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 - Class of 1953

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Je2UfP""',3fafrvv,d'fv 094 . il lfjJ,f 0 J: xL 1- 97 20611 cz- ca Memoir Published by Class of '53 Union Free High School De Forest, Wisconsin Volume 1V :WMV LD :LNB Q osafwisvog-0. Qui-Mo.ou.4-QUQAQUVVU Wmr3fmKKSS9C19eShfv 2061197 WHO for Kansas, Land that restores when houses choke us, and great books bore us!" KIXNSA semi. Dedication We, the Senior Class of '53 and the members of the Annual Staff, dedicate our nTerrace Memoirsn to Mr. Stalder, our principal, a s a token of our sincere appreciation and grati- tude for his never wavering interest in us and our school. fm SL U,,,v,.u-n 6am.xW,,p,3,,,,,XAok fbwi-Ifawmcxawxl :lg-v-4 ADw9.MJ.h KX'-he SWAN Qzfwluwdz. MQWMAZMMW 'MWWW -ZWD' 'gil ff-41-Ax AAWTLML. 5. maiqw O 20 dison Goodro Stalder--JMa Principal Mission House C,o1'Lege , p..B, Latin Football Coach Grace Platteville Som occ Q Bose English 1, N Library Forensics Play C0acn freshman Advisor Joyce Sailor---Madison Eau C19-1-fe Som QC Q 5 Bos o Mathematics Advisor G011e S0 s 1 -aspsper dvisor Be Junior P- nlin---Vl ind sor sin, B .S 90na1 nsin 1' Scie 'disco B noe M 'Lson at90I1" -X485 01195.11 , B QS 0 Elmer Mchang University of Vliscon Music and Band Fall and Spring Musicals S0pnonore Advisor no im TO U nnwersiti 625131216 Histor? 111 English 111 Cheerleading nsics Tore 3197 06 I 2 F016 BP-- wnwf-' De Y college 1 ' Sam Bodlch---Madi son Wisconsin B.S. BQSGNBT Mount Maggmerclal or gnvlsor University of English Biology 1 tory N epgmual American H s Physical Education Junior Class Advisor or0S'ff was Coggin, e AV! of VH-5 culun. FNB' aw Unwercitlonal P191 F0 L' 110 F ' c uns F8135 classes 'io it Fa len Hae sler---Manson llege, BJ! He Whitewater State Co Commerci al r Adu crane YA Va' sm, ltv Of Mmask , awe Fore'-E 'dlscon at MA. Newspaper Advlso Annual Advisor UQLVGVTS Un'L'1e1'Slg'oYc5-oil Sc-Lef1CiA' Student Conflc Yoreilfsics iso, A61 Jennie Hodgson---De Forest University of Maryland B.S Home Economics tion Senior ClaSS Physical Educa 3061197 5 j'Q Q True friends Bashful Legs Yell, Lois Determined! Innocent Posing Sweet 'n petite Hydrophobia?? Pals Editor Measles Blue-jeans girls Football player Number please Cow girl Caught by surprise Love birds Happy-go-luckies , IW' 2062197 ofnann Bnfba erik' 565 ra W' Sn Ibn QV if QI he on b NJA H J'aOqUe1yn cota wp mm? Sandra lgnd H-Hath, mwegfwf wo- 97 611 20 Lynn Simon Bakke UBuckieN NA Country Gentlemeng Also a Ladies Home Companion.n Football l,2,?,H5 FQFQAQ 1,2,3,i'f'g F.F.A. Treasurer Hg Beverly Julia Ann Copsey NBOVII John Franklin Bell - S N . . Gini b O en i Della Mae Christensen Y NQuiet and simple She goes through school From day to day.N HA J011Y9 3 PGPPYQ ao3g2 3 Bqgsg Chorus 2,3,45 Q qMixe -Chorus 2,3,U5 WJackie ry to argue if You can, 1 eat most any man.' all l,2,3,Wg r Play Q3 9 7 +95 El Q Phyllis Ann bruns XS llmlnie ll nThere's mischief In every d1mple.U Band l,2,3,Mg Girls' Chorus l,2,3,kg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,hg Secretary-Treasurer 3g Annual Editor nChrist N In her wayg Jacquelyn Ann Cota 'Jack1eU Nwith that merry care- A friendly gal, Just the sort you'd Want for a pal.N Band 3 H- Girls' 'chorus l,2,3,'+, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,Hg free air, You can always tell When she is there.n ls' Chorus l,2,3,kg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,Mg l,2,3,l+g , Annual Staff igggiftsgiggctor 339 Student Director 3,4g Forensics l 2 1- Forensics ls Q ssaxgp AQ! Newspaper 2: W UWM ,wfwjg 2061197 Lucille Jane Engeseth WEngerW WHow can I think with Something more Interesting on my mind Senior Play Band l,2,3,h5 Student Director 35 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,H5 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,H5 Red Cross Delegate 35 Annual Staff Clifton KarlnErstad me zaiiiiflitzzgfback When lugging the pigskin FEg:bgling3f3c:i ' 3 ,1+5 efzlfzfbsaizag' up M 13 f Wntaw' Pf My t L B agp? is Walter Eugene C0tt1ngtOn Ilwaltil Wwhat would the Sophmore Girls do without me?N Football l,2,3,k5 Track N5 Basketball 3,h5 Baseball 3, 5 Boys' Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,H5 Band M5 Student Council H5 at F.F.A. vice'PreSident F.F.A. l,2,3,N5 Newspaper 3,H5 .n Donald LaVer rinde- Dlx ll Duke ll nHe likes them short, he Likes them tall, but we Know he likes them all.N Football 2,3,H5Student Council5Track l,2,3,h5 Basketball l,2,3,N5 Baseball N5Band l,2,3,b5 Sandra Vernette Duppen ll II nLead me not into Temptation5 Just show Me where it 1s.W Senior Play5Band l,2,3,k5 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,h5 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h5 Vice-President 25 Newspaper 3,k5 Forensics 25 Student Council 3,M5 Cheerleader l,2,3,h5 Badger Girls State 35 Annual Staff 2061197 s f X Y 9 1 3 3 2 Ruth Ellen Gritzmacker HRuthieU NShe is ever friendly, And has smiles for all.n G M Alvin Myron Gullickson NA1!l WI don't say much, but I do a lot or thinkingn Dorothy Irene Hoepxer nDott1eN nQu1et but noticeable. Newspaper l,2,3,k. Student Councll ki Forenslcs l,2,a,4g Office G1rl 3, 5 School Secretary kg Shlrle Jeanne Ihland Y NSh1rlN NA blush, beautiful, bu Sometimes inconvenient. irls Chorus l,25 ixed Chorus 1,25 Annual Staff W3 J ff N QW? 'n Gerald Kenneth Johnson 'CatusH WI have never seen a Perfect girl, but its fun looking.n Football kg Baseball kg Senior Play t n Helen Faye Johnson IIJOI-ln ll NGood things come in Small packages.n 17Student Director 3 Hg !uBenior Play, Band l,2g Girls' Chorus l,2,3,kg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Forensics lg Majorette l,2,3g Barbara Edith Lang WBobbieH WBoys are bothersome but I like to be bothered.N Senior Play, Band 1,25 Student Director H5 Girls' Chorus l,2,3g Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Student Council lg Forensics lg Editor Mg Newspaper 2,3,Hg 0' 1. H1 gijtyoggchool to , Get t e g neral idea Q, ,Ba Of wings." .4 Football 1,23 oc Annual Staff F.F.A. l,2,3,hg LD Ei 2555 David Wayne Larson llDaveli NSilence is golden.... Boy am I poor.W Boys' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Basketball r 3, Roland Donovan Manthe 'Roll1eU Philip Duane Klema tter-chatter as I go Q "Phil" And I go on forever." UThe grea est comedians ball 2,3,hg Are no teh fo m N ketball l,2,3,hg Track 3' Track l,2,3,l+gBaseball 1,14- PlaygBand 2,3,Mg Senior ay- F.F. 2- ' sf ' Chorus 2,3,1+g Chorus 2,3,hg state 3, t Council 3,k5 9 Forensics l,k, WE Ticket Manager V+, , 'M R FQFQAQ 1,2,3,l+g 2061197 and f ee, Barbara Louise Moses HBarbN NQuiet? You should Know her better.n Band 3,H5 Girls' Chorus 2,3,k5 Mixed Chorus 2,3,h5 Newspaper l,2,35 Forensics 1,2,3,M5 12 3, ' 192937u5 .Sec. 25 Jacqueline Mary Moran llJake ll NLaugh and the world Laughs with you.H Band l,2,3,M5 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,h5 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,H5 Annual Staff Arthur Kenneth Paulman HArtieH WMany great men were bashful youths.n Football 2,35 Senior Play Prom King 35 F.F.A. l,2,3,N5 Eiteen Osmund llmmall NThey say love makes the World go around, catch Me I'm getting d1zzy.H Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Newspaper 3,h5 Annual Staff 41 jig? Marie Olson A' ll-Tan!! 1 U'NIn her studies She is bright, In the future She'll do all right,H ls Chorus l,2,3,N5 t Director 55 Mixed Chorus 2,3,k5 geyspaper 25 Forensics 35 2061197 terson Bonnie Jean NSunshineU nHer mind is here but Heart is elsewhere.N Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Annual Staff X JW V Rzgefuirjbgeder NRCS Ol ' er voicisisdiiz In her' u Outlet forft egiggfe Senior Play, ' d 2,3,Hg Girls' Choru 2 3,hg Mixed Chorus 2, ,Mg Forensics 3,hg Cheerleader 3,kg ' 1 Dorothy Louise Quamme Dot N hough she smiles at many Just for fun, we know There's only a real Smile just for one N Sgzijnt Council 23 A K L . ,, l H4,,,,-1. x?4p4pi-041' Oscar M. Rortvedt, Jr. her nJuniorN ' NBooks never interfere With my education.N "'w.... Marjorie Gelaine Quamme NMargieN NShe's just what she is, what other report? a gal, A pal a rather good sport.n Senior Play Student Director 3,h5 Sandra Rae Shire Nsanil WSo pretty,so young,she,' Won't live long--single.. Senior Play, Band 25 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,hg Newspaper 3,Mg , Forensics l,2,3,hg 2062197 n C Foot Zinn Bar An he Darre Thompson bl! 1 with a be alone when there' you.W 172139u5 Basketball l,2,3,Hg Track 3,Hg Band 1,2,3,Hg Baseball l,2,3,Hg Boys' Chorus l,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,kg Student Council Pres. kg f?W2045 Red Cross Delegate 3, Lxzwwv A4 UUWML' ' dana fiwff C"7'VjW Student Councidnhg AULIWQ QbJ,LN3,!4a1,f E , and heart Gwen May Wernick 'GwenieW NFu11 of fun and mischief Too, doing things she Shou1dn't do.' Band 1,2,3,Hg Student Director Hg Newspaper l 2' Roger Wayne Timm H Ulf School is liberty Give me death.H ketball 1,25 Loey UA1ways willing, cheer- ful, and fr1end1y.W Assistant Editor lp Syleda Mae Zingg llsyl ll WNot too serious, not Too gay. but a real Nice girl.n Newspaper 2,3,Mg Annual Staff fifyg, 197 2062 Alma Mater CLASS MOTTO... ....HQui non proficet, deficitn Cwho does not advance, falls behind? CLASS FLOWER.... ....White Rose CLASS COLOR..........Purp1e and White CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR... ..... President - Duane Esse Vice President - RoseMary Pederson Secretary-Treasurer - Barbara Moses Student Council Representative - Gwen Wernick Advisor - Miss Mulvey l 1 4 A 19, President H , Vice'President 6 l Secretary-Treasurer Advisor 1197 06 2 4 NI GHTT SENIORS lv f' chubby Midthun Off Shoulder ln' ,f F -.., x Wm :ii Tideous wernick Riding High Hoepker 5 Cunning Quamme Baby Doll Zingg Flower Boy Klema The Thinker Gullickson Johnson Snookums Roundy Grinde Ihland My Pal Bathing Beauty Erstad Bakke Sleeping Beauty Bunting Klema Cottington 2061197 Big Bow Sisters Pint Size Posed Christensen Osmundsen Bell Thompson :HN . s W B A.fs. V PQ Ve. ' i .-. 4 f 3 t Ii rJ? r, A U Q. pn . to A W TA fx N- R' B' Petite Creeping A11 Smiles Dimples Bruns Thompson Moses Pederson Big Sister Mischievous Sugar Curly Locks Peterson Olson Mabis Moran 5 q 'wefQL.. fi g. Qztzz ",: E' ' Beware Bubbles Sunning Short Stuff Manthe Cota Shire wbltman Lab 1 Tom Boy Poodle Sober Lgggous Engeseth Duppen Paulman 2062197 Q 1 1 enior Play We'11 always remember them saying: Clara Grey CRosemary Pederson? "Such a performance! So Tragic!" Bert Grey CPn11 Klemal HHe110 Babyln Josie CMargie QuammeD nI've got a schedule I have.n Linda Grey CHe1en Johnson? WI hate you, I despise you.H Susie Jones CLuci11e Engesethl "I just love candy made of chocolate." Mrs. Digberry CBarbara Lang? NMy heart you know.n Ernest Digberry CArt1e Paulmani HYes, mother.H Miranda Gow CSandra DuppenD Wwell, who are you?H Roger Hornblow CJohn Bell! "we're having the worst luck." Dolly Laurel CBarbara Mosesb NIfs mutua1.U Tony Piper CJerry Johnson! nHe1l0 Dekie Weki6.n Lola Lovelace CSandra Shirei WThank you Dah1ing.n Deacon Meridew CRo1and Manthel WHow about a stro11?W 97 20621 ll!!lllilllliflllllllllililillllllll A Broom For The Bride P,:PsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPs Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps 30175 Ps SQIN Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps IQQPQ Ps lik 2 Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps Q PsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPsPs A Farce In Three Acts Friday, November 21, 1952 Director, Miss Schneider II il DI II ll II El II WW 62197 ' 20 First Row: Howard Johnson, Rolland Moran, Sanford Riegstad, Charles Johnson Dick Hons, Bob Christenson, David Mell, George Barmen, Ronald lenjum Second Row: Bruno Mielke, John Moy, Beverly Paske, Theodore Larson, Donald Slotton, Diane Moran, Ronald Williamson, Marvin Yngsdahl, Robert Anderson,Robert Showers,Roger Ellingson,Rachel Ellingson, Third Row: Mrs. Saylor,Alan Mitchell,Lewellyn Falk,Shirley Caldwell, Kathleen Riley, Nancy Bakke,Mary Lois Skaar,Ruth Schuett,Mildred Fuller,Darlene Thiele, Beverly Yngsdahl,Carol Bollig,Ruth Ander- son Fourth Row: Mr. Rodich, Francis Bruns,Sigurd Gulvick, Gerald Nelson, Gilbert Rauls, Edward Busse, Robert Frye Lawrence Kampen, David Homman, David Gullickson, Wayne Manthe, Lois Ellingson Juniors den 01- 9fG5x Treasurer etary 12062197 First Row: Tom Doucette, Dean Midthun, Donald Reigel, Gerald Manthe, Carroll Mell, Gordon Thurber, David Ihland, Dean Hahn, Lawrence- Spahn, Donald Bork, Duane Gest, Dennis Twing. Second Row:Larry Ramlet,Jerry Pribbenow, Douglas Copsey,OrineIDyestad Robert Johnson Kenneth Ripp, Robert Ness, Donald Opperman, Allan Rauls, Harold Lang Rolf Hanson, James Newburg, Telford Anderson. Third Row: Janice Bolllg, Nancy Schultz,Caro1 Diefenthaler, Barbara- Morrison, Janet Larson, Carol Manthe, Kirsten Anderson,Barbara- Kennedy, Agnes Falkenstein,Marie Gasch, Mary Ann Martinson, Dork Vincent. Fourth Row:Mr. McLaughlin Advisor, Mary Williamson, Shirley Christen- son, Ruth Ann Herschleb, Carol Gullickson Catherine Brederson, Linda Busse, Laura Bliefernicht, Beverly Fobarge, Catherine Her- rin, Alice Benzine, Geraldine Koch, Maurene Martinson. Fifth Row: Carol Knudtson, Nancy Haak, Gwen Johnson, Ruth Midthun , Kathryn Kindschi Janice Larson, Audrey P1tcel,Bel1nda Moran,Char- lotte Guitzkow Eleanor Lockman, Audrey Tappendorf, Doris McFar- lane, Marlene scnunz, Pat Hall, I J WT !!! v Vi P id President ce res ent Secretary-Treasurer ophomore 62197 ' 20 FirstRow: Miss Schneider-advisor, K.Me11,I1.Paske,.I.Savoy,R. Smith, - E. Thiele, D. Their, R. Wendt, S. Wendt, J. Williamson Second Row: D. Haupt, J. Helgeson, B. Hoffland, B. Johnson, R. Karow, D. Klema, D. Knudtson, R. Lange, E. Larson, L. Larson, L. Manthe, B. Mayers Third Row: S. Egstad , D. Erickson, E. Erstad , D. Falkenstein, B. Felland , L. Grinde, A. Gulvick, J. Gulvick, A. Haack, K. Hamre, L. Hanson, N. Hanson Fourth Row: M. Anderson, N. Anderson, R. Anderson, D. Aspnes, B: Beck, J. Beflda. H. Bortz, J. Boyd , F. Bringe, D. Caldwell, W. Cota, R. Daentl Freshmen e'0 e -pres 6 05x , vw so ident secretary-Treasurer 2061197 INITIATION Ladies Man Oh For Durante's Nose Very Unsanitary! Dolled Up! Wind ' y. Johnny Rae Mr. Chairman! Style Show Silly Sophmoresl? Big Mess! 63197 211 IRIESHIWEN IPILAYS HERBIE AND THE MUMPS A DATE FOB BOBBY sox Coach: Gwen Wernick C h, Kath 1 He 1 Rolland Anderson Caine williigsgg rr n JoAnn Gulvick James Savoy Eleanor Thiele Dorothy Haupt Dorothy Bette Johnson Richard Wendt Ronnie Daentl Ronnie Daentl TH ROUND-UP OF MINNIE CUSTER'S LAST SIT Coach: Laura Bliefernicht Coach: Jerry Johnson Donald Erickson Sharron Egstad Wayne England Dorothy Klema Ernest Larson Bette Johnson Russell Karow James Boyd James Boyd Norma Anderson Dorothy Klema Adeline Gulvick Lou Ann Grinde Bill Cota 3197 206 oH, nocron Coach: Rosemary Pederson Ronald Smith Mary Anderson Nancy Lapp Harold Bortz Rudy Lang Doris Falkenstein George Grinde I I ,. i 'M 1 WILBUR SAW IT FIRST Coach: Jackie Cote Ronald Ellingson George Grinde Jean Helgeson Eleanor Thiele Errol Erstad Sharon Wendt Richard Wendt TUB TROUBLE Coach: Barbara Moses Ken Moll Beverly Felland Dorothy Caldwell Bernard Mayr Beverly Hoffland Beverly Beck James Belda Karleton Hamre THE PAMPERED DARLING Coach: Nancy Haack Rose Paskey Lois Larson Nancy Hanson Dwain Thier David Aspnes Lou Ann Grinde Florence Bringe Lavonne Hanson Albert Haack David Khudtson Larry Manthe g 2063197 Quartet of smiles Keeping cool Miss Haesler, incognito Man about school Chums Bit by the love bug Hi, there 3 is s L A monkey? Long and short of it Expert! Shall we dance? U-rah-rah We gotta win! Cousins Catch! Vocal menagerie Cuddle up Buffalo by the tail 5- Student Body President Studefld' COUNUI Cfti26l'lShiP --Ronald smith SOR' " A' "" Awards Junior--Mary Lois Skaar Senior--Phyllis Bruns t e t t I I 2063197 Honors Barbara Moses DAR AWARD Rolland Manthe Sandra Duppen D'1"'e11 Thompson BADGER GIRLS STATE BADGER BOYS STATE Dorothy Hoepker Holland Manthe OFFICE GIRL TICKET MANAGER JUNIOR RED CROSS iss Lucille Engeseth Howard Johnson MW 62197 ' 20 indent Council First Row: Sandra Duppen,Shirley Caldwell,Darrel1 Thompson,Presidentg Dorothy Hoepker, and Duane Esse. Second Row: Walter Cottington, Gwen Wernick, James Savoy, Miss Mulvey, Advisor, David Homman, Gwen Johnson, and Rolland Manthe. OFFICERS President.............Darrell Thompson Vice-President. .... ..Wa1ter Cottington Secretary ...... ....Shirley Caldwell Treasurer ..... ...Dorothy Hoepker Advisor ........... .......Miss Mulvey The Student Council of 1952-53 consisted of a representative from the newspaper staff, music department, athletic-department, F.F.A. and each class. The school treasurer and ticket manager were also members. Darrell Thompson who was electedtnrthe student body acted as president of this group. The Student Council this year sponsored the second annual Football Homecoming,a Christmas Party anda highly successful Magazine Campaign. They probably are most proud of having been able to purchase a nsupern movie projector for class use. Each year the Student Council chooses a member from each class to receive a good citizenship award. This year we also sponsored a pro- gram of having a foreign speakereachumuwh during the second semester. new wil? W . V vii X X iQ b m v "4' 2 2-'i' ia x K, W, mm EMQVW X . xii Q x w Q ' W . 1,.. V. :., ,i fb 4 f ,X .QA N K ASX - 17 f , f. KS 1 S 1 1:25, 'W 'W 9? if' fa x ' Qs .QQ-wwf W , Q 4 W 'W X . I :m?Q,,.,:ea , -1- , .. WW A W My W X , 4 , A., ' WWYX . .. w we 2062197 INET OBOE CGRONETS PERCUSSION Yvonne Midthun Jane Williamson Gwen Wernick Walter Cottington Jackie Cota Sharon Egstad Ruth Anderson Sandra DUPDGD TENOR SAXOPHONE Barbara Moses Robert Johnson Lucille Engeseth Shirley Caldwell Dorothy Caldwell Donald Grinde Phyllis Bruns Darla Thier Jerry Ellingson Belinda Moran LOTSUB Egstad Kenneth Mell Katherine Herrin Janet Larson Donald Reigel Sally Sorenson Jackie Moran ALTO SAXOPHONE Alan Thorson TYMPANI Barbara Nelson Nancy Bakke RoseMary Pederson Lou Ann Grinde Dean Midthun TROMBONES Beverly Copsey Francis Harvey Holland Manthe IMBA, BELLS Bette Johnson Kathyrn Kindschi MaTY ADGGTSOH Nancy Harvey BARITONE SAXOPHONE Betty Wheeler Laura Bliefernicht Rachaa1 Ellingson Kenneth Krueger BASSOON Audrie Pitcel Darrell Thompson Gary Bray BASS CLARINET TUBAS Florence Bringe Barbara Morrison Duane Ease Larry Manthe TES HGRNS David Aspnes DIRECTGR Luanne Rublee Kathleen Riley Mr. McLaughlin Yvonne Egstad Diane Moran BARITONE George Grinde Ruth Anderson Charl-98 JOHNSON LIBRARIAN Beverly Hoffland Gwen Johnson Mary Williamson Carol Diefenthaler 5 S E m 2063197 na ey flee la on, McFar r-1 F-1 -f-4 ,Cf U2 o Ui F-a m 'U Q 4 m mrnj m p H :wo :gm Q-cgi.. Q c mteo hah w neun O20 ne w mums 204 DZ " KU Q as wrep m+1o Cr4Z 073 +J: U10 Haan n m stan ocac O F40- -HKD ,C:.c:,Q U3-PM CI b-.CUM WZ u-I CU F-4 G25 ECU 'WUCO C2 o Ulr-I scum msln -HCUO nw .H 1-U 3:19 0.2 bun ns:Q mm - 2Of-4 Hr-4 cv rst Row: Helen Caldw Fi bm co- ar JanetLarson, , Phyllis Bruns, oses, Alice Benzine. CUCU ,M-I-7 CDO .ner 'rl CU CLS n D438 5.0,-1 F-4.253 CU 2,-'N -H6350 .Cf-tg .43 xuxjj O Clmf-1 bn-50 F-4 P .-C358 'pro va 93.-.C OO -22:8 C-'DS ms o c o m OID.--I 2530 mils -r-I Hgzg S15 N 3a:'1 v -c 5358 '1.x n ASS ll E BEFQ m C11 m zzz c o 32 'Ur-I C--4 C000 GJD!! 450' pr-ICI as F-4 ,A has :AE mf-4 9.0 CUOCQ F-:O ro 0- cttw-4 mu-IQ! UJS-40 0-P bw-A gn. 0 .S 'CU-H CD dwell, bs -2 :sw Lao 9 md! b-,-u-4 .Cf-1 '- +95-15-4 2533 O N QCUH C521-H 4-713 Q Qslw 9 r e rector. :Sm C - , QSCIQIC 5 -EUS .Cf-I-7 .C -PS 'NJ 00515 S-e'r'4 UCU OC.'r-40-1 CI f-1'1" 0 'QUCXZII 9-4 CIOC 0 O-H03-1 :nv-NDI! Clallr-I rd Row: Gwe h Duppen, L Engeseth, h Bette Johnson, J3S'J c Q22 E .3 L in :l L. GD .IB G.J .,,, M, 1 a " . N 1 , -N u -ww! I 'x 1 Wzmh .. 1 J WM Pfnez' ,z'H-,y- ' ' lx . ,ww ,, mx- ' w, . X H .' .35 1 ' . ,rw U ' Y I1 " , H Am- - - 1 ' mir- A. . f ' H - ff , ,mp ' 1' Y' ' 1 :qi - W ff ' A V- 'M 1 'UH Q "1mfW ' rw ' .ui , .M . ,, , wg -ma, M' 2062197 First Row: James Belda, David Aspnes, Larry Manthe, David Homman, Darrell Thompson, Mr. McLaughlin, Director, Richard Wendt,Karl Hamre, Roland Manthe, Donald Reigel. Second Row: Carroll Mell, Gordon Thurber, Walter Cott1ngton,Sruron Egstad, James Savoy, John Bell, Alan Rauls, David Gullickson, Gilbert Rauls. Bows' Chorus Last year at Middleton the Band rated First in Class A sightzemi ing and Second in Class A Concert. The Girls Chorus and Mixed Chorus rated first in Class B. The fall musicale took place on December ninth. The featured numbers were, HHymn to the Sunn and HFun1cule, Funiculau by the band and HThis is my Countryn by the chorus. The Spring concert tookgnace on May eighth. The featured numbers were HUniversal Judgmentn by the Band and HSoon Ah will Be Donen by the Chorus. This year the tournament was held in Sun Prairie. There were sixty-five solo and ensemble entries for March twenty. The Band en- tered in Class A the Mixed Chorus and Boys Chorus in Class B and the Girls Chorus in Class A. Our Student Council Representative is Walter Cottington. Mr. Mc Laughlin is the Director of the Band And Choruses. A 2063197 District Winners-- Mary Anderson, Mary Lois Skaar, Nancy Haack League Winners-- Mary Anderson, Nancy Haack, Sandra Shire, Mary Lois Skaar Dennis Twing, Allen Rauls Representatives in League Contest Humorous Declamatory Mary Ann Martinson Original Orations Betty Wheeler Extemporaneous Speaking Nancy Haack Dennis Twing Sandra Shire Serious Declamatory Dorothy Caldwell Shirley Caldwell Non-Original Orations Dorothy Haupt Extemporaneous Reading Allen Rauls Mary Anderson Barbara Kennedy Four Minute Speaking RoseMary Pederson Mary Lois Skaar Luanne Rublee -4 W x 'rr ff .ev 1 3197 206 as Aariculture First Row: Mr. Abraham, W.Manthe, W.Cottington, A. Paulman, C.Erstad, I-le Bakkee Secon Row: T. Anderson, L. Manthe, J. Belda, R. Manthe, D. Their, B. Meyer R. Daentl, R. Christensen, K. Hamre. nm-a Row: n.6ppe1-man, n.Ten3um, 19.14.11 K. mpp, c. Moll, c.Thu1-ber, L. Kampen, E. Mabis, O. Rortvedt, D. Grinde. Fourth Row! G. Manthe, D. Hahn, D. Ihland, R. Ness, 0. Ulvestad, L. Spahn, D. Homman, R. Karow, A. Boyd, W. Bortz. The Future Farmers of America is a National Organization for boys enrolledin vocational agriculture. The primary aim ofthe organization is the development of agricultural leadership,co-operation, and citi- zenship. F The De Forest Chapter sponsored an educational trip to the Allis- Chalmers Manufacturing Plant at Milwaukee. The Chapter was active in the district quartetteand speaking contest. The quartette will repre- sent the district in the sectional contest. The parent and son night is a great attraction each year when all the awards are given out. The following ooys were Award Winners for 1953: Arthur Paulman, Earl Mabis, Lynn Bakke, Walter Cottington, Donald Grinde, Roland Manthe, Ronald Tenjum, Lawrence Kampen Wayne Manthe, David Homman, David Men, 01-me Illvestad Kenneth Ripp Robert Ness,amlGordon Thurber. The Chap- ter farmer Awards went to Roland Manthe and Wayne Manthe. Kenneth Ripp received the Outstanding Greenhand Award. WM 10 Q6 yvnfmo Www pri. ' ,J WW V' Kiwi, f0'Qy9?ij-IL 1 W WKFMSQZQ wffqiffffyb M W W ,MX www W W , 2197 206 First Row: D. Erickson, S. Egstad, E.Erstad, D. Bork R. Anderson C. Hamre, J. Savoy, A. Haak, D. Midthun, L. Manthe. Second Row: Mr. Sargeant, R. Karow, D. Hons, G. Nelson G. Rauls O. Olvestad R. Hanson, L. Falk, G. Thurber, C. Mell, D.Hhhn D. Ihland. 6. Mmthe Third Row: Mr. Rodich, C. Johnson, B. Frye, R. Manthe, D. Esse W. Cottington, J. Johnson, D. Thompson, L. Bakke, C. Erstad E. Busse, B. Showers, D. Lang, Mr. Stalder Football s" s-. 4 72- N De Forest 6... . . . . . .Sauk City 6 S. , fly, De Forest 2'-1-. . . . . . . .Waterloo 13 - - .q fffqsgirtb De Forest 1'-I-. . . . . . . .Oregon 13 25? f -Th De 19...... ggsun 6 :JT , ' De Forest 2O........Johnson Creek 33 1 - De Forest lk. . . . . . . .Cambridge 13 X De Forest 7........Prairie du Sac 6 .Ez'Xg1 De Forest '+O........Verona 6 Q VJ-A De Forest 25. . . . . . . .Waunakee 6 Q - 'NL l .'ZfUfz2f.4rff'43 ,, fl., ki, Ng Y 2? 75045 5 zzz? X553 C' fwxjiiwggffv ik Sw 9iijg5K,Qkjy fD ffmif- fix Nth EZIPWQZQW f iiwflfff My My WW fQ24,yM ii CQCQMf"iX4y MSM P' ffff4ff!'Y 7' x ID' - 6 b !lt2',6':'7 6W xii? if D16 , MM .rJV"v 9 2,551 ,fdwfwmw X Kiki? fwwwzfaaufuvwdvfevef , - M84 5-4-w"7-w. XXX-K MMM' 7f"if""wW""f' ffm . 'ff .W 'f fg ,a fs X JT P Fxxxiuiy gh N ww QW IW, VM, LM :fu WM A MMM ' V' X44 'avdzizge ',,,3,, 4 ,Rei w,TMMLAW cm .ri . 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X B-Team Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Basketball Forest Forest De Forest De Forest De Forest De Forest De Forest De Forest De Forest De Forest 22 M2 De Forest 45 49 Z3 Mk 47 Waunakee 22 Verona 25 Marshall 25 Cambridge 36 Prairie du Sac 23 Sun Prairie ho A Team Waunakee 57 oregon 38 Verona 56 waunakee HH Marshall 60 Cambridge 76 Prairie du Sac Deerfield 62 Waterloo 71 Sun Prairie 73 Barneveld 55 flaigi vs FN' -TI PMT qireqqsb NT A 'Y l.'- 4? W! 4-', . I f In 'X jx N M , if U ?,J.0!WAjQp42f swflggff W, Q 3 K JMMNMM +3 WW if My QQQQZQMQWQJWQJWQ Q5 WVKPW' gmfwfa' 55350 nofwd' 5 AJZ0 iwiazfii Q1,N:'Q7w W' W2 , f 'J Ja ,Www Uewwgmgw jggg, Zggwwwem ?3' v7 3 mmf., ff' wg, wg 365523 Ky my x. Ji' .Q S? 3 iv. K . ig? M1 f ' f l Q35 1- 5 MM J " Q be G7 1-4 CQ lg so N First Row: Gene Gerke, Allen Rauls,David Ihland, Gerald Manthe, Orine Ulvestad, Allen Boyd, Rolf Hanson, Gordie Thurber. Second Row: Bob Anderson, Kenneth Ripp, Donald Bork, Lewellyn Falk, Eddie Busse, Gilbert Rauls, Don Hoepker, Bill Showers. Third Row: Mr. Maas, Bob Frye, Ronald Williamson Dick Williamson, Duane Sigurslid, Dick Haack, Don Lapp, Walter Gottington, Darrell Thompson, Bob Showers. 5 . r E ' ASQ d Ar 0 . 0-.. ' Q , Forest Poynette 6 In fig'-A g' ,, Forest Verona 2 K 'rv S' 'wa' 7 4 Forest Sun Prairie 5 2 . 'Qi if X h r 81 ZA E Forest Middleton 9 'Par '. , ,:f'N"'. r f, v Forest Oregon 2 V Forest Poynette '7 wi' M,Wjy ff ' Wig - MH, W jj f ,MJ A if by ' -,wff "2f"j"""f MIM! jpwffym fgflfv- 1? ij W .,wj,iU+ Aw 1 iiljifyyff 1 2 W ' Aww, wi'?f'1f'1fWy mfwyfwjww M +L! VM , 05 M wfw , oi W gr' ,Z- W nu wwf ' 'qlfi-Q4 MMQAWL 3 ix Sffavffmw Nwl?f7jjjZj.g,Q, ffOff'7WVf2L7W ?fMj" My ii? Aijjwwwf Many W MQW W-wwf A 'SLM jxrjdwgxi .Lim WWW' 'Q44-F"-ive-60' First Row: Lawrence Spahn, Marvin Yngsdahl, Roland Manthe, Lewellyn Falk. Second Row: Clifton Erstad. Carroll Mell. Gordon Thurber, Mr. Mass. Third ROW? WHYYIG Harlthe Phlllp lxlema, Paul wernick, Bob Frye, Duane sigursna, Richard mack, Quarter Mile Track -----------Wayne Manthe, Lawrence Spahn, Marvin Yngsdahl, Lewie Falk Low Hurdles ------------ Phil Klema, Clifton Erstad Discus ------ Shot Put---- Pole Vault-- Broad Jump-- Half Mile--- High Jump--- Relay ------- -----------Paul Wernick, Bob Frye K -----------Paul Wernick, Bob Frye -----------Duane Sigurslid Duane Sigurslid, Richard Haack -----------Clifton Erstad, Duane Esse - --------- Carroll Mell, Gordon Thurber Lawrence Spahn, Marvin Yngsdahl, Wayne Manthe, Lewie Falk MJQyM3jWQWfkQyy gwffifffy x ff,LJMgpfpfQwn!Y if N! ?w?0 gQ??qgR bw. VJ Wffwvwwaixy WWWW FWL15' ' Jwffffwww W My fffvpffafwfffj M f?mmg'fWW V9fjyMM'!9W1.Jk J 4, Qf,,,m,! JE MQW, ggi? f ff 44Laf,ff:fl14-y.aa241.r ' -V mwah H Pfffiiifgx, A WW 234319 pw as yvbpffg, I '-ff-rc! 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GJ IV ' -f14fyiv'i?,,Q4 wr , ju O YL- Q, "f"4'Cfvg9l' V 6fEZ-Lf, '- Qj! ZF, Q L: N- A "' V -'Y Y f rw 53, , -. 16 k diy w- .,C'1aV.L'J ' Zn ld yu-if 1,,,,,,,fi 0 t ji , K, " ,W H , f V ,L-0 Vg P ,jjj E X ' 41 ff 7 E 'fr wg Wg! l7!lVLj,A,7f fr fl W . I wif, " ' ,,ff' 'f kg fjffffj ' 4gf..ff-A X27 L, M!! ,4 ffm- A I 5 ,ff , H I A K l,f,4f' 5 F Aujfjf LfffL., 1 11f' 'V ,ff Q',g,f Wii'. " 9? - 1 MLJVJZXFQ A 4 , If .- , ,ff ,ff ' - r V,- 4 ,f . ' f' I ,--J I ,Alf ,- f . ,J ' ,," ,fm ' fi ,af V, A ' 1 ,f I 'fr' f 1 137,112 Ad I Mfji, yff in "dpi if J! L ,f'g L1 ,1 1' "" A 74 df N f ff fa f lu! fl 1' www'

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