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 - Class of 1924

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-.ff--H i - jg U --T -, W m -rf.,-,:. . Pi , ,ff -- - -f A ef ..:-'+- - 11. ' s fag: 'ff '-fe -2 TT-Ti Z "Ili TTT 'T I -4,-T Y'-4-M A I believe that. being a freshman, I should study my lesson, :Xs an upper classman I can then go through on my own mOm6l'1U.lm. I believe Lnion High has the highest aver- age of beauty outside of my grammar school graduating class. l believe that I can easily be distinguished by my superior polish and my intellectual appearance. l believe I am the berries. LL-E ONE OF OUR DEBATERS SAID- "Do you knoxv that Ireland is nine-tenths Catholic. one-tenth Protestant and the rest Episcopaliansfu XO. WE DIDN'T KNOW THAT. -5- Lou: "XI'hat's the matter with that pie?" Harold G.: "Tain't fit for a pig and Iain't going to eat it." -L-.. Little Girl lin theatrelz "Mother, when do the Indians come in?" Mother: "IYhy, there are no Indians in this show." Little Girl: "Well, then, who scalped all the men down in the front row?,' ,ECT Little dabs of powder, Little specks of paint, Mal-Le my lady's freckles Look as though they ain't. -Er LU- Robert Toot: "Don't make me laugh: I might grow fat." The Inseparables: "lf you lika me and I lika you-" QNO 'ifs' about itl. Myrtle Korten: "Yes I swim" Clike a rock, eh Myrt?J "and dive" flike a featherl. "In fact, I'm an athletic girl." au- Young Doctor: "iVhy do you always ask your patients what they have had for dinner?" Old Doctor: "It's a most important ques- tion, for according to their menus I make out my bills.'I -U- At the night school class, "English for Foreigners",a blank was recently handed in as follows: Name--Abraham Cherkowsky. Born-Yes. Business-Rotten. ..U- The proverb, "Where there's a will there's a way" is now reversed to "When there's a bill we're away." Edward Johnson: "Hot Dog! Five dollars for my latest book of poems." Ralph Schneider: "VVho from?" Ed johnson: "American Express Company, they lost it." ,Ui NEWS ITEM Isaac Berovetsky, 692 Broadway, bought a horse for 31125. It was killed by a motor- car and the owner of the car paid him 35115 for the loss. Thereupon a new industry sprang up on the streets of Grand Rapids. EU.. FIFTY YEARS HENCE E. Hamilton: "Were any of your boyish ambitions ever reached?" "lVIutt" Heald: 'KYes, when my mother used to cut my hair I wished I might be bald- headed." -U- "Mother" asked the little one, on the oc- casion of a number of guests. "Will the dessert hurt me or is there enough to go around?" ,Ui Ruth Lindberg: "My dog took the first prize in a cat show." Susie Tulos: "I-Iow's that?" R. L.: "He took the cat." ,UT Willie: "Pa" Pa: "Yes." Willie: "Teacher says we're here to help othersf' Pa: "Of course we are.',' Willie: "Well, what are others here for?" Lui HIGHER MATHEMATICS "See how I can count, maman, said the four year old. "There's my left foot, that's one. There's my right foot, that's two. Two and one makes three. Three feet makes a yard, and I want to go out and play in it." ..U.. Phil Wasserman stopped before a black- smith's shop on his way from school, and eyed the doings of the proprietor with interest. The smith dissatisfied with the boys curi- osity, held a piece of red hot iron suddenly under his nose, hoping to make the youngster beat a hasty retreat. "If you will give me fifty cents, I'll lick it," said the boy. The smith took from his pocket fifty cents and held it out. The simple look- ing lad took the coin, licked it, dropped it in his pocket, and slowly walked away whistling. Ilia:-eva 9- :- .g..,..:1.-.,:1-::.:. -.,:.,-..:. :. :. :..:.,:: -..::.:.,:.,:. ::.:..:-.:..:: ::.:.,: ,:. :1.-.,-1.g. qv:2:.1:..2.1:.::..:.l:.::.::,::.':. : ,:.:.,:.,:. :. :. : .: ,:,.:,.: ,-, ,,- ,- -- ,- ,- .-. ,-, -' Q Q.. . s x.. Af ,'r-priii V "f V. . , V, 'A . T . ' A 4 ' ' , -:rs .a-riff, Y H QE -if,-" 1' s! if!wli f -,5g', , 1-f-5 'A' 'f jf" 'f' 5' 'T' TT f-1 " 1 Y- :iff E f :,i4Tisff1f,. A CLOSE RACE Les Davidson Qin bed, to alarm clock as it goes off? "I fooled you that time. I wasn't asleep at all." ,L-1 IN 191-I Glen Ede: "I can do something that you can't do." Teacher: "XYhat's that?" Glen Ede: i'Grow." ...Lvl A boy of twelve years old with an air of melancholy resignation handed the following note to the teacher before taking his seat: "Dear Aladamz .. Please excuse James for not being present in school yesterday. He played truant, but you need not whip him for it, as the boy he played truant with and him fell out, and he licked james: and a man they threw stones at caught him and licked him: then the owner of a cat they chased licked himg the owner of a cart they hung onto licked him. Then I licked him when I got home. after which his father licked himg and I had to give him another for being im- pudent to me for telling his father. So you need not lick him until next time. He thinks he will attend regularly in the future." ,Ll PRETTY FAST, EH? Mr. Hockstad lin history classjz "Who is the president of Mexico now?" LaVerne Heald: "I haven't read this morn- ing's paper." ..L-l FAVORITE PASTIKIES S-miling ..... DENNIS Bftastts O-rdering . . ESTHER BOLITHO RI-esmorizing . T1-IEA DIAMOND E-vading . VERA ROBATHAN S-tudyirig . . THELAIA Lowirsxx' E-ating . . . , . EVERYBODY X-apping . , . SIDNEY LAIIIIERS I-dolizing . . CAROLINE HERRELIA O-beying . . EDMUND Dickraasox R-aving . , . . , PHYLLIS AICRAE S-ociety . .... HELEN Hrxxsox TL-.. SAFETY FIRST Rlr. Hoekstad: 'fRalph if you don't behave I'll have to send a note to your father." "Snitz": "You'd better not, ma's jealous." it? IX ROOM 12-I Barstis: "Whats the use of washing my hands. mama: I lain't' one of those that are always raising them in school." CURE FOR BLUES Whenever you are lonesome Or just a little blue, just take a little tip from me, I'll tell you what to do. just grab your hat and place it, just so upon your bean, Then find that one stray nickel And buy a Union Nlagazine. And as you turn its pages, Surprises greet your eye. lVith such a little book as this, You'd be amazed how time will fly. Jdapied from an Exchange He never gets to the top who waits for someone to push him up. -UT AURORA ADVERTISEMENTS Say it with Flowers . . . VERLA PARK Uneeda Biscuit . . LUCILE BOGARDUS A Skin You Love to Touch, ISABEL ADAMS A Little Fairy in your House, ROBERT TooT Wear Ever . . The 1nu.rcIe.f in BfIART,S jawf Keep that School Girl Complexion . . . . . . . JIMMY DARLING Heinz 57 . . Pirlalef' QGRACE WEBB and ALTHEA NIEADE. Should'z'e .teen 'em ar IS-I2 Sl1c'f77ld1l.J They Satisfy . ED BENSON and M. Sci-ILEY Dutch Twins, ESTI-IER BOLITIIO and JACK WINCHESTER Arrow Collars . . . HAROLD TI-IEBAUD -U- Reuben Liberman to his father: "Why is a pancake like the sun?" Answer: "Dot,s easy, it rises out of der yeast and sets behind der vest." ...U- Boss: "Didn't you get the letter I sent you?" NVillard Fales: "Yes. I read it on both sides. On the inside it read, 'You're fired and on the envelope was printed 'Return in five days.' " -U- The teacher was discussing forest conserva- tion. "I don't suppose any of you ever did any- thing to conserve our forests," he said. "Please sir", said Everett Cramption, "I shot a woodpecker once." -U- Chuck Huwer: "I am going to the hospital to be operated upon tomorrow." Ed Benson: 'WVell here's hoping every- thing will come out all right." -U- A CRUSHING TRAGEDY Bob Toot, at the second floor landing, the third hour: "We are in a pickle." Sonny lfde, same place: "A regular jam." Girl's voice, still same place: "Heaven pre- serve us." WlSE TIPS IN A NINE, REEL COMEDY Gy QEQA 4 x KODAKS D05-ON Tl HEQE vr is Guess 111. TQY 4 ANOTHEQ SEMESTEQ PETEQSENQ5 THKS 'rxME. Z PEQSES A5',sE5N5:2TT WY SSRSSAGE - f 'x BOOSQSHSMTHQ oF 1 we I.. D -If H , -1-f' 1 Q Ht 1 U n U U 457 'PETLE ENS 457 Q V , if H 0 U U f f-Q , :Q 5 H Q 55:5 , fa -:L 'H-ll 55555. 1:5 - M 5535: 555. .:':::E5E5'5 l::Fl5::' 'III :::::::::5 f 555155: PV , - 5E55555?:S:. -A: -0 -1, Ein.. 5555. , 55555 15537 3 g 1. 9. ' ' fl. fwwf Gosn THAT WAS LUCKY! HELO! SID GOlN'TO GIT on fA 5 ALLRIGHT iN orw cosr ME :ooo aqzmee Youm Books Now? ONLY cdsv noon swims E AND SEQWCE - MAN- 'EY I AN' OH Bow --ru-:EY CNE G21 'EM 5555354555515 M was MK Sims! Wei? 3'l'fW:f5.P?3T 5 EX ,TO PETERSENS! N., ., - IN 'rouou . Y-,R - . 5 ii i, H ,::55,. W EI 5 55555 ::EEEEEE::5 3 , -5- YE ::f'1'f f' ------- - - 655555551 0 ' 5 55555 5 5555555 ,B 53, '555i.... :5. Eflie X' ' A '-5:-:5 Q Pifi L 55" ., -53. ,ig V.-I--..: I , if-Q 5-3-T.. Q. ' - 5 Q:1fE':'q:.L. 6 -.--E 4. I -- -. 5 - . 1 WQNDEQ IF THAT WAS 5- 1 PETE Ssrms Xe' A , A UE OR 535.5 5 5 H1 5 S ra -3 , P Y ' ,A f . A I'2XEJhi,0NA RISK QT! BY .love E155 E "MEL WHIST JE ,JK f igiijiiih- f e, CX' B U Us 1 BOOKS fi, -f "H vp-9,0-l Sf xr, X , BUTNO1 Afxfj 5523, , A ' V5 H F I EI 5555555 ,ai-rg, wurwoor ' X im I N - 'Q - "2'5f'f E 'THE Boonxs 5 r 1 D 4 f . I 5 5 B girl 5 Q 'V' M ' - 7. IS, 5 9. 1 9f24!24 Sporting Supplies Every Thing for the Student PET ERSEN'S Book Store on Bridge St. 457 Bridge St. Open Evenings . M -f 'llxl w S . ff sf 5' 2 it ,224i ' -1FjTfL2f?" i--"1-fi! f 'T fi! Les Davidson: "I hear you had a quarrel with your neighbor." "Yiy" Halliday: "Yes, she sneered at my apartments. so I knocked her Hat." -lei WITH APOLOGIES TO H. W. L. Silently. one by one In the little books of the teachers, Down go the zeros The little round zeros, For-get-me-nc-ts of the seniors. ,Ll CLOSE FIGURING Postal Clerk: "Your letter just balances, Miss. if it weighed any more you'd have to put another stamp on it." Edith May jones: "XIy. I'm glad I didn't sign my middle name that timef, .. U, E. Eness: "Say, Miss Perrin, what kind of stoves did primitive people use?" Miss Perrin: "NYhy mountain ranges, of coursef, LU.. Father: "Sc-n. why are you always behind in your studies?" Son: "So that I may pursue them, father." .. Lv, Mr. Demmon: "Talk on your feet, Frankf, Dickerson: 'Z-X big subject, sir." iv, Mrs. M: 'Ll hear that your daughter is taking Domestic Science. How is she getting along?" Mrs. Darling: "Fine. I take it. She just said that she has made the scrub team." -L-L I stepped upon the tomcat's tail The lights were dim and lowg The cat responded with a wail, It was his tail of woe. -5, The time that you save. like the money you save, is useful only if you know how to spend it. ,U- R. De Young: 'LWhen I get to heaven I'm going to ask Shakespeare if he really wrote those plays." M. Oakes: "Maybe he won't be there." R. De Young: "Then you ask him." -L-,. Pupil frcadingjz "She threw herself in the river. Her husband, horror stricken, rushed to the bank." Teacher: "VVhat did he run to the bank for?" Pupil: "To get the insurance money." Once our Benny had a fit, But he soon got over it. Said it didn't hurt a bit, Because it was a Bennyfit. -U- Sid Lammers. selling books: "I got two good orders from that store today." Fred Cole: "IVhat were they?" Sid: "The proprietor told me to get out, and stay out." MUL E. Read fin search of complimentl: "I was told last night that I was an awful flirt." Jaclkie fsympatheticallyjz "Possibly all you need is more practice." ..U- Boss: "Haven't you swept out the office yet Karl lfVest, orlice boy: "No sir." Boss: "Then what have you been doing the last hour?" Karl: "Sweeping out the dirtf' pw MU... TEN YEARS AGO hlotherz "How are your marks in your studies?" Elrner Lammers: "I am the third smartest boy in the classf, Mother: "How many boys are in your class?" Elmer: "Three." -U-. Truesdale: LWVhere have I seen your face before?" Jimmie Mol: "Where you see it now." -U- Vera: "He may not be very good looking, but he has money to burn." Thea: "VVell when I was out with him, I never suffered from the heat.', -U- The school board was visiting the district school. Desiring to make a good impression, the schoolmaster was asking some simple questions. "Who signed the Magna Charta?" he asked. "Please sir, it wasn't me." said the boy. The teacher told the boy to take his seat. "Call that boy back," said an old member of the board, "I don't like his manner. I believe he did do it." -U.. "Say, dad, remember that story you told me about how you were expelled from college?" "Yes" "Well, I was just thinking how true it is that history repeats itself." ni vi' iv: -1110101 -1 114-14.14,1u1c-11i21v3 141 --111111411 11 14-14:11 Save While You 're Young And you'll never want when you get old. Dollars put by today mean comfort and independence in days to come. Commercial Savings Bank Bridge St. Branch N.W. Corner of Bridge and Scribner, -11 2 111.11421 :sta-1-mica-:.4i :iz-1 1-:iz : :iz 1 1-'11 LARGE ENOUGH to have adequate facilities for printing anything from a visiting card to L1 sale bill 31 Ap, X 46 inches. SMALL ENOUGH to give concentrated person- al attention to all orders en- trusted to our cure. OLD ENOUGH to have the necessary knowl- edge, experience, and under- standing how best to serve our customers faithfully. YOUNG ENOUGH to handle each order with enthusiasm. energy, and a capacity for hard work. INTING plflw Call Cilz, 71-775 for samples of Di5tincti've Printing The Northwestern Publishing Co. Printers and Publishers 310 Leonard Street, N. W. nNear the Bridge' 1 .1 1 -11:1 .1 .1. 1- 1:1 1.1.13 34.1 1.1'g-.pigs-an-2-1-1-1 lf., in x,. 4 .--eff' L'-ffl in V . "JZ "elif f V f , f- , - f W 12' Y4,:l .2- Sv- Y gf ,.,, ' 1- Y V -f " 5" Y ,A 7 - 7 fm Y T 312 j ' ' ,,,:f '-' -, I " ii f' ,.9, -- ffe-JI..-fn--1. IYife: "Show me that letter." Husband: "IYhat letter?" Wiife: "The one in your hand. It's from a woman. I can see by the writing, and you turned pale when you saw it." Husband: "Yes. Here it is, it's your dress- maker's bill." -U- Nurse Girl: "Oh ma'am, what shall I do? The twins have fallen down the well." Mother: "Dear me, how annoying. just go into the library and get the last number of the 'XIodern KIother's lIaga'zine'g it con- tains an article 'How to Bring Up Children'.', ,U- 'Qiack and I have parted forever." "And what does that mean?" "KIeans that I'll get a box of candy pretty soon." -U, i'Tremendous crowd at our church last night." "New minister?" "No, just a life." -U, Teacher: "VX7ell, did you go to the circus the other day?" IYolven: "Yes'm. Pa wanted to go, so I had to go with him." Lui IN SEPTEMBER, 1924 Police Commissioner Carrol: "If you were ordered to disperse a mob, what would you don' ' .Graduate of 1924: K'Pass around my hat sir. Carrol: "You're hired." -U- Carl Rudine: "IVhat is the lonesomest thing on earth?" Glen Ede: "A safety razor in the House of David." -U- DANGEROES THINKING Hilda May: 'LWhat is that lump on your head?" Frank Smith: "Oh, that's where a thought struck me." iv, SEDINSKOOL If brevity is the soul of wit, some of our students are witty. ln front of the lunch- room the other day one said, "Geat?" The other replied, L'Xodieu?" THIRTY YEARS AGO AT UNION Mrs. Rlilner was the favorite teacher. Mrs. Catlin read the "Lady of the Laken in the session room. Girls wore aprons at school. Every girl carried a lunchbox instead of a compact. The dudes, alias sheiks, took their sweet- hearts buggy riding. -U- KIODERN VVEBSTER Compact: The shrine of womanhood. They may be seen worshipping compacts at any time, day or night. Comb: An instrument for massaging bobbed hair. Found in most vanity cases. Calling Cards: Small pieces of cardboard bearing the name and sometimes the address of the owner. They are very convenient to drop when a new usheiltish-lookingu man is near and an acquaintance is desired. Flapper: A specimen of the genus homo. The female of the species, only more deadly than the plain girl. Lip Stick: A pencil designed to make girls seem what they aren't. Rouge: A concoction used by girl artists to beautify their landscapes. Vanity Case: A storehouse of all things that deal with girls, and notes that deal with boys Cask Velmaj. EU- WHERE NVE FIND THEM Jack and Sidney-Together. Velma Gilmore-Studying before a mir- ror. Erwin Erick-In the line of least resistance. Russel Donker-Hunting for Helen. Helen Hernacki-With her curling iron. -U- WELL! Carl Anderson: "I see you are reading the dictionary. Do you find it interesting?" Helen Kalsbeck: "No, more amusing than interesting. It spells words so differently from the way Ido." TU1 Phyllis McRae says that the way to make money go farthest is to buy postage stamps. -U- Mr. Zimmer: "How do you know I bi- sected this angle?" Ellen Groff: "I saw you do it, Mr. Zimmer." -U- junior: "What was the knocking Macbeth heard after he killed Duncan?" Senior: "That was King Duncan kicking the bucket." rioiuioioii sit 11:14 I1- i-14'quiiinzniuiuii-11:14:11 lining Your Savings Earn 5 per cent for you in our associa- tion. Come in and let us show you our plan M WEST SIDE BUILDING Ed? LOAN ASS'N 3-I years offaithful servsice 410 Bridge Street 1 11:1101010101-11.11-iii 1-11 rio 4111.11.11-21,11-:liz :mini 1 :nz- M. A. Miller, Sec'y and Treas. P. C. Miller, V. Pres. and Mgr. P. C. MILLER Electric Company ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION and REPAIRING CEO Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup Tires and Tubes OX Citizens Phone 67-867 672 Leonard St. N. W. o v 0.4 0.0 it sings: vg- Unionites: Who made possible the publi- cation of this Aurora? ' Was it not the advertisers? D0 we appreciate their cooper- ation? If we do then patronize them. Tell them we saw their ad in the Aurora. "Buy from Our Advertisers. " AURORA STAFF. 01. ,:,..q,:. : :..:.-: : 111121: :U-U: Record to be Proud of Over 35 years in one location. A busy store and prices that are the lowest. CXI Clothing, Shoes, and Furnishings FOR MEN and BOYS OOO Give us a trial and be Colwinccd J . Lobensky E-3 Sons 443-45 Bridge St. N.W. 1-11. 1-111114: rzinznlsz .111 .isis l ,.-'T 'NI' . . .1-1 .. -.-, x.. . ,' f' .,f. 7, . , ,. 4"'X .., is X -. ' , 1 Y' 1-11.5 -1 e Q ,, ' ' 7 l Y 'T ii? ' Miss Conlon: "XVl1ere was Charlamagne crowned?" From the rear: "On his head." -U- A "Frosh" wandered into 129, I Thought he was having a splendid time, A "Frosh" was dragged out of 129, He has another think coming this time. -U- Teacher: "XYhat tense do I use when I say, 'I am beautiful? " Student: "Past." -U- Farmers may talk of the bluebirdsg Of zephyrs the poets may sing: But a tack upright On a Hoor at night Is the sign of an early spring. -U- BY-XVORDS Rose Boersma: 'fGee, I wish we'd have an assembly." Fred Cole: f'Girls, don't bother me." Athene Barkenbiusz 'ilf he'd only-" Jessie Brown: "I didn't get that far." Dorothy Colver: "I don't know." Edna Darling: "I should think." Leona Yan Dyke: "I forgot all about it." .lohn Champion: "A head like a tack." Edward johnson: "There's no place like home when you don't know your lesson." Miss Conlon: "Oh, I'll pass out." -L--. 'lack talks, eats, plays, and dreams football. She especially likes the cheering. 'Tis said she ended her prayers the night before the Central game with: Bless pa. Bless ma, Bless Sidney Rah! Rah! Rah! -L-- 'While Charles Huwer's mother was visit- ing in Chicago, Glen Johngan called to see him. Glen johnson: "XVell, how are you getting along since your mother has been gone?" Charles: "Finel I have reached the height of efficiency. I can put my stockings on from either end." -U- YOIQ TELL 'ERI LOU Louis Orth: "Between me and my father we know everything in the world." Bill Metzger: 'fVVell then, what's a 'Pag- oda'?" Lou: "A Pagoda? A Pagoda? A Pagoda? -Ohl that's one that my father knows." LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Fringed Gentian: "I am going out to get a shave." Cowslip: "I'll never dance with you again, you big cowl" Poppy: "Call me daddy, dear." Goldenrod: "I hear that you have hay- fever." -U- hlr. Kennedy fafter explaining oxidation for a full periodj: "Julius, what is burning?" Julius, sniffing: "I don't smell anything." -U- Nina hIisner: "What are' you taking for your cold, Thelma?" Thelma: "Blake me an offer." -U- Fred De Young in barber shop: "I wish I could get something for my head, but I've tried everything and nothing see ms to help." Barber: "Ever try a vacuum cleaner?" -U- Henry Dlugolensl-:i's father treading a letter from his son at college to motherlz "Henry says hels got a beautiful lamp from boxing." hfotherz "Oh, I just knew he'd win some- thing in his athletics." -U- XVife: 4'Our new maid has sharp ears." Hub: 'II notice that the doors are all scratched up around the keyhole." I -U- Judge: 'fHave you anything to offer the court before sentence is passed on you?" Prisoner: "No your honor, my lawyer took my last dollar." -U- POOR CLINTI It was a dark night and Clinton IfVortman was lost. Presently he saw a sign on a post. WVith great difficulty he climbed the post, struck a match and read, "VVet Paint." -U- HUWER AT S0 Chuck Huwer: "Fd like to work for your concern, sir." Manufacturer: "Doing what?" Chuck: "Taking orders." Manufacturer: "What experience have you had?" Chuck: "Been married thirty years, sir." CNuf sed.l J. F. Quigley, Jr. F. K. Quigley Compliments of uigley Brothers Lumber Co. NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN H A R DWOO DS Office and Yard, 1580 Eastern A ve. Grand Rapids, Mielz. 1 11- ri-,141-sz all ras vi I: ui as 1 -2 hz wg- -rg, -1- 1: -1- In vi -.--1: 7 1 ' ' K! "f if ' - ',, , 'B' V ,ffi" V-V -'-1 x,.fs-4,,fQN'f- f lg RA M ,R xAL,.fyf Q-Q-fjjggflf' 4- A! EQ- ,,,- . Lf 1 "'L fp. "NSW - 'f K Qfif iif:2Li ' ii' f'l,.frf f - RR'ff3':5'?E-"2-Qiisrifigfii-isgi f,E4Z....m Fa Cuffvy Top mm. Iqfz 10 riqln: MR, REYNDERS, MR. IXIARCKNYARD r, MR. PEARS. Jliddlf mu-: Miss XEUMAN, MR. ANDREWS, MR. HowE, Miss Rowsox. 1.011-r mm: MR. Burns, MRs. Exmoxs, MR. HORNBECK. MRs.SL.xG1-11, A1R.KENNEDX', Miss PERRIX, MR. HQLBRQOR Alllllllfll Arts, SCZIFHCU, and Homr Efozzomfcs Top mm, Im m riglzz: MR. OLIVER, MR. PHILLIPS. MR. HOCKSTAI7, MR. GRAY, MR. STIEHL. 4 Jlxddff muy- Miss JENNINGS, Miss VAN DENBERGH, Miss BEWGLEY. Miss VAN XVESTENBRUGGIZ, Mlss LONLUN, Miss JONES. Lvfvff wil'-' MR- HOLBROOI-2, Mlss ZUR xIL'EHLEX, Miss KI.-XCLEXNAN, MR. ZnmER, Mxss Armnm, Miss LIXDE- MULDER. MR. SMITH. JIatlzMnatz'f5 and History 7 -it 1011ioioilioilviuit-in1-1111411.iilulnin-14-lui zozozuzi in-.U Compliments of l-"Leads in Value Giving" The Boston Store l- Charles Trankla Gr' Co. - "The Shopping Center of Grand Rapids" Students of nion High You no doubt realize that the motive in plaC- ing these "ads" is largely one of helpfulness. Foster this laudable impulse. As these citizens are interested in your affairs, and assist in the publication of the Aurora so should you be in- terested in the welfare of these, your advertising friends. ln other words buy the goods advertised. As you motor along life's highway hitch your auto to a"Star". There's such a bat- tery for every car. If perchance you own a Ford Cor are interested in the owner of onel see that it has a Tisch Timer. It never flunks and with it you make every grade. Speak to your friends about these two- Star Batteries, Tisch Timers. Reliable goods e-else they would not be recommended by a reliable house. Tisch Auto Supply Co. 1 1-1 -1 11 1 ti .1 'ici'-1--1--xoxo:-,1f 1 tzoqpogwiui .1 101.11411 -1- 2- 1- it 1'-1-if 1- zo:--1 'ini'-1 ii:-1 14:31 1:1414-2 iq! -2-1 2 1 1 rioi-rio:1v2o1vi1r11s1-v1-vi-v2-r1--1--14-i4-2-,g--2-it-:vi-vi-'31 14 10201----is -111-in-1,1 -1 1 'isiniogvi 1. 1 1 -3-.1 When you want the best in TIRES and ACCESSORIES, remember, we have the best at lowest prices to- gether with an installation service that must please. ROCHE' 233 MICHIGAN 214 MICHIGAN 16 E. FULTON Opp. Grand Trunk Form. Mich. Access. Next to G. R. Press Depot Company Building Compliments Of Mr. and Mrs. C. Lczmmers 1-------A- - -7- 1 - -.-.11 10101.-1. 1 Increasing the value 0 zz gift Add tasteful distinctiveness to an article and you increase its gift value without changing its intrinsic value. XYhere n um e r o u s gifts are grouped. there are two qualities which stand individual gifts apart. -over apparent costliness and distinctiveness. For one purpose money alone is required. For the other. taste and discrimination. Distinctiveness may be found in a small. less expensive article as well as in higher priced goods. We have both. JOSEPH SIEGEL Jewelry Company 124 Monroe Ave. LINC OL GROCERY 1036 Bridge sr., N. W. Citz. 64687 Bell M 3288 W E, . The Cflllllllllllifhl' Quality Ccnlcr Everything for the table- fruits, vegetables. groceries and meats. Give us a trial. C WE DELIVER o ogowxu U 1 The Fourth National Bank of Grand Rapids, Michigan ID OFFICERS William H. Anderson . . President L. Z. Caukin .... Vice President J. Clinton Bishop ..... Cashier Alva T. Edison .... Ass't Cashier Harry C. Lundberg . . Ass't Cashier DIRECTORS Christian Bertsch Robert D. Graham J. Clinton Bishop James L. Hamilton Marshall M. Uhl Robert E. Shanahan Sidney F. Stevens Lavant Z. Caukin David H. Brown Samuel G. Braudy William H. Anderson Compliments of DO KER Coal Company All Kinds of A F U E L West Leonard St. at the Railroad Ansco Cameras and Films Henry Riechel Drug Company 634-636 Bridge St. Cm. Phone 62576 Bell M. 3184 A. D. S. Drug Store We handle Ansco Cameras. They take good pictures. 326 Bridge Street Citz. Phone 65374 Bell M. 3295-R Ideal Pharmacy 646 Stocking Ave. Citl. Phone 65696 Bell M. 3310 . 11 1 1. 11- 1' 2-111,11 in-gr-1:1145 STORE Citz. 65173 Bell M. 173 HENRY SMITH FLORAL CO., Inc. KE Florists and Fruit Growers G 52 Monroe Ave. Member of F. T. D. Association 5 GREENHOUSES Citz. 64737 Bell M.65l 1--31111-1-vi-vi 14-1-1 1 1 -1 -112 1.101011 1 -1.-1.T1fi1i-1:'i1 inchester Store Joseph Soukup. Proprieter ooo Hardware and Sheet Metal Work SPORTING GOODS JIU Automatic 62797 FIFTH AND STOCKING AVE. Karl H. Wheeler Dru g gist 325 W. Leonard St. Cor. Scribner GE Cameras and Camera Supplies Films developed and printed CANDIES.ClGARS MAGAZINES SPORTING GOODS --1--14-2014.14-1-P1024-1.-1--1-fi -it-3 -3-gf-1-1 .1 .1-.1 -1 1--3-1-.1-,1- -1--14-i 1--3--3--3--30:4-14-5010 DE RIES JEWELRY STORE ooo Headquarters for Graduation Gifts DE VRIES JEWELER and WATCHMAKER West Leonard and Broadway Citizens Phone 71305 ...A--,:. : .:,.:.,..-ze: : ..-,..:.,-.-.g. VVEST INDIES CRUISES HAVVAII MEDITERRAN EAN Ocean Ste amship Tickets Around the World Cruise To California via Panama Canal Tickets issued to all parts of the World ALL LINES REPRESENTED BOOK EARLY C. A. JUSTIN, Agent 151 Ottawa Ave., N. W. Phone Citz. 68331 Bell Main 3790 is -1-oz: 0:9031 .1--2 1--9:0 Foster Stevens E? Co. 86 years on Campau Square rf 's I v -f .V C C, . ' l . fr-X' C U, K Eg X .cijg ft V' ' '. -xp ,L - X CAMP Equipment and Supplies for Outdoor Sports OF ALL KINDS 4 0.0-1 1- 3 vi--1-ri-rink--1--1--24-1-1-1-1 -io::-zz-3--:oi--ln:nz--:nz--1 1 1 - I H3 WX I i -fi fi "Lf ,..f . .X .K ix Hand Ball A regular workout in the Gym- will keep you in the best of trim. A KNOCKOUT WHAT? Why the fun you get out of it. The Young Men's Christian Association OF Grand Rapids, Michigan Invites you to become a member. -1--if-3 -1--3 -1--1--Q -1- -3--1--34 -1--3 -1 -it-if-in-3 if-24 in-2 -ioiuininzi Compliments of H H Turner and V. E. Thebaua' 919-923 Iwiclzigan Trust Building vi.v:0:--1-v14v11-1og-vi..1'-3.-10101.-gl-3-'Q -1 3 -191 1 .1011-101011-11,2011wzavzzg- 1451.-::,::1::,::':.,: :N Grand Rapids Savings Bank The Bank wlwrc' you feel at home S ,4'lll'X U ni A . B x, v,:'f:1JrA ' Q Ya' 1 sk, F ig 9 i s -.f ic ii Dig i .g il i ii i sf 2.51 ,-nil' iiiaif a l ag an V 'I 5' A'.'i gf, 1 f- 321' fair. il f ig.ia1,,, -. li liii ef? H W' Assets over 819,000,000 60,000 Satisfied Customers --11.10-1,-11:1 :I-141.1 -1 -1 il 1 1 1-14 1- 1i1ir1n3n1-ui-iii 1 in OFFICERS William Alden Smith, Chairman of Board Charles W. Garfield. Chairman of Ex. Com Gilbert L. Duane, President Arthur M. Godwin, Vice President Earle D. Albertson. Vice Pres. Cv' Cashier Earl C. Johnson. Assistant Cashier Orrin B. Davenport, Assistant Cashier Harry J. Proctor, Assistant Cashier H. Fred Oltman, Assistant Cashier Tony Noordeweir, Assistant Cashier Branch offices West Leonard and Alpine Avenue H. Fred Oltman, District Manager Bridge. Lexington and Stocking Bert Q. Hazlewood. Manager Leonard and Turner Branch Chris. Ricker, Manager Bridge and Mt. Vernon Branch Grandville Ave. and Cordelia Street Peter Leestma. Manager Monroe Avenue, near Michigan Jacob Heeringa, Manager Madison Square and Hall Street Edward L. Sikkema, Manager East Fulton Street and Diamond Avenue Willis Vandenberg, Manager Wealthy Street and Lake Drive John W. Smits, Manager Division and Franklin Branch C. rred Schneider, Manager Eastern and Franklin Branch Tony Noordewier. Manager Grandville Ave. and B Street R. A. Westrate, Manager 1:3111 1: 111 :nur-ini 1 1 .1 ii 1 -2 1 ,3i,:u1n1.v1i1 1 ini 0 Our Graduates 0 1924 The school bells will soon cease ringing For the many graduates of Twenty-Fourg May their memories of school life be bringing Pleasant thoughts of The Old Corner Store. Louis E. Sigler -.g--,ze-...1n1fi 1111 if 3-1101: 2 vii PENS Fountain or Mechanical 1 Gold or Silver? Loose Leaf Memo Books Ring Books Iifvcrytlzizzg on carflz for the offivc Bszf:i!O!0f.s.s2E Ottawa at Pearl 1 I:-1.1, 1 fx 2 -1 ,z-.1611-zfiizu .-..:- :f:. :. :..:..:-:.:..: : .:i-..g. I-Ierff -Jones Company DESIGNERS and MANUFACTURERS of School and College Jewelry INDIANAPOLIS 1-14-101o14.14r1f.:f-:uint-fic 1:1-11-ini-viva' 14,14-ii 111411 if Photographic Supplies Artists' Materials Projection Apparatus Motion Picture Machines School Supplies -rw The Store where they do KODAK FINISHING of the better kind T116 Camera Shop Io Monroe Avenue 1iz,zmziviuziiziiozizzuzfzz iz.: Preston E3 Jensen Druggisfs 301 BRIDGE STREET, N. XY. CORNER FRONT AVENUE We carry a complete assort- ment of Drugs. Drug Sundries. Toilet Goods. Films. Cameras. lNIagazines. Candy, Cigars and Tobaccos. Ice Cream. Ice Cream Bricks. etc. VVe do developing and printing. WE DELIVER CITZ. 65104 Blil.l. M2230 -.11 1 1 111-1 1.-11101-1+ HENRY DENKEN.-X JACOB STARR Herman N. Dosker EC? Company 'Al I 7ZSZl7'6l7ZC6 ea! 307-308 Fourth National Bank Bldg. ML21E2EE.QZ Fixtures XVe believe are the finest solid brass fixtures on the market. We have them in Five Different Finishes "If ifs ll .lfnc-Bridge its the bust" A. O. Wortman Electric 1222 Bridge St. 111:1-1:-1-1n-1ei1w1n-Lu-1-1i14 For Eight Years T. M. WALTON has served the students of Union High School with lunches and candies, and is STILL ON THE JOB T. M. Walton "fl cross the Street 1:1-11-14 1:11-i1u1n1u1f,1 1.1.-1 1i1:v1:-1:i1:1:1:1o1u1 Dress dwell and succeed f1i.14v1u1i1-'ini-i1i1i1 Appearance will help you, when you obtain your first position. your first raise. Dressing well need not be expensive if you let us help you. THEE SHUB Monroe Near Michigan 1--init: an ii-it-1 -1 iwii-:ii--if 3-1--113,14-iiriiiarzf-11-ieivr Presenting All of the News for One Day 57' 'V' Readers of the GRAND 5 RAPIDS PRESS get all of the day's news in authen- tic form-and in addition hundreds of dollars worth of special features and fic- tion, both interesting and educational. Keep Up With The Times Read DO You READ Side Lights . Dorothy Dix The Grand Rapids Press The Editorial Page Y ' H Fiction stories "A Newspa pw' for the W hole F a mzly Sporting News Etc.-Etc.-Etc. Glendon A. Richards Co. .Manufactures and Erectors of Metal Cornices and Sky-lights, Roofing. Fire Proof Windows, Fire Escapes, Ornamental Iron and Sheet Metal Specialties. CITZ. PHONE 54176 Winter Ave. Cs' Blumerich St.. N.VV. Grand Rapids. Mich. -if 'I ff ""'w L.,-AE ,.,,Y -- ' 2 - " ' AP- I'-II-2-'ff"'LI H "TiZ?1'f1 5-9 1 'T C T527-f222ffZ Faculziy ilrecfory CHARLES A. EYEREST, A.M. . . Principal CHRISTINE M. KECK . . .flfxiyravzz Principal FIUNCES HUEBNER . .... Clerk RUTH E. KNAAK . . .... Clerk flleparfmentf ART - LANGUAGE LORNA LANDERSON, Supply CIIIXRLOTTE A. GIERST AIYRA L. JACKSON VERA Y. XYILSON COMMERCIAL ARTHUR J. AYERY, Head Of Dept. ELIZABETH B. CROTSER AIARGUERITE KNOLL QKIRSJ ITIDXA MAXSON EDITH M. SAILER ENGLISH AIABEL E. ALLEN, A.B. .XDDIE E. BETTES, PH. B. LDLIZABETH COVELL, A.B. BERNESE DANTO KMRSJ ISRAXCES DAYYES I'II.wOOD If. DERIRION, AB., Head OI Dept. AIYRTLE IMIESELTINE, A.B. I'IsTHER MLLDER, .X.B. IJLGA PERscHI3.xcHER. AB. IELSIE T. RIPPEI. fMRs.J A.B. CLARA SAIALLIDGE, A.B. IEILLI.-KN 'THOMAS GRACE THORIASAIA, A.M. HISTORY I.L'cELIA BADGLEY, A.B. AIAY I". CONLON, A.B. CYNTHIA JONES. PH.B. ANNE I.INDExII'LDER, A. B. CLARENCE E. PHILLIPS, A.I3. REYBEN S. SMITH, A.I3. OREN D. STIEHL. PILB. AIARIE YAN AYESTENBRLTGGE, A.B. ICMNIA ZI'R AIVEHLI-IN, A.B. I X DCSTRI AI, P. ANIJREWS CIRACF. Ifxmoxs IMRSJ AIP.Kl.E HOHE I'.u'I. I". AIAHCKWARDT XIARII-. C. NIQIAIAN Gulf-'I'I'rII Ii. Uwlgx, I-Icad of Metal Dept. XI'II.LI.xxI J. PEARN Ihr. .X. REYNIIERS, B..C.E. I,,u'nA I.. Rowsox, II.S. I'QI.IzAuIJrH SLACHT fMRs.j AIAVDE A. 'I'RAIj'r CwuI.IxE IIAYNFA, Lunchroom DOROTHY S. BLAKE, A.B. RUTH CARPENTER, A.B. NIARION L. JENNINGS, Head of Dept ETHEL ScHOLEs MATHEMATICS NELLE IATWOOD, A.B. INA A. FINDLAY DAVID GRAY, A.B. LARS HOCKSTAD, A.B. IXIARY EIIACLENNAN, A.B. INIARIE IX'ICDERMOTT, A.B. C. C. OLIVER, A.B. EDITH J. VAN DENBERGH, A.B. ARTHUR R. ZIMIHER, B.S., Head OI Dept. MUSIC GEORGE E. AMOS IRENE BURNS QIXIIRSJ CAROL M. HOLT PHYSICAL EDUCATION EARL R. KNUTSON OLIVE POTTER JOHN C. TRIIESDALE, Head OI Dept. DOROTHY E. AIVESTENDARP, B.S. SCIENCE CLAYTON W. BAZUIN, A.B. LEMUEL G. HDLBROOK, AM. HENRY' N. HORNBECR, B. S., Head OI Natural Science Dept. KEITH KENNEDY, B.S., Head OI Physical Science Dept. ELIZABETH I. PERRIN, PH. B. IAIELLA AI. STRAUCH, AB. SPECIAL IVY SLAYTON EMMA H. JONES GRADES ESTI-IER AIARTIN INIRSJ NIELVINA BRADFORD ISTHELYN T. ABBOTT HILDA JOHNSON CAROLINE A. FRENCH AXIABEL THURKETTLE CA4RS.J NELLIE O. KLOSE SARAH B. GOODMAN, A.NI.E. 1 1 11. 1 1-1, 1:'1-v1.-11-1:v1,1-1:-1101 2111 141411111 ini PHOENIX SPRINKLER and HEATING CO. 5 .A 35 Q E' . FA e Q g . . ,X N,--, Saw ,5:5g::. I ' - ,-WX Q. mf. 4. ,: . mg: -wi'-f, 2153: Q-S5555 STWIIQ P2 I- f isieisfiifisisisis: '-W. . ig: . 5. A, 4.1.-.:.:.:.1:::1: .wa ,x.. Egm , QNX. r::f:::f:::::g,::': . me wi: :R N f' "" ff"-1122520 2f2s:2sSs2z45255:s fi: I 1 4 55 -L ,IBEW ' Q5 5 Y :8.Ei-53.3.-gi'-2. .rE:,j.5.,.j.j,.,'.:Q,-3.-13,51 .ga Sf -is .5E:iEf:5Ei.' ala? .iii:Ei?'51:fffiS?1i-5:3-' i I Sz- . ., -EEE?:Q1Li-:::f::l33E:i555::E:' E,1.5,::E:,., ,.xSEfif" 5592 : . iffIfi5E5I:E:5:::gEg:jE5fgE5?Ej' 3 V --M'---s-1:15. ,,-:Irie "" "fr-'-2:2-r'.. 7- 1 l iff-L , 5 fi' I' T ,E-':Q7:25?S 5 f m . jf A 'iii . . .,.fgia.gij5Egi5'5:5Sj:::::2, , ,I-, A ., I . , -,Q 1. T IE' '- 15155 ..,r:3:fq , -- ., :-:2:1:21'f" . . -w--- "-,- , . :H ',::.A-- Zfaziiizli-' ' 22?s'if2z:s:s:s:::::: .. A' """ . 1 '4risiiziiisieirirfrf-FN' I 'f:::,:,1:::f1:--,4 sg: ::::::::i: r:5:5:5:g5:1-pg.-,rrs,r.:1, , . ,:1:5:5:5'-jii ,., . ,::5::E535EE1ElRE1E2Er1 'E1E:E:E:55.. -2"."EFt?-'T -- .,. z. :::s:sEs5sEsSs?zf1Ezi555' fffiisisikgax - 5:5:5E3E5E5E5EgE5E:1:lr1 , -::sf-.fiiiif I ,5jrE51::5E2-:2E111 r: ' . . ' 41?--f1'2"f'l,,,, ' 1:53:E2'j:fE5Ej E , i2525E?E5EfE5E3E 1 1 ::'1s..a'1-1, 'iiiiifiiiiiiii 1 "" - , I 'sgsgagegziig . NNW' L .... . ...W I - Lmman - Automatic Refrigerating Machine Engineers and Contractors FOR AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS HEATING and VENTILATING PLUMBING POWER PLANTS MECHANICAL REFRIGERATION v1v1:1--11 191:-1:1 1: 1 '11-'1 1 Compliments of the Old National Bank C130 Grand Rzlpi11S .lliclz iga ll 1..14-1-v1.1w1r1-1:1-1- 1 -1-11011, nw The Ritzema Store Ci Men's Furnishings Shoes, Dry Goods OID West Leonard St. AT BROADWAY AVE. vi-,101-.1.,1.v1,y1 .1 '11-101 -14-1--1 -oz. n:uf1v1' 1- 1 f101:114,1 1111 1 .-.-1.14 Ackerman can wire your kitchen as well as any room in your mansion. ask about it NO W Ackerman Electric Company Citz. 4294 Bell M228 Estimates Cheerfully Given 11 1--11:1 f1w1l.1,-1,.1a1 .1-01,1 . 1,111.111.f11'1fl14'1.r11fi'1'f1'f14l14 K E State Bank "Tha Homo For Sa z'ing'5 " rv wtf RESOURCES Over 316,000,000 qv- Q.- ... ,- -.,- .- ,- .- .-it-11 1. 1.1 1.1.1. it 1:-:vie-14-in Grand Rapids Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. 106 MASON sr. Installed in Union High School all heating and ventilation work including grills and the four- and-one-half-ton motor, which is the largest in any school in our city. Purity of Drugs Courteous Service Fair Prices Always at Matthews Drug Store Sixth and Broadway Madruco Toilet Preparations and A. D. S. Remedies in stock. iii maxi Q-1 vin11111021ii:11:iiiiiuioiuioinigniuzi SAFETY E6 SERVICE Safety and Service are prime essen- tials in any banking institution, and you have them both in the Peoples Savings Bank of Grand Rapids. Here is offered unquestioned security, this Bank having served the people of western Michigan for more than three decades, safe-guarding their money, af- fording them every banking facility, and assisting many thousands to save money for future requirements. You are cordially invited to open an account with us, with any sum, large or small. The Peoples Savings Bank Madison Square Branch A Burton Heights Branch OFFICERS Eugene D. Conner . . President Victor M. Tuthill .. . Vice Pres. William Smitton . . . Cashier C. M. Sm'th i ....... Ass't Cashier Clifford E. Muir . .. Ass't Cashier DIRECTORS .lohn Murray. Christian Bertsch, Wm. H. And- erson, Reuhen Bloomer. V. M. Tuthill. Stuart IE. Knappen. Samuel G. Brauzly, E. A. Stowe. Eugene D. Conner. iozomuxiiiiii-ii-ia rziixoiv iinioio ,taxa Quote U ! a 5:4 0:4 vioioioioioi rio: fi-vie-101--1--101021 14 i4f1o:o:o1n14.11,3- BICYCLES il 4 ,JL s Schneider's Bicycle Store and Repair Shop handles only high- class Bicycles. and stands back of each wheel that leaves the store. Columbia and Iver Johnsons are the bicycles that are in demand by young bicycle riders today because they will stand the wear and tear. Call and see them to satisfy yourself that they are the best bicycles on the market today. We also have a first-class repair shop in connection. and we guarantee all work. A trial will convince you. if 5 e3 gEYfglQ- S, wir E. , K XX, I X15 1 ., J., ' il. C MQ 2 - , Q Jw SCH EIDER'S Bicycle and Repair Shop 216 Bond Av. Rear of limpress 21 Pulte Plumbing 699 Heating Company "The Pioneer Firm" Conducted the Installation ofPlu1nbing in the New Union High Addition i-1 ufomatic: 67272 Bell Main: 172 Main Office 325-29 Ottawa Ave., N. W. Unexcelled service in every branch of Trust business. High grade bonds for the careful investor. Grand Rapids Trust Company GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN i,,i,,i,,i,,i,,- F f- xox- -'11-i--- - -1 -- -. -- -----vi.,---14-11---f-U in-an-n--11 vi is Class Photographer 1923-1924 Le Clear-Dykhuizen A rt Photography For Appointment Citz. 6 8275 Res. Studio 614 Crescent St. N. E. E. F. Gentz General Contractor and Builder Builder of Union High School 7 Norris Building Union High School Get Into Business Business is the profession that offers you the most money and the highest social standing. Think of the outstanding men and women of America, and you will instantly recognize that of all professions, Business is the most important. Almost Without exception, those who are the leaders in American Business began their careers as Secretaries, Book- keepers, Stenographers or Salesmen. Make your time and energy do something for you. Choose Business for your Career. Even though you intend to go to college you need a thorough training in Stenography or Bookkeeping. If you cannot put from four to six of the best years of your life in college or university-you can in one quarter of the time, and at very little cost, become so thoroughly trained in the es- sentials of modern Business that you can obtain a position of dignity and one that pays well at the end of your course. What is more important -you will have the foundation to quickly grow into an executive position or own a business of your own. Thirty years of Leadership behind every student of this school. It gives our graduates prestige. You may choose among ten standard and collegiate courses. Send for attractive free catalog. Start any time. School the year MCLACHLA Business University M. F. DENISE, Manager around. Phone Citizens 65-897 Phone Main 97 Congratulations to Class of 1924 QD Verlzey Lumber Co. "Labor Saving Lumber" 1:1-fi 1 fi 1 fz,1v1.':.,:. DDO! 'DDD fi .,. f 'Q HE' af-5 gifife yd - "' , Hi.. E? N: QUE m f g MMENT - YQ 3' Q 35- f in - 5 f - w ff x as f ' W 1 +23 ,-,J f U. - ' X 1 f, X rf X rib ,f f '1 -' X Q gg " ' i 5. Q . f v L 49' F ' : TQ 2 arf vs X K ,, - fs 1 4 'VF fr ' W., ' A L - U as hi ,e ' - 1 ff 'D '- f rs. k Q f ' A " :I ' 5 LX f n V ' .6-1 X95 ' , 5 JF! 11255 4' QW Z, 5 . X Im l, EX ,X . :f A - :fig Wiw I ' 1 4 w'1f1" 5 Wf3fyEf Z'?Qi VI Mm - 'f I ll .- 1 'lk ! -5.141551 .. ' , 4 My WI' ! IL V41 j " imp ,x ' Mig , ,gl?: E , 'W1WU ' 0 'ig , 3Y W 1 H M'1 ..i g g.:l vw " ' 4- mn-e F rf,-1- w--' ' " V F6853 '-fir' - '1:' u'15', ,- ,..,jf I , L L 1 MXw:'W'v1!NW'l fililvfx'-if-lfl Ks 7' 'H . M Fig I, M1 -13942-aawh H: y 1 241142 H59 L - E51 I- 'g f- yy., 'frfv,5gi:vjAg :Ts E? ' iii?" f Q , , if . 1' :Phi 112' 2: I-1 -, I 14, " 1. 51, -- " ' :xiii 2 if 2115 -1 sf QT' -fw""g, ' 7 2 Q. ' Door .L Mx- . 'rl J. --. 1 gm. ,.-kg :uk YY .x , 'Du -1- OPPORTU ITIES BUSINESS The Middle West-and especially Michigan-is rapidly becoming industrial in its activities. The production and distribution of its products engage the services of a large proportion of its people. Business is its major industry. This makes a constant and increasing demand for office workers. business specialists, and executives who have made special training for business. For many years the D. B. I. has specialized in training young men and women for the better class of office positions, in which opportunities for advancement are excellent. Many D. B. I. graduates of a few years ago are now office managers, credit men, heads of departments, general mana- gers, or in business for themselves. CHOICE OF COURSES SECRETARIAL TRAINING-The Davenport School is often spoken of as the "Secretarial School of Grand Rapids" on account of the success of its secretarial graduates. We al- ways have more calls for secretaries than we can supply. SI-IORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING-We teach the Gregg System of shorthand by individual instruction, and the Touch System of typewriting. Competent stenographers and typists are always in demand. ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING-Our course in this department will qualify you for accounting work with private firms, or for junior accounting and auditing work, or prepare you for the C. P. A. examinations. The Income Tax Law has greatly increased the demand for this class of help. BOOKKEEPING AND BANKING-We present a gen- eral business course of unusual scope and thoroughness. Whether you wish to work for others or go into business for yourself, this course gives the necessary preparation for busi- ness success. Our Prospectus-Moving Your Future Forward-will be sent free upon request. We invite you to visit our school. Students may start beginning or advanced courses at any time. Davenport Business Institute 215 Sheldon Ave. Institute Bldg 10111 14 1--1o1:-1:-1- 1 -:p- 1- 1111111-X1 1- 1.1 1. 1 v1i1:1-:14'1f.--,-:i1.. Sporting Goods and Bicycles Reach, Wilson and Spalding Athletic Equipment Old Town Canoes Kokomo Auto Tires Auto Tourist Tents Fishing Tackle Evinrude Outboard Motors Gold Medal Camp Furniture Guns and Ammunition The Pick of the Market for Your Exercise and Pleasure We Bo MOH?2gAV- The Thrill That Gomes Once In a Lifetime! THERE is just a touch of the tragic when a college term concludes and we are saying farewell to the old associations. On one hand are the dear. happy days of study and play-on the other the world waiting to be assailed and couquered. In your march to success you will discover early that certain estab- lished principles never fail to win out. Good luck to you! - and consider this Store your friend at all times, - this Herpolsheimer store at Grand Rapids. which, through more than half a century of marching on to greater things. under the han- ners of Integrity and Service. has succesfully proven the justice of its business motto, "Mutual Satisfaction." 0- v1o1o1n1o14:1i:1 1 1 1 :1 :1 1 1 -1 .1-1-1-L:-1 ,141 1 L1-1 .14-1 P1 v1iv11v1.v1.v1o1,v1 f1f1I1.11.1,1.1 V1-1-1-as-an 41 -11-1 11 1 1 1. 1. 1- 1 -1 it 141- 11-11-1- Men's and Young lVIen's UITS HATS SHIRTS NECKWEAR Unusual Values Come and see them Erickson Bros. 241 Monroe Ave. 1111 -11,1 ,1if1+1ii1.i1+1-r1i14r1f 1-1'1"1'f1-1.1.i1..1 14-1.1-11, Al Bill's Sanitary Barber Shop and Bath Rooms Hand and Electric Massages Electric Clippers Used "Quick Service" is our Motto Four Chairs A Full Line ofthe Best Tonics AL BILL'S PLACE Al. VVinkler, Proprietor Under Kent State Bank Corner of lirirlgc St. Scribner Ave. ,1f1,,4:s.1,1,1,1'-11. v1 11 14111-'11-1 10101111011-14 Base Ball Goods Pocket Knives Fishing Tackle Razors, Shears Alden 6? Judson Uistablished isiop HARDWARE Paints, Varnishes, Brushes High Grade Tools Electric Bulbs, Batteries and Flashlights 329-331 Bridge Street Kitchen Builders Utensils Supplies up r:o1o1r1i 14.1.11-n1ir1i+1ii1i:1i, u1o1o1vcnuegnxf1.1i 4:54 can-api-1 1:-1:11 Otto P. Burmeister 604 Shawmut Ave. W. Bicycle Repairing Baby Cabs Re-tired General Repair W01'k Bicycles, Sundries and other re- pairing. Our specialties are lawn mowers sharpened and Cutlery sharpened. Aluminum utensils re- paired, orders called for and de- livered. Call once and you will call again. 604 Shawmut Ave. :una'11-iuiogoi-:initi1o1o1o1u1 viarioif-Seviw-11-ifniwvif-1014-14.1 1014-1014120 vlfviwiuioinnioi- John F. Van Duren Ellxs J. Van Duren Compliments of s .I Van Duren 6?fC0. Manufacturers of "Miss Grand Rapids" BROOMS Grand Rapids, Michigan if vio3o:o14vi-1101 vi-14141-.1 1-1 1 1- 1 -1-1i-101--101:-1:v11 So Simple--- with a Bissell .lust run a Bissell back and forth a little every day over your rugs and carpets-and you keep them clean, bright, lintless. Empty the Bissell occasionally with a mere thumb pressure. A Bissell is easy to use-easier to empty. Its simplicity and handiness make a Bissell Carpet Sweeper ideally convenient for the every-day sweeping. and its frequent use prevents most of the dust accu- mulation that would require other means of removal. With a brush of pure bristles. "Cyco" Ball Bearings, and many other exclusive mechanical fea- tures. a Bissell is more than just a carpet sweeper. And its 10 or 15 years of work-saving service makes it cheapest in the long run. ' ' -' -..-. 5 6 9 H-. I I f . . " , 1 1 fs". ' UA 1 ' il l ' Q 21: 1 ' ' .. in lr Ei ' i ,4 , " , it ' X ie - 1 , in ' - Y. 'iv-ali-,J ' 'V FL .... :Jil - I 1 .' U52 , 1-t'i' ' Q , , uf- 3- M-.. , 4' i iam- .. X---fn i 'iip .'f".' , ' 1 :1 . ,gli it . '-4 .VE2 'I' Y ff A A S L5 , i ' Q: wggrlq ,ps i P 3 9 'f Wi" -' ti J. id Er, lu bfjq ru: E , Fw stem ,f i iw, ., .U 1 , ,. , ir I . ., I Q 9 'H i 'Q I W K J fm r 1 fi ml , .Tw 1 pg-W1 i by gf as V4 11-1 -1774, " 4' 'g n-.1 ' f ' 1, i ' I . I . ..'.,,.,.!n,v T KX " X ffflfw- 5. 1 f' lv? Wie? li if ii"l:7'i. ii 1' i'7'lf'dl H " e we M awlflf ' :Wg 1: fb," 'l W' 1 , f . if - 11 tml, t li A . ,V M.. .,, --iw vi .- ,A,f,5.. .ts ,sf , U ,ws -. f ,V Vx. ' lfgv 5 61 Z :S-. f 4' 1 1' fl! i 725 ll l . lg: ' Hfizgl "M At furniture. hardware. house- furnishing and department stores. Patterns at various prices around the 85.00 mark, depending upon style and locality. Toy Bissells for the children, Z5 cents and up. Booklet on request. B I S S E L L' S Carpet Sweeper 1 lil x!??l iu mnq l -"""'n Wynmf l ml Wim M M M Vim Q will Milli' QI 1 iw Lasy to Use ,ii kiwi Y I Easy to Empty llt to Hill .W ,Q Qq . 51 Monroe Avenue Our New Department for Young Men AC ToP COATS 9535 S38 S40 S U I T S With Two Pair Trousers 9538 S40 S45 es "The Shop with a Difference" Mackefzzie-Bostoek-.Monroe .111 IQQIZ4-1014-11,1 -11,14-1-VQUQ4 1014114 101 AS is the ideal fuel for all operations requiring heat. IN the HOME it is un- excelled from the stand- points of Cleanliness Convenience Economy Used through proper ap- pliances it always gives the utmost in satisfaction. Our expert advice as to the proper appliance to use for any specific purpose is yours for the asking When in the market, SEE US. Grand Rapids Gas Light Co. 45 DIVISION AVE., NORTH Bell M. 636 Q 0,0 .lax 1--zvzui ri U U U ! U ! l i U ! 0:4-1 ,gi-11,1 :Im .14 '14 14 i U ! U U U U U ! U U 14,1-iiviwiog ix -iuivif-111 xiii:-111izrzdzzizefivzi-1:11-1-v -uzizv 111-1411 111:23 11111: .:.,::.11i1 ':..:..:..:: 311.11 19191. 1-V: S C H A N T Z Implement Company Hardware, Seeds, Fencing, Fertilizer, everything for the lawn and garden Cor. Bridge St. and Front Ave. Citizens 658-19 Bell Main 3138J AFTER THE GAME CALL FOR Arctic ICE CREAIVI PHONE 2388 ARCTIC ICE CREAM COMPANY CLAUDE G. PIPER, MANAGER. aio-xoioi-vii,141-1--1111111-14,1-vii 1- 21 vi--1 it-2 .1 -1 ix - 1' 1- 1- if 494 1 T716 zzfgzff owpmey PRODUCERS O F QUALITY ENGRAVINGS AND FINE PRINTING FOR MORE TI-IAN A QUARTER CENTURY 'LR THE CARGILL C0. Ilfmffhjf Sfreef fzf C 01111116112 -fftwzllr gram! Yiqpials, JfYQ'c'6zgafz ' IHS HHUK IS A I'RUIJl,C'l' HF 'I'HIECAR1'2lI.l, CUSIP. .' ' .i rf, HIP F11 m"9,A Q- '4 4 gf- q ,1 f X, 1 Q, -sr' F!! rg l N 75- Ci ll I f' 44:4 ' , -. ., ,ff 'ff 155 f: ' ff f aff' QA' 5- li 411 " 'lea-2 Z . 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'Q IXIARTIN MOL EDNA DARLING TXIARJORIE SCOTT . EDWARD BENSON RIARGARET GROSS . . JULIA KRAPP LESLIE DAVIDSON ANN STEPANOWSKI . KARL NIICKNA . . RIARTIN EIGL GEORGE KREYE SHIRLEY LASHA THEA DIAMOND CARL RUDINE . JACK SCHUMANN CLINTON XVORTMAN HAROLD SILVERMAN SIDNEY LAMMERS RUSSELL DONKER EDITH HERBSTREITH FRANK ZEGUNIS ANN STEPANOWSKI SUSIE TULOS I HARRIET HILL GLEN I DE JOHN CIIAMPION ISLLEN fTROFF ROBERT TOOT RIJTII STOVER 10 HARRIET HILL RUTH LINDBERO GWENDOLYN KRELIER JULIA KRAPP ELIZABETH SPENCER X. A' Wim ,W 1" ,ff -4 " , Q 3 ,M 'I ' , " 1 ,.,,-I-11-aff' S . ' YW Y ' IT' qw Y 'V -4' fr? 4214i - ' M'-sg H.: L va! fy ' Qi' ill. JL Af ,if Y Y www-L ufu togmplzf "'E.V'V' "-Vvy. V. . '.,V f' "" "' YV-'KVM fig 4' f': " P, 'VS IVF" 'nj1n"",j'V -,'V -IV N1 .f-'.1-- .v',Q 'EV' V' V1 V T'QI7l?',V4'f QV- ' P-' '-" . ' '," - ,Z V 'f Vfzfm-FW :F 'ffl-f'fi1' L" 'Hx-? V:-ifiiv' dE5"'s-V-'G'---"W V' -V fi'V""'vV1-fVs'?f12xRN-wVV-E'J'.,-VV ' V1 : 3-1. V VV' 1 , v , 1 S L, ,V "--we V.--M VV E. 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A W 953153 ' I -Vb': gn - :" f 2' F . . 5f..E'i ' ".., - l I tml 1 I I EIEI. ,Q ,I . W.,-x.. Q 3 ,.. . A 534 " ' " W ' - , I 'I' Ms, 3 5' ' f ' . ' I ' 1,32 ' I'-', I Q " - 'L .,- - X '17 . .. ' 1 ' J ' E C. ' V5 ,flzii ' ' i A vlfv 1 f :J Q31 j fm Q24 Lf, " if ,. v 5 f . N, 1 A .wg I ,. gif . I I f I . ' I I I I I S' I , 1. 'Feel 'A N ul Y I gf,-b. , Q -1,154 . . - I ff-.I gffli- 1 ' ' ' ' , I .I I .. ' . "" V, .. , K . Q '7g111?'p-Q'f, 'i :",2'f ,LQ'Iy,,3f'5:??5-fa fd ,.3iiff1W' X I Kumi ff',f'5L 1 . . Q51 Aurora Stal? Top row: NTARTIN INIOL, Edilor-III-flIivf: JACK SCHLY-NIANN, BIIfirI",f.f Jfauasfr. Second rosu: RL'rH STOVER, GXVENDOLYN KRENIER, ELLEV Gzoss. ROBERT Toor. CHRISTINA PAIER. Third rare: HILDA IVIAY, LAVINA STR.-XTTON. CAROLINE HERRENIK, GEORGE KREYE. SHIRLEY Las:-IA. Four1II row: TI-IEA DIMIOND. CARL RUDINE, ANN STEPANOWSIQI, Kun. AIICKN.-X. EDITH HERBSTREITH. Lou-rr ro:I': CLINTON WORTAIAN, RUSSELL DONIQER, FR.-wr: SMITH, HAROLD SILx'EIuI.w. Emvxx FRIQK. 11 Q r , A! as L k , Ha N A :M 5 A , ,. Q , ' "5 l.. N , . X A an J J U' A A K., ,LQ .- , O' 'cz' ' X -, ir E, ' 53' 4 . . I' ' ' , , 1, I 7 A Y- - Q, ' M.. . ., ' K fp , 6-or H L . 1 ' Q A I 'if' I Q il A I ,T Sruzor Clam Ojfcurs I iw- x Iuxfn 1+ 1. Il: awww, Mu.1,w14.1 llnuw, l'fff1, I,usr,1x5 ID.xv1nxuN, -Il'l.l.X Kfuvv, .llu-zriunj I I un 1 an-nf, I, 1 gf' 11 Nnxuux Iunms-nu, l'ffN1.Jf'n1, lluln.nu1,x'N Kumime. Sffrfmry. I I 1 H xu -.v lm. fm, Klmunx fxl:.l,,IIm1w,'lHl1.x1Jl,xMnNl1, lwfflffflv Jimmy,-r. l xr u XX-UV-Nkl. ,lm 1. Lmx umlinxf-wx,l'm1.l1,-1,'K.uu. Mn xxx. ,-lrrmp fXIAR-IURIIC Spun ,I'rupl11-1. I2 wa. gs. Cffr' ' "f ' if L1 ,gi LAX " vi 5.: 5 1 f sa-'Var , H ft V . N 4.x,4. - ' ...sh , 1 . J .. -.g,. f.qi.,i-' ......-, YIYIAN ISABEL ADAMS 24 lowly lfzirzg, ,ffarraly formrd ar mozlldrd :I role zrillz all il! .ffl'e':'lij! Ienrif yn ,fU1df.1," Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Straight School. Member of Senior Sorosis, Mask and Bauble, Art Club, Senior Play, Ring and Pin Committee. CARL R. Axmzksox "Sprrrl1 1'.f,Sf:'t1I. bul.fil:'r1rf if grrulrrf' Born in Grand Rapids. Came to lfnion from Pina: School. Member of the Hi-Y. .XTHENE LAREE BARKENBUS U.-I lflillzr and bonrxy lafiis and a duzzzly :run vhs." Born in Grand Rapids. Fomierly attended Lexington School. Member of Mask and Baulilc, Girls' and Mixed Chorus. Draxxus VICTOR Bartsris "Hill non- my layl: if fnxoollily dum' I full-f7'y.0rlru1zr1lr:, Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Catholic Central High School. Member of the junior A. of C., Football Team. sliixoxiiz BAVM ".-In ajfalvl: and rourlrouf yfiillsniavzf' Born in Polotsk, Russia. Came from Toledo Scott High School. Member of the junior A. of C. lin WARD BENSON "To lu' jlui and bind and rrifrf. Tlzfn' ,icflid .WUC-rrljuyrrzfrzl lim." Born in Grand Rapids. Always attend- ed Union School. President of the Forensic. Class Prophet, Junior A. of C., Senior Play, Hi-Y, Student Council. Senior Boys' Gleu Club. CSRACE BEx1'A1.1, 131.111, mil: fvrilr, prrzf jar I am -for :rlwff 1-rflzfrrim in Vynlm. ' Born in Kent, England. Came from Turner School. Mc-mlier of Senior Sorosis. SARAH Bi3RKoi'1'rcH "Dark liuir. dark iyn, ,-.fJaIr, yr! bold." Born in Grand Rapids. -Came from Turner School. Member ot Commercial Club, Girls' and Mixed Chorus. LA wkiaxcig D. IEELREMA 'ill'ln1l fha!! I do I0 lu' fDrr:'1r kricuz-n, .-Ind wafer 1115 agr lo :onli my o:z'u." Born in Grand Rapids. Came from North Park School. President of the Junior A. of C.. Vice president of the Forensic. Mask and Bauble Club. Sc-nior Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Chorus. lfnionite Staff. Senior Play, Hi-Y. Student Council. Lrcitii ADEL1. l5oGARDt's 'ind and gfutlr lzfarl .tha had To rom-lor! jrzsndf and jon." Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attendcd Central High School. Mem- ber of Senior Sorosis. 13 N. 1 E.-95.11 A- . ,N W Rnsli lll-lNllll-IT'I'A lioxaksim "'T:,i :xijfr Ifrzrlq gum! lfmu iml!', ll- nrrrr ffrzng rnrrl' llmn jlrrur. ll-'rn in L'-1-ipcrsi'illc. Fnrnierly attend: ml Wnlrln-nnilw Sfliool. ML-nilser ot Si-ni. -x' S.-rnsis. . I Comm lisrnuk RL"1'u LEONA BOLITHO "ll-Ulu wrru:c'.' Curr will kill fl mi, .lull llrrrfimrr lf't',r In' mf'rry." B-:rn in Grand Rapids. Attcndml Straight School. Vicu presidont uf Scniwr Snrusis. Chairman of lilurnher- ship Cnniniittcu. Student Council NYM- Ilirc Chzurinan, Nlask and Baulmle, Hock- uy TL-Inn, Plintograph Cunnnittcc, Scninr Play, Swinnning Class. 1, XI. Boss lj rrzmzry ,gif lffjlorr. all Iwayy for mr Jn ffprn. Burn in Grand Rapids. Caniu from Graml Nh-nilwr nl SL-niur Snrnsis. l1,.i N Rapids Christian High School. Cimiuiis ,'Xviaiu' BRAGWTON "lla u11u1'n,v ::'lluIa:'f'r ln' pur,i1n'.f." Hi-rn ni Belmont, Attv.-nsled Cnnistrick Park High SCl1nul. l. likixxsox J frm' lrzxml 1- ,frm':'rr 41 l'ri1'm1'." lil-rn lllllr.xriLlR1Aj'idS. Canicfrnn1L0x- ing!-in Sclinnl, Member of Senior N-1-wie Girls' and Mixud Churus. alms! .lvl lius -Irma l3R1GH'r "l,1jr 15 u jvwl, and ull lhingf fhoil' rl: Iflmlfglu wnr1r1',ffl4I 110:01 L'no:l'1l," Burn in liranll Rapids. Always attend- ml Uniun SL-li-ml. Sn-u1'L-tary uf Senior S-ir--sis. i-. xlosiavillxig liuowx V' l'p,' myjnrml, and qui! your nwffw' ll hx' all Ill: lm! will lrnlzlflrf' llwrn in Grzmrl Rapills, Cunw frnni 'linrnvr Suhfuvl. Ms-nilncr uf Senim' Sllruqx, Xliucmx D. R. CARLSON " .I mfr 111111 lgllnlrz,-,ii o:'vr,fpfrud,' Sn!! .innlri hy I1 u mun l.'zrL1lr1f-,if lfrrdf' Burn-in Grzmfl Rapirls. Camc frnni Vina S: lil ml. Klvnilmr ul Seniur Sornsis, Furcnsx- . wlunw .X. L.l',lIlillI.l'NlJ "Tiff-w Muff: Ilia! mn." li-,rn in firanvl Rnpifli. Alway-4. attcwl- 1-ll L'rn'n1Snlm,nl. Muniljcr of thu Hi-Y. ,Imax C.C1mm1'mN "Nf,lf1l:ly if lllf Inn' mzly r'1'rlur." linrn In 'l4ulnu:ivlgg1,- 'l'1nvnship. Attunflm-rl Harm- llnxh S- lwul. 14 l , nlffi- , - -.3 - , l E I .af we w :ei H. .tw , fm. -2 -1. wgg p f ,..- .. im- gpg. yiaf' .1 JJ .f ' 1 il. , . Q ff? 7 3 ego. .' Q .W W W? tif-g ,. AQ -,ix-. . 1 'Q ti? Q HERRICR CHASE Uforzlliozigfzt and prud'rm'f are Ili! qualifier of a leader," Born in Alpine Township. Came from Sparta High School. Member Of Hi-Y, Boys' Chorus. Senior Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. DOROTHX' RIARY CHERRY "Shaz1'o:1' of an noyantr nf':'ar rams niar l11.:':'." Born in Chicago. Illinois. Formerly attended St. james School. Member of Senior Sorosis. FREDERICK J. CO1.E,JR. ".-I man of mark." Bom in Grand Rapids. Came from Straight School. Member of Senior Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys" Chorus, Chairman of Photo Committee. DOROTHX' CAROLINE COLVER "She Jpfalzf, fu'f1a:'f'5, and af!! jus! uf .tlzf ouglilf' Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Grand Rapids Christian High School. Member of Senior Sorosis. CLARICE H. COOK "Hs'Jla fool, :rho lfixnxlcf by ,force or .flsill To !nrn'Il1s iurrrnlofaI1'an1an'.f:z'ill." Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Turner School. Member of Senior Sorosls, Mask and Bauhle, Rythm Class. CLIVE K. COURSOX "I Cvonlii' frudy, I Svonla' know." Born near Pomona. Came to Union from South. Member of the Forensic, Senior Boys' Glue Club, Mixeil Chorus, Senior Play. lSVERETT CRAMPTON "I am a .mfr and fan fommanzl' ilu' !AI!'Ul!'1lIf? .lr lfafl msn tliinlc I fan." Born at Muscatine. Iowa. Formerly' attended Turner School. ZOE ELLEN CRATER i'Grar: :haf in liar .i'I.'p,r, lzfa:"n in lzrr sys, In fidry gcifllirs dxigrxily anil' 'Io:'f'." Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Lexington School. Member of Senior Sorosis. EDNA BIAY DARLING "U'lxsn rags .llinsfia foie, from hir 5:c':'zl Iipf Jivfrl rlnrnliorz flaunt." Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Central High School, Class Historian, Senior Play, Senior Sorosis. JAMES YV. DARLIXG U Th3'fai'f Ill: index of afsiling mind." Born in Grand Rapids. Attended Turner School, Member of Senior Boys' Glee'Club. Senior Play, Art Club, Mask and Bauble. E.- x . X U ' fir! ' 'Rell . 'i .-ff , X H , X1 ii 'Ya . V rt ,w "fri 35" 'i -R 1. i , Ev, r-IC,. ' L .- , A 15 i-. 4 :T I 4 s ,s. N x '-. I .1 al' . E. , W ffiii -E. 1- ,,-If-X' f ,..'i, I fr 'Arai "Ei ' 'fA 1 f 'xt ,-air 1.5 4 rl-1,-.Q ,Q 'I 1. . , , , 1 J V .,, W A. . ,. .gtaw i ' I W 0 nr. ' - pw. IQA-rxqufl A 1 'f. " ' 'v x'rQfin' 9 X if ..-M -5, I if , . 4- , .ca 'gr I.--,X Q H? Q ' 1' s " ' i . U , , . ' - I 1: ' Y! K 'X 1 f"'. - if 5' ' 198, .Y X . .,- af l ,xv Q. 6. 9' N my fi' 3 , fv N" A ,- U . ..v ,, . ,AN H hd . Y- , . ,A 'fs-5 '. -'s , 'K' ' I S- ' FV?" . vy- , ' f?'g?g-f , o",:. ' r ur. K, U ttf 'fi Q yr, ,I , Q' fsll . ,lf ,IS vm. w ' v .VE . ' rl. '1 ar, , l.l-.Suri l.. Ihvlnsux "llx' :fry Jw:r xl vnu-x-"1 u::'rx." lX..ru in Grzunl Rapids. Czuuc ,frnm l,l-xnmgh-n Sch.-ul. Flaws Rluswian. hmm-r B.-ys' Gln-v L'lulv. Fun-usiv. L xu-vmlv buff, Bgmll mul Orchcslm." 'l'nummR1a -I. llxvls "Ur zf ll um! uurmgr man." Burn in Flrlm-ml. funn' from Alpine Rural Scln-nl. Mm-nmlwr nf thc lli-Y Clull. Cmu -lOSl-1l'lllNli D15 Yovxu "Ur: :in-zr ff.u mrrnlf, madrxt muirlf -:fr lf:1ml." ll.-ru lu llrzunl Rapids. Cnmm- from Turnur Svlx-ml, Mm-nal-vr uf Svvuur S-lr.-ew, Musk null Buulvlr, Cumuu-ruml Club. 'l'u EX li1.r:.xxou Dmxxoxn "Xin lulmf Ihr ffrrullr nl :urn airuy lI'l:'f gazr npffn hrr urmx-nrt." B-.vm m Grzmll Rapids. Formerly zxttcxnln-J Turm-r Scluml. lllemlncr of Art Club, Suuiur Surusis, Uniunilu Stall, Aurora Statl, Svniur Play, Class Pulflmuty Malnagur. l'1muL'xnC. lilrxliusox "1l'r lumix' hr full frflrrll in hiy hruzl lfj: Ihr :mx lin' .-,'wL'r.- roll un! uf Ili! murlfhf' lifvrn in Ottawa Cuunty. Atlunrllm-rl Straught Sch-v-fl, Mun1lwur ut' SL-mpr l'l.xy, Scni-lr Buys' Glu' Club, Furunsixc. Klum-ll Clwruf, B1-ya' Chorus, Unlomtc Shall. ll1axxu'Xl. IJLL'c0L.r3Nsm "l um gun- mrrff lm rnrmy lu llfrf' Burn m.Gmu4l Rupills Czuuc to Uniun frum Xli-l-lmunlr. Scmwr Boys' Gluu Clulv, Sumur Play, Ffnrm-r1SlL', lllml-,1.l. I". lluxm-.14 "Hx, flrlvzvxfullfrxmrzlan'lr1fzrrr1w'U. li-,ru in llmnfl Rfllmls. Crum- from Turn-.r Slllfml. Bl:-mlm-r of L'ni-vnltv :lull Aurum Hlzlflx, Ill-Y, Mask :mul :mfl l5:lulllv, l'nfm,lU.mm1ltw,'. xlllllklzlb xlfllllli l,RUl'.Nl'l "lf, :ff lm mln! mud, .lu,l11.l,fryfunIl. fImlf'1rIllm' un, I-r M'.nJ.' liwru lu llrzlwl Itlpvl-.. lfwrmvrly zU1f'n'l'-llHrzmvllixly-1-lsfllrullzlxxllmh S lluuf, Klvmlur -ff S1-:nur Survm.. llr III l.. linrvm l. .,,fl'w: '1f, mu f.f,!ru, mul gn mlw " lifvru nm 1'vr.uwl ltqlxlw Vxuxu' frnm Vnflflifr N lwwl lil Yrul Nw. ll. Klvm- 'V-' 1.1 Sfmwr Nm' xv. lnnxu. 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Ll0ilxl'll Yllll Ipolmolu-3 l"1u'1L,w. nl lfxn' .mzwxrnlf ll .1 'nn' lunfrf' Burn in Ottawa Umxxxly. Alu-mlul Marin' lllpglx Sclwwfl. clliflkhlf Y. l"L'11.nN1 "Thr ,-prim wl aff lmifr uflf I1 ffl- lnrrfl lzrrrf' Burn m Cl1n.xp!v', lll. Vxunu I'rfIn1 Sl. klxunw. Ckqll. lvl' lfmltlmll 'l'n-um, Klum- lwr uf Bzxsktllmll 'll .nm, ,Iumwr .'X. wf Lf. Hank amfl Bgml wlr. l,II l.lAN cllQIiRl Im: ".-Ill max' :ln :Mui fm- lv umm fwfr: flour." liuru1nHrgu1'l Rnlmla. C:nrl1vlir1m1S!. Antlx-nxy's Suluml, XIL-mln r ut Svmvlr Summa, LlumruL'rLx11l kflulv. Xlxlcll,l.uLlxl,K21.x'1Z ".l um! msd ,.u1,'f hmm ,fm i...J." Burn 111 llxzmnl lizxpl-lx. All: ml:-rl L'u1-fn lflcuxvulznry. KI1-mllfrfrt Sum-r Snruvs, Y1 mu l'1uwl1.1.,x llumumu-. ",Ig',", 'lm' Jw 1,4 -,M . f,, ' ',.f: 5f:v'.l rrmlr wtf! 4.5 f,'lA,l:l..r:.u llurn nu lin' liqwlx. l'.r lv- frwm llw R41-x-l'f. llxyll NM-M, Nlmul--1' -ll' Srmfwr S4-ffm-, Xllnwl. .mll l5.mEvIn-. IhuuuxI.11.xkIxm,1mnl "llx :ffv:.l 4::f.:f: mn fm! 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X ix mx Iii-zivriucig llA1.i.1u.xY "ll,- plum lrrr hard, and murli rain Zfwizn Ihr rriizrlflrf' Burn in Drs Moincs, Iowa. Came from Furl Madison High Sclmul, Mcmbur i-f Scniwr Sufrusis, Mask ansl Baulilc. lhxiu. Ii. l'lAMlLTON "l'ir1ur qu.-xv oul of him inlu atlirr-.N Burn in Grand Rapids. Attenrlwl Stool-iirig SChryol. lla- I.liN HANSUN "Un :z-:Ill flu' Junfrf l,rl joy In' nn- Uffilirfdj .Xu -Irrp till morn, :z-lien Youll: uni! l'Im i nn' 1m'rl." Burn in Chicago, Illinuis. Came from Vwimlrzil lligh Schnnl. M-cmbur of L'ni--mtv Staff, Athlctic Council, SL-niur Sffrmu, Cuius'l'1,xN llixxsux "l'lnrl' up llfy fprrili, Irml: rllrrrflllly upnn mr." - Burn in Glurnimgc, Norway. Cams frnni Stocking Schnul. Mvmlmr nf Senior Buys' Glue Chili. I.,x Yiiux C, ll1eA1.n "Nu nur :1 Im Lvxrrz' him :wnlzl lux llrm 'ilh ujfrrlallmf' liuru in Z1-vlzmfl. Calm: frfnn Straight Tw hmil. l'1m'ru ill-.RHSTKI-lI'l'll "Sn-rrlnru, lfulli, and xwry ynnr Thr rjvr may in u mnmnil rrach :Ind frail alnlirulljx in llrf jun." Burn in Gramvl Rapids. Fume frum Turnvr School, Munln,-r of S1-ninr Snrnxi-,, ffurmmfrrizil flulm, Uniunitf' Slnfl, IH l... . , I . r- vxf, wi 4cn4 x s i -I .A v 1' , I C 's A l 4 . Lp ". If it , .,- i 111' 11I-l.I,Y 1111111111111-, l111.11x 11 KI I 111111.11-1111111111 1111- 11-11r1, 11111 111r111f11 url." 1111 111 111111111 RAI11115. C 11111' lr11111 N 1r1-11 111-url SQT111111. C,x14111.1x1- ll.1I11,11111-11,1 ll11'r11.'1111 1111,'1111'11:1111111l'1'f111 11 .111,-.111.1.,.111.1,-11... 111, 11111111.1111 Burn 111 1111111-1 R:111111x. C111111- 111-11 XY1111111-1111111S1'111.111. 1511111111-r11f S1111-1 Surwsxw, S1-111111' P11153 S1-11111r 1l11111111111 '1'1 1111 .X11r11r11 511111. 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'ul c,r- 6- ' N Af? J, 'JT r U x ZX- lli-Qucx liAl.snlicx "RIN in rffuluzri :mu .-hi. flu! prlfiilxl mid ,iin1plf'." Born in Grnnml Rzipixls. Cmnt' from .Xlpinu Arcnuu Clirwtinn School. Moni- lwi' of Cuiiiiiiciwiaxl Chili. X-HRX l'fi.1zxnia1'n lilil,I.l2R ".Yollzlug.1 :raf r:'rr url1if'r'riz' frlllxolni rr1ll11zfiu.l1r1." Born in Gmini Rnpifls. Came from Soulli High School, Mc-inlivr of Mask und Baulivlu, Senior Sorosis, Cnninwrcinl Clulv, llxkuix' KETCUP.-xw "pl kx4rxd,1rn.fl1r11rl,u .ff-irrl lziyglr, l'lmI rnulfl noi jrar, anrl imnlrl' 1101 lvo:z'." Horn in Grand Rapids. Came from lmninnt High School. xloslzml B. IQING "lla had rllinzyf 11 11f:z' rr,iourff." Hails from Shenanrlnah, Pennsylvania. Cams from YYliit0 School of Shenan- mloah, lxlemlicr Qi' Ffirvnsic, junior A, of C., Ili-Y. Senior Buys' Glcc Clulg lllI,I7IiGAlllJl'. .X. Kl,.Xll'lE1'Ell "Thr murfu-I+ :vlzffll lzcr pruzil :z'mluJl1l." Born in Grziwl Rapids. Caine- frqni Slnvkimg Si-linnl. Mcmbcr ol Sunmr Smrosis, Mlxwl flmrus. Rlfrn lixnm' KNAAK " lfnru -mr fin ruff flu' Inwrriuil ll'ill1 i'rm'i'lfrFl'17l,Cl'llllllS41l'1IU hold." Br-rn in l lxfilzneli, lYisc-nnQin, F01-my-ply :ith-iimluvl Turiiur Schuul. My-mln:r of Suninr S-frmis, Conimcrcial Club. liivrnicuixiz lxcoux Rom: "lh',fffnl.'li ii llzr 111.41 r:l'l1uf1'71E.f.-." Burn in flmnl lliiiii l-Q. Fornicrly 11Lu'n'lvl f nlfllfrwk Bulirvrrl, lX'lr'mlvL'r mf Coninii-mul full, Suniur Snrnsis. RlYll'I'l.l. Lois lioirrux "CMA-f-ri' if lwrzriri-' an arf, a nollls lV'l1llf'f." Burn in flrxinfl Rnpils. Formerly alll-n1lv"l l,m.1mgtun Svhnol. Mcrnliur uf Surimr Surfms, Cmnmurcizil Club. Ix'1.lAl,l1,x liiumf Hlloff' lzf'r lfliruri :"ru2 1z'l1r11 llzry vymiwwl by nm,- Tlzmii -la m ni-nrff nur, uf ,ihf nmrfliw llwm ffl-r 7'ln'yi,l1liw yilfiufl nl flu' if-my flour." Burn in llrrmil lllipi-lx Clllllt' frnm lm?-.xr11'lwii Si lvfwl, Claw Muiwiuiani. fllwmlii-r ffl Snniffr Suroii-4, l,lirlS' kfhnru-N. flWI.YIJfll.YY lQl"l'lI Klllihllili "Hur rmufl lfnwlurfr nndvufflrrlly If, rm! In nw' .'1lmIl1f'fallwlvulu 'Iii- lunff, lful lu ill! Iwllul lfr- i'lrin'Iy at lmnflf' Burn in flmnfl Rapids. f':una- frnm l'nn,- S-:linnI. S1-irvmry nl' Uninnltc Smll, flurum Stull, Sn,-rriglnry uf S1-ninr fflznw, KI--nilwr ul' S1-niur Snrmis, Fnrfgn--1:-, Simnr Play, llnckr-y 'll-lun, Swimxnimg Cla-ss. 20 'Y . 5-iw , .. r ev. .V K , A V xx A ' Q , r I GEORGE NV. Kkrzvic "lean hr fuirlry :N run fil, 70 hrar lui oul-aj--Iuilnnn will?" A hometown larl. Altt-nflcd Stocking School. 'lrruusurer of the lli-Y, and liorcnslg. bccrctary of thu junior A. of C-. Senior Play. Umonite an-l Aurora Staffs. -lENNlE Kkoszi-3 ".lIxrllI .nlmir mr QI' Ilry t'rr::', In l1:'t' ::'IIlI lin and IIT: :tillz Iliff lu Ilnrrprurrd plfurxlrtfllrrr. Born in Massachusetts. Forint-rly attnnclwl Pine Christian School. IQLMER lnumi-:Rs "lf :-ir1uI",f frU'rz'ere lo.fI, :rr might from your mind rxrx' topirf :z'rxI:." Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Turnvr Srhool. Mg-mbcr of Senior Boys' Glu- Club. Mixed Chorus. Art Club, Play Committee, Senior Play. 'SIDNEY lnxxmsks "Xu farpirig rrilit' inlrrrnplf ln.-' jvruligr, .Yo r1':uI.ilrI':'r,w lmljor a.frt'011J pi'at'r." Born in Grand Rapids. Attendp-l Tumvr School. Class President. Sc-mor Play, Senior Boys' Gln-2 Club, Mask and Baulilu. Forensiu, Football, Stuilt-nt Council. ROS.Xlllil.l.li LANE ".-l rmlfl by 4 rrxoffy .Hour Hal! lIIu'dn1'Ironi Ihr sys." Born in East jordan. Formerly at- tt-ntlwl Comstock School. K.X'l'HLEEN Xltxkimiuar l,xxsxr "Swim Illini' Ihr :1'orIJ Ii Im1df"u'fuv: and jrulif, ami .fo do l.'A Born in Grand Rapids. Canis frowi Catliolit' Central High School. Rlunilwr of St-mor Surosis, Comnirrcial Club. 5llllLl.l-.X l'.srt.i.1,i. lnxsim "I rzrrrr Jun' Io ILTIIK af fnrlny uf I frm." 1 Born ii Grzmfl Rapids. Came from Lcximgton School. Unionitu Start.. Auron iiuff Trvastxrcr of Senior Soma- fi-mmit-rrial Club. Ctcll. Nl. l.Izxlox 'iff' uunllubf-f1uvIr.tlurIJIrI1r." Born in Sault Stu. Marin-. Cami- from Strong .lumor High School. Kli-ml-rr of thu Football Team. .Xuxoun l.Iax',xNnnsxi "Tiff lmuilf tlmi lof'!n'4 :r::rII'.frI .nm uii:If'.r." Born in Granll Rapuls. Attvn-lt-il Szivrwl lltznrl Srhool. Rr.i'nr.r: Cxk1.l,ini5iux.xw "ffl rn,-fry ani 'J fir." Bom in Stocl-cholm, Swcmlvn. .Xlimix uttcnflul Union. Rlumlwr of thi- blow' Vhorus. lli-Y, Mixed Chorus, Si-nit-1' Boys' Glu' Club, Mask :mtl Ban?-it-. Fort-nsic. St-nior Play. junior A. ol' lf 21 "".1fA9n ' 'lbfiils' v!5:.?'r' 'I . . nts . t - 3 ,- VAX ' f . ' L. .1 It if T.. '- 1-2-5, 'x 7 fl: .vig Eff' 1... lf.' 'S . 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Burn in Marshall. Came from Homer High School, Klcinbi-r of Sonifir Sor- . 11515, l l'iiYi.Lie Noiuiix KICRAE , , . l "Ihr nirrry fir ,ilir jrfflily gan lo rmr .-Ind dill nj my ami' jollily dr:'ifr." Br-rn in Olivet. Always attended Union School. Member of Hockey Team. Senior Somsis, Mask and Baulilu, Ann'-untt-ment Committcc, Swimming Class, Rhythm Class. .Xl.'I'llliA lofi xl!-IAU "l'1il':i,ilirii' all Ihr clmirif Ilia! ll! Th.-' lii'1lJrn ,fo14Iofliurnirmy." B-irn in Grzmclr Rapids. Came from Strong junior High School. Mfsmlmer of Bzmfl. Urchi-Qtm. Senior Surusis. ll ii,i,iA Xl Kli1'r2r,iiit "l.rl ul! youd lhizivv ufzuif llim .1 lin funi rio! In bi' p'n'uI." linrn in Grand Rapids. Attcrnflcrl sin. ying sf,-h.,.,l, Ci.i.xii-LNQ xlll KSA "l 'mild lfflf. nllinf nu! of u jrllrul' ff-,lim Horn m Colngrii-, iii-rniany. Cami' from Xlnflfliuinilz School. Klcinlwr of luniwr A. of ff. V . .4 i l 1 i i 1 i i "4 3 -+.'. 'l I siigq ffl'-.4 9" l- ?, fl "Rift I I 22 .A .N .,,ff3 X33 wa me 1.,,. 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Commercial Club. VERA T'l1.1ZABE'I'l-I RoBo'rnixN ' "0rligl1I0r dark. or ,rllorl or lull, Slit' .rdf a ,rpririg 10 ,rnarr llzfm ull." Born in Grand Rapids. Formerly attended Catholic Central High School. Member of Mask and Bauble, Girls' and Mixed Chorus, Senior Play. Swimming Class. EDWARD F. SCHINDLER A'llnf:'1':'1r il br: il ,frrnzv 10 mc, 'l'1.i only nulflr 10 ln' good." Born in Alpine Township. Attended Beech Grove School. Member of Hi- Y Club. CARL -lox-ix RUDINE "ll'r floulfl I!0llllf1lf0V om' in lrur Tlifrs milf! br oflirr nnblrr :bark I0 du." Born in Grand Rapids. Came from Pine School. Secretary of the Hi-Y, Unionite and Aurora Staffs. Senior Boys' Glee Club, Junior A. of C., Mask and Bauble. xlfxcx SCHLTMANN "ll'ifdom lu' lim, mid in l1l.r :z'i.irl0m t'UH7'llfA',' Trniprr lu Illzll, and 11 filo 1111.-rlfcf.i1f.'. Born in Talmadpze. Came from Lex- ington School. Captain of the Basket- liall Team, Football. Business Manager nf the Aurora, Class Treasurer. Hi-Y. Unifmite Stag. Senior Buys' Glee Club' RALPH GEORGE SCHNEIDER "llr niprrf, ln' zlafiru. llr liar ry-rf Q! youllif' Born in Grand Rapids. Attenileil Lexington School. President of the Mask and Bauble Club, Senior Play, Student Council, Motto Committee. Orchestra. S'r,xx1.Er xl. SEmPosK1 "llr lmrmrf rinf1orilllL'r,luxl." Born in Grand Rapids. Attenderl St. Aflalliertk School. XI.-iiqoiciia GRACE SCOTT "ll'illiJunrxr1gl1ur1 and laughing flvr-, Tllul wrrm In muff: mr uf ll jlimf Burn in Hnllaml, Nlichigan. Formerly aiu,-nrlefl Lexington Sehuul. Member of l'lfx'key Team, Basketball Team, Rhythm Class, Swimrnintg Class, Ath- letic Cwunril. Sturlent Council, Cnm- inereial Clulf, Senior Srarosis. 26 ,-5 1. 'Ogg felfq R -. fam W 's O P' . , 1 I' ll,xkoLn AX. SILYERMAN "Brfpl1!uf a rloudlnf ,lummrr fun, ll'ill1 ,flalrly fluff ln' maui." Born in Grami Rapids, Camo: from Turncr Schu-ll. Treasury-r uf lhv Slack and Baulllr- Club, Forvnsir, Sum-Jr BUYS' Glu' Club. Srniur Play, Unmnitc and Aurora Staffs. Rmmx l.. 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Mn-u1lwr X . , --I' SL-ni'-r Suri-sis. Art Cluh. XL ' N XIII mu-11: L XRUl.INli Xx'lI.l-'ORD "Ill Xlutnrr Jn' fra. lull: 1 huh' 11 xlvrrvvx- .'Lnrr1.111." Irzmcl Rzlpiuls. Allumluml I.ux1uulwn Sulwul. Hvmlwr nf Scnifxr iwfuxh. WI 1,1,1.xx1 Al, W1 1.l,1,xx1s "Thr lwmlrn 141 lux mill. H I, lf-:uf uf rrglll, 111-Jun: all crrung. Burn In Grunll Rapids. Altvnjlwl 1.1-xmgtun Schmd. Mcmln-r of Ill-Y. Sv.-nwr Plnv, Sv.-ninr Bnvs' Ulu- Club, Q , 2 . lb N N C ll liS'lgl'1R 'fwif' 11 fll"" vffz Y' ,' A .y ' I' :X ' funmr f 1 ' fuk. x' -. Crime fu-um Dc Lund 151 ,' -' 4. , " -r' . X cmhcr Scnif-r 4 N .N .Ann rxulwlc, H fckuyTu:1m, . N4 g -N , ' ,." lr .'. ug . '1 'nmmi ',. Q 1, 'l'uoxx.xs Wonvrzx " - f - :wry :lm mf v Um 1 " - , Tift. kma- from "urWr S hunk . vm an-r nf Frmtlmll Tn-:mL z 1, ', XYUIl'l'AlAN 1.f.,1f rnwrz url' ulwxxw nj 11 rmlnff ,H :null-.' m,1,,m1.f,l,-." ,Y U, lxrq 1 I . In I. ."Xl1I:nvlL'rlI,L'XilU1- -ww,-Q, NI--mln-r ul' Mzwk :md , f ' :mfl Aurnru Staffs. Ifu wx kl. X1',f.1'Nu "Thr Lmml. frlrmllv, lmnrml man, 'Tx' In ruin!!! yrrul naIurf'J plan." Hwrn m VN'r',L'.'ll1r, Illinms, Cnrnc frum 'I'nrw-r S1 hfml. Mr-n1hL'r of Cfmxxlurr- ul Vllxl. KU .,,, 1 ,Rfb n N .of-Q , ' .i 1 Ns' W. "am Pxrfv , r' -X . ff viii 4 f Q Ai 'a I sl . .-. .-5.-. . ' f, ' af fl 5 Q' . - -ff! ao: igow p it I at , K ' .Y f,.:-. -T ' 'L 4.'ff"1fiEj -1 "1 1 efiifi- ' ef: J 1. I Class Hz'sf01y linwa Dwkusu 'l'ims: Day after graduation. Cinxaixcreasz High Scliool Senior xvltu has just finished the book. "High School Life," and two members of the class as Freshmen, Sophomores, juniors, and Seniors. SENIOR! I have been for four years engaged in compiling this book of High School Life. Some of you may guess it to be a tragedy: some of you may imagine it to be a comedy: but it is neither one nor the other. but a combination ofthe two, This book is divided into four parts. In part I comedy predom- inates. In it, I have endeavored to make the characters as lifelike . as possible. I shall now introduce two members of this class who I will relate the history of their experiences during the year 1921. lAs the senior turns the leaves two freshmen enter from the bookj. FIRST FRESHMAN: I think that we had lots more fun in this year than we did in the other three, don't you? SECOND Faesmmxz Yes, indeed, because this was about the only year when we weren't expected to be an example of propriety to someone or other. ls'r: And we could do many more things because of that' -we didn't have to be continually thinking of what someone else thought of us. ZND: At that girls get-together. we surely had a great deal of fun. We played so many good games in the gym, and we had our supper, AND THEN the stunts. We had a good stunt. too. I thought it was better than the seniorslfat least it was funnier. lsT: I'll bet the poor boys wished they were girls. ZND: Yes, but they had good times. too. Do you remember Daniel Beard who spoke to the boys on the subject of Boy Scouts. at one assembly? lsT: Oh yes. but on that same day hliss Thomasma talked to us about japan. She was in japanese costume, and she showed us how some of the characters used in the japanese language were formed. ZND: That was fine. And Edwin Markham, who read some of his own poems to us. was also very interesting. It isn't every day that one can see a real live poet. 1sr:'I'he saddest thing of that year was the sudden death of Rlr. Dillingham whom we all loved. He used to give us such line talks, didn't he? ZND: Indeed he did, and we shall never forget the impress he left upon our young lives. He was so interested in athletics. too. lsT: That reminds me of the athletic meet we used to practice for. Wie surely had fun learning to run fast. jump high, and turn somersaults. even if we didn't win out in the final meet. ZND: I can say that for this year we very sensibly mixed good times and study for you know that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. llixit Freshmenj SENIORIrIil1C second part is somewhat more serious than the first. I find more evidence of hard work and of the spirit of thoughtfulness than ever was shown in our first year in high school. I turn the leaf, and behold the sophomores. who will tell you, in their own words, the events of their sophomore year. tlinter Sophomoresl FIRST SOPHOMORE: Isn't it great to be sophomores. and to be able to look down on someone, instead of having everyone always looking down on us? SECOND SOPHOMORE: I should say it is. But of course we have to live up to our position. We must be more dignified than we were in the first year. IST: I think that we can be justly proud of this year. for we did lots of real work and accomplished something. 31 Q TT!! ,A-QQ" sf r' A2 ,,g" 'Sf' Av ae?-if-, T.. - .- ,J.s.-.-ae! A :H:!i4 T . V ' fl, - 5- fl 'f 'tm L 1 ' is-,Eif3iA". .2459 A-A "Ti-'ASCE 'igwf fi-1':"es lxnz Indeed we did. XYe won the state championship cup and - lsr: Yes an .l bath Coach Yost from the University of Xlichigan and Coach Reed fr.nn lizilztinazoo talked to us. ZND: They were good speakers, but as nothing compared to the members of the fontball team who made speeches when their letters were presented to them. lsr: Nlljor lfmery gave us a fine talk about his trip to France. lxnz Yes he did. .-Xnd after having heard so 1nany line assemblies we certainly appreciated Xlr. kiverest's plan of having at least one assembly a week. lsr: They were good assemblies. too. I suppose the freshmen thought more of the classes they missed. than of the assemblies: but we older and wiser students knew and appreciated the value of these assemblies. IND: I heard some girls say they liked Dean Sweeny who talked on Home Eco- nomics. lsr: Talking of speeches makes me think of hlartin lXIol. He used to receive all the honors in OratOI'y. I remember the time he took first honors in the oratorical contest when he was only a sophomore. ZND: That sophomore party we gave was a scream. After it. girls and boys alike. had to do the dishes. It was funny when the girls got at one end of the room and we boys at the other-ffat least we got as far apart as we could. I wonder if we were afraid of each other-it looked that way. lsr: I think our sophomore year was pretty good.. even if hard work was the rule and loafing the exception. Clixit Sophomoresj Sexton: The third part is more interesting. The reason for it? Well, perhaps the students had learned that "all is not gold that glittersn. They had learned to distinguish that which was good from that which was not good. They are commenc- ing to think of the sequel to this book of High School Life. They, too. are be- ginning to want more pleasures, they like to danceg but they usually find time to do a little studying---some of them even take it seriously--but I will let them explain for themselves. fEnter Juniorsl FIRST .IL'N10RZI'IOI'Il1Y part, I think the junior year is one of the most interesting. NYe have had many line assemblies, we have had parties, and our work and our play have been so judiciously mixed that I have enjoyed school very much. SECOND ,Itfx1oR: XYe really did have some good assemblies. Since the plan of having departmental assemblies was adopted, we have had many fine plays pre- sented. lsr: Among the most interesting, I thought, was the play given by the French class. called 'Le Xlalade lmaginairef Even if most of us couldn't understand it., the acting was so good that most of us easily grasped the idea. Zxnz The time that the Mother Goose lady was here, we certainly enjoyed our- selves. though our enjoyment wasn't so self-evident as was the freshrnen,s. lsr: And wt-ren't we glad though when we saw the list of prize Winners in the Xlusic Xlemory Contest? It certainly was gratifying to find so many music lovers from our school. Zxnz XYhen the Xlask and Bauble Club was organized this year, I was sure it-Q would have some nice assemblies- -and we did, too. That one called "When Ma Rogers Broke l.oost-li was fine. The club had a very nice Valentine party, and they had a picnic at Pine Island l.ake. too. lsr: XYe juniors organized early in the year and elected Martin Mol, president. 'Then we had our mock election, which wasnlt so mock after all. Zyn- The -I-Hop we gave the seniors was great. We held it at the Y.W.C.A., our gyrn not being completed. but I am sure the seniors enjoyed the party there ji:-t as much as they would have enjoyed it at school. 32 . . :C -f lf:f" pf f'--..ef.ff i ll - 4 , -A .. 1 ,f ' X ...,:f'f'f f, TTB'--J "T'T' ' ' ,.-C -ff Alb' 1 5-+ It -11,i:?T .f1'?'Lg- TT fi-ftfifif eifps Egs:4.Qyi.7a. IST: The Girl Reserves gave a nice party for crippled children. ZND: On the Whole. this year is one of much pleasure and much work. The work was not too hard, and the playtimes were not too frequent. so we did not suffer. fExit Juniorsj SENIOR: And this last year, the Grand Finale, is crowded with events more or less important, but all working to a common endHClass Day and Commencement. There are parties--and more parties. One notices that cliques are beginning to form-the students who have an earnest desire to work are together, and of course those students who think more of the frivolous than of the serious, waste no time on the earnest ones. But as a whole. the class of 192-I seems to realize that graduation is not the end. but indeed only the beginning. flinter Seniorsl FIRST SENIOR: How this year has Hownl SECOND SENIOR: Indeed it has. I think it is because there were so many things going on. lYe were rehearsing for the senior play, "The Tailor Made Man". for two months. and there wasn't much time for anything else during rehearsals. IST: But we did manage to have a fine spring party. There weren't many there. but perhaps it was better because of that. ZND: I thought that the party the Senior Sorosis gave the senior class was great. and it wasn't like the ordinary party either. 1sT: One thing, though. that was a detriment to us during our last year was the lack of a gym: and we had to have all our parties at the St. Cecilia or the Y.XY.C.A. ZND: Yes and the girls couldn't have a basketball team, and the boys had a hard time practicing, and they had to play all of their games on unfamiliar floors. too. IST: But the Hi-Y team won third place in the Xliestern Klichigan Basketball tournament. ZND: Yes. and our own Martin Mol was elected president of the Michigan State Older Boys conference held at Ann Arbor in November. It surely was a great honor because the convention was attended by older boys from all parts of Michigan. ls'r: Speaking of Martin Mol reminds me of the Forensic. Girls were admitted in it for the first time this year, and I heard they were pretty fine orators. ZND: lYhen the junior Association of Commerce was formed, most of the Forensic boys joined and they have some fine speakers at their meetings. There is always a fine turnout at these meetings. IST: Probably the boys have ambitions to become as great orators as some of the persons we had to speak for us at school. Mr. A. J. Elliot gave us a fine and inspiring talk-in many cases it found its mark. ZND: We had other fine assemblies. too. As a feature at several of them Ralph Schneider danced for us, and we were convinced that at last Mme. Pavalowa had found her equal. IST: Toward the end of the year things moved with a rush. Wie had our pictures taken, and as we gazed at the proofs. we wondered if we really looked like thatl ZND: For the girls it was the dressmaker and the milliner until their heads whirled. IST: And the J-Hop given us by the juniors - ZND: And we were asking dad for more money-- ls'r: And worrying to death over Commencement, and then finding that it wasn't nearly as thrilling as we had thought it would be. ZND: Yes, but we were older and we took everything more seriously: but then I enjoyed it, too. And I can truthfully say: "I wish all the years were senior years." flfxit Seniorsl SENIOR: The book is finished. The characters have stepped out of this book and into another, much longer and probably much more interesting fit is the book of Life. High School Life is only an introduction to this greater book of Life. 33 1 1 +5 N I1 ! I . 8. .. , QI ' -I .6 i' Us 1 " X itll x ' 'al ii m6 ,A gk. L :Q t 1 V L. , -L A -N " u' ' L if? qw if f" , 4 , I a ,. 1 , D, , s X 1 F.. 1 f' QUR EDITOR WORK Mr' f ,I!. 1: A px '1"v'A " , 'Q ,.1. Fx-.-' 1 1 X 1 Q - 1. I 1' 1 A VNV, 'I' .ll-TN V r 'lu ,, 14. A1 v 1. - X ai ' 'J -11-jf, F 1 .e, H,lv,,g3m tvY.l- 4 I - h I L Y 1 4 C12 "",J 'f 4 .1 v ' . 5.43 Hx 7 n - X' 1 . W' 1. AX , A I , 1'1' 11.-.y 3.1",. ' . . , 12 1' 1 "' ' - 14+-." ', x 5' 1, ' . , .1 g 1 r, 1 1-1 --, N Y 1 , 'A 1' . 1- 1 ' ' ?, .X 2 1'-Q-,NN 1 . 1 1' '.,, - ' . ,. , ,,. 1 "1 ' 4 L51 I xllnl, U I -.Q.1'1f 11 1 1-. N . -' ' 1 '1'.- Y- 4- ' . i,wX 1f-, , --1-f - .. 1 n -. 1 V, ' .gl,-- 11.1. ,,,,,. ' W-,P . H11 'J A 1 u Q 1 'i , , ? 9.3 ' - ' f1. . .. 1 'r' K ,1 - .. L., , 1 , ..,. is-.a 5,4--"I 'i""'f'f - ' "' 1 ' K'-. ' " t"" :4 532 ' f"' J , ' J1 '5 ' 4.01. J -3 'Aidan l',,,,,1 1-y QQ, . 1 ' x 1g,M V' X'.,," .Y5 '. 1 ,. ' ' 13. .-1. ' ' ' ' "1 f ' ' n K vin, L G,-Ur. 4 W. 14" Y, L QW! , muff- M' I V1 .1 F: , lim, -'Q ' 4 V 1T:?f. fv V.. H - 1' 31: f 'H .13-12 31-NJ.:-. J. 1 . 4 1 1 .1.' Y., ,' ..'.s f' ," . ', 1' - - . , . ., Ay, 1 ,. A 141 '- i 1 . 2' F F , 1. 91 1-,Q WIN? E1 5. LIFE' YV' 'r L - r 1 1 rv sf 9 II' V".' 'gl 1. s 'lf' N.. -Q , .4, 1 ,gif s ' ,IW 1 ,,! - . 1 '1 . M.. m I-.1 5 ..,., ."" , .-.1v. a ., . , 1 ' S- . ' J a.',n-.. ' 1 I , ' - -,rw v . I 1 An .N ,K 1 I. M: H, , - . . ff V1 - M 1l"1i 1 " f '..1'7L',D. - J -9 N ,'a.1,uif- . 1,2 U. tl." '. V 4 ,,. ,' ' 3'3- -A, .1w.o 1, -. , ,I fj'1g1-.1 15 ., ,. V, -N ,L . - 3 F .N -. fu " 11, . 4 .-- "'-ff' .. . I , VIR 'fi Y. L ' . . ,1 5' f' 1 .. - ' xl ' 1' 5. .151 . V 1 ul '..' 1 .1 5'.,.v'.,-, ,Q 1 ,1 .11 1. 1 1,, ,., 1 :M-K X ,Img - t ,-'fmf ff, ..-1 11 1 1 1:11 1587111 VH' I1 r . 1 1'xf 1 J--1' .ri 4. ,I Mi '- 11.. .4 Fri! 'f, .1:,'.u ' 1ff,1'1lk5f,:'W5 :g...1-H5 - 1 ' ,','-,n f,','1,Y'f2: 1,.4 .. I.. 'H- , .4 g,,, ,e '. ' 1 . .4-14 ' lla. 'E '. 2 . :A ' JZ ,' 'G-j4i'1 'lp .,., -,qu si'-. 11v.'- '51 r.-Maxx' .1 f.': .fi fini- .,. . 1, as-Tw' 1 .1a"'! 11, 4.. w L' 1- ' I-lu x 'V . .,,1.. ffm' yu: .w 4 .111 11 ." yu ffl?" 'Q 5. wif i 'Q I 'Y 1 A 1-N, 5 A 3. : 1- - r, 'Q 4, 1,'v..vf'7 , I-'L 2111. ' ' A ' jjfz, :1' LAX' ",fg1',v" Wk l 2.1 , , fy... A . - 'Z 'iff' . , f 4 A W- 1r'. 1 11: 3' , w., 1. pf 1 3 e . .V ,V vi ky -pf M Q- J ,,. 'N' "N x s 'H' x ,-X? 3,45 f" '. U , -XA,:'g?.,'f::ffl-'T V ,--,NTP-V--s- - -ii.. Q,,e rf- rg! ,tax :ref ' 1-,r:.'Nf--ff" " " M 'nv' 3.2 E'-' Aix ji ' ,f - X-:Lrg ----1 Q6-T -,- , : - !1:.' if--"fs: ,,.5"' --. f 'lj , . 11, - g'ff"f'ff'l..... 2612" ' ' - --:Hz5'fi33'-Le-'L'-afar-'l.'.-...V X A. L -5 5-'Yrs--ws.. Clan' 'Poem MARGARET CROSS H! That we might but draw aside The misty veils that from us hide Gur future struggling ways, Those veils that, as we pass on through Gnly disclose one more to view, To pierce through otherdays. As thus we go on, week by week, ' Attaining slowly what we seek. Unraveling our life, 'We sigh and wish we could have known ll The consequences. e'er we had sown, The troublous seeds of strife. Oh! why, in darkness, must we wait Not knowing what will shape our fate Wlhile the long years pass by, Till, far ahead the gate we see Xl'hich opens to eternity, Past every mortal tie. For then it is too late for us To change, our die is cast, and thus Our earthly record's framed, Oh! that we might know the best So, when we pass unto our rest, XVe'll be with honor, named. 36 .B . 1 . N. 5' .1 T V f -f T'J1,,5""-ff fi-T.- fT,fZ.?T T 'L-ff' TTCN .-eff? A W 9512517 -HTTCTCTL-fft-'i Cfasr Oratiorz Mantis Moi. HAMILTON AND THE CONSTITUTION UR American Constitution is not an instrument of government struck off in an instant by any one individual. It is a product of time and the work of many. representing furious political battles lost and won. Any attempt to isolate any person and credit him with the major part ofthe work would be narrow idolatry. Wie can, however, trace the contribution made by each participant in those constitutional conflicts of days gone by. IYashington did splendid work. Due respect must be paid to the efforts of James Madison and others who took part. Yet, whenever we hear the term "Constitution'i, we think of that human dynamo of intellect, that genius whom some orators call "The Nation Builder'. that administrator whom some term "The Master Builder of American Union", that composition of human flesh and bone to whom learned writers refer as "The Framer of the Constitution"-I mean Alexander Hamilton. It was he who advanced and upheld the principles of a strong centralized govern- ment: it was he who, with Providence to direct, played the leading role in that great drama entitled "The Building of a Nationn. At an early age Hamilton left college. Soon this gallant lad was to be seenbrav- ing the storm of conflict and the din of battle, fighting for the patriot cause in the Revolutionary XVar. After six dark years the war was over, the enemy banished, and the hordes sent back to the land whence they came. Then out stepped this young lion, new worlds to conquer. He realized the many tasks that were yet to be performed to make this land a land of the free and a home of the brave. Very soon we find him an attorney of note. Later we see him at the Continental Congress. hurling himself into the task of helping to solve thc great problems that confronted the American people. the foremost of which was to devise some new adequate plan of government. Hamilton wanted to construct a real government. with real powersg he wanted the people to have a real Constitution by which to abide. He had to compete with men otherwise mindedg he had to overcome preju- dices, to answer reasonable as well as unreasonable questions. His pen was never idle. his voice was never tired making the people understand what America ought to be. The supreme moment now arrived to formulate a document that would be adopted by the people, a document that would be their Constitution. a form of government that would stand the acid test. It seemed to be preordained that Alexander Hamilton was to be one of the potent factors in the framing of this Con- stitution. the Constitution that made it possible for the United States to become the greatest nation ofthe world, as she is at the present day. But we must remember that the building of this nation. founded on a Constitu- tion, was not accomplished without a great strugglcg and that it took time. patience. and skill to bring about this great project. One of Hamilton's first steps was to arouse public intcrcst in the defects of the existing "Articles of Confederationv. Through his infiuence. john Lord tells us. a general convention of states was called at Annapolis, for the purpose of providing means whereby the public evils could be remedied. Only five states sent delegates. 37 . ag . r - W' iTe1fiTsH.,-.f" F V. ,164 of I fig? 2-f'if"2.5f ' Etefi K ef? TSP Did this discourage Alexander Hamilton? Not in the least. He immediately drew up an invitation which the convention sanctioned, summoning all the states to assemble in general conference at Philadelphia in hlay, 1787. This gathering at Philadelphia was a most memorable one. Fifty-fourof the master minds of the confederation were assembled, ready to work, eager to formulate some plan of government to supersede the inadequate existing one. hlany had plans of their own. and presented them. Klany plans were rejected. Three weeks of intense deliberation passed. Finally Alexander Hamilton arose to address the assembly. All eyes focused upon him. He arose at the psychological moment. It was a time when the discussion of the adoption ofa strong centralized government as opposed to a government of the states was at its highest pitch. From the minute his first word was uttered to the conclusion of his speech he commanded their undivided attention. For six hours he held spellbound that convention composed of the ablest men ever gathered together for a like purpose, while he expounded the true principles upon which the government of the United States should be founded. He forcefully advocated a strong national government with Executive, Legislative. and judicial departments. It was his great ambition to give strength and permanency to the federal government. He urged a stronger plan than was his desire to see adopted, in order to offset the detrimental spiritof radical democ- racv that was dominant in the minds of some delegates. He said: "Real liberty is neither found in despotism nor in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments". His address gave new inspiration to his colleagues. How far reaching it was can be summed up in the words of Guizot, the French historian, when of the Constitution adopted at that convention he remarks: "There is not in the Constitution of the United States an element of order, strength, or durability which he lHamilton,l did not powerfully contribute to introduce into it". The Constitution finally adopted was a great compromise, but it incorporated those fundamental principles for which Hamilton so valiantly fought. Now came the Titan's task. This Constitution awaited its destiny at the hands of three millions and upwards of American people, who were to adopt or reject it, through conventions to be held in the various states. To Hamilton fell the gigantic task of leading the fight for constitutional ratification. He boldly accepted. With the aid of Madison and ,lay he wrote a series of articles, later known as "The Fed- eralist". in which, after deep study and investigation, he skillfully urged the people of the states to adopt the new form, impressing them with the fact that the proposed Constitution would secure them the benefits of Uliberty, prosperity, and peace". These articles did much to mould the minds of the people in favor of the proposed new governmental plan. Then came the New York state convention at Poughkeepsie, where Hamilton was the victor in the greatest forensic triumph of that age. Hamilton here faced the strong batteries of George Clinton, who bitterly opposed the Constitution. He, with his small hand of high-principled followers, was opposing Governor Clin- ton who dominated the powerful political machine of that convention. Forty- tive delegates were pledged against the Constitution. Hamilton, with but eighteen adherents, was for it. New York had to be won over, for without this great state the adventure ofa new federal government would have been a dubious enterprise. Those were the days when political bargaining was in its infancy, and men had to be won over by sheer force of oratory and intellect. To this Hamilton had to resort. Again and again he arose to his feet, at times to defend his principles, and then to unfold some new constitutional phase, thereby prying open the closed eyes of his adversaries He was fighting against overwhelming odds, but with his brilliant speeches, unfaltering courage and perseverance, after six weeks of fighting, he wore 38 -N, W .au S 'gy ag- 'V J V lv ,f ,ry , . .--I -1 . . .,, x, 1 is ' y 'za' A - ' ,Jaw-4. X K, gli l,:,, T-.QQQ-il . ff 1: Ag,li3,,fi4-Y,?,f:."if?"i9TL rs: W- - .-Y 'Q - 4-ilfli' if ' " 51T "ii--T' ig--1-5 W-4 :Agff - ,,.,,,-gf .-4:-?,b - fl -a Y- -4-G J.,....... away enough opposition to permit the passage of the Constitution by a bare majority of three votes. It was a great tribute to the commanding genius of Alexander Hamilton whose dreams of yesterday were now taking actual shape. But, the greatest task was yet to be performed. The Constitution had to be proved workableg public credit had to be established. iYhen the new government was put into operation it carried with it a foreign and domestic debt of 854,000,000 and a total state debt of S25,000,000. enormous liabilities to have for a nation in its swaddling clothes. How was this financial difficulty, which carried with it the unknown fate of the Constitution, to be met? The crucial position was that of Secretary of the Treasury. President Washington. realizing the need of select- ing a man well versed in financial matters, who was familiar with the Constitution. called Alexander Hamilton to this important ofiice. It was in this position that this young minister of finance actually saved the Republic from bankruptcy. and proved to the world that the constitutional experiment was a success. ' In January, 1790, Hamilton presented to Congress his report on "The Public Credit", in which the financial status of the infant government was vividly por- trayed. He immediately set about to establish ways and means whereby the foreign and domestic debts could be paid in full. To strengthen the bonds of union between the states he urged and finally secured the assumption by the national government of state debts incurred by the various states during the Revolutionary XYar. The idea of a strong national bank sprang from the brain of this financial genius. The principle of putting the major burden of taxation on non-essentials and luxuries was also of Hamiltonian origin, and reimbursed our country's coffers. The receipts from the tarifi, created through his efforts, greatly diminished the national debts. Through Hamilton's untiring efforts the nation's credit was established, and confidence in the new government under the Con- stitution was assured. Such was the contribution made by this one individual who consecrated his life to the cause of indissoluble union so that this nation might be born and cared for in its infancy. Little did the people of that day realize that this Constitution as adopted by them in the year 1787 would be recorded in history as the greatest political docu- ment ever produced, the document that made possible the work of George Wash- ington, the first leader of our country, of Abraham Lincoln, the preserver of the American Union, and of that exponent of constructive Americanism. Theodore Roosevelt. It is this Constitution upon which our Commonwealth is builded that every true American must hold in reverence and in respect. Klay God grant that we of the present generation shall not shirk our duty. For one hundred and thirty-seven years this instrument of government has been assailed from many sources, but it has withstood all forms of attack and stands today as strong as the rock of Gibraltar. 39 I III ll I I I IIIII l I IIII44 mfr . El Ll EX lllllll lllll lll llllli i lllllllllllll lllllllll'l' "W f 1 'lll Mi. . ll llllliillllll gh ' ll iii iii In I I Iliiilli li liilillflllii .fl,v5an1hfy Cwllftfllddl'-SL'71l.07' High School SEPTEMBER 13-Lecture, "Social Life in India" ..,... PROF. E. L. GOONASAKARA SEPTEMBER 25-Educational Film, "The Prehistoric Bandelieru OCTOBER 10-Speech. "Fire Prevention" ......... MR. XVALTER CORBIN LTCTOBER IS-Music, Community Singing, Song Folders .... MRS. BURNS, Chzzirnmn KECTOBER 2-l-Dramatic Reading, John DFlHliXX'1lYCF'S "Abraham Lincoln" MRS. HoRTENsE NIELSON NOVEMBER l-Tableaux. "Familiar Literary Friends" ...,. Miss BETTES, Chairimarz NOVEMBERl1?lDI'3l'l1ZlIlZElllOIl. "Marketing and Table Service" . . MRs. SLAGHT, Cliairman NOVEMBER l-l TXOYEMBER 224 IDECEMBER 10 IDECEMBER 22-Festival, Christmas Carols ..... -l.xxL'.xRx' 10-French Play. "Les Americans a Rouen" . . wl.xxt'.xRy 31-Fducational Film, "Seeing: W'ashington" FERRt'.xRx' 17-Five-minute Speeches, "Good Citizenship" , FEuRt'.xRy 23 F T 1 i ' 25 1-f - - ii. ,P 4Lecture-Recital, Detroit Symphony Orchestra LBRL x at -Educational Film, "David Copperfield" ERRL ARX - -Girls' Assembly, "High School Girl's ldeals" xlARCIi Inspirational Talk, "Young People the Wlorld Over' xl.XRL'li F-lnspirzitionzil Talk, "Our Standards" . . . . M.xRcu l3fContest. Orations . ,....... -Lecture. "Fire Hazards" .....,. ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE Dramatization. "Becoming a Citizen ofthe Lnited States", Miss JONES, Chairman IDECEMBER 4-laducational Film, "lulius Caesar" -Awards. Presentation of School Letters Hockey and Football Teams Miss XVESTENDARP, MR. TRUEsnALE . MRS. BURNS, Chairman Miss SCI-IOLES, Chairman . . STUDENT COUNCIL . . MRs. EDITH RHETTS HOME ECONOMICS DEPT. . . . MR. H. HOLNIES . , MR. A. Il. ELLIOTT . MR. GRAY, Chairman Miss NEUMAN. Chairman Rlilllll IN-Dramatization, "The .Xwakening of Amy Bryant" .XPR1i. ll1fContest. lnterclass Debate-Seniors vs. Sophomores. , .XPRII 23-Playlet, "The Boy Will", Shakespeare's Birthday .XPRIL 25Aliducational Film-"AIeH'erson Memorial" M xy Tfliducational Film, "Wild Life in Michigan" . . . MR. Il. B'l.GI1iLEVRAH' ' Inspirational Talk, "Loyalty" . , . . . , DR. lf. F. OSBORN MM' ln- MR. GRAY, Chairman Miss MULDER, Chairman Iiywrz ll!-.Xu':irds. Senior .Xwnrdsi .i . . . . . . MR. DEMMON, Chairman 5ipi"l'l.MUL llL'lf2Hl-.R f'7c'rmxER llLTf:I4I.lL Xo'.i.MnE Xfw.i.'.iui. X11-.LMRE dyxmizhly C6lZt'll6Z76l7'--IfZl71i07' High School R 21,-Educational Film, "The Prehistoric Bandeliern l'l-Music, Community Sineine, Song Folders . 2'hflJl'1lHlZlllC Reacline, "Abraham Lincoln" . . ll 2-Tableaux, "Familiar Literary Friends" lk 7!lJroinzitizzitinn, "Marketing and Table Service ll l.i-lfdticzttioiial Film, "Roads to YVonderland" l,l.t,l.'-llllzll 44l'iduczitional Film, "Julius Caesar" lJi.ci.'.iiil'.if. Zl-Festiyqil, Christmas Carols .... ltr' ww lx-1 ww l'f.lii1lxl'N l'll5l" ww l'1iiifl wil ll 4l"reneli Play. "Les .Xmericzins :i Rouen" . ill-liducatifinzil Film, "Seeing: Washington" ' ll-l"ive-minute Speeches, "Ci,od Citizenship" , ' 2l-4l.i-cture-Recital, Detroit Symphony Orchestra 2gTl'iL.ll.lCLlllUIl8l Film, "David Copperlieldu Xl.-.vt u I4 aCffritest, Uratiuns ......... M wen l'I'-Drziiiializalilin,"Tl1e.Xu'akenint: Ol' .Xmy Bryant" Xrvii 74fl'l:iyleI,"Tl1e Buy Will" . .... . .hI'l"ll.2f Xrvii, ill' Xlxi S -l -lfdiicatirmal Film, "Jefferson Memorial" -Music. Musical Program .... Jrumzitization, "Conservation of Resources ll 'ri 'I l'in:il-. llllllfrf llluh Pruurani ..., 40 llflfclucationzil Film, "Food for ReliectiOn', "School Lunches" . NIRS, BURNS, Chairinaiz hlRF. l'l0R'l'ENSE NEl1.soN . Miss BETTEs, MRS. SLAGIIT, . MRS. BURNS, Miss Selioties, Chairman Chairman Chairman Clzairmavi S'I'UDl:ZN'I' COUNCIL . MRs. linvrn RIIETTS , MR. GRAY, Miss NEUMAN, Miss KflU1,lJER, . MRS. BURNS, Miss PERRIN ss LSAlll'l'2N'l'lElL, v Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman "5 i ,Lg , .f ,ff--V fa!!! K' V Q, 'Mr ,. W ,..,,-- ,AF I 75,4 46,51 , L 'TT fb f 'gif l Ali 15" 1' f 'm ,gli WZ? W K r?'?'5L riff? Qiig' uf glliof KI.xRTiN Mui. NIGN High School students were fortunate in having an opportunity of hear- ing the International Student Secretary ofthe Y.Kl.C.A., A. Elliot, deliver a stirring address at a school assembly held Klarch 5, in the auditorium. An appeal to the students for the further development of a clean manhood and a clean womanhood was the keynote of his address. He pictured to the interested listeners the important part that each could play in the stamping out of certain conditions that have in some instances wedged their way into high school and college life. The speaker urged the extinction of such habits as smoking and gamb- ling among the youth of today, declaring it islhabits like these and others of similar nature that tend to pull down, ifnot checked. the high moral standards of American youth with the inevitable result of the disintegration of a glorious American nation. Xlr. Elliot impressed his listeners with the fact that this gnawing at the pillars that uphold the moral principles of this Christian American nationmust be stopped, and appealed to the students to do their part in this great work. The result of his splendid and helpful address is the spirit of "Elliotism" that has per- meated our school to such an extent that his name is still to be heard emanating from many students who have pledged themselves to the work of perpetually reviving those principles that Mr. Elliot so forcefully expounded. 41 332 W "J Cai? J ima Q Q GHSQUB JUHGSISEAPP JU IJ 1J J 1 .U J . il' t.2,?fi0C,5'fha,."' ?,2C52e'+fZ5Z?1J7Zn ffi'Jn..f1Qi "5i"d0g5 ffTL.'E3.,f""5'cX1? he S 2 55 T 2 I H 5 K ' L F ' ' T F, I L F IZ .1,J.fJ .5JHJQ 1Jg. JJ, if Umfizl 21' "ns 5"UASf.f fe2,g1is.:zit, ie-ag:zae.4f?,.i,5aatf 3 ag f :?2E'V Jgjj Aj, 5 E If F F Elf V P' G QM If V V' I VP "l'L m, -1514.54 I Q1--'N Ju'-est of 1llsf.hoolf.,to 2 and all xhi vest who'veJ aagaiaagiairzig Fig I I' ll'FI' S ft ft: f' P-41g V .nl i r J ii on sub-rv.-:L-eld I lo th rules of- - fer theeou est In 5 ,iif x -Jg1QliJ-HJ-1.iJl g-I YHIQ gig 3g -1' as QP HHH! Fw 5 2 .:,, Ill A. - . , V V f' :QQ : .: -5, 4 j 3 j If-rr-1- VF FH FV EF., Q-Ji! J ha'edfi1Wf'tEjafE'wiEm I f-F F ll r F T f f .C Q SSENUIQHEA YE!-Md WUULUEGUT5 M10 TARDINEM N Eb ,nxftfavfgife fx I J, ff, L: 5 h X3 ' QU ISH I Hove Yes-I Q SP0 ,S Q :- -- . '1'2 - - , fkfisofos' f", A IS WNCONVCNIE Q gg M ,, as 4 - ' ,Q ' iff! ff of 7 ll . ' 25 ' X f . ...4 -"A ' .LE -Q mi ff 'A' 5 19 ' f .. , ,,.J -- ' " T Aw FSE?" .. ,,,. .. .' 'I 'THE 5 N R P Y MJ' Q I I -I .,1I f -a gh" 1 L' H - -' ' T. 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Gm: I-1 W:-gnu, Vn,n..x P.u.:x1lau. Rwrn 'I'mMlsRM,xN. Smzz'or,v ,vfzwal yfary ago. 44 V 1 C is 3 D Q Q lf- 'Zi o' ne- 1 . 4? : 5 , x or ' "W 1 . 5 .1 X ,aj A ' x ,-' 0 -gf , 4 2 Q Q Q' Q o - . -' 4 'L Q ' , x..1 . - X i -. r 3 , 3 ' ii, X , .X f , .A ' '-.Q',1- V N , , X - , X h., ' . Xrv,-1' ' ' ... Q ,Q V 1 as f 9 0 ' 3. , 40 u- .. -- .1 -1 I , - pg- cf , . . .J- S - 2 - , , A , .. Q- u- x . , 1 .. 94 lt' A! W' - su 0. 2 1 fn." - Z lly-J V' E gi ,1 1 . - ' f' s w F Lll.1.mx K:EERLlNli. Rl'l-IHEN I.mElu1.xN, II1x.nIi4:.xRma KI..kXX'IliIER, I1.,x Bxuxswx. Su-ull Bl-ikxnvln n VERA KELLER ,IEBNIE Bnmvx, Enxx lJ.xk1.xx1z, Rvm Elusnx, M.xkx'S1.xwxcx.x. El.x'x4:k.x li.-Xl.l.RUSl'l, Vx-ilu Rumnlnxx, Clnxkn I-1 Cm-x. Hu,n.x XYAY. Iisrnlak Buunm, X :nexus HEXYHR, Hliu-.N Klllllik, Iiuxm' Dl.uaoll1xsxl. xl.-KRTIN MUL, HER!!!-.R1 XX-l',SIX'Ehk, Mun I-:x.l..x N.xlLm.xN, L1 n u nv, Bm:.xkx+l'x II.xHm.n 'I'nlen.xl'n. Ilmz-1'xln'Clll4RRv. Cxkl Ul!l.N'.XN, 111.1 PY Vwn-I. Esrmcu Rqmf. Rlulll Slmlvk, linux Faux. l.l,1 Lx I'-4.1, IXXICI-I .Xvxvx Hou' Ilzfy onfr forkrd. 45 . UNK? EIGFQQQXND QQZMHDS Aww vq Q, Lf. - 6 77 M2551 fx K-w I g ,114 Fr QF VO' VN 1 N . MARTIN MOL, EDITOR 1 JACK SCI-IUMANN, BUSINESS MANA ff 1' '-xx 4' ' -of x A' ld EQNH' -Q ,,ff-"1 fu- ' -1 -K. .-s .----- -A., - I Q11 f- -W ..: yi i f -,,..:,3 3 : QT WA., ,L1tJm,-,,,..,fiL-,.H..,gL.f.Lpgi?ig:h "ff H L' rj-Egg-iT-i'T2"' V7, '- K2 . 'M Lf ' ' "Q", -' jj' f of , , ..1 Y: - i--1-s.s:fA-fwgfsf-er' " A -. --'f .,-,.....:, Cfass Tropfzeqy Q o X 0.0-.-. ago . ,O N i .Vu r-fi' I 'fir' Sum! Ifrlward I?fn.m Il SETTlNGI"IlClICIlfSHl at the "Jerome" theatre in New York. Curtain rises with Mr. ' Lucifer singing and the director. Edward Benson, listening with apparent disgust. 'I'lMEZ'lq.lQ. Ii. B.:That will do for now Mr. Lucifer. Iam not so sure that I have a place for you now. I'm sorry. Mr. L.: Is that right? You certainly are turning down some very good talent. But then. if you don't appreciate good singing, I suppose I'll hnd others that will Good day. lIfxit.l ' B.: Good-by. Some people have queer ideas of their talent. But he's-- 1Enter Dorothy .Iones.J D. NI: Mr. Benson, I have arrived to take the part of the heroine in your new play. Lf. B.: Ohf you have, wellvlefs see-you just read this passage from Shakespeare. lPicks up book and gives it to D. JJ D. bl.: That's easy. I learned to read in the sixth grade. QReads and places emphasis in the wrong places.7 B.:That will do. Iam not so sure that I have a place for you now. I'm sorry. D. VI.: So kind of you, I'll be in tomorrow. fExit.j lfjnter Marjorie Scotm KI. S.: Are you Mr. Benson, the director? Ii. B: Yes madam, at your service. KI. S.: Well you see-I heard-I mean some one told me-I mean-well-I want to work. Il. B.: Oh! that is it. What do you think you are qualified to do? RI. S.: Xiihy, I think, maybe I could be the leading lady. B.: Have you had any previous experience IX'Iiss-er-- KI. Marjorie Scott. B.: Miss Scott. XI. S.: I once took the part of little Eva when our church gave "Uncle Tom's Cabin." and I had a small part in the "Tailor KIade Nlann, our senior play at high school. li.B: Did you really give that play when you were a senior? That's odd, that was our class play too. You know when I graduated in 192-1--. Xl. Twenty-four! Why that was the year I graduated! If. B.: Isn't that strange. XI. S.: A coincidence I should say. You see when I graduated from Union High School - Ii. B.: Why Xliss Scott- that was the name of the school from which I graduated in 'Z-I. Xl. S.: Odd indeed that two cities like New York and Grand Rapids should have two schools named just alike. Ii. B.: GRAND RAPIDS UNION! Nineteen twenty-four - "The Tailor Made Klan". Why'-Yes you are, you are Nlarj. Scott. NI. And you? why you are lid Benson. I should have guessed. 46 QE ff' v 'ee ,ff .ff ,fee ..,, V., . .-.Mi q,..- T- Y 1. 41 f if, f-A M,.r:T:..55:. Y X, A-I - ..4-f K 1' be I ...4-.,N,ff:1?"?7., 4 g fe fe 'Y Y . .V a -sg: ' - -':l'1'5'f - " 711-fi" T - gf- j'T1'5-6-.3 mtv' 'if'iiE""":1"l'.'fL,L,J-F: 1. .f.1'ff?5ZZ E. B.: This is a pleasant surprise. Tell me about yourself. lYhat have you been doing the past fifteen years. E. B.: As you know, I am a director here, but tell me about yourself. Rl. S.: lVell, live been what you might call a country school ma'am. Life seemed unbearable in a small town, so I decided to come to New York and try my luck. E. B.: You would have done well to stick to the home town, hlarj. NI. S.: But why? Zoe Crater, and Yelma Cvilmore have become famous models in this very city. Wihy couldn't I become famous? E. B.: Yes, but very often one is lost in obscurity. Remember Norris Porter? He came to New York to win fame in the law offices, but he is now a policeman in lower New York. Rl. S: Oh, speaking about policemen, I heard that Edith Herbstrieth is traffic manager on the canals of Yenice and- E. B.: Yenice? lYhy Althea Klead is running a rapid transit line on the Canals of Venice with Kathleen Lanski as her chief gondolier. lYhen I was there they told me that Reuben Libberman and Yincent Xlatulaitus stopped at Yenice on their way to an elephant hunt in Africa. KI. S: Yes, I have seen them since they returned and they tell me that Isabelle Adams has a hair dressing parlor in the heart of the jungles there, and that Jacque- line Winchester and Esther Bolitho have a corner on the monkey gland market in Africa. A thriving business that. Fi. B.: Speaking of the wilds of Africa reminds me that Avery Bragington is keeper of the kangaroos at the Chicago Zoo. He tells me that Harold Silverman has lbecome manager of the American Oceanic Shipbuilding Corporation in New Yor . XI. S.: Harold in New York! E. B.: Yes and Harriet Hill and Elvera Kalrose are managing the city dog pound in Columbus, Ohio. hlarie Gentz is chief embalmer and ambulance driver. KI. S.' Several of our class mates have found their life work in Columbus. There is Harold Thebaud who is a clerk in a Ladies' Hosiery department, and Susie Tulos who is an artist in a smart modiste shoppe owned by Edna Darling. Edna tells me that Lavina Stratton is one of her wealthy patrons. E. B.: Chicago has claimed Dorothy Cherry and Gabriel hlullian. They have opened a chiropractic sanitarium in the suburbs. Arnold Levandoski is chef for their sanitarium. KI. S.: How thrilling! Achefl Did you know that Willard Fales is a famous matador in Spain? E. B.: Really? KI. S.: So hlae hloderman tells me. You know she is traveling with the Ring- ling Brothers as a lion trainer. E. B.: So Mae has followed the show game? By the way-Adam Rakes is now managing the new Empress Theater in Grand Rapids. He says Yivian Halliday recently played in the old home town when she starred in, "How Could You Eddie?" Xl. S.: And Marcella Noneman has won fame by dancing on the green at Palm Beach for the benefit of tourists. B.: Speaking of Marcella Noneman reminds me of Phyllis McRae who is principal of a Deaf and Dumb School with Lawrence Beukema as her secretary. Can you imagine that? Xl. S.: No, it's too much. Marcella also told me that Myrtle Korten is con- ducting a school of Russian Ballet. Gwen Kremer and Rosabell Lane are her star pupils and Helen Kalsbeck is understudy o'f the academy. E. B: Russian Ballet-Wonder if they ever run across Ed Schindler. He's running a barber shop there and is patronized by the followers of Henry Dlugo- lenski. Henry is leader of the Reds in Russia. M. S.: My he's radical-but not any more so than Yernon Hewer, Fred Cole, 47 :QV I ff, -X. .V-X .. . ,X-N.. V gf'Tif,-f5"fIQ, 'iff Ears.-A----peas...-.gal ' ...stgffz q rl ,ii ffl f Lee: e-2 5:55 :raises ff and Elmer Lammers. They have formed a bank of revolutionists in South America and call themselves the "Three XIusketeers". E. B.: Remember Christina Pater? She is teaching shorthand at Old Union. She says that Robert Toot is a professor at Vassar. RI. S.: Vassar? That's where Clarence Tracey is teaching physical education. A great number of our classmates have clung to athletics. I read in the Chicago Tribune that Helen Miller has been purchased as pitcher forthe ChicagoWhite Sox. B.: She's not the only one. XYhen I was in Kalamazoo, hIildred Quinn was still clinging to aquatics. She is now janitress of a swimming pool. KI. S.: Wilma Oosting and Thelma Lowitsky have just signed a ten year con- tract with the City Fish Klarket to retint all returned gold fish. If. B.: Speaking of fish. that reminds me of Karl hIickna. I hear he is about to step into his fifth matrimonial venture. but he is not the only one who has followed that course. Lyle Evans is now president of the "Heartbreakers h'Iatrimonial Bureau".--and Loyd Hill has married a Follies girl. One of the few tragedies of the class of 'Z-If is the case of Laura Steinkraus who married a hfIah Jongg salesman, but she vows she is more fortunate than Leona Evans whose husband has golf Klania. KI. S.: Let me think-Oh yes, it was Iris Bright and Jessie Brown who gained much popularity by making an attempted flight to hfIars. I believe that happened about the time Dorothy Novak was divorcing her third husband. E. B: Ruth Knaak is a stenographer in the House of Lords in England, and she tells me that Helen Hernacki and Beatrice McKee are running a rejuvenating parlor over there. XI. S.: A paying business indeed. But did you hear that lX'Iarie Stegenga has be- come wealthy by playing the Roulette at hIonte Carlo? VVho would have thought KIarie would have resorted to such a hobby? But have you read of Vera Roba- than's last speech in Congress on Anti-Suffrage? She says Rose Boersma and Grace Bental have taken over the government oil fields and Vera foresees another Tea Pot Dome scandal. B.: On the shady side of the law, what? If reports are true, Katherine Glimn and Fraser Paterson are doing likewise for they are running a "drug store" out where the three mile limit ends. XI. S.: Cora DeYoung and Margaret Gross have completed an elevator which runs to the summit of Pikels Peak: and Charles Huwer has perfected a ventilator device for cyclone districts. B.: lYhy it was in the cyclone districts of Japan that Hazel Owen and Vera Keller emmassed large fortunes selling overcoats. XI. S.: Louis Orth has recently returned from Alaska by airship. He served as ballast. When I was playing in Seattle I met Louis and he told me that George Ifulgoni had devoted his life to teaching the Eskimos how to play the violin. Leone Yan Dyke and Bertha Gingrich are running a millinery shoppe there. Ii. B.: Philip Wiasserrnan is now editor of the New York Times and in a recent issue of that paper I read that Shirley Lasha filed notice that she "would not be responsible for debts contracted by her husband after date." XI. S.: Yes. "The Times", kept me in touch with more than one of our old pals. I read that lidward johnson is on the Canary Islands as captain of a government training vessel. li. B.: I suppose it's a case of island lure againf Russel Donker is leading a sur- veying expedition to the Samoan Islands. Russel wrote in his last letter that George Kreye is a medicine man on the islands and that Ray Peterson is an ento- rnologist in that vicinity. Can you imagine Ray chasing bugs? KI. Uh. the South Sea Islands is the place where Karl VVest Went bankrupt trjpinu to sell hairnets to the nativesg and speaking of bankruptcy, Stanley Sem- 4s I 'Talk-. ,ff aff! 'v' .ef -r M . ,,. frq- V F, x,M1-ppJ s. !:,,'.bA,: Kyrie. . . :JCgi,,..q AQ he-ref S B ,Ji H ffaffffmrrf .aaa P31 T 1 ffefai ' 12 ff"1-J:5Q13l- N--:aa-:sich fl, J poski and Roman Skrzypcrak lost a million dollars which they had invested in a "magic window washingl' company. E. B.: Rolland Wialsh has become famous by his ingenious invention of a talking Jews Harp and Vllilliam Tate is the rival of Victor Herbert and is leading a band which plays for Yictor Records. Wiilliam Tate says that since Leslie Davidson has succeeded Fritz Kreisler he has taken to the concert stage. KI. S.: There are quite a few of our class who have settled near the home town. LaYerne Heald has a farm near Hastings. and the papers state that he was recently defeated by the checker wizard of Hastings. John Champion. E. B.: Ruth Lindberg and Hilda Rlay find consolence in their later years by being caretakers of a canary farm and are bitter enemies of Elizabeth Spencer and Blary Stawicka who are raising pedigree cats in a nearby city. Xl. S.: Earl Hamilton has become a cow-puncher. He is running a dairy farm near Rockford. E. B.: Speaking of cow-punching reminds me that Klaurice lYier has a cattle ranch and a donkey ranch near Colorado. His ranch is near the place where Yliilliam Wiilliams is raising chamelions. KI. S.: And ofcourse you know that lXIary Yiet is leading the City Klission Band on Campau Square in Grand Rapids. By the wayfdo you ever hear from any of the class by radio? Just last night I tuned in on station "YRU',. It was Con- stantinople and Everett Crampton who is the Sultanls Advisor was broadcasting. Everett said that Ralph Schneider was almost about to dance for His lIajesty, the Sultan! E. B.: I got Paris last evening and Caroline Herrema was broadcasting. Caroline is general information clerk to a teacher in the public schools there, and she says that Coral Boss was to mend the Gargoyles on Notre Dame Cathedral the follow- ing day. Coral finds the work of a steeple-jack very fascinating. INI. S.: Yes, I hear that Clive Courson found the occupation of undertaker in Egypt, Very fascinating too, but he has wired for funds to return home. Illl tell you one person who is running true to form-Jimmy Darling. Remember? Class athlete? He is coach of football at Yale. E. B.: I saw Jimmy a short time ago and he told me that Clemens Klickna is a professor of geology at Yale. Sounds like Clemens doesn't it? Rl. S.: Yes. I read an article in the paper to that effect. I read in the Scientlic American that Clarice Cook has a patent on a hand propelled "Scooter" which is demonstrated by Dorothy Colver and Xlarian Carlson who make daily stops be- tween California and New York. Rhinehart Krause is station-master. E. B.: I hear the "Scooter" Station is in the subway beneath the YYoolwo1-th building. Carl Rudine also holds a high position in that building. He has archi- tectural offices on the top floor. He designed this theater and he told me that Ralph Nadolski and Carl Ohlman were window cleaners in the building. KI. S.: Goodness! They are high up in the world, but I hear that the Golden Gates have beckoned Klorris Pushkin and Sidney Lammers. Morris is the owner ofa pawn shop and Sid has succeeded Valentino. I believe the senior play started Sid on his career. Clarence Redlon, as a successor to the late Luther Burbank, has settled down in the Golden State where he has a monopoly on the Bleeding Heart Market. E. B.: And Glen Ude has at last obtained his growth. He is a famous prospector of the Yukon. I saw him in New York recently when he came all the way from the far north to attend the wonderful Ballet, Helen Hanson has assembled and Glen says it was worth the trip. Xl. S.: Ellen Groff is principal of an institution called "Finishing School for Sena- tors" and it is to her that we women are indebted to sit on the floor of Congress. fProudlyj and- Speaking of women coming into power, Irene Elvey has been 49 l . if "' l4lililNp,q,-.- ' vtfj ' " , W ' - "H -J-': 'ff' 'T' l 64 -s eggs li Lelt -i,,----ca. +A-, ff .5-Xsw s -- e.-1f::1 ?fgffffZ- ' ' '1-nQQfsj2,f::Eig1,isel9cTg,,: , LGT" - - - T f?::4 'T -...- -1-KL'-Z'TL.-L. -...il'f..?5:""T" "-7 T737 --, e'?f9..u-Quai assigned the superintendency of Grand Rapids schools, and Clarence NVolven has followed his calling by becoming a janitor at Old Union. E. B.: Irene recently went to the Pacific Coast to a teacher's convention. She says she stopped in Salt Lake City where she talked with Sarah Berkovitz who is a matron ofa home for old maids. Sarah says that Ruth Edison and Lucille Bogardus have finally settled the question of masculine hatred by becoming converts of the Klormon temple. Nl. S.: Some time ago I read that Joseph Fryear, successor to the late Eugene Y. Debs. was arrested on the charge of labor agitation. E. B.: How excitingf-but I heard that they could not prove a C386 against him. His attorney. Frank Smith saw to that. Leave it to Frank! Glen Johnson has just returned to the States from Switzerland where he ofhciated in an international track meet. Glen reported that Nina Misner and Mable Palmer won the peanut rolling contest up the Alps Klountains and Clinton Yvortman proved himself a gallant horseman by riding a mountain goat. Xl. S.: I also read that I-Iildegard Klawieter and hlildred Droese were running a barber shop in the prison at Jackson and that hllartin Vanderveen was "Court Photographer". E. B.: llell give the boy credit for his nerve. Don't you remember several years ago when Frank Zegunis and Joseph King started a boiler factory in the East, and Mildred llilford started a tin whistle factory right next to them? Rl. S.: Yes-that was a case of "leave it to the women". And "Ted's Placen across from the old school. "Them was the days". Edmond Dickerson has taken that little place over and throngs of students can tell you about "Dick,s Dogsn. By the way, Ann Stepanowski has stepped into Miss slaekson's position and is now teacher of art at Lnion. Ila Branson is also teaching there. She is teaching kinder- Qarten and often assists Stewart Pierce who is a teacher of Public Speaking. B.: I read in an Agricultural hlagazine that Ruth Johnson and Katherine Koen have a thousand acre egg-plant farm in hlichigan and Erwin Frick has become a confirmed vegetarian and is operating a truck farm out near Coopersville. KI. S.: It was a surprise to hear that hlartin hlol is hlayor of Coopersville, but Klart always did think of duty before honor. B.: Charles Timpson has also been honored with a public office. He is the Ifire Marshal of XVhite Cloud. Xl. S.: Of course you have read in numerous papers of the international scholar- ship that Ruth Stover won. just what we expected of Ruth. IC. B.: The last I heard of -lack Schumann and Roger Skutt, they were piloting a fishing schooner between Newfoundland and Florida. Jack Writes home that Xlarion Kloore and Klarie Kliller are Canadian detectives and are now on the trail of one. Herrick Chase, wanted for selling batterless pancakes. Smooth boyl Xl. S.: And Dennis Barstis has astonished the world by writing classics. Ii. B.: Dennis writing poetry? Illl bet it is nothing very serious. XI. S.: And Thea Diamond has also entered the literary class. She has written a bookf-"XYhy Nlen Leave Home"-and she confesses that Grace Thomasma was her inspiration. E. B.: And Theodore Davis is running a day nursery down South. Taking care ofthe girls used to be Teddyis hobby. XI. Well his hobby has become his vocation. Likewise Alvin Northedge has given vent to his feelings by editing a book on "The Weaker Sex". li. B.: Sounds like Al. He should have taken his spite by going into the organ grinding business with John Cederlund. john is doing a flourishing business at Coney Island. Xl. S.: And Athenc Barkenbus- -She's way over in Arabia. You know she married a missionary and when she was home a year ago she told us that Ruth SO ' 1 "1' ,f,, " . , 5" ' ' , - ' 42-ff' Timmerman was breaking horses in Arabia. Athene came home by way of England and there she saw Julia Krapp, and julia, our class musician, was playing a mouth- organ in Westminister Abbey. . E. B.: The class election must have inspired Julia. Carl Anderson nearly made a fortune manufacturing peanut whistles. but Richard Oudersluys and Martin Peterson, his salesmen, conspired against him and confiscated large sums of money. IXI. S.: He would have done well to follow a simpler form of money making as Yiola Palmer has done. She is owner of a fifty alley bowling alley where she employs Cecil Lemon as pen boy. Cecil always was speedy. E. B.: Herbert XVestveer surely has done justice to his ability. Heis owner ofa Radio Dish washer company and his business reaches the four corners of the globe. Xkhy--just last week, Jennie Kroeze, his private secretary. returned from Greenland with an immense order. In Jennies interview she stated she met a Mr. Harley Ketchpaw there who conducted her over his ostrich farm. She also told of the novel ice-cream parlor that Helen Page is running in those regions. ' XI. S.: That was an original idea. but Henry Ludwig has shown as much origin- ality by turning out a state championship football team composed entirely of Elementary boys. E. B.: I have read of the great Henry in all the eastern papers. I also saw Jerome Baum's picture in the paper last week. He is about to head a large con- struction company into South America. Alexander Plachecki is Business Manager and errand boy of the company. XI. S : So Alex has finally settled down. William Xletzger has settled down too--in Sparta, Rlichigan. William is a street cleaner. E. B.: More talent lent to public service. Yerla Park has a contract with S. S. Kresge to stand at the main entrance and attract young men to the jewelry counter. That girl's face is her fortune. KI. S.: I understand Lillian Geerling has taken advantage of the airplane fad and has erected an aerial dome where she charges a dollar an hour for parking space. If. B.: Graft! But it will only be a matter of months before that fad will be for- gotten. It was the same way when we went to school. All the girls were having mannish hair cuts and now Esther Roth is making fabulous sums restoring hair to the heads of bald women. XI. S.: On the other hand Grace XYebb has quite an establishment where she dresses and bobs men's hair, since men have taken to the long hair craze so vig- orously. I lf. B.: By the way, when you arrived in New York did you notice the ticket agent at the Grand Central Station? XI. S.: Oh. yes. The station -no I don't believe I did--but I lljicks up hat! li. B.: Bessie Truesdale is filling that position GI. S. rises! and' -but you're not leaving already, are you Mari? Nl. S.: Yes, I believe l'll take your advice and go back to Michigan and the rural school. lj. B.: But really I think you will like it here Klarj. You see listher Xkiest is a model for all the costumes we use in this theater and Yiola lkest is the designer and you would not be lonesome. Xl. S.: Xoeal donit think I should be lonely but- -well -I guess l'd better go back. If. B: I've a jolly idea--Qgrabs coat from hall treel we'll have lunch together. flixit both.l Sl Nov, 9-"Are you going to the senior meeting? Vllhat is it all about? Rings!" 23 f """ 'I i-Nl A ,ffiii . K 2 M ,--- .-a , - -- Q A,-5N-- Vi Vrizriikmlfiaiy "' M',f,.:0f?1! ,Af. if-E' ffrii-gg,.a.f afar A --A EAS" A A fri- 4 ......,L Senior Jlfoce Eleefiorz P7't'fH.:'.fY Girl . . . ISABEL .ADAMS 1It1?1d,fOH1z'.f1BOJ' . HAROLD THEBAUD .lloyz Popular Girl . KlAR-IORIE SCOTT .llofr Popular Boy . GEORGE FULGONI Be.fz.1ll-Round Girl . RUTH STOVER Bz'.Vl.'1ll-R01lHdBOJ' . SIDNEY LAMMERS Girl .Jflzlffr . . RIYRTLE KORTEN Boy -lrlzlfir . . JAMES D.-XRLINC Clay Pen . . EDMUND DICKERSON Clan Shark . CLARENCE XYOLVEN Clay.: Dunve . GXX'ENDOLH'N KREMER Clary Opfimirr . CAROLINE HERREMA Clary Pl',f.fI-II1li.fl . RALPH SCHNEIDER . CLINTON XYORTMAN . Ci.-XBRIEL KIULLIAN . Xl.-XRGARET GROSS , . XPERLA PARK Clair Dancer Boy . Dancer Girl . Girl liamp Bl ujf . . . . ROGER SKUTT . THEA DIAMOND . RussEL DONRER Boy Vamp Girl Fafhion Plate Boy Faxhion Plate Claim Arguer . .Q .NORRIS PORTER Clan' Rough-Neck . JACK SCHUMANN Clay: Baby Boy . HAROLD SILVERMAN Clary Imeparablef JACQUELINEWINCHESTER and SIDNEY LAMMERS Quielesz Senior . HENRX'DLUGOLENSKI Mort Talleatiee Senior RIARY STAWICKA Cmnt Girl . . GRACE THOMASMA Cider! Boy ,.,. GLEN UDE Clary Cut-Up . . PHYLLIS MCRAE Clan Anything . . EDWARD BENSON Th'l7Z1lE.ffBO3' . . . ROBERT TOOT Thinnert Girl . LUCILLE BOGARDUS Baby Girl . DOROTHY CHERRY Senior Year Cfzronicle CAROLINE HERREZAIA Sept. ti-School opened. Sept. 7-Enrollment in classes. Sept. Sept. 13-Everybody trying to study. ZS-First senior meeting. L'Sid" Lammers elected president. Hurrah for "SId"l Nov. 14-Which ring shall the class wear? Nov. 22-XYe learned through an assembly how to become citizens of the United States. Xov. 24-Hi-Y program in auditorium big success. Xoy. 29-Vacation. 1-XYe heard a report from Ann Arbor. stating that our old friend, "Mart" Mol was elected president of the Michigan State Older Boys' Conference. We always thought you were pop- ular. "Mart'l. Dec. Dec. 4--XYe enjoyed seeing the film "Julius Caesar". lv-Hi-Y boys told us about the convention and the Unionite delegates gave a report ofthe Dec. C.P.A.C. convention at Madison. Dec. l-I-Going to the party? "Sure". Dec. ll-Christmas assembly. Dec. 22-Vacation. holidays an' everything. Jan. 2-Back to school again. IO-We enjoyed the play given by the French students, directed by Miss Scholes. lfeb. l-The personnel of the various senior committees announced. l"eb. 12-The Student Council gave an assembly program. Marjorie Scott. Hilda May, Ralph Schneider. Sidney Lammers, all of our tribe, gave speeches. Martin Mol acted as chairman. lfeb. l3-Senior meeting, 'LMart" Mol elected Editor-in-chief of the Aurora, with Jack Schumann as business manager. Most everybody pleased. Shall we have a spring party? lfeb. 27-Senior meeting. Election of class day oflicers. l-Discussion of the spring party. Wlho is our photographer? Jan. March March D March -ll e heard "Dad" ILlliott speak. lflwlfolders Or albums? Heated discussion on photos. March H-Annual Spring Party. March 15-Oratorical contest conducted by Mr. Gray. Martin Mol wins first honors. April 9-Mock election. lsabel Adams, prettiest girl, Harold Thebaud, handsomest boy. .-Xpril ll-Senior Sorosis party for senior class. We should like to thank you for the nice party, Senior Sorosis. April lfri'lIllCl'ClBSS Debate. The seniors were defeated. April 23-llelen M. wore her hair straight. What did it May 'IA Richard Sporte and Mariam Schley sent to Ann Arbor Press conference. May 25--Class Day. 1 June I9-Commencement. Hairdressers made money. S2 do? Rain? ?? H g r gmm QE? mmf ffilgkm-' mi cramf Wu L ,Q CQQQWUE fx: -vkf 1 1 . L J jx X fqbwi K f f .7 fc- N- 4 'IIN' rl J A f 5 . V c y KWW X NN ' 7 F M , .. ' f 4' ' A " ,H 5 , 5 +1 J f , ff. ww- ,fp 3 , NV 4,3 It 5'f1c'wf 9 N 1 llrllpwl, fifty. 14 Q-411-4.......g . ff' .5 'SI-3.52539 'N 1, 31 , Y ' 1 A' 5?-?f?'fii .R 9! ' M 5 D' " 'f1fV"' '5 -h f l JL M 'f --.Jig v, e,g:.,,i.-- " .-ff-, . ' :':::1:::a:::::: ' W N 2 , W H 1 ,' , + f I .L I ,ff-M 'iff' . 7' M - l ' M W plvlv , ' EEBEQL if K 1' i I ,QQQQQ :ff fw v 1 - if f"' I i - H rf .-.. ' 'fix ' ' ..-:f?'l" ' ' lffj' " 'ggi 3: '-1513.2 V L Q 'V -P - '-ijg . ':.ft.ff .,'g. + VII, 1+ ,gum New .5 ab-n 3 '7'1 3,3 C' '- 1-.f 'SY' A Q .1 I Jlfk' .ffl - -W. !'..4' ..'. Y ' .1 v . "-'.', . . . ' ' J w 1 - .5 3. ' ' . . .-x f 2 l I , ' lm -H2 M A ' , 1 "'1s:aa:.,4 ' 51, ' f ' ' -' If ' vi j F R 5 " F--g. , L- 52: ,.. . 1, mv lf: X , ,, 72,5 '- - 3 QQ .515 .13 u'rZ.ga'QfIj'iTEf"2l1GQx ' V ' lL ., V ,4 H f ., . f ' . ,, -44? ' .. - '-.2 f f , '4 4 - ' ' ' ' - J . f' ":- - ,V -:J V, ' 1:1 ' - , 1. ' I,-3: IP f .V .Ip -1,-x rg, , lahf I ,gay-5:1 1 mga fyjyykzi -f, ,Sky ,I p P I' .J P .'A ' , . -' .- ... A ' .L fgmfifz ng-,P '.-'.- gr. fwfvl- .f-Hi' .J -I rx' Je- ' . ff 7, 1. v . Q- - f N,-iE'q?3.g,-S ppp -f,g,,1"p.-.-ZIP "' 2 .g'- r-.-v ...fm -'M - ' .1 U,p'l A4 w.'r...:1 ..--H -'-'dm ' - ' " ' -' " 1, Q.. ' -L, 5.-. - - , - , , L-L. ygfg' " Af ' ' '- f 71YL'V - -- ,qsgzw , "1 ' 5 77 'f' L ,. ' - "2 J -KB: 'E "f '31 . H Q 515.325 rm -, fi' :A ' ' ' W' " - ' -'N' --1' 'J' . 5" 1 .ffl I W. ,swf 'fit , 1 ,LL rv x wig' 'J P' 9 '11 4 f 4 .. -+ J 3 .1 'A 2 " w ' 4 -a 1 Q' Y I V J .ef ff V l- -XF . X ta.. 'fu' xv Q Q ii A Y?Y.'-JY l rfilw ,,, 44 if , f""""' ' fwfr" Jw, jig, a - V if f-ff ' ' .., Q'- bronos Birsxix J,x:u15sFku3LlNG Klxkuxr Sem.:-Lx H1K7ELTHIEI. zmior Clays JAM!-is Farm ING '25 HE junior class was organized early the first semester in order that the students might have a better chance to become acquainted with one another and with the facultv. Although handicapped by the lack of a gym for class activities as a whole, the juniors found many outlets of activity through the Girl Reserves, the Forensic, the Hi-'I . and the Junior Association of Commerce. The two social events of the year were the Junior Get-Together party and the Junior-Senior party. As the school gym was not available the Junior Get- Together was held in the Y.W.C.A., through the courtesy of that organization. The other big social event of the year, the Junior-Senior party, was held early in June. It was the first function to be held on the new roof playground of Greater Union. lYith its Chinese decorations, games, and refreshments, producing an interesting oriental atmosphere. the party was a striking novelty. The juniors, as usual, had practice in editing the hlay number of the Unionite. Judging from their "Sense and Nonsense" number, we think prospects for a good school paper next year seem bright. Ulflfl CICRS, l923fe 192-1 lJfL'.fl.dI'71f ......... Gannon BYLSMA l'z'cf prffzlimzl. NIIRIAM Sci-ILEY Sfcrflary . JAMES FRIELING Trfamrfr . . HAZEL FIJHIEL 54 Fitzsimmons, Ruth Glocheski, Earl Ahlberg, Russell Allen, Leora Alyea. Charlotte Armantraut, Henry Anderson, Carmine Anderson, Ralph Bailey, Robert Baker, james Barkley. Earl Batts, Gladys Baum, Rose Bauman, Gilbert Bauman, Malcolm Beisel. john Bentall, Alfred Bialkoski, Roman Bloom, Robert Boersma, Sydney Bogardus, Ruth Bookholder, jake Borst, Mildred Bowen, Mildred Brinks, Alice Bronkema, Ellie Broncek. Frank Brown, George Bylsma, George Carlson, Fred Champion, Harold Chase, Herrick Chase, julius Clark. Opal Clemens, Ervin Clifford. Cecil Clorlee, Martin Coleman, josephine A. Corlin, Arvid Collet, Grace Cornwell, Francis Courson, Enone Crowley, Thelma Cusser, Wilma Davidson, Carroll De Boer, james De Boer, Leona M. De Bruyne, Richard De jong. Marion De Looff, Katharine De Maar, Hattie De Maat. Marie De Pree, Nellie Deurloo. jeannette Devendorf. Lottie De Vries, Paul De Wlaard. Otto De Young, Fred De Young, Ruth Dickerson, Frank Dohm. Lois Drasin, Abie Dykewitz, Irene Dykman, Gerald Dykstra, Henry Edison. joseph Egbert, Helen Eldridge, Harold Elenbaas, Elizabeth Elliott. Gerald I2-I grade Glocheski. Harold Medendorf, Helen Miller. Betty Sutkaitis, Blanche zmio rs Elson. Elizabeth W. Engman, Esther Ernsberger, Elaine Fahnle, Erwin Farney, W'illiam Farrar. Edna Ferrand, Louis Fitz, Marcella Flora, Howard Frazee, Raymond Frieling, Gertrude Gedris, Richard Gezon, Bertha Gill, Hilton Glazier, Laurel Goulooze, Cornelia Goulooze, Helen Grady, Ruth Grinczzel, Florence Grooters, Evangeline Grublauskas, joseph Hackmuth, Buryl Hall, Hazel Hamelink, Adriana Hankinson, Pauline Hansen, Christian Hanson. Lester Haskins, Edgar Hausser, Curtis Heald, Purdy Heald, LaYerne Hcntschel, Louisa Hice, Hazel Hilton, Maxwell Hintz, Irene Hokanson, Evert Hoogerhyde, Dorothy Hoover, john Hautman. Morris Hull, Mort Hutchins, Donald Huwer, Alice ldsinga, Mildred ' lng, Gwendolyn jackowski. Frank johnson. Donald jones, Edith lialer, Helen Kardas, Frank Kasianawicz, Anna Kawka, Edward Kirkwood, Donald Kitzinger. Russell liloet, Wilma Koen, Clarence Kohles. Genevieve Koopman, Xlartha Kowrack. Florence Krapp, NYilliam Krause, Reinhart liriekard, Gertrude Kuenzel, Arthur Kulhawik, Alex Kupris. Margaret Laansma. George Lamoreaux. Fred Lamphear, Ray Lankamp, Dena Larkin. lla Lawson, Henry Le Strange, Marion Leussenkamp, Henry Ley, Arlon Lifschitz, Abe Lindeman, Henrietta Lodge, Bernice London, Esther Looman, Clayton Loosenart, Angeline Lowe, Kenneth Lypps, Marion Alalmberg, Arnold Mangus, Harold Marsden, Frank Martin, Eldon McEwan, joseph McKay, Frank McLean. Donald McMahon. Dorothy Mervenne. Melbourne Meyer, jeannette Meyer, Bert Miller, Harry Minema, jeanne Montgomery. Richard Morris. Marion Muth, Herbert Nardin, Esther M. Newell, Bernard Xewberg. Dorothy Newton, Robert Xiggle, Alfred Noble, Esther Noble, Irma Norton, Merritt Oakes, Margaret Olson. Helen Orlikowski, Theodore Otte, Marion Owen. Beatrice Paauwe, john Palmer, Linnea- Parker, Lennie Pasikowski, jerome Passmore, Lila Paukszthes, Charles Pearl. Hartwell Pekarsky. Morris Peterson. Helen Post, Crystal Postema, Fred Ouackenbush, Lila Ranger, Franklyn Rapp, Ellen Rasikas. john Rasmussen, Raymond Raymond. Ruth Read, Mabel E. Read. Yirginia Ream, Adell Rector. Ella Remes, Abraham Rensland. Walter Riewald, john Rings, john Roetman, Mabel 55 Werkman. Marguerite Rogers. Carroll Roth, Ruth Russell, Charles Rydzewski. lYalter Schaubel, Raymond Schaubel, XVilma l.. Schley. Miriam Schmidt, Rose Schuiling. Marion Schuitmaker, Fanny Schuur, Clarence Schuur, Gerritt Scoby, Eli Seastrom, Hazel M. Shepard, Donovan Sherman, Leo Simpson. Marion Skutt, Eleanor . Smith, Bertha Snyder. june Sobczak. jane Sporte. Richard Stank. john Stegeman. julia Stokoe, Clark Stokoc. Kenneth Strockis, Alex Sukstus, Ann Swanson, Arne Sweeney, William Swift, Ernest Swoba, Helen Termeer, Cornella Thiel. Hazel Thomas. Edwin Thomasma. Ann Timmer, Richard Tisch, Wilford Tloczynski. Dorothy Troeger. Harold Yander Lind. Marvin Yander Meer. Peter Yander Yeen. George YanderYeen.Theodore Yan Dyke. Robert Yan Krimpen. Arie Yan Kuicken,Rayn1ond Yan Yliet. Alice Yelders, Frederick Yolz. Lester Walsh. Rolland Warendorp. Fred Webb, Ruth Weersing, Helen XYeining:. Edward XYepman. lennie lYerner. Charles Wesselius. Dorothy B. Wikstrom. Oscar Wilder, Eula Winick, lsaac Wisneski. Ray Wolfer, Harold Wotalowicz. Frank Yost, Hazel Young, Glen Zindel, Lucy L. Zweedyk. Peter fl ff i 'Y ,f "KA -xr lk in -ff" 'fJj.Q'f 'C , aw- A., A ff-' f'iiLE,,,,,"-f" 'lf -1.555 V ""i1":4ilEY 'Exif ' ....i..,.. orefwom' OT every boy and girl has the treasured privilege of graduating from high school. After four years of high school life we are about to be granted the joy of this privilege. Cut dream of yesterday has actually taken shape. This has been made possible mainly through the untiring efforts of our teachers and our par- ents. May these pages reveal to them the extent of our school activities, and in years to come bring back to us those memories of high school life which we so fondly cherish. -Martin Mol-- Wimmwxmgm Wm! emma f .rg Ll f L-we: '+V V , lf '45 I' HK. .N f A ' " "N f' X 'xwfs "ix " g ' I V1 ' Q J 'mg ,-'ies faq' 1 , ,ffm . 1 ' , 'vw.,,N.-'x, '-L :lk 1511 X f gryt, gf x - Ip w .8315 Q Y. an 2 I tx f X -X, ., H -f N ,J - ' -fi ----:ff Ar- S . 4 35:1 fir! K ' ' 31 .M ' r '-M J 1 -,. - ' 'N' g. Q" 2 5 29 'wrswbwt I KW - w an v ' ,, ':- . :::::-:'::E35:55g: 'fj- 502 3 "1qgM9gM5 lv YB? . 2" k - 7- D Qaagxwyfigf 'ygqg 1- f . m .--' V rx -- 2fffW'!"' - "XHg.4'lg + mi wail? M- ' A -9 - A VN' -5 75991 - l'f! Wi" :iff ."" f. '..fi- va 11 -5 -1'-SLM?-T-' ' r " I ,av i ig! - 22231146 "gf: I 3, -f ' .-751 -, 1'5" ' '. '5-1'f!1fKw'-,nf-'15 ' .125f'7ff,",,c'lTi-?5.1qE'.,., N,f'1ijI',ffJ3"1f"?55 .Y -qnfiisxn. , .. ,N N'-Li ... . I . v .ua f ' :u,wp-1-ty - er N' 75 5 5 1-'A 'fu ,J 5 Q 2 ' -L uv u:J1:n:z:n wd ID 5' ' -,ily If 4! -f 'NF M 7 Y Y YY, "7 Y Y F- Mil- 4 77 fi? 4,f!f'- Sl Q iggie o 11 c"iQ , fi ,i31i,ffr? M. Adomaitis, Anne Ahlberg, Ruth Alford, Sophia Anderson, Ethelyn Aniszko, Agnes Antel, Florence Armstrong, Esther Aspegren, Harold Averill, Robert Balback, Sara Bale, Eleanor Ball, Frances Baltes, Eleanor Barnes, Ida Barstis. Regina Bart, Frank Batog, Thaddeus Bedwin, Ray Benson, Evelyn Berggren, Roy Best, Dorothea Bettridge. Arthur Bigelow. Gilbert Boarstein, Evelyn Boese, Ruth Boet, Christine Bogard, Margaret Bonskowski, Gertru Bonney. Mildred Boss, Sena Brazaitis, Margaret Brecken, john Brugh. Bernice Buchanan, Dorothy Buth, jacob Buzalski, Frances Calkins, Herschel Cambell, .-Xnna Canfield, Maxine Cassel, Florence Chrispel, james Chubinski, Floyd Coleman, Evelyn Copp, Marion Cornwell, Ruth Cross. Edwin Danevicz, Anna Datema, johanna Debruyne, Marion De Meester, Peter De Ryke. Ernest De Yoogd, Dorothy De Young, Helen De Young, Martin Dolliver, Barton Drabieski. lrcne Drooger, Marjorie de Dyskiewicz, Stanley Dunn, Morris Edgerle. Thelma Egle, Ida Eldridge, Floyd Ellinger, Russell Finklestein, Samuel Tenffz grade Flipse, Cornelia Freas, Lester Fredericks, Edmund Fye, Marion Gabus, Brono Gabus, Mary Gillis, Adeline Gillis, Clarence Gillis, Ernest Gingrich, Stanley Gittlen, Harry Glimn, Dorothy Goethal, Yaljean Goldberg, .Xnnette Goldberg, Rebecca Goosen, Henrietta Gorecki, Walter Grady, Mildred Graham, Thomas Greenbauer, William Greulick, Walter Griliin, Clare Griskait, Mary Gross, Helen Haan, jeannette Hann, Violet Haga, Bessie Hall, Meta Hanford, Yivian Hansen, Katherine Hanson. Robert Harabuda, joseph Harr, Theressa Hart, Floyd Haskins, .Xva Haynes, .Xlma Heath, Erma Herrenia, Celia Hilton. LaYerne Hoedstra, Bernard Hoekstra, Ethel Hotfert. Edward Holmes, Laura Hoogerhyde, Peter Hootkins, Miriam lrlubrecht, Arthur Huff, Elsie jankowski, Eugene jansma, Louis jaworowicz, Frank lessalungg, Lawrence joling, Delia jurewicz, BFOHU jurgens, jollamlil juskaitis, William Kallrose. LeRoy Kalsbeek. jeannelle Kaplanowski, Rose Kapzinski, Mary Kawka, Dorothy Kegrreis, Bonita Kempski, Berton Kent, Robert Kerr, Eva Kik, Maude Kloet, Bertha Knaak, Dorothy Kolkman, Geraldine Koon, Raymond Koppleman, jeannette Krause, Anna Krzyanka, Klary LeBan, hlathew Lago, Elmer Lake, Alice Lampani, Eleanor Laraway. Helen Larsen, Elizabeth Lasha, Craig Lawrence, Celia Leach. .Xrthur Lensky, George Leussenkamp, Gertrude Lewis, Ann Lewis, Viola Leyen, Frances Lohrman. Dorothy Luikaart, Thressa Lunstra, Helen Luyendyk, john Maghielse, Dennis Manni, Lawrence Marckwardt, Henry Maris, jeannette Marsh, Maxine Masalkowski, Emily Matulaitis, Florence May, Dorothy McCullough. Alice McCornell. Eunice McKay, Alice McKay, Ellen McKey, Evelyn , McMaster, Claude Mead. Evelyn Merklc, Mildred Meyer, Evelyn Michalski, Regena Mikulayicz, Magdalene Miller, Harold Miskewitz, Lucille Mitchell, Gertude Moelker, Cornelia Monje, .Xrend Moore, Yesta Xlorey, Edith Morris, Virginia Mull, lfdamay Murphy. Robert Mutchler, Robert Xausadis, Agatha Nelson, Robert Neper, Evelyn Neuman, Mary Nicholas, Geraldine Nickl, 'Fheresa 57 Nolan, Margaret Noneman, Claude Norton, Ethel Norton, Floyd Nowak, Robert Nystrom, Mildred Olszewski, Martha Oom, Arthur Oosterling, john Ormsby, Agnes Ortowski. julia Paauwe, Lena Pakter, Theresa Parks, Hosmer Parsaca, Peter Pearl, Gladys Pearson, XValter Pekarsky, Herman Phillips, Luella Pierce, Loella Poposkey, Pelagia Postmus, Tennette Prins. XVilliam Purdy, XVayne Pyman, james Quinlan. Betty Rail, Bennie Rapp, Lester Read, Mabel Reed, Evelyn Reed, Xvalling Reinsma, jeannette Richards, Helen Richter, Hoyt Riker, Clyde Rimanskas, NYilliam Riordan, XYilma Ritzema, Helen Robbins, .Xnna Rodenhouse, jeannette Roo, Evelyn Rose, Morris Rosely, Harvey Roth, Edward Rowe. llarold Rowe, Oscar Russell, llarry Sadauskas, Claude Sattler. Caroline Sayles, Richard Schmidt. lYilliam Schultz, Rose Schindler. Frank Schneider, jeannette Shinknian, Lester Seborg. llerman Siegel. Major Sikkema. Mae n Silkowski, Nfllillw Simanevicz. ,lfflm Skory. Etigellld Skuzenski. ,lvllll Smith, Gibson Q if .M h M, .V .--X .. -s-- A N- ' -V --'-'fi 'Y , ' IX Y pigs' AW . -- -Nff"'rf"':f4 - X I 51 --:ff f Lf ee"-' . be L 1 ff E, r f---f---fZi14Jf --A kgs" See- :LZ ----f: ' Il f fgl-:ff'i-.fre .4'......il:'i eg..-QF? v-ii? 'LL-H -"Q,- Sniits. Winifred Smolenski. George Spencer. Harriet Sprout. Kathlyn Spurgnt. .Xlfred Spurgis. Mary Stacliowialc. Chester Stawiek. Edward Stanuilis. Stanley Stahr. Russell Stilnli. Edward Stehouwer. Freda Steiner. Lawrence Stelter. Marie Steponaitis. Xlamie Stiles. Dorothy Stover. Marjorie Stuart. l.aYerne Tefzffz grade Suey. Russell Sutton. Helen Swilink. Herbert Talley. Chester Ter Horst. George Tliomasma. Marvin Timmerman, Beatrice Tisch. Richard Travis. Clare Twiest. Geraldine Lidell. Yor Vanden Hout, Elizabeth Vander Horn. Anna Yanderhyde, Beatrice Yanderhyde, Bernice Yanderrneer, Klyrton 58 X. X. X. X. V X. X. X. X X Ccovzlinzzedl ander Yeen, Gertrude anderveen. Gilbert ander Vrede, Edna ander Wiere, Margaret an Gorp. Loretta an Kuikcn, Pearl an Oosten, john an Popering,Leonard an Portliiet, Lenore 'eenstra, Ruth Yeit. Edward Yer Lee, Leo Yolz. Derwood XVagar. Claude Watson. Kenneth XVebster. Carl Wells, Dorothy NVest, Elizabeth Westgate, Gertrude Wvesterhouse, Earl YVheeler. Bernard NVhite, Frank W'ilder, Ernest Williams, Traverse XVilson. Unita Winchester, Madge NVinter, Lumen Wright, Vermon Yonkman, Winnedda Young, Glen Yurgaitis, joe Zaremba. jack Zegunis, Edward M 1. ' - .:nr::r:m1 'W .?.fl:'ffE'1:'-If 3413, T.Z7'7'H sq, 'vf rm -M J.'iQig:,U:b"f'i H Xvxfh IL Af UM lilu D X-fi' ' L - f , f" 'TN , vf- 'IIT gf mmmwi-f5mHLT at 1 P 11" F1 mf 1? rf' fQWn,ZgL, VNFQJQE- Qggfjy Q gi! afsgff' Q , -V X N Hia? x - fi 1 Q -Aly A' ' fkef if: Lim I , V F w fl vl W I7 Y "Fil fl t ig. xg f Y iq, 5,1 :gg ,n-I vii ,vb A X Q K 0. , 2 l 5 ,I Ll ' Al ' lm ,Wfsfz X? f w - i g , . 52.2, L , v 5 K :ga ff1f?A-fifeia J ' - Q :B -'f2f'ifI3:fg'q1i,- . . I ' WV 1,2 '.feKL'2.l,sf:---Q H '- if a l:?c f:,g5aQff+1 ' :z -115' i'?f5Qnz:?w:5i ' 55 .g an ' A-154,355.5 -' - x' 'I' N ,, 4'x,!..--Q .'e '. ,, ' fl j .w Z I " f . 1 gh 13? 1.15 V 'L4 1: - fI,?3 gd y is- , Y of V L- N . ,-If 0 0 ' X 4' F Lil ' , Q9..gp++Wt ia.a5r- 4, . ii-if-.wi:zz1:2212-wfrrf::'WTWTE' 5+ 1 M"""' Q , 5 ' ""'A""'I'if"""?i"" Sf W' , ' " '4 L if -4, Q-1 Y ,. , ,tw , Y ....-. -. '53 y sn 5 1- -QJ4 xx' J -L' Y WUT' w 154, gy I K Z : E in G- x :N QQ, Si c m, , 1 Q . 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Angelo Brown, .Xbdo Brown. lyan Buck. Alva Bullis. Leon Bundy. Fred Button. Helen Buwainis. Edward Bylsrna. Charles Calkins. Alice Campbell. Mabel Cederlund. Lincoln Centilli. Rose Chelbek. Anthony Clouse. Foster Coffin. Mildred Colver. Georgian Cfnndffn. RCI13 Cook. Loraine Cooper. Lila Copp. .Xrnold COUl'wf.rH. Luis Crandle. Gladys Cross. Glen Crowley. Purcel Crowley. 'Fhressa Czajkowski, Adam Davis. Marlette De Boe, George De Bruyn. Richard D. Delp. Shirley De Meester, Joe Deyereaux, Hazel De Yoogd, Marion De Yries. Ruby De NYierdt, Jack De Young, Lucille Dochod, Stanley Dorman, Albert Douglas, Charles Downer. Stanley Doyle. Bernard Dutfy. Leona Duiven. Dorothy Dunn, Richard Dutkiewicz, Lottie Dykgraaf, Alyda Dykhouse. Henry Eckberg. Fanny Elliott, Lucille Eness, Eleanor Engman, Carl Falicki, Frances Falicki, John Farnham, George Fausett, Harvey Fellmer, Isabel Fellows, Olga Felton. Beatrice Fraser. Leota Frick, Elsa Fryear, Viola Gamble. Earl Gerscheski. 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T'Tl:l.l'.Y KxI.I-.I+ fi ,I Rem Sion-.It, Gisoiuzia ByI,sxI.-x, EsI'III5I: BoI.ITIIo, Nlxnrm Moi., HlLIl.k Mn, HAIwI.u SII.vIiImxx Bhityoxii- Stoi I, Lxwuiewt I-3 BI-.I'IcIzxI.x. .ll..-.f I. ..f Sfzzdefzt ozmcif HII.II.x Mn' '14 CH.-XXGIi was made this year in the system of student representation on the Council. ln addition to the session room representatives, the presidents of every organization were also members of the Council. In this way not only the classes but the various activities of the school are represented. During the year the Student Council had a sale of assembly song-folders to fur- ther the community singing at assemblies. Under the auspices of the Council, Miss Hortense Neilson gave a reading of .lohn Drinkwater's, "Abraham Lincoln," and a tive-reel film. "Julius Caesar," was secured for the student bocly. Hy charging a small fee for these entertainments the welfare committee was able to keep the welfare fund replenished. Nearly fifty-nine dollars was spent for Howers for teachers and students who were ill or had other misfortunes during the school year. The committee worked with the Kent County Junior Red Cross, the school contributing forty dollars. liach session room received a copy of the -lunior Red Cross Klagazine. The assembly committee took care of the assembly entrances and exits by appointing ushers. They worked with the citizenship committee in conducting an assembly which was the beginning of a successful citizenship campaign. The calendar committee placed on the bulletin board a Weekly calendaron w hich was scheduled the important meetings and events of the week. OFI"ICICRS, 1923--1924 Prfyidfnf ........., MARTIN MOL l'z'fr PfI'.f1'dF71l, HAROLD SILVERMAN Srfrfzarjp . . . , . . I-IILDA TXKIAY 7'ft'l1.1'llf1'f .....,. FRANCIS CORNWALI, f,'lzaz'rman of ,lvfffllff I.'omnz1'l1rf TCSTIIER BOLITHO Clzaiirmazz qf Calendar Commiilrf . . RUTH STOVER Chairman qf .4.fJ'F7I1bIy Comnlillff' . GEORGE BYLSMA 64 "1 t A , qfff' i A' t Y ' . f H- - N- Q ,, , - - ' ' ' X ,K - , 5-M-5-H' , f, ' ' fQ?it 452 - s s 1 .asf-ffls fel? .ae a e, e af e lfii' f i FA"-'?' 'fig-f Y 3' 4-5112? , - 7771? Y V-3 Y evil Tap may lfgfl In right: ELLEN liktllflf, Ltisuli llwlosox, Crmrox Wo:-crxrtx, Il,tRot.o Sttvtikuw, xl.Xl.tlll.Nl B,Xl'31.XN, jack: Scnt'At.xNN, hlURRI9 PITNIIKIN, t1w'iQsoot,vs Km-Qxttcn. .llnltllr mm: Tulia Duxtoxtr, C.-tm. Rvmxti. Lxvtvx Sriutros, tlrioxutc Ksuivti, Scsita'1'i'i,os,Rt'ssrg1.t.lJoxxlait. HARRIEY HILL, -It't.tt's Cirxstc. Manu xxl S. ltt.1fLv. l.ft,iw rm-: Sums.:-:v L.xstt.x,R.xl.vu5t'ttNtei1n-Lk, C ucottxls Ili-:lu-ztfxu, KIARTIY Blot., Hit intra- .llaftat fr, Rviu Stovtik, Iidimr-oi-Cliirrg Euxitwtm Dlc14t5Rsos,CitRtsrtN.xI'trtaR.LuvkrLsgri Bgtuctiwt. The U 1zz'011z'z'e tltxt-.xoorvw KRERIILR '24 Hli fnionite Staff of this year took as its model the excellent work done by the staff of '23. which had succeeded in gaining hrst honors at the Michigan lnterscholastic Press Association convention at .-Xnn Arbor. ln November two members of the statl were sent to the Central lnterscholastic Press Association convention at Xladison, Xliisconsin. The L'nionite received the rank of third class. These students returned enthusiastic and zealous to trv out all their new ideas. Among the ideas tried out is the Student Gossip page. which. according lu the sentiment ot the students, has proved a success. ,X new plan was used wherehv the lvnionite might be improved. Shortly after the issue of each Linionite a meeting ol the staff was held to criticize the copv just put on sale. i Kluch has been gained luv the cooperation of other high school publications, Two verv successful inter-staff banquets were held. one at Strong Alunior lliglm. and the other at South lrligh School, the members ofthe respective staffs acting as hosts and hostesses. 'lihe advice and help of the faculty has heen greatly' appreciated. llc feel that the cooperation of students and teachers has increased most satisl':ictorily during this last year, ln June the stall had charge of an assemlwlv program in which reports were given bv the delegates to the Xl. l. l'. .X. convention in Klav at .Xnn Xrlwor. pins awarded, and the incoming stall introduced to the Stflltitvl. Us 2,3 lf'-"9'Z ,sf WX' X I -v- 7 fwx -' - N- 'I 'WF f """" To cjffzlvs Qxfalalie 5. Ygeffes WHOSE EVER WILLINGNESS TO LEND A HELPING HAND TO THOSE OF US IN NEED, HAS WON FOR HER OUR ES- TEEMED ADMIRATION AND GOOD WILL, WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1924, CORDIALLY DEDICATE THIS AURORA. .. , Qf -fy ,' 2 71,1 A -sl' -Q5 I ' ae- - 4. A 1- so-ar -, . -. ......s.-:fU. sr:--f'f'ff1' 45 . :CZ-At11?T I. ,ii e-J-Al -4"-" , 141: ' Y.. ' ,Y,,.- .4-Q,-.V-r---if sv Y A .4"NN.,f,,::- Z ..f.L,., EK-f-..f:::1fi:..:'5'?l2. -1' 'A Eff- 'T"L:i,.,jf-f+' jT'TTiH' 1-:"??Q.1??"I' '-..,-Li? 'A' ATi"C-4?-9:!fff 1 -- 'Lal' Jeff Selzior Orcbesfra RALr-II SCIINEIDER '24 Hlj Orchestra is reorganized every September under the direction oflXIr. George .-Xmos. and continues throughout the school year. The Senior Orchestra had the honor of playing for the first of the St. Cecilia Sunday Concerts. lt also played for the Parent-Teacher Association Concert on .Xpril 4. l924. Due to the fact that it was impossible always to use a large orchestra, a smaller orchestra was organized for the purpose of playing at assemblies and other school functions, as L'L'ncle VViggly', and the "Senior Play." The small orchestra was also under the direction of Blr. Amos, assisted by Leslie Davidson and Ralph Schneider. PISRSONNISI, Fir!! l'i0!li71,f.' LESLIE DAVIDSON, IQOLLAND VVALSH, HAROLD ISLDRIDGE, CLARENCE ROTH, IQLIZABETH SPENCER, VIOLA LEWIS and BEATRICE fJVVEN. Serond Violinf: CRYSTAL POST. IDA EAGLE, RUTII BOESE, PI-IILLIP VVASSERMAN, AIAJOR SEIGEL, lJOROTHY HOOOERHYDE, ILA LARKIN, .IXRTIIUR BETTERIDGE, ERNEST lDERX'KIE. Cello: RALPH ScIIxEIDER. Viola: ERNEST CTILLIS. Cornetf: JAMES ISRIELING, l':DVVARD HoIfIfER'r, XVILLIAM RAINDLE. llorns: CAROL lJAVlDSON, JACK ZAREMBA. Tromboner: CLAIRE 'I'RAx'Is, HAROLD VFROEGER, THOMAS XVALSH. FZ-ulex: .IXLTIIEA Klliulh, ERNEST SWII-"r. Clarinelr: EUGENE TIM- MERMAN, RICHARD VIQISCH, THEODORE VANDERVEEN. Barr: l'il.OYD l'il.DRIDGl'I. Drznnx: CTIIARLES IJOUGLAS. Piano: l'lvEI.vN NlIiAIJ. M . X, f N, V W f Mr 11:11 ,fir ' -f A ' "1 " 5' , ,au ' 'ln k T '- LJ.,--Zffxi' 1 ,gf - -. 1.f,,1 ' 5? WMA Y- 7 ,?.flJ,,-.ze lp, jf Q , T-fair,--A-f' I "' N-2. Q- ? 1 . - ..1..,4f? 1 i .az ggi..-me High M001 LBHIICZI Rol.i..xND W.u.su '24 HIL band was organized under the direction of Mr. .-Xmos soon after school began last September. This year has been one of the most successful. The forty members who enrolled met for rehearsal the ninth hour every Tuesday and Friday. The band played for the lirst time this year at the Muskegon-L'nion football game. and for all ofthe games following. Band music also added pep to the mass meetings. Band members furnished music for the Apple and Potato Show. The band played the grand march and several selections for the Rotary Club banquet, and also had a banquet of its own later. It played for'many entertainments at school. The annual concert was given Klay S. PICRSUNNICI, Corrzfffx JAMES l'lRII'ILING, ICDXVARD H01-'l"ERT, XYII,I.I,XM HANDLE, YORK hum., Xl.xx L'DI51., CARI, XY.Xl.GRliN. Clari- nrtf: l':UlIENli rl'IMx1ERM.xN, RICHARD Tlscu, 'l'll1'IODOR1i YANDERVEEN, YERE OWEN. Sa.x'apl1or1r.' H.XRTXX'Pll.l. PERL. Picro!o,r: .iX1.T1i1c.Ax KIEAD, ERNISST Swiifr. 7'f0N11l07Ir'j,' CTL.-XRli rllR.XYIS, HAROLD rl'ROIiGER, Ti-ioixrbxs lY.x1,s1i, Girzx KEN- NEDY. Barifomm' l,12si,I1-3 D.XN'lDSON,hxvll,l,llXB1llflll. Ilorn,r: ROi.1..xND XYALSH, CARRO1. IJAYIDSON, j.xcR Z.xR1ix1BA, ROBERT NEWTON, G1-:ORQE IOHNSON. Bl1.l'.l'.' 1'1I,0YD l':l.DRIDKIIi. Drama: CLARHACI5 ROTH, CH,xR1,r:s lDOL'i2I,AS. 67 ff Sf ,K fit -N5 , -- ' fp-W' if if -sf ,aqui , X, A.. .. v .5-.7-' bu HAL gr- LL-V.?-,if 21-1 L-:E t.1L:s-----:d---icf3-ss1-- -Ag 'ligjllr if ,ii slr.-' -:iff 1iJ.::f.:s,1if-15-'ie' " ' Lifes- ' ig,g:g Irlfiiffi-"' ' , T 'T' Y fs f '17-' " -. -1' 22 l' ' 1"5'--'di' ' 7E'f 'EEE W ...-ww.,-L. T - - N. ': :tt ugh: H.xRo1.n Rowii, Roxux Bmtxosxl. ELINIER L.nmERs, THIZOIJLJRE VANDER VEEN, ALVIN NoR'ru- renvgrg. Rouitiu AYERILI.. FRNNR IQARILXSZ, Ravxioxn VAN KIVREN, Cnnrsirxx If-XNSEN, XYILLIAM S'I'EENl..-XND, RLililiEN l.llil:RM.XN. . it my Fnan t'oi.E, VERXUN HVXYER, JOHN VAN Uos'rEN, JAKE Booxnotnen, MAxwE1.L HILTON, Sr.-xNtEv Siam-osxi. AR115 VAN KRlKlI'EX. RQQER Sl-2L'TT, EYIZRT HoR.,xNsoN, HERRICK CHASE, fiERALD ELi.io'r. from via, juries FRlELIXl., Dux.-tus jouxsox, GEoRt1E Bvtsxift, H.fXRC3l.ID Ei,nR1nt:E, FLQYD ELDRIIJGE, MRS. BURNS, FRANK D1txERsoN, tJst.xR Rowis. Enwann joHNsoN, LAWRENCE BEt'i4E:u.-x, LENNIE PARKER. I nf roll! I.:-,oxutn XYAY PovER1N1:, W1i.1.i.xxi Ron, FRI-IIJERICK XvlfI.DERN, EDMUND DicRERsoN, FRED LEE. N-i-I B915 Cfzorux ARIE VAN KRI5Il'EN 'ZS lfSlDlQS ollering a splendid opportunity to become acquainted with tuneful, popular, and classic melodies, the Boys' Chorus has done a great deal toward the development of a spirit of good-fellowship among the high school boys. It is true that any group of fellows can tune in for a bit of sentimental harmony-but unconsciously there awakens a mutual understanding, a sense of the joy of singing, and tinally a personal respect for the music itself. Like all other years the Boys' fhorus of i2-I started with that usual handful of members and slowly developed into a larger group. How the dillerent members happened to get the idea to join is quite interesting. Une fellow is coaxed by a friend to come and try out. He lilies it so well that he remains. Another chance passerby stops to see who is making all those rictous sounds up in front of the auditorium, when lol he spies a friend and so he decides to join. Still another in in such a pressing need of an extra credit for graduation that he finally comes to the desperate decision to risk his voice for it, come what may. In this way, this yearis chorus has developed to a total of thirty-eight members. It is a cheerful sight, that group of boys singing for all they are worth at 7:-IS in the morning every 'liuesday and Thursday for which they receive one credit :it the end of the semester. Hut not only thisff the chorus also partalies in various -eliool programs. Our chorus of '24 gave three numbers at a lfebruary assembly. Hfall Xle Hack. Pal O'Xline ...... ll. Dixmz "Hells Of 'I'he Seam . , , Luuib-Colman "lJuna' '....,.,. . . . .MCGUZ .Xt the Spring concert ol Xlay N it gave two numbers: "Hells Of 'l'he Sea" ....... Llllllb-GUXNIIUI "l,intly" ..,.,..,... C. SfJl'0f,f lie-ities these numbers there are many other popularandspiritedjust-for-fun Jing- which the members enjoyed singing at rehearsals. IN " N- 7 , 6 p ., N' , - . C, "fr - V TJ - ' ' k iii? ,-fa ........:.,:.ax-il.. Q,-,J ff ' " A if . i .du ew V, .-s-.- - f-1:wfa?3:L4i5 4' "' 2'-' 'Q 'l J 121'-W ' T- ii? T 'J 'Q .4935 -R law,-, 71,-N rm, ffl!! lo ngln, Licsl.iE Dsviusux, Il.xRoi,n Tnralutm, FRANK SX1II'li,Sll!Xl4.Y I.nmiaRs, Ronan 511111, 1I.xnoi,o Sii.v1eRxl,xN. lllikluuc Cimsrz, Cukisimx Hsxsux, Hrzxnv I3i,iwgol.i5xsxx. .1l:'Jiz'i'fw::.' Emlvxn Un KERSUN. Fklin Coui. C'i,iv1a COFRSUN, Emilia Lnixiaxs, Yi-:xxox lI1iwrLR,A1.v1N XokTur,m,i-., JACK Suivslmxx, Enwsnn Baxsox, KAR1. KIICKXA. GLENN jonxsox, Ri-Lvl-xxx I.1nmm.xx. l.f1"rr rm- CARL Rvulxii. Wn.Ll.xxi Wll.i.i.xxls, Ekwlx FRKK. j.xs1Es DARLIMQ, Mus. Bvxxs, ukmwr, FRANK Dukak- sox, Rol.LxN1r W.xi,su, EIIXYARIY jonxsox, L.xwRExci-3 Burkrixu. Senior 130 js' glee C7115 Smxuv Lnixlaxs '34 U ll in EO Ho! Yo Ho.. Yeo Hoff' These and similar sounds emanated from the music room one day after school about the end of the tirst semester. Those who wondered what the unusual sounds were. investigated and found it was just a bunch of senior boys clamoring for the organization of a Senior Boys' Glee Club. Mrs. Burns heard the clamor and consented to direct the bunch and so it came about that the Senior Boys' Cilee Club was organized. and became the leading iilee Club in the school. lyou are not supposed to know that it is the only onel. Despite the decidedly unmusical bellows at the beginning. Xlrs. Burns kept at us and tinallv we got some harmony, even if we do say it ourselves. Some of the notable events in which the Senior Boys' Cllee Club took part were: The Senior Play. an assembly. Parent-Teacher .Xssoeiation meeting: in March. Cnion Concert on Nlgiv S, and a concert at the Trinity Church. Nlav 13. Some list ch, what? 60 23 r as V f ., S i Q U H: i GM! V aj-' .4 A-34 .. f A Y .,-f-5"'-".- ' ' 7' - ' ' mm Axyx Roiiiuws, C'.xtuii,tNi4. S.KI"l1.lil4, Extinct: XvUUl,PliR'l', :x'l'lIIiNIi Bauxlfxiitw, RUTH Wiizrti, 1ii1sx1.tvtYi-2 Ttvii-ist. lltiktvlltv Srtttis, Btarrv Qt'ixt..xx, Evtitvx Coi,t5xt.xN. Evlitvx KICK,-xv, S.vR.xH Blikxo- xii. tt. Nlutiox Di-.l3xt'vxtc, Et.ta.txou Exizss. .U.:.4,f f 'f ll.tu-gi Yost, xlkkllix Lixtz. l.l'LII.l.Ii Sltol-pxtwiuik, Entrti Montfv, Evta1.vN Niavtik. HELEN Rttztasnt, Altssnitta I'osixit's. Kluuox Lvvvs. RIILIIREII Bokst. Itu Etzua, Rosie Burst. lo 'if H 4 Iitnwoit Btu.. Axxx KR.Xl'NlL, ILA BR.-xxsox, Suexit B.Xl,IiXL'K. Coutsxic Axntcksox, Mus, Btfkss, Iivtatvv Roo, XI,vui..xl:1a r Bootptun, CHRlSl'lNli Bom, Wixnfiuzn Sxtrrs. Bi-:Ri't1.x Kt.ol5'r, Rosa Nom.tz. Qirfs' Chorus Mmuox In Pits '24 IIUXY me the home wherein music dwells, and l shall show you a happy and contented home." l.ongfellow's quotation can be applied very successfully to our school: for where can a more happy. peaceful. and contented body of students be found than in l'nion High School? This same spirit is apparent in the Girls' Chorus, which has always been an active music class. The tirst Girls' Chorus was organized several years ago, with rehearsals after scltool hours and without credit. This year the thirty-seven members hold weekly rehearsals during school hours. Some lovely two. three. and four part songs have been studied this year. The chief requirement for membership in the Girls' Chorus is a natural singing voice, with some ability in sight-reading and a sincere desire to cooperate in making and keeping high musical standards. Our first attempts were only poor, perhaps, but soon there could be distinguished more harmonious eliects and clearer articu- lation: and so, we have discovered that with diligent application and determina- tion the student niay cultivate a melodious voice. 'lihe C iirls' Chorus has taken an active part in the school assemblies: the Parent- 'leacher .Nssoeiationz and the Christmas program. On May 8, the orchestra and the combined choruses gave a joint concert, at which the Girls' Chorus rendered the following selections: "Ode to Klusicu .... . A Sflzubfrf "HY 'lillL' llaters of Xlinnetonlxaw Tliurforc' l.1'fura11fr Hllear Me" ...... Robfrf Brainf "The Xlornine Wind" . Uma liranirrmzbr 70 74 A, FA, ,H A gf V . .'-1 .4-N. Ii 1-gi y' pf' ,'.."f- I-KYYJQ,-5-.. ' 3 V.. , f :,-:Le-Z 1. VM,,.ff:,2C,.:5fb S., C C, A ,ff :f f?Z4f f - ' 1i,1:.:iJiL1j3-"V ' -"i-Yv,':3q.' ' ff' 4,,.zE"9 fm' L Pe:-'Lf' K "' Z? 1 . . +421 .....-.... Cimlsrlxx Parma Mk. .-Xviiiu' 1f'.uau1.iNE llukumu Fiuwic klmcsini x XlNRlIX Min, Lhuxx Dk H-lun owmerciaf C7116 C.uaoi.ixie Haunuxm '24 Hli Commercial Club is one of the largest organizations of our school. lts membership is composed of all students who enroll for commercial work. The purpose ofthe club is to bring the members into close touch with the business world. This is accomplished by the various meetings held during the year. The speakers at these meetings are men and women of long business experience. At one of our recent meetings, through the efforts of Mr. Avery, head of the com- mercial department. Klr. E. XY. Barnhart, Chief of Commercial lfducation Service, Washington, D. C. was secured as speaker. OI"I"ICliRS, 1923-1924 Pnxridrnf ,.....,... xl,-'XRTIN Xlol, l'z'a'f prrridrrzi. . . . l"R.fxNk NLXRSDEN Sfcfrrary- Trraxurfr ..., CAROLINE H ERREMA Pllb11'fl.fj'a7lI07IHgz'f .... . l.EoN.x DE BOER Chairman of Program f.'0Il1IVl1.Ht'l' . CHR1sT1xA P,-xTER 71 E? zo' -X X. "' H TY -'T' .sg ' rjiixgx..--i,l,"X. Q--fwfr 11 ,Ala ' X-X Q., 1 ii 'e' rid: iqiiigj' '21 i--1g1? -Twain, T ,4 ff' .,.,....... Rrrn STOVER LAVINA STRATTON MARJORIE Scorr Pnvtus NICRAE Ixus Bsuc.H-r SHIRLEY Lasx-ia Hum 1X'I,w ESTHER Bourne MILDRED QUINN, Senior Soroszlv IRIS BRIGHT 'Z-L KR first Senior Sorosis meeting was held October 16. At this meeting plans for a membership campaign were discussed. The campaign resulted in a membership of 82 girls. The losing team gave the club a fine banquet at the Y. XY. C. A. During the year we worked for others and also for ourselves. At Thanksgiving time a basket filled with goodies was given to a needy family in the city. At Christmas we played Santa Claus to the children at the Juvenile Home. In February the girls went on an excursion to the Add-Index Company and took a trip through lYilmink's Bakery. During the year sandwich, candy, and frost-bite sales were held as a means of raising money. The big event of the year was April 15, when the Senior Sorosis gave the entire senior class a party for the purpose of getting better acquainted. Linder the auspices of the Forensic Debating Society and the Senior Sorosis the Peerless Concert Company gave a performance at Union. This was profitable as well as entertaining. One of the most enjoyable events was a dinner and charm talk at Nliss KeCk's home on Sherman street. OFFICERS, 1923-1924 Prefidenl .......... . HILDA NIAY fire prfridenf and Clzairman of Merrzberfhip Commiflef ........ ISSTHER BOLITHO Secretary ...... . IRIS BRIGHT Trearurfr ....... SHIRLEY LASHA Cliairman of Service Commitfef . . LAVINA STRATTON Clzairnzan of Sofia! Cmnrrzillfe , . AIILDRED QUINN Chairman of Program Commitlrr . . RUTH STOVER Pub!z'cz'1y Manager ..... PHYLLIS MCRAE 72 ,EZ .,, ,fi ' 'is-,A I f .1 A Sf Kris? :rs -,-f- ee 1 ee -1? ja' fl' ' .. s. . as .4?5ff "3" Y ,YY ,ef Q jr I P' -fs ' -ff x.kle'fL,XiT6f -..-- Aff ,f...L"5' Aj'.f',.L"f' K ,Ff WY, ,,L1::'f'lel'-"'?-- 3 N ' r' ie-13 ' ? , -,F 4"TT-?:-ft'2'f2L'- filfit .....-cf-7 WAY:-lf" -f .gg - - 1' Klll.1lRlil!BORSI' Emtn joxlzs Miss Covi-31.1. Iiuixla Dvmawi iz XYILMA CIYYICR M.xk1.xxi St nuiv linux. SEASTRUM Cons ELLA Tliluimiit XX lui x SkII.kLHl1l. Tie gif! Qser-trier Wn.x1.x Sci-MUBEL UR lirst work in the line of service this year was becoming members of the Needle Work Guild, by contributing baby clothes. Then came Thanksgiving, and we helped many needy families by giving them baskets of food. At Christmas time we gave a party for the children of the Social Welfare. The girls provided two presents for each child, one practical gift and one toy, the secretary acting as Santa Claus. During the month of April. we entertained the kiddies at the juvenile Home and served them ice cream and cookies. We had many social functions, planned for our own entertainment. All the high schools of the city competed in the song contest held February 15. knion proved the winner, and the silver loving cup was awarded to us. The clubs of the city also joined in putting over the big "japanese l"ete" which proved to be a decided success. Our own club gave an entertainment, in order to raise money to send girls lo the summer conference. and this was successful not only from the linancial standpoint but from the standpoint of pleasure as well. Ol"l"ICERS, 1923-1924 Prrfidrrzf , . . 1'1'r'1' prfflidrizr. . Sc'CI'r'fHfy . . . Tn'a.v1m'r . . . Program C0 m nz ilfrf lflzaiirnzan . . Sc'!'f'l.l'r' l fo nz ni fin' Clzairnzan , . Soda! Co m nz zilfn' C11 a frm a II P ll bl ic it y Co in nz film' ffllllliflildll . , Ffrff rrnzfxfler Nl1RIAMSC H LEX' CoRN121.L.x 'I'ERMr:t:R XYILMA Scnaxuulzi. Brzaxice Lonuiz lii.1z.x ra ETH li Lsox RUTH CORNXVALI, XI.xtu.xx l.vPPs l.1-:oN,x DEBOER T3 Second Svnzritrr CoRNELl..x VPERMEFR H.-xzrzl. Suxsrucnt XY11.x1.x Scn.xL'B1':1. KIIRIAM Sc1i1.Ev KIILDRED Boasr Wirxu CHPSSER IRIQNE lJYKEXYITZ l'lDlTlI Xl. -Ioxi-is ':U -f lsixs If ' R. - vs" ,,f-fe-ff ec- . - x. 7- .L ,VH-J .WZ-,,........a.,-.Q-,--.S,a,. fr- '-gig.. lah ,fe -' -V -?4,..Z42f' Vvrfdpwrf Ai-is-' lf f ,loser-Jiijf V 55, -3-gg--51.2" - - -fri.- ff?" .1 - afffi W-. YT j 'I 1, : mfg -losEPII KING, TIIIQmImRI-3 Y.xNuERvEEx, CII.-xRLEs Ht'wER, R.xvxIuNIw SCHAUHIZL, ARLUN LEY, 1-IIRL B.xRRI,Ev. CARI. ANIIERQN, RLllLkiR SKL'T'l', j.xcR ScIIL'xI.xxx, RL'SSliL DoNI:ER. GABRIEL lXll'LLIAN. bf r.- ' ,IUIIX CEIiERI.I'xIi, WII.LI.xxI WII.I.I.uIs. joux LI'vExIn'R, EImw.xRu julixsox. MR. VAN Bkoox. dint-lor, IERwIx FRILI-4, :XRIE VAX KRIMPEN. hl.kLL'Ul.NI B.II'AI.xN, CIIARLES P.xL'Rsz rHEs. RI.-KXXYELL HII.'I'oN. Teva Xl!-L. Sxurn, XoRRIs PIIRIER, CARL OIILMAN. "PEI'E" CoRNw,ILI., lX1ARl'IN MUI., CARI. RUIJINE, GEORGE KREYE. LI'xIEx XX-INTER. HliK.Nl.XX SEIIHRG, '1'HEoIuoRI-3 DAVIS. l.f1:4n ' HERRI-:RI hll'TH, liENRY Dx'Rs'rR.x, R.xx'xIoNu RASAIUSSEN, KQLEN UUE, FREDERICK YELDER5, LOYD HILL, IJiix.xI.I1 hluiwsox. Union Hi- Y C1115 CARI. Rt'uINE '24 HE activities of the Hi-Y Club this year were many. On November 22 the club gave a line program to a full house in the school auditorium. Much credit for this success must be given to Martin Mol, Herman Seborg, and Carl Rudine. The money raised from the show was to provide funds for sending fifteen boys to the State Ulder Boys' Conference at Ann Arbor, November 30 to December 2. The Club was highly honored at this Michigan State conference when our club president. Martin Mol, was elected to the presidency of this great conference by a large majority. .-Xt the Flint conference the club was represented by Herman Seborg. Martin Mol represented the club at the Hi-Y presidents conference held at Pontiac. Lumen Winter was the delegate to the Grandville conference. Our director. Mr. john XY. Yan Brook, in cooperation with the program com- mittee. secured able speakers to address the meetings among whom were Sherih' William L. Smith. Mr. H. N. Hornbeck, Coach IQ. S. Guckert, Mr. il. D. Mac- Naughton, Paul Goebel, and Hilda May, president of the Senior Sorosis at Union. The purpose of the club has been to promote clean speech, clean living, clean sports. and good Christian citizenship. Its influence has been felt in the school by the backing it has given the Student Council in helping to put into operation its citizenship rules. Ul"I"lCliRS. 1923 e192-lf lufffl-dfllf .......... ZXIARTIN KIO1. l'z'ff prf',rz'drn1, FRANCIS CORNVVA LI. Sfcrfrary , . . CARI, RUDINE Trfa,fun'r . . . ciEORGE INCREYE l'ublz'r1'ly Ellanagfr . LUMEN XYINTER 74 N.. Af 771- ,IU ' VN, V4 'X .gff-2 A, pie? if -arf-1'i ft2 1. 1 Elmixnn B1-:wsox l..xw1c13Nt E B1-il'1:H51.x l s llll Hmuucx Crusri Ekw1x Fkicx C.xk1. Rrinxia 4 11 we .ll .ip 4 1 1 L1 r H 1'-Y' Baxfefbaff Ykam C 11-21. j. RL'1r1x1i '14 XlUN'S Hi-Y Basketball Team of 192-lf completed a very successful ea on They suffered but one defeat in the season's record. The team entered the Western Michigan Junior Tournament held at Central High School March 21-29. It fought hard throughout the tournament working itself into the semi-finals where it was defeated by Creston High School but won third place in the district tournament by a forfeit in a consolation game i SICQXSOXS RECORD Comstock ,..,,.,. 7 Y.XI.C..-X. Independents . 17 Broadway Independents ff Kenney Grange . . . -l Cnion Reserves . . . . I4 Royal Ravens . 14 Znd ME.. . . IO l"airview , . , . 15 Opponents S7 Scores of the Western Michigan .lunior Central High School Red .-Xrrows ,,,..... 9 St. Marks . . . S Catholic Central . fi Creston High School . 21 Trinity Lutheran . , ll Upponents 44 , s L. V nion nion linion lfnion linion Union nion nit-n L. I. lfs 19 71 Z2 9 IO ll Zo I.. mon Tou rna ment L. l'nion nion nion nion nion L. L. L. linion -- lm at 20 1-1 I5 ls l 4,7 EQ X, -f 'S 4 I Z1 ruff" R, 'N' - l N-i ' -- f 1 - f' - 1.7. - - does-f1'A all . I - Q, if S - -fa :Qt-:avi-Q - N- -:ff -Q. fig- eff - YYY i:"-':"L" - lr" ' L 'Cv " ---3r- r 'Z-C eimanulag Tian of the 4 efifurora Title page . Foreword . Dedication . Faculty. . . . Senior Title page . Senior Statistics . Aurora Stall . . Senior Ofhcers Seniors . . . Class History . Snaps . . Class Poem . Class Oration . . Assembly Calendar A. J. Elliot. . . Class Song ,V Cartoons . . . Senior Baby Pictures Class Prophecy . Mock Election . . . Senior Year Chronicles . junior Section . . . Sophomore Section . Freshman Section . . . liighth Grade Student list . Seventh Grade Student list . Organizations ..... Debating . . Uratory . . "The New l'nion' Athletics , . Xl'itty-Xiacks . Advertisements A 4 C 79 1 2 3 , 5-s - 9 Q- 10 11 . 12 . 13-30 . 31-33 . 34-35 , 36 . 37-39 40 41 42 . 43 . 44-45 . 4651 . 52 . 52 . 53-55 . 56-ss , 59-61 . 61-62 1 62 . 63-83 . 84 as . 86 . 87793 .94-104 . 95 , .I . ,. ,. """ I- ,Y- ' .f-3 Y .1 -f- ---- , Q- - A N- '7! Lf' -f" I- IJ- - I' .V :cr-4K7 ' . 3 171' 14 ,ff f I ' .,, It-fs'-Y I - ,. I ,ge-K4 Q.-1-i-rj. 112--""""Q"X-'-'Q--'f ' ', ,f-if KY, ff H,,.,,,,,, -calf" '- ,I N., my A J ,A Nfl,-. jstrfffrf -I ' -ee gz.:J.t::?+ZffiL5fj1.,""Z,ff-f, "':' '-'-I 'Y A. -. '-'?i.I.n.'- 'H 'P'-WW'-T" 'J' ""' JKFA +'fS1"f-5---I-u 7' A- f ,, :I from Burr-:ItIf Uwrzx, Ass KK.Xl'5E. LINEN XVINTER, Hom' RIt'IIrIaIa. HILTON GILL, I-IELIEN VVIERSING, TIII-1.x IDIMIINI-, 31:4 iff f 1. NIARIIN I.x'I'Ifs. EI.Iz.xBIiTII Ersux. Emllik L.xxIxIIzRs. jniizs DARLING, ANN STEP.-XNOXVSKI. LUCY ZINIIEI.. I. ' sr "1 Mus .XXIII-gnsox, Isxnei. .-Xnnxs, EDITH JIINES. lu.-Xl.CULM B.xL'M,xN, Ix1.xRcI51.LA NQNEMAN, j.xcQUl5I.INI5 XX IN1lIIi4TER. Miss ,ht KSUN. Q1 rt Club IXI.uzeI-LI.I..1I NUNIZM.-KN '24 HIS year the .-Xrt Club. composed of members of the senior high school, was organized to sketch under the direction of Miss Anderson and Kliss jackson. livery Tuesday after school it met for an hour of sketching in the studio. The sketches were from life---the various members and friends posing as models. .X "Kid-Party" was held in the studio, December 20. All members came in costume and after games and stunts, a potluck supper was served. In the spring a hike was taken for the purpose of outdoor sketching and painting. OI"I"ICliRS, 1923-1924 PVliz',f1.dz'l1f V ......... R Lx Lcouu BA UMAN I in ,f?7't'fldt'7Zfi . .IACQUELINE XYINCHESTER Sffrffary . A Y NIIIRCELLA NONEMAN Trfafurrr , . A . . EDITH JONES ljriblzrzifi- lllanager , , . . Is,xBI2L Anmvis .'I'.U'1A.ffI17lI l'zab!1'z'I'fy rllanagfr . . HAROLD THEBlXUD Sc'f,Hz'l171f-Clf--JTIPIJ . . . VERNON HENVER 76 af! . "' jf .4 ' ffffe w,,V ' fbi: ,AA ,A --TIC, 5- -1 gr Y ii-gg, :rf 3: 7 lil? raifgyjggga- f. I lie rdsylfg-LNMAL :QQ -19 C.-xRL RCDINE H,xRor.n Srr,vrgkxr.tN Snrxr-Lv Lxxrxrr-QRS FRANK EMITH Inset ADAMS Miss Esrnriiz Mctruik R vi.r1uSe1isErur-:R Jlfasi and fczzzife C7145 Is.xr-in ,Xu urs '14 llAliljSPlQ.'XRlf has nothing on members of the Lvnion Mask and Bauble Club when it comes to "opportunities to show your stuff." In this organization every member stands on an equal footing with the others in having the privilege to demonstrate dramatic ability. During the past year many students have famil- iarized themselves with plays and have won a name for themselves on the bnion stage. The club is organized as a class in the night school with weekly meetings. About twenty modern plays have been studied and dramatized informally. Several plays have been presented for the public upon various occasions, among them being, "The Doings of Claverly Hall," which was given for the benefit of the lrli-Y entertainment: "XYliere But in .-Xmericaf' and "The Boy Will." the latter presented before the student body at the Shakesperian assembly held .-Xpril 23. lts social functions included a valentine party at lfranklin Community House. February 21, and the Mask and Bauble "May Festival", May 17, at which a varied program was rendered. The club is gratefully indebted to Miss Mulder, who by her personal super- vision and faithful cooperation with the members helped to make the vear 1924 a success. OI"l"ICERS, l923fl924 Pn',vr'drrr! ,.,, R.,XI.PIi SCHNEIDER Inf Pft'.f1idl'Plf . Slnxriv lkxxmrias Svrrrfary . . ls.xu1Q1- .Xnxxrs 7'n'f1,r14rrr . . . ll.XROl.D SlI,X'liRNl,XN Bllfl-I1z'.f,Y rllanagrr ,..... l"R.xxk SMITH .'ll!f'c'7'fI4,fIi71g rllanagrr ...., CARI. Rcorxt-1 Svrgranl.r-af-armf Uuorztzrz l"t'i.tzoxr ar1dl'iR.xXK Mxasotix H ni f' -se V as 4 as so s V ,fee fiefzsw.-.ebe---2-f'iff-Q'1 'QQE' ' Q fs. ,V . -ffl nf, up l 25 if: x 1...--f fa - fits: Exif-Ngfffg , "YQ ' - - "asv, .4..1". '::-..L'- - ' -J:-?f-e-1 .-.X N-iid'-.,.,,,'.,, L if ' '. I--if :ii nm: Llis1.Ili Ilxviiwsim. Cii,xRl.Es HUWER, ERXVIN FRlcK. FRANK Dlcxisnsox, H.xROi.n S11.vERxi,xN. Gitiiuizia KREHL. L'i.ix'ii Curksox. .lI:a..,f rw RVEHEN Lllll-.RN'lAY, Lnnx Pxssxiokia, AnR.xn.xM DR.xslN, BI.xRi.xAi Scu1.1n', lXlARION CARLSON, SUSIE 'l'l'Liis.E1rxil'X11 Diticitxsox, Liwv Dicicimsox. Lsgff M XiiRRis PORTER. Kl.xXWlil.l. Ifliimix, ELLEN GROW, MR. LlRAY, Gwuxuotvx KRISSIER. Eimtxlw BENsON, l..uvRi4.xti1 Bi,i'Ri-:xi,x. Forezzsic' Debafizzg Sociezy ELLEN QQROIFI-' 'Z-L Hli admission of girls to the club this year starred for the organization. lt has been found that the girls can argue and make use of Robert's Rules of Order quite as well as the boys. Now any student in the sophomore, junior or senior class is eligible for membership. The mock trial, an annual event. had an added spice this year. During its course Leslie Davidson was charged with insanity! XVhereupon the eHieient attorney for the defendant. Sidney Lammers, turned the tables by proving him sane. and ques- tioning the sanity of the plaintiff. The jury, after serious deliberation returned with the verdict "NO cause for action". thus dismissing the case. .-Xs a social diversion the association had a sleigh-ride party much enjoyed by the merry-makers. Besides many lengthy but interesting arguments, the society conducted the high school oratorical contest, carried on a series of inter-class debates and enter- tained the Parent-Teacher Association with a lively debate on the question whether or not Grand Rapids should have a municipal stadium. OI"I'ICliRS, l923fl924 firyf Senzuter Second Srnzfrlfr l'rf5z'dmzf . . . l'lixRO1,O SIi.vERM,xN IQDVVARD BENSON fire fJft'!IiCllt'I11. . HAROLD Tuizis.-xun LAWRENCE BEUKEMA Sarrararju , . IEXXVRENCE BEUKEMA l'lI.l.IiN ciROI"F 7'rfamrfr i . . flEORGIi KREYE NIAXWELL HILTON l'ub!z'fz'f3.' illarzugfr ROBERT HEssEl. NORRIS PORTER Jffzirlarzl l'ublic'ilj.' fllarzagrr . . IQOWARDBENSON CJWENDOLYN IXREMER 7K A, X, if i fig- ,M F ff ' .f " frse4 I U 3 l Y N- . V- 41.4 Q. if sf f - ' 1 , Kffd' A '4 11" -f: ' 1 " ' ' af M- Y f aff .1 . , ,j9,f 'aim -L Y' foie- ' f I M -, ,Ag 61211 ' "1.+a Loi: 'e ,life 142 .f i-4P"vf'S-'IAL Y 'r....T ,-:fy-ffi ' ff F ff' -K4 f- ' 't U, ,- -cfggef-7 , " '-If-Z3?f-"ie-L f""-Ta " ,gig il-Q,-Ac Cu-ai. Rriiixli ,losiimi Kixu Iiimnuu Brzxsux M.xxwai.i. llll.l'oN EARL B,xmci.iix' Fumm is t'oicxw.x1.i. Giaokcic Kiuavlc ll:-LRMAN Sianoiuz Mu. l,llll.I,lI'N L,xw'R11:Ncia Biai'iciix1,x t'1iuu.i4:s llvwiau liuwix Fun is IJIIIOI' QA550L'Zdfl0ll 0 C0llllilEl'l'E 1,-I-Quanta Knew-1 '24 l"Tl'1R an address at an assembly by Lee H. Bierce, secretary of the senior association, the Junior Association of Commerce of linion High School was organized. Nlr. Phillips was appointed faculty advisor of the society. The pur- pose of the organization is to make its members familiar with parliamentary law, to acquaint them with the workings ofthe Association of Commerce. and with the industries of Grand Rapids. The club was organized late in January with about twenty-five members. ln carrying out our purpose we alternate, visiting some industrial establishment one week. and hearing a good speaker the next. Among our speakers were Xlr. l.ee H. Bierce, .Xrthur Shaw, Commissioner. and blames Sinke, Director of Public Safety. We have had many interesting visits to the industries ofthe city. some of which were the American Seating Company, the National Biscuit Company, and the American Boxboard Company. The board of directors are: liarl Barkley, lidward Benson. Francis Cornwall. Nlaxwell Hilton, joseph King, and Carl Rudine. Ul"l"lCliRS, 1923 1924 l,ft',fl-dfilf . , . lzxwluixcrz BEL7KIiM.X l'z'c'x Pfc'.fIidc'lIl. , HERMAN Skiaontz Srcrffary . , Ui-:onus liREYl-I 7'n'a5im'r CH.xRi.Es Hcwtik 7'7 ei ,, 5' 'Lil' :Mr J, -" -, GTX -r . . . iflgv . Ya '.,.V V rm I f-1, A-??if:qgr.5 5- K fgufx-W-,ALFA-,,....-...asv-QL,--awgglff W-21 1 ,xi . 1 mr f -Y xgfxv-.-ae ' P K ,LV ,fad . o fag -A ffeiacclazee ' "fh'fT"?'f1Tf7iLT"j-ff-L.., -..f.."'1i59 .,, 'fo if-3225 -'1 "??f.jl aff," 'Z-m..'..t V Tart fuzz, iw: :ti fzqfnzr Ixxx Koox, Rluuox Axmznsox. DCVROTIIX' Dli Ro1.LliR, PAULINE Lovlz. .lII.2ii1f!-ffifif B.xRn.xR.x Piiwtiics, XX rum Bwrzxmi. H.u'TiEVkRux'E, EVA Hi-:s1.iN. EVA SIIIQRMAN. 1.-:ff fm. Ey.x Baucixs, OPAL QLARK. HEl.EN IXALER, GR.xc12 Iv.-xtlik. XVINIIYRED HOUGEBOOM, Etmii. Rl.-XTIIEXYS. awp Fire gliffj' Exxx Suiznxux 'JT Hli name of one of L'nion's Camp Fire Groups is "Aryukpai", which means happy home or welcoming. During the year 1923-2-l there were about four- teen members in the group. Our meetings were held every Tuesday at 3:20. Several hikes were taken this year, on which the girls studied nature, learned how to make an out-of-door tire-place, and cook with it. There were also several plays and other activities which the girls all attended and enjoyed. Wie all looked forward to a play "The Call of XYohe-lo," which was played in June. The group sold candy at the ball games and the prolit went towards its camp fund. .Xt Christmas time we held a Klother and Daughter banquet. Each girl won an honor-bead by making a gift for her mother. Ilya Hesling was toastmaster. Xliss Christine Keck told stories about Christmas in Hong Kong and Miss Margaret Thomasma gave a talk on the value of being a Camp Fire Girl. .Xbout the time of XYashington's Birthday we gave a masquerade party, at which we had a fish pond and a few plays. Xliss Potter, the guardian, helped to plan an interesting program which we all enjoyed. UI"l"ICliRS, l923e1924 F1'r,rf Srrm',i'lrr Svrond Smiifflrr l'r'r',fi'dr-iii . . Hiaricx K.Xl,ER HELIQN K,xi.i5R I-Iifiz' prrddfiil, flP,X 1. Clnxkk TJPAL CLARK Sf-frrlar-,' , . lluuui-3'1' 'I'uom1,xs livrx SIIIQRMON 7vl'z'!l.fIlI'i'V' , xYlNIl"RIiDTIOOKLEHUOM livix B15i.K1N Sfflilll' Nliinaiin Nvsraiam Lrxvraiu. NX'STREM HU YQN, nf- 4 v-1 i " X- TF V' ' lf ETX, ffuixp 'T' fferlT'TqT6T 4 ,J , .:t'.4Qf3:aLf2e1J"li1'Xf M ,- ,MTS -- , -?fQ,- -I 53 1' J' xiii- -' Sli I TT.f-?5'l-::"4"7'4 T 1915?-' T 'T-i1l'9'3TLiFf15'l1fL'ii'fif, "'- , Tap rm, lm In ngli1.'Fl.UkliNL'E Sl-:x's.Fl.uu1cNcE C.xssEL.MAXlN15 IXIARsu,jusE1'ulNu jmuziexs, Luriua Dleiyifxiiokr. 1.0-an mzfn- Hiemax l,,xk.xw.xv. AVA Hasxlxs, Mrhnuan Bousr, LVNITA Witsox. Camp Fire Q17-If AVA l'lASKlN5 'lfv u YRli", which means "liver Readyn, is the name of one of the Camp lfire groups at L'nion High. This group is made up of girls that have been members for one year or more. Their aim is "To be ready at all times". Meetings have been held in the small lunchroom each Monday at 3:20. This year the girls secured Mrs. Knowlton as their Camp Fire guardian, who was a great help to them in all that they tried to carry out. Some of the many things that they did were: earned honors. dressed dolls at Christmas, had candy sales and pot-luck suppers, went on hikes and raised money for the camp fund by giving a movie. The girls are planning on going to the summer camp with other Camp l"ire members of the city. All of the members extend their heartiest welcome to any girl who wishes to join them next year. UFFICIQRS. 19Z3vl92-l Prffidrnf .,,,,..... .Mxx Hwsxixs l'irf prffidfni KIILDRED Boasr Sefrffary , , . l'N1T,x Witsox Trfafzzrfr . . l'lIil.EN lhuuwm' Srribf , F1.oR12Nc'1: Says Sl E3 q,,, 2 ef we If 1 .fs 4 ef ,ffsee ' V, J ' Y fe ' Q--eferscv...-1. 1' 12 f35N,Q.,,:-'11,.,....:..f--QL,-3.s,ff -V fit' 4 -f f 4'-if-sae' -, bf jp '4 Y . ...J - fl 111, f A s ':-A 1 f ergve .ea ,.-- ,-,,- '..i-- jj-xii--1 - -f f 'L-tri ..-- - - Y'-r' YY ,:Y ' """""I7 1.1155-J' A-" J . ,1:gf2 " f 'Y-'ZALR -fair ,,.s.,..v...t. 7' - 'I . nz :I mf" Bl wi-ix LYPI-s,RoIIIiR1'II.xNsuN.EI.I.I5N kIcK.u'. RIEIIARIY 'I'IscII. 1l,,g,..' f ' EII-.ms hlli.Xll. AVA lhsxlxs. XIILDREII QUINN, EI.IzAIu21II EI.soN, IIIQLEN IIANSON, NIAXINE RIARSII, F1.fiIcI-iw I-Q C.xssIa1. In A - f- Einui-ui jinlwsiix, .l.XKli BrmxImI.ImI2R. Mk. OWIQN, IXIARJIIRIIE SL'U'l"I', FRANK SMITII, RAYMUNII RAS- Ml NNES. ufffzlefic 01671017 FRANK SMIIII '34 HH Athletic Council consists of two representatives from each session room and is organized to promote interest and enthusiasm in athletic activities among the students. The nrst meeting was held September 19, 1923, under the supervision of Mr. Owen. faculty manager. Meetings have been held every Tuesday during the hfth hourg here speakers for mass meetings were chosen, and tickets were distributed for the games. School spirit in athletic activities was discussed. The members of the .Xthletic Council gave a very successful athletic party during the second semester. OI"l"ICI'IRS, 1923-192-l l'rt'.fidf111 ......... XTARJORIE Scorr Foofball Sludmzl Kllanagar . . FRANK SMITII liaflefiball Sfudfnf Illanagfr . . IQAYMOND TQASMUSSEN Sz't'ft'fdf1.z'.f ,,,. XYII,I.ARD I"AI.I3s, I"RANI4 SMITII .elrlirlf ...,. xlARGAR1iT I,IaIc, ILLMER IIAMMERS Yr!!-rllr1.m'r.f blxcii Z.xRIcMIsA, IDONALD joIINsoN, NlARION IJYPPS .'l,fjl..Yfll7lf Slzzdrnf Jllnnagarf . .IAKE ISOOKIIOLDER Hiaxm' XlARCKWARD'l' Rmmz Clllflfdl-PI.f.' I'll.ORIiNCli Llxssi-11. 2343 AVA I'lAsKINs 234g Xluqrmii-1 Scffrr 228QI'TIil,I'1N I-lANsoN 228g MILIJRIQD QUINN 228: Klnuox lnfifils 2283 l'II,IzAIaIc'I'II l':I.SON 228g lCvI2I,YN NlIi.XD2271KlAXINI-lhl.XRSIIl321l'il,I,IiN lXlCliAY l321l'1I,MER l,.XN1N1I'1RS 2291XYll,l.ARlJl'1Al,l'2S 229311.KI-:'I'rI.Ia232gRorsizm' llxxsox 2323 Ciiusox S:tII'I'II I3-lg Al. TIIoMPsoN 1345 RICHARD 'l'IscII I3-1. KZ ' ,f ,Z 5, J "M, Z., ,ff ' xr' ' V ,.f JU" -f , , F- 'cf we--eff,-A it , K,-:sf-flfv -:Ear he-fl A- C3-e D 't' ill A or e 4-..A.,-12-iris-ff' - gf 4 Q- - 1 D, ei A -1 ffef e,. . 1, 'gigs-Hofiffii . ,,:4f - f neigf' ,-.EL -.. ,.,,,,Y-A2 ...N-... Tfze Jlfixea' Cfzorus ILA Bsmxsux '14 C ING! And sing with hearts upliftedl hlake of life a lovely songl" This year the students flocked with enthusiasm to the auditorium to enroll in Unionis mixed chorus. After scouring the school for other bird-like voices and music lovers we are proud to announce a membership of one hundred six. This semester we are especially proud of our twenty-six male voices of which five are tenors and twenty-one basses. By the way, haven't you noticed a decided improvement in the assembly singing? The students are always informed of prominent musicians scheduled to perform in the city and are urged to attend if possible. Usually reduced rates for students are obtained for these occasions. At the annual Christmas program Friday, December 21, the mixed chorus sang two special selections: "And the Glory of the Lord" from the "Messiah"..1Iande! "Christmas Song" ...... .fldolplzr 1-Idam hlay 8, at the annual spring concert five songs were presented bythe mixed chorus: "God's Glory in Nature" . . . . Bfrrlzorierz "On Wings of Song" . Jllrrzdflrfolzrz "Spring Songu . . R. IX-it'J'c'f!1.11g "Ostudiantina,' . . . Larome-Page "Come join the Dance" .... Lily Strickland As a closing concert number the combined chorus, including about one hundred thirty voices sang, "On the Road to Mandalay" by Oley Spealef. Cries: Chai Jl'l.lK'S Cnxse 'ZS u OL, do you know of any boys at Union who play chess?". asked hlr. Zimmer "l'll look around and seen, was the answer. This bit of conversation took place one day last December and the result was the organization of the Linion Chess Club. Members of the club met each Thursday after school in room 333 and played a game of simultaneous chess with Mr. A. R Zimmer, the faculty advisor, who is considered among chess players of this city as one of the experts. The boys received many technical pointers from hlr. Zimmer, who during the past semester has acted for us in the capacity of "our chess teacher". In addition to teaching the boys how to become more proficient in this game, Klr. Zimmer has also taught others how to play. Although the club is in its infancy much interest has been aroused in chess through its functions, and it is expected that it will continue to grow until it ranks among L'nion's leading organizations. The members of the club feel grateful to Klr. Zimmer for the time he has spent with us in making the club successful. Officers are as follows: Prexident . . . . . hlARTlN Moi. Vue prefzdfnt. . LESLIE Dnvlnsox Secretary-Treafurfr . . JULIUS CHASE X3 is ff lv ,ye 'I-1,1 4,--f" -sr 'nk 'Q .I-x l . .SL 'l!,,,,,-,f0r?.? ii-Nr. :iff-f--"' " i gw !,ff2fQx.-I--xiii-T TT. ig ft",T'k2i1fTi ', gt . t.t. : . ' il - l l l l l l Q l I i a 1 5 i i L - , A A 4 Auuxiuai Di-usix Muon Simian. RICHARDVITISCH Sopbomore iD66dZ'Z.72g Team Ami TDRASIN '26 HE year of 192-I was full of big surprises, one of the greatest being the victory ofthe sophomore debating team over the seniors in the finals ofthe inter- elass debates. This victory gave the sophomores the school championship. The sophomore team composed of Richard Tisch, lNlajor Siegel and Abe Drasin, Chairman, had previously defeated the freshmen on the subject of restricting immigration. The sophomores are unanimous in the belief that a better fight was given them by the youngsters than by the seniors. 'Twas in the finals that the sophs met the high and haughty seniors, who in the "first round" had dealt the juniors the "bitter cup." Although the sophomores were almost frightened to death and only gained the necessary courage by remind- ing themseleves that the Hunderdogw usually got the sympathy, they came out on the long end of a 3 to U count! Can you blame them if they try just a bit to put on senior airse by right of conquestefas it were? 84 s f -,. ., QP 1 ,, f ,' L--1 IL- V 1 ,-1 1'3..'----fill" -' ' ' i iw - , -l 7 if -Q-Q,"jJ - -' W, lf L: "P", I ,-'J -ll lr? ive-Ti! i J ' -L " vw, "T 'A if --5 l 1 Qi 5' f et 2:-is mfzffazf 1331: f ' LAN RENLE BEL KHXIA c,'H.XRl.Ei HY!! FK l:nwARu Bl-:xsmz Mxnnx MOL Cuu, RL'lllNE Orafory I-IE oratorical contest this year was held under the auspices of the Forensic Debating Society. Much interest was evident when the final contest took place in the auditorium March 13, with Mr. Dave Gray acting as chairman. It was a very spirited affair as each orator showed up well. The oratorical program was as follows: "A Plea for Immigration" . . EDWARD BENSON "The Immigration Problem" . . LAWRENCE BEUKEMA "W'ar As a Means of Peace" . CHARLES HUWER "Theodore Roosevelt" . . CARL RUDINE "Lincoln in Public Life" . . AIARTIN AIOL JUDGES MR. CHARLES A. EVEREST Miss ADDIE E. BETTES MR. L. HocRsTAD WINNER RI.-XRTIN MOL SS .J V4 1 ix -f F"", 44 ff! NF ,iff ,ZW , M, A ,fjzf im 5, ' I, 'J'--Q Y -,531 . , Y 411-,K 74 I I ,Ei ?Y"a'f,f-' "KL - -1 145: 1f- Q:g:2fe fi fi .ULV5 ClZfZ.Sfl.'7lE IU. Kfck ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL fllr. Clzarlfx A. E1'w'r5t PRINCIPAL 5 if 5' E 1.745 fu, xx , ,1y'f l 1 Z., GE H: ZS Dr. 2 cz 372 me H Z2 s WE mi I-' J., lg, JT .1 :. L I:- , ,. . S, i s 1 Q Fir. i-5 f' ' E ,ff .6 H E A ' I ,- rf ' I E aged, , 1' I . 1. X A 3 I .-. , f asia? gl ' fig'-" Q - 45:13,-,r , ,Suu-5.g,,,, IJ . CHI " 5',r'Y1.1,7' Z vb' ,- L 3+ . .-g, , 1 ,, ff ',,'l 1 fa fi MQ fwfg 5 ...- M f J X4 A 'X f : 111 W 'I ' 1' 1 5, 'Ml X Hui if 11, -I , X X ua f -v ...JT - y. .. us X ' A , . , ..,.,.M wx X K f S ..Jg.x .,i.,.v,.. . f, 1 l wa , , gflk 1, ml E ' -..... XX . . ,il- ',.,- -1- f -,.4.v. . N- -n-- "1S N X I 1 .. , Y 1 Hu. XX . Q ,, 'A ,SQ N .'-' - , X., K. 5 ,, 1 2 - " -I?" .... 144' i ' My HQ I "MA 'H 'N X x Ma., - . Q..- , 71' ,H ff" W- NN f H i SRX ,,i ll- ,L,.i--- .V- 34, , Q, 1 1 H-M ' -4 QQ?-. uk 'Al . -,,.?..5 I , ., -f- ,- f - XXX' X N . r N ...,,lf-- un . , x H U' ' VI 7 . ng U. 1 : . . ,E-wg l--'-' ...,. gill X -P "FV , ,...f y" W5 f. Jw- wb Ju ' ' 5 ' ' 'T' . "' Fug Ez. . , NQQQQ 2 '..f' ,',13.:f75Ef:,fK??f . .L Wing ', L Q K i .1- s 70: LX rf?- r I x- , , l' , -1 J rf . u 5. "' Y xi -?-- I :' f ' .ira- HOYT RJCHTCR. IW I Z f 17 I W V ff ,ff my , -.,, LAX 2 V 4 12 Q f Z f ta 2 ' f ff' XJ Z7 'al f ..M1,Xf ,jkf .47..,H ,ZLL 1, f T During the season Cnion Scored two hundred points to their opponents one 'Q - N .C at O M " . ,,.f'irm:,j ,-,,, ,-1 , I. :ig .i-A: :. TTSLRQI' ,iff .54 , - T' ' U - A awe, of . .loo 1 . ?'fi T1 o 2 3233 5 2T?T 7Tf rw, iq: If. HJII. Cowen 'l'RI'I5sn.ILIz, AI.-XRTIN VANDER ZEI5. Arzvm CORLIN, JoIIN TNEIDENFELLER. EDXVARD ZI5nL'NIs. HENRY ARAIILNTRIILUI. ALEX STROCKIS, FRANK SMITH. ,1l:Jd4'f mf: JACK ScIII,'xI.xNN. CIZKII. LI-:xIoN, I"1ERM.-KN SEBORG, SIDNEY L,nIAII5Rs, DENNIS B.-XRSTIS, JOSEPH GIMNICH, FR.xNcIs CoRNw,xI.I., I, I--' ff roy: Pvauz HART. X'INcIcNI' IXI.xTL'I..xITL's, CLARENCE WoI.x'IsN, GIzoIu:Iz FuI.GoNI, ROBERT HESSEL.FI.CJYD LEAK, -TOIIN 'WII.soN. Football CLARENCE WOLVEN '24 HEN Coach Truesdale issued the iirst call for football candidates, about ninety husky boys reported. The veterans to return from 1922 were Cap- tain Fulgoni. lYolven, Lemon, Xlieidenfeller, Gimnich, Seborg, Schumann, Corn- wall. and Lammers. Captain-elect Cornwall was named on the all-state second team While VVolven, a tackle., was named on the all-state first team. Captain Fulgoni, no doubt, would have been named as fullback on the all-state team had he played all season. hundred seventeen. The schedule of the season is as follows: September 15 Rockford O Cnion September 22 Hastings 6 Union September 22 Vocational O Union September 29 Hillsdale O Union October 6 Allegan 8 Union October 15 Niles 0 Union October Z0 Kalamazoo 7 Union October Z7 Lansing 47 Union November 3 Trip to Notre Dame November IO Muskegon 13 Union November I7 Central 6 Union November 24- Alumni 12 Union December l C. Central 18 Cnion 88 Mu gf, C " A' V ff' -xf -JZ 1 1 . . mi.. , e1'.n of 9 1 53S ' I-Svf - 'Z' lu 1 "ek, Y V Ja f-e3fy--Gals J,,.,.25 W 2- - 255-2 - I ' '. 2. 127-T7if i .E-6, T if KZ.-fi i Y -Y-:':4' if AT rgizji 'LT friiif Top rf.-4, li-vu m nylzz. R.xvxloNn R.xsAiL'ssi-LN. Cowell Kxifisrix.-I.xKi1: BuoKnui.mai4. Hlixkv RI.xRcxxx'.xulrr. fllxdillr mu: Rwvxioxli S: n.wm4:i.. Tm-:onmue Ontlxowsxi, Conn TRL'i5siw.xLe. ARLUN LIAIY, RM' L.xxiviu Inwfr ruin: Runlakr P.u:s.u'.x, Emu, Gincsiiisxi. Fimxtls CURXXY.kLL. H.xkoi.n Glaniiiesicl. ALEX Srrwcxis, .-Xu-:X Pl..xt'ni-ztki. Inter! 1 Cu-r. j.xt K Stnrxmxx fasfefbaff 1923-271 ,IM K Scniwuxx '34 itk. Hli basketball season of 1923-2-1 was admittedly a "building" yearfor Union. Xl ith only one veteran returning to the squad forthe whole season and with Captain lfulgoni ineligible alter the lirst semester it was necessary to train an entire new team. The Grand Rapids School Equipment gymnasium was rented and the boys took the long hike there. and the late hours of practice. and the consequent cold suppers all in good spirit. and linally worked up a team that could not be ignored at tourna- ment time. .lack Schumann. the only veteran remaining for the second semester, was appointed captain and led the team against some of the stiffest opposition a 1'nion team ever faced. The most notable feat ofthe season and the thing that promises most for next year was the defeat of Holland on their own Hoor. Holland already held victories over Central and South. The squad of the 192-1 team was made of Fulgoni. Schumann. Cornwall. H. Glocheski. E. Glocheski. Strockis. Placheski. Orlikowski, Schaubel, Parsaca. l.an1- phear, and Ley. Harold Clocheski was elected to captain the 1925 team. The season's record: Holland ,... 18 Traverse City . . 16 Kalamazoo Central . 27 Battle Creek . . . 23 Greenville . 10 Central .... 16 Kalamazoo Normal , 13 Muskegon .... 24 L' L. L. nion nion nion 1'nion I nion 1 nion L- L. nion nion 20 73 in 17 20 14 16 7 BattleCreek. . . 22 IQ Kalamazoo Central . Catholic Central . 13 Greenville . . Central ..., 22 Kalamazoo Normal . 22 Xluskegon ,... 22 Battle Creek . . 19 lTnurnamcnt! bnion ll linion 15 Union 22 bnion 2-1 Cnion 10 bnion 16 1, nion 12 bnion 9 V I A .. ,, , N.. V 15121 aff' rw ' YV, .fa il wail. if . Ja T 5 isiaai.. -vf:e::iffi.1ai:2 E fe Tis.: mv, M1 Zu right: GwExnoLx'N KREXIER, LAYINA S'rR,x'r'roN, Miss YVESTENDARP, min-li, RUTH TIMMERMAN, RUTH S'iox'ER. .llidiilf VUI1'.'CURNI'lLLA TERMEER. ELLEN Grzoifif. HARIUE1' HILL. TNTILDRED QUINN, M.-xRJoR1E Scorr, CHRISTINA PATER lynn mn: Esmsn Bourno. HELEN XIILLER. jixcQL'ELlNE YVINQHESTER. Qirfs, H ocigf HELEN TXIILLER '24 T the beginning of the hockey season there were only enough enthusiasts assembled on Third street playgrounds for one team. Wlith the combined efforts of Lavina Stratton, student manager, Miss Vlyestendarp, and Xliss Potter, it wasn't very long before strenuous practice was well under way. The first game was with South and they beat us 2 to 1, but our spirit remained high. Our next game was with Central. It was a wild struggle ending with a tie score of l to 1. Again we played Central, but this time the score was 2 to 1 in favor of Union. This victory was the first one in several years for Unionls first hockey team. The last and deciding game was with South, a hopeless deadlock with a score of O to 0. During the season South had won one game from Union, tied one with Union, and two with Central. According to the point system, South won fifty more points than Union. Consequently, they received the cup. Counting every- thing. the healthful sport and the good square playing in all the games, the season was a decided success. 90 ff 1' Af f' 1' ,-,,,:'4' ,, ' fffif H , -, . - . . x.. r Kvf lf- ,2,.xL'f ' Qfff- f C ,L 4 1 K A -,,,f1?'Lf5!?-,599 - 'l ,, --M -g -. ,N -- f','-f- -',2ALf'-- ..,, , ,Y Y ff 2 -,--gif 1 'wav-11 :LT3g..: ff-'ff ? " Y' f ,iff ' -7-f N 755: , fgey,-If-4 ifzfs fffff' W .4-. M.xRx.xN SCHULINU 5-I.xRTH.x Ko YPXLXN Miss Wasrawoxnv, .-url: Winn SgiuL'aEi. EL5lNE Eaxssvruzsn HELEN hates Hisxrcli-:rm Llxusxux Exntx' NI,isxz.x ixsgi XX run ki.-Jar girfs' farfetdaff L.xylN,x Snutrox 'J-I UR basketball this year has been very much worth while in spite of the fact that we didn't have a gym of our own to work in. Calls for volunteer players were made late in the fall. The juniors and sophomores responded very enthusi- astically. lOur friends. the seniors, probably had too many other things on their mindsl. Practices were held in Turner Gym every Thursday afternoon after school. Scrimmage games were played. The last game was a class championship game between the sophs-juniors which ended in favor of the juniors 29-20. Of the 29 points for the juniors Emily Klasalkowski made 21, while Evelyn Coleman made 13 points out ofthe 20 for the sophomores. Line-up: Soplzo mo rf: P of if io ri j u 71140 ff RUTH CoRxwA1.L. Capt. Cnzrrr Witxu li1.o1+:T Witxxu RIoRD.xx Sz'dr-ffzzzfr Xl.KRTH.X Koomux ELLEN Xlclin' Forward lixum' Xl.XS.-XIJQOXYSKI EVELYN CoLm1.xx Forward XI.-tiuox DE .loxo hlonsxxx.-x hlrxcexs Guard l'lEXRIET'I'.X L1xDExi.xX. Capt. Boxnix Ksoniws Guard linxixe Iinxsaiikcsiz Sllbjf Ay.-x H.,xsKIN S1'dr-rarirrr Cruzer Witxrx 5-cu.-xt'BE1, Guard HELEN K..x1.ER 91 ,xl -sf ,,. , Y-sf X94 . . - -- V -Y YELJ - - yt A-t4f,gf3f :gl-vxhwv.'4?s-in TA , , 4 :ii4Vi,e1iL'fz N 4 --- - in ff - Ae In 5 2 L Ilia -, r lg' relief! Llifijz :f12fl L-.L W -eff 11-1-fif?".,. -TT? - " 'F-:fi-E:---,111-fl ri-"K . ,Wm 75' ' r, 'fu :T mi.: Iltttlfw Bviiux,RrmiFux,B15RrHA R4JsliI.Y. BI'Z.XTRIl'lE RASATLSSEN. .lI:J,.,f f-, Enyi HVN1. E1.1.i2N NliyK.w. E1.sA FRICK. W11.x1A RTORUAN, l'l.XRRIIE'l' Lnax, RUTH Blitfklciaxs. Loan Miss Poiriax, IRNA -liistix, ANNA Zmwxls, ill.XRlL,XRli'l' RI'l"l'lER. llI.,XIJYS DELI-, SH1Iz1.Iix' DELP, Miss XX ini iexiuuv. gzgbfi and LTQZIM grade LUOZZQQI fall! Hlf Sth and 9th grade teams were both very successful this season. The Sth grade won the championship of the South-west, North-west, and North- east Districts of Grand Rapids. They lost the city championship by 3 points to Burton. The 9th grade likewise won two games from Creston and two from Vocational and played Strong -lunior for the city championship. llle girls all were "full of pep" and showed the highest type of good sportsmanship. l.ine-up: Eiglzz grade Iva m KIA RGARET RITTTQR, Capt. Rose Fox H.'XRRIPlT l.rt5N Przumr-1 l,t'Rx IRMA .losux RUTH lirgtziuuixs l"RANcr1s SHLIRT H t:i.r:N BUTTON XYINIFRI-ID BRITTON fLl.,xnYs DBLP .XNNA ZEGCNIS BPLRTHA Rosrim' Dams .IACKSUN 92 Ninth gradf team SHIRLEY DELP li1.1.13N JANE RICKAY HELEN IQEELER Tn13REssA PAKTER Potty' STROCKIS, Capt I-IICLEN RoTn lf:l.SA I"R1cK XVILMA RIORDAN ICDNA NIAE HUNT BERNICE RAYMOND VIRGINIA XYEST M: -ri ' i ,. T-.. . "Eff 5-:Ht li p.TY,, M311 le- A . - V6-:,?:P' - 4? 'E-11' Y Y ,ff Z +g:Qlw?e1Q-34,ikk YfLHA+, 5- K f- 42-1 ,V - E,-1 " fkffds-? j, ,gif fri" Sw imm ing LAYINA Sfnwrrns '24 ORE has probably been done for the girls in swimming this year than in any previous year. Union has every reason to be proud of her fine swimmers. Many of them won honors last summer at various places, but, better still. six of our girls were members ofthe Y.lV.C.A. Swimming Team. As members of this team they competed with teams from Kalamazoo, Ypsilanti, Detroit and Flint. Those who were on this team are Mildred Quinn, Marjorie Scott, Evelyn Coleman. Josephine Coleman, Ellen McKay, Polly Strockis. . A high school meet was held in which the teams of the various high schools partici- pated. The meet consisted mainly of plain and fancy diving, stunts. and racing. An opportunity was given the swimmers to pass the Red Cross Life-Saving tests and become members of the Senior Life-Saving Corps of Grand Rapids. Although the high school team has not been chosen it will probably consist of Mildred Quinn, Marjorie Scott, Evelyn Coleman, Josephine Coleman, Margaret Nolan, Dorothy Glimm, Katheryn Glimm, Ellen McKay. Henrietta Lindeman, and Wilma Schaubel. 'wzrytfzm Lwvlru Sriurrow '24 OR the first time in the history of lfnion High School. a rhythm class was organ- ized under the instruction of Miss llestendarp. The fundamental work in the course was to develop and establish muscular guidance and control of all parts of the body. It also dealt with the interpretation of music and with self-expression through bodily movements. The girls wore gorgeously colored costumes while they danced among floating scarfs of all colors. "Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andyn and "Ole King Cole" were some of the nursery rhymes they presented at the Hi-Y entertainment. The girls feel that they have derived much benefit from this course. llie sin- cerely hope that bnion will have another such class for her terpsichf-rean girls. 93 io, 0 Zi. Q 1-rg ia -eil P 1 , .N o P33 30 Q J ,jj .3-Q' ff? III .1 .Q .lf '13 ,..,,,,.. ,M was at-E541 K s, f i wa Q M ui .ga X EI f v YI N 'k 'I 3 'rn 8 f -.sr .. "' I o ha s U G VA on t A:l ' xl g ait M'g JG? als C Elf. 'T , 1 5-4214. . tfisijin' sl f.'.E"CP" 'li . . JQ30t fn? ee ' :r if 9 J Cb ' . Q Wort' il ' -tae" Q 2 f .. it :Qygf " ,. f - ' it 3 if flgpsp, , EN" rf' 5 5 'EH' i"-""'?" - T : - '- v ' r 4- i CQ , 'v .. . A ,. I -sv. - ' . -s .- . 1 o -. -5- .f f - - . Rin ' 52 PTY L-F7 51 7. z 'gn :im wr ,-37 Z :ng ,bo--. 1- 4.1: i DQ - ,ts ' ' -'I s v ,Q 'JI ' ,'Q5iu-.'.. 0 . ff "' f ' . . ' - 'l 12' 1... ':- - - 'Q 5. ess FS. .1 is F 571 . 2 MA ...ji tot ,lf an 5 Ya- ,tv Tse nf-: if if at H Lt?-' 56:5 li 22: 39- 29:4 22:-gf as .: if -v L--4: -v 'O-. wi' . .,. .. .. 1 0. . .. . .I , . v . . f fi. . ... . . .1 1-, I4 ... . t - ares:--V :AH -:vw v.-:- -.4 21" PI, --Gs' --'--5 I-fm.: k-4. w -, -F-a i " '--fy . ::"- 0.2 .f -J? rn' I! eip- : :Sf .: :rf - - Q. fn- -:-4 I 1 if -- - 'gli' :il 5.4 L14 H! :-ge Pg! ,Q ,., Egg 1 hi g I '13 ?- Je. ' 6 U Q- '21 id 2? s. Q M 2 1 E- L' ,Ax .VI sr - if re ti -'-- r - I - A M 1 A .-aqpb , - 5. ,nm MRL mm W 4, apr.- ..-5 ' .s. ... . ' H I. n A-.Li vLuvvusfanu:xsnx1s.a1w1zwfmunw4.moauaa:iuamaxa4uwxaum Yotfve heard about the Oracle at Delphi, how about- AUR-ORA-CLE AT U-HI? Dear Ifditt-r: Herrick Chase ean't under- stand how it happened that the nose is in the middle of the face. Can you answer this query? -I,yle Ifvans. .Xnswerz Xaturally. because it is the center. ,Ui Dear Iiditor: Can you tell me what hap- pened to the fellow who posed for the statue called "The Thinkeruf -bl. Champion. Xnswer: IIe's dead. He was buried in thought. tDon't let llltlf keep you from studying jso u r li ziflory, ,I ohn ll ,K-..- Dear Ifditt-r: Wihat isa rhombusf -Helen hledendorf. Xnswer: .X square pulled out of shape. ir, Dear Ifditor: Did they have home-brew in the days of Noah? -"Teddy" Davis. .knswerz It is reported that the kangaroo and the toad went aboard with hops and the bear was always bruin. YT, Dear Ifdit'-r: If a burglar stepped through a basement door to steal a ham, would the furnace roar? -Caroline Ilerrema. .knswerz Perhaps, but if he stopped to see if the ham were good, the Coal would probably ld shute quicker than he wwu ,Lv , Xlr. Demmon: "Read that line again and let me hear the final 'ing' in 'partinuhu Iris Iirightz " 'The Curfew tolls the knell of partin'-' i' Xlr. Denirnon: "Read it aeain and let me hear the 'uf' lria: "Cie-:. "lille curfew tolls the knell of partin' day 94 Dear Editor: My girl is going away. How shall I live then? - R. S. Answer: Don't worry. Life and hash are what you make 'e-ni. 4141. Dear Editor: Kathleen Lanski Wants to know how long cows should be milked. Wlhat shall I tell her? -C. P. Answer: Tell her to milk 'em just the same as short ones. DL.- AT THIS NEWS STAND lfverygirls' . ...... COMPACT :X Country Gentlemen. . -IOSEPII FRIAR The Independent . . . Noiuus PORTER The Ladies' Home journal . . . . ELMER ISAAC LAMMERS Mentor . ....... GLEN Une Modern Priscilla . . . RUSSIZL DONKER Womanls Home Companion . FRED COLE Little Folks . . . IAIAROLD SILVERMAN Outlook .... . RAY PETERSON System .... KA'l'IlEIlINE KOEN Youth's Companion . YIVIAN I-IALLIDAY Living Age .,..... ultima, 192-I fr-1, How doth the gentle grapefruit .Xrise in righteous wrath And give the helpless eater A morning shower bath. -Life ,U- Nlartinc "You belong to the Commercial Club?" C. Tracy: "How much does it cost to join?" Mart: "Nothing," C. 'I'.: 'LYeh, I belong." -U- Iidith Ilerbstreith says she can make more speed when she writes on the wrong keys. tI,ead us to 'em-pleasej.

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Union High School - Aurora Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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