Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC)

 - Class of 1958

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Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1958 volume:

w-,M-v " M, ,..-Y .- ff-1 f W-wr wzfw---1--ww-W--,m,,,,.., Y.-aww-...f,.'-7-g:,gQv7g,3v,5,,,,, , , ,W .,., ,nvv If w . - l I , an .I ff ,ff 1 . we f M.. s.- 1 w .2-m-.-. -lun.-gum " , E153 ' iii? ,F Q ag.. 3 -L 3 lg nv., '77 ' 1 Sy fl A ,f 1 i ff' . 1 , " ' ,....v - 'XX y kr 'NN W..-'A' rw 4 Vx 'A N ,M ',,,.,,,,:- ',,,,,,.p X Xu .40 TH 1958 ACORN t e SENIOR CLASS o UNION HIGH SCHOOL Vale North Carolma A1,Q,Z I VK 3 Ig 'fs 17,3 IN MEMORIAM To show our appreciation for the many kind- nesses she did for us and for the great interest she had in us while she was Manager of the Cafeteria we the Senior Class dedicate this page in memory of MRS M H GOINS V-'WN I si? ff- 5:15. We dedicate our 1958 ACORN to our prmclpal MR. WILLIAM W NOLEN ADMINISTRATION I MR. NORRIS CHILDERS C S ' d MR. WILLIAM NOLEN ounty upermten ent MR. BILL WARLICK principal Treasurer BOARD OF EDUCATION MR, ROBERT ABERNETHY Chairman I MR. M. H. GOINS MR. KOHN HEAVNER MR, BEN SCRONCE MR, E, F. RITCI-IIE as HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. E. C. RHY NE English and French MRS, D. F. MOSTELLER History and English MRS FORREST ALLEN IR, Commercial MRS, FORREST HARTSOE Home Economics MR, JOE KISER Athletics and Science MR. BILL WARLICK Science and Math MR, S, E. RICHBOURG Agriculture MRS, RUSSELL SEAGLE Eighth and High School Librarian MR. FRANK YODER Eighth and Geometry MRS. GLENN YOUNT Piano MR. ROY THOMAS Janitor lx ' ELEMENTARY FACULTY emi' MR, F, W. KISER Seventh Grade MR. JAMES HUGH HOYLE Seventh and Sixth Grade MRS, ROBERT LYNCH Six th and MQW" Fifth Grade MRS. FRANK KILLIAN Fifth Grade MISS HELEN JONAS Fourth Grade MRS, RALPH YODER Third and Fourth Grade MRS. CLYDE MULLEN Third Grade MRS, FARRELL HOUSER Second Grade MRS, PAUL BANGLE Second Grade MRS, HAL SCRONCE First Grade MISS PAULINE MOSTELLER First Grade W2 2 Q ,-,,fq5x,gqfaQf ,x my . - ' f M2 r 44 f f xy Q 2 N1 If 4 X Q gag S gf i N57 ?w,k5'?QJf'l7Qs9l g ,:xiEf'iA!f is se M' .ev iv 5, vW,g1,42Qg,'fVg 51 1,952 53611123 'Riga Q s 'f B-ig ,f ,UV M153 51 iz fx 1 ms? . 5 W W, Q? x A gf wg ,gJk'fS43 W5 zgwgxggil S nv M1 Q 2 Q 1 x xi Ju hMg,l5,,f'a 3,1 g w ,fi :'5'b'gi6" 'gyda 252: 43. ,Q - Q 635 4 www f ff wig? K M W I YVQIQN 5 gi, Zvgggxeg ig, 'ga xxv 555 ,1-gd, Q ' ' -.- W- 2' - A-X x' Rfwx IEE' ff "E, "1 SQ, Q" fa 1 5 f .EfLg'ii3':1 1 - .151 'iffizk Q' KY . Q 9 1 52? 1 MW:..gyef,c-gf3,,L,:,Wm 1, ' ' ' gf ?-,gnu WV' President ---- - - JACK HUSS Vice President - - - - - PEGGY KISER Secretary ---- - - FAYE BROOKS Reporter - - - - FAYE HOXLE MASCOTS Barbara Yoder Jerry Ingle CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS FLOWER Iris CLASS MOTTO The greatest glory is never in failing, but in rising when we fall, CLARA BEAM IUANITA BOWEN FAYE BROOKS GLENN BROOKS Q., ,N 'W mf' M, WVR X Y 'xigkf 1,,1g H , 1 'V4M- Q5 -5-wcqfxnmmf L ., N m,h,, M-:,, ,,,q. ' - , -.., 'T in , fm gg' .fdgnzn V. . 911' .-n.o,"','.- M 1 J rt, lx. :wi ,,.N,4-.,5' l H vi 554 3' A-kb Km , 5 W1-,L fx IP' "'g1 fbm'AVUHq' ,M ...j---,i--. 4 -wfwp-L,-' ., ff.,.,.f fin: gg ',, w, .n .H w, armwif 3'.'w.? ,SN ,Q 1' 4 +5-4 wwf J, 1' . s...f,"'Z.f.ir. SYLVESTER BYRD ALETA CANIPE FRANCES CANIPE HAROLD CANIPE .gvpgf GLORIA DEAN com' WAYNE GILBERT JOHNNY HEAFNER LANDER HEAFNER pig, wnnggy.. , x,,-wmt rv! ML wwf, "az JUDY HELMS FAYE HOYLE JACK HUSS PEGGY JOHNSON VERTIE SUE KING SHELBY JEAN KISER MARTHA LEATHERMAN DOUGLAS LEDFORD ffwfw E' L"":gmn, .0 M me-HQ A-ya! V -wwf--' mwl 'qw-as I .muwgf ax 4 .g, NELLIE FAYE PRUITT YATES REEP EARLENE SAIN .TACK SAIN SAM SAIN BEUNIE SCRONCE CAROLYN SCRONCE GEARLDINE SCRONCE RW K in "fe M,.,.f-,V af f . 1 L .SI WIN mf-N Y--' I fx. --Qi MARY SUE SEAGLE BETTY WARLICK ANN WRIGHT N. www-my , M2 ' -.f , x G f WTF? ' H xagyx A 4' 5 S nf 664, W6 L . In vy'n3f:'i Q 'K I Y ,Q f 4 rf, 4 my CJ f QU. J r VA 2 7-1 f iv' N X 'Q 1 :- -Q, Mx' M 223+ WV if an L gh ,. 65,32 xggx ,K 5, A rw.. , x M! P :Wiki 4' Lt? ' N. fe w '- .QW we fw- , :If - .:222-?vrMs,,f-au-an iffeq ' .5 g:fwg'f,g. Jfergj- - 'ffl f!?E"E'::fi RS,-.LW-.5'i-.LI',..TF'xD 4,-.fm LT"i'?:-.' :, .aff-fi Zv,.'4w. c '--sgmm fi .::,:f,.--,gfrs-5234s-waz,-Qf.5 'Wax 22 kr- ' , sex i:-:gi 'fzffgizwf:-'f.Q vm-1a2m:1.1 gg: . mf T f ' we-f.,-xr-2.21 .wgW-zwszr-m-x1w,:a-Mazafr.-f + L 'sw' T184-iff?1'3 HQ 94,S5hW5l"l11Q' Q'TyP?'9 :Q 3 77. Q. x"'w!K .iw We ,QMIQ ,W W .ff JUNIORS MAX BEAM PA UL CARPENTER SHIRLEY CONNER JAMES DEYTON MARGARET DEYTON LINDA DUCKWORTH NELLIE SUE ELMORE IOANN FISHER PEGGY ANN GALES TED HARTSOE BILL HEAFNER JANE HEAVNER JULIA HEAVNER RUTH HOOVER GENE HOUSER MARGARET LEATHERMAN JOYCE LEDFORD IANICE LOGAN JUNIORS M. D. MORGAN JANICE MOSTELLER CLYDE REEP BILLY RUDISELL MARY RUDISELL LARRY SAIN HAROLD SCRONCE JERRY SCRONCE TROY SCRONCE TOMMY SNIDER CLARICE SMITH LINDA SUE SCRONCE KAY SMITH HARVEY THOMAS RALPH WARLICK ROGER WARLICK ROBERT WHITENER CARL WILSON A :,, X 'f..-A i A f c", M' S Q yy 92 1 0 K f' .V , 1 Rl' MDM4' L Exif My if f X A Q P awww , if 3 W . j v , paw ,W Q fe J A MSW 1 f f xg f ' f Y 4 A V95 'Qi gm, 26, YIM ,ffm ,gays ' ww, www df' ' f 4 Q- ,X+19,.i,g,,Q 4 a 12 wwyswf 1 4 w, 1 J gh N, i,g,5,Ww',g x V filfrf d,y,r,,, M iw ' K, vi ,.9'ff,K elixi, ,yn y x Y 1 4,4 , wa.. W 5: 7 ' 19' N74 " ' , .3:4,f:N?T!f.:-gk,Q,a,.f. , , .. ' lf' Q '9f,x'Q QW, QMS ffliimc Fang N -ff, , 11, glvfyil, .V . . ' 0 . 1 H , fear V--2 ? s --ff f 1. , ,K 2 Q 1 2 .fy .,f.,,, .... Q. ,tf 4,,ifX iw? H 4 , , 1, y . ' Q, 4: 1 1 SOPHOMORES Rosa Nell Armstrong Franklin Berryhill Jerry Canipe Steve Carpenter Brenda Carswell Christine Crowder Joyce Dellinger Jimmie Elmore Mary Lee Dorsey Rosie Lee Dorsey B. E. Gilbert Brenda Gilbert Frances Gilbert Linda Gilbert Max Greene Mills Greene Carolyn Greene Ralph Grigg Carol Heavner Linda Sue Heafner Madgalene Helms Elizabeth Hoover Peggy Ingle Dollie Jenkins SOPHOMORES Clyde Ingle Kenneth Johnson Max Johnson Judy Jonas Jane Killian Carolyn Leigh Larry Leonard Jane Propst Timmie Reynolds Barry Sain Brenda Sain Eugene Sain Nancy Sain Franklin Scronce Peggy Scronce Roy Shultz Mattie Smith Josie Spencer Jimmy Taylor Mary Lee Taylor Clafton Tessner Faye Warlick James Wise Jean Wyant Jerry Huss F, Yfv ,. , 5,:4L, ,.,: 1 - ' - 1 i v.. .. ,. - Q An, J '- ' i. A 1, 'M'S'54fff my '.4ew"' f ,,..f2"" 'V tfg,N15y1v"""'f X' My wfyl, ww. va ,F pl ,pr 9 -wwf, ,WM- Q4 S wn...1 .,.:,g-A 'Wee W 'ling AQ?" FRESHMEN Robert Allen Dorothy Beam Jane Black 'Qdffw Nfl Barbara Chapman Ray Elmore Howard Fisher Lester Gales Judy Gilbert Tony Gilbert Sally Haynes Willie Faye Helms Philip Hoover Brenda Houser Gene Houser Jerry Houser Tommy Ingle Maxine Johnson Ned Johnson Ralph Johnson Shirley Johnson Mikey Kiser Brenda Leatherman Jimmy Leatherman FRESHMEN Thames Lutz Ronnie McConnell Faye Mitchell Floyd Peeler Nell Propst Billie Reep Mitchell Reep Tommy Rhyne Keith Sain Carolyn Scronce Ezell Scronce Judy Seagle Buddy Smith Jo Ann Stroup Jerry Thomas David Warlick Jimmy Warlick Frances West Terry Whitener Larry Wise Lewis Wright Larry Yoder 'dwg , f'?41"Wm -,rf We Ka. EJQS: jififpf Nu FWZ 1 29 like 'Uk nw- Sandra Hartsoe Kenneth Heavner Brenda Helms Peggy Hoover Bernice Houser Larry Hoyle Danny Ingle John Ingle Billy Kiser Billy Ledford Jean Leigh Otha Lyench David Mosteller Donald Newton Patricia Swink 'Ibis Max Abernethy Donald Avery William Bivens Jossie Bolding Joyce Childers Larry Eaker Reba Elmore Evelyn Fisher Essie Fredell Douglas Gales Jerry Gales Larry Gilbert Ray Gilbert Clara Gilbert Judy Grigg EIGHTH GRADE Carol Dean Auton Tommy Heafner Joe Billy Heavner Darrell Houser Carol King Reba Mahaley Dorothy Mauney Jerry Mosteller Nancy Peeler Sybil Peeler Faye Reep Johnny Rhyne Bobby Royster Dean Rudisill Carol Scronce Darrel Scronce EIGHTH GRADE "'9"j"' Gene Scronce Jimmy Scronce Dewey Smith Judy Smith Ray Smith Beth Warlick Mary Warlick Zackie Warlick Junior West Janice Whitener James Wilson Rita Wise Charles Wood Jerry Wyant Margaret Yount Am. df? ' 'gf ww ii?fzfff43"'s21 -3 3, 111 if -1 3512413-Vf.:sbi W . .: 546' '7'??i'5Z' 7 is -c w, ii-Fir" " -...-. Best Dressed FAYE BROOKS JACK SAIN Most Popular GEARLDINE SCRONCE JACK SAIN sf. Most Athletic BETTY WARLICK YATES REEP Most Likely to Succeed MARY SUE SEAGLE JACK HUSS in 4 ' 'Iw- 314' 525: tm K ,lm ,e X X an 771 I i v ga,-5.1 . . I + Best All Round JUDY HELMS GLENN BROOKS Flixtiest PEGGY KISER YATES REEP ap. 3 , 'f"n'- T" - ' RQ ' ., jr M Most Attractive Most Talkative ANN WRIGHT GLORIA DEAN CODY LANDER HEAFNER SAM SAIN Best Sports Most Intelligent ALETA CANIPE BETTY WARLICK HAROLD CANIPE JACK HUSS I fwilff A "- Q Most Studious PEGGY KISER YATES REEP Friendliest EARLENE SAIN JOHNNY HEAFNER ..i"' WB' -lb 5 ,mg .N . if lm ,af r Earlene Sain, Clara Beam, Gearldine Scronce, Peggy Johnson, Mary Sue Seagle, Ann Wright, Juanita Bowens, Sylvester Byrd, Jack I-Iuss, Judy Helms, Buenie Scronce, Carolyn Scronce, Faye Hoyle, Harold Canipe, Verrie Sue King, ww. X 'K 1. .7, , x I 9 Q uv !"pl Qi I i 1 -Q 'F""' ull-"' all-' 45' gm f1 Mg' X, 6715 PQ M 'Q ' V 4 ,451 Johnny Heafner, Glenn Brooks, Faye Brooks, Betty Warlick, Frances Canipe, Wayne Gilbert, Martha Leatherman, Aleta Canipe, Sam Sain, Nellie Faye Pruitt, Yates Reep, Gloria Dean Cody, Douglas Ledford, Lander I-leafner, Jack Sain, Peggy Kiser. f 4 L. '59 ,. Princess CATHERINE COON Duchess Queen LINDA FINGER KAY SMITH fy 'T Fi "The Form Divine" WHO , N, Junior-Senior Banquet - 1956 'PQ Daniel Boone Theater M-31'Sh31S ' 1957 rf W wwf' 2, Q in me Uv .fsZPwq?'1MfK' 1 X 5 K. MvNQ,ff,,,32f,S'5 .Mg y Q M' S av fa ' fffffva fxfn. W.,g?1,A 1.3?g,.w Qu? NJ' ck, yflfg W A U2'f'vH'fm W1 M532 rx e4Lj4r!V4Qi5?4'3,zkh,i Q , 4' 35214 fbi' ?ff??,2'Mf N , W? my fx. A Q Q A J f 'iw A ,vwih ' ,gm 57, A 'Z , fnewc ,l3jwru?Z,f':?g Ara Q I f"',f25Y .X mfifvqgfw . Easy s ig? My wg, 135 j aff Na fx' N , Kfjx ,N if , Q f N H 5 f I, 4 .via ag" '25 e Q Qc: vxi!44""' ,, ' -4-:few be ' 1' , gm -g 5-I ,Z :few 1 rm?-1 Q 'GSH' :saw-Qfifvl' x -.Q TRAIL BLAZER STAFF PV an Editors and Mimeographers Advisor AN NUAL STAFF PEGGY KISER - - MARY SUE SEAGLE - - JACK Huss - - - ANN WRIGHT - - JUDY HELMS - - ALETA CANIPE - - - CAROLYN SCRONCE - - MARTHA LEATHERMAN MRS. RHYNE - - Business Manager - - Ad Editor - - Senior Editor - Snapshot Editor - - Editor - - -Typist - - Typist - - Typist - Advisor f if , L, 'W J Niger, ,N -, Zefiia- isggxigf' 'i f W '42, ' 'eww -9 If ' ,, .:.5 I 1 will 2 ff y w ' v f 4 X x 252 tax, wr WM 'M K3 N I 4 In ij 3, X. h XX B XX if ,x . 'WCP' B ,N. Cwumcrek C'Z'.m5E3 wg-9-f i Offlce N'-v ga Bus Drlv ers 'l""-w",,g 1 M, . f ,Af v K Q - , 'giwgm W ,V I W W , fl gpg.. 'ff ip. . J , Al My J ,,4,, 1 ' Q of X If ' ' 1 ,f . ' '. JL , ,QV 'Wi 3 If yn. f ,, I , , ffpsmj .W ' I -, A Y i -1 19", :-,. ' Q- ' f ' - 1 92,1 Y, b 4'?'q?,f, 5 W, , 'W M ' ,, Q, L- ' " ,. , 71.1, ,, gf -fqwwn.. , 'J Lxbrarlans 9'?'E2"??Mf'1' 4-in 5 Mm-Vw . , , 527, MY, , . g . ""'vf iff'.W1' I-151, V - - V - HM 'N 1. . v'r'fLvww Hmm 4 ' . W 'A J 'MQ , W A ' X1 A -, .Maw f . ,, 1 4 f , ' ' ,, .,g,-,W -Q' wi' i s - Q L., W M , H . la ' 3+ t X. Q - V , f . V 1..f,.3.1:,.1g4,.,'s'- A . ,. , f3Y,,.A-.an - ,A r fb, ,il 7 ,AN UU, Va ywy ,V 7 QM, 1 :V X ,.6, tl I .M ., ff" -1 - ' ' , Ma. rrffzff' " 'ff - J ' -fvi A W Q 4, x if 9' ' - I 1- S W QM Q 4' , if , A wk .j f 1 - V W f fwmggdm-1-3 Q, W , ,J V, X ??52p,,fw,,. p ,. fvvv J MA - f 'Q Ps lf 9 11 A A ' -- '11 'Up --1 H ...K ,ML 1 , .. 5: .fax .. . W. ., " " .. 'L 'If ff. ff 4 ' vw W NW 17 xg, 2 if , i . X f W . . V 4 , -K9 wgxq lf' 3, Q,f.vm'l.,v Qu' V ,f f, ,M Q Q: Q. ws' 2. '92-sf ff" "5 Pia " fm li M' f ,f-,-.ff 1, , ' -Q ZW- 2' 12 ff, K www w N I r v Earlene Sain, Julia Heavner, Faye Hoyle, Vertie Sue King, Jane Heavner, Betty Warlick, Judy Jonas, Kay Smith, Margaret Leatherman, Elizabeth Hoover, Brenda Carswell, Gearldine Scronce, and Coach Kiser. Peggy Johnson Mary Sue Seagle Managers W 1,-v,..,.,,. J ..f4uB163ii.l " WP Yates Reep Jack Sain Douglas Ledford M. D. Morgan Clyde Ingle Ralph Warlick Www! Clyde Ingle, M. D, Morgan, Yates Reep, Jack Sain, Ralph Warlick, Douglas Ledford, Steve Carpenter, Franklin Scronce, Troy Scronce, and Coach Kiser, Absent: Jerry Scronce, mm, A Tommy Rhyne David Warlick Managers ""m....,,.,. Mm x , :'-J .tv Baseball M XM.sSx.zr -., X ' L ,wwf - -skis? ., f x yt Xyx gifgg 2 1ff5:ff,z':'5ffLf' xiii ' Tfif- Ni -' 'ZEW1 WMQMWZY ek, Vaiiff? H f: fmmfzw 5' we '22 1,,.34:- is 'Wf 2 f , ' -, 594441. AW i-'22-fifw -ffv fi 'I M A .9,:g4g,.,'g1fM1f SEVENTH GRADE: First row: Larry Jones, Jimmy Haynes, Edward Berryhill, Jerry Geymont, Joyce Warlick, Bobby Sigmon, Kenneth Deyton, Ronald Sain, Dean Sain, Dean Scronce, Second row: Jerry Elmore, Berna Jo Sain, Dean Guest, Maxine Propst, Coley Gilbert, Janice Wilson, I. W, Mauney, David Ingle, Nancey Spencer. Third row: D, A. Stroupe, Kenneth Bivens, Jim Killian, Peggy Ledford, Farrell Lutz, Wayne Yoder, Annette. Sain, Larry Newton, Wayne Houk, Absent: Carolyn Whitener, Gene Reynolds, Glenn Roberts, Billy Helms, Sandra Wood, and Steve Goins. SIXTH and SEVENTH GRADE: First row: Kaye Kiser, Rebecca Hoover, Linda Engle, Billy Dorsey Bobby Coon, Kenneth Ward, Larry Sain, Brenda Mauney, Sandra Hoover, Dianne Propst, Jacob Jones, Mr, Hoyle, Second row: Judy Ann Sain, Ernestine Sain, Pete Whitener, Jerry Hill, Danny Sharpe, Harvey Leonard, Jimmy Rhyne, Phyllis Hoover, Wanda Sain, Dean Scronce, Third row: Kay Dell- inger, Libby Goins, Mary Moody, Linda Roberts, Kieth Scronce, Rodney Schronce, Junior Dorsey, Alice Chapman, Lealta Fullbright, Brenda Carpenter, 41. .-.1 dm:-and SIXTH and FIFTH: First row: Sue Jonas, Jewel Gilbert, Robert Goins, Bobby Brooks, Robert Wise, Vicky Ledbetter. Second row: Priscilla Smith, Helen Heavner, Martha Allen, Ronnie Hall- man, Judith Ellis, Susan Cline, Robert Mahala, Third row: Dwight Moody, Bobby Costner, Tommy York, June Dorsey, Shirley Smith, Larry Canipe, Kenneth White. FIFTH GRADE: First row: Gene Warlick, Harriet Propst, Danny Warlick, Bill Pruitt, Kathy Abernethy, Sue Deyton, Foy Fredell, Phyllis Carpenter, Renee Abernethy, Jessie Seagle, Billy McConnell, Tony Sain, Second row: Ray Scronce, Clinton Carswell, Jack Sain, Jerry Angle, Brenda Bivens, Wayne Reep, Ted Yount, Micheal Crowder, Richard Gilbert, Edwin Shelton, Rebecca Scronce, Dennis Sain, Coy Fredell, Third row: Mrs. Killian, Larry Reep, Jerry Berryhill, Alda Ruth Chapman, Douglas Leatherman, Marillyn Miller, Linda Yount, Rhea White, Rubye Yount, Janice Sain, Gary Seagle, Farrel Sain, Robert Hallman. Absent: Helen Heavner, Joann Smith, Ben Roberts Ruby Norman. iff-to , gn 92 23 - , - -1 , I , V , f, u fs? .FT V.. ., Zu , FOURTH GRADE: First row: Jessie Jones, Gary Rudisill, Kay Johnson, Barbara Allen, Alice McConnell, Peggy Fredell, Linda Reep, Judy Hill, Teresa White, Ellen Davis, Vickie Warlick, Rhodney Reep, Miss Jonas, Second row: Robert Mosteller, Johnny Seagle, Hugh Smith, Dora Berry- hill, Edward Waters, Bradford Broadway, Gary Hoyle, Larry Sharpe, Dean Helms, Gary Reynolds, Shelia Sain, Charles Killian. Third row: Larry Gilbert, Berlin Wilson, Gleen West, Tony Whitener Darrel Bivens, Susan Kiser, Blair Yount, Ted Propst, Dorothy Norman, Dianne Stroupe, Reba Sain, Roger Hilton. THIRD and FOURTH: First Row: Dennis Whitener, Phyllis Helms, Wanda Scronce, Betty Io Moody, Jerry Leatherman, Willard Helms, Bessie Helms, Danny Ingle, Wayne Smith. Second rowg Gary Sain, Vicki Houser, Zelda Beam, Rita Waters, Jane Yount, Eddie White, Peggy West, Coleen Duckworth, Betty Ann Costner, Mrs. Yoder, Third row: Billy Spencer, Kay Houser, Eddie Hender- son, Larry Carpenter, Ernest Earl, Billy Ingle, Margaret Helms, Cecil Norman, Reeves Smith. .ss QQ 'ggfmf' THIRD GRADE: First row: Catherine Coon, Charles Hoover, Linda Chatman, Gail McConnell, Jimmy Johnson, Max Jonas, Kenneth Hewitt, Brenda Ingle, Gary Lutz, Jerry Burgess, Bobby Helms, Second row: Fay Sain, Elizabeth Moody, Donnie Cline, Eddie Rhyne, Keith Gilbert, Larry Leon- hardt, Ronny Carswell, Shelia Deyton, Dianne Chatman, Flo Hull, Jinny Dellinger, Third row: Paul Mauney, Teresa Hull, Sandra Sain, Aleine Chapman, Bobby Ingle, Carolyn Bridges, Gerald Carpenter, Mary Yoder, Berneice Ingle, Ter1'y Elmore, Mary Jo Ellis, Mrs. Mullen, SECOND GRADE: First row: Mrs. Bangle, Rita Scronce, Nick Goins, Barbara Johnson, Carolyn Helms, Junius Chapman, Ann Cline, Cathy Warlick, Tommy Cline. Second row: Ann Carpenter, Mary Lou Propst, Betty Rose Chatman, Neal Chatman, Jerry Ward, Randy Newton, Patricia Hill, Teresa Wilson. Third row: Carroll Gilbert, David Scronce, Linda Yount, Tommy Wise, Christine Bivens, Lina Lee Gilbert, Ann Rhodes, Faye Bivens, P SECOND GRADE: First row: Ronnie Rudisill, Ray Burgess, Patricia Shelton, Sandra Scronce, Mildred Allen, Nancy Engle, Vita Moody, Mrs. Houser, Second row: Allen McConnell, Marie Smith, Mary Ann Earl, Ruby Smith, Betty Sain, Dean Sigmon, Ann Mosteller, Barbara Hoover. Third row: Mary Elizabeth Smith, Roy Fredell, Raymond Bivens, Dorothy Bivens, Bobby Abernethy Larry Wease, Charles Reep, FIRST GRADE: First row: Jerry Ingle, Debbie Rhyne, Jeanne Smith, David Allen, Cathy Chat- man, Ralph Helms, Johnny Hill, Mrs. Scronce, Second row: Jerry Sain, Rita Gilbert, Larry Elmore, Margaret Propst, Judy Boyles, Steve Davis. Third row: Randy Leatherman, Mike Sharp, Sue Hender son, Latreta Hallman, Bruce Yount, Barbara Yount, Glenn Helms. FIRST GRADE - First row: Beth Leatherman, Teddy Burgess, Johnny Berryhill, Johnny Sain, Danny Simmons, Joe Simmons, Benny Hoover, Miss Mosteller. Second row: Sandra Beam, Doris Cline, Patricia Jo Hull, Shelia Gilbert, Gene Johnson, Barbara Yoder, Frances Deyton, Marilyn Webb. Third row: J. W. Smith, Darrel Ledbetter, Stevie Elmore, Barbara Bridges, Eddie Haynes, Kenneth Helms, Dianne Rudisill. sa jj x .41 , Jw I 1. .1 3 :f V my Q-rant Q, .. ff is f ,, f Q - ' -v5'---- X M W is fa Howard s .M r K -i . , f . f b " ew ' " I ' s M fi' ff" , , ,wg 'X ' Q J' :,.Q, fn., , , V .gbg f ir Q, 5.7 'A .riff ' Q - Q, ,gif if f' :4," fi' M' if-'f",n: ' 1127? ': Mr, Mrs, , wg, f M. S. Heavner, Principal Glenn Leonhardt HWY: am ff-u....,,'g -Zinn' Mrs, Paul Childers Mrs, James Stirewalt ,runn- Mrs. W. C. Ietton Mrs, Edna W. Pierce fir SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE - First row: Richard Eaker, Ray Black, Dickie Cornwell, Margie Byrd, Craig Wood Jr. , Libby Gales, Gene Mosteller, Mr, Heavner, Second row: Judy Taylor, Dwight Shultz, Linda Huss, Linda Smith, Inez Burnett, Joan Hoyle, Jean Bolding, Third row: Patricia Smith, Tommy Stewart, Kay Haynes, Lloyd Houser, Bobby Isaac, Martha Lee Yarlerough, Carl Saine Jr, SIXTH GRADE - First row: Billy Auton, Vernon Avery, Carolyn Avery, Claudette Hoyle, Roy Haynes, Jane Bivens, Elizabeth Cundiff, Jimmy Houser. Second row: Clinton Houser, Earl Jenkins Vivian Mosteller, Christene Bolding, Tony Reynolds, Brenda Sain, Janie Holloway, Mrs. Childers, Third row: Donald Hines, Mary Lou Avery, Patricia Reep, Oscar Smith, Vickie Scronce, Steve Canipe, Jimmy Sain, Barney Fisher. SIXTH GRADE L FIFTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE - First row: Darrell Wise, Linda Auton, Larry Avery, Ava Davis, Linda Hines, Margaret Burnett, Wayne Taylor, Second row: Freda Eaker, Terry Royster, Robert Wehunt, Gene Goins, Larry Gilbert, Darrell Jenkins, Lonnie Leatherman, Mrs. Lula L. Jetton, Third row: Dianne Helms, Joe Abernethy, Joe Farrell Willis, Brenda Gilbert, Lester Black, Janet Gilliland, Dianne Houser, Fourth row: Sue Reep, Jo Ann Gilliland, Mike Huss, Bobby Lynch, Rickey Rhyne, Linda Avery, Rita Byers, FOURTH and THIRD GRADE - First row: Terry Gales, Donald Eaker, Charles Avery, Buddy Sain, Max Houser, Tommy Hartsoe, Rayvett Ownes. Second row: Leonard Williams, Jerry Wright, Larry Gales, David McKinney, Valeria Reynolds, Dale Elmore, Betty Helms, Mrs, Glenn Leon- hardt, Third row: Kathleen Haynes, Walter Houser, Francis Avery, Carolyn Willis, Joyce Long, Larry Sain, Donald Crisp. Fourth row: Harry Hoover, Clifford Black, Grady Helms, Elizabeth Houser, J, B, Wood, Robert Issac, Richard Gilbert, ' FOURTH AND THIRD In 7 'W THRD AND SECOND GRADE THIRD and SECOND - First row: Ted Houser, Fran Parker, Alda Lane, Ronnie Avery, Marian Crisp, Eugene Johnson, Wayne Heavner. Second row: Rebecca Hoyle, Ronny Heavner, Shelby Adams, Rebecca Crisp, Linda I-Iouser, Reba Saine, Nancy Wise, Mrs, Stirewalt, Third row: Mary Jane Byrd, Bill Williams, Jimmy Sain, Tony Yount, Linda Craig, Carolyn Farmer, Junie Hayne, Fourth row: Phillip Mosteller, Ray Bolding, Ray Avery, Eddie Smith, Debarah Robinson, Sue Helms, Nancy Bivins, Gail Rhyne, FIRST GRADE - First row: Linda Bolding, Vivian Byars, Dale Bivens, Sara Lane, Vickie I-lartsoe, James Hutchison, Mrs, Pearce, Second row: Eddie Haynes, Charles Smith, Larry Carpenter, Billy Jo Jenkins, Wanda Fay Ovens, Steve Hoover, Third row: Cecil Ledford, Jim Black, Linda Kay Biddix, Ernest Smith, Terry Lee Hoyle, Franklin Bivens. HRST GRADE 122 'i .VJ--L P fii' :QA .J 'Zz- 14' ik W Q" Lf! rzx W ,W k F M135 7, f ,, ji CLARA BEAM: FHA l,2,3,45 Science Club 1,2,35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2, 45 Librarian 2,35 Softball 3,45 Bus Driver 4, IUANITA BOWEN: Glee Club 15 Science Club 1,25 FHA 1,2,3,45 Librarian 3,4. SYLVESTER BYRD: FFA 1,2,3,45 4-H 1,25 Baseball 3, FAYE BROOKS: Band 15 Debating Team 25 Public Speaking Club 2,35 Music Club 1,25 Dramatics 1,25 Beta Club 3,45 FHA Club 1, 2,35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2, 35 Science Club 15 Beta Club Secretary 45 4-H Club Song Leader 25 Glee Club Secretary 25 Fl-IA Treasurer 25 Class President 1, Class Vice President 2, Class Secretary 45 Class Testator 45 Exchange Editor to Trail Blazer 45 Best Dressed 45 Basketball Scorekeeper 35 Softball Scorekeeper 1,25 Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Junior Play 35 Book- keeping Awards 3, GLENN BROOKS: Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Best All Around 45 4-H Club 1,25 FFA 3,45 Science Club 1, ALETA CANIPE: Beta Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,35 FTA 3,45 FHA 25 4-H Club 1,25 Science Club 35 Typist for Trail Blazer 3,45 Dramatics 25 Junior Play 35 Bookkeeping Award 35 Best Sport 45 Annual Staff 4, FRANCES CANIPE: Science Club 1,25 FHA 2,35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Beta Club 4, HAROLD CANIPE: Key Club 3,4, Secretary -Treasurer Key Club 45 Beta Club 45 FFA 1,2,3,4, Reporter FFA 35 Junior Play 35 Scorekeeper Baseball 25 Best Sport 4, GLORIA DEAN CODY: FHA 1,2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,45 4-H Club 1,2,45 Most Talkative 45 Softball 3,45 Librarian 2,3, WAYNE GILBERT: 4-H Club 1,2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,4g Baseball 45 Science Club 25 Librarian 1, JOHNNY HEAFNER: South Dade High School 1,25 FFA 45 Friendliest 4, LANDER HEAFNER: Key Club 3,4, Vice President Key Club 45 FFA 1,2,3,45 Junior Play 35 Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Most Attractive 4, JUDY HELMS5 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 25 FHA 25 Beta Club 3,4, Beta Club Treasurer 45 FTA 2,3,4, FTA President 45 Class Secretary 2,3, Class Vice President 15 Annual Editor 45 Best All Around 45 Trail Blazer Artist 3, Trail Blazer Typist 45 Debating Team 15 Junior Play 35 Dramatic 25 Bookkeeping Awards 35 DAR Good Citizen 45 Alternate Marshal 3, FAYE HOYLE5 Beta Club 3,4, Beta Club Vice President 45 4-H Club l,2,35 Dramatics Club 1,25 Science Club 2,35 Public Speaking Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Operetta 25 Secretary of Dramatics Club 25 Science Club Song Leader 25 Class Reporter l,2,4, Class Treasurer 35 Bus Driver 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, All-Tournament Basketball Team 2, All-Conference Basketball Teams 2,35 Softball 1,2,3,45 Music Club 2,35 Artist and Typist of Trail Blazer 45 Debating Team 2,35 Triangular Winner 35 Class Prophetess 45 Bookkeeping Awards 35 Junior Play 3, Co -Captain 3,4, JACK HUSS5 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, President 4-H 35 Vice President Class 2, Class President 3,45 Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Key Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer Key Club 3, President Key Club 45 FFA 1,2, Secretary of FFA 2, Marshal 35 Junior Play5 Boys' State 35 Most Likely to Succeed 45 Most Intelligent 45 Beta Club 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Basketball Scorekeeper 1, PEGGY JOHNSON: FHA 1,2,3,45Science Club 1,2,35Glee Club 1,2,45 4-H 15 Junior P1ay5 Historian QFHAJ 45 Basketball Manager 4, VERTIE SUE KING: Beta Club 45 FHA 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Band 15 Softball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 4-H 1,4, PEGGY KISER5 Science Club lg 4-H Club 15 Cheerleader l,2,3, Chief Cheerleader 2, 35 FTA 2,3,4, FTA Secretary 2, Reporter 3, Vice President 45 FHA l,2,3, FHA Secretary 1,2, Treasurer 35 Beta Club 3,4, Beta Reporter 45 Junior Play, Marshal5 Glee Club 15 Public Speaking 35 Trail Blazer Grade Reporter 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Vice President 45 Flirtest 45 Most Studious 4, MARTHA LEATHERMAN5 Glee Club 15 Beta Club 45 Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Science Club 1,35 Class Reporter 25 Annual Staff45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Librarian 3,45 Bus Driver 4, DOUGLAS LEDFORD: Hildabran High School l,2,35 Baseball 45 Basketball 4, NELLIE FAYE PRUITT: Glee Club 1,2,3,4, FHA 2,45 science Club 1,25 4-H 1,45 Prompter for Junior Play 35 Softball 3, YATES REEP5 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Junior Varsity 15 4-H l,2,35 FFA 1, 2,3, Vice President FFA 25 Beta Club 3,45 Manager Baseball Team 15 Bus Driver 45 Junior Play 35 Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Flirtiest 45 Most Athletic 45 Most Studious 4, EARLENE SAIN5 Class Reporter 1,2, Class Vice President 35 4-H 1,2,3,4, 4-H Vice President, 4-H Secretary5 County 4-H Secretary 2, County 4-H Vice President 35 Dramatics Club 1,25 Science Club 1,25 Science Club Song Leader 15 Glee Club l,3,45 FHA 2,3,4, FHA Reporter 35 Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Variety Show 1,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4, Marshal 35 Beta Club 3,4, Beta Club President 45 Junior Play5 Associate Editor of Trail Blazer 35 Editors Roundtable, Cullowhee 35 Co-Editor of Trail Blazer 45 Bus Driver 45 Bookkeeping Medal and Awards 35 Friendliest 4, JACK SAIN: Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 4-H 1,25 FFA 1,2,3,45 Junior Varsity 15 Best Dressed 45 Most Popular 45 Junior Play, SAM SAIN5 4-H 15 FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer of FFA 35 Science Club 25 Most Talkative 45 Baseball 4, BEUNIE SCRONCE: Librarian 15 Science Club l,2,35 Glee Club 15 Dramatics 25 FHA 45 Beta Club 4, CAROLYN SCRONCE: Beta Club 3,45 FHA 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Junior Play5 4-H 15 Annual Staff 45 Bookkeeping Awards 3, A GERALDINE SCRONCE: Beta Club 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Dramatics Club 1,25 Science Club 1,25 Band 15 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Operetta 25 Vice President Class 15 Most Popular 45 Public Speaking 3,45 FTA 45 Basketball 45 Softball 45 Junior Play5 Music Club 1, MARY SUE SEAGLE: Debating 1,2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 FHA 1,2,35 Beta Club 45 Junior Play 35 Softball 45 Girls' Basketball Manager 45 FTA 3,45 4-H l,2,35 Dramatic 1, 25 Poetess 45 Most Likely to Succeed 45 Operetta 25 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Trail l Blazer 2,45 Music Club 1,25 Triangular Winner 15 Band 15 Public Speaking 3, BETTY WARLICK: Dramatics 15 Beta Club 3,45 Glee Club l,2,35 4-H Club 1,25 Science Club President 25 FHA Historian 25 FTA 3,45 Class President 2, Class Reporter 15 Assistant Editor of Trail Blazer 3, Co-Editor of Trail Blazer 45 School Pianist 2,3,45 Junior Play 35 Band 15 Most Athletic 45 Most Intelligent 45 Class Historian 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Softball 1,25 Bus Driver 35 Bookkeeping Medal 35 Chief Marshal 35 Bookkeeping Awards 35 Operetta 25 Perfect Attendance 12 years, ANN WRIGHT: Bus Driver 45 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Reporter 2, President 45 Glee Club 1,25 Music Club 1,2,45 4-H 15 Science Club 2, Vice President 25 Beta Club 2,45 Library Science 35 Junior Home Makers Degree 45 Perfect Attendance 12 yearsg Junior Play5 Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Most Attractive 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Reporter 3, L 4 2 f f i 1 3 I F 1 E I 1 I-:CX FARM MACHINER Y SERVICE 202 West Pine Phone REgent 5-7402 Lincolnton, North Carolina I-1E NDEEEO N HEATING AND ROOFING COMPANY 511 West Louise Avenue Phone REgent 5-5191 Lincolnton, North C ar olina QED AND ' WHITE SUPER MARKET East Sycamore Phone REgent 5-7032 Lincolnton, North Carolina n.owE-is ESSO OIL SERVICE Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-8301 Lincolnton, North Carolina COC!-412 ANE FURNITURE CO., INC. Manufacturers of Breakfast and Dinette Suites Lincolnton, North Carolina CII-IE1-21-ZX! MOTORS Phone ID 5-6832 Cherryville, North Carolina CREAMLAND GRILL Maiden Highway Phone REgent 5-7455 and IT DRIVE-IN GRILL Charlotte Highway Phone REgent 5-7522 Lincolnton, North Carolina PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS W1 X Li! Y X X 1 .l -ie, I . X a Q5 5 P H S Wm 1 f ga lwdagwkfv hdw Z , H DW' 3 DAYS 4 -, 0 0 0 Q,85"' ,.wf-'Q , ' x05 ff f' ' M, XR -gr:-12 f a ,I ' AXXQ-x X Xxkx E , 1 N ' ' U 1 --5:11. 'A ' f . P A J Ii All .J 2 fl Z rf x "' f. . W CONGRATULATIONS TO UNION SC HOOL. THE. FAC ULT Y STUDENT BODY AND THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 CCDBLE DA! IQY 1 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 HAYNES DA! RY MCGINN IS BROTHERS Recapping - Gas - Oil Phone 5-2776 619 North Aspen Lincolnton, North Carolina JACK KEEVEI2 PLUIVIBING Lincolnton, North Carolina I'-415 NIQY SAI NE GROCERY 114 Court Square Lincolnton, North Carolina CCDINI IXIEIQ I FURNITURE COMPANY Linc olnton , North Car olina 'DQUNEY FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Funeral Directors Lincolnton, North Carolina DAVE MEENERS STORE Lincolnton, North Car olina I-LAIQRI S- CITY PAINT STORE DeSoto Paints - Wallpaper Painting Supplies - Toys Floor Covering RE5-2611 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina DIXIE GROCERY CO., INC. Lincolnton, North Carolina Congratulations From F H2577 NATIONA L. BAN I4 Two Convenient Locations Main Office 102. East Main Street East Branch fDrive-Inj 1203 Main Street A Friendly Bank in a Friendly Community Established 1903 Lincolnton, North Carolina BELK-SCHQUM "We Clothe the Family for Less." Lincolnton, North Carolina Congratulations From TEETERS SUPER MARKET Lincolnton, North Carolina ABEIQNET HY- ESI-I LJ1:Ol2ID Lincolnton , North C arolina L.lNCCDI.lNI FINANCE CO., INC. We Finance Sales Between 26509605 Exclusive But Not Expensive Dial RE5-5012 Lincolnton, North Carolina B12ovvN's ESSO SERVIC ENTER Individuals "Service While You Shop." A Local Company for Local People Main and Poplar Streets Financing Refinancing Dial RE5-5391 Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina EAS LES efm2e5 S-I-o12Ef5 CABS Lincolnton, North Carolina HENRY'S RADIO 8: TV SERVICE Phone: Day RES-2566 Night RE5-7194 "We Repair All Makes of Radios and Televisions" 212 South Academy Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Our Aim Is to Serve the People Dial RE5-5333 Lincolnton, North Carolina T: I EST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS 'N Phone RE5-2042 Lincolnton, North Carolina ' 's,,lw GARAGE General Service and Auto Repair Operated by CARL HARTSOE Phone RE5-2.893 TII..LIVlAN'S TV Kr MUSIC Also TILLMAN'S PLAYLAND SKATHNIG RHNIK fPrivate Parties, Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of I DEAL CHAIR COMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina KEQVEQ IQANASAUIQ INC. "We Fix Anything but a Broken Heart . ' ' Bicycles, Sewing Machines Small Appliances, Guns, and Repairs Lincolnton, North Carolina FBALJI. , EANGLES ESSO SERVICE STATION BA N NE? ROLLER MILLS, INC. Groceries Tires - Batteries - Gas Lincolnton, North Carolina Route Z Lincolnton, North Carolina Lu NCOLN FROZEN Foons, INC. Locker Plant and Abattoir Complete Butchering and Processing for Lockers and Home Freezers Lincolnton, North Carolina HEAFNEQ TIRE 8: MOTOR CO. Tires - New, Recapped, and Used 820 East Main Street Phone RES-7251 Lincolnton , North Carolina S'l'12oO1D'S SODA SHOP Watch Repairs Lincolnton , North Carolina G. INA. PEELE12 Seed - Feed - Fertilizer and Lime Phone RE 5-5481 Lincolnton, North Carolina l..l NCCDLN ANTIQUE SHOP New and Used Plumbing Supplies l L A Phone RES-5527 Lincolnton, North Carolina 1'-TALTQNIETQ AND ELJI LDEES SUPPLY John Deere Tractors Building Materials and lrnplements Lincolnton, North Carolina . Sl Nl IVICDNS Q HOUSING AND MORTGAGE COMPANY Makers of Fine Upholstery Lincolnton, North Carolina 109 South Academy Street G.I. and F.H.A. Conventional Loans Lincolnion, North Carolina I. I NCOLN QOE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT QND CO- x.J I NIS Authorized Ford Dealers Lincolnton, North Carolina FOOD CENTER Lincolnton, North Carolina 12 HCDDES AND BEAL OIL CO. Telephone RE5-8652 Distributors of Atlantic Petroleum Products Lincolnton, North Carolina 1: IIQESTCDNE HOME 8: AUTO SUPPLY C. L. LHXIEBERGELR, Mgr. Phone: RE5-5601 218 East Main Street Lincolnton, North C arolina SKS EQ UIPMENT C O. Your Authorized International I-Iarve ster Dealer 730 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina ECCDNOMY AUTO SUPPLY 233 East Main Street B. F. Goodrich Tires Lincolnton, North Carolina Congratulations to the Graduating Class of l958 fz. 29444 . Qggs' HART MANS STORES "Everything for the Men and Children." Phone RE5-5012 Lincolnton, North Carolina Ll NCOLN HARDWARE A Full Line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware Lincolnton , North Carolina Congratulations From 12051 NSONS AUTO SERVICE Lincolnton, North Carolina VVAIQLICI4 FUNERAL HOME Ask About Our Insurance Plan Phone RE 5-2521 Lincolnton, North Carolina TXS. WELDING AND MACHINE CO. D. C. THORNBURG, Prop. General Machine Work - Gears Made Welding of All Kinds - Auto Welding Farm Machinery Repaired Phone RE5-7151 Reepsville Road CAQCLINA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Shell Products Phone RE 5-8591 Lincolnton, N. C. am -ZZ Jfazflwg ,mag QE QMS M fem Q? ggg 2 im If ip-ah has 5 Fil I! Ubi awww Tl ,wi , . , ,ii J ' :ff f vm.-, l3CDl.l-Il l.l.. Cl-IE-X!l2CDL.E-V CCD. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Sales - Service Dial RE5-2562 or RES-2.561 O.K. Used Cars Lincolnton, North Ca rolina ECB JET TCDINI Groceries - Feeds - Hardware Gas - Oil Washing - Lubrication Phone RE 5-2705 Reep sville, North Carolina QQMZ CSIQCDCEIZV Lincolnton, North Carolina FAIRVIEW GIN CO, Ginners and Cotton Buyers Dealers in Fertilizer Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls O. R, TUTHEROW, Manager Crouse, North Carolina Qzzzg ZQZZ4 BUILDING AND LOAN ASS'N "Serve by Saving" Cherryville, North Carolina JOHNSON MILLING COMPANY Feed - Seed - Seed Cleaning Route l Lincolnton, North Carolina K, B, BEAM, INC. Insurance and Real Estate Agents: BLAINE CHILDERS FRANK HOYLE MILTON C, LOY, JR. Phone ID 5-6851 or 6852 Cherryville, North Carolina VVl2.l CAESWE L..L. ESSO SERVICE AND MAYTAG APPLIANCES Phone RE 5- 5912 Route 1 Linco lnton, North Carolina 7E-.CZCDIXIOIVINK DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store Prescription Headquarters Lincolnton, North Carolina CRCVVINI CONVERTING COMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina fhzzgzfzw ICE AND FUEL CO. Since 1920 Kerosene - Fuel - Oils - Greases - Gasoline - Ice Coal- Coke - Briquets Quality - Service - Appreciation ID 5-6861 Cherryville, North Carolina W I. CD N RADIO STATION 1050 K, C. BLJIQIQIS "People's Voice by Choice" Startown Road Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina G. S. TLJIZ NEl2'S SAINE STORE PLUMBING AND HEATING co "Turn in to Turner's' Phone RE 5-8681 Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina J. IVF. BEAM AND EEIQCDTI-IE12 LUIVIBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Contractors - Ginners and Buyers of Cotton Phone Re 5-2372 Route 2 Vale, North Carolina T, C, FALLS GROCERY I CHERRYVILLE CONCRETE Groceries - Gasoline - Dry Goods PRODUCT COMPANY Peter's Shoes - FCX Feeds Fertilizers - Small Hardware Solite and Concrete Blocks Phone Re 5-8952 Tile Route 1 Phone ID 5-6751 Lincolnton, North Carolina Cherryville, North Carolina RHODES AND CORRIHER NJ' kg, IMPLEMENT COMPANY Lf'TE TAT Allis-Chalmers - New Idea AND GROCERY New Holland Machinery Highway 127 T, F. CORRIHER, Representative Hickory, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina Congratulations to Union School, the Student Body, and Graduating Class of 1958 zkmfw NATIQNAL. BANK Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Stop at the Atlantic Sign BCSTCDN t-ILJ S S SERVICE STATION Groceries, Oil, Gas, and Expert Greasing Jobs "All Our Greasing Jobs Are Done by a Man Who Has Had Years of Experience" Route Z Lincolnton, North Carolina TE. SAINI VALE MILL AND GROCERIES Purina Chows Vale, North Carolina Congratulations and Be st Wishes to the Senior s W, C. .TETTON Vale, North Carolina KISTIF F12 HEATING C O. Westinghouse Heating and Air Conditioning R oofing and Gutte ring Phone: 5-7162 Lincolnton, North Carolina SEXJTQIE QM MM 2212 WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER Patronize Our Advertisers Vale, North Carolina Gas - Oil - Groceries "We Sell and Recommend Security Feeds" Phone Re 5-8866 Vale , North Car olina Compliments of B. c. , MQCDHE5 Re 5-2391 Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN FINANCE CO., INC, We Finance Sales Between Individuals a Local Company for Local People Financing - Refinancing Dial Re5-5391 Lincolnton, North Carolina I 1 NOLEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Cold and Machine Waves 354.00 and Up Expert Permanent Waving and Experienced Operator Telephone Re 5-2689 MRS. LEONARD THORPE QBETI-U Crouse, North Carolina E. D CSEYMONT Grading and Clearing Contractor Phone Regent 5-7827 Vale, North Carolina 1:12 ANK , G. IQLJC I4 AL.L.E IX! S SINCLAIR MARKETER TEXACO Goodyear Tires and Tubes RE 5-2874 Boger City Highway Lincolnton, North Carolina Highway 150 Crouse, North Carolina IVIUIQTJCDCL BAKERY "We Specialize in Birthday and Wedding Cakes Phone Re 5-7161 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of 'DIX IE HOME STORE Lincolnton, North Carolina CAQTEE AND SAIXIDTAIXIE CQ GAS co., INC. East Main Phone REgent 5-8501 Lincolnton, North Carolina 327 South Aspen Phone REgent 5-2281 Lincolnton, North Carolina l .2"' IZ ig LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO 1 W I ? WM., fi W5 '! I'Al.LA15 Q rhmb .Wifi " :X L M ,f Yr-way! W- m'f1,1 wx mm ' 7 QQWQNFH'-we w. ' . I . ,Iii Q -N ":' A "rv ' v 'a, ,,, 1 4 4 ,, film at! Q LE 'Q Q . W 'G .1 QL 'X "Z u In A U 4-r if Q' lv ... Q: ff' , Q 'll , 3 I A 'Ht' .19 N. fig f 5' 4? mi Q fi QP LLL11 731555 E Wifi X' if W Y FL FL mf? iii -hswwcdf E: 5.3 4, f1:,,, .. 4 Q' HW me 'ISDH' hill 4 M3 Ili.-.ilvluh 1 1 L41 ill? ? I LQ4 W mf' WQ1 ,ff ,I .fix an- .- Rf 41' fd-'16 ' ,g,.fk,: ..,X H, Q. ,naw-01" gif -L fbv f. -v I vi v .arf-Q .1 Q ,.l - ,V -....:. - -K , 1 , F..-,,', 1 v 5 v v L 1 . v n vb, an , I, Q . . ,nv ' v "1 I 4:44. nlnhk. uv 1-,Vw , . .4.-. '. x n""f'f WM' Z' X x .. .,,l by ,fl A .- 1 4 Q. aff 4 N, f fo Y, - , .-, 1 'N' 4 ' h T' ,. - I gf. l.,' , 6 ' fikvffaio ' ':,..,.45.,,,' 3 'Mx W4 y, V b 665 vi"1!w,4,g, .,V , K .-rW"f?-:li f,3:nf,..' M., , f'f"'f'4"'X'f "M w.4qg,,y' " ,fu J., V ' "5" ' .x ,. 4 . . ' ' T3 ' . ,rv-. ' J- , , , ,, ugh-My A f 1, Iwi. W.. ,H .r .k My ' nfs", f 5 ,fel . .J ,v 1 . .45 , wil' Q, Y ,- , l W ,, rx an -' " -NN K . an.. v 41 MH. ,--iff' .w, . 1 Hn" Q Wu 4 . 'S' hw I mia: mfr dm

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