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. V, -- '-"H y , , ,wr V Wx., , ,iv Q ,W 1 H 1 ix :kg 3, if 5 V ,'H'fiiE:'y ,N w"Ig?? ,, 'sqm Q , ,. W, il 1' .fixup I -V ' N ,' Vi K 'mm I b ki . ,f 4 V I ,' ,r W 'wr 1 , 5 H ,151 N ' wil V. v, 1, 4 ., X X, ' 'Tx Af- ,, IJ if x 2 'I Q ,,, in .L :PQ Y , ,f Ee, , 4 I X , A .. J! . 1 E 'i Q , ,W , 5, Q? r" W ,, ,' , A 1 , w , A ,i , Y J? P " fl , , 'f fl r ' if, 11, 1 ,ff ,fi 4 1' 2 , , M ' , ,iw ' 371359: . 'I X I A L ' ry- ,, 1- , ,,--g,,:f :W - - ,, , ,, , ., .. , , . , -, V - . ., 4-A ,Lag J fi We the Senior Class of 1960 Present The Acorn Dedication We, the Senior Class, in recognition of one who has a personal interest in each student in the school to the extent that she will go out of her wayto help them, and who unselfishly gave of her time to help our class in our many extracurric- ular activities, namely these: The Junior-Senior Banquet and the Junior Class Play, do dedicate this, the Acron for 1960, to Mrs. Dan Mosteller. MRS. DAN MOSTELLER Dedication '35 .. R Q. "2 in - if 4 ' aff Ffh? iii' . ,., X 12 Simi 532 4 ig l 2 E 2 Principal 's Message The best advice that I have to give young people is to learn and never stop learning. Learn to work V and be prosperous. Learn to serve and be happy. Learn to love hu- manity and be human. Learn to contribute and live in God's King- dom. Learn to want and be grateful. Learn to die and have faith. Mr. William W. Nolen 0 fice Staff Patsy McKnight, Judy Jonas, Brenda Carswell, Rita Wise, Eugene Sain, Mad galene Helms, Josie Spencer itil. 1 Q W A 1 I -1 - ' Y I X GA' ,H frm? y , , 0 'S has 5 f. ,f f Administration in 'Vw 'Nha- Jlzr. - l"l4,.,:y'L,'i , ,, x f' f ' 5 5' rf V V X L I x ,Qs ' ' .I W, S- . ,' ' av we .' I L-i 'i' - .is .V C 59. Principal WILLIAM W. NOLEN X, f MQW.-iy X W.. ,. ' if f f ff? Y? '5 6, ' abfgai 5 f I LFP' 1 ii f A ' f 0 i 55 M' 1 , ., M ' "k wa, -: A A? X z: , 5' Chairman ROBERT ABERNETHY ,fx Nm x ,, K fin ,, Superintendent NORRIS CHILDERS Local School Committee ft. ,,, W W f .W--dawn, ' ' IWPXN- ff'-Q Y 1"' ,... f R '53 ' 5+ Jfae Q , ,, I I E ' U., ,.,. f , ' V A. M. H. GOINS T Y if , f ,tri 'A' my ."17" s , ,al "9"'--...a-Of" Magi V ii H Treasurer FRANK YODER A -4 3 4' 5 ., ""Ufu.-r"' ' I ii. -. n KOI-IN HEAVNER Qi be 2. xg f Q, is it Y ji 3 ii if X gx I BEN SCRONCE E. F, RITCI-IIE emgzlf Facult K J X 'k,B" A X , 'M' A,,...,..-,-- . r " 4 m 312 1 11,2 ,.,i - 4,2 HOUSER GRIFFITH J MR KISER MRS . MOS TELLER 1 WARLICK MR, mcuaou RG CLASS OFFICERS President - Larry Leonard, Vice President - Clyde Ingle, Secretary - Brenda Carswell Treasurer - Jane Killian, Reporter - Brenda Sain MOTTO Non est vivere est valere vita Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life. FLOWER COLORS Iris Blue and White MASCOTS Larry Hilton - Mary Reinhardt Seniors ROBERT FRANKLIN ABERNETHY IR. IANICE ANN ANDERSON ROSA NELL ARMSTRONG ,TERRY FRANKLIN CANIPE BRENDA HOPE CARSWELL K if K, S?+.,.,A.1? ml? fglmwmawiaw ,pf '12 'YW KU CLARA ELAINE COCHRANE ZORA CHRISTINE CROWDER MA RY LEE DORSEY ROSA LEE DORSEY JAMES FRANKLIN ELMORE Seniors B, E, GILBERT BRENDA YVONNE GILBERT LINDA FAYE GILBERT CAROLYN FAYE GREENE RALPH EDWARD GRIGG eniors .KVA an g , s, ,W v. AEG. 'SQ Q ' f 3' I3 5 if vs L W if :2 JA 45' 1 ' ?e.w5 4' 65. ff 'lf xg Q55 5 2 " 1 Ndmwj , rwfg My-0. 'X .J L. I! f ,W dmv: Seniors MADGALENE HELMS ELIZABETH ANN HOOVER JERRY WALTER HUSS CLYDE INGLE WILLIAM MAX JOHNSON QW A "Tb "rf Seniors JUDY ANNETTE IONAS NANCY JANE KILLIAN PATRICIA ANN MCKNIGHT LARRY PHILIP LEONARD JANE PROPST Zag? !,,,L, 'lb W 'lm 'M '79 1 iv-. ' x 'Q-. , A A 1 zpmvz J f L 47" 4- if 4 1 A 1 rf Ai .4 ' ,Q - 1, 21 3 ,M ""'K9l 'x ON, 1 ,ullff fm TIMOTHY REYNOLDS BARRY SAIN BRENDA MAE SAIN LLOYD EUGENE SAIN NANCY KAY SAIN Seniors Shaw' FRANKLIN SCI-IRONCE PEGGY JEAN SCRONCE ROY WAYNE SHULTZ. MATTIE ANN SMITH KATHERINE IOSEPHINE SPENCER Seniors mu:-'N if-am N558 ,V 'x 'K r I I V "hT. . I A , 24" 'sg ' " 1 f Q S if A 9 , , q Y vi 5 e V- S wh aa .2 16' W fi , fi I We 'Q 54,25 Q gin' as " s s. E, 2 ,H . f 'W I , KW X f. x hwy , 'U- 42. , if 1 . Q, I 1 xl 'f 2 I .. 'ffm- l""X IIMMY TAYLOR MARY LEE TAYLOR CLAFTON TESSNER JOYCE D, TRAVIS JAMES CECIL WISE JEAN ELIZABETH WYANT .IOAN FISHER WRIGHT Seniors ,ww We can't find THAT BOOK! School Days ' r ,wily , F ,H .2 STUDYING ? ? ? -mung Destmauon - - - HISTORY CLASS - 1 .J Is Everyone Ready for the Picture? , F Ai ' I, we V ,- if 8 3...------ Oops! Oh My Time for a Char? 3, Lunch time A Mr. UHS Contest? Trad Blazer Day? f M DOWN THE STEPS OUT THE DOOR 'Ar' T' an wg., Q' T7 1 FINAL CLIMAX - THE LONG JOURNEY HOME ,y'V28S Where Does Uur Future Lie? CSEN IOR CLASS PROPH EC YJ One day in Mrs. Rhyne's second period French Class, while I wasn 't thinking about the French Lesson at all - don 't get me wrong, French isn 't a bore, but when she starts handing out all that jazz about "Vieux homme prendre le diner" and "ill fail manuvais, ' that's enough to start anybody daydreaming. So that 's how I happen to be there ten years later on the luxurious OCEAN QUEEN bound for Paris. Being adventurous as always, I investigated beyond the ropes where no one is allowedg and before I knew what had happened, the boat lurched and I fell over- board! After struggling for a few minutes in the water, I was rescued by a handsome skin-diver who turned out to be Jerry Canipe, an old schoolmate. Patsy McKnight, the social director, helped me get prepared to meet the captain. I was taken before the captain, and as I stood in front of a huge desk, I looked into the solemn, stern face of an old friend, Barry Sain. After the ship docked and Barry explained the rules, he asked me out to dinner. I accepted, and we went to "La Cuisine Parisienne. " As soon as we walked in, I smelled the wonderful aroma of pizza. I glanced toward the kitchen and saw Brenda Gilbert - she was the Chef. While eating dinner, we were entertained by Judy lonas, who sang and pantomimed the "La Bataille d' Oreleans. " After dinner I went to find a hotel. It was getting late, but the hotel owner, Franklin Schronce, said that he had several vacant rooms. I guess some friends always remain friends, because Jimmy Taylor and Timmy Reynolds turned out to be the hotel bell hops. When I got to my hotel room, I was very tired, but I decided to watch television for a few minutes. And, what more could anyone ask for than an American sports reel. First was the world series, which had been played off, and the winning Dodgers' star, Clyde Ingle, who had always played baseball. Then came the Southern Five Hundred races, won by a fast 1960 Impala Chevrolet driven by Jerry Huss. The announcer, Sonny Wise, signed the sports reel off, and next came a commercial. The lady who was advertising Revlon Cosmetics looked familiarg and as I looked at Madgalene Helms, I thought of high school days. At that time, I turned off the television and went to sleep. The next morning, relaxed and feeling energetic, I made my way downstars. I went to a neat little restaurant, where I saw Mattie Ann Smith and Jane Propst as wait- resses. They told me that they had been in France for four years. After breakfast, I took a boat ride down the Seine River. My "taxie" turned out to be Ralph Grill, who was my bus driver in high school. Gliding down the river, I noticed huge, beautiful green pastures and dairy barns. As we passed the house, I glanced at the mailbox and saw the name, Bobby Abernethyg I never dreamed that Bobby would be one of the world's greatest cheese producers. When we came almost to shore, my guide, Max Johnson, told me that the vineyards all along the bank were all owned by partners, by name Roy Shultz and Eugene Sain. I decided to cut my tour short and do some shopping. Upon entering the exclusive fashion shop, I recognized the Dorsey twins, Mary Lee and Rosa Lee, and told them I wanted to see several styles of white formals. I was even more astounded when the streamlined models, Josie Spenser and Carolyn Green, came before me in a beautiful array of Chif- fon evening wear, all designed by the famous designers, Clafton Tessner and Rosa Nell Armstrong. After purchasing a lovely gown, I needed a pair of satin shoes to complete my ensemble which I bought at the Mademoiselle Shop. The proprietors were Jean Wyant, Peggy Scronce, and Linda Gilbert. My day being completed, I decided to have dinner at the "Fountain Bleu" where I was entertained by Lib Hoover, Jane Killian, and Clara Cochrane doing their well- known French Dance. Upon returning to my hotel room, for a much needed rest, I read the newspaper and my eyes nearly bulged out when I saw the headlines which read "American guest of Queen Elizabeth. " Seeing that the boy's face looked familiar I read farther to discover it was my high school friend, Larry Leonard. Quickly leafing through the paper another article caught my eye. Brenda Sain, who has won world fame as a novelist is working on a book of phychology and is being assisted by Brenda Carswell, psychiatrist, called to France from the United States. The next morning I had to rush like mad to get to the Palace of Versailles before ten o'clock. At the Palace of Versailles the Peace Conference is to be held in the Hall of Mirrors. As I went into the room I was escorted by B. E. Gilbert and later found out that Jimmy Elmore was also a page-boy. After the conference started, I recognized the faces of Christine Crowder and Janice Anderson. Later I discover that they are representatives from the United Nations. By now you are wondering what I was doing in France. It so happens that I was rep- resenting the United States at the World Peace Conference. Oh! On the way home I took an airplane, the stewardess, Nancy Sain, was very nice to me. I also noticed a couple sitting behind meg I turned around to see Joyce and Olen Travis. Joyce told me that they were on their second honeymoon. My daydream came to an abrupt end when Mrs. Rhyne asked me to translate a paragraph in French. Prophet, Mary Lee Taylor f X 'N 'xl X 'X I 1 S Class Poem "MAGIC MOMENTS" Come with me, take my hand. I'm taking you, seniors, to a magic land, We'll walk again in primary days, To recall jolly times of our school-child phrase. We hastened to learn, so very quick, Our reading, 'ritin, and 'rithmetic. And, as if we were in a daze, Time passed quickly, in a haze. Not many dunce caps were placed on our heads. The teachers delighted with spankings, instead. lust studying wasn 't all, Everyone loved to play, especially ball. Then, at last, our time grew near, The great day had come, our Freshman year, New duties were ours, jobs were begung We, soon learned a new song would be sung! We were the jolliest under the sun. Those last years were to be, Our high-school educational destiny, Finally, the wonderful year shall come, The class of '60, Gee, our life's just begun. Our class consists of 41, I shall enumerate, For next spring, we shall graduate, When, we, together do convene, There's Three Brendas, two Janes, and one Jean. Handsome Bobby, Friendly Timmie, Talky Max and two Jimmys, Pretty Patsy, and Clyde, our king, Sweet Rosa Nell, and intelligent Larry and Madgalene, Athletic Barry, Franklin, Josie, Carolyn and Snook, Whizzes at ball, smart in books. lndustrious Janice and Christine are to be seen, Nice Clafton, Rosa Lee and let's not forget likeable Eugene Serious Mattie Ann, and Peggy, her pal, Two Jerrys and Roy to boost our morale. Among the group you will see, Lively Joyce and quiet, B. E. Clara, a nice girl and two cute Mary Lees Sonny, Linda, Ralph, and, of course, there's me. We'll never forget our teacher, so kind, Our patient and energetic, Mrs. Rhyne! We looked puzzled to the coming years, With open hearts, free from fears Our life's ambitions will be our works: From such opportunities, we cannot shirk. Some of us will have jobs in imaginative dream lands, While others may work on foreign sands, Or some branch of secretarial sorts, Law, medicine, mechanics, and sports. Whatever we choose in life to be, Will be the right decision, you'll seep Golly! We're forgetting one thing! We would not be graduating this spring, Had it not been for our teachers and principal, so swell. And our fathers and mothers who kept us well. "Yes, in ourselves our futures lie" And our treasured school days die, Truer words were never spoken, We take this motto as our token. This has ended my magic song, But, always the triumphant melody lingers on. Poetess Judy Jonas Class History With twelve years of growth and acquired knowledge, it is time for another Acron to fall from the old Union 'tree' and with it our history falls also. To begin our class history, I will start with the opening of school in 1955 when twenty-three pupils from Howards Creek joined us at Union making a total of seventy. We were the largest eighth grade ever at Union, making our teachers' worries greater. In 1956 we accepted the name Freshmen with great pride and entered the high school groove. Officers were elected in each section and served respectively through the year. Nine of our girls made up the Girls' Junior Varsity and seven of the boys made up the Boys' Junior Varsity. The Sophomores of 1957 we became Juniors of '58. We were grouped into one big section for the first time since we had started school. Wanting our Junior-Senior banquet to be a success, we sold magazines, Stanley products, and Christmas cards. The banquet took place at Cedar Park, April 3. Nineteen of the Junior class were received into the Beta Club, When school opened in the fall of 1959, our class became the almighty seniors. We immediately elected officers, chose superlativesg and selected our class motto, flower, and colors. Our history is small and unimportant to some, But the memories will linger and the thoughts remain. Of those winding trails and hardened paths, Of our parents' encouragement, and Our teachers' guidance That led us to the achievement. Historian Nancy Sain v Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class, do hereby will to our parents and faculty our many thanks and appreciation for the patience, loving understanding, and guidance that they have given us. To the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen we leave all our cherished mem- ories, and the hope that each and every student will prosper in the coming years. I, Bobby Abernethy, will my bus to Judy Seagle in the hope that she will enjoy driving it as much as she thinks she will, I, Max Johnson, do hereby will my school books to Maxine Johnson in hopes that she learns more than I did. I, Sonny Wise, will my Business Math book to my brother, Keith, hoping that he learns as much math as I did. I, Jimmy Taylor, will my bus to Richard Baucom hoping that he can keep people out of the gas tank better than I did, I, Jerry Canipe, do hereby will my ability to get along with the teachers to anyone who can stand them better than I did. I, Brenda Carswell, do hereby will my "odd-ball" ideas and inquisitive "whys" to anyone desiring them. I, Lib Hoover, do hereby will my good behavior and quietness to Tootie Hartsoe hoping she can acquire the same modesty that I have. I, Joyce Travis, do hereby will my shorthand book to my sister, Kay Dellin- ger, in hopes that she can read and write it better than I. We, Josie Spencer and Carolyn Greene, do hereby will our back seat on the activity bus to Nancy Spencer. I, Jimmy Elmore, do hereby will my back seat in English Class to my two brothers, Jerry and Howard, in hopes that they can learn more than I did, I, Ralph Grigg, do hereby will my ability to study to anyone who wants it. I, Christine Crowder, do hereby will my position as Co-editor on the Trail Blazer to anyone capable of obtaining it in hopes that they do a better job than I didg also, the good times I have had to my brother, Michael. I, Eugene Sain, will my bus to the next driver in hopes that he or she can arrive at a time suitable to the students riding it, Also, hoping that they can be more successful at holding down the job. I, Jane Propst, hereby will my Physics Book to my sister, Maxine, and hope she learns more than I did, We, Mary Lee Taylor, Brenda Gilbert, and Judy Jonas, will our good times and our ability to get into trouble to Bernice Houser, Janice Whitner, and Sam- mie Haynes, hoping that they stick together as we have. I, Barry Sain, do hereby will Bus 49 to anyone who thinks they are capable of keeping the students quietg and my good times at Union to my kid brother, Tim. I, Clyde Ingle, do hereby will my job as mimeographer on the Trail Blazer to anyone who wants "inky" handsg and all my good times at Union to my broth- er, Danny. I, Roy Shultz, will my bus to the next driver and hope that he or she doesn't have as much trouble as I did. I, Peggy Scronce, do hereby will my books to my brother, Dean, hoping he studies more than I did. I, Linda Gilbert, do hereby will all my joyful and sad times at Union to Maxine Johnson in hopes that she will make the best of them. I, Janice Anderson, do hereby will my ability "to court in Mrs. Most- eller's study hall" to anyone who is able to get by with it as I did. I, Larry Leonard, will to my brother, Harvey, and Larry Sain and Jerry Hill my love of history, and I hope they will strive to do well for Mrs. Mosteller. We, Patsy McKnight and Clara Cochrane, will our 12th grade happi- ness to all our friends back home, and wish that they could have shared it with us. I, Tim Reynolds, will all of my meanness to my brother Tony, and hope he will not get caught as much as I did. We, Jean Wyant and Brenda Sain, do hereby will all of our fun, troubles and driving ability to Libby Goins, Tootie Hartsoe, Annette, and Janice Sain, I, Madgalene Helms, am willing to leave Union to those who will occupy it in the future. I, Nancy Sain, will myself to the future and whatever it may hold. I, Franklin Schronce, will my good times to my brother, Mickey, and hope he will make more of it than I did, I, Jane Killian, bequeath school bus No. 7 to my brother Jim, hoping that he enjoys driving it as much as I did, and my brother Charles, I bequeath the editorship of The Trail Blazer hoping that he can make fewer mistakes than I made. I, Mattie Ann Smith, do hereby will to my brother William, my good times at Union with the hopes that he will have as much fun as I did, I, B, E, Gilbert, hereby will my ability to get through school without studying to my brother Ray, I, Rosa Lee Dorsey, hereby will all my good times to my sister "Carol" hoping she will have as much fun as I have. I, Mary Lee Dorsey, hereby will all my books and good times to my brothers, Junior and Billy, hoping they will learn more than I did. I, Rosa Nell Armstrong, will my Physics Book to anyone who think they can learn more than I did. I, Clafton Tessner, will my ability to be late to Physics Class to any- one who needs more time, with the hopes that they get away with it as much as I. 5, ,,- ,. M ., -W H!:"-3-5 'N X wan - A, , W ,Rx X 5 1, 'w.,,,,,,,W4 gt 1. was 'Y hx. x ' .gf . if , -, Z, jr? 4 30"- W eww W' kiiezn., ,,...-E 5' UQ 9 ss., e- 1 M, ,, ra ' '92, f , ii Rua' A' 3, . A., A my it i ffy 1 , J ' 4 ff' W ff W 2, "MT ":.' V N ' fx li K , ' ,, ' N 2 x 5 7 g I , , Remember When 1, Christine Crowder 2, Franklin Schronce 3. Bobby Abernerhy and Nancy Sain 4. Ralph Grigg 5, James Wise 6, Nancy Sain 7. Larry Leonard 8, Brenda Carswell 9, Peggy Scronce 10. Parsy McKnight 11, Elizaberh Hoover 12, Barry Sain 13, Brenda Sain 14, Jane Killian 15, Joyce Travis 16, Carolyn Greene 17. Madgalene Helms 18, Mary Lee Taylor 19, Jerry Huss 20, Bobby Abernerhy 21, Janice Anderson 22. Judy Jonas 23, Linda Gilberr 24, Timmy Reynolds 25, Jimmy Elmore 26, Jean Wyanr 27. Jerry Canipe 28, Jane Propsr 29. Eugene Saine 30, Rosa Nell Armstrong 31, Roy Shultz 32. Max Johnson 33, Mattie Ann Smirh 34, B. E, Gilberr 35, Brenda Gilbert 36, Rosa Lee Dorsey 37. Mary Lee Dorsey 38. Clyde Ingle f , M i3f"5T?"': WWTT 'K' "':"'ig75 1 1 w iv V 1 Best A11 Around Frlendllest BRENDA CARSWELL NANCY SAIN JERRY HUSS . BARRY SAINE Superlatwes Most Talkarive Most Studious BRENDA GILBERT JANE KILLIAN MAX JOHNSON LARRY LEONARD 3 v 5 K wi ww 1 -Qi Q E' E 1 , wsmd '. BWVQ QFTQ4' 323 5 -5: ,, Wmjfi . 1 1 gg 3 .g . S L-4 ' V V ' X- E fm r.M'? V-Sf? -A if f' ' -:2'f""y A 5f' ,, ,, . .nsfxi h 4 Z ., V I .f9,,w1W,' 'QEZQQQ1 .lv-'ja X 3. X? ' L .-mi --1,95 ,, f firf' . -. Y' .4'f'i'L " M .ffuj .j-1,5 ' T' " -,Q X '-' W' ,, ' "iff M. -Q-3, 3 I 4 ,, fmt?-2-9-.2 A Wim, Ji". X ' 494' " ' ' " f 'NA +,,f.r,3,,,, + . in .1 Q I , Lag'-f A ..w....,-, - i 1 L.,,,,,,,,,,, .Emi A ww ffff , f 5 mupff A 'YS 3 'ln-.A , KW., f,-, I Most Attractive Most Handsome Most Intelligent PATSY McKNIGl-IT BOBBY ABERNETHY MADGALENE HELMS FRANKLIN SCHRONCE Best Sports Most Popular MARY LEE TAYLOR LIB I-IOOVER IA MES WISE CLYDE INGLE FIWIFIIFFFF ilu. - 3 I F P 5 if F Q Best Dressed Most Likely to Succeed JANICE ANDERSON CHRISTINE CROWDER BOBBY ABERNETHY LARRY LEONARD Most Athletic In appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Sain JOSIE SPENCER for opening their home to us to make part of CLYDE IN GLE our superlative pictures. sd!" A , 93, ,Y f ' I ' A , -nm ' ' ' I Q' Q-1 'Kai 'Ml 'E A ' I , s 1 . 1- 1 M Y F' ff? ,QQ Ig 'S ,sw .wg X R., .J p at , l Ab H President OFFICERS TOMMY Rl-IYNE Vice President Treasurer DAVID WARLICK JUDY SEAGLE Secretary BARBARA CHAPMAN Reporters CA ROLYN SCRONCE LARRY YODER N0 sw' , "7?'vff gm PHOTO r Av NOT AVAIlABlE W sf. 3, wg W 'N 41"-s..,., , in-N 11iL ,.. , Robert Allen Dororhy Beam Ray Elmore Earlene Avery Jane Black Howard Fisher Richard Baucom Barbara Chapman Judy Giberr Tony Gilbert Berry Jo Hauss Willie Faye Helms Brenda Houser Gene Houser f T ff it 532' WWW if 5195 an-it 'QW 'Fam VWQX 'if' it-uv mf K... . .., ,Q 3 Ns, Q-.... Km. CS Betty Jean Ingle Maxine Johnson Ned Johnson Ralph Johnson Shirley Johnson 'Qwe- Brenda Leatherman .Jimmy Leatherman Frankie Lockee Thames Lutz Ronney McConnell 'Q K 'I 53. 45 X " i .-, Q ,,. ,Q E, J lv 1 3 f. - A ,umm 1 ,K A . 7' A f f 4 5 :ii 511 " li: Tffjai 4 4" ' X 9 Floyd Peeler Billy Reep Tommy Rhyne Keith Sain Judy Seagle W mx . ' Linl- Q I gd .. 1. Carolyn Scronce Frances West Buddy Smith Nancy Welborn Joann Stroupe Terry Whitner David Warliclx Lewis Wright Jimmy Warlick Larry Yoder I 1 4 T P P ? Y 3 T N 0 LL l T 0 B U LL T' S w fy D I CZ Sy ,W S . 5 f v H A if . 553- X .. 1 f f K... :Aj 4 121 . ra 11 .11, X - S- Tu,-:ff as i,,,N,, K , Q, fr QW K A ,., ,,. .K f K - OFFICERS President - David Mosteller Vice President - Bernice Houser Secretary-Treasurer - Judy Grigg Reporter - Rita Wise Parliamentarian - Donald Newton 4hw.,v-N '-uw., ., Nm...-1 mwtk ,ak X ..q4. wx 'EW 'U it QQ .J I My V' E, ff mr,,, "-Mr, -W 2 4 A rag J Qtr , rw as 2 - H N9 .t ,gn 'V 'Y ye gg, , , 'W J f , J in :v QSM V' 5 2? .gy A - Max Abernethy, Billy Kiser, Jerry Wyant, Sandra Hartsoe, Faye Reep, Larry Eaker David Mosteller, Joyce Childers, Peggy Hoover, Janice Whitner, John Ingle, Donald Newton Reba Elmore, Bernice Houser, Rita Wise, Kenneth Graham, Johnny Rhyne, Clara Gilbert Nancy Peeler, Margaret Yount, Larry Hoyle, Gene Scronce, Judy Grigg l E i i Ei : OFFICERS President Mary Warlick Vice President Danny Ingle Secretary-Treasurer Beth Warlick Reporter Tommy Heafner m,I4iQ.4mrf?15yQ'r , I K , U M -0 f rf- Q V, L V: f of -:',s'f f , ,r.J' - 3 1 ' , gsm, 2, A ' jf, , ,W Y J W, f fi 5 ,f. AW , .W tt ,W ,K il. v A fr J. W W3 re? ' " 2 , Q, X- in X ff ' ' .xc 'Wg 'env ' ' i t wfz-iam, ' -. f 4 If P , MMV, ,i X 'Ei -. .eg . I -1-fmfi 1 W E' 2' " : 22' ,f ' K , 4 ., , "fr XL, M, I 'fx' H Z f My wi! 54, I, IE' I -V r yy' ,. Ah 'wee n "fh- , 1 Hrs . . Lv, MM W ,, Wo if gi ca zz B 'mg are 1-2 Q , x -in Q 5 f J .. 7-P . Carroll Dean Auron, Joe Billy Heavner, Billy Ledford, Jimmy Ray Scronce, Mary Warlick, Robert Bvers Kenneth Heavner, Otha Lynch, Dewey Smith, Zackie Warlick, Larry Gilbert, Brenda Sue Helms Bobby Royster, Judy Smith, Junior West, Sammie Haynes, Darrell l-Iouser, Darel Scronce Beth Warlick, James Wilson, Tommy Heafner, Danny Ingle ff W S f s 'Tin Q QV A JM, Z-ix' 'F x 'l 7 T1 F. 5 af ,h rv-515' OFFICERS , fs i f Q President .W , ,wa C , Linda Huss IIIIIA Airy 1 , ,f . , A W ,gn if f Vice President Hqllfllwyug ,, ,, i' J M K , h JIM "' ' " ames c ni t ,IIB 'gg H A , g ,Q Secretary-Treasurer h is it 2? J Berna Jo Sain 61 K Reporter ff: Wayne Yoder It rg 'img-1 ,V we uw NW " fi Mr" if? '-wh..-. Nw.. 'ws ws, ffief X ff ew ITF' Q2 4 al, . S . K , ' L -ig, L. L :L Jim Cochrane, Farrel Lutz, Dean Sain, Coley Gilbert James McKnight, Roney Sain, D. A. Stroupe, Charles Wood, Sarah I-Iouser, Larry Newton Dean Scronce, Jerry Thomas, Craig Wood, Linda Huss, Maxine Propst, Bobby Sigmon Joyce Warlick, Sandra Wood, Larry Jones, Annette Sain, Patricia Smith, Carolyn Whitener Martha Yarborough, Peggy Ledford, Berna Jo Sain, Nancy Spencer, Janice Wilson, Wayne Yoder OFFICERS President Wayne Hauk Vice President H Richard Eaker Secretary-Treasurer Alice Chatman Reporters Libby Goins Kay Dellinger f , ffl , 5 ' ,. 1:31 5 Jax i at ' 'ri we . 1, is ,V .V V VVVV .. f ' , - ' t , ' Qi X . K We a Vg VVWVV , gf 1 -...W as if 9, "' , -WV g' :Vg ,VV V Vf f ,4g5,,,, QQ, A V. ,V A 5 Vi L -' - fy R f W -' 3 , p P ' 1 41 ""' "r fr f dt, K ,, b, V , aw., - W . M 'lr - " s M... 'QVA ' ', . . EF ' V, ' A . , gb , 1 43' W il . I . F 'V Y LQ sity V JVM M, , es' .V V wh V, S" Wt, , W.: V , .Vw,,,,,,... ,,., 'jg gi g ,. iff h ' ,. ' 1 'Q' 3- -QQ ' ff! f 1, , V , , V +V ' . -affi d- I ,. 1 Vg V K ' A 4 I. ' ., is i1fg,..., L .5 - tt I' " X77 ' , 6 ' -' . ' VZ W' ' ' , A x V . y,Vf X 1 , V . " - 'xv -, V A V. "1-5,1 , , ' I Q '. A Ierry Elmore, Wayne Hauk, Margie Byrd, Evelyn Fisher, Donald Avery Donald Gales, Jimmy Haynes, Brenda Carpenter, Lealta Fulbright, Kenneth Bivens, Jerry Gales David Ingie, Alice Chatman, Libby Gales, Dicky Cornwell, Jerry Geymont, Jim Killian Kaye Crowder, Libby Goins, Kenneth Deyron, Ray Gilbert, Mary Allen, Kay Dellinger Kay Haynes, Richard Eaker, Dean Guest, Inez Burnett, Linda Engle, Sandra Hoover XX XXX, The Freshmarfs School Day -.-in -.-- ' 5 W Business Manager - Brenda Carswell, Snapshot Editor - Brenda Sain, Ad Editor - Elizabeth Hoover, Assistant Ad Editors - Mary Lee Taylor, Brenda Gilbert, and Judy Jonas, Typist - Clyde Ingle. i The Acorn Sta Editor: Madgalene Helms I in ..-4' I9 Advisor: Miss Harmon Associate Editor: Nancy Sain Page 2 Tho Trail Blizpr Dacfrnbar li, l9S9 L 1: fi ol? "fi Wm.-D ,I 1 4f.-- V - F.. r .MP l i Editor Associate Editor Advisor Sports Editor Humor Editor Mimeographers Circulation l Jana Killiin Christine Crowdpr Miss Hirm?n Josie Sponsor Larry Lebnnrd Clyde lnqle Franklin Schroncc Mary Leo D:rsty Rosa Lee D rsnv pm- Unit EOL ont of DDQ yolr is hprp ind that thsrt ire tho many wirm ind heart-felt io is ani Qifts yet unennctfj ihgt mwkps Christmas tht symbol of Jhit lif. can roilly Du likt? Are thc friendly smilbs ind tht Lx- pressions uf tho btst if s-nson's rrp,t- ings 2 rip ntanoo for hiving failpd through thu your? Is it the bclovpd fooling of chilihw ,,". L mystery surrounding Santa Claus rg ninbd oooh December? Is it merely the timb for forfstting problems of humin relations in Urdor to hnvt Hptirs fn girth who n'oH will towrrd mCn?H ls it thi tim, whpn no no nsnr be lontly bociust nolidfyprn s,pm tp harry 1 bit of thoir souls in pooh Qlinco of thc typ? 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A , , E 1 i""4,' V V Q. 499 Prince: Princess: MIKE POWELL MARY REINHARDT M155 FHA Miss Key Club hs... .4 The Beta Club 'US I P ,. vt- ,,, 'P ffffff of Semor 4 I-I Agri Iumor 4-H FFA Club VZ fl W, FHA C ,vi ifmfxv' . , -y mv 1 " Q V534 A v Q , 1 . w V 'F "p - A " 'psi P ' ' Key Club gf? FTA Club Glee Club Z A ig, 5 Sz. 3: , ,, . Musxc Club sf 1115 Hy:-a 1' if- " I sn' Debatmg Team ex- .Tumor Marshals l 1S'L.JiX Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs COOKS Lona Elmore Ethel Leonard Ada Hill Lib Hoover Paul Hallman BUS DRIVERS Jane Killian Jimmy Taylor Eugene Sain Barry Sain Ralph Grigg Roy Shultz Clyde Ingle Tommy Rhyne Franklin Schronce Bobby Abernethy Gene Houser JANITOR Bill Hoover LIB HOOV ER NANCY SPENCER Q Q. 49 . i , . ? . 1 REBA ELMORE 1 ii CA ROLYN GREEN MA RGA RET YOUN T 1 ww'wL.wm, ', ,,,f, .V , Q ,I M X W wxffeurfff 1 EQ ' -.......A.Qn:::c.u-Q ,, V, :xv GGY HOOVER L' , S .M f i a . .. RN ,T , . ,,,,.,, gk, .meL.Liz3 "A X' x Z X I K as 5? V-1 S ., , , Wx. .f """t"" Wm .iii FRANKLIN SCHRONCE CLYDE INGLE TOMMY RHYNE LA RRY YODER BA RRY SAIN GENE SCRONCE - X if W4 . fx, Vars ily' .XX 'X f,, Coach JOE KI li' If 57 g M.- . Manager DAVID WARLICK Of i Wffify J, N if 4 fu? 3 M LJ' Z ax L Sojball .Vx E ,R 3 yi 32 4 w F? u .v V 41,9 :xx ., 4 xxvivf, Wm XJ H11 g W WUI, iffffu QE 1 4, if ,N-A .Q ,X X ": ., 5 C 1, If ff' 3 X x I X61 If f 1 1 s ,1 ii el fs 1 J NfNK I 9 Baseball N ,P ,H 1, EF Chief - Judy Jonas, Co-Chief - Patsy McKnight, Beth Warlick, Joyce Warlick, Linda Huss, Dor- othy Beam, Billy Kiser At the Game l y J 1 MR, FRANK H, YODER MRS, SUE C. LYNCH -2, W -M A f, MRS, CLYDE MULLEN MRS. RUSSELL SEAGLE MRS. FRANK KILLIAN MRS. HAL SCRONCE MRS FARRELL MR F W KISER MISS HELEN JONAS HOUSER Miss PA ULINE MQSTELLER V .fr " rv 1. l MR. IA MES HUGH HOYLE MRS. RALPH YODER ,ff an 9 .M .. MRS, PAUL BANGLE ,I EIGHT A: Mary Moody, Judy Taylor, Wanda Sain, Kay Kiser, Vivian Mosteller, Claudette Hoyle, Vickie Scronce, Dianne Propst, Judy Sain, Jimmy Houser, Patricia Reep, Brenda Sain, Tony Reynolds, Rodney Scronce, Harvey Leonard, Clinton Houser, Jerry Smith, Keith Scronce, Larry Sain, Pete Whitner, Tommy York, Jim Rhyne, Mrs. Seagle. EIGHT B: Gene Mosteller, Edward Berryhill, Carolyn Avery, Roy Leonard, Donald Hines, Billy Auton, Cherry Hall, Mary Lou Avery, Steve Canipe, Rebecca Hoover, Susan Cline, Helen Heavner, Barney Fisher, Jewell Gilbert, Phyllis Hoover, Fred Farmer, Judith Ellis, Bobby Brooks, Jane Holloway, Bobby Coon, June Dorsey, Vernon Avery, Billy Dorsey, Jerry Hill, Chrisley Dor- sey, Dwight Shultz, Mr, Yoder. rs i Q 1 ' , Ann vV'J 'MQ In 21,1 3' vw ,iii tm! U V4 V ,J l""""" SEVENTH: Richard Gilbert, Clinton Carswell, Robert Hallman, Tony Sain, Linda Finger, Dean Scronce, Connie Slaughter, Michael Baucom, Sue Deyton, Sallie Cochran, Jack Sain, Linda Sain, Alda Ruth Chapman, Harriet Propst, Renee Abernethy, Phyllis Carpenter, Robert Wise, Jessie Seagle, Kathy Abernethy, Rhea White, Billy McConnell, Eddie Owens, Rubye Yount, Ted Yount, Farrel Sain, Michael Crowder, Edwin Shelton, Rebecca Scronce, Vickie Ledbetter, Sue Jonas, Douglas Leatherman, Larry Reep, Mr. Kiser. SIXTH and SEVENTH: Vickie Houser, Hugh Smith, Ray Scronce, Joan Scronce, Gay Hoover Glenn West, Gary Rudisill, Ann Scronce, Diana Stroupe, Jesse Jones, Reba Sain, Teressa White, Linda York, Rita Byers, Kay Houser, Wayne Taylor, Patricia Smith, Dennis Sain, Marie Carpen- ter, Vickie Warlick, Robert Goins, Tony Whitener, Robert Mahaley, Roney Hallman, Martha Allen, Jerry Angel, Blair Yount, Larry Canipe, Mr. Hoyle. Q ,i -wtf fv-fa, 47 bf 'X tl t P, I, f's"'M. SIXTH: Ellen Davis, Jerry Leatherman, Coleen Duckworth, Gary Reynolds, Susan Kiser, Shelia Sain, Robert Mosteller, D, M, Haynes, Judy Hill, Rodney Reep, Johnny Seagle, Charles Killian, Peggy Fredell, Gary Seagle, Barbara Falls, Zelda Beam, Roger Hilton, Ronnie Cochrane Kay Johnson, Phyllis Helms, Rachel Crowder, Donnie Cochrane, Larry Gilbert, Wayne Reep, Linda Reep, Barbara Allen, Larry Carpenter, Coy Fredell, Foy Fredell, Steve Shultz, Bradford Broadway, Gary Hoyle, Dora Berryhill, Mrs. Sue Lynch. FIFTH: Steve Brooks, Katherine Coon, Max Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Eddie White, Dennis Whitner, Reeves Smith, Gale McConnell, Sandra Sain, Charlie Hoover, Wanda Scronce, Donna Cline, Linda Chatman, Danny Ingle, Jane Yount, Charles Johnson, Larry Leonhardt, Shelia Dey- ton, Ronney Carswell, Faye Sain, Alice McConnell, Jimmy Dellinger, Linda Jean Childers, Ed- die Rhyne, Rita Waters, Gary Sain, Betty Moodey, Terry Elmore, Aliene Chapman, Mary Jo El- lis, Billy Spencer, Mary Yoder, Gerald Carpenter, Peggy West, Mrs. Frank Killian. 1- f-- Mi' FOURTH and FIFTH: Nieli Goins, Barbara Johnson, Neal Chatman, Ted Carpenter, Shirley Scronce, Rayniond Biyens, Nancy ingle, Charles Bolieli, Ann Cline, Flo Hall, Mildred Allen, Betty Sain, Ann Carpenter, Brenda lngle, Keith Gilbert, Berniee Ingle, Bobby Abernethy, Mary Ann Earl, Ernest Earl, Edward Waters, Betty Rose Chapinan, Linda Lee Gilbert, Miss Helen Jonas FOURTH: David Scronee, Barbara Hoover, Sandra Seronee, Fran Parker, Linda Yount, Tom- my Wise, Allen McConnell, Eugene Matson, Charles Reep, Patricia Hill, Randy Newton, Patsy Shelton, Mary Lon Propst, Ricky Seagle, Debby Falls, Rita Scronce, Freda Houser, Libby Mau- ney, Ronny Rndisill, Wayne Sniith, Dean Siginon, Shirley Taylor, Larry Wease, Ann Mosteller, Carol Gilbert, Mrs, Ralph Yoder. VS f R M' THIRD: Eddie Haywies, Benny Hoover, Jerry Ingle, Eugene Johnson, Roy Johnson, Randy Leatherman, Darrel Ledbetter, Mike Powell, Jerry Sain, Johnny Sain, Michael Bruce Yount, Roger Ledford, Christine Bivens, Faye Bivens, Vivian Byers, lfvon Carpenter, Latreta llallinan Linda Heavner, Carolyn Helnis, Patricia Hull, Beth Leatherinan, Vita Moody, Margaret Sne Propst, Deborah Rhyne, Dianne Rtidisill, Patricia Seagle, Marie Sniitli, Mary Smith, Rnhy Sniith, Barbara Yoder, Barbara Yonnt, Mrs. Ivlnllen. SECOND AND THIRD: Rita Gilbert, Sandra Ledbetter, Sharon Lntz, Beth Mcliniglit, Pat Sain, Pat Taylor, Debbie Watts, Johnny Berryhill, Dale Bivens, Allen Gilbert, Johnny llill, Kenneth Wise, Sandra Beani, Judy Boyles, Janice Childers, Doris Cline, Francis Deyton, Sheila Gilbert, Elleasa Owens, David Allen, Tommy Cline, Steve Davis, Stevie lilniore, Larry El- more, Glenn Helms, lylrs. Honser. ,Sr ' .RV -. ..-.4 A k I It , -1 ..,- r + na " 'r , Q tl ,. 'z s .. . 3 F zfvf-QW Qi W -. I l Q . 'frg hg 4 X if . ,M . H -.J-JW SECOND: Willie MaeBoliclr, Cathy Chatman, Sandra Hall, Sara Helms, Carolyn Hoyle, Diane Houser, Viclrie King, Cynthia Reinhardt, Ronda Sam, Gary Crowder, Franklin Biyens, Steve Chatman, Randy Heayner, Kenneth Helms, Kenneth Houser, Allen Hoyle, Johnny Jones, Tommy Kiser, Charles Ledford, William Pendleton, Donney Pless, Gene Sain, Ronald Sain, J. W. Smith, Tony Talent, Charles Waters, MelyinWhitener, Michael Wilfong, Keith Wilson, James York, Boyd Walker, Mrs. Bangle. FIRST: Larry Ingle, Wayne Johnson, Jerry Jones, Gary Morrison, Charles Propst, Tracy Rho- des, Tim Sain, Donnie Sain, Terry Scronce, Buddy Sigmon, Eugene Willis, Frances Moody, Mary Reinhardt, Kathy Rhyne, Lynn Sain, Susan Sain, Ann Sharpe, Ricky Towery, Kenneth Carpenter, Debbie Bytes, Beth Bryant, Kay Sain, Wayne Owens, Mrs, Scronce. I , l 2 Kg . ,. .-,.- .. .ia 4 JXSWQQVM-1 u"'a""' 1 N FIRST: Jimmy Yoder, Eugene Carpenter, Donald Yoder, Patricia Smith, Terry J'onas,HClGV1 Mosteller, Jimmy Bivens, Kathy Hoover, Julia Scronce, Linda Elmore, Susan Propst, Cathy Ann Hoover, Milton Lynch, David Sain, Ray Carpenter, Howard Elmore, Mike Hill, Barbara Haynes, Sharon Hoyle, Larry Hilton, Linda Blanton, Gene Brooks, Larry Smith, Alan Hoyle, Miss Mostel- ler MUSIC: Mrs. Glenn Yount i 1 5 Y IEEQ Ill! IEEH III1 llil Iii Ill! glll III! il? llll S225 Howards Creek f" "l 'WENM Principal, M. S, Heavnerg Mrs, Josephine Childers, Mrs, Lula Ietton Mrs. Clarabel Heavner, Mrs, lvliiiie Hauss, Mrs. Edna Pearce - ta!!! 3 Qi 'pak' SEVENTH: Paulette Allen, Linda Avery, Ava Davis, Freda Eaker, Brenda Gilbert, Janet Gilleland, Joann Gilleland, Dianne Helms, Linda Hines, Dianne Houser, Shirley Ingle, Mary Sue Ingle, Sue Reep, Joe Armstrong, Donald Farmer, Larry Gilbert, Gene Goins, Roy Lee Hay- nes, Mike Huss, Lonnie Leatherman, RoyLee Lowe, Bobby Lynch, Rickey Rhyne, Terry Royster, Jimmy Sain, William Smith, Robert Wehunt, DarrellWise, Mr. Heavner, SIXTH: Francis Avery, Margaret Burnett, Patricia Hartsoe, Kathleen Haynes, Elizabeth Houser, Edna Peeler, Ann Reynolds, Faye Long, Charles Avery, Larry Avery, Clifford Black, Lester Black, Dale Elmore, Terry Gales, Richard Gilbert, Grady Helms, Harry Hoover, Mant Houser, Darrell Jenkins, Ronnie Peeler, Buddy Sain, Donald Rudisill, Glenn Towery, Farrell Willis, J, B. Wood, Mrs. Childers. -fv- 5' A iifsfffff , . ,f'2 K "Q ..-JP FOURTH: Harold Gene Allen, Ted Houser, Eugene Johnson, Bobby Towery, Tony Yount, Jimmy lngle, Wayne Heavner, Sue Helms, Karen Reep, Patricia Rudisill, Nancy Lou Wise. FIFTH: Ray Avery, Donald Eaker, Larry Gales, Walter Houser, Tommy Hartsoe, David lngle, Philip Mosteller, Larry Neal, Joe Rudisill, Leonard Williams, David McKinney, Jerry Wright, Judy Avery, Sue Black, Jeannie Gilliland, Betty Jane Helms, Judy Huss, Gail Rhyne, Carolyn Willis, Mrs. Jetton. THIRD: Larry Carpenter, Ronald Gilbert, Eddie Haynes, Steve Hoover, J. D. lngle, Cecil Ledford, Tony Watts, Brenda Black, Vickie Hartsoe, Goldie Howe, Frankie Peeler, Kay Rey- nolds. FOURTH: Shelby Adams, Eugene Haynes, Bill Williams, Ronnie Avery, Darrell Ledford, Reba Sain, Mary Jane Byrd, Nancy Cook, Rickey Gilbert, Carolyn Farmer, Junie Haynes, Linda Houser, Rebecca Hoyle, Mrs. Heavner. sm. . ss... ,m,..s......... ..a.. wablgilhii 'J " Q ffga fqmml SECOND: Jo Thomas Avery, Jim Black, James Canipe, David Childers, Jerry Gilbert, James Heavner, Jerry Hoover, David lngle, Billy Joe Jenkins, Jimmy Wise, Randy Allen, James Hutch- inson, Joanne Avery, Carol Davis, Karen Gilbert, Brenda Heavner, Teresa Hoover, Susan Huss, Sherry Neal, Mary Jo Peeler, Terri Quickel, Sherry Rogers, Mrs. Hauss. FIRST: Bobby Clay Avery, Edward Armstrong, David Lee Adams, Wayne Gilbert, Rickey Huss, Jony Hoover, Carroll Houser, Dean Neill, James Parker, Ronnie Smith, Larry Towery, Jerry Towery, Larry Mullis, Gerald Hutchinson, Clyde Helms, Linda Fay Avery, Annie Gilbert, Wanda Sue Hoyle, Kathy Ann Haynes, Patsy Sue Jenkins, Cynthia Kay Little, Pamela Ann Mc- Kinney, Emma Jean Neill, Cynthia Ann Peeler, Vickie Joan Saine, Linda Jo Sain, Mrs. Pearce. :JW iff F'?'4: 'J' 5101 . . w . ,, 7, , QW? 69" 'Aww . , 4 swf- ' f xrizuf ,f BOBBY ABERNETHY - Science Club 1, 4-H Club l,2,3, Key Club 1,2, 3, 4, Beta Club 3,4 - President 4, President 1, 3: Vice President 3, Bus Drive: 3, 4, Superlative - Most Handsome, Glee Club 2, FFA 1 - President 1, Junior Play. JANICE ANDERSON - Superlative - Best Dressed, FHA 3,4 - Secretary, FTA 3. ROSA NELL ARMSTRONG - FHA 1,2, Glee Club 1,2,3, Trail Blazer Staff. JERRY CANIPE - FFA 1, 3, 4 - Vice President, Junior Varsity, Basketball 1,2, 3, Baseball 1, 2 3, 4, Manage: of Boys' Basketball 3. BRENDA CARSWELL - Secretary 2,4, FTA 1, 2, 3,4, Beta Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Softball 1, 2 3,4, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Glee Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, Vice President 1. CLARA COCHRANE - Mill's River High School, Reynold's High School, Fred T. Ford High School, FHA 4. CHRISTINE CROWDER - FHA 1,2,3, 4 - Treasurer 3, President 4, Glee Club 1, 2,3, 4, FTA 1,2, 3,4, Junior Varsity 1, Class Reporter 2, Beta Club 3,4, Trail Blazer 3, Manager of Girls' Basketball 3, Junior Play, Softball Team 3, Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed, Co-editor of Trail Blazer 4 - Typist, Librarian 1, 2, 3, MARY LEE DORSEY - FHA 1,25 Glee Club 1,2, 3, Trail Blazer Staff 4. ROSA LEE DORSEY - Glee Club 1,2,3, FHA 1,2, Trail Blazer Staff 4. JIMMY ELMORE - FFA 1,2,3,4, 4-H Club 1,2,3. B, E. GILBERT - 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, FFA 1,2, 3, 4. BRENDA GILBERT - Superlative - Most Talkative, Glee Club 1,2, 3,4, Science Club 1,2, 4-H Club 1,2, 3, 4 - Reporter 1, Song Leader 3, Secretary 4, Junior Play, Beta Club 3,4, Annual Staff, Debating 1,2,4, Cheerleader 1,2, FTA 2,3, 4, Softball 2, Junior Varsity 2, Library Club 1. LINDA GILBERT - FHA 1,2,3, Beta Club 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1. CAROLYN GREEN - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4, Junior Varsity 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, FHA 1, 2. RALPH GRIGG - FFA 1,2,3,4, 4-H Club 1, Bus Driver 4. MADGALENE HELMS - Science Club 1, Glee Club 1,2, Marshal 3, Beta Club 3,4 -,District Secretary, Junior Play, Testator, Editor of Acorn, Superlative - Most Intelligent, 4-H Club 1, Miss Key Club 4. ELIZABETH HOOVER - Junior Varsity 1, Cheerleader 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, Debating 1,2,4, Glee Club 1, 2,3,4, Softball 1,2,3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 3, Superlative - Most Popular, 4-H Club 1,2, 3, 4 - President 4, Song Leader 1, Junior Play, An- nual Staff 4, Library Club 1. JERRY HUSS - Class President 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4 - Secretary 3, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3,4, King 1, Science Club 1,2, Junior Play 3, Superlative - Best All Round. CLYDE INGLE - Science Club 1, 4-H Club 1, 2,3,4, President 2, Vice President 1, Key Club 1,2,3,4 - President 4, Junior Varsity 1, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3, 4, Beta 3, 4, Bus Driver 3,4, Junior Play, Superlative - Most Popular, Most Athletic, Reporter 3, President 2, Mim- eographer 3, 4, Annual Staff Typist 4, Glee Club 3. MAX JOHNSON - FFA 1,2,4, 4-H Club 1,2. JUDY JONAS - Science Club 1,2 - Reporter, 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4 - Reporter, Song Leader, FTA 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Music Club 1, Beta Club 3,4, Public Speaking 1, Junior Varsity 1: VHFSHY 2: 50313211 1,25 Cheerleader 1, 4 - Chief 4, Annual Staff 4, Junior Play 3, Miss Union High 4, Class Queen 1, Poetess. JANE KILLIAN - President 1, FTA 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 4, Bus Driver 3,4, Mar- shal 3, Junior Play 3, Beta Club 3,4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Superlative - Most Studious 4, Junior VHYSUY 1. 2: SCieI1Ce Club 2: D. A. R. Good Citizen Award 4, Editor of Trail Blazer 4, Typist 3. PATSY MCKNIGHT - Rockingham High School 1,2, 3, FHA 4 - Vice President, Superlative - Most Attractive, Miss FHA, Cheerleader. LARRY PHILIP LEAONARD - Chief Marshal 3, Class President 4, Beta Club 3, 4 - Reporter 4, Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed. JANE PROPST - FHA 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,3. TIM REYNOLDS - FFA 1,2,45 4-H Club 1,2. BARRY SAIN - Science Club lg 4-H 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Junior Playg Key Club 2, 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Superlative - Friendliest5 Bus Driver 3,45 Cheerleader 2 BRENDA SAIN - FHA 1, 25 Junior Varsity 15 FTA 2,45 Glee Club 25 Beta Club 3,45 Junior Play 35 Class Reporter 45 Annual Staff. NANCY SAIN - Beta Club 3, 45 Class Historian 45 Class Reporter 15 Superlative - Friendliest Associate Editor of Annual5 FTA 2,45 FHA 1,2 - Secretary 25 Music Club 25 Debating. FRANKLIN SCHRONCE - Science Club 15 4-H Club 1,2,3,4 - Vice President, Reporterg Class Secretary 15 Class Reporter 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Junior Varsity 15 Bus Driver 3, 45 Beta Club 3,45 Key Club 1,2, 3,4 - Vice President 4, Reporter 35 Baseball 45 FTA 45 Junior Play5 Su- perlative - Most Intelligent5 Trail Blazer Staff5 Glee Club 25 Librarian 1. PEGGY SCRONCE - FHA 1,25 FTA 25 Glee Club 3. ROY SHULTZ - FFA. EUGENE SAIN - 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 FFA 3,45 Junior PIay5 Glee Club 45 Bus Driver 45 Manager of Baseball Team 3, MATTIE ANN SMITH ' FHA 1,2,35 Music 15 Glee Club 1, JOSIE SPENCER - Beta Club 3, 45 FHA 1,25 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 4-H Club 45 Junior Varsity 15 Basketball 3,45 Softball 3, 45 Marshal 35 Sportswriter 45 Superlative - Most Athletic. JIMMY TAYLOR - FFA 1,2, 35 4-H Club 1, 25 Bus Driver 4. MARY LEE TAYLOR - Secretary and Treasurer 25 Reporter 35 Prophet 45 Superlative - Best Sport5 Glee Club 1,2, 3, 45 Science Club 1,25 4-H Club 1,2,3,4 - Secretary 3, Vice President 2, Vice President 45 Junior Playg Annual Staff5 Music Club 1,2,3,45 Debating Club 1, 45 Cheer- leader 1, 2,35 FTA 2, 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Junior Varsity 15 Softball 25 Library Club. CLAFTON TESSNER - FHA 1,25 Glee Club 1, 2,35 Trail Blazer Staff 4. JOYCE D. TRAVIS - FHA 1,2, 35 4-H Club 45 Glee Club 3,45 FTA 3. SONNY WISE - Key Club 3,45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Junior Varsity 15 Science Club 15 Baseball 1,2, 35 Superlative - Best All Roundg Cheerleader 3. JEAN WYANT - FHA 1,25 FTA 25 Glee Club 3. Photographer - Christine Crowder FIRST NATIONAL BANK Three Convenient Locations Main Office 102 East Main Street East Branch QDrive-Inj 12.03 Main Street Denver Branch, Denver, N. C. A FRIENDLY BANK IN A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Established 1903 Lincolnton, North Carolina to-l 1 WARLICK FUNERAL HOME Ask about our Insurance Plan Phone RE 5-2.521 Linc o1nton, North Car olina HIGHWAY FURNITURE COMPANY Westinghouse Appliances and Household Furniture CASS LEONARD, Owner Compliments of LINCOLN MILLING CO. RE 5-8351 C omplim ents of CENTURY 8. STARLITE THEATRES BRUCE SNYDER Manager GlLBERT'S GROCERY Shoes and Shoe Repair WRAY GILBERT, Owner K. B. BEAM, INC. Insurance and Real Estate Agent BLAINE CHILDERS Cherryville, North Carolina MERCER W. SIMMONS Housing and Mortgage Company 109 South Academy Street C1,I, and F.I-I.A, Conventional Loans Lilq-C0111IZOH, North Carolina Compliments of BELK-SCHRUM CO. Lincolnton's Largest Department Store "We Clothe the Family for Less" Line olnton, North Car olina LINEBERGER BROTHERS, INC. IComplete Fiber Testing Laboratoryl Buying and Selling Cotton Since 1910 Telephone RE 5-7471 -Z-3 Lincolnton North Carolina HOYLES JEWELRY Compliments of WISE'S Watches, Diamonds and Other Jewelry . Tractors, Machiner Parts Y Expert and other farm equipment Watch and Clock Repair CHERRYVILLE ICE 8. FUEL C. and H. Service Station S 8. S EQUIPMENT CO. Your Authorized International Harvester I-IOYLE'S SERVICE STATION Dealer Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Coal and Ice 730 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina CRONLAND HARDWARE CO., INC Rough and. Finished Lurnbe Building Supplies Phone: RES-6564 Lineolnton, N. C. Compliments of LAWING'S MEN SHOP FRANK G. KUCK SINCLAIR MARKETER LINCOLN ANTIQUE SHOP New and Used Plumbing Goodyear Tires and Tubes Supplies Boger City Highway Phone RE5-5552 L l ton, North Carolin L n olnton, North Carolina Congraiulations to the Graduating Class of 1960 EAGLE'S STORES DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS L l ton, North Carolin COMPLMNTS FOR VALUE AND SERVICE UF -I Q ,ffiz if iffxb GEORGETOWN I I p we G-VE GALLERIES, INC. I ,f p 4 y GREEN , Lincolnton qfxm if STAMPS' North Carolin mm Www fcffgwf PM-V uNcoLN NATIONAL BANK of Lincolnton, N. C. Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WLON RADIO STATION 1050 K. C. "Peop1e's Voice by Choice" Startown Road Lincolnton, North Carolina TURNER'S STORE "Turn in to Turner's" Lincolnton, North Carolina SANDTANE GAS CO., INC 327 South Aspen Phone REgent 5-2281 Lincolnton, North Carolina NU-WAY CLEANERS 209 South Govt. Street Lincolnton, North Carolina THE LINCOLN TIMES First in News Advertising Circulation RE 5-2571 Lincolnton, North Carolina FRAZIER'S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 107 N. Court Sq. Linc olnton, North Carolina RE 5-2152 GOOD LUCK SENIORS Complirnents of J. C. DELLINGER'S GRILL CUTN' CURL BEAUTY SHOP Route 2 Vale, North Carolina RE 5-5496 "We need your head in our business." LINCOLN FROZEN FOODS, INC. Locker Plant and Abattoir Complete Butchering and Processing for Lockers and Home Freezers Linc olnton, North Car olina Compliments of SUPERIOR LOAN 8. FINANCE CO., INC. 116 North East Corner Square Lincolnton, North Carolina M R SHRUM OTOR COMPANY, INC. Air Cooled Engine Parts and Repairs Used Auto Parts-Salvage Lincolnton, North Carolina E 5-5221 P.O. Box 528 BLANE LEONHARDT Groceries and Fuels Independent Gas and Oil Lincolnton and Startown Highway Open 7 days a week CROWN CONVERTING COMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina CAROLINA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Shell Products RE 5-8591 Lincolnton, N. C Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors W. C. JETTON Vale, North Carolina Congratulations From TEETER'S SUPER MARKET Line olnton, North Caroli MILL REMNANT SHOP Compliments f Lincolnton, N. C. East Main Street RUDISILL'S "Quality Merchandise t Bargain Prices CASHION FURNITURE CO. Compliments Of Furniture and Appliance 114 Court Square Lincolnton, N. C. RE 5-7496 Lincolnton RE 5-7495 North C lin CCNNER This Little Space Cost , "The Store That Public S Confidence has built" Give Them Lincolnton The Busi North Carolin Compliments of TILLMAN'S TV AND MUSIC Records-Pianos-Musical Inst TV Sales and Rental BROOME-EARLY A150 TILLMAN'S SKATELAND AND APPLIANCE co. fPf1Vate Parties I Lincolnton N. C. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE UNION HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1960 COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND Compliments of BOST BAKERY Shelby, North Carolina Congratulations to Union High School The Faculty, the Student Body and the Graduating Class of 1960 Lesson for Seniors . . . and Other Smart Students Good light heods off drowsiness ond speeds you through assignments. So moke sure your bulb is in the proper size, thot your lomp shode reflects light, ond thot it flores enough to dif- fuse light over oll your work oreo. Moke gg good light your friend . . . for life. It costs so little, meons so much! BILL NOLEN'S MINNOWS Crouse, N. C. Self-Service WARLICKS GRCCERY Route 2., Vale, N. C. Phone RF. 5-5981 BANNER RCJLLER MILLS, INC. Linc olnton, North Carolina BOB JETTON Groceries - Feeds - Hardware Gas - Oil Washing - Lubrication Phone RE-5-2705 Reepsville, North Carolina G. S. SAINE PLUMBING AND HEATING C0. Phone RF.-5-8681 Lincolnton, North Carolina DIXIE GROCERY CO., INC Lincolnton, North Carolina JGHNSON MILLING CGMPANY Feed - Seed - Seed Cleaning Route l Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN FINANCE CO., INC. We Finance Sales Between Individuals A Local Company for Local People Financing Refinancing Dial RE5-5391 Lincolnton, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS TO UNION SCHOOL THE FACULTY STUDENT BODY AND TI-IE CRADUATING CLASS OF 1960 COBLE DAIRY HARRIS-CITY PAINT STORE DeSoto Paints - Wallpaper Painting Supplies - Toys Floor Covering RE5-2611 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina HENRY SAINE GROCERY 114 Court Square Lincolnton, North Carolina HARTMAN'S STORES "Everything for the Men and Children." Phone RE5-5012 Lincolnton, North Carolina LOWE'S ESSO OIL SERVICE Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-8301 Lincolnton, North Carolina CREAMLAND GRILL Maiden Highway Phone REgent 5-7455 and IT DRIVE-IN GRILL Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-7522 Lincolnton, North C arolina Compliments of B. C. MOORE'S Re 5-2391 Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina SCRONCE'S GRILL Gastonia Highway Compliments of HARRILL-EWING FLORIST Lincolnton, N. C . LINCOLN COUNTY FARMERS MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO., INC. 114 E, Water Over 555, OOO, OOO, OO of Insurance in Force Fire - Lightning - Windstorm City Fire Protection at No extra Cost O. C. CARPENTER, Pres. - J, B, HOUSER, Sec. and Tres. Dial RE 5-2604 Prompt Claim Service Dial RE 5-5885 Compliments of BOB'S SALON OF BEAUTY WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 221 E. Main St. Phone RE5-5271 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN BARBER SHOP JARRETT'S LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS South Academy Street Phone RE 5-5271 Refrigerated Storage Vault WARREN WARLICK GROCERY Gas-Oil Lubrication - Groceries Route 2, Vale, North Carolina is CARPENTER'S CABS Dial RE 5-5333 Two Way Radio System Our Aim is to Serve The People Linc olnton, North Ca r olina KEEVER f'N'f:AMSAUR' uNcoLN AMAco "We Fix Anything but a Broken Lincolnton, North Carolina Heart. " Bicycles, Sewing Machines Small Appliances, Guns, and Repairs Linc olnton, North Carolina Route 3 COY KEENER Phone RE 5-9138 ROBINSON'S Exclusive but Not Expensive Dial RE5-8371 Lincolnton, North Carolina BROWN'S ESSO SERVICENTER "Service While You Shop, " Main and Poplar Streets Lincolnton, North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL PAUL BANGLE'S Esso SERVICE sTA'r1oN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS'N Groceries Tires - Batteries - Gas Phone RE5-2042 Route Z Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina HENRY'S RADIO 8: TV SERVICE Phone: Day RE5-2566 Night RE5-7194 "We Repair All Makes of Radios and Televisions and P. A. " 212. South Academy Street RHODES AND CORRIHER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Allis-Chalmers - New Idea New Holland Machinery T, F, CORRIHER, Representative Lincolnton, North Carolina Lif1C01f1t0f1, N01"Ch CaI'01if1a Compliments of RALPH ABERNETHY CI-IEV, CO, Day RE 5-2561 Night RE 5-2562 701 E. Main St. Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of LINCOLNTON COCA- BOTTLING CO. Lincolnton, N. C. T. C. FALLS T. E. SAIN GROCERY Groceries - Gasoline - Dry Goods VALE MILL AND GROCERIES Peter's Shoes - FCX Feeds Fertilizers - Small Hardware Purina Chows Phone Re 5-8952 Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina Vale: North C3-1'01il'1a REEPSVILLE SUMMIE SAIN GARAGE WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER General Service and Auto Repair Patronize Our Advertis ers Operated by CARL I-IARTSOE Vale, North Carolina Phone RE5-2893 BURRIS MFG. CO., INC. Makers of Fine Upholstery Lincolnton, North Carolina JOE AND JIM'S FOOD CENTER Linc olnton, North Car olina UNCC'-N FARMER AND BUILDERS SUPPLY TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO, John Deere Tractors Authorized Ford Dealers Lincolnton, North Carolina Building Mate rial s and Implements Linc olnton, North Carolina STROUP'S SODA SHOP Watch Repairs Lincolnton, North Carolina DRUMS' FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Funeral Directors Linc olnton, North Carolina ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 233 East Main Street B. F. Goodrich Tires Linc olnton, North Carolina HEAFNER TIRE CO. Tires - New, Recapped, and Used 820 East Main Street Phone RE5-72.51 Linc olnton, North Carolina C ompliments of FOREST L. SHUFORD HOME FURNITURE CO. Boger City, N. C. Phone RE 5-6336 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1960 K. W. CROWDER Vale, North Carolina HOYLE MOTOR CO. FORD Falcon Mercury CATO'S Your Friendly Store "Fashions at Moderate Prices Line olnton, North Car olina BEAM LUMBER COMPANY, INC. J. M. BEAM AND BROTHERS 1903-1960 Vale, North Carolina Telephone RE 5-2.372 KING'S OFFICE SUPPLY C ornpliments of LINCOLN LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANERS 124 E. Main St. "Sanitone Dry Cleaning" Lincolnton, N. C, Gifts and School Supplies 1220 E. Main Phone Re 5-2543 Lincolnton, N. C. RCGER WILLIS FURNITURE COMPANY PLUMBING CQMPANY Furniture and Appliances Phone REgent 5-7222 North Court Square Lincolnton, N. C. Phone RE-5-7580 We Sell the Best Lincolnton, N. C. We Fix the Rest COmP1im'fntS Of W. R. CARSWELL RAMSEUR ESSO SERVICE HARDWARE CO. Phone RE5-5912 Lincolnton, N. C. Route 1 Phone RE 5-2051 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of DRUG STORE LINGERFELT Your Rexall Store ELEC. CO. Prescription Headquarte Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina T. 8. S. WELDING AND MACHINE CO. D. C. THORNBURG, Prop. General Machine Work-Gears Made Welding of All Kinds-Auto Welding Farm Machinery Repaired Ornamental rail and Columns Phone Re. 5-7151 Reepsville Road H. H. PEELER Seed - Feed - Fertilizer Lime Phone RE 5-5481 Lincolnton, North Carolina MCGINNIS BROTHERS Recapping -Gas-Oil Phone RE 5-2.776 618 North Aspen Street Linc olnton, North Car olina Compliments of LINCOLN HARDWARE Line olnton North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Linc olnton, North Carolina PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS af TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 "The Worlds Bes1 Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" M3 T ' Q' J . f -I V A .34 fl..-L..-A.. b,........ 1 .HR 0, f f. f v f? E l ,r I 1 if Y , ' 11' f pk- X 4 ' 1 N. n a JP U Q 9 P L in ,. v, ff. ix .IP W 9. A15 'El 4 30 It ,,. 4 Yi mf QI . r A fr ' if-' "D ' 'H' 1 A 5 , 72415-rf"i1 , 7-11. :. i , f f ,wr , ,W , ,UU M , M YA - A W 1 1g"1'f'j. Q,' .w' my away, 5 'r,pgf'?f',, ' "'F'g,f' Yqf P nw z fff 'w f T HA , ' -fb -x--

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