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5 o . . Q. ,W A' P ' 1 . 4' Ang G25 . ., 'iEQQ?L' , L. f,n"1J'i'-fy, s..pWffrgQa5w f M rf . :G ff - .. Jffiiif " 7353759 59' .E ' ' 3' 2. 1.44 fifvlv f-,.:,ii:2f-9 , .. 9 . If I W 2'-5. il ,F , :fi'fQi.g.,sga,fw' ,. ' ,ny vfis-jfbffwd T3,QfE3.. . f - f ' ,,4,,,.,. 3 1, if 1. ' . ' ' . L . W f ,1 f m m' X ' ali . - . ' ,.. w,4f:e'+,:- - 2 N . 4' A ' .. ' Q1 -'Q A . A ' , .,' . . ,. ws 1 W" V 395 Wifii. ., 'iii' "i1Hi'2g?5i-kfff " "M ' , . " . K i- 2: Q5 gg . Q x f rf.. 1. ' V - 5 - have -,rpg , 4. U - , az K ' 4.1 .-K, Aw-.veuv -1 'p m ' g f ' ,mf fy , , Q . . .. ,, 1, M, ., ,.. . ., . , l. M sw. M fb.. . 1,6 , . 'L M114 W K-4255 , . fixfclv, .ww f f' ' K' 4 A .- Q V793 iw .1 . M . i 411, fuiyf f ,384 wav" ff' f31f'f5K'w ff, eumrvff, .-41 , ' , nn- A rv e g., W, -Q leg-V :pkg 1,15 .V ig. , -.gg5f.5..',5g'.:.g ' 5: .Q 1:2 iw! 1 1,,w e,g WSH? ' ' m:-lf? 3 f' QL "" g fi-fi: . Mm., S x we - 1 . - .V , I A, --:gf cf ' sg is , fry., , . 1. Lg, 5, ga, .1 .Qi , - m . g ,. 5 . we ,Q W . -- f Vg ., , , ' ' M ,' '.3i5.!-11 2 " ,.,ff2" .4 'A 4 A. x-1 pw-wk, ign' ,i - . A E ' ' 1 V 1 4 ' . F ' M f'f.i,1fg-,wif K -if wPHLfl-.S K ' ? .M'f'.:f' ' . ,gg .g:1f'jQ,,.,,g-f .gms -fa . X,-J rf f x ,3 14.9 . -K L ,.?i5g3gf,g3f5f:.3+ pg-g . K X .b ,Nr .., A mi Va -. ,,f-.ffm-.g, We 'f' ,ve gm - 1 V' .K -.5 ,-v.'-,:,.Q3:ywT5,ay ,.4..- ei 5, xv fa . ..1 - 1. , - , N . ,.f:,, ,uf aa: L .Qf . pk- ' . 'f ':f"i'Q ' , fue: wp. Lf . 2 ' f wfag . , ' ' ' 'L' P f A: cf '- 11 vw. wx. 'I -. .- w ,V , f D Q -' X - ' ,., 'wfffifff-fa V 'A Q - . .wsu fXSf.S-PV' x. -V Z.. --uf' af- f - 1- in Q ' -sp .iw '1 , v 1' f 3-...- f A. . . .. , ,, 1. . . 6. ' ' ' ' ,j:',ifQa" Libr 255' .f 5, K 'fr Yr 5' .I ip, f K Xfi' -. E... - K K .1 - , V W , . 1 - . ' K Mi-.J in . . ' X Q . ' :9""'?.g1i "aff E F' ,WT fl. if 'f' , . . W., 391:15 '- V' wifi: - H -im. 'ff A : .5115-I5 Q-x 1.7371-ff ,429- Q ' - N., .fa ' nf . - ' 2-N, ez .. ,, w4-Q.. 57,3451 1 L f ' n -f .pw-54: W. V .if I 1- ,L S351 U .V , . , ' V315 Y fy ' ,, , .if 1 - -.FA Q . , K X . 1 Q R 1-I u x Hu. 151 . . ,, , g. 4f 'a4,g?' if fvi-:Y i?+5w N- : p h-,,g9Ir5vif3Q2 f-' ' ,, - fm 14waQ,,'-:U af- ,Q .- we-, f2tg.wf,:Ap r- ':2-+'2,::- M21 5, fjr:Www r., ':xn11,:g.w, I 4 1:'g,,, ys,',-. - W v'gv.'w ve 1','wx2ff1f ' 5 -, :3 " g1 4'. ?5f35j--1:91 - fi'1A-9'Tf1aaf'f,r'?52f222f79il3?'f?r:-1 ' 1 ' I 'P ' Qu k . X . l A f ,I 5 4 A ,r 1" wfmf f 4- :'.,qN,!-f.- ' .w .wg-vm.-f. 1 HE V53 1' MW g',.'-1,-Mow fn : 4.4, w i H z , , 'J' ,- 'X 1: .vw-A aw' R' .2 . mf, 1 .. ,tv M '5 g aw w e yefy g V 1 .-1 - qfswl x fi Y 115ffg: ,l 25755, 1J!':vE'i-ft -,W3.52q"i.i2,,gggg,5E-pl-I,-'fm F !g,.h4,:gfv-5'jllgyggvlwg-.,:Li,m,-ffVA ,-4, ff- w V, f 'Yi -, W - -- " ' 1 4- .- . Q- ' 1' 'af - 4 ' ff.-fig! 4 1 .mr ,g :ga .v.'e11gf, ,...Q.v. 1. ,-, fwizw ii ' M1 55 .Wy '1'iw"ix -ltx xt l15 A 'L N X 'X ' in N. 'SJVQ i""aJ Published e SENIOR CLASS UNION HIGH SCHOOL Vale North Carolma bY th of '59 Typists - - - Senior Editor - Business Manager - - - - Snapshot Editor Editors ---- Advisor - - - - -KATHY THOMAS RUTH HOOVER - - - - - MARGARET DEYTON - HAROLD SCRONCE - - - CARL WILSON LINDA DUCKWORTH NELLIE SUE ELMORE - - - - MRS, RHYNE ANNUAL STAFF 'S '54 9 ' ..A...L.Q...:...- M, . f We, the Senior Class of 59, dedicate our ACORN to our parents who have stood by us through all our school years BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. M. H. GOINS MR. BEN SCRONCE MR. ROBERT ABERNATHY Chairman MR. KOHN HEAVNER MR. ERNEST RITCHIE To the Senior Class of 1959: God belowed upon all of us talents, You have worked diligently and assiduously developing them at Union. It is my pro- fained wish that you may continue with your established habits of study and search for improvements, I sincerely congratulate you. Principal MR, NORRIS CHILDERS Superintendent HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. E. C. RHYNE English and French MRS. D. F. MOSTELLER History and English MR. BILL WARLICK Science and Math MRS. FORREST ALLEN IR. Commercial MRS . FORREST HART SOE Home Economics MR. JOE KISER Athletics and Science MR. S. E. RICHBOURG Agriculture MRS. RUSSELL SEAGLE Eighth Grade MR. FRANK YODER Eighth Grade MRS. GLENN YOUNT Pia no Y.-. . .in ..,,, , MR. F. W. KISER Seventh Grade MR. JAMES HUGH HOYLE Sixth Grade MRS. SUE LYNCH Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. FRANK KILLIAN Fifth Grade MISS HELEN IONAS Fourth Grade MRS . RALPH YODER Third and Fourth Grades MRS. CLYDE MULLEN Third Grade MRS. FARRELL HOUSER Second Grade MRS. PAUL BANGLE Second Grade MRS. HAL SCRONCE First Grade MISS PAULINE MOST ELLER First Grade ELEMENTARY FACULTY z f X -, I s -1 :'- ,.., 1 mm ' - v,A.A Jw,-qfncf:4x-..+Q,jhjv-G 1 ,::,:- Wm mmf :::" P : ,1,.F??LYwmmmfwm 1 - ,,,XW F WmM5f"'?5'f' W, Q' ., Q zi.. i ,-::,' i 5 . -M in-f gA'mM5ili-AM ,,,, W ,,,, WM , ..,, fm fm N M, Mm W W W ,A., " , ,:.. Q- ' 4 M A-A2 s'N - '1'::- .Fi -,, ' Q 'S- ig -,: . H A Qx - b ' J. 3 - L N s I S - Q A Q 5 -if ",, Q 5 F ,rm 1 2 i S 5 s '- .sim 'Q I ix Q g S V W',Ah S S s K X nc X gl s ' H' 'Q 1 - . 1 S Q -- , V - . Jigga, f Q 2 f . Y IA QIQEAMQ 0,,vL'o .ivtag H -,. S S 5 -Q.,-',,.,.-V iw- -- -v ----v-- PAUL CARPENTER "All play and no work makes me what I am." SHIRLEY CONNER "Experience is the foo1's best teacher, the wise do not need it. " RICHARD ARMSTRONG "A ladies' man he is no doubt, for where he is, girls are about. " MAX BEAM "For a bashful boy he gets into lots of mis- chief. " SENIOR A JAMES DEYTON "Teachers and classes are his only objection to his education. " MARGARET DEYTON "A1ways laughing, never sad, sometimes naughty, never bad. " CLASS -'Ul-- -1-Q'1""v-Y LINDA DUCKWORTH "Honey colored hair and a disposition to match. " NELLIE SUE ELMORE "A kind heart is worth gold. " WILLIAM DAVID HEAFNER 4131113 "Though you were dying, he would make you laugh. " RUTH HOOVER "Two mocking eyes, swinging hips, that's often why a fellow flips. " 1 PEGGY ANN GALES "Gleaming hair of gold- en red, of her nice things are often said. " TED HARTSOE "As large as life, and twice as natural. " SENIOR V it iii- V - --Y -if- i -----W -- I JANE HEAVNER "True to her word, her work and her friends. " JULIA HEAVNER "The best of sports in every game, in other things she is the same. CLASS JOYCE LEDFORD "Ta1kative in speech, witty in ways, in our hearts she always stays. " JANICE LOGAN "Loya1 hearted, strong of mind, a finer girl nowhere you'11 find. " I , .J r 5 5 w I P P r I i t l x l + F r F 1 L L CLYDE REEP fBi11J "Men of few words are the best men. " LARRY SAIN "Life doesn't seem to bother him. " M. D. MORGAN CBudJ "A little nonsense now and then is pleasant. " JANICE PENDLETON "Never idle, never still, always talking, always will. " SENIOR BLAIR SCRONCE 'They say the good die young, boy, am I going to take care of myself. " HAROLD SCRONCE "He has mischief even in his eyes. " CLASS JERRY SCRONCE "Formed on the good old plan, a true and brave and downright honest man. " LINDA SUE SCRONCE "A golden silence is the truest friend. " KAY SMITH "A friendly girl in every way, who makes the most of every day. " TOMMY SNIDER "School is all right when there isn't anything else to do. " TROY SCRONCE "Never let studies in- terfere with school life. " CLARICE SMITH "All I know is that I know nothing. " SENIOR HARVEY THOMAS 'THis friends, there are many, his enemies, has he any?" KATHY THOMAS "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow ye diet. " CLASS RALPH WARLICK "Not too serious, not too gay, but a jolly good fellow in every way. " ROGER WARLICK "Tell him of Iacob's ladder and he will ask the number of rounds. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT WHITENER "I like work, it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. " CARL WILSON "Appears quiet, but don't let looks deceive you. " To show our appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heavner, for the use of their lovely home to make our superlative pictures, we are placing this picture of Stevie Heavner. President --------------------- MAX BEAM Vice President ----- ------------ C ARL WILSON Secretary - - - - - -NELLIE ELMORE Treasurer - - - - - KAY SMITH Reporter - - - -HAROLD SCRONCE MOTTOg In Ourselves Our Future Lies. FLOWER COLOR Rose Blue and White KEITH WILSON CYNTHIA REINHA RDT SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Alfred Lord Tennyson in "Locksley Hall" says: . .I dipt into the future far as the human eye could seeg saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that could be. . . ' I, Kathy Thomas, have also dipped into the future, but not so willingly. This task was thrust upon me, and as class prophet it will be my duty to reveal not only the sunny days but also the dark ones. The Senior Class of '59 are having a class reunion ten years later. They all are re- vealing what they are doing or have been doing. First of all, I talked to our class president of '59, Max Beam,- who is now Republic Congressman of North Carolina. Carl Wilson, who was always a safe-driver, is now driving a Greyhound all over the beautiful country. Wonder if he is hitched to that red-head yet? I hear that Nellie Elmore is now Co-Editor of the New York Times. Wonder why she isn't married yet? After a couple years of nursing training at Gastonia, Kay Smith is now head nurse at Memorial Hospital in Charlotte. She opens her heart to all her patients and is loved by all. Harold Scronce now pastor at Reepsville Baptist Church is telling of his chicken dinners. Now Mrs. Lee Boyd, Ruth Hoover is living happily with her family. She is also part time worker in a department store. Jane and Julia I-leavner are now commercial teachers at Lenoir Rhyne. They al- ways did like commercial subjects. I hear Robert Whitener has won many trophies in Stock Car Racing at Darlington. Keep the good work up. Paul Carpenter, who drifted westward, possesses extensive ranch holdings. He also has a large family that has helped him become a very successful farmer, Now a teacher, Linda Duckworth, has truly become a lamp unto the feet and light unto the path of the little ones. . Richard Armstrong tells me he has been in the U.S. Marines for six years and hopes to fulfill fourteen more. Asking someone who built the beautiful new brick house just outside of Lincolnton, I find it belongs to Mrs. Shirley Conner Dellinger. She and Gene are happily married. Roger Warlick still happily married, owns the Esso Service Station beside of City Hall in Lincolnton. A housewife before graduating, Janice Pendleton is still a full-time housewife after ten long years. Q Farther on I drift around and whorn do I see but Clarice Smith. She tells me she is a beautician at Shelby Beauty School. Ralph Warlick, a well-known sports fan, is with the New York Yankees. Wonder- ful work. Linda Sue Scronce, who was unlucky in love, found she could strive better by her- self on her sixty-acre farm. Now a very big business man in ten years, Tommy Snyder is president of Snyder's and Corporation in Raleigh. After a couple years of college, Margaret Deyton has finally become a missionary. She spends most of her time in India. Working for Dave Learner for a couple of years, Jerry Scronce and his wife, Louise, own a clothing store in Lincolnton. i4 . 1 1 1 1 J 4 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY The top Disc-Jockey and announcer of the nation, Bill Heafner, is now in charge of AMERICAN BANDSTAND on TV. Like father. . .like son. . .Blair Scronce following in his father's footsteps has taken over the lumber business. Janice Logan, well, she is a professional cheerleader for the Blue Devils at Duke University. Clyde Reep is still in the Vale Community with his wife and family. They own a beautiful home. Bud Morgan, still happily married, tells me he owns a big furniture plant in Char- lotte. We go farther on down the line and find Joyce Ledford, a model in California, Someone tells me that James Deyton is a professor at North Carolina State. Peggy Gales, who always loved to rake dictation, is now secretary to the president of the United States, who is very young and handsome. Going on, we find Larry Sain, who is a pilot of Pan American Air Lines. Larry likes it up high. Looking at the beautiful homes in the community I find most of them have been built by Harvey Thomas. Asking someone who owned the big modern garage down the road, I find it belong to Ted Hartsoe. The last scene of the Class Prophecy is prophet, Kathy Thomas. She is a stenog' rapher for a big business in Texas. Class Prophet: Kathy Thomas THE SENIOR "In ourselves our future lies" This is his motto true, He never gives up, but always tries Until his work is through. "In ourselves our future lies' Truer words were never spoken, And as his High School day dies He takes this motto as his token. Class Poet Margaret Deyton LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Union High School, do hereby will to our parents all the thanks and the appreciation that is possible to be extended, for their patience with us. To the faculty, we do hereby will our sincere appreciation for the kindness they have shown us during our high school years. To the Juniors we leave our honored seats in Chapel, hoping they can see better than we could. To the Sophomores we leave our ability to get along with the teachers. To the Freshmen we leave our books and good times. I, Janice Logan, do hereby will my good times at school to Linda, Francis, and Dorothy. I, Clyde Reep, do hereby will my good times at Union to Rickey. I, James Deyton, do hereby will my hard times at Union to my brother, Kenneth. I, Linda Duckworth, do hereby will to my sister, Coleen, my position as co-editor of the annual, with the hope that she doesn't have to work as hard as I did. I, Larry Sain, do hereby will my books to Jimmy Warlick. I, Jerry Scronce, do hereby will my six years at Union to Mr. Frank Yoder. I, Blair Scronce, do hereby will my books to Jimmy Warlick. We, Joyce Ledford and Janice Pendleton, do hereby will our position in the office to Mary Lee Taylor and Brenda Gilbert with the hope that they have as much fun as we have. I, Julia Heavner, do hereby will my basketball suit on the varsity team to Peggy Hoover. I, Jane Heavner, do hereby will my basketball suit on the varsity team to anyone that is capable of accepting it. We, Margaret Deyton and Shirley Conner, do hereby will our caps and gowns to Billy Kiser and Billy Ledford in hopes that they will wear them within four years. I, Clarice Smith, do hereby will my books and good times to Nancy Peeler. I, Ruth Hoover, do hereby will to my sister, Phyllis, my position as typist of the an- nual, with the hope that she doesn't make as many mistakes as I did. I, Peggy Gales, do hereby will my shorthand book and bookkeeping book to anyone who is willing to accept them. I, Nellie Elmore, do hereby will my position as co-editor of the annual to my sister, Reba, and to my brother, Ray, my English book, in the hopes that he does better than I. I, Harold Scronce, do hereby will my good times at Union to my brother, Dean, and nephew, Billy Pendleton. I, Carl Wilson, do hereby will my stubbornness to anyone who is bright enough to accept it. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Harvey Thomas, do hereby will to my brother, Jerry, and to Clara Gilbert my ability to get along with teachers, and all my good times at Union. I, Sue Scronce, do hereby will to my sister, Carolyn, my bookkeeping book, with the hope that she understands it better than I did. I, Tommy Snider, do hereby will my hard times and what good times I've had at Union to Jimmy Warlick. I, Paul Carpenter, do hereby will my twelve years of education to Bill Warlick. I, Bud Morgan, do hereby will my basketball suit to Rodney Scronce, in hopes that he can use it better than I did. I, Kathy Thomas, do hereby will my shorthand book to Janice Wilson and Berna Saine, in hopes that they can read it better than I could. I, Max Beam, do hereby will myself to some beautiful girl. I, Richard Armstrong, do hereby will my cap and gown to some deserving Junior. I, Ted Hartsoe, do hereby will my ability to get along with people to anyone capable of accepting it. I, Bill Heafner, do hereby will my good times and bad times to anyone that can rake bad times with the good. I, Kay Smith, will my position on the Trail Blazer Staff to Lib Hoover. I, Ralph Warlick, do will my love for basketball to David Warlick. I, Roger Warlick, will my bus driving career to Jim hoping if he gets reported it's something he has done. I, Robert Whitener, will my bus to my brother, Terry. Witnessed, therefore, on both our light and serious side, we set this our seal, upon our last years at Union. Signed: Peggy Gales Testator 4 CLASS HISTORY We, the Seniors of '59 finish twelve years of school work. As we look forward to the future with high hopes and courage, we will often think of our high school days at "UNION". In our Freshman year there were forty-five enrolled. Our class was divided into two sections. Officers in Section "A" were President Alice Mosteller, Vice President, Nellie Elmore, Secretary, Kay Smith, Treasurer, Linda Duckworth, Reporter, Shirley Conner, and Devotional Leader, Joyce Ledford, In Section "B", Officers were: President, Max Beam, Vice President, M, D. Morgan, Secretary, Jerry Scronce, Re- porter, Paul Childers. In our Sophomore year there were forty-one enrolled. Class Offi- cers were: President, Clyde Reep, Vice President, Margared Leatherman Secretary, Tommy Snider, Reporter, Nellie Elmore. In Section "B", Officers were, President, Max Beam, Vice President, Alice Mosteller, Secretary, Kay Smith, Reporter, Linda Duckworth. In our Junior year there were thirty -seven enrolled. Officers were.- President, Max Beam, Vice President, Ralph Warlick, Secretary, Linda Duckworth, Treasurer, Nellie Elmore, Reporters, Margaret Leatherman and Kay Smith. The most exciting events of our Junior year were the Junior Play, entitled "No Boys Allowed' and the Junior-Senior Banquet given in honor of the Seniors, In our Senior year there were thirty-four enrolled. Class Officers were, President, Max Beam, Vice President, Carl Wilson, Secretary, Nellie Elmore, Treasurer, Kay Smith, Reporter, Harold Scronce, We selected our Mascots who are Cynthia Reinhardt and Keith Wilson. We are proud of the record we have and hope we can go farther and set even a greater one in the future. Historian Janice Logan Best A11 Round MARGARET DEYTON BLAIR SCRONCE Most Studious RUTH HOOVER ROBERT WHITENER Most Popular KAY SMITH TED HARTSOE Most Intelligent JANE HEAVNER MAX BEAM Most Friendly JANICE PENDLETON CARL WILSON Most Athletic JULIA HEAVNERA RALPH WARLICK Most Attractive Best Sports Most Talkative KAY SMITH NELLIE ELMORE JOYCE LEDFORD JERRY SCRONCE HARVEY THOMAS PAUL CARPENTER Flirtiest Best Dressed Most Likely to Succeed SHIRLEY CONNER LINDA DUCKWORTH JANE HEAVNER BILL HEAFNER RICHARD ARMSTRONG MAX BEAM 7,.n HOW THE TIME FLIES Max Beam, Joyce Ledford, Roger Warlick, Jerry Scronce, Janice Logan, Ted Hartsoe, Clyde Reep, Peggy Gales, Paul Carpenter, Shirley Conner, Margaret Deyton, James Deyton, Bill Heavner, Sue Scronce, Richard Armstrong, Clarice Smith, Nellie Elmore Linda Duckworth, Harold Scronce, Tommy Snider, Kathy Thomas, Jane and Julie, Harvey Thomas, Ruth Hoover, Janice Pendleton, Ralph Warlick, Kay Smith, Robert Whitener, Bud Morgan, Carl Wilson, Larry Sain, a,Warnm,,m a w-' ' Y 'imap . V fi: f i , WM.. , ,, ., .,.. , . , ....,,A..,,m,. , f :gm-f-Mxfwfw - fm-My W--W I. sf-., N, If .. giggle-5-www, ,, 'i1fLlfZ5'- , ,. -, -Q. X- 1' tix 5 . 5 N1 5 E , 3 fff 3 5 Q5 S fu x 'sigfx XX- X W XX Kiff fx R S , f I 3 3 5 ' ff f I BOBBY ABERNATHY UNIOR sf" , JANICE ANDERSON ROSA NELL ARMSTRONG .TERRY CANIPE BRENDA CARSWELL CHRISTINE CROWDER MARY LEE DORSEY ROSIE LEE DORSEY IIMMIE ELMORE B, E, GILBERT BRENDA GILBERT FRANCES GILBERT LINDA GILBERT CAROLYN GREENE RALPH GRIGG MA DGALENE HELMS ELIZABETH HOOVER JERRY I-IUSS CLYDE INGLE KENNETH JOHNSON MAX JOHNSON JANE KILLIAN LARRY LEONARD JANE PROPST TIMMIE REYNOLDS BARRY SAIN BRENDA SAIN EUGENE SAIN NANCY SAIN FRANKLIN SCRONCE PEGGY SCRONCE ROY SHULTZ MATTIE SMITH JOSIE SPENCER JIMMY TAYLOR MARY LEE TAYLOR CLAFTON TESSNER JOYCE D, TRAVIS FAYE WARLICK JAMES WISE JEAN WYANT QX JUNIORS JUDY JONAS Earlene Avery SOPHO Ray Elmore Judy Gilbert Betty Jo Hauss Sally Haynes Phillip Hoover Brenda Houser Betty Jean Ingle Maxine Johnson Ralph Johnston Frankie Lockie Ronnie McConnell Faye Mitchell Tommy Rhyne Judy Seagle Carolyn Scronce Joan Stroupe David Warlick Frances West Terry Whitener Louis Wright MORES Dorothy Beam Jane Black Barbara Chapman Howard Fisher Tony Gilbert Willie Faye Helms Gene Houser Ned Johnson Shirley Johnson Brenda Leatherman Jimmy Leatherman Thamas Lutz ,Floyd Peeler Nell Propst Billy Reep Mitchell Reep Keith Sain Buddy Smith Jimmy Warlick Larry Yoder i--.-W - -V-'Y-Y ,..iW Robert Allen Richard Baucon FRESHMEN Max Abernethy Carroll Dean Auton Donald Avery Josie Bolding Joyce Childers Kaye Crowder Larry Eaker Reba Elmore Evelyn Fisher Essie Fredell Jerry Gales Clara Gilbert Larry Gilbert Enoch Hall Judy Grigg Sandra Hartsoe Tommy Heafner Joe Billy Heavner Kenneth Heavner Brenda Helms Peggy Hoover Bernice Houser Darrell Houser Sarah Houser Larry Hoyle Danny lngle Tommy Ingle Billy Kiser Orha Lynch John Ingle Billy Ledford Reba Mahaley David Mosteller Jerry Mosteller Donald Newton Nancy Peeler Sybil Peeler Faye Reep Johnny Rhyne Hazel Reinhardt Bobby Royster Carol Scronce Darrell Scronce Gene Scronce Ezell Scronce Dewey Smith Judy Smith James Stepp Jerry Thomas Beth Warlick Mary Warlick Zackie Warlick Junior West Janice Whitener James Wilson Rita Wise Charles Wood Jerry Wyant Margaret Yount 7Y ? FRESHMEN 3 5 r Q R sf E EK r 510: X Le r 3 KM 5 x X Y eil , il? ii Us Sl 5 xi ea' 25' . .,, is , ,: K' 45' a" 574 X K X K 1 xv we gk h 1, g TIT X V L ' t, Q x T qi" :' fs' -mv' . F Y, .,,i,?'i3., 51 r-ffmaiaw K.-,M--1 :Q 'E 3 ' in ,gif f F r ,.,,,5 4 Q nz, , - Sis? 5 is .. -3... f 1 -W 3 ff?-S'4nm, I : X EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE - FIRST ROW: Gene Mosteller, Richard Eaker, Dickie Cornwell, Craig Wood, Kenneth Deyton, Edward Berryhill, Jerry Gaymont, Sandra Hoover, Linda Engle. SECOND ROW: Brenda Carpenter, Inez Burnett, Margie Byrd, Elizabeth Goins, Kay Dellinger, Alice Chapman, Jean Bolding, Lealta Fullbright, Mary Allen. THIRD ROW: Jerry Elmore, Douglas Gales, Carl Saine Jr., Dean Guess, Ray Gilbert, Wayne Houk, Kenneth Bivens, Coley Gilbert, Dwight Shultz. EIGHTH GRADE - FIRST ROW: Dean Sain, Dean Scronce, Larry Jones, Bobby Sigmon, Ronald Sain, Elizabeth Gales, Joyce Warlick, Nancy Spencer, Linda Huss, Carolyn Whitener. SECOND ROW: Mr. Yoder, Linda Smith, Janice Wilson, David Ingle, Larry Newton, Freddie Seagle, Jim Killian, Lloyd Houser, Farrel Lutz, Wayne Yoder. THIRD ROW: Patricia Swink, Kay Haynes, Patricia Smith, Peggy Ledford, Martha Lee Yarbough, Annette Sain, Maxine Propst, Sandra Wood, Berna Jo Sain, D. A. Stroup, Absent. ' I Z EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Dianne Propst, Jewel Gilbert, Kaye Kiser, Jane Bivens, Rebecca Hoover, Helen Heavner, Bobby Brooks, Bobby Coon, Billy Dorsey, Larry Sain, Harvey Leonard, Jim Rhyne. SECOND ROW: F. W. Kiser, Judy Taylor, Pete Whitener, Jerry Hill, Keith Scronce, Rodney Scronce, Larry Heavner, Larry Canipe, Norris Owens, Jerry Lee Smith, Farrell Carpenter, and Haskel Smith. THIRD ROW: Danny Sharp, Ernesting Sain, Judith Ellis, Susan Cline, Mary Helms, Junior Dorsey, Wanda Sain, Judy Ann Sain, Tommy York, June Dorsey, Phyllis Hoover, and Mary Moody: Absent: Cherry Hall, SIXTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Vickie Ledbetter, Rachael Crowder, Sue Deyton, Michael Baucom, Phyllis Carpenter, Renee Abernathy, Sue Jonas, Kathrine Abernathy, Bi1lMcC0nne11, Darris Bolick, Harriet Propst, D. M. Haynes. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hoyle, Helen Heavner, Robert Mahala, Robert Goins, Clinton Carswell, Richard Gilbert, Michael Crowder, Jack Sain, Priscilla Smith, Jerry Angle, Dennis Sain, Marie Carpenter, THIRD ROW: Dwight Moody, Linda Carpenter, Larry Reep, Robert Hallman, Douglas Leatherman, Ronnie Hallman, Farrel Sain, Wayne Reep, Rebecca Houser, Janice Sain, Marillyn Miller, Martha Allen. SIXTH GRADE E 1 . SIXTH AND FIFTH GRADES SIXTH AND FIFTH GRA DES, FIRST ROW: Johnny Seagle, Roger Hilton, Tony Houser, Peggy Fre- dell, Barbara Falls, Gene Warlick, Kay Johnson, Ellen Davis, Judy Hill, Tony Sain, Danny War- lick. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lynch, Edwin Shelton, Foy Fredell, Dean Helms, Robert Wise, Joan Smith, Brenda Mauney, Dora Berryhill, Rebecca Scronce, Jessie Seagle, Gary Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Dean Scronce, Gary Seagle, Douglas Carpenter, Rhea White, Jerry Lee Berryhill, Rubye Yount, Susan Kiser, Gary Hoyle, Darrel Bivens, Bradford Broadway. FIFTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Phyllis Helms, Jessie Jones, Rhodney Reep, Vicky Warlick, Barbara Allen, Hugh Smith, Teresa White, Jerry Leatherman, Robert Mosteller, Shelia Sain, Zelda Beam, Larry Gilbert, Wayne Taylor, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Killian, Gary Rudisill, Bessie Helms, Coleen Duckworth, Glenn West, Coy Fredell, Tony Whitener, Charles Killian, Linda Reep, Vicki Houser, Reba Sain, Edward Waters, Linda York, THIRD ROW: Alice McConnell, Gay Lee Hoover, Kay Houser, Ted Propst, Larry Sharpe, Ray Scronce, Joanne Johnson, Larry Carpenter, Blair Yount, Billy Ingle, Dianne Stroupe, . FIFTH GRADE A R r FOURTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE - FIRST ROW: Brenda Ingle, Jimmy Johnson, Gail McConnell, Gary Lutz, Catherine Coon, Bobby Helms. SECOND ROW: Flo Hull, Rickey Seagle, Jim- mie Dellinger, Wanda Scronce, Charlie Hoover, Danny Ingle. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Moody, Dennis Whitener, Sandra Sain, Charles Johnson, Betty Jo Moody, Stevie Brooks. FOURTH ROW: Jane Yount, Eddie White, Eddie Rhyne, Rita Waters, Teresa Hull, Keith Gilbert. FIFTH ROW: Larry Leonhardt, Aliene Chapman, Bernice Ingle, Peggy West, Mary Yoder, Gary Sain. SIXTH ROW: Billy Spencer, Miss Jonas. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES - FIRST ROW: Nancy Bivins, Max Jonas, Patsy Shelton, Rita Scronce, Sandra Scronce, Ronnie Rudisill. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Propst, Ruby Smith, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Linda Kay Chapman, Donald Anthony, Donnie Cline. THIRD ROW: Donna Rhyne, Freida Houser, Dianne Chapman, Ann Rhodes, David Scronce, Betty Sain. FOURTH ROW: Terry Elmore, Larry Wease, Linda Jean Childers, Ronnie Carswell, Sheila Deyton, Faye Sain. FIFTH ROMA: Carolyn Bridges, Gerald Carpenter, Bobby Ingle, Mary Jo Ellis, Paul Mauney, J. B. Smith, Mrs. Yoder, Lewis Hall absent THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES THIRD GRADE THIRD GRADE - FIRST ROW: Allen McConnell, Charles Bolick, Mildred Allen, Nancy Engle, Tommy Cline, Eugene Morrison. SECOND ROW: Roy Fredell, Mary Ann Earl, Joyce Reinhardt, Patricia Hill, Deborah Falls, Ann Cline. THIRD ROW: Neal Chat- man, Judy Heavner, Ann Mosteller, Barbara Johnson, Ann Carpenter, Cathy Warlick. FOURTH ROW: Nick Goins, Randy Newton, Junius Chatman, Betty Rose Chatman, Shirley Taylor, Carroll Gilbert, Barbara Hoover. FIFTH ROW: Linda Bolick, Tommy Wise, Linda Yount, Charles Reep, Dean Sigmon, Janice Childers. SIXTH ROW: Ray- ' mond Bivens, Dorothy Bivens, Robert Abernethy, Ted Carpenter, Lina Lee Gilbert, Mrs. Mullen. SECOND GRADE: Beth Leatherman, Margaret Sue Propst, Jerry Ingle, Randy Leather- man, Roy Johnson, Johnny Sain, Benny Hoover. SECOND ROW: Dianne Rudisill, Franklin Bivens, Gene Johnson, Sandra Frasure, Marilyn Webb, Debbie Rhyne, Darrel Ledbetter. THIRD ROW: Barbara Kay Bridges, Michael Sharpe, J. W. Smith, Faye Bivens, Barbara Yount, Bruce Yount, Jerry Sain. FOURTH ROW: Christine Bivens, Mrs. Houser. SECOND GRADE SECOND GRADE SECOND GRADE - FIRST ROW: Frances Deyton, Patty Seagle, Vita Moody, Doris Cline, Larry Elmore, Sandra Beam, Johnny Berryhill. SECOND ROW: Eddie Haynes, Hull, Barbara Yoder, Sara Lane, s. THIRD ROW: Glenn Helms, Latreta Hallman, Sheila Gilbert, Evon Stevie Elmore, Judy Boyles, Wayne Allen, Patricia Steve Davi Carpenter, Rita Gilbert, Linda Heavner, Mrs. Bangle. FIRST GRADE - FIRST ROW: Larry Smith, Ronald Sain, Keith Wilson, Kenneth Wise, Patricia Smith, Sharon Lutz, Wayne Reinhardt, Julia Scronce. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Sain, Cynthia Reinhardt, Charles Waters, Eugene Carpenter, Sandra Ledbetter, Larry Richard, Gene Sain. THIRD ROW: Patti Taylor, Bill Pendleton, James York, Pat Sain, Deborah Watts, Michael Wilfong, Mrs. Pauline Scronce. FIRST GRADE '75 J 1 1 J J 4 1 , ,iw ,Own W 7 FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Tommy Kiser, Allen Hoyle, Johnny Jones, Vickie King, Sara Helms, Randy I-leavner, Frances Moody, Willie Mae Bolick. SECOND ROW: Johnny Hill, Steve Chatman, Larry Anthony, Donny Pless, Cathy Chatrnan, Dale Bivens, Melvin Whitner, Kenneth Houser. THIRD ROW: Gary Crowder, Carolyn Hoyle, Jill Miller Charles Ledford, Allen Gilbert, Michael Frasure, Miss Mosteller, .. WWW, MW, , . umm 'W-"M amma-m1zm:aww"MW :Mmm M Wm M:-me ,.......nvi'- - H .,.. W ,,.,. ,,,, . . :.. ,:.f f .- ffwfffvgb X XT if WJ? S116 W13 XY 5 X J 5 LQff ' x M S P V X P BETA D 'si ,gf XXX AX X B of h .Him ui , E Ax , 13 6 im TRAIL BLAZER Editors ------- - JANE HEAVNER Mimeographers ---- - BILL HEAFNER JULIA HEAVNER RALPH WARLICK Associate Editor ----- KAY SMITH Advisor ---- ---- M RS, ALLEN A W 'F Q 4 ,L v s 5 ' DEBATING A A Larry Yoder, Tommy Rhyne, Judy Seagle, Brenda Leatherman, Dorothy Beam, Mrs. Elizabeth Rhyne, Harold Scronce. 7 OFFICE STAFF i 1 ROYALTY King Queen M. D. MORGAN JANICE LOGAN Duke TONY W1-IITENER Duchess REBA SAIN Prince JOHNNY JONES Princess VICKIE KING ,,,......0., ,,,,m,,A., , Q guna. gk E A .,., g , " ' 7kf:':W:f::.?:w , S - E - Q - i ' E if s E -, -ff S E E 1'... 5 E 5 5 :I 3. 3 1 : : : Z I : : 2: E: ' 1 E I 5 :. 155 ' , N 3 - N: . ., ., Q : 1: W' .V S -.1 ' f Q :- Q :I 5 E ., QI Q EE : I ' Nz- : -' H E52 ' I: . ,ni::1:::::::::'.1::::1: xg- 3 : ,. , ,1...:m::::::::::u:" .hh Q-1 - - ,Af -' ezzzzmmsszzzzzzzl Q- : I: ..., .............,....... f 4 - :.. ... ..................... ... L - - : .5153 - 21111112111112111151! 11: I : f 131- ., 1..................... ...ba Q :J - - , -.........,............. .... Q - , 5593 ' -5151111'51211'125111Z 111525 Q .5 -4- - - -,: , ',1.,- if .2--z ..:.. ,..,....t.-.,..1........a, ......... 1 F-5 ,?f,:,: 1 aff, 4-4121 .. .., ...........................- ,...,...., E J I ..,1 ,, ,,4,.f, -51. .L ,,,,. ,..-4..,5....,.....,.......-ww... Q L. 1. . ., 1 ,- . ,, ' . z -:nu-:st,-:::::1:::::s::::1::::1:::tw - 1 . 6.V:5..pp--an-nn-n------.--nn-4-nu ' . , U ...........................,...,.... -.f 4, "-.'-'szzzzzzzzzzzzz'':::1:::::::1::s:::::::' 6 3 ' :ffasm'2111111221::::1::::::u:::::1'' Q 4,..l..............,...........f x -................,.........- i -, "" '-" :mme--" X Eg . I X g Z X - X ' ff X , y i fs Q : 5 j Q55 X E 2 E ff Z S N . Q 15 22 I 1.-L , f 9 M Q : In : 5 5 Q : :., : S 1 Q Q - - , , 1 S I I :Z 3 ' S 5 Q 5 :s: 5 :: 4 2 - - - , 5 sas - -, ' 2 EE. Z y, S SSW Jane Heavner Lib Hoover Josie Spencer Julia Heavner Kay Smith Carolyn Green Carolyn Green, Elizabeth Hoover, Julia Heavner, Jane Heavner, Kay Smith, Josie Spencer, Clarice Smith, Barbara Chapman, Betty Io Hauss, Carolyn Scronce, Judy Gilbert, Reba Elmore, Joe Kiser. Manager CHRISTINE CROWDER M. D. Morgan Clyde Ingle Ralph Warlick Tommy Rhyne Franklin Scronce Danny Ingle Franklin Scronce, Clyde Ingle, M. D. Morgan, Ralph Warlick, Tommy Rhyne, Danny Ingle, Gene Scronce, Barry Sain, Larry Yoder, Johnny Rhyne, David Warlick, Coach: Mr. Kiser. Manager JERRY CANIPE CHEERLEADERS BETH WARLICK HARVEY THOMAS IANICE LOGAN Chief: MARGARET ANNE DEYTON HA ROLD S CRON CE MA RY LEE T AYLOR SONNY WISE A .5 MR, M, S, HEAVNER MRS. PAUL CHILDERS MRS. W, C, JETTON Principal Sixth Grade Fourth and Fifth Grades MRS. GLENN LEONHARDT MRS, HUGH HAUSS MRS, CSCAR PIERCE Third and F01lITh Grades Second and Third Grades First Grade SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Tony Reynolds, Elizabeth Cundiff, Claudette Hoyle, Janie Holloway, Jimmy Houser Earl Jenkism, Billy Auron. SECOND ROW, Ray Black, Particia Reep, Mary Lou Avery, Harold Rndisill, Vivian Mosteller, Brenda Sain, Freddie Farmer. THIRD ROW: Bamey Fisher, Steve Canipe, Vickie Scronce, Oscar Smith, Donald Hines, Mr. Heavner. Not On The Picture: Carolyn Avery, Roy Lee Lowe, Roy Lee Haynes, Vernon Avery, Clinton Houser. SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW, Linda Auton, Donald Farmer, Robert Wehunt, Joe Armstrong, Terry Royster, Lonnie Leatherman, Larry Avery, Darrell Wise. SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Ingle, Ave Davis, Linds Hines, Dianne Helms, Dianne Houser, Edna Peeler, Shirley Ingle, Marilyn Hudson, THIRD ROW: Brenda Smith, Gene Goins, Mile Huss, Bobby Lynch, Brends Gilbert, Linda Avery, Christene Boldirlg. Rickey Rhyme. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Childers, Larry Gilbert, Freda Eaker, Janet Gilliland, Joann Gillidand, Sue Reep, Jimmy Sain, William Smith. FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES FIRST ROW: Gail Rhyne, Judy Huss, Jerry Wright, Charles Avery, Tommy Hartsoe, Donald Eaker, Terry Gales, Judy Avery. SECOND ROW, Patricia Harrsoe, Kathleen Haynes, Faye Long, Jeannie Gilliland, David McKinney, Dale Elmore, Max Houser, Buddy Sain. THIRD ROW Ann Reynolds, Clifford Black, Grady Jr. Helms, Richard Gilbert, Mary Frances Avery, Margaret Burnett, Donald Rudisill, Darrell Jenkins. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. W. C. Jetton, Harry Hoover, J. B. Wood, Elizabeth Houser, Rita Byers, Lester Black. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES FIRST ROW: Nancy Wise, Sue Helms, Becky Hoyle, Karen Reep, Nancy Cook, Eugene Johnson, Wayne Heavner, Ronnie Avery, Ted Houser, Fran Parker, SECOND ROW: Ray Avery, Phillip Mosteller, Leonard Williams, Junie Haynes, Betty Jo Helms, Mary J. Byrd, Larry Gales, Reba Sain, Ronny Heavner, Tony Yount. THIRD ROW: Billy Hoyle, Carolyn Willis, Larry Neal, Joe Rudisill, Ray Bolding, David Ingle, Eddie Smith, Sue Black, Debbie Robinson, Walter Houser, SECOND AND THIRD GRADES FIRST ROW: Larry Carpenter, Stevie Hoover, Cecil Ledford, J, D. Ingle, Vivian Byers, Tony Watts, Vickie Hartsoe, Sandra Kay Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Linda Houser, Patricia Rudisill, Carolyn Farmer, Jackie Patton, Linda Bolding, Eddie Haynes, Charles Smith, Ronald Gilbert. THIRD ROW: Ricky Willis, Jimmy Sain, Brenda Black, Bill Williams, Goldie Lowe, Frankie Peeler, Jimmy Ingle, Not On Picture: Emest Smith, Wanda Lafay Owens, Nancy Willis, Eugene Haynes, Vickie Willis, Teacher: Mrs, Hauss, FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Deborah Reynolds, David Ingle, Jimmy Watts, Terri Quickel, Sherry Neal, David Childers, Wanda Kay Willis. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hoover, Timothy Hallman, Karen Gilbert, Teresa Hoover, Joanne Avery, Carol Davis, Jimmy Wise. THIRD ROW: Joe Thomas Avery, Mary Jo Peeler, Susan Huss, Clayton Willis, Kenneth Hudson, Billy Jo Jenkins, Brenda Kay Haynes. FOURTH ROW: Deck Hoyle, JamesCanipe, Jim Black. M RICHARD ARMSTRONG, 4-H 1, Beta Club 3, 4, FFA 1, Trail Blazer 3,4, Best Dressed 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Junior Play 3, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. MAX BEAM, FFA 1, Glee Club 1, Key Club 2, 4-H 1, 2, Class President l,2, 3,4, Marshal 3, Most Intelligent 4, Most Likely to Succeed 4. PAUL CARPENTER: FFA 1, Glee Club l,2,3,4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY CONNER, Beta Club 3, 4, Trail Blazer 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, Reporter, Science Club 1, Junior Play 3, Library Club 2, 4, Flirtiest 4, Perfect Attendance 2, Parliamentarian of FHA 3, 4-H Club l,2, Softball 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Vice President of Library Club 2. JAMES DEYTON, FHA 4, FFA 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1. MARGARET ANNE DEYTON: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Fl-IA 3, Science Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, Trail Blazer 3, 4, Best All Around 4, Class Poet 4, FTA 1, Beta Club 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Library Club 2, 4, Chief Cheerleader 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Editor of Annual 4, Sang at Junior-Senior Banquet 3, Variety Show 2, 3, 4, Shower of Stars 1. LINDA DUCKWORTH, 4-H 1, 2, FTA 1, Science Club 1, 2, Beta Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Trail Blazer 3,4, Best Dressed 4, Class Reporter 1, Class Secretary 3, Beta Club Reporter 4, Sang at Junior -Senior Banquet 3, Variety Show 3, Glee Club 1, 2. NELLIE ELMORE, 4-H 1,2, FHA 1,2,3,4, FTA 1, Science Club 1, 2, Beta Club 3,4, Junior Play 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Trail Blazer 3, 4, Best Sport 4, Cheer- leader at All-Star Game 3, Vice President 1, Class Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, President of FHA 4. PEGGY GALES, FHA 1,2,3, 4-, 4-H l,2, Glee Club 1, Science Club l,2, Testator 4, TED HARTSOE: Glee Club 1, 4-H 1,2,3, FFA 1,2,4, FHA 4, Library Club 3, Perfect Attendance 2, 3, BILL HEAFNER, South Dale High 1, 4-H 2,'3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Key Club President 4, Beta Club 3, 4, FHA 4, Flirtiest 4. JANE HEAVNER: Beta Club 3,4, Secretary of Beta Club 4, Co-Chief Marshal 3, FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, Music 1, 2, 3,4, Associate Editor of Trail Blazer 3, Co-Editor of Trail Blazer 4, Junior Play 3, Science Club l,2, Glee Club 1, 4, Bus Driver 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, All Conference 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Letter 1, 2, Basketball Star 3, Most Intelligent 4, Most Likely to Succeed 4, JULIA HEAVNER: Beta Club 3,4, C0-Chief Marshal 3, FTA 1, 2,3, 4, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor of Trail Blazer 3, Co -Editor of Trail Blazer 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Science Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, All Conference 3, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Letter and Star l,2, 3, 4, Most Athletic 4, Sang at Junior-Senior 3, Variety Show 3, MARY RUTH HOOVER, FHA 1,2,3,4, 4-H 1,2, Beta Club 3,4, Science Club 1,2, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Trail Blazer 3, 4, Most Studious 4, Library Club 3. JOYCE ANN LEDFORD, 4-H 1, 2,3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Science Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, FHA 1, 2, Cheerleader 3, Most Talkative 4, Trail Blazer 4, Devotional Leader 1, IANICE LOGAN: Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, Music 1, FHM 1,2, 3, 4, FHA Secretary 4, Trail Blazer 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Class Historian 4, School Queen 4, M, D, QBUDJ MORGAN, Glee Club 1,2, 3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Class Vice President 1, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, King, 1, 4, Library Club 3, Bus Driver 4. JANICE M, PENDLETON, 4-H 1,2, 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Science Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Friendliest 4. CLYDE REEP, President of Class 2, Glee Club 1, FFA 1, FHA 4, 4-H 1,2,3,4. LARRY SAIN: 4-H 1,2,3, FFA 1,2, 3,4, FHA 4, BLAIR SCRDNCE: Fred T. Foard 1, 3, FFA 4, FHA 4, Best All-Round 4. HAROLD SCRONCE, FFA 1, 2,3,4, FFA President 2, 3, Bus Driver 3, 4, Debating 3, 4, Trail Blazer 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Delegate to Boys' State 4, Class Reporter 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Beta Club President 4, FFA Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Marshal 3, Perfect Attendance 2, 3. JERRY SCRONCE: FFA 1, Baseball 1,2, 3, Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, 4-H 1,2, 3,4, 4-H Camp 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 1, Library Club 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Most Attractive 4, Bus Driver 4. LINDA SCRONCE: 4-H 1,2, 3, Science Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1,2, 3, Beta Club 3, 4, Trail Blazer 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2. CLARICE SMITH, Science Club 1,2, 4-H 1,2, Glee Club 1, 2,4, Basketball 1,2, 4, Softball 1,2,4, FTA 1, KAY SMITH: FHA 1.2, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Music 1, 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Art I, Class Secretary 1, 2, Science Club 2, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2. 3. 4: B3Sk6Ib-H11 Letter and SIRI 2.3. 4: Cheerleader Letter 1, Class Reporter 3, School Queen 3, Lincoln County Health Queen 1, Associate Editor of Trail Blazer 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Debating 3, Class Treasurer 4, Junior Play 3, Most Attractive 4, Most Popular 4, Sang at Junior -Senior Banquet 3, Variety Show 3, ' TOMMY SNIDER, FFA 1, 2, FHA 4, Glee Club 2, 3, HARVEY THOMAS, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA Secretary 2, 3, Dairy'Judglng Team 2, 3, FFA Camp 3, Bus Driver 4, Perfect Attendance 2, 3, Best Sport 4, Cheerleader 4, FHA 4. KATHY THOMAS, FHA 1,2, 4, Library Club 3, Trail Blazer 4, Prophet 4, Beta Club 4, Typist of Annual 4, Fred T. Foard 1, 2. RALPH WARLICK, Baseball 1,2, 3,4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Junior Play 3, Beta Club 3, 4, Vice President of Beta Club 4, District Beta Vice President 4, Trail Blazer Staff 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3,4, Most Athletic 4, Class Vice President 3, Referee 2, 3, Key Club 4, Letter 2, Star 3. ROGER WARLICK: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 4, Library Club 3, Cheerleader 1, 3, Chief Cheerleader 3, Bus Driver 4. ROBERT WHITENER, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1,2, FHA 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Bus Driver 4, Dairy Judging Team 1, 2, Most Studious 4, Perfect Attendance 1. CARL WILSON, FFA 1, 2.4, 4-H 1,2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Trail Blazer 3, 4, Class Vice President 4, Beta Club Treasurer 4, 4-H Vice President 4, Most Friendly 4, Annual Staff 4. AUTOGRAPHS lat. QW' OA' Jb- N L 888888888888888 Cl O 8888 R 5 lm N v ' 88888888888888888 X XX f ff . , 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 C9 b 'I 5 .,, -f ,f , 1 A - . ' ' X 88888888 X 'L 'b Dx X . fuffg Congratulations From FIRST NATIONAL BANK Two Convenient Locations Main Office 102 East Main Street East Branch fDrive-Inj 1203 Main Street A Friendly Bank in a Friendly Community Established 1903 Lincolnton, North Carolina BELK-SCHRUM "We Clothe the Family for Less." Lincolnton, North Carolina T.8.S. WELDING AND MACHINE CO, D, C, THORNBURG, Prop. General Machine Work - Gears Made Welding of All Kinds - Auto Welding Farm Machinery Repaired Phone RES-7 151 Reepsville Road CONNER FURNITURE COMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina DAVE LERNER'S STORE Lincolnton, North C arolina HARRIS-CITY PAINT STORE DeSoto Paints - Wallpaper Painting Supplies - Toys Floor Covering RE5 -26 1 1 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina HENRY SAINE GROCERY 114 Court Square Lincolnton, North Carolina HARTMAN'S STORES "Everything for the Men and Children." Phone RE5-5012 Lincolnton, North Carolina LOWE'S ESSO OIL SERVICE Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-8301 Lincolnton, North Carolina CREAMLAND GRILL Maiden Highway Phone REgent 5-7455 and IT DRIVE-IN GRILL Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-7522 Lincolnton, North C arolina Compliments of B. C. MOORE'S Re 5-2391 Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina BURRIS MFG, CO., INC, Makers of Fine Upholstery Lincolnton, North Carolina JOE AND JlM'S FOOD CENTER Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN FARMER AND BUILDERS TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT SUPPLY CO, Authorized Ford Dealers Lincolnton, North Carolina John Deere Tractors Building Materials and Implements Lincolnton, North C arolina STROUP'S SODA SHOP Watch Repairs Lincolnton, North C arolina RHODES AND BEAL OIL CO, Telephone RE5-8652 Distributors of Atlantic Petroleum Products Lincolnton, North Carolina ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 233 East Main Street B, F, Goodrich Tires Lincolnton, North Carolina HEAFNER TIRE co, Tires - New, Recapped, and Used 820 East Main Street Phone RE5-72.51 Lincolnton, North C arolina KEEVER 8. RAMSAUR INC, "We Fix Anything but a Broken Heart. " Bicycles, Sewing Machines Small Appliances, Guns, and Repairs Lincolnton, North Carolina. TILLMAN'S TV 8: MUSIC Also 'I'ILLMAN'S SKATELAND fPrivate Parties! Lincolnton, North Carolina ROBINSON'S Exclusive but Not Expensive Dial RE5-837 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina BROWN'S ESSO SERVICENTER "Service While You Shop, " Main and Poplar Streets Lincolnton, North Carolina Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1959 PAUL BANGLE'S Esso SERVICE STATION Groceries DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS . . Tires - Batteries - Gas Route Z Lincolnton, North Carolina HENRY'S RADIO 8a TV SERVICE Phone: Day RE5-2566 Night RE5-7194 "We Repair All Makes of Radios and Televisions and P, A, " 2 12 South Academy Street Lincolnton, North Carolina RHODES AND CORRIHER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Allis -Chalmers - New Idea New Holland Machinery F, CORRIHER, Representative Lincolnton, North C arolina FRANK G. KUCK SINCLAIR MARKETER Goodyear Tires and Tubes Boger City Highway Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of DIXIE HOME STORE Lincolnton, North Carolina EAGLE'S STORES Lincolnton, North C arolina Compliments of IDEAL CHAIR COMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina WLON TuRNER's RADIO STATION STORE 1050 K. C. 'Peop1e's Voice by Choice" Startown Road Lincolnton, North Carolina "Turn in to Turner's" Lincolnton, North Carolina SANDTANE GAS co, , INC, 32.7 South Aspen Phone REgent 5-2281 Lincolnton, North C arolina S815 EQUIPMENT CO, Your Authorized International Harvester Dealer 730 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina KING'S OFFICE SUPPLY 124 E. Main St. Lincolnton, N. C. Gifts and School Supplies C omplime nts of LINCOLN LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS "Sa.nitone Dry Cleaning" 1220 E. Main Phone Re 5-2543 Lincolnton, N. C. ROGER FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture and Appliances North Court Square Phone RE-5-7580 Lincolnton, N. C. WILLIS PLUMBING COMPANY Phone REgent 5-7222 Lincolnton, N. C. We Sell the Best We Fix the Rest C ompliments of RAMSEUR HARDWARE CO, Lincolnton, N. C. Phone RE 5-2051 Compliments of CAROLYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of LINGERFELT ELEC, CO, Lincolnton, North Carolina ECONOMY DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store Prescription Headquarters Lincolnton, North Carolina CRONLAND HARDWARE co, , INC, C ompliments of LAWING'S Rough and Finished Lumber Building Supplies Phone: 215-6564 MEN SHOP Lincolnton, N, C. ECONOMY PARKER'S AUTO SU PPLY 233 E. Main St. Lincolnton, N. C. Dealers of Goodrich Tires and Batteries CARPET GOLF Highway 32 1 SCRONCE'S GRILL Gastonia Highway C ompliments of HARRILL-EWING FLORIST Lincolnton, N. C . G. H. PEELER Seed - Feed - Fertilizer - Lime Phone RE 5-5481 Lincolnton, North Carolina C omplime nts of WARLICK'S FLORIST Lincolnton, North C arolina Compliments of RALPH ABERNETHY CHEV, CO, Day RE 5-2561 Night RE 5-2562 701 E. Main St. Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of LINCOLNTON COCA-BOTTLING CO, Lincolnton, N. C. T, C, FALLS GROCERY E. Groceries - Gasoline - Dry Goods Peter's Shoes - FCX Feeds VALE MILL AND GROCERIES Fertilizers - Small Hardware Phone Re 5-8952 Purina Chows Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina Vale, North Carolina SUMMIE SAIN REEPSVILLE GARAGE WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER , General Service and Auto Patromze Our Advertisers Repair Vale' North Carolina operated by CARL HARTSOE Phone RE5-2893 i , If I WWW MMM WW yy-V LINCOLN NATIONAL BANK of Lincolnton, N. C. Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation KISTLER HEATING co, Westinghouse Heating and Air Conditioning Roofing and Guttering Phone: 5-7 162. Lincolnton, North C arolina DRUMS' SIMMONS FUNERAL HOME HOUSING AND MORTGAGE COMPANY Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Funeral Directors Lincolnton, North C arolina 109 South Academy Street G,I, and F.H.A. Conventional Loans Lincolnton, North Carolina CROWN CONVERTING COMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina CAROLINA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Shell Products Phone RE 5-8591 Lincolnton, N, C Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors W. C. JETTON Vale, North Carolina C ongratulations From TEETER'S SUPER MARKET Lincolnton, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS TO UNION SCHOOL THE FACULTY STUDENT BODY AND THE GRADUATING CLASS OF COBLE DAIRY 1959 JARRETT'S LAUNDRY at CLEANERS C, C, JARRETT, Owner and Manager South Academy Street Lincolnton, N. C. Phone RE 5-5271 Complete Laundry Service FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS'N Phone RE5-2042 Lincolnton, North Carolina W. R. CARSWELL ESSO SERVICE Phone RE5 -5 9 12 Route 1 Lincolnton, North C arolina LINCOLN ANTIQUE SHOP New and Used Plumbing Supplies Phone RE5-5552 Lincolnton, North Carolina JOHNSON MILLING COMPANY Feed - Seed - Seed Cleaning Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN FINANCE co, , INC, We Finance Sales Between Individuals A Local Company for Local People Financing Refinancing Dial RE5-5391 Lincolnton, North Carolina BANNER ROLLER MILLS, INC, Lincolnton, North Carolina E. D. GEYMONT Grading and Clearing - Contractor Phone Regent 5-6322 Vale, North Carolina BILL NOLEN'S WARLICKS MINNO WS GROC ERY Crouse, N. C. Route Z, Vale, N, C. Self-Service Phone RE 5-5981 JIM KILBY'S SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Highway 127 Hickory, North Carolina BOB JETTON Groceries - Feeds - Hardware Gas - Oil Washing - Lubrication Phone RE-5-2.705 Reepsville , North Carolina G. S. SAINE PLUMBING AND HEATING CO, Phone RE-5-8681 Lincolnton, North Carolina DIXIE GROCERY CO, , INC, Lincolnton, North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS'N Phone RE5-2042 ' Lincolnton, North Carolina PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS i I I L..i.l4 , . 1 :Q In ja ii fn 'Q ' 1 L 2? I , ,Rt I, , ,, , A ,jfla-gf A - v. , 1, f , W ,, ,, ,T ,Q ,, fp: '33-1, 5 ima? DMM," ,7 Q.-9 . w rw: f ' 1, fm,1.pQvg:Q!11eaf.zQ4m:-,mu ' f ' ' Mwgssef:Lw.:f4axw,M "k1:2m1.,sm ,Js1.smLA1.:f:4Q:,Q:,w,5b'f:2M:5cx,,Semx.:. w,,. .-. ,.,, ,Y , J-?...., 'h ., ,,.. , ,. .... Q A , --H- ..,- , - ff-fir ......-1.4 f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" O J., .44 , , g. ,,,, ,, 1 Yxinxlf --v Slum ' --tv----1 -1 1' T 1 1 I 9 I 5 1 A A , ,X . 5 fs "4,2y.f:fS Z 1 35535 A SN QSM-gg A-' ,g5Q,g,1k35,, my-jfff 4 , of ,..,. si Y , 4 ,, -4-Q6 ani

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