Union Free High School - Terrace Memories Yearbook (De Forest, WI)

 - Class of 1954

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Union Free High School - Terrace Memories Yearbook (De Forest, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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A 7M cw 5 A : 1 .. ' . X l 2 . f W X .Q x X h 5 E 5 I 5 N I X il, K , " if " :IA A if . :SJ -'VL' 1 -. I X- r.' v M z ' '- '+a" "' "" ' -f:. ' my Y gum , 'Q ' ,S ..A .'-Y, P. . uh , ,ni .A ,-. 5, .. ,Ha - ffl , - gs -Cm. ' 4 .:. 1 I uf? H5 F-- .-A Aw ..vg .rm if 4 ew-H .M .4l',5: n , Vp.: ' .Q '13 7' ' 1 -,5 Y , I w Y , la! 2361.244 Ter ace M mn Published by Senior Class of Union Free High School De Forest, Wisconsin 195k Volume V f, . ii 2 1, -1 .V .ws -fu. Q .W 1 iw 17" I ,VW 151 1 1 . L l xg: fx L H. 4 1 5,4 V V , ' .,., X L Al fl' . V K ,H 4 A 4, e? Y ! Y 3 1 - 1 ff Il 1 f " 71 E E 1 5 3 5 E 2 X- Z 2 ? 7 1 2 4 f - 1 I 5' T? f 5 ' 5 15 1 K 1 9. tl r A 5 I 3 I 1 A Q I i : f a ,ff 'N if ,. . SA ,f XX 5 N. 1 ' 2 ,gl x f QQ is v e,- W X KT .5574 1 1? 5 ,"'?Lf"k ' ' 3.55-bv 4 -,fail S'f,:f"pa A H p-1-s.,.!Q,n9:, fjr: fr' W-WU"-'g!Lf'-L f ' -' 4!"1:'H:4Lf ,r . 5 ,.,,- . if ui 1 , , .Q . .vw , A.,u H , HAWT- W Q- 5 97 0 . 2361, -7 ,N-..v .., ,.- ,. .. All the wor1d's a stage- And all the men and women merely players: 1 ry. Q? f ' " .ibecbmlion We, the Senior Class of l9Sh, proudly dedicate our nTerrace Memoirs' to Miss Schneider as a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude for many enjoyable English classes and our thanks for her guidance and assistance in producing our Freshmen and Senior Plays. Her neverdwavering interest in us has made our school a better place. k 5 vi F r'.L-flw T' 3, u. ,ig -' .kil- 1 r v' Q1 4- I E-S1735 A ,g..,.T3L . - I N' VI- QQ gl L3 'v-. 4! : ,., -E1 mu- ' 111 , M '-a "ww, 9- fu ,-'FTW-JZ ,Ib F ?3i?faEl , L15 I I ty... ,. 1 Y -aim 5 Y - .. M: ,gllvfigfl 1555, I gn 2 wif ' 11-11 5 ' I fi 1 Z A Nj ,. ggi 552, v"'5'Cj,w-W'f:' 1 ' 'J . , -Q H 1 w +34-WV v wmuwfw-vvz-rxwvvsvwlk., , ,WMM W, ,,,,,5.w,.w ' 'ff' .ww , W ff-W v.,,5.,:,..RwQ,mh ,M- wn ,Q , wfwmw..,n5,,,.m www' M.ww- ' , 'F' ,I A .fn w ' . ,.,.,.a,a,f..bvrW:z.xm ., M,vPP2"FwM+-wfxwfy, K ' ,ww,.,, ,--,, VAWMMW -wk afllftkg . . . MMM as my QL, YMMNrs9f.,srfxW adison Erv i 'lder - Div ersit Rm 5 D e F 'loo6.r0 I . Sta Yrincipal mission House Coxlege , LB. Latin Football Coach Vocat . y Your, 1-3321 cfgrfistv grest Aaulf Fanfdvigcultu - s, l parm er. Cir Pe ez' C1 35:38 s wa! X MQW H - Helen L. Haesler - - Madison Whitewater State College, B.E. Comercial J Newspaper Advisor Ennis Annual Advisor niverffodg ior Glass Advisor Ph Honigty ss? Q D Juni -V81 E0 Md e Fo of Recal .Suomi " B rest d crduca cf-S ' S, OSS SOI. Jun Janes Lsiwma-T1 ' Sun Yraifeiqg LaCrosse State 001109-as ' ' A Science 1 Assistant 0081231 3X ' U TZDQ1- M 1' Class P-C1'1190f Ng lvers'3:Laughl Fel Ban ty in 1 d of l ' W. Fresftzd sf Chit., lgdsor en S ,S. 338 Concert a Junio Ad v 1 SOI. Richard University Wor Claire Hulvey - De Forest University of Wis., B. A. University of Neb., M. A. Social Science PS Forensics Adv it Student Council fy QP Jyhx s 5 Senior Class Advisor w. W 1 ' XV W rgq EPK Janaan Noonan - Dubuque, Ia. NHJJFAX QNX? N Q ,AJP I 5, X' Clarke College, B. A. S' , if N , A Algebra NN K W T Geometry - . dp r f Newspaper Advisor viysgig -' Grace Schneider-De Forest Platteville College, B,E, English I, IV Library Forensics Play Coach Dorothy Watson - Madison University of Wis., B.A. English II, III Forensics Cheerleader Advisor Marvin Walters - Madison Nebraska Wesleyan, A. B. Citizenship Consumer Economics f,jO.,Y,, kfwlf'-'P kw.QwQM is ' SQL M' Xl They have heir A, its . . . . . . .SENIOHS AIM e h An rson "Bob" e to share " ,If o , not a care, plenty of laughs and W a S 0 1 NT? ball l,2,3,h5Basketballl,2,3,hg Baseball l, V, j W W Ruth Carol Anderson W "Red" :C "Good things come in small packages." if Band 2,3,Lmg chorus l,2,3,hg Forensics 25 News- cp paper 2,3,l4g Secretary 33 Student Council Secre- Fcg tary bg Senior Class Playg Annual Staff MfN Ll shn's News er ,45 Sen- 0v DW 550 fl , f '.- A at W K f ' ' l rj X' George Kenneth BM n 2 "Geo" "I have n ear W kg ,f-Qtalvelbglfyght beside it and sle ' wi LV, Y + Chorus 1 uf ' 2361244 CLASS MOTTO. . . . . , , , , , , , , , , , ,WFINISHED--YET BEGINNING." Carol Franci Bdd A hap go-lu 1rho's always infor fun." M A V Francis Troy Bruns "Tinlv" 'If it's an answer that you need, this guy'e got it, yes indeed." Senior Class Play, Annual Staff, Junior Red Cross 9 7 a ase "Ed" arly - bed and early to rise, and you miss the t rt of the day." F an ,Lg Basketball 1,2,3 11, Track 2,3,b, eball 1,2 ,bg Student Council Lg Badger Boys' te 3 Shirley Ann Caldwell "Shirl" 'Ability and mirth, but best of all, pep." Band l,2,3,hg Chorus l,2,3,hg Newspaper 2,3,h Forensics l,2,3 hg Senior Class Play, Secretary lg Vice-President ing Student Council President lr Secretary 33 Annual Staff, Cheerleader 2,3,h Badger Girls' State 35 DAR Award h 2361244 CLASS FLOWER..... ....RED ROSE Lois Ione Ellings on "Her courteous and pleasing manner will make her successful." Forensics 2,3,h5 Senior Class Play Transferred frmnSunPrairie High School Sopho- more year. - QQEM of x Roger Leslie Ellingson N5!Pi'Jx,,,r W Os' "It takes wit to see wit." w Football 1 2,hg Basketball l,2,35 Newspaper 3s Treasurer L Levrellyn Dale Falk "Lev1ie" "Good-natured, well-built, toog when it comes to athletics he's sure to come through." Chorus 1,23 Footba11l,2,3,7.L3 Basketball 1,2,3,hg Track 1,2,3,hg Baseball l,2,3,hg President 35 Badger Boys' State 3 J S wfiliifl Robert George Frye W "Boop" "An asset to our football team, this guy's al- vrays on the beam." Basketball l,2,3,h3 Baseball 1,2,3,h3 Track 1,2, 3,hg Football 1,2,3,hg Senior Class Play 2361244 1 4 if r W ....RED AND WHITE X "Millie" gallg ' e aroundg afiner friend fbe fggcyw uc ., I if Lder Senior Class Playg Annual Staff 5 he icks on "Gullic kn W eg-Ch sworl s it may, I'l1 take it any- Mm 2,3,l1g ootball lg Basketball lg Track 1, mf? wie HOW! ff MDP TSYQZV Gulvikxb ' ' I nsig.. ass periods should be ten minutes long-five to come and five to go." Basketball 1,2, 3 . X P David Clepi AOWIW ncharlien m yitC.fgr opportunit sg strong men e t m , , , Se or Clas ay, Play Coach 35 o s '- - 'Q stu'g '5jg5,'.F.A. P sident h 'K Mfr Ajgf 'C?.:y79A f., nr'- .1 .1 A . t .- . 4 T2 ff-, i 5. .2 felt sw ,W CLASS PRESIDENT . .... . . . .CHARLES JOHNSON Richard Raymond Hons "Huntz" "Bashful, 'til you know him." Band lg Football l,2,3,h3 Basketball lg Track lg Baseball 1,2 Tra ed from Belmont High School. les dwa J ohnsonpl V "Chuck" "I cannot afford to waste my time making money." Band l,2,3g Chorus 1,23 Baseball 15 Forensics lg Senior Class Playg President h ?r:4F0Xe Johnson "Howie" "Always on the run, this fellow has fun." Chorus l,2- Football lg Ticket Manager bg News- paper 2,3,fsg Student Council 113 Annual Staffg Junior Red Cross 3 mf W WZ Aexangkm?-but we know him better." I . , iFQAQ 1,2,3,h , 611344 Q 23 D rv- we-A Iv-ww Y-vw, i,.,,, Shirley Ann Leatherberry KE if ' A , , ' i 'Y ' cmss VICE PRESIDENT... ----.SHIRLEY CALDWELL Theodore Junior Larson "Ted" "Most great men are deadg I feel ill." Ku Czzopls lg F all 13 Baseball 1 'Q W6 . A -I aww ' fyfybyff MwfgA 19, ,1 I - 4 nquietl You should knmggwkyhjr W A W glggggs 1,25 Forensics 2gSELr10i5aif-551459 5A 2 Lam, Transferred from Lodi Hig U'uii0 iyear. Jwlof 5 David John Mell jwwk 7VL+ "Dame" 'He is a quiet man, but quite a man." lg 7 1, - F.F.A. 1,2,3,hg F.F.A. Vice-President hy F.F.A. Sentinel 35 4 rv-1-416, pong 'GQ i f jf r, look for fin 31 an . "' 5 ' -fn ' lg ' . , ,3,h, niL66:,1assP1aygP1ay Coach 35 A :" F.F.A. Reporter 33 F.F.A. 'rfb 1-er jppfkfwvqiw bw!! WW QW 2361244 Diane Mae Mo "The hair is the richest ornament of woman." Band 1,2,3,h Annual Staff CLASS SECRETAFIU... RILEY Bernard Mielke "Bernie" 'Nothing is more useful than silence." Track lg Forensics 25 F.F.A. l,2,3,l4g Annual Staff Many WJ 5,,acWj?wf7 M M WW, 5 Chorus 1,2,3,hg Senior Class Playg 5 Cheerleader 2,3,hg llajorette 3,14 1 S rle Horan 'Porlq' e with the 'hardy bell." ' e sings on him who invented sleepy he runs 'Y spaSg1132,3 Q 1? Mlgbf? Jonnuoyfjf 'sm' ,I 11 ,KM niy62. ,I can look af. it mmfguwg Jgjff 2514-ff? " v tl l 14 2 2361 Beverley June Paske J "Patske" "She was a girl who did her own thinking, and needed but little advice." Chorus lg Senior Class Playg Annual Staff Transferred from Madison East High School Sopho- more year. Sanford Arthur Reigstad "Sam" "I don't say much, butIdo a lot of thinking." Chorus lg Newspaper 33 Forensics lg Annual Staff CLASS TREASURER. . . . . . . .ROGER ELLINGSON Gerald Norman Nelson 000130 'Some men are big, some are smallg I'm just glad to be here." Football 1,2 3 ya 53 to My ichae1 Rauls "Gil" lr ff :Ky or not to work, that is the question." Ch s l,2,3,h5 Football 3,145 Forensics 1,25 Sen- ior Class Playg F.F.A. l,2,3,h3 F.F.A. Sentinel 3,11 I Emiwg Wit qgqlffv 6Wh,4,4,'MW6M MKMWMKM 1 GDM, 2361244 STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE. . . . . . . . .ROBERT SHOWERS Kathleen Ann Riley "KH-UI?" "Some seek love, some eek fame--I make a dash I after both." Band l,2,3,lt5 Chorus l,2,3,,-15 Newspaper 2,3,113 .Times Reporter 35 Forensics 23 Senior Class Playg Secretary hg Student Council Vice-President U3 Annual Staff Audrey Luanne Rublee 'Luis' 'An artist must have two thingsg a steady hand and a steady head." 5 E Band l,2,3,h3 Chorus l,2,3 by Newspaper 13 Senior - Class Playg Forensics 2,3113 Annual Staffg Junior Red Cross h 3 Robert Arthur Showers "Epar" 'Lead me not into temptation, just showmewhere it 130 Chorus 23 Football l,2,3,hg Basketball l,2,3,h3 Track l,2,3,hg Baseball l,2,3,hg Senior Class Playg President 23 Student Council bg Boxing l Transferred from Mauston High School Freshmen year. if W' W M WA if M nary Lois ska m 1 ' ' Band 1 23 Chorus 1,2,3,hg Office Girl lag Newspaper 1,2,3,ng Times Reporter 25 Forensics l,2,3,h3 Senior Class Playg Student Council Treasurer lg Youth Conference 3 5 Annual Staff L . - 4 2234 ,,, X CT c '- - SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR. . . . . . . . .MISS CLAIRE MULVEY Ronald David Tenjum "GO0Seneck" "She's gonna call on me next, what'll I say?" F.F.A. l,2,3,h I . ff igfgffgo Ronald Charles Wil 1 ygyf r, "Ron" 'Why hurry, 1rhy'6or1'y---the world goes on the same." Football 1,23 Boooban 1,2, 3,145 tude QAGQ1 1 1 . Jfjfpf X j,fj4gj,fz2 ffgever o-Ann Yngsdahl "Bev" 9' e must be related to Charles , 'cause she sure , is the Dickens." 9" Senior Class Playg Chorus 1 Miss Mulvey Senior Class Advisor , wg H-'?'wivw,, And their entrances mg lfU'li0I" 6555 .IM Q K0 N H I V...PI'e- 0 ,. LE, E',La.f'1V1f'a .- ' aaflk D. Prgflf-he S3eC'TreaS' Otpiljevl-1. Newburg, ED. Gegzlland' B- Kennedy Kino.-. gnc Represent? 1Lamp- Son, C. Bredes .v -2. Bollig, C Knsdi: 5,an, . , yr. thu on ,L '- u cebhafib A9"1sy?ZjS1er m ' ockman, R. Mid- an ang. M153 Til I n , R. Herschleb, B. Morrison, D. Kval- I I helm, R. Meyers, G. Johnson, B. Ro- - ---Wm , , barge, J. Larson, M. Schultz, A. Tap- K. Herrin IU-CnT".L" Men-1 C. Man pendorf A.Rauls J. Larson M. Mar- D M the 9 s 9 M 2 c elxner, A . Pitcel B3 ti-nson OPHII, D. Rei-Fel R 5 0 J , . iamson, N- Schultz Ohnsonf M. Will- '5 n T nE' R Ness' D .. 'let H, .ua ,Q 2 . B U. KOCH, L' Ham 'b, n. 'lw-me, D- Orff, A. F R. Hanson: G' R. Peterson, 5' Anderson, Slkipstein, M. Ga Mc Farlarle, D' ' D. gullickson, .A Algthufl, L Busch: Q . 0 . l S -son Psey, C. Dj-ef Oyd, M. Gebharjs lil 0 Tvxartlq entflaler , 'f x And to - nelr entrances D Caldwell, V-Pres. H. Sec-Treas. . Ellingson, Pres. R. Smith, SG Rep- resentative J. Savoy, Advisor Mr. Meister lljeaiiengl' D' Wendt, J. Stiegman R N H er er1'.Y, E. Erstad, L. Hana . . anson, D. Klerna B M Son, key! SQ Keller, I-f0,La.g'S2J1iyr, R. Pas- .gyolakomgpe ffm, E Thiele, Do K. Mell, A. Anderson, . Knutson, J. Johnson, B. Cota, E. Mur- ' k n D. Pow1ess,A.Gu1- ray, D. Eric so , vik. N. Anderson, J. Gulvik 411 1? D. Asones, A. Haack, H. m.t..,-., , Meyers, J. Helgeson, D. Falkenstein, " ' d J.Boyd, B. Beck, D. Haupt,L. Jrin e, G. Grinde, J. Belda D' Thier, T' Harper, Ro Karol, B. John.- Sonn N- Lapp, J. Williamson, L. Man- E Hoffland R. Lange, S. Wendt the, , I , v.,v1.-V 'z "Q W ' + , ,:"iiV1H.L: A 'G' 1 ,- 4 jg'.,'::?,A f 5: I :,f:'g ,,r!'.9if'1, iff ,.":5-5,-,, QLEL, - . 1-gf: an g- . ss- . . 1, '4,1,3sQgg.2,5f 153-i wag a . ' :s . ., - '- ,,':,',:j1'L'-, A S.+Lff!l2zi g f Q1 f " Fbfw- 1 xi.-fix 'I' ' V 1 ' 1" 'frpv M 19' Q ':. ,- W 2' .TWIQ 2-N., ,I .1 . -2' :ff-SQGT: f L, 11.5-.I.LQ.wag.5.s.,A.5E 73.7" if .I fm 1,5 ., '- 14- : , i. za ,E I I . . Qu vf . , A .A ,f-fn fi' '54-32, H , . vi' ,,, 4 jl,'.i,f:bJ - V-g ,: 3-L it . J-"15,,,"' ,Ei iipfiif. - gn-',v,'z,.,,:--. ' .,..,- .. X. M ,, - fh1' Ffvtf- '. - . , . ,,. . fr w G, "fx FW' I -.-mv ,. vi ' . km. "" , xx .' And thnir enfmannas mm 1 K-Pigzhfsiewwefs, R Elunszson' Advisor: MF' V- T ' ' McLaughlin M. Ripp, W. Lovejoy, N. Swalheim, D. Twing, R. Ulvestad, C. Lange, V. Stef- fenhagen, F. Leverentz, L. Anderson, R. Carteron, M. Heisig, D. Zingg D. Lerum, L. Schwebs, R. Cordes, S. Kramer, D. Esse, J. Deets, J. Mabis, P. Schnurbusch, B. Nelson, D. Thier, G. Lee l glneriklflflelfl H66 K K. Englesby, D. Showers, R. Savoy, J. Ellingson, E. Kvalheim, P. Her- rin, Y. Popovich, J. Woltman, J. Caldwell, D. Bollig, P. Stiegman, J. Johnson qnlx R. Cornell, L. Hahn, K. Gilbertson, W. Wernick, L. Klahn, R. Klahn, R. Ellingson, K. Ramminger, D. Zingg D. Yngsdahl, R. Reddeman, G. Hersch- leb, D. Savoy, K. Krueger, C. Rauls, E. Quamme, D. Lange, S. Bork, J. Klahn, T. Gebhard TOP BILLING mm- C215 iclvfian mea NL 6 r0 onorg Skaar C' J 5 Lllanne wa' 6 me mme 3 L11 Q-4, - E enior lM'll0Y' in 'Haxuj David Homman Ruth Her'-Schleb Ei fb suv. man in his time plays many parts, CQ 61 Solalnomore O .ghd Qlflt OUWLCL onorb foreaivlenf Shirley camweu ikl'e5llYYlel'l RW xiii Gerald Ellirlgs on Dot othy Caldwell OSCARS SHIRLEY CALDWELL BADGER STATE REPRESENTATIVES A1-K LNELUN F fi Yip WESBQQX 60 ,, CE HOWARD JOHNSON MARY LOIS SKAAR EDU253 TQCE BUSSE RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES LUANNE RUHLEE FRANCIS BRUkS W ,Q k F I A -n .9 fury .1 'b - NEW FINDS I FRESHM N I ITI TID J X 0 ' 'f ' . 5-Fga gi ,LZ - Z4 4 55 rj 2 2 mil. ggh In en 5 Etc -' ' ddY'S hf. 'Jady "ao At , nj e an Qvster A , - Yngsda-nl, Coach Nancy Haack, N. Halverson, R. Bu Ther' D. Woltmarl, Cornell, G. Lee, R. Reddeman, D. Ler- Gofdy J. Quarmng! um! KI Ra-mminger, Ile A-ndeI'SOn, P, Coaghets, E. KV? Savoy, E' Stiegman, L. Schvrebs J. e rbuschs ' P- Schnu J. Klahn S. nf ' 'Wet . Heisig, . u ,,, -...ae, r. Schnurbusch, D. Bol- geeil'-" vnsou, uwhurber, llg, G. Lee, J. Robar-ge, R. Cordes, Ann Mar' qeim, D- T Geb- M. Ripp, Coach Linda Busse, J. Zim- Coach M2ff15gg,N.Swa3fD-ngson, Krieger, brick, B. Meyers, J. Ellingson, K. D. J. Z1 lf, J- Eqavoy, K' lvestad, Gilbertson, J. Weichmann, D. Yngs- J, Baeg'OESSe' Dlweat, R. U dahl, R. Cornell, R. cart hard' ' Ao ROI' limzson R' R. 1 SPOH V'f9rn-'LC , r 44 E C1 .D 6 N A 1 Coach Ken Mell, W. Lovegoy, R. Redde- man, D. Lange, J. Mabis, M. Hipp - .wx-mm Q 1 n LZVVVJ - we Aeveo POYb lor U If a.:. ' ' I b D 0 y Moran, G' Hersggrgijgmson J , Hamfe 9 ' . Coach Jane Zin EV: P ' Herrm' 3 7 3 Q C Father Says No Cach Audrie Pit 1 Lange, L. Johnsoge , C. Busse C Popovich, B Nel J J. J0h1'JSOnf Y G, Herschleb. son, F. Level-entz ina? M-3 We Dress ve!-ent?-a The Great A71 ader, F' Le mann, Coach Sh owance Battl . I. M, Sch? duel. L. ra mer . aron Wendt J e D. True ab K. Rei nach B31-ba , D. Show-rem V: .Mabis-,, S K K. Eng1B3 yi. Dva'-Lo, Co Caldwell - 3 Q Steffen-ha I 0 PH- 0. Yvvfls' Morrison gen! Jo 2361244 CLIMAX . . ........ ..... J UNIOR PROM SHDW ww M X CLIMAX "GSsgf1'9 5 '9 60990 I 4.-l QQ Qi'-X '40 dc, 1, Gob -,--v K I omecoming 2361244 The poet says, nThe play's the thing-U enior may We'11 remember them saying: Miss Burgess CMary Lois Skaarl NLet me down! Let me downln Mr. Carter CFrancis Brunsl NThis is no time for discussion.n Jocko Guthrie CChuck Johnson, 'Do Lorry and I have many scenes together?' Milton Saunders CWayne Manthel "I feel like Amos andAndy all rolled up in one." Nancy Leveridge KBeverley Paskej 'I always do what my father says.n Tony Peterson CDavid Hommanj NThere's nothing I like better than watching a bunch of fool kids making bigger fools of themselves.n Mr. Richard Leveridge CGi1bert Raulsl WExcited? Who's getting excited?W Buck O'Hara fRobert Fnyel NI can't t-t-t-alk. Laryngitis, I think.n Andrew Fulbright KRobert Showers? nThat settles it! You stay home and watch televisionln Elsie Hunter CLuanne Rubleel nSou-r sto--machhhhhh.U Janet Young CKath1een Rileyl nIsn't Mr. Carter the cutest thing?N Kyle Roberts CBeverLy Yngsdahll nAre you a kleptomaniac, m good man?N Sylvia Moore fDiane MoranJ WI could of done better when I was a freshman.' Lorry Fuller CShir1ey Caldwellj 'oh--go jump in a lakeln Joan whim fRuth Andersonb Hon boy! Just iike Garbo and Giiberw' Miss Rivers CShirley Leatherberryl nl have no intention whatever of interferring.N Mrs. Young CMildred Fullerl nYou know I'm Janet's mother, don't you?n Mrs. Green fCarol Eolligl nThat Lorry Fuller ought to be on the professional stage.n Miss Moran CNancy Bakkel WI've never been so insulted in all my lifeln I CURTAIN GOING s ... --.W-w.-a 1 JI":".T6 1 u . , -MM . - 1s'gf:,:- ' iii-1-.1 V4-N. 5521. . .54-15 - YH. N515 3 W' J ilzfl. T1 Q, , ':"X. 4 I W L 4 , ff vu- G-Q W N , I g 1 .4 .,,, I ,V . '31 '14 CX? -4 CJD C0 CN! N x Q cr awp' Tj j, eww as-z-V21--'7'ff",f 113 .fl .7"C'1g9' eo - Q . xl K 5 4, 4 Qfjjy, Y f ' iuux Qt, If fx . Dx x "TX ll ll E-Q-UM K Hamre R. Reddeman, Bottom Row: J. Manthe, L. Klahn, G. Rauls, A. Rauls, . , Mr. Abraham, C. Busse, R. Daentl, A. Boyd, J. Eelda, G. Thurber, D. Hahn Second Rom D. Copsey, D. Hell, K. Bipp, K. Gilbertson, J. Klahn, J. Baerfrolf, A. Rortvedt, R. Tenjum, W. Manthe, L. Kampen, D. Ihland Top Roi: D. Erickson, D.Homma11, G.Hersoh1eb,R.Thurber, J. Mabis, R. Ulvestad, D 'Yhier R. Kvalheim, J. Boyd, C. Hell L. uanme, 0. Lange, . , Q Q4 w Q w Q r ... l ' ' 11. ' 4 , .4 . ' ' 1 4 1 'I fu 1 . :gn ,y - 1 1 , . wi, 'e' ,fx-r' -1 n. Q Y' Wa 'kfih-:Cl ffm fi' 'H wigm 115-N 23612-L4 ASSISTANT DIRECTORS And 0116 man in his time plays many Parts, ...............n O F F I C E R S President .... .. .... Shirley Caldwell Vice President .... .... Kathleen Riley Secretary .... .... Ruth Anderson Treasurer .... .......... .................................. Mary Lois Skaar C L A S S R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S Senior Class Representative ............... ,... Junior Class Representative ..... Sophomore Class Representative .... Freshmen Class Representative .... -.. . ..... .. O R G A N I Z A T I O N R E P R E S Office Girl .................. Ticket Manager.... Music ............. F. F. A. ..... Athletics.... ........... .... A D V I S O R Advisor.... E N T A T I V OID Oli OOC OOO 0 UOOIIOOOOOUI .Robert Showers ..Marie Gebhard ....James Savoy .Keith Englesby E S .Mary Lois Skaar .Howard Johnson .Kathleen Riley .Gordon Thurber ...Edward Busse ....Miss Mulvey Q. v--4-1 M N F5 f-.A sv C2 0 D 'H E E 3 5 km 5 Q 2 scspg g . v 3?5Ev H H - :E dmhow H 3 84 mmhogi 3 U o CDO swims C E4 35 3 2323 no E E mi hsiogg O5 Q H O-1 D-ICQSUJD-1 "3 W Q W5 s O ID 5-I QW WG 7-I r'4 0 0 CQ:-400 0 I-'I 5 'H,.CI10r'4W E W VIOEUDF-043911 2 'Hg ' uv-J :agua Q 5 gn 8 Sm 32 mg an md S-0-tic.-C2-P W me EI4 :10 EBHSSCS S E0 35 OQJQfU'S'H 3 Q 'fl mm www U U Q x .,.4 N 0 A Q n 'S mo lk F1 0 'lj 3 S? wma itgw G,-'kr 0,20 00 Q d Q..-cox: cv: an-:,c cmmomg slim MPH O HW mign mggg E gvsw 3 'U 0 2 O 595 mug? 3?s3 QEEQES SE 2 4533 5411!-'fn-lift! C3133 ZQFJ v 4 gi ,.c'. S: of-1 mb-, BLU 0 ,gm E3 5 H? 3 Q' Gm OU f"l O'r'1gZfo'r'lO CU af-If-0r"l 5253 UDCDQ-o mv-'IC CUCDU hmcnzo Cr-4-2 fDf.7'r'lE igggimm Big 9555 Qgwqqgg fgg Simi -C C ni ms5EmE2 mis 8552 xmmgsw mm mmm Q. :Ct at E n :ji 5-1-5 5-1 0 +70 0 C054 QQV-1 5-1 mm "?wSx?Om 35 52 E5f'fa2E?:zs as 2UmE 2ms242sa sf q,g,,p,uym-.-:cu 4-.-emma: C.-C ,'41"iC CZ W Hzinszmzmapsw as Snndpvpagncec mn OOCUlUf5?gm0'HQ3CUlU cd QQUlZbCfD:!Z554'7Z m BF +3 .C C - C Q me o Q r'l'UOl'-I C03 'ECO GJ WCW U-Dor-I 5300502 mm Owdwwmm wEwHh Pmdvhycmcz Qwmys U'r"lG3'HCJ4,-C'f'lEZ Pal-13555 pr'fU3D-o O0 f:w'H 'l"4 :E QmQmE2wmg8ENgg?m '. CU' F40 ,E-J'g-8'3r-4r.-2E.I:rS"lQ7-"H CJI5C"UI5i44-'f-4154-7 CS'4fU'Hf: CUODOCUQCQCUVJCUOKUCD.-CCB .-an-11.-1n:uLa::u.moQQ-:ww 'rf' 'rf fix g-f l :- Q-f C-f-. .f Col CHORAL ARRANGEMENT GLEE CLUB Bottom Row: K. Krueger J , , . Belda, C. Eusse, R. Reddemann, D. Reigel, J. Ell ingson, J. Weichmann, J. Baerwolf, S. Kramer, G. Thurber, A. Rauls Second Row: Mr. McLaughlin, J. Johnson, P. Herrin, D. Lang, Y. Popovich, L. Grinde, C. Manthe, N. Swalheim, P. Schnurbusch, J. Wo1tman,43.Rauls, M. Hei- aig, D. Thier, E. Neumann, K. Reidner, S. Keller, B. Kennedy, K. Ramminger Third Row: Darlene Zingg, Janet Larson, L. Rublee, M. Skaar, M. Williamson, J. Caldwell, M. Gebhard, J. Hamre, L. Eliefernicht, N. Schultz, S. Wendt, E. Kvalheim, L. Anderson, P. Stiegman, L. Hanson, N. Lapp, N. Anderson, R. Anderson, R. Herschleb, V. Steffenhagen Fourth Row: B. Busse, G. Johnson, K. Kindschi, D. Haupt, J. Johnson, G. Lee, M. Ripp, B. Morrison, S. Caldwell, D. Moran, B. Moran, A. Pitcel, N. Halverson, K. Riley, N. Eakke, B. Johnson, Donna Jean Zingg Top Row: R. Peterson, G. Ko h M c , J. Stiegman R anthe, C. Mell G H 3 U Ko D0 Aspnes, Lo , . erschleb, K. Hamre, D. Homman, G. Rauls, J. Savoy, C. Lang, D. Yngsdahl, D. Meixner, D. McFarlane if 1 Qi n 'L xr .45 ,F Lf Y, n. 1. 56 5. I 5 Q. , f2i1t512zT111 ,4-.l :hleba ... --we ' Herrin: D' ux. DMM' B .desolls K' XA, V, Son B' yorrislolnabiigljilglf'Caldwell, C. re- n Jo , U J' e I Seated. . Standing- M'ss Noonan: i-,mer Miparlane, D' Me 33402 Hi-Lf Af' an ml., Seated: , -.. moe:-son, H. Johnson, S. Reigstad, N. Bakke, .... fuJ..Lerg Standing: MaryAnnMar-tinson, C. Gullickson, Maurene Martin- son, L. B1iefer'nicht,A. Pitcel, D. Caldwell, S. Wendt G. J h D. Reigel , o nson, E. Lockman, PUBLICITY 1511008 Memoir: If EDITOR ......... ................. Kathleen Riley SENIOR EDITORS ,....... ..... Ruth Anderson and Nancy Bakke UNDERCLASSMEN EDITORS .... ...... Mildred Fuller and Bernie Mielke ACTIVITIES EDITORS .... .... Luanne Rublee and Shirley Leatherberry ATHLETICS EDITORS... .... Shirley Caldwell and Howard Johnson BUSINESS MANAGERS... .... Francis Bruns and Bernie Mielke PHOTO CHIEF .............. .... Ruth Herschleb ART EDITOR AND SECRETARY .... ..................... Beverley Paske COPY 0 n o 0 0 0 ouary Lois Skaar and Fuller SOUND TRACK orensics 4.11 'E L. L. B ganthe' N Haackw-as .-- o V- - ' Ur. s. camwellw, 'M ennedw ' Staldel' Ruble ew? J any L me MZLSSNOQH ' , ' Johnsonw-ze Missmulvey' igjtdsgsngn. , Seated: L B' Nelsonf. 5.Mji?r?L?1mlve'Y' E' Skaarw-rf SU3 ' 4 League winner +29 District winner r L-I K se Er L, f' 'fg. . 'd',.f-fVgz3'j , v A nf'-Q we J' -grffl F Yf' x :.,.Q.',i 'fuunn' ' ' '2' V 'Q 1 A -. '-.f 4 1 -5-P' fm" K . H-3. ,',"?'1"' .. K -L, T, vb I . tl Klfp n ' 1 5 JK . .my 1,"f'f0: K "Ha Jr 'ee,:f.f ' IJ 2' H' 4: 1. - '.."f',1' - ,',W1..1 1 . , - .N , L.-vi, In 1 . nge! 5,-- -Nw.-v .- -W. fr" " K -. -:- '. 'l 4 ,.w - Av,- ,,,- ,. ,,4. . .- ,, . V-1 1 3. q.,-, N4 2361244 R. Reddeman, D. C. Busse, Moran, T. Harper, P. .9 stin Au A. ejqys OV L W. voy, Sa D. ottom Row: ingson, R. Savoy, Mr. Stalder, R. Smith, Manager cond Row: K. Hamre, D. Yngsdahl, L. Hahn, K. Gilbertson, A. Haack, R. Daentl, R. Ellingson, J. Weichm , K. Englesby, Mr. Mesiter ird Row: J. Savoy, 0. Ulvestad, R. Karol, R. Hanson, C. Mell, D. Hahn, J. Manthe, E. Erstad, G. Thurber, B Se Th S-e 3 Ihl R. Ellingson, D. R. Frye, L. Falk, R. Showers, R. Hons, E. Busse, C. Johnson, ss . Lampman Row: G. Raul OP T 213.2244 . .-. At. 1 . D Bottom Row: Mr. Lampman, Mr. Meister, R. Smith, R. Karow, J. Savoy, E. Erstad, K. Hamre, K. Gilbertson Second Row: D. Bork, R. Hanson, C. Mell, J. Manthe, D. Ihland, Mr. Stalder Top Row: R. Anderson, G. Rauls, R. Hons, E. Busse, R. Showers, C. Johnson, R. Frye, L. Falk ettermen Pep Club D. Voran, S. Caldwell, B. Moran, A. Pitcel, M. Williamson, D. Thier - wu- Q--1 v-4- 4-L FW v- 1,-. -nv ,ov- I-3 New PROGRAM......................................SCHOOL CALENDAR August September October Teachers, "UghL back to school." Students, "Ughl Ugh! back to school." We wel- come our teachers, new and otherwise, Hooray! National holiday--Labor Day. Our first football game a win for us. We beat Sauk 7'6s Elected class officers and advisors. Succumbed to Verona at Firemen's Park, 7-6. Shirley Caldwell and Levrie Falk nominated for Student Council President. The battle is on. Phewl Campaigning is over--Elections count Shir- ley as winner. Romped over Waterloo here, 27-O. Each class selected two representatives for can- didates for Homecoming Queen. Seniors chose Ruth Anderson and Kathy Rileyg Juniors, Carol Manthe and Gwen Johnson, Sophomores, Lou Ann Grinde and Beverly Beck, Freshmen, Lois Johnson and Nona Lee Swalheim. Gosh, tied Oregon, 6-6-after that swell intro- ductory pep meeting the Sophs gave us. Dr. Schindler told us how to live one hundred years and be happy. Twenty forty'shere we come. Fell to Sun Prairie to make their homecoming a great success. Score, 20-O. Saw Ashley Memorial Field dedicated. National FFA Convention held at Kansas City. We certainly admired the sombreros and cowboy boots sported by Wayne Manthe, David Mell, David Homman, Lawrence Kampen, and Allen Boyd. Lucky kids got out of classes, too. x 95 X f of - FQ ff' 9 gb., WW MWZW Q M m'y1P9J,?5'LXyff WW ue- 2362244 January lb February Student Council sponsored the annual Christmas party--showed nThe Iron Mann with Jeff Chandlerg then had co munity singing and refreshments. Played VeronaiJ1the evening--Lost 70-Sh. Christ- mas vacation--NSanty Claus is Coming to Town.' Mr. Meister took on an assistant coach today-- also a lot of Nribbingn about traveling in that proverbial double harness. Monday morning--back to school-furnace was on the blink, remember???? Wwinter Wonderland,n Home Economics style show, was given by the Junior and Senior girls. Lost to Juneau, SO-33. The student's nightmare-semester examinations-- Tried to clear the air by playing Marshall, but los t, S8-ho. Waunakee won, score, 7l-h8. Furnace fluse burned out---n-o-o-o- school!!! Played Cambridge. They won, 60-h7, but we had fun at the juke box dance after the game. Those long-awaited prizes for the magazine cam- paign came and Wayne sported a new wrist watch. Shirley Caldwell was named DAR representative by popular vote of the Senior Class. Lost again-- this time to Deerfield, score, 70-56. Newspaper staff ice skating party foiled by hSo temperature. Danced, played basketball, and chat- ted instead. Senior NAggiesU attended Farm and Home Week con- ference at the University. Ho-hmmmm!!! Lost to Waterloo, 6h-53. W ww' M UW' , ddfjlgfyf XmWwxpifiW.?iMPj0"1Q4Mff W3 dxf. A N'C,Eg,wf0XM fi? wma W Tr, . 8 fi! AA V.AW Xl! 1f4 i ',-2 1 C 5v" ifg lx f 3 f MD, WJ Sf!!! f 109 ,s Wow A - ' W ' Yr yXc,.f9' w'M JxS'5uI 'fiwf bf 0-,PA dy 6 YYY VW W' Vw W Jw I kv WK Q ofa Zfm,-.o. ' MU, UW. Qgffidiflf 6wffK'E"4f'4' QMMMW n '34-fcvo-vv"'V9 BUQVQWMQ Www W' wwggw, I' FFA Leadership Training School held at the school gymrlth officers and advisors from 20 surround- ing schools attending. Main speaker was Randall Swanson, Safety Engineer at the College of Agri- culture, University of Wisconsin, who talked on the year' s plans for the chapter safety program. Sophomore girls went to Oscar Mayer's and Gard- ner Bakery. What awonderful 10 o'clock pastime. Freshmen became a part of our student body-- "Greenies" turned white, sometimes red. First Basketball game--lost'hoPoynette, S1-h6. Senior play, "Curtain Going Up," a hilarious affair. Funny, Francis Bruns getting romantic with Mary Lois Skaar. Magazine campaign ended with loads of winners: Don Reigel received the radio, Kenny Gilbertson, the fish bowl remains, Mr. Abraham, his teddy bear for advising the seniors who had the greatest per capita sales. One hundred per cent participation and reaching of class goals gave everyone candy bars and apples. Wayne Manthe was the school's high salesman with total sales of 3172.00. Mr. Kmel, an Egyptian speaker, visited our school. He spoke and answered questions about his coun- try. Beat Oregon in a non-conference game, hh-31. Juniors chose their class rings. Thanksgiving vacation with turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie, y-rn-rn-rn-1 Decisively beaten by Waunakee, 66-28. Sun Prairie played here. Enjoyed the all-school dance after the game. Fall Musicals was wonderful again this year. Oregon played here--We lost, 61-hh. 'A . z ff E 3 V gf' if by Z1 gi-6? WM ff , Q Im Q N, if if MW 45 fd 'Lim Nfwfigihsvf , www frenz RSWQQE W J.,,..L.'W.4 JN xmpyy Qgwf Wifi? Qi fb! W ' 1+ -ji Qfkwijggxiw ffm 23? ,L f,fzf3fAQMQyQ?Y2W2 ' Ti 3 fEY3?f 52155 4,, A 44 612 Q 23 November Oh, dear! those little white cards in the little yellow envelopes came out for the first time today. Wonder if Dad will let me go to the home- comingpeprwlly tonight. Sure 'nuff-a wonder- ful rally--snake dance, bonfire, cheering, sing- ing, talks by the whole team and Eddie Fulton, repatriated POW, and John Dittrick, University of Wisconsin football player. Beat Johnson Creek, 7-6. Dance at the gym was a big success-Bob Gest's orchestra--Ruth Ander- son chose Chuck Johnson as king--Court, Carol Manthe and Carroll Mall, Gwen Johnson and Bob Showers, Nona Lee Swalheim and Gordy Thurber. Junior and Senior girls traveled to Madison to attend the annual Career Day conference. No school today while teachers go to Madison to learn about Civil Defense. Spoiled Cambridge's Homecoming, 13-O. Beat new conference entrant, Juneau. Played Poynette in an exhibition game. We won in their first attempt at eleven-man football. Carroll Mell, left end, was elected football captain for '5h. "Beep" Frye, right half back, was selected on the all-conference first team, while Bob Showers, left tackle, Ed Busse, right tackle, and Russ Karol, center, were chosen for the all-conference second team. Teachers traveled to Milwaukee for WEA conven- tion. Oh, happy day--long weekend. PTA Mixer. Parents find out what we have to put up with and vice versus!1!!! Magazine campaign opened today---school goal-- 33,000-individual student goal--8l3.0h. I 1 l a S Z fm . WJ za, www, A WWWQ . ww 564133 ' MWWWGW ""'f"' tl' 3M f W WKNQAT 0 fa- MMM fad VMWL fwdf i3ffmMMwQv We a WM-Mfaf M iwma 'qmiiiff My fqm ww i ,MQW 4 Www Z 7' fm 6114 Af hwy: My ' gigwhfbu wA3?i2 ZlaGQ275?Q, 53222 jf ,Vw 40 .CO lgx as w ?g 3fW?gYpq Umm All iS Q5Zfb My? 47 mf QM W7 if wi? ff W' . .V el C as is , Q 1 I 1 'riff -. Na.: 9.1 C2 , A nr F? CQ March a mm -5' 'lhe band journeyed to Lake Mills to near a com- bined southeastern district band. Tobacco problems discussed and settled at the school gym. "Tweet-Tweet"--dress up day in honor of the annual "Twerp" season dance held after the game with Johnson Creek. Teachers go to SWEA meeting and we enjoy ourselves . Juniors heldabig session and chose Carroll Mell as their Prom King. Juniors named for the Court of Honor were: Gwen Johnson, Ruth Herschleb, Mary Williamson, Jerry Manthe, Donald Bork, and Gordon Thurber. Home Forensic contest brought us two winne rs in each division. Annual Farmers' Institute was held at the school gym and in the evening we gota good start on our three-night freshmen play stance. Finished up our Freshie plays and were we scaredl League Forensic Contest was held at Sun Prairie and we collected lO of the lb A ratings given. "Jubilee" singers entertained us at awell-received all-school assembly program sixth hour. Ruth Herschleb was chosen new office girl, while Nancy Haack will attend Badger Girls' State and Gordy Thurber and Jerry Manthe the Boys' State at Ripon. Seniors' treat, "The Invisible Agent," intrigued the teachers. With eyes in the back of their head, what else do they want? FFA speaking and quartette contest held here and for a day the ratio was g-O-O-dl -llilli N pr v ' JD-QM E4 7fv-WM Q., W W' ff2L'f53-QTE15 MQ MC IHMWIMIZ rg,Rg'4-ffm" '33 J9'47Q"Z 'CMM' 4 1 5' . ffm , Q, x mv" 3255 QQ, N VV KL of . W3 312 pf" ff' Q DVZUM Qfwf'f"Z"f" 'iwwffffwf Z ' 3 M fa, b tkiiwh-N' MWWR' 0+ Emi? QMWW EM WWW JWHWW WMM ' G QR ,M 9 0 Senior Banquet went off with the usual amount of success, directed by Miss Mulvey and Toastmaster Bob Showers, who almost didn't make it A speaker from Japan entranced us today with his stories of his homeland. Band solo and ensemble tourney "Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Bunny Trail." Vacation until Juniors begn draping for the Prom Big night---the Junior Prom. King Carroll "ell and Queen Carol Manthe reigned in spite of "April Showers." Spring musical starred all the winners of the solo tourney. Oh , what fun--band tournament--it should have been on a school day. Groanl Final exams and we near the end Juniors held their picnic at Vilas Park in the afternoon Those teachers certainly play amean game of base ball. Baccalaureate--but we didn't know tmis graduating would bring a lump to our throats Commencement---our motto, "Finished vet begin ning" an apt one. Seniors went to Devil's Lake State Park and we did have such a wonderful time. New alumni honored guests at the annual Alumni Ban quet. Farewell to thee our Alma Mater We'll miss our carefree days with you. We thank you for the big fun-loving, hard-working part you have played in our lives. We'll be back to see you next year 1' ' .Vw as X! .. ,Q i, , Saul all In. J' 'Q-41 f54.M9,e.,f.4f--4,31 7y.,.,,.,.6,. uwjfwwztw , Z 'A WM' ' ' 'airs Mpqlfifzf f2z,,,Ja6-J 'f Q' . Ck CPL? H WWKM Zu WAT 'ww Qf 'ix -6 4 f ff My Q, we . wf,W7ff,Q2,, gf EQ gf WWMM afyjff Zfifjiff 4, w VLMW7 J My W f,.if0ffwf W fix ffffw fb Xl Xl VEB f2'Q3zf1M'f'iWf1'Uf ima ""' ' my ,pfiff N1 W fd-.1"" Z?".,,f'-Q ,,Wm"' 05. if iww. gy Ag P291 1 4:0 I I fm! gvfffwwfffpj, ,A J . 'S N955 My Www 7? Q.f:w"f f 15,27 W MW 'ivy' my 95 . Jgffw , jr., JMWNWZQ 'ff'-nj A :E ""D ik ' CQ-,Q,,,,,x 290 'Va-wma, ,GNL DUT:-vxzvvk. W ok ' -Wwe WON lbwmuwnvg MMM-.N fvmlxzgwkmcm aww-9MZ'7"' MGH ZKMMMWM' QJJHCQSMUC-Gfgzfau W"WMg-, Qww?f?W5WVffM WLM QWXZQKM W ibm ,W ,MU J My ,id Q0 543,-my ' will zwfw- x A022152 Qilwwiigfw ig Q LMQDQ-Kekwxfffw ww my ww gG wKW df? .fx Q QF? 2 4wUff,17j7WiKQfgwy DQR L? of +471 wfj', iMVM1 thy F fyfwupdgwb fgmu VM UPL ff gl, ffgfgluguw-

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