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14-pr-4"'f'd 124,11 Q - fk, X , . ,- . 4 fir " 'ya All 'x v f W 111-V, 'kg 5 :Q 'H jx ' ' A f ' ' 'fi ' A "J , Af' ,aff , 1 f , ' S""i'3"'fl. ui14'f'f 'X A -4 'rf 'lr L- 'i I Y, V Y .XX Q LIBHISKS fl We, the Arrow Staff of 1952, have tried to recall and ser forth the most important events of our high school career. We hope that this book does justice to all of our golden memories and that those who read it enjoy our experiences as much as we have. PP 99 Compiled by THE ARROW STAFF WISCONSIN DELLS HIGH SCHOOI. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Q- R X '- v n We the class of 1902 dedrcate our annual to our champronshrp football team and the hrgh rdeals of sportsmanshrp by whlch they atrarned tlus honor We feel that good sportsmanshrp rs rmportant rn other phases of llfe as well as sports Our champronshrp team rs hvrng proof of what sportsmanshrp coupled wrth teamwork and Lndustry can do Other teams have won ehampronshrps other teams have played undefeated but the 1951 season wrll be remembered by all of us for rts most rmportant product our Charnpron Chrefs Boys we salute you' 4 n 1 ..- . 1 . H'11! SNA S if P' A DON'T SHOVE! SO SOON? SENIOR DANCE 1 ,-gf i '4 3 .sk ,'b .1 3: SLEEPING DANCE ME LOOSE-- WET! N smunns E - 'ru.n1u:m.,. ,un , LITTLE HENRY '11-""'ti:ZJ lv' --1: A if -1-1 LIFE GUARD MR.R. 8:25 Dv!- v DMINISTR TIO 10,3 FREDERICK REINEKING B A Assistant Principal Social Problems Miss1on House College f"F"e -9 . . tif , d L, ' MARGARET GIBSON B A Office Secretary Kalamazoo College DONNA STICKFORT Office Secretary Groves and Bamhart Business School 'FIU PAULM LOOFBORO B A M A Superintendent of School Milton Colle e University o Wisconsin 10- BARBARA KOBERSTEIN Office Girl f ACULTY '24 'ivan' fgf' IOHN DAILY B A M S History Marquette Unxversity of Wtsconsm University of Iowa Carroll College Milwaukee S LUCILLE DIIEDRICK Algebra Geometry General Math Oshkosh S T C If FOSTER W DILEY B S Band Chorus Centra1S T C MARCELLA PARKER B S English III Library Milwaukee S T C Universlty of Wisconsln 'J 5 I fftr 'ps Q--9 IULES ROSENTHAL B S Englisnr IV DeKalb s T c FRANK D WEIGEL Agriculture Physics Prattville S. T. C Colorado S. T C. B DONALD PATTERSON Manual Arts Whitewater S.T.C. Oshkosh S.T. C. Milwaukee S. T, C. University of Wisconsin HOWARD SPIEGH., B,S, English II Biology Plattevllle S T C I BIS! Tie E . ,an-,A -f if I -uv 4 fl"""g al" 'Qi' if 5' -cf TQ' ilu. EDMOND WRIGHT, B S Science Chemistry Milton College UHIVCISIIY of Wisconsin DUAINE COUNSELL, B Physlcal Education Un1vers1ty of W1sconsm Rhode Island S T C Central S T C CHARLENE SORENSEN, Un1vers1ty of Mrrmesota Wheaton College BA JANET c WINN B s LUELLA COLLINS, B Home Econom1cs Shorthand Stout Institute Typmg University Hospital Bookkeeping Whrtewater S T C W TQ ITT 'QW' .sf-ff Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 311 all all all an I an LEN AR Back to the old grmd after a wonderful vacation Beat Adams Fnendshrp 33 13 What a start f0r the SCBSOII Freshman boy srts through half period of Semor Bookkeepmg class Mr Remekmg wes fxrst Socral Problems test Seen around the halls a lot of srck Seniors Beat Hrllsboro '7 6 Nrebuhr inherlts new mckname The Toe Frrst Assembly program Otto Schocht Elections held Winner s campatgn talks fall Lorenzen is the mighty prom kmg Team contrnues 1ts record beats Westfreld 27 6 Assembly program C E Jones Mrs Colhns scares all by wearrng specs Beat Stoughton 20 6 Mr Wnght loves thrsl Band attends Cranberry Festrval at Wtsconsm Raprds Result 45 frozen band members Vtsited Richland Center Won agam 19 6 Beat Baraboo 20 13 What a thnllerll It surely was good to see Toby go over that line Upset Portage s Homecormng 26 6 Our Homecoming Beat Wrsconsln High 12 7 Maktng us Southern Ten Champs Hurrah!! Finished our wonderful season by beatrng Reedsburg 21 6 makmg tt nme vrctories and no defeats 3 Three days to remember Teachers Convention m Mrlwaukee Report Cards You should see the Freshmen faces' Freshman dance Semor dance Surely wxsh those basketball games would start ?sserr?1bly pfogram The Mansftelds First game at Tomah guess the score? 52 32 whose avor Ha 23 Thanksgiving Vacatlon Assembly program Captain Dry Wm Port Edwards game 52 50 Game at Wisconsin l-hgh 32 29 Oh that floor! Another Assembly program Orville Roberts Game at Edgerton 49 34 Nothrng good to say about thrs one Richland Center ame here A vrctory for us 74 51 Biggest fire rn hrstory Damage! Senior ance last one before Christmas Ball Game at Sparta Thrs makes it two in a row 56 47 Chrlstmas Concert B Success Game at Reedsburg hat a ame! Thrs makes tt three 40 35 School closes now for a mee ollday Played clty team What a snap 46 40 Senior Chrrstmas Ball All couples show up one boy even brings two girls School opens again Everyone looks lrke the mornmg after the night before Barbaboo game here They won 48 35 Nibs Dance Band Big crowd Junior dance Portage game here 65 57 Freshman dance 531311: exams glad that is over Wm game at Fort Atkinson 62 48 Better have exams more Mr Rosenthal tops it all returns on crutches Pxano drops from stage We now ha 1 k ve two uc l T h well rt isn t as bad as the last trme y Peep e oma game here 50 44 Oh . 5- ' ' ' - .10- ' - . ,14- ' ' ' ' .' '. ,18- ' ,' '. , ,21- - ' 'i . .2'1- g .. . '. " ' ' '. .28- , -. . ' ' .29- ' ' ' ' . -- . . 12- , - . ' . .19- ' ' , -. . 26- . -. ' . D 31-. . , -' . . . . .1-2- - , ' ' . . 9- . . . . 16- - - ' , Nov. 19- - " ' ", , - , . 22- - ' ' . . 26- - . . 27- ' - . . 12- , , .14- - , - - D . 15- ,L , - - , - - ,,,,,,,,,, N0 . 18- , ' ' g - .' .19- ' --' ,20- , 35 ' - - , c 21- , D gh . . . . 22- ' , -- - 0 ,2'1- ' , I I . 7- , - - J . 11- , - ,- . ' J . 18- , - , . ' - I . 24- ' , , - , 1 . 28- . , . 29- ' , ' C - e Feb e e C 6 B 6 C March March March March Aprtl Aprrl Aprrl Aprrl May May May May CALEN Game at Rrchland Center They beat us 54 49 Sparta game here We win 66 43 Game here Beat good old Reedsburg 65 37 Some score hugh? Sophomore dance Helene Luettgerodt has become the thrrd member of our crutch club all we need now IS Mr Remekrn Lose to Stoug ton 65 58 Mr Wrxght laughs at us thrs trme Movre presented by the Krwants Dust or Destmyl Makes everyone stop and wonder Moley surely emoyed hrs pecans Mr Wrrght catches Semor grrls eating popcorn opps I mean workrng on annual A arne never to be forgotten Beat Baraboo 50 43 Ca aret Nrght A success rn everything from mustc to cowboys 8 Tournament at Reedsburg Assembly program Deltcaths 21 22 Tournament at Madrson Sprmg concert Solo s at Reedsburg Was I ever scared 15 No school Lucky kids go to Washrngton Reedsburg Musrc Festrval Juntor Prom with Cmderella as theme Brg moments for lucky couples House of Magic how shockrng Baccalaureate Commencement Thanks for the memortes but I fear we must leave l "fl F b. 1- ' . - . . 5- . - . F b. 8- . - . - F b. 14- ' , F b. 15- ' - . . ' ' ' . F b. 18- ' I ' '. " ' -- F b. 19- . ' ' ' ' -- -- ' F b. 22- - - . F b. 23- 1 - . - - . 6-'7- - , 7- , N ' 20- - - ' , 30- ' , ' 4- ' . . Z 12 - Home Talent Show by Tuesday Club. Q 26- . . f ' I 3, - ff - ff I - . 5- n ,,-- . . 25- , 28- -- . 1 . if I P I is F 3 4 al' SENIDR -5+ b g,' Q 15-Q . . Q, K-Q Nz 3 5 ,. ,S wiv nv NR ax M Y ' f 44' . Q1 x 1 L x L- , nf I' 1.. . Y v, , , K, ' 'A s A lin ' In-1? . f Y , . . .a 1 1,1-.ff . . , A , -, , .. Q M.. A 0 X W W K A ,V 4, wg Q , s.ip"' - mf L ' 2' f"""'.f? fvf' -,.4., .M .vn- S Q5 J mn if 7' " ' 8' 4' f HARRIET ANDERSON "She's quiet around school, spaper 3 a 4 Pep lub 2 ' .A. 2 3 ibrarian 2 3 Mg. .A. 1234 will fra' - df Ni r ee I ,nk Vg .,....,N N -.Q 5 'C 'oko HARVEY BIRKHOLTZ "No woman will ever open my heart. " Football 1 2 3 4 Science Club l Track 12 3 but you really don't know her. " ED BAGGOT "All great men are dying, I don't feel so well myself. F. F. A. 1 2 3 4 Track l 2 3 4 President 1 2 3 4 Student Council 4 Football l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Badger Boys State 3 Bachelors Club 4 Science Club 1 Camera Club 2 ---at .J HERBERT B1.ooMER A 'Tell me, wliat is this , b 'W' ' ' power I have over womenl' 5 Football 2 3 4 Projectionists 1 2 3 4 -4-ii Track 1 2 3 4 Dramatics 1 1 Ni' .r MUUKE DKLIVV IN What mischief hides behmd her eyes what fresh new will she devise? Dramatics 1 2 Camera Club l Librarian 3 4 Pep Club 2 Debate 3 4 SHIRLEY CHAPPIE Always smiling never blue that s not all- she s a good student too. Camera Club 2 Debate 4 Dramatics l .A. pranks JOSEPH CAPPY Hush be still I m about to speak Football 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 rack 12 3 4 V1ce president 3 Student Council 3 Camera Club 2 Dramaucs l Bachelor s Club 4 F' I DOBBZT COOROUGH Many his friends none his foe- he s the boy we re all proud to know. Projectionist l 2 Volleyball 2 3 Dramatics 1 Band 2 Bachelor's Club 4 X102 ,f"s"k ,I 1 X vig? 1 ,away W JAMES CORNWELL smrled and sa1d Don t rush me grrls Dramatrcs l Manager 2 Volleyball 3 4 Bachelor s Club 4 ,,4X MIK E DONN ELLY LU CRIST She s here I heard her grggle Twrrlmg I Majorette 2 3 4 Band l 2 3 4 Chonrs 3 4 Newspaper 4 Annual 4 Dramatxcs 1 A, a gg, F QS.. was Men of few words , are the best Football 3 4 A l 2 Camera Club 1 Bachelor s Club 4 CAROL FEDDERLY Angels are perfect I m a lady Camera Club l Newspaper 2 3 Annual 4 G A A Pep Club 2 Band 1 2 Treasurer 2 Student Counc1l 2 Prom Queen 3 3- -QD of-Z LOWELL FISCHER 'Gentlemen prefer blondes. " Football 3 Track 2 3 Projectionist 1 2 3 4 Debate 2 Dramatics 1 2 Camera Club 4 Bachelor's Club 4 f ' X KI 'V' 7 3, X . ,.f- . 1. , 1+ Q .L ,. 34,3 Hg +2 W, . Q A ii , .1 A . . ' Wi' A ig ' I WAYNE FUNMAKER "Not too big, but big enough. " Transfer Student 3 Basketball 3 4 Bachelor's Club 4 PAT GAVINSKI "Ta1l men are so DAVID FITZPATRICK "War is terrible, but women are worse Basketball l 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Volleyball 1 2 Vice President 2 Student Council 2 Bachelor's Club 4 Science Club l Track 1 2 3 4 fx AQ ' , f Xljwx ,xt Ng X k- 4 -"W ag? fi ' 'K 5334 1 K' 0- 'ff i 1+ XR A , Z x distinquished. and then there are tall boys. " Football 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 1 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Student Council 4 Projectionist 1 2 3 Camera Club 2 Homecoming King 4 IN eww' I HC ly, 9 uw X . Y .-5 AGR' '73 AMY HAUGEN I 11 make somebody toe the mark someday Transfer Student 3 Debate 4 Newspaper 4 Librarian 4 A FLORENCE GERWING 'To quit or not to quitg that is the question." Transfer Student 4 MARY GRIKSER "I just love two kinds of and those without it. " Debate 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 Newspaper 2 3 4 Annual 4 G A A 2 Dramatics 2 Twirling 2 3 :IFR iw I meng those with experience, FERN JENSEN I 11 be merry I 11 be ree I 11 be sad for nobody F H A 12 4 Librarian 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 G A A Camera Club 2 3 4 Annual 4 Newspaper 3 l' BURDETT KENT aa "Give me a place to stand and Iwill move the earth. " Transfer Student 4 Camera Club 4 7-s gon 'TZZ7' I AI .W J K X I DARLENE LANGER "Be silent and safes silence never betrays you. " F.H.A. 1 2 3 4 Librarian 2 3 4 Newspaper 4 FRANCIS LEVY DICK KLEIMENHAGEN "I like work: it fascinates meg I can sit and look at it for hours. " Annual 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 President 2 Track 1 2 3 4 Bache1or's Club 4 Student Council 2 Band 1 2 'The 'Country Gentlemen' also 'The Lady's Home Companion"' F.F. A. 1 2 3 4 Bachelor's Club 4 Chorus 2 Projectionist 1 Camera Club 2 Band 2 3 4 'T Q Q S.. A 'Q' ' SHIRLEY LUETTGERODT "lf gentlemen prefer blondes, who wants a gentleman. " F.H. A. 12 Annual 4 Band 12 Newspaper 3 4 Camera Club 3 Pep Club 2 Librarian 2 3 5 if-f. E v, PA TSY MA RTIN at ,f "To know her is to like her. " Dramatics 1 Newspaper l 2 3 Pep Club 2 3 'Cheerleader 2 3 Vice President 1 Secretary 4 Student Council 4 Annual 4 MAZEL MARTIN 'Her life is like a snowflake: it leaves a mark but not a stain." F. H. A. l 2 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Us Qt, NANCY MCBOYLE "I'm worldly wiseg I'm quite correct. Camera Club 1 Dramatics 1 Librarians 2 3 Newspaper 2 3 Annual 4 Pep Club 2 G. A. A. 2 3 Debate 3 4 'YW Pg! 6-1- 9 MARION MINER Modest sweet and oh so n1ce Transfer Student 3 Debate 3 4 Camera Club 4 QU! A,-af? G FORGE NELSON Gtve me the ume the place and the gxrl leave the rest to me A 1 2 ProJect1on1st l 2 Track 2 3 4 Debate 2 KENNETH NIEBUHR A gentlemen student athlete too one of the football crew Band l 2 3 4 Prestdent l Student Counc 11 1 Football l a 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Badger Boys State Dance Band 3 4 Annual 4 J' is anti? 'Qs 1. s KENNETH PETERSON fy Brmg out your cameras M' I m the ptcture of ambttton Football 1 Qi Projecttontst 1 Dramattcs 1 Bachelor s club 4 w s fl ROGER PETERSON "lt's only the bright side of life I see. Why can't everyone be content like me?" Band l 2 3 4 Newspaper 3 ' Annual 4 Dramatics 1 Bache1or's Club 4 Treasurer 4 xx HAROLD RIHN "He carried it all from red -hot to tape: Harry really managed our team at top rate. " Science Club 1 Chorus l 2 3 4 Camera Club 1 2 Projectionist l Manager 3 4 Bachelor 's Club 4 Annual 4 Track 4 33 Student Council 4 JEAN RIESE "I just could on time. " Band 1 2 3 4 Newspaper 3 Dramatics 1 Librarians 2 Debate 3 Annual 4 F.H.A. 1 Secretary 1 n't get here pf X... SARA RODWELL "Her hair's too dark to make a good angel. " Newspaper 1 2 3 Annual 4 Dramatics 1 Pep Club 2 G. A. A. 2 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Secretary 2 Student Council 2 Badger Girls State 3 M as -J N-fire. -4 ,A. . Q, 'v nt. ROBERT ROUDEBUSH "He may look like an angel, but looks often deceive." Transfer Student 3 99, '- 8' 3 " CLIFF SHERER A "If school is liberty, W 353 5 give me death." Football 1 2 3 N Track 1 2 3 4 ig: J, F.F. A. 1 2 3 4 Iii? ' . 7. 'A Q rm. y . .ni fa RONALD SOMA "I've never let my studies gm. interfere with my education. " Dramatics l Projectionist 12 3 Bache1or's Club 4 Manager 2 ' g x 'gf' of STANLEY SOSNOWSKI "Lead me not into temptationg J 'uv but show me where it is. " h ,gsy ,P Transfer Student 3 X if. H' Bache1or's Club 4 ' l Q! i t 1- X X ' .M lg' i if 'W' iw, 'xt XX, . BEVERLY STOMNER A "The harder I try, the gooder to beg the worser I am. " Dramatics 1 Camera Club 1 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 Debate 2 3 School Play 3 Treasurer 3 Student Council 3 INA STORANDT "I'm littleg I'm wise. I'm a terror for my size." Band 1 2 3 4 Annual 4 F. H. A. 1 Dance Band 3 4 Librarian 2 3 Newspaper 3 Secretary 3 Student Council 3 Ns fp .Av-we ROGER STURDEVANT N' "Oh, the power of those silent f ""s 3 brutes." 2 F. F. A. 1 2 3 4 K yf Science Club 1 X -4' Bachelors Club 4 , A , A' K X 4 L N 5 ai My-,Mx I? ' X . ,Of af ,fi CARL THIEDE Y , 1 4 "My schooling's really done no ' harm, but I still feel safer on -4-1, the farm. " F. F. A. 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Bachelors Club 4 I L ,fi DUANE TOFSON "In his high school days he had many a flingg and he topped them all by being our prom king. " Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Bache1or's Club 4 Annual 4 President 3 Student Council 3 Homecoming King 3 ' 4 1 if Q MELISSA WEGNER I'11 ut m faith in a junior." " P Y Dramatics 1 Camera Club 1 IAC K VODVARKA "A man need not man to be a man. Transfer Student 2 Football 3 4 Track 3 4 F. F. A. 3 4 Bachelor's Club 4 , V T A 'Q L a ladies , . 2,66 1 Ziifcluff M -' , fl ' , F . 4 . Je! FC, 2 ff ' 'ff MARY WENKMAN ' "I would make an excellent wife for someone. " Dramatics 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 F. H. A.1234 Band 3 4 ,Q .QA x'9' if MARY WREZINSI-G "There's a little bit of bad in every good, little girl. " Transfer Student 3 Annual 4 Chorus 4 F. H.A. 34 K HENRY WRIGHT . ,eg-51 "Ask me what love Q 5 Q 3 f know. v f U Transfer Student 3 Dance Ba nd 3 4 W X Schgol Play 3 Ban 3 4 cv Chorus 3 , Camera Club 4 meansg I Q 3 1 -..y get I ff S f '4 5 We are the class of fifty-twog We sadly wave goodbye to you. We're glad to leave but yet we're sad To part with all fhe joys we've had. Next year when we'l1 have gone away We'1l look back to the Dells and say, "School has been fun, we now perceive, We 're sorry that we had to leave. " DON ZAMZOW "Frequently, within my brainl gently think a thought. " Science Club 1 Camera Club 1 2 Track 3 Bachelor's Club 4 CLASS Ill TURY 1948 was the year we arrrved We soon leamed of many pnvrleges whrch we were denred Everythrng was new to us teachers rouune and all But 1n a couple of months we were really on the ball The followrng off1cers were decrded upon at our electrons Presldent Ken Nrebuhr Vrce Pres1dent Patsy Martm Secretary Treasurer Jean Rlese Student Councrl Ed Baggot They proved to be worthy of our selectron In our Sophomore year we marched rn w1th prrde Wrllmg to do all our efforts we applred We really buckled down and began our role Of headrng toward our coveted goal Four leaders we chose wrth lots of zest Presrdent Dxck Klelmenha en Vlce Presrdent Dave Frtzpatrrck Secretary Sara Joy Rodwel Treasurer Carol Fedderly They worked d1l1gently and were some of the best The brg year we were wartrng for fmally came And our Jumor year brought us lots of fame Some Enchanted Evemng was chosen as our theme Toby rexgned as our k1n and Carol our queen Ken Nrebuhr topped rt off y recervmg the spade An honor awarded m recogmtron of hrs lugh grade Our offrcers were chosen wrth the greatest of care Presrdent Duane Tofson Vrce Presrdent Joe Cappy Secretary Ina Mae Storandt Treasurer Beverly Stomner Therr acluevements were many therr loyalty rare We as Semors brought fame football trophres we won Our Chnstmas Ball was a pageant well done As we leave old Dells Hrgh w1th a record seldom equalled We bequeath future classes a tale to be sequeled To our semor class officers we now grve a cheer Presrdent Ed Baggot Vrce Presldent, Pat Gavrnskr Secretary Patsy Martrn Treasurer Roger Peterson As we approach Commencement A perfect endrng for a perfect year SENIOR CLASS OFFIC EIB . .' . .I . . " . , S . : 'N ! , , WE CUTE . MART" v 4-if ,,, ...J HARRIET T" 5 l Q "SC HNAPPS " KIND ERGARTB4 Y ' - ' -:f, . Q -il' 4 --lg f-3. I xii.-" re. fx' , W- "HIS NIBS" al'-5 llfx 41? DON ZAMZOW I him x41 ' AMY "MOUSE" DARLEN E 4 v 1? HAROLD is GUESS WH09 NANC E esp :Bils- ROD JENNY MAZEL f X MARY LOU 1' 391 iv " M' LOWELL THREE MUSKETEERS swan Us M' K J' J C LL l-larnet Anderson leave my studrous mrnd and my gxggle to the freshman gtrls Ed Baggot leave my two front teeth under a seat tn the study hall for the ftrst person who has a tooth casualty tn football next fall Harvey Bukholz leave thrs school and am I gladl The teachers are gettlng worser and the school ts gomg to the dogs Herb Bloomer leave but don t worry g1rls I left my plcture tn the hall Audre Brown leave my modesty to Mary Dougherty who probably won t know what to do wxth tt Joe CHPPY leave my ablllty to wtn frtends and lnfluence people to Jrm Wtmmer who ll need tt tn hrs polttrcal career Shtrley Cha pre leave all my boyfnends to be dtstubuted among those who would ltke them ut not unttl after I ve prcked one for myself Bob Coorough leave my dtsltke of women to John Herneke Jtm Cornwell leave my romantic efforts to any romantic freshman Lu Crist leave the band to march on without me Carol Fedderly leave my ability to be different to Sharon Wagner lhowell Ftscher leave my bulltant questions to anyone who has nerve enough to ask em Dave Fltzpatrrck leave my car load of gtrls after a Frtday nrght game to Knute Gavlnski Let hun haul them out to Massey s Elayine Funmaker leave my knowledge I haven t been able to escape to my brother ar os Pat Gavmskt leave my srlly gtggle to echo through the halls of Dear Dells Hxgh Florence Gerwmg leave so Arlene can carry on Mary Gretger leave my love ltfe to anyone who can bear up under the stratn U Q y I . . . . . . A ' I, ' l. U ' . ' I, ' E , . : . . . I. I . ' , K . X . . A Q I' . . . . . . . I' I . . . I Il . Y O 0 1. . - bl, 'fs l, Mike Donnelly, leave to become head of the "Bored of Education". O ' ' I, , . I' . , . . If . n - , p D I , e 0 , 1. , ' 2 M N k 1 o . Q L UT Q J I' f - sw 2 t x ' I ' M CN I, - ' - . . I f ' :Yi I, ck ,, J ex ILL Amy Haugen, leave my prize possession, "Liz", to the Junior girls since they need a good car to ride around in. Fem Iensen, leave the Freshman boys to the Freshman girls. Burdette Kent, leave my blueprints for a smoking room to the School Board in the hope that they will consider my suggestion. Dick Kleimenhagen, leave a bowl of 'wheaties' to Lee Helley. Darlene Langer, leave my red hair to Ioette Volkey. Francis Levy, leave with my green truck and, of course Mary Jo. Shirley Luettgerodt, leave my slumber parties to Rita Field. Mazel Martin, leave my ability to drive a car to Rllla Belle Hyatt, so she can drive like I do without being picked up. Patsy Martin have just left in a '50 tan Studebaker--guess who with? Nancy McBoyle, leave my chapagne to anyone who can afford to drink it. Marion Miner, leave for nurses training, and are those intems cutel George Nelson, leave my furloughs from school to my brother Jack. lI3ep1Niebuhr, leave my well-traveled road from the Dells to Delton to Leonard e ey. Ken Peterson, don't care to leave anything, cause if I do, lwon't have anything left for myself. Roger Peterson, leave my altonium to anyone who is stupid enough to play it. Jean Rises, leave for Colorado, but quick! lglarpld Rihn, leave the popcorn machine to Mr. Spiegel and next year's lucky en or. Sara Rodwell, leave this bit of adviceg get an early start on the 1953 Arrow. Robert Roudebush, leave---and I just got here. 1 X A -l 4- ' ff ' , 1 WILL Cliff Sherer, leave all the girls at the Dells to any boy who can get along with them. Ronald Soma, leave to give the other boys a chance. Stan Sosnowski, leave my moustache to any Freshman brave enough to wear lt. Bev Stomner leave my ability for singing commercials for the beer that made Milwaukee famous to Iudy Charlesworth Ina Storandt leave my chewed gum as a substitute for rubber gThat s the best thing I ever dxd for Chemrstry 1 Roger Sturdevant leave whewl I I fmally got nd of Stomner and Grleger Carl Thlede leave my collectron of farm facts and agricultural knowledge to anyone who w111 pay a quarter for them Duane Tofson leave my muscles for Wayne Steinhorst and Mrke Kunzweg to frght over Jack Vodvarka leave I m hopmg l don t have to return next fall Melissa Wegner leave but I wish I could take a post grad course Mary Wenkman leave and guess who with? Mary Wrezlnski leave again for where? Nobody knows! Hegry Wright leave Mary Dougherty with a slug waiting for the first guy who speaks to er Don Zamzow leave for the nearest fire I just can t watt to bum this Bookkeeping workbook P011 'bel as-"" Y hal I U ' ' , -Q . . . . , . ' . . . I ' i ' . I --- - l l Y I ---- U I l I I ' Xf I ' : ' W . 4 '- Qs. ' V I K at Q f S! f inf" 1252 ' , I . ' 4,9 ' 1 41 Y, Y , ,M X 'f' . 1, n s ' Y' A - -Fi' ,- V s sig W 1 Az W, , 1, -, I ' . I 5 an l f' UNIUR PRUM The hrghlight of our career came on Apr1l 14 1951 when the class of 52 presented Some Enchanted Evening as the theme of their Junior Prom The gym was very ap roprlately decorated with hugh stlhouettes and flowers of many hues Blue and whlte streamers across t e ceilmg seemed to form a sky filled with silver stars The punch stand was fashioned as a thatched hut whrle the throne was U1 the form of a huge sea shell King Duane Tofson had chosen as hrs Queen Carol Fedderly At 10 30 Sharon Martin and George Cappy carried a crown of carnations to the Krng who then presented rt to Carol After the crownmg everyone partlcrpated in the Grand March to the music of Jerry Bxllington We left satisfied that many hours of rd work had not been wasted but that our prom wlth it s theme Some Enchanted Eventng had been truly successful Seeming to have only begun, our gpm came toaglorious end, leaving behind many happy memories. UU T PROPHECIES Harrret Anderson got trred of havrng such a common name so she married a man named Ed Baggot has now taken over where Joe McCarthy left off Harvey Bukholz rs now the world s fastest sports annoturcer he got his valuable trarnrng from Rosenthals speech class Herb Bloomer rs now a sultan he has the largest harem rn Persra After Truman frnally retrred Audre Brown lrved up to her reputation and became our frrst woman presrdent fShe has all male secretarresj Joe Cappy after havurg a hrghly successful career as a lawyer has now became a Judge Hrs frrst case was Fedderly vs Cappy The former won the case Shuley Chappre rs now Lreutenant rnthe Wacs at Fort Lee Vrrgrnra and guess who her assrstant rs? Bob Coorough rs strll hangrng around Delton and rs gettrng pard for rt He is the mayor dogcatcher crty clerk and postmaster Irm Cornwell has recently voted the most popular shrpwrecked sarlor rn the South Sea Islands Lu Crrst decrded she drd enough nrnning around rn hrgh school so she has settled down and rs now spendrrrg most of her trme at home Mike Donnelly the answer to a drll pickles prayer rs berng pursued by Two Mad females Carol Fedderly rs now top fashron desrgner for The Elrte Cappy s Department Store Lowell Frsher has become one of Scotland Yard s ace detectives Dave Fitzpatrick rs now a promrnent member of the French Forergn Legron Wayne Funmaker has recently drvorced hrs fifth wrfe and ls looking hard for the srxth If at frrst you do not succeed Pat Gavrnskr due to the fact that Ray Booth recently retrred rs now the mrllronarre of Wrsconsrn Dells He manages the Standard Servrce Station Florence Gerwing contrary to her motto has just recently completed her erghth year at the Unrversrty of Wrsconsrn Mary Grreger has finally hooked her man he rs farr fat and forty Amy Haugen now has a permanent partnershrp rn the Broadway Market Fern Jensen is principal of the best managed hrgh school in the state She tells every student the thrng she belreves If you aren t smart enough to cheat and get by wrth it that s your tough luck Brrrdette Kent rs now wrrting jokes for the Esquire Magazrne Dick Klelmenhagen rs at last rn the busrness that surtes him very well he rs demonstrator for the Feather Rest Mattress Company Darlene Langer rs now llvrng in Oxford She has drscovered the man srtuation rs better there Francis Levy rs still drrvrng hrs lrttle green truck even though he rs an Admiral The navy is too poor to buy hrm a new one Shirley Luettgerodt now runs a Qualrty Food Market located rn Adams Mazel Martrn is now playing frrst clarinet for Toby and hrs Chore Boys Patsy Martin rs now livrng nicely on the money taken rn from her recent best seller I Was a Female Quarterback 1 .il . - - ' ' ' MI. 1 1 . Q . 1 , . 0 ' ' . . . ' . , o l I , . . . . . . ,, ,, 1 n ' . . . ,, . , ,, . ' U . -------..--. 1 A I . . v 1 . ' 1 1 - . . ' ' vw 1 . , W I , . . v . ' Q . . . . . . , . W N n . PRDPHE IES We all mom the passrng of our old pal Nancy McBoyle She went on a dret and one morntng woke up to fmd she wasn t there Marlon Mrner rs now head nurse at the hospital rn the Dells George Nelson ls strll makrng those trips over to Reedsburg Keep lt up George she ll grve rn one of these days When Ken Nlebuhr graduated Harry James and Tommy Dorsey Just swallowed therr lrcorrce strcks and now Ken rs number one Kenny Peterson has Just purchased a fur coat for hrs wrfe Thlngs sure have changed seems a cadrllac was hrs desire rn high school As for Roger Peterson we thought he was gorng to be a bachelor but he fooled us He rs drvorcrng hrs fourth wtfe on the charges of non support Jean Rrese rs now a commercial teacher The members of her class srmply adore her because she Just can t get there on ttme Harold Rrhn rs now a boomrng business man He manufactures popcorn for rrate fathers Through the experrence garned by being the edrtor of the Arrow Sara Rodwell rs now publlsher of the Chrcago Datly Trrbtm Cliff Sherrer rs now the head dogcatcher tn the crty of Podunk Tennessee which stnce the arrrval A man of brilltance IS Ronald Soma He has Just been accepted as a member of the Quiz Krds Stan Sosnowskr rs a connorsseur of wrne and women QFor some reason song Just doesn t appeal to htm, Beverly Stomner rs still a tomboy She doesn t drink swear smoke swrm the Engltsh Channel or Indulge rn any other femrnrne habrts For awhrle Ina Mae Storandt was an effrclent secretary but she soon married her boss and now lives wtth her pet poodle rn a New York penthouse Roger Sturdevant ts the rdol of millions He srgned a contract wrth the Barnsmelt Studros making hrm the cowboy star to replace Gene Autry h shCarl Threde rs strll farrnmg it alone He ls saving his money for something but he won t tell us w o e rs Duane Tofson is now the head ice man at the Dells You should hear the lady customers swoon and scream The ice man rs commg Jack Vodvarka is now a well known orator in Congress His recent frllbuster there surpassed all others ever attempted in the U S Melissa Webner is now hostess at the Meadowbrook Lodge Guess how thts happened Mary Winkman now sings bass for the Boston Port Symphony Orchestra Mary Lou Wrezinski makurg full use of her artistrc talents was arntrn brllh ds b t t because she was afraid she d catch the cigarette habrr P 8 oar u qw Henry Frank Lloyd Wri ht the worlds famour en ine h J t l d h D lls bl b constructing the Dells Bridge 8 g et as us save t e e Pm em y Donald Zamzow is now a world reown scientist At present he is attem tin to drsc th for high death rate of teachers due to suicide P 8 over e cause I A . p 1 I n l , . , I . ' 1 U ' . . . ,, ,, . . . . . . S. of an heir to the Sherrer mrllrons, has a populatron of seven, not counttng four-footed anrmals. 4 . , s . 1 . ' , , , . . I I ' , I o , ' , .. - - ..- : - s . , . . . ' . , D 3 . 1 ' o . 5 AF A ,AX BAIJGER STATE CANDIDATE Rod 11 EdBgg if by A 'Q ' . I AQAQTZ 95. Izq A 7 , W , ., l 1 T, was A I A - ,, K, ,,,A Ken Niebuhr, Sara we , a ot f.,.v F . 4. 2' it i A AQ . 4 Af 4 ' X ff f Ka' . fin' 5 A 1 I TRUDUCING ASSES I l la. 'R .vmxx 41 ? ,- x . 1 '. 1 Kx 'K .3 A y k 'ICP fb" . X- fl 0 Wx ,N s - 1' X ' Y n - ff' I M '-N - i ,'r:J' .. W, , . 7 ny X 8 vn D, r I A 1' 33 A K :9Qi'?.'i+ -V 1 Q , , . , . , -'-aw. f 'v I 5 V A his , .W 1 r -.qv 2 1 , X CLASS of i ROW ONE B Engnarh J Volkey S Wagner E Rachuy S 0Connel1 S Egge L Traxler ROW TWO E Pame L Van Buskrrk S Frsh Mrss Dredrrck S Hacker S Olson B Frsher E Grrffm ROW THREE R. Hyatt M Peterson A Olson L McC1yman P Werdner P Suckfort E Schultz Halverson ROW FOUR B Werdlmg B Karser J Lrndloff M Fulton B Pfrster A Sternhorst I Retzlaff R. Freld E S0b0J1l1Skl We Jumors are a happy lot We work and play wlth what We ve got we have the Prom The Queen the Krnimdances Pames and lots of t gs Trme goes fast as you can see Too soon not Junrors we wrll be And when we ve fmrshed at W D We 11 always have rt as a memory These are the grrls of W D A popular group as one can see JOHN Sl-IUMWAY Vrce Presldent DON LOREN ZEN Presxdent ' ss A ran QE, It' ' an - ' ' " 5, .' . .,. ,, . P Q .- . -6 I ff, , . ' 5' ' , . M -1 , r , . -I -5, rv l ' 1 , 1, l 5 Q . - , ak . If ,DJ - '. y,. I' .1-, ' . Mnjv KV, if , , . I . . , . , . , . , . : . , . , . , , . , . : , . , . , . , . H. . : . , . , . , . , . ' , , . . l : , n ' ' , . . . ' . ' n ' ' ' ' ' . . 1 ' , " 5 F5 ,Q 9 "1 1 'Q ROW RO W ROW ROW ONE TWO THREE FOUR R Everts J Farrell A Peasall E Stroede E Ztegenhagen R P1101 D Henderson E Kent K Volkey V Moon C Pf1ster B Sternweg L Holt Mr Darly B Ga11tz C Henry B Heck endorn J Roeker I Fttzgerald G Chrrstensen L Jerome M Cary B Wrezrnslu D Counsell H Andersen J Pnester J Wxese L Sturdevant J Stanton G Rrley R Armson I DuFour J Shumway J Anderson K Luke D Lorenzen J Wrmmer W Smelter J Hetneke H Brunn Talented cute pretty and swell Iumor g1r1s are thought of well And every gxrl w111 soon agree We're proud to be rn W D LORRAINE TRAX LER secretary The Junror boys are med and true In sports and everythrng they do As mce a group IS hard to f1nd Handsome Jolly and even lund And when they graduate from W D Happy and yet rather sorry they 11 be ARLYLE STEINHORST Treasurer Q - C ASS of 54 l ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE TWO THREE FOUR O0 0 Lawhorn L Tucker A Kozlowskx B Potter G Blatchely I Rogge M Wrnnes Chrrstranson R. Summers Nelson I Pfrster J Fedderly H I-Iajek Mrs Wrnn I Stephan R. Everts I Oetzman Whrte Eagle Charlesworth B Hodge J Cauley M Dougherty C Coapman J Everson F Stanford Prkel S Foster Cole K Soma P Evans S Hosely L Baggot E Dankert M Greyslak K Damels Voras I Squrres The Sophomore class started the school year wrth '72 members Mrs Wmn and Mr Spergel were our class advrsors Our class offrcers were as :follows Presrdent Darrell DARRELL BROKER Presrdent Broker Vrce Presrdent Joel Gotthardt Secretary Suzre Foster Treasurer Amber Chnstranson ! We have been actrve rn sports our JOEL GOTTHARDT Vrce Presrdent 9 Q ," ,f 'Q ' U ,. K, , 'IJ-Wir L" . ' ' ' . , ,, ., . 3 X I 4 5 r E E 3. u X 5 if 'Q A ., ' Q ' , , K' - , Vg .L M 2 A ' ' K L s X I s. Q 'V ' -E9 Vx , I N' Q 5 '4 XL . A I . as X 'X I D. , . , n .v ' 0 ' 1 ' I ' , I A. ' ' , - I Q I B. , . s , Q I ' I ' I ' I 1 ' 1 I. ' . : I. a , . , - . - . - . ' 1 - - J. , . . s Z R. , . . . . - . - . - . - - - v L. , . ' . . , ' ' I , I ' . 1 X. Y MNH T",-if PQ.:- ROW ROW ROW ROW ON TWO L THREE B FOUR -G Gavxnskr D Jacobson I Sweeney G Kl1cko R, Moravek P Morse B Henrrcksen Peterson Wrezmskr Zamzon R Naber L Webb G Wxllar D Wxllard I Patterson E Spak D Grant Walker J Lapp H Meyer A Fulton L Helley L Dxckman G DuFour K Ebsen Brereton D Broker B Olson Mr S elgel W Stemhorst I Nelson I Gotthardt Boys havmg parucrpated m football and basketball There were also qulte a number Ln the band We all love our teachers and know they couldn t get along wlthout our advlce but we ll sull be here next year fonly a 11tt1e SMARTER or should that be older'Pj We ll be seemg you next year under the Class of 54 Suzie Foster we hope! Secretary Amber Chnstianson Treasurer an 'Q 1 e 1-V gg' X A fe dj -, Q- ' af' f , - 5 ' ' 1, W fs.. , gf " f L . L . . f" 1 3 o G 'V J 3 Q A xx I L. ' Z i -A ' v.', . rw, F M' it L - ' ' ., f Y ,Q fu Awvfi '. - - .- s , fy , ,. I - 4 V X ' , 'ig' 'gall' x Ji Q N K: p F V 1' Q in N4 5 as A "-. 5- - "if", 'il' ' I N ' 5 -' li E""gv ' .r 0 u 0 n 0 D I I ' a 0 . n ' Wo g o g u , Q g 0 g e 9 u g u g .I . D , . ,',T1, . I ' ' LASS of 55 ufmjv QSM F-I ROW ONE D McFau1 A Lee e M Anderson P Hamson D Grrffrn Z Houston S Barmess H Luettgerodr S Doye G Cappy ROW TWO H Peterson R. Farrell E Bums W Grerner G Bogh I Chasas H Stukel M Frsher M Olson S Whrteagle ROW THREE E Curry S Drckman D Thompson J McC1yman A Ragan E Wenkman C Everson E Wegert E Cleveland A Funmaker M Chnstensen ROW FOUR M Pessrg M Wharry V Graff B Owen P Barley P Werdner P Anderson N Waterman C Adams S Peterson M Landeck One thrn we thrnk 15 very mean That s wgen they call a freshman green But green or not we re much ahve Thrs brrllrant class of 55 ha t 'ms is we RICHARD Hom' If you don t thrnk t PETER BLATCHLEY Vrce Presrdent Presrdent fi A-"" an R F5 ROW ONE A Przybykskl L Anderson M Kurtzweg P Blatchley E Frscher A Steele L Heeley R P1ke1 B Werdlmg A Rogge C Funmaker ROW TWO R Wrezmskl C Cook H Huntley T Rudolph R Holt G Musredlak R Lrttle Soldrer A Anchor R Lonerree I Burwell ROW THREE T Gruman R Melvrn J Wrnn R McClyman C Stomner T Morse H Fedderly J Drolhnger E Wampler G Nelson R Gussell B Shephard ROW FOUR T Nelson H Threde I Schaumburg M Kmgsley D Wagner E Grelner L McFau1 D Rodwell R Monahan E F1sher I Cahoon HELENE LUETTGERODT Secretary JANET MCCLYMAN Treasurer Well 11sten now whrle we tell you To watch our steam as we progress You 11 see we re full of pep and zest And as we help our school each year You ll all be glad that we are here 4 , ' ., SA 'Q'-g-.5 if z ' + I 4 ,0 ' N A I im: Q . 4 QE FROSH' TIN Y iv ffm P Pi AND I SAY JUNIOR MEN Nr' huh? SUMMER TIME W' 1945! Um I EVAN F WIND SECTION y,,,..p- THLETI 4, . 1 S 53 4, 535 f , 1 5 uv 505 o U- W h -AQFJ-l""'n .. ,A Q Q"-- . " . - A -. M .f. , .:f'w . Gif' 1L,"!'4+f x, ' 5 151 -if. FOOTB LL 'vw-4 1' 9 5' .... I fr 5' "'-'s?x. N, gr ar M 3 li! g N , , 'V 7 Q! H - 7 ' W A A of 4YA,' '. ... .. Q 2 W 5 , rp ar. v ' . -f me , i 3 A. Q, . V - , I . I r af ' En , I .. ev 'rx 'N - . . - -- , f Q -V-' X, " " W ' ,f A ,I ., 5 . n . u u ' I st: i i . 'la ,ph Af - - ' ', ' Y x ' 4 ', f ev-' " me . - af 41' N1 ,. '- , . . Q . , I jfs' 'fi Ln- . - . - H 4 M X - ' 'L ' - . - - . 1 ' - A V ,,!, p Qu, r 2 4 'iv ' - - ,y , ar - T .- I , . - qu , t y M H , 1 . 1 7 f 3 . ' ,, v , r f A L I Y 4 I n ' . ' - . fa 1 ,fa Q-,g 'A ' 'st 'Q - . . ' ' "' , ' f : . ' ' ' 1 '-qx I ffl fl r , A - . - - ,.. , sp. - Q I ' . ' 'f' 4 4 ,f 1' - fry . " X Q 'Y , X I 'V . . l alfa? , , I I h . - ' mf E D- 'ga y .ga - - ' . . E' og if S r T ' 4 1 L- j-sn A' ' ' - ' - ' J QQ' 'M f'f',1 ' -. X x 1' 1 p, I . , 5 l" ' 'N as , Kr 4 . 'Q ' ' . E ' X I, ' I' gi' fl, be ' , - Q l l I ."1 A F d. - ' r Y. .f 'Hg - -'ff , Q, 2 - ' " 49 A Q r f . " . . . ' 4-'r 'a 'U' ' r I ' . . I v' ,. 'vu' ,H I .of Q f 4.02 it: ' , 5' fx f, ,a nr , .J v -Y . ' , . ,an f ' , - ' ' ' ' ' ff' , , ' rf g x ' ,Q . I l 1, M 145 V 5: . . 1 Q K 'ffl' Hx' 1 .! p, Ara . , r Q- 1 , 5 .-j ' A . . , ig, X ,, Q 3 , . f -, Q-fu., - as 1 ' - I "' ' Q ,n i .v"-.':-:pg4gi,36q,. p 'ev N , gg-,, I ' I 1 L-1 , - ,.'A,A' N . i . ' - . i 1, .,,,,r.e, "TL, - , .j7'V,K,s . , in I A Y ' Q E -..' a' - . 1 . - , , , 1 A 'I Q- .gn ' 't:Thn', stef-has 1 K. 1' - A ..., f 551, i V 1, -L fi, e ' ' ' f""- . -K , gl H -fm s,yQ,f E M. E KU as -C. Y- F W no 'Hur-A ROW ONE Nrebuhr E Baggot J Wrmmer H Brrkholz I Herneke J Shumway W Smelter Gavrnskr D Tofson I Cappy ROW TWO Rernekrng D Counsell D Frtzpatrrck D Klermenhagen H Bloomer H Anderson M Cary J Farrell B Zamzow B Olson T Prrester D Counsell ROW THREE J Anderson D Wagner H Fedderly D Broker J Cahoon M Donnelly E. Frsher V Moon L Holt R. McClyman R. Naber ROW FOUR. D Wrllard R. Gussel J Wrnn K Gavrnskr C Funmaker E Grerner G DuFour G Wrllard T Grurnan D Foss J Drollrnger R. Holt E Frscher W Stemhorst H R1hn FOOTBALL FOR 1951 The football team had the most successful year rn the Dells hrstory By wrnnmg nrne games and losrng none, we became the "w1nnrngest" team rn the state. The "Cluefs" won the ConferenceChamp1on shrp by trpprng srx Southem Ten opponents The team "copped" conference defensrve honors allowing only forty frve pornts and were second rn offensrve honors by sconng one hundred and erghteen porms Duane Tofson placed second rn conference scorrng wrth srxty one porms Durmg the entrre season, the "Ch1efs"ga1ned more than three thousand yards Out of forty four selecuons for All Conference, ten posrtrons were granted to the Dells' Champs Four players were grven A11 State honorable menuon Wrth the many retumrng underclassmen we are lookrng forward no havmg another wrnmng team next year. 1.1: 43" September September September September October October October October October 7 A pnme factor producmg the frne season s record was the wonder ful work of Coach Counsell and Assrstant Coach Remelung In the last three years thls combrnatron has brought us mneteen vrctorxes and only tive defeats Football Scores for 1951 Wrsconsrn Dells Wrsconsrn Dells Wrsconsrn Dells Wrsconsln Dells Wisconsln Dells Wisconsrn Dells Wrsconsrn Dells Wrsconsm Dells Wisconsrn Dells 4? Adams Frrendshlp 13 Hillsboro Westfreld Stoughton Richland Center Baraboo Portage Wtsconsrn Hxgh Reedsburg SENIOR S K ROW ONE H Bloomer M Donnelly E Baggot K Nxebuhr D Frtzpatnck ROW TWO H Birkholz I Cappy P Gavinslu D Tofson D Klermenhagen ,,.b ED BAGGOT SR. V X243 my WW Ed was a rugged tackler and blocker one ofthe hardest workmg men on the team QA11 Conferencej HANS ANDERSON IR. Hans made up for hxs lace of sxze at guard bybe1 ers IH the conference ng one ofthe best block HERB BLOO MER SR. Herb was a defensxve guard spendmg most of hrs ume 1n the opponents b ackfxeld QAM-Conferencej 'K77' Q 1 1 1 Y HARVEY BIRKHOLZ, SR, as a defensxve specxalxst who was always at the b Buk w on a fumble. 1 '-iff' 4" It A-v ottom of the p11e - 5 4 V, ' ' ' if .i ,r V- xw K' S ' wx ,' T -, I f' J! . , X ' I , ,. tx X ' x A f 1 sf? 1 1 . 1 it . . - L' A Q lb . . , 0, F I U . , 1" X EV' ,. K . xg I F? , , 4, Q 1 t ,N .. , ' I Y I h , 1 .Q XA Y h s . 1? 5. YQ R , 1 JOE CAPPY SR, Joe was one of the most sensatxonal pass catchmg ends ln the Dell s h1story 'R'-L. 3 PAT GAVINSKI SR Pr" X Pat was a rough tough end who made xt hard for the opponents on both defense and offense WU' 5 xX ,Lf 5.1 MAX CARY JR. Max was a hard worklng center who always dxd more than h1S share to bnng vlctory f . a 3 . 9 V W -Q X, 'N 4 fx? . fa , Y- x .X P ak K ff-' U' X 2 X W' F m 4'5" x , . Rf, 'jx K J ' - s ' A ,X w 1 , i . A V 5 F' ,nfs Y' K A ' Q . 'tx 'I . . .Egg 4 . f mi ' rf xv as sz JE! 'V - :vii JOHN HEINEKE JR. John was a brulsrng halfback X who also d1d af1neJob of puntrng 175 1' 5'-lv A-'-" JOHN SHUMWAY JR, Red was a slashmg fullback gettmg the yards when needed the most KEN NIEBUHR SR Nibs was all-Conference Quarterback who handled the team with poiseand effectiveness. Q7 lf 2 .nv JIM WIMMER JR. hm d1d such an excellent Job at both defens1ve and offenslve tackle that he was voted All-Conference WALTER SMELTER, IR. Wally played left tackle and gave everythmg he had all 240 pounds of h1m DUANE TOFSON SR, Toby was the sparkplug ofthe team was All Conferencehalfback for the second year 5'-X up 3.850 NJ' Lx Kms., N. 'Wt S! yt 4, up r 4,-1 ' 1 . f I ' A 1 sf' s A - U"l ' - If . , , 5' if 5 in ,, X 1, in both. h s 5 5 . l t so R X if i Y Y I d , ' , - X x 5 M ,' A N " ii ysst is X W X, . X X " HOME OMING An a1r of excrtement spread through the school as the vanous clubs and classes prepared therr floats for Fnday aftemoon Oct 26 and the fust Dells homecomrng parade wluch offrctally opened our 1951 event Our parade moved from the school grounds to the upper srde of the park over to Broadway down Broadway over to Lake Delnon and back to the school Followrng the return to the gym a thnllmg pep rally was carned out Wlth classes and clubs partxcrpatrng by grvmg skxts cheers and speeches Competrtlon for the prrzes to be awarded was keen w1th the honors gomg to the cheerleaders for therr float and to the Semor boys for therr skrt On that memorable evenrng Krng Pat Gavrnskr crowned lus Queen Sara Rodwell at half txme of the game we wrapped up the Southem Ten Conference gud champronshrp by defeatrng Wtsconsxn l-hgh 12 '7 and thnlled to a vrctory dance whrch was ruled by our Homecomrng Ktng and Queen Sara and her attendants wxth thexr escorts as follows Bev Stomner w1th Joe Cappy Margaret Peterson wlth Jrm Wlmmer Jeanmne Cauley wrth Bemard Olson and Mary Ftsher w1th Hans Fedderly One of the most successful homecomrngs rn the lustory 0fW1SCOD5lD Dells l-hgh School came to an end wlth the cnnclusron of the Vrctory Dance celebratmg our ITIOSI successful football year 6. -we Hr silk ,...,nl,, "Nw 'Q- N wish ,yr 'glial Qa- THE TEAM CHEERLEADERS i' is -J 'Sit ghsw M' HOMECOMING QUEEN f Ill Il 12 X"5"1'4'Vz?4'r f sEN1oRs l U 11 I 1 In 19, F H A Q rf., flat? Cl 9-P Miifiizll J C' BASKETB LL RO W ROW ONE TWO Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Season Record Won 11 Lost 'I Conference Record Won 8 Lost 5 I VARSITY Ken Nrebuhr Dave Frtzpatrick Duane Tofson John Hemeke Joe Cappy Wayne Funmaker Mgr 11m Anderson Ed Baggot Pat Gavinslu John Shumway D1ckK1e1men hagen Mgr Hans Anderson Coach Counsell Team Sconng Porta e Fort tlunson Tomah Rtchland Center Sparta Reedsburg Stou hton Bara o Portage Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Dells Tomah Port Edwards Monroe Wisconsln High Ed erton Ric land Center Sparta Reedsburg Baraboo Dells Total Points 930 Opponents Total Pomts 844 Indlvidual Scoring Kenneth Nrebuhr Wayne Funmaker Pat Gavtnskr Ed Ba or Dick eimenhagen Duane Tofson John Heineke Dave Fitzpatnck Joe CBPPY John Shumway 68 PP 99 M ROW ONE H Feuueny H Meyers M Cary B Zamzow D Counsell C Funmaker B Olson ROW TWO Mr Remekmg JDro1hnger D Lorenzen G Du Four D Wagner I Wmn K Gavmskl 6 V., Q' Y 'Xl I AK N 'I ""r 'X ACTIVITIES www if 5 '7 x .QI J ..w1.5' '04 .ix 5, ,. 4 A .H 4' Vx . ' 1' v 4 ' ,, -2 4 fps ? ROW ONE S Doyle I Storandt M Martin E Wenkman S Foster C Everson M Schultz J Cauley A Kozlowski C Coapman ROW TWO N Heitman E Wegert I Everson M Fisher B Fish A Olson L Baggot G Bogh G Klrcko F Winnes G Wlllard H Wright M Dougherty M Wmnes ROW THREE B Harrison I McClyman C Henman P Harrison S Fish S Stuelke J Patterson Gudenswager S Phillips M Newell S Nrebuhr J Lindloff I Andersen K Nrebuhr ROW FOUR L Webb L Tucker S Hosely J Riese B Fedderly M Wenkman F Levy M Carey C Thiede Mr Drley I Stephan I Charlesworth B Egnath L Crist The lugh school band is organized to offer music education and an opportunity for musical expression to interested students, and to serve the school and community as a service organi- zation. The concert band is composed of fifty uniformed players. and is made up of advanced instrumental students. A year of successful performance in the marching band is the usual prerequisite for admission to the concert band. Frequent public appearances are made, and this group represents the school in the annual music festival. All solo and ensemble groups chosen to represent the school at the disnict and state festivals are selected from the concert band. The marching band is composed of forty-ei ht uniformed players who play for all home football and basketball games, and make two annua trips to out of town ames. The marching band appears in numerous parades both at home and out of town, and :Sao appears at the an- nual music festival. .Fronting the band are four tmiformed twirlers and a drum major. Twirlers are chosen by competitive tryouts as vacancies occur. Letter awards are made each spring to outstanding students in both the concert band and the marching band. Students usually earn their letter in their sophomore year. Members re- ceive one-half credit per year in the junior and senior years. ROW ONE P Harrrsonl Cauley I Storandt S Doyle M Dougherty H Wrrght M Wxnnes ROW TWO L Crrst M Cary J Andersen K N1ebuhr D Counsell G Wtllard The school dance band IS made up of thrrteen players and meets one evemng per week Thrs group plays for many school dances durmg the year New members are selected yearly by the dance band members Jitephans. S. Kelly, L. Crist. B. Engnath, J. Charlesworth Off? ROW ONE A Kozlowskr I Chasas M Wrnnes I Cauley I Lxndloff L Traxler M Dougherty L Cust M Landeck C Adams C Everson ROW TWO M We ner, E Cleveland G Cappy M Wenkman M Peterson I Squires ROW THREE S OConnell I Everson E Rachuy, R Freld, B Karser S Doyle M Wrezmskr M Fulton S Peterson S Barmess HORUS Our chorus has been fauly actrve tlus year and has gwen us some emoyable umes It consrsts enurely of guls and has shown promrse for the future Durmg the fust semester Mr Drley duected practice and parucrpauon rn the Chnstmas program The second semester brought a change of drrectorshrp because of Mr D1ley s work load berng too great M1ss Colburn drrected practrce and paruclpauon 1n the Sprmg Concert and the Annual Musrc Fesnval wluch was held m Reedsburg tlus year The chorus also took part rn the program commemoratmg Washmgton s Birthday We all wlsh the group success and hope that rts members wrll mamtarn its reputauon A : D I 'F ii 2 S if . Pfweisner, S: Foster, P. ,Everts, F. Stanford, E.Wenkman, S. Haclcer. ' Earhne Rachuy Sharon Wagner Glenda Blatchley Bev Stomner Jane Fedderly HEERLE DER The Cheerleaders tlus year worked hard cheerrng at all basketball and football ames wrth therr brrght new letters Wrth the help of Mrss Sorenson our new gym teacher the c eer leaders concocted some new cheers to hven up the games The student councrl elected new cheerleaders early rn the season and two freshman were added to the squad These were Grace Cappy and Nancy Waterman The efforts of the squad were not rn varn we had a yelhng good season Whoope an ,B . . i I I. I 'I . . Making f t eggs Q v X ' . t ,M 5 ,,-, LIBR RIANS v S ROW ONE B Flsher L Van Buslurk S Olson R Freld Mrss Parker A Stemhorst L Traxler P Suckfort ROW TWO L McC1yman B Pfrster D Langer A Brown A Haugen F Jensen H Halverson R Hyatt E Parne PROJE TIONIS 4 ' 1 ROW ONE T. Gruman, T. Rudolph, A. Przybylskr, D. Lorenzon, A. Steele, L. Frsher, H. Bloomer. R. Everts. ROW TWO G. Musredlak, C. Peterson, L. Webb, G. Walker, D. Grant, V. Moon, G. Chrrstensen, D. Wagner, A. Peasall, R. Moravek. 'Q I will ROW ONE R Cole A Kozlowslu M Wmnes A Christianson M Miner J Pfister F Jensen JSqujres ROW TWO G Musredlak R Galitz R Pilot E Zie enhagen A Peasall, L Frscher J Schaumburg R Steinweg B Kent L elly A Fulton C Pfxster CAMER LUB The camera club has had a busy time this year They learned the d1fferent parts of a camera their locatron and how they operate They took pictures with pm hole cameras and developed them at drfferent speeds After that they learned how to enlarge with the newly purchased enlarger and how to develop and prmt films Photography 13 a good example of knowledge that is fun to gain Photography IS a fine hobthy and t s even possible that someday some of our budding young photographers will be pro essronals If X1 l i'f I ROW ONE Amy Haugen Evelyn Cleveland Arlene Kozlowski Anita Funmaker Audre Brown Mary Greiger ROW TWO Marlene Wmnes Lois Tucker Mr Rosenthal Nancy McBoyle Marion Miner Janette The topic for this year was Resolved All American citizens should be subject to conscription for Chassis essential services in time of war Amy Haugen and Audre Brown debated the first affirmative while Shirley Chappie Mary Greiger and Lois Tucker debated the first negative Mr Jules Rosenthal was this season s coach Considering that the Dells was conference champion last year our record is not much to be elated about In conference play we ended up with a total of three wins and five losses In all over debating our final score was 500 five wins and frve losses In the last year of an organized Southem Ten Conference, a new system of grading was used. Last year only the results of one all-conference debate was counted. This year, as in spom, the standings were figured on a total won-and -lost basis. Since six of the twelve members are graduating seniors, it is to be hoped that ,more of the underclass- men will become interested in this valuable activity. Club officers this year were: President, Mary Greigerg Vice-President, Amy I-laugeng Secretary- Treasurer, Audre Brown. pf' ' 0 :M ROW NE Lindloff M Wrnnes A Kozlowski P Harrison H Luettgerodt G Cappy Waterman P Andersen Miss Collins Mr Daily ROW TWO Pfrster J Pfister R Hyatt P Sttckfort B Fisher M Fisher M Olson Doyle D Langer I Charleswort ROW THREE Pfister A Ragan L Crist S Foster J McClyman C Adams J Chasas Wenkman C Everson M Fulton S Wagner ROW FOUR Steinwe ,I Shurnway R Field S OConel1 M Greiger S Luett gerodt A augen A Olson I Wimmer I Heineke I Andersen SPAPER Tue school newspaper School Daze was reorganized at the beginning of the 1951 52 school year in so far as actual production of the paper is concerned t present the reporters tum in material to the editors Shirley Luettgerodt and Jim Wimmer who after selecting the items to be published edit them and type a dummy This is then handed to the commercial department which takes care of the art work and duplicating The ob1ect1ve of the paper is somewhat different from the previous years in that a section devoted to current school news has been included A fine sports staff was orgaruzed by Jim Wimmer and has been a feature of every issue A current statement of policy was made at the begrnnmgl of the year to the effect that the paper was not to be a gossip set a hand book of doings ot er than class acuviues but would give full space to curricular activities as well as outside functions. "Gossip" had not been neglected howeverg each issue contained a section devoted to "budding romance" which seemed to be a feature of some parts of high school life. X -,....i r p- nv L ROW NE mwggogw Leege R Farrell S Olson L Ba got B Pfister F Jensen, P Stickfort Wrezinski M Wenkman E Gr1f1n E Schultz McFau1 M Fulton B Fisher R Hyatt, A Christiansen F Stanford Winnes Mrs Winn, M Fisher G Cappy H Anderson, S Luettgerodt Martin D Langer Dickman B Owen E Curry S White Eagle I White Eagle S Hacker Halverson M Anderson, H Luettgerodt B Hodge L McClyman R Summers D Griffin W Gremer, G Bogh S Peterson A Olson M Wharry B Kaiser A Ragan S Fish M Peissig B Werdling M Greyslak E Dankert,J Pikel M Olson ROW TWO ROW THREE ROW FOUR The officers elected to lead the F H A this year were as follows President, Betty Lucille Baggot Secretary Mazel Martin Parli and Reporter Helen Halverson Pfister Vice President Fern Jensen Treasurer mentarian JoanPf1st r Historian Shirley Fish The colors of our organization are red and white white for innocence and purity and red for courage a quality characteristic of youth is the flower of our organization and badly needed occasionally The red rose This year our chapte has been unusually acuve under the leaderslup of Mrs Janet Winn our advisor A few of the many projects which we undertook were sending Christmas packages to children overseas entertaining our mothers, presenting a skit We also sold Dixie cups at effort to make a profit for our organizauon. entering a float in the Homecomxnglparade and noon Christmas cards and pin cus ions, in an Thus we close the year, ever striving to meet our motto. "Toward New Horizons" , which expresses the purpose of our organizationg to learn to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. FN 5 f"!f"9 N5 -JA N ROW ONE L Geyman T Morse C Cook G Musiedlak R Melvin B Weidling B Shepard T Nelson ROW TWO J Schaumbur A Peasall H Brunn E Stroede Mr Weigel C Pfister C Peterson , Gremer ROW THREE M Donnelly I Vodvarka R Sturdevant C Sherrer W Brereton J Nelson L Sturdevant E Wampler ROW FOUR F Levy C Thiede G Christensen J Farrell V Moon J Lapp G Klrcko P Morse The officers elected to lead the F F A tlus year were as follows President Ed Baggot Vrce President Art Peasall Secretary Chff Sherrer Treasurer George Nelson and Reporter, Francis Levy The primary arm of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The specific purposes of the organization are as fol lows to develop competent, a essrve. rural and agricultural leadership to create and nuture a love of country life to strengt en the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work to create more interest in the rntelli ent choice of farmrn occupations -to encourage members 1-n the development of indivrdualgfarmmtg programs anfestablrshment in farminfgl--to encourage members to improve the farm home an its surroundings--to participate in wor y undertakings for the improvement of agriculture--to develop character, train for use- ful citizenship, and foster patriotism--to participate in cooperative effort--to encourage and practice thrift--to encourage improvement in scholarship--to provide for and encourage the development of organized rural recreational activities. ROW ONE I Andersen M Carey L Holt D Zamzow ROW TWO Around the table D Tofson W Smelter J Herneke Mrs Cust I Wtmmer H Andersen W Funmaker ROW THREE T Pnester E Baggot J Shumway J Cappy H R1hn D Counsell I Cornwell J Ftscher J Farrell R Peterson D Klermenhagen P Gavtnslu C Threde F Levy ROW FOUR D Frtzpatnck K Petersen R Soma M Donnelly B Coorough R Sturdevant ACHELOR ' CLUB Bachelors Club has a total enrollment of 32 Iutuor and Sen1or boys and ts d1v1ded tnto two secttons It meets xn the Home Economics Food Laboratory twrce a week The purpose of tlus classts to gtve the boys pracucal expenence in meal planmng and food preparatron Emphas1s 18 placed on qutck easy meal preparauon and on planning an adequate dtet They are mtroduced to the var1ous skrlls needed tn preparrng food It is hoped that they wrll become tnterested enough to use these slulls tn thetr own homes and wtll have an apprecmuon of the problems rnvolved rn meal preparatton Table setttng and manners are also drscussed and demonstrated For the most part the boys work tn paxrs while preparmg a speciftc food However when they serve meals, they work as a family of four. All the boys enjoy the clean-up Jobs after the meal is completed. Most of all, they love to wash the dishes. MHA 'WA ROW ONE ROW TWO ri' '1.,,1 z wxf,,,,1 Mfbf: I ,il Gavinskip Vice President, Don Lorenzonp All , .,,. Q 1 . P Martm A Steinhorst D Lorenzon Mr Remeking P Gavmskr L Traxler P Blatchley H Luettgerodt I McClyman E Ba ot I Gotthardt D Broker J Shumway R Peterson R Holt S Foster A C rsttansen COUNCIL The Student Council consists of the four officers from each class Their duties are making decisions on the dances and concessions selection of cheer leaders and many other school activities They are the governing body of the school and working together with the faculty help to promote better c1tizen 4, The officers are: President, Pat T , Secretary, Lcmaine Traxlerg and Treas- Q as urer, Arlyle Steinhorst. Mr. Reineldng ' N if is me funny advisor. ! fl f V 9 3 ROW ONE P Martin I Storandt D Counsell S Rodwell Mr Spergel R Klermen hagen I Wrmmer H Wright ROW TWO M Grerger S Luettgerodt L Crist N McBoyle C Fedderly M Wrezenski R Peterson H Rxhn M Wenkrnan H Andersen F Jensen M Wmnes THE S FF Due to a number of circumstances the annual staff got off to a late start However with a very industrious staff we worked very hard and finally got the Arrow off for publication The officers which were chosen for this year were Mr Spiegel as advisor Sara Rodwell Editor Don Counsell Assistant Editor Dick Kleimenhagen Business Manager and Jlm Wrmmer Assistant Business Manager However due to the fact that both Don and Dick are active rn basketball and would not have had enough time to devote to the annual they resr ned and were replaced by Sara Jane O Connell and Roger Peterson Our secretary was Ina Mae torandt and the treasurer Patsy Martin This year we employed two methods for obtaining money for production of the annual The school purchased a new popcorn machine for which half of the proceeds went to the annual staff This proved to be very successful and in future years will be used for tlus same purpose The other means was that the entire student body had individual pictures taken by a traveling photographer. All of the profit from this also went toward the production. By these methods, plus e efforts of our hard working sales staff , this publication was made possible. Thus. through the production of the '52 Arrow, we have tried to say 'good-by' and 'thank-you' in the best way we know how. We hope the class of '52 will always be recalled with fond and pleasant memories. SPEIGEL JOY and SARA JANE Our Advisor our Editors f Bus1ness Managers -,ITP 'MAE and Prophecies Wills etc KEN and TOBY Sports Editors Photographers Sales Staff , . s f ,- 4 This is the hard working annual staff of the 1952 Arrow We re sorry we could not picture those who worked on lay-outs. They deserve as much credit as anyone. for they worked very hard. This year's lay- out geniuses were: Sara Rodwell, Amy Haugen, Mary Wrezinski, Nancy McBoy1e, and Harriet Anderson. A final "Thanks" to the whole staff for the hard work that made our 1952 Arrow possible. Ed Z Q "QQ fl lOXQ,fl 1 - x 'Rf 4 r Xp z,x X.x WVR' l w. , li, , M1 "' " wa- - 4. A u 1 if, ff , l' M V , 1. . y . -1.. Y . x

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