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A llj lli16llQ1x Umlomnlqnxenool HQAHDRADIDS IQIICHIQAIW MISS MARION L. IENNINGS ' A log cabin near Benton Harbor, Michigan, was the birthplace of Marion Iennings. Her first bit of education was received at a district school. Her career of teaching commenced at the incredible age of thirteen when she taught in a rural school. Later on, by her own efforts, she attended the Universities of Michigan, Chicago, and California. Immediately after leaving college, Miss Iennings came to Union. For forty-two years she gave faithful service to the school and was always helpful and kind. Because of her fine work among the students, and as a lasting tribute toher, the teachers of Union High School have established the Marion L. Iennings Foreign Language Scholarship fund. ' TABLE OF CONTENTS School View .... Q . . Principals .... . . . . . . Faculty ................ . . Class Officers and Advisors . . . Seniors ................ .... Class Committees . . . . . . . Class Class Class Class Song Will .... .... Chronicle . . . . . . . Election . . . Aurora Staff ....l ........... .... Christine M. Keck Awards .... .... National Honor Society ..... .... Gold Key Awards ........ .... Senior Plays ...... .... ATHLETICS Football ............... .... Second Team Football ..... .... Basketball ............. .... Reserve Basketball .... .... Track ............ .... Golf Team ..... ...... Girls' Sports . . ..... . . Club Groups ..... . . Y. . .43 to 4 5 6 9 10 29 30 31 32 33 33 34 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 40 4l 48 1 5 . 6' .y.r. -1 4.4 fb, '. Q v -In-f. - Q .1 . 1 N ,.y,4 :,- A2 X A. .QA ' :J 'wi-4 gb .s V 1 3 F A Y f-t, Vx: ,"v4, 'A-' ,--an 1 'S A x 7 : Al" w I ' MISS M. BLANCHE MANN Assistant Principal all M CHARLES A. EVEREST Principal i x EAACULTY First Row-Stanley Albers. Speech, Mabel E. Allen, English, -Session Room, Nelle Atwood, Mathematics, Arthur l. Avery. Chairman of Commercial Department, Lucelia Badgley. History. Second Row-Edith F. Barker, Art, Forrest E. Barr, Typing, Session Room, Claytdn W. Bazuin, Biology, Zoology, Madeline L. Becker. History, Florence Best, Music. Third Row-Addie E. Bettes, Head ot English Depart- ment, Dorothy S. Blake, Latin, English, Ruth Carpenter. Spanish, May F. Conlon, Head of History Department. Fourthf.Row-Elizabeth B. Crotser. Shorthand, Eliza- beth De Ionge. English, Elizabeth Dockeray. Clothing, Lucille Dunn, History, Civics. ' Fitth Row-Floyd L. Early. Mathematics, Session Ropm, Esther E. Eby, English, Latin, W. Maynard Ellingson, Mathematics, Basketball Coach. Sixth Row-Dorothy I. Farr, Conservation of Sight, Ina A. Findlay, Mathematics, Evelyn Foster. History, Session',Room. Seventh Rovv-Theodore F. Fryiogle, Band. Orchestra, Charlotte Gierst. Art. 6 LW 111' 'TKQQ Mwwm FACULTY A. First Row--George Guy. Printing, Myrtle Heseltine. English, Iournalism, Iohn Hess. Zoology, Football Coach, L. G. Holbrook. Ph sics Science- H N y , , . . Hom- beclz. Chairman ol Science Department. Second Row-Merle Howe. Electricity, Myra I.. lack- son. Art, Cynthia Iones. Social Science, Hannon S. Iones. Physical Education, Keith Kennedy. Chairman ot Science Department. Third Row - Anna E. Kunert. English, Lavina A. Laible. English, Forrest E. Lair. Business Arithmetic, M. Mac- Donald. Physical Education. Fourth l-low-Mary MacI.ennan. Head of Mathematics Department, Paul F. Marckwardt. Industrial Arts, R. I.. Marousek. History, Advanced Civics, Session Room, Edna Maxson. Bookkeeping, Typing. Fifth Row - Marie McDermott. Mathematics, Elizabeth Miller. Librarian, fMrs.D L. Mosher. English. Sixth Row-CMrs.J B. B. Murphy. Music, Marie C. Neuman. Foods, Nutrition, Ioanne Page. History. Seventh Row - Florence Parsell. Art, Ella P e ar c e . History. 7 A is at , A FACULTY First Row'-M William I. Peam. Machine Shop, QMrsJ B. Peckham. Librarian, Elizabeth A. Perrin. Physiology, BiolOgY: Olga Perschbacker. English, Ruby G. Potter. Retail Selling. Second Row --e Dee H. Reynder. Mechanical Drawing, Clarissa Richardson. Shorthand, Typing, Laura A. Row- son. Clothing, Ethel Scholes. French, English, Harriet Schroder. Conservation oi Sight Third Row --- Sherman Serif. Industrial Arts, Laura V. Sipe. Home Economics, CMrs.l E. S. Slaught, Home Economics, Ivy Slayton, English, Mathematics. Fourth How+Clara B. Smallidge. English, Session Room, Ruben S.'Smith. Commercial Law, Government, Orin D. Stiehl, Science, Session Room, Lillian Thomas. English, Session Room. Fifth Row A Grace Thomasma, English, Senior Advisor, Session Room, Maude A. Traut. Clothing, Edith Van- denherg. Mathematics. Smith Row --'- Edith Vanderbroek. Physical Education, Fred Voss, Mathematics, Senior Advisor, Session Room, Ernest F. Vreeland. Auto Repairing. Seventh Row--Cleo Wood. English, Emma zurMeuhlen. German, History. 8 TREVAH ANDERSON Vice-Presiden' FRA GES Secretary NINA LUYENDYK Girl Treasurer FRANK R Boy Treasurer GRACE THOMASMA Advisor F RED VOSS Advisor Neva Abraham Latin Club 11, 21, Secretary ol Spanish Club 141, Scrib- blers' Club 131, Red Hawk Staff 141, Aurora Staff 141. Sophie Marie Ampulski Vice-President of Union High Safety Club 141, Union High Safety Club 12, 3, 41, Latin Club 13, 41, Service Squad 13, 41. Viola M. Anderson Vice-President of Nature Club 121, Student Council 131, National Honor Society 13, 41, Senior Girl Sponsor 141, Co-Chairman of Picture Committee. lean E. Ansorge National Honor Society 141, Vice-President ot French Club 121, Student Council 131, Chairman ot Red Cross Committee 131, Memorial Committee 141. Glen K. Averill Sea Scouts 11, Z, 3, 41, First Mate of Union Hi Ship Al- batross 13, 41, Track 11, 21. Edward I. Baciehowski Donna M. Baltes Cheer Leader 141, National Honor Society 13, 41, Secre- tary of Service Squad 141, G.U.C. 12, 3, 41: T.D.S 111 Bob Barbour Football 1l, 2, 3, 41, Varsity Club 141, Track 111, Boys' Glee. Eva Marie Basil Senior Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41, Dtamatics Club 13, 41.P , 10 i o ' F. Amon tball 12, 3, 41, Varsity ub 141, Senior Band 11,21. M l'revah Andersen Managing Editor pt Union High News 131, Senior Play 141, Vice-President of Stu- dent Council 141, Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Class 141, Secretary ot Inter-Hi-Student Council 141. Harold E. Ansorge President of Senior Class 141, Vice-President of Inter- High Red Cross 131, Presi- dent of French Club 131, Di- rector of Dramatic Club 141, Student Council 131. Margaret E. Arman Service Squad 13, 41, Latin Club 13, 41, Dramatics Club 131. A Anne Baar Union High Safety Club 141 Mixed Chorus 141. Rena Baiema President ol Home Econom- ics Club 141, Union High Safety Club 141. Rudolph B. Banlra Geraldine Barbour 1"Gerry"1 Secretary ot Freshman Class 111, Service Squad 11, Z, 31, Latin Club 12, 31, Union High Safety Club 11, 2, 3, 41: French Club 1l1. Richard H. Bayko ' Track 12, 31, Boys' Glee 1l1. Arthur Becker Basketball 13, 415 Band 11, 2. 315 Hi-Y 111. Lillian Bellre T.D.S. Club 1115 Union High Safety Club 141. Ray Bentall National Honor Society 1415 Student Council 1315 Motto Committee 141. F Lottie L. Bieiowski if 3, Union High Safety Clu' A1. 11, R 1 "X Icryne Bilsbarrow Union High Safety Club 12, 415 Girls' Trio 1315 Stunt Team 1315 Volleyball 131. Richard Biziorelc Iunior Band 1115 Senior Or- chestra 141. Adeline Block ' Union High Safely Club 1215 Girls' Glee Club 141. Henrietta Boersma Girls' Glee Club 141. Louis Boorstein Football 12, 3, 415 Varsity Club 13, 415 Red Hawk Staff 141- ik' Bernardine Beclrmann Audubon Club 13, 415 Span- ish Club 1315 Union Safety Club 141. Paul Benson Glee Club 141. Alyce Alene Berglund Girl Reserves 1415 Service Squad 1315 Mixed Chorus 13, 415 Union High Safety Club 1315 Campfire Girls 1l, 21. "Rollie" Bier Orchestra 11, 2, 315 String Quartette 12, 315 Glee Club 11, 415 North Central H.S. Or- chestra 1315 Dramatics Club 141. Eugenia Biziorelz ki . 41' fa, Q- Earl Black Anna A. Blum Service Squad 13, 415 Ger- man Club 12, 3, 415 Home Economics Club 13, 415 Audu- bon Club 141. Lee H. Boese ' Red Hawk Staff 1415 Tennis Club 141. Florence Borek Girls' U Club 12, 3, 415 Girls' Meet 11, 2, 3, 415 Union High Safety Club 1415 Basketball Team 13, 415 Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 41, ll Iune Bowman Union High Safety Club C41. Della I.. Brazitis Home Economics Club C2, 315 spCll"llSl1 Club Union High Safety Club C315 Mixed Chorus C2, 3, 41. Mary Brenner Latin Club Cl15 German Club C2, 315 Union High Safety Club C3, 41, Helen Buczek Union High Safety Club C2, 3, 415 Audubon Club C3, 415 Home Economics Club C415 English Art Club C21. Mariorie lean Castor Girl Cheer Leader C415 Sec- retary of Sophomore Cla C215 G.U.C. C3, 415 Se 'e Squad Cl, 3, 415 T.D.S, C 21. Ieny I. Centilla Service Squad Cl, 215 Chair- man of Service Squad Corn- mittee C21. Hazel Chapel Latin Club C115 Nature Club C215 Stunt Team C41. Iolxn Coffee Varsity Club C415 Track C3, 415 Cheer Leader CZ, 315 Sen- ior Play C415 Sophomore Pres- ident C21. E. Russell Corey Red Hawk Staff C415 Aurora Staff C415 Class Treasurer C315 Spanish Club C2, 3, 415 Scrib- blers' Club C315 English Dra- matics Club C41. 12 Norma A. Bowman Vice-President of Sophomore Class C215 Vice-President of G.U.C. Club C415 Secretary of Student Council C315 Vice- Chairman of Service Squad C31, Senior Play C41. Iesse Breitfus Viola Brown G.U.C. C2, 3, 415 Girls' Meet Cl, 2, 3, 415 Union High Safe- ty Club C415 Basketball Team C3, 415 Volleyball Team Cl, 2, 3, 41. Marie R. Burdeno Union High Safety Club C215 Spanish Club C315 Home Econ nomics Club C21. Elouise I. Cederquisi French Club Cl, 215 Home Economics Club C215 Service Squad C2, 315 Audubon Club C31. Doris Alyce Champion Latin Club C2, 315 Union High Safety Club C1, 2, 3,415 Girl Reserves C2, 3, 415 Home Eco- nomics Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. Maxine Clark G.U.C. C3, 415 Soccer Team C215 Basketball Team C3, 415 Volleyball Team C2, 3, 415 Student Council C41. Gordon Wilbur Cook National Honor Society C415 Debating C3, 415 Athletic Ticket Manager C3, 415 Chair- man of Senior Play Commit- tee C415 Service Squad Cl. 2, 31. Matilde Crater National Honor Society C415 Secretary French Club C41. ,lack Criner Hi-Y 1l, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Presi- dent of Photography Club '31, Latin Club 12, 31. Dorothy Cutler President of T.D.S. 111, Vice- President of G.U.c. 141, Serv- it.. 1 ice Squad 12 3, 41- Secr tary dent Council 121. 1,1-3 oiEna1ish Ar1Cl1.ib1 11513335 31 t 1 1 Nz Radio ub n 1 s h Richard x l Club 121, N I! ' H1-Y 1 . . . , 1' j lub 141. Harry DeHaan Sea Scouts 141, Intramural Sports 141. N Robert Dengate Band 11, 2, 3, 41: R.O.T.C. 12. 31, Band 11, 21, Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41. Susan De Wilde Union High Safety Club 111, Girls' Glee 141. lack Donker Spanish Club 121 , Union High News 131,' Red Hawk Staff 141. Harriet Ioan Dubiel Union Hiqh Safety Club 131. Russell Echtinaw Spanish Club 12, 31, Bars and Chevrons Club 141. Dolores Cummer Sophomore Meet Manager 121, G.U C. 12, 3, 41, Spanish Club 12.,, Union High Safely Club 141, Mixed Chorus 12. 41. Barney Cyberslri Iunior Hi Track 111, Track 12, 3, 41, Intramural Manager 141, Volleyball Team 13, 41, Indoor Ball Team 131. Ralph E. Davis R.O.T.C. 11, 21. Ruth L. Dempsey Home Economics 111. Irma F. Dettmann 'Girls' Senior High Meet 12, 31. Leo Di Grandi Treasurer of Radio Club 141, Hi-Y 141, Latin Club 111, Red Cross Club 141. Kate Drasin G,U.C. 11, 2, 3, 41, Union High Safety Club 11, 21, Service Squad 11, 2, 31. Lucille E. Dunn Service Squad 141, Girl Re- serves 141, At Ionia High: Vice-President Sophomore Class, Girl Scouts 111, Glee Club 11, 2, 31. Etna D. Eiko Girl Reserves 131, Vice-Pres- ident Girl Reserves 141, Ger- man Club 121, Service Squad 131, Aurora Staff 141. 13 Lois Elaine Ellie R.O.'l'.C. Sponsor 1.1, 2, 3, 415 Home 'Economics Club 1215 Spanish Club 12, 315 Drama- tics Club 1214. 'f . 1 lack E. Farber ' 5 Bars and Chevrons Clu Til, 2, 3, 415 Commander-in-Chrej! 13, 415 R.O.T.C. 13, 415 Presi-MH dent of Spanish Club 141. Stephanie M. Flis Home Economics Club 141. Ronald Friday German Club 121: Aurora Staff 1415 Intramural Basket- ball 141. '1 Track 1115 Football 13, 415 g Q 'W f X Durwood Fullerff R.O.T.C. 5 d Chevron b 1 lx -11 George Leon Garey Aurora Staff 1415 Red Hawk Staff 1415 Bars and Chevron-s Club 1415 R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 13, 415 R.O.T.C. 12, 3, 41. Eileen Ghyeels Treasurer of Union High Safety Club 1315 President of Union High Safety Club 1415 Latin Club 12, 315 Service Squadf12, 31. Raymond Gillette Harry Goldberg Vice-President Iunior Class. 14' Franklin Engstrom Hi-Y 13, 41. Lillian Flak Audubon Club 13, 415 Home Economics Club 1415 Union High Safety Club 1315 Girl Reserves 1315 Nature Club e M Peggy lane National Honor Society 1415 Debating 13, 415 President of French Club 1415 English Dramatics Club 1415 Chair- man ol' Class Day Commit- tee 141. Henry Friedl German Club 131. William Gallmeyer Hi-Y 12, 3, 415 Track 13, 415 President of Freshman Class. Ila Gaze Home Economics Club 1415 Girl Reserves 1415 English Dramatics Club 1415 Girls' Glee Club 121- 1 Robert Giles Student Council 1215 Track 11. 2, 3, 415 Football 1l15 Red Hawk Staff 141. Antoinette Glowzynsh Union High Safety Club 12. 3, 415 English Dramatic Club 13, 415 Home Economics 141. 1. ...t, ,P e Goldberg NM' l V1 -President Campfire G s 1315 Secretary Campfire Girls 1415 Latin Club 1215 Dramatics Club 13, 41. Ralph D. Golden Aurora Staff .1415 Music Ap- preciation 1315 German Club 121. Rose B. Goodbalian French Slub 12, 3, 415 Span- ish Clu 1415 National Honor Society 13, 415 Service Squad 12, 3, 415 Red Hawk Staff 141. Elizabeth Grublislri President of G.U.C. 1415 T.D.S. 1115 Soccer 12, 3, 415 Basketball 12, 3, 415 Volley- ball 12, 3, 41. Margaret Haggerty 1"Hattie"1 Union High Safety Club 13, 415 Girl Reserves 141. Marian Hall Union High Safety Club 131. Bertha I.. Hansen Girl Reserves 1415 Union High Safety Club. Margaret P. Hansen Q G.U.C. 1115 Soccer Team 11, 215 Service Squad 1415 Union High Safety Club 1415 Eco- nomics Club 141. lake Harlick Hi-Y 13, 415 Glee Club 11, Z, 315 Latin Club 12, 315 Tennis Club 131. Wilbur K. Haumann Band 11, 2, 3, 415 Male Quar- 11? tette 1315 Latin Club 12, 315 XM Brass Ensemble 13, 415 Boys' Glee. Q.. 5: fx e. .gf 1, . it 1 X Irene R. Goldys Girls' Meet 131. Nature Club 1315 esident Dramatics Production Man- Hawk 1415 Wres- Team 1215 Vice-Presi- Garden Club 141. Pearl Haadsma 1"Peg"1 Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 415 Girls' Glee 11, 2, 31. Hugo Paul Hall Student Council 1215 Vice- President German Club 1415 Senior Band 1415 Senior Or- chestra 1415 Hi-Y Club 141. Iva Hamilton Union High Safety Club 1315 Audubon Club 13, 415 Span- ish Club 131. 1 Henry Hansen 'H bl Boys' Glee 1 , 2, 315 D e Quartette 12, 5 Hi-Y1l,2,415 Student Council 1115 Intra- mural. Basketball 13, 41. Bernice Harasiuk 1"Bemie"1 Union High Safety Club 131. Barbara Harrigan Student Council 1115 G.U.C. 12, 3, 415 T.D.S. 1115 English Art Club 12, 315 Service Squad 12, 3, 41. Ai Hqzenwinksl Latin ciub 1315 Hi-Y 141. is .. . , . . Eugene E. Heim El Club Espanol5 Muffin Muffer's Club 141. Bernice Hernacki 1"Bee"1 Camera Club 1315 Audubon Club 141. Leonard Hoedeman Muffin Muffer's Club 1415 El Club Espanol. Henrietta 'lane Holmes 1"Stooge"1 Union High Safety Club 11, 2, 3, 415 Girl Reserve Club 13, 415 Home Economics Club 1l, 2, 315 Basketball Team 1415 Volleyball Team 141. Thelma E. Holmes Student Council 1315 Orches- tra 1l, 415 Girls' Glee 1l, 315 Union High Safety Club 1215 1 Dramatics Club 1415 Union High Safety Club 13, 415 Girl R e s e r v e s 13, 415 Service Squad 131. Girl neserves 131. Agnes Hoogewind Leslie Houghtelling Bar and Chevrons Club 12, 315 Senior Play 1415 Lieuten- ant, R.O.T.C. 1315 Mixed Chorus. Phyllis Iune' Huartson lean Hughson Editor of Aurora 1415 Nation- al Honor Society 1415 Nature Club 12, 3, 415 Latin Club 1215 News Editor of Red Hawk 141. 16 Arthur Henk Football 11, 2, 3, 415 Varsity Club 11, 2. 3, 415 Vice-Presi- dent 1415 Dramatics Club 1415 Track 131. Lenora Margaret Herrmann Girl Reserves 1215 German Club 1215 Union High Safety Club 13. 41: Secretary of Union High Safety Club 1415 Latin Club 141. 5 ' Zouiae Hoeksel Home Economics Club 1315 English Dramatics Club 1415 Senior Play 1415 Girls' Glee Club 1415 Union High Safety Club 13, 41. June Patricia Holmes Spanish Club 1215 Senior Ad- visory Council 1415 Banking Council 11, 215 Mixed Chorus 13, 41. Ieanne S. Hoogeboom Audubon Club 1415 G.U.C. 1415 Basketball 13, 41. Doris Hookwith Latin Club 1115 Service Squad 1215 Home Economics Club 141. Charles Howe Second Team Football 13, 415 Head Student Manager 13, 415 Glee Club 12, 315 Red Hawk Staff 1415 School Store 13. 41. Eleanor M. Huff - Union High Safety Club 12. 3, 415 Girls' Glee 13, 415 Girl Reserves 1315 Stunt Team 1315 Home Economics Club 121. Steve lgleski Bar and Chevrons Club 13, 415 Rifle Team 13, 41. Maxwell Louis Irwin President of Iunior Class C335 Vice-President of Latin Club5 Treasurer of Hi-Y5 Football CZ, 3, 435 Vice-Preside of Student Council C43, LL XL Le Iune Iankowski President of Union High Safety Club C435 Service Squad CZ, 335 Member of cast ol "ln the Next Room" C435 English Dramatics Club C3, 435 Latin Club C33. Alexander Charles Iasaitis Track C135 Football Cl, Z35 Service Squad C435 Dra- matics Club C435 Radio Club Leone Iendrasiak Audubon Club C435 Latin Club C435 Home Economics Club C43. Carl A. Iolmson Band Cl, Z, 3, 435 Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 435 Bar and Chev- rons Club Cl, Z, 3, 435 Dra- matics Club C435 National High School Band C33. Harry Clifton Iohnson Sergeant, R,O.T.C. CZ, 335 Bars and Chervons Club CZ, 335 Aurora Staff C435 Red Hawk C435 Mixed Chorus C43, Ioe Iurewicz Football CZ, 3, 435 Basketball C2, 3, 435 Track Cl, 235 Var- sity C3, 43. Albert A. Karzinski William F. Kazelskis Aurora Staff C43. C C, Iesionowski C L! Helen Iakubauskal Erma Annette lansma Latin Club Cl, 235 Camera Club CZ3. Carolyn M. Iaskiewicz Girls' Meet C335 Home Eco- nomics C43. f' q if ,HCY cmb C431 Radio Club f 141. Edward Iohnson Track C435 Band C2, 335 ROTC. C2, 335 Student Man- ager C435 Spanish Club CZ3. Verna E. Iohnson Secretary of Iunior Class C335 National Honor Society C435 Secretary of Spanish Club C335 G.U.C. CZ, 3, 435 Service Squad Cl, Z, 3, 43. Lottie H. Kalisz Union High Safety Club C335 Spanish Club C33. X, Walter I. Kasper Student Manaaer C435 Grand Rapids Aero Club C43, Bruce Kimball Hi-Y Club Cl, Z, 3, 435 French Club C33. 17 Conrad Kivinen Nature Club C31. Iune Kooyerl Orpha Korten Student Council C215 Home Economics C115 Union High Safety Club C3, 415 Girl Re- serves C415 Mixed Chorus C3, 41, Henry Kowalski President National Honor So- ciety C415 Property Manager Senior Play C415 Dramatics Club C415 Student Council C415 Hi-Y C41. Genevieve I. Kruis French Club C2, 3, 415 Service Squad C41. Edward I. Kucinskas Football C215 Basketball C215 Track C2, 3, 415 Spanish Club C31,QDramatics Club C41. Lottie Kulhawik Union High Safety Club C2, 3, 415 English Dramatic Club C3, 415 Home Economics Club C41. Mary I. Kupczyk Home Economics Club C41. Erwin Compte Student Council C315 Football C315 Checking Committee C41. 18 Karl Kloiber Student Council C215 Spanish Club5 President ot Nature Club C21. Esther M. Koropas Audubon Club C415 Latin Club C415 Home Economics C415 Student Council C415 Vice-President of Red Cross Club C41. Mary Kovitz X Home Economics C2, 3, 415 Union i et Club C415 Girl R r es C21 Steve M. Kraut Red Hawk Stafl C415 Hi-Y C2, .315 R.O,T.C. 2, 315 Cor- pioral C315 Basletball C215 Glee Club C41. Eugene G. Kubiak Student Manager Cl, 2, 3, 41, x,4f-yy' Ar ne Luciel Kuennen nion High Safety Club C3, 415 Vice-President Union High Safety Club C415 Girl Reserves C41. 1 Edward Kumko Hi-Y C115 R. O. T. C. C2, 31: Boys' Glee Club C3, 415 Bar and Chevrons Club C3, 41. Evelyn Marie Laban Home Economics Club C315 Mixed Chorus C2, 31. Harvey Leedy Spanish Club C215 English Dramatic Club C415 Service Squad C415 Track C215 Boys' Glee Club C41. William Lindberg. Ir. . Captain, R. O. T. C. C415 President ol Hi-Y C415 French Club C3, 415 Senior Band CZ, 315 Sophomore Treasurer C21. Margaret Elouiee Long Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 315 Home Economics Club C2, 315 Vice- President ol Home Econom- ics Club C315 Union High Safety Club Cl, 2, 3, 415 Mixed ahorus C215 Girls' Glee Club 1. Leo Lukas Student Manager 2, 3, 4 Radio Club C415 ce- es dent ol Radio-C V 4 Frank Madge: President ol National Honor Society C415 President ol Dramatics Club C415 Presi- dent ol Service Squad C415 Secretary of Senior Class 5415 Student Council Cl, 2, . 41. Walter Makarewicz Golf Club5 Glee Club. Clarence P. 'Makoweki mv ' fs'i,bCCt.o-vQvfgA Frank Malizia Dramatics Club C415 Track C3, 415 Aurora Stall C415 Red Hawk Staff C41. George R. Mallette Cheer Leader C3, 415 Red Hawk Stall C415 Boys' Glee Club C415 Hi-Y Club C41. Albert I. Mangul. Ir. Football Cl, 2, 3, 415 Varsity Club C3, 41. William A. Lindberry Secretary ol Hi-Y C415 French Club C3, 415 Hi-Y C2, 3, 415 Nature Club C31. Wallace Luce Radio Club C415 Sponsor C31. Nina Luyendylc Treasurer of Senior Class C415 National Honor Society C415 Treasurer G. U. C. C415 Home Economics Club C3, 415 G. U. C. C2, 3, 41. Chester Makarewicz Spanish Club5 Glee Club. Alex Makowski Track Cl, 2, 3, 415 Varsity Club C3, 415 Senior Play Cast C415 Football C31. Carmen I. Maine T. D. S. CI1: G. U. C. C2, 3, 41: Treasurer ol Freshman Class5 English Art Club C315 Girl Reserves C2, 31. Mary Malizia' Spanish Club5 Union High Safety Club C415 Girl Re- serves C415 Girls' Glee Club C2, 41. Iohn I. Mancewicz Hi-Y Club C415 Union Radio Club C415 Boys' Glee Club C415 Union Aero Club C31. Donald Iarnel Maeke R. O. T. C. Cl, 2, 3,'41: Ser- geant, R. O. T. C. C415 Mixed Chorus C315 Bare and Chev- rons Club CZ, 3, 41. 19 Ierome Maeloweki President of Radio Club C435 Dramatics Club C435 Bars and Chevrons Club C335 Latin Club CZ3. ' Albert F. Matson Nature Club CZ, 335 Glee Club Cl, 335 Hi-Y C435 R. O. T. C. CZ, 33. Anna Mazurek Secretary ot G. U. C. C43: Basketball CZ, 3, 435 Volley- ball CZ, 3, 435 Soccer Cl, 2, 33. Margaret Merigian President ot Campfire C33: Treasurer of Campfire CZ3: French Club Cl, Z35 Service Squad C435 Drarnatics Club C3. 43. Chester A. Meyer Hi-Y Club Cl, Z, 3. ish Club CZ, CZ, 335 Senior Boys' Glee Marjorie Meyering G. U. C. CZ, 3, 435 Girl Re- serves C3, 435 U. H. S. CZ, 335 Home Economics Club CZ3: Mixed Chorus Cl, 2, 3, 43. Marjorie Mae Miedema G, U. C. CZ, 3, 435 Home Eco' nornics Club C435 Soccer Team CZ, 3, 435 Volleyball CZ. 3, 435 Basketball CZ, 3, 43. Larry I. Miller Marjorie E. Mooney Spanish Club C235 Nature Club C33. Z0 Cecilia P, Matel Home Economics Club C43 Service Squad C43. Lilian Dorothy 'Matzat Club C235 Service Squad C33 Mixed Chorus C43. Marianne Meeuwsen Girls' Athletic Association C33r Union High Safety Chili C435 Mixed Chorus C43 Louise E.. Merkle Aurora Staff C43. Ray Meyer Radio Club C43' Mociol Ai: plane Club CZ3. Aileen M. Meyers Girl Reserves Cl. Z, 3, 43: U, C. Cl, 2, 335 Union Higli Safety Club Cl, Z, 335 Mixed Chorus C33. Norbert Miknavich Football C3, 435 Basketball C3, 435 Track CZ, 3, 435 Varsity Club C3, 435 Secretary and Vice-President C3, 43. Loraine Moll Girl Reserves C435 German Club C235 National Honor Society C435 Service Squad C335 Mixed Chorus C43. it uce Moorman Girl Reserves C43: Germm. Mary Catherine Murphy Student Council C335 Service Squad C335 Home Economics Club C235 Girls' Glee Club C43. Ida, R. Nauta Girl Reserves C43. Helen Nicholas Senior .Play C435 Girl Re- serves C435 Secretary of Na- tional Honor Society C435 Service Squad C335 Decla- mation C23. Carl Novakoski Football Cl, 2, 3, 435 Basket- ball Cl, 235 Varsity C135 Boys' flee Club C435 Mixed Chorus 3, 43. Irene Lucille Nygren German Club CZ, 3, 435 Na- tional Honor Society C435 Au- dubon Club C43. Marian Obermeyer Rome Ohanesian Girl Reserves C435 Girls' Glee Cl, 2, 33: U, H. S. C235 Span- ish Club C2, 33. Norm Olman Football Cl, 2, 3, 435 Basket- ball C2, 335 Track Cl, 2, 335 Varsity Club C3, 435 Secre- tary of Varsity Club C43. Alfred Packer P Radio Club C43. 34 Clement Naperola Betty lane Nebelius Red Hawk Staff C435 Aurora Staff C435 Service Squad Cl. 235 Spanish Club C2, 335 Archery Club C43. l ce Nordma ervice S uad Cl, 2, 335 enior r 'ce in Florida ' es C435 Cheer Leader C43. Donald Nowak if ank Obenneyer Chairman Senior Pi c t u r e Committee5 Hi-Y C3, 435 Vice- President C435 Service Squad C2, 3, 435 Dramatic Club C435 Slea Scouts C33. Sarah Oegema C"Sary"3 Mixed Chorus Cl, 2, 3, 435 Girls' Glee C3, 43. Dorothy Iane Olds Myron Orwant News Editor Red Hawk C435 National Honor Society C435 Senior Play C435 Motto Com- mittee C435 Student Council C33. Elsie F. Panzer Service Squad Cl, 2, 335 U. H. S. Club C435 Home Eco- nomics C435 Soccer Team C23 21 Don Pease Track 1335 Band 1l, 23. Esther Peterson ' Home Economics Club 1435 U. H. S. Club 1435 Secretary ot U. H. S. Club 143. Robert Pitech Al ert A. Prekopolki resident of French Club 13, 5 435 Hi-Y 13, 435 Sea Scouts 13, 435 Boys' Glee Club 133. Meyer I. Ragir Red Hawk Statt 1435 Debat- ing 1335 Boys' Glee Club 12, 335 Latin Club 11, 2, 435 V Senior Orchestra 1l, 23. Claudia D. Raueer Home Economics Club 1435 T. D. S. Club 113: G. U. C. 12, 3, 435 Nature Club 1335 Latin Club 143. Kenneth Rauser Football 12, 3, 43: Varsity Club 143. Leona A. Reyers Service Squad 12, 3, 435 Girls' Glee Club 113. Leslie C. Rickman Hi-Y 13, 435 Track 133. 22 Loma D. Pease U. H. S. Club 13, 43. ,--,K gif F ll ,. fx ff ynor C. Pitchsl . . Club 143. Ruth Plachecki President oi Audubon Club 1435 Vice-President of Na- tional Honor Society 1435 Secretary ot Home Eco- nomics Club 1435 Student Council 1435 Girl Reserves 13, 43. 'nic P as ' nio gh Safety Club 12. 435 o Economics Club 3 5 Mi d Chorus 143. D Mae Randall Vice-President of Carnptire Girls 1135 Secretary 12, 335 President 1435 French Club 11, 235 Dramatics Club 13.43. Donald W. Raueer Red Hawk Stati 1435 Orches- tra 11, 235 Glee Club 143. Sophie Razgunas Mixed Chorus 1l, 435 Service Squad 12, 43. Dorothy Richards Service Squad 1235 Girl Re- serves 1Z, 435 Latin Club 12, 43. Frank W. Rimkul. Ir. Stage Manager 13, 435 Dra- matics Club 13, 435 Chairman ot Floor Committee 143. Geor e Rinkevich 9 Track C3. 49: Varsity Club. C3, 49. Elizabeth Ruth Robbins Service Squad Cl, 3, 495 Mixed Chorus C2, 395 Girls' Glee Club Cl, 495 Home Eco- nomics Club Cl9. Margaret C. Roh Secretary of National Honor Society C495 Treasurer of Au- dubon Club C495 Service Eqxgzd C395 German Club CZ, Robert E. Rolf Major R. O. T, C. C495 Bars and Chevrons Club Cl, 2, 3, 495 Glee Club C29. Frank Russell Track C395 Basketball C395 Hi-Y C3, 495 Varsity Club C3. 495 Treasurer C49. Walter Rybachok Hi-Y C395 Football C2, 395 Sponsor C495 Track C3, 495 Latin Club C2, 39, Wilma M. Rypkema Girl Reserves C2, 3, 495 Union High Safety Club C2, 395 Home Economics Club C2, 3, 495 City Council of Girl Re- serves C495 Soccer Team C2, 39. Hi- Clu 9' St nt Man- Charles G. S er U Gil Sattler Senior Play C495 President of German Club C495 Treasurer of Dramatics Club C3, 495 Boys' Glee Club C495-Radio Club C49. Helen F. Rinkevich . Latin Club C1, 295 Spanish Club C395 Home Economics Club C3, 495 Union High Safety Club C39, Rayman . e R. O C , 3, 495 Ser- ch stra C495 Bars and C evrons Club C35 49. W? t 5 Band C3, 495 Role R. Rokicki G. U, C. C3, 495 Union High Safety Club C495 Home Eco- nomics Club C3, 49. Elvira H. Rumineki Camera Club C39. ' e Irvine H. Russell Mixed Chorus Cl, 2, 495 Latin Club CZ, 395 Boys' Glee Club C29. Cecilia P. Rydzewski President of Audubon Club C492 Treasurer of Girl Re- serves C495 Secretary of Au- dubon Club C495 Service Squad C495 Home Economics Club C2, 3, 49. l Sidney Sachs President oi the Student Council C495 Managing Edi- tor of the Red Hawk C495 Na- tional Honor Society C495 De- bating Team C495 Secretary of the Latin Club C39. Marian Samrick Treasurer oi Camp Fire Girls C195 President C395 French Club Cl, 295 Union High Safety Club C395 Red Hawk Staff C49. Howard I. Schaubel President of Hi-Y C395 Varsity Club C3, 495 Treasurer C495 Football Cl, 2, 3, 495 Track CZ. 3, 49. X23 Betty Scholhaal Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41 Girls' Glee Club 141. Kcxrline Louise Scholl German Club 121. Irene Sordynsky German Club. 121. Glen Shideler ll Stanley Siomion Latin Club 12 5 Si t Man ager 13, 'A Doris Simpson Union High Safety Club 121 Mary Slcestemas Home Economics Club 141, Union High Safety Club 1412 Stcmle inski Foot 3 415 Varsity Club 141: 1 Y 141. -.J Samuel S. Slivick Dramaiic Club 1415 Track 13, 415 Latin Club 121. 24 Dorothy Schmitt Girl Reserves 12, 315 Union High Safety Club 12, 3, 41: Home Economics Club 12, 31. Walt Schultz R. O. T, C. 11, 2, 31: Student Council 12, 31. Alecxtha Sherwood Union High News Siaii 131. Sophie S. Siegel French Club 12, 315 Home Economics Club 13, 415 Eng- lish Art Club 12, 315 Girls' Glee Club 1l, 2, 3, 415 Mixed Chorus 141. Iohn A. Sikkema Secretary oi Student Council 1415 Business Manager oi Senior Play 1415ln1e!'-Hi Council 141, Dorothy 1. Simpson Union High Safety Club 1215 Girl Reserves 141. Anthony Skrabis Marie Slinsky Girl Reserves 1415 G. U. C. 1415 Service Squad 141. X 0 S lges rn Economics Club 1315 U ' High Safety Club 141: Gir s' Glee Club 13, 415 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41. Clark Smith Student Council Cl, 2 - Varsity Club 5 415 Fo C2, 3, 415 Dramatics Chi . U V ish Club Cl, 215 ident l 3:51 Herbert Smith Senior Play C415 Red Hawk Staff C3, 415 Aurora Staff C415 grail? C2, 315 Spanish Club Katherine Soet Home Economics Club C2, 3, 415 Union High Safety Club C215 Girl Reserves C21. Homer Spence Bars and Chevrons Club C2 3, 415 Ft. O. T. C, Rifle Team C3, 415 Nature Club C3, 415 Radio Club C41. Bernard St. Andre Football C31: Hi-Y C41. I. Gerald Stein Secretary oi Dramatics Club C415 Service Squad C415 Boys' Glee Club C215 Senior Band C215 Nature Club C21. Donald Stoll Treasurer of Freshman Class Cl15 Treasurer oi Spanish Club C215 Student Council C2, 315 Tennis Team C315 Vice- President Hi-Y C41. Marian F. Swart Girl Reserves C35 415 English Art Club C315 Union High Safety Club C3, 415 Service Squad C315 Girls' Meet C21. Beulah I. Taylor Service Squad C2, 415 Home Economics Club CZ, 315 Union High Safety Club C315 Audu- bon Club C41 George Smith Football C2 Ti 41, Hfrttl-it ti C115 Track C31, Wir-:.tlt't'i " Varsity Cluh C41 Virginia Smith Girl R6tSf'r'JE1:s mf, m7'.'t- 14. r- Squad Cl 215 llniriz, liti' Safety Club Cl 2 31 Elsa Sorokin Home w cs Clut t-i Unimgq. uatety Chit 4 Servi Squad C41 Adam H. Spoczynski At Catholic Central: Srtartiftr Club Cl, 21, Presidflrtt ot French Club C315 Clifffrz Leader C215 Basketball Cl1. Letha Marie Stapleton English Art Club Cl15 Student Council C2, 315 G U, C. C2, 3, 415 Service Squad C3, 415 Girls' Glee Club C3, 41. Elizabeth E. Stevens Girl Reserves C3, 415 Union High Safety Club C3, 41, English Drarnatics Club C3. 41. in Sundbeck '-Y Cl, 2, 315 Treasurer C415 rench Club C3, 415 Bars and Chevrons Club C2, 315 Boys' Glee Club Cl, 215 Rifle Team 1. nk Szczepaniuk Football Cl, 2, 315 Captain 425 Varsity Club C2, 3, 415 arsity Club President C415 Track C31. Dick Teitsma 25 Peter Teitsma Senior Band 13, 43. Robert M. Thomas Hi-Y 1435 Radio Club 1435 R. O, T. C. 13, 43: '-Bars and Chevrons Club 143.. 52 J' hr .H Russell Thompson Basketball 12, 3, 43: Captain 1435 Varsity 13, 43. s Kathleen Mavourneen Triick Treasurer of Sophomore Class 1235 Treasurer of Girl Reserves 1435 Senior Play Committee 1435 Service Squad 12, 3, 43. Edna Vanden Bos President of G. U. C. 1435 Basketball 12, 3, 435 Manager of Senior Meet 1435 Student Council 133 Bertha Vander Heide Girl's Glee Club 11, 2, 335 Mixed Chorus 1335 Senior Meet 1335 Secretary of Camp- lire Girls 123. Ralph I. Vander Kam I Loraine M. Vander Meer Union High Safety Club 1435 Treasurer of Home Eco- nomics Club 143. Kathryn L. Van Driel President of Girl Reserves 1435 Union High Safety Club 12, 335 Home Economics Club 12, 33: Soccer Team 12, 335 Glee Club 113. 26 . Elaine Thielsen G. U. C. 12, 3, 435 Basketball 12, 3, 435 Volleyball 12, 3, 435 Soccer 11, 2, 33. Arlgiur W. Thornasrna ational Honor Society 143. George F. Trasky Nature Club 12, 3, 435 Bars and Chevrons Club 12, 33: Football 1235 R. O, T. C. 11. 2, 3, 435 Rifle Team 12, 33. Katherine Tylinski Spanish Club 13, 435 Audu- bon Club 13, 435 Union Safety Club 1435 1 Aft" sfwfff f Harry CIF Vander Burg R O . . . C. 11, 235 Red Hawk Staff 1435 Aurora Staff 1435 Mode Airplane Club 133. Eileen Vander Iagt Senior Orchestra 11 2, 3, 43: Mixed Chorus 1.135 Union High Safety Club 143, Dorothy Vander Meer Girl Reserves 1135 Audubon Club 143. Cornelius Vander Sloet Vice-President of German Club 1235 Boys' Glee Club 1235 Senior Sponsor 133. George Van En Band 11, 23. Iune Van Ol Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 435 Girls' Glee Club 1435 Home Eco- nomics Club 143. Glenn oer om Football , 2, 3, 435 Varsity Club 1435 Dramatics Club 1435 Red Hawk Staff 1435 Aurora Staff 143. Charlotte Veldere G. U. C. 12, 3, 43. William I. Von Red Hawk Staff 1435 Hi-Y 1135 Stamp Club 143. Kenneth George Wellman National Honor Society 1435 Vice-President of French Club 1435 President ot Service Squad 1435 Student Council 1435 Dramatics Club 13, 43. Loraine Whalley Vice-President of French Club 1435 Treasurer oi French Club 1435 Audubon Club 143. Emxa White English Art Club 1235 Secre- tary of Scribblers' Club 1335 Service Squad 143. Ray Wlelt Football 12, 3, 435 Varsity Club 13, 435 Iunior Basket- ball 1l35 Student Manager 113. 5 Marcella Wiltrakil r' 558,44 Ed. Van Stee Spanish Club 113. Charlotte C. Veenltra Economics Club 12, 3 , n High Safety Club 1335 rvice Squad 12, 335 Vice- ' ent of Audubon Club 14 Franklin Ver Lee National Honor Society 1435 Radio Club 1435 Hi-Y 143. Vincent Walciuk Hi-Y Club 13, 435 French alub 13, 435 Service Squad 3. Ferne Whalley Vice-President ot National Honor Society 1435 Secretary of G. U. C. 1435 Red Hawk Staff 1435 Chairman oi Senior Invitation Committee 143. Elma E. White N ,R 7,4 Q33 Iennie C. Wielhouwer Secretary of German Club 1335 Vice-President of Audu- bon Club 1435 Home Eco- nomics Club 1l, 2, 335 Serv- ice Squad 11, 2, 3, 435 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 43. Glenn Williams English Dramatics Club 1435 Nature Club 12, 3, 435 Radio Club 143. Clyde W. Wirth 27 Marguerite Wilnelki G. U. C. 12, 3, 47. Ioe Zamiara Michael Zdeb H. Norman Zoet Boys' Glee Club 12, 37: FOOT- ball 137: Hi-Y 147. Nellie Zuyddyk President of Girl Reserves 1475 National Honor Society 1475 Senior Girl Councillor 1475 Service Squad 137. Edward F. Zyzyk Senior Band 137. I 1 SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Louise May Wygmanl Girl Reserves 1275 Home Economics Club 12, 375 Union High Safety Club 11, 2, 3, 475 Mixed Chorus 1275 Girls' Glee Club 147. Leon Zamiara Albert Zegunis Track 12, 375 Captain 1475 Basketball 13, 475 Varsity Club 12, 3, 47. Edward M. Zukowskl National Honor Society 13, 475 Secretary oi Radio Club 1475 Hi-Y 13, 475 Sea Scouts 13, 475 Dramatics Club 147. Roy Zylstra Red Hawk Staff 1475 Hi-Y 1375 Dramatics Club, President 1475 Aurora Staff 1475 Senior Play 147. Elfreida aothee 5 Harold Openhuizen U ' ' h N 3 J mon lg ews l I Edward Peterson Alfred Czurak Boys' Glee cmb 11, 2, 37. lame' slag" Gretchen Van Sluyters Adel' M' Decks' Student Council 11, 275 Serv- Ma, Echfinqw ice Squad 1275 Girls' Glee Club 1475 Home Economics Nell Everle Club 147, In memory of Vera DeVriel. our classmate, who died Iuly. 1933. 28 SENIOR COMMITTEES Memorial Committee Howard Schaubel, Chairman Trevah Anderson Iean Ansorge Tom Irwin Gerald Stein Play Committee Helen Nicholas, Chairman Gordon Cook, Chairman Lucille Dunn Ierry Centilli Kathleen Triick Motto Committee Myron Orwant, Chairman Verna Iohnson Rose Goodbalion Ray Bental Announcements and Cards Committee Henry Kowalski, Chairman Peggy Fox Catherine Murphy Picture Committee Viola Anderson, Chairman Frank Obermeyer, Chairman Class Song Committee Sophie Seigle, Chairman Thelma Holmes Kenneth Wessman lack Criner Wilbur Hauman Publicity Committee Kenneth Wessman Donna Baltes William Lindberg Program Committee Trevah Anderson, Chairman Dorothy Cutler Marian Hall Iohn Sikkema Iack Donker Invitation Committee Fern Whalley, Chairman Decoration Committee Norbert Micknavich, Chairman Lois Ellis Claudia Rauser Donna Baltes Tom Irwin Clark Smith Norbert Marek Refreshment Committee Orson Grant, Chairman Nellie Zuyddyk Charles Howe Checking Committee Irwin Le Compte, Chairman Ruth Placheki Elsa Sorokin Marjorie Meyering Leslie Rickson Vincent Wasciuk Clean-up Frank Rimkus, Chairman Marjorie Meyering Elizabeth Grubleski Barney Cyberski Steve Kraut Frank Szczepaniuk Ere we pass into the future, We cast a look behind, When we travel on new pathways, We'll have Union still in mind. May the counsel we received here Aid us to greater height, ' And mem'ries of your high ideals Inspire us to the right. W ' CLASS SONG 1 9 3 4 To you we will be loyal, We'll raise your banners high That the Red and White forever May triumph, never die. Our Mater, Union High School, By earnest lives and true Our gratitude We'll render. And now, farewell to you. Chorus: ' We are leaving you, dear Union High School, We are going forth to seek our goalsg ' ' Tho' we drift apart, We'll ever cherish Schoolday mem'ries in our souls. Thelma Holmes. CLASS- WiLL fl ' We, the Senior Class of Union High School, City of Grand Rapids, State of Michi- gan, being aware that our date of passing from this vale of knowledge is not far distant and being of comparatively sound mind, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. To the following parties we bequeath, will, and devise the following articles: Item Item Item Item Item: Item Item Item Item To To our revered and honorable faculty we sadly will an unusually ignorant and ill-mannered horde, our unworthy successors, the Iuniors. To the faculty we give ourlgratitude for the knowledge forced on us during our high school "daze" P To Coaches Iohn Hess and "Doc" Ellingson we leave the task of building city championship football and basketball teams. To all interested we leave the task of trying to get credit at the school store. To all Iuniors we leave our books with the writing between the lines to help them along. To the 1935 Seniors we leave the knowledge we left behind us. To the Iuniors we will Harry Iohnson's spats, enclosed in a platinum casket, to be placed among Union's -trophies and to be held in high esteem there- after. To Lieutenant Dave Ellis we present Major Bob Rolf's short pants now that Bob has graduated to longies. ' To the future Seniors we leave our shining example of unrelenting diligence, our excellent behavior, our brilliant knowledge, and our unlimited alibis. the above will and testament we fix our hand and seal on this first day of Iune, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four. witnessed bln THE SENIOR CLASS Qxi THREE POINT TWO GLEN "SPEEDY" VAN WOERKOM fXl RUSSEL COREY, Attorney. 30 CLASS CHRONICLE Freshman Year C 1930- 1 93 1 D Sept. 2-We return to the "good ole school daze". The class of '34 begins its long trek to graduation. Sept. 20 - Union tramples Shelby High on the football field, 63-O. Oct. 16-William Gallmeyer elected presi- dent of, the freshman class. Dorothy Cutler becomes vice-president','Geraldine Barbour, 'secretary, Carmen Mains, girl treasurer, and Don Stoll, boy treasurer. Oct. 22-The Witches Gambol in the gym- nasium. Nov. 26-Union and South battle to scoreless tie in a football game on South's ice pond. Feb. 24 - Post-Washington Potluck held in the lunchroom. Iack Criner entertained those present by showing some films. Feb. 26-"The Covered Wagon" passes through the auditorium on its way to the west. i May 2-The Varsity Club sponsors the "Spring Frolic". May 12-The sophs and freshies get together in their annual party. Iune 4-5-Several worthy girls and boys receive awards at the honor assemblies. Iune 19-Teachers and students get a taste of "ole Sol" as the summer beckons them on. Sophomore Year 11931-19323 Sept. I-That good "ole school daze" returns. The class of '34 starts the second lap of its high school career. I Sept. 24-Soph class is organized. john Coffee becomes president, Norman Bowman vice-president, Marjorie Castor, secretary. and Kate Triick and William Lindberg. class treasurers, Oct. 7-Sophs get together in the girlsfgym- nasium. Oct. 23-The seniors awake from their stupor and give an all school party, the Rendez- vous. ' Nov. 20-The girls' gym is the scene of the Soph Frolic. Nov. 25-Miss Doris Bishop, commercial teacher, dies from injuries received in an auto accident. Nov. 26-Union captures state title by defeating South, 19-13. Dec. 24-Santa Claus entices us away from school. Feb. 23-Sophs give a party. Feb. 26-Union cagers end up in fourth place when beaten by Creston, 17-9. Mar. 10-ll-Union keeps up with the times and presents the "Follies of l932". April 22-Everybody gets spring fever at the "Spring Sport Spree". May 10-- Union resounds with the musical strains of its annual Music Festival. lune 16 -- Another summers vacation. Iunior Year 11932-19331 K Sept. 6 -The class of '34 is dazed once more by the tinkling of school bells as they return to dear old Union. Sept. 24--Union demonstrates, to Traverse City, the fine points of the game of football, e 31-6. -A - Sept. 27-The junior class gets the election bug and votes Tom Irwin, president, Harry Goldberg, vice-president, Russ Corey, treas- urer, and Verna johnson, secretary. Oct. 1-juniors come down to earth and help elect Stanislaus Kolenda president of the Student Council. Oct. 24-The seniors get the election bug and elect Frank Kowrack president. Oct. 29- A calamityl Muskegon beats Union for the first time in four years, 21-7. Nov. 3-juniors and seniors stop arguing with each other to cheer for the football team at a pep meeting. Nov. 10--Edwin Markham. noted poet, is interviewed by a Union student. Nov. 24-Union ends the football season with a 6-0 victory over their ancient, rival, South. Dec. 9-Union upsets Kalamazoo Central, State Basketball Champions of 1931-32, 29-22. Ian. 20-The Copper Carnival is held to put Old Man Depression to rout. Ian. 28-The seniors prove they are alive by sponsoring the Hey-day Hop, Feb. 23-24-"The Whole Town's Talking," senior play, keeps the whole school talking for a week. Mar. 3-'Creston muddles city cage race by upsetting Union, 17-13. Mar. 9-Union celebrates her eightieth birth- day. No cake is served. Mar. 31 -Union High P. T. A. holds an i'Open House." Apr. 7-"The Valiant" appears in the audi- torium during the eighth hour. Apr. 8-Union defeats Allegan and Hastings in a track meet. Apr. 21--Mr. Albers presents U24 Hours to Live." Iames B, Barrows plays the leading role. Apr. 29--The socially elite are present at the third annual Bal Moderne. Juno 9--Iuniors bid farewell to the seniors at the Iunior-Senior Prom. Iuno 15-The seniors leave-much to the reliel ot the juniors. Senior Year 11933-1930 Sept. 18-The class ot '34 is still in a daze as it enters its last year in high school. It's the same old school. Sept. 23-East Grand Rapids is clawed by the Red Hawks, 50-0. Oct. 5-Sidney Sachs talks the students into electing him president ot the Student Council. Oct. 20--Tech tastes the mud ot Island Park and the claws ot Union's Red Hawks, 14-0. Oct. 26-Another Witches' Gambol. It's get- ting to be a habit with them. g Nov. 4-The Student Council throws a party. Nov. 20-Those Spaniards sponsor a Sun- light Dance. Nov. 30-Coach Hess's boys beat Central, l3-0, and clinch the city championship. The Varsity struts at the Turkey Strut. Doc. 15- We lofty seniors get together in the small gym. Doc. Z0-21-22-The Xmas Musical Carnival enjoys a good run. Ian. 2-We start the New Year off right by enjoying a senior meeting. Ian. 5-The seniors get together again. Feb. 8-9-"The Prince Chap" is manhandled by some seniors who think they can act. Feb. 10-The juniors sponsor an all-school party. Feb. 23-Kline is again burdened with the task oi photographing the seniors. Mar. I--Iames B. Barrows and several lolty seniors are seen "In' the Next Room." Mar. 15-I6-17-Union places second ,in the State Basketball Tournament. Mar. 20-West Siders agitate lor a stadium. Apr. 14-The Student Council electrities the school with its Bal Modernel Apr. 21 -In an attempt to master the Military Ball the soldiers mess up the placef May 5-The Farewell Frolic is sponsored by the Varsity Club. May 16--Acting is again indulged in by the seniors. May 18-The juniors and seniors get to- gether at the Iunior-Senior Prom. Iune 1--Gerhardus Lindemulder presents "A Doctor in Spite ot Himself." Iune 8-Exams! Ughl Iune 14-Commencement. A iew tears are shed. Iune 15-The class of 1934 departs into the cold, cold world in an attempt to turn Dame Prosperity's corner. -Frank Malizia Wm. Kazelskis Betty Nibelius SENIOR ELECTION Prettiest Girl - Norma Bowman. Handsomest Boy -- Charles Howe. Most Popular Girl -- Helen Nicholas. Most Popular Boy-Glen Van Woerkom. Best All-around Girl -- Nina Luyendyk. Best All-around Boy - Orson Charles Grant. Cutest Girl-Lucille Dunn. Cutest Boy - Norman Olman. Girl Athlete --Elizabeth Grubliski. Boy Athlete - Norbert Micknavich. Girl Fashion Plate - Barbara Harrigan. Boy Fashion Plate -- Iohn Coffee. Girl Class Shark we Peggy Fox. Boy Class Shark- Edward Zukowski. Class Flapperk lla Mae Gaze. Class Sheik - Al Zegunis. Class Optimist - - Alex Makowski.. Most Bashtul Girl -- K Irene Nygren. Most Bashtul Boy Franklin Ver Lee. Cleverest Girl ---Donna Baltes. Cleverest Boy -l-larold Ansorge, Best Girl Dancer-Alice Pudzuvis. Best Boy Dancer ---- Meyer Ragir. Class Politician --- Sidney Sachs. Class Musician- Hugo Hall. Class Poet - Thelma Holmes. lnseparables Y 1 Frank Russell and Beuff lah Taylor. Class Comedian --- Edward Kumko. Class Crooner ff Frank Sczpaniak. Most Courteous Girly. - Ferne Whalley. Most Courteous Boy f Frank Ober meyer. Most Dignitied Girl - Lois Ellis. Most Digniiiecl Boy' Roy Zylstra. Baby Girl f - Marjorie Castor, Baby' Boy -Y Howard Schaubel Woman Hater George Rinkevitcti Man Hater Lottie Kalicz, AURORA STAFF Editor-in-Chief ........ Girl Associate Editor .,.. Boy Associate Editor .... Sport Editors ........ ART STAFF Mary Iohnson GROUP PICTURES Carl Orwant ' . . . .Iean Hughson . . . . . .Peggy Fox . . . .Myron Orwant tCarmen Mains lRoy Zylstra Harry Iohnson Frank Obermeyer LITERARY STAFF Betty Nebelius Russel Corey Thelma Holmes Frank Maliza Sophie Siegel Glen Van Woerkom Sidney Sachs William Kazelskis SENIOR DATA Neva Abraham Louise Merkle Erna Eiko George Gary a CHRISTINE M. KECK AWARDS ' The Christine M. Keck Awards are given in recognition oi a Seri- ior's outstanding ability in some' certain field. Art ..,,,.,.,......,......,...............,.. Languages, ............ Clothing Design .... ,......,........ Conversation and Reading Ability ...., ..... Domestic Science ...... ' Biological Science .,4, . . . Physical Science .,4. I33l . . . . .Toni Irwin .......Peggy Fox . . . .Carmen Mains . . . .Myron Orwant SWilma Rypkema i1Kathryn Van Driel . , . . . .Orson Grant . . . .Irving Russell '1 . 'i 1 I ii I U .I 4 j",nJ.7'x' I ,. ,Q J N l i ' r L 'fs Y 4 3 . R - - is . Y 3? I' ,fd NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First How f Henry Kowalski President 12nd Ferne Whalley Margaret Roh Myron Orwant Frank Madges Ruth Plackecki Vice-President 12nd Secretary 12nd ,Usher President llst Vice-President llst Helen Nicholas Secretary llst sernesterl sernesterl semesterl Chairman semesterl semesterl semesterl Second Row -Sidney Sachs. Student Treasurer, Trevah Anderson, Viola Anderson, lean Ansorge. Donna Baltes, Ray Bentall, Third How-Gordon Cook. Mathilde Crater. Peggy Fox. Hose ,Good- balion, lean Hughson. Fourth Row -- Verna lohnson, Nina Luyendyk. Lorraine Moll, Irene Nygren. Filth Row - Grace Thomasma, Advisory Arthur Thomasma, Franklin Ver Lee. V Sixth Row-Kenneth Wessman, Edward Zukowski. Seventh Row A- Nellie Zuyddyk. GOLD KEY AWARDS ' Gold keys are given annually to the seniors possessing the highest number ol activity points. These points are won by service to the school, by scholarship, and by participa- tion in school activities. Receivers ot the gold key are as follows: Myron Orwant, Gordon Cook, Ferne Whalley, Sidney Sachs, Nerna lohnson, Hose Goodbalion, Kenneth Wessman, Frank Madges, Donna Baltes, Nina Luyendyk, Helen Nicholas, Frank Obermeyer, Lorraine Whctlley, Harold Opperihuizen. l34l Left to Right-lst row: M. Orwant, S. Albers, Director, G. Sattler, B. Sachs, S. Skuzinslci 2nd row: H. Smith, H. Nicholas, N. Bowman, A. Makowski, L. Hoeksel. Absent: I. Coffee, L. Houghtelling. SENIOR PLAYS ' This year it was not the Senior play --it was the Senior plays, for the Senior class broke precedent by presenting four plays, one three-act play on Febru- ary 8-9 and three one-act plays on May l7. Another way in which it broke Senior precedent in dramatics was in the kind of plays produced-Whole- some dramas instead of farces or detective-mysteries. The first play, "The Prince Chap," told the story of ag struggling young artist, played by Gilbert Sattler, who was entrusted with the care of a little child, portrayed by 8-year-old Bernice Sachs, at the death of her mother, Trevah Anderson. The child's rise to womanhood and her marriage to her foster- father make the plot. Helen Nicholas evoked laughter in her part of the poor servant-girl. Herbert Smith added flavor to his role of butler with a cockney accent. Other parts were capably taken by Norma Bowman as the little girl grown up, Louise Hoeksel as the artists haughty lianceg Leslie Houghtelling Iohn Coffee, Myron Orwant, and Stanley Skuzinski as the artist's friends, and Alex Makowski as a truck driver. In order to finance the "Aurora," three one-act plays were presented May 17. "Private Ionesf' a war drama, had Edward Zukowski in the leading role. Other roles were taken by Harold Ansorge, Barney Cyberski, Frank Malizia. Gerald Stein, Alex Makowski, Frank Obermeyer, and George Gary. lean Ansorge, as an old man, and Alice Nordmark and Marian Samrick as a pair of young lovers were the cast of the fantasy, "The Maker of Dreams." The Hlilted Suitor," a fantasy laid in Holland, was enacted by Erma White, Peggy Fox, Herbert Smith, and Roy Zylstra. . 35 Let! to Right - lstnrow: H. Schaubel, A. Kelly, H. Cronko, F. Szczepanik, Captain, R. Burno, I. Olenzak, C. Green, A. Mangus. 2nd row: A. Henk, N. Olman, T. Iurewicz, N. Micknavech, R. Wiest, C. Hovakoski. 3rd row: G. Smith, K. Rauser, C. Wysocki, Maslowski. 4th row: T. Boorstein, R. Barbour, M. Amon, C. Smith, L. Slabbekoorn, Si. Skuzinski. 5th row: R. Zimmerman, asst. mgr., R. Grams, G. Van Woerkom, A. Waskiewicz, C. White- cavage, I. Hess, coach. FOOTBALL 1933 ' The 1933 season saw lohn Hess develop one of the strongest and most powerful teams ever seen in Grand Rapids. ,The Red Hawks went through the season undefeated and unscored upon. They amassed 155 points while holding their opponents scoreless. This was Hess' fourth championship team since coming to Union. Coach Hess' boys started the season in a rush by swamping East Grand Rapids, SU-U, and crushing Creston, 33-O. The Hawks slowed up a bit when they struck Tech, but emerged with a well earned 14-O victory on a muddy field. Catholics Cougars battled Union to a scoreless tie in a sea of mud at Island Park. The Hawks repeatedly threatened to score, but lacked the vital punch. The Red Hawks came back with a bang against the Big Reds from Muskegon, scoring twice in the lirst period, and emerging victorious, l3-O. Ottawa fought a great battle against Union, but the Red Hawks rushed over three touchdowns in the closing moments of the game to walk off with a well earned 19-O victory. South fell, 13-O, but penetrated within Unions '20-yard line, something no other team could accomplish throughout the season. Union played Central on Turkey Day and carried off the city title and a claim on the state crown by a smashing 13-U victory. The score would have been much larger, but Central's courageous team thwarted many Hawk scoring chances by some great goal-line stands. A Dickie Burns, quarterback, proved one of the best ball carriers Union has devel- oped in many years. Szczepaniuk, tackle and captain, was honored with an all-state selection. Schaubel, Olman, Szczepaniuk, and Burns were named on the all-city first team, while Miknavitch, Henk, Gronko, and Green made the all-city second team. Kelly, Iurewicz and Mangus were other outstanding players. Prank Malizia. 36 Left 90 Right ist ra-wr 1 Hybacnock W Schuling, l Lane, P. Blashkiew. E Hanson, G. i 1-. 2 .,--.11 , l f5..,t f. L lrafe.. Zxfd raw: V hos. G CS-rmrvlfx It Vande. Laan. A Kalumas F labloriski, E. Rydczewski, A lvl' few' Bid low rt ftwnbeug I Iuckm H illezrx j Ziukowski f. Amon, T Drabtnski, C. Vondestinan, 3. Kaietzkas M. Lilxrfgrvsm coach ith row. A lqlfilli, l' Lmnp, 3 Uurnediun, W. Frederickson, I. Oumedian. W. Karst, F. l'QnJI'YlOW'lUZ manager ' SECGND TEAM FooTBALL ' Unrons second team followed in the footsteps of the city championship first squad in taking titular honors this season. lt won all of its seven games, amassing a total of llifi 6 points for their opponents The reserves started their season with o 350 win over Creston. They repeated by defeating Tech 26 U. Catholic was defeated l5 U, Next they encountered Ottawa, whom they swamped 39 U Muskegon waslthe only team to cross Unions goal line during the entire season Union finally won in a thrilling battle l3-6. They followed this wrth ri 5 to O vrctory over Central and closed their season successfully by defeatzrrg South l2 fl Pomeroy, Whitecavrtcn, and Maslowski were moved up to the first team in rnidf season. The first two were tackles and the latter a halfback. Because of the number of Seniors on the l933 first squad a great number of reserves will go up next season. The whole starting lineup of Rybachock, Bart, Schutltng, Bloslikiew. llansen. Lane, and Schafer on the line and Vander Laan, Kaxlunus, lrrblonskr and ftydzewski in the backfield will go up to the first squad. There was no single captain on the team as it ts Doc" Ellingsons system to appoint a different one for every game. Lane, Rybachock, and Hansen were the r"utstt1nd.ing lrnesinen. while Kaiiunus and lablonski performed well in the backfield. At the close of the season each member of the second squad was honored by being given a minor U" mislead of the diamond MU" they were supposed to receive.. They did this because the reserves had a remarkably fine season, winning the city championship and beating Muskegon for the first time since 'Doo' Ellingson took offer the second team. Tlirs has been the most successful season the reserves have had here at Union for several years. Glenn Van Woerkom. 37 Lett to Right- ls! row: I. Jurewicz, R. Thompson, R. Grams, I. Gailus, P. Simon. 2nd row: E. Kubiak, manager, A. Waskiewicz, N, Miknavich, W. Gutaskas, K. Hanholt, M. Ellingson, coach. BASKETBALL 'Following in the wake of a city championship football team, Union High bas- keteers, coached by Maynard Ellingson and co-captained by Russ Thompson and Ioe Gailus, took the city championship title and annexed the regional title and second place in the state tournament. Starting the season with defeats by Kalamazoo and Muskegon Heights, the Red Hawks launched into the city schedule and won eleven games while losing one. Ottawa took the Red Hawks into camp after an overtime period, 2l-l9. Union set an all-time record when they held three teams to one field goal while they piled up a total of 67 points. After winning the city championship, the Red Hawks entered the Regional tourna- ment and defeated both Tech and Ottawa by decisive margins. Going into the State tournament, the Red Hawks took Muskegon Heights over 25-l8 and Fordson, 29-l8. On the following evening' Union was edged out by Lansing Eastern, 2lfl9. Members of this year's squad were co-captains Russ Thompson and Ioe Gailus, Miknavich, Iurewicz, Simon, Honhalt, Grams, Gutaskas, Waskewitz, Wysocki, Im- hoff, and Rybachok, Game results are as follows. Union , , . l4 Kalamazoo l6 Union South 10 Union , , ll Muskegon Hts. 24 Union Ottawa Zl Union , , . 9 Tech , 5 Union Central 4 Union l4 Central 12 Union Tech 5 Union 24 Ottawa ll Union South Z Union 27 Catholic 20 Union Catholic l7 Union 29 Creston l7 Union Creston 13 RECJONALS Union Sl Tech l7 Union Ottawa 22 STATE TOURNAMENT Union 24 Muskegon Hts, l8 Union ... l9 Lansing Eastern Zl llnicrz 29 Eordson lEi ROY ZYLSTRA, 38 Left io Right--lst row: I. Brazouskas, I. llybacliok. lf. Ionez, ci-acli, W. lnilioll, I. Amon. 2nd row: C. Orwant, mgr, l.. Rau, R. Klein, G. Mercer, F. Kariip I. Berkowitz, li. Crainblo, RESERVE BASKETBALL 'Coach Harmon Iones developed, during the l933-34 season, tlio greatest reserve basketball team Union has ever seen. The reserves fought their way to the city championship and became the first Union reserve team to ever win it. The caliber of this year's second team should go a long ways toward making another city champion first team. Iones started the season with lmhoff at center, Gutaskas and Honholt at the for- ward berths, and Rybachok and Berkowitz at the guards. During the middle of the season Gutaskas and Honholt were promoted to the first squad. Immediately there was a scramble for the vacant berths. Wysocki and Brausazkas finally won the coveted positions. The reserves started fast. While the first team was losing to Kazoo Central, the reserves were winning from Kazoos second team, l5-l4. They continued their fast pace to drub Tech, l6-9, and Catholic Central, 24-llf Ottawas reserves fell, 20-7, and South was crushed, 33-lU, under a terrific barrage of baskets. Coach Ellingson, casting about for two extra forwards, pulled Cfutaskas and Honholt up to the first squad. The reserves, badly weakened by this move, fell before Central, 28-l5, to lose their first game of the year. They managed to beat Creston, 17-8, but lost to Ottawa, 27-9. ' Coach Iones' boys went to meet Catholic determined to win. They blasted the Cougar reserves, 26-13. Setting a fast pace, they ,rushedthrough South, 17-ll, and Davis Tech, 31-ll. Suffering a let-down, the reserves fell before Central, 23-10. With the city reserve title at stake, Iones' proteges crushed Creston, 28-15, to annex another championship for Union. Others who saw action besides the five regulars were Simpson, forward, Klein, forward, B. Tirnmers, forward, Maslowski, forward, Amon and Ziomkowski, centers, Mercer, guard, Rau, guard, Olenczak, guard, and Petrovich, guard. The winning of the City Reserve Basketball Championship proved that Union can rank with the best in basketball, as well as in football. Coach Iones deserves praise for developing such a great reserve team. Frank Malizia. W. Tirnmers. 39 Left to High!-lst rowa F1111-,f.,rll ll l5'l1'T',- l ll- -., , -V t 4 ,v Mxscrxavtrrx Znd row: A lxlalcinwffrc' W rfrylt Tl li I 3rd row: C Orwarwf 'var A '.'X'a.akwQ'.-at t WICTYTGTJUT THALK 'Tlte frtiwentrtgr at tlre N933 track A+'-fx' 'xt l' 1: lf. 1 rc-tarrnmg letterxrert included Zegtxrmte lv?1kru'1v1:g'E:, who formed the nucleus al the eqvta-al. As the season progressed, Mel lrlwtetsur as dzd Catee ltueeell tn tlwf lrafl zfiQ Zeatmus, and Mrlqrravtclz Nwgrady held tlv- X tae hurdles, lnalt Jumped, fied broad qjwttzwf-fl V f + W rvraved a Ccmststerzt mtler, and Wainkewtat' t "'- 'Nl""'l r ' Urttan Opened the fseasert by tileteatemq Aft'-'CTTIQ tt" wttla a victory ever Catltolif lvzt Sweat ti Qlttlfwmq ff H Over Tech Central defeated Urttfvrt tm tltfy FLUX! ftwfz? ' ' l' won third place lrl the state meet Zeatmtte rxlaeed SQCffTtCl fag tmf ' 1 lrurdlefs lilnkevtch placed ttltla 111 the 4113 't rw . ' ' ' t Urtten set new recards :ru tlwe and fi 'rule relaw ll GGlJF TEAM Will ' Umarr ss N334 golt team, under tlw dr"ef'tt "rl rw Lflf- f ' ' 1 deteatiaa Central lvy ir larde trtftffr' Q ' Zyletra and Carsak, Candrdates tat ine twfv If fri" ' ' A Stankt1s,Alert9falc, Sifttrma lttrewaii Sttrtflrwflelc f'X"'iit.'1 l ' , Golf teams at Umor: have wort zrzfwrv t,'El'y' "Uri If-'irte' ' l vw ltaps any other lttglr Qeliacrl m the fztate Tluw- 've-fir' this year. B l f lvfvu 'pt r sv clramptorrslwip to the clean fstveep UTNIJYW has 1 The schedule ter the year mrltxdefs acmrefs 2-pxtk Comstock Park, East Grand Rapids, and Gtr 40 md Ha Qu rp , i, I 4 'W-fa F' ln 1, p,,,.N h l , 7 , -- x ' ' ' -I.. ' '4- 5 f f 5 ,-1 ' 1 .-,x JL, .4 'Q 102-:Q-1 ' :4 ':'T"f -,V E .V ,him , 7' Ava - I X 'QQ A ' V 's Q i C3 . -Sr rj . ' S '- .-7 I' x W' 1 2 Q V in x A "L ' Q4-' wx'-' . E T3 Q , kr- 9 v - 1 .V K. sjl ' V Ib .1 W ff P E. pil Pon: AJ. iidfi amp Y 1 , -7' 771 r- . X AA, ., ,, , , -:VY , Y U7 V-,: . Q29 96 4 K ' N A.. f. LQ 'H' A M, I , , . ' x 2. N 5 W 4 4 45 4 J B'fww 0--H-s fl - ' rl-Jenna-on -if f M- W mf I 1 GIRLS' INTER-CLASS Mfifffwl' 'Tha q1rlS' fithifuhft rrtfaret 'Dpi fhe 'ucixvlfxres of the Yfxflf iw fhls brmwh of school wdrk fi FCTHQS m fhf- f:g:r1...1 Those pf'vr!'c:.pf12mg fzrf- 'cphrvmfu f vzmfurs fmd Sranwrs The Yhree "1'TFlSQf- P7!'F',+?T.' r whrfxs rQ7'1ys 'md V-H 'win '1-'Nuff ff vP'lHyhc1H is plrwyefi fit this hmf? FA. pmrx' X TVETH 1. used fa? Um rfvrwfl-'wr'-'i vi 'hw cywff-fi' 'hw firms wiih the qrrXf1'vyg+ IYIJVPPUFEV .gf fmnts Nm hes Cup '-'lhlfff 1 ,VD-TXQYN1 tc' fhr i'l'7Ylf1L1"'T of that group, 41 --t-1--4 sy-711-,sf M, WX SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ' Because of a broken soccer season, basketball started with much enthusiasm and earnestness. Each of the classes met on a Week night after school with four teams in each class. After weeks of practice the tournament took place. The first game was between the sophomores and seniors. The seniors were victorious. In the game between the juniors and seniors, seniors were again at the top. In the final game the sophomores won after a struggle with the juniors. The Senior team consisted of Maxine Clark, jumping centerg Cora Vanden Bos, running center, Dolores Cummers and Florence Borek, guards. Elizabeth Grubleski, Anna Mazurek, Elaine Theissen, and Viola Brown shared the posi- tions of forwards. Carmen Mains. PING PONG TOURNAMENT ' The first round of the third annual ping pong tournament took place in the girls' gym the first week of March. Thirty-eight girls entered this contest. The contestants turned out faithfully and showed a great deal of sportsmanship as they were eliminated one by one. Doris Champion, Anna Mazurek, Marian Roh, and Elaine Thiessen figured in the semi-finals. Marian Roh and Elaine Theissen were eliminated in these rounds, leaving Doris Champion and Anna Mazurek. E Anna Mazurek came out as victor, winning three out of five games. Carmen Mains. VOLLEYBALL ' This year marks the first time since 1929 that the Senior girls have won the meet. Volleyball helped to send up this score. Before the meet, preliminary games between the sophomores, juniors, and seniors were played. The teams were chosen by Miss Margaret McDonald who considered dependability, sportsmanship, and a spirit of cooperation, a requisite for team membership. ln the first game the sophomores downed the juniors 2l-14 and 21-9. The second game found the seniors coming out ahead of the juniors. In the last game of the preliminaries, the seniors outplayed the sophomores, taking two out of three games. At the meet, the seniors won the contest with the score 21-l4. Carmen Mains. ' Wirciiss' aAMBoL ' On the night of October 26, the girls of the G.U.C. and their guests assembled in the Dillingham Gymnasium for the eighth annual Witches' Gambol. Weird decorations and interesting costumes worn by the girls, formed an appropriate setting for the time of year. Games and relays were played. Each class put on a stunt. The cup went to the Senior class, who presented "Cinderella- Up-to-Datef' Costume prizes were won by Alice Phillips, funniest, Mae Randall, most original, and Ruse Rokicki, prettiest. Carmen Mains. 42 I . .Of STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right-lst row: B Mains, I. Siklcerna secg S. Sachs pres, Miss Mann advisor, I Van Driel, T Irwin, vice-presg R Klaiber 2nd row: A Shapiro, H. Iarvi I Szekely, E. Koropas A. Grser, D. Smith, R. Placheki, A. Brisk, I. Samrich D. Sachs. 3rd row: P. Simon, F Wierzbicki, H Bergman H Wieland, H. Nicholas R A. Haynes. gjw 1 .4 SERVICE SQUAD Left to Right-Ist row: E Pfwriqer I Saznrick A Meyers M. Marlz N.Bcv::z1nn I Nygrexi Y-I Coaswell, C Castor L 'Nhalley I? Mulhrcchl 2nd row: M Hansen, S. Sachs C Orwanl H Siegel E Sevensma V. Wasiuk R Kalaia N Iohnson, A, Siebert, H Lee'-dy, S Hose-grant VV Morris, 3rd row: H Gliver I Van Dnel S Wysoclci, A Porcupile M. Randall C. Malel M Zechi- nalo D Balles Miss Mann sponsor, L Slaplelon, G Forsman. M Homrick, D, Vander Vllerl E Paposki, M Roh I Cichaniewiffz T Porcupile 41h row: H Cywinslci H Goodlzalion I Goldberg M. Whipple, M Shannon B Tiilcs H Feriverda, C Rydzewski R Klaiber V Maylianagian, D. Kucera, D Iawarowicz A Hinner I' Whalley, G. Kriixs C Vande-rveen M Merigian, A. Comrie C Vfietsma N Leedy E Haurnann, H Iarvi, C Wilson,I Haedsrrian N Lundberg. 5th row: L, Reyers, I. D11 Byne, A Cuicci M Iohnson, I Vlfielhouwer, A, Blum, A Berglund S Arnpiilslci C Mains I Sikkema M. Grwiint F Obermeyer D. Cutler V. Iohnson L llornrich I. Prime, G. Baer G Stein, E Niemi M. Magy 43 3 x xx ' I DER DEUTSCHLI VEHEIN QGermun Clubi Lef! io Hugh! V Ist row :S Jfznlhgvww'-" if" yi ri- Mw- "Hz M Af :"f' 2" 1 , ,. 'll Zndluw fd is ' ,. , , 1 lun A. 4. . . A lg f ,, may r S211.uL1 M ham-1 fi F11 ilfl 'W X' fi KJl22KLJ!lNK1 L Hun.- rl 3rd rowi E Ny:1:fer1 M H" 15' wr 13 Yiwu: 'll' mn Y, x um 'v' fvmcgmrzr. ! Swkkrzv ' A M. V J in l1:g:f.vx:1kf-E A HHN' A iam LATIN CLUB Left no Hxghl X51 rww' ' XA k ll , .V -a 'sv if ,. f . ' 1 5x:..i-" X M Ind row: H ii um wwi A M 1X:',A',L.11 ' , T. l 'Q Q Qv' ,f' IW N' if A , X ., .. x . f3:d low . E' - 1 ff :nw ' .:. .X ,wir M VM 1 fx ul 3-f.,'x wx xmmw' yi-L FRENCH CLUB Left to Righi- lst row: IX LI Pixy,-Hx. I Aflgfir-ge E X 1cf.":1"r P Iv:-. N VV'12'lL'iY1k, Il, Arxzzorgcv. 2nd row: I,1f14gk,:m: U ibf 1 R IXf'Lx11br+wl1? C Ef1t,k2'3OI. IN L 14 H l.21Ju:'ilm2zwZ1 I Rllfd F Ami. u Sxd mwg if I 71I'X!'.EhGIl Y! Angifsx HCY1 D IJ w cn'Qv.' 1, -',' , Ei fl rv- PM ,A , W xv I H '1 M '14 i-1 MIXED CHORUS Left to Right41st row: IQ Sulrttlmvrt I Wtclltower, If Maloney P Scoby S. Vander Ictqt R Bat-clay, M Klmlzfer, C Ltetelt, H Iolmsorm I Wielltower L Hougltteltrtg. 2nd row: M Mcyertrtg A Pudzuvts I Dtlltfy, M. Verberg P Hcmrt I1 Tfxllrrtfrn, H Vclrt Lflrtgert, Miss Best dtrfrfitorg S Goqfitttct, R Iffrcrtfstrn I Stortrrboorrt, P l'I'IC1dSIllLI B Scltof llama C Velderfl I' I-Ifrqtr 3rd row: M RVIQIT E Putt H. lit Vrtors, ID. Mtlfmowslci K Ilfrllwrty If Sllltilllfxtl M Hooqerltyde Y! limit: I V,'Ilf'll'f'tWf'?' M Qutftt V Cfrttfrll A Hvrgl md B Sf.:l..lt1tstrtu, I' l:2lIlI'SlTfI E lf'fIftrf5x'Qld S Srrutlx, II Haqzo QIIUTIW H Strfrtrwwy C. Rreezd, II Ru! kGw.f:1 I. lvlfstztrt A Mftlcowfslct 4th "ow: C lvovckowski I. Wood M Iortms H Wf?f-:tburg W Oltltrwlt I Grain, T. Moll, H Vcm I'Ir1c.rttem, Il Kootrucxrt C Wlplfilllil, S Sttgrrl If lffttly S He-rrttclch B Sopkouki L ZfT'f'ITll'DCI G Hullcotffn I Ilmclmlskl M Huubrter V Srrutlrl Trortdt G. Sntlcr. BOYS' GLEE Left to Right--lst row: C VflHClf"Tl Berg Krciut, L Slmrtff C3 Scrltler. E. Kumlco, H, Lrrffdy, A Scltuur, C. Nfwfrkowskt. 2nd row: C. Swoedyk, L Burke Il Ellis, G Shideler, P. Benson, l.J Hauser, Pl. Robleske, W. Schulte, I Mcmcowicz, V. Dc Virmey. 3rd row: R Barclay R. Kctcrycr, F Zulcowslci, W. Sonneveldt, E Word I. Brayczuskcrs, I. Berkowitz, R. Crump bell, R. Iohrtsort, L. Press. 45 GIRLS' GLEE Left to Right--lst row: I3 Smttlt A Porcuptle, R Van Lcmqfzn, S OGQVN mer Miss Bess? dtrectorg B Scltelltams. I Drum C. Voldf-rs: N Youngs Znd row: D Scltmttt I'I Mclivcm M lrwtrt, A Nerdsrmrl-c E Srrteigen, L Smttlt, I. Vain Us G Do Meester, M. Long, L Wyqrrtcms 3rd row: E 'I'1:umf9rmf.m I3 Iltmock I I'lOf?d0FTIC1I! M Dfmruzw lf Hfirvfwy N, Hman: S. Stsbqel, l'l I+.u'wrrmr'., II xffr Veer, la, Wlmlloy, I. Stapleton ' 3 1 C, Murpltt' L. Wltfillfry, lf, Nlfxllll. ll I H I J G.U.C. Left to Right-lst row: D. Curnrxefvr V Brown, F. Borek, E Tluessen, C Vanden Bas, E, Vanden Bos, lf Grubliski, M Castor C Ftauser M Meyerina, F. Wlifillfey' M IN1s:rif-ski C Velders 2nd row: li. Bowman, M Bon A Phillips, A Anderson V iomem M Mc'DOnalCl, advisor, D Cutler, M Iohnson, M Hausser, I Vasilurskas L. Stapleton. 3rd row: I Randall, G Budnzck I Hiordan Q Apkarian, I. Haogeluoozn M Friedrich E Poposki, B Srnitli K Rafferty, H Rokicka. G. Steke-ter' L Garber, H Oliver 41h row: M. Micliniewicz H Cliripel A. Rinner, M Slinsky M. Clark B Harrigan, D Baltes, C Mains, M Huebner, I. Iedrezak, R. Mulbreclit, U.H.S. Left to Right-lst row: I. Goldberg, I. Brown, L. Pease, N, Bowman, I. Samrick, H. Nowaki, R. Mulbreclit, V. Bryska., E. Pitchel, M. Hansen. 2nd row: B, Beckman, D. Champion, A. Hoogewind, L. Herrman, S. Am- polski, L. Iankowski, E Perrin ad- visor, E Ghysels, E. Peterson, K. Rafferty, O. Korten, R. Bokicka 3rd row: H. Cambell, R De Vries, W. Mineaar, F. Cherry, K. Tylinski. I. Hamilton, C, Ghysels D. Iankow- ski, O. Giraites M. McHoskey M Long, M Kovitz, O Budzan H Buczek, E. Panzer, M. Bgork. 4th row: M. Olman, L Belke, F. Dil- ley, M. Meeuwsen, M Swarts, D Karpinski, F Borek. E. Asrnutes B Feenstra, I Bowman, E Stevens, I Bilsborrow, H. Siratowiz H Bagerna A, Baar, L, Vander Meer A Blrge- laitis, CAMPFIRE GIRLS Left to Right-lst row: M Rinner E. Poposki, M Randall, L A. Kirk patrick Guardian ot Iunior Group F Parsell Guardian ol Calilariawo Group, H. Campbell I Goldberg G Payne. 2nd row: D. Bawens V. Bznshaw, D Wilkinson M Merrigan M Samrick D. Kucera, P. Nebelius, L Beukerna 3rd row: P. Meyers B Chase F Sobieranski A Grigsby E Gradus D. Shulieart M Near C Castor, L Mesery, F. Chase. 46 ENGLISH DRAMATICS CLUB Left io Right-lst row: I Sikkemcr G Van Woerkom, R. Nelson F. Ober vnrxyer, G Stein sec.g R Zylstrn prrrw, Miss BQIIQS, fidvisor, O Grfmt VICI:-DYESS, G S-TIIIIGY, ITQCIS, IPI An sorge R Bmer 2nd row: G Lmde-muidor clmmcmr I3 Richards, I, Vcxn Driel M Wixfiflf 'Ck R De Vrles I5 ZIIIIT R I:FAGI'1fifTfI IG I Xl ' ' I Kfflfffx vifiix' A Qznrlf- I Gf'lZC, I3 Fwx II GffiffIImI1fvr1 fi Slivlk 3rd row: I. I'IoQk:1r-I I I.M.1:I 'J Anderson, I7 BuIII1f1f:1 I. XIIICQJINMIKI I7 MGIIZCI, I MQ'sIow:ak1 I CI1flIIIf'IE',rI! H KOWGISICI C Iozmsorx A I'If:wq-- wmd P COFQY H Smxih E St-wr-rp I VV1eII'1ouwfer A Mfxkowskx VARSITY CLUB Left to Right- lst row: I CUIIQC- Fl Glmfxza A IIf,-nk I' ffgif-Q.-y,f1zg1'K II Vf"'z '1,I'.'rw11 If 'I'1:'- '. M351 VIKf'1 C fI::11II. II ff , :III 1-. OM jrx1QL'1I: 2nd row: I4 Wu' ' A M nc I ',-.' mu I1 BMI ur IS fT::.I'?- S 'J :r. Wm-ik' 5: I. I3 af,r:,Iw1:. 'I' I:w1:, If Iixzfmael M IIu!vn!nw If kiwi, 3rd row: Ix Ir,-p1:.r A VJ 1-Lzzx wlvr M A':,rm I, .5r1'..'!:,, nm C IIN' mP:1kI A I "" wxwrzakz A NI-Inq .., I II'.v"f-'ICH' I. F"1IfI1fAI:I"rr1 If I HVIEIJWY "RED HAWK" STAFF I Grd row: I' "J ' Left to Right- lst row: M I-I 4 I IIf'1IC"V 0 '5' YV? C Bfzzmr' mlm IW- IfI'."1,v T, 'S fx :QI M II7V'N'1V1Y I FI!I1If+'III'l I,. Iirwcnrwtflx I gud row: H' '1-I II Muir. C J' 1 I, Isl'-,I " In ,, I If I,I.w"I II I IM, 1, Ii Q ff. I I IvI1I11'1 II 1 II V1rn'I+-III? 1 I x I I wiv :I U I A IIWWJK wi QI I. f+,IfVrII1'1I Iw Il,II,-I1.I- G V H W,.,5,5-- IN IYIUQII H ful.,-ml fx IWW-' I F' Ilvr T M mr II X1 M I I"I'I1'I' RADIO CLUB Left to Right W lst row: A " hem If ff" , ,f 1. If lux f. rf f- i. II ,1 1 5 ry I 2nd row: IOSIOIIW' I. Crm: .,, 33, U ,, V, - 1, . "IC"II"'v X' IXJVT. V' I1f' I w nr L vw vu .. Y, ,m 4 , I , ski H Mfvf-' I VW' ""' ' I I ww- A rf ' H 3rd row: New ff fvf-fw. . .. .I',,',. 1' f ' I I A w I HI-Y CLUB Left to High! - Isl row: lx I'rf If po-gki, In VIH-rrlxeryffr M CIII W fx r I Mr' Hf-yr-r1dffr:a qdvxraor, M1 SYIJIII ifdviraor, W I.mdIwrq H. SI,-Mf1:1Iff ,n , . W I,,1nfII'wf-fry, P, mu:rmfIl'1f-fx S Krfm 2nd raw: H C.:fIIIII'WI'Jf'II I MWI1f'ffWIf A Im-,mrmfswfkm In Vflr If-f' C Mr-yr I Huff I Htxrilfk F Rmgfac-I I' ZIIICf1'!.'f'IC1 I. I'T1'-f": 7' FT'1fi:" ' V M':Ilf-rTf- I' I.!u,1,':f-1. V J1"1g,f-my D1 f5rf1r:fI1 3rd row: I1 If. ' I lww. II Ii wr, H ' f541IIIIIf'yf'I II H 1. I' If In-1 U' IIf1y'f,rf11': II far," H1- I V' H, Sw!! II K ' -1' I- T' "I: 1'- BOYS' COOKING CLASS Left to Right -- lst row: E' I If' ' !3T1T,T I" 'J 1' :- Bl :': I I E Urw'-"V is Ii..".1:: f If 2 I f" I.'. IM ini Y' 2nd row: E' " 1, A II - Frm ny I1 , " 1' I- Gr .flex " dm: PM TI ff' If zu 1: "5 " U I - IX.f1I-' Ifx IMI 1':.L r, H81

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