Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY)

 - Class of 1974

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Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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' x "ln , THESA UR USI974 UNION-ENDICOTTHIGHSCHOOL 1200 EASTMAIN STREET ENDICOTT, NEW YORK VOL UME28 1 WWA i? ,' 1 Table 0fC0ntents Z Index fa? N , 5, X V. 1 I , . S I f4gV nal' 19915459 Alfa AHPZW Actzvztzes filfv 'l?.sfffsl'f'.r'i,dE'f.3I"" V A thlelzcv S enzors fm? at w.cm"I25u0fi9f6P J unlors lnff ,Www 3.1-P"'1v""" fs.w1'!"" S ophomores fvfiifllf JN .im Faculty X L . 1' , b , . I' I . A :V ' lfwffffz ' 'f1'Azffa.f4..- Q L'...1r' 1 ff" , 3" -17-1.2543 I 2 ff' v K ........132 I 1'-' ' -"af" A "W m f-1,- .-1 , .1 ,- H. 4 :air ,Q -, . :J 'Af' k 61.15 ' , ' .. . . J, 6 I . f- 4 fd? ',,'-19, ,mf-f ' ' 1,:f'f-N .. D . . 48 ,-ig:-1 J: ex - A . f1,,. , l g fjifgfu "', P- " A., img At. in. , . ff . H34 ' Q fc . my -19 ' '-Qfu V 1' K. , w .M 4 ,H -1 , 1 x- ,I - W , xg' Hb' , ,xg v 1 N 1. ,ww 3 N, vpn! M' T, w .Vs , FMA ' '- 'min . ' Q 'J V x W- gmmrwff , : v , '-, r' A X . ' nr if .1 v 'ary v , .- -P. NF' tir le Y . xr f. ," W-mg Q ' ' '. ' . H- ' . 'JM . 4' 3 V "' , ' --4 ' " 'iff'-4 f '- 4' 'j 5 M ' I. fb f ' . ' f' W ii' It "' 1 "5 '. N' ' x ' : ' - 'ufv - , W " . - , . M ,A .' ' s ' ,. ' . q ,V , , - , V ' . H . K -Q u -1, .V ..,' ." , , ,QL ' H .4 f - ' ' A 'M 1, y . ' . 11 'vw' - -- 'KY aj' .- A .- ' , ' r - I X If ,A X ul 'Yu V' , ,' I .lf-.Qu 1 k-it .t ' L ' . ' 'J' Q " r' X "P ' ' ' ' -'K . am A., , rl . - ,' -N . A .rm A , .- - ij-'I' V. . - ' " A 1 1 :-' , ' gd, ' f.-.9 - '1. ' ' Q V-Tf "- -r ,fw 4 f ', " - I ' ' - W .4 . - . , 1. v , 1 aw Q L -1 ' , .. . ' . A-f 'X 1 ww- - . . '. UQ.: DD k yfgo, 1. . -4 . Q px. :r...,, -.- if - Q Ku,-x .-,q, 'V J 0 N -fffggiydsf 4' ' f 'Of .QQ- ,g"' , "ffl v' 'Qu' ." -f- 5? 0 I ' Y 'A 4-Y., xi? 90 1,2 - XAJQAEU ..' A , A ' c .. - -' - ' A 6, . 1,5 , 16, 1,5 ,,1 HZ, ' . A ,a L , IQ: 3 ,A , . Q N1 v , ,. . - " f . . -X 'fr , -. -- 'lin' ' If ' 4 A E ' 4 1-. si.. 'Q 'iqir fc ' Lf- -. - - 1".'-'J Q5' .', , n' " " ".: V' ' Q, He- 476 - " 4' -X, ,W . ' I 4 L." 5 kqwum I- lx. v I - . '.' 'W 4, .-fu"L ,.: . .' ' .AI "ful ' rv' , A I v f, , A .Q f ., , . x , ' V ' . - I I V ... Q . X-.5 lux wx - .. M -.5 A..' V N 1' ag x' , f. w 15- ,s if I 15 -'vjrl ' g .V . . Q xr x I 1 riff: K . .1 Vg. 1 ' L S, , ,... . - 'H' f, . .J . .-, - s,X X. 4 ' ' -.yi Q1 6 1 ' ?.L":'f' -1 fsbi x 5' X A R ., ,f .v-"SQ, .1 v L. " -, g ,ua x- 'f I ' -' ,fx r -'L wtf. ,Y-uw q ,,wL,,. A ,mf f - rw - ,V rw W 5 u V' -X -, .15 we-.su " V , ,, ' h f' rw - Q54 W - .N ' , ,,' ' , A 'Ll f' 1,1 , ' 'AQ-.N ' H ,, H ' I , W 1, ,, W , P xv . ' x H - 1 . A" iwi' fl W M Y, N- Jes' cMf',nHIm ,5".: ' - L 9 , , ' '. ' .J 'Q' L ?" 1' ' .ww 1 - H+ , B ,af A ,M X 'Q , , ,. -.wr . ," . , f .. X ,fx wifff'HT: wQ' NF W 1- ,V ' ' I ' . -H V r 4" e ,-, W x 4 W U , , , "1 F f , 1' PA , ,,,gm,w5---- ' ""' H My 1 at M . A , pw V - . W: ,N , , '1Aw'11w'.f: ,n,A'?',,V,-N,Jm Y A P 1.4. ,W A .fa .LW,,.. ,Q , Q- .N ,.n , , ,x ,W rn . f v4 --F11 :fm ,sf . -'-' U ggi..-' ' 1' 'S " jf- .: 'U 1 ..,,'y4f,3"yg.r' 'A 'iq an U f' J""t:++f':"yYi Wai-1' M ' kgs mx uv.-'H wr'. l.E",, L 'z' ff . I v ,try 1 gy, , ,A .,. uf, , 9-ara W IME One phase oflzfe completed With the end of a most memorable phase of life comes the beginning of an- other. We have established basic ideas, philosophies, outlooks on life. Now, as we build upon these fundamentals we must take on a task far exceeding many others we will ever perform during our lifetime. lt is our duty to carry this knowledge on to the future, walking in stride all paths of a so carefully erected democracy and moving on in that so un- known direction, the great enigma of "time. " 4 Norma Padula, Editor i TQTW another begun . . . T l X , ,KW ,f' ,,,, , 4"+--A-gg ..T., , ,. Nl VVV. , ,,.,,, , ., , , , QQ4- ' m 'L,A . P We have spent the majority of our lifetime learning and now We must teach. just as our knowledge was passed clown to us, We too will pass it on to others, as it grows richer and richer while the years progress 5 The present will soon be past Friends are like flowers. They can brighten up even the dull- est of days. Rick them careful Be gentle with them--help them grow. Remember, though, that once a flower dies, you'll never find another exactly like it .EW K Q 6 ly, for there are many to choose from. K ,..,.-- t at " rf saw and thefuture will be ours. The future will soon fail into the hands of our generation. Let's make the best of it, for we are the ones who will lead the World. Granted, it is a great task, but one can find happiness in anything ...... only if he looks for it. If Lzfe isfull of changes "Change" has been the Word at U. E. this year as the 358. 8 million renovation was put into full swing. The familiar scenes of contrasting old and new set the pace for the school year. 8 i -ua. Assistant Superintendent of Business, Mr Powell. will .,.7qf' pf 3 john qdaw Administrative Intern, Mr. Gerard Smith. i v j , a f W 3 Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Mr. Martin Bortnick. Assistant Principal, Mr. George Cardone. Aa'mz'nistrali0rz adopts cz new schedule at the high school. Superintendent of Schools, Dr. William Zimmerman. Principal, Mr. Vito Popelka. W 3 .nno'l""""' Administrative Assistant, Mr. Eugene Clayton. Director of Personnel, Mr. Richard Thomas Art Department strives for perfection. Mrs. Bryden attended Mansfield S. T. C., Syracuse University, Buffalo State, and Har- pur College. Perfecting one's artwork to his own satisfac- tion takes much concentration on the artist's part. 14 Accuracy and preciseness are both displayed by this student as she works to complete afproject. l l Mi: - .1,-,,.xs-ati-New Mrs. Takach graduated from I-larpur College. usiness Department stresses speed and effcteney Mrs. Lewis, speaking to Mr. Rose Qyearbook advisory, grad- uated from Bloomsburg State College. Mr. Strauss received his degree from Harpur College 1 1,1 Mrs. Dupkanick received her B. S. degree from Wilkes College, graduating from Blooms- burg State with her master's. Mr. Dupkanick completed his studies at Blooms- burg State College, where he received his B. S, 8 M. S. usiness Department Mrs. White received herB. S. degree hom S. U. N. Y. Buffalo. Mrs. Resciniti's alma mater is Albany State College. 19Heiz' Mrs. Moorhead did her undergraduate work at Indiana State MT- Meffiam Was granted his degree ffoms- U-N-Y- College. Albany'- 16 English Department offers 30 dzfferent courses. Mrs. Manker attended Kansas State College and SUNY Miss Chaffee graduated from Syracuse University Binghamton. and Middlebury College. Mr. Bottino received his M.A. from Albany S. T.C and is working on his PHD at Syracuse. fl! Mr. Pall-ca obtained his B.A. and M. S. degrees from Scranton Universtiy. 17 -' 1- ,. 1 English Department. Mr. Toton attended the University of Scranton for undergraduate and graduate work in English. Mr. Anechiarico majored in humanities at SUNY Bing- hamton and in English Literature at SUNY Cortland. 8 Mrs. Beechler attended Butler University in Indiana and SUNY Binghamton. lang x T 1 Political science and English were Mr. Lippman's majors at SUNY Binghamton and N. Y. U. Miss Holdrege attended Auburn C, C. , Roberts Wesleyan College, where she received her BA deg-ree, and SUNY Cortland. Mr. Evans did undergraduate work in sociology at Kings College and his graduate work in English at SUNY Cortland. 19 Mr. Fiorenza began at Bloomsburg State College English Department S, ii- Ai 'W and then continued his education in readin edu- 3 cation at SUNY Albany. Miss Kozik attended SUNY Binghamton for her grad- uate and undergraduate work in English. 20 A K i Wm, Majoring in Secondary English and journalism, IvIr.D0n- atelli is an alumnus of SUNY Cortland and SUNY Binghamton. uidanee Department assists students Mr. Rose obtained his BA at SUNY Binghamton and his Mr. Cowan went first to Allegheny College and then MS at SUNY Albany. to St. Bonventre. f wxwwxxy 1 5 ,t V - ,t S l ff ,Q4I,,, I4 J ,f x f,'1C-+ Miss Griffith received her BS and MS degrees from Oklahoma State UniVerSify - ls. A ' 22 Mr. Helt majored in accounting at Bloomsburg State College and obtained his MS in guidance from Oneonta State. Completing his undergraduate work in bio- logy at Mansfield S. T. C., Mr. Mitten then went to Oneonta for his graduate work. 'fi i wwe, Z Mr. Franklin a teacher of Special Education, at- tended ten different colleges, a few being Lafayette, SUNY Cortland, and Penn State. 23 Health Department Mr. Nicosia majored in health and physical education at Public health nursing was Mrs. Rutl-cowski's major SUNY Brockport and did his graduate work at SUNY Buffalo at Columbia University before she received her MA and SUNY Cortland. degree from the University of Chicago. x, ""' I' if a i 1 58 W ,F K ,ff ,J i S Mr. Teeter was granted Mrs. Weymouth, school nurse, grad- Mrs. Panicek, who attended Wilson Hos- his BS degree from SUNY uated from the University of Rochester Pital Scheel Of Nursing and BFOOITIG COIN- Brockport. School of Nursing and SUNY Binghamton. munity College, is a School nurse. 24 -...M History Department Miss Coccetti, a world history teacher, obtained her degree from Albany State. ' 21 l B ig, P! Mr. Carpenter is an alumnus of SUNY Binghamton. - M. Mr. Harvey studied at SUNY Albany for both his under- graduate and graduate work. k , , Besides majoring inhistory at SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Cortland, and Cornell, Mr. Everts majored in physics at Syracuse University. 25 Mr. Lichstein attended SUNY Binghamton for both his grad- uate and undergraduate work. Mrs. Miliz, an alumnus of SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Albany, maj ored in social studies at both. 26 Mr. Sudick Mr. WiLson's graduate work was in the field of Russ- ian History at Syracuse University and guidance at Oneonta, where he received his MS degree. My-Wg awas- Mr. Archer attended Siena College and SUNY Albany for Mr. Barno attended SUNY Albany, SUNY Binghamton, his studies in social studies. and Syracuse University. jfffflf W A graduate of Niagara University and SUNY Cortland, Mr. Tarricone majored in history and education. Not Pictured: Nh.. Kennedy 27 Home Economics Department. Ivlrs. Vartuli attended SUC at Plattsburg and Syra- SUC at Oneonta, Cornell, and Syracuse were the schools cuse University for undergraduate and graduate Mrs. James attended for her studies in home economics work in home economics. education. Mrs. Dunham went to Mansfield STC, SUNY Binghamton, and Ithaca College for her studies in home economics. 28 Industrial Arts Department. Mr. Vergona attended SUNY Oswego and Mr. Goodwin received both his BS SUNY Cortland, majoring in industrial arts and MS degrees in industrial arts and administration . from Oswego State . SUNY Buffalo was where Mr. Holmes did both his graduate and undergraduate work. Mr. Iemison completed his graduate studies at SUNY Buffalo. Mr. Caveney is an alumnus of SUNY Oswego. 29 Graduating from SUNY Geneseo and still attending Harpur College, Miss Carabino is majoring in Spanish Mr. Zonio studied French at Albany S. T. C. and Spa- nish at Syracuse University. Sprawl .......la Mrs. Dodson attended Hartwick College for un- dergraduate work in French and German and SUNY Binghamton for her graduate work in French. An international relations major, Mr. Vitale attended Harpur College and American University. 31 Mrs. Tellep--Library Secretary. Library Personnel. Mrs . Little--Librarian 'f 9 jf rf qgf 0 2 7 ? 4 5? ' 54' I .3 f g 5 I c Q 1' z , e, ff I 3 Z' 4 -4181. 21.1 ,,.-'iv P xx ,yx rx QR 'X A, pw. 1 x xx N5 aww' V444 r 1 ww Mfg -,.,,., P ' ' ' f ' ff' A mf rMfff...f , , ,V ,,.,, , f'1L.-MW 'XA' MW,-W ' ' , , Mrs. Gale--Senior Library Clerk . Curtis--Semor L1brary Clerk. Nw R 'im 'VNV xiflfflff - My-Xp f I MMT, fi! U - - S . Gr1ff1th--L1brar1an. Mrs. At eMalh Department. A graduate of St. Lawrence University, Mr. Goodnow Mathematics was Miss Hudak's major when she attended majored in education. Marywood College in Scranton, Pennsylvania. N Miss Fiori majored in math at the College of St. Rose. 34 Mr. Zinck attended Navy Post Graduate School and ma- jored in aerological engineering fmeteorologyj after completing undergraduate work at Coast GuardAcademy. Secondary math and math education were the fields of study of Miss Hartnett at SUNY Cortland. Mr. DEMSIS' graduate studies were in computerscience at SUNY Binghamton School of Advanced Technology. 35 Mr. Holcomb completed his graduate work in math ed- ucation at SUNY Albany, after attending Oneonta for undergraduate work. , ,, f,,.'1 .a..,....0-my a s 6 J 36 eMath Department. Ms. McMullin did both graduate and undergraduate work in math at the University of Illinois and SUNY Cortland. Mrs. Williams is an alumnus of Bloomsburg State College and Boston University, a secondary math education major at both. usic Department. Ms. Hartman did her undergraduate work Eastman School of Music and Peabody Conservatory of at Mansfield State Teachers College in the Music were where Mr. I-Iangen studied music education. field of music education. W Y ' Ball State Teachers College is where Mr. Slechta studied music education at Ithaca College. Mr' Scagnoli did both his under' graduate and graduate work. Mr. Wurtenberg--D irector of H. P.E. R. Mr. Hover--Assistant Director of H. P. E.R. Mr. Michaels. hysical Education Department. Health physical education and recreation was Mrs. I-Ionnick's field of study at Ithaca College. Mrs. Marshall attended Slippery Rock State College, Temple University, and Ithaca College for her work in physical education. Rav-. -2 , 2 Y I Springfield College and SUNY Cortland were where Mr. Sylvester did his undergraduate and graduate work, respectively. 39 Science Department. Mrs. Mueller studied biology at Wells College and ge- netics at the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Menchel. 7 e Q W , ' Q Q., Chemistry and science education were Mr. Palazzo's majors at Hamilton College and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. 40 1 The State University at Oneonta and the State University East Stroudsburg State College hosted Mrs. Freeman when at Binghamton was where Mr. Cavese did his under- she did her undergraduate work in the field of chemistry. graduate and graduate work, respectively. Mr. Teubert studied biology at Harpur College. 41 Science Department. Mr. Ferris studied biology at Mansfield State College At Cornell University, Mr. Sorochinsky held a triple and is presently working on his graduate degree at major--science teaching, agriculture, and veterinary B1.lCkI'1611 UI1iV6I'Sity. science, a l'l'll'i,l3ll'il'l f:lj1f1'lf'! M i nl nn n f f,.U.yrfzf'x'1 ai exiiitmixixaz Vi il if V! 1 'z if if if 3' -f 'f 2 Y ' -,.,,,r. ..,. r, ,ig W "A"7xsr Mrs. Echols obtained both her BS and MS degrees from SUNY Albany. Mr. Lawton did his graduate work in biology at the fol- lowing schools: SUNY Cortland, Central Connecticut State College, SUNY Buffalo, Valpariso University, and Ithaca College. 42 School Secretaries Mrs. Hubbell- - Principa1's Secretary . 4 F E 1 Mrs. Kopcik--Guidance Secretary. Mrs. Hufford- -R ecords Secretary. M15 . Hughes- -Curriculum Stenographer . M S eerelaries Mrs. Valek--Typist Mrs. Porretta--District Treasurer. wry e f 4 if?" :ff f.,.Zw-,Q-1 1 g 1+ f 425. L 2247! 'i Wig, A 3 Mrs. Morizio--English Department Secretary. Mrs. Morrissey--Attendance Secretary ff , as 1 . H Plfllmfblhfd 3 Mrs. Starring--Physical Education Secretary. MIS. Bush--Guidance Secretary. Mrs. Parker--Part Time Attendance Secretary Ralph Signorelli fulfills a history reading assign- ment during a study hall. William Adams Vic A limonti Susan Allen Teresa Amorese john A ndrake Cathy Arnold Ken Arnold Neil A1-vonio jim Babb Richard Bagnick Judson Bailey Keith Baird Mike Ballam Lou Barner Brian Barno lim Barnum jody Baron Lon Barton Roy Bartram Richard Bassett Becky Battaglini Marc Battaglini Patty Battaglini Cindy Battle Ed Benjamin Beth Bennett Gary Bickham Maureen Bilbrey Mike Blazey Lynn Bishop N., an X If ii Sophomore Class of 7 -1 ,yn A I ' 1 l 'M ff- -... R c . "W 3, M. A an -C9-K , f '25, 'Riff vi Y f"'- '-,. Q , -..,.. y 5 IYK -M... x.-.,, -4... sf' 2 " I n ,X , , , W W ,, 9 V ' ,, SEQ, . , Q E2 sn.-gr """H-e' ff 'ii -y fv' fl' 5' .. R' i , V . . Qigegl xr if Q W X ,, J RL, ' dir, an , A .nl be NWN I I D sw-" 'F Q .- M iigix 5 in . ,. ns.- ,Ns ., 'sk f i -EL. I fx vb ...ax My .gif ,f J' ,, S ,f ff ea C! ve Y! s.,- gr x Ex .. . .. i X IX Q if Q 1 , A 5 P 4, 1 Q... 'rp-f' 157 i- . tc, , . y. H Q!! ry f... W 1 i W 'ZX -.. ' ',-pi 1: A 1 is ' ' 'Q " ' -?"Q.v-vs " gil- A .P s r 'Q r . P Q .4 KN K X 1 X. . A. f ' K . A 'A R S K. fr--v P ,E 1 " fa ' I X 'YS X A, 'M . , x Zigi! 1 ,v . ...M X .wi Qxg K. M X-.My Scott Blazicek Cindy Bloom Sally Boetlger Colleen Bogan Brenda Bollen Darlene Bongiorno Bob Bonventre Christine Boras Rick Borgna Mike Boutron Mike Bovier john Bowen Mark Bowen Diane Boyd Penny Boyer Cindy Brady Lisa Branca Scott Briggs Laurie Broadbent Tammy Bronstein Peter Brower Kathy Brown Patricia Brown Seth Bruce Carrie Brucher Doug Bruhnke jim Bryant Tom Buiocchi Pat Bunnell Kathy Buran Janice Burcak Mark Buselli Pam Bush Robert Buyna Mike Caforio Margherita Calcagnini Mike Calvasina Michelle Camadella David Carlson john Carnevale Chris Cascio Carole Cassidy john Ceccherelli Michael Cerasaro Dana Chadwick Paula Chapman Mike Chernak Valerie Cimini Christine Ciotoli Marla Citko Jerry Ciuto Cathy Clark Robert Clemente Ed Cole David Coletta Ken Collins Cathy Como Dawn Contento Debbie Conway Joe Conzola Bob Coonick Bill Cooper Dave Coppola Mike Coppola Cindy Corbin Bonnie Cornelius Rodger Correll Sheri Correll Brian Coryell Bob Coughlin Cynthia Cowan Bob Crane Ken Curatolo Steve Curtin Mike Dailey Sue Darpino Barry Davison Lisa Davidson Peg Davidson julie Dawson Donna DeAngelo Doreen Denmon Cindy Desko Thomas De Vita Dave Diack Stuart Dickson joAn.ne DiLorenzo Mary Lynne Diorio Phylis Diorio Luigi DiRusso Dean DiTomrnaso Sandy Dixon William Dixon Wayne Dodge Sandy Donlick Ken Doolitle Dave Dorman Bernadette Drankoski Anita Dray jeff Drejza Ralph Drew Barbara Dunham Denise Dunham Leslie Dunn Michele Duran Peg Durish Denise Dwyer Pamela Dykeman J lflw 'D ,651 f 5 , , ,Q X 'zz- , aaa '1 xv fi ' V 5 'W 1' Q 4 ' t ,rw N V . r,, , MA A I ,bv , B' A N V ' 3 f , -A 's n ws' 5552 VH V L itl 1, I M JT i f M "if?" w ,fgk ' I Q39 1. y ,iff 1 ff Mi f , VY? fi 'S' ,B YL' ' 'iff X .' L 114 ., ,',.,,4, i 3 if -1 .5 4755, V 61 as-.wi r 5' .., A, Z 2 n C' 6 i X fi , ,nj Q ., -,e ., ae , is Q i V, , lv., ,V f Q. I qw my vw 3 '17 Ml' W V ' f l .anna L we V Ljwlv :S 5, " " i ' " - 'fiff -M 1 t I ., .W 1 ' 5:51 " ', ' , 3.31. r , L , -.VA 1, 1 . w , , - . , ,, aa. 3, S. 1 1 f . , if n , AY? fig 8 Q , t in rf. fin.. 5 ' ' , uw ...W -we ,ff vs W , "Me YQ M V f L ll' Q Fifa- K I fr , 1 N K ,yr 5 if i i -V fi 5, ' 35 yn, fra ,, 35, fwf- iffvvfr N. ' LH . . Nl 'vi Q -or ,Q , 3 03 Q 9 X If . I , fg ' A nik-3 1 X ,. julie Dzengeleski Dave Dzuba Dennis Eberly Kevin Ede Penny Edwards Robert Ellis Bill Ely Nathan Emmons Donald Eskra Ernest Fabrizio Mario Fabrizio Bruce Fanning Mike Farrell AnnMa.rie Fedich Jerry Feeney Debbie Felice Ed Ferencik Ralph Ferris Dave Fiacco Robert Fiala David Finch Donna Finkley Susan Fish Lori Fisher Brian Fitch Bonnie Fitzgerald Michelle Fitzgerald Robert Flint Pete Flipse Diane Fontana John Fontana Cheryl Foster Tim French Andy Friedah Richard Fuerstenberg A relaxed atmosphere in biology class. George Gale Mark Gallo Perry Gallo Mike Gance Tom Garren Ralph Garrison Darlene Gasbarra Debbie Gasbarra Kathy Gasbarra Rick Gaworecki Mark George Gail Ghinger Jean Giannetti Joyce Giannetti Denise Gilbert john Gofran Mark Gonos M 3-1 ,411 gf' JE M E. x. K vu.. ' I F 1... wif X nw Q... w 6, 3' giif 1 gl S' x .G ik . ?' 'fl ,J I ,. 'Q ga -Q 1 QQ X' 5 ' o ff Sue Komar stops at her locker between classes. if 1 X 4. Sharon Vestal acknowledges the call of the photographer . 35 a 5 ,, + E if v , a . X 5 E 3 2 5 4 4 E x .Irv , W ,M A ,flip T in ,f 1 .- V . 1. ,. "'- ,Q 'nl infix 1' Vi Ea V ,f .1 Wa .om "" vs A x. ,af -. 'V . ,J195i fir S+. fl. zap, + ' , f?ff,. . i l ff Q9- wf1'l"' ..,,, 71, 4-a.. . 1' ng, 7 ' 3 vs -... I0 M . X 7 f ,T , s. x' 4, yi V1 , if 1 ,. if 'Y Ass: if-time Q K .Q Q W in y y 46 22 L Wm ,nyggm Ki'-3, any infix , MV' IF' qv hx 4 if 'I if 7 I 1 uf. V' V, yi. A .5 -Q, ,":"' -P : HM L 'Ly 'A 'f W if an if y . g, gt b y y , ! A , , , ,A - ,VJ , -fe in he are - 1 Q4 2? I J "' se-nv 4 -I 4 A l 'L L 4 "V ' W f ia.- Susan Goydich Cindy Gracin Anthony Grassi Thomas Grassi Kathy Greco Andrea Gresko Cindy Griffith Debbie Griffith Patti Griffith Karen Grimm Kathy Gritman Dan Gritsavage Karen Groff Tim Grose Joann Guccia Lawrence Guidici Joe Gusefik John Guzzey Rick Haddock john Haigh Kathy Haight Shirley Haines Patty Halas jim Hall Doreen Hamarich Debbie Haney Kevin Hanrahan Melanie Harris Martin Harrison Kathy Hart Robert Hartman Sandra Harttmg Alan Harvey Walter Harzinski Joanne Hastings Anna Hauptflesh Lisa Hauther Michael Heide William Henderson Mark Hendrick Don Henning Steve Henry Eva Marie Heurich Karen Hill Ray Hill Laurie Hixon Rodger Holmes Gary Homanich Dave Hopkins Mark Hover Patricia Howard Debra Hrehor julie Hrustich Bruce Hughes Peggy I-Iurliman Carol Hutchinson Dina Iannone Cheryl lngraham Bill lngraharn Fred Jackson Debbie Jacobs Marene Jamerson Lisa Janlcowski Fred Jaskiewicz Irene Johnson Arleen Johnston Charlene Jones Judy Jones Ken Jordan Amy Joslin Ann Julian Bob Juozitis Jenny Kage John Kappus Lori Kaschak Lynn Kaschak Steve Kazmark Barb Keefe Alison Kelly Camille Kelly Jane Keough Teresa Keough Cindy Kenderes Debbie Kenderes Margaret Kerins Michele Ketchum Russell King Mark Kircher Tom Klasek Eric Knapp Tammy Knox Valerie Kocak Paul Kocur Lauren Koeth Michael Komar Sue Komar Mike Koob Kevin Kopec Rick Kotasek Debbie Kovarik William Kovarik iv 4. 6 A? mmf", , . 'Nur 1115. We , Ulf-ff! ,fl ' 24 ,L , 2 , E' if. .V 4 , ,K 1: 4:9 A Q a ' 'X , J 77 J 59 'V-f-,A Chris Kozecke lg Michael Kratochvil Mark Kremenec Steve Krol Debbie Kugler Jim Kukelka Robert Kunzman xg". 5 J if 5 M ,, 1 4 .qw ti? 5 i X Mm. 'Uni-Q, . it if 'T W if iii I A X fi?" ' . 4 4 -'x L , 'ffm' "R 'I' ' miie? 5 T 4 'fgmi 'in 'Qu' 1,2 ' 4 f Vgri lf' 5 g A ,J 1 V zf, A aah. ' ,1 .,....-. I ,El w S v, -1 va , eq., at .. J .swag " Q f I gt wry ' ' '- , , m QN r-V D 1. 15 , L . Ka Q 5.wmyl""M H., f M F 5 an ul l, JH I my M ' P il' , fca,,,33N Y ..,4- 0 -J 'J ff? .cz to 4, if u f4::: J -for r,..'lL r 'WY ON fx rf W , V?s QQ, Q, ,W f he if 7 M-f 21 fff' Q2 R - Q 1 '- ' . 4' V ,gy ,454 3 an an ,Af fy" w Q' ' 5 e C 7,,,,. ,Aix Q . ,Q 6:- 'fifka , L. 'Q I I Many students choose to spend their free periods in the library. -Kl.,,L 'tg Y X7 W3 - ,. Z K ii ' is .- .xx- , l',,,.,, ,ima I '5 We fag 1- - . 'Q' ig., ur! Xen Peg Davidson, Mark Patrick, and the school mascot on an obviously windy afternoon. TC"7 gpiilQ V- -f Q-v Susan Kurkoski Jim Kushner Mary Kuzio Connie LaCourse Tom LaCourse Nancy Lane Tom Lane Carol Lanois Tammy Laskowski Tom Laskowski Yvonne Laudig Sharon Laughney Paul Lavelle Jim Lavo Betty LeC1air Mark Lepay Renee Leri Michael Lesko Bob Lesyshyn Lorraine Lightbody Sue Litts judy Loeffler Mike Logan Mike Longo Judy Lord Rob Loy Bob Lozzi Roberta Lozzi Gordon Lyman Tim Lynch Kirk MacBeth Tony Maione Joseph Majka Rick Majka jamie Mangini Steven Mariano Maria Marzocca Rick Mastro Bill Mastroe Debbie Matarese Carla McClain Robert McGowan Eugene McKi11'ick David McManus Linda Meagher Glenn Metcalf Cindy Metrikas Gary Meza Rick Mikels Cynthia Miller Ellen Miller Debbie Mills Richard Miner Susan Miner Linda Mingarelli Carmine Mitra Bob Monahan Kathleen Moran Deborah Morey Richard Morgart Kaye Mott Tracey Mott Erik Munck Tim Murphy David Musa Mark Nabinger Karen Nedbalski Steve Nestoryak jane Ni els en joe Niquette ki 1. -Q-V .K 5 Wrii l n .ii 3 " . 2 Z L wrt, j1..l:,. 5 is . .LJ , .. X. td- 1 xii :vfvu am. -C .K f 'ia-. .J va . .I if L my b MI' , ai -- H . A 4 Q: ' J X -A a V Q, es - . v xl . N444 digs' -6 Q ,v'!'fIi' 1 . Q Q K ,sw 1 .. r 5, Q ', -. 1- 4 R .A . ff - 1 A 'x i .. , S . - 'F' .a Richard Naramore ' - fr .ISK .,, 'fs s wwf Bonnie Noble if ff .JUS .sr 4. -C , ,xr ,N QA. S N xr N.. , ig.. V , s is Q.- .K Ll ,K 'nf .- Mary Arm Nolis Mary Norton Pat Novak Diane Novelli Paul Noyd Joyce Obialero Kevin O'Brien Gloria O'Hora Irene Olevano Steve Olson Kathy O'neil Mark Oney Jeanne O'Riordan Jim Orlando Donald Owens Jerry Padbury Mary Padula Louis Paglia Peter Papagelis Shirley Paradysz Bob Parkes Dave Parsons Scott Pasquino Mark Patrick Ronald Pease Thomas Peckham Bob Pellett Bruce Picciano Janette Pietras Joanne Pietras A look of surprise is displayed by Mary Padula as Dave F1acco walks into the room. Brian Pitcher Sergio Porcari Permy Powell Susan Powers Catherine Pratt Tony Priddy Ray Priddy Kurt Puterbaugh Felicia Putrino john Quealy Phyllis Quercia Dan Rainboth Becky Reece Mitch Renfro Dwight Reynolds Jayne Rheinheimei Paul Roach Donna Roberts Arm Robinson Pat Rodgers james Rollo joe Roma Michael Ross joe Rossi Susan Rossi Keith Rought LuAnn Rouse Ron Ruggiere Karen Russ James Ryan Mary Sabol Karen Sacco K ar' ' ii- W 13 -,, all Y f 3 A. ,. s M, 'D .1 f Qwqm 6 U. ef ul K' 196 1 ,, L ti' Vi , , riiffvl' .Q 2 'W i, - Yao' NLM :rx , , vw 3 ,. . as vi' 3 A l A , Q 1,771 .ff X V" Q. '. ,H ' A, vm, i, . lm mmf' f V U.-'Q Y all -T' A S W :K 3 ,g QQLX 5 if 21 379' X. E e "3 4-A 'VH g..- ll 1 'W 9' .L 5.3 Cav' 25951 W . '-er S W i Q t f' 1 . 2 9 an vw 4 ' 5. v 'Y'-29 . th fy, w." xts Q., X I . fy.. f W' Qs... x, K 4 " K .. f ,wir .1."'y, ' War' f L 1 S 1 S f if . 'nt' -...M ab., , Lg 131a.,M E -'R ' K ff- ,J S 9"' N, sf M M sa ,nf 'N - K 4-.- Howard Sallerson Luann Savastano Lisa Savidge Judy Saylor Gary Scalzo Bruce Schermerhorn Bob Schrag Mary Schofield Sandy Scordino Nancy Scother Barb Scott Lynnette Seaver Dave Sedelmeyer Stephanie Seelman Ann Marie Seversky Paula Shelley Mike Shattuck Ann Shelanskey Sandy Shelepak Grayce Sherman Clayton Shirley Caren Shults Ralph Signorelli Cerise Silvestri Cindy Silvey James Simmons David Simpson Terry Sinclair joe Skiba Milton Slater Cindi Smith Doug Smith Geralyn Smith Karen Smith Sandy Smith Tom Smith Dianna Snell Allan Snyder john Snyder jim Soetter Michael Somma Joanne Spagnoletti Beth Spalik Angela Spell Matthew Spell Mike Spencer Teresa Spinelli Randy Stachyra Philomena Stamato Dorothy Stefano David Stella David Stone Dave Stulir Maureen Sullivan Robert Summers Tom Supa Karin Swanson jill Swartz Mike Swetitch I Monica Sylvester jan Sypher 2 V Brenda Testani f V . Kirk Tewksbury ' f 1 Mark Thomas V Clinton Tiley I I my .. Jim Tilluison V Ward Tifv-S Ken Todd ' ' VV joseph Toth 3, V Robert Tozer ZVZ . "f-" s Brian Tripp ' J S' IT: E3 ,V . ' 'r lm' Peter Trotta Barbara Tzivanis Barron Valent Sharon Vanalstine Randy Vanderpoel Beth Vanek ,, 1 1 . M' V ,ai an - ' Tom Vergona ,", A John Veruto if N Sharon Vestal A ' -9- --1 Robert Virun Robin Wage Larry Wagner 1 5' Q ffm- ' if ,, ,Q . un' I 'S S ' I ax I If. af., 1 f ,, f ' I 'Wm-fr' ,, V ., Q , " T "" fw wa Q I 5' l M 1 " i ft ' it ' ' V - -., 1 srl hz, V -X Ingrid Wahila 'V fy X4 Ron Wahila ' as ,, H 1 -fm. V VV ,. 2 u ' J if :Ll f I A peek into room 313 finds Ann Seversky silently studying. 1 ' 3 i' nl TW . .-,4'1",'A bw J, W, z ff. .2 I 'V' vw g ., K x, Q, -.i ff, 'S 'ir it V H 9 L ff X , 97' 1+ N Y ' -'np Q PD' , A F ' W ' JGZJD --nj . 'M ' to ,iv 'H aff ft' : L I 3' , ' , , L L 'A ' V L.L,,, V 5 , , VVL ,f wx I ,, CW' 1 Q f' ' E, is :QL - Q, 1 .Z V, a n Q, 4 6 I ,ZH K I war, xi, y wx 5 N - f ' ' ,tq L V W ,, W - 5 r , fi - ,M ,, , ' Z fa Q I x V V . 'rf ' N 1452 -vu I Z f A To ' I - qi. it M. , 3' ' g ', ri X L sg 1 f 1 L if A 'XA . e N N V li " ' ' X. ' . 4-" ffx 'Q-ff V ....., ,W -vM,, t 'rg an W. ...L -f a 1 'N Q - L- QL az, X 4 M 5 . RI.. Shirley Wainwright Laurie Wallace Terri Wallick Mark Wallis Denise Walter Calvin Ward Linda Ward Linda Wargo Kathy Warren Pat Warski Sue Washburn Maribeth Watkins Wendy Watkins Lauri Webster Faye Welch Lisa Welch Cleone Werte Tammy Weston Walter Wheatley Thomas Wheeler John Whittemore Laura Wiersma Henry Wiktorek Karen Wilcox Diane Wild Craig Williams Sherry Williams Darryl Willis Barb Witt Chris Wood Kim Wurth Dan Yager john Zaccarini Melanie Zemberi Carl Zimmerman Marsha Zur Trick-or-tre aters, maybe? ! C C john Adams Kathleen Adams Jacqueline Albano Debbie Allen Jeanine Allen Larry Allen Richard Allen Rene Alpi Thomas Alton Richard A ndrascik Kathy Antalek Kim Atherton jan Atkinson Kevin Babcock jacki Baldwin Caroline Bango Richard Bargar Rand Barnum Christopher Bartos Roxane Bartos john Battista Pam Battista Jennifer Battle Karen Becker Liz Beeman Robert Belardinelli john Belpulsi john Bennett joseph Bennett Margaret Bennett A -Q. Z., ,A y 1 Holly Stone 2 I 4 iiis M if K 1 fx R , ,M ' 1 A, 4 ,fp 4'-v, -if ' 1 as X I ' fa,. ,a gf r yi Q f 9 "'f f if ' A.. 752 Z Junior Class 0f"75". f.,g 'tw 43.1 f "C,,,'T7 4 'iw ,as V' at Nr , V., ff 5,911 N, , V A ' 'Cr ff- far I6 , A f' 3 'f ,gk 'N ,- 4, W Q I W - .. K fs, ,Z aw 4, :fw ,,- G ' 3 ' J ', A f V., J b I fav , an 1 . XV fu f .lv .vow at g,f,.,' xg If "WY A- A , A R f V 2? 29 ' ' ff . N J A f B 1 3 i'Z!f, sr fu,-fr f ,,,,,, , X! if ' 'L ' fu A Q -W an A f:..- W 'nf ' , ,' ,' f R J Qrii 'MAX 'R' f I 2. ' K -wr Sf M X an Cheryl Benninger wi 5, julie Benson Michael Berube Dianne Bidwell or Richard Bidwell Leeann Biesecker I ' -A H 1 David Bilcik '. e"W2i""N Monique Bill-ca i , john Birchall Billie Sue Bird ,sf . joseph Biscardi Q 2 .0. ,.. c .. , , Barbara Bishara Brian Bisland Mark Blackwell . ' '-Qe Stan Blaha K 'U' :aim V . ,. .v-N-N it i J X a 4 X .. rg Q, Q at 'S was m X Q if 1 Sv Q. "U" 1 A . x Joanne Bock - ' Linda Bock Mike Blazavich 5 gc X w K: ,,,H,.W. S i'i1 .c Linda Warren, studies hard for ga c : Eg iiassww 'B an UPCOmiDS French test. K V A h ' j , Debbie Bongiorno ' ' M in h as f 2 john Bonventre " f .rv ,if Lisa Boris ' I Q if-' I 124, 1' I 'iiirf' A Patti BOWEII 5' gf '57 ' - I Rebecca Boyer Z 'AF ' V 1 7 U " Ann Bragaglia Lori Briggs Richard Bucek Cathy Buchanan Dennis Buchler W , 1 Kevin Buchler f -we Q , William Buchler l e Tom Bucinell Richard Burke Mark Bush Linda Byer Maria Camadella David Camarda Kevin Campbell James Carey jerry Cargill Vince Carlini Mike Carnevale joanie Carosella Penny Cassin Stephen Chapman Eric Chilson Lori Ciancio Angela Cimini john Ciotoli Bill Clayton Tim Columbia Karen Conrad Tom Consol George Contros Ed Conway Kevin Conway Kim Conzola David Cook Cheryl Corby Gerald Corey Alan Cornell Lee Cornell Ray Cornell Kevin Corwin Kevin Coughlin Phil Courtright Debbie Cowan evra.. 'if' i I WMK, 'TP 2 ' "fl 2 ' l are l F, Q-:qi li' , , , 1' 3, anew 5 we i ww Pam Battista . A fin 'ITN Q3 X I F W , V . , L f'-" yd F W M -...F ,, , .T if ,b ,f ' I , ,wa V 2 Wa, QL' ,ff 'Q or 2 fi H . - fe ,4 vw I K A ' ' ' y it ltr' 'W' ' V ' ff i I in a -' . 4. L, 7" V, Q"i " 1 uf A ' f fkmawy A K " V x V ,,,,4, I I ' 3 . n ew , 'gf in V ,K I ,A ,, Q W, :V ' H girl C' A 'QT' , A? fi' ' ,f - X W , an v 9 xx ff, .VA .ZEN 1 G, 7 as M 'M ' gif V 9 Z' N' ,f I I H Q 6 5' 2 V w ' Mary Cowan ., Tim Crockett , . iq :-, Wi? 'K X23 1 ., ' " H Y gk I f,', A 1, V, ' ' 1 v ' ' if """ 0 P -an W g y gd X ff E' , ,,. N, ,W vii A. ' GP .5 T V I f.. "Lf hwy 1'-'Wh 4. : , ' L ' If M gf 6 mai If -qu'-" 5 A5 1 . , V . , K. , f 3-. W , . an iv. A y y T ,, M "' if '55 or Q C 1' LAX ,V 14W . T a in 15, 5 .1 ' a R' :' ' no 5 r I 2 , 4 . C T 5 , 'ev I , fin ,,.1! lx. it 411 in Wag-is we .. 4. 'GW 1 2 Q. . ' Qu. , ' 'Q f' rilihh gs.. 'Q-.-4' Cathy Croft Gary Crooks Bill Crouse Pam Cunningham Larry Curley Karen Curyto Janette Cyganovich Gary Czuhanich Pat Dannibale Kathy Davidson Greg Davis Lori Davis Rick Davis Nick DeBenedittis David Dehaas Linda DelBianco Douglas Demartine Margaret DeMatteis Mike Demer Carolyn Demyan Richard Denmon Lori DePalo Scott DePersis Theresa DeSanctis Debbi Desko Lisa Diaferio Dan Dickson Judy DiLella Debby Dino Mark Dixon William Dixon William Donaldson Sue Dorin Dave Dranchak Theresa Drejza Patricia Drobny Tim Drown Diane Dunham Kraig Dunham Susan Dunham Bob Duran Fred Durfee Leslye Dyer Philip Dzengeleski Cynthia Eldred Sue Emmett Debra Ennist Bill Eno Cheri Evans james Everhart Steven Faivre Laura Farrell Todd Fellows Nancy Felo Cheryl Ferencik Tom Fiacco Marisa Fiester Karrie Finnegan Chris Fiori Tom Fiori Paula Fiorini David Fisher Ron Kuchinski Kevin Fitch Sandra Flexer David Flint Dennis Follis Pamela Fosmire Allison Fox Steve Franck Brenda Frazer Nancy Freer Glen Gabriel Bill Gallagher Frank Gallo Dean Galus Vince Gance Dennis Gasbarra Linda Gasbarra joe Gazdil-c K njimaf- t we Z 'br qw , W sl x X 1 Z3 4- ha Q is I is ! A x L., j,,:wx , ,,,- Jog, -uw!! y -qu.. ggi . , W F' WL 6 K ,. 'I' v s I ' 7 'N' ,vm 1 V7 7 4 tv s f 51, , f ' I K . i 4: ,a K. if V I V , ., W ,lr A I jr . ,E A VE, ' , ig . ,,, , L- ' '11 iz' Q I ZVT A K., l va 5 it .f ' , 'ff' Vg... i " ,V , ,iw , .ly r v l- f .Nbr JA . 2 , in , . yi ru 9 'A a' -' 'll A ii fl If W f, . 1 as-A fi S! 5 , f , 'WL , M , L 7 5, ' A ,fl 2 v- A avi na 'S ' may x A 5. Z XX I , new 14 H ri e 1 4 '- S . k , A K 4 v s. 1 Y YF . J ,A fr. , ' 1 7 I n ,,,, , I . W ? 6 s- -Q.. ' 'Y' fi, ff- t YEFZB Chatter during typing class. Nancy Gentile Cynthia George Gene George Michael George Mike Giarusso Cathy Giordano james Glowa jerry Glowa Cheryl Gonos Jeff Good Pat Goodwin Erin Goris Mary Gotwatt Cathy Gower Andrea Gradal Rick Grannis Paula Grassi Dave Grasso Sheilah Grebe Vincent Grebe Linda Greco Steve Gregor Donna Greiner Vicki Guccia Cindy Hall Debbi Hall Priscilla Hamlin Leigh Hankinson William Hanraha Louis Harasta Wayne Harris Robert Harrison Perri I-Iart Robin Hasak Beverly Hasch T1 Debbie Hausamann 69 Ray Hawley Carl Haycook Bill Hayes Teresa Heaton Nancy Henry Sandy Henry Sandy Henson Merlin Hertzog Annette Hess Sue Hillenbrand Judy Hinckley George Hixson Cindy Hoffman Peter Homanich Donald Hrusecky Mark Huck Barbara Hughes Darla Huntington Thomas Iessi Robert Incitti Rick Ingraham Nathaniel Jackson Mike jaros Susan Jasko Cathy jones joseph jones Kim jones Kevin jurena Doug Kazantzis Laura Keefe Jim Kehoe joe Keough Marge Keough joe Klimek Diane Knapick Debbie Koperwas Shirley Koperwas Jodie Kotasek Gary Kraus Christopher Kropai Cindy Krouse Lisa Kukelka Barbara Kulasza Wayne Kunsman Erna Lainhart Maribeth Lane Chris Laudato Kathleen Lavelle Charles Lefcheck Don Leonard Karen Lesko Jeanne Likewise Tami Linis Dan Litts , - , . ir if i , L 1 N, 1 A ms an f ,,, . If ' '3 J f' 7 2 1 ,v , V, ,,....... , -'fg,fff.1 '-lf. I .. if XS 'Y' j 4 '-,. is I N' t, 44 ' 'Z wie 1 ' 'tv' ......, K , W PM , ggi ' W ...M so ' , . , Li u 4:35 5535 - f XFQSPB ,M ff 'Q 2 ff A X. 'ff Q, 1 ,AL- ' is '-ww L I , f 149.- f I l- r , fm M. A.. 'I fy 31 YQ Q M S . ,a ,, , , QW' X-.sf is f if L f S fl X 'TM V y',, "i , ii .,, H 5 ,, ' I 2,1 0 I A L 'Q 'V ' N mf 'hify'x Y i I 'L fill" i ' A ' as? an y ag I 7,7 , I ,Q A ,,,,, is A , at L 2 fi sm at ,"r"" fa? 4- x K fin fr 70 A T sa ,g Busy corridors between classes. , 1 N. xx! 'f :k"i'-T . , . SQ 1 , 2 -L N81 ui H .L A- 5 -nfl '5 l Q a fi' P' 3 Q il 'lf' Q- 'N - Q . 'K . -es 9 5 I , rf Ar fr 'f v 5' F' 13 fix 'K r Q., x 4 gs X 0 sw sf 'Q '7 QT! 'B 'iv 'S' .Q-eq! x S Q Rv' E l " .LEF - S 1 3- ' I in .sv it la T7 Nga X f lf r ..,. f csv vi F' -: V fm i Ei 'Nz-zf' Cindy Livingston William Lockwood William Loller Barbara Lord Karen Lord Cheryl Lonmsberry Daniel Love Sue Lulcens Richard Lynch Barbara Machalek Steve Magargle joseph Maj ernik Anthony Malarkey John Maliwacki Nicholas Mangino Susan Marca John Marchetti Sue Mariani Debra Markovic Sal Marrongelli Tom Marshall Scott Martin Steve Martinak Vicki Matteson Cheryl Maye Ellen Mclntrye Mary McKenzie Nancy McKenzie Michelle McLain Debbie McVannan john Melmer Jayne Melrose Ed Menhennett Judy Merritt Cathy Meza Edward Michael Francie Michael Gerald Michael Walt Mikucki Angela Milazzo Thomas Mills Edward Millward Wayne Miner Dave Mingarelli Debbie Mitchell Robert Mitchell Tom Monahan Marcia Monforte Michael Moon Larry Moreau Edward Morford jeff Morgan janet Morris Shawn Morris Lesley Mott joe Muhr Christine Musa Dan Nash Bob Nedbalski Marcia Nelson Mark Nemcek joe Nestoryak Karen Neville Gina Nicholas Cbaig Nichols jim Nielsen Dave Norton Lonnie Null Bill Nyce Jeff Okon Rick Oleski Michael O'Neil ,- Mme na 1 55' ,I 4 ,. -:nw 3? Z 'M iff f fv- fax Bob Incitti . 'Y-1 49 ' a, , L nnnn fm ,ii if ,fl ,, 'J '+A' f - 4 ..,, I t M 1 1 any , , , ,-f :- ',, si , ' " f. 'X ' 5 "' ,- I -,, it s v- 5 -W L M v i fi? 4' I Zli 'A 9 , I 3 in W x, 4511: I' 2 ' cf 'ml' i if W A -ffj fi ,Q 1, , I 1 or 1 A 't,, - ff iol, J nln, , 8. , A i ' l l 'RAN 'WI 1-,i , , f ' 5 s V "V ,H km., it on 4 X 1 ff' l I .V Y-me I , V v 1' .-1 Y 'N' 5 ,I a , i s 1 I i ly bf de V4 ' , "A" ,K S "" 'f ' i Q P" 'Z 4 N . 4 as '- '1 ' P I if V, H , W V uw '3- Q f 2. .L ' 1 A . av . P ffl gy -4 ,:. I V2 'I . . r-s 7' A Z Q v JP 4' ' W fin , 1.1 tis iii S j f 'ir , Y V' QQ .... 1 ' A 'V Y v' B y '- g N .- Allan Orr Greg Oxx Cindy Palmer Tony Palombaro Mark Palombo Kathi Parker Ken Parks Dan Parson Karen Patrick Steve Pavlovich Susan Pellerin Dan Pennington Susan Perenyi Phil Pero Phyllis Pero Lolien Persons Steve Peters Louis Petrovsky Louis Petruzzelli Linda Petuh JoAnn Peworchik Patricia Picciano Betteann Pinto BettyAn.n Pipilc Nancy Pitcher Eugene Pittarelli Madeleine Plichta joane Politis Frank Polosky Deborah Powell Carol Prus Debbie Prusakowski Phyllis Quartararo Steve Quinlivan Sylvia Rando Rocco Ranucci joe Rakoski Bob Randesi Ruben Rangel Darlene Rathl-ce Kelley Reardon Debbie Regon Rick Rembecki Micha'el Repinecz Maria Reynolds Mike Ricciardi Ray Richardson Paul Riley Julian Rizzi Anthony Roach Lorraine Roberto Mary Beth Robinso Richard Rochon Garey Roden Kyle Roe joe Roma Kathy Roma Nick Roma Richard Roma Sue Roma Joseph Rose Scott Ross Sharon Rossi Robert Rotunno Sue Rubino Cindy Ruggieri Deb Rummer Molly Sabraw Pamela Sail-cley jim Santacrose Ray Santucci Judy Savage jill Sayid ge Nicholas Scalzo Sue Schaefer jean Schrag Peggy Schuhle D. Q 'V' Y' s4.....4 . :LX S '91 fill' ii S Q a w Q nk 5 :Ewa is ia Q .. K NES' S ss'-' - 1 X i 4 wa is .ii. W '- .-r . ,,.. . f Q4 - -SX X Lk yr' A 07 if I X. auf' 7 'ie """'A.,. 4-FK-'fs ly, -1 I " K' 1' V i .QM . W1 f R ' - ' v- is f , R , if R a ,,- -A . 5.4, I ,Q S Terese DeSanctis reviews a piece of music before a chorus rehearsal. . R Q"""'S I If '5- x y ur . 5' ' X H J V' "fb , ,, f Z D for ii"-fab, A.. I nw-.V 'WTI' f 4. , f 'Q P 4.2 I t lv 5' 4 .M Wi. M, 4 5 f Q .Sr ,AN Q., Q 5... A, C our -'FF'-2. f 1 .fx J ' x 'L .' 5: 2 fag M ' fx, - wi f i ' T57 ' 1 X 7' 9 ,-. f 1,, s f 44 ww I' 0 fm vi 4 92-"' I :fgrvzf ,v. ,V M 64, , ,mb Joseph Schuttak john Seadler Robert Sedlacek Tom Sergi Ray Severance Carl Fitch Michelle Seversky Susan Shear Brian Shell Linda Shirley Greg Sick jan Sirko Tira Slater Joni Sloma Andrew Smith Douglas Smith Doreen Snell Tressa Snyder Cathy Soper Frank Spacek Lee Spadine Laurie Spangenberg William Spangenburg Penny Spencer Jennie Spinelli Floyd Spoor Betty Sprague Cindy Spry john Stamato Teresa Stankiewicz Nick Stanko Bob Stokem Holly Stone julie Strbo Barb Strollo Becky Sulich Dan Sullivan Steven Tabarrini julie Tanzini Kathleen Tearpock Lori Ciancio responds to the call of a friend. Suzanne Terpak John"Testani Q- , ' Thomas Testani . 6 Brad Thomas Cindy Tingley ' T Karen Tomik Mike Tomsey L . Mark Turecek V L jeff Uhrinec Mark Urdanick Robin Vail Linda Trabucco " ,fi W 3' X s Mark Vallequette .. 4 X' Tim Severance , - M if Raymond Vanderpoel my Linda Vanek N' L -T Linda Vannucchi M to John Vavra Bob Veruto Vin Videtto Ron Vitale Marie Wagner Mike Walczyk Joyce Walter Gary Ward Richard Warfield Linda Warren - it -' 'Nb 'j Sandy Warren C L 'W Kevin Warwick e Danny Watkins rf- K' i Y- x. fx. 'S , . Vicki Watkins Brooks Watts QF? Thomas Wayson ' ' Kent Wegner 7 Valerie Welch Michael Wenner David Wert 4 ,M -V Mike Wesko iw 'X 'f Terry Wier -5 Cindy Wilce vi' Frances Wilcox 211, I Keith Wilcox Kim Williams Rebecca Williams Jerry Wood Curt Wykstra Cliff Young Charles Yungkurth James Zwirble Evemarie Zaccheo Mark Zavatto Debbie Zedanovich .1 ' 4. ff ' , ' ,vi an I . was r v: Q ....- 5 1- V 'K f if 5 , ff! 'W' A ML , iiz nk A , mi' 1 X ' V If i , ,K 1 . - Qa if . T .. , A- . T 43 4. 1 as-W ' Y' I W f . . - 4, X -- S' .V ii' 44? , ...-x.1? i ,. Wig s H ' ' w L a " W . -E Mlm . 1- X W7. 1- K- 5 , R- Q? .r.. .E K V Q x .a fp f - ' .Q ' ' Y 1 ,Q -, 'gn-nf 'L . V N uv-- XR as wr H as S S - Q.-S - R' 4 . -in Q. it 94 i N--, X . A ir if ,gn A ,--v Q07 5 fs fe ia .P K "fi 'i V , . ' , 1 i H li A 'if . Z 'i ri V :Q ., 'K , , , y fs .,, . ' - N W 4 6 K 4 r Eg . X Q 'fr' X, -. 'I i x 3 ,g -X , ,Nr N Z tort s W ti .J .vi m ix U nderclassmen not pictured: Sophomores Juniors Allen, Milton Bowen, Gary Cherevko, Kenneth Dennis, Mary Lynn English, Craig Finelli, Theresa Fiore, Michael Gance, Gerald Iannon, Timothy Kidd, Lynn Kocenko, Robert Majka, Richard McMullen, Kevin Moreau, Cynthia Moreau, Larry Oxx, Gregory Persons, Lolien Savage, Jan Shannon, Bryant Sochor, James Stauff, Brian Stinard, Stephen Taylor, Judy Terwilliger, Kenna Vetrano, Michael Williams, Patricia Wurth, Cleone Yurko, John JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT .... . . Joni Sloma VICE PRESIDENT . . . Pam Saikley SECRETARY . .... Kim Jones TREASURER . . .Laura Keefe Andrews, Timothy Apalovich, Debra Bernardo, Rene Besecker, Suzanne Bitonti, James Blouin, Patricia Briggs, Janet Buchanan, Robert Butler, Edward Carey, Thomas Champaign, Richard Clark, Geraldine Colonna, Anthony Cooke, Sharon Davis, Terry Dillenbeck, Rebecca Dirlam, Linda Dobbin, Laura Duffy, Robert Edwards, Vicky Ferraccioli, Karen Finkler, Chris Foti, Fern Gasbarra, Ann George, Kristina Gerber, Suzanne Greiner, Muriel Griffith, Cindy Grose, Gene Grover, Rodney Guidrey, Gerald Halliday, Charlene Hauther, Steve Hawker, James Hendrick, Mark Hyde, Frederick Jackson, Leigh Johnson, Wilda Kalavitus, Jack Katsaris, Donald Kubik, Joseph Kuchinski, Ronald Langeland, John Lepay, George Lints, Thomas Magee, Michael Marcil, Ron Margarone, Paul McKitrick, Edwin Meaghur, Jeanette Finnegan, Karrie Miner, Mary Myers, Elaine Nasoni, James Nelson, Bernard Ogozaly, Mark Ovens, Donald Patch, Robert Pero, Kathy Pezzola, Randy Quinn, David Rake, Gordon Rowley, Elizabeth Short, Tim Skrivan, Linda Snyder, Viki Sorrentino , Vincent Stacey, Brett Stella, Mark Sterling, Susan Strouse, Keith Tweksbury, Greg Thurston, Ronald Vrablic, Daniel Wagner, Donna Wagner, Scott Williams, Randyl Young, Michael 77 Barbara Wagner X Salulatorian 80 Valedictarian J aan Rejda Class otables otable Prettiest Girl Most Handsome Boy Best Figure Girl Best Physique Boy Most Popular Wittiest Class Flirts Quietest Most Talkative Best Natured Class Grub Class Brain Most Studious Class Musicians Class Artist Foggiest Class Rowdies Most Athletic Most Likely to Succeed Class Couple Friendliest Best Dressed Class Giants Class Midgets Most Active Brown-Noser Mirror Gazer Best All Around Girl Cindy Laskowski Diane Gasbarra Bonnie LaCourse Mort Hartmann Lynn Bernhart Nancy Hill Bonnie LaCourse Nancy Vasisko Barb Wagner Barb Wagner Kathy Lord Sarah Singer Vicky Bartos Sue DeDio Ellen Hawley Karen Bevelacqua joan Rejda Cindy Laskowski Bonnie LaCourse Debbie Pitarra Pat Seketa jamie Nabinger Nancy Vasisko Bonnie LaCourse Sue DeDio Bonnie LaCourse Boy Curt Parvin Bill Baron Tom Karl Doug Smith Rob Taylor Bill Garrett Tom Karl Alex Sansky Ray Sedelmeyer john Konrad john Konrad Chuck Atwood Kevin Chadwick Frank Salamida Ray Sedelmeyer Steve Zappia Tom Karl Edward Hart Dave Kerins Tom Karl Curt Parvin john Carris Tom Karl Tom Karl Bob Malarkey Tom Karl ' 6 J Q Q Senzor Class f 74 stacy adams william andrake david andrews maria archer N x Nt-- i Sleep isn't the only thing on Tom Shattuck's mind. R if K f ae 2, - x V 4' Q ' Q ' ffl' x , i x I I ,L K fi - If . 1 andrea archie richard arnold barry aten kim atkinson 82 vw 9- 'RF' charles atwood moira ayers kevin baird joseph balles michael balles rosemary barcak mark barno Prospective stars eat up the chance of posing in front of a camera. W illiam baron K The usual atmosphere of the library is inter- ' U rupted by Sarah Singer. "Nl H f X.. 'Qs lb 'ihfzf' 5 . .I I e leslie barton michael battista kathy bell gordon benninger victoria bartos denise bernardo michael battaglini susan bernardo peter battaglini lynn bernhart W ' W michelle berube karen bevelacqua jeffrey biber kathy bidvvell Carmen bilbrey X ' K' X ' 1 M' e wk -, - Q 4? yn, by R RX jg - Q Camera. x eeeee is 'kt' wi. ,g,-.7 w. Tony Donatelli shies away from the x. Nwmx X- XKXXQ xp, 1 n Lf ga guy billings victor bontempo dina boreffi kevin borgna steven blackman sharon bradbury dan borsellino lisa bowen david bradbury ronald brhel Friends gather to talk of the day's news before the routine of school starts. 'Y' 56.7 15 uf'- 4'?'4 L- 86 Q77 paul briggs susan brink , ffm , PM J? n i r- , V K b A .MV X v I t,,ff? i?iqwxQ ' A'fu-'- ' , Ar is . . - ' qxys Y. Q ' D 3 X ,x ,R Pe- ,. 4 n., 2' if Wfk 0 4 1 : T ' ,X 1 lin, I ' Q' fir 5 .. 'f,A f7 X fy 45iF X :,fi7,L,, ,fn L w e fy i - ' , ,Q---f 3 V ,.. I d 'I , V Mfg , NNY! 1 ,. , .,,A .fo . W , M Q i ' , ' W We . ,F W, g im. , W -,,- H W 5 lf 1 ' M x' " 5 n' .-ca. I , ll - ,i -. ,f ,. S lggggg al thomas brown jeffrae bryant robert bundy michelle bunnell timothy burke deborah butler kim caforio russell camp dennis Campbell Ginny Smith makes up 9. typing lesson. 87 'IM , ,qi N 533 sf 'v.. A ggi- A r .,,.. .1 . 2 1 " A A gk JA ,-.kgfjfe , CCT 915 johnna Campbell kevin Campbell jill caprio diane Carlson A book seems to attract all of Rosemary Barcak's attention. 40' F ix fl bil 1 Z' Y K X- , . A 'M 4 r 4s , W' L' - an I, e s... rl. e -K' .. ww' a U lt-is I I karen carlsson Frank Salamida is temporarily distracted from his donald ca.1-mon project. Louis Rotuumo . , , 'Z 'if' 5 john carris susan cederborg Vicky ceccherelli kevin Chadwick iff' .NWI CT' richard cicciarelli juliette cimini vincent cirzeveto tina marie christina dawd Clemente scott chandler richard chernak david choquette . w.. X Tom Walczyk concentrates on his studies. lt. x . . , richard college linda Conklin r . 5 f M Q iii, avr' A 'uw q"'r Shirley cormors pierina consol wayne cook scott conover kathleen Conway connie cooper Z" ,f , - ,, -if gm Ffa! 'M 5 gg I' , it A K 2 ' is if ,. a by I A ef . S a-lg 1 I I F e , X . -ig: Bob Malarkey "hams it up!" sandra cooper pamela Corbin david cornell amanda Curtin 'Vx ar.,- Q .-j 5 richard curyto gerard cuyle brian dailey michael darpino Captivation is the look on Mike Kelech's face Mel Stancati seems to be a bit outnumbered by a few fellow band robert deland members. philip demer -f..,.,N I BQ" jim Little patiently waits for the bell. kurt decker susan dedio richard deland mark denovellis michael dep ersis 4 A mn. . M - ilk, i ,Hr sf. K Q IA, , FM? X ! 2 IV, 6' 'Y .. km...- yk Q qv. ,L 1-rv-N D Q. william dibble lisa dickinson karen donahue gerald donaldson anthony donatelli joseph dray scott dunham elizabeth ebbers james eckert Chris jones holds the in- terest of Tom Komar and Tom Brown. 93 patricia english richard erat michael fabrizio josephine fanara mary ellen felo milton felton john ferencik robert fiacco dennis riori una. ., f -.pm X ,xx if ' V - Nf. A L. i I -1-V, .,:.,H.,f ' l n, az L fm: I 1 at ,,., ffl A . f : Q I . . Q 1 el ' ' o 0 . . u .. s.s.o. x , gan. . , . o u 0'-".u-t .a'.s.'0.u.l.n .o",o "",o.s.. s,o',,no.u..,, f 0 Xu 9 Q 0 ' Q' s , n 1 , u a. A4 -,-in ,.s.saau.,,-,, A "senior line-up." ,,fu,,,x n '-r uh 'rf marie fiori gary fitzgibbon A little bit of "cheesecake" from the U.E. Tig erettes. Kevin Baird listens to the conversation be- tween his class mates. ffqfz A KJ if A 4, ,f ,fk 'V E 4'v' i-honda flexer deborah folli bruce forbes joseph franchini daniel flipse clavin follis gail foster Suzanne french 95 Alex Sansky escorts Bonnie La Course, Football pamela gasbarra anne greco Queen - 1973. melanie goguen Valerie green Q f-- o-1 13 A I we K -sr' 1, was 'Al K ,H is 4 A ,L L f ' 3 , I Q 6 W 3 A :Q A 4 ! f B 5? anna funari diane gasbarra A break from studies finds Carmen Bilbrey gossip- william garrett john gasbarra ing with classmates. 1 rrrr Peter Speicher prepares for a practice session. JM., . . 'M ,,, ...MMV r 55.8 - - .. 6 . 4 QT V 'F Aix , i fi 3 V V i n Ev 1 VN. I Q, ,rl 'ww V ,L Q id ' ' I ' into X' . , f , 1 sg . 1 ' If ' A 'ffl , ' l , 0-V' QQ? . ' "' 22 - ' 5: 3, -- A Lv , 'H' ix 'Y' K , L ' ' x Q It 5 if r ' 5 f" debra griffiths laura gritman gordon groff renee gross '2T""?"' , in L-I vff may ,pov- 'E richard gross lynnette haddock norma hadamik lisa haigh The camera doesn't catch jerry Donaldson by surprise . ,.,?ia , W ,V 4 A .rf , " 'L " , H f '1 4 +wf,,,i ' f 4 Q27 Q , , A - 7 W ky N 4 K ' , "gi ,yfjrjf x 75 3, jfv H! f brian hall xg ' a' a x Vi robert hamarich XL ' Vg lynn hankinson 'X f ' 2 L, ry -sf-ax 5 , jf x X ' 4 ,,t:s.tWr Q., ,4 V , A U Kim' mark harasta Q , lorraine hardey X ' barbara harper i W1 X-1 ,1, ' . v , Zhi V' I ...mv grx . ,vi m X. E' 'Y f CZ?-a 1 , Ml, kevin han-is william harris edward hart A very small fraction of the senior class 4i"""" :IL nancy harvey grace hartmann margaret hartmann barbara haskell cheryl haus nancy havel Beth Ebbers, Rhon da Flexer, Dan Litts, and afriend ellen hawley colleen hayes russell hayter Rick Cicciarelli gladly leaves his work for the time being, seeming quite willing to pose for a shot. 100 .nv 'UW N WL' roberta heckman kenneth herbaugh gary hendrick audi-ey hess ., ,g, 'iss r F- W 'N . i ff- l J W7 - is V X ' ten-ie hesse sheryl holland nancy hill Vickie hollenbeck john homanich cathy hooko lsll 2 fr ' l tt, cu. 'V Z jo an hover 'Vs jackie Shaw and Yvorme Sierzant discuss the Iliad during the few minutes before the bell. ' ,i Dismissal reunites Cindy Laskowski and Ed Hart as they prepare to go home . james howard robert howard patricia hranek john howard 101 Faith Monforte chats with Andrea Archie, as Karen King looks on. paul hudanich kim huff james hurliman michael hurst Charlene iannello laurie iannone ing, V9 Tim Burke, at work. Qi Q, ,awi K5 ,Ax 3 A -3 -"1-Qdnk. W. qi- x if , , 4431 2, an 'L n z' V"'- WAX ? X I .329 7:35 ' 'L - 2' ' . .mi-KH. 'KJ"V , we a Ag. xx ,iv V if i 'J z andrew jackson susan james peter jardine rosemary jaskiewicz 9,4 ' ,,,.,e, s j Q r 95- We-iff. r ,Y 2 Q X, theresa jeffers benjamin johnson Charlene johnson christopher jones Nr ff, Y J 4 mary kappus russell jones lynn karaim richard jorgensen -5,1 ww .-cg, X- l 4TT' YQ 1m ,, , r, ' I Distracted from her studies, Grace Hartmann daydreams of the day's events. thomas karl , pamela kazmark michael kelech george kelsey jack keough david kerins michelle ketchuck Barb Kunzman karen king stephen koban charles koeth susan klasek donna knight david knight laneta knox 1995 QM, 11" at X. A I ! S15 4 , gi? ik? vm? d , , I 4. 4 X ' -fi? T ' K -Q - A iltisar f .Cf richard kolone thomas komar rr sd VV. ff Students patiently await the conclusion of 7th period so they can board their buses and head home. john konrad diana koob kathleen kopec emalie kozecke J s it ::. .. ,. Karen States interrupts the monotony of Mr. Archer's hall duty. , iw !7'?,"7"" H iii L Mike Fabrizio reluctantly hands in his test. U' ' -'U' Y' Y ' '33 if u it if in gk! .- L ,. ' cheryl kratochvil kevin ku barbara kunzman Cynthia kuzio Steve Vaughn creates . bonnie la course gary lane ffl is-nv' john lane cindy laskowski susan lanois michael lavo U. E. 'S original Laurel and Hardy, john Carris and Mario Giordano provide their usual entertainment after a tiring day. The activities in the front of the room draw the dorothy lawton robert lawyer attention of Barb Haskell. WW' QZZY' 3 I QIQN 'Vi , 1 "'sUZfi7" Stopped by the humor of a friend, Andy jackson smirks en mary kay leskow michael likewise route to the auditorium. cindy le vonne james little 108 kathle en lord Cynthia love robert loftus robert longo lisa ludlam US rf' 1 91 'CTW' ,. 4"-'V l Suzanne lusht pamela main babbi malarkey brian macbeth carla maines ' A521 ,pf ,An ff QQ' 1 if Y 5 Z 1 ? 5, C Unsure of her future plans, Val Green browses through college catalogues in the guidance office. 109 Michelle Berube and Dave Cornell walk hand in hand, sharing a happy moment. 9? . , A 'L ff' fy? IV! in ...l"E:, robert malarkey laura maltby lawrence mancini fi! irene manfredo david margetson donald mastro dennise mcbride kathleen mckenzie martin mears karen mihalko susan mills william mead michael melvin kathleen mills laurie minich Qvvw- Ji X ""-W 21- Dave Margetson. Jim Howard, dressed in his usual head attire. , I Terri Shaner works diligently to complete an assignment. -125:45 .is-If .M -M... ws 'vx 1 X 3' x .K Ji, - le , 1' , 6-' 'Y 1 ff , F21 K I illf 9 Q J g g L n eeee ,F Q, :C 1.e Li ix A ik si wx Q S f IX A l faith monforte karen morford judy myers jiri nechleba frederick montabone annette mussc jamie nabinger bernard nelson brian moon gerald nicholas maureen o'brian denise nick susan oliphant joyce olsen nancy olson thomas olshefski scott olson E fi Qfilrm, J. 1 1 0 Q .I-1' K joan Sterling and friends socialize between periods. thomas O'1'OUIk6 thomas overstrom holly pado norma padula thomas parks Curtis parvin gerald pearce dawn peet terri pembridge bruce pero susan peters ss 3 -A - sss' ' : - -. S nw... t Q E of . ,U 3 7" J f 45 s l .. ,X it K 1 'lb ...K . 5 - A .' . na. - 5 ' N A , ' xx -.-,gifr i .... . I .pil 55:21. k 1f--lvl inf' ' W-4. , -pq: '11, 3, -'13, Q. Q 'v:.w:. ... Q, QQ. ,lg:Q:?, :aww +. -" .- 1 ':-mx ,..:,v..:jv.. gk., K 'gi xl: , :A,.:,:.x::sQ.,j,g::,, S n 55,1 I " ' wk '-3' A , If hh sz. f.-,-..-.-..g.q.',. ,gg fx 22fs1:.'f:2+:-:1'12:32fs - U - ,. . in--r., '-.-i-mf.-.+"f351 11 , . iv "Nana-v"' When it comes to school- work, two heads are better than one! 114 3. deborah pitarra david potochniak Barb Harper makes wise use of her time as she waits for her lucy ann pompeii ionna pratt counselor. p-...M l .--ff Discussion of recent happenings is always a familiar scene, as shown by Scott Russell and his friends. cheryl pullano christopher pullano 115 Mary Kappus scowls at the sight she sees. Q. fJ , , he fy'-7 -rf .N y my X f fr ,,- viz - x - ty di V, . v A Ae V A ,Q AA AA karen quinlivan Sswsl' , my K' . . V - ellzabeth rakosk1 51,45 --' debra rano Rick Gross seems interested in the happenings of this classroom. 116 randy reece melody reese craig reid joan rejda martin renfro fum, ati 0r"" wayne richardson raymond rizzi maureen roach mark roe Cynthia roni terry roma , W , 4' "" While Betty Staniulis studies silently, Rick Jorgensen gives his photogenic pose. maureen rossi louis rotunno sharon rowley james ruddy if ,gf f,". dennis rubino - ll ' ' N "MW-5 x , -Wm , -I Q, ' x , 1 S. 4 , Q f i X x Q Xa , Q joanne ruffo - F ' V scott russell i L gabrielle ryan ,msg S.choo1 spirit pours forth as Sue Bernardo sells football harold sabol gordon saddlemire t1Ck9tS- christine Sacco barbara saikley F 'Y - -f Q .fn . f sg: L in ' 312 "ti Z . ' 8 at J In X QW' in Q7 F i Q W,-14"-.,::fi':x "X 'P Aveilqa. . hw, 'tx Qihvwqa .xfv-,,. w?H"3t.qssus 3Nskx,.,..- I "54.A,4sxsma4.:., f"",,44'U"u::."..uf' ' 3 W K 40' 5, ,.A,.-f . -...N X - ..f, , Chris jones appears to be a bit apprehensive, perhaps thinking about the upcoming wrestling match. frank salarnida remo samiani alex sansky qw-.Jr terri sansky christine santucci john saraceno Bruce Forbes does some serious thinking as he proofreads an essay. 11 diane schuhle michael saresky douglas scordino mary scordino margaret scott RN cf'-W-' Plain old "girl talk". Bruce Pero, undecided whether or not to buy a candy bar. 127' raymond sedelmeyer, patricia seketa 1!.','1TTv 4+ A , ' 1 bg. , ' I 'Q I, .. 5 A roberta selnekovic joanne sementelli terri shaner thomas shattuck 9!T"""": jacqueline Shaw david Shirley catherine shults yvonne sierzant J, 1.22 jim Spatafora and Doug Smith entertain passers-by Donna Pratt has a lively conversation with Mr. Palazzo. Time will pass, but will you?! 1, ,R 'WIP 'Q rf! QW iv' l patricia silvestri sarah singer david smith ginny smith kathleen simek dawn Slater douglas smith terri smith 'I22 f '19 I, ,bi :Sai WWW" 'S' i I .1,x A A Y . VV beth standish betty staniulis john Wood highlights his free period with a cup of "the real thing". lisa melissa sornberger lynn spadine james spatafora peter speicher melanie stancati barbara Standish if ily l ' 15 s .f Ai! I, 1 edward stankiewicz karen states lee Stephens james strick deborah taft robert tatich joan sterling maureen swezey lawrence taggert robert taylor gf? kikky . ,.-, , , Q. Cindy Laskowski figures out the day's earnings from the senior snack bar. Cindy Wagner flashes a sheepish grin as she passes through the hall. 'UN Tom Brown and Bonnie La Course find a few minutes to laugh during physics class R " ,ff I william tennant joseph tomsey karen trelease joanne turns kenneth testani duane townsend robert tm-ecek deb orah thornton margaret titus james tzivanis david ulsh raymond vanalstine sandra vanvleck nancy vasisko Rick Kolone makes himself comfortable as Rick Gasbarra contemplates the days news. . jx' I VA f :xy ' ., i v steven Vaughn william virun barbara wagner cindy wagner 126 janet wagner george warner thomas walczyk deborah warren Brian Kushner puts the finishing touches on his composition Cindy Roma ponders today's lesson in health. 'mis 15 Kg X fr? X x I N33 rf X N Q" V"E-f-'fll."fWSQ?'- -.liifxi james Washburn joseph Welch ,N f paul wasicki david whittemore debora Williams diane wi11son Cynthia wilson john wood donald young paul young u N Q W ., K ,V,, 1 .ww V -W X K , H x 'nw I ,Q Q. Q V, A M V 152 in If , I It ' x f ' f , Y g '51'5fg" , jeffery yule stephen zappia lf' " v 1. . fc . M. in ' wh 7 N. Mi a . ,,,,,,, . .,w.. , Some senior sillies. Senzors notpictured: ayers, douglas bennett, kevin blackman, Claudia buonomo, joseph burginia, james carter, stanley chapman, robert cortright, richard davidson, thomas davis, jon demkovich, david edwards, timothy esposito, anthony finch, thomas fitzgerald, james fosmire, richard gasbarra, richard giordano, mario gottlieb, gordon guidici, jeanne hanley, cathy harmon, edward henry, nancy iannone, rosolina keefe, kevin kremenec, thomas SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT ...... ..... T om Karl VICE PRESIDENT. . . . . Lynn Haddock . . . . . .Nancy Vasisko TREASURER - - Bob Fiacco kushner, brian ludka, david materese, john meagher, thomas miller, neil millon, richard myeis, charles neiley, christopher owen, gary palmieri, amedio pavia, joseph picalia, james pizzuti, joseph pollard, clark prus, doreen Prusienskv, gary rangel, martin reed, stephen rossi, denise strubeclc, holly tedeschi, bank van buren, jeffrey vincenec, barbara weiskopff, dennis whitcher, russell wright, daniel m f-rw Varsity F oolball. ROW 1--Kevin Borgna, Ed Hart, Bob I-Iamarich, Bill Baron, Curt Parvin-Tem Captain, Pete Battaglini, Andy Felton, Marty Renfro, Tom Parks, Steve Zappia. ROW 2--Doug Smith, Gary Crooks, Bob Malarkey, Jim Howard, Tom Brown, Dave Follis, Kraig Dunham, Mike Fabrizio, Paul Riley, Cliff Young, Tom Mills. ROW 3--Mike O'Neil, Doug DeMartine, Tom Monahan, Jeff Morgan, Wayne Kunsman, Mike Wenner, Mike Wesko, Tim Crock- ett, Tony Roach, Dan Sullivan, Scott Martin. ROW 4--Dave Mingarelli, Tom Supa, Ken Parks, Lee Spadine, Tom Wayson, Kevin Coughlin, Mike Carnevale, John Stamato, Jim Everhart, Tom Fiori, Rob Melmer. ROW 5-- Tim Edwards-manager, Mike Logan, Paul Kocm, Bob Veruto, Mark Dixon, Bob Nedbalski, Vince Carlini, Mike Longo, Steve Kazmark, Beaver Shirley. ROW 6--Tom Breese, Russ Nicosia, Fran Angeline-Head Coach, Dick Hover, Andy Michael- Trainer. An alert defense stops the M.E. running game. Time out calls for a conference between Coach Angeline and team captain Curt Parvin. 132 Bob Veruto in for the U.E. touchdown. SC ORES WE THEY 14 North 1 7 0 C ortland 14 C entral Syracuse CBA M Ithaca Norw1ch Vestal ., Team members await the toss of the coin just before game start. Attempted first down. 133 ani-qw Varsity Football I Q. crrr mfs. .!""" fs.. 1-f"'o ' -ew ,,-ff" 1-.Q Curt Parvin and Gary Crooks in the locker room after a practice session. Bob Malarkey scoois through open area for the score. Mike Fabrizio is given a hearty "good luck" from Mom and Dad at homecoming. 134 ,W , ,, Gary Crooks makes a gain of five Bob Malarkey returns the kickoff while Andy Felton prepares a block. Steve Zappia looks for a receiver--U.E. vs M.E. A crunching tackle by Bob Hamarich and Gary C rooks . 135 XM, ,, Junior Varsity F oolball. Mike Caforio hands off to Ernie Fabrizio at the Central game. SCORES WE THEY 7 North O 4, 7 Cortland 8 21 Central 6 3 8 S . V. 12 6 M. E. 6 8 Ithaca O 19 Norwich 14 1 O Vestal 14 .1 ROW 1--Mike Caforio, Dave Sedelmeyer, Rick Paglia, John Veruto, Ernie Fabrizio, Joe Ni- quette, Mike Komar, Bill Mastro, Dave McManus. ROW 2--Bill Hanrahan, Mark Bowen, Craig Grant, Rick Haddock, Keith Baird, Bill Hughes, joe Conzola, Rick Bassett, Mike Koob, Mike Swetitch. ROW 3--Bob Summers, Ed Cole, Jim Ryan, Mario Fabrizio, Ron Rejda, John Snyder, Brian Barno, Brian Fitch, Bob Monahan, Rick Gaworecki, "Chip" Simmons. ROW 4-- Head Coach Miller, Mr. Richards, Ralph Garrison, Bob Lesyshyn, Dave Bennett, Mike Somma, Walter I-Iarzinski, Bob Novak, jim Lavo, Mike Heide, Joe Roma, Mr. Tidick, Mr. Huggins. Team members prepare for the snap. C ,I .4 WM... -1' Mike Caforio steps back at the snap of the ball. swf 2 1 . , Mk l ,,, - ::,,"j'iLL1., . L ,, gf 'wxfai . M Q -,,' M, . . A ,-1. ' J, V- 'MW' ,awe ,,,. fgf ,Q .- -ffwrwsfesr i1i1fmau,TieQw,f?"5i?+3i. 4 Ernie Fabrizio gets ready for the punt. Joe Niquette and Ralph Garrison back for the punt. 137 ww wal'-lwwrxzfiswi ,rw w Varsity Soccer upsets Ithaca once more ROW 1--Don Young, Mark Blackwell, Coach Egmond, Jerry Wood, jeff Uhrinec ROW 2 Steve Koban, Lou Har asta, Scott Russell, Mike DePersis, Jerry Donaldson, jeff Yule, joe Roma, Jim Nielsen ROW 3 jack Calavitis, Kelley Reardon, Guy Billings, Tom Peckham, Nick Scalzo, Bill Donaldson, George Kelsey, Mark Barno, Bill Clay ton, Ruben Rangel, Craig Reid. Missing is Marty Rangel, Kyle Roe. x "' S:Q'w3:xf5'3m s Wing Craig Reid stays out for the season with a broken arm suffered against Vestal. 138 Tom Peckham goes after the ball Coach George Egmond Team members plot strategy during halftime. Bill Clayton slides in on the opponent. Q.. A -4:1 ts ' V X ' "H f K, gg' 5 fi.: 5 SCORES Oneonta S . V. M. E. Seton Chenango Forks Vestal 1. C . Ithaca Oneonta Chenango Forks M. . Seton Horseheads Vestal Ithaca THEY 3 1 3 1 0 3 1 4 2 jerry Donaldson sets up the ball for a goal K.,-A..,,:VV ,f..!f , 1. a ' A f. W 'f ff - 'Yah' Y . S ffl 1 2, j - w 555' sf w- ,atm .. Us, ii tv , ' -. K M 1 ' .W , A -M 1 " ' N 'affymig ' Y, 'j x W ' 'N ,N 'Q,,,I3, -at, P ful :Q an N 9, Umm Q ml muy.. vwfawc .' , - mm , Nick Scalzo and Steve Koban move the ball down- Kyle Roe throws the ball back into fleld for 21 S031- N play. J. V. Soccer wins eight out oftwelve Brad Thomas moves in on a slide tackle. Carl Roma and "Bugsy" Briggs go in for the score SCORES THEY Vestal M C Forks Ithaca Vestal M. '. C. Forks Iishaca ROW 1--john Malawacki, Dan Litts, Tom Laskowski, john Gofran, john Kappus, Carl Roma, Randy Stachyra, "Bugsy" Briggs. ROW 2--Steve Gregor, Ken Cherevko, Ed Butler, Mike Repinecz, Brad Thomas, Kevin Fitch, Coach Bruce Carmen, Bill Dixon, Kevin O'Brian, jim I-Iall, Bob Snyder, Dan Dixon. ROW 3--Bill Lockwood, Rick Burke, Jerry Feeney. Girls' Tennis faces tough competition. Debbie Desko with a look of anticipation before the match. W QW i 'K .4 v 9: fi?',,egggqf' A l Michelle Camadella makes an excellent return. -fn' Q, Q. N - ' " X -' . SCORES WE THEY 2 S. V. 3 0 Ithaca 5 2 Vestal 3 0 Central 5 0 M. E. 5 3 I. C. 2 2 Owego 3 1 C. V. 3 2 C. C. 3 ROW 1--Eve Zaccheo, Carolyn Demyan, Ami Marie Dray, Michelle Cama- della, Judy Lord, Debbie Desko. ROW 2--Marcia Nelson, Barb Lord, Barb Hughes, Karen Bevelacqua, Coach jo Michael, Sue Mills, Chris Santucci, jane Thomas. Missing is Pat Picciano. ROW 1--Russ King, Mark Babb, Coach Osborne, Jim Babb. ROW 2--jim Santacrose, Barry Davidson, Kevin Lavin, Steve Franck, Mike Ricciardi. 'Qi jim Babb . su-E' 1-2 s SCORES THEY Central 26 North 26 J. C. 15 Ithaca 15 Owego 16 M. E. 33 Vestal 15 1X2 1X2 1X2 1X2 1X2 1X2 Varsity gobf tees off to cz winning season jeff Good . jim Tzivanis my 'NJ SCORES THEY Homer 12 Ithaca 18 M Cort1and20 Vestal North C. V. 19 Owego 13 Ithaca 23 Central 10 Seton 14 Vestal 16 I. C. 12 Central 17 1X2 1 1X2 1X2 112 1X2 1X2 1X2 Tony Palombaro. Dan Tzivanis. Mike 19105- 4 Tony Palombaro, Dan Tzivanis, Coach Hurst Mitten, Jim Tzivanis, Brian I-Ia.11, Mike Jaros iris' Swim finishes with "ten and three". Constant practice helps the U.E. girls' swim team to achieve perfection. 'xiim ' S 14 1 r" ROW 1--Connie LaCourse, Peggy Hurliman, Barb Scott, Cheryl Benninger, Sue Emmett, Dawn Slater, Pris Ham- lin, Sheila Grebe, Peggy Schuhle, Carla McLain. ROW 2--Jackie Albano, Margaret Kerins, Lori Fisher, Kathy Adams, Sue Shaffer, Margaret Bennett, Karen Neville, Cheryl Haus, Leigh I-lankinson, Sandy Smith, Lisa Dick- inson. ROW 3--Coach "Dolly" I-Ionnick, Vonnie La Course, Kathy O'Neil, Tracy Mott, Judy Savage, Marie Mc- Iain, Cindy Gritman, Annette Buiocchi, Sue Litts, Leslie Mott. ROW 4--Barb Zizak, Karen Bidwell, Karen Kofira, Jeanette Duffek, Tira Slater, Missy Sornberger, Patty Battaglini, Tammy Laskowski. 146 Leslie Mott finishes with a 3rd place in the breaststroke event vs. Central. Barb Scott prepares to swim the 50 Fly. 2 www, ff? H-swwrwx , Nr SCORES WE 5 9 Vestal 46 Ithaca 79 Central 78 M. E. 78 C . V. 50 C . F. 79 Afton 75 J. C. 38 Vestal 30 Ithaca 73 Central 84 M. E. 79 C . V. Lori Fisher, Jackie Albano, Leigh Hanlcinson and Dawn Slater broke a STAC record for the 200 free- style against Ithaca-- 1:54. 7 Correct form for the front dive, layout position is shown by Sue Litts. THEY 36 49 16 17 17 45 16 20 57 65 22 11 19 147 Varsity Wrestling remains Tom Supa, Bob Veruto, Chris Jones, Mark Palombo, Tom Krmenec, jim " urnber Orzef Nasoni, Ruben Rangel, Scott DePersis Mike Koob, john Ciotoli, Larry Taggert, Rick Denmon, Ziggy Calvasina. John Ciotoli Chris jones Mark Palombo . E if O' Fw -We Rick Demnon. Bob Veruto . SCORES WE THEY 53 Owego 8 42 Elmira 17 47 Cortland 6 56 C . C. 8 50 S . V. 1 1 45 North 11 63 Central O 58 C . V. 3 34 Homer 9 39 Norwich 15 54 Oneonta 5 49 M.E. 9 56 E. F.A . 2 41 Vestal 9 36 J. C . 15 39 Ithaca 12 149 Q' 'L Tom Krmenec . Scott DePersis -dwmmw., XX,x. . .ffM'N' Ruben Rangel . gd . x . K Mem- x Larry Taggart Varsity Wrestling. Varsity ana' Junior Varsity Squads Mike Koob . if iv, ,, ., .mjli9W"" S D P J. V. Wrestling takesfrst at STA C's 4 Coach Huggins, Dave Silvestri, Dave Kotrick, Vince Carlini, john Veruto, Bob Virun, Dave Vaughn, Vince Gance, Rob Boulet, Wayne Miner, Tim Murphy, Mark Krmenec, Dave Michaels. 152 Bob Virun. SCORES WE THEY 39 Owego 14 48 E. S. S. 6 42 Cortland 9 69 C . C. 0 40 S.V. 11 C K S1 North 6 9' ' 56 C . V. 9 V 72 Central O 29 Homer 26 39 Norwich 15 58 Oneonta O 50 M.E. 3 45 E.F.A. 11 25 Vestal 33 f 43 J.C. 15 26 Ithaca 32 4 George Lepay. Kirk Macbeth. Varsity Basketball ROW 1--Managers Rob Taylor and Bill Loller, Rick Rochon, Dean Ga- lus, jerry Wood, Ken Simmons, Coach Tar- ricone. ROW 2--Mark ' Hover, Tom Consol, Mike Kelech. ROW 3--Gary X Crooks, Joe Kubik, Tom Buiocchi, Steve Zappia, Toney Palombaro. Ken Simmons has little trouble finding the Ken Simmons and Mike Kelech put forth all to win basket and scoring two more points. the ball. 154 Rick Rochon obviously has no choice but to pass. SCORES WE THEY 78 E. S. S. 55 69 Seton 48 56 Vestal 60 84 Ithaca 53 47 M. E. 48 73 Owego 54 Homer Cortland Seton Vestal Ithaca M Owego High-flying Ken Simmons goes up for a sinker. Tom Consol powers his way to the basket. Ken Simmons displays city ball style to the U.E. crowd. Tom Buiocchi takes the last laugh at Seton. Quarterback Zappia sets up in Seton pocket. 156 J 34 ligllj YQ, gig 1-, ,,,. ,. --rm-ww Tom Buiocchi loses handle of the ball against the pesky Seton. N w Junior Varsity Basketball. ROW 1--John Carnevale, Mark Patrick. ROW2--Coach Sylvester, Ernie Fabrizio, Kevin Kopec, Barron Valent, Bob Crane, Floyd Heater. ROW 3--Dale Pullano, "Beaver" Shir- ley, john Snyder, Rick Mastro, Joe Toth. SCORES WE THEY 65 E. S. S. 56 72 Seton 24 55 Vestal 58 49 Ithaca 59 51 M.E. 44 70 Owego 65 70 Homer 28 64 Cortland 52 77 Seton 24 53 C . C. 46 59 Vestal 56 58 Ithaca 48 42 M. E. 58 57 Owego 49 65 Homer 40 55 E.F.A. 67 65 Cortland 46 59 M.E. 61 56 C . V. 59 Bob Crane goes high for a rebound against cross-town rival Seton. Girls' Volleyball ROW 1--Gerry Smith, Terri Shaner, Coach Marshall, Debbie Mitchell, Betteanne Pinto. ROW 2--Doreen Denmon, Nancy Navel, Allyson Light- Kflfen Bevelacqua returns the ball body, Dana Chadwick, Karen Bevelacqua, Sue Loveless, Cathy Buchanan, Wlth 3 "bump"- Manager Maria Reynolds. A careful aim by Doreen Denmon en- ables her to obtain two more team points. Girls' Basketball ROW 1--Peggy Scott, Cindy Palmer, Coach Williams, Cathy Buchan- an, Doreen I-lamarichy. ROW 2--Manager Michelle Camadella, Doreen Denmon, Sue Hillenbrand, Charlene Ianello, Dana Chadwick, Denise Dunham, Karen Bevelacqua, Betteanne Pinto, Manager VickyMatteson. 159 Varsity Swimming Mike Balles--breaststroke. Mark Oney--100 freestyle an fi' K 'r 'Xia N- - Q M' B-me 0 it 19.3 2 r X Y , , .. gr 'ffqfk ROW 1--Mike Balles, Bob Fiacco, Mike Tersmette, Kevin jurena, Bill Andrake, Dave Stella, Mark Nabing- er. ROW 2--Bob Turecek, Tom Peckham, Mark Gallo, Bill Virun, Chuck Atwood, Mark Stella, Mark Oney ROW 3--John Andrake, Dave Carlson, Ralph Garrison, Ed Morford, Bill Adams, Kevin Baird, Gordie Ben- ninger--Captain. Coach Benjamin. Mark Nabinger--jackknife. E J 1 I Bob Turecek- -backstroke . Ed Morford-- 500 freestyle. SCORES WE THEY 86 C .F. 84 50 Ithaca 123 68 Vestal 104 38 M .E. 45 106 North 62 88 Cortland 84 84 j.C . 88 29 Norwich 54 54 Afton 28 31 Central 52 46 C . F. 37 17 Ithaca 66 40 Vestal 43 Girls' ymnastics stays on top. Lynn Spadine executes 2 h21ndSpriHg OVST The As a part of her beam routine, Sarah Singer exe- horse, assisted by Mr. Michaels. cutes this one-armed cartwheel. ---nu-1 K I I "" 5 'V '7 J z Sophomore Jane Nielsen begins an under-swing half turn on the unevens. Sarah Singer displays her extreme skill with a very high leap on the beam. 162 Varslty Bowlzng. Bob Howard, Bob Duffy, Mr. Sever, RichMorgart, RickBurke, EdMi11ward, jerry Cargill B Bob Howard. Rick Morgan- Junior Varsity and Girls' Bowling. ROW 1--Jim Kukelka, Keith Stanton. ROW 2--Mr. Sever, Bob Sedlacek, Paul Noyd. ROW 3--John Marchetti, Craig Williams, U Mike Bovier. J1m Kvlfelka- ROW 1--Joanne Peworchik, Ann Seversky, Patty Gaul. ROW 2--Mr. Sever, Ann Gasbarra, Viki Synder, Kaye Mott, Jackie Albano, Carla Maines. Joanne Peworchik 5..- ROW 1--Bonnie LaCou.rse, Barb Standish, Lynn Haddock, janet Morris, Lisa Boris, Suzie Shear, Jodie Kotasek. ROW 2--Cindy Laskowski, Pam Kazmark, Renee Gross, Vickie Matteson. Y' , W 4 , , Our tired little mascot sits with her brother, LarryWagner. Renee Gross displays energetic school spirit as the tiger, Cindy Wagner, concentrates on the play. 168 2 v Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders. The varsity squad. Mary Kay Leskow, Lynn Hankinson, and Cindy Roma doing sideline cheers. 170 LEFT to RIGHT--Peggy Schuhle, Debbie Williams, Grace Hartmann, Cindy Roma, Shawn Morris, Kathy Lavelle, Leigh Hankinson, Lynn Hanlcinson, Mary Kay Leskow. Lynn Hankinson leads the "roll call. " Leigh Hankinson, Cindy Roma, and Kathy Lavelle ff' wy,.,.v'Af"4y'dWM Q' """"""'-M . School spirit pours forth from the mouths of the cheerleaders as they perform another "peppy" cheer: 171 X Junior Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders. Jeanette Pietn-as . Halftime finds the girls out on the court trying to increase the enthusiasm of the crowd. The cheerleaders show their excitement when our team takes the lead. 172 ROW 1--Marsha Zur, Patty Brown. ROW 2--Connie LaCourse, Mary Norton. ROW 3--Paula Fiorini, Joni Sloma. ROW 4--Joanne Pietras, Molly Sabraw, Jeanette Pietras. Tigerettes, Color Guard, and Flag Corps. ROW 1--Lisa Ludlarn, Kathy Greco, Jayne Melrose, Mary Kappus, Co-capt. Sara Singer, Mr. Scagnoli, Lynn Spadine, Sue Mariani, Lynn Kaschak, Lisa Kukelka. ROW 2--Felicia Putrino, Sue Dorin, Norma I-Iadamilc, Co-Capt. Joan Rejda, Mr. Slechta, Barb Haskell, jeff Bryant, Vicky Cec- cherelli, Maria Marzocca, Cindy Livingston, Dawn Contento, Lori Webster. ROW 3--Dana Chad- - wick. Missing is Sue French. WLIRLITZER Sandy Warren, Robin Vail, Therese DeSanctis, Michelle Seversky, Paula Fionrini, Car- men Bilbrey. ROW 1--Sandie Cooper, Kim Williams, Kim Conzola, Judy Merritt, Tammy Knox, Debbie Hrehor. ROW 2--Carla Maines Ann Seversky, Becky Boyer, Tammy Weston, Cindy Wil- son. ROW 3--Kim Ather- ton, Linda DelBianco, jill Swartz, Maria Camadella. ROW 4--Cathy Soper, Lauren Koeth, Debbie Warren. ROW g ROW 6--Joyce Olsen. 173 ! 5- -Joann Guccia, StacyA dams . ' ll 0 o 79 Tzgeretles perform to Boogze Woogie Bugle Boy A grand finale for a knock-out dance. The Tigerettes "rock and roll" to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys" 2 i ll. . a Q ' . 2 Swinging partners give it every- thing they've got. Performing in their usual style, the Tigerettes do an up-field precision drill. 'I74 Marching Band. FLUTES Barbara Bishara Deborah Mitchell Holly Stone Sue Hillenbrand Cynthia Cowan Darlene Rathke Sue Sterling Ann Marie Fedich Karen Smith Janice Spyher Kathleen Warren Carol Lanois BELLS Joan Sterling Pat Warski Deborah Cowan Judy Jones Barbara Tzivani Gaby Ryan Diane Dunham CLARINETS William Andrake Kathleen Lord Patricia Seketa Diane Willson Mary Cowan Cathy Gower Teresa Heaton Mark Zavatto Sally Boettger Mary Lynne Diorio Bernadette Drankoski Barbara Dunham Shirley Haines Carol Hutchinson Barbara Keefe Deborah Kovarick Kaye Mott David Stone Larry Wagner Linda Ward Diane Wild Arleen Johnson Susan Allen Larry Moreau ALTO SAXOPHONES Tom Komar Dave Dranchak Cindy Bloom Maureen Jamerson Ellen Mclntyre Bob Juoditis Maureen Bilbrey Diane Carlson Karen Morford TENOR SAXOPHONES Karen Grimm Sue Komar Richard Naramore Mary Beth Watkins Judy Wallen MELLOPHONIUMS Tom Oversirom Cindy Palmer Karen Lord Julie Hrustich Amie Joslin Mark Oney Kathy Buren TRUMPETS Chuck Atwood John Adams Bill Dixon John Andrake Bill Lockwood Mark Buselli Kevin Corwin Gary Meza Allen Snyder Richard Allen Bill Nyce TROMBONES Joe Rakoski Pete Speicher Scott Dunham Mike Vetrano Patty Bunnell Keith Rought Don Henning Jerry Padbury Ward Titus BARITONES Randy Reece Bruce Hughes Eric Knapp SOUSAPHONES Bruce Forbes Dave Smith Vincent Grebe Terry Sinclair Dave Simpson Jim Nielson PERCUSSION Ray Rizzi Doug Smith Lou Barner Dave Clemente Melanie Stancati Elizabeth Rakoski Dan Parson Wayne Harris Robert Flint Mike Kratochivil Mark Wallace Tom Vergona RIFLES Cheryl Lounsberry Mary Miner Pam Cunningham FEATURE TWIRLER Tina Christina DRUM MAJORETTE Lori Briggs 175 A performance at the Buffalo Bills football game in Rich Stadium highlighted the '73 band season. Going back to times past, the band does their "Rock-Around-the- Clock" formation. Ray Rizzi and Doug Smith exchange a few words A week of practice at band camp helps the band achieve before the halftime show. its standards of excellence. 177 Concert Bands. SYMPHONY BAND--ROW 1--David Stone, Carol Lanois, Holly Stone, Ann Marie Fedich, Karen Smith, Kathe- rene Warren, Janice Sypher, Cheryl Lounsberry, Kathleen Buran, Suzanne Hillenbrand, Cynthia Cowan. ROW 2-- Mary Lynne DeOrio, Bernadette Drankoski, Maria Marzocca, Teresa Heaton, Debra Koyarik, Linda Ward, Lauri Webster, Karen Morford, Larry Wagner, Jayne Melrose, Dana Chadwick, Maribeth Watkins, Ellen Mclntyre, Mau- reen Bilbrey, Robert Juozitis. ROW 3--Patricia Seketa, Mary Cowan, Cathy Gower, Susan Allen, Carol Hutchin- son, Barbara Keefe, Kay Mott, Ward Titus, Kevin Corwin, John Kappus, John Andrake, Allan Snyder, Nathan Emmons, William Nyce, Diane Carlson, Judy Wallen, Susan Komar, Karen Grimm, Julie Hrustich, Cindy Palmer, Amy Joslin, Thomas Overstrom, Mark Oney. ROW 4--Diane Wild, Arleen Johnston, Shirley Haines, Barbara Dun- ham, Catherine Soper, Kim Atherton, Daniel Parson, Robert Flint, Wayne Harris, Michael Kratochvil, Mark Wal- lis, Thomas Vergona, Pat Warski, Diane Dunham, Judy Jones, Terry Sinclair, David Simpson, James Nielsen, Vin cent Grebe, Kenneth Parks, Bruce Hughes, Eric Knapp, Gerald Padbury, Patti Bunnell, Scott Dunham, Keith Rought. 4 Chuck Atwood--trumpet. Cindy Palmer--French horn. 178 STAGE BAND--ROW 1--Gerald Padbury, David Stone, Charles Atwood, john Adams, William Nyce, MarkBuselli, William Dixon, Raymond Rizzi, David Dranchak, Brian Coryell, Richard Naramore, Mr. Slechta. ROW 2--Pat Warski, Mary Lynne DeOrio, Sally Boettger, Dana Chadwick, David Simpson, Mark Rando, Mark Zavatto, Karen Grimm, Cindy Bloom, Robert juozitis. ROW 3--Cindy Palmer, Keith Rought, Peter Speicher, joseph Rakoski, Thomas Peckham, Louis Barner, Douglas Smith. foo? Q . . . fi- wr, WIND ENSEMBLE--ROW 1--Ma- rene jamerson, Sylvia Rando, Q :V 4 isis! ,, Deborah Mitchell, joan Sterling, Barbara Bishara. ROW 2--Mark Zavatto, Kathleen Lord, Mary Kappus, Barbara Haskell, Sally Boettger, Cynthia Livingston. ROW 3--Cindy Palmer, Julie Hrustich, Amy Joslin, Sarah Singer, Robert juozitis, Richard Naramore, Ger- ald Spadine, Thomas Komar, Car- la Maines, William Andrake, Cin- dy Bloom. ROW 4--William Lock- wood, William Dixon, Mark Bu- selli, john Adams, Charles At- wood, joseph Rakoski, PeterSpei- cher, Thomas Parks, David Smith, Terry Sinclair. ROW 5--David Clemente, Louis Barner, Raymond Rizzi, Melanie Stancati, Douglas Smith. joe Rakoski- -trombone . 179 ROW 1--Pierina Consol, Gina Nicholas. ROW 2--Allison Kelly, Karen Mihalko, Audrey Hess, Norma Padula, Chris Musa, Joanie Carosella, Barb Hughes, Barb Haskell. ROW 3--julie Strbo, Joni Sloma, Betty Staniulis, Mary Norton, Pam Saikley. Thesaurus S laff Norma Pa dula--Editor- in-Chief .nv-",, 'W sa is sr, yn' A. sk f'F!f:.',cfi B5 if F 'G' 1, 14, L...-4 ...L.. .fef34.552g1. ., '2:'y21jfgf':.11 Our faithful photographer john Kappus in, where else but, his darkroom. 180 --4 sg.-J Barb Hughes displays the constant work and effort involved in producing the yearbook. Tigereye S ta ff , gr, is S xsasqxfif 'IQ jim Strick and Dan Flipse. ROW 1--Dan Flipse, Allison Fox. ROW 2- Mark Turecek, Chuck Yungkurth, David Bird, Bev l-lasch, joe Shuttaclc. ROW 3-- Nancy Hill, Mark Huck-Editor, Sandie Cooper, Steve Vaughn, Lesley Mott. ROW 4--jim Zwirble, Kevin Chadwick, Laurie Broadbent, Brian Coryell, Cookie Bogan, Jim Strick. 2. swbwg 1--1? yu: Y EQ f' Slurounded by everything imder the sun, Brian Coryell finds it a fitting atmosphere to compose a news article. 181 Clothing obviously isn't enough to keep these skiiels from getting cold Mike I-Ieide. Beth Ebbers on the bus en route to Greek Peak. Ski Club raises money by sponsoring a car wash. Missy 301-nbergel---5ki Club President. 1 E3 - x ri . . ,Yi fn "Spunky" Smith. Members await the arrival of the buses. and then it's off to the slopes. Student overnment Club members discuss fund-raising activities at a meeting in the auditorium 45 I 1 OS' -' ,asm AF if mmmv--W RZ ROW 1--Carla Maines, Joan Rejda, Renee Gross, joe Schuttak, Steve Vaughn, Gary Crooks, Bob Ma- larkey. ROW 2--Theresa DeSanctis, Nancy Hill, Linda Trabucco, Rick Warfield, Bill Virun, Karen King, Rob Taylor, Margaret Hartmann, Cindy Roma. ROW 3--Mike Kelech, Laurie Broadbent, Lori Briggs, Sue Lanois, Karen Conrad, Cathy Buchanan, Shawn Morris, Lori DePalo, Vicky Ceccherelli, Kathy Ko- pec, Bonnie LaCourse, Tom Brown, Al Sansky. 4 I Drama Club Mr. Gallagher, advisor, makes a few critical remarks to the players. Members rehearse their lines in preparation for another Shakespearean play. is 2 5 l l l 1 l ROW 1--Cathy Giordano, Lesley Mott, Lori Spangenberg, Chris Sacco. ROW 2--Mr. Gallagher, Mark I-luck, Tammy Knox, Barry Davidson, Sue Emmett, Lisa Dickinson, Sue DeDio, Nancy Mc- Kenzie, Sue jasko, Maureen Jamerson, Kathy McKenzie. 1 Key Club members spruce up just before escorting Foot- ball Queen candidates . Key Club ROW 1--Tony Donatelli, john Saraceno. ROW 2-- Dan Litts, A1Sansky. ROW 3--Craig Reid, Tom Karl. ROW 4--Dave Kerins, John Wood, Tony Pa- lombaro, Jim Orlando. ROW 5--Paul Roach, Tom Buiocchi. STANDING--Tony Donatelli-Treasurer. John Saraceno- Secretary, A1Sansky-Vice President. SEATED--Tom Karl-President. 186 Mernbexs discuss upcoming activities with Mr. Ture- cek, advisor. C0-op and Football Queen Candidates. SEATED--Debbie Williams, Faith Monforte. LEFT to RIGHT--Peggy Scott, Debbie Pitarra, Barbara Standish, Sue Peters, Debbie Taft, Audrey Hess. .Q 4 , 3 Barbara Haskell, Debbie Williams, Cindy Laskowski, Pam Kazmark, Barbara Standish, LynnHaddock, Lynn Spadine. Queen-Bonnie LaCourse. ' Club President Bill Virun and club members make last minute prep- arations for their trip to Hershey, Pa. istory Club and French Club. ROW 1--Bob Virun, Steve Faivre, Bill Harris, Ginny Smith, Craig Reid. ROW 2--Deb Warren, Renee Gross, Bill Virun. ROW 3--Mel Reese, Ann Seversky, jill Swartz, Sandy Warren. ROW 4--Keith Baird, Mike Balles, Kevin Baird, Pam Saikley. ROW 5--Kathy Roma, Sue Rubino, Debbie Mitchell, Barb Machalek, Lori DePalo, Shawn Morris. ROW 6--Lisa C' OUN"E'i OR Pam Saikley and a display of good old French cheer. 188 Boris, Sue Marca. "Vx ROW 1--Maria Reynolds, Sue Schaefer, Lori Cianco. ROW 2--Linda Tra- bucco, Molly Sabraw, Sue Rubino, Linda Byer, Laurie Broadbent, Marge Keough, Janette Cyganovich, Terrie Wallick, Ann Shelanskey, Kim Con- zola, Kim jones, Eva-Maria I-leurich. ROW 3--jill Savidge, Kim Williams Cheryl Lounsberry, Kim Atherton, Pam Saikley, Kathy Roma. Ma th letes. Mary Kappus, Norma Padula, joan Rejda, Barb Wagner, jiri Nechleba . Steve Faivre . --x 4x Joan Rej da . jiri Nechleba . union. Zndicow azional Honor Society. Gaby Ryan lights her candle after being award- ed her membership card. ROW 1--Bonnie LaCourse, Lisa Dickinson, Chris Santucci, Kathy Kopec, Mary Kappus. ROW 2--Miss Kozik fadvisorj, Vicky Cec- cherelli, Carla Maines, Norma Padula, Joan Rejda, Mike Kelech, john Konrad, Tom Komar. f,. L Inductees recite the pledge led by Mary Kappus, P1'eSideD'C 190 n Regents Scholarship Winners and Choir. ROW 1--Gaby Ryan, Mary Kappus, Barbara Wagner, Lisa Dickinson. ROW 2--Joyce Olsen, Nancy Hill, jiri Nech leba, Tom Komar. ROW 3--Chris Santucci, Pierina Consol, Barbara Kunzman, Kathy Kopec, Vicky Ceccherelli, Steve Vaughn, jerry Donaldson, john Konrad, john Wood, jim Strick, joan Rejda. Bill Garrett. ROW 1--Debra Kugler, Sharon Vestal, Tammy Knox, Sandy Donlick, jane Keough, Buddy Allen, David Diack, Brenda Bollen, Lori Kaschak, Andrea Gresko. ROW 2--Lisa Kukelka, LuAnn Rouse, Therese De- Sanctis, Debbie Hausamann, Michael Vetrano, Bob Lozzi, Micky McLain, Mary Robinson, Sandy Hartung, Tammy Bronstein, Ms. Hartman. ROW 3--Karen Mihalko, Sharon Vanalstine, Pat Warski, Pierina Consol, Allison Fox, Betty Sprague, David Cook, Tim Edwards, Sue jasko, Pam Corbin, Cerise Silvestri, Irene Olevano, Sue Schaefer. ROW 4--Diana Snell, Melanie Zemberi, Sue Miner, Carol Hutchinson, Laurie Broadbent, Mary Ann Nolis, Cindy Brady, Dana Chadwick, Sue Fish, Denise Dimham, Cindy Desko, Nan- cy Scotcher, Barb Lord, Cindy Corbin, Donna Roberts. 191 ROW 1--Kevin Baird, Mike Balles, Doug Smith, Ray Sedelmeyer, Tom Brown, Phil Demer, Mike Kelech. ROW 2--Jim Santacrose, Mike O'Neil, Mike Wesko, Chris jones, Paul Hudanich, Bill Virun, Guy Billings, Tim Edwards. ROW 3--Tom Consol, Kurt Decker, Kelly Reardon, jerry Wood, Brad Thomas, Bill Clayton, Nick Scalzo. ROW 4--Pete Battaglini, Bill Baron, Bill Donaldson, Craig Reid, Rick Rochon. A few members wile away the time just before their picture. ' Selling refreshments at sporting events is an activity of the Varsity Club. 192 W Chess Club. joe Schuttak and Craig Reid draw the attention of a few other mem- joe Schuttak moves his queen to capture the bers awaiting their turn at the board. opponent's man. , aw ff? - .avi " i Jw. i 29-if i I T32- . Qr is 649, in Kevin Ku records his strategy. FRONT--Dan Flipse, Bev I-Iasch, joe Schuttak. BACK--Mark I-luck, joe jones, Rick Bargar, Steve Vaughn, jim Zwirble. 193 Adams, john--64, 175, 179 Adams, Kathleen--64, 146 adams, stacy--82, 173 Adams, William--48, 160 Albano, Jacqueline--64, 68, 146, 147, 165 Alimonti, Victor--48 Allen, Deborah--64 Allen, Jeanine--64 Allen, Lawrence--64 Allen, Milton--191 Allen, Richard--64, 175 Allen, Susan--48, 175, 178 Amorese, Teresa--48 Alpi, Renee--64 Alton, Thomas--64 Andralce, john--48, 160, 175, 178 andrake, william--82, 160, 175, 179 Andraslcik, Richard--64 andrews, dave--87 Anechiarico, Mr.--18 Angeline, Mr.--30, 133 Antalek, Kathleen--64 Archer, Mr.--27 archer, maria--82 archie, andrea--82, 102 Arnold, Catherine--48 Arnold, Kenneth--48 arnold, richard--82 Arvonio, Neil--48 aten, barry--82 Atherton, Kim 64, 173, 178, 188 Atkinson, Mrs.--33 Atkinson, Janice--64 atkinson, kim--82 atwood, charles--83, 160, 175, 178, 179 ayers, moira--83 Babb, James--48, 143 Babb, Mark--143 Babcock, Kevin--64 Bagnick, Richard--48 Bailey, Judson--48 Baird, Keith--48, 136, 188 baird, kevin--83, 95, 188, 192, 160 Baldwin, Jacquelyn--64 Ballam, Michael--48 194 balles, joseph--83 Bango, Caroline--64 barcak, rosemary--83, 88 Bargar, Richard--64 balles, michael--83, 160, 188, 192 Barner, Louis--48, 179 Barno, Brian--48, 136 bamo, mark--83 Bamo, Mr.--27 Barnum, james--48 Barnum, Rand--64 Baron, Jody--48 baron, william--83, 133, 192 barton, leslie--83 Barton, Lon--48 Bartos, Christopher--64 Bartos, Roxane--64 bartos, victoria--84 Bartram, Roy--48 Bassett, Richard--48, 136 Battaglini, Marc--48 Battaglini, Patty--48, 146 battaglini, michael--84 battaglini, peter--84, 133, 192 Battaglini, Rebecca--48 Battista, john--64 battista, michael--84 Battista, Pam--64, 66 Battle, Cynthia--48 Battle, Jennifer--74 Becker, Karen--64 Beechler, Mrs.--18 Beeman, Elizabeth--64 Belaxdinelli, Robert--64 bell, kathy--84 Belpulsi, John--64 Benjamin, Edmund--48 Benjamin, Mr.--161 Bennet, Beth--48 Bennett, joseph--64 Bennett, John--64 Bennett, Margaret--64, 146 Benninger, Cheryl--65, 146 benninger, gordon--84, 180 Benson, Julie--65 bernardo, denise--84 bernardo, susan--84, 118 bernhart, lynn--84 Berube, Michael--65 berube, michelle--85, 110 bevelacqua, karen--85, 141, 1 biber, jeffrey--85 Bickham, Gary--48 Bidwell, Diane--65 bidwell, kathy--85 59 Bidwell, Richard--65 Biesecker, Leearm--65 bilbrey, carmen--85, 96, 173 Bilbrey, Maureen--48, 178 Bilcik, David--65 billings, guy--85, 192 Bilka, Monique--65 Birchall, john--65 Bird, Billie Sue--65 Bird, David--181 Biscardi, joseph--65 Bishara, Barabara--65, 175, 1 Bishop, Lynn--48 Bisland, Brian--65 blaclcman, steven--85 Blackwell, Mark--65 Blaha, Stanley--65 Blazavich, Michael--65 Blazey, Michael--48 Blazicek, Scott--49 Bloom, Cindy--49, 175, 179 Bock, Joanne--65 Bock, Linda--65 Boettger, Sally--49, 175, 179 Bogan, Colleen--49, 181 Bollen, Brenda--49, 191 Bongiorno, Darlene--49 Bongiorno, Debora--65 bontempo, victor--85 Boneventre, Bob--49 Bonventre, john--65 Boras, Christine--49 boreffi, dina--85 borgna, kevin--85, 133 Borgna, Rick--49 Boris, Lisa--65, 169, 188 borsellino, danny--86 Bormick, Mr. Martin--12 Bott-ino, Mr.--17 Bowen, John--49 bowen, lisa--86 Bowen, Mark--49 Bowen, Patricia--65 Boulet, Rob--152 Boutron, Mike--49 Bovier, Mike--49, 165 Boyd, Diane--49 Boyer, Penny--49 Boyer, Rebecca--65, 173 bradbury, david--86 bradbury, sharon--86 Brady, Cindy--49, 191 Bragaglia, Antoinette--65 Branca, Lisa--49 B1-att, Mrs.--30 Briggs, Lori--65, 184 Briggs, Scott--49 Broadbent, Laurie--49, 181, 184, 188, 191 Bronstein, Tammy--49, 191 Brower, Peter--49 Brown, Pat--49, 172 brhel, ronald--86 briggs, paul--86 brink, sue--86 brown, tom--87, 93, 125, 133, 184, 192 Bruce, Seth--49 Brucher, Carrie--49 BI"l1l'1IlkE, Doug--49 bryant, jeffrae--87, 173 Bryant, Jim--49 Bryden, Mrs.--14 Bucek, Richard--65 Buchanan, Cathy--65, 159, 184 Buchler, Dennis--65 Buchler, Kevin--65 Buchler, William--65 Bucinell, Thomas--66 Buiocchi, Annette--146 Buiocchi, Tom--49, 154, 156, 186 bundy, bob--87 bunnell, michelle--87 Bunnell, Pat--49, 175, 178 Buran, Kathy--49, 175, 178 Burcak, Janice--49 Burke, Richard--66, 140, 164 burke, tim--87, 102 Buselli, Mark--49, 175, 179 Bush, Mrs.--45 Bush, Mark--66 Bush, Pam--49 butler, debbie--87 Butler, Edward--140 Buyna, Robert--49 Byer, Linda--66, 188 caforio, kim--87 Caforio, Mike--49,136, 137 Calcagnini, Margherita--49 Calvasina, Mike--49 Calvasina, Zigford--148 Camadella, Maria--173, 66 Camadella, Michelle--49, 141, 159 Camarda, David--66 camp, russel--87 Campbell, dennis--87 Campbell, johnna--88 Campbell, kevin--88 Campbell, kevin--66 caprio, jill--88 Carabino, Miss--31 Cardone, Mr.--12 Carey, james--66 Cargill, Jerrold--66, 164 Carlini, Vincent--66, 133, 152 Carlson, David--49, 160 Carlson, diane--88, 178 Carlson, Diane--175 carlsson, karen--88 Carmen, Bruce--140 carmon, donald--88 Carnevale, john--49, 157 Carnevale, Michael--66, 133 Carosella, joan--66, 180 Carpenter, Mr.--25 carris, john--89, 107 Cascio, Chris--49 Cassidy, Carole--49 Cassin, Penny--66 Caveney, Mr.--29 Cavese, J.--41 Ceccherelli, john--49 Ceccherelli, Vicky--89, 173, 18 190, 191 cederborg, sue--89 Cerasaro, Michael--49 Chadwick, Dana--49, 159, 173, 178, 179, 191 Chadwick, kevin--89, 181 Chaffee, R.--17 Chandler, scott--89 Chapman, Paula--49 Chapman, Stephen--66 Cherevko, Ken--140 Chernak, Mike--49 chernak, richard--89 Chilson, Eric--66 choquette, david--89 41 Coletta, David--50 college, richard--90 Collins, Ken--50 Colonna, Mrs.--33 Columbia, Tim--66, 152 Conklin, linda-- 90 Connors, shirly- - 90 Conover, scott- - 90 Conrad, Karen-- 66, 1 84 Consol, Thomas--66, 155, 192 Consol, pierina--90, 180, 191 Contento, Davvn--50 Contos, George--66 Conway, Debbie--50 Conway, Edward--66 Conway, kathy--90 Conway, Kevin--66 Conzola, Kim--66, 173, 188 Conzola, joe--50, 136 Cook, David--66, 191 Cook, wayne--90 Coonick, Bob--50 C ooper, Bill--50 cooper, Connie--90 cooper, sandra--91, 173, 181 Coppola, Coppola, Dave--50 Mike--50 Corbin, Cindy--50, 191 Corbin, pam--91, 191 Corby, Cheryl Ann--66 Corey, Gerald--66 Corneli , Bonnie--50 us Cornell, Alan--66 Cornell, david--91, 110 Cornell, Lee--66 Correll, Rodger--50 Correll, Sheri--50 Coryell, Brian--50, 179, 181 Corwin, Kevin--66, 175, 178 Coughun, Bob--so Christina, Tina Marie--89, 175 Ciancio, Lori--66, 75, 188 Cicciarelli, richard--89, 100 Cimini, Angela--66 Cimini, juliette--89 Cimini, Valerie--49 Ciotoli, Christine--49 Ciotoli, john--66, 148 Cirzeveto, Vince--89 Citko, Maria--49 Ciufo, Jerry--49 Clark, Cathy--49 Clayton, William--66, 192 Clemente, david--89, 175, 179 Clemente, Robert--49 Coccetti, Miss--25 Cole, Ed--49, 136 Coughlin, Kevin--66, 133 Cowtright, Philip--66 Cowan, Mr.--22 Cowan, Cynthia--50, 175, 178 Cowan, Deborah--66, 175 Cowan, Mary--76, 175, 178 Crane, Bob--50, 157 Crockett, Timothy--67, 133 Croft Cathleen--67 Crooks, Cary--67, 133, 135, 154, 184 Crouse, William--67 Ctumingham, Pamela--67, 175 Curatolo, Ken--50 Curley, Lawrence--67 Curtin, amanda--91 Curtin, Steve--50 Curtis, Mrs.--33 Curtyto, Karen--67 curyto, richard--91 cuyle, jerry--91 Cyganovich, Janette--67, 188 Czuhanich, Gary--67 Dailey, Mike--50 daily, brian--91 Dannibale, Pat--67 darpino, michael--91 Darpino, Sue--50 Davkon, Barry--50, 185 Davidson, Kathleen--67 Davidson, Lisa--50 Davidson, Peg--50 Davis, Gregory--67 Davis, Lori--67 Davis, Ricky--67 Davison, Barry--142, 143, 50 Dawson, julie--50 DeAngelo, Donna--50 Debenedittis, Nick--67 decker, kurt--92, 192 de dio, sue--92, 185 Dehaas, David--67 deland, richard--92 deland, robert--92 Delbianco, Linda--67, 173 Demars, R.--35 Demartine, Douglas--67, 133 Dematteis, Margaret--67 Demer, Michael--67 demer, phil--92, 192 Demyan, Carolyn--67, 141 Denmon, Doreen--50, 159 Denmon, Richard--67, 148, 149 denovellis, mark--92 Depalo, Loredana--67, 184, 188 depersis, michael--92 Depersis, Scott--67, 148, 150, 151 DeSanctis, Therese--67, 74, 173, 184, 191 Desko, Cindy--50, 191 Desko, Debra--67, 141 DeVita, Thomas--50 Diack, Dave--50, 191 Diaferio, Lisa--67 dibble, william--93 dickinson, lisa-93, 185, 190, 191 Dickson, Stuart--50 196 DiLorenzo, Joanne--50 Dino, Debora--67 Diorio, Mary Lynne--50, 175, 178, 179 Diorio, Phylis--50 Dirusso, Luigi--50 ebbers, elizabeth--93, 99, 182 Eberly, Dennis--57 Echols, Mrs.--42 eckert, james--93 Ede, Kevin--51 Edwards, Penny--51 edwards, tim--133, 191, 192 DiTommaso, Dean--50 133 Dixon, Mark--67, Dixon, Sandy--50 Dixon, William--67, 140 Dixon, William--50, 175, 179 Dodge, Wayne--50 Dodson, Mrs.--31 donohu e, karen- -93 donaldson, gerald--93, 97, 191 Donaldson, William--67, 192 donatelli, anthony--85, 93, 186 Eldred, Cynthis--67 Ellis, Robert--51 Ely, William--51 Emmett, Susan--67 Emmons, Nathan--51 english, patricia--94 Ennist, Debra--67 Eno, William--67 erat, richard--94 Eskra, Donald--51 46 18 ,1 , 5 ,178 Donatelli, Mr.--20 Donlick, Sandy--50, 191 Doolittle, Ken--50 Dorin, Susan--77, 163, 173 Dorman, Dave--50 Dranchak, David--67, 175, 179 Drankoslci, Bernadette--50, 175, 178 Dray, Ann Marie--141 dray, joseph--93 Drejza, Jeff--50 Drejza,' Theresa--67 Drew, Ralph--50 Drobny, Patricia--67 Drown, Timothy--67 Duffek, Jeanette--146 Duffy, Robert--164 Dunham, Mrs.--28 Dunham, Barbara--50, 175, 178 Dunham, Denise--50, 159, 191 Dunham, Diane--67, 175, 178 Dunham, Kraig--67, 133 dunham, scott--93, 178 Dunham, Susan--67 Dunn, Leslie--50 Dupkanick, Mr.--15 Duran, Michele--50 Duran, Robert--67 Durfee, Frederick--67 Durish, Peg--50 Dwyer, Denise--50 Dyer, Leslye--67 Dykeman, Pamela--50 Dzengeleski, julie--51 Dzengeleski, Philip--67 Dzuba, David--51 Evans, Cheri--68 Everhart, James--68, 133 Evans, Mr--19 Everts, Mr.--25 Fabrizio, Ernest--51, 136, 137, 157 Fabrizio, Mario--51, 136 fabrizio, michael--94, 106, 133, 134 Faivre, Steven--68, 188, 189 fanara, josephine--94 Fanning, Bruce--51 Farrell, Laura--68 Farrell, Michael--51 Fedich, Ann Marie--51, 175, 178 Feeney, Jerry--51, 140 Felice, Debora--51 Fellows, Todd--68 felo, mary ellen--94 Felo, Nancy Ann--68 felton, milton--94, 133, 135 Ferencik, Cheryl--68 Ferencik, Edward--51 ferencik, john--94 Ferris, Mr.--82 Ferris, Ralph--51 Fiacco, David--51 fiacco, robert--94, 160 Fiacco, Thomas--68 Fiala, Robert--51 Fiester, Marisa--68 Finch, David--51 Finkley, Donna--51 Finnegan, Karrie--68 Fiorenza, Mr.--20 Fiori, Christine--68 fiori, dennis--94 Fiori, Miss--34 fiori, maria--94 Fiori, Thomas--68, 133 Fiorini, Paula--68, 173 Fish, Susan Ellen--51, 191 Fisher, David--68 Fisher, Lori--51, 146, 147 Fitch, Brian--51, 136 Fitch, Carl--68 Fitch, Kevin--68, 140 Fitzgerald, Bonita--51 Fitzgerald, Michelle--51 fiizgibbon, gary--94 flexer, rhonda--95, 99 Flexer, Sandra--68 Flint, David--68 Flint, Robert--51, 175, 178 flipse, daniel--95, 181, 193 Flipse, Peter--51 folli, deborah--95 follis, davin--95, 133 Follis, Dennis--68 Fontana, Diana--51 Fontana, John--51 forbes, bruce--95, 119, 175 Fosmire, Pamela--68 Foster, Cheryl--51 foster, gail--95 Fox, Allison--68, 181, 191 franchini, joseph--95 Franck, Steven--142, 143, 6 Franklin, Mr.--23 Frazer, Brenda--68 Freeman, Mrs.--41 Freer, Nancy--68 Freiedah, Andrew--51 french, Suzanne--95 French, Timothy--51 Fuerstenberg, Richard--51 funari, anna--95 Gabriel, Glen--68 Gale, Mrs.--32 Gale, George--51 Gallagher, Mr.--21, 185 Gallagher, William--68 Gallo, Dean--68 Gallo, Frank--68 Gallo, Mark--52, 160 Gallo, Perry--52 Galus, Dean--154 Gance, Michael--52 Gance, Vincent--68, 152 Garren, Thomas--52 garrett, william--95, 191 Garrison, 160 Gasbarra, Gasbarra, Gasbarra, Gasbarra, gasbarra, gasbarra , Gasbarra, Gasbarra, gasbarra, Ralph--52, 136 Ann--165 Darlene--52 Debra--52 Dennis--68 diane--95 john--95 Kathy--52 Linda--68 amala--95 P Gaul, Patty--165 Gaworecl-ci, Richard--52, Gazdik, joseph--68 G entile , Nancy--69 George, Cynthia--69 George, Gene--69 George, Mark--52 George, Michael--69 Ghinger, Giarusso, Gail--52 Michael--69 Gilbert, Denise--52 Giordano, Catherine--69, giordano, mario--107 Glowa, Gerald--69 Glowa, James--69 Gofran, john--52, 140 goguen, melanie--95 Gonos, Cheryl--69 Gonos, Mark--52 Good, Jeffrey--69, 144 Goodnow, Mr.--34 Goodwin, Mr.--29 Goodwin, Patricia--69 Goris, Erin-- 69 Gotwalt, Goudish, Mary-Ann--69 Susan--53 Gower, Cathy--69, 175, Gracin, Cynthia--53 Gradala, Gradala, Grannis, Andrea--69 Laura--163 Rick--69 Grant, Craig--136 Grassi, Anthony--53 Grassi, Paula--69 Grassi, T homas--53 Grasso, David--69 Grebe, Lori--163 Grebe, Sheilah--69, 146 Grebe, Vincent--69, 175, greco, anne--95 Greco, Kathy--53, 173 Greco, Linda--69 , 137, 136 1 185 78 178 green, Valerie--95, 109 Gregor, Steven--69, 140 Greiner, Donna--69 Gresko, Andrea--53, 191 Griffith, Miss--22 Griffith, Mrs. --33 Griffith, Debra--53 Griffith, Patti--53 griffiths, debra-- 97 Grimm, Karen--53, 175, 178, 179 Gritman, Cindy--146 Gritman, Kathy--53 gritman, laura--97 Gritsavage, Daniel--53 groff, gordon--97 Groff, Karen--53 Grose, Timothy--53 gross, renee--97, 168, 169, 184, 188 gross, richard--97, 116 Guccia, Joann--53, 173 Guccia, Vicki--69 Guidici, Larry--53 Gusefski, Joseph--53 Guzzey, John--53 hadamik, norma--97, 1 73 haddock, lynnette--97, 168, 169, 187 Haddock, Richard--53, 136 Haines, Shirley--53, 175, 178 Haigh, john--53 haigh, lisa--97 Haight, Kathy--53 Halas, Patricia--53 hall, brian--98, 145 Hall, Cynthia--69 Hall, Deborah--69 Hall, jim--53, 140 Hamanch, Doreen--53, 159 33, 135 hamarich, robert--98, 1 Hamlin, Priscilla--69, 146 Haney, Debra--53 Hangen, Mr.--37 Hankinson, Leigh--69, 146, 47 170, 171 hanl-cinson, lynn--98, 170 Hanrahan, Kevin--53, 136 Hanrahan, William--69, 136 Harasta, Louis--69 harasta, mark--98 hardey, lorraine--98 harper, barbara--98, 115 harris, kevin--98 Harris, Melanie--53 Harris, Wayne--69, 175, 178 harris, william--98, 188 Harrison, Martin--53 Harrison, Robert--69 hart, edward--98, 101, 133 Hart, Kathy--53 Hart, Terri Ann--69 Hartman, Mrs.--37, 191 Hartman, Robert--53 hartmann, grace--99, 103, 170 hartmann, margaret--99, 184 Hartnett, Miss--35 Hartung, Sandra--53, 191 Harvey, Alan--53 Harvey, Mr.--25 Ha1'zin.ski, Walter--53, 136 Hasak, Robin--69 Hasch, Beverly--69, 181, 193 haskell, Barbara--99, 173, 179, 180, 187 Hastings, Joanne--53 Hauptfleish, Anna--53 haus, cheryl--99 Hausamann, Deborah--69, 191 Hauther, Lisa--53 havel, nancy--99, 159 hawley, ellen--99 Hawley, Ray--70 Haycook, Carl--70 hayes, colleen--99 Hayes, William--70 hayter, russell--99 Heater, Floyd--157, 158 Heaton, Teresa--70, 175, 178 heckman, roberta--100 Heide, Michael--53, 136, 182 Helt, Mr.--23 Henderson, William--53 hendrick, gary--100 Henning, Don--53, 175 Henry, Nancy--70 Henry, Sandra--70 Henry, Steven--53 Henson, Sandy--70 herbaugh, kenneth--100 Hertzog, Merlin--70 Hess, Annette--70 hess, audrey--100, 180, 187 hesse, terry--100 Heurich, Eva Maria--53, 188 Hill, Karen--53 hill, nancy--100, 181, 184 191 Hill, Raymond - -5 3 198 Hillenbrand, Suzanne--70, 159, 175, 178 Hinckley, Judith--70 Hixson, George--70 Hixon, Laurie--53 Hoesel, Mr.--21 Hoffman, Cynthia--70 Holcomb, Mr.--36 Holdrege, Miss--19 holland, sheryl--100 hollenbeck, Vickie--100 Holmes, Mr.--29 Homanich, Gary--53 homanich, john--101 Homanich, Peter--70 Honnick, Mrs.--39 hooko, cathy--101 Hover, Mr.--38, 133 hover, jo ann--99 Hover, Mark--53, 154 howard, james--101, 111, 133 howard, john--101 howard, robert--101, 164 hranelc, patricia--101 Hrehor, Debbie--53, 173 Hrusecky, Donald--70 Hrustich, Julie--53, 175, 178, 179 Hubbeu, Mrs. --43 Huck, Mark--70, 181, 185, 193 hudanich, paul--102, 192 huff, kim--102 Huggins, Mr.--136, 152 Hughes, Mrs.--43 Hughes, Barbara--70, 180 Hughes, Bruce--53, 136, 175, 178 Hunt, Mrs.--30 Huntington, Darla--70 hurliman, james--102 Hurlirnan, Peggy--54, 146 Hutfhinson, Carol--54, 175, 178, 9 Iannello, Charlene--102, 159 Iannone, Dina--54 iannone, laurie--102 lessi, Thomas--70 Incitlzi, Robert--70, 72 Ingraham, Richard--70 Ingraham, Cheryl--54 Ingraham, William--54 jackson, andrew--103, 108 Jackson, Frederick--54 Jackson, Nathanial--70 Jacobs, Deborah--54 James, Mrs.--28 james, susan--103 Jamerson, Maureen--54, 175, 17 185 Jankowslci, Lisa--54 jardine, peter--103 Jaros, Michael--70, 145 Jaskiewicz, Fred--53 jaskiewicz, rosemary--103 Jasko, Susan--70, 185, 191 jeffers, terrie--103 Jamison, Mr.--29 johnson, benjamin--103 johnson, charlene--103 Johnson, Irene--54 Johnston, Arleen--54, 175, 178 Jones, Catherine--70 Jones, Charlene--54 jones, christopher--93, 103, 119 148, 192 Jones, Judy--54, 175, 178 Jones, Joseph--70, 193 Jones, Kim--70, 188 jones, russel--103 Jordan, Ken--54 jorgensen, rick--117 Joslin, Amie--54, 175, 178, 179 Julian, Ann--54 Juozitis, Bob--54, 175, 179, 178 Jurena, Kevin--70, 160 Kage, Jenny--54 kappus, mary--103, 116, 163, 173, 179, 189, 190, 191 karaim, lynn--103 karl, thomas--104, 186 Kaschak, Lorraine--54, 191 Kaschak, Lynn--54, 173 Kazantizis, Doug--70 9 kazmark, pamela--104, 168, 187 Kazmark, Steven--54, 133 Keefe, Barbara--54, 175, 178 Keefe, Laura--70 Kehoe, James--70 kelech, michael--91, 104, 154, 184, 191, 192 Kelly, Alison--54, 180 Kelly, Camile--54, 163 kelsey, george--104 Kenderes, Cindy--54 Kenderes, Deborah--54 keough, jack--104 Keough, jane--191 Keough, Joseph--70 Keough, Margaret--70, 188 kerins, david--104, 186 Kerins, Margaret--54 ketchuck, michelle--104 Ketchum, Nlichele--54 king, karen--102, 104, 184 King, Russ--142, 143, 54 Kircher, Mark--54 love, Cynthia--109 klasek, Klasek, susan--105 Tom--54 Klimek, Joseph--70 Knapi ck, Diane- -70 Knapp, Eric--54, 178 knight, david--105 knight, donna--105 knox, laneta--105 Knox, Tammy--54, 185, 191 koban, stephen--105 Kocak, Valerie--54 Kocur,xPau1--54, 133 koeth, charles--105 Koeth, Laurren--54, 173 Kofira, Karan--146, 163 kolone, richard--105, 126 Komar, Michael--54, 136 Komar, Sue--54, 175, 178 komar, thomas--93, ,105, 175, 179, 190 konrad, john--106, 190, 191 koob, diana--106 Koob, Michael--54, 136, 148, 151 Ko cik Mrs 43 P - -- kopec,,ka1:h1een--106, 184, 190, 191 Kopec, Kevin--54, 157, 158 Koperwas, Debra--70 Koperwas, Shirley--70 Kotasek, Jodie--70 Kotasek, Richard--54, Kotrick, Dave--152 Kovarick, Deborah--54 , 1 75, 178 Kovarik, William--54 Kozecke, Chris--54 kozecke, emalie--106 Kozik, Miss--20, 190 kratochvil, cheryl--106 . . U 4 Kratochvil, Michael 5 , 175, 178 Kraus, Gary--70 Krmenec, Mark--54, 152 krmenec, thomas--148, 150 Krol, Steven--54 Kropat, Christopher--70 Krouse, Cynthia--70, ku, kevin--106, 193 Kubik, joseph--154 Kugler, Debra--54, 191 Kukelka, Lisa--70, 191 Kukelka, james--54, 165 Kulasza, Barbara--70 klmzman, barbara--104, 106, 191 Kunzman, Robert--54 Kunsman, Wayne--70, 133 Kurkowski, Susan--55 kushner, brian--127 Kushner, James--55 kuzio, cynthia--106 Kuzio, Mary--55 lacourse, bonnie--96, 107, 125, 168, 184, 187, 190 LaCourse, Connie--55, 146, 172 LaCourse, Tom--55 L:-1Course, Vonnie--146 Lainhart, Erna--70 lane, gary--107 lane, john--107 Lane, Maribeth--70 Lane, Tom--55 Lanois, Carol--55, 175, 178 lanois, susan--107, 184 laskowski, cindy--101, 107, 124, 168, 187 Laskowski, Tammy--55, 146 Laskowski, Tom--55, 140 Laudato, Chris--70 Laudig, Yvonne--55 Laughney, Sharon--55 Lavelle, Kathleen--70, 170, 171 Lavelle, Paul--55 Lavo, james--55, 136 lavo, michael--107 Lawton, Mr.--42 la wton, dorothy-- 1 08 lawyer, robert--108 LeClair, Elizabeth--55 Lefcheck, Charles--70 Leonard, Donald--70 Lepay, George--153 Lepay, Mark--55 Leri, Renee--55 Lesko, Karen--70 Lesko, Michael--55 leskow, mary kay--108, 170 Lesyshyn, Robert--56, 136 le vonne, cindy--108 Lewis, Mrs.--15 Lichstein, Mr.--26 Lightbody, Allyson--159 Lightbody, Lorraine--56 Likewise, Jeanne--70 likewise, michael--108 Lints, Tami--70 Lippman, Mr.--19 Little, Mrs.--32 little, james--92, 108 Litts, Daniel--99, 70, 140, 186 Litts, Sue--56, 146, 147 Livingston, Cynthia--71, 173, 179 Lockwood, William--71, 140, 175, 179 Loeffler, Judy--56 loftus, robert--109 Logan, Michael--133 Loller, William--71, 154 Longo, Mike--56, 133 longo, robert larry--109 Lord, Barbara--71, 141, 191 lord, kathleen--109, 175, 179 Lord, Karen--71, 175 Lord, Judith--56 Lounsberry, Cheryl--71, 175, 178, 188 Love, Daniel--70 Loveless, Sue--159 Loy, Robert--56 Loni, Robert--56, 191 Lozzi, Roberta--56 ludlam, lisa--109, 173 Lukens, Susan--71 lusht, Suzanne--109 Lyman, Gordon--56 Lynch, Richard--71 Lynch, Timothy--56 macbeth, brian--109 Macbeth, Kirk--56, 153 Machalek, Barbara--71, 188 Magargle, Steven--71 main, pamela--109 maines, carla--109, 165, 173, 179, 184, 190 Manker, Mrs, --17 199 Maione, Anthony--56 Majernik, Joseph--71 Majka, joseph--56 Majka, Richard--56 Malarkey, Anthony--71 Malarke Babbi- 109 y - marlarkey, when--91, 110, 13 134, 135, 184 Maliwacki, john--71, 140 maltby, laura--110 3: Metrikas, Cynthia--56 Meza, Cathy--71 Meza, Gary--56, 175 Michaels, Dave--152 Michael, Edward--71 Michael, Francesca--72 Michael, Gerald--72 Michael, J.--163 Michaels, Mr.--38, 162 mihalko, karen--111, 180, 191 Munck, Eric--56 Murphy, Timothy--56, 152 Musa, Christine--72, 180 Musa, David--56 musso, annette--112 myers, judy--112 mancini, george--110 manfredo, irene--110 Mangini, jamie--56, 57 Mangino, Nicholas--71 Marca, Susan--71, 188 Marchetti, John--71, 165 margetson, dave--110, 111 Mariani, Suzanne--71, 173 Mariano, Steven--56 Markovic, Debra--71 Marrongelli, Sal--71 Marshall, Mrs.--39, 159 Marshall, Thomas--71 Martin, Scott--71, 133 Martinak, Steven--71 Marzocca, Maria--56, 173, 178 mastro, donald--110 Mas11'o, Richard--56, 157 Mastroe, William--56, 136 Matarese, Deborah--56 Matteson, Vicky--71, 159, 168, 169 Maye, Cheryl--71 mc bride, denise--110 McGowan, Robert--56 McIntyre, Ellen--71, 178 mc kenzie, kathleen--111, 185 McKenzie, Mary--71 McKenzie, Nancy--71, 185 McKitrick, Eugene--56 McLain, Carla--56, 146 McLain, Marie--146 McLain, Michelle--71, 191 McManus, David--56, 136 McMul1in, Mrs.--36 McVannan, Debra--71 mead, william--111 Meagher, Linda--56 meals, martin--111 Melmer, john--71, 133 Melrose, Jayne--71, 173, 178 Menchel, Mr. --40 Menhennett, Edward--71 Merriam, Mr.--16 Merritt, Judy--71, 173 Metcalf, Glenn--56 200 Mikels, Richard--56 Mikucki, Walter--72 Milazzo, Angela--72 Miller, Mr.--136 Miller, Cynthia--56 Miller, Ellen--56 Mills, Deborah--56 mills, kathleen--111 mills, susan--111, 141 Mills, Thomas--72, 133 Millward, Edward--72, 164 Miltz, Mrs.--26 Miner, Mary--175 Miner, Richard--56 Miner, Susan--56, 191 Miner, Wayne--72, 152 Mingarelli, Linda--56 minich, laurie--111 Mirra, Carmine--56 Mitchell, Deborah--72, 159, 175, 179, 188 Mitchell, Robert--72 Mitten, Hurst--23, 145 Monahan, Robert--56, 136 Monahan, Thomas--72, 133 monforte, faith--102, 112, 187 Monforte, Marcia--72 montabone, frederick- - 1 1 2 moon, brian--112 Moon, Michael--72 Moorhead, Mrs.--16 Moran, Kathleen--56 Moreau, Larry--175 Morey, Deborah--56 Morford, Edward-- 72, 160, 161 karen-- 1 1 2, 175, 1 78 morford, Morgan, Jeffery--72, 133 Morgart, Richard--56, 164 Morizio, Mrs.--44 Morris, Janet--72 Morris, Shavm--72, 170, 184, 188 Mott, Kaye--56, 165, 175, 178 Mott, Lesley--72, 146, 147, 185 Mott, Tracy--56, 146 Mueller, Mrs.--40 Mum, Joseph--72 nabinger, jamie--112 Nabinger, Mark--56, 161, 160 Naramore, Richard--56, 175, 179 Nash, Daniel--72 Nasoni, James--148 nechleba, jiri--112, 189, 191 Nechleba, Robert--72 Nedbalski, Karen--56 Nedbalski, Robert--133 nelson, bernard--112 Nelson, Marcia--72, 141 Nemcek, Mark--72 Nestoryak, joseph--72 Nestoryak, Steven--56 Neville, Karen--72, 146 nicholas, gerald--113 Nicholas, Gina--72, 180 Nichols, Craig--72 nick, denise--113 Nicosia, Mr.--24, 133 Nielsen, James--72, 175 Nielsen, jane Ellen--56, Niquett, joseph--56, 136, Noble, Bonnie--56 Nolis Mary Ann--57, 191 Norton, David--72 Norton, Mary--57, 172, Noteware, Cindy--163 Novak, Bob--136 Novak, Pat--57 Novelli, Dane--57 Noyd, Paul--57, 165 Null, Lonnie--72 Nyce, Bill--72, 175, 178 O'Bialero, Joyce--57 O'Brian, Kevin--57, 140 O'Conne1l, Mr.--30 O'Hora, Gloria--57 Okon, Jeffery--72 Oleski, Richard--72 Olevano, Irene--57, 191 oliphant, susan--113 , 178 162, 163 137 1so , 17 9 olsen, joyce--113, 173, 191 olshefski, thomas--113 olson, nancy--113 olson, scott--113 Olson, Steve--57 O'Neil, Kathy--57, 146 O'Nei1, Michael--72, 133, 192 Oney, Mark--57, 175, 178, 160 O'Riordan, Jeanne--57 Orlando, jim--57, 186 orourke, thomas--113 Orr, Allan--73 Osborne, Mr.--143 overstrom, thomas--113, 175, 178 Oxx, Gregory--73 Padbury, Jerry--57, 175, 178, 179 pado, holly--114 Padula, Mary--57, 58 padula, norma--114, 180, 189, 190 Paglia, Louis--57, 136 Palazzo, Mr.--40, 122 Pal.ka, Mr.--17 Palmer, Cindy--73, 159, 175 178, 179 Palombaro, Anthony--73, 144, 145, 154, 186 Palombo, Mark--148, 149 Panicek, Mrs.--24 Papagelis, Peter--57 Paradysz, Shirley--57 Parker, Mrs.--45 Parker, Kathi--73 Parkes, Bob--57 Parks, Kenneth--73, 133, 178 parks, thomas--114, 133, 179 Parson, Daniel--73, 175, 178 Parsons, Dave--57 parvin, curtis--114, 133, 134 Pasquino, Scott--57 Patrick, Karen--73, Patrick, Mark--55, 57, 157 Pavlovich, Steve--73 pearce, gerald--114 Pease, Ronald--57 Peckham, Tom--57, 160, 179 peet, dawn--114 Pellerin, Susan--73 Pellett, Robert--57 pembridge, terri--114 Pennington, Daniel--73 Perenjik, Susan--73 pero, bruce--114, 120 Pero, Phillip--73 Pero, Phyllis--73 Persons, Lolien--73 Peters, Steven--73 peters, susan--114, 187 Petrovsky, Louis--73 Petrunelli, Louis--73 Petuh, Linda--73 Peworchik, Joann--73, 165 Picciano, Bruce--57 Picciano, Patricia--73 Pietras, Jeanette--57, 172 Pietras, Joanne--57, 172 Pinto, Elizabeth--73, 159 Pipik, Bettyarm--73 pitarra, deborah--115, 187 Pitcher, Nancy--73 Pittarelli, Eugene--73 Pizante, Mrs.--21 Plichta, Madeline--73 Politis, Joann--73 Polosky, Frank--73 pompeii, lucy ann--115 Porcari, Sergio--58 Porretta, Mrs. --44 potochniak, david--115 Powell, Deborah--73 Powell, Mr. --12 Powell, Penny--58 Powers, Sue--58 Pratt, Catherine--58 pratt, donna--115, 122 Priddy, Leon--58 Priddy, Raymond--58 Prus, Carol--73 Prusakowski, Deborah--73 pullano, cheryl--115 pullano, christopher-- 1 15 Pullano, Dale--157 Puterbaugh, Kurt--58 Putrino, Felicia--58, 173 Quartararo, Phyllis--73 Quealy, John--58 Quercia, Phyllis--58 quinlivan, karen--116 Quinlavan, Stephen--73 Randesi, Robert--73 Rakoski, Joseph--73, 175, 179 rakoski, elizabeth--116, 175 Rainboth, Daniel--58 Rando, Mark--179 Rando, Sylvia--73, 179 Rangel, Ruben--73, 148, 150 rano, debra--116 Ranucci, Rocco--73 Rathke, Darlene--73. 175 Reardon, Kelly--73, 192 reece, randy--116, 175 Reece, Rebecca--58 reese, melody--116, 188 Regon, Deborah--74 reid, craig--116, 186, 188, 192, 193 rejda, joan--116, 173, 184, 189, 190, 191, 80 Rejda, Ron--136 Rembecki, Rick--74 renfro martin--116, 133 Renfro, Mitchell--58 Repinecz, Michael--74, 140 Resciniti, Mrs.--16 Reynolds, Maria--74, 159, 188 Reynolds, Dwight--58 Rheinheimer, Jayne--58 Ricciardi, Michael--74, 143 Richards, Mr.--136 Richardson, Raymond--74 richardson, wayne--117 Riley, Paul--74, 133 Rizzi, julian--74 Rizzi, Maureen--163 rizzi, raymond--117, 175, 177, 179 Roach, Anthony--74, 133 roach, maureen--117 Roach, Paul--186 Roberto, Lorraine--74 Roberts, Donna--58, 191 Robinson, Ann--58 Robinson, Mary--74, 191 Rochon, Richard--74, 154, 155, 192 Roden, Garey--74 Rodgers, Patricia--58, 163 Roe, Kyle--74 roe, mark--117 Rollo, james--58 Roma, Carl--140 roma, cynthia--117, 127, 170, 171, 184 Roma, Joseph--58, 74, 136 Roma, Kathleen--74, 188 Roma, Nicholas--74 201 Roma, Richard--74 Roma, Sue--74 roma, terri--117 Rose, Mr.--22, 74 Ross, Michael--58 Ross, Scott--74 Rossi, joseph--58 rossi, maureen--117 Rossi, Sharon--74 Rossi, Susan--58 rotunno, louis--89, 117 Rotunno, Robert--74 Rought, Keith--58, 175, 179, 178 Rouse, Luann--58, 1 91 rowley, sharon-- 1 1 8 rubino, dennis--11 8 Rubino, Sue--74, 188 ruddy, james--118 ruffo, joanne--118 Rug gieri, Cindy- - 74 Ruggieri, Ronald--58 Rummer, Deb-- 74 Russ, Karen--58 russell, scott--1 15, 118 Rutkowski, Mrs. --24 ryan, gabrielle-- 1 1 8, 1 75, 190, 1 91 Ryan, james--58, 136 sabol, halold--118 Sabol, Mary--58 Sabraw, Mary Ellen--74, 188 sacco, christine--118, 185 Sacco, Karen--58 saddlemire, gordon-- 118 saikley, barbara--118 Saikley, Pamela--74, 180, 188 salamida, frank--88, 119 Sallerson, Howard--59 samiani, remo--119 sansky, alex--96, 119, 184, 186 sansky terri--119 Santac,rose, James--74, 142, 143, 192 santucci, christine--119, 141, 190, 191 Santucci, Raymond--74 saraceno, john--119, 186 saresky, michael--120 Savage, Judy--74, 146 Savastano, Luann--39 Savidge, Jill--74, 188 202 Savidge, Lisa--59, 163 Scagnoli, Mr.--37, 173, 176 Scalzo, Gary--59 Scalzo, Nicholas--74, 192 Schaefer, Susan--74, 146, 188, 191 Schermerhorn, Bruce--59 Schofield, Mary--59 Schrag, jean--74 Schrag, Robert--59 schuhle, diane--120 Schuhle, Margaret--74, 146, 170 Schuttak, joseph--75, 181, 184, 193 scordino, douglas--120 Scordino, Sandra--59 scordino, mary--120 Scotcher, Nancy--59, 191 Scott, Barb--59, 146, 147 scott, peggy--120, 159, 187 Seadler, John--75 Seaver, Lynnette--59 Sedelsmeyer, David--59, 136 sedelmeyer, raymond--120, 192 Sedlacek, Robert--75, 165 Seelman, Stephanie--59 seketa, patricia--120, 175, 178 selnekovic, roberta-- 1 21 sementelli, joanne--121 Sergi, Thomas--75 Sever, Mr.--164, 165 Severance, Raymond--75 Severance, Timothy--75 Seversky, Ann Marie--59, 165, 173, 188 Seversky, Michelle--75, 173 shaner, terri--112, 121, 159 Shattuck, Brian--59 shattuck, thomas--82, 121 shaw, jacqueline--101, 121 Shear, Susan--75 Shelanskey, Ann--59, 188 Shelepak, Saundra--59 Shell, Brian--75 Shelley, Paula--59 Sherman, Grayce--59 Shirley, Clyton--59, 133, 157, 158 shirley, david--121 Shirley, Linda--75 Shults, Caren--59 shults, catherine--121 Sick, Gregory--75 sierzant, yvonne--101, 121 Signorelli, Ralph--59 Silvestri, Cerise--59, 191 Silvestri, Dave--152 silvestxi, patricia-- 1 22 Silvey, Cynthia--59 simek, kathleen--122 Simmons, james--59, 136 Simmons, Ken--154, 155, 156 Simpson, David--59, 175, 178, 179 Sinclair, Terry--59, 175, 178, 179 singer, sarah--83, 122, 162, 163 173, 179 Sirko, Jan--75 Skiba, joseph--59 slater, dawn--122, 146, 147 Slater, Tira--75, 146 Slechta, Mr.--37, 173, 176, 179 Sloma , Smith, smith, Joni--75, 180 Andrew--75 david--122, 175, 179 Smith, Douglas--175, 177, 179, 183 Smith, Douglas--75 smith, douglas--121, 122, 133, 192 Smith, Gerald--12 Smith, Geralvn--159 smith, ginny--87,122,188 Smith, Karen--59, 178 Smith, Sandra--59, 146 smith, terrie--122 Smith, Thomas--59 Snell, Dianna--59, 191 Snell, Doreen--75 Snyder, Allan--59, 175, 178 Snyder, John--59, 136, 157 Snyder, Robert--140 Snyder, Tressa--75 Snyder, Viki--165 Sochor, James--59 Somma, Michael--59, 136 Soper, Catherine--75, 173, 178 sornberger, melissa--123, 146, 183 Sorochinslcy, Mr.--42 Spacek, Frank--75 Spadine, Gerald--75, 179 spadine, lynn--123, 162, 163, 173, 187 Spagnoletti, Joann--59 Spalik, Elizabeth--59 Spangenberg, Lori--75, 185 Spangenburg, William--75 spatafora, james--121, 123 Spell, Angela--S9 Spell, Matthew--59 Spencer, Michael--59 Spencer, Penny--75 spiecher, peter--123, 175, 179, 97 Spinelli, Jennie--75 Spinelli, Teresa--59 Spoor, Floyd--75 Sprague, Betty--75, 191 Spry, Cynthia--75 Stachyra, Randy--59, 140 Stamato, John--75, 133 Stamato, Philomena--59 stancati, melanie--92, 123, 175, 179 standish, barbara--123, 168, 187 standish, beth--123 staniulis, betty--117, 123, 180 stankiewicz, ed--123 Stankiewicz, Theresa--75 Stanko, Nicholas--75 Stanton, Keith--165 Starring, Mrs.--45 states, karen--106, 123 Stefano, Dorothy--59 Stella, David--59, 160 Stella, Mark--160 Stephens, lee--124 sterling, joan--113, 124, 175, 179 Sterling, Susan--175 Stokem, Robert--75 stone, David--59, 175, 178, 179 Stone, Holly--64, 75, 175, 178 Strauss, Mr.--15 Strbo, Julianne--75, 180 strick, james--124, 181 191 Strollo, Barbara--75 Stulir, David--59 Sudick, Mr.--26 Sulich, Rebecca--75 Sullivan, Maureen--59 Sullivan, Daniel--75, 133 Summers, Robert--60, 136 Supa, Tom--60, 133, 148 Swanson, Karin--60 Swartz, Jill--60, 188 Swetitch, Mike--60, 136 swezey, maureen--124 Sypher, jan--60, 178 Sylvester, Monica--60 Sylvester, Mr.--39, 157 taft, debbie--124, 187 taggart, larry--124, 148, 150 Takach, Mrs.--14 Tanzini, julie Tarricone, Mr.--27, 154 tatich, robert--124 taylor, robert--124, 154, 184 Tearpock, Kathleen--75 Teeter, Mr.--24 Tellep, Mrs.--32 tennant, william--125 Terpak, Suzanne--76 Tersmette, Mike--160 Testani, Brenda--60 Testani, john--76 testani, kenneth--125 Testani, Thomas--76 Tewksbury, Kirk--60 Teubert, Mr.--41 Thomas, Bradley--76, 140, 1 thorton, debbie--125 Thomas, jane--141 Thomas, Mark--60 Tidick, Mr.--136 Tiley, Clinton--60 Tillutson, Jim--60 Tingley, Cindy--76 titus, margaret--125 Tomik, Karin--76 tomsey, joseph--125 Tomsey, Michael--76 Toth, Joseph--60, 157, 158 Toton, Mr.--18 townsend, duane--125 Tozer, Robert--60 92 Trabucco, Linda--76, 184, 188 Titus, Ward--60, 175, 178 Todd, Ken--60 trelease, karen--125 Tripp, Brian--60 Trotta, Peter--60 Turecek, Mr.--21, 186 Turecek, Mark--76, 181 turecek, robert--125, 161, 160 turns, joanne--125 Tzivani, Barbara--60 Tzivanis, Dan--145 tzivanis, james--125, 144, 145 Uhrinec , Jeffrey- - 76 ulsh, david--126 Urdanick, Mark- - 76 Vail, Robin--76, 173 Valek, Mrs.--44 Valent, Baron--60, 157 Vallequette, Mark--76 Vallone, Richard--76 vanalstine, raymond--126 Vanalstine, Sharon--60, 191 Vanderpoel, Randy--60 Vanderpoel, Raymond--76 Vanek, Beth--60 Vanek, Linda--76 Vannucchi, Linda--76 vanvleck, sandra--126 Vartuli, Mrs.--28 vasisko, nancy--126 Vaughn, Dave--152 Vaughn, steven--107, 126, 181, 184, 191, 193 Vavra, john--76 Vergona, Mr.--29 Vergona, Tom--60, 175, 178 Veruto, John--60, 136, 152 Veruto, Robert--76, 133, 148, 149 Vestal, Sharon--52, 60, 191 Vetrano, Michael--175, 191 Videtto, Vin--76 Virun, Robert--60, 152, 153, 188 Virun, william--126, 160, 184, 188, 192 Vitale, Ronald--76 Vitale, Mr.--31 Wage, Robin--60 wagner, barbara--80, 126, 189, 191 Wagner, cindy--124, 126, 168 wagner, janet--127 Wagner, Larry--60, 175, 178 Wagner, Marie--76 Wahila, Ingrid--60 Wahila, Ron--60 Wainwright, Shirley--61 Walczyk, Michael--76 walczyk, thomas--90, 127 Wallace, Laurie--61 Wallen, Judy--178 Wallick, Terese--61, 188 Wallis, Mark--59, 175, 178 Walter, Denise--61 Walter, Joyce--76 Ward, Calvin--61 203 Ward, Gary--76 Ward, Linda--61, 175, 178 Warfield, Richard--76, 184 Wargo, Linda--61 warner, george--127 warren, deborah, 127, 173, 188 Warren, Kathleen--61, 175, 178 Warren, Linda--65, 76 Warren, Sandra--76, 173, 188 Warski, Pat--61, 175, 178, 179, 191 Warwick, Kevin--76 washburn, james--127 Washburn, Susan--61 wasicki, paul--127 Watkins, Danny--76 warring, Mary Beth--61, 175, 178 Watkins, Vicky--76 Watkins, Wendy--61 Watts, Brooks--76 Wayson, Thomas--76, 133 Webster, Lori--61, 173, 178 Wegner, Kent--76 Welch, Faye--61 welch, joseph--127 Welch, Lisa--61 Welch, Valerie--76 Wenner, Michael--76, 133 Wert, David--76 Wesko, Michael--76, 133, 192 Weston, Tammy--61, 173 Weymouth, Mrs.--24 Wheatley, Walter--61 Wheeler, Tom--61 White, Mrs.--16 whittemore, david--127 Whittemore, John--61 Wier, Terry--76 Wiersma, Laura--61 Wiktorek, Henry--61 Wilce, Cynthia--76 Wilcox, Frances--76 Wilcox, Karen--61 Wilcox, Keith--76 Wild, Diane--61, 175, 178 Williams, Mrs.--36, 159 Williams, Craig--61, 165 williams, debora--128, 170, 187 Williams, Kim--76, 173, 188 Williams, Rebecca--76 Williams, Sherry--61 Willis, Darryl--61 willson, diane--128, 175 wilson, cynthia--128, 173 Wilson, Mr.--26 Witt, Barb--61 Wood, Chris--61 Wood, Gerald--76, 154, 192 wood, john--123, 128, 186, 191 Wurtenberg, Mr.--38 STAFF--Barb Hughes, Chris Musa, Joanie Carosella, Mary Norton, Pam Saikley, Chris Santucci, Alison Kelly, Karen Mihalko, Pierina Consol, Audrey Hess, julie Strbo. Editor-in-chief .... Assistant editors . . . Treasurer ..... Advisors ..... Layout Editor . . . . Photographers . . . 204 ww-th, Kim--61 wykma, cm--76 Yager, Daniel--61 Young, Clifford--76, 133 young, donald--128 young, paul--128 Yule, Jeff--108 Yunglcurth, Charles--76, 181 Zaccarini, John--61 Zaccheo, Evemarie--76, 141 zappia, steven--128, 133, 135, 154, 156 Zavatto, Mark--76, 175, 179 Zedanovich, Deborah--76 Zemberi, Melanie--61, 191 Zimmerman, Carl--61 Zinck, Mr.--35 Zizak, Barb--146 Zonio, Mr.--31 Zur, Marsha--61, 172 Zwirble, James--181 Norma Padula . . . . .Joni Sloma and Gina Nicholas Barbara Haskell AnnP. Lewis joseph C. Rose . . Betty Staniulis . . . John Kappus Ray Rizzi Tim Edwards Brian Kushner

Suggestions in the Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) collection:

Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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