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in 263 H 2 im' S. 2 Fig: 1-49 fa: E3 gif HT? -3 4,4 J 2 C . i mfs 32 Q. M ,A ff: Q3 L , Aki Y'. fi? Q xx X 5 X X . x Q r O 4-1.-..p?,1. fc 1- ----..A .4-.U-ln.. Recipe for cz 1 . ' Z L.. .',.:. - X Ti- w cl Education X, X If , . 3 ,,- . - - . . I , ' , Q 1. ifsmzizn' l or-ia cllnnuvifco M W' E sf 3 si f Q F gy Si rf li 5 5 L E m S E 52 ? Q S E if 5 1, Q ' 'I Q41- . 4 11 3, . A5 -as +45 ,,1 1 1 .4 Efff. H 'Q -ws , 53511 V fa em' 51. SK. ' , F :rf fpifi, v 1" 1' ,1 1' ff gn .1 .1 . ., ,. I., .vi 19,33 rim , , .1 - 111.4413 5 - Wil 51, 291153, 1 YLQQ. .1 ,I :M-1A' S. Sift L . 1 " 4. R nf ' YXNA 1 y fri' . QM' 2145- , -F 1 ' 34:15.-f Q ,z .nf My ga, f1 1- YSL xx. 1 A13 QQ 1" V-1 ff? in 55,125 . 53111: .L 1,1 51,51 53 11 lui 4' mg 5' . ,F ., .-sm., 1 I4 x . F' V W t, "5-: ' '1 f H' 1+ 1- W... - 1 fig Vg.. . , , M... .,..,..,. ,. ,, , , .-. .. wg .,.,, , . . ..M1,. .,,,,a, , Q. . ...1,. . fx - . 1 1 - Y . 1 " :, - A ' , :WT ' 0 I 1 ' fx l , . . K I , V X - A ' -Ti", 1 'ix 1 5 h . n s vii .1 - km: . . ,K . , 4, ,,,-1, . 11 ' ' 1 V, 5 ., . w o N Q K' w, , . , 1 , fl h sjwl, v V 1 ,'2-l'fQ- ' 4 '. 1 P ' N 4 1' 'L-1 . la i 3,511.11 ., , 5 .H 1 5 If .' ff 111- Y- ,'q'.-:N 1 15, 1 1, 11'f I1 ' 1 'f-M 1 , --1-1-- -ff r "Q WJ" " Ma. , ' 'ff 3 " . ' 1 u A ' 1 ' . . . 4 " ' J. ' we 1,1 uf 5 V - , - - 1 ' 1' ' 4 , v'w,-5 1-.ie ,IE-1.,--,Q , .. K A 5,..4.,, ,Z Q S W in 1 4 .'. 41. 71 1 1 1 V . 2 ,i,..1"T1L,'i 2 . - 1' 1 .L A '-az , ,Qs 1 .0 n ' 1 1 , .,.k f.. 4 wr .1 ,, , , Sw P-' f . " ' F J ., . . ,' - . - . 1 , 1-'-- -4 1 1 1 " .1 Hu-: 2 W. -1 - .1-,Q RM, .i X N 1 4' li , ,,, ' ' QSM: e -, ' ' D 'F , , P' A '2' Y .1 , ' . 'g 'V13:."::2f-., . .. "- ff A '--1- L'f.'::LPIf?'I 4 : . .m, , ..,1 .LM1 A , A 1 X 11 .. A V764 b l.,.kf1,.. . ,.,. K .... 1, ,W U ! H 1 . 1 f 11, 34 . 4 1. --. 1 s 1 mm, V. , 14 . 'ff-, A.--15 11. . ,, 1 ' 1e"N'1. ua 5,11 1' 1 YJ' 'hi ' , 1 ' . 39. . I is-. sz-t-:X -' 1 1 qw?-:' 5'-Hr ' " 1 1 . . .- ' ' , ....aL21. 1.41-1 if ' " 34:i.1'i1if-E41f1Lssiu1'i?.11Q1:i1.',. .151 ,1.wz'11 , , f 1 4.1 1 U-E THJ it 1 4 44 W i J .4-.L Y Editor-in-Chief .,,v,,.,. Literary Editor -E Picture Editor ElliZ0fil1l Adviser Circulation Adviser Advertising Adviser NANCY WHATMAN ,..,,......... JAMES BANKO MARTHA NORTON ELEANOR VGGELGSANG EUGENE CAMADELLA FRANCIS GOSS 1 ,, , WA UR A im? Sf W1 .Af Wi nifinfy - I I f 5 H - - . il 15, S Q. - .. ' W f--k. g 1' W Q-,qgg g :j , . -. , 5 K New , --www , i-Y,,,...,.. P. , A Q . A K Q an Mg, A . v.. Q I 4 1.., . V Q ,Wy MW yy - ,, K , ' ' . h V 9 ' Y- . .,,-A fe. hifi, '1.,,. :., N Nikmnqxwumvmw ' . .h 1 .. A A 1 .. 9 ' . " W 5 lar' X Q . A X . ' - .L .. J , Q 4 ' N .'-iflsfffx "-H f-f4 "KM A 'X"'Q"XW fkii- ' 345 -Q " " z iff' '.. Q y--,, v,w,.,,,.i h- W .. . K .A.XxMW ,N S -S f . ,, 75+ ' K L' K H ' K i"Wx'fWfi6f-A-fs-, a i' , -' -X-A, 1. 1 f 'I HESAURUHS STA UNION-ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL U Endicott, New York Faculty and Senior Pictures .......... .. ............ TROUP STUDIOH 5 . General Pflntograpfu-gg,-n ........., ,,... .... STACY HARRINGTON Engraver amz Primer ...... .,.. ...1 HT.AYI,oR PUBLISHING co. 4, 5 x , 31,23 L H V X" t L, X 53311 .I - ,K . -A , 1 C. MELVILLE , 1 T Table Section Dedication ...... Administration Faculty ....... Seniors ....... Underclassmen Organizations Curriculum ...... ....... Athletics ...... MUSIC . ..... Miscellany ....... ......... Advertising ........ ......... of Contents Pages --------7-10 1-20 ----------21-70 71-76 --------77-88 -89-96 97-1 10 -------111-120 121-130 131-152 'Lf W. MASTROCIACOMO This is U-E's recipe for a good education. Start with an old school building, considerably battered and bursting at seams from overcrowding. Into this place a small group of efficient dedicated administrators and an assortment of teachers differing in size, age, and interests but all united in their purpose to give us their best. Next comes the most important ingredient of all, the stu- dents, from lordly seniors to noisy sophomores -- continue adding until the school is overflowing. Now stir in the catalyst - a solution composed of a varied curriculum to meet the needs of all students, organizations for training in leadership, extracurricular activities for variety, sports to train mind and body, and music to broaden and enliven our enjoyment of living. Simmer gently for three years. The '59 Thesaurus proudly presents the result- approximately 4-00 seniors worthy to carry on the traditions of U-E. Foreword R. DODGE G. LEPORE HAROLD "TY" 1 COBB Dedication It is with deep affection and admiration that the Senior Class dedicates its '59 Thesaurus to Harold "Ty" Cobb, U-E's grand old man of football, who is retiring from active coaching after forty-three years, thirty-nine of which have been devoted to Endicott teams. During these years, "Ty" has had a record of seven unbeaten teams and 203 victories. It is impossible to estimate what "Ty's" example and counsel have meant to the innumerable students whom he has served so faithfully. Below left: Mr. Frank Johnson announces that Enjoie Field is rechristened Ty Cobb Field. Below center: "Ty" with his last co-captains, James Haick and Robert Dodge. Below right: "Ty" is carried from "Ty" Cobb Field after the last game with Central. Football Coach 1919- 1958 A Message From Our Superintendent A recipe may be defined as a formula for preparing a dish in cookery or as a method of attaining a desired end. Therefore, in choosing a recipe, whether in the field of food or education, we need to know what kind of product we want. As I reflect upon the kind of product which I want from educa- tion, I am led to recommend the followingrecipe: An inquiring mind + wholesome knowledge + constructive attitudes + hard work + a mature personality + good health + an understanding ofthe purpose of hfe If good educadon and success You are about to complete one phase of your education, but you can follow for the rest of your life the educational recipe which I have just described. You may leave out one or more ingredients and still achieve partial success, but you cannot achieve complete success unless all of the ingredients are present in the proper amounts. Just as no one can tell by looking at a cake whether any of the necessary ingredients have been left out, so no one can tell by your outward appearance whether you have within you all of the ingredients neces- sary for complete success. However, you, like the cook who made the cake, will not be able to enjoy complete satisfaction if you fail to follow the recipe. ft- -l4w,?v, DR. KRUM U-E Board of Education Left to right: Mrs. Gartrude Calleo, Mr. Clifford Crane, Mr. Mario George, president, Mr. Gerald Reynolds, Dr. J. Glezen Watts. MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1958: The casual observer will not easily discern, much less define, the complexity of ingredients for the Recipe For Education at U-E. To bring together in total comprehension the many ingredients of the warm realities of human living and of the cool abstractions of academics which you have experienced at UE would be a great task for anyone to undertake. Indeed, it is questionable that anyone in a lifetime would be able to know, in the strictest possible meaning of the term, the complete Recipe. Yet each, to his individual ability, can develop a sensitive awareness of the multiplicity of ingredients therein. By applying the different types of knowledge 7 that dependent upon the five senses, that dealing with abstractions of mathematical precision, and that by which we know our Cod - each of you can develop an awareness of the increasing potential for personal growth you have now for having partaken of the Recipe at UE. The material facilities and supplies, the curricular disci- plines and services, and most importantly, the total involvement you experi- enced with subject matter, fellow-students, and teachers can constitute the basis for continued sustenance and enrichment of your personal lives and the lives of those with whom you come in contact. The Board of Education joins in extending best wishes for the greatest suc- cess possible in the development of an ever-increasing awareness of the Recipe selected as the theme of the class of 1959. 8 When you make a cake, using the best or the most costly ingredients does not guarantee a perfect resultg the cook is the determining factor. So it is with an education. At U-E we have tried to supply you with the best ingredientsg your use of these will determine whether your education will be the best or just mediocre. lt is my hope that the education you have received at U-E will supply you with the basic materials for further advances in leaming and a suc- cessful future. DEWITT S. WOODARD Associate Principal MISS MARY L. PITKIN Principal Events of recent years bring us to the realization that there is now a greater need for trained intelligence and imagination than ever before. Educational opportuni- ties must be extended to more young people in this very complex society. But extending opportunities is not enough. High school pupils must accustom themselves to hard intellectual activity in order that they will be better prepared to meet their responsibilities after grad- uation. Only in this way can we make the best possible contribution to society. This is the challenge. Are we ready to accept it? aafmz:-,J Wh-44.2 Above: Mr. Howard Meeker. clerk and pur- chasing agent for the U-E Board of Education and Mrs. Elsie Nystrom. his secretary. Above, left: lVlr. Robert Agone, B.A.. lVl.A.. Administrative Assistant in charge of Secon- dary and Special Educatif Jri, Testing and Pulm- lic Information. Center, left: Mr. Edgar S. Mulhollen, B.A., M.A., Administrative Assistant in charge of Buildings and Grounds, School Lunch Pro- gram, and Transportation. Below, left: Mr. Patrick Vartuli, B.A., M.A., Supervisor of Attendance. 4 I HCV J Q 4 X4 , lv if 1 Aiwa QW . QQ W Z1 Q 9 W 4 f , X X YB MQ VN Y,-h,,,... 8 35 MRS. RUTH ADAMEK State University Teachers College at Cortland, B.A., Girls' physical education, Adviser Leaders Club, In- tramurals. MISS ALENE ALDERSON New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.A., University of Michigan, M.A., English IH, Home Room 9. MRS. MARILYN ANDERSON Ball State Teachers College, B.S., English II. MR. PHILIP AUDINO Harpur College, B.A.g Cornell University, M.A., English II, Home Room 115. MR. ROBERT BARNO Harpur College, B.A., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, M.A., Syracuse University, American and World History, Home Room 119. MR. CLARENCE J. BECKER Buffalo State Teachers College, Industrial Arts Ma- chine Shop. MR. CLARENCE BERRY Potsdam State Normal, St. Lawrence University, Syracuse University, New York State College for Teachers at Albany, Driver Education and Training. MR. PAUL C. BRADT Director of Guidance, Buffalo State Teachers Col- lege, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S. MR. EDWARD BUTKUS Syracuse University, B.S., History and Health, Phys- ical Education, Home Room 215. MRS. MILDRED A. CALLAHAN Crane Institute, New York University, B.S., New Hampshire University, 1st-6th Elementary Music, Comprehensive Music, U-E Athletic Advisory Coun- cil. MR. EUGENE CAMADELLA St. Bonaventure University, B.A., English III, Ad- viser to the Student Government, Co-Adviser to the Thesaurus. MISS RAYMETA D. CHAFF EE Triple Cities College of Syracuse University, B.A., M.A., Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College, Vermont, English II, Home Room 109. MR. HAROLD "TY" V. COBB University of Maine, B.A., Cornell University, Di- rector of Physical Education and Athletics, Head coach of Football, Baseball, Volleyball. MRS. MARY COCHRAN New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.S., Shorthand, Business Arithmetic, Office Prac- tice, Home Room 212. MR. CLIFFORD N. CROOKS New York State Teachers College at Albany, B.A., University of Pennsylvania, M.A., Syracuse Uni- versity, American History, Home Room 114. MRS. ANNE F. DODGE Mansfield State Teachers College, B.S., Syracuse University, M.A., English II, English III, Home Room 213. MR. D. BRUCE ELLIS Syracuse University, B.A., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, M.A., Harpur College, Cortland State Teachers College, American History, Home Room 101. MR. THOMAS W. EVANS Syracuse University, B.S., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, Comell University, Health I, II. MRS. MARY EVERTS New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.A., M.A., Harpur College, World History. MR. WILLIAM EVERTS Syracuse University, B.A., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, M.A., Ithaca College, Cort- land State Teachers College, American History, World Geography, Home Room 208. MR. JULIUS R. GEORGE Champlain College, University of Buffalo, Cornell University, B.S., Physics, Adviser to cheerleaders, Athletic Council. MR. ROBERT W. GERMAN Syracuse University, B.A., Cornell University, M.S., Algebra, General Mathematics. MR. VINCENT J. GIARUSSO Triple Cities College of Syracuse, Harpur College, B.A., New York State College for Teachers at Alb- any, Syracuse University, World History, Home Room 20. MR. HAROLD S. GOODFELLOW Ithaca College, B.S., M.S., Boys' Physical Educa- tion, Head Coach of Basketball. MR. EDWARD J. GOODNOW Clarkson College of Technology, B.M.E., St. Law- rence University, M.A., Solid Geometry, Inter- mediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Home Room 102. MR. FRANCIS GOSS Rider College, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., English II, Chairman of English Department, Ad- viser Yearbook Advertising, Future Teachers Club. DR. ORWIN BRADFORD GRIFFIN Boston University, B.A., A.M., Columbia Univer- sity, Ph.D. in Educational Research, Yale Univer- sity, Graduate Dept. of Education, English III, Literature, Home Room 210. MISS FREDERICA HOLLISTER Cornell University, A.B., Latin 2, 3, 4, Adviser Latin Club, Sponsor National Honor Society. MRS. RUTH M. HUGHES Houghton College, B.S., Hunter College, New Yorlc University, Cornell University, Vocal Instructor, Choir, Glee Club. MR. CHARLES P. KASKEY Syracuse University, M.S., Cortland State Teachers College, B.S., Driver Education. DR. .IOSEPH KAZLUSKAS Chairman of Science Department, Cornell Univer- sity, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.g Chemistry. MR. RICHARD Z. KLETT Chairman of Technical Departmentg Syracuse Uni- versity, B.M.E.g Cornell University, M.S.g New York State College for Teachers at Albany, Machine De- sign, Strength of Materials, Co-ordinator of co-op technical program. MR. EDWARD KOBYLSKI University of Scranton, B.S.g St. Lawrence Univer- sityg Plane Geometry, Home Room 216. MR. MICHAEL LACCETTI Hartwick College, B.S.g New York State College for Teachers at Albany, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science. MRS. ESTHER L. LAINHART Cortland State Teachers Collegeg General Art, Basic Art, Advertising Design, Drawing and Painting, General Crafts, Adviser to Art Staff of Thesaurus. MISS HERMINA A. LESKO Charles S. Wilson Memorial Hospital, R.N.g Syra- cuse University, B.S.g Columbia University, M.A.g School nurse-teacher. MR. JAMES N. LONGWELL Oswego State Teachers College, Mechanical Ma- chine Shop I and II. MR. ARTHUR JAMES LOVELACE Lowell School of Businessg Roberts Wesleyan Col- lege, B.S.g Syracuse University, M.S.g Business Arithmetic, Home Room 220. MR. PAUL MAHOLCHIC University of Arizonag Arizona State Universityg Columbia University, B.A., M.A.g Syracuse Univer- sity: World and American History, Home Room 217. MRS. AGNESS W. MARTELLE Cornell University, B.A.g New York State Teachers College at Albanyg English Hg Home Room 113. MR. PAUL JOSEPH McCORMACK Niagara University, B.A., Fordham University, M.S., Latin I and II, Coach Bowling, Home Room 223. MISS ALTA M. MCLEAN Syracuse University, B.A., World History, Home Room 204. MISS JANET M. MEALY Skidmore College, B.A., Wellesley College, M.A., Certificat de la langue francaise, Universite de Paris, Universite d' Haiti, French I, II, III, Spanish I, Adviser to "Le Cercle Francais," Home Room 205. MISS GLADYS L. MERSEREAU New York State College for Teachers at Albany, A.B., Universite de Paris, New York University, M.A., Girls' Counselor. MRS. IRENE MICHAELS State University of New York, Cortland State Teachers College, B.S., Girls' Physical Education, Junior Leaders Club Adviser. MR. MICHAEL BRIAN McNULTY Blackrock College, National University of Ireland, Dublin, Bachelor of Engineering, Altemating Cur- rent, Electronics. MRS. MARY JANE NASH University of Michigan, B.A., M.A., General Eng- lish, Home Room 111. MR. .IOHN NEMIRE Keystone Junior College, Pennsylvania College, Har- pur College, B.A., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, 10th Year Math, Intermediate Algebra, Home Room 120. MR. RUSSELL E. NORRIS Buffalo State Teachers College, Industrial Arts, Cabinetmaking, Chairman Industrial Arts Depart- ment. MRS. MARJORIE L. O'HORA Plattsburg State College, Typewriting. MR. ACTON E. OSTLING Director of Music Department, Ithaca College, Con- cert Band, Instrumental Classes. MR. THOMAS D. PAOLUCCI Supervisor Audio-Visual Education Departmentg State Teachers College at Buffalo, M.A.g Mechanical Drawing. MR. C. BURDETTE PARKHURST Springfield College, B.P.E.g Boys' physical educa- tiong Coach of trackg Football trainer. MR. VITO N. POPELKA University of Notre Dame, B.S.g Syracuse Univer- sityg Columbia Universityg Health, Guidance Coun- selorg J. V. Football Coach, I. V. Basketball Coach. MRS. ANNE MARIE PROC New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.A.g College Preparatory English, Debate, Adviser for Senior Prom, Chairman for Honor Assemblyg Home Room 202. MISS ELIZABETH RASMUSSEN New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.A.g English III, Home Room 11. MRS. VIOLET RESCINITI New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.S.g Syracuse University, Harpur College, Office Practice, Secretarial Practice. MR. .IEFFERS D. RICHARDSON Syracuse University, B.S.g New York State Teachers College at Albany, Business' Law, Salesmanshipg Home Room 206. MR. JOSEPH F. ROSSIE Cortland State Teachers College, Oswego State Teachers College, Syracuse University, Technical Electronics, Radio. MRS. CLADYS A. ROTH New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.A.g Typewriting, Shorthand. MR. MACK RYAN Colgate University, B.A.., Columbia University, M.A., Syracuse University, University of Vermont, American History and World Backgrounds, Director of Adult Education. MR. BRUCE SANFORD Ithaca College, B.S., Public Speaking, Drama, Sen- ior Play, Assembly Committee, Home Room 108. MISS ADONA R. SICK Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S., M.A., New York University, Librarian, Adviser to Li- brary Club. MRS. DOROTHY L. SMITH Bryant College, Providence, R.I., B.S., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, M.S., Secre- tarial Practice, Office Practice, Coordinator for office-work experience program. MR. R. CRAWFORD STAHL Eastman School of Music of University of Rochester, B.M., M.A., Instrumental Music Classes, Orchestra, Marching Band and "Bn Band. MISS RUTH H. STONE Supervisor of Home Economics, Syracuse Univer- sity, B.S., M.S., Home Economics, Adviser to Jun- ior Red Cross. MR. RICHARD E. THOMAS Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B.S., Pennsyl- vania State University, Biology, Home Room 221. MR. ECBERT A. THURBER Hartwick College, B.A., New York College for Teachers at Albany, M.A., History, World and American History, Home Room 214. MISS ANNA TRAINOR Plattsburg State Teachers College, Shorthand and Transcription. MR. CHARLES H. TURVER Syracuse University, Niagara University, Lawrence College, University of Rochester, M.S., University of Michigan, University ad Autonoma, Guadalajara, Salisco, Mexico, Biology. MRS. MAUDE C. VARTULI Plattsburg State Teachers' College, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., Child Care, Family Relations, Sewing, Health II, Adviser of Tri-Hi, Adviser of Homemaking Club. MR. DOMINIC J. VERGONA Oswego State Teachers College, B.S., Cortland State Teachers College, Harpur College, Industrial Me- chanical Drawing I and II, General Shop, Driver Education. MISS ELANOR VOGELCSANG Syracuse University, B.A., Columbia University, M.A., College Preparatory English, General Eng- lish, Co-Adviser to Yearbook, Home Room 110. MRS. ULRICA J. WOOD Cornell University, B.A., Stephen Austin College, Mansfield State Teachers College, Tenth Year Math, Intermediate Algebra, Math for Prospective Nurses, Home Room 211. MRS. ALICE M. WOODARD New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.S., Intermediate Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigo- nometry, Chairman Principal's Advisory Council, Home Room 116. MR. JOHN M. WOODRUFF Oswego State Teachers College, B.S., Technical Mechanical Drawing, Technical Electrical Drawing, Electrical Blueprint Reading, Adviser of Technical Club, Yearbook Pictures. MR. CARL ZONIO New York State Teachers College at Albany, B.A., Syracuse University, French, Spanish, Italian, Home Room 112. A teacher affects eternity g he can never tell where his influence stops. HENRY ADAMS Q in 4 , w., 3 5 sf Af 'A ,H-1',, X , xg . 'fi , 01. a ,-MJ. 1" f 4 ' A M w' - , X ' , QW' f:1f+w31'Qf V an . , S ii y IV' sf f 1- wq,,, ..A. if --.... -3 :25, 49 . A , , .1 ' 2x X f X za 7 A-I 'F X if :, :-can Q N, W 1 1 1, F2 if RE S " Mx , 2 Y Q S i , ,Q , ga Q we W 59? V ' 2 X 5 ,Z 'f fivsiahlvi 4 54' , , WS? 'M - ' 1, W .mam gi, W ' I..'1... ' 1? 'Tiff .fs i ,, , X X . E . QQ1. 1. 1:::-':,:-- 3 -sl K Y ,ff -y - Q! Q QA 3 W. , K .155 , M , Q jf g Q Y Q1, ef ' . k . b Y .Q Y - X f -0 . if F Zz 1 11 ' L F' ,. . f Mm, V ,1 'Q' A 'Q f kk'-' A' 6? iii . :"' .- ,, :5q9,L 'X if g-+I-5, H H" Q A -fm fIf..,. any , ,W Q.,.f' V gs S M M . , .:,, ,,:: , , ,. K PL. . 41, F w :AQ ?f+w R, xi 4- . 6:3 Maya .Ms-AL.. gw MN I Y I , .15- 1 Q .. , 5 , E? SZFLFEUUAR 434 nv' L,i AGATI, VINCENT J. "Vince" Academic. Track 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Baseball, football, track. Future Plans: Service, College. ALECCIA, JOSEPHINE A. "Io" Academic Business. Tri-Hi 2, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Italian Club 3, 4: Volleyball 3. Hobbies: Records, reading. Future Plans: College. ANTOS, WILLIAM J. "Bill" Academic. Italian Club 3, 4, President 4: JV Football 2: Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4g Volleyball 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, cars. Future Plans: College, Navy. AVERY, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Academic. Tri-Hi. Hobbies: Dancing, records, sports. Future Plans: Wilson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. AYER, THAD E. Technical. Tech Club 2, 4: Chess Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Model Radio, controlled airplanes. Future Plans: Engineer. BAIO, GLORIA J. "Glo" or "Squeeky" Business. Hobbies: Dancing, music, TV. Future Plans: Marriage. BALDWIN, DELORES M. "Jill" Academic. Tri-Hi: House of Representatives 2g Election Commission 23 I.B.M. Co-op: Yearbook typist. Hobbies: Music. Future Plans: Secretarial work. BALDWIN, GILBERT R. "Baldy" Technical. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, bowling. Future Plans: Job, Army. BALLEY, SUZANNE L. "Sue', Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 4, Treasurer 4: Tri-Hi Bowling 45 Red Cross Rep- resentative 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Modern Dance 3: Pep Club 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Nursing, Hostess. BANKO, JAMES M. "Jim" Academic. Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 2: Student Adviser 4, President 3: Chess Club 3, 4: Thesaurus Staff 4: Year- book Copy Editor 4. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, stamp collecting, chess. Future Plans: College. BARON, ERMA J. Business. Choir 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, reading. Future Plans: Beautician, Secretary. BARRIER, SHARON L. Business. Clee Club 2, 3: Choir 4. Hobbies: Dancing, collecting records, swimming, boating. Future Plans: I.B.M., Wafs, Waves, Marriage. BARTAL, RICHARD M. i'Dick,' Industrial Arts. Hobbies: Electricity, radio, TV, cars, sports, dancing, music, constructing. Future Plans: I.B.M. or Air Corps. BATTAGLINI, JOSEPH A. Academic. Football 2, 3: House of Representatives 2, 3. Future Plans: College. BATTISTI, PALMIRA A. "Pal', Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Future Teachers of America 3, 4: Italian Club 3: Red Cross Representative 3. Hobbies: Reading, records. Future Plans: State Teachers' College. BEGEAL, WILLIAM K. "Bill" Technical. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: Auto mechanic. BENDLE, SANDRA J. usandien Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 4. Hobbies: Reading, dancing. Future Plans: College. BENEDETTI, JOSEPH M. "Joe" Industrial Arts. Hobbies: Football, baseball. Future Plans: Broome Tech. BENJAMIN, MARILYN M. "Marla" Academic. Red Cross 2, 3, 4: President of Junior Red Cross 4: Tri- Hi 4. Hobbies: Cooking, sewing, swimming, bowling. Future Plans: Nursing. BENSING, JR. GEORGE E. Hobbies: Hlmting and fishing. Future Plans: Army. BERGERON, DONNA L. Business. Hobbies: Reading, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M., Business School. BERNARDO, ANNMARIE "Am" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4: Italian Club 2, 3: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Badminton 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Class honor team in Hockey 2, 3, 4: and Soccer 3, 4: All-Star Team in Hockey 4: Leaders Club sweatshirt 3: Emblem for intramurals 3: hat for intramurals 4. Hobbies: Reading, sports, music. Future Plans: Physical Education Teacher. BIDWELL, BEVERLY J. "Bev" Business. House of Representatives 2: Tri-Hi 4: Commercial Club 4: Cleo Club 2: Yearbook Typing Staff: I.B.M. Co-op: Candi- date for Football Queen. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: Secretarial work. BIESECKER, JOSEPH M. "Joe" Academic. Hobbies: Custom cars and sport cars. Future Plans: Racing sport cars. BIGGS, ROBERT C. "Bob" Technical. Hobbies: Cars, hunting. Future Plans: Navy. BIKO, DANIEL P. "Dan" Technical. Football 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Track 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music. Future Plans: College. BOBBITT, BARBARA A. Academic. Tri-Hi 2: Pep Club 2. Hobbies: Music, horseback riding. Future Plans: College. BOCHNAK, STEPHEN M. "Steve" Academic. Cross Country 3: Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Junior Rotarian 3. Hobbies: Reading, hunting, cars. Future Plans: College. BONCZEK, BARBARA J. "Barb" Business. Commercial Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi 2. Hobbies: Music, reading. Future Plans: Secretarial work. BOROVICKA, MICHAEL J. "Mike" Academic. Cross Country 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Basketball Band 3, 4: All-State Sec- tional Band III: All-County Band III: 2 year band award: 3 year band award: Key Club 4. Hobbies: Music, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: College CPotsdamJ. BOVIER, THOMAS "Bo" Business. JV Basketball 3. Hobbies: Fishing. Future Plans: U.S. Air Force. BOWER, DANIEL M. "Dan" Teclmical. Hobbies: Drag races, cars, hunting. Future Plans: College, I.B.M. L5 1 'W 1 .13 1 .ag . sl-,- P . uf 5 4 .g my fc .- ' X BRINK, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Business. Commercial Club 49 FHA 4. Hobbies: Roller skating. Future Plans: Marriage. BRISTER, BETTE A. "Bet" Academic. Tri-Hi 3: Glee Club 2. Hobbies: Dancing, music, reading, collecting records. Future Plans: Nursing School. BROOKER, MARVIN N. Business. Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Collect statues of horses. Future Plans: Office Work. BROOKS, GERALD R. 'flerry' Industrial Arts. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: I.B.M. BROWN, JAMES G. 'flimw Business. Library Club 2: Yearbook staff 45 U.E. reporter for news- paper. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, writing, church work. Future Plans: U.S. Army. BROWN, SHARON L Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 2, Commercial Club 2, 3. Hobbies: Dancing, collecting records. Future Plans: Marriage. BRYDEN, DONNA J. Academic. Basketball 2, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, art. Future Plans: College. BUNGANICH, JOYCE A Academic. Hobbies: Reading, sports, stories. Future Plans: Beautician School. BURCH, CYNTHIA H. "Cindy" Academic. Pep Club 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Softball 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Candidate for foot- ball queen. Hobbies: Swimming, reading. Future Plans: Private Secretary. BURNS, JOHN J. "Jack" Academic. Hobbies: Billiards. Future Plans: Leave Endicott. CAFORIO, NORMA l. "Norm" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Commercial Club 43 Glee Club 2, 3: Choir 4. Hobbies: Dancing, records, swimming. Future Plans: Nurse, Beautician. CANNAVINO, GLORIA J. "Glor" Business Art. Pep Club 3: Tri-Hi 45 Junior Red Cross Representative 4. Hobbies: Drawing, music. Future Plans: I.B.M. or Art School. CARMAN, THOMAS R. "T. R." Academic. Track 2 3 Cross Country 2. Hobbies: Cars, boats. Future Plans: College. CARMON, WANDA L. "Shorty" Business. Library 2, 3, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3: Library, U-E Letters Hobbies: Sports, cars, music, reading. Future Plans: Secretarial Work, I.B.M. CARR, SHIRLEY A. "Cookie" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, Volleyball 23 Softball 2: Badminton 25 Hockey 3. Hobbies: Stamp collection, horseback riding, cooking. Future Plans: Marriage. CASEY, PATRICIA L. "Pat" Academic. French Club 3, 4g FTA 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Hobbies: Photography, reading. Future Plans: College. CASTRILLO, MARIE A. "Mur,' Business. Tri-Hi. Hobbies: Records, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M., Beautician's School. CAVERLY, FREDERICK B. "Fred" Academic. Key Club 2, 3, 4-3 Latin Club 3, 4: JV Baseball 2, JV Football 4: Varsity Bowling 3, 4, Captain 4-. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. CAVESE, MARIE A. Business. Commercial Club 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4. Future Plans: Secretarial, office work. CERASARO, JOSEPH A. Technical. Future Plans: College. CERASARO, THERESA A. "Terry" Academic. Leaders Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 43 Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4-3 Pep Club 3: Future Teachers 3, 4-5 Glee Club 2, 3: Soccer 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4-9 Volleyball 2, 3, 4-5 Basketball honor fclassl team 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3. Hobbies: Sports, popular music. Future Plans: College. CHAFF EE, DIANE B. "Di" Business. Hobbies: Popular music, cars. Future Plans: l.B.M., marriage. CHASE, BETSY J. "Bet" Business. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, and records. Future Plans: I.B.M. CHECCHIA, JOHN L. Technical. Football 3: Track 3. Hobbies: Fishing, sailing, swimming. Future Plans: Junior College. CHILSON, CHARLENE M. Business. Volleyball 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Badminton 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Orchestra 3, 4. Hobbies: Ice and roller skating, swimming, music Qflutel, bowling, drawing. Future Plans: College or secretarial work. CHUBINSKY, MARYLYN L. "Mar" Academic. Tri-Hi 3, 4, Yearbook 3. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, records. Future Plans: Broome Tech. CHURCH, WILLIAM H. "Bill" Technical. Hobbies: Hunting, all water sports, cars. Future Plans: Broome Tech. CICCIARELLI, ANTHONY J. "Cheech', Business. Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Golf 3. Hobbies. Sports. Future Plans: College. CICCIARELLI, PATRICIA M. "Pat" Business. Tri H1 4, Thesaurus typing staff 4. Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, and records. Future Plans: I.B.M. CICCIARELLI, ROSALIE M. Roe Business. Tri-Hi 2, 39 Pep Club 3, 4: Junior Athletic Council. Hobbies: Tennis, water skiing. Future Plans: St. Mary's Nursing School. 5 x CIESLA, JOANN M. "Ionic" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Tennis, swimming. Future Plans: Office work, receptionist. CLARK, JOHN L. "Jack' Academic. Future Plans: College. COLLINS, KATHLEEN M. "Cathy" Business. Hobbies: Swimming. Future Plans: Beautician. CONTENTO, ARLENE A Business. Tri-Hi 2. Future Plans: l.B.M. CONTENTO, GLORIA J. Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Softball 4: Volleyball 45 Senior Ring Commit- tee 3: House of Representatives 3: Candidate for football queen 4. Hobbies: Music, reading, spons. Future Plans: Secretary, I.B.M. COOK, LOIS ANN S. "Lodie" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, P.-p Club 3. Hobbies: Drawing, painting. Future Plans: Business School, secretarial work. COOPER, DAVID C. "Dave" Business. Hobbies: Bowling, hunting. Future Plans: Bookkeeper, l.B.M., U.S. Air Force. CORDER, GARY E. Academic. Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Coast Guard. COVERT, LEO B. JR. "Butch" Academic. Hobbies: Water skiing, swimming, cars, archery. Future Plans: l.B.M., U.S. Air Force. CRAWFORD, MICHAEL J. "Mike" Business, Art. Track 2, 3. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Army. CROGAN, JOANN F. "Jo" Leaders Club 3, 4-3 Hockey 2: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Badminton 3. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: X-Ray School. CROOKS, ROGER J. Business. Hobbies: Cars, hunting. Future Plans: Air Force. CROOKS, SALLY J. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 4: Spanish Club 4-3 Pep Club 3, 4: Baseball 3: Badminton 3. Hobbies: Dancing, music, reading. Future Plans: Teacher. CROWLEY, THOMAS M. "Tom' Technical. Tech Club 2, 3, 43 Track 2. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: College. CUDDY, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Business. FHA: Commercial Club: Tri-Hi 2, 3. Hobbies: Skating, dancing, records. Future Plans: Airline Hostess or Secretary. D'ADAlVIO, GARY D. Academic. Track 2, 3: Cross Country 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4-. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: College. DANSER, JUDITH L. "Judy" Business. Commercial Club 3: Tri-Hi 3: Glee Club 2: Choir 3. Hobbies: Music, swimming. Future Plans: Business College. DAVIES, MICHAEL W. "Moose" Academic. J V Football 3: Varsity Football 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Work. 9 DEAN, ALICE "Al" Academic. Latin Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Fu- ture Teachers 2, Secretary 2, Soccer 4, Tri-Hi Play 3, Glee Club 2, Choir 3, 4, Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, dancing, sports, reading. Future Plans: Albany State Teachers College. DeCRESCE, IVANA Business Commercial 2, 3: Tri-Hi 2, 3, I.B.M. Co-op. Hobbies: Music, reading. Future Plans: I.B.M., college. DEL BROCCO, PETER R. "Del" Business. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: I.B.M. DePAOL0, ADELINA R. "NeNe" Business. Leaders Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Hockey 3, Soccer 3, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, 4: Choir 3, 4, Glee Club 2. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, music. DeVlTA, LOIS ANN Business. Tri-Hi 2. Hobbies: Singing, dancing. DIORIO, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Academic. Italian Club 2, Leaders Club 3, Tri-Hi 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Intramurals 3, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Candidate for football queen. Future Plans: College. DiVlNCENZO, MARY I. Business. Tri-Hi 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, Leaders Club 2, Volley- ball 2, Basketball 2. Hobbies: Reading, bowling, dancing. Future Plans: Secretary. DODD, DEANNA "Dee" Business. Hobbies: Drawing, dancing. Future Plans: Artist, X-Ray Technician. DODGE PHILLIP A. 'iPhil" Academic. Key Club 2, 3, 4-5 Senator 3, 4: Choir 2, 3. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: College. DODGE, ROBERT L. "Bob" Academic. Italian Club 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Sgt-at-Arms 4: IV Baseball 2: Varsity Baseball 3, 4-5 JV Football 2, Varsity Football 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: Speaker of the House 4: Ath- letic Council 3, 4: President of Sophomore and Junior Class. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. DONALD, LESTER J. Teclmical. Hobbies: Radio, TV electronics. Future Plans: U.S. Air Force. DONLICK, CHARLES E. "Chuck" Technical. Tech. Club 2. Hobbies: Cars, sports. Future Plans: Prep School, College. DRISCOLL, ROBERT E. "Bob" Academic, Business. Hobbies: Record collecting, cars, football, swimming. Future Plans: College or service. DuBOIS, BON ITA J. "Bonnie" Business. Tri-Hi 2, Commercial Club 4-3 Future Homemakers of America 3. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Secretarial work. DYER, DENNIS E. "Den" Academic. Ford Industrial Arts Awards. Hobbies: Stamps, cars, coins, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: l.B.M.: Navy. ECKINGER, KARL W. Business. Hobbies: Archery, swimming. Future Plans: Service. EDSON, MICHELE E. "Shelley" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Choir 2, 3: Pep Club 2. Hobbies: Roller skating, dancing, sports. Future Plans: College. EDWARDS, DAVID W. "Dave" Technical. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: Navy, I.B.M. EGAN. JOHN M. "Mick,' Academic. Basketball 2, 3. Hobbies: Basketball, cars. Future Plans: College. EICK, KENNA L. Business. Tri-Hi 2, 4-5 Italian Club 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Broome Tech., I.B.M. ELDRIDGE, PAUL C. Technical. Third prize Industrial Arts Award from Ford Motor Com- pany. Hobbies: Cars, model railroading. Future Plans: Tech. School. ELLIS, ALICE MAY Business. Glee Club 2, 3: Choir 4: FHA 3: Tri-Hi 2, 4-5 Basketball 4: Volleyball 2, 4. Hobbies: Dancing, records, sports, music. Future Plans: I.B.M., Business School. ELNICKY, EDWARD J. Technical. Tech Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, music, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: College. EMOLA, ALBERT Academic. Hobbies: Model trains, architecture, mouth organ. Future Plans: Artist. EVANITSKY, IO ANN Academic. Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Soccer 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Badminton 4: Thesaurus Typing Staff 45 Tri-Hi Bowling 4. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: College. EVANS, MARY E. Business. FHA 2, 3, 4 ,Treasurer 3, 4: Tri-Hi 4: Volleyball 3, 4. Future Plans: Secretary. EVANS, THOMAS R. "Tom" Hobbies: Mechanics, hot rods. Future Plans: Mechanical or Electrical Engineer. EVANS, WILLIAM I. "Bill' Technical. Hobbies: Cars, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: U.S. Marines. FERENICK, RICHARD S. "Dick" Academic. Italian Club 3, 4: ,IV Baseball 23 JV Football 35 Varsity Football 4. Hobbies: Dancing, sports. Future Plans: College. FERGUSON, CAROL A. Business. Tri-Hi 3, 4: Thesaurus Typing Staff 4. Hobbies: Dancing, records, sports, swinuning. Future Plans: Business School, l.B.M. FERRARA, NANCY M. "Nan" Business. Tri-Hi 2: Glee Club 25 Choir 3, 4. Hobbies: Records. Future Plans: Secretary. FIORI, IOANNE Academic. Italian Club 3, 4g Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3: House of Representatives 4, Secretary 43 Thesaurus 4: Candidate for football queen. Hobbies: Tennis. Future Plans: College. '27 FULLER, DIANE J. "Di" Business. Commercial Club 4: Yearbook Advertising Staff 4. Hobbies: Dancing, reading, records. Future Plans: Business School. FULLER, MARY L. Marile Business. Commercial Club 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, Soccer 2, 3, Basket- ball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3g Badminton 3: Track 2. FUNDOCK, STEPHEN J. "Steve" Technical. Hobbies: Stamp collecting and model airplanes. Future Plans: Air Force. GABRIEL, SHARON A. "Cheekie" Academic. Italian Club 4: Tri-Hi 3: Pep Club 2. Hobbies: Tennis, swimming. Future Plans: College. GALE, JANET M. "Jan" Academic. Italian Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi Club 2, 4. Hobbies: Dancing. Future Plans: Elementary teaching. GAULT, WILLIAM B. "Bill" Business. Hobbies: Car, boats. Future Plans: College and car salesman. GEIGER, STEPHEN C. Academic. I V Baseball 2: ,I V Basketball 3: Golf 3, 43 Senator 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, sports, cars. Future Plans: College. GILLETTE, BEVERLY A. "Sawed-off" Business. Library Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2, President 3: Junior Red Red Cross 3: U.E. Library letters. Hobbies: Western music, auto races, skating. Future Plans: Marriage, B.M.l. GILLETTE, JANET F. "Jan" Academic. Tri-Hi 3, 4: FTA 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Bad- minton 3: Soccer 2. Hobbies: Reading, sports, travel. Future Plans: Nursing. GIOLMA, EDWIN D. "Ed" Academic. Track 4-9 Cross Country 4. Hobbies: Cars, sports. Future Plans: College, Navy. GIORDANO, VINCENT B. Academic. Key Club 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant-Govemor 4: Latin Club 3, 4: French Club 3, 4, President 43 Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 3, 4-5 Boys' State: Oratorical Contest Award. Hobbies: Stamp collecting. Future Plans: College. GLOWA, ROBERT M. "Bob" Technical. Tech Club 29 I.B.M. Co-op 4: Junior Rotarian. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: College. GOLDSMITH, CATHERINE A. "Cathie" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 35 Badminton 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Tri-Hi Bowling 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, music. Future Plans: Advanced Schooling or secretarial work. GOODFELLOW, JACK S. "Jackson" Academic. Key Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4: National. Honor Society 3, 4: JV Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Band 2: House of Representatives 2, 3, 4: Treasurer of Junior Class: Latin Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, hi-fi. Future Plans: College. GORDON, DANIEL K. Technical. Hobbies: Hunting, cars, sports. Future Plans: College. COULD, WILLIAM A. "Bill" Business. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: I.B.M., Service. GRAVES, DONALD P. "Don" Academic. Hobbies: Reading, chess, science, mathematics. Future Plans: College. GRECI, Business. .IENNIE A Tri-Hi 2, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Italian Club 3, 4: FHA 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Soccer 3: Hockey 2. Hobbies: Sewing, reading. Future Plans: College. GREEN, JUDY L. Business. Tri-Hi 2. Hobbies: Singing, sports. Future Plans: I.B.M. or Business School. GREENE, KIRBY C. "Kirb" Technical. Future Plans: Army, construction work. GREENE, MELVIN R. "Mel" Academic. Hobbies: Swimming, sports, cars, sport car racing. Future Plans: Radio School or Armed Forces. GREET, .IACQUELYN R. Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4. Hobbies: Reading. Future Plans: Business School. GRIFFIN, SANDRA J. "Sandy" Academic. Italian Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi 3: Pep Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Records, swimming, bowling. Future Plans: Syracuse University or work in th GROVER, DAVID A. Academic. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, boat racing. Future Plans: Work. "Jackie" e airlines. "Dave" GUARNIERI, CAROL A. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 4: National Honor Society 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Pep Club 3: Italian Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Junior booth at Tri-Hi Camival 3. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: College. GUIDIC, NICHOLAS V. Technical. Hobbies: Swimming, boxing, wrestling, and weight lifting. Future Plans: Barber, Trade School, or Police Officer. HACKLING, CARL N. "Hack" Academic. Italian Club 2: Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Forestry. Future Plans: Syracuse University College of Forestry. HAICK, JAMES "Jimmie" Academic. French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Con- cert Band 45 American Legion Boys' State 3. Hobbies: Sports, music, hunting, camping. Future Plans: United States Naval Academy. HALECKY, CAROL M. Business. I.B.M. Co-op 4. Hobbies: Records, dancing, bowling. Future Plans: College: Secretary. HAMMERBACK, ELVIRA "Vi" Academic. Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Procounsul 4: Tri-Hi 3, 43 Leaders Club 45 Volleyball 3: Soccer 4: Basketball 3g Badminton 3: Hockey 4: Modern Dance 3. Hobbies: Art, sports, music. Future Plans: College. HANCOCK, DAVID A. "Dave" Academic. French Club 2: Choir 2, 3, 4, Sectional All-State Gioir 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Hobbies: Golf, music. Future Plans: College. HANZALIK, JUDITH A. "Judy Business. Clee Club 29 Choir 3: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Junior Red Cross 4. Hobbies: Jazz music, sport car races, dancing. Future Plans: Dental Assistant, Nurse. HARMAN, JULIA A. Business. Hobbies: Sports, music, dancing and swimming. Future Plans: Office or Secretarial work. HARTLEY, STEPHEN M. "Steve" Academic. Marching Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Cars, hunting and fishing. Future Plans: College. HASKINS, ESTHER M. "Dimples" Academic. Transfer from Allentown, Pennsylvania: Orchestra 3: Cleo Club 4, Secretary 2: Spanish Club 4: Orchestra 4: Concert Band 4: National Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Collecting post cards and pennants, music. Future Plans: Nurse. HATHAWAY, CHARLES E. "Chuck" Academic. Hobbies: Automobiles. Future Plans: Navy. HAVRILKA, JANICE M. "Jan" Business. Commercial Club 3: Tri-Hi 4: Volleyball 2, 3: Hockey 3: Soccer 3: Track 2: l.B.M. Co-op 4: Yearbook Typing Staff 4: Gregg Certificate of Merit 2: Basketball 2, 3: Softball 2: Girls' Intramural Shield 3. Hobbies: Music, sports, swimming. Future Plans: Private Secretary or l.B.M. HAWXHURST, JOHN P. "Jack" Academic. Track 4. Hobbies: Art, aeronautics. Future Plans: College, Air Force, l.B.M. HAYES. EDWARD F. "Ed" Academic. Latin Club 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: JV Basketball 3: Cross Country 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Radio and lndian Lore. Future Plans: College. HAYNES, CAROLE LYNN Secretarial. Hobbies: Dramatics, sports, public speaking. HEFFNER, DONALD Technical. Hobbies: Guns, hunting. HEFFNER, SHIRLEY A. Business. Hobbies: Skating, bowling. HENDZEL, MARIANNE R. "Mar" Business. I.B.M. Co-op 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Hobbies: Swinuning, pop music, dancing, drawing. Future Plans: I.B.M. or College. HENRY, BARBARA A. "Barb" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Commercial Club 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Candidate for Football Queen. Hobbies: Dancing, reading, swimming. Future Plans: Alfred Tech, Secretarial work. HERMIZ, JOSEPH E. "Joe," "Herm" Academic. JV Basketball 2: JV Baseball 3: Varsity Baseball 3: Junior Rotarian. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: Evangelist of the Gospel. HILL, MARGARET L. "Peggy" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Senate 3, 4: Assembly Committee 3: Treasurer in Senate 3: Cheerleader 3, 4, Ring Committee 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Vice-President Junior Class 3: Candidate for Football Queen. Hobbies: Dancing, reading. Future Plans: Alfred Tech. or Cazenovia Junior College. HILLS, KARL Academic. JV Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Varsity, Baseball 2, 3. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Future Plans: U.S. Navy. HOAG, MARILYN A. Business. Future Plans: Marriage or Secretarial Work in Insurance Company. HOFFER, DONALD F. Technical. Track "4-40" 2, National Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Cars, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: College. HOLDEN, MELBA D. Business. Pep Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi 4. Hobbies: Dancing, records, sports. Future Plans: Advanced Business School. O HOLLAND, GERALD P. Art. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, collecting model horses. Future Plans: Long Island Agriculture College. . HOPPS, ROBERT W. "Bob" Academic. Hobbies: Photography, cars. Future Plans: College, medicine. HORAN, MARTIN B. "Marty" Academic. Key Club 2, 3, 4: Basketball 33 JV Baseball 2, 35 Senator 3: National Honor Society 3, 4. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, popular records. Future Plans: College. HORTON, JUDITH K. "Judy" Business. Hobbies: Working or making puzzles, dancing. Future Plans: l.B.M., marriage. HUDCOVIC, EDWARD M. Academic. Hobbies: Hunting, cars. Future Plans: College of Engineering at Syracuse. HUMPHREYS, ELSIE S. Business. Tri-Hi 2. Hobbies: Football, basketball. Future Plans: Work or college. JACKSON, PATRICIA B. "Pat" Business. Tri-Hi 2: Italian Club 3. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, reading. Future Plans: Grace Downs Airline School. JOHNSTON, YVONNE D. Academic. Tri-Hi 2. Hobbies: Records, working, swimming, pro-football games. Future Plans: College or I.B.M. l JUECKSTOCK, ROBERT E. "Bob" Academic. Cross Country 2 9 Track 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. KAHLER, SHARON M. Academic. French Club 3, 43 Leaders Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2: Glee Club 2: Basketball 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Softball 4. Hobbies: Music, reading, bowling, sports. Future Plans: College. KALB, JOHN S. Academic. ,IV Baseball 2: ,IV Basketball 3: Varsity Baseball 35 Choir 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Homeroom Representative 4. Hobbies: Dancing, music, sports. Future Plans: College. KANY, JOAN M. "Joanie" Business. Commercial Club 3, 4: Introduction to Business Award. Hobbies: Record collecting, dancing. Future Plans: Secretarial work. KARL, JOAN M. "Joni" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4-3 Carnival Booth 3. Hobbies: Golf, reading. Future Plans: Nursing. KENNER, WAYNE C. Business. JV Football 3: Varsity Football 4: Baseball 3: Basketball 2. Hobbies: Sports, dancing.. Future Plans: College. KEPNER, RICHARD B. "Kep" Academic. Basketball. Hobbies: Boating, sports. Future Plans: College. KETCHUM, MALCOLM R. "Mac" Technical. Tech. Club 2, 3: Track 2, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 3, 4: National Honor Society: Key Club 4. Hobbies: Golf, swimming, bowling. Future Plans: College, Mechanical Engineering. KING, JEAN E. Academic. Baseball 2: Basketball 2: Track 2: Band. Hobbies: Sports, swimming, reading. Future Plans: Baptist Bible Seminary, Nurses' Training. KINGSTON, THOMAS F. "Tom" Technical. Tech. Club 2: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Marching and Concert Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Records, airplanes, sports. Future Plans: College, Aeronautical Engineer. KIPP, AN ITA L. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3. Hobbies: Records, horseback riding. Future Plans: Alfred University or Syracuse University. KISLING, KEITH A. Academic. Hobbies: Geology, cars, chess. Future Plans: Marines, College. KIZALE, SYLVIA M. "Syl" Business. Commercial Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M. or Lowell's Business School. KLETT, DAVID Z. "Dave" Academic. Cross Country 2: Track 3. Hobbies: Sports, cars. Future Plans: College. KNAPP, J EANETTE E. "Jeanie" Business. Hobbies: Dancing. Future Plans: Office work or marriage. KNOWLES, DONA L. Academic. Pep Club 3, 4: Leaders Club 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Badminton 3, 4-3 Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Buffalo State. KONDRACK, NANCY J. "Nan" Business. Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, Treasurer 2, 3, Parlia- mentarian 3. Hobbies: Traveling. Future Plans: Business College, Private Secretary. KONECNY, JOSEPH R. "Joe" Art. Hobbies: Football, boating, cars. Future Plans: Navy, I.B.M., Electronics. KONIKOWSKJ, BEVERLY "Bev" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3. Hobbies: Swimming, water skiing. Future Plans: Secretary. KONOSKY, JOHN T. Technical. Tech. Club 4: Baseball 2, 3. Hobbies: Sports. . Future Plans: Air Force, Engineering College. KOPE, SUSAN J. "Sue" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Clee Club 2: Choir 3, 4. Hobbies: Photography, sewing, dancing. Future Plans: Nurses' Training. KOPL, THOMAS J. "Mouse" Technical. Hobbies: Basketball, baseball, cars, fishing, boats. Future Plans: Broome Tech., Mechanical Engineer. KOSTYUN, MARY ANN Business. Commercial Club 2, 3. Hobbies: Popular music, dancing, bowling. Future Plans: .lunior College, Secretary. KOUTERICK, GILBERT L. "Gil" Art. Hobbies: Football, cars. Future Plans: I.B.M. or Air Force. KRUM, KRISTIN L. "Kris" Academic. Latin Club 3, 4, Aedile 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Tri- Hi 3, 4: Badminton 3: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Thesaurus Staff 4: Delegate to Syracuse Citizenship Con- ference 3, 4. Hobbies: Piano, reading, tennis, skating. Future Plans: College. KUCERA, LINDA C. Business. Commercial Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, waterskiing, dancing, reading. Future Plans: Court stenographer. KUZMA, DeANNE M. "Dee" Academic. Tri-Hi 4: Badminton 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3: Track 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3: Volleyball, Playday 3: Baton Twirler with Band: Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies:' Baton twirling, bowling, swimming, dancing, skat- ing. Future Plans: College, Nursing School. LANE, CAROL A Business. Commercial Club 2. Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, music. Future Plans: College, Business School, or I.B.M. LANTZ, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Basketball 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Badminton 4: House of Representatives 2: Candidate for Football Queen. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, swimming, reading. Future Plans: Elmira Beautician School. LARNERD, JACQUELINE A. "Jackie" Business. Future Plans: Marriage. LASZEWSKI, MARY LEE "Lee" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Alfred College. LeBARON, JAMES B. "Leb" Academic. French Club 3, Vice-President 33 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Sgt-at- Arms 33 Volleyball 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 County Band 3, 43 Syra- cuse University Citizenship Scholarship Candidate 3, 4. Hobbies: Mechanics. Future Plans: Engineering College. LEHNER, JOHN F. Academic. Track 3, 4. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Future Plans: Wanakana Ranger School. LEPORE, GILDA M. "Jill" Leaders Club 2, 43 Treasurer 4g Pep Club 23 Tri-Hi 2, 43 Tri-Hi Bowling 43 Junior Red Cross Representative3 Soft ball 2, 4-3 Basketball 2, 43 Volleyball 2, 4g Hockey 43 Soc- cer 4g Badminton 43 Modem Dancing 2, 43 Candidate for football queen 43 National Honor Society 4. Future Plans: Elementary School Teacher. LIANO, FRANK J. Technical. Tcch. Club 23 JV Baseball 23 Varsity Baseball 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, cars. Future Plans: College. LIEBER, KAREN A. Academic. Red Cross 3, 4, Secretary 33 Latin Club 43 Tri-Hi 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Volleyball 2g Band - Concert, Marching 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Flute, reading. Future Plans.: College. LINFANTE, ROBERT C. Academic. ' Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. LINKO, THOMAS V. "Tom" Academic. JV Baseball 23 JV Basketball 2g JV Football 33 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Varsity Football 4-. Hobbies: Fishing, sports. Future Plans: Military school, college. LIPPOLIS, ROSEANN E. "Lee" Business. Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi 2: VOUCY' ball 2. Future Plans: Marriage. LOEFFLER, SHARON D. "Sherry" An. Tri-Hi 2, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Softball 2: Basketball 3. 43 Soccer 4: Tri-Hi Bowling 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Beautician School. LOFTUS, MARYFAITH Business. Tri-Hi 2. Future Plans: I.B.M. LOJPERSBERGER, GLORIA J. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 3: Softball 4, Thesaurus Staff 4: Volleyball 43 Tri-Hi Bowling 4. Hobbies: Music, records. Future Plans: College. LOUCKS, CAROL J. Academic. Leaders Club 2: Softball 25 Basketball 2, 3: Badminton 2, 33 Soccer 23 Volleyball 2, 35 Cleo Club 2. Hobbies, Sports, reading. Future Plans: College. LOZZI, JOSEPH L. "Joe" Academic. Italian Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Choir 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Progressive Jazz, sports, stock market, music. Future Plans: Albany State Teachers College. MacBETH, JAMES W. "Jim" Technical. Tech Club 2, 4. Hobbies: Skiing, swimming, hunting. Future Plans: Engineering and Air Force. MALICK, MELANIE E. "Mel" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, s, 4, Spanish Club 4, Vice-President 4, clee club 2: Band 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: Nurses' Training. ..-x kg. ,ff 'qt' X .gig A ,. 5, MASTROGIACOMO, WANDA A. Academic. Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Italian Club 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Talent Assembly, Tri-Hi Plays. Hobbies: Acting, writing, reading, dancing. Future Plans: Nursing. MASTROIANNI, NICOLENA M. "Lena" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. Hobbies: Reading, records. Future Plans: College. MASUCCI, ANGELA M. "Ang" Academic. Latin Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Honor So ciety 3, 4. Future Plans: College. MATOLKA, MARY J. Academic Business. Italian 3, President 3, House of Representatives 2, 3, Tri- Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music Cjazz and popularl, dancing, swimming, tennis. MCCAMMUCK, DAVID C. "Dave" Academic. McCARTY, CLARISSA B. "Chris" Academic. Spanish Club 4, Volleyball 2, Basketball 2, 3, Captain, Band - Marching and Concert 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Bowling, music, Bible Club. Future Plans: Nurses' training at Charles S. Wilson Hospital. McFALL, BETTY S. "Bonnie" Business. Commercial Club 3, 4, President 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Business College. McFALL, HAROLD E. "Ted" Technical. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: I.B.M. MCLAIN, ALAN C. HAI" Academic. JV Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3. Future Plans: College. MELAZZO, JOSEPHINE E. ".lo' Business. Tri-Hi 2: Tennis 2. Hobbies: Reading. Future Plans: College or Office Work. MELVILLE, CRAIG C. Academic. JV Footballg Varsity Football. Hobbies: Cars, sports. Future Plans: College. MESSERSMITH, ROBERT J. "R. J. Technical. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: I.B.M. MICALIZZI, SEBASTIAN J. Mick Academic. Baseball 2. Hobbies. Hunting. Future Plans: Air Force. MICHAEL, JAMES E. Jim Technical. Hobbies . Cars. MICHAEL, JUDITH E. "Judy" Business. Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball 2, 3. Hobbies: Dancing, sports. Future Plans: I.B.M. MIKELS, ROBERT J. "Mike Teclmical. Hobbies: Outdoor activities, bowling. Future Plans: I.B.M. 9 MILLER, HONORA E. "Elaine" Academic. Basketball 3: Softball 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Badminton 3: Vol- leyball 3: All-State Sectional Band 3: All-County Band 3: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: 2 Year Band Award: 3 Year Band Award. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: Music, Teaching. MILLS, NANCY M. Business. Hobbies: Ice skating, swimming, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M., secretary. MIX, VELMA E. "Vel" Business. Future Hmxemakers of America 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Tri-Hi 4: Volleyball Intramural 3: Clee Club 2: Thesaurus Typing Staff 4: Chainnan 4. Hobbies: Ice skating, roller skating, cooking, sewing. Future Plans: Secretary, I.B.M. or General Electric. MNAHONCAK, SALLY A. Business. Tri-Hi 2, 4: FHA 3, 4, Publicity 3: Commercial Club 4: Glee Club 2: Basketball 4. Hobbies: Sports, records, sewing, typing, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M. or Wafs. MOHNEY, JUDITH C. "Judy" Academic. French Club 2: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Softball 2: Badminton 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Iunior Ring Conunittee 3: Junior Class Secretary 3: Candidate football queen 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: College. MOHNEY, RETA Academic. Latin Club 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi 3, 4: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, music, reading. Future Plans: College of Liberal Arts. MONACO, JOHN A. Academic. House of Representatives 3: Ring Committee 3. Future Plans: College. MOREY, RONALD C. "Ron" Business. I.B.M. Co-op. Hobbies: Accordion. Future Plans: Air Force or Navy MOTT, MARYLEA A. Academic Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 2: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Hobbies: Music, dancing. Future Plans: College, music teacher. MUSHOCK, J ENNETTE E. "Nickie" Business. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: I.B.M. NALEPA, ANNE M. "Annie" Business. Hobbies: Sewing, dancing, roller skating. Future Plans: Airline stewardess, marriage. NASH, ROBERT J. "Bob" Academic. Bowling 3, 4, JV Baseball 2. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. NEALY, ROBERT E. "Bob" Business. Hobbies: Collecting arrowheads. Future Plans: Farming. NEMETH, RONALD L. "Ron" Academic. Key Club 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Band 2, 3: 2 Year Award in Band: National Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Fishing, hunting. Future Plans: College. NIRCHI, ADELAIDE J. "Addy" Business. Tri-Hi 2. Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, termis, ice skating, roller skating. Future Plans: I.B.M. NONAMAKER, CAROL A. Academic. Tri-Hi 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Soccer 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2: Soft- ball 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: College. NORTON, MARTHA ANNE "Marty" Academic. French Club 3, 4: Leaders Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Vol- leyball 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 4. Hobbies: Reading, swimming, golf. Future Plans: College. NOSAL, JANET M. Academic, Business. Leaders Club 2, 4: Pep Club 4: Tri-Hi 2, 33 Commercial Club 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4: Volleyball 2, 4: Bad- minton 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Choir 3, 4: Campaign Com- mittee 2. Hobbies: Singing, dramatics, aquatics. Future Plans: Teaching. NYSCHOT, JOSEPH Marching Band 2: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: All-County Band 3, 45 All-State Sectional 45 .IV Football 2, 3: Varsity Football 4: Key Club Basketball Band 3, 4: Key Club. N YSTROM, CAROL L. Academic. Future Teachers of America 2, 3: Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2g Softball 2: Glee Club 25 Choir 3, 4: Hobbies: Swimming, bowling. Future Plans: College. OLIVER, ELSA L. Academic. Softball 3, Volleyball 3: Soccer 4: Sports Day Softball Team 3. Hobbies: Piano, organ, sports. OLIVIER, PATRICIA A. Business. Hobbies: Dancing, records. Future Plans: Secretary, marriage. O'MALLEY, KAREN M. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 2: Football Band 2: Concert Band 2. Hobbies: Music, reading. Future Plans: College and Nurses' Training. OPALENICK, JOSEPH P. "Opal" Academic. Hobbies: Golf, hunting, reading. Future Plans: College. PADYKULA, FRED S. Academic. Baseball 3: Representative 2, Junior Rotarian. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Future Plans: College. PALEN IK, JAMES G. "Jim" Academic. Thesaurus Staff 2, House of Representatives 4: Spanish Club 4, President 4-5 JV Baseball 2. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. PALMERI, J OANNE M. "Jo" Business. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, tennis. Future Plans: l.B.M. PALMISANO, ISABEL A. Academic.- Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Italian Club 2, 3, 43 Clee Club 2. Hobbies: Cheerleading. Future Plans: Cortland State Teachers College. PANKO, DONALD W. "Don" Electronics. Football 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 4: Senator 2 House of Representatives 3. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College and Engineering. PERKINS, THERON L. "Perk' Hobbies: Electronics, music. Future Plans: Broome Tech. or R.l.T. PETERS, SHARON L. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2. Future Plans: College, nursing. PETTIBONE, THOMAS L. "Tom" Transferred from Niskayuna High School, Schenectady. Academic. Key Club 2, 3, President 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3: Cross Country 2, 33 Ski Team 2: Track 2, 33 Golf 2, 3: Student Council 3 Treasurer 3 So homore Executive 2 1 5 P , Vice-President 2: Youth Group, President 3, All-State High School Orchestra: "Our Town." Hobbies: Autos, reading. Future Plans: College, Mechanical Engineering. PHILLIPS, JOAN C. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4g Leaders Club 2, 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3: Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Reading, sports. Future Plans: Teachers College. PORZUCEK, ROBERT D. "Bob" Technical. Hobbies: Radio and electronics, fishing, hunting. Future Plans: Service or College. POWELL, SUZANN E. "Sue" Business. Commercial Club 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 43 Glee Club 2: Tri-Hi Bowling 4: Badminton 3, 4: Basketball: Volley- ball: Softball 4. Hobbies: Drawing, sports. Future Plans: College. POWERS, MARY E. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 45 Concert and Band 25 Marching Band 2: Choir 3, 43 House of Representatives 4, Junior Red Cross 1Repre- sentative 4, Clee Club 2. sw Hobbies: Music, swimming, golf. , . 50 Future Plans: Business,,School, Vik " , " ' ' ' it ful: if ibof' wif Xu' sig : I 3. l X C. b 1 MX ,N ,N of V U ,jig Y' 'AC'lS4,Xt'X,6,1i' Q ,s?"' POZYI, GLORIA J. Uw'Glor" ' Business. Pep Club 3: Tri-Hi 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Baseball 2: Badminton 25 Representative 2. Hobbies: Music, reading, sports. Future Plans: Business School. PRATT, CAROL L. Academic, Art. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Leaders Club 4: Glee Club 2, Choir 3: Spanish Club 4, Secretary 4: Soccer 3, 4: Vol- leyball 43 Basketball, Softball, Badminton 2, 3, 4: Class Team 2, 3: Thesaurus 4. Hobbies: Art, sports, water skiing. PREBISH, SHARON P. Academic. Leaders Club 3, 4: FTA 3, 4, PresidenP4: Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Badminton 2, 3, 4: Track '2, 4: Concert Band: Marching Band. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: State Teachers' College. PRICE, LANA R. Academic. Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi 3, 4. Hobbies: Swimming, golf, music. Future Plans: College. 4 P ,xx 4 xi 4 .X Fei? ,ga 43 ,X 5 + egfzwfy A RIDDLE, SUSAN C. "Sue" Academic. Transfer from Arlington High School in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Art Club 23 Press Club 23 Dramatic Club 23 Soccer 23 Basketball 23 Baseball 23 Arlington High Schoolg Tri-Hi 3, 4g Pep Club 3, 43 Homeroom Representative 4. Hobbies: Art, swimming, water skiing, tennis. Future Plans: College, Nursing. RIEGAL, RICHARD R. "Dick" Industrial Arts. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, and sports cars. Future Plans: I.B.M., Service. RICO, STANLEY L. "Stan" Academic. Hobbies: Golf, cars. Future Plans: Service. RIPIC, CAROL S. Academic. Leaders Club 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Vice-President 3g Tri-Hi 23 Soccer, Hockey 3, 43 Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 2, 33 Badminton 33 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Reading, sports. Future Plans: College. RIPIC, VIRGINIA J. "Ginny" Academic. Leaders Club 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 33 Tri-Hi 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 43 Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Badminton, 2, 3, 43 Junior Red Cross 2. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Cortland State Teachers College - Physical Education. RIZZI, ARTHUR A. "Art" Business. Hobbies: Cars, billiards. ROBBLE, GARY L. Academic. Key Club 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 43 Choir 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: Ministry. ROGACKI, JUDITH M. "Judy" Business. Tri-Hi 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 3 Track 23 Typing for Yearbook 4. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: Secretary. ROGERS, STEVE J . Academic. Marching Band 2, 35 Concert Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Golf. Future Plans: Music teacher. ROOSA, RICHARD H. "Rick" Teclmical. Key Club 3, 4, JV Football 2, 3, Varsity Football 4 Track 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Hobbies: Hunting, sports, electronics. Future Plans: College. ROSS, BEVERLY J. "Bev" Business. Hobbies: Dancing, sports. Future Plans: Stenographer. ROSSI, LEN A I Business. Leaders Club 4: Tri-Hi 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3 4: Badminton 3, 4. Hobbies: Swimming, reading, sewing. Future Plans: Secretarial work. ROTELLA, PETER A. "Pete" Academic. Hobbies: Cars, boats. Future Plans: Broome Tech. RUSSELL, BARBARA J. "Barb Business. Glee Club 25 FHA 2, 4g Tri-Hi 4: Commercial 4. Hobbies: Records, sports. Future Plans: Office work. RUSSELL, YVONNE K. Business. Commercial Club 4: FHA 4: Tri-Hi 4. Hobbies: Basketball, sports, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M. SAGE, MURIEL M. "Chips" Academic. Junior Red Cross 2, 3, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3: Leaders Club 23 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Soccer 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3. Hobbies: Reading, sports, chess. Future Plans: College. SAKOWSKY, SHIRLEY A. Business. Tri-Hi 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Bad- minton, Library Club 2. Hobbies: Collecting records, reading. Future Plans: Ridley Secretarial School. SALVATORE, ADRIANA A. "Drina" Academic. Italian Club 4, Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Bowling 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Basketball 2, 4: Badminton 3, 4g Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3: Hockey 2, 3: Modem Dance 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Representative 4. Hobbies: Dancing, sports, reading. Future Plans: Brockport State Teachers' College. SANDWICK, DONALD E. "Don" Technical. Bowling 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: Service. SCHERMERHORN, CAROL Business. Tri-Hi 3, 4. Hobbies: Roller skating, church work. Future Plans: Work. SCHIAPPA, ANTHONY R. "Tony" Art. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Future Plans: I.B.M. SCHMIDT, CHARLOTTE L. "Char" Business. Hobbies: Records, movies. Future Plans: Marriage. SEAVER, GLENN L. Academic. Key Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Baptist Bible Seminary. SEDLAK, MARGARET M. 'Peggy Academic. FTA 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Tri-H1 3, Baseball 3, Bad minton 3. Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, music. Future Plans: College. SELIGA, FRANK J. Academic. Basketball Manager 2, 3. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Future Plans: U.S. Navy. SELNEKOVIC, MARY ANN S. Business. Orchestra 2, 3. Hobbies: Reading. Future Plans: I.B.M. SHAFFER, JOYCE E. Business. Hobbies: Bowling, swirruning, drawing, records, dancing. Future Plans: Airline Hostess, marriage. SHAY, JACK C. Technical. Hobbies: Skating, dancing. Future Plans: U.S. Navy. SHEMO, ANN MARIE E. Academic. Clee Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi 2, 4: French Club 4: Commercial Club 4. Future Plans: College, I.B.M. SHEPARD, NANCY A. Academic. Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Spanish Club 4, Treasurer 4: Badminton 2, 3: Tri-Hi Bowl- ing 2: Tri-Hi Play 3. Hobbies: Music, tennis, reading. Future Plans: College. SIM, ROBERT M. "Bob" Academic. Future Plans: College. SNOW, CAROL J. Academic. French Club 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Softball 3, 4: Badminton 3. Hobbies: Music, dancing, sports. Future Plans: College. SNYDER, GARY A. "Geech" Technical. Tech. Club 2, 3. Hobbies: Cars, boating, electricity. Future Plans: Air Force. SPENCE, CONRAD R. "Con" Academic. Transfer from Van Renssalaer in Nov. 1957. Varsity Club 2: Varsity 2: Cross Country, lVan Rensselaerl. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: U.S. Marines. STANDISH, SHARON L. Academic. French Club 2: Glee Club 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Sports, music, reading. Future Plans: Johns Hopkins University. STARR, JAMES D. "Jim" Technical. Tech Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: I.B.M. Co-op 4. Hobbies: Sports, records. Future Plans: College. STEFLIK, ANTHONY I. "Stef" Technical. Hobbies: Radios. Future Plans: Air Force or I.B.M. STEVENS, ROGER A. "Dano" Art. Transfer from Huntington High School. Football 2, 3, fHUDllIlg10Hl. Hobbies: Records. Future Plans: Navy. STEWART, WILLIAM I. "Bill" Technical. Tech Club 4: JV Football 2, 3. Hobbies: Football. Future Plans: College, Armed Forces. STRATTON, ROBERTA J. "Joy" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 25 Pep Club 3, 4: Badminton Softball, Hockey 2, 3: Basketball 2. Hobbies: Photography, sports. Future Plans: College. STRUSZ, HENRY P. "Hank" Technical. Tech Club 2. Hobbies: Radio, TV. Future Plans: Electronics Engineer. SULGER, MERRITT P. "Junior" Tech Club 2. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, swimming, cars. Future Plans: l.B.M. or Broome Tech. TAPP, JOAN H. H,l0anie,' Business. Tri-Hi 2, 4: Commercial Club 4: Softball 2, 3, 4-5 Badminton 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 45 Typing Staff 4-. Hobbies? Swimming, dancing. Future Plans: Secretary. TATUSKO, LAWRENCE L. "Larry" Technical. Choir 2, 3, 4-5 Technical Club 4: Junior Rotarian. Hobbies: Aircraft, hunting. Future Plans: Alfred, Clarkson, or Rochester College. TERRY, GAY Academic. Tri-Hi 4. Hobbies: Swimming, golf, music. Future Plans: College. THOMPSON, ELAINE B. "Kitty" Academic. French Club 3: Pep Club 3: Track 2: Tri-Hi 2: Basketball 3: Baseball 2: Badminton 3: Soccer 4-3 Archery 4: Choir 3, 4: Clee Club 2. Hobbies: Tcnnis, bowling, swimming. Future Plans: College. THOMPSON, JOANNA C. "Jo" Business. Hobbies: Badminton, cooking, church work. Future Plans: Practical Bible Training School. TILLY, DAVID B. "Dave" Business. Hobbies: Hunting, cars. Future Plans: College, Broome Tech. TINKLEPAUGH, FRANKLIN E. "Frank" Technical. Future Plans: I.B.M., Broome Tech, or Air Force. TOFT, HARRIET L. Business. Choir. Hobbies: Roller skating. Future Plans: Beautician work. TURECEK, RICHARD R. "Dick" U-E Concert and Marching Band. Hobbies: Fishing, himting, swimming, sports, fly-tying, painting. Future Plans: College or Junior College. VANHORN, RICHARD A. "Rick" Business. Cross Country 2. Hobbies: Hunting and fishing. Future Plans: U.S. Marines and State Police Work. VAVRA, ALFRED J. "Al" Technical Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3: I.B.M. Co-op. Hobbies: Hunting and fishing. Future Plans: Air Force or I.B.M. VAVRA, J ACQUELINE L. "Jackie" Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: Business school, secretarial work. WADE, JOYCE A, Business. Hobbies. Sports. Future Plans: General office work. WALBRIDGE, KAREN M. "Pinky" Academic. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Marriage. WALKER, BARBARA E. Business. Clee Club 2, 3: Choir 3. Hobbies: Dancing, music. Future Plans: Secretarial work. WALKER, BARRET E. Academic. Hobbies: Cars, Hi-Fi. Future Plans: Chemical Research or Rocketry. WALLE, DIANE T. Business. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi Bowling 4: Commercial Club 4, Secre- tary 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Soccer 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 4, Badminton 2, 3, 4, Modem Dance 4: Thesaurus Staff 4, Thesaurus Typing Staff 4, Leaders Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Golf, tennis, music. Future Plans: College. WARTERS, SANDRA J. "Sandy" Academic. Tri-Hi 3, 4, Leaders Club 4, Red Cross 2: Soccer, Volley- ball, Softball 2, 3, 4: Track, Tri-Hi Bowling, Basketball 33 Emblem for Athletics 3. Hobbies: Sports, music, dancing, swimming. Future Plans: Teaching. WATHIER, JANET M. "lan" Academic. Junior Red Cross 23 Tri-Hi 3, 4, Pep Club 45 Soccer 2, 4, Volleyball 2, Badminton 3: Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Track 33 Tri-Hi Bowling 3. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, reading. Future Plans: College or nursing. WATTS, MARJORIE A. "Sally" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, Homeroom Representative for Tri-Hi 23 Basket- ball 3g Tri-Hi Floor Chairman 4, House of Represtntatives 2, Marching Band 2: Concert Band 2: Choir 2, 33 Volley- ball 4g Candidate for Football Queen: Sophomore Committee for Tri-Hi Camival 2 5 Tri-Hi Play "The Mikado" 2: French Club 4. Hobbies: Sports, reading. Future Plans: College. WEILAND, ALICE M. "Al" Business. Tri-Hi 4: Clee Club 2, 3. Future Plans: I.B.M. WELD, JONATHAN B. "Jon" Academic. French Club 4. Future Plans: College. WELLBURN, JUDITH E. "Judy" Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Leaders Club 43 Volleyball 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball,2, 3, 43 Badminton 3, 43 Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, music. Future Plans: Penn. State University. WHATMAN, NANCY L. Academic. Tri-Hi 2, 43 Latin Club 3, 43 Thesaunis General Staff 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 3, 4g Orchestra 2g Marching Band 3, 43 2 Year Band Awardg Empire Girls' State 3g Yearbook Editor 4. Hobbies: Sports, reading, music. Future Plans: College. WHITE, CAMDEN G. Academic. Latin Club 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Field and Track 2, 3g Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Skiing, bowling, reading. Future Plans: College. WHITLEY, CAROLE A. Business. Commercial Club 43 Tri-Hi 43 Glee Club 23 Choir 3, 4g Exchange Assembly 2, 3g Thesaurus Typing Staff. Hobbies: Ballet dancing, swirmning. Future Plans: Secretarial work, marriage. WIGGINS, SHARON G. Academic. Leaders Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Junior Red Cross 23 Hockey 3, 43 Soccer 3, 43 Basketball, Softball, Badminton, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Nursing. WILBUR, VIOLA C. "Vi" Business. Hobbies: Tennis, basketball, dancing. Future Plans: I.B.M. WILEY, JOHN T. Academic. J V Baseball 23 Varsity 'Baseball 3. Hobbies: Baseball, hunting. Future Plans: History teacher or baseball player. WILSON, RUBY L. Academic. Junior Red Cross 23 Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4g Leaders Club 43 Soccer Hockey 43 Choir 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, reading, sports. Future Plans: School of nursing. WINTERS, RONALD A. "Ron" Technical. Tech. Club 2, 3, 43 Sgt-at-Arms 43 Track 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, electronics. Future Plans: College. WOJENSKI, PATRICIA M. "Patti" Business. Tri-Hi: Commercial Club3 Two Noma Awards for Spelling. Hobbies: Music and Sports. Future Plans: Marriage. WOLF, LAWRENCE M. "Larry" Technical. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Future Plans: Armed Forces. WOLFE, JAMES R. "Scraper" Academic. Key Club 2, 3, 4, Sgt-at-Arms 33 JV Football 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 J V Baseball 23 Varsity Baseball 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, cars. Future Plans: College. YANKOWSKI, JOSEPH W. "Joe" Academic. Track 3, 4. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, golf. Future Plans: Dentist. YOUNG, JUDITH L. "Judy" Academic. Pep Club 4g Class Ring Committee 33 Tri-Hi 43 Basketball 23 Cheerleader 3, 4-3 Co-Captain 43 Candidate for Football Queen. Hobbies: Tennis. Future Plans: Airline stewardess. ZANDY, BONNIE P. Academic. Italian Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi 2, 33 Future Teachers of America 43 Pep Club 33 Basketball 3, 43 Volleyball 43 Baseball 4. Hobbies: Records, sports, dancing. Future Plans: College. ZANDY, DAVID J. Academic. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. ZIMMER, NEIL W. Industrial Arts. Hobbies: Wood working. Future Plans: Farming. Business. ZUNIC, NATALIE E. Tri-Hi 2: Future Teachers of America 4. Hobbies: Modem Dancing, bowling. Future Plans: Grace Downs Airline School. CACCIATORE, MARY R. A. "Mar" Academic. Tri-Hig Baseball 2: Basketball 2g Volleyball 23 Badminton 2. Future Plans: Nursing, marriage. BUTCHKO, THOMAS "Tom" Business. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Art, hunting. Future Plans: College. Ozh BALL, JOHN BARNUM, SUSAN BENJAMIN, JAMES BOWEN, MERTON CLEGG, GORDON De MARS, JOHN DiLORENZO, RONALD DITTA, ANTHONY INGRAHAM, ROGER MALINICK, WALLACE er Seniors PAPARELLA, DINO QUON, JANE ROCALAVICH, STEPHEN ROMA, EUGENE ROMEO, JOSEPH SALAMIDA, DOMINICK SCHUTT, GERALD TANZINI, STANLEY THAYNE, THOMAS I Unclerclassmen .Ki I, HF 5 'X 626355 Q sf QQ. A -1- x W W X W 1'resi1f1'11t V K -,. . uw., In A 1.45 WILLIAM DUNHAM Vice-I'rcsi11enL 1 . W ROBERT BROWN Secremry ' . -. ,qi 11 if' THOMAS LYONS Trvusurz r JAMES WARKE The juniors are the ingredient that can make U. l'i.'s recipe for a good education a success or a failure. Carefully added in abundant quantity. they will liven our mixture with spirit and enthusiasm. From the shelves of thc junior "pantry" will come next yearis leaders of cluh. sport. and school. to replace this yearis seniors in our ever-boiling pot. With the help of Shirley Guy. Judy Randesi. Evelyn Battaglini and Jereanne Fontana. the seniors ol tomorrow will cheer football stars Tom Lyon. Dom Salamicla. Dave Hospodor and Mel Ross on to victory. Theyill thrill to the haskethall genius of Bob Brown. John Shawkey and Bill Dunham, Ian Leet, Chuck Weeks. john Sedlak and Ken Coleman will sprint around the track even faster than this year. Bonnie Moore, Lucinda Marthens. Barb Hanus and thc Farmer twins will continue to serve the school as top-rankcrs in Leaders' Club. We Pl -Sf 'llhe juniors are preparing right now for their next year's task. With elass president liill Dunham at their head and assisted by viee-president Bob Brown. sec- retary 'llom l,yon. and treasurer ,lim Warke. they have seleetetl their senior rings. 'llhey have tried to help their sehool. The junior girls have tried to make this a good year for the senior boys. and the junior boys have declieatetl themselves to helping the sophomore girls lmeeome better aequaintetl with the school. ln all seriousness. though. the juniors know that they have a serious job ahead of them. They will try, in the last year of high sehool that stretches before them. to add flavor and zest to U. Efs recipe for a good edueation. egiance in . -..-fe' 'K ' Above: Kay Blackman finds James Morris and Robert Cerra interested back seat drivers in Driver Training class. L .'. ,...-.- t Above: Anthony Fusco, George Mitchell and John Fiene prove that U-E has its engineers as well as Russia. Below: Gail Harris and Sandra Hand wish for a typewriter which knows, how to spell. 3 1 6 -- ' .-if ' 5 w..aswxt.f. .. . T5 t-if S 413 1 This year lvnion-Endicott welcomed Zllltblllt Class of sophomores to serve as lvasia' ingrt dients for its recipe for a good education. Sopht mores have played prominent roles in all ficlc of school activity. ln sports there are mm outstanding sophomoresffWlluvid Sammon. .lar Ballard. George Vvallace. Ronald lVlaturuni. an Patrick Vartuli. to name only at few. From the: ranks will come the varsity stars of '00 ar '61, ln politics. sophomores have played z important part in making student laws. jeffrc Carpenter. Tanya Turko. Loren Putehuug Donna Tanzini. Cathy Brown. Bonnie Chaffe- Ronald Maturani. Merilee Rizzuto and Steph: Gentry have been members of The llousc Representatives. Sophomores shouf varied emotions 4 .X an i I ln musiv, at lot of sophomores have been luithful mm-mhvrs of marching hand as well as choir. vhorus, orvhestru and band. Among the mt-mlwrs am- Lintlu Snow and Guntis Lemesis. Spa-vial rt-vognition should be given to Miss lflialllctfs homeroom 109 for winning honors in tht-ir vollt-1-tion for the Junior Red Cross. Rita Souwr wus their representative. This is one ol tht- many wuys cluring the course of tht- your that sophomores have shown their willingness to voopvriltv. 'l'hv sophomoro class, taking il minute from this tvtlious stumlies of the year, might well say, "So fan' so gootl. just wait until next year, we'll he even luottcrf' --'CIIARLES INURAHAM way to flssvllibly 5.- - Q 1 Mre Cenevleve Roberw ln charge of texlb00kG checke outa hook Jamce Richard applxes for hor working pupcrs tn Mrs. 114-or 1 ffl lug,,,M f. Y 'Q Ji .AI-fu MRS. LEONE IIUFFURD sv E 5'ruoENT Govennr-1n:N is C Kev LUB mn -V PLUB LEADERS CLUB Cave Ni Rl' EZ!!-I A i CLUB Q ll BGTIZATBN2 Senators FRANCIS McLAUGHLI.N ' ' YA v MARTHA KEMP Q JOAN NE FIORI JAMES PALENIK al 1 ' A I . s l V ' . f-.I 1 4 N L, -' ' 5 ffm- av - . 4 xf I S S E ff t I MARY POWERS JOSEPH HERMIZ I. kit. ,', :ls 1'1" V ' T I 4 , ffgqdzje i, wi I 1 , W 4: w ,U V I if Q, .. -' Q vas' JOHN KALB JANICE RICHARD SHIRLEY GUY ' STEPHEN GEIGER ROBERT DODGE Speaker of the House SUE RIDDLE JACK GOODFELLOW JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES S tucle JAMES LEBARON Student President The U-E Student Government i composed of the House of Reprf sentatives and the Senate. Th House of Representatives is mad up of one representative from eacf homeroom and the Senate of twelv members chosen from the th-re classes. The president of the Stl dent Government is James LeBaro and assisting him are Robert Dodg as Speaker of the House, Joann Fiori as secretary, Janice Richar as treasurer, and Donald Panko an Martha Kemp as officers of tk Senate. Mr. Eugene Camadella 3 their capable adviser. The purpose of the Student Gow ernment is to create better studen faculty co-operation and to pn mote the general welfare of th school. wi V I I It I f I e . ' J , I W, b I Vp ,. .4 ' i ef I I , 5 I 4 W i - MARGARET WARE WILLIAM DUNHAM PATRICIA ZAPPIA DAVID MORDIO ANGELA SENIO 78 1O'U8TTLTll,8TLt Senators MARGARET HILL MR. EUGENE CAMADELLA PHILIP DODGE Adviser The Student Government has been very active during the 1958-1959 sea- son. The insurance program and the banking plan were two of the year's early activities. The "U-E Reporter," a weekly new newssheet, is distributed to each homeroom every Monday. During the fall, subscriptions were taken for the annual yearbook, the Thesaurus, and in the spring the yearbooks will be distributed. At Christmastime a col- lection was taken up for needy fanl- ilies of Endicott. After home basketball games, dances are sponsored by the Student Government. Thanks to the understanding help of their adviser, Mr. Camadella, the Stu- dent Government has been able to pre- sert a full and interesting program to the students of U-E. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES O ' ff, ::' V A " f f .i'- 1 ' s',..,,:, , Q - 7 , , 'X 'N 'I if 3 ss 52 I3 1 t ii X I? Q ' O . . JEFFREY CARPENTER TANYA TURKOW M O R E R E P R E S E N T A T MERILEE RIZZUTO DONNA TANZINI I V E S .IUDITH RANDESI JAMES MORRIS MARGARET FARMER MARGO MACEK KAREN KUSHNER MARTIN HORAN ELIZABETH FARMER LOREN PUTERBAUGH CATHLEEN BROWN BENNIE CHAFFEE RONALD MATURANNI GARY HUYCK EILEEN COLLINS 70 1 if "F: .., F' 1it'f5m llfffffff ,t -E Chapter of ational Honor ooiety FIRST ROW: Janice Richard, Karen Lciber, Angela Masucci, Gilda Lepore, Marlin Horan, Vincent Giordano. Carol Guarnim-ri, Esth Haskins, Catherine Mallory, Reta Mohney, Ann Margetanski. SECOND ROW: Judith Mohney, Clarissa McCarty. Kristen Krum, M, cholm Ketchum, Donald Hnffer, ,lack Coodfellow, James Leliaron, Ronald Nemetli, Richard Roosa, Patricia Casey, Alice llc-an, Margal Hill. National llonor Society is a unique organization in our school. It is a reward for scholastic achievement, leadership. pop larity, and moral character as displayed within and without the school. The main function of our society is to furni competent aides to teachers for activities such as the Teachers Rook Sale for their scholarship fund. We also give tl teachers a small token of our appreciation for the work they do for us. luy remembering them on Teacher's Day. Natior llonor Society has had a good year and we look in the future for even better years. Officers are Vincent Giordano-president, Martin Horan--vice-president. and Carol Cuarnieri-Asecretary and treasure Left: Williarli llouton. last year's president, congratulates new mem- Right: Honor Society members assist The Endicott Teatcllers As: hers, Martin lloran. Laurie Weston, Joyce Kanaliroski. Cliill0Il ll! tllelr annual hook fair. 1 1. , .v?1f ? li I ! ,M, -. il l , I KM. 'fi X z 3552 + 1 5 T Q Qmx x - .gwx N 4, We Q Xxx '- is gag.-xgf gg g . , g,g b Xx QQ. gli ,X X6 Sgp f 43,1 'af sk "' f Q? -" '- .V X, T1 if -gg, , Y? Q 3 s M KEY clue YS- yiw WRX .LAK 5 3 ai i ' is is 2 '.:'e is 3 X A I x i . ., N was .E K. ' N 'r Q 1 -1 X2 Q . x ix i 1- X . ,5 , Y' Q Q5 f Q X A s 1 1 W, IZQ , ,gf 15 N gf? if N 5 . wp 3 wb X x ' Q X X wg, m N . Q F ' V e, lfH 6 4 gs W ' ,WSW K K L W ir xx L L X .,,. 1 V, J. , . Q X35 1 . 9 5 u FOOTBALL QUEEN AND COURT LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Antos, J. Battaglini, R. Ferencik, D. Biko, R Dodge, D. Buran, G. Hamliton. FIRST ROW: P. Diorio, B. Henry, J Mohney, P. Lantz, M. Watts. SECOND ROW: E. Bilek, G. Contento, J. Young, P. Hill, C. Burch, C. Lepore, J. Fiori, B. Bidwell, J. Hill A. Minichetti, D. Scarpone, T. Linko, A. Cicciarelli, J. Wolfe, R Jueckstoch, J. Haick, R. Fritch, D. Hospodor. OFFICERS Left to right: Susan Baisley, Margo Yannette, Magdalene Russin, Katherine Mallory Margaret Mallory. ' Decorating for Football Dance -1. l The beginning of its 28th year brought 4 new challenge to the Tri-Hi Club, when, fo the first time, it was without the excellen leadership of Miss Gladys Mersreau. How ever, under the able guidance of Mrs. Maud Vartuli. the 300 members have continued ti carry out the traditional activities. As in the past. Tri-Hi has sponsored th three big dances: the Thanksgiving Dane and the Christmas and Spring Formals. l the fall a pancake .breakfast was held to rais funds for various club activities. During th Christmas season. the girls brought gifts t be given to the children in the Susquehann Valley Home. ln the early spring two weel end trips to New York City proved educz tional and provided diversified recreation fc all who went. Pancake Breakfast , . f 1 - . LIL The traditional Tri-Hi Carnival took place in the spring. All the school Clubs cooperated in making this ai big success. lt is interesting to note that all proceeds from the Carnival go into a loan fund, which has helped many former Tri-Hi girls to further their education. Another Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The l'1'rnlz's of l,t'lIZf1lll't', was presented as the assembly program. It was well received by the sehool audience. However. before its as- sembly presentation. the girls "tried the play onli' on the guests who attended the Mother and Daughter Banquet. At this supper. the members honored their mothers and all the teachers who helped make the 1059 Tri-Hi a successful organization. Bowling score keepers MAY QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Welch, Maureen O'Day, Delores Ciotoli Rosemary Pero, Robin Sheercr, Sandra Harvey. SECOND ROW Elizabeth Bilck, Charlotte Moran, Barbara Payne, Patricia Weiss. .loan Cimaomo, Carol Roma, Hope Fuller, Angela Monaco. Queen-- Judy Hill. QUEEN WITH FOOTBALL CAPTAINS Left to right: jim Haick, Jane Quan, Bob Dodge. A pause at the Christmas Formal 'HIIF1 f 'hx '- BGG I-40 Junior Red Cross FIRST ROW: Margaret Eckhardt, Barbara Walker, Suzanne Balsley, Marilyn Benjamin, Ellen McCarty, Eileen Collins, Gloria Canni vino, Gilda Lepore, Maryanne Snyder, Betty McFall. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Avery, Rita Scaver, Phillis Naylor, Pillllil Carr, Patricia lsenburg, Gary Huyck, David Cuilfoyle, James Banko, Kathleen Huff, Patricia Berry, Marian Francisco, Constance llrcit, Rulmy Wilson Judy Danser, Cary Tedeschi. Brian Bennet, Joanna Thompson, Diane Woodruff, Margo Yannett, Mary Louise Welcome, Louise Mart:-lle Officers of the Junior Red Cross are President-Marilyn Benjamin, Vice-President-Judith Danser, Secretary-Betty Mc Fall, and Treasurer-Barbara Walker. The club carries out many projects during the year. One of the major projects is th annual Junior Red Cross Drive. Other projects include sending books to veteran hospitals and homes for the aged, and as sembling a first aid chest to be sent to Europe. Future Homemakers of America FIRST ROW: Diane Woodruff, Deanna Davis, Velma Mix, Patricia Cross, Kay Blackman, Mary Evans, Maxine Hunger, Rcta Nicho SECOND ROW: Majoric Pastrick, Melodie Woodward, Patricia Buchek, Judith Bryski, Candace Patka, Marian Francisc, Rita Seavt Patricia Brink, Mary Joan Comer, Katherine Hughes, Marianne Ward. The goal of the F.H.A. is to give girls the opportunity to acquire experience which will help them raise better families The officers this year are President-Kay Blackman, Vice-President-Velma Mix, Secretary-Patricia Cross, Treasurer- Mary Evans. Adviser-Mrs. Vartuli. 84 fiffiw H ffvildlli 44+ fa All w""""'j "X' 5' 1 'E - , ' "Q' Q Nr' t x 0 A K ' ,f ,M , 5 W ',,, m , h f '-,hh 5 M r--wwf ' ,iff ix xx l"""""" v- My Rag 1 A '-" f'-EG ef. ,Q R " Q N 'A - Q a Ks xi 1 . .5 Q ,L 4,711-ill gh , l , k t-L.- K K k ejggfr- g,1,,,ff A ' X is ? U Q X igifN IP Q2 ig, " x bf 8 "' 4' - h - HE: ,,,,.. 'Q H "lg I IL . Wldv.., - l 'Vs' Latin. Club FIRST ROW: Barbara Hanus, Sharon Dingman, Ronald Nemeth, Vincent Giordano, Margaret Mallory, Elvira Hannnerbeck, Edward Hayes. Pat Drankowski. SECOND ROW: Carol Ripic, Karen Kushner, Bonnie Moore, Alice Dean, Robert Brown, Fred Caverly, Connie llreit, Kristin Kruni, Margaret McGregor. Veronica Willard, Karen Lieber. THIRD ROW: Margaret Ware. ,loan Johnson, Darla Zigar, Judith Proof. Ann Margetanski, Rita Mohney, Nancy Whatman, Susan Smith, Elaine Masucci, Lynn Frehsee, Angela Masueci. The ll-lf Latin Club is composed of third and fourth year Latin students under the direction of Miss Frederica Hollister. This year's Officers are: ConsulsgMargaret Mallory, Vincent Oiardanog Quaestor-W Ronald Nemeth: Aediles --r Edward Hayes. Barbara llanus. ,lack Goodfellowg TribuncQSharon Dingman. lmportant activities this year included presentation of the play g'lVlerehant of Venicew by the Alfred State Tech. Drama Club, a bake sale. making a booth for the Tri-Hi Carnival. and the annual banquet and the picnic. Left: Karen Lieber, Judith Proof, Elaine Angela Maffussi, and Right: Margaret Mallgryy vincent Giordano, and Kristin Krni Sharon Dingman help entertain the Alfred Tech Players. prepare pgslers fgf the "Me-rghant gf Venice," W me Qgrvyxr JCE? 7,55 0649 it , vr lwyljf Wnfnra t 'Nw5,QM:f"Y I gy Q ., Q V .-.ws -ii ,:'..:g12-.V .f i 13 x L XL X 1 W nw- :A 125 Ek .... - i A A . . 1 N 1, Q Q Q gi i wif Q? SN rs: K b :gill il if 3 A XLX. , . ,Y . , .. Q 5536. Q 15 wx Q. K 15? K K 3 Q - - 11 if bxix xg.-S is, .Kg 1419 '--1, aim -. A www- xv .,:'-,,.Q,"S.5Z1 . ax ,ci - 5 - Y: iff ,. .Si . , .1 ,QL Vo z ,Xb I Yi' A W 7 Mu-1wmv'f,"Y' 'H YK i xx. 1 -fi 'Q 'Q Fa Q 5 5 t i J ? , fam -ff ff-S , ,fm . 1 - 5 .1 -fax , ggi. Wg-2 Q A 1 X N iiifv k ff y Q Q Q1 3 wr' Milf v 'i ,i M. French Club Flll5'l' ROW: llomia tire-go, Brvmla Mason, Angola Sonio, ,loan Phillips, Yiiicvnt lliorclano, Carolyn Stork, llillie- lla-rtn-I. Nlarllia Norton. SICUUNIJ ROW: Jlilllllllllll Wm-lml, Limla Foldc-s, Hvvvrly Wriglit, llalriria Casey. l"re'1lrirk lfamplwll. Stvpln-n llvntry. llonalml Gallo-, llolwrl lion-. ,loan 'l'lllllt'. Marjorif' Willli THIRD RUVV: ,llllly Colm-Q, Axim' Marie' Slwino. Norma Svawr, .'Xria1ln1- 5l'1'lNl. llianm' llvmlrivlt. Sll'X1'll l'irlMo4-sz:-r, tl:-ralml llousv, llinrla Fr:-din, Sllaron Kalllvr. Rita 'Nlolnu-y. Karon Kuslinvr. ,lalvqiie-liiiv Yviiiiviz llmlvr Nlif- .lzlllvt Nlvalyis I'4llIIlK"lf'lll SupPrviSion Frvilvli Clulr niovts own' otlwr Monclav. Wlitli Viiicviit tiioralano as l'rvsi- :lf-nt. ,loan llliillips as Vin'-l'r'4-siclmit. Karen Kushner as Sevrctary. and jamvs llaivk as TI'l'ZlSl1I't'I' spm-vial programs arc planm-fl, l'lI't'lll'll fllulm lias SlNHlS0l't'fl a Now Yoarls Danre ami has also lwltl a 'llwvlftli Night Party to rvlf-lwratv ilu- twvlvc' flaw ol liliristmas. Sonw otlu-r avlivitios invlufle a pivniv and a lianquvt. 'flu' main olmjvvtiw of l"r0m'li Cluln is to promolv an inte-rrsl in l'lI't'll4'll lift' and vulturv. and parlivipation in Social functions of a lfrvmli nature. Ji li Italian Club lflllil' HUW: Now Nlary Stal-voiii, Samlra ilxIlQ'I'lllilI'll'l!, .lost-pli Ianni. William Autos, Rolla-rl llomlge-, Rivliartl l'lt'T4'llk'lli, Carol llllilfl nil-ri, SIQMUNIF ROW: ,Mlriana Salvatorv. ,loss-plliiw Fiorini, Emily llllI'lDIlt',I,lilll1l lil-larlliiic-lli. Marian Fram-isvo. llasid llil'i1'Iro,'l'l1on1glS l"al1-om-. Xlarion llowntino. I.UlllS1' xlllI'lt'llf', l'atrivia Jackson, Rosalyn Svnwnte-lli. ,lulia Tllliflgllilllii. Wanda Nlaslrogiaronio. 'l'IIllil1 KUW: Flmron tialrrie-l. 'Nlarvann IAIIIUU lfaitll Sissvnstivn, Bonita Pom l'atri1'ia lialtaglini lionita Zandv Joeopliim- Aiiwwliru- Nlivliavl Y , r-- . . -. r- . lfalwfm-, liars 'IU-il.--4-Iii. Samlra Griffin. latrivia Nirvlii, Anita Luizzi, Nlarlcm' Roma. 'lilw Italian lilulv with Mr. Carl Zonio as adviser mvets evvry othc-r we-ok. Mom-y is raisvcl lay sponsoring clanvvs aml lvalu- salw anal ix um-il towanl Iltillllllilllfi to vliaritirs ancl a party or piviiim' at tllc' vncl of tlu' your. ililiv oflivvrs an' Williziiil Alilns. l'r1-si4lc-nl: .losc-pli l,ozzi. Vll'6'-l,ft'Sl1ll'IllZ llolwrt llorlgf-. 'l'rvasi1rc'r: llivliarrl Fe-Iviicik. Svvrvtary. RR L Curriculum W WW! X u v ' fguww X iw 2 ff W, waves f buf is mem v if XO X,.le,s+0" Jud,-,A km, Ge . y K x M M l,4Inmx'v' W PM 'qw I R, Top: Frval I.vllnvr, Gary Ijmisvy. Mr. Paul Iirault. vlmir- IIILIH uf vulxllsvlling. 4,1-ntvr: Umwl Kxplv. .lane-I llillvttn- and 'Nh Q I i T r rf . si lauys Krs- rm-nu. girls' mun- Q1-lor. liultmn: Hivllurd lfwrv axnfl Hr. Vito Popm-Ika, sophulllnrc- vmxlm-lor. 90 '5flf .1 Wf, Plan Our F uture ix ff" Top: l"l'1lllkIiIl 'l'inkla-- llilllglll, Mm-rrill Sulgm-r, :xml ,lnlm Kmlusky tvs! sin-uglh of lnuh-riuls. f:K'Ill1'l'Z Allllmm' llftlu :xml 'l'Iunnus Kupl npcr- :IIC an milling: lllzlvhirlv. llmlmn: Alosvplx t:K'llt'4 sum, Dllllilltl Huff:-r and Nirl1a1l'd linuso vxpvri- nwnl in l'll'I'Il'lPlli1' cun- sll'lu'Iinn. X Y Q, X . - A 5 if 4 , - K 2 x- 3 ix. xx' I , S "J "F -9 a W i va 3. 'aft' D a 3 , . Q 1 4 q 5 W e Learn to Use Machines P99 ,M I+'+'4. V14 Future Physicists Ara Svvlsi. .lurk Ufmdfvllo Vvrunivzl Willard. .x . INV" 'n+l41+c.u l ' ' 'X '-1 il- l...- CVPTIINI ic Craftsmen at Work Wvillium Shunullaln. .lalluvs Fitz patrick, Faith Sissvnsivin. 'Q Q 4 Fx Hollywoozl, Herf' W e Come Elxglvnv Hmmm, llurlulrzl Nvulkx' gully xlI'lLlII1lI1l'Llk. Marie- Cu lrillo, Rnlwrl NIl'SSl'I'SllIilll, S' CI0lllf'Spill sl rl Kiln U'Ns'il, Flllll llurpur. lirucc' ,Inhnson appz-:lr to lu- admiring: ilu- lrrilliunt url display. Wlzafs Coolfing? lfllurlullv Sclunidt, Carol Nona- nmkvr. NWN .fda 'if F uture Dressnzalfers Rim SQ-uwr, ,llldilll Bryski, Jin quvlim- Lurnm-rd. npr -- I 1 I f 1 ! 1 w f ' , , ,f ' 1 L' "W Q 'fy 4' is 'S'-'T' . 31 live'-Ng X X V. L 1 0 ' K 'F Au ..,,,. 5 K1 ,W xml V I ? N . 5 V, ,Z , :gg 3 gf,,fA,1-e K I , ig ,QW ,gi . fix .!,- A fi ,W NJ 2 ' '31 s .pair Teachers, Helpers Gerald Rouse, William Moran, Ronald Payne, Edward Fedoris, and Di-nnis Fowler opcratv the audio-visual cquipmont. Boy Meets Girl in Mr. K's Lab um-pli Ca-r'asam and Susan Knpe- find ffllcnlisliy a serious X msinm-ns. X 1 Bn"- Practice Makes Perfect Ronald More-y and Linda Kucera practice- their advanced typing. Left: The Old Order Changeth. .lann-s Lellamn. ncw student president. rflrrviws a few pointers from Nlary Lou Wvlsl1 Right: He Shall Not Pass! Mrs. Callahan bars the passage to Paul Holland. ,af-eff 5' 93 E 'X 'M www: Ak . Ma- 'N-"-' Q'f Wa, 1,1 ga.. ,QM 'L 1 ' M uc " ' A 41-' if fa, 5 Mx, 7 x LL' X K3 Q2-f Q" L1 1 .in xxvlmlzm hull! Athletics QR Q 'w ,WA 3- Qi 1 , -L .1 ,k ,X 1 'xiii -5 .. M ,Y .ruff 2532 Ai N . yi L-1f'3?Q5iSfff'5, '- i ,,. kk.. SRX K gh ,, 1 if 'i '?Zf?Ff 7 1 7 Aw iq? by wg Q N -,gpg , Q k 1852 R ,kv Q 1. f 1 ' M wr 5 , ,er Q, gy . Yi ings? ' K HP, 4 fav 2 F sf.ivi'.' ,sf t W IF 5.5: Kei , H, ., I fu K' . -Q. 2 N uw., .M ,- www mmwfw-5 , 43 ,-""f" if :Y ,,.,,,,, ,.,..f-v-1' W A V, 'rw 4 I In .vii f -gi M 4'f"4 I H, .,-,..-v ' 4, mf ,- X Y4,v'mHkvv 1 ,gills Q. VWKM4 Aan' Ve 41 ,QW W ffff 'fiffw' u -Q ff Q2 if 'Ziff ,A df M, -A711 fa? I khqm V , ' Q.-Xa, gf! Vvvjew x F VJ, ' f' f"""' Sf Q" o 5' -H mam Z' I ,-95' ., el , Q K? W .,, if Q wwmw M ,e,,Qw.,u Y . Y H Q ,sf Sig i ac- . W 3 Exfqwf IW, A ' fav.-,f' Q 1 f' . 'Y fr xg W , 5,8 g-5 A ,V 'ML X AX ,:X.,,J+.,.XX . XX XXX X 'X X-Xxfiff fwxwuxxvifsg-xXi2X. XX X-X Q, X -X .V XX,, XX -'X-3.1116 Sgiiwa X K X' . - X -'-X Y' X f XX XX Q X X X- 2 X ffl Ni -' ,WM ,Xi ' K K K X X yay KA K X A - , .- Y ' X X ' 1 - I - X - 'n XWQ ,' 5' ' YR: " ' f X f - X- SJ f -f -1 -- ' X XXX? GTX-Qixs, QXQQQN XQQAXXXXSM N.- X N - - .9 K sw--rs-,W hw 'A x 'K I 3 f- :XX vp ' K Fi ig is X X , WS X 'f'-e rf sk-1 Q - N65 Q Q '-XQXH 1- .. X XX --X: ix v X" -Q Y -f - - X f 2 A K X fa Sk X Q ,X X X Xt 1, V X A lf vif . 1 X - ' QX M Qqyn 3' , Q X , ' Sw X +4 .N A J X1 XX X SX ,gg ,fx . . X X 1 ,. iw'-gQf'X?'1' K .S?+Ps, Jw, , X X X ef ' W- ' P -XXXX1 K X XA X X 'S Sys, X X S fb if X XX M k Tr A Xylc ' - ,V if f wh., 'Q ,IJ Z 4372 in Q is ,1 gf a '., X , ,,,5 Q . 1 f. 5. N M3 Q 5,-9 K 2 Q W- 4 qibffm' , Q 3 Af ax .1 -.- .4 235 w 1 v. P , V iw FQ Mx .,, Mi 5 ,M -fi? ' Y 4 f T. 1 , we ,923 if I v ' Q rr 1' Q M M 4 gf rv, ff as -Q -.-1, Q If :WST ,xaam 6' ,ff - 4 Y ' , 3 g, sit? Of! 'N 1'-1 . Q 'Wu QI J ,sf Q f Aw xx , X QF! X I AE 5 Varsity Basketball KNl'flCl.lNll: William Dunham, ,lack Comlfcllow, 'llhoinas Linko, John Shawkcy, Michacl Egan, Karl llills. S'l':XNlTlNC: Jnhn Kalb, Tlnnnus Crm-cn, lfuacli Cumlfclluw, Antlniny Cir-riarulli, Lum-s Warkv, Holm-rt llruwn. Suffcring from incxpcricncv, the 1058-50 Basketball Squad made a poor start at the ln-ginning of thi- scason. They were furthcr disheartened when it hccaine necessary to fnrfn-it hm gznncs. unc with Johnson City and unc with Vllavcrly because U-E had inad- vcrlcntly uscd an invligihle playcr. llowcvcr undcr the cxpert guidance of Coach "BarneyN Gimdft-llmv and dircction uf co-captains Karl Hills and "Tolly", Cicciarclli, thc team iniprovcd as it played and stcadily gained in league standing. The season ended with an cflicicnt hall cluh leaving a finc sc-t of returnccs to match any uf the league rivals in ilu-1-mningyt-ur. - F K S - -- linlw gocs in for liallct. Slhawkcy rcachcs for lln' hall 1 Hills walt -. gg .,A. 212: qvffw, --wh? .ay A 5 '1 ' Q sg, , A 4,AA,. Simi f35:L-Knee-1 1553? Mi Q .fr qi. Q Q ,. .,g , Cross Country Sl'I"l'lNG: ,lolin St-tllak. lan lmct. Tlioinas lialslcy, Gcrald Hart, Roh'-rt Brown, Carl Hackling, Richard Testa. Joseph Yankowski, l'ldward llayos. SHKIOND ROXV: Raymond Hardy, Charles Weeks, Richard Karl, Thomas Giordano, .lack Bradt, .lllvli llIilSlf1N'- Cffhlld lhissin. Craig llitlrich, Str-plicn Km-rr, Lewis Clute. THIRD ROW: Michacl Borovicka, Gary D'Adan1o, ,Iohn Sterling, ,lack Town- scnd, liolwrt llcsko, Vincent Giordano. Edward Slack, Dorr Warn1'r. Kenneth Coleman. Donald Fulles. FOURTH ITOW: Richard lltoit-Ii, Coach tlonwiclxc. llndcr thc capalvlc direction of Coach Theodore Gonwickc, last ya-ar's cross-country team brought honn- U-lfs first Sa-ction lV championship since 1945. Thr- It-ani had hccn underrated all season, but the lioys wcrc dctcrniincd to prove themselves a champion tcatn. Thc tcam captain was Robert Brown with Ed- ward llaycs, assistant captain. As a whole, it was coinmoscd mostl 'of so Jhoniores and 'uniors with a l l v fcw mromincnt frcshtncn. Onl' four senior lettermen l 5 will he leaving thc tcani this year. Next year,s team has great dcpth and quality of another sectional cham- pionship. Coach Gonwicke says. "lt will be a hard 4 . I X fight all thc way. but thc competition will he keen as Sectional Champions l"lllS'l' HOW: lan lmct, Rlfllllfll TQ-sta. Edward Hayes. SICCUNID ROW: 'l'liomas lialslcy. Rolicrt Brown, Gerald llalrt. .lost-ph Yankowski. 5' We ' T al? leaf r. " US2itN1 . M4 . .Sv NNT! lllfl Yr- N--9",Hf S4 W it was last year." 3 it it F Varsity Baseball FIRST RUW'. It-ft to right: Thomas Linko, Richard Lazewski. SECOND HOW: Donald Mcllhcrson, Theodore Vaughn. Rfllwfl Dvtlalv- David lluran, ,lamcs Fitzpatrick, James Wfolfc, Frank Liano, Lewis Shults. 'I'l'llRD ROW: ,lohn Wiley', Willialil Fetsko, William Cumhlc, Anthony fic-rasaro, Karl Hills, ,lltllfl Sllawkcy, John Kalb, .loscph Hcrmiz. Coach: Ty Cohh. Although ll.l'i. only won one game, lost tcn and tied one, the season was more successful than it appears. The-rc wcrc only one returning pitcher. James Fitzpatrick, and three returning players. Four games were lost hy one run. hut many'l1oys gained experience for next season. Coach Wfyi' Cohbls comment was that therc was "no hitting." The record is as fol- lows: ll-lf ttf-North 1: U-lf 2---Central 8g U-E 1-J-C 23 U-lf 5-Vestal 6g U-E 1eNorth 133 U-lf Sslflmira Free Acad- n I111- l- IRL' fxgwlwnvxfrvml R- lnnvnr rmtlfnmflt- ll,F' l pn'-fl-w.,-I 0. lin' l I Ulndfm Cn-.flngif1Qt'7u rllff b,Xv1.ci.,l Q- Ill-' 'Z T hiior Varsity Baseball ' l l"RUN'l': Randall Smith, .ohn Kcndzerski, Thomas Darpino, Timothy Hallock, Kenneth Recster, Thomas Rcdolphy, Cary Avery, Hohcr Mort-tin. Lewis Shults. BACK: David Mordia, Fredrick Vadykula, Marlin Horan, Kenneth Wlaihlc. Edward llakcl. Vvaync Bcddoc, Lcro' Host-ncranz, ,Iolm Konosky. Coach: Mallricc Hamilton i f The 1058 .l.V. lwaschall team was on the short end of a 2-7 record although this record does not show the. true potcntial of tht- hoy s. Many of the games were decided hy lvreaks that just happened to he capitalized hy the other team. Maurice Hamilton. the .l.V. coach. instilled in the hoys the incentive to play and always hgive his all." This is a very important factor in the formal training of a hasehall player if he is to excell. Although their record was not impressive. thc cxpericncc gained was valuahlc. for many of thesc ,l.V. players will he trying for positions on this yearis Varsity squad. AA Bowling l"IRS'l' ROW: Russell Frey, Robert Fontana, Ronald Phipps, Donald Panko, Michael Randcsi. SECOND ROW: Fred Caverly, Anthony lfnsco, Augustus lannpo, William llonnell, Cuntis Lcmesis, Leroy Rosencrance, Donald Sandwich. This yt-ar's howling team got off to a poor start and at the time of going to press holds a 4-5 record including a win at Vestal and close loses to lwoth North and Central. The team should soon begin to make a come-back with three lettermen from last yt'ilI"S Section IV champions and a good ,l.V. Team. The team bowls its home games at the Knights of Colum- hns. and is coat-lu-ll hy Mr. Paul McCormick. adviser, and Frederick Caverly, captain. Volleyball FIRST ROW: Sn-pln-n Ce-iger, Robert Dodge, Richard Fritch, William Antos, James Lt-Baron, Thomas Pettibone, Vincent Giordano. SECOND ROW: Clifford Cousins. Richard Vivona, Patrick Vartuli, Anthony Fratc, Coach C. Burdette Parkhurst, Cary Spak, An- thony Rivioso, Lawrence Sheiman, John Cay. This ycar's vollcylmall team under Stephen Geiger. captain, and Coach C. Burdette Parkhurst defeated North, lost to Chen- ango Valley. Central and johnson City. Next yearis team will be at a disadvantage when lettermen Richard Fritch, Robert Dodge. Williallli Autos and Vincent Giordano graduate this June. SJ' 1.9 SJ vi 5,1 - NK f Lll I Sn I Q-V - - -1' H S Track The U-E Track Team rated with the best in team spirit along its season, with only two lettermen returning, was far from its best. The squad under the guidance of Coach Park- hurst gained much experience and depth throughout the sea- son and took third in the x, ,T Zone Meet. In the sectional J meet Qaptain Kenneth Boon .,' fHurdlesl and Robert Brown K QMileJ both took first al- .,j though the team did not place ' in the first three. if Rl Hmm! tries P018 vault J Stratton plow, .1 furrow in bro ul jumg in 'Z l,I'l'l"l'l'lRlNll'lN Rolwrt Brown Kenneth Boon Richard Fritch Jost' wh Franto I Anthony Fusco Gerald Hamilton Edward Hayes Coach Theodore Conwicke E. Hayes pass is Greene and Parkhurst record high Jump CS baton to K. Hansell. K Boone steps out in front in hurdle E ,H-gf I . m , sq A , . wg ix, Q 4 4, ad, J - Qi., '37 JP' -4....,. mx 4 rf 'Fx x an I S ,A -AL il V 2 ,ir Us 'A ' ni 8 A, 3 5-If wtf X, ',,., ,iq . -- I 0 v fi 5 Q' -s ' x 4 H . R,f'a'," . . " ' ' 1, y. fxtiimn GQ gy ' 4? ,7's' 705,151,114 ",Ig.Qf' A "n - ,I 1 ' A ' L . ,! ,.L,?vQfTi.'?, U" Q! ,gum-N?-fa.i f.1fZf f z , ! 9 f'fffif'f 'T' xv' ef in ' s if I .A 5,0 " E Wg? 2333 s Il ..A7 A 4 , -.vm if ,. 'IQ We F E 5 . .,.. L AW 5: Q as f ,- if . Wi , P gum fe x fig in - ff U if 1 my ww M 1' ' this ' Nr 1 Nm, hi .M L ,M ,x Q x n fi 5 ai? 134 ig ef 15 5 P 4 . p f 1 Q ,K A 3 2 1 Ei' 'fig-1 mfxfx ' 3535 N E. i 5 i if nl' ' ' .VSFS my W1 vi i .Mg ,Q A Qui N, 1 A 535 L F 5 qi W' K QQ- xg, K Y N g. 15, fi , ' A ff A . L' i Q -YQ Qfzfar K - . X2 A . X S ,Q SQ K W S if W N ..,, 'ww . ,i 5992. wmwiiikx .. M Q E. N .. SEK , A . 1 , qw im Y,-1 X x 15-j-R .5 N151 N '- NW , F. Ex -.."f.1': V E '+- A . . - x - 13, - Q 5 is - if -- ka Lx -A XS f. hx.,--.mswb S . Gm A ,.. may Nw X ff X YQ Ygqgixgggrk aiiYQ+g ,,x.. wi QW 1 4 X 5 sw , w xv. 5 if 5 me Xf, i .5 53,4 Q- 'S fg"'S 3 Q 1 - QQ: 335 -A-veg. 3 Q ff:-if Q S sf. ,.., sf Q x X 3 ,sw ,, Q.. . ,x ima-. Qi, 1 ,gg -X SENIOR LEADERS' CLUB Back to front: Bonita Moore, Sharon Prcbish, Lucinda Marthens, Sharon Kahler, Norine Conti, Vir- ginia Ripic, Carol Ripic, Theresa Cerasaro, Patricia Drankowski, Elizabeth Farmer, Anne Marie Bemardo, Ann Margetanski, Mar- garet Mallory, Barbara Hanus, Gilda Lepore, Jo Ann Evanitsky, Sharon Wiggins. Absent: Margaret Farmer. Leade Left: Ann Margetanski and two unidentified fricnds rm-present lmadcrs Club in tht- Pep Rally. Bottom left--OFFICERS: Margaret Farmf-r, publicity chairmung llurlmrn llanus, secretaryg Gilda Lepore, treasurcrg Margaret Mallory, vice--prcsicl:-nt: Ann Murgvlnn- ski, president. Bottom, right: Elaine Miller and Carol Pratt jump for tht- lmll as other lmzltlm-rs Club girls watch. 1 A N jvgrxgxue, 1 5fi's:g.-f K " 'fxgfgkf 1: . f Mi Wir E A if 54 .... -g SQA A X X A U , fx N , X I 1 1 5 " 'Pm .ai X .., . A -553 'L s 1 mil 1 J' fha , Hr . v ,v Qn X I' 0 N F 4.54, isxaaymgnlqf gfgty If -15,5 x- Vw 1 -" xx: --ff? I 'gf Wx L 5' 1 51 if ffieillifffsfff n Q 2 11' QV' .. W uf L f:rJ,,:.,,. -4. 1, . y -, f ' , ,ani-F ',E- xg' , ,ld 4 ,X J' Q K , 'TLV' turf Q, Q. 1 y-,KJV ' Q , Q ,Q I 5' 9 Y' Pr not Y Q, N ,. 5 gg, , A f L 45? QR I. F! ' hr' ' T uf , K. 'g P ga " gqhsff . Music xfk I Marching Band THE MARCHING BAND fwith apologies to Kiplingj We can stick out hunger, thirst and weariness, Rain-sleet-snow-hail-bxmionache and temper fray Toot-toot-toot-toot-marching up and down again There's no rest in the Band. We have marched 10 weeks and certify It's drill-hard work-repetition endlessly Toot-toot-toot-toot marching up and down again There's no rest in The Band. -KAY MALLORY "While the Tiger s Drum Major THOMAS FALCONE Two versions of U-E Marching Line Q 1 . 5 . .X .IK x . 3 3 X New ffx QABQVSS' 1ST SOPRANO Baron, Erma Barrier, Sharon Caforio, Norma Diaferio, Carolyn Ely, Sharon Ferrara, Nancy Forbes, Pamela Friedli, Wilma Karl, Joan Kushner, Karen Magdick, Patricia Main, Barbara Glee Club 1ST SOPRANO Baron, Dorthy Bumett, Marcia Corey, Sandra DiPietro, Juanita Lasky, Joanne Nelson, Joyce Price, Lana Robinson. Jean St-hlock, Dawn Snow, Linda Sorenson, Carol Tuttle, .loan Wesko, Carol Woodruff, Diane Wright, Beverly Wovkulich, Patricia Mastrigiacomo, W. Miller, Elaine Nosal, Janet Snyder, Patricia Tapp, Joan VanDusen, Vicki Whittemore, Ellen 2ND SOPRANO Bright, Nancy Chomack, Margaret Dean, Alice Edson, Michele U -E Choir Krum, Kristin Mancini, Frances Robinson, Jean Standish, Sharon Toft, Harriet Ware, Margaret Whitley, Carole Yannett, Margo IST ALTO Bouton, Joyce Brink, Norma De Paolo, Adelina lfnglish, lluil Guy, Shirley Kuzmu, lla- Anne Martin:-lli. Marge Nystrom, Carol Sliepnrd. Nancy Waits, Marjorie We-lilm, Carol Zigur, Darla ZND Alfllll Allen, lizirlwarzl llattuglini, Evcline Kope, Susan SJ at 'hp .'. 'TT R ..- J? I Nz 1 X V v Y 2ND SOPRANO Avery, Cheryl, Ayers, Dixie, Bovier, Ruth Ann, Bfiglll, Carol: Butler, CHTOIYHS Cole, Diana: D'AC Vicky, Daniels, Shirlinn, Davis, Sandra, Dean, Sharon, Fundock, Patricia, Hunt, Marsha, Lu Sharon, Pearsall, Sally, Sawyer, Mary Jane, Sykes, Elaine, Thompson, Frances, Tozer, Dixie, 'l Sharon, Vitale, Joyce, Walker, Bonita, Weld, Susan. 2ND ALTO, Cont. lie-nm-It, Lynne Colley. Nancy tfri-ce-nite, lNlarli-no Ellis, Alici- Fanclu-r, llianc Hanclrivk, Diane llt'l'l4'l, llillic Jenkin, Gail Kurkoski, Pataricia lVla1'x'li. Margo l'e-ro, llonniv l'owvrs, Mary U -E Choir Scaver, Bonnie Theodore, Joan Vi-nner. Jacquelene Weston, Jill Wilson, Ruby IST TENOR Brister, Donald Fowler, Sharon Hancock, David Haskins, Esther Houser, Stephen Humphreys, Carol Rice. Edith Taylor, Barnara Watson, Frank 2ND TENOR Guidice, Nicholas Loui, Joseph Roma, Eugene IST BASS Bowers, Jesse Helmer, Clarence Henneman, Olin King, Jay Lemesis, Guntis Y IST ALTO lloycv, Sharon, Frantz, Sharong Crassi, Josephine: Hayes, Barbara, Howlett, Janeg Nelson, Jacque- linm-: llosanburg, Carol, Schlock, Barbara: Simson, Susanneg Taylor, Roberta. Robble, Gary Rouse, Gerald Warner, Dorr Weeks, Charles Winters, Roger 2ND BASS Campbell, Fred Coleman, Keith Dodge, Paul Kalb, John Ketchum, Malcolm Leet, Ian Tatusko, Lawerence Glee Club 2ND ALTO Allan, Molly Bradt, Mary Lynne Crane, Elizabeth Ann Evans, Linda Evorhort. Susan Felo, Eileen Gilroy, Sandra Holmes, Betty Luciani, Carol Solfis, Margaret Stroup, Rosemary rchestra Right: PERCUSSION: Henry Hopkins. 1 ' . " '- Left: VIOLINS: Thomas Pettilmonz-, John Scdlok, Carol Nealy, Patricia Kunkowski, Anthony Serufini, Kristin Krunn, Carol Letson. Stephen Gentry, Carol Osmin, Norine Conti, Ray Forker, Sharon Fowler, Margo Mum-k. Jalfqucline Nelson, Esther Haskins. FRENllll HORNS: Jill Weston, Kathleen Huff. TRllNIl'ETS: Marlene Vicinus, James Cornell, lllivluu-l llorovicka, Joseph Nyschat. 'I'RUNlll0NES: Richard Howard, Paul Mitchell, I,0l'lLl Crego. Right: Cl'Il,l,0S: Kath:-rixw Mullony, Barbara Main, Carol liipic, Thannu Castleberry. VIOLAS: l'1-ter Vumlvrwvn, Rosvlnary Stroup, l,Zlll'll'lll lfalsvy. HASSICS: lliclmrd Slt'llll7lt'S. James Haick, James l.m-llaron, Clarissa Mvlfarty. - - - i it rclwstra Left: PERCUSSION: Allan Curley. FLUTES: Donna Bryden, Charlene Chilson, Elaine Miller, Frances Thompson. CLARINETS: Joyce Nelson, Alan Boone, Thomas Falcone, Stephan Bochnak. SAXOPHONES: Melanie Molick. BASSOONS: Rose Vivona, Beverly Stevens. gg? 3 1 I A r Huw Q f,'v,'g A X 'Ez XX l 1 s I X 4, X L auf' ' Qi . ' s ,fu . ,Hs n v 3 7 flu . r X 75, . ' ., s m Q Q 1 Ii . mx 'it 'ti' A9l4fsQ AH 'Qi xaaff ,ff X1 J' .,...9' wx 'B' 4 --.W,..,...N............. 1 ' ffm N ,5 E "Y ' " 'MQ 'VN E Qi H if AJ yn l 3. X Q I 5 N NA f. . X 1, 4 my :A .ix egugw A mx aff m SH Q 1 KE ' th KX 1 h f '? XX ,,., -.,-,..-,..... P' ...-M.-.-.-A-1 ,.-....--..,--.,.,- I , .3 1 sf ' A we Q I i -ul f ,Wai I . Q 5 Ogg, .Qff a ff Y' RW 'WVU V "Y A . ' ,.AQ ' :M ' ." Y '..' . .r X I :Nfl . . . ' KP Qfvx XJ?A'g"tXKA 'x3:if ,AHI FI? Xiifwifv ,h , " 51. f jg, - aa 19 ' 4 fin ' lb ' N ' M ' 4' - 1 1 . nf I ..,. --.f NQ . , ff ' x r X .,. " .F .",,gf by IZA. :V fx Q. K, .K 4. , . WAQ had ,:,Q,'f' f nj. . . .f r -..,:K,, 1. -f 5 S E-' fi? ' ,fu A - . is ka? QW p , ,b x X 'iQ mf' ' , a , ' ' ' . .p 4 . , 4, . ,V kr I . K I I xx! T .J . ld V0 Q :Avis X ' fr. -M K. , ,.f . M7 -4, ,J . V lf, W: fifxfb - SVT' 351 - 'Q ff? W? W fl KP H ,i Q 2 5 Q W .X 0 s p l If Q.. 1 Ak K 4 C 2 . I' 5 ., 'ks A .XL -QV-fi l. x p yy lv K 'V xy", 0 VV' Q SJ . L., 'fin .J , I ' o L ' - L atv,-J 33'-3 , 2 fl Q p 'XQ'4f- Ng ,f -1:Qp,,Xf.':' . 4 X f, , 1-fd. S in r 1 'X w ,YN .,. QL' ,und 'iw fgfaf Vx x q . W Q . ' .f , , ww V f X is + V, X , 4 , 5 2? .wx ' , x 1 A n . 534, SX hx . f' A x' fx' A WIS KX l Q . S We H I 'F MQ 'Q . ' V K - ka Q N K AW ,K . X il JK? 4 4 XX 4. 'X K ' D if i 'pn 1 4 'K X KA Ax ' Y M 'vw 5 x . ,- Q X x xx' ' x k X - N, - 5 ' X ei -IW..." 1. . 5- "Lil ' v 5 I . 8 Yu- Y ' 9 w W X bf' Q x 'W Q Q17 j xx ASW S xxx! Q wx- A W' X Q W if Q 2 - ii , , - A Q 5 - n is - , ' ' ' -19 f?i-Q, I , M X 3 Choir soloists, David Hancock, Jay King, Vic- toria VanDue-wn, and Cary Robbie pose self- conswiously. Ar'- f""' X Rh-...l The Marching Band steps out Mr. Acton Ustiing: and Mr, iiruwfoni S plan ne-w roulinvs for tin- Ii-E ix11ll'l'illll., Band. A ,iii L i . f E'LXkK 21.5 'dp villas. 05 HELL?-xN 095 O O x S' I J 0 J, 1 . o r V ' ! W ' ' U I Y ' o ' A 5' v , HA. , ' .' ' ' -.. f Y M I 0 1 1' O ' ' I ' O I Q I Y' , Q ' 0 , Q f n 0 u ' 2 . ' ' A Y O 0 C P Y 0 F '1 'fr . fl' 0- s Aix. ' "5l. U' . , n - 5--qs. .Y 0 fag? . .Q ,g O Q n ,jf ,.- . ' ,- f"'o 'I iiflc ' I o.s.n ' ,f ' -fo ,. 1- ' , " , 0' . 5 Z. ,1"g. . u . 1 o S I O a o' nas X Ka, l -,N ,, IOA Absent wh was taken: en picture Beverly llidwell Ilarlmara Ilonezek Ivana DeCre'sce Joseph llc-rmiz Bt-tty Mm-Fall umma Cum Laude These are the top students of the senior class: Jack Good- fellow, Kristin Krum, Patricia Casey. Katherine Mallory, Wilma Friedli. Cu The following students have maintained averages of STX and above during their three years of senior high school SITTING: Edward Ciolma, Marjorie Watts, Donald Hoffer Patricia Casey, ,lack Goodfellow, Nancy Shepard, Thomas Petti bone, Susan Kope, Richard Kepner. SECOND ROW: Ret: Mohney, Marilyn Chubinsky, Solveig Mangold, Carol Pratt, Wilma Friedli, Barbara Henry, Marylea Mott, Ann Margetanski, Nancj Whatman. THIRD ROW: Donald Graves, Camden White, Davie Klett, Janice Richard, Vincent Giordano, Karen Lieber. Richarc Roosa, Norma Brink, James Starr. mi-in-l- lenior Class Officers Sl'lA'l'lClJ: llarlmara llidwt-ll. 'l'rt-asurvr: Ann Margctanski, Scorc- tary. S'l'ANlJlNll: Kola-rt llodgv, l,I't'Slll0Ilt. Allsm-nl Wlll'll pivltm- was lakun: ,loscplx lI6I'IlllZ, Vice--Prvsidvnt. laude hll IINM: Vallnyra llattisli. .lilll1Q'S l.1-Baron, Alice- Dean, Frvd flaw-rly, Kristin Kflllll, Martin Horan, Sllaron Prebisll, Robert Sim. .lalwt W1llllll'I'. SECUNIT RUW': Mary Matolka, Carol tln:u'nit-ri, Martha Norton, Judith Mohnvy, Carol Ripiv, Clarissa Nlvlfarly, Angola Masucvi, Gilda Lt-port-. Margaret Hill, Estllvr lloskins, Tllllill ROW: lllllUlllL!S Kingston, Mary Ann Selnekovic, lidward llayn-s, .lanivv llavrilka, Rolwrt lllowa, Sllllftill Kalxler, tlary Snyder, ,lose-pllinv All-cvia, lxl1ll4'0lll1 Km-tcltunl. , MI: -I - 1 C w Abst-nt wl was tak:-n Katherine Mallory Margarct Mallory Ronald Ne-moth Margarvt Sedlak Nl ROW 1 1 1r1 1'1lri1'i11 131'11111x11s1xi. lrx 111111111 1 11r1111 'l1I'llll'1' 1'11it111'. .11111 111 11 1013 111 11r S1li1I'0Il Sl111111is11, 111 lllfllltfl SPCONI5 ROW: 511111-ig M1111- 11 1 1111 R II Ikrum, ylkllxiilll 1911111- IIIILI s1'LlY1'l', 111111111 1 1111 1111111:111, 1111111111111- A RT STX 1" 11' N1 ROW: .11111il r 1, 15111111 11111111111' 11 l'111ri1 11111111 911 1 l N ".1'1 1 ROW: Nli1'11a11'1 1911 14 111 f11'l1l'Ql11l 511111 ll 111 f..11111.1x1111v. 111.11111 lr1 1 .'x11st'll1 1111111 1111 1111 lf11.11'11'N 1111111i1'1 IINI11 W1w11111. 1 MM., REPRESENTATIVES TO BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE FIRST ROW: Philip Dodge, ,lames Haick, Nancy Wllutman, Vincent Giordano. SECOND ROW: James LeBaron, .lack Goodfellow, Martin Horan. American Legion Outstanding School Citizen Award Mr. Girard Giblin awards Mary Lou Welsh and William Fetsko first and second place as school citizens. Be- hind them is the plaque bearing the names of previous winners. "And All the Air a Solemn Stillness Holds" Graduation, the culmination of 13 years of study, finds U-E seniors un- naturally solemn as proud parents beam in the stands. Occasionally one will re- mark in surprise, "I never thought he'd make it. This is life's grandest moment." S-.-L.. 97 sw? 4 J' 1 r P .gf ,L .4445 fH-a ,.!I'5Q6f' X A ifkvfr ' . .X M, L. , V 4 wg 1 6 4, , 11. if ff- 1? JN .Wk .NN Myx ,.f. x -ff W 4, ,f ,,--f XXX x -,,f ,f,, ff -4"" V ,,.f L 11 nu. IggA5ft15j ,l5 lh.y 1 I bf 1 ! . 714 f ..,.k f.. ff mil ! .Si i Q sl .Lk-Nj iiht maqjmfm gf 4-IS 'FI 'A .,, S---v-Q-n,,.,, is 'il i Top, lm-fl: Cunvontrutitm in lhlill'lllIll' Shop. Right: Buck to Suliool, darn it! Loft: Anthony Cicciurclli and Karl Hills, on-Captains of huskvtlmll. Right: We- taku time off to trim tht- Christinus Trvc. Bottom, left: Scene at lust Jumfs Svnior Pfltlll. Right: Pancakvs, anyone? X S ,levi rt, x , 5 QA: X W L4 1Q 1 ,sd ..., ,sig "'- L -. M. I A 1 x I 3' f 0 5- 'W0 4 f'N S i 4...........- ... Advertisements Sb 5, -. l k X YEL ,,t,,,,..,,,i,5.1f,,,,..,..,.,.,. :w.:,::,.,i.,n..::.. , wr.i.v-1, I' I 3v-n1'zv1fv-v-yrFf--,5..-,-..s,...I..QI.f- ri- 4 F '- .' ,-FIJI' -, .1 -f 14 .. we-.-.. - 'K r 'I"""'f'- ............,,, ' ' , ' ' - "K-.--f-v.,, 4- ......................-.Y W... A .. . Q -x-.....-. . '-V ""' an-uuu1'.:',1L . .. ' r i V Oh-'Harlem - ' . v- 'f -- M.. J K' -x, .-, - ur "X--5, x .!1..3L,4ggtwmN N, " '- '- 4 -,,..-...-,lb -5+ - Origaqnfyvfno ... , "'-- lil SUPERIOR ELECTRIC OuaIiI'y Elecfrical Appliances Sales-Service I25 WEST MAIN STREET Union Disfrici' ENDICOTT, NEW YORK ANGELINE'S FLOWER SHOP The Mosi' Fragile of ArIs I306 MONROE STREET TELEPHONE 5-255l WALLACE DRUG CO. INC. I2 Washingion Avenue ECONOMY DRUG STORE 60 Washingion Avenue TWO STORES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OFF. 8-I509 RES. 5-8552 Esfablished in l92I NORRIS H. DANN, INC. "Insurance ai' a Saving" 55 Washingfon Ave. ENDICOTT, N. Y. NORRIS H. DANN. Pres. and Treas. RAY G. DANN, V. Pres. PARAMOUNT STEAKHOUSE 8: LOUNGE Upper Couri' Sfreef BINGHAMTON. N. Y. PH. 4-9608---FOR RESERVATIONS Music Nigh+Iy Enjoy fhe Safisfacfion' of Endico++ Shoe Company's "NEW LOOK OF FASHION" Come in and s+ar+ enjoying Ihe besf fashion and quaIi+y-righi' foo+wear. ENDICOTT SHOE COMPANY JOHN W. CHIPPER, Mgr. 23-25 Washing'I'on Ave. EndicoI"I'. N. Y. Soufhern Tier's Mosi' Compleie Family Shoe Siore AIRLINES LIMOUSINE SERVICE, INC. Broome Counfy Airporl' TELEPHONE 9-044I - BINGHAMTON, N .Y. Limousines for Long Trips and Weddings CAROL CLARK AND SON, Owners TURRIGIANO 81 SON I28 SQUIRES AVENUE Groceries Cold CuI's of All Kinds Are Our Specialiy PHONE 5-3495 The Greafesf Success From Ihe HOTEL FREDERICK T. J. BILSKY, Manager For Your New or Used Car Go Io NEWING FORD I404 E. Main S'l'reeI' EndicoH', N. Y. PHONE 5-3344 THE PAINT CENTER, INC. IACROSS FROM McLEAN'S, Your Paini' Headquariers for +he Pas? 32 Years PHONE 5-8520 I35 Washingfon Avenue Endicoff. N ARTHUR C. HAND AGENCY General Insurance I06 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT, NEW YORK PHONE 8-3328 'IA First in Fashion, Foremost With Value Where Famous Name Brands Pay Fashion Dividends Complefefy air condifioned MCLEANIS for your shopping comforf! ENDICOTT NEW YORK Congratulations to the Members of the I959 Graduating Class of Union-Endicott High School o ENDICOTT TRUST COMPANY EncIweII-Endicott-Vestal EN DICO'I'I' NATIONAL BANK Q Union-Endicott Office MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY of SOUTHERN NEW YORK h hddhf kdhb dhhffpddhd fyh Compliments of ENDICOTI' CO-OP G.L.F. SERVICE, INC. II6 JENNINGS STREET Phone 5-563I ENDICOTT, N. Y. For Highesl Qualily FEED-SEED-FERTILIZER Lawn and Garden Supplies Visil' +l1e G.L.F. STORE IT'S SMART TO SAY "I USE VALET" GAIL PE'I'TIT'S ' ENDICOTT CORP. VALET SERVICE Slalionery and Office Supplies Cus'I'om Dry Cleaning Business Furnilure Hals Bloclced-Dry Cleaning-Rug Cleaning and Equipmem Laundry-Tailoring-Shoe Repair School Supplies Phone 8-M30 Drafring Equipmenf UNION CENTER i-n-wAY ENDICOTT, N. Y. 59 WA5""NGT0N AVENUE ENDICOTT, N. Y. ROUF F STATE FURNITURE CO BEAUTY SALON HD d, + d + B H H ' H MR' CHARLES ENDICCST'IIcTNIeY O e ZWECEESN Y SPECIALIST IN HAIR STYLING , ' ' ' ' ' B namin Rouff '32 Leonard Rouff '40 Phone 54651 8' enum R...f+ '48 . . m ' Tlres-BaH'erles-Accessories Co phmems Experi' Car Service of BuLMAN's GAUI-T ATLANTIC SERVICE CHEVROLET CO.. INC. 400 Nanficoke Avenue 3 Gr-inf Avenue UNION, NEW YORK PHONE 5-9525 ENDICOTT N. Y. as ' .. all . . WEDDINGS-PARTIES EN "' Q Q4 Engagemen+s Announcemenfs 'Zoo N""" Sm' HARRINGTON'S srunlo ENDICOTT, N. Y. PHONES Phone 5-I62I 5-3355-5-8623 9II E. MAIN STREET ENDICOTT, N. Y. J. J. NEWBERRY CO. 32-36 Washing+on Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK 7 THERE IS NO SATURATION POINT IN EDUCATION ENDICOTT FURNITURE MART. INC. IThe one e.L.F. Buildingl NORTH STREET ENDICOTT, A Li+'I'Ie Our of fhe Way . . A Loi Less fo Pay TONY DE ANGELO TONY SANTACROSE Phone 8-2360 N. Y. MODERN DRESS SHOP VIVA SMITH II8 Washingfon Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 5-58I I We Serve +he FINEST Foods fhe Finesi' Way AVENUE RESTAURANT IOI Washingfon Avenue ENDICOTT. N. Y. Bes'I' Wishes TOULSON WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE I05 Wes'I' Main SI'reeI' UNION. NEW YORK STABLER AGENCY, INC. Insurance of AII Kinds PHONE 5-3646 I05 EAST MAIN STREET "S+abIerize Your Insurance" LOWEST COST CAR FINANCING Congra+uIaI'ions, Graduafes From CLEAN IT, INC. Pos? Office Box 3 JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK Window Washing Floor Mainfenance Janiforial Service FIuorescen+ Mainfenance LET GEORGE DO IT- Phone 5-66l0 Men's Wear Thai' Fi+s . . BoI'h THE MAN and THE OCCASION MENS WEAR I03 Washingfon Avenue EndicoH, N. Y. NOVELLO'S DRY CLEANERS Mr. Pa'I+erson is mounfing a beau'I'ifuI caraf diamo in plafinum se'Hing. PAT JEWELER PATTERSON WaI'cI1es - Diamonds Gifls 'For Graduafes EncIicoH, N. Y. Phone 5-265I EN DICOTT LUMBER 81 BOX COMPANY Lumber and Building Ma+eriaIs Mason's Supplies D. 8: I"I. ANTHRACITE COAL I306 Clark S'I'ree1 Phone 5-9903 ENDICOTT, NEW YORK ANGEVINE AGENCY, INC. Insurance Real EsI'aI'e Morlgages I46 Washingion Avenue ENDICOTT. NEW YORK BEACH'S AUTO SUPPLY . IIO Wesi Main S'I'ree'l' EncIicoH', N. Y. Your CompIe'l'e Bicycle Shop PHONE 5-052I Wirh CompIimen'rs and AII Good Wishes Io Our Many Friends a'I' U-E IIIIIIIII nov The Managemenf of Ihe LYRIC-STATE AND TRI-CITIES DRIVE-IN + 1 II' CosI's Less ai' UNITED ARMY STORE l2I0 NORTH STREET ENDICOTT, N. Y. Spor+ing Goods Work-Dress CIo+I1es RUBY JEWELERS 6 Washingion Avenue ENDICOTT. NEW YORK Our "Diamond Microscope" Tesfs Diamond Qualiry JOHN E. CALLAHAN Plumbing and Heafing 4I7 OVERTON ST. UNION. N. Y. DIAL 5-9622 ROAD SERVICE ALLEN AND TILLOTSON 200 W. A+IanI'ic Service Lee Tires-BaH'eries MAIN ENDICOTT. N. Y. FRED'S NEW SANDWICH SHOP HELENE'S Decoraiing Sfudio "JUST A LITTLE DIFFERENT" 5I Washingfon Ave. IUpsfairsI I Ph. 5-l32I I307 Monroe Sireei' Phone 5-9666 Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 1959 From ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES and ENDICOTT JOHNSON WORKERS HILKINS JEWELERS Our 43rd Year KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS 46 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK VAUGH N'S I07-I09 EAST MAIN STREET Men's and Boys' Clofhing The Sfore of Na+ional Brand Names wooov s I ' ja? QM RECORD SHOP 7 I I 27 Washingron Avenue EncIicoH', N. Y. RECORDS PLAYERS ACCESSORIES ff! Girls Like fo Say IT CAME FROM 1 A,1,4,.f-km I5 WASHINGTON AVE. ENDICOTT, N. Y. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Imperial Washable Wallpaper THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. l35 Monroe Sfreei' EncIico+'I', N. Y. COLLIE'S SERVICE STATION Richfield Producis I300 EAST MAIN 5-968l IA Congratulations and Much Success Class of 1959 YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER FOR SENIOR PORTRAITS TROUP STUDIO Fine Photography I400 NORTH STREET ENDICOTT LOUIS N. PICCIANO 81 SON I204 WiI'heriII Sfreei' ENDICOTT. NEW YORK PHONE 5-9985 Crane Plumbing-Hearing SPENCER-SWARTZ FURNITURE COMPANY Specialisfs in EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE III Wesi' Main SI'reeI' Union. New York All Commercial Priniing PHONE 5-8 I80 THE ENDICO-I-T PRINTING CO Sporring Goods WorI: CIo+I1es Graduafion and Wedding Inviiafions UNION R Phoio Offsef - LeH'erpress A r:YEA8gT I:4l:LYS-ri-:srJRE I24 NANTICOKE AVENUE PHONE 5-944I ENDICOTT. NEW YORK EndicoH', New Yorlr IUnion Dis+.I OPEN 9:00 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M. STATE ' SANDWICH sHoPPE LUIZZI PHARMACY Prescripiion Service PHONE 5-545I III Washingion Avenue I08 Easi Main S'I'ree+ ENDICOTT N' Y- ME ALS LUNCHES SOD AS Gai' Your Class Picfures ai' LUIZZI'S Special-20 'For SI.50 DRISCOLL'S BUSINESS SERVICE-5I7 W. Main-Endico+'I.v N. Y. DIAL 5-763 I EVANS PLUMBING 81 HEATING Owner KENNETH R. SPENCER 423 ROOSEVELT AVENUE ENDICOTT. N. Y CongraI'uIa+ions CADRE INDUSTRIES CORP. MAC'S HOME 81 AUTO SUPPLY 3403 E. Main S+. PHONE 5-0566 For a Career in Professional Nursing Apply +o The Direcfor of Nursing DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 RILEY STREET BUFFALO 8, N. Y. SU 4-400 WARNER BROS. AGENCY Insurance ENDICOTT TRUST BLDG. ENDICOTT. N. Y. DORR W. WARNER Phone 8-I534 RALPH J. WARNER ENDICOTT FLORIST "Say H' Wifh FIowers" II6 Washingfon Avenue ENDICOTT, N. Y. Telephone 5-022I If I+'s a Giff Congrafulafions Try +o +he TOTS TO TEENS Class Of '959 49 Washing+on Avenue Fmm ENDICOTT. N. Y. ENDWELL TAVERN ARROW ELECTRIC PHONE 5-855I Wiring and Appliances 35I3 E. Main Street ENDWELL, N. Y. JIMMY KRESTALUDE TRI-CITY VENETIAN BLIND 81 AWNING CO. Manufacturers of Custom Made Rite Lite Venetian Blinds and Awnings uso-1 NORTH STREET PHONE 5-3845 ENDICOTT, N. Y. ALEXANDER'S CONFECTIONERY I03 West Main Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Come to ENDICOTI' CAMERA SHOP for AII Your Photo Needs 33 WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 5-557I X I ,I ff' E 3 10 ff Endicott's Greatest Shopping Center BURT'S The Complete Department Store In Every Department...We're Ready to Serve the Entire Needs of Every Family USE BURT'S CONVENIENT LAY-AWAY PLAN TO SAVE! GXHII GI' HWS othinq Ammfllnlon FLAIR ELKS LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS B Convenienfly Locafed a+ IIO Washingfon Avenue PHONE 5-205I 2303 NORTH STREET , For All Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Needs Build Be'Her Wi+h Whai' You Save a+ WHIPPLE'S LUMBER YARD 33I0 Eas+ Main Sheer ENDWELL, N. Y. Phone 8-l59I BUSH TRANSFORMER CORP. Makers of +he World's Finesi' Transformers 707 NORTH STREET ENDICOTT, N. Y. Promp+ Courfeous 24-HOUR SERVICE Dial 5-3335 RUSSELL TAXICAB co., INC I30I MONROE STREET Sewing U. E. Grads for Over 35 Years NUGENT'S 53 Washinglon Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK High Fashions Low Prices Besl' Wishes Io The Gradualing Class of I959 KI-lNE'S WEST CORNERS PHARMACY Slore for Men and Boys 40I Day Hollow Road 54 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT ENDICOTI' FRIEND OF THE FAMILY Wha'I's ha pening in fhe world foday? Wha+'s a new recipe for dinner Iomorrow? How did -I'he home 'Ieam make ouf? Will fhe new super-highway go 'Ihrough our neighbor- hood? Every day, every family in l'he Binghamlon area and fhroughoul' America fums +o ifs newspaper for fhe answers. The newspaper is more Ihan a chronicler of 'Ihe day's even+s. I+'s a wise, inlimafe friend of Ihe amily . . . a source of council, diversion, informalion. And iusl' as fhe compleie, brillianlly reporled news coverage by 'Ihe Binghamion Press is meal' for Ihe mind, so 'l'oo, is Ihe radio and felevision coverage by 'Ihe Press sfa'I'ions: WINR-Radio, 680 and WINR-TV, Channels, 40, 78, 8I. The Press sfafions bring you crisp, informaiive reporls coupled wifh a wide varieiy of s1'ar-s'l'udded enferiain- meni for every member of +he family. Widen your world of knowledge . . . be beH'er informed wi'I'h 'Ihis newspaper's incomparable service . . . 'Ihrough 'Ihe prinled page, radio and 'l'eIevision. THE BINGHAMTON A Greal Newspaper EVENING SUNDAY Owners of S'Ia'lions: PRESS WINR-Radio, 680 WINR-TV Channels 40, 78, 8I BECKWITH LUMBER CO., INC. "The One Stop Lumber Yard" Lumber - Coal - Point Phone Endicoi-I' 5-3387 Office, I0 Hooper Road ENDWELL. N. Y. Congra+uIa+ions and Besi Wishes 'Io Ihe Class of I959 From Your Neighborhood Independenf Super Marlrefs STEVE'S SUPER DUPERS Exchange Avenue - NorI'h SIree'I' Congrafulafions 'ro Ihe Class I959 H I -LITE 305 Washingfon Avenue 1' 1, MAIL N cHn.nREN's lANDINs'rauMeN'rs SUPERMART MA-ITYIS MUSIC CENTRE 2009 Easf Main SI'reeI' ENDWELL. N. Y. I25 Washingion Ave. ENDICOTT, N. Y. Phone 5-2480 Open Eveninqs LEVINSON'S CIo'I'I1es for Ihe Man and Boy 50 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT For I'I1e Besf In OpI'icaI Service ENDICOTT OPTICAL Congra+uIa+ions Io I'I1e Class of 1959 SEELY'S ICE CREAM Besi' Wishes Io I'I1e Class of '59 JUVENILE BOOT SHOPS W h' . 45 Courf S+. Ef1fD','2g'1'lr Ave BINGHAMTON 35095 r,,,ER Gfofecm HM ' iK.A'-l21iIL?:n.ivi4 B-i,e""R!k-'Vlbkb-L1 2212.1 .Z'lTliBi,l'Y ' -Jf'w,i'4'ijFm5n .irL.l-653 f.-3-' ,.ahiL'273B11Ellii!1:BS . 4 ' ' Recipe for X . ff S f Vs' S i ' ,way I I . ' M . E, I I Q I QI XV - iv i ,. ..,, 1 rf- K I . 1' A- . . gxl N I H " fav AH 'Si 'u QA A-u ue 'ffm if QQ: 5. 45, wg: -ff 3.-5 1 .gif .fy : 'aw' .git 94 iff! QQ? Kei fu f-P .sw U3 21 X55 E W ',A A I in :- 21 1 , 4 1- .AK L N Q x r . 1' Y 34'

Suggestions in the Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) collection:

Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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