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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1948 volume:

fflw M4 A326649 XM THE ACGRN 1948 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS vf Union High School Vale, North Carolina was 1 i D E D I C A T I O N As a tribute of our esteem, We dedicate this volume of The Acorn to yfffrs. Slizabeflz Rhyne Instrucfor of English and French maxi qs it ' x , -9 , 95 K , I I I f lf ive Th O V S H ycl L dG BydLy 11 J kR P .V g: :El 3 f MM FACULTY -...D 1 9 4 8 LEONARD SCRON CE Principal Appalachian-B.S. MRS. ELIZABETH RHYNE Twelfth Grade Appalachian-B.S. HUGH HOYLE Eleventh Grade Appalachian-B.S. ARTHUR JOHNSON Tenth Grade Q Lenoir Rhyne--A.B. MRS. MERLE POWELL Ninth Grade Lenoir Rhyne-A.B. MRS. IRENE SEAGLE Eighth Grade Lenoir Rhyne-A.B. FITZI-IUGH KISER Seventh Grade Lenoir Rhyne-A.B. i wdHni....I -,, "Q2'T""" 533 MYRTLE DAVIS Sixth Grade Lenoir Rhyne VIRGINIA YOUNT Fifth Grade Appalachian--B.S. HELEN J ON AS Fourth Grade Appalachian-B.S. MRS. CARRIE MULLEN Third Grade Lenoir Rhyne--A.B. MRS. BETTY HUSS Second Grade Lenoir Rhyne-A.B. PAULINE IVIOSTELLER First Grade Appalachian-B.S. MRS. FRANCIS BANGLE First Grade Lenoir Rhyne-A.B. Kg 'Nz 7 V 'OZ f if ,r - in C X X' ,fEf,'f" ' 5 w ff if x f -' W' " ' Q' 1 ff WmwQLuTWVWWw K1 Q iw I: A 1 .A V Q V4 ,Wim 3 75 , 3 V I. 0 'VK' xl ja il f 7?5QiVwffW',,, ww,vQi Q V, U , , in ,gy W 4 M: xiwjlxlx ,Mx 5 V , :g J ,V sZ x gQf4-fgggk "1 2 ,g . Y, M., f, if LLVV rI:.pWf.X ,, 5-fy , -' ' , , 83' f- v - f andy, f Wig ,. ,gW?g2'f f u X' s , 1 ing 4. Q' A ,, I ny,i,i, 1 ,. , f f ' X W 'V ,, Q ,JWgf?W'Ygi ' R ,T-1, N ' 'gg 55 ' , 1 s-N, " , ' .. 2, , ,ff , ' Twig . vb- '? f ' sg f U - , Q gl , if , , umlgfxfffiri, It j ff' 4114 141.4 441141 14111114 l1114114. 11411114 44444444 .14441444. 'l1141144 44444444 44444444 444444 I Wm i? X 'MQ ,A 4 ,5 '4W 4 4 Vim' r QW , - af A A -'A 'fzfilff :if as MARY E. BOLDIN G Petite-Lovable-Sweet Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Circulation Man- ager Trail Blazer 2, 4g News Report- er Trail Blazer 33 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Second in County Milk Essay Con- test 3g Trip to 4-H Short Course 3g Third Place in Dress Revue 43 Choir 3g Best-All-Round 4. MARIE DAVIS F 'riendly--S erious--Dignified Usher for Play 2g 4-H Club 3, 45 School Choir 3, Perfect Attendance 4. IORS DAPHINE CONN ER Pretty-Quiet-Thoughtful 4-H Club 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Treasurer Beta Club 43 Trail Blazer Staff 2, 3, 4g Secretary of Class 2, 43 Chief Wait- ress Junior-Senior Banquet 13 Choir 33 Prettiest Girl 45 Annual Staff 43 Senior Play 4. ,x'l-Q 1' 4 Y W fm! Q ie X N 3 AN ITA BOLIN GER Thorough-Determined- Intelligent Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 47 lVice-Presi- dent ll, Garden Project Winner 3, 45 Gar- den Exhibit Winner 3, Bond Winner in State 4-H Garden Contest 3, Third Place in Dress Revue 47 4-H Club Week 3, 47 Basketball 2, 35 Team Manager 4, School Recitation Medal in Soil Conservation 31 Second Prize in County Soil Conservation 3, Represented School in Lenoir Rhyne Forensic Contest 35 Second Prize in State F. C. X. Essay Contesty Music Club 35 Class Play 2: Iunior Farewell Play 31 Poet 47 Most Intelligent 4g Senior Play 4. CARROLL HEAVNER Playing-Laughing-Girls 4-H Club 1, F. F. A. 1, 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Bus Driver 4g Class Play 2 Honor Rollg 1 Typing Club 35 Senior Play 4. CLASS HISTORY In the summer of 1944 forty-five well-acquainted Freshmen picked up their textbooks and started the familiar Union High routine-giggling, flirting, cramming, laughing, talking, and some few studying. That year we were honored to have several members on the basketball team and eight girls as waitresses for the banquet. Our officers for that year were: President, Ruth Leatherman, Vice-President, Earnest Thomas, Secretary, Jean Carpenter, Treasurer, Roy Hoyle. With Mr. Hoyle as our home-room teacher we started off our Sophomore year by abusing the Freshmen and acting like Juniors. Since there were no Seniors that year everyone felt his importance. We even gave a class play entitled "Good Gracious, Grandma." Along with the play eight members of the clas were initiated into the National Beta' Club. Class officers were: President, Ted McGinnis, Vice-President, William Rob- inson, Secretary, Daphine Conner. Thirty boys and girls then called themselves Juniors. This year was an event- ful one as the post-war epic had begun. Seven were on the basketball team, four attended 4-H Club Week at Raleigh. Three were bus drivers and two represented the school in a speaking contest at Lenoir Rhyne. The seven Beta Club members held staff positions on 4'The Trail Blazer," and Anita Bolinger won second place in a State FCX Speaking Contest. We were well represented in the Commence- ment Exercises this year since six were- in Class Night and five were Marshals. We also had 13 of our members in the choir. But the highlight of our Junior year was the banquet we gave April 25 in honor of the Seniors, the theme of our banquet, held at the Daniels Community House, was "A Southern Plantation Party." Colors used were green and yellow. Guest speakers were Rev. Iverson Brendle, Sr., and Mr. Graham Morrison. Class officers elected were: President, Thomas Sain, Vice-President, Roy Hoyle, Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Leatherman, Reporter, Earnest Thomas. On July 21, 1947, we stepped into Mrs. Rhyne's room for our last year at Union. Our rings came the second week of school and our calling cards before school closed for summer. The "Acorn" staff was elected, and officers as follows: President, Williain Robinson, Vice-President, Roy Hoyle, Secretary, Daphine Con- ner, Treasurer, Thomas Sain. When the fall term started we threw ourselves whole-heartedly into the task of "finishing up right." Most of the effort being directed toward our annual. Our Mascots, chosen from the first grade, are Alice Mosteller and Max Beam. And now we number, twenty-five, fifteen girls and ten boys. Smaller in number than the forty-five in the ninth grade, but closer in spirit. Seniors, after twelve long years we have reached our goal. But wait, is this our goal? No, I think not, our goal is Eternity and this is our first step up the ladder. Oh, God, that our next might be as firm and well-directed as this one. H istorian, RUTH LEATHERMAN if HAROLD D. HEAVNER Sports-Grinning-Arguing 4-H Club 1, 2, 33 F. F. A. 1, 25 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, Sports Editor of Annual 4. EVOYD HULL F 'riendly-Mischievous-"Tot" F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g 4-H Club 1, 25 Honor Roll 1, 2g Perfect Attendance lg Friendliest Senior, Senior Play 4. SE IORS ROY HOYLE Basketball-One girl-Blond hair 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 fPresident 3, 495 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bus Driver 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President of Class 3, 4, Class Play 2, Perfect Attendance 15 Best Athlete 4g Assistant Business Manager of Annual 45 Marshal 3, Treasurer of Class 1. ff .. ,, ,. A .e V. . ' 693 71 . . . 0 QS , X 2. , 1 iff- 4 ' fx 3 , ,a 2. ' FH M ,- gf.. , HQ.E2w i.. L7fYp',Q.'g , 'lqfxirfg' , ' E113 -, ' r 1 w,....ff5tzQf.:1. , Ziff V -1' '- 4'i',li4'f2'sjg 1 4 11'-qf.l , ' . ... ..f.w,, iw., I , E t"i 2.2-f'-'iz 'K 1 GENE HOOVER Quiet-Dark-"Pete" F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1. RUBY HUSS Contrary-Energetic-Sweet Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet lg Basketball 2, 3, 45 Basketball Let- ter 35 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Choir 3. Fey K S? LW -xiii- N m Q l N X if -H il no--N king., 1 9 POEM 348 Ex Animo r QFrom The Hearty After this spring when we graduate As the class of nineteen hundred forty eight We'll no longer climb the creaking stairs Or tip over the study hall chairs, So let us take a backward glance At our high school advance. We've seen a great war come to its end And heard famous men their peace messages send, But like students of other times we played hard And worked to keep our school records unmarred Learned our reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic Even though at times we weren't any to quick. In few things do we excell But occasionally We have done well. From this you see we have quite a tribe Which I will now try to describe. When we all together convene There are three Marys, two Rubys, and one Gene Studious Thomas and Miller, his energetic pal And the likable twins to keep up our morale Athletic Roy and Earnest, our artist Popular Selena and Ruth, our journalist Handsome William, happy Ellen, and pretty Daphine Friendly Evoyd, moody Marie, and Glenn are to be And among our ranks you'll see Red-haired Helen and of course there's me, Roberts, Pansy and Connie Mae Who are sometimes sad and sometimes gay Then there's our chief so fine Our home-room teacher, Mrs. Rhyne. We're quite proud of what we have done And we're among the happiest under the sun. But wait-We're forgetting one big thing We wouldn't be Wearing our blue and gold ring If we hadn't had teachers who knew their stuff And parents who knew when that ache was a bluff, We appreciate the history and English The lunches and your urging us to finish, But most of all the common sense Rather than an irregular verb tense, Of what is to come we're no little afraid But when we our lives have made, You can say our success really began When you taught us to live with our fellowman. Seen Class Poetess ANITA BOLINGER -Keg-"'-t 3-...L if 1 RUBY V. JOHNSON Tall-Attractive-Typing Wizard 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Marshal 3. SELENA LEONARD Popular-"Frizz"-Enthusiastic 4-H Club 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4g Choir 33 Most Popular 43 Senior Play 4. Qvlssqt. .NNW S SE IORS RUTH LEATHERMAN Dramatic-Original-Personality Class President lg Waitress Junior- Senior Banquet 13 Beta Club 2. 3, 45 Trail Blazer Stafl 2, 3, 41 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Basketball Letter 33 4-H Sew- ing Medal 2, 35 Clothing Exhibit Winner 33 President 4-H 23 Secre- tary-Treasurer County Council 35 4-H Club Week 3, 45 School Recita- tion Medal 33 Class Sccretary-Treas- urer 3: Class Play 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 33 Music Club 2, 33 Represented School in Lenoir Rhyne Forensic Contest 3, Annual S-tai? 43 Junior Farewell Play 3, Senior Play. 798- x 'S' 5 Qld! if 1 at -'-5 f Q CONNIE M. JONAS Eager-Tallcative-Merry Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 23 4-H Club 1, 2, 45 Choir 2, 3, Honor Roll 4, Senior Play. GLENN LUTZ Carefree-Tall-Rugged F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Bus Driver 43 4-H Club 1. X, 'Fw " , , fb ,M CLASS PROPHECY As I sit in my beauty parlor in May, 1955, waiting for the next customer, I think back over what Helen Richard, a basketball coach at Lenoir Rhyne College, told me the day before as I was setting her hair. She told me that all my class- mates were building a great future for themselves, but the most exciting thing was that Miller Reep was Governor of North Carolina, and he had as his secretary Ruby Huss. She told me that Earnest Thomas was the owner and operator of Thomas' Furniture Co. of Lincolnton, and that William Robinson was studying to be a preacher at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina. I knew that Roy Hoyle always did like airplanes, and I was glad to hear that he has been successful as a flier of one of the largest airplanes in the United States. He has as stewardess on his plane, Mary Scronce. Iva Lee Roberts is a happy housewife. Knowing that Thomas Sain was always smart in his school work I was not surprised to hear that he was a professor at Duke University. Another of our oustanding students, Anita Bolinger, is Lincolnton's foremost woman doctor. Know- ing that a few of my classmates had great hopes of becoming nurses, I was interested in knowing about them. Mary Bolding is a laboratory technician in the Memorial Hospital in Charlotte while Daphine Conner is a nurse at the Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. Ellen Jane Peeler is making a success as owner and manager of the Charlotte Children's Nursery, and Ruby Johnson is Van Johnson's private nurse. Next I was told that Pansy Scronce was a Congresswoman from North Caro- lina, and hearing of Pansy I naturally asked about Mary Alice Sigmon and Connie Jonas. I was told that lVIary Alice was the first policewoman in Lincolnton, and that Connie was working in the office of Jonas and Jonas, Lawyers. Evoyd Hull always did like to ride a motorcycle, and he is now a well-known daredevil motorcyclist. Glenn Lutz is driving a candy truck for the Lutz Candy Company in Lin- colnton. Ruth Leatherman, who had a great desire to be an artist, is going to the School of Arts in Washington. The three classmates that aroused my interest most were Marie Davis, and Carroll and Harold Heavner. Marie is a teacher of the Hrst grade at Union High School. Carroll and Harold are managers of I-Ieavner's Nursery for baby girls ranging from 18 to 25 years of age. Since I now know where all my classmates are, why go on thinking about them when I have work to do? Class Prophetess, SELENA LEONARD 1 xx X ll .ax ELLEN JANE PEELER Gay-Lilceable-Dependable 4-H Club 1, 2, 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary Beta Club 41 Trail Blazer Staff 2, 3, 4g Choir 35 Most Studious 33 School Winner in Peace Contest 33 Class Play 23 Junior Farewell Play 33 Sen- ior Play 4. IVA LEE ROBERTS Laughing-Fun-loving- "Roberts" 4-H Club 1, 2, 33 Choir 35 Recita- tion Contest 3, Basketball 4. SE IDRS HELEN RICHARD Reserved-"A Pattern"-Serene 4-H Club l, 2, 33 Waitress at Jun- ior-Senior Banquet lg Choir 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Basketball Letter 3, Most Athletic 4. PN f- f'g f pf , S Vvf'e .v Q I Q MILLER REEP Good-mztu1'ed-Since1'e-- Bashful 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Bus Driver 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 43 Perfect Attendance 35 Best-All- Round 4, Class Play 23 Business Manager of Annual 4, Senior Play 4. WILLIAM G. ROBINSON H andsome-Ffran lc- Happy-go-lucky F. F. A. 1, 23 4-H Club lg Beta Club 2, 3, 43 fVice-President 473 Marshall 3, Toastmaster at Junior- Senior Banquetg President of Senior Class, Trail Blazer Staff 2, 3, 4g Annual Staff 45 Typing Club 3, Most Handsome Boy 4, Basketball Man- ager 3, 4g Science Club 45 Bus Driver 45 Junior Farewell Play 33 Senior Play 4. rv-,I LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Class of '48 Union High School We, the famous Seniors of '48 being of sound mind and body, leave to rest behind certain traits and reputations of ours. Realizing our outstanding achievements, We hope they will also strive to reach the top. With a Hnal gesture of generosity we hereby leave our Last Will and Testament. First: To the Faculty we do will and bequeath our sincere apprecia- tion for their kindness shown us during our high school years. Second: To the Junior Class we leave our honored seats in Chapel, hoping they can see better than we could. Third: To the Sophomore Class We will our ability to get along with the teachers. Fourth: To the Freshmen we leave our ability to make good grades. I, Mary Bolding, will my ability to stay awake on class to Evelyn Carpenter. I, Anita Bolinger, having paid the inheritance tax, do hereby will and bequeath my stubby yellow pencil and dog-eared notebook to Emily jane Bolinger. I, Daphine Conner, will and bequeath my quiet ways to anyone who may find them useful. I, Marie Davis, will my front seat in French Class to Blair Davis, hoping he'll get along with Mrs. Rhyne as well as I have. I, Carroll Heavner, will my seat on the bus to Jacob Reep so he will be beside Carolyn Harmon. I, Harold Heavner, do hereby will my back seat in every class to Donald Heavner, hoping he doesn't get moved to the front as often as I did. I, Evoyd Hull, do hereby will my driver's license to Bob Carswell, so he can ride his motor bike on Sundays. I, Ruby I-Iuss, will my heavy load of books to the person that can carry them better than I did. I, Gene Hoover, hereby will my Sociology Book to Jack Rhyne, hoping he gets more out of it than I did. H jwffwsi h. . q .,-gf 'f Jr ,Q -4 iw, 1 1 ' 'Q' .Em fully' ' '14 2211 .Y ' E. ' sr Q ' H:-if fi., ' X ,.,.:i .ir JNVAIJ4, U , fs if -VV Y . ,. . V s. gkw ws iw 5" ' ' vi-:gf-sux . . zz?-Sqft: 5Jrf.'1'5?2'3ij ' f i..'v..w f 'K us. ' '55" f4 " ' 31 33' f'X3iT"44f2if7' ' I, ,g r-1,1 - 1, - ' !,Z,,,,2Y""3' Mft, ,s,,vf..'f. ,ff I- . ' ff , . A v"y,y,fI?ff.H-51.2. M. Y. i,:. to 5- ,,.-..f.f,f'L,Vg42,i.L'M -wifi, A-frifs '51 1 ,1.ffffZfff,, wc ', 'Q' f f' 'clay-tvffvf, am.: . -.v .. fm yn A J'-1 1, ,x'gs',5f'5-,, 734 ' 17411, ,Q hmm, v . Q ,.,,.,'v- 3 .faifp,.rW Vg . 'Af 'fr' 419. f x"?'e?i .ZW ' .wf-1'!f"f? ffl' ' H 1153! , , ..f,,,,,f,.'-, gap, f 424,453 !gSgi:'?i ' 30.454, My f. .Qix5ff"3,f, igadk X . f,'.f'1f"1-ana' . w .Mi SAW. . A c -. ay, . i ,ugvff .- ,M 1, S I e1ih3S6?..sif.l f.1,-,f':6f.i+.fl'4fS'le:.Yi mix. fi THOMAS P. SAIN S tudious-Quiet-Earnest 4-H Club 13 Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Beta Club President 3, 43 Trail Blazer Staff 2, 3, 43 Editor 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 23 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Presidentg Senior Class Treasurerg Perfect Attendance 23 Editor of An- nual 43 Class Play 23 Most Intelligent 33 Most Studious 1, 43 Chief Marshal 33 Toastmaster Junior-Senior Ban- quet 33 Junior Farewell Play 33 Sen- ior Play 4. MARY ALICE SIGMON Sweet-Smiling-Steady 4-H Club 1, 2, 43 Choir 2, 3. ml!W"""i flibfia W, my W am SE IORS PANSY L. SCRONCE Teasing-Playful-Cheerful 4-H Club 1, 2, 43 Choir 2, 3. 6 . ' v A X A .,- hd e f 00 V MARY B. SCRONCE Blonde h,ai1'-Impulsive-- Amiable 4-H Club 1 2, 3, 43 Marshal 3' Basketball 2, fi. ' EARNEST D. THOMAS Genius--H ard working- Outstanding F. F. A. 1, 23 4-H Club 1, 23 Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll 13 Trail Blazer Staff 2, 3, 43 Art Editor of Annual 43 Typing Club 33 Most Like- ly to Succeed 43 Science Club 43 Class Reporter 3, 4. I, Roy Hoyle, will and bequeath my ability to skip class to Beatrice Hauss. We, Ruby Johnson and Mary Scronce, do hereby will to two stupid people Clike usb our misfortune to have our hearts broken once a month and our great love for night life. I, Connie Jonas, hereby will my typing seat to Betty Carswell, in hopes she'll make better use of it than I did. I, Ruth Leatherman, do hereby will my love of teasing to Sam Goins, so he, instead of me, will be making someone blush. I, Selena Leonard, hereby will all my good times at Union High School to Helen Lackey. I, Ellen Jane Peeler, will my ability to sleep on class without getting caught to Mary Jane Leatherman. I, Miller Reep, do hereby will and bequeath my Bus Driver's Report Book to anyone who wants it, hoping they like to fill it out better than I did. I, Helen Richard, will my ability to make friends to Sarah Kiser. I, William Robinson, do hereby will to Sonny Sain my bus routes and I hope he has better luck with those noisy kids than I did. I, Iva Lee Roberts, will my ability to talk to everyone, including boys, to Barbara Seagle. A I, Thomas Sain, do hereby will and bequeath "mon livre Francais" to any prospective student, hoping he'll learn more French than I did. I, Pansy Scronce, will my good times at Union to Prue Neal, with hopes that she enjoys them as I have. I, Mary Alice Sigmon, do hereby will my English workbook to any- one who will get more out of it than I did. I, Earnest Thomas, will my ability to get along on a whizzer to George Smith, and I sincerely hope he gets along better than I have. Witnessed Therefore: On both our light and serious sides We set this, our last seal upon our years at Union. Signed: DAP1-UNE CONNER Witnesses: ELLEN JANE PEELER EvoYD HULL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Flowers, Roses -- Class Colors, Blue and Gold William Robinson ..,..., ..s. ...... .....,..s,.....,, .,...,....s.......,..,..s.. ......, P r e s i dent Roy Hoyle .,,..... . ....,.,..... Vice-President Daphine Conner .... ..........,..... S ecretary Thomas Sain s.......,,,s.. ..s..... , .Treasurer Earnest Thomas ,......... . ................s ......... . .....s.... R eporter MASCOTS 4 ' we H Mixed Roses ALICE MOSTELLER MAX BEAIVI SUPERLATIVES K 1 'F'-A 4. QI fy1"' fy ,J ' V xii 4 Fwwv- ' J 2 , 1 is ,ti .Q SELENA LEONARD Most Popular THOMAS SAIN Most Handsome Most Stuolious MARY BOLDING MILLER REEP ROY HOYLE HELEN RICHARD Best All-Round Best Athletes ra 4 Q' V1.1-"9 EVOYD HULL DAPHINE CONNER ANITA BOLINGER EARNEST THOMAS Friendliest Prettiest Girl Most Intelligent Most Likely to Succeed UNF1 -,I CGM NYY Q ,fv- YK , iw an 's Wg! 'iff' 4, ,, Mmfpfiwff fwg lfjffsfz yy. ', yy, :S 0" fpjgg ,Z Shim: 1 . 4 JUNTURS 9' V M f f W , 0 " ff' i t xl 0 A N m 3553 XX Xl .,. fif' 5 f X if , ,N Q ' . ws- Mb 'iw- f- L w'S1 .,, , , any 'x - '-'- , ff... V V Q7 ' Y 3421, .5 1, 'Q' f w A -sv-Q H A' ,, 1 . ug' . K . ,I X 4 1 ,ur 1' f -'ff' fgfa' '-of-" K 5355-w wm Mx A 1 WNW' Mun inmhu W-'i K ff. 'Hw-L .- Air. 'V N av- f"i:- ' f 5'??gQ!fkLff2 . A T?r,3',f1Eg3.3:y:I,i , -, he E: c, Www E Www... lk. Wx... 'Nuff 'Nauv- 'num --.N A X '0f+a,. F x 59549 xli- iii WOW 1 .tw 1' it A 8 3,4 JUNIORS EVELYN CARPENTER BLAIR DAVIS JOHNNY DAVIS MARY GILBERT TED GOINS DORIS HOOVER GLENN HOOVER EFFIE HOUSER SIDNEY HOUSER J IMMIE J ETTON BOB KEENER SARAH KISER HELEN LACKEY MARY LEATHERMAN TED MCGINNIS LEWIS QUICKEL f I N JACOB REEP X 7 JACK RHYNE ll ! X JEAN RHYNE SONNY SAIN BARBARA SEAGLE fl an Q I n f y, ,f I AVER my . if A-S 2 Vis? u-1 5. A B A A , A NELL BASS A-iiiiivl LOIS BOLDING BOBBY BOLINGER MILDRFD CANIPE BETTY CARSWELL JOHN CARSWELL DORMAN DAVIS if Mi, . -v- llf i x JOHN GILBERT SAM GOINS 4 1 VELMA HARTSOE BEATRICE HAUSS KATHERINE HAUSS I DONALD HEAVNER MARY HEAVNER JULIA ANN HOOVER 5 guy CHARLES HOUSER DONALD HOUSER EDNA HUSS HELEN HUSS GERALDEAN HOYLE EDNA JOHNSON BONNIE LUTZ BETTY JO PROPST MABLE RICHARD NETTIE SMITH BOBBY SCRONCE BOBBY LEWIS SCRONCE THELMA RAE SCRONCE BOBBY WEAVER 7',S ir- is 'Q"'f" 1... 1' 51'- 'fx Qi mx. .Qi x . f.f L - ' x ,, . in ,47',.Am 1 Q -ff ,- - ., . N.. nag-. ,G . - f r AQJAKIP- 919- in-is-av... Vw 49... - nv' i m I-x I I S.,, It . in 'Hmm ' -'S -mv VU'-Q Q., f I , W A1 fi I ' 245153 ' 'M A ... f Q, in 237. E.. , RTI - L s- 1.4 , 4f A Q, z. 4373 Il, ' KW. A Ai: 155: LA, if , WN- 'fgl slug. - bk H f fx I I 1 6 -. . 3 X f 1 f um 'A KK IV 4 , - FRANKIE BASS EMILY JANE BOLINGER HELEN BROWN BOBBY CARSWELL RUTH CHAMPION HAROLD CONNER HAZEL ELMORE MARVIN GILBERT ALMA RUTH GOINS RUBY HALLMAN CAROLYN HARMON KENNETH HARTSOE JEAN HEAVNER BETH HELMS HAL HILL EULA KATE HOUSER WAYNE HOUSER RALPH HUSS JOE KISER ,, xg if f I I N., 1 N . I-In Ir 'A Q wx , 'z In ' 'N v- ' SE f ai ' ANN LANTZ I.. I , ,Q-5 .I BETTY LEATHERMAN I Q , PRUE NEAL A K V , In . "L - ' W , yn W' igq GLENN REEP I I ...Q I ' '23, ... ' ,Nm Q ga, :L l HUITT REEP ' .M I sm .,,. GRAHAM RICHARD in Q A 2 ' 'fx' .A j 1 , NI hu. Af' A I '2f.5'.I... E51 ix I 12 ' ff' " xi' f 6' I A'.- . HARRY RITCHIE 'V 5 nigw i ntwq 'I'- TOMMY ROYSTER , 'N' 3 A -3' RUBY SCRONCE . ' xf' . 3 I A ' , I .3221 In . 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Q O F' E! 0 II' Q H P- ID- 1: Ill at :1 -1 O 2 CD H 14 cn O rr cr -4 III CD Q 4 :1 CD r' 'U Q c ... :U O rr KD 1 ff' H1 Q -4 KD Q H P- 9? iQ Bw Oo Fc: 2 :r :n O 5 E? : G 9, U1 2 CD F E' 0 .Q S 5. KD m H O 0 rv Y' iv' :s :s I Q s: Ill F' E' Q :s U7 9. E' Z CD ::'. O H O 2 Q. CD 1" F! ... N Q rr SL Q- UlU1""l 255 SW -' rn F510 me sw get UU-5,11 0-'6'm 55 5311 .2'93 -CET, QQ Z"':1: QE- E. :1 DM :nw Shu: ah :'E.f" Q. 5-4 2 0 Eh 0502. 71-gm 9.0m WEE. rn P QE? ocm ESS wb lf1:::Q 912: 'HBE' Sgw -1 U' D- :DFS Fl FZ... mam 4.29 ID EQ? 21:50 mom CD HE EW cn 5 2' S" 'fix gf First Row: Mr. Kiser tTeacherl, Carol Hoyle, Iaclc Beam, Carolyn Elmore, Emma Io Warlick, Sarah McGinnis, Ioe Heavner. Second Row: Ierry Houser, Jimmie Heavner, Lewis Leatherman, Doris Richard, Shirley Wilson, Iean Gilbert. Third Row: Virginia Whitener, Robert Bass, Iunior Heavner, Coley Wood, Sue Richard, Wanda Leatherman. Fourth Row: Helen Aderholdt, Peggy Leatherman, Madge Warlick, Peggy Carswell, Alda Gilbert. Fifth Row: Ioe Richard, Iimmie Gilbert, Irene Gilbert, Marylan Gilbert, Clyde Ledford, Clyde Weaver. EHZM4mm MUWWQ Xl-ICD EH MUDWQ l First Row: Miss Davis KTeacherl, Martha Warlick, Frances Lantz, Ioye Hilton, David Taylor, Charles Harkey, Donald Scronce, Dean Carpenter. Second Row: Neil Sain, Roy Lee Scronce, Charles Scronce, Cecil Scronce, Bobby Ingle, Ioyce Gilbert. Third Row: Mary Carolyn Sain, lack Hoover, Frank Ritchie,AMickie Mitchum, Carblyn Smith, Mateline Gilbert. Fourth Row: I. C. Scronce, William Hudson, Hazel Ienkins, Thurn Ingle, Harrilean Allen, Ioan Beep. Fifth Row: Sue Hoyle, Bertha Pless, Ruth Wood, Mary Helen McMurray, Mary Sue Scronce, Billy Dellinqer. +3 Pj' af '-I rn Q. BIZ? SE 5' '11 Fo -of .3 O4 -cr,- '52 :s,.. QQ P' '4 92 ELI: S- Q? '12 0:1- gm SD?- Q s: -4 m m Q 5 ... Q 0 E cn ... o :- :s 9. o P -.. Q :J CD ... o 1:- :J U1 o P rn Q ID 31 c E1 9. FE 9- U2 M ' O wi SI-'rn O me S.. 8' 19 - m H 4 '4 O 9. UI S 0 1: W O U' U' '4 FD 0 '1 O 5 O :D F2 CD Q 3 O 91 ET af IJ KD I' I" 9. CT FD U7 0 V1 O I5 O fb n: E 2 0- U fD Q 5 Z CD Q 2 Q: ,.,Q. Ex ao QS :,.. 99 ..- '-:Q 5: 11 mm S5 Q EE E. N-1 58 :S 'J-1 9. 5' 8 EU E. 'o :r E? S' Z1 '6' S E 5. Zi' m E U' Q H Q '6' Q :1 U! Q ,.. P IP' 4 UI 0 '1 O 23' SDC 2 :r 5? 5 ED Q 91 CD I 2 B F' Z 9. 5'- Q Z CD : I-4 9, "1 91 -1 CD Q. Ui E. E' 'IJ Q rr -c 2 rr 52 IP' H 9. Q :1 Q. '5' H Q. Q P Q FD :s :s In D' r 2- H O:- H 3 2 - z Q 5 Q '1 2 I" a E EL CU Q 0 D' Sl U3 E. D P Z Q H G O D D CD F' Fd E 4D 1 '-3 O 2 3 Z Q '1 , CD IJ KD U1 S4 O D 0 SD UI .- 5 :r 'JU O 5 U1 :T il CD -4 UI 9. E' U O P1 9. :- -4 fu H Q M c: '1 P cu 0 o- cr -4 UI Q ,.. P O Q P1 O ... U2 E. 5 U Q S. Q. UI Q ,.. P O :r Q 1 0 U1 O O P' -vm 1 IO EHWCOm MUPWG '. I1 se xg? F x Lantz, Betty Ioe Mull, T. C. Scronce. First Row: Miss Ionas tTeacherl, Hazel Scronce, Lucille Scronce. Second Row: Ralph Warlick, Betty Massaqee, Martina Ingle, Alma Iordan, Phyllis Wise, Gene Waters, Peggy Yount. Third Row: Gene Sain, Kenneth Ritchie, Ioe Scronce, Betty Johnson, Ruby Ann Heavner, Buster Hartsoe. Fourth Row: Helen Scronce, Christine Gilbert, Deane Heavner, Terry Biggerstaft, Iohnny Bolinger, Harold Sain. Fifth Row: Bobby Scronce, Dorothy Wood, Ioan Goins, Donald Reep, Grover Pless, Eugene Wood, Franklin Kistler. S 00 0000 H1 .M '1 2 'LU O 5 Z VI 9' O Q Pl Z1 YD Z E. 5 :v G 0 Q 0 :- CD IL SU c o' -4 9. CD '1 Y' 2 5 :J 0 z- -4 Q 0 P' 9 Q 2 CD :1 CD :- o -Q Q P 511 0 :r :J s -4 Second Row: Leon Wood, Karol Dean Haynes, Bobby Elmore, Dean Ward, Vivian Sain, Margaret Gilbert, Midgie Ann Roberts. Third Row: Kenneth Frasure, Ierry Hooper, Avery Jenkins, Hazel Rudisill, Dean Sain, Yates Harrill, Iohnny Weisiqer. Fourth Row: Roger Richard, Alfred Helms, lack Goins, Sue Ledford, Barbara Harkey. Fifth Row: Mike Inqle, Ir., Mary Sue Thomas, Myrlin Hoover, Peggy Ann Hoover, Iames Ray Lutz, Thomas Snider, Ir. Sixth Row: Billy Ray McMurry, Doris Sisk, Nancy Coon, Betty Sue Scronce, Aleta Belle Canipe, Betty Sue Lutz. UWHEH MUPWQ S E C O N D G R A D E x -rw E' or First Row: Billy Pritchard, Roger Warlick, Nelson Jordan, Carolyn Scronce, Peggy Kiser, Faye P M Mull. Second Row: Robert Pless, Edward Heavner, Wayne Gilbert, Doris Goins, Frances Canipe, Allen Q Lynch, Kenneth Scronce, Iudy Helms. Third How: C. F. Ingle, Max Green, Mills Green, Sammie Sain, Bobby Taylor, Geraldine Scronce, Peggy Johnson. Fourth Row: Dean Towery, Faye Scronce, Helen Hildebrand, Mary Sue Seagle, Faye Canipe, Clara Beam. Fifth Row: Iimmy Angle, Nancy Gilbert, Earlene Saine, Faye Hoyle, Ted Goins, Larry Carpenter, Mrs. Huss tTeacherl. Sixth Row: Harold Blvens, Clyde Ienkins, Wayne Sigmon. ft 2 ' First Row: Iimmie Warlick, Peggy Scronce, Nellie Elmore, Wanda Richard, Mary Smith, Ted f Hartsoe, Ianice Logan, Ianice Mosteller. Second Row: Linda Duckworth, Billy Rudisill, I. R. Haynes, Ioan Fisher, Robert Whitener, Larry f J sqm, Ralph warner. f Third Row: Sue Scronce, Harold Scronce, Kenneth Rudisill, Richard Armstrong, Margaret Leather- man, Homer Hilderbrand, Odis Scronce, Gaynell Reinhardt. Fourth Row: Troy Scronce, Harvey Thomas, Mary Rudisill, Shirley Conner, Robert Rudisill, Iudy Rudisill, Bryon Reep. Fifth Row: Carl Wilson, Ruth Hoover, Mary Frasure, Clarence Stroupe, Rosie Helms, Gene Hauser. Sixth Row: Mrs. Frances Bangle, Max Beam, Alice Mosteller, Pauline Mosteller. F I R S o T G R A D E A' Jw r. in 5 5 1594 JT, ,p, Q ACTIVITIE ,...-' w,.r 1 .f ,-EE? 1 ,,9.s,. A,,:.m x f N -ti-M,,, If 'yjf',i,,z WJ-Awv M f. , VNQIFQZ v!Ya1:M,ifZf3"i? A ' ff, :ffhwhg Q ,' ,iv M .MI-Q my , ,Mtg , rf .+L Aw! . ,,,, , Q . . i,J.,.f,, ,YIM , . Y , :'1,,4!-.21 '. 'f , 1-Jgavffi' 'v'ff1.l ff if ' ':.,..,ff . 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' , , lf? ...,- f ....., ,.,, L, , V I I , , 1 .. 1 ' ' ,' ,yZgqv4jW, H," J- " ' 'xsfffrf 3. , , sf m '., -v -HI' , , . WXwf rv ax ' MILLER REEP Center First Row: Harold Heavner, Joe Kiser, Carroll Heavner, Roy Hoyle, Miller Reep, Glenn Hoover. Second Row: Jimmie Jetton, Evoyd Hull, Bill Watts, Jacob Reep, Johnny Davis, Ted Goins, William Robinson, Coach-Mr. Johnson. 1-pu-una-quo-www-4 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM lllll' Illlll RUBY HUSS Forward -"""" llll Ill ll lin: llllll THELMA RAE SCRONCE Guard 9:3543-5. R HELEN RICHARD Forward PRUE NEAL Guard n-l""' -- Ill lllll Ill lllll ' - 1 r 4 .- Q 331 Q, fur - Q- , -I-Lv' ' sr' as .T-'W -'3'fXi.' -I mais' f- f Ju -.mg -Q 'g.fvf75f'Z'iii 3379 1' 'V ' 5957 3 . lfc,i51.'iJq'3Qf:-Illlgjvd VW6, , '1' QL1-ri ff? 5,4 :'ff'Sl,f :Q fifjif '-I KATHERINE HAUSS Forward iqzxftfz , ,Nil V M . -mf f'iga.vw,,.4 ,. ' . 4 . ,JIU . . v f WM1, F ' 411 -44' A I 1 :.'f 5 A lull ,ff My r ffm ,:,f15-4 .. 4 -,N at H , F-. U Y- RUTH LEATHERMAN Guard First Row: Prue Neal, Iva Lee Roberts, Helen Richard, Ruby Huss, Edna Johnson, Bea- trice Hauss. Second Row: Mary Scronce, Mildred Canipe, Thelma Rae Scronce, Evelyn Hoover, Ruth Leatherman, Coach-Mrs. Powell. A N N U A L S T A F F , Left to Right Around Desk: William Robinson, Thomas Sain, Mrs. Rhyne fSponsorJ, Ruth Leatherman. Standing: Selena Leonard, Jacob Reep, Harold Heavner, 5 Roy Hoyle, Ted Goins, Miller Reep, Daphine Conner, Anita -- Bolinger, Earnest Thomas. First Row: Daphine Conner, Thomas Sain, Jack Rhyne, Ellen Jane Peeler, Barbara Seagle, Mary Leatherman. Second Row: Mrs. Powell CSponsorJ, William Robinson, Jacob Reep, Sonny Sain, Ted Goins, Earnest Thomas, Ruth Leatherman, Mary Bolding, Mary Gilbert. ,fp Af 4 X X x X X M ...i' T Y P I N G C L A S S l First Row: Sarah Kiser, Evelyn Carpenter, Doris Hoover, Helen Lackey, Pansy Scronce, Mary Scronce. Second Row: Ted McGinnis, Sonny Sain, Mary Gilbert, Connie Mae Jonas, Mary Alice Sigmon, Ruby Johnson, Mrs. Houser Powell fTeacherJ. Third Row: Jacob Reep, Evoyd Hull, Ruth Leatherman, Johnnie Davis, Anita Bolinger, Marie Davis. Fourth Row: Jimmie Jetton, Glenn Lutz, Glenn Hoover. - - 9-:.-'fri 09" f :S-1'5"f' if" F f' f C, Q u Selena Leonard, Helen Richard, Mary Leatherman, Mabel L I B R A R I A N S Richard, Effie Houser, Helen Huss, Barbara Seagle, Katherine Hauss, Ellen Jane Peeler. WOHZG E? WGHO Ann Hauss, Betty Wise, Ruby Scronce, Lois Bolding, Wilma Scronce, Joan Sain, Eula Kate Houser, Bobby Hallman, Bobby Heavner, Daphine Conner, Alma Goins, Faye Ward, Helen Johnson, Libby Sigmon, Paul Houser, Mildred Canipe, Velma Hartsoe, Betty Leatherman, Ann Lantz, Helen Brown, Veedis Jordan, Jean Heavner, Mary Bolding, Jack Richard, Lelan Lynch, Huitt Reep, Bob Carswell, Jack Helms, Harry Ritchie, Wayne Houser, Frank Bass, Bill Warlick, Bobby Seagle, Anita Bolinger, Mary Gilbert, Earnest Thomas, Edison Gilbert, Ted Wise, Harold Sain, David Huss, Bobby Jones, Joe Kiser, Ruth Leatherman, Buddy Whitener, Bill Watts, Bill Carswell, Jimmie Jetton, Glenn Hoover, Katherine Hauss, Sam Canipe, Evelyn Carpenter, Mary Alice Sigmon, Connie Jonas, Pansy Scronce, Doris Hoover, Helen Lackey, Emily Jane Bolinger, Ruth Champion, Sarah Kiser, Marie Davis, Ruby Johnson, Mary Scronce, Beth Helms, Betty Carswell, Edna Huss, Ruby Hallman, Ruby Huss, Earlene Self, Johnnie Sain, Beatrice Hauss, Nell Bass, Mary Heavner, Thelma Rae Scronce, Edna Johnson, Lucille Wood, Julia Ann Hoover, Prue Neal, Shasta Sisk, Carolyn Harmon, Willie Kate Scronce, Roy Hoyle, Miller Reep, Evelyn Hoover, Betty Wade, Nettie Smith, Bonnie Lutz, Mabel Richard, Marvin Gilbert, Lewis Quickel, Donald Houser, Charles Houser, John Gilbert, Sonny Sain, Jacob Reep, Bob Keener, Jack Rhyne, Sidney Houser, John Carswell, Bobby Weaver. First Row: Clifton Scronce, Lottie Scronce, Shelvy Ca swell Baibaia Jean Sain, Jane Johnson, Peggy Jones, Jackie Johnston. Second Row: Donald Scronce, J. B. Gilbert, Martha Nell Jarrett Joan Haitsoe Joan Goins, Sue Rudisill, Av Neail Carpenter, Martina Ingle Third Row: Neil Sain, Jean Warlick, Eleanor Whitener Joye Hilton Sadie Helms, Emma Jo Warlick, Jean Gilbert. Fourth Row: Frank Ritchie, David Taylor, Dean Carpenter Frances Lantz Harold Sain, Franklin Kistler, Donald Reep. Fifth Row: Bobby Ingle, Bobby Scronce, Margaret Ledford Martha Wailick Joyce Gilbert, Carolyn Elmore. Sixth Row: Jack Hoover, J. C. Scronce, Cecil Scronce Bobby Sain Max Conner, Ralph Gilbert, Ted Sain. Seventh Row: Jerry Houser, Charles Scronce, Harrilene Allen Joan Reep Mary Carolyn Sain, Shirley Wilson, Rachel Saine. Eighth Row: Lewis Leatherman, Billy Dellinger Wanda Leatherman Sue Richard, Marline Scronce. Ninth Row: Jimmie Heavner, Ruby Gilbert, Peggy Leatherman Madge War lick, Sue Richard, Mary Sue Scronce, Virginia Whitener Tenth Row: Jimmie Gilbert, Joe Richard, Sue Hoyle Irene Gilbert Marylan Gilbert, Ruth Wood, Alda Gilbert. Miller Reep, Evoyd Hull, Johnny Davis, Jimmie Jetton, Sam Goins, Glenn Hoover, Sonny Sain, Sidney Houser, Ted Goins, Donald Houser, Bill Watts, Joe Kiser, Bob Seagle, Roy Hoyle, Glenn Reep, John Gilbert, John Carswell, Jacob Reep Bobby Weaver, Bill Warlick, Huitt Reep, Ralph Huss, Charles Houser, Jack Rhyne, Kenneth Hartsoe, Buddy Whitener, Harold Conner, Dorman Davis, Dean Crowder, Gene Hoover, Roy Harkey, Bobby Scronce, Donald Heavner, Glenn Lutz, Graham Richard, Ralph Thomas, Marvin Gilbert, Tommy Royster, Blair Davis, Harry Ritchie, Hal Hill. G L , E E C L U B D R A M A T I C S C L U B S C I E U N C E C L U B Director--Mrs. Seagle, Geraldean Hoyle, Betty Jo Propst, Nell Bass, Ruby Scronce, Jean Heavner, Hazel Elmore, Evelyn Carpenter, Doris Hoover, Helen Lackey, Eula Kate Houser, Lois Bolding, Kath- erine Hauss, Alma Goins, Edna Huss, Sam Goins, Sarah Kiser, Ruth Champion, Betty Carswell, Emily Jane Bolinger, Mary Bolding, Ann Lantz, Effie Houser, Glenn Hoover, Jacob Reep, Frankie Bass, Caro- lyn Harmon, Beth Helms, Sidney Houser, Jimmie Jetton, Sonny Sain, Bob Keener, Evoyd Hull, Selena Leonard, Jean Rhyne, Barbara Seagle, Jessie Weaver, Ted Goins, Lewis Quickel, Jack Rhyne, Mary Heavner, Nettie Smith, Bonnie Lutz, Daphine Conner, Betty Wade, Mary Gilbert, Ellen Jane Peeler, Ruby Johnson, Mary Leatherman, Third Row: Jessie Weaver, Mary Leatherman, Thomas Sain, Marie Davis, Connie Jonas, Mary Alice Sigmon, Pansy Scronce. First Row: Mrs. Rhyne fSponsorJ, Geraldean Hoyle, Betty Jo Propst, Ruth Leatherman, Effie Houser, Selena Leonard, Barbara Seagle. Second Row: Ellen Jane Peeler, Anita Bolinger, Bonnie Lutz, Daphine Conner, Jean Rhyne. Sam Goins, Jack Rhyne. Mr. Hoyle fSponsorJ, Helen Richard, Anita Bolinger, Daphine Conner, Selena Leonard, Ellen Jane Peeler, Ruth Leatherman, Sam Goins, Jack Rhyne, Joe Kiser, Jacob Reep, Ted Goins, Wayne Houser, Earnest Thomas, Bill Warlick, William Robinson, Ralph Thomas, Donald Houser. 4 i 1 n , Q:-. M ' is ' Q" , K """"""""'- -:ag hay' ,nav -Q - H Roy Hoyle, Johnny Davis, Blair Davis, Glenn Lutz, Miller Reep, Carroll Heavner, William Robinson, Marvin Gilbert. 6 is , " ,1 I I ,,1 nn ,D 0 fi EE gi ,W - , A '-4PUl'11ZZ!PO 1 . ,A , , . N-,.iwyfv-T524 , iqygym-2.x,f:f,..Ji':5g 1 z , 9 M Mg ,' Q 'e".' N. ' ,,, x Q'-"2?5 ' f'575lL":' Wm, 6, f Vx, ,h J- -g,5.YMv f, :f .L U, V1 I Q F4 ,',g,f, , ,f V ' ' " '75 i f Aiffif, W R ' - '.fi'.L.f , .E 5.1 ,af ' f?W'?' '4 ,QA . 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QUALITY GROCERIES 311 North Grove Street LINCOLNTON, N. C. , li Compliments of Compofments CARL R. HARTMAN LINCOLN LINCOLN TON, N. C. TRACTOR CO. LINCOLNTON, N. C. Compliments of PIEDMONT MOTOR CO. LINCOLNTON, N. C. Compliments of A FARMER'S UNION SUPPLY COMPANY CHERRYVILLE, N. C. POLHILL APPLIANCE CO. HOME AND SPORTING LINCOLN AUTO SALES CO. PACKARD DEALER EQUIPMENT CASE FARM MACHINERY PHONE LINCOLNTON LINCOLNTON, N. c. Compliments of Cvmplgmenfs TELEPHONE 240 O Hovls GROCERY cm' SERVICE STATION Phone 302 RECAPPED, RETREADED LINCOLNTON, N. C. TIRES- -TIRES VULCANIZED, NEW LINCOLNTON, N. C. SAIN AND SAIN GAS - o1L - GROCERIES We Sell and Recommend HOYLE APPLIANCE CO. The Best in Appliances Q SECURITY FEEDS LINCOLNTON, N. C. Phone 5121 Q VA'-Ev N- C- Phone 691 600 E. Main St. Compliments Compliments of of R. G. LEATHERMAN HINSON'S , GARAGE Inc. ' APPLES DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Phone 296 O LINCOLNTON, N. C. NTALE, N. C. Compliments of LAWlNG'S M EN SHOP AND LAWING'S CLEANERS SUMMIE K. SAIN Watch Maker and jeweler ALL MAKES OF WATCHES DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY LINCOLNTON, N. c. VALE, N. c. Complgmenfs VALE FEED AND GROCERY O FLOUR - CORN MEAL J. L. SAIN Delicious Apples VALE, N. C. WAYNE FEEDS T. E. SAIN VALE, N. C. L. R. BOYLES GENERAL MERCHANDISE GAS AND Ou. Route 1 LINCOLNTON, N. C. COMPLIMEN TS OF THE SCHOOL STORE Union High School Compliments of The First National Bank and The Insurance Department of I The First National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Department Member Federal Reserve Bank LINCOLNTON, N. C. ABERNATHY EQUIPMENT CO. OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service Highway No. 27 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Compliments of HOUSER'S CASH 84 CARRY LINCOLNTON, N. C. B. C. MOORE 8: SONS SHOES, DRY GOODS, AND CLOTHING "Buy from Moore and Save More" LINCOLNTON, N. C. GILBERT'S STATION G. T. GILBERT, operator "The Place to Buy" Route One LINCOLNTON, N. C. Compliments of Compliments CAROLINA FREIGHT Of CARRIERS CORP. CHERRYVH-LE General Office CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Telephone 2421-2411 Phone 3231 WATCHES SILVERWARE Compliments of Compliments of SERVICE STATION JEWELERS LINCOLNTON, N. C. "Famous for Fine Diamonds" LINCOLNTON, N. C. RAMSEUR HARDWARE CO. Established 1887 EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE PAINT HEADQUARTERS THANKS LINCOLNTON, N. C. LINCOLN HARDWARE CO. INCORPORATED SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Phone 237 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Ba:mgIe's E550 Station Water and Aspen Streets LINCOLNTON, N. C. Phone 9111 Complete ESSO Service McGINNES BROTHERS Service Station INDEPENDENT GAS AND OIL TIRE RECAPPING AND BATTERY SERVICE Phone 382 LINCOLNTON, N. C. BLAIR CARPENTER'S Taxi Service at BUS STATION FOUNTAIN SERVICE AND HOT SANDWICHES Phone 28-37 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Compliments of DAVE LERNER LlNcoLN'roN, N. c. Compliments Of BELK SCHRUM CO. LINCOLNTON, N. c. Compliments of CAROLINA DINER Phone 9122 LINCOLNTON, N. C. LINEBERGER BROS. Cotton Buyers "BUYING LOCAL COTTON SINCE 1914" Phones 199-335 LINCOLNTON, N. C. SHUFORD'S FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Phone 218 LINCOLNTON, N. c. J. C. J ETTON Gas and Oil GROCERIES - HARDWARE F LOUR AND FEEDS REEPSVILLE, N. C. E. D. GEYMONT LAND CLEARING, GRADING, TERRACING ROAD BUILDING FISH POND BUILDING VALE, N. C. Phone 3204 EDDIE ADAMS MEATS AND GROCERIES Academy Street Phone 163 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Phone 24 Compliments of Lawing 8. Costner Druggists LINCOLNTON, N. C. LINCOLN F C X FEED - SEED - FARM SUPPLIES Phone 464 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Mike Kiser and Sons Alfalfa Hay Hybrid Corn ir REEPSVILLE, N. C. SAINE AND HALLMAN Complimenfsvf GROCERIES AND FEEDS LINCOLNTON, N. C. IDEAL CHAIR CO. 0 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Phone 466 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE See Us for Auto Repairs, Car Batteries, Radios, etc. LINCOLNTON, N. C. FARMERS SUPPLY CO FERTILIZER, FEEDS, SEEDS, AND IMPLEMENTS 0 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Compliments of LEONARD'S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION LINCOLNTON, N. C. DRUMS' FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions O LINCOLNTON, N. C. DRUM'S FUNERAL HOME Am bulalzce Service Phone 66 LINCOLNTON, N. C. Lincoln Bonded Warehouse COTTON STORAGE ' J. A. BURGIN, Mgr. O PHONE 215 LINCOLNTON, N. C. b Compliments of LINCOLN BARBER SHOP B. C. BEAL, Prop. Court Square L I t Compliments of HAWKINS 86 PROCTOR FURNITURE COMPANY PHONE 22 LINCOLNTON Compliments of RHODES-RYHNE STORE R. L. CHRONISTER Compliments of MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 553 LINCOLNTON, N. C. ROBERTSONS PROVEN FERTILIZERS G. M. PEELER AND SON LINCOLNTON, N. c. Compliments of RALPH MAUNEY Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS MILL REMNANT TO SHOP THE CLASS Lincolnton, N. C. OF 1948 Conzplinzefzts . . of Talt Yarn Mull HO0VER'S Lincolnton, N. C. SERVICE STATION Compliments of BLAINE LEONHARDT Route 1 LINCOLNTON N C Compliments of HEAFNER BROS. cHERnvvn.LE, N. c. Compliments of PICTURES IN THIS ANNUAL MADE BY HALL sg MORRIS DELMAR STUDIOS BELMONT' N' C' cHAm.oTTE, N. c. THE PRINTING OF THIS ANNUAL WAS DONE BY ROWAN PRINTING COMPANY SALISBURY, N. C. ..!JuLlograloAd ..fdbtf0gl'6lPA5 Uv'T1 4 A" , I ' 4 . . x , , " S Q -, D s

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