Union High School - Aurora Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI)

 - Class of 1933

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'ZW 5 , MMM WQffL9 K5 M W M' f3Q?Qa M.wVj' fWwWfM Mfmgjvfffk L -w W w ,JWWW if 4 -LL v. LA. , gf- ., -1-1 . V+ Mr Na ,A r, 4 Q ll., , lf, .,,x .rr 'L 1 , vi J at-air, rg!iAi..' L1-:illf 1 " ' Q Y V , W- , . ,f -V . A xx at x ,Q ,Q . . " ,A 4 3 S35 Y X -. x 'S if if- Jgpxpi. 'Q t -. 13 XL I f R 1 -' 2 V Y f - 1 W 2 52 X f IT- X ix ' 1. ' f' S Yi' A A33 TE? Xfiixff X1 fx R' , 'ig ZZ 5, EQ QQ X-44 ' LQ-X . me at 1 Q XM Q 9052 F593 ill ax X- 7 4 A fx ff B. X X xg' -gh? i x , N , fikggjkx R rx I Y I , Sx f fm V ci 4 V ,V XX AUIKJRA + . It K CQ x , s M . X gx . V - Q5 x 4 x xr E? c 0 Gregnd Rapids Mlchigan 352 92 ??5?4ENS-1-ix M1222 25? . 3:5 4 25,342 11 CONTENTS 49 0 0 SCHOOL VIEWS . FACULTY . . . SENIOR COMMITTEES . . SENIOR OFFICERS - ADVISERS SENIOR PICTURES . CLASS SONGS . AWARDS . . SENIOR PLAY CAST . CLASS ELECTION . CLASS WILL . CHRONICLE . ATHLETICS . HUMOR . . INTERVIEWS . . 415 xx ALL WHO HAVE MEDITATED ON THE ART OE GOVERNING MANKIND HAVE BEEN CONVINCED THAT THE FATE OE EMPIRES DEPENDS ON THE EDUCATION OE YOUTH. -ARISTOTLE 4463: EDUCATION IS THE LEADING OF HUMAN MINDS AND SOULS TO WHAT IS RIGHT AND BEST. AND TO MAKING WHAT IS BEST OUT OF THEM. -RUSKIN 417 my MR, CHARLES A. EVEREST PRINCIPALC S 4, , . , A1.. ,. , , S S S SSSS MISS M. BLANCHE MANN ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, 1 S 1497: Sfanlqy Albers Mabel E. Allen Nelle Aiwoogl Arlhur J, Avery Lucelia Badqley 'sfngecln Government English , Session at cmatics Chairman of Com- History Room mercial Department Forms? E. Barr Clayion-VW. Bazuin Madeline L. Boclfer Florence Besi Addie E. Belles Typewriting 'Zoology i Music Head of English Department Esfher E. Eby M, W. Ellinqson Dorothy J. Farr lna A. Findlay Evelyn Foster English Mathematics, Basket! Conservation of Mathematics History ball Coach Sight Theo. F. Fryioqle Gcorqe Guy M ine John Hess L. G. Holbrook Band, Orchestra Printing ournalism, English Football Coach, Physics, Science Zoology cc 10 xx l-l. N..l-lornbeclt Merle l-l-owe lMrs.l A. Peckham Myra L. Jackson Marion L. Jennings Chairman of Science Electricity Librarian f -'Art ' Chairman of Lan- Department guage Department Cynfhia .longs Harmon S. Jones Keiih K y Anna E. Kunerf Lavina A. Laible ' Social Science Physical Education hairman of Science English English Department Forresl E. Lair M, MacDonald Mary MacLennan Paul F. Marcltwayrdi L. R. Marouselc Business Arithmetic Physical Education Head of Mathe- Industrial Arts i History, Session matics Department Room Edna Maxson William J. Pearn Marie McDerrnoH Elizabefh Miller M.dLi.B.Q.. Bookkeeping Machine Shop Mathematics Librarian Foods and Nutrition ct 11 ii Dee A. Reynders Clarissa Richardson Laura L. Rowson Elhel Schol l-larriel' Schroder Mechanical Drawing Shorthand, Type- Clothing rench, English Conservation of writing Sight Sherman Serif Lura V. Sipe lMrs.l E. S. Slaghf Lyy Slayfon Clara B. Smallidqe Industrial Arts Home Economics Home Economics English, Mathe- English, Session matics Room Rgubsn 5. Srniih Oren D. Sliehl Lillian Thomas Grace T a Maude A. Trauf Commercial Law, Science, Session English, Session ng ish, Senior Ad- Clothing Government Room Room viser Edifh Vandenllerg Fred Voss Ernesf F, Vreeland Winifred Williams Emma ZurMuehlen " Mathematics Mathematics, Senior Auto Repairing Music German, History Adviser a12n 'f5'?'Y1L'PrQ DorothyVS. Blaise Ruth Carpenter May F. Conlon Elizabeth B. Crotser ' Latin, English Spanish 'Head of History Shorthand Department Elizabeth DeJonqe -Elizabeth Dockeray Lucille Dunn ,Floyd L. Early English Clothing History, Civics lsathematics, Session Ooln TEACHERS WITHOUT PICTURES Edith Culver Conservation Sight Charlotte Gierst Ar! lMrs.l L. Mosher English Josie Page , Florence Parsell Ella Pearce History Art History Elizabeth I. Perrin Olqa Perschbacher Ruby G. Potter Physiology English Retail Selling 8 TEACHERS WITHOUT PICTURES Louise Shipman Retail Selling Josephine Ta ndler Librarian Elizabeth Wa rdley Physical Education Cleo Wood English SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEES 6? O CLASS MOTTO Honor Lies in Honest Toil MEMORIAL COMMITTEE STANLEY KOLENDA, Chairman IRWIN KOROPAS EDWARD IARMOL EUNICE NOWACKI RUTH RAPP SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE SARAH ALLEN, Chairman VIOLA ANDERSON IRWIN MULDER KENNETH HERLEIN CLASS DAY COMMITTEE MAUDE STRATTON, Chairman IDE WASCO MARIAN HUFF MAXINE WILDEY IACK ERHARDT HOWARD ZINDEL MINNEA ZINDEL DECORATION COMMITTEE ETHEL MILLER, Chairman IOAN JOHNSON I NORBERT MERECK EARL LARAWAY FLOOR COMMITTEE LOUIS FIXLER, Chairman ROBERT KRUIZENGA FRANK KOWRACK LESTER BERMAN NORMAN STOLL LIPPERT EMDEN 6 O 14149 PROGRAM COMMITTEE IOSEPHINE POGGI, Chairman IESSIE NEWHOUSE RUTH SEVENSMA LORETTA FRASER ROSE FLYNN ROBERT KRUIZENGA SIDNEY RAPAPORT CHECKING COMMITTEE WILLARD DE BRUYN, Chairman CARROLL WILFORD WILEUR HAUSER RUSSEL OLENYR ELWIN Mc HOSKEY RECEPTION COMMITTEE FRED VANIJliRI.INDxf C, . MAURINE COFFEE I Ia'mIen VIRGINIA FUHRMAN GILBERT HONIIOLT REFRESI-IMENT COMMITTEE MOLLY KOWALISZYN, Chairman EVELYN TITUS EVELYN SMITH IULIA PASLOSTA KATHRYN OOSTING SULO LAGEROOS HERBERT LUYENDYK CARD-ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE RUTH RINNER MERLE OLIVIER I I Chairmen PUBLICITY COMMITTEE RICHARD KING 1 . ROSE FAVEL S Chaumcn Miss Grace Thomasma, advixer Forrest Groenleer, -rice presidenl Frank Kowrack, prexident Carl Vander Burg, n-rrcmry Dorothy Gravelyn, girl treaxurrr Mr, Fred Voss, advifer Norman Stoll, boy treasurrr cc15n Ma urine Acfon U. H. S. Club 121Q Mixed Chorus 1315 Girls' Glee 1415 Girl Reserves 111 Kennefh D. Alberison Spanish Club 141: Hi-Y 13, 41:Tracll12. 3, 41: R. O. T. C. 12, 3. 41 Ramona D. Alilen Mixed Chorus 141 1 Viola Greia Ancipxsonx President Camera Club 1413 'Assistadt Guardianx ' Campfire Girls 11. 21: French Club 141: Gi s' Cvlee 1413 G. U. C. 121 Cecelia E. Anisiio French Club 141: Aurlur bon Club 141: Nature Club 1415 Home Eco- nomics 141 Frances Jane Afkinson Vice President U. H. S. Club 1415 Dramatics Club 1415 U. H. S. Club 141: Senior Band 12, 31 Rulh Marie Ailward Union High News Staff 1415 Girl Reserves 131: Aurora Staff 141 Sarah Allen President Narional Honor Society 1415 Senior Play 1415 Athletic Awards 11, 2. 3, 4,15 Unionifr Staff 1315 Honor Awards 12, 3 Carolyn Andersen Girl Reserves 141 Marion Andre Secretary Service Squad 1l1: Hockey Team 111: Double Trio 1415 U4 H, S. Club 141 f Jo .A ecerika X Doroihy K. Ba ker Spanish Club 131 1,,R.l YJ, .W r 'C' x 1 ,ff -1' -I r f 1' f 'af' 1' , . If ,V-,f J 1 V If V ,gf IJ If ,H I ix' fx jf! L1 1' 'I 5 J Z Reeva Fales Barre11 U. H. s. club 12, an French Club 12. 315 Home Economics 12, 31 Bernard Barfo V Footblll 11, 315 Track 12, 315 President 1Varfi Club 14,15 Wrestling 1523 Boxing 131 ' Nation Hola Socirty 1415 Student ncil Specl al Featur o r Umor: High N 1415 German Club 1 , 3, 41 Doris Bauclm l George W. Bereza German Club 11, 215 Aviation Club 121 Vernon E. Bergman Secretary Nature Club 1413 German Club 13, 41 Lesfer S. Berman Latin Club 12, 3, 415 Nature Club 13, 415 Serv- ice Squad 131: Humor Editor Union High Now 1415 Aurora Staff 141 -J James B. Barrows Senior Play 1415 Reserve Football 1l, 215 Cheer Leader 1415 Football Pub- licity Manager 1415 Role in "Twenty-four Hours to Live" 141 Anfoinefle E. Bafenburg Mixed Chorus 131 .1 1 . ru. 5 ' ' Anne Marie Bendolcailis Home Economics Cli'UI:l3l 415 li l A t b 3. 415 T:cl:.ri1ati5nc'?ol1rest 1115, Latin Club 12. 31 Lillian Bergman Girl Reserves 13, 415 Girls' Glee 13. 41: U. H. S, Club 12, 3, 419 Home Economics 1 2 , 3 . 415 Camera Club 13. 41 l-lelen Berqsma Audubon Club 13, 41 M urrel Bessey Track 12, 315 Football 12, 315 Spanish Club 11, 21 Pearl Bessey Audubon Club 141 Frrfnceszliildelaiiis ce Squad 13LY'44e resident Lafirbfflub 1312 ecretfpy fCamera Club 4,13 Jprogram Chairman f ,arin Club 141: Home cunomics 11, 3. 41 Sfepben Blaslw lriew Servlre Squad 12. 31: Hi' Y 12, 3, 415 Track 141 Leone Bris1ol Ll, H, S. Club 13, 411 Home Economics 1415 Girl Reserves 131 Jean Bu-llcowslci French :Club 14'-lg Audu- bon Club 141: Nature Club 1415, lzlnme Eco- nomics 141 "' Nellis Busfraon Band 1l, 2, 3, 415 Or- rhesrra ll, 2, 3, 41: Quarter 141, Wrestling 141 Kailwryn M.Billrer1 Spanish Club 111: Home Economics 141: Camera Club 141: Basketball 111 X Le' M.Blasen ng Leader 141: Senior Play 1411 Honor Awards 11, 21, Service Squad 1413 Spanish Club 11. 3, 41 Ja lce Bouwens William Brummel Track 11. Z. 312 Boys' Glee 12. 31, Indoor 121 f Gertrude Burns English Art Club 141: U. H. S. Club 141: Camera Club 141 Violet lola Buicher Home Economics Club 12. 415 Girl Reserves 12, 411 English Art Club 141: Honor Awards 11, Z . 1. 9, U. H. s. Club 141 Philip l-l.Carls Traclt 13. 41 Bessie Koola Che s Scribblet' Club 415 Dra- t' , 5 Gi l Sfslfi. ,frfiwifl Club 1 English Art Club 11, 21 Paul E, R, Clare Track 1215 Hi-Y 1215 Varsity Club 12, 315 Unmn High New! Staff 141 1 xy . f Befhe . oafes ,J Spanish Club 12215 Home Economic: Club 141 Edna Cox U. H. S. C'ub 13, 41: Camera Club 141 RoberfS.Czacl'1orslci Service Squad 1415 Chair- man Ticket Committee of Senior Class Party 141 aff' f Clemenf Ceniilli Latin Club 12. 3, 41, Vice President Latin C'ub 1315 Nature Club 131: Chairman Circulation Staff Union High Nrwr 141 Bernard Clirislenson Editor- in - Chief Union High New! 141 Virginia Lee Clarlr Nature Club 141 Maurine Coffee Nlanaging Editor Union High New! 1415 Editor- ln Chief flumm 1415 Na- tional Hnnor Society 141: President English Art Club 131: Secrctaiy Eng lish Art Club 121 Anne P. CroSs Service Squad 1415 Ger- ipan Club 1415 Latin Club 41 Eleanor Czerew U. H. S, Club 1415 Girl Reserves 1415 Home Eco nomics 141 Frames Czubej President Audubon Club 1435 Aumm Staff 14l: U. H, S. Club 12, 3. 411 Girl Rcscrvrs 12. 3, 4l. Eng'lfh Art Club 14l 3 Alexander M, Danlco Fred E. Deus XX , ji John De Vooqcl HI-Y ll, Slg Nature Club 13. 41: Track 12. Hg As' sembly Usher 131 Grape Lucille DeYounq President Audubon Club 14lg Girls' Glee 12lg liatin Club 1115 Home Hronomifs 12, 3, 4lg U. H. S, Club 12? Barlon Ido Dolliver Nature Club 1433 Circu- lation Supervisor Unlun High Nrwf 145 . W- v x., N' A . 1 1 20 Slanley Czurali Spanifh Club 12l 1 Boys' Glce 12, 315 Track 13, 45 Peter N. DeBruyn Senior Play 145, Senior Bhd 143: Chairman DK Commirtcc M411 ' not all Pu icity an- 1l:2LMl?',,fblX - J' Il 4 1. Henry De Vries Hi-Y 12, 3, 413 Boys' Quartcttc 12, llg Asso- ciate Editor Aumm 141g National Honor Society 14l Marie Diclcman Delegate U. H. S. Club f to Washington 14lg Home Economics 14M l.atin Club 13, 433 Girl Reserves 13, 413 Camera Club 131 Charles D, Dorman Rifle Team 12, 3, 43 Alberf Dra sin President Latin Club 1 , 2, 315 Aumm Staff 1415 Spanish Club 141 : Boys' Gler- 141 Mary Esielle Edison ' Homf EC o 'cs 141- 5. yr . . ., ' Pearl Eldersveld Home Economics 3. 415 Honor, Awards 12, 31 Em a e C vb 141: b 11, 1, 3, lub 1541, 1415 Dra- flfi X A . 1 d 5 rs' l Q, f-N. l 4-, 13,41 Russell Esveld Football 12, 3. 415 Track 12, 31 - . ,f ,- -,yaflxgf Y, 2" , , h L L V4.1 ' Beafrice J. Fenslre Home Economics 13, 415 French Club 11, 215 U. H. S. Club 1415 Girl Reserves 1415 Camera Club 141 f CQ H, Paul D. Dummer Order of Gregg Artists 1 31 5 I ulh E. E ison Home Economics 1415 U. H. S. Club 13, 415 French Club 13, 41 1 I x ' I' l.ippsr1Emdin Aumm Staff 1415 Union N High News Staff 141: l.atin Club 11 Z. 3, 415 Tennis Club 1315 Spanish Club 131 'Qs Erharclf Na l Honor Society 1415. urom 1415 Hi,Y 13i,3':2gSeniox' Band 11, A 1-1 ?1 . , ,RQ . 5 .,, Rose C. Favel News Editor Union High Nnvx 1415 Associate Edi- tor Aumm 1415 Secretary National Honor Society 1415 Secretary Audubon Club 1415 Treasurer Au- dubon Club 141 Louis Fixler -is Business Manager Aurora 1415 Chairman Cleanup Committee 1415 Union High New: Staff 1415 Circulation Supervisor Union High News 1415 Latin Club 11, 2, 3, 41 J- .1 F'1 Mary Flasher Audubon Club 141 Lmrf:11aFlorf:nce Fraser Sevrernry English Art Club 11, 3, 413 Spanish Club 141 g Girl Reserves 13, 41 Q Mixed Chorus 1 31 Q Home lffnnonurs 141 Edna Fry Girl-" Glee 131: Mixed Chorus 141: U. H. S. Club 1 Z1 3 Home Eco- nunurs 141: Cul Reserves 1 1 , 41 J ,1 Dorollwy Gaiam Latin Club 11. 1, 41: German Club 11, 3, 41g Camera Club 141 J 142. 14 if Roher1VV.G2-rslce lx 1 J- X , .. 1 Ll Vivian Glass Home ifcnnomigs 141: Girl Reserves 1413 U. H. S, Club 141 3 Soccer Team 1 3. 41: Basketball Team 1 31 4 'Q '- v 1- . if 'gf K 22 F Rose Kafherine Flynn Service Squad 12, 3. 41g Secretary National Honor Society 1415 Unirm High News Typnsl 14-1g Aumru Staff 1415 Program Com- mittee Senior Class 141 Charloffe R, Fredric lrson National Honor Society 141g Home Economics Club 13. 415 President and delegate ro East Lan' sing Home Economics 1 41 3 Spanish Club 13, 411 Cashier 141 , Virginia Mae Fuhrmann G. U. C. 12, 315 Span' ish Club 12, 315 Home Economics 141g Girls' Cvlee 121: Numeral 121 ,A , , ,127 Louis Gerber? 'Band'gl, 2, 3, 41: Gerl man' lub 13. 415 Inter' 'high Band'141g Role in "The Stolen Prince" 141 1 fr , 1 u2inGille1'1e 'J ,Laila Club 141 e 1 J, Max Goodsfein Mixed Chorus 1315 Span- ish Club 1113 Aviation Club 121 Slanley Gornisiewicz Student Manager 13, 431 Service Squad 13, 433 Hi- Y- 13, 433 Spanish Club 12, 333 Dramatics Club 143 Marcia E. Gould Home Economics 1433 U. H. S. Club 143 I len riqel 'xe s 13, 43: ' lay 143 Marian M. Groggel Home Economics 1l, Z, 3, 431 Spanish Club 1233 U. H. S. Club 1233 Camera Club 143 Viola M. Guslafson Girl Reserves 143g Girls' Glee 1233 Mixed Chorus 1333 U. H. S. Club 123 Wilbur W. Hauser Football 13, 43Q Basket- ball 13, 433 Track 12, 3, 433 Checking Committee 14:3 Senior Class Play 14 3 Tom Gorier l'lifY 143 Doro+hy7'May Gravelyn G. U. C. 12, 3, 431 Soccer Team 1l, Z, 3, '-4,33 Basketball Team 1l, 2, 3, 433 Valley Ball Team 1l, 2, 3, 433 Girl Treasurer Senior Class 143 I Forresl Lee Groenleer Vice President S e n io r Class 1433 Class Treasurer 1333 Secretary Varsity Club 1433 Track and Golf 1 3 , 43 Mariha M. Grusis Girl Reserves 1l33 Bas- ketball Team 123 N In Maude A. Hage, U. H. s. Club 41N,Y??JL' Home Economics 1l,' 3 Spanish Club 113 Irene V, Hansen U. H. S. Club 1333 Au- dubon Club 1433 Home Economics.143 . if 11 as "V Ju' U' .I Marqarel lv1.,l"lay Spanish Club 12. 51 John Hezewinlcel Hi Y 1415 Latin Club 11. 313 Band and Orchestra 141 Kennefh Hcrlein Nllxed Chorus 12, 3, 413 Boys' Glee 12, 3, 41g Buys' Double Qllartette 13, 413 Stage Manager Senior Play 1413 Headline Writer Unxun Hugh News 141 Frances l-lelegyylooper S - 'iw' 141: H .fm ...Ymi ClMZf1?1' Girl R ve-a 1115 TrAshrer ' ampfxre fGir-lu 111 I-.ff Russell Hooper Latin Club 1l1: Football 1'1 June L. l-ludnui Hom. Frnhomics 11, ZH, 3, 41:,Lre:.ident Home 'ru- nonnca. .1411 U. . S. Club 13,1 415 H book Committee 1315 Cha man Ring and Pin Cnmml ee 13, 41 ' 14 O 0 24 lrene R. Haywood Audubon Club 13, 41 e, -f L1 LX I Eleanor P bleileman E"1iii ft Club 13.41. Club 13 41: La n Club 1l11 Senior ilyay 141 ,Ellen Marie Holmes Home Economics 1115 ll - H. S. Club 13. 415 Girl Q 1R25 es 141 X x 1 W Gilberf l-lonholl Reception Committee 141: Bookkeeper Union High New: 141 s Loraine M. Hubbell U. H, S. Club 121: Mixed Chorus 141 . Marjpn'1'luff . arurer Camera Club 415 Latin Club 1215 lj jservice Squad 12, 31 J. Lucille Hull 41 , Secretary Latin Club President Camera C l u b 131 5 Service Squad 12 , 41 5 Secretary Latin Club 1315 Secretary Camera Club 141 Lorraine M. lcliewifz Senior Play 1415 G. U. C. 13. 415 U. H S Club 13, 415 Athletic Award 1215 Girl Reserves cz, 1, 41 5 In 0 I ,T Selma Jackson U. H. S. Club 13, 411 Girl Reserves 131 Bronislaus Janiak Senior Orchesrra 11. 2. 3 415 Senior Band 12. 31 Edward R. Jarmol. Jr. Varsity Club 1415 Track 13, 415 Boys' Glee12,3, 41 Amelia Jezavislias National Honor Society 1415 Honor Awards 11, 2, 3, 41 WS ,QHi?711g5rfL'-,L ' 'J N' '-f' -1 W., -life I ry L ise Huxoll Senior Play 1415 U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 415 Corre- sponding Secretary U. H. S. Club 1415 Recording Segretary U. H. S. Club 13 Jannef Igleslri Student Council 1 Secretary S u Q5 . ng lg. 1 l rt ' - blers' Clu 14 Honor Roll Awards 1 , 31 Roberf Jacobi+z Rose H. Jarlta Girl rg: 11, 2, 3, 41' s Art Club 13. 4 panish Club 12, 31: o e Economics 13. 41: irls' Glee 11, 21 Mary L. Jefel U. H. S. Club 11, 2. 3. 415 Home Economics Club 1l, 2, 3 415 Girl Re- serves 1415 Camera Club 141g Service Squad 121 , n. ! J Donald K. Jolmsoryi Hi-Y 12, 3, 15 Track 53, 415 Auror Staff 141: Servire Squaii 1415 Sea couts- 535,14 if-' af ff 25 wr X, 1 , X 0 O Joanne L. Johnson Home Economics Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Audubon Club 141: Girl Reserves 141: U. H. S. Club 141: Serv- rre Squad 121 Lena C. Kalee Aurora slag 1415 Union High Newt 1415 Spanish Club 13, 415 Honor Roll Awards1Z,3,41 Loffie B. Keirailciewicz U. H. S. Club 1l, 2. 3. 415 Home Economics 1l, 2, 3, 413 Girl Reserves 1415 Camera Club 141 Taisfo Kafaja Senior Hand ll, 2, 3, 41: Senior Orchestra 1l, 2, 3, 413 Honor Awards 13, 413 Brass Ensemble 141 Alvina Kelly U. H. S. Club 11, 2, 3,1 41g Home 'Economics 1l, Z, !1f Girl Reserves 12, 31: Camera Club 1315 Mixed Chorus 121 Mildred Kizivich Dramatics Club 141 Felix Jozwialx President Boys' Safety Club 1415 Exchange Edi- tor, Assistant Make-up Editor, Headline Writer Ummm High Newt 141 ,Eu ene F. Kaminslci I ys' Glee 1l, 1, 31g Sanish Club 1l, 213 Wrestling 131 ary Lou Karallciewicz ,National Honor Society 1415 Girl Reserves 141, .,LEnglish Arr Club mg U. H. S. Club 13. 41: Senior Orchestra 12, 31 William G. Keenan Rille Team 12, 315 R. O, T. C, 12, 31g Bar and Chevron Club 12, 31 l l VLA' . I, A-"- X Richpcd King LJ' bCo-captain Football 141, President Varsity Club 1415 Student Council 1315 President Spanish Club 131: Football 1l, 2, 3, 41 Henrie-Ha L. KI i er German Clu 11 Presi- dent Germa ' l 1415 Lati Cl 2, 31g Girl Rese e 31 5 English Rn Club ' 1 ll! J, , A! U A I, i S' iw fe , 1 f X fr 26 in ' Heiene Barbara Klelcoda German Club 1415 French Club 141 Clemeni Kondracli Boy's Glee 12. 3, 415 Mixed Chorus 1415 Span- ish Club 121 Irwin Koropas Track 13, 41 5 Memorial Committee 1 4 11 Union High News Staff 141 Molly M. Kowaliszyn President G. U. C. 1415 Song Leader 1415 Aumm Staff 1415 Refreshment Chairman 1415 Athletic Awards 12, 31 Reber? Kruizenqa Union High New: Staff 1415 Service Squad 1415 Spanish Club 12, 315 Hi- Y 1l, 2, 315 National High School Orchestra 141 Loliie V. Kulhawilt Home Economics Club 12. 3 415 U. H. S, Club 1115 English Art Club 1315 Audubon Club 121 - WM gariley Kolenda President Student Council 1415 Debating 1415 Na- tional Honor Snciety 141' Union High New! Staff 141 Track 12, 3, 41 Raymond Kooyers Boys' Glee 13, 41 Alice B. Korsfange Vice President National Honor Society 1415 Co- chairman Picture Commit- tee 141 5 Editor Student Council 1 415 Secretary Service Squad 141: Unionit S aff. 131 .ltw A, 4 f- Franlc Kowraclc President Senior Clans 1415 President Varsity Club 1415 President Stu- dents' Athletic Council 13, 415 Student Council 1415 Declamation 121 Albina Krulelc Latin Club 1415 Spanish Club 1315 English Art Club 1415 Home Economy ics Club 1415 Dramatics Club 141 ar Kurloski French Club 1415 Audue bon Club 1415 Home Eco' nomic: Club 141 A f Emily Kurfylca National Honor Society l4lg Girl Reserves 1415 Home Economics Club 1l,4lg Aumm l4lgHon- or Roll Awards il, Z, 31 Wanda P. Kwialltoslti 'e Team I 3, 4b as- Team l4l Q o Eco ics 'lub . H. . 3 amera Cl b Sulo laqerros Unmn High New Staff 'g, 143g Umtmile Staff 1111 ,mf Treasurer latin Club Ui: Chairman Dueg Committee, Jsffj, 0' i.-. Alba-rf Lemarbre Oscar F. Lindberg Senior Band ll, Z, 3, 41, Senior Orfheatra il, 1. 5, 41, National Honor So- ciety i4lg R. O. T. C, li, 41g String Quarter 13. 43 Veairirf- L. Lossinq Presitlent Girl Reserves l4jg President English Air Club 4415 Ci. U. C. 11, 5. 415 Athletic Award Ill, Secretary, T !urr of French Club Gerfrude Krzywoszewslti President F r e n c h Club 1435 English Art Club lil, Girl Reserves lil: U. H. S. Cluh 4 1 l L Nature Club 131 Mildred M. Laaflrsgff E ' ' Ar uh f4l' s i .vjeflb mf r Eards ff. Zig Stud o ci lllg Dra :tic Cliglnlll Dorolhy La Gran Q Service Squ l 3. 43: T. D I 3 G. ll 3 G 5' lub mb: th lerc Award ill I x .54 1. J Wfiberi Lernarbre ,J Student Manager Hb Efhel Livinqsi n' Latin Club ll: Home Econ iysi 1115 Girl Re- l sX ll Donald Louclcs Band ll, ZI Madeline R. Lucas English Art Club 1415 Girl Reserves 141 5 Home Economics 1415 U. H. S. Club 13, 41 Edifh Aileen Malone Meet 1l, 2, 31 C- Gladys D. M n Spanish 213 U, H. S. b 5 Girls' Meet 11l, . 3. 41: Mixed A conomics Club 141 J! 141: Hom ! Mey . Bo le 13, 41: ed Chorus 1 , 41' H7 15 Larin Uscar A. Mafza+ Student Council 13, 41'U' Service Squad 11, 2 gpg' Q . 1: 0- 9 l b 415 National Honor ciety 141: Germa u 13, 41 5 Picturkiflgmmit- lee 141 Harvey Mc Barnes Bar and Chevron Club 131: R, O. T, C. 1l, Z, 31: Track 111g Foot' ball 111 "1 1 nf'- Jwi 1' 1 . V ,,,...11, ze 0 J ., erber? G. Luyendylc School Store 1415 Service Squad 13, 413 Bars' Glue 1415 Latin Club 141 uise Majeniyf M Q .S2rVice'Squad 11, 211 xffafin Club 111' Edward Marczynslri Hi-Y 141 I. .1 4 .. Q v i, v I . t Mary Roberia Mafhews S. u . 3 41: Home E cs 12. 3, 415 Girl Reserve 141 Marie B. Mauzy President Girl Reserves 13, 413 Home Economic Club 12, 415 U. H. S. Club 13. 415 English Air Club 13, 415 Service Squad 12, 41 Edwin L. Mc Hosltey Varsity Club 13, 415 Bas ketball 13, 41g Treasurer Varsity Club 1413 Hi-Y 13, 413 Boys' Glee Club 13. 41 Ella Mc Plwerson Girls' Doub'e Trio 141 Minor H.Meinder1sma Boxing 131: Wrestling 1313 R. O. T. C- 13, 41 ' Q , 'XS- 2If.f41ff4PJf-' . 4-1' 'U' wwf! Gerlrude Miller English Art Club 1411 German Club 13. 413 U. H. S. Club 13. 41g Mixed Chorus 121 anxsh Club ergeant R O T C 1415 Bar and Chcvrn1?,X'1 Club 131g Rifle Team 1... Q Willard Miller Sp '. 1111: s . . , . X N 31 , B . Q. Adrian Jay Mohr Latin Club 1315 Band 141: Boys' Glee 141 S f x ,, -A- l' u Doris Evelyn M oore English Art Club 141 g Secretary Home Economics Club 13, 415 U. H. S.- Club 12, 3, 415 Umun Hugh News Staff 141 . . 30 James F. Meelcer Football 12. 315 Track 1213 Spanish Club 1l1 aul - wer: ' ack ,1lUZ, 31 g Football i ,2, 15 Latin Club 131 1 . , 1 fl .3 Ell1elA. Miller Vice President English Art Club 1415 Chairman Dec- oration Committee 12, 3, 41 Unmmle Staff 1311 Alt and Special Feature Editor Ummm High Nrw' 141g Honor Roll Awards ll. 2, 3, 41 ff lglenry Mioduchowslii l.af'i'n Club 12. 3, 41: Sra Skuts 13, 414 Hi-Y 141 'i Roger Moll Double Quartet 141g Track 1413 Boys' Glce 141g Mixed Chorus 141: Nature Club 141 Eliis O. Moore aiu-.w 1 'CLLQ 4 1 l I State us . . 415 Ho e Ec omics 121 French Club 121 Helen M. Navifslras Audubon Club 141 Leslie Nogrady Track 12, 3, 41: Basket- ball 12, 413 Football 12. 311 Varsity Club 12, 3. 41:Hi-Y12. 3, 41 Rose Nowaclti 1 G. U. C. 13, 413 Engl' Art Club Treasurer 141: Spanish C1ub' Tre sure: and Vice Presiden 13. 4 QITKCUIKYQF Lati ClLb 1 3, Treasurer G Rc- f rve's 141 If . Oliver niur Ba 12, 3, 41g Sonic rchestra 131g Bras semble 141: Hi- Y 1.713 Sea Scouts13, 41 Josephine Olszewsli V. 'f U. H. S. Club 13,1415 Girl Reserves 13, 415 English Qtr Club 1415 Spanish lub. 1415 Home Econotnics Club 13, 41: I Doubl rio 11, Z, 3, u 1 2 3 41, Latin b 1 . . I . C121 N lrwin F. Mulder Business and Advertising Director Senior Play 1415 Subscription Manager Aurora 141 Jessie N house Vicu P sident Girl Re- serves 1: Ho e Eco- nomic Club 41: U. . S. Club , 3, 41 ' German Club 12, 3. . 41, Entertainment Com- mittee 141 Eunice Noifvaclci -fClass Sec I 12 1: Sponsor 13. 1: T asurcr G. U. C. f41i"' Soccer Team 1415 1 thletic Awards 12, 3. 1 4 ssell M. Olenylc Spanish Club 13. 41, Hi' Y 13. 413 Boys' Glee 13, 413 Basketball 131 Casimir E. Olszewslci Loliie Olszewslti Scribblers' Club 141: U. H. S. Club 1415 Girl Reserves 1415 Home Eco- nomics Club 141 ff Af 1 l ff- l . 1 Kafhryn L. Oosiinq 1 Vice President G. U. C. 131, Girls U. 131: Stul dent Council 1415 Bas- ketball Team 12. 3, 41g Soccer Team 12, 3, 41 Julia Ann Paslosia Home Economics Club 1413 Girl Reserves 141, Camera Club 141: U. H, S, Club 1415 Girls' Glce 141 Thelma C. PiHs Service Squad 13, 41: Latin Club 12. 3, 41: Honor Awards 12, 31 1 Hnme Economics Club 1 11 Ar1hur Posimus. Sidney Rapapoli nys' Double Quartet 141: s' c 13, 413 Mixed . 31: Service Squad 1l, , Spanish Club 13. Conafencc V. Rendell German Club 13, 41: ome Economics Club 13 H . 41, U. H. S. Club 13. 41 Dorofhy Orih ' Secretary Home Economics Clula i413 Home Econom- ic: Club 12, 3. 41g Girl Refervcs 13, 41: English Art Club 13, 41: Service Squad 131 Alma E. Piffs Service Squad 13, 41 3 Latin Club 12, 3. 41: Home Economics 1 l 1 oscphine Pogqi sident National Honor ie y 141 President ' Club' 13,5 413 Secre- tary Spanuh Club 1413 Girls' Athletic Awards 11, 2, 3, 41: Treasurer Rho X-C Phi Alpha 141 7 Mildred Proos ' .f U5 H. S, Club 131: rd-Home Economics Club 1 ' Audubon Club 1315 Pr t Bi Camp Fire fouls 131 Rufh Rapp ' Student Council 1215 G. U. C. 12, 3, 41: English Art: Club 13, 413 Athletic Awards 11, 2, 315 Spanish Club 111 Eclwa rd Rensla nd Nature Club 1415 Boys Double Quarter 141 German Club 12. 315 Vivian Elaine Rhodes Girl Reserves 13, 415 English Art Club 1415 Home Economics C l u b 12, 415 Girls' Glee 1415 Service Squad 131 Madeline E. Ringold Mixed Chorus 1115 U. H. S. 1415 Home - nomics Club 1415 C era A - .. N Club 141 V! 1 YM! li Anne Lillian Rodeski Girls' Glee 1315 Home Economics Club 13, 415 Spanish Club 141 Lillian R. Rohrer U. H. S. Club 141 Theron Rose Spanish Club 1315 Fonts ball 11, Z, 315 Wre!tling1 1319 Hi-Y 141 Y gN .l of Adelqisa Sa ba r+inelli Secretary Spanish Club 12, 35 Chairman Activity Hour 1115 Decoration Commit- tee 141 MD nl 11 33 rr Lenore M. Richardson Mixed Chorus 1215 U. H. S. 1Club 1415 Girls' Glee 1315 Service Squad 13. 41 Rufh Rinner Treasurer Sophomore Class ,AEZV G. U. C. 13. 415 n i Art Club 13, 415 ic Awards 1l, 2. 315 onor Awards 12, 31 Lillian Roqalslci Spanish Club 11. 2, 3. 415 English Art Club 1415 U. H. S. Club 12, 3, 415 Home Economics Club 1415 Girls' Glee 13, 41 Florence Rose President English Art Club 1415 G. U. C. 1415 Girl Reserves 1415 Letter 1415 Numeral 131 Q Franklin A. Rofh Glee Club 13, 41 Karl A. Schindler ,. 4 'x xl 1 'V ,r 'I' . w 1 1. XX l Sophie!! .Sclmerch Girl fReserves 141: Home Ecortmlmics Club 11, 3, 413 U, . S. Club 14l: Ger- man Club 12, 3, 'Hg Sec- retary, Treasurer German Club 133 Edward M. schuzmfq German Club 141 V l A ' iullw Sevensrna . r "J A 1 ' K dsecretary Junior Class 135, Student Council 1ll: Scholarship Awards 11. Zig G. U, C. 12, 3, 433 English Art Club 12, 3, 45 Eleanor Shippy Dorollwy R. Sieberl Girls' Double Trio 1455 Home Economics Club 14M U. H. S. Club 14l: A Girls' Glee Club 12, 4l Slephanie Jane Sierz Aurora Staff 10, Co- Chairman Morto Commit- tee 1-Hg Scribblers' Club 1433 Secretary French Club 12, 3, 41, Honor Awards ll. 2. 33 'L-J! L ill' 34 Frances M. Schniplce Jaclc A. Scudder Hi-Y 13, 43, Student Nlanager 11, il, Track ' ll, ll U. A Clara Pearl Sherman Service Squad 133 Claude l-'lugl'1Siclcels,Jr. Track 13l, Umunilr Staff 1213 Nlixed Chorus ll, 315 Boys' Glec 13, 4l: Double Quartet 13, 43 Sla nley Sieltierczynslri Louis E. Siqler Editor-in-Chief Union High Newx 1413 National Honor Society 14l: Stu- dent Council 14M Service Squad 12, 3, 41, Latin Club 1l, 2, 3, 41 t Mildred C-1. Sinclerman Mixed Chorus 12, 4, Joe Smilgus Efl1elA.Smi1l1 English Aff Cl 1, 0 Home Economi lu HJ Mary Sobel Audubon Club 13, 45 English Art Club 13. 41 U. H. S. Club 13, 41 I Harvey Spurgal 1' Anne Slanlcus Engliph Art Club 141 f J 'C 1 . , 57 , L. my 5. Ai 1 tl ' s wv ' V .,..,,, Si C1 35 Agnes C. Slezialr Home Economics Club 13. 415 Shorthand Pin Award 1311 Girl Reserves 14lg Spanish Club 13, 41, Eng- lish Art Club 143 I n Agnes Smilgus n h Art 11 i e 3 Home Eco lub 14D x... A ,, Helen Sdbelvur C Rullw Sproal Girls' Glee 131 l x l X 1 Will::erlr.,'Slahr , Band fi, 2 sl 41- of 2. KT k'mQ g::2:lfCQi3,yf.,'af,, Hi. 145' x ,A .K ' .1 ! Gerlrude A. Slelwouwer Vice President Home Ecc- nomics Club 1-Hg Girls' Double Trio 12, 315 Girl Reserves 121, Girls' Glee 12, 315 Mixed Chorus 13, 'll Norman D.S1oll Treasurer Senior Class 1415 President Spanish Club 1415 Tennis Team 1l, Z, 3, 415 Vice Presi- dent Sophomore Class 121: Secretary Hi-Y 13, 41 Ralph Slrcnd Basketball 1 l, 21 5 Foot- ball 11, 2, 315 Spanish Club 1215 Wrestling 131 Amelia M. Stroclris Home Eianohiics Club 1b 2, 3 ,915 Treasurer. Hdme Pxcnbmics Club'J413 U. H.'S. Club 12, 315 Gir Reserves 1 1 Frances Sypykoslti U. H. S. Club , ' g' ul! 13, 4 Mary To rymowski Scribblers' Club 141: Home Economics Club 1415 U. H. S. Club 141: Girl Reserves 141 Earle JaclcT1'1omas P 0 J' r, .pf 2' GE?Fl'T6dS Shvrfeboom Girls' Meet 11.2, 3, 415 Mixed Chorus 12. 3, 415 Spanish Club 1115 U. H. S, Club 1415 Home Eco- nomics Club 11, 41 Ma ude Edylfhe Sfrafion Pmssedm' Inner High Girl, Apserves 1315 Vice feeli- gent Fneshman Quits 1l15 ,resident Latin lub 1215 President Girl Reserves 131: Nthletic Awards 12, 3, 41 Edward Swiech Sadie Marie Tanslci Home Economics Club 13. 415 U. H. S. Club 1415 Girl Reserves 1415 Span- ish Club 121 Pearl Marie Teilsma Soccer Team 12, 315 Basketball Team 13. 415 Captain Basketball Team 1315 Valley Ball Team -C 1131 .1 Y- 1 I ! , W -9 'Q Y Howard J. Timmer Boys' Glee 415 d 13, 415 Latin 1 Helen B. Tomaszewslri U. H. S. Club 13, 415 Home Economics Club 13, 415 Girl Reserves 13, 41 Edifh Evelyn Twiesf Audubon Club 13, 415 Program Chairman Audu- bon Club 141 Evelyn Usadel Meet 11, 2, 31 Carl M. Vander Burg Service Squad 11, 2, 415 Music Festival 1415 Hi-Y 12. 315 Mixed Chorus 2415 Secretary Senior Class 4 Adriana Vander Jagf Girl Reserves 141: English Art Club 1415 Service Squad 11, 215 Nature Club 13, 415 Senior Or- chestra 12, 3, 41 O. J. Vander Vlsse, Jr. Dramatics Club 1415 Aurora Staff 1415 Hi-Y 1415 Sea Scouts 12, 3, 415 Band, and Orchestra 12, 3, 4 A if 1 37 dleriifl Thecla E. Treplce Treasurer Audubon Club 1415 English Art Club 13, 415 U, H. S. Club 13, :KU ar' r, ' , A- 'I , D in 'n 1 Franl: E. Ungrey Football 11, 2, 3, 415 Track 11, 215 Basketball 1115 Varsity Club 1415 Spanish Club 141 Louise Van Allsburq Camp Fire 11, 2, 3, 415 Treasurer Camp Fire 1415 Service Squad 1315 Home Economics Club 12, 415 U. H. S. Club 141 L MH BE German Club 1215 Boys' Glee 13, 415 H1-Y 12, 3, 415 Treasurer Hi4Y 1415 Intramural Basket- ball 141 Fred Vanderlind Football 13, 415 Track 12, 3, 415 Student Coun- cil 1415 President Hi-Y 1415 Varsity Club 12, 3, an Dri . , .. Club 1215 Ser ic quad 1215 Home Econo ics Club 111 41.240-9-47,42 'ii .4,fg .f .iJJ1...i,- 1 ,T-ff' J, Russell V. Van Dusen Hi-Y 143: Student Nlanf ager 1335 French Club 133: Boys' Glee 12, 33: Leader of Dance Orches- tra 143 Jeannelle Van Sluyters National Honor Society 1435 Aurmu Staff 143: Spanish Club ll. 435 Latin Club 13, 43 Julia T. Vazis Copyreader Union High Nn'1vr 1433 Spanish Club 12, 3, 43g Program Chair- man Audubon 1435 Eng lishfArt Club l3, 43g U: H. S. Club 133 x f - , x K Roberfwliensira 1 fy Mary M.Viso1a Spanish Club 12, 3, 433 Audubon Club 143g Mixed Chorus 12. 3. 43: Engli-h Ar: Club 13, 43: U. H. S. Club 133 Joe Walczewslci 380 l Lawrence Van Manen Humor and Make-Up Ed- itor Union High News 1433 Motto Committee 1435 Assislanr Humor Editor Aurora 1435 Na' tional Honor Society 143 Marjorie C. Van Soesi Honor Roll Awards 12. 3. 435 National Honor E. i Society 143 2 I 1 r.., la. Marian Veensira Girl Reserves 1433 English Art Club 143: Service Squad 11, 23 Be a Ver Woerl f Girl Reserves 13. 435 Eng- lish Art Club 13, 43 1 lv ome Economics 13, 435 Eqon von ,abben German Club 143 Stanley F. Walczyk National Honor Society 143g Decoration Commit- tee 133g Latin Club 1235 Assembly Usher 143 PM Kenneth Wallon .16 R. O. T. C. 11. 2, 3, 415 R. O. T. C. Officers' Club 13, 415 Boys' Glee 13, 41g Mixed Chorus 131 Joseph L. Wasco Class President 121g Viqe President Student Council 141g News Editor Union Pligb New! 1413 Service Squad 12. 3. 41: Vice President Hi-Y 141 Maxine Wildey Secretary English Art Club 141g Secretary Girl Re- serves 1413 G. U. C. Club 1413 Service Squad 11, 41: Girls' Athletic Meer 1l, 2, 3. 41 Joyce Faye Wilson U. H. S. Delegate ro Washingtoii, D C. 141: Girl Reserves Delegate to Flint, Michigan 1415 Treasurer Home Economics 131g President German Club 1315 President Camp- fire Girls 121 Maria E. ood Spani h lub 12,215 Audubon Club 1 m- . H. s. Club 143 -X Howard Carl Zindel Cnvcaptain Football 141, All State and Ciry Tackle 141: Track 12, 3, 415 Manager School Store 1413 Football 11, 2, 3, 41 X. 2 fm" 1 P K-,g,,1ri cc 39 we Evelyn E. Ward Girls' Athletic Meet 11, 2, 315 Nature Club 141 Kennefh Walson Spanish Club ll ' Union High News 141 . 21. Staff 0 .M X U 1112.2 rrol A. Wilford Checking Committee 131: Hi-Y 1413 Senior Play 141g R. O. T. C. 11, 31: Student Manager 141 John Wifflcowslri Lucille Zachariason Senior Play 1413 Assist- ant Make-up Editor Union High News 1413 Dramat- ic Club 1315 Scribblers' Club 141g President Pep Club 111 1 Minnea Zinudelf Pmgfhfu. H. s. Club 1' A413 Treasurer Girl Re- SBI' ves 1415 G. U. C. ll, 3, 413 Athletic Awards 12, 31: Soccer Team1Z. 3, 41 Eleanor Zoerlwol Girl Reserves ll. Zl: U H. S. Club fl, 115 Girls Glve lil: Mixed Chorus ll, 213 Servlre Squad lil SENIORS WITHOUT Herberl Anderson Jack Blasen Henry Borqeld James Seymour De Meesfer OOO Unionile Staff Uh S rt Editor Union Hugh Num 103 flaw' Chorus HP Paul Diepream Bernard Edison Raymond Jarvis Alberf Krasinlri 40 Wilma Zoe? Girl Reserves S. Club 1215 Award 1313 33 Joe Zyniewicz PICTURES Eric Lageroos Waller Mancewicz Anfhony Miodus Hugh Rose Glen Roller XJ U! Charles Soef Frank Thompsgn 77' . , Marvin Vanden Heuvel Joe Wclendzialc Sfanley Wisniewslci Hi: U- H English An Meer ll. T pl lfk Club 141: Honor Rall 1 2 "AURORA STAFF" 69 49 49 Editor-in-Chief . . . . MAURINE COFFEE GIrI Associate Editor . . ROSE FAVEL Boy Associate Editor . . . HENRY DE VRIES Q9 O ART STAFF RICHARD KING 49 O GROUP PICTURES ALICE KORSTANGE OscAR MATZAT 49 49 EDITORIAL STAFF RUTH AILWARD SARAH ALLEN LESTER BERMAN BESSIE CHERTOS FRANCES CzuEAJ ALBERT DRASIN LIPPERT EMDEN IACK ERHARDT RosE FLYNN FORREST GROENLEER MARION Hum: BRONISLAUS IANIAK DON IOHNSON 49 BUSINESS LENA KALEE MOLLY KOWALISZYN ALBINA KRULEK EMILY KURTYKA VEATRICB LOSSING ETHEL MILLER STEPHANIE SIERZ MAUDE STRATTON IuNIoR VANDE VISSE LAWRENCE VAN MANEN IEANNETTE VAN SLuYTERs MAXINE WILDEY 49 STAFF Business Manager . . . . . LouIs FIXLER Cxrculation Manager I IRWIN MULDER C41 CLASS SONG Q 49 Q Music by Carl Vander Burg Cur voices twine a laurel wreath of song With which to fondly crown thee, Union High. Our rateful hearts and thoughts to thee belong. Oh ljnion, we exalt thee to the sky. Thy light shall guide our paths through coming Thy royal banner ne'er shall cease to fly: Thy Lincoln-spirit will expel our fears: To thee we sing in honor, Union High! Cnonusz Dear Union High, thy name will always live. O Union High, our pledge of faith we give. Where'er we be, Where'er our footsteps roam Our Alma Mater e'er will be our home, O Union, we will cling to honest toil, From faithful service we will not recoil O Union, every heart cries "Loyalty!" Remain, dear Union High, our memory. Q Q CLASS MARCH 0 0 O Music by Bronislaus It-miak -Stephanie Farewell! farewell! dear Union High! Wherever we may stray Fond recollections of our school Will ever with us stay. Through the years thou'st led us on The star of truth to find. We'll follow still this lonely gleam That liberates mankind. Thus strivin with a loyal aim. Thy name, 8 Union High, Honored with e'erlasting fame Shall stand both far and nigh. Cnonusz Farewell to our Alma Mater, May she ever lead the line: Her colors e'er he lifted high Above the walls of time. Among the lists of honor We'll hear her name proclaimed: The name of our Alma Mater, The name of Union High. -Henry De Vries ac 42 an years Sierz NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 49 e Q HE National Honor Society is the only national organization that has a chapter in Union High School. To become a member of this chapter is, there- fore, one of the outstanding honors of the school. The objectives of the National Honor society are scholarship, service, leadership, character. Candidates eligible must stand in the first third of their respective classes in scholarship. The other objectives may be explained as follows: 1. Service is interpreted as a willingness to render cheerfully and enthusiastically any service to the school. This service may be in school procedure or student government: in courtesy to visitors or in acting as big brothers or sisters to underclassmen: in offering oneself as a representative of class or school in competition. 2. Leadership is interpreted to mean demonstrating a high degree of initia- tive in classroom activities which will encourage higher scholarship in all: suc- cessfully holding committee chairmanships and other responsible positions: contributing ideas which may be of help in the life of the school. 3. Recognition for character may be gained by meeting individual obliga- tions promptly and completely: by actively helping to rid the school of bad influences: by constantly demonstralting honesty, reliability, promptness, achievement, and morality. Membership is limited to fifteen per cent of the senior class. The Union chapter this year has thirty-two members. Graduate membership numbers seventy-one. ' Officers for the first semester Were: President, Sarah Allen: vice-president. Oscar Matzat: secretax, Rose Favel. Present officers are: President, Iosephine Poggig vice-president, lice Korstange: secretary, Rose Flynn. Miss Grace Thomasma, senior girls' adviser, and Mr. Fred Voss. senior ww M Mine -4-ei,-S 'VQHlI'5lf'fSL NAIIUNAI R I F' it RYAN X3 K S a -mbwim I BHKWW 'PY' T ' I -si.--R +: I It I1Iuu "LIIIvvILE-I IX' f:3K5' f2,s ." " I, Iv , :'i5' v1 T l Y I I U' ' " ' tart.,-Y' .5 Q'-1 "" . .I 1'.. -H10 .L 1,1 I ,, 0 r- .xl-'t .,,. ,v IN! r, . boys' adviser, are the sponsors of this organization. MEMBERS OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SARAH ALLEN VIOLA ANDERSON DORIS BAUCH FRANCES BIRGELAITIS MAURINE COFFEE HENRY DE VRIES IACK ERHARDT RosE FAVEL. RosE FLYNN CHARLOTTE FREDRICKSON MARION HUEE AMELIA IEZAVISKAS MARY Lou KARATKIEWITZ STANLEY KOLENDA ALICE KORSTANGE MoLLY KOWALISZYN if 43 ALBINA KRULEK EMILY KURTYKA OscAR LINDBERG OscAR MATZAT MARIE MAuzY ETHEL MILLER IOSEPHINE POGGI STEPHANIE SIERZ LOUIS SIGLER MAUDE STRATTON RUTH RINNER LAWRENCE VAN MANEN IANET VAN SLUYTERS MARJORIE VAN SoEsT STANLEY WALCZYK IOE WAsco THE CHRISTINE M. KECK CREATIVE ARTS AWARDS RECOGNITION was given this year for the first time to seniors who in the opinion of the teachers had shown outstanding creative ability in some field. The award is named in honor of Miss Christine M. Keck, former assistant prin- cipal of Union High School. Ten students were recognized for the following abilities: IAMES BARROWS: Dramatic talent. MAURINE COFFEE: Iournalistic talent: originality in planning and designing clothes: social grace. PETER DATSEFFVITCHZ Artistic ability. HENRY DE VRIES: Linguistic ability: international-mindednessg social adaptibility. ALICE KORSTANGE: Originality in mathematics. MOLLY KOwALIszYN: Social adaptibility. DONALD LOUCKS: Mechanical and inventive ability. LAWRIZYTIZE VAN MANEN! Analytical originality: journalistic talent: and secretarial a I 1 y. ETIIEL MILLER: Literary and artistic abilityg social grace. THECLA TREPKE: Creative ability in preparing and serving foods. The chairmen Of the committee in charge of the awards were Miss Olga Perschbacker and Miss Myrtle Heseltine. The committee consisted of Mr. Clay- ton Bazuin, science department: Mr. Paul Marckwardt, manual training: Miss Laura Rowson, home economics: Mr. Stanley Albers, public speaking: Miss Myra Iackson, art: Miss Florence Best, music: Miss Mary McLennan, mathe- matics: Mr. Arthur Avery, business: Miss Marion Iennings, language: and Miss May Conlon, history. 49 49 O "UNION HIGH NEWS" STAFFS THE Union High News, a five-column, four-page weekly newspaper was launched this year by the advanced journalism class and Miss Myrtle Hesel- tine, adviser. The News aims to cooperate with the home, the community, and other schools. This object was formerly accomplished by The Llnionite, monthly magazine, which has been temporarily discontinued. CHIEF EXECUTIVES Managing Editor ,...,,.. Editor-in-Chief News Editor ........... Make-up ....,,,,.......... Assistants ..,........,.,..,........,.. Art Editor ..................................., ,..,., Sport Editor-Boys ....... .......,,,. -Girls ,.,,,., ......,, , , Headline Writer .,.. ...... Copy Reader .,.............. Humor Editor .........,... Exchange Editor .,,...,.... Typist , ,,,, .,.,.,,,.. ,...,.,..,... . FIRST SEMESTER MAURINE COFFEE BERNARD CIHIRISTENSON ROSE FAVEL ........,,..RuTI-I AILWARD FELIX IOZWIAK ETI-IEL MILLER Special Feature Editor . .,,.. ....,,.... . ' .ETHEL MILLER IAMES DE MEESTER EUNICE NOWACKI KENNETH HERLEIN LENA KALEE LESTER BERMAN IOSEPH WASCO if 44:1 SECOND SEMESTER TREVAH ANDERSON LOUIS SIGLER IOSEPH WAscO LAWRENCE VAN MANEN FELIX IOZWIAK IRWIN KOROPAS LUCILLE ZACHARIASON DORIS BAUCH ETIHIEL MILLER HOWARD ZINDEL ALEATHA SHERWOOD STANLEY KOLENDA IULIA VAZIS LAWRENCE VAN MANEN FELIX IOZWIAK ROSE FLYNN Lrfl to right. fry! row: Dorothy Gravelyn, Sarah Allen, Stanley Kolenda, Eleanor Heileman, Anne Bendokaitis. Second ww: Frances Hooper, Lorraine lclcewitz. ,lamcs Barrows, Willard De Bruyn, Mary Louise Huxoll, Leona Blasen. Third mw: Veatricc Lossing, Doris Bauch, Janet Van Driel, Josephine Poggi, Helen Grigel, Lucille Zachariason. SENIOR PLAY 49 49 QP 'ITHE Whole Towns Talking", a farce by lohn Emerson and Anita Loos, was the play presented by the senior class on the evening of February 23 and 24, and the afternoon of March 2. A double cast of girls and a single cast of boys were used. Henry Simmons, a manufacturer, played by Stanley Kolenda, desires a son- in-law who is interested in his business, but meets with opposition from his daughter, Ethel, enacted by Dorothy Gravelyn and Eleanor Heileman. Through an arranged love affair between Simmon's junior partner portrayed by lames Barrows, and an actress, impersonated by Lorraine Ickewitz and Helen Grigel, the daughter is finally convinced that Chester is the proper man to be her hus- band. A series of hilarious situations kept the audience amused for two hours. Other members of the cast were Frances Hooper and Sarah Allen as the suspicious wife: Willard De Bruyn as the French lover: Mary Louise Huxoll, Lucille Zachariason, Doris Bauch and Ianet Van Driel as Ethel's friends: Frank Kowrack as the motion picture directory Leona Blasen and Anne Bendokaitis as the maid, Veatrice Lossing and Iosephine Poggi as the dancing teacher: and Sulo Lageroos as the taxi driver. fSarah Allen cr 45 ma ! ,a .f 1 r SENIOR REAL ELECTION O O 49 Prettiest Girl . . GERTRUDE MILLER Shortest Boy . . . LouIs FIXLER Haf1dS0mCSf Boy - CHARLES SOET Clevcrcst Girl . VEATRICE Lossmc Mfstgpofulfr 9"L4OLL4 K6WALlgZYN Cleverest Boy . STANLEY KOLENDA Most popular Boy i FRANK KOWRACK Class Woman Hater . RUSSELL ESVELD Best A11-Amund Girl . SARAH ALLEN , RUTH RAPP Class Girl Pals . RUTH RINNER Best All-Around Boy . .... lRu,rH SEVENSMA . . . . . FORREST GROENLEER F K ' . b . A RANK OWRACK Cutcst Girl .... DORIS BAUEII Class Boy Pals lIAMEs BARROWS Cures! Boy . . WILLIAM KEENAN lvvu-LARD DE BRUYN Girl Athlete . . KATHRYN OOSTING Best Girl Dancer . ALVINA KELLY B09 Afhleff ' ' ' RWHARD Kms Best Boy Dancer . RUSSELL OLENYK Girl Fashion Platc . MARIAN SMILGUS Class politician . Sum LAGEROOS Boy Fashion Plate . EDWIN GILLETTE Class Musician CARL VANDER Bum Girl Class Shark . ALICE KORSTANGE Class Pact ' E M Boy Class shark . HENRY DE vmss ' ' THELH 'HER Class Flappcr . GRACE DE YOUNG Class Inscparablcs gBi2:gESDO?i?5:R Class Shrek . WILLARD DE BRUYN Class Comedian IAMES BARROWKQ Class Optimist . . BERNARD BARTO C1 v C ' MQ J Most Bashful Girl . ANNE RODESKI abs 'Conf' ' QM" UNDERTSMA Most Baskin! Boy . . . U U I Most Courtcous Girl ..... . . . . . STEPHEN BLASKIEW ' ' ' ' ' ' MAURWE COFFEE Tancst Girl A . ' MAME MAUZY Most Courtcous Boy . IACK ERHARDT Tallcst Boy .... ALEX DANKO Most Dfilfliffcd Girl -'--. Shortest Girl . ..... . . ""' MAUDE STRATTON . . . MARY Lou KARATKIEWITZ Must Dignificil Boy . NORMAN STOLL GOLD KEY AWARDS O O 49 GOLD Keys are awarded to the seniors having the highest number of activity points. Points are given for high quality citizenship, honor roll membership. literary and musical expression. leadership in school organizations. and participa- tion in athletics. The Student Council under the direction of Miss Blanche Mann, assistant principal, decides the number of students to receive this award each year. SARAH ALLEN MoLI.Y KOWALISZYN RUTH SEvENsIvIA MAURINE CIJFFEE FRANK KOWRACK STEPHANIE SIERz HENRY DE VRIEs VEATRICE LOSSING LouIs SIGLER RosE FAVEL OSCAR MATZAT MAUDE STRATTON MARY Lou KARATKEIVVICZ ETHEL MILLER IOSEPH WAsco STANLEY KOLENDA IOSEPHINE POGGI HOWARD ZINDEL G46 YI CLASS WILL Q 0 49 WE. the Senior Class of Union High School. city of Grand Rapids, County of Kent, state of Michigan of the United States of America, in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth, third planet of the Universe, realizing that we are about to be granted parole from this worthy institution earnestly dedicated to the furtherance of classical and worldly knowledge, and being in comparatively sound minds and strong bodies, do hereby make this our last will and testament, thus making null and void all our previous wills. To the school in toto: 'We bequeath the benefit of our worthy and hard-earned accomplishments in social, academic, and other lines. and as good measure we add the secret of our success in extorting A's from a perverse faculty. To rising zoologist successors: 'We relegate the pleasure derived from mercilessly dissecting pickled grass- hoppers, fishes, or what have you. To Mrs. Elizabeth Slaght: 'We consign the job of teaching the boys who have chosen to follow the profession of that great exponent of the culinary art, Oscar of the Waldorf. to bake biscuits to eat-not to be used in the shot put. To the students of commercial law: 'We cede the privilege of arriving in class the first day with a remarl.ably original outline already in the latest stages of development. To the coming seniors: 'We intrust the prestige and honor of becoming the much privileged journal- ists who control and edit Union's two world-famous publications, The Union High News and The Aurora. ' 'We deliver Miss Grace Thomasma and Mr. Fred Voss, whose sagacious and soothing oratory calm tumultuous senior meetings. 'We request that the vast funds of the senior class be divided evenly between establishing a home for the feeble minded whose brains have "dimmed" during their school career, and a lunch room covering live acres where every' one will have elbow room and be served by waitresses whose extraordinary duty it is to remove the trays. We trust this mission will be faithfully car- ried out by the Class of '34. We do hereby. in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, declare this to be our last will and testament, on the seventeenth day of Iune in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three. -The Senior Class BARON MUNCHAUSEN OLD MAN DEPRESSION or 47 mv CLASS CHRONICLE O O 0 FRESHMAN YEAR H929-I93Ol fBeginning ol Odicial Depression, Sept. 7. The school year starts with a kickoff. Coach Hess calls out his lettermen for practice. Sept. 10. Paul Redman is named head police man of our police squad lService Squadl. Oct. 7. Union girls get the "once over" from physical training teachers. Oct. 14. A bloody. thrilling game is played between Tech and Union. Nov. 2. And then the memorable Union-Muskegon game. Boy. do we surprise them? Dec. 7. What can a red letter "U" mean to a football star? They certainly made a fuss over them at the assembly. Mar. 6. Student Council members think of a citizenship marking plan. Mar. 18. A freak football game is presented by Varsity members at the Creston-Union baskeball game. Apr. 1. April fools us and turns spring into winter. May 24. The sophs and freshies have a party. . Iunc 14. Exams start. Poor freshiesl Iune 20. The seniors begin to look for jobs. O O SOPHOMORE YEAR H930-I93ll Sept 2. "Ship Ahoy!" shouts the Unionite staff. Sept. 20. Union gave a few les- sons on football to Shelby High- score 53-0. Oct. 16. We sophomores "get to- gether." at Iohn Ball Park. Oct. 22. The witches and black cats play hide-and-seek behind the corn stalks at the Witches' Gambol. Nou. 6. We elect Ioseph Wasco "head man" of our class. Nov. 26. We strut to the Turkey Strut. Dec. 15. Money is collected at a sunlight dance by Io Poggi to give to the Herald Santa Claus girls. Ian. 31. We roll out to a good time at the roller-skating party. Feb. 26. "The Covered Wagon" is uncovered before us in the auditorium. Mar. 20-21. We get a big roar from "The Lion and the Mouse". May 2. Varsity members demon- strate new styles stepping on other people's toes at the "Spring Frolic". Iune 9. We scramble for senior signatures. Iune 19. The 1931 seniors join 1930 seniors in looking for jobs. 0 O JUNIOR YEAR lI93l-I932l Sept. 8. School opens and every- one is happy to be back again. Sept. 9. Everyone is back again but not so happy. Se t. 10. Many of us are forced to change classes. "Ain't" there no iustice? Sept. 11. We try to escape. but it 1 48 those persons at the funny little desks in the corridors prevent us. Oct. 23. We decide to give the seniors a break and go to their all school party, the Rendezvous. Nov. 13. The Dillingham Memorial gymnasium is trampled on by the "Hoodoo Hoppers". D CLASS CHRONICLE lContinuedJ 49 Nov. 16-21. "Studious Stephanie" Sierz wins a "Winged Horse", and Maurine Coffee "Green Mansions" in the Book Week contest. Nou. 25. Unionites are saddened when the hear of the accidental death of Miss Boris Bishop, their commer- cial teacher. Nov. 26. Union marches on to a city and state championship by de- feating South, 19-13. Nov. 26-27. Everyone talks turkey during the Thanksgiving vacation. April 30. Peter N. Datseffuitch re- ceives one hundred dollars for first prize in the Pictorial Arts division of the national Scholastic contest. Dec. 16. A day of many disap- pointments and some surprises. Report cards are marked. Dec. 24. Christmas vacation ar- rives and we depart from school with cheer. Feb. 13. The Dillingham gymna- sium is again trampled on-this time by "Military Hoppers." 49 Q Feb. 26. Union cagers find them- selves in fourth place on the list for city honors as the season ends, be- cause of a l7-9 defeat by the Creston Polar Bears. Brrll Mar. 10 and 11. Union High dis- plays its pep in "The Follies of l932." Apr. 8. We're all so far sure of graduating! Today we get our class rings. Apr. 22. All good sports come to the "Spring Sports Spree" and flash their newest sport clothes. May 10. Music, music everywhere and all kinds of it too! 'Tis merely Union's annual Musical Festival. May 13. The dignified seniors de- cide to accept invitations to a farewell party. Iunc 9. luniors successfully send off the seniors at the annual Iunior- Senior Prom. Iune 16. The 1932 seniors join the 1930 and 1931 seniors looking for jobs. 6? O SENIOR YEAR H932-I933l Sept. 6. The school bell tinkles and the work of the institution of learning begins. Sept. 24. A rendezvous-Traverse City vs. Union! Minor Meindertsma, drum major, demonstrates a dance step for the occasion. Oct. 6. journalism II students de- velop "noses for news" for the new Union High News. Oct. 12. Hot chocolate and milk is the prescription given all students who have suddenly contracted the ague C4 49 and chills. Cause: Student report cards are marked for the first quarter. Oct. 24. The senior class, becom- ing sane and serious, elect a president. Three cheers for Kowrack, Groenleer. Vander Burg, et cetera! Nov. 17. This organized group lalias the senior classl are inspired and voice their sentiments in two grand and glorious get-to-gethers. Nov. 25. A few remaining turkeys enjoy the feathery snowflakes. D CLASS CHRONICLE tContinuedj O O 49 Ian. 28. Pink elephants are on the Mar. 2. The phsiognomists have table, Red balloons are in the air. The seniors are giving the Heyday Hop. And music is everywhere. Ian. 19. Senior girls drink eight glasses of H20 by the order of Dr. Edwards to prevent the simply odious and abominable influenza. Ian. 27. Exams lDefinition: a one word essay imbued with the varying moods and feelings of the high school homo sapiens! Feb. 16. Muffins burning! Muffins hurnin ! Fire! Fire! Pour on water- for aspiring young starts working. Q A cooking class "house-husbands" Feb. 23. 24. "When I came into this room, I said ble, it's terrible." words s oken at to myself, it's terri- fThe echoes of the p the senior-play try- out die, die, diel. And when the weakest echoes die out, the strongest ones present the senior play, "The Whole Town's Talking." vowed to practice their punctilious art on puerile countenances. lTransla- tion: Kline's will take the senior pic- tures.l Mar. 2. After weighty considera- tions. terrifying debates. filibustering. and horrors. a new. Conveniently sized Aurora is decided upon by the class. Mar. 9. Union High School re- luctantly and demurely discloses her age, 80 years. lllefreshments aren't servedl. Apr. 13. A-chew, spring fever and spring vacation. Apr. 25. Peter Datseffuitch wins the first prize in the oil-painting divi- sion of the Annual Scholastic Contest: also a year's scholarship at the Art Institute of Chicago. Apr. 29. Our presence is requested at the third annual Ball Moderne. lime 15. The 1930, 1931, 1932, and 1933 seniors quit looking for iobs and decide to become post-grads next fall. -Ethel Miller. Albert Drasin, Bessie Chertos. TEN YEARS FROM NOW Will retail selling classes have turned out salesmen that can sell four- family flats to people wanting five- room bungalows? Will would-be secretaries be taking dictation from dime store floorwalkers or will they be dictating to the wealthy bosses they married? Will the National Honor Society members' training as assembly ushers have helped them gain iobs as such in theaters? I WONDER? a50 D N Howard Zindel ATHLETICS Q 0 Q FOOTBALL FOOTBALL had only a fair season this year. ln the city race Union vir- tually broke even with two wins, three losses, and a tie. The team won an impressive victory over Traverse City to start the season, but later found the going tougher. Union ended the season with a 6-0 victory over South, its traditional rival. Three members of the team will be lost by graduation. One is Howard Zindel, who played a line aggressive game all year. He was awarded a place on both the all-city and all-state teams. Another loss is Richard King, Union's Richard King Fred Vanderlinde line center, who was on the all-city second team last year. will also be missed next year. He has been the fastest man on the squad for the past two SBHSOIIS. Coach Hess will have fourteen letter men back next fall. They are Szcze- paniuk, Burns, Grams, Miknavich, Smith, Kelly, Wiest, Schaubel, Rinkevich, Henk, Iurewicz, Boorstein, Olinzak, and Novakowski. Union's stellar tackle, Frank Szczepaniuk, was elected captain of the 1933 team. 6 Q -Forrest Groenleer TENNIS 5'f"'4 THE 1932 tennis team was composed of lack Kortlander, Norman Stoll, Iohn Falarski, George Bookholder, Major Belkin, Robert Edkins, Lee Boese, and Sulo Lageroos. lack Kortlander, the number one man, was runnerup in both the regional and state tournaments. Members of this year's team were Norman Stoll, Bob Edkins, Lee Boese. Ioe Wasco, Lou Sigler, Russell Hooper, Sidney Belkin, lake Harlick, and Don Stoll. Harmon S. Iones is coach of the team. -Forrest Groenlccr O O GOLF UNION had a successful golf season in 1932, for it won the city, regional, and state championships. Iohn Prussevich tied for the state low medalist title. Six medals also went to other Union players. Every member of this team. composed of Benny Bartnick, Ed Kvetkauskas, Sid Hodson, and lohn Prussevich, was lost by graduation. The 1933 squad was made up of Ed Sakocious, Forrest Groenleer, Iohn Carzok, William Zylstra, and lack Erhardt. Mr. Clayton Bazuin coaches golf. -Lippcrt Emden cc51n wfw ,J x sri JQ4 .X r s Y N FOOTBALL TEA V :fx . 1 ,f f 1 , law, .x.nC1N.f1.-HL, R..1,...,4 Kung. H.,w....i z..,.i.-1, N.-........ olmm xv . xm,1..X X vl 1 ll .Um n,..,N.-I, 1 Us N..x..k...uL.. u.,......1 s.n.....1u-1. R.-rx.-.1 f.....,,, r-.....L s,.,.,,,.......L H., fumm.. .x...a..-m mn 1:4.v.,..,...1 xvi.,,f. 1 . I 1 .1, l..1H. ram, u..,1.-,..- ml-1..L. xf...1.-.H .........g.-., ,l..,.-ph ,1.,..-ML i,....Ll.,. mum..-X 'N ul vr 'Nhizvux-Vw, 'luw hum, luuu Nw-xstvlvm. llkul Smith. .lim-pl: Ulvnnl BASKETBALL TEAM ,mn ' 1 , 1 , .. s'1,.l,,- mm... l.-N1..- N..,4,,..1,, lc.-n-.-If c....m, l1.N.v11 'l'1......w.,. ,I.-,fl-M lmxlux X H 1 1 Ah Kiaxxvxnl lllmp.-uv, .fXlpIu.-wo XX.ukn-wa-1, All-ru Zn-gunu, Nmlv-ur TN'l1Ln,1xn.h. vlrv..n1.lw, Vlnwph vlnu-mul. cr 52 rx TRACK ALTHOUGH the 1932 track team started with only three veterans, it made a good record. Union registered wins over Allegan, Hastings, Catholic, and Tech, but lost to Central and Ottawa. In the Indian Relays, Union's two-mile relay team came in second. The four-mile team was third as were the mile relay team and the medley team. Fred Vanderlind won first place in the broad jump. Al Zegunis in the hurdles and Fred Vanderlind in the broad jump placed in the 1932 city regional meet. Vander- lind also won points in the state meet. This year's team was capained by Al Zegunis. The lettermen returning besides Zegunis were Norbert Miknavich and Les Nogrady in the pole vault, Edward Iarmol in the dashes, George Rinkevitch in the quarter mile, Robert Giles in the mile, and Forrest Groenleer in the half mile. Mr' Iohn Hess is the track Coach' -Lipper! Emden, Forrest Groenleer 49 0 Fred Vande:-Und BASKETBALL THE return of five veterans and several promising reserves made the basketball prospects bright for this year. The team was composed of Russel Thompson, Toe Gailus, Robert Grams, Les Nogrady, Phil Simon, Norbert Minknavich, Vladis Rasgumas, Ioe Iurewicz, Al Zegunis, Charles Whitecavich. and Albert Waskiewich. Union finished second in the city race, winning eight and losing five games. The team also defeated Kalamazoo Central in an outside game. In the state tournament the Union quintet lost to Muskegon Heights. Les Nogrady and Ioe Gailus were chosen on the Herald's All City Team. and Phil Simon. Bob Grams. and Russ Thompson were given honorable mention. Gailus and Grams also played on the All Stars against Ottawa for the Red Cross benefit at the civic auditorium. Although Union played good ball this year, greater things are expected from next year's team, which will consist of all veterans. They are Gailus. Grams. Simon, Thompson, Michnavich, Rasgunas, Whitecavich, Waskiewich. and lurewicz. Basketball teams are ably coached by Mr. Maynard "Doc" Ellingson. Q Q -Forrest Groenleer GIRLS' BASKETBALL THE junior girls became champions of the basketball season by a 33-17 victory over the seniors on Wednesday, March 15. On the preceding Monday, the juniors played the sophomores, defeating them by a 27-16 margin. On Thurs- day the sophomores beat the seniors 28-25. Throughout the games, the playing was exciting and the competition keen. The members of the winning squad were Anna Mazurek, Elaine Thiessen, forwards: Edna Vanden Bos, Dolores Cummer, guards: Lillian Rybiski, jumping center: Marguerite Wisneski, running center. The captains were Marjorie Miedema, senior: Lillian Rybiski, junior: Nina Luyendyk, sophomore. -Molly Kowaliszyn 1539 THE WITCI-IES' GAMBOL THE flfth annual Witches' Gambol, sponsored by the girls "U" Club, was held October 26. Decorations were of autumn scenes. A penny candy counter and a Den O' Spooks were among the features of the party. Ferne Whalleg won a prize for the prettiest costume: Marion Verhey for the most original: arol Castor for the funniest. The sophomores won the gorgeous tin cup by the performance of the stunt. "The Fatal Quest." The program included games and music by the Hercules Iazz Band and a song by Bessie Chertos. e 49 Q GIRLS' I932 INTRAMURAL MEET THE juniors won the eighth annual senior girls' meet held May 19, 1932. The flnal scores were as follows: juniors. 1700 points: seniors, 1575 points: sopho- mores. 1225 points. Dorothy La Gran. Lena Romani, and Dolores Cummer were class managers. The juniors won the rhythm "Tap Trio" and tied the seniors in the hop- step-and-jump event. They emerged victorious in a volleyball game with the sophomores. The seniors won the baton relay and the sophomores the racing- hall pass event. The following physical education teachers were judges: Miss Marion Camp- bell, former Union teacher, now at junior College: Miss Ethlyn Ellinger of Harrison Park High School: Miss Theodora Hunt of Burton High. Q e e GIRLS' I933 INTRAMURAL MEET THE juniors, victorious in flve out of seven events. won the ninth annual girls' meet with a score of 1800. The seniors placed second with 1400 points and the sophomores third with 1200. The volley ball game to decide the chamgionshlp was played between the juniors and-seniors, the sophomores having een previously eliminated. The seniors were defeated. The playball race, baton relay, hop, step, and jump, the stunt relay, and the three-legged race were won by the juniors. The seniors scored highest in rythms with a Russian Dance. "On Deck", a tap dance by 15 senior girls appropriately costumed in sailor suits, and a Russian Dance by Molly Kowaliszyn were given as specialties. Mr. W. Guy Morrison, director of physical education. presented the silver loving cup to the junior manager, Norma Bowman. The girls in the meet then presented flowers to their directors, Miss Margaret MacDonald and Miss Eliza- beth Wardley. Miss Helen Enright, Miss Marion Campbell, Miss Margaret Harmon and Miss Theodora Hunt acted as judges. Miss Merry Van Horne um- pired the volley ball game. W Class managers were Molly Kowaliszyn, senior: Norma Bowman, junior: Mary johnson. sophomore. -Molly Kowaliszyn 41541: GIRLS' SPORTS 44 55 vb V tl' I Twp mug lufl In nghl: Ruth Rapp, Nlarjory Meidcma, Sarah Allen, Dorothy Gravelyn, Wanda Kwiatkowskt. Loraine lclu-wirz, Florence Rose, and Minnea Zindel, fum: ww: lfunm- Nowaflci, Ruth Rinner, Ruth Sevensma, Catherine Oosting, Molly Kowaliszyn, l'i-.ul Tvitsnm, Dorothy La Gran, SOCCER er 49 ca THE third annual soccer practice was started as usual in the fall. Miss Margaret MacDonald. with the aid of the soccer manager, planned practices and contests among the senior high girls. The seniors won the championship by defeating both the sophomores and juniors. They received 200 points: junior, 150 points: sophomores, 100 points. Those on the winning team included forwards, Pearl Teitsma. Sarah Allen, Kathryn Oosting. Marjorie Miedema, Ruth Rinner, Ruth Sevensma: halfbacks, Dorothy Gravelyn, Minnca Zindel, Dorothy La Gran: fullbacks. Wanda Kwiatowski, Molly Kowaliszyn: goalguard, Eunice Nowacki. The senior team was captained by Catherine Oosting, the junior team by Anna Mazurek, and the sophomore team by Alice Phillips. The sophomores. though winning no games, had the largest turnout for practices with fifty-three girls reporting every Wednesdziy night. The juniors, victorious in one game. had .1 turnout of forty-Five on Monday nights while the seniors, victorious in two gzunes, turned out thirty-three strong on Thursday nights. -Molly Kowaliszyn cc 56 no . HUMOR 49 NERTS It's going to be a circus 'il When we are out. And how! '. a ln fact we've quite a flock of studesl Who are a circus now. The seal who catches with his mouth lust imitates Koropas: A wild-west show has nothing on The girls who try to rope us. Walczyk juggles figures: Olszewski balances books: Kolenda always eats the daggers ln his teachers' looks! ..u- Despite the desire for vacations, we don't think anyone wants the late bank holiday to become an annual affair. .- U .- Although beer is not yet quite legal, our courts open many cases each day. Tu-1 "There's a time and a place for everything," and most of the times and places are not in school. ...u.. The study of negative numbers: Finding out how to multiply some- thing that isn't by something that never was and then getting something you wish you had. ...u... As time goes on-there seems to be less and less of it. K Q 57 O All-night parties are as old as the earth. Why, the Bible says, "The evening and the morning were the first day." .-.ui The Indian took the scalp, the west- erner notched his gun, and the modern girl takes the boy's ring. -ul Mother Earth is a great comedian. Every time she makes a crack in California, she brings the whole house clown. 1.uT 1 It's always the A'nuts" that make you "crack" a smile. in.- So often in these modern stories the plot sickens where it begins to thicken! -ul Studes: Buck up. Depression will soon be over. . - u - Flunker: That's the trouble. If I could afford a book, I'd have to work hard. 1 u 1 One day, when they were about the age of six, Rose and Ann Flynn went walking. Asked a policeman, "Are you two little girls twins?" "No, we're Flynns," explained Rose 1. u T Teachers should remember that a bird in hand will soon be out of hand. like the eagle on Clyde Wirth's dollar D HUMOR X Mal O Maude Stratton may look innocent enough, but we think that little smile denotes anticipation of future es- capades. ...U- When the staff edited the Union High News alone, we noticed that Miss Heseltine was very anxious to have a notice inserted that she didn't have anything to do with the edition. ,ui For the boys to eat their own cook- ing may be dangerous. but suppose they took up sewing and wore their own product. ...u.-. We don't know whether or not neckties were invented as equipment for execution. but many worn by Unionites are "certainly killing." --ui First history book worm: Is this a picture of the 1929 crash? Second moth: No, that's just Man- lius jumping into a hole in the forum. ..u-. "I'm as hungry as a bear so I'm going to eat my honey," said a romanlic Unionite, and he devoured her with kisses. .-. U l A Slip of the Tongue Miss Kunert in Business English class the eighth hour: "Is St. Peter absent today?" tt 0 58 O Her Brother: You remind me of Al Iolson. Girl Greatly Flattered: Why? Her Brother: A singing fool! - 1.11.1 Bright girl: What does that music outside mean? Miss Rowson: Well, I know it's not Heaven: I can tell by the number of people here. T u 1. If this depression keeps up, these may be the results: Men may have to shave with shoulder blades. Packages may have to be tied with spinal cord. People may have to listen to bands composed of shoe horns and ear drums. In the winter the women may have to wear their coats of tan. The boys may have to wear knee caps. IF If, all the big men in the country were Unionites: The Secretary of the Treasury would tell the president that the reason he couldn't balance the books was be- cause he left them home this morning. The generals of the army would walk around the capital during lunch period to show the women the spiffy uniforms the government gave them. The diplomats would be able to get out of any hole. 37 JUNIORS AIR THEIR VIEWS JUNIORS seriously consider personality, charm, cleverness, originality, and scholarship in naming whom they consider the outstanding senior in the class of '33. Sarah Allen is chosen by IO out of the 27 juniors questioned. Her personal- ity and all around ability are admired by Carmen Maines, Sophie Siegel. Ruth Plachecki, and Verna Iohnson. MShe's a good student", emphasize Lois Ellis, Rena Bajema. and Nancy Trenis. 'AShe's charming." assert Barbara Harrigan, Donna Baltes, and Iohn Coffee. "Frank Kowrack is the outstanding senior," smiles Robert Grams. "He's got personality and he's a good fellow." Louis Boorstein, Estelle Czubaj, Lillian Flak, Iune Van Os, Frank Szczepaniuk, and Harry Vanderburg agree with Bob. "Stanley Kolenda is admirable for his original ideas, forceful personality, and naturalness," declares Myron Orwant. Wilma Rykema and Peggy Fox, too, choose Stanley for his leadership and natural executive ability. The all-around ability of Iames Barrows is admired by Aileen "Red" Myers and Lena Miller. "Maurine Coffee is outstanding because of her excellent handling of the Union High News". maintains Sydney Sachs. "She's clever," Claudia Rauser exclaims. C Maude Stratton has distinguished herself in activities, according to Matilda rater. "Molly Kowaliszyn is full of pep. She's smart and likable," Cora Vanden Bos declares thoughtfully. F N . -- rances Czubaj 0 0 0 SENIORS VIEW THEIR I-IEIRS TO BE outstanding a junior must be an all-around good student, a good sport, friendly, and possessed of a bubbling sense of humor-at least so say the seniors. 'Barbara Harrigan is pleasant and cheerful," says Oscar Matzat. For un- known reasons Willard Miller also prefers Barbara. Verna johnson is the choice of Ethel Miller and Viola Anderson. "She's a good student and so friendly!" they declare. Of Henr Kowalski, Lawrence Van Manen exclaims, "That boy has brains!" Eleanor fleileman votes for Tom and Maxine Irwin because they are good sports and sociable. Russell Van Dussen selects Ronald Bier as his favorite because they both play the piano and "see each other often". Carmen Mains is charming to everyone," is Eunice Nowacki's comment. But Carl Vander Burg chooses her because she Hhas a nice smile, is pretty, courteous, interesting to talk to, and appreciative of good music." "Donna Baltes is my idea of the best junior," states Maude Stratton reflectively. The sport enthusiast, Minnea Zindel, and the famous actor, Iames Barrows, both acclaim Dorothy Cutler their favorite. lake Harlick takes first place with Lippert Emden, Meyer Margolis, and Louis Fixler. Sarah Allen lauds the feats of Iohn Coffee. "He is not only apt in scholas- tics, but has made good in athletics," explains Sarah. -Rose Fave! and Lester Berman cc 59 my A-x 1S Q?xPHa 1 Q' , Xie, if , JW., K 57. 9 x ,aa N x 55 7 gf X Qgxg QL . 4 ' 2- N Q 'nl - 'Ss ff, N cw . XNEPQZQ X A '- J f'53, is 5 Wx 0553 gi? ?i fii2f 92 A X . 'W AUTOGRAPHS F Kww Afwfdfww ,g. 2 iiqfip 2 'ff 'Sf f-bam 112 M,fj L?fiff?9 ,f 5 , 7 , f" 1 " V.' , , i i WW fff ? . G , 1 4. -n W P x X X X f7WimM1,,' . r - ' . Vu i A , S 1 . my ' I AUTOGRAPHS f I N Jlfvk ox lfxrf k WK RM WY .. S. l .gambler XX X 6 Mun, , aw' ff, G.-va-11 Z 22. . ' Nm FF 'Ffa ? E , in ,. A .' ' .JW ""'gx, ,., V 1' xs. ' fm wi , . .'. .- P H' " A - -in , . . . . , je, Q N .' I . 3 fr , 1 I ' t vhgs I 45 '. , , ss.. Q, 1 , -5.-F... ' 'N 1 ""5Wt' . 'if 5 Q if D My .ul J Q 1-5, rf- vf ll a 'l l' 14 .fl L . - - Q-. 4 Y 1 . F ' . ' , 'W f '. . f, . QL ,ff 5 1,5 J , ' , "' - ' fra. J 2 f ' X .. 4.4 1 L YJ' 1' ' S .rl ' N2 v ' W .. uv

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