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 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1951 volume:

-FFF , 5 f ' ft ACORN TV' Q 92 N, M x 1931 Y D' '. Y I, Y .fy -E? - I I X , .' ,f fl .U J , I . K 1 "1 , gm f ' -- - ?,, ,Q 'xxx N I I r' a ' .. Y I Q ',, I 1 ' 1' I I , I all-Lg. i 'J l',,,r!!' ,ik lx X ' ff 4- it ' X - 1 I 1 952k 5 4' If Q , Xf -T ,f s- . 40 r N ' x ff! ' J , 1. X X I' ll' D A AXIt Q J, N ,, X - xx XX I Q x X F N5 xxx I we ' A fy, x 'JH I B Y. V: 5532, F tv-1, gf.. .6 9. 'S 1' ,, W ifg f Sb We 1. A ,De watson IW I OVINC' IHANKS To you our parents we semors humbly dedxcate May lt be symbolic of our love and apprecxauon f h ur t e Lountless tbxngs you have so sacrlfmclally gxven to 5 A !l l A A V 1 'N 4 th1sl95l editxon of "THE ACORN". ll . MR LEONARD SCRONCE Appalachxan Prxncxpal MR HUGH HOYLE Appalachxan Scxence Math MRS IRENE S SEAGLE Lenoxr Rhyne Eighth Grade i l ' 1 3 gy MRS ELIZABETHD RHYNE Appalachxan Enghsh French LI! e Comme rcxal Engh sh MR S E RICHBOURG Clemson Agnculture MR LEWIS HEAVNER Lenolr Rhyne Hxstory Math MR M S HEAVNER Lenoxr Rhyne Bxble Exghth Grade Lf X.. MR FITZHUGH KISER Leno1r Rhyne Seventh Grade em 6 ! W, 'f ' M A A V , h A S JM? 5. 'MKL S Q acu I on-4 E' MISS MYRTLE DAVIS MRS LUCY KILLIAN MISS HELEN .IONAS Lenoxr Rhyne Appalackuan Appalachxan Sxxth Grade Frith Grade Fourth Grade MRS RACHEL SA.IN MRS CARRIE H MlQ,,LEN MRS PAULINE H SCRONCE Appalachlan Lenoxr Rhyne Lenolr Rhyne Th1rd and Fourth Grade Thxrd Grade F1rst and Second Grade J 'Q-'H LQ,-.4 MRS FRANCES R BANGLE MISS PAULINE MOSTELLER MRS ELIZABETH MOSTELLER Lenoxr Rhyne Appalachxan Lenoxr Rhyne Second Grade Fxrst Grade Musxc V .' I ' l , 1 J N ,' 1 yn "- .ag -9 's C Y Q ' , , P iii! I enior Clay Officerd BILLY KISER up J Presxdent Bobby Carswell Vxce Pres1dent Wayne Houser Secretary Treasurer Mar1e Saxn Reporter Helen Brown Juadcotd BETH WARLICK rg, W- 'Citi 'Wg-jf .: s ' K N , Q ? x r 1 g A . 'ii il . 'Y ' , V L" K an B' Q' ,ff ..,, A gf'Q-Kiln ,b i' , - I gf' 'f ' X Q 3 A Y A.. 5, I .Li 4 eniora FRANKIE BASS Such a whxrlpool of fun and mxschxef m her head Glee Clubl Z 3 4 Sclence Club 2 3 Dram atxcs Club 1,4 Dramatxcs Club Presxdent 4 Le cercle Francaxs 3 4 Student Llbrarxan 3,4 Glee Club Operetta l Softball 3 4 BOBBY CARSWELL 'Experxence xs the fool s best teacher the wxse do not need xt ' 4 H Club l Z Typmg Club 3 Scxence Club Secretary 3 Key Club 4 Class Presldent 4 Annual Staff 4 Bus drxver 4 Jumor Play Le cercle Francals 3 4 Most Handsome 4 Toast to Waltresses at Junxor Semor Banquet - EMILY JANE BOLINGER Determlnatxon self confxdence and effort make dreams come true 4 HClub1 2 3 4 Glee Clubl Z 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Drarnatxcs Club Z Le cercle Fran caxs 3 4 Typlng Club 3 .lunxor Play County Wxnner An Dalry Team Foods Contest Z Waxtress at Jumor Semor Banquet 2 Chou- l Z 3 Honor Roll Z 3 4 Perfect attendance 3 Tra1l Blazer Staff 3 4 Glee Club Oper etta l Lxbrarlan s Club 4 Most Studxous 4 Glee Club program Commxttee 4 RUTH CHAMPION Quxet yet cheerful Glee ClubZ 3 4 4 HClubl 2 3 4 Dram atxcs Club 3 4 Typlng Club 4 Safety Ed ucatxon 3 Le cercle Francals 3 4 Lnbrarman 3 Waxtress at Junxor Senxor Banquet 2 Blble Club Z L bl-Y' if fl.. HELEN BROWN Pretty charmxng and awfully nlce the kmd of gxrl you d look at twxce H Clubl Z 3 4 4 H Club reporter Cholrl Z 3 Honor Rolll Z 3 4 Reporter for Dramat1cs Club 3 Typmg Club 3 .lun lor Play Traxl Blazer Staff 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Artlst for The Acorn 4 Blble Club Z Glee Club l Z 3 4 Glee Club Operetta l World Peace Contest 1 2 3 World Peace Medal 3 Soxl Conservatxon Medal Z Class Reporter Z 4 Class Vxce Pres1dent3 Mus1c Club l 4 Bxble Club Presxdent Z Scxence Club Presxdent Z Prettlest Semor Cladd ,HLA tory e he c aaa of are now com A e 1 v wetye Q yrs or lo ard work l eemed cortuemg at I rst 1 t lug the new customs and tdeai Our Freshmen year we were forty two nm number Thr clue offlcn that year were Prestdent, Wayne Houser Setretary md lreasttrt arolyn Harmon Reporter Heler Brown -so tu ye lr w honored by havmg Carolyn Harmon Choaen as QS Un yr fn of our members played on the basketball te ima orty enrolled 15 S-ophomort S E Lht ul 1 g w chosen WBXITFQSCS for the lunxor Sentor Banquet O r o tm tor retary and Treaeurer, Ann Lam? Rcportc r llpltn Browr our Juntor year we honored the Sentors wxth the annual .Iumor Sentor Banquet whlcl' Centered around tle Merry Co Rountt at tue Twelye of the members were lmtxated nto the Be Club Clase offtcerk were Prestdent Rilph lhomas Vlce Presxclent lltlen Brown Sefrrtary and Treasurer Marte Sam Reporter Huxtt Reep ln our Semor year we number Thxrty tot Class ofltcers are Presxdent Bobby Carswell X1ce Premdent Wayne I-lo -er Secretary and Treasurer, Vlarxe Satr Repo te Helen Brown Durxng the summer Bllly Kxser and Beth Warltck wert chostn mascots Before begtnnmg the fall term our rtngs arrtyeft Also work on the annual had begun Now we haye reached our deetnnat on, C rar t t o We haye w 4 er long and patxently for thts hour b t now th xt tt s acttully he e we are rateful but are reluctant to say farewell to ot r seho ll tat ulty an: 1 our classmates Betty W aoe tor a U W ,t l ,, l95l, f X ' ' fl tngt ' yn V ng h . ts . ' '1 , , belt we fu ally' as ht on ti ' . '- ' 4 th . 2 z,: 'Are 2 ' ' ' g " - r j. ' ' q fr, C ' Q , 1 ' . Al. lat I' 2 'e were ' A ' ,. 1: "Mr , ltlli lll ". St' I F f f '.. if cur xrlf- 'ere' ,- ' .. . .. - ' f ' . L: ff"-rs ' that year were: President, Ralph Thomas Yxc-e Pre-s.tcle:'.1, Wayne Houser, Sec- x 45 . , , , , In ' , ' ' r f' - ' - ' ' . , . ,1 f 'fl - ' ' l Cireus, ' ' ' t - za '. , L . ' ' J ' , ' ' 'L ' .E , ' ' ug 1 A' ' f ' - 1 I 1 - br, ' ' ' ' 1 ,Q ina i rx' ' ' - '. xt l ' ', , u 2 ' 1. ' , 1 r , ' ' - g , 5 ' ' - ' J . . t , ' Q, it: His: rn . Y 4 eniord CAROLYN HARMON "Her pleasant smile and l-undly ways, will live tn our memories all our days. " Class Secretary l Cheer Le :der l Nfhss Umon H1l Chomr l 4 H Club l Glee Club Glee Club Operettal Musxc Club World Peace Contest l Honor Roll l Z 3 4 3 Perfect Attendance l Z 5 Dramatms Club 2 Bxble Club Z Typmgb Club 5 Basketball Bas etball letter 5 softball 5 -l cercle Francaxs 3 4 ,Tumor Play Jumor - Marshal Ira1l Blazer Staff 5 4 Beta Club vi 3 4 Busmess Manager of The Acorn 4 Monogram Club 4 PIBDISY at Junxor Senxor HAROLD CONNER Always jolly and qu1te carefree Lxfe may be dull but never he 4 HClubl Z 3 4 Typing C b-4 Future Farmers of Amer1ca l 3 4 JEAN HEAVNER Gleamxng ha1r of red Of her nice thxngs are often asxcl eeClubZ344l'Clubl 54Saety Education 3 Le cercle Francaxs 5 4 Dram atxcs Club 3 4 T pmg Club 4 Lxbrarxan 3 Waxtress at Junlor Senlor Banquet Z Perfect Attendance Z B le Club Z 4 H Club Secretary 4 to f Banquet 3 Beta Club Pres1dent 4 HAZEL ELMORE The quxet mmd IS rmcher than the crown H Club l Z 3 4 Dramatxcs Club 3 Safety Educatwn 3 Glee Club Z 3 4 Typxng ub 4 Le cercle Francals 3 4 B1 Club Z BETH HELMS falkatzve 1n speech w1tty ln ways ln our hearts she always staws H Club l G1 e C 1 l Z lyplng C u 3 Glee Club Operetta l Scxence Club Z Waltress at .Tumor Semur Banquet Z Dram ahcs Club 3 Lf. cercle Francaxs 3 4 Beta ubl-1 C M rs E Honor R Z 54 Trall Blazer btlff 5 4 Class Te I or 1 rounc lreasurer Bela f lull 4 f"' 1 fix J if 'I 1: Q ' ' 1, 5 v ' , , , Q- P ' 1 vi, Q 5 f I , , 3,4, lr Q ' ' , , Le Milf ' 4 , ' ', ' , 4- . .,. 1 ' .49 - . . , Q ' lu Q ' Q , . 1 ' . , , . Cl g '. , Q 'ble U , 4- ' ,Z1 e Cllb , gl ' lb G1 .,: -l .Z. ,Q f ' 1 -S' ' 9 ' ' , Q y C L ' Cl , g h1ef a :hal g - oll L I I I- A Z 1,,,S I 2' iz ,p,'. 5- 5 ib 3 - at -, I3es.t-all- 143 ' w - of 1-ng. . gym i w 4 If V 5 fm V, , Q A 42 1 :"1QLfX'a . s , ,Q 7+ 1 fa ' l ,, ry., 1- ol 5 ' W ' , 0 D . O o X eil' ,-" 1 E ' f l X, . L . 1 X Claw Song HN UNION Ed tr Smfur T llotson Of sthooi ln huns anc na'1un We slru Iodax wutl prlde We gn? the N1 Hgglarrxatlon cll rxp hmhsahxsxe xr u nm ern xx ll rxuv. hc Lre on ght 11Qs SllLCEtlll lmon all man wln hor nut 1 cr x QP th xt ue. our Qor 1 Wh: rm uw: xlonn m gh! filter ln Un all are strong Qur 116-lds of corn and rotton Of gral ana nt Jw nmown lay Are pxcturas unforvottcn fhat wur hearti wlll 5 4 lnuuwh t ture tasks may call us -Xgrubs thg Countrv 5 le.nD e"ll nv v.l at 1 r brfwl s r Ln un there '5 strew 1 Q snhoo to horre and nat tm WL plemgc both heal! Amd hand Fo truth md 1n5ptratxon lhe QE .1 ords forexer stard Then h1story we treasure Thr r Qrezcow are our p We ell HL xi-t em m ll mefnu Tl Ln n suis' by sue tgrayrmlmter' Q D W ard lv 1 a rcs to 'slr D Wxrc' Vhlarr- Ur wrt xv xt .-1ut1t x r U r Schu Sung Cla ' r ll ussh L s sun 1 ru rc r ZITI ISV: , 7 ', 1 d . il, l .' W -' Se 'D t -I , .-id: j, rl , Ox l -lp thy-y'rc ci.1ilj.' - l 151, llmt help 'G' ' 'g1n, VVlt' ' :'Ini It . ' A- ng, Aklll L, " f' V , 1 lla LPI lmg 1-V' tltcr Thx- plvcl L 6 ' , tg. " zum" 4 1 .' M. ' XTX .5 ' VV. . T R 1 V '- - Nth, W'. si 5, '1 9'? 1 lpxf, "l. ' 1' " 1, .gtl. T - ' L - Ay A , A 1 W ' h , ' f ll 1 re, HI 7 141 ", ' ."l . K -Q1rxl'45l ly , "t fl'Y17 Wx- ure' 111-hirfi A . . 1 l. ' .f N tl - mf' ul mul. iv fu 'L ul . Tian' ' S 11951 ls Q an l to have ch 5 it for their 'lam , tml wt- gr:-Alu. .xpyrrrtiz te tht' ll 1 '52 M . hill! ha tml m hw. 1 1' 95" 7 HAL HILL The ttrrle' to be happy 15 to day en L0l'J WAYNE HOUSER Never let studles xnterfere wtth school tfe Class Prestdent l Nlce Presldent 7 4 Beta Club 5 4 Key Club 3 4 Secretary of Key Club 4 Traxl Blazer Staft 3 4 Honor R011 l Z 4 Perfett Attendance l 4 H Clubl 2 3 4 4 H Club Presldent-1 Glee Club Z 3 Class Prophet 4 Bus Drtxer 3 4 Sclence Club l 7 Typxng Club 4 Le cercle FFBDCBIS 3 4 Basketball letter 4 Basketball 7 4 Edxtor ofTra1l Blazer 4 I EULA KATE HOUSER would not grow so fast because sweet Future Farmers of Amerxca l 4 4 H Club flowers are slow and weeds grow fast 4 4 HClbl Perfe l 3 4 bcxence Club l Btble Club Z ee Club l Z 3 u RALPH HUSS T1SIht sllent who lxxe the longest and 'li Attendance 7 Btble Club Z Scxence Club 2 Glee Club Operetta 1 Typmg, Club 3 Student Lxbrarlan 3 Drarnatlcs Club 4 JOE KISER Always laughxng never sad somettmes naughty never bad F A141-lClublZ3Sc1enceC l Le Cercle F1-ancaxs 3 4 Typmg Club 4 Beta Club 3 4 Key Club 5 4 Jumor Play Perfect Attendance l Z 3 Trail Blazer Staff Baseballl Z 3 4 Basketballl Z learn the most Basketball Captam Z 3 4 Basketball letter l Mono ram Club 4 Best Athlete 4 Vxce Future Flrmers of Amerxcxl 3 4 lypmg g Club 4 Bxble Club Z Safety Educatmn 3 Presldent Beta Club 4 Q--'A ,f x 1 X X , , 0 Q " " mv' wr- --.nv - V . V Y . , . , 1 X ' f ! ' 1 " - -. . . ' 4 flzffgfftfa , - - , . 2 ' ' ' ' ' ' by 3' 1 1 ? ' - 5 , Q 1 ' ' , 3 - ' , -H ,,g'.' 5' . G1 ,,.5- 3 ct . V . I 4 1, . N1 W.. -U 'K 'f ef F. . . I - . , 3 ' lub . 5 . 9 ' Q K" " ' V 3.4L ,. .2 . ,3.4: -' -" A . , L I' ' ' 1' K , .I X . - 1:2 ' f f 4 1 Claw Prophecy For I looked xnto the future far as human eye could see, saw a v1s1on of the world and all the wonders to be One day whxle takmg a stroll down a mounta1n path 1 saw a strange object lymg before me I p1cked xt up and realtzed 1 had found a crystal ball W1sh1ng to learn the future of my classmates at Umon I sat down and gazed mto 1t The f1rstv1s1on1 saw was the Edxtor of a large news paper 1 recognxzed xt to be Ralph Thomas, whxle Beth Helms and Hazel Elmore were the talented reporters I..0ok1ng closely I saw Bob Carswell departmg for Washxngton to take up hxs dut1es as Senator and Carolyn Harmon was leav1ng on the Queen Mary for England as Ambassador The next VISION I saw was a large art museum where Heler' Brown was dxsplaymg her pa1nt1ngs As thls passed away I saw B111 Watts owner of the Duplan M111 talk1ng to h1s personnel manager Harold Conner The scene qu1ckly changed to Rose s D1me Store where Marze Sam was the eff1c1ent manager The bu1ld1ng adJo1n1ng It was a Be 1utw Salon 1n wh1ch I saw the owners Earlene Self and Shasta S1sk I next saw I-Iuxtt Reep standlng m a corn f1eld at the State College Thls txme the scene changed to Afrmca I saw a long safar1 makxng 1ts way across the Jungle There were Huel Slaughter Ralph Huss and Tommy Royster on a bxg game hunt Then I saw Bob Seagle and Hal H111 Co owners of the Un1on Garage and were successful new car dealers The scene flashed to New York I was look1ng at B1llWarl1ck pttch a no h1t game for the GXBHIS He was haxmg trouble strxkxng out Joe Klser who was short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers I saw a crowd gathered about a wrestlmg r1ng Takmg a qulck look, I saw Harry R1tch1e bxlled as The Lxncoln Marauder xersus Buddy Wh1tner The Curly Ha1red Terror The scene shxfted to Woman s College at Greensboro where Em11y Bolxnger and Ann Lantz. were the Deans Betty Wade Ruby Scronce, Eula Kate Houser and 1-'rank1e Bass were teachers at Un1on I saw the 1nter1or of a beautxful offxce Seated at a desk were Ruth Champ1on and .lean Heavner the able secretanes Whxle I gazed mto my ball I saw a jet plane- mal-ung a crash landmg I looked xntently and saw the p1lot Glenn Reep walk away wh1le h1s stew ardesses Betty Leatherman and Prue 'Veal followed h1m HIS co p1lot Graham Rlchard had a broken arm I wondered 1f mv future would be rev aled 1 gazed closely and saw a long d1tch Who was at the other end workmg 1ndustr1ously wxth a shove1'P Why me of course Wayne Houser Prophet I I V I I . . . , - . N V I K. , I a - I 1 Farm, displaying his new Hybrid Cornl U I nv ' 1 H ' f . . ' , . I . . - 1 81150125 PRUL NEAL xl 1r e xer H. NAXX 1 w 1 Clu C ub untl 1 flus Basketball letter l Basketball sf rwxce bar aelxltballl 5 5 -I Tvpl Club 5 Bmle Clab 7 Perfect -Xttendance 1 ANN LANTZ G12 Brmht as a dollar a xery good Qcholar oxr l 7 4 4 H C Secretlrw Z 5 4 H Club Reporter l Honor Ro l l 7 5 4 Perfect Attendance 3 Sec retary of Dramatxcs Club Z Program Chau' man ot'Drxnnt1C5 Club Z Txpmg Club 5 Le rcle Frantal-1 5 4 .Tumor Play Tra Blazer Stiff E 4 Beta Club 3 4 Ad Edltor I' The Acorn -1 B1ble Clxb Glee C ub e Club Operettal World Peace Conteet l Z World Peace Medal Z Amerxc 1111.1 glon Or 0 me xl Medal Class Secretlrx ? Nflubxc: Clubl -4 Wamtress a Iunror Senlor Banquet lllblf. C Reports r cxenee C luJ Hg st wpor GLENN RFLP 156 l i Vw OYTT I OVEN F A l- F A Chxpt lreaiurer H Club ln up Bmble Clu Baskatbxll S -4 Baeeball 3 -l ltrtect Attend ance Z 5 Basketball letter e Club Uperetta l BETTY LEATHERMAN A 11-lendly g1rl m exerx, wav who mal-ces the most of exer, dax Glee Club Operetta l Waltress at .Tumor Senxor Banquet Z Glee Club Z 3 4 Chox l Z County Wmner ID Dalry Team Contest 4 H C b Z 3 4 Sclence Club Z 1or Marshal Dramatlcs Club 3 4 Typrng Club 3 Blble Club Z Cheerleader l HUITT REEP The lughest fornw of u tellect rs Character F A 34 G ub 5 eball B all ass Reporter 3 us rxxgr 3 4 Se .ludgmg te am 5 Lxvestocls Judglng team 3 Parlmmentarw Procedure team 3 Toait ma ter at Junxor Senxor Banquet 3 Key ub s silk. I W 'A "Ne 'r ll , ne' tall, 7 L al , w t. llfmg, alkkkiyfw wxll, " Q 4-umm1,1,s,4gC:rmf1,:g in '1 3,4. Sc - 'f Club 1, lJI'2T'HAlll"i ,I l 21 M l ,Q , 4 , , 3 be K -' 2: Bi" ,Z,3,-lg 'oftball , 1 A' 'ng Ch ' ,-,s14-H Clubl,2I3, , - mb - ' ff 1 ,-l , 1 A 1 - F - ' L , . 2 'r , K'-, gb", 5 ' ' lg'- lu l,,,g gJun- ce - ' ,'g 'Q il I -' 1 A A .3 A 0 " ' " 3 ' L1 .Ig l 1,z, s,4, ole Y Q X ' 1 at r': ' 35 1 ' - 1, ' ',lL1b ' L, S' ' Cl ll, .' t 4. F. . . l,Z, 5,45 4-H Club l,Z, , g lee l 1 Cl I-lg Bas ' 5,-1, asketb Z,S,-lg "W Q-,w11l. 'isd .ll lux '." C1 , 55 513 ' . , L ed F. . . 1,41 , . ,z Crm . 49 It g ' g 4- A l, Typ' g Cl l S, '. 1 , bZg V If 3 g - , . J, ' A , , K5 K - , , , , p H 5- C1 r,4. , 'X ' K Q I ' F Law? ' C .. A, ' , .f 2- ! I R -, ad! 'ufzff n Zedtamenl We the Senxor Class of 1951 bexng of sound mlnds and bodxes and reahzmg that our stay at Umon xs fast drawmg to a close and takxng stock of our personal abxlxtzes and be long ws do make pubhsh and declare th1s our last wxll and testament To 'he people ofthe commumty we leave our thanks for the support they have so gen erously g ven us To our parents whose xnterest and concern have made our school days happ1er we leave our love and apprecxatlon wxth the hope that our lxves wxll be successful as they would have them To Mr Scronce Mrs Rhyne and the entlre faculty we leave our thanks for the efforts and counsel whxch had made our school career the success lt had been To the comxng Senxors we leave our room and teachers dxgnlfxed alrs and the pr1 vxlege of bemg sennors To the .Tumors we leave our super1or mtellxgence and dramatlc abxlxtxes To the Sophomores we leave our frxenclly personalxtles and lnterest xn extra currx cular 3CtlVltlES To the Freshmen we leave our cheerful dxsposxtxon and best wxshes for thexr journey through hlgh school I Frank1e Bass w1ll my abxhty to whxsper out loud 1n study hall to Bonnle Mae Pee ler and Shlrley Warlxck hopmg they have as much to talk about as I dld I Emxly Bolmger wxll all my seats to all my classes to anyone who wants them hop xng they learn more than I dxd We Helen Brown and Ann Lantz do w1ll our abzlxty to talk tell jokes and eat L1fe Savers tn fxfth perlod Honor Study Hall to our kxd slsters Dons Brown and Frances Lantz I Bob Carswell to anyone who gets my bus, do wxll my abxlxty to holler Shut up and Move back w1th hopes that they lxsten to hum better than they dxd to me I Ruth Champxon wxll my abxhty to go ln and out the wmdows fo Ruth Hughes hopxng she doesn t get caught as I dxd I Harold Conner wxll my abxhty to smoke between classes to anyone who can get by w1th lt I Hazel Elmore do hereby wxll my good txmes at Umon Hlgh School to Marle Johnson I Carolyn Harmon do hereby w11l and bequeath to my sxster Sue Jane my seat at the front of the class so she wzll keep out of m1sch1ef I Jean Heavner w1l1 my abxlxty to play cowboy and get by wxth lt to Flop Scronce I Beth Helms do hereby wlll and bequeath to my sxster Sadle my slow and almost sure movements I Hal H111 do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to get caught smoking to Bobby Hallman, hopxn he doesnt get caught as much as I d1d I Eula Kate Houser wxll my front seat 1n Englxsh to Nell Crowder hopmg she Wlll get along wtth Mrs Rhyne as well as I have I Wayne Houser do wzll and bequeath my quiet reserved ways to Bobby Jones and my undymg love of French to anyone who doesnt lxke xt 1 1 I - VC, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , - 1 , . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - - - 11 11 1 1 ,, ,, . . . . , 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . . Y A - 11 11 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 1 8 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , . . eniord TOMMY ROYS TER "Men of few words are the best men. H Basketball Z, 5,41 F. F.A. l, 3,-4, Bible Club Z, Baseball 4, Typing Club 45 Safety GRAHAM RICHARD Educatmon 3 Perfect Attendance 4 HARRY RITCHIE NUM? but hlmself can be ms para11e1 A llttle nonsense now and then ts relxshed F 3 4 Typing Club 4 B1 by the MSCS! Club Z F F A Chapter reporter 4 Snap H Club l 2 J F F shot Edxtor uf The Acorn 4 Safety Edu Catton 3 MARIE SAIN Ldyal hearted strong of mxnd A fmer gxrl nowhere you ll fmnd H C' 1 e 1 Secretary '1nrlTrc lsurcr 4 Beta Club 5 4 T pxng Club 1 Le rerrlz- Francaxs 5 4 Class Secretary and Treasurer 3 4 Iraxl Blazer Staff 3 4 Wutress at .Tumor Sentor Banquet ,Im mo Pl xy Cho1r Z I- rxendlxcst 4 Honor Roll l Z 5 4 Perfect Attendame Z 3 Dram xtlcs Club 4 Glee Club Oper etta l wav? be 5 E xx 'gig T 2 -Q fr. ,Q- -A 'fir if Chapter Secretary 3 Daxry Judgmg Team 3 4 Seed Judglng Tearn 3 4 Baseball Z 3 4 Bus Drlver 4 Typ1ng Club 3 Perfect Atten dance 4 RUBY SCRONCE She trxes to do the best and succeeds very well 4 H Club l Z 3 Glee Clubl Z 3 4 Typxng Club 4 Beta Club 3 4 Le cercle Francais 3 4 Dramatlcs Club Z 3 4 Honor R011 1 7 3 4 Traxl Blazer Staff 3 4 Glee C ub Operetta 1 Choxr 1 Z Bxble Clubl Per fect Attendance l Z Dramatxcs Club Re 'Jcrter 4 fl 1, . . ., .. - - - F, ,A, 1,z, ,Q 'X 1 'ble -' 1 . U . , 5 - 4- . ,149 FJ:-A. 1.213-45 - -A- ' ,. , 4 ' , 4 . . Q Q , 1 4- ,lul l,Z,5,4gGl"Club l,Z,5,4g " '. . v ' l Q . ' ' 1 . 1 - . . 1 . , . z ' "1 2 ' , 3" ' L . Q I 2 , 1 1 A -' . L ' ' ' . . L :1'r2',1 5" -' .-,,s ' n .5 1 1 , , . Q . 5 A . L ' : - . , . 0 X xx ' C -'l V ' 5-XS. - " B f 3- X , ' rj :js xx C 'bless " rig . -,. A if I , Q I Lx . xx . I A ,Q X4 xflit- " -f K ssc X' 2 fs ' 5 5. e, A -. ,A N me CF. ' -rf f' , , ,l -W , - .41 , -. - 1 . Ag , '-'fe--Aff ' , 4 be l, -, B 4 , T 1 ff - sl L 'Zigi - - , T 1' , 2 'A' J' 5'- ad! LU n ea lament I Ralph I-Iuss do hereby wxll my ab1l1ty to skxp Economics class to Bobby Hallman hopmg he doesn t have to get an excuse as I chd I Joe Kzser hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to g1ve the rlght answer when I dxdn t hear the questlon to .Ierry I-Iouser I Betty Leatherman w1ll my back seat 1n every class to Peggy Leatherman and Emma .Toe Warhck hopmg they get by w1th more than I have I Prue Neal w1ll my m1sch1evous ways to .Ice Warlxck hopmg he has as much Iun as I dld I Glenn Reep do hereby w1ll my basketball sult to anyone who can make the goal as well as I I Huxtt Reep do hereby w1ll my abxhty of not gettmg along wxth gxrls to Benny Yount hop1ng he has better luck than I do I Graham Rxchard do hereby w1ll my bashful ways around pretty girls to Bobby Hea vner I Harry R1tCh1C do hereby w1ll my baseball bat to my brother Frank hopmg he hxts more home runs than I dxd I Tommy Royster do hereby wxll my good education to Hugh Hallman hopmg he ca.n get along w1th It better than I have Mane Sam w1ll my abxllty to sleep on class to Bxlly Sam hopmg he gets to sleep more soundly than I dxd Earlene Self do hereby wxll and bequeath to Nell Crowder my Typewr1ter wmth the hope that they put a paper on tt before she uses lt I Huel Slaughter w1ll my abxhty to play the gee tar to Veedxs Jordan ID hopes that she w1ll make a greater success of lt than I have I Shasta Slsk, do hereby w1ll and bequeath my mxschxevous ways m class to Jacquehne Brooks hoping she gets by better than I dxd also my basketball suzt to Peggy Carswell I Ruby Scronce w1ll my abxhty to pass shorthand notes to Veedms Jordan and Wxllle Kate Sc ronce hop1ng they get by w1th lt as I dxd I Ralph Thomas do hereby w1ll my love of physxcs and ehemxstry to anyone who wants a SC1eht1f1C mmd I Betty Wade do hereby w1ll my chaxr m the study hall to Frank R1tch1e hopxng that Mr M S I-Ieavner doesn t move h1m for not doxng anythmg I B111 Warhck wxll my ab1l1ty to make passmg grades w1thout study1ng to Sam Canxpe I B111 Watts w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along wxth Mr Lewxs Heavner to Bobby Jones I Buddy Whxtener wxll my ab1l1ty to sleep on class to anyone who needs It Te stator Beth Helms I, . . ' . . . . . I . I, Bobby Seagle, will my ability to misbehave in class to Edison Gilbert. I, I . . . ' , . ' . . . . . . . . in BOBBY SEAGLE Lxfe doesn t seem to bother hxm el'll0l'J SHASTA SISK Leave smlence to the samts l vm but human 4 H Club l Glee Clubl Z Choxr I Per fect Attendance 1 Scxence Club Z Dram atlcs Club Z Blble Club Z Waltress at .Tumor Seruor Banquet 2 Softball 3 4 Junzor Play Le cercle Franca1s 3 4 Typmg Club 4 Honor Roll 3 4 Monogram Club 4 Mos! Athletlc 4 Basketballl Z 3 4 Basketball Letter 1 Basketball Servxce Bar Z Basket ball Queen Z Maxd of Honor at Valdese Tournament 3 Bus Drlver 4 Co Captam 4 EARLENE SELF A gzrl who loves and laughs must certaxnly H Club l Z F F A l Typlng C 4 Basketball Z 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Glee Club l Safety Educatlon 3 Best Sport 4 HUEL SLAUGHTER Acheerful easy open COUUWUHUCC 4 H Club 2 3 Safety Educatlon 3 Glee Club 3 4 Class Poet 4 'fi' do well 4 H Clubl Glee Club 1, Z Glee Club Oper etta l Choxr 1 Sclence Club Z Dramatlcs Club Z Blble Club Z Basketball 3 4 Basket ball Letter 3 Junxor Play Trail Blazer Staff Perfect Attendance 3 Honor Roll Z 3 4 Le cercle Francais 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Softball 3 4 Typmg Club 4 Monogram Club 4 RALPH THOMAS All that I know 15 that I know nothmg Class Presxdent Z 3 Bus Drxver 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Key Club 3 4 Baseball Z, Basketball 3 4 Perfect Attendance Z SCIBHCB Club Z Le cercle Francaxs 3 4 Jumor Play Secretary of Key Club 3 Typxng Club 4 Traxl Blazer Staff 3, 4 Most Intellegent 4 Most L1ke1y to Succeed 4 st3tlStlC12J'l 4 Merxtorous Bus Drxvmg Award 3 Jumor Marshal Edxtor lh Chxef of The Acorn 3 in- ,hw- 'N 13 A -.misfit till.. f, Clladd CgtlltlJtlCJ Statistics of the Graduating Class of Union High School Way back in 1939 when most of us started to school vve had xery little idea ofthe out come of the mental and physical training that the Union H1 would give .ls Thus we graduate and thxs is ourselves as we are The outcome of our training will be expressed o you by our works in the future Senior girls average height is 5 ft 9 n with the shortest 4 ft ll and tallest a towering 6 ft and corresponds with an average weight of 127 pounds with all feminine hum anity based tenderly in bootees in sizes from a minature 4 1 Z to a 9' The Senior boys average height is D ft 10 n with the shortest 5 ft 1 n and the tallest a dizzy 6 ft 1 in and our weight ranges from 125 to 185 lbs on a solid foundation going from size 7 to an enlarged ll shoe Denominations run in order Methodist Lutheran Baptist and Reformed Those beautiful brown eyes take the majority with gray blue green and hazel follow in in order Brovsm hair tops most of our noggins with blonde black and wonderful rul hair ca ping the remaining craniums 1 do hereby sincerely affix my signature to this official cl ass document Ralph Thomas Clan Poem Our Work Has Just Bugun We haxe some to the end of twelve long years of lots of work and fun But the main part of life still lies ahead Our work has just begun Now we will strive to reach a greater goal, a greater goal by far We will try to live by the Golden Rule And we will hitch our aim to a star We will Remember our leaders later on whenever our goal is won We must remember at the present time Our work has just begun In life we may lose some good chance but there will still be more to gain We will remember the saying we have heard Comes sunshine after rain There could be a scientist spring from our midst maybe a famous one And he will agree when 1 tell you Our work has just begun Class Poet Huel Slaughter O I . . Z . . . t ' ' ' ' . 'i ., A . in-, ' . H , . . . . - ' ' ' . i ., ' . i ., Q Q, . 1 I V As for Politics we believe in no certarn party - - but the best and most able person. A Y 'Q 1 1 I ,'n 1 I 1 ' . g, . . . , , , l Y. P . . . , I - - ' 1 nn A ' lv , g . . . . 1 r I V 12, ,f ,, M 1,3 . BETTY WADE True and sxncere loyal and kmd H Club l 4 Glee Clu 3 4 Choir Z Sclence Club Z Dramatxcs Club 3 4 Honor Roll 2 5 4 Annual Staff 4 Typxng Club 3 Blble Club Z Glee Club Operetta Musxr Club l Wxnner ll N usu C' A ontestl Perfeet Attendance l Class H1stor11n BILL WATTS Though you were dylng he would make you laugh F' A 5 4 Baskrtba l Z 3 Baseballl 2 3 4 Le cercle F'ranca1s 3 4 Typmg Club 4 1' eniord fi. W1 ffl?-ff 4 W? Fx y .f xxx: .jpfilxe X fb I vii elm: ,C x 'X XX x Quan., KJ BILL WAR LICK The Hxghest W1sdom xs congemal Cheer fulness Clubl Z 3 F' F A l Z Da1 Judgmg Tearn Z Key Club 3 4 Presxdent of Key Club 4 Beta Club 3 4 Scxence Club 1 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 1 Z 3 4 Bus Drxver Traxl Blazer Staff 3 4 Sports Edxtor of Annual 4 Best All Around 4 Le cercle Fran C315 3 4 Typmg Club 4 Perfect Attendance 3 Monogram Club 4 Basketball Letter Z BUDDY WHITENER Happy am I from care I m free Club 1 Z 3 4 Be .Iudgmg Teanu 3 4 Bus Drxver 4 Vmce Pres 1dent0fF F A 4 Safety Educatxon 3 Most Popular 4 e ,law Q as ,1- I- 'I 4- .2.3. 9 b . L ' ." Q ' Q , L 4-H . . : . . . . 9 'ry ' Z3 ' 3 ' 'x ll f ' ,lul Z, , g , , , 5 ' 3,45 C , K 5 , f ' . 3 ' ." 4-H , ,3,4gF,F.A. l,Z, ,Q ef F, . . 114-H C1ubl,2, .1 'f ll ' ,g ' g ' - , y Xi , 2, , 4, ,V If "' 4 o?ff ' I A N ' t,JQP'3'5i'f'2s?-rf" P - 'ff f5QQ05,:l-1596. C, 1 ff. VJ .iii ' 1' XR! if 'fi ' , , - 'ifl i 5 xii' 1 X 'Wil T-Swv -- - F .. ' N 21 A -- ' wig W5 Six ' 45.4 mt ' Best All Around BETH HELMS BILL WARLICK JU 'QL Best Sport ANN LANTZ BOBBY SEAGLE 07 111 S U S Y-P Most Studxous EMILY JANE BOLINGER IIC' Most Popular BUDDY WHITENER 'I 'I B st I., ok g HELEN BROWN BOBBY CARSWELL Most F MARIE SAIIN iq' B st Athlete JOE KISER Sl-IAST-X SISK I 1 1 F 1 I 11 I l'l'l 07 S RALPH THOMAS + X glue 671144 1951 Clam Uffccerd 5 unllefClaJJhlen fx -O-oo' Aa? I Xi,-i7",r,:fT W X Y , s 41" 9 Vxgqwk if I 5 3 1 55 lyk-4 f 1 yzgis' 55361 Ka 1 M ' f X 'S I! K x 'J nl! f 4 0' s r, ll: rxq ff' ' ' X 'Q ' Jfgii MX WSQF L if-+ Q -Z f I X XXX X C ,Q I ' hx 'L In .fc 1 I "-,b :X X ',' 0 ef- ff? Q-QQ, V, f ,p 1' MP I -.L iv- Qi.: J! 'iiigk , I X 5 A 'Z r- 'l'f'5XfiT'x"1v-a?"'W' r ' ' ' A' 1 Q cn' L3 YiSS.:E7 Q, Q '-4 glli . Q, Lair? 5 ff-" 5 X mia? fx.. lf' iff X . Il P X5 x I ...'f4"'Rr,G LX '-'T' "ff 'iff Ir' , K f - '-'LL ' I Hwy, , X in!! , ., '. ,x f- v-.-I.. I 3 L,-s 4' --T4 lf' A X' ,zfijijwl -gfbmign Q 1 VL- I 4f4J f 125415 ff!-' ,, I fy, Q ' ff'-fff,:11s'ee'm' x P' ' - ffm.: ' lf T fi,-"iff -X T' ' ' N N , 1 1 - X -.ggi -: - x ' A- fx ff ,A - 'N ki- ', , '1 1 . x 1 FT' 3 - A . . FX' ',i f '-cl I N . S5 - ' Q" ' .. 1 -v lk , sy xair l,U,,?.- T I, .K '77, M V, .h A ,K ' K 3,0 , 34, Y s 41 vw' '17 41 W sm V Y'Nv ul MIILOI' C 1613.4 Wu.. 2:4 ..- 'tr if Q1 if i.,- Lv ,Q Qtr-W., H-XRRX THANK IE 'NC 3 I-XC QLLLINI T3ROOIxS X1 AX X15 X I J N RH C1 hi HLLH HAL1 X1-XX -XXX H-XLQS BOBIV1 HEAXNER CHN HILL EXFI YN HOOXER O i , sy 'ff' fx U I . N A x R x N. Y .' ' v. F 'V I 4 1 - 4 I . ,q Q ' ,, i9 -m V 9- ai l NAU ' falngczxgrasxmfxf SAA Q Aiwa . K Q A ' ' 79"--.. S' Q7 , uxy 'cAuwux1uu wg Qadxfwwwxxxx I W, Enwwxnuuniul W .xA ' rpu II .f 'Q A .A.AQ X : j! ... . ., , 1, Kgilxx . K X A ,ai L , aww ' fr, J ' " f V V 2 - - f 4 tan' ,WV 4.1 3 4, N 1. l IOOX PI IC Lv? x. ull LOI' 1.-f lam 1' xm 'KK IOAN SXIN WILI IE Ix-XII' SC MONTE LI BX SIL VON F HE X Xzi U N al: Q-X4-. L. C' :avg 'Wx Sophomore Clay 42' 1:-, ND af? 5,1 Qua- 'L 1? 6' i I A il IIIKIII ROBERT AUTON ROBERT DASS JACK BEAM CAROLYN CANIPE PEGGY CARSWE LL JAMSIE LEE CODY IRENE GILBERT JEAN GILBERT JIMMY GILBERT BUD GRIGG JIM GRIGG JIMMY HEAVNIER JOE HEAVNER EDWARD HELMS CARROLL I-IOLYE ETHEL HOUSER JERRY HOUSER RU I'H HUGHES MARIE JOHNSON PEGCY LE A.'I'HER'v1AN LE NIS LEATHERNIANI WANDA LEAIHERNAAN BONNIE MAE PEELER SUE RICHARD DEAN REEP JANE ROYSTER BONNIE SAIN BILL SCRONCE VIRGINIA NHIIENER MADGE WARLICK EMMA .IO N ARLIC lx SHIRLEY WARLICK BENNY YOUN I cS0pll0hl0l'0 C1055 To- A HAH is YY' .4 if.. .. "Sur 'Uv' 9:-ealunan C aaa HARRILENE ALLEN SHIRLEY AUTON DEAN CARPENTER Blix lin Q-W 41 Q WVU 1 2" 1 as 4-1- 4 IRWA I " HELEN CLARK WALTER CLARK BILL DELL'NIGER FRANKIE ELLIS JOYCE GILBERT MADE LINE GILBERT JERALD HALLMAN CHARLES HARKEY SUE JANE HARMON BOBBIE J HARTSOE SARAH HEAVNER JOYE HILTON JACK HOOVER BOBBY JO HOYLE SUE HOYLE FRANCES LANTZ CARL LEATHERMAN IDA LEDFORD JIMMY LEDFORD CLIFTON LINK MICKIE NIITCHUM FRANKIE MORGAN CLYDE PEELER BER FHA PLESS JOAN REEP LOUISE REEP FRANK RITCHIE BILL SAIN MARY CAROLYNI SAIN NEIL SAIN BETTY JANE SCRONCE CECIL SCRONICE CHARLES SCRONCE DONALD SCRONCE MARY SUE SCRONCE ROY LEE SCRONCE CAROLYN SMITH JOHN SMITH DAVID TAYLOR JOE WARLICK MARTHA WARLICK MARTHA WHIIENER RONALD WISE 91-ealunan Clans .L Rs: -3-1. 5 Qfvx Q. nw 'E' S3- in E' S 'Ka "I 0 Q, ..-D Sa..- QC' FS 5 uvvl"y,, 6 Q99 hu ' 'Y' F' Y-v""Y ix U'-H "'1 rw an Q if i it 'Q lg ,Q k M Q31 'Vw' 5 m M-v-M hm W v..,g, 1 lllhi uncfergradeg -Dm 'Y fi ,Z-" ' x X NFB! xg fag, dt' 1 p S 1? L XF,- X55 "L- I 2 , - X gf: -2- .I - Y i gm 1. A Q ' Y ' Y ' - XX 'T'-64,4 Q TN gl . , .N, -X- . 5 M VJ?" -D X I: 4 A 4,1 ' 35 ,V ,J 4, J J' K ,N - ,T'e. 4 lx h K I, A 'L 15 f I -X f I W W Ak X f - ' f fP ' f- ,1 V , , ,K X V 6 I Q. x - X' - '- ' 3 N X . V X -X. af! KXSQ V X . ,, iv I xxx 5 X 1, x QM- 1 , I , V 1 x X Q. it P , fiij fl i . - xx f fl ? , X -, ,BN X 1 'Q f .' x YY' V x " , Y ' I 21 'ix-R, XS , P T ' 5 lf x Q t 4' 5 4 W. , ' NK K x Sf' Z In , N , , ' -- X ' X XS, -X "lf, Q- - X N, . X I ,i : Z . K i 0-x iii-E1 , Vg '4 39' ' ' 21, 4. . -WK 5 FV f a , QL, 9' ' '- ' wi MU 5 xx , F xi F , fff .' , Y ,gf Lv 5 '5.WZ'YgXl A , ' , J A , K Y. C, Ciglzllz gra e I FIRST ROWt Ted Hnrkey, Guy Beam, Harold Richard, Hurley Rudisill, Clifton Scronce, Eleanor Whitener, Johnnie Ann Seagle, Rosie Tessener, Gladys Rudisill, Louise Johnson, Lottie Scronce, Shirley Sam, Bar- bara Sue Peeler. SECOND ROW. Shelvy Carswell, Rachel Sain, Jean Warlick, lxiartha Nell Jarrett, Shirley Hartsoe, Mary Ellen Anthony, Doris Brown, Dorothy Ab6I'fiaThV, Ruby' Gilbert, Margaret Ledford, Shirley Faye Smith, Mrs. Seagle, Mr. M. S. Heavenr. l'HlRD ROW: J. B. Gilbert, Jonny Arthurs, Paul El- more, Jimmy Heavner, Howard Auten, Ambrose Canipe, Dean Stroupe, Bobby Scronce, Doris Duckworth, Sue Rusisill, Barbara Jean Sain, Hazeline Houser, Shirley Carpenter, Shirley Houser. FOURTH ROW: Lester Canipe, Ralph Gilbert, Max Connor, 'led Wood, David Sain, led Sain, Gene Reep, Bobby Sain, Marlene Scronce, Sallie Helms, Av Neil Carpenter, Emma Laura Carpenter. FIRSI' ROW: Lucile Scronce, Phyllis Wise, Gerald Green, Gene Sain, Joe Scronce, Buster Hartsoe, Helen Scronce, Azalea Anthony, Martina lngle, Betty Massagee, Ralph Warlick, SECOND ROW: Claude Ray Cody, Dean Heavner, Ruby Heavner, Betty Johnson, Christine Gilhert, Charles Whisnant, Kenneth Ritchie, Yvonne Peeler, Alma Jordan, Peggy Yount, F. W, Kiser. THIRD ROW: Joan Hartsoe, Billie Jean El- more, Kathryn Whisnant, Glenn Scrunce, Eugene Wood, Harold Sain, Johnnie Bollinger. ABSENI: Ray Slaughter, Donald Reep, Helen Williams, Be!tyl..e1gh, Gene Waters. -' A F r l even th gra e FIRST ROW- Ruby Waters, l. C. Scronee, Hazel Scronce, Starlene Logan, Dorothy Helms, Barbara Har- key, James Lutz, luhn'1yLantz, SECOND ROW. Leon Wood, Dean Ward, Herman Hoyle, David Cook, Bobby Srronce, Johnny Barrett, Frances Dellinger, Betty Sue Lutz, Nancy Coon. THIRD ROW: Roger Rirhard, David Smith, Dean Sain, Bobby Elmore, Robert Anthony, Dale Craig, Allene Lyncy, Cecilia Wise, Miss David, Teacher, FOURTH ROW: Ann Hooxer, Margaret Gilbert, Vivian Sain, Sue Ledford, Mary Sue lhomas, Myrlin Hoon-r, Jerry Hooper, 'I'. M. Carpenter, Dotty Sisk. FIRST ROW: Shirley l-'aye Hoyle, Shelby flleggyl Kiser, Roger Warlick, Carolyn Scronce, Hattie Hubbard, Judy Helms, Geraldine Scronce, Gloria Dean Co-iv, Phyllis Bollinger, Fred Smith, Faye Scronce, SECOND ROW' Nancy Gilbert, Betty Abernethy, Betty Jo Mull, Frances Canine, Clara Beam, Barbara Carpenter, Edward Heavner, Sammie Sain, Allen Lynch, Bobby l'aylor, Jack Sain, Earlene Sain, Mrs. Killian. BACK ROW: Karol Dean Haynes, Wayne Sigmon, Wayne Gilbert, Peggy Johnson, Anne Leigh, Jimmie Angle, Bobby Williams, lommy Snider, Mary Sue Seaele. ABSENT, Leonard Dellinger, Aleta Canipe, C. F. lngle, Charlie Poteat, Sixlft Qra e 95 th grade 1 ourilz rude FIRST ROW: Troy Scronce, Mary Smith, Billy Rudisill, Ted Hartsoe, Roy Craig, Janice Mosteller, Odis Scronce, Larry Sain, Ralph Warlick, Wanda Richard, J. E. Shull. SECOND ROW: Clarance Stroupe, Faye Mull, Jancie Logan, Robert Whitener, Gene Houser, Margaret Leatherman, Alice Mosteller, Nell Propst, Nelson Jordan, Max Green, Kenneth Rudisell. THIRD ROW: Harold Scronce, Harvey Thomas, Carl Wilson, Edwin Whitener, Judy Rudisell, MaryRud1sell, Linda Sue Scronce, Mills Green, Ruth Hoover, Miss Jonas. FIRST ROW: Peggy Scronce, Jimmy Wax-lick, Larry Blackburn, Bobby Abernathy, Jane Propst, Nellie Sue Elmore, Linda Gilbert, Joyce Dellinger, Eugene Sain, Jerry Bryant, SECOND ROW: Harold Bevens, Gary Bollinger, Brenda Carswell, Carol Heavner, Carolyn Greene, Steve Carpenter, Frances Gilbert, Jimmie Elmore, Joan Weaver, Richard Biggerstaff, Ted Goins. THIRD ROW: B. E. Gilbert, Linda Sue Duck- worth, Teddy Elmore, Paul Carpenter, Max Beam, Katherine Dellinger, Shirley Conner, Dean Towery. lzircl an 1 ourlln Se C011 grade lzircf rude FIRST ROW: Faye Warlick, Madgalene Helms, Elizabeth Hoover, Barry Sain, Maxine Johnson, Brenda Sain, J. R. Haynes, Nancy Sain, Richard Slaughter. SECOND ROW: Billy Sisk, James Carpenter, Dean Hoyle, Franklin Schronce, Jane Killian, Larry Leonard, Jerry Rudisill, Carolyn Leigh, James Wise. THIRD ROW: Wayne Rudisell, Peggy lngle, Jean Wyant, Dorothy Whisnant, Mary Alice Mull, Raymond Slaughter, Joan Stroup, Willie Faye Helms, Mrs. Mullen. FIRST ROW: HollisxMiller, Zakie Warlick, Jimmy Wilson, Robert Ingle, Floyd Peeler, Ray Elmore, Sally Haynes, Mary Warlick, Dorothy Beam, Ned Johnson, Bobby Aderholdt. SECOND ROW: Nancy Barrett, Larry Toder, Ted Cody, Tony Gilbert, Judy Gilbert, Judy Seagle, David Warlick, Terry Whitener, Linda Scronce, Judy Scronce, Carolyn Scronce, Jimmy Scronce, Christine Hale. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Bangle, Cyrus Anthony, Carol Scronce, Mary Whisnant, Helen McCal1ister, Keith Sain, Tommy Hoover, Tommy Rhyne, Jerry Thomas, Larry Gilbert, Charles Wood. gi:-.at an GCOII FIRST ROW: Pauline Scronce, Teacher, Brenda Carpenter, Ma.x Abernathy, Joyce Childers, Reba Elmore, Charles Anthony, Patsy Lee Aderholdt, Daphine Craig. SECOND ROW: Hazel Smith, John lnglel Elizabeth Williams, Larry Canipe, Dorothy Mae Helms, Mikey Kiser. THIRD ROW: Randy Scronce, Jerry Mosteller, Linda Powell, Ralph Johnson, Richard Bivens. FOURTH ROW: Thames Lutz, Shirley Johnson, Dannie Carpenter, Billy Helms, Brenda Leatherman, Alfred Canipe. FIFTH ROW: Charles McCallister, Ray Helms. FIRST ROW: Pauline Mosteller, Teacher, Billy Kiser, Mary Helms, Sandra Hartsoe, Kenneth Heavner, Judy Smith, Beth Warlick, Gene Mosteller. SECOND ROW: Rodney Scronce, Reba Mahalay, Brenda Jean Igigh, Johnny Rhyne, Janice Whitener, Donald Newton, David Mosteller, Betty Houck. THIRD ROW: Brenda Helms, Gene Scronce, Dean Rudisill, Margaret Yount, Paula Yount, Clara Gilbert. FOURTH ROW: Otha Lynch, Larry Heavner, Frances Rudisill, Jerry Wyant, Ray Gilbert, Janet Weaver. FIFTH ROW: James Helms, John Hale, Maxine Propst, Jimmie Wilson, Geraldine McCallister, Bobby Bivins. gird if gra e t ehcd and alciwzlzed KS-kj IX? Q U R f X o n Q o if Y Q, lf A QT X X h X xQ K If ff! - X X J x, X sd x4 E X A , 2 CX ,L , 4 X l JY iw K 0 X 'Q i f g 1, Eaaketball FIRST ROW Joan Sa1n Bonnxe Mae Peeler Evelyn Hoover Shasta S1sk Prue Neal Peggy Carswell SECOIND ROW Faye Ward Nancy Blggerstaff Peggy Leatherman Wanda Leatherman Carolyn Harmon Earlene Self Coach Mrs B111 Houser THIRD ROW Sue Hoyle Ann Hauss oyd lgadkelbafl FIRST ROW Sam Campe B111 Warhck Joe Kxser Hmtt Reep Wayne l-louser SECOND ROW Bxll Dellmger Bobby Seagle Coach Mr LEWIS I'-leavner Neal Sam Glenn Reep Tommy Royster o af 0- f, I p I I , .. sb T I X 1' 2 ', ' , . ', ly C l I I ,t .'. .' .,. I 0 :' '. . -W . VI I " Softball FIRST ROVN Carolyn Harmon Earlene Self Shasta S1sk P ue Neal Nancy Blggerstafl Ann Hausa Nlarxe Sam SECOND ROW Helen Brown Ann Lantz N urglmma Vkhxtener Lwelyn Ilooxer Beth Halma Frankle Bass Peggy Cars w l bus Rlchard Mrs lluuscfr aaeball 5i 'S llll U, sm '41 Afm 3 E- FIRST ROA Harry Bar-gle Sam Campe l"Iu1ttReep Benny Xount Joe Kxser B111 Vkar Franrc Rus ue .llmmx Heaxner Harm R1tch1e Mr Lexus Heaw ner Dau H1155 Ralph Thomas Bobby Seagle SINIUR AUHIBRAPHS 2fv?QfQffM Jfbww Qfggwfv QM Mum 6M Zffdwlk, Cgmuzlw ww6.,:?0.24vVm,-,.x ami My ALJ fmbm Agiy 5-Mummy f 72201 5,,f22,QkLJ4U if Zivfw-ff MQW E ww2 7M E90 J 497:10 zz? fwffm Q5fwv1,-5521-i,Z.f.f QM JJ,-4.0 1.40.1 Lip ff? Qigw ZQZMW f?,eL6 Z 4 fo Ns! an M wi, LS 3 nnuaf Sl SEAILDf5obbyCn5wel1 Rexlph Thomas Carolyn Harmon Bettv Wade STANDING 'virs Rhyne B1l1War11ck Graham Rxchard Ann Lantz Helen Brown 4 sq. IV' 'I 'Yu IV' Q4 ,X -Q: 'Un 'Q' .+- Wt. - '....,..l Key Cl 1, Bxll Warluk Huxtt Reep Joe Kmer Bobby Cxrsxull R1lphThornas Jerry Houser N1.1rxx'1Houver Dixxd Huss P31112-louser Dean Reep Vwawne Mouser ,Txmmy Hedwner Jxmmy Car ,nenter Bennw 'xount feta Club FIRST ROW Mrs Houser Nell Crowder Helen Brown Ann Lantz Betty Wlse Ruby Scronce .Iacquelme Brooks SECOND ROW Faye Ward Carolyn Harmon Earlene Self .loan Sam Nancy Blggerstaff THIRD ROW Em11y Jane Bolmger Evelyn Hoover B11lWar11ck Davld Huss Jlmmy Carpenter FOUR TH ROW Marxe Saln Wayne I-Iouser Beth Helms Ralph Thomas FIFTH ROW Joe Kxser Paul I-louser The Unlon I-hgh School Beta Club was formed 1n the fall of 1937 It 1S a leadershlp service orgamzatxon and Its purpose 15 the promotion of honesty servlce and leadershxp Membersh1p IS based on good mentalxty and char acter credxtable achxevement and commendable attxtude Students must meet these requxrements to enter The Unxon Beta Club publxshes monthly the school paper The Traxl Blazer wlth each member doxng hls part well Last year the Beta Club had as xts project the completxon of the Fxrst Ald room To raxse money for thxs refreshments were sold at basketball games and a womanle ss weddmg was gxven Thxs year s Beta Club xs made up of twenty two members Ten of the se are new members and were xnducted Into the Beta Club ln a very xmpresszve candlelxght servlce gxven at assembly period The Beta Club offxcers for 1950 1951 are Pres1dent Carolyn Harmon Vxce Pre sxdent Joe Kxser Secretary Ann Lantz Treasurer Beth Helms Reporter Helen Brown The Unxon Hlgh School Beta Club wxll always strlve to be of servlce to our school and commumty Wifi : ' I I I I 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - - l I I I ' - 5 1 1 1 - : , . T I I v 1 . . - 1 1 - 1 . 1 - - - , . , - - 1 , . . , . ' 7 1 1 1 C 1 1 1 1 . . , ' , Y . . W.. Y. . ..4.- -4, -.Lam ' . ... .,.--Y 4 . eA..a1....4.:L4... Zypw L4 FIRST ROW Jean Heavner Ruby Scronce Hazel Elmore Ruth Champ1on Betty Wlse Lxbby Slgmon SECOND ROW Shasta SlSk Earlene Self John H1l1 Hugh Hallman Nancy Bxggerstaff Helen Johnson THIRD ROW Harold Conner Rallh Huss Paul Houser Ralph Thomas Faye Ward FOURTH ROW Ann Hauss FIFTH ROW Marvm Hoover Wayne Houser Joe Kzser Graham Rxchard Harry Bangle B1llNarl1ck .fzbrary I 6 Evelyn Hoover FIRST ROW Joan Sam Nancy Bxggerstaff Faye Ward SECOND ROW Emlly .lane Bolmger Helen Brown Vmrgmma Whxtener Peggy Carswell O David Huss, Tommy Royster, Bobby Seagle, Jimmy Carpenter, Sam Canipe, U K unior 414 Club JUNIOR 4 H OFFICERS Pre s1dent Vxce Pre sldent Sec retary Song Leader Sponsor THE NATIONAL 4 H CLUB CREED Joan Hartsoe Blllxe Jean Elmore Kenneth Rxtchle Gene Waters M155 Helen Jonas lbelleve ln -l H Club work for the opportumty 1tW1ll gxve me to become a useful CIIIZEH I belxeve ln the tramxng of my HEAD for the power 11 wlll g1VE me to thmk to plan and to reason I belleve ln the tra1n1ng of my HEART for the nobleness 1lWlllg1V2 me to become kxnd sympathetxc and true l belxeve ln the traxnlng of my HANDS for the dmgmty xt wxll glve me to be helpful useful and slullful Ibelxeve 1n the tramnlng of my HEALTH for the strength 1tw1ll gxve me to enjoy lxfe to reslst dlsease and to work effuixently lbelxeve xn my country my state and my commun1ty and 1n my responslblllty for thexr development n all these thlngs l belxeve and l am wxllxng to dedxrate my effort to thexr fulfxllment I , - , . - . , . , e . 4 . , . . 1 , , . . ., . . , , P ... . also '.. L ,, ' ., ,W Y ,...:..L. , ., .. :Senior 4JJ Presxdent Vxce Pre sxdent Secretary Sponsor SENIOR 4 H OFFICERS Mrs THE CLUB PLEDGE I Pledge Head to clearer thrnkmg Heart to greater loyalty Hands to larger servlce and Health to better llvxng for Wayne Houser Harry Rxtchle Jean Heavner Elxzabeth Rhyne club my Communxty and my Country The Club Motto To Make the Best Better Song Leader .......... ............. . . .............. Faye Ward My ' ' 1 My L My ' 3 My ' ' My , 4 , . 4.5 Cheer elltlefd LEFT 'IO RIGHT Madelme Gxlberl, ,IuvHl1lun, Sue ' Jane Harmon, Frances Lantz, Sarah Fran: es Heaxner Martha Warlxck, -4... .f .feltermen FIHSI P-'UA El A 1: Brpm. w.,,4,. , 1 lifqrv' , E w. X ,N R.,-1 i ? i X 'fi K .wZ,c 21 4: Q .Q W 'NU' oy cou fd FIRST HUM. U, ,- NN 1 1 r Barn-zz, Q. ,. ' fu vm Row 5 .M-'..' .x ,, 5 w r Yunt, 'J ff rf L 1 x He.,-.,f ff, i6fe Club glee FIRSI ROW: Martha Whxtener, Vxrginia Whxtener, Jean Gxlbert, Gladys Rudisell, Rosle Tessner, Ruby Gxlbert, Joan Re-ep, Harrmlene Allen, Joyce Chlbert, Louise Reep, Dorxs Duckworth, Shzrley Sam, Lott1e Sc-ronce-, Mmku' Mxtchem, SECOND ROW: Bertha Pless, Margaret Ledforrl, Bobby Ilartsoe, Mary Sue Scronce, Shxrley Iiouser, Dorothy Abernathy, Loumse Johnson, Madge Warlick. THIRD ROW: Dorib Brown, Bonnxe Peeler, Shelvy Carswell, Av Neal Carpenter, Carolyn Srmth. FOURTH ROW: Jarnxsie Lee Cody, Sue Rxchurd, Bobby Jo Hoyle, Emma Jo Warlxck, Helen Clark. FIFTH ROW: Jane Royster, Bonme Sain, Dav1d'Ifxylor, llkllll Reep, Pull Sain, Frank Rxtfhle. FIRST ROW' Joyce- Ollbert, Shxrley Auton, Bobby Joe Iloyle, Helen Clark, Frankxe Jean Ellls, Joan Reep, Carolyn Srmth. SECOND ROW: Harrilene Allen, Joyce Illlton, Madelene Gllhcrt, Mary Sue Seronce, Marte Johnson, Bertha Pless, Betty Jean Scronee. THIRD ROW: Peggy Leatherman, Jane Royster, Shirley War- lick, Bonme Sain, Joe Warlwk, Sue Jane Harmon, Sarah Frances Heavner, Frances Lantz. FOURTH ROW: Martha Warlmck, Suv Hoyle, Madge Warlxck, Wanda Leatherman, Bonnxe Mae Peele r, Ida Ledford, Martha Wh1tener, Mmckxe Mitchem. Club ramaticd Club FIRST ROW: Faye Ward, Nell Crowder, Ruth Champion, Ruby Scronce, Frankie Bass, Eula Kate Houser, Jacqueline Brooks. SECOND ROW: Willie Kate Scronce, Hazel Elmore, Jean Heavner, Evelyn Hoover, Betty Leatherman. THIRD ROW' Marie Sain, Veedis Jordan, Mary Gilbert, Betty Wade, Prue Neal, Mrs. E. C. Rhyne. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Jacquelene Brooks, Nell Crowder, Ruth Champion, Ruth Hughes, Frankie Bass, Ruby Scronce, Virginia Whitener, Sue Richard, Mrs. Rhyne. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Harmon, Jean Heavner, Hazel Elmore, Ann Lantz, Jamsie Lee Cody, Jean Gilbert. THIRD ROW: Emily Jane Bol- inger, Evelyn Hoover, Beth Helms, Carolyn Canipe, Veedis Jordan, FOURTH ROW: Marie Sain, Shasta Sisk, Earlene Self, Willie Kate Scronce, Mary Gilbert, Bobby Heavner, Hugh Hallman. FIFTH ROW: Bill Warlick, Wayne Houser, Joe Kiser, Ralph Thomas, Bobby Carswell. I'eIlC Club Cafeler ia -+406 um COOKS MRS M H GOINS MRS B M BOLINGER MRS HUGH HUSS MATTIE CLEMMONS T :PM + X3 4...-gf 'Tm -'aan ig, ,- aww, IJ-- l' J ji!! l 4 J riuerd Wayne Houser, Bill Warlick, Bobby Carswell. STANDING: Paul Houser, Ralph Thomas, Shasta Sisk, Harry Ritchie, Buddy Whitener, Huitt Reep. FIRST ROW: Graham Richard, Donald Scronce, John Smith, Bill Scronce, Frank Ritchie, Ronald Wise, Hal Hill, Tommy Royster, Ralph Huss, Bud Grigg. SECOND ROW: Clyde Peeler, Neil Saine, Buddy Whitener, B-ill Dellinger, Huitt Reep, Joe Heavner, Sonny Scronce, Edward Helms, Robert Bass, Jim Grigg. THIRD ROW: Benny Yount,Jerry Houser, Jim Gilbert, Bobby Heavner, Joe Warlick, Dean Reep, Jim Heavner. FOURTH ROW: Lewis Leatherman, Bob Auton, David Taylor, Harold Conner, Hugh Hallman, Harry Ritchie, Bill Sain. A 'uma 3. aktiuified FW M,-8 I K! 111 0,93 J 9-an fwfr 12, rs Y' up '-3 5' 96 N9-.4 448 19" 4 if Y ,Z fw-u -2' C fmvgnw' owarcld Creek gacufiy MRS PAULINIE YODER Lnoxr Rhynq bqxenth Gr ide MRS SUE LYNCH Appalachmn fhxrd and Fourth Grade MRS JOSEPHINYE CHI LDERS 2 Appa achman Slxlh Crdde MRS BETIYX HLS9 Lenoxr Rhyme Second md Hurd Gride. MRS LLLA L .JEf1O'N Appalachxar Fourth and Fxfth Grade MRD EDN -X N1c'N'EE LY Appalachlan FIYSI Grade even lla fade FIRST ROW: Joyce Ruclisill, Geneva Morgan, Hazel Lee lngle, Bertha Peeler, Margaret Reep, Peggy Tay- lor, Shirley Morgan. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Arthurs, Jack Champion, Johnny Hughes, Harold Martin, Kenneth Angle, Forney Sain. THIRD ROW: Grace Houser, Roy Houser, Grover Pless, Bobby Dean Wise, John Gilbert, Dean Morgan, Effie Jean Lowe, Pauline H. Yoder fteacherl. FIRST ROW: Frankie Sue Beam, Minnie Cooke, Rebecca Armstrong, Juanita Hartsoe, Carolyn Wise, Wilma Canipe, Elizabeth Smith, Shirlene Johnson, Jo Ann Holloway, Mrs. Josephine Childers fteacherl. SECOND ROW: Linda Royster, Charles Spivey, J. T. Tessner, Johnny Houserf Franklin Armstrong, Charles Chil- ders, Gary Carter, Bobby Dean Elmore, ,Shirley Willis. I'HlRD ROW: Carolyn Houser, Ray Champion, Odell Angle, J, L. Dellinger, James Nichalson, Claude Morgan, Richard Houser, Kenneth Gilmore, Wayne Grigg, Peggy Jean Elmore. Six!!! fade Sliffh fade FIRSI ROW: Yates Reep, Evelyn Martin, Mary Louise Sain, Ruth Willis, Gerold Scronce. SECOND ROW: Charlie Pless, Franklin Bridges, M, D. Morgan, Harold Canipe, Jack Huss. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lula .Ietton fteacherj, Jack Dcllinger, J. D. Ellis, Martha Leatherman, Louise Haynes. FIRSI ROW: Louise Houser, Claricv Smith, Joyce Ledford, .lulia Heavner, .lane Heavner, Kay Smith, Joan Fisher, Peggy Ann Gales. SECOND ROW: Mozelle Farmer, Bobby Rudisill, Paul Chelders, Billy Reep, Billy Hughes, Tommy Smith, Billy Elmore, Jerry Fay Peeler, Edna Shultz. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lula Jetton iteacherl, Glenn Morgan, Jerry Gilbert, Roy Shultz, Edward Mutz, Harold Bridges, Robert Houser, Sue Chelders Lynch. ourilz ra' e lzircf grade FIRST ROW: Brenda Gilbert, Christine Mutz, Barbara Withers, Clafton Tessner, Kay Davis, Linda Hall- man. SECOND ROW: Glenn Willis, Mary Lee Taylor, Nancy Morgan, Rosa Nell Armstrong, Mary Haynes, Clyde Ingle. THIRD ROW: Ralph Grigg, Mitchell Reep, Jerry Canipe, Danny Houser, Jerry Huss. FOURTH ROW: Betty Y. Huss fteacherl, Robert Houser, J. D. Houser, Henry Houser, Kenneth Johnson, Sue Childers Lynch. FIRST ROW: Brenda Houser, Jane Hughes, Brenda Champion, Earlene Avery, Faye Mitchell, Sue Jane Bridges. SECOND ROW: Shirley Houser, Jimmy Dean Johnson, Phillip Hoover, Gene Houser, Buddy Smith, Clement Hahn. THIRD ROW: Paul Lineberger, Danny Kanipe, Vance Johnson, Jimmy Leatherman, Larry Wise, Gilbert Davis, Phyllis Willis. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Betty Huss fteacherj, Howard Fisher, Holly Dean Lowe. 'V be I 1 1 kg, " 06011 fa 8 .ff gird f Q 414 Club FIRST ROW: Rachel Hahn, Evelyn Fisher, Ileaae Hou'-.er, Margaret Houoer, Kay llayries, Sybil Pe-elvr. SECOND ROW Larry Morgan, Nancy Ann Peeler, Fay Reep, Peggy Ann Hoover, .luclu Gmgg, Bernice Houser, Bobby Royster. THIRD ROW Darrell Houber, Danny Ingle, Joe Billy Heavner, Dwight Schultz, Carroll Dean Auton, Danny Cody, Loyd Houser, Edna W. McNeelv Iteacherj, FIRST ROW Carolyn Wine, Geneva Morgan, Rebecca Arnistrong, Peggy Gales, .lane Hcaxner, .lulia Heav- ner, Kay Smith, Clarice Smith, Erlna Shultz, Minnie Cook. SECOND ROW: Frankie Sue lleam, Juanita Hartsoe, Shirlene Johneon, .lo Ann Fisher, Libhy Smith, Jo Ann Arthurs, Bertha Peeler, Joyce Rucliaill, Peggy Taylor, Shirley Morgan, Margaret Reep, Peggy ,lean Elmore, THIRD ROW: Wilma Canipe, Carolyn Houser, .lo Ann Holloway, Linda Royster, Shirley Willis, Hazel Lee Ingle, Louise Haynes, I,3LllCh1lClPT5, Jack Huss, Charles Childers, Jack Champion. FOURTH ROW: Louise Sain, J, D. Ellis, M. D. Morgan, Billy Reep, Jerry Sfhronve, .lack Dvllinger, John Gilbert, Yates Resp, Dean Morgan, Bohhy Dean Wise Forney Sain, Kenneth Angle. Ieafhcr Sponf.or's, Mrs.. Josephine J. Childers, Pauline H. Yoder. fade ahfuertwzng JW ff! ., X f Z X "W Z Z fe. k lfxqxxs? I 3 f 'Q W- all .Q f S f mm V-fm? X 'IQ' 'Er I lr X ' If Q I X155 gi! 95 ml 'A Q if ggi X X o o ' ,314 f ff f 4 af f 1 f If f X V! I -36 W ,f , kb 'A f 1 N 29 -Q ,f f jf! N J Qi K ,7 g KI , , ,Q .nw 4-ll ff f 4 -1- x 12 Q, -.M 9 b -. fgl X W Yi ' Q f ' X! 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Helen Brown ,-,. 1 si- sl is WARLICK FUNERAL HCME PHONE 477 LINCOLNTON N C PROTECT YOUR FAMILY IN oUR MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION Complzments of HRSI NAIIUNM BA K Off1cers Thorne Clark Pres1dent M B Wmstead Cash1er G H MYF1Ck Exec V1ce Pres Robert RUd1S1ll Asst Cashler Don Boyd V1ce Pres1dent .IackDel11nger Asst Cash1er Member Federal Reserve System Federal Dep0s1t Insurance Corporat1on - ,sf ' J V , .Jah 1 ' - 1 . . , n ' . 9 a l ' 9 - DRUMS HI HIM HDMI 8 HIIRIST long Ambulance Phone 66 Florlst Phone 566 Lmcolnton North Carohna H YNES D IRY , A ,A Q, -, C omplmzc nts of CARL HARTMAN S CHILDREIN S SHOP Phone 5121 Lxncolnton North Carohna RHODES AND BEAL D1str1butors of Atlantlc Petroleum Products Phone 11 L1nCo1nton North Carohna POLHILL CHEN ROLET CO INC Sales Se rv1ce Phone 344 Lmcolnton North Cdrohna Used Cars Wrecker Se rvlce ELMORE S GARAGE New and Used Parts Phones N1ght 659 W Day 274 W Lmcolnton North Carohna C omplzmf nfs of CAHHO VAR MIllS Cherrxwllle North Carohna 9 4 Y O, f Y, ' Compliments 0f 9 C omplzmrnts of C omplzmcnls of GOODIN BURRIS I+ I RNITURE COMPANY INC ol to No th C I DR S P HOUSER to et L colnto 0 th C Complzmcnts of A FRIEND Complzments INDIAN CREEK GIN COMPANY ers dB e o cotto a d Ro te 2 N No thC LEE F CI INE S ESSO SERX ICENTER Accesso es h a d co plete ESSO L b cat Fo Happy Moto g See Us Op rn rist in ri N r arolina 1 T w J , . 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Noted for its sandwiches and Home a e Ice Cream asto ' Nor h Carolina ic i a es 9 I I IINEBERGER BROTHERS INC Buyxng Cotton IH Lnncolnton SINCE 1917 Phones 199 335 CHERRY VILLE I RODIJ CTIVE CREDIT ASSOC Make s Loans To purchase fertmhzers feed seed supplles mules cows tractors and other farm equ1pment and for all general purposes Never Buy Before You Try JEFF LEWIS IlNC L.1nco1nton North Carolxna BLACK'S GRILL AND SKATING RINK Cherryv1lle North Carollna C omplzmc nts 0 In S HEAVENFRS SERVICE STATION General Repa1r Work I-hghway Z7 Lmcolnton North Carohna ELMORE GOODSON Supphes of S1ncla1r Products Phone 397 Llncolnton North Carohna A I , . Y J Y M. A. STROUP Sec.-Treas. , . T I 1 a o 9 J 1 , 1 Y . , . . . 1 Complzments of SCHOOL STORE t Complz :ents of THE BETA CLUB A Sz B REMNANT SHOP Iv 1 h Y RHYN E S STORE U Wll 42.1 Ct t CHERRYVILLE NEWSSTAND M y t Complzrzents of THE KEY CLUB UNION HICH SCHOOL Best wzshes to the Semors of 51 THE DUPLAN CORPORATION 1a erials of all kinds Located on hig wa 160 a V le Nor h Carolina See S For Sherwin- i iams DuPont Paint Phone '1 - W .77 Boger i y Nor h Carolina agazines and Newspapers Cherr ville Nor h Carolina V .7 . . , 1 Compliments of REEPSVILLE GARAGE Ge e al A to Repa' Ope ted by C II-Ia tsoe Compliments of DIXIE LUMBER COMPANY B'1de SS p 1'e Ce y 11 No thCa O11 Complzments of BELK MATTHEWS COMPA e 0 th C I NY LINCOLN FINANCE CO INC A to Loa s So th A pe St Pho e 57 CHERRYVILLE NATIONAL BANK eotsof dpo edbyl-'d a1Deo c o o S10 OOO OO Ce othC SULLIVAN MOTOR COMPANY INC o d Sales d Se CAROI INA FREIGHT C e y 11 No th Ca 1 n r u ir Lumber and ui r u p 1 5 ra ar r h rr vi e r r 'na '9 u n Financing and Refinancing Ch rryville N 1' aro ina u s n . n 5 , 0 F r an rvice Cherryville North Carolina D p si each e sitor insur e er p sit 1 J Insuran e C rp ration up to , . h rryville N r arolina h rr vi e r ro ina SAIN AND SAIN GAS OIL GROCERIES We sell and recomme d Secur1ty Feeds Phone 5121 Vale North Carohna W R CARSWELL ESSO SERVICE and MAYTAG APPLIANCES Route l Vale North Carohna POWDER PL I+ F BEAUTY SALOIN You Lovehne ss 15 MaryB K1l11an Owner Llncolnton North Ca olma Complzmfnts of BELK SCHRUM LO Llncolnto North Carollna Cmnplzments of A FRIEND RHODInb 8. CORRIHER IMPLEMENT C0 Mach nery and L1 estock L1ncolnton North Caroll a Complzments of LRONLAND W ARP L0 BALSTON YARN 'VIILLS INC L1ncolnton North Carohna 1 KI n V1 1 V 1 T Y v Y T Y 1 C ll r ' ' our Business" Allis-Chalmers, New Ideal . ' ' , i 'V . r . . .H W - 0 1 1 A O . H . Y ,Y I I I , FARMERS AND BUILDERS SUPPLY CO INC S ed ' No thC ' Compliments of M T LEATHERMAN FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS SL LOANS ASSOCIATION o D to No thC 1 LINCOLN HARDWARE COMPANY AFu11L eofSh1f a H 01 to No th Ca 1 TURNER S STORE INC Pho e 872 Co t o to No thC 1 Complzments of HOVIS GROCERY SAINE AND HALLIMAN G oce e Feed Pho 740 ee D I e I.. o1t N thC 1 L MODLIN BROTHERS O6 dw11P pe Pho e 126 J col No th Ca 1 O, I Fert111zer e s and Implements O I Phone 71 Lnncolnton r arohna in e Ph ne 119 nd eavy Hardware L.inc'1n n r aro ina Line n n r ro in 1 1 , 9 0 "The Friendly Store " n N. ur Square Line ln n r aro ina r ri s Painting, Floor C v ring s an a a r ne Fr e iv ry n - inc n on or aro ina in nton r ro in LINCOLN FROZEIN FOODS INC ' ' thod f p ' g food L col o No thC l Compliments of ABERNATHY CO AL AND APPLIANCE CO Po cot NothC ' HAUSER DRUG CO VALE MILL AND GROCERY Flo F NtC DAN HOOVER M o dFed Compliments of BARKLEY FURNITURE STORE 1 0 No th C ROY C HOYLE t h s O t Complzments of EUREKA IRON WORKS l o No th C l HOMSLEY CHEVROLET COMPANY d Se C y No thC l LINCOLN LAUNDRY tht D y 908E M Phoe4ll I 4 "Freezing is the best me A ' ' or reservin s" h ne 46 in nt n r aro ina Lin ln on r arolina ur Corn Meal Piedmont Feeds "Prescriptions Cur Specialty" T. . 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Suggestions in the Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) collection:

Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Acorn Yearbook (Vale, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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