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...MSM f--...NNW-xws-.R ,mix -M-...,.,,.w if-'P' -tim N- x,,, ...SSN-A 5 1 1 N 1 K XA 1 XX X ,xi KYfAKV xc 2 X hcl: ANNUAL STAFF I I Editor .Tune Blackburn Business Manager Billie Jean Elmore Ad Editor . Sonja Yoder Art Editor . , Peggy Yount Senior Editor . Betty Johnson Snapshot Editor Gerald Greene Typists Christine Gilbert Margaret Reep I in 5 im- ! ifikli i A KEY INFLUENCE IN OUR LIVES I qi W,..-aff" 'rv E rn U rn 2 0 IP -I rn in memoriam, this 1956 edition of the ACORN, Because of his willingness to help others, his fairness, his unequaled ability to teach, and his impartial attitude toward his students, we will always remember MR . HUGH HOY LE X" .-v'l'3'l tl- 5 'ig WM' -of if . BOARD OF EDUCATIC ,ff fy ' 4 54 .5 4, " ' ff , 1 Styx 15. Mr, Ro bert Abernethy Mr. M. H, Goins Chairman sv. W- -V, I 55,5 'Ga-i Mr. Ben Scronce Mr . Kohn Heavner Mr, Ernest Ritchie M2 gf mf 4+ if i -4 2 L 921 WNW um ,.-ff 6' -- --,S-.Y ,W , ,.fiZf'7 f' inf-,fi ' - V H .. ,gy , ' V vw f , ,.L cf iw., Q f '+ V . ' 'P' ' :ALM .4 - . A ' V A 77f7LH Q - V ' 'V , ' , ' A ew Qliwzqya 4 ' ' f,- "3 Q " ,WQQQL 1 'ri ,' ,EMO Qwwx Y '-i Nei, i" V I 7' ' 3 V"fff:!T'W . "Q ' ',-fifiag' if ' ' - t ' '-QM4 1 ' " ' , -1:59 Y ,, qw V - ,' R , , 3 A' ' K 4523 1' FACULTY I UL "!"'Y'W'3 'YW' vi.Q1g.5? , be-, 1 J" Mr, Lewis Heavner Principal Mrs, E. C, Rhyne English and French Mrs, Dan Mosteller History, Bible and English Mr. Bill Warlick Science and Math Mrs, Forrest Allen Commercial Mrs, Forrest Hartsoe Home Economics Mrs, Sterling Bowman History and Physical Education Mr. S. E. Richbourg Agriculture Mrs. Russell Seagle Eighth and Library Science Mr, Frank Yoder Eighth, Physical Education and History Mrs. Farrell Houser Third and Second Grades Mrs. Paul Bangle Second Grade Mrs. Hal Scronce First Grade Miss Pauline Mosteller First Grade Mr s, Andrew Link Piano Mr, Arthur Gilbert Janitor Mr. F. W, Kiser Seventh Grade Mrs. Houser Powell Sixth Grade Mrs. Ralph Yoder Sixth and Fifth Grades Mrs. Frank Killian Fifth Grade Miss Helen Jonas Fourth Grade Mrs, Clyde Mullen Third Grade 1 .Q f ,W . f ' , FH. I . f, Z f S if , . W 5 if 1 www .fy i' 1 I 3.1.2 - :Nj .fd I X ff "Ui a A M I w , - ' lr 5 1 Q, f W fi W " Q 4 356.554 i2.f4-W 'Y 1. ,. rf-44 41 'f' wr ,r ,f f 1 F .14 1 f A ' ,, 'zzz'-sw , J l, y 2 'f , 5 L L . . AA , A s f fi - A , 4 4 f I - 4. , ' .1 X .x xm ihe key to KNOWLEDGE ,uvf arf 'iv , 3 R Q. 1 E 2. 54454 A X 1 5 fi? 4 'ls' il ,W 25121 44 Q 12. X- ,QSM Miz' a fwff ?'g3:','1f,Q yaffyifi? ff z, .yfw .,, gyms!-'f lj ' -f ' f ww, Q-1'L,wff xg, -N 532,-fig fga' Y 249555 4mm Zggf J A f rgxiffi S" 125555321 ,mm ng . Q f 1 x tfj :WS V ,- xl-I Y, ,JI- M YKYKIYKKISXX-Z'!.3.!.' . KV 1 arf ucv? . 4 ,f--1.-14-mmemmnzntmerzrrr'rrrrrfrr!rrrrffrfrrfrrfr,-L... 3...-. ,ii ' I n l I 0 O 0039 e --.....,.,,d-an 4--.-..-....... 4 QR df Llxsr ix SLD Q sw., Q? 'H 5 JUNE BLACKBURN A clever girl, an intelligent girl, a girl so full of fun, A stu- dious girl, a dependable girl, a thousand girls in one. JOHNNY BOLINGER I like work, it fascinates me. Ican sit and look at it for hours. LEE BOYD A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke, BILLIE JEAN ELMORE An ever present friend in time of need, ffl, ,,, 13 ,qv Nuns--t......,. J XITYDY 'Cx "'v'M-faswff' WAYNE GALES The time to be happy is today, CHRISTINE GILBERT Speech is great, but silence is greater. GERALD GREENE Never put off untilltomorrow what you can put off 'til day after tomorrow, BUSTER HARTSOE Always laughing, never sad, sometimes naughty, never bad, life-P, -'L KL W il . X 9- -Q DEAN I-IEAVNER We may be as good as we ple- ase, if we please to be good, MARTENNY INGLE More good points than a pack of pins. BETTY JOHNSON Her worst fault is being in love, DONALD JONES Eat, drink, and be happy for tomorrow you may flunk. 1 -w ' 1 LARRY LINK If it won't run, push it, BETTY MASSAGEE They say I flirt, well just a little. YVONNE PEELER Has she fouled out yet? MARGARET REEP Not too sober, not too gay, but a real good sportin every way, , 4 ff Www :MQ pf r M A962 fy fs 3 A W E, Cf all 'Uhr MWW7' stiwlfl ff 5 G KENNETH RITCI-IIE Teachers and classes are my only objection to my education, GENE SAIN He has mischief, even in his eyes. HELEN SCRONCE A kinder friend treads not the earth, PEGGY TAYLOR Appe ar s quiet, but don't let looks deceive you. 9 1 1 Q 1 N l RALPH WARLICK School is all right when there isn't anything else to do. SONJA YODER She has a style all her own, PEGGY YOUNT "O man",how she talked! 'M 2 l 'X ' A7 rx if ad 95" 'Uh funr.. , 3 Q SENIOR DIRECTORY JUNE BLACKBURN Baltimore, Maryland lg School Letter 13 Leading role in Christmas Play lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club Pianist l3Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 President of Music Club 23 Science Club 23 Beta Club 3, 43 Secretary-Treasurer of Beta Club 43 Associate Editor of Trail Blazer 33 Most Studious 43 Secretary- Treasurer of Class 33 Editor of Trail Blazer 43 Editor of Annual 43 Most Intelligent 43 Pianist at Junior-Senior Banquet 33 Editor's Roundtable 43 French Ce r tifi c ate 33 Pianist for Chapel 4, JOHNNY BOLINGER 4-H Club 1, 2, 3,43 President 23 Beta Club 3, 43 Vice President 43 Typing 33 Trail Blazer 3, 43 Trail Blazer Social Editor 43 Key Club Z, 3, 4g President 43F.F, A. 1, Z, 3, 43 Science Club 13 Key Club Convention 33 Bus Driver 33 Waiter at Junior-Senior 23 Perfect Attendance 1, Z3 Most Studious 43 Honor Roll 1,23 Beta Club Convention 33 Basketball 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Let- terman 43 Marshal 3, LEE BOYD French 33 Boy's Activity 43Glee Club 43 Library Club 43 Science Club 43 Best Sport 43 Baseball 3, 43 Safety Patrol 23 Civics Club lg Band 23 Track Team 23 Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4, BILLIE JEAN ELMORE' Reporter 13 President 23 F, H, A, 2, 3, 43 Vice President 33 Business Man- ager of Annual 43 Best Dressed 43 Dramatics Club 1, 23 Glee Club l, Z3 Typing 3, 43 Science Club 2, 3, 43 Choir l3 Junior Play 33 Junior-Sen- ior Waitress 23 Perfect Attendance Z, 3, 43 Waitress 23 Perfect Attend- ance 2, 3, 43 Waitress at Teacher's Banquet 1, Z, 33 Winner World Peace Speaking Contest Z3 4-H Club Week 1, 23 4-H Club 1, 3, 43 F, T, A,Vice President of F. T. A, 4, WAYNE GALES Librarian 43 Talkative 4, CHRISTINE GILBERT Science Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F, H, A, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Typing 33 Dri- ver's Training 43 Waitress at Tea- cher's Banquet 2, 33 Typist of Annual Staff 4. GERALD GREEN F, F, A, 1, 23 Glee Club 13 Science Club 13 Key Club 2, Beta Club 43 Li- brarian 43 Class Prophet 43 Most Intelligent 4g Annual Staff 43 Trail Blazer Staff 4, BUSTER HARTSOE F. F. A, Z, 3, 43 F. F,A. Camp 33 4-H Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Bus Driver 43 Friendliest 43 Science Club 33 Bas- ketball 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 33 Perfect Attendance Z, 4, DEAN HEAVNER 4-H 1, 2, 33 F, F. A, 1, Z, 3, 43 Key Club Z, 3, 43 Key Reporter 23 Vice President 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Beta President 43 Science Club 13 Boy's Basketball Manage r 33 Basketball Time Keeper 33 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 43 Best All Round 43 Typing 3, MARTENNY INGLE Glee Club l,Z,3,43 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Typing 33 F. H. A, Z, 43 Driver's Training 33 Drarnatics 1, 43 Class Reporter 1, 2, 43 Science Club 1, 2, 33 Bus Driver 43 F, H, A. Vice Pre- sident 43 Waitress at Teacher's Ban- quet 23 Class Historian 43 Secretary of Girl's Activity 43 Most Popular 43 Library Club 3. BETTY JOHNSON Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 3, 43 F, H, A. 1, 4g Dramatics Club 23 Waitress at Teacher's Banquet 13 Typing 33 Bible 33 Librarian 1, 23 F, H. A. Reporter 43 Honor Roll 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Operetta 33 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, L r E 1 1 1 5 n SENIOR DONALD JONES Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Beta Club 35 Librarian 45 Referee 45 Most Likely to Succeed 45 Safety Education 35 Letterman 4, LARRY LINK Science Club 15 Bus Driver 2, 35 Best Dressed 45 Flirtest 45 Driving 45 Lib- rary Science 45 Physical Education 1, BET TY MASSAGEE Glee Club l,Z, 3,45 4-H Club 1, Z, 3, 45 F, H. A, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Safety Ed. 35 Bus Driver 45 Science Club 3, 45 Typing 3, 45 Library Club 35 Flirtiest 4. YVONNE PEE LER Beta Club 3, 45 Convention 45 Junior Play5 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Trail Bla- zer 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dra- matics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Bus Driver 45 Science Club 1, 2, 35 Basketball l, Z, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 F, H, A, 1, 45 Junior-Senior Waitress 25 Ho- nor Roll 3, 45 Typing 3, 45 Most Like- ly to Succeed 45 Basketball Letter and Star 3, 45 Most Athletic 45 Pre- sident of Dramatics 45 Waitress at Teacher's Banquet 15 Class Marshal 35 Class President 45 Class Reporter 1, 25 Co-Captain Basketball 35 Sec- retary Dramatics 3, MARGARET REEP Science Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 4-H5 Typing 35 F. H. A. 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Best Sport 45 D ramatics Club 4. KENNETH RITCHIE F. F. A, 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 35 Class Vice President 45 Class Pre- sident l, 35 Toastmaster Junior- Senior Banquet 35 Junior Play5 Bus Driver 3, 45 Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Key Club 45 Best Look- ing 45 Best Athlete 45 Captain Bas- ketball 45 Fall Festival King 35 Bas- ketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Marshal 35 Class King 1, 2, DIRECTORY GENE SAIN Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Class King 1, 45 F, F, A, 1, Z, 35 F. F. A. Camp Z5 Junior Play5 Physical Education Z, 3, 45 Referee for 8th Grade 45 Chief Marshal 35 Most Pop- ular boy 4. HELEN SCRONCE Beta Club 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Trail Blazer 3, 45 Science Club Z, 35 Perfect Attendance 3, 45 Dramatics 1, Z5 4-H Club 1,25 Typing 3, PEGGY TAY LOR Glee Club l,Z, 35 Safety Education 35 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Class Secretary 1, 45 Reporter 45 District Secretary 45 Waitress Jun- ior-Senior Banquet Z5 Waitress Tea- cher's Banquet 25 Junior Play5 De- bating Team l, 2, 35 Best All Round 45 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 45 Exchange Editor 45 Librarian 45 Science Club l, 25 President F. H, A. 45Dramatics Club 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, RALPH WARLICK 4-H 1, 25 Science Club 15 F, F, A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Librarian 45 Physical Ed- ucation 3, 4, SONJA YODER Glee Club 15 4-H Club 15 Dramatics 45 Ad Editor 45 Most Attractive 45 President Girl's Activity 45 Typing 3, 45 Physical Education 3, PEGGY YOUNT Glee Club l, Z, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 1, Z5 Basketball Z, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Queen 45 Most Talkative 45 Trail Blazer Staff 45 Friendliest 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Typing 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 4-H Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club Operetta 35 Band 2, 35 Wait- ress at Teacher's Banquet 25Athletic Letter 4, CLASS HISTORY In the summer of 1953, a mixed group of anxious boys and girls entered the routine of Union Hi. In our Freshmen year, we, forty-two in number, were uncertain and confused at first but gradually settled into the routine. Our class officers for the two sections that year were: President, Kenneth Ritchie and Alma Jordon, Vice- President, Forney Sain and Dean Heavner, Secretary, Peggy Taylor and Peggy Guitong Reporters, Yvonne Peeler, Mart- enny Ingle, and Billie Jean Elmore. During our Sophomore Year with thirty-three enrolled, four boys and four girls, were honored by being chosen as waiters and waitresses for the Junior-Senior Banquet. Our officers that year were: P resident, Billie Jean Elmore, Vice- President, Alma Jordong Secretary and Treasurer, Shirley Morgan, Reporter, Martenny Ingle. The largest event of our Junior year was the Junior- Senior Banquet, given in honor of the Seniors. Another big event was the initiation of ten of our members into the Nat- ional Beta Club. The class officers elected were: President, Kenneth Ritchie, Vice-President, Billie Jean Elmore, Sec- retary and Treasurer, June Blackburn, Reporter, 'Yvonne Peeler, That year we had twenty-seven enrolled. In 1956, our Senior year was begun with our looking forward to graduation, The "Acorn" staff was elected and we started working like little bees. Officers were: President Yvonne Peeler, Vice-President, Kenneth Ritchie, Secretary and Treasurer, Peggy Taylor, Reporter, Martenny Ingle. Now we number twenty-three in our Senior year, hop- ing we all finish the work required of us. Our past holds pleasant memories, and we are looking forward to a successful future for all. Historian , Martenny Ingle LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senlor Class of 56 real 1z1ng that our tlme here at Unlon 1S about to be ended do hereby th1nk It w1se to leave Unlon s future 1n the hands of other students to prove our love and loyalty to Un1on To our falthful teachers and par ents we leave our happy memor1es To the up and commg Semors we w1sh luck and success To the Jumors keep work1ng the goal w1ll soon be yours To the Sophomores we leave our books and happy t1mes To the Freshmen our ab1l1ty to make good and go far 1n thls world I Wllham Hartsoe do hereby w1ll my basketball su1t and bus to my brother Ted I Lee Boyd do hereby w1ll my Enghsh seat for Rachel Stamey and J1m Green to f1ght over I B1ll1e Jean Elmore do hereby wxll my typewrlte r to my s1ster Nellle hop1ng she w1ll enjoy It as much as I and that It W1ll spell better for her than lt d1d for me I Sonja Yoder do hereby w1ll my pos1t1on as Ad Edltor of the Annual to Wllma Campe I June Blackburn do hereby w1Il my positron as edltor of the Annual and Tra1l Blazer to V1V1aH Sam and Betty Lutz and a bottle of correctmg flu1d to my s1ster V1rg1n1a Black burn hop1ng that she doesn t have to use lt as much as I dld I C1VlSt1U6 Gllbert do hereby wrll my typewrlter to my brother Wayne hop1ng that he enjoys usmg lt as much as I d1d I Gerald Greene bemg of sound mlnd and body do hereby w1ll my ab 1l1t1es to get along w1thg1rls and tea chers to my tw1n brothers Max and M1115 ln hopes that they put them to more use than I have I Kenneth R1tch1e do hereby Wlll my bus to Peggy Klser hop1ng that she w1ll make a better drlver than I d1d I Martenny Ingle do hereby wlll all my good t1mes and workmg m the store at Unlon to Ruby Joann and Barbara hop1ng they have as much fun as I d1d I Peggy Taylor do hereby w1ll to my slster Mary Lee Taylor my place rn the store w1th the hope she can make correct change and dodge both at the same t1me I Peggy Yount do hereby w1ll to my slster Paula my basketball sult and to my brother Roy my worn out Enghsh book hopmg he learns more than I Clxd I Betty Johnson do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the tea chers to my slster Peggy ln hopes she does as well as Ihave I Ralph Warllck do hereby W1ll to my slster Faye the ab1l1ty to learn everythmg I d1dn t We Johnny Bollnger and Dean Heavner do herebyw1ll our ab1l1ty to wreck the mlmeograph machme and st1ll get the paper run off on txme to Johnny Lantz and Sonny Ch1lders I Helen Scronce do hereby wlll my Soc1ology book to my cousm Hazel andkld slster Carolyn hopmg they study 1t more than I d1d I Margaret Reep do hereby wlll my good tlmes ln the study hall to my brother Clyde Reep hoplng he doesn t get by wlth more than Id1d I Gene Sa1n do hereby w1Il my ball suxt to Jack Sam hopmg he makes a much greater success than Id1d I S15 Peeler do hereby w1ll my bus No 49 to my kxd brother Floyd and my good txmes at Unlon to my meces Terry and Flo I BettyMassagee do hereby W111 my bus No 14 to my k1d brother Dean and all my fhrty ways at Un1on to my slster Peggy I Larry L1nk do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty toget the fl1rt1est t Ralph West and my enjoyments IH L1brary Sc1ence I Donald Jones do hereby w1ll myself to some beaut1fulg1rl I Wayne Gales do hereby w1Il all my good tlrnes at Umon and my ab 1l1ty to get along wlth all the teachers to my brother Lester . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 Q 4 1 1 1 1 ' 0 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 1 1 .. 1 . , ' 1 a Q 1 1 1 1 Q o 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 , - . . 1 1 1 ' . , 1 1 . . . . 1 4 1 1 . .. . 1 ' , 1 o 1 1 I ' - 1 . - 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 14- 11 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 c 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' o 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 o CLASS PROPHECY As I am a prophet so shall I prophesy, Now as I look into the year 1956, I see a big party, No, it is a reunion banquet for the seniors of 1956, This is no ordinary banquet by far, For here are gathered celebrities from all over the country, It is being held in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, the services of which have been generously donated by the owners and managers, Johnny Bolinger, Dean Heavner, and Buster Hartsoe. As I look upon this banquet hall I see heading the assembly, Mrs, E. C. Rhyne, who recently retired from teaching at the age of ---- well, we won't go into that. She has taught many of the Union High students much English and helped many struggling seniors find that RIGHT way out of their problems, Seated near her are the class officers of '56, Heading this group are Yvonne Peeler, class president, and Ken- neth Ritchie, who is the owner of the cou- ntry's largest atomic remote--controlled farm, Included in this group are Peggy Taylor, class secretary and treasurer, who replaced Ann Southern on the popular tele- vision program, PRIVATE SECRETARY, and Martenny Ingle, class reporter, who now owns and manages the NEW YORK TIMES, About thirty minutes later dinner has been served and some are asked to tell something about themselves and their car- eers. The first to speak is June 'Black- burn who is at present the first woman president of the United States, After her short story came Betty Massagee and Yv- onne Peeler, the presidents of the National Truck Drivers Association, They tell of how their job of bus driving in high school inspired their career. Nextto get up are Helen Scronce, Betty Johnson, and Christine Gilbert, world fa- mous counselors on marriage and happy homes. They talk on, "How To Get Your Man." Gene Sain, who is a football coach at Duke University persuades Sonja Yoder to tell something of her career, As she gets up everything gets quiet except for a few stray wolf whistles that echo across the room. She then begins the brief story of how she became Miss America of 1965, When Mrs.Rhyne starts to appoint vol- unteers, who should get appointed but Don- ald Jones. He explains all about his rest home for tired movie actresses in Holly- wood, California. One of the specific qua- lifications to get into his rest home is that the actress be under thirty five years of age. Next to tell of her career were Billie Jean Elmore and Margaret Reep. They gave instructions on how to marry a mill- ionaire. I'm sure they both know because they both married millionaires. Another millionaire by the name of Lee Boyd tells of how he came to own the Pure Oil Ind- ustries. Everyone that hadn't read the latest edition ofthe NEW YORK TIMES was surprised when Ralph Warlick told about how June Blackburn, president, had app- ointed him Commande r in Chief of the Armed forces "because" she stated, "I always was afraid of guns." Last, but not least, came that inseparable trio in high school, Larry Link, Wayne Gales, and Gerald Greene, They reviewed some of their adventures in being the first men to fly to the moon, After everyone found out what every- one else had been doing in the past years, the orchestra began to play, Some started to dance while others sat around talking to old friends and drinking Cokes, They would have served champagne but this was a non- alcoholic clas S . Now as my vision of this occasion of the future begins to fade, it is around 4:00 A, M, and most everyone is beginning to get sleepy as they all gather around for a last song together, Peggy Yount,who incident- allyis substitute pianist for Liberace, vol- unteered to play the piano while the class sang that popular old favorite, "Come Out of the Stable, Grandma, You're Too Old To Be Horsing Around." And then they leave that last meeting, glad that they had the chance to renew old acquaintances and relive old memories. Clas s Prophet Gerald Greene CLASS PCJEM As we say "Farewell" to Union High, Our hearts are a little bit sad: For we think of our friends we leave behind And the wonderful times we've had! But we'll all go on to bigger things, As we climb Life's Golden Stair, So instead of saying "Goodbye" to you We leave you with this prayer, Our days in school are over, Lord, And now we go our way: To use the things that we have learned In Union--day by day, But we are very much aware, That this is just a start, And there is much that only time, And living can impart. So that is why we bow our heads And pray, Dear Lord, to youg To help us solve our problems And see our struggle through, We need your strength and guidance And your everlasting grace, To meet the many troubles And trials that we must face, So here's our wish we leave to you And to all the Seniors to come As you walk away from Union High Your teachers can say, "Well done," Poete ss Peggy Yount wsiqggx, ,kwwjg -M f, rar 4 f 7 '?i' Ng- W QQ 7. I f 2N7'svww,M1g, 4. el 6337 Q 1 F3 'Q' .V M. fryiv I " f WRU fe,-V f f 'V .pg 3 ,M Q sf' . , .4 Q 4 ' 'af f 5525 f" ' . 1 av' g -.-nw.. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ......... Yvonne 'Peeler Vice President .... Kenneth Ritchie Secretary-Treasurer, ,Peggy Taylor Reporter ........ Martenny Ingle A I 4. as K b QW D D 1 W FLOWER MOTTO COLORS Carnation "Not Finished, Just Begun" Pink and White J. ,ff I i 5 r if MASCOTS WFP Sandra Sain Dennis Whitener - " af 4? f .-3-I - J' f .ix g' 0 if , ,V Wfiiz rw... 5 .eZ1.j1fj.j, , tra' 'a.u .:.A Jfhfcf . I s , 0 ,Q g,n.a' . ' .:.0'xs vV!I.!i'l'l 'U' ' -:':-1-1-23,32-:gm ,,'f:g:fV-3 O D fp 'ag 1 v::'::i'5,t 1017, 1' "P lu.. . .acifitlfit .431 - 0901 .000 BEST ALL AROUND Peggy Taylor Dean Heavner MOST TALKATIVE MOST QZSQCCEED Peggy Yount Donald .Tone S if Wayne Gales MOST ST UDIOUS June Blackburn Johnny Bolinge r BEST SPORTS Margaret Reep Lee Boyd BEST DRESSED Billie Jean Elmore Larry Link FLIRTIEST - Betty Massagee MOS? AITTYRGCTIVE Larry Link on-Ja O er MOST ATHLETIC Yvonne Peeler Kenneth Ritchie MOST POPULAR Martenny Ingle Gene Sain K enneth Ritchie FRIENDLIEST Peggy Yount Buster Hartsoe MOST INTELLIGENT June Blackburn Gerald Greene f Yvonne Peeler l Gene Sain "4-I' , W, ,Q M , X H ' M," 'Wg if f M4 ,, . , " Af ffwzf ff ,f gx ff .. f f ' ,W jf QV f W, 'M r vo XMI:-1 M, mf' X,h.iy,!?3vl , ., W -9, x MQW' 'SZ' ,UW if ' . f ' pv., WL, ,V , gg -- 1. gmc,-4::::4.' 1 . 1 ,, , , ,fx . v.,..f,.m , . HM N 2' . I " ' ' .ff : . . Aff' V 93 . yt 2 ,eg ,Ewa .M ' X if Y 'Q ,sa 'WZ 5 e 1 my 7 f If yi M Billie Jean Elmore Christine Gilbe rt TI E CHA GES THINGS .... Wayne Gales De an Heavner a2cvwq5,ff,..,, mwmmc, f '4ml1iF1s 5fli wr?-'fa " , my ,- , haze? ' 21129252 Ei. .S V , .1 , Es'2,5g?i 1 A Ralph Warli ck Peggy Taylor Helen Scronce J0hfmY Bolinger 'Q In M y ,f may hx ,.: fw , 11,5 5 i f ,M . 'T' 'V - Y I li -N , , , 7 Yi . M 9 . e .. , 4 l ' n Sonja Yoder V - 'f 111,-v.ff',,,w, 1 .N 'e - , ,fiigyfywmef . V: 3 f r . M ,N Q V N XWNS fy, X 4, , if 2 1+ 'Q , ,, I 'Aw ,. - ' V- 5 ' , x ,A f.-Q Margaret Reep if , Y 1 ' K"-J f BettY Johnson Buster Hartsoe Kenneth Ritchie Donald Jones s t 1 -4 V, E2 -4 ,F 1 I I 1 Y j.. , 'Vqf1I. ' ,V Q25 I 'fy' ,hw f ! 4 ' 4 1 'f I , . -n W ' i Qfith 'J ' 5 f .. , vafs -VA , ,I i1x.'.'-1, 126: if ,.,v14,',, . ..v , - , 15-, Larry Link .Tune Blackburn Martenny Ingle Gerald Greene - ,Q . Lee Bo d Y Peggy Yount Betty Massagee .IUNICRS President. . . . . . . . Johnny Lantz Vice President . . . . . Betty Lutz I "' fr Jeux, M s,,,. -wx .ff f , , IWW? AIX 1, , , QM , S-W A' -. " 1 wr! p..,,. g5l?",..-gm ig,-:,. 1 ,gg 5' ,,, 4 f f' gm Ns ,- --. AM.. - eq fi at Q, F 5 V . QV" . " :off ' 9 5 . g r QW if 14 ffl, xr 1- ' sf fs -W, Ki 1 - RQ J FU W ' s il. ..-an QR 43. M 5 1 v I f , VN W' M ' , Z , A fr V ? i it If rm, 4 gy x 1 W' Hn -avr 3. E, ,iii is' QW. I E Virginia Blackburn Wilma Canipe T, M. Carpenter Gary Carter Nancy Coon Charles Childers Shelby J. Dorsey Bobby Dean Elmore Bobby Lee Elmore Kenneth Gilmore James F, Greene Wayne Grigg Barbara Harkey Dorothy Helms Joann Holloway Ann Hoover Marillyn Hoover Carolyn Houser Bobby Hoyle Doris Hoyle Shirlene Johnson Sue Ledford Starlene Logan James Lutz Allene Lynch Linda Royster Dotty Sisk Bobby Scronce Rachel Scronce Hazel Scronce T. C. Scronce Elizabeth Smith Rachel S tamey Mary Sue Thomas Ruby Water s Dorothy We st Carolyn Wise Cecelia Wise Carleen Wright kl Q?-75 Reporter Margaret Gilbert SOPHOMORE A Nw! wx President ....... Betty J, Richard an W- W eq Vice President ..... Faye Scronce . lm' ' ' QM ' Q Secretary ....... Peggy Sue Black .f,. -arse xp V... Reporter ..... Martha Leatherman Wk' ,Af , J si ' ,"r . Q J rm .N M-P ., L51 -A ' 5 i I K . db it if J . are J 0- 5 gfmw? F Q ii or it ii 1 J N we N - X , Xe it if fl ae:-vw., lr. .-Q. Avg , . C Juanita Byrd James Deyton Lander Heavner Peggy Johnson Vertie Sue King Allen Lynch Evelyn Martin Yates Reep Beunie Scronce Carolyn Scronce David Smith Fred Smith Charles Spivey Clara Beam Phyllls Bolhnger Sylvester Byrd Aleta Can1pe Franfes Campe Harold Campe Wayne Gllbert Faye Hoyle Peggy Klser Anne Lelgh Nelhe Faye Pru1tt Jack Saln Sarnrme Sa1n Mary Sue Seagle Geraldme Schronce Ann Wrlght 'VX 291 SOPHOMORE B 35 Q 4 sv ,S K Presldent Betty Abernethy Vxce Pres1dent Jack Huss Secretary Judy Helms Reporter Earlene Sa1n ""1-'R' ' 'W' Spa-ff xx C """"f' Fx 'YN 'ER JUN -exif' FRESHMA GIRLS President ....... Alice Mosteller Vice President . . . Nellie Elmore Secretary .... .... K aye Smith Treasurer . . . Linda Duckworth Reporter ,,,,,,,, Shirley Connor Devotional Leader . . .Joyce Ledford Virginia Anderson Naomia Byrd Margaret Deyton Joann Fisher Jane Heavner Julia Heavner Ruth Hoover Peggy Gales Joan Jones Margaret Leatherman Janice Logan Linda McSwain Janice Mosteller Nell Propst Mary Rudisill Sue Scronce Clarice Smith .-1 -Q.. le,!' O' I 59... , ,, . . ,. 5, , , y W X se, ' J f- , Q f if-fm J 'fm a ' 1 ,re i :W J -1 ffr,f:i ,, ,ff2S 'S ,fdhfff rw --W 4 M, IF' ,Z X X. me fe. 121: z he . 7"""'-Q . ffl g iv 'fm V I ,,-f I ' " 'vw-M1 , ' ' f fr 151: 1 .L ff I, ,M I X97 jf ff w wf 2 f 49 W1 f fnfff f, .:.., i"t e 1 I W' 'QQ Q YZ v V XV I in AX A J fix M4 ,Q 61 ' 4-Z., I " v fx 'WW 4 Z' , " A V W-M 'EL' . .f o X Q o ' FRESHMAN BOYS President ........... Max Beam Vice President .... M. D, Morgan Secretary ..... . . Jerry Scronce Reporter .... . . Paul Childers .Timmy Angle Richard Armstrong Paul Carpenter Ted Hartsoe Gene Houser Jerry Peeler Clyde Reep Billy Rudisell Bobby Rudisell Larry Sain Harold Scronce Troy Scronce Tommy Snider Harvey Thomas Ralph Warlick Roger Warlick Robert Whitener Carl Wilson uf :V - 2 495, I si A V IL.: ' A SQ' ,ig ,J Q , ' in-' C' 4 9 :ts 4 . I X I , V I Y, li- L , 5 F ' h" A, ' ' at ' G . ! ,fl V X "' ' ' . 4 I A ,gk my l 'R 1-.f Q-X - Lgfbg-If Q., y 1 L.- 'nv' Y ' 2 'SLI 1 f W C 5 1 . T ' f K -K5 fiery 5' .ap ,HYIP -L, .M ,fi "'Kt5f vigrx? A Akvfvf rr . ' g , ag ,Q A 'K f Ra. I 'VN .Qu 1:-:ff vp, .- ..V .X A yn!!! ,ga Q! I w if 4' endif! , THE ITY PAGE V5 Y Aff., Stup1d1ty Immaturity Cur1os1ty Seniority Ind1v1dua11ty Cupldlty . f ff S f Personality Vivac ity 3 s ihe key io ADVANCEMENT 25 2 . +2 it 'ZFCAT we v . my r a-Ll A fb ll it EIGHT First Row Max Johnson, Mary Lee Dorsey, Eugene Sain, Roy Shultz, Jimmie Elmore, Carol Dean Heavner Rosa Lee Dorsey, Lester Gales. Second Row: Airie Chapman, Mad- galene Helms Raymond Slaughter, Kay Davis, James Wise, Billy Crowder, Nancy Sain, Linda Gilbert George Bass. Third Row: Nancy Morgan, Steve Carpenter, Billy Sisk, Ral- ph West Bryon Reep Billy Elmore, Jerry Houser, Mitchell Reep, Mrs. Seagle, Elizabeth Hoover Fourth Row Mary Lee Taylor, Peggy Ingle, Ann Blackburn, Mary Haynes, Dor- othy Whisnant Carolyn Leigh, Linda Sue Heavner, Brenda Gilbert, First Row: Faye Warlick, Gary Bollinger, Tim Reynolds, Bobby Abernathy, Jerry Huss, Danny Houser, Jimmie Taylor, Joey Sherrill, Sadie Smith. Second Row: Nax Greene, Judy Jonas, Peggy Scronce, Mills Greene, Franklin Berryhill, Jane Propst, Linda Hallman, B, E. Gilbert, Third Row: Clafton Tessner, Frank Yoder, Richard Slaughter, Kenneth John- son, Ralph Grigg, Larry Leonard, Jerry Gilbert, Kenneth Houser, Jerry Canipe, Clyde Ingle, Ruth Ingle, Fourth Row: Christine Crowder, Brenda Sain, Frances Gilbert, Barry Sain, Jean Wyatt, Betty Reep, Brenda Carswell, Jane Killian, il E3Z2 C4 l11 SEVENTH GRADE E v 9' A I F1 1RXd'--1! A 8.15 4, First Row: Sally Haynes, Floyd Peeler, Carolyn Crowder, Wayne Rudisill, Barbara Chap- man, Willie Faye Helms, Robert Allen, Mary Whisnant, Dorothy Beam. Second Row: Phil- lip Hoover, Keith Sain, Ralph Johnson, Jerry Mosteller, Billy Reep, Shirley Johnson, Tony Gilbert, Frances West, Terry Whitener, Ned Johnson, Ray Elmore. Third Row: Maxine Johnson, Thames Lutz, Jimmy Warlick, Larry Yoder, Pauline Bridges, Hollis Miller, Ez- ell Scronce, Tommy Rhyne, Brenda Leatherman, Carolyn Scronce. Fourth Row: Judy Gil- bert, Caroll King, Mikey Kiser, Jerry Thomas, Cyrus Anthony, David Warlick, Joan Str- oupe, Judy Seagle. Absent: J. R. Haynes and William Bivens. 3 First Row: Jerry Gales, Dean Rudisill, Otha Lynch, Dewey Smith, James Wilson, Max Ab- ernathy, Edwin Berryhill, David lngle. Second Row: Brenda Helms, Dorothy Helms, David Lavander, Margaret Yount, Sandra Hartsoe, Libby Gales, Larry Hoyle, Gene Mosteller, Third Row: Johnny Rhyne, Ray Smith, Judy Grigg, Paula Yount, Rita Wise, Donald Newton, Gene Scronce, Jerry Wyant, Fourth Row: Judy Smith, Reba Mahaley, Ray Gilbert, Darel Scronce, Janice Whitener, Jr. West, Kenneth Heavner, Maxine Propst. ' L' -R wdgt -ww 4 QQ. GRADE i l nz!!! 4 -. VS?- 98' I U NXTH AND HFTH lil GRADES '1'x First Row Douglas Gales, Billy Kiseri, Jimmy Haynes, Zakie Warlick, Jerry Geymont, Charles Anthony Second Row: Mrs, Yoder, Joyce Ann Warlick, Saundrea Hoover, Faye White Reba Elmore Linda Engle, Beth Warlick, Third Row: Mary Moody, D. A. Stroupe, Jean Stroupe Mary Warlick,Kay Dellinger, Joyce Childers, Dean Guest, Brenda McSwain, Fourth Row Larry Gilbert, Clara Gilbert, Ethel Carpenter, Jimmy Scronce, Charles Wood, Geor e Blackburn John Engle, Absent: Martha Smith, Jerry Roberts. First Row: Roney Sain, Glenn Roberts, Shirley Smith, Dwight Moody, Rodney Schronce, Berna Jo Sain, Tommy Ritter, Roy Yount. Second Row: Jerry Elmore, Keith Scronce, Bobby Sigmon, Mary Helms, Dean Sain, Dean Scronce, Larry Jones, Jane Bivens, Kenneth Deyton, Larry Heavner, Alice Chatman, Third Row: Coley Gilbert, Larry Newton, Farrel Lutz, Annette Sain, Wayne Yoder, Peggy Ledford, Libby Goins, Wayne Houk, Brenda Car- penter, Farrel Carpenter. Fourth Row: Junior Dorsey, Lealta Fulbright, Sandra Wood, Larry Canipe, Robert Burgess, Jim Killian, Janice Wilson, Carolyn Whitener, June Dorsey, Mrs, Killian, Absent: Bobby Bivens, Richard Bivens, I-Iaskel Smith, Joyce Lavander. Fi . , J1WllH F 'f,!f.1e2i .4 JfKE?.l"'Ts ii." f.'JsZ87.QTT.ii'Kl2Y'l"'f2?SbEi Tl!-sql 4 1' 9 , 2 5'--' 7 N x 'AOPA Ex may -en., 05. FOURTH GRADE ui x 2 First Row: Robert Mahala, Donald Canipe, Douglas Carpenter, Jewel Gilbert, Harvey Leo- nard, Kenneth Ward. Second Row: Dianne Propst, Rebecca Hoover, Ernestine Sain, Viv- ian Mosteller, Judith Ellis, Susan Cline,Kaye Kiser, Jessie Ann Seagle. Third Row: Jacob Jones, Bobby Coon, Wanda Sain, Jimmy Rhyne, Carolene Anthony, Phyllis Hoover, Jerry Hill, Helen Heavner, Bobby Brooks, Billy Dorsey. Fourth Row: Joann Smith, Larry Reep, Jerry Smith, Alda Ruth Chapman, Linda Sue Roberts, Dean Scronce, Pete Whitner, Jerry Berryhill. Miss Jonas. First Row: Gene Warlick, Bessie Helms, Danny Warlick, Marie Carpenter, Bill Pruitt, Randy Sherrill, Ben Roberts, Second Row: Glenda Bollinger, Kathy Abernathy, Clinton Carswell, Ted Propst, Ray Scronce, Carl Ingle, Richard Gilbert, Helen Heavner, Sue Dey- ton, Third Row: Jerry Burgess, Brenda Bivens, Marilyn Miller, Ronnie Hallman, Farrel Sain, Ted Yount, Shelia Myers, Mrs. Mullen. Fourth Row: Glenn West, Priscilla Smith, Dennis Sain, Micheal Crowder, Larry Carpenter, Jack Sain, Martha Allen, Rebecca Scr- once. 'HHRD R' GRADE 11 " 'HHRD AND SECOND GRADES First Row: Gary Rudisill, Ellen Davis, Reeves Smith, Larry Gilbert, Tony Sain, Shelia Sain, Jerry Leatherman, Donnie Cline. Second Row:Gay Lee Hoover, Tony Whitener, Phy- liss Carpenter, Renee Abernethy, Dean Helms, Harriet Propst, Drucilla Lavander. Third Row: Mrs, Houser, Rubye Yount, Kay Houser, Edward Waters, Dianne Stroup, Sue Jonas, Linda Reep, Fourth Row: Linda Finger, Robertxl-Iallman, Wayne Reep,Douglas Leather- man, Bradford Broadway, Keith Wise. SECOND GRADE First Row: Danny Ingle, Freddie Sherill, Gary Lutz, Larry Gales, Wayne Smith, Jessie Jones, Rhodney Reedp, Terry Gales. Second Row: Nancy Bivens, Coleen Duckworth, Zelda Beam, Barbara Allen, Vicki Houser, Vickie Warlick, Dianne Chatman, Day Johnson, Phy- llis Helms. Third Row: Mrs. Bangle, Larry Sharpe, Keith Gilbert, Reba Sain, Carolyn Bridges, Fourth Row: Johnny Seagle, Margaret Helms, Ernest Earl, Gary Hoyle, Blair Yount, Billy Ingle, David Canipe, Peggy Fredell, Charles Killian, Hugh Smith, Jr. HRST GRADE First Row: .Terry Burgess, Mary Ann Earl, Wanda Scronce, Phil Mosteller, Mary Propst Mary Kate Walker, Jerry Ward, Flo Hull, Catherine Coon, Second Row: Mrs. Scronce Larry Leonhardt, Terry I-lull, Eddie Rhyne, Peggy West, Sandra Sain, Stevie Brooks, Judy Heavner. Third Row: Terry Elmore, J. B. Smith, Johnny White, Gerald Carpenter, Jane Yount , Donald Anthony, First Row: Alda Bivens, Vicky Bolinger, .Timmy Johnson, Dennis Whitener, Charlie Hoover, Max Jonas, Linda Chatman, Betty Rose Chatman, Bobby Helms, Second Row: Miss Most eller, Ronald Mitchem, Gary Sain, Eddie White, Rita Waters, Faye Sain, Rony Carswell, Carolyn Helms, Jimmy Dellinger, Third Row: Charles Reep, Ruth Burgess, Mary Jo Ellis Mary Yoder, Gail Myers, Bobby Ingle, Bernice Ingle. HRST GRADE , - , E V 7 'E ., ' , A 4 1 f 3. . f f lx 4 ,. ,J + , .f:,Q,l ,. 10 , 1 , J I 4. 1 N, A ,,, W If Y' W il-UL 11466 MW ,f 3, Y uw me flue key to PARTICIPATION can ' f l 0 LA ... ffff:44444g-44444AA ff ffffffff 1 1 1 4 f ffff ffffff ff .,.,......V Ya4.....f-Y V H. 1' VA V-,,,,,,.g . I :ff.v:fx,EAf2?fd ' If Q HA N K T H EE M755 ' " A fm 9.54.3 3' 6 A mu 1- WE GOT OUR BEGINNING HERE .... V M. 1 .. N. Z: "GTK S T, Q EE y 3 ,Q fx xssvxm' E ' Du Il wi LEARNING THAT SAFETY COMES FIRST... glu- THE SENIORS ENJOY A GOOD STORY L...J MRS. MOSTELLERS HISTORY CLASS DIGS LIP THE FAMILY TREE - - " .Y.4A.4,:,l-nl. . ,Ll f V-, V .,.... !,,,-.L.,-J-. , WE GET OUR EXPERIENCE FROM MRS. ALLEN'S TYPING CLASS .... , r, '91 M J' M1 HOMO SAPIENS LEARN THE INSIDE STORY .... LEARNING THE PRACTICAL SIDE MEN AT WORK .... :Hr A I . 3 fi 1 x I, QAWQW, I , , My MW1 Q ' N ' N ' ll'2. LUNCH ROQM STAFF Mrs. M. H. Goins Mrs. Hugh Huss Mrs. Eugene Johnson Mrs. B. M. Bolinger Susie Oliver Roberta Vinson z an .' , t Hsin. Q '-1 -v.. Jas-ml' .U , -yu . , - , 7 E 1 gl .. iff' .7 2 -A, , X, , ., , I 'h 5 I , X V... !'1 5.4 Ii if, F.F.A 9152- sla S a fr f fffyilg f if li. I, 1' if ,WA Jw-,A rgf : H -Q.. ,K 'V' ' N1 ,. . VN' QQ 5 fkffikil ' u.......f 1 Z "SSM- K E7 limi I f ,Q -13.5 'I ANVSA gA' ' I CHARACTER T EN 15 M I U if Y' 3 Cl V El Q 6 N.. pg f :S X f , . 'M Lf 6 VE Q , " 2 62 J' ' q l 1 ' "' ff "ZW If -L' ' W in-V 1. ' 2:1 ' x O 'MN I X . ! , - ,... Q . , , I O Q, i131 51751 ' O li H, 'xi , ' .7 Elf 'IQ L7 N' UNION HIGH SCHOOL vAI..:O, TT .fm can A A V YV- ., '.Lf' o.- L. , OO,?f1j3 v,:4Og1NA Novyqmmaa 18,O1gy25 'N v' fe lg Once there was 3 sohoml By the name of Umion High. It was O grand Old scmwcl In tho days gama byg ' IO.had a lovely Ommpusg But now alas, The Studsnta bacamc careless Amr-1 +"if's'r'1.c.1.r v'ufn'xA13.3r'v . Q1:x..,fkZ'x-u mv: M rn cz, N1 ' -viffylig M. O S TOj rbi 'rT.Lfu1 House? H-WHHMOH A Mfg for having the beg EDITORS AND ADVISOR 31555, wuvn 4.u,,v.g1 ',f.r.c,Lc3S, QS 21 whole, rccgivad a certificate for winning honmrable mOmtiOn in the contest. We arm Vary proud of it. ffm was-u--an-me-pvnupuqnn-n4.q'. TRAHJBLAZERSTAFF'tWiW3F Q, YI' OO, MQne -.-- ----------M-- l,6h TGTQL 351.23 OPEN HOUSE HELD ,.,. I .,,. 'QQ ' ' """' ?mOm'oOr's 1 tho dg,,3g519Q,l 3 YE OLDE PRINTING 01-'FICE tho OHudiiU?ium, Luc uuurmumubuf is set in O large Coca-Colm bottle 'ldcsign. 1, MZ' .400 v X 3 ff ,Q J, ' ' ef,-W -w if M, fi? 's i r- ik as im n gg, Q Q.- 0 , ,,, f ' .- ,, g I . - . 4 "7 'QVA1 . , is Inf ,I ' ,gg f W , 'ix . 'K' , 'L 5 x5 1 m...,, 1 W -. -- , g, - Q- W -,HQ lun ,fviiw :E 1 5 ff 4, ' A ,, L IH ,ff 1 '. A, w ,fx N qmww-kv! ., L . J f,.r"" I ' "' ' Y z...,Qf',, . ' x"'M ' ' - 'f 1 'x7Q41fgfl5Awx'z.?,, LQ! J ,!ij.N4gW f,x,? N ff QQ.: , ,Q 'asia-:ffm - 0 A A I' ji 'N qs' T5-?w',t2g?iff:1'rx 'lv 'x - X' X .'f'3'a' 4 'l1:JiQ'g-' ' ' ' ' , .I X ' Wray ,W 'fu "L", 9 'f, "M, , ri :Nj . g, -,V -,fl A 4 1 , Tw-w ff, Www. if 1 'Vw 1g-Q3.'p i,, ' 2- A L5 1'f",W X ff , -:av-Q: 1 . w Nr,fi'J?: 5,5 ,f f 3, Ywvfj U, V , in :Q -l Lk R. ,M Aff L ulmvf Kprfeag, A x, K Q A 'Q 1., M' by Fi" i' - Q. 4 , 1f"'1'-In-R-I ,uf J A ,ig I - g WJ' :vi 15, Lb .q!i.l. 55? P' I V JIS ? f , -03, 2' ' Q :mwmahrqyy 8 , , , X. ' 1 , ,M ,. Lugz: W" 'thru K ,ff-.-4 '5 ' ' an , Q '7 n 1 ' ' W x f wx viz 'ff 'W if W .,.,-A ...... f-f .6 2 Nu. f Y, 2192, 3' S, fa- 42 mf yr ,MSM , ,wwf M, ..,, 'xv '1s.,Qm?"i 5' gi jg ,ffjjfk 3if'9 ' M 79 ff ffv ', ,gtafq f Q 1 Lim 944 5 U fH E33 'ii E21 ir 1 , - T. if 5, 1 5? LH! E"-"'i'ii"T 6 -' ' W' "" "'-'- 4 5- FALL FESTI AL ROYALTY Q U E E N Peggy Yount Q ' i 1 l xl 5 ouwiss Sandra Harteoe PRINCESS Gay Lee Hoover -3-v f is x , , A pn NH: 53 X Q -1, pr KING M. D. Morgan Max PRINCE Ronnie Hall AbErneth I'I13.T1 Y vhlxdw ff Magna V wffwlz W Q, :eww ,Zh M. 5 .4. . ., ff' . u4,f.w,:,. I ' nrnWiw,x,v,w.,: , 1 Q, ., ,. Q, , if i ' awww . I QR S :Mm ' M W. ,,, W., X gm-www ff 6 f, I , . W2 h w, 1 MW mf ' z.. gmf fl, I . . V , . Wy 4. .1 , 72,5 J: , . ,-,fgwf 15, . '77, .V .,. , , , , 1 5 W Q 4 I Q 1 I5 f , f 1 M 71 fy? P -S 1 , f 2 f 4 A if !E 1, 2 . 1 ,. , ' ff! ft 7 Af W 4 gf M Q 4, V Q , . W .ea W 1 19,5 Q 4 flu 3263 1 ' . .412 4 Www., wa? , Q .L.. ,. V , W V' I 'W ,pf if "' vw ' K, 1 . ' ? '54 f x . EA ,Y vkwfmmnbwzf i :- V -A ' , if , , fff iffff:-Haw A, 'ir if ' fi t? F 0 .eff ,A 0 Nm... nrvl s i 3 Q l the key to SPORTSMANSHIP 1 4 q ,, aw: f ff, ' bl Wjgyg 1' if 3 's A , 1,2',7Q 344 -4 - .1"'7' ' :.',-f73J1m -' , F: ,F--M.. . , ,. ---X. .. , , W .xg Q, ,...- I -, ,-. ,H- 'ikkwgflw Shgjx , .-- - .g,. - ., -..lx .f x7"Q , , A , r --' -f -- ...'..,..Jf.,1.,,, , , " J: t'1'1.':2nS,,., ' btw' vQf.,:g..x-V-X, ,,,k,Q,-.,'f.1--,1y...--r I ..g-- 1- fw ' ' ' 'p r A 'U-'Z vw-"l, Thaw' -Q"-. "'f.'fl'- 9 "'iI".,-'f fa? ..,.'vw-Q 23. .,,f Q-, ,wcufav .,,., www, .1 W.. 'Mtv .Y. , ,. , , M-.MK U.-"' Tax ' Nl: f," .Zi wliqfb-., E 1H,,,,-fgfvtg, f ., ,,,+.f L -'g,1z-- Y- -Q35 ,-gwjg. " ' '+A Nigfrfa-'3v'S-.,,'-4,,:b'L.f,1y'z:s-A I-wg-',:5L-f' -wtf.. ' . ' ,gg fQ'fg51'.g-4. "3-. fl'-5-35,:,:5j1i"It.Q1:3 "1:u'qQGf:.3,:xj ,igrzj-V ' - - Num-gg-5,-1'...'-,. 5 .1g,: , , .. ., N. pgajzy , , A ", ' . ,V V L , ,,+..'- - -.H-f'S2gfg 1 ,W 'Q rfQ.:.Mrq' A .2 N .. -Q-""v1. rf - , -'fYf'.'?L M ,..f-.5-.. .,,'Y-J'Ji4b4,.'i ' , ' uf 1 rf fi-jig, f"':7hi'f'gLfM'z'7,--- " 4' ' A n C gh, 'Ck "WW Y 3 wfriq' H " W "Y W N Ig .... ,, ,,..4 V W f aw- Peggy Yount ottie Sisk 1 3-A. ....,. ,W . 1- x 1 L. - c,N 'cfv . '. wx x -t nv Q.,- VW! .- . M .. r ,. , .fy Lf.. wi F ... Wilma Canipe -. ' 1 ,uu- LY . Z I XYNQ 5 , Q . S 1 A Faye Hoyle I. I Q f- 3 r Earlene Sain E f J! ' 3 X: K 3 'A - ' 0 w 1 X J X N Betty Abernathy Ann Hoove r GIRLS BASKETBALL Betty Abernethy, Yvonne Peeler, Jane Hea- vner, Vertie Sue King,Ann Hoove1-,Earlene Sain, Faye Hoyle, Carolyn Houser, Wilma Canipe, Dottie Sisk, Peggy Yount, Julia Heavner, Vivian Sain, Doris Hoyle, COACH Mrs , Bowman MANAGER Linda Roys ter rr,-,,.,. ,, 1 Y I 5 3 5 I 1 I I Q i A K i i E 1 f E s 1 1 J l BUSTER HARTSOE -W JOHNNY BOLINGER :ill ,, W f ffl' F,,,..f KENNE TH RIT CHIE R fn 74 'X GARY CARTER GENE SAIN BOYS' B BASKETBALL Jerry Scronce, M,D,Morgan, Gary Carter, Gene Sain, Kenneth Ritchie, T. M. Carpen- ter, Johnny Bolinger, Donald Jones, COACH Mr, Yoder MANAGER .Tack I-Iuss -4 , Wa ? 1 K Q 585 M 4 fit iufm ,, M ff , Y ,, iff .N . , lr. ,. -ni HOWARD'S CREEK SCHOOL W A- - ,U ' ,fr 11014 W -an E u,p.ti,. If Mrs, Pa Sixth 8: Fifth Principal ul Childers Mr. M. S. Heavner Mrs. Glenn Leonhar Third 'hams 'sh Mrs. Carlton Jetton Miss Edna Wise MIS. Yates Finger Fifth 8: Fourth First Second dt V' l s 2 3 f il si SEVENTH GRADE E 5 lv' . :iv N 6-If , Z-pu ,?L 4 .3i,,:+5?--,516-I . .,f jyWfQ.,g,:v I Vw Af ef X M .. fi. X. i- -' , ,awe 1 .A ,fn ' v-,-, Jw- , X --' , , .X ' 5.'42-f.ia.u.. afw -4 -J. 'z D f , F'?wf4cni ff" fl? 1 , f -if i, 211.5 wwf :ff 'Mil risi- N First Row:Gene Houser, Buddy Sniith, Lewis Wright, Tommy Ingle, Faye Mitchell, Danny ,X Kanipe, Jimmie Leatherman, Earlene Avery, Brenda Houser. Second Row: Glenn Willis, l l Frank Seagle, Howard Fisher, Ray Helms, Mr. Heavner, 1 I 1 E N y. N il ! V il Q 5 it fr it l, N li W 'a ll I SIXTH H GRADE 5 r 4 Y i E l i ! First Row: Evelyn Fisher, Tommy Heafner, .To Billy Heavner, Ilease Houser, Sybil Peeler Ailene Scronce, Carroll Auton, Wayne Allen, Larry Eaker, Second Row: Jossie Bolding Larry Morgan, Faye Reep, Danny Ingle, Nancy Peeler, Bobby Royster, Darrell Houser Donald Avery, Third Row: Bernice I-Iouser, Ann Willis, Mrs. Josephine Childers. FWTH GRADE 1 4 i 5 First Row: Joan Helton, James Helms, Richard Eaker, "Dickie" Cornwell, Craig Wood, Margie Byrd, Jean Bolding, Linda Kay Smith, Kay Haynes, Judy Taylor, Linda Huss. Sec- ond Row: Steve Kulanko, Lloyd Houser, Dwight Allen, Mary Allen, Carl Sain, Jr., Dwight Shultz, Martha Lee Yarbrough, Mrs. Lula Jetton, First Row: Carolyn Avery, Billy Auton, Paulette Allen, Vernon Avery, Jimmy I-Iouser, Cla- dette Hoyle, Elizabeth Cundiff, Janie Holloway, Brenda Sain, Dorothy Long, Second Row: Mary Lee Avery, Roy Lee Lowe,Gary Pendleton,Barney Fisher, Christine Bolding, Fred- die Farmer, Roy Lee Haynes, Clinton Houser, Mary Rudisill, Mrs. Lula Jetton. Third Row: Steve Canipe, Jimmy Sain, Patricia Reep, Vickie Scronce, V FOURTH GRADE 'HHRD GRADE I ' 3 M MA A i ' r - ., W -el-we ff riff ' . ,.. "'?"'5""' 1 ' ' "" V -"' Jigfw fir' 'f . ' -wf " "' . 'W .f' - 'l3m.5' f ..1'4 f-:. .4 32.1, ff! Weir ":6Vf'f!"" inf C' -' .,- "4 9 First Row:Darrell Wise, Larry Avery, Linda Carpenter, Joyce Long, Brenda Smith, Kath- leen Haynes, Larry Gilbert, Lonnie Leatherman, Freda Eaker, Ava Dovis, Ronnie Leon- hardt, Marilyn Hudson, Row Two: Sue Reep, Brenda Gilbert, Edna Peeler, Donald Far- mer, Steve Shultz., Jack Spivey, Wayne Taylor, Linda Auton, Terry Royster, Robert We- hunt, Jo Ann Gilleland, Mrs, Leonhardt, Third Row: Linda Hines,Gene Goins, Dianna Hou- ser,Steve Morgon,Harold Helms, Jo Farrell Willis, Rickey Rhyne, Mike Huss, Linda Av- ery, Rita K, Byers, Dianna Helms. First Row: Maxine Fredell, Charles Avery, Valerie Reynolds, Max I-Iouser, Pat Hartsoe, Willard Helms, Dale Elmore, Buddy Sain, Leonard Williams, Michard Mauney. Second Row: Harold Spivey, Ronnie Peeler, Gary Reynolds, David Ingle, Francis Avery, Carolyn Willis, Junior Helms, Elizabeth Houser, Dorothy Helton, Harry Hoover. SECOND GRADE HRST GRADE gd6"'f,.. -JPVLJ First Row: Shirley Spivey, Jeanie Gilliand, Gail Rhyne, Judy Huss, Ray Bolding, Harold Dean Allen, Walter Houser, Betty Joe Helms, Sara Houser, Goldie Lowe, Second Row: Randy Davis,Donald Eaker, Brenda Gail lngle, Daphene Fredell, Linda Jill Black, Tommy Hartsoe, Ray Avery, Frankie Mae Peeler, Judy Avery, Ravette Owens, Junie Haynes, Mary Jane Byrd. 4-H CLUB .iii g Y MUSIC CLUB , , I Q' ll l ii' HZ-ul-ITP wi v' the key to BETTER BUYING 1 CUBLE DAIRY POLHILL CHEVRGLET CU. Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Sales -Service Dial RE5-2562 or RE5-2561 OK Used Cars Lmcolnton North Carolina STBYS FRESH H I xxx 0 ,NZ L. J, S565-'V DW xqjfw full Wap H, Hp 1 . U -,i f ' ' ..e.-,sp-s , veg? - I x gf' ' I - . M5-55: A ,, . ,wi --rj -u'F:1' ' .ji , Ye - ,aff ' I W '41-'imp' I W Z ff' 6 I I N A ' " . -Eff!-' Q ' f 1' I I ' xl"4iT I ' C13 p t 'RL 'T W Nswk. I I I v - I I Xl: 1 " H l I .wav q nan 3 ABERNETHY EQUIPMENT CO. Phone RE 5-5231 Charlotte Highway Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of TURNER'S STORES, INC. Compliments of HOVIS GROCERY KENNETH B. BEAM, INC. Insurance is Our Business AGENTS: Blaine Childers Frank Hoyle 106 West Main St. Phone 6851-6852 Cherryville, North Carolina VALE MILL C1 GROCERY SUMMIE SAIN Flour-Corn Meal WATCHMAKER Purina Chow and JEWE I-'ER Custom Mixing And Grinding Seed Cleaning T. E. sam - RE5-8737 PATRONTZE Vale, North Carolina UUR ADVERTISERS DRYS LONGER Compliments of FIRST NCATIUNAL BANK Two Convenient Locations: MAIN OFFICE 102 East Main Street EAST BRANCH CDrive-Inj 1203 Main Street A Friendly Bank In A Friendly Community Established 1903 Lincolnton North Carolina HOYLE MOTOR CO., INC. Dial 5-8091 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of DAVE LERNER'S STORE Lincolnton, North Carolina E. D. GEYMONT Grading Sz Clearing Contractor PHONE RE5-7827 BROOME-EARLY Furniture Sz Appliance Company G.E. Appliances Furniture Ki Appliances Phone RE5-7089 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of .M. BEAM AND BROTHER Contractors - Ginners And Buyers Of Cotton Phone RE 5 -23 '72 Vale Route 2 North Carolina ' Compliments of CHERRYVILLE NATIONAL BANK LINCOLN 'T.V. 8. APPLIANCE Capehart Television Gibson Appliance Sales Sz Service Phone RE 5-2080 209 N. Aspen Street Lincolnton North Carolina T. 8. S. WELDING AND MACHINE CO. D. C. Thornburg, Prop. General Machine Work - Gears Made Welding of all Kinds - Auto Welding Farm Machinery Repaired Phone RE5-7151 Reepsville Road LINEBERGER BROTHER'S, INC. Phone RE5-7471, 5-7172, 5-7473 "Buying Carolina Cotton Since 1915" Complete Fiber-Testing Laboratory Lincolnton North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS C1 LOAN ASS'N Phone RE-5-2042 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compiimenis of STROUP'S SODA SHOP Compliments of W .C. JETTON Vale, North Carolina CompIimenfs of REEPSVILLE GARAGE General Auto Repair Operated by Carl Hartsoe Phone RE5-2893 CompIimenfs of B E l K - S C H R U M Linco1nton's Largest Department Store Lincolnton North Carolina PAUL BANGlE'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Groceries Tires-Batteries-Gas Route 2 Lincolnton North Carolina I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Compliments of CAROLINA FREIGHT CARRIERS CORPORATION Cherryville North Carolina CompIimenfs of BANNER ROllER MIllS, INC. COCHRANE FURNITURE CO., INC. Manufacturers of Breakfast Room Sz Dinette Suites Lincoh1ton, North Carolina Compliments of TAIT YARN CO., INC. JOHNSON MILLING COMPANY Feed-Seed-Seed Cleaning Route 1 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCER Phone RE 52 O3 1 1 WARLICK FUNERAL HOME Ask About our Insurance Plan 2 Phone RE5-2521 1 Lincolnton i i 1 5 1 North Carolina A cnsnnvvluz ICE 2. run co. A Since 1920 J PHONE 6861 ICE - -COAL- -COKE --BRIQUETS KEROSENE - -FUE L OILS- -GREASES- -GASOLINE QUALITY - -SERVIC E - -APPRECIATION G. S. SAINE PLUMBING 6' HEATING CO. 4 Phone RE 5-8681 k Lincolnton, North Carolina HOUSER DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions our Specialty Phone 6011 Cherryville, North Carolina RHODES Cr CORRIHER A IMPLEMENT COMPANY Allis-Chalmers-New Idea- New Holland Machinery T. F. Corriher, Representative Dial RE5-2 691 Lincolnton, North Carolina ROBINSON'S Exclusive But Not Expensive Dial RE5-8371 Lincolnton, North Carolina T. C. FALLS GROCERY Groceries-Gasoline Dry Goods - Peter's Shoes FCX Feeds - Fertilizer Small Hardware Phone RE5-8952 Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of IDEAL CHAIR COMPANY Compliments of - DIXIE GROCERY CO., INC Lincolnton, North Carolina G. M. PEELER 6' SON Seed-Feed-Fertilizer 8: Lime PHONE RE55481 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS W. R. CARSWELL ESSO SERVICE and MAYTAG APPLIANCES Phone RE5 -5912 Route 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN FROZEN FOODS, I A Complete Cutting, Curing Service Meats Processed For Home Freezers FARMERS 6' BUILDERS SUPPLY John Deere Tractors Building Material 8a Implements LINCOLN FINANCE CO., INC. We Finance Sales Between Individuals A Local Company For Local People Financing - Re-Financing Dial R.E-5391 Lincolnton, North Carolina BASS SERVICE GARAGE Auto Sz Tractor Service Phone RE5-8959 Vale, North Carolina VALE BODY WORKS Loyd Sain, Owner Body Sz Fender Repair Painting Sz Glass Installed Mechanical Service Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of SAN DTAN E GAS COMPANY Tappan and Caloric Ranges Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN TRACTOR 6' IMPLEMENT CO. Authorized Ford Dealers Lincolnton, North Carolina HEAFNER TIRE fr MOTOR CO. TIRES- -New, Recapped, Used 820 East Main St. Telephone RE 5-7251 Lincolnton, North Carolina BRowN's Esso SERVICENTER "Service While You Shop" Main 8: Poplar Streets Lincolnton, North Carolina ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Goodrich Tires 8a Batteries 213 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina I 1 I I I I I lv I Compliments of CAROLYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Operator Mrs. Robert Gilbert Shirley Kiser Northa Kiser Phone RE 5-8350 R.oute 1 Lincolnton, North Carolina MCGI NNIS BROTHERS Recapping-Gas-Oil Phone 5 -2776 619 North Aspen Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of ' SUPERIOR LOAN C1 FINANCE CO INC. Lincolnton, North Carolina BURRIS MFG. CO.. INC. MAKERS OF FINE UPHOLSTERY Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND LINCOLN HARDWARE A Full Line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of HENRY SAIN GROCERY 114 Court Square , HOMESLEY CHEVROLET COMPANY, INC. Homesley Service Station Garage Phone 9251 Station Phone 6871 Cherryville, North Carolina PEEB LES HARLEY CO. "Most for your Money" Phone 9297 Cherryville, North Carolina Compliments of GILBERT'S USED CARS Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of BELL FURNITURE CO. Compliments of CONNER FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings WRAY GILBERT Groceries, Gas, Oil, Feed Shoe Repair of all Kinds Highway 27 KEEVER Sz RAMSAUR, INC. Formerly KEEVER'S BICYCLE SHOP "On The Square" Bicycles, Sewing Machines 108 West Sycamore Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of HARRIS CITY PAINT STORE MIDLAND GRILL at SERVICE DeSota Paints-Floor Coverings Charlotte Highway Lincolnton, North Carolina Wallpaper - Painting Supplies East Sycamore Sz Court Square Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of NEWTON'S STORE Vale, North Carolina KING'S OFFICE SUPPLY Books-Gifts Stationery-School Supplies 124 E. Main St. Regent 5-5459 Lincohiton, North Carolina LINCOLN AMOCO Service Station Route 3 Phone RE 5-8612 Compliments of HARTMAN'S STORES Phone RE5-5012 RAMSE UR CAFE Established 1927 Phone RE5-9191 Compliments of LEONARD'S RECAPPING Lincolnton, North Carolina BLAIR CARPENTER'S Cab Service RE 5-5333 Radio Controlled Compliments of BALLARD'S CAFE Compliments of FULLER FURNITURE COMPANY "Everything For The Home" Cherryville, North Carolina LINCOLN ANTIQUE SHOP New 8: Used Plumbing Supplies Phone RE 5-5527 CITY LOAN Sz FINANCE CORP. 213 E. Main St. Cherryville, North Carolina HENRY'S RADIO 8: TV SERVICE "We Repair All Makes of Radios Sz Televisions" 212 S. Academy St. Phone Day: RE5-2566 DRUMS' FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Funeral Directors Phone RE5-5321 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of LINEBERGER ICE Sz FUEL CO. Compliments of B. C. MOORE gl SON Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of WILLIS MCTOR CO. Compliments of LINCOLN MILLING CO. Lincolnton, North Carolina CITIZENS INSURANCE COMPANY All Types of Insurance 328 South Aspen St. Phone RE5-2251 Lincolnton, North Carolina JARRETT'S LAUNDRY FREEMAN' S GROCERY Ka CLEANERS Meats-Produce Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincolnton, North Carolina LAWING'S MEN SHOP And LAWING'S CLEANERS Lincolnton, North Carolina ROSE LAND DRIVE -IN THEATER Best Entertainment For The Whole Family Cherryville Road Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of CROWN CDNVERTING CDMPANY Lincolnton, North Carolina JAMES WHOLESALE CO., INC. Institutional Foods Sz Supplies 20 SECOND STREET PL., S.E. Serving Hospitals, Hotels Cafes, and School Cafeterias Hickory, North Carolina SNAPSHOTS B L... IFJ! J, Qs A A if fu Yah, ., 4 ,, ,f.Q.q,?s xt A" Au- AVM... t'aah'i2i x . X gp! Q , , M, ,N -r-5-,Q ig. 5 tw W sg kj 1. 3 NNY' ZS, . Q. x N- fif' Q 5, w"W'?'WW'E,z 4? ' ' xi we Xw f .' ffm, 'wlfai as f 1 ,Lv 3' X. Qfl 5. 3' an , I . W' , bg' A' 'c Q. K5 9- ,Q , SH . A 4 w 4 1 E fn vf rg X4 1 5 5" f 1.5-'ws - kotmf ff. E i i 4 1 I s , Z Z 5 E? il 5: is In ?S 3? V 15 I 'a J 4 1, kl 7 2 is I 5? , E i I V 1 I I I I I i E L. , AUTOGRAPHS " W -f-...N '--,xx "N-N., ' xsy -11N,,. N'R'N"-Nw- Nxmxhw sins' "S---. , M'-is A A 1 Y ...SW-EE X-5- -.RSX -Nl- gnxy -Rn is M"""'N-Y XM-Q, -L, si-., ,xx Q 5 I n E 5 I U r. ' TC' 3Z""1i'.s,'i!1.. ' Plffll Alb!! - ' nn' 1.41. x W I s. "-xg. fx in X.XxwX 5, xnxx igxw, 1 '-X -1 iii -3 MZ , ' ff A.. 'f,,+f A ' K, - 4.- ,, +4 p.fQ'.::fe.14ff- ',:' f- ' U Tfyv 'xWA" ' f 1 5 . ':,-,ivy . -Q , ,M fm, a ...lmfiighg 1-'1'?'f'-"1 "'9.' fig., Y . :-vx

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