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.f un-EJ an 's' . 4: .AN 4' Q r -li if 413 yn - X . an N, 1 BUF' ,' '. "2 Y-' A . I rf ' 3' 31 ' QKQEQQ , I nfs! Hi !'fL5, I'a Etjlisrkv ' s .u gig- ', I -5 1. '. 1 MQ if H L 'IW ,Jv "le 55-L 1' - dxf 1 -' E'3.:9HL I A I 1 :I JVQ Y :F . nf- ' 1 . . 9911! ,- 1 f."'J,'A ' LJ'-N1 Q r 1112" I' Z.. 1 'YL-3: , I E?" J f e x R. W-'gf',:1. - r vysimlifuii 'i-pziw 5 .ah -:,. '- , 1 WWF 'A V142 Mig 'U . , , 'A V - I ,J ' -pw L, " ffm' ffwi., he , ' 4 ' N . , . ' VI ,A 1: 'K' 1'1" - , , ,r,'HlEt 'F Fur.-TH I V Lx ,,"A3!.! ,Q " 1 1 ' - ' 4 - ', . ,rl ' r- 'R f A ' f V HY 'Af '..?f"3'i " Mg. M ' -, ."'1",,,' '31 191-,."lJ-'M' gl, ,Q F ' ' ' ' . -' X A fx , l .r 1 .W it if 5 f ' an , if I -1 .3 V l T I THE ANNUAL . . . AURORA J une 1 935 O w I UNION HIGH SCHOOL GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Wz:0'cd 019 a 5 REUBEN SMITH Dedication To Reuben Smith for his many years of devoted service to Union High School and for his faithful upholding of the belief that "Man is in the world for the benefit he can give the world," we sincerely dedicate this "Aurora," Mr. Smith attended Union in its littlefredfschoolhouse stage and has served on the faculty of Union for twelve years. As a sponsor of the Union HifY, whose creed stresses loyalty to the church, home, and school, and as a Bible narrative instructor, Mr. Smith has exemplified for us the true principles of Christian character. 5 -.- a- 'K' ' Wtvtd. o 1 9 a 5 Foreword C ITHIN these pages of the 1935 "Aurora" we give evidence of our faith that out of the worldwide chaos of today Youth will and can bring order. During the last four years we graduates of 1935, like the Youth on the cover, have brought to bud on the stem of modern education an indef pendent spirit capable of taking over more and more what was once thought to be exclusively faculty work. . We have helped to build into Union High School life successful organizations of selffgovernment. The etiquette classes, for which we campaigned, have been profitable, the Service Squad has proved its worth, the assembly committee has given us programs that cannot easily be ex' celledg the Student Representative Council for Boys' Intramural Sports is improving athletics, and the Student Council is constantly revising school rules for the good of all students. Besides creating, backing, and publishing the "Reflector," our school newspaper, we have renewed the custom of an annual inter-high staff banquet. Our boys have shown that they no longer feel they must stay out of the kitchen and our girls that they dare to go into the printshops. Our senior play, "The Enemy," clearly reveals the belief of modern youth in the futility of war. From the bottom of our hearts we echo its theme, "God give us love, God give us tolerance, God give us peace." Contents BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK FACULTY srzmons Acrrvrrrss ATHLETICS ., .iw vp- - - ' " 492 , ,'.., , X., , . , 'Ln-1--zwm ...-: L-'ff 'rm-rf u .15 km.-,aiu-. '-v nmuef. A , .921 fu me-:Sf bt'C0'Cdf '19 35 " The Builders " "The Builders," a specimen of "American art for Americans," is a recent addif tion to Union High School's objects of art. In March, 1934, Principal Charles A. Everest conceived the idea of having this mural, 6 by 32 feet in size, painted for the main foyer of the high school. He chose as the artist for this task, Lumen Wiiiter, a Union graduate of 1926, whose ideas in the field of art are rapidly bringing him na' tional recognition. While attending Grand Rapids Junior College, Mr. Wiiiter was an illustrator and cartoonist on the Grand Rapids Herald. After completing his course at Junior College, he studied at the Cleveland School of Art, later going to the National Academy of Design in New York where he honors in life drawing. His outstanding achievements in the field of art promise him international recognition in the future. The preliminary sketches for "The Builders" were presented with little delay and in spite of the enormous amount of research work to be done, Mr. Wiiiter had the picture ready for showing late in the summer. The mural creates the feeling of the movement from East to West as Michigan experiences its stages of development. We see the slowfmoving, oxfdrawn wagon of the past in relation to the present high- speed train and aeroplaneg early religious teaching of missionaries is contrasted with the modern procedure via radio. The noteworthy educational progress of Michigan is represented by the Hgures of a school teacher and a child in union with early laborers of mines and forests and present-day machine workers. Critics say that all of the industrial material in the mural is so accurate as to bc almost photographic and center their appreciation in the strength of the subject, the wonderful draftsmanship, and the rich harmony between color and design. The Class of 1935 proudly presents this pageant of progress as their memorial to Union High School. Dolores ,Iaworowicz '35 Christine Kowalski '35 . N x 5 ,445-Avi "C ,- ' r- - -. ,gg -4 1 ,' ., Q 'rl ag 7' TY.. ' M 'rm . J' 1' !'..i..ov.L"f -ff.. ' .sn .-., ' .t N1 '1v,AQ,qE .X f A 9 fi A W 1 '4 .s AR 1 l, -' 1- , ml " ' TH: , . W ' ' ,a i-. i iw . YE , ' , , .: ! 1 xi rf , 1 - . ' . . ,, , A. , Y E 4' 1 e z I A E f ? E n x v 4 w sbww BSQQQQK' H 'ja' I 333. Ng ' My ,Si I W 'NOBLE dreorvxeris cyf Q World Supreme, lr, f MGI" ., . who 9196 Hxeir Wes To demos- '!'K ' : rocxjs dream. A' Q ' ' v C --Pe-fer' f7'X. fDrOo5 U5 Q GI A fA .Q 1, 1.Q AQM??iW tR A ' V -Ai' . 2 Ak 1,w , fA M If s f -., 1 H ' ,.,., M . ..,, .V ,dy , 54 ' ' , Wcvtd 019 3 5 ADMINISTRATION 4195449359 STUDENT ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ORGANIZED Before this year, there has been at Union no organized group of students meeting regularly and giving their time to assemblies. We now have such an organization, the Student Assembly Committee. This committee not only plans the assembly calendar for the year, but visits other school assemblies. It has brought back many helpful points. The committee consisting of Nancy Trenis, Isabel Van Driel, Prentiss Powell, and Donald Cahill has done some constructive work. jane Riordan and Gerald Antflink replaced Nancy Trenis and Donald Cahill near the close of the year. This group has also made an inventory of school talent. Among the "discovered" who have already taken part in school assemblies are Peggy Meyers, who gave a tap dance, the Cosmo' politan Quartet, who sang a few songs, the Seigel twins, who gave a song and dance number, and joe Mazurek, who played the accordion. Some of the speakers that this group has brought to our assemblies are Dr. W. D. Henderf son from the University of Michigang Rev. Milton McGorrill of Fountain Street Baptist Church, Spencer Hatch, missionary from India, Ben East of the Grand Rapids Press. SCHOOL PRESENTED WITH MURAL On September 19, 1934, a mural by Lumen Winter had its private showing in the main foyer of the school. The main idea had been conf ceived by Principal C. A. Everest in March. Mr. Winter was chosen to do this work because of his outstanding ability as an artist when and since he was a student at Union. The expenses of this project were paid by this year's senior class as its class memorial. SIX NEW COURSES OFFERED The following new courses have been offered: bookbinding, personal regimen, American literaf ture, contemporary literature, general metals, and etiquette. One hundred and four juniors and seniors have been taking the latter course. BOOK WEEK CELEBRATED In observance of Book Week, Mrs. Myrtle Coon Cherryman gave a talk on "How to Read Books." After her talk booklets were given to the students. These booklets contained an inf spiring foreword written by Miss Anna Kunert and Miss Grace Thomasma. Included also were pages for writing literary quotationsg a list of historical fiction, prose, and poetry, and a few choice quotations on books. AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK American Education Week was observed in all of the English classes. Exhibits by the art M M department and English students were placed in the exhibition cases on the third floor. An inter' esting speaker, Mr. A. Lawren Brown, whose subject was "The Next Step in Education," also spoke in assembly. SCHOOL NEWSPAPER PROMOTED The "Union Reflector," a weekly newspaper advocated by Miss Myrtle Heseltine, Miss Clara Smallidge, and Mr. Clayton Bazuin and achieved through the help of the Press Club and the stu' dents, is an example of what can be done with wholefhearted cooperation. The "Union Reflec- tor" gave the first three assemblies of the year. ALUMNI STAGE HOMECOMING The Union Alumni Association planned a big homecoming to take place just before the Thanks- giving game. Canes, painted in the school colors, and programs were sold. An old-time r"pep" asf sembly bringing back "those good old school days" was one of the attractions on the program. GIRL SONG LEADERS INTRODUCED For the first time in its history Union, this year, had girl song leaders who took oflicial part in the athletic program. Pins were awarded for this activity. These awards are to be made an annual event. NINE NEW CLUBS FORMED Many new clubs have been organized. They are the Press, junior Press, Chess, Airplane, Draftsman's, Humane, Garden, Stamp, and the Junior Sportsmen's Clubs. THREE TEACHERS ADDED New faculty members are Mr. Harold Mac Lean, instructor of metal workg Mr. Fred Redemf sky, instructor of woodwork, and Miss Geraldine Masters, teacher of history. The latter teacher is taking the place of the former Miss Lucelia Badgley. TWO TEACHERS LEAVE The teachers who have left or are leaving this year are Miss Ella Pearce who married Mr. james Johnson and is residing in Detroit, and Mr. Reuben Smith who is retiring. STAGE EQUIPMENT REJUVENATED The asbestos curtain in the auditorium was rejuvenated during Christmas vacation. A new mulberryfcolored cyclorama was bought for the auditorium. ENROLLMENT GREATER THIS YEAR Union has an enrollment of 2,300 for the year 1935. This is an increase of 75 over the enroll' ment of 1934. Sarah Yavruian '35 CHARLES A. EVEREST Principal 142054 01935 MISS M. BLANCHE MANN Assistant Principal FAC U LTY 'I 0 'fl .2 J it .uf Stanley Albers, Speech Mabel E. Allen, English. Session Room Nelle Atwood, Matht-matics Arthur J. Avery, Chairman of Commereial llvpartment Edith F. Baker. Art Forrest E. Barr. Typing, Session Room Clayton W. Bazuin. Biology. Zoology Madeline E. Becker, History Florence Best. Music Addie E. Bettes. Head of Entzlis Department Dorothy S. Blake, Latin, English Ruth Carpenter. Spanish May F. Conlon, Head ol' History Department Elizabeth B. Crotser, Shorthand Elizabeth lleJnnge. English Elizabeth Dockeray. Clothing Lucille Dunn, History. Civics Floyd L. Early. Mathematics, Session Room Esther E. Eby. English, Latin W. Maynard Ellingson, Mathe' matics, Basketball Coach Dorothy J. Farr, Conservation Sight. Ina A. Findlay, Mathematics Evelyn Foster. History. Session Room h of Theodore Fryfngle, Rand, Orrhestra Charlotte Gierst, Art George Guy, Printing: Myrtle Heseltine. Journalism. Publications Adviser .luhn Hess, Zoology, Football Coach L. G. Holbrook. Physics, Science H. H. Hurnheck. Chairman of St-it-nee Department Merle Howe. Electricity Cynthia Jones, Social Scif-nee Harmon S. Jones, Physical Educa- lion Keith Kennedy. Chairman of St-ioneu Department Anna E. Kunert, English. Spot-ch Lavina A. Laible. English Forrest E. Lair, Business Arithmetic Margaret MacDonald, Physical Education Mary McLennan, Hczul of Mathu- mntics Department, Hnrold McLean, Metal Arts Paul F. Marckwardt. Industrial Arts R. L. Marousek. History, Advanced Civics, Session Room Geraldine Masters, History Edna Maxson. Bookkeeping. Typing Leonard Meyering, English Marie Mcllermott, Mathematics Elizabeth Miller, Librarian tMrs.b C. Louise Mosher. English tMrs.l Bertha B. Murphy, Music Marie C. Neuman, Foods, Nutrition Joanne Page, History Florence Parsell. Art FACULTY alla FAC U LTY W1 1 Ella Pearce. nee Mrs. James Johnson. History William J. Pearn, Machine Shop 1Mrs.J Alice Peckham. Librarian Elizabeth A. Perrin, Physiology. Biology Olga Perschbacker, English Ruhy G. Potter. Retail Selling Fred W. Redemsky, Industrial Arts Dee A. Reynders. Mechanical Drawing Clarissa Richardson, Shorthand, Typing Laura A. Rowson, Clothing Ethel Scholes, French, English Harriet Schroder, Conservation of Sight Lura V. Sipe, Home Economics 1Mrs.b Elizabeth S. Slaght. Home Economics Clara B. Smallidge, Enirlish, Session Room Reuben S. Smith, Commercial Law, Government, Bible Narrative Oren D. Stiehl. Science. Session Room Lillian Thomas. English, Session Room Grace Thnmasma. English, Senior Adviser, Session Room Maude A. Traut, Clothing Edith Vandenberg. Mathematics Esther Vander Brnek, Physical Education Fred Voss. Mathematics, Senior Advisor. Session Room Erne9ikF. Vreeland, Auto Repairing Cleo Wood, English Emma Zur Meuhlen, German, History llllil l - H If " R' N .rg Q F ' f .. "" ?- "Y 4f if 15?-, Q 7 'f-4 . SAI? .IEW ixeighm for us to conquer Rise bgbre our exjes, -Efofka A7nderJoA 135 BIAACQ-Ill'-42555 M5024 19 SENIOR OFFICERS john Byle Jack Cooper Jorma Simpson Vice Presidenr Secretary Boy Treasurer Robert Livingston President ' , . f Marie Roman Miss Grace 'Thomasma Mr. Fred Voss Girl Treasurer Adviser Adviser ' QAM! cfeazzfyg acf 'cfgkf 11410 Edward Aclltyes Latin Club 13, 41 Hi-Y Club 121 Reserve Basketball 121 Dramatics Club 111 Virginia Ann Ampulski Home Economics Club 141 U. H. S. Club 141 Audubon Club 141 Girls' Athletic Meet 131 Elsie Anderson "Aurora" Stall' 141 Treasurer of French Club 141 Latin Club 11. 2, 3. 41 Motto Committee 141 National Honor Society 141 Gerald Antilink Dramatics Club 141 Military Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Orchestra 12. 3. 41 lnter-High Symphony Orchestra 131 Mixed Chorus 141 Esther A. Asmutis Spanish Club 12. 3. 41 U. H. S. Club 13, 41 Home Economics Club 13, 41 Press Club 141 'Treasurer of Girl Reserves 141 Nina Balr Girl Reserves 141 Service Squad 131 Mixed Chorus 12, 3. 41 Adelyn Berzelaitis Theater Orchestra 131 Latin Club 12. 31 U. H. S. Club 131 Senior Orchestra 131 Herman Bergman President of German Club 131 Debating 12. 3, 41 Chairman of Ring' and Pin Committee 131 Student Council ll. 2. R1 Alberta Ann Adomaitis Home Economics Club 141 Girl Reserves 141 Spanish Club 131 U. H. S., Club 141 Ann S. Anderson President of G. U. C. Senior Meet Manager 141 All-City Honor 141 Captain of Basketball 131 Press Club 141 Ormand Anderson Queenie Apkarian All-City Honor 141 Press Club 141 G. U. C. 12, 3, 41 Spanish Club 141 "Aurora" StaiT 141 Richard Au France Spanish Club 121 Press Club 141 Lillian Beardsley Service Squad 12, 41 Press Club 141 Latin Club 12, 31 Vice-president of Nature Club 131 Beatrice Bergman Latin Club ll. 2, 3, 41 Girl Reserves 11, 21 Home Economies Club ll. 21 U. H. S. Club 111 Nature Club 111 John Berry Boys' Glee 141 Hi-Y Club 141 Gerald Bersma Bar and Chevrons Club ll 2 3 41 ist i,ieht..' R,0.T.C. 13, 41 Latin Club 11, 21 Union Ritle Team 141 Peter George Blashkiw Football 12. 3, 41 "Reflector" Staff 141 Varsity Club 141 Senior Play Cast 141 Basketball 11. 2, 31 Dorothy Bouwkamp Girl Reserves 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Gerald Bradinh Secretary ol' Freshman Class 111 Student Council 11, 41 Model Airplane Club 11, 21 Draftsman's Club 141 ' President of National Honor Society 141 Veronica Bryaka Spanish Club 12, 3, 41 U. H. S. Club 11. 2. 8, 41 Audubon Club 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Genevieve Budrick Service Squad 11. 2, 3, 41 Audubon Club 141 C. U. C. 11, 21 Dramatic Club 111 Assistant Girl Treasurer of Senior Class Frances Burchlield French Club 12. 3, 41 Spanish Club 13. 41 Edward Buatraan Senior Band 1l. 2, 3, 41 Senior Orchestra 13, 41 Theatre Orchestra 13, 41 German Band 141 Brass Ensemble 12, 3, 41 a-16 no Henry Bialas I "Aurora" Staff 141 Edward Borek Service Squad 111 Intramural Sports Ruth Boyer John Brazauskas "Reflector" Staff 141 Press Club 141 Basketball 12, 31 Track 12, 3. 41 Boys' Glee 12, 3, 41 Gerald M. B. Buchanan Stage Manager 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Dramatics Club 131 Football Publicity 141 'Estelle T. Bulkowski President of Audubon Club 141 Press Club 141 Latin Club 13. 41 Home Economics Club 141 U. H. S. Club 141 'Did not graduate because she left school in April Raymond Bush Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41 Student Council 11, 2, 3, 41 President 141 Mixed Chorus 141 Jacoha Bustrann Mixed Chorus 131 Garden Club 13, 41 Frances Buurstra Mixed Chorus 131 Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41 Secretary of Girl Reserves 131 Teachers' Assistant 141 Donald Cahill Assembly Committee 141 Debating Team 141 Treasurer of Dramatics Club 141 l'ress Club 141 Helen l. Campbell Camptire Girls 11. 2. 3, 41 Bluebird Guardian 1l. 21 Campfire Guardian 111, 41 Latin Club 11. 21 U. H. S. Club 12. 3, 41 Mary Carey Lee Carlson Hazel Clay Jack Cooper Vice-president of Press Club 141 Managing: Editor of "Reflec- tor" 141 Secretary of Senior Class 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Student Intramural Sports Manager 141 Helen Cywinski Service Squad 131 National Honor Society 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 1 1 .mm D. ayle Debating and Oratory 141 Vice-president of Senior Class 141 Treasurer of Hi-Y Club 141 Assistant News Editor of "Reflector" 141 National Honor Society 141 Fred Campbell Hi-Y 141 Robert Campbell President of Hi-Y 131 President of Draftsman's Club 141 Football 11. 21 Boys' Glee 12, 31 John Carsok Golf Valda Cattell Mixed Chorus 131 Home Economics Club 141 Alice E. Comrie Senior Play Cast 141 Secretary of Junior Class 131 Treasurer of Student Council I-ll Secretary of Press Club 141 "R6H9Ct0l"' StaH' 141 Audrey Crowley Glee Club 141 Girls' Athletic Meet 12. 3, 41 Home Economics Club 141 Jacobs Dalehout Press Club 141 N11-,1 kv.. John Dalton Business Manager of "Reflec- , tor" Senior Play 141 Press Club 141 Manager of Golf Team 12. 311 Dramatics Club 141 Stanley Dsnilowicz Janet Dean U. H. S. Club 121 Latin Club 12, 3. 41 Spanish Club 13, 41 Service Squad 12, 31 Dramatirs Club 131 Bruno De Grandi Football 131 Chairman of Intramural Sports Handbook 141 Press Club 141 "Reflector" Staff 141 Intramural Sports 13, 41 Fred Dellong Press Club 141 Debating 141 Dramatics Club 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 President of National Honor Society 1 41 Clan DeVries Latin Club 13, 41 Nature Club 131 Home Economics Club 13, 41 Anne Doll Girl Reserves 141 U. H. S. Club 141 Home Economics Club 141 Girls' Athletic Meet 11, 3, 41 Glenagene Eberlein National Honor Society 141 Press Club 141 18 Dorothy Mae Danielson Secretary of N. H. S. 141 Press Club 141 Managing Editor of "Reflec- tor" 141 French Club 13. 41 "Aurora" Staff 141 Stella Dart Home Economics Club 13, 41 Mixed Chorus 111 Memorial Committee 141 Girls' Athletic Meet 11, 2, 31 Doris DeBoer Girl Reserves 141 Home Economics Club 141 German Club 12. 3. 41 Carolyn Dellnmer Girl Reserves 12, 31 U. H. S. Club 12, 31 Gertrude DeMeester Nature Club 121 Girls' Glee Club 131 Red Cross Club 131 Dramatics Club 131 Ruth DeVries Home Economics Club 141 U. H. S. Club 12. 3. 41 Mixed Chorus 131 English Dramatics Club 131 Girls' Glee Club 111 .lulia T. DuByne Service Squad 11. 3, 41 Audubon Club 141 Press Club 141 Student Council 121 Girls' Meet 11. 2. 3, 41 Lawrence Egan Ewalll Elko Hi-Y 143 David Ellis Captain R. 0. T. C. 143 President of Spanish Club 1133 President of Dramatics Club I-ll Vice-president of Junior Class 133 President of Bar and Chevrons Club 1-I3 Esther L. Penske Home Economics Club 11. 23 Girls' Glee Club 11. 43 Mixed Chorus 12, 33 Spanish Club 12, 33 Garden Club 13, 43 James Fey William Fudge Track 13, 43 Football 133 Intramural Sports Jerome Gedris Dramutics Club 13. 43 Senior Play 143 Josephine Geldersma Albert A. Gillis Art Editor ot' "Aurora" 143 National Honor Society 143 Edna Eldersveld Mixed Chorus 12, 33 Girl Reserves 13. 43 Teachers' Assistant 143 Rena Feenstra President of Home Economics Club 143 ll. H. S. Club 12, 3, 43 Senior Orchestra 12, 33 English Dramatics Club 13, 43 Mixed Chorus 133 Henrietta Ferwerda Service Squad 11. 2, 253 Nature Club 13,3 Blanche Margaret Francen Press Club 143 Spanish Club 123 Girl Reserves 143 ll. H. S. Club 12, 43 Audubon Club 143 Lois Mae Garber Secretary of G. U. C. 143 Editor-in-Chief of "Reflector" 143 "Aurora" Stal? 143 Vive-president of Spanish Club 133 R. 0. T. C. Sponsor 12. 3, 43 James D. Geigle Nature Club 113 Wrestlimz Team 123 Junior Hi-Y 11, 23 Intramural Sports 11, 23 Esther E. Geyer "Rm-flectur" Staff 143 Girl Reserves 143 llramatics Club 13, 43 Press Club 143 Olga Giraitis Latin Club 12, 33 U. H. S. Club 133 Service Squad 123 Senior Orchestra- 133 Home Economics Club 143 u19n 3:2 Clarence Glowzynski Marie Lnuise Gorecke Girl Reserves 13, 43 U. H. S. Club 143 French Club 133 Girls' Glee 143 Home Economics Club 13, 43 Robert Grams Football ll, 2, 3, 43 Captain of Basketball 143 Track 11. 2, 3, 43 President of Varsity Club 143 Student Council 12. 31, 43 Margaret Gruenbluer German Club 12, 3, 43 Wilma Huge Girls' Glee Club 13 Garden Club 143 Anthony Haraburda Student Manager 12, 33 Kay Hendrickson Girl Reserves 11, 23 U. H, S. Club 11. 2. 43 Chairman nf Announcements and Cards of Senior Class 143 Jeanette Hoedeman Service Squad 11, 2, 33 Audubon Club 143 Nature Club 123 Girls' Glue 133 L. X June Goethal German Club 12, 3, 43 Home Economics Club 143 Girl Reserves 143 Mary Gornisiewicz Audubon Club 143 ll. H. S. Club 123 llrzimzlties Club 133 Anne Greene Press Club 143 French Club 143 Secretary of National Honor , Society 143 Helen Gruzinski Service Squad 113 Spanish Club 11, 23 Student Council 113 Home Economics Club 143 Edward Hansen Senior Orchestra 12, 3, 43 Senior Band ll. 2, 3, 43 Football 12, 3, 43 Inter-High Orchestra 143 Francis L. Harmon Latin Club 12. 3, 43 Treasurer 133 Press Club 143 Aclvertisinsz Manager of "Reflector" Ruth E. Heyboer German Club 1l. 23 National Honor Society 143 l.aVina Homrich S1'l'vi1:e Squad 12. 33 U. H. S. Club 12, 33 'resident of French Club 123 Picture Committee 143 .v ,. -Z V. l 3 a as Donald E. Hook Boys' Glee 141 Mixed Chorus 141 Hi-Y 141 Draftsman's Club Eldon Ernest Hull Latin Club 13, 41 Press Club 141 Drzxmatics Club 111 Melvin Hutchins Track 11. 2. 3. 41 Varsity Club 12, 3. 41 Vice-president 141 R. 0. T. C. 11, 21 1-li-Y 111 Edwin E. .llrvi Intramural Sports Chester Jaworowicz Irene L. Jedrezak Girl Reserves 131 Cr. U. C. 1.2, 3, 41 Garden Club 13. 41 Girls' Athletic Meet 11, 2, 31 Ernest King 1 Secretary of Freshman Class ' 111 ' Spanish Club Treasurer 131 Student Council 141 1 Chess Team Captain 141 Stage Manager of Senior Play 141 Emmet Kirkwood Junior Hi-Y 111 Senior Hi-Y 121 Intramural Sports 141 Debating 141 "Reflector" Staff 141 '21 Robert Huff Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41 Radio Club 131 Inter-High Orchestra 13, 41 Leroy H. Hull Business Manager of "Reflec- tor" 141 President of Latin Club 141 Press Club Auditor 141 Dramaties Club 11, 31 Play Committee of Senior Class Maxine Irwin Spanish Club 11. 2, 3, 41 U. H. S. Club 11, 21 English Art Club 111 Esther Jaskulski Home Economics Club 141 Girl Reserves 141 Dolores Jaworowicz French Club 11, 2, 3, 41 Service Squad 11, 2, 3, 41 Audubon Club 141 Dramatics Club 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Edward Kasper Mixed Chorus 11, 21 Lucy Ann Kirkpatrick Service Squad 11, 2, 3, 41 Camp Fire Girls' Guardian 11, 2. 31 Latin Club 11, 21 Press Club 141 French Club 141 Paul Kizlaitis Spanish Club 11, 21 Latin Club 11, 21 Intramural Sports 12, 41 Ruth Adele Klaiher Service Squad 11, 2. 3, 41 Student Council 181 Press Club 141 Girl Reserves 141 Seventh Grade Counsellor 131 Lester Klinker President of Freshman Class l 1 1 R. 0. T. C. 11, 21 Senior Orchestra 131 Treasurer of Garden Club 131 Senior Band 141 llermine LaVerne Knoll Garden Club 141 Marion E. Koronkiewicz Dramatics Club 12, 31 Girl Reserves 12, 41 Audubon Club 141 Latin Club 12, 3, 41 U. H. S. Club 141 Joseph Kozlowski Eleanor-e Krasicki Celia Krolikowski Dramatics Club 12. 31 Girls' Glee Club 121 Press Club 141 Spanish Club 131 Violette Krzywuszewski Latin Club 13, 41 Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41 Home Economics Club 13, 41 Service Squad 141 Audubon Club 12, 3, 41 4122: 1- Marzaret C. Klaus Audubon Club 141 U. H. S. Club 141 Mitchell Kloet Sophia Kolakowski German Club 11, 2, 3, 41 Christine Kowalski Latin Club 13, 41 Secretary of Audubon Club 13, 41 Press Club 141 "Aurora" Stall' 141 Fred Kramer Spanish Club 121 Draftsman's Club 141 National Honor Society 141 Antoinette Kresen Spanish Club 11, 21 Dramatics Club 12, 31 Mixed Chorus 121 Eleanore Krolikowski Dramatics Club 12, 31 Latin Club 12. 31 Safety Drivers' Club 131 Press Club 141 John E. Kuieck, Jr. Spanish Club 121 Press Club 141 Hi-Y 141 Walter Kuipers Frank Kurylowirz Joseph Luth Harry Landgren Frank Leese Robert Livingston President of Senior Class 14? President. of Freshman Class 11? President of Latin Club 131 Publicity Chairman Sopho- more Class 14? Secretary Latin Club 121 Charlotte Madges Girls' Glee Club ll? Girl Reserves 13? U. H. S. Club 14? Robert Manni Boys' Glee 14? Solo Class 14? Intramural Sports 12, 3, 4? Senior Orchestra 11. 2. 3? Basketball 111 Edward Kunst, Jr. Hi-Y Press Club 14? German Club Business Manager of Senior Play 14? Edith Kuzee Dorothy Lamper Senior Orchestra 12, 3, 41 Mixed Chorus 12. 3, 4? .lack Lane Football 14? Reserve Football 13? Treasurer of Varsity Club 1-ll Dramaties Club 14? Lucille J. Lindeman Service Squad 11. 4? Secretary A. A. A. 11? Girl Reserves 13? U. H. S. Club 14h Girls' Glee Club 11? Norma E. Lundberg Secretary of Service Squad 14? Secretary of French Club 14? Treasurer of French Club 13? Audubon Club 13. 4? Girl Reserves 14? Francis Maloney R, O. T. C. 11, 2, 3? Boys' Glee 11, 2, 3, 4? Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3? Boys' Double Quartet 13, 4? Robert W. Martini Co-Chairman of Program Committee 14? Co-Property Manager of Senior Play Student Council 13? Intramural Sports 12, 3, 4? Hi-Y 14? James Matthews "Reflector" Staff 141 Intramural Basketball 2 41 Boys' Glee 141 Press Club 141 Vanoosh Mayhanazian "Aurora" Statl' 141 Service Squad 12. 3, 41 Program Chairman of Girl Reserves 141 French Club 11, 2, 3, 41 National Honor Society 141 Emily Mentalewicz Audubon Club 141 Joseph Mientek Football 12, 31 Track 131 Student Manager 141 Anthony Miliusus Boys' Glee Joe Minnaar Track 141 Intramural Sports 13. 'U Pauline Montague Spanish Club 111 U. H. S. 12. 41 Girl Reserves 141 Rhea Louise Mulbrecht President of Audubon Club 141 Treasurer of French Club 131 1' U C 1'i 41 Violet Matulaitis Service Squad 11, 21 Spanish Club 131 Home Economics Club 131 Senior Orchestra 12, 3, 41 Catherine Meernick "Aurora" Staff 141 Girl Reserves 141 Latin Club 12. 3, 41 Press Club 141 Vice-president of National Honor Society 141 Cora Meyers Humane Society 111 Girls' Glee Club 11, 21 Home Economics Club 111 National Honor Society 141 George Mikita Virginia Mae Miller Girl Reserves 141 U. H. S. Club 141 Home Economics Club 1-U Soccer Team 141 Wilma Marie Minnaar U. H. S. Club 12. 31 Girls' Glee Club 131 Girl Reserves 13. -11 Service Squad 141 William Morris Service Squad 11, 12. 3, 41 Spanish Club 11, 21 E R. 0. T. C. 11. 2, 3, 41 Press Club 141 Donna Mullin German Club 121 Girl Reserves 141 Dick Nelson President of Chess Club 141 Vice-president of Latin Club 131 Riile Team 13. 41 Dramatics Club 13, 41 Bar and Chevrons Club 13, 41 Eva Marie Niemi Editor-in-Chief of "Aurora" 141 President of Service Squad 141 Vice-president of National Honor Society 141 Vice-president of Latin Club 121 Treasurer of Audubon Club 141 Eleanor T. Obiedzinski Girl Reserves 141 Dramatics Club 12, 31 Home Economics Club 141 Junior Refreshment Chair- man 131 Joseph J. Olejniczak Football 11. 2, 3. 41 Golf 13, 41 Varsity Club 122, 3, 41 Vice-president 141 President of Spanish Club 141 Margaret Olman U. H. S. Club 11, 2, 3, 41 French Club 111 Press Club 141 Home Economics Club 13, 41 Ardis Belle Orser Camera Club 111 Student Council 131 Chairman of Red Cross 131 Home Economics Club 13, 41 Proizram Chairman of Home Economics Club 141 Caroline Palmatier Hoxrgie Economics Club 11, 2, U. H. S. Club 12, 31 Entertainment Committee 141 Spanish Club 11, 2, 3, 41 Treasurer of Spanish Club 141 James Parrette Chairman of Publicity Cum- mittee of Press Club 141 Chairman uf Publicity Com- mittee of Senior Class 1111 Spanish Club 131 Senior Play Cast 141 Draftsman's Club 141 Louise F. Newberl' U. H. S. Club 141 Maurice J. Nivala News Editor of "Reflector" 14-1 Vice-president of Press Club 141 Boxing 121 intramural Basketball 11, 2. 3, 41 Bays' Glee 141 Stanley J. Ohiedzinski Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41 Spanish Club 121 Hi-Y 12. 3. 41 Helen Olivier Program Committee of Senior Class G. U. C. 13, 41 Girl Reserves 141 Latin Club 131 Service Squad 12, 111 Walter J. Opacki Carl Orwant Head Student Athletic Man- ager 11, 2. 3, 41 President of Press Club 141m Associate Editor of "Aurora 141 Service Squad 11, 2, 31 Co-Chairman of Senior Picture Committee 141 Leona Parm Home Economics Club 141 Helen Paulis U. H. S. Club 13, 41 Viola Ellen Pearson Latin Club 121 Student Council 131 Chairman of Red Cross Com- mittee 131 Secretary of Home Economics Club 141 Service Squad 13. 41 Alyce Phillips G. U. C. 12.3, 41 Girl Reserves 13, 41 U. H. S. Club 12, 31 Girls' Athletic Meet 12, Ci, 41 Latin Club 13, 41 Dorothy Platschore Estelle Poposki National Honor Society 141 President of French Club 141 Vice-president of Student Council 141 Co-chairman of Picture Com- mittee 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Theodore M. Poselenzny Hi-Y 131 Chess Club 141 Nature Club 111 Counsellor for Seventh Graders Jeanette A. Prins "Reflector" Stall' 141 Proilram Chairman of Girl Reserves 141 Service Squad 13, 41 Press Club 141 French Club 131 Rose Gertrude Purzecki Proirram Chairman of Audubon Club 11, 31 Home Economics Club 111 U. H. s. club up Mary F. Rakicki Service Squad 141 U. H. S. Club 11, 2, 41 Girl Reserves 141 Home Economics Club 141 Vice-president oi Audubon Club 141 Robert Peterson Press Club 141 Elva Pitts G. U. C. 12, 41 German Club 131 President of Latin Club 131 Press Club 141 Neil Poll R. O. T. C. 13, 41 Amy Porcupile Girls' Glee 13, 41 Service Squad 131 French Club 141 Prentiss Powell Assembly Planning Commit- tee 141 Senior Play 141 Debating: Team 141 Chairman of Memorial Com- mittee 141 Dramatics Club 141 Peter Proos Captain of R. O. T. C. 141 Commander of Bar and Chevrons Club 131 R. O. T. C. Rifle Team 13. 41 President of Model Airplane Club 12, 31 Katherine Ralferty Song Leader 141 G. U. C. 12, 3, 41 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41 Secretary of U. H. S. 12, 31 Vice-president of Latin Club 131 June Ellen Randall G. U. C. 12. 3, 41 German Club 11, 21 Girl Treasurer 121 Girl Reserves 141 "Reflector" Staff 141 lnez Richardson Junior and Senior Orchestra 11. 31 Mixed Chorus 11, 21 Service Squad 111 U. H. S. Club 121 Song Leader 141 Arlene Rinner Senior Play Cast 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 News Editor of "Reflector" 41 1 G. U. C. 12. 3. 41 Secretary of Press Club 141 Louis Rodenhouse Marie Roman Latin Club 11, 2, 31 Service Squad 131 "Reflector" Stalf 141 National Honor Society 141 Senior Girl Treasurer Charles Rubringer Evelyn Ruminski German Club 11. 2, 3, 41 Ray Rynberg Track 11, 2, 3, 41 Basketball 11, 21 Football 12. 3, 41 Varsity Club 141 Edwin Salminen Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41 Boys' Glee 11, 3, 41 Student Manager 12, 81 Intramural Sports 181 Senior Band 11, 2, 41 Arthur Riewald Senior Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Jane Riordan Senior Play Cast 141 Girl Sport Editor of "Reflec tor" 141 Vice-president of Freshman Class G. U. C. 12, 3. 41 Student Council 131 Marion C. Roh Vice-president of G. U. C. 14 Mixed Chorus 131 Girls' Glee Club 11, 41 Soccer and Basketball Teams 141 Alex Romanski Hi-Y Club 141 Radio Club 131 Kenneth Rudolph Senior Band 11, 2. 41 Senior Orchestra 11, 21 Press Club 141 Dance Orchestra 111 John Rybachok Football 12. 3, 41 V Basketball 12, 3, 41 Track 13. 41 "Aurora" Staff 141 "Reflector" Staff 141 Pauline W. Samiec Class Treasurer 131 "ReHector" Staff 141 Class Refreshments Chairman 141 Girl Reserves 141 L Press Club 141 Floreine Saunders Senior Band 13, 41 ,f German Club 11, 2, 3, 41 G. U. C. 13, 41 U. H. S. 121 Home Economics Club 141 Bernice Schlafsma Home Economics Club 141 Mixed Chorus 13, 41 Press Club 141 Robert Schneider Track 13, 41 Varsity Club 141 Inter-Hixzh Symphony Orchestra 131 Co-Business Manager "Aurora" 141 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41 Paul Scoby Press Club 141 Mixed Chorus 13. 41 Boys' Glee 141 Glen D. Shafer Vice-president of Union Model Club 141 Draftsman's Club 141 Aviation Club 11, 21 Press Club 141 Track 13. 41 Margaret Shively Girls' Glee Club 11, 21 Latin Club 11, 2, 31 French Club 141 Home Economics Club 141 Martha A. Sienlm Audubon Club 13, 41 U. H. S. Club 1411 Spanish Club 131 Philip Simnn President of Varsity Club 141 Captain of Basketball 141 Slim? Editor of "Ref1ector" President of Junior Class 131 Student Council 11, 2, 211 Helen M. Siratowicz Latin Club 11, 21 U. H. S. Club 131 Home Economics Club 11, 2 31 Girls' Glec Club 12, 31 Press Club 141 4128: Robert Schafer Senior Band 12, 3, 41 Buys' Glee 141 Track 11, 2, 31 Football 131 Basketball 11, 2, 31 Willis L. Schuiling Football 141 Spanish Club 131 Basketball Isecond team1 131 Boys' Glee 121 Eugene Sevensma Press Club 141 Service Squad 13, 41 "Re-Hector" Staff 141 Latin Club 12, 31 Nature Club 11, 2, 31 Morgrette S. Shannon Service Squad 13. 41 Latin Club 121 Harold Siegel National Honor Society 13, .41 Service Squad 11, 2, 3. 41 Athletic Secretary 11, 2. 3, 41 Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3. 41 "Aurora" Staff 141 Reeves Simms Spanish Club 111 Nature Club 121 Jorma Simpson liasketball 11. 2. 3. 41 Track 11, 2, 3, 41 Senior Class Treasurer Charles Skuzinski Track 13, 41 Student Manager Football 141 Student Manager Basketball 141 Leonard Slabbekoorn Reserve Basketball 111 Football 12. 31 Varsity Club 13, -11 Donald Smith Student Council 131 Radio Club 131 Sponsor 131 Safety Club 131 Arnold Sonneveldt Press Club 141 Spanish Club 12. 31 Hi-Y 12. 31 Basketball 12. 31 Intramural Sports 1-ll Marianne Stanalis Herman Stehouwer. Jr. Vice-president of Draftsmaxfs Club 141 Buys' Double Quartet 12. 31 Boys' Glee 12, 31 Genevieve Steketee Publicity Committee of Sophomore Class 121 G. U. C. 12. 3. 41 Girl Reserves 141 Mixed Chorus 121 French Club 121 Jack Stockholm Press Club 141 Spanish Club 12 31 Hi-Y 13. 41 1 Ida Evelyn Storteboom Home Economics Club 1-I1 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41 ' -1, . y j .,Li 412910 Bertha M. Smith Girl Reserves 141 G. U. C. 1.2. 3, 41 '1', D. 111 Mixed Chorus 12. .11 Treasurer of G. U C. 141 Vera Kay Smith Secretary of U. H. 141 Home Economics Clu Girls' Glec Club 11 Mixed Chorus 131 German Club 121 Donald E. Stalker 11 S. Club b 131 1 Senior Orehestra 11. 2. 3, -11 National Hixzh School Orchestra 131 Director of U. H. S. Theatre Orchestra 13, 41 Inter-High Symphony Orchestra 11. 2. '41 Student Member l". E. R. A. 141 William M. Stanalis Mixed Chorus 131 Boys' Glee 141 William Stehouwer German Club 1-11 Model Club 141 Senior Band 11. 2. 3. 41 Alice Stephan U. H. Club Home Economies Club A uclubon Club s Betty L. Stoner Senior Band 13. 41 German Club 11, 2, 3, -11 1' U C 1'! 41 U. H. S. Cub 1l. .21 Home Economies Club 125, -11 Francis E. Stroeki.z Girl Reserves 141 Edward Subocz Activities at Tech Football 12, 33 Wrestling 133 Boys' Glee 133 Track 12, 33 Katherine Marie Swart Charles Szurna Spanish Club 12, 43 Press Club 143 Golf 13, 43 Gerald Tell Press Club 1-l3 Genevieve Thompson G. U. C. 143 Service Squad 113 Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 33 Theatre Orchestra 133 Nancy Trenis Service Squad ll, 2, 3, 43 Press Club 143 Dramatics Club 13. 43 Senior Play 143 Assembly Committee 143 Helen I. Ukrainski Dramatics Club 12, 33 U. H. S. Club 12, 43 Sem-retary of Audubon Club 13, 4 Cora Vanden Bos G. U. C. 12. 3, 43 Song Leader 143 Senior Play 143 All-City Honor 143 Girl Sport 'Cdimr of "Reflector" 143 Edward Sutula John Sweedyk Spanish Club 11, 23 Chairman of Card and An- nouncement Committee 143 Sergeant of R. O. T. C. 123 Raymond Joseph Teliczan Union Model Airplane Club 12, 3. 43 Bar and Chevrons Club 143 Draftsman's Club 143 R. 0. T. C. 12. 3. 43 Union Rifle Team 143 Dorothy Ceeille Thomas T. D. S. 111 Latin Club 12, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 11. 33 Service Squad 11. 23 Irma Trendt Girls' Glee Club 11. 2, 33 Press Club 143 Girl Reserve Pianist 133 Valentine Tulos Jack Vande Viaae Treasurer of Press Club 143 Intramural Sports 143 Basketball 12. 33 Hi-Y 12. 33 Spanish Club Eleanor Vanden Hazel U. H. S. Club 12. 43 Dramatics Club 13, 43 Girls' Glee Club 133 Mixed Chorus 133 Press Club 143 Edna Vander Jaizt Girl Reserves 131 Ticket und Announcements Committee 141 U. H. S. Club 13. 41 Junior and Senior Orchestra 11. 2, 3, 41 Mildred Van Hnuten Currespondimr Secretary of U. H. S. 141 Audubon Club 141 Home Economies Club 141 Girls' Athletic blue! 11. 2, 211 Julia Vasilauskas G. U. C. 13. 41 Spanish Club 12. 3, 41 U. H. S. Club 12. 3, 41 Girl Reserves 1-i1 Press Club 141 Donald Veneklasen Union Aero Club ll, 2, 31 Union Model Club 141 John Verhey Intramural Sports Edith Versluis Audubon Club 141 Orchestra 111 Girls' Glee Club 111 Robert Versluis Senior Band 11. 31 Neoma Waller U. H. S. Club 141 Home Economies Club 141 Girls' Meet 11, 3. 41 Clarice Vander Vern G. U. C. 13. 41 Service Squad 11 2, 3, 41 "Reflector" Staff 141 Girl Reserves 141 Press Club 141 Walter Van Oeveren Intramural Sports Margaret Van Sluyters Senior Play Costume Com- mittee 141 Home Economics Club 141 Service Squad 11, 2. Sl, 41 Treasurer of Freshman Class Ill Press Club 141 Marion Lucille Verburg G U C 141 Girls' Glee Club 111 Mixed Chorus 13, 41 Home Economics Club 141 French Club 141 Adeline Ann Vernon Home Eeonomies Club 13, 41 Girl Reserves 131 U. H. S. 141 James Versluis Mary Jane Walczewski Mixed Chorus 141 French Club 11, 21 Service Squad 131 Clara Wapner Spanish Club 11. 111 Germain Club 11. 2. 31 Home Economies Club 141 Audubon Club 141 Angeline Wasilewski Service Squad 121 Nature Cluh 111 U. H. S. Club 13, 41 German Club 141 Minevera Weber Senior Orchestra 12. 3, 41 German Club 12, 41 Home Economics Club 141 U. H. S. Club 121 Mayella Marie Wesurick Senior Band 141 Home Economics Club 141 Dramntics Club 12, 31 German Club 141 Marie Whipple Girls' Glee 1l, 21 Service Squad 11, 21 Campfire Girls 11, 21 Memorial Committee 141 Deloris Wieda Girls' Glee Club 131 Mixed Chorus 13, 41 Dramatics Club 13, 41 Spanish Club 121 Girl Reserves 141 Harmon Wierenga Hi-Y 141 Mixed Chorus 141 Draftsman's Club 141 Mary Williams Service Squad 11, 2, 31 Audubon Club 141 Home Economies Club 141 Senior Orchestra 111 Elbert Word Secretary of S. 0. S. Club Football 122, 3. 41 Truelt 1l, 2. 3, 41 Boys' Glee 12, 31 Hi-Y 13. 41 John Wassenaar Hi-Y 141 Paul Wertsch, Jr. Latin Club 12. 3, 41 Intramural Sports 12, 3, 41 Co-Business Manager of "Aurora" 141 Dorothy Irene West Handbook Committee of Stu dent Council 121 Home Economics Club 141 Service Squad 141 Girls' Athletic Meet 121 Charles Whitecavaize Football 13, 41 Basketball 12, 3. 41 Varsity Club 12. 3, 41 Intramural Sports 12. 41 Helen Wielnnd "Reflector" Staff 141 Student Council 12. 31 Service Squad 11, 2. 3, 41 French Club 141 Press Club 141 Norman Wilcox Safety Club 13, 41 Press Club 141 Nature Club 121 John Wisniewski John Wynstra National Honor Society 1-11 Motto Committee 141 "Aurora" Staff 141 Chess Club 141 Garden Club 131 Sarah Yavruian Spanish Club 12, 31 Home Economics Club 141 National Honor Society 1:1 Service Squad 11. 2, 41 "Aurora" Staff 141 Edward Zarhock William Zylstra Golf 12, 3. 41 Golf Manager 1-I1 Chester Sypytkoski Jay Ysseldyke Press Club 141 Hi-Y 141 "Reflector" Stalf 141 Intramural Basketball 141 Herbert Ziabkowski I-Ii-Y 141 Rzulio Club 131 Nu uri- Club 121 Edward Sattler Safety Club 111 Nature Club 111 SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Alphonse Baron German Club 11, 2, 31 Chess Club 141 John Borgeld Richard Burinskas Football 11. 2. 3. 41 Varsity Club 13, 41 Basketball 111 Florence Cherry Harry Dellaan Phillip Ferry Fred Field Frank Kaplanowski William Keifer Carl Lindberg Leonard McCarthy Boys' Glee 13, 41 "Reflector" Staff Press Club 141 Richard Meernik 141 Student Council 121 Secretary of Chess Club 1111 Alton Metzger Richard Pomeroy Football 141 Chess Club 141 '33 no Thomas Rhode Student Council 131 Service Squad 111 Press Club 141 Chess Club 141 Joe Romanick Stuart Shoemaker Draftsman's Club 141 Neal Vnogt Draftsman's Club 141 Robert Wisse Model Club 12. 3. 41 President of Model Club 1 Dr:-1ftsman's Club 141 Chess Club 141 Fwy? N' -4 .11 s l4,'C0'23d 1 01935 SENIOR COMMITTEES PICTURE COMMITTEE: Carl Orwant, Estelle Poposki, co-chairmen: Dolores Jaworowicz. MEMORIAL COMMITTEE: Prentiss Powell, chairman: Arlene Rinner, Marie Whipple, Ray Bush. PLAY COMMITTEE: Dick Nelson, Nancy Trenis, co-chairmen: Mary Gornisiewicz, Sarah Yavruian. MOTTO COMMITTEE: Alice Comrie, John Wynstra, co-chairmen: Janet Dean. Elsie Anderson, Albert Gillis. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CARDS -COMMITTEE: John Sweedyk, Kay Hendrickson, co-chairmen: Edna Vander Jazt. CLASS SONG COMMITTEE: Marie Roman, chairman: Elsie Anderson. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: Eva Niemi, James Parrette, co-chairmen. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Lois Garber, Robert Martini, co-chairmen. INVITATION COMMITTEE: Dorothy Danielson, chairman. DECORATION COMMITTEE: Ernie King, chairman: Dolores Jaworowicz, Deloris Wieda. CHECKING COMMITTEE: Mary Carey, chairman: Pauline Montague, !Donna Mullin. CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE: Glenagene Eberlein, chairman: Blanche Francen, Ann Dola. REFRESI-IMENT COMMITTEE: Pauline Samiec, chairman: Jeanette Prins. Eleanor Obiedzinski. Nina Baar .............,..,,....... Bruno De Grandi ........... Kay Rafferty .....,......... john Rybachok ........ Melvin Hutchins Marian Roh Dorothy Danielson. ..,..... ., Carl Orwant ...........,,....... Ann Anderson ......... Dickie Burns ..... ,.,. Lois Garber ......,...... Jorma Simpson ......... Estelle Poposlci ........ , Edward Kunst ............ Inez Richardson ..,,...... Phil Simon ..,.. - ....,...... Helen Wieland Lucy Ann Kirkpatrick . SENIOR CLASS ELECTION ..........-,....Prettiest Girl ........Handsomest Boy .........Most Popular Girl ..,...Most Popular Boy .......... Class Inseparables ,..........Gleverest Girl ........C1everest Boy ...........Girl Athlete ,.- .......... - ..... Boy Athlete Best Allfaround Girl Best All'around Boy .....,-,...,Girl Fashion Plate ..,...Boy Fashion Plate .- ,... .Best Girl Dancer .H ...,. Best Boy Dancer Pals Ivlaurice Nivala I James Matthewsf Ken Rudolph ............ Bob Manni ............... john Brazauskas ..,....., Margaret Shively ........... Willis Schuiling ........ Jay Ysseldyke ............ james Parrette ..,,.... Elsie Anderson ..,..... .. Edward Achtyes .... Norma Lundberg .......... ......... Dick Pomeroy ........,.. -. .,......, . Prentiss Powell .,..... Fred Field ..... . ........... Gerald Antflink .,....... Herman Bergman ...,..... 113410 ..,.......Boy Pals .........Musician. ...........Crooner ........Cutest Boy ...........Cutest Girl ...,.................Sheik ...........Loafer ......,....,...Girl Scholar ....,.,.-...,.......Boy Scholar .Most Bashful Girl .Most Bashful Boy .................,....,Optimist ..- ..... Pessimist ...,....,.Comedian ........Politician Miss Grace Thomnsma. Advisor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . QM,-q First row: Gerald Bradish. Prvsimlm-nt, first sornestn-r Eva Niemi, Vice l'rL-sislvnt, lirst sm-lm-sh-r Dorothy Danielson. Secretary, lirst semester Fred Del-Ioog, l'rosi1lvnt, second semester Second row : Catherine Meernik. Vice President. second semester Anne Greene, Secretary, sr-cnnnl senwster Julia Du Byne. Corresponmlinxz Serretary, seennal semester Elsie Anderson Third raw: Dorothy Bouwkamp John Byle Alice Comrie Helen Cywinski Fourth row : Gertrude DeMeester Glenagene Eberlein Albert Gillis Ruth Heyboer Filth row: Christine Kowalski Fred Kramer Violet Matulaitis Vanooah Mayhanagzian Sixth row: Fora Meyers Rhea Mulbrechl Carl Orwant Estelle Poposki Seventh row: Marie Roman Harold Siegel John Wynstra Sara Yavruian lfL'C0'Cd 0 1 9 3 5 DILLINGHAM CUP AWARDS Awarded for Superior Scholarship and Leadership EVA NIEMI GERALD BRADISH GOLD KEY AWARDS Presented for Leadership in Extra-Curricular Activities Top row, left to right: Herman Bergman, Raymond Bush, Alice Comrie, Jack Cooper, Lois Garber, Eva Niemi. Bottom row. left to right: Carl Orwant, Estelle Poposki, Jane Riordan, Harold Siegel, Philip Simon, Nancy Trenis. A CHRISTINE M. KECK AWARDS Given in Recognition of Unusual Creative Ability Herman Bergman Gerald Bradish Albert Gillis Herman Bergman-Analytical thinking in the field of social and economic theory. Gerald Bradish-fOriginality in the application of mathematics to mechanics. Albert Gillis- -Art. 0:3610 Farewell, Union, we must leave But your fame we'll carry far, Singing, "Union, we salute you Ever as our guiding star!" 019 CLASS SONG you, Your bells for us will ring no more As in the days gone by When teachers gave from Wisdom's store At our dear Union High. To us you'll be a memory Of friendships we hold high, And we'll ever fling your praises Like banners to the sky. CHORUS: "Think clearly, Act rightly," Farewell, Union, we shall miss you, Is written on our shields, Your rooms, your halls, your stairs, The happy years we spent here, Those careffree school affairs. And fairly, And squarely We'll conquer in new fields. Marie Roman '35 Elsie Anderson '35 O CLASS WILL We, the ancient and beloved senior class of 193 5, do, upon breathing our last in these spacious surroundings, dictate this, our Hrst, last and final will and testament, thereby silencing any and all unnecessary quibbling over the fruits of our fertile years, our rights, our liberties, our privileges. Item: To the junior class, the soonftofbe elite, hapless troupe that they are, we leave Item Item Item Item Item Item Item: the declining prestige of our superiority. To the future president of said class, we leave one used gavelg the right to call meetings at any hour, any day, any weekglthe privilege of trying to make him' 'self heard in the auditorium. To the underclassmen of the future, we leave the right, nay, the duty, to purchase without murmur and with proper enthusiasm all tickets for all plays, parties, etc., offered by seniors. I To one, all, and whom it may concern, we.regretfully bequeath the journalistic extravaganza, the REFLECTOR, with and including fa, all typewriters fb, all paste jars, dried or otherwise Qcj all reporters in various stages of infancy. To the faculty, through the unequalled generosity of our hearts, we leave, for their future enjoyment, the record of our genius, the lingering lights of our brilliance. . To everyone, the highest bidder, or anyone who will take them, we leave the records of the meetings of the most intelligent group of seniors since Alexander Hamilton- for are we mixed up?J. To Mr. Stanley Albers, Mr. Fred Voss, Mr. Clayton Bazuin and their ilk, we forgivingly bequeath the right to "ride" senior boys for any and all misf demeanors, misconduct and encroachments upon their good dispositions-if any. To that horde who will ascend our places of honor in 1936, we, anticipating their great need for it, leave the etiquette class with its opportunities to become more like the wellfmannered class now leaving. To this: with failing heart and rheumatic hand, we afiix our faltering signatures this first day of April, year of our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirtyffive. DOROTHY DANIELSON JACK COOPER Witness: Attorneys Dionnesg one, two, three, four, and five. 0:37a www 3 5 utvtd 0 1 9 a s Chronicle FRESHMAN YEAR 41931-192,25 Sept. 8 - The class of '35 begins its long, long stretch of learning in high school. Sept. 24 - Robert Livingston is elected president of the freshman class. Other "dignif fied" freshmen ofiicers are jane Riordan, vicefpresidentg Gerald Bradish, secref taryg Margaret Van Sluyters, girl treasurerg and Dick Pomeroy, boy treasurer. Nov. 5 -Miss Doris Bishop, commercial teacher, dies from injuries received in an auto accident. ' Nov. 11 - Freshmen throw their first party, a potluck and a hilarious mock wedding. Nov. 16-21 -HUnionites celebrate the creators of books by observing annual Book Week. Nov. 26 - Union slays South and captures the state football title, score 19-13. Dec. 16-The infant undergrads start oif their great scholastic record by receiving "A's" and on their report cards. Dec. 24 - Santa Claus gives the "infants" a break. March 10-12 - The freshmen leave their "school daze" and see the Follies of 1932. April 22 - Everybody goes springing at the Spring Sport Spree. H May 10 - There's music in the air! The Music Festival furnishes sparkling melodies, june 9-The juniors keep up the tradition and give the seniors the annual Junior' Senior Prom. june 16 - Another joyous vacation stares the freshmen in the face. SOPHOMORE YEAR 1193249331 Sept. 6 -Y The class of 1935' enters the second lap of its great high school career at Union. Sept. 27 - Sophs do the usual organizing and elect Mary johnson president. Oct. 6 - That delightful sheet of literature and gossip, The Union High News, makes its first appearance at Union. Oct. 27 - The witches go gamboling at the G. U. C.'s third annual Witches' Gambol. Oct. 29 - For the first time in four years, the Union football team takes a beating from Muskegon, 21f7. Nov. 10-Lumen Winter, '26, presents his good old alma mater with a painting, "Quest," Nov. 24 - Union whips South at the annual Turkey Day football tussle 6f0 - and celebrates afterwards at the Turkey Strut. Dec. 8 - Sophs have a potluck supper in the lunchroom with plenty of food and fun present. Dec. 9 - Union gives Kalamazoo Central, state basketball champions of 1931-32, something to worry about by a 29-22 victory. Dec. 19 -The soph girls give the boys a "Dutch Treat" at a Leap Year Party. QFor once the girls made up the stag line rather than the boys.j jan. 7 - U. H. S. club picks an appropriate day for the SnofShoe Shuille. fNo snow., Jan. 18 - Sophs have a really and truly grownfup dance of their own. Jan. Longfsaved pennies melt away swiftly at the Copper Carnival. Jem' A -Ugh! Exams! What, again? Feb. 17 - After trying them out on us at two assemblies, Mr. Albers carts his dramatists to Muskegon to give "The Stolen Prince." Feb. 23-24 - Theatrical seniors start the whole school talking by presenting the play, "The Whole Town's Talking." March 3 - The Polar Bears muddle the city cage race by tramping over Union 17-13. March 9 - Aged Union celebrates her eightieth birthday in a zippy but orderly manner. March 31 - Students "tote" their proud parents to the Open House given by Union P.T.A. April 8 - Allegan and Hastings fall into the clutches of the Red Hawks at a track meet. April 21 -James B. Barrows amazes everybody in "Twentyffour Hours To Live." April 29 -- Student Council goes modernistic and sponsors the third annual Ball Moderne. june 15 - Sophs become juniors! Big vacation ahead! C385 102507.54 0 1 9 3 5 JUNIOR YEAR 093349345 Sept. 18 -The Old Institution of Learning opens its doors a bit late this year. Oct. 6 - juniors hold their first meeting. Oct. 20 - After much unusual campaigning and advertising junior class officers are elected: Phil Simon, president, Dave Ellis, vicefpresidentg Alice Comrie, secref tary, Pauline Samiec and Arnold Sonnevelt, treasurers. Oct. 26-No boys allowed! Girls go to Witches' Gambol escorted by their girl friends this time. Nov. 24 - Juniors meet their fellow classmates at a Getftogether. Nov. 30- It's all over! The city championship is cinched with a 13-O hold over Central. Dec. 22 - Student Council pleads with students to return stray books. Feb. 10 - Juniors sponsor Prosperity Tussle to raise funds for a JuniorfSenior Prom. March 20-Violent blowing of horns, studentfladen trucks, automobiles of various sorts decorated in red and white, and a general commotion introduced the Stadium Boosters' parade and mass meeting held afterward in the auditorium. May 18 -The juniors pay their respects to the seniors by giving the annual Junior' Senior Prom. just an old Union custom! June 8 - Juniors "keep sunnyfside up" and take exams. June 15 - Undignihed juniors become dignified seniors. SENIOR YEAR f1934f1935J Sept. 18 - Everyone smilingly appears at school for the first day. fOnly a halffday's attendance is requiredj Oct. 16 - Senior Prexy, Robert Livingston, we salute you! Oct. 19- After several assembly speeches Ray Bush is chosen to warm the seat of the president's chair of the Student Council. Oct. 24- Owls are hooting, witches and bats are flitting through the air, ghosts are lurking in dusty corners. It's the Witches' Gambol again. Oct. 27 -The social season at Union begins with the Student Council presenting the second annual "Pleasure Cruise." Nov. 2 - Mobs turn out to spend their pennies at the Copper Carnival. Nov. 5-11 - Proud students display their hobbies during National Book Week. Nov. 9 - Soft lights, faint music, sly whispers, dancers swirling around a glistening floor. No it's not heaven, just the Senior TakefOff. Nov. 29 - Union beats South 6fO to start off a perfect Homecoming Day. Strutters strut their stuff at the Turkey Strut. Dec. 8- Junior Class "shoos" out Ole Man Depression for one gay evening at the Prosperity Tussle. Dec. 13 - "The Other Kitty," a farcefcomedy, is given by the Dramatics Club to the delight of students escaping from afternoon classes. Dec. 17-21 - The cafeteria is all "dolled up," Christmas fashion, in modernistic works of Union art students. Dec. 21 - Everyone is off for a merry Christmas and a happy vacation. jan. 11 - Sophs show their ability as socialites and throw the Union High Ball. jan. 25 - Students don snowshoes to attend the Snowshoe Shuffle. Feb. 21-22-Several seniors show up Barrymore and Garbo in "The Enemy" pre- sented by the Class of '35, March 1 -Brightly colored balloons float merrily in the air, but not for long, as Union students skillfully pop them into bits at the Ball Moderne. March 4 - Spring is here. First robin is sighted. Everyone is in love. March 5 - Everyone is out of love. Grandpappy winter returns with a disgustingly biting blizzard. March 15 - Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, etc. - all in one square block. It's not Europe, just the International Fair, sponf sored by the P.T.A. April 12 - Fancy dancers, plain dancers, good dancers, bad dancers, all compete for the silver cup at the "Prize Waltz," novelty dance presented by the juniors. May 4 - Varsity Club says farewell in style at the Farewell Frolic. May 18 - Seniors are the honored guests at a charming JuniorfSenior Prom. June 20 - Commencement - Digniiied seniors break down and shed a few tears as they say tallyho to good old Union. 0139! tttvtd 019 a 5 CLASS DAY PROGRAM O BUILDERS: The Epic of the Lady of the Lakes PROLOGUE 0, Lady of the Lakes, one hundred years, Since you first joined the sisterhood of states, The pounding wafoes ha-ve beat upon your shores. In this, your laurel year, we shall relate What men and deeds have made your history great. For years within your woods dwelt Indian bandsg Fur trappers, traders, and French priests appeared. fit St. Marie first waived the flag of France. Those Lilies floating in your breeze remained Until VVolfe"s victory brought England's reign. Next dmericans the Stars and Stripes unfurled O f the thirteen states from British bonds set free. O, Michigan, to you from all the world Came pioneers who sought new liberty, Homes rose, towns followed, and great cities grew, Sawmill gafoe way to modern factory. Your air is filled with ringing sounds quite ne-w: The clang of steel and rush of industry Resound throughout your later history. Though, Michigan, in other fields youhve won, Strong love of culture do your records showg An education free to everyone, For ignorance is mankind? greatest foe. ' A state where thousands live and work and dream, Thus, Michigan, you are for us today. Your wide expanse of wood and yield and stream Has famed you as the playground of the land. l'Vith faith and hope we pledge a willing hand To labor for your glory, Michigan. Elsie Anderson '35 Christine Kowalski '35 On Class Day, in appropriate commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the state of Michigan, the senior class of 1935 presented "Builders - The Epic of The Lady of The Lakes," a pageant in two divisions. Based on the Lumen Winter mural, "Builders," in the main foyer of the school, the pageant pictured first the his' tory of the state and secondly its progress in industry, education, and culture. The pageant was prepared for production by Jack Cooper, Class Day chairman, assisted by the following committee: Dorothy Danielson, Alice Comrie, Estelle Poposki, Eva Niemi, Christine Kowalski, Elsie Anderson, John Wynstra, Albert Gillis. The English Literature and American Literature classes aided in the research. Supervision and direction was by Miss Grace Thomasma, senior adviser, and Stanley Albers, dramatic coach. Other faculty members who assisted in the project were Miss Geraldine Masters, Miss Florence Best, Miss Charlotte Gierst, Miss Florence Parsell, Miss Laura Rowson, Miss Elizabeth Dockeray, Mr. Theodore Fryfogle, Mr. Paul Markwardt, and Mr. Henry Hornbeck. Valuable suggestions were received from the following: Miss Eveleyn Abbott, of Turner school, Miss May Quigley, of the Ryerson Libraryg Miss Anne Lewellyn, of Grand Rapids Art Galleryg Frank L. Dumond, of the Kent Scientific Museum. Jack Cooper '35 ol 40 no utvta 0 1 9 3 s Y' SENIOR PLAY CAST Front row, left to right: Arlene Rinner, Jane Riorclan, Mr. Stanley Albers, director: Nancy 'l'rc-nis, Alive Cumrie. Second row: Prentiss Powell, James Parrette, John Dalton, Jeronn- Gedris. Third row: l'etur lilzlshkiw. Cora Vanden Bos, Gerald Antflink. THE SENIOR PLAY GF 1935 "The Enemy," Channing Pollock's fourfact war drama, was chosen Monday, Decemher IO, hy the memhers of the class as the senior play for 1939. A douhle girl cast and a single hoy cast was chosen. Nancy Trenis enacted the role of Pauli Arndt, a sensitive, welllhred Austrian girl, on Friday evening. jane Riordan took the same part on Thursday evening. The hushand, Carl, was portrayed hy james Parrette. Gerald Antllink swaggered ahout realistically as Carl's loudfmouthed proliteering father. The intellectual Dr. Arndt, paciiist, professor, and Pauliis father, was keenly characterized hy Peter Blaskiw. Humor was supplied hy Cora Vanden Bos as the huxom, hustling maid, Baruska. john Dalton gave a dramatic portrayal of Fritz Wiiickeliiiztii, war crazed news reporter. Arlene Rinner and Alice Comrie played the part of his wife on Thursday and Friday, respectively. jackie Rinsema, age 6, was introduced as Kurt, their young son. Jerome Gcdris acted as Bruce Gordon, an English admirer of Pauli. Prentiss Powell made effective the short role of Jan, a nervous young servant. The production staff included Edward Kunst, husiness manager, john Byle, puhf licity managerg Ernest King, electriciang Gerald Buchanan, stage manager, Margaret Van Sluyters and Stanley Ohiedzinski, costumes, Rohert lvlartini and Joe Olenzak, propertiesg and Raymond Bush, sound effects. Each memher of the senior class agreed to sell four tickets each. Due to their cooperation and a splendid publicity campaign, a capacity audience attended on hoth Thursday and Friday evenings. ' Jane Riordan '37 om41n lfL'C0'Cd 01935 q .X qu fl-., .- . 1 ,.-. ,Y H3 MMM - iff , .V - , -. A - Q X V ' Y 1 -fd Q . -f'. ga :, n Y f" ,-J . H 1, ,' , J N ff: :J f' ff?3f?"I "H if "" R , -. ' H2511 in X Q ' . 4' ' ' I -AEY, ' " " Ei. A. tt yl at 1 f M TR 2 K N- Q' ' x ' ' . ' if, '. W ' -,... Q' -'-, , , Y k , 1! X' .1 , 1 ' I fa, eps-, ' 3'-44' + N9 Ax 1 v A-f Y +' + Z Y W - .1-.iixjpnx 4, ,fgwkrv-,.!'v'.' ,ff Qnw ww X N Y V T2 "U 4 , ' 2 , W ' ,.,, E AA V .., U 65 . Q y W 2 5 F: lj V ' f ' ', , - '.. f 12' . V psf H," -. A' LMTQ,-"Qt H "-. ,A 'ah a w x .mf H 'V . ' ' ' , h w , wllif ' - T ' 5, 4 ,er f , I ff' 1 t A M3059 ami a+ is To pass. " N f To FTXOKQ, O-IX Qkd, ,W 'WN . f--,rw 'Vh' ' CTO ruef urxburrxusixed, ,, iffrsl gf . ' NN , .Q 23, fi-:y 'fi T W not 'ro shine im use! l 1752, 'ff P 4 1 PNY 5' f -- ' ""-11145- . 4774964 ford fremysm ' -mf. xg '- :Rf XV .1-, W R Q V N - A ay ' 33. an L A xx Q gf' X llT0t!1 -1-+215 , ig 5 ,i.., li ,i L A 01935 ,4- STUDENT COUNCIL I"ront row, lofi to right: llolorvs Zavliurizxeon, Miss iilllllvhl' lVl:mn. :nlvism-rg .lohn St-holl, M-vrn-lzil'3': listvllv l'oposlti. x'i4'm--ivlwiiclvlll: Ray liush, prm-siclc-nt: Alivm- Uomriv. tri-zisurvri livin Nivmi. Sm-colnl row: llouglzis l.v:ulvl', Vlfillizam lizllwr, .lov V1-rwys, 'l'om Nm-win-rg, l4ruc'4- Mui' livllzir, 'l'oiiy Iulvslxi. lh'rn:ir4l .l:irmol. .lsivli lioniilivsvii, 'I'hirml row: liois VVi'zs-sinski, Harris-t llryslm, lVlur1.:uui'itu Kinnvr, lVI:1ui'im- Clisiin-l. llvli-li lizxzgillizis, lirzuw- Zimnivrmzxn. Ruth Hush, li-is l'omi-roy, Lorraim- Szlwyvr. , . . , . , I-'ourth row: Idsthi-r Osh-l'l1:nvn-ri. Mario lost-lm-nzny. Jam- f'li'iHlIllt'KYli'Z, .Ivan Limllwrig, Irvin- hm-lit-ly, Dom 'l'i'zil11zz-r, lVl:1rion l.om1. Ninn Nluuzy. lfiflh row: 'I'he-lmzi llziym-S, Slzinluy lit-nlzill, th-rulcl llrilxhin, l'lrImun1l VVMS4-l. lCrnin- King, liolwrt Smith, th-mid lirmlislm, lVl2ll'LZJlI'l'i Nagy. SERVICE SQUAD I-'ronl row, ln-ft Io right: i'l:li'in'v Vuurlvr V1-vu, Annu l'ilu'4'i, lCstvllm- Noxvairlxi. l'ill:in1u.i- flolrh. Misw lilziiwluf Munn, :nlvien-ri Norma i.lll'llll7t'l'1.f, sm'i't-t:ii'y: livu Nia-mi, pri-Qiilont 3 John liylv, vit-4--pri-sifli-iilg tlurln l"orsm:in, Nzlnvy 'l'rt-His, lsulmt-l Vim llrivl, Ruth Klillillfll S1-4-oml row: Luvilla- Ola-e-, Fish-llv Voposki, .l4'zlll1'll1' l'rins, th-lu-via-vv limlnick, Szxrnli Ysivruiun, llvh-n llruy, ltolori-5 .lziwoi-owivz, Rom- lit-rirsinn, Viviain Koster, Iiucillt- I.innli-main, .lulizx Im liynv, Violvttm lirzywosxmvslii. liuth Nlntson, ll:irlm:n':1 Olson. 'l'hinl row: 1h-r:il1lim- lim-r, .limo R1-mlnll, Vunoosli Muylmnzuxian, l.iIli:1n Na-wmzin. Violzi .Iuntunvn, Juni l'lit-lizxixim-wivz, l'lthvl Nic-mi, .losophino Snmrivk, Dorothy 'I'hom:is. l'lls-zxnorv Hziumzin, llorothy VV:-st. llonnzi Vows, l'IIlu-rtzi Hi-ilv. Fourth row: Agni-s lhirstis, liwthvr lfli-ruth, Ht-Ion liarstis, Rosv llrzuigxulis, Elnim- 'l'immt-rmzin, Mztrgnr--t Nagy, l.orr:iim- Esvliwviii, Viola Rlulolph, ll:-tty Edison, K'zn'olyn VVilson, lim-ltynnn Mains, Marg liwliivlii, Morgruttv Shminoii. l"it'th row: l'im:i-iw Sa-vm-lisimi. Lois l'l:1i'Iy, Mury Kowalski, Violvt l":iv4-I, Ht-lvil Jzisuitis, Hum-l Jzirvi, livin-ii Wiv-luurl, Ham-l Amlrm-, l"Ioi'm-lic-v Olszvwski, Ruth Mt-yt-rs, Dorothy Ruth Smith, Dorothy V:m't llof, Virzrinin Roh. Wlsou l'omI. Sixth row: Sam Vzimln-y' Jaugt, .lov lh-rkowitz, Corrinc lim-r, Juni- lxollamzm, .lt-:in Am-l', Douzilul Iii-:ist-1-In-1-, I , Mnrpzurm-t Van Sluylvrs, I.uvy Ann Kirkpzxtrivk, William Nun Strit-n, l-Irlwurmi S11-vi-nsmi. Imam VW-Qsnizili, lfrvtl Svnholm, Stuart Sum-, VViIli:xm Dwight, Julian Ryman: 4.44w Il T0 'CLI '1935 PRESS CLUB Front row, left to right: Miss Myrtle Heseltine, editorial adviser: Naney 'l'renis, Norwood Hulilrell. president 3 lloward l.a llrenpr. Aliee Uomrie, Arlene liinner, Elizabeth Allen. Miss Uiara Smallidge, adviser: Stanley Ampulski, Gurlie Forsman, Carl Orwant, Dorothy Danielson, Miss Olga Versehhaelu-r, adviser, Set-ond row: Franees Harmon, Harold Siegel, Marie Roman, Margaret Us-Wilt, Clariee Vander Veen, Glenaurene Eherlein, Ruth Klailier, Irma 'l'rendt, Violet Mallo, lleatriee Carsok. Marjorie Stellard. Lois tiroenleer. 'I'hird row: Arend llloek, Norlna Lulldlreryr, Jeanette l'rins, Pauline Santiee, Queenie Apltarian, Rita l'Iniiveror, Eleanor Hauman, Elva I'it,ts. Christine Kowalski, Mary Kowalski, Carol Van Os. .loan llodenhouse. lfourth row: l-Iva Niemi, Anne Greene. Catherine Meernik. Hazel Andre, Esther Asmutis. Ann Anderson, liueille Miller, Franeis Simmons. Esther Geyer. Virginia Eikhotf, Grace Zimmerman. Kathryn llest. Fifth row: John llyle. VVallaee lmhotl, William Gutaskus, Bruno llellrandi, Cora Vanden lios, James l'arrette, lllanehe l"runeen, .loan Ruseh. Charlotte VVietsm2l, Sylvia Leedy, Mauriee Nivala. Jaek N, Stoekholm, tilenn Averill. Sixth row: Euizene Sevensnia, .lark Cooper, l,uey Ann Kirkpatriek, Helen Wieland. Gerald lluehanan, Fred lk-Hoog, l'aul Seoliy, Roliert l'lovinL!, George Ht-im, llill Troem-r, Philip Simon, la-Roy Hull. L THE REFLECTOR STAFF I-'ront row, left to right: Miss Myrtle Heseltine, adviser: .lark Stoekholm, Arlene Rinner, Jaek Cooper. manai:ini,: editor. tirst semester: Dorothy Danielson, managing editor. sei-ond semester: Maurice Nivala. Lois tlarlier, Norwood Huliliell, Marie Roman. Second row: Pauline Saniiee. l'hil Simon, Fora Vanden Bos, Leroy Hull, Glenn Averill, Frans-es Harmon, John llalton, Jane Riordan. l'eter lilaslikiw, Jeanette l'rins. 'l'luird row: Virprinia Iiikhotl, Esther Geyer, Julia Du liyne. Helen Wieland, Eugene Sevensnia, Alice t'o1nrie, Grave Zininierlnan, lllanehe l"ram-en, Edna l'lIdersveld, Nancy Trenis. Fourth row: .Ianies l'arrette, t'arol Van Os, Margaret Ann Voss, Clariee Vander Veen, June Rentlall, Ceeelia Krolokowski, Ann Anderson, Edith Versluis, John St-holl. l"ifth row: James Matthews, VVilliam Troegzer, Willis Sehuiling, Jay Ysseldyke, llruno lletirandi, John Rylraehok, John llrazauslias. John llyle. a145n tlfcvtdl v 1 9 a 5 nv. -.ml K ' , - ,. . -. R.O.T.C. COMPANY UNION HIGH SCHOOL Front row. left in right: Sergeant Walter Lehman, assistant instructor: Sergeant Allan Stellingworth, Captain David Ellis, First Lieutenant Gerald Bersma, Second Lieutenant William Fredrick:-ion. Sponsors, Lois Garber, Donna Voss, Bettyann Mains: Technical Sergeants Robert Rolfe, Robert Den Braber: First Sergeant Robert Thomas, Staff Sergeant John Boone, First Lieutenant John J. Baker, instructor. Second row: Sergeant Tom Lane, Privates Sam Marvin, Robert King, Robert Smith: Corporal Carl Ninkg Privates George Garey, Roy Lambert, Gerald Huffman: Corporal Adolph Gillis: Privates Anthony Krutal, William Schnickel, Meredith Cox: Corporal Robert Moylan: Privates Stanley Lipinski, Roger Mallette: Sergeant Ferdinand Ortowski. Third row: Corporal Lewis Sperry, Privates Lyle Pickel, Gerald DeBoer, Richard Nichol. Richard Meernik, Matthew Ilrietfus, John Mientek, Robert Needham, Curtis Craig, Gordon Schoonover, John Postma, Olaf Finneman, Seraplim Kuzawa, Richard Dean, William Baker. Fourth row: Sergeant Harry Sobotka. Privates Willard Hilton, Donald Bisard, Forest Kelly: Corporal Albin Von Pabben, Privates Vincent Klimowicz, John Shackleton, Anthony Igleske: Corporal Edward Kozlowski , Privates Edward Goliembieski, James Hughson, William Weih: Corporal Gerald Bednarekg Privates Lloyd White, Robert Nykamp: Corporal Marvin Fowler. Fifth row: Sergeant Stanley Ampulski, Privates Oliver Smith, Arthur Hinman, Nick Pirok. Edward Plocki, Billy Mitchell, Elsworth Krasinsky, Henry Smolenski, Jack Quigley, Robert Moxan, William Haybyk, Donald Den Braher, La Verne Van Koevering, Eugene Bigorowski, Michel Mullian, RESERVE UFFICERS' 'TRAINING CORPS QCOMPANY "co During the past year thc R.O.T.C. has assumed certain duties at school, among which are the flag ceremony at assemblies and ushering at both assemblies and foot' ball games. More of the important duties of the R.O.T.C. are taking part in parades and on several occasions standing a formal retreat. The two gala cvcnts of the R.O.T.C. are Federal Inspection and Field Day. At the former, inspection is made of the units by a regular army officer to determine thc amount of progress obtained and to give thc school a rating. Last year Union was given the highest rating in thc city. Field Day is ei day of competitive drill between the respective units in thc city, cups being given for the best drill squad, the best sponsors, thc bcst company, and thc best armsfstacking squad. Union has permanently won the two former cups. The medals given for the best cadet officer and best cadet were won by members of the Union R,O.T.C. The ultimate goal of instruction in R.O.T.C. has been to establish habits of clean' liness, selffdisciplinc, exemplary personal conduct and subordination to propcr authority. We hope we have thoroughly developed the fundamentals of true leader- ship: thc ability to think clearly and logically: to apply theory to practiceg to make ai rapid estimate of a situation, arrive at a commonsense decision, and carry the decision through with force, selffcontrol, selffassurance, and a maximum of consideration for the feeling and reaction of others. CADET CAPTAIN DAVID ELLIS '35 ai in lL'C0'Cd 01935 ,. R.O.T.C. COMPANY "E" Front row, left to riizht: Sergeant Walter O. Lehman, Assistant. Instructor: Sergeant Louis Freas. Captain Peter l'roos, Second Lieutenant Fred Zabelg Sponsors: Marcelline Homrieh, Jo Ann Poreupile, Arleen Proos: Sergeant Richard Fisher, Staff Sergeant Roy Barkley, First Sergeant Dick Nelson, First Lieutenant John J. Baker, lnstructor. Sn-cond row: Don lirandeau. Don Centilli, Douglas Anderson, Corporal John Zeetf, Charles Zimmerman, Mitchel Gray, Louis Sihiliski, Corporal James Boss, Oliver Shackleton, Ronald Sciananan, Charles Zadwodnik. Corporal James Stroas, Henry Carls, Bruce Granger, Russell Huartson, Corporal Dale Norton. Third row: Patrick Mullin, Robert Jacobson. Harry Halicki. Walter Nordstrom. Owen Hansen, Merton Clemence. Robert Read, Ernest Myers, Robert Marek. Neil Poll, Don Dales, Robert Flagler, Oswald Gornisiewicz, Maurice Barbour, Sergeant Ed Chieslock. Fourth row: Serireant Ray Teliczan, Arthur Shapiro, Robert Beyer, Walter Sypytoski, Corporal Gerald Walcott, Thomas Mackie, Delbert Rector, John Gentry, Corporal Roy Kuennen, Thane Walters, Warren Cook, Kenneth Lathrop, Corporal Wentield Crater, Serizeant Sweedyk. Fifth row: Ferdinand Rochalski, Alex Borkoski, Al Mahlebashian, Harry Moyles, Charles Kirnowski, Vernon Kelly, Alfred Mushovin, Mortimer Corbett, Robert Buss. Edward Begnall. RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS fCOMPANY "END Company "E," a newly organized unit of the intcrfhigh battalion, was formed in February of 1955, An unusual increase in enrollment made this necessary. This unit has worked under great disadvantages because of the diiiiculties of organizing. Considerable competition has ariscn between it and Company "C" too bccausc of their close relationship. The activities of the company for the school covcr ushering for asscmblics in conjunction with Company "C," acting as policc for various aifairs and maintaining ordcr at football games. Field Day held May '24, 1937, was the day in which the various units of the battalion cxhibitcd their skill. This day is considered the annual finale of all R.O,T.C. activitics. The purpose of the R.O,T.C is to instill into the minds of the cadets a spirit of good citizcnship and selffrcliancc, and to create in them coordination of mind and muscle so that thcy may obtain the correct attitude of serving othcrs for bctter gcncral wclfarc. The thrcc sponsors of this organization aid in activities and act as hostcsscs at all atfairs conncctcd with thc unit. They maintain a social relationship betwccn thc stu' dents and cadcts. They are elected annually by popular vote of the organization, Thc usual proccdurc is as follows: thc cadets elect a sophomore sponsor each year to replace thc graduating scnior. There are always three sponsors, a sophomore, a junior, and a scnior. The sponsors this ycar, Arlcnc Proos, Marccllinc Homrich, jo Ann Porcupilc, had the privilege of shooting at the rifle range used by the rifle team composed of membcrs from both companies. CADET CAPTAIN PETER PROCS '35 14710 gf' fltotd 019 3 5 ,Q L Q-, ,,, 1- M Y EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE IUNIOR CLASS l"rnn1 row, In-fi. lo righi: Rolwrt Kle-in. lmuy lrm-zisurvr: Sylvia I.o1-fly, girl H1-usllrvr: John livrlwwiiz, prosi- :lonlg Mziruzirot Nagy. so:-rLt:u'y: Mziuriwf D1-mgatu. vivo-p1'1-sich-111. Sm-umul rnw: Miss Ns-llv Alwuml, aulvisvrz Mari:-in Lnmr. Iistvllm- Nuwnvki, Nlexrizurm-I Ann Voss, Miss l'lu1'iss:i Rivhurnisnil. zulvisvr. Thirml row: M:xrr-1-Iilwv Homrivh, Rugs-r Nivulu, John Fry, lion Hzizvuinkcl. Irmzirulh Iirupp. v. V ww- .- Y' Sv U. H. S. CLUB Ilrunl ruw, lm-It to right: .lulm Vasllzuilskus. l'.l1z:ilu-th ADIHITIZIII, Nlzirunrvt Rivurml. tri-usxlr-Ar: l.m'r:nm- Schmitt. pri-sidm-nl: .lusn-phirw Saniric-k, soc-rs-tary: Milnirm-11 Van Hmm-n. Virginia Ampulski. S4-vuml row: Mario Gnruclii, Miss .lnzinllv Vmzo, :nlvisvri Iidna Vzmclur Jani. Kstlu-1' Asmlltis. Miss i'Iliz:alwth l'vrrin, :ulvisi-r: Vi-riom-:i Hrysku, lVl:u'y Rukia-ki. Thiril row: lsulu-I Ilrnslai. livrnzulim- C'z:lc'h0rski, Lvnnzi lie-Vnmn, Milmlrm-ll Lzllxun. Czxrrim- Iii:-schi. Enix! lin-Vrivs, l"rnm'vs Strulus, Nlziriuu i.un1:. Fourth row: Ili-ntria-u li:-riznizm. Marion Roh, Virizinin Milli-r, Vvm Smith. Kzithr-rinv MvKe-liar, Hnttio Snsnnwski. I':iulim- M4mt:.g1m-, Ninn Mauzy. Fifth row: l.m'rnim- U'Hvnrn, Uunslzilim- Mn-mm-r, Blanc-hv Franc-cn. Anna Dolan, Nm-uma Wullor, l"ram'c-s Simmons, Dorothy Farr, Ann Amin-rsun. Aliso-nl: iflsim- Juni- llurgstiihlm-r, Muriun Race-, Alicv Slvphzin, livlly Clilfural, Aslajm-:in iilukvly. 1':ithvriliv Hu-mlrivksnn. Wanda f'ZZlTY1Yill, Mzirpzarvt Wx-lmuk, Can1iliu l'z:1rnyip. ..4gw 1050754 0 1 9 a s DRAMATICS CLUB I-'rant row. loft lu right: Ixurwu-nl Hulrlwll, Nancy 'l'rvnis, Errivst King. llonalml l'ahill, .lim-ph Olvjuiczak, Gurlil- lfnrsman, Mr, Stanley Alln-rs, aqlx-isvr. Sn-ruin! row: l'luuxlc Mm-voliis, Ft'X'lllllillIIl Ortowski, l'rcnIiss l'oxu'll. l'vKvr lilashkiw, Kula-rl l'ampbvll, Jack llam-. Jann-s 'l'imnu-rs, H4-njamin Smmn. 'l'hir1l row: Gerald Antflink, Eloanur Vanden Hazvl. lic-atrice lim-rgzman, Ilolorvs .lmx-urowicz. ES-Lhvr G1'3'1'l'- Jam- Riormlan. Arlz-nv Riunor, G1-licvim-vu liullnirk, .lvroniv Gm-mlris. Fourth row: Cm-cvlia Krulikmvski, Gerald Huuhanvn, Frm-ml DeHung. .luhn Scholl. .lamvs l'arr1-llc, .lohn Dalton. Ram- lfurprsma. Vivian liustvr, i Q 2 H-Y CLUB From raw. ll-fl in right: .lahn S4-hull. 1rvasnii'v1': Hurlwrl Zialilmwski: liolwrt lilamllhrml. sn-rrm-tary: Mr, lim-ulu-ii Smith. Mix lim- Rymlvi-s. mlvisors: Allan Su-lliiigwfsrth. pr:-siclvm: Fm-rflinalul Urtuwslii. vim-- prvsiclvmi Harman Wwrvmru. S1-voml row: .lark Sluvlxllulm, l"rvll Uamplwll. liull Caniplsell. lin-nncth Sly. 'I'4'Ll Vuksia. Zygzfrml Jazwinski, Juv Vurwys, Art S4-inert. 'Fed l'USt'lL'HZIlQ'. 'l'hir1l row: .lay Yssvlclykv, .lnhn W'ass0naal', Ellmunll VVasvl. Arthur Spuriral. Hwalel Iiiku, .lack Russ-, Monit- lfrasvr, Richard Dm-Korn. Fourth ruw: .luhn Kuivvk, Clalulv M1-unuis. Donald lim-asz-Glu-r. John llylv. .la-rry Da-lim-r, .lams-s Buss, Bill Swieilik. Fifth row: HQ-nry lk-Imof, All-x Rnmanski, Km-nneth Hunhnlt. lien Hazm-winkol. .lay Vuslumus, Alvx Krieger, William Davidson. Stanley Lipinski, .4 49 n lft'C0'Cd 01935 5. FOODS II CLASS I-'rout row, lm-I'l to right: Norrvtta Adomat, .lm-an llinzllu-ru, H1-nrif-Ita I"4-rwvrmla, Phyllis Vomrie-, l.ucillo lVl.Lslowsl4i, Doris Sl:-houwm-l'. Socuml row: Ann W'asiln-wski. Sophia Kruzs-l, Ama-linv Baker, Clara VVapnm-r. Dorothy VVNL -lllllil Du llylw. Plslhvl' Urowlvy. Thirrl row: Anna liopic, Gortruwlu Vander Mm-r, Dorothy Havvn, Gi-ralwlinv l'm-tm-rson. tile-na1:m-m- l'Ilu-rln-in, Valala Valli-ll, Maruarol Z1-4-ll'. l ' S ll x A am 453, t 5 S' rf I , BOYS' COOKING CLASS Front row, I4-ft to right: Vurtis Craig, Charlottv Maflxzs-s. Mrs. Slairht. arlvisvr: Lurillv Linull-man, Gs-orgv Swanlvk. S4-1-oncl row: l'1-tm-r Parlu-r. Barnard Kopvv, John Rakicki, George liarl, Walter Upavki. Edwin Wi-skolski, Third row: Adair Flute-livr. Emlwarsl Cimek. l-'rod Campbell. Willis Schuiling, Mm-rton Klinkvr, Russel Ford. Fourth row: Rom-r Nivala, Hurry Lanmllzrvn, Russcll Tuinhoff, Mitvhm-ll Klum-t, Rohm-rt Sc-hm-imlvr, Roln-rl Millvr, 1: no lfL'C023d, 01935 u m . . e 0 , ol n 0,95 'fr 4. .. 2-f Mfg, d. . .fx , ,,W, Q- I - Q. ...R .yew I 4 Q s g '15 i if MIXED CHORUS Front row, left to right: Mildred Huebner. Irene Kowrack, Constance Metzger, Nellie Loueks, Jo Ann Port-upile. Betty Armock. Beatrice Bailey, Ethel Niemi, Elaine Timmerman. Second row: Elizalieth Davidson, Gene Kolkofen, Carolyn Vandersys. Ardys Kline, Elizabeth Ferwerda, Corrine Sonneveldt, Carolyn Reed, Irma Trendt, Lorraine Zaremba, Caroline Reid. Third row: Mildred Holmes, Lenore Johnson, Clara Conti, Mary Kowaliszyn, Katie Wielhonwer. Viririnia Northedge, Anne Medistow, Frances Simmons. Fourth row: Bernese Schafsma, Martha Sawka, Sylvia Leedy, Nan Leedy, Ruth Herrema, Phyllis Gayman, Lois Gilchrist. Harriet Bekkering, lrmaruth Krapp. Fifth row: Viola Pearson, Ida Storteboom, Victoria Walendziak, Martha Hoogerhyde, Lorraine Wessman, Constance Walczewski, Jean Budnick, Mary Jane Walczewski, Blanche Francen, Marian Verburg, Hope Viergziver. Sixth row: Margaret Rivard, Evelyn Furman, Esther Kubiak, Ruth Van Lanpren, Wilma McKinley, Mary Johnston. Seventh row: Edwin Salminen, Roy Barkley, Ray Bush, Delwin Anderson, Gerald Walcott, Louis Frei-is, Ernest. Gommesen. lfliixlith row: William Swietlili, Steward Sage, Gerald Haskins, Vincent Moxon. Jack Lane, Paul Johnston, Donald Ilrandon. Ninth row: Donald Hook. Adair Fletcher, Jay Posthumus, Duane Wessman, Robert Nykamp, Edward Sutula. Ed Subocz, Gerald Antflink. 1 fi S 2 ii iii . ' 'Z ,7 I .' ' ,b s . . K I Y I Q ax :.,,. , my Qxk, , 'V 1 33" , H , N- Q ' ,. il 'f ' .4 II , X mf I f 5 'V .i as f. 1 X: , I x e-.. Ks- S 4+ I .oo . . . . f A ...J si it Q - 3 uv - . " 5 0 X ' r .. : 1 - 'I Z . ' ' fy - o 6 I 9 - ' H - '- N .. ' ' " f ' I ' , ' lg, A - N h :WW ., , ,L ,,.,Y , Q . A 4 - O ' H ' O N Q 2-1 .. . . ""' ' , . , f -- ' -I i 'ga v K5 , .fk, . " f -YQ 7 I' ' an I I 3 F F 1 we GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front. row, left to right: Virginia Ziezuel, Irene Van Mulliiren, Lucille Olec, Ellamae Gotch. Lucille Wittkoski, Margaret Rivard, Donna Voss. Second row: Julia Kulmacz, Viola Pearson, Hazel Lampert, Neltha Youngs, Cora Meyers, Lucille Meyer, Mayella Wesorick, Esther Fenske. Third row: Alice Scully, Lenore Johnson, Helen McEwan, Bernice Laramay, Edith Mieras, Clara Wapner, Helen Ver Veer. Fourth row: Mildred Laban, Ruth Hopkins, Carolyn Vander Sys, Jean ZeeH', Frances Simmons, Bessie Pocze. Margaret Welnick. Fifth row: Elsie Anderson, June Kolkman, Virginia Northage, Amy Porcupile, Marian Roh. Floreine Saunders. 445119 5?7 -L .f,lL'C0'ZZd, nfl pages Q: -ig Xi fi' L1 ,gy 3 ' 4 5 egg - 1 F , 5 - f 1 L l"r S af - 1 - , BOYS' GLEE CLUB uni row, lm-fl lu right: liolwri Kataja. .luv V1-rwys, l"Ill Willilinis, lmuis Vrvas, llulu-rt Nl.-ya-riniz, NYai'rvn Malli-Hv, .lann-s Nlatllin-w:-. Maurivv Nivala, 4-1-mul row: Rnlu-ri Svliafe-r, .luhn llurry, VVilliam Slanalis. lion Hunk, .luhn liminv, Kim-ralil Svlimiwlt. VVillianl l"rn-lli'i1'ksun. llua no VVvs:4ll1all. lliirsl row: l'l1lwin liurkv, .lark liusq-, lla-lwin Anilvrsm-n. .luhn llrazauslxaw, .luv lim-rkuwitz. Ray liuxh. Knln-rt F Manni, lid Salminvn. mirth rim: iimiiwzm- l':ilnwrlv1-, l'anl Jnlinstnn, VN'alln-i' K:il':illiim-uivz, Art lil:-in. Viiivont Mnxrwii. Huy liarkll-y. .lay Puslhunllls, .lamvs 'l'imni4-rs, .lavli lllulinv. lbirvr-lor: Miss lflnrm-m-v lla-st. Alisvnt: l'1-lvl' l'rm:s, l.4'nnarml McCarthy, Philip lf:-Vry ' LATIN CLUB lfrmit run, li-fi ln riulit: lfllxa Pitts, Miss Hsllivr Fllvy, awlvisvrz l,n-may llull, Hslvllq- Nuuaivlxi. VYn1. Swim-llik, Yirv-IvI'l'Si1l1'lll1 lNlarHHl'l'l NIUIX. lvrvhiih-lit: Ilnnalil livaw:-kur, tri-asurvrg Milmlri-ml llvan. sv:-rulary: lhuitrif-4' lh-ri.rm:in. S1-w-ml row: Flara lk-Vrivs. llnmtliy Smith, Ruth Matson. Julia lwanslxi, Elsiv Amli-i'soii. llariun Krirunkiv- Y Th wir-Z, Olga llurlzan. H4-I1-n liarstis. i'lil'istinm- Kowalski. Nivian Sly. irrl rnwg listvllf- l'nimski, Clara Dalvliont. Luis Crm-nlm-r, Marjorie St:-llaril. .loan Rfiflm-nhmisf-. Carol Van Us, lhirulhy VV4-izm-i'. Vivian Kash-r. lVlar1:ari-t Manni. lim-tty Tulus, Elm-anna' Obi:-clzinski. l"uin'tli ruw: .lnlin Ilalhnn, f'aIli4-rinu M1-vrnik, .lunu Dc-H:-ian, Lillian lKeal'sl:4l4'y, Harrin-t lil-kk:-riliu, Flnrolivi- Olsm-wski. Ihisi- II1-rgsina, Dorothy Thnmns, Dorothy Van Dr-n We-rll'. Benjamin Simon. lfiflli row: Ruin-rt l.ivini:stnn, Rnlu-rt Martini, l'aul VVi-rtm-h. William Dwixrht. H4-lm-n Rom-lla, Ric-haril Ili-Knrn, liulwrt Iilamlfnrsl, llklwarml Al'l'llj'1'h, Erm-sl Hull, Francis Harmon. u n 14'c0'cd 1 9 a 5 fl 5 l . Q.. A X rg T? ,E . , I ,Wm . 13' A mf' , gif imp K, , . . 'iqux l I .1 'K . v .., . W 'wr I ' f X -' ' it -4. ll ' xx FRENCH CLUB Front royv. ll-ft. to right: Vanuosh Mayhanaxxian, Elsie Anderson, treasurer: Gurlie lfursman, vivo-pi'osimlelx1.: Miss Ethel Schnles, adviser: Estelle Popuski, president: Norma Ililnmlln-x'p,r, secretary: Eva Nielni, Second row: Paula Stone, Jane Bradley, Irene Baird, Catherine Jarka, Mildred Lahan. Leona Herman. Third row: Mary Kowalski, Jacob Oumedian, ll-ter Parker, John Oumedian, Maxine Nmar. Fourth row: Amy Pnrcupile. Dorothy Haven, Wilma Bolthuuse, Dolores Zachariason, Jean Olman, Betty lxuuper. Fifth row: Dorothy Danielson, Helen Wielund, Anne Greene, Ann Jurkites, Julia Vasilauskas. EL CLUB ESPANOL Front row, left to right: Irene Kowrack, Jacqueline Wenger, vice-president: Edmund Wx-wel. president: Claude Meconis, Edward Petrovich, treasurerg Olga Worobec, Valeria Grusnis. Sa.-cond row: Caroline Palmatier, Helena DeSc'hipper, Queenie Apkarian, Janet Dean, Ann Ciucci, secretary: Esther Asmutxs, Irene Milanowski, Julia Vasiluuskas. Third row: Robert Der Haroutunian, Albert, Shupinsky, Celia Krolikowski, Joseph Olejniczak, Mildred Holmes, Frank Princekavich, Ben Hazewinkel. Fourth row :- Stanley .Ampulski, Jack Gommescn, William Gutaskus, Jack Amon, John Fry, Herbert May- hanaglan, Gabriel Mullian. ' an no lLZOtd 01935 , i, .,,,, L7 Y UNION BAND si 5 2 : Z A ... E z T' E E 2 F- U n: E 5 .L C S f-5 ,- 5 ,.: 1. .- .- Z E E 5 i L 2 E T. 31 g, Ei DS -va .Els 3.6 E' .11 Q.. Y x QL -la- EJ wx. 2 C3 fm F if .E ., FQ 4223 --f iz: CES E32 :LSI E5 xi 53 .f 3. .r: .U ur: 45,4 I -.: Wa. :wi he :hw F .id -ul! W3 ..: Q: Z.: 5:13 .J ,Z E 5 ii Q LJ 5 4: : E 5. 3 U E 1 C .C C "J E .5 5 fu A 6 cv m x.. H fi 2-1' E F 5 Lf E x E Cl 5 5 U ll :L ln o o C 45 E .J r: 'YI 2 if V 5 Q ln -U g. J: rf L :L 5' Zi - L.: .Q Lxl-F Q -5 -Q ? 52 .: 5: x :fd 7:2 ,E f Ez 'C g 5? ld' V4 12-52 zzzg xiii 5 .2 :EEL Zmr. 4229 JQE v,4:.. iigh- C .wir Sis: Isvi ,aiu S?D. 3351-E L-,mu 55'x'EI ,,. .wc Eco :mga 3'QE '-':s SS -D TI? Eflgi ESE: Dawg - 3 .::'x :gi . U.: LC -5155 'sm-:Eg ,..- C siisf 92: 5 --ch, Jigga "' 57' Q-,1,.3w 522915 FEES: F L' U E 1 2 QL' 4. Lr- nn-ik Joseph Urban. Rnbert Jacobson. on, estin D Von Howard VVhite, Carl anna, Sciam Sixth row: Juscph ORCHESTRA OR I SEN I Q Z 5 f. I L. ii C v-J 'L i ., .- E I Z L. FI cu F4 f E x I 5 5 CID -1. Lf E f .C it x.. .- -. ll 230 'Cd J il L z -E ,E w 55 5 x F E I C L- Q .-C .4 I .L ': Q 4 c F C E 5 IJ .E E1 Q Z7 '1 IE 'L r: Q. E H Z E S r E LC l I. 'Q Z 'E If .6 -1. 2 CL E T5 f. ci J .E C :C "1 N C sf f, 'JI Lf .: .. F ci .d E' F .E 3 E' .4 U QE .E 2 se LC : E N hx L li a 9 Z 5 ci 31 5 2 P. .-E 'L' E an 1 CJ I fi E i 4'-, ra .., ra LC .4 1. if :Z z: E 51 Q Q A: 5 L. lv-I 6 I C I 'i E 35 fi C 1 .H -1, 5 L' f cv Lf 1: H L 5 F Q 5 O m 5 F 5 E' : o Q xl if E cv -I Q. L H :Z D E A E N .E .c O Q. Q1 : if .. cz: if .LC 'F .r at .2 Z :c LJ .: Z 'E 1. 1. E 3 E 4: E af C1 : no 2 I s U 3 .sc ,E I 'U Ln 2 U GJ F E 5 CII cf n E al .c .J L11 Q .c M Z 11 U C 9' av U E x E E 1. 2 L, d E L.. C. Ta x-. a, N., if 1 v. Q C xx uf Q F1 5 cu W 46 : n: .. 1: 'C E nz F-1 x C3 C C5 S' 3 ur : CO I1 :C if , :E LE 1. 1: Lu lft'C0'Cd 019 3 5 3 3 CHESS CLUB ov Front row, left to right: liiehard Meernik, secretary: Dick Nelson, president: Mr. Oren Stiehl. advise: Ernie King, team eaptain: .lack Gommesen, vieefpresident. Second row: Jake Huge, Alphonse Baron. George Garey, Robert Wisse. Third row: John Wynstra, Robert Noyzrady, .Iohn Wielhouwer. Absent: Arend Block, Edward l'etrovieh, Charles Roseman. CLUBS WITHOUT PICTURES AUDUBON CLUB: Miss Elizabeth Crotser, adviser: Rhea Mulbrecht, president: Mary Rakieki, vire- president: Helen Ukrainski, secretary: Violet Krzywuszewski, treasurer: Rose Purzeeki, proyrram hair- IIIHYI. BAR AND CIIEVRONS: Sergeant VVaIter O. Lehman, adviser: Dave Ellis, president: Peter l'roos Viet president : Tom Lane, secretary: Robert Den Braber. treasurer. DR.AFTSMEN'S CLUB: Mr. Dee Reynders, adviser: Bob Campbell, president: Herman Stehouwer, vice- president.: Dave Ellis, aeeretary-treasurer. GARDEN CLUB: Mr. Henry Hornlieek. adviser: Ben Hazewinkel, president: Dorothy Vlfeuner, vim president: Donald Ileaseeker, secretary: Riehard DeKorn, treasurer. GERMAN CLUB: Miss Emma Zur Meuhlen, adviser: John Wielhouwer, president: Hazel Lampert viee- president: Betty Stoner, secretary-treasurer: Frieda Rapzir, program chairman: Mayella Wesoriek, pull- lieity manuxrer. GIRL RESERVES: Miss Evelyn Foster, Miss Cynthia Jones, advisers: Elsie Jane liurxrstahler, president: .loan Rodenhouse. viee-president: Kathryn McKellar, secretary: Esther Asniutis. treasurer: .losepliine Samriek, eity rouneil member. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Miss Maude A. Traut, adviser: Rena Feenstra, president, Nina Mauzy. viee- president: Viola Pearson, seeretary: Helen Gray. treasurer. HUMANE SOCIETY: Miss Lavina Laible. adviser: Gordon Stevens, president: Douglas Comfort, viee- president: Lois Wrzisinski, seeretary-treasurer. JUNIOR AUDUBON CLUB: Miss Elizabeth Crotser, adviser: Hazel Lampert, president: .lean l.in1llmer1.:, viee-president: Harriet Iiryska, seeretary: Frances Kalinoski. treasurer: ,lean Monje, program ehairman. JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB: Mrs. Bradford B. Murphy, adviser: Lyle Parker, president: .lack lVIeFarland, secretary-treasurer: Jay Drooger, librarian. JUNIOR HIGH PRESS CLUB: Miss Geraldine Masters, adviser: Amon Bunzainer, presidentl Ethel Niemi, vice-president: Ruth Jarvi, secretary. JUNIOR SPORTSMAN: Mr. Floyd Early, Mr. Clayton liazuin. advisers, W'alter Segzizelink, president.: Robert Klein, vice-president.: William Swietlik, secretary: Carl Moline. treasurer. MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB: Mr. Ifrederiek Redemsky, adviser: liob Wisse, president: Glen Shafer, vire- president: Ray Nawrot, secretary-treasurer. RED CROSS CLUB: Miss Laura Rowson, Mr. Leonard Meyeriruz, advisers: Esther Osterhaven, president: Marian Loniz. prirl secretary: .laek Gommesen, boy secretary: Eva Niemi. treasurer. SHIELD AND CHEVRON CLUB: Miss Esther Vander Broek, adviser: Betty Edison, president: Peggy Winick, secretary-treasurer. STAMP CLUB: Mr. Oren Steihl, adviser: Arend Block, president: Jack Simons, vice-president: Arthur Baker, secretary: Roger Hall, treasurer. TENNIS CLUB: Mr. I-Iarmon Jones, adviser: Leonard McCarthy, president: Gerald Antflink, viee- president: Arlene Rinner, secretary-treasurer: Jane Riordan, John Oumedian. Jacob Oumedian, publicity. "Y" COSMOPOLITAN CLUB: Mr. Leonard Meyeringr, adviser: Gerald Buchanan, president: John Rybachok, vice-president: Leroy Hull, seeretary. 01561: d ll llll ll ' IV 1 FOR Qherx the One C-Brea? Scorer comes To xQri+e cx3Qirx51 your rygme, He rrxQrK5 -- mot 'ffxm you xQom or IO5T-- buf how? gov plmjecl The game -- Gronflano' Rice, A'i"I' I1WI"lI2C nv' Fl Q1 ,N 4-dx, - . 73 A '. 1" A 4 W , 4 , in W' -Ax 2' ll'C0'Cd, 0 19 3 5 lat 3 Front row, It-ft to right: Peter lilaslikixv, lililwanl Hansen. Alfonse Waskiexviez. Rieharil Burns, captain: Mr. .lohn Hs-ss. 1-nach: Anthony Kailunus, tleorpre Garnhle, Charles Whiteeavutze. Seeoml row: Rohvrt Grams, Kenneth Honholt, .lark Lune. Joseph Olejnieznk. .lohu Rylmelirult. .laelv Amon. ltolwrt Vander Iizmn. Edward Zukowski, Erwin Urahinski. Third row: John Ounimlizm, John Kart-ekns. fleorge Hart. .luke Uuniedizm. Rohm-rt liouxvniuu, .luck tiom- niesen, William Fredriekson, Merle Howe, faculty niauager. Fourth row: Harold Sis-izel. :xss't manager: Ray Rynheriz, Willis St-huilinir, Arthur Klein. Miehael Ula-zezuk. Furl Von llestinon, Eilwin Ryflezvweski, Elbert Worll, Fifth row: Frank Kurylowiez. manager: William Zilybvl, nss't manutzer: John Miehilali. William Van Strivn, .lm-li Newman, .lose-ph liotwinski, Robert Klein, Uarl Urxvant. he-ad nianairtr. VARSITY FOOTBALL Opening the season with hut four lettermen and only one regular performer from last year's state championship squad, the 1934 Union High griddcrs under the ahle tutelage of Coach .lohn Hess hattled their way to another city footlaall champion ship, tying with the Trojans of South for the coveted title. ln the season's opener East Grand Rapids held the Unionites to a scoreless tic. Showing great improvement, Creston was suhdued l3fil. The Hessmen then en countered Tech and were upset llffl. Taking an early lead which they held all the way, the Hawks defeated Central oftli Union journeyed to lvlusltegon and was de feated 7fo in a heartfhrealting game. Presenting the greatest offensive power of the season, the Red Hawks piled up twenty first downs against Ottawals four, only to have the game end in a l3fl3 tie. The game was later forfeited to Union. The Hessmen crushed their hitter rivals, the Cougars of Catholic Central, 2543. Un Thanksgiving Day the Red Raiders celehrated the firsthighome1coming day hy a decisive 647 victory over the undefeated 'Trojan eleven to end the season in a hlaze of glory, Captain Dickie Burns was hy far Union's outstanding performer and gained recognition on all the allfcity and some all-state teams. "Bahe" Vifaskiewie: and ,loe Uleiniczak were also honored with allfeity selections, The squad consisted of Burns, Olejniczak, Hansen, Lane, Grams, Sehuiling, Ryhaehok, lllashkiw, Kareckas, Rynherg, Vxfhitecavage, and Pomeroy, seniors. Ref turning for next year are Kailunas, Honholt, VanderLaan, Mercer, Gamble, Amon, Drailiiiislti, and Captainfeleet VV'aslciewicZ. john Ryhachok '37 1158: I I wtvta '19 a 5 Front row. It-I't to right: John Kurtyka. Jay Posthumus. Edward Staskiewicz, William Miller, Raymond Vander Lazin. Frank Wnsalowski, Robert McCarthy. S4-eond row: Stanley Olszewski, .lost-ph Borkowski, Elliot Wieck, Fred Kamp, Cusmir Gregory, .loo Uzas. Third row: Frank Princeeuvaize. James Downing, Donald Brandow, Peter Bialas, William Huff, Zigzman Uzarski. Fourth row: Walter Kurylowiez, manager: Fred Henkel, Joseph Mientek. nlanagzer: Andrew Wysoeki. Peter Mikita, Mr. W. Maynard Ellimzson, coach. RESERVE FOOTBALL The 1934 second team faced a stiff schedule but turned in an impressive show' ing. Coach "Doc" Ellingson lost all the 1933 city championship material to the first squad and the newcomers had to he taught the fundamentals of the game. At the conf clusion of the second game, "Doc" lost all the juniors on the squad because of a new ruling, thus leaving him only inexperienced freshmen and sophomores on the second squad, Despite these complications the hoys never gave up and, if nothing else can he said about the "scrubs," as the second team is often called, they were one of the scrapf piest outiits ever to represent Union. Every year the second team develops some outstanding candidates for the first team of the next year. This year the most outstanding candidate, according to Coach Ellingson, is joe jackin. He is a sophomore and plays in the hackfield. Other players who show promise are Rohert McCarthy, Ray VanderLaan, Williziin Miller, Dan Richards, Edward Staskiewicz, Tom Lane, John Kurtyka, Joseph Uzas, Stanley Ko: lowski, and Casmir Gregory, all of whom won letters, 1934 SUMMARY Union 6 -- Central Union Ottawa 0 Union 14 - Creston Union - Y- Muskegon O Union 0 -- Tech Union 1' Central O Union 6 - Catholic Union South 0 0:59a Phil Simon '37 142020, 0 1 9 3 s 17 vc.- .ans 3' 36' Ii i, ,X of Li. ,J 41 Q 7' r . an Front row, left to right: William Gut:-iskus, Jorma Simpson, Philip Simon, co-captain: Charles Whitecavapze, Kenneth Honholt. Second row: Joseph Berkowitz, student coach: Alfonse Waskiewicz, Vlfallace Imhotf, Jack Newman, Mr. W. Maynard Ellingson, coach. Third row: Charles Skuzinski, manaizer: John Rybaehok, Robert Grams, co-captain: Jaek Amon, Carl Orwant, head manager. FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL The basketball team of 19344935 was not so impressive in the matter of wins and losses as some teams which have preceded it, but the spirit and the courage of the team lived up to the finest Union traditions. When Coach lvlaynard Ellingson issued his first call for basketball practice, he found he had to build his team around the Cofcaptains Grams and Simon, center and guard respectively. Grams was back only for one semester, "Doc" deserves a great deal of credit for the way be handled his squad, and the boys for the way they responded to the training of their mentor, According to Coach Ellingson, it was the most inexperienced team with which he had ever started a season. At the beginning of the campaign, Union was rated next to the bottom as far as experience was concerned, and its chances for defending the city title considered slim. Though the team trailed along in sixth place at the end of the first semester, it remained undaunted, picked up steam, and won every game the second semester, except one overtime with Catholic, to wind up the season in third place with seven wins and five losses. Incidentally, Union was the only team to defeat Ottawa, city champions, dur' ing the entire season. Simon and Whitecavage, guards, received allfcity honors, and Gutaskus, team high scorer, received honorable mention. Returning for next year are Cofcaptains Gutaskus and Honholt, Imholf, and Amon. Peter Blashkiw '35 016010 'Q V s - . Qi!!! H ll! tttvtd 0 1 s 3 5 fill ai? Front row. left to right: Stanley Olszewski, Wiilbur Groenleer, Robert Klein, Adrian Steenland, Frank Princecava e. 8 Second row: Joseph Olejniczak, student coachg Benjamin Simon, Richard DeKorn, Robert Blandford, Richard Coolian Mr Harmon S Jones oa h 1 . . . 3. C C . Third row: Leonard Mervenne, manager: Donald Cutler. John Kurtyka, Peter Rybaehok. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL This year's second team without any fullftime veterans enjoyed a highly successful season. Mr. Harmon S. jones, coach, deserves a large share of the credit for the way he handled the boys. From a last year's championship junior -high team, Mr. Jones picked his regular quintet consisting of Klein and Princecavage, forwardsg Newman, center: Olszewski, Groenleer, guards. The team lost but four games during the season and won eight. The first half of the semester, they forfeited two games because two players were ineligible. In the second semester they lost to two teams they had previously beaten, but even in losing they displayed admirable lighting spirit. Letter winners were Robert Klein, Adrian Steenland, John Kurtyka, Stan Olszewf ski, Frank Princecavage, Wilbur Groenleer, Richard DeKorn, Peter Rybachok, Rich' ard Goolian, Dan Richards, and Robert Blandford. Union Union Union Union Union Union 29 2 - 5 22 ll 17- w N2 SUMMARY Davis Tech 5 Catholic Central 20 Ottawa 2 3 South 12 Central 1 5 Creston 14 16110 Union Union Union Union Union Union f Ottawa 14 - Catholic Central 23 -- South 9 - Davis Tech 23 - Central Z5 f Creston 12 Willis Schuiling 'B 5 vbtvta '19 3 5 Front row, left to right: Paul Rice, Alfonse Waskiewicz, Mr. John Hess, coach: Melvin Hutchins. captain: Robert Schneider. Second row: Jorma Simpson, John Rybachok, John Brazauskas, Ray Rynberg. Third row: Elbert Word, Fred Henkel, Glen Schafer, Robert Den Braber, Robert Klein, Fourth row: William Castor, Donald Vanderveen, William Fredrickson, Carl Von Destinon, Elliot Wieck. Robert Tuinhoff. TRACK Seventy boys answered Coach john Hess's call for track practice in the spring of 1934. Cf these, eleven returned from the 1933 track team: Mikiiavich, pole vault and high hurdles, Kucinskas, high hurdles: Grams, weightsg Coffee and Russel, half-mile: Giles, Hutchins, Makowski, mileg Waskiewicz, pole vault, Cyberski, quarter mile: W. Ryhachok, dashes. The first meet of the season was against Allegan in which the Red Hawks won hy the close score of on to 48M. Coach Hess uncovered some good material in Rice, sprinter, and Schneider, high and broad jumper. Catholic Central was next encountered at South Field. The Red Hawks won this meet by a score of 62 to 42. Union then took the next two meets, upsetting Ottawa Hills, prefmeet favorites and later city and state champions, with a score of 77 to 49, and Central with a score of 69 to 35. ln the city meet Union made third place, with a total of 24 points. u ln the state meet Norh Nliknavich won Hrst place in the l'lOfyard high hurdles, and placed fourth in the pole vault. Bob Giles placed third in the mile run, setting a new school record for this event. His time was 4:33:4. ln the Indian relays, the Red Hawks took iirst place in the two mile relay event. The letter winners of the 1934 track squad were Miknavich, Giles, W. Rybachok, Hutchins, Grams, Kucinskas, Cyherski, Coffee, Waskiewicz, Rice, lvlakowski, Rich' ards, Russell, and Schneider. Lettermen returning are Captfelect Hutchins, Schneider, Rice, Waskiewicz, and Richards. Bruno DeGrandi '35 016210 ntvtd '19 3 5 .1 . ,s J wg is. i Q -415. aw VARSITY CLUB lfmiit i-mv, loft in right: Mr, l-'ri-il Vnss, :nlxisi-r: .lzu-li l.zini-. tri-axsnri-r: Alpliuiisi- Wnsliii-wicz, sm-crm-t,:iryL l'hil Simon, prvsimln-nl: Nlvlvin llutvhins, vin-v-prosiiln-nl: ,lnsvilli Olojllirzsxla. S1-coml row: Kenneth Iltvllllllll, Willis Svhuilinig, italy Ryriln-mg, Clmrlvs W'liilor:ivzii:i-. Gi-nrgv Gzinihlv. 'l'hii'il row: Pun-r lllashkiw. Ruln-i't Vunili-r l,:i:in. 'l'nny Kziilnnsis. Rolwrl Svlnu-iilvr, lirwin Uralxinski, ,lurk Amnn. Fuurlh row: John lizirevkis, .lurnizi Sivnpsnn, l'lilw:ir4l Hnnsi-n. lllllll Rive, John Rylmvhuk. 1 v 1 mf. v G. U. C. Frnnt row. lm-fl ln right: E.-:lm-llc' Pnpuslii, Qin-1-liio Aplinrizui, .Iulin Vusilainslizis. 4icin-vii-vc S14-lwlm-, livrlhu Smith, Ln-zisiiwrz Ann Ainli-rsim, pri-siilviit: Man-inn Null. vim--pri-siilviit: Alyvu Phillips, In-nv Jedri-zuk, luis llzlrlwr. svn-rotary: Mary l"i-ii-mlrim-li. Sn-cond row: Mildred Huussn-r, Holm-n Olivicr, lilvzi Pills, lizillivrim- Rzillk-rly, l'nr:i Vzinili-n lima, Miss Nlzirpzzirn-I Mzicllmizilil. aclvisvr: Goin-vicxv 'l'lmi11psmi. Juni- Ri-mlzill. Jam- Riurilzin, Arli-nc Rinm-V. 'l'hil'il row: Goin-vievv linilnic-li, lfloruinv Sziunnlvrs. Wzimln Vlfyzylmslii, Iii-tty Slum-r, Dnrulliy lik-inn-r, Durutlu-zi Stiller. Eilm-ii Yunchzirzis, l.llcills- lVlzilinuwslxi, Iilizzilwlli .Xnk:iri:in. Clsirlcc Vamln-rVvL-n, Viviun Sly. Fourth row: Cnlhcrinv Svzopnniuk, llurnivn' Olszvwski, Mililrczl Huvlnivr, Hzirrivl livlclu'l'im.:. Rh--a Mul- hrcirht, Viulzi Junh-non, Carol l'zistm'. Dnnini Vnss, H1-lvn Gray, Hzxzol Anilri-. Fifrh row: lflvvlyn Orkin. l.onuru .lnlnisun, Mary Kurlykzi, Mary Kuwziliszyn, Ham-l Jzirvi. Sylvia Turvlsky, l"ralic'vs Kulinuski. livllyzinn Mains, Elounur Rnwluy, livlty lfimsm-i'. Sixth row: Frivvla Hapzir, Jani- Ein-hziniuwii-z, Ire-nv Sze-kvly, H1-If-n Jasziitis, M:irc'i:u Rails, Snrzihmzu- Palma, Barbara Vvrlwuli, Ruth Slnrti-lumiii. X 0163s ' , t 'f WNWQEH' M ta 7 4 ".:' as r 1 M 'fm D wi ' M -Q o19g5li, at " t f- -f p I 1934 ANNUAL GIQLS' MEET X The tenth annual girls' athletic mee? took place Friday, May 11, 1934, in-Ftlffe Dillingham gymnasium. The seniors, managed by Edna Vanden.Bos, won first place with 1,350 points. The juniors and sophomores tied for second with 1,150 points. They were managed by Alyce Phillips and Wanda Wyzykoski. The juniors took first place in basketball dribble relay with the seniors running second and sophs third. In hop, step, and jump the sophs got their one Qpnfmly first place. Theieniors jumped into second and the juniors took last place. In rhythms the juniors won with a spirited Russian dance. The sophs waltzed into second place with a beautiful Shadow Waltz. The seniors took third with a clog. The stunt combinaf tion relay was won by the juniors, the seniors placing second and the sophs third. In a volleyball game between the seniors and sophomores, the juniors having been eliminated in previous games, the seniors won by a score of 21 to 14. The circle baton relay, last number in the meet, was won by the seniors, the sophs placing second and the juniors third. W. Guy Morrison, director of physical education in the cityipresented the cup to Edna Vanden Bos, senior manager. WITCHES' GAMBOL Black cats, pumpkins, cornstalks, and witches decorated the Dillingham gym' nasium for the ninth annual Witches' Gambol given October 24, 1934, by the Girls' U Club. Eleanor Rawly, dressed as the N.R.A. bird, received a prize for the cleverest costume, Lily Wozinski for the prettiest, Dorothy LaGran for a realistic impersona' tion of Captain John Silver, and Virginia Roh, Constance Walczeski, Wanda Wynaf koski, Irene Schmitt, and Gwendolyn Rendall for the original idea of dressing as the Dionne quintuplets. A tin cup went to the senior girls for the best stunt with a stir' ring melodrama entitled "The Lone Ranger." Alyce Phillips, general chairman, was assisted by Jane Riordan, entertainment, Bertha Smith, refreshments, Estelle Poposki, decorations, Wanda Wyzakoski, checkf ing, Genevieve Budnick, booths, Cora Vanden Bos, publicity, Lois Garber, invitation, Queenie Apkarian, cleanfup, Arlene Rinner, senior stunt, Wanda Wyzakoski, junior stunt, and Viola Juntunen, sophomore stunt. SPEEDBALL Speedball was introduced to Union girls this fall in the outdoor sport tournament. The senior girls proved the most adept by beating both the sophomore and junior elevens. The tournament started out with a surprising upset. The sophs beat the juniors with a score of 20 to 13, but the next night the seniors piled up a 7 to 2 victory, spoil' ing the sophs' hopes. The juniorfsenior game proved the most exciting. It was only with real effort that the seniors got their 8 points to the juniors' 2. Virginia Miller acted as captain of the senior team. Players were Marian Roh, Alyce Phillips, Ann Anderson, Esther Jaskulski, Queenie Apkarian, Virginia Miller, Elva Pitts, Katherine Rafferty, Arlene Rinner, Bertha Smith, Cora Vanden Bos, jane Riordan, june Rendall, Estelle Poposki, Marian Verburg, Mary Friedrich, and julia Vasilauskas. i"'f 5 GIRLS' BASKETBALL julia Vasilauskas led the senior basketball team to victory over the junior and sophomore team in the annual tournameagheld the week of March 7 in the girls' gym. The juniors, captained by Jacqueline enger, placed Sicond and the sophomores under the leadership of Viola Juntunen third. The score for games were senior' junior, 31f9, senior-soph, 26f1 and iiniorfgph, 184041 , j, , The members of the winning .am a , forwards: Ann Anderson, 'KayhRafferty, Alyce Phillips, and Julia Vasilauskas, jumping cen,QrQ1:iBertha-Smith,"Es'ther:Asmutis' running centersgaiilvg- Pitts, Marjegriedrickgguafdsk ffmrriegglleradall, Queenie Apkarian 9 .jane Riordan, Marian Roh, andy, , rjpei Xgahder -yeen. it is . , . - " ' W n if 1 -' J ' Arlene Rinner '35 ., .., af art- 1 - PV? '.'e.l'::i'i'f'J" . lei-1 - -' S. ' is afar j gy? gm' di: S., 4, ww . H. , Wav 4: my if :F r 11, 1 - 1 ... .I

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