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1 FV K 1 A '- fag , f I 5 V.- J -ff, V 1s' ., 3 3, i A1 .1 S- . ki M1-1 1 1:11 W- ' 4' " M", Wi' 1 W1 ww 1,3 ,,,., 1 , 1' F 1 11 1 11 P: 1, 3 -. W 'E 1" QS - 15 -1, 'Q 3 H v. ,-1+-s, 1 I IPM 1 A 1 .., 1 11, 2 1 ,,,. 1 ,,:pg1 1 , 1 ,' 11 5.1 wx I E4 ' ,1 n 1,3 1 M V - 1 , 1 1 1 K 'uw 1 "M A xi Xu . . , 11,1 . -1- 1 1 Q. 1 f 1- 11 - .1 Q, 1 1 3, sf , 1 11 PJ 1 a w K ,X SN Q94 ' 1 1 Qu A , 3 5 ' f Q51 f 1gf'1'Q 5' s 2 . Q 1 i ,M ,. ix E1 in 1, 4 is , , 4517" , 1 H ' Ai , " 11 3' , ' 'W """"' f W "" E:-QT, ' 1 sl ' , th 0 - X V f K , ' 1 i Q " , 2 . 1 ' "- ,11 . '-,- 11, , K . W. , , ,gr - X ,- uf Z A K W bil-4Sg11' 1-5'5" ,' 1 nm. 1 , V171- " A . , .sa Q 1 -.,1'1,,,1Q 1,11 1 , V ' - ,h5Af:,?9:2' . E11 'I -,Jia 1 1 " :A .1 1. 1 Q' 1. .fg,,fLQ-5311--1 -if 1 jgjfx rf' ' " ,J ,,:,5.,gp...i. -, .L 11,1 --111:37--1? , ,11,: x , ,-h, 1,111Qif,,,, ,--., 11-1 15 1. -1 1 ,- 1 , 31, ,,. 7451.13 , 3--5111 4111,-.111 11 1, 12 A1 ff 411' - f X 1 1 11 It 1175 H 1111'11, - 11140 1, 5' ':'f"11:m,,,11 -11,9 11-31 1",1"" -1-".,122m - 1 .1 -'1 '1 91 1113 ,1 1 211' , ' ' S11 1 121 -1 L ,, 11 ,. 'fix' V1 ' if - , '-. 3" -,P 91 i1 1 :'L.qTf2'11 , 'Q K' ,x 'fl'-915. "AP 1 ' ' 4. !21f!!':.I,, ,gal-.1,,, -JH! .+1,1 1 xt., if "'4"- T-,-1 1 .. 5 - 1 . 1 -. '- :J 1 1 n..-Q fs: 1111- 1, ,- W Lf ,, -' -"- .1 1 1 'f 1 - 1 -A 1 . 1 15- sagj 114' 7'4Eei.1,' 4.-,L-19,1If-3,1-11'-51,1.K'1.Qi,. , 1 I., 1:1 F2 , -,1 1,, ' 1 - -vi ' 1' ,t ,, "1 .' ' , as if 11111, 1-1? 1 1 -11 ' 1 'T H gk- -1 1, 1 X 1' -1 ' . i '5 'VI' L '3w'1' N W11 DQ! 3' 1Q'W'1I3QvE11,mf'f2' fi ' ,JJ ' ' ' N, ' 42- 1 A17 "'l' f 1 W ' , ' Q1-1,. 1 2. ii . ,JJ11 1 1 1 ', 1 I ' ,,,'iQ'-",7:1f1 ', ff?1i'Q1, j.11Jjfl1j' 1 X '1'f,"1f' ff" 5 ' .'1-ww 1, 1-1 '11,1 .1 ':1,x :11 ,, 1: .5 - , ' 1 f".111 'X 1 ga? 14515-I1 '15, 5, 511 Q L ,f 15 , vig , 1? 1:4 4. 1 . I 1 K . 1 , 1- , +1611 1 1' . 1 1 -' , ,il 1 A., ,111 :lx : , . X ,gigs ,xx iwwxixvv It N m ig, mf! N761 1... B+ . 1 - A '. A 1l1,LQ,ii ' -1.11. M17 1 1:-gy '51 H-QQ, .A V , . 'F 3,1A'. M 9 j wg. Y ft: ' 1 Q-g.T"1' 1 1 11 . gc 6,11 '11 ' 1 ' " 1' "' :' K1 51 ' 1 11 1.,1 E., A11 3 .1 11 , , Y, 1, 7 ., 5 1 X ,Ms 1 all ,1 1 at 1' ' ' 21 Q , , ., 15 .1'1'.-Nf3g1111"Q, 1111 K 55, W . " '1 ' 4 1 1 h' V' 1 -54 115 , B 'kj , , , xx' . tr .U F iv 771' 1x x 1 1, N 1 ,. ' xii, ,A 4 1 11 I 1 EL ,, 1-1, xx' 1 9,1111 4 1. ,1 is 215 , I--.-Ni K V. L: V, ,Q 1 - ' '22, Q1 '1 ' ' 19' mf ,Nf?f'f7'.1" MP 1. " 1- 11 1' - w'M-wx1 , fq w1A, fiA . S H1 11 '12 '1 11 11 1 11 5 1-1' , , 1 vw JW , ,Q gf E if 0 M 44 JL 5 ,, My MVA UQlfxP57L53i4iLJpfF W mf W Q W ff W iw Aglfwiabgw W 909 HL L W M 39W LW ,of V 1 Oki, flfblfytyg-jg PM ,L ok 5 , fb . 5 X 1 "With One More Look At You" x Q C0 1979 Bronco Tales ,Eifff QW Union High School, Union Grov i F Xf Volume 30 l W qw QQ WV QF P5 , i W M oo ooo vQ5W M5 ,, Q-NV 'rift WK Hxs' y S 1 1 HW xhxi 1 1 K X W X, L Qiliglst ,Wi P i f J lrgimr l ,W 1 3 -'I' W ir- Q fiat as, ss. -Y ,Pi .ss3...,ss , , Wa, e R, lg, T: it ,fishy .LAX :l ,lam ,mqfwpwcy s .' lv ,1- PQ . 'fa es- 4 K, cfs, vf, asf - 524+ :fn 9.3 -Q11 i'w'?T2 VF, W2 i1'f.,i,,1': , , 'W 'v.': 1 Fey "Lf: . V l fl 1-sw -Lvl wwf' fm, -A - wwf , i ,i will V ,wlpzfsgg ,524 "With One More Look At You" With one more look at you l could learn to tame the clouds and let the sun shine through Leave a troubled past and I might start anew l'll solve the mysteries if you're the prize Refresh these tired eyes With one more look at you I might overcome the anger that l've learned to know Find a peace of mind I lost so long ago Your gentle touch has made me strong again And l belong again For when you look at me l'm everything and more than l had dreamed l'd be My spirit teels a promise I won't be alone We'll love and live for . . . love and live forever . . . With one more look at you l'd learn to change the stars and change our fortunes too l'd have the constellations, paint your portrait too ' So all the world might share this wondrous sight The world could end each night With one more look at you . . With one more look at you . . l want one more look at you .,...... 1976 ist Artists Music Co., Emanuel Music Corp., and 20th Century Music Corp. All rights reserved, Used by permission. Music by Paul Williams 8. Kenny Ascher. 3 Theresa hiorthupwg Qhegyyiiiytbegta rich and famous clothes designer, and will be iiving in ' Hollywood. U m l i Bob Dan anylfidea where heis going irillife. Bob Qoetg own electroglicgbigineas. VA W m Kentffiatzor mechanical engineer ahdeeisdlwetk with stereo equipaienf. Don ofixcoliege, vrorkingfijasig oilbiie' relations person antihai-fe' a family ciflz lclfis. "if if fs, Q 'e'i . it Lisa Heinz as medicaimglglxlortgerf? Mike Keekefia He'S5yS5helTEiift1e a vetierinariarm. i ',e.r - r .. , Jon Erd - Hefwill dgingimgny things, like workfsohcoif and the essehtiai things like eating and Sleeprfigi .. -.Af 'A 5 , V 1, , Sue Ball - She says that Qflejyyill beiiraveling around the fNOlffd.1 5 Patti Christiansen fShe wit! be in coiiege. . r 4 rf if l - f Mike Chase He ewn4A5 atriines and haire game vary ihterestingiempiojrees. Jo Ann Bloss - Accorciing1tofMike, Jo Annlwilfbeia etewardess tonione ofhis many airiines, Jeff Collins L i-le wit? be livengfup north" and will be doing aliof offhunisng. i i A Marijke Haas - Union ,Groye'S,, AFS student.iHqiiahdy.says that in years wiii be an . analyst at ta hosgitai' inher Vt' country. ' l f i 4 i f Sherry Thiell- She'pi36S are have a job andiive' irl-yanapaftmefliiin Florida, .1 Les Davis - He'II stiii be trying tonget through highiscitioolgi Av ' Yrs OIOQOZOIOIOIOI' Songs That -i Steve Wartman- Ngngy Bgumgnn- CD "YOU Sexy ThihQ" "wasted Days at wasted Nights" : ' .-'T Les Davis- P 91s-79 volleyball Team- "i Like The Night Life" :-. "We Are The Champions" Q Rick Meyer 8- Mike McMahon "Send ln The Clowns" Kitty Pennybacker- Jofsfgffgggple., "A wud And crazy sin" Sue Erickson- "Count On Me" Football Pom Pon Squad- "Jungle Love" Kristi Lidholm 81 Larry Davis- "You Light Up My Life" Q I Robbyn Welch- DBVID Hllbflch 3' Bob G09fz' "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" "A Time For Us" 1979 Senior Class- "Looks Like We've Made it" Don Wilks- "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" James 81 Peter Ludwin- "Double Vision" Mariike Haas- . "Such A Long Way From Home" Students of Union Grove High- "Be True To Your SchooI" l1C1l201lIlI01O vmmw WW The trials and tribulations of being a student are many. Teachers asking for passes, Mr. K. catching you with two cookies, being called to the office because you weren't in 7th hour, and parking two blocks from school then walking in subzero weather are just a few of the dilemmas U.G.H.S. students experience. Yet these are things which a person can look back and laugh at, no matter how humiliating they seemed at the time. We the yearbook staff, hope to cap- ture some of these moments with one more look . . . B if all 37' bwffifrf 5 WHS 527 I Y Sflffw ' 'T 'S , ,kwz ' V 1 J W , MJ.. 'ff 2 . 3Q1r- 2-'51 ' fi Q 5 dr : X , 1 .c h,, , ..v' 'Elin M, WT nf 1FamJ,ws,'i f-- r E. 51,1 1-N!- aPfr:551"N7 " um WW11-w11qfmwQ5zw W lj f' f ,, it 2 5 W v , J A , H? f, ' S I H V . , 5-I 8 1. Freshmen can't seem to let go of their child- hood toys. 2. Michelle McBride takes time out of studies to pose for a picture. 3. Rick Houdek models his "tailor made" clothes. 4. Knock your arrows . . . aim . . . release. 5. Seniors show their spirit at Burning of the Letters. 6. Ken Acker and Sherry Block take a break from school pres- sures. 7. Juniors exhibit their acting talents dur- ing their H.C. skit. 8. Freshmen are a common sight in the library. 9. No matter what the age, everyone likes a good football game. What is a school? Webster's dictionary defines a school as being a "place or institution in which persons are in- structed in arts, sciences, languages, or any kind of learning . . . " Any kind of learning at Union Grove includes cheering at football games or just spending a quiet moment in the library reading a favorite magazine. A school is also a "growing" place. lt is a place where teenagers learn about the ups and downs of growing up. School serves as a mediator between the home and the outside world. W'11:wf f W : V H X Wad' 5 , 5, .,f w r Ar W w al . A ' 2- 92 'F ,x,,.,.,, ,, 'M max", xi? L, .W , as il YiH!e ,, E M'ii,4w 1, f- ' af 5 3 A Ki? " "' ' JE si . S xx I- ' A 1. par' ""ln fl 'N-. -it-44 4 wif 0. ii. nf Through their valiant efforts and that of the crowd, the Broncos defeated Badger in our Home- coming game by a score of 19-8. Homecoming week was filled with decorating halls, practicing skits, and dressing up for the dif- ferent days. 'lr .M 11 , 3 wWw .Q ...H 1. Dan Welch shows off his new car. 2. Con- fetti fills the air as fans cheer our Broncos on to a victory. 3. Hurry boys! 4. Judy really has her mind on what she's doing! 5. Freshman find it hard to believe it's their first day of high school. 6. Students wait their turn to talk to Mr. Bark. 7. Juniors show their spirit at the burning of the letters. 8. Lon Fesko cheers his tellow teammates. """"Q ' lt's often difficult to say, but sometimes school has had it's fun moments. Many times just seeing your friends, or watch- ing the best card player in sen- ior center beat himself at soli- taire, was enough to make a boring day worthwhile. Even sharing a small joke or know- ing you weren't the only one who burned your cookies in L foods class, can make school just a little more fun. 1. Senior Center is a place for study? 2. Foods Class brings in hungry appe- tites. 3. Cindy lets the sun shine ln. 4. Chris and Tammy go through their daily schedule. 5, How many people knew this was here? 6, Marijke and Theresa share in a private joke. 7. Flick Meyer and Mike McMahon use their locker as an art gallery. W " Q14 7 t il? 610'-,,2 yfw A . .lli A 1, . 3 3 E I 4 I a i I Q' , l 3 1 i ? H E 1 y ee! 4, v 1 ,,,5f'v'3'f J K 'P 2 1 A .E 1 EEWI' XF: V '. I 1. WLSQY1 F ME- if , fy - .:' Y? wwvgilffgm, ' ini , -ww,, ' 'f X' I 1 ix W- -v , ' , ! .-L ' 'W 5:51533 With Une More look At Q Seniors With August came the start of another school year. To most students it was to be another nine months of their lives spent learning, but to about 240 students at Union High, this year would be something special. Their Senior year had finally arrived. They would be seeing their last homecoming game and taking the oppor- tunity to skip out for the last time. ln all these students were looking forward to a very good year. Seniors 0 'W 1. Laura Osmundsen in the Homecoming parade. 2. Our Foreign Exchange Student Marijke Haas. 3. Senior Class Officers: Treasurer, Lesa Uhlenhake, Secre tary, Cindy Chase, President, Robbyn Welch, Vice Presi dent, Leo Davis. 4, Seniors hurry to their next class. 5. Kurt Niles seems to be totally engrossed in a magazine 6. Seniors busy themselves in Senior Center. TW Terri Abel Ken Acker Shirly Ahmad Mike Aimone Jean Andersen Laura Andry Terri Arndt Gene Asmann Heidi Asmann Karen Ballweg Kris Baumgari Charlene Barnes Mike Battisli Nancy Baumann ,,5.,,l,,,,, , ' fjv V, K M ,f 'vi M., Eileen Bautch Lisa Becker Pat Behling Marlene Bensene M E . 4. - ,li Jill Bloss Sue Blum Doug Bohl 'rim 'nf Cathy Bush Frankie Carter Frank Cerne 1. Senior couples dance at Homecoming. 2. John Johnson and Denise Hahn enjoy dancing to the first song. Toni Beck Diana Becker Flick Bergles Sherry Block ' .,,, L ,jf 5 Vzy, ' Gary Boldt Cathy Bower Cindy Chase Ron Chase Michelle Collins Jane Conrad Debbie Criplean Linda Czernicki Z! 'PY Dave Cotiingharn Alan Cox Terry Crandall ww.-....XX.,, x Jim Dabbs Lester Davis Richard Day Terry DeBrabander Jane Degen Nancy Demouiin 1. Pat Behling consults Mr. Piazzi about his homework, 2. The Advanced English participates in a group dis- cussion. 21 Ray DeMuynck Milt Deschler Joy Dexter Steve Doonan Shannon Dukquits Wanda Duvall Dave Elton Bill Epping Cindy Erickson Dan Erickson Barb Espinoza Rick Estock Sherry Fellion Julie Ferguson Scott Fesko 1. Keith Gruber finds time to goof around in drafting class. 2. Keeping tabs in Business Ed :ff , .WS Leo Firkus Joyce Fitch Y? Ann Fliess Sharon Friend Paul Garstecki Jamie Geschke Ben Gillmore Doug Gillmore Jess Giaus Dave Glebke Bob Goetz Jeff Graf Flick Grant Keith Gruber Mike Gruettner 1. Bob Hagemann, Jim Barnhill and Jim Koelsch take time to discuss nutrition in foods class 2. The noise in Senior Center doesn't bother Darwin Koerber. Y J Inf' Bobby Gunderson Marty Haas Q" Karen Haegerl Bob Hagemann Denise Hahn Donna Harcus Joe Hardie T 5 5 'Sr- Mw K 5 B S z. . i W k"' I Karla Hardie Teresa Harris Bill Heidingsfeider Brian Hein Lynn Heinz Kay Henriokson Chuck Hittman Jim Hoffman 1, Frank Cerne works on dissecting a cat. 2. Mike Jones displays his shiner and cowboy hat. an .293 John Hribar Julie Huff Karen Hum phrey Curt lglhaut Diana Jaeger Do J nna aeger Randy Jarvis JONN JOHNSON Keith Johnson Todd Johnson Mike Jones Tammy Jung Heidi Just Ronda Kalman Kelly Kamakian 1. Seniors and their dates enjoy the Homecoming dance. 2. Rick Grant finds Wendi Klein's art work very interest- ing. ' l l Cal Kastenson Tracey Kiser Wendi Klein Bill Koebert Greg Kusters l Jim Koelsch Joyce Koelsch Bob Hagemann and Dan Welch are hard at work in electricily class. Gene Asmann looks up from his typing to smile for the 2. Linda Koelsch Rod Koenen Darwin Koerber Camera' 'EH' , , , t W X y fy .,yy.l fi Steve Korzinek Tammy Kriz Bob Ladwig Tom Landerman Duane Lange Clayton Langemo Lori Larsen Steve Lawlor Ron Lee Sandy Link Julie Longo Kathy Lueneburg .1 1 1. Pete Martin takes a break while decorating the halls. W 2. John Hribar tolerates having his make-up put On, Matt Madsen Mike Marshall Pete Martin Robin Marzahl Ellen Matuszewski Kris McCann Mike McMahon Tammy Meredith .A,:4, .. ' QM ,- Q 5, ' , Mi' i :.5'4!2 M, M, ,J z, K 'ig-1-at Ji ' A Q JZ ' ffff , fig- , ,,-15,41 fp, . .J f 'ff : A WWW. E ffl dl wif H fffifwgfg ,E gbllw 51 : 'T ' fm , r'!ff'+?s1a" V, ' fm . 56" Y f J' AM V J- 4 ' if f' ffl 'Aim ' V 9? 1 my 1 if ff M H44 ZW.,,t x f' 63? Q 5 4 fa Z if X -f H L,, Q ma!!! Ulnkw k. ,V,,, rw. ff , ' ' Y ' i 1 ' an Rick Meyer Chris Michel KSN Miller l :W Chuck Minor John Mohrbacker Kathy Moran Jean Moser Joe Muller Jett Mullikin Tim Muratore Marv Nelson Jana Neu Kitty Nichols Joe Niedzialkowski Kurt Niles at 'ff' 1. Kent Tabor looks out the bus window. 2. Jeff Graf and Rob Sebranek concentrate in 28 Advanced English. , , .,,, ' fii 1 fl Jeff Nisen Theresa Northup Laura Osmundsen Fluth Paap A Greg Parchym Jeff Parr Kelly Peterson Tina Peterson Kelly Petrie , 'P' L Dave Peebles KHNWY Pete' Monica Pitts Diana Plourde Kathy Pomaville John Powell Frank Cerne finds the discussion at hand very interesting. Jane Degen and Rod Koenen display the new clothing styles for 1979. 29 Eric Rasmussen Renae Repta Mike Rieckhoff Scott Rieckhoft Steve Rosenstock Gregg Roth Randy Routheaux 5 Sandy Routheaux Mike Ftyddftef Cathy Saal Jim Schmeckel Margaret Schmidt 2 Judy Schwartz Robin Sebranek Dave Seddon 1. Ronda Kalman presents her Mom with a rose on parent's night. 2. Dale Vyvyan likes doing his homework outside. 'W as qv yer- , I- it wif" 4 ,, if .M :Q N, -Alww.. sa Mark Strasser Ggrdgn Swik Kent Tabor Cheryl Theigs Chuck Thiele Kris Thom John Torres -r-.fain Dave Tfeffeft LESS Ul'llef1h8k6 Cafmella Valenti Steve Valenti Terry Van Cleve 4 W ,ww A Lori Vogel Dan Vosberg Dale Vyvyan 1. Eileen Bautch and Julie Longo find something funny 2. Ken Acker gestures to emphasize his point. is l . i 1 Y Kay Waupoose Bobbyn Welch Mary Welsh 762' M, , Theresa Wilk Greg Wilkinson Dan Welch Dan Wenman Darla Wennerstrand Becky White 'X gk, Don Wllks Jennifer Worrell Sharon Yates ' Q 2 Q I Dean Zemke 15 -Q aw? by - R' ., I f - :wi Q 4 frf , - Z , if! it Gene Zinser Not pictured Jim Barnhill Mike Benson Debbie Gilanyi Roxanne Hribar Bob Peterson Paula Petkus Larry Schreiner Theresa Northup and Kitty Nichols watch a football game. Lesa Uhlenhake has trouble finding things in the locker. Senior Autographs MYASQH I. ED . 2, pg pam-':o.anI 9-. 22 6 5. ..r: 'E 3 E' Q: Senior Banquet KA!! 471. 1,1 E515 , - K J, X....ff' -W -f H Wg J, - K fx f K .. nl V . ffx Q ,wif K ,M.w, fl 2222! Graduation if. , V. if WW" M, ,v L-,255 45.55 .1 2179 fi- 3 Wa, e fl H., ,, H., ' 'K " I , ,wi f ....,,,v, , -,,, H , V - Q '79, Clow 'iq After four eventful years of school, at last the final June arrived for the class of '79. The graduation ceremonies be- gan. Baccalaureate was held on Sun- day, June, 3. Many students participat- ed in the ceremony each utilizing their own special talent. Graduation fol- lowed on June, 6. Flobbyn Welch, Class President, acted as Mistress of Ceremonies. The Class gift, presented by Les Davis, was a press box donated in the name of Sam Laketa. Scholar- ships, awards and speeches were all presented, but the final presentation, the diplomas, were saved for last. That long sought after goal had finally been achieved. 1. Anxious graduates line up quickly outside the gym. 2. The turning of the tassles. 3. Our foreign exchange student Marijke Haas receives her rose. 4. Flobbyn Welch, Mistress of Ceremonies. 5, Ah! The deplomas are here. 6. Toni Beck receives a scholarship. 7. Kitty Nichols, Valedictorian and Darwin Koerber, Salutatorian give their address to- gether. 36 -fl' w .-vvh 'Ks kk W .R XM' ...,,, uv 9 uf .- ith Une me look At ... . X L I . N ,, " 'W'-.. 's R L.V ,:2,L , ,. A 'iff 9969 969 93 DATE? UNE: PLACE2 wi Please don't forget your deposit! Unclerclassmen Juniors w-01-0Hff-0f10ww-0v-h0t-- Juniors m0W.0.0W.m0Wr0Wt0-Q Juniors 0110-10 '0'1'0W Juniors A01000- "lt's alot better being a Junior than a Sophomore or a Freshman. lt's even better than being a Senior. When you're a Junior the fun's just beginning because one has just gotten his license and there is more to do. "When you are a senior there's too many pres- sures about oollege to really enjoy yourself," stated one member of the junior class, "life is just beginning, with many more responsibilities." is. 1 1. Don Schauf frees himself from school. 2. Ju- nior Class Officers: Sue Erickson, President, Lon Fesko, Vice President Robin Link, Secretaryg Jodi Orre, Treasurer. 3. Diana Hirsig concen- trates on her target. 4. lsn't history class fun'?! 5. Hail monitors catch up on the latest gossip. 6. A table full of Jrs. is a cause for alarm. 7. Juniors take a lunch break. This years Juniors revived the tradition of holding prom at school instead of renting a hall. To carry out the theme of "Knights in White Satin", the small gym was trans- formed into a garden of romance. The Junior's hard work showed up in the walk-through garden and the Water 5 . fountain. i , Jett Adams , A . Curt Axles Y 7 if X g 'f '3-1.3 Cindy Anderle - 't' ff 1, K' ' ' , , Scott Andry K X L, , W. Y , 'N Viz I V' Kris Asala H ,ff ' 1 I QW A Ron Bard I Q ff , Tony Barnett 5. ' Q 4 1 itt' ,Q 4' l Keith Barth V- J . . n ' 'Mx 4 .fa .1 ' f A . ., Kurt Baumann V. af'f""" V f Jill Baumgart A 4 ' I I I 9. f. ,N :lf Bonnie Becky 55 t F ' Y 'B ' ff ."f'Yfh ,- , A I fy Denise Bergeron .." W V 'i' "af" .. f fi, .jj Sandy Bizub X Q gg , . .. x iltris Bgnrrpjserg 1 A 5.-f it If . f '33, 5' I f ' 1- Da31r:ieBoCutain I x .T fl .ikv M S J ' " V, V ,M V Tammy Brixius , A. f ,M Q tsfsi sealift? 4 .1 . 3, T Q I J' 'i fy V' 'P lj X , -' A Flon Buckner - I W I E li :V 1 Y 'I A . . ' .1 Amy Burns ' K A ii' H ' M' ,, Beth Bush N5 ' X .X ek V K If Bruce Chitwood ,fi lf T ' 1, A 547 A 5 ti 'LV I Peg Chmielewski ' 1 "' . ,A - I , K 'W ws, I I jk ff 'H t T- , MaryBeth Collins WW ,. ' 1 , Todd Condifl If " 4 f 1 Lisa Deden 1 1 S l "-' 5 ' 31 W... nK,,ttvEfz:sttL...,. U .1 41 DeAnn Delvloulpied . Kristi Deschler Paul Dettman - Todd Devine ' Kelly Diem Lisa Diem Les Dingee r Todd Dunnum - ' s sa . iss . as - w tw -. - i . G gf eg t G S .E w Dawn Eggers Q' . .K . Sue Erickson -t Larry Ertl Bev Espinoza - -W Jim Everett lr Tim Exner Lon Fesko . Brenda Garrison Greg Gee Lisa Gerovac Tim Geschke Jess Glaus , Rochelle Goodrich Adam Green Connie Gresk if Audrey Glodowski v Mark Gresl Allan Hagstrom Dale Hansen Y. I W' S' , . .. sr' X r 4 as 'N,.ef'3 , 1 3 fav J if S' me 5 i si ,X it f I.. W. , " - R ss Si-T f t fs: A-sxwf 135. . il-st QS f":f s ass. was fs t - S one , x 1 L S4 -s . its--I .. l sf ,--- - . ms, W 5 . 21 I - W Q D . ...L W . ey -' y . . . si it .t i ii 3 it -V3 .- .sv- V . tv 1 Q i F Q, , ' tiff si,- This years Juniors revived the tra- dition of holding prom at school instead of renting a hall. To carry out the theme of "Knights in White Satin", the small gym was transformed into a garden of romance. The Junior's hard work showed up in the walk- through garden and the water fountain. inn an-nur QD 1 I at .AE it af we bg FS, c E v X :M 1 i X , i 1 st at l K 'E t X. ffx gt 'N-J 'J' Q ,,f": .. .1 1 1' l ta r' ' f Q' 5 . QQ 4 1. 5 N-. UF! ,, 1, "I just can't type with someone looking over my shoulder!" 2. George-ne studies hard for her next test. 3, Womens Lib hits the high school. 4. Sorry, but we're out of that! 5. Now this thing goes over here , , . I think, 6. Jeff demonstrates the art of horn blowing, Georgne Hansen K ,, Kai Hansen t gl, Steve Hardy A Tom Harris K ' ' K V - Jodi Hatfield Lisa Hauswirth I Cindy Heck Lisa Heinz me it if fl! ff ,,., Pam Heller Diane Hlrsig "K " Denise Hogy X 9, L- Janice Hoist ' ' .J Mark Hoppe Rick Houdek f 3 l L gr L L, L- Rich Hartman 3 I if I tw k . V he Dawn Hubrich ni? Rick Huttord --if Q -I t it xi fi X 5 .- X if LeighAnn Iverson ' - 1 Floyd Johnson Margaret Knight Nancy Koel Sandi Koenig ix- ,WK 'Q 1 Janice Jutrzonka . J Debbie Keeker Kisa Keeker ' ' K Debbie King er I-g m i! t 1 Kathy Kinner -s-5 ,-1 if 5 x . ' me Traci Kuhn Jenny Kutzner George Ladwig Charlie Lauber Hope Lawlor Denise Lebriok Shelly LeMay Robin Link Tamara Londre Flick Loppnow Jammie Lotspaih James Ludwin Paula Ludwin Peter Ludwin Andrew Madsen Jane Martin John May Julie McDonald John McPhee Steve Meyers Dawn Meyers Lynda Meyers Larry Michel Joe Michelau 1 4 ' 1 ' 5 L - L 5 Bill Koepke Randy Koerber I ff Q L 1 Tim Kroll ., 1 W VM, . ...- I P A if iii 5 Zi' iiii L .wr e rr J A 4 - N ' g yrar J -Q i he Q . , W M- we ew 4 ,Ya 5 V H I., A .. M 'i v V ,, b , .31 I? If A :ir a J . Q W 1 . A - as I 'Q f W W, ...N V! 2 t L I W Jeff Molitor Chuck Moos William Morton Dave Moyer Jessie Mrozek ' ,.. -fr, ry ,K I . X Mark Murdock Q L Carol Mutler if ' ,, , 4. 1 , Ellen Mutter V '-, A :N f I' .K 'Q eh 1 , , lx .- .mi Necnvatal t A ,GV ,A an ' ,Q A L , A -- Jodi Neuenteldt A- :fa ,I H M M ,fr ' W ' r A wr , ,, Sherry Nisen ,r . Q ' 4 R32 f , . .w 'F xg I -4 Mike Nowatney ' , rg ' f ' ' 7 J 5 vi ' K f Sherry Olson r 1.1, , H N ' 'g ",, g., . ' Jodi Orre ' Q pf 1 5 K ,V , A I V , I V Sara Osmundsen f 1 'N Tammy Paisley '15 V K Jim Parrett , W" , ,, 43 ,,, N Mary Pauze Q fa, 'M " f 4, Q ,, L Kitty Pennybacker fm ' S x 'S 'N 'N , 2 -, V M A Judy Peter ' I fu ' t' H ' gm! I X V M , Jim Philbrick XX fu? ,, L r ,, 1 V 12 ,V Evie Pitts ' ,F -fr . l f Claudia Polasky f ,V l x rt., .2 1 ll N rg, Mark polasky lf 'f I 7' I 2 I ,,,, Patti Prochaska yn j '5ff,'A" 52f 1 f" yr W ,, 152 - Q, it I N ' W4 , V fin Denise Prochnow f , ft kay, Q, f . l f' R00 P'0Chf'0W ' ' ff ' , , -fr 'V , - ' . - Kalen Halzka s -117 Za' '. ...fi ,,, ii ,' ' 1343 i."'f f I I .V 0,1 M 1, ,,, .jr V PM Kathy Reading get 5 , ,Q .f aff, , .'.',,f.i9v2,f, N, 1 :mf " ,ff 1 r I W Q. ,gl iw ff, hr,, H. -"Y If K A f nr AL P X f f' ' E' fr i? - A M 5 2 l"' 1 , I , ht J t -rrr 920 ' " r r, "' K 'W , .4 .ff-.iw, et g y i J if ' ,'- K . . .. 2' ' l ' irn' 'VAA H , I .5 K y rrtr A f J gn' J J H I :ff - Y s y IIA ff ' - W N x 0,5 ,. , ,ri X ,,,, ,J wt ..,, R .Yeh K 9 "" I' ' ' ' W' ,. , ,, . ..g,. is M i" 'i" ' 'il' 1 W . I " 4 J ..,, Q'-4 ffl' 75 "'i , H Y," , H z ,.r" ,,,, ,' ffaif MQWV5 44. Q, 1 ff, ,',' f A ai , 1 V 2 " Jr 1 1 m fg 3, Y, ,. ,gi-ff! 4 2, ' . ' ,. mr -1 'N ,,J, if ,, V , f 1. A faraway look at hall monitoring. 2. Pete and Keith rehearse for the play. 3. Rhonda, hey Rhonda wake up!! 4. Some people use the library for what its really for , . . 5. Sandy Bizub makes use of her time by playing tennis. 6. Diane Welsh takes pride in her work. 5 v .rf 'Q 1 . lv. V, 4 , r Carol Reeves 9 ' K Marcie Repta ' I 5 'wt fl V f' Norman Floettgen 5 , A z ,ff Q W.. as , fix Q , Amee Floth ..,, " " ' I .1 '::" 'ff I' iftr Barbara Floutheaux Q Y Kerth Schackmuth ' Michele Sohattner ' Q M ' X Don Schauf . I, Bob Schmook V Kelly Schwartz " Tammy Schwartz f-53 " ' Rrcky Sebranek Rlta Seulz ' Q n I ' fn ,, + ,J NT r of 7' r r 41' Rita Schoen 25' E' N? ,j if A We l' 5 to Dxane Sieg K Mark Sity Mary Srnolic Brenda Sneller Jrrn Sorenson , 1 Kevin Spease I r' . Chuck Spregelhott .V Paul Stevens K Kelly Stoll " . Gerry Straube ' i. Lrnda Strewlow 1 . Chris Strohrneler ' "rf r Tum Stublaski -Wf- Joe Stussy , y r A it Greg Szczerba an ii, Q Q. Z .mi ' n , . e Y , lt 6- in ' 2 Tammy Schreiner l at QQ ' JL. x 2' 'f 5 M, 4,11 M. , Y Crndy Szulczewskr E B? r 4 1,2 ,fr As the Junlor year draws to a close many look wlth anxiety to the future year They know the year wlll bnng wlth lt many new problems to be overcome but It wrll also contaun new challenges adventures and excltements It wall also bnng wrth It a close to a chapter ln their llves they ll never forget thelr hugh school years fr . t I' 3, ,Sr t i vw-iv' ' f' ,f E ff lt? L .IJ N: '.., tt 221 at sal , , mm W., X . T we gl, , in f it x ff f x' ,,.. .. ff. x rf 'sg 0 f A I . x Ezra' r . 1 wwwmw . 5, . " ' . 4 A -f V 'f ,. ga' iltg. .QL -- 1. , yr i Z. . 1 . " .- A ,X K .W 4 by H - A 1 'l-' V. -M A A 5 . t I I W5 W ,,r. g' A Q . ' N. Picture 'W 'r A sf? 1.176 rf" A , , in fb Wg , wg. .er z lvhssing - . 'tr 1 if h is f, . -. - A A . if , A rser 1 i . f A 4 . raft 553. A ftxzf-'tim :S u .Ser 'lr .r 1 Jr, 1 K - . ' . ' X W John Wolhers .Q -.,A .. ,,- , A r ,,' Q ..,, y r Gary Wojtecki 5 Wfm " f- "" Chuck Wollmer . A W- g N, L ig Keven Zeisse 'A ' fe, ,. I ' A 'N ANGY Zemke . . l if ' W rf' wk Karen Zimmerli ',-'fa' if -in : 5 e . .ffl ' 15, . 2 .. 'Wt 'Air , ' 'J -, 'Z Z-. -r, rr. .g , 'E Not Pictured Carla Anders Sue Ball Elise Blunck Wes Campbell Andy Craven Jefl D'Acquisto Nick Fesko Ann Fonk Jenny Gourdoux Lori Petkus Keith Tabor Thereas Tubbin Jon Tubman Bill Tuinstra Todd Uhlir Jamie Vargas Dave Vyvyan Vicki Wahl Dan Wegenke Mark Welch Tara Welch Diane Welsh Tony Wenman Lori Whistler Cindy White Dave White Julie Hay Dan HeidingsFelder Sandy Hickey Rhonda Hoffman Tammy Keeler Carrie Lamb Donald Linnerud Bob Madson Mike Mastauskas Annette Mentink Bob Wiess 1. A bullseye for Jane. 2. Sue announces Home- coming week activities. 3. John Schaus gets a little help for a teacher. 4. Yes, morn, l'll be home by 5:3O,5. Dave seems to have his mind on something. 6. These Juniors look bewildered. '01l01'01'0'f01'll'1'+6 Vg, Q01 phomore,-1010 So 'JM 5 9 5 5 9 5 5 5 Q 5 9 o Sophorn 10'-44 91'-01 ITIOVG Sopho f S Wrth one year of experience be hlnd them Sophornores came back wuth a more relaxed feel :ng They know how far they upperclassmen terrrtory Soph omores also know all the old trucks of rrntatrng freshmen whale addrng some of thelr own can go before they intrude on xr X . in. X Q 552 5, . .... A M X we N Q1 Si si. , iff" Chris Anderle Kelly Andersen Tom Anderson x ig., i A 'i' f wiii - " : "r . X fi ., 1 1 ' K ' r he rrrrr Q .e rr rr r o r M A r rA,, A 4' - ki - WX 1 , Tim.. W,,,.-W fr: f i ,Q ..,.' - is 42?-will 5533 pwgm lisa ABQ? Qew gown raw -mmAr or M. "" ' "L' "'- f A I - A or A M. A L e- Q r "L' :I b,,- .k..k Y- nf' :fi-"Q i Q: y - 12:1 . 1-2 :- -.-.r,.. L I A . ,I .R S , A it r rrr' A Q Q , .Q V A 'Q xg il N K . K .5 - . er ar '2-Q W A' fs? Sfil H2 155 71 'L rvf ire, X Ea ,Sr N K fu M E -X 5 awk X 1 EF? X' 'L f 'mau- Pat Arndt Doug Asala Loren Babe Bonnie Ball Dan Bankenbus Chris Barnes Corinne Barth Renee Becker Carol Bergles JoAnn Bloss Dave Bobinger Allison Bock Mike Bodden Jackie Borland Mike Braun Barbara Erwin Kenny Bretl Tammy Buckett Scott Buckner Paul Buol Jon Calek Ron Carlsen Mike Chase Linda Cohill h Jeff Collins Keith Coroneos Diane Cottingham Bobbin Cramer Deb Crandall Stewart Crown Larry Davis Peter DeBrabander Peggy Degen Tammy Degroot Jim Dehnke Todd Deschler Craig Devine Karen Dexter Bonnie Dlugi AI Doonan Scott Dunnum Brenda Duvall Bob Eilers Ed Erickson John Ertl Susan Markiewicz Jodi Estock Tony Exterovich W i li j LLVLB 1 yi' M BN - 1 A 5 :'i1 , , QQ' 'ii . X fr- ireer Q, l K f, '-gif 5 ,f Q. i - N - Qx QW, ff Q B X gt rtf- Z I ' 'X in ,ex r 'UP f i f , 4, Bill Feder Leo Fesko Keith Fonk 3, J . 1 Q ,. f .W,,,.w if l Xt tl ,J - f i v qi F2239 w 4+ g f I 1, g r 2, 'V P Q x 4 ' i x 3 'f an ., 1 K 5 --Q. L B ef gn v 5 ' ,' 'X ,B A -vw 1 -.X v -. be Aw.. i s U .Q il 1 . . .v 5 -. . ' . M194 if E are-42. X . -h f A. . K1 3 L ., W . . 1 - - .. .. , - 1, . . .Q I X' " Q .. , ff A 1' .1 -K l K 1 ZS. Y .. X L ef X .x In ,H I Q. , H Q . 3,-3" k .wr " W Allan Frahm H f Mike Gaura Q ? ., 13-' . x . Val Gee . ' A , . Q ,Q-'. John Gerow " 1 ' Beth Geschke Kim Gilbert ' Bob Glaus N A Q . .f 's wr' X K r i ,i K I X L ' A 1 l ' X fe ,K Loneiebke K Gary Goessl Dale Gustum Sharon Haas Sf L Kim McNulty 11 M. s ,N 'r 4 . f' "'f., 12 ' wwf- L' ,.. . . Dan Haegerl x v .. I K W vi- W ,V Susan Heimerl Ellen Heinz Flon Heinz N. . fiber .eie l -, .... Jon Hagstrom Mike Halbur W W A K "' ...ff XX I K kk X Q F Karen Halverson l ..Y Flobin Hanke K V Brenda Hansen Jane Hansen Russ Hansen i 5 A Ralph Hardie Kathy Harmonn - Todd Hawkins P' K Laura Hedding 6 - X if Q X, 5 'M Alf ,A-"4TL.k . "il . .E H - . 1 1. Tom Anderson champion bubble gum blower. 2. Chris comteplates the coming weekend. 3. Oinkl Oink! 4. Kevin MacMahon, a diligent worker. 5. The look of innocence 6. Flon Shultz studies his lines for the play "Pippin". KK iHHHiEQ3fmmWHRN rt cg its W 3 by f Sophomore year brings with it many experiences. Get- ting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, ordering class rings and dissecting assorted animals are just a few. Sophomores wisely started raising money for Prom by selling pizza's. 1 .k,.k 1 QW . W.k' - ?F??v 1 ',-, . X Mike Hendersen Mark Hetzel Greg Hoppe Mark Huff Lori Huggins Steve Hunsley Jana Immenschun Ron Jarvis Ai Johnson Bennie Johnson Kathy Johnson Ken Johnson Rory Johnson Todd Jung Heather Just Holly Just Randy Kalman Scott Kastensen Mike Keeker Craig Koch John Koelsch Joe Konkel Troy Korth Wanda Kothlow JoAnn Kowalczyk Bill Krause Larry Krause Kim Kriz Mary Ladwig Beth LaMack Daryl Lange Ken LaP0in! Q I fs tr 'L ai Q? fi J, r i x., , ,sw 0 H Q5 l 5 , xzh. 0' .S . -: - . i u r- lift-34' . . ...ng ,ga 1 2 i K K, -.Q 3: gy :gl ' f Qi, g y E li i egg iff tg ? K i ttt do ft s M I semi 5 1 ,. f tr 'i fr: fs ,, ,lt get fed ggi rris rtsit Jaw sys? aw? s -X ,Y g 5 1 :,. I ,E 1 fyi. QL l Q E V N 1, SAA 'seaQQ'5i355 Qir QQtf5W55Fff3 srre l ivmhikrmiiifidfsa cle., wg 4 1 .5 KE -wr I l ily g5i ssar gg-l 3 I akyflkskif K, QM... , X S ' -Ge .....xp f',,g2-via". . cv f . 3 ' l"".f 'N .ig he 'V f.: Y'm r L 5' i. we rr 1 Q ff ,egg ., " .V , iz, 1-M. v f w 'ff K Keir . ' YV r L 1-f'v- im iv ' 'k g V - , , '-if M 2 -Picture V A Missing an ' . A '79 ' I 'V W . L I ' . .rr H . rarr W i. Lf V. way, A Mk, vig? ' Q2 W' 5-fzazg . ' :Lilian f,,,?,2'.L1' ,A,,, ' -iwf .. I yzi --" ' -J , Q .f ' f Hr -' if , . ' A .5 V H ' V ,. e , . "" , K .f', iff .,,f 'f' f ,a 1 . J' ., is 5 4 W.. . . , L is er' by ay if , 1 ,oc y, 'f..i:.... fm 'W fi- ' .gap Q 5 1 . , A ,. . Q J, is . ., waxy! .. up -g1f5fg5.,..35. ' .. 5, I . :" . W 1. Sophomores are ready to go home after a long day, 2. Kelly Andersen concentrates on her typing, 3. Tammy and Sharon laugh over a good joke. 4. Soph's on their way to class. 5. Mark Yates shows the skills he learned in his metals class. 6. lsn't art class fun! Mark Lee Kristi Lidholm Linda Lipinski Loren Loomis Glen Lowe Todd Luedtke Chris Lynn 5 .. Jon Maasch x Wendell Mackey Michelle McBride Dave McDermid Carol McGrath Marvin Mckay Kevin McMahon Kai McNulty Kim McNulty Paul McPhee Chris Merriman Jean Meyers Kevin Michel Merrit Miller John Moran Ted Mortl Mn Ken Nelson Cary Nichols Mike Orre Gisele Pagels Roger Parrett Bonnie Paitengale Richard Paulson 'Q r A Xxx X 3,1 In Phylis Peters . Michele Phillips Ted Pietrzak we Diane Ploskee c gin, Vicki Plourde K ff Tim Poisl Joe Purcell Bryan Raasch .4 5 A Debby Raasch Frank Rath Richard Rebernick Linda Rieckhoff Am ,,,, M' h l R' kh fl - nc ee nec o Judy Roscizewski ' Therese Flozek John Flulapaugh ,A M -ww , t T Witte' A " 1 me I ,, ,. , ,. ' 4 ' Q my muh' , ,yi ,- O xr J 'V lrX,, iiih x W , ,Aw 1 an 2' I ,. f .ff L K 6 6 T" - Mrk ,kkt ,, K V-0: . tu lx W A Q , ,, ,,,,,3 iieri , , , t, ix Sue Rushing Sue Ryddner Kris Schaefer K Dave Schaller Scott Schattner . Lisa Schiefert J. Gall Schiierl Tom Schmeckel " Robert Schoenfuss Ron Schultz Lynn Schwandt Rhonda Sebranek 4 . , Lana Sethne N, A Bill Sheen f Ricky Shumann ,I-5 K E f. k .. , ,y , v A 4 Q3 X I Y ne 5 Barb Simonsen lf XY i .- , 'xg Al, ,.,. , rf . ,,,, i- If .. , , Q y , A ,Q yi , , ,Am , 4 , ,A 6 ,M , r X , ' F, , f 3? -' , ' ' ' ,tk H 1, f . I , ,QC yy - nf .Juv v I .5-. fe. ,az A W , is , J ALM' 1 3' , V I r I wth xt, ' K ,, I 1 A ,N H J noir , -lxi -- 4' I :M A 7 While Sophomores enjoy their second year of high school they also grow up a little. You have to grow up cause if you dont people associate you with the freshmen and I had enough of that last year stated one trus realize it they become young adults 21 v. ffl u t S , I , lr 'W ,,,,, 1 ,ot ti 0 XM 1. trated soph. Ego, before you and l F if 'N 2 Q .L fi , .V . . ,f 'fs ' 5 rf, .ai 135 ' f K . -V VV . X 'Y , g , f I, Q2 ,. is S v. fm, 07" . . f D' . 1 f H ,L.. . - . ' J ff M V ' ff- .J Q' 5 M V gi?"51bf' I ' fn... la . , ' .ee ' . . ie . I .Q - ' A J 'F ' - 5 .. if V71 l X i tl t . . A- 1 4 -. F W. - 'wr ' wif J "Lf we-W.. i X -' - ' In xv if I 5 K.., ' ' 4 5 552 i i i t ff J ff 1 I ' Q , f VV ,X ,V f.: ...jf -4' , ,X S ,M , A J re, it ,V . X. ' ., . ' G? ' ,-.1 . ,QL-. -. f ' 1 ,A ,, if , "V ..w -V 5. if it m,' T Q 'T i f . -. - .,,.,Ah f A '- L , if V:h', ' f ,g W,L. fi X V V K J, l X K M! ky X lk 4-if '54 , My , . 1 jf, or V. Not Pictured Gary Fliess Denise Gresk Cindy Jorgensen Mike Kozan Jim Kreil John Loch Tim Madden Jackie Massie , Cathy Michel Mike Miller W V, Jim Mohrbacker fl Chris Rode Pat Shannon Mark Scott JUN' Connie Sorenson Patti Szulczewski Kevin VanCleve Rick Varga Donna Wiedephul Rick Wiedephul Bill Welter Ann Wilks Kevin Zeisse 1. Corinne Barth relaxes while reading a book 2 Lunch brings some excited faces 3 Rick Shu mann faces life with a smile. 4 Sophomores casually stroll the halls. 5. Kotters Gang ll Laura Smart Kai Sorenson Kristi St. Germain Jack Storck Bernie Strasser Dave Studey Russel Swanson Heidi Swenson Gail Swik Diane Tretow Fred Tubbin Rick Tucker FDave Tuinstra Heidi Van Remmen Beth Varga Keith Wagner Melanie Wahlen Carolin Wal Rick Waupoose Wendy Welsh Sally Wendort Jodi Wilkenson Rita Willoughby Cindy Wortman Steven Wortman Mark Yates Mary Zanella Rick Zanella Jane Zeman Andrea Zemke Brenna Zielinski Sandy Zimmer AS freshmen walk through the doors of Union High for the first time, they leave behind their grade school days and begin a new phase of their lives. All are reluctant to leave behind the familiar faces, but look with anticipation to what the future holds for them. The years class officers are President, Shelly Schauf, Vice- President, Roger Brieskeg Sec- retary, Heather Scottg Trea- surer, Cary Leider. X i N ,-vnf'4 ',,.f.'1fivf 1 ia E fm Metab swf' ...go-""" ..v..'f-'--w.,,w 1 -an 7- Darlene Acker Mike Adsit William Alexander Julie Arnent Nancy Andry ' .sz - W Bob Babe Nancy Ballweg Jim Baumann Mike Baumann Ken Becker Phylis Bedard In . Q' S K aa xif-' i ' . W i ' 'X M ' M K -.N H X 'wsmr 59 2 t Melanie Behling Jill Belles Carri Bigham Kathy Bobinger Sam Boettcher Jean Bonenfant Roger Brieske Ken Broadway f. I W, ag E fe gg 3 ' E5 X Mncn Bradley it S Wx A E 'W If an H K, at. 'Q Kurt Brown Alan Burdette ff? Sheila Burghardt Debbie Burke " ' Terri Carignan Colleen Carlsen Don Chitwood Q Q Q Q x L Q ,X ' X ' X 2 Q N - A Brian chin ' 2 E i 1 QOIIS ng Q5 t I ' Q f 1. Freshman class officers. 2. One of the many reluctant faces of the class of '82. 3. A happy face for the morning blahs. 4. The first day of school isn't the easiest. 5. Freshmen art students. 6. Cathy Raith performs a pom- pon routine. 7. Everyone always spots a ca- mara. Patricia Chmielewskl Dan Christiansen Patti Christiansen Brian Collins Becky Cramer Russell Crandall Angela Deden Bill Degen Sue Degroot Annette Demuynck Laura Demuynck Janet Dixon Michael Duda Shelby Dukquits Lisa Dunlord Bill Egger Jon Erd Chris Erickson Dawn Erickson Tim Espinoza Bill Everett Barry Fancher Joe Firkus Gordon Fozie Justine Fonk Karl Fritchen The year started getting easier. We didn't get picked on as much as in the beginning of the year", stated one freshman. We began looking forward to our sophomore year." 4 . it . " , ., s lsss Wyggk T . Aw J! M , ' X ' 1 ,. f C V ' N' sttsrs -M i 1 i' sss . r 7 N, X1 'Q E K ' SM? Nj? if r vga 5 " A f . X if 1 ss : Q t n r " it nk -'V 4-Kr "' ' i A at N m --rl K g E . C, m 1 e S4 .Qs -an gi g i f,,,.k we . k v . i ' C isrs' if 1 Y 'K' K .V ww ,:. xx sv: W RH -,aqvrw we , oh : J ' 5 w A , 'k'- L -1,h, R gui . ss ' hY ' 1 -,H 5 I J 4 5 yi .., . R, K . vm xv ky ' f' mth by K 223: rf Sr xl at X - . x W - , -'15, f Am 45,4 L Ji far is ,fi 1. Nothing like putting your heart, soul, and teeth into that homework. 2. Lori Meroft finds time to laugh while finishing her assignment. 3. Locker chat. 4. Freshmen in the library. Alan Glodowski Andy Goessl ' be Tom Goodluck Steve Goodrich Bryan Greene John Gresk Danny Gunderson Donald Gunderson .sis ' if-si 43 r1,, . Ya A ,L 5 s it sf o 21? i Michelle Gustin - Rusty Gustum 3. JY f . K S . , ,M I' 5 In . .xy y K ii? Q 2 lk gy Qi' fb. J 'F' 't Joe Hampe ' f--.- Michael Hansche . Kim Hansen ' Zachary Harmann Q Lee Heck 1 Tom Hedding Chris Heller Susan Henningfield Kris Hirsig Terry Hobart Renee Hoffman Tony Holmes Kristi Houdek Jim lmmenschuh Sue Ingraharn Tracy Jackson Adam Jonas Robert Jorgenson K K Ron Jorgensen 4 K 4 f, Kent Kastenson Dale Klein Tammy Knight as 5s I 1 I! i ll Janet Koelsch Sharon Koelsch Rick Kortendick Andrea Kazan Beverly Krause Mike Kreilkamp Brent Kultgen Joe Kurth Nancy Ladwig Diane Lamping Lori Larsen Roxanne Laumann Jeff Lebrick Jeff Lee Cary Leider Wayde Lentz Lori Lewandowski Norm Lidhoirn Wendy Light Scott Link Jeff Longbons Tamyla Lynn Kevin Madden John Madsen if - .i ,L kktk Roxanne Koebert Kafefi Koe' ' .Q rf ' F Z- ,I Ffa ' -4 Y jeg ' -5 i -M A '-"' f-'55 T A g JH' Q 'K 1 " Ag, f , 3 i " f T . - Z ,Qs gg-. ,it ,A wi g ,L A, . f X 1 W '- w A . L ?k :,Le-3331 - .jff.,.,,gk -'- f . ' A i,ii .M Sf, VL by "j f Kimi' . 5. 55' :E .,..y -K 'iii I "' L-i'i irr, mir il n L A lisa! fair b ' -- 1 ' L if 2 I Q irr , :. L L i .wal , S L 'jx I 1:--i an New Q rs xi J' 4 L N x , X . X Phillip Marenda Jim McBryde Ken McCann Steve MCMahon Paulette Mentink Lori Meroft Cindy Meyers Lee Meyers Penny Miles Jennifer Mommaerts Edward Moos Holly Morris Tom Mortl Leola Morton Larry Mulliken Joy Nechvatal Daniel Nelson Jay Nuenteldt Tammy Ney Chris Olson Steve Osborne Sandi Overson Andy Pagels Marvin Parrett Sandy Paulson Don Pellman 1. Everyone needs help once in a while. 2. Our freshmen foot- ball team is ready to win. 3. Jim McBryde having a little fun sell- ing concessions. 4. Science class is full of class activity. 5. Tom Stevens experiments with a Bunsen Burner. With the memories ot their first year in high school tucked anxiously awaits their second year. lf they thought they had fun as a freshmen just wait the times only get better says one upperclassman. What will their sophomore year bring with it? Many more memories. safely away, the class of '82 Judy Perkins Bob Peterson Chris Peterson Patti Pietrzak Loretta Pischke Marie Plantemura Sharon Pomaville David Prill MK 1 l 'tv 1 ' i 6 ILE Q o"',v-"' it ..tt ' it X .V 11 X 'Sgt - -' . ' L- . .r 257. -tie '-' 5 A T N? i - 5 aft- J uf Dawn Prochnow f g Cathy Raith , 4 . K ' K . . Q Carl Reading - r' " ' . 1, V 1- A L. , F Jim Rebernick . , ig A . y C . , 3 Sylvia Rennert 1 ' W ' ., i ' K L , " R - John Repta 1 .. S I my Jim Ricker N 5 X x X ! V i K I George Rieckhotf ' R ,. Brian Riedel i , l Brenda Rivest 1 K M K . 2 William Rohner , T K K ,Q ' Q m,.5- f ' " K Suzanne Rozek r W si K ' . i,. -f ' i ., A - , 4" N ' , ', 5 Scott Ryddner X Q' fi: - . 4' K Q A 5 ' A i'- Efic Schackmuth t - L V ', ' Y ' . Q' I Gary Schattner it iff? 'ttittt . 5 X . ' Shellie Schaut ' ii':i' A x r N K ' il. gf., 'Yi Mike Schiferl X sy X -K Mfr'-,wp h :., ' M - . ' K H Carol Schmidt f ' ', .. ... .. K ' l Robbie Schultz -Q ', X P A A t jg .N f K. ggi K . . MV . Adam Schweitzer X ' e f N rf - A 'f - Heather Scott -, , . f ' l Arnold Selky Ziff .t .... ' 52 ,- 'K K ,. vig! - M-xx , A E! X4 5 Q- Darvin Sethne Y? f' . ' i "'r' Lihk ESM" " Q. Y ' .5 fm N A fs K Y ' -- ' . I THE USED CUPS . A ' M . , ,X if S ix 2 E S S' .. - .r i . 4? r X f at A f... . ,V . W. Z :Si u A T eeiri 1 .... ' .L Q" 1 P T. X f . y. f , Af15',"W M Q Q it , F xl! . A' ik f , W , 'S gr W. , gi: ' T. f ' . 2 , +1 Fe 11' , ,jr f' L' 'ff ,emu flu "N M f' li 7, Kevin Wilks Chris Wortel Bob Wozniak Dawn Wyma Ann Zeman Debbie Zmuda H+ 5 . , bbuiiyy ily: I Vw. .... 'ef ,f 2' .3 Marla Shimkus Cully Simonsen Will Simonsen Chris Sinda Joe Smith Theresa Smith Steve Squires Merle Stateznr Sue Stearns Tim Steinhoff Tom Stevens Bob Graf Cheryl Strelow Nels Swenson Sherry Thiel Jeff Thomas Rich Turnock Bonnie Van Fle Mark Villwock Scott Waite Greg Waldron Greg Wallig John Welsh Tom Wenman Not Michele Auger Randy Becker Shawn Bellaire Lee Callewaert Larry Fellion Bryan Greene Cindy Hansen Darcy Hogy mmen Pictured Michele Hubrich Gina Marshall Brian Massie Angela Parker Malt Purtee Myron Swenson Lenard Walter Bob West Tlx.. -..,...e.. I - eeeee T -swi- . 7"9 . x-af S .M ., T -f mm 'V w as f "" ' 5 f ??f'ii5.Q L E y be + yy Q A 'Mmm T 4 3 . 1 , ,N , , . r U s f , 2 V ,, f , ,. A 45 V 'A I I Q ., , ,X 'W iiri 1 4 f' ii . ,f 4 0 '. . 'ii' . ,, W r re' . .wee T :A M , 7 A A r r f "Eff,-'Ai rr s.J'7 ' J , ish' ' 1. Mr. Parks hands out Debate awards to Freshmen. 2. Adam and Cindy ready lor Sweetheart grand march. 3. Freshmen cheerleaders receive one year awards. 4. U.G. out for a winning game. ,, - ' A .,gEf 'rliwfr '.f'4 'QV Q 1' T 5Qf7'r4'if3i"VcffJ fi ' 63 .A With Une More look At 1 Sports 66 ri "We might not have done as well as the other sports, but I think taking the first doubles confer- ence championship was quite an accomplishment. We've only been around as a team for two years and to have come this tar is "pretty good." The team has a desire to win and that's going to help a lot in the future," com- mented one player. ?-, , I fa.. F V, f' 'U If , l If 9 l I I' -,f if A v l 4 V f 1.1 ."-yy 4 I l l ly! X 1 ,s f '!. EW Q 2. ix .Qs w . 1 +A . . ' rf' vc I " P A. als f 1 it , K K, V, , 4 is X I4 If ll lm-iv' L,kJn,,5n-at W 1-. ",'im4' ' Girls Row 1 Tracey Kiserg Row 2 Ellen Heinz, Cindy Erickson, Jane Hansen: Row 3 Bonnie Ball, Jane Marting Flow 4 Shannon Duquits, Sandy Bizub, Tammy Buckett, Coach Prueferg Row 5 Diana Hirsig nplqltdpn W Tennis Row 1 Sharon Haasg Row 2 Chris Anderle, Beth Geschkeg Row 3 Jodi Orrep Ftow 4 Sue Stearns, Cindy Heck, Diane Welshg Flow 5 Flobin Hanke, Denise Greskg Row 6 Lori Whistler, LuAnn Baumgart, Carrie Leider 1 Bonnie Ball and Jane Hansen, first dou- bles, captured the conference champion- ship. 2 Coach Prueter gives the team a few pointers before they start to practice. 3 Tracey Kiser receives the Most Valuable Player award during the Awards Day at school, 2 B g - 1 K l 0- L 4 lt was an oft and on season in football for the Broncos this year. They started out with an easy win over St. Francis but then the pace slackened. The Broncos highlighted their sea- son with a Homecoming victory over Badger. ln retrospect one player stated, i'Even though our record didn't show it, we had a lot ot team spirit and tried our best in every game." Footba 5-4 1 a ,1 g 9- t g l R at A L Www ag , . . ai nts. W A . P , 5 7 st It it at 5 ir r-: f lf., 6,15 1 1 X l ,X . its W it rf, E gs , gt. X K t r M f X in 0 7 '31'.E!'f"'E!2'l 55 A ' ESM ,gg ,F we Nfl 3 Q QQ , fs. 7' x'Q?," K? af? 5 Row 1 Gene Asmann, Rick Bergles, Greg Roth, Matt Madsen, Rick Grant, John Torres, Marvin Nelson, Mike Ryddnerg Row 2 Adam Green, Tom Servais, Chris Michel, Dan Wenman, Ron Chase, Marty Haas, Les Davis, Don Schaufg Row 3 Keith Schackmuth, Bill Tuinstra, Joe Stussy, Greg Gee, Jeff Adams, Norm Roettgen, Paul Stevens, Dusty Durkee, Lon Feskog Row 4 Andy Zemke. Record . WATERFORD 21 . DELAVAN-oAnlEN 7 SALEM-CENTRAL o BADGER 8 ue 7 BURLINGTON 28 ue e EAST Tnov 34 uc 14 wiuvior 33 UG '.t, .. 6 .K .1.. h is A 0 UG 9 UG 19 iflsii WV 1 Lonnie gains valuable yardage against the Comets. 2 Touchdown! 3 Football is a tiring J V g, , tVkgV i sport. 4 Coach Cook gives the Broncos some Q moral support. 5 We Won!!! 6 Concentration " C 'L ' plays a big part in preparing for the game. -sf gg I "' . I l A .,g,V 1 6 UG 9 ST. FRANCIS 7 34 MUKWONAGO 8 Sophomore Football "lt was a lot better this year than last because we knew what the coaches were talking about, more than we did last year." "I had a better time this year because when I was a Freshman there were too many guys and the coaches didn't have time to really concentrate on you." lg 'N QD L 'FB Qu 33 ll, O Ftow 1: Todd Jung, Ed Erickson, Larry Krause, Mike Bodden, Mike Keeku. Row 2 Rory Johnson, Steve Hunsley, Mike Halbur, Dave Tuinstra, Mike Henderson, Mark Lee Row 3: Bill Feder, Dave Studey, Loren Loomis, Kevin McMahon, Mike Chase, Mike Gaura "The freshmen have a lot of po- tential and if they stick with foot- ball l think that they'll definitly Frosh Football add to the varsity program. Our record was 2-4, with very close scores on the ones we lost. This was due to injuries which plagued us all year. The team had a lot of character and never gave up," commented Coach Potratz. 1 s s y, Flow 1 Dan Nelson, Brian Collins, Lee Meyer, Dan Gunderson, Dan Crandall, Rob Schultz, Chris Sinda, Steve Goodrich, Joe Kurthg Flow 2 Mark Willwock, Bill Alexander, Tom Straube, Brent Kultgen, John Repta, Rick Turnock, Adam Schweitzer, Tom Goodluck, Jeff Lee, Tim Steinhoffg Row 3 John Madsen, Kent Kastenson, Carl Fritchen, Brian Chirigotis, Mitch Duda, Eric Shackmuth, Nels Swenson, Flon Jorgenson, Brian Riedel 71 Broncos Go To State The volleyball team continued their winning tradition by capturing the SLC title tor the second year in a row. They also took first in the County Tourna- ment. Bronco Backers cheered the team to a regional and sectional victo- ry which gave the Broncos a chance for state competition. The road to Osh- kosh was a rough one but the Broncos of '78 possessed the determination and desire to win a position among the State's Best. Volleyball Br YlQ,3,g,g ,. :a..,. , .t.,,g , ,.., by f Row 1 Debbie Keeker, Jill Nechvatal, Karen Ballweg, Terri Abelg Row 2 Lesa Uhlenhake, Julie Longo, Ronda Kalmang Row 3 Eileen Bautch, Jill Baumgart, Tammy Meredith, Laura Osmundseng Row 4 Coach Shane. UG 2 BRADFORD 1 UG 2 WHlTEWATER 1 UG 2 SALEM 1 UG 1 MUKWONAGO 2 UG 3 ELKHORN O UG 3 BIG FOOT 0 UG 2 DELAVAN 1 UG 3 WATERFORD O UG 3 BADGER O Us 22 UG 2 EAST TROY 1 UG 2 BURLINGTON 1 UG 3 WILMOT O EAGLE INVITATIONAL 3rd place PARK INVITATIONAL 1st place REGIONALS 1st place SECTIONALS 1st place STATE 8th place 1. The Broncos practice before one of their match- es. 2. Tammy Meredith goes up for a spike. 3. Eileen Bautch concentrates on getting her serve in. 4. The loyal Bronco Backers cheered the girls to State. 5. Ronda Kalman bumps up the ball to Terri Abel. 6. Come on girls stretch! 7. Expressions speak for themselves as the elated team holds up the section- al trophy. Volleyball The Junior varsity volleyball team followed the exam- ple set by the varsity squad by only giving up one match this season. Each teammate contributed a hundred percent to make the season a winning one. Due to lack of experience the freshman team record was not a winning one. "The girl's tried and with a little more practice they should do all right next year." commented Coach Stockero. Flow 1 Linda Rieckhoff, Dawn Hubrich, Tammy DeGroot, Jane Degen, Tara Welch Flow 2 Ricki Zanella, Lee Heck, Mary Smolic, Rochelle Goodrich, Coach Stockero, Vicki Plourde, Rita Seitz, Mary Zanella, Amy Burns Row 1 Kathy Boblnger Joy Nechvatal Nancy Ballweg Nancy Andry Flow 2 Klrn Hansen, Shelley Schauf, 1 Jane Degen keeps the ball in play with a saving bump. 2 Lee Heck concentrates on getting to the ball. 3 Jane and Tara seem pleased during parent's night. 4 Boy! hope I don't blow it Cross Country This years cross country season brought with lt girl competitors for the first time. "Considering it was the first year for them they did very well. The girls usually kept up with us and didn't complain too much about the work," commented one runner. Kai Hansen, named "Most Valuable Runner", made it to sectionals where he missed quali- fying for State by one place. Row 1: Tom Harris, Pete Martin, Holly Just Bonnie Ball Gail Schiterl Kai Hansen Keith Tabor Row 2 Mike McMahon, Rick Meyer, Glenn Lowe, Chuck Minor Bill Kruase Kent Tabor Pat Shannon Kevin Walks Rick Varga. we 76 gn, 1. Hard practice is what it takes to compete with the boys 2 The team takes a breather after a tough practice. 3. And they re off Gymnastics "We're got a very young and inexperienced team. Most are freshman or sophomores. The team has a lot to spirit and the girls try their best in every meet. I think in a couple of years, we'll be pretty tough." 9303030303030Qobobococoboxq look up tg 1st Row: Sue Ryddner, Marla Shimkus, Kim Gilbert, 2nd Flow: Karen Halverson, Kim McNulty 3rd Row Miss Bonin Gail Schiferl Nancy Andry, Holly Moris, Connie Gresk, Miss Brabecl 4th Row: Nancy Ballweg, Shelly LeMay Kris Hirsig Diane Ploskee Vicki Plourde Senior letter winner Mi chelle Collins has been in gymnastics four years She has been awarded the "Most Valuable Gymnast tor the past two years and has been someone the younger team members , I Boys Tennis Bad weather hampered the Broncos el' this year. Unable to use the courts until well into their practice season, the ten- nis team won only one game. "We really tried hard but l guess that wasn't good enough. lt took us too long to get our skills to where they should've been 2 ,f Kam at at the beginning of the season," commented one player. No player of the year was named. MQ I 5:9 Row 1 Randy Kalman, Frank Cerne, Keith Grueber, Rob Gratg Row 2 Coach Pruefer, Norm Ro Jamie Geschke, Ben Gillmore, Dave Moyer ,Q . ! ,:N ettgen, Curt Niles i Row 1 Ralph Hardie Todd Uhlir Jon Tubman Tom Goodluck Wendall Mackey: Row 2 Coach Crown, Tim Steinhotf Stewart Crown Alan Frahm Kai Sorenson Roman Stachnow 9 I . in. , lu, -.S - , 4- it ., W 23, "' hs... ' 35' L I R, .?g,?.w..1.,, ii 1 ' ,A-Q , :L y a H " I we t. ' , tiff- 7. F eww. , l. '. . ,Nd -tl Y, XM. WM! X . . Ca .wa h s It if .4- 'YL VL. 1 wr .emi E , . ' , fl' f , Ii ' 25.5. t .-" 4 V , V' ff, . f -as E Avi. . ,nnl at wk7'Z?'? . ' .. ,t . tw dledd . 1 - be ,... ,Eg-5 ,...r ,S 3 . , -L 'T . 1. Coach Pruefer gives Frank Cerne and Curt Niles a last minute pep talk. 2. Ben Gillmore intensely returns a hard hit ball. 3. Randy Kalman can't believe he hit that. 4. Concen- tration .plays an important part of tennis. 5. Where did it go? 6. Dave Moyer seems upset with his last return. Girls' Basketball Considering that this is only the girl's second year of conference com- petition, they did a good job. The team, coached by Ulrich Adam, ad- vanced to the second game in their regional playoffs. Two of the girls were also named to the All-Conference and All- County teams. These two girls were Julie Longo and marcie Repta. How 1 Renae Ftepta, Amy Burns, Terri Abel, Holly Just, Lisa Diem, Tammy Buckettg How 2 Marijke Haas, Carol McGrath, Diana Hirsig, Jill Baumgart, Marcie Ftepta, Julie Longo, Cindy Heck If gun- 1. Terri Abel passes the ball out of the reach of Wilmot. 2, The team listens intently to Coach Adam. 3. Julie Longo looks for someone to help her out. 4. Managers of the team are Sara Osmundson and Ricki Zanella. XTX L g. safe ' wee L Fonk Judy Rosclzewskl Tern Carngan Clndy Hansen Row 1 Gaul Swuk Cully Slnnonsen Jean Meyers Patti Pietrazak, Tamrny DeGrootg Row 2 Mary Zanella, Carol Bergles, Lee Heck Justine U.G. 35 30 U.G. 31 58 U.G. 37 53 U.G. 18 42 U.G. 18 75 U.G. 20 53 U.G. 21 . 60 U.G. 35 44 1 U.G. 41 48 U.G. 36 41 U.G. 9 55 U G 31 28 BRADFORD WILMOT CENTRAL BURLINGTON DELAVAN WATERFORD ST JOSEPH CENTRAL ELKHORN BURLINGTON MUKWONAGO BADGER WATERFORD WHITEWATER TREMPER EAST TROY MUKWONAGO WILMOT REGIONALS BADGER WATERFORD 49 41 38 36 72 54 19 ot 32 Bill McBeynolds replaced Norm Hirsig as head coach of the Broncos this year. Even though they started out "slow" the Broncos rallied with the help of their new coach. One player stated, "We had our problems at the beginning ofthe season but that was sort of expected since we had a new coach. Later on we started to pick up and play like a team. We were more in tune with one an- other and that's as important as winning." f" sketloall 1 N'--...M Ba Flow 1 Dave Moyer Don Walks Ben Glllmore Jamue Geschke Bull Krause Charlue Lauber Norm Floettgeng Row 2 Andy Craven Mark Murdoch Don Schaut Keith Schackmuth Kal Hansen Todd Dunnum Jon Tubman Clay Langemo mgr.g Flow 3 John Schaus mgr x Ir I 3IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIIE RACINE LUTHERAN MILW. SOUTH WILMOT BURLINGTON DELAVAN WATERFORD SALEM BIG FOOT MUKWONAGO WILMOT ELKHORN BURLINGTON EAST TROY BADGER WATERFORD WHITEWATER SALEM MUKWONAGO BADGER BURLINGTON 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1 Coach McFleynoIds gives last minute mstructlons to the Broncos 2 I got it! 3 Todd Dunnum goes for two 4 Here you take it! 5 Jamie Geschke at tempts a tmp In shot. E e Basketb Ol' I ,,,,,,,, ,-. Flow 1 Mike Orre, Mike Gaura, Paul Buol, Tim Madden, Stewart Crown, Glenn Lowe, Scott Dunnumg Row 2 Richard Peterson, Kai Sorenson, Fred Tubbin, Craig Koch, Coach Jeudes, Randy Kalman, Daryl Lange, Flick Waupoose, Steve Hunsley Sopho S "I think we all grew up a lot and developed better coordination. That really helped a lot. We also worked more as a team than last year. l had a better time this year than last and we also improved over last year's re- cord. lf we all continue to go out for basket- ball the team should do all right." O , F -v1SI1i7'7fT"f2r4fn, ,S F25 U I," it-1 ' .xx 'IG I 1 I -gf' .Df fini di' Swimming ta ' V if "Considering it's our first year of competi- tion I think we did a good job. The team . really wanted to wing even after the first few J ' loses that attitude was still there. lt eventu- ally paid off too because we had a few sectional qualifiers. With more experience and hard work we'll really make a splash!" w 4 AL. l i 4 3 ,ii Row 1 Jim Mohrbacker, Dave Tuinstra, John Johnson, Tom Wenmang Row 2 Coach Heideman, Tony Wenman, Charles Wollmer, Mitch Duda, Dan Wenmang Row 3 Kelly Stoll, Hope Lawlor, Kathy Bobinger, Debbie Keeker, Jane Zeman Sf Lgcl Even though the wrestlers didn't have a winning season on a team basis, indi- vidually the grapplers did well. Terry DeBrabander and Rick Meyer wrestled their way to conference champion- ships. These two also made their way to sectionals. Overall the wrestlers showed much improvement and team spirit. Rick Meyer was named "Wres- tler of the Year." 33 DELAVAN 30 19 PARK 36 35 KETTLE MORAINE 28 7 EAST TROY 42 46 WILMOT 12 55 BADGER 12 24 WATERFORD 35 9 MUKWONAGO 48 21 SALEM 35 31 WHITEWATER 22 25 ELKHORN 26 25 BURLINGTON 31 58 BIGFOOT 6 NEW BERLIN TOUR 4th place WATERFORD TOUR 4th place CONFERENCE 6th REGIONALS 6th 4 ,ff Wrestling Row 1 Dan Gunderson, Pete DeBrabander, Terry DeBrabander, Todd Jung, Mike McMahon Row 2 Jamie Vargas, Mike Chase, Mike Tuinstra, Lonnie Fesko, Rick Estock, Marty Haas, Bob Hageman, Mike Keeker, Greg Gee, Rick Meyer JV Row 1 Chris Sinda Joe Smith Kevin Michel, Scott Andry, Jeff Thomas, John Gerow Row 2 ,Adam Schweitzer Kevin McMahon Mark Lee Kurt Baumann, Rick Turnock, Andy Zemke Row 3 Loren Loomis, Joe Konkol Paul Stevens Joe Stussy Brian Riedel Bob Wozniak 1 Todd struggles to keep his opponent down. 2 A win for Marty is a win for the team. 3 Mr. Myers concentrates on what's happening to his wrestlers. 4 Rick has trouble keeping control of his man. 5 Dan and Pete practice wrestling at pre-season parent's night. 6 Sorry Ron, no body slams! 7 Now what do I do? ai-3, "Golf is a lot more relaxing than any other sport i've been in. We can have a good time and stiil be com- petitive. The coaches and the team don't apply as much pressure for you to do well which makes for a better playing enviroment. You can't perform to the best of your ability with a lot of pressure. Even though we didn't do too great this year we all tried our best and that's what really counts." 'r li, fx 'ttyl ,iuyw ,W vivw, Q ffl I, Q, W. LU, X' X 7 ig! X 1 I if ,, SX Golf Fiow 1 Craig Koch, Dave Tuinstra, Jeff Leeg Fiow 2 Fiick Meyer, Mark Murdoch, Bob Schmook . ,k.' ,V N , A " 'fglm :tt l g, t as i af' Row 1: Mark Lee, John Ftepta, Brian Collins, Mike Schiferl, Tom Wenman, Larry Mulliken. Row 2: Mike Aimone, Jeff Mulliken, Mike Kozen, Tim Bremel, Steve Meyer, Mark Yates M 1. Some of the Varsity members get ready to tee off. 2. Half the fun of golf is following the balls, right? 3. Oops, I missed. 4. Time to go home boys! law , w few P 'wi f fi - W 4 4 at A ff-i ,, -:42,kiZ1aQg,, 1- , Q. , -,Y . sl s Wt m e H ,fn L L f-W1 L , t Q 4' We Jw .. 1 uf f , A 'Q' 5 , gf ,f -?l',Ly2' 'L v - ti F34 i' ? ii"'i?v"' 2 'ei xl' K ' 4 wif' ,:5'fJfi3 - " s 7 F ' is .54 " -, ff'-,g ,Q if. . a ff Val- Nfl , ' 1 'wkgkiir 4 rf Q 'Q ' Y' ' , 'V . f 'L 7 -' ' X' '5 ' , , L ,' " ," m"'5't vw- ,V .. ' N K' ,,,.,,, ,,,,, fs , ff i , ,, -'-wg, , .fxwwvs 3 ' p - 1 ,W M fs, , 1 4 I ,V 4 Q 256 'L TD - if - 1 ' a t :Sill ,w , .. 1: 'nfl ', " ' " ' -T, tif ng? 111 "PY" 'ffl V . V :ffl f 1 f ' , . 1 t, l K- - t i i D -I Under the guidance of a new coach, the Bronco batters swung their way into section- al play. "lt seems like we got our game to- gether when we needed it most-at regionals. I think the whole school was surprised when we went on to sectionals. They didn't think we could do it, but I guess it just goes to show what a little determination can do.", commented one player. , 5 - ct E CD CU m iff, if Flow 1: Jeff Nisen, mgrg Dusty Durkee, Dave Cottlngham, Marv Nelson, Duane Lange, Lonnie Fesko, Todd Dunnum, Rich Waupooseg Flow 2: Coach Juedes, Don Schaut, Dale Hansen, Ron Chase, Don Wilks, Lester Davis, Joe Stussy, Chuck Moos, Glen Lowe X4 ,nv-?'v ' ll!!! 1" f giiill K' A se J? 5 ja,-1 Ntinxr K 4- ,, 4 W ' A .,,..,,,m,. 1. Dave Cottingham gets his hand taped before the big game, 2. Safe! 3. Lester Davis takes a few swings before batting. 4. Come on, everyone down. 5. I got it, I got It. 6. The team takes a breather before leaving the dugout. 7. Dave Cottingham rounds third and heads for home. "I think in a couple of years we'll develop a strong team, but right now we're just too young. We are inexperienced and that's what hurts." commented one tracker. A highlight of the season was seeing John Johnson go to state in the 100 yd. dash. Johnson was also named "runner of the year." ll' .1151 a if N QQ. 'u X O CU L' . I1 Q-any cn Pa O LD A-tw T '- . gh .Ups ..'L tit' 1 51?e-:Q. . 14 1. Relay teams practice their hand-offs. 2. Mike Adsit concentrates on making his jump. 3. John Johnson gets a good start from the blocks, 4. I made it! 5. Help! 6. They never told me they were going to move the Porta- Pit Row 1: Jim Sorenson, Bob Peterson, Joe Hampe, Fiory Johnson, Mike Adsit, Mike Orre, Kevin Madden: Row 2: Tim Madden, Greg Gee Mike Keeku, Dan Nelson, John Johnson, Dan Christiansen, Greg Waldron, Mark Villwockg Row 3: Kent Tabor, Tom Harris, Brian Riedel John Hagstrom, Keith Tabor, Jim Fiicker, Scott Rieckhotf V'Ii. me " -r i --Sh -5151 ZW' "I had a lot of fun in track. I guess the only thing I really hated was the practices, but that's the only way you could get better. The coaches were a big help. They always knew what you were doing wrong and would spend time with you to cor- rect it," stated one team member. Girls Track wr ' ' . 2- 'Sw Mx-ig A ' ' t 1 W mf s K ' ' -,f. -f un, 5 1 A .J 2' ff AVYI 'N S W ,, , " ":i A " ,J . 3 I . -A . , ci, ?i5219ii' l 1st Row: Paulette Mentink, Robin Kramer, Gina Marshall, Michelle Rieckhoff, Diane Lamping, Denise Gresk, Sue Ball. 2nd Row: Sherry Olson, Julie Ament, Amy Burns, Renae Repta, Laura Osmundsen, Tammy Meredith, Rhonda Kalman, Terri Abel. 3rd Row: Chris Peterson, Kim Hansen, Kris Hisig, Sue Henningfield, Gayle Schiferl, Holly Moris, Linda Rieckhoff. 4th Row: Holly Just, Annette Mentink, Nancy Anders, Nancy Ballweg, Heidi Swenson, Elise Blunck. 1. Will she make it? 2. Gina Marshall looks relieved that her part ofthe relay is finally over. 3. Tammy Meredith practices what she does best - putting the shot 4. Chirs Peterson concentrates on keeping up her pace. 5. Happiness is also long jumping. Right, Nancy? 6. Did you get that? Softball Despite their record of 3-11, the Bronco girls did a fine job. Terri Abel, "Most Valuable Player," also received honors by making "first team All-County" and "honorable mention All-Conference". Cindy Heck also made the All-County team as did Tammy DeGroot. UG, 6 MUKWONAGO 16 U.G. 4 WHITEWATER 9 U.G. 5 DELAVAN 28 U.G. 9 WATERFORD 19 U.G. 4 WILMOT 8 U.G. 4 DELAVAN 10 U.G. 1 MUKWONAGO 12 U.G. 3 WATERFORD 14 U.G. 12 WHITEWATER 14 U.G. 18 WILMOT 17 U.G. 6 SALEM 17 U.G. 4 SALEM 10 , U.G. 14 BURLINGTON 13 Q U.G. 10 BURLINGTON 8 REGIONALS U.G. 4 SALEM 15 Row 1: Tara Welch, Cherly Theigs, Marcie Repta, Nancy Demoulin, Rita Seitz, Cindy Heck. Row 2: Jean Moser, Terri Laura Andry, Tammy DeGroot, Lee Heck, Bev Espinosa, Tammy Buckett, Row 3: Coach Pauc, Jane Zeman, mgr. inf: ,W .4 Abel Row 1 Ann Zeman, Renee Becker, Kathy Bobinger, Phyllis Bedard, Renee Hoffman, Jane Zeman, mgrg Row 2 Terri Carrigan, Cully Simonsen, Patti Pietrzak, Andrea Kozan, Shelly Schaufg Row 3 Roxanne Laumann, Gail Swik, Coach Kaschinska, Peggy Degen . it 4'VV , X 3 A' , W i f ,. :Y 5 . K-.. - r ein K, . X 4 un, tiff? 'T ,ut -': .qjvfliy-ffisfi' 5' N ' ""?'J f. T03-'t'??"? " A W .Ii if 5. 0551 -'5!i?'7"f , 'if' YY 15- s"'3f'.. 1. Out! 2. Coaching is a very tiring occupation. 3. Tammy DeGroot surveys the situation on the field before batting. Cheerleaders are more than just girls running around in short skirts. Cheerleaders are a group of people trying to interest others in what's going on around school. "lt's a feeling of really be- longing to the team when you are a cheerleader. You become close to the players and when you know a group of people that well you don't want to see them fail. You do everything you can to help them win." Everything in- cludes baking cookies, decorat- ing lockers, buses, and locker rooms. But most of all everything includes being supportive-even in a losing season. -t Y uf. Ms... Cheerleaders Flow 1 Kristi Lidholm, Row 2 Patti Christiansen, Kirsten Martinsen, Chris Peterson Flow 1 Toni Beck, Flow 2 Flobbyn Welch, Sharon Yates, Elise Blunck Row 3 Judy Peter, Cindy Skibo, Sherry Olson ketball Flow 1 Toni Beck Row 2 Judy Peter Sherry Olson Row 3 4 'Sv 'M' W, ,iw J.V. Basketball Flow 1 Kirsten Martinsong Row 2 Jane Hansen, Shelly Schaut, Bonnie Ball, Row 3 Patti Christianseng Row 4 Kristi Lidholmg Row 5 Chris Peterson. 1 5 3 ? 1 S E gi i wx - NNNQ Wrestling Flow 1 Tammy Meredithg Row 2 Sharon Yates, Joy Nechvatal, Eileen Bautchg Flow 3 Lesa Uhlenhakeg Flow 4 Sharon Haas. xi --1 r 'k1,.M, QQ' 'f ,ar -, X . '- F tl! R N' fav, 2 -SQA" Y, Q I , is SVQSQESQQ ' :31 :fm . ' , i -fn-n '- Ok., 'Xl' si 3, Hgsmvh ,Q .,fW' R ...sg-Q. ,I 4., qu... so - Al' 4' if ,gut-. ,. Sports are a year around happening. They affect everyones lives in a different way. The athlete becomes more in tune to the needs of others. The fan comes to respect the athlete in a way he never thouoht possible. The parents, too, are affected either by going to watch their sonfdaughter play or by letting their kids goto a game. People learn a lot from sports too. The athlete learns that win- ning isn't everything but respecting your fellow teammates is. Without that respect a team cannot function. Yes, sports can teach us all something if we just stop and think about it for a while. That just goes to show us that learning can be fun. With One More Look At ..-M tv Clubs Bronco Spirit Backs Our Team Row 1 Sue Heimerl, Kirsten Martinson, Karen Zimmerli, Sandy Koenig, Tammy Paisley, Sherry Olson, Sharon Haas, JoAnn Bloss, Judy Peter, Sue Erickson, Kim Gilbert Bow 2 Bev Espinoza, Beth Bush, Bonnie Becker Beth Geschke, Darlene Acker, Toni Beck, Cindy Skibo, Cindy Chase, Sandy Bizub, Wanda Kothlow, Diane Welsh, Barb Floutheaux Bow 3 Lisa Deden, Elise Blunck, Chris Olson, Bobbyn Welch, Nancy Koel, Bonnie Ball, Jane Martin, Wendy Welsh, Sue Markiewicz, Denise Lebrick, Kim Kriz Missing-Carla Anders Bronco Spirit has joined the cheer- leaders and PomPon squad this year in backing our Broncos. Painting signs, giving a cheer, and adding school spirit it is what they're about. if f rtir ttttt ittl U at ' , , tar iff fr gf r A l 1 3 I, ' ,r 2 , I , l 1 I Vrgh VIA , ,X is ri- Band Takes On A New Look I . I!1'lL?2! . I il ll 'Qi 077 KCD mc 3-5 33 'cn Q3- O 5 U1 2 U5 Q na CD an no 3 rn 2 E na H4 -. O FN Qag Z C xv X 5 X 4 it J' Q - 7 f , C Q 5 - S 'Q Student Council Strives To Represent UGHS Student Council Tammy Meridith President John Wollers Vice President Kay Waupoose Treasurer Jane Martin Secretary of Student Council assists in the management of our school This year they took part in the Homecoming activities held a blood drive and sponsored the Sweetheart dance. Mr. Bark says ' Student Council is an opportunity for leadership training and they are a great group of kids." -etterwinners Break Homecoming Tracltior Flow 1 Connie Gresk, Tammy Buckett, Margaret Knight, Vice President-Tracy Kiser, President-Lester Davis, Secretary-Treasurer- Julie Longo, Cindy Heck, Elise Blunck, Dawn Hubrich Row 2 Leighanne Iverson, Tara Welch, Laura Osmundsen, Lesa Uhlenhake, Ronda Kalman, Terri Abel, Eileen Bautch, Jane Degen, Jill Bloss, Holly Just, Shannon Dulquits, Rochelle Goodrich, Diana Hirsig, Marty Haas. Flow 3 Tammy Degroot, Terry Debrabander, Marcie Ftepta, Benaw Flepta, Tammy Meredith, Karen Ballweg, Cindy Erickson, Jane Martin, Jane Hansen, Bonnie Ball, Jodi Orre, Debbie Keeker, Jill Nechvatal, Jill Baumgart, Tammy Paisley Row 4 John Johnson, Flon Chase, Mark Murdock, Jamie Geschke, Don Wilks, Bob Goetz Flow 5 Dean Zemke, Don Schauf, Keith Shackmuth, Charles Lauber, Duane Lange, Marv Nelson, Bill Krause, Mike McMahon, Rick Bydnner, Matt Madsen, John Torres, Norm Boettgen, Todd Dunnam, Dan Wenman, Frank Cerne, Kai Hansen, Jeft Dequisto, John Harris, Kent Tabor, Keith Tabor, Greg Roth, Mike Keeker. Letterwinners consists of athletes who have participated in a sport and have earned their letter. This LETTER WINNERS CLUB year they sponsored Homecoming and broke tradition. Homecoming Les Davis, President court was picked not only from the Tracey Kisefl V106 PfeSidem football team, but from Cross Coun- Julie Longo, Secretary-Treasurer try' Voneybanl and girlvs Tennis as well. The cIub's main goal was to involve all sports in Homecoming activities and judging by the 1978 turn out, it was a success. AFS Welcomes lvlarijke to UGHS Get Acquainted With lvlarijke Marijke Haas is our AFS student. She is from Holland, where she attended Thorbecke Col- lege. Marijke says that many things are differ- ent here at Union Grove. ln her school there are no sports activities, cheerleaders, or pompon girls. Also she said that the classes in Holland are strictly the languages, sciences, and math- ematics. There are no shop classes, art classes, foods classes, and so on. Mariike also told us that Holland is a very small country, but a very modern one. The fashion is "stylish" and everyone is into the "disco fever." She is enjoy- ing her stay here in America, not to mention her stay in Union Grove, but is looking forward to going back home. Best of luck to you Marijke. You will be missed. Flow 1 Marijke Haas, Bonnie Becker, Angie Deden, Wanda Kothlow, Ms. Helgestad, Tracy Kuhn Flow 3 Sandy Hickey, Amy Roth, Lisa Deden, Brenda Garrison, Michelle Schattner. Chorus-"You Never Sung It Like Us" f fi effcbeedg 5443458 v Row 1: Shelly LeMay, Jill Bloss, Cindy Chase, Beth Geschke, Jana lmmenschuh, Hope Lawlor, Jim Philbrick, Pete Martin, Peter Ludwin. Row 2: Cary Nichols, Wendy Klein, Larry Krause, Ben Johnson, Bus Hansen, Keith Barth, Steve Wortman. Row 3: Tina Peterson, Cindy Jorgenson, Barb Erwin, Ellen Matuszewski, Sue Ball, Kathy Kinner, Donna Weidephul, Flenee Becker, Wanda Kathlow, Andrea Zemke. Flow 4: Brenda Garrison, Leola Morton, Corine Barth, Lisa Heinz, Jeanie Bonenfant, Bonnie Pattengale, Mr. Krumberger, Heather Just, Jodi Orre, Michelle Schattner, Charlene Barnes, Debbie Vyvyan, Mary Welsh, Windy Light, Colleen Carlson, Jane Zeman, Kris Schafer. GAA Keeps in Srape 1st row Marcie Flepta, President: Marlene Bensene, Vice President: Gail Schiferl, Secretary: Sue Heimerl, Treasurer: 2nd row Holly Morris, Sherri Strelow, Patti Pietrzak, Darlene Acker, Sue Henningtield, Karen Zimmerli, Sherri Olson, Jill Belles, Tina Wortel, Jenniter Mommaerts, Wanda Kothlow 3rd row Jennifer Worrel, Kay Henrickson, Kathy Bower, Lee Iverson, Beth Bush, Barb Floutheaux, Nancy Koel, Sandy Floutheaux, Lesa Deden, Cindy Hanson, Judy Perkins, Cindy Heck, Angie Deden. 4th row Michele Flieckhotf, Sylvia Ftennert, Michele Gustin, Debbie Burk, Dennis Hahn, Cindy White, Mrs. Androff, Karen Koel, Miss Elgested, Renae Plepta, Marijke Haas, Tammy Schwartz, Justine Fonk. Ski Club Takes A Plunge Into The Snow Off S yN yKIP d FldKI V P dtMk AI Really A snow Dave White, Jill Nechvatal, Kathy Johnson, Keith Barth, Jane Hansen, Heather Just, Corine Barth, Jane Martin, Ellen Heinz, Hope Lawlor, Becky White, Dan Welch, Ben Johnson, Sue Erickson, Kim Gilbert, Linda Lipinski, Tim Geschke, Kirsten Martinson, Fiobbyn Welch, Lisa Heinz, Beth Geschke, Brenda Garrison, Denise Gresk, Sandy Bizub, Michele Shattner, Ellen Matuszewski, Larry Davis, Marlene Bensene, Merrit, Mill- er, James Ludwin, Peter Ludwin, Lisa Deden, Bon Schulz, Linda Czer- nicki, Caroline Wahl, Mike Henderson, Heather Scott, Kristi Houdek, Kathy Palmer, Karen Ballweg, Jim Bergles, Kris Schaffer, Bobbin Cram- mer, Becky Crammer, Leola Morton, Mark Polasky, Loren Babe, Kitty Nicholsg President-Lisa Heinz, Vice-President-Bobbyn Welch: Secretary- Kathy Johnson: Treasurer-Ellen Matuszewskig Ms. Dudag John Christen- son Art Club Pairts A Picture Cf 1600 Words Flow 1 Ms. Schmidt, Jennifer Worrell. How 2 Ralph Hardy, Shelby Dukquits, Ted Pietrzak, Row 3 Tim Geschke, Peter Ludwin, Bow 4 Michelle Bieckhoff, James Ludwin FBLA Leads The Way Flow 1 Lisa Schiefert, Sandy Koenig, Karen Zimmerli, Kim Gilbert, Sharon Haas, Ann Wilks, Kathy Harmann, Laura Andry, Jane Conrad, Kim Kriz, Flow 2 'Linda Czernicki, Julie Huff, Kay Hendrickson, Marlene Bensene, Sherry Olson, Debbie Keeker, Tammy Paisley, Tara Welch, Flow 3 Barb Fioutheaux, Denise Hahn, Nancy Koel, Kelly Anderson, Cathy Bush, Ms. Charbogian, Mr. Olson, Lu Ann Baumgart, Carrie Nichols, Lana Sethne, Bobin Smith, Jean Andersen, Tammy Buckett, Bow 4 Cheryl Theigs, Judy Perkins, Beth Bush, Laura Smith, Denise Gresk, Margie Schmidt, Tammy Kriz. Good Grades --- Entrance To Ni-IS A pl i Cfiayff' J Flow 1 Julie Huff, Marge Schmittg Flow 2 Cathy Shannon, Kitty Nichols Jane Degen Toni Beck Denise Hahn Linda Czernicki Flow 3 Kathy Pomaville, Karen Strasser, Laura Osmundsen, Eileen Bautch Dan Wenman Ms Broshot Heidi Just Row 4 Don Walks Flobbyn Welch, Karen Ballweg, Julie Longo, Frank Cerne. Library Aides Bow 1 Shelley LeMay, Linda Strelow, Audry Glodowskig row 2 Wanda Duvall, Bonnie Becker, Brenda Duvall, Peg Chmie- lewski, Kathy Beading, Flow 3 Ms. Heigestad, Ms. Duckey, Sandi Hickey. A Thank You To "Coach Blaske" - Forensics Lyle Schaefer Leola Morton Kathryn Nichols Lori Huggins Colleen Barth, Val Gee, Mrs. Robert Parks MR. BLASKE 1958-1979 Mr. Blaske has participated in forensics for 21 years as a coach but he has been in- volved in forensics since high school. He participated in forensics and debate in col- lege. That is when he decided to go into coaching. He trained at the University of Whitewater, Wisconsin, then became a coach at Union high. All the trophies in our trophy case have been won while Mr. Blaske has been our coach. He has been on various committees and was president of the Wis- consin Debate and Forensics Coaches As- sociation for the year of 1977. Due to health reasons Mr. Blaske will leave coaching. He hopes to become the forensics director next year. He will be missed as a coach, but he says he will continue to urge students to participate in forensics. PomPon Girls Move Their Feet To The Disco Beat Football - Row 1 Vicki Wahl, Debbie King, 'Cindy Chase, Nancy Koel, Row 2 Carrie Bigham, Bonnie Pattengale, Shelly LeMay, Row 3 Barb Floutheaux, Cathy Raith, JoAnn Bloss, Denise Lebrick, Beth Bush xy ' Beskeftball W A Row 1 'Beth Bush, Debbie King, Barb Routheaux, Jane Martin, Row 2 Cindy Chase, Sandy Bizub, Bonnie Becker, Karen Zimmerli, Jo Ann Bloss, Row 3 Denise Lebrick, Lisa Deden, Bonnie Pattengale, Beth Geschke, Kim Kriz, Nancy Koel. Our PomPon girls danced their way into the hearts of us all. They do a lot more than their routines. They paint signs, cheer, and most of all they put up with an occasion- al skipping record. Captains Cindy Chase and Beth Bush deserve a big thank-you for adding some pep to the halt-time activities. Photo Club-"Smile, You're Cn Candid Camera" Left to right: Mark Polasky, Mitch Duda, Gina Pauze, Dan Heidingsfelde, Flon Jarvis, Melanie Y 'iii Marshall, Julie Ament, Pat Arndt, Patty Christiansen, Peggy Chiemelewski, Mary Behling. fix ? 4. , , sh 'r f f- , ll , A 4, 1 ,r V H5 IM V- fr frfu I JL Xlflr , M lr X V55 ' . .,' Ar j rrrily -1-- Xx l r rx Z' J 'Il A i .f,,7L?-X K ., . A digg , ,uw 'l' . . Hall Monitors-"Where's Your Pass?" , fair Bow 1 Jill Nechvatal, Gail Schiferl, Tim Geschke, Sue Erickson, Rochelle Goodrich, Bow 2 Sara Osmundsen, Linda Cohill, Jane Hansen, Jane Martin, Tammy Brixius, Elise Blunck, Diane Welsh, Row 3 Bill Krause, Mike Keeker, Lori Whisler, Tara Welch, Amy Burns, Brenda Ziellnski. One Aot Play-Cast, Crevv, Ms. Ducla, And Jon Christensen ist row Connie Barth, Lisa Heinz, Jon Christensen, Mrs. Duda, Linda Lipinski. 2nd row Keith Schackmuth, Larry Davis, Ellen Matuszewski, Hope Lawlor, Cathy Johnson, Peter Ludwin, Russ Hansen, Justine Fonk, Kristi Houdek, Heather Just, Jim Bergles, Ellen Heinz. 3rd row Loren Babe, Dave White, Tim Polsl, John May, Pat Shannon. F' i of ...ali '2 ,jx o 5 wwf? v X .. J A 1' xlri , , Zh su X Q x , 9 , 94 ,lf qi, - A A va . t . f J "Ns.,.,- Quant-.... 1 Ellen and Hope are getting ready for the open- ing night of The Fantasticksf' 2. Nancy- "Look Mom Im a star." 3. Music is a universal Ian- guage 4 Kathy and Tim appear to be mad at each other 5 Say "CHEESE!" 6. Our pornpon girls start at a young age. 7. Have you ever seen human book-ends? With Une More Look At Events I 123 F ing 78 l-lomecoming 78 l-lomecoming 78 l-lome ing 78 l-lomeco ITT SCO oming 78 l-lom GC oming 78 l-lom GC l-lom Summer disappeared and now it was time to once again rise early in the morning and return to school. HomeComing week October 2-6. Each day had its own memory. Each class did their best to out- do the other. The spirits were high as competion between classes went or. for the first place battle. Anonymous Bronco fans decorated the players cars to en- courage a winning game. On Oc- tober 6, Union Grove beat the Badgers - a Bronco Victory. The 1978 HomeComing court was not chosen the same monot- onous way as the years before. The court was chosen from all sports. The court was, Girls Ten- nisg Tracey Kiser escorted by Dan Wenmang Volleyballg Laura Osmundsen escorted by Pete Martin, Cross countryg Kent Ta- bor and Tammy Paisley, Foot- ballg Les Davis and Lisa Becker. King John Torres and Queen Theresa Northup. 2 X f 106 ,qw 5' ' , 13. bf 4 1. ,, N ,L 2 , W 126 K w IllIIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIllIIllIllllIIIIIIllllllIllIIlIlIIllllIllIIlIIlllIllIllIlIIlllIIIIIllIIIIlIIIIIIIlIllIIIIlllIIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllllll FantastioksFantastioksliantastioksFantastioksFantasticksFantastioksFantasticksFan1 IIlIllllllllIIIllIIIIIllIlIIIIllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlIIIlIIllIIllIlIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllll 7 'i -'AW I i5 l "' ,ravi W-1.-S 1. Louisa and Matt sing of their love for each other. 2. Make-up plays an important part in a play. 3. The "Fantastick" Cast. 4. Matt defends Louisa from the kidnapper. 5. Mrs. Duda says a prayer, before the cast goes on stage. 6. Lisa Heinz helps Larry Davis rehearse his lines. 7. Mrs. Duda giving stage move- ment direction to cast members during rehearsal. 8. Ellen Matuzwski and Hope Lawlor, are playing their part as mutes. J if The Fantasticks filled romance songs and dances. Nine student ac- tors and a hard working crew made Union High s first fail production in re- cent years a success. -Phylis Duda the stage with fantasy, , M. ,, ,K XX 1 4 R as 2 V 4 ' ',', i K if ,ttf 2 , wt f M 5 V f Wi' X t new 3 i - ,ff Sas 0 JuniorMiss ' JuniorMiss 0 JuniorMiss 0 JuniorMiss 0 JuniorMiss ' Juni Junior CD CD S L O E I T ' JuniorMiss CD CD 5 g O E 3 5 0 JuniorMiss 0 JuniorMiss CD CD JuniorMiss ' JuniorMi 1. Laura Osmundsen played a saxaphone solo. 2. Heidi Just danced as well as played the clarinet. 3. Sharon did a modern dance to t'The Sting," 4. Flobbyn sang to her dog Princess, from the Broadway play "Annie". 5. Junior Miss winners, 2nd runner up irightl Kara Kopac, lrorn Martin Luther High School, 1st runner up lleftt Ftobbyn Welch and tCenterJ Judy Schwartz, 1978-79 Junior Miss. 6. Judy's Dad congratulates her with a kiss. 7. Cathy Bigham crowned Judy Schwartz 78- 79 Junior Miss. 8, Denise Hahn sang and played the guitar for her talent. 9. Ellen recited a Prose Heading. 10. A piano solo was played by Kitty Nichols. ft. 'I Every year the Jaycees sponsor the Junior Miss Pag- eant. This year nine girls tried out for the Junior Miss title. The girls were judged on a personal interview with the judges, individual talent, scholastic achiev- ment, poise and appearance and a physical fitness routine. Each girl deserved to win, but as rules go, only one could receive the title. Judy Schwartz was chosen the 1979-79 Junior Miss Queen. Congratulations Judy!! 6 1 SweetheartDanceSweetheartDanoeSweetheartDanoe SweetheartDanoeSweethear Sweetheart couples gathered to- gether February 17, for the annu- al Valentines Dance. Music was played by "Big Tips Band" Court members were Queen Robbyn Welch and King Don Wilks. Senior representatives Ka- ren Ballweg and Jamie Geschke. Amy Burns and Keith Sohack- muth represented the Junior class. Bonnie Ball and Tim Mad- den represented the Sophomore class. Representing the freshmen were Cindy Meyer and Adam Schweitzer. Kay Hansen and John Petersen, last years King and Queen, crowned this years Sweetheart Couple. 1. Who's escorting who? 2. Couples dance to "Big Tips" Band. 3. 1979 Sweetheart Court, 4. Court dances to the theme song "lf". 5. Freshmen representative, Adam Schweit- zer hoids his bouquet? 6. Mr. Bark passing out punch. 7. Here is a sweetheart of a cou- ple. W , I V1.1 : 9 pinPippinPippinQPippinPippinPippinPippinPippin PippinPippinPippinPippinPippir DE illIIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIlllllIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIIllIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E Q Q Emi 5.5 gQ 5.9- EEL EE :Q Q fini .E Q. .9 0. E Q .Q- Q. .E Q. .Q- 0. E Q .9 0. .S Q .9- Q E Q 9 0. E Q .Q- cm. .S Q .9 0. K Pippin held the stage as Union High's Spring Musical for six performances of full houses. A cast of 60 and crew of 30 plus, worked long months to bring this modern rock musical with it's traditional morality theme to our stage Phylis Duda Director iii..ei . fg new--.1 'N lla-Q-.7 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlilIIIIIllIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ E 1. Lisa Heinz sings to Pippins grandmother. 2, Pip- E E pin sings "Corner of the Sky". 3. John May "sees E E the light" not on stage but backstage. 4. King lAI E E Doonanl does not suspect that death is approach- : E ing. 5. This duo was one of the many highlights of E : Two of the frolic girls lower the bar as the Calypso dance continues. as N. . ..., U , mi? r 1 Q : : . 2 .- ,E Q. we up V the show. 6. Tim Geschke dances up a storm, 7, : : .- .- -. ,- 1 .- - E E E : r: E -fi : SPR!NGCHOFRUSCONCERTSPFRINGCHOFZUSCONCEFZTSPRINGCHOFZUSCONCER "It's hard to put a bunch of voices together in such a short time," quoted William Krum- burger, chorus director, "but they did it." A jazz band also played and did a finale number with the chorus. s The group sang the acappella numbers, "We Thank Thee Lord," "The Willow Song" and a Latin song, "Can Ta Te Do- mino". There was a solo by Beth Geschke. E,-jf G urtflg 3 1, . lx 1 sv .7se"" X ,, 1 'X 0 T O . 0 . A M K ns' K ff i is ,,,,, it J,, sta i ,f it i. E l ' at 9 ir 1. Beth Geschke sings a solo, "You Light Up My Life." 2. The chorus backbone, the piano players, Lisa Heinz and Hope Lawlor. 3. Director of the group, Mr. Krurnburger. 4. Parkside Jazz band helped play along at the concert. '0N0H0N0'f'0"g f0"01'0N01'0K0' 1010 0000 14 "N0'v01'0'f-0-10N0N01f0N01'0l'0"'0"0l '-050 0000000 010' 040' 0000 Z'-101 I D. I gg me O. O E O I CL I E O I D. I E O I CL O E O fi , I O E O I 0. I E O I CL I E O I D. I E O I Cl. O E O I D. O E O I D. I E O I D. 20vl0"'-0"0"0'00f0'20"0f00l0'v0'10ff012010!0110'10140'0H0'f0I10'-'0f'-0'H01v01l0N01'01'-0"0N-0"-01f0N0'H0'H4 LQCD IVPPROM0PF2OM'PF?OM'PFZOIVFPFKOM0PF?OM'PF2OM'PFZOIVl' PRONPPROIV rder e Prom Erickson for of just the 3 def' 5 1IlI , f Q IQQ li? 0fOI QD' 'S- . ,,j Q if 1. Lori and Norm move to the sounds of "Tazz". 2. 79 Prom Court lst row Queen Robin Link, Crown- bearers-Kaihy Katterhagen, Troy Mclileynolds, Kai Hansen 2nd row "78" Queen Cindy Skibo, Lon Fesko, Barb Fioutheaux, Jamie Vargas, Brenda Sneller, Norm Hoeitgen, Lori Wnisler, Jill Baumgart, Greg Gee, Jill Nechvatal, Charlie Lauber, Sue Erick- son, Tim Gescnke, Ben Gillmore. 3. Couples enjoy- ing Prom. 4. Nancy and Steve prepare for the grand march. 5. Everyone enjoys a slow dance. 6. Moms and Dads at Prom. 7, Juniors wait and watch for the next couple, 1 .,, ,dm-" -eil ll 1 Vs, T Vm,,, :,k,4,v.fp ,,,. -uW..w-Wfff-'M N,-W M. H wr MQWNHW KWWL , -- With one more look at our everyday routine. Summer and winter pass through the year. We all visit the cafeteria quite frequently for hotdogs or ravioli or fish on Fridays. The library, which helps us with those resource papers. The classroom where we learn about life. Study Hall, which really isn't a favorite, and outside where we go for our free time. The year has gone by and now its time to say Good-By to our 1979 school events. 2? . ' , .lVV I2 f Everyday ff' Z ff. ff?" 'if . 1 .. . V .4 . l i ly ' trffxgff fel 1 tt, q 2 . V .T 'ft fi 1 Q, - t x x' o ff t. fff .! Q: gfuggg .,iji:fi?.:q'jg',!faH,?f it T ,fi fqjliw' 1. 'fljvfi tj:-ff 3.65,-34' 1,7 . 5 ft.-if if ' ' i -A -7 Q " E 1 SSL ' . 1 I, If 1.1,-ini i,, Happenings lf? . ' if -22 ,f f ,f f wf,,ffvf Z 4' 1 2 1 sf .1 XX -:ig W , ,, ? X ' ' . " . ' Z 5 m i 2 ,-,' ' ff, g .... I wizwwfi "" . 1 if' ' iiee . V 'i ' L"L ,-,,- ,,., a .W 14.4 X X' K J' 7 3' X ',,',I 3 jx jx3f,, ar, L, Ki' X 1 if 'Wbiwnaw WW Wm qv' 1. Cafeteria life. 2. Library, a place to relax and read. 3. A class full of seniors. 4. Handy and Keith share a secret in study hail. 5. Sherry and Ken Acker enjoy the outside. AYHONORDAYHONORDAYHONOFRDAYHONORDAYHONOFZDAYHQNOFRDAY Homonof-wHoNonDAYHoNonoAYHoNonoAYHoNonoAYHoNonof-wHoNonoAY Hoixionor IIOCOOOO0000!00000OIIIIOlOl0I0OOOIlllI00O0OOOOIIOIIOIOOOOIOOIOOOOOOIIOIOOIQQQQQ Honor Day is exciting for everyone. Who's going to get the Outstanding Senior award, or the Dick Dilley award and who will get letters? Some of this years win- ners were Kitty Nichols with the Outstanding Senior Award from Burl- ington Press. Jamie Geshke received the Dick Dilley Award. Don Wilks was awarded the Walt Szaradowski Tro- phy. The 1979 Salutato- rian was Darwin Koerber and the Vaiedictory Award went to Kitty Ni- chols. Congratulations to all award winners! 1. Marijke Haas makes her farewell speech. 2. Girls Basketball MVP, Julie Longo. 3. De- bate members proudly accept their awards. 4. The Dick Dilley Award went to Jamie Geschke. 5. Fion Chase accepts his trophy for tootballs MVP. 6. Mr. Sullivan hands out band Letter Awards. 7. 1979 Emcees: Jane Degen and Les Davis. With Une More Look At N Faculty School Board d An Administration g t v Mr. Martin, Mrs. Conrad, M Buchanan, Mr. McMahon, Mr Johnson 'V ' ' - , A X it Pr Mr. VerBunker, s noipai galil" AT-1' SX GFFICE X A N 1 . f ,X K 1 r MX V X A x t i f i ig, ' Mr. i-jighiand, M Administrator ' . -WWMiiiiiiiiiiiI !, f a Guidance t MOSWHVO, ,i, Mrs- Ptlidfofir, Q , A f' .fitness r r i The primary purpose of the guidance department is "service to students". Assistance in selecting classes, scheduling classes, assistance with individ- ual problems no-matter what the nature, help in se- lecting post-graduate schooling, checking credits for graduation, assisting in filing college applications, and financial aid forms, giving information regarding scholarships, maintenance of student records, pre- paring transcripts are just a few ofthe service that till the days of the counselors. Besides these the coun- selors attend department-chair meetings and involve themselves in curriculum change and in this way serve the needs of the student. Every attempt is made to make the guidance department the "friend- ly" place that it should be. Special e r V i C J V' . 'kj Q e e p ' ' e , e 1 , , e e i S f2A' L"Q f ig e 4 ' V Mrs. McNamara I I V I Iii I I.llw 'b'f'k i Q 532 Mr. George e I Mr. Roxheiihgv A ' x t riiculur clock 1me from A -I 1 , ' .J 'fi ' Q N 6, ms Mr i-hrarg Ay! Qirectqr Ti gf f 'hibrariarij 'Sw H Misenuckeii Mr. i5McReyno!ds V2 l2fiver,EduQati9n,3 Ei ,'- -. Q3 '2 l Services A X M 1 I . t ' N3 X V I 'L AW, -i 3:1 af, Q3 g ,. ,QM 4 .gas 4 W X Y QMS.-Sbebranek M m M M 4Ys92 ff 'H i ' f Mr. Harrison E., M Mrs.. Kltzmiiler M 5 1 ' W Mr. Heusenaugf, - a M. H V5 MW, V 1 5 Mrs. Duda Mrs. Hsldebrand Q I-Iealth!Phy-Ed ass QB fabec i 1 Mr :5StOCkero Mr Kosinski Miss Bonm vw" I n d u s I I' , II I I IIE,,m arts I Mr. SQVIIISYIQ X W- IIPWZZ' IMIC FuI Ier if IIII 4? .. 'N Q I Mr, Kolarzk, A I ., I ,g Mathematics ,,,fg.3: I mi M 3 ' ' f3g f1iMr. Prueierg fMrz C,OQK ff 1 M f. v v an Y Y K 554 M FS,T jEGfdmB I6I?i 2 A 3 , 4 1 ef Q fa , W - . v f, , A 4.1-,Ky f .V-55 Mr. Sm ithback Y Mr. Pauo 5 Mr. Walker V w9llmiw'xK 3 3'b?'l6Qf1 'S .f-agar. Science Mr. Czemiak li x Mr. Schauf Home Economics . NQV 3 C eK A A ,. A M Vk,,, N ,,.,,, 'L:- 'x su 4 'U I a 4 1 4 Q v n as 2 ni! 'Lo 0. lv ,1- all 'iii' s 1 1 1.11 f W4. -9 'ln V.. .. 1-Q QV ,Q Q a v M il' W --1 .:, .f 4- ,..,. .,,:, Kg,1,.A,y, .sf ' ,f Q :lo .xx n 1 ., sk . 'u 1, 'P ',.a 1 'X 1 D ',v f. " 4 '1 1" s, 1 1 ", fn' Q x , , s Q 4 1 n u I if " t 3' l ,, 4 ' K n 4. 1n1,'.v Q 4' xv 51, H 4 7 7 I I a W 4 'I 4 n 1 4 v 1 1 , asf?" Candids ,-f""" KX 2 x Business Ed X is-Missws Gharbogian ,vs ,,,, , ,,,,.s -EPZ: k - .. "H" ' JA' A V 'L . ' , E '16 , - ' W I 11 -f i --h' ' 1 7 fs J ' H ff! "" , Q 3 sf 1 Z fig, Qg il s -wi i ss i' N. a I . Z V V. ,.,., ,. V "Z" 'Z ff Q., V-yqe: fzinhfx -HW if!! i"'3?, , Mr Kersobatz . A 1 Wu, s ,Q 1,1211 I fs,-. J? . A-X , if . mamma 4 V sg . . Kg 1 JE!! .H Mr. Olson Studies O . ' ' . , Mr KaSChanSka iisx Mr. Crown r Mr. Hefbst Mr. Myers 5 Mrs. Broshot WYE Secretaries L. lf , , 3 ? r , , ,. S . .:.f. H I f'f"""'r al ff fi G F A 'ze' A 'i3lhMhrs. egiurrzg M551 'Frzefi5r2fA'MfSgTfee5'drhgQfZMfs.'H356-r, M?521'ri1en85?3bng A'e - ln Q wg.. rm 1 ,c6...r , rx Mrs, Sheen, Mrs. Peterson, Mref Klug, Mrs. Young, Mrsf'rVIoyle 4 7 if v.rr. I Cooks 1 RACINE COUNTY NATIONAL BANK IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHHTIHTITIIIIHIU NLM TROPHIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS OLYMPIC TROPHY HOUSE 1lO7 MAIN STREET UNION GROVE TEL l7l 3245 risimam onsgmgtie C I B .H 'El-1 878 1190 WELSH EARTH MOVING 19912 WASHINGTON AVE UNION GFIOVE PHONE 878 2601 R C -,xxY Glen A.F. hris man k Rf--1' ox 43 V 11 um if-rf ,, 1-5. 1-Jimfv christ,-nan A . Union Grove, Wls. 1111 E.J. "Ed" Christman I 11 1 B78 2723 Ian ni , Jn Ch ta uuuxuuuuuuumuulu 1 A' , I Iv I I 'III I I ' "' W l!!i-,T L 11 umm U num. muuw. r-, If YY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 79 EQ lv STATE BANK UNION GROVE fi R454 GRGVE BGWH. As For Gpen Bovvlrng + Reservatrons Call qvp W8WW 1918 1979 Cooktarl Lounge NOON Lunones 1500 15m Ave Q OOUOUOU PLASTIC PARTS INC 1300 Industrral Park Drrve Unron Grove Wrsoonsrn 53182 P O Box 157 +4141 878 3776 NLE o ew O 2 . ' I Cf5, gf-nb? + II Friday - Fish Fry CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Congratulatlons CONCRETE Jill and the Pouneo comcnenz CONCRETE FLooRs : CIHSS of om E T 0 878 1190 14f8 5 401 'LL az U LLC U29 LEO HRIBAR 7 MILE FAIR OPEN SAT 81 SUN U ' V I , Ig V rf' . FOUXNIEATIIEJIXIJOS 5 -vi '79 2 U' G ve - M R -4 0,71 'L , Una. T S ES U SE 2 W S S TIP TGP FOGDS For Goodness Sake Buy Raggedy Ann AI Bush m Sheen Phone 878 2454 f-JN af A SN' 2 Happnness Going to The Dairy Queen 1600 15th Avenue Unnon Grove WI Dalrq ueen Q R U S Pat off AMDQ Corp Copynght 1976 Am D Q Corp PUDCDLPI-I S SHOP RIGI-IT L-D 1 gs I p5Q1Q1,'1fQ5s 'Q Q u' is - -, 4- E -:,,6',M.aMp' , I XX v-:W Hlghway 1 1 Kansasvulle Wusoonsln THE I i 1104 Main St. U 'on Grove, Wisc. 53182 Sl-IOPPE "The Cut and Style for Every Age" Raymond Trallbreakers lno lnvltes the town of Raymond Resrdents to loln the snowmoblle club lvleettngs held every thlrd Wednesday at 8p m from Sept Apnl at the Countryside Restaurant The club IS only as Planned aotrvltles good HS the members for the whole tamllyl make It e ore or ca ter can thang 0' amp 7 Q2 uivo 0 Q 00 at o omccrt to ocay ee you at mm " ltlbourn 1130 zlbaum gh 2 534 C12 08 I-llghland s Restaurant 8t Cooktalls Homemade Pres Open 24 hours 835 4210 Cheese Basket Wrsoonsrn s tlnest cheese gltts and Hlokory smoked sausage 886 4292 I 94 St 20 Sturtevant WI l 3 0' ' " ' v ' .I. -gtk A14 3 2 ' ' -It " 2 ' ' Illllll ll 4 2 no 0 o ' EQ . u I 0 41 1 l 5 , H -,,3lll Serving daily from : cum. I I I, I 30 may Om -S - cacine - IVIAROUETTE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1101 Mann Street Phone 878 3737 Marquette Savings Otters Cash Plus Accounts Home Improvement Loans Mortgage Loans Phone Transfers Savrngs Accounts Chrrstmas Club Travelers Checks Money Orders Save By Maul Drrve In Wrndows Statement Savings Transmatrc the olgmpuc trophg house 1012 14143 878 3245 WELSH EAIEWIHIIMCQWIIINIG main street union grove, wisconsin, 53182 t I ph k y h If - A J Wright s Grocery Shed Open 7 arn to 11 pnt 1380 15th Avenue Unionr Grove, WI 53182 Przza Soda Snacks ST PAULS LUTHERAN PATRON ADS ANDY'S MARKET DU'MOR GENERAL CONTRACTORS, INO. ERIOKSON ASLW FAMILY RESTAURANT KANSASVILLE PUB AND HALL MAROY'S FUR SALON REYHER S BAKERY SOHAVER ENTERPRISES CHURCH Fa at R cLue Hwy 45 1 Block South of Hwy11 D Y Unron Grove WI Savror of the world we offer pastorral gurdance and Chnstran tellowshrp D vrne Servrces at 8 8 10 30 QSumrner eervrces 9 30 Sun 7 pm Saty Sunday School 81 Buble Class 9 10 F A O 1017 M 878 2950 I J , , Open 8 am to 2 am ail - H rs d ' rr P. P k Q dg d t g . .. ' B I rf We preach Chnst crucrfred, the P ' B ,, ' , ' 'd't' d 1 I i - n I 1 ..... ,...,. ........ . . T Blttersvveet Gun Shop 9209 5 Mile Road Town of Raymond 835 4945 Complete gun repalr servloe l-lot dlp bluelng C B Radlo repalr also All work Guaranteed Fed Flrearms Ilscense 439 6099 F C C llscensed P2 18 31861 Second Class Wm Osmundsen prop ST ROBERTS BELLARIVIINE CHURCH Masses Saturday 5 30 p m Sunday 8 00 9 15 Holy Days 6 30 lday beforej 1200 noon 500 and 800 pm CUTTON CUTIES N ETC HS swlm sults avallable all year around Famous Brands Speedo Catallna Bobbylen Formtlt Dlvettes Etc Vlslt our Enlarged Clft Dept featunng Handmade Fenton and Westmoreland Lamps jewelry nloknaoks etc Bridal Begistry 1014 Main St., Union Grove 878 1185 878-3476 ' 11:00 am. I I ll 1 . 1 1 I- I - CASE POWER AND EQUIPMENT UTILITY AND FARM TRACTDRS AGRICLLTURAL AND FARM TRACTORS GARDEN AND TRACTOR EQUIPMENT 1800 Sylvania Ave Sturtevant, WI 53177 Phone: 886 3373 xy w w Xffixffw fig Qiipw ' ff lk WUj3iWDGiMx!W Q N M iw , sph 5' I 695536 Q5gi,iQfQw5SwX05533igWZ NM 05 W !D,5k, Eggff wail fzfp, 557 12111114 new M4121 dw 5155 if FHS 1lfWP1'61f21 was 73 1.1Q11.1c 1700113 Z6DP10ow21? 16? fwesgp, aB11f1YBa 701121 627 Eff fuck ,511 215 155610 54114 1116 1f15'Mf Wee 1:02 21114 ff 4111111141515 17131497 cfm DUI, yew 14,1011 M1114 7 C7790 6106 716 612005 6106 2147 Half 700 1 6000 111414 ffJf7'f 7546 P657 OF 2511? fbias, 1211615 I7 663 162110 1420 607 56612 I'5?lZUl05 F Jw 152112 51x12 34101-Di' 1011 ek 7041, 711102 17 MSP? Kang ?0c1:10j PMC Q, ,wav , N f Kg! ii R294 Z! ,, 2 A, , x Q, f 0 gk! ,fn 'V,Q fx A A sf fu ff" ' I j ' f K K 'J j K f vi U2 7 4 Q6 'fn X J QQQ fy K6 lqfff ! A, f Xi, f 72 X Lf 7 N47 fn ' YQ f X, 0 'iii f 'I Y Q XJ? J Q V 1,7 6 ' 7 N Vkf' X ,J J E ' N5 if- fi X X ,f . f f F XQV' f XX if 'M 4452 75. 2 Xfvj K - x viii M97 x. V5 Z P 'Q 25 5 T QQ X4 X H 2 LY W0 f . xv IJ A xx? Nj I f L x If ' N' . V! x IV ' X U4-lf? V X UfCQf7q, M' UQ ,ky Q X161 Jud! Vfixj M ff' '7 ! 'V w J 62

Suggestions in the Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) collection:

Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 100

1979, pg 100

Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 95

1979, pg 95

Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 179

1979, pg 179

Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 127

1979, pg 127

Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 138

1979, pg 138

Union Grove High School - Bronco Tales Yearbook (Union Grove, WI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 10

1979, pg 10

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