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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1954 volume:

S. N--S 'A' '---.NSWN N xx xisgmssxsshxhkx-S X g -XR KX., S ,f if -ur E , I r W . 9 ,ff 'na V . 5 ilwf iw G ' + Jf. 1. 'fa ,-Q ' 'ev -A ,Q '-PML, '--fr"-' ff AQ!--". A f 5 X ,Rm-1 .51 :vs ' 1' 1 Q ' u -f5.'.u lt 'E.'4 ' 1 'ws "" f. , 1. R ' Q 0 "'- -14 'I . :fan fi , ' , . 'f 'f ZP. . ' fy - 4 I J' :uf ,gy -R' Q- J' ' f ' nf, V 1 in .. v- ,'-', , .Q fi Tjsugzr' vf A uf -'H' - A . VY- ,.4f'wA.- ' na.-.A Q , ,Al 'V Ass"" 'sau Q.L"T ' fl 1: 2 15,9 . ,iff-'-1,b,x4, ' s ' ' 2 32. in ' ,. x' H f 4 A 'I , N' x A U' ' F YQ ' , nJ.p,.- ,,-an 4 I Y l 'T 2 ! I 3 Alf, My me Afcarn iw 337 A M X is 4 .fp K QW V XGA ofxo' bf pfg-fo, M J WM 754, WWW? Off -Nw W Q CQQQMQ wif W5 FOREWORD Spring and graduation will soon be here and the time has come to "Put to Bed" another Year's work, We, the Senior Class, will always look back to our high school days at Union High with fond memories. The pattern set for our happy days at Union slipsinto our memories and the changing of classes . . , , our study halls .... Club meetings .... Chapel Programs , , , , basketball games . . . . Our class parties , , . , our trip to Boone to see "Horn in the West" .... The Junior-Senior , , Our Junior Play .... Our Senior Play ,,,, Our elections , , thesethoughts and many more equally pleasant return when- ever we hear UNION mentioned. May the rest of our lives be as happy as our days at UNION. DEDICATIO 4 A an gg-WE is 'Kin' Because of her patience, understand' 1ngguidance, and her sin- cere interest in each stud t en at Union High School, it is with our deepest appreciation that we the s ' , enior class of '54 proudly dedicate this volume f" o The Acorn" to our teacher and friend, MRS. FORREST ALLEN, JR. 5 WB'- BO RD OF EDUCATIO , . . e e , U 44 V , . ,X ,- X 334 . fy ,,0mM,Xgf.f,9! f , . .Q-'42, -' ' idwfyiijfyf - K- . ' ' qw.Wu. Ajay' ' v f mmm ' A f , a mpg' . W gu ' ' ,, f V 1 X ffm Y , , , 2, Q, J' X 7, ew 1 A . , J ' V ,,::iV3,,:,-V , rw Mr. M. H, Goins Chairrnan Mr. E. T. Ritchie Mr. Robert Abernethy Mr, Kohn Heavner Mr. Paul Sain Not Pictured W Mr. Lewis Heavner Principal FAC LTY Mrs. E. C. Rhyne English and French Mrs. Sterling Bowman Physical Ed. and History Mr. Hugh Hoyle Mathematics and Science Miss Vilinder Cruse Mathematics and Home Economics Mi.. 'EV' fax? as degli? 7 . ,I I. ffl: h .,.,l,n,n,.: , 5 alIlfg.'. lilllxlfl, I lvl I 'ff t Mr . S.E. Richbourg Agriculture Mr. Frank Yoder Physical Ed., 8th Grade Mrs, Forrest Allen, Jr. Shorthand and Typing Mrs. Russell Seagle Eighth Grade Mrs. Dan Mosteller Music ' Mr. Rick Richardson is Band ' an QT I R? if ! ,- A 5:23-'g:,5I'i 5. F: 23 . .-5 Mrs. Ralph Yoder Fourth and Fifth Grade Mrs. Clyde Mullen Third Grade Mrs. Paul Bangle Second Grade Mrs. Hal Scronce First and Second Grade Miss Pauline Mosteller First Grade Mr, Lewis Rhyne Janitor FACULTY Mr. F. W. Kiser Seventh Grade Mrs. Houser Powell Sixth Grade Mrs, Frank Killian Fifth Grade Miss Helen Jonas Fourth Grade :,i2f pv4 , ,xx V . pf, ' X. 21 Q v vfs 'At A 5 , j Vrkbk 0' I, S., Qi x X li i P-A A img --x ..,. H X- I ., ,fn-'LW SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . .... Frank Ritchie Vice-president . . . . Bill Sain Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Barbara Ritchie I Reporter . . . . Aileen Guiton MASCOTS 6..,. M , 'SZ ,mm bVVA,' 1 qqkymsmabs J ':v.,,, Q, V 4 153 5"Qfp-an Harriet Propst Tony Sain MARJORIE HARRILENE ALLEN Beta Club 3,45 Typing 25 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Trail Blazer Staff 3,45 Dramatics Club 25 Bible Club l5Safety Education 35 Junior Playg Libr- arian 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Most Studious 45 Convention 45 Choir l,2,35 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Music 45 Perfect Attendance 1,25 Oppretta 35 Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY ANN AUTON Glee Club 2,3,45 Drarnatics Club l,2,3,45 Bible Club5 Typing Club 35 Le Cercle Francais 3,45 Student Librarian 4, R. C. CANIPE Bus Driver 3,45 FFA 2,3,45 Typing 35 Junior Play5 Perfect Attendance 45 Baseball 2,45 Bas- ketball 2,45 Safety Ed. 4. DEAN CARPENTER Driving Club 45 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Boy Scouts 1,25 Junior Playg Typing Club 4. Seniors 954 HALLIE PERK ROYAL CROWN BUB mmm 'Qan- 'BNA Seniors BUD Q77 46561425 WALTER CLARK Bus Driver 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Typing Club 35 Safety Education 45 FFA 25 Typist For Annual 45 Perfect Attendance Z,3,4, HELEN CLARK Bible Club 15 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Dramatics 2,3,45 Cheerleader 25 Student Librarian 25Bus Driver 45 Typing 25Basketball' Safety Education 35 Most Talkative Senior 4, JOYCE MYRENE GILBERT Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,35 Bible Club 15 Li- brarian 2,3,45 4-H Club l,Z,3,45 Dramatics Z5 Library Club Secretary 45 Basketball 25 Cheer- leader 35 Junior Playg Typing 45 Best Sport 45 FHA 35 Softball 2,3. AILEEN GUITON Student Government 15 4-H' Club 2,3,45 Dra- matics Club 25 Science Club Z, Honor Roll 1, Z,3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Typing Club 35 Safety Ed. 45 Class Poet 45 Reporter 45 Librarian 3. I954 GE OR GE J O LEEN , fyym'WW ,wwmffffiws , ',"'.ffif . f, W .,,,f 4 ww W I .f ,tw-X fav 0 I In ug? v , , f -' ' ' V-f s' 5 a rt .5 fi '17 if M y 55,11 1: 1 . ,,,.,.,,,.,.,. , . ' 5' MW ,. ' v.: W' ,-574. N - .fl 'Y M" 'fcf-H ",' A A F ' 'A i ff .1 I , ' ' f , .....-..,..--1'5t2,,,r A QHff f7" ' -wt' - ' H1 ' ff of - ' 5 -4 Q '-W y E: -'ff ,MU 112' ff Q-A if V Q Q4 ,, ,- Q f, .5 f. , , ,,- . . fvasm sv 4 K' . , ,,,s . ' . Q, film BUCK SUZZY HAHNER JOY Seniors JERALD HALLMAN 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Perfect Attendance 4, Dra- matics Club 45 FFA 45 Junior Play, Safety Ed. 35 Typing 4. SUE JANE I-IARMON Choir 15 Cheerleader 15 Glee Club 15 Bible Club 15 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Science Club 25 Librarian Z5 Pianist in 4-H Club 2,45 Perfect Attendance 2,45 Typing Club 35 Junior Play 35 Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Toast to Seniors 35 Beta Club 3,45 Beta Club Convention 3,45 Trail Blazer 3,45 Friendliest 45 Safety Education 45 Basketball 45 Annual Staff 45 Secretary of Beta Club 45 Softball 45 Senior Play, SARAH FRANCES HEAVNER Choir l,2,35 Cheerleader 15 Glee Club l,Z,35 Bible Club 15 4-I-I Club 1,2,3,45 Song leader 3, 45 Honor roll l,2,3,45 Science Club 25 Secre- tary5 Librarian 25 Perfect Attendance 3, 45 Waitress at Teacher' s, Junior-Senior Banquets 25 Toast to Teachers 35 Junior Play5 Beta Club 3,45 Reporter 45 Beta Club Convention 3,45 Trail Blazer 3,45 Dramatics 25 Secretary Z5 Best-all-around 45 Typing 45 French 35 Soft- ball 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Manager of girl' s Bas- ketball team 3,45 Waitress at Teacher's Ban- quet 45 Senior Play. JOYE B. HILTON 4-H Club 15 Dramatics Z,3,45 Typing Club 35 Driving Club 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Basketball Letter 35 Bible Club 15 Glee Club 1,2,35 Class Prophet 45 Art Editor of Annual 45 Library Club 45 Softball 2,3,45 World Peace Winner Z5 Con- stitution Talk 35Debating Team 35Junior Play 3. N 954 4' 1 f ,Q :- 5, . f- f":'cw's We , 2 7 q.,f,.23,f,,,aPi1ff1 ,1 3 w kqbvi-Qeliiljll-5 ,' iffy?-2lfQ?9L ,f - 1-'les K M li V wlwpff , ' , . , M tilt Q, -,, ' ' f' -nV"m'q'ggf ft fmgswfgg t f 1 lgy finger" QW--gr sl-2:.5 Seniors ltr, . 1 .Pwr Q 'lr-'fx X! JACK HOOVER Boy Scout 1,23 Typing Club 33 Safety Education 3. BOBBIE HOYLE Safety Education 33 Glee Club l,Z,3,43 Choir 13 Bible Club lg Dramatics Club 2. , 3,43Typing Club 23Usher at Junior Play3 Cheer- leader 23 Perfect Attendance l,2Q Student Li- brarian 2,3,4Q 4-H Club l,2,3,4Q Annual Staff 43 ClassQueen 2,43 Best Looking 43 Fall Fes- tival Queen 4. MARGARET SUE HOY LE Co-Captain of Basketball team, Basketball 1,2, 3,4Q Basketball letter 33 "Be st Athlete" 43 Dra- matics Club 2,33 Typing Club 33 Driving Class 4g Bible Club lj Glee Club l,2,33 Beta Club 43 4-I-I Club lg Library Club 43 Softball l,2,3,43 Constitution Talk 33 Production Manager of Trail Blazer 43 Honor Roll 2,3,4. FRANCES LANT Z Cheerleader 13 Glee Club 13 Honor Roll 1,2,3, 43 4-H Club l,2,3,43 FHA 33 Reporter 33 Beta Club Convention 3,43 Jr.Sr. Waitress 23 Test- ator43 Trail Blazer 3,43 Science Club 23 Band 43 Librarian Z3 Pianist at Junior Senior 33 Typing Club 43 La Cerele Francais 33 Music 1,23 Senior Play, I954 SACK fin the crowdj JOEY SPEEDY I-'ANTZ tv Af ff. F , ,ll S ' N' NL., L W fr, A 'N SHORTY Qin the crowd! IDA ii! FT' E Seniors CARL LEATHERMAN Vice-president of Dramatics Club 45 Typing 45 Bus Driver 45 Drivers Training 35 La Cercle Francais 3,45 Perfect Attendance l,4, IDA LEDFORD Typing Z5C1lee Club Z,3,45 Choir 2,35 Beta Club 3,45 Convention 45 Trail Blazer 3,45 Dramatics 25 Bible Club 15 Drivers' Training 35 Librarian 454-H Club l,Z,3,45 Honor Roll 1,Z,3,45 Music 3,4, MICKIE MITCHUM 4-H Club 1,Z,3,45 Glee Club 1,45 FHA 35 Bible Club 15 Dramatics 25 Beta Club 3,45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Typing 33 Bus Driver 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Safety Education 45 Annual Staff 4, JOAN REEP Class Reporter l5 Bible Class President 15 Beta Club 3,45 Beta Club Convention 3,45 Beta Club Vice-pres. 45 Class Secretary 2,35 Li- brary Club Z5 Glee Club 1,Z,35 Choir 1,2,35 Waitress Z5 Junior Play 35 Safety Ed, 35 Typing 25 Trail Blazer 3,45 Dramatics Club pres. 25 Science Club Vice-pres. Z5 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 3,45 Most Likely to Succeed 45 Historian 45Annual Editor 45 French Club 3,45 American Legion Speaking Oratorical 35 Glee Club Re- porter 15 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 American His- tory Medal 35 Perfect Attendance 25 Sec. 4-H 45 Editor of Trail Blazer 45 Miss Hi Miss 45 Waitress at Teachers Banquet 45 Vice-pres, of French Club 45 Senior Play 4, ja - . 1,51 ,j . ' - 5 .5'c'w "f"i'4, fafilg Q-A 4. Q 4.- J 5 31" , , K' I -- 3:-v . ' 2' if 1.5 - ' '.e.fg,+ if s '- -n ,, . bi'-if-,571 A 5' 5- FQALQ fe ' 53545 'E H, EQf,,i3i:f."'A. ' - ,, H .-. . it -125.5 'Q-Ip V I N . iM.'if as Ad.. MICK JO ---I954 T09 if-May. fm Qin, ri' if Ii,vrml-'Ht . . .fi W 'i" X' lg I T7 g ,,,,,,,. ix ll X jg Z' f,lV . ' , I Q A ,figfiifif . .lv N -71'-Af 4 s LOUISE REEP Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Drarnatics Club 2,3,45 Most Popular 45 Typing Club 35 Librarian Club 45 Bible Club 15 Usher at Junior Play 35 Choir 2,35 FHA 4. BARBARA RIT CHIE Glee Club 25 Drarnatics Club 25 FHA 3,45 Sec- retary 45 Junior Marshall5 Typing 45 Safety Education 35 Choir 25 Cheerleader 4, FRANK RITCHIE Bus Driver 2,3,45 FFA l,2,3,45 4-I-I Club l,2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Pres- ident l,45 Vice President of Class 2,35 Pres- ident 4-H 45 Vice-Pres. 4-H 2,35 Typing 45 Glee Club 1,2,35 Perfect Attendance 2,3,45 Junior Marshall, Junior Play, Dey 2,45 Most Handsome, Best Sport, Drarnatics Club 2,3,45 BeefJudging 2,3,45Too1 Judging 25 Convention 35 President FFA l,2,35 Senior Play, BILL SAIN Choir 1,25 Beta Club 3,45 Beta Club Convention 3,45 Beta Club President 45 President Lincoln County Beta Club 45 Key Club 25 Trail Blazer 3,45 Driver Training 35 Bus Driver 45 Toast- master at Banquet 35 Vice President of Class 45 FFA 1,25 Dairy Judging team 1,25 Vice-Pres- ident of Class 25 Class President 35 Chief Mar- shall35 Typing Club 45 La Cercle Francais 3, 45 President 45 Glee Club 1,25 Drarnatics Club 1,25 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Junior Play5 Perfect Attendance45 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Vice President 4-H Club 45 Most Intelligent 45 Best dressed 45 Senior Play 4, Se mo r s I 9 5 4 LU LU BARB COONSHINE WILLIE Iam- -4 Z I F W f - b -AK 'O '. 4 .-I ' . ,Q 1 sn' , X 'af' Q if N 5 5., ,, ai V, y 1 f CAROL NICK BET if 51 CEC Seniors 1954 MARY CAROL YN SAIN 4-H 1,2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Convention 3,45 Typing 25 Bible Club l5 Basketball 15 Student Librarian 3,45Honor Roll 1,2,3,45Junior-Senior Banquet Waitress 25 Trail Blazer Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Dramatics Club 25 French Club 3,45 Music Club 1,25 FHA 35 Convention 35 Junior Play, NEIL SAIN 4-H Club 1,25 Choir l,2,35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45Basebal1l,2,3,45Agriculture 152,45 Safety Education 35 Dramatics Club 45 Reporter Dramatics Club 45 "Best Athlete" 45 Bus Driver 45 Typing 4, BETTY JANE SCRONCE Science Club 15 Choir 1,25 4-H Club 1.,25 Wai- tress 25 Glee Club 152,35 Safety Education 35 Secretary Dramatics Club 45 Typing 4. CECIL SCRONCE 4-I-I Club 1, 2, 35 Beta Club 3,45 Key Club 45 Typing Club 45 Trail Blazer Staff 3,45 Perfect Attendance 1,Junior Play5 Safety Education 45 Class King 35 Senior Play, in 'GK' 'GV fe, ale I ,s is . 1 :x f? Wig... 5+- 1 11 K WM. "M""", Seniors DONALD SCRONCE Driving Club 45 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 3, 45 Junior Play5 Typing Club 45 FFA l,Z,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Boy Scouts 25 Key Club 25 State Convention 2,35 Beef Judging Z,3,45 Base- ball 3,45 Bus Driver 45D1-amatics Club 45 Pres- ident ofDramatics Club 45 Perfect Attendance 45 Senior Play 4, MARY SUE SCRONCE 4-H Club l, Glee Club l,2,3,45 Dramatics Z,3, 45 Typing Club 35 Le Cercle Francais 3, 45 Perfect Attendance l,35 Bible Club 15 Glee Club Operetta 25 Choir l,Z,3. CAROLYN ANN SMITH Typing 35 Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Vice President 45 Choir 1,25 Beta Club 3,45 Convention 3,45 Trail Blazer Staff 3,45Dramatics Club Z5 Bible Club l5Safety Ed. 45 Junior Marshallg Junior Play5 Library Club President 45 Toast to Waitresses 35 Honor Roll l,Z,3,45 Best Dressed Seniorg FHA 4. I954 DUCK SUZZ POODLY "Wil 5, ., -. new 1. r ' . .N . N -r,-af", ' ,.. fc' iw . 4 ' . .,, -' ,, ,. ,... . "if .4-of-""' -V as f - rr TATER BUG HALF PINT Qin the crowdl 'fr .,-. Q av V-2' .15 . 3 -1 .-At? 4-N .'..,1,.,,3.?:'y', ' 4" :ff-X f 'WW' ' ,r ,M -,r:.14e5f:',,q 3-'f.5f"'f, A A . '. '3 4 5' . f -- ' wffw z -.A ,ff r . fs 'V 3: 1 , Zyl.: Q gf, A, M, ,Y ,,.. U., x A 5,,V..., 3, 4 g MOT Seniors I954 DAVID TAYLOR Glee Club l,2,33 4-H Club 1,2,3,43 Secretary of the 4-H Club 3g Pianist of 4-H 13 Reporter of Class 33 Beta Club 3,43 Trail Blazer Staff 3,43 Typing Club 3,4Q Driving Training 33 Junior Play3LaCerc1e Francais 3,43 Dramatics Club 1,23 B nd 43 Bus Driver 43 Glee Club Operatta lg Marshall, Choir 1,2,33 FFA 1,23 Key Club 2g Senior Play3 Beta Club Convention 34,3 Choir 1,23 Perfect Attendance l,4. JOE WARLICK FFA l,2,43 Typing 43 Driving Training 33 4-H 2,33 Student Librarian 23 FFA Camp 1,2. MARTHA WARLICK Beta Club 3,41 Beta Club Convention 3,43 Trail Blazer Staff 3,43 Class Queen 33 Honor Roll 1, 2,3,43Cheerleader 1,43Drarnatics Club 23Safety Education 3g French Club 3,43 Science Club 23 Typing 4g Student Librarian l,2,43.Glee Club l,2,33 Flirtest 43 Waitress for Jr.-Sr, Banquet 23 Junior Play 33 Choir l,2,33 Future Home- maker of America 3,43 Perfect Attendance 23 Bible Club 13 Waitress at Teachers Banquet 43 Senior Play, -1 X 'N-. wa- , 3 v""'.' fs., ' 8 i :LX M, If ' x 4528- ! 3 sang 'lrfrzv' .- 1 3 fr 'QQ af 5 FRANKIE SUE WILLIAMS Bible Club lg 4-I-I Club l,2,43 Glee Club l,Z,43 Drarnatics 2,3,4Q Student Librarian 43 Bus Dri- ver 43 Typing 23 Safety Education 3. RONALD WISE FFA 1,22 Vice President Z3 FFA Camp Z3 4-H Club 1,23 Key Club Z,3,43 Convention 33 Boys State 33 Typing 43 Band 43 Driver's Training 33 Junior Playg Bookkeeping 33 Senior Play 4, MARY L. SCRONCE Special Student in Commercial Work, Seniors I954 F RAN KIE WISE , ww 1 - X ' if I z f-i 1 5 W3 TP. W ff .A,.A. X., ",. ,.,l 9l'rNM:!iv27fZ.:,,f - , 3 .E-Q 1 3 ff 3.3 W' 333i , , , Zz- il 1 Q I : r r . '7,f , 34 5 - ,f 'f W CLASS PROPHECY Commercial artwork is an interesting job, but it can become boring and l find myself looking for a change, Todaylthinkl shall paint a different sort of picture, a picture of the future, the future of my classmates. As I take my brush in hand I find that Joan Reep is the editor of the "New York Tribune," one of New York's largest papers. Frank Ritchie has proved to be a very successful business man, Bar- bara has the full timejob of being housewife. Frances Lantz is a teacher at Woman's College of the University of North Carolina,Sue Hoyle is there at WCUNC too, She is the gir1's bas- ketball Coach there, I always knew she liked basketball, I find Sarah Heavner' s name in lights on one of the biggest Metro- polition Opera houses in New York, She sure has a lovely voice, Sue Jane Harmon put her flying fingers to work. She is now teaching typing at King's Business College. Helen Clark and Shirley Auton put their talents together. They are now taxi drivers, The next -time you want to run up town clal Clark 81 Auton for taxi service. Aileen Guiton and Martha Warlick are writing poetry. They use to write such beautiful poems in class. Bobbie Hoyle has put her looks to work. It seems she is a model, and who is the photographer? Why it's Donald Scronce. Bi1lSain,David Taylor, and Jerald Hallman are owners of the nicest men' s clothing stores in Charlotte. Nick Sain has taken over his father's business. Betty Jane is close at hand being his secretary. Frankie Sue Williams chose her career before she graduated, being a housewife. Joe Warlick is a popular Comedian seen now on T-V, Carolyn Smith and MarySueScronce are Missionary leaders in India, Louise Reep is doing, secret work for the F,B,I, Ida Ledford is one of the top bookkeepers in the bank, Jack Hoover and Dean Carpenter stayed at home, It seems they own a big garage in Reepsville, Cecil Scronce is the director of Columbia movies. Mickie Mitchum has been writing some of the biggest plays on Broad- way. Joyce Gilbert and Mary Carolyn Sain have gone abroad to do their work as the 'top U.S. spy. Walter Clark is truck driver for Carolina Freight, Ronald Wise is the pilot of an airplane. I-Iarrilene Allen is a cute stewardess on this airliner, Carl Leatherman has become famous as an Agriculture Teacher. R.C. Canipe has made himself famous in politics, he is an ambassa- dor to Europe, The hand that holds my brush begins to tire as I am finished. I find that the future of my classmates has made a satisfying picture. Class Prophetes s, .Ioye Hilton LAST WILL A TESTA E T Being certain that we are sound in mind and that we are to graduate, we, the Senior Class of 1954, do hereby make our last will and testament: ARTICLE I -- Having so many unused talents, we bestow these upon the underclassmen who can certainly use them in the near future: I, I-Iarrilene Allen, hereby will my ability to play the piano to Starlene Logan, hoping she enjoys it as much as I have, I, Shirley Auron, will my seat in English class to Peggy Taylor with the hopes that she gets along with Mrs. Rhyne as well as Ihave, I, R. C. Canipe, will my ability as a bus driver to Bobby Scronce, hoping he does as well, and better than I did. I, Helen Clark, do hereby will my title, "Most Talkative," to Beckie Armstrong and Minnie Cook with the hopes that they will get over their bashfulness. l, Walter Clark, will my bus to anyone who can drive it as long as I have, hoping they can do better than I have. I, Joyce Gilbert, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Linda, my front seat in Sociology class, hoping she doesn't get a debate as often as I did. I, Aileen Guiton, do hereby will my good times at Union High School to my sister, Peggy. I, Sue Jane Harmon, will my ability to take curves in driving to Joann Holloway, hoping that Mr, I-Ieavner can still hold on, I, Joye I-Iilton, do hereby will and bequeath to Doris Duckworth my basketball suit with the hopes that she enjoys winning a game as much as I did. I, Jack I-Ioover, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Ted Hartsoe. I, Bobbie Hoyle, will to Louise Johnson my position on the annual staff with the hopes that she does better than I did. l, Margaret Sue Hoyle, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister Faye, all the good times I've had at Union, along with my ball suit, hoping she enjoys wearing it as well as I have, I, Frances Lantz, will my unfailing ability to get into trouble, all through high school, to Jean Warlick and Johnny Lantz, hoping they will be able to cope with it better than I. I, Mary Carolyn Sain, will my ability to walk around Mrs. Allen's study hall without being called down over five times to .Ann Hoover, Betty Lutz, and Vivian Sain. I, Cecil Scronce, will my seat in English to anyone who wants it and thinks they can get more out of English than I did. I, Mary Sue Scronce, do hereby will to my kid sister, Hazel, all my books with the hope that she learns more out of them than I have. I, Carolyn Smith, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in English class to Barbara Harkey, hoping she will get along with Mrs. Rhyne as well as I have, I, Joe Warlick, hereby will my nickname, "Half Pint," to Buddy McWilliams, hoping he gets more success out of it than I did. I, Martha Warlick, do hereby will and bequeath my flirty ways to my cousin, Barbara Jean Sain, hoping she catches a handsome boyfriend. I, Carl Leatherman, do hereby will my typewriter to anyone who can use it better than I have. l, Ida Ledford, do hereby will a.nd bequeath to Shirley Morgan and Rosie Tessner everything I have and don't need, that they want and don't have and are not good enough to keep and are too ,good to throw away, I, Mickie Mitchum, do hereby will my bus to BillScronce,who has wanted it all year, in hopes that he gets along better than I did. l, Frankie Sue Williams, will my dearly beloved book, Sociology, to anyone who wants it, in hopes that Mr. Yoder gives them better grades than he gave me. I, Barbara Ritchie, will my seat in the front of the bus to Peggy Kiser, hoping she can do as well with Kenneth as I did with Frank. I, Louise Reep, hereby will my typewriter in school to Margaret, hoping she will enjoy it as much as Ihave. I, Joan Reep, do hereby will my superlative, Most Likely to Succeed, to Johnnie Ann Seagle, with the hope that she does. I, Ronald Wise, will my ability to cut up during English to Ted Sain, hoping he has as much fun as I did. I, Donald Scronce, hereby will my good times in high school to Ted Sain, hoping he has as much fun as I did. I, Dean Carpenter, herebywill my ability totalk to the girls in study hall to Buster Hartsoe, I, Bill Sain, will my bashful ways to Fay Heavner, I, Frank Ritchie, do hereby will my basketball suit and bus to my brother Kenneth, hoping he can keep it on three wheels without turning it over. I, Sarah I-leavner, do hereby will to Carolyn Houser my ability to stay out of the office for one quarter with the hope that she succeeds, as I never did, I, David Taylor, willmy good behavior and fine record to Bob, hoping that he will come close to the fine and creditable record that I have maintained, I, Betty Jane Scronce, do herebywill my good times at Union to my nephew, Hal Scronce, Jr. I, Neil Sain, do hereby will my basketball suit to my kid brother, Barry, hoping he does more with it than l did. I, Jerald Hallman, hereby will .ny good behavior to Fay Heavner, ARTICLE II -- Tothe Freshmen weleave our ability to make passing grades and to get along with all the teachers. ARTICLE III -- To the Sophmores we leave our ability to get dates for the Junior-Senior, hoping they are a little more successful than we were. V ARTICLE IV -- To the Juniors we leave our ability to get ads and to get the Acorn" out on time. Good Luck! n ARTICLE V -- To our parents and the school we leave our sincere appreciation for the un- tiring efforts expended during our school years. We, The Senior Class of '54, do hereby set our seal on this our last will and testament. Signed: Frances Lantz, Testator CLASS HISTORY As,we,the Senior Class of 1954, finish twelve long years of schoolwork, we look forward to the future with misgivings but ready to meet its challenges as we go from day to day, thinking often of our high school days at UNION. lnour Freshman year, we, forty-five in number, were uncertain and confused at first but gradually settled into the routine, Our class officers that year were: Pres- ident - Jimmy Ledfordg Vice-president - Frank Ritchieg Secretary - Carl Leathermang Treasurer - Joe Warlickg Reporter - Joan Reep. During our Sophomore year with forty enrolled, officers were: President - Frank Ritchieg Vice-president - BillSaing Secretary - Joan Reepg Reporter - David Taylor. Many things happened to us during our Sophomore year that we will always re- member Eight girls were chosen to serve at the Junior-Senior Banquet, Several of the boys and girls were on the basketball teams. That year also, Joye Hilton en- tered a speaking contest and won a trip to New York, accompanied by Mrs. Rhyne. There were thirty-eight enrolled in our Junior class. Officers were: President - Bill Saing Vice-president - Frank Ritchieg Secretary-Treasurer - Joan Reepg Re- porter - Sarah Heavner. The highlight ofthat year was the Junior-Senior Banquet We gave on April Seven- teenth in the school cafeteria, We had as the theme "Southern Plantations." Our Junior Play was "Hillbilly Weddin'," which we think was a big success. Fourteen members of our class were initiated into the National Beta Club, and held positions on the "Trail Blazer." More boys and girls were on the basketball teams. The"Big Year"finally arrived with thirty-six enrolled. Our first important event of that year was the receiving of our class rings. We,then with much proud boasting, settled into the job of being Seniors by elect- ing the "Acorn" staff and other important tasks set before the Seniors, Officers for the Senior Class Were: President - Frank Ritchieg Vice-president - Bill Saing Secretary-Treasurer - Barbara Ritchieg Reporter - Aileen Guiton. Our mascots selected from the first grade were Harriett Propst and Tony Sain, Another member of our class was initiated into the National Beta Club, making a total of fifteen from our class. Also,we hadamarried couple in the Senior Class - Mr. and Mrs, Frank Ritchie, Frankie Sue Morgan was also married during the year to Mr. Ralph Williams. Besides all our many other tasks we were able to present our Senior play, "Two Dates for Tonight." We're proud of our record at UNION High School, May each of us as we go our different ways set another record, equally as good. Historian Joan Reep CLASS POE As we've journeyed on life's highway Through these twelve years we have come. And each fleeting passing moment Has been filled with joyful fun. All our teachers have been swell As they've taught us through the years, Always trying to solve our problems As each new one did appear, As we have studied and learned our lessons Preparing to go on through life. We have all known pride and pleasure But sometimes they brought forth strife, Our parents have been wonderful In helping us thus far. And I'm sure we'll always feel the same No matter where we are, We are glad that we have finished But it also makes us sad. For when we start to leave We think of the pleasures we have had. We will always remember and cherish Our days at Union High, And hope to visit it often As the years go passing by. Class Poetess, Aileen Guiton ,V l H i352 l A K ' H wF '6?i3ei E 5 e Su St At . N e. HO hlet Most Xrxtelxgent ell S Yle es a. BHK Sain In , .Pe me 4-Wi Q7 A ir. W . h' 'rf e gf' fe aww ,f 'X g . . 'REQ' 7 ' A " , A Lwxb ,V N m5iWi192'5ffEr1v11 e if w. ,a 2 wg-W 'iwiyif'-Fw? f Y 'H' W ali. " ff fm , , I ' ,A 5:-,Z , V W 3' , rr Q 'Y 1 W f ww Ea f 5 ' I fJ-flff 1, I "M -ai - ' ,I ' xi' 'll' WM TV , l w gpqs-' V Wg' ,I V ,erflfx . mWY,wffffwQ,, A - ' xlwfb M051 Swdloue' N f ' oo xff - H pmen V 04' . Harrdee 1 ey 0 Q09 -e, .xcly Nov' QQ' O Y' Q? ,bo Qi Mo st T alka-t1Ve H elen ark Best AU-around Dean Carpenter Sarah Heavner R., 'W 27'- 'XX ,WEA -v Z? Fri endli e J est- ane Harmon O Dressed t BCS A - h swan C ak OXNQU Sa J Q9 . fyoyoe ,pofte Llkellf to Succeed QQ4. Q16 Joan Ree 381206 eq P Je Flirrist-Mar ha Warlick t Most Popuj LOL11' 81' se R eep X m' ff Jvwfff Liv! L 'L rl w I I, , 1-f , ill, , ,, . Z l' 1 'nv vl 4544i Q5 .Weir i y 5 1 'lx - in we 1 iii 3, Arif-wir if ig' " . , .V I Aw 4 :"' ' ' ky.. . ji f-' L .1- - all . Q fl, Q .' A-Q F A1 41 ,Al , 'Q ' K' ,W n' i ,, Y ,gr 4 V fum. . .V 'law W " 551' fiQ'if Irr ff f - ' ' ' MVS!-,QQ ,V 0 ,, Q ', ng' ' Wm' .fgqxzfa -' Z' ..,. 1 V 1. R. C. Canipe 2. Ronald Wise 3, Shirley Auton 4, Barbara Ritchie 5. Mary Carolyn Sain 6, David Taylor 7, Bobbie Hoyle 8.Mary Sue Scronce 9, Sue Jane Harmon 10. Frankie Sue Williams 11.Jack Hoover 12, Carolyn Smith 13, Jerald Hallman 14. Joyce Gilbert 15. Neil Sain 16. Mickie Mitchum 17. Sue Hoyle 18. Bill Sain 19, Helen Clark 20, Walter Clark ,. N1-va ""f?l. Q ffllfqfgi? '1:i..g," 7? Wilt? l ? fl ii!! f. .- - , t'- if 11? yawl, Y V X ,A 2 .slirwzf ,aw f f Q , 'H' wr 2 . ,aw fi 3 ms ,, ' ,126-if ,vi H , we VW" we ' ' - 6 l 2 ,. gi. ,,g M it ,,,,,,,e , 5 - Q ," i fwafi fi, - ,' fx .' -1 .71-V.-W ,BQ ww- ,W ' -4 V X f V 7 7. - K .K-wQ,,A ,if 'i c Vi' A' ,f- ' W i-'L -. -"7F'z' 1 '- K ,' it 2 i Q. meg if X- 2 'f ff-, 'sw ff:-M 'f,f',+. y 15 A' x 7 yu v f nav, i i fy". ,if .va ', 15:4-X '.?f,,rk5 f W..." Y if-aff . . . 5, , iiifqffr 451221: S' ' f 44 ' 21, Joye Hilton 22, Dean Carpenter 23. Frances Lantz 24. Cecil Scronce 25. Joe Warlick 26. Frank Ritchie 27. Ida Ledford 28, Carl Leatherman 29, I-Iarrilene Allen 31, Ailene Cuiton 32. Sarah Frances Heavner 33. Donald Scronce 34, Louise Reep 35. Joan Reep 36, Martha Warlick 37. Betty Jane Sc ronce ,f . r' r CHOQL lJxs1nw5"" A Y 51 V --'W :gf 1512.1 ' V Y .. ' IH? -Qi -4 ' ri g 5 'Qu 1 W QS: v . TR A , wx . , 0, e mga A www 2 3 .1 S if K' -f -1 er AY Wg p ws., p . . , , - V ,fu - was 'mwfrgfffl mqaig ,M V Chapel Program Marshals of .54 ' ui fe A 13' W5 3 '.-wil?" P gg , ' Fu o . 1 ma? R ..,,f'V ' , L' ? Our Trip to Boone r r r I Joye Wins trip to New York' i ,gg S1 x52 t Junior -Senior Banquet oi aitreS9e9 3 Boys Tournament W CTIVITIE Marshals Of '53 ' "' Q2 5514 V ,I M W 1- fv. Q, cfm f 7 .g x. q.,,',fgiv, ', S Q ,xY'2S3!5fTN Ziff 1 f- ff -f3.'yfi'?' Cav'-'Q!FfV,g 549 - , -1 My 120.5 -,YM ' V f 4 ,gxfypw pw. , X. ,f ' fx V . 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'f'fW,fff'f1 L f ' , Q Q , I fy fy I it -'-" if "Wy N D H ag '33 . by 1 " s , .n y kk. if V vWi'! W? Q ., K ggftg-'QJC59Qdb 1 WM F5 W Bw W M25 0 V E1 Qf Z a , M M .JK . K Doris Duckworth J. B. Gilbert Ted I-Iarkey Ann Heafner Billie Heafner Fay Heavner Jimmy Heavner Sadie Helms UNIOR President Bob Scronce Vice President Ralph Gilbert Sec, 8: Treas. Shirley Sain Reporter Doris Brown Dorothy Abernathy Howard Auton Guy Beam Lester Canipe AvNeail Carpenter Emma Laura Carpenter Shelby Carswell Max Connor UNIOR Hazeline Houser Shirley Houser Louise Johnson Peggy Jonas Margaret Ledford Clara Peeler Gene Reep Barbara Jean Sain David Sain Ted Sain Bill Scronce Clifton Sc ronce ' ' 33, , vu... QS? -.A im, Hs 5glmnwf if 2.,wf,'fXf , V. K Q , Q -,.:-pas: f.fz24:Q:.f:z4 fb-MQ 'LJ - ,, f . I fZfc'2',JQ4,,J- N"-5,L?'W:-E ' tw ffff jwi, 71, 'VW f 44, W , . M W7 Q f K l"'hx is is., T rr .sayin Q 'J Q, ' 1 Xgyi 'kb W way, 'Ns ivy Q sg, . y if fi! W , , 'ffaf wi? ' JI-2'2'S'?" A--' ww' ' L nf, -if ' ff i Q, M U fu Am ,N -4. vs. 5-...Qt 'mm fyff-,X 2. WW D u f N7 V 3 v 'xx semi Lottie Scronce Jonnie Ann Seagle Shirley Faye Smith Dean Stroup Rosie Tessner Jean Warlick Eleanor Whitener QV ""ET'V' J W, , . . 'wma' 6 Q' 1 J? f' 1 Y MW , ,, W rf 1. , Q- 1 A 1 , f K, fr fr 1' N 'WW in 448. K 2' f 1 hs' ,vc -XIX N-..,,, G.. 'Yr 1 KAL QA 63 l qua! I , 51 '1 lil' w WY an K-4 ' 3' , f 4 ? -' if , 'Af' X ' -i 4 John Gilbert Peggy Guiton Gerald Green Buster I-Iartsoe Dean Heavner Ruby Heavner Bobby Hoyle Hazel L, Ingle SOPHO URES President - Billie Jean Elmore Vice President - Alma Jordan Secretary - Shirley Morgan Reporter - Marten Sara Bass June Blackburn Johnny Bolinger Geneva Carpenter Christine Gilbert ny Ingle Wh...- ,mg '15-0 -w--.. ao-1, 5 x bt! 3227 OPHO ORES Betty Johnson Betty Massagee ,Q if'?5"'i f3"fs2? 3f',. f . fig ,:, . , -- o, Sf ' A , . at 344 5, My 1- v-.7 M W Yvonne Peeler 4 A 4 1: r aff , A 'vm E' Margaret Beep N A bv , Camera Kenneth R1tch1e vgyi. Jo ce Rudisill X Y t , , Shv A 5 1 , gm f' W . ew r fne- f M-f, .A FornCY Sa1n 'N . ' In 'V-sl we Gene Sain Har old Sain im," J Helen Scronce in Ray Slaughter 'lm' ' Peggy Taylor '125' M '- Ralph waruck "M , Gene Waters Q, Eugene Wood Peggy Yount Q- 5, Nxw -wa... . N-.ff my-, in ,.., '-V, 'lv 'ZW' g A A W ,.,-1 f -1" ' 3' if f R 1 CM L gl 1 L.. . J we ff sur- 1-f . , ,- i . ' K, . zu if Q- 'ity ' . 1 X Q 254 Y V. Q ,, ,, -- is , ,,,, ,, ,A4JZ,z?,,, ,, 'fin-:im W ' fd V 1 W, ,H Ps' , N on . .. Y " ,, , .fn ' f Y 4 4 an, :li , 4 Y A :Q 1: 1 1 , , ' xv P, A - s V 12 5' 4 lv ,, A - 5 iv - 2 . 5' 'tj' Li 5 -L f ' 4 Kenneth Gilmore 'J '4 Wayne Grigg " ig Ruby Heafne 1' Dorothy Helms I, x X Ann Hoover Marylin Hoover Carolyn Houser Johnny I-Iouser Doris Hoyle Shirlene Johnson James Lutz -W we FRESHMEN President - Johnny Lantz Vice President - Margaret Gilbert Secretary - Barbara Harkey Reporter - Joann Holloway Robert Anthony Rebecca Armstrong Virginia Blackburn Frankie Sue Beam Wilma Canipe T. M. Carpenter Gary Carter Charles Childers Minnie Cook Nancy Coon Bobbie D. Elmore Bobbie L. Elmore 'U 0 vm... YW? 6 9 'S gl J IV FRESHM N President - Cecilia Wise Vice President - Dotty Sisk Secretary - Elizabeth Smith Reporter - Ruby Waters Glenn Brooks Vetta Brooks Claude Ray Cody Shelby Jean Dorsey Sue Ledford Starlene Logan Allene Lynch Betty Lutz Buddy McWilliams Roger Richard Linda Royster s , fav f' , 4 " TQ? fi P 5 9 eg in 'it . "Wh-4.. ot. f .Rn 'vu Hx., "1 gn ,, vw H l. 5 ,iz . We ' ' TT -qu... I fu , 5" 1 -GPs z... Q ,vi Ny- K + M, it-f D A t 'f-- u a - ight 'awww . , 1 M 'Ms -Q. NN W MNQH M . f ' fi ' x K f -wg ,V Vu, u 4-0 Nor PICTURI-:D ,J .. f A Nor PICTURED tt.l ? Dean Sain ' 'K Q' 1 W ' f - '95 f .' -'nga X f V I 3 If 1 6 .gv ff A ' "N 'N ' si M W 'R 'ff' An 5' A M... A J 4, J iw .Q if . "":r ' X- X mf w tx as Xl i 4 i is . X' L. I 5 Q X 5' WWQQW X gs, wr X, mf f l X '- - f ' J ,- ' -Q f- ff'-f sg .if ' 1 Q, .. ""i 11' j W- nz -...H V JJ Z' 7 J ,W . 11 A5 WX .V , gi 3? we-H fi 4 Q l it 'W S., if PEW' i -f - ' . 4, A-fm-. h 1,s::-:i'5'3:'l 1' ' f 'Url' y 2 , any M ,, i Y' A. if X 4 fcyfq My . 74104 Rik Vivian Sain Bobby Scronce Hazel Scronce Rachel Sc ronce T.C. Scronce David Smith Mary Sue Thomas J.T. Tessner Dean Ward Dorothy Jean West Carolyn Wise Leon Wood Carleen Wright ,- K Y i ff' ' Q Q xr 1x N, . r Y X 5 W F14 ' N K 503' 6' gn 1 'I 5 ,.a A J- if S , , , , ?-Q Q5 1 ' 1 4 Q Q A A" ' 4 ' Q g .W W xv HZ' x Q ' F W a an A diff' ' . v 5 fi 1 . YA 'VW' f. v A W f My P' W ELEMENTARY 2 if N X W I gf E 5 wwf M23 Z IHGHTH GR DE 2 2 1 2 2 4 T N 41 2 kflfx LO X i ZS , ' - ' ' -VIS-F: ' I ' ,,,4,, -' ' f V :M ,ff , - 0 , - . L f - " 31, ' sun.,-ef' 40" ,,.,. ff' lst row - Wayne Gilbert, Max Eurey, Bobby Taylor, Buddy Bass, Larry Scronce, Jack Sain, James Deyton, Fred Smith, Edward Heavner, Yates Reep, Jerry Scronce, Johnny Heafner, Lander Heavner. Znd row - Allen Lynch,M.D.Morgan,Jack Huss,'l'ommy Snyder, Sammie Sain, Charles Spivey,I-Iarold Canipe, Jinny Angel, Sylvester Byrd, Bobby Johnson, Clyde Jenkins, Billy Eurey, Karol Haynes. 3rd row - Mr, Yoder, Ann Leigh, Gloria Dean Cody, Clara Beam, Ann Wright, Frances Canipe, Beunie Scronce, Barbara Carpenter, Peggy Johnson, Carolyn Scronce, Vertie Sue King, Peggy Kiser, Geraldine Scronce, Juanita Byrd, Martha Leatherman, 4th row - Evelyn Martin,Aleta Bell Canipe, Betty Abernethy, Judy Helms, Faye Scronce, Mary Sue Seagle, Betty Jean Richard, Earlene Sain,Ruth Willis, Faye Hoyle, Nancy Gilbert, Louise Haynes, Mrs. Seagle. lst row - Harvey Thomas, Billy Rudisill, Larry Sain, Ted Hartsoe, Robert Whitener, Znd row - Max Green,Kenneth Scronce, Janice Logan, Joan Jones, Janice Mosteller, Mills Green. 3rd row - Mr. Kiser, Harold Scronce, Carl Wilson, Ralph Warlick, Max Beam, Nellie Elmore, Roger Warlick. 4th row - Linda Duckworth, Alice Mosteller, Margaret Deyton, Linda McSwain, Paul Carpenter, 5th row - Margaret Leatherman,JearleanBolden,Nell Propst, Mary Rudisill, Bryan Reep, Ralph West, 6th row - Shirley Conner, Gene Houser, Kenneth Houser, Nelson Jordan, Ruth Hoover, Sue Scronee, and Troy Scronce. SEVE TH GRADE A XY. '5 ,YE N 'V no QXW YW, in bt, Q J .V T il xi J v.-.H IJ ' X L 418 'L ':'!1l.4 I 1 .f"1f fl 1,1 SIXTH GRADE M lst row - Carol King, Bobby Abernethy, Jimmy Warlick, Wayne Rudisill, Max Johnson, Faye Warlick, Znd row - Sadie Smith, Larry Johnson, George Bass, Ezel Scronce, James Wise, Richard Slaughter. 3rd row - Jeanette Bolton, Maxine Johnson, Barbara Reynolds, Billy Crowder, Ray- mond Slaughter, Jerry I-Iouser, 4th row - Ann Blackburn, Joyce Dellinger, Christine Crowder, Brenda Sain, Brenda Carswell, Barry Sain. 5th row - Mrs. Powell, Carolyn Leigh, Steve Car- penter,J,R,Haynes,Jimmy Elmore, Eugene Sain, Carol Heavner, oth row - Jean Wyant, Richard Biggerstaff, Franklin Scronce, Billy Sisk, Robert Lutz, Larry Leonard. lst row - Ned Johnson, Keith Sain, William Bivins, Danny Bolton, Judy Jonas, Barbara Chapman, Betty Ingle, Znd row - Ralph Norman, Mary Lee Dorsey, Billie Reep, Rosa Lee Dorsey, Willie Faye Helms, Carolyn Crowder. 3rd row - Carol Scronce, Peggy Scronce, Madgalene Helms, Jane Propst, Linda Gilbert, Carolyn Green, Carolyn Scronce, 4th row - Mrs. Yoder, Jimmy Scronce, Rosa Nell Armstrong, Frances Gilbert, Jane Killian, Elizabeth Hoover, B.E. Gilbert, Clarence Stroupe, Absent - Dollie Jenkins. FIFTH SIXTH GRADE ..0' FJFTTI GRADE ,- ,"", Q 'WNW'-J W- -71 lst row - Ray Elmore, Robert Allen, Dorothy Beam, Sally Haynes, Mary Warlick, Jimmy Wilson, Zakie Warlick, Znd row - David Warlick, Dan Carpenter, Floyd Peeler, Judy Gilbert, Shirley Johnson, Terry Whitener, Tony Gilbert, 3rd row - Jerry Thomas, Jerry Mosteller, Joan Stroup, Cyrus Anthony, Brenda Holbrooks,JudySeagle, 4th row - Ralph Johnson, Larry Gilbert, Frances West, Brenda Leatherman, Thames Lutz, Charles Wood, 5th row - Mrs, Killian, Ethel Carpenter, Larry Yoder,l-Iollis Miller-,Ray Helms, Tommy Rhyne,Mikey Kiser, Not Present - Judy Scronce, Randy Scronce, Ted Hoglen, Jeannette Helms. lst row - Billy Kiser, Brenda Helms, Dorothy Helms, Larry Heavner, Donald Bolton, Larry Hoyle, Beth Warlick. Znd row - Eugene Mosteller, Dean Rudisill, Reba Elmore, Sandra I-Iartsoe, Judy Smith, Reba Mahala. 3rd row - Elizabeth Lutz, Brenda McSwain, Maxine Propst, Jeanne Leigh,Joyce Childers, Brenda Carpenter, James Wilson, 4th row - George Blackburn, Kenneth Heavner,Otha Lynch, Dewey Smith,Junior West, Ted Cody. 5th row - Rita Wise, Margaret Yount, Paula Yount, DarelScronce, Donald Newton, David Lavander, Max Abernethy, 5th row - Tommy Hoover, John Engle, Ray Gilbert, Johnny Rhyne, Clara Gilbert, 7th row - Jerry Wyant, David Mosteller, Gene Scronce, Janice Whitener. FO RTH GR DE af D. 'fx 5 K-Dlx , THIRD GRADE w J! F 1 lst row - June Dorsey, Hal Scronce Jr, Mary Helms, Jane Bivens, James Helms, Dean Sain, Joyce Warlick, Dean Scronce, Znd row - Larry Reep, Roy Yount, Junior Dorsey, Dean Guest, Alice Chapman, Kay Dellinger, Linda Engle. 3rd row - Libby Goins, Carolyn Whitner, Berna Sain, BarbaraHoover,Sandra Wood, Lea'lta Fulbright, Dorothy Long. 4th row - Charles Anthony, Ronald Bolton, Rodney Schronce, D, A. Stroup, Janice Wilson, Annette Sain. 5th row - Larry Canipe, Coley Gilbert, Jerry Elmore. 6th row - Wayne Yoder, Farrel Carpenter, Roney Sain, Keith Scronce, Tommy York, Mrs. Mullen, lst row - Mrs. Bangle, Kay Kiser, Judith Ellis, Jacqueline I-Iouser, Harvey Leonard, Ernestine Sain, Jewel Gilbert, Peggy Ledford. Znd row - Joyce Lavander, Jimmy Haynes, Bobby Brooks, VivianMosteller,BobbyCoon,Steve Jordan. 3rd row - Charles Cody, Douglas Carpenter, Terry Carpenter, Kenneth Deyton, Carrolene Anthony, Robert Mahala, 4th row - Helen Heavner, Jack Knight, Larry Newton, Farrel Lutz, Jim Killian, Jerry Hill, Phillis Hoover, ECO D THIRD GRADE fm K 1?- is FIRST AN ECO D GR DE f-Q' .Q is 3 -.-- Rss, If , X 'fl JM lst row - Carl Ingle, Keith Wise, Billy Bolton, Faye Long, Danny Warlick, Dean Wilson, Gene Warlick, Znd row - James Lutz, Joe Armstrong, Ted Yount, Ted Carpenter, Wanda Sain, Larry Sain, Janice Sain. 3rd row - Jacob Jones, Dean Helms, Jimmy Reynolds, Dianne Propst, Jessie Seagle, 4th row - Mrs. Scronce, Glenn West, Jeanette Smith, Pzricella Smith, Mary Sue lngle, Kenneth Ward,Korothy Norman, 5th row - Dennis Sain, Pete Whitener, Dean Scronce, Jerry Lee Smith, Jimmy Rhyne, Farrel Sain, . ,,, Y lst row - Clinton Carswell,BeckyScronce,Joe Scronce, Martha Deyton, D, M, Haynes, Bessie Helms, Harriet Propst, Tony Sain. Znd row - Kathy Abernethy, Sue Jonas, Jerry Biggerstaff, Phyllis Carpenter, Nancy Hoover, Ray Scronce, Marie Carpenter, Kate Knight, 3rd :ow - Miss Mosteller, Ruby Yount, Michael Crowder, Linda Finger, Renee Abernethy, Ted' Propst, Helen Heavner. 4th row - Martha Allen, Bobby lcard, Cecil Norman, Shirley Ingle, Marillyn Miller, Larry Carpenter, Sth row - Wayne Reep, Larry Taylor, Harold Helms, Shelia Myers, Douglas Leatherman, Geneva Smith, Robert Hallman. 5 "L FIR T GR DE ,, r"'N"x, . 'K 1 '- s- x . ,ii A NEC-gifs 'L xx' y X Y X is C ,fl Ji! tix g,,.1 Xfqf W J r 'ff 5 xl , 5 kk! 4 l X if ii W., 4 114 lg-x ? I- L'-1 W, , 0 W. 'sf xx, f, xx my , 4 . , R, . ' 'Sl nf, JH!! W W f Ill I ll Q, alll I4 35451 'fb .H L .,.., 7. 4' . .X- MQ Qw- is Q M5 F - r- -r -el .v ' . V -- , ,-' fr ,1:..4s.gf:. -.1i'?-:e.a.3l,iyx f f- Q56 I'- l'l"I President Bill Sain Vice President Joan Reep Secretary 81 Treasurer Sue Jane Harmon Reporter Sarah Heavner Sponsor Mr s, Bowman Z e, W 57 'X r, CHARACTER I- I-Ll S QQ? ,QV " u 1. 'aa Es? Y' J 1-- v-T?"H 4wFu ...,.,.... -r,-1+ bl if r .yr ?'4'v-- hi- wn.-fhh-', , - v X k-xg Q Q i v 1. 5 E? ff! 1 . 4 A 0 f .W hw!-Z .6- 'X W K 9 1 , , 4 2 ui 1 w ' s it 4 a . 'YKIT 4!1l.lHlf3.f.1KI ' , Gil . 1 rv-an I vw I' J-4 . 2:31 'N V g. D ,M ' 1: ii 1 l .. ffl .if-A ' ' 5 J x .,, " We ff 2491 1 f ,QQ Q ,, W. 1 ...Rf 17 Wi's2! ff ,fj. I 'k .vm ,gg- .4 Tis' .172 v, 1- wpqh,-v 2 I 5, , E w if if 4' . VV! J ,,,,f-K - -,pp M ,Na .,. 1. x GLEE CL B 4 4 wg q Q f as . I I 'E , as V ' " -ii ' ' Q . .K A. 4- Ann. wb x., g A , "' .Q vm 44-n. ...Q 16 C713 a USC CL ,4-,. .xv 'MJ 'Ui , : K ' W 1 H. pf, f fi 'X A - ,' ' W . ,M A my f' "KX" if , 1 4 , :..,. M, 0 , -. . Q Y. ' I ,X , - C. CREW' ' MJF! fax" 0 -iv Q 5 Q LL.. -,,,,44,J.L,.2'.4 . -4. ,....,.....,, 4-. x a.. u 7 n 4. mamma. ,, ff V f R, fa .4 EEUU' 4-., L" Il2Y,' A Q .. 294 Q 4 " Q "' ' Hs, 41 2- L' Un ' f 'X f mf ll Hn. - ' ' ' 'i -353 3 , -I . . ng 'H 1v'i52""I'vT1 Ti'Z1fj:.,?5'9': ,1:53::f'9' f '. ,- 4 Q,-.----'W t iff J E. 1.,,1yf - -' ' ' Nw x.. in-nr.: Y'vwfmww,.,,,,V -- . V M--'Nw-...,, ff f E ww-WM ,MW-.w,,,,,w ' - M -.-.,,, W . W . 'ifllkgl-S 1 egpcv L Q 2 1 fL1BRARY CL B gm? -Q A 1 We .4 wav TYETSTE .MAI- l . - . . . - . Q29 4H CLB -f g W .nl 1 ' w ' A. .,,yx - ' - , Q' . K FJ K ' K pln, x, l Lx at ', f 3' A Y , 113, Wd' Ulm q . .71 , 1- .fn ' ' .1 .4, x V V ,, .1 K, , fr , , - ' gf: if ' 33,573.1-' NA yr .Sf ,, ar an I ,- . 1' Qi 5 , - 1 1 .-4'-. ' 'if , Q- 1 . A ' ' . ' . , ' ng T- at f- nf-f:,x .' ,wh , , I . Q, . X , V" "' ... ' ,- P -5, --Q, Ni,fR':,M PAQQWT vi "1 ww iQ,vg-vlll X 3.51, 4, 'N C FETERIA STAFF Q . l Mrs. Hugh Huss Mrs. B. 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Heavner Mrs. Josephine Childers Mrs. Lula Jetton Principal Mrs. Ruby Finger Miss Edna Wise SEVE TH GRADE Mrs. Edna Leonhardt fNot Picturedj . . . . -- 1, V . - , .MA-,: N v. , -Q nf .. -1-U 37-gn , Us , T "" ',,,.-'Q A s . , . Q-1,- -' . W r n' F-1+ ""fi"'?S3f' "' awa y Q, 3, . R. 1- . ,.. .,. Q, ..,....1Mh A 4 ..,f VV A t :f..Y,.L,,v ,,. V, . A-g YI?-5 , 1 fr lst row - Kay Smith, Joyce Ledford, Judy Gantt, Joann Lowe, Bobby Rudisill, Jane Heavner, Clarice Smith, Julia Heavner, Mr. M, S, Heavner. Znd row - Dianne Tutherow, Paul Childers, Jerry Fay Peeler, Raymond Beaver,Bil1 Elmore, N.C. Huss, Naomi Byrd. 3rd Edwin Huss, Jerry Gilbert, Glenn Morgan, Joann Fisher, Peggy Gales. row - Billy Reep, Y. A- Fgt., I . FIFTH GR DE lst row - Earlene Avery, Brenda Champion, Danny Kanipe, Buddy Srnith,Lewis Wright,Clement Hahn, Gene Houser, Brenda Houser, Phillip Hoover, Znd row - Jimmie Leatherman, Faye Mitchell, Calvin Peeler, Johnny Moore, Frank Seagle, Larry Wise, Howard Fisher, Rosa Mae Helms. 3rd row - Mrs. Lula Jetton, Tommie Ingle, Charles McCalister, Glenn Willis, Holly Dean Lowe, Mrs. Josephine Childers, ill ff' ' lr ' . 5x?iK577'H!""f'9""f'f'-i'a'f?:'t?' 'zsfa:7"7ir'J'ftl' H fr if P SIXTH GRADE lst row - Danny Houser, Clyde lngle, Jerry Huss, Barbara Withers, Kay David, Timmie Reynolds, Jean Beaver, Jodena Gantt, Linda Hallman, Znd row - Mrs. Childers, Kenneth Johnson, Mitchell Reep, Jerry Canipe, Peggy lngle, Clafton Tessner, Brenda Gilbert, Linda Sue Heafner. 3rd row - Betty Reep, Ralph Grigg, Nancy Morgan, Mary Haynes, RoyShultz, Ruthlngle, Mary Lee Taylor. EDURTH GR DE lst row - Larry Eaker, Carrol Dean Anton, Joe Billy Heavner, Peggy Ann Hoover, Barbara Jo Moore, Ilese Houser, Tommy Heavner, Evelyn F'isher,Rachel Hahn. 2nd row - Bernice Houser, Kinneth Bivens, Jessie Bolding, Linda Peeler, Gene Reynolds,Bobby Royster,Danny Ingle,Darrel I-louser. 3rd row - Larry Morgan, Robert Reep, Ruth Willis,NancyPeele1-,Faye Reep, Mrs. Edna Leonhardt and Mrs. Lula Jetton, THIRD GRADE lst row - Martha Lee Yarbrough, Linda Huss, Thomas Beaver,Emma Jean Bolding, Linda Smith, Margie Byrd,Patsey Moore, Donald Huss, Richard Eaker,SandraHoover,Lee Champion, 2nd row - Loyd Houser, Kay Haynes, Carl Jr, Sain, Mary Allen,GeraldineMcCallister,Dwight Suthz,Dickie Cornwell,Craig Wood,1nez Burnett, Peggy Peeler, Mrs. Glenn Leonhardt, FIRST GR DE lst rov' - Ava Davis, Frieda Eaker, Sue Reep, Terry Royster, Diane Houser, Ronny Leonhardt, Mike Huss, Lonnie Leatherman, Donald Farmer, Rodney Finger,Gene Goins, Rita Kay Byers. Znd row - Larry Gilbert, Robert Wehunt, Marilyn Hud- son, Linda Carpenter, Linda Auton,Larry Avery, Johnny Beaver, Larry Wise, Darrel Bivens, Jo Farrell Willis, Barbara Jarrell,Hazel Lou Helms. 3rd row - Linda Avery, Margaret Burnette, Kath- leen Haynes,Steve Morgan, Brenda Gilbert, Judy Houser, Steve Shultz, Richey Rhyne, Diane Helms, Jack Benny Spivey, Billy Ingle, Teacher - Edna Wise. i 1ls.j'5'3i'-1 'A 5 1, V: .'-9 'Q ,Aw 'f' M ' , ' , . , , 1 ' ,., A 1 ' ' f ,i+"' 3371? .V p 'QP' - . -, any L- . ,-,iw . '27 i ' ia." 95' V, - .w,l. ' j.'. J' 'T' r 4-J .. X jug .. , H - ' . ' ECO D GR DE lst row - Tony Reynolds, Brenda Sain, Claudette Hoyle,Janie Halloway,Carolyn Avery, Billy Auton, Elizabeth Cundiff, Rebecca Hoover, Gerald Hahn, Znd row - Vernon Avery,Jimmy Houser, Freddie F'armer,Gary Pendleton, Christine Bolding, Pa- triciaReep,Max Beaver,Mary Rudisill, 3rd row - Clinton Houser, Joan McCallister, Joyce Reep, Vickie Scronce, Paul Rudisill, Roy Lee Lowe, Roy Lee Haynes, Steve Canipe, Johnny Smith, Barney Fisher, 1, i CL USIC CL . ., ,, . , , ., . Q ... - ww- ffffflf "v"Mi zf?'2?' ' "f,,,.J ' Q ,E 1Mw'ii "WW " Y .Y '?:'1WKsZf':,L.g.: '-J'13'f' ' M- Q ,, ' ' M .,. .:1:'25,Z,i' 1 ' .,: v ff 4 , "' fi, ' A '., 'j, M 'ox - , . 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Financing Re-Financing Dial RE5-5391 Lincolnton North caronna Chevrolet ' Oldsmobile Sales - Service Compliments of D'al RE5-2562 RE5-2561 GOODIN-BURRIS FURNITURE Co. 1 or O K Used Cars Lincolnton North Carolina Lincolnton North Carolina J.M. BEAMOMRUB OBROTHERS Lumber and Building Supplies Contractors - Ginners and Buyers of Cotton Phone RE5-8982 Route 2 V316 North Carolina SETH LUMBER CO., INC. Building Headquarters Phone RE5-7431 Lincolnton North Carolina BROWN'S ESSO SERVICENTER Main 81 Poplar Street Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of renews surfn MARKET l Lincolnton North Carolina 1 Compliments of BELK-SCHRUM Compliments of DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS Linc:o1nton's Largest Department Stor e Lincolnton North Carolina LINCOLN FCX SERVICE Feeds-Seeds-Machinery Electrical Appliances W. R. CARSWELL ESSO SERVICE and MAYTAG APPLIANCES and Phone RE5-5912 Other Numerous Supplies Route l Phone RE5-5511 Lincolnton North Carolina LINCOLN SHOE STORE Nationally Advertised Shoe s Tee-Geez - Connie Heydays - Elf-eez Cobblers - Play-poise Step-masters ABERNETHY EQUIPMENT CO. Hardware and Plumbing Supplies Phone RE5-5231 Lincolnton North Carolina LINCOLN FROZEN FOODS, INC. A Complete Cutting, Curing Service Meats Processed for Home Freezers CREAMLAND fr GRILL Noted for its Sandwiches Home Made Ice Cream Thick Milk Shakes Phone RE5-7332 Maiden Highway LOWE'S ESSO OIL 6' SERVICE "Everything in Petroleum Products" Home Heating a Specialty We Delivery Phone RE5-8301 Route 3 Lincolnton North Carolina Complimenfs of ERNEST WISE -Dealer- Statesville Feeds RHODES-CORRIHER IMPLEMENT BROOME-EARLY COMPANY Allis-Chalmers 81 New Holland Furniture 8: Appliance Company Farm Machinery Lincolnton North Carolina Lincolnton North Caroli HEAFNER TIRE C1 MOTOR CO. Nash Cars Armstrong Tires Lincolnton North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 6' LOANS ASSN. Phone RE5-2042 Lincolnton North Carolin WOOD BROS. GROCERY Groceries -Meats VALE MILL C1 GROCERY Flour - Corn Meal Gas 81 Oil Purina Chow Phone RE5-2824 T. E. Sain Vale North Carolina Vale North Carolin LITTLE fr BAXTER HARDWARE fr GROCERY Phone RE5-5652 Morganton Hwy. INo, Z7I Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND M. K. SAIN Cabinet and Body Shop Phone RE5-5791 Route 1 Lincolnton North Carolina L. J. SMITH JR. GROCERY City Service Gas and Oil Plateau North Carolina 1270 K.C. 500 Watts Compliments of RADIO STATION WLON Music News The Lincoln County Broadcasting Company Lincolnton North Carolina T. C. FALLS GROCERY Groceries - Gasoline Dry Goods - Peter' s Shoes FCX Feeds - Fertilizer Small Hardware Phone RE5-8952 Route 1 Lincolnton North Carolina Complimenfs of H G H DRY CLEANERS Gastonia Highway Lincolnton North Carolina SAN DTANE GAS COMPANY Tappan and Caloric Ranges Lincolnton North Carolina FLOYD LEATHERMAN Bulldozer Work Clearing land - Grading PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP Cold Waves - Machine Permanents 53.50 and up Operators: Terracing Peggy Leatherman Christine Davis Phone Newton 1224 Wl Route 1 Rwfe 2 Newton North Carolina Vale North Carolina ROSELAND DRIVE-I N THEATRE Best Entertainment for the Whole Family Cherryville Road Lincolnton North Carolina LINEBERGER BROTHERS INC. "Buying Cotton in Lincolnton since 1917" Phone RE5-7471 Compliments of SUMMIE SAIN W. C. JETTON Watchrnaker and Jeweler Vale North Carolina Vale North Carolina JEWEL BOX Compliments of Diamonds - Watches Musical Instruments China-Silver-Crystal IDEAL CHAIR COMPANY ROBINSON'S Exclusive But Not Expensive Dial RE5-8371 Lincolnton North Carolina FARMERS 6' BUILDERS SUPPLY John Deere Tractors Building Mate rial 8: Impl em ents Compliments of EAGLE STORES CO., INC. Lincolnton North Carolina BLAIR CARPENTER' S Cab Service RE5-5333 also Dial RE5-7481 Radio Controlled SAIN 81 SAIN Gas - Oil - Groceries "We Sell and Recommend Security Feeds" Phone RE5-8866 Vale North Carolina GILBERT'S SERVICE STATION Used Cars Sell, Trade, or Buy G. T. Gilbert, Owner Phone Re5-8395 Route 1 Lincolnton North Carolina ED'S PLACE ' Groceries - Meats HARRIS CITY PAINT STORE DeSoto Paints - Floor Covering Gas 8: Oil Wallpaper - Painting Supplies phone RE5-3906 East Sycamore 8: Court Square Vale North Carolina Lincolnton North Carolina RAMSEUR HARDWARE CO. Established 1887 Phone RE5-2051 Lincolnton North Carolina SUPERIOR LOAN 8: FINANCE COMPANY South Academy Street Lincolnton North Carolina HOMESLEY CHEVROLET CO. Since 1931 Sales and Service Cherryville North Carolina Complimenfs of NEWTON' S STORE Vale North Carolina RABY'S RESTAURANT It's fun eating out- eat out often Meals - 45C to 75C Hickory North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN NEWS STAND Phone RE5- 5581 Lincolnton North Carolina WILLIS MOTOR COMPANY Quality Cars Phone RE5-8391 Lincolnton North Carolina STROUP'S SODA SHOP Watch Repair Phone RE5-7112 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of B. C. MOORE 8: SON Lincolnton North Carolina LAWING' S MEN SHOP Factory Outlet Suits 9522.50 to 539.50 Lincolnton North Carolina LINCOLN ANTIQUE SHOP New - Plumbing - Used Used Furniture - Pianos Phone RE5-5552 Lincolnton North Carolina BANOAK SERVICE STATION General Merchandise Sinclair Gas and Oil Dale Johnson Route 3 Vale North Carolina SIGMON'S GRILL Sandwiches - Ice Cream 2 H2 Miles South of Lincolnton Gastonia Highway SHUFORD'S FLORAL GARDENS Flowers For All Occasions Phone RE5-5242 N. Flint St. Lincolnton North Carolina HELM'S GRILL Try Our Sliced Barbecues Highway 150 at Roseland Mill Lincolnton North Carolina WHITWORTH GROCERY The Store That Appreciates It's Customers. Come to see us. Phone Newton 1223 M2 Route 1 Vale North Carolina MARTIN PLUMBING CO. Z, E, Martin, Prop, Phone RE5-2517 527 N. Flint St. Lincolnton North Carolina WISE FLOWER SHOP Phone RE5-7111 Charlotte Highway Compliments of A FRIEND 1 l 1 L Cmnplimcnts Of DEBBIE SHOP Phone 28311 234 Union Square Hickory North Carolina C. E. BOYLES Groceries - Gas - Oil Route 2 Lincolnton North Carolina BLAINE LEONHARDT Groceries - Gas - Oil - Feeds Route 2 Lincolnton North Carolina Compliments of QUALITY CLEANERS Phone 882.1 South Center Street Hickory North Carolina Compliments of REEPSVILLE GARAGE Genera1 Auto Repair Operated by Carl Hartsoe Phone RE5-2893 Compliments of DRUMS FUNERAL HOME 8. FLORIST LINCOLN LAUNDRY LUSTERWAY DRY CLEANING Phone RE5-5631 908 East Main Street Lincolnton North Carolina E. D. GEYMONT Grading gl Clearing Phone RE5-7827 Route 1 Lincolnton North Carolina L -X, -V +--.. x's XX NX . 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