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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1961 volume:

5 In 0 ' , 0 V1 ' I .JL Q 4 D . , Q. , K . ' .i r ,A '1, qv PO-ig If C756 Q7 C' 0141? Efflyfeff 59 759 CSQIZIOI' Okay Qf 1961 fffnzbn Qgcfoof 71013, Xfurff YIGIYJADH "Q"""1" MR. JOE KISER MRS. JOAN HOUSER MR. B. W. GRIFFITH MRS. VIVIAN HARTSOE MR. WILLIAM WARLICK MRS. ELIZABETH MOSTELLER MR, S. E. RICHBOURG MRS. ELIZABETH RHYNE Zeafcafzon we the Senior Class, do dedicate this, the Acorn for 1961, to our high school faculty. To Mr. Joe Kiser, who was our freshman sponsor, and displayed his skill of patience with us in his health and physical education classes. To Mrs. Joan Houser, our Home Economics teacher, she has shown pa- tience in training us to be good homemakers. To Mr. B. W. Griffith, who has shown individual interest to us in seeing that we understand math. To Mrs. Vivian Hartsoe, she has shown an understanding in those of us that are choosing a business career. To Mr. William Warlick, who was our Sophomore sponsor, and taught us our science making our classes very interesting and enjoyable. To Mrs. Elizabeth Mosteller, who was our Junior sponsor, and worked with us displaying individual interest, also sharing with us her knowledge of history. To Mr. S. E. Richbourg, our agriculture teacher, he has shown a helping hand to those planning to be farmers or carpenters. To Mrs. Elizabeth Rhyne, who has given generously of herself in her deal- ings with us as our Senior sponsor and our English teacher. This is our way of showing our appreciation to our high school faculty. We being the last graduating class of Union High School dedicate this the last Acorn to, the high school faculty. You, the senior class, have worked diligently and faith- fully toward graduation. We hope you apply what you have learned to your future life. You have been an asset to the school. We are proud of you. My advise to any young person would be to make deci- sions. Decide what is right, stick to it, let no one convince you otherwise, but be sure you are right. WMM 3 5 wr "'t"'1-1-Q www-.- .,,-...,,.. - me s..,, W Arc. ? 1,5511 1,-nsDv""""' OFFICE STAFF ..455l3T.gL3.2"lL K .xi xxuxpllmx .-+P ,f . fl A 3 r xl I , A A I M - A . ' fifil V 9' 5 ' 5 f 'H I , 'X S I E V fp 'iii' tx If M K il ' A 4--H, ff N. 2 if R FEP X1 5.29225 hx 1 ' I3 -" .I f rf lil 'HE 5135" ' 5 2 V 9" F . fe- I Zigi Y" N I K x! E 3 1' - -' .fr.ff-,V io 'wh " , I, I 4 ini 1, 'K A ' 'I I r R N' X, if F' , K Q NN -... if ,F fh ' K Lg 7--f--f-.- , Q. X 3 'I 5 f Y -if "' ez? 1 5 .I .X F 2 ff X ' 1 .. k x l . r N"'1v :nun 4 ' , . ,J .9!ff'5fWfjJQ447ym,f . Principal Superintendent Treasurer WILLIAM W. NOLEN NORRIS CHILDERS FRANK YODER LOCAL SCHOOL COMMITTEE I I Chairman ROBERT ABERNETHY M. H. GOINS KOHN HEAVNER BEN SCRONCE E. F. RITCHIE XJ-Xnf-J ...I I FPN ,gH " X34 N-X M 5 f'W9PS I VLITMRE P if 2 U W ,, Q X , MX1 A ,U 1 'N ANN WELBORN JESS KUQI' ROSE Wascofs C ass 5170 Possum, quia posse videntur They can, who think they can. Q 61210119 ry! 1961 ? Jr.. 4 , I . FFA. if' v:-f 'e. ffxff M 523.114 2-I Q-1 0 2-Z3 'V fw iafz '- , in X . fc"-:gi , if' 1-if-3,49 . . :fm V, f' H :'4 :W 4 -He, ' 4 V41--L ,,g,.+5f,4...., , mfg-ur. L.: -' Y wzzawfv 211 " Affffi- fi?-Q, . .wauw lg'f"'fxgiV Wnu A 5253 Q W4'f'e-if fbi-'J'lg" "ff" f., hq.9L4L,1i, " ,':44.- jg, ,',:f,g,gf2,Qv','L1'Z 1 :PQI '13 iw 11, 'QI ff? .yrifcgf-L'i'-"'flflW j-may ' Qu w 'H N-,,,4v'1"'1' ' A saggy N :.fl31gjf5t 'Sf 'f.D'fyZ-,vdgfffftffffi :iw 2221" 'ff QQ'-zkfwvfrffwf :Wil wwf-wk-L ,1 J..':ff?'?f mmf C TIMMIE ELMORE IALYXS 12,0 UFS SILVER AND BLACK iff ff' - 1' ' 1 Robert Lewis A Hen Linda Earlene Avery Richard Ellis Baucom Dorothy Gaynor Beam Barbara Jane Black Barbara Jane Chapman James Ray Elmore Barry Howard Fisher l Judy Mavin Gilbert Tony Lee Gilbert Wille Faye Helms Betty Io Hauss Brenda Joyce I-Iouser Gene Gladclen Houser Maxine Elizabeth Johnson Ned Franklin Johnson Fifa' 4 WW , egg - x .rv ax , . ' we M . rf rm be . wen. 5, , ,Q , ff. srw223PXbs+aa.L ef' rf? v ff A22 isps' "H , D 1, ,wr E . , 1, J i f , 4 -A , fim,6m,m W..-q,,..N . Ni Vi , fe . - wg.--EV ,Q ' 5'. ff' .V 1, -' sf 0" Jaw X . - H J. . , - X f ,Q -f sie 9 Jwfiii' 2 bi f WW- va' ya s, K qw if ' 1 .. ,wi Ralph Eugene Johnson, Jr Shirley Faye Johnson Brenda Muriel Leatherman James Thomas Leatherman III -f'f".,K 71, Hazel Mae Long Thames Manley Lutz Ronald Eugene McConnell Floyd Eugene Peeler Billy Gene Reep Thomas Crowell Rhyne Benny Keith Sain C arolyn Marie Scronce Judy Elizabeth Seagle Lester Ray Smith David Wayne Warlick Nancy Marie Wellborn Mary Frances West Terry Allison Whitener Lewis Robert Wright Larry Jacob Yoder K 44 ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE ..' A- Jfx Q t '-5 'Q L , ', -e gl- :Qu - fn . -- Y .. Betty Jean Ingle Judith Ford Hager MASCOTS OF 1949-50 SCHOOL YEAR QYWV Dorothy Beam Tommy Rhyme PATTERN OF LIFE Conclusion, that master of our fates, Has brought us close from far away. From the year we met our classmates, To this year of our parting day. Beginning saw us full of awe, At the chance of being in school. Time, ever marching, fulfilled its law, Now we must respond to that rule. The years of work we leave behind. As now we step out into life. Each has a goal he wants to find, Be it goods or husband or wife. But a word of care I leave with you, Ere you not plan your pathe ahead: Go straight, go strong, be brave and true Lest by the world you are led. Follow Him: His way is the one described His is the straight but narrow path. Be ye not strayed nor either bribed, Nor do things to provoke His wrath. Go not alone but help someone, As life quickly passes you by. Don't always work but have some fun, And love, and laugh, and cry. Work to fulfill your highest aims, Drive hard to realize your goals. Follow life's highways, stake out life's claims Worship to broaden your hearts and souls These are elements of full, whole living That are offered to us as we leave. May we live them always without misgiving To work, to live, and to believe! Larry Yoder Class Poet GLSS Ev AGC' P Y "AS I GAZE INTO MY CRYSTAL BALL" As prophet of the senior class, I must foretell the future of the 1961 seniors. Asl gaze into my crystal ball, it is very dusty. As I continue to lookl see it's not fairy dust, but dust from a racing field. Then the picture begins to clear and I see that it is the be- ginning ofthe Southern 500. "Cooter" Warlick is the driver of the fastest car there built by Jim Leatherman, who owns Leatherman's Speed Shop. Jim has also built three of the fastest cars on the road for Gene Houser, Ray Elmore, and Lewis Wright, the most famous Bootleggers in the business. It seems to me that these boys should attend one of the sermons of Larry Yoder and his assistant missionary Brenda Leath- erman. Larry is taking over where Billy Graham left off. Watch out! What was that! I see now that it is an ambulance coming into a hospital owned and directed by Judy Hager. The patient is Terry Whitner, who owns Whitey's Casino. Judy is calling in her assistant Jane Black to take over. Oh, my crystal ball just blacked out. I guess I'll have to call Howard Fisher and Ned Johnson, electrical engineers, to fix it. While I'm at itI might as well call the radio and TV repairmen, Floyd Peeler and Thames Lutz, to fix my radio and TV. Now that my crystal ball is in working condition again, I'll get back to the seniors. On second thought maybe it's not working right. Surely this building can't be the White House, but it is. There goes Betty Jo Hauss to one of her presidental meetings. She really meant it when she said she wanted to be president. Now let's see what this meeting is all about. Well, if there isn't Barbara Chapman, a famous interior decorator, and Ralph Johnson, one of the few millionaires left, at the meeting. They must be planning something big. Now Betty Jo is dictating in- vitations to her secretaries, Judy Gilbert, Betty Jean Ingle, Dot Beam, and Frances West. Ah, now the plot begins to clear. They are planning a class reunion and Maxine Johnson and Hazel Long are to type the invitations. Wow, this class reunion sure is a big occasion. All the seniors of 1961 are arriving. As they come in Betty Jo has them tell every one what they are now doing. First to arrive are Tommy Rhyne, a professor at the University of North Carolina, and Ronnie McConnell, a teacher at Lenior Rhyne. Next to arrive is Judy Seagle, Secretary of Welfare, and her assistant Brenda Houser. The Air Force begins to arrive in the form of Major Bill Reep and Lieutenant Buddy Smith. But the Army isn't left out as Earlene Avery and her husband, who is a general in the Army, arrive with Shirley Johnson, a dance instructor at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in New York. The businessmen of the class Richard Baucom and Keith Sain, owners of Baucom and Sain Freight Lines, Inc., arrive together. I see that Tony Gilbert and Kay are telling everyone that Tony has just become the new owner of Gilbert's Garage, Inc. The last ones to arrive are Willie Faye Hilms, a lawyer, and Carolyn Scronce, a court stenographer. Everyone is here with the exception of the airline hostess Nancy Wellborn, and the pilot, Robert Allen, who brought all the students here. You might know my crystal ball would begin to fade at this moment, and I would miss all the fun. Prophet Carolyn Scronce Clk-.SIS Alsfory We the Senior Class of 1961 are at last completing our last years of high school. They were happy years. We have had fun and heartaches during the time we have been in high school. We've done many things which we are proud to talk about along with some we are not so proud of. ln August of 1957, forty-five of us delightly entered high school as freshmen. Some of us came from Howards Creek the year before, but were well in swing with the rest of the class by now. Our leaders for that year were Judy Seagle, Barbara Chapman, Dot Beam, Shirley Johnson, Judy Gilbert, and Tom Rhyne. In August of 1958 we went on to higher education. We were sopho- mores. There were only 43 in our class that year. Our leaders were Barbara Chapman, Richard Baucom, Dot Beam, Phil Hoover, Tom Rhyne, Larry Yoder, and Shirley Johnson. Some of the boys and girls were honored with the privilege of carry- ing our school colors as basketball players. In the spring of 1959 we had come to the year most of us had been looking forward to, our Junior. We had many events to look forward to. There were 39 of us that year. Our leaders were Tom Rhyne, David Warlick, Barbara Chapman, Judy Seagle, Carolyn Scronce, and Larry Yoder. Six Juniors were initiated into the Beta Club. The biggest events of that year were the Junior Play entitled, "Sing for Your Supper," which was a big success, and the Junior-Senior Banquet. We choose the Cinderella Ball as a theme and did we ever have a ball. At last in the spring of 1960, we were Seniors. We will soon be facing graduation. There are 37 of us now. Our leaders are David Warlick, Tom Rhyne, Judy Seagle, Larry Yoder, and Richard Baucom. This year we look forward to presenting the Senior Play, and most important we look forward to graduation. It has been a long hard climb. Many of us will go on to higher ed- ucation and many of us will go directly into making a living for ourselves But whatever we set out to dol am confident we will succeed. Historian Barbara Chapman fgibsf ZJ1!anJf7QsfamQnf We, the Senior Class of '61, realizing our years at Union are almost a thing of the past do hereby will to our parents and faculty our sincere ap- preciation for the untiring efforts expended to us during our school years. To the JUNIORSg who will be the first graduates from West Lincoln, we wish luck and success. To the SOPHOMORES: we leave our good grades and cherished mem- ories. . To the FRESHMEN: we leave our books and our ability to study. I, Robert Allen, do hereby will to my brother and sisters all the easy and hard timesl have had at Union. I, Earlene Avery, do hereby will to my sister Judy my good times at Union and my bookkeeping book in hopes she will understand it better than I. I, Richard Baucom, do hereby will my bus, No. 64, to anyone who can handle it and my tranquilizer pills to the next driver. I, Dorothy Beam, do hereby will all my past good times at Union to Joyce Childers and my sister Sandra, hoping they enjoy themselves as much asl have. I, Jane Black, do hereby will my books to my sister Sue with the hope she studies more thanl did. I, Barbara Chapman, do hereby will my excess weight to anyone capable of carrying it around as long asl have. To Sammie Haynesl will my good times and my good grades to Joe Bill Heavner. I, Ray Elmore, do hereby will my books to anyone who wants them with the hope they learn more than I did. I, Howard Fisher, do hereby will my seat in study hall to my sister Evelyn and my English book to my brother Barney with the hope that he uses it. I, Tony Gilbert, do hereby will my good times at Union to my brother Richard. I, Judy Gilbert, do hereby will my ability to play basketball to my nephew Alan Hoyle, and hope that he doesn't have the misfortune thatl had. I, Judy Hager, do hereby will all my good times and all the left-over North Brook boys to Joyce Childers. I, Betty Jo Hauss, do hereby will my superlative as Best All Around to Judy Griggs, also my ability to enjoy school life to everyone going to West Lincoln. I, Willie Faye Helms, do hereby will my books to my sisters Brenda and Phyllis with the hope that they study more than I did. I, Brenda Houser, do hereby will all my good times at Union and my French book to Linda Huss, hoping she understands Francais better than I did. I, Gene Houser, do hereby will my bus to my brother Darrell and hope he makes a better driver than I. I will my good times at Union to my sister Dianne and hope she has as many at West Lincoln. I, Betty Jean Ingle, do hereby will my typewriter to the next typist with the hope they get along with it better than I did. I, Ned Johnson, do hereby will my books to my sister Kay and hope she will make more use ofthem thanl did. I, Ralph Johnson, do hereby will myself to some Beautiful girl. I, Shirley Johnson, do hereby will my books and good times at Union to Kay and Jimmie Dellinger. I, Maxine Johnson, do hereby will all my good times at Union to my brother Jimmy. I, Brenda Leatherman, do hereby will to my brother Jerry all the good times I have had at Union and hope he has as much fun at West Lincoln. I, Jim Leatherman, do hereby will all my good and bad times to Joe Heavner. I, Hazel Long, do hereby will my corner in Bookkeeping to Margie Byrd hoping she doesn't talk as much asl did. I, Thames Lutz, do hereby will my seat in the new school to anyone who would like to sit in it. I, Ronnie McConnell, do hereby will my bus to James Wilson who sub- stituted for me about as many times asl drove it. I, Floyd Peeler, do hereby will my good times at Union to my three nieces, Teresa, Flo, and Patricia. I, Bill Reep, do hereby will my ability to come from the first grade to the twelfth grade without ever opening a book, to Jerry Thomas. I, Thomas Crowell Rhyne, do hereby will Bus 31 to my brother John and my basketball suit No. 31, to my brother Jim, hoping they both do better with them than I did. I, Keith Sain, do hereby will all my books and good times to my brothers in the hope that they will use them. I, Carolyn Scronce, do hereby will my head to Margaret Yount because at the rate Tootie is going she may need it, and my giggles to anyone who can control them better than I and all my good times to Kay Dellinger I, Judy Seagle, do hereby will myself to the future and whatever it has in store for me. I, Buddy Smith, do hereby will my seat in the new school to anyone there that wants it. I, David Warlick, do hereby will my ability to get along with the teachers to my sisters Joyce and Kathy and to my brother Gene. I, Nancy Wellborn, do hereby will myself to the future, and my past good times at Union to Anne, my sister, hoping she will enjoy herself as much as I' have. I, Frances West, do hereby will my good times to my sister Peggy hoping she has as much fun asl did. I, Terry Whitner, do hereby will my old Algebra book to my brother Tony hoping that he gets more out of it thanl did. I, Lewis Wright, do hereby will my fast six-cylinder bus with a four speed floor shift to anyone who can get 30 mph out of it. I, Larry Yoder, do hereby will to my brother Wayne and my sister Mary my good times at Union in hopes that they have more fun at West Lincolng to all underclassmen I will my "ability" to get along without studying excessively. Signed: Dorothy Beam, Testator 4.4 4,4 4 ,gif N X vxwi. ,' 1. x4g 1:41 -19" an-u I Z .r. E. Pl K sf -W ,al ff NRM fi' gn- mv Hua 5 4 1 Fi V .lfal K 'Sa A ,if fs 'If ffg: 1 4 in 4,1 , 'W' z ' 47 ui 1 ini' A Q' A A Y gp. ' .a-...Q 4 R4 . sf ' 2 . Q 'K uf ' it q W -s W' """"-a.,,,U-A W4 L 4 .5 1, ' 59 V, 5 5 v 4 xyw .5 ' A , , Y Q5 -35-', I ,A xii-444' 44 4 fzkfvff--if Q" ju, .V-4-,.,,i Y V4 ya f f ,, . W 4., my .41-ifgx. . ,L X -14. mv A-4 's ug an C' Wk 4 Q., I I , ily? 4,4 .' A A "fQ. Yay? I . vu y. rw?-93 ,f-. 1 V K A ff: V V -- ,f 4 y A hh Rf 2 nil , 4, h. 4 9 A J ' 4 X an ., ff. ,xx K ,Q A L S 4 wi, 4 M4 , 5 , 'bm Q if 2 Q f' ' 1 ' 4 759 my , 'ff fy 'f W H if: x 41 Q2 , . , I 1, '44 is ', 'L 7 5 Am. ,giflfi my ww , wi' tx ,, 3, ff WH- 'J 4 4' 4 y fl ,K ',,T,Nf if 14' 1' -' 'V i pgfigf' 'W' X '58 W-...4 iv N""mP- iw - 4 481.454 ,fs pgggp ix ,4m px Q. si ' .1 gum nf fn!! Co ww M Wm ww LW J WY Zlgfixgkfrmn fw f f f Q ,fs fn wa: - f ,XM,1,A, W ,. I' :yy Q, Jzagfxl OUR BUSY SENIORS AT WORK ' V W"fWf eff , ,. A ' V . .,,,. Q, 'fa'- F'-NN . t fm 'f.,,m .XW N F4 NX 2' lk ' .' 47!,Asi r 65. I X 7, N 'N -' 3255? 3, ' MX x -f.. .Q G X W 5 If R ' Hhniih '- ' S. , lf- 'si Y .2 , I I 1 , I Q I 7 Sl .f3ZIf' fW'f'5' mf jagafzbe LEWIS WRIGHT BRENDA LEATHERMAN jiosf 5Z1'1Q120Q9 CAROLYN SCRONCE GENE HOU SER WM .gfrfzesf SHIRLEY IOHNSON HOWARD FISHER M . 222511 L77ff1'aCf1Oe DOT BEAM WZQO51' j2Q120G0me DAVID WARLICK B Fics! 7nfeM7enf IUDY SEAGLE TOMMY RHYNE ygesf Qgporfs RENDA HOUSER TONY GILBERT T f es! A7713-qfounof BETTY IO HAUSS TONY GILBERT Wosf TCYIZQHC BARBARA CHAPMAN TOMMY RHYNE Was! R,0uQr CAROLYN SCRONCE RALPH .TOHNS ON Wo sf H23 c 6101110115 JUDY GILBERT " , 3 KEITH SAIN J I Osf cgfuoffbus if l QM' ' 1 BARBARA CHAPMAN LARRY YODER D ' 1 B, 22 yyesf-Kbresseof DOT BEAM RICHARD BA UCOM WOKSX fo CSIJCCQQJ JUDY SEAGLE JIM LEATHERMAN nf.. Z fzffzevf BETTY IO HAUSS LEWIS WRIGHT The Home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Houser r x N N x N. X Q X X x xlklkil X A X' ' x -Fx -xx f' A , wx Q5 ff .. 1 :N Q..- Jr .r'L"yQf6 QCQQQ v.:' 5. .L u xx? K. ""V'N f""N X nk' KW,f'x,JXJ,, .J Wf i? HZASJJZ., ZEHSQU 9. 2 ,51 I I.-EL V M w 9 if f. , ,X X .Q fig ,. ff! ff 1 , . ,f - f f ' ,' M fu ff X Larry Eaker Reba Elmore Clara Gilbert Judy Grigg Sandra Hartsoe Q mia? jj! , ,J 2 4 , Xbfbl QQ' , r 0 ,ffl , Q , . 5 1 President David Mosteller Vice President Donald Newton Secretary Rita Wise Treasurer Judy Grigg Reporters Danny Ingle Reba Elmore f .of f X 7 f .Q ,ff .y 'V' ,Lain-2 . t, V Max Abernethy Q 1 gf ' 1 - ,,, R .,,,4q. wf ' . I ,fi . ' fff Joyce Childers , , ' fd, ,f 1' ff M,-3 Q ll-,l .- 1' fd,-WQSKQ on , .M ,y Q' il- -. 1mfaa???amwfa,lVfaeeff faff f " '4 if ' ' Wsw 'f - .,?i.,V , I W , I f I, , at 4-' Q - ,Q ff, fc f, at if ,mwzv -. , ,f f J, ' ' 211,711 f-21 if sh, . -U ' ' S 2' ' f Www 'If " gywafgv ,, gf: , L A Z W Gyn. 'if .4 I f oy, - ' WfWf,S5',Q ff I M4 .:.:,. v M.-,,,,'Q,f ,W ff. , V -,fa ,ww Z, .. . f ,.W,.., , , MA-, ,aswff 1 ,, ' f--' " 1' ,W 4 ' . 'S V , ..::z- X, , . --1 X..-M fM,,,,W, -. - ,f rw 75: ,M I , f, . , -j if '- , 1. "':x.'-, ' 5', V5 W , X: H ' . A , . . , ..,, -.-az sl ammie Haynes 'N l Tommy I-Ieafner a, f , .,v, ,. a aff 4 ,zfy .r.3.', ,33?'W'W, sg 1' Y , 5 Z Y rs.. S . .i Mya? E fl ' ' f , W V , 1 ff , " ,wa , ,-"pQf.js,+ my nj sf f , X s .K Q .tm Kenneth Heavner Peggy Hoover Larry Hoyle Danny Ingle Billy Kiser Joe Bill Heavner 'z M, - ' v, ' fra if J. . A1 W7 AQ R, fa . f ., Alf ,,1,, 'VV 9. R K i , , -'Q 'fvf,-? - 5 flf , 5 IQL, A R 'f I lv Z E '4 ..,. Q f f -Q . f 1 f lt., I 1 i Q L rf" 1 A ff- AL.. J if .J W A 4-v, V all N! 1. L - LJ rtis l Bobby Royster Darrell Scronce Jimmy Scronce my -5. A 5, Gene Scronce . "-' J ,X ' Dewey Smith ,,VL t iff V f ,X Q r ' 'n " f1.V , I ,. 4 ,ff Janice Whitener James Wilson Rita Wise Jerry Wyant Margaret Yount Bernice McGee Darrell Houser Billy Ledford Otha Lynch David Mosteller Donald Newton Nancy Peeler Faye Reep Johnny Rhyne I .,,4 I Vit, gs., 1, na Mary Warlick Beth Warlick Junior West 1' M, 1 K K , wi: , ' , A in Q 769 " 7Ue1yQCf 04611 ,.4..-,,.-H.. O r' 44 3 Q X1 f A xv: A . 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V Q ff: In I FX - I ffatfgi W n,,:- , , ,, y W, , Zackie Warllck Carolyn Whitener Janice Wilson Charles Wood Sandra Wood Craig Wood Martha Yarborough ,. . t i V ' ,.t, as ,r , 5253? :IH ,, MQ, ' I 0, if W ..e f:-1, z f, V t , A qw' Libby Goins, President Jim Cochrane, Vice President Carol Dean Auron Kenneth Bivens Margie Byrd Brenda Carpenter Kenneth Deyton Richard Eaker Jerry Elmore Coley Gilbert Kenneth Graham Leonard Guess Jimmy Haynes Brenda Helms Sandra Hoover Jerry Geymont, Secretary-Treasurer Kay Dellinger, Reporter Alice Chatman, Reporter Linda Engle Evelyn Fisher Lealta Fulbright Picture ' Not Available My. MMV' ,fx-f if Miwfi' iw 13, nigga., Vw VV 1 fs Q f 1" 1 ! f I A ff' xf K . ff- ff ' : ' . P -lx 5' J v If fqxf ' X 1 I 1 2 ,J , Sv Wfb W f' X ME 2 F "r "JW . Z Lf L .ggwffs N-wx i Qs 1 K X 5 K K" N' 'xi LA' 56 'T'-- --.. ,, ,L - , - -1 5 i,Lfji, s ' """'!'f . vm- 1'gL:fv2TTx,. - 4' Y' 5 - x .X 'Tw xx' i ' W .., f ff' X W. ,fri ' "1 YM M ? ffmxw ty? 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Peggy Ledford Wg, 1 A Ai if 'L Vivian Mosteller X L if fs L H A y Z? ,ix TW. Dianne Propgt ....,. 5- Q ji, 3 LV: It 'QQ Patricia Reep . , at Brenda Sain Ernestine Sain Vickie Scronce Shirley Smith L, X ,W ,, I 4? V gn? lf' 1 m Q Y. 5 vate 4 U, ll tt ,, WT staff W rg 'arf .- N IBM bu t . 34, 53 UF 'U' QA , li . yjryr tr' vw' 'lil , E-W ,o ik-. A. Q. A 1 'fi 5 sf, gi. 1? ' 33 President - - - Vice President - BILLY DORSEY PETE WHITENER STEVE CANIPE Secretary-Treasurer - - - - Reporters - ----- - ' ' 'JIM RHYNE TONY SIGMON - .Q if X -E X317 William Auton f d T if A fl it 1 Vernon Avery ffm 'WW T --Q ,J Az.. Edward Berryhill 1-3, ' 4 A ' fx A sk-I fr AA Y-rv s A, . ',A,tnA-. Q yobby Brooks AA QAAAAA As 4 ' A A- I M my arflm I r fs or f is - 1 'fl' R-T4 4 f' 8 I QI f' f ,, .fin l J 191 35391 Hifi M., -E E , 6?E HmwiWwme- a.+ owe E65 fgfneaa-r? I er f Q . sf- can , We ,M env .. 'H X ,, WWW ,. ,, A MA 7, , .2 C9 -er W --'- - 'iff W rf' , fy Q05 E181 1 1451 B I Q' A A i . 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' Larry Yoder, Editorg Barbara Chapman, Carolyn Scronce, Assistance Editorsg David Warlick, Business Managerg Ralph Johnson, Judy Gilbert, Advertising Managers. f f Sf . 1212110 Q .14-:M f ,, wir f""""'m"W""" Q 4 -was ,"ya?""'A ,f "Kids-.423-J J 1 ' -Q-f'7..--fd' A, Tom Rhyne, Editorg Iudy Seagle, Associate Editorg Larry Yoder, Sports Editorg David Mosteller, Assistant Editorg Max Abernethy, Donald Newton, Mimeographersg Rita Wise, Judy Grigg, Grade News Editorg Nancy Peeler, Joyce Childers, Columnistsg Peggy Hoover, Faye Reep, Distributorg Mrs. W. D. Hartsoe, Advisor. Zwzf Qzfzzezc 51297 3 ',...-, W, ,nf- ww MARY WARLICK - Queen LARRY YODER - King oaffy JUDY BOYLES - Duchess GERALD CARPENTER - Duke .s - 1- zz W W. Q in ll mr' ' A. , mv -gn. In S W .fM'?-K-W I s" I " 'LR ..w,r.,,,..... fp? "' sw V Y , .Q ,nh 12 '-, . I I4 ' , .l'6"','-as 'fx N 5.11: x Q -,X . 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Bzgrafzdns Sammle Haynes, Bernice McGee, Janice Whitener, Maxine Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Hazel Long, Thames Lutz, Ronnie McConnell, Floyd Peeler, Robert Allen, Mrs. Rhyne, Advisor. QA? C116 is 4 - 1 ,Q if , Z'-E5 S I ' fr H 3, 3 - LJ' . f""- :QQ ' - P, 01- -1' L :gl m'5w1,' "M ffilusri' 5.7 ,,.' ' alfa? ' 775611516 JDe5af1k2y Qam David Mosteller, Ronnie McConnell, Brenda Leatherman, Tom Rhyne. Larry Yoder, Donald Newton. COACH: MI. B. W. Griffith. 11121014 975119606 gf 1960 Gene I-Iouser Larry Yoder Tom Rhyme Judy Seagle CHIEF Barbara Chapman , A 11.9 Orzkzezw Q7dI?IfO!1S' .1 , ,,,s, ,5'l-4 41 ug .. als. A I , " Y -X ""A"""fg ' ' ,.,.4a-' N' r' 3 ',,',x4 in W, I 4' , , - H in N, A 1 - F ' ,,,..w--.av-"' , V 1 J f-'Ht' WM- -Jur -' "' J ' - I "-2 'F 4 4 H , .1 'ff f 1 4 , , , 11, f ff ,. 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JOE KISER MANAGERS, Judy Gilbert Peggy Hoover l 3. . , , I 1 , , , X Q X s . k ff 'X 15 x w. i ' 4 ' Johnny Rhyme Larry Yoder ommy Rhyme Co-Captain Co-waptein 3" -XJ if I O i S- PW re e' 1' l I R, X x ff s I' Q , 5 J 'K 'lnor Inele Jim Cochrane Gene dcroooe Dafszfy Zasfezfaf Coach, MR. IOE KISER Manager KENNETH HEAVNER xp., E 3 Zznmz' 7 flc11'.S12'z 5 " f ii gf -gig? ZIIZIOI' Yjdlfflfy Keys 1 H A . 4.w4 LX n 1' - 7 . J - , Af. -wwf ,f Q 1' A pf fe CSWQACZH U asegaf Carolyn Avery, Barbara Chapman, Chiefg Judy Sain, Junior Dorsey Carolyn Scronce, Kenneth Graham, Jewel Gilbert. At Practice ff" .xx . , mv 55-5- ,JL F- , ,S-Y:-Pvf' lrrf, ffm ? ' ' Q Q u o Nr- NN .f f ij , Q 1' V, F F-P f Q4 JXSQ' D .. ' Q' '-- 'iid ,Aff III? lilvhzwwwwnw -V f ,- , .X Z .ff .fl X if . eva-nuff"-,unwd -,A ' , V - . .-r""'!, v - J. me-MW! A A,w,,,-,,, , ' ff?I'i'Y-S-159 ' .....N. -V . x ill' ' -- W - -Mm-. FIHWMYMVQKHKWWEF f nmu 1MU:-1'',3'H:.,g,,,,LrMlrlMA,r4 W F . , nw--wyfvrwwrufffffiff f - ' ,.,. x . EMENZQQL 5 if ,WW Q 5 v ff ,K 3' kj f M,-ff f 'X' 2? f ,iw A S Q X a r , 8 ,- I ,tra ,L 5 H.-i ,mjl.,,m" ,y 'l 'QD' Q 00 Y ' I at FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Warlick, Darrel Wise, Tony Sain, Dennis Sain, Bill McConnell Michael Baucom, Danny Warlick, Lonnie Leatherman, Robert Wehunt, Edwin Shelton, Michael Crowder. SECOND ROW: Carl Angle, Robert Wise, Terry Royster, Donald Farmer, Earl Jenkins, Mike Huss, Jack Sain, Clinton Carswell, Clinton Houser, Gene Goins, Larry Gilbert. THIRD ROW: Bobby Lynch, Farrel Sain, Ted Yount, Ricky Rhyne, Dean Scronce, William Smith, Rodney Scronce, David Reep, Robert Hallman, Rhea White, Robert Goins. FOURTH ROW: Mr. James Hoyle, Doug- las Leatherman, Ronnie Hallman. ff QJUOQ FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Jonas, Harriet Propst, Vickie Ledbetter, Janet Gilleland, Jessie Seagle, Kathy Abernathy, Sue Deyton, Dianne Helms, Renee Abernathy, Marie Carpenter, Linda Finger, Helen Heavner. SECOND ROW: Freda Eaker, Phyliss Carpenter, Linda Hines, Sallie Coch- rane, Priscilla Smith, Dianne Houser, Paulette Allen, Rebecca Scronce, Mary Moody, Sue Reep, Rubye Yount. THIRD ROW: Shirley Ingle, Rebecca Houser, Brenda Gilbert, Linda Avery, Janice Sain, Martha Allen, Mrs. Seagle. M , 4--W-N . ,r .f f. .,- H ,- ':' , is N W v '- - ' f " Tw- 'f Q J' ."' 1 r ws. ' , M. n -. . ,f or -. AW IS". ' X I " f X f' r- ? W , , , Aw . ,A a ss, r, , - 1 -. 4 V 'ff 'Q A5 wi.rii'.lfaM sa 1 95. - - a ruin . I Lf .Ml , f.. , . T H-sf FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda York, Hugh Smith, Darrel Bivens, Johnny Seagle, Ronnie Cochrane, Donnie Cochrane, Doris Bollck, Ellen Davis, Vicki Warlick, Tony Whltener, Gary Rudisell. SECOND ROW: Vicki Houser, Rita Byers, Gay Hoover, Reba Sain, Richard Gilbert, Gleen West, Ray Scronce, Jerry Angel, Teresa White, Barbara Allen, Ann Scronce, Charlene Blackwell. THIRD ROW: Jerry Berryhill, Larry Carpenter, Joe Di Bernardo, Blair Yount, Bradford Broadway, Ioan Smith, Dianne Stroupe, Dora Berryhill, Brenda Bivens, Kaye Houser, Rachel Crowder. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Frank Yoder. Absent: Robert Mahaley, Larry Sharpe, Wayne Taylor Above is cgeuenfg Qkrak c31Q1ff5 ana! 6590912115 QQFGOQS' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Leatherman, Roger Hilton, Robert Mosteller, Ronnie Carswell, Phyllis Helms, Kay Johnson, Catherine Coon, Max Jonas, Rhodney Reep, D. M. Haynes. SECOND ROW: Peggy Fredell, Mary Io Ellis, Shelis Sain, Mary Yoder, Linda Reep, Barbarsa Falls, Coleen Duckworth, Judy Hill, Gary Sain, Larry Gilbert. THIRD ROW: Mr. Fitzhugh Kiser, Susan Kiser, Sharon Sigmon, Ted Propst, Wayne Reep, Foy Fredell, Charles Killian, Gary Reynolds, Zelda Beam Peggy West. 5 N:'.',.i: syn. ,, .-v . . in fn ,-l'-..::' A C511 ff graog LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Bobby Helms, Jimmy Johnson, Charlie Hoover, Jessie Jones, Gail McConnell, Danny Ingle, Phillip Mosteller, Brenda lngle, Dennis Whitener, Wanda Scronce, Terry Wlmore, Steve Brooks, Bernice Ingle. SECOND ROW: Flo Hull, Linds Chatman, Sandra Sain, Keith Gilbert, Wayne Price, Faye Sain, Eddie Rhyne, Charles Johnson, Jimmy Dellinger, Tony Houser, Theresa Hull, Mrs. Lynch. THIRD ROW: Edward Waters, Rita Waters, Jane Yount, Billy Spencer, Betty Jo Moody, Alice McConnell, Larry Leonhardt, Harold Flowers, Gerald Carpenter, Daryl Blackwell, Billy Ingle, Ernest Earl. Wx ,sqm ,9ra0Q LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ronnie Rudisill, Sandra Scronce, Cathy Warlick, Mary Ann Earl, Gary Lutz, Deborah Falls, Neal Chatman, Ann Cline, Ann Carpenter, Mildred Allen, Rita Scronce, Ann Rhodes, Larry Wease. SECOND ROW: Charles Bolick, Nick Goins, Betty Rose Chatman, Bar- bara Johnson, Wayne Smith, Ann Mosteller, Shelby Adams, Betty Sain, Linda Yount, Linda Bollck, Shirley Scronce, Tommy Wise. THIRD ROW: Raymond Bivens, David Scronce, Donna Rhyne, Lina Lee Gilbert, Frieda I-louser, Susan Pryor, Elizabeth Moody, Mrs. Killian, Dianne Chatman, J. B. Smith, Bobby Abernathy, Robert Isaac. Absent: Nancy Bivens. 7011115 anof lgraofas LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Johnny Sain, Nancy Engle, Vivian Byers, Beth Leatherman, Roy Johnson, Fran Parker, Alda Lane, Darrell Ledbetter, Linda Heavner, Juinus Chapman, Allen Mc- Connell, Vita Moody. SECOND ROW: Barbara Hoover, Dean Sigmon, Marie Smith, Donnie Cline, Roy Fredell, Carolyn Helms, Mary Lou Propst, Charles De Bernardo, Tony McConnell, Carroll Gil- bert, Randy Newton, Judy Heavner, Margaret Helms, Mrs. Yoder. Absent: Ricky Seagle, Shirley Taylor, Mardesia Craig, Patricia Hull. 32011116 graog Benny Hoover, Sara Lane, Margaret Propst, Eugene Morrison, Tommy Cline, Barbara Yoder, Stevie Elmore, Debbie Rhyne, Gene Johnson, Larry Elmore, Doris Cline. SECOND ROW: Frances Deyton, Patty Seagle, Sheila Gilbert, David Allen, Judy Boyles, Dianne Rudlsill, Randy Leatherman, Charles Reep, Danny Rudisill, Jerry lngle, Patsy Hill, Glenn Helms. THIRD ROW: Jerry Sain, Mary Eliza- beth Smith, Barbara Yount, Bruce Yount, Latreta Hallman, Evon Carpenter, Robert Franklin, Miss Jonas. x ,va gf. I A -f 'W Am.. ' 'shi' . ' 'V' .--st 'af' 'Falls ' ' vf . 'al' jf- , aww- n. Q'-'ji Q' V' 3 4 .'.'. wav'-1' ' ' '-ff, ' r,,'431x " Q 'a , '- :f M 1 -if ,. ,. ,J . ,ers W 4 ' 9 ff'--Q. 761nf Qimk LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sharon Lutz, Randy Heavner, Allen Hoyle, Sandra Ledbetter, Ken- neth Wise, Lynn Brendle, Beth McKnight, Tommy Kiser, Johnny Jones, Bill Rudisill, Steve Chat- man, Johnny Berryhlll. SECOND ROW: Keith Wilson, Melvin Whltener, Cynthia Reinhardt, Charles Waters, Donny Pless, Larry Richard, Steve Price, Brenda Heavner, Gene Sain, Ronald Sain, Wil- liam Pendleton, J. W. Smith. THIRD ROW: James Heavner, Charles Ledford, Michael Wilfong, Rhonda Sain, Pat Sain, Deborah Watts, James York, Rita Gilbert, Allen Gilbert, Gary Crowder, Mrs. Mullen. ., ,mg ' 'W cseconofazzofgfzfofgraofes LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Mary Reinhardt, Susan Propst, Jimmy Bivens, Helen Mosteller, Willie Mae Bolick, Buddy Slgmon, Vickie King, Ray Carpenter, Michael Hill, Cathy Hoover, Sara Helms, Garry Blackwell. SECOND ROW: Julia Scronce, Kathy Chapman, Susan Sain, Ken- neth Houser, Johnny Hill, Eddie Haynes, Edgar Hendricks, Carolyn Hoyle, Kenneth Helms, Alan Hoyle, Faye Bivens, Mrs. Houser. Absent: Diane Houser. Larry Smith, C SQCOIQ of 9?U FL? LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sharon Hoyle, Larry Hilton, Linda Kay Elmore, Donald Yoder, Linds Fulbright, Kathy Hoover, Lynn Sain, Dean Jones, Beatrice Di Bernardo, Gary Davis, Gene Brooks, Charles Propst, Jimmy Yoder. SECOND ROW: Patti Taylor, Frances Moody, Kathy Rhyne, Deborah Seagle, Tracy Rhodes, Barbara Haynes, Patricia Smith, Terry Scronce, Melvin Smith, Howard Elmore, Terry Jonas, Eugene Carpenter, Donnie Sain, Mrs. Bangle. A ' -Av. ' , VA "-nk' 4 ' A " ' f 'Q I '-. , pf " ff M lf. fs -. , .-- 1' 5- . 4, f,-aa.. 3 :Alix 112- 5 41 My Pav.. 1, A Ai V Q A 1.5. ,K ' , " A' , - ,,:'?3:,:,j,Ag',,.:r' Ng, : 11, , r 'wg' ., . 4. Em! Qimk LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Wayne Johnson, Gail Davis, Keith Byers, Terry Ingle, Frank Ledford, Gail Sain, Janet Seagle, Shelia Reep, Glenn Wease, Kathy Cochrane. SECOND ROW: Scott Seagle, Donald Wise, John Houser, David Whitener, Dennis Sain, Betty Yount, Beth Sain, Mrs. Pauline Scronce. wry' 1 5.1 'M' 1-4 zhsf grad? FIRST ROW: Lou Ann Davis, Ricky Hallman, Shirley Fredell, Dennis Hoyle, Net Bolick, Charles Wise, Aleta Beam, Frankie Chapman, Jackie Duckworth, Freida Gilbert, Eddie Boyles Sherry Chapman, Timmy Elmore. SECOND ROW: Miss Pauline Mosteller, Bobby Broadway, Steve Heavner, Tommy Hoyle, Reba Byers, Susan Carpenter, Anne Weilborn, Charlynn Ellis, Kenneth Carpenter, Roy Bivens, Tim Sain. Most Enjoyable Time of Day - Play i i f J .- W I I I f S2 B3 Q I i i . 2 k J 1 , 143 Wbmw M411 X 'ff' Xe 5 ,E r 4 if ,f i ,.MLf L I Y" .. : Qi-as-'12 ' Y MQW M 0 YQ' i , ,Q 4 J. Q , 9 S, SQ fl' . N F' is z',m'iQ.wf .fm Z, My 4, W gm ,- 'W HW 1 J vig? Y - 4 .L 9 v M 4 A f 1' a'! .K Q ,, . .,. - Z-' A " ya , v , 1 uf fx 737. Nw" QM' "- . Q . my f . -,L A' U ww- CN ,fffm f W Sp -gm MRS. EDNA PEARCE MRS. GLENDA HENSON If MR. M. S. HEAVNER, Principal jffjllfdl' .S 7 !l'QQ 3 jac diy MRS. HUGH HAUSS MRS. IOSEPHINE CHILDERS C8154 IAA an If CSQUQI2 xA Cjbczrzes' LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Donald Rudisill, Buddy Sain, Max Houser, Dale El- more, Larry Gales, Leonard Williams, Regena Dixon, Charles Avery, Terry Gales, SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Ingle, Margaret Burnett, Faye Long, Harry Hoover, Ronnie Peeler, Harold Spivey, Billy Long, Walter Houser, THIRD ROW: Lester Black, Darrell Jenkins, Cliford Black, Frances Avery, Ann Reynolds, Pat Hartsoe, Edna Peeler, Joann Gilliland, FOURTH ROW: Ruby Willis, Elizabeth Houser, Larry Avery, Guy Taylor, J. B. Wood, Mr. M. S. Heavner. Wir' ' nw-an ,, ml ii ' f mf ' I 'F ' "Q ' , , Q 5.. A . ag, ,,,, my . .,.,l ,,,.. c, L :gh a -":::W::':.- g - . ..w..,ws , ,H ,, A,', ,,, , 1, ,, , 4 f 'J VST-l - ' 1-4' 4' tg 3 ' 4 ---.lf f -I .f I I anof Cszlxff 9?'dOQ5 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Linds Houser, Patsy Shelton, Carolyn Farmer, Ronnie Avery, Wayne Heavner, Mary Ann Williams, Eugene Johnson, Judy Avery, Patricia Rudisill, Ted Houser, SECOND ROW: Jerry Wright, Harold Allen, Tommy Hartsoe, Donald Eaker, Jimmy lngle, Ray Avery, Rebecca Hoyle, Nancy Cook, THIRD ROW: Eugene Haynes, Irene Williams Sue Black, Sue Helms, Gail Rhyne, Judy Huss, Reba Sain, Nancy Wise, Mary Jane Byrd, FOURTH ROW: Eddie Smith, Joe Avery, Jeannie Gilliland, Shirley Spivey, Carolyn Willis, Carolyn Bridges, Linda Taylor, Mrs. Josephine Childers. 7161k'rfanOf 7OUI'f16 Qktaks LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jimmy Wise, Cecil Ledford, Tony Watts, Dianne Long, Joanne Avery, Terri Quickel, David Ingle, David Childers, Kay Reynolds, SECOND ROW: Roger Led- ford, J. D. Ingle, Charles Smith, Patricia Swink, Larry Carpenter, Steve Hoover, Vickie Hart- soe, Joe Avery, Teresa Hoover, THIRD ROW: Bill Williams, Frankie Peeler, Ronald Gilbert, Garland Dixon, Sherry Rogers, Barbara Bridges, Eddie Haynes, Susan Huss, FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Henson, Brenda Black. cgeconof anof f7A1i'0f QIUOQS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jerry Hutchinson, Wanda Hoyle, Edward Armstrong, Carol Houser, Sherry Neal, Kathy Haynes, Patsy Jenkins, Pamela McKinney, Bobby Avery, Cynthia Little, SECOND ROW: Clayton Willis, Karen Gilbert, Linda Jo Sain, Teresa Taylor, David Adams, Jimmy Watts, Vickie Sain, Tony Hoover, James Hutchinson, THIRD ROW: Jim Black, James Canipe, Billy Joe Jenkins, Linda Avery, Tony Spivey. Not present: Randy Allen, Nancy Allen, Grady Allen, Larry Dean Neal, Emma Jean Neal, Jimmy Parker. Mrs. Hugh Hauss r79k'.sf gydfff? LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Shelia Houser, Joel Armstrong, John R. Avery, Lewis Quickel Jr., Rickey Allen, Rickey Auton, Timothy Willis, Regina Scism, Shirley Bridges, SECOND ROW: Ronnie Smith, Grady Predell, Erma Deen Reep, Kay Houser, Vickie Jane Ledford, Betty Wood, Calvin Ingle, Loressa Hutchinson, Ianie Leonard, Rita Goins, THIRD ROW: Larry Haynes Karen Heavner, Delaine Taylor, Elaine Taylor, Cecelia Shelton, Randy Huss, Larry Willis, Terry Williams, Doris Neal. Mrs. Edna Pearce 4-71 ROBERT ALLEN - FFA 15 Junior Play5 Library Club 45 On Radio 4 EARLENE AVERY - FHA 1, 25 Glee Club 35 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 RICHARD BAUCOM - Bus Driver 3, 45 Vice President 2, 4 DOROTHY BEAM - Class Secretary 25 Librarian 1,25 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Junior Varsity 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice President of FHA 45 Reporter 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Debating 2, 35 Cheerleader 35 Best Dressed 45 Most Attractive 45 Class Testator 4 JANE BLACK - FHA 1,2, 35 4-H 15 Junior Varsity 1 BARBARA CHAPMAN - Class Treas. 15 Class President 25 Class Secretary 35 Historian 45 Most Studiousg Most Athletic 45 Junior Varsity 15 Varsity 2, 3, 45 Co-Captain 45 Chief Cheerleader 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Secretary 45 FTA 35 FHA I, 2, 45 Song Leader 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Librarian 1, 25 Softball 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Trail Blazer Staff 45 Junior-Senior Ban- quet 35 On Radio 25 Marshal 3 RAY ELMORE - 4-H 1, 2, 35 Key Club 35 FFA 15 Junior Play5 Radio Program 3 HOWARD FISHER -Junior Varsity 15 FFA 15 4-H 1,25 Junior Play5 Flirtiest 45 On Radio 4 JUDY GILBERT - FHA 1, 45 Secretary 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Jr. Varsity 15 Varsity 2, 35 Manager 45 Softball 2, 35 Jr. Play5 Class Reporter 15 Librarian 1,25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Club I, 2, 3, 45 Most Mis- chievous TONY GILBERT - 4-H 1, 2, 35 FFA 1,35 Glee Club 15 Best All Around5 Best Sport JUDY HAGER - Lincolnton High School 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA President 45 French Club 1,25 Monitor Club 1,25 Office Staff 45 Home Ec. Club 1,25 Library Club 1, 2 BETTY JO HAUSS - North Brook 1,25 C-lee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play 35 FHA 2, 3, 45 Jr. Varsity 1, Softball 1,25 Varsity 25 Best All Around5 Wittiest WILLIE FAYE HELMS - Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Varsity 15 FHA I, 2, 35 4-H 1, 2, 35 Jr. Play BRENDA HOUSER - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 35 Song Leader 45 FTA I, 2, 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 45 Music 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play5 Cheerleader 35 Jr. Varsity 15 Best Sportg Reporter 1 GENE HOUSER - Friendliest, 4-H 1, 2, 3, FFA 1, Bus Driver 3, 4, Trail Blazer Staff 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Reporter 4, Jr. Play, Key Club 2, 3 MAXINE JOHNSON - Glee Club 2, 4-H 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, Jr. Play NED JOHNSON - 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, Key Club 1 RALPH JOHNSON - 4-H 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, 4, FFA 1, Most Popular, Annual Staff 4, Jr. Play 3 ' SHIRLEY JOHNSON - Glee Club 3, 4-H 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, Class Reporter 2, Junior Play, Flirtiest, Vice President 1 BRENDA LEATHERMAN - FHA 1, 2, 3, 4-H 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4, Jr. Varsity 1, Debating Team 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play, FTA 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Most Talkative JIM LEATHERMAN - 4-H 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, FFA 1, 2, Class Reporter 1, Most Likely to Succeed HAZEL LONG - Bunker Hill High School l., 2, FFA 3, 4-H 3, 4, Glee Club 3 THAMES LUTZ. - FFA 1, Jr. Play, Radio Program 4, Librarian 4 RQNNIE MCCONNELL ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 4, FFA 1, 4-11 1, 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Office Staff 4 FLOYD PEELER - FFA 1, Basketball 1, Tool Judging Team 1, Bus Driver 2, Jr. Play, Librarian 4, Key Club 4, On Radio BILL REEP - 4-H 1,2, 3, 4, FFA 1 TOM RHYNE - Class President 1, 3, Class Vice Pres. 2, Class Treas. 4, Bas- ketball 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Manager 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Master of Ceremonies Jr. -Senior Banquet 3, Boys' State Delegate 3, Trail Blazer 4, FTA 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Jr. Play 3, Bus Driver 3, 4, Junior Marshal, Most Athletic 4, Most Intelligent KEITH SAIN - FFA 1, 3 JUDY SEAGLE - Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, County Health Queen, FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 1, Historian 2, Parliamentarian 4, FTA 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Debating 2, 3, Librarian 1, 2, Beta Club 3, 4, Reporter 4, District Vice Pres. 4, Jr. Play, Marshal 3, Jr. Varsity 3, Class Pres. 1, Class Treas. 2, Class Secretary 4, Bus Driver, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Intelligent, Trail Blazer 4, D..A. R. Good Citizenship Award 4, Jr.-Senior Banquet BUDDY SMITH - 4-I-I 1,2,3, FFA 1 DAVID WARLICK - Most Handsome, Class President 4, Class Vice Pres. 3, Glee Club 3, Jr. Play, Ir. Varsity 1, Basketball Manager 1, 3, Basketball 2, 4, Key Club 3, Baseball 3, Annual Staff 4, Ir. -Senior Banquet 3, Baseball Manager 2, FFA 1, 3 NANCY WELLBORN - Wilkes Central High School 1, 2, Glee Club, Hall Moni- ICT 2: Kappa Fri Hi Y 2: Ir, Play, Class Queen 3, FHA 4, Historian 4, FTA Reporter 4, Office Staff 4, Debating Club 3 FRANCES WEST - Glee Club 2, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1,2, 3, Ir. Play LEWIS WRIGHT - Key Club 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Ir. Play, Bus Driver 4, Most Talkative 4, Most Witty, FFA 1 LARRY YODER - Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, FFA 1, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4 Songleader, Debating 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Pres. 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Trail Blazer, Annual Staff 4, Chief Marshal 3, Class Reporter 2, 3, 4, Popularity King 4 CAROLYN SCRONCE - Devotional Chairman 1, Class Reporter 2, 3, Prophet 4, Most Friendly, Most Popular, Jr. Varsity 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Treas. 4, FHA l, 2, 4, Reporter 4, 4-H 1, 2, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Glee Club, Ir. Play, Softball 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Ir. -Senior Banquet Radio Program 2 TERRY WHITNER - FFA 1, 4-H 1, 2, 3, Bus Driver 4 COUNTRY GARDENS RE 5-3571 - 735 3571 Route 2, Lincolnton Congratulations, Seniors' TQFE Klgirsgf womxuanm:mmMv qN',hminmmuE .tm 55,4 A u L E-mfg! 'lv ,.,,., xx ,' 9 . 2X Q w fl N x 2 f x ,fft 2-qi Ni M TQ I ,mx-7!mq:gnnvnHnw1HHMh4'1V'4 4 'www-var-nm-in HVP3 ' ' - 1 ' -' '- 4 "'V'HH'M r.'u'n4qw,rmumu-m. . . - - JZQVEETJSAQ BEAM LUMBER COMPANY, INC. J. M. BEAM AND BROTHER 1903-1961 Va1e, North Carolina Telephone RE 5- 2372 SUMMIE SAIN WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER Patronize Our Advertisers Vale, North Carolina GlLBERT'S GROCERY Shoes and Shoe Repair WRAY GILBERY, Owner CUT 'N' CURL BEAUTY SHOP Route Z Vale, North Carolina RE 5-5496 "We Need Your Head in Our Business." FIRESTONE HOME 8. AUTO SUPPLIES C. L. LINEBERGER, Owner 218 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Phone RE 5- 5601 g g g 'ta WW Mwcjlalgvwow 50 AW' REEPSVILLE GARAGE General S ervice and Auto Repairs Operated by CARL HARTSOE Phone RE 5-2893 Compliments of BOB'S SALON OF BEAUTY Complete Beauty Care CASHION FURNITURE CC. Furniture and Appliances l14 Court Square Lincolnton, N. C. RE 5-7496 Compliments of RUDISlLL'S SUPER MARKET RE 5-7495 Lincolnton, North Carolina T. C. FALLS GROCERY Groceries - Gasoline - Dry Goods Peter's Shoes - FCX Feeds Fertilizers - Small Hardware Phone RE 5-8952 Route l Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of LAWlNG'S MEN SHOP EAGLE'S STORES Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of B. C. MOORE'S RE 5-2391 Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of CITY LUNCH CAFE Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN BARBER SHOP Lincolnton , North Carolina DIXIE GROCERY CO., INC. Lincolnton , North Carolina ECONOMY DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store Prescription Headquarters Lincolnton, North Carolina KING'S OFFICE SUPPLY Books - Gifts - Stationery Lincolnton, North Carolina REgent 5- 5459 Compliments of LINCOLN HARDWARE Lincolnton , North Carolina Compliments of RAMSEUR HARDWARE CO. Lincolnton, North Carolina Phone RE 5-2051 MERCER W. SIMMONS HOUSING AND MOR TGAGE COMPANY 109 South Academy Street G.l. and F.l-l.A. Conventional Loans Lino olnton, North Carolina Compliments of GEYMONTS CONSTRUCTION CO. Lincolnton, North Carolina Phone RE 5-6322 HOWARD'S CREEK MILL CO. Flour - Feed - Meal Seed Cleaning Vale , Route 2 WHlTEY'S KITCHEN Fish - Oysters - Shrimp - Chicken All Orders to Go Phone RE 5-60 60 Lincolnton, North Carolina mm- GILBERT'S USED CARS Bargains in Good, Clean, Northern Used Cars, to Buy Sell, or Trade See G. T. GILBERT Highway 27, West of Lincolnton Dial RE 5-8395 T. 8. S. WELDING AND MACHINE CO. D. C. TI-IORNBURC, Prop. General Machine Work - Gears Made Welding of All Kinds - Auto Welding Farm Machinery Repaired Ornamental Rail and Columns Phone RE 5-7151 Reepsville Road CHERRYVILLE ICE Sr FUEL G. S. SAINE ' . I zo Since 9 PLUMBING AND HEATING Co C. AND H. SERVICE STATION Ph RE 5-8681 HoYLE'S SERVICE STATIoN one Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Coal Lincolnton, North Carolina and lce LINCOLNTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 230 E. Water St. P.O. Box 188 Lincolnton, North Carolina Delicious and Refreshing JAR T,S BLANE LEONHARDT LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS Groceries and Feeds d d G d O'l South Academy Street In epen ent as an 1 Phone R-E 5'5271 Lincolnton and Startown Highway Refrigerated Storage Vault Open 7 Days a Week FIRST NATIONAL BANK Lincolnton and Denver, North Carolina Doing More Things - For More People - More Often CHERRYVILLE NATIONAL BANK Che rryville , North Carolina K. B. BEAM, INC. Insurance and Real Estate Agents: BLAINE CI-IILDERS FRANK I-IOYLE MILTON LOY, JR. Phone ID 5-6851 Cherryville, North Carolina LINCOLNTON PAINT AND WALLPAPER CENTER, INC Phone RE 5-3811 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. New and Used Automobiles Telephone RE 5-2421 602 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina PAUL RHODES, President JESSE J. SNEED, Sales Manager BOB JETTON Groceries - Feeds - Hardware Gas - Oil Washing - Lubrication Phone RE 5-2705 Reepsville , North Carolina WILLIS PLUMBING COMPANY Phone RE 5-7222 Lincolnton, North Carolina "We Sell the Best and Fix the Rest." BURRIS MFG. CO., INC. Makers of Fine Upholstery Lincolnton, North Carolina CARPENTER'S CABS Dial RE 5-5271 Two Way Radio System Our Aim Is to Serve the People Lincolnton , North Carolina BANNER ROLLERS MILLS, INC. Lincolnton , North Carolina E. I. SAIN GENERAL MERCHANDISE Intersection Nos. 10 and 18 Phone RE 5-8706 Goodyear Tires and Tubes Sinclair Gas and Oils Vale , North Carolina JOHNSON MILLING COMPANY Feed - Seed - Seed Cleaning Route 1 Hickory, North Carolina CRONLAND HARDWARE CO., INC. Rough and Finished Lumber and Building Supplies Phone RE 5-6564 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLNTON BUILDING 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION 210 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Telephone RE 5-5071 V. M. RAMSEUR, President Established 1904 E. I-I. REECE Secretary W. R. CARSWELL ESSO SERVICE Phone RE 5-5912 Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina FORD'S ROOFING Sr HEATING CO. J, W. FORD, Prop. Lennox Heating Equipment Phone RE 5-8311 West Water Street Lincolnton, North Carolina GOODIN-BURRIS FURNITURE CO. 125 East Sycamore St. Phone RE 5-2541 "Lincoln County's Leading Furniture Store . " Lincolnton, North Carolina PAUL BANGLE ESSO SERVICE STATION Groceries Tires - Batteries - Gas Route 2 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of ROBINSON'S "Exclusive but Not Expensive." FLORIST Lincolnton, North Carolina Phone RE 5-8371 Quality Flowers and Service Telephone RE 5-2101 Charlotte Highway ROGER FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture and Appliances Your Norge Dealers North Court Square Phone RE 5-7580 Lincolnton, North Carolina HEAFNER TIRE CO. Tires - New, Recapped, and Used 820 East Main Street Phone RE 5-72.51 Lincolnton, North Carolina S 8. S EQUIPMENT CO. Your Authorized International- Harve ster Dealer 730 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Phone RE 5-2711 JOE AND JIM'S FOOD CENTER Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO. Authorized Ford Dealers Lincolnton, North Carolina KEEVER 8. RAMSAUR, INC. "We Fix Anything but a Broken Heart." Bicycles, Sewing Machines Small Appliances, Guns, and Repairs Lincolnton, North Carolina TYSON R. YARBROUGH Building and Grading RE 5-8961 Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of HOME FURNITURE CO. FOREST L. SHUFORD Boger City, N. C. Phone RE 5-6336 MAUNEY GROCERY CO Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries Phone RE 5-2531 Grade A Meat Market Lincolnton, North Carolina RHODES-CORRIHER IMPLEMENT CO. Allis-Chalmers New Idea New Holland Machinery Lincolnton, North Carolina COSTNER DRUGS Phone RE 5-2132 116 S. Academy St. Lincolnton, North Carolina RANKlN'S JEWELERS East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of RALPH ABERNATHY CHEVROLET co. Day RE 5-2561 Night RE 5-2562 TURNER'S STORE "Turn in to Turner's' Lincolnton, North Carolina ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 213 East Main Street B. F. Goodrich Tires Lincolnton, North Carolina STROUP'S SODA SHOP Watch Repairs Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of BELK-SCHRUM CO. Lincolnton's Largest Department Store "We Clothe the Family for Less." Lincolnton , North Carolina Congratulations From TEETER'S SUPER MARKET Lincolnton , North Carolina C ompliment s of DAVE LERN ER Linc olnton , Nor th Carolina TILLMAN'S TV 8g MUSIC Records - Pianos - Musical lnst Batt-Ball Jump'n Fun TILLMAN'S SKATELAND CPrivate Parties, Lincolnton, No rth Car olina LAWING-KEZIAH DRUG CO. , INC. Main Street Free Delivery Service Prescription Druggists Phone RE 5-2556 Lincolnton, North Carolina MILL REMNANT SHOP Lincolnton, North Carolina East Main Street "Quality Merchandise at Bargain Prices." Compliments of CENTURY AND STARLITE THEATERS BRUCE SNYDER Manager IT DRIVE-IN GRILL Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-7522 Lincolnton, North Carolina SCRONCE'S GRILL "Finest Grilled Food in This Part of the Land. " HARRIS-CITY PAINT STORE DeSoto Paints - Wallpaper Painting Supplies - Toys Floor Covering RE 5-2611 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina HARTMAN'S STORES "Everything for the Men and Children." Phone RE 5-5012 Lincolnton, North Carolina WARREN WARLICK STORE Gas - Oil - Lubrication Groceries Route 2, Vale, North Carolina BROWN'S ESSO SERVICENTER "Service While You Shop." 236 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION 320 East Main Street Phone REgent 5-6545 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN MILLING CO. PAUL M. WHISONANT, Proprietor Lincolnton, N. C. ' 1 DELLINGER'S JEWEL SHOP Cherryville, N. C. 107 East Main Street Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry Phone ID 5-9101 W. K. DELLINGER, Proprietor FRAZIER'S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 107 N. Court Sq. Lincolnton, North Carolina RE 5-2152 Good Luck, Seniors LINCOLN FROZEN FOODS, INC. Locker Plant and Abattoir Complete Butchering and Processing for Lockers and Home Freezers Lincolnton, North Carolina WLON RADIO STATION 1050 K. c. "Peop1e's Voice by Choice" Startown Road Lincolnton, North Carolina SANDTANE GAS CO., INC. 327 South Aspen Phone RE 5-2281 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN ANTIOUE SHOP New and Used Plumbing Supplies Phone RE 5-5552 Lincolnton, North Carolina FRANK G. KUCK SINCLAIR MARKE TER Goodyear Tires and Tubes Boger City Highway Lincolnton, North Carolina WINN DIXIE HOYLES JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds and Other Jewelry East Sycamore Street Expert Watch and Clock Repair Linc olnton , North Carolina Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1961 DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS SHRUM MoToR COMPANY, INC. Air Cooled Engine Parts and Repairs Used Auto Parts - Salvage Lincolnton, North Carolina RE 5-5221 P. O. Box 528 DRUMS' FUNERAL HOME AND FLORIST Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Funeral Directors RE 5-5321 Lincolnton, North Carolina HENRY SAINE GROCERY 114 Court Square Lincolnton, North Carolina CONNER FURNITURE STORE "The Store That Public Confidence Has Built" Lincolnton, North Carolina FARMER AND BUILDERS SUPPLY John Deere Tractors B uilding Materials and Implements Lincolnton, North Carolina 'il C omplime nt S of LINCOLNTON LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS "Sanitone Dry Cleaning" 1220 E. Main Phone RE 5-2543 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN COUNTY FARMERS MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO., INC. 114 E. Water S6,000,000.00 of Insurance in Force Fire - Lightning - Windstorm City Fire Protection at No Extra Cost O. C. CARPENTER, Pres. .I. B. HOUSER, Sec. and Treas. Dial RE 5- 2604 Prompt Claim Service Dial RE 5-5885 TIMES OIL CORPORATION GULF DISTRIBUTOR Fuel- Oil- Gas - Kerosene Phone RE 5-2198 Lincolnton, North Carolina MCGINNIS BROTHERS 619 N. Aspen Street Phone RE 5-5277 Tire Recapping Battery Service Independent Gas and Oil LINCOLN AMOCO Lincolnton, North Carolina Route 3 COY KEENER Phone RE 5-9138 H. H. PEELER Seed - Feed - Fertilizer - Lime Phone RE 5-5481 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINEBERGER BROTHERS, INC. Qflomplete Fiber Testing Laboratoryj -Buy' g dSl1 gC tt Snce191O Tlph RE57471 L lt N thC l PLEASE PATRONIZE CUR ADVERTISERS WARLICK FUNERAL HOME Air-Conditioned Ambulance Service Ask About Our Insurance Plan Phone RE 5-2521 Lincolnton, North Carolina CAROLINA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY SHELL PRODUCTS Phone RE 5-8591 Lincolnton, North Carolina EARLENE'S BEAUTY SHOP Route 3 Vale, North Carolina Phone RE 5- 6725 gf TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 "The VVorld's Best Yearbooks Are Tayloremadeu wwe 'ff Y' .ak 'WI L 1 .1 Mmm 's in ' ' u 0 . I I , Q 0 Dy' ' o up ' . o .+" 'U n. .- lv. ' Is " 13 U 1 .I 'J I Q-r .9-, . ' w w . D 9 .- L . , J 4 A 'ga Q.. 'R' ivsgv ,: 'ww v iv ec Vs? - 4. 6' ' I? I A . 'Vi -ge., xg: , 4 y A 'Q CX ' .V tw DEC Q. ff? 'I' 47: x 1:7 fr 5? E1 gfq is-' 1? 5' v 3 qfefgz ,C Q , gf . ojlj , Qf. 0532 S' L .4- lil I ' A L r 42, lg! , A L . :,A :Q . A V. I i 'L L 1 lo t rw v 9 y eu 4 D 2 ski? dh -W

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