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pf' M iff-pf' YQJJGB JIM C .mrydcn NICHOLAS MATERESE JOSEPH HOSAY In Memoriam It is fitting, at the very beginning, that we pause a moment in memory of two of our friends. "Nick" Materese graduated from U-E in 1957. His personality, athletic prowess, and friendliness endeared him to all. The news of his sudden death last fall saddened all of us. "Joe" Hosay entered U-E in September, 1956. From the beginning he demonstrated qualities of leadership, scholarship, and school citizenship which made him outstanding. His death during the summer left a void in our school life difficult, if not impossible, to fill. "Nick" and "Joe" are still a part of our U-E life, for to live in hearts one leaves behind is not to die. B fl .. 1 '14 vm., A ,L 7 , ' n W :j ' ,A 9' 4" Y' 5 ff: " f 1 ww- f - 1.45 I f i V , C4 '7 , A' .J vw, ,, A f M,-, wh an 'f K If P- , x ' ' if, aw 6 A v' 'f M . f' M4 4 ,f X 56 M '39 ' M ' 'fr' I . A qv M 5 k y n A 4 .3 ww ,f 1224? -LQ' rw A hi. ,Q W A M "Ja A gf wwf , J 253 , D: " avi-L ,, 'M 2 . C Q , 5 Q61 V , wg, , A 54 -V fm I gn, q fo.. A ,r ,MQ gi, I 'AQ-. , M: ' ,, 5' f A . Y X X wk I 'I - v 4 2 4 '- 5 . A . 'A' 7'tJ'.,a'j.r V ' .AQWQP Z fr fy., - 2' , gp' f' 1 3 1 B' Y, ' -4' arg A- y1,,f.,Wf f, -1 33 1 ",w'A. 2 , ' , ., ' ' 1' ,L,"1 Vx : Q A I I, , ' , ,Z ,ga ,111 f, 4-Yfyy -fl" 4M.,ffa .if X,-1,-In - ,f I-f:1'fff?,t.--3' 1 ,- vb 34. ' ,. AvnP7",,,,'1' f 1,gf13..:'. .3-nz 531-4, .'r33M'gf,'Y 'Yagi -.A3!'2, , u Q.-,ix Q". S wqpfkg, y ...A , V pf- w?H"M":"'1 f- Qv h 2 , x .34 ,1-my hw, .. . ,r b i ' 4'-+I A ff Q,,,vf' A --'14 ,f a 'pa fi" ' . iz- K '. . ' ' ff' '17 Z . -' .lliwl-J If 1 , , X ' A ,fx - 5' , ' L4 , ,Q , 2 -Q., uv' , N V In J -f'?' - , , gl . v ' ' . '., v- " ' "?l4.. .-. V. Marcus Aurelius said, '6That which comes after ever conforms to that which has come beforef' Here at U-E we have set the pattern. Now, with some misgivings ffor who can he certain in this age of uncertaintyj but with hope, ambition, and confidence in the essential decency of humanity. we face the future. CLASS OF '58 Foreword 701110 of Contents IH lil Y N llul lfll Spurtf N ui' -,. - 5 4 . wrtise-rm' 5 5 TO THE CLASS OF '58: A society which looks to the future. lives to see it. History has proven time and time again that those who live only for the moment meet destruction or failure. It is in high school that the basic outline of your future lives has been shaped and planned. As you live to fulfill these plans. you must look ahead to their adjustment and adaptation to meet day by day demands and also to their changing and broad- ening for the years which lie ahead. As you culminate these years of study. you have barely opened the door to real study and future planning. Your parents and this community have placed you on the road. You are our future. As you learn more in your chosen careers. you will broaden the horizon of the future for yourselves, your parents, and your country. MEARLE E. DILES President, Board of Education UNION-ENDICOTT BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: Mr. Mearle E. Diles, Mrs. Gertrude Calleo, Mr. Anthony De Marco. Stand- ing: Mr. Gerald Reynolds, Mr. Mario George. ' Q' L 1 J K ' ,E h . ! - ..- ... .ea 5. ly A 1. ,y. tj ,ff ,, I 5, 'JJ IV,-fi' 'Wm 1 Vl"6i'3' K e'f Sf' -4 -6' I 4 1 ,f, ' 4. L MESSAGE TO SENIORS The present and the future are so closely connected that they may be likened to different sides of the same coin. Because today's future is only tomorrow's present, you are actually preparing for tomorrow today. What then should you be doing now to prepare for the days to come? There are many answers to this question, and I have space for only a few suggestions: 1. BE AMBITIOES. Put your undivided energy into every task assigned to you in school and outside of school. Work up to your capacity and try to increase your capacity for work. 2. BE COKRACEOKF-. Don't be afraid of responsibility. Stand up for what you believe is right. and if you are proven to be wrong. have the courage to admit it. Don't be afraid of a job because it looks difficult: if you have the ability to do it. have the courage to try it. 3. BE NEIGHBORLY. Although your generation will try to conquer space. it also ought to try to love your neighbors who live on the earth. Your ability to love and respect people of all races and colors and creeds may be just as important as your ability to make rockets. If you are going to reach for the moon. try it in the field of human relations as well as in the field of science. WM. J. KRIIM. IR. Superintendent Messages From Our Prmozpals As you the 1958 Semors are grad uatlng from the Un1onEnd1cott Hlgh School we the faculty extend to you When we conslder what has hap pened IH the past one hundred years wlth the development and expanslon of our countrv we sometlmes wonder lf we can contlnue to change at such a our slncere fellcltatlons We trust that durlng the three years you have spent ln senlor hlgh school you now lcnow how to use most successfully the tools whlch w1ll help you to face the future MARY L PITKIN Prznczpal rapld rate But man power IS stlll needed for ID dustrv and braln power IS for contmued cultural growth ln our llfe plan llttle more falth and stlll needed and SOCl8l we need a l1ttle more ldeallsm Thls, together wlth our struggle for more knowledge, will lead us to the rlch future whxch hes ahead. De WITT S WOODARD Assoczate Prmczpal 0 0 fs 1 9 ' A 9 9 2 .9 . - . a . X X J1 4f4",,,Wki, fa Yi 4, 1 'W'-an --. --. 9, -Q s mx,-ig S 4 , .mm ff :., , W. - V . U I Ria ls? X .. fx A 9' , A fx +1 .. . . ., - , I 4 SA Faculty lf I 1 4 f V F 111: Nun ' good teacher leads a man to the Threshold of his own, mind. Kahlil Gibran, ' gc' , ,' 5.19: . f nf f 'ji- 'f"n'-- P - 1, . - -gf! 51' 5 ' .-,I .1 V If -:"Agf1"'f'Q A l 1, r.'g',1,'-v I 'fffi-' ' 1 V f'l"5I fv A 'H I 1 515 A 4'.'. A Q 'IX 11' 1.134 ' ,X ' -1 g 'A - 'y'1V'w' If: :sf Mn, , , . It .i".i,if,1,.,' 'ffl ' ' '. wir 'I-fin' N ' Q I1 'fi .41 '.' An' , , , in ' Zap'-7 ' 0 " A ' r ,Jw f '.-- , L 'dh' If I , I 3 'f mv: f-swf , 4-1 .s ' A - .f e- , qf.xf,:g,Ljm3.5-., - .' ' f , . ,ff If'-1"f , ,L ,' IQ' '- - 7 1' -1 "P-' ' : 9 ' ' - - .: -r.,-9-,' :,,., A I 7 I g, . . - ' ,.h,H,,gt,J,i, 3, A I I S1110 .V .f , A' 1, 2 ,'lf'f17t51'l' ."' . A ,f'1Lff"- 41' A. ,, 1 .fly 'f'lXf,i"lx'f 'L5,:4'1'7 if I f -" 'E Hag-' " J l f- on Q. f .xg , . f- I .1 - ' I-.. . J T H 'Q-' J ,T 'f 4 , ,' 1 -,.' . l,e. v5F"."" '.' 'IQ' V? fi'r..,',- N' w' -1 1 ,jf , F ff , 1 ,s ,, 1 W lu 1 .K ' y ,' ' '? . ,Q NK ' R I 3 MRS. RUTH C. ADAMEK Cortland State Teachers College B.S., M.S.: Phys- ical Education: Faculty advisor, Leaders Club: Girls, Intramurals. MISS ALENE ALDERSON New York State College for Teachers at Albany. B.A.: Llniversity of Michigan. M.A.: English III. General Engflish: Homeroom 9. V 'fl' Q MR. PHILIP AUDINO Harpur College. B.A.: Cornell University. M.A.: English II: Homeroom 115. MR. ROBERT D. BARNO Harpur College, B.A.: New York State College for Teachers at Albany, M.A.: World History: Amer- ican History: Homeroom 119. MR. CLARENCE I. BECKER Buffalo State Teachers College: Oswego State Teachers College: Pennsylvania State College: In- dustrial Arts Machine Shop. MR. GEORGE F. BEERS Mansfield State Teachers. B.S.: Bucknell Universi ty. M.S.: Cornell University: Geometry B: Inter- mediate Algebra. MR. CLARENCE BERRY Potsdam State Teachers College: Albany State Teachers College: St. Lawrence University: Syra- cuse Liniversityg Driver Training. MR. PAIQL C. BRADT Director of Guidance: Cortland State Teachers College: Buffalo State Teachers College. B.S.: Syracuse University. M.S.: New York State Teach- ers College at Albany. IVIRS. NIILDRED A. CALLAHAN Crane Institute of Music. New York Liniversity. B.S.: Comprehensive Music. Vocal Music: Mem- ber of Athletic Advisory Board. MR. EUGENE IVI. CAMADELLA St. Bonaventure University. B.A.: English III: Ad- visor to the Student Government: Advisor to The- saurus Circulation Staff. MISS RAYMETA D. CHAFFEE Syracuse University, B.A., Middlebury College, M.A., English II, Advisor, school news page, En- dicott Bulletin, Homeroom 109. MR. HAROLD V. COBB Director of Physical Education and Athletics, University of Maine, B.A., Cornell University, Physical Education, Head Coach of Football, Base- ball and Volleyball. MR. CLIFFORD N. CROOKS New York State Teachers College at Albany, B.A.g University of Pennsylvania, M.A., American His- tory, Homeroom 114. MRS. LEAH A. CROSSMAN Plattsburg State Normal, Secretarial Practice, Advisor, typing for Thesaurus. MRS. ANNE F. DODGE Mansfield State Teachers College, B.S., Syracuse University, M.A., English II and III, Homeroom 213. MR. BRUCE ELLIS Syracuse University, B.A., New York State Teach- ers College at Albany, M.A., American History, Homeroom 102. MR. THOMAS W. EVANS Syracuse University, B.S., New York State Teach- ers College at Albany: Cornell University, General Science, Biology, Trigonometry. MR. WILLIAM .I. EVERTS Syracuse University, B.A., New York State Teach- ers College at Albany. M.A., American and World History, Homeroom 208. F MR. JULIUS R. GEORGE A 1 P5 University of Buffalo: Cham la Col ge: Cor ell, New York State Teachers Co eg at lbany: P ics: Advisor to Cheerleaders? M b .of thl tic Council y at X 1 Q X MR. VINCENT J. GIARUSSO Triple Cities College of Syracuse iversity: Har- pur College, B.A., New York ae College for Teachers at Albany, World Hist , Homeroom 20. ' MR. HAROLD S. COODFELLOW Ithaca College, B.S., M.S., Syracuse University Coach-varsity basketball, Physical Education Intramural basketball MR. EDWARD I. COODNOW Math Teacher, Clarkson College of Technology B.M.E., St. Lawrence University, M.A., Solid Ce ometry, Advanced and Intermediate Algebra, Trig onometry, Homeroom 102 MR. FRANCIS L. GOSS English Teacher, Rider College, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., English II and III, Advisor to Future Teachers Club' Homeroom 111 MRS. HELEN B. HARRIS Rider College, B.S., Columbia University, M.A Shorthand, Business Mathematics, Homeroom 212 MRS. MARIORIE F. HESS Rochester Business Institute, Columbia University Syracuse University, Harpur College, New York State Teachers College at Oswego, Typewriting MISS FREDERICA HOLLISTER Cornell University, B.A., Latin II, III, IV, Advis- or, Latin Club, Sponsor, National Honor Society. MRS. RUTH M. HUGHES Director of Choir-Glee Club, Houghton College, B.S., Hunter College, Cornell University, Music. MR. CHARLES P. KASKEY Cortland State Teachers College, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., Driver Training. DR. JOSEPH KAZLAUSKAS Cornell University, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Chemistry. MR. RICHARD Z. KLETT Supervisor of Technical Education, Syracuse Uni- versity, B.S., New York State Teachers College at Albany, Cornell University, M.S., Machine De- sign, Strength of Materials, Co-op co-ordinator- I.B.M., Technical Club Advisor. 9.7-4,QLU" 45 MISS RUTH I. KNISKERN Chairman of Business Education, Oneonta State Normal School, Plattsburg State Normal School, New York University, B.S., Bookeeping I and II, Shorthand I, Advisor to Commercial Club, Co- ordinator for cooperative office work experience program. MR. EDWARD KOBYLSKI University of Scranton, B.S., St. Lawrence Uni- versity, Plane Geometry, Homeroom 216. aw ,3Lw,40'-ic0-ffwfwb' ...at p jgwwmk 8.QQ-ii4'5'Jl" MR. MICHAEL LACCETTI Hartwick College, B.S., New York State College for Teachers at Albany, M.S., Physics, Biology, Physical Science. MRS. ESTHER L. LAINHART Cortland State Teachers College, General Art, Basic Art, Advertising Design, Drawing and Painting, General Crafts, Advisor to Art Staff of Yearbook and for school posters. MISS HERMINA A. LESKO School Nurse-Teacher, Charles S. Wilson Me- morial Hospital, Syracuse University, B.S., Co- lumbia University, M.A. MR. JAMES N. LONGWELL Oswego State Teachers College, Technical Machine Shop I and II. MR. ARTHUR I. LOVELACE Lowell School of Business, Roberts Wesleyan Col- lege, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., Business Arithmetic, Homeroom 220. MR. PAUL MAHOLCHIC University of Arizona, Syracuse University, Ari- zona State University, Columbia University, B.A., M.A., World and American History, Homeroom 217. MRS. AGNES W. MARTELLE Cornell University, B.A., New York State Teachers College at Albany, English II, Homeroom 113. MR. PAUL I. McCORMACK Niagara University, B.A., Fordham University, Latin I and ll, Bowling Coach, Homeroom MISS ALTA M. McLEAN Syracuse University, B.A.g World History, Home- room 204. MISS JANET MEALY Skidmore Colle e BA ' Wellesle Colle e MA ' g , . ., y g , . ., Universite de Paris, Universite d'Haitig French I, II, IIIg Spanish Ig Advisor to Le Cercle Francais, Homeroom 205. MISS GLADYS L. MERSEREAU Girls' Counselor and Principal of U-E Summer Session, New York State Teachers College at Al- bany, B.A.g New York University, M.A.g Sor- bonneg Tri-Hi Club faculty advisor. MR. JOHN NEMIRE Scranton-Keystone Junior Collegeg Pennsylvania State College, Harpur College, A.B.g Albany State Teachers College, General Mathematics, Elementary Algebra, Homeroom 215. MR. RUSSELL E. NORRIS Chairman Industrial Arts Departmentg Buffalo State Teachers College, Industrial Arts and Cab- inetmaking. MRS. MARIORIE L. O,HORA Plattsburg State College, Typewritingg Home- room 4. MR. ACTON E. OSTLING Supervisor of the Music Department, Ithaca Col- lege, Concert Band, Instrumental Classes.. MR. C. BURDETTE PARKHURST B.P.E., Springfield College, Physical Elucation- U-E, Football trainer, Coach, Track. MR. THOMAS D. PAOLUCCI Supervisor Audio-Visual Educationg Buffalo State Teachers College, B.S.g University of Buffalo, M.A.g Mechanical Drawing, Supervisor Audio- Visual Education Program for the Endicott School System. MRS. GLORIA B. PICCIANO Cortland State Teachers College, B.S., Physical Education, Intramuralsg Faculty Advisor to Lead- ers Club. VITO M. POPELKA Counselor, Coach fAssistantl, University of Notre Dame, B.S., Columbia University, Syracuse Uni- versity. MRS. ANNE MARIE PROC Albany State Teachers College, B.A., College Prep- aratory English, World Literature, Homeroom 202. MISS ELIZABETH M. RASMUSSEN New York State College for Teachers, B.A., Eng- lish III, Homeroom Il. MRS. VIOLET R. RESCINITI New York State Teachers College at Albany, B.S., Harpur College, Syracuse University, Office Prac- tice I, Office Practice II, Shorthand I. MR. .IEFFERS D. RICHARDSON Syracuse University, B.S., New York State Teach- ers College at Albany, Business Law, Salesman- ship, Business Management, Advisor to Thesaurus Advertising, Homeroom 206. MR. DAVID E. ROBBINS Houghton College, B.A., Syracuse University, M.A., University of Illinois, M.A., Driver Educa- tion. MR. JOSEPH ROSSIE Syracuse University, Cortland State Teachers Col- lege, Oswego State Teachers College, Radio, Elec- tricity. MRS. GLADYS ROTH Albany State Teachers College, B.A., Business and Mathematics. MR. MACK RYAN Director of Adult Education, Colgate University, B.A., Columbia University, M.A., American and World Problems. MR. BRUCE SANFORD Ithaca College, B.S., Public Speaking and Drama, Director of Senior Play, Assembly advisor, Home- room 108. MISS ADONA R. SICK Librarian: State Teachers College-Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania: New York University, B.S., M.A.g Advisor to Library Club. MR. R. CRAWFORD STAHL Eastman School of Music of U. of Rochester, B.M., M.A.: Instrumental Music Classes, Orchestra, Marching Band, B-Band. MISS RUTH H. STONE Supervisor of Home Economics: Syracuse Univer sity, B.S., M.S.: Homemaking: Advisor to Junior Red Cross. MR. RICHARD E. THOMAS Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B.S.: Biology. MR. EGBERT A. THURBER Hartwick College, AB.: Albany State Teachers College, M.A.: World and American History: Ad- visor to Key Club: Homeroom 214. MISS ANNA TRAINOR Plattsburg State Teachers College: Shorthand and Transcription. MRS. MAEDE C. VARTULI Plattsburg State Teachers College, B.S.: Syracuse University, M.S.g Child Care, Sewing, Family Liv- ing, Health: F.H.A. Club Advisor. MISS MAE E. VAUGHN Syracuse University, B.A.: Hygiene I and II: Homeroom 223. MR. DOMINIC I. VERGONA Oswego State Teachers College, B.S.: Cortland State Teachers College: Mechanical Drawing: Cen- eral Shop: Driver Training. MISS ELEANOR A. VOCELGSANG Syracuse University. B.A.: Columbia University, M.A.: College Preparatory English: Journalism: Advisor to IQ-E Thesaurus: Advisor to Student page Sunday Press: Advisor to Zephyr: Homeroom 110. MR. MAURICE EDWIN ARTHUR WALKER Wandsworth Technical College, Borough Polytech- nic, London, Higher National Certificate in Elec- trical Engineering Grad. I.E.E., Direct Current, Alternating Current. MRS., ULRICA I. WOOD Cornell University, B.A., M.A., Syracuse Universi- ty, Mansfield State Teachers College, Stephen Aus- tin College, Plane Geometry, Mathematics for Pros- pective Nurses, Homeroom 211. MRS. ALICE M. WOODARD New York State College for Teachers at Albany, B.S., Intermediate Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trig- onometry, Homeroom 116. MR. JOHN M. WOODRUFF Oswego State Teachers College, B.S., Technical Mechanical Drawing I and II, Technical Electrical Drawing I and II, Advanced Blueprint Reading, Adivsor Technical Club, Ye book ' tures. 7160 MR. RICHARD J. REYNOLDS Harpur College, B.A., Albany State College for Teachers, General English, English for Business Students, Homeroom 210. MR. CARL ZONIO New York State Teachers College at Albany, A.B., Syracuse University, Italian and Spanish, Advisor to the Italian and Spanish Clubs, Homeroom 112. In today already walks tomorrow Samuel Taylor Colertdge The future enters tnto us, tn order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. Rainer Marta Rtllce FY 11" l'-Ii'S NEW TKACIIIQRS .gl'Ilf"4!.' Ur., Rulvcfrl Burma. Nlrf. Nfl:-11 H11 rris. Hr. Rirhzml RCNIIUIAF. Hrs. Yiwlvt livsffxlwtl. blanffzrzg: Hr. lhmumis lzxans. Hr. Philip .'xU4liIlU. Nlwr. Maurice Vfalker. Mr. Geurge Beers. Q9 , 4 rf' '- 'Q ,garfw IJl'1f'SiC21l fitness. Ur Jwhn Nlullurx mul Ulu Hvrmmu Ifflw vhcfk Xllfpdlil C r4 S Senwrs N 1 1 ' :KAI fl' Q, 1 ,v f' 7 4 'MLC gl .45 srl' --ax, fri J 3 wa' V L...-'Kv.fll9-1'Q""' ,.,r S 'UQ JG All our past acclazms our uture Swinburne ,.".l-,Ar 4.1 O In rx ro, v 1134 IJ' A ' ,Hwy 'L ff JL,-V.. Q fp. DW, . J I .. f, . H' f, +1 5 ff 1 Q Lv.. Z, .. -VH! -,wtf 1.2 ,:, , V 1'-I1 f'ff".'1. 0,111 '! , f af' ff f".--init' I - ,f f, ' H ,'w.,,,: .1 fini 1. Y525g1'5'I5'1 A 1 ', " ' ' ,,v r",I Q 1 . v'- fi ., I f'f"f1 JY, 4'.'z1- n: ' -1'-. f 1" Vw: r.':'1f'g1 ': V. 1- 5 Y' ' .JH .. 4, "4" " f' Qprf' 1. ' , nf' 1, lm f ,Q . , ,,.,,,,- X :ff ' , 'jpfiig f'i,- 'I 3 ,fn A . . 5. ,W , 1, L . 2' :fr "4 ' ' v: fig 1' -' .lg'.'1ji ','9 151 .1 , A- -,lr .1 'Cy .r",. 1"' rv' ,'.' - 'lv "ff ' A J'-,.'.f . 7. fi ,J .' , 1, 'ig' I' v ,J ,.,- f,-,., . if ' ,1- Q f 1. 44, wx rf g,- 1, -N - 'u' " 1' 1: pil . 1 -255 ', : 'H 5 i' Jwgj. ,y - .2 g -454' I :Ik f ..x' Ig 'Z f Y , 5 .1515 ". 1 jp v A 1 pgj.1,.4q ,W '- fi 'W' I . ' '?1.'ff..5: ,, H! 3. ' -1 fi ' f""J' 1 4-' .. 1 'I , ' ff ",'1 id V 4 15- 'L , ali, W. M . . 4 2 in . , , '23 ff? ,gg-.I ' if 2. u - ' -- A . L, eq, ,V ,V KI , , y 1 -, "7 -1' . L - 1, ff-fm . fy, V , r .- A. 'I ,, . . VM.: I , , ,fl fgif' 'Jf.fu'f 4 , 'jp L- -v.'ff'I.'."F W- , 3 , ' 'K' ' ""'fL:?, f"'," I ' f' 1 f rw f '.+.'. ,.-' 2' PIN' A . ' , 4 ' ft 4 f,-Qgr '-. ' ' 1 ffJmw'1 1.95 K ' I w.'.,., .1 .',., ,fn , l -4: 1- A H ' 3 , J' ' 1 1+ ' 4 I 4 : fn - 1 - 1, 11.1 .- , ' 4, f , '. 12' s v- 1 X f 1-, , ,12- 1 Y . - I' "-154-7144" - ' .1 aqzelan,-,'j1fg-gfw ,, fir- M-4 ' . , , -,wr 3- ... ,, ,A - ' Lf' ' .-' .' rvnf ' '.1r.',.f 4 -1" -4 . Y Y -- , , - x1 -'L-111.0 -j,,g,f- ' 5:'j, , -...,..- '. ' N' cf".-.vm A X- A: f- -.,- -M--gs' 4 --- A L. , ...N V ' ' 5-1 2-f'-H ":,,4j'L, L C . FLYER, Q . ,. , -g A . - .- ft- ul'-kD37?P"gff.-9 ""f5Q-7xYf"Q'- ,- ' " .2lf1'."-hkgffl ' 'Q-5:-4, V Ti, .-N 1 K.. R W, ' "I-.Af-F U" A' ..-.-,,.- - .J ,1 - - -,.4,-., ' ,, U K V . 7 ,. , -, ...H I ..f,,, A,, . .. ' j U Q r , V -zqf' f' . -...-.ff v I , 1 fin '- , - - ' 'Qi 'TL-Y: '- J "."'-5 '- I Nix'--A-I Y L . - ,X H h ,N,- ,h , ., , , 1551.-1- , n U f . ALESSI, FRANK V. Academic Course. Track 2, 3. Future Plans: General Elec- tric Advancement School or State Tech. ALLEN, ROSELYN M. "Jacko" Art Course. FHA 2. Hobbies: Drawing. oil painting, sketching, cooking. ALLEN, DAVID R. "Dave" Academic Course. Key Club 2, 3, 4, State Board of Direc- tors 3:5 Latin Club 3, 4, Concert Band, Marching Band, Orchestra 2, 3, 4: National Honor Societyg All-State Sec- tional Band 2: NYSSMA Festival 2, 3, 4: American Legion Boys' State, Model UN Assembly 2, 3, Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3, 4: Cornell Day Weekend 3. Hobbies: Read- ing, French Horn, Politics. Future Plans: College and The- ological Seminary. ANDERSON, KIMBER D. "Kim" Business Course. IBM Co-op 4. Future Plans: Alfred Tech. ALLEN, JOHN B. "Jack" Academic Course. Track 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, hunting, cars. Future plans: Annapolis. ANDREWS, BARBARA L. '4Barb" Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4: All-State Sectional Band 3, Football Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 43 Biology Seminar 2: National Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Sports, music, dancing. Future Plans: College. ALLEN, NANCY N. "Nance', Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 4g Volleyball 4: Basketball 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Skating, Music, Sewing. Future Plans: College. ARMSTRONG, BLANCHE V. Academic Course. Football Band 3. Hobbies: Music, art. Future Plans: College. ARMSTRONG. JAMES lndustrthl Arts Course. Hobbies: Model Trains and Air- planes. Future Plans: Navy and IBM. BAIO, ELAINE J. 'LGabbyH Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3. Hobbies.' Reading, dancing, swimming. Future Plans: College or IBM. ASH, WILLIAM H. "Bill" Business Course. Intramural Foobtall 2. Hobbies: Fishing, Records. Future Plans: IBM. BAKER, JANICE C. Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, dancing, records. Future Plans: IBM or Business School. AXWORTHY. KATHRYN M. "Kitty" Business Course. Commercial Club 4: Volleyball 3. Hob- bies: Singing. piano, church. Future Plans: Secretarial School. BALLES, YVONNE M. "Vonnie" Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4g Mod- ern Dance 23 Badminton 35 Volleyball 4: IBM Co-op 43 NOKIA Award. Future Plans: Alfred University. BAILEY, ROBERT R. f'Bob', Academic Course. Hobbies: Water skiing. swimming. Fu- lure plans: Dentist or Dental Technician. BALLETE, CONSTANCE M. "Connie', Academic Course. Tri-Hi 3, 4, Secretary 35 Leaders Club 3g Latin Club 4: Badminton 2. 3, 4: Soccer 3: Basketball 3, 45 House 3: National Honor Society 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. reading. Future Plans: Albany State Teachers Col- lege. BARDEN. BONINIE D. Business Course. Commercial Club 4. Treasurer 4: IBNI C0-op 4: Honor Roll 2. 3. 4. Hobbies: Music dancing. sports. Future Plans: IBM or Secretarial Work. BATES. LINDA L. Alou" Business Course. Library Club 3. 4. Secretary 3. Vice Pres- ident 4: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: French Club 4: Library letters. Hobbies: Library, singing. Future Plans: College or IBM. BARNLWI. SUSAN M. "Sue" Business Course: FHA 3. 4: Clee Club 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 2, 3. Hobbies: Music. records. BENDLE. BARBARA M. "Bonniei' Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3. Hobbies: Reading, dancing. Future Plans: Business School or IBM in Rochester. Min- nesota. BARSOSKY. JOHN J. Aeademic Course: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Cross country 4: Bowling team 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2. 3. 4: Senate 4: Assembly Committee 3: Class Treasurer 2. 3. Hobbies: Chemistry. Future Plans: Rochester, Cornell. BENO. JOHN I-. "Jack" Terhnifal Course. Football 2. 3, 4. Basketball 2. Hobbies: Hunting. fishing. Future Plans: US. Navy or IBM. BASK ER. DARLA C. Awarlemif Course. Tri-Hi 2. 3. 4: C-lee Club 2: Choir 3. 4. Future Plans: Nursing. BEVELACQLA. JEROME P. Academic Course. Hobbies: Sports. reading. Fuiure Plansg College, Naval Career. , Q3 - '-f ,+f:v,,-.4 ff, 1 W. , 'KE Q ..,f, , 4 ww 14-. 3 My ,. ,, 1, J, ' iii nw U: , , . 5 , VK V Ja n? DJ if Q. 3, 'E . E.. A eff' f is , , 'ff ' 1 2 if V. ffl, ' 'Qi Q ,.,,,XX k a, Exim? 2 f - -. wsxx:1 X 5 'frikssfgak E? ' if af-Hif . f ggikaikf-,'kf f -:.1 iQix'i- , ,gif An, if' E' D 4- L . f 4. 'Y . . . vf X35 lug if ,-if fa . gf ., 'NSA ' , J 'F 'C ' f 2 N "iii, vig? ,L A A - Q ' mr .I :A fig: Q , lifszfbl A rm- I f ' i V-ff, 4-rigw ' . .. ' 5115. Ji- 5 ' , , , ,-S . XJ, 1 fftei ws, bi 'ii' A iff' 2 , V vu. 1 -.4 :w ' 1,1 1 Q 4 4. A. 5 55, 2-,, A , -A ',,1v:5,f2.. gg WZQ4 X11 - KLA 'Q 445' ,Lf Q., Y ,, L11 --v- .125 .M .1 72935512 ifffti? ' ' fs xy: :4 ' V" WMM? ' 1 , 4 mf BUTTON, JUNE A. Technical Course. Tech Club 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4. Hob- 3g SOMA Certificate 3. Hobbies: Reading. Future Plans: IBM. CASSIN, DANIEL E. "D. J." Art Course. Hobbies: Collector. Future Plans: Air Force, Broome Tech. CACIALLI, ROBERTA L. Business Course. Choir 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 4: Basketball 3: Senior Ring Committee 3. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Secretary, IBM. CATLIN, DONNA R. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Badminton 2, 4.3 Baseball 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing. Future Plans: Binghamton City Hospital, Packer Hospital, or Bellevue Hospital, New York City. CACIOLA, BARBARA J. "Barb,' Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, sports, records. Future Plans: Business School. CERASARO, ANTHONY H. "Cherry" Academic Course. Latin Club 4: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 3, 45 Football 4. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College, Medicine. CAMINITI, JOSEPH P. Academic Course. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College or Service. CHECCHIA, LINDA A. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3. Hobbies: Reading. Future Plans: Nurse. CIMAOMO, JOAN A. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3. Future Plans: Wilson Me- morial School of Nursing. COLES, CAROL L. Academic Course. Triel-li 3, 4: Latin Club 43 Volleyball 2: Basketball 2: Cvlee Club, Accompanist 2: Choir 3. 4: Thesaurus 4: National Honor Society. Hobbies: Music, church work. Future Plans: College. CIOTOLI, DELORES M. '6Lori" Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Glee Club 2: Choir 3, 4: Candidate for Football Queen 4. Hobbies: Reading, tennis. Future Plans: Secretary, Receptionist. COLES, KATHERINE A. "Kay" Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 4: .lunior Red Cross 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Thesaurus 2. Hobbies: Dancing, sports, music. Future Plans: Wilson Memorial Hospital or Syracuse Uni- versity. COLE, BARBARA D. "Barbie" Business and Art Courses. Hobbies: Art. Future Plans: Work and marriage. COLLEY, MARTHA L. "Many" Business Course. Baseball 2, 3: Basketball 2. 4: Volleyball 2: Modern Dance 2: Marching Band. Orchestra 2. 3: Con- cert Hand 2. 3. 4: NYSSMA -"A" ensemble rating. contest 3. Hobbies: Sports. music. Future Plans: IBM. COLE. CHARLOTTE M. Academic Course. Cvlee Club 2: Choir 3: Tri-Hi 3. 4: Bas- ketball 2: Badminton 2. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: College. COLVIX. JIMMIE R. "lim" Technical Course. Band 2. 3. 4: Choir 2. 3. -1. Hobbies: Cars. boats. Future Plans: LS Navy. COMER, GEORGE Business Course. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, cars. Future Plans: Army, IBM. COPPOLA, ANTOINETTE A. Business Course. Italian Club 23 Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Clee Club 2, 3. Hobbies: Music, reading. Future Plans: IBM or Business School. CONKLIN, DONALD I. "Don" Business Course. Hobbies: Sports, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: Army CORRELL, JOAN A. "Correll" Business Course. Hobbies: Dancing, sports. Future Plans.' IBM, marriage. CONKLIN, WAYNE G. "Wanie,' Technical Course. Tech Club 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-arms 3. Hobbies: Stamps, swimming, cars. Future Plans: IBM. COYNE, CLIFTON D. "Kip,' Technical Course. Hobbies: Camping, cars. Future Plans: Air Force, IBM. COOPER, JOAN L. Business Course. Commercial Club 23 Tri-Hi 2, 4: NOMA Stenography Certificate 3. Hobbies: Art, music. Future Plans: IBM CRAWFORD, AILEEN A. Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Modem Dance 23 Bas- ketball 2g Badminton 23 Marching Band, Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 3, 4: Hobbies: Bowling, records. Future Plans: Business School. m 14- '-., x Q I f -tg 1 "Vi K 2? fu J MW- I " Q L 'K ff , I JZ? ff Q 'mf' , T4 A 4, Af, V, 14, ,L " 'gl Y '- 553, 435 1 . ' ' 5. v 1 ' if ,1- 4. , ' if vii , 47: ., ,. g if 'W P,,L .1 .f,,m" 1 -' v -Aymfw 5 . -Y 2 Z-Za Kf Mg' xx, 2m ,, Nl 'W Q .wg S- -iff! t 4? f 124 W, A , 4 Y gvwu 'Y . :M , v - :.- Q , 55252: 'gl' ft 3 - 'sim A 5. 11 'ff' " bn. 'fu L , . rx N A. I A if ' g 3134. . ff "J1-if , QW 4, f AQ 112 1 , 6. 4-Fifi' .., I ff - K 'viii-, f eg. :vm l , Mm ,Q Amy, "Jg4,L, ,' ':, Jgywy , 4.1, ?+!aE3'?E'f'5x' 9 ' .f4'X'.535.h,4,.w., , .M 175: l ' 'W .- KH' ' , ,735 -rw 32 Z N5 'fl' , .W 2,473 . my v fa ji gif' , N. fu: if ci? , ' J 2'-33. 'E' fc, . ,ug A' 455. ,Q H 1 1 7 f f f Z' L 412 1 - ,, ' N' ' , Q ' A 'E' 26 P -51535 , 1 .in .11 f!w' , .. +fmfTIf?fQ' 1 123: "? 33 fit figffh ' 'Q 5 , GX . Vw. A , 'vp Z! X Q-. ',f"f , "f"f?!'+Qf Aw Ly , ,, I ,Vi ., N? ,z V, ,L X .ay in V as .,,, ,. I L-.s ":. , Q 'ix Q f wwf f. v f vi I gf Wig Jgfif- . 'K fx z. ww! za , ,hifi M . 2554 212 T' ,"UW- H269 , 1 N , 2 Q .af me gy, ,A ff M' if 'Nb - few 1 ,E 1 in 6 i Y 36 5 A .naw x .., A 'ffffflw' 5- 2?-' f 'Q Z-2 H . 1 i J E . i i X Y L mm, L-2 ' 1 Q M:-54. 'F - , . 1 1? A 3 7 ,- f ff. if :gait A, V ,iw .QS -. ,, 2 1 .X 'iw J" 0' ., B' ,- b 1 .- " 7!,. r gg- V? . I. V, , , I. 3 Nff :.,f:"gv '71 I if sr -gaifwf .5 ,, . J ,J 2 ' Vs, M Q fa? 4 4 V 1 A Mu. 'if ' S5 1 " 1' if 415 I J . Q-' Q Y -f, HILLS, BETSY J. "Bet" Business Course. Commercial Club 43 Tri-Hi 4: FHA 2, 3. Hobbies: Roller skating, reading, music, records. Future Plans: IBM, Broome Tech. HOLDEN, MORRIS F. "Mon Technical Course. Hobbies: Automobiles, Mechanics. Fu- ture Plans: IBM or College. HIRST, BARBARA A. "Barb" Business Course. Homemaking Club 2. Hobbies: Dancing, music, bowling. Future Plans: Office work, marriage. HOLECEK, MILDRED S. "lVIillie,' Business Course. Commercial Club 4: Tri-Hi 3, 4: Volley- ball 3: Gregg Shorthand Certificate 2. Hobbies: Popular music, swimming, dancing. Future Plans: Secretary IBM. HOAGLAND, PHILIP G. f'H0agy" Technical Course. Intramural Football 2. Hobbies: Boating. Future Plans: Broome Tech or College. HOLMES, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Business Course: French Club 43 Choir 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3 4: Tri-Hi 3. 4, Volleyball 3: Basketball 3: Hockey 32 Badminton 3. Hobbies: Horses, music, ice skating, art, swim- ming. Future Plans: W'ork. HOFFER. NANCY l. Academic Course. Spanish Club 2, 3: Leaders Club 3, 42 Tri-Hi 2. 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3. 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Soc- cer 2g Thesaurus 4, Co-editor. Hobbies: Music, sports, reading. Future Plans: College. HOLT, E. JOSEPH "Joel, Academic Course. Hobbies. Football, baseball, hunting, basketball. Future Plans: IBM. ... z 3 wil ,Q-,Q f "" 4575 ew, , 5 gg-?4f?f q,!,.,.. 40 . 1 ! T321 I Mar? :gig ,, Z ,NW ,fm if hz' i ,Q 1 . 35 if-2545912 . A Lt ,. if ,iff sf-2 :f" f . gf. mx f,,,f A, 4. f Wt' , 1, A , . M f . f KEMP TERRY S Technical Course Tech Club 2 3 Vice President 3 Key Club 3 4 Track 3 Band 2 3 4- Boys State Hobbies Model airplane Scout Future Plans College KOMATINSKY, RICHARD R. "Dick,' Technical Course. Hobbies: Amateur Radio. Future Plans: Engineering. KENDZIERSKI, EDNA L. 'LRed,' Business Course. Glee Club 2g Tri-Hi 2, 45 Badminton 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4-3 Baseball 2: Hockey 2g Volleyball 2: Bowling 2. Hobbies: Sports, records. Future Plans: IBM, Business College. KOON. JOAN E. Academic Course. Leaders Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi 3, 4: FTA 4: Soccer 33 Baseball 3: Basketball 3. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, music. Future Plans: Cortland State Teachers College. KIZALE, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Business Course. Clee Club 2: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, sports, dancing, records. Future Plans: IBM, Business School. KOSTUN, MADALINE Business Course. French Club 2: Italian Club 4: Commer- cial Club 4: Glee Club 2: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi Bowling 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music. Future Plans: Junior College, Business School. KLOKNER, JOSEPH V. "Joe" Technical Course. Tech Club 2, 3, 4, IBM Co-op 4-. Hob- bies: Fishing, hunting, baseball, football. Future Plans: Rochester Ingtitute of Technology. KOTASEK, MICHAEL L. "Mike" Business Course. Hobbies: Hunting, basketball, football, cars. Future Plans: Work. 1 f 50" 'z 12' ti 5 af Zi , bm : h is I if ,f 'sf , gf NM Viv: fn .gif 1- '- fa ' ,wi ' ,4ff'f's f .ve f lv Q Q 5 w. ff-. LA PORTE, MARTHA A. "Marv Business Course. Hobbies: Roller skating, records, painting. Future Plans: Office and bookkeeping work. LOCKETT, TERESA M. "Tre,' Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Badminton 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2g Choir 2, 3: House 3, 4. Hobbies: Swimming, boating, water skiing, badminton. Future Plans: Nurse. LATESSA, JOSEPHINE J. '6Julia" Art Course. Future Plans: Art School or housewife. LORD, ROBERT J. "Bob" Academic Course. Hobbies: Model Planes. Future Plans: College. LEE, ROBERT E. "Bob" Academic Course. Hobbies: Saucy Peke Kennels, cars, records. Future Plans: College, Methodist Ministry. LOUDEN, MARGARET J. "Joann Business Course. Clee Club 2: Tri-Hi 3. 43 Basketball 2: Softball 2: Volleyball 23 Badminton 23 Choir 3. 4. Hobbies Music. sports. Future Plans: College. LENTZ, PATRICIA H. "Pat" Business Course. Red Cross 2: Volleyball 2. 3: Basketball 23 Softball 2. Hobbies: Reading, music, sports. Future Plans: College. LLCE, THOMAS S. 'Tomi' Academic Course. Tech Club 2. Hobbies: Football. Tennis, skindiving. hunting. Future Plans: Swimming instructor. 'va 4 if Q? ,V , 1 , 1 M - H - ' fir. x its .4 .M-K Eg: Q, ff 4- mf-1 W f s3'3'xW "' . ,- Jxgfj. V Af aff K, hu ' Jim aw-'A 'pw -Hpfj A , , ggi? MARTELLE. CHARLES W. Technical Course. Tech Club 3. 4: Thesaurus 4. Hobbies: Hunting. fishing. cars. Future Plans: Engineering. MASTROE, PATRICIA A. 4'Pam" Academic Course. Leaders Club 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3: Tri- Hi 2. 3. 4: Soccer. Senate. Thesaurus 2: Volleyball 3. Hobs bies: Sports. reading. writing. MARLCA. CAROL A. Business Course. Tri-Hi 2. 3. 4: NOKIA Shorthand Award 3. Hobbies: Reading, music, driving. Future Plans: Secre- tary. MATOLKA. ROBERT W. Technical Course. Key Club 2, 3. 4: Track, Senate. Na- tional Honor Society 3. 4: Cross country 4: Junior Ring Committee, Class Secretary 3: Class President 2. Hobbies: Sports. hunting. fishing. swimming. Future Plans: College. MARX. NELDA S. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2. 3. 4: Thesaurus 3, 4: Cla-e Club, Tri-Hi play 3: Choir 4. Hobbies: Dancing. bowling. reading. Future Plans: College. NIAXFIELD, MARILYN J. "Mar" Art Course. Pep Club 4: Choir 3. 4: Clee Club 2. Hobbies: Making house plans. singing. Future Plans: Broome Tech. marriage. NIASTRAXCELO. AXGELO L. ,4r'arlen1if' Course. l"ootball 4: .IV Baseball 2. Hobbies: Pocket billiards. sports. Future Plans: College. fNIcCAI'LIjY. Nl. KAREN fifllilfllllif' Lourse. I.il1rary Club 2. Yin- l'rt--itlvnt 2: Tri- lli 2. 3. 4: Xlofle-rn Dance. Biology Honor Sn-minar 2. llobbies: Pen-pals. rr-ailing. sewing. Future l'lan.s: Coll:-ge. McKEON, GEORGE A. Academic Course. Hobbies: Cars. Camping. swimming. Fu- ture Plans: Chemist, salesman or teacher. MENICHETTI, ADRIAN J. Italian Club 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: College. MCLAIN, HARRY A. Technical Course. Hobbies: Cars, sports, Future Plans: IBM. MERRILL, JOHN J. 4'Jack7' Arazlernir Course. Hobbies: Cars, hunting. Future Plans: Broome Tech. MCMILLIN. JOYCE W. .41-rzrlemif Course. French Club 25 Tri-Hi 23 Biology Sem- inar 2. Hobbies: Skating. Future Plans: College. MEYERS. IVIILLIE E. "Mill" Business Course. Clee Club 2: Choir 3. 41 Commercial Club 4: Junior Red Cross 43 Tri-Hi 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3. 4: Softball 2. 3, 4: Volleyball 3. 4. Hobbies: Roller skating. sports. MCPHERSON. DONALD I.. "Mac" Technical Course. JV Baseball 2: Baseball 3. 4: JV Bas- ketball 2. 3: House 2. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: College. MILLER. TAMARA M. "Tammy" Business Course. Junior Red Cross 2. Secretary 2: Coma rnercial Club 2: Tri-Hi 2. 4: Basketball 2. 3: Baseball 2. 3: Soccer 3: Badminton 2. 3: Volleyball 2. 3: NOMA Short- hand Contest 3: IBM Co-op 4. Hobbies: Dancing. sports. Future Plans: IBM. MITCHELL, DAVID C. 'LDave" Academic Course. Key Club 3, 43 Volleyball 23 Bowling team 3, 4, President 43 Track 33 Intramural Basketball 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 43 NYSSMA "A" rating 33 All-State Band 2, 43 House 4g Biology Sem- inar 2. Hobbies: Sports, cars, music. Future Plans: College. MUGGEO, DELORES "Dee" Academic Course. Latin Club 4g Tri-Hi 3, 43 FTA 3, 4,3 Softball 33 Badminton 3. Hobbies: Dancing, reading. sports. Future Plans: Cortland State Teachers College. MITCHELL, RAY G. HMitch" Technical Course. Football 4. Hobbies: Sports. hunting. fishing. Future Plans: Advanced schooling and service. MESA, CLAUDETTE J. 'tjo-Dee" Academic Course. Clee Club 2, 33 French Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi 2, 3. 43 Hockey 23 Volleyball 23 Basketball 2. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: Alfred University. MORAN, CHARLOTTE A. "Charlie" Business Course. Leaders Club 3. 43 Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Senate 3. 4. Secretary 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3. 43 Bad- minton 3, 43 Track 2. 3, 43 Baseball 3. 43 Modern Dance 43 Cheerleader 3. 43 Clee Club 23 Interschool Conference 33 Candidate for Football Queen 4. Hobbies: Sports. music, books. Future Plans: IBM. NAGLE, JOHN M. "Jack" Academic Course. Key Club 43 ,IV Baseball 23 Football Band 3. 4: Concert Band 43 Orchestra 2, 3. 43 National Honor Society 3. 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: College. MOSHER. JAMES L. '5.lim" Art Course. Library Club 4. Treasurer 43 Choir 2, 3. 4. Hobbies: Art. music. Future Plans: Army. NAYLON, RICHARD E. "Dick" Technrial Course. Track 23 Awarded a First National Prize S100 in Wood Turning Division of lndustrial Arts Awards Contest sponsored by Ford Motor Co.-1957. Hob- bies: Outboard motor boats. Future Plans: College. IBM. .. Q A 'six' 9,4 2 Eu fW" 35L, -, -1 1-11 'K " ww' 1-ss 4 L 'ww , M . "Y, , , if JT ' 3' Sys i- ., -.L P X r Qip F Z ,. H T A1-2,9 5' mi- 49 1 V bw A, , pw -' 'yy n 41' " Q N I Vx ,. : if wi at .,,EA v fs, V . V4 K ' L 113 4'f,w ' gf L I '41-if h 222 I 'Q ,Ig viii ,fi .V 'Q'-q I ,Ay 2' 45 1 mv PM 8' an , ,. J :H 'J X. in , ,, : 4 2 A K X f HSM. ,av fi, 1 H' 'ff ,inf ,M v . ' 2' 'u,'w .. , fr Tv- fs nw at V ,Q-. def v , 2 ,N r f A f ff 1, 44 5 , uma ,si K7 4 ' 1 xx, 4 i ,fi ,K Af , ffl ,X 93554 M Roucnr, JOYCE L. Academic Course. Leaders Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi 2, 43 Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Orchestra 2, 3, Modern Dance 23 Glee Club 2: Hockey 4. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: Nursing. SAFFORD, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Academic Course. Tri-Hi, Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Badminton 2, 4: Glee Club 3: Choir 4. Hobbies: Art, floral arrangement, vocal music. Future Plans: Elementary teaching. Xl RUSNAK, TDOLPH "Rudy" Academic Course. Helper-Audio-Visual Aids. Hobbies: Cars, drag racing. Future Plans: Broome Tech, Navy, or Air Force. SALAMIDA, ANNA M. Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, records. Future Plans: IBM. RUSSIN, ALEXIS, JR. Academic Course. Key Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 43 Latin Club. National Honor Society 3, 4: Model' UN General Assembly. Key Club Award Committee 3. Hobbies: Oil painting. reading. Future Plans: College. SALAMIDA, DOMINICK I. "Sal', Technical Course. Hobbies: Hunting, sports..1':utu'r" Plans: IBM or Marines. . ' , M' Af vi I 2 if I Alf I M- V f Ji' ,djipw J".11F"J' .' J, ',. ,Aff If .1 f' J U, " ,644 SADDLEMIRE, KARL R. Technical Course. Track 2, 33 JV Football 23 Football 3, 4 Hobbies: Sports, hunting, cars. Future Plans: IQS Air Force. SAMIANI, ANTHONY "Tony" Technical Course. Hobbies: Cars, hunting. Future Plans: Broome Tech. , 6 ,3 mf Q. 'bi mg X f- we 121' - 5:3 - ? 3 29245 ,Swag Ev . V, ,X - ,V U .gig va b 5 6 .A - fm.. w -L: ff Am R-I w ',.f 'MJ ' ws ,111 , A ' ... X.. 7' W. , , 'wi 4 I 4 SHENTON, HOWARD E. '4Howie" Academic Course. JV Football 35 Football 4. Hobbies: Roller Skating. Future Plans: College. SLUTTER, BARBARA JEAN "Barb" Business Course. Choir 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, swimming. Future Plans: College or Work. SHOEMAKER, ROBERTA E. Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Baseball, Basketball. Modern Dance 25 Volleyball, Badminton 2. 33 Hobbies: Sports, music, dancing, ice skating. Future Plans. College. SMITH, BRUCE D. Technical Course. Baseball 2: Marching Band 2, 3, 4g Choir 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4. Hobbies: Model aircraft, flying. Future Plans.' NROTC, Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical School. SIGNORELLI, MARYANN Business Course. Commercial Club 2. 4, Program Chairman 4, Nominating Committee. Chairman 4: Clee Club 2, Tri Hi 2. 4: Modern Dance. Volleyball. Basketball 2: IBM Co-op 4: NOMA Spelling Award 2: NOMA Stenographic Award 3: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Reading: music, cre- ative writing. sports. Future Plans: Secretary. SMITH, JEAN G. Academic Course. Hobbies: Music. reading. Future Plans: Eastern Nazarene College. SISSENSTEIN, MICHAEL J. "Mike" Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Radio. cars. Future Plans: Construction work. Navy. SMITH, RICHARD F. "Dick" Technical Course. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, baseball. mu- sic. Future Plans: College. Air Force, IBM. llc, . ml, 'Z 3 lig fill' 2551 E49 mil .,,l, . , .gg 2 , ,is I fi. - 11 5, iw 'sz , ' .4 f 5 iw 144,44 fr ff' Mui-7 i jf! fa Q. . ff'-va e . ig ' . 1' , 2 'L ,. CQT' I '.1 1 -- ' .. -, - ":- 5 .4431 . Q , 4 LL- 4, - " , gl . ,. gn , .. , T a 9' f "f, 'Q7x.f,1, Miz' q TL ma +4-2 J L. K 2, W ,gif W C is 'fb STEVENS, MICHELE M. "Miki,' AcademicfArt Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, Soccer 23 Basketball 2, 33 Leaders Club 33 Thesaurus 3, 4g Pep Club 4, Reporter 43 Biology Seminar. Hobbies: Painting, swimming, boating. Future Plans: College. STRATTON, JOHN R. "Ron" Academic Course. Marching Band, Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4. Future Plans: College. STONE, CAROL E. Academic Course. Transfer from Yokohama American De- pendent High School, Japan-1957. Roller and Ice Skating Club, Choir 3 flapanlg Band 2 fJapanJ3 fTeen Club? Neet Nac 2, 3 fjapanlg Tri-Hi, Glee Club 4. Hobbies: Swimming, skating. Future Plans: College. STRUBECK, SANDRA L. "Sandy" Business Course. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: IBM. STONE, GEORGE E. "Stoney', Academic Course. Junior Ring Committee 3. Hobbies: Sports, cars. Future Plans: College. SULLIVAN, GORDON L. L'Sully" Academic Course. Hobbies: Cars, sports. Future Plans: US Navy. STRATTON. CARLA L. Business Course. Hobbies: Drawing. painting. styling and cutting hair. Future Plans: Beautician Training. SULLIVAN, RONALD L. Academic Course. Transfer from Windsor High. Varsity Club 3. 4: Football 2, 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3. 4. Captain 2g Track Volleyball 3. Hobbies: Hunting. sports. Future Plans: Physical Education teacher. 'Z N 5 SVOBODA, JOSEPH B. "Joe" Technical Course. Tech Club 2, 3, 4, IBM C0-op 4. Hob- bies: Cars, outdoor sports. Future Plans: IBM Apprentice Training. THAYNE, JOHN T. "Tom,' Business Course. Hobbies: Sports. Future Plans: IBM. SWARTZ, JOAN L. Business Course. Marching Band 2, 3, Concert Band 2, 35 NOMA Spelling Certificate 2. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, skating, music. Future Plans: Secretary and marriage. THEODORE, JANICE M. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4,3 Volley- ball 3, 4. Hobbies: Reading, sports. Future Plans: Nursing. SYLVESTER, AMADEO "Zip" Terhniral Course. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: Broome Tech. THOMPSON, RONALD V. Academic Course. Future Plans: College or Military Ser- vice. TAMBEAL. NANCY M. Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 45 Volleyball 2. Hobbies: Roller skating. records. Future Plans: Work, bank or IBM. THUMA, M. LA RAINE Acarlemir Course. French Club 2, 3: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 43 National Honor Society 3, 4: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 33 Modern Dance 2g Emblem for In- tramurals 3g Urchestra 2, 3, 4, American Legion Girls' State 3. Hobbies: Sports, Music. Future Plans: College. TINKLEPAUGH, KATHLEEN P. "Pat" Business Course. Tri-Hi 3, 43 Marching Band 29 Concert Band 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Records. Future Plans: Secretary. TOPENIK, PAUL A. Technical Course. Tech Club 2, 3, 4g IBM Co-op 4. Hob- bies: Sports, boating, water skiing, skiing. Future Plans: College or IBM Apprentice Course. TIN KLEPAUGH, POLLYANN "Polly" Academic Course. French Club 3, News Reporter 3: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: Softball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3: Badminton 2, 3, Modern Dance 23 Tri-Hi play 3g Clee Club 2g Choir 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, oil painting, music. Future Plans: College. TRAVIS, GLENDA M. Academic Course. French Club 3, 4g Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Choir 3, 4. Hobbies: Reading, music. Future Plans: College. TODINI, SANDRA A. "Sandy" Business Course. Tri-Hi 4: Clee Club 2. Hobbies: Dancing, singing. swimming, golfing. Future Plans: Miami University or Business School. TUPY, DOROTHY '6Dot" Academic Course. Spanish Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi 25 Volleyball 2, 3: Basketball 2: Softball 2. 39 Hockey 2. Future Plans: Broome Tech. TONIASKX. EDWARD R. Ed Technical Course. Future Plans. Police Work. TLTTLE, CLIFFORD L. Clif Technical Course. Hobbies: Cars, reading, hunting. Future Plans: IBM. lndustry. Armed Forces. VALLONE, CHARLES R. "Chuck,' Academic Course. House 2g Marching Band 2. Hobbies: Sports, hunting, dancing. Future Plans: College. VAN VESTROUT, VICTOR D. "Vic" Technical Course. Bowling 2, 3, 4: Football 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3: Orchestra 4. Hobbies: Bowling, golfing. Future Plans: College. VAN BURGER, RAYMOND E. "Ray" Technical Course. Hobbies: Cars. Future Plans: Cadre, Air Force. VARGA, JEROME P. "Jerry" Technical Course. Hobbies: Model airplane building, hunt- ing, fishing, trapping, football. Future Plans: Air Force. VAN CAMPEN, CHARLES W. "Campy" Technical Course. JV Basketball 2. Hobbies: Sports, cars. Future Plans: College, IBM School. VAUGHN, TED- R. Academic Course. ,IV Baseball 23 Baseball 3: Football 4. ' Future Plans: College. VANUGA, MICHAEL J. Technical Course. Tech Club 2, 3, 4: IBM Coop 4. Hob- bies: Aviation, hunting, fishing. Future Plans: Broome Tech. VOELKLE, ANNETTE E. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3. 43 Latin Club 4. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, sew- ing. Future Plans: Harpur College. 1sgL?5v!, r A My 1+ 11 Y WEBB, PEARLETTA "Skip', Academic Course. Tri-Hi 3, 43 Basketball 23 Baseball 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Choir 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: College. WELSH, MARY LOUISE '4Mary Lou" Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice Presi- dent 33 French Club 3, 43 House 2, 33 Leaders Club 3, 43 Junior Ring Committee 33 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4,3 Badminton 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 23 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Syracuse. WEBER, BARBARA A. "Barb', Business Course. FHA 3, 43 Historian 33 Volleyball 23 NOMA Spelling Award 3. Hobbies: Sports, swimming, mu- sic, reading. Future Plans: Secretary, IBM. WERN IKOWSKI, MARIA K. Academic Course. Tri-Hi, Volleyball, Basketball, Badmin- ton, Softball 2, 3, 4, Honor Team 33 Soccer 3, 4, Honor Team 33 Hockey 43 Modern Dance 2, 43 Shorthand I Merit Certificate 2, Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: College. WEISS, PATRICIA L. "Patti" Business Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 House 2, 3, 43 Candidate for Football Queen 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, reading. Future Plans: College, IBM. WESTON, LAURIE C. Business Course. Tri-Hi 43 Commercial Club 3, 4, Vice President 43 Future Teachers of America 43 Intramural Volleyball 43 Concert Band, Football Band, Orchestra 2, 3. 43 Thesaurus typing staff 3, 43 Thesaurus 43 National Honor Society3 NOMA Shorthand and Typing Award 33 Band Award 3. Hobbies: Music, reading, church work. Future Plans: College, State Teachers College. WELCH. CATHERINE R. "Cathy" Academic Course. French Club 2. 3, 4. Secretary 43 Tri-Hi 2, 3. 4: Tri-Hi Bowling 23 Thesaurus 3. 43 National Honor Society 4. Hobbies: Music, reading. Future Plans: College. WHEELER, TERI B. Academic Course. Tri-Hi, Soccer, French Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Volleyball 2, 33 Basketball 33 Badminton 2, 43 House 33 Thesaurus 3, 43 Choir 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 33 Leaders Club 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: College. WILBUR, BARBARA C. Business Course. Glee Club 2. Hobbies: Reading, skating, popular music. Future Plans: IBM. WILSON, SHERRIL M. Academic Course. Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4: Basketball, Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Softball, Soccer 2, 3g Badminton 2. Hobbies: Sports, music. Future Plans: Nursing. WILLIAMS, ELLEN D. "Ellie,' Academic Course. Hobbies: Dancing. Future Plans: Mar- riage. WINTERMUTE, DAVID E. '6Dave" Academic Course. JV Football 3. Hobbies: Rifle and pistol shooting, water sports. Future Plans: College, IBM. WILLIAMSON, PATRICIA A. "Pat" Business Course. Hobbies: Reading. Future Plans: Work. WOLF. BRUCE N. Ararlemir' Course. Hobbies: Cars. hunting. Future Plans: Business. WILLIS. SANDRA A. "Sandy", Araflemir Course. Tri-Hi 2. 3. 4g Cvlee Club 2: Hockey, Volleyball 2. Hobbies: Reading. sports. records. Future Plans: College. WOLF, RONALD J. 'bRon" Art Course. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. baseball. football. Future Plans: Pilot. Wm 'l I 'WI K. lf 64 YANKOWSKI, ALICE J. "AIR Business Course. Commercial Club 3, 41 Tri-Hi 2, 3, 45 Leaders Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Badminton, 2, 3, 43 Modern Dance 2, Tri-Hi Bowling 4, Swimming 43 House 4: The- saurus typing staff 3, 4: Thesaurus 43 Emblem for Athletics 25 Hat for Athletics 33 Sweater for Athletics 43 Leaders Club Sweatshirt 2: Class Honor Team in Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, swimming. Future Plans: College. WOROBEY, YVONNE "Von,' Business Couirse, Tri-Hi 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, NOMA Stenography Certificate 3. Hobbies: Skating, bowl- ing. Future Plans: Secretary. ZERKEY, MARIE C. Business Course. Tri-Hi 4. Hobbies: Taking movie pictures, collecting popular records. Future Plans: IBM. YACOS, SANDRA J. g'Sandie" Business Course. Commercial Club 33 Cvlee Club 2. 3, Sec- retary 3: Tri-Hi 4. Hobbies: Popular music. sports. dancing, roller skating. Fulure Plans: Stenographic work. ZIOBRO, ELONA F. "Lona,' Academic Course. Spanish Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi 2, 3, 43 Soc- cer 2. 3. 4: Basketball 3: Volleyball. Softball 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2: Choir 3. 4g Thesaurus 4. Hobbies: Music, sports. Future Plans: College. OTHER SENIORS BOWEN. STUART GIGANTE. FRANK CAMPFIELD. RLSSELL HERTEL. MARTIN CHLRCH. DAVID HINEY. ROBERT CHLRCH. RODNEY LAINHARDT, JOHN CORWIN. DONALD LASZEWSKI, RICHARD EDE. GARY MARSH, JOHN EDWARDS. WILLIAM PALMER, THLRSTON EVERY. JAMES RIEGAL, ROBERT Underclassmen X X 5 , Xhl l sp We know what we are but know not what we may be Class ,131 "'-'27 Serrelary Treasurer jlfDl'l'H NIOHNEY J.-XCK COODFELLOW The Junior is an entirely different person from the one he was as a Sophomore. He no longer travels in a gang, but with a girl friend. He is clothes conscious and conforms to the current style trends. He longs for a car above all else and if he is lucky enough to possess one, uses great ingenuity in keeping it in run- ning order. He is a worrier, beginning to be humble about his abilities, listening to Senior tales of College board exams and entrance re- quirements with dread and foreboding. All in all. L'-E Juniors are the backbone of U-E, earnest. hard working, serious. What would we do without them? Juniors Pattifia Cosey, Kenneth Coleman, Patricia Averv work in Mr, Thomas' Biology lah. 1 Jonathan Weld, Theron Perkins, Donald Graves. and .lame Benjamin design li-Ps answer to Russizfs Sputnik. Happy Juniors study his- tory in Room 11-1. ,.r"' Q What is a U-E Sophomore? To himself he is the kingpin of the junior high, the conqueror seeking new conquests, the epitome of knowledge and sophistication. To a U-E Senior he is ai nonentity to he ignored. To a U-E Junior he is the lowest form of U-E life, a fall guy. the hutt of wrong directions and practical jokes. To the Sophomore girl he is the familiarity that breeds contempt. She is aiming for more challenging ,conquests-a Junior or Senior lioy. or the ulti- mate in feminine achievement-a Harpur student. To his teachers he is an olmstreperous child, a rough diamond in need of polish. Some seriou 6 mfg 1 t . Gradually our Sophomore realizes that with additional freedom he has ac- quired additional responsibility, that teachers are not his natural enemy. that, as in junior high. good grades are the re- sult of hard work, not luck. He hecomes the most enthusiastic of UE l1oo5ters and the most dependable, energetic worker in all school projects. He belongs and we love him. Long may he wave! Sophomores. l're5z'flent MARTHA KEXIP i Vive President ROBERT BROWN Serra-larx' RICHARD FREDERICKS Treasurer KAREN KLNHNER Senior f7ffif'P1'S Betty llilf-lx. Sf'f'f'E'l8ffZ William Fellifi, Vim- llrwxiflvntg llaxifl Buran. l'r4-xirlent: illiarlfltxv NIU- f ran. 'llrva-ur:-r. I' ev- N ,""'-v .L Left: K e y Clulihrr. Richard Rnosa falls program, at a foot- hall game. A, Right: Hrr majvsty. Bvtty llilek. clancvs with a faithful sul1jPCI. John Benn. Heluw: Ann Nlargvtanski and 'l'hmnaF Falcone' Apre-+1-nt their rxvuses In Mrs. llorrissr-y. at- tvmlancs secretary. -H--,,,,,...-f-' l I 7 1951 Novsmazn 195 6 1 8 9 1271421721314 15 16 111819202X2223 2-1252627 2930 Organzzatwns 1 X, It LS our uture that lays down, the law of our taday. Nietzsche f J X I 1 A X S: M f . J, ' .I BARSOQKY 3-15 P1 'N R BROWN DI TONINIACO NIARY LOU W ELSH Preszdenl 7-Q T7 BOW ER9 72 P DODGE House of DAVID BURAN Speaker of House 'Q WW E BILEK HILL D BALDWIN .I BATTAGLINI PAINKO tuclent Senate FETSKO R FREDERICK Senlors ad' Ev 5 v T LOLKETT MITCHELL Jumors G CONITEINTO R DODGE QTANCATI S0pIl0m0Tl-BS PQ mov DLNH XXI Vx., NI KENIP K KUQHNER LIBURDI I J fr ff- I N f vc? f Y I B. . . Ae ' P A I . ' I A x ,Q 1' LJ I Q - 'A W, . I M - i g - 4 i TM ' 4 I ff gl' , J. K. A " D4 X V 'B' f 'Q' I Wu. 3 A A I , '.,,'::L I , ' A I 4 Y? wiv ' D' ' I , , I I E.,.j, g,-, - N L. L' V .ix A . l 'M R iam, I x l t :Q Lffg , - km, if , W. ,, 4 Ir tiff' . . , ,. , - l 5 5. Government Senate 321-if I C XIOR-I 'N Av """ ' R NIATOLKA XI HORAN NI HILL G HAMILTON Representutwes Q CEICER Semors YANKOWQKI P WEISS C STENIPLFS F P-XRKHURST Junlors Q' if 'Q Q I 'SION If 0 'NI 'NIATOLKA .I HERNIIZ J GOODFELLOW NIR EI CEWE Q XNINIJEI ffdusor 1 N X ALCHN Sophom ores RICH IRD A 'ef ,I s 1 NMTTN J W -XRNER XA V HWIRE R QENIENTELLI K QENNI Q -ry if K tan, Q , . I A .V 'iff ,"V G 'I' AII 4 51 . . ' tg .fp 'I sa? -.jx , ' e I A , . ' AM I . . I : . Y I I Q VL L ", h!' 4 A ' ' I ., ' I' ' s I U I V , , N '- .. 7 Q 'e', " ' ' we 5 -fv Above: Tri-Ili Officc-rs-Margaret Mallory, Trf-asurerg ,lane 'Nlallorv Preeimlent' Robin Qhverer Vice Preeidf-nt' Que Vau hn - ,. - , - . . .- g . Sccretaryg Margo Yanett. Righl: l.a Raine Thunma. K3lll4'l'lIlI' Mallory. anml Karcfn l.ilwr fry panrakfw fur the- Tri- Hi lar:-akfaat, Left: Kay Martin. Dianna Pnulw-. and jnym- NI:-Nlillin await Ihr- Ima Iakinf the-In fn thc' lon anlivi fate-cl J ' E1 I Tri.Hi trip In Nflw York. x has-f .N Xf f4bo1.'e: Betty Bilek, Football Queen, 15 Crovmed by David Buran and Gerald Hamilton, co-captains of foot- ball ri Right: Dfinalfl Hnwrilka, Janicf- Walker. Robin Sheen-r. and Nicholas Tancha enjoy the pause that re frvshrhs at thff- Christmas Formal, livluzix' lluna Knowlfx. xlilflflll Fr-av vr. and Jufly Brynlvn flwfvratr' fOr thf' Chriatmai Formal. 41. U Wi Pfouf lie-tty Bill-k. Football lil'-,ff Craig liriggf vrowns An' gvlu Nlnnam Baikfflball Quevn at thf- Spring Formal. Elnina Luizzi. last y9ar's qum-ri, ie hvr attf-nrlam. Qin-f-rl 38. -lirrulirula-rl by her Court. 4 .-4' V VM" NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X S 5 T 3 of EL A First row: David Allen. Robin Sher-rer. Secretaryg William Houton. Presidentg Jane Mallory. Vice President: Richard Ostling. Treasurerg Mary Lou Welsh. Robert Blatolka. Second row: Laurie Weston, Gerald Hamilton. Joyce Kanabroski. Alexis Russin. Dorothy Dula, Philip Parr. Nancy Blakeslee. John Nagle. Marv Sterling. Nicholas DiPaol0. Teri Wheeler, Catherine Welch. Kathleen Franklin. Third row: Mark Sheiman. Rosalie Haven. Joanne Keener. Constance Ballute, Patricia We-iss. Clark Gardner. Barbara Andrews. Richard Crowell. Barbara DiTommaso, james Fedele. Carol Coles. LaRaine Thuma. Lynn Dunn. ln the summer of 1957, the fnion-Endicott High School Chapter of the National Honor Society was established. A Constitution for the Society was drawn up which states that only Junior and Senior students of high academic standing who participate in worth-while extracurricular activities can be elected to this organization. Elections for the Society are made by the faculty and are held twice in the school year. The purpose of the Honor Society is to carry on many cultural and service activities. This year of 1957 the Society maintained an information booth at the New York State Teachers Association Convention. ln December the Society assisted the Endicott Teach- ers Association on a book sale whiCh proved very 5L1CCeSSful. , , J , P -U' Q f K' V 'ia : M . N-J C7 X f,ff',f: , Junior Refi Cross fiint mu 5 llarul Ftnnv. Nanvy Xllvn. .Iamrw llanlw. Nlurivl Fagv. Sll2.lI'1lH SlI'IDll1'T1'UH. Xlarilyn Benjamin. Sefonfl mu: llf-wrlv flillwtre. l.infla llarf'-. lllwria flanriaxinw, Palmira llallixli. lliana livlarrlino-lli. llvtfy Hills. Millie Nlvyf-rf, liar luara lim-fl. Juniur Rvcl Cross' major pruje-vt is always the annual junior lie-fl Cross Drive. Awards are made ln' the Clulr to the lmnwrmnns roller-tin I the most nmrlev. Utlwr irmfcrts are the Scndin of book Coller- .. 1 L Y I J . I . lions to l1usp1lalS for w'tr'ranf anrl limnc-s fur the agml anrl ass:-rnlillng a first alrl Cl1eSt to svncl to lflirupv. ale Q Xp ak... !'H+3..,,,N, ' 431, .Tiff ,W Futurv HlIll10llllll1'0l'S of flNlPl'lf'l! fvlifxl mu: .Xlirw Hay lillix. llvamma llaxif. Kay llla4lxrr1ar1.NL1N.1r1 I!.1rnum.Juuf-Nyrl11-t.RrIfr1ar1nf-Iappwlix. Patrivia lfuflrly. lllllria Bain. lennif' Hrf-vi. Sally Nlrialinlriwalx. Salam? mu: llarlwara Ru--vll. Patrixria Crow. Marianne Wahl. llarlmara Wie-lwr. Yvlnia Xlix. Fliirlvy llvffner. Xwnnr Huiwll, 5l1irlr'y Sturrlmant. .Xnna Nalepa. Marian Fl'LiI1f'lNCl'. Nlaxinv Hung:-r. Mary Exanx. llarrivt loft. l.f-arming lu live lieth-r tmlay in wrflcr that tln-ir liwf arnl tlww nf tln-ir families might lw lwttvr tw- mnrrms if the glial of tlrv Future- Hmm-rnakerf uf .Xmf-rim-a. Xt tlwir nwotirigs they enterlainml gurst spvalwrs and also lrmnmnalxirig girls frmn llic juniwr lrighf. 'liln-x arm- pivlurml alum- making Christmas r eu ieir n ll mi 'nv ir ' X . 3 Italian Club French Club First row: Catherine Welvh, 5ec'retaryg Teri Vilieeler, llresident: Miss Me-aly. .Xclvi-org Au' drey Karl. James liaiek. 'l'rf'asure'rg Janie-- Lellaron, Vice President. Sefonff row: Vincent Giordano, Joyce Nldlillin. Kathleen Franklin. Joan Phillips, Naney Frederick. Nicholas Di- Paolo. Third rout Glenda Travis. Patricia Casey. Elaine Thompson. Ariadne Scelsi. Linda Foldes. Mary Lou Welsh. Sharon Kahler. Shir- ley Guy. Linda Fredin. "Le Cercle Francais." the L'-E French Club. has inet every two weeks under the able direction of Miss Janet Mealv, the advisor. for the promotion of interest in French culture and activities for the students. 6 First rout Sandra Griffin. Joanne Fiori. Judy Peet. Mary Blatolka. Eileen Staneati. Sandra Harve joseph Lozzi. Bonnie Zandv.'Serond mug' Xlarguerite Solan. Judy Warner. William Autos. 'lihoina Falcone. Richard Ferenriik. Patrir-ia Diorio. Charlene Jenko, Josephine ,Xlet-r-ia, Nladaline Ku-tun Third rou: Jenny fin-ei, Xnita l.uiLLi. ll'-nnie Pero, Lanw Hill. Roller: llodge, I'a11-jfria Zappig Cary Tfttli'-f hi. fvnn Nlarie llvrnardo. Wanda Bla-trogiavoiiin. I'-F1 ltalian ffluli inf-1-ts every tivo vvef-ks to study ltalian vulture under the direetion of mf Curt zum Preparatton or Our Future K N as 0 ten do the sptrtts Ofgreat events strtale on be ore the events Anal tn today already walks tomorrow Samuel T Colertclge ' f , A K, e N X g:2RS5ZE- f 0 . ,U f N. J Above: llarrvlt W'allU'r ronsults Mr. l'aul llradl about his cfwllcgf- plans. Center: Elona Ziohro checks the results of her Iowa Educational Develop- ment tests with llifs Gladys Merswreau. Below: Royce- Adams plans hia futurf- Cfwurw with Mr. Vito Popvllia. 0 1 J l ,sam ggf 154 S: ,, ww X " 5 4 4 Q 1 fa F W -M.: 4 5,-av . K 5 l .wffj FP flffffff' f 1 IW PLA lf' Fw 'A las NX " H ... Q. -if ' 'Y k . . :W V ' .pm . i 5 1 iii' is I Wh X P, l '-9 'HQ- N 1 1 ' A 1 f I 1 5 Q 'fi , 4,4 ll- - .J if 1 k an , mr' I' ag.. ,, ' W xx if X 1 ' v gf., . , f "' M4-'-efp,.m, - , . 9-' 88 f- . 5 L L fx? QW Q-2 Z Ill I I 5 Y 4 Q 4 1 FOR VO 6 P r a C. L rg Q - H21 x L C 6 nv 5 HAMIL1' I i Z i c 5 cz n d A r f 1' '.',,A ,. .IQ ' ' - A ' - ,,""J: -. f-1 .. . ., J , ,-,g -4 , .,.1w--. , -,u . We flelp the' Tf'r1r'f1f'rs Run Il H0015 Fair + -ff .fr:s-z-'-.:"-4-'- .Q f'- f,iw'- ::j-i-L'i:"?. -'-14. f. f -1- rf- 2- Mf- 6 f'- Miss Pitkin congratulates llarliara D. Twmmaso upon avhifw- Richard firnwell and Jane Mallory are vmiinif-nrlecl hy Mr. ing Finaliat Rank in the National Nlvrit SCholarship Tw!-. Rrxliert ,-Xgwnv on their high scuref in Nlr-rit Svhnlarship We Wi n A1 uurds SHOP AWARDS Below, left: Richard Naylun. Mr. Russell Norris. Harold Nlrlfall. Right: Mr. Alfred llaxiv-. Stated Fduvatifvn Department. Palma Xlnriziu. Paul Eldritlgrz Rmlnvy Church. Rivhard Nay- lnn. and Nlr. lhtrr Warnvr. flharnlwr of Cfrnnnr-r0r'. Ftrs! row: Mary Lou Welsh. La Raine Thu- ma. David Allen. Clark Gardner. Second rout Tr-rry Kemp. Charlrfs Parkhurst. C P r a l d Hamilton. Yvilliam Ruu- tun. Richard Ostling. NOKIA SPELLINC WINNERS Joanne' Ke-r-nf-r. Rulwrta Fhueniakrr. Sandra Strulwvk. Patricia Snr:-n.f1n, Athletics Q GJ CD 1-:1 Q1f lil ?1, 1- il' 'i" -1.-1 .L i11- Q N In X? .lp HJXXFXC mx 3 Nu 0 X ye nw bl? MK N if 16, 4"1.,c.Gff L K , QB 'Y 1 7 W' , If 2 + 'M ' 4 ,, f f iff - Q11 W' W? ,, , I, 'Q in ik. A ,Y -1 , pf 'gl' Q Wi' Q 5 Ass am M 'sg W 4 7 , fa ', f X LL ' J ,W J v 3 f .ua 4 Y , 'O'- w 1 ,-5 , '4 1 Gr 3 5 'f - 4, - . y - ' N 3 -'85 R , V 4' wx "" A M ' 43 p 5' I ig . t , my K gfrkfg- X. A t K h ,Qs . -33"-its .L - r Mk , on v n J a-55?33'gf" am. if ' iwf - f QQ-3?-.2.. v-'G,wii: ' :-. - ,MM . -. T" - - - W t'f1"-fi, 9-.1 f f ". Ax", A Jf -Q was if -43 x r V ' K, k blht 3 ,. V ' px, ,"3'f..h ,, ? 4 Ng, f ' ' .ny '- 93 Varsity Basketball W Hills and Goodfellow get posses- Hills, Palazzo, Menichetti, Cerasaro, Fitzpatrick. FiQZP8lfiCk Irie? for two m0l'f sion of ball. POINTS- Relow, first rout Karl Hills. Patrick Palazzo, Adrian Xlenichetti. Jack Coodfellow. Charles Park- hurst. Second row: Anthony Cicciarelli. Donald McPherson, James Fitzpatrick, Thomas Linko. Alan McLain. Absent: Anthony Cf-rasaro. "Barney" Goodfellmfs short but hustling crew has achieved a 3-4 record which obscures the facts that all UE opponents faced an excellent defense. and that no game was lost by over six points. With half of the season yet to go. it seems probable that the final outcome ofthe schedule will read more favorably. J X :Wt L NM., K 9 M' Q f 5 ,mfg -fir ,,, , if ,4 , ,,,:nZ,"' A' Mu, .0 bf , , ,, . ff?" Jw ,.h,gW, Wfxfgflbfk -1- -.,P-492+ 122' he x WSRRF IW' 'S E umm I 'P 1 .43 x kr ' .Q . X X X , S rw, 3 .i 3 4. gg if'i.if 5 TY: y 3 5' K1 K . I 'f , R -S IOI Senior Lerulers Club First row: Jo Ann Evanitsky, Carol Ripic. Patricia Mastrne, Alice Yankowski. Nlary Pailflrwk. Char- lotte Moran. Second row: Juan Koon. Mary Lou Welsh. Barbara DiTonnnasn, joan Phillip-, Virgina Ripic. Third row: Joyce Rought, Nikki Stein, Ann Nlargetanski. Rosalie Hasen, JoAnn Page. Fourth row: Teri Wheeler, Sharon Wiggins. Ann Marie Bernardo. Fifth rout Joyce Fuller. l.a Raine Thuma, Sue Vaughn, Joanne Keener, Lynn Dunn, Leurlers Club Ufficers Sue Vaughn. Publicity ifhairman: Lynn Dunn. Treasurer: Joanne Km-ni-r. Secretary: l.a Raine Thuma. Nice- Prefiilvntg Jnym- Fuller, Pre--iflenl, Leaders Club Sales Girl Cilrla ln-pure. Janet Wathier, Carol Nonamaker. Junior Leaders Club First row: Martha Anne Norton, Barbara Payne, Betty Bilek, Margaret Farmer, Patricia Drankoski, Elizabeth Farmer. Jo-Ann Crogan. Second row: Margaret Mallory, Adelina DePaol0. Barbara Hanus, Maureen 0'Day, Judith Battista. Sharon Prehish, Nancy Frederick. Third row: Norine Conti, Gilda Lepore. Sharon Kahler. Theresa Cerasaro. Fourth row: Constance Breit, Bonnie Moore, Lucinda Marthens. Delores Komar, Robin Fheerer. Assentbly Committee Slrznding: Rosalie Haven, Carol Ripiu, Chara lotte Moran. Nikki Stein. Lynn Dunn. Seated: rllivt' Yallkflwflii. Ann Margretanski, Jowv' Fuller. Joanne Kee-ner. , Ag L vw f - ,.. UMD.: 'Ui xD 1 ' t -- , WINNING EXHIBIT AT OPEN HOLSE -fs i Joanne Keener. Alice Yankowski .A H ockey Team :xi . I 'S Ann Xlargetanski. Alice Yankow- ski. Virginia Ripic. Adelina De Paolo. Sharon Wiggins. Barbara Hanus. Margaret Farmer. Faith Mastroe. Body beautiful. Soccer Team First rom: Celia Now. JoAnne ffmgan. Joanne Keener. Ann Nlariv Hernardu. Alice Yankuw- ski. Sefond row: Virginia Ripif. xlZ'1UTPt'Yl O'Day. Azlf-lina Df- Paolu. Cnnftanve Bn-it. Carol Nfrnaniaker. Dianne Walls. Good skates. ' g ,.. .. ,,w""' MR. BARNEY GOODFELLOW E J Q uN'94. 1 9-554 f , f ' ' . Y' XNL K. !lC'fA' 9 N+2'?1f1?s rwfrfgn tw' A 'X Music ul- Muszc LS the unwersal language 0 mankmcl Longfellow X muh!! f .Auf we ,se 50 Q5 K gxiaw Xxx I KENNETH BOON Drum Major AUDREY KARL Marchmg DE ANNE KUZMA gb St In fb epptvs MARCHING BAND Band Dxrectors VIR CRAWFORD STAHL NIR HARRISON SCHMOLL Drum Major KENNETH BOON Malorettes AUDREY KARL DE ANNE KUZMA EIGHTY TWO MUSICIANS XI A Schmo Swim an me by ow A ICSW' In b when Jllhnn y ll. oganl comes marchm h 8 0 N? LLL TE' . x. yi., . Choir SOPRANOS: D. Ayres. E. Baron. E. Battaglin' yd. Bef nardini. E. Bilek. M. Bressette. N. Bright. C. own. L Burgher. B. Caciola, S. Carr. XI. Chomack, L.fC0lley, J Danser. J. DiPietro. B. DiTommaso. L. Dunn, . Excell, N Ferrara, W. Friedli. P. Fundock. L. Creen,' . Cruesbeck B. Hanus. V. Jungling. J. Karl. l. Krestal . E. Krizanek K. Krum. M. Kuharsky. K. Kushner. C. a po. S. Lupold P. Xlagdich, B, Main. C. Nlalarkey. F. A ncini. N. Marx F. Xlastroe. V1 Mastrogiacomo. L. B ewson. J. Nasal C. Patha. L. Price, C. Pratt. C. Reisugr ,l. Robinson, B Russell, N, Seaver. P. Snyder. L. S ish, S, Standish, C Sorenson. C. Stone. J. Tapp, E. T nfpson, P. Tinklepaugh H. Toft, S. Tully. S. Vanderpoo VanDusen. J. Vitale R. Volak. NI. Ware. M. Wernik Hai, C. We-sko. C, While C. Whiteley. NI. Yannett. CHOIR SOLOISTS lane. Mallory, Lynn Dunn, Manya Kuharsky, David Hancock, fy, Gloria Reisinger, Jay King. 1 . i jf .- X .f I A TO B Bennett J Bouton A M Brazilla P Caclalli D otoll C Coles 'Nl Cre cente A Dean A DePaolo M IHCCO J Fralley K Furman D Handrlck J Johnson Q ope D Kuzma J Louden NI Nlacek ,I Nlallory NI ever C Nystrom ,I Page R Pero A Peter 'NI Powers C Roma P Safford N Qhepherd B Slutter S Waldhoff B Vlalker 'NI Watt 'Nl L Welsh T Wheeler D Zlgar E Ziobro TENORQ D Ba ker P Dodge S Fowler D Hancock Q Hou er P .lones NI Ketchum ,I Lozzi E Rice P Ripio C Rou e C Travi V VanVe trout D Warner P Webb C Week BAQQEQ W Bouton J Bower F Campbell D Gallo C Helmer ,I Kalb J King I Leet ,I N10 her D P1 kin C Robble B Qmith L Tatusko R Vavra f f I' F X : . , . , ... , . , . , f v A - 5 v - w - 1 ,'. . Q . 1 . Q - Q ' v M j S. . . - . - . - S, -- . ' . q . v - -1 1 - Q - , . V 7 - , . . .. S. .. - , - . - , A -1 . e . . , . , . .,. s , . , -- . . . . , f , . s. . s. . s , . ' . ' . . S. . , . - Q . . M. C. . , - -. . . . , , , , . , . . ,L I .V V, Glee Club ff' yi' if X, FIRST SOPRANOS S Barnum S Barrler L Bates B rum N Cafono R Cerrom C Dlaferlo D Y S Ely M Excell Accompamst S Hughes E K Kushner J Lasky P MagdlCh C 'Vlalarkey F M Mott C Paths D Schlock C Sorenson L C Stone A Welland C Wesko C Whnte SECOND SOPRANOS D Ayers .l Bernardml Ca I om Bystrlcky B Caclola S rr 'N DIPICITO 'VI Fundock P Lampo S Lupold F Manclnl L Prxce J Robinson B Ru sell N Toft S Vanderpool .I Vxtale R Whlttemore NI Yannett ALTOS B Allen M Allen P Chantxz J Chermak J Crogan A Everhart S Frantz ,I Green S Jenkm Y Johnstone P Kurkoskl L Nlarthens NI Wlartmelll G Russell NI Sawyer B Shemo S Smrth 'VI Sol Wa ner C Webb Ch ack Parkes Seltzer Whlteley G Enghsh S Hum phreys G C Lucxanx Pero J Rogackr A Semo A -Q... J Theodore .l xx Wlr Nllldred Callahan and Wire Ruth Hu he tudy the score I09 X I0 Nia nti. H. Fnrkrr. LINS: J. Mallory. I.. Thuma. J. Nagle. K. um, j, Swllak. NI. Srlneluwir. C. Ormin. Nl. ce-k. 5. Fuwler. C. Sealy. P. Kurkofki. N. Urche PERCUSSION: A. Curley, B. Smith, H. Hopkins. K. Bost- wick. YIOL.-X51 A. Crawford. Nl. Hott. P. VanderYn-en. R. Struup. P. Case-y. CELLO5: K. Mallory. P. FRENCH HORNS: D. Allen, T. Kemp, K. Huff, E Houser SITUJ TRUMPETS. R. Ferris. M. Bomvicka. J. Nyschot. TROMBONES: R. Ostling, R. Howard, D. Harvey. TUBA: R. Stratton. Holmes. B. Main. C. Riplc. T. Casselberry. BASSES: J. Edwards, J. Haick. J. LeBaron. C. Hc- Carly. FLKTES: J. Bryden. E. Miller, L. Weston. C. Chil- son, D. Bryden. OBOE: BI. Wovknlich. CLAR- INETS: S. Stephenson. S. Bochnak, T. Falcone. B. Emerson. BASSOONS: N. Blakeslee, B. Stevv ens. SAXOPHONES: B. Andrews, J. Diorin. Nl. Kvasnak. Concert lin progres ne L FLKTES: J. Bryden, N. Blakes le-0. E. Hiller. K. Mallory, C Chilean. L, Weston. D. Bryden. K. Lieber. OBOE: ll. Wovkulich Eb CLARINET: B. Emerson. IRONIBONEN R Howard. D. Harvcy. R. Nvrueth, BARI FOX EC R 0 tllng. D. Mitchell. G. Rohble. 3 QORNETS: K. Boon, R. Ferris, C. Ste-mplcs, M. Borovicka, 3. Rogers, J. Nyshot. B. Johnson, J. Colvin, R, Jodoin, T, Kingston. S. Hartley, Band time, By U.E.H.S L A A - fl XRIXII hpllfxuxnrl ' lim-l11l'1k T Falc'nnr', -X. Uwnllm. li. Haw-N. lu. inns:-ll. IF. Hzmlx. N. lllpanlul XI. SN - A ' 'VN fl , Ft:-rling. 'I' xxh"4'I"Y. H, Xl:-hrlvx. 5. Pr:-lui-h. I.. Frehwv. V mln 'I' kdll' N, XII:-ru. Xl. lh-H-kr-I, If. H1111-kx. Y, .lffllrl-mx. W. Xlallury. xIl1Ill'XNy Illmjn. Xl, unit, Xl, Kun- Iixlilvdlgmtll' Q 'I nak. W. Wyatt-. Xl, Nlulirlx. K, Xl.n!m. ,l. f'.4Iu.ll1l-. ' ' ' ' "W Im' lluliv: U, Xllvn. ,l. l.a'li.nf-11, VI.. lxlmp. ff. Hull-rl. lx VFR! I NNIHN I XIJII--rx. X. Uurlvy. K. Bfvstwirk, H. Hx1ff.NY.l.1vllr'y. I.. XXalIm'v'. H-kpkillx. ,l. Hdk--I, If-XFFKFZ R. 5tratt4wn. l.. XI14.L1vlN.,l. Nziulvz 4.. flu-vnm 'IN XII' XX I. N l'kf'ulv'r Lrft, nbow: The Chi-vron lianrlfmf-n. or morf- vornrnonly known as "Band SPIIFTUIJIJPTS.-i Left Io right: J. Nagle. K. Boon, B. Johnfon. R. Ostling. R, Huwanl, U. Harvry. U. Allman. and A. Curley. Mr. Acton Ostling Left, below: The "B" Band. or preparatory group for Concert Band: Left to right' NI Begv-al C Mitchell. Dingman. .1 ,J 4' ' Q ' .1 rK P if I 1. :- Righr, !lllUlPf 1957 rfloipivnts of Kiwanis Club Arion awarml for outftancling achievffnwnt: P. Vivnna. llanrl T, Morrow. OrChf'SlT31 and A. Ripiv. Choir. Wields Expert Baton Right. belou: F0141 groups at annual hand rroncvrl: K. Boon Ffrrii. C. Ftvmples S. Bochnak. NI. Kvasnak. XI Borovioka. R. Ostling. j. Bryden. N. Blake-Flew Pnllrankoskil Hunger and F. Standish. Swphenwn, A, Curley, K, Bnftwick. J, Baker- ,-44 Miscellany .X Lyfe s a paclclmg fall ofplams Care s a canker that benambs Where ore waste our eloeatton Un Lmposstble s0lu,tL0n9 Lyfe a pleasant mstttatton Let as take Lt as Lt comes W S Gtlbert O , l . 9 9 7 9 ' . . I' O I I N Honor emors NL UNIX LLM LAIQDE Slfflflg Ellzabvth Jam Nldllory. llarbara Ui Ylqivlllllliirfl. Mary Lou Wvl-ll, lleralrl CFM LAKDE Leif! below: Fin! ron: Nl. Signorvlli. U. flVl1t'rlJf'l'l'i. N. Nlurx. Xl. lfoglia. lf. llou-4'r. K. l"runklin. J. l.ou4le'n. R. llanlvn. l.. XXUVNIIIII. Sefrortrf muy' R. lluu-n. lf. Nlal- lory. Y. llallv-. ll. Fuffonl. l', Nlastrnw. l.. Panfili. J. Km-nvr. J. Page. l.. Dunn. fl. Wclch. Third rout R. Slloelrralwr. fl. Roma. P. Wvisi. J. Coopffr. l.. Thu- tna. T. Wvhffvler. 5. Ftvph- f-nson. B. Slutter. NI. Fiac- ro. J, Brown. Fourth rouf: C. Coles. R. Di Tom- maso. B. Andrews. Nl. L. Welsh. XI. Vi?-rnikowski. B, Armstrong. P. IJeXo- vellis. S. Koxarik. Nl. Ko- varili. .-X. Vw-llclr-. Fifth row: J. Barfobky. N. Al- len. Nl. Sterling. J. Kana- broski. D. Dula. N. Blakes- lef. L. Crew-n. ll. Duty. J. Rosenberg. R, Nlutolka. Sixth rou: Y, Rurke-. R. Stratton. J. lf:-tlvlv. G. Hamilton. W. llouton. C. Carllner. R. llrowt-ll. Nl. Slteiman. C, Stvnmplef. D. .'Xllvn. 561971111 row: J. Nagrlrx R. Komatin-ky, ll. llromn. .-X, R11-Nlll. N. lli Ihaolo. P. l'arr. 'lf K1-mp. ff, Nlarivllv. R, U-tling. ll. Xlitvltflll, .llzfxszlrlg from pir- Inre: Raylnonrl lotloin. Rfllwrt l.4IY1l. llalririal Wil- liamfon. flora-tarrw Ilallutv. Phillip ,I'IIll'N, R o IJ 1 n Shf'l'ff'I'. Carol Nlaruvu. Ur'- lorei Muggeo. -VMW, , H 1 ' Wf'?',f , 7 w 4-, , ,i, cj' A w fmgfi-A", , h N f5VVf5"V ' N M ,,,, . , A .,i5v1,f-,M,, . Q v,,,:,L,k UK? i ' . ' f x is 'Wg 'fiimfhi 54 1. v .0 ug 1,7 . . Aff 'mga f"" 4' it Avi' U A M ' , K vm, T, Mf:'ff3'f3Z,14 . 1" m. ii! 5 . ,gg , A ., ' S ,' 4 , if ' ' s .' W A ' ' A ? -'-3,4 K -K ' I .X 'in ,A , 5 g X -4 ' SRL, A ' kg, ' q.,:j ' ' 5 "1" Q.-1. 4iffii539 f , EQ ' . ,Vg kg ftlgw :gg X w 1 iz l ,Ya 3 If .M .5 .gl QS . 1 , 553 Q L 4 ,, 515 A ,--f .'.a'VA3.L ' . ' 33 A , Tig: Q .. " -A , ,w K "i-at: RE f ,4 sg? A - - w. . . H1 .M + f. 5 1 . , Q W - ., ..gy5 nz, 1 V,-.ix " . Vx S' rf" f 5 V N . ' ' 5 .t E 5:11 M - -fa nfl-11-g': . . rr? E , !,' v, ' l. .v , 'RE . , QW. - 2 . be N K -L 3 v . -fy - rw I .- S' ,'f?l,.J'! N, ' ' Q fll'k Q 'Q I 1 4. .AEI ll' .FEV .J- -ng' Qi! xv g z g , . v -, fx Q , -, Q ,A V A, , .-xx KE-N " ,. .q 'K' 'IIC . ,gg 'V nw 5, I ,,i 1 v X , . ,, .'s..- , ,Q ' U ""'- A '. ,"' , ,, ,I 'J . 'f -', - v . is .7 A x ' "4.. 3 'L f U . . Q3 21 -'L' ' -al 51 K -4 nv ...Z JW I .ieaaawwfwn sg ,J vga. i 1:86 sk. s--- 5 . X -ff v-J X , M, We xi ls? ia ."4? :Q 5 1: 15. ,, 'l"II'Ji 5 g Riff , ix ' V-.4 by 'SD' Q l- R' -T15 V 4 L T52 if-,9' - 4 E. Y 1... ,f ,F - Q-...-, 'J-afar A Rs Advertisements 71 Hmx if. -12.-x?sQ'N"-. :QE N 4-:2"Z,,,,m9'-"' ff? ' E The Thesaurus Sta urges you to patronize our good riends, the advertisers on the following pages. W ith out their generous jqnancial assistance this book would not have been possible O 2-i i-, . QXQQQ iq ,f 5 vig wg, N- , Y C ' RM , , ,-' N Q I l 1 '-- 1 V Qs! 1 ,J W M S514 if N I . A. -155:55 x N.. ,A if J A, --A - 2-5. - . K . 'N-x X: 'lf X" -1 . Y' fi 'N 'RE -., :"' I , 7 i xx Remix gig. L" ' ' XX 'Q in-X ' ."' 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B +h THEOMAN and TRANSFORMER CORPORATION 707 Norfh S+ree'I ENDICOTT N Y EndlcoH' 8 3387 THE OCCASION MIENSWIIDUR Washmgfon Avenue EncIlco++ N Y CANADA DRY SEELY S BOTTLING CO ICE CREAM or ENDICOTT :Nc d ENDICOTT NEW YORK EndweII New York SPORTING GOODS WORK CLOTHES STATE UNION SANDWICH sHoPPE ARMY 81 NAVY STORE II9 Easf Mann SI'reeI' Endlcoh' New York IUmon Dls+ MEALS LUNCHES SODAS Open 900 AM +0 8 30 PM I08 Easf Mann SI'ree+ Wn+h CompIlmen+s and All Good Washes 'ro Our Many Friends a+ U E The Managemeni' of I'he LYRIC STATE AND TRI CITIES DRIVE IN 1 I 2-II Ba ger Avenue Phone 5-8I80 I I 0 I ., nf at 1- 8 CNY properfy Morfgage Loans Farms Ren+aIs JOHN BRAIN Licensed REAL ESTATE BROKER I47 Washmgfon Ave Endlcoif N Y ROUFF FURNITURE CO Dedlcafed +o Be++er Homes ENDICOTT N Y OWEGO N Y Benlamm Rouff 32 Leonard Rouff 40 Gnlberi' Rouff 48 DECORATING STUDIO 5I Washlngfon Avenue Upsfalrs Phone 5 I32I SHOE REPAIR LUGGAGE I 206 NorII1 Sfreef ANGEVINE AGENCY INC Insurance Real Es+aI'e Morfgages I46 Wash g+on A en e ENDICOTT NEW YORK THE PAINT CENTER INC Ac oss from McLeans Your Palni' Headquarfers for Ihe Pas'r 32 Years Phone 5 8250 I35 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT If II's a I+ r TOTS TO TEENS 49 WasIung+on Avenue ENDICOTT, N Y. 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MODERN DRESS SHOP Viva Smu+h W ENDICOTT NEW YORK 5 58 I BENNER WHOLESALE I07 Duane Avenue Dual 8 5296 EndlcoH' New York All Commercial Prmhng THE ENDICOTT PRINTING CO Graduahon and Wedding InvlI'aI'lons Engraved Prmfed Embossed ENDICOTT NEW YORK ENDICOTT FLORIST Say I+ Wu'rh Flowers II6 WASHINGTON STREET Endlcof+ N Y Telephone 5 O22I P J Colella Ph G Ph 5043I IOI W MAIN STREET ENDICOTT N Y Qknyogcfkze ENDICOTT DRY CLEANING I2O0 Norfh Sfreei' ENDICOTT N Y Phone 5 I62I CONGRATULATIONS CADRE INDUSTRIES CORP II8 ashing+on Avenue t - Phone - I ' Il . I, I24 Nan'I'icoIce Avenue Phone 5-944I ' ' ' . . , . . LTH sg, IN BUSINESS FUR YQUR HER I one - , . . . l53 EVAN S PLUMBING KENNETH R SPENCER 423 R H A Dia -76l 8: HEATING Owner ' E d H N Y WEDDINGS PARTIES C""'p"me"+s Engagemenfs Announcemenfs HARRINGTON S STUDIO 5 3355 5 8623 9II E MAIN STREET ENDICOTT GAU LT CHEVROLET CO INC ENDICOTT CHILDREN S SUPER MART 2009 Easi' Mann Sfreei' ENDWELL NEW YORK SPENCER SWARTZ FURNITURE COMPANY EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE III Wesf Mann Sfreei' Umon New York LUIZZI PHARMACY Prescruphon Service Phone 5 545I asm on venue ENDICOTT N. Y. CompIlmen+s TCULSON WALLPAPER AND PAINT SI'ORE I05 Wes'I' Main S+ree'I, Union, New York ALOI'S DELICATESSEN 203 Nanficoke Avenue EndIcoH, N. Y. ELKS BAKE SHOP IIO Washingfon Avenue Phone 5 205I I I- 17 ' 1 "' ' of I f I Tj I O, O Phones 3 Gran+ Avenue ' 1 ' N. Y. . , N. Y. I - Specialisis In of III W h' g+ A Furst rn Fashlon Foremost Wnth Value Where Famous Name Brands Pay Fashuon Dmdends MCLEAN S Complefely avr condmoned for your shopping comforf' ENDIC01'-I-I NEW YORK TOYS LUGGAGE GIFTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES SATICO S I33 WasI1lng+on Ave ENDICOTT N Y Sou+I1ern Tlers Mos'I In'I'ereshng Sfore CompIumen+s of MARDEN S GROCERY Too NORTH STREET JIMMY KRESTALUDE TRI CITY VENETIAN BLIND 81 AWNING CO M n fad I Cui' m Made R'Ie L'I'e Venei' an BI ds and A mngs I504 Nor+I1 S+ree+ Phone 5 3845 ENDICOTT N Y FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN SINCE I9I3 SCHAPIRO MEN S SHOP wooovs .T ' RECORD sl-nop I27 WBSI'IIhgI'Oh Avenue EndlcoI'+ N Y RECORDS PLAYERS ACCESSORIES IMPERIAL WASHABLE WALLPAPER THE SH ERWI N WILLIAMS CO I35 Monroe Sfreef ENDICOTT N Y Girls Luke +o Say IT CAME FROM MAMA I5 WASHINGTON AVE ENDICOTT N Y "'PE0 NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO SERV CoIumbus I6 Oho I e Aufo Tre AII Lmes All Kmds ALBERT MACUCH Insurance Ageni' 704 Norih S+ 5 9388 I I f5 B U UFETS O s o I I I In w ' ' f LN , ff, I E, SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 5' 'ee , i f LT E' 6-,rt vve ANGELINE S FLOWER SHOP The Mosf Fragule of Ar+s I306 MONROE STREET h 5 255I TURRIGIANO 81 SON I28 Sq Grocerles Cold Cufs of AII Kinds Are Our SpeclaI+y Phone 5 3495 COLLIE S CLASSIC BEAUTY SALON Personalized Permanen+ Waves Halr Designers and CoIorls+s SERVICE STATION Op 9-6 PM Richfield Prod ,r ANG AND Rose GIORDANO UC S 8 0520 I3OO EasI' Mann 5 968I B ENDICOTT N Y e La'resI' In Hair SI'yIlng BECKWITH LUMBER CO, INC THE ONE STOP LUMBER YARD Lumber Coal Paint PHONE ENDICOTT 5 3387 OFFICE I0 HOOPER ROAD ENDWELL N Y 1 uires Avenue TeIep one - , I . en . . . Phone - - I303 road S+ree'I' Th 0 I Q I I Il ll P ompi' Co rfeo s 24-HOUR SERVICE D I I5 335 RUSSELL TAXICAB CO INC I30I M S11 i ARTHUR C HAND AGENCY Gene al I s ran e I06 WASHINGTON AVENUE P 8 3328 W S +h FINESTF AVENUE RESTAURANT W I1 gi' ENDICOTT N ARROW ELECTRIC CO 5-855l W g d pI 35I3 E MAIN STREET ENDWELL N Y GXHII GI' EIYVII Iothmq Aoun m nlnn r u u ia -3 r n u c " ' EncIico'H. New York 0nl'0e 66 hone - e erve e oods fhe Fines? Way Phone irin an Ap iances I0l as in on Avenue - - - , . Y. ALEXANDER'S CONFECTIONERY I03 West Main Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Dial 5-9622 Road Service ALLEN AND TILLOTSON Atlantic Service LEE TIRES-BATTERIES 200 W. Main Endicott, N. Y. WALLACE DRUG CO I2 Washington Avenue ECONOMY DRUG STORE 60 Washington Avenue TWO STORES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Congratulat ons the Class ot I958 From EN DWELL TAVERN LJA-TES Endlcotts Greatest Shopping Center The Complete Department Store ln Every Department We re Ready to Serve the Entire Needs ot Every Family USE BURTS CONVENIENT LAY AWAY PLAN TO SAVE' INC. ' +0 E W ,fa E X 101 X BURT'S A THOUGHT FOR THE CLASS OF '58 New graduafes framed fo fhmlr eager wI'l'h new Ideas you are Indeed fhe wealfh of fhe nahon In ITS rlchesf form Buslnesses and professIons wIll profIf Immeasurably from fhe fresh fhoughf and youfhful energy you wIll bnng fo fhem ThIs IS an appropnafe fume when every young man and woman mlghf well sfop fo 'lhmlc Now IS 'l'he momenf fo be aware of whaf AmerIca IS and whaf If means fo lIve here Thls IS fhe 'hme for us fo reafflrm our endurIng faIfh In fhe free spIrI'l' free lIfe and free enferprlse fhaf are Amerlca H IS hme for us fo be grafeful for fhe rIghf fo call our own fhe proud banner fhaf ever has been and IS foday a rallymg symbol for free men Congrafulahons fo You' THE BINGHAMTON PRESS DAILY and SUNDAY e. c s o . . - . . I I . . 4 0 0 . . Q . . - . . . . . . - . ll . . . . I 0 ll 0 . . . . 0 . - . . . I . I . . - Q - I I 0 u NICHOLAS MARKET I906 E Mann Sfreef ENDICOTT N Y BERNARD TURNER CONTRACTOR Free Eshmaies on New Homes 6I3 Barnes Avenue ENDICOTT N Y Phone 5 2649 SUPERIOR ELECTRIC QuaIl+y EIec+rlcaI Appliances Sales Service I25 Wes+ Mann SI'ree+ Unlon DlsI'rlcI' EndlcoH' N Y VAUGHN S IO9 EAST MAIN STREET Men s and Boys CIoI'I1lng The Sfore of Nahonal Brand Names JOHN E CALLAHAN Plumbing and Heahng FLAIR LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS c ny L + a + zsos NORTH smear For AII Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Needs 1 . 4I7 OVERTON ST. UNION. N. Y. I07- onvenien oca e a ROBERT J. HANAFIN, INC. Insurance for Every Need 204 Wash ng'I'on Avenue End coH PHONE 8 I527 FRED S NEW SANDWICH SHOP I307 Monroe Sfreef Phone 5 9666 NOVELLO S DRY CLEANERS BEACH S AUTO SUPPLY IIO Wesi' Ma n S+ree'I' End coH' N Your CompIeI'e Bicycle Shop PHONE 5 052I AIRLINES LIMOUSINE SERVICE INC Boome Counfy Alrpor'I' Llmousmes for Long Trlps and Weddings CAROL CLARK AND SON O ners Off 8 I509 RES 58552 Esfabllshed In I92I NORRIS H DANN INC Insurance a'I' a Saving ENDICOTT N Y NORRIS H DANN Pres and Treas RAY G DANN V Pres THE GEORGIA HANKS ENDICOTT CORP SI'ahonery and Office Supplles Busmess Furm+ure and Equlpmeni' School Supplles Drafhng Equlpmeni 59 Wash ngion Avenue ENDICOTT N Y OPEN I0 AM II PM EVERY DAY Twelve Monfhs of Ihe Year Grocerues Frozen Foods Dolly Madison Ice Cream MAIN DELICATESSEN I07 W Man SI' Dual 59840 i i , N. Y. ' I I I I , . Y. I u 0 I a Telephone 9-044I -Binghamfon, N. Y. 55 Washingfon Ave. I W . . . I . ' - I and Much Success Class of 1958 YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER FOR SENIOR PORTRAITS THE TROUP STUDIO Flne Photography I400 NORTH STREET ENDICOTT Congratulations BulId BETTER Wufh Whaf You SAVE ai' WHIPPLE S LUMBER YARD WHIPPLE BROTHERS INC 33IO Easf Man S'I'reeI' EndweII N Phone I I593 Y ENDICOTT FURNITURE MART INC IThe Old G L F I Id ngI A Ln++Ie Ou+ of Ihe Way A Loi Less Io Pay TONY DE ANGELO TONY SANTACROSE Phono 8 2360 CompIlmenI's J W CHIPPER EN DICOTT SHOE COMPANY 23 25 Wash ng'I'on Ave STABLER AGENCY, INC INSURANCE of AII Kinds Phone 5 3646 I05 Easi Ma n S'IreeI' Sfablerlze Your Insurance LOWEST COST CAR FINANCING A P DEACON Heahng and Hardware 2909 WaI'son Boulevard ENDWELL Come 'Io ENDICOTT CAMERA SHOP For AII Your Phofo Needs 33 WASHINGTON AVENUE Phone 5 557I , ' I of I I . . . . . ui I 40I Norih Sires? EndicoH', N. Y. - 5 . I H I LKI NS JEWELERS Our 42ncI Year KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS 46 Wash ngfon A enue ENDICOTT NEW YORK MARS DRUGS Prompi' and Courieous Service Never a Parlung Problem a+ fhe Plaza ENDWELL PLAZA LOUIS N PICCIANO 81 SON I204 Wiher II Sfreei' ENDICOTT NEW YORK Phone 5 9985 Crane Plumbing Heahng YUM YUM KORNER wEsT coRNERs Sandwich Bar NUGENTS 53 Washmg+on Avenue ENDICOTT NEW YORK Hugh Fashions Low Prices ENDICOTT COMPANY Lumber and Bulldmg Ma+eruaIs Mason s SuppIIes D 81 H ANTHRACITE COAL I306 Clark S+ eeI' Phone 5 9903 ENDICOTT NEW YORK Soda Founfain and 81 Co g otuloto s to the Me be s of the I958 G od at g Class of U o E dcott H gh School ENDICOTT TRUST COMPANY ENDICOTT NATIONAL BANK Ed HOII MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY SOUTHERN NEW YORK n r i n m I' r u in ni n- n i i O Endwell - EncIicoH' - VesIaI . Union- n ico ice of All h h d d h I Id dh b d h h I I d d h d i I h -A' I HOME CRAFT ICE CREAM SHOPPE Complere Soda Foun'I'am Service Home Made Ice Cream N I"I'I'l N I' ENDICOTT PANGBURN S BARBER SHOP 3 Chairs I28 Nanhcolce Avenue UNION DISTRICT CompIlmen'I's II9 Jennings S+ THE DEB SHOPPE Women s Apparel ENDICOTT N Y DEBORAH BURD P p I ENDICOTT N Y 5409 Compllmenrs ENDICOTT CO OP G L F SERVICE, INC II6 Jennlngs S'rree+ Phone 5 563I Endlcofl' N Y For Hlghesi' Qualify FEED SEED FERTILIZER Lawn and Garden Supphes Visi+ 'l'I1e G L.F. STORE 205 o an icoke Avenue I IDEAL ALLEYS ns Main Sh-eef of Co g at Iato s Good L ck the Class of 1958 F om ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES a d ENDICOTT JOHNSON WORKERS nr u in and u to r n SERVING BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS For more 'I'han forfy years. a parade of consI'anI'Iy improved business ma- chines has spread from ihe Sou'l'hern Tier Io every corner ' of 'I'he earI'h. More Ihan a Ihousand differeni mod- els, from fime sfamps +o The newesi' eIecI'ronic daI'a processing machines. are produced here. Deveio men? and appIicaI'ion of Ihese prodzixcfs have paced business growfh and mei' 'Ihe increasing need for handling Ihe vasi' amouni' of informaiion required by modern management All our develop- men+s are in ihe inieresis of bei-Ier service, for service is iiself an IBM product IBM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION Mr. Pai-Ierson is mounfing a beauiiful cara'I' diamond in plafinum seHing. PAT JEWELER PATTERSON Wafches - Diamonds Gif'I's for Graduafes Endicofh N. Y. Phone 5-265I The Greaiesi' Success From Ihe HOTEL FREDERICK R. H. SUYDAM, Manager K4 ff? ff K W f X J X Q Q, TAY s GC . ffl i 3 Gm' 4 12 Y YO: v Y 256:29 q,,,3.3. 436.3-ol I D V 'Q ik -S i 1 5 i 1 T ,,-.,,.,. lwlfb ,qw--.r . 'Y 1 ,f 4513?

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