X Class Pessimist X N rf Constance Walczew- Clayton Ellingsori H A Robert Oppenhuizen Nl Ski X 'gl Class Sheik lp mass Salesman Class Politician Bruce Granger -"' Pgul Leven a Afllllll' Hinman 4 ,, .i. tl I gi Q , Y r M as Cleverest Boy Best All-around Girl Q77 r Cleverest Girl Roger Nivala Evelyn Herrick M Elizabeth Ferwerdu ' u f, 1 ef-ge-. if 1145? s . xt '1-.vly 04' ft '- Girl Athlete Best Girl Dancer Cutest Boy Barbara Verheek Olga Worobec Frqnk Prince Boy Athlete Best Boy Dancer Cutest Girl Iack Amon Frank Czubaj Viola Iuntunen I261 Dc VH!! ywflht I'-Q Aurora Staff Editor-In-Chief Elizabeth Ferwerda Associate Editors Mary Kowalski Robert Oppenhuizen Senior Division Irene Szekely lean Lindberg Faculty Agnes Barstis Health Viola Iuntunen Peter Bialas Wealth Mary Kowalski Charles Anderson Happiness Paula Stone Robert Simms Art Enid De Vries and Assistants Assistants Robert Beckmann Florence Blekking Rosa Crowell Arthur Hinman Rofena Huyser Helen Iasaitis Lenore Iohnson Lucy Kortz Virginia Langland Howard Lohnes Ernest Meyers Vincent Moxon Robert Nykamp Barbara Olson Saramae Palma Robert Roh Edgar Rothenberger Walter Siembab Irene Sinkler Dorothy Ruth Smith Cecilia Surofchek Elaine Timmerman Iohn Van Houten Barbara Verheek Advisers Miss Esther E. Eby Miss Edith Barker Miss Clarissa Richardson Mr. Arthur I. Avery Fi 1 'gg -. A . V 7' Vi? ' ' wi- - ' Q m 1' - .f L2 N i ,f L, V Ky 2 - 9 4 ,WI av j my """' It X N r I I X i fi A 'X anvil X N s"ff"""tY V i 13 0 ' D . E: T R ..., sw W M 51.7 6 L Q 52- 5' is . QQ ' sl lg 501 gw f ie ff if A A A - ' i X J A m W im ' 2 f XXX A' if -X Qi- - 2:52 ,, ff wi "-'M ' S K I wi gf " K . my if 'A W rl kg u A 5' ' r , F . , , ,Q X 1,0 , l "K Irs if it X Q A9 A 35 'K ' M 11 I r ff "1 V 43' f I 46 ' ig, A ,fs 1, H y Q L KJ Q its w f .- ,WL A 1 R. , LA v J . 1 ' X v . V, , , 9.27 , 'N A rl if R - , ' i in ,pr ' 'F I Q? x A JSN4 H I - 3' ,, 4 "J N if-3 h 25. , C 5, Q s. v dx' xi If X X f, -,E Nev' i VAURW YOUR l 5 I 5 1 h " X' EE l g I xi 525451512 Q' 1' W 0? W A ' fi? 2 a i y . uf ills? W W 't i A f fs 'V if .' . . url' . .. ' . qc hi V U- J, I 1 ' If ' . Senior September 14. 1936 After a summer of anticipation, last yearkz juniors rush back for their Senior Year the one year when they are iustified in Hlordina it over" underclassrnen when studies, un- beknown to teachers UI, take a back seat while the seniors take a grand swing at extra-curricular activities. October 16. 17 The Senior Band displays its new uniforms for the first time as it parades proudly through town. November 6 The Harvest Festival, a product of P. T. A ingenuity, provides a night of entertainment in the monotony of school life. The pie- eating contest is the center of attraction for many noteworthy but unfed seniorsl November 20 "Boys and girls together." The scene the senior roller-skating party. The boards of the Coliseum creak and groan as many a hapless seniar finds parts of his anatomy colliding suddenly with unyielding surfaces. November 25 Although our rivals won the annual Union- South grid classic, the Turkey Strut goes on per schedule. Even after the hard game the boys are still able to "swing iff" December l Appointment of those important :-seniors, the top editors of the "Aurora," is announced, December 19 Christmas vacation, that relief point sight- ed many weelcs ago finally looms before Unionites, a reality. Retail :selling classes offer their star salesmen to the dime stores Slippery-tongued amateurs reap neat little sums to tuck in Christmas socks, while those who lack the "gift of gab" are forced to take what Santa gives 'em. Chronicle February 24 The Girls' U. Club stages an elaborate "Frollies." Aisles bursting with Unionites plus box office receipts give proof that the show scores a !'hit." March 12-18 "Doc" lifllingsons fighting Red Hawks again show their supremacy by trouncing all corners in city play to win the city cham- pionship. The Hawks go on to cop the regional cup. March 19-20 'Tm headin' for the annual Round-up" sing the West Side boosters. All active clubs ioin hands in making this "nickel social" pay for the bands uniforms and other pro- jects the erstwhile public forgot when they voted "yea" on the fifteen mill tax question. April 9 Flash! All sabers barecl! Flash! Dancers foresee a rip-roaring time when they spot Frank Winegars orchestra, fortified by sandbags and all set to shoot the works at the Sabre Swing sponsored by the Bar and Chevrons Club. May 7 No wall-flowers at the lunior-Senior promg the juniors kept every senior steppin' lively till the clock struck twelve! May 13, 14 "Smilin' Through," the wistful story that has thrilled millions of Americans as a movie, is presented as the senior class play of l937. May 1 - Iune ll "Theres something in the air!" Yes, senior after senior is practicing his swan song for the night of Iune ll, when the swankiest of swan songs will issue forth in one grand golden symphony. Iune ll, 1937 The end of the trail! As we accept our diplomas, the warm evening is cooled with the knowledge that a complicated world is before us. Wish us happy landings, Alma Mater! I Class Song Music by Carolyn Vander Sys Words by Tressa De Vries. Barbara Olson Lyric: Let's sing once more of Union, Unfurl her banner bright, That we may keep in memory Those colors - red and white. Where'er our paths may lead us We'll keep this thought in mind: "We'll find a way or make one" To help 'and guide mankind. Refrain: Farewell, dear Alma Mater, Farewell, dear Union High! The memories We have of thee Shall never, never die. Farewell to those we leave behind, Our teachers, classmates - all - Our wishes for their happiness Resound through every hall. Class Will l WE, the senior class of Union High School, being of as sound mind and judgment as can be expected, knowing that our final day of existence is close at hand, do create and fix our signa- ture upon this our final will and testa- ment on the first day of Iune in the year of Our Lord nineteen-hundred and thirty-seven. Our first and foremost request is in regard to our tearless funeral. We do hereby request that the Voice of Ex- perience conduct the church services, that the faculty mourn, that the basket- ball men and Mr. Waters be pallbear- ers, that the mixed chorus sing, "I'm Heading for the Last Round-up," that Mr. Hornbeck's car be used as the hearse, and that flowers other than pansies be omitted. ITEM: To Principal Everest, the request that habitual truants be com- pelled to wear "I skip school" signs. ITEM: To the juniors, all our unpaid bills: the vast amount of know- ledge that we have left behind: the well-carved seats in the senior session rooms. ITEM: To the faculty, the assurance that no class can ever be as clever as that of '37 and the hope that the teachers can re- tain their sense of humor after we're gone. ITEM: To the undergraduates, the hope that each and every future grad will receive a pension as well as a diploma for intensive labor exerted during the pre- ceding thirteen years, kinder- garten included: the idea that they might go on a sit-down strike if their mental capacity cannot undergo the strain: the privilege of using Union's time- worn pencil sharpeners. ITEM: To the future basketball men, the expectation that they will uphold the example set by the team of 1937. ITEM: To the future football men, the task of scoring an annual vic- tory over South. ITEM: To all future stage managers, the hole in the auditorium cur- tain. Signed by the Senior Class of 1937 BOB BECKMANN ELAINE TIMMERMAN Attorneys-at-large Witness: ANDREW THE SKELETON AUNT SEMANTHY i301 1 1 , w b f ' M swat ,Mx x. , , N fs? w ie T Q ,, ,-V' 'SQ X A V Z is Q gig Q ,E -Es.. aa. wx 1 5 ,. ., EMM A 'ff 4 eg, J g tb gi ffji-JH q M., ig, -if YF w - V , , . if ' 1 'M ' ' 1 , f , fn as , ,"' A k 'Q , X fy ' "LM Q sms 4 N y VI ' ,gif f' -Z. Q f . S f 1' " , WMM! A 51411 1 ily QW' .V Af' Sw' Q' wweg N 5 N f ij, f , 5 A . "A ' if , , Y rf M . gf ' if if ' Q CV. 'E , , L is i. ,gf , Ck WV, K 'PQ 2 4 gf- 1 ,A K wf 1- ix 75 45 Ti X ,W if gp , 'T W. A if ,Hg ff' 5 I 3, ' Y . M.. W . va A K ' ' ' 0 2 gtg X f W 5 233: R 2 , , Ng. , O K' ' " ' -- 'Hgum 4 X Qu N H L ' f .rsigfv . .. H 1 3.2! :A s, F :L 3 ,'ia'pf ,Q t.-ww, ' it, L . Q X! Q ie' ff A Y . Sw V Q "' 'l 4 4 5 'SW if ff. ,Q . . , . , .MQEA ' 0 r H' ' .k W ,.,, . M of , M Q"-'V A ' Q my E A N , 1 , A W ' I F w M .. X A fx- 5' M fl- ! fr 5 'uf 'L A 039 5 pf' ' , . ,.R W W 1 ,, f iw K .Maw , by lp i F, 5 .37 , H ' f ig. tg, N , ' Y 3? A V if Yagi' A MV' at ,,, H - Qf is Rfk 9, Tw I, A L , F5 ,. , J: A pw., KWH M", Qfxm-Q -4 - -x ' -,, 4- . 'fs 1, K - M". , , . . ' ,gf-' K ,I 51 .wg 'NG 'Y 'fa Health -I If you should meet Average Boy and Aver- age "Girl who attend Union High School, you would see a glowing picture, the result of a modern school's eiiort to teach its boysand girls the right habits of health. V Average Boy maintains his physical fitness through intramural and city-wide competitive sports, while Average Girl has developed health through participation in girls' after- school activities. 'Not only these young moderns brush their teeth and wash .behind their ears: but theyalso drink' their milk cmd eat their spinach because through the knowledge of vitamins and calories -gained in their hygiene, physi- ology, and foods classes, they realize that from the carefully-planned menus oi .Union's cafe- teria they are sure to get a properly balanced 'et. 1 Ii Average Boy .had poor' , eyesight, he would h,ave'the privilege of being aided by swcial teachers and classes. 9 Both Average .Boy and Average Girl are learning how to drive dad's car according to the rules of sate and sane driving. This in- struction they get in Union's newly-organized safety class. On Iune 1.1 Average Boy and Average Girl will leave Union High School equipped -with first-rate health, a ,prime necessity if they are to find the wealth and happiness essential for "the good lite." ,askin mar. Keeping Fit Every student begins his high school health career with a physical examination, which includes being weighed, measured, and examined for athlete's toot. To the student Whose health survey re- veals a physical defect, Miss Mildred Beck- with, the school nurse, gives aid and advice. lf the teeth need attention, Dr. Harry Deng- ler, the school dentist, administers the necessary treatment. When all detects are corrected or are in process of correction, the student may take part in any major sport or in gym activities where healthful exercise builds up strong, sturdy bodies and encourages a spirit ot good sportsmanship. Cn Guard Cakes or Pancakes? Miss Holland, Neuman, Karatkiewicz, Sogowskas, Bore kowski, Kurtyka, Bancuk, Bialas, Grygorczyk, Olszewski, Fletcher, Uzarski, Karpowicz, Bowcamp, Rodenhouse, W. Allen, G. Allen, Dean Too Many Cooks? Cichaniewicz, Palma, Wolosiecky, Sciamana, Krombeen, Kelley, Boone, Smith, Ridderikhoff, Basarabske, Ailward, Rysdyke, Moxon, Mulder, Zemcin, Drenth, Berry, Lontinga, Hopkins, Molls, Ludwick, Van Langen, Raterink, Boynton l34l No One-Armed Drivingl I Kelly, Romanski, Czarnopys, Nawrot, Lagendyke, Vl.1tt koski, Markell, leltema, lones, De Vries, De Graff, Horn beck, Rinehart, Morzal, Roudis, Keho, Dutkiewicz Prekoposki, Drake, Herrman, Nowacki, Walten, Post Content, Kuzrna, Scholes, Zaskiewicz, Tomozsok, Hinman Wisneski, Broski, Vander Veen, Honholt, Bustraan, Zem itos, Slutters, Matkinson Members of the newly-organized safety class acquire valuable information about all the different phases of safety from class discussions and lectures by outstanding authorities in that field. VJhon camped out in the woods away from the x-files of women, sportsmen must eat, and under such circumstances, the boys of Miss Hollands foods class find themselves satisfactory chefs. Aside from practicing the arts of cooking and serving, girls' foods classes study food values and their bearing on good health. Students with sight defects have special teachers to supervise and assist with their study, while poor eyes are given both pree vontivc and corrective treatment. Save the Sight Miss Farr, Chapin, Schollaart, Powell, Ribbons, Braun Rogers Disciples of Hygeio Alicki, Base, Bennett, De Young, Dubis, Granger, Elling son, Gepliart, Hilton, l-lighhouse, Ringold, Hansma, Hud- rick, Iessup, Dysart, Bustraan, Kaminski, Kelly, Kuzawa, Leven, Makoski, Mester, Morris Wentzloft S mko I i Y , Thurber, Kawrack, Mohrig, Konkle, Stehouwer, Stumlcus Periodically boys High School are given tuberculosis tests by provided by the and girls of Union doctors and nurses Grand Rapids Anti-Tuberculosis Asso- ciation. lf a positive reaction follows the test, the type ot treatment necessary to re- store normal health is arranged by the Association. ln the girls' and boys' physiology classes and in the hygiene and sanitation class, the same point - healthful living - is stressed. Besides learning the rules of good health, students in these classes acquire through class discussions and laboratory experi- ments a knowledge of the causes, preven- tions, and cures of diseases. The teachers of these popular health subjects are Miss Perrin and Mr. Hornbeck, Positive or Negative? Lohnes, Ferwerda, Iensen, Mancley, Nurse Meengs, Dr. Ralph 1? N Microbe Hunters What Makes Us Tick? Sciamana, Lovell, Rhoades, Anderson, Hopkins, Cum- mings, Wojciaczek, Shane, Wysocki, Iones, Haterink, Peck Worobec, Wittkoslci, Wesstberg, Miss Perrin, Boynton Lantinga, Kortcn, Nawrot, Medenia, Ftaczkiewicz, Cutler Apakarian, Schnuder, Beurkens, De Groot, Luyendyk Milanoski, Bialk, Palma, Mesery, De Korne, Carey Www X M "A Sound Mind in ci Sound Body" Thomas, Borkawski, Stapleton, Den Braber, Rudnik Mahlebashean, Sosnowski, Haraburda, Grygorczyk, Post Rotier, Barendregt, Bialas, Kalee, Ftogalski, Nowicki Mrowniski, Mr. l-lornbeck, Olszewski, Karatkiewicz Worobec, Symko, Meoduchowski, Mikita l35l f 1 'S I AQ Hff NM' E Q, 5 QW? a wr M 9 Sm 1 fs-Q5 QT 5-Q" if -f Q 4 EQ' ,- ,ar 5 W s ' W'gf'f'JSxE4Ai, I "'ilA.L,' .. 55 F? ..r K,1n ws V: 'Y' 'nh ps YQQ, - I, C o ,,. 4-. . 1' fx 1" K 'N 'Q 'kno jaiil F 43 P ,... ,L ff VV M pf avi 0 ,x.f- -F' gy. A fMNTN,f f. 1,3 9 an X1 .aw Arg, , mx., W, vm, , w .4 - 4 my g -.55 'il ,W ffl' , - . if if 'TDXQ5 X 4 m J 'Swv NWS gf f is Q 4 A K ' ' V .sr-5g?"v5r!wQ'4 T2 .!l.. J - Q.F5QN.N,1 W Q 5'-:H LNX274 Af 111, 5-1 0 xr' Q Q S Q 1 N -U. . ' NZMTWQ. Mk EXWMMN Xx kbk, E V I' D . 5 . ,J ' '53 Y . Q may . . ,Q V - '1'3f?1'fX f3"'.f'5 X., X-. - 'Xiu ' - A Q ur, :fu YO ' .l'A,- , Q !' 5 0 ve A x" Q I-aid, ' A kr Q A ,. ,uh LR . XXX, X ...,,....A - .X,.. .A.,......, 'ay Rx ,, 25.1. 0,9 Q, Xxcfx .Avi ,gn X X ' xx .Q XX "' +1 M ' 1-'rm'-1X'XX',-.,.1:' 4 . Q5 Mt XX' ' 1 . X XX P uw ' I ' L bi I l.i,x,"-12'l':v Q N gf A E A ll -X x " Q X .rf 1 ,X XX N? LPM, X . P X R Q Xf . 12 'L f W' Y- 7 . I 9 I9 . AQn.,,. ,X isqmx tu, Xi hx W 13 M, XX "m5 I8 1:30 94 ,Q A X 'xi 5 X V was y N252 , X' 2 'N 115 , 19 . ,X . x mf 0 WXXX if K X. 1. if W X :T q,XX X K .Q XX x X Xf- I K X E' , .X Qi f N 'X -x A 5 if 'fir Xu fi W 'f hx . .X N1 rdf M 4 :XX ,r " ' Q . I X X, . s, Ami ,R X?Xg,Xfd,iX,:gQQc6PNx.,9:xN:gP',! L A X 5 'X X ' ' .f K HQLJN, v A 1,15 X.. 1 S Q ' A ff ' W X' X. FWVXXSQ s A 6 'fl' QKQBL- 1 J' 5 . 9 ,,.., A .X X 4 -XX .XX Es. ,X ,Wi W X A 2- , kg ,X S X ' 4 ' ' XX ' ' X X 5 . ' ' ' rf ..,X- W QSXXX ft fX af A M .X , .X .W , X , . XX X 1 5 , " , ' . , X I - X . X 'WR N X ..-1, k A .X , - Q' x W9 L X- ,X N'-wwf X f f X X ' 3 df ' H 3 "- ..i , A ' Q .... A X S , " i 9 . I is . X t W X f 25 IQ' X 5 fa A y. Y ,.-X If ., K 9' W j 2 A' X X X 'W X X an SX .M-Xgg X QQ X . SSX X W f' we ' : M , 1451 'iw X... N X .. P4 ww.. X X X X X.. 5- W XX -' . 4 M . . ' Xi. :Q ' X 1 X,'+Wx :X-:-:-..:.Ei: X 5' . x NX .X W ' N '- FJ ' X X 1 XXX. mx X. A 5 . L .5 ,X X X ' 1 X XX- XX XX 'XXX X X X X f XXX-XXXAXXXXQ, Xw:,f.XXXXXXf X ,,X.XrXXXfX X X X X' XX mf XXX x-XXX Xsws-XE X X 1 N ' , -X XX X1 X ' X X + X XX ' .wh N ,XX X XXX X K . ww Wx? N Xi-K X ,XX .. , ,,. , X . CX XXX X , ,XX X. X ww X X Q W X NQB X ws k Xs W ufxkax X .X X lwQSif.XxN 32511 X H. F N XM XX mi wx... fwX5'5Y?'YN'?x7'?? f ,W 3155 X Sitting: Princekavich, Morris, Newman, Kozlowski, Olszewski Standing: Coach Ellingson, Goolian, Cutler, Zimnowski, Fllingson, Coach Waters Basketball With three regulars returning at the beginning of the season, "Doc" Ellingson has produced another city championship team, his third in tour years. The team went through the entire season winning every city game and the city regional titles. Only twice were the boys beaten until Muskegon defeated them in the State Tournament. The entire team made the allfcity team, lack Newman, captain, making the all-state team. All the regulars but Stanley Olszewski are graduating in Iune. Dec. 4 Dec. l l Dec. 18 Dec. 19 lan. 8 Ian, l5 Ian. 29 Feb. 5 Feb. 12 Feb. 19 Varsity Scores Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Wayne South Central Creston Catholic Davis Tech Ottawa South Central Creston 49 4l 25 3l l4 27 37 39 30 33 6 26 - 9 -12 -13 -18 -18 - 3 -l8 -16 Olszewski, Newman, Kozlowski, Goolian, Zimnowski Basketball Sitting: Ungrey, Ford, Stapleton, Rice, Mikita, Post, Urzbicki Standing: Sneathen, Lambert, Mioduchski, Floys, Ober- meyer, Rewa, Coach Waters Although the second team does not rate as high as the varsity team in the public eye, it plays an im portant role in the school, for members ot this team will make up the varsity team in following years. Knowing that they have a chance to make the first team later on, the boys of the second team are :ouraged to spend many hours in practice and training. Because they lost only two games, the seconds won the city-championship in their class, thanks to the able tutelage of Coach Russell Waters. Princekavich, Morris, Cutler, Ellingson Feb Feb Feb Mar Mar 1391 Mar. Mar. Varsity Scores Union vs. Ottawa Union vs, Catholic Union vs. Holland Union vs. Davis Tech Regional Tournament Union vs. Davis Tech Union vs. Creston State Tournament Union vs. Muskegon 31-19 29-11 27-31 27-20 11-10 26-11 12-19 rf: M 5: M 1 -if? X gig Qs' L . A NA t ' 1Vf5 9 A -ff Sidi A.,-w f f :AL A ' Hp i3M LL,. if wi X A , E3 is if S4 w :U nz, a , I Q : gf s Q5 .9 -gi , , W . xx gk ffl E vi MQTWQ , Q K 8 ff s H- .... Q 53 5 E X , Prospects Ups and Downs Swenson, Homrich, Banka, Lettinga, Elliott, Am- brose, Zaskiewicz, Kabza, Kozdray, Peets, Mehalic, Swan, De Graff, Mardin, Lovett, Allen, and others Broncho Riders - and Howl Merekski, Wilkinson, Snook, Miles, Mulder, Stout, Casmer, Winters, O'Malley, Voss, and others Organized tumbling is one of the most popular gym activities of the second semester. Body control and courage are most necessary in this work. Sociability and the proper health habits are the objectives of broncho- ball, one of the numerous games played by the junior high school boys. An opportunity is offered to every boy in the gymnasium classes to ac- quaint himself with the fundamental skills of tootball. The technique of this great American game is illustrated through class instruction. A part of the regular class training of every member of a boys' physical education class is instruction in the proper way to execute track and field skills. A testing program is used in all major sport activities. Hold That Line Wojciaczek, Greenfield, Yavruian, Boukma, Baar, De Vries, Chase, Merritt, Kosten, Smith, and others Get Set - Gol Rockwell, Olszewski, Moerland, Gradzicki, Green- field, Broucek, De Hollander, Goeman, Bennett, Stevens, Shively, and others Track Squad Sitting, lett to right: Heyes, Parker, Klein, Karpowicz, Oleszkiewicz, Barnes, Pakiela, Mazurek, Rice, Gardener Kneeling, left to right: Eggebeen, Cran- del, Borgeld, Wavio, Baerd, Orlikow- ski, Straub, Breitfus, Iaworowicz, Dow- ning, Packer, Michalak, Metalonis Standing, left to right: Manager Schro- der, Coach Iohn Hess, Uzarski, Den Braber, Mullian, Loomis, Bier, R. Toms, Reynders, Ringold, T. Toms, Nichols, Highhouse, Kelzeski, Karston, Miller, Broekema, De Vries, Bialas, Manager Frost, Bessey, Manager Baron Results - 1937 April 17 Union . 67 Allegan . 37 April 24 Union . 73 Creston 49 May 1 Union . 73 Ottawa 39 May 7 Union . 46 Catholic . . 67 May 15 All-city Meet . . Fifth Place Track The ancient Greeks were the first to do it, but Union still carries on with good Greek spirit. The boys who participate in track go out because of their love for sports, inasmuch as there is in this activity very little of the glory attendant upon other major sports. The squad of 1937 was one of the largest in the schools history, it was also one of the strongest in the city. The boys began the season by trouncing Allegang next they defeated Creston by a decisive margin. They continued to hold their place in the ranks of the un- defeated by going out and drubbing a strong Ottawa team. The Union squad suffered its first loss of the year when it was defeated by Catholic Cen- tral. Union's hopes for honors in the city meet dwindled when Iohn Michalak, our star in the high and low hurdles and broad jump, was unable to participate in the events because of a sprained ankle, and the final tally dropped Union to fifth place. Anthony Cohan, practically a new- comer, set a new high jump record for the school in one of the earlier meets. No Kicks Coming la aitis, Schmitt, Szekely, Behrens, Boris, Krosschel, Por- cupile, Mancley, Kalinoski, Bradley, Iuntunen, Schramm, Kowalski, and others Speedball is as thrilling to the lassies as football is to the lads! The camera caught a tense moment in this game when two girls are trying for a tie ball. As a tonic after a day of studies, a good dose of volleyball in the girls' gym is ad- vised by old Doc Health. Yes, girls, as well as boys, learn how to play basketball. ln this shot, two girls are climbing higher alter the referee has called a tie ball. With spring comes indoor, and a typical scene on the Third Street field is one of com- petition between class teams for the softball laurels. A Simple Twist of the Wrist Batts, Verheek, Zieziul, Hooper, Swart, and others Play Ball Over the Top I. Szekely, Lindberg, F. Szekely, Goosman, and others Who Has the Upper Hand? Verheek, Kortz, Cohen, Burnet, Bradley, Miss MacDonald lasaitis, Batts, Iuntunen, and others l44l Lighter Labors Shuffle Along Castor, 'Zoe-tl, Huebner, Olee, Hooper, Edison Reducing Exercises lewett, Nelso, Montgomery, Paulis, Lehr, Mervenne, Moer- land, Cheslock, Kiezen, Sutter, Skowron, Sienkel, F. Rus- sell, Pasco, Hynberg, H. Russell, House, De Young Tennis Belittled Esenwein, Bush, Kortz, Verheek, Flatts Behold the eager anticipation as the athletic maidens in the picture prepare tor a good game of ping-pong, a favorite in the girls gym. Playing shuftleboard in the gym is not so much lun as playing it on a ships deck, but it does provide the girls with pleasant relaxation for both mind and body. Competition between girls' session rooms has been introduced this year in the form of a cage-ball tournament, the purpose of which is to promote a sportsmanly feeling among the girls ot the school. Skills are important because of the part they play in making the individual a suc- cessful participant in the various sports. ln the picture the players are practicing skills tor speedball. Looks Easy. But ls It? Szekely, Schramm, luntunen, Mancley, Kortz, Scliiiiitt, Zoet Porcupile, Krosschell, Ioling, Hooper, Verheek, Baits, Cohen Cohen, Bradley, Castor, Swart, Thomas, Zeizuil, Hecringa Heemstra, lasaitis For Poise Sake Bird's Eye View Meyer, Iaskiewicz, Clifford, Downer, Freas, Burnet Heeringa, and others Swing Itl Bialk, Handle, Lovett, Whitmore, Stehouwer, Tim- merman, Trauger, Van't Hof, Wittkoski, Miss Mac- Donald, Iuntunen, and others The symmetrical formations and pyramids of the stunt team are some ot the most attractive sights of the girls' annual athletic meet. To add a modern touch, the girls' gym class sings while dancing to such old familiar rounds as 'lAre You Sleep- ing?" These pretty maids are not chorus girls from the Ziegfeld Follies, but just a group of Unions Eleanor Powells practicing the salute which concludes their Military Tap dance in the girls' meet. In recognition of two years of un- usual ability in senior high school athletics, the prized "U" is worn by each of these girls. On Parade Iuntunen, Ferwerda, Mains, Behrens, Porcupile Burnet, Marcley, Zoet "U" Know 'Em? Mains, Kowaliszyn, luntunen, Castor, Batts, Szekely, lohnson, Iasaitis, Kortz, Verheek, Mancley, Miss MacDonald, Kowalski, Bradley Sew. . 13?-Xa? W., -ix. 5 K I V fy SW' f Y , . 5' 5' It 5 v i 5 , TW v 5 ia. 51 , , - ' 2 3 QV Viz? 'fwxw 'L 'YL Q if Q K , f -W-fkx,.XQ:Q:gLzqgwiil, . S1 , A AS SSS? vlxw- S Iwimf' 4 , W . Q mg vigil. , w-.' . -fi "" 5- kg X .es - , . . . .5533 ' fi 34' A XK QEZ . ml ..,. AE ., n S W , m in S B 7 F gems? if f ,YS if 1- 5 sw :- as 2 , 7? Wealth I I Flash! Student discovers heretofore hidden wealth in little red schoolhouse! To the astounded public, we explain that we do not mean actual wealth in dollars and cents. But don't be disappointed, there is a valuable treasure in school waitin for any- one who comes to seek it. This treiure is in two forms comes the report, the 'wealth of knowledge to be found in books and the wealth of -skill to be found in a trained hand. The former enables us to speak a foreign languagewvith ease,'to, know all-the highlights of American literature, to construct a geometric figure correctly, to understand the basic prin- ciples oi chemistry, to know what isf going on behind the scenes of the nation's capital, cmd to perform other feats equally amazing. Who can estimate the wealth thatlies in the abilityt to take 'a letter in shorthand, read it back, and then type 'it accuratelypto make our own clothes, to take a car apart and put it together again, to build somethingout of woodg to make a doorbell, to decorate that livable little room? Best of all, school offers us not only the treasures of knowledge and skill but also gives us' the wealth that lies in the experience of carrying on the affairs of our little world now, it-tit as we shall carry on .the affairs of the big world later on. Students preside over large and important organizations such as the Stu- dent -Council, often organize classes, make others want to work for a common cause, and uphold the law, all valuable-practice in par- ticipation. 2 . This, my friends, is thelwealth that is hid- den in the little red schoolhouse! i' A - '93?'l sa kg "The Plc1y's the Thing" Mac Kellar, Lathrop, DeVries, Stone-burner, Van Allsburg, Van Oiiimering, Wellman, Wilkinson, Zimmerman, Staple- ton, lfnsian, Ienasen, Kirnoski, Den Braber, Rinner, Metzger, Sikaiiis, Adamzak, Reurkens To prove that where there is life there is drama, students in an English V class read Paul Greens "Medicine Show" for the en- joyment of their classmates, ln English Vl students acquaint them- selves with the worlds essayists and try to polish up their own technique in oral and written expression. lmaginative minds relive the stories told by American authors. To know and appre- ciate tlie lives and writings of the men and women of their own land is the happy Work of these students in American literature. Studying ancient literature in the Worlds greatest book, the students in this Bible nar- rative class familiarize themselves with the Bible. To memorize outstanding passages is a required part of the work. The Book of Books ,ovvell, lliriiipney, C. Holmes, N. Holmes, Ioling, De Boer, lxroizraf-liell, Lahr, flaioiiia, Miedenia, Metzger, Rainey, attzz, Rr-ell, Schmitt, Sheffield, Willard, Anderson, Bar- iiidrmit, fiuerthiiiis, Ellinarzon, Gommesen, Haynes, Hin- iian, Hurilison, Russell, Smith, Wygmans, Zimmerman, Lwalioliii, Mr. Smith Legacies Essuyirig the Essay Brandow, Mohrig, Granger, Klein, Mitchell, lie Young DeVrie:s, Barrett, Tomasik, Krzywomz, GOPHIOYI, lbrebot Kirschman, Sharphorn, Cederqiiist, Kelrizeski, Highliouse Kuzawa, Rector, Tlioiiiars, Cox, Ziiiiiiieiiiian, Ver Wys Vanden Hera, Kassuba, Sweerm, Miss Allen "My Own, My Native Land" Miss Smallidae, Boukma, Sonke, Iasaitis, Iohnsson, Wal- cott, Smith, Hooper, Castor, Clifford, Zoet, fewett, Wilkin- son, Siebert, Shapiro, Shively, Niemi, Trauger, lwanski, Hall, Reed, White, Delacher, Palma, De Haan, Mieras f-491 A Smokeless Battle At lr-tt: Van Til, Corbin, Veldman, Au France, Belbot, Karczynski, Esenwein At riolit: Laramy, Sturqis, Van Allsburg, Schneider, Wein er, Hankins, Oppenhuizen Front row' Miss Blake, Mulder, Niemi, Norman, Martz Moore, Motion, Sabaitiaz, Daswick, Orwant, lglesl-ii Latin is not dead to the members ot the Latin Club, who find Miss Blakes explana- tion ol the Roman methods of warfare lively and interesting. For the amusement ot the members ol the French Club a comedy of the middle ages, "La Farce du Cuvier," or the "Comedy ol the Washtub" is being dramatized. lt's an old Spanish custom: boy dates airl beneath her balcony. ln this instance, liowever, the visitor is more interested in the cameraman than in his luliet. The members ot the German Club, with their president as guide, are enjoying an imaqinative, inexpensive trip in beautiful and liistoric Deutschland. A Trip To Deutschland Allrson, Stevens, Stalk, Van Dam, Bothee, Heyes, Klamp- a terer, Streinlaw, Vrona, Sachs, H. Schrarnm, Deqenther Coates, Wielhouwer, Bustraan, M, Schramm, Koppelman Voizliol, Cook, Miss Zur Muehlen Far Away larvi, Samiec, Carey, Kurkjian, Mulder, Nir-mi, Fulirina Kramer, Goldbera, Kowalski, Wierenqa, Subocz, Wasilew ska, Skrzycki, Anislco, larniol, Krzywocz, Miss Schole Boy Dates Girl Ampulski, Drauqalis, Castor, Berry, Reiasman, Antonim Rigiero, Pinder, Visota, Princekavicli, llroncelz, Stoll, Pwr qeld, Yavruian And Long Ago "Time Marches On" llaizwivk, Orwant, Weiner, Yavixrian, Goaulski, Mac Kcvllar, Holter, Laraiiiy, Breitlus, Sclileif, Dutkiewicz, Peter- son, Sciainana, llen Brain-or Seltzer, Nichol, Goowinann, lfvlcliiari, Quint, Baird, Goalian, Miss Conlon SEQ "History Repeats Itself" liapliam, lfilinori, La Hun, Miss Foster, Groggel, Belinski, Giimnwislci, Miililf-r, Clifford, Vorwyis, Sweers, Herda, Scully, Vvnzliiizz, Mull, Ziezuil, Szcrtypaniuk, Gotch, Van Ymaoldyke-, Ysianlflyko, Hannon, Kaskiewicz, Norman, Wrzoizinski, Sliarpliorn, l-lansma, Flora, Brandt, Vander Vixen, llonliolt The Parade of Events Post, Russell, Rynberg, Van Ess, Roth, Komicz, St. Iohn Steenhagen, Kutchin, Peterson, Moerland, Drabinski Grezechowiak, Dumrner, Haan, Worobec, Sasnowski Pasco, Rietberg, Slot, Totellet, Audree, Valkerna, Bier Dykema, Wondolewslci, Markulis, Nyberg, Braciak, Frey Miss Dunn Delving into the past by way ot world history no longer holds any terror for Union- ites when all students are active partici- pants. A study ot the glamour and intrigue ot the old world awakens a yearning for travel in the hearts of many students of European history. Events which have had a marked influ- ence on the growth of our country and lives of the persons connected with those events interest students in American history. American government is an especially vital study, tor every student who wishes to become a good citizen must have some con- ception ot systems ol governments and how they are operated. We Sing Democracy Miss Masters, Blum, Van Houten, Anderson, Hothenberger, Crowell, Mains, Kowaliszyn, Gurskis, Holi, Hall, Matson, Mancley, Kelley, Iewett, Williaiiiza, Stone, Kloppe, Huyser, Soukup Challengers Daily Dozen Lapham, Early, Werner, Crater, Baer, Rosernan, De Korne, Appel, Birgelaitis, Kramer, Broucek, Mosol- ski, West, Opacki, Skuzinski, Bailey, Iohnson, lasaitis, Hall, Zimnowski, Miss Mac Lennan Brain Busters Brandow, B. Van Dam, D. Van Dam, Zimnowski, Chase, Skiezinski, Van Allsburg, Mortz, Schneider, Nichol, Sturgis, Yarninan Algebra helps students to gain the clear thinking and accurate reasoning for which life calls. lt's ditticult but exhilarating to conquer the daily dozen of hard problems. Practice in thinking in three dimen- sions Will benefit these alert math- ematics students. Solving geometry problems teaches people the art ot demonstrating their ideas logically and forcefully. I Energy spent is a rule ot the laws of energy learned. Properties of mat- ter, motion, light, and heat interest students ot physics. Doctors, nurses, chemists, and en- gineers ot tomorrow are learning the Vital tricks ot their trade. The students are ardent chemists all and very intent on their work. Exploring Energy Rothenberger, Russell, Dykhouse, Nykamp, Kramer Skiezinski, Hughson, Brandow, Van Houten, Gard- ner, Kautman, Kalkoten, Karczynski, Mr. Holbrook Gray, Oppenhuizen, Baron, Broucek "Caution! Avoid Splatteringl' Boucamp, Allen, Trasky, Birgilaitis, lohnson, Becker Mr. Kennedy, Lindberg, lasaitis, Werner, Zim- nowski, Mitchell, Walters, Opackie, Skuzinski, Mar kell, Wierenga, Lagendyk, Baer, Blekking Big Business "Take A I.etterl" De Vries, Pakiela, Miss Crotser, Clifford, Yonkers Zetaveckas, Kraai, Schrickel, Bush, Trauger, Milletti Stockholm, Iurewicz, Carey, Grathan, Kuzinski, Bolthouse, Peterson, Monje, Ramey, McCarty, Dubis, Portko The Customer Is Always Right Szoka, Huyser, Zeeff, Voshol, G. Medema, Check, Campbell, Fisher, Bajema, Cook, Dykhouse, Stone, Palma, Hooper, l-laendle, H. Medema, Schrickel, W. Bowens, R. Bowens, Swietlik, Princekavich, Wasileski, Serdynsky, Begthel, Storteboom, Batts, Zwartenkot, Zappa, Craig, Gelwich, Block, Miss Potter No, the group at the top is not the secretarial staff of Cedar, Cedar, Ce- dar, and Buddington. lt is the second semester stenography class learning their A B C's in those mysterious pot- hooks. You see at the right the shining, eager faces of tomorrows salesmen. The retail selling class studies modern business psychology, an all-important asset in almost anyones life. The second semester bookkeeping class learns the art of juggling ac- counts and making household budgets. From the ranks of these figure fanciers originate our future C. P. As. in the advanced typing class Where letters are transcribed daily from orig- inal shorthand notes, aspiring young stenos, with nimble fingers, do their stuff before the staff camera. An Eye For Figures Bernholtz, Zotaviskas, McEwan, Northedge, Shreve, Spyroski, Newman, Manoogrian, Szoka, Rozegnal, Bryska, Mr. Avery, Riewald, Smolenski, Brandt, Simons, Vander Kuyl, Kurtyka, Civinskas, Michalak Kelezeski All Keyed Up Ferwerda, Kowalski, Stone, Smith, Koppelman, M. Bajema, Olec, Rudolph, l-laendle, Kulrnacz, Zyskoski lewett, Timmer, Huyser, lacobs, Herrick, Zaskie- wicz, Radziewicz, Edison, S. Bajemci, Sieberieicker De Vries, Goudzwaard, Boris, and others 1 No Room For Complaint Garter, Crater, Hceynderaz, Leven, Kowrack, Kline, lones, Br-rtrlunfl, Frederick, Whitmore, Beardsley, Sponable, Bowman, loling, Ver lluin, Reycrs, Westrate, Bolthouse, McCarty, Kuzinallci, Carey, Miss Gierst, Tetzlall Are you going to redecorate your room? Then you'll want to join the class in interior decorating where you can learn about color schemes, types ol furniture, and numerous other essentials that You, Decorator, will want to know. To tind the right hat for a certain type ot lace is one of the many problems of correct dressing which are considered in the cos- tume designing class. Cut, baste, sew, press! Almost as quickly as that the garment is linishedl But the clothing classes also study personal prob- lems ot dress and conduct in addition to the technique ol garment making. The proper setting ot a table, the correct way to make a bed, and numerous other household tasks which a girl must know how to do well are topics ot discussion in the hornefrnaking class. Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? Plumb, Velders, Uauksza, White, Cichaniewicz, Worobec, Laramy, Miss Rowszon, Early, Metzger, Rhode, Chicklan, Hrrwartzson, lurl-fiteaz, Robinson, Stanul, Ver Duin, Zwarten- kot, l,JcMee:ster, Switink, Van Stee, Barstis, Szolca, Flick, Knoll, Slinsky, Varsilauskas, Palma, Storteboom, Begthel, Dynart, Peck, Van Allsburg, Serdynsky, Thurber The Cupboard Was Bare Bra-clcor, Velte, Wesstberg, Spoczynski, Fuhrmon, Hager, Kula, lendrasialc, Reyers, Dettman, Miller, Bonchcird, Miss Dockeray, Koprowski, Leiter, Burlingham, Van Langen, Loilfers, Russell, Daulcsza, Kline i54l Woman's Work True To Type Chmurynski, Rymarowicz, Semelka, Williamu, Vant Hof, Pierce, Cimochowicz, Staskiewicz, Tlturbrrr, lly art Lenning, De:-lacher, White, Miss Parnell, Krauzse, Han Trauger, Dauksza, Megetarion, Wieck, Hrerda, Scully Mans Work The Shock Troops Wilkowski, Paul, llicrnot, Hindold, Longfellow, Uzarski, Hewarston, Hockwell, Kline, Gardner, Rypkema, Zimmer- man, lesler, Aksamilowski, Haggerty, Walski, Mr. Howe, Ketcliel, Kroon, Kirscliman, Choals, Peterson The Daily Grind ' Crowley, Hilton, Barstis, Ortowski, Kowalski, Helsel, Ba- baryka, Wiseman, Moelker, Sperling, Tomasik, Mroz Macioszek, Roslonic, Smedes, Gelwich, Tuinman, Naw- rocki, Hull, Poets, Mr. Pearn, Gilles Actual experience in the operation of lathes, welding irons, and emery wheels is acquired by these mechanically inclined boys who elect shop classes. This vivid portrayal ot the electrical class shows the enthusiastic members testing radio sets, reconstructing generators, and contriving doorbells. The compass, rule, and triangle are wielded by the dett hands of boys who are learning the fundamentals of drafting, Pre- cision and accuracy are the watchwords. Adjusting motor bearings, removing rear wheels, and adjusting steering wheels are a lew ot the daily tasks in the auto shop. The boys of the woodworking class know well the joy ot a good job well-done, for they are justly proud of their bird houses, plant boxes, and furniture. Getting u Line Sweedyk, Kuennen, We-lniak, Downing, Crater, Kurdleski Bernholtz, Oleszkiewicz, Shackleton, Trent, Field, Baura Koenders, Hill, Gelwich, Grams, Mr. lzleynders, Mrowinskil Hansen, Bustraan, Haraburcla, Moerland, Van Mullen, Beasecker, De Hollander, Anderson "Will She Run?" Cooper, Folkertsma, Mr. Vreeland, Grathen, Hetting Adams, Zimmerson, Kantorowski, Vander Wert, Takas Hancock, Fennema, Gravelyn, Glass Sawing Wood Snook, Lettinga, Mr. Marckwardt, Dochod, Bouwens Glass, Mikitci, T, Dubis, Czerew, Haggerty, Strek, Gep- hart, Nykamp, Mr. Bengtson, Zaskiewicz, Thorndill, Smith Karston, Miller, May, Bennett, Ringold, S. llubis, Zenk Plumb, Rewci, Rodenhouse, White, Arlikowski, Karpowicz Bancuk, Kuznicik, Blouk l55l Side Lines Sinkler, Porcupile, Williams, Hooper, Verheek, Beckman, Monje, Czarnopys, Mains, Kielek, lurewicz, Wittkowski, Baits, Burnet, Goudzwaard, Goodbalian, Vander Meer, Iackson, Miss Heseltine "The Affirmative Believesiu Sweeney, Flora, Dribben, Mr. Albers A convincing manner of speech, quick thinking, and cool reasoning are skills acquired by Union's all-city champion de- baters. The eager members of the first semester Reflector staff look as though they had a nose for news, as they listen to last-minute instructions from their managing editor. Aviation enthusiasts are inspecting with pleasure the results of their airplane build- ing. When these models are finished, they will be entered in the Herald Model Air- plane Contest, an all-city competition. Leadership, discipline, precision, and lust Plane Fun Van Dam, Kuennan, Gray, Soules, Cederquist, Aernouts, Beyer, Little, Hansma, Mr, Howe, Uzorski, Hanson, Klein, Zimmerman neatness, all are emphasized in the routine of the R.O.T.C. The cadets learn to give and take orders and to work in harmony. "There's Something About a Soldier" Major Zable, Captain Lane, Shapiro, Flager, Weber Nichols, West, Borkowski, Grasiak, McClure, Kline, Nivi son, Dales, Penske, Read, Mallette, Zimmerman, and others On the Iob Kurtyka, Matson Rudolph Maintaining order in the building, col- lecting permits and slips, and acting as an information bureau are the duties of the Service Squad members, Big sisters and brothers at school? Yes, seniors who try to make the new junior high students feel at home at Union. Mem- bers of the National Honor Society act as counsellors. Students not only participate in athletics but also sponsor them. Through the adver- tising done by the Athletic Council, students are kept informed of sport events and ticket sales are successful. The Student Council serves as the law- inaking body of the school and offers op- portunity for executive training and leader- ship to its members, who are representa- tives of their various session rooms. "I Move That - -" Hiniiian, Czubaj, fohnson, Niemi, Gomineson, Troutman Szekely, Iarvi, Grodus, Cheslock, Dane, Stoneburneri Heed, Mr. Everest, Van Allsburg, Chmurynski, Lindberg Fufiring, Iasaitis, Seaholm, Bednarz, Castor, Haskins lCawal'ki fone' McMann Hi shire Glu 'Cer Shackelt n :i , s, , pr , p. , 0 , Malette, Kabza, Zimnowski, Ellingson, Anderson, Drib- bens, Rothenberger, Nykarnp, Ftymarowicz, Bailey, Blick Broucek Citizenship Big Sister Iohnson, counsellor, Wapner, Steen, Katsul, Hiettje, Steen- hagen, Hessel, Barnes, Slot, Davis, Dochod, Haapanen "When's the Next Game?" Brandow, Ampulski, De Haan, Reiner, Roh, Finkler, Mey- ers, Hill, De Scibcitini, McFarland, Macliellar, Czubaj, Bor- kowski, White, Anderson, Post, Ellis, Kline, Ioling, Koz- drey, Miss Meyering, Dykhouse, Krosschell l57l f Gaveleers Anderson, Haskins, Miss Thomasma, Mr. Vos Kurtyka, Czubaj, Iohnson Iunior Officers Dribben, Sonneveldt, Trendt, Fisher, Edison, Niemi Barr, Honholt, Crater, Lapham, Gardner, Stevens Esenwein The executive responsibilities of a president, the intricate banking diffi- culties of a treasurer, the diligence of a secretary not only add to the per- sonal development of the doers but also to the attainment of the class as a whole. The Aurora and the senior play have been two of the major projects of the busy seniors. The juniors worked to make the annual junior-senior prom a success and conquered the victory in the girls' meet. Laurels aplenty should be awarded to the sophomores, who won the popu- larity contest for their candidate and initiated something new in class parties. Notable among the activities of this year's freshmen is their decision to give an award of five dollars to the two ninth graders who achieved the high- est scholarship. Sophomore Officers Mr. Early, Rinner, Von Allsburg, Miss Richardson Holmes, Ampulski, Dempsey, Smith Freshman Officers Thompson, Heyes, Willard, Miss McDermott, lone Fishermann, Fisher, Head, Chmurynski, Sieber nacher, Van Allsburg I X ,HR ., 1335 , gm 4,, g g S Q " N 3 1' Sigfwk F K 5 J' K F Q Z, 9 ' vf 35 O xx is . I fs., Q S5 3 Xow A , , br s 6' 1 ' It X 5 , .,,, ,..:. M .,,, ,.:,. .,..,:,,k..:,,.. f..: f . z ,.,.. . - K J . . . , xw, .. , ,. . rf . V Ha. , - . N. ., fm. e-:rx ., 44 Y :W 1 X ' Kr- 'J V V17 ,. 1:52. K QL yi.: .. 'SK .h 1 giwpnf M Lwxfsk , A v .5 ifgxxt 5 55- . -4- ' WU:- K lx . L XX? I 5 7215 ?.l!- I JM , , 9 m ' : ,JA ,Q it., f wax N QQ A ' , K ' ' ,fy .X -iii fl-:12M:iggQf S- ig Xvgw A 1 gf ,, EN 1 Q .T 75-vb-'K-"-gjijrxlffib 452 Q W s w 324 gig ' : A-,,"'f:X-x , H f,1 wgfQf,fg ' ,Skim X gs w 1 X X x- -' -L , , Y ' Q i 3 1 ' mg . M f?'x"Xs? Iv gg 4 3 . . k. iff' w ,ESQ ' Q 7w2'f4f1ff.'K , Lf, ,,y.E3Qa..M ' Sig?-3QN'W'9 Wu W L f viii? ffvxqfnffdy' Rui? I x , ., ks. V1 O Happiness. t I There's a play at two-thiry this afternoon e a dance Friday evening at eight - awcrecnrn ,puff sale after-school. Oh, Yes, we students at Union have our share oi fun and social activ- ities and opportunity to revel in the atmosphere-oi, good fellowship It's sheer fun to participate in the healthful sports at school, to be a parttof the gang when there! a party in the aii-,fbr to hike up to thewkunchxoom to eat. Another customer stepping 'upto buy a hot- ctog orfcrearn-puff gives us an inner-glow of satisfdctiong for every nickel earned at our after-schools-sales means another bit added to ,the fund ot some organization. Yes, it's work, but it's fun to ,know were really helping some worthy cause." ,I ' -4 Happiness?-There's none surpasses the joy of achievements Tuckedfaway 'with our most , ,vssions will always' remain that letter me inuathletics, or g gold pin for 'extra-cuxjricular activities, o.r,.if1wB Were lucky enough, 'a Christine M. Keck awardfqr creative ability. . i -. Our school has given us an education, but 'it has also given us an opportunity to experi- ence trueifhappinessu . t ' MEL Good Skates M as Vander Flroek Heemstra, Heerinaa, Iohnson, Szekely, Kowaliazzyn, Kowalski, Meyers, Nebelius, Swart, Thoiiias, Slepaniiik, Zioziiil, Dolphin Weiner, and others The members of the G.U.C. are girls who have won letters or numerals. Besides prof :noting athletic activities among girls, the club sponsors several of the most popular parties of the year, Corresponding to the G,U.C. is the boys' club, the Varsity. ln the picture, the presif dent is presenting Mr. Ellingson, the basketf ball coach, with the trophy the team re- ceived tor winning the district championship. The purpose of the Girl Reserves is serif ous, but the club finds time to sponsor many teas and other social activities. Although the Audubon Club studies the feeding habits of our feathered friends, from the picture we guess that they are not conf cerned solely with food for birds. Perhaps these girls have an eye to the futurel Anyway as members of the Home Economics Club they learn the domestic and social skills needed to make a pleasant home. Attention, Boys! bittingi Goiidzwaard, Tiniinerman, Esenwein, Vander Veen, Ailward, Cvotch Standinai Metzger, Van Lanaen Palma, Ludwick, Miss Tiaiii' ln the Swim To the Victors Bialas, Mr. ljllinazson, Michalak, Mikita, Pwoikowizl-ii, 'l'oin:: Kozlowski, Syniko, Mr Vous, llrandow, Kiirtylca, Downing Karsten, Klein, l'3rietfu:1, Straiili, Newman, lennings Barnes, Morris, llakiela, Uzaruki, Vand-'-i Lann, Civinskas Miller, Gregory, Aulqrance, Kelzoixki Party Plans? Finckler, Burnet, Wapner, Myrowitz, Williams, Mains Van Allsburg, Hooper, Schmitt, Castor, Bradley, lldison Cohen, Kiitchin, Winick, Sachs, Armitage, Schneider Rendell, Van't Hof, Roh Feeding Station Dysart, Matson, Lindberg, Mifxrasz Iewfftt, Blekkina, Tlarly Wilkinson, Ayers, Mi:::: Crotser, Heyeixz, Kriiis, Goldberg Borgeld, Heel-:watt-i, Kostvn Local Color t.5'illF'ftIi It Willarfl, I5 Willard, R Heyeiz, li, Heyes, l iilvr Rc'-i Loyal to You, Union High Burnet, Porcupile, luntunen, Zoet, Honholt, Nivala, Mr Marckwardt, Czubai The cheer leaders and song leaders have established themselves as a necessary part ot school life through their ability to work up spirit and pep among students and teachers. When Herbert Leader, Florence Vidro Know Mrs. Leaderl, Leonene Dahlstrom, len- nie Pratt, Clara l-lankinson, and Ruth Kinney left Union with the class of l9l2, little did they know that twenty-tive years later their children would be having a jolly time tof gether also at Union! The elevator saves the fairer sex of Union many a weary step during the year. lt is usually operated by Mr. Gerbers, our trusty janitor, who always has a smile and a cheery word tor his passengers. Not Red Cross Nurses but R.O.T.C. spon- sors are these girls who try to install an atti- tude ot respect for women in the cadets and in the members of the Bar and Chevrons Club, which is pictured here. Step Back in the Car, Please Mr. Gerbera, Parker, Rhodes, Maxon, and others You're My Inspiration Voss, Veldman, Krorribeeri, Robinson, Riaicro, Matrix: Rhodes, Shapiro, Cherrioby, Buns, Lathrop, Sperry, Crater Nivison, Carla, Shackleton, Bigorski, Rcyer, Rorkownzki Harbour, Kelly, Ziriirricrriian, Harisiria, Little, Mallrittfr, lwlttf l62l I Have Subscribed Kiolek, Relda, Downing, Mollo, Matson, Simon, luntunen, Miss Porshbaclier, Verhoek, Nivala A popular pastime among Press Club members at the beginning of each semester is dashing around school to dig up sub- scribers for the Reflector. The Union High Safety Club, an enthusf iastic group of students interested in the problems of safety, has been functioning efficiently for nine years under the leader' ship of Miss Perrin, Mighty was the battle that raged around Union as each grade worked to have its candidate win first place in the popularity contest, one of the feature attractions of our money-making Round-up. Many a healthy after-school appetite has been appeased by the tummy-ternpters usually on sale when school closes. They not only satisfy the students but swell the funds for some organization. Popularity Queens Grabol, Kwiafkowski, Hansen, Castor, Burnet, Honholt Red Hots, Five Cents! liyiiiarowicz, Van't Hof, Roh, Castor, Coafoiz, Weber For a Cause Rendall, Reiner, Anderson, Cutler, Corbin, Lapham, Edi- son, Razmus, Kraai, Rinner, Russell, McEwan, Sachs Sonnevelt, Grogqel, Haan, Blekking, Haak, Sfeonland Trouger, Timmeriiian, Miss Perrin, Roh, Van'f Hof, Behrens Berglund Amazons Rhodes, Voss, Mains, Krombeen Veldman, Rigiero, Rob- in on The ROTC. sponsors take part in the drilling and maneuvers along with the cadets. Strange as it may seem, they are said to increase the interest of the cadets in the R.O.T.C. During the past year the Humane Club has been making a scrap book for Mrs. Kindel, head ot the Humane Society ot Mich- igan. An American school goes to Holland? True enough, for the Union lunior Red Cross is preparing to send to their Dutch cousins a port-folio portraying practically every phase of school lite. "The purpose ot the Hi-Y is to create and maintain throughout the school and com- munity high standards ol Christian char- acterf' Through practicing on one another, the girls in the personal regimen class get ex- perience in such feminine arts as beauty culture, etiquette, and home making. "This is the Proper Way" Packer, Vander Hout, Nowak, Becker, Sweeney, Homrich, Gryaorczyk, Baltriiczok, Ghering, Bush, Hayden, Balinski, M liiisis, Miss llockeroy, Misner, Haan, Troiariowski, Koreckas, Bosch, Northedae, Fagan, Pose-lenzny, and others This Work "Do unto Others" Standingi Fewless, Miss Laible Seated: Geraitis, Heald, A. Blickley, Folkertsma, Morit- gomery, Chmurynski, lohnson, Shea, York, W. Blickley, De Young, Rietberg, Pilarz, Van Matsen, Dribben, Colby, Hymarowicz Americans All Hammond, Do Boer, Lappi, Smith, Wel'ior, Wiwlliouwer, Larrabee, Mr. Meyering Building Character Standing' Reynderrx, La Brenz, Mr Reyridwiwz, leltvma, Gephart, Bennett Seated: Russell, Smith, Ryniarowicz, Aiifioraoii, Vaiiilrrr Kyle, Pero, Van Houten, Yonkers, lldimon, Haynes, Ver Wys, Hayes, Bumgarner, tones, Weaver, Custer, Tiizorek, Iariiak, Grams i641 ls Fun "All the News That's Fit to Print" lldwards, Gutownki, Boulcma, Colburn, De Hollander, Allen, Fmadjek, Van Osten, Me-rvenne, Mr, Guy, Rybachok . l""""' "There Is No Frigate like a Book" Leven, Bousman, Carsolc, Miss Pershbacher, Michalski, Lovett, Vander Meer, Kalkolen, Verheek, Hooper, Simms, Anderson, Shapiro, Nivala, Williams, Sauerberg, Timmer- man, Sonneveldt QP. Finishing Touches Dane, Race, Zioziul, Yonkers, Prekoposki, Finneman Viktaravich Students who are artistically inclined find it tun to express their originality by creating posters and pictures. They forward projects of other organizations by assisting with artistic advertising. Every Thursday the printing shop turns out our school paper, Through this ex- perience students learn the fundamentals ot operating a printing plant. Through oral book reports all the class members receive the benetit of a classmates enjoyment. The object ot contemporary literature is to acquaint the students with modern authors and their works. The Union High Community Council, which is composed ot teachers, parents, and business men ot the West Side, say with pride, ilWe are the ones who refdressed Unions Band." Union Boosters ison, Rinner, Smallidge, Thomafnma, lfvoregzt, lVIclDor mott, McLain, Hiiltman, Voss, Mann, Larly, Fryloglo, Guy Lehman, Marckwardt, llllingson, lta11r:iii::::eri, Voss, Bazuin Gill, Manville, Brown More Fun Symphonious Songsters Vander Sys, director, Westburg, Metzger, Niemi, Dutkie- wicz, Moerland, Shea, Ver Wys, Millett, Krosschell, Wietsma, Moore, Powell, Mull, Heruth, Huebner, Willard, Emmons, Smith, Szekely, Versluis, Sterken, Blackmer, Rondall, Rinner, Reyers, Wrzesinski, White, Andree, De Boer, Chapin, Ioling, Roh, Sirney, De Vries, Morley, Flynn Soothing Serenclders Moxon, directorg Bier, Crowley, La Brenz, Nowacki, Wel- niak, Baird, Stevens Hornbeck, Simon, Haynes, lgleski, Nordstrom, ltibbens, Trendt, Hinman, Wagoner, DeVos, Vandyken, Mencinski, Seaholm, Markell, DuBois, Pat- terson l66l "Dom We Look spiffy," Mr. Fryfogle, Sgt. Lehman, Krombeen, Lipinski, Hall, Bentall, Iackson, Hrybyk, Haynes, Wagoner, Huebner, Siebert, Bernholtz, Van Portfliet, Cederquist, Sonke, White, Wilkinson, Winski, Iarosch, and others Through the efforts of the Union High Community Council, our band now has new suits of red, white, and black. With the only girl drum major in the city, the boys make an attractive appearance. The girls' glee club, led by Miss Best, contributes much to assemblies and con- certs. Their white uniforms trimmed with red buttons show that they are loyal sup- porters of Unions colors. The peppy, rollicking songs the boys' glee club sings make them popular at asf semblies and other gatherings. The mixed chorus, in which boys' and girls' voices are blended, has participated in concerts at school and has given pleasure to the West Side Literary Club by appearing on its programs. Sweet and Low Sweers, Ver Wys, Willard, Misner, Race, Stevens, Werner Iasaitis, director, Oleszkiewicz, La Brenz, Crowley, Paulis Gilchrist, Rosilonic, Stankiewicz, Steeland, McClellan Porcupile, Huebner, Vander Sys, Sawyer, Wellman Westberg, Trendt, Nauta, and others "Reflections of on Editor" Burnet, Baits, Kortz, Bradley, Miss Heseltine, Hankins, Beckmann, Gaudzwaard, Cook, Timmerman, Wittkoski Blickley, Simms, Smith, Iacksan, Stone, Steen, Roh, An derson, Rybachok, Goodbalian, Bush, Rudolph, Hayden, Gurskis The staff takes great pride in bringing to the students and faculty of Union a Well- written publication, the Reflector, which gives information and news of the school. Proud of the chic they have attained in their new spring dresses, the girls in Cloth- ing lll and lV class are shown modeling the outfits which they have made under the capable direction of Miss Rowson. Members of the National Honor Society are chosen for high scholarship, leadership, service, and character. One of their projects this year has been the collecting of college catalogs to pass on to their successors. The ROTC. boys on the Rifle Team are city Champions in marksmanship. They have won over South, Central, and Comstock Rifle Clubs. Union placed three men on the Hearst Trophy Team, which is composed of five of the best shots in the city, City Champs Kelly, Sperry, Flagler, Lane, Beyer, Mitchell Achievement Drugalis, Byle, Rypkema, Wynstra, Barstis, Palma, Kram- been, Rhode, Storteboom, Van Stee, Van Allsburg One Step Neorer College Thurber, Wilkinson, Sinkler, Kowalski, Olson, Szekely Smith, Roh, Ferwerda, Iuntunen, Miss Thomasma, Blek- king, Myers, Goudzwaard, Surofchek, Langland, Anders son, Chapel, Rothenberger, Stone, Van Houten, Huyser De Vries f67l Awards This year's winners of Christine M. Keck awards were Richard Yonkers in art, Carolyn Vander Sys in music, and Charles Anderson in social adapt- ability. Since l92l, as a memorial to Guer- ney O. Dillingham, cups have been awarded to the senior boy and girl who rank especially high in leadership and scholarship. The l937 Winners were Charles Anderson and Helen Iasaitis. Each year a number of seniors are presented with gold keys-symbols of the students' participation in school affairs. Charles Anderson, Alice Goud- zwaard, lo Ann Porcupile, Bettyann Mains, Viola Iuntunen, Iulian Rymaro- wicz, Lucy Kortz, Dorothy Ruth Smith, lrene Szekely, Mary Kowalski, Lenore Iohnson, Helen Iasaitis received keys at the annual Awards Assembly. Four students have received special awards. The class ot l94U gave two of its members, Alice Larrabee and William l-lerrman, a prize ot live dol- lars for high scholarship. To Lois Early, a senior, went the home economics award of ten dollars given by Mrs. Elizabeth Slaght. Wahneta Kuzinski, a junior, was awarded a gold pin for the best specimen of shorthand penman- ship. 'b ,gl b ...Y 5. . if tW2i6'ef"' WM" , 'QS' Senior Directory Amon, lack, 17 Gold Ave.. S. W. Andersen, Delwin 523 Lyon St. Anderson, Charles 2227 Genesee Ave. Baer, Geraldine 131 Lexington Ave. Baiema, Madelyne R. R. 1. Comstock Park 71662 Baiema, Susanna 1047 Crosby St. Baltruczak, Helen 844 McReynolds Ave. Bancuk, Bernard 906 Davis Ave. Barendregt, Iohn 1123 Lincoln Ave. 78253 Barnes, Albert 117 Indiana Ave. Barstis, Agnes 1149 Broadway Ave. 87541 Base, Albert 1425 Hamilton Ave. Baits, Marcia 1216 McReynolds Ave. 77346 Baura, Ioe 1428 Turner Ave. Becker, Helen 931 Oakleigh Road 75850 Beckmann, Robert 927 Pine Ave. Begthel, Iosephine 1 42 Alpine Ave. Behrens, Ruth 835 Richmond St. 79195 Belda, Adeline 1030 Quarry Ave. Bennett, Robert 2429 Lillian Road Comstock Park Bennett, William 2429 Lillian Road Comstock Park Bentall, Stanley 947 Pine Ave. 88976 Bernholtz, Albert 1237 Herrick Bialas, Peter 1026 Muskegon Ave. Bialk. Dorothy 426 Milwaukee Ave. Blekking, Florence 516 Scribner Ave. 89638 Blickley, Annabel 1304 W. Leonard St. Block, Paul 1311 Turner Ave. Blum, Minnie' 834 Myrtle St. Boris, Eleanore 573 Stocking Ave. Borkowski, Ioseph 127 Mt. Vernon Ave. 94008 Bosch, Margaret 1208 Arianna St. 72883 Bothee, Herbert 352 Mt. Vernon Ave. 86152 Bouwens, Robert 1142 Veto St. S4044 Bradley, Iane Colllnwood Rd., R. R. 5 Brandow, Donald Y. M. C. A. Brietlus, Matthew 1731 Fourth St. Brisk, Arleigh 823 Lincoln Ave. Brown, Richard 1116 Tamarack Ave. Burnet, Margaret 411 North ve. 86852 Bush, Ruth 838 Butterworth St.. S. W. Bylsma, Ellen 549 Leonard St. 75054 Campbell, Helen 318 Bridge St. 88900 Castor, Carol 20 Valley Ave., S. W. Chapel, Arline 1019 Pine Ave. Check, Frank 842 Leonard St., N. W. Cichaniewicz, lane 935 Jackson St. Cook, Iene 1253 Walker St. Craig, Curtis 347 Scribner Ave. Crater, Iames W. 744 Broadway Ave. Crowell, Rosa 944 Front Ave., N. W. Cutler, Donald 905 Van Buren St. 93838 Czarnopys, Wanda 801 Fulton St. Czubai, Frank , 215 Garfleld Ave. Dauksza, Aldonna 1131 Walker st. DelCorn, Richard 841 Cogswell St. DeMeester, Corinne 1433 Fremont Ave. 79197 Der l-larootunian, Robert 862 First St. De Vries, Enid Eunice 1134 Alpine Ave. 76205 De Vries, Tressa 546 Crosby St. De Young, Erwin 122 Richards Ave. Downing, Iames 1600 Boston Ave. Dykhouse, Wilma R. R. 2, Walker Rd. Dysart, Iune 867 Tenth St. 85712 Early, Lois 2608 Byron Rd. Edison, Iack Lake Michigan Dr., R. R. 2 88113 Edison, Lorraine 1403 Turner Ave. 74343 Ellingson, Clayton 268 Richards Ave. Penske, Norma 1061 Front Ave. Ferwerda, Elizabeth 1227 Arianna St., N. W. It-391 Finneman, Olaf 524 Colt Ave. Fisher, Edith Irene 1222 Scribner Ave. Fitzpatrick, Ellen 311 Eighth St. Flora, Iames 1130 Covell Rd. 75697 Frost, Leo 1314 Anderson Place Fuhrinsg, Erna 316 tralght Ave. 79195 Gardner, Lorne 1452 Alpine Ave. 87252 Garter, Max 1608 wrigm Gates, Elmore 438 Bridge St. 80700 Gayman, Phillys 1054 Woodrow Ave. Geib, Elberta 920 Douglas St. Gelwich, Thomas 1331 Hamilton Ave. Gephart, lrving R. R. 1, Comstock Park 116-835 F2 Ghering, Florence 961 Bridge St. Goodbalian, lake 936 Bridge St. Goudzwaard, Alice 1334 Valley Ave. 78778 Goudzwaard, Iohn 1334 Valley Ave. 78778 Granger, Bruce 2114 Mellta, N. E. 76522 Gray, Mitchel 942 Twelfth St. Grygorczk, Bernice 549 Lexington Ave. Gurskis, Leo 1459 Alpine Ave. Haendle, Irene 300 Valley Ave. Hall, Roger 727 Crosby St. 77276 Hankins, Betty 214 Lexington Ave. 86908 Hansen, William 1319 Powers Ave., Haskins, Gerald 117 Page. St. 73136 Herrema, Ruth 850 Courtney St. 77467 Herrick, Evelyn 405 W. Fulton St. Hinkle, Cloyd 6 Straight Ave. Hinman, Arthur 229 Valley Ave. 96850 Hooper, Elizabeth 1142 Powers Ave. 79757 Huebner, Mildred .912 Chatham St. 85965 Hughson, Iames 309 Myrtle St. Huyser, Rofena 1084 Richmond St. In -3 1 1 1-:Nye-,:lrv.u. Senior' Directory b , Ab l"'e0'3'l-uuonest. Iackin, Ioe 813 Lake Michigan Dr Iacobs, Crystal 750 Seventh St. , Iansma, Lois 911 Ninth St. 9280 Iasaltis, Helen 1126 Elizabeth St. 74391 ' Ienninis, Herbert 1446 ridge St. 87846 Jensen, Louis 1726 Richmond St. Iewett, Evegn 414 Sixth t. Iohnson, Lenore 1109 Leonard St. Ioling, Pearl 102 Alpine Ave. 94070 ' Iuntunen, Viola 551 Valley Ave. Iurewicz, Martha 647 Fremont Ave. Iurkites, Ann 1124 Hamilton Ave. Kabza, Theodore 517 Fremont Ave. Kalinoski, Frances 723 Second St. 82452 Kaminski, Roman 1102 Fourth St. Karatkiewicz, Walter 662 Lincoln Ave. Karczinski, Ragmond 722 Eleventh t. Karpowicz, Theodore 829 Ninth St. Kelly, Forrest 1021 Turner Ave. Kielek, Anne 875 Fifth St. Kirkwood, William 247 Valley Ave. 80534 Klien, Dan R.. R. A Kline, Ardys 1403 Scribner Ave. 75241 Kloppe, Pauline 103 Summer Ave. Kgiiec, Bernard 2 Fremont Ave. Koggaleman, Lucille 9 Dayton St. Kortz, Lucy 1507 Tamarack Ave. P 78638 Kowaliszyn Mary 824 Gunnison ,Ave 84551 Kowalski Mar 1031 Widdlcomb Ave 84551 Kowrack lrene 677 Stocking Ave Kraai Muriel 1990 W Leonard 75049 Kramer Kenneth 619 nd St Krombeen Esther 1521 Tamarack Ave 76109 Kroesohell Ioan 1055 Jennette Ave Kuete, Antoinette 930 Harding St. 76470 Kulmacz, Iulia 907 Nagold St. Kurtylra, Iohn 301 Seward Ave. La Brenz, Howard 612 Garfield Ave. Lagendyk, Helen 7 7 Front Ave. Lahr, Corlene 146 Gold Ave. Lane, Thomas 53 Straight Ave. Langland, Virginia 414 First St. Laramg, Bernice 1253 ibley St. Leven, Paul 1517 Alpine Ave. Lindberg. lean 730 Stocking Ave. 92287 1 Little, Frank 930 Colllnwood Rd. 78088 Lohnes, Howard 10 National Ave. 85442 Lomker, Elfrida W. Leonard Rd., R. Ludwick, Alice 913 Myrtle St. 78439 Mains, Bettyann 401 Stocking Ave. 87053 Mancley, Evelyn 842 Myrtle St. 77478 Matson, Ruth 923 Garfield Ave. May, Herbert 931 Bridge St. McClellan, Margaret 2225 Alpine Ave. Medema, Helen 947 Tamarack Ave. Meietarian, Robert 2 Marlon Ave. Mencinski, Carl 1050 Second St. Mercer, Oscar 712 Scribner Ave. Mervenne, Leonard 114 Delony Ave. Mester, Edward 236 Summer Ave. Metzger, Constance 670 Stocking Ave. 89502 Michalski, Lorraine 748 Fremont Ave. 95210 Miedema Gerald 822 Courtney St Mieras Marinus 843 Leonard St Milanowski Caroline 561 Stocking Ave Millett Lois 2001 W Leonard Misner Irma 851 Cogswell St 78510 Mollo Violet 1046 Davis Ave 92150 M me Ieanne R. 13. 2, Kusmerer R.2 Morris, Robert 1701 W. Leonard Rd. 74735 Moxon, Vincent 48 Straight Ave., S. Mullian, Gabriel 1059 Tumer Ave. Mutchler, Verlee 327 Scott Ave. , Myers, Ernest 1225 Scribner Ave. Nawrocki, Eugene 909 Nagold st: Newman, lack 939 Fifth St. Nivala, Roger 855 Turner Ave. Nordstrom, Walter 1023 Wlddicomb Ave. Northedge, Virginia 1 1212 Arianna t.. N. N kamp, Robert 255 Lane Ave., N. W. Olee, Lucille 1204 Hovey St. 83202 Olson, Barbara 43 Straight Ave. Ogacki, Edward 54 Nagold St. Oiagenhuizen, Robert 5 Alpine Ave. Packer, Milton 1341 Crosby St. Pakiela, Ieanne 817 Chatham St. Pakiela, Stanley 817 Chatham St. Palma, Dorothy 1243 Crosby St. Palma, Saramae 1022 Wlddicomb Ave. P f'l, M 32191 VallcgrrYAve. Pera, Leonard 670 Fremont Ave. Plumb, Martha 401 Allen sr, , Porcupile, Io Ann 125 Gold Ave. 84416 Posthumus, Iay 823 Leonard St. 74169 Princekavich, Frank 1340 Hamilton Ave. Radziewicz, Esther 828 Fourth St. Ramey, Hazel 717 Ottawa Ave Randall Clarice 1456 J ennette Ave 767 6 Reynders Iames Dee 1458 Covell Rd 76117 Rhode Charlotte 1047 Sibley St 87571 Roh Robert 742 Chatham St 86858 Roseman Charles 1104 Tamarack Ave Rothenberger Edgar 1253 Lake Michigan D 96937 W W I' ' . Rd. JZ ' . Rd. . ' I 1 ' ' V I ' 'Q ' . ir ' . - 3 , V Dr. I . I ly ln. I I ze Q' . .. ' . , -- . 14 - 15 ' '-ffkv l 1 -- .1 I. ' fr. f V - , Wy ,Q - ,, - I- U, - . 4 .4 , f U . 01.3 - . H-lin g. I ., Z .rw , 1-.1 .rv-, A l.. 1 -fig --4?""r- . 5-IVii,A,,, fri., vff . 'X -' rg: ,-1-' : . TG,- . 4 - 7? . ll' rf' .. e-- 1. A V 1. ' stwhyx' 7 -LQ' .19 "" --J. jjv j .ff 1. . 1 t ' 2 , rm! . X. ' lr' ' 1 . ' Senior Directory Rudolph, Viola 850 Twelfth St. 92543 Rudzinski, Iohn 571 Stocking Ave. Russell, Paul 421 Allen St. 92667 Rybachok, Peter 813 Watson St. Rydzewski, Edwin 1058 Fourth St. Rymarowicz, Iulian 1107 Walker Ave. 87206 Sauerberg, Robert 2861 W. Leonard Rd. 75596 Sauerberg, Ruth 2861 W. Leonard Rd. 75596 Schmidt, - Gerald 421 Cadwell Ave. Schramm, Helen 1509 Alpine Ave. Schrickel, Ioyce 1238 Muskegon Ave. Schrickel, William 1238 Muskegon Ave. Serdynsky, Iulia 202 Indiana 'Ave. Shapiro, Arthur 200 Straight St. 92036 Sharphorn, Fred 1058 White Ave. Siebeneicher, Margaret 1138 Richmond St. 78790 Siebert, Arthur 1020 Tenth St. 93690 Siembab, Walter 907 Tenth St. Simms, Robert 751 Lake Michigan Dr. 83331 Simon, Benjamin 416 Third St. 38715 Sinkler, Irene 533 Ottawa Ave. 91643 Skuzinski, Anthony 851 Nagold St. Slinsky, Iosephine 831 Nagold St.. Sly, Kenneth 1151 Front Ave. 72643 Smith, Dorothy Ruth 500 W. Leonard St. 79162 Smith, Reginald Butterworth Rd., R. R. Smith, Robert C., Ir. 1159 Watson St. 95240 Sonke, Richard 343 Hogadone St. 87775 Soukup, Audrey 1216 Bridge St. 80161 Sperry, Yvonne 415 Scribner Ave. Stanul, Cecilia 1001 Fourth St. Stapleton, Wayne Marcus 943 Valley Ave. Steen, Marian 1400 Dunlap St. Stehouwer, Doris Marie 706 Fifth St. ' Stockholm, Iune Virginia 1333 Muskegon Ave. 78665 Stone, Paula 1534 Quarry Ave. Storteboom, Ruth 1108 W. Leonard St. 79103 , Stratcotenko, Stanley 811 Jackson St., N. W. Surolchek, Cecilia 614 First St. 83132 Sweedylc, Charles 1033 Front Ave. Symko, Bernard 746 Broadway Ave. Szczytko, Victoria 935 Nagold St. Szekelv, Irene 1113 Turner Ave. Szoka, Frances 928 Fifth St. Takas, Margaret 822 Richmond St. Teliczan, Alphonse 1321 Davis Ave. Thurber, Frances 32 Straight Ave. Timmer, William 947 Scribner Ave. 86723 Timmerman, Elaine 659 Lake Michigan Dr. 97428 Tolfson, Mildred 931 First St. 94910 Turetsky, Sylvia 809 Scribner Ave. 83850 Urban, loseph 1033 Quarry Ave. Van Dam, Robert 1129 White Ave. Vander Kuyl, Howard 1108 Jennette Ave. Vander Meer, Gerald 1527 Vllddlcomb Ave. 78762 Vander Sys, Carolyn 861 Courtney St. 77998 Van Houten, Iohn 1130 Powers Ave. Van Langen, Ruth 1343 Valley Ave. Van Porttliet, Paul 1140 Dick Ave. 76911 Vasilauskas, Katherine 525 Richmond St. Velders, Marian 839 Fremont Ave. Velte, Katherine 1150 Veto St. Verheek, Barbara 1058 Broadway Ave. 97425 Verhey, Fred 1239 Alpine Ave. 77798 1- l7l1 fix' Visota, Anthony I. 1312 Broadway Ave. 78348 Voshol, Eleanor I. 743 Tamarack Ave. Voss, Donna C. 631 Pine Ave. 81693 Wagoner, Martin 1341 McReyno1ds Ave. Walcott, Gerald 866 Ninth St. Walczewski, Constance 215 Gold Ave. Walsileski, Anne 731 Emperor St. Wellman, La Vonne 645 Ferris St. 116-824 F2. Welniak, Margaret 816 Veto St. Westrate, Ellen 1425 Jennette Ave. 78666 White, Lucille 714 Garfleld Ave. Whitemore, Norma 431 Seward Ave. Wieck, Elliot 256 Marlon St., N. W. 83725 Wierenga. Bernice 829 Leonard St. 76795 Wilkinson, Dawn 282 Fitz Ave. 82588 Williams, Harriet 1040 Oaklelgh Rd. 75980 Winski, Sidney 1167 Sixth St. Wittkoski, Lucille 818 Veto St. 82372 Woiciaczek, Elynor 301 Summer Ave. Worobec, Olga 211 Gold Ave. Wynstra, Marian 1043 Fremont Ave. Yonkers, Richard 1208 Courtney St. Young, Russell 108 Summer Ave. Zabel, Fred W. 914 N8.g0ld St. Zagumny, Walter 9 8 Dayton St.. S. W. Zaskiewicz, Emile 668 Third St. Zeett, lean 631 Third St. 95428 Zimmerman, Charles 950 Front Ave. Zobro, Edward 654 McReynolds Ave. Zo pa, Leota E R. 2, Oaklelgh Rd. Zvirzdinis, Albert 1031 Hamilton Ave. Zwartenkot, Florence 2438 Alpine Ave. Zyskoski, Dorothy 712 Fourth St. Autoc-jraphs . j ' 1 .VV Y Printing by NORTHWESTERN PRINTING CO. Engravings by CENTRAL ENGRAVING CO 314 Leonard St., N. W., Grand Rapids, Mich, 17 Lyon St., N. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. X Q 1 N '-1 X Sumucs T au' 23, 61 W wr 1 + . I -f A 5 1 S "xxx w- ig 75 xg! X 'H Yu ' + 'H 0 ' me 9 4: . 0- I X QF - 'Q J Im:-avi Q X N , Q , ev XX eg? ll --. 3 XJ T A SE-if- 15 -1 H 1 X , 6 F M""l"Q 'f S f E A 'i w 'fllf-I' f X92 f 1 1 ' X Ill I A V A 7 " rm ' " ' 'ffigg - 'ig D -V, mjoun cl-u. - - - -'I FEL w g g Q 'K ff Q N lv g Q , 'lf 5x1 ' WG X 'f'ji'15ll'f! ' LPS H 0 . I X O 'Ia f J , ! F, V wi gf + Q N X 6 , u Q L x 'L mfg M . f F if i " W -I ' "u'lllllllll'! gg-roxzwm ul H ' igguon i 1 ' Y PLAY F 1 ' 1 6 F K Q5 uw 1 ' 1' 3 E I , D VJ N' N cyyli V 'IYII !J........... ,?jLfQ7f7L"':431ag1 'I .gyggqd Q C' Md -5 Z'jg3j-1.37 igggfqj' ...pau-1 Q M Q Ag . wig, b Co-

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