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I 'S ,whit I I K -R X Y xg, I f ! K K au. . x ixgwkr 1 K 4 xxx AR, x '4 N A 2133 -af 'hm' Q J' lZMJJfQ UNION HIGH SCHOOL Vale, Norih Carolina 1955 Ju Memoriam 9 I 'M A"' 1 ' Q ...X-f l i ,AAA 1 M ,,A V1 l 6 l ,X W' ' rf r N .N 1 -f' 5 1 , :ZW "N Q. My Q 9 it - AB . , in f MR. PAUL SAIN 1911-1954 Member of School Board From March 5,1951 Until His Death, October 31, 1954 Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When l put out to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I embark, For though from out our bourne of time and place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. By Alfred Lord Tennyson We the Senior Class of 1955, dedicate this volume of the "Acorn" to Mr.Frank Yoder,because of his fine leadership as our coach, teach- er, and character leader. We ha ve found his friendship an inspiration and will always cherish the memories of the times spent with Mr. Yoder. MR. FRANK YODER bw if ' 4 , ,. , lf ,. QQ 4' I wg , Haan! f duration ... A W 'F Q ,- ZA-LN 5, , - V, A L , L, S , , M. 1 . mivi.. 1- , A: ' , -ff X V - SP4 Z . M Q 41 M x 4, ,As-N, P , I M if M442 f y ""1'P"' ' Q A .A gg'ff2i21?3? ig , A f ' ,kg r .,V, 1 ,, A wink-My ,, V 3 - .'7.:?1' ' .. . .:, " . ,fy SV ' 'NN . ' x i. QQ, wr. ,xv N-1 f' -':.ffW,.., W Wfain A Q . 1-was-J V .fl V 3 xg, Q 13. ,Z AQ -51 5 L if ff - f f Q1 :J X , Q , 2 4:9 H- Z . .. . ,V4 ' gg, 1 ' .L Q ,, K, 4 MR.E.F.RITCI-IIE MR,M. MR. KOI-IN HEAVNER MR . LEWIS HEAVNER H. GOINS-Chairman MR. ROBERT ABERNETHY Principal M? 'Ww-an lf! . f ,'.' I 'X S ' i MR. S. E. RICHBOURG E V V Agriculture ' MRS. RUSSELL SEAGL1: ,K Library Science V and Eighth Grade i MR. FRANK YQDER A Physical Ed. and Eighth Grade 3 MR. F. J. SEGRETO Band L MRS. ANDREW LINK ,Q W?-V , X f Piano af E MR. ARTHUR GILBERT I Janitor N K fm' f,.4s 7' "Iwi 5'z1culf ,-7. MR.F.W.KISER Nw it MISS HELEN JONAS Fourth Grade MRS. CLYDE MULLEN Third Grade MRS. PAUL BANGLE Second Grade MRS. FARRELL HOUSER Second Grade MRS. HAL SCRONCE First Grade MISS PAULINEMOSTELLER First Grade lf Seventh Grade MRS. HOUSER POWELL. Seventh and Sixth Grades MRS. RALPH YODER Sixth and Fifth Grades MRS. FRANK KILLIAN Fifth Grade and Elementary Library -st?-9' 1 M ' 2 Z yn wi , rn ff W f ff! ffm' Seniors Of '55 :EQ Nm- ' W. gif , am: R-I ff 'x Q , N. Ay' 7' 'Z DOROTHY AB ERNETHY , f A HOWARD AUTON V H GUY BEAM DORIS BROWN n. ' we cniars Of '55 LESTER CANIPE AV NEAIL CAR PENTER EMMA LAURA CARPENTER Q, A 3 Mn SHELBY CARSWELL , , ,I ,gm if-ng... 4, N -1 1? do -l""""'u euiors Of '55 'War MAX CONNER DORIS DUCKWORTH J. B . GILBERT RALPH GILBERT enivrs Of '55 91,5 il .R L' li Q lm A ' Q- "' f 4 cg v. , . V W : A ' A X TED HAR K1-:Y J Q SADIE HE LMS .mf M HAZELINE HOUSER xi .Q sf SHIRLEY H. JENKINS 5 , I pw ' H1535 56 'V-H i j 'fsffm ' """'m EU ,, , if A ,af :zz Max " K W. z 4 171 , ff"' ' " 2 ' 4 , A , R, A .,.., A, 2 ,M K WWW f f f a Q J, aw W I 'ffl i 1 0 ff' is La- , 4' f X Scnivrs Of '55 f f 44 4+ gf f, W2 ' f M 'Q' f X 1 M Q , Q , ,, 54:-:gs , f L, uf v-:iz-, ff f M X Q 1 E v 'Ur H 'MA 'HHN' ' , ' e 1? ,G if My ,, E ,M 1 f ,f I A ,. 4, f 9 Z , 0 , X467 f' If LOUISE JOHNSON av PEGGY JONAS MARGARET LEDFORD BARBARA JEAN SAIN gi cuiars Of '55 .ff- 0 6 'H xv fg if 2' Nw S E ,ga 1' ' .-1. if 1 E 7 1, 1 X fax S a. S' 11 7 X 1 axis.. - -N 1 M., fax mm' "l.f""",'mf .W nn. .rn bfxhg., Q , A L " X 4:19, g Kira--u 4 . f Xf 'AM 'tw DA VID SAIN 3 il M. ' SHIRLEY SAIN TED SAIN BILL SCRONCE WN 67114 ' v vp M 4,6 "zz-' az, Seniors Of '55 , ,- Ns. a ' ' -, gl R.. 1 -fl Q. yi- w x ' if M44 vw zwsw' af' X X 'Nw ,Q ,I , K x'fx, " ' gs .5 f tv 11, X M W' 9 , W4 NX D 2351 , M , x Q X KV' Sf , '95, Q X, qv- 4 2 i ., ' f -- ' , BOB SCRONCE CLIFTON SCRONCE LOTTIE SCRONCE JOHNNIE ANN SEAGLE euiors Of '55 fa ' SHIRLEY FAYE SMITH JEAN WARLICK DEAN STROUPE ELEANOR WHITENER ROSIE TESSNER . ,,, .7-sr' X,-My " as , L I2 3917 X 1 'iff' 7' X V 5 Nx X 1 R '52 1'6"- 4 i N. 3 as , if , M6954 ,fy 'wx' f '3' ' 1 45 , J, fig v 1 2 ,EST-5 "AM 'Q , 2 f 5' A, ' b f 5.5 , 611155 Prophccy One day in Mr. Yoder's second period Sociology Class, while I wasn't think- ing about the sociology lessong don't get me wrong, sociology isn't a bore, but I think a lot of it deals with common sense and from your question until it's your turn again,you can kinda catch a nap or daydream likel was doing then. ldream- ed about my classmates and me twenty-five years from the time we had received our diplomas and graduation was all over. As it started off,I was on a bigTransatlantic Plane just arriving at La Guar- dia Field in New York. I had been looking at a magazine, Life, I believe, and as I turned back to the cover, who should be staring back from the cover at me, but the picture of Union's own Peggy Jonas,who had won for herself the title,Teach- er of the Year. About this time the plane had la nded and as I got offl noticed two rather familiar faces. On inquiring of the airline hostess, who incidentally happened to be Shelby Ca rswell,I found out they were Bill Scronce and Ralph Gil- 45 bert, who were pilot and co-pilot. I went by the c oc kpit and spoke to them and " i asked how everything was and how life had been treating them. From their con- , versation I learned that they had served a hitch in the Air Force Cadets and after A ' 1 a very honorable record, they had been offered their present positions. Also, l , 5, learned that Ted Sain wa s a Jet Test Pilot. About that time, I was nudged on the X. arm by someone who said that I had New York to explore and that this was just I the airport. It seems that I was on some sort of tour. I then, went to the hotel, where I stayed and who should I find as owner and manager, but Guy Beam and Ted I-larkey. They were doing right well, too, be- cause I was supposed to be staying at one of the best hotels, or so I was inform- ed. That night as I was getting re ady to go to the opera, I turned on the radio and who should be spinning the platters,but Dean Stroup with HowardAuton as chief engineer. I was especially anxious to go to the ope ra for, Johnnie Ann Seagle, an old classmate was the star. As it turned out, I was doubly pleased about going to the opera because there I saw to my surprise Shirley and Max Jenkins who had left their children at home in Lincolnton long enough to take a second honeymoon. Jean Wai-lick, who was a secretary at the United Nations and Shirley Sain, who was assistant to the Gov- ernor of New York, were also there and afte r getting reacquainted with them, I learned that Lottie Scronce was teaching in a college in North Carolina and that Margaret Ledford was a missionary in China. These were the only two they knew about. Over coffee, in my hotel lobby, we planned to see about having a class reunion. A part of my tour included a trip to the top ofthe Empire State Building and there I found Hazel- ine Houser, who was working as secretary in an office for some big attorney. I talked with her and she told me Sadie Helms, Emma Laura Carpenter, Doris D uc kwo rth and Av Neail Carpenterwere running a big dress shop in St. Louis and were making big names for them Selve s in the clothing world. Clifton Scronce I also encountered there. He was leaving his law office to attend court,as he was in r a th e r a big hurry, I talked to him only long enough to find out that Barbara Jean Sain, who had taught business in school for awhile,was his secretary, and Lester Canipe and Bob Scronce, his callegues. My tour of New York by this time was almost c om pleted, b ut before returning home I felt I should get my friends a little gift. On entering an elaborate gift shop off Broadway, I found Shirley Faye Smith, Louise Johnson, and Rosie Tessner as its proprietors. It seem s that besides knowing thelperfectgift for everyone they also knew the low-down on everybody because they had just return- ed from their vacations which they had spent back home in Lincolnton. It seems that Max Conner and David Sain were running a welding shop and farming, as well as raising dogs in the N. C. moun- tains. J.B.Gilbert seemed to be making a go of dairy farming. Dot Abernethy was secretary to her husband as was Doris B. Reynolds, besides being successful housewives. By this time I g ue s s you're wondering just what l'm doing in New York. Well, it seems that I had won some sort of contest, no, I don't think this one was won on the most intelligent answer, but perhaps from the best experience. The rules were to fill out an Octagon SoapJingle that went some- thing like this-- Octagon Soap helps me in my work, Because, when scrubbing floors, It helps get out the dirt. Yes, I'd gone to a big city,Baltimore,in fact, and got a job in one of the largest buildings there, but doing what? Scrubbing floors as the janitoress. Asl remember,at about this time in my dreaming,Mr.Yoder called on me for the next question, which had s om ethin g to do with Foreign Relations and boy, did I have to do some fast guessing on that one! Prophetess Eleanor Whitener las! Will And Testament We,the Senior class of'55--realizing our years here at Union are almost a thing of the past, do hereby write our Last Will and Testament to prove our love and loyalty to our ever patient teachers and to this school, To the rising Seniors, we wish luck and success. To the Juniors, we say keep studying-the reward is soon to be had. To the Sophomores, we leave our books and good times. To the Freshmen, our ability to make good grades. I, Dorothy Abernethy, do he re by will my typewriter to my sister, Betty, hoping she will enjoy it as much as I, but will have greater speed and make fewer mistakes. I, Howard Auton, will my English book to any one who wants it hoping that they will do better than I did. I, Guy Beam, hereby will my good times in high school tv Roger Richard, hoping he has as much fun as I did. I, Doris Brown, will to my niece,Nancy Coon,my position as editor of the Annual, together with my extra box of aspirins. I, Lester Canipe, hereby will my good times and my basketball suit to my two brothers, Harold and Jerry. I, Av-Neail Carpenter, do hereby will to my sister, Phyllis, my ability to get through school in twelve years and have as many friends as I have had, with the hope that she is one of the smartest pupils to ever graduate. I, Emma Laura Carpenter, will to my brother, T, M. Carpenter, all the brains I need and don't have to add to the ones he has and doesn't need hoping they help him graduate with more success than I did. I, Shelby Carswell, do hereby will m y ability to get into arguments and all my good times here at Union to my sister-Brenda. I, Max Conner, do hereby will my basketball suit to Donald Jones, hoping he enjoys it as much as I have. I, Doris Duckworth, will my ability to pass all subjects witho ut studying hard to Linda Duck- worth. I, J, B. Gilbert, hereby will my back seat in English class to anybody who wants it, hoping they stay out of trouble as well as I did. I, Ralph Gilbert, will my typewriter to anyone, hoping they don't have as much trouble as I did. I, Ted Harkey, do hereby will my old English book to anyone who wants it, hoping they can keep it together as long as I have. I, Sadie Helms, do hereby will my opportunity to take Bible to everyone, hoping they will accept the privilege, also my notebook which has seen me through all high school years, to my sister-Judy. I, Hazeline Houser,will to my kid brothers,Kenneth and Jerry,my ability to make good grades- hoping they will make even better. I, Shirley H. Jenkins, will to my brother, Johnny, my front seat in English class under the care of Mrs. Rhyne-hoping he gets more out of the stuff than I did. I, Louise Johnson, hereby will my ability to answer questions when I didn't hear them, to Shir- lene Johnson and Gerald Green, hoping they answer them correctly. I, Peggy Jonas, do hereby will to my s i ste r Judy, my position as Drum Majorette, hoping that she will make a better one than I. I, Margaret Ledford, will to Gail Stengle, my bus with the hope her route will not be changed as many times as mine was. I, Barbara Jean Sain, hereby will to my kid sisters, Cootie and Bootie, my curly hair-hoping that they can keep it combed better than I have. I, David Sain, hereby will my basketball suit to my brother, Gene, hoping he has more success than I did. I, Shirley Sain, do hereby will my basketball suit to anyone who wants it and can use it. I, Bill Scronce,do hereby will my ability to get along with teachers and make friends to Donald Jones, hoping he makes use of it. I, Ted Sain, hereby will my typewriter, to Buster Hartsoe, in hope s he can type better on it than I. I, Bob Scronce, do hereby will my good times to Kenneth Ritchie-hoping he has as good a time at Union High as I have. I, Clifton Scronce, do hereby will my b u s to anyone who can drive it safely. I, Lottie Scronce, hereby will my a bility to study with interest and drive a school bus to my only brother-Troy Scronce. I, Johnnie Ann Seagle, do hereby will and bequeath my place as typist on the Annual and Trail Blazer Staff, to Peggy Taylor. I, Shirley Faye Smith, do hereby will my good times at Union to Betty John- son and Helen Scronce, with the hope that they will enjoy them as much aslhave. We, Eleanor Whitener and Jean Warlick, do hereby will, with ourbestwishes, everything that we possess here at Union to anyone crazy enough to accept it. I, Rosie Tessner,do hereby will to my only brother J.T. Tessner and friend Joyce Rudisill,all my books,with the hopes they attempt to study more than I did. I, Deane Stroup, in a sound mind, will my seat on the bus No. 50 to anyone who can stand it as long as I have and not go crazy! Q Being of sound mind and high knowledge we have written thereof. Signed: if Shelby Carswell, Testator ' V'-1' I Lflass Hisfary The class of 1955, having journeyed for 12 yea r s on hard, rough, and thorny, ground, at la st c om e s to the end of our high school days. However,rough the journey, there still have been lots of pleasant inc i- dents to remember. In 1952 we be ga n o ur Freshman year with forty-eight in number. Officers for that year were: President, Barbara Jean Saing Vice Pres- . .,::f-- V i ident, Ha zeline Houser, Secretary, Bob Scronceg Reporter, Shirley I-louserg Treasurer, Jean Warlick. E With forty-one enrolled we began our Sophomore year. Eight girls were Waitre s se s for the Junior-Senior Banquet and four were onthe ba s ke tba ll team. Class officers: President, Hazeline Houserg Vice President, Max Conner, Secretary and Treasurer, Shirley Sain, Repor- ter, Doris Brown. There were Forty- Two enrolled in our Junior year. Eighteen members ofthe class were initiated into the National Beta Club and eleven were on the basketball team. The largest event of our Junior year was the Junior-Senior Banquet,given in honor of the Sen- iors on April 19 in the school c afete ria carrying out a Spanish theme. Class officers: President, Bob Scronceg Vice President, Ralph Gilbert, Secretary and Treasurer, Shirley Sain, Reporter, Doris Brown. We began our last year atUnion in the year 1954 with thirty-four enrolled. The "Ac- orn" staff was elected and have been working very hard. Our mascots, Kay Johnson and Jerry Leatherman, were chosen from the first grade. Class officers are: President, Ralph Gilbertg Vice President, Bob Scronceg Secretary and Treasurer, Shirley Sain, Reporter, Hazeline Houser. Under our parents' and teachers' g uided love, care, and patience, we have come to the end of our high school days. Our past holds many memories. We know that this is not the end for us but anothe r step up the ladder in preparing ourselves for the future. May God bless each and everyone of you in whatever path of life you choose to walk. Historian: Barbara Jean Sain PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE Come, I bid you, take my hand. Let's stroll once more to memory land. Let's walk again through our primary daysg And renew the happy times of our school-child phase We tried to learn, so very quick, Our reading, 'riting, and 'rithmeticg 'Till it seemed the time did fly, I can't exactly say, the reason why. We studied to learn, figure and fact, And tried to improve our intellect. But just to study wasn't it at allg We liked to play, especially ball. Then at last the time grew near, We were to begin our first high school year. New duties were ours, jobs were to begin, For we were that class, the Freshmen! In that year of fifty-one, We were just about the happiest under the sun. Those last four years were to be, Our high-school educational destiny. Finally, that wonderful year shall arrive, The year of nineteen hundred fifty-five. Next Spring when we shall graduate, Our class consists of 33, I shall enumerate. When we together do convene, There're three Shirleys, two Dorises and one Jean. Handsome David, friendly Bill, Talky Eleanor, and happy Av Neail, Pretty Dorothy, and Peggy our queen, Sweet Sadie, and intelligent Hazeline. Athletic Ralph, Max, and Bob, The boys on the team, that do their job. industrious Margaret, and Lottie are to be seen, Nice Clifton, Guy, and Dean, Shy Rosie, and Louise her pal, Two Teds, and Lester to keep up our morale. Among the group, you will see, Likable Howard and quiet J.B. Emma Laura, a nice girl, you will agree, Barbara Jean, Shelby, and of course, there's me, We must not forget our leader, so kind, Our petite and energetic teacher, Mrs, Rhynel We look forward to the unknown years, With happy hearts, free from fears, To take our places in life's great workg From our responsibilities, we cannot shirk. Some of us will be teachers, nurses, farmers or clerks, Salesmen, drivers, or in manufacturing works, Secretarial, law, medicine or sports, Or some branch of service sorts. Whatever we choose in life, Whether an office man or a housewife, Ijust know we cannot lose, In any vocation that we choose. But wait, we're forgetting one big thing! We would not be graduating this Springg Had it not been for our teachers so swell, And our fathers and mothers who kept us well. May God protect us, and lead us with care. "In God, we trust," is our prayer. Poetess: Johnnie Ann Seagle 0: qgZ,,,, , 'JW .fi ff .. 7? Q64 WG, ,. Q I 'yfyw - "" " .Q- we-my A vw 'Q ,f L :Wk AW: f' ,fng 3 M .Af '14-r fwz. ...Jn-4 ffm. 'WIT' X' Zum xW.W4"'031 , vw- f i if 4 X . Q 4 W 45 , ax . X , 4, yr ,W X 1 Ju, up -1145: 44"- 'J' 175 .Q,f,.. f 'Vx , QQ, , W v Q W 1 W X' .jf ,v... 4-ww nf Z fun, .pf ms Z' ' 'fig N NA-1 iim w,4 f A sf ,W-0? 4... ,f Q. + ..- gf 3 f lg 'G 3 if ,Q 3 x F Q eniar 611155 Officers PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER REPORTER Ralph Gilbert Bob Scronce Shirley Sain Hazeline Houser ,Mascots . , ,' Qi 47 - fi 1., ,1w ' ' i W an W 'xt Av w.r1""'Y b f A A A , ' "' f KAY JOHNSON JERRY LEATHERMAN nw fe--we 415 NC fe? BEST DRESSED BEST-ALL AROUND MOST POPULAR Hazeline Houser Shelby Carswell Jean Wal-ligk David Sain Clifton Scronce Ted Sain MOST STUDIOUS MOST FRIENDLY MOST ATTRACTIVE Shirley Sain Lottie Scronce Peggy Jonas Bob Scronce Max Conner Ralph Gilbert ze g l 1-a,A7'd 61? 3' fiiyif-l' Fm- V , , v::,5yq N MOST ATHLETIC MOST INTELLIGENT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Shu-ley Sam Dor1s Brown Barbara Jean Sain Ralph Gllbert Bob Scronce B111 Scronce MOST TALKATIVE Eleanor Whitener Max Conner 45 K.. X5 , Ke 1 ' - f - X I.. X mzgqgi A.., A , 5. . R - f ,,A., ' av' Q , "fi rw -Y ', Q .- , v , ,, . -., 'A ' A1 ,s:..1-1: 1. .. 13 5, M' nf 'wi Ax 15x,:A N , ,Nl Q, ,x wk-A-.h I uh' Q ,Q A.. Y ,. A f,... , Q 1 4 R 5 Eg XM ' G ' 3' ,, , f.. :za -. .:.1:.,:,, -1- 5 V E Q ..,, ff . fs y 02355, X W mg Qing. W Q , xl f My 1 95 2 fy X ,Q jf? 1 U , f ff f 5 if fa, " 'ff , x Ji 1 4 ' 1 x X 5 X 1, 5 l ivy' ,f waqiniw elif' A", ' 77 Mlfgjagff..-. V r - 3 - ,cp Xmfff . will . 'A I ff V ' -' azwf, Low .1 U35 A P514-65'-'gf .ffgYQ57,"'f'f7' "'L'?f' v 'F , if ,QW-QfQ,g93-.?'7Y ' ' ' H M '53, 'K X ,A .1 0.J,,Zf'g7 ' 5 ' 'w-fljgwzj QA cv i l, Q f " If I X v fx ' Q N N 1 7, Q 1 'Q ,V -ff , gi' 1- ,-'FQ M I. ,f Wggglq.. 1 7: 14. I f X .iw V' . -.Arn '79"!xs,: ' X Z S! I 14 , M A wr .3 "", - Q7 .4 'via , .. f if "W , 4. , on MA if I3 , "1'31i45F23,vg M , MP' x -:Zz 3: . A it , an 'f ' za S fm.:-vw.. f . 5, Y To-Q N .. .f' M9 . " s ' lfff'1 5 Y ' ' : 1 1 QM if Q ' " Z , . ., Kr- ,. Q4 V .W Q., ' 3.1 'Zi , ,i ff- fi. it A 5:izfm.ww0?1 ' Y . " W' 4 -. 41 f -M A 'N , if f' 1 is 9 X f ...QM -4,...,Zm .JVC-Q' , ,,f-mv, X : ,V i .,., S My, ,. A - ' , it V i - Jr A il 3. Q , ,- - ...., W 3- A,.Jf.k" .., M ,X ,N -I A , 'if M Q X X1 S .4 ..-4+ -1. X2 . A 'vw i 1. Doris Brown 2. Ted Sain 3. Shirley Sain 4. Lester Canipe 5. Sadie Helms 6. Guy Beam 7. Ralph Gilbert 8. Howard Auton 9. Dorothy Abernethy 10. Lottie Scronce ll. Rosie Tessner 12. David Sain 13. Clifton Scronce 14. Ted Harkey 15. Margaret Ledford 16. I-Iazeline Houser 17. Emma Laura Carpenter 18. Doris Duckworth 19. Shirley Faye Smith 20. Jean Warlick 21. Johnnie Ann Seagle 22. Barbara Jean Sain 23.Av-Neail Carpenter 24. Bill Scronce 25. El- e anor Whitene r 26. Dean Stroupe 27. Shelby Carswell 28. Bob Scronce 29. Peggy Jonas 30. Louise Johnson 31. Max Conner 32. J. B. Gilbert 33. Shirley Jenkins 44 f Q Xia! BASKET BALL HI-LITES FESTIVAL KING AND QUEEN ACTIVITY BUS HOME EC MEETING - ASHEVILLE MISS HI MISS - JEAN WARLICK Q IT 0' -1 E-Q, -1 ve .' 'Q b 'VW 1: 'E 2, . I I A 5 'if A 1 M I S L.1. If L w ' V ' I 'Ang , r Q- -.li z P ' ,jf ' , 11 Q 4 Q ,.,,, , 4 ,p ' x .1- MASCOTS MARSHALS , ' 54 FISHING AT UNION i A' '55 fi BETA , s Jw, 5 INITIATIGN QM ' f ,, - A ' fm ,- iff, Y 'ily - . WAITRESSES AT JUNIOR-SENIOR - 1953 A, 1 H Q 73411 , ,' "img 3141 A.2,W ..f, , A I ,V ,. A Q 5' 512 V- ',.L?i V A Q BINGO ,, eww- 5 2 g fl Q., , f 2 Q 2 , , ik .ff , f' ., --fn' 1 5 1.3 , fy., - K ff - 1, f x , ' Q 5 'S ' ,, , 4 - W'+-' 4 ' S4 4115. ' ,fwkz Ji. ,, 'Q+,,fy,? , ,Lg - M4394 ., j 2-,s,-Sfwffpfs ,4 1 ax ., g, Y Q 1 1 afvv -U 197 -.4111 I -n... wwwh-wvwfn' ' mum M ,YM 4.-S 1 174 1. .-.. 4 .,,,, H , . 'M f I 4-I 130 gf'jwsf?iQ'g ,J 1 , ,Ju H : "'-f-- - L-..g,,1g.-. r M fx Y-2-S 3 F iw..- into ,RN i fi X E WWA 'WL' WN'-pr 'Sr' KENNETH RITCHIE President BILLY JEAN ELMORE Vice-President JUNE BLACKB URN Secretary Sr Treas. YVONNE PEELER Reporter PAT BECK JOHNNY BOLINGER GENEVA CARPENTER WAYNE GALES CHRISTINE GILBERT GERALD GREEN BUSTER HARTSOE DEAN HEAVNER RUBY HEAVNER juuiar .3 ii d'V"X1rQ.. H,-,Y 4 Wg -A 'xxx KW I W9 W r '1 r A, gi 5 If I f 'Q A gl. . . ' sex , . ? .-Q! 12.5 f ,. 1 x, MARTENNY INGLE BETTY JOHNSON DONALD JONES LARRY LINK BETTY MASSAGEE MARGARET REEP JOYCE RUDISILL GENE SAIN fix, R51-A vfg.. HELEN SCRONCE ELVIE SPIVEY PEGGY TAYLOR RAY SLAUGHTER RALPH WARLICK PEGGY YOUNT 611155 1 - 1 vw 1, -I!!-In -an... 'gs 'Q-f-.vs ww, f -vs- 'hr 'WV -...X Allan., 'Wm Qu-.L ww H T. C. SCRONCE President GERALD STANSEL Vice President VIVIAN SAIN Secretary DOTTIE SISK Reporter BETTY LUTZ Reporter CAROLYN HOUSER SUE LEDFORD STARLENE LOGAN ALLENE LYNCH LINDA ROYSTER FORNEY SAIN BOBBY SCRONCE HAZEL SCRONCE RACHEL SCRONCE ELIZABETH SMITH GAIL STENGLE MARY SUE THOMAS RUBY WATERS DOROTHY WEST CAROLYN WISE CECILIA WISE EUGENE WOOD LEON WOOD CARLEEN WRIGHT Sophomore CHARLES CHILDERS President JOHNNY LANTZ Vice President BARBARA HARKEY Secretary JOANN HOLLOWAY Reporter FRANKIE SUE BEAM VIRGINIA BLACKB URN WILMA CANIPE T. M. CARPENTER GARY CARTER NANCY COON SHELBY JEAN DORSEY BOBBY DEAN ELMORE BOBBY LEE ELMORE MARGARET GILBERT KENNETH GILMORE WAYNE GRIGG DOROTHY HELMS ANN HOOVER MARILYN HOOVER JOHNNY HOUSER DORIS HOYLE SHIRLENE JOHNSON JAMES LUTZ 'NL -er I T' 'PNN 'br E. n 5 . K NTT., 'Ds fi? 'YB' I ,U 4.5 . xi' XI. 'he 3165111111111 611155 175, Wu 5 is 905. 'hw Q. Faye Scronce President Geraldine Scronce Vice-President Ann Leigh Secretary 81 Treasurer Faye Hoyle Reporter Buddy Bass Clara Beam Sylvester Byrd Frances Canipe Gloria Cody Bonby Dedmon Wayne Gilbert Vertie Sue King Allen Lynch Evelyn Martin Roger Richard Earlene Sain Jack Sain Carolyn Scronce Fred Smith Dean Ward Ann Wright Bobby Taylor President Judy Helms Vice-President Betty Jean Richard Secretary Betty Abernethy Reporter Juanita Byrd Aleta Bell Canipe Harold Canipe Barbara Carpenter Nancy Gilbert Lander I-Ieafner Jack Huss Peggy Johnson Peggy Kiser Martha Leatherman Nellie Faye Pruitt Yates Reep Sammy Sain Beunie Scronce Mary Sue Seagle David Smith J. T. Tessner t Y grcslzman 511155 5 is ff. !"': in x is If at if-W limit E Ou! if A av. ,ww 1 iw' 'f '7 'X F in 29:2 'YQ wh 1 , W I ..,h,.W, S Ni V if f f S X, W f I ' 2.-.cfm -,az wie f Q AT 7IMV 'ww A ..,. A ., 'A - ' 1 Q ,+V 'K V W xy ' M f .1 'Wh I gk 1:62 ?5'j,y, Q- A M ,nt 5 'fall 90: .L 1 ,fx ,gf vi, K 5 , if .fr f.,.1'. f. 'fi la' 48 Q xi .f 5 77 H fm , , , .QM NM W Q Wm Q ,.f4.- ,, ' " v 4 .w'f'- -.f . b. A -x'Qt.z 'M-if. Q j W 'A wg: I. wp ,L , iM.i77,3Tf my :rex .wi ,ami 1 XL yki ,M . K. .vw ' ,f ' QA. " - m,1,:Qgg,gh:,,Qs- 1-.,,',.Qa, M L- n, Q' -. ' 'f'-, --V" .' ,. "WH ff ffl: 0 E.. :-lWZ,1I52'?ff- ' ,fbi ' F f -"f??VlM"" 0 1 "'ffMffZ"- "YQ ' - w"i' V ' ak- H ,J- ,,g .VU V. .5 V, , -V . -'fl-S. f . . ' ff. a. ' X , -. g N XA, f . cvmlh rude HL... i e Left to Right, lst Row: Janice Mostel1er,Judy Gantt,Ne1l Propst,Naomia Byrd, Cla- rice Smith, Joyce Ledford, Alice Mosteller, Kay Smith, Janice Logan. 2ndRow:Mr Yoder, Joan Jones,Joan Fisher, Virginia Anderson, Julia Heavener, Jane Heavener Linda McSwain, Margaret Leatherman, Sue Scronce, Shirley Conner, Ruth Hoover, Linda Duckworth, Nellie Elmore, Peggy Gales,Mary Rudisi1l,Mrs.Seagle. 3rd Row: Billy Rudisill, Paul Childers, N. C. Huss, Larry Sain, Bobby Rudisill, Max Greene, Paul Carpenter, Ralph West, Troy Scronce, Harold Scronce, Miles Green, Kenneth Scronce,Ted Hartsoe,Max Beam,Roger Warlick. 4th Row: Harvey Thomas, George Bivens, Billie Elmore, Clyde Reep, Edwa r d H e a v e n e r, Kenneth Houser, Jerry Scronce, Tommy Snyder, Jerry Gilbert, Edwin Huss, Jimmy Angle,Gene Houser, Richard Armstrong, Carl Wilson, Ralph Warlick, 1 Left to Right, lst Row: Caroll Heavner, Max Johnson, Rosa Lee Dorsey, Mary Lee Dorsey,Bobby Abernethy, George Bass, Jimmy Warlick, Peggy Scronce, Faye War- lick, Sadie Smith. Znd Row: Jerry Houser,Eugene Sian,James Wise, Billy Crowder, Peggy lngle,Maxine Johnson, Brenda Sain, Nancy Saine, Raymond Slaughter, Chris- tine Crowder,Joyce Dellinger,Ann Blackburn,Barry Sain. 3rd Row: Richard Slaugh- ter, Jimmy Elmore, B rya n Reep, Franklin Scronce, Franklin Gilbert,Jean Wyant, Clarence Stroup,Carolyn Leigh,Jane Killian, Larry Leonard, Billy Sisk, Steve Car- penter, Brenda Carswell. Sigh th Grade cveufh nd wth Grade Left to Right, lst Row: Sally Haynes, Judy Jonas, Mary Wai-lick, Ned Johnson, Zakie Warlick. Znd Row: Barbara Chapman,Carolyn Crowder, Keith Sain, David Franklin, Willie Faye Helms, Judy Seagle, Billy Reep, Carol King, Carol Craig, Betty Jeat lngle, William Bivens, Lester Gales, Joan Stroupe. 3rd Row: Mrs. Powell, Madga- lene Helms,Roy Craig, Tommy Rhyne, Linda Gilbert,Larry Yoder,Carolyn Scronce, Elizabeth Hoover, Jimmy Scronce, Ethel Carpenter, Carolyn Greene, Jane Propst, Carol Scronce, B. E. Gilbert, Charles Wood. Left to Right, lst Row: Mrs.Yoder,Larry Hoyle,Dean Rudisill, Dorothy Beam, Ter- ry Whitener, T om my Hoover, Max Abernethy, Judy Gilbert, Gene Sci-once, Danny Carpenter, David Warlick, Wayne Rudisill, Ray Elmore, Robert Allen, Judy Smith, Libby Gales. Zncl Row: J e r ry M o stelle r, Frances West, Shirley Johnson, Ezell Scronce, Linda Goforth, Thames Lutz, Jeanette Helms, Hollis Miller, J. R. Haynes, Kay Teague,Cyrus Anthony,Mikey Kiser,Brenda Leatherman, Jerry Thomas, Ralph Johnson. Am! Silflh Sfifth Grade Sfifth Grade Left to Right, lst Row: Beth Warlick, Douglas Gales, Walter Craig, Gene Mosteller, Reba Elmore,B1-enda Helms,Larry Heavner. Znd Row: James Wilson, Junior West, Reba Mahala, Brenda McSwain, Jerry Gales, Otha Lynch, Brenda Carpenter, David Mosteller,David Lavander,Maxine Propst,Kenneth Heavner,Margaret Yount,Jeanne Leigh,Ted Cody,Joyce Childers,Sandra Hartsoe. 3rd Row: George Blackburn, Mrs. Killian, Dewey Smith, Paula Yount, Donald Newton, Ray Gilbert, Billy Helms, Clara Gilbert, Jim Mason, Judy Grigg, Janice Mo s telle r, Johnny Rhyne, Larry Gilbert, Jerry Wyant, Rita Wise, Darel Scronce. Left to Right, lst Row: Larry Jones, J oyc e Warlick, Jane Bivens, Joyce Lavander, De a n Sain, Dean Scronce. Znd Row: Jimmy Haynes, Tommy Ritter, Keith Scronce, Kay Dellinger, Cha rle s Anthony, Berna Jo Sain, Brenda Hoover, Hal Scronce, Jr. 3rd Row: Alice Chapman, L e ona rd Dean Guest, Ronny Sain, Jerry Elmore, Lealta Fulbright, Carolyn Whitener, Rodney Scronce. 4th Row: J une Dorsey, Janice Wil- Son, Sandra Wood,Coley Gilbert, Libby Goins, Roy Yount, D. A. Stroup, Junior Dor- sey. 5th Row: Farrel Carpenter, Farrel Lutz., Annette Sain, Wayne Yoder, Larry Canipe, Larry Newton, Peggy Ledford. 5'aurtl1 Grade Chin! W fade le! J Left to Right, lst Row: Mrs.Mu11en,Jessie Seag1e,Kaye Kiser,Jewe1 Gi1bert,Char1es Cody,Robert Maha1a,Dianne Propst, Penny Pendleton,Jacob Jones. Znd Row: Terry Carpenter,Ernestine Sain, Larry Sain, Bobby Brooks, Bobby Coon, Harvey Leonard, Billy Dorsey, Carroleen Anthony. 3r-d Row: Judy Ellis, Vivian Mosteller, Wanda Sain, Phyllis I-Ioover,Judy Ann Sain, Helen Heavner, Susan Cline, Douglas Carpenter. 4th Row: Jimmie Rhyne, Dean Scronce, Pete Whitener, Jack Knight, Jerry Smith, Jerry Hill, Larry Reep. Left to Right, lst Row: Mrs. Bangle, Harriet Propst, Tony Sain, Gene Warlick, Znd Row: Ricky Hoover, Martha Allen, Linda Finger, Shirley Ingle, Ted Propst,Ray Scronce, Keith Wise, Phyllis Ca rpente r. 3rd Row: Rebecca Scronce, Sue Jonas, R e ne e Abernethy, Ruby Yount, Larry Carpenter, Jack Sain, Clinton Carswell. 3rd Row: Wayne Reep, Robert Hallman, Sheila Myers, Kent Franklin, Farrel Sain, Mar- illyn Miller, Douglas Leatherman. Sccand Grade scam! Grade Left to Right, lst Row: D. M. Haynes, Terry Pendleton, Richard Gilbert, Kathy Ab- ernethy, Mary Sue lngle, Bill Pruitt, Danny Warlick, Znd Row: Kate Knight, Marie Carpenter, Dennis Sain, Glenn West, Billy lngle, Lloyd Franklin, Joe Scronce, Helen Heavner. 3rd Row: Ted Yount, Pris c illa Smith, Michael Crowder, Larry Taylor, Janice Sain, Bobby lkerd, Junior Helms. Qirst Grade Left to Right, lst Row: Pauline Mosteller, Drucilla Lavander, Nancy Bivens, Vickie Warlick, Robert Mosteller, J udy Hill, Coleen Duckworth, Jessie Jones, Kaye John- son. Znd Row: Joe Conner,Hugh Smith, Gary Rudisill, Anne Scronce, Barbara Allen, Gay Lee Hoover, Berlin Wilson, Jerry Leatherman. 3rd Row: R e ba Sa in, Tony Whitener, Margaret Helms, Ernest Earl, Bradford Broadway, Larry Gilbert, Peggy Fredell. fNot Pictured: Nina Teague.J l I ?irsf Grade ,Q 0' I .G-7' Left to Right, lst Row: Mrs. Scronce, Danny Ingle, Gary Lutz, Donnie Cline, Charles Killian, Ellen Davis, Phyllis Helm s, Terry Gales. Znd Row: Zelda Beam, Linda Reep, Vicki Houser, Sheila Sain, Dianne Stroup, Martha Cody, Keith Gilbert, Larry Gales. 3rd Row: Edward Waters, Johnny Seagle, Barbara Taylor, Blair Yount, Gary Hoyle, Susan Kiser, Kay Houser. ,Alma Mater 4 YES 1 'x .., "IQ-nn g Imax - X, + M, ii , X ,, W h 1 FW 4 ,, 4 Newspaper Staff Annual Staff , fb 1 A V Y fi Wk' g .1 ., fx.. , -A 414 1 1 ff w " x +0 0.- 1 .- 5 llull ug.: --',f A f H 5 H9 0+ 'a 01 'Vfwllo , ,,,, N--. W-- k-........,. ,..,.m,nw,qL1Q,'mm w1 Eiuturc flamemakcrs Of America guturc Elarmcrs Of America ,nmng Q, 4 4-I J 'Q 4 15? ,':. a mp x V A ,v wofy A AAQLF qv fu F A 7 W 7 J LTC ww E f.. Mj'Cusf'x UU ---I MM ff-L.-,SVAQJQ -ww: z.. P .e. 5165 611111 -A f sv gunman 1 In l JNJP. S I Music Klub I V 56:10 Q NWQZ3 Va Hand if P'-'- lll E sez xl X Dramafics - l6'us Drivfrs 6 5 X7 X Q gf K' ' fibrary Klub HEAD HANDS HEART HEALTH , .. ,.,,.,...A-..u-',.x V M1 -1 .. . Y ,gf .gg A 'C Q-,J X lunch 13001111 Staff 1 f A? ' is' ' y,f35'i 4 1, , l . , , . My .v XAAQYCS' fn MRS. M. H. GOINS '.,Li!, Q""'r", ,, 'W 1 W my' X, ' X X s S 1 3 X ' Q ' ,f MRS. B. M. BOLINGER MRS. HUGH HUSS A "Wh-.-.T Hi F----mm 1 ' ug ' pw , f A-1,122 ' 5 "fs ,V x f- , Q 2 iv ' '14 1 ' XA ' S I 'V f ' . N ,z 5' YVONNE CLEMONS SUSIE OLIVER W if I A f, , , A X , f 4 . A -A M 'Q ,fb , 497 . we A, 'F i-, T . '5N .J V Q ,, R K, ' . fu- , s , . W w . 3 F xx ..'x,, . 4 r 'Y . vs V em - ,iwz,wfifM?9, H ,'3""-5 N 'Q 0 s Milk as mx si' E if ' E3 2,5 'id Q ,x R50 3" "-...,,,,,f1" 'Hu QC as f 37" , , V , Key 671111 fiance 61110 W. ' , - 1 J , q v is 5,3 " 34 'iffi fo Z .vfii V 2 - 7 f - W af -W K I A W l UQKWQ.. f vi-5.41 4-5' X K , , I .f 1 ' ' G' 1, 'If' X ' ' ITL" V . ,.. ,. ..A,. sw 'X Y - , "ef 'W 4 Tay ' 1- f A Q. .5 -7 . -Hgf CHARACTER I E X Q 1 :' 23' M, , gi Y ol,Z'?7' A Hhccrlcadcrs Julia Heavner, Vivian Sain, Peggy Kiser, Jane Heavner. Standing: Betty Lutz, Margaret Leatherman, Doris Duckworth, Cecilia Wise. 5' ! .Q .Q ff' 8 Q yr .qv-ag, xi .fnzfa-z-i""'ir Girls' Basketball Betty Abernethy, Barbara Jean Sain, Marilyn Hoover, Wilma Canipe, Earlene Sain, Linda Royster, Faye Hoyle, Shirley Morgan, Ann Hoover, Dottie Sisk, Shirley Sain, Y v on n e Pe e 1 e r, Co-Captain, Peggy Yount, Jean Warlick, Co- Captaing Lottie Scronce, Managerg Mrs. Margaret Bowman, Coach, Not Pic- tured: Doris Hoyle, Ann Leigh. Y. .Mal M Hays ' Kaskelball Ralph Gilbert, Max Conner, Co-Captainsg Buster Hartsoe, Johnny Bolinger Kenneth Ritchie,Lester Canipe,David Sain,Gene Sain, Bob Scronce, Ted Sain Bill Scronce, Donald Jones, Gary Carter, Gerald Stansel, Dean Heavner, Mr Frank Yoder. L x x ,gwy 3 sv KING-KENNETH RITCHIE Q UEEN - PEGGY JONAS UQ M , vi V5 - - 'Y' " ' X ff,-we .Q ffsfflf ff .4 If -'-mf, f. ' W V!- JY! Q4 FG "" f, , A 'n 3 '51 fm A 'Q fi, .f lc ' ' x , In I FESTIVAL .4 DUKE-ROY YOUNT PRINCE-GARY HOYLE DUCHESS-ELIZABETH HOOVER PRINCESS-TERRY CARPENTER I Hascball Saffimll 'rg 7' ,fi lf' 03: 3 f , st , f -, . '-A L! ..x 1 . P? M H f ' I -" 2 'orbwl P wiv.: ,A .. ,- pv- Q: K , if 2.5.-1 1 1 1' ,aw- I gg jf iq L -Q F , Y .V vi . 51 a I 1 HCWARDS CREEK S W 'K,r,..- S ai A H f ff -pm S. g d 'in0'1"' E .,, . .- MR. M. S. HEAVNER MRS. PAUL CHILDERS MRS. CARLTON JETTON Principal Sixth Bl Fifth Fifth 8: Fourth MRS. GLENN LEONHARDT MRS. YATES FINGER MISS EDNA WISE Third gl Fourth Second First Not Pictured L. MR IE? F MQ! H6 f-as ,C fi CLUB Left to Right, lst Row: Joe Billy Heavner, T om my Heavner, Gene Houser, Brenda Champion, B renda Houser, Barbara Moore, Sybil Peeler, Linda Hallman, Jodena Gantt. Znd Row: Larry Morgan, Larry Eaker, Da r r ell Houser, Bobby Royster, Peggy Ann Hoover, Bernice Houser, Buddy Smith,Gene Reynolds,Danny Canipe,Jerry Bridges. 3rd Row: Evelyn Fisher, Kay Davis, Earlene Avery,Faye Mitchell, Nancy Peeler, Jossie Bolding, Johnny Moore, Larry Wise, Ralph Grigg. 4th Row: Betty Reep, Clyde lngle, Danny Houser, Howa rd Fisher, Linda Sue I-Ieafner, Clafton Tessner, Brenda Gilbert, Mary Lee Taylor, Nancy Morgan. Left to Right, lst Row: Kay Davis, Danny Houser, Jerry Huss, Jerry Bridges, Timmie Reynolds, Linda Hallman, Jodena Gantt. Znd Row: Brenda Gilbert, Linda Sue Heafner, Clafton Tess'-'er, JerryCanipe, Clyde Ingle, KennethJohnson, Roy Shultz. 3rd Row: Robertl-louser, Nancy Morgan, Betty Reep, Ralph Grigg, Mitchell Reep, Mary Lee Taylor. SEVENTH GRADE ' wi fv SIXTH GRADE Left to Right, lst Row: Earlene Avery, Brenda Champion, Lewis Wright, Buddy Smith, Phillip Hoover, Brenda Houser, Gene Houser. Znd Row: Faye Mitchell, Howard Fisher, Johnny Moore, Frankie Seagle, Jimmie Leatherman, Danny Canipe, and Larry Wise. Left to Right, lst Row: Sybil Peeler, Joe Billy Heavner, Patricia Smith, Llese Houser, Tommy Heafner,Evelyn Fisher. Znd Row: Larry Eaker, Peggy Hoover, Barbara Moore, Bernice Houser, Faye Reep, Danny lngle, Darrell Houser. 3rd Row: Gene Reynolds, Larry Morgan, .lossie Bold- ing, Nancy Peeler, Carroll Dean Auton, and Bobby Royster. 1.5 all .4 Ml: FIFTH GRADE "' 333 l l IV' 5-,AI FOURTH ' GRADE f I Left to Right, lst Row: Marsie Byrd,Patsy Moore,Janice Willis, Dorothy Long, Richard Eaker, Sandrea Hoover. Znd Row: Jean Bolding, Linda Huss, Martha Lee Y a r bo r o ugh, Donald Hine, Inez B a r n e tte, Dickie Cornwell, Craig Wood, Jr. 3rd Row: Linda Kay Smith, Dwight Shultz , Jimmy Sain, Mary Allen, Carl Sain, Jr., Kay Haynes. Left to Right, lst Row: Tony Reynolds, Janie I-Iolloway,Vernon Avery, Cla ude tte Hoyle, Billy Auton, Elizabeth Cundiff, Carolyn Avery. Znd Row: Brenda Sain, Clinton Houser, J oyc e Reep, Mary Rudisill, Jimmy Houser, R e be c c a Hoover, Gary Pendleton. 3rd Row: Ray Lee Haynes, Christine Balding, Barney Fisher, Patricia Reep, Steve Canipe, Vickie Scronce, Mary Lou Av- ery. A 'HHRD GRADE SECOND GRADE Left to Right, lst Row: Larry Gilbert, Freda Eaker, Robert Wehunt, Ronnie Leonhardt, Lonnie Leatherman,Ava Davis,Darrell Wise,Brenda Smith,Bec:ky Dellinger. Znd Row: Terry Royster Linda Carpenter, Kathleen Haynes, Linda Auton, Ma rilyn Hudson, Larry Avery, Gene Goins, Barbara Jarrell. 3rd Row: Mike Huss, Sue Reep, Faye Long, Jack Benny Spivey, Brenda Gil- bert, Diane Houser, Ma r ga r et Burnette, Linda Hines, Edna Peeler, 4th Row: Rickey Rhyne Linda Avery, Rita Kay Byers, Diane Helms, J o e F a r r ell Willis, Steve Morgan, Steve Shultz Judy Houser. Q l Left to Right, lst Row: Ma x Houser, Patricia Hartsoe, Valeria Reynolds, Dale Elmore, Harold Spivey, Frankie Mae Peeler, Mary Reep, Charles Le e Avery. 2nd Row: Richard Peeler, Gary Reynolds, Dianne Champion, Elizabeth Houser, Carolyn Willis, C a rolyn Bridges, J. B.Wood, Frances Avery, Bobby Ingle. FIRST GRADE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Two Convenient Locations: MAIN OFFICE 102 East Main Street EAST BRANCH fDrive-Inj 1203 Main Street A Friendly Bank In A Friendly Community Established 1903 Lincolnton North Carolina PGLHILL CHEVRULET CU. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Sales - Service Dial RE5-2562 or RE5-2561 O K Used Cars Lincolnton North Carolina BROWN'S ESSO ER ICE TER "Service While You Shop" Main gl Poplar Streets Lincolnton North Carolina We Finance Sales Between Individuals LINCOLN FINANCE CO., INC. A Local Company For Local People Financing - Re-Financing Dial RE-5391 Lincolnton North Carolina CREAMLAND Cv GRILL Noted for its Sandwiches Home Made Ice Cream Thick Milk Shakes Phone RE5-7332 Maiden Highway LITTLE 6' BAXTER Hardware - Grocery Groceries, Meat, Dry Goods, Shoes and Hardware Supplies Phone RE5-5652 Morganton Highway Z7 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS C1 LOAN ASSN. Phone RE- 5-2042 Lincolnton North Carolina Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of . . BEA A D BROTHER Lumber And Building Supplies Contractors - Ginners And B uyers Of Cotton Phone RE 5-2372 Vale Route 2 North Carolina Compliments of CAROLYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Operator Mrs. Robert Gilbert Phone RE5-8350 Route 1 Lincolnton North Carolina Dave Abernethy HOWARD'S CREEK CABINET SHOP Phone RE5-2783 Route .Z Vale North Carolina ROSELAND DRIVE-IN THEATER Best Entertainment For The Whole Family Cherryville Road Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of HUSS GROCERY Sz SERVICE Route l Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of B. C. MOORE gl SON Lincolnton North Carolina KINCNS OFFICE SUPPLY Books - Gifts Stationery - School Supplies 124 E. Main St. Regent 5-5459 Lincolnton North Carolina CONNER FURNITURE STORE GOODIN-BURRIS FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Linco1n's Leading Furniture Store Lincolnton North Carolina Lincolnton North Carolina JEWEL BOX Diamonds - Watches Musical Instruments China-Silver-Crystal SUPERIOR LOAN C1 FINANCE CO. 116 North East Court Square Phone 1328-J Lincolnton North Carolina HOYLE MOTOR CO., INC. FARMERS 6 BUILDERS SUPPLY John Deere Tractors Dial 5-8091 Building Material East Main Street 8: Implements Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of DAVE LERNER'S STORE Lincolnton North Carolina RHODES BROS. SERVICE STATION South Aspen Street Phone RE5-7301 Lincolnton North Carolina 1050 K, C, 500 Watts Compliments of. RADIO STATION WLON "The People's Voice by Choice." W. R. CARSWELL ESSO SERVICE AND MAYTAG APPLIANCES Music News Phone RE5-5912 Phone 5-8071 or 5-8072. The Lincoln County Route 1 Broadcasting Company Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of HARTMAN'S STORES RHODES-CASHION FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture And Appliances 114 Court Square Phone RE5-7362. Lincolnton North Carolina PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP Cold Waves Machine Permanente 54.00 and up Highway 27, RE5-7839 Route Z T. C. FALLS GROCERY Groceries - Gasoline Dry Goods - Peter's Shoes FCX Feeds - Fertilizer Small Hardware Phone RE5-8952 Route 1 Vale North Carolina Lincolnton North Carolina VALE MILL G' GROCERY Flour - Corn Meal Purina Chow Custom Mixing And Grinding Seed Cleaning RE5-8737 T. E. Sain Vale North Carolina Exclusive But Not Expensive Dial RE5-8371 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of DRUMS' FUNERAL HOME Lincolnton North Carolina T. 8. S. WELDING AND MACHINE CO. D. C. Thornburg, Prop. General Machine Work Welding of All Kinds Gears Made Auto Welding Farm Machinery Repaired Phone RE5-7151 Reepsville Road Compliments of TEETER'S SUPER MARKET Lincolnton North Carolina WARLICK FUNERAL HOME Ask About Our Insurance Plan Phone RE5-2521 Lincolntgn North C81'O1lT13 Compliments oft DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS LOWE'S ESSO OIL C1 SERVICE Everything In Petroleum Products Home Heating a Specialty We Deliver Phone RE5-8301 Route 3 Lincolnton North Carolina LINCOLN Fcx SERVICE ' Feeds-Seeds- Machinery Farm Supplies Electrical Appliances And Other Numerous Supplies Phone RE5-7401 LINCOLN FROZEN FOODS, INC A Complete Cutting, Curing Service Meats Processed For Home Freezers BROOME-EARLY Furniture 81 Appliance Company G. E. Appliances Furniture gl Appliances Phone RE5-7089 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of IDEAL CHAIR COMPANY M. K. SAIN Cabinet and Body Shop Phone RE5-5791 Route l Lincolnton North Carolina BOB'S MOTORCYCLE SHOP Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Johnson Seahorse Outboards Corner lst Avenue 8: 3rd St. N. West Hickory North Carolina Compliments of MARTlN'S FOOD STORE Lincolnton North Carolina LAWING 'S MEN SHOP Factory Outlet Suits 3522.50 to 539.50 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN GROCERY COMPANY Whole sale Dial RE5-2031 SAIN gl SAIN Gas - Oil - and Groceries "We Sell And Recommend Security Feeds." Phone - RE5-8866 Vale North Carolina WILLIS MOTOR COMPANY Quality Cars Phone RE5-8391 C. E. BOYLES Groceries - Gas - Oil Route 2 Lincolnton North Carolina BLAIN LEONHARDT Groceries-Gas-Oil-Feeds Route 2 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of BELK-MATTHEWS COMPANY Cherryville North Carolina Compliments of NEWTON'S STORE Vale North Carolina MARTIN PLUMBING CO. Z. E. Martin, Prop. Phone RE5-2517 527 N. Flint St. Lincolnton North Carolina SHUFORD'S FLORAL GARDENS Flowers For All Occasions Phone RE5-5242 N. Flint St. Lincolnton North Carolina LINCOLN HARDWARE A Full Line Of Shelf And Heavy Hardware HAYNES DAIRY Compliments of SANTANE GAS COMPANY Tappan and Caloric Ranges Lincolnton North Carolina RHODES fr CORRIHER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Allis-Chalmers - New Idea- New Holland Machinery MURDOCK'S BAKERY Pies, Cakes, Cookies, And Decorated Cakes Phone RE5-761 HARRIS CITY PAINT STORE Desota Paints-Floor Coverings Wallpaper-Painting Supplies East Sycamore at Court Square Complimenfs of QUALITY CLEANERS T. F. Corriher, Representative Phone 8821 Dial RE5-3691 South Center Street Lincolhton North Carolina Hickory North Carolina Complimenls of COBLE DAIRY eniar Dircctary DOROTHY ABERNETHY B eta Club 3, 45 Convention 3, 45 District Beta Club Vice-Pres. 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pianist in 4-HClub 25 Trail Blazer Social Editor 35 Art- ist 45 Ad Editor for Annual 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Choir l,2,3,45 Dramatics Club 1, 25 La Cer- cle Francia s 2, 35 Pianist in Glee Club 2, 35 Science Club 15 Basketball 1, 25 Basketball Tour- nament Maid of Honor 15 Softball 1,2, 35 FHA 25 Student Librarian 45 Junior Play5 Junior-Senior Waitress 25 Bus Driver 45 Typing 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Editors Roundtable 4. HOWARD AUTON Dramatic Club 3, 45 F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Typing 35 Drivers Training 45 F. F. A. Camp 25 Bible 4. GUY BEAM Librarian 1, 45 Glee Club 2, 45 Typing 35 Dra- matics 45 French Club 2, 35 Bible Club 45 4-H Club 3, 4. DORIS BROWN Music Club 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Dramatics Club 1,25 FHA 2,35 Science Club Reporter 15 Beta Club3,45 Beta Club Con- vention 35 La Cercle Francais 2, 35 French Club Secre ta ry 35 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 45 Band 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Typing 45 Class Reporter 2, 35 Waitress at Junior-Senior 25 Waitress at Teacher's Banquet 35 Perfect Attendance 35 Most Intelligent 45 Choir l, 2, 35 Editors' Roundtable 45 Editor of Annual 4, LESTER CANIPE King of Junior Class5 Basketball1,2,3,45 Base- ba1ll,2,3,45Best Sport 45 Glee Club 35 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Camp l, 35 Dairy Judging 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Convention 35 Typing 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 Let- terman 45 Key Club 4, AV-NEAIL CARPENTER 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 1, Z, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club Sec. and Treas. 25 Science Club Pres. 35 Science Club Reporter 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 1, 25 Librarian 1, 25 Softball 15 Band 3,45 Music 15 Commercial Stud- ies 35 Bible 45 Lincoln County's 4-H Represen- tative to Sta te Fair in Raleigh 35 World Peace Talk 25 Annual Staff 45 F.H.A. 2, 35 Operetta 1. EMMA LAURA CARPENTER F.H.A. 2,35 Typing 45 Safety Education 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 2, 3, 45 Perfect Attendance 4. SHELBY CARSWELL Waitress at Junior-Senior5 4-H Club l, 35 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Winner of World Peace Speaking Con- test 25 Junior Play5 Science Club Pres .25 Science Club R epor te r 35 Science Club Vice-Pres. 45 Safety Education 35 Typing 35 Best-All-Around 45 F. H. A. 45 Perfect Attendance 45 Honor Roll 45 Dramatics 45 Cheerleader 35 Operetta 15 Li- brarian 15 F. H. A. Pres. 45 Waitress at Teach- er's Banquet 45 Commencement Testator 4. MAX CONNER Beta Club 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Sec. Key Club 35 Vice-Pres.of Class 25 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Typ- ing 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Most Friendly 45 Most Talkative 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseballl, 2, 3, 45 Trail Blazer Staff 3,45 Co-CaptainBasketballTeam 45 Perfect At- tendance 45 Letterman 3, 4. DORIS DUCKWORTH Science Club 2,3,45 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club l,2,3,454-H Club 1,25 F. H. A. 2,35 Safe- ty Education 45 Annual Staff 45 Softball 1,2,3,45 Flirtiest 45 Typing 45 Perfect Attendance 15 Class Queen 15 Waitress at Teacher's Banquet 3. J. B. GILBERT 4-HClub1,2,3,45F.F.A.l,2,3,45F.F.A. Camp 15 Typing 45 Dramatics Club 45 Bus Driv- er 45 Driving Training5 Glee Club 45 Perfect At- tendance 45 Physical Ed. 1, 2, 3, 4. RALPH GILBERT F. F. A.l, 2, 3, 45F.F.A, Camp 35 Dairy Judg- ing Team 3,45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Key Club Pres. 35 Key Club Convention 3,45 Beta Club 3, 45 Beta Club Pres. 45 Beta Club Convention 45 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 45 Bus Driver 45 Class Pres.45 Class Vice-Pres. 35 Best Looking 45 Best Ath- lete 45 Junior Play5 Junior Marshall5 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Co-Captain Bas- ketball 45 All Conference Basketball 35 Honor Roll l, 2, 45 Typing 4. TED HARKEY Librarian 1, 45 Glee Club 2, 45 Typing 35 Dra- matics 45 4-H Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3. SADIE HELMS 4-H Club 15 F. H. A. 2, 35 Science Club 25 Class Queen 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Junior-Senior Wait- ress 25 Waitress at Teachers Banquet 35 Typing 35Beta Club 3,45 Trail Blazer 3,45 Annua1Staff 45 Best Sport 45 Bible 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. HAZELINE HOUSER Science Club 25 Glee Club 1,25 4-H Club 15 Beta Club 3, 45 Cla s s Vice-Pres. 15 Class Pres. 25 Class Reporter 45 Trail Blazer Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Bible 45 Typing 35 Waitress at Teachers' Banquet 35 Best Dressed 45 Honor Roll 1 , 2,3,4. SHIRLEY HOUSER JENKINS Beta Club 3, 45 W aitr e s s at Junior-Senior5 Sc ienc e Club 25 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Reporter 15 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Education 35 Typing 45 FHA 45 FHA Historian 45 Waitress atTeachers Banquet. LOUISE JOHNSON Glee Club 1, 25 Science Club 2,3,45 4-H Club 1 , 25 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Typing 35 Bible Club 45 Perfect Attendance 4. cuiar Directory PEGGY JONAS Lincolnton High School lg Glee Club 2,3,43 Sec, 81 Treas. of Glee Club 43 Choir 2,33 Dramatics Club 3, 43 4-H Club 2, 3, 43 Typing 43 Librarian 43 Science Club Pres. 43 La Cercle Francais 2, 33 Cheerleader 23 Waitress at Junior-Senior 33 Waitress at Teacher's Banquet 33 Bus Driver 43 F. H. A. 33 Band 3, 43 Pres. of Band 33 Drum Ma j o rette 43 Class Queen 43 Best Looking 43 Fall Festival Queen 4. MARGARET LEDFORD Music 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2, 33 4-H Club 1, 2, 33 F. H. A, 2, 33 Dramatics Z3 School Winner in Cooperative Essay Contest3 4-H Live- stock Exhibition 23 Waitress atTeachers Banquet Junior Play3 County Winner in Cooperative Essay Contest3 Honor Roll l,2, 3,43 Trail Blazer Staff 3,43 Beta Club 3,43 Bus Driver 43 Typing 43 Per- fect Attendance 23 F. H. A. Convention 23 Le Cercle Francais 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN SAIN Marshall 33 Waitress at Beta Club 3, 43 Class Junior-Senior 23 Basketball team 3, 43 Science Club 33 French Club 2,33 Dramatic s Club 23 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 43 Class Historian 43 Class President 13 Choir Treas. 43 Librarian 23 1,23 Beta Club Sec. and Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 43 4-H Club 1,23 Most Likely to Succeed 43 Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID SAIN Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Best Dressed 43 Freshman Class King 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Perfect Attendance 43 F.F.A,l, 2, 3, 43 F, F, A. Camp 1, 33 Typing 43 Honor Roll 3, 43 Bus Driver 43 4-H Club 13 Letterman 4. SHIRLEY SAIN Basketball l,3,43 Basketball letter 33 Best Ath- lete 43 All Conference Team 33 Beta Club 3, 43 Beta Convention 43 Business Manager of Annual 43 Editors' Round Table 43 F.H.A. 23 Beta Club Reporter 43 Class Secretary and Treas. 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 French Club Reporter 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Typing 43 Newspaper Staff 3, 43 Honor Roll 1,2, 3,43 Perfect Attendance 43 Jun- iorPlay3 Science Club 23 Junior Marshall3 Soft- ball l, 2, 3, 43 Most Studious 43 Toast to the School 33 Choir 1, 2. TED SAIN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Most Popular 43 Glee Club l,2,33 Perfect Attendance lg F.F.A. l,2,3,43 Typing 43 F.F.A, Camp l,33Junior Play3 Class King 43 4-H Club l,2,3. BILL SCRONCE Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 43KCy Club 3,43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Typing 43 4-H Club 1,23 Most Likely to Suc- ceed 43 Flirtiest 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Baseball 3, 43 Dramatics Club lg Trail Blazer Staff 3, 4g Startown School 1, 23 B u S Driver 43 4-H Dairy Judging 'Team 1,23 F. F. A. Dairy JudgingTeam 3, 43 F. F. A. Livestock Judging Z3 Key Club Convention 3, 43 B eta Club Convention 43 4-H Club Week Short Course 13 Chief Ma r shall 33 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4. BOB SCRONCE Class Secretary lg F.F. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll l,2,3,43 Perfect Attendance l, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Key Club Vice-Pres. 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2,3,43 4-H Club 1,23 Junior Play 33 Class President 33 Toastmaster Junior-Senior 33 Trail Blazer 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Beta Club Vice President 43 Typing 43 Most Studious 4g Most Intelligent 43 Marshall 3, 43 Class Vice- Pres. 43 Letterman 4. CLIFTON SCRONCE Beta Club 3, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Pres. of Key Club 43 F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Typing 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 4-H Club 13 Best-All-Around 43 Bible 43 Trail Blazer Staff 3,43 Perfect Attendance 1, 3, 43 Bus Driver 4. LOTTIE SCRONCE Basketball 33 Business Manager 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 1, 23 Vice Pres. 23 Newspaper Staff 3, 43 Culliowhee Con- vention 43 Junior Play3 Honor Roll 1 , 2, 3, 43 La Cercle Francais 2, 33 Typing Club 43 Bus Driv- er 43 Friendliest 4. JOHNNIE ANN SEAGLE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 4-H Club l,2, 33 Dramatics Club lg Trail Blazer Staff 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Honor Roll l , 2, 3, 43 Perfect Attendance 43 An- nual Staff 43 FHA Club 43 FHA Convention 43 Choir 1, 2, 33 La Cercle Francais 2, 33 Debate Team 2, 3, 43 World Peace Contestant 23 FHA Songleader 43 Wa itre s s at Teachers' Banquet 43 Science Club 33 Librarian 23 Class Poetess 43 Beta Convention 43 Typing 33 Bible 4. SHIRLEY FAYE SMITH 4-H Club l,2Q Glee Club 1,23 Science Club 3,43 Bible Club 43 Dramatics Club 3, 43 Librarian 4. DEAN STROUP Librarian 1, 43 Glee Club 2, 43 Bible 43 Typing 33 Dramatics 43 Science Club 43 French 2, 3. ROSIE TESSNER Glee Club l, 23 4-H Club l, 23 Typing Club 33 Science Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3,43 Bible Club 4. JEAN WARLICK Music Club l3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club Reporter 33 Glee Club Pres. 2,43 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Co-Captain Basket- ball 33 F. H. A. 23 Dramatics Club 23 La Cercle Francais 2, 33 B eta Club 3, 43 Beta Club Con- vention 3, 43 Newspaper Staff3, 43 Band 3,43 Typing 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Treasur- er li Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 23 Wait- ress atTeacher's Banquet 33 PerfectAfiI6f1daUC6 l, 23 Most Popular 43 Junior Play 3. ELEANOR WHITENER 4-H Club l, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheer- leader 1, 23 F. H. A. Z3 La Cercle Francais 2, 33 Beta Club 3,43 Beta Club Convention 43 Trail Blazer Staff 3, 43 Typing 43 Most Talkative 43 Class Prophetess 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir l, 2, 3. P- -sw-.,,, """-v.,x , '--y f , --.NWN - N 'A"A"'---,.-,,,g--Au . ,ii x " "N-5 .xg -fi., --., ---N.,-N,,..,x A M.,.i...... ff a il' " sm, L13-., . -nru4z..J1'-44441-1 -1. u4n.m.n.4vw-uL.n:,..mn444?uau ....,:,,...,.-1:11 vm. --K..-n.1u....4-i1.u.:L.4.x,. .W -P . . . ...rz-4, .u ...an .. 1.4 '.S..C.JP"?'.' ,J - sa Z".r5l SN X S X -N. Sw .W A Xi'-P-S, .im --x, N Y, .tv VM, X-VA ',l '-Kr-,H ' x - sf a Vs.. FL :Z W 1 -,1 36 S Q 3 U, ' sd If Z ai 41 7 1. . 5' ii. fi , 2 , 'Wa K., , A QS-. 6. ?' . ' ,ww - W 1 N- 3 1.71 M, 4 Q,-6, 9 I." A 4 A W ' x. r ' ,f.fl'f,gvi 1 , , .npr

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