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-.. , ,,,W, , ,Y W., ,Y.. .. ,. Y A V V , ,, Y- V - -----. ,, ,,,,,Y .. , . .... Y , , , . Jn, f -f ,. ' 1 9 WWZV bwffvwi, 1 ww W CRV? MJ.-'LPM My wif .aff 'E l W, x Wggfym 5 X, W fffajiwmkwwfw fn J5fWQilW MQW! PEW QS KM C5-3125 5 Q , P M19 Amy 1 E Biff' WWHMWN 3 5 C ,gffffw W fjww LAW gd W! IW pg W, f ww? N QR, ,Mb l Sy gg yj,v"Y1f' ymisdf fM?.2W1Y'f,g XM 1,,Q,Vkx QQQM5 of? Qfmfmqfl W K+ 3 ' V Pigfffgv fifwfwf W Hp X N9 ' of - vgxijjy aw A - . A Aiylg . -,L-QI'-'ii'-I1.-..1-.L4.,1 ,.'. i. .1 ' . lu 5. 1,5 ,H - ,- ',,,4f,,..gg.i.1v- - EQ-,v,..-m:.." --glfi' --1 .-ada I Q ., 1 v Q gZ0,Z,3Qffmff Thgcjifgj H3 :Q W ff' fwf QW Q-KN J! Vffdvl QS gm fgfga . Wx, ,hy X Nam? ,mutgx N -A ,QQ W Q15 ,T bg? V if JF 5 5 X 53+g3'fQQQiL 59f F , A ' my A 53399 1 Q'J'wQ ffQm Ww W.3fgL5N?5fF Wm pf L! .69 QM . f71ff"'! W M W , ff 'MM WM V W ' W If ff' 'Ci' fffff? 6 W M ff ffffcy' f,,g,c:fff'7f'M,,,,qfLfgL 45 479 5- ffifbf HQ' MMF W ' Qilllfi iff' S' Milf x ,fwwgmy fr KW E. fvmm ' fW1flg" N6 W9 Wim ' fm M Q W4 fm? f 40 W We Aj jymypw ,Mr f x, JR N fini QE HW- M99 ' f Lf Msn WMQWWQWM L-ff" J if mn ,A Wk M JQKQWF W N Mmflfi ng W A PIX aw 4, 16 , Biff ,ff A W Q? wk k Mm Y MW W4-4 WWW ffm! fg MAN I , A W Jx"'NJfYfpq'6 YJNWL ??"L"'?',f'ifv2 ,r ' ' N' '11,-W. Aww ff .r ,, .F 1 fn gfaajrxn fw V 74,079 my 2, M 'f I f?'4,?yZ 4 ,WK 'ww wr mltfmljjfl mqgfq Q Q: f I 41,7733 Mom 17 E 122 2424 ,L l Q' ff Lf , ' 'J 1:-1, ',-i'. if 1 J 7 447:-U7 7K,j7qP IQ .gn ' -vat Q71 Q ! ii "L?"?9, "y'+qA It J W .fy fy M my M, w Kaz f,M,HM"f W fdd ff + U 1,59 JU in gf? GUM KQYKUYQXQ Wf?fQ Meg? if-SDD GTK 69-9 4,2 Q Q2mfwg? Q,2? WK 713 ,Y ht-A s we swfcfi A. j ' 1 ll-HJC' f i SY , f"'j hlfmes 'aw "wFW?,5 l Q 'XL' ms- M VN 1 ,9B,l,LL. X I9 9 ll uc! 9051 tw, fm,Ym,. J A!mt,fg+L H K l 'Q 'li Hgfhul W, ' JuULlbLlUlL . ,gl A R ROW e all . . .y :hge-fr uwfg J, I I, V b V V, , ' -ir txliuls .1113-:3"l 'Lf XTEXJN W Q35 QM W Published by W 'Q-f' 11354, The Senior Class Union High School wx C , uf -:X ' 0 - ' ea! fx l lf-Lf lsconsln Dells, Wisconsin l 7' fl J.,-1. ,,,.',7 ff, fi 95' f,," :A7'f ' ,ll IVIQJ jx! if if -1 ', -, 1 f"'fl T J ,s fill Lg '-" L' ii of 13 fl' , f A M 'I N if bum ec, 'L Qu 1 LN' C-1 JL J ' P L, , I L 1 UeeeU'h T, . f I. ff! . lx l -M... tc , ,if ,fr . t or WW tw' imm- X. . s 1 4 i i U W .Q . . if 1 X . X x 5 ary u I 1 ' ,hwy Lf ' 9 VV h - Nl ' V fi 3 P ' rn : 3 Chief Rum in ,Arrow, and I am goirig exploring. Xgglbpxxx ' fax YN X ' a sing aro d' school, peeping into classes and walking RX thr c rid to find out what goes on in WDHS. Q 5 9 XIX., r u u nts of today and of the future, I am recording , A . m is ies and presenting them to you so that some day J ma ook back upon this book as an account of your 0 ool lif in 1958-59. You may then renew forgotten X-ji me ories, recapture the spirit of your school and perhaps relive some of the happy experiences of your youth. .. 4? Y And for others, this book will be a window through which to View WDHS to see what goes on and to gain an 1 ' 1'of,the life there-- ,f yu., X t - 03' ww ,.-fo - . OJ Qs , -gf -' S0 Come all -- LET'S GO EXPLORING - Q9-ffl' his r -,. We . is it A 'NJ J A grey l Q' plorewwiw- 'QM Ny W '-W H DH ' MM , ,, X l 4 821 D H S A iw can Q xf fxxf' ff wwumfiw OW Mi, M - If Wa W M 'J M' M MW Wfffwmepzljjwww 5-2 EQZZZZQMW MWZWMQMZMA zz!! T KQWLQ F i ' X WILLIAM FITZPATRICK Dedication One of the rewards of working on the Arrow staff this year is to be able to dedicate our book to someone who has given his time and effort, not only for us, but the entire school. We feel a great indebtedness to you, our friend and teacher, for your sincere interest in us, 'for your willingness to help on any project, and for what you have given us in your classroom, and we would like to say with deep sincerity --Thank you, Mr. Fitzpatrick. r 4 i -" 4 C P ,V fi- i Q fi y W LL f V . I ,F , , 7 lb, , L ,nf ,- . I M X , 4, VV C-1 ,Uv - I, V, if -' .5 5, , , ,..-"" ,,- Mlcxb V , ,:1,, V 7 ff Lf jfj IfQet's Explore F7 I Our EQ Administration k and Faculty ? F7 31 mlm 9591 HJ i N 0 my iw J J Our Administrators Aim Secretary Barbara Koberstein and her assistant, Mrs. Alice Tucker, keep office functioning smoothly. FREDERICK C. REINEKING Principal B.A. Lakeland College M.A. University of Wisconsin A typical day for Mr. Reineking, Principal of the High School, in- cludes visiting classes, interviews with teachers and students, in addition to conferences with parents and visitors from the out- side. His phone is ringing con- stantly with problems for him to solve, and his office door is al- ways open--symbolic of the coun sel teachers and students find there. Alice Tucker 6 Barbara Koberstein Maintain Progress in Our Schools i5- ROBERT W. FENSKE ig. Superintendent of Schools 'f B.S. Eau Claire State College M.S. University of Wisconsin 5777334 A . .- Q yn . .I , ,Q , lp, 5' , Executing the decisions of the Board of Education is our Super- intendent, Robert W. Fenske, who is an active worker for education, and who devotes much of his time to improving the educational facilities of the Wisconsin Dells area. Responsibility for the educational policies of the school system is vested in seven respected business and pro- fessional men elected by the citizens of the Wisconsin Dells area to serve without remuneration, devoting many hours to maintain progress in the Wisconsin Dells area educational system. ef I-xii BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Reynolds, R. Bork, R. W. Penske, Superintendent, M. Tofson, T.D. Crist, Jr., A. Crothers, R. O'Conne1l, H. Radlund, F. Reineking, Principal. Nl Our Teachers Worked with ROBERT A. BRIMER Stout State College B.S. Industrial Artsg Mathematicsg Visual Aidsg Assistant Basketball Coachg Golf Coachg Junior Class Advisor. JAMES A. DeMERIT LaCrosse State College B.S. Physical Education. ! U, ARVILLA V. EICHSTEADT if - University of Wisconsin B.S. 9 i Englishg Libraryg Librarians Club. EIJVIER C. ENZ University of Wisconsin B.S. Instrumental Musicg Band. s and Had Fun with Us WILLIAM H. FITZPATRICK Ripon College Ph.B. Biologyg General Scienceg Student Council Advisor. 1'- i i 4 4 L , ,,-1 , fx raruum, GERALDINE KELLY University of Minnesota B.S. Vocal Musicg Chorus. C 1 ROLLIN NATTER Milton Collegeg University of Wisconsin B.S. Civicsg Geographyg Basketball Coachg As- sistant Football Coachg Baseball Coachg Freshman Class Advisor. I ? A A 1 ,vs-1:19, ERNIE J. HEIMAN University of Wisconsin B.S. Englishg Speechg Social Studiesg Camera Club. RICHARD T. LUCKE University of Notre Dame A.B., Central State College. Englishg Arty Debateg Forensics. ---- .--..1-. L ' If r. i f m STEPHEN E. PINKOWSKY Lawrence College, B .A. Social Problernsg Senior Class Advisor. ORP1-IA REIFSTECK Western Illinois State College B.S. Bookkeepingg Typingg Organizations Ac- CO11I1t2.l'lt . With Our eachers We ..:., . Wgtof JOHN R. O 'MALLEY Wisconsin State College, Platteville, B.S. World Historyg U.S. Historyg Head Football Coachg Sophomore Class Advisor. ELIZABETH PLENKE University of Wisconsin, A.B. Shorthandg Typingg Annual. DONALD A. SKARDA Wisconsin State College B.S. University of Wisconsin M.S. Algebrag Chemistryg Guidance Director. iMade Lasting Friendships I FRANK D. WEIGEL Platteville State Colle e, B.S., Universit 8 Y of Wisconsing Case Institute of Technologyg General Electric Fellowship. Agricultureg Physicsg General Scienceg FFA. JANET WINN Stout State College B.S. Homemakingg FHA. CAROLYN I-IOLEN University ofW1scons1n, B.B.E. Bookkeepingg Typingg Organizations Ac- countant. ELIZABETH R. TI-IIELE University of Wis. B.A., William and Mary College M.E. Englishg Lating Dramatics. YSQBQ , I . I , 1. Q V " g . , f, . MARIAN I. ZIMMERMANN Wisconsin State College, LaCrosse, B.S. Physical Educationg Healthg Pep Clubg GAA S.-I , 'i A Q. 1 I ...Q . A 1 . 'nr . . 0 r. , ,,.,,g 1-W ZQQTI I Y A Hhs 4 I V H., Ll F. ' R -17 qs, lla "QF, 'wr 1.435 V 1 V . " '-1 Q - 'kk 1 175 ' "2 ' . 'xl vusxx, 3. .. vlsxff , L' "" ' .fsfgl I .X 1: LQ? , MOST TAL Kenny Stevens-- i fl- ' rch-.A s ' 'Q 'unix' P ' 1 , A . f T. X 6, , . v "8 , 4 ,P .1 W 4 4, '- ' ':""! ' A 'ff' 45"-fr, 1. k , . H A .,,: ' 1 ' 'rt ff- ' zz X Li! gk N "'fi'afTE+A ii, 313,15 L f E I f n M95 ,V e s xp ore I our W Wg H M ,N 0 , , nlors 2, if. ' Q,f , 2 , W M fffx it M ,V V Q, ,'L' 1.3 f 5 ,ig ' , ifp, lu W 2 . .N p, ,Q .f ' v N 9 x ' 1 :li , U I ! A Q' ' A Y he I - X. fx 'h " Y X fx Ki I ' 6 ' fi, A. 2 1 ' '4 ' I ' . I -. I + 12 , Y- 'v w l ' ,.l PATRICIA ANN ANDERSON llpatll "She's like a vitamin ad--Bubbling over with vim, vigor, and vitality." Pep Club 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4g Cheerleading 2,3,4, Homecoming Queen 2. IRVIN BLACKDEER ll Irvll "He is handsome, he is tall, He is liked by one and all." Camera Club 25 WD Club 2,3,4, Football l,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 3,45 Volleyball 2,3,4g Projectionist Club 3. WILLIAM BEARD llBi11Il "He and the tardy bell were good friends, Never more than a minute apart." WD Club 3,43 Projectionist Club 33 Football l,2,3,4g Track 2,4. RICHARD BLATCHLEY "Dick" "An experienced baker who thinks high school is a four-year loaf." Football 1. ROBERT J. BEGHIN lIBoblI "Let the girls go on their wayg As for me, they need not stay." Football lg Class Play 3. SANDRA J. BREMER llsamll "A natural blonde we can tell, Peroxide never did so we1l." GAA 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Homecoming Court 35 Badger Girls' State 35 Annual 4. DELORES BENNETT llDeell u "She's called "Dee" by all her 7 9' friends, She's not as quiet as s pretends." FHA 1,2,3,4g GAA 1,2,3,4g PMA Club 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4 RICHARD BUCKMINSTER "Buck" "He goes the musical direction, The mainstay of the trombone section." WD Club 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,25 Goif 2,3,4. ' r l lvl 1 DONNA CLARK 3 15, .LW "She steals through life in her own 'L' L quiet way." , . , Pep Club l,2,3,43 GAA 45 Home- I Cf x Q if coming Queen 4. if Q J M, Q SANFORD C. COOK "Cookie" "Model farmer he will make, Driving a tractor and swinging a rake." FFA 1,2,3,45 WD Club 2,3,45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2. PETER CLEARY Ilpet I look iC' ?lQ1S, I'm bash- Giga, gl! 1,2,3,4g cho- I Li SANDRA E. DURIS Sandy" "Sugar and spice and everything niceg One of these days she'11 be sprinkled with rice." GAA 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4g Class Treasurer 3,43 Annual Staff 45 Librarian 2. F. TIMOTHY M. CLEARY llTin1ll "The blonde I like is pretty and How! Not a woman, but a nice l ' Guernsey Cow." FFA 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4. CLARENCE F. ENGLEBRETSON "Who, me go steady?" FFA l,2,3,45 Track 35 Debate 4. W L f ' MERLE D. COOK erle belongs to FFA, Raising corn and alfalfa hay." FFA 1,2,3,A3 WD Club 2,3,4g Base- ball gl,2. :- fb L xt KAY E. FEDDERLY "Though she looks like an angel with fair golden hair, There's a gleam in her eye that says the devil is there." GAA 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Class Vice President 3 ELAINE FISH "A most certain sign of wisdo ' continual cheerfulngs 2 r 5 Q I 1 yy ,4g B 1,2,3,4. 6 W , 9 fig G X OANNE GRAFF , n-Jon "The gladdest words of tongue and pen--, Tonight there is a dance again." GAA 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,2. KAREN RAE FOSTER "No matter what the teacher will say, She'll argue it the other way." GAA 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 35 Debate 13 Newspaper 2,35 Librarian Club 1,2, 3,45 Band 1,2g3,45 Dance Band 1,2, 3,43 Student,Council 4. RICHARD PATRICK GRIFFIN llllatll "School walls do not a prison make, Are you kidding!" Camera Club lg FFA 1,2,3,4. JOHN HAROLD GAFFNEY llJackll "As a golfer Jack's a star, He al- ways shoots under par." Transferred from Cambria 2. Bas- ketball 2,3,43 Golf 3,4g WD Club 3,45 Football 23 Prom King 3. DOROTHY HAGEN llDOttyll "Cute and happy, Small and snappyf' GAA l,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 FHA 13 Class Play 3. RONAID GALIT Z "Ronnie" "No girl has ever poisoned my mind." LINDA HANSEN "Some say that she is quietg But if they knew her, they'd deny it." Pep Club 1,2,3,4g FHA 15 Camera Club 1,23 Librarian Club 2. ui' 1 I E , N 15...-...L - . -Q-'qs nf, , 5 - rl VV' K. PARRY HARDING llparll "Can you imagine Parry quietl, We'll never know--he'll never try it." WD Club 1,2,3,45 Band 25 Baseball 1,2,a,4. PHILLIP HEMMING llphilll "It's great to have a carg To take me near and far." Student Council 23 Class President 23 Camera Club 1,25 Newspaper 2: Projectionist Club 25 Basketball 1,3,45 Golf 3,45 Prom Court 2. JANICE M. HARRISON llJanIl "With her pep and happy smile, She has made friends in a very short while." Transferred from Baraboo 4. Pep Club 4. VIOLET E. HICKETHIER llvill "Happy-go-lucky, easy-go-free, Nothing exists that bothers me." GAA 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g News- paper 13 Band 1,2,3,4g Librarian Club 1. VALERLE HARRISON Ilvalll "A giggle is sometimes as conta- gious as the measles." Chorus 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4. NANCY HOLDEN IlNancll Here's a girl, though ever gay, Can be serious in her way." GAA l,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,43 Home- coming Court 1. EDWIN HEIDTKE HEdll "The one and only big he-mang l-Ie must eat spinach by the can." WD Club 1,2,33 Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,35 Track l,2,3. fU-J GLADYS I-IORTON gg "Bubbles" pr I, "A nice girl with dark hairg Slie' doesn't say much, but we know she's there." Pep Club 2,3,4. -W9 1' JUDITI-l A. HOUGHTON "Squeak" "A very bright and brainy lassg Squeak is tops in every c1ass." GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Class Secretary 15 Student Council 15 Annual Staff 3,45 School Play 4. JAMES R. JAX llJimIl "One arm around a footballg The other around a girl." Camera Club 1,25 Key Club 2,3,45 WD Club 2,3,45 School Play 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 152, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Class Vice- President 25 Class Play 3. LOIS M. HUDZINSKI "I used to be bashful, I used to hate men . . . Them days are gone for- ever." GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Student Council 15 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Treastuer 1. COLI..EEN M. JOYCE "Smiling and sweety A real treat to meet." Pep Club 1,Z,3,45 Annual Staff 4. RALPH E. I-TUSTON "I don't care about wealth or fameg To drive a truck is my only aim." Baseball 2,3,45 Wrestling 4. LESTER DONALD LANGER lIDOnll "With his car and a cupful of gasg He burns up the road and fast." FFA 1,2. DUANE JACOBSON llJakell "An artist this boy will surely beg And portraits by Jacobson you'll surely see." Camera Club 25 Newspaper 3,45 Chorus 45 Class Play 3. MILDRED LENG "Millie" "She's a girl with lots of zestg And one who'll always do her best." Pep Club l,2,3,45 Camera Club 2,3,45 Librarian Club 45 School Play 35 GAA 4. ' iqfvff ' Hg-1?K if--f..Q,. 'E' -. lid. .rs ,V-.3 .. 1 '32- ,1 . rn., 'J-R . .,. ,tx li Tyuwiiz. m, -. 1, f . lax.. -M I 3' AMY -LEWIS "A friendly girl who's usually quiet, But with half a chance she'd be a riot." GAA l,2,3,4g camera Club 2,3,4, Forensics 25 Librarian Club 4, Pep Club 2,a,4. JAMES MALLOY llJimll "He knows his sports, he knows his lessons, I-le's bound to leave a good impression." Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,43 WD Club 3,4. GLENN NEILS LICITAR "He'll seldom appear, When girls are near." Band 1,2,3g FFA 2,3,4. DAVID G. McCLYMAN IlMacll "Bouncing through life on a joke with four whee1s." Camera Club 1,23 Student Council 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 WD Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4, Class Play 3g Homecoming Court 33 Class President 4, Prom Court 4. SPENCER LONETREE "Spence" "Through singing he'll make his name, In his voice lies his fame." Chorus 1,23 Dance Band 3,43 WD Club l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,2,45 Camera Club 4. LOIS MCNUTT llcorkyll "Two heads are better than one." GAA l,2,3,43 Pep ciub l,2,3g News- paper 2,3,45 Student Council 33 Librarian Club 2. STEVE D. LUKE "Well! I graduated, didn't I!" FFA 1,2,a,4. PATRICK MEDO llpatll "lf school is liberty, give me death." Basketball l,2,3, Baseball 35 Track 23 Football 1,45 Class Play 35 Vol- leyball 4. -f Q i ' s.,-11' WILLIAM H. MILLARD "Bill" "Einstein's theory is really very simple." Camera Club l,2,3,4g Forensics 25 Debate 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Projec- tionist Club 2. KAREN I.. PETERSEN llpetell "Neat as a pin all the whileg Never a frown, always a smile." GAA 1,2,3,43 Pep Club l,2,3,45 FHA 15 Newspaper 23 Librarian Club 1,2,35 Chorus l,2,33 Annual Staff 43 Homecoming Court 2g Class Play 3. BARBARA J. NACEL ' llBarbll Don t look now, but your halo's slipping." GAA 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Librarian Club 35 Chorus l,2,3,4. KAREN S. RACHUY llRaChll "Full of pep from head to toeg She's a girl who's nice to know." GAA 2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,4g FHA 15 Newspaper 2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 ' Annual Staff 45 Class Treasurer 2. JOSEPH H. NELSON llJOell "Some think the world is made for fun and frolicg And so do I." vp, !-3 QW if r 6 FFA l,2,3,45 Football 43 Basketball A649 25 Track 3 4. A ' Mjou F THOMAS F. REYNOLDS .fly , ' vvT0muv IU I "A young man in his early flirties." Camera Club 2,3,43 Newspaper jf, ' 2,3,45 WD Club 2,3,4g Projectionist Club Z5 Band 1,2,3,4g Football 1,45 Track 25 Golf 3,45 Annual Staff 43 Dance Band 25 Volleyball 2,3,4g Basketball 2. RONALD S. NEWELL ' Y .V ' "Percy" ' xg 'E "I'm through with women . . . N J' What's her phone number?" 'p Class President lg Student Council ' 13 Camera Club 15 Volleyball 3,45 WD Club l,2,3,4g Track l. ln! pug. U I 1.1, ' 4 ,: Haw 1 nw 'Eff' ' ' ' r' . ,fn MARGERY RONEY urviargeu "Who could like school when he's no longer here?" GAA 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 FHA lg Band l,2,3,43 Chorus lg Drum Majorette 4g Twirler 3g Class Sec- retary 4. MARY E. RONEY "At our Prom she reigned as queeng We think this girl is really keen." Pep Club 1,Z,3,43 FHA lg School Play 3g Band 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader ,3,4g Prom Queen 3g GAA 2,3. 3 KARL SICKENBERGER, Jr. llpunkll "When I have nothing else to do X evenings, I study." WD Club 2,3,4g Basketball 1,25 Track 2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,45 Football l. EVERETT SCHLEEF HEVII "A friendly fellow and lots of fung Ev is liked by everyone." Camera Club 35 Key Club 45 WD Club 49 Track 2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Class Play 35 Baseball lg Student Council 4. BETTIE JUNE SIESE "Bettie did not like the rule, That she should always be in school." Pep Club l,2,3,45 FHA 1,25 Camera Club 1. CAROL LYNN SCHULZ l "Everybody's friend and nobody's enemy." Librarian Club 2,3,4. M SYBII. SINE ip tl quiet, always kindg A nicer L i ou'll never find." K. GERALD SCHULZ llK.G.ll "Oh girls, don't you envy my curly hair?" Key Club 2,3,4g WD Club 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4. BONNIE B. STANWYCK "I chatter chatter all the dayg It helps to pass the time away." GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Class Secretary Z5 Class Play 2,35 Forensics 2g Annual Staff 4. RICHARD STEINHORST "Dick" "No girl has his hearty His mind is on art." Football 1,35 Wrestling 3,45 Basket- ball 25 Projectionist Club 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 3. JUDITH ANN SVEJCAR llJudyll "In FHA she's really ITg She makes something from every bit." Pep Club 2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3, Camera Club 45 Band 1,2,3, , lass Play 3. . S VE nl! "Duck! c mes t e m ith the hornl' B d 1, ,45 , 3 Track ' 25 n e Band , . -ef r 'Q L. p 1 ' . if . . ' - 2,11 V . If ' . M Xb f X ARY J. SWEENEY "wi loafing again--Only 99 on , r last quiz." JAMES STOMNER llJimll All the teachers think I'm sweetg They always give me a nice front seat." Track 1,23 WD Club 2 4- Camera Club 1,2. ' , BEVERLY THOMAS l'Bev.Il "She's going forward at a steady rate 5 Working to be something really great." Pep Club 2,3,4g FHA 1,25 Camera Club 1,2,3,4g Newspaper 2,3,4g Band 2,3,-45 Dance Band 3,4. l PATRICIA A. STUKEL llpatll "I can easily live without sleeping or walkingg But who in the world can live without talking!" GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 FHA 15 Forensics 33 Librarian Club 35 School Play 2,3,4g Class Secretary 35 Prom Court 35 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 3. SHIRLEY WABSHAGAIN "Happy and gay, Throughout the day." GAA 45 FHA 15 Pep Club 2,4. qv xl ,Hx X 1 Us 1'2" -rrli Q Q-33? fi 'i -YI! 5 4 -1 ,lv .I l'L,. If ' f. . A .fl . 'r'z-fl. - J . -J, , V ' " I jg-755341-, .- -1 - .-1TT's.1iH, if: . , .w.Q-fan . w ' ' f 51:5 :iliac -'I V rr d' 'TQ' 'tfff w., -hun ,'v. ,oil " ?',,5 '-1 can 5 sf 1. far , ., . ,L Agp,-,L g,53.m-, , .A M.-if - 1 BENJAMIN LYNN WEIDLING llBenll "Schoo1 breaks up my whole day." FFA 1,2,3,4. RALPH Wl-IITING "I came, I leftg I returned." Camera Club lg Transferred from Milwaukee North 4. Volleyball 4, Golf 43 Projectionist Club 4. DAVID M. WEISS "Dave" ' "Always happy--my wants are fewg Just a girl and a car will do." FFA 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 3. RONALD WICK "Ronnie" "A horse, a horse, my jalopy for a horse." Basketball 35 Track 15 Volleyball 1. MARGARET TI-IERESE WENKMAN "Micki" "May I have this next romance with you?" GAA 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council lg Class Play 35 School Play 3,62-?xd 1,2,3,4, Chorus l,2, 3,43 C e President 13 Cheer- - a 2, rom Court 2. D KENNETH D. WREZENSKI "Beaver" "Chase me girls, I'm full of fun." Basketball 1,23 Wrestling 3,4. JUDEE WHIPP "Silence is better than empty chatter." Band 1,2,3,4, Twirling 2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 2. RICHARD O. WRIGHT "Dick" "I haven't let a woman pin any- thing on me since I was a baby." Key Club 3,45 Camera Club 3,44 FFA l,2,3,4g Annual Staff 45 News- paper 25 Class Vice-President 4. 1--r - Seniors Benefit from Capable Leadership S enior not pictured: JAMES HAMES llJimlI "You may not believe it, but we know it is true. He can be serious-- for a minute or two. CLASS OFFICERS le .1 Lu 'QL'-.. Ii ijgf 17.12 P95 . P 'm,...:, N191 BOTTOM ROW: S. Duris, Treasurerg K. Foster, Student Councilg M. Roney, Secretary. ROW 2: D. Wright, Vice-Presidentg D. McC1yman, President, E. Schleef, Student Coun- cil Mr. PINKOWSKY, CLASS ADVISOR, PLANS HOMECOMING FLOAT VE I X I z an ' J. Gaffney, D. Clark, E. Heidtke, Mr. Pinkowsky, R. Newell, K. Fedderly, J. Jax, D Wright, P. Anderson. 24 Let's Peek at the Seniors Visitx Cleanin' up ain't so bad ng before the 8.25 bell Lining up to buy their annuals Cheering for their candidates Look who's all dressed up They have their serious moments, too I L I I Y1Hr'l'1e!i .1 Study. s .A .M-.,-., ,.-J . Y, -. 4 ., . tudy. Study! J ', - u L Q K . NY- , -S .f - ,! W . TFT. ' 1 , ' " . K I Q 8 ' 5 . L 5 '. if-I 5 ,xx W r w ' ,iam " J g ' iflf. 123. , b E -E -5- JJ rig . . me E ' I -1 - ,J-v, ' ' 'ti r . , ' x 'Eff' f '--' 1- '. :gi ,K 'Wifi' ' , " ' 1 as .' J 1-71.3.1 . X.. S 7 ..vy:', LID' ,L ,i Mm ,rv v ' ' A .fl H, 5 , 1 . fm , , of 41 .4, jv V ' Z.. -in . -p."" ' H, 11' ff! -rg u ' M , . M 'M Wg. w Q ' , 'A Q . .K F " b., -'S fl . ESX .L , V1-Ex,-.' Z ' -, .. P ,Q .1 if ' -0-x N .F ' ur my al - I .f QQX . ' , ff Wgfxfa, X its 'A A961 ' i Ifl' 6 A-ze? .i, 1 E G ag Sciezv . e Llnderclassmen '+R Let's Explore sw th W . Q UBRARY nd ., Cf L My .ff Juniors Become Leaders W ,LW CLASS OFFICERS D. Tofson, Treasurer-QQ. Tofson, Vice-President, L. Haferman, Secretary, D. Gall, Student Council, Rkj7tow sident, L. Lamar, Student Council. lr W M 0 i I A E 3 M J CW If W' BOTTOM ROW: C. Beahm, J. Buller, B. Beghin, L. Everson, K. Bloss, C. Burris, R. Cook, K. Donnelly, D. Cone, ROW 2: G. Albertson, C. Cottine, A. Alhorn, P. Bohlinger, D. Brousil, B. Cary, K. Cone. ROW 3: T. Baggot, T. Backhaus, B. Anchor, J. Conway, J. Beard, E. Cole. Q, ,- 1. M BOTTOM ROW: D. Rogge, M. Roney, P. Sandberg, A. Retzlaff, P. Ram er, M. Pfister, P. Smith, P. North. ROW 2: M. Przybylski, S. Smith, C. Reichardt, M. Neilsen, D. Flath, E. Platt, J. Schanke, E. Sickenberger. ROW 3: L. Schweda, D. Schultz, D. Ragan, D. Slayton, B. Ryan, A. Peters, W. Retzlaff. in W. D. H. S. Activities BOTTOM ROW: B. Grieger, B. Greyslak, L. Haferman, H. Foss, P. Dougherty, J. Hayes, D. Gall. ROW 2: H. Griener, B. Heineke, R. Hudzinski, R. Flock, P. Gregerson, D. Hagen. ROW 3: G. Gray, J. Geiser, W. Dunahee, T. Gussel, B. Henrichs. ,F U 4 , . fp? ,,, Ar, 4 I ff. ,pf , V, 5 ff - Y, yu 'I 2' ,V- ff ,ft ff ,N ,f .. I ,7 -f f7',.1. Q! ,ij v' ,M , ', .,f , 2 , ,, , U. V 'J ,LK f' .4151 g fi' .,f- A 4, 616, A, 1, f . - fl .. W' - 1' 'Ll ff? Lff' if .Lf ,ff I fl ,Q If fx 1 ,,.,.1f gm' g ,L ' a 9 L ' 13.1511 " 77.9 fu' Q. il " IV ..f' .yy 1. ,ff -lf' ' 4: fi' lui I I I f y-ff , 25if'W."E fy 5 I' f ,W-lv U' i BOTTOM ROW: M. Van Deuren, C. Sumwalt, M. Stanton, S. Soma, M. Walker, P. Wolfram, K. Zick. ROW 2: D. Tofson, J. Stanke, R. Wormet, R. Sus, C. Zouski, J. Waltman. ROW 3: D. Zinke, R. Tofson, R. Stowers, P. Tollaksen, J. Spaude. BOTTOM ROW: C. Krenz, K. Klicko,.V. Jaeobsoh, J. Nelson, R. Murray, J. Lonetree, H. Jensen. ROW 2: L. Lamar,,H. Kobersteixi, S.,,Jerome, S.Lonetree, G. Miner, J. Langer, A. Hickethier. ROW 3: J. Ives,'P.dHo1toxi,- R. Hindes, P. Joyce, L. Musiedlak. .J , Sophomores Get intc CLASS OFFICERS 4 t V, , BOTTOM ROW: S. Fenske, Treasurer, ' ' ' J. Peterson, Secretary. ROW 2: P. ' 'L Tucker, President, D. Worrnet, Student Council, G. Roeker, Student Council, J. Trumble, Vice-President. if -'I-6-Lqv BOTTOM ROW: F. Dankert, B. Brockley, E. Eckert, S. Chiconich, A. Brown, C. Farrel, S. Anderson. ROW 2: J. Bohn, W. Abel, P. Cone, M. Bogh, C. Anderson, G. Bates, C. Colburn. ROW 3: T. Beaver, S. Dunahee, D. Dunahee, J. Dunham, D. Dempsey, L. Dahl. BOTTOM ROW: J. Soukup, C. Sine, C. Schweiger, J. Peterson, P. Savage, L. Sandberg. ROW 2: S. Peters, P. Preister, G. Roeker, C. Reiter, D. Retzlaff, G. Roudebush, V. Smith. ROW 3: G. Platt, D. Sickenberger, B. Schultz, G. Schulz, G. Stieve, G. Petersen. the Swing of Things BOTTOM ROW: D. Nelson, J. Kaminski, S. Joyce, A. McMillan, K. O'Keefe, B. Kimball, J. Kaleas. ROW 2: K. Leege, E. Jantz, R. Pagel, D. Marsich, B. King, S. Kohl, H. Manthey. ROW 3: W. Ives, K. Huber, C. Jewell, E. Johnson, D. Olson, G. Mackesey. BOTTOM ROW: J. Georgeson, R. Henrichsen, S. Field, L. Goodbear, D. Griffin, D. Harding, M. Hanson. ROW 2: J. Hoesly, C. Gutsmeidel, C. Gabris, W.fG1ander, R. Horton, J. Hodge, P. Helley, S. Fenske. ROW 3: J. Gay, J. Fish, B. Gaffney, L. Feight, M. Hansen, H. Heidtke. BOTTOM ROW: B. Thomas, G. White Eagle, M. Svejcar, D. Wormet, L. Volkey, L. Wright. ROW 2: K. Whiting, E. Trelinski, H. Wimmer, D. Wampler, P. Tucker, T. Tobin. ROW 3: D. Werner, J. Trumble, J. Walch. 2 .X K Freshmen Become Solid i ' , ., '-v- Q Q v-rf -.. Y BOTTOM ROW N Sumwalt, V1ce Presldent, S Drollmger, Student Council, M. Abel, Secretary ROW 2 R Duns, Treasurer, L Bremer, Student Council, J. Waterman, BOTTOM ROW H Stafford, L Pagel, D. Payne, N. Moon, R. Loomis, C. Stephenson, J. Schwark, J Pagel ROW 2 E Olson, B Rartz, K. Lueck, J. Roeker, M. Lucke, N. Schleef, S. Schaitel, G. Nlckel ROW 3 D Nrkols, W Oeftger, D. Pikel, R. Potter, L. Miotke, B. May, M. Meltz, D. of f SVIS w X BOTTOM ROW R Gahtz, C Dunham, C Gurldner, S Drollinger, B. Gunn, E. Gabris, C. Egge ROW 2 R Cook J Golz D Dunahee, K Fenske, D. Englebretsen, M. Erickson, K Donnelly ROW 3 D Gavmskx D Coon, J Glssal, R. Grieger, W. Crothers, R. Duris, Citizens of W. D. H. . BOTTOM ROW: B. VanWie, J. Tollaksen, P. Wedde, D. Walker, C. Sumwalt, M. Swansby ROW 2: F. Svejcar, T. Sus, B. Wampler, J. Van Schoyck, M. Stone, G. Zick. ROW 3: J. Waterman, S. Thomas, C. Wrezinski, P. Stowers, G. Walker, L. Soma. f. IO 1 4 I BOTTOM ROW: C. Huber, D. Lonetree, J. Langer, L. Kalis, M. Kerwin, C. Harrison. ROW 2: B. Joyce, D. Kaminski, J. Hines, S. Keen, L. Haferman, B. Hagen. ROW 3: A. Hudzinski, E. Leege, K. Hindes, J. Jacobson, C. Henry, R. LaDue. BOTTOM ROW: K. Coffman, M. Bennett, C. Burgess, P. Banyar, B. Anchor, M. Abel. ROW 2: D. Carter, R. Klein, J. Bates, K. Clark, J. Campbell, C. Cline, L. Barton. ROW 3: R. Brousil, R. Briggs, R. Beard, C. Cahoon, R. Beard, L. Bremer. . D. H. S. Educates the Whole Man qfi -2 The aim of the art department is to develop Learning to understand other peoples in today's world is the purpose of this panel discussion in social problems class. creative thinking. Boys in shop class acquire skill in w ...J Girls learn to be good cooks by watching de- monstration. Typing in rhythm to perfect skill necessary for office work. in 1' 'Nay 'P' sk ' P. aq- --.24 Q 'V ,, , l v . .'-X x'-1 v.w W! m.n ""!!ELg F? 4 ,L fui:Q?"' v1 gfffi K..-- , WWI Q25 -"-TG g i-V 'Z :Af "I .5-'-'K . , W " W A E v ra"!Q-Q ,-'4"""f , 5 ,-- gg-vff' ,Ll-iw.,, W J V '-.- 31 ma' ,521 'THB ,,::,g' - - : --,f - . .5 W ,:fE!q,,,l.,,. , -.H H- ,, 'vr'.'.-H-1 ...,V .fwf-4 L 'I .lu Y vb . 1 J a+ Q21 , n wi W 'I-L. Q 'T' 1 :sw 3 S Annual Staff Battles Deadline . I . I , ,fl H.- , Tr - . u , it ' . , 0 'L Annual Staff BOTTOM ROW: K. Rachuy, S. Bremer, B. Stanwyck, K. Petersen, L. Hudzinski. ROW 2: Mrs. Plenke, C. Joyce, J. Houghton, P. Stukel, S. Duris, S. Lonetree. ROW 3: D. McClyrnan, T. Reynolds, R. Wright. Spencer--Our Artist With the sincere hope that it has captured the WDHS spirit and school life of to- day so that it may be recalled tomorrow, the annual staff edited the 1959 ARROW. Every member of the staff contributed suggestions and ideas for layout, pictures, and copyg but to lessen wear and tear on the entire staff at the times when that demon "Deadline" reared its ugly head, the responsibility for the various sections of the annual was divided. Judy Houghton, with Pat Stukel as her assistant, had charge of the senior sectiong Sandy Duris, the faculty sectiong Karen Petersen, the underclassmen pagesg Colleen Joyce, the activitiesg Tom Reynolds, music, Dave McC1yman, the sports sectiong Karen Rachuy and Lois I-ludzinski, school life sec- tiong Dick Wright, senior photographer, Spencer LoneTree, the art work. Bonnie Stanwyck was editor with Karen Petersen as co -editor. Sandy Bremer, business manager, handled the finances. Karen, Judy, and Pat lay out senior pages Sandy trying to make ends meet Dick and Bonnie plan pictures rl ' Q T 2: :. 1 1. in J . l - ,,. . .. 1 4 '. -eg-Q' . , ,, K ' U PV , n. T " I 1- 1 V .2 A.:-4 .' Camera Club Becomes Expert in Darkroom CAMERA CLUB BOTTOM ROW: J. Tollaksen, B. Thomas, P. Ramer, M. Roney, Mr. Heiman, J. Nelson, J. Kaleas, J. Wright, J. Egge. ROW 2: K. Luke, W. Abel, W. Millard, J. Svejcar, L. LaMar, D. Plath, P. Gregerson, A. Lewis. ROW 3: K. Leege, L. Dahl, B. Heineke, R. Flock, H. I-Ieidtke, D. Wright, M. Leng. ROW 4: D. Englebretson, D. Nickols, w R. Greiger, C. Wrezinski, T. Reynolds, D. Cone. The Camera Club is the busiest club in school. Every day Bill Heineke, Delbert Cone, Dick Wright, or Harold Heidtke stalk the halls with camera in hand. The darkroom is a hubbub of activity, and the words, "Who's there?" "No, you can't come in now," are frequently heard outside the darkroom door. The club is divided into two sections--the advanced group, which does the photography for the Arrow, and the elementary group. Each group with Mr. Heiman as advisor, works toward the main goal of the club: To take, develop, and print better amateur pictures. "Come in our dark room and see what develops." Dick, Bill, Delbert, Harold , OFFICERS A. Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer, D. dent, B. Thomas, Secretary-Treasurer .. t. Wright, President, C. Wrzesinski, Presi- Debaters Argue British Education Q11 'ers if as B' if BOTTOM ROW: L. Everson, S. Peters, Mr. Lucke, C. Gutsmeidl, A. McMillan. ROW 2: W. Millard, J. Waterman, C. Wrezinski, J. Trumble, F. Svejcar, M. Meltz. High school debaters all over the United States argued the question, "Resolved that the United- States should adopt the essential features of the British education system." WDHS debaters under the coaching of Mr. Lucke started off the year in full swing by holding a practice debate with Baraboo. Representing the affirmative were Charlene Gutsmeidl, Jim Trumble, Frank Svejcar, and Pat Tucker. Lorna Everson, Avis McMillan, Merrill Meltz, and Conrad Wrezinski were on the negative team. Many hours were devoted to research, writing briefs, and practicing delivery before the debaters were ready to represent WDHS in the district tournament which was held at Fort Atkinson on January 31, Jim Trumble, Affirmative Teamg Merrill Meltz and Pat Tucker write up their arguments Avis McMillan, Negative Team. Forensic Students Develop Speaking Abilit This year, candidates for forensic activities were selected from the various English classes. Those interested in this activity, choose one of the following categories of speech: humorous and non -humorous declamations, ex- temporaneous speaking, extemporaneous reading, 10 -minute original speech, 10-minute non-original speech, 4-minute original speech, interpretative reading, and play reading. After the initial selection of candidates, a local elimination was held at the high school. The league forensic contest for Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, Reedsburg, and Portage was held at Portage on March 18. There were also district and sectional eliminations, and then the state finals at Madison. Mr. Lucke was the faculty advisor for this phase of school life. J. Trumble and Mr. Lucke discuss the 10-minute non- EXTEMPORANEOUS READING original speech. J. Hayes, S. Drollinger, K. Fenske, L. Dahl. PIAY READING AND INTERPRETIVE READING EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING ' B. Heineke, M. Meltz, J. Nelson, K. Cone, S. Peters. M. VanDeu1-en, E. Cole V7 ' Ml ii 1 ' I 1 ,N fl.: I 1 iw, ,ss INT' J V 1 ' R, 's- HUMO RO US DE CLAMATIONS 4-MINUTE ORIGINAL SPEECH D. Tofson, S. Anderson, K. I-leidel, T. Tobin, P A. McMillan, C. Gutsmeidl. Tucker, G. Platt, D. Hudzinski. " s- s.-....--t wgy' -L--.-, . cl?- Future Farmers Learn b Doing BOTTOM ROW: M. Cook, T. Cleary, W. Hagen, R. Cook, J. Golz, Mr. Weigel, G. Huber, H. Stafford, D. Payne, D. Griffin, D. Rogge. ROW 2: S. Anderson, S. Cook, G. Licitar, K. Hines, K. Huber, G. Nickel, V. Smith, D. Harding, P. Savage. ROW 3: G. Mackesey, L. Miotke, D. Wright, R. Wormet, E. Leege, J. Stanke, D. Dempsey, D. Weiss, S. Smith. ROW 4: P. Griffin, S. Luke, C. Englebretson, J. Nelson, R. Sus, S. Dunahee, W. Dunahee, B. Weidling, I.. Museidlak. The FFA is an organization of, by, and for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools. As an integral part of the program it is intra -curricular. The foundation ,upon which the FFA is built, includes leadership and character development, sportsmanship, cooperation, service, thrift, scholarship, improved agri- culture, organized recreation, citizenship and patriotism. Members learn through active participation how to conduct and take part in a public meeting, to speak in public, to buy and sell cooperatively, to solve their own problems, to finance themselves, and to assume civic responsibility. The club is very proud of Don Huber, past president, now in the College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin, who is this year sewing as Sectional Vice -President of the state association. OFFICERS C. Englebretson, Reporter, L. Musiedlak, Sentinel, P. Griffin, V. President, R. Wormet, President, T. Cleary, Secretary, M. Cook, Treasurer, S. Cook, Safety Chairman. . ,, Hftefrf' ' -Q Y 'T' Y rg ,, I A. ., Q . " f, . ' 'A 1-2" ' - " . is . v ' 7 '3- -V . ' .:x -.1 " ' . V, 4. . 4' - T .1'- 1, From grains of sand, they know the land. C. Englebretson, S. Cook, M. Cook, T. Cleary, D. Weiss, Mr. Weigel. Homemakers Work for a Better Tomorrow FHA BOTTOM ROW: E. Gabris, D. Wormet, M. Svejcar, J. Svejcar, Mrs. Winn, M. Walker, P. Joyce, V. Jacobson, R. Cook, P. North, K. Donnelly. ROW 2: P. Helley, D. Lonetree, C. Burgess, J. Schwark, E. Platt, J. Langer, N. Schleef, P. Smith, P. Banyer, K. O'Keefe. ROW 3: M. Erickson, R. I-Iindes, B. Wampler, J. Langer, P. Wedde, M. Stone, C. Sus, D. Walker, B. Joyce, N. Moon. ROW 4: P. Preister, B. Donnelly, S. Jerome, D. Bennett, C. Zouski, S. Lonetree, B. Gunn, B. Cary, D. Nelson. The FHA motto "Toward New Horizons" expresses the purpose of the organization--learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. The program, as carried out under the direction of Mrs. Winn, helps each individual girl to show growth through planned experiences in the area in which she has her greatest need. A degree program allows for club members to gain recognition for this growth. As a money making project, the club sells English toffee, and in cooperation with the FFA, the club sells ice cream every noon in the cafeteria. The most popular event of the year is the banquet at which members of FHA in cooperation with the members of FFA entertain their parents. OFFICERS SEATED: J. Svejcar, Vice President, M. Walker- Presidentg R. Cook--Treasurer, D. Wormet--Sec- retary. STANDING: V. Jacobson--Recreational Director, P. Joyce--Reporter, M. Svejcar--Histo rian. via A Decorating tables for banquet il lr 0 d G. A. A. Knows Sports, Will Play BOTTOM ROW: D. Hagen, C. Farrel, P. Anderson, A. Hickethier--Secretary, S. Bremer--President, Miss Zimmer- man, K. Petersen--V. President, K. Rachuy--Treasurer, J. Hays, S. Drollinger, B. Anchor, P. Dougherty. ROW 2: S. Duris, S. Joyce, R. Henrichson, L. Goodbear, C. Gutsrneidel, C. Krenz, H. Foss, S. Lonetree, K. Coffman, L. Everson. ROW 3: V. I-Iicketheir, V. Harrison, L. Hudzinski, J. Houghton, S. Field, J. Georgeson, M. Leng, A. Lewis, B. Greyslack, C. Burris, P. Banyar. ROW 4: D. Clark, K. Fedderly, K. Fenske, N. Holden, K. Cone, D. Brousil, D. Plath, K. Clark, B. Cary. Bowling another strike, sending a volleyball over the heads of opponents, dashing across the floor in a basketball game are feats performed by the members of G.A.A. as they carry out their aim: To promote interest and parti- cipation in athletics among all the girls in school. With this in mind the members organized a sports program which included the following sports: basketball, badminton, bowling, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, and archery. Sandy Bremer, president, Karen Petersen, vice -president, Andrea I-lickethier, secretary, and Karen Rachuy, treasurer, worked with Miss Zimmerman, advisor, to make this a successful year for G.A.A, ti W7 3 I s BOTTOM ROW: A. Brown, M. Wenkman, S. Wabashagin, S. Peters, R. Murray, A. Retzlaff, P. Sandberg, P. Wol- fram, M. Walker, K. Foster. ROW 2: S. Penske, B. Nagel, P. Preister, G. Roeker, J. Peterson, M. Stanton, N. Sumwalt, B. Raitz, D. Walker. ROW 3: E. Fish, P. Stukel, P. I-lelley, B. Stanwyck, H. Wimmer, G. Miner, N. Moon, J. Van Schoyck, K. Bloss. ROW 4: D. Bennett, L. McNutt, M. Hansen, J. Schankc, J. Hoesly, J. Gay, P. Bohlinger. 49 Pep Club Stimulates School Spirit BOTTOM ROW: J. Peterson, M. Wenkman, M. Roney, N. Holden, Miss Zimmerman, J. Hoesly, P. Anderson, M. Roney, S. Fenske. ROW 2: B. Thomas, D. Gall, C. Dunham, G. Roeker, C. Anderson, D. Clark, K. Fedderly, P. Wolfram, P. Banyar, P. North, P. Smith, J. Hays, C. Burris. ROW 3: R. Murray, P. Ramar, C. Sumwalt, M. Ker- win, S. Schaitel, B. Anchor, V. Bates, K. Donnelly, M. Walker, J. Nelson, L. I-laferman. ROW 4: V. Jacobsen, E 4 Platt, J. Langer, S. Kohl, S. Field, J. Georgeson, H. Wimmer, M. Leng, A. Lewis, B. Greyslak, C. Krenz, K. Bloss. ROW 5: P. Joyce, J. Gay, P. I-lelley, R. Henrichson, B. Cary, K. Fenske, K. Cone, D. Brousil, D. Flath, J. Schank P. Bohlinger, H. Foss. Pep Club is an organization open to all students. It is formed for the purpose of promoting school spirit and sports- manship among the entire student body. The chief activity during the year is to organize the pep meetings held beforeeach home football and basketball game, and Jeanne Hoesly, program chairman, always planned a novel and interesting pep skit for each pep assembly. The officers were Pat Anderson, presidentp Karen Petersen, vice- presidentg Martha Roney, secretaryg Nancy Holden, treasurer. Miss Zimmerman was advisor for the club. E J BOTTOM ROW: B. Stanwyck, J. Harrison, L. Ha Rachuy, P. Stukel, K. Petersen, C. Joyce. ROW 2: E. Gabris, A. Brown, D. Dunahee, K. O'Keefe, V. Harrison, B. Thomas, J. Svejcar, V. Hickethier, B. Nagel, B. Siese, S. Duris, D. Hagen, A. McMillan, R. Loomis, L. Sand berg, C. Stephenson, M. Abel, S. Bremer. ROW 3: C. Farrel, M. Hanson, L. Everson, B. Beghin, K. Whiting, K. Coffman, K. Donnelly, L. Goodbear, G. Miner, P. Sandberg, A. Retzlaff, S. Drollinger, N. Sumwalt, J. Lan- er D Walker J Cam bell ROW 4- J Kaminski, S Peters, D Wormet P Preister, D Nelson, B Jo ce M nsen, S. Wabashagin, D. Bennett, J. Houghton, L. Hudzinski, K. g . . p . . . .... . y , . I-Iazisen, S. Sonia, M. Stanton, M. Stone, J. Soukup, E. Eckert, M. Lucke, Jl I-Iindes. ROW 5: S. Joyce, M. Svej- car, J. Schwark, E. Olsen, C. Gutsmiedel, M. Pfister, M. Neilson, V. Bates, S. Lonetree, K. Clark, J. Van Schoyck, C. Schweiger, E. Trelinski, N. Schleef. Assistants Keep Library Running Smoothl ir 2 4 'Sw i ' 1 a E BOTTOM ROW: B. Thomas, R. Cook, M. Leng, Miss Eichsteadt, L. Thompson, N. Sumwalt, M. Abel. ROW 2: C. Sus, C. Burgess, E. Platt, D. Brousil, C. Guildner, L. Soma. ROW 3: K. Klicko, K. Whiting, A. Lewis, E. Fish, C. Schulz, G. Nickel. If it is material for a theme, scholarship information, or just pleasant reading that a student wants, he can usually obtain any of them by asking for the assistance of a member of the Librarians' Club. There are 18 students in the club, and they keep very busy charging out books, filing cards, mending books, doing the library housekeep- ing, taking care of periodicals, and arranging the display window and bulletin boards. Through their work in the library they become familiar with reference material and are a real help to their fel- low students. Miss Eichsteadt is their advisor and guides them in their work in the library. R. Cook, K. Whiting, E. Fish, and G. Nickel do some housecleaning in the library. 3 OFFICERS M. Leng, President, L. Thompson, Vice- President, N. Sumwalt, Secretary- Treasurer. Key Club Encourages Service KEY CLUB BOTTOM ROW: D. Wright, D. McClyman, Mr. Reineking, J. Jax, A. Peters. ROW 2: T. Baggot, L. LaMar, R. Stowers, E. Johnson, E. Schleef, J. Kaleas. ROW 3: T. Gussel, R. Wormet, M. VanDeuren, K. Schulz, J. Beard, G. Petersen. The Key Club has proved to be a service club dedicated to the school and the community since it was chartered in 1955. The membership of 18 boys is limited to those who have showed qualities of leadership, service, initia- tive, and scholarship. The many activities of this year's club included helping the Red Cross blood bank, sponsoring a S100 scholarship to a deserving senior, helping the Kiwanians package and distribute Christmas baskets, assisting the Easter Seal drive, and handling the sale of junior class rings. The Key Club also sponsored the annual Blue -White Day fes- tivities, which take place on the day that the Dells plays Baraboo on the home court. OFFICERS Allan Peters, Secretary, Dave McClyman, President, Dick Wright, Vice-President, Jim Jax, Treasurer. , .-Q.. Jim, Dick, and Ev start out to de liver Christmas boxes. Projectionists Keep Movie Reels Rolling PROJECTIONIST CLUB BOTTOM ROW: W. Crothers, D. Anderson, J. Wright, R. Flock, Mr. Brimer, K. I-Ieidel, B. Luke, M. Bennett, J. Egge, L. Barton. ROW 2: P. Cone, L. Musiedlak, G. Walker, D. Englebretson, C. Steive, R. Briggs, G. Rounde- bush, B. Brousil, S. Thomas. ROW 3: G. Platt, D. Hudzinski, J. Gissal, D. Steinhorst, M. Van Deuren, T. Tobin, I-l. Heitke -P. Gregor-sen. ROW 4: A. Hudzinski, L. Schweda, B. Schultz, P. Tollakson, E. Cole, T. Gussel, T. Bag got, D. Zinke, C. Wrezinski, J. Ives. Audio-Visual Aids serve a definite part in today's education. It is the purpose of the Projectionist Club to aid in the service and maintenance of equipment such as the projector, screen, film and other parts pertaining to the visual aids program. Experience in setting up the projector, threading the film fsplicing it when broken J, operat- ing the projector, and making sure it is always in good repair and ready to operate is excellent training for the members of the club. Faculty members are grateful to Mr. Brimer and his club members for their assistance. These boys make our visual aids program possible Dick Steinhorst School Daze Dishes News Up Hot NEWSPAPER STAFF BOTTOM ROW: J. Peterson, B. Thomas, L. McNutt, Mrs. Draper, T. Reynolds, A. McMillan, J. Hays. ROW 2: C. Farrel, P. Sandb 5 L. I-laferrnan, G. Roeker, H. Wimmer, B. Brockley, C. Guildner, A. Brown. ROW 3: M. Roney, D. Nelson, S. Field, M, Meltz, P. Ramar, H. Foss. ROW 4: S. Peters, C. Gutsmie el, C. Wre- zinski, A. Ahlhurn QQ'-1 K.,Q9,qe. -nvvy, Q I 0 N. 1 QQ l " qs 41 F'-fvmnf CY W Q KYIVBQ l Qvvg-4v-T 'Iv-5-LIS 1' 'wr 'sM"""QQ 0 s 'Givens-4 Nrxrfxg 'Wes ww -ww-rv 'W' GQ ' 55" 'V' Wngtsls WSG HAR e Q es - W6 Q , 0 'Pl when Pete Walch walks down the hall, the newspaper staff jumps into action. It means "Deadline" Monday for the volunteer staff under the direction of Mrs. Draper and Mr. Jarock. A11 news of school events, feature articles, personality and sport stories, not to mention the gossip section from each class, is included in the section of the local paper reserved for "Schoo1 Daze." This "School Daze" section plays an important part in our high school life and is always read with a great deal of interest. . l -- E Staff checks "School Daze" as it appears in the Dells Events. 'fl ' Q- YG- H V.. irq, ' L , :L 1 r H in .... ....... will if Editor L. McNutt with Head Typist A. Ahlhorn Q i 1 X Council Keeps Joint Jumping 15' -s ' Q 1 Gi 3 I H. 1 i I 2 P 1:97 rf G7 STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Fitzpatrick, K. Foster, G. Roeker, R. Stowers, D. McClyman, D. Gall, S. Drollinger. ROW 2: 5? i Q , xifvxery. tion K QM e dance after XXV s after the 'ij X y the Council. Waterman, L. MaMar, L. Bremer, E. Schleef. concerns the entire student body is sponsored by the Student Council under the direc- Council members planned all Homecoming activities, the pep program, the parade, and game. They organized class elections, arranging for campaign speeches and counting all The Christmas tree, which the entire student body enjoyed, was bought and decorated Council also arranged the schedule of student dances throughout the year. This year they fkinitiated a March of Dimes dance as a benefit for the polio fund. So we say "Thanks" for the many services of ' tx the Council. Y-. .. -- . ,, E. Schleef, D. eau, D. McC1yman, and s. f' Drollinger put finishing touches on tree. OFFICERS G. Roeker, Secretary5 D. McC1yman, Presidentg R. Stowers, Vice-Presidentg D. Gall, Treasurer. Lettermen Bring Honor to W.D.H. . LETTERMENS' CLUB BOTTOM ROW: J. Jax, R. Stowers, D. McClyman, Mr. DeMerit. ROW 2: S. Cook, M. Cook, K. C. Schulz E. i l Schleef, T. Reynolds, J. Gaffney, P. Harding, K. Leege. ROW 3: D. Buckminister, M. VanDeuren, P. Gregerson, A. Hudzinski, S. Lonetree, K. Sickenberger, J. Malloy, B. Ryan. ROW 4: G. Petersen, G. Albertson, D. Slayton, A. Peters, D. Tofson, D. Ragan, I. Blackdeer, W. Retzlaff, B. Beard. ROW 5: J. Beard, B. Schultz, G. Gray, D. Schultz, E. Johnson, T. Gussel, T. Baggot, R. Newell, E. I-Ieidtke. The purpose of the WD Club is to encourage a high standard of athletics, to maintain a high level of scholastic work, and to aid in carrying on the athletic activities of the school. All athletes who have won a major WD letter are eligible to be members of this club. The club helps select the cheerleaders. All members take turns ushering at the basketball games. During the holiday season, the club sponsors the annual Snow Ball. ' 'v ui, V -s OFFICERS R. Stowers, V-President, J. Jax-- ' "" 'W -4 Presidentg D. McClyman--Secretary- Treasurer. . c, Thr. DICK SCHULTZ All-Conference Guard JIM JAX All-State Tackle 49 ,, uni. . -1-rf - -li-Aw. -:I H" qu uf WL V ' - 1 li TM . : x ... fl-' : G s . 1 3- ,, - L a lk, ,E -4-1 I 1 we ., . . Y A ' - a' 2 -1 I iraq, px. 1 ' , H,-3 . -1 1 1 - ,m5muslNnf1f ,. N4 ag gg - ' "' 5:9 ll 2 iQ ,, ' 1 75 EE 51 gl If .fn .V '- 1 " :di vi wig? .9 -J fy l wu5ADELLs if J QM A A "-- 1- A 1 1 ' P 34 R in ff Q swbm G int 1 5 I QQ.- was , gg . , , , 'Qfxff A um.: . '16 Y it , ,sk 4 , . ,. ,. 'Q'-K,-. 1 Ykxqix - " ' A wr- A .Q ' ' ', '. L11 ' LJ' . 'qv' - 5 5 , . , . . . X f Rx N . +P. .Tb X. ' cf .mv ,,,- X X n gl, .tgp - N41 f: ' , D' ' 'Xi 113' H- A 1917" - "W K qjftif af Kfj, J V. f " E. 'R N! jf!! ' J' hy if C ' . .Wx x I' . 1 L 3 -ln' 1 . at , . J FX- I-. 'Vit ,w f I :I 3 f Q' 1 Qgabm 1. N . ,. 3.45.-I ,V l'x Q ' X2 W-y-I. it ' v 'fi' I X ,l UQ! Q9 fn!!! Wk, :QM Wx echnlque and TralnlngJjAj1,JlbAf1f5CQV . Wm ., 4,5 , V' , viii UjfQffPQ'fUf4fj'f323ffVfi37,f'fXQYQf CW p fy A cf-fxdqff' ,1,'J'VV6f pf 'V 91 3' Jgjklagas and MAJORETTE JA ,SS nbifrsozpxfzf. Wilmer, J. Georgeson, J.Whipp, M g Q 3 1 ' 1 WRY N' i -- A' ,, T. , .1 , 'z v ' '1' -. . . -+ ., L , W. D. H. S. Chorl BOTTOM ROW: R. Loomis, C. Krenz, S. Joyce, S. Schaitel, B. Rain, Nf.'lMoon,1J..l-lines, C. Anderson, S. Fenske, G. Raker, V. Bates, S. Drollinger, M. Lucke. ROW 2: A. Brown, M. Roney, M..Wenkman, V. Harrison, P. Prie- ster, B. Nagel, K. Cone, K. Clark, D. Bennett, P. Bohlinger, J. Gay, Af. I-Iiclcethier, K. Penske, C. Reichardt, B. Anchor, P. Dougherty. ROW 3: C. Colburn, K. Stevens, G. Steive, Heidtke., G. Cahoon, R. Grieger, J. Shanke, onus' TRIPLE, TRIO BOTTOM Row.-.T s. .Joy K. Fedderly, C. Krenz. chuy, P. Bohlinger. 52 l ce P. Anderson, K. Bloss. ,f , ROW 2: M. Wenkrnan, Row 3: J. Gay, K. Ra- . B All through the school year, the chorus practiced long and faithfully under the direction of Mrs. Kelly to learn the many songs that added so much to our schooluactivities and special commu- nity fuhctions. Highlight performan- ces offthe year were such occasions as, ,Vete'ran's Day,nthe Christmas Concert, il Spring Musiclfestival and Concert, and Baccalaureate. T Two added attractions this year were a boys' double quartet and a girls' triple trio. On February 13, the girls' triple trio sang several selections at the Orpheum Theater for the SWEA Teacher's Convention at Madison. ngs in Sweet Harmony N. Holden, J. Hoesly, K. Rachuy, K. Bloss, J. Campbell, K. Fedderly, P Anderson ROW 4 D Jacobson S Anderson, B. Heineke, B. Schultz, D. Schultz, B. Gaffney, J. Jacobson, G Johnson P Cleary B Anchor, T Bea ver, D. Retzlaff, D. Cone, J. Bates, C. Harrison. J .vf 0 , .f lff i f J N 'UI' lx lr f- 'a , e r i g I , r I r -MLA.. S BOYS ' D OUBLE QUA RTET BOTTOM ROW: C. Harri- son, D. Retzlaff. ROW 2: S. Anderson, D. Jacobson, K. Stevens. ROW 3: T. Beaver, J. Jacobson, B. Anchor. 53 1 'I L bil . 4 4-" 1 fx -Xi" I lk , J, er ,"- .f , n w f I g IE. IQ? A "!' 5 5 Jr V : AL , w -9: 13598-Y 1 ,ffdt ,vu 1 2 L ,LL 'Vg a AU .5 in . , V ,la a 'I A .Lf , 5? 11 K' 1 20 '1 fha, I , 'ix 1 "-L!" K' M122 " , wx . 1 'S " -iz' .Eiga xx Q f C J Let s Explore Q1 Cur X '5- ' Sports E in 1 Football Team Wins Second .nw '65 -A T' - ,. M as in 1 oooo T' as Q L - ...-', Sim , ' 1' ' , ,f , f fr f.'L'. " ,Y 'ilk 1' 1' j 1 X sl s 9:2 N-E' PT 'x ini E, 5" 1, lysgje. I C ' I Ti V -. V, -' .:f'i'3g' T' 514.3 in 'M' , Y- ., wr", ref :girl 52' NEA BOTTOM ROW: T. Gussel, T. Baggot, B. Beard, J. Jax, D. Schultz, D. McClyman, G. Gray, R.-Stowers, G. John- son, J. Malloy, S. Cook. ROW 2: J. Walch, D. Slayton, A. Hudzinski, T. Reynolds, J. Beard, B. Schultz, E. Cole, B. Gaffney, J. Nelson, D. Dunahee, M. VanDeuren, K. Leege, Coach O'Malley. ROW 3: Coach Natter, L. Bremer, P. Stowers, B. King, R. Horton, G. Cahoon, B. May, J. Gissal, S. Anderson, B. Hagen, J. Roeker, D. Gavinski, G. Peterson, J. Golz. Displaying excellent all -around team play and expert coaching, John O'Mal1ey's football team won second place in the Conference losing only one game to Baraboo. They started the season on September 12 by grabbing their first victory from Admas-Friendship with a score of 6 to 0. On September 19 they defeated Mauston by a score of 25 to 0. The Sparta game of September 25 ended with a score of '7 to 6. On October 3 the team went to Reeds- burg where they came out on top with a score of 21 to 20. On October 10, they lost a heart-breaking game to Baraboo by 13 to 6. On October 17, the Richland Center game ended with a score of 14 to 6. They were victori- ous over Viroqua on October 24 by 20 to 7. On October 31, which was Dad's Day, they climaxed their successful season by defeating Portage 45 to 0. Jim Jax, who was named All-State tackle by the Associated Press, was chosen honorary captain and most valuable player by his teammates. Is it a first down? . 1 Z' 1111- '41 " .Il A, I Hn Q x 9' 1 Place in Conference I , y --.H 154 Ar A74 ex v "3 5 J Gary ' ' 'M K A ' 1 I it N " 41 fn' ev fl l Nw' 25 If " Q N - -4. ' YJ! ' 'N u ff aj' R, -,,,, :Q ,- i Q ff xv ,. g, 1 W maif ' n'57" ' " '- Gene ,FV .N R I-14. .J Rog Jhn hdac Bi Ci H29 Jhn 1 1 V Gus Thn Q . "ee-J ' f. X I . Sandy , 'Y . V, i A 0? X 1 ,I , ,F .J 5 J' Y 1 ,, f-YJ 4 Fi fs 't J pr. f.f f w 3 Y f , Cagers Provide VARSITY BOTTOM ROW: Coach Natter, T. Gussel, K. G. Schulz, J. Jax, G. Johnson, T.Baggot, J. Gaffney. ROW 2: G. Albertson, D. Tofson, J. Malloy, D. McC1yman, R. Stowers, G. Gray, M. Van Deuren, Manager B. Heineke. Jax McC1yman E N I O R S Gaffney 'VER Schulz Malloy Thrilling Action "B" SQUAD BOTTOM ROW: B. VanWie, T. Tobin, D. Wampler, D. Retzlaff, G. Jacobson, B. Schultz, G. Cahoon, J. Walch. ROW 2: Manager M. Meltz, J. Gissal, D. Kaminski, C. Henry, B. Gaffney, S. Anderson, A. Hudzinski, J. Kaleas. ROW 3: K. Leege, Coach Brimer, L. Bremer, L. Haferman SEASON'S RECORD Team Varsity "B" Team We They We They Prairie du Sac 47 68 34 45 Mauston 69 58 33 31 Columbus 67 43 28 27 Sparta 51 55 40 38 Viroqua 64 50 38 22 Portage 63 35 24 31 Richland Center 74 53 24 26 Reedsburg 49 63 18 54 Baraboo 74 36 29 35 Nekoosa 89 38 40 17 Adams-Friendship 79 39 61 33 Richland Center 73 76 50 38 Baraboo 54 53 50 52 Reedsburg 60 83 30 48 New Lisbon 93 65 31 35 Portage 83 63 38 39 Adams-Friendship 77 44 42 27 Tomah 70 77 39 65 TOURNAMENT SCORES We They Reedsburg 57 71 Prairie du Sac 66 78 - if Sl? f 'I f f ,vp A ff The WDI-IS Varsity basketball squad rolled up a successful season under Coach Matter, finishing the season in third place in the Conference. Top scorers for the team were Tom Gussel, K.G. Schulz, and Jack Gaffney. Jack Gaffney was chosen captain for the season by his teammates, and Tom Gussel was named the most valuable player. Tom Gussel was top scorer in the South Central Conference with a total of 311 points for the season. 1, j 1' , of Golfers Aim for Par GOLF TEAM C. Beahm, M. Kuikman, D. Buckminster, T. Reynolds, Mr. Brimer, P. Hemming, R. Tofson, J. Gaffney, R. Flock As soon as the snow disappeared this spring, the members of Mr. Brimer's golf team turned to thoughts of approach shots, sand maps, and holes in one. In recent years much interest has been shown in golf by the boys of our school, and our team has developed skill in the game under the excellent coaching of Mr. Brimer. This season matches were played with Baraboo, Portage, Reedsburg, and Prairie du Sac. The team also played in conference and WIAA sectional matches. Wisconsin Dells was host this year for the Conference match, whichwas played on the Dell View course. Tom Waits His Turn to Putt Jack Chips Up to Green Dick Hits a Long Drive Baseball Team - Future Big Leaguers 7. BASEBALL TEAM BOTTOM ROW: B. Ryan, J. Walch, G. Petersen, M. VanDeuren, D. Tofson. ROW 2: B. McCullough, G. Gray, R. Stowers, T. Gussel, D. Ragan, J. Malloy. ROW 3: K. G. Schulz, R. Huston, T. Baggot, Coach Natter K. G. Schulz and B. Ryan at batting practice In April spiked shoes, bats, and gloves were taken from storage as Mr. Nat- ter's baseball squad prepared for an- other season. Three of the eleven games were played on weekend trips to southern Wisconsin, which were financed by the Car-wash Project of the club. Parry Harding was elected captain for the 1958 season, and Duane Ragan was named the most valuable player. During the season G 5 LC J fe the team played the following games: gl E 1 7 X f N F vw GAME WE OPPONENTS 'F Mauston 4 14 4' Lodi 20 6 Portage 20 6 4' Prairie du Sac 8 4 Reedsburg 6 8 Baraboo 2 0 4' Fort Atkinson 8 10 if Milton 4 19 'ff Orfordville 8 17 Richland Center 5 8 'F Reedsburg 0 11 Pk Non-Conference Track Team Wins Conference Title TRACK TEAM BOTTOM ROW: Coach DeMerit, T. Ryan, R. Ckurnan, J. Anchor, K. Harrison, D. O'Neil, J. Jax, M. Ryan. ROW 2: S. Lonetree, P. Gregerson, E. Schleef, G. Johnson, A. Peters, D. Schultz, D. McClyman, D. Goodhue, I. Black- deer. ROW 3: J.Geisser, L. Schweda, B. Gaffney, K. Leege, B. Kimball, D. Wampler, D. Sickenberger, D. Olson FRUITS OF VICTORY D. McC1yman, J. Jax, S. Lonetree When the southerly winds began to blow, the cinder oval became the center of activity. After school, track and field participants got out and polished up on their particular event. Theresult was rewarding, for the track team won the 1958 South Central Con- ference Championship. The season started with the Hartford Invi- tational Meet, where Dean O'Nei1, Ken Harrison, and Tim Ryan set a track record in the shuttle hurdle relay. The Dells then won decisive victories over Adams and Bara- boo and tied with Portage in a triangular meet with Portage and Mauston. The team's next big victory was the Beaver Dam Invi- tational by one point. The climax of the season was a victory at the Conference Meet held at LaCrosse. At the sectionals Dean O'Neil and Spencer Lonetree qualified for the state meet. Under the direction of Coach DeMerit, the team turned in a fine season. ,...J -2 Mc, YT I ,- Wrestlers Pin Down a Good Season BOTTOM ROW: K. I-Ieidel, J. Roeker, R. Horton, L. Volkey. ROW 2: E. Schleef, J. Conway, C Colburn, J Stanke, J. Bullet, J. Waterman. ROW 3: Coach O'Malley, D. Schultz, E. Cole, R. Stowers, D Olson, B May D Werner, Manager D. Nikols. Wrestling has become one of the popular sports in our athletic program, and words like "pins," "decisions," and "escapes" have been added to our vocabulary. This year our wrestlers had a fine season under the direction of Head Coach John O'Ma1ley and his assistants, Mr. Pinkowsky and Dave Fitzpatrick. During the season our team had bouts with Reedsburg, Prairie du Sac, Montello, Richland Center, and Tomah. The Dells placed third in the Conference. The Conference meet and the Sectional matches were both held at Reedsburg. The winners of the Sectional participated in the state meet held in Madison on the weekend of February 28 ' fb 'I' - Q-li.. ki .M X The winner--Jim Stanke! ,Y T 111. -1 'Q fi' f QQ ffm M Y if J 071' E5 1 - ,VE r: sb A ' 'U . f H15 Z Iliwrzd- al 4 P X V1 ,i 4 rw -.af ' '---1 fx lfvngj .xrlfjll ,v Y, f'fl"'1",V kk 1 1' " My 'ln W' "YH .H in -f ggi., s-SV X 0 Y My 1 an 'QV X sg' X31 , QXQQ, Let's Explore Cur i5SchooI Life Al. W A QfffVJf? f?i?WiffQ2m fQ W TJ 'V Jg'V,xw , .SW . wif VW ff www? aww fb My ' N ogfvijwp Off n Homecoming g, Autumn Leaves As the afternoon of October 17 drew near, tension and ex- citement could be felt everywhere. Students were busily Iwi H135 H putting last-minute touches on floats and polishing up skits. Student Council members were decorating the gym to the theme "Autumn Leaves." Members of each class chose their representatives: Freshmen, Nancy Sumwalt and Stan Andersong Sophomores, Helen Wimmer and Bob Schultzg 5-1 Juniors, Pat Ramar and Tim Baggotg Seniors, Bev Thomas and Jim Malloy. Donna Clark and Jim Jax reigned as Homecoming Queen and King. It was a perfect day for a parade, and the whole 7' town turned out to watch the gaily dec- orated floats. The senior float won first prizeg the sophomore float, second prize, the Key Club float, third prize. The Dells was victorious in their Homecoming game with Richland Center, winning with a score of 14 to 6. The grand finale of the day was the crowning of the Queen which took place at the Homecoming dance held in the gym after the game. HOMECOMING COURT Jim Malloy, Tim Baggot, Bob Schultz, Stan Anderson, King Jim Jax, Queen Donna Clark, Nancy Sumwalt, Helen Wimmer, Pat Ramer, Bev Thomas :' 4 f ' v -' J, gp in U .ff tk ..r H 'ill' ,L-1 'i JN ,fa A 'ff f 1-, Prom jg' xc., . -7922 'r - - 'Riff 1. .eg J, "fs:-3 fii--'i 'tx ,WX lx I A ,ta Tj, 2154 if ts. img., gf ' si- ,fv 'f . ' X 4554011 ,, A A X . ,, ,, . new r .Q ',,f ,E 5 ,. 3' l 41" 4' '1' ffl' -aff fl , , ff ar 1 ,. 7' PROM KING JACK GAFFNEY and QUEEN MARY RONEY On the evening of May 10, 1958, the S.S. South Pacific weighed anchor in the bay of a beautiful south sea island. Queen Mary Roney and King Jack Gaffney then stepped on to a land of swaying palms. In the light of a tropi cal moon, Mary was crowned queen while sitting upon a glittering sea shell The passengers on the boat making up the court were: Seniors, Dick Kelly and Marlene Kimballg Jtuiiors, Dean Krause and Pat Stukelg Sophomores, Ronnie Worrnet and Helen Fossg Freshmen, Bill Gaffney and Donna Nelson. Russ Nelson and his orchestra supplied the music. 68 ii' South Pacific S- 1111i +'gi 69 - T-??Z"1,fZ'iQ?lx3A ff 75 V , gf I Z 1' 492 f X 1 X ' ,kr-1-44 u f V ,WA ,- v A ll -- - vga ff' ,.' ' 2 ' 4 A, " N I I 1 I, f!f Ny' ji'ZzL77ffff ' efyf' hr 1 ,. f6,,f , 7 f - 'lffiig' , ff , . V, I ff t . y , . If . 1 1 1: I J 7 g ff Inner Will PLAY CAST B. Millard, J. Hoesly, P. Ramer, Mrs. Thiele, Director, J. Houghton, K. Q. Q. A. Brown, A. Peters. IN FRONT: B. Heineke P. stuka, The three -act comedy "Inner Willy" by November 20 under the direction of Mrsr Willoughby's impish "inner chain of amusing incidents lessons, cod-liver oil, and characterizations, and an of the play. W3S 70 Louise Olga ....... Stanley Clark . . Mike ........ Marybelle Turner Janet Marshall . . Trudy Marshall . Carol Martin . . . OF CHARACTERS . . . Bill Anchor . . Bill Heineke . . . Pat Stukel . . .Ann Brown . . Karen Fenske . . . Bill Millard . . Allan Peters . Jeanne Hoesly .Judy Houghton . . . . Pat Ramer Jackie Kaminski In September, we paid our fees. M 1755 1955 Sm Mom Tuf.Wso.'F1u1r Hi. Snr 1 2 3 6' 5 If 7 1? 7 fd ll I2 13 14 15 119 I7 1171730 a?fe?6I 523379455057 5286217 tio Ou r ,.3i15.' ,V S h I C I d f C OO El En Bl' l K . , October, we voted for our favorite candidate In November, we danced after football gam 11 All I December, we drank pop at basketball games January brought us Mr. Jaroch n 1 x February brought us the big snow, but In March, we began to get spring fever L . Sf qf,'1Tgi'-4.5-kt, A I 'gift ,gg ,S ,fag . , , 7 I 4 . .,af"1v:'- 'I - 4. u-If In April, we went on the spring tour In May, we got our annuals, and The last of May, the seniors left us. ,wuva if -I ji ,L W J 0,4 X 4 -P4 sf q bu W f zibfyyff Q7 9 riff My 122 Zfteggi 4 ywvyififf MPL if 5 5? W fl!! J Q5 ti? sgixs my gf QQ figggis W 'ikgwifjngd ' ijt RQ f1aw5iQEEj,Qwff WM W LM W 52 HUM -Mi! W jZUf1fAiUIfV'3yVL W Qwwfffmf nw? nfywggpvv W W ,wjf J W I J I 1107! ,glib JM , H WU Mqyvfjg dwef .li n,, .Y .V lv Aj' ":f4'5,.lf'-jf-.,fjl,1g ff' 1 X it ,4 .r b 3- tl -.L ', fu il X Mr, I, in pix 'N Ly Qin, ,VN ,-, x',.u.g.L ,- I nw-wf 1 fn V ! wry'-.,J, S f-f'Ly..Azyl3.' ,Muff ,.AV fY'1 .i ff -,I El,fii,f1 4 I 5 iQiJ',2g Lvfv'-fl ff'-1-"-ffl Uiflvwwl A - 1 1 LA ti ,ll - Cu f L ' U1 . 31,1 ffl- '7"YW I , r wp, .9 , -f mv, . P . I ,L . F t I .X mv, , PJ Wm'M A'A I Y UE. W?-C?f"3'i5f" gf '-mi fgw L"w19h gli i-Q PM Wwgffvf K lJ,,k'rff"'t'Alf Oda-17 ,xfwvr-qjp ,j"',U"4!l J VV 11:1 J I Kfy be .r,. Bluff 3 I N N L JL 1-L Dpv,rfV1,J61- "4 ,gf Rf' M M""J:'C"L4X3'f Mr ' ' ' -A " "ff1'Gi'fs5'aC'Pff A A 1 "Q , K l X U U A Dfw-' Vg fm wk Mil A X ,PMP11,1Zl:fQ-gyijwhdx X A 1 'qw S vi J wr, W Liam-M, ,JL ug L W Q IJ E LZAJVQ J 0, U- fr Z! X GHZ, if m'jL1j11'jdl5bU-'7 l f'.Nv'1uL, r W .fv I, I ,fy filly KJKEHIL7 M,,.f'f Q l"7"UC,f !L"4'U"f J w M - bfvlf-C, ' N Qfff: ,owkvjk . Wa, QWL414fX, Hi' W '5fLlf?l! ilww , U! V fLf'gf4fJL1v1lfLfym,fL,f0W, fa,.oa,V,05 id 4 Mix W WM,,fwff Us Qlfgclpff M, 1 lkfgffip fZfMfJfL,,ffJ'5 A W . K Af' If VO gZgw Q EEK! df! 1 -,,, fm' dpkg 44 A W JELPLUU ,nyc 7m Afazv, ci? gif? ff4"aigf:fP, A 64,51 A' ff fl, HL C N.. ff, ff 7 i ft 'P ' Qi, aff 361' GQ, Q2 52? y ,ig Q ,Q fm wi 0? Z' QA Cp A59 ffffvwif' m,,g,e 6 wwjwimw 0j9bKf'Jyj qwjpanqdjybgjv I J 'QU K, y bw f' ob L IYJIICD WX l I WM W , I, .... , ,v., , I ...,.-w,.-4.1 .-.- , YIM ,W , , i , E ,l - .m.,,.a,!,,E,,,,,,,5.q. M?-.Z---.1 fiveigrru-4.6----,..Q .- - -Y.- W- -AM.. , ., ...as-.u-nn.. ....-... -..

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