Union Free High School - Terrace Memories Yearbook (De Forest, WI)

 - Class of 1956

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Union Free High School - Terrace Memories Yearbook (De Forest, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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f '-- ' -. f - -.ugwimf mq-,,1:.,q--.v,-5.,,,.,.,y1,-.-...-.,,,g,2..uf,-,-.lm-,,L.-i...?.g--.-?,,.-,...,...... -L -. ,. ... -,. ,V . --.., .. , .- . S' via Y'-414-V' mfs., . fm, ... M. -, r , . , K, Q .',, Q., W 025, ZW? A1179 -s I 1 1 1 '. J 'F' Ha., n . ' 1 Q x 4 f ,N X . 1 lil' A -5. Q uw, 1 - ' eiga, if ,, EX LIBRIS ' Wulf 53.1-' 0 gina 3, r, 1 mcrfwffs ,t 'Uno-1311 :YUM wfriif an feara, Aixam! my J-We pres the auglwiizr who Uvru gnf JL!- aie. wer e J 0 ' ,awas- whem otkl-r 11 'Ula fam-rs ,- and 0 2.1 6 'wma v V4 4 "f . . , .. f . ,1 ..,, N ,v w , ' , ' .g fi' 1 9 f , r g . . .ug . 1 'Q 6, . 2... 'SV E' 1, MP1 'Q' is. , F: - 11.1.11 1 -2 ,PLY-1 1, ,. A . -J 1.. gg- .. " f. 4, .ba 1' 5' ' 'Ziff ' f1!:9" 5 '11 2 3 ep, ' A - 5 ., .Liga--'.' - - 5? ,-1I.'f' -2 Rv-L? -i P ' -Q , v....f.. . 3 - - - as -v f, '. 1 ' -i-ff P1 - TL -- A - -N 'f :Zi 51: :Jai-, .72 -y WE'-"' 2""'?mv LI?" ,F L: f Rf .--. 1- -E ww. -4 'My - ga.. M. ,1-. . . . ,Swv V ' ,Q 5 .F qv, --F ' g' 1 ,,. 1 .,. . 1 'a X A P- , 'r .3 . -L , 9 ,V . .. .N . .1,,z'7 3"-F , ,- .. 1. L .K .w .V V -3 - fHZ1.i'9:5'f "Ffa - I'-12' .7 ' ' ' ,E . 'ffiyigz 9-9' if ' 141 SL 1 N Jef 324.24 , 4 .1 1? h ..x. + . 1' 1 . ' aww - ' ' ff ,, r .. J -.-,-'-I-ft 'Y " "fi A' if ,A-,m.Q4. ..V' '-fr , -fi'i:" - P - ' ' "',""'K'rx wJ ' n ' .'. '-'J A -, - . 35 , ., . ,, 1 Yu D I .V ,,. . .' " '12-' . . Q . . -La, .,- 1-'Mgr' L x ' 4. at-he Q - r 1 1 - t r -' g 3-1. In ,t,L':.l?l5 p .. -.4, V -T, r -. . 'ami ,- ,. . Wi' '. E- 'iw . if ' I . x . ...H-. K.. .. . --I . . 'fi 2.1 --If? el' - . Fl. 'f ' ,., ' " fu ' Q,"'?',a. f -. Q- ' la: nf ' -if ,. '-'!71ffg"'kf3 '52 2 " " '. . - 'f'-F"-'v."' z.. -A 3 , .v ., ., ,,,..,- ,,.,,-V,-.., , ,. LS -"' A" "' ' ' . , H" .' 'f --4:?'.3.. .F -751. ""f -S"-ff' '. y-".:Z:,, 4 .gn--3f"' 3' nifxxyp -U. 'A- 'Z .'?.'5'Q-:-'Q f L, ' 'grit 'lif- - , .- ..,,,1,., lit U ' 3 ' -' . ' e 3c55'i':',, I' Hg... Ti' . -N TV f X' ,-zw 1.1 :f , L .. ' '.., H 'sf . L-5' v ' ' ! 4' 'y'g.16,L J, Qi . L. M. F ffL..,.',,L'4W'gi A .' ' J .4 th ,, .. V HY L . , , , - - ' f- gf VV. -1-, -. . ff: 4,1 - .,.,,:, ,ff ..- f A 44 , - fra . Y -5 , '---Wi' ' 'Ll-'G':'. 'f.?FT'ffn1n'5a' 1- L- .1 xv 1- ' 1' ' "aka: vi. , W Q 2 " M " .3 -,V Q Men, - crime' 01 T less 'if Published By The Senior Class Union Free High School De Forest , Wisconsin DEDICATIGN 1 lecbca fion His strength has made us strong. His confidence has rendered us confident. His honor has compelled our honesty. His devotion has inspired our devotion. Strength, confidence , honor, devotion- These things he gave to us. These things we take with us, and so to RICHARD vr. usrsnza, A teacher who has truly dedicated himself Leaving, we proudly dedicate our yearbook J o 1 x 1 1 4 Quake? Maia Science S00 c3ti0n Physical Edu Elmer McLaughlin Music agiQQVA if! wi ".. f ' V 'Q 551551 25 xgbgqogfya- t -jaw xv V giifiw. U Q if X Q 33' fi 7 K' L ' n.,fA, 7 1 ',..1 K N .fy x - Z fgjxoigg 7 K A J- ,, wa? x Y 'A e A S i' W v X ,L NL fix 2 "A w4fgmgQ S iQ?EQ.f Woodro Stalder Principal Languages Football Coach Ervin Abraham Vocational Agriculture FFA Advisor ' j6lClfLAy . . L.. Urace S English gffflfjfffan Freshmagramatics Class Advisor Tom Fowler Mathematics NGWSPHPSP Advisor ter Richard Mei? ce History at 321162 Coach Phlisical Edugiass Advisor sophomore Trudie Engel English M913 ter omg E Junior C conomics lass Advisor Helen Martln- n . ducatlo Bus 1116 SS E ' 0 I' er Advls Nivfffffi Advisor Claire Mulvey Social Science Student Council Advisor Senior Class Advisor Forensics Advisor Robert Rief Science Assist Junior Clant Coach HSS Advisor -I .V L 4 ,y if M x ,Lv M , , N r ,gfvlwllyipygeiyv G W Nmlxbmpxvpj VNV XX NTU naw My WD, ,HOG X W L , 'pd u, X. 4 I OW JJOW 5154 ZUU I2-0- erifo adware! w'nnew 'U e icf0"ian S agafalorlhn Caldwell Jen . e Wllliamson ' 'th James Lou Ann Grinde Ronald Sml Savotv QW' 1 iff OFFICE BOY TICKET MANAGER James Savoy Rose Paskey DAR WINNER HOMEMAKER OF TOHORRUH Dorothy Caldwell Jane Williamson Senior--Jane Williamson 5, fag, Junior-Nona Lee Swalheim Sophomore--Howard Haack 'QT Bi "Qi" 5 . 1 ,. -'faiii Lm iQV 1 "ffl Q ? 1 f 4 - ' 5211, 4 5 Student Council President Ronald Smith .gzwfenll Cpounci Cifizen A ila on om Freshman-Judith Grinde gcwfger glofgi 7 .S?af e . Jane Williamson 4,z,,fW oga ' .Qafe Ro1dD 'bl nd Ronald Smith 164 JUUZ chool High Magazine Salesman David Kvalo WisconsinFarmerDegree Jim Belda, Ron Daentl Honors ,fig 'Nl ' ilk' l Puollcatlons Edltors Terrace Memoirs--Russ Karowg Terrace H i - Lights--Jane Willia - son State Music Wlnners Dorothy Haupt, Jerome Stiegman,JaneWilliam- son , Darlene Zingg, Xytf Barbara Nelson, Donna new JeanZingg.Absent when picture was taken: Dave Aspnes of State Forensic Winner Lois Johnson Red Cross Delegates Joanne Robarge, Lois Johnson Our Szniora Arlen Chester Anderson "Archie" When fun and duty meet, Let duty take defeat. Transferred from Gays Mills High School, Sophomore year. Annual Staff I4 , MVAVY5 Q,V'K1J?jL V ,Y KVA U tv U o t - l ' ,FO ' A o Jea nderson e .' V K NWI' Zn' 'f, ' , 5 r N1,i'Ch0I'US.,iI2,3,,-lSuiXE41xiA01'llS 1,2,3,hg Prom Co t .. -1 " 7561 sf ANA VJ David Erik Aspnes "Dave" 2 " ,X ff! HJ " my WJ Wg X' ,K ' Ge Beld im U F, X App: ne a Why speak of love when there is work to be done? Band 1,2,3,hg Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,hg Forensics 2,3,h An no,k1-fitaglwg-vES?if,A49ntV ,fm X Boys' ChorusU?L,2f3,l:g ed Cho s , gBaseba113,hg Track 3 ll' FoFoAo 1 2311 F to ,weft 'I aj!!! ggi' V F Wm . wi MQW if 7 ff! Harold Duane Bortz "Hat" Early to bed . . . this morning. Football 3, D-Club 3 'Fish' Dorothy Jane Caldwell 3 Keen sense, common sense, And always ro m for nonsense. Secretary 23 Student Council hs Band 1,2,3,hQ Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,hj Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,hj Pep Band 3,h3 Forensics 1,2,3,hg Senior Play bg Annual Staff hs News- paper 2,3,h3 Homecoming Court hi Governor's Youth Con- ference 33 DAR Award hs Citizenship Award 2 James William Boyd 'grim I may be quiet, but I'm not shy When you get to know me, I'm a regular guy. Football ls Track 3,h3 F.F.A. l,2,3,h HBenW Ronald slie Daentl 'Q' So 0 1 . JAZ,54r-Ol M Van" Z' of?-1223: EZ 22:12:21 Won ww M Student Council 33 Football 1,2,3,h5 D-Club hg Annual 1 I Stafflg F.F.A. l,2,3,hj F.F.A. Vice-President hs Badger Boys' State 33 Prom King 3 Ronald Edwin Ellingson WRonn A smile for every boy3 Two for every girl. President 33 Vice-President 23 Football 13 Basketball 1,2,3,bj D-Club 3,bj Forensics 33 Annual Staff hi Prom Court 3, Citizenship Award.3 'Erick Donald Keith Erickson In my desk my books do lie, They are at rest and so am I Football 1,2,3,u3 D-Club 3,h3 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Errol Joel Erstaciflb ' "Einar" by-. .bp P cle-Aa ,,..:.,." He'd rather hug a football than anything else- Well, almost arvthing else. Vice-President 35 Student Council Vice-President kg Football l,2,3,hg Football Captain lag All-Conference bg Track 2,l4g Basketball 2 3,lsg D-Club 2,3,hg Forensics 1, 2,3,hg Homecoming King in V Q ' ' , J, 'Darien Dgrgisi Falkenstein 1 .. . 1 .. Busy, but never too busy. ff! ik-A-IJ Annual Staff M3 Forensics iz in I r h 1' My M 'Honest George' George Allen Grinde 'It is the quiet people who are thinking." Band l,2,3,hg Forensics 1,25 Anrual sEff1133ff,,SJ Jw 1 V A ead with the disposition of an angel. JW t is like the moong v A Felland "Bev" Lulu" Sec ry-Treasurerlg Student Council Secretary L13 Band 1,2, ,hy Girls' Chorus 2,3,hg Mixed Chorus 2,3,hg Pep Band 2,3,hg Forensics l,2,3 hs 'Senior Play hg Annual Staff bg Newspaper Staff 2,3115 Prom Court 33 Homeccxning Court l Ubzloe '7 IJ But her Wings 1Z?TfQ Wires WU FB My ,J Aiwa'-'I N,,,1' I A Lift' '!K1gt5U,.li4f'f"f"UU italy J 1:5544 I7f?,.,'T JoAnn Teresa Gulvick, 'Josie' I nke school-- M df' The vacation Part of itgjp 911- My fr 01 wa' "Al" Albert Fredrick Haack Girls are a waste of time 5 But time is cheap. Secretary 115 Football l,2,3,115 All-Conference 115 Track 35 Baseball 35 D-Club 3,145 Prom Court 35 Forensics 14 Lal e X 0111 "Vonnie" 1 '41 fr s a f d far between5 r be ' is always seen. Gi o 25 d orus 25 Freshman Play Coach 3,115 A 155 N s per S1-,aff 3,14 "Nancy" Nancy Joan Hanson A quiet lass intent upon work. Forensics 145 Annual Staff 14 Dorothy Helen Haupt WHauptW Hidden in the chambers of her personality, Are hidden treasure chests of friendship. Band 2,3,h- Girls' Chorus l,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,hg PepBand3,L3 Forensics l,2,3,hg SeniorPlQyb5 Newspaper Staff 3,213 Annual Staff bg Governor's Youth Conference 3 NJeanN Jean Louise Helgeson Though silent by nature Her ambitions are many. Band 23 Forensics l,2,3,Lg Annual Staff D Beverly Jean Hoffland 'HuffW I'm not quiet, Just ask me. Band l,2,3,hg Pep Band 3,145 Forensics 33 Annual Staff bg Newspaper 3 ,bg Senior Play lg 'BetsyW Bette Lou Johnson Her good nature is contagious. Band 1,2,3,hgGir1s'Chorus1 2,3 A e orusl,2,3,bg Forensics lg Freshman Play ' P WL K5 " ii 1135 fa e ' Q ff Mac Mb X fi, 1 L ia ada? swap Rugkell Herbert Karol WRUSSN Men of few words, Are the best men. Vice-President bg Treasurer 35 Football l 2 ,3 ,bg All-Con- ference 2,3,hg Basketbal1J4 Baseball l,Lg D-Club 2,3,h3 F.F.A. 15 Sentinel lg Annual Staff Editorh u9,w"flf0"'b9 !f"V7""2,La-'if 'Cf' w WWL5 WZ WW WMM 'l.LM'f"Cug,vf Www-WWW ffl' nsandyn She speaks not to say something, But because she has something to say. Transferred from East High School, Sophomore year. Girls' Chorus 1,23 Mixedxpgiboms l?2g Prom Court 3 ,, ,Q 'Lois' I'm glad my school 'Daze' arewover. "Bernie" School looks inviting . . . from the outside. F.F.A. 1 Sandra Mae Keller .J' ' .In , f N ,- X Nancy Lou Carol Lapp "Nans" Worry and I have never met. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,lLg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,7-13 Senior Play hg Freshman Play Coach 3 3 Annual Staff 11 f ' I A J' f of 4 f , I. 1 , Lois Lsrson Lawrence Lyle Hanthe "Larry" Teachers think I am so svreetg They always want me in the front seat. Band 1,2,3,l15Boys' Chorus l,2,3,hg llixed Chorusl,2,3,hg Football Manager lg Forensics 1,25 Senior Play 145 F.F.A. 1,2,3,h Bernard Andrew Mayr Kenneth Robert Hell "Doc" Bluff will take the place of brains , If you have enough brains to bluff. Band l,2,3,hg Pep Band 2,3,h3 Bays' Chorus bg Mixed Chorus kg Forensics 2,3,h3 Senior Play hy Freshman Play Coach F I. Staff 145 Newspaper Staff WL, . MJ' 1 I ff WJWf'fW m, 1 P 5 I 'A' of 4 "gn ft wwf S for "Geri" 'X 'MV ' '-fy gprfefieve Larraine Hiller Agreeable and hap Transferred from Stoughto High School, Junior year. Band 1,33 Pep Band 1,23 F.H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Rose Alyce Paskey 'Rosie' Her eyes speak when her lips do not. Student Council hy Forensics 2,3,hg Annual Staff Lg Prom Queen 33 Ticket Manager h "Saboo" James Denial .Savoy The combined qualities of a man and an athlete. President lg Student Council l,2,hg Student Council Treasurerh Bo s' Chorus 1 2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h3 l y 9 Bootball l,,2, 3,113 All-Conference,hg Basketball 1,2,3,hg D-Club 2,3.hg Forensics 35 Senior Play hg Office Boy L Ruth Scheffler "Ruthy" She has a way of her own. Transferred from Verona High School, Junior year. Senior Play 115 Annual Staff hg Red Cross Representative 3 "Desc" Richard Terrance Sietsema My 1ra,y's more fun. ,ga Why follow the rules? Transferred from Edgemont High , South Dakota ,Junior year. Vice-President 23 Treasurer 115 Band l,2,3,115 Boys' Chorus 3,115 Mixed Chorus 3,115 Foowll l,2,3 115 Basketball Man- ager 14, Track l,2,3,145J 'Qlubj 2,33,L', enior P1ay!2 113 Annual Staff 11 Un 1,1 mo array' 40,6 ,jx " f'.gV.J 0 V if 3411 1?f , " , 3511 -abr' "5 bv! .jUIV"' bo ,g lf? , , ' - LN 'fb 1fV'5M3oM'1 v-1141! Sharon Ann lli an if for A in "Sherry" 0 . She looks like an angel and acts like one too, But you never can tell what an angel will do. Transferred from East High School, Junior year. Band 3,115 Band Librarian 1g3 Senior Play 115 Homecoming Queen 153 Homecoming Court 35 Majorette 3,14 'Smitty' Ronald Fred Smith Life is nothing but a game of basketball, With time out for girls and dancing. President 25 Student Council President 113 Student Council 35 Boys' Chorus l,2,3,115 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,115 Football Hana er2 14' Basketballl 2 3,11 Baseball 14' D Club 2,3,115 s s - Foo-onsioo'1:35 Senior P1a.y115 Annual Staff115 Badger Boys' State 33 Prom Court 35 Citizenship Award 1 Eleanor Anettie Thiele "El" A cute secretary she will be, Sitting on the boss' knee. Freshman Play Coach 3,145 Annual Staff 115 Newspaper 3,11 "Stieg" Jerome Rodney Stiegman The right honorable 'gentlemen is indebted to his mem- ory for his jests and to his imagination for his facts . Transferred from East High School , Sophomore year. President 115 Band 155 Mixed Chorus 1 2,3,115 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,u, Pep Band ug Forensics 2,3,145 Senior Play 11 ' ' JPLLJ4' Jviwfzbeb f -7'2-01-f-k-, Z . 30.74 ,L ff ' 7:5 Dwain Carl Thier "Dwain" A star?- Well, he's always out nights. Band 15 F.F.A. 1,2,3,h nDickn Richard otto Wendt To work or not to work, That is the question. Boys' Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 1 Sharon Lou Wendt Hshadv Full of humor, wit, and fun, Laughs along with everyone. Band 2,3,b5 Pep Band 3,145 Girls' Chorus 2,3,h5 Mixed Cnorus 2,3,l1g Senior Play bg Freshman Play Coach 25 Annual Staff 115 Newspaper Staff 2,35 "Itiy" Jane Ellen Williamson Generally speaking a1roman's . . . generally speaking. Secretary 35 Band l,2,3,h5 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,h5 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h5 Pep Band 3,113 Forensics l,2,3,h5 Ser1ior Play L5 Freshman Play Coach 2,3 ,145 Annual Staff 1.15 News- paper Staff 3,115 Editor M5 Badger Girls' State 3 .Szwfor Cfddd icerd President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jerome Stiegman Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Richard Sietsema Vice President. . . . . . . .Russell Karon Student Council Delagate . . . .Errol Erstad Secretary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Albert Haack Senior Class Advisor. . . . . . . . .Miss Mulvey Senior Class Motto. . . . . ."No Gain Without Pain" Class Color. . . . . .Blue and White Flower. 0 0 Q Q smite Rose WH E Q U 0 JSWI FE Julie Butler KSharon Sullivanl "'I don'tthinkmy knees are knobby. Look, they're not a bit knobby." Doug Butler CRon Smith, "...and one guy askedme "There's just one thing I wanta know-who has the babies in your house?" Dr. Ann Butler CJane Williamsonl 'Shut up! You-qyou fugitive from a mustachel' Tom Butler CJerome StiegmanQ UPewaflame-Blow it out.' Mrs. Hanson fRuth Schefflerl 'He's probably the only man in the world with a chance of becoming Mother of the Year!" Hank Steincke CDick Sietsmal WDo you think I'm lovable?' Warren CJim Savoyj nJu1ie1 Is that ou?' Sergeant Lutzfelder CLarry Enthes g'5u'd make someone a darn good wife." Mrs. Cranfield CNancy LappJ "She was canning beans and they popped." Mrs. Ames KBeverly Hofflandl 'I forgot to pluck this morning.W Pat Flanagan CSharon Wendt! "You know, that Hank person is kind of cute. He reminds me of nv cooker spaniel." Mrs. Norris lLou Ann Grindel "You're much too busy to waste time on an old battleax"' Miss Osborne ZDorothy Caldvrelll "We had a nice long talk about vacuum cleaners and noodle factories.n Calvin Pepper Cffenneth Mellj "Did I lose something? Oh there she is." Cynthia Lewis CDorothy Hauptl WUh, an apple a da-aaayln We'll remember them saying 3 . ww F 4 i 1 4 7 2 Ju nior Prom n V A v H' 'N 'Z '85 1 'K we -N SX sk K omecommq 061154 Cf, H Freshmen Initiation iNX f- x""g E . 'ik 7... - W, '-'s-..,, "' .M W 'A7f1"Zf""t,.'Q?T?'.......,.- ,. Q , .H ,M-'A 1 K Q- X ! E P25 Yuen lgfagli Wi1bur's Wild Night Coach: Darlene Zingg J. As nes K. Schwebs D. Nicholls, P 9 S. Anderson, S. Rosenbezwry, J. Grinde, R. Leverentz, D. Knudtson Do-it-Yourself Coach: Nona Lee Swalheim M. Helgeson, J. Anderson, J. Riley, M. Guelzolr, W. Ellingson, H. Elling- son, K. Lange, J. Hahn, J. Lapp QD ,Q fi! Grenachika Coach: Jane Williamson T. McConnell, S. Wilson, D. Herlrig Marv Happy Returns Coach: Eleanor Thiele R. Haupt, R. Ihland, D. llanthe, R. Halsor, G. Knudtson, J. Hebel, H. Her- vrig, ll. Sullivan gil 222 The Storm Coach: Janice I-Iamre D. Kar-ow, N. Harvey, G. Scheffler, J. Grinde, J. Manthe Uncle Tom's Crabbin' Coach: Nelda Midthun H P. Sorenson, S. Offerdahl, J. Hahn, J. llanthe, T. Herrin, B. Noltemeyer, D. Herwig, S. Hamre, H. Sullivan Foxy Grandma Coach: Bette Johnson C. Quamme, K. Krinkey, R. Bollig, B Bliese, D. Jensen, S. Weichmann, H Kaz-ow Fog in the Valley Coach: Joanne Robarge D. Weichman, M. Herwig, J. Bruns, D. Manthe, G. Eroen, D. Cleven Battle of the Budget Coach: La Vonne Hanson D. Tenjum, D. Schleif, J. Manthe, L. Anderson, J. Ulvestad, B. Manthe, L. Kaseman, R. Ward 'T'-? Our Ztlaarcaddm en FRESHMN jre5Amen Cl 5:5 Front Row: M. Helgeson, J. Aspnes, D. Cleven, D. Knudtson, R. Ward, S. Hamre, H. Karow, R. Bollig, T. Herrin, D. Herlrig Second Row: L. Kaseman, D. Karow, D. Tenjum, H. Ellingson, I. Noltemeyer, U. Ellingson, D. Manthe, S. Anderson, J. Knudtson Third Row: D. Manthe, G. Eroen, R. Haupt, J. Lapp, P. Sorenson, G. Scheffler, D. Schleif, W. Bliese, K. Krinkey, T. McConnell The freshman class elected as their officers: President, Nancy Harvey, Vice- P id t Russell Haupt' Secretary-Treasurer, Diane leichmang and Student Council res en Representative , Donald Manthe. Miss Schneider was our class advisor. Our freshman initiation was something we'll never forget. After we were through with our initiation stunts there was dancing for everyone. Freshman plays were a joy and .4 headache-all nine of them. I think every- fun. one will agree that now that they are over, they certainly were Shirley Wilson represented our class at Marshall in the League contest in forensics. The only letter in sports given to a freshman was that received by Russell Haupt who earned it in basketball. llary Sullivan and Nancy Harvey represented our class as cheerleaders. We are eagerly looking forward to being sophomores next year. Front Row: J. Hahn, K. Scnwebs, S. Wilson, J. Manthe, D. Jensen, L. Anderson, D. Weichman, M. Sullivan Second Row: Miss Schneider, advisor, B. Manthe, J. Hebel, S. Rosenberry, J. Hahn, D. Nicholls, S. Weichmann, C. Schultz 1 Third Row: R. Halsor, J. Ulvestad, M. Guelzow, C. Quamme, J. Bruns, M. Herwig Top Row: K. Lange, N. Harvey, J. Grinde, R. Ihland, J. Offer-dahl, J. Anderson, J. Riley ,ns 41 . up ., S..-. RL. ,r .x , 'j' .?v55apif:j?f ' if A KN, -. 4 - , ,, 4...: gzxf 1 'ii 1' , ., E Air, , .Q Q' fiv'-1-Y" F:-l,':.j5Sf,, ,595 - , ' -'V' 4 cf. f Lv' 351-F?-f ,, 'zfiifiiaeff 1. L if Y V, , . QAAVVE I.. ., , ,x ' ...f,-,4. .4 . X - new . ,uid N, 1.- f EQ 'Le-, ' 1 ' 'z 11 Q1 ' QI' -Wy-If .xzqm f. : . ,pr EREQF- 1 1 - 3,5-,f,, ,rw I-., A f' , .2 .jlgfsh gf'-1, ' ' ' A 1-,Q- , .I HEI T., 5-E! " . -M 'A 4.3 ,rj 1 fwfr.. .1 , I J . ' 37145 I - may 5 4-iv : , v-nl ' 5,4 , - .f,,1 .- SOPHOMORES 1 0171, OI"Q Cliff Front Row: N. Showers, J. Leatherberry, A. Rauls, J. Tolley, J. Tveit, L. Haakenson, D. Darmnen Second Row: N. Midthun, B. Bredesen, A. Thomas, A. Brede on, D. Keegan, A. Gullickson, J. Martinson Third Row: C. Bookhout, S. Grinde, L. Nelson, M. Kilen, M. Paske, H. Grob, S. Maertz Top Row: Y. Dunbrook, K. Schiltz, J. Moe, J. Mabis Now at last we have arrived at the stage when we are no longer called "green." We enjoyed initiation of the freshmen this year, since we were the ones to tell them how to dress and how to act. Sophomore class officers for the yearwere: President, Howard Haack, Vice- President, Raymond Mantheg and Secretary-Treasurer, Harry Cleven. Richard Smith was our Student Council Representative, and Mr. Meister was our class advisor. Diane Keegan, Nelda Midthun, Wilbur Reigel, Raymond Manthe, Howard Haack, Harry Cleven, and Carol Bookhout represented our class in the League forensic contest. Sharron Grinde was our only cheerleader. Howard Haack, James Johnston, Richard H-amre, andwilbur Reigel allwon leb- ters in football. le have reached the half-way mark and are waiting for next year when we will be upperclassmen. Front Row: F. Sherman, J. Swenson, W. Noltemeyer, G. Brey, J. Haug, D. Manthe, R. Ramminger, R. Riedner, W. Knudtson Second Row: Mr. Meister, advisor, R. Hamre, J. Rice, H. Cleven, W. Reigel, R. Emerson, C. Johnson, T. Gullickson Third Row: J. Johnson,J. Johnston, R. Brown, D. Yngsdahl, J. Moran, R. Manthe J. Gest, L. Anthon Top Row: H. Haack, M. Kaseman, R. Bliefernicht, D. Spahn, G. Steimke, H. Abra- ham, C. Haug, K. Newell A np. ! . ,X fc, - If -n-'r 129 ar- ' '1 4 Y U' s 2 1 Aw 1- If -1 4 on 1 9, :W IJ 1' 1 F t:i ,J A -61. fu- F A v 1. Q .t Q y y ri' Af " Q rsh ., 1 A -.fl ,. , ' 1 'Q' rx 4 1 " ' ' -.a 4 JUNIORS unior Cfafki '- Front Row: B. Busse, J Jfeichmann, K. Englesby, R. Feddeman, F. Harvey, P. Moran, D. Showers, G. Ellingson, K. Gilbertson, G. Herschleb, R. Klahn, D. Kvalo Second Row: Mr. Reif, Advisor, J. Baerwolf, W. Wernick, S. Kramer, J. Klahn, T. Gebhard, A. Rortvedt, R. Ulvestad, J. Mabis, R. Ellingson Third Row: N. Bortz, R. Savoy, R. Cordes, L. Schwebs, D. Yngsdahl, D. Savoy, L. Klahn, D. Esse, K. Krueger, F. Leverentz, R. Thurber Well believe it or not, we are at last upperclassxnen. Our class officers for the year were: President, Kenneth Gilbertson, Vice-President, Reubben Red- deman, Secretary, Elaine Quamme, Treasurer, Clarence Busse, andStudent Council Representative, Gerald Weichmann. Our class advisors were Mrs. Meister and Mr. Reita Our class rings arrived and brought with them great commotion. Naturally, we think ours are much prettier than any of the rest. Our forensic winners were: Lois Johnson, Nona Lee Swalheim, Barbara Nel- son, Keith Englesby, and Fredric Leverentz. The Red Cross representatives this year were: Lois Johnson, Joanne Robarge, Karen Riedner, and JoAnn Johnson. All of the FFA officers were Juniors. Kenneth Gilbertson was President, Glenn Herschleb, Treasurer, Lloyd Klahn, Sentinel, Reubben Reddeman, Student Coumcil Representative, and Reporter, Clarence Busse. David Kvalowas the school's outstanding magazine campaigner. Darla Thier, Patricia Herrin, and Nona Lee Swalheim were cheerleaders. Gerald Ellingson, Gerald Weichmann, Keith Englesby, and Phillip Horan won letters this year in basketball. Football letters were won by Keith Englesby, Gerald Ellingson, Darrell Showers, Gerald Weichmann, Kenneth Gilbertson, Reubben Reddeman, and Clarence Busse. Front Row: M. Schrader, B. Nelson, L. Johnson, J. Johnson, K. Riedner, M. Hei- sig, B. Busse, L. Anderson Second Ron: M. Ripp, J. Zirnbrick, J. Hamre, J. Woltman, C. Hanson, V. Steffen- hagen Third Row: N. Swalheim, S. Bork, P. Stiegman, K. Ramminger, Mrs. Meister, advisor Top Rom P. Herrin, E. Quamme, J. Robarge, D. Bollig, D. Thier, C. Rauls, D. Zingg, D. Zingg, J. Caldwell 1 LF ? E 2 s V 'V gm... uit an UI ...... Mm ,.,,Aw.-, illwi lllltafnlvg 1-qf"'ar 1 s-.L' S 4 '1--if J.. we A A fx , . Y 1 ,L.J..:.. W nba- Auf: 1 ' 5 ,5-j.A.j'l' ...V f . Z , Le, . t .X U is 31 -"fu,-.x .Ein ?'v.. :El ua. i- ,.. .-V-1,-... -3, .1 r -1 v , 44 .. .mm - 4. . . 1, 1-, g-1 .1 . . ,X A ,. 5 M- -lin 111 ' - 75"'1 'f , ,ily - fix: 'ur 1 Q 'M ffm: if - ,-ff. l . N " ' -.. 17 - '-41 J' .I J"-iw. , ' fa' ' -v -... . - e- xt. . x . ,I l f... ., rs L if ,. - vu 4 ':' I -- '11 x ' .1 H ,sp-fig,-gn v , '1f, gf .,Z:,f 4 .. A Q. ,lui-1 13 . xr .' ','f's,'- Q' -,Lf -'.xg-'TTECP ' QQ- .. writ fr. ' "-mf ' 251.43-r , , 2 V 1" aw' g F. .. ,:.5.f. -. ' '3-'f'f215?f1 4 5 f .4 .V ,,-1n-- S..-' , '5r-X---25' 11 ' . , ,.f .' , . I .fits - . ffrx' .. :M ,,,. . ..-4 w, Jr 1, 1 v MQW- ,u 1 af ',.'1'z.'f ,p. A- x-. JY.. ,,,,.. hx. 1 - , , .- Q. .x x 3. 1. ,V , .. .. Y --..., If: 4 il. 1 51:1 , fi " Z .nf -,Q v ' af? . ff -,. 14 x QA-1. If-j.w.'!1H 3 1 -"Her . . .ef-fx. : .5 I 11 1 " wifi - .Q . -E if .M'ipfF' . -:- L'5'H.L3 :- z H. gm . . , 1 . ' .4Q."Zv?QJ . . KL V I5 . .fx V.,-r, . . 'iff' . L -, 4 X: Fha, L1 ', Q1 'L,'s . L ' .,w,, . x ,dw Q " 'f " M ll - -.-,J F 4, ., :f 'wa-.F " I ...H hp .... Ah . 'lr '- 4 -1 .I -A .,..--6' ':,'v.v E .' . , A-Q X'1' 4-L' A O'i VUL Cfivifieo Back Row: Donald llanthe, freshman representative, Keith Englesby, athletic representative 5 Errol Erstad, senior representative, Miss llulvey, advi- sorg James Savoy, office boy Front Row: Rose Paskey, ticket manager, Dorothy Caldwell, publications representative 5 Reubben Reddeman, FFA representative 3 Francis Harvey, honor memberg Gerald leichmann, Junior representative Standing: Ronald Smith, president. Seated: Lou Ann Grinde, music rep- resentative and secretary. Student Council This year's campaign for Student Council President was a very hard- fought battle. Ron Smith won byanarrow margin of three votes over Keith Englesbyo One of the Council's first duties was to organize the Homecoming cele- bration followed all too soonby the school Christmas party which featured group singing, the movie, 'State Fair", and refreshments. A new project this year which the Council set up was the designing and selling of a school pennant. A competitive contest was held with all students eligible to submit pennant plans. Dorothy Caldwell was selected first-prize winner. The sale of milk, the promotion of recreational dancing, andthe select- ing of candidates for citizenship awards are regular yearly activities. The Student Council is the most active organization in school. me errdcb Seated: J. Johnson, S. Grinde, K. Mell, D. Haupt, B. Hoffland, D. Caldwell, M. Schrader, D. Bollig Standing: S. Bork, D. Zingg, D. Zingg, V. Steffenhagen, E. Thiele, L. Hanson, J. Woltman, N. Swalheim, E. Quamme, L. Jonnson, K. Krueger, L. Schwebs, K. Ramminger, Mrs. Martin ls Standing: J. Caldwell, L. Anderson, P. Herrin, D. Yngsdahl, D. Emerson Seated: Mr. Fowler, J. Robarge, F. Levferentz, J.Wi11ianson, H. Cleven, W. Reizzel. K. Riedner, L. Grinde 2061184 errdff Mgmbi fl Standing: Ron Daentl, Ron Smith, Athletic Editors, Arlen Anderson, Business Manager, Ron Ellingson, Art Editor, George Grinde, Publications Editor, Rose Paskey, Urganizations Editor, Lavonne Hanson, Snapshot Editor, Eleanor Thiele, Jean Helgeson, Underclassmen Editors, Doris Falkenstein, Freshman Activities Editor, Ruth Scheffler, Faculty Editor, Nancy Hanson, Organizations Editor, Mrs. Martin, Advisor Seated: Lou Ann Grinde, Senior Activities Editor, KenMell, Music Editor, Doro- thy Haupt, Senior Editor, Russ Karon, Editor-in-Chief, Beverly Hoffland, Sen- ior Activities Editor, Dorothy Caldwell, Music Editor, Jane Williamson, Honors Editor, Sharon Wendt, Senior Editor JUOZUZS4 EW A-'fxft if-we Four-Minute Speaking N0n.0r-iginal and Original Oratory Lois Johnson, Nelda Midthun-11-H, Coach: Howard Haackl-, Keith Englesby, Coach: Mrs. Meister Mr. Stalder, Harry Cleven-N-, Absent when picture was taken, Ray Manthefl-2+ in tg arena ics! - 91A ' Grp fffkxxm Ei sn All listed people were school winners as League winners Extemporaenous Speaking -FH? District winners Wilbur Reigel, Coach: Miss Mulvey, -rs-ze-as State winners Barbara Nelson Extemporaneous 8: Interpretive Reading Serious and Humorous Declamation Jane Williamson-N-, Coach: Miss Schnei- Coach: Miss Mulvey, Diane Keegan-H, der, Carol Bookhout-lf, Nona Lee Swal.. Coach: Mrs. Caskey, Je1'OI21e 511981118-T1"i'H', heim, Shirley Wilsons:-as Coach: Mrs. Mike AIlthOl'k'F9'N'K', Fritz Leverentz+-L+? Engel , F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for boys enrolled in vocational agriculture. The primary aim of the organization is the develop- ment of agricultural leadership, co-operation, and citizenship. The De Forest chapter was active inthe FFA public speaking and quartet con- test. The quartet consisted of Howard Abraham, James Baerlrolf, Glenn Herschleb, and Reubben Reddeman. They placed first at the District contest and represented De Forest at the sectional contest at Jefferson. Ray Hanthe was De Forest's contribution to the public speaking section. His topic was "The Dilema of the American Farmer." The De Forest chapter received a chapter honor award and had two official delegates at the State Convention held at Green Lake. Two of the FFA members received theWisconsin Famer degree in 1955. They were Allen Rauls and Orine Ulvestad. The parent and son night is the highlight of the FFA local program, when awards of recognition are given to members for their accomplishment in their farming progams. Officers of the organization were: James Belda, Presidentg Ron Daentl, Vice- Presidentg Kenneth Gilbertson, Secretaryg Glenn Herschleb, Treasurerg Lloyd Klahn, Sentinelg Clarence Busse, Reporterg and Reubben Reddeman, Student Coun- eil representative. Mr. Abraham is advisor of the group. ik Clarinets Bass Cla ets Trombones Cornets Horns Gr e 4+ N. arvey -x- R. - alsor 41- D. Caldwell 4+ H. Heisig -1+ Nelson B. Johnsor W. Noltemeyer D. Haupt N. Anderson J. Zingg E. Quamme R. Sietsema M. Guelzovr Zingg Alto Saxoghones L. Schwebs K. R nger J. Moe Heisig F. H ey -me 'K. Krueger M. Schrader M. Kaseman Thomas J. Caldwell J. Baervrolf Sorenson D. Yngsdahl Flutes V. Steffenhagen Percussion Wilson M. Brey B. Hoff and S. Linde P. Moran as Brey G. Grinde K. Schvrebs K. Englesby Nelson Tenor Saxoghones S. Wendt J. Hahn N. Swalheim Wilson K. Mell -I' P. Stiegnan D. Yngsdahl D. Emerson Rauls D. Thier M. Paske K. Newell J. Anderson Farnswo N. Midthun J . Mabis D. Ellingson Rauls Oboe S. Grinde W Noltemeyer J. Gest Nichols J. li on -If J. Sigurslid McConnell S. Henschel Baritone Tim Harvey P. Herrin fl- R.iffT-E Bass Drum Klahn Basses S. Bork J. legman Bliefernicht D. Ispnes -re Bells L. llanthe Bassoon J. Grinde 41- Librarian Baritone o hone F. Leverentz L. Anaerson -x- S. Sullivan ige 41- D. llanthe S. Rosenbe Director: lr. Mc Laughlin noaooovooooooooooooo o sJlIlQQ2430-4U3CDb4D-4'42Qc-7Ql'054'1ll1 S gays' ' Him us' QMS' ' 6Z0!2Zl5 UUl..LO'i ci 3 Q 'S S 'S on 'md .5 B3 Q '1 3 -Pa CDF-4 'E na-rl JZ S-4 00 FDM O Q W5 OD Thier, D. 3: Wei ann, K. Schvreb eather-berry, N. 0 0 hd 0 Q 5 E 5 5.-1 C '01 Q +3 3? mi I 9,0 'D Q 5. 38 Om 23 0 Br ml AUD Ea cu 55 W5 Q. '1 EJ m5 Pg an O f-1 m s 'rl ri 5 3 U I! C A 3 il o +1 O 3 -r-I Ca A M O ID r-4 1-U 212 C CL' Q E Cd Il: I Z 5 .0 5 E U Z Q C3 5 3 H C Z q 8 C2 'r'l 1-1 rs R S o F O '-.a J. Hoe, C. Hanson, Q C: 0 VJ 0 E CD 0 4 Q 3 F4 O E4 0 'D 0 A 0-1 Us 5 E -ri r-I r-I -ri D'-2 0 'D J r'4 0 F5 r 'T A E 5 :B A f-I A F-4 3 at E U ID Q 3 E In 'U S: O 0 0 U3 3 4 J V8 S J. U1 F17 Rosenbe S. Zillgg ,m 61' D. Zingg, K. Ramming .0 Qfl Q2 gin 55 was 00 El-l'U mm on EH uso og ..m w um- ai asf A 505 55 m 5 EE asa as .ga 45 5.f Q J Emi 'Uh M Hr-I SSE .ST Sgu shi W 538 64? 230 ..H OT: 535 Z5 W.-D 0 ' www 6-IBN can Q H H00 H'-'SCI ,wi mguo m.Q -533 45- M 53 Q .3 555 gmac awe Ess- ZQE asm? .54 35.3 50. .smt mm mano gan AOQCIS 'BS gnwm E42 g5'4 -JU ogiw Q msg T555 555 T435 mg A 0 O f-1 Q. CD lDr'I O55 m'32 :Ianni Sgr. nbos CSF-1653 m A Qi AU? 5m H ho omg 3-we w m a gif U- 2 C: H B-1 III. Ji S in ..,-4 0 a 'UM BEE me H Q Q H 525 Eg '40 gs .5 V32 Front: Rear: ,A Ch eer eaders Mary Sullivan Darla Thier Nona Lee Swalheim Nancy Harvey Sharron Grinde Patricia Herrin l k U1 -lC4x.,f": K 'Z l"'dlQ fit 614' Li tl , I a .f, -' , 4 y 2 JMU JW J ,J ' Mr if L, ,X ,L f L -J, M lf, IJ- f .a JA, .,a.+ X N l I,- JC .fp 7!m!.b!64A!,, ,46 J f L V! xx A MLK L6 ,245 fluff" ffv- 1 U fv ff ' 1 wifi" , ff ,Ja fav jf, ECL jail 1-'L if ' A ' f . ,I 1 -N A I fa! . ' ' , - 1. L " ' V3 ,., ' V , Q nh. V. a I A V t A i f Z, , YW V ,...,. V 1+ A a a aa a aaaa W at , h"': Q? ' QM., I , kv ig M -, A gr . r V.V I , Darla Thief' a . " ' a a,aa a a if ,...1 tgp ' . ' K irl x Sharon Sullivan , ia . . VS R? ' - V f A5 V a ' Q V.'- .." J 3 2 Patrlcia Stiesman f a A .,,:, , ,,,, U , aw . V -V,, V, zil -fs:-Q3: 115-,f. .V ., , f ,:. 5 ':f?fi63Cg:MiEAiL. A .f., A V ff -H-- ' :'- " 12- 'L5Q5wf21f'i'hfiA: ,,,N K -V'.. Marlene Heisig f W ' 'ili aaa ' .. , .A" aa4 , ' a .a.:,a,. W' .,a., a a a aaaa - Wvaa -.:-: , A ' 4' ' 1 5. ,se 4 , E ' a a A T7 - , , J ,I-V . f'-, x ,:.+.w-fwfffwhr .l gggw 'WK ZUb.ll54 Senior Lehermen N M.-if 57 wg ff' 1 Q . ' ' 1 X 7 ,,EXjW,,, A A U0.L.LD'i ki Conference Track Champions De Forest, who enjoyedanall-athletic renaissance this year, ran offwith the ladison Szburban conference track and field meet title at Breese Stevens field, scoring a total of 69 points. De Forest's closest competitor scored hl 112 points. Three new schools, lilton Union, Evansville, and Lake llills, will join the loop this spring which will bring increased competition when De Forest goes back to defend its title. Freshmen scored 31 points for the Little Norweigians in the 69-point total, while the senior classmen accounted for 23 lf? points. De Forest had the only double winner in A1 Rauls, an all-around athlete. Al won the half mile :Ln 2:l9.8 and had an 18.6 in the 120 yard high hurdles. Jerry llanthe won the mile with a hs58.3 and his brother, Ray, was second in the same event. Jin Johnston won the 100 yard dash in ll seconds flat and also anchored the relay team to victory. Howie Haack won the 200 yard low hurdles. Other De Forest entrants were: 220 yard dash-Dick Sietsema, second, M10- Butch Busse, second, Jerry Ellingson, fourth, Iilbur Reigel, fifth, high jump- Jerry Ellingson, fourth, broad Jump--Jim Johnston, fourth, pole vault-Jim Slen- son, second, Don Reigel, third, Carroll Ilell, fifth, shot put-Dave Ihland, fourth, discus--Gordy Thurber, fourth, A1 Rauls, fifth, 880-Dick Hamre, fourth, and 880 yard relay CDon Bork, Howard Haack, Dick Sietsema, and Jim Johnstonj Football cores A Team B Team De Forest Opponent De Forest Opponent hl 6 Waunakee 2h 0 6 6 Oregon 7 7 Sun Prairie 'I 7 19 7 Evansville 0 O Cambridge 0 ll: 20 6 Milton Union 20 0 Juneau 2? 0 Lake Mills Lodi 27 Verona 27 0 7 Qdlhillll-M4-l.l 0 v- 27 f R - .-. uk v c ? Q? Q TEAGQ U' ,..,, A iwvaa 0 D'-1 S-4 CD UD CU C: CU 2 2 5 KI: .54 O T5 al 0 C 5 E ,C U ' H NCD l Cl A .CT +9 'H E UT Q A 'U ai 43 C0 5'-4 Ld I ill N bs O 'P 45 U 0 "D Vt CI O U3 72.0 C1 ' 1-' r-I r'-i fr! I OL' 'I P. 2 M m 1 C. fd Lii U 3 O U31 -P C7 O S-4 L3-4 355 :sw LALR-:Y m A 3 23 was v B53 vi Enm Qggm hump oe 0090 r-In-ID-III L 3 E ,g mmm UH m Esww Ewan , m M E 'Cn-NN gmmm awww Hsww o U H Qwmmgawwm gmmm mmmm p o o ms Hnmao imngmnnnm Yi Pu w 5 E m NU 5 u 2 mHH o HmH mano mow 'wmoaswmm hwzmnmmm nmcmmnsg -wampsw gwmomdmmm Mmawzwosq o 2 'f'XXOlSONCV8r-IYVN wmzmww om Q v CL Dnmmowmwm gwmmmmomm l 03 Fa Ummmwamw 'mgadmmmm Gp, gd w? Cmmommwcm 3 gssmmmm H M x ' m w m S-u J Home v W Hcmo v W moxasu 5 ESSQSQ Lggsga ' momw o U EWSBWW 6 Wm.: Psa 33 CDI 3 p. w m 4 UGRQSQSG P-0NNOCDr-4 4gSmmomm Back Roll: Don Beigel, second base 3 Don Bork, pitdmerg Orine Ulvestad, outfieldg Alan Rauls, shortstopg Ken Gilbertson, outfieldg Clarence Busse, catcher Front Ron Francis Harvey, infie1dgJerryE11ingson, outfield, Darrell Showers, third baseg Wilbur Reigel, outfieldg Gary Brey, infield Absent when picture was taken: Rolf Hanson, first baseg Keith Englesbv. pitcher , Q ecfion Q f fn eb 3 407, . 3 A f 'okf Clif? Cl, , Dezforest Sun Prairie A. Q I DeForest Sun Prairie 4 A, 'Q U , 3 I L0 DeForest Cambridge R' Y? ef -r DeForest Cambridge 6 , w E, - A DeForest Oregon QI, 7 'i Ex -5 DeForest Oregon n .Lf Q D ' is " '75 E DeForest Waunakee is: f -ce q' V- . 'Y , W DeForest Waunakee f 5,.-'grit' :T:Q!'3f-'5Q"' H19 .Q'1.N ""' ,gg-w--""""" meg K-Q ni -qt -'F ,N ww vm 155' 52' i AUTO GRAPHS 1 Qnmedlm fa if 7!7wzef QQ ,Lacy figfggbby ,ZQC ,C if CZ' Mff2LiZ3m W CL W Wfw' 26542 W gif Yi? 4 QV W ' 95,4 ,jf igfwfgfm, Qi Q Q x da . .dwgutt ' H55 WWW fffff WWW OW ffVV1w5,fffJf9ffp 9129? M ' JW "' fxf' 'jf M Aiea, U 'iw ff Wim W 4' wyzw ii 4 zv F R ,Q WZ? afwj D9 A ,.,A,..44-nsnnuin-A.. k A A in AWK, MW JVC ,W MQ 25,533 W WW . si -5 WNW' 'Lf fu-QQ Ufijvg WWA! W l Q6 . LY K New Gfz5i,ig 9M5Q wi we '+P 312 my figgifm . , I .L 30, by ww mi 9 W kf- l NRG dv I CD? AWQMYSPW 54.1 W it 76d4j'k !32,3p,,x!bLpf,w'7't"Vl Qyilsj .. .wt ,gy if ,Lg 1' Ex' ALC! PQPWf6l1,J 9-0M ,4.,..0,Qf,,,Zf iw b . 61,24 5 y A111 W" W - if gmc? W Y!!! T.fI"M ,,grU ,x e An! QXMML ,wwf 1,QL ,iQ,fLEif5 Chia 5 C4741 ,A4A : f,5,ffY' U fly' yapflgllhtgc, W fx QWQ M We ,, hz wqwgjsgbg W y,,,,,y9J, MIUJNV, 5f,vw"' M Wmkgagv Q2 ?-ifgffw f 0 M

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