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 - Class of 1925

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' X QQU' os ' '- DQP Q 1 wa' ::1gl0J 0 s, ! f11ff' qs if sg. v sm Qs D: 's wag LSI- Q e 'Xb o Q u , 0. 0 -.9 Q 2 ,3 ,O 1l:1l'i:111: "You seem rather familiar." II:1rrx': UFQIIIIIIIZIT? Wl1y I haveu't started vet 1" ' . ,114 Hoyt Richter: "I didn't notice you in church this morning." Frank Jac-kowski: "Well, yuh see, I took up the collection." -U- Fred D.: "I hope I 1lidn't hurt your foot when I stepped on it?" Irene D,: '0h. that's all right. The first few times were the hardest. After that I didn't mind it at all." ,Vi Clayton Looman: " I've broken my glasses. Do I have to be examined all over again!" Eye Specialist: "0l1. no. Just your eyes. .-. L-1. John Weidenfellcr tat hospitalj: 'AAren't you going to take my teniperaturein Doc.: " Why so anxious?" Johnny: "Well, yon've taken everything else!" il-- Cop: "You are pinched for speeding. Oscar Rowe: "Where do you get that way! Doesn't that sign say"Fine for Speed- ing?" -fs Liz: "You ean't tell me anything. It just goes in one ear and out of the other." Marion: " Well. there's nothing to stop it." ...V- Blarguerite Oakes: "Hooray, I got five dollars for that last story I wrote." Evelyn V.: 'Wvlio from?" BI. O.: "The express company. They lo t it"' F . Editor: "I can't take this poem. but you can leave your address." Ed Johnson, '2-I: "If you don't take this poem I won't have any address!" ...K-1 Judge: "Aren't ylltl ashamed to be seen here so often?" Bozo: "Why, bless your heart, judge, this place is respectable compared to some places I've seen." -Vi HELP WANTED Miss Conlon: "Idle hands can always be employed by tl1e devil." Erwin Clemens: "If that's the case Joe Edison's got his job waiting for him." -V- Take your hat off in deference to old age, but this 0119 really happened: Mr. Hornbeck: "John, what is the 11nit of power?" J. Rasikas: tDeserting Morpheusj: "The what?" Mr. Hornbeck: "Well, well, John, you must have studied today!" KV- Abe Drasin: "Julius Caesar must have been a strong man." Miss Jennings: "YYl1y?" A, D.: "Dot-sn't it say here that Caesar pitched his tent across tl1e river?" ,I-1 "Ten dollars or ten days, choose quick,', growled the judge. "Thank you, judge. I'll take the money," barkcd the modern bootlegger. - fpwe early A it ' HURRAYQ,-:MADE - 232340 IAELLQT mls vm TH 1 1 H 0 cocfeoe . X 'T 'N FOUQYEAQ5' BROADCAST ir! cot-use Too K 1- . 14,2 N . f f - 95 :sears QEELHS 7 K S 5 U.. PKADE iiriiv Goss'-1-rms very rms fp' T1-mee A ME FLVE T1-11: LOLI12:E M s I 412, SE wegnsy' 2 ,A we::.g.,. I M cl , K N'0R P1 VXELT, L , ,, I yi 9 X- X ililm W '0 s N K U wi "1 ? 'X R , - -: .4 5 , , , WM N pun- "' ' af. ,ko K7 Q 6 Xs 9 X ". f , f k Ni ...:::a, ' A11 ' X if-3-'E 1-9 F ' ' "rx, W M i ,X ' - i 'fl'f?" , "Wh 1 are -QR ,X H .11 'W 1 f ,, , - '::::::g5g-11 1.5.-.,-.34 1 1 N ,1 'Bm TuA1'ef2,Y SX 1 1' YV 5 I f- A f , ' !f..'T ' ze:2sn2:ss::,: . 1bJ- r faq Hgiiewifx ,Xxx '-., ,,, uw L C ggi." . , X - is r " M J ff, s M .. ta.: --1,9 , ' ff Hgrlj Q' ftllvhffi--L o-JENXORW J l. X 'Z f ' 7 15' ' M ' QREEN " r- "'1- .,v-ei, 2 121742 363 ffl',F'1mf.+ 1lll1mllf-'H 'Mun'-gg "l'WiWiM1Wf in if es, we or at 1 WW if 96 1 1 -1 1111:-14-11,1 --1. 1:-1 ,1U1u1u1o1o1n1w101 1 1-1,1 1 ifffz 26 1 , ' ,riff 'H 11123: - 55:23 :Q:f:Q.-:1:2:I 2-ffj11"E'11E1E5E""4 532355252552 g:3:511Eg3gE5? ""' S1 .,., 5: - tl 1.555555535555535-f x Y- l: .,lififf2iff1g15?5f3.f Y' Fir f rf -if .-f. 1.119 ? A Q X Hart, Schaffner Eff Marx Clothes For Young Men You'll like the style and the English cut. You'll like the fine tailoring and the imported fabrics. You'll marvel at the reasonable prices. Houseman 6? Jones "73" years on Campau Square" 95755299594 51359. sh ,'ll7flf-'II' if U GRI? Q Q GEl?Eu?C1x:l D3fgD2'3 I Q '3 YE9FlDUF95si.'?: N... 'zo sg I' .X lllt-'l-'l-IRI-ZN'l' S0l'Rt'l'f Samho was looking fora joh. " llow old are you, Samlwof' asked his pros- peetive employer, "'llhirly-two ye: ".Xre you lll2ll'I'll'1I?u Uh. no. sah. Dat star on mah head is where a jackass kieked nn-.H urs. sah ili Bliss Zur Muehlen: "lYhere did llaesar eross the ltuhieon. llennit-3" llennie It.: UIYIICTL' the lord was in the iver H von eaneel. wh Yull Ill't'l'llblI.lI1' th lcx ': . . , vii' 55-'i ' 1 .:::. .ll il KI '7' nm. 'lilnu '. .1l ' " W I uni 515wnr:":::i- In .vm-Y ur 'lr-lv 5. ul' mu up Ill' l:'m ll- ll- 'l'IlI'I IIIGIII-IST 3l.X'I'IIEM.XTICS Bliss ,httyootli "When you have 'x' in the -lenoniinator. and'x' in the numerator. and at do you do to the 'x's'. ltiehard?" Diek Sporte in-hemistry saturatedl: "IYhy, ' ' em out of the solution." il, fk. . ::::.': ln . pdlin... S", E5-m 1:..::'.:::3 lun. ,' ' -I Q, A s . . .... X V l ,X ' .II' . I'lll'-l party: "-l niw- about you today." .luieyz "What nas it?'A l'irt p otx "Uno of our fro ods sud th it von look.-fl like Ill". ION IINIHXT mu l heard something ,V Y,.. . 2 ,Xftv-r -ev-ing: the Senior play. we wonder how mm-ll .lulla St'-gmau and .lulins Vhase - r s prar-ties-fl thit touflong, es-ne Ill the seeonl wt, .Xnyone having any information on that sw' ' point please lf ml snlnlll-I' - n l,dltor-in I.llll'flIlIlll1'4ll1lll'IV tion- and of Nll2llll'I'l'1l fl She uam-fl at him, steadily. sorrowfully. Un her fam- was written plainly of expeela- reams, llalf dw lmnlly. half -ullenlv half plt 'adingly. he -r gaze, The slllllllltrll tlll'IlIlIl"'l to F1 turn lo ua- lense. Past len-1: llow long 1-olllllllli D io-rw--raelunu t.il.I: no fnflore. Ah. lm! villa I knew. Only one. Finally. the lxreaking point rapidly approaehing. and hending to her superior will. he was foreed to lower his eyes. lYhat strange inlluenee had she over him ...,.... The situation was tense Kas has been said heforel. Then the long silence was hroken. Her willowy voiee floated to him as from a sprightly spirit. tender. yet with a toueh of rehuktQ "Ah. Mr. Yan Krimpen, this is the first time you ever eame to Class with your history lesson unprepared." said Miss Conlon. i lv.. Clayton Looman: "Is the pleasure of this dance to be mine?" Lila Passmore: "Yes, exclusively!" -Iv- Sarah Ilalhaek Came to town to insert an ohituary notiee. "How much do you elxarge?" inquired Sarah. "A dollar an inch," was the reply. "Oh, dear me! He was six feet tall!" -1--. I H. Eldredge: "Gee, I just had a cold exam." Carrol D.: "Whaddya mean 'eold'?" Harold: "lYell. I got zero!" 1 lv- A SVRPRISE Soph: "Did you tell your girl that you eonldn't take her to the hall tonight?" Frosh: "Xo. I thought I'd surprise her." ,V- Ethel K.: "Don't you think that Arlon has been wearing a strange expression lately?" Bernieee: "Oh, he's just trying to look like his Senior photograph." -L-- Lila: "If I give you a piece of cake, you will never return, will you?" Bum: "IYell. lady, you know your cake lu-tter than I do," s., - Yoiee over phone: "Are you the lady that washes?" Roth: "I should say not!" "XYhy. you dirty thing!" il-1 Ruth Yoiee: Mike: "This is a great eonntry, Pat." "And how's that?" Pat: Mike: "Shure, the papers say you ean lmuy a foive dollar money order for tin cints." -. L'- SIIOVKING Itay Yan Kuiken: "IYhat do you say In a tramp in the woods?" Nlarion Ia-Strange: "Why, I never speak In them!" ,V- Nlissus: "I suppose you have In-en to see a siek friend all evening. and have lveen holding his lI1l!l4l.U Mister: It ell. if I al In-en holding lns hand I would have made some looney M PIWNG Published By Brings THE NORTHWEST- ERN WEEKLY into your home for One Year. Read: Union High School News, Editorials, "Doc" Gravy Chats, Owl Laffs, Sports, "Y" Paragraphs, Fire Talks, "Gus" Hornung's poems, and many other features. Keep pace with the West Side by subscribing to the Northwestern Weekly today. Michigan's Greatest Com- munity Newspaper. Edited by Martin Mol. of the class of 1924. The Northwestern Publishing Co. Printers and Publishers 310 Leonard St., N.W. CNear the Bridgel 1 vi 1 ri vzoioiuiuzuzoiuioim110101021iq:-1101011 if 1 1 vi- 1 1-11 Unionitesf For real Pencils, get those of the American Pencil Co. Try the famous Velvet Pencil Sold at the school store The Heyboer Company 3 lonia Ave. N. W. "and why?" SSG . 'o? 'N?Z. 5Em7p'1U53'9fQtf33991 r . 0.03531 OD 'Nl i K. .-1 . -1 - C' - S N it Gfcsm fbfbmo 52 QQULUUFQQ H I .Q sv Lu rea-linglz "Ile was driven to his Bernice: "I'm Crazy about xv0l'CISXYUl'tll.-i grave-" Marion: "I don't see why. you l1ZtYClliI a Wiaek: "UI course he was driven. He ehanee with him." 1-oultln't walk. vould he?" 71+ -V' Teacher: " Do you know Linc-oln's Gettys- Papa: "Now listen lu-rc. I-Ilizahcth. I don't hurg address?" mind you sitting up late with that young man Elaine: "I thought he lived at the White uf yours. hut I do ohjet-t to him taking my House." morning paper with him!" -U- -V- She: "It is very good of you to ask me to DEBIOCR.-Xl'Y dance." The new superintendent of the insane asy- R. Sporte: "Don't mention it, it's a lum was acc-ostt-il om- morning hy a patient. charity hall." who said. "IYe all like you lietter than the Ar'- last man. sir." , Y , , W, V Y " Really." said the flattered superintendent, H Ii' W Ai A f'EN1LEM,-U . Farmer: " Don t you see that sign 'Private "Wt-Il." replied the lunatic". "you seem to -No Hunting? . U Hunter: "I dont see anything marked -Vi private. ln' more likt- one of us." ,I--. Don Kirkwood Lduring Senior playl: "All right. run up tho curtain." tiawut- .151-lsou: "What tl'ya think I am, I-IE SUN WAS DYING A I-IOQRIBLE a squirrel? DEATH BACK OE Tl-IE GAS HOUSE,'l'l-IE fy- 5 DERFUMED BQEEZES EQQM THE Cyl-UE sg :"IYliv's: u' -f S zllv I f uabi-F' FACTORY WAVED THE SDAGHETT1 VINES Hiliitl: 'Wiinisslit liiiuli litiiiiiittiillt- takes Egl'l:lii1'gN2g?Al:lDAgQigELL A5 DDO ANU rliing-.-toy." ooss-Ewen eu er ' iv- gogsggehlluis xynsr wi.'r9xulillA iruiolixfiviillfificiirtgiiiiijgilciiiilii NIXIIUXt':1StllPfust1-st runnor in tht- world?" ACLpg,N1'?,9,'E,I-I-'lb'-Ig' Nl2g2N1YHgli4,BSglRAEl2iD1- Qgnwgsgxy HXUVIHI. Irf l'ullI'Sl'.H AT ABOUT FOUR Q'Cl-QCII NEXT WEEK AND IF HE "Wrong, It was .Kula l1l.u DOEfNNfHi'1"f.Q'gHQrjFQuffE'Jf'g2TT"'E " Ilow tlo you get that wayf' wt in TI-lERE.It "IYwll. .Xilam was tht- first in tht- human pwkel x Kjp Mon . ,.,. " " Ai. r" ' . fx ..., 0 K f ff QDONT Foqoer ro -' - fi W " l - ' FEED we octo- Iiilly: "I'm worried about my girl, She-'s H, ' Xi I 'xl FISH " :oinu around a lot with that new doctor," i n HSM ! M Silly: " 'Sall riulitffm-tl ht-r an apple a ,aww il:iy.H -ri If lik T' "I 29- CIA it 3 iii? MLQQO . , A Iiulhi 'AYUII -ay shi-is like a mush' hox?" 'ZA sig -- if s - lillt-nz MY:--. -In-I lull of airs." KV, YL,- 'ftnay out XY'--t in tht- town ni' Ita:-im-, AX tomvat sat on a -4-win! mar-hint-1 limi' fl-if-'11 ff'-'l 'WW- 'I'h.i wln-I-l ran round with a terrible wail Hull- 5114 like 5t'W'l1ll4l5'5' .Xml If-ok tt-n -titvluw in tht- tomf-all tail," "IIow's that?" -1- "X little- ws-ak." Salt-snian: NWI:--n art- you going In pay il? for that -wt-4-pl-r I solfl yullyi jgHl.jAq'Il 1,11E'l'l1Ql'l.:'l"l'E trI'JH'1-1 "I'ay for il? IYIIQY. you tolfl int' it U , , , '.'.olll1l bay for it..-If in six XYl'I'lii,.- Valli' 'llfl NUI' SIVIIU' Illt' lt'll'IlmI7lI "IIN" YY! - atorf tht- AIIIKILU' askt-fl tht- tlarky. 1 I "IV:-ll, yo' honor," saicl the t'lllpI'lt. "It ll1'l"l f"'1w1I'II1u """l4l""'lW3 Hull- H1 ' was just like this: I hands him a telegram for that I':il41',I- Imrninguanil I VJIHAI Iakt- it milk mah girl, anfl ln: starts in rt-atlin' il. Su I jf-st i' V fin' 'HY"""'r 5"l- navhally up and hands him one." ,, . . II'-: " Why' fli1ln'I you an-of-r my It-Ih-V?" il 4hf': "I nt-vu-r rvw-ivwl it." "Just tht- other flay II1': " You 1Ii1In't?" lu a fortune telling plum-, 4h+-: "No. and he-ivles I rlivIn'l like wnn- .X pre-tly IIIZIIIIVII rc-aal my niiurl of Phi' thinu- Yull -aitl in ilfi .Xnrl then she slappf-fl my Iam-4-.' IIIII J. F. Quigley, Jr. F. K. Quigley Compliments of uigley Brothers Lumber Co. NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN H A R D W O O D S Kiln-dried Lumber Yellow Pine and Always in Stock Hardwood Crating Office and Yard, 1580 Eastern Ave. Grand Rapids, Nliclz. '.'3Ql'F3 Dteedai e t , GQe?Czs f'2f9DQ2is3iQQzaQwTelt ' I YEQYQDDFQQ - . . llnest: " Bring me a drink." Waiter: "Yes, sir: here's a niee eold glass of W:ltt'l'.U Guest: "Listen. I'm thirsty. not dirty." .47 Bell Hop: "Did you ring. sir?" Guest iafter ringing ten minntesl: " No. I was tolling. I thought you were dead." -V- "She ealls her cookies Asylum fakes he- -'ause they are fnll of nuts." il-1 Kate: "Jim is awfully eareless. The last time he eame to my house he left his rnlmhers. Ill-'d leave his head if it were loose." Lou: "Yes. I know, I heard him say heid have tu go to Denver for his lungs." ,Vi Sap: "Do yon snore when yon're asleep?" bump' "When 1ll!f'llllSllIllJtlSt'?' -Ig tYaek: "Don't you think Tosti's 'Good- liye' is thrilling?" Luey: "I don't know, hut I het it ean't heat Guys" ,fi Bliss Conlon: "What else du yon know zllullll Iinulllln lion Shepard: "I7idn't he shoot some one through the barn?" ,I+ Student lgetting all Vis on report eardl: "tit-e. luut I'm getting K' sick." ..lf- "I vant a niet- easy eliair for mine hus- IIIIIIII.-I "Blorri-PM MNH. -Iaeolrfi .gl-Y Dad: "How did last nightis aeeident liappf-ii?" lluroldi "Wa-ll. Dad. I really doult know, You see. I just dimmed my lights and was liupuing tlit-1-iirve-" Ilufl: " W--ll. Illllt-4 the way most :u-eirleuts happen." ,I , "I knew there XY1lNIll'JIIf'lI init N0lll4'XYlll'I'l',H -qui:-:ulwl tllv' inouse as he wzilketl into the lrnp. B, 7 'lllllf ll.tltID lll'l.Xlt'l' Hunt-r 'to vontraf-tori: "Wliy. l was so searefl wlien I saw that r-fwiflolfl fall that my ln-art l':1lllf' riullt up in mt' llllrllillfi 1 ontravtor: l hope you didn l whip any HI your ln-will full Il. 'illoirt 'toll start no fight wid ine, lmlaek man. nhl ln-en fl'--"oral:-rl in fle wall." "Xie-lilw yuh was. lint in my opinion. iI's lime jolt un- r1-rlw-oml:-rl. o oeo 'B 0.1 "J AND THAT SETTLED I'l' "lf ye please. mum." said the aneient hero. in an appealing voice. as he stood at the hack door of the cottage on washday. "I've lost my leg-" "We-ll. I ain't got it," snapped the woman fiercely. .Xnd the door elosed with a hang. ..L'- A fat woman entered a crowded street ear. and seizing a strap. stood directly in front of a man seated in the corner. As the car started she lunged against his newspaper and at the same time trod heavily on his toes. As soon as he Could extricate himself he rose and otlered her his seat. "You are very kind. sir," she said. panting for breath. "Not at all. madamf' he replied. "It's not kindness. it's simply self-defense." ,Vi Marion: "Don't you have to water your garden?" Gert: "No, I planted the seeds in the spring." -U- Ida: "Is it true that father was a police- man?" Mother: " No. hut he was with them a lot." fini:11initwitxioiliioioitlioioiivi Ansco Cameras and Films Henry Riechel Drug Company 634-636 Bridge St. Catz. Phone 62576 Bell M. 3184 A. D. S. Drug Store We handle Ansco Cameras. They take good pictures. 326 Bridge Street Citz. Phone 65374 Bell M. 3295-R Ideal Pharmacy 646 Stocking Ave. Citz. Phone 65696 Bell Nl. 3310 11 11113121nz-11'iiiniozoioiozoioioi- 1011141 1 1.-1 V1 X1 -1 ,1 -1. 1 1 1: 1 ,1 -1:11-14-10111 iz 11--1-'11-1:1 Always be fair and square and true In all your dealings large and small, Always be loving and kind and you Will always find your reward for all. You'll never get something for nothing, so You always must pay for what you getg Remember these things in all you do, And success is yours, you can easily bet. LOU hz:-14-11-1-X101 -11:1 111 1 10111105 ,i, '11-1 iz msn: fi -csvcw: V1 10:1-1 - - i l The T1SCh Tlfnef If you are looking FOR for good things to eat and drink--- F0I'dS, T1'UCkS fruits, candies, ice and Tractors cream, and soft I . Manufactured and drmks be Sure Guaranteed by a Q '50 CH11011 Grand Rapids house, a firm you know. Q Q l - ' i l Tisch Auto a s ! ! Pl 'l'pCamla10 Supply Co. Q g UZ Z I A 215 Division Ave. S. ' 736 Bridge sr. :-1:-Qu: :ez-,:.r1a:.,:.,:4q 101020 92.11.11:nl-1:.:.:.:.:.:4:.:1:-: AS is the ideal fuel for all operation requiring heat. IN the HOME it is un- excelled from the stand- points of Cleanliness Convenience Economy Used through proper ap- pliances it always gives the utmost in satisfaction. Our expert advice as to the proper appliance to use for any specific purpose is yours for the asking When in the market, SEE US. Grand Rapids Gas Light Co. 45 DIVISION AV., NORTH n Bell M. 636 :ofa ni U U n ! U .g. TI-IE CAROI LL COMPANY DESIGNERS A y -"C - "" PRINTERS ENCRAVERS I'A'r7f'l!1a'.fz'Jl-TSN' QIBINDERS co GRAND RAPIDS THE 1925 AURORA A PRODUCED BY T1-IE CARGILI. COMPANY .11-0: in-101uzuzuzuz- 1-1:01w1.Izu:.n:u:u:U:-:cp--znzuzwz rzuzuzuz I:-zz . TQ A i LT : F . M. P Qs-J QQ Q. . me X A Faculty rv V W- - 1 .l, xxagrz Top ru11',lr1fH11rfgJf1l.' FLOYD E. EARLY, MISS RIARIE MCDERMOIT, Miss CYXTI-HA M. JONES, Miss l'fMxm ZVH xIUElILEN, Miss BIARIE V.xx WEs1'sNBnL'GGE, Miss Ivy SL.n"roN, Mas. Annu: Pmcs, M1ssIN.x FxNnL.n', C. C, Uuuzu. Lou-cr ran-: Rx-:runs S. SMITH, Miss NELLU: A. Amvoon, Miss Lurrsnm B.anuL1-:Y, CL.xm:xcr: F. P1-HLLIPS, Miss Mn' F. Cuxlmx, Mxss xIARY BIACLENNAN, OREN D. STIEHL. AIOflZ6'llZfIf1.C8 and Hz'sz'0ry Twp rn11',l1fllu riylzl: fi, IC. Uwux, Mxss Fxnu H. JUNES, P. J. ANDREWS. Miss Muni: l'. Nm Aux, Mxc1c1.r: llmvrg, Miss I,,xrR.x Ruwsox, PAUL F. M.mCKwAun'r, Miss MYRA J.-wksox. I.fw'e'r rm:-1 Miss X'l'1R.K YM: XVILSON, Mus. lCLIz.xBE'rn SL.u,:uT, Miss ELIZAUETII I7m'lu-:R.u'. Mu. Nu-:Mx-Lwzu, Dm: .L Rm'wm:RS. Miss M,u'uI-J A. TR.u"r, Miss K'n.xRLu'rTE GULRST. Jlanzml Arfs, Housclzolcl Arfs and Ari 7 Congratulations to the Class of 1925 M Verhey Lumber C0 "Labor Saving Lumber" 6-I0 Leonard Street, N. W. BICYC LES i t c i Schneider 's Bicycle Store and Repair Shop handles only high-class Bicycles, and stands back of each wheel that leaves the store. Columbia and Iver Johnson are the bicycles that are in demand by young bicycle riders today because they will stand the wear and tear. Call and see them to satisfy yourself that they are the best bicycles on the market today. We also have a first-class repair shop in connection, and we guarantee all work. A trial will convince you. SCH EIDER' B1cycle and Repair Shop 216 Bond Av. Rear of Empress ix. l r t ' Wt' " A ' 'A l NE' "' -. " l. W 69 y ,lfyyz K ,ii E fQH.XQ, xr al .af gl l is 'N -Xilgi Q Lf S "fix K 5 Xfxiwcam sill sri if g IE i X l ll fail? any 3 1'9ElKl1 Jgfl ,El w ii 1 W' I' IE I 'I x ,NT Jil 1 . f"2W JG r s t ddgifn I ,W ' Ml I ' 41 f i t A X . f 'AJ , Q , E " U , ix , L 1' i , ,, " xv ' X' of lla' ! 1 X 'Q' X ilfglifi Vi i i 3,218 Q if 4 x VX Q- ' Eialltg ' ' 'os i i I -n ,f '1 'Q i n fl n 5:3 7 i i J Ii, ,, - is F , sf -- 5 nr Fl Yfffiin Kimi El 3 iiglii in gi, jy,a,EE54 L 5 grsgiii 'F l 'l A lil n n fl K agile id is f i V' UQ 05,65 in sm f -fL- ff 7 vi xii i. - -i rist l Q Ql 1 5 Q i l tlielmmlliil E-kt ..- ly I A Bank Worth Your Confidence The contentment and satisfaction of our patrons have been demon- strated by their complete confidence in our service and the pleasant relations existing between each individual and this bank. We hold each client's interests at heart. The friendly spirit and effi- ciency of our varied service will continue and, if possible, increase with the growth of this institution. Come in at any time - no financial problem is too small for our attention. Grand Rapids Savings Bank I3 Community Branches Assets over S21,000,000.00 him, 9 n xxx-inxuioi in: 1:10 11110: -zniuiuzrxzz-10.111 o 0.011 John T. Van Duren Ellis J. Van Duren Compliments of J Van Duren Co. Manufacturers of "Miss Grand Rapids" BROOMS Grand Rapids Miclzigczfz I 6 L P E E 2 g '? .ff E n cz Z Y E - '-3 2 A ii I 4 fi I -MH 1, 'S 1 f . .-3-1-Q-......--f""" ?5J:l.'f?s,,3 ?ffi1.f?f UQ' 1 7: 2 y 5 2 H f'5f,,. 5 l' , 1 r,v:'l' 3. 'X ' X wif .if!5' M 'n f j if if .f AXE- Q .ri1'f1fl'5f535fT! I 52 3 f'5'1Tk Ek-R Q X s if x f'25w's-W W-i1s'il lx: 'Q X ' fffififgwi 5ffffi!'1'-gifmkaixklax' V x f 51-1? iif,f.,!!wl?i-fl'-E1 5 -M215 SQ X ' x 4s'?l5:g1"':g:m ii1Vl'l- v 4 x s-'f L1'f'-"" Vw- l1ui:TuT-xiuiui 111:31-ini 1 1 1 1 19111111 ini-ua: 1: Le Clear-Dykhuizen Art Photography C lass Photographer 1923, 1924, 1925 Telephone 68275 today for an appointment Residence Studio for your convenience 614 Crescent St. N.E 20161010 1112616163010 Hupmobile Uverland Willys-Knight Fine Motor Cars Call us for Demonstration Platte Auto Co 662 Leonard St. N. W. GEO H SUTTER, Mgr. A t 64373 M 3765 :Q-:oz ,:, Qt: ..- : V-U:.f-.V-.Y-kv.-.,.-..qQ.-:f.:.,:.,:..:.,:. :u:.-:..:4-:..:4-:- :. :4:4-:Q-:1-1.4.4910 . F f w M ul' Wgmjll +,1,',v,'f'I,, : . .g.Q ,Q Q .Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q,,Q,,Q,,Q.,Qv,e ini :init-14114 :nas 11 ie 1 1 -14:14:11 if 101014 it 1014 14 if Davenport-McLachlan SUMMER SCHOOL FROM JUNE 29 TO AUGUST 7 SHORTHAND A special class in shorthand will FOR be formed for those who will at- COLLEGE tend college in the fall. A knowl- edge of shorthand is invaluable in taking notes of lecture. Typewriting may be taken with shorthand without extra charge, or may be taken alone. POST For High School commercial GRADUATE graduates, our advanced classes COURSES in dictation, secretarial training, and accounting will fit you for a high-grade position, and our Employment Bureau will secure the position for you. DIPLOMA By starting any of our regular COURSES courses in the summer, you can complete your course and secure a position two or three months before those who start in the fall. Our Private Secretarial, Business and Accounting, Banking, and Salesman- ship Courses are of special interest to high school graduates. DEGREE The D.M.l. is chartered by the COURSES State to grant the degrees of Bachelor of Accounts, and Bachelor of Secretarial Science. The courses leading to these degrees are of collegiate grade and qualify for superior positions. These may be started in the summer or fall. CATALOG You are Welcome to a copy of FREE our catalog for the asking. We in- vite you to visit our school at any time. Summer Term opens .lune 29. Fall Term starts August 31. Davenport-McLachlan Institute M. E. Davenport, President H. M. Heaney, Vice-Pres. A. E. Howell, Sec'y-Treas. 1.1-'init-1--:nz iii-19+-1-vin: iz 1 1 1v:u:.1i1t-1.11-1 xiii: When the meal is over, the sewing done or the children through playing, then is when the wonderful handiness of the always ready Bissell sweeper is ap- preciated-brushing up the crumbs, clinging lint and litter. lt's a thorough dirt getter too. The ease with which the Bissell is operated is a boon to the tired woman. No backbreaking work, no strain on the hands. There is no substitute for a Bissell. It has maintained its position as an indispensable household article because it is needed every day - many times a day. "Cyco" Ball Bearing Bissells at around 36. Other grades for less. Play-size ftoyl Bissells for a few dimes. At furniture, hardware. housefurnishing and department stores. Booklet on Carpet Sweeper request. JA t-Z4 X hmptzcx wzrlz u 7 ff thumb pressure -' Ani' .X ,EH . K Witlz best wishes to the Class of 1925 Q Union High School Store 456 531 1 CUSS L, Nizx 4 -f Uigbg DB0 G T ' 9' TY . .T Fi ' .A RDIIUI L R IIIIIQI O eva 'R C5560 -u. ,, ., 34-eagg' .T Og D - CD B' Faculty Directory OFFICERS l'H.xRLEs A. EVEREST . . M. B1..xNI'HE BIANN . . FR.xNvI-:s E. HUEHNER . RI'T1I IQNAAK . . Dvparf mv ART LIIIARLOTTI-I A. LEIERST BIYRA JACKSON X ERA N EI: XYILSON COMMERCIAL .XR'1'Hl'R J. AYERY. Head af Dept. FQREST E. BARR ELIZABETH B. CROTSER EDNN Mxxsox KFLARISSA RIuH.xRDsoN ENGLISH BIABEL F. ALLEN I.Ijf'r:LI.a BADGLEY ADDII-3 E. BETTES I-II.Iz,xBETH C'm'ELL I-'nxxcrzs F. DRIVES IiLsx-mon F. DEMAION, llvad of Drpf. M.xRG.xHI-:T DEMMUN C-Supplyj LILLIIN HERMAN BIYRTLE HI-ISELTINE HSTIIER XIVLDER UI.fz.I PEIISFHBACKER ELNH: T. RIPPEL fMRs.J f'I.,xR.x SMALLIDGI-I LILI.uN Tlluxms Ginn-I: 'I'lImI.xsM.x HISTORY LYLI: D, ILIIINIIAIIT IY F.f'41NLf,N lx I I"INIJI..XT f'a'xTnI.x M. .IUNI-15 f'l.XllF1Yfl'1 F. PIIILLII-5 Rr.: naw S. SMITH NI mug VxNWI-:sTENIsuI'c:GE Hxmx Zl'ltNIl'l-LIILEN IIUISEIIULIJ ARTS l'II.IzxnI:Tu Dm KI-ZILKY f.lcur.l'1Nn1oN5 Nlum.4'.Nmx1.xx l,u In I.. Ruwanx I-Il.IzuImIl SL.u.IIT Nl u nr. A. 'I'nu'T l,.kNf.l AGE Hffwrrln' S. limxr. li' AIII ffInrr.N'rr:lI Nl XIKIHN L, .Ib.wxlw.'4. llmfl rgf Ilfpl. R . . . Principal -lsxisfanf PFI-7101-PGI . . . . Clerk . Clerk nfs MANUAL ARTS P. J. ANDRESVS BIERLE Howl-: PAUL F. NIARCKWVARDT G. E. ONVEN, Head of Metal Dvpl. AYILLIAM F. PEARN DEE A. REl'NDERS MATHE MATIC5 NELLIE A. ATWODD FLOYD E. EARLY IVIARIGOLD LYNCH I-Supplyj INIARY IVIACLENNAN INIARIE INICDERBIOTT C. C. OLIVER ADDIE PRICE, MRS. QSupp1yJ IVY SLAYTON OREN D. STIEHL EDITH J. VANDENBERGH Labsenl on leuvej MFSIC GEORGE F. Amos IRENE DUNN BURNS CIWIRSJ CAROL M. HOLT PHYSICAL EDFCATION EARL R. KNUTSON fJLIYE POTTER .JOHN TRUESDALE, Head af Depl. DIDROTHY XVESTENDARP SCIENCE CILIYTON BAZUIN LI-mI'EL G. LIOLBROOK HPINRX' Hrmxm-:c'K, Head of Dvpl KIETII KENNED1', Hrurl af Dvpl. ELIz.uzETn I. P1-:RRIN LVELLA STH.KI'f'lI Sl'Ef'IAL Emu H. .loxrzs GRADES ETIIICLYN T. .xHlHlT'I' MELx'IN.x BRAD!-'UHII f.'AIUlLlNI'2 A. l"lil'1N1'll I-MIIAII B. Grmmux HILDI .IUIINSUY NI-:LLII-3 Kl.4JSl12 l'Is'rIIr:Ic NIAIITIN rMns.p N1 xlucl. 'l'IIl'IIKI4:'l"l'l,I1: KMIIHJ I' Gag J -fo SCHANTZ Implement Company Hardware. Seeds, Fencing, Fertilizer, Everything for Farm and Garden. Cor. Bridge St. and Front Ave. Citizens 65849 Bell Main 3138.1 Colzgratulatiolzs I0 Class 0fI925 E. F. Gentz General Cofztractor and Builder 7 Norris Building Net C Who made the Senior rings? We did, of course! Campbells Jewelers Optometrists 347 Bridge Street .f i HE brings you all of the news -f , p of the day. Entertainment, e r education, sporting news, pic- JVV tures, comics, etc. Any one of the features appear- -Any Street -Any Doorstep -Any Evening -Anywhere in Town f Y Ending December 31, 1924, 85,439 .Paid Dhrly Average lrculakion or ear ing in The Grand. Rapids Press if bought in book form would cost more than the entire year's subscription. Keep step with the day's history. Read-- The Grand Rapids Press 101111 111114141 111x111-r1o1-:cp 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 141 1.-1--1 -1,1 1.-1 '141--1.-101-v1-11-:1o1111-11-v1 1 1 GRAND RAPIDS TRUST COMPANY Renders services as follows: Administrator of Estates, Negotiates loans. Distributes corporation dividends. Registers stock certificates. Analyzes the safety of your investments. Prepares financial reports, Invests trust funds, Depository for valuables. Serves as escrow agent. Trustees bond issues. Receiver for those financially embarrassed. Useful to investors. Safety deposit vaults, Transfer Agent. Corporate Executor. Other capacities too numerous to mention. GRAND RAPIDS TRUST COMPANY 111.1111-11'1o11i1-v14'14-1-1 1 1 1 '11-1 11:1 14:1 1 1 1 1 69 Qfcfrgssg-S5 I . 0 Re - ref I , i , l fl, ' gg andf ,xx se 1 d uckg ky t 'C L- ,IJ .1 , K V- R- xl - 'Ng-:I ., as K Y ,. 'IX-IK X if 9.Q ,.PV H erpolslxeinxer 0 VVESTEQN rvucr-1lGAN'5 GREATEST STORE GFQAND IDA!-:HDS 1411.1-1,1+,1,1i1111411111Iguana-1ncpf1t1.a:.i1n1ixuanm1. Compliments of Turner T hebaud Architects 0: Qu:-: 1-: 1 : : : : : : qw? 6.1: 1: 1 :-qu: : : .1 -1, H ! 9 Q Courtesy i i Compliments Q Q of ! ! of Carter . . i ! Mauon KOpfOWSk1 E i h Q f ot es H Q Ilifncy Q ! 138 eats Monroe Ave. II . - E Q E 5 Q H I S12-S14 2 I , . -- A, Bridge Street. N. W. Om Jubtxgjs-ICC Just One Price E E 0:0-1.-iz: 1- 1--qw 1- 1-1-1-1-1-1 Fourth National Bank lfxlflhlixllcii ISOA' OFFICERS NYM. H. ANDERSON, President L. Z. CAUKIN. Vice President J. C. BISHOP. Cashier A. T. EDISON. Ass't Cashier HARRY LIQNDBERG. Ass't Cashier DIRECTORS XVm. H. Anderson. Samuel C. Braudy Christian Bertsch Lavant Z. Caukin Robert D. Graham James L. Hamilton Sidney F. Stevens Marshall NI. Uhl D1 "d H. Brown in Samuel D. Young J. C. Bishop Chas. Remington Vitor N. Tuthill Chas. N. Willis -.,.,.,, - .-. -. -I -.una-,.-..-..-01020 111-i1n1. -1.1.i1:'1-1:i1a1 -1 -1:14010 Puritv of Drugs Courteous Service Fair Prices Always .il Matthews Drug Store Sixth and Broadway Nladruco Toilet Preparations and A.D.S. Remedies in stock. 1 1 1 1 11.1.1 .1 .1 .1,.1.1u11 Over 40 Years of Service gi!-R PAP? wo 'P Va- in aim' 'fTr:a Y' Central Michigan Paper Co. fm:-,101 fir xi 1 1 11 1,1-1 1 1 ,101 6.10101 2014i1n1n1u1n-iniciiui rin Have Your DIPLOMAS and CLASS PICTURES framed at reasonable prices lVIcGough Art Shop 345 Bridge St. Between Scribner and Turner 01:1u1n1n1n1o1n1u1n in o1:i1u1io:o Karl Wheeler Druggist 325 W. Leonard Street Corner Scribner CXX3 Cameras and Camera Supplies Films developed and printed CANDIES,CIGARS MAGAZINES S PORTIN G GOODS xi: 1 11111 14111 1 11141 1014024 bios i1n1o1n1n1o 1.r1.i1o1u1n 14, 1011. For the past thirty eight years the West Side Building EG? Loan Association Has been maturing shares of S100 each in 8 years on this basis S 1 per 2 per 5 per 10 per week, 8 years, week, 8 years, week, 8 years, week, 8 years, net net net net you you you you S 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 1405 Start a Savings account with us. We pay 5 per cent on Advanced Paid Shares Authorized Capital 35,000,000 Organized 1887 Reorganized 1917 Under State Supervision WE DO NOT CHARGE A MEMBERSHIP FEE 410 Bridge Street N. W. o 1-141111141-1-vi.vi-1414111-1-0,0 1111 11,1 11 V1 V1.1 1.1.1 ii 1 1 SPORTING GOODS The largest sporting goods store in Michi- gan and the lowest in price. Come in and Verify this statement W. B. Jarvis Co. 204 Monroe Ave. 111,10101411010101014-1u1u14.1 ACKERMAN Can wire your kitchen as well as any room in V your mansion ask about it Now Ackerman Electric Company Citz. 4294 Bell M228 Estimates Given Cheerfully ,1111in1i:14:1i:1.,1u1u1.:14:11:1:1 o 1 1 1 1 1 1.11.1451 Al. Winkler Sanitary Barber Shop and Bath Rooms Hand and Electric Massages Electric Clippers Used "Quick Service" is our Motto Four Chairs A Full Line of the Best Tonics Ladies' Hair Bobbing a Specialty 1 ,1 141 1 1 1A1,1,,1,,1,1t,i,, '14 2014-14-14-10:4-14 14 1 1414 ii K E State Bank "The Home For Savings" Q REsoURcEs Over 316,000,000 Why---of Course! Those wonderful fresh and tasty bars. Big Teddy Rudy Toasted Almonds .lust Rite Specialty Yum Yum Cherries in Cream Maple Fritters Chocolate Puddin Cherry Puddin and several more come from the s P E C1 A L T Y Candy Company 4 q.111npqp:qp,1.z qp,4p.14,gw,4 0:0 .1-,.1-,i1--,1-- 1- .1-U14-inzvz 1: iz 1 For Nine Years T.M.WALTONhas served the students of Union High School with lunches and candies, and is STILL ON THE JOB T. M.Walton ".-lvross the struct" rx 'Li:fini1-:ul-P10101-iinifrl 1111+-3014 ioinizizvz. ini' :viz ,,-,,,-,1,-.1.,-,-.,., 1 , 3, Foster Stevens Ed Co. 86 years on Campau Square ALL KINDS OF SPORTING GOODS BASEBALL BASKETBALL TENNIS FISHING TACKLE CAMPI G Equipment iz-fifzzqazsiozimzliz I: vzwzw- I-- , ,I ..,,-, -, -1-1, ,K Q-, 1, ,- .vit-11111111111 KEYS Duplicated Vander Stel's "The Keymaker of Grand Rapids" 1.-at -I2 Lyon Street Opposite City Hall Preston Eb" Jensen Dru ggists 301 BRIDGE STREET, NNV. CORNER FRONT AVENUE VVe carry a complete assort- ment of Drugs. Drug Sundries, Toilet Goods, Films. Cameras. Magazines, Candy. Cigars and Tobaccos, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Bricks. etc. We do developing and printing. WE DELIVER CITZ 65674 BELL M2230 I: V: z: z: :E : ,:4 : V.: : : -1.020 BREHL BROS. Shelf and Heavy HA R D W A R E COPPER TIN AND SHEET METAL WORK FURNACES 661 Bridge Street Citizen 62726 Guaranteed Fast Colors 1.1 1 -11430 ll? wish you Good Luck ! School is one game 6014-it we know you've played it clean and square. Most of you now start another gum e. the game of life-playing it clean and square as you have been.you're bound to have good luck. THEEQEHU B Monroe near Michigan 1- 11 1:4 ning- rg- 114 +11 ii- 124 11 invite' 1'initit-31,11-1:-in-zninlnzi LINCOL GRDCERY 1036 Bridge St., N. W. Qitz. 64687 Bell M 3288 W E The Community Quality Center Everything for the table- fruits, vegetables. groceries and meats. Give us a trial. '71 WE DELIVER Dress Linens 36 inches wide, all colors, fine quality 31.00 a yard lf it fades just bring your material and dressmaker's bill to us and we will refund the purchase price of the material and up to 35.00 on the bill for making, any time up to September First. Guaranteed silk hosiery, all the new colors, Pair, 31.00 and 51.69 S PEC IALTY Dry Goods Shoppe wait 1: inini ui 1:11014 1 1 :ni-11 ini 1:1111-imiiininiiin 1 1111 Blxn Fl-'ICE " SUPPLY ' 'COMPANY " FOR Ring Books Plain and Fancy Loose Leaf Memo Books Gold and Silver Pen and Pencil Sets 0:0111 1.11 rznini 3 mining 111,111 'init if 24134 init-3 311 in 1 11- 1-114:1n1n1u1o1o1nu1o1--1 -10 r Compliments of DO KER Coal Company OX all kinds of fuel West Leonard St. at the railroad 1- 1- 1-x1-r1--1-n1-n1-i1-y1-1-1-14 11-11--1-.1--1-f1-vz--1--1-i1:f1--1-vin Spring Ginghams Women who sew, this is your event One of the welcome signs of Spring is new Spring Ginghams. They have arrived-new, pretty designs, lovely colors-exceeding- ly fascinating. You will surely want some new Ginghams this Spring. Here they are in unlimit- ed quantities, in checks, stripes. plaids, plains and many of them in pretty designs not shown be- fore-and all of them remember -FAST COLORS. May we show you? THE Ritzema Store Leonard at Broadway 1- 1- 1-11-1-1--1--1-1-1-1-1--1-I o L-Q. ,:,-:----i----u--,1- 1 -1 1--1-1-1--1--1-. Hemstitching Gift Line Embroidery Work Everyday Cards The Little Art Shop 347 Bridge Street N.W. Stamped Infants and Goods Childrens Wear 0:41-11 11- 1 1. 1- 1- 1- 1-11 1- 1- 1 1-y ,1,14,11,1.,1,,1 1 14,i4,1,1,1 1111.11 1-1-11-V Base Ball Goods Pocket Knives Fishing Tackle Razors, Shears Alden 5-3 Judson HARDWARE Paints, Varnishes, Brushes High Grade Tools Electric Bulbs, Batteries and Flashlights 329-331 Bridge Street Kitchen Builders Utensils Supplies 1-11-11-1-101-111-1--1--1-+1-rin 1 0 I 5 1 ,,-1. ik' 1-' -N ix -QAA A M0 20 ge E 1+ 45 L xv N G I :idx ffwhgjg 3 fem' flaw , 5 XY awggg, vfxme ff? H n W to A4505 QM. 9 New HUM new Q V - Qlgjxlikfggglp ,z fat:-afgcafffg QT M1 g Q wg 4 ' 5 'Q Y iw Vi i X 'K N 'mf fo Xgfwv. 545, ., If M 1, in , gr W ? ' "if f,MfiLfi iw ' gZiJri! 1 ng M '4QQri, . f.f1m 2 'hav .a ' ' J ,Jeff I1 1 'N ffw 1 A -vlfifr 'O' sch 10333 lie' 51212-'V, U1 ' 11 '-3 GJ ' i9fDf' ,e,, ::-?FV1'WI Nl '1,4l1iffTXiQI?T:g-f crd L15 .1Qjilttx2l:'! UHHLQXX ll qw nj? X VA ar, G56 is ai ' LIHAZZ X Wag -'yzgom if , w :gf , 'SSTQQ ' f 22.2 , Q. g fT2 ?f ,G L.. '1 , 1-- " 1 .f 5 . . . ,f""' Q50 9 , .- ., Y - ! .Nj EQ09 n , 0 -bt i 'I Q' . Y Y ,fair- -' K QM ' -4- ' 4- ' .. Y Sf-K, f f if - - ffinf.-.X f V- ' law 2 3 I -V. :Q - - h- X? a n I ' ly' , .rWI' 1.Q' 1 . - I, - - - A Q '- H 'ri A - L foo . V ,v,.:lQ,j liiisfmq , .. c ha . . '-'A' - .. WI W xiii'-raix-,.,24 .1 11- -- ' , . Q ,. ggixf V H ' f 3 Qgff, f .-.- w."' . ' Y 1. a -fe F. in It S -rg Q1 ' V f if 1 : B IIM EF--X A, - axle 5 5 E :-' WA ,,,.1-H 4 : u S - Q U : if , g - Q - 1 Q I C I' t-Qu' , A " 'EL : : : : ear' 3 Q 'H -1 'S 2 : 2 '- E 5 " 1.1. 1 1.1. 1. 1:v1.-14-1:11.1.11-v11:m:o Beacon Shoes ! . , Y, for men 1- 4 Ne . . ,Y and Women Q QI--. ,. . NK - 1 XY .. ii t . 'XF I' ! 'N ' f i'Tff'it1a-,f'Q'7f'- "." , NO. 1430 AQ'L 1 "'L4 f, Super Last i w - .J ! ! Beacons 3 for Fit. Style and Quality. Sold through our factory store at one I Price 966.00 Beacon Shoe Store ! 122 Monroe Ave. 1 1 11,11711.11-101010111:111n1n1tv:a -. :,,:1.:..:,.:..: .: .: .: 1: .: .: .: .-..g. ! Courtesy 0 f Q Albert J. Alt Funeral Director 331 Bridge Street N. IV. 10:0 F4-1 14 1.-1 EAGLE Bakery 351 Bridge Street RUDOLPH EGLE PRoPR11-:TOR Q QUALITY BAKED Goods of All Kinds AUTOMATIC PHONE 141 1 1:1 1:10111 11: -1111111111 1-1 1 1111110101111 Wagener Bros Wholesale and Retail MEATS PORK PACKING and SAUSAGE MANUFACTURERS Citizens 69621 844 Leonard St., N. W. Feltman E6 Curmes Wonderful shoes 955 and 956 None Higher 238 Monroe Avenue 1:-1 r1f1:r1:-11-1n1n1-11 1 1 1 1:-1:-1 1,111 zoiufzu-:ii-i1w1-1 E. T. Cotton Electric Co. Ezieryflzing Electrical 222 Michigan St. N.W. Opp. Rowe Hotel Citizens Phone 54587 1:n1f:11v1i:1f:1-:141-111:11:1111111 1 1 1 11:1-11:11 11,101-1-,101 11,101 111:1:1o1u1:fq 1:11:11 1 1:11 1 1 1 111-1--11.1.1-1 Bruggema if Ludwig nEcoRAT1No Office, Citizen 65532 70 ll"85f Bridge St. 1u1u1.v1- 10141 1n1o1v1i 1 1-1-1-:1-1-1 1 sfv1-i1iv1ii1i,1ii1- 1.1.11 -1- 3 1.1. 101111111-out-at-21 10103024 .2014-1 111 1 11:-:rx 1:1111 STORE Ritz. o5175 Bell M. 173 CXDO H E N RY S MITH FLORAL CO., Inc. OOO Florists and Fruit Growers EXE 52 Monroe Ave. Member of F. T. D. Association OOO CREENHOUSES Citz. 64737 Bell M651 iz ri-Q:-atzu:-if:-1:--:oz-11-:ini I7lC1'CClSf7lg the value of cz gift Add tasteful distinctiveness to an article and you increase its gift value without changing its intrinsic value Where n u m e ro u s gifts are grouped, there are two qualities which stand individual gifts apart -over apparent costliness and distinctiveness. For one purpose money alone is required. For the other. taste and discrimination. Distinctiveness may he found in a small. less expensive article as well as in higher priced goods. JOSEPH SIEGEL Jewelry Company 124 Nlouroe Ave. 0:01 1 51 MONROE AVE. ur Suits 348 Have all the refinements tailoring and character that you find in all of our merchandise. The Shop with zz Difference Mackenzie-Bostock-Monroe 20111 1-11:rioiugogoi-11111:rioininio ,wili-pn1n1n1nqpn1o1i10:1wiv: 1: Union Pharmacy ROY C. SPICER, Prop. Drugs Toilet Articles Cameras Films EG? Finishing Magazines Sodas Table Service Everytlzing New Cf Up-to-Date Fourth and Broadway .lust ,-lrross the Streel 1 aiu -11'-1-12,11 11 1--11:11 111111110 - C,x-N5 Aizgographs MJHQ UM Wfi mer-fi U V, 1-ic 51.1 122-ff.,'KA,,'L,i',,y:Lg5f1:,Ev C fp f! 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Ill wr-Ln, Vim' prr.viflf'nI, film fm rm r'r, Sw-fflury, .lush-4 Fm!-.l.1Nu, l'ul1liciIy ,llnnuyv-r. filly ,IfI11,wf. M A-.QLQMMC M ,774 75, I.I1,1.I,ix ADDINGTON "J- " Tllz' uzflrlvxl llliirzrlrrx, mul Hu' gru- lluxl limrlf' Born in Sclioulcrnfl. llivhigun. Cuniv from funlrzil Lulu' lligh School. llcm- ' In-r uf S4-niur Snrnsis. Il, N lirssm. AH 1,121-:Ru "Nil4'1n'i' ix Ihr 1u'rfrr'Ir.vl lzumlrl fry' .w1f." ' llurn in lirainml Rapids. Cuuic from Pine Suliuul. Lrzorm GERTRl'nE ALLEN if "Tlnr.: ix if gunlvn in lzur facv, ll'1u'r4'ru.wx anal lrlliic Iilivs bluzrf' llorn in Laikm-vin-W, Michigan. Pro- viuualy aillviillml Lukevivw, Palmer Sc,-liunl. Slciniwr ul' Comuicruinl Vluli und Mix-'al flmrua. 4,1l,xRLOTTi5 LABELL1: ALY1-:A " l'ilrli'lg1'.x- Hu' rrry spin' :if lift, Tim! yiuxv il ull its jlururf' llurn in lirainil Rapids. Huils from 1.1-xiuglon Si-lmol. Mm-mbcr of Girl li'-51-riww annul Svninr Sorwis. Com N N H I.. .lxn rzlisux 'AHL r1'niz'ri'l11rr:giwllilri' u lzfrclfv: Tllwrr gran' mnrr :gf ilu' rnusiv, ulzil lr.v.v11l'lf1:' 1rnr:l.v.n llurn in Hulinalznl, Sxivdvrl, Alt'-nd:-il Stocking Suluml. lluinlwr nf liirlf Vlmrus uml liirl Ili-an-rxvg. Ilizxlw L. .lRx1,xxT1mL'T "Tl1w1r11Iy lfrurc fin' lruruz 151' Inari una! :Jus .lull fu-I fur rrlm! Iliuir duly biilx 1111111 'Inf' I llurn in lirainil Rnpiilb. AIU-liLleell"a1r' Yin-w Svliuul. A'.l happy .vnuI, Ilzul ull Hu' zruy if Tn liuirvrz lmflz ii .vuu1nu'r'.vday." Burn in Grand Rapids. ,Xllvlnlwl Foula High Sa.-huul :inrl l.:il-acview High Svli-ml. Ilnmmr Lim lh11.r:Y JAMES l3.l1i1f:R "l1i.v4mimI his lfingflum, aint' his zrzll 'T lux lair. ll-'rn in Grand Ilupinls. Attonmli-il - Turnvr in-hnml. A. 53 fi ICA in, lh nK1,15x' Q ",lIu'uJ1.v rwnli-r11'1Jr lu lu' rmlly :rival you uwnulfl ufixh lu uppuurf' f- llurn in lirzinil Rupiils. Vinnie from -loll'm-rsuri SL-lmul. Xlvnilu-r of Hi-Y. l'nionitc Slnll. .llhlvtiv Council and , C'uinlm-rciul Clulu. K l Russ ISAVM "l.ulr11iIlg1ixlrzilillzmljllrzrf f lnullr.vl'll'1N.n Burn in 'l'ul1'1ln,Ulliu. .Utvnilvcl Spring - School, Tolulu, In-fore coming lu l'ninn. Sli-nibvr of Srninr Surneis, foniniuruiul Clulu, llixm-nl :xml Girl! Chnruc-Q 13 il 'a 5 4 4 Q , .I mx lhzifizi. 'YP '- 61 L N - U -:Rx EQLQ ".li1 yrrulllrm ix In rnrluv nmlrr- rlmul. 'Tixnnlymwmiry!.11f.-WWI." llurn in Rnpsnll. lndizinn. ,Xllclislul llruukaidv :ind Slmiglil Slrvvl Svllouls. .X 1.rm:n lh:xT.xL1. "Him fur lthr slmlinnx slmdv kim! imlufz' jnrllrvulf' Burn in Birvlnnglnn, England. Cnun from Tnrm-r Sch-ml. Bla-nilwr of phu- lngrnpli l'uinulillvr. Rmuux C. Buxniosxi Hr zrlm has uni Illm' rl'u11rlu'Ns LU j'ri1'rnlxlaIp lrux uni lln- .vln'ngIlz." Burn in Grnnd Rapids. .Ula-lided Sl. .Xdnlln-rl und Pinc Sclionlf. Blvuilwr .rf lluxnun-ruinl Clnlw. RUTH Bosaaurs "Un their own mvrils, modvst muiils un' dumb." Born in Grnud Rnpids. Alu-ndcd Spring Srhool, Toledo, hefon- coming to l'uion. llcuihcr of Senior Surnsis, Couinn-rcinl Clnlu, Mixed :ind Girls' fhurnsua. Jun: BUOKIIULDER "Svr1.vf musl xurc thy snfuxl plumlvr Irv, Sinvc no ruprixrlls run lu' nmrlz' un 1,1612-Q Burn in Brooklyn. New York. Always nlli-udvd Union. Bluniln-r of Gln-e Fluh, Buys' Vhurns, Alliln-lic Council. Stud:-nl Mziuaipxvr of 'rl-I and '25 foul- I-ull and lmuskcllmll leunia. Amor: Bnlxxs " The' lirnirl, blur'-vyvzl l'i0lz'l." Burn in Grand Rapids. Formtrly illl,t'llLll'Ll ,Xlpinc Chrisliun School, llclnlwr ul' Scniur Sorosis. lirriz Gluvrg llnoxxmu if ".lmI51r llmn mu hy arlml I um." ll-:rn in Tulllizidgu- Tn-nnaliip. fulln- fruin llnrnv High Sr-haul. l"n.x NK Blmu ' EK "ll'i.vr lu mvnlu, und pazlirlll In lfL'pfnrm." Burn in limnd linpixlw, Hail: from 1,4-xinglnn Srliunl. Xlvrnlwr uf Union- llo: Stull, lfnnunurriul Club, Ili-Y. Flank :ind llnulnlm-, Glu- Club, Suniur l'l1ny fn-l und lliniln-35 Munzigur uf Svninr l'I:-y. 1.1-mm.:-L lh'l.sx1,x "I lmmrlfr Lv luyhrr Ilmn inlullrcl. .l gnu! :mul :ull lu' .vlrmly lu lin' uw uwll u.v lu Hunk." llurn in hmlid llnpulx. .Xlln-ndml W1-Nt :ldv ffliriwlinn Sflnml. l'ru'-i:lvnL nl Xln-L :anal llnnl-I-' Vlnli, 4'fmllnun'izul 1 lull, Fnff-ly 1'nnnv'il. 'I'rvu-nn-r of N-nmr Vlsn-. Xl'-ml.-'r nf Ill-Y, Slmli-nl Vnunul. S.-niur l'I.-y, .Xnrurn und l nmniln- hlullx, ll.xlm1.n5.1'n.x xxvmx "I ffflrkwil null: lmllrnf-r uliif-I: rmunx ulmunl lmurrf' Horn in 'l'nllumlg1- lunlnwliip. Ali:-url .-fl Xlurnv lliulu Srlmol. Xl:-mln-r uf R.H.'l'.l'. 11 JULIUS CHASE "Had I a hnnzlruzl lungnes, a 11-il so large Us could their humlrnl offices fliscliargrf' Born in Standish, Michigan. Came Irom Lexington School. President of Forensic. Member of Student Council. Senior Play Cast, Senior Debating Team, Aurora and Lnionite Staffs. OPAL CIA RK "0j'.rucl1 a nimble, slirring spirilf' Born in Wheatlield, Indiana. Hails from Strong Junior Highi School. Member of Girl Reserves. fauiplire, and Senior Play. BIARLIX F. S. CIARKE "He zrlzo islrJrzI'Qfhinzsf'lf, z1111Ie.rfsl.v upon his ozrn rvsuurz-us, is u noble bn! a rnrr being." Born in Comstock Park. Attended Comstock Park High School. HA RRY COLEMAN "I lore ia go and mingle with lhe young I G In ilu' gay and fvxfal room- n'l1c'n ervry llvurl Is beating fusler than lhe merry func." Born in Grand Rapids. Always attend- ed Linion. Member of Mask and Bauble Cluh, Glee Club. GRM' E MA RGA RET COLLETT "Tis zrisvr being good than bud, 'Tis sufvr being meek lIlu11jiz'rCv.i' Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended I"airview School. Member of Senior Sorosis. Girls' L' Club, Mixed Chorus. ARVID J. CORLIX "'T1'x sonlvlhirlg lu be willing to f'unz1rl4'Il1I,' liul my basl praise is, tha! I um your fricmlf' Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Pine School. Member of Football Squad. ILVIIIERYNE ELAINE CORWIN "lVl1o.vu Iilllv body lodg'd a mighly mind." Born in Chelsea, Michigan. Attended Louisville Girls' High School, Ken- tucky. Member of Senior Sorosis, Latin VIII Class and Class Poet. ' A1-:NONE Lorona Cotnsox Tis Ilia' jirxi tiriuu lu Conlrol your tongue." Born in Copemish, Michigan. Attended Copemish High School. Member of the Senior Sorosis. THELMA CROXYLEY J "liver, muilrsl. crinzscnl-liplnwl jluu'4'r." Born in Algoma Township. Caine to Union from Comstock Park High School. Sh-mber of Senior Sorosis, Latin VIII Class, French Play Cust. lYILMA E. CUSSER "lVlw clinzbx Ifzf' yrunznzurflrur, tlixlilavfly Irnoirx lV1n'ri' noun, and rfrb und parli- ciplv grow." i ' ' Born in Grand Rapids. I"orn.ierly attended Pine School. KL-rnlncr of Senior Sorosis, Service Chairman of the Girl Reserves. Treasurer of For- ensic, Senior Playiand inemher of Debating Team. 15 b. . wg, M- Q , . -Q Ib :k , .,- la, ,. I , l -VI' ,,' 3 : 5 bf f- ' ' ,- c 5 . . ,IPI I P ' ., , . ,Q .NL . , ' ffl. 'iff' 15,-. .3 f , , " 'I' - 1.9 , , 41, q4.:-.f-"-- ,wg , . . . '-55--if--HL. .Q 65 f- - 1 ,- ,-,atgifsj ' . A T 4x.35,..:. .H h .3 .HE Q1 1.1" f 'f. if NJ ' - ff A ' .f--.1 f -V' -. w 'Ja .":'4'-,u .. " " 'f' mifxf , D. V - . . M 61'z. '.+-' .'.-af" '. 4' 9: 'fffew 14:1 4.4,?11.! . qi ,ylv -.., f -5, .'i ,.4'4j'w4 . ! ,p"'.'i' ' .:' V -1.5, g. ...Z-"H Q' 'Lv ."Z.'- . -4 . ,- ,'. - ,. 5. Ab' 1,V' 7 .-9 11 , , A , . .5...,...,,3 Q ,, ,- - .. . :.. Q HM fx. X Vny,,,',.-.15 ,O , ' '. 'lv...'-ff-"' 'v--"A:-.5 . . . , . I. . , 4- I W, , ., .LN ,. . ami- ,Q fs .V ,-. f"l .vi 'Q,,' 0--4-'J-'i.'.1-H 3',iqQ,'4' vi-" " - . f. 'fax Y ' '5 H . ' V , X - ..r . .. , , .' K ,"' nf :J 457 Y.-'ls F gf yi .T Af ' z-1 .Fish .fl . V 4... v H...- ' ' x 1 ,,l " X X--z . - Y . Q In - 4. I N r flu. ,A . ,iw 'mx -ll , 2 . x K, :.. .fx-q . . - Q ' V -4, , ' 4' . ' 'sw, " "" - -- ' I' 23.f'L1 ' 17 w "M ". P.. p fy.. M W . . . F-'ww I X e Fx 3 ,ww Nu ,' 7 '- X mf- - 5 1 . A A' j 3 nw Q 1 . ms." . V vQ..? zz, A Q ,lg f . Y' . o l ' I .if kv , wma' .Q . .Q 5'-V 1 , ," .1 I F, . B 'ni U L , -, .6511 . I I -fl, .:. U -li, E. -.s li ' - "" .I S4 A A L. -I6 .-Ar., M 'V .2-V 'H' X L 'Hr' f -' 5 N f " 7 - ' w 'f 1 A' . 1 7.5 " 'Q Mica' ' . il' V v W , y ' ,Q o 1 '-4 . - ' 1 .f. -..-M." .f' - ' J if f QQ. .1 ,' ,- QV . All :::r:-1" nj, ' , f I. 1' ' H 'PV -1' , :M 44" "Q . , 4' J .f -v . , affix fi l , A V in .,4,g Ux.+5 Q .' --'L . 'K M, , ff U - or " W. '- ,, 1 A, f . "1 ' g",i,iQ-5'!2".' yf. sl I' ' " " gh-,fl """,v' ' . .1 .ti 4' !,1Yl.m,wv' i 4--.-l . V H.. ,v a -. .:u ' . if 'a ff - -' ix .,-' Vf?L,jl4r?" ,X t 0 IJ? 3. -1 . 0 4- - v W fi-. . . .I KA J t olfl' A 'f 'lx V ,QI L.- -e '.. . . '- Wiz , N 'mu 4' M'-, ' I 1: I " - V :QQ '. 5: 1 1 A-'Y K W ,wg ,QMJ J,,'X,.,- ' . ' ,. '- I r . il- 'W' . ' , -.52-rf. ' . ' '1.f1." 'fg3" - .1 ' ,Q ' " . ' ft, 'EMP' ' -f, 9 f 65 ,Tu .LffQ'a ' A , 1' fi ,Jf"- " M Q- f "' ' fr- . .14 , '1 Q, v ft, -' A I 'D 4.' ' .,'. " ' f 1,4 - 2 ' -.ff lla' K' I A , -45x -"Q ' ,. , .. 1 :Q-J. , ws. ' ..+... . J l -I mfg al: Rf- I '- .. J' A""' A1 I HA . l Yfrk A ljfyr-UTI y --gig. bg' - , K., -.- -'gq' x - ..M.",.g' sf . H, a6"!i9f' , M 'I' Q o : 1. 5:2 ' 1" ' ' if r I, Q4 , F o L v P! ' l r . , , . ' ' ' . . - ,N . 'V ,,, ',- 1 V. , .-. , V ' ., f" tit. ' ' . . . .. ' 'uri Jnnzs DL: Bom: 'fllnsl pu1rrU'ul is hr lrlln has llllll- srlf in hix ,mu-rr." lhvrn in Gruml Rapids. llfurmvrly ulln-ml-'il 'l'urncr Svlu-nl. llrlnlxvr of Ili-Y uml lxuuum-rcizil Flu!-. l.i:ux.x Dr: Bonn "In yunlll uml luwiuly, zrisilnln is I-ut run,"' lh-rn in Gruml Rapids. Furuwrly :alla-li-lml Slnvkillg Scluml. Sucrvlnry nf Ci-inim-ruiul Club. Slmlont Cuum-il, Sm-ninr Play :xml SL-uinr Sunnis. BIARION H. D1-1 JoxG ".Ylw unix jrx' ilu- quirl kind u'lm.u' rmlurixv nrrrr Fury." llurn nt l":iirvim-W. .Xiu-nil--d Fziirvivw .luniur High Svlxuul. Nlvxnlu-r uf Scnior Sum-ir. liirlb' l' Clnlv, lluckvy and linbl-u-llmll lm-nuns. i'iiTllE1uxE DE Looi' "ll'lu'r1 plmxnru mul July cluxll, lvl iluiy gn lu .vumxl1.r' Horn in Grniid Rupuls. Furuivrly .ill1'Ililn'LlSlrulglll Slrvul SL-lm-ul. llvm- lwr ul ilu' k'uniluvrci:il Vlulx. IIATTIE Lousr: D1sM,i.xR "I if-1111141 uppluzul llrrz' lu llu' wry lfhlll Thu! .vhnulil uppluml again." llurn in Gruningou. Nm-lllcrluuds. Fur- mm-rly ailtclulml lirnml Lvdgi- Iligli Svlmul. Me-lnlwr uf Svuinr Surusis and lfuuilu--rviul l'luI:, BIARII-11,15 BIAAT "Su sirrrl Ihr hllm-I1 151' liilsll-l'1:Ill4'.v.v, lffn pity xrun-r run Irish II luxxfu llurn in Grand llnpimlw. Furnlcrly :ills-mlml Fnlillrrunli Svluml. Mrrxilwr ul liuixnm-rciaul lflnli, 'Klixwl Uliurns. Svuiur Yulluy Hull 'IW-zum. KQIIAHLUTTIC IJICYENDURF "Siu gin-.v lur lurigyur nn rr1nm1'uI'.v ravi," llurtl in 'lilrzivul Rzlpilla. Alu-:iyw all.- lv-mlv-fl lmnu. Nl:-mlwr of hurl Rr- .rrw-x, Girl! li Clulu, Xlixwl und Girls' , Flmruwr, S:-nmr Sum-iw, Svniur llay :nml N-In-rr Null:-5' llull lvnni. NIA IUUHI iz .Xxx Ill-:Winn-:AI'x "lfurll1 .mumlx my u'i,v4lum unrl high In un n ml! Afurnrf' liurn in lflinl. Nlivliiyzin. Alh-mlml Turin-r Sa-lnml, Xlvlnlwr nf S:-niur N1-rn-ix, lilrl lb-wrw-N. Vnliillii-rc'i:ll t lm., l'lmlui1ruplu l'umlnilIv.', l',u I. IM-g Ynrm "1'l..,, W muff HH., ,f,.,,.,l.1,-,1 f,,, 'fully HHH. nf, Munn." linrn in hmml llulinnlx. .Ulf-ml'-ul urn'-r Ninn-I. U'r'ru Di-1 Winn: "Nfufl un lln lllmlylllx Hull .vulvzur uf runlrnl. Thr rfulvrl mirul ix nrlfu lhuu u 1-funn." ll-:rn in lirnml Ilnpid-. ,lll,v-nrlfwl H nlrli4 mul' Svlnml. I6 44" 'f 'N W. f- FRED DE Yorxo " fl'l1almIu Ihr I'rrnlor.w'r zrflh grrni- cr plrrl.vur4'ihI1n 41 happy 4I'rI'ulI1n'." Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Lex- ington School. Member of Hi-Y, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Chorus. Aurora and I nionite Staffs and Senior Play. RUTH ELIZ.-IBETH DE Yorxc "J hiurl mul genllf' hear! haul .eh4'." Horn in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Palmer School. Member of Senior Sorosis, Girls' C Cluli, Commer- cial Cluh. Girl Reserves. Senior volley Ball Team. FRAXK P. DIcIqEHsox "I xvclt' no betirr rrarrnnl than my 0Il'll l'llll3l'iE'Hl'l'. lllll' H0 llfflllff plruxun' than my ozru rnnffm- loliorz ii p . Born in Lamont. Michigan. Came from Straight School. Member of Forensic and Senior Play. LoIs ELITH E DOH AI "Tha lu-o rmblrsl things. irhirh orc sirfcllifxvx Izml light." Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Manistee. Member of Senior Sorosis. Girl Reserves and Commercial Club. if IRENE LILLIAN IJYKEXYITZ "Thr xzrertrst thing Ihol ern gren- Brxirlc II human floor." Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Lexington School. Bleuilwr of Senior Sorosis. Girls' lf Club, Forensic Debating Soc-iuty, Mask and Bauble, Senior Play. Vice president of Commercial Club. and Social Chain man of Girl Reserves. HELEN EGBEHT "pls dainty u girl. .-is Ihe mar ix a jlmrcrf' Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Pine School. Member of Commercial Club, Senior Sorosis, and Mask and Bauble. IDA T. EGLE ".-1 urairz n aonrlzzvxx mired rrilh h-u m lrlrrzcssifl Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended St. Marys School. LIAROLD ELD RIDGE "Reserva ix thx' Irurst rrprrxxion of rfspfrl Iozrorxlx lhosf who urr its nhjrvlsf' Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Plainfield Ave. School. Convert. Master of Senior Orchestra. Member of Mask and Bauhle Club, Glee Club and Senior P ay. ELIZABETH ELExB.x.xs "She in .v11'rrlr1csS, lrisilonz, nohI'l1'!jl. Holrls hands with any IJFIIICUNN of thr loud." Born in Cadillac, Michigan. Formerly attended Flint Central High School. Mcmher of Forensic Dt-hating Society. llask and Baulile, Senior Sorosis, Girls' I' Cl ' ' ' ' A C l ub, Latin Y III C lass, L nmnitc am Aurora Stalls and Scnior Play Cast. GERALD A. ELLIOTT "His guy Iipx then Ilitl hr siriflly parl, ll'lzI'rIc4' rgf pure rhuloric' lvholr ,clrru mx o nlflnirf' Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Straight Street School Xlemher of "li Q- yfr V ilois' Chorus. Boiis' Glee Club, Baud, My J Urchestra and St-mor Play. lr I I U .. I, 1 .1 X. l-I um IHCTII WA Xiu li1.snx "Sn rlnrffnl. gnu mul llllppy, Su frm' fn-m ull rr.rnlim1." lh-rn in lirninl Rupinls. Ilnils from Fnlnllvrmvk, Nlrlulwr of Svniur Sunnis, Girl lla--crx-us, 'l'rn-:isurvr of ,Xllilclir tlmxivil. Ring null Pin Culnluittue. Si-nior Play Faust, Girls' mul Spi-cial Nlixrll Vlinriiws. lluvkl-y'l'a'1illl. I'nion- ill- :ilul .Xumrn Slntle. lisrii ER II. Exuxux "Hui n'i'rr il In myfunry gfrru Tu mir llrr clmrnzs, Ill will llzvm ln'urr1l." Burn in YYulkvr Townsliip. Canine from Wnllwr Dial.-ivl IIS, Rh-inlwr nf Sn-nior Snrofib, .Xiimuiiiwn-lin-lit Cmuuiillcv. 1'Ii..uxr: Iiiixsmzmci-:ix "K1'ruf null willy, zrzlvv nur! lul'uhlv." llnru in Grauul Ilalpiile, Halle from Straight Svluml, Mvxulivr of Sunior Suru-if. Girlf' lv fluli. Girl Rvsvrvui. lim-ki-y. Swixnming :ind llziskcllwzill Lg "Our vnnlrnl is nur hrs! flaring." Burn in Grunll Rapids. .Ulcllrlvd Pailuwr Scllmil. 'I'--:ulnx :mul Svnlur Play. llnivlx F. FAHNLE lx-ILLIAM E. Fixnxl-:Y "Semi llmu iz man lliliyrnl in his ln:.vfrn'.vx?' Ili- slmll .vfanll lnjfurv l:Ing.v," lluru in Vxirlurrry. Xlunilnlui, Cullzuln. ,Xllvmlvul Flin-wlvy High Sn-Iuml. Hnxrx ll. l"A.RR.xR ".I.v full :gf xpirfl ax tlw munllz qf ,llfigff Burn in .Xnlrim Vounty. Furmvrly ulln-mln-ll 'I'r:n'n-rw Vily High Sclmul. lloinlwr nf Sn-niur Snrusis, Girl Ra-- X.-rvvs, 1'umnu-rc-i:il Vlulr :ind Mixvd Clinrilx. LA wsox FISH if Ulluppy um Ig frum run' I'n1fri'r.' llllry rlrrrfl flu-iq ull rnnlr11l1'll' Ulm' lllfy li-'ru in Slnmli-li, Klirliigun. Callus from Nluxkvp:-Ili lligll Sr-li-ml. llvln- lwr of Hi-Y. Ilixml Vlmrus. Buys' Vlmrux, llfq-.' Kill-.A Vlulv. Slwcinl Xlixf-fl f'li-rrux, l'ni:-nilv Slull :xml 5-'ul'-r Play VMI. K li I'Tll .X l,lei4:'r x l'r'rzs1xm0xs 'Il kim! mul qvnllr' llrurl llnrl .vlfr To 1-mufnrl l'r1rml.v 1ln1lfm'H." linrn in firnml llupiulx. lluilw frum ffr4-1-uvillv lllull Sr-lmul. Nlvmlu-r uf 5'-ni.-r Fufluiw,Xlu-lillllllllJllllll1',lill"l5. I llnl: null N411-fr l'I:-y. llmrilm l"1.ffnx "nf ,mul mH,,,f,f,i, Hfmflw-ml rfffrfflf' 1 f Hr ,,.wf,,-, , .,,,,1,f'f,f,,.l .,f'l,,,m.,,, NWI." Hum in limi! Jnrflziu. Vzum' fre-in li:-vw 4 ity Illuh wlmul, llmwiuxn li, lfluzlcilz wx u'l,.,1 f. 1m,,,,,,f....-, .J il ff, nn.: 1 f,.f,,,f ,lf ,mf WU 1.1,.,,,l, N hmllifr kiwi," Hum in frrnnrl llnliirls. .llla-null-al l'lilm"r unvl .lunlvvr lllulu. IN , .r 195 JI F ,, Qi 2 ei 'ai -W , i I 1 f,f3Q1"' GERTRITDE C. FRIELING "None hnuu' thee but In lure ihce. Nor name thee but to pruixcf' Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Mobile School, Mobile, Alabama. Member of Senior Sorosis. Girls' I' Club, Girl Reserves and Senior Play cast. JAMES FRIELING "Until'isting all lhc chains that lie The hidden souls of harmony." Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Turner School and Chicksaw School, Alabama. Publicity Manager of Senior Class, Class Musician, Member of fnionite and Aurora Staffs, Boys' Chorus, Special Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Band and Urchestra, Student Council, llask and Bauble Club, Senior Play. BERTHA GEZON' "Some fhurc arc that have no silence, aml kill the silence urnuml them." Horn in Grand Rapids. Attended Pine Christian School. Member of Girls' U Club, Girl Reserves, and Senior Sorosis. HILTQJN A. GILL "The heurl In conceive, Ihe under- xlunzlingi In zlirvel, ur the haml to P erectile." G' Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attended .. Walker School. Secretary of Athletic 1 Council, Treasurer of Hi-Y, Treasurer ' of Mask and Bauble Club, Member of V the Boys' Chorus, Boys' Glce Club. Special Mixed Chorus, Cnionite Stall, Ring and Pin Committee. Senior Play Cast and Class Artist. i EARL T. GLOC'HESKI " True cmzraye is the result of rmmnl- ing." Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Sacred Heart, School. Member of Football and Basketball Teams. ZX' H.XRtJLD FRANCIS V. ciLOCHESKI 'Il hrrl1'z'r elmiec Qf rlulnlllzxvs Spirit Dill nc1'e'r jloui npnu llu- xzrclliug tide." Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Perry School, Ann Arbor, and Sacred Heart. Member of Football and Basketball Teams. REBECCA GOLDBERG " Though .vlmrt my slulzlrc, my rmmc erttrnrls T0 liefilwli ii.wlf, mul vurtlfx rc- nzulcxl Fml.v," Born in Muskegon, Michigan. Attend- ed Muskegon High School. Member ofthe Commercial Club. if CATH ERINE CARPENTER f,lOULD ".l willy icomau is u lrmxuref' Born in Grand Rapids. Came from South High School. Member of Mask and llaublc. Senior Sorosis, Girl Re- serves, Aurora Staff, Vive president ot' Forensic Debating Society, Senior Play, Girls' I7 Club, Hockey and Senior Basketball Team. CORNELLA. GOCLOOZE if "The .viill xnzall voice Qf 41 glvnllc- n'rvn1un." Born in Grand Rapids. Attended lvalkcr District No. 7. Member uf Senior Sorosis, Girl Reserves and Com- mercial Club. HELEN GOLTLOOZE 'Ylrcul of huufl, llzuylrzuninzfiux, courtly. e011rugc:ru.v." Born in Grand Rapids. Always attended Union. Alembcr of Senior Sorosis, Girls' U Club, Girl Reserves and Senior Play Cast. 19 ,.f- ll--ru lu Grim-l llanpills. l"uruu'rly ltl- ml.--l lxl1.lppSlr:-rl Sl-lmul. Nlvm- Ilr ul 5--nlnr Sum-i-, Girl llrwrxw-Q :ml K--mun-rl-ml Klub. llnru In l rl-sllm. Xllllmwuln. l'urxm'rly nllrnllu-1l5mllll lllgll Srlmul. Klcmln-r nl Fm-nmr Furun-, lllrlw' l Vluln, fum- lln nu. 'l'. Il.U'KMl"l'lI r -.ru lu flvxmluwk Park. .Xllvlnlml lfulf 1 ulmtlwk Park High Svlnml. M1-mln-r lflfv' nf Ili-Y, Sl-ni:-r Glu- Vlulm, Iluml :null l':5rl' llrvluwlru, livin-ml Srivlxm- Vlnln, 5' .h N--ninr l'l.ny, 4'lmirln:nn of Ring uml l'nn Vlmnrnlllll-1-, I II.xz1-.L l,1aux.x IIAL1. I . Xlunl,xXwxlIxx1r:l.lwK ' I I.-lI.lK l,. llxxsnx if llm ru lll,kl1XSllll,XllY 4.-V . P.- , g IM m lf .1 xml, xml, p.n.v:1'. gnu-4. ' ""- I .ml qv' flu-will upun ln'rfum.A' l-'1.nur:v ri l'lS'I'lll-Ili llliIX1'Zl2l, "lI.'.x ln jlml, :rim 1h1l1L'.w hy fnrrr ur 4 ,xklll ' IM turn th? 4-urrrnl 'gf ll l:wmulr1'.v 1 u :lI," liurn ln llrnml lluplnlx. Vnnn- from Sl. .hlxnllwrfs 51-lm-rl. Nlvxnlwr ol. Nlixnwl Vlmrnw. Soni-nr Sunnis, lilrl ll:-urn-S. L'--:num-rriznl Vlulu, llm-lu-y, Sxxunlning .null Sl-ninr Y--llry llnll 'l'm':nuN. I-fx xxm-:1.Ixr1 NlIllI.XM G1muTI1:us 3 - Thu! uf-nr .-IFN. um! nzurr rlmxll' llmn Huy." , , . n-rvml Vlulu :xml Klixml Clmrur., .lHSl-1l'll R. GHl'llI.Al'KAS l'lfm.wr:'s lwlmll' pll'uxure', ull Hu' ,,.,,,,l .ff .ll-HM-, fu ln lllrl 1' u'ur4l.v, llrrzllll. ,nuff nulll'n1nln'1l'lu-r. llnrn in llruml liupimls. .Xllvmlvnl ' , il Pvllr lull Puulk. Xln-mlwr ul lln- ll.'.x'.' I 1 , ,gf . ",lmlf:li4fn, Ill.-4 luv.-, :vm ulnivll' rm lnulr rulgl, 1ln4lr1'ru urylrlln nn lux , Huw .wwf-1-.vxl-,w. lmliny nnlhingr ' ' lfnl lrlull may .vlup lllvrllf' -, ' ' r V l "I hm!! my .vnul fl lurzlly plru.vur4'- l llfml. , 9, -1 ll In mln ul 1'u.w fur 11111 In 1Iu'1'll." l -V ll-urn mu Nlnulnu, Klivhigzln, Hull, l'-ig 3' , frum Xlunlun High S4-lmul. llvnllu-r F: ,ll ll-mlm-rl-l:ul Vlull. ,A f 'llvrfmpl flu ,WI .mil ,mfr .N-mmf , ff, llufmf, l 1 ANmlmff1',l .W lmrfl lm: ,Wm-If ull! ' fluff rl full," urn nn Hr.ln4l lin nllls. Vnlm' fruul l lin mug l,1u Ihl-1 Ilxxulxsnx I J "Full frffm flrwfrl lrfrfuw, nmlfull 3 H, ff.. mf ff.-WI," Q Hum In Wullv-r 'l'nunwlnip. lfurmwrly ,dll ml.-ll Xlplnv null llnllwr lil 4lr, Q rllnml, Xlv-mln-r uf fuirl llv-1-rw--, A N-lllnr Furl.-.IM l " ff, IWW-I muff, ,1lW,I,,,11,,H'.l fu lhf fluff, l.'f,,,fflf-14.111 ffnlmul, uw! ff Hmm I hfmf .,,flffH,' w-l-lunuvll, -flu..-rl, Xl"lnlwrnI'1u1lxf lusllx llnn lm, fu., nw, r,,,,1,l Uh., fum! 1,1 I ,lrlf'4. liurn ln lfmml Ilnpnlx, Iwrun-rlx ,elhlullrl Lum- llluh Nlmnl. Izum., Xlf.m.ln,1, Xl-mln-r nl Iln- hurl ll.- .yv.., 4,xM Sn M Lfll 1 1 l 4 Ah, lx lm 4-lfrlxfllrli ux Ihr .wlurx 1 1 1 " f XML. LOVISA RUTH HENTSt'IIEL ', 1 ' -V ff .' ".l fura' zrilh QIIIIIIIPSS nrvr.vprer1l1.' Sqfl .vn1ilv.v, hy human kindm-,v.v brmi " Burn in Grand Rnpidw, lnrnnrly nttendcd Lexington School. Mvinber uf tliv Girl R4-sern-s, Sn-ninr Surneia. Se-ni-rr Play and Swimming Ti-nul. HAZEL L. Hifi: "Nln".v ns prvlly as Ihr :lay ix lung." Burn in l'nrus1m'k Park. .Xllemlwl f'un1stu1'k Park Svlmol. H+-nllwer uf Si-nior Sorosis. Mask :incl Hunlile, annul Cllzlirumn .Xnnouncuuwul lfulilxlxilh-Q-. BIAXXVICLL R. HILTUN I? "Human impm1'1:m1'nl Lvfrmiz irillz- ' uulirarilf' Born in lvnlkr-r Tuwnillip. .Xllcnilenl Distrivt No. lil. Xlcmlrer uf Hi-Y, Forcrieic :ind Mullin Conirnitlm-v. - Innxl-2 AL'GL'sT,x HIXTZ "15'vgnm' ilull 4-urn, llmu 111141 I xlmll Hvivr 1mrm'1'." Born in Llnllisliwk Park. Pri-viunmly anllrllxlm-nl Colnstnc-k Park High Sclmul. Blu-ixilmcr of lllc l'ou1lll1-rciul Cluli. Girl Ri-serve-5 unsl Svnior Euro-is. EVENT V. HUKANSON "Tim ffvxiru fur krmzrlrflglu, lrkr Nu' i llzirxl :gf riclirx, 1'1l1-rm,w'.v rlvr n-ith Ilzv uvqilixilinn :gf Il." A Grand Rapids lzirllliv. faxuv from istrict Nu. ll. Si-crviziry of Hi-Y. llvinlmer of l'inrcrniC, Boys' Cl:-uril-. Glee Club. Blix:-cl Clmru-, Sp:-vial Mix:-nl Chorus. DKIRIITHX' I'IOUGl'1RHYllE if H1 zrzll uinrlr 111 my mrn .vplzvriw ,Yur Irish if Ilfllrr llzzm 1.1 ix." Burn in Grand Rupida. .Mlm-lxilm-il YYullu-r Svlmol. Xlvlnlwr uf Senior Surmi.. Senior Urvln-blrn. ALIVE IIVWI-IR - --gl..-ii ,..11,,, ..1.i-'N 1,-iffy, Shpfv frirmlly mul Hur." Born Grand Hzxpimls. Fnrlnerly lYic,lrlis'on1lvSc-lnml, Blu-niln-r Play Camel. Scninr Fnrnsif, IM-hating Son-ivly, Swimming. Xlailmgvr nf Girl Rewrvsw. iluh, i Hui-ki-y, lin-ki-llmll, Stuff, Plmlugrupll l'un1Iniltvm-, prufinlenl uf Sc-ninr Vlgis-. GWEXDQLYX Ixu "lu rir!m'.v zmllzingl vmlrilily mizlil .vlfrpfim har," Burn in Iuniu. Mil-lmigzm. .Xltelnlm-nl Strong Junior High 54-howl. Xlenilu-r uf Girl Resvrves. Se-ni-xr Surnfi.. llovkvy nnil Swimming. Fruxx li. .I.u'KmvsK1 A'l"rumf yuur mimi In mfrlll 'mil rzzvrrlirivril, irhzrli hum u llmu- A-mn! lmrmx. 411111 l4'llgll1l1'r1.v IIf1'." llurn in Grunwl Rapid.. .Xllvmlwl Sl. .Mlnlln-rtl Schuul. Enmn NIAY Jnxrzs "Illini frfifurlxw- rzrry lmnylrr mm r'uVIlIH1lH1l,' , lin! In flruir Irnr lmznly .wlmu-.Q u nm.vh'r'.v Izumi." Burn in Grunml Rapids. lfnrlin-rly ull:-mln-il Turnur Si-In-nl. Mvnilwr nf in-niur Sunnis, Girl llvwrvve. Blink annul llnulxl:-, Swinnning. Svniur Plni lin-l. l'niunilv and .Knrnru Slzilfx. annul , l'I:i-N Xrliel. 'M..-,-. 21 ,4 X 111 r 111 I 11111 , 11 0 I11 I1-1111x11l111xx kfvulu 1411111 111 f1m111l H.111x1lN. V111111- from N1, X11.11111'rl'- F1111-ul, X11-1111111 111 1111- 11111 H fr 1 N1 ll1:1.11x lhzlcxlvrt Kxmill A' lx -1111111 11,1 1111 1111111.v111111l." li.1r11 111 ll-11.1r Sprinuf. Nlivllipznn. kfuun- frum Whlkn-r Srlnml. Xlrlnlwr .11 11111111 I-'in-, Sum-r Play mul Svninr Yullry H1111 'I'--11111. lfnuwrx K.x1:1us. JR. "I 11111 1111r1'11lfr1111111111111111.v11111'111.v.' 1111 111111 L'1111 111111111 1111111 1'11'1'. N1-rn lu ln11i11n:1. .xll4'Ill1l'll 'l lll'll1'l' S1411-ml. .Xxxx K,xsux11w1'rz "1'1111 L'111111' x111' 1111s 11'11 111'1111. 1111 1111 11-1111 1111- .1-1111L'1.w r1111 11111 1'1- 111 P." 11111-11 in Gruml R:n11i1la. l"11r1xu'rly 11111-11111111 bl. .X1l11lI11-rl Q S1-houl. Nlvm- 111-11-151-ui11r Snrmi-, Blank and Baluhlv 11111141 '11r l'l11 Nhxxuxrl Ixnxvp 1 1111 111111 11111111 111111111 1.111111511111111 11111.vl1111'111x 111'1' 11111.11 11111111111." llurn in llrunnl Rapids. .Uh-limlmwl Wnllwr School. Bl1'lll1ll'l' of Huy! 1'h11ru., Huy! G11-c Clulu and S1-111111 1 R1ws111.L lx. IxlTz1N1:1c11 "l'11111 1111, 1111111 1111, 111111 1111111 1115 11111111'.'A 1111111 in limml Rapids. Vzunu- to I'11i11n 1111111 PS111- S1-l1111u1. Mvmlwr of 111- Ili Y XN11.x1,x RLHET um 111 1111 I 111 . 1.111 41 1' 4.v1'.-1 111111. Burn in l"uirvi1-W. ,Uh-rulcrl Fnirvi' ' High Srh1111l. Ms-u1111'r of Fvnior Sum- -is and 5111-111111 H111-km' T1--1111 HENI-:x11:x'1: F. 1111111.55 ,. K H11 11111r1' l111111111'1x 11 11'111111111 111 111' x' 11111111111111l1111111 5 17114 1.111 l11Jl1l11l5yr:11'uw, N1-wX11rk. , , I r1-V11111-ly11111-11111111 I,1u1111r1n:11x Svlmul, s Ill--111111, Klum-11l1:1111. Nl1'1n111-r11fS1-ni11r 1 N1-r11-1-, Hawk 111111 I5a11111l1-. 411111 l'111n- NI.x1c'r11,x Kf1r11'A1.xx5 ",I11' 11-1111111111 l1'11 111111' 1111111 11 1.-1 111 ' 111111 "1 .1111'11 1r111'r1' F111111".s' 11r111111 1111111111 .v111'111.v 11f11r.' ll11r11 in N1-l111'rl111111. V111111- 1'r11111 -11111111 IPR511111 N11.11. N11-111l11'r 111' 1111- N1-11i11r Surmi-, Girl H1-.1-rx'11. 111111 -1-1-111111 H111'k1'V 'I'--11111 1,,-,,-..11 .11 1111 111111, 1111, 111. ,,.1,11. 111 11.111111 11, 11,1 1111.111 11.111.1" 1. '. N. '111111' 511111-1.111111 P11111- R11x111111l lxlurwr' "111, 111.111 111111 111,111 1.11 1111 111111 11 1 A 11111 11111111111111 111l111'11111'11." H11r11 In H1111-1'1111111l11r1, Xmlriu. 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Caine from ILA Im:NE1L.xnK1x "S1'l.1'r14'f' ix llir 1u'ljf4'r'i'e.vl lwrulil of Joy, Born in 'l'ran'm-r-e fily. lforlnvrly illivlltllwl Foil Sehool. 311-nilu-r of ' ' ' Urvlwstrai, Girl Senior Sorosls. Senior , Hemerva-s.:ill1lGirls I Qlnlu. 1"Lox'n E. LEAK "Ifcz'l un army in uzyfislxf' Born in Polierville, Klicliignn. 'Al- lz1d'l Vine Qlrevl School of lxnln- xl K1 5 zunzou. Xlenilwr of Footluill Tinnl, Hi-Yaind1505-5l'horu5. Mmuox LE S'r1uxG1-1 rf "ll'ln1I'.v fvrlmlm' lfvuuty lm! an ulr ilzrlm' Tlzrnugll zrllieli ilu' rrzirnlfv ull gvnlli' grilrws shimf' Horn in Kll. Pleasant, Klieliignn. Pre- viously uileuilcll Suered H1-nrt Aczulvr niy. RI1-nilwer of Senior Son-sis, Girl lh-wrn-N, Senior Plny, Xl.:-k zlnml linulxlv. unul Hockey Teuni. ARLUX G. Lin' "l'nfnr0e41 zrifli punixliml nf, nnuzriwl l'!l jmr. I lllx u-ordx 11'1'ri'x1nzplu mul his soul ,eirzcvrcf urn in Grziml 11 . . Turner School. Hemln-r of Foullxnll Bnskg-llnill Tenuls. 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Member of Girls' li Club, Senior Sorosis, Girl Reserves, und Senior Play Cast. DOROTIIX' E. NEXYBERG "Prir1ciplt' is rrrr my mullo, nal r.rpu1liruz'y." liorn in Grand Rapids. Came from Walker District No. T. Member uf Senior Surosis, Commercial Clnli, Girl Reserves. Mixed Thorns :ind fnionite Stull. BERNARD L. XENVELL "Grail ,wnlr lny in.-'1llu'f io mtl: nflrer llrln. ilvniunfl ulllrirzcv. unil in frlenflslzip lrnrnf' Horn in Grand Rapids. ami- from lfnirview Sehool. Mt-lnher ul Bun-lv lfootlvnll :ind Trnvk tennis. I-. ROBERT A. XEWTOX A'-Silfrzcf llzal xpolif, aml floqizerim' of rm-.e," Born in Grnnd Rapids. Graduated from Lexington Srhool, hlember uf Band and Orchestral. 25 1 N S .Jvx . 1 5, L' fgfflv vi 'I. . . L' 14. ,.,, ,j-. ,'I' 'if T Fai"-IF.: L 1 -1 T If' .. KX .- -1 - ' - ffl-L f -' 4' 'M - pl: 'ii . . l A W K . ' S px' A r., ' 21, , K . i .,i'. V sn is Fu..-, ' .'SQ4V' -'-:g" -.P ' 1. . A - , , ' fr' t fi . rliy' s I ' - 'I Y.. - , Q X5 1 'Y' Y .' x ' 1 , .-G. . 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Mr-nil-sr uf Student Council, Aurora and fnionill- Stalls, S+-niur Suruxis, Girls' L' Clulm, Vice president uf Girl Rcsvrvi-Q, Rbbllllll fliiii. Hu-'key and Basketball li-anis. Scnior Play and Sr-crm-lary uf S4-niur Clan. XYINIFRED Axxr: Sums ".Ynm' fun .vu uniznuh' lhv piurm, und flu' mulv nnlvv with mall snuls inxpinzu Born in Grand Rapids. Alu-ndm-ll Slocking Svlnml. Rh-nilwr uf Girls' Vhnrus. Mixed Vhurus. Senior Sorosis. Hank and Bnululv. and Class llufician. BI-:RTHA SMITH "utr lnwzrl ax fur fnfnz frflurl as lluflrrrl frnm uurlllf' Burn in Burk lfallx. llnlarin, Vanamla. Furnierly all:-nmlcxl Central High Svhnnl. Flint. Xlivhigan. lloxnlu-r uf Senior Suruxii anel Him-nl Vlmrua. JVNE BIAE SNYDER L! ".l wry u1ml4'.v!, yvuilfrlr, Hills lady." llorn in Granml Rapinls, funn' from Vunislnrk Park High Srlmul. N11-niliur uf Sc-niur Snrmix. .IAXE FRANCES Snnvzui 'Allf Ilml uill nu! :rfun In muy. llihtfi lu' will ln' slmll hun' nay.. Burn in Grand Ratpimls. lfurnuerly all:-ndcnl Sl. .Mlallwrl f S4-lm.-I, Hun- lwr ofCon1Lucrri.xl L'lul-, Scninr Suri-Nix. and Girl Huw-ri'--f. Ihuiunn Svnnrx-: "I .ln ,ml gin, hu! lfml, my,ul-I' I-1 lnusi firm. ,Ynr 'ln I liunlfnr wlflwrl11rl4l:'f.v if u'u.w!mjl 1rmf.'i llnrn in Gran-l Rapid-, Yann- fr-'ln Hauling. Sl. l'liri.lian 5:-lnml, Xl'-uxlwr of Hi-Y, l'iurrlhiL', Svniur Play. ll-ii-Q Glu- Vluln, lluye' Vlmru-. llxv-il flinrus, lliiwimw- Klanauur uf liiliuxiili- anrl Aurnrn Slatfx. JVLIA ALBERTA STICGEMAN "I lurz' .1 gmnl Jnlu null ilu lunflli if bringl..-Q' Burn in Granxl Rapifl-. Pri-x'i-vii-lA alll-nd--d Widdiu-mh Svli-ml. Nl-'nili-'r of Senior Suri--ix, Nlixml annl Girl-' Cliorusm-5. Mark anil Haul-lv, ami Svninr Play Capt. ALEX .-X. Sum- ms J "1lv1mv slnul qfvwnruyf . xlrnngi n 11 his hand. 1f.,f,1 ...H nl... n..,feA ..,..f f, .-ff. .,-...f his xprrglhlf' liurn in Grand llapixle. .Ulvml-All Wi-Nl La-unarnl .inal Turnvr Svlmulf. Xlm-nil..-r I Ili kalluill l nf Fnullnill .ina 15" - vfnrnf. ffl u-,n li. Tisvu in-l Ili ini: Si'TR,xl'r1s 'Z' 5 Nlfa .ull my fnnry ,nnnlnl hrrg N n .v lwlrljf. .vln"x ilnrmrf' urn in iiraml llnpi-lx. Fnrxnvrly iunlvnl 'l'urnvr Srlmul. Xl--lnln-r uf 1 R H1-l Nun!-lv. liirl IHM-rv.--, :md in r 5.-rimx. lfuxizsi' .l. Swll-'1' "Nllrnvf' Li umr. .'lH.,m-nl Ilmu rnvrilxfi lhurn In liraiml llnpinlx. Familia' from lfvvllulull 51'lnmI. Xlvnilwr nf lluml :mul Urm'luwlr:n. x Smnu ullwrily un-l :ru-110111 :mil on lur lv um lufrmlul rirxl, :ml uflrr mmlf. -rn in fllii-zign, lllilmif. Furllivrly mlml S. S. Pc-ln-r's :incl l':ml'a N ml Xl-'lnln-r nf i'uninu'rm'i:il Cluln, - rl livwrvvs. Siiiininlng Clans, unml N mir Sur..-i-, t'nlcxi31.L.x ls.xixlaL 'IYEIUII-IEIK ".l ilurighlrr qi' lhu ymlx, ilirilirly lull. .lull Inns!1lil'1m'lyfair." Ihvrn in Grand Rupiah. Cuiuc from Pink- .Xu-lliiv fllrigliaiu Srlnml. Blvlll- I-rr nf Girl! l' Vlulm, Musk null Baiulslv, liuinnilc :nn-l Aurora Slailh, Ring :mil Pin l'umluillw'. llulx-gall' lo Blifl- Wlulvr und Suulim-r l'ullfcrcm'cs, Xluvlngrr of llnwkm-y :xml Yullvy Bull I--.u mx, SL-nior Play. ll-1, Tinian. I nrmlfilfvjf an friumlxllip, nulfilfly f'L'lIfIfvH'1f'f. .vin-nylh .J lhnuyhl, uulmww' and yrurr un' zilnlrnl lmlnlr u.v,v.Is. urn ln liruml liupids. Fnrun-rly nvlul Lvxiiiglnn. Mcixilwr uf liirl 1-Aries, Girls' l' Vlulv, lfuruii-aiu lla-- I-mm. Sm-ii-ly. Blink :mal linul-li. mule- :iml .Xurnm Slnllx, S:-crm-l:nr3 nr Sumqw. llll'll.XliD I". TIAINIIZIC 1f Ilf, H-,fn f,.,,,..i1 m.,1.f..f.',,,..i ful, lnln llzluxflf ilixrrrlilf-il," llnru in hrun-l llnplnls. funn' ln l num from l'4'nlr:il High Svlmul, if mr, lim num, lui Iwi,-N, mul H. .1 mul, .4 Hn ,,,,,.,,.,,1,, H, lm 1,.1...4f, f. mf mm m,,., U lf, lmfr him H., ll rn in lmnl. Vmlffl .il ll-uw Mililurlx' hnmll liuphlk, Fullw frum rx, U"ml.i-r nf lvl'-.vi lull, Xllywl .Kurum Mull. 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VAN KUIKEN "llc 1s 1r11lJ1 gruul 111111 1s l1I1l1' 111 l11111.v1'lf. 111111 111111 11111L'1'l11 1111 11001111111151'1111y111'1gJ111Qf11111111rx." Horn in Grand Rapids. .Xllvndcd lYvsl Side ifllristiain School. Prcfidvlil of Senior Class und Sllldvnl Council. lluxulwr of Boys' Gl1-1- flulu. Hoy-1' Vllorn-, Spvcinl llixl-ml Vlmrus, Coln- 111vr1'ia1lL'lul1, S1-niorPl:iy fznl. linion- il1'x111d.Xl1ror11 Slulfs, .Mlvvrliwing Blau' ngcr of Musk and B11ul1l1-1'I11I1. 1'lIUiDERIL'K Ei'L:1ixE YELIJLHN ",Y111I111111 ix 11111111 .v1'1111111' 11111 g1r1'111111'.v.v, 1'111l11'1l I11 111' .1111 1 1 I11 111' 11r1'111," Born in Grand Rupidh. l'ornnrlx ullcndl-d Slockiixg S1-lwol. X111nl11 r of Hi-Y. lfnion lloyf G11-1-1'lnl1 Box. Vhorug und S1-nior Pluy. RUTH M. XYEBB " lll I llxl' 1'.v 111111 111111 1'11111l1111111 111 - 1rl11l1' 1111'1111 11111 l1'1111'." Horn in Grand Rapid-. .Xlli'n1l--ul Slr:1i'llt S1-lmol. M1-inlwr ul' Vonn- 1. ilwrcizil ljlllll :ind Girl llvwrvv-1. IIELEX XYliI'1liSINH 'ASII1' 111111'1.1' l11'1' 11 11111111115 111111 1 .1 llorni115l.P1u1l. Xlinvwsolai. l 11rln- nllvilflul Strung Junior High H1111 Mn-1nl11-r of S1-nior Suriv-i-, K1 ' 1 M-rv:-11. Musk and ll:1ul1l1-, 5111111 r fast. l'ni11nil1-:ind .X11r11r11 S11 .l1111N A. lvICIIDHXI-'IiLI1l'lli gf "11, fl 111 1111111111111 111 111111 11 r1111111k .vlr111fll11." llorn in llnllv. Nl11nl11n.1. ,Kll1'n1l1'1l Sl. lluryl S1-lmul. Xl4'1nl11-r ul l'i1Hlll"-ill :1n1l 'l'rn1'l1x l1':1111-, lli-Y. :1111l 51-11111r 111-l111l1np1 ln-urn. Enw.x1m .X. Nlilalxlwu "l'1111r 11111111.11 .1f1111l ,111-.1-1r1 l1r -1411111111 111 11111111 111111 1111 111111 l1111,1111111." llnrn in Grand ll.1p1ml-- .Xll1 Pinn- S1-lmol. XI1-111111-r uf H11 1 1'lnl1. Hoy! 1'l111r11-1, Mix--d l l.111 lli-Y, Svniur l'l.1y fuel, 1111111111 r111l 1'lul1,Xlnsk:1l11l ll:111l1l1-nnd.Xnno 14 in--nl K'111n1nill1---. ill .I rxxn-1 Wrzrxux "I 1.xn,1l1,j'nr lmpf lmlh lmppy plurr n-lllx 'wri If Huy luxrl' .viral-le, 'fix In lxlmlhrr Ffllflb llnrn in 'l'u-uluxllx. lluiwin. .Xllm-lulvnl Huw! l,:-onnrml Svlmnl. Xlrmlwr ul' th-- llnmlm-rrlnl flnlx, Girls' ll flulv, Svnmr Sum-is. Nl.xm:x'1-:RITE W1-:uKxl.x N "Trm'grflrnlr11r nmy 11-4' prnixr, rml rmply .vlmu'." llurn lu hw-luml. .Xllumla-nl A-ulnlul High Scluml. Xlcxulwr Svniur Sur-mix. Dmmrnr B. W 1-:ss 1-:1.1L's "II is n frirmfly luwlrl Ilml has plrniy qfj'rirrn1s." Burn in Gruml Rapids. l"rvx'i0usly gnllvmlrsl Nurlh Park Svlx-ml. Meinl-vr ul Girl Rvsvrvus. Girls' l' flulv. Musk andBuublv.Pr1-si-ivnl of Svnior Snrosis, Sluxln-nt 1'-mum-il. .XlnmunL'vxuvul. und ,Mxruru Slulf. Usnxm Wlxsrlzoxx If "I um n man, rm!hi11gllmI ixllunlun flu I lhinlr llrllwvwlrlirlg in mf." llurn in Lirannl Ruplcls. Cuulc from Ln-xinglun 5-rlnml. Xlvlulmr of lfnol- lmll lvnnl. Isllug xYAI.LA4'E XYINIFK "I1r1rur1' qi' rnlrunrr lu 41 qunrrrl, hui Ifriuy in Ihur'l lim! Ihr uppuxurf muy lu'- rrnrc QI' Ihrrf' ll-urn in Lirnnnl Rnplrls. .Xllvlnlvd Turn--r Sa-luml, Blvmln-r uf Scnlur Play Vusl. EULA 1-I. XYILDI-JR A'Thf nnmr 'gf frivnvl fx mmnmlz, hu! u furlhful frzvnfl ix ruff." llurn In ,Xlpunv Township. Huile from liislrivl Nu. lil lfr. Klvrl1lwrufSc-lllnr Sur-Mix, f ll xx' Wlsxrzskx lf HI l'rm1r lhjl g1rn'mu.v lvrflprrf' llurn in f-ruusl llnpinlm .Xlh-ml:-ql 5.11 r---l ll--url Hvhmvl. NI:-Ilxlwr .J Xlahlx .mul liunlml--, l4l'1'YZlYDlCL "ll'l!l: lmpplf Nnnlfl um! mfrl: run. lfnl Sn ,vu-:rl flnrl .wlulwly un .vllr H'rul," liurn ln Hruncl llnpirl-, lfurm:-rly .lllvvulvsl l.--xiluglml, Nln-1nlwrol'S:'nlnr I'l.u'. Furl-lu-iv'. Nlmk unrl lluululv, Girl ll'-"rw--. Vim' prl'-irlvnl of Srninr N-'nl.l-, Girls' l' fllllln, Vznlnlaxilu nf ll'-Plwx' lvnlll. llaukrllmll I4-allll, lla'- Imlmg I:-urn, Flu-I.-ni f'm1m'il, ,Xumrgl Mull mul Urnlnrvv. l'L'rl,nZwI'1rLln'K "7Iff W.,-1 rfmufffw ww nf H-iwlum 1 ,.,-,,,,f.,,,,,.1,1..N.5fHf,,,,-V," -52 X ll .1 v, . f D, gh. h. A K 1,1 I ii. G W il Omoifggf M thee A We E203 9 Q i2l2'Y5 fr' EI is OJ'-be '-'Bf 5 Q1 in X Al C- c 'QQ M' WJ D L VG+CQU gDDE,ED Senior Names - without pictu res WILLARI: B.xzI'Ix ",Ycrtr irllz' I1 nzomrnl, hul Ilzrlflu und lhoughlful qfoll1vrx." ED XVAHD KA wiv. NIILDIII-:D IDSIXGA A'.l lm-rlzrr fiom r, llu rurllr vrux rIz'rfr,w1r'u. Horn in Grand Rapid-, Forun-rly :Illvnrlvd Pinc School. Rh-nil-rr of Senior S-vrosis. BIARION VUNSTA xiii: lYlTTE "Indeed lruf ulriiiuvxx flnllz no! ul, IFIIUJ Spffliif Joy bred and born bu! in llw tongue ix 1rfnL'." Born in Grand Rapids. lformcrly attended Catholic Control. "l.ifr Irux nn! .w .vlmrl hul vrhal .vllr .fonlzfl limi for I-ourlr.vy," Burn in Grand Rapids, I-'ornn-fly :ilu-nclvd lholncloi-k Pork High School, Nlc-Inlwr of l'oInInr-ra-iul Club, . C0903 Senior Awards HE Dillingham llemorial Award given annually to the senior girl and lmov who have shown marked ability in scholarship and lezidership in school activi- ties, was awarded to 3I1I'l8ll1 Schley and Ravinond X an Ixuiken. Dorothy YYesse-lius and George Bylsnia were the recipients of the Good Vliecr award which is given to the girl and hoy who have spread the most sunshine throughout their high school career. The Student Achievement Award. given to the senior who has surinoiintcd the greatest difficulties in procuring a high school etlucation, was uwurderl to Maurice Pekarsky. Senior Play Commiltvc EARL BARKLEY. Chairman RUTH ROTR GERTRUDE KRIEK.XRD Fiuxri BROUCEK EVERT Hoxnxsox Jloilo Co Ill nz ittrv BIARION BIORRIS, flllfllifltlllll JULIA STEGEMAN CRYSTAL POST BIAXXVELL HILTO5: H.AROLD ELDRIDGII: Ring and Pin C07lIl71l'fft'l' io Q cj Senior Com m itfees Plzofoyraplz C'on1m1'!tvu RIvII.iIzn Nfxxmziz Ki iI.' l'l1ufr VIHIII .XI.IrI: III'wI:II Nl.iIc.mIzII: llF1YHlll-LAI x .XLI-'lilrlll l3I1vT,xI.I. Luo Sill-IRNIKY .lllHl7lIIl1'l'llIIIIl Vow mill:-I lI,izI:IIIII1Ii. l'lmirnmn l-lnwuzim WI-plvlvo I.:-zsrriu ll xvsox lirrilizlc lixmixv ,llflllllfliill fifllll Illfllrr BIIRYL H,iCK5IL'TII. fllllllllfllltlll .ll'I,II's 'l"iI,xsr:. filllll-flllllll EL!Z4kBETH ELSOX CORXELL8 Tzmrmtn HERBERT Mcrn Hurrox GILL Il x7I:I, lllll-.L ll,XTllPIltlXl'I fioI'I.Im Gmiimrt lh'I,sxI.x l'1,,gYTIuY l,1'unl,kX 33 Qaigsfsssa: 1. g r ae if12ftL3I'7 Uwe - aft? :I t 'f fi' . t 1 -f- , - ' s-in 0 ga .astra A e is 1925 Class History " l.fres of great men all renlfnd us Ilia' can Illllkl' our l1il't'N sulzlfnle. .tml drparliztg leave lzeltiml as Fonfprirzls in flu' sand.: of ftII1l'.u HE above words of wisdom by the beloved American poet have been used so often as advice in counsel to the rising youth that I am quoting them again. to act as the watch word until we too become great men and women, leaving footprints in the sands of time. and I propose to use the first line of the admonition as a text adapted to the class of 'Q5. The first line not only states a historical fact. hut it is p1'ophetic. It presumes that there will always be great men to remind future generations of something to be wished for. The poet does not say in what particu- lar men will be great, whether they will be like Sophocles or Socrates: or great teachers. such as BIoses. Confucius. or Jesus: whether they will be as famous as Napoleon or Washington. or like Gladstone. Lincoln, Gary. John D. Rockefeller, or Bobby Jones. He limits his greatness to men, but that must. be only a poetic license. Surely he did not intend to eliminate George Eliot, Harriet. Beecher Stowe. Patti. Galli-Curei. Helen Yvills, or the illustrious women who have ruled not only countries. but men at different times in the world's history. So we may safely say that the poet saw not great. men alone, but great women during all the ages. Xor did he limit the places where they were born and developed their lives. He was even lenient as to language. race, color, and previous conditions of servitude: nor is there anything in the first line of this poem that confines all renowned men of the future to be taken from any one nationality in one particular place or time. 'l'herefore, I am assuming that the lives of great men tand womenj who are to act as beacon lights. may be developed from I'nion's class of 'Q5. Surely it will bc difficult to duplicate this class. The faculty. I dare say, would not attempt such a feat. We are without parallelg unclassified except by the "year 19250. We trace our ancestry back to England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Scandinavia. Russia, Lithuania. Poland. and Palestine. We lack only a Chinaman, Jap. Indian. and the "missing link" to cover the whole gamut of races of men. If the good poet had known all about us, he would probably have located all eminent persons offer our class. and why not? XYhy go to Holland for the future Rembrants, DeGro0ts, and a VVil1iam of Orange. the first noted teacher of liberty of speech and of conscience? Here are the descendants of Olaf and Erick the Great. Here we have Weavers of sauas and tellers of tales of Norse ancestry. and we possess throwers of battle axes as we can all testify. .Xnd who has not found the English types among us that could easily be patterned il- a Shakespeare or Goldsmith. a Pitt or Fox? .Xnd then the eanny Scotch. like Bobby Burns, and the "eoeds", as beautiful. if not so umeh a fiappcr, as Queen Mary. whom history surely makes the original Happt-r. We have all discovered the Irish wits. YYho can doubt for a. moment that great nn-n and women will come from them? The Russian. with his ideals expressed in dance and song, with his dreams and his hopes. is here with us. There are no Lenines or Trotskys, but the visionary Slav with his principles is represented and his fame is about to follow. The Lithu- anians will produce the business men of the future. and can any one object? la-I ll- not forget that when a Hoses is m-eded, or a David to sing new songs, we ll-fr. rfty ll'.-.c.-flin.- JH E 0.- ' FEGQ Iv gg- 51-is r CYQECQXSAQ D555 QQFG i v t i . it 6- 'LJ Rkx Eh omg .a Bcsycrjff-lg A iinnFgZD liQ A'163 can furnish the Law Giver and the Singer in the class of 'Q.3. Q And last, but most important, we are all Americans and when we, with the blood in our veins oi many lands are called upon to establish the "footprints in the sands of time , we will do so under the stars and stripes in the "land of the free and the home of the brave", inspired by whatever may be right, to do our building where human liberty and human opportunity are both unfettered. lVhat I have said, no doubt. creates the impression that we. like those who have gone before us, from dear Old Union, are quite impressed with our importance. and the surmise is correct. lYe are convinced that we can no longer serve the Freshmen and the Juniors as an example, nor can we longer lend them our kindly and generous advice. As for the Sophomores, they have a vision of wisdom en- tirely their own! Back in 1921 when we entered the ninth grade and became Freshies, we made our presence known with a General Science Club party. History records 'that it was a success. Then we went for hikes into the country and lectures followed. The girls held their annual Get-to-Gether and the Freshies won the cup for the best stunt. In llarch, IQQQ, our principal, llr. I. B. Gilbert, left us and llr. Everest ascended the throne to carry on the work of making l'nion "lYestern Mic-higan's finest schooln. How much we have contributed to the results. let history tell. That spring we lost a dear friend, Bliss Edmonds, and her loss is felt by us today. lVhen we came back from vacation we were well acquainted and became a happy, rollicking bunch under the guidance of Bliss Thomas and Miss Thomasma. An attempt. was made to organize the class but failed since there were more ballots cast than there will be members of any graduating class for some time to come. Fate moved to take one from our midst. Elaine Lindburg was chosen. and a lovelier. sweeter pal it is hard to find. That semester the boy's Hi-Y Club and the Girl Reserves kept us hustling. September found us rested and back in school, Juniors. with hard work ahead. But pleasure was mixed with hard work and the parties turned out wonderfully well. They were supposed to get us better acquainted. YYe got together all right: you couldn't pry us apart. One must not omit the Swimming class. for there was a. "paradise of splashing" every Friday at the Y.lY.C.A. The Rhythm class was started and its Senior members took a graceful part in the Senior Play. Approxi- mately all the school clubs gave some kind of entertainment. a. few even procuring a. bit of outside talent. And the Junior-Senior party, how we did work for it! The teachers proclaimed it a masterpiece. We hope they meant it. because we readily agreed with them. Here time finds us in the role of Seniors. having nearly finished our farewell year. 'We have worked for and achieved success in the parts assigned us for the half-comic, half-tragic production of "A High School l'areer". Fun and frohc always within reasonable limits have been an adequate tonic. and old Union. our sheltering place for the last four years. will, perhaps. think of us when we are gone. lVe have enjoyed three Senior parties and other good times. the plays put on by the illasque and Bauble Club, and the girl's animal Interclass Meet, where the Senior girls won the cup, The climax, however, came when the Senior Play w as presented. . U - , During this year Death again stepped in to take his toll and th-is tnne picked a member of the faculty, llr. Arthur R. Zimmer, a friend whom we highly esteemed and deeply mourned. The final social event given us bv the Juniors we are ready to vote nearly equal to ours of last vear. But let us remember, that when we are through at l'nion our education is merelv begun, "We build the ladder by which we rise . 35 1 5, L' fgfflv vi 'I. . . L' 14. ,.,, ,j-. ,'I' 'if T Fai"-IF.: L 1 -1 T If' .. KX .- -1 - ' - ffl-L f -' 4' 'M - pl: 'ii . . l A W K . ' S px' A r., ' 21, , K . i .,i'. V sn is Fu..-, ' .'SQ4V' -'-:g" -.P ' 1. . A - , , ' fr' t fi . rliy' s I ' - 'I Y.. - , Q X5 1 'Y' Y .' x ' 1 , .-G. . 'gn 'f 44 f W M- ' ff 1 A f 4.w,r . Aw . "" 5 - f." ' l 'ff' - - 1, 1 ' . ,, , . H ' '1ly.x5T'.. 1- , iff- V 3 .. an 1 t ' .' , ffl m, iv., sys! jx , 'Y ' A fn' . lp 111 . A' I -.7 -. w V-Q 0' '-sg, A ' K? . .f'Q - '- , W., . V. E W fm f A 4, Pm, 419, f ' ,T F ,ffk 4 A v- -tr " .gfhrrdr , wr 'ZIV' v' . V ""'- ' F" n' ' z. p Y Q U Y I lxnzihi ff fi. -1-.L ,g ", . ,fn V N If A 4 1? f -'L I . w gf' 4--qi. 4. Q! it A E mix Q If 9.5 'M...,! V' A I ,fp , rf in-. - . ,- II - ,A v' '15,"H'w,' g. - , I, ty- - , l 1 In an , V . I. y' V 4 ' H ' 3 1 ' , t, A A ,W 5' . ,-fl." ' . , ' , ,R M-... Ai, Y all H 1-'fa I 9' 4 H s:1'1iEfZ5gse::5a9lJai, olwlmvehyg Uwe Emo s an is Ei evtliwwiw Q91 it Class Poem K-:Ilfrryur Corn-in .lf N life-'s great threshold we stand now: Wie can look hack, and left. and right But cannot pierce the mist-shadow That hides the future from our sight. Not even one star has this night Were in. to guide us on our way: We are in darkness in the light .Xnd hrightest sunshine of the day. 1 Only our hope thrusts through its radiant ra 'l'o us in early ehildhood's days Sueeess and failure were unknown: .Xnd. sinee we knew not pensive ways. Unr ideal was. "lYhen I ani grown." Uur thoughts. far in the future flown Found frolie. happiness, the best The world eonld offer was our own. But ah. that earth in splendor drest Vonld not withstand of time the aeid test! 'Tis faded, yes. lrul 'tis not gone. .Xnd though the path we eannol see XYe shall not tread that path alone. Uthers have found it: eannot we Unr lives ln-fore us also he .Xinong those who sur-eess have won? Hur ehildhood Ill'l'2lllllS reality Perhaps lies lllll a slep lneyond. Un to the goal! Hur lives have just la-gun. 1 0 533 C5051 AN U o C5 1 J ' tfeeeams. ,G 'Q gn Q1 y -, C H, IL- - I T1 -.i'l V-fx N W I V ' E P A . 'Q El f fl ll !'f -was -1: isigsijg s q. Class Prophecy Time-1945. Plaee-San Diego. Setting-Tea Shop. Charlotte Alyea and Ellen Rapp tidying up tea room. Wilma Schauhel enters. Sits clown for tea. Waitress comes for order. Wilma Schuubel T YW U','1f,,.f1 T,'x,.l, IV. S.: IYell if it isn't Charlotte Alyea. from the good old class of 'Q5. lYhat are you doing here? C. A.: IYhy IYilma Schaubel. Is it really you? IYhen did you arrive? IV. S.: Just yesterday. ' C. A.: Ellen and I are running this tea shop. you remember Ellen Rapp. don't you? CE. R. crosses over to IV. S. and C. A.J I IV. S.: Of course I do. Hello. Ellen-IYhat an adorable tea shop you girls have iere. E.. R.: Yes, we've been at this for two years and business certainly has been great. fEnter Wilfred Tisehl IV. S.: Say, have you heard anything from the members of 'Q.5? C. A.: Oh yes. haven't you heard about Aliee Huwer's marriage to Richard Sporte a few years ago? Some surprise! HY. T. interrupting eonversationl YY. T.: Pardon nie. but did I hear some one mention Richard Sporte's namef I used to know a fellow by that name, in fact. I graduated from Cnion High School with him in 1925. IV. S.: Aren't you Wilfred Tisch? YY. T.: IYhy yes-and-well il' it isn't IVilma Sc-haubel. IV. S.: That's me-and here's Ellen Rapp and Charlotte Alyea-They're running this little tea shop-Doesn't it look prosperous. "Cotton Blossom Tea Room". A YY. T.: IYell I should say it does-All right girls, bring Wilma and me a sample of your tea and cakes and other goodies. tExit for tea-E. R. and C. AJ 4 IV. T.: Really IYIII113, you haVen't changed much since the last time I saw you. Just what are you doing now? IV. S.: 1.111 quite a business woman-President of the California Trust Company. You know many business Concerns now are headed by women, and I'm one of them- And you? lEnter C. A. with teal IV. T.: I'm a. landscape architect. my headquarters are back in Grand Rapids but I'm in San Diego now. drawing up a plan for James Fricling, who is now a multi-millionaire. He made his money writing song hits. lYhat's on your mind now? IV. S.: You know, I've been thinking of the old class wondering where they are and what they are doing. I've been looking into this team-up and it seems that I can almost see them just as they were twenty years ago- lDarkness-a large tea eup dimly lighted. W. S. looking into large cupl And now I can see some of them as they are now. YYhyfhere. I can see Hilton Gill. still keeping on with his art. 'Ten s at c Uses s t tissssaa asm slaves - . .- LH. G. rises from Cup in artist's costumel He is now painting portraits in Paris-that is Paris. 1Iichigan. Une of his latest models is Katheryne Corwin, who is writing poems for the Paris Times. tW'. T. peering into cupl W. T.: Why. there's Buryl Hackmuth. he turned poet as a result of taking English S. back at school. QBuryl H. rises in poet's costume and goes downj W. S.: Doesn't that seem queer-a poet-and look-here's lNIarian Lypps and Harry Coleman tThey rise out of cupj as successors to the Denishawn Dancers of the world today. W. T.: And Frank Broucek still following his part in the old Senior Play, Preaching "Be calm. be tranquil, self-repose," etc., to the inmates of the insane asylum at Kalamazoo and Pontiac. W. S.: Here I see Irene Dykewitz-a movie queen in Hollywood-Crisesl going by the name of Cue Tee. She has Louisa Hentschel as her handmaid. W'. T.: And look-here is an athlete-Gerald Elliott. tComes in view from cupj He made the track team at the L. of BI. because of his athletic record at Union. He now holds the national long distance sprinting record. lDarkness-Back in tea rooml W. T.: I heard. 11ot long ago. that Clayton Looman and Julius Chase, Chicago brokers. went fishing in llill Creek and were arrested by Wiillard Bazuin. game warden of Kent County. for using oversize worms. thereby choking the fish to death. They were turned over to Judge Otto De W'aard, who was undecided as to what to do. until Harold Troeger. who. I understand, has become the best lawyer in Grand Rapids. suggested that they be turned over to Bliss Thelma Crowley. who is at the head of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Raymond Frazee. in reporting the matter for the Press, said that this inhuman cruelty has to be stopped. W'. S.: Speaking of Thelma Crowley reminds me of what she said about Marlin f'larke's going into the movies with Adelle Ream as his leading lady. They re- cently appeared at the Royal Theatre on Leonard Street. W. T.: Regarding such fame. have you heard that Catherine De Loof and Ruth W'ebb own a IIarian Grey shop at Ada. llichigan? W'. S.: And you remember what a wonderful basketball player Harold Glo- cln-ski was in our old school days? He's still at this line of work. blowing up basket balls for the players at the new Lowell High School. W. T.: James De Boer and Leona De Boer tell me that after years of research work about their ancestors, they finally find they are related. They are great pals now. W. S.: Yes. and a friend of mine told me that Harold Eldridge has taught .Xrvid Vorlin to play the banjo. and lately they have steady positions playing for square- rlanf-cs at Voiustock Park. Burton Heights, and Byron Center. W. T.: Do you reuu-niber St. Paul's church across from the good old school? W:-ll. I 'orinnc .Xndf-rson. Richard Vander Kam, and Gertrude Kriekard are operat- ing a "hot flung.. stand out in front. They report a rush of business between class hours at l'nion High. W'. S.: .Ks for people in business. haven't you heard of the lladame Helen Rcrlur-ing School in New York? Helen Goulooze is teacher and a few of her pupils are Nlarion Nlorris. Earl filo:-he-ski. Marion Schuiling, and Theodore Orlikowski. W. T.: liarl Barkley is a soul doctor. Earl has had rather bad luck practicing on our gf-nv-ration. I'd say he got set right by Edith Jones. whom he once told 1554 G n g? and MWSQ A. tis WCP R - - - w aff 'i g Q g 96 53 NK than DDD ' ' ef?1W DUUUFJfg.Q.251gQ2.. me he was crazy about, so now he's taking his revenge out on the younger genera- tion. Edith, by the way, has a studio here in the city. I was up to see her the other day and really her artistic ability is marvelous. VV. S.: Ida Egle and Jake Bookholder have taken to stage work. Thev are playing at the Powers in an old fashioned act. Ida plays the organ. and Jakeisings "I want to be happyn. They say he sings as wonderfully as he did in the llask and Bauble entertainment twenty years ago. -YV.. T.: The stage also attracted Crystal Post, Helen Kaler, and 'Ruth Fitzsirnmons. They recently graduated from Ziegfield's School of Classic Jumping and Yelling and made quite a hit on the stage. Just. recently I hear they have formed a stock company and taken in Opal Clark, who appears to have developed into a critic on stage decoration. IV. S: Did you know that Bernard Newell wrote a book explaining the Zoo- logical idea embodied in the expression "The turning of the wormn? YV. T.: Talking about zoology reminds me that Arlon Ley has taken over llr. Bazuin's business of making punch. It is well known all over the world, I hear, because he has such a wonderful saleslady. 1Iarion Le Strange. They say she can induce any one to buy. VV. S.: There are some women Senators in the Senate now, and some of our old school pals. Hazel Hice. Edna Farrar, and Cornella Goulooze. are a few of them. Also Blarion De Jonges' Speaker of the House of Representatives. YY. T.: I hear that Alex Strockis is an aesthetic dancer on the stage with Arie Van Krimpen who is a wonderful singer. Ray Yan Kuiken is also on the stage. He is the stage manager of the New Yaudeville Theatre at Sparta. Charles YYerner has perfected a thought transmitter. He is putting it on the market through the backing of Ray YYisneski. who is a capitalist. VV. S.: llargaret Oakes is now President of the Co-ordinated Culture Club in New York City. Ruth De Young assists her in writing up speeches which she delivers every week. IV. S.: Fred Velders is working on a method of growing tall. It seems that he uses the principle of the echo of a sound. He explains that if the muscles of the body are voluntarily contracted suddenly they will react with such force as to make the person grow constantly. He had his method almost perfected when he became ill. John Beisel, who is a mind specialist, says he is ill from worrying about what he would do with the money when he had sold his method to the public. IV. T.: Invention ability has struck Leo Sherman. He manufactured a copper sulfate face powder which improves the receiving facilities of the ear ring radio sets which John Rasikas invented. IV. S.: Gertrude Frieling tried to fool the public. You see she advertised an "Essay on Silence" as a book that speaks for itself and it turned out to be a blank book, YY. T.: You remember Paul De Vries. that math shark back at school. he's been studying the glazier periods of Africa and now has found a simpler method of proving the Pthyagorean Proposition. TV. S.: Have you read in the paper lately of the conviction of Lillian Addington? She is now known as the notorious Bobbed Hair Bandit. noted for her burglary of the United States llail truck in Chicago. Lillian certainly has changed from her bashful and sweet life in our old class. YV. T.: Speaking of people changing. listen to this. a women's football team has been formed atiiYestern State Normal, in llichigan and Cornella Termeer IS coach. Ila Larkin plays end and is some fast end runner. Bertha Gezon manages the team. 39 '-Qffiifiio stash ps mise F at Lssefdnss .efb5El?f2t2f1Q25ssQ569Q3l4seQ ttfHrsDOF,g Tsiitz. . . W. S.: .Xud Dorothy Xewherg is the head of The Flapper Employment Bureau in New York. Dorothy Tloczyiuski. Dorothy Iloogerhyde. and Irene Heintz are her latest applicants. W. 'l'.: The word ttapper reminds me of the Flapper Shop. Russell Kitzinger is proprietor of one ou Fifth Ave. in New York City. His professional model is Lottie Devendorf. Lottie I hear is a very good patron of Effie Bronkema who runs a very exclusive Turkish Bath Emporium there. W. S.: I suppose she takes them for her heauty. tYell, Catherine Gould has followed Edna Wallace IIopper's steps looking sixteen at forty. She has a shop in New York and has her picture in every newspaper and magazine. advertising her stay young wrinkle remover cream. W. 'l'.: A friend of mine told me Wilma Cusser is married and has a son who is attending the exclusive college for men, of which Eleanor Skutt is the head. XYhat a difference a few years make. W. S.: Difference is right, hut listen to this. I was in a theatre in Chicago and Grace Vollet and Evangeline Grooters were toe dancers. Howard Flora manages the theatre. W. 'l'.: Ruth Roth is still singing. She now sings for the deaf at Flint, so the pupils eau learn to distinguish singing from talking. W. S.: tYhile prospecting for oil in Blontana. Elizabeth Elenhaas struck a rich silver mine and has hecome very rich. She has many suitors, hut yet has not chosen any. Hazel Thiel was one of Betty's best friends at Union, remember, and now shes hnsiness manager of the New York Giants which has several women players. I saw Richard 'I'iuuner's master production "The Odyssey" last week and Margaret Knpris is playing the part of Helen of Troy while Dorothy tYesselius is the Siren. Illlieodorc YanderYeen is taking the role of "Hector, the pride of Troy". and t tsear tYikst rom has the part of Udysseus. W. 'l'.: Looking into my cup again reveals some more of our old school friends as they are now. . illarknessfhig cup i11 view dimly lighted! Why yes. here's Fred Ile Young. who for the last fifteen years has had charge of the "Well Dressed Blau" Department of thc Saranac News. Rises and goes downt. W. S.: Yes and I can see fieorge Iiylsma as an interior decorator. Itises lle's In-cn at this profession since the old Mask and liauhle party in twenty-five, when lie and lilizahcth l'llsol1 displayed their artistic ability in decorating the gym. lflilalreth. you know. is his assistant. XY. 'l'.: I also see Nlalcolnl liauinan. Rises lle was disappointed in his art career. so he honght a farm and is now turning over tln- soil instead nf the pages of the hook of I'i2lIllt'. XY. S.: .Xt the National lieauty f'outest at .Xtlantic Vity. in 1935, I see Lila l'assnnore was crowned Bliss .xlll1'l'If'it. ltises W. 'l'.1 .Xnd l sec listher Nardin who is an old lnaid now, teaching school in the l'il4'lltf'lll5tI'.Y grades at llnion. lfises and goes downw. ll'-r old fri:-mls Iicrnice Lodge and Ilazel Scastroni have followed the same professions. W. S.: .Xnd now. l see the first woman Nlayorof Grand Rapids' f-Miriam Schley. lfiscs Sh" lras as lrer private secretary. Lucy Zindcl. to I ' flDElQQfD Y'1fIyflZll Q'l' lists 9 'MW 'fgm ei O aUDrle5.?fQ5z?f6Q3iv tDarknessfBack in tea room? II'. T.: Doesn't it seem as though we really see our old friends. The last time I was back in Grand Rapids. Frank llarsden told me he had purchased the Ilar- rison Sand Pit a few years after graduation. and for ten years had worked on an Arabian Love Story for the movies. IV. S.: Some friends of mine from Grand Rapids also told me that Henry Armantrout is captain of a coal barge on Grand River. James Baker is chief engineer. II'. T.: Yes, and that reminds me. Harold Champion is official taster of Lake II'ater at Grand Haven. He is working under the Smithsonian Institute of Re- search trying to determine the degree of alcoholic solution in the lake. IV. S.: You remember Edwin Fahnle, well l1e's a botanist. and has succeeded in producing a fruit with plum skin, peach flesh and almond pits. II'illiam Farney. who is running a tree nursery has made a contract with him to produce 10,tNb0,tltNt of these trees a year. III. T.: I understand that Marlin Clarke is now a very dignified professor of Trigonometry back in Union. II'ears a beard, and everything up-to-date. III. S.: Is that so? He must look queer. I heard that Ruth Iiogardus and Alice Brinks have increased their circumference to such a degree that they were forced to join a reducing class. II'. T.: And I heard Joseph Grublauskas give a speech the other day on the 57th billion Ford. He's Henry Ford's advertising manager. I saw him after the speech and he called my attention to the fact that Maxwell Hilton wrote a hook of History on the crudeness and smallness of the world war. Some subject. eh? II'. S.: Yes and I saw Rose Schmidt was arrested the other day for parking her observation balloon on the left side of aerial highway m1n1ber 78. II'. T.: Arnold Malmberg is now a Il. S. Senator. He recently introduced the grocery bill. II'. S.: I'll bet it was some bill. Did you know that Beatrice Owen is the private secretary of Edward II'eining who is chairman of the International Language Committee. And also. llarion Otte is circulation manager for Peter Zweedyk who is president of the Oceanic Shipbuilding Corporation. II'. T.: Pretty good. almost as good as Melbourne Mervene's taking Mr. Barnhart's position as public speaking teacher. Say can you beat this, Lawson Fish who had become interested in II'all Street through some stock company he organized. got a tip on the wheat market one day and let Lennie Parker in on it and they both placed all their available cash on it and lost about fl'1l.3.tltltl. II'. S.: Yes. I can beat it. Robert Newton has gone insane trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. II'. T.: Talking about inventions. Eldon Martin has invented a hydraulic cushion which has live jelly fishes in it to make it soft and springy. lncidentally he has formed a business and matrimonial partnership with .Xenonc Vourson. Also Ernest Swift is manufacturing an airship that operates on the principle ot Rotership. II'. S.: And Helen Swoba has found a method of lengthening our days. but it has not been proved practicable. Also Marvin I'ander Lind's inventive mind conceived an invisible mechanical means of lifting weights. By using this, Ilelen II'eersing became famous as the Strongest II'oman in the II'orld. but the secret was discovered and she lost her title. II'. T.: Hard luck. Say do you know that Edward Kawka as an astronomer. has discovered inhabitants on the moon. Rheinhart Krause is building a machine to carry them off to Earth. And Lester Ilanson is the Mechanical lixpert of the Frank Kardas Sausage Grinding t'orporation. 41 wFfi'gw'7399:1'fE5fs9tW?. v Shhtkiifs? 1 - in Q Q a i. ovs.fe..Q.- ' -. a.UDF95.?.?f Q2 W. S.: That's queer. but not so queer as Jennie TVGPIIIZIII and Marguerite Werk- iuan supplying Linnea Palmer, who is a zoology teacher, with worms. snakes, lizards. and toads. which they gather. Or Charles Pankszthe's arrangement with a barbers' association to manufacture steel wool out of hair. Or Gerrit Sehuur's holding thc world's rowing record for crossing Sand Creek in three days. WI T.: Well. that's interesting. I was up at Herbert lluthis flower farm near Seattle where he raised Onoses. which are crosses between onions and roses. Very fragrant. .Xnd he told me that he visited old Union last. year and he said that .Xlfred Bentall is still adding up credits for the Honor Roll and that Pauline Hankin- son is still a lover of horses and conducts a riding school at Comstock Park. Eula Wilder is her assistant. She assists her off the ground most of the time. W. S.: .Xnd I was talking to Virginia Read who succeeded her father as president of the Read Furniture Co. She said that Elaine Ernsberger and Henrietta. Linde- man have taken up Ted W'alton's store across from school. And that Betty hliller, llelen Medendorp and Blanche Surkaitas are now joint partners in a. beauty shop in Sparta. They have created quite a sensation with their Youth Retaining Powder. .Xlso Leora Allen and Marjorie Devereaux who graduated from the engineering course at Michigan are now engaged in building a fire-proof bridge across Mill Vreek. .Xnd Jeanette Meyer and Dena Lankainp have become eo-matrons of the Juvenile Home. -X new jewelry shop owned and operated by Lila Quack- cnbush has been started on Bridge St. Helen Olson has become quite an eye specialist. Her stenographer is Helen Egbert. W1 T.: Do you remember Franklin Ranger? W. S.: Uh. yes! XY. T.: Wiell. he took up medicine and has inoculated a certain tree with a dental disease that produces cavities. thereby making nests for the birds. And Roman llialkoski. l heard, is manufacturing a rat-proof drainage tile. The tiles have concave mirrors set in the sides and a rat when looking at one. sees a larger rat and is frightened away. W. S.: Quite novel. I should say! Did you know that Adrianna Hamelink llils developed into a great pugulist. having won a knockout over Jack DCll1IJS9j'iS dauuhter. Ruth Grady is her business manager. And lvilma. Kloet and llarie llc Maat won the pole vault in the Olympic games last year under the colors of France. They both married Frenclnnen you know. W. T.: .lohn l'aauwe and Frank .lackowski are athletic coaches at hlarne. -lohn coaches basketball and Frank shows the fine points of football. Ella and Beatrice ltcctor are operating the f'iuderella Shoe Fo. and I heard that Luella llayden has been meeting Dorothy Mc-Mahon in public debate on Cliristian Science and Spiritualisni. Both are very convincing. W. S.: They must be. Do you know that Florence Kowrack has been leading a very quiet lille in the suburbs ol' Detroit? She has many pets for friends, two dogs, one cat. and live guinea pigs. W. T.: .Xnd have you heard that Morris Pckarsky is an American Ambassador to liirlltllfl? Say can you guess who have established those Bingo Home Blade Candies which are so popular everywhere? W. S.: Xo. Who? Wf T.: ficncvievc Kolilcs and Nfartha Koopmans. W. S.: Well ol' all things. Do you know that the real estate firm of Dc Klaar and llazel llall: that Ye fislsll lnn is managed by Rebecca Goldberg and the head waitress is ltosc liauni? Van you feature .Xnna Kasianowitz as the Vhampion Fat Lady in the circus owned by Gwendolyn Ing and managed by Mildred Idsinga? Wf T.: That niust be srnnr' circus. ll! Q ' C931 QHUQG' Olhsfix i...f 6009 3 it . j a iii wwf . - - v x X Og, ,Q E fs. , i if A' 55 . i ' . if GG WEQRS T- o! :S q-QQ , ago L I S - ' ' Y' v - . ' . ', ' ' IV S.. Smith. Sny dei and Sobczuk is the name of a new vaudeville act I saw recently. They ve worked over our Senior Play with the Reuben Vlog and made a great success. IV T.: In New York two years ago I met IVinifred Smits who is a famous saxophone player Instead of a pianist. She said that Lois Dohm, Esther Engman and Florence GPIIICZQI are operating a chain of greaseless and smokeless restaurants. IVV. S.: Yes. so I've heard. Also Helen Peterson is manufacturing bladeless scissors that will cut cloth or metal. IV. T.: I wonder what's become of Angeline Loosenort. IV. S.: tLooking in tea cup.J IVhy-I can see her here. tDarkness-Large dimly lighted tea cup appears? She's a surgeon at a hospital for sick pets at Ann Arbor. lA. L. appears in surgeon's costumej Ann Thomasma is head interne there. I never expected that of them. Did you? IV. T.: No, I didn't. Look here. I see Evert Hokanson-someone else who has changed. He is now the Will Rogers of the screen. CE. H. appearsj He never seemed enthusiastic about wild west things back in school. did he? lIeek person. And here is Don Mc-Lean. He's teaching the religious instruction class which has been added to I'nion's subjects. KD. BI. appears and disappears! IV. T.: And there's Harry lliller. He turned out to be an electrical genius. President of the General Electric and still inventory. Has perfected an apparatus to determine the rapidity of multiplication of corpuscles in the human body CH. II. appears. covered with elaborate electrical apparatusl . Doesn't it seem queer to see all these old familiar faces. that we once knew so well? Do you know. I wish I could go back to those old school days. the days that we really enjoyed. when we didn't take life too seriously. as I believe we do now. IV. S.: Yes. I should like to go back to those daysf IV. T.: It's fine to think of the past. but those days are ove1'. gone forever. and the call of today is much stronger than the love of the past. IV. S.: tGlanc-ing at wrist watch! Yes. 1.111 afraid I'1l have to be going. tStarts upl IV. T.: Yes, and I too! tTakes hatl Oh. I almost forgot to tell you. Julia Stegeman is general manager of 1ny California branch. Her otlice is up in Ilolly- wood. Step in and see her sometime if you get a chance. IV. S.: I will. IV. T.: tLooking at watchl-Uh. it's Q:f30 and I have an appointment at 3- I guess I'll have to be going!tShakes Handsl. Good-bye and good luck. IV. S.: Good-bye-and the same to you. and lots of success in the future. I' FR T.el IX 41-I Class Song 1925 .TP NYil1ifrmlFn1ih Knll 11-1' yllcl' 1v1'x x 'in. Ja lmxc X s Frieling .ll u.w'.' ll'onlx .Ul1.v1'1' ldafpta Qi-1--'J' -'-1JN f,1, .L Q Nffv :THHI THE TFHE' H35 cuff an P:??:LBFR:J':1w?ll 523:-:a'lNilE Ef'li725'cnRE VERDE mfion 2 ?7?gi4si E hlrrlrlk irVr5V I"'f1" P54 - 3 . 'I Q, J J -T ! 3 Q L ' 5 5 4- EH E 'Z fiT? T'3V':iFVFfiV5V ir,:Fj .V?JIJ'j,1,j,1, J. J "EH'O"v'l BRXNGS BFKK TO U5 THE SVEETEST HND THE BEST UN' 5 . , 7. in V Q 5 if ici A gi? ' A 9iHfFr4rDsr'r'r inn JAJJQEQJ- JJ JJ., J. ix 1051 THE CHOICEDTE OF. THEN HLL LIILL STHND BE' FOHE Trxi REST FW Q X 25455 5? .rV'TfrVriPkfC,1.gUrTr Lp 1 L HJ Ld if ggij-E,'jgV EhL', THE BCjN?3 THHT NONE CHN S.E-VER IHYD e6if,fg -f flggfz ig- 2 V T V i4ff f23 f-'Q 5 JJ J 1 1 1 J - ,-v,, 1 JA 1 5 if 1 5 5 5 F FSF 5? LOEOSL N X ! -I ya S Ve IDALACJ-f. ' ' ' THANK DAQSDEN A , , I of .nwn nv ,A .Q 4 L' , B N: - ' ' . f Q ' I rr 4 Q . ,wx ,Q ,N fgdg- ff. , ' q . ,LL-5, -i -,-5-1 '- JUL-YA SFLOY-J"Xfkrl + ff' ' Q "ef 1 ' : v .- j BXYHAED COULD ALYLA, M30 UNION HUGE SQWEL il S3 2 3 GRAND PQATQHIDS Mu ccilaf M GAIN N is F-KEQLEPQ UW s U39 . i l aiw via f - U- tsl V.-ts M-Ulwwifs. J cs..esre.ae aQDaD.f.QE .. . Class Oration PLA Y THE G A ME HHN flze great recorder talres his pen in lzancl, l16'1l'lllIl'I'l'f6'. not zrlzetlzer you ll'lIl or lose, but lzou' you play the game. The greatest game of all. the game which every one of us plays, is the game of life. The game of life brings out clearly the qualities and characteristics which we have attained through years of training on the part of our parents. teachers. and our participation in sport """"" 7""'e"' activities. In the game of life. and on the athletic field, we must be governed alike by rules and regulations. Almost without exception our whole attitude in playing the game can be directly traced to our sense of moral obligation. and our ethical standards set through years of training. Is the victory of the game of greatest importance after all? lVhy do we play the game? I believe that the true Sportsman plays the game through a love of the sport itself. The victory is simply an indication of who played the better game. There are times when one wins by unfair means. Does anyone believe that he can really enjoy that victory? In my opinion there are two types of players. First. there is the player who takes all fair advantage to advance the game. He fights hard and strives to do his utmost. Then there is the player who possesses the inherent ability to play the game, but who lacks the moral courage necessary to make him take the initiative. Let us analyze. if we can. the personality of the real Sportsman. This player is one of the ambitious. hard-fighting type. He fights in the face of over-whelming odds. Though fighting with his whole body and spirit, he never forgets that back of it all there must be fair play and elemental courtesy. Play hard and square. is his motto. He strives with his utmost to reach the goal. And if he reaches it through honest. fair play. his victory is rarely disputed. A real Sportsman must of necessity. be a good loser as well as a good winner. "It's easy enough to be pleasant, YYhen life goes along like a song, But the man worth while is the man who can smile lYben everything goes dead wrong." lirlgar .L Guest. writing under the title "Good Losers I've Known", says. 'In sports. in life and in the home I have met men and women who have stood at thcir bf-st in the face of misfortune-and all of us must take our hard knocks at time-s and I often think that the way we do it is the final test of our character." 'l'h1-rc is no better place than the athletic field for us to learn to lose gracefully, and accord to the other fellow unqualified credit for his victory. In life, the law nf jurlgrnr-nts is invariable. XV- arc constantly being judged by those about us, and thc basis for that judgment is our actions. The opinion formed of us is a strong form- in flctcrmining what wc actually arc. Thus, if we give to the other fellow full and unstintcrl cr:-dit for his victory. we are going to help him play the game right. 113 'WW W QMS 90 U is 01192 Q - G M63 me as ww . vf.1sf?2,fe a'5'iW Wok And now for a moment. let us consider the second player of the game. the one who lacks moral courage. energy. and ambition. He has become afflicted with the worst diseases in life: idleness and laziness. He is the fellow who complains that all the others have the luck. Thomas A. Edison is responsible for the truism: "What is called genius is ten per cent inspiration, and ninety per cent perspiration." The fellow who does not take the initiative can never know the joy of real accomp- lishment. He lives his life and dies with nothing tried. and nothing done. He never reaches the peaks of real accomplishment. he is content with his lot. Passing years find him still in the same position. Back of all his acts is the false promise that 'tis better to cheat and win than to play fair and lose. This player has no depth of spirit: no animating sense of loyalty and dutyg he simply doesn't care. I have pictured for you the two great classes of players in the game of life. To which group do you belong? Do you play the game for the love of the playing: or in the hope that you may feel the exultation of victory? Do you use all fair means of advancing your cause, and then let the decision take care of itself? Or do you, when faced with defeat, cast aside your allegiance to the finer precepts of your nature? Can you face victoryor defeat with equalself possession and equanim- ity? Are you prepared to face the recorder when he fakes his pen in hand and 11'r1'fe.v not zvheflzer you zrin or lose-but lzou' you played the game? 47 , fiEIi.-'KLD ELxo'r'r 1:5 mg ,kg-5 ufeavg vgrl ev o roasts-css U-1ffi'DQ2r1WQa?f+fEit " lf C' ' Flaigtgf hf f. . Last WWI and Testament of The Senior Class of 1925 To whom it may concern. or interest. let it be broadcasted that we. the Senior Class of l'nion High School. City of Grand Rapids, County of Kent. State of Michi- gan. of these fnited States of North America. do hereby make. and probate this to be our last will and testament. thus making null and void all former wills and testaments made by us. To our tolerated. though somewhat infantile successors, the Class of '26, we, with great reluctance bequeath our beloved school. with all accessories, including teachers. gum wrappers. and library permits together with the cleverness. orig- inality. beauty. and dignity of our prolific seniors. The various benefits and accomp- lishments accruing therefrom. shall be disposed of as follows: First: To Raymond Schaubel and Francis Cornwell we bequeath the uncanny basketball ability heretofore possessed by the Glocheski brothers. Second: To Dick Tisch we bequeath the poetical title and license hitherto possessed by Kathryn Corwin. YYilfred Tisch. and Kate Gould. Third: To Emily llasalkoski, who usually 'is found eating. we bequeath the in- satiable appetite of lVilu1a Schaubel. Fourth: To Floyd Eldridge and H. W. Seborg we thoughtfully bequeath the book entitled. "The Ladies-How to YYin Them", by Donald Kipling DIC-Lean and llelbourne Shakespeare llervene. And lastly: To those for whom we have not already provided we hereby bequeath the inestimable privilege of being a senior. Signcfl: YE CLASS or 1995 Witnessecl by mc this 25th day of April. IQQ5 .XBE L1xr'oLN A. Dist-rs 'l'uaowaR Br'TTr:m'1'v Senior Jlock E'Iecz'z'0n I'nIli:.-I ffirl lI1llllIxUIlH.N'f ,llflu jfn.-'I Popular fiirl .Und Pnlmlrlr Hoy lnxrlmruhl: .v f l,l1,.x PASSMIDIIIQ xYll.l"llEll 'IQISVII Nlllu.xuS11l1,r:s' lungs Fiurziawtz Shams l,vws mul ll mln' 4 ULIQM.-is .hDF.l,l, lt mu unfl Nl xnmx f'I..XIiKI'l .ilmrlwl Nfffmr . .KLHX S1'lm1'ms VIII, fur liirl l'I1,r:.xxo1c SKl"r'r 11,,,,,,.f lf,,4,, .Iu1,xrsf'ri,vsi: ,ill 'lifnfml lifrl XYILXIA Sf'li.xl'n1'1l, ,Ill 'lffmml lim, livin, fii,ru'llr:skl l'l,,,.,. l',,1.,,,, ,Kim r: llrwrgn I ,,y,..y I,,fl Im- I ul, fl ffm, .x1. INK:-gwlTz .Xnmw LM' l,,fl .lrhlm IHLHNHI-1I,om.1-1 Hoy .'IIl1lz'lr' . Girl Dancrr 4 , Hoy Dancer , . f'lus.s' Dumll-In'll IYIINN Scholar . f'l11.v.s' Uplimixl . l'luxx P1'.v.vl'7lll'xl f'lu.v,v Pm! . . lifrl I'ill.Y,Il.fIIl Plulzf 1 Buy Fnxfliou llulr' Hfrl lvfllllll . , lilly Nlzrfk . . l'ln.-fx lllu-ff . lfllIlf1lllll'I'h' . llulny Girl . liuliy ling . l'lu,v.-f .'lf!jIlI'l' . . :XLICE BRINKS , Fnan D1-3 Yorxo , :xl.FllED BICNT.-KLL Nll'ILliOl'IiXli NI!-TRVIZNH . . Ihnm' NIILLER . . L.-xwsox FISH li.n'xxoNn VAN KUIKEN K.X'I'lIl-IRINE D1-I Loor , . . I'Ir1,'rox GILL . 'l'u1':1.:u,x t'nowLuY , . Lrzxxli-: Ilxrtkaic J. .K mi-1 VAN Kmruricx . . . Fnovn Lima , . Rivru Horn .Ions lvlillll'1Nl"l:ILI,l'1Ii , ll.xlun,n 'flcmgfslclc XM . lil 'mix I KN 'X Xww frf fx , nifify nl. lm figs 211533 QP- I Sigffiffgmq 4 V , -711.19 x , fn lghxx I h ' ,-,EFZM2 ,ff f ef Nk f E +, i pl ' 0 fe vtsmmi ? Weil - t E eQe:e,.t1 em: :ESQ we ?"6 ... , M, .,, ,. . 1 Junior Class .XRLY in the first semester the Junior flass was organized. Something original in the procedure of elec-ting officers was adopted this year. Candi- dates for president were nominated by petition, and, at the election, were required to give two-minute speeelies on the aims of the Junior Class. These speeches were so well delivered that it was diflieult to make a selection of president. Due- to the lar-t that segregation in the session rooms is observed, and the Juniors were not well at-quaintetl. a Junior Get-to-Gether was held in the Gi1'l's Gymna- sium. The prograni 4-onsisted of dancing and crossword puzzle games. The liiu ew-nt ol' the year was the Junior-Senior Party. held in the Dillingham N11-lnorial fi.Ylllll2tSlllIll. The Music' and .Xthletie Departments generously assisted with spt-vial numlwrs. 'l'ht- Juniors lt-el grate-lnl to Miss Grave 'l'homasma and NIV. V. E. Phillips for their gl'llt'l'Hlls nssislanf-e as elass advisors. ' 0I"FIC'l'IRS l,l'I'.N'I.llI'IIl , . . FLoYn I'I1,1Jn1nol4: l'ff-w pr:-.wflrnl , Swlmii B,x1,B.'xc'11 Sl'l'I'I'flll'vl1 , IIIVIIARD VFIHVII Trm.w1rwr A A Rl"ru f'onNwIsI,I, Jil Anderson, Ethelyn Bale. Eleanor Balback. Sara Boese. Ruth Bowen. Mildred Buchanan. Dorothy Adamaitis. Anna Ahlberg. Ruth Ammerman. Edward Anderson. Ralph Armstrong, Esther Aspegren. Harold Ball. Frances Baltis. Evelyn Barrett. Hazel Barstis. Regina Bart. Frank Bauer. Madeline Bauman. Gilbert Bedwin. Ray Benson. Evelyn Berggren. Ray Best. Dorothy Betteridge. Arthur Bigelow. Gilbert Bloom. Robert Boarstein. Evelyn Boet. Christine Boncvkauski, Gertrude Boomey. Mildred Brazaitis. Margaret Brown. George Buiwanis. Phyllis Buth, Anne Buth. Jacob Buzalski. Frances Campbell. Anna Canfield. Maxine Carlton. Martin Cassel. Florence Centel. Florence Clark. Dorothy Coleman, Evelyn Copp. Marion Cornwell. Ruth Cross. Louise Cunningham, C. C. Datema. Johana De Bruyn. Marion De Meester. Peter Devereaux. Hattie De Young, Helen Drabinski. Irene Drasin, Abe Drooger, Marjorie Dukout. Margaret Durfey. Bessie Dykstra. Henry Edgerl. Thelma Edison. Joe Ekens. Elizabeth Fales. Maxine Ferrand. Louis Fink. Nicholas Finklestein. Sam Fish, Gertrude Flippe. Cornelia Freas. Lester Fye, Marion Gabus. Brono Gillis. Ernest Gingrich. Stanley Gittlen, Harry IQ- I Grade Coleman. Josephine De Bruyne, Richard Eldridge. Floyd Gedris, Richard Gimnick. Joe Kik. Maude llasalkowski. Emily Blinnema. Jean Read. Mabel Shaubel. Ray Sukstas. Ann J ufniors Glinm. Dorothy Goldberg. Annette Grady, Mildred Greenbauer. Melvin Greulick, Walter Gross. Helen Haan, Jeanette Haga. Besse Hall. Mabel Hanford. Vivian Hanson. Robert Haraburda, Joseph Harr, Tressa Haskins, Ava Hausser, Curtis Hawver, Ray Haynes. Alma Heald. Purdy Heath, Evina Hein, Helen Herrema, Celia Hilton, LaVerne Hoag. Claudia Holmes, Laura Hubrecht, Arthur Huff, Elsie Hunt, Floyd Hutchins, Donald Iseldyk. Martin Johnson. Donald Joling, Delia Jurgens, Johanna Juskaitus, YVilliam Kallrose, LeRoy Kaplanowski, Rose Kawka. Dorothy Kegereus, Bonita Kempski, Berton Kirkwood. Donald Ketchell, Ardys Klout, Bertha Kolkman, Geraldine Koppelman, Jeannette Kraus. Ann Laassma, George Lago, Elmer Leussenkamp, Gertrude Lohnman, Dorothy Lampani, Eleanor Lamoreaux, Fred Laraway. Helen Lee, Margaret Lenski. George Lewis. Anne Leussenkamp, Henry Lewis, Viola Leyen. Frances Lifschitz, Abe Lindeman. Inez Lowe, Kenneth Luyendyke, Irene Luyendyke, John Malizia. Domenie Mannie. Laurence Marckwardt. John Marsh. Maxine May. Dorothy McClellan. George Mc-Cullough. Alice McKay, Ellen Mc-Kay. Evelyn McKay. Robert BIcKay. Alice Mead. Evelyn Merkle. Mildred Muelenberg. Andrew Miller. Gail Miskewitz. Lucile Montgomery. Richard Muld, Eda May Myers. Bert Murphy. Robert Neper, Evelyn Newman. Mary Nickl. Theresa Norton, Ethel Nicholas, Geraldine Noble, Erma Noble, Esther Nolan, Margaret Noneman. Claud Nowak, Robert Olszewski. Martha Oosterling. John Ortowski, Julia Ormsby, Agnes Osbeck, Robert Parsaca, Peter Pekarsky, Morris Pekarsky, Herman Pierce, Loella Psotmus. Jeannette Phillips. Luella Purdy, Edwin Quinlin, Betty Rail, Bennie Rassmussen, Raymond Reed, YValling Reid. Evelyn ' Remes, Abraham Richards, Helen Riewald, John Riker, Clyde Riordan. Wilma Robbins, Anna Rodenhuis. Jeanette Roth, Edward Rowe, Oscar Rowe. Harold Reinsma. Jeanette Ritzema. Helen Sadauskas. Claude Sattler. Caroline Schindler, Frank Sclmeiderman, Jeanette Schuchtel, Reynold Schuitmaker. Fanny Schiltz. Rose Schneiderman, Jeanette Steponaitis, Mamie Schuur. Clarence Scohy, Elizabeth 51 Swanson. Arne Thomas, Edwin YVarendorp. Fred Yost, Hazel Shepard. Donovan Siegel. Major Simaneoics. John Skory, Eugenia Skuzenski, John Slade. Gertrude Stiles. Dorothy Smith. Gibson Smolenski. Eugene Sproat. Kathryn Spurgis. Mary Stohr, Russel Stank, Edward Stehower, Freda Stokoe. Clark Stokoe, Kenneth Stover. Marjorie Stuart. La Vern Suey. Russel Sysoveida. John Sutton, Helen Thomasma. Marvin Timmerman. Beatrice Tisch. Richard Travis, Clare Twiest. Geraldine Cdell, Vor Vanderhyde. Beatrice Vanderhyde, Bernice Vander Veen, Gertrude Vanderveen, Gilbert Van Gorp, Loretta Van Oosten. John Vander Horn. Anna Veenstra, Ruth Veit. Edward Volz, Lester Volz, Derwood Van Pepering, Leon IVells, Dorothy YVepman. Joe West. Elizabeth Westerhouse. Earl Wheeler. Bernard IVhite. Frank IVielhower, Richard YVinter. Lumen YVier, Earl Wilford. Wilma IVilliams, Traverse YVilliams, Genevieve IVilliams. Angeline YVilliamsen, Florence IVilson, Lnita Wirth, Earl YVitte, Irene YVolfer, Harold IVright. Vernon W'uhouwer. Rachel Youngs. Margaret Zaremba. Jack Zegunis. Ed. Zezula. YVeronica Zoski. Mildred Zubrickas. Alice Subowiez. Florence Sureck. Rose ml ..1 1 FISH 1 ww f in VIQCLNA RLAD TRUDE. 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A A A rxevfrih-T ' 'Eze 'RQEA-.BY 53 ."Gk' 51 1 F nw EQ ' S - 1 r 1 ay ' "H - ' 9.0 I lg" :I ".f1 P' ' , M-ai . y 1 f-Nkns' ' 1 ' N. ,gi -- :ll Zig g E 'll :Q wx - ,N f- .3ll-1f:1r':1r -,l?5,,wf -in 2 I-If-77X fl gffyixg :XM ' I :. :Nh--ff? - H3 lfxxzf L Vx gg- - ' Xi! xfffzixff if ' - Z- ffff-'U' ' ' WF-X 3 X51 Af Riff: . ' l,T!1lfN,f': uf ,, ' xihiffl . I Xxvlx xx 'l ,f -' -iff-'ffl :' ' if -v if :J 4,1 A- 6 Y3T?T gm ia X XL "" B55 1 ,, 1' -ws X -: xx ex, 1. ..- s.-. tial k 'U' W'-1.-."-Q :As xxx -' ! 5 ' -1 ' fm Xi 33 'K X ' 1 Q 5 If ll 3 i X ' ' n Q f Q "' E v f J X M x X c I + - 1 V W , A u f 9 W Q 55' 'W' ..r ff 7 f"' X 3 E NN I 197' di - 4' V X X X ff 1 -2 f . X' f X 5, E I-Z x.: .X V I--:X X TX 415 Rf O X 1 X XX 2,5 1 . 1 "M fx 5 7 In ff ff .0 PSX X HX -'fx ,yX X X -1 H f 1 if XJ! J X 1 Q 1 Q X YQ' i 95. N f V H f . , B- :Emi 20 rx A gs-1 4, XX All .4315 8 Q, Pm rm Y: "f".: i- , ' '. ' IPNUYE' . 1'fii,' "--km. -L.:-: 'ff s.:k4:5Ek ' I K ' ' " 4 A . G' Eg' as-7' 7923555 x x ,VJ U- ' 4 X45 !'. E?ssf.sE?Qx.-kQ.f "G . ' -' ' :'1-.742 .- f I . 'mil-...::. 1 ...N .."' "a"":"'? E- '. a V 2 F If 5" S 54 FW .T 'E y WF 1 .VL . J X an H x : ! AEA wg ,i gi f 3 '-+?." f , Sm WQWQUWWDHRQIQ Aeliiyes. John Allen. Evelyn Allen. Nlyrle Anderson. Ralph Raker. Helen Rakon. Vit-toria Ralhavk. YVilliani llaltes. Louise Rarkley. Harold Rarkley. Karl Ratog. 'I'haddeus Rauui. Jennie Reekhuis, Ethe- Renediet. Inez Berggren. Marie Rerquist. Rohert Roisen. Winifred Roorstein. Arnold Rowens. Frank Rraidwood. Thelma But-ken. .Iohn Ruiwaines. Edwin Rullis. Leon Rundy. Fred Rurtt. Henry Rush. .Julius Ruttomn. Helen Rylsma. l,llI2lI"lC5 Valkins. Alice Vamphell. Mahi-l Vederiund. Lincoln Vhapman. Legreta l'line. Dora louse. Foster t'opp. Arnold Iinfiill. Blllllrvll thunk. Lnflllllt' ooper. Lila ourson. Lois Vrandle. Gladys Davis. hlarlette Dt- Meester. Joseph IJt'Yt'I'i'2lllX. Hazel IJ1' Vlmgfl. xIiiI'luIl Dc Vries. Rulny Ile iVirdt. Jar-k IL- Young. Luc-ile Ilolliver. Barton Dorman. Alla-rt liouulas. Vlxarles llllisvfl. Illirutllj' Dunn. Rin-hard Dyk'-hull-1'. II:-nry liyl-cgraf, Alyda I'llll,ll'I'V4'1fI'l. Esther Ellingger. Russel Elliot. Luf'ille Eness. Eleanor lfaliske, Franrw-s lf:-Ilnn-r. Isalu-ll If'-llows. Ulga 4. 4. 1 . l"f'lton. Iii-atrivc l"ox. fit-ralrl I"r:i -1-r, I,mit gi l'ru-k. Iul-a I"rvf-ar. Viola Garnhlv-. I'IarI fi1'llan:l.John Hill'-In-. la-nore filirnn. Eleanor fifwthal. Valjf-an Tenth Grade Golehieski. Olga Gotvh. Dorothy Griffon. Charles Grigel. Aida Griskait. John Guiiuond. Helen Gunnison. Erna Gustofson. Linnea Haack. Hazel Haendde, William Hage. Andrew Hall. Erna Hanson. Violet Hansen. Rolette Hart. Pyrle Haskins. Donald Hatch. Henry Hathaway. Paul Hausser. Russel Heemstra. Eflie Heemstra. Ethel Heindricks. Walter Heller. Joe Heller. Samuel Helsel. Norris Henderson. Vlarence Hesling. Eva Hessel. Freda Heuer, Harold Hoedeman. Clarence Hoag. Maude Hoag. Ruth Hoek. Aletta Hoekberg. Florence Hoffman. Morris Hollway, George Horning. Gordon Hoyt. Lois liuisinga, Antoinette Hunt. Edna Hunt. Dorthea Hyrlorn. Charles Idsinga. Vharlotte lmmonen, Irene Ing. Vivian Irwin. f'll2lI'lPS Jagielski. Frances Jaglosl-ii. Allwrt Jennings. Marian Jenson. Arthur Jesianowski. John Johnson, Ina Johnson, Margaret Jourdon. Dorothy Justus. Farm:-n Kalr-r, Grace Kalslwek, Susie Kaminskas. IH-ter Kantan. 'I'lu-orlore Kathi. Home Katz. IVilliam Keeler. II:-len King. David Klviln-I'. fiI'l7I'Hf' Knatis, Eleanor Korlflraf-ki, Josephim- Korvcki. R4-rnir'e Korn:-y. John Kozlowski. Iiernirf- Kl'4'.Vf'. Iialtiv Kulkawik. Walt:-r Labiotka. Anna Lang, Marion Larkin. Robert Lien, Arthur Lindberg. Dorothy Lindeman, Floyd Lindeman, Carl Lindemulder. Hilljean Little, Paul Lohman, Robert Mahaney, George Makaske, Adeline Muigelis, Bernard Mareiniak, Sylvester McKay, Cristine Medendorp. Doris Mercer, Edith Merigian, John Mekalski, Helen Modugno. William Mol. Evelyn Monje, Arend Moore, Glenna Morgan, Nioma Murray, Jean Martanah. Dorothy Newton, llary Nicholas, Louis Xiggle, Russel Noble. Rose Xotlsinger, Xorva Novak, John Nowak, Henry Olson, Donna Ooru, Arthur Osbeck, Muriel Pabter, Theresa Palmer, Lenore Platte, Frede Pohlman, Lucy Porter, iVava PortHeet, Ruth Pruss, Lottie Powers, Barbara Pullen, Sylva Rapp, Leona Radke. Muriel Roger, Florence Rasmussen, Beatrice Raymond, Bernice Read, Dorothy Rudy. Lueile Redlon, Ruth Reese, Harold Ric-htor, Hoyt Robinson. Dorothy Robinson. Katherine Roetman. Frances Roh. lVilliam Rohner. Alice Roo, Vlarissa Rosely, Iii-rtha Roth, Helen Roth, t'lar4-ncc Roth. Dorothy Roth, VValter Roys. Ste-plien Russel. Harry Russel. Evelyn Rylriski, 'l'hadd1-us Sage, La Vange Sawaski. Gertrude Sehley. Louise Scoitzer. Lena Schuitmaker. Anna Schrieber. Linda Sehorg. Herman Seys, Florence Shinkman. Lester Sheldon. Gertrude Shoemaker. Lueile Silverman. Edith Silkowski. Natalie Simpson. Ella Siembat, Theresa Spory. Lenna Stander, Rowena Stanton. Margaret Stanuilis, Stanley Stapleton, Norma Stebe. Luella Stehouwer. Lenore Stehouwer. Helen Stephens. Gladys Stevens, Edna Stover. James Stratton, Gordon Strandberg, Dorothy Strockis. Apollona Sundquist. Grace Takas. Rosa Tassel. f'issie Tauteris, William Tennis, Albert Timmerman. Eugene Topolski. Anthony Torgood, Gladys Tulos. Joseph Tyliczan. Stanley Ln Hopen. Henrietta Van Daalen. Oria Vander Ark. Kenneth Vander Breggen. Henry Vander Horn, Cora Vandermeer, Myrton Vander Molen. Leo Vander Veen. Lillian Vander Veen. Nellie Vande Pcrd. Harold Van Duren, Alhertus Vanden Hout. Annabelle Van Stie, Martin Vander iVerf, Angeline ' Ver Lee, Leo Vritis, Mary Voshol, Cornelius Warendorp. Ali:-e lVetherald, Leona White. Ruth Wieland, Henrietta VVildowski, Gert VVilder, Ernest Winchester, Mary Wertanen, IIf-len Zegunis. Anna Zerk, f'arl Zurek, Vic-toria Zirnnow:-xki, Joseph Zuhrir-kas. Alice 32 A N KH 'l Y l Tm 1 MA X 1 ' Y N 1 , ,WJ , , -3 , X - ww 1 X ' , :IU M XJ air- - 11 N31 ,W , mm X + H3 ' X l N N 1l'xl!'wII'1a 1k !'1 L I A X M-Q 1 - ,X s . Y,,, ,.. X X rf' i KX, YANVI 3.4: . , it f we bf Wm z rj2 i u QQ. M, 3 Huw fz 1 I mm ' 5 ' m 'mf2f" 'l 3 ' F , ,- ,H 194 4 4 aiiyifiieft e i Q D- giiftl lil fl Q' Q 0 vE9?3C'1Q5' of-flea 5 '- Y'-f 2 GRU B: mf: orewom' S a memory book for the students, and as a faithful chronicle of our high school activities for our parents and our faculty, we have compiled this book. May the rich reminiscences which its pages evoke prove a worthy mon- ument to our happy high school days. VSQJYY 1 - tgnecfalwsls H1 by -' - ' W i' DQ N37 '5??ti1'H 3 .ifwd ltns Y '5 - g T' " F e. v ? .J-W i ll oem. ss U ' s , I- -stars If X Wil 5 QJQJGD SQL! I 5. 'O -Z XQJJEDDBSS Y GG .Xhllu-rg. Margaret Albertson. Annette .Xlyea. t'alx'in Ambert. Mary Anderson. Edwin Anderson. IValter Andree. Frank Anizko. Chester Apeeenika. Joseph Arthur. Warren Askeraft. Blaine Alliills. Gorlloll Bakon. Yvalter Balakier. Estera Baranoski. Harry Barnum. Wilma Behnke. Raymond Belkzl. Theodore Benson. Edgar Berger. George Bernot. Anthony Best. Raymond Biallas. Harriet Bilnce. Sadie Blanchard. Rolla Blair. Leon Blik, Harry Halter. Edwin Btrllgitfll, Tvllllillll Bnogert. Peter Bmxolillrrlllef. BIlIlI1lC Bulls, Plllllp Borst. Raymond Bonda. Florence Blllllivlllil. Hallie Bovee. ltalph Bran-on. .Xrthur Brauer, Marion Iirilylirn N Ili. 'lill1'url0l'B Brazaiti-. John Brenner. Herbert Britfns. John Britt. llaylnonrl Brown. t 4-elle Broun. Mildred Ifrsoznzou -kl. In-or e Bueklv-r, f'laren4'e Bulak. Stanley lin-s. lfflln-rl Varlf-nz. Hlizoln-ll: 1. . Jlll'illl'. ller-flu-ll Varl-on. .Mliline Varl-on. f'l:irenf'e Vherry. livlna f.. . 14-sllikou sl-il. Joseph t'l:1Ilss"ll. .ltlllll f'lool-4. Stanley' Vonnor. Vlenn-nt flnuli. lfufulllj' 1. roulv-v. l'ur1-ell 1. '. . . ukerskx lxatherinf' Vnrlis. .Xdorah Hank-za. .tuna Ilillllirlzl, Jew JV2'nth Grade De Bock, Tvlllllllll Dedinas. Frances Decker. Martin De Kruif. Tony Devriendt. Jack De Witt. Gaynell De Young, Martin De Young. Roy Dickerson. Beatrice Dickerson. Kenneth Donaldson. Ralph Drayton. Sophia Dressler. Erwin Droski, Louise Drowne, Aileen Dryer, William Dudley. Mary Dulkieniz, Marie Dunk, Clyde Dunn, Morris Dykstra, Bernard Dykstra. Jeanette Dykstra, Martin Edwards. Ted Egbert, Florence Egle. Esther Engman, Carl Erickson, Curtis Feenstra. Jacob Fleischman, Louis Ford. Ruby Faskitt, June Fox. Florence F F F F F F Gabus, Anna ranczak. Stanley redrick, John reeborn. Bobert rotlel, Theresa ulgoni, Katherine unk, Lucy Gallnu-yer. Ruth C yajironicz, Florence I I lallup, Harvey leflrus. Martha fn-rulis, Justin fnrlwllngs. John fillis I i 1 I, ,PW S Goelbolll, Donald Goethal, David f 1 I I t 1 I I I f f I nldberg, Sam Gondzewaarnl, Harold iondzcwaard. Howard iraey. t'atln-rine iray. Donald in-en. Uttls iriezan. Ilelen iriegilis. Peter lrublaskas. ,Xl Qrnblaskas, -Xnlhony hull:-n. .Klum- fiu.lopp. Lorraine-' tfryeznn, Halter firynezel. l"i4lllllllIfl ll' 1 lit t lu sgz. 'ar"- Hall, Fred Hamilink, James Hanielink, John Handlin. Glenn Hargraves, Harold Harper, Harold Heidenga, Ray Henderson, June Hennink. Harold Henry. Althea Henk, Oscar Hills. Harold Hodde, Charles Hofackes, Hazel Hoffer, George Hoffman. Jack Holesa. Dorothy Hoogeboom. Winifred Hook. Charles Hooper. Ray Hooper, Roy Howland, Alfred Hultman, Don Inhoff, Floyd Irwin, Bernice Irwin, William Jackowiski, Louise Jagge. Emanuel Jankoski, Henry Jansma, Louis Janssen. Dorothy Jazewiak. Harriet Jazwinski. Constantine Jelsma, Oscar Jewell. Charles Johnson, Irene Joslin. Harley Junehous, Thad Jurewicz, Florence Jzaviskas, Tony Kallee, Cornelius Kampfschulte, Cyril Karathcnicz, Joseph Karezkas, Albert Kasuba, Adolph Kempski, Helen Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Glenn Kettle, Rupert King, Frank King, Madeline Kinsmen. Leon Kocts. Marie Kolenda. Marion Kondraeki, Bernard Kooms, Ray Kooyers, Arthur Kopns. Anna Kowroski, Joseph Kozlowski, Agnes Kremer, Ethel Kresis. Margaret Kri:-karal, Adrian 56 Krueki. Stanley Kubiak, Jean Kuenzel. Gertrude Kuplewski, Mary Lago, William Lambert, Dick Larkin. Kenneth Levanavich, Albina Lindberry, Arnold Lien, Harriet Lindeman, Lester Love, Pauline Lucas, Julia Lucas, Peter Ludwick, John Ludwiek, Marian Luszczyk, Frank Majchzak. Stella Malizia. Lewis Mancewicz, Stanley Mangno, Gladys Manoagian, Gugan Mathews, Ethel Mc-Cord, Dorothy Meeker, Albertina Meerman, Anna Merkle, Arthur lVIeyer, Edward McColley, Herbert Mieras. Cornelius Mikalaitis. Mike, Anna Milanowski. Lewis Miller, Albertina Miller. Clare Miller. Ruth Mix. Clyde Mix, Otto Mollo, Gertrude Morey. Harold Mulder. George Muller, Erwin lluller. Lillian itlullian, Haig Mundy, Alberta Murawski, Casser Myers. Ruth . Noncman, Lalnan Nordhouse, Pauline Norton. Lewis Nystrom. Laverl Olson. Donna Orliek, Florence Usbeek, Mabel Oosrlyk. Ruth Oosting, Harry Otis Edna Owen, Kenneth Pakter, Theresa Parker, Leota Pasikowski, Vasimer Paslosta. Bertha Palton. Varl Pearl. Marguerite . Q ee weft fveeeaesefs e 9 5f5'RG " 2- 5 f553gDUEif,,5jQ,55Z'e,O Pemberton, Eva Peterson, Paul Phillips, Clifford Phillips, Luella Pitsch, Alita Pocze, Steve Porter, Beatrice Post. Ralph Postek. Stanley Postema. John Prieke, Clarence Price. Mary Proos. Evelyn Proniinski, Anna Przekopowski. Tixix Puzanowski, Joe Ragir, Rebecca Raawvw, Adrian Radawski, Vincent Rainke. Edward Reda. Stanley Renles. Jacob Rempolski, Thaddeus Renkes. Donald Rice, Thelma Rice, XVilliam Rickson. Dorothea Rirand. Levi Riewald. Catherine Ritter. Margaret Rikkers. Marguerite Robbins, Bessie Robinson, Marie Rogers, Lloyd Rohrer. Albert Rose. David Rose, Harold Rose, Ida Rossman. Leonard Rotier, Kathryn Anderson. Gerald Anderson. Lester Anderson, Raymond Anderson. YVillian1 Andree, Robert Andrukiewien. Harriet Anisko, Edward Andrey. Letha Baird. Lina Ball, Karl Baragar, Marie Bart, Alice Barzak, Martha Baum. Bennie Beihl, Velma Belding. Grace Berza, Albert Blanchard. Harold Bomers, Arthur Ninth Grade Cvoflfimwdb Rudnik, Raymond Rukerwitch. John Rupinski, Edward Russel, Ada May Ryder, Audrey Ryclzewski, Lottie Sabaitis. Victor Saganski, Clarence Salsanch, Joseph Salasevich, Alospuis Salatka, Edward Sawyer, Lillian Schoen, Joseph Schliently. YValter Schmist. Henry Schrier. Russel Schultze, Kate Schultz, Herman Schuur. Frances Scoby. Dudly Scypzlowski. Edward Seymer, Esther Sharpe. Florence Shereter, YVilliam Sherman, Robert Sidlauskas, Joe Siegel. Genevieve Sienko. YVilliam Sienko, Florence Sinz. Helen Sjoden. Helen Skestenas. Frank Skuzinski, Anthony Smolinski. John Snap. Joseph Snell. Ethel Sokolowski. Anthony Sonnevcldt. Henry Spaeth. Dorothy Eighth Boogard, Claude Boomker. Mildred Boss. George Bozoian, Blichael Brecken. Vanche Britton. YVinifred Bryant, Xorva Burke. Margaret Burkman. Evelyn Burnham, Edith Bush, Agatha Calkins. Althea Carpenter, John Clausen. Lillian Cnossen, Andrew Coleman. Lorine Copp. Kenneth Cornell. Versal Crowley. Walter Spinner. Harold Staskuwicz. John St. Dennis. Elma Stebbins, Cora Staszenski, Pauline Steimle. Theodore Sterken, Warner Stevens, Maurice Storinzard. Russel Strockes, Joseph Stuit, Anthena Suchocke, Joseph Sutter. Earl Sutkaitis, Jennie Swanson. Verner Swarts, Raymond Swuncicki. Loraine Symko, Roman Szezekanink. John Lzpuniski, Theodore Scymkuc. Helen ' Tafelski, George Tanis, Jacob Taylor, Clarence Teitsma. Peter Thomas. Asahel Thomas. Harriet Thomasma, John Tice. Vivian Timmerman. Fred Tomasyek, Stanley Topolski, Anthony Topolski. Clara Trendt, Viola Trusedell, Thelma Turk. Claude Turskey. Donald Tfrban. Salome Lzarski, Stanley Grade Culp. Marian Cunningham, Mae Dalroot, Edwina Danowski, Roman Dauksza, Anthony Dauksza, Sophie Davison. Ralph Decker. Tony De Foxv. Simore De Groot. Earl De Kower. Martena De Munster. Jay De Vries, Iris De Vries, Joseph De Waard. Gertrude De XVolf. YVilheln1ina De Young. Anna Dilley. Margurette Downer, Helen Vanagas, George Van Dam. Norman Vander Heide, Raymond Vander Kam, Hilda Vander Molen. Ray Van De Vrede, Isaac Vander YViere, Jack Van Driel. Margaret Van Oosten. Katherine Van Ree, Gertrude Van Stee. James Vaulailis, John Van Koevering. i Gertrude Verbila, Margaret Veispulle. Jay Veyer. Rosella Vitunskas, Joseph Vogt, Viola V Vlug, Peter YValder, Earl Walker, Caroline Walwood. James YVarrenton, Dorothy XVassenaar. Bessie Windell, Ruth Weroneicka, Charles Wesslund, Victor YVilbert, Frances XVilliams. Carl YVisniewski, Charles YVissink. Earle YVolfer, Ruth YVright, Lloyd YVunderlink. Milan Yavruian. Gurken Yurgaitis, John Zezula. Edward Zoerhof. Raymond Draugialis. Peter Dronkers. Marie Dudley. Everet Dykstra. Agnes Eaton, Ellen Ehenia. Tillcy Ellis. Grace Englesman. Anna Evans. Earl Fifer, Raymond Fisher, Dorothy Flik. Harold Forbush. Norma Forsythe. Norman Froling. Alice Gerulis. Adeline Gerulis. Elsie Geysbiek. George Gingrich. Edith , Lf Sis irir ?ahi,'E1i5 erica 'R Qiscffg, Q 15 at . r f sg Gifs- oQ55D2flQll Q ' X iglllntilsii llf ifqe llravelyn. Margaret Graves. NValter llrigas. Adolph Groggel. Clarence Gruses. Tofelia lirzeszczuk. Thomas Gustafson. Robert Hagc. Peter Hamilton. Laura Harris. Claude Hart. Walter Haven. Isaac Heaton. Adeline Hodde. Lavina Hogcdooru. Geraldine Hook. Alexander Hope. Phyllis Hosict. Arnold lrwin. Robert Jarvi, Effie Jendrasiah. Rose Johnson. Earl Johnson. Esther Johnson. Frederic -lolinson. Tony Johnston. George Jokuhaitis. Mary Juling. James Jones. YVilhelmina Jur'hnicwicz. Sophie Kalkofen. Clarence Kalkofcu. Dena Karo, Arit- Kas Gertrude Kasnia. Helen Kash-r. Hubert Kelli-r. Pt-ta-r Kircyl-ci. Lctislaus Knight. Lyle Kor-ts. iVilma Kopus. .Xntliony Kolllr-s, G:-urge Kotowski. Stella Kowrar-li. T1-rl Kronke-, Eleanor Kronkc. Viola-t Ku'-gl:-r, Br-rnif-v Laliiotka, lfranm-s Lamp'-rt. lzrncstinw- l."l'. firar-4' I.--1-:lv lillssvl .x'l'llll11l4ill.f,lH ,xlllll'f"lPll. .Xllu-rl .tnvlrukiv-wicz. fir-nf-r .Xntoniti-. Florcxiw- .Xrnousf-, f'orn4-lin .Xu-ten. l."-ter liairrl. Minerva lialastm-li. ,Xpnl-5 lial1'o1'l'i. Yiolf-I Grade teorzfirzuedl Lehneu. Franklin Lewis. Buryl Luce. Hazel Luce. Vivian Luyk. Marinus Magee. Lucille Maitrc, Vern Malniberg. Frances Manni. Lee Veran Marculic, Casimer Masalkowski. Herbert Masterman, Clifford Matalaitis. Victor Mattice. Hazel Michalak. Stanley Migocki, Stanley Milanowska. Helen Milanowski, Ted Miliwski, Bernard Miller. George Miller. La Verne Miskewitz, Gertrude Miskewitz, Lorraine Moelker. John Mojzak. Charles Mojzak, Elwood Mol. Marvin Mull. Edwin Mull. Loraine Murray, John Nagy, Elizabeth Nalhandian, Kachar Nelson, Goldie Niemeyer, Lewis Nordcnhurg. Eugene Northcdge, Donald Norton, Wilfred Nowakowski. John Obuchowski, Anna Onstmedder. Klasina Hosting. Grace Ustopowicz, Stanley Ustrowski, Edward Palma, Genevieve Parker. Charms Parmcrlee, Harold Parsar-a, Edith Paz:-ra. Anna Pearl, Donald Prfliarsky. Klux Fr-nf-ll, Marie Peot. Donald Peterson, Sarah Phillips. Marricdith Pierson. Ernestine Plechus. Nellie Post. Ila Quist. Sadie Randall, Willis Rasikas, William Rasimus, Mary Read. Tom Reinsma, Richard Reorsma, John Rikee. Beatrice Robinson, Anna Robinson, Lenna Robinson, Ruth Roentgen. Harold Roo, Mary Rose. Harold Rosenski, James Ruhreckt, Dorothy Ruthkosky, Mary Russell. Lucille Rydzeski, Agnes Same-rick. Henry Samrick, Elsie Schenerman, Fred Schmid. Henry Schuelke, Ruth Sedan, John Shepherd, Edward Silczuk, Ignatz Sleuker, Lucille Smith, Beatrice Smith, Bert Smit. Dena Smits, Robert Snap, Agnes Sonneveldt, Chris Snoep, Helen Soet, Anne Sousley. Lydia ' Spaulding, Marian Stahr, Beatrice Staal, Ralph Stoddard, Mary Stover, Alice Stuart, Morris F-in-y. Margaret Sullivan, Hazel Seventh Grade li:-ttts, .xlfI'4'll lichnkc, Frederick licntall. Sidney lit-uk:-ma. Lucilf- llif-lskas. Dorothy lilaf-lv. li:-rt lilocm. Pauline liouwcns. Mariu- liritfus, l'aul Brock:-ma, George Bunce, Mildred Burgess, Teddy Vt-derlund, Donald f'4-dc-rlmul. Marguerite f'h1-plcvich. Sophia Collins, Dorothy Voinfort, Harold Vurtis, Verona 'Q Takus. Alex Tania. Arthur Tell, Evelyn Ten Hopen. Margaret Tetzlatf. Dorothy Thomson, Millard Timmerman, James Timmerman, Margaret Timmers. Paul Tulos, Kathleen Fdell. Max Vader. James Van Dam. Norman Van Dam, Dina Vander Burg, Marie Vander Vride. Clarence Vander Zand. Maudie Vander Werf, Raymond Vander iVoode. Clarence Vant Hof. iVendell Van Vliet. Marie Van Ysseldyke. Nellie Veltman. Nelson Ver Lee, Wilma Vernoerd, Rose Virkstis. John Vogel, William Vrouko, Sophie Wager. Gail Walsweer, Hilda iValwood. James Warner. Marion Weatherwax. John Wedge, Ester iVeeda. Court Wcikcrt, Anna Wertsch, Douglass Westfall. Delwood Wheaton, Harold Whitt, John iVhyatt, Edward Wicland. Donald iVilliams. Dorothy Wirth. Chrystal Zak. Helena Zegunis, Peter Zovt. Kathryn DeHamcr, Helen DeVries, Joseph Dickerson. lla-an Dougan, Maxine Drasin. Bessie Drayton, Nora Dreycr, John Drukr-r, Max Dulnius, John Q o " . f is eeaeasfs r '9 I?3ifK " 1' " ' 3:i3flL3D?js252- Msg fl Dulty, George Drukee. Harold DuShane, Violet Dykmau. Josephine Dykstra. Harvey Edgerle. Clare Eggebeen. Anton Elginga, Johanna Ellis. Helen Elmer, Irene Erickson, George Farney, Mary Feenstra. Grace Fellmer, Kenneth Fewlass, Thomas Fennegan. Clifford Fisher, Anna Fosburg, Clarence Frederickson, Dorothy Frick, Erma Gall, Gwendolyn Glass, Gertrude Gopp, Leonard Gorniewiez, Edward Gowlaski, Virginia Greschke, Helen Groade, Doris Grubliski, Mary Hanson, Elwood Hardenburg, Harry Hartselle, Edwina Heeringa. Charles Heeringa. Ruth Helsel, Helen Hoisington, Howard Holmes, William Hook. Thomas Hosman. Thelma S6'U6'7Z1fh Grade CC0f1f1'f111e'f1J Hotick. YVilma Hotop, John Jarvis, Helen Hughsow, Robert Jarosz, John Jelsma. Tony Johnson, Arnold Johnston, Javette Jones, Evelyn Juskanski, Anna Kaksonen, Julia Kazelskis. Alex Kelly, Ruby Kijauckas. Julia Koon, Iva Koster, Peter Kropewnicki, Anthony Lake, Doris Lammers, John Lentz, Hazel Lamker, Margaret Ludwick, Rolena Luyendyk. YVillian1 Maghielse. John Mahlebashian, Varas llanni, Blildred Martiny, Walter Medistavict, John Meyers, Ida Moelker. -Neil Moyer, Walter Myslenska, Lottie Nauplis, Marian Norickas. Sopia Noritski. Felix Norton. Lena Ogden, Georgia Olmsted. Bernard Osterling. Henry Paul, Olive Pazera. Agnes Pearl, Harold Pearson, Arthur Pearson. Theodore Petrovich. John Pinkerick, Edward Placheski, Harry Platte. Francis Potrucikas, Mary Pohlman. Elsie Proos. Adrian Purzeki. Frank Riordan. Frances Robbins, Isadore Rollins. Juanita Rose, Harold Roth, Margaret Rows. Isabel Sabaitis. Agnes Saleiki. Dorothy Samrick, Harry Sanirick, Sadie Sawyer. Charles Saur, Zelma Scoby. John Schader. Robert Schatfner, Leonard Schauwenaar, Russel Scully. Mae Sl9111lJOlJ. Lillian Skestemas. John Slabbekoorn, James Smith. Albert Smith. Alice Snyder, Frank Snyder. Robert Sobczack. Stanley Spears. Harriet Stacilauskas. John F-tacilauskas. Joseph Staciunas. Frances Staskiewiez. Julian Stewart. Donald Stone. Florence Story, Ruth Swart. Douwe Swoba. Charles' Talfsen, Esther Tanis. Gertrude Tarbell, Charles Timmers. Herbert Titas. William Toogood. Florence Vander Molen. Elsie Vander Velde. Arthur Vander XVerf, Daniel Van Kuiken. Lewis Velders. George Vergo, Lucille Wall. Edna Walford. Alma XV:-ird. Anna Weiner. Morris YVepman. Hershey Whitaker. Evelyn Whitten. Shelby Wood. Xxillllillll Woodstra. John Wright. Ella YVyseeki. Julia Zelling. Rose 1. xy 'bibl- iif, 1'2- ...N- X, x NN lvH1'OII - Broudzruy and Tlzirrl fninn- TlIl'llI'l' null l"o11rll1 UU 7, 19, , l- U s! X - ff w - ? T5,7gf!yii,. V I 57-1 H 'N ,fl V h N X 5 i Q -Hxx zk ii f : 7AW . ! A 4 ? wry , ink Wff "w-.' -' -- . X fe ww f+f1fAv V -3 - x x '54 - M ,- M M W if X f TFQLQ Y x x ssi::f'2w , +1x -vf X555 px. '- 'X 'iw- 1 fig .. ' - f' 1' ,xv-. 3, 1 -.w xv 'ol ' X fSNf.,, ,- . 4 PY My , af if 5322-. Wi ME 1-MQSEQ WGf n :1 w f W QW X .Z - -. Ny, ' - . H . . f--1, 3 X 1: :f1 f A A if ,W ,- I , sl W' N 4. .1 f f ff--R ,, - ' 1:4 ,, X ,, Ji., up ,Q..rxx:1n-l- yy. - x I Li H W . U . N' U '41 X T 'lmfyf-SX T! 1 sais 5 QW ,. , ' 1 1 -Q - 5-521 K, QA f -J .1 'F I ,w g . 1' A - . u 2- lil' F 'X 0 ' V y fi 3.:-QOQ Lx,,f3 Y ' ,255 r xx V 1 J LN ' ,g Q ' .A,i1-.A P .,' .. -'W H Ati !!! k 12l.A .,.QUs.W3XKNQQ2fW!,7,5Df5 ,, Mig, W affair' .wfhfjh --,,, 5'1'Tx"'i.'?-sfiie-lie-T" ai: s -'f 1 A317233 ' Ui 'l ,DQ 'ANL 5'-N51-QxT'.5rf'+WQ-TWTXSH "tihlR8l'Ql'If'lri55fI qulgbqsiglzeg Q il U Q Iaaor row, l.v'1 In rrylrl Iii11xnr1Tu l.Il.snv, NI KRKQKIKITI' Uuirxs. xI.XRlXN IA'l'l'S, Gnoutai-3 Ihmsux. Xllluxxl Senu-Lx' Iitlifor-1vi-elmgfi, .huh Vw Kumi-rzs. Il1t'u.xun SI'4lli'l'I-1, H.xuoi,n 'I'uo1N:a:1-zu, IIm,i-:N Wi-Li-zizsixo, I'lIYITII Jost:-A JIM-ll, ron linxioxn Yu Krikrgs. l"u.txk lInoi'ei.k, VIIHIIXIA Ri-ztn, Ilnr'rr ICLI-:Nu.x.xs, tltlltNI'1I.LA 'I'r:uMl-Lien, Nliss XlvnTi.i, Ilrzsrirrlxrg tililrisori, Hum, 'l'n1i-,I,, .XIIIKXIIAM Ilaxsix. Xlonms PlaK.xuskx', I,i'xl.xx Wish-pus t'i.u ni. Xoxi-Aux, ItleilxRn'I'1sf'u. Top not IIlt,rosl1lLl,. I,ii,x I'xssxmui-:..I.xMr1s I'uir:i,iwt:.Im:xi1: Ilvki-Jwlrz, I'.l.I-:mort hktvrr, AvxII.xskiss,.It'1,irs tuxsr. 4'i.xx1'os I.o1 nts, Lxnsox Ifisu, Itxvunxn Itxsxlrssizs. The Unzonzfe Stqf ll xiua tum' ICLl.r:s lltki-Ls '25 HIC I'nionite Staff of 1925 has endeavored to earry on the sueeessful publi- eation whieh it reeeived from the staffs of former years. In November .Xhe Ilrasin was sent as a delegate to the Ventral Interseholastie IJFQ-ss .Xssoeiation eonvention at Madison, IYiseonsin. where the I'nionite reeeived a third elass rating. .Ks a result of new ideas gleaned from that Convention the staff tried many new ideas in the "Different" number published in March. Instead of the monotonous one eolumn page a two eolumn sheet broken by subtitles or boxes was introduced. Other novel features were the frontispieee. designed by the art students, the flouhle-deek heading, and italir-ized poems. The news department too began run- ning as a miniature newspaper. The Student Gossip page has been continued and enlarged. and from all reports has been a great sueeess. Another aim has been to keep the magazine eentered about sehool aetivities, in this way making it a truly sehool publieation. The members of the staff were hosts and hostesses at a sueeessful inter-staff banquet on Klareh 13. For the sueeess of this undertaking the Ifnionite staff wishes to thank the other high sehool public-ations for their hearty eooperation. Mis- Myrtle II1-seltine sur-eeeded lliss Iieek as faeulty advisor in September and it has been due lo her untiring efforts that these new ideas have worked out NU well, In February Bliss Olga Persehbaeker became her assistant and to her also the staff wishes to extend its thanks. 'I'o the other members of the faculty the I'nionite staff gives the assuranee that their sugpgestions and help have been sine:-rely appreeiated. In February Iliehard 'I'iseh went to the Mielligan Inter- seliolastie I'ress ,Xssoeiation at .Xnn Arbor where the Ifnionite won the flhimes I-up for being the best sr-hool magazine in the state. Xow that the work of this year's staff is ended. the public-ation is confidently turned over to the staff of next year with the best wishes for its sueeess and the hope of its ber-oming a bigger and more vital faetor in the lives of Union Ifligh NIIIYIPIIIN. P lil l - Q er N Twp run',l1jfllurlgl1l.' -l.kMl-I4 Tulxirtknxx. l".Lkl.KNl'lH FKVTT. I,iNn.x Scnmsui-ln. t'LxRr:Nc'r: RUTH, WiI.L1,ui B.u,n.xcil ,llirifllr r4n1':.lxMl-is Srnvisu. l'lLlZABETH Sr-muy, HELEN Sl'1"roN, lix x Hnsuxn, BI.xnL1-:'r'rE llAYlm, tinoiuarg Iivmyqt l.nu-vr mir: l,r:oN.x D1-3 Bonn, .Iniss l"niELlx4:, Hrzuzx DE Yorxn, H.n'xmNn Vw Ki 11-Q1-Lx. Iloiwrnv W Eesr:L1rs, .hui-2 Yxx KHINIPEN. Student C oufncil HELEN DE XYOFNG '26 HE Student Council consists of the presidents of all school organizations and one student elected from each of the large study halls. The principal of the high school acts as advisor of the council. The officers consist of a president, vice president. secretary, treasurer and. a committee chairman on School Welfare Committee, Student Welfare Committee, and Community Welfare Committee. The council meets weekly and serves as an excellent means of getting student opinions before the administration of the school. The crowning work of the council for the year was the publication ofthe students' Handbook of Information. The Student Council had charge of one of the assemblies at which various members spoke on the contents of the Handbook. The influence ofthe council is important especially as it effects student activities. OFFICERS 1924-25 President . . RAYMOND VAN KUIKLN Vice president. . .hxms FRIELING Secretary . . HELEN DE XVOFNC Treasurer .......... TYILLIAM Ron Cllflliflllflll QfSCl100l Welfare Com nz iiiee ARIL: XvAN KRIRIPEN C1101-TIIZHIZ QfSf1zflent Welfare Conznziftee LEONA DI-3 B01-:R Clzairzrzan of Com nz un ity Welfare Com. DOROTHY W'EssELIt's 63 P i'gE5??71f'::m3Sg4C?35'95 1 31 Q Q 1 5Qiffcsb G'1:2Drix ' X 'hmwsi f fi c R , iff D by ' l fy ,iff A . ,kazaa 711 X4 . X -rfb?-'R W Unzon Hzgh School Band L'1..x1u: 'l'11,u1s '26 PERSON nsnzilly fools that his lI1llSlCill education is not Qoinplcte 1111til lu- licars sonic of tho big bands. such as Souszfs. K1'yl's 01' IDFYOIIQS, but when we put on our ncwwhitc trousers. presentetl to us tllisyvzn' by the Athletic Associa- tion. we fvlt quite us professioiial as any of the big bands. And do you renieinber the Drnni Major who lt-rl ns so 4-ompeteiitly i11 our ll12ll'C'llll1Q at the football ganies? Mr. Sniitli. il Xuvul RL'f'I'llltlIlQ Ofhc-er. is fllll' il large share of the c-rctlit for the Niuippy way tlu- lmnfl lllllI'K'lll'fl. as he drillt-fl us on the field and lielpvcl Bert with the baton. Hur Zlllllllill f'Hllf'Cl'l was given Marcli 5, i11 il joint p1'og1'z11n with the 0l'CllQSll'2l anfl f'llfJI'll'L'4 unrl wc fet-I that the 001141-1't was El siiccvss, flllC mostly to the eflic-ie11t lf-aulcrsliip of Mr. fivmimc .Xnios and Mrs. Irene Burns. PERSONNEL 7ll'lIlIlIIt'f.N'.' .lainie-s Frielingg. Xvllllillll H2lt'lllllC. Iidwzlrfl lloH'vrt. Klux V111-ll. YYa11'1'4'11 .xl'tlllll'. xvCl'llCll Swanson. lirwin Drvvlcr. Norinzm Forsylllc. llonzllrl YYic-lnxirl. l'lf1r1'- 1H'l.v.' l'lflXV2lI'fl Ilerririton, rllllK'0fl0l'C X,2lllflCl'VC0ll, Eugjciic' 'lillllllll'I'lll2lIl. Rir-l1:1rrl Tisri-li. l'I111'l Sutter, Vnrtis Eric-kson, Yii-tor XYlf45llll'lfl. Robert Hanson. Iiilylllllllfl Vonners. Junior Irwin. YL-rc f,XYi'Il. llllflff Ilflllillfl Goclbolfl. 1Jil'I'Ul0N.' l'1:1r111-NL Swift, Ronald F1-lto11. Sf1.1'npl1m1es.' Gerald Elliott, f'l1z1rlc-s Irwin. llorns: f':11'roll l32lVlflSUll. .Inf-k Zzirr-inba. Robt-rt Newton. Vic-tor Alilllllillllli Trom- lmfmwg Vlurc P. 'llI'2lX'lS. Hzirolrl 'llroc-gvr, 'l'l1ol11:1s xV2IlSll, Glvn Kf'IlIlf'llj'- lir1.v.wrf.v.' Floyrl Elrlriflgi-. I'hlylll0l1ll Yan IilllliCll. lll'Illll.x',' Ilownrrl fiillnspy, f'l:1re'11r-c- Roth. lil .Q " i g Q5 9! . ' 35 Q55 ' Q t EG IQWRG em ' -a. W a s: ftmai tf l' r 1 The Senior Orchestra Mr. C. E. Amos, Director CARROLL C. DAX'lD5ON '-26 HIS June will close a busy season for the orchestra. Considering the fact. that the orchestra has been divided into two groups. each rehearsing different periods, Mr. Amos has done wonderful work with this organization. The annual concert was given March 5, in collaboration with the band and the choruses. The orchestra has played in many places among which are the Coliseum and Armory. As usual a smaller orchestra was organized to play for assemblies, the senior play, and various entertainments given by prominent organizations of the school, such as the hlask and Bauble and Hi-Y Clubs. Perhaps the greatest event. of the year for the orchestra will be the entrance into the state contest. Much new talent has been discovered during the year. which will prove useful in helping to Hll in the chairs left by graduating members. PERSONNEL lst Violins: Harold Eldridge, Clarence Roth, Viola Lewis, Carl Pattok, Leona Skory, Stephany Roys. 2nd Violins: Dorothy Hoogerhyde, Junior Irwin, Annette Albertson, Ila Larkin, Edward Ammerman, Frank Bart, Floyd Woodard. Cello: Peter Zweedyk, Beatrice Felton. Piano: Evelyn Blead, Geraldine Kolkman. Oboe: Donald Godbold. Clarz'net: Edward Herrinton, Richard Tisch, Carl Sutter, Theodore Vanderveen, Eugene Timmerman, Robert Hanson. F lufe: Earnest Swift. Donald Felton. Edward YVhyatt. Saro- phone: Gerald Elliot. T r1unpe1': James Frieling, lVilliam Haendle, Edward Hoffert. Horns: Carroll C. Davidson. Jack Zaremba, Robert Newton. T rombovzes: Clare P. Travis, Harold Troeger, Thomas YValsh, Glen Kennedy. Tuba: Floyd Eldridge. String Bass: Raymond Van Kuiken. Drums and Ty'in.pa.ni: Howard Gillaspy. Absent from picture- Beatrice Owen, lst Violin, Ruth Boese, Victor hlatulaitus, 2nd Violins, Earnest Gillis, Viola, 65 .ff 05 .951 3 QQ, fy my 9522296 Q55 2: Q 9 5f5'KG " 2- 'U li '52 'o " '-Q E' 200529525 mg 13.0 sg To the memory Qf ARTHUR R. ZIMMER ln commemoration of the many years of devoted service he has given Union High School and in recognition of the constant exhibition of a true Christian character he has always presented, we, the class of 1925, lovingly dedicate this Aurora. . FQ X' G Gsslvseoi Uflfinfiwifisitli Q ?eQD53eTf. -. 1Q s lou-,-f mir, l.-fl In rigln' .h.icr: RMIER. Ross NHHl.I"I, I-Irizixxri Sxouv, Rl.uu.xx D1-1 Ilurvx, Hszm. H101-3. HELEN 1111-zpguin Don-vrnrgx Brgsr, Elks. IRI-:NE DUNN Brass ndirrclory, H.xuR11-ZTIAEN, 1.1-:oN.x PARKER, KATU!-:RINE Yxx llosrzx. Rosie Ilu'x1..Ii-g.xxs'r'rE Scuxsinr-znxux. l'iLr-:Axon lixless. ,lliddlr rnirf H fires Huis, Lois Cornsox. LUTTIE Dx-:vi-:snoui-'. Lrxiu Seuiuuur-Ju. Axxx t'A5ll'HELL, RUTH Bonfmnus, ANN Kuu'sri, .lrux STEGMAN, NVINIFRED Suns. RIARIAN Moxms, l-Il.xz.xnETn limos, Hmrn xlOHEY, ALT!!!-:A Hrgsmg Lssoiu-g Gri,rr:'r'rr:. Bluaiss l.1'i-vs. 1-Inst Hrxr. Top mir: Cmusi-xxx: Bom, KIARTIIA Orszuwsxi, Hint Hnsusra, Lrcx' Pon1.xi.xN. Hum. Sr-:.xs1'noM, Douorin' S'nLEs, tim-irnrim KRIPLKXRD. Muni DE MAH. Fuxxels l,El'lIX.kS, LL'L'lLLr: Nlisxuwrrz, SARAH li.u,u.u'K, RUTH Rom. Jrzxxsr. Rlixxmu, li-Tilrgia Vis M utr-3, Noruu Situ-r.E1'oN. Girls' Chorus l'l1.lz.u41-LTH l'ILsoN '25 NE of the bright spots in the life of Union High School is the semi-weekly rehearsals of the Girls' Chorus. This year's shows the largest enrollment it has ever had. with 4-4 regular members. l'nrler the capable rlirectorship of Mrs. Irene Dunn Burns. the Girls' Chorus has appeared before the public several times. Un March 5, at a joint concert of the Instrumental and the Vocal Departments. the Chorus rendered two songs: "C'ulm as the Night", Furl liolzm, "Starlight", Eflzrirz lllclnfyre. The Vhorus has also assisted at assemblies with special music whenever called upon to rlo so---doing its best to make a real place for the vocal department of the sclioul. At this writing the Fhorus is spending considerable time in preparation for entrance into the State High School Musical Vontest which will be held at Kala- llmmxu. May 12 anfl 13. It has chosen the following songs: "Spinning Chorus"- "l"lying1 llutcliman Opera". by Wrzyzzcr, "Sweet is the Sound of Vharities' Voice", by lfo.v.w1'n f. as its contribution to the contest. XVhether the Chorus wins or loses, it will make an cnviable rccorrl for l'nion High School. Elizabeth Elson and lingcnin Skory lmvc scrvf-rl asaccompanists:1nrlNIissSkory will act in this capacity in thi- contest. G45 I Eff " A Q' fQf1Je.fe'rwmfrf M JF essays M Xl , , gbf' , Zi, E . 'fi Q A , , 3 la C. Wwe ga ng D Lfllfff YOU- lcifl to right: FREDRIER YELDERS, Enwxmn TYEINING. BERT RICE, LENNIE PARKER, MRS, THESE Brass lllireclorb. Luvsox FISH, RICHARD SPORTE, JACK ZAREMBA. LTEHALD ELLIOTT. Middle row: JnIEs FRIELING, CARROLL Dsvinsox, LEO SI-IERMIIS, BYRYL H.acxnI'TI-I, H,kBOLD ELDRXDGE, GEORGE BYLSMA, WII,I.I,nI ITRAPP, Pl-:TER ZWEEDYK, LoI'Is FERHAXU, Oscm RowE. Top row: RICHARD V.xsnEa Kami, CLAYTON Looxux. :ARIE VAX KRIXIPEX, FRED L.nIoREIrx. THEODORE Vasnss YEEN, Jonx VAX OosTEx, Rsnxoxn Vsx KI'IREx, HILTTJN GILI., JAKE BooERoLnER. HERBERT Blrrn. The Boys' Chorus J.nIEs FRIELIXG '-35 AY. fellows! Is there any chance of becoming a member of that Boys' Chorus?" This was not an uncommon thing to overhear around lvnion High School during the last year. A line boys' Cl1OI'llS.'YVltl1 an initial enrollment of forty, and running up to a final seventy members. was formed this year. Com- prised of many old-timers and a greater number of new-comers. the chorus was one of full-blooded activity. Spiritual music. fellowship, and a good musical training from a capable leader were among the numerous rewards received for coming to morning rehearsals. twice a week at 7:45. "But, listen. That is not all." The boys entered the state contest. and immediately planned for the disposal of the prize money: also. they entertained assembly audiences. sang at the West Leonard Parent Teachers Association. twice for a like organization at fnion. gave a program at the Elk's Temple. and at the Senior Autumn Party. We hope that next year the chorus will continI1e the fine work. be I1lllC'll larger, and a credit to Union. 67 QQ , S'gme5.G.s1fQs 1 . e F UKEQBEQUQAO 9 5 V . v4 M f i N f9? .a1--4, V . . Q- up t QQESCQ ' miie:-2 Yglmnfgioigj t . law, r run-. If-jl In right. NI xnux Dr: BRVYN. ll.xz1-gi. HIC'bl. HILTON Gill., Klns.In1f:xE Bt'Rxs1D1'rf'r-lurt,LUVSONFIS1-I, S-.lun Ii,u.isu-k. l'11.Exxun lixnss, LHNNIL Puiki-in. .tlnlifh mir Rini R-irn, .lunge Fxugrixu. ANNE Krursr-:. Turzunmu-3 Vwxnrzn Vmzx, l':I.lZAIlI-ITH limos, EDITH XI--mx. Ruxnwn Viv Krikrix, HI-mix Rirzmm. Trip r lix x Hxeuxt., lfnrlnI,xxmRr3u'x,,li1.1.x 5'ru:xi.xv. H.kROLD Ei.nmnc:r:, XYINII-'RED SUITS. Amr-I VAX KRXMPEN, Xl mi xv lnrv-. The Special Mixed Semi-Chorus Amr: Yxx Knmrsx 'QS Il,IfiHXf'l'l of spirit and sineerity of interest are sure to luring satisfying re- wards. Meinhers of the Speeial Mixed Seini-Cliorus will testify to that. XX hen Hrs. Burns started talking about picking out members of the various chor- uses for the organization of a speeial group of singers, much calculation ensued ae fu who would he the lueky-for unlucky ones. To lmeeoine a ineinher of this group wag euiisirlerefl quite an honor. On the other hand it nieant extra rehearsals --without eredit. llowf-yer. after the newly organized eliorus had been singing a few weeks it, was generally agreed that the very enjoyment of singing with a well-trained group made riwlieulmie any pmsihility of eoinplaint about extra work. The ease and rapidity with wliieh new songs were mastered inade even the rehearsals a pleasure. Then a new form of euinpensation was realized. Soon the ehorus found itself 1IllNXY4'l'lIlQ the eall of the puhlie for innsieal entertainment. The first hig engagge- nn-nt wax the Ningine of earols and spec-ial Vhristinas inusie at the Regent theater. In anxwer to many more requests later in the season. they inade their appearance ln-fore -ew-ral elulms and organizations where they sang various Illlllll3QI'S of the tunr-ful. harmonious and spirited type. Vhief aniong these were: "lYinter Song" l'. F. lfllllflfff. "The XYorld is lYaiting for the Sunrise", H. Siefz, and HBIRIHIIIYQH l,ittle Vralrrrr-fl Him". If, li. Illllf. GS e w, D., we cum. M GH sea? we A - t .W g Q - ' C?a bf Lou-er row, left to riylzl: VIRGINIA READ, DOROTHY WEssEI.II's, Lrc-Y ZINDEL, HAZ!-:L THIEL Top row: RIARIAX LE UTRANGE, CORNELLA TERMEER, ELIZABETH EI.soN. The Senior Sorosis HAZEL TIIIEI. '25 HE Senior Sorosis Club is composed of all Senior girls. Our ai1II is to promote good fellowship between the Inembers. This year the club is not in any way affiliated with the Young W'omen's Christian Association, so that every twelfth grade girl may join, regardless of any belief or religious conviction. Under Miss lNIann's sponsorship, the club has flourished, practically every eligible girl being a member In the line of social activities. we have had several' hikes, a Halloween Party, a Snow Party, a Teachers' and a Mothers' Tea, all of which were immensely popular. At one Ineeting, a delightful and instructive talk was given by Miss Conlon on lIer trip abroad. Under the auspices of our club, lNIiss Raymond was secured to speak before the girls of the Senior High School. In April We went on an excursion to the Grand Rapids Press Building. The daily work of preparing a large newspaper proved very interesting. However, besides the social and instructive program, we also had a plan of ser- vice. Both at Thanksgiving time and Christmas, baskets of goodies were distributed to the needy in the city. All considered, the Senior Sorosis Society has had a successful year. OFFICERS 192-I-1925 President . ..... DOROTHY WEssELII's Vice president . . . . LUCY ZINDEL Secretary .,... . . HAZEL THIEL Treasurer ..... . VIRGINIA READ Social Committee C'lza1'rman . CORNELLA TERBIEER Program. Committee C'ha1'rman . . INIARION LESTRANGE Publicity Commiffee Chairman . . ELIZABETH ELSON 69 Ss. +1112 ms-f M232 ft? 2 Q 5 i - y E5 eessreee.-t i ' l eeQDE,i'.i5f,.,.5 . . I for ww, Iffl 1.1 rfyln: t'i.,vvTox Inu u xv. Rm. ,l. H. Gnrzfenov, Lriux Wxxrmzs.H1l.'roNG1l,1., R.n'nmNn SCllAl'liEL, NIH. J. Yvv Iiuoiix. .Xn1r:Vxx Klum-Ex. Luvsox Flsu. HH. R. S. SMITH, HAH: Rlx'l,L1.xx. N 1,,! ful mfr: I-'mznmcx Vnnni-zns. Rxvmovn Yxx Krixrzx, Krzxxmu S'roKoi:. Puri-:iz Zwx-zunvx. HENRY D!'KSTR.4, l.ILYNIlZ I'xmQi-za. 1.1-:nov KkI,l,Huslf1, RICHARD Tisen, .loux VAN Uosrizx, lfuu, P.u,xl. Thin! rw- ltu-nmn Yismzu Km, Rrssrzm, S'r.m. B1-:inov Kmn-sm, Frovn LE.xn, lflnwxmn Wmxixcz, RICHARD Sr-nun.. l'iliAXK Iiuoverlk, lllinxxun XvllliEl.ER, liIl.l4I'1RT liu:i.nw, K1-:NNI-:Tu l,.xnKIN, .Inu-:s DE B01-zu. T1-If rt-uf 'l'nr,-inning Yxxlvrgn YI-.l-IN, Huun' KllI.L1-gn, .hznox l,1-iv. lil-toner: Bvrsux, Cn.xlu,r:s PAVKSTIIES, .loux I,l x :nm I-vig, Lol is I-' mn un. lTov.u.n Nlelmzxx. Nl.Xlil.ET'Tl-I lhvis. H i- Y Ihuveox lfisu '25 Btllvl' the most important event that eau oeeur to a Hi-Y member is the big State Older Boys' Vonferenee eaeli year. The H1-Y Vlulm of 1924-1925 had the good luek to have twenty-five of its lI1Gllll70I'S attend. Iloxvever. a eluln. no matter how sueeessful. must have money to send its dele- gates lu a 1-onvention. So, follosvingg the eustom of previous years, the Club put on an 1'llf1'I'lillllll10l1t wlueh was well supported by the student body and lvest Side lvusiness men. Une ol' the outstanfling results of the convention of 1924- was the realization ol' -jfrllll 2l!'tlYltf' lmf-tween the H1-Y and Girl Reserves. .Xt-1-orflingflv. the last of January, the two elulms had a sleighride party and dance wllieh was :1 huge Sllf't'f'SS. Thronggllout the entire year prominent men have addressed the boys at alternate- meetings. The remainder of the nleetlngs were given over to the dls- eussion of life problems in whit-ll all the fellows whole-heartedly partook. The younger mr-mlwrs are looking forward to another sueeessful year under the 4'Xf'l'lll'lll ll'2lflf'I'SllllJ of Mr. .l. Yanllroek. lYest Side Seeretaryg Reverend J. H. fire-gory. Di-eussion Group lA'ilfl1'I'Q anfl Mr. Reuben Smith. Faculty Advisor. T0 Q in ig? 605 60 9 ug '3s5U'i1Q5P9-- .f-" Es, 1 1 - s 5 as 2?"T'f7f. was Us L Seo i l ! sew ? 1.011-rr mu-, left tu-riglzl: l.u:il.1.E Du Yorxo, Inusi: Dviuzwirz. Bliss I-fx.1z.u4i:'1'i1 Um 1-11.1, rrlflrixnrp, Lum Smlmgugn HATT11-3 lxiu-:Yi-3. Tup mfr: Emzxxon SKVTT, Winn Sf'IlAL'Iil'1L. limu' Xl.xs.xLKunsK1. ALIVE Hrwizu, Rimini S1'liI.i:v. Girl Reserves H.4T1'IE :KREYE '27 HE Girl Reserve Club is a world organization to help girls to "Face life square- ly" and "Find and give the best". At lfnion High School the club is open to girls from the tenth to trhe twelfth grade. ri Our first work in the line of service was becoming members of the Needle XYork Guild by contributing baby clothes. At Thanksgiving the girls provided two bounti- ful baskets for needy families i11 Grand Rapids. Our Christmas cheer work was a party for the kiddies of the Social Wlelfare at the Y.XY.f'.A. The girls provided one practical gift and a toy. At different times we have entertained. the children at the Blodgett Home and the Juvenile Home. 1 Besides these opportunities for service we have enjoyed several pure social activities. First there was a Halloween party for all the clubs in the city. Then we had a Health Carnival. All the clubs also joined in this cvent. the proceeds of which were to send girls to the mid-summer confe1'ence. .Xt the writing of this article the club activities are not yet, over: we still anticipate our annual spring party and a mother and daughter banquet. Regular meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. OFFICERS Presirlelzi . . . . . Vice pre's1'dc'ni . Secretary . . Trerzxurer ...... Program C'0n1n1i1fe'e fillflllflllllll Serrice 00171771 illee filllllflllflll . Social lhnznziffeo Cllflliflllllll . Public-ity C'OI7llll1.fl6'6' fillflliflllflll . Hilfe Vzmznzifiee C'l1a1'rma11 . Delegate al Large . . 71 LINDA SCHREIHER . ELEANOR SkL'TT . H.kT'FIE IQREYE BIIRIAM SCHLEY XYILMA ScHAt'BEL . XYILBIA Cessna , IRENE Dvkmwrrz . , AL1c'E Hrwian Emu' BIAS-ALKOXVS-K LVCILE DE WYOITNG I Q t o r Qrf ui ill t e , -r if og u sfem -I-.1 - me ri t Lmrfr rmr: LEUNAHD Ilossxux, MR. J. VAN Bnoox, Ennrzivr Bess, DARRELL MCAULI-ny, REV. FMQNEY, KENNETH OWEN. Twp rwr: G1-:onus Mrrnrzu. llox.u.n Gnnnun, lim-Ein' Krzrrrs, H1-:Nav 5oNxEu:Ln'r, Mn. Honxumc-K. CHARLI-Qs HOUR. TED lxnuxnns. Junior Hi-Y Du-as ELL BICAULEY '-27 HE Junior Hi-Y club was organized on October 15, 1924-. They are doing nicely and have a well developed program planned. The Junior Club has recently followed out the plan of having discussion groups every other meeting which are led by Reverend Farney and the alternate meetings having outside speakers. .Xniong the speakers from our own school are iNIr. Bazuin and NIL Barnhart. The meetings are held every Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 in Room 140. .Xll ninth graders are eligilile for membership and are urged to join. OFFICERS l,l'6'Sl.l1f'llf . . EDBERT Bliss Vliff' presfzlclzf . IQENNETH OWEN Serrelclry . . DARNELL lVICANLEY Treasurer l.1+:oNARn ROSSMAN 72 f' in '- -W --- C W, 71'-f' UBll533Cl?55D!lf oW Tap r0u',ltfHnrfg1l1l: ADELIXE Hizrrox. Ixus Dr: Vmus. YI-11,11 .x BE.xL, S.mu:Ql'1s'r, HELEN Kxutu rlvsistmzt Gzmrdianh, ELLA XX munr. Wuxi Ponrsa. I lmrer mu-.' :XNNE Ron-xixsnx. THELAM BENL, RIAHIAN Axni-gnsox, AIARGARET D1LLEX', liluvl-3 lx.xLER. Niecomf Campjire Group Hr-:Lux KALER '25 HE Nieeoni campfire group is one of the oldest campfire groups that still exists at Union. It is made up of girls who have done campfire work for one year or more. The object of this group is to seek the beautiful, not only in the out of doors but in everything that they undertake to do. An honor bead is given to every girl as many times as she has completed something worth while. These beads are given for such tasks as learning the various kinds of birds and trees. by building fires with one match. going on long hikes, performing household duties, and making garments. The girls have enjoyed the Campfire work very much this year under the leader- ship of Bliss Straueh. They are now looking forward to the time when they will have enough money raised to go to the summer Camp at Lake Miehigan. OFFICERS IJl'f'Nl'Il6I1f . . BIARIAN Axnrznsox Vive pre.sz'de11t , . . ANN SOET Seerefary . . MARf:,1.RET DILLEY Treczsurer . PA L'L1NE Lovli Scribe . GR,xc'E KALER T3 'MEQ HW U55 Q I ll ii 'Sew-wg' QU:-I: 've t51aDUF9gc,..QM., , E Inv.-f f fan-,f',A1'l1u nghl' ,lturzs l"an.l.xxo, Yinolslx Rnxn, Miss ESTIII-IH R. llrpmiu l.l4I1'i.y-url, JACK Z,xnm1u,x, T' Lf P -r Himox lliu.. Ihox yur lKIKIxXIr,n,sD,GI,uN1.I-I lh'1.su.x. Rarxloxn Y xx hui-ins. Jlask and Bauble Club .hex Z,xui:x1B,x '26 HH Dramatic- Vlub, better known as the llask and Bauble Club, of fuion High. directed by Bliss Esther Klulder, was organized ln the year 1921. In the past year an entertainment was given for the approval of the publie. It was repeated, by request. a week later. Bothperformances drew a large audience. lhe program consisted of two one-aet plays: "The Finger of God" by Percival W llrle and 'IX Little Mistake" by Elizabeth Gale followed by a IIlIlSlC2ll farce taken from the IIlllilf'2ll eoinedy "No, No, Xanetteu. The IDI'Uf'f,'l'll9 of this entertainment went toward a set of furniture for the stage whiz-h was presented to the school at an assembly given .Xpril 17. The set is eoni- po-efl uf a dayenport. two large arln ehairs. a library table and a Hoor lamp, pur- vhasefl from the Harris Furniture VOIIIIJRIIIY. The r-lub! annual spring dance was given Friday. .Xpril 17. 1925 in the Dilling- ham 3If'lIl4DI'l2ll fiyninasiuni and was a great sue:-ess. The Qj'IIIIIZlSIlllII was dee- oral:-rl with a r-anopy of azure blue erepe paper with different colored spotlights playin: on the orehestra and daneers. Music' was furnished by the Blue Ridge f,I'f'lI4'Nll'2l. 0FFlI'I'IHS I'rfwfflml , , , , 1 tilcourzl-1 lh'1,sx1.x lrfwz' prl'.v1'ff1'lll. VIRGINIA READ .vf-rflnry . .I.u'K Z.xum11s,x 7'I'C'!l.YlII'l'I' . . . , HILTON GILL lif1.mffw.v ,llnnuqvr I R,n'x1oxn x'ANKl'IKl'LN lhflfliwily ,Ilunnywr , . .lniics Full-:L1Nr: .slmffmr . . . Miss Ii. R. B1l'LDEH T4 O we Dees- Q Q seas we w a rm s i s E siiwfie i g Q 56 gm f E s, .. 6'9 93'gQ " u. Z Q FEWQEE sf, C, Top row, left to right: RAYMOND VAN KUIKEN, GEORGE BYLSMA, EARL BAHKLEY, MR. AVERY L.4zl:-iron. Lou-er row: EVELYX REED, IRENE DYKEWITZ. REBECCA GOLDBERG, LEONA DE BOER. The Commercial Club LEONA DE BOER '25 "Ez HE Commercial club is one of the largest Organizations of our school. All pupils taking the coniniercial course are enrolled as ineuibers and benefit greatly through their membership. The speakers for the various meetings who are secured through the efforts of the club ofEcers and our advisor. Mr. Avery. are men and women of long business experience. so their messages give one a clearer idea of the business world and its requirements. llr. Ira Blossom, chairman of the Educational connnittee of the Grand Rapids Association of Coninierce. ap- peared as the first speaker for the year. OFFICERS 1924-1925 President .... GEORGE BYLSMA Vice president . A . . IRENE IDYKEXYITZ Secretary and Treasurer . . . . LEONA DEBOER C'lzairman of Program Committee . . . EARL BARKLEY Chairnzan QfE.l'PC1llil'6 007717711-1'f60 . REBECCA GOLDBERO Chairman of Auditing C077177ZilfF6' . Ii.-KYMOND VANIQUIKEN Publicity Jlanager .,,.... EYELYN REED I0 COPS F?- 1 ., lzf w fiiiff 'S DQ mt 4 Q I till, Q' QVEEE' "n s 'O 9 's " 'ZQ EL - 661: J Table of Contents 'liitlv P1120 , . 1 1"ur0worti . . 2 Dctiitultioll . . 3 Fam-nlty . . , 5-8 Scnioi' Title Page . . 9 Senior Statistics . 10 .XIIYUYQI Stuff . . . 11 St-nior Ulass Officers . 12 Scniors . . , . 13-33 Vluss History . . 34--35 Pcwin . . . . . 36 PITJPIICCY . . 37--1-3 Viass Song . . . -1--L Snaps . -15,52 Urantion ...... . -L6-4-7 Lust 1Yill and Testament . . -1-8 Senior Block Election . , . -1-8 Junior Section . . . 49-51 Suphmnore Section . . 53-54 Fl'l'S1lI1ltlll Section . . 55-57 liiglith Grmlc List . . 57-58 S1-vvntii firzlrlc List . . 58-59 Vision High Svii lmri I . . 60 Urgzuiizutions . . 61-82 .Xiilil'i1f'S . ..,. S3-9-11 .ln-I .It--I5 A , 95,96,98,100,l0Q .xfiX't'I'1iNl'llll'Il1s , .,.. 97 4 'KO X. 1 VH yf 33 Cf Y Imqm VUL!! n 4 4 xx n r 1 II N 1-wk Dux KID I xR'r I-rm mn hu XININ Hx XIXF sn Imp 1 I I lmwfr 1 luv nfl llwff 1 1 hx NK r. N l,- I rl. Qeogliwf "' ni pn g, of-emsg gf R04 G W. o -i m g D Lgw 15 LL, ff u QQQDIQ Gow Q 6 :awww film Q -1- 1. Io'1'-4"-bfggilw , Debating Teams Lfnrcr rnu-. Id! lu righfs Mu. I,x'1.E D. I3ucxn.m1- Amar-lzu, Lux' Zxxnm.. Ihzmmx Pr1x.uzsm'. Tap mu-: ABRAHAM Drusxx. ll.uwLn 'l'm.1-grasa. Nc'gafz'z'0 Team Lmrrr rn11',Ir'f1Iu riglzl: MR. LYLE D. BARNIMHT rfourlzi. XYILRIA CYSSER, QXHVQEL Fixx!-'l 'TFIY Top run-: RICH XRD SPIJRTE, H,XRRX' G1TTL.xx. :1DZil'lIlClfll'C' Team T7 in I Retiree me Q59 Iv Q I I y?X9E:?Ci-Q. ' A' qlfglmo " X lDUF92g,i9.Q..SE f g l,nI,'I-f row. I'-"1 In riglzlf RICH um Y.wIIIiIx KAAI, CATIIERINE lioI'I,Ii, LII..x P.xssxIoI:E. Blu. LYLI-: D. BAIINIIAIIT 1111+ .frm-znri, .IrI.II's l'II,IsI:. Lrcx ZINIIEI., H,moI.u TIIoI:uI:I:. .lIifi1I'!,- fair. Ilox SIIIQI-IIxIm. S,uII'I:I. FIXKELSTEIN. BIIRIMI SFIILI-IY. .Ions I.L'x'I-:xnx'Iis, BI-:'rn' l'II,I:NIx.x.xs, Muon SEIUIEL, Nlomus PI-iK.xIIsKi'. Top nur: H.xzI:I. IITHIPIL, ALICE I'll'XYl-IR. RIFIIARID SPOHTE, FRANK TDIFKERSON, LUMAN TVINTI-IRS, AURAIIAM IJRASIN, Xhxn !.I.l,HII.T1PNY The Forensic Debating Society Dox SHEPARD '25 HE Forensic Debating Society was organized early in the first semester, as a night school class. It had one meeting each week, under the direction of L. D. Barnhart. faculty advisor of the club. In the regular meetings of the club there were many heated debates, impromptu speeches QUILT lessons in parliamentary drill. It also sponsored a debate given by the Ifnion High Debating Team for the Parent and Teachers' Association, and conducted an assembly to create more enthusiasm for Forensic work. .Ks a social function, a banquet was held for Forensic members and other guests. The prograni consisted of after dinner speeches and a dance held later ill the f'X'6I1lIlQ'. UFFIVICRS First Ncnzcxfer Hecoml Senzexfer l'rf'.w'flmIl . I,I'f'Y ZINIJEI, JI,'LII't-3 FI-I,-xsl-3 Vir-e prexirlenl . HAROLD 'l'RoEGER KATE GOULD Sf'l'l'FfllI'-If , I BIIRIMI Sr'III,r:Y DoN SIIEPARD Trffmirer , . ELIZABETII lCI.ENBAAs WILM,-x K'L'ssER I'uhlif-ily .llanuycr EVERT Homxxsox LIWIEN TYINTEH TS 69 Www Uhr? ' -e. O f -sg -.-.2 QQQMDQ55 twig Oratory and Declamation .Ions Lrwrzxnvs '-Z6 HE year 1925 witnessed for the first time the participation of l'nion High School in competitive oratorical and declamatory combats due to the addition to the faculty of Lyle D. Barnhart. instructor of that department. By an elimina- tion contest held early in the spring. Bliriam Schley was chosen our representative in the State Oratorical Contest: Eva Hesling our representative in the Qt-ite Declamatory Contest: and Herman Pekarsky our representative in the Detroit News Contest. These students did not win Hrst place but they surely represented us well. Mir- iam Schley and Eva Hesling won third place at. Lowell. where the sub-district contest was held. Herman Pekarsky emerged successfully from the district contest. but was defeated in the zone contest. The energetic efforts of itlr. Barnhart to put Union High School on the map in oratory were certainly expressed in our representatives. 79 KN-1 I . at Q QW CPJHEDD '. ' Q ff. A: ,Q C lomr r-mr, W. "1 lo rlghl: lil.iLx1ir:'ru l-Il.sox, Nl nun l.Yl'i's, Mu. filillfl-'lTlI ilWEN 4.ltlri.wry, .loslcvlilxi-1 l'o1,mlxx, ,I x- is A xiimiiu. Nr:1.1.lr: Yixiiux Ympx. jf,,f,!!, fwfr- l,i,x-.nip ST1+gl11ml-Zu, Rl,xm3.xm:T l.r1l-1, l-ITili:L Klimuln, xVII,I.lXM .Xvm:usow, .Inu-1 Houignoi.lrr:u, ll xxixr NI msn. .Xi x H x-hiss. Tw f ot llm--1.1-R-fu iz, P1-1Ti3lc Pius utx, Nlxn1,r-:TTL lluis. Athletic Council Hinos HILL '25 HE Athletic Foum-il is Z1 hotly of students orgzinizecl espeeizilly for the purpose of promoting il higher stuumlard of school eiitliusizism for athletics. Ifncler the supervision of Mr. G. Owen. faculty nizmager. the first meeting of the year was held September 16, ISJQ4. llectiugs have heen hold every hlouday during the sixth hour. Here lmsiness topics such as speakers for mass meetings, parties, :mtl tickets for the gauies are xliscussed. The social c-ulenrlai' ended with an ve-ry NIlf'f'L'S9lllll .Xnimul Athletic- party hclfl May 1, 1925. 0Fl"I1'lCRS l,I'I'Nl.lll7llf . .Ifl5l'll'IIINl'I 1'oi,1QAmN l'if-4' jJI'l'Nl.Ill'Ilf . ICARL ISARKLEY Sw-rz'Ir1r,11 , . IIII,'l'oN fillill 7'rmsurf-r l'Ii,iz.xm:'r1l limos SU . Q W QQQ. ,i fHs?s6s'? G31 a li g n .e .r s at one ll Q. Ne nuawufsnfyxsfi '9 l5b'RG " u. f 5: -.-Q af1fLDDEsg , A 'Qo . '7 Lnzrcr rnz1'.lrflfurfgl1l,' 1-fx LLYN Com-:xLxN, Avy Hasmxs, Rrrn CORNYYELL. ELLEN ML-Kar. Twp mzr: .IouxNN.x .IranENs, Mig Domajriix' Wzsrizxnuzp i,1dm.wr1, IUSEPIIINE f'.,LEn.aN, 1-1xuLx' M,xs.xLsowsx1. 4. " Girls' U Club -IOSEPHINE CULEM.-xx '-26 IVE them a chance for innocent sport: give them a chance for fun. Better a playground plot than a court and jail when the harm is done. Give them a chance. if you stint them now. tomorrow you may have to pay-A larger bill for a darker illg so give them a chance to play". One of the big aims of the Girls' "lm Club is to instill in the heart of every girl a desire to play: to become a member of some team during her high school career. This club has been quite active during the short time it has been organized. The social activities have been prominent. for this is one of the best means to become acquainted. Several parties and pot luck suppers have been enjoyed by the mem- bers this year and have created av cooperative, friendly school spirit. OFFICERS Preszllmt . . RI.'TH CORXXVELL Vice prcsidezzt . . . ELLEN BICIQAY Secretary . JOSEPHINE COLEMAN Treasurer . . . . Ava H.XSKINS Program Clzairllzmz . JOHANNA Jr'nc:ENs Social Cllflliflllflllf . . EvELYN COLEMAN Pzzblicity Clzairnzmz EMILY M.xs.xLKowsKI S1 v i I , get . srff imsgasmg 1590 BRT? 23? fn es taiatt i s eimmsefis T vitr4.DUe95.?EfQ.S:.Q. M2'lzitary Tm ming lax-'t'1'. l'oi.oxi:i. ll. M. F.xi.r:s, rvlircfl HE Military Training Department at Union High has had a very successful year despite the fact that the High School Cadet Company was not organized until late in Septenilrer last year. .Xt present alvout 70 students are taking military training. This work is carried on under direction of the Secretary of VVa1', Yvashington. D. V., and this depart- ment is known as the Junior Unit of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps and ranks with like units at the Blichigan University and the Blichigan Agricultural College. Free uniforms. full equipment, standard rifles, ammunition and tentage is issued hy the XYar Department. The Grand Rapids High School Cadet Battalion is formed by the cadet com- panies at l'nion. Ventral and South High Schools, about 300 cadets. Military Training develops character and physique, an erect carriage, court- eous manner. poise, neatness of dress. and a generally excellent appearance. The work of the R.U.T.f'. is a link in the chain of National Defense. but there is no liability for sf,-rvivc. The training is under the direction of Colonel H. BI. Fates and T4-r'ln1if-al Sergeant Thonias Fecney of the United States Army. l'.XDl'l'l' OFFICERS l'npl1n'n , . . . Axnmcw MEl'I,INBEno l"ir.wI l,ir'uImmnl . KIQNNIQTII Y.fxNnr:u Anti l"ir.vf Sergeant ......, VVALLING REED Srrgmnla: l,0N.XI,D SINKIG. R.u.i'ii ANn1f:nsoN, LLOYD Wiuolrr, .mn .Xnrnrn Bnixxsoiv. I'orporuI.v: Rox' BENG- fznrgx. Roni-:nT NUWAK, l,1Nr'oi.N C'i+:lm1u.l'Nn. DoN.'xLn Ilisxixs, II.xnoi.n .Xsrizoni-LN, .mn Max 'l'noMPsoN. X2 I I Y I E J Ld 71 .T .1 E z 5 U E LJ z I Ld 5 E4 E : 3 1 Z Lt 5 E E s. e w, --'-W wa Q1 ,pf Q sale s ii 65 ?53'kxr' Ch Up, Q 9 f sg 'ev , Imgmlmngf wbi Football BOUT one hundred candidates answered the call issued by Coaches Truesdale and Knutson at the beginning of the school year. Veterans from the '23 eleven were Captain Cornwell, Zegunis, Gimnick. Weidenfeller, Seborg, Strockis and Hart. WVayne Krumheyer, a former Union player, was added to the coaching staff to assist "Truesie" with the backfield and ends. The team started out in great shape, but in the middle of the season Arlon Ley and Captain Cornwell were injured so that further participation in games was impossible and this proved a great loss to Union. Coach Truesdale was confronted with the problem of developing green material into a steady center and finding an end to try to Eli Cornwell's place which was not an easy matter. . The season was exciting and on the whole, successful, for only three games were lost and two tied. Union scored 233 points to her opponents 125. H. VV. Seborg was elected to captain the 1925 eleven and with Cornwell, Par- saca, Lamphere, Hart, Grifiin, Hultman, McKay, Schaubel, Rogers, and Mol returning this fall a trophy winning eleven is to be expected. The Second team deserves a. great deal of credit for its successful season and its hard work in scrimmaging against the first team in order to bring out the best in it. Seborg, tackle, and Cornwell, end, won places on the all-city team, while Strokis, end, Ley, center, and Plackeski, halfback, were given positions on the second team. LINE-UP L. E.-CORNWELL R. E.-STROKIS L. T.-ZEGUNIS Q. B. -PARSACA L. G.-GIMNICK L. H.-LAMPHER1-3 C.-LEY R. H.-PLACHESKI R. G.-XXYEIDENFELLER F.-H.ART R. T.-SEBORG SUBSTITUTES G.-WESTERHOUSE F.-STRATTON R. G.-BOLDER C.-GRIFFIN H.-ROGERS H.-KooNs G.-HLTLTNLAN G -MOL T .-STANAULIS G.-MCKAY T.-XVICKSTROBI E.-NICCLELLAN E.-SCHAU BEL H -BETTERIDGE T.-D.AW'KSZA E.-ORLIKOXVSKI F.-ARMANTROUT Q. B.-NEXX'ELL SUMMARY OF SEASON Plainwell . . 6 Union Saginaw-Arthur Hill. 10 Union 10 Allegan . . 0 Union Q7 hluskegon .... 27 Union O Hastings . . 0 Union 49 Central .... 12 Union 0 Niles . . . 6 Union 47 Benton Harbor . . 9 Union 31 Kalamazoo . , 6 Union Q0 South ..... 4-L Union 17 C. Central , . 13 Union 13 85 F ? . 999 Q 9' , I .UWSM955 Q2 9 S S E - C . 2 "1 ug V6 X . v x U g li mi L o QUE: D Lb I w 1, 5' .cha X ' l B261 Mr. Charles A. El'Fl'6'.9f PRINCIPAL llliss M. Blanche lllann ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 1 E I4 C Q KD .A f ll. Q 1 Q: V C 4 .,' 4 E 'L 4 'I Q 51 2 L-: : 2:1 C L, :I . 'Q L: .A f 1 z -1, 2 : P' 4 Z 4 L -i 2' :- Q: I my Z Ld L k- Z Lt. .1 :- C S F S S Z. E E I 9 : LA 5 :. 111 Ld 4 :J I ill I 4 Z 3 2 L- 4 .V -1 rf 4 51 E- .1 LJ I 3 -1 4 2 Z -4 ' f ia t D ' Ti RW f ail IE-5 ' X '?iEeZf f, F Boys' Basketball BOUT two weeks before football practice was over. Coach Truesdale made his first call for basketball recruits who were not out for football and around thirty students donned uniforms and under the tutelage of Coach Earl Knutson began to learn the fundamentals. During this session no scrimmage was indulged in thus making it tiresome and tedious work. This year was the first year the new Dillingham llemorial gymnasium could be used and this helped do away with crowded conditions that have prevailed during the past three years. On December 11 the call for pigskin chasers to don their uniforms for basketball was issued and about fifty athletes joined the ranks. Alex Strokis, Ted Orlikowski. and Pete Cornwell were the only regulars present. but with the help of last year's substitutes. Robert Parsaca. Raymond Lamphere. and Raymond Schaubel, Coaches Truesdale and Knutson began to develop a fast. capable aggregation. During the process of selecting other players to have the honor of wearing the red and white. Donald Hultman and Herman Seborg were chosen. After two weeks of practice Bluskegon was slated to dedicate our new gymnasium in the first game of the season. The basket shooting of the squad was poor. but their teamwork. headwork, and passing sl1owed up very well. At the beginning of the second semester the Glocheski brothers. Harold and Earl, were added to the line-up. These two had been regulars the year before and came back for one semester to finish their course. 'They had been practicing with the team and helping them to round into shape for the preceding four or five weeks, but were not able to enter the line-up until the beginning of the new semester. For the first time in four years Union won the city championship by decisively defeating Central. South and Catholic Central each twice. In the Western Michi- gan Tournament at Kalamazoo, they failed to come across although the yreached the finals and were beaten Q1-9 by Kalamazoo. In the State Tournament also. Union bowed to the strong Detroit Southeastern team after throwing a terrible scare into them. Captain Harold Glocheski was placed on the second team by the authorities at the tournament for his fine brand of playing there, while Francis Cornwell was given honorable mention. The all-city quint was made up of four Union players and one from South. Harold Glocheski, Earl Glocheski. Alex Strokis. and Francis Cornwell were the Unionites thus honored. Theodore Orlikowski and Herman Seborg were given a11 honorable mention rating. Raymond Schaubel was elected to captain next year's team. LINE-UP L. F. HAROLD GLocHEsKI. Vapf. C. Ravnoxn Scnsrisar. R. F. EARL GLocnEsK1 G. RAYMOND I..u1PHERE C. :ALEX STROKIS F. ROBERT P.xRs.A.c.x L. G. FRANCIS CORNXVELL G. HER3I.AN SEBORG R. G. THEODORE ORL1KowsKr G. Dorf HULTMAN S7 fa H H 0- t -t .1--. , U e QQGYA Q fliygn-ern YVQQQQQQN N Cc,h1qg3QL,,,f23 15152333 DUO as Q, 1, - - - t ' -, ..v4'e. K 4: V Lixgikby '- ij- Q S Q NWJVVV. 's . v , Q I-tam-15495-Br' e, 's Jil t ate T, 5, wa, Itfr In nylu: Emi. Kxtrsrgs +1 our-Io. Pram. linux Nl utiucr: S1'r:xl-Ns, f'L.KRIEXt'l-I liu.1.io, .Ions Gmmrlcs, Rx-'u mn Tisru, Vu uu.Es Uu1.1kow ski. Ioufr ruff' Lu rgltxig STI yur, f'l.ml-: Gini-Tix. Am: Lu-'lst urrz. Pr:'r1s:R KEI.i.r:lc t.lIuuugrri. RtrliFIHT Usngex, Jong lt.-.sis ts, It xvuosn R xsxirssrzx. Unzonfs Basketball Reserves NIUX High Sc-hool's reserve basketball team started the 1924-Q5 season with three of last year's second string quint. Experienced and inexperienced players were added to the squad. With the veterans and the newcomers put together. the team went through a very suceessful season winning at least once from every high school reserve quintet except lluskegon. ln the WK-stern Michigan Junior Basketball Tournament l'nion's second team worked its way to the semi-finals. In the thrilling semi-final game the Holland Reserves. a team which the Ifnion quint had defeated twice during the playing season. staged a snappy third quarter come-back and won Q5-19. The tvuiou Reserves were very fortunate in having such players as Pyrle Hart, flare Gritfeu. Robert Osbeck. John Rasikas and Laverne Stuart while the rest of the squad did creditable work. Raymond Rasmussen deserves special mention for his heady, fast playing throughout the season. It was largely through the efforts of this diminutive speed demon that the l'nion team came out on top. Next year's team will have a great deal of hard work to come up to the standard set by the f"r"fYf'f the YWIV' sr:.xsox's luzconn Ul'l'UXI'lNTH 'NIUN A 0I'l'UNI'1NTS UNION Muskegon 'niou erve Veutral . . 7 fnion Reserves Q0 Am. Seat. flu 'nion -rve V. Ventral . .3 Fnion Reserves 16 Kalamazoo 'uion rve De Molay . 10 l'nion Reserves 9 South niou rve Kazoo . , lil fnion Reserves 15 llolland . niou -rvts Holland . , 17 fnion Reserves 19 Preston . uiou 'rves Vreston , . Q7 Ivnion Reserves 7 South niou -rves Veutral . . H- l'nion Reserves 4- liurtou , uiou -rve Muskegon . Q3 Ifnion Reserves 15 V4-utral niou -rve XYHS'l'l'1RN NIlf'Illfi.XN 'l'UI'RN.KNll'lN'l' South lfud ludepeudeuts , , . H l'uiou Reserves . Q0 South Sophs , . . , ll liuion Reserves . Q0 llollaurl lie-t-rves 2.3 l'uiou Reserves . 19 SN e w . QDUGO' G xi' a ' U 39603 g g ' ' lt , -Qwaw i i sttw e Lass Ji eb 291: me O 'v a gf'-5 atmsif f f . . Track ITTLE has been done in the past two years with track until it has become a minor sport. However, now that our new gymnasium and addition have been completed, many students are beginning to take an active interest in this sport. Only two veteran track men, Alex Strokis and Floyd Imhoff, are available, but many new men are expected to show form enough to warrant their entering the meets. Coach Truesdale announced he would enter any boy who showed class enough in his event in any or all of the track meets, although, because of extra expenses incurred this year, a regular track team which would enter all the meets is not to be put out. Tennis ENNIS is beginning to occupy the minds and muscles of more and more students every year. This year the coaches are stressing tennis because it is a game in which students can take part more easily after they leave school. than in basketball, football, or hockey. W Challenge tournaments were held, sponsored by John Truesdale, Earl Knutson and Bliss Dorothy E. YYestendarp, physical directors. The winners of this tour- nament will enter the city tournament which is under the direction of Mr. Lightner and Bliss Dunbar, head of the Recreation Department. The boys who received first rating last year are: Earl Glocheski, Harold Glo- cheski, Frank Jackowski, and Carol Davidson. The best among the girls arei Alice Huwer, lliriam Schley. Kate Gould, and Louise Schley. S9 I It I 1 Q wish-,-C133' 33 3El'?l2:T11Q'iIgRrQWlf-f l .QE I fn-r mir, Im! 1-1 right' Iz1.1L 111r:r11 I,1,N-wx, Xlxluxx I,1-3 S'r111x1:i:, Winn Riunnxw. II1-:w1111'1TT,1 I,1Nn1-:x1.1x, I-I1.11Nr: I11wN111.n--1.11. XI11114w Ih1,I4N1..lInxHK x1'111. ll- If." -1111 A1 1 H x-MXN. l'I1.i.xx4111 S1x1'rT,.I411l,xxxx .lriituxaw-. I'1111x1:1.1.1 'l'1:11x1m:11. I.1'm'Z1xm11., Nllxs Dn11u'l'11v I-I, W1N1'1,x111111- 11111.-I11, .XLI1 1: II1'11'r:R. xIXIi'I'IlX Kimi-xuww, M1111.1s 5r111'11.1N1:, lixum' BI.xs,u,Ku11'sK1. Ii1.1'xx1111 Ill.1x1x. I--,1 r-, I xT111a1111xr1lm11,11, I'.N1'111:11 N 111111x, Winn S1-1111'1111I.. Kl1111.1x1 S1'l11.r:1', I'111'sT.11, Parr, IiL1.r:N KIr'K.11', lt1 111 tk-11x11r:1.1.. I-'1.1111r.v'r: ti111w1'z11,1.. l,1,1141: lI.11.T11w. Girls' H ockey IIIQ 1924 lim-lu-y st-11s1111 sturtcrl ont witl1 lots of pop. ZIIDOIII 50 girls zniswering Mies lYtwtc111l:11'p's c'z1ll for c'z1111litl:1tvs curly in thc full. 'lllicrc werc only three X't'Il'I'2lIlh. I,tll'j' Zimlc-l, Vitplitlll. I'or11oll:1 'I'1'1'111co1'. student l1ltlll2lg2Ql'I'. and IIZIIIICTIIIC Iiunltl. 11 St'2tS0lll'll IJIZIXUI' frnin South. .X hit uf ll2lI'll lIII'l-Q was 1'11f'o1111t1-1'wl ut the IDOQQIIIIIIIIQ of the svzismi, for when ,H'itt'lIl'f' wus 1-alle-tl, 11 spot-tl hall 3:11110 would llSlIEllIy be st-l1cd11l01l for that night. 'l'l1e: girlf. ultliunggli 111-w. wt-rv 011,21-1' to learn and two thrilling, hard fongllt gzuncs wi-rv phiyt-41 with South. r-ity CIIZIIIIIJIUIIS for three years. anal one was lost while tht- 11tl11-1' wax tit-tl. 'l'h4- t1':1n1 t'0ilf'Il0tI its zenith in this soc-mid 51211110 with Soutli. 'Iwo j.t'ilIllt'N wt-rv plalyt-il with IIPIIIFZII. the first uf whivh was lust, tho second tied. 'l'l11- -1-1-mul ll'2lll1 won tht- 1-ity CIIZIIIIIJIOIIHIIIII hy llcutly. last I0ilIIlNYOI'li. .K lurgf- 1111111lwruf 1111-H1-st tvznn playm-rs are gr:11l11z1ti11gtl1is your. hut with I'ornw0ll. NI1'K:1y.II:1fki11s.KI:1s11lkowski itlltl tho sw-111111 tvann as 21 I1lIl'll'tIS El vvry SIICCOSS- t11l Ne-a1N11111N tutit-1-xpt-1-t1-tl nvxt yl'itI'. LINE-I'I' I-'lltfl' 'riaui sicvoxim 'r1':.1n f'f111N1-g1,1..1 'IIIiltNIICI41lt If I". II1-:N11l1c'r'1',1 I,1Nn1-:x1.1N, I'apI. I.1'f Y Z1wn1.g1,, 111111. R. I. IC1,I1IN1c Iilzxsislcizrsicic lixilm' NI.1s,11.KmvsK1 R. W. XYILRIA R11n1n,xN W11,x1.1 Sr'11.11'l11a1, I,. I. l'I1.1z.11s1c'1'11 IC1,suN K,1'r13 IiHI'I.IJ I,. W. Nllxuux I,1c S'1'11,xNu1f1 IIIWYII t'u11xw131,1, t'. II. I'Ix'1cm'N IlUl.ICNI.XN f'111s'1i11. Pfwr R. II. l,111'1s14: I5,x1.Tr:s 1I1111,xx1 Sf'111.m' I,. II. I'11,i-:,xNu11Ii1,1xm I'lI,Ii.X vm 5KlAT'I' R. I". .Ir111l1NN,-1 .Il'ItflI'1NH li1.1,rgx NI4'K.11' I,. I". .X1,1r'1-1 II1'w1c11 I"1.f1111Lxf'r3 IiItINZI'1I. Ii. Iloslc KATIII SI'liS'l'I'I'l"I'ICS I-lfriim NXHIJIN NI.111'r11.1 Iiuumrxxs NI xmxw 5f'III'II,INfi IlXYI'1NIJUI.YN INr: W11.x1.1 K1.f1r:'r NI.111loN IJ1c.luxr: fttl .e v , o or , Q LDRQGDQ? b e Gb leeme ' -2. A ' X Iailrrr rnu',l1'fIlrrrigllli Bl-QATHIKE Rxnlxwsgyv Ay-rnlxi-:TTI-I Hi'lzr:xu,x. Ili-3lc1'1l x R051-JLY. .XNXA 2111.1 xi-, Lois Hnrr. Mama uufr Rirrnn. Nfr-mul ron-: Rrru Mingus. Jrxr: Hnxnnnsnx. 'l'nELxu Riva. JVLIA Www-ru, Jzxxu: Sriurix, Hmmm' Lux. K.x1'nEiux1-:I-'rLuox1. I-'Lfmexcn PimuL, Axxa BTERTLEY. Tlriril mu-: SADIE SAMRIVK. linxa Ciuznnv. Imnuxil XTYLL, GL.xm's 1I,xxr:i:ns, GML YYxr:15R, Nl,XRh.xRl-LT TBILLLI. Enwxxi H,kHTSEl.I.P2. l-iimxcss Rrmux, Grufr: ELLIS, Vxvux Lrriz, lin-HER Junxsox. .Xwrm ffuxxixrzu. Axx x Yrgumzu. Ffmflh mir: lux Inwix. l'lI.SIl-I Ponmxxx. HELEN El.L1s. Brzuxws Kn:Lr:u, Arnnnx' Rvmzu, Iafnxixi-1 i'nLr3xuw. XYIXXIIE BHITTUX, ,Maxfli Bxi,xarncK. Drums l,.xRI-3. .Xuxiiw Pxzm-1 x, ,Xxxx .lrxxx-aiu. Blue Umm: Porimu, ifnur' lv, Seventh, Eighth, and Nz'nth, V olley Ball ARLY last fall. Bliss Olive Potter called for recruits for volley hall and about sixty girls turned out. Practices were held semi-weekly in the gyninasiuin and volley hall was also taught in classes. The seventh, eighth, and ninth grade teams had a very exciting year although victories were few. The seventh grade team won the North West district championship by defeating Turner and Stocking. The eighth and ninth grade teams did not win a great many games hut developed some good material so that a successful year is to be expected. 91 s X - , N U DW ?i1? s G Saline ferries '- X Y igffwvtsf bf f' . lyyrrr mir, I.-fl In righl: Ihgsmr-:Tri I.xs1mr-Zxux, ELAINE I-Inxsiuzncnn, Iimm' BIASALKOWSKIlCG1Il!IlllD,xvlLMA Seiururzi. AIARIAX 5f'Hl'lLlXG. Top rr-:rp ilvrinrgmxr, liorrn, Blmini Sriinrzv, ALICE Hcwrzu, Lrev Zmni-:1,. Blaizisx DuJoN4:. Girls' Basketball HE girls went out for basketball with all sorts of pep right after the Christmas holidays when Miss YYestendarp issued a call for candidates. Interclass con- tests caused much friendly rivalry and enthusiasm. Separate practices were held for sophomores. juniors, and seniors and the winning class has its name engraved on the big silver loving cup. The senior girls who returned to their basketball togs from last year Were: Elaine Hrnsberger. Marion De Jong. Henrietta Lindeman. lYilma Schaubel and Emily Masalkoxvski. faptain. These girls entered their suits for the first time at Union: lYack Schley, Lucy Zindel, Kate Gould, lvlllllil Uusser, llartha Koopman, Nlarion Schuiling, Alice Huxver, Eleanor Skutt. Fornella Termeer, Julia Ortowski and Pauline Hankinson. In the preliminary games to determine who should play at the meet. the Junior team defeated the Sophomores by a score of Q3-10. .Xt the girls inter-class meet on April QS, the Seniors won the cup by eliminating the Juniors in a close, fast game 8-4. LINE-I'l' .I. V. WILMA Sf'Il.XI'IiI'IL R. F. BIARIAN SeHL'1L1No S. V. NIIRIAM Scurrzv L. G. ELAINE ERNSISERGER I.. F. EMILY lIlxs.x1,KmvsK1, Vapf. R. G. IIENRIICTTA LINDEMAN SI'BS'l'ITI"l'ES I". IQATPI Gornn F. later ZINDBI, F, Mrtmox IH: .Ioxu G. Anim: Hrwicu 92 6 ' '-.Q ua i 'Q . 'r glade? '- Qeigflks f' as RQK Q, -agen B' ia 5 D V D Q s ff 5 :wo .ro c. Lazrrr T01l'.If'fff0 rigl1f:ELLl-:N 1IeK.n', I-Ivsnx C'oLsx1.xx, .lost-:rmxn COLEMAN. Winn SrH.xcnr:L. Locxsa Hsxrscnm. .llzrlzlle row: RUTH CoRxwr:1.L, Miss Donorin' W ESTENDARP nluslruclnrm, ELAINE I-Iaxsunaclza, HEXRIETTA L1Nnz-max. Top row: Cmusrxsn Mclxux l-.mmf xl.-KSALKOXYSKI, XXILMA Riomux. Swimming ATER is a good friend to those who understand how to master it: but a deadly enemy to those who do not." Swimming started out in October with about one lmndred and twenty-five girls reporting to Miss lilestendarp at Y.lY.C.A. pool. Swimming. one of the most essential all around sports, was dropped from our curriculum by the Board of Education. on account of the heavy expense. lYhen reinstated this fall. it was met with much approval. Three classes were formed-beginners, intermediates, and advanced. Be- ginners class was composed of girls who could not swim at all: intermediates. those who swam and were learning to diveg and advanced. who were taught ad- vance strokes, diving and life-saving. An inter-class meet was held at the pool the latter part of May. the events of which were swimming for formg breast, back, side, and crawl strokes: free style relay: fancy divingg and stunts. All of this year's teams were members of the City Championship team last spring that walked away with the Inter-School Swimming lleet winning four out of five Hrst places and scoring twenty-one points to Soutlfs thirteen and Central's eight. lVith practically all of last year's team here this year and the Senior and Junior members about evenly divided, competition in the meet was very keen. 93 0 sf-99 Y ti? '?1 'f Y iii? is ' Q - L ' , cfisscs qifiem ' l Release - -.. Girls' Meet HE first annual girls' inter-class meet was held Thursday evening, April 23, in the Dillingham Blemorial gymnasium. Keen competition, friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship were the main features of the event. Formal work, folk dancing. volley hall. and basketball games were the events of the meet. The Seniors won first place in the formal work by virtue Of their snappy drill and the excellence with which they executed commands given them by the senior girls who taught the class. Juniors placed second and Sophomores third. In the folk dancing, Seniors placed first with a Czeeho-Slovakian dance. Kana- faska. Sophoniores placed second and Juniors third. The volley hall game was very exciting and yells were led continually showing a keen class spirit. During the intermission the Sophomores put on a clever stunt showing the Seniors after the Sophomores beat them. The Sophs carried out their threat and heat the Seniors Q1-12. The Seniors won from the Juniors after a close game in basketball. 8-4. The Juniors took Off the Seniors in the intermission and the Seniors held a funeral service for both Juniors and Sophomores thereby getting even. Final points were as follows: Seniors . . 1800 Sophomores , . . . . 1000 Juniors ......., 800 The Senior class formed a big "lm and Bliss Blann presented both cups, the basketball and big silver loving cup for the meet winners, both of which went to the Seniors. Managers for the Seniors were: General Jlanager . . Valley Ball , Iiaslcetbflll . 1'iUUi'IJflI1C'liI1g . . CRYSTAL POST CORNELLA TERMEER EMILY TVIASALKOVVSKI . TNIARIAN LYPPS Rhythm " 'Tix Io rrralr und in creating Zire A bein mnrr'in1e11.ve fha! we cndou' zrillz orm 9 . . ' . Uurfuncy, gaznzng as 'wc gwe The life we image." HE rhythm class was organized last year and the class met every iVednesday evening at Turner school. This year the class was listed under night school and about forty girls enrolled. The class as a whole has shown unusual ability in self expression and in the mastery of the fundamentals. They furnished several numbers for the Junior-Senior party and plan to have a formal dance drama some The prominent members of the class were the G.xYxf:LL Dr: XVITT IiLr:.xNon lixicss IJoNx.xnr31.Lr: I-Ixirr .KVA Ilixsklxs NI.xm:.xm:T Kl'I'IiIS I-1'rur:L IQHEMI-llt T'iI,I.l'JN NIf'K.Ki' I-Imm' NI.xs,u.Kow'sk1 U4 time in the future. following: ET:-1 EL NOlZ'FON AIARY Pmcn VVILMA TIIORDAN IIELEN Roru Enrrn SILVIQRMAN FLOIUQNVIQ SEYS TVILMA SVITAITIQEL AL1r'1f3 VVARENIJOKI'

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