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Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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'SVG' mil f 154. .'-,olfsufyl F-, af f 'ill " 'K "5 A s r. 4,6 ggwf I if i ly f .- l ll t fl ll .I 1 ll I ,, 1 , 1, DEDICATION Mnss Margaret McDougall retnres from octave servsce thus June after a teaching career of forty sux years twenty seven of them spent teachlng mathemotlcs at Unuon Endicott Hugh School None of us can umogune U E wnthout her she IS a part of our U E herltage To her thousands of students through the years she has symbolized the best of the Scottlsh characterustucs Anyone who has known her has had hns knowledge Increased hrs :deals lnfted She has effectively taught habuts of lndustry coopera tuon and courtesy by her own example lt as partnculorly fnttnng that we deducate the 56 Thesaurus to a great teacher Margaret McDougall May she enjoy many years of happiness ID her retlrement Behmd her she leaves a voud In our school lute that will be extremely dlftucult If not umpossuble to tall I e c , , .-'V ' .40 ' ,f viii' -" i ' ' X Lo. K Jig , 1 5-Ning . " "vii: - Fx l I9 lu. llllllf, lf' an ' A , 'iz ' ag, -f .lv if QLIUK vw x , Q f , ,S 5 K X Q on 'Q l ll 'fl 4 -x. MJ 1 QL X If 569 X Y: 04.5 l I 'l l f ul M r l l l l , , 'l l l l l Q l l l l 'ly I a l , ' . 1 a 4 . -ll , l Y., ll! 'X . . . ' . . U1 ll - , r ' 1 ' 2 jf l ' ' l 1 X my I . . . . W 7 . . - t . r 1 rv! . l . . . 'I - Mi . H ' , . . . . l. I l ,ll , , 1 , fy . . . ' . ' 1 . . . . ' . . pl , ,4 X- .- eg - . . . . . I Et Q 1 , . , f lfjir my I NiAh f . , sv ' . - 2 l' , ' K 'V -ch I- M' , h r - V? . 4 I livin 'ix c l lk ' -A -.fftk Nl' 3. .lvl y fi x X ' 0 ' f W. 2 uf" t fi l ,lv A tx., V' - Y. X ,,. XE, Is? 1 J ., , its X S: V -we X N -, - '- t- .fp .- Q -- l-sw XX -- L, ' I ,l Q l ' rm t 371- IIFMI' I .Y 1, . V l','w:q,a,,u? ' 4.4, . - I '21--J' W' ' M ' . , - -use mlb! '-.fit ' .V . h . l. l ,AI K J . I' ' . E THESQIQQQS Issued June 1956 by the THESAURUS STAFF OF THE UNION ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL Endncott N Y MONTAGES FACULTY AND SENIOR PICTURES Gordon s Studio GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHER Stacy Horr ngton PRINTERS Fronk A West Co , Inc Page One I I A I' 1 A i TABLE OF CONTENTS Trtle Page Theme Dr Krum s Message Faculty Sensors and Unclerclassmen Organnzatxons Athletucs Curriculum Extra Curriculum Musnc This and That 5, Advertssements rf ffl PX'-Q-Xl ,ll ry kv fx 2' Remember that when you say l wlll have none of this exule and thls stranger For has face as not luke my face and has speech as strange You have denned Amerlca with that word Though your fathers were the turst to settle the land Western Star Stephen Vuncent Benet PQ ' ,,.........,.. l , ' ...,,.,.... 4 ' ......,, l5 ' ' ,.....,.,.., 53 ' ............... 65 ' .....,...,,.. 79 ' ........... 87 ' ............... 93 Q t , V,--x v I C, fx, 1, 55 ............. lO3 Q :iff 'e ' ..........l. 109 'lx qlxf 1 ii lr X. T - , ll gr lf r' li X, K Q ex : -K 1' 3 9 :1ii,flf?--4 'l ii-3-:ZA-, V Yr- Y of 'YY X l-W W l 1 T -- U fe ll l ll l ll ft ,fl 'l l lxl x l X 5 A L- g 1 1, Q y ' Xl lxkx T - T l llllr V- l lr 'FX1'r'e' T, l W y y fl rx TAT, -XX, - XTX E xt ll as l l T "Tiefgl:. T l fy nl L f If , Rl l he fi 1 T T 'L ' Y X, ly l 5 lflf K 1 T lt a eTwo s T f Hx 1 JQJ2 , V 9 J' gd' 0 Q. 'Sui " gl! di ai Q nl'-5',n mxxxiyl L X f ,yf7,'g?,t It l I 4 Xllg lu fa! ya . M I X X if 1 1 'W I 8 W X lf ll 1 ,ia-1 dh , 5 fx eff? AMERICANS ALL As cltuzens of Endlcott we represent snxty seven natuonolltles our hen tage IS of the world Our Amerucan creed was born by blendung the creeds of our forefathers from the lands across the seas When they came to Amernca they brought wuth them those thungs which had made them hap puest In thelr lands These built our nation the love of freedom of the Scandunovlan countrzes the standards of government of England the wisdom of the Far East the love of musnc of Italy the scuentufuc knowledge of Ger many the courage and stamnna of the Slavic races and myriad other traits from many lands In every home un every school throughout Endlcott the arts and cus toms of the world are gathered and cherlshed by her cltlzens Americans a 'X F459-,X fig X ffl I S , X 4 v srl Xt f tx Qu f xx fl I SX 1 X X if V llllll X f ll fl A A I X all til K I n Page Three ,fr 4-7:0 -"Q -"Qs N IZ 'if' A S138-Raef iff? 1,-I "G ,319 l, if-72, -A .. o f I, li., .4 V3 c V .V , 2 A 5 317' 5. I ' ' fairfs I, , V , yu' rv ' 3' ll Intl, K "L "' f , -e. ', if fi ffe l twisii' I , As- - ff , 7 ' f' 4,51 5:5413 Y ff -- 10 R W' I 1"' ' Y am I!" " x f x , N ' f , - , '. H , A s ,ffl x gf ff 'lt--llf. 1 ll N X 'l . , HM .'Yff-1-t -' l 1 'K ll, WL' 'mb' . ff Vfl fn lilldalgmx Iggy: it js ' yr 1, X ,I , . -A! fy l 'Ain f 1 , , K xxx Qu 71 cl, ', 1 , so f fr, -Q,1!V,r' 1 4, hmm' ,lk 1 .. l XX V l l I r - S51 f' 'X ' txt tk kd , , V 7' ,C ffl' jg try Q .. y l e ll 4 A 'f-' ' l tl 4 . 7 ll fill m f A l j tr .af - f 5 l r f V -,- b if K f N7 ,ffl -4 . , , ttf - , x-V -.-, ,T X1 t X , ff 1, W W-1' , I I, 1 ' ' X! ll t 1 , "tai, , 3 2 xg l lll K ' ' wr, ' X fl ly r -' f xl ,,,,, ' X xx N . , gm' r h f A 1 , 42? V llltvwyr Q L -x"1 l K ' fl f I - V l l I '- I - . . . I . ' ' I I . I . I 1 - Q '- I I f l . n 4 . . ' ll. ' 'sys ,fa -:xxx ,I X Q A g lg I s N ' QNX 5' 4' 'Q V ' I I . X Y tl 'Xi PYX, X I ix Aff- ' Wh tl f' g 1. X,-:N " ' P V Dr William J Krum Jr Superintendent of the Endicott School System Ever since this nation was born in l776 each generation has made new efforts to live up to the ideal which holds that people are important because origin Because of these efforts the people of Endicott and of many other communities now live and work together as neighbors and friends even though they represent many different backgrounds. lt is easy to rejoice in this and other parts of our American heritage and also easy to take it all for granted. If only all of us could review more fre- quently some of our own history: the tenacity of Washington and his men at Valley Forge' the courage of Abraham Lincoln who did a noble but un- popular thing' the suffering and sacrifice of the pioneers who settled this great country' the sacrifice of those who fought in World War I and ll and in the recent Korean War. These people were not thinking of us as individuals but they were doing their duty to their America in their time. lf you and I do our duty to our America in our time we are not likely to lose the heritage which others have left in our care. GM fx, Page Four J w l of what they are rothen than because of their race, creed, color, or national - ' ! 1: acmlt Whot gre ter or better gift con we offer the re I Wm! pub ic than to teoch ond instruct our youth. - fi -Cicero f ' r s r fr W W 'W' ! :M rut 1'92L?'r X f f X f ff We Qt Q X ,555 Y I Qx JJ ff X1 X New 7 ls! Mk F 947757 Eufiffsai MBT' Qtr! , X gf SSN 'xv Xu.: y X ' f ' ' , I MW r . 1 1' V I Q X N A! f Y 15 '-942 X X s f 4. t 0 I f X I 2 55:51 P ,f ' I It K I Z h 1 I . Alf X, X f!f Z I ' J ' Q93 1 X' P-V 1 A Q' 1 . , 0 sp My 1 'LNG I Xa' A Y f X X V ,C I N 4 ff, ,' . 719255 .tt ' r , f ,172 gf X ,l I - fjtfy I x . fl W, 1 f In XI, ,, , A A' ,f N di W 5 :W ff "4 V x W' ,r-wa. ' ' 4 x, I t vu lfkivjacllf .Illml ,v x.. 1 xix 'Q?Q'bli I I Ziggy !Kj4A4In3 j Q : kt M HXNQ fx - if xg NWN i f fail' - Q , 'V 2 We t r - Ji t ' t t ttrt 5:11 -Y if jg' 3 1 Y A+-A Page we Muss MargL Putkun Pruncupal, Unuon Enducott Hugh School What us Ameruca7 The love ot country and a knowledge of uts hustory and tradutuons are a most umportant part at educatuon Our country has been ruchly blessed wuth men and women of hugh udeals ever sunce the days of the puoneers They have come from all walks of lute and from all natuonal backgrounds Through theur fauth Ameruca has become a great natuon To keep Ameruca great we who are un school must also deducate ourselves to the general good at our Country To do so we must learn to cooperate wuth each other and to become Amerucans All' DeWutt s woodofd Page Sux AMERICANS ALL l956 SENIORS OF U E Your school us proud of you pleased at your successes and solucutous about your dns couragements In your future study un your chosen occu patuon un your recreatuon un your home and un your church may you contunue to be All Amerucan Mary L Putkun Tlfvlfqfwl 'NLD-.W My ul' git. egg fr zgiltlw as 9,21 Mr Dewutt S Woodard Assocuate Pruncupcul Unuon Enducott Hugh School I . . . I . , I - N I I ' I ,.. I . , 5. . . . . T Vt Q , T y , T wietlixfwvf f ' , Q - 'f.tY-.A-ug? ig-ftivf, ' A ' f ' is ff. "2f,fuq'rf1 A '1' u Nu.uv2Mgr.,' fer ,,,,ig'z- 1 - ' ffufwtuuu'H-wtf'-'lag J -ff f was wgt,W.wi W, , ,'i'Qf:31iMtQf2ff 1'-'-'1 A -- f 1f.f,.i"Qi1-I'tqifffizri' Q-TI' .-i , at isa'-,Q 12:7 ,, .- Q2f5IfgQj f Q jf 7 F , Y' Q-lsgf5fuQ.5.f4r ' . . . . iifmli' 1 ?s, ve 15511 ' Fifa' 'W ' ' Qu- . . . tl 13 5 5 - eu-fQf ' , f . ujg,f35gi.g, . - - - 5,52 13 ' fiilffliwfltl' if 1 l ' Anza fzugfgeaff, 13' , . ' u I , 'S 1 l' A , . . , b Il ' I I X , . . . . . . . . . MRS RUTH C ADAMEK New York State Teachers Col ege of Cortland Glrls Physucal Educatlon Depart ment Intramurals Leaders Club 0 fn -it A1 MR REED C BENSON B S Mansfield State Teachers Col lege at Mansfueld Pa M Ed Pennsylvania State Unlver sity Physics fa MR EUGENE M CAMADELLA B A , St Bonaventure Unnverslty English lll Advlser to Cheerleaders FACULTY MR ROBERT D AGONE B A M A New York State Teach ers College at Albany Guldance Department Boys Counselor MISS ALENE ALDERSON BA New York State Teachers College at Albany M A Unlversuty of Mnchlgan Commencement work ldlplomasl MR PAUL C BRADT New York State Teachers College at Cortland BS Buffalo State Teachers Col I ege M S Syracuse Umversuty Albany State Teachers College Durector of Adult Education and Guldance MR CLARENCE BERRY New York State Teachers College at Potsdam St Lawrence UUIVBYSITY Syracuse Umverslty Drlver Training Educatlon Flre Drill on Buses MISS RAYMETA D CHAFFEE Page Seven B A , Syracuse Unuverslty Tnple Cntues College Harpur College M A , Mnddlebury College, Vermont English ll MR CLARENCE J BECKER New York State Teachers College at Buffalo lndustrual Arts Machlne Shop if rf- MRS MILDRED A CALLAHAN B S New York Umversnty Potsdam State Teachers College Crane School of Musuc Umversnty of New Hampshire Vocal Musuc George W Johnson Comprehensive Musnc U E B-S., - . ., . ., - ' l , , A . af.:-i 3.5 nfl " 'nz' 5" f,:I " If I II - -3I 'fr -4 , ' 1' - , m I English lll, General Engllsh 'V 'Q i I 1 A T A , . . ., - I ' I , A- -1 ' , r 1 X Q l 1 l , ., . ., - I I . ., I I I , . . f ' ' V . FACULTY BA., University ot Maine Cornell Director ot Physical Education and Athletlcs for Endicott Schools Head coach of Football, Baseball, Volleyball rev' 1 4 l 'QU' 7 " ' M is M . HAROLD vt COBB A A G J,- J , -3 1' X if ,A M l :J I f. I MR, CLIFFORD N. CROOKS if B.A. New York State Teachers College at Albany M A University of Pennsylvania Citizenship Education Student Government Adviser MR D BRUCE ELLIS B A Syracuse University College at Albany Harpur Colleg Citizenship Education 5 h-rift -.I fade ff- ' 1- hw MRS ATHALIA DALTON BA New York State Teachers College at Albany Plone Geometry ,I B. MRS. LEAH A, CROSSMAN New York State Teachers College at Plattsburg Secretarial Practice -Q Business Arithmetic tm In charge ot Thesaurus typing 4 S,'?5"iN s 9' Y. MISS RUTH ESTY William Smith College MA New York State Teachers University of Rochester 'QQ' Syracuse University .-.5 MR GEORGE A FORBES B S Niagara University Chemistry Page Eight E ishllandlll Adviser to Junior Ring Committee 'fflze may L. MISS CLARA COVENEY B.S., Mansfield State Teachers Col- lege at Mansfield, Pa. Columbia University Syracuse University l-lomemaking Foods Adviser to Future Homemakers at America MRS ANNE F DODGE B S Mansfield State Teachers College at Mansfield Po M A Syracuse University English Mathematics 3 MR JULIUS R GEORGE B A Champlain College University of Buffalo Physics Chemistry General Physical Science , .' . " . . I ' , . 'C 9 . I ,, ,, I ' ,, , . -. f-.al -, 4 we V ,H "" 1-f ,, Afro.. ' F A V, I. . ., I ' X V ' ,Q 4 1 Y - f -Q fs -. t 3, A ,. a 1 . g . E, g . , . ., ' A BA., Q ' ' ' " . . . I 8 . I' 2 nglv . , , - - i h If Ai- -nn as ' ' ' - '- -5 ' 155255, ' - ' .te -' ' " f . f ,751 A 5. F ing 5 L , Y: '- 1 2 X I I . M . I Z' c, ,P A I S UI FAC U LTY MR VINCENTJ GIARUSSO B A Harpur College World Hnstory MR EDWARDJ GOODNOW B M E Clarkson College of Tech nology M Ed St Lawrence Umversuty Trngonometry Intermediate and Advanced Al gebra Solud Geometry MR FRANCIS L GOSS B S Rider College M S Syracuse Umversuty E Ilshllandlll 'bl ""Ds MR LARRY HERZ BS Cornell Umversntv Vocatlonal and General Agrlcul ture Advuser to Future Farmers f Ameruca -1-""" 'lqo MISS FREDERICA HOLLISTER B A Cornell Unuversuty nn ll Adviser to Sensor Latun Club Advmser Assembly Commlttee K Page Nlne ,VZ .mfr-f--ff MR H S GOODFELLOW B S M S Ithaca College Head coach at Basketball ,Q n 1 MRS FAITH GOSS BS New York State Teachers College at Buffalo Homemaklng MISS IRENE N HEFFNER B S New York State Teachers College at Cortland Glrls Physical Education Depart ment Intramural Program Advnser to Jr Leaders Club ,AR MRS MARJORIE F HESS Rochester Buslness Institute Columbia University Syracuse Unlverslty Harpur College Typewrltmg Advuser for Honor Assembly RGB, S -ni MRS RUTH M HUGHES B S Houghton College Dlrector of LJ E Choir Dnrector of Gurls Cllee Club 'os fl 6? f I fs ff W3 I Y' , Q1 A ,xvqti It rl f Q I . QQ Bl I H ., ,, .I A ' Y x 3 i A ' 5 1 I A ' s U gd ' I I ' 1 l I A fy: my ' ' I A I ,A . - 'Q A 1' 'N - V Y -us K - ,,,, NNN . .. I. ' o ' ffl I- fill I ' . Lin' , Ill, my 1 ' I " H. .I ,atv ' , 'I IQ' MISS RUTH l. KNISKERN New York State Teachers College vi l at Oneonta New York State Teachers College at Plattsburgh B S New York University Bookkeeping I and ll Shorthand l Commercial Club Adviser Head at Commercial Department MISS FANNIE LONGO BA MA New York State Teachers College at Albany French Spanish Adviser to French Club Adviser to Spanish Club X-1 x 'C' 4, FACULTY MR, CHARLES P. KASKEY B.S., M.S., New York State Teach- ers College at Cortland Syracuse University Driver Education MISS RUTH LAWRENCE B A University of Rochester Syracuse University Harpur College English IV Adviser to Circulation Staff of the Yearbook Adviser for Honor Assembly '-.,,g4 I MR. RICHARD Z. KLETT B.S,, Syracuse University M.S., Cornell University .1 Machine Design ' Strength ot Materials Supervisor Technical Course wg, - ffgfg Co-ordinator of Technical Cooper- :QF '1 ggi ative Program A 1 ' - Adviser to Technical Club Q, ,1- -1, .4 9 A A, ,, ' 4 1 1 f 6 I .f eyr. I. MRS. ESTHER L. LAINHART New York State Teachers College Q at Cortland ' General Art Basic Art Advertising Design Drawing and Painting General Cratts Adviser to Art Stott of Yearbook In Charge of School Posters SS HERMINA A LESKO R N Charles S Wilson Memorial Hospital B S Syracuse University M A Columbia University School Nurse Teacher B A Arizona State University M A Columbia University Citizenship Education Page Ten MR JAMES N LONGWELL New York State Teachers College at Oswego Technical Machine Shop I and ll Cornell University New York State Teachers College at Albany General English English ll l ' ' uh- I . . . 1 E MI . i ff' ,jg M 7 . "14l.34fg.N 4?3f'gt 1 fffifft MR. PAUL MAHOLCHIC MRS. AGNES w. MARTELLE iretfc- 0- . ., ' y I ' ' ' BA., - ' i Frye 'ri .1 915 - FACULTY MR PAUL J MCCORMACK B A Niagara University M S Fordham University La In I Eng ish II Bowling Coach M I SS MARGARET MCDOUGALL B S Syracuse University Oneonta State Normal General Mathematics Elementary Algebra MISS ALTA M MCLEAN A B Syracuse University World History 'en sx i MR EDGAR S MULHOLLEN M A New York University Syracuse University Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools MR RUSSELL E NORRIS MISS GLADYS L MERSEREAU B A M A New York State Teach ers College at Albany Sorbonne in Pans New York University Girls Counselor Adviser to Tri Hi Club fi: Supervisor of Industrial Arts in Endicott Schools New York State Teachers College at Buffalo Industrial Arts and Cabmetmaking 4' MRS MARJORIE L OHORA at Plattsburg Typewriting N-Q dun, New York State Teachers College QD QF? 421 MR ACTON E OSTLING Ithaca College Director of Music Department Concert Band Instrumental Lessons MR THOMAS D PAOLUCCI B S New York State Teachers College at Buffalo M A University of Buffalo Cornell University Mechanical Drawing Director of Audio Visual Aids in Endicott School System Page Eleven MR C B PARKHURST B P E Springfield College Track Coach Assistant Football Coach WMI .tl., ' I X ' C ,, ' V' l V ' ' I AA'll -5 . . . . E22 .Q ' -I A K ,gl 1 B.A., University of Pittsburgh I ' ' ' a f. .f X vj . . , : V , I Ig ,. -r "K I . I I FACULTY MR VITO N POPELKA B S Unuverslty of Notre Dame Syracuse Umverslty Columbia Unlverslty Health Gundance Department MRS ANNE MARIE PROC B A New York State Teachers College at Albany Eng Ish Ill Amerlcan Luterature College Preparatory Engllsh MR DAVID E ROBBINS Assustant Coach for Football Bas ketball Track Library Asslstant 41 ,fr ll' MISS E M RASMUSSEN BA New York State Teachers College at Albany Eng Ish Il and Ill MR JEFFERS D RICHARDSON B S Syracuse Umverslty New York State Teachers College at Albany Busuness Law Salesmanshup Buslness Management Advuser for Advertlslng an Thesaurus Cap and Gown Commlttee MR JOSEPH F ROSSIE MR MACK RYAN BA Col ate Umversut B A Houghton College M A Syracuse Unlverslty University of lllmols Drlver Tralnlng Educatlon 2' Q Y M A Columbia Unlverslty Cntnzenshnp Educatlon H Q LQ I gk "E" A F MR JAMES SHERRY B A Kung s College M S Alfred University Amerlcan Hnstary World Hustory Page Twelve mv--+5 ' fix? MR BRUCE SANFORD B S Ithaca College Public Speakmg Drama Sensor Play Durector Advlser to Assembly Cammsttee ' Q wld Syracuse UDIVEFSIIY New York State Teachers College at Cortland Radio Electronics MISS ADONA R SICK Bloomsburg State Teachers College B S M A New York University Hugh School Library Adviser to Llbrary Club MRS. DOROTHY L. SMITH B.S., Bryant College M.S., New York State Teachers at Albany Shorthand I Office Practice Coordunator of Oftlce Work Ex perrence Program 1,44 College for MR KELSEY STONE JR B S Rrder College M A New York Stat College at Albany Unlverstty of Wyomrng Shorthand I Business Mathematics Teachers FACU LTY rf .lm 'rg Q A x. t . 'W S ,ff I, wg -, - ,K , 4 MR. R. CRAWFORD STAHL A A BM., MA., Eastman School of ' . T usic o University of Rochester ' I Instrumental Music T Orchestra I 3 ' Marching Band B Bond --:JP MISS RUTH H STONE B S M S Syracuse University Supervrsor of Home Economrcs MR EGBERT A THURBER M155 ANNA TRAINQR an H'?Jg:'CboCEIIE?9t T h Neg' Yorgc State Teachers College r a e eoc ers at atts urgh College at Albany Sh th d II d T Amencan and World History ?m fi! or on on mnscnphon Advlser to Key Club MRS MAUDE C VARTULI BS New York State Teachers College at Plattsburgh M S Syracuse Umyersrty Homemakung Advrser for Junuor Red Cross i fs..-f MR CHARLES H TURVER M S Rochester Unrversrty Syracuse Umversrty Unrverslty of Mlchlgan Nragara Umversrty Brology Health Brology Honors Seminar -ts. MR FRANK UVANNI Supervrsor of Speech Correctron the Endrcott Publrc Schools MR PATRICK VARTULI Page Thrrteen BS Mrddlebury College at Mad dlebury N Y MS New York State Teachers College at Albany Graduate work at Syracuse Buf tolo and Harpur Supervrsor of school attendance and census for the Endrcott school drstrlct 1' ,X 'A "W e ' " .' " . I V , V , . sf ' A - ' " tl x B.A., Lawrence College. ' B.S., M-.S., Syracuse University I . tr J' A ' ?. g .W 5 My rf 5 Ji "1 ' ' n ,mr -,,j'-,.': WFT ' I I " , . it ,l . MISS E A VOGELGSANG B A S racuse Unlverslty M A olumbla Unlversnty College Preparatory Engllsh Journalism Advlser for Yearbook Advnser for Zephyr Advlser for Student Page of the Sunday Press MR DOMINICJ VERGONA B S New York State Teachers College at Oswego Mechanical Drawxng lndustrlal Arts FACULTY MRS ULRICAJ WOOD B A Cornell University M A Syracuse Unlverslty Stephen Austm College Geometry lntermeduate Algebra Math tor Prospectlve Nurses 7.5-f MRS ALICE M WOODARD B S New York State College for Teachers at Albany MR CARL ZONIO BA New York State Teachers College at Albany MA Syracuse Unlversstv ltallan Spanush Advlser to ltaluan and Spanlsh Clubs Intermediate Algebra Plane Geometry MISS MAE E VAUGHN B A Syracuse Unlversuty Hyguene I and MR JOHN M WOODRUFF New York State Teachers College at Oswego Technical Mechanical Drawmg an ll lndustrlal Mechanncal Drawing an Il Advanced Blueprmt Readmg Technical Club Advlser Adviser tor Yearbook Pictures It was In makung educatuon not only common to all, but ln some sense compulsory to all that the destmy of the free republncs of Amenca was prac tncally settled Page Fourteen - 'I I Q! H . . ., i N ' 5. V , . if AAAL . , A NN' i Vs' I d . . . A L gf, 5 ' " X d n I l I James Russell Lowell Seniors anal Umiler Classmen ll f f X tt f X- x X x f X Amernco IS not onytlmng lf nt consnsts of eoch of us lt ns something only nf nt consists of oll of us ond nt con consvst of oll of us only os our spnruts ore bonded together ln o common enterpruse of luberty ond yustnce ond nght ff Woodrow Wilson P ge R TIFFANY JOSEPH H. ACTON "Joe" College Entrance Course, Latin Club 3, 42 Varsity Track 2, 45 Varsity Cross Country 4. Hobbies: Sports, Sports Cars, Model Railroad. Hamil- ton College. FLEURETTE J. ADAMS Transfer from Chenango Forks Cen- tral School. Home Economics Course. Library Club 2, 35 Glee Club 45 Foot- ball Band 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Band Librarian 2, 3. Musical Awards: Chenille Plaque and two bars. Hobbies: Music. ADELINA A ALIMONTI Addie Commercial Course Italian Club 2 3 Commercial Club 4 Tri Hi Club 3 4MHobbies Sports Reading Music l B ANTHONY P ANECHIARICO Tony College Entrance Course Italian Club 4 Thesaurus General Staff 4 Hobbies Roller Skating Bowling College FRANCES A ARGENTO Fran Commercial Course Commercial Club 4 Trl Hi Club 4 Hobbies Cooking Baking Office Work JUDITH L ARMSTRONG Judy Commercial Course Commercial Club 3 4 Friendship Club 2 Trl Hi Club 2 3 Jr Red Cross 4 Office Work L Page Sixteen Q 1. fv'6?+ OTHO J. AVERY "Oats" industrial Arts Course. Intramural Basketball 3. Hobbies: Dancing, Hunt- ing, Sports. Service. ROBERT L. AVERY "Bob" General Course. Football Band 25 ln- tramural Basketball 4. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Sports. U. S, Ma- runes. JEAN BABUKA Jeanie Commercial Course Tri Hi Club 3 4 Hobbies Dancing Bowling Swim ming Employment in Florida ANITA C BAER College Entrance Course Tri Hi Club 3 4 Spanish Club2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Intramural Basketball 3 Tr H Bowling 3 Hobbies Reading Rec ords University of Buffalo ulwyir Q W Rx V is R BALCHIUS Sport ollege Entrance Course Intramural -, Basketball Hobbies Sports cars Boating Airpla Syracuse Univer sity KENNETH E BALDWIN Ken Agricultural Course Future Farmers of America Vice President 2 3 Treasurer 4 Future Farmers of Amer :ca Basketball 2 3 Hobbies Church Stamps College f 1' 1,1 , 1 , i l " ffvlfl-7. Q Quail I HW V J mc BAL LEYW' fz l f Colle? Entrance Couv?61fSenior Login lfllub 5 ' V Seminar .25 Int cl- mur Bask t' our 3, 45 Vcirsity olt 3, 41 Hou? of risen ative '4g Habesg.-ru 45 B tote 3,5 a- Cu el tizenship nf ren l , 4. Habbues: Golf, Bri . lege. clll x fx! DONNA JO BARNETT College Entrance Course Hobbues Nursrng school or college Broome Tech CHARLES F BARTLESON Todd Technlcal Course Hobbles Cars Huntlng U S Arr Force DOUGLAS M BARTON Jughead Commercial Course Hobbues Hunt :ng Basketball Tabletennls Lowells Busmess School JUDITH E BATES Judy General Course Tru H Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Tr H Bowling 3 4 Hobbles Music Danc mg Skatrng Secretarual School PETER J BATTAGLINI Batt Industrial Arts Course Jr Varslty Football 2 3 Varslty Football 4 Jr Varslty Baseball 2 Hobbles Sports Records L B M JMZEJT fwbff U7 -4 Page Seventeen Col e ntrance O 59 Y RICHARD . BATTIS I aDicks" J I Foottggall 25 Varslt ootball 3, 45 Jr, Varsnty Basketb l 25 Jr. VarsitY aseball 2g Varsity Baseball 3. Hob- l z Sports. College. 4 -iff- EARI. v BAXTER Early Commerclal Course Hobbles Musnc Dancmg Srngrng Mrlutary Service College or l B M FRANCES B BEACH Fran College Entrance Course Trl Hn Club rchestra 3 4 Cho 2 Hobbles Horses Music Westminster College WILLIAM M BEAVERS lndustrlal Arts Course Hobbles Swlmmmg Frghtung Bowlrng U S Marine Corps lwlrfrf ELGIE J BEGEAL Commerclal Course Junior Red Cross 3 4 Hobbxes Records Sports Read In I M SALLY M BEGEAL o Commerclal Course Commercnal Club 2 Glee Club 2 Thesaurus Edu torlalStaff4 Hobbues Musnc Danc :ng I M .ik 1 V KN Qx VJ if-' GLENN R. BENJAMIN "Benj" College Entrance Course. Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 4. Hobbies: Sports, Animals, Aquatics. Cornell Univer' sity. RALPH E BENNETT o Industrial Arts Course NANCY L BERRY Nan Home Economics Course Glee Club 2 Hobbies Dancing Music Skat ing Practncol Nursing Ideal Hos pital AUDREY M BIKO Audie Commercial Course Commercial Club 2 Junior Red Cross 2 Thesaurus Circulation Staff 4 Thesaurus Typing Staff 4 Hobbies Danclng Piano Secretarial School or Work JAMES R BLAKESLEE Jim Technical Course Hobbies Cars U S Navy yr EL J QQNIEMPO 9, ,MM chnx ou eg-Foot Il nce Band arsi rs y Bas all 2 mood IJ UCr3 ga x9 L .N X 1 Page Eighteen .vie MICHAEL V. BORELLI "Mick" College Entrance Course. Jr. Varsity Football 2. Hobbies: Football. Um- verslty of Buffalo. IL , My ademic Course Italian Club 2 hour 2 3 4 Hobbies r Buffalo State Teachers College o AU BOSKET ollege En rance Course Marching Band 2 Jr Varsuty Baseball 2 Var sity as 4 Hobbies Sports C rs S i College NANCYJ BOSTWICK Nan College Entrance Course T H Club 2 3 4 Intramural Softball 2 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 4 The saurus Editorial Staff 3 Hobbies Sports Music Sewing I-larpur Col tl SX, VID R BRADT Dave ege ECollege Entrance Course Key Club 2 3 4 Jr Varsity Football 3 ar sity Football 4 Jr Varslty Baseball 2 Jr Varsity Football Le 3 Varsity Baseball Letter 2 Varsity Football Letter 4 Hobbies Sports Cars College ROBERT T BRAIN ob Technical Course H0bbl6S Rodlo Hunting IBM J SANDRA M BRAIN Sandy Commercial Course T Hi Club 3 4 Commercial Club 4 Glee Club 2 Cheerleader 3 4 Candidate for Football Queen 4 Hobbies Ar Swimming Air Line Hostess School or Work ANN L BRENNAN College Entrance Course Tri Hi Clul: 2 3 4 Latin Club3 Leaders Club 2 Trl Hi Club Swimming 3 4 Tri Hi Club Bowling 3 4 intramural Vol leyball 2 3 4 Intramural Basket ball 2 Intramural Soccer 3 The saurus Staff4 Hobbies Swimming Golf Reading College ELAINE J BRHEL Commercial Course Hobbies Skat ing Dancing Ridleys Secretarial School THOMAS G. BRHEL Tom Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Football 3. Hobbies: Cars Airplanes Football. U. S. Air Farce. " "'1...', ,C KN. '-gl' ' D" A gU -. EDWIN D. BRIGHJE-M X A-J College Entrance Cour . J- Ch i 2 3' Jr. Varsity Foatbinildlgk ' Football 4. Hobbies: S t Sports. Pre-Medical Schoow, E V. BERNARD BRIGHAM "Bern ie" College Entrance Course. U-E Choir 2, 3, 4g Football Band 25 Concert Band 2g United Nations Model As- sembly 4. Hobbies: Sports. C0lleQ9- ANNA N BUCHEK Nance Commercial Course Tri Hi Club 2 Commercial Club 2 Glee Club 2 3 Trl Hi Bowling 2 Hobbies Reading Sports Music Ridleys Secretarial School JAMES F BUNKER im College Entrance Course Concert Band 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 Representative to Boys State 3 Junior Rotarian 3 Hobbies Base ball Flying Cornell University Naval Cadet JO A BUCKLER Jody Transfer to Massena High School College Entrance Course Trl Hi Club 2 3 Thesaurus Advertisin Staff 3 4 Hobbies Swimming Danc ing Golf Vermont Jr College ARTHUR J BURCH r Commercial Course. Concert Band 3 4' Football Band 2 3 4' Intramural Football 2, Hobbies: Cars Hunting Camping, College, SHEILA M. BURNS College Entrance Course. French Club 2, 3 4' Executive Board 4' Tri-Hi Club 4' Junior Red Cross 3' Th - .aurus" Editorial Staff 4. Transterr from Geneva High School Z. Hobbies: Music, Reading S ti g. Wilson Me- morial School of N r g. you V Jiuisijg BUfGCH J "Jack" ege E r ce Course. intramural asketbtzll 45 Jr. Varsity Basket- all 35 ity Basketball 4. Hob- bies: S ts, Popular Music. College. MJ '1 I, O t LA., Lug I. o "p'V!'IQ .. is ' U RA 'Ig R. srl.: e- -e "Je' Gqne . nr - ntramural '- - -- 2, 3' arkity Football 45 ' V b ii V ' nepaufus' Cnc 1.1. sm r! H bies: Dancing, Sports, Air lanes. l. ., ., CollQe. 1 I I . I X I . sf , I fx .I ,i my .,, , I fl JN, ' ,X ,, sI- I fx X- ., . I, x ROBERT P. BLHXCHKO ' "Butch" Academic Engineering Course. Key Club 2, 3, 45 Technical Club 25 Jr. Varsity Baseball 25 Jr. Varsity Bas- ketball 2, 35 Varsity Baseball 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 45 Cross Country 35 Senate 2, 3, Vice President 3. Hobbies: Sports, College. College, Penn State. RONALD E, BUTLER "Reb" Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing. U. S. Navy. SALVATORE V. CAFOR IO usornn Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Basketball 3. Hobbies: Fishing, Golf, Hunting. I.B.M. JOHN V. CAMINITI "Johnny" General Course. House of Repre- sentatives 25 Intramural Basketball 4. Hobbies' D ncing, Jazz, Sports. Na iColle . I V l' ' . Q, I AJ r Nb , -lv N BE CA AJ A Mzmic C U . mi Club . , Preside 4, u ed ss 45 rlHi2, 5lt urll se- b I 2 ' Y u I yt bbies: , Tennis. A I . Y ' If ... I. Page Twenty FORREST M. CAMPBELL ,, ill.. Industrial Arts Co e. Ho i Collect: g Arrowhead g, - ing, .A Servi Cx ,YW C. CANN ' O I ris" Com I Cour , .ri erci I Club res a leadi g 3, S etary 35 - I . ' -, m- ee 4' . 4' e- porter 35 House of Re sentatives 2, 35 Football Queen . Senior Class Secretary 4. Hobbies: Music, Sports. CoIlege5 l.B.M. I if I h ' i 'Glee Clu 5 lia I , 3, ir las ' o m ,Tr ' C - 1, ,R ROSE A. CARLINI Commercial Course. Leaders' Club 25 Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Bad- minton 25 Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Hockey 2, 35 Intramural Soccer 2, 35 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Modern Dancing 35 Tri-Hi Bowling 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Swimming 3, 4, Hobbies: Sewing, Swimming, Sports. l.B.M. LEON J. CARPENTER Technical Course. Technical Club 45 Bowling 3. Hobbies: Cars, Music. Collegeg G.E. BARBARA J. CARSON "Barb" General Course. Hobbies: Dogs, Horses, Music, Statues. JUDITH S. CARTWRIGHT Hjudyn College Entrance Course. Intramural Badminton 2, 35 House ot Repre- sentatives 2. Hobbies: DancingMusic, Sports. l.B.M. RICHARD D CARTWRIGHT ic Technical Course Hobbies Hunting Skin Fishing Traveling U S Ma YIFIES BARBARA A CASTELIN Barb Commercial Course Commercial Club 2 3 4 President 2 3 Trl Hi b 3 4 Intramural Baseball 2 Intro mural Basketball 2 Thesaurus Ad vertising Staff 3 Hobbies Dancing Music Sports Secretary EDWARD E CHANDLER Ed IndustrialArts Course Hobbies Cars Music Sports WILLIAM W. CHENEY Dutch Technical Course. Technical Club 3 Hobbies: Electronics Model Rail- roads, Roller Skating. U. S. Navy Re- SEYVES. BRUCE J. CHERMAK Krout Technical Course. Hobbies: Basket- , bOII Fishing. U. S. Navy. JACQUELINE C. CHIOCCO "Jackie" College Entrance Course. Italian Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 2. 35 U. E. Choir 2, 3, 42 ,Tfl-Hi Bowling 3. Hobbies: Music, Singing, Piano. College-Buffalo State, 1' 4 of - "C W . . ., Page Twenty-One LINDA R CHRISTIANSEN In Commercial Course Tri Hi Club 3 4 Choir Ensemble 4 Girls Glee Club 2 U E Choir3 4 Intramural Bodmin ton 2 Intramural Baseball 2 I tramurol Basketball 2 Intramural Hockey 2 Intramural Soccer tramuralVolleyball2 Hobbies Read ing Business School LAURENCE L CHRYSLER Chiss Industrial Arts Course Intramural Football I 2 Junior Varsity Foot ball 3 Varsity Football 4 Hobbies Cars Sports IBM College Notre Dame GEORGIANNA L CIACELLI Jeanette College Entrance Course Italian Club 2 3 Leaders Club 2a 3a Tri Hi Club2 3 4 Reporter2 Cheerleader 3 4 Captain 4 Choir 3 4 e Club 2 House of Representatives 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Intro mural Hockey 2 Intramural Valley ball 2 3 Candidate for Queen 4 Senior Rin Committee 3 Hobbies Cheering ingmg Sports College Broome County Technical Institute ROSE MARIE CICCARELL Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, 3 4, Italian Club 2, Tri-Hi C ub 3 4' Glee Club 2' House of Repre- sentatives 3' Senate 2 3' Modern Dancing 2. Hobbies: Cooking Danc- ing, Sports. I.B.M. YOLAN DA L. CICCIARELLI Commercial Course. Tri-Hi Club 2 3 4' Intramural Baseball 3 4' ln- tramural Basketball 35 Intramural Hockey 3' Intramural Soccer 2 3' Intramural Volleyball 2 3. Hobbies: Dancing, Cars, Sports, Swimming. l.B.M. or Business School. CAROLYN M. CLARK "Carol" Commercial Course. Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Hockey 2, 3, 4, Intramural Soccer 2, 3. 45 ln- tramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 25 Tri-Hi Archery 2, 3, 4, Tri- Hi Bowling 2, intramural Sports Em- blem 3, Intramural Sports Hat 4, Leaders Club Sweatshirt 3. Hobbies: Animals, Troprcal Fish. l.B.M. ROSLYN L CLARK Commercial Course Tn Hi Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 lntra mural Volleyball 2 3 CAROL A CLOSKEY College Entrance Course French Club 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Tri Hi Club 4 Secretary 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 Intramural Badminton 2 3 4 Intramural Base ball 2 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Hockey 3 4 Intramural Soccer 2 3 4 Intramural Track 2 3 4 Stunts and Tumbling 3 4 THESAURUS advertising Staff 3 THESAURUS General Staff 4 First Award Girls Intramurals 3 Second Award Girls Intramurals 4 Biolog Honor Seminar 3 Hobbies Musi Reading Sports College cebiilf WILLIAM F COLLINS i Technical Course Key Club 3 4 Secretary 4 Techn cal Club 2 3 4 Track 3 Hobbies Fishing Hunting Modern Jazz General Electric Ap prentice Course College PAUL J. CON EY Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Auto Mechanics Radio. Auto Me- chanic U.S. Air Force. JOAN L. CONKLIN Art Course. Tri-Hi Club 4: 'The- saurus" Art Staff 2 3, 4. Hobbies: Drawing, Paintingt College. .J 7 .CON IKE I tranc urse. Club Spani lu 3, 4, oncert 0 I 2 hestra . ' , Q H sentat 3, Tra ette s . Hobbs : Mus' ts. o . ntat e OYS ,fly X 1- 3 R in I -as 'Q Q Page Twenty-Two . A3975-,,Q JOYCE M COOPER Joycie Commercial Course Commercial Club 2 Tri Hi Club 3 4 Hobbies Cook ing Dancing Swimming IBM BRVENDA E coR ELL Bren Commercial Course 'ifri Hi Club 2 4 Glee Cub 2 UE Choir 3 Tri Hi Swimming 4 Candidate for Football Queen 4 Hobbies Classico Music Sports Writing IBM Gas or Electric Company ELIZABETH A CORNELL IZ College Entrance Course French Club 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Football B nd 2 3 4 Intramural Valley ball 2 Hobbies People Music Sports College Drew University LLOYD N. CORRELL Luke Technical Course. Technical Club 2. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing Sports. l.B.M. MARY ANN C. COYLE Mac Commercial Course. Commercial Club 'Tr'-Hi Clu 3 4' T - AURUS Advertising Staff 3' Bowl- ing 2. Hobbies: C.Y.O. Cheering, Dancing, Music. Business School, l.B.M. L ORD m N A e. Footba and 4 r ra 5 Varsity sketba , se o eprese . ...A wif, lik L L 1 ll T ,fa ! . Ls ,lr I f Wm MM RA, ORB -1 DIC I D W C me cuol Co rslefljpVar lf'Foot Q? ar l Poo L 4 L, f"Varslty Foot W Lettlfs V ,Qty Football Letters 4 Hob IE I I rn Music Sports,LG'oflege r ef' ace U I CAROL E CROSETTO Commercuol Course Commercral Club 4 Trl Hu Club 2 3 4 THESAURUS Circulation Stott 4 THESAURUS General Staff 4 Tr: Hu Bowlung 4 Trl Hr Swimming 4 Hobbies Music Reading Secretary Aurlnne Reser vatlonnst GARY CUDDIHE lndustrlal Arts Course Football Band 2 3 U E Marching Band Award Hobbnes Huntlng Boating lB.M ffm JOHN L DANTON Jack Technical Course Jr Varsnty Football 3 Hobbles Swlmmlng Huntrng De slgnlng G E 'i wmmwl MW if 'A U5 .pu-Q EDNA M DAVIS General Course Hobbues Swnmmnng Horseback Riding 3 CHAR o En nce atm H s ,JP I Page Twenty Three RICHARD DeMORE Duck College Entrance Course Hobbies Football Basketball Baseball Buffalo JUDITH L DeNOVELLlS Judy Commercial Course Tru Hu Club 4 Commercuol Club 4 Clrculotlon Sta t t Thesaurus Hobbies Muslc Dancnng Letter Wrltlng EDWARD DeVENTE Technxcal Course Technical Club 2 3 4 Secretary Treasurer 4 Orches 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 Concert B nd 2 3 4 Hobbs s Music Machine Repanr and Con structuon College Apprentlce JOSEPH I DIAFERIO oe General Course Intramural Basket ball 4 Hobbues Radio and TV LYNDA L DILLENBECK Pre Nursing Course Trl Hu Club 2 3 4 Sensor Latm Club 4 Thesaur Advertising Staff 4 Hobbies Readung Music Sports Robert Packer Hospxtal GINA M DIORIO ee Commerclal Course ltaluon Club Intramural Soccer 2 Intramural Bas ketball 2 lntramural Volleyball 2 Intramural Baseball 2 Intramural Track 2 Hobbles Sports Musrc l B M , A V, - l J, vi , , U, 'C rj, A ' Ll " ,.c'-" -31' H3491 -l 1 .fl 0 -L , - , . ,, V A . lk Lg Ill MA Q lf 1,-W Q A:-J 1 ,bf JL fd' 1 I 1, Y 1 ll A Il 'thu lvl '.l ,K ,kb , x V' , l -Zgr V s t tb 5 JS , , , , ' rf ' ?rflQl ' L T t 'J , V 'Y xej J -3 LWNQJS W4 , lf I or L , . L gf 1 I -V . I I - t , I 17:0 I, I J E J , ,- 4? A ' ' ' ' , O . f f. - eg ' ' ' ,N ..:..fl-ES H I ' If H AA ii "JJ, C T,:"f I HJ ,, . : ' V . . . Xl '53 G I - ' lf' ,P 3 , 4 A K lx , J 'vb Q Ll! is , . HG 1, ,Q A - IS 1' , k lc r I., V- :s b 6 54 1 3, . O lei, .Q-.l n -.I- i 47 I A Q n Jw , U , x A I r f W fd, Es ' ,L - ' l , N ' ROSEMARIE A DITOMMASO oe Academic Course Glee Club 2 Tri i Club 4 alian Club 2 Secretary Treasurer 4 A Cappella Choir 3 4 Intramural Badminton Intramural Basketball 2 Thesaur us Business Statt4 Hobbies Danc ing Plano and Records Harpur College ANN MARIE DONLIN Pre Nursing C urse T Hi 3 4 Hobbies Reading Music Nursing School BARBAR Barb Om ri Club 3 Co ercia esaurus rcu on t idate for H Swimming I EARL J. DOOLITTLE im Industrial Arts Course. FRANCES V. DRISCOLL ' Fran Secretarial and College Entrance, Tri-Hi Club 2 3 4' Basketball 2' Baseball 2. Hobbies: 'Art, Swimming,' Sports. College. JAMES W. DRYER "Jim" Technical Course. Football Band 2, Track 2, Cross Country 4. Hobbies: Sports, Cars, Art. U. S. Air Force Jet Piloting. Page Twenty-Four RICHARD E DWYER Dick Commercial Course Hobbies Galt Sports College Navy IBM SANDRA A DYER Sandy College Entrance Course French Club 3 Tri Hi Club 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Intramural Volleyball 2 Hobbies Sports Music Sewing College at Fredonia PATRICIA L EDDY Patty College Entrance Course T Hi 3 4 President 4 Commercial Club 3 Spanish Club 3 4 President 3 U E our 2 3 4 All State Cho Hockey 4 Sophomore Class Vice President 2 Junior Class Secretary 3 Representative to Girls State 3 Syracuse Citizenship Conference Rep 3 4 Candidate for Football Queen 4 Hobbies Swimming Dancing Reading College GEORGE W EDMUNDS Bill Business Course Future Farmers ot America 2 Circulation Stott ot "Thesaurus" 4, Advertising Staff of "Thesaurus" 4, News Reporter 2. Hobbies: Hunting Swimming Camp- ll'l . JANET M. EDWARDS Jeep College Entrance Course. French Club 3 4 President 4' Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4g Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4' Intra- mural Hockey 3, 4g Intramural Soc- cer 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, , 4, Intramural Track 2, 3, 5 Modern Dance 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Bowl- i 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, , Concert Band 2, 3, 4' Football Band 2, 3, 4, House ot Representatives 3, 45 Athletic Council 3, 4, Secretary 4, Candidate for Football Queen 4, Representative t Girls' Sta e 3, Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3, 45 U.E. Sweater for Athletics 4, Hobbies1 Music, Sports. Cortland State Teachers College. KAREN A. EICK Commercial Course. Hobbies: Horse- back riding, Roller skating, Popular Records. l.B.M. '1 GEORGE EVAN Technical Course Cholr 2 J V Football 2 Varsuty Football 3 4 Track 2 3 Hobbles Sports College or G E Apprentlce Course ALBERT A FARGNOLI Agrlculture Course Future Farmers of Amerlca 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Vlce Presldent 4 Flrst Pnze FFA Salesman 2 3 Hobbues Huntlng Cattle Farmung THOMAS H FARRELL Tom Industrlal Arts Course Hobbles Huntlng Golt Tennus Broome County Technncal Institute MARIE V FARRER Commerclal Course Commercual Club T Hn Club 3 4 Mo ern Dancmg 3 Trl Hn Bowllng 3 Hob bnes Musuc Sports IBM DOMINICK FELICE Dom Technlcal Course Techmcal Club 2 3 4 Hobbies Radlo Mechanics College I B M JOHN B FELICE Technncal Course Technucol Club 2 3 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 Orchestra2 3 4 Hob bues Musuc Mcchamcs IBM fi C-"9 Page Twenty Fuve MARY ANN FIACCO Mary Academlc Course Latm Club 4 Tru Club 2 3 4 Ch 3 4 Club 2 Intramural Baseball 2 3 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 Hobbles Musuc Readmg Sports Nursmg School JAMES G FLICK nm Commercual Course Hobbnes Cars Huntmg Records IBM ANTOI NETTE D FRATE Frate Commerclal Course Intramural Baseball 2 Intramural Basketball 2 Intramural Soccer 2 Intramural Volleyball 2 Hobbles Sports ELIZABETH FRENCH e General Course T Hu Club 3 4 Modern Dance Hobbues Musuc Dancmg Antone s Beauty School CHARLES R FRUEHAN Chuck Art Course Hobbles Basketball Flshung Huntlng US Navy ROBERT E FURMAN Bob College Entrance Course Key Club 3 4 Co chalrman Publncuty 4 In tramural Football 2 J Varsuty Football 3 Varsuty Football 4 Track 3 4 Hobbues Boats Cars Sports College IBM US Navy JJOAN c LDAGHER L , B urs I Clu dvnmerci b 4 House o present Nr Treasurer 4 Hob Knrtli g ewnng College or I B M MARY E GALLAGHER Commercial Course Glee Club 2 Hobbies Sports Dancing IBM MARLENE A GATES Mar Commercial Course Hobbies Music Dancing Secretarial Work FRANCIS N GIACQJE I Fran - Industrial Arts Co, , Track 2, 3, j C oss C un ry 2 4, Cr C-ountry Lette . Hobb' sz Hunting, is ing Car M lpbulldin . I . . Navy . , o s Guar . M RO I. GIB Co lege Entrance Cours . Tri-Hi Club 2 3, 4, Spanish Cub , 3, 4, e Club 2 3, Intramural Hockey 2' Intramural Soccer 2, Tri-Hi Bowling 2. Hobbies: Music, Reading. College. I LEONARD F. GIGANTE f "Dino" I I Business Course. Choir 2, 3, 4, 1 Marching Band 2, 3, 4g Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Dance , Band 3. Hobbies: Golf, Tennis. Business School. 4' lx 1 Page Twenty-Six JUDITH M GILLETTE Judy College Entrance Course Basketball 4 Soccer 2 Valley ball 4 House of Representatives 2 Junior Red Cross 3 Representative to Jr Red Cross Conference 2 Thesaurus Editorial Stott 4 Modern Dance 4 Hobbies Art Sewing Traveling Harpur Col lege GARY W GOULD Business Course Hobbies Army Cars Army JUDY M GOULD Commercial Course N B E T Certlfi cate for Stenographers 3 Hobbies Music Roller skating I B M RAYA E. GOWER Ray Homemaking Course. Football Band 3, Concert Band 3. Hobbies: Danc- ing, Swimming. Marriage. JAMES G. GRAVES im Transfer from Ithaca High School. College Entrance Course, French Club 2. College. ROIXIALD A, GREENE "Ron" Academic-JCourse. Jr. Varsity Bos- ketball 2,3. Hobbies: Fishing, Hunt- ,zgbdgajl-loly Cross College. fJ . ' 'Q U 2. -ii 5 1 -'TU SANDRA J GREER Sandy General Course Thesaurus Art Staff 4 Advertusmg Staff 4 Hob bues Art Sewung Pop Musuc Work RICHARD J GREET Duck Academlc Course Technlcal Club 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 Concert nd 2 3 Or eta 2 Dance Band 3 I Speak for Democ acy Contest 3rd Place 3 Musnc Contest lst Place Ensemble 2 Znd place Ensemble 2 lst Place Ensem bl 3 Hobbues Mechanics Elec tronlcs Muslc College LEITHA GAIL GRIMES Gal Business Course Spanish Club 3 Thesaurus Co edutor 4 Hobbles Homernaklng Spanish Unlyerslty of Buffalo MARY ANN GU I LFOYLE Ann Secretarual Course Trl HI Club 3 4 Commercual Club 4 Leaders Club 3 Soccer 3 Hockey 3 Valley Ball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 Badmlnton 3 Softball 3 Bowllng 3 Habbres Reodung Music Dancing Secre tonal posltuon MARILYN J GUMBLE Mare College Entrance Course Tn HI Club 4 Cholr 2 3 4 Football Band 2 Concert Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Speclal Choir Ensemble 4 Sectlonal All State Orchestra 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Candldate for Football Queen Hobbues Muslc Sports State Teachers College JOHN F GYLES Jack College Entrance Course Football Varslty 2 3 4 Captam 4 Hobbles Sports College Y.-v Q -IN Page Twenty Seven MAURICE B HAMILTON Hammy Technucal Course Junnor Varsuty Football 2 Varslty Football 3 4 Junior Varsity Baseball 2 3 Var stty Baseball 4 Hobbles Cars Sports Broome Technucol lnstrtute PHYLLIS J HAMM 1 Commercual Course Concert Band 2 3 Football Band 2 3 Orchestra Band Award 3 Hobbues Musuc Traveling Swlmmsng IBM General Electruc CAROLE E HANAFIN College Entrance Course French ub 2 3 4 Tn HI C Intramural Baseball 4 Intramural Soccer 4 Trl Hn Archery 4 Trl Hu Bowlmg 2 Trl Hu Swnmmtng 3 4 Hobbies Golf Music Swummung College ROBERT A HANKEY Red T h I l C r bbues Spots jmiff ' jf 7 XJ-X551 IX'- 1 KA ff J! X9 1 f f ,J X ff f ! f f ffl! L2 JANICE M HANKINSON an Commercual Course Cornmercual Club 2 Jr Red Cross 2 Tru Hr Club 2 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4 Tru Hu Swlmmmg 4 Thesaurus General Staff 4 Hobbles Golf Rec orgs Swrmmung Busmess School or I M PHYLLIS J HANKINSON Phlof Commerclal Course Tru Hn Club 2 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 4 Thesaurus General Staff 4 Hob bles Parntmg Records Swlmmlng Buslness School or IBM ANNE E HARLEY College Entrance Course Tri Hi Club 3 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Treas urer4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 lntra mural Hockey 2 3 4 Intramural Soccer 2 3 4 Intramural Valley 2 3 4 Hobbies Rea nn Sports Cortland Teachers College NOLA M HARMAN Commercial Course Tri Hi Club 3 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 ln tramural Volleyball 2 3 Modern Dance 4 Hobbies Music Reading Sports I B M ROGER HARRINGTON Industrial Arts Course Hobbies Archery Fishing Hunting U S Air Force PETER J HARRIS JR Pete Techmcal Course Hobbies Sports US Navy RICHARD A. HARTMAN "Dick" College Entrance Course. U, E. Choir 2, 3. Hobbies: Music, Sports. Notre Dame, Electrical Engineer. PATRICIA A. HAVRILKA npotn College Entrance Course. Spanish Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, "Thesaurus" Staff 4. Hobbies: Music, Sports. Oswego State Teachers College. Page Twenty-Eight MARLENE E HAYCOOK Cookie Commercial Course Commercial Club 2 Tri Hi Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Intramural Baseball 2 Tri Hi Arch ery 4 Tri HI Swimming 3 4 NBET Certificate for Stenographers 3 Hobbies Music Sports Working College Alfred Techmcal Institute JOYCE A HAYN ES College Entrance Course Latin Club 3 4 Tri Hu Club 3 4 Concert Band 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 tramural Basketball 2 Intramural Badminton 2 3 Intramural Valley 2 fl Hi Bowling 3 Ba Emblem 3 Hobbies Reading Rec ords Wilson Memorial Hosp: a Nursing School THOMAS H HERMIZ Herman Academic Course Concert Band 3 4 Football Band 3 4 U E Choir 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Hobbies Music Cars Sports College Robert Wes leyan JAMES G HIDOCK im Commercial Course Hobbies Fish ing Hunting IBM DOUGLAS M. H OAG LAND HDOUQH Industrial Arts Course. Key Club 3, 4, Project Committee Chairman 4, "Thesaurus" Staff 4. Hobbies: Stamps, Swimming, Water Sports. New York State Maritime College. FRANK W. HOFFMAN College Entrance Course. French Club 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3,4 4: Orchestra 2. 3, 4, Hobbies: Music. College. THOMAS L HONNICK Torn College Entrance Course French ub 4 All S te Choir 2 3 Music Ensemble 4 U E Choir 2 3 4 Model UN Assembly 2 4 Orchestra 2 3 Hobbies Church :Vlagic Music Eastern Baptist Col ege JOHN HOPKINS Jack College Entrance Course Key Club 2 3 4 Latin Club 3 4 Hob s Ice Skating Records Swimming College Notre Dame THOMAS J HOPKO Tom College Entrance Course Key Club 4 Lat C b 4 UE C 2 3 4 Jr Varsity Baseball 2 Var sity Baseball 3 Jr Varsity Football Varsity Football 3 4 Co tor of Thesaurus 4 Class Ring Committee 3 House ot Represcnta tives 3 Hobbies Books Sports College MARGARET S. HOWA Pudgie General Course. Jr. Red Cross 3 4, Hobbies: Baseball, Music Photog- raphy. ROBERT F. HOWRILKA Bob College Entrance Course. U.E. Choir 3, Hobbies: Hunting, College' U.S. Navy. SALLY A. HOZEMPA "Sal" Commercial Course. Commercial Club 45 Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Arch- ery 45 Intramural Baseball 35 Intra- mural Basketball 2j Intramural Soccer 25 Intramural Volleyball 25 "Thesaurus" Advertising Stott 45 "Thesaurus" Art Stott 45 "Thesau- rus" Circulation Stott 4, Hobbies: Art Reading, Sports. l.B.M., Harpur College. Q CAROL J HULTSLAN DER Commercial Course Commercial Club 2 Jr Red Cross 2 Tri Hu Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Intramural Badminton 2 Intramural Baseball 2 Intramural sk ball 2 3 In ra mural Soccer 3 Intramural Vol leyball 2 3 Sport ShieId4 Hob bies Records S mming Sports US Wmens Corps or s o BERT ntrance C rs ey Club Trea re 3 President 4 2 3 Vars Bose I 4 r Varsity Basketball si 4 House of esentat enate 4 Vice reside es urus Staff 2 3 o ass mmittee 3 Senior Class Sports College VIRGINIA L INGALLS Ginny Pre Nursing Course Tri Hi Club 4 Glee Club 2 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 Intramural Badminton 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Intramural Hockey 4 Intramural Soccer 4 In tromural Volleyball 4 Thesaurus Advertising Staff 2 Hobbies Music Swimming Sports Wilson Memorial Hospital EARL W. JACKSON Technical Course. Concert Band 2 3 4' Football Band 2 3. Hobbies: Music Radio Sports. College. GLORIA E. JACKSON Glo Commercial Course. Tri-Hi Club 2 3. Hobbies: Dancing Swimming. Air- line Hostess. HANNAH L. JENN I NGS 1rHon1r General Course. Tri1Hi Club 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Badminton 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 2, 4. LOIS M JOHNS College Entrance Course Tri Hi Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Choir3 4 Orchestra2 3 4 Soccer 2 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Softball 2 3 Tumbling 3 Bodmin ton 2 3 Volleyball 2 Bowling 2 Thesaurus General Staff 4 Hob bies Swimming Sports Music IBM NELSON E JOHNS e College Entrance Course Jr Red Cross 4 Hobbies Dancing Records Cars l B M KAY F JOHNSON Transfer from Trumansburg Central School and Owego Free Academy Academic Course Journalism Club 3 Leaders Club 3 Girls Choir 3 Basketball 2 3 Cafeteria Assistant 2 Candidate Jr Prom Queen 3 Hobbies Clothes Designing Nursing School Robert Packer Hospital jffl ffolym .R jwfmf- W Using Sta IM o ies usic adm USD Wilsoy M orial fl ffl l.,,f,, if SANDRA J. KENNEDY Sandy College Entrance Course. French Club 3, Tri-Hi Club 3, 45 Bowling 3, 4, Softball 2, Swimming 3, 4. Hob- bies: Dancing, Sports. Missouri State College or Business School, CAROL M. KING Pre-Nursing Course. French Club 3, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, Choir 3, 4, "Thesaurus" Advertising Staff 4, U. N. Model Assembly 4. Hobbies: Sports, Music, Stamps. Robert Packer Hospital. -31- N f AN x Tw at Page Thirty 'li NANCY A KlSER Nance General Course Hobbies Dancing Cheerleading Swimming IBM DAWNE M KITTLE Secretarial Course Concert Band 3 Football Band 2 3 Choir 2 4 l B M RICHARD H KLETT Satc Technical Course Key Club Sgt Arms 4 Technical Club 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Key Club Play 3 Boys State 3 Scholastic Writing Award 3 Hobbies Sports Church Clubs College JOSEPH P. KLIMA oe Technical Course. Technical Club 2 3, 4. Hobbi sz Hunting, Fishing. l.B.M. ' Pd-bf, JAM T im Colleg Entrance Curse. Key Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish lub 3, 4, House of Representatives . Hobbies: Sports. Syracuse Unive ity. LOUISE C. KNAPP "Lou" College Entrance Course. Tri-Hi Club 4. Hobbies: Dancing. College. ww' DOUGLAS R KOBAN Doug Technical Course Track 3 4 Cross Country 3 4 Hobbles Track Cross Country Armed Forces RALPH A KOCIK u Techmcal Course Technncal Club 2 Hobbues Boating Shop Work Hunt BM U S Na RUTH C KOCIK Ruthle Business Course Commercnal Club 4 T Hn Club 4 Representatlve rm U E for Bank Week Homeroom Representatlve 2 Hob bles Readnng Tennus Dancnng IBM PAUL KOMAR Technucal Course Key H114 Tec al Club 2 3 x9 Stqtigl X Machine Shop Award Mecha cal Drawing Award 2 3 Ho es M chanxcs Sports College M BARBARA J KOWALEWS Commerclal Course Commerclal Clu T H Clu 3 4 Lea r ub 2 3 4 Glee Clu 2 lnr mural Hockey 3 4 Soccer 2 3 4 Volleyball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Badminton 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Thesaurus Advertlslng Staff 3 4 Leaders Club Sweat Shnrt 2 Athletoc Awards 2 3 U E Sweater 4 Funal Candndate ln I Speak for Democracy 3 NBET Certuflcate for Stenographers3 Hobbues Accorduon Sports Readung Secretarlal Work DIANE P KOZECKE Busnness Course Tru H Club 3 4 Hobbles Dancnng Records Page Thlrty One X LANE' 1 LIDA A KUCKO College Entrance Course Trl H Club 2 3 4 Thesaurus General Staff 4 Swammlng 4 Bowling 4 Archery 4 Hobbies Dancvng Rec ords College X-As-Xfw' LLM Mxilzvccllovgs x, ROBERT J KUCKO General Course Hobbues Automo bules U S Navy PATRICIA R KUSHNER Potts Commercual Course Glee Club 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 Swlmmnng 4 Hobbies Modeling Photography Muslc GWEN A LABOUSEUR College Entrance Course Library Club Secretary 2 Trl HI Club 3 4 Laders Club 2 3 4 Publicly Chalrman 4 Soccer and Hockey 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 Badminton 3 4 Hobbies Readung Sports Strong Memorial Hospital KATHLEEN J LA GRAN Kay College Entrance Course Leaders ub 2 3 4 Trl Hu Club 4 Club 2 Junior Baseball Team 3 In tramural Basketball 2 3 lntra mural Volleyball 2 3 Intramural Hockey 4 Intramural Baseball 3 House of Representatwes 2 Hob bnes Muslc Sports Readnng Nurses Tralnnng WILLIAM A LA GRANGE UQ College Entrance Course Choir 2 3 Jr Varslty Football 2 3 Jr Varslty Football 2 Thesaurus Art Staff 4 Hobbies Sports Social Actrvntles Cars Bucknell Unlverslty RICHARD P LARNERD Duck College Entrance Course Hobbies Huntnng Fnshmg Readmg Cornell Unlverslty SALLY A LEGG a College Entrance Course Tn Hn Club 2 4 Glee Club 2 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Cl'1olr3 4 Hockey 2 3 Soccer 2 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 Tumbling 3 Volleyball 2 3 Badmlnton 2 3 Bowllng 2 Hobbies Swlmmmg Sports College JESUELA M LO BELLO Jessie General Course T Hu Club 2 3 4 F H A Club 3 4 Red Cross 4 Hob bues Doncmg Musnc Swlmmlng Roller Skatnng Horseback Rldmg Otflce Work Marruage NAN DA L LOCKWOOD ee Busmess Course Tru H Club 2 4 Commercial Club 3 Volleyball 2 3 Badmmton 2 Modern Dancmg Hobbies Readmg Horseback Rudmg Travel OfflC8 Work Marriage MARY L LOJPERSBERGER Mary Lou Business Course Trl H Club 3 4 Commercial Club 4 Archery 2 Hob bues Dancnng Records Broome Technucal lnstltute 'N LNlNA asurer 4 Musnc College Page Thirty Two Ss. M ELLEN MocDOWALL College Entrance Course Tru Hn Club 3 4 Spanish Club 3 4 Glee Club 2 Hobbies Knnttmg Swlmmung Sew mg College L EUGENE MALICK Gene College Entrance Course Football Band 2 3 Senate 2 3 Hobbues Cars Huntmg U S Marine Corps ROSE A MANCINI Commercial Course Hobbles Read :ng Travelxng College JAMES H MANDYCK Mandy Academlc Course Intramural Bas ketball 2 Hobbies Readmg Jazz College JOSEPHlNE F MANOLI J Commerclal Course Commercual Club 2 3 Trl H1 Club 2 National Bus: ness Entrance Tests Certlfucate for Stenography Hobbles Sports Musuc Dancmg I B M JOANNE V MATERESE Commercial Course Commerclal Club 4 Trl H1 Club 2 Glee Club 2 Hob bles Swummlng l B M EMILY MATOLKA m Academic Course U E Choir 2 3 Hobbies Swimming Dancing Read Fl DONALD A MATTISON Don College Entrance Course Key Club 2 3 4 New York State Secretary 4 International Parliamentarian 4 Concert Bond 2 Football 2 Track 2 Delegate to Key Club lnterna tional Convention2 3 4 Delegate to State Key Club Convention 2 3 4 Hobbies Sports Reading College JANE Z MCCARTHY Pre Nursing Course T Hi 2 4 Badminton 2 Modern Dance 2 Hobbies Reading Nursing School J UDITH A MCCARTHY Judy General Course. Library Club2 Presi- dent 2, Tri-Hi 4. Hobbies: Cooking, Journalism, Badminton. College. LOUISA L. MCCONNELL NAAOC11 College Entrance Course. Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, French Club 3: Glee Club 2, Choir 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 3, 4, Intramural Hockey 4: Intramural Basketball 4, Hobbies: Music, Sports. Syracuse University. -Mfr of lafff VV' 5 we ' QS ou al if f' 0 0 ELIZABETH L. MCCORMA K "Betty Louugpffj College Entrance Course. Tri-Hi Club 3: Italian Club 3. Hobbies: Records, Sports, Cortland State Teachers Col- lege or Buffalo State Teachers College. 3' is 'lf '27 f Page Thir WE7' S- '-, ty-Three ALBERT A MCFALL Industrial Arts Course Hobbies Cars Records Dancing l zoo! 0 f Z df JAME MCGINNIS Mac College Entrance Hobbies Hunting Fishing U S Navy PATRICIA R MCLARK Pat Commercial Course Hobbies Music Lowell s School of Business AGN ES R MCQUADE Commercial Course. Tri-Hi Club 4' "Thesaurus" Advertising Staff 4. Hobbies: Sports. ANGELO MELAZZO "Ang' Technical Course. Hobbies: Hunting, Roller Skating, Farming. MARTHA S. MILLER "Mert" College Entrance Course. Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2. Hobbies: Music, Sports, Dancing. College or Nursing. ROBERT R. MILLER "Bob" College Entrance Course. Spanish Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, Dra- matics, Cars. U. S. Navy or Drama School. SANDRA J. MINER "Sandy" Art Course. House of Representatives 3, Spanish Club 2. Hobbies: Swim- ming, Skating, Records. I.B.M. MARGARET F. MISULICH nAA0rgen Commercial Course. Commercial Club 3, 4, Nominating Committee 3, F.H.A. Club 3, 45 Tri4Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Baseball 3, Badminton 35 Intramural Basketball 3, 4, "Thesaurus" Art Staff 4. Hobbies: Dancing, Music, Sports. School of Beauty Culture CAROL J. MONTROSS Pre-Nursing Course. Concert Band 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra 35 Basketball 2, 3g Soccer 2, 3, Hobbies: Music, Sports, Church Work. School of Nursing. DOMINIC MORLANDO ,,Nick,, Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Bowling, Fishing. College, Construc- tion Engineer. CON STANCE M. MORLEY "Connie" College Entrance Course. Glee Club 3, Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, House of Representatives 3. Hob- bies: Sports. Geneseo State Teachers College. is ' Page Thirty-Four k Club 2, Club 2, 2: 2, 4, Rec- ANDREW MOYER "Andy" College Entrance Course. Hobbies: Cars and Driving. College of Me- chanical Engineering or a Teacher's College. DALE B. MOYER Commercial Course. Hobbies: Swim- ming, Popular Music, Dancing. I.B.M. ANTHONY F. MUCILLI "Tone" College Entrance Course. Hobbies: Weightlifting. College. RAYMOND J. MUHLBAUER URCYI, Agriculture Course. F.F.A, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4. Hobbies: Basketball, Cars, Swimming. U. S. Air Force. CHARLES MULESKY "Chuck" College Entrance Course. lr. Varsity Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball 3, Var- sity Volleyball 4. Hobbies: Sports, College, Buffalo. fX EDWARD J MURRAY Eddle Industrial Arts Course Hobbles Huntmg Fushmg Baseball IBM JOSEPH MURTARI General Course Hobbies X In Swummung Sports U S Na N a Cammerlol lub Thesaur ver ng ta 3 Hobbies ead Musuc Spar I Xt FAY A MYERS Sksp Technical Course Hobbies Huntung lBow 6 Arrowl W RONALD NAYLOR Ron General Course Jr Red Cross 3 4 Treasurer 4 Choir 2 3 4 Audo Vlsual Aids 2 Yearbook Advertlsnng Staff 4 Hobbies Music Slnglng Sports Loblaw Inc EDWARD W NEJESC HLEBA Eddse lndustrval Arts Course Hobbies Huntlng Alrplanes Hot Rods Radio School P098 Thirty Five I wwe 4u.5Of KENNETH P NEWCOMB Ken College Entrance Course Jr Varsnty Basketball 2 3 Varsity Basketba 4 Hobbles Sports College CHARLES E NICHOLAS Chuck College Entrance Course Italran Club 3 4 Jr Varslty Baseball 2 Volleyball 3 4 Rang Committee 3 House of Representatuves 3 Hob bues Dancing Sports Drlvung Buck nell College ALBERTA J NOCE Khrut Industrual Arts Course Hobbles Sports ANN MARIE A NOCE Ann Commercial Course CommerclaIClub 4 Tn Hn Club 4 Glee Club 2 Base b ll 2 Badminton 2 3 Hobbies Sewlng Insurance Company Har pur s Nught School BARBARA J OAKLEY Barb Commercial Course Commercval Club 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Football B nd 2 3 4 Thesaurus Typmq Staff 4 Band Award 3 Band Award 4 NBET Certltlcate 3 Hobbues Skatung Horseback Rldnng Musuc I BM or I-Iarpur College WILLIAM O BRIEN 1 College Entrance Course Hobbles Sports Cams College MARGARET M ONEIL Peggy Commercual Course Commercnal Club 3 4 TreHnClub2 3 4 Hob s Swummmg Dancmg Musnc IBM or G E WEBSTER E ONEY Technucal Course Hobbles Cars Guns Huntung College or IBM L 5,214-ffl . yer UW RAMON J PALAZZO Academic Course ltaluan Club 4 Vlce President 4 Intramural Football 2 Jr Varsnty Football 3 Hobbncs Dancing Football Parties Colleae SUZANNE M PALENIK ue College Entrance Course Latnn Club 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Tru Club 2 3 4 Intramural Badmmton 2 3 Intramural Baseball 7 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 4 lntra mural Hockey 3 4 Intramural Soc cer 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4 Modern Dance 2 3 Track 3 Tumblnng 3 Tru Hu Archery 3 Tn I-ll BowIlng3 Hobbies Readmg Sports College RONALD J. PALO Ron Technical Course. Broome Technical Institute. l.B.M. CHARLES M. PARADIS Chick College Entrance Course. Varsuty BOWJIFIQ 3, 4. Hobblcs BOWIHQI Cards. l.B.M. qw 1? -C7 Pog e Thirty-Sixth EVELYN D PASTRIKOS vu Commercial Course Hobbles Crea twe Wrmng Modeling Beauty Cul ture School an Syracuse R L RKI Xlqfech C e a Two yea Ba H a - ne Ra ka ctronncs if-f LOUIS PETRILLI Loule Industrial Arts Course ura Football L-'Jr V Varsnty Foot Alf Force I B M fun U VINCENT J PETROLAWICZ Llttle John ' Transfer from Vestal Central School College Entrance Course Jr Varsity Basketball 2 lVestall Jr Varsity Football 2 4Vestall Varsity Basket ball 3 4 lVestaI and U E l Varslty Football 3 4 lVestal and UEJ enate 2 lVestall Hobbies Sports College 40 . Fran . , n e . Italian b 3 h . H bbies: Sports. I C e e. KENNETH E. PHILLIPS Kenny Cornmercual Course. Hobbies: Base- ball, Football, Basketball. U.S. A' Force. RICHARD PHILLIPS Asademuc Course, Graduated August I 55. f MD MM I AH iglneel g,,g rse ey C u J4 kgesude t 4 Cross ,cum-nyjtg 3 4 mm war Volleyball Joie ate 4 IHOUSEJOI Representatl s eaker 4 PFGSIUMOPINEI 4 Vuce Presrdent sfHobbnes ports College Pen Sate EILEEN L PLAUMANN College Entrance Course Leader Club 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball 7 3 4 Intramural Basketball Z 3 4 Intramural Hockey 2 3 4 lntra m ral Soccer 2 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4 Hobbles Sports Cortland State Teachers College M DENMAN PLEW College Entrance Course Hobbles Sports Cars College Baptn t Buble Semrnary GERALD POTOCHN I K Jerry Technlcal Course Hobbles Bowling Hunting Basketball College IJ S Marlnes 1 MARGIE L POWELL 'Marge College Entrance Course fdgnlsh Club 3 4 Secretary 3 Tn H1 Club 4 Glee Club 2 Intramural Base ll 3 House of Representatuves 4 on dudate tor Football Queen 4 Hob bles Sports Snngung College 353 Q?-3 by .Aff lily ,Y r Wrap JV' S...- Q Page Thrrty Seven SHERRY L. PRICE "Shay" Commercial Course, "Thesaurus" Typing Staff 4g House of Repre- sentatives 4 Hobbiese Cars Horses Dancing Marriage RUDOLPH PUKANCIK Rudy Technlcal Course Techmcal Club 2 3 4 Hobbies Skating Cars Water Skung College I B M ANNA R QUERCIA Nlna Commercial Course Trl HI Club 2 Commercual Club 2 Thesaurus Advertlslng Staff Hobbles Sports Reading Popular Music I B M LEWIS WAYNE REDOLPHY Rudy Technlcal Course Chour 2 Hobbles Sports Broome Technical Institute I M HAROLD W RENNER JR I Technucal Course Technlcal Club 3 4 Hobbues Radno Golf Cars Navy I B M or Llnk Avuatlun DOROTHY M REYNOLDS bony College Entrance Course Tru Hu Club 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 on cert Band 4 Gurls Intramurals 2 3 4 Modern Dancung 3 4 Hobbles Muslc Sports Cortland State Teach ers College ARTHUR J RIEGAL r Technical Course JV Basketball 2 JV Baseball 2 Varsrty Basketball 3 4 Vorslty Baseball 3 4 Hobbles Sports Huntrng I B M EUGENE D ROBINSON Gene Commercual Course Hobbnes Hrs torrcal Artlcles Guns Sports U S Arr Force or Colonual Arr Lmes KENNE o 59 lr, gf ll Ml, ef me j gr ultur Q 046 Of A Ag ec ar g h Farming r X7 I5 MJ W WILLIAM H ROBINSON Industrial Arts Course Hobbles Sport Cars Huntmg F hung U S Arr Force ELISA J ROCCHIO ee Commercuol Course Hobbies Spots Popular Muslc Broome Technical Institute or I B M ANTHONY J ROMA Tony Art Course Hobbues Photography Collectung Records I B M -11 Q4 Page Thnrty Enght RINALDO R ROMA Ronnie Academnc Course ltaluan Club 4 Hobbies Musuc Huntmg Sports College MARY JANE ROOSA Commercial Course Trl H4 Club 2 3 T HI Bowlung 2 3 Hob les Bowling Reading Records Nurslng VR ft, faq IEC Rbs,cBo on V omm eral Co ' Tru Hr 3 X IE ci jx otball dncert Band 2 Leailers Club 3 bfo Base I n r If a 3, Ifltram o o 3 htag?-3n..IfaI S c mural IIV ba 3 Hobbnes Mu M or Bus: esg Schoo JOHN A ROSSI Ross General Course Orchestra 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 Concert Band 2 3 4 Hobbles Record Collectlon College BRUCE G ROUGHT Re Agriculture Course Future Farmers of Amermca 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Football 2 Hobbles Water Skung Football Model Railroads Delhu or Army lMllltary Pollcel MARY JOAN ROUGHT J Art Course Trl Hn Club 2 Jr Red Cross 3 4 Publlcnty Chairman 3 Future Homemakers of Amernca 4 Hobbles Crafts Art Danclng Musuc Beautnclan School FAYE D. ROWE "Shorty" Commercial Course. Tri-Hi Club 2, Maiorette at Newark Valley 3, Hob- bies: Skating, Dancing, Swimming. Rrdley's Business School, CHARLES SAKOWSKY Technical Course Technica Cub Hobbies Hunting Fishing JOHN W SALEMME Salam Academic Course Italian Club 3 4 UE Choir 2 3 4 Hobbies Hunting Fishing Fly College SILVERIO S SALVATOR Sam Industrial Arts Course intramural Football 2 Jr Varsity Football 3 Hobbies Mechanics College SALLY A SALZANO Pre Nursing Course Italian Club Tn Hi Club 4 College WILLIAM N SAUNDERS Technical Course Hobbies Cars Music Sports IBM As NY ffvwf 'Q un- Poge Thirty Nine NAOMI C. SCHMALTZ Commercial Course. Tri-Hi Club 4, Homemaking Club 4, Secretary 4. Hobbies: Swimming, Dancing, Music. I.B.M. CHARLES J SCH UTTA Chuck Commercial Course Bowling 2 3 4 Hobbies Bowling Hunting Fishing U S Air Force CHRISTA D SEAVER Chris Commercial Course Hobbies Read mg Music Baptist Bible Seminary ROBERT P SEDLAK o Academic Course Italian Club 4 Home Room Representative 4 Hob bles Hunting Golf Cornell Univer sity RUTH A SELNER Ronny Academic Course French Club 2 3 4 Treasurer4 Latin Club 3 4 Trl Hu Club 3 4 Leaders Club 3 4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 Intro mural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Hockey 3 4 Intramural Soccer 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4 Intro mural Tumbling 3 Modern Dance 3 Hobbies Records Sports Nazareth College HOBART H SERAFINI Industrial Arts Course Intramural Basketball 3 Volleyball 3 4 Hob bies Scoutung Model Railroads Astronomy Broome Technical Instr tute General Electrzc orU S Marine Corps . K ' . ' i i 3. . - . , ' I f ' n - n L k . . '. V ' . . . I . ' . . l . B b I I I I I . . - I L A 1 - - - ' I ' . ' .I - 5- E . ' 5 T - , - 42 ' , , : - , , : , : , , , : - N A I , , ' "B'ii" ' . ' - , .' ' .' , . . . , ' V - - - ' . ' 2 A ROSEANNE M SERGI General Course Trl HI Club 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 Intramural Hockey 2 Intramural Soccer 2 In tramural Volleyball 2 Tru HI Arch ery 3 House of Representatlves 4 Semor Rmg Commuttee 3 Hobbues Muslc Dancmg Swummung IBM or Buslness School ANNA MARIE SEVKA Annue College Entrance Course Semor Latln Club 3 4 C0 Consul 4 Trl HI Club 3 4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Hockey 3 4 Intramural Soccer 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4 Intramural Badmrnton 2 3 4 Modern Dance 4 Leaders Club 3 4 House of Representatrves 4 Thesaurus Advertlsnng Staff 3 Bnology Honorary Semmar 2 First Award Gnrls Intramurals 3 Second Award Girl s Intramurals 4 Hobbues Musrc Sports College EDITH M SGOBBA Eydue Commerclal Course Commercnal Club 4 Trl HI Club 2 3 4 Trl HI B wl mg 4 Glee Club 2 House ot Repre sentatlves 3 Thesaurus Advertls ang Staff 3 Semor Rang Comrmttee 3 Hobbles Bowlung Sports Danc mg l B M RUTH Y SHAPIRO Ruthne Transfer from Knox School In Coopers town College Entrance Course Trl Hr Club 2 3 4 Intramural Basket ball 3 4 Intramural Hockey 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 4 Intramural Soccer 3 Modern Dancvng 4 The saurus Edltorual Staff 4 Trl HI Archery 3 Hobbres Musnc Readnng Sports College FRANK B SHARA Agriculture Course Hobbles Cars Hunting U S Marines BARBARA J SHAY Barb Commerclal Course Tru HI Club 4 Glee Club 4 Hobbles Danclng Musrc Telephone Operator 1' 'Y E I 'BJ X117 Page Forty DOUGLAS V SHEA Sherloc Academuc Course Cross Country 3 4 Asslstant Manager 3 Manager 4 Jr Red Cross4 Hobbles Guns Hunt Ing Sports U S Army JOAN E SHEA Commercral Course Commercnal Club 2 Jr Red Cross Thesaurus Clrcu Iatuon Staff 4 Thesaurus Typmg Staff 4 Hobbies Music Sports Com merclal School ROBERT E SHERIDAN Bozo ollege Entrance Course Jr Varslty Football 2 Varsuty Football 4 Hob bles Sports Cars College GERALD G SHIMA Jerry Industreal Arts Course Bowling 3 Hobbnes Muslc GERALDINE H SHIMA Germ Commercual Course Secretarxal Work JOHN R SKOBERN Jack College Entrance Course Junior Ro tartan 4 Hobbles Flshmg Huntnng Gun Collecting College BARBARA J SLADE Barb Commercual Course Commercual Club 2 3 4 Secretary2 4 Trl Hu b 4 Glee C b UE Cho Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 Intro mural Badminton 3 Intramural Bos ketball 3 Intramural Hockey 2 3 4 Intramural Soccer 2 3 4 lntra mural Volleyball 3 Tru H1 Bowlnng 2 4 Trl HI Swnmmnng 3 4 e saurus Typnng Staff 4 NBET Cer tufncate far Stenographers 3 Athletic Awards Z 3 Hobbues Sports Danc :ng Modelmg Office W I or Modelung School nn New York College Entrance Co rse J LAYMON R SMITH b 3 4 H e Sp lf RICHARD A SMITH Industrnal Arts Course Hobbies Huntnng Fushung Cars LJ S Nav RICHARD D SMITHGALL Smrtty Commercial Course Hobbies Hunt Ing Flshnng Sports Broome Tech mcal lnstltute or I B M MARILYN K SNOVER College Entrance Course Tru Hn Club 2 3 4 Jr Red Cross3 Glee ub 2 UE Chour 3 4 Trl HI Swlmmen 4 Hobbles Rufles Music Swimming Nurslng MARGARET SNYDER Marge Commercual Course Trl Hu Club 3 4 Commercial Club 3 Trl Hu Bowling 3 Hobbies Records Readung Bus: ness School SHERRY A SNYDER Commerclal Course R ARET R SOCHOR Morgue Commercial Course French Club 4 Commercual Club 4 Trl Hu Club 4 House of Representatives 2 Hob bues Reading Travel Agency WILLIAM D SOLOMON Academuc Course Key Club 3 4 Latln Club 3 4 Aedule 3 Moscotus 4 Orchestra 2 Intramural Football 4 Varsity Volleyball 4 Thesaurus Advertlslng Staff 4 Thesaurus Clrculatlon Staff 4 Blology Honor Semmar2 Hobbles Sports Danclng College RUDOLPHJ STASTNY Rudy Techmcal Course Hobbies Hunting Fushlng Radio Broome Technical lnstntute SANDRA L STEPHENS Sandy General Course JOSEPH W STEVENS oe Technical Course Hobbues Model Axrplanes Golf U S Navy CAROL L STOKES Commercial Course Thesaurus Cir culatiori Staff 4 Hobbies Dancing Swimming Traveling Secretarial Work SUZANNE H STURZENEGGER ue College Entrance Course French Club 3 4 Vice President 4 Tri Hu Club2 3 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 U E Choir 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 Leaders Club2 4 Intramural Badminton 2 3 ln tramural Basketball 2 3 Intramural Baseball 2 3 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 Thesaurus Staff 3 Candi date for Football Queen 4 Hobbles Music Sports Cortland State Teach ers College WILLIAM F SULGER i Technlcal Course Technical Club 2 Hgbbles Hunting Swimming Cars I M RODNEY L SWARTWOOD Ro Technical Course Technical Club 2 3 4 President 4 Varsity Track Team 2 Hobbies Cars Hunting Mechanics IBM or U S Air Force WALTER S. SZACHARA Walt Technical Course. Technical Club 2 3 4' Choir 2. Hobbies: Electronics Model Airplanes Sports. Massachu- setts Institute of Technology or Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. CHARLES C. TALCOTT "Chuck" Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Football 25 J.V. Basketball 2. Ho - bies:4Ba eball. J A ,404 Q - ,wtf 'Kiwi WW l I Page Forty-Two i Q . 'za' ANTOINETTE TANZ INI Toni General Course Tri H1 Club 2 3 4 Commercial Club 2 Leaders Club 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Bowling 2 4 Hockey2 3 Modern Dancing 3 4 Soccer 2 3 Swimming 4 Volleyball 2 3 Hobbies Sports Sewing Swimming Designing or Modeling School ' f lv CHARLES F TARRICONE Chuck College Entrance Course Italian Club 2 3 JV Basketball 2 3 Vors y Basketball 4 Class Ring Committee 3 Hobbies Sports Work with Autos Cortland or Springfield College wi .if 5, fl...l+f Vars V 4 'iigck Hobb U S.,'Navy aQlf,J7"WJ JUDITH A THEOD E e elpgwtronce o rse otball udy Commercial Course Trl Hi Club 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Bowling 4 Swim ming 4 House of Representatives 3 Thesaurus General Staff 4 The saurus Advertising Staff 3 The saurus Clrculation Staff 4 Hobbies Sports Dancing Alfred State Col lege FORMAN R. TIFFANY Tiff College Entrance Course. Thesau- rus" At Saff , 3, 4. Hob ' s: Sports, Drawing Painting Cars, Fa- mous Artists Schools. IRVING V. TINKLEPAUGH lilrvll General Course. Intramural Basket' ball 2. Hobbies: Mechanics, Sport Cars, College, U. S. Navy. U RALPH Tu,,U G Q Q ce ourse Key Club L in Club 3 4 C oir Class President 2 3 u - nt Con es 4 Repre tative y Club z sic Col 7pfLl7'i Z MARY C TOBIN Transfer from the Mercy Convent in Ireland Business Course Hobbies Records Dancing Ridley Bu iness School DELIA M TODINI Academic Course Italian Club 2 3 Tri HiClub4 Hobbies Music Sports Dancing College JOSEPH R. TRPIK Sonny College Entrance Course. Concert Band 4' Marching Band 35 Orchestra 3. Hobbies: Music Sports Reading. College or Air Force Dance Band. GERALD TRUEX "Gerry" Academic Course. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing and Cars. A. MAUREEN TUTTLE "Tut" College Entrance Course. Tri-Hi Club 45 French Club 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 35 Modern Dance 2, 4. Hobbies: Horses, Sports, Music. College. Page Forty-Three JOHN R TYLER Toby Technical Course Technical Club 2 3 4 Reading Club 2 3 Hobbies Reading Church Scouts IBM r Navy JOSEPH T VALLONE oe General Course Hobbies Hunting Fishing Cars U S Marines ROBERT K VANBURGER Technical Course Basketball 2 3 Future Farmers of America 2 3 Hobbies Racing Cars Travel U S Navy SCARLETT VANORDER General Course. Glee Club 35 Modern Dancing 2' Modern Dance Winner 2. Hobbies: Swimming, Tap Dancing. Modeling. ROSEMARY VERNO "Ro" Pre-Nursing Course. Tri-Hi Club 2. School of Nursing. JOVINA B. VINCELLI "Chick" Commercial Course. Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 35 Intramural Hockey 25 Intramural Soccer 25 Intramural Volleyball 2, 35 Jr, Red Cross 2, 3, President 3. Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Skating. I.B.M. AY i-J SUE C WALBRIDGE ue Commerclal Course Hobbies Read lng Roller Skatlng Movles I B M SHIRLEY J WALKER Shlrl Commercial Course Intramural Vol ley all 3 Jr Red Cross 3 4 he sourus Clrculatlan Staff 4 The saurus Typing Staff 4 Hobbies Sports Popular MUSIC Nyack Bible College or I B M MARY AN I NE WAPLES Staples Pre Nursing Course Trl Hl Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Intramural Bas ketball 2 3 4 Intramural Volley ball 2 3 4 Intramural Softball 2 3 Intramural Badmlnton2 3 lntra mural Soccer 3 Intramural Hockey 3 Swlmmlng 3 4 Thesaurus Ad VSYTISIHQ Staff 2 Hobbies Records Reading Sports St Marys of Am sterdam LYLE R. WARD us Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Swlmmlng. Broome Technical Institute or U. S. Navy. HARRY W. WASNEECHAK Wash Agricultural Course. Hobbies: Hunt- ing, Fishing Swimming. U. S, A'r Force l.B.M. PATRICIA A. WATERS Pot 1-I f lm Q? Y College Entrance Course. GlflS' Glee 'L ' Club 2 3. Hobbies' Swlmming, Rec- ords. Albany Memorlal Hospltal Cf Strong Mcmarlal. Page Forty-Four GEORGE D WATKINS Watts Industrial Arts Course Hobbies Hunting Flshlng U S Navy JUDITH A WEBB Judy College Entrance Course Trl Hl Club 4 Leaders Club 2 3 4 President ockey 2 3 S cer 2 Volleyball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Badmlnton2 3 4 Girls Sports Awards Hat2 Em blem 3 Sweater 4 Hobbies Sports Reading Cortland State Teachers College NANCY J WEBB Commercial Course Trl Hl Club 3 4 Hobbies Skating Water Skiing Horseback Rldlng Join Skating Vanltles Show MARY ELLEN WEILAND Academic Course Trl Hl Club 3 Leaders' Club 3, 4, Orchestra 2 , 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 5 Captain 3, Intramural Hockey 3, ' Intramural Soccer 3, 4, Captain g Intramural Softball 2, 3, 4 Captain 3, Stunts and Tumbling 3, Class Honor Team in Softball 2, 3, Class Honor Team IH Hockey 33 Intra- mural Emblem Zg Intramural Crew Hat 3. Hobblesi Sports. Wilson Me- morlal or Binghamton State School of NUYSINQ. MARGARET A. WEISS Marg Pre-Nursing Course. Tri-Hi Club 4 Leaders Club 2 3, 4, Badminton 2, g Basketball 2, 3, 45 Softbal Volleyball 2 3, 4. Hobbies: sbbrlsf Reading. Nursing School. DAVID L. WELCH Dave Business Course. J.V. Basketball- 2, Intramural Basketball 3. Hobblesz Basketball, Tennis. Ithaca College. RUTH E WESTOVER Ruthne Buslness Course Glee Club 2 Rod Cross 3 4 Thesaurus Buslness Staff 4 Hobbues Muslc Sewlng Skatung IBM Nyac W DAVID S W College Entran Course Key Club Z 3 4 Sergeant at Arms 3 Sennor Latln Club 3 4 Consul 4 Jv Foot 2 Varslty otball 2 3 Athletlc Councrl 3 4 House of Rep resentatuves 2 3 Senlor Rlng Com rnlttee 3 Delegate to Boys State 3 Hobbucs Frshxng Sports Hamulton College Rochester Unlversnty BETTY A WHITE Pre Nurslng Course T HI Club 3 4 Leaders ClubZ 3 4 Intramural Badmlnton2 3 4 Intramural Base ball 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Soccer 4 Intro mural Volleyball 2 3 4 Bowllng 3 All Star Basketball Team 2 3 All Star Volleyball Team 2 3 Hobbes Sports Readlng College or Nurslng School GAR J lLutzLM Peachy Ee er au se ltaIuanB u ent 4 ntra s tboll Hobbles tw gy Ma :nts Q CHARLES F WILLARD Chuck Technlcal Course Hobbnes Stamps Sports Broome Technucal Institute CAROL A WILLIAMS Flap Busnness Course T Hn Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Leaders Club 2 3 4 Badmanton 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 Soccer 2 Softball 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 4 hesaurus General Staff 4 Hobbies Sports Drlvung Donclng Secretory In I B M SHARON L WILLIS Commercial Course Tr HI Club 3 4 Glee Club 2 Thesaurus Adver trsmg Staff 3 Sensor Rang Commut tee 3 NBET Certlflcate for Stenog raphers 3 Hobbles Muslc IB M or Avnatlon Tralnlng School lGround Hastessl THOMAS J WILSON Tom College Entrance Course House of Representatlves 2 Hobbles Sports Readmg College SHIRLEY J WINTERS Shlrl General Course Hobbles Plano Slnglng Danclng G ROBERT WOLFE o Technncal Course Technical Club 2 JV Football 2 Varsuty Football 3 4 Hobbues Sports Huntlng Clark son Technlcol lnstltute BARBARA A WOOD Barb General Course Trl Ha Club 4 Cho r 2 3 4 Intramural Softball 2 Hob bles Swnmmung Tennls Records IBM or Geneseo State Teachers College JANE U WOOD College Entrance Course Tn Hu Club 2 3 4 Bowlmg 2 Badmunton Basketball 3 Hockey 3 Modern Danclng 2 Soccer 4 Softball 3 Volleyball 3 Hobbues Records l 11 - n U - ' H ' I' -H I I . U . . R "C ball g Fol ' ,4, f' . ' ' -' " - f K I I ' I ' f I - ' I I, ln? ' , 6 X ' I , Q . K 11 - ll , . I :I I 1 V ,. , 3 If f I f,-I C41 It I I N ,fig ,--71' ' tif! C -f ly H H HB bu , V c . ' lb 4, ' r g ' ' I ' I , f E ,A V1 or ,fn 'i .kFU, . -X I A A I - 5 I 7 r s f it X, ' 'ff - .1 I - LJ I V R, ' I L - ST-fy 'r ' Y , I L ts t C I G -4 N - , C A K ,, ,, . n u I '- ' - , ' ' ' 5' ,fl ' ' ' I i..f1 H . H . fl' ' I , , G - ' 5 I A' 5 . ' , , 5 : I S 3: . V' :. I' N jx y I. ' 2 I . I ' 'I .QF Page Forty-Five KENNETH G WOOD Woody Busuness Course Hobbles Huntlng Auto Mechamcs College RICHARD B WOOD Woody Technucal Course Technical Club 2 Hobbves Model Arrplanes College A, or s Cooklng wnng 40-1,4 WILLIAM A WOOD I College Entrance Course Junior Red -Q, ords Readlng College N ELSON E WOODARD College Entrance Course Key Club 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Football Band 2 3 4 Concert Band2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Thesaurus Staff 4 Scholastlc Literary Award Ist 3 Boys State 3 Syracuse Unlversuty Cmzen Conference 3 4 Key Club Play 3 Hobbles Musuc Readlng College CAMERA SHY SENIORS Brazllla Muchael Coleman Harvey Coons, Phyllls DavIs,Gary DlBenedetto Robert Duffek Stephen Fedora Raymond Fenstemacher, George Q-.nv .4-Iv ,staff Florunl Pete Grassl, Francis Hart James Hawley Eugene Harold Hllls Charles Holland Nancy Iannone Ray KI rkegoa rd Ro bert Kolupskl Bernard Kozlna Davud Lrttle Frank McKltrIck Effne Mosca James Nogaret Aldo Page Forty Sax EDWIN WYAK College Entrance Course Hobbles Cars Sports College RICHARD W YOUMANS Duck Technlcal Course Key Club 4 Tech nlcal CIub2 3 4 Football Band 2 Intramural Football 3 Varsity Foot ball 4 Representotlve to Boy s State 3 Hobbnes Huntlng Flshlng Sports IBM M43 5 J Qkiggky odsx-ra IBM rse PM 'JC Lie 5.1, audi. KC C L LAL PM 'F EDWARD F ZEMBERI General Course U S Army DAVID ZEVAN Zeke College Entrance Course Track 4 Hobbles Radlo Cars Sports Cornell or Syracuse Unlverslty I B M Page Larry Shearer Henry Sprague Stanley Tanzlnl Robert Von Horn Bruce Young Gary I I I A ,I 1, "Ed" - I .IIB . I I A' I I I . ,I . H I ff ff I ' 'I 7 ' , I - I V . .E ' . ' , . J V I , ' , . . 4 I X n I C. ' . yfd-fr Q I ' llB'HlI V L M V, .- HP til . ' I Y.. K ' n I aff' si J Cross 2, 3,-4. Hobbres: Music, Rec- "" I I 1 , If ' - . . s' . - . I D' . er ,' 7 , V, 1 I C , , : l , 5 n l H N I , I I5 , I , Im , ,I ff ,I I I AI I " , I ,IIN 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I WE HONOR FIVE HIGHEST RANKING SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Christina Cannavino Robert Hurnpreys and Donald Piatt Elnina Luizzi was absent when Nelson Woodard Richard Balsley Barbara Ko pmmre WGS yoke,-, walewski Richard Greet Patricia Eddy C7 as cv 3 HONOR GRADUATES Front Ann Marie Sevka Carol King Joan Conklin Margaret Weiss, Judy Gould, Mary Gallagher, Marlene I-loycook Gina Diario, Judy DeNovellis. Second: Roslyn Clark Barbara Kowalewski Dale Moyer, Patricia Eddy, Ruth West- over, Sue Palenik, Mary Jane Roasa, Rita Lesko Georgianna Ciacelli, Sally Salzano Third: Ruth Ann Selner Ruth Kocik Nola Harmon, Carol Closkey, Elnina Luizzi, Josephine Manoli, Janet Edwards, Joyce Haynes Marilyn Gumble, Karen Ann Eick Fourth Edward De Vente David Bradt Robert Humphreys, Andrew Moyer Den- nis Balchius George Evan, Donald Mat- tison, William Collins. Fifth: Richard Klett, Joseph Klima, William Solomon, Nelson Woodard Richard You- mans John Hopkins, Richard Balsley, David Zevon, Richard Greet. Last' Walter Szachara, Ralph Titus Paul Komar, Joel Conwicke Rudolph Stastny, Richard Davis, Thomas I-lopko Earl Jackson, Absent. Sue Sturznegger, Barbara Casteline, Page Fofty-Seven 'C r O ww 2' I- fgx pw X FRANK ANNESE VICE PRESHDENT CLASS GFFICERS The Junlor class of 56 has been a merry mixture lf you look to the future now we re wonderung If you picture all of us swaggerung a llttle but wuth that secret power only Sensors seem to possess the prnde we ll feel when Gretchen Kalb Pat Hanley Gaul Platt and Judy McMahon cheer us on through our last year of hugh school sports how young and scared the Sopho mores will appear to us IU all our worldly sophlstucatnon the thrnlled expression on some pretty gurl s face as she feels the weught of the crown makung her queen the unner moans and outer groans as the tame for the flnal Regents rolls around hushed excntement when the announcement IS fnnally made Your Sensor class presudent wall truum-ph on the grudnron Wuth able co captains John Rose and Joe Martnnek nn the lead how can we mlss' We ve dipped unto the future these wonders to foretell may we proudly reign as Seniors and serve old U E well Page Fo ty E ght 3 fgsyli ffsf rx ' 1 Of:-'if X :I Li ,af fi PAUL NERSERE A U SECRETARY TREASURER ' I I 1 . ..,..... N ' i ' . l D X. f - I . 1 Y J . . . - -Q, as t f Y R Us H I, 0 si- 31 ,- z -7- ' 1 Z. -5 L U - - - if U E , ' . . 1 ' t 'E-, Q U . ' ' A l be ..,......... l" . me -R if ees - - - - - --5 ,ua . ' X J 1 - ' , l . . X R: N Z5 ll ,uf -.L A ll I ,Ind-' , K, ' . ' 2' -is' 'R y - V "' Tilt -' 'ir A f Y ' I MSS noun un ASSENBQY fi ii A SNA S251 - ln the U N assembly held thus year U E Junuors proved wuthout peer We ll always remember the countries represented South Afrnca ,Ku oslavla and Czechoslovakla N the research we dad to prepare to Wduscuss our topucs Should Red Chlna be Admltted to the U N 9 and that the General Assembly the Unnon of South Africa For vcy of Apartherd At last ot us learned the meaning of the frlends we made from other schools e thrnll of maknng a tellung point e hospltalrty of the I B M Club House Debate we found was fun Thus as Junlors we made the mark Let s hope as Sensors we keep the spark CZECHOSLOVAKIA 3 'SSG hiv ""3' U-tLQylOSl.0ll lllll ll "Q l" 11lv lNDONlESlfl is 1 US T x S V +V I so '39 Q w , 1 ' i S ' Y , D t A . W S S X Ro ' . th ' ' ' ' 0 . . . thle applause of the spectators S -' J , ,,, T . , f, M d . . . . . . x Yi, K ft S Lv ,Aj NRM-D I I ' , g . A 0 , Q :- A YN QW U 506 3 I' fl ...C CLASS OFFICERS L QERALD llll llll RES 1 -1, z,,f..f JUHN BMRSOSKY PNQBllll Vlllwllll gmt mlm ll?lfl9URlR PRESWENJ Ci.. 'V' wwf' NANCY D BU-ll4ESlll ll g Ffty As thus year draws to a close the sophomores are thmklng back to the begnnnlng and remembering with what awe and excitement they greeted hugh school The fast whirl of events dances football games and all the other thnngs that were so Important Phxl Parr dlspellung boredom a class by rememberlng the lnce an Queen Elizabeth I s wug electing Matolka of HBE Hamilton ot Endwell and Barsosky of JFS otflcers lthe tlrst all boy slate n hlstoryl David Allen representing Paraguay at the model UN assembly Vance Flare starrung ln track Jane Mallory accompanymg the cholr and Gloria Renslnger smglng In t Nancy Blakeslee and Judy Bryden showlng unusual skull on the flute - fr :J D tfiiggfc' h 'C tl fit ,,? - ow ':""'l uf, jr, ' - 3 4 'ln Jil 'alll ' ' 1 - r"'L K . I . ,w , I U V llvlvl 'UW :-,- 99 ...J mtv W7 A Aww ll!-NRY LO WELSH Qffff 119 D lvlhlllf Sllli llvlll lXl J' x A 4.,,. xt f X s -, f f -- E13 ' . , , I xr I at If y MR ,1n W JC, in P fi Q 2- 5 ' cffvl li,QNZ ' QM ,A , , 5 if W' 'E 'N N15 l . . . ' f a FlOl7lE-. Q I h , H -l ,X . . 3. , g Mary Lou Welsh and Mark Shenman drstnnguushlng themselves In the academic tneld Yet somewhere nn those event crowded days ot a first year at hugh school most sophomores found tlme for the learning which IS the major purpose ot school learning to prepare them for llfe to make experuenced students out of those awe stricken novuces as the year ends each soph omore IS asking himself l-lave l land a good toundatuon upon whnch l can build my Hopes and dreams for the future? Have I accomplished thus? A teacher summed up the soph omore year by saynng l thunk that thus age group ns a carefree unanhubuted era Sophomores have practlcally no conceptnon of a system of values and goals and are llvlng In a dream world absolutely oblnvuous ot the problems ot the world lBut :sn t It a great life l VllXlClllXlT N IJ Q Cl ORM Pg FftyOe RElSlNGER AH L ang: llZ lXl3Elll JANE WALLORY Fall d 65142013 ACTIVITIES JUNIOR RING COMMITTEE STANDING Frank Ambrose Potrlcua Mutarl Frank Annese Marne! Young Mark Dlttruch Crang Brrggs Paul Mersereou SEATED Margaret Duttek Mary Ann Makowskn Joseph Martunok Rose rnarle Szediock Gretchen Kalb HELLO O 0' GUESS WHAT? Page Fnffy Two .5 4 Our Student President 'P . . 4 -4, ar ' ' 9 . X " f Q19 I al' I -1 eat' 2 ' I -- rf: 'Af , r 'L v J. xg 1 , M 2 -4 K, , , , - , . ' ' ' A S. I -- -. ' K " . .. 9 , , " ' , I if, , C M fi'- ' Q ,- Qf,.,eAi.:,'t--gg , f x 'j f ,ggi -fifrff' wif? wi ."I 'E 431 1 55 E r f iif- l " , gr.- au t ,U A ' ' iff '1 ' V, 3 . Or anizafions 'X ,ffxx fwomf XBOVERNYIENT f mm X CLUB? f KEY SPANISH UB xx CLUB FRENCH CLUB ITALIANN NXQRGSSI, CLUB KFUT E FARMERS ff'MNx 4fECHN1EAf X L KQUVMRUAL CLUB Xk,ff AMERQQA M pl Fdk X J K X E, jf X Md, fy xx X , X If' Xxx ' XX CL E f . xx I. ki: ff, , ,B 1, . XX - f' ' 'mx fl X - TRI e X i E x 5 'll ff mKQ.X 5-:xxx J l I fi ' ,f' 1-, 5 KX 4 f""'x 1 ,N fx Q. K J R. Xxx ff X I E l ' I II .Q : 1, ll: 1 X 1 A Q RED Q Q j ' P Qi',g I 1'-. . I J ' Y L' N5 M 'i ig K R fff U 1 X ifiil , ,. V . M I iw' H Wit ,H I4 V YI I OF 3 E! I X N W Q' gi?' gf1?S?g1?E?5!gg 'if ,gjiTLg' g',ff5 g D ocrocy i b d h onviction thot h d. Y Abi. . . d. 443, 10 SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Q-fv 1 DONALD PIATT w M 4415, Aug, 41 C S2340 J 8 "1,95OSfV '96 fr 'Y Q1 G IC! 48k Page F fry Four O STUDENT Us PRESIDENT OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT E 9 CH D if ffv QW. ZZ, RALPH TITUS NATE GRETCHEN KALB WILLTAM FETSKO MARGIE POWELL Y ANN MARIE SEVKA P A S Goa! 3 - J .X D ., A xx W! y 'Q E7 i :Q , 'K L ., S fy J AN fvqb W Fl GE A I, 'pfcx 'A ACPO 6 M E fur kb' O F 'B QA I' 44 D A R N 1, 'Sf fv x, 4,6 O AV, Q ,N A ,- 1 1 41? ' 'w M: TTQICTH P ,, ,X xg Rl T ., I N . -W W BA AR A Q ' " Ofv qv 0 Ds 1, w LLLL 4 , x DA V X ' X -'-T' MTISS. 4 Q' 7 , O . C -fn L K A A 579129 LU! INA K S 1 . ? J ,1jQ'qA! A .W . R055 K1 .15 I. R ' L '7 GOVERNMENT FACULTY ADVISER CROOKS A?'L' PAM MASTRO I' cv, MARYLOU WELSH 9-5 MARGARET DUFFEK , .n MARY ANN MAKOWSKI X1 L -41 RYA L k f wi? Y S Qgixz Q- OX, XXI osbx v QF NXEYKSER E XA X V Egg RCQDL PAQ QXN QW Q Nw Q3Kvf XN ,gk X -A A 59 P N9 2 105g NXYXX1 gf YbQix Q,g3 .vw Wfg99 CX br 19 PSA X N9 ' 4 1 1 'X X Y l v X X X N 2 Page FlfTy Fnve XJ Q- +V vfxv-2,9 V C, QJXXIO Q, Q QQ.g si if --Q. C I6 I 'A K . M J f , I 'Au-L' I ,,,.r, ,xx Cs X L Q 9- f . 4 I Avg! MR. , 11751, K, -f :J VI, fe f V , ,rt -I I M914--x.L,E J ww A I 1 'i , , 1. ff El JU V , - Lk: cf 417 ,ff , V vp , 1-'Z . 1 -f , , , Z, 4 I Y " bij' Cf' LL, f Y ','f A PX Q,gR,,.l7' 1 . S 'ftfkj P , fav 2' , X11 If ' C' - fy gvsq. E -Q TX ' ,g Ai -A L 4f A . Q5 5 X , fn ' 5, P525 W I 'P' 9 . , - C9 ES 44A R E R 1 7 fn. 1 24 'Y 1 N vii Q QS , N Q9 4- K OCP Q 4 lv, 4 'q xxx I' 511 R 'JW PSS! O , v X . Q, 64, 'L I , . ' ' , v v if 5 9 ' 610 9 il XC., YG -f . C, GJ Q- , 3 A 5 , PL f.' A C 4 gg , A ' L Q56 O E i v 4 4 I, A 4f XX ,' XL ' ft ,I is X 1 XX A t , ' y K ' . g ' s , Y , ,' x X n XX K X -. Dv 5 7 A x Y V A KEY CLUB Front Anthony Musa Wnlluam Solomon Wulluam Collins Donald Platt Robert Humphreys Joseph Martlnak Robert Furman David Bradt Second Thomas Hopko Paul Mersereau Joel Conwlcke Thomas Zedar Davld Wheeler Ralph Tltus Mark Brown Richard Phillips Robert Butchka Douglas Hoagland Richard Haney Clyde Goodwnn Third Gvlbert Kerr Anthony Colonna Rlchard Wood Rnchard Klotz Nelson Woodard Mark Dltt rlch John Hopkuns Rlchard Youmans Frank Ambrose Thomas Nestor Nuchalas Tarcha Thomas Brown Steve Sawncku The pnmary purpose of Key Club IS to provude servlce to school and communnty Through Its motto We Buuld Key Club has demonstrated nts wulllng ness by carrynng out such projects as sellmg football programs ushenng at Spotlnght on Currnculum helping the Chamber of Commerce monutornng at ture drulls and manntaunung the basketball name boards Key Club sponsored by Kuwanus International ns comprvsed of approxumately forty members Stu dents are selected for membership on the basis of scholarshup character and cntlzenshlp For the second consecutive year the secretary of the New York Dlstrnct Key Clubs has been an Endu cott member Thus year Donald Mattlson was elected to thus otfnce He was also elected International Parllamentarlan at the lnternatnonal convention In Detrolt Mlchsgan Thus years attucers are Robert Humphreys pres :dent Donald Platt vlce president Wulluam Calluns secretary Joseph Martunak treasurer and Rlchard Klett Sergeant at Arms Donald Mattrson State Secretary and Key Clubber or work Parlnamentarnan at Key Club International at Detrant Page Fatty Sax . 9. ' I , V y , X . I , A K I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 11 . 11 - . . . . , ' . I 1 I 1 ' I - - - . I - I . I I I - I 1 1 - I JUNIOR RED CROSS Front row Sandra Dyer Joanne Safford Joyce Safford Margaret Howard Ronald Naylor Wulluom Wood Tamara Muller Gall Grnmes Hannah Jennnngs Juduth Armstrong Jessxe I.oBeIIo Ruth Westover Back row Audrey Buko Jaan Shea Kay Cole Joyce Kanabroskl Dorothy Dula Nelson Johns Betty Campbell Sally Hozempa Margaret Mrsulach Gladys Decker Patrucua Lenz Shnrley Walker The U E branch of the Junuor Red Cross has had a very active year Their actavntles for the fxrst half year were under the dnrectuon of Wrllnam Wood pressdent and Elalne Flllman vlce presudent Dur :ng the last half of the year Elalne Fnllman took over the duties of president and Juduth Armstrong be came the new vuce presldent The actuvutues have been as follows sponsonng a dance the Autumn Whurl to raise funds spon sorrng the general drive for membershnp gnvnng a prnze of hot pre and coke to the wnnnnng rooms and sending Chrnstmas presents to Veterans I-Iosputals COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS GIVE ME ANOTHER PIECE A PIZZA Z' AN Contributions are being tabulated by these The W'fm""Q "0Om5 'VI OUV Red Cross CIVIV9 Red Cross helpers penny by penny were treated ta an afternoon lunch of coke and hot ple Page F tty Seven 6 xc: FRENCH cuuus ,jfqwj f fm rg , XXV fl fy 5 nw Sturzenegger Margaret Cahull Second row Frank Hoffman Carol Kung Meredith Markley Ann guttle Catherine Welsh Grethchen Kalb Lo Raune Thuma Sharon rown Thurd row Richard Phullups Marilyn Case Sheila Burns Terry Wheeler Gaul Puatt Jacqueline Conti Carol Closkey Fourth row Anne Futch Barbara Wood Rosemary Pero Mary Ann g Fuacco Clyde Goodwin Richard Haney Fufth row Nicholas Du Paolo Thomas Morrow Nelson Woodard Davud Naylor Paul Lucas Thus year un the absence of Muss Janet on January 6 un celebration of the feast of Mealy Le Cercle Francaus was under the the Epiphany which us celebrated by the able advusorshup of Muss Fannue Longo French The officers elected were Janet Ed They also started a paper thus year wards president Sue Sturzenegger vuce called the Cercle Couruer a tutle pucked president Margaret Cahill secretary and from several which were turned un during a Ruth Ann Selner treasurer contest held for the purpose As un previous years a CARE package was sent to a needy The actuvutues for the year consisted of family un France the annual dance Cafe de Paris the an nual banquet and a party which was held SPANISH CLUB fd- fw A ff 'L 'kbk "Q,-,ysx-' A! ' W NMI, A ' l Front row Ellen MacDowell, Patrucua Eddy, Davud Beeman, Jewel Mac Kecknue Hope Fuller Sharon Gibson Margie Powell, Anuta Baer f , u , AfUWf,fUl'lx Back row Donna Ferrer, Elono Zuobro, Martha Wuetuen, Antoinette X 17 J Ruzzu, Wulluam Voelke, Dorothea Demkovuch, Mary Ann Kushner, f!ff f ' F Nancy Hoffer, Irene Selanuch, Elaine Zummer, Phala Harper, Davud fff' V Kaler Thus year, under the able guudance of The club produced a newspaper, the EL Muss Fanny Longo, the Spanish Club was PERlODlCO, and carrued on many other organized Jewel MacKecknue was elected enuoyable and educational prouects relating presudent, Hope Fuller, vuce presudent, and to theur chosen country's background and Davud Beeman, secretary treasurer customs Page Fifty Eught f.- QT' film. -:gf . 11 ",.':,, ij 'ff u 2 'Z' 1 .0 ' Q "' , nity lo 41 L " 1 in J , h . " r v tl lW"g.y:1 ,,.- 1: x u 'V qi. r 'F ' I Wx 1 fill- ix fi ' xxx x - -I 4' J 'V ' F u 6'Q'v1 JAH. ' 5 ' Q l - fflffju ll , ff amz., - J-f 5.,. . Q First row: Ruth Ann Selner, Janet Edwards, Miss Fannie Longo, Suzanne 'J F ' ' l R' y I X . u - I A fu u. - - , , D f f , f I I I I f If ,f ' . . ' . . ' ' 5 ' ' f - dlcvj ll - If - - - I u . . . . ' Z , - 1, . H . . H I I . , . - . A I I I 11 - ll - ' ' ' "-- , ar 51 00 ' A inf 'N ' ' ' ' -u f lu in fu' ,l ' -I 5 A J J " f u ul , V lu ffm, l 2 Wu... M J. I ' T ' T lit li- LATIN CLUB Flrst row Annette Pellno Wulluam Solomon Anna Marne Sevka Davld Wheeler Thomas Hopko Thomas Nestor Margaret Sevka Vnrgunua Second row Mary Ann Kamen Stephen Sawlcku Gxlbert Kerr Alan Baker Ralph Tutus Thomas Zedar Joseph Acton Ruchard Davls Duck Balsley Jack Hopklns Joyce Haynes Thnrd row Helen Hasey Suzanne Palemk Lynda Dnllenbeck Mary Flocco Angela Monaco Patrucua Hanley Kathleen Heumgartner Joyce Turner Marllyn Case Through partlcapatlng In the actlvltles af the Sensor Latin Club :ts members com posed at thlrty two students from Vurgul ltaurth yearl Clcero lthurd yearl and knlghts lformer Cicero studentsl have found that the study of Latln can be made more enloyable With Davud Wheeler and Anna Mane Sevka co consuls Ruth Ann Selner Thomas Hopko and Thomas Nestor aedules Margaret Sevka quaestor and Wrlluam Solomon mascotus the club under the expenenced dlrectaan ot Mass Fredernca Hollister has learned more about Rome nts superstutuons nts people and nts customs Meetungs held monthly an specual Roman Holudays deoncted the theme at the holuday such as the Blrthday at Rome the ldes of March the feast of the Saturnalla The successful year was concluded wuth a banquet for nts members and the annual Latln Club plcnlc ITALIAN CLUB f ni... k fi --.- Front Nancy Chucane Ramon Palazzo Gary Wulhelm Rosemarne DnTammaso Edda Mosca Jacquelnne Chuocco Back Marulyn Llttle Karlene Fueld Beatrnce Ranney Mary Ellen Graham Pat Palazzo Rvnalda Roma John Roma Barbara D Tommaso Antonnette Coppola Sally Salzano The Italian Club has had o very octave year The club contains slxteen members who must meet every two weeks One of the club s leadung actlvntues thus year was the sponsoring of the annual Itallan Club dance At the meetungs the offlcers Gary Wal X I x tx helm, president, Ramon Palazzo, vlce pres I ndent, and Rosemarle DlTammaso, secre tary treasurer are In control of actlvntles Mr Carl Zonno acts as club advuser and dlrects the study of ltaluan culture XSS I ' ', , 'MIIIIIIIQI Page Flfty Nme I l A ,W I I Cl! I lt I X :yn 'V X' 1 9 'Il' ' -II - L , ' Wt xy X L I I gli hx All Ijvlrlx N IIWIXWI lax. MII ! 1-VI 'lil If v ' K XI, 3,1 v Il! Y T ff ll llil :I I I If 1 III 'MH' Uqf I WI: . Z . r .. , . 2 I 'Q' ,lll'l Y IK Ingalls. I: I - I I - L D I I ,I I y df . 1 I I . 1 f ' V Ill A5 J SI - - - , 1- .. t ' K I X ef we Q A A V I II l 4 I ' A 'XY 61-7 ll' ,,.fjL.,. gr -Q V - I If , .C ,,,, . - I If Et K W'----4-...- . ..,, , Vi' 1 ' X X 3 I. . I I t . I I . I' in I ' , ' , . , I B v . 'll' kk TRI-Hl OFFICERS ,X N CLOCKWISE Mary Ann Whitternore reporter Mary Lou Welsh secretary Janet Edwards Vice President Patricia Eddy President Luanne Christina Treasurer TRI-Hl Tri-l-li, under the capable guidance ot Miss Gladys Mersereau, this year completed its twenty-fifth successful year, Three hundred girls participated in its activities, ranging from the popular sports of bowling, swimming, and archery to the planning and organizing ofthe school's big dances, In addition to the annual "All U-E Night", "Silver Ball" Christmas Formal, and Spring Formal, the club added to its pro- gram a Valentine Ball. The popular and educational New York City trips were taken again this year by three busloads of girls and their chaperones in March and April MAY QUEEN AND HER COURT ""'l" iii. S FOOTBALL QUEEN AND HER ATTENDANTS Page S xty LJ Y +2 l . I! i l X V K g A . l 41 in ,kt fi A Q ii K " C ,, " '1 ' ' F . ' U, a W A K . , I 'V I . M .I X 1 'S Q . , A ' ' R gf it V .,.i Q V .fini V Alia I CLUB In continuing its policy of Contributing to school and cammunuty lute Tn Hu mem bers sent Chrustmas gifts to a local orphan age served as theatre ushers to collect money for the March of Dames and added to their College Loan Fund by theur work on the Tru H: Carnival an annual project In conjunctnan wnth Student Government Lookrng back on the years actnvltles members may well agree that Trl HI 55 56 has nndeed been profntable I CROWN THEE' YOU CANT GET IN WITHOUT A NUMBER bifsg. TRI-HI BOWLING Page Snxty-One FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA X l ' ., ""'t , Q A new ack Sandra Dyer Naam: Schmoltz Betty Campbell Barbara Russel Patrucna Copp Jane Campbell Hulda Sackler uttmg Margaret Mnsulnch Kay Kalb Joanne Brooks Hannah Jennings Joan Kany Betty Jean Hnlls The Future Homemakers of Ameruca led by Elizabeth Campbell theur presldent are do :ng a fnne job of creating a better understandlng of Amerncan Llfe To carry out thus their theme the gurls have vlslted various chnldren s homes and on one occasnon escorted some of the chnldren on a shopping tour Many young chmldren were presented wnth gnfts at a party held nn their honor at Chrnstmas tlme Also uncluded In the Inst of actuvutnes was a party held at Forest Lake wuth the Future Farmers of Ameruca Muss Campbell was alded un her presudency by Barbara Russell as vlce presldent and Naam: Schmalz as secretary of the club Dorothea lKayl Kalb served as treasurer and Patrucua Copp as reporter FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Standlng Tennyson Tungley Gerald McDonald Carl Darby Mlchael Brazulla Allyn Dela field Robert Frantz Wlllus French Raymond VanBurger Donald Heffner Seated Bernard Kolupsku Rlchard Basket Gary Hosknns Albert Fargnoll Raymond Muhlbauer Ronald DeVlta Lewis Wllklns Under the supervuslon of Mr Larry Herz faculty advlsor the Future Farmers of Amer :ca have had a successful year Partncrpatmg In several ludgnng contests they have won among others the Vnrgnl Judg :ng Tour gannlng permanent possession of the land ludgnng trophy whsle doung so The F F A attended the Farm Home Week at Ithaca un March to vuew exhibits of the latest an agrlcultural methods and Ideas Thus trnp was fnnanced by the F F A Supper they had put on earluer In the year Elected as the F F A officers were Albert Fargnoln presudent Ronald Delata vlce pres :dent Bruce Rought secretary Kenneth Baldwin treasurer Gary Hoskuns sentlnel and Raymond Muhlbauer reporter who have done much to carry on the purpose of the Future Farmers of Amernca the development of agricultural leadershup cooperatuon and cltlzen Ship Page Snxty Two t I 2 X - 5 X I K . A B 1 , , , , , , . 5 2 ' , , , , , ' I I I T . . . . . ,, . . ,, . . - . . . . . . , . I I r Q L ' 9 , . I. 4 I 'A s, . ' ' - N- 5' ' I , xt ' Z ' I I I I - f , , , - 5 , , , 1 ' I I T I I I T , . ' ' ' I I I - I I I I I I 7 I I ' ' I I I - COMMERCIAL CLUB FRONT left to rught Margaret Socher Rose Marue Szedlock Ruth Kocuk Ann Marue Noce Chrustuna Cannavuno Barbara Slade Charlotte Schnell Hannah Jennungs SECOND left to rught Joan Gallagher Adeluna Alumontu Audrey Buko Mary Louuse Loupersberger Mary Ann Sungorellu Sally I-Iazernpa Betty Campbell Joan Shea Euleen Muller Joyce Cooper Barbara Oakley Juduth Armstrong Sally Begeal THIRD left to rught Faye Knowles Mary Ann Guulfoyle Margaret Musuluch Carol Crousetto Barbara Kowalewsku Margaret O Neul Sandra Braun Mary Ann Makwo sku Eduth Sgobba Juduth DeNoveIIus Frances Argento Rose Marue Cuccarellu The Commercual Club us open to all sophomore uunuor and senuor busuness students The purpose of thus club us to acquaunt the gurls wuth the busuness Iufe of our communuty Durung the year under the supervusuon of Muss Knuskern the gurls make trups to varuous furms un order to observe busuness operatuons furst hand They also hold panel duscussuons and entertaun varuous guest speakers throughout the year The Club s offucers are Chrustuna Cannavuno presudent Mary Louuse Loupensberger sec cretary and Ann Louuse Noce treasurer Under the durectuon of these offucers the gurls gauned much valuable unformatuon through theur projects LIBRARY CLUB S Luculle Panfullu Jo Casselberry Karen McCauley Judy Glynn Thus year Lubrary Club under the durecuuon of Muss Adona Suck consusts of three mem bers The offucers are presudent Joe Casselberry, vuce presudent Karen McCawley, and secre tary Judy Glynn Because of the number of members the offuces of Vuce Presudent and Treasurer have been combuned A Chrustmas party was held at Jo Casselberry's house The Club took un more members un February Page Suxty Three . 'I 'NW ,u .A.u..u.mu1 KI ' - , , . W , . . u 1 1 1 , 1 1 , . , . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 , . , 1 1 1 1 1 , . . I , . I I 1 1 1 I I ' I I 4 L - 'mu 14 -' I 11 N 1 .. X 1 1 1 1 . . . L. . . . - I I TECHNICAL CLUB Inf Front row Rlchard Wood Robert Mnakoncak Joseph Svoboda Paul Topencuk Michael Vanuga Clark Goodner Rodney Swartwood Edward de Vente Vlctor Burke James Dalton Terry Kemp Back row James Frdele Vander Wnlson Ruchard Youmans Everett Wood Leon Carpenter Domlnrck Felice Walter Szachara Paul Komar Duane Bevan Charles Sakowsky Ray Jodorun Thomas Luclf Leroy Muller R chord Greet Robnn Scherter Davud Vaal Reed Swundler Technical workers perhaps best exemplufy the American way with men of many back grounds workung together nn free enterprise for the development of modern productron meth ods and technology to make the lufe of all America easter and the future brighter At U E students taknng the Technncal Course can ennch thenr knowledge In thus fneld and have fun at the same time by golnlng the Technical Club It vlslts local industries and has :nterestrng programs with guest speakers and movues at nts weekly meetings Proyects thus year Included puttung new locks on the lockers an the boys gym furnlshung schedule cal endars to teachers who requested them competing against other clubs In basketball games awardang of a S5 second prlze to an outstanding technlcal student and an out of town VISIT to another communuty to study nts lndustry and educatlonal opportunltnes To end the year gllfh a bang the tradutuonal pncnlc was held at Lnly Lake lthe food bull runs more than lOO"'l Thus vaned program was supported wnth money the boys earned themselves They sold plns at our football games andy at the basketball games and held two dances The offlcers are Rodney Swartwood president Rnchard Klett vuce presudent Edward De Vente secretary treasurer Advisors Mr Richard Klett Mr James Longwell and Mr John Woodruff Technical Club member repairing lockers Mr Klett presents Englneerlng awards to Joseph Funarl and Davld Mayes Page S xty Four T etics fw6oBfM xx figs-"' cf' 5 2 f ff? f M Nb QW kg mai Wm viif, f ' . , ' Alai fo' K AN ef N VWW7' X LM "' WZ, C f I 1 N XXX --"' 0' ff mf gf!! Snnce the time ofthe oncnent Greeks the devel opment of the body through heolthful recreotuon hos been on nmportont port of educotuon Pg S tyF V' XM K - 2 A ix 'Q' , K fxiyf f , ,Q ing-fpvfe, 4 V No e s. ff? e - -1 ' ew- 't i ff ' S "j ,- X A -' ,. gi f . L I 1 21 V T v :-'gli ag! Y f X 'K -,X xt N 1 X ff Q , - 5 to .X V F xxx 'Y , , - 7 X Q ,f , til xxx ', f! t 3 Qt CLA . H I J Z ,Ni XM Q ,f ,I fy Q ' t ' J My A W ' f 2 . , .N law' , .V 1 9 Q f e' f t S x M N f , - x- , fylxfy , . t 'Q , . 1,6 'V 'X ' v , X QEFST1 P-' I 'Q Z 4 f iff X W, ll 114' A X 22.1, I , , a ' My X W A f Qff, I ' ' irxg VAS. Virg il' ' 1 I .J 'f 1 fx , -as .fr ,iw gf fo, f' ' ,,7 , I K l f t 1" Q' ' -1 "u. X 1 X D K Y N -f"'!1. Mx f ' - ,hx Y w X 1 v gn' .xx X xx . KN ff, - QSM! ! i A S 5 N K x .. - M W ' t ff' f NX X X 'X 14' 'I 2 N x' . ' V rt, LQ gf -X , X it -X Mlm xt A ,li X ei!! XX to t U t t t X 2 NN tttt tt ' ' t t H ef N fiif t t -o N X- X it W t 9 ff t t ,, ,t wt tt 9 fx w t tt X4 . . ff , ' M y 'ff'-,,, X l 1' Q N' 'll' ii- -J I X XX' Zfdzo x X' JI! 45' Qt A 5' e x IIA I 18, NX jfffpx 1 4, Q, o e ix - ive ATHLETIC ADVISORY COUNCIL nails Left to Right Janet Edwards Mass Mary Prtkln Davud Wheeler Mr Harold Ty Cobb Dr Wnlluam Krurn Mr George Forbes Margaret Sevka Miss Margaret McDougall Bernard Ivan COACHES Left to Rught Michael Rotunda Nncholas Du Nunzuo George Cardone Harold Ty Cobb C Burdette Parkhursf Vito Popelka Harold C Goodfellow Mauruce Hamnlton Page Suxty Srx '? ' '- 'R J ..- , - , . , . ,, ,, . , J - 1 1 1 - 1 - - , . , , , , I 1 .- H .1 4 o-'W 5-fy , ' 4, ! . . X ' - f- yy K Z I I AI . f X , A . , ' , I . . . . . , . 11 11 A 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 Yjgjpwtywwx VARSITY FOOTBALL T FRONT Ruchard Crawford Davld Wheeler Anthony Musa David Bradt John Gyles lcoptalnl Richard SECOND Wnlllam Terry Bernard lvan John Faacco Louis Petrllln Layman Smith Craig Brlggs John Guammzchele John Rose Robert Furman Patrick Calleo THIRD Bruce Hamrlton Peter Bottaglnnu Thomas Hopko Robert Sherndan Larry Chrysler Joseph Mort: nak Robert Dryer Rlchard Youmans Robert Wolfe Anthony Colonna John Petrolawucz BACK Robert Wlgglns Kenneth Roblnson Mgr B uce Rought Mgr Rlchard Fltzpatrnck Thus year s football squad started out the tall season as one of the mast nnexperuenced teams an the hastory of U E With only one returning letterman Captain Jack Gyles the Orange Tornado was not guven much of a chance for success by local sports writers However after losung nts fnrst two games ta E F A and Bnnghamton North the team swam to a vnctory over Vestal by the score of 6 O Then as the team pncked up needed ex penence they rolled to a 52 O vnctory over Utica Proctor All In all, wnth the and of Richard Battusta, fullback and Craug Bnggs quarterback among many others the team compiled an overall record of four wlns three losses and one tue Thus record Included an excntung l2 O wun over Blnghamton Central an the annual Turkey Day classnc Page Suxty Seven - f 'i.. . 'T 1 " 'FV'-rf .F .., V ' ., 1 af U .W . L. V vs. Y T t 1 l . l - A . l I l V I f 1 f 1 I V Battusta, George Evan, Edward Brngham, Terry Underwood, V I I I ! I I l I Al A I 4 I I I ,I I -I I l I F I '- l V I V V ' I , 4 - ,, I' - ., l V l . . , , . . ' - 1 1 1 - ' ' I Il ll ' ' I I I I I ' J V FOOTBALL nr' FRONT Joseph Bunkewucz Karl Saddlemure John Buno Otus Wolfe Douglas Huffcut Anthony De Paolo SECOND George Robunson Anthony Cuccorellu Robert Dodge Dovud Kemp Charles Hennemon Robert Furman THIRD John Lutter John Houck Wulluom Macon Vuctor Pezzula Edwun Brugham Ruchord Youmons I layers show theur opprecuotuon for o suc Cessful season after the Bunghomton Central game Page Suxty Thus year s Junuor Vorsuty football team gouned much experuence whule battlung the other Truple Cutues squads to ochueve a record of two wuns and two losses Eught "Ty" Cobb presents Jock Gyles wuth Most Improved Player Plaque K A ' l , :' - Z ' . u ' 5 . V , -v cf C' 1 ix A uf' . T - vb 1- A f -1 . . K f ' lr., H -A .ul X if L V 4 K ' x J C ' M u 7 1 I 3 ,C ' - V V : A A I A I l I 4 I I ' , , . . s W K ui Il .. l if , .- A , R Q ' l . T IZ V at P , . . - T ' u W X , K ffl ,Q X yy 79 ZC4 vQ VARSITY BASKETBALK FLA, if c FRONT Peter Saraceno lmgrl Wendell Gilroy lmgrl SEATED FIRST Charles Tarncone Craug Bruggs Robert Butchko Arthur Rnegal Mnchael English Kenneth Newcomb Robert Humphreys BACK John Petrolawucz Patrlck Calleo John Rose Harold Barney Goodfellow lcoochl Paul Mersereau Robert Dingo Wuth only one returnlng letterman Art Rregal to work with U E mentor Barney Goodfellow has shaped up o hustllng but small club that hos held Its own ogolnst for more experienced teams They have played on o far bet ter scale than thelr 8 7 overoll and 4 6 conference record undlcates They gave fsrst place Johnson Cnty a good scare before losing to the for taller team 59 57 The uncanny eye of Make English and the steadysng unfluence of our playmokers Craig Briggs and Bob Butchko gave all the rest of the teams nn the conference something to worry about when playing U E -fir aptaun Robert Butchko recesves con grotulatlons of has coach and teammates Page Suxty Nme boys get ready for bug game S Ke' if f ' Y - J Kick gf J J ig 'lk' xg NW ' " yb , X AJ 'W ,w 23 J ' ev N E 41 .Jr A we 1 X J ' C' or XX , , Lt UJI I 4 3 I I' l5f 2 . Tk J . A I I I JJ .V H I A ,fl ' :JU V, ' - - ' -fJ J5J 'J J L ' I. T' A ' 1,v. X . A V X sr ZW J Q X X 'Q Q 2 J ' xxx J f if S X. LX. L' f M JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT James Fntzpatrlck Patrlck Palazzo Jon Redolphy Adrian Menlchettu John Breno Ronald Hess BACK John Beno Gerald Harrns Vito Popelka Gerald Hamulton Richard Ruegal Last wunter s Junlor Varsuty Basketball showed tune sportsmanshrp an all their games Under the excellent coachmg of Vuto Popelka the team showed team splnt In many hard fought contests VOLLEYBALL if i , N-T'-mul-H' FRONT George Evan Davud Mntchell Duane Mc Lean Donald Ferrante Muchael Borellu Charles Mulesky SECOND Joseph Acton Gary Basker Donald Platt Wnlluarn Solomon Charles Nicholas Robert Furman Paul Lucas Wuth thus year s season lust underway Coach l-larolcl Ty Cobb s volleyball team has only played three matches ln spute of a record of two defeats at the hands of Bunghamton Central three games to O agannst a vnctory overJ C 2 and l the boys have hopes of equallng or bettering last year s record The volleyball squad last winter tunrshed second sn the Truple Cutues with a record of fntteen wlns and twelve losses They also funnshed second In sectuon tour Page Seventy J , . Q9 J w l I J ' l . I I 4 4 I 4 I I I .I I ' 2 l 1 I I Q f I I V I I I L45 '- Al , 1 in . i l . lk ta 4-3 -r-' . 7 E f V W ' ,i... A.a: , l' 'LZVQ -' 1 I '.....N,j,,,..-V-' , b ug a Q, HY' ,...,t- A H I 5 , I 1 1 V 1 I J, ' A I 1 A I Q V I I I l ' ' I ' I I I I I I . . , ' I I TRACK BACK Coach Parkhurst Tlmothy Horan Paul Rlzzuto Douglas Shea Coach Popelka Coach Conwlcke THIRD Frank Alessl Dlno Paparella Robert Wlggrns Karl Saddlemnre Douglas Koban Robert Lawrence Edward Breno Nlcholas Tarcha Mark Brown Paul Lucas Ray Parkes SECOND Douglas Huffcut Wulllam Brunner Thomas Hermlz Woodruff Gaul George Evan Damel Lee Donald Platt Mark Dlttrlch Anthony Annese Bernard Ivan Gary Basker Robert Furman Rlchard Phulllps FlRST Thomas Mooney Joel Conwlcke Jack Lawton Robert Senuska Robert Osborne Rnchard Hoover Gary Young Thomas Cullen Thomas Kurkoskl Mnchael Colella Gobruel Sochor Robert Parke Vmcent Flor: U E s Track Team continued through another undefeated untled season wlnnmg the Vestal Relays one trlangular four dual meet vuctorves the Trlple Cltles and the N Y P H S A Sectnon 4 meet Though mlssung such stars as Ovlduo Netra Bryant Wood and Ralph Wetland new athletes easlly fulled the gaps U E sent many athletes to the N Y P H S A Section 4 meet at Cornell Unlverslty and two Robert Osborne mule and Gabriel Sochor low hurdles, to the N Y P H S A state meet at Rome Top pount getters were Patnck Calleo Robert Osborne Gabrvel Sochor Jack Lawton Rlchard Hover and Ray Parkes cnoss , tDG1fcl!lfX,f lp? fl' I up 'in 1 'M' x X Back Coach Theodore Conwucke Wnllsam Brunner Vmcent Flon Anthony Annese Mark Brown Glenn Benlamnn Joseph Acton Paul Lucas Mark Dnttruch Manager Douglas Shea Front Davrd McCammack Gary Corder Gary Robble Davud Klett Douglas Koban Rlchard VanHorn Thomas Morrow Carl Hackllng U E s harruers had a successful year IH cross country ln l955 though hampered by nnlunes to two of nts startmg flve runners the team had a great record The harruers started wuth vlctorles at Wundsor Ithaca and Dryden and at Binghamton North before belng defeated It compnled a perfect score l5 the lowest possuble for the fnrst tlme nn U E s hlstory Its flrst defeat was In a truangular meet agalnst Vestal Central state champlons and Wllllamsport Pennsylvanla a perennial powerhouse The harruers then took second place ln the Trnple Cntses meet and the N Y P H S A sectuonal meet at Vestal Hills Fvve runners represented U E at the N Y P H S A lntersectlonal meet atWest Polnt Vmcent Flon Anthony Annese Glenn Benyamln Mark Duttrlch and Mark Brown alternate Letter men were Vmcent Flor: Anthony Annese Glenn Benlamln Mark Duttnch Mark Brown, Wllllam Brunner Paul Lucas Douglas Koban Joseph Acton and manager Douglas Shea Page Seventy One 1 : I I I I I ' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I I I I I I I I h 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 A . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . . - 1 1 , I I . . . . . . 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 I I. . , Q f, 'l . ' ' I 1 Q LL, Lg. v 'V A f ' ,1 I 1 f x , 5 ' X' o 7 - L, 1 41 3 sr X P3 ' 1 .v - 1 'x V '- . I A. P ' ' . 'I' s '. x . 1 1 !' . . . ll ' g l S ' v-G1 ' A 1.-Ml " ll l ' . Y l , V nd' lt -MUN l 3.1 1 Ls . X ' .e. - Z I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . I q . , . . . ' 1 I . 1 . , 1 1 ' . 1 1 I I ' . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' VARSITY BASEBALL l '?:: 'luis ...f UT 5... FRONT Robert Corwnn Robert Butchko Ruchard Battusto Peter Sylvester Cramer Harrungto Arthur Ruegal Marlo Sylvester George Matoa BACK Thomas Hopko Robert Humphreys Charles Mulesky Angelo Bontempo Eugene Battaglune Bruce l-lamnlton Ronald Thayne Manager James Mosca Last years baseball team funushed wrth a won lost record of seven vuctornes and tive defeats Thus was good enough to gave them second place In the Eastern halt of the conference as well as second an the Trrple Cltres All at the squad s games were marked by the determlnatuon to wnn and good Sportsman shlp lnstnlled unto them by Coach l-larold Ty Cobb Y BAS JUNIOR VARSIT EBALL W- DKU Www? M M, ICU?-rf -04 mb 1" Back Wulluam Fetsko Monte Webster Nlcholas Materese Otls Wolf Terry Avery Joseph Brnknewlcz Joseph Pozzu Muchael English James Mosca Front James Mahool Andrew Rnplc Edward Tomasky Anthony Musa Clare Chandler Peter Vlvona Jon Redolphy Craig B nggs John Wolfe Gilbert Kerr The Junror Varsuty Baseball team of last spring showed determlnatnon to wln In COm plllng their record Page Seventy Two r r. ,., A . - Xxx 1 X X W, X J r ' X I X Q Q , ' ff , L 1 t ,A 'ml p H F N . f , r . ' . , , it W I J 1-..' t . f ' r nf 9 , . g. 9 4, r ,f,, . . -M," f rf- -'-,Sw-Q gf9".:' - V i' ' X , 4 - . . . d"f-5 M33 - 7' - ' .Tru , Y at , ,Y 1,-rr ,. W , . ' ,gf . ,-23,5 I K . ,, 3. Z ' 1 I F I I I V nl . . I , , 1 I A I V r I - If , , - , . . . . . . , . . . ' ' ' ' ll ll , . , l E . . 4. c A , J A. ' ' it ,ff l K ! v N l , X4 1 ltlr ' Q - J 4, X . I tt A X , ' , J l XX: f' Fl l, ll ' N .5 - I ..w-,,-,,.. fx A lc ' r Qt f. ' 1 , 1 g I 1 ', ' spew T' Q Q - ' tt J y f N 4 .solitons C , vD1f?ur,,4 A H ? 1.:':,-c- N 1 R ll I . l I ' -' zffjvffi llh, L 4 - Jf l f K' ' .- r ' 4-l -if ' 1 ,fl 'V . 4 1 ' Q 4 in 4 -'Lx . , " , L, - A . Lil ,lj-'l"'l, . M T V 0 D, s ' Y V -,Q 'Q-r.,24r.Q3,:f -2, I ' if Q QI., , Tl , , A " : "'4'2l' -.1:Q2f'fl'Q.f" :f'f7Ef, J ,'.i.lli2Alf'S-izti 9 ' '1""""' . 3 l U 1 1 A 1 J 1 1 A 1 r 1 A I r I I ' 'To v-I-NDV .5 GOLF C c. FNQEFUL- CJR, Left to rnght Fred Franta Gary Toulson Ronald Terpak Leroy Shearer Domunrc Putruno Robert Dmga Ronald Demkovuch and Coach DuNunzno U E s seemingly nnvlncuble golf team contunued nts wunnlng ways by relgnnng vnctornous through ten dual matches and the sectlonals These included Impressive vnctorues over such powers as Johnson Cnty and Ithaca both at home and away Sparked by Ronald Terpak s usual excellent scores and the steady playung of the rest of the team they met llttle opposntnon untnl they fmally were forced to be content wlth second place In the lntersectronal competl tnon at Nott Terrace In Schenectady BOWLING Front Donald Fuehl Donald Howrulka John Salemme Vuctor Van Vestrout Charles Sternples Domunuc Morlando Gaerry Honnnck Back George Robunson Thomas Hopko Charles Paradns Stuart Bowen Robert Rutlunger To head the U E Bowling Team Gerald Shlma was elected president and Robert Drum secretary After a slow start the U E Keglers under the able coaching of Mr Paul Mac' McCormack, ended the furst half wuth a 9 3 record to tre the J C team for fnrst place Thus was an excellent record and uf the teams gaun as good a record In the last half, they have good chances of acquurrng first place In bowling thus year Page Seventy Three SHIIIGIUN pll.fl4,NUE VVYXC B Q t l l Lv T' A - . Q 5 I I . ' ' ' ' l if . fl F I A . 0 g V 4 I or ' " f X ' .. ' P- A ' I I I h I - I I I . l I T ' I , . . I I I I V I 4 I I A I I . I , . 2 ' I I I I I I ' ' - 1 1 1 1 1 - I I I - I I JUNIOR LEADERS CLUB .X .- i sf YC I :fit 5 Front: Pam Mastroe, Margaret Plaumann, Hope Fuller, Helen Busa, Elizabeth Dunn, Marilyn Case, Linda McBride. Second: Alice Yankowski, Nikku Stein, Lorraine Mydlo, Karlene Fueld, Dorothy Reynolds, Rosemary Kruza- nek, Joanne Keener. BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL" "MAKE THAT BASKET" Page Seventy-Four SENIOR LEADERS CLUB Front Judnth Webb Gwen Labouseur Carol Closlcey Anne Harley Anna Sevka Betty Whtte Mary Ellen Wemland Margaret Weuss Kathleen LaGrange Margaret Sevka Second Janet Edwards Barbara Kowalewsku Altheda Watkins Luanne Chrlstrna Sue Palenuk Sue tur zenegger ElleenPlaumann Rath Ann Selner Constance Morley VOLLEYBALL TEAM BADMINTON QUARTETTE Page Seventy Fave , bf' - 5 ' ., .. Q' A , 49- 3 :L . r- I X " . 9 3 " " U V rr ,, P M . F, a . ' ' S. PJ l 8 , 4. L r ' " . Ki " L - ' A u ,L fly" lr V 45' V I S , ' ' ff '. ff A V . , j A fi E ZQ m E qv F A " . - l 5 s. , . I l.,lil.llI"" xg 'V 4 , fv' l L A ' rv f -. L' K ,,X N 43'1GL3f' ll ' 1 r ' E 1 X Q . l l I" , ' 5 I' , - .,, X jv 5' A Af A l 5 " " A n-. 1 l z FIELD HOCKEY TEAM Anne Harley Joanne Keener Koy Lo Grange Corolune Clark Gwen Lobou seur Dole Sfonley Aluce Yonkowskl Ruth Schopxro Judy Webb X-X x fm., SOFT BALL TEAM Bock Dorothy Reynolds Susanne Sturzenegger Ruth Ann Selner Corolyn Clork Anno Sevko Front Mory Ellen Wellond Kathleen LaGrange Jonet Edwards Judlth Webb Gwen Lobouseur Anne l-lorley , 1 ' A , fe ' ery' J ' I . 'X rg l 1-5 , ' in ,ir ' ,,1, . QQ Y I x - - 1 . vi, vl I A r JL, ' ,., " I ' I J 1' I I V genial 1 ' ' ' fi f 2 - L 55' 'U' gi I . Q ' ' x, M ', 1 x' L f' "F "' Q x X .A l it 3 'X .flu , :V ' xl fgh, K .-.., , , . , ACTION CHEERLEADERS AND FANS USING YOUR HEAD ,44 l MODERN ISADORA DUNCANS FIELD DAY WINNERS Back: Judy Pero, Florence Ambrose, Julianne Gorczynske, Waneta Sanford. Front: Dorothy Reynolds, Ellen Swagler, Nancy Ward, Anne Harley, Ann Marie Seyka. Page Seventy-Seven ACTION OUR HERO HIT EM HARD J Kidd' Q fr .An fu -'Q 1'-'- YOU RE OUT Ts MAKE THAT BASKET GET THAT BALL Page Seventy Enght 1 f x ' ' , 1 " -,X '25 Q ' sn .I xx , I , ' in -U 3' A 5' A- 1 'Z' I 'f-A di- 'V A M . 'Y J! , F 4 : . Ag, , -fs- ,. A ,A .Q A 4, A ' , 1 N, ,, - .,, V ' Wh' I Q .31-QQ? M L , A.. i Qivwkyf, . . 4 V I I . - T .. ' '- -- - "' . - ...naw ,f....' xv' , 'N 4' e M X , A A A ee A ' -- Ilhnx ,- ' 'T T Curriculum God be thanked for books They are the vouces of the dustant and the dead and make us hears ofthe splrntual Ilfe of past ages Channnng Emerson sand The thlngs taught ln schools and colleges are not an educohon but the means of an education Here an the classroom of U E we lay the foundatuons of our education 'Lf f 1 1 kfxf-I-V7 -X X ,nfl PgeS tyNe lTRk:k43ei. LEARNING BY HOOK OR BY CROOKS MR NORRIS NATURE BOYS in-1 L Mr Crooks msTrucTs has American Hls In wood shop The fxrst lesson as That nanls Tory Class In The ynrTues of The democrotnc not Thumbs are The forgets of hammers SysTem U ES NEW TEACHERS Ignorance of U E sTudenTs IS bl ss WHATS COOKING ALL QUIET ON THE LIBRARY FRONT K ii! These are The gurls who wall wield The can openers of Tomorrow Page Elghfy Thus plcTure clearly proves That The U E Inbrary IS really used for study 1 . 'W' " ,. - -.. i I 1- I .k. ' I ,- -L, M f 1 , I 1 F, y T, cg-I I V E ' 'I ' 1' B- . - ' I . Q 7 1 n 5 5 K' I ' A , M 4 v Alf, I If ' 'R R l, , f. I I a I "BEAUTY UNADORNED?" HLOOK! AN AMOEBA!" In Dromc Class M Sanford attempts Buology students compete for 0 word of 'IfI YIWCI commcmfotuon from Doc Turver MOB SCENE' U E STYLE Observing those earnest students who Con doubt thot U E students can hardly wont to get to classes FILE YOUR APPLICATIONS GIRLS' MEN VS MACHINES yn,-E, 7 A' at SY -9" 9 Here ore Ideal husband framed ID all M Beckers mochme shop keeps ts phosa of homgmckm, trfm rin hwo hung to Shoulder to the wheel Hoor gcrU'nI'm Page Eighty One to Q :ly I L' 'f " I In , U U I .II H 1 H V IA . I X A U I Ill 1 A I If F- I - 1 f ' "'1'1 I . A. ,Y K I 'T ee. I , ' Riff ' I 3 N , ' Zh-g 'T 2 .A it , 1 , - 41 f " 6 A ' , g WT 0 ,ff ' I :- ' S, r ' ' I S ' 'T f J 3 S . I Q "WOMEN VS. MACHINES" "HOW SHOCKING!" .,l5' GIVIS Of OHICE DYOCTICE' CIOSS fight the Electnc Shop students ottempt moss bottle of the century sulclde by electrocutlon WHAT AGAIN? x .KL .2 ,Z-1 U E students know they cont wvn with the ever vngnlont Mrs Cobb and Mr Woodard checkmg excuses HOW DOTH THE BUSY LITTLE BEE? A BANG UP CLASS Thus vnew of IO8 Study Hall dusproves These future chemusts ocquured their the ossertoon thot U E students never study worried expressuons from constant teor of Page Enghty Two expIosuons FUTURE PULITZERS AT WORK U ES GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT X 'L T S N Journallsm students plan an Issue of the These happy people just love to llsten to Zephyr students troubles SOMEBODY STOLE MY BOOK ,v ',ltlgltgt, X mx 4 x in.: E 'u 5' ll 'lu Q Ull 'I ' ' lm num I ,fl ."l1,, . 3 rn ' ' U 1 Ill ,. N Cugnr Z 1 N 5 ns 'lp :I I - . gl' -'I n X I N' X I' .. If 7 tl fl 45 Mrs Roberts of the book room retauns er good nature despute the oft repeated ex cuse AREA MOTORISTS BEWARE' WATCH CLOSELY BOYS' i, l .3353 1 N ,...-- , Q --4" ZX, Mr Robbuns Driver Trannlng students M Longwell demonstrates the perfect prepare to sally forth In an assault on En technuque to has Imperfect Technical Shop dvcott s streets students Page Eughty Three SEW WHAT? THE THINKERS 5.-nn ..,,,ss-Q Future Homemokers leorn thot o starch Mr George holds has Physrcs closs spell nn tame soves nune bound or ore they porolyzed7 TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH' T The well being of U E students s an he Copoble honds f M ss Lesko ond Dr Mallory XX 45v.5B?d'ig3?5+?5tL SQUARESI HAPPY FARMERS' Mrs, Dalton instructs in geometry, Page Enghty- 1. I Ill U-E's ogrorican experts drink in words of wisdom from Mr. Herz. Four fi g-,,.-f . "SLIDE RULE FANTASY" HFOLLOWERS OF SALVATORE DALI" QQ V 'Q' U Boys IH Mochsnc Desugn moke the corn :sts of U E prove theur ment rn putotuons under the watchful eyes of Mr closs Klett JUST THE FACTS MA AM' Mus-s Bronnerd ond Mrs Crooks check student records DO I REALLY SOUND LIKE THAT? WHO SAID WOMEN ARE POOR CARPENTERS9 ff 2 Mr Stones closs works wtth the tape recorder ,ff E 'imdb Ll M VortuII s gIrIs rnoke sewing screen ID Intertor Decorating Poge E gnty F ve X . Fr ., 2. Q' Y 1 TF I 1 ' xx- ' ' I - Art' - A A grt U Q f tI' A ,L 3 f' I i - , , I- , '- I ,' f ffl - " 'iff 'I , -nfs? ,nj'- .. , . , ' rs ' s I ' I OUR GOAL THE LAST MILE We never thought we CI make L1 THE THRILL THAT COMES ONCE IN A LIFETIME GRADUATIONS HIGHEST HONOR S. John Venner makes a commencement Machael Beurne and Joyce Englush can address for the class of '55 dudates for American Leguon Award for out standung school cmzen wonder whose name THE REWARD OF IT ALL W"' ODPM fo' 55 Thus IS what we have looked forward to for rherfeen long years Page Eughty Slx ., I. , E , .r N 'I N Qi . , I I , 5 rv , . V jr J . ' - L Q4 T ,H . ri . , ' J 5--M n-.. ...- L. H IL I 1. ,, 5 -if-4'-V - - . I jjygg, ,I r. V :v.gg?5vvy J 4 - L I ., 1 -Zig? I . , 1 1 7 13 Ugg? 5 . N X, I , , . LL H I Extra Cwfrrrulum rf lrlx il Lb. wig fl X GF? fvdlwfiff his Q f 0 I ff ju s ,fwfr 3 X IIN, ,Y fx: 6-7 N 5 Lxfgx rr jf Books cannot always please however good Mlnds are not ever cravsng for thenr food George Crabbe Our forefathers recognrzed The oursuuf of happr ness as one of our fundamental Ideals U E students fund this rn a wholesome blending of currucular and extracurrncular acfuvutles P g EghtyS I L Afx rl , W . ' gf, 91X 1 Ky' , -H, I If, ,K Q , I 1 L" X jug" bf ' ' If 1 x ? ,, -' e X f r ' , 5 Tl' llll-llwl lll 1 J gi 7 ' X J I Q il Q- Q Q W s a fl -T ish- Y ,f 4 l ' K? ll , e l a M V' 'a 14 gg l 4, W l f if X l f .- - fl L, j , ,fx ll-,li :'v.,-Lg!, 3 -f , 1 " ly X If X-Nm ,,' X X , x cr , f , -'cf l ff N5 we XD oA X ll 1' ' ' A A ' It ll 'f Xml Ql S K s ' , r , lg-fl u U 6 X 77, .I f .Neem f f g lfriin J ix 5 jlj 1 4 f' t XX I rl E , I X Aff, W - r-1 ,tm x QL . JT X . pl f f ll "l ' X ll 6 X , 'Q J X ..-, ,ff X 'A y ,A gig an ' fl! M" K! R v4 fl 'lg I ,134 lag .'N l .X W - - L f K f ' ly L E. ' ' K 5 s. 2 1 ,ji Y .', we 2 34- L- 'iff l f W "' I Ja- J, ' 1' I-. o f : X V rx XTX? ff L fl' X A! 'J XXX! J 7 ,L We a e i - even STARS IN OUR EYES '73 wlpqlal Beaded Q,nKlrp1N,El we LIKE DANCING MNQX 1533 5ll'llL Qfdlldli is I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU L The Senor Prom as the culmunafuon of U E couples fund the dance well lost for graduafuon fesfuvmes ove VP AMEX f M12 I, TOUJOURS GAII X French Club members trlp the lught fan y I Tasflc at the annual Mardu Gras Dance TIME OUT FOR GOSS IP ONE ENCHANTED EVENING Even of a prom one seems To fund time Can 'these be the same sloppy characters to pass on the latest fndbut who attend classes dolly? Page E ghly E ght KVI xx ' gk A - A J "' I in-vs, If Q y six! l S Xlz, X I W A X 'I57',"l I ' MTM E S if-yall Y M i All ll J' Q I II' I' all T .I I I I I I ,T fllx , ' ' A I I ll' I I , . Q , CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS THE FESTIVE BOWL How TRIM' NNE 1 ,-1-' , A .1-'Ol I " 4' Dancing as thursty exercnse Thus trum pucture the tree that IS benng decorated by these students un the true HEAVENLY vlsrroks Noe' We X Jw, K VI! he culmenatuon of the work of frozen Student Councul members U E CLASS OF 70 THE MAD TEA PARTY A I Chnld Care class entertains future U E U E s faculty as served tea and crumpets students ata Christmas party by homemaknng gurls at Christmas tea party Page E ghty N ne WE tr E K J . 1 . 35" . .5 1 X 2' 5 E 1 'u i ,i'f5i' 4,52 3'TL1.F 'th' ru ll 'Xue T? 'li I A V' 'Q X ' 1 'C , ' 1 5 .- y' ll 94 y W 'ky t X fmilfhyf f 11 - 1' 'V7.f'u ' f' ,L ' A ' My sw " .Ali - ' f ' E f nv A E 1 . , . we AL ' I Qi' Q K . If . WE HAVE OUR SERIOUS MOMENTS "SENIOR RING COMMlTTEE" The rung committee arruves at a mo mentous decusoon the rung design Front Richard Klett Janet Edwards Nelson Woodard David Wheeler Joel Conwucke Back Paul Komar Ralph Tutus Patrucla Eddy Ruchard Balslev FUTURE TEACHERS .1-I l These gurls love school so much that they are plannlng wnth a representative to make vi "CAUTION! BRAINS AT WORK!" A Student Councul Commuttee makes plans for our welfare DELEGATES TO BOYS AND GIRLS STATE HOW ABOUT THE GIRL SITUATION? ,fi -dr,,,-N Sernous rnunded U E boys ask the repre sentatuve of Clarkson the all Important teachnng thelr career questlon Page N nety I Q 1 'J 'I E , lf.- I l I A , , n V n - 1 I - 4 , , I, X . 1 if u V, . .Ing g '- 9 'Rf Q . Q. A Fw ' , , .Q-1,11 1 f .1 W , Ah fi ,f Y -f' I ,A 4 - X4 - ' f- ' I , .X-af ,L I A V 5 , I M I ' I ' 1. z G Q ,V N l . I X r I-gy , "N -. I -I I -I 1- fax ,..p ' , ,4 1 3 5 I , - I ' I H ' , We I LIFE IS FULL OF A NUMBER OF THINGS "TODAY'S BLUE-PLATE SPECIAL" hge-we .ll5 l llll Faculty and students olnke I n an e br ad line the Cafeteria DELEGATES TO SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY CITIZENSHIP CONFERENCES Gretchen Kolb THE ANIMALS CAME IN TWO BY TWO u-gb ikrijgx .au FU 'Sgt "WHERE'S MY NAME? ' . U E students Inspect the honor roll Left to Rlglwt Janet Edwards Patrncla Eddy Margaret Sevka Paul Mersereau Ruchard Balsley Nelson Woodard Mark Dnttrlch SUMMA CUM LAUDE Oliv- Mtgg Vogelggong ond Mr Goodnow lead IQSS Honor students of U E e honored thc grand rnarcn unto assembly at the tea party after Page N nety One y ' i , ' L 'I AI. i , In I rx 21 :-:fEf'- 5 ,V I 2 I' gr -Lx--i ! 'oi ' th - ' ,, e ,, In 4 V X.. , . .,. ,. 4 - K I , ,, ,1,, , f , M., .W 1 -741-1 i Q. A ji? 15.1, ' I I f". 24 jf' E F I I , 1' Y -I-. ,. Q 4 x J. I , V I rr ' I tl Ilfft I, Q .E I A . ' KJ. 'fvqsvi , F It .. QI.. . - OF , , WE ENJOY LIFE "ns som FORMIDABLESIH The Mardl Gras Madhatfers entertaln af the French Club Dance PINATA' MAY THE BETTER MAN WIN' QQ Spanish class celebrates Chrlstmas nn The Friendly rivals shake hands before the Spanush manner by breaking Mnguelufo Ra election of student presldent Tonclfo WELL TRY AGAIN FOR A KEWPIE DOLL NW V' 'll 19' Thus dartlsf IS no artust but the Tru Hu carnlval was a wlnner Page Ninety Two HLA 'II H .77 . . FN . . ,Q ., I .- i fp C ' A II v , . B X , I , ' W I 2? A 1.93.2 r' M . " fr ' I .,,- ,, gif ,I ' ,f '-K ,, 1' 0-' S F , h' ' . I .' I 4 5 Music x A America is a tuneg it must be sun S-1, g together. -G. S. Lee Our first American ballads were set to tunes brought from many different countries. ln music, more than other fields, we keep green the inher- itance of our ancestors. Page Ninety-Three I X MUSIC CURRICULUM MRS. RUTH HUGHES VOICE CLASS B BAND CLASS Page Nmety Four MRS. MILDRED CALLAHANS THEORY CLASS STUDENT CONDUCTOR 'T 1. Y N f xy S I ff I 'N f I I vx I , I ,J ' 'Ill L ' VIOLIN "A" CLASS CLARINET "B" CLASS f Thus was an epfc year for the Marchmg Band The deluge of ram whuch contmued for the whole sea son hmdered both rehearsals and performances However these ad verse condutnons were compensated for by receupt ofthe S100 fnrst pruze nn the largest parade an area hnsto parade In Johnson Cnty The spark lung performance of the band In thus parade showed the contmued dom: natlon of U E of marchlng bands In the area Besides the games and the Charles F Johnson Parade the band also partlclpated In the Junior Chamber of Commerce sponsored Halloween parade and pep as semblnes In school VE GOT MY CG! LOVE TO KEEP ME WAR . . . ry -the Charles F. Johnson Jubilee x y lil y My Trombone Trio Marilyn Little, Nelson Woodard, Peter Vivono. CONCERT FLUTES Nancy Blakeslee Judy Bryden Susanne Sturzenegger Laurie Weston Nina Fortorny OBOES Ann Tuttle Judith Akers EB CLARINET Terrance Parsons BB CLARINETS Marvin Mastrangelo Earl Jackson Richard DePofi John Rossi Joseph Binkewicz Frank Hoffman Joseph Rose Marilyn Gumble Carol Closkey Barbara Oakley Elizabeth Cornell Joyce Haynes Beverly Emerson Joseph Martinak Anthony DePaulo Loretta Tiffany Mary Sterling Teri Wheeler Gail Brown Fleurette Adams Nancy Allen ALTO CLARINET Beatrice Ranney BASS CLARINET Mary Lou Welsh Mary A. Whittemore Page Ninety-Six CORNETS David Naylor Richard Greet Leornard Gigante Richard Ferris Jeanine Bouton Raya Gower Charles Stemples Kenneth Boon Peter Marzocca Arthur Burch Janet Edwards Carol Montross Thomas Hermiz Otis Wolf Dorothy Reynolds HORNS Kathy Heimgartner Edward deVente David Allen Terry Kemp Elaine Hauser Martha Colley Mario Pazzaglini TROM BON ES Nelson Woodard Alan Baker Marilyn Little Raymond Perkins James Bunker Donna Bowen BARITONES Peter Vivona Richard Ostling David Mitchell BASSES Joel Conwicke Cliff Robinson Alan Stork BAND 1. 2 i i x . BASSOON Carol King Margaret Harding SAXOPHONES Joseph Trpik Rodney Reining John Felice Barbara Andrews Duane Beavan Michael Kvasnak Janet Edwards George Buffum PERCUSSION Roger Dyer John Wolfe Frank Gigante Gaerry Honnick Jane Mallory Thomas Decker STRING BASS Carol Jantey The U-E Concert Band, organized as usual at the conclusion of the football season, this year found it- self engaged in preparing for the first one organization concert in history of the band. At this concert on March 25, the band presented a varied program, The flute section and clarinet sections were featured in "Pennywhistle Song" and "Clari- net Cake" respectively. Also several student conductors were featured in the fifteen number program. Be- sides the spring concert the bands also put on programs at several other schools. Page N inetyfSeven Q E i 5 I l. gs Saxophone Soloist-J oseph Trpi k X I i l ORCHESTRA I l I w ' ALL STATE ORCHESTRA Clockwise: Barbara Wood, Jane Mallory, Richard Greet, Nancy Blakeslee, Marilyn Gamble. FIRST VIOLINS Thomas Marrow Darrough Lockwood Jane Mallory Alan Baker La Raine Thuma Mary Ellen Weiland Frances Beach SECOND VIOLINS Beatrice Ranney Madeline Dellos Thomas Honnick Timothy Horan Joyce Rought Jack Nagle Lois Johns FLUTES Nancy Blakeslee Judy Bryden Laurie Weston VIOLAS Gretchen Kalb Aileen Crawford Angela Monaco Judy Roberts BASSOONS Carol King Margaret Harding CLARINETS Marvin Mastrangelo Joseph Rose John Rossi Frank Hoffman Joseph Binkewicz Loretta Tiffany Page Ninety-Eight CELLOS Marilyn Gumble Kathleen Heimgartner Barbara Wood Irene Selanich Nina Fotorny Patricia Holmes STRING BASSES Carol Jantey Winifred Dean Linda Whitman James Edwards Suzanne Sturzenegger OBOES Maureen Tuttle Ruth Manchester TROM BON ES Nelson Woodard Peter Vivona Marilyn Little TUBA Joel Canwicke SAXOPHONES Joseph Trpik John Felice Richard DePofi DRUMS Frank Gaydorus Frank Gigante John Wolfe ORCHESTRA , , i fi, V 4 17 ' 3 t. 4 E C f i, if t 5 f if S ff fs i . Qi- - 5 C3 ' 'ii 5 i i 2 L., ' lt qi .' f BASS CLARINET Mary Lou Welsh TRUMPETS David Naylor Richard Greet FRENCH HORNS David Allen Terry Kemp Edward DeVente Elaine Houser Martha Colley Linda Wallace Richard Ferris TYPANI This year's orchestra completed another successful year under the able direction of Mr. R. Crawford Stahl. Climaxing the season was the spring concert, in which on ele- mentary, an intermediate, and a junior-high orchestra participated as well as the high-school group. The orchestra presented an excellent program featuring trumpet soloist David Naylor and cello soloist Mari- lyn Gumble. In addition to this con- cert, the orchestra put on similar programs at several other schools in Endicott. Another feature of the varied schedule ofthe U-E orchestra is its fine rendition of music for our assemblies. Leonard Gigante Thomas Decker Page Ninety-Nine SOLOISTS David Naylor and Marilyn Gumble CHOIR Marcella Allen Frank Annese Geraldine Avery Dorothy Barrio Frances Beach Lorraine Bell Robert Borromei Barbara Bosley Jeanne Bouton Raymond Boyier Fleurette Adams lrma Regala Susan Barmuri Darla Basker Linda Bates Delores Bell Betty Bilek Patricia Blossom Suzann Bargial Barbara Caciola Bernard Brigham Gail Brown Roberta Cacialli Patrick Calleo Ruth Chaddock Jacqueline Chiocco Linda Christiansen Lianne Christina Georgianna Ciacelli James Colvin Jacqueline Conti Brenda Cornell Thomas Decker Madelyn Dellos Barbara DiTornmaso Rosemarie Di Tommaso Dixie Downey Patricia Eddy Mary Fiacco Nina Fotorny Frank Gigante Leonard Gigante Marlene Guarnieri Marilyn Gumble William Gumble William Hannum Carol Harmon Thomas Hermiz Patricia Holmes Thomas Honnick GLEE Thomas Hopko Virginia Ingalls Robert lncitti Bernard lvan Lois Johns Roger Johnston Gretchen Kalb Mary Ann Kamin Joanne Keener Carol King B t ii 4. mc' A , , -,s Delores Ciotoli Carol Coles Charlotte Coles Kay Coles Angela Contento Antoinette Coppola Delores Duchoslau Sandra Dieter Joan Donovan Sandra Doster Gloria Evans Mary Fiacco Elaine Fillman Joan Frailey Kathryn Furman Beatrice Gale Bridget Garzo Mary Ellen Graham Lucille Green Gale Gruesbeck Page One Hundred Judith l-lanzalik Margaret Harding Verna Holcomb Sharon Hughes Vera Junglirig Edna, Kencgierski Patricia Kizale Madaline Kostum Stephanie Kovarik Blanche Kozina Rosemary Krizanek lrma Leuhhardt Joan Louden Jewel MacKecknie Annette Mariani Marilyn Maxwell Millie Meyers Charlotte Moran Theresa Movizio Claudette Musa MEMBERS Dawn Kittle Marianne Korba Geraldine Kuryla Mary Ann Kushner Sally Legg Ruth Lippolis Teresa Lockett Darragh Lockwood Duane MacLean Patricia Mokowski Elizabeth Mallory Ruth Manchester Peter Marzocca Joseph Martinek Linda McBride Louisa McConnell Sheila McDonald Judy McMahon Paul Mersereau Angela Monaco CLUB Edda Mosca Patricia Murtari Ronald Naylor Richard Nealy JoAnn Page Raymond Parkes Gail Piatt Margie Powell Gloria Reisinger Paul Ripic Andrew Ripic John A. Roma John R. Roma Sue Rowe John Salemme lrene Selanich Linda Shirhall Barbara Slutter Bruce Smith Richard Smith Marilyn Snover Victor Van Westrout William Watkins Mary Lou Welsh Joanne Wesko Priscilla Wheeler Le Roy Wilce Barbara Wood Muriel Young Thomas Zedar L f... I Lorraine Mydlo Catherine Nagy Linda Neira Dawn O'Connor Rosemary Pero Amalia Peters Mary Petrack Brenda Pipher Carmelina Pittarilli Margaret Plaumann Marcia Reed Marilyn Roosa Marilyn Rose Shirley Rossi Carol Roma Joyce Rought Joanne Saftord Ida Saxton Linda Scranton Milly Seltzer Margie Senio Margaret Sevko Barbara Shay Irene Shearer Roberta Shoemaker Hilda Sickler Mary Ann Signarelli Patricia Sorensen Charlotte Springer Mary Sterling Page One Hundred One ,I 1 l. Michele Stevens Casla Stratton Polly Ann Tinklepaugh Rebecca Traver Glenda Travis Lynda Tredo Dorothy Tupy Marilyn Van lnwegen Sandra Waldhorr Reacletta Vean Webb ,r Marie Vernikowski Sandra Willis Mary Ann Whittemore Yvonne Worobey Sandra Yacos Elana Ziabro ALL STATE CHOIR ALL STATE BAND CHEVRON WINNERS ,X CHOIR SOLOISTS DONT FENCE ME IN BATTER UP PogeOeH ded I I . 'X 5 4, .Oxy I I I 1 QI I I I i ? ii' I I - ff' ' - f: I I A I I - I '. 1 I n un r Two mi- fffw MEN 1 ff WU fm WWW A 'gfxz f f wus mmf fffwft 3 ,f 25 -Q 'Q axis' ef f 'Q Wd' -el" f' x 1 u 6 fix A X X Wm X 5? A-f Y 5 Jf ef el W fc llfff f QD- 'xffw Zylky ,Q Amernco us not o mop, o poem, o post of Leguon r1o1res,or1 olmonoc, o mural, 0 bulldmg In the heorf of Woshmgton, nt's o terrntory possessed by people possessed by on udeol Norman Corwin PQO H ddThrce I sl 5:5 -fa Emi im FIR-1 E':Z.'.'i I l ef J., gigi : I :Q ll ", ' 213 X N M , F x mf! iffy L0 k -, ffz J ' M f' YY r, ,1 m A, KN Wm , ff? Z Y - ,- fs M 1 ' R If ' f I, 'Is 1 1 f' W N: 'I X Ns"- m YT 'v .-, if 1 ,' K Dx X I f ,:.anv?+!, X I I f , ffi Z gi , f 3 ' X S. six 5 E f y . 'x' X - ix ,.-'Q' 4 -- ' ' L2 we s " " Yi 'H - V., X ' , Fa, T v X' T vt ,Q . T si 4 I" E-A -Y? Nr QW!! ,v ip ' L J is s , E 1 4 x ,gm ,mA. f " 7, ff' ' Xxx Xl fe 0 " mln. K 1 ff V, M ,R X 5 V l X OUR EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE STAFF Bock Thomas Joyce Wnlhom Loop Vmcent Spufolsky Front Lawrence June John Mcpeek Mrs Eldo Bowen Arthur Wlllloms ORD THE SCENE OF OUR TRIUMPHS Page One Hundred Four EH ' bv IA! 1 iLf'A"'i4 SPOTLIGHT ON CURRICULUM" " ERS OF THE DAY i I ,xx V I I A h REPRESENTATIVES TO THE PRESS xx VTX Arthur Burch Anthony Anechuornco Juduth McCarthy John Bursch GIRLS LOCKER ROOM ART il ' FEEDING TIME AT THE U E ZOO WU' ,ff 1 THE WISHING WELL LEADERS CLUB GIRLS SELL REFRESHMENTS AT GAME X574 PogeOeH dedF e sl I I 5 ' I .hx .4 ' ,. , ,L H' In 43 .- V"' .'-K I 'XR v 4 xy. A 1 I I - It I U .I H L- A 'Y I V I I' I' I At Ik xx 'lk I , . . . ! 'A Q , ' S 3 . r I 'E' ' . ,Af L. L, . , ' A H ,, -V. , L q, . ,, . , I . I , ' If -, I , A "II :sp-E., I ' I 1' I If I A ' ,I X my If I . II 'X gg-.Quik ' f' .I H T. I 'tfthin ,.,- ,.m,,y, W Q, , """ V , as . I '- , , J f , 1 ' a ,1 . F , . 4. 'U H H x "1 T r 1 , n un r uv WWW SNAPSHOTS Q- in 'L.... Mr W, 4' 4' as--A . Y- '34 f . if ' .. f YQ ' . ? . 1 .3 ,riff 4, , YW '? i n ' L 46' A - 4, Q' ,L F " W' Z, r xi' ' ' 1 1 1 , ' H sw xy SM - . 'ni A 0 eOr1 un re ax if w . SNAPSHOTS Wi 1- 4 W Q-'1"'7u,,w4'f 4-"" 1-QA 'T N W geO H de THESAURUS GENERAL STAFF Seated Carol Crosetto Januce Hanknnson Thomas Hopko GanIGr1mes Llda Kucko Patrncaa Havrulka Jadnth Theodore Sheala Burns Standing Sally Begeal Barbara Slade Phyllis I'-Iankunson Ruth Shaplro Llnda Dlllenbeck Richard Balsley Nelson Woodard Richard Ostllng Carol Closkey Judlth Gillette CIRCULATION Standrng Steven Saw ann Tlnklepaugh Carol Maruca Seated Edda Mosca ART STAFF 5-L uc I Jane Wood Polly Juduth DeNovell1s MOVY I-Ol-H59 I-OIDGIS Joan Conklln Forman Tlftany Alma Hend berger Joanne Muchaels Joan Conklun H5115 Leroy W,lCe ADVERTISING STAFF 1' Seated Earl Baxter Kenneth Phullups Edna Davls Betty Campbell Harold Crawford Agnes Mc Quade Jean Babuka Sherry Snyder Edward Zemben Standnng Mr Jeffers Ruchardsan Gene Robtnson Daualas Barton Robert Braun Ernest Forno George Edmonds James Hndock Joseph Vallone John Cammm James Mandyck Layman Smuth Larry Chrysler Ronald Naylor Kenneth Wood Page One Hundred Enght . 1',53Qv1." 356575, I 5135 I U x' , CRL ,K 1 " I I 1 -i'l1f I N I F B .' ' t w - F : I I I I I I , . i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I I - , -, ' ' f We ' I I ' 'I . - , V .b 4 I 2 1..1L ' I - . N 1 . v X . k , , - . I 1 1 ' ir I V' 4 - I I 1 1 - , . I K .I ' I.. V, 4. . Q ' h - .,-n- Y 11, ' X, v X 1 K7 ' I Q X -4 x - V . .s 3 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - f - 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Ufverhsemenfs xi? 3 .,9aiW,.g,. 2'3' ,nf 'kgy mm!! N XIX X2 I y M mmmmm, ffhmmmml ' HT g I M'M g I ? .45- wi l ..xT,f- ' M3 " gl , H Szsfgh lg. I , i.4Q:'9fQ fgffaz 1, ix f 5 -:-if-. 'f gif ' f ,Q - 42 7 s'-if-,,,1 . Y - 2' A X J 1 f X 1 2 X I ' X if j J f JN x 1 If H Nl X Th 1 um I A I Y X ' X ' "'J X XM X N I 1 N-1 1 f V' . ty N A j W f 2 X jf I ' F' i-W I icfu ,fi M Y 4, iff!!! HHH? ,S 4' ' , rl -"SEQ-. A All who h in Imdltalpd on thu art oi omrnm m mkmd have been LOIINIITCLCI that thu tate oi Llilplfbi depmds on the edumllon ot youth ARISTOTLK Congwztulvztzons To The Members of the I956 Groduotmg Closs of UNION ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL ENDICOTT TRUST COMPANY Endwell Endicott Vestal ENDICOTT NATIONAL BANK Umon Enducott Offuce MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY OF SOUTHERN NEW YORK PQOH dT Ls 1 1 VX 1 . I X 1 1 ' 'X E ly 1 '. r L C D L x vb 3 4 '1 if T I . I 3 1 xr I T S, . . . I GRGWTH The Unlted States of tomorrow belongs to the ch1ldren of today and the adults are the trustees for them It IS our duty to safe guard the pr1nc1ples that have made our country great and to encourage all w1th whom We come 1n Contact to take an ever mcreasmg mterest 1n the famlly and the home thereby contrlbutmg to the better ment of our commun1t1es the growth of our country and the 1mprovement of our relat1ons throughout the world POHdd Q - 9 1 INTICRN.-X'l'IONAI. BUSINESS MACHINES :.'Ii"" ' ' Th WESTERN Auro AssoclA1E sToRE VA U G H N 5 eo ge dR yB g 107 'I09 East Mann Street W h ENDICOTT NEW YORK CAR ACCESSORIES Tires Sporfmg Goods eSf eofNto IB dNc1 TOOLS TOYS Beckwith Lumber Co , Inc THE ONE STOP LUMBER YARD LUMBER COAL PAINT PHONE ENDICOTT 53387 OFFICE IO HOOPER ROAD ENDWELL N Y I G r on a is rove 113 as ington Avenue MEN'S ond BOYS' CLOTHING Th or oi no ron mes Flrst In Fashnon Foremost Wlth Value Where Famous Name Brands Pay Fashion Duvldends Completely arr conditioned MCLEAN S for your shopping comforf' ENDICO-I-Tl NEW YORK PQO HddFff Hotel Freclenck Cnty Prope ty Farms THE GREATEST SUCCESS Mortgages Ol'lTl BT 61171 R6CLllfO7' H E L Laoemced Real Efrtote fl5r'olceP 118 Qwoenlungton Zlve fm3jlOQ1,,QY FREDERICK R H SUYDAM M g I T5 1 5 RApuArss 1556 HE X ANU 10 ff gf Endicott's Greatest Shopping Center BUIQTS The Complete Department Store In Every Department . . . We're Ready to Serve the Entire Needs of Every Family USE BURT'S CONVENIENT LAY AWAY PLAN TO SAVE! ll' : I r Af of ,. ' 197.1 from the I , . . , GHG ef l Q ,I Q x X V F 6 1 X CCNGRATULATIONS GCOD LUCK ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES ENDICOTT JOHNSON WORKERS THE CLASS OF 1956 Iwm g SUPERIOR ELECTRIC Quol'ty Electr'col Appliances SALES SERVICE 125 West Ma St eet U on D st ct E dcott N Y I22 Wash gto A e e ENDICOTT NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS ENDICOTT C0 CP G L F SERVICE INC II6 JENNINGS STREET Pho e 5 5631 ENDICOTT N Y For H ghesf Qual fy FEED SEED FERTILIZ Lown ond Garden Supplies Vsffhe G L F STORE O E WI-Ill II . +5 N of Q.. I Q - - ER A THOUGHT FOR PHE LASS ol 56 New groduotes troaned to thunk eoger with new vdeos you ore Indeed the weolth of the notlon nn nts rnchest form Busnnesses ond professnons wall proflt nmmeosurobly from the fresh thought ond youthful energy you wull brlng to them Thus us on opproprnote tlme when every young mon ond womon mnght well stop to thunk Now as the moment to be owore of whot Amernco as ond whot nt meons to lxve here Thus ns the tlme for us to reoffnrm our endurvng forth nn the free spnrut free lsfe ond free enterprnse thot ore Ameruco It us tume for us to be groteful for the rnght to coll our own the proud bonner thot ever hos been ond ss todoy 0 rollyvng symbol for free men l ongratulatwna to you ' D4ILY and SUND lY oeOeH dedN Tuna mNGuAMT0N PRESS You Cont Know Whof S DEE Y MOORE S Going on an TEXACO SERVICE GREATER ENDICOTT UQIQSS YQU B F GOODRICH TIRES CI BATTERIES READ Alemute Electgoguc Wheel Boloncung 59 4 BE SURE :Ts 2 QWY IN YOUR HOME' MAGIC CITY ICE 8. MILK C0 SERVING ENDICOTT OVER TI-IIRTY YEARS "FlAVOR RICH" DAIRY PRODUCTS DIAL 5 3337 I ' Sn Wubeless Tire Service-I We ive . H. Green Stamps Your Home-Town Newspaper Phone - 82 ' 80 o son Blvd, Endwell, N. Y 0 wifh EII NN Ii Ir in UIEUTT SHOE C ,gl nf" 34 .NOWIB 0 j00tWeaI' 0 - """7"?---I. Southern Tfer s Outstanding and Most Up fo Date ond Most Complete FAMILY SHOE STORE ENDICOTT SHDE COMPANY Speclallsfs ln Service Flf and Qualify 25 Woshlngton Avenue John W Chipper Mgr In Bmghcumton In Johnson Cnty PARLOR CITY SHOE CO TRIPLE CITIES SHOE CO 44 46 Court Street 254 Mom Street Pg tyO . ix, A , Y 5, v. . .1 - 5 , , , S f , C A .L . I -4 I 1 , I I I If In ' I -.. 1 ' A 1 s ' 1 , G ..x.. " I --4--Q. , Y' Re - f' f - f ' , .2235 . f I . ,- -F, .. .V -M. Q' ,. - ,W ,ax --.E ,W tL,,.,g,f,. .' --- . V V , W 1 'A I ' ' FN - I I -, 1 I .. , " ' JQWW " 'f,"',5'VfW" - . ' . ' e . . , . ,, . . . . . . ,, I . , . ca e One Hundred Twen - nc HARVEY'S MacCLARY- SUNOCO and STABLER suPPLY STATION Tires Batteries AUTO ACCESSORIES INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Pamts Hardware S ngihs eafor IO3ye s E ,M P 5 3646 MAINE NEW Yomc 8 9202 s 9513 Ruby s has supplied diamond rings fo young people Tn Endicott for over 36 years RUBY JEWELERS Headquarters for ARTCARVED DIAMONDS and EddyadRIphTtssl tedby HebL You CAN OPEN AN ACCOUNT AND TAKE A YEAR TO PAY Wnth NO CARRYING CHARGES at 6 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT NEW YORK ervi i or ar 'IOS as ain Street hone - ' - Phone - , O O I O O E WEDDING BANDS E Pat n a i u e ect their diamond, assis r evine. DIAL 5-7631 EVAN'S PLUMBING 81 HEATING Owner KENNETH R SPENCER 423 ROOSEVELT AVENUE ENDICOTT N Y I . P O H L T '-T' Clll' LAUNDERERS and CLEANERS Convemenfly Locafed af 2303 NORTH STREET For All Your Laundry And Dry Cleaning Needs AIRPORT HOME EQUIPMENT COMPANY Phone 7 6557 JOHNSON CITY NEW YORK PLUMBING AND HEATING of All Types Installed and Repalred UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC Ranges Hof Water Heaters lroners Washing OIL BURNERS WATER PUMPS Other Small Appl ances We Sell the Besf and Service fhe Resf J J NEWBERRY CO 32 36 Washungfon Avenue Endncoft New York Pga HddT tyF . R.D. I - Machines, Sweepers, Toasters I 0 0 0 I - PARAMOUNT RESTAURANT Upper Court Street On Routes I7 and II BINGHAMTON NEW YORK DANCING FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Propriefors ANDREW cmd ART DROSSOS PQO H ddT ty-F' NUGENT'S H I L K I N S 53 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Jeweiers HIGH FASHIONS Low Prices O 40th Y KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS pmmpt Courteous 24 HOUR SERVICE DIAL 5 3335 RUSSELL TAXICAB C0 INC Whgf ENDICOTT NEW YORK I3OI M St t M PORTRAIT5 STUDIO ENDICQTT NY ur ear 46 as in on Avenu ' I c 0 onroe ree ff'- Liyffxgx- 'iifffzn . J' "-jig. I O NEW MODERN AIR CONDITIONED LUNE S eeflwp 22 Wah gto A ENDICOTT NEW YORK SENSATIONAL ICE CREAM SODAS Coffee Served Wufh Pure Lught Cream TELEPHONE 5 9470 DEALERS OF Foreign and Sports Cars Joguor Porsche - Volkswagen Mercedes-Benz Alfo-Romeo Rolls-Royce Austm Trlumph Tr 3 HENRY CARROL INC 4 E M Y Brofan's Clothing W sh' gto ve e ENDICOTT FLORIST SAY IT WITH FLOWERS 116 WASHINGTON STREET TT Te ph 5 0221 may gm, E WWHEWMX Iothmq mm m IIIUII 29 a In nA nu MG , . Endico , N. Y. 312 ost ain St. Endicott, New ork le one ' I q If fo I 5 5 , -2-. A 2 S 1 S Q IexanIlf:r arvn T A B . ELKS BAKE SHOP no WASHINGTON AVENUE 5-2051 he SINGER SEWING CENTER SEWIN W H' sr 5- I ENDICOTT NEW YORK WALLACE DRUG CO Inc w h' f ECONOMY DRUG STORE W h gt CHILDREN S SUPER MART 9E tM S NOVELLOS DRY CLEANERS 4E ENDWELL NEW YORK NICHOLAS MARKET I906 E Mom Sfreef Endicott N Y H E L E N E S Decorohng Studio W h 1 t PHONE 5 I32I PA RSGN WATCHES DIAMONDS Guffs for Groduotes ENDICOTT N Y Ph 5 2 U fu I ,t Phone I08 os In on Avenue Phone 726 7 ll U IZ as mg on Avenue 60 as in on Avenue 200 as oin freet Two Sfores for Your Convenie ENDWELL1 NEW YORK I 31 I ost Moin Street . I I O I 4 v AT. QI rg: I O SI as ington Avenue Ups oirsl - , , , one - 651 wenty-Nine ' DQN QWEN A. P. DEAcoN HEATING ond HARDWARE Your Only Dlrecf Foclory Dealer for fhe FABULOUS 2909 Watson Boulevard 1956 PONTIAC ENDWELL IN ENDICOTT Fully Equipped to Serve you nn the Most Effucuent Monner Possible WE KEEP ON HAND ARTHUR C HAND AGENCY One ofthe FlnestSelecf1ons Posslble ln the Lune of Good Lote Model Used Cars General Insurance lO6 WASHINGTON AVENUE DON OWEN PONTIAC 709 North sneer Phone 5 3383 Endfoff New York Phone 5 l206 Dany Foods Daily!!! ESPECIALLY IN YOUNGSTERS LUNCHES 'A' - ,sa :L 'ln '..f -T '1-Q X Lunches of school need not be locknng an nournshrnent l Full o vocuum bottle with sweet fresh mllk butter sond wnch breod generously Well nourlshed chuldren ore dlerf chnldren ond nts Cornell s lob to help keep thern ot thear heolthy best LOOK FOR THE CORNELL NAME ON DAIRY PRODUCTS AT YOUR STORE OR CALL US FOR REGULAR HOME DELIVERY CALL 5 603l CORNELL S DAIRY 25 Kentucky Avenue Endncott gO ddThy . . . . 0 I .,, Q ..x - A renal! 5 .- g Fl l I lililiq W - x .., HRV' "" 2:3232 . ::g lm... . 3. .1 ,,, . ...g M S ,I , "".:-P1',..s . Y V L'-14, J 2 7 ...L 'G 1 " ""'J", -u""'9r.L " f- A ,- ewj-3-'n'.p.Lu.,1 un V ...L -1- u., -,--- . " 'pl' ,,-.5 fs, ,A-... rg , yy - -I ,. .,,,- 1- 3 3 E., T N 31.4 se, ij 7 ' , ' 1, If 2,-" . 4 y 5, ., mn :fonucvs 1 ' ' ' - - 'Wi' A ,...,1,---11' I l fc: ' ' A ' . . . . , , . I P H ' 1 BENNER WHOLESALE coMPANY 107 Duane Avenue Dual S 2741 ENDICOTT NEW YORK MODERN Dress Shop 118 Washungton Avenue ENDICOTT NEW YORK Phone 5 581 1 ROUFF FURNITURE CO Dedrcafed to Better Homes Enducott N Y Owego N Lawlor s Mobll Service Watson Boulevard at Kelly Avenue Country Club Road at Hooper ENDWELL NEW YORK Phone 5 4826 ur cosrs Less AT I f ARMY STORE WORK ESS SPORTING csooos CLOTHDE2 SATICOS LUGGAGE Cr GIFT SHOP BRIEF CASES 133 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT NEW YORK Build BETTER With What You SAVE WHIPPLES LUMBER YARD WHIPPLE BROTHERS INC 3310 East Mann Street Endwell N WHEET RADIO and TV 1416 North Street ENDICOTT NEW YORK Phone 8 1593 Pg ddTht I , 0 O ll ' ll 1 I ' ' I ' Y' I 1 1210 North Street Endicott, N. Y. Esmbrook Pens Bdlfolds ' ' of 1 ' , . Y. I O H ' y-O Eumcon S"i"eY,s SPORTSWEAR LUMBER 8. BOX COMPANY Lingerie Dresses 6 Washington Avenue Phone 8-4152 LUMBER AND BUILDING ENDICOTT' NEW YORK MATERIALS Mason s Supplnes ANGEVINE AGENCY INC D Cr I-I ANTI-IRACITE COAL INSURANCE I3 CI kS'r t 59903 Mo tg g ENDICOTT NEW YORK W h 9, ENDICOTT NEW YORK ji' HOME CRAFT ICE CREAM SHOP COMPLETE SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Home mode Ice Creom 205 No th N nt oke A e e ENDICOTT , . , . O6 or ree Phone - ReclEsfofe r a e f 146 as in on Avenue I I I 'Q Nw... s I f D ' I I A - ku Y,,: ' I A X r' - 4-s.,,.xL I Q , K. ,V . w A ,ss A I 4 I, ,lf-M A " . ., -, E, fre ' iv .I seA I I I r cx ic v nu Phone 8 1565 H A n c Pharmacist The Red Cross Drug Store 30 Washmgton Ave Endncott New York Laundereze 1904 East Mann Street PHONE 5 2859 SAVE on Famlly Washes Bedspreads Rugs etc ARROW ELECTRIC CO PHONE 5 8551 3513 E MAIN STREET Endwell N Y MARTHAS IDEAL FOUNTAIN School Supplles Greetmg Cards 222 Washington Avenue PAUL S MARKET GROCERIES MEATS Vegetables Prompt Service and Delivery Phone 5 8331 1800 EAST MAIN STREET THE PAINT CENTER Inc fAcross from McLean 5 Your Paint Headquarters Phone 5 8250 135 Woshmgton Avenue Endicott N ARCH FURNITURE CO WILFORD E Bovcfx Prop l24 West Mann Street Endicott New York Phone 5 6781 SERVING U E STUDENTS AND GRADS For Over 25 Years KIlne's ENDICOTTS MEN S AND BOYS SHOP Pgo H '1dThtyTh L . F . M L I N , I . - 28- ' ., ' , i - I Wiring and Appliances ' ' 7 , O 'Q ' ' , . Y. . o BROOME COUNTY COMPLIMENTS TECHNICAL INSTITUTE of Binghamton, New York "Your Community College" S x 2 Year Curr culums BAKER'S DRESS SHOP I I 5 West Mairr Street Union District STATE BEAUTY SALON Mr Charles COOPERATIVE WORK PROGRAM 5PeC'0l'Sf 'H HAIR STYUNG Associate In Applied Science Degree PHONE 5 4651 a modern S complete lithographic plant for your best work 60 WALL STR T GHAMTON N P O H d d s - a I I I S., rf A' J 4' Wai' A I EE - BIN , .Y V Th' -F P.J. Colella,Pl1.G. Open IO A. M. - I I P. M. Every Day Twelve Months of the Year Q- , IN BUSINESS FUR Y Dolly Madison Ice Cream Cb 2 : Groceries - Frozen Foods I K nun HEALTH I SACKETT S SPORT si-lov Fisherman s Paradise 'I I7 Nunticoke Avenue UNION NEW YORK STATE SANDWICH SHOPPE IO8 East Main Street Meals Lunches Sodas 101 w. MAIN smear EN5llI?olT'15.'lrm?rl MAI N DEI-ICATESSEN IO7 W. Main St. Dial 5-9840 RU DY S BARBER sHoP I28 Nanhcoke Avenue UNION DISTRICT COMPLIMENTS of the LYRIC and STATE Movies Are Your BEST Entertainment COMPLIMENTS WEDDINGS PART 'ii 2 KEN s RESTAURANT Announcemenfs II8 Nantlcoke Avenue Phone 5 I58I S Phones ENDICOTT 5 3355 5 8623 8 2467 9II E Main Street Endlcott N IES Y dT fy , 7 T f,, T -5 - f I '- w I 0 ga 'Y . Engagements 3.9 5 f 1 lifts 2' I P g O H d h' -F FURNITURE COMPANY FURNITURE MART w M eet Q e Wallpaper and Pamt Store I EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE d Acc WetM S TH E CARAVAN SHOP SNYDER S ENDICOTT MEN 5 SHOP INTERIOR DECORATING p e o spe G I0 w sh gf Ae NEW OIET LINE ENDICOTT N Y Pho 59142 M H yAbes SKYVIEW RESTAURANT gwf 51,06 CATERING TO PARTIES BANQUETS WEDDING BREAKFASTS BNGTN 9 0931 LOCATED AT BROOME COUNTY AIRPORT O of lll est ain Str , Uni n, N w York l ,T . O 'S S In . . 105 s ain treet, Union, New York Reproductuons an essones , 31 Washington Avenue I Dra eri s, Slipc vers, Bed r ads and , Ens mbles 3 a In on v nue ' ' ' Free Consultation and Installation ne - gr. arr s DRY CLEANING SHIRT CLEANING AND EXPERT TAILORING ZICARI CLEANERS and TAILOR 1203 Wnthernll Street Enducott N Y Phone 8 1895 Free Mofhproof1ng Delrvery Servrce Hours 6 30AM to6 OOP M Ucwcc Your health IS our flrsf concern 1508 East Mom Street Endlcot PENNY WISE YOUTH CENTER CHILDRENS and .IUNIORS WearIng Apparel 13000 ITEMS AND SIZES E E INDERLIED 4 Washington Avenue Endicott N Y DONNA BETH CERAMICS Kulns Fmng Instructnons and SupplIes 3300 E MAIN STREET Endwell N Y Betty RIley Madonna Warren Telephone 5 4081 ALS WAYNE E EDWARDS C0 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 3210 Lawndale Street Endncott N Y Telephone 5 3911 SEELY S BARBER SHOP ICE CREAM THE place Io get trlmmedl Endwell New Ygrk East Mann Street Endwell PQOH4 dTht I I ' ' ' ' f, N Y GT 14 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York Co- 7 I MICHAEL S Sc to S100 STORE 3301 Eost Mo St eet ENDWELL NEW YORK IF ITS A G FT TRY TOTS TO TEENS 49 WASHINGTON AVENUE E dcoff N Y SUTTON S DRUG STORE Rc 0 d L Sutto Pho oc sf P esc pf o Spec cl st 32 E Mo S E dwel Pho e 5 9627 I N COMPLIMENTS EN DWELL RUG CO BINGHAMTON ROCCO S AMUSEMENT CO Inc 100 PHONOGRAPH Juke Bo es S les Ser ce Renfals Ple fyofP k gSpc e zz1 M., sfeef 191 0 C alNGHAMToN N Y 0 2 f 0 CONGRATULATIONS fo the GRADUATION CLASS OF 1956 STRAND o d ELVIN TH EATRES I I , i I1 r . n, rm i r ri i n i i in r 31 . in t. V1 , n - ' ' I of rm i , . . 7 I I O Seeburg Selecf-o-Mafic B A R B E R S I'I O P x c1 , vi , n or in c in r . .Dia ' 515 n rner ofJ nnings and Nan ic ke n BUICK THE BEST BUICK YET See and Ride in the I956 BUICK ENDICOTT SALES G' SERVICE I900 North Street Endicott, N. Y. EN DICOTT DRY CLEANING I2OO North Street Endicott, N. Y, Phone 5-1621 Glrls Luke to Say IT CAME FROM AJ' "" XI" I5 Woshungton Ave Endncott Come to IDEAL SANDWICH SHOPPE Corner of Madlson and North N COMPLIMENTS B Cr P WHOLESALE CORP I Duane Avenue ENDICOTT NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS KEN S SHOE STORE IO6 Woslfnngton Avenue STONE S STATIONERY Z Woshnngton Avenue Dsol 5 625I SCHOOL SUPPLIES PQOH ALL AIR LINES AND STEAMER LINES TOURS AND CRUISES HOTELS AND RESORTS TRAVELERS CHECKS Munn 1 I 44" ,IQ K I r T 1 9 m 9 1 V' 'F-4 'syvw ENDICOTT NEW YORK SOCHOR TRAVEL SERVICE 125 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT NEW YORK TELEPHONE 8 3333 d dTht . . I . . , . Y. of 0 I I .0 'T 14 ,-P' I '1T'i953a 5 Q. . . zmfwm' 4 -'.g,,.Ff -L 1 .1 A , J wha! ' 97. 79 I O 0 e ne un re lr y-N ALL COMMERCIAL PRINTING THE ENDICOTT PRINTING C0 Wedding lnvafohons Business Forms 124 Nontlcoke Avenue Phone 5 9441 ENDICOTT NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS M C JOHNSON SOCONY FRIENDLY SERVICE Gos Tnres Batteries North St ond McKunIey Ave Endncott N COMPLIMENTS JOE MCDONALD BorberSI'1op 33 Knight Avenue ENDWELL IJCTT DlnerI JAMES DINER Inc FINE FOODS The Meefmg cmd Eafrng Spot of Endlcoff 120 Washington Avenue Phone 5 9615 TURRIGIANO 6' SON 128 Squires Avenue G r O C e r I e S Cold Cufs of AII Kmds Are Our Specialty Phone 5 3495 COMPLIMENTS UNION VARIETY 128 West Mann St Phone 8 0310 ENDICOTT N Y CONGRATULATIONS CADRE INDUSTRIES CORP. PgOHd1Fty of ' - Oil ' ' ' . ' ., ' , . Y. of , . - of BREH S SOUTHERN TIER Trophy Center Trophies Plaques Medals Awards ENGRAVING AND RIBBONS 224 Washington Avenue Endicott N " ENDICOTT f WATCH sHo I02 Washlngton 6 5 1 Avenue 5' AI I-Isney Prop P MARS DRUGS Prompt and Courteous Serylce Never a Parking Problem at the Plaza ENDWEL L PLAZA COMPLIMENTS LEVINSON S Clothes for Dad and Lad 50 Washington Avenue Endncott N Y TRI CITIES AVIATION SCHOOL INC LEARN TO FLY Broome County Al rport Binghamton N Y Charter Flsghts Student Instruction Sight Seenng Flnghts Phone 9 2091 Off:c1alA:r Lines Llmousme Servrce AIRLINES LIMOUSINE SERVICE e Co fy A ort Tlphoe9o441 h N Limousines for Long Trips and Weddings We Serve the FINEST Foods the FINEST Way AVENUE RESTAURANT IOI Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, N Y AIRPORT GULF SERVICE Broome County Airport Bmghamton, New York Phone 9 9400 James Fuoru, Prop PgOHddPgF fyO I .t f Io 1? T: D V ', ' . Qt 1' 1' , ' 'Z 'IQ ' I ' s Q a , I I ,I 4 ' ni ' ' A 4' Roy Breh Phone 5-2180 E ' I ' ' , . Y. I I - of - I , . I , Boom un irp A I ' ' ' e e n - - Bing amfon, . Y. ALEXANDER'S CONFECTIONERY 103 West Moin Street ENDICOTT NEW YORK SAWICKI S BAKE SHOP Cokes for All Occosnorms Your Dependable DODGE DEALER Bud Schroeder, Inc VESTAL NEW YORK Ml LLINERY Bogs Jewelry JOELS 5 5655 26 Washmgton Avenue 106 E Mom St 57 Washlngton Ave ANGELINES FLOWER SHOP The Most Frogule of Arts 1306 MONROE STREET Telephone 5 2551 COME TO ENDICOTT CAMERA SHOP for oll your photo needs 33 WASHINGTON AVENUE Phone 5 5571 Our 40th Year Phone 5 8180 SPORTING GOODS WORK CLOTHES UNION ARMY G' NAVY STORE 119 East Mom Street Endicott New York fUnlon Dust Oper19OOAM to8 30PM AL S SUPER MARKET Complete Lme of GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS 707 North Street Phone 5 7991 ENDICOTT N Y PgO HddF f 0 I I 7 Il - ll 1 I , .1 I , . . y-T Zfnion Pfam-macq, inc. INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED Gemge Mcconnonlphl G. ROBERT J. HANAFIN, INC. 204 Woshingfon Avenue Endicott, N. Y. H1-HE FRIENDLY PHARMACY" Phone 8-I527 I I I-I I3 West Main Street Union, N GET ALL YOUR RECORDS METZGER S STYLE SHOPS wooDYs RECORD SHOP whf what ENDICOTT N Y NASH SALES AND SERVICE JOHN E CALLAHAN ENDICOTT NASH CORP PLUMBING d HEATING O 230 E M 5 5951 BEACH S AUTO SUPPLY We-1M S er f Y C pl te B cycl op S NEW SANDWICH SHOP 5 I305 Mo oe St eet Ph 5 9666 7 ot 7 Io as ing on Avenue I27 as in on Avenue on 4I7 verton Sf. Union, N I ost ain - M t- 4-J ' , -fu IIO S oin fre Endico t, N. Y. ' our om e i eSh -1. ' Phone -0521 nr r one - COLLIE'S SERVICE STATION Rnchfueld Products 1300 East Mann 5 9681 The Progressive Store for Modern Home Decorators CONGRATULATIONS UNION WALLPAPER Cr PAINT 104 East Mann Street lNext to Bank! ENDICOTT N Y Rlchord E Ludwig Prop Phone 5 7931 CANADA DRY BOTTLING CO OF ENDICOTT INC 2 11 Badger Avenue ENDICOTT NEW YORK TITUS PLUMBING G' HEATING COMPANY Inc 108 West Mann Street ENDICOTT NEW YORK CLEANETTE DRY CLEANERS 2800 Watson Blvd Puck Up ond Dellvery Service Phone 5 0153 Jos Gozdnk rop THE ENDICOTT CORP BUSINESS FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT 59 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT N Y HOGAN GROCERY 401 North Nantlcoke Avenue Open 7 Days a Week For o Coreer m Professuonol Nursing Apply fo THE DIRECTOR OF NURSES DEACONESS Hospital School of Nursing 563 Rlley Street Buffalo 8 N Y PQO y , . . 0 I O , . ' 1 O O I STATIOBJERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 1 - . ' , P . v , . . I . H d d F 1-F . fr ., .gt my I -,. -'VYA YTZT if 6?jz .fi L u ,mf 6 , if '-ml fww K .. ng nav.. -.ar M C' A . R' -:Q-+92-0 4 rs' Q P.. ' 131.83 9 ., -I Q :ii vgi 54 --'Q' P' 1' A , - ,-' ' vs' I j Q ' 5, 01 I x ' A ' Q, M f J V! Ri "' f. -K hr. ' R 1 l l k 9 v V 1: 'J 5 4 in . M . f,:-. K,l . f wSk- -nys K 'S .,xL x V ' K aff . ' ' ' , , , n . , ilk 'uw Mu, ,fi ' :um xg f2sM.:J .AN , 3- fmga rrk, .W . J- '3.,f,x- .fax g I 'Eg J .2 1 'f'- 2- W, fyww am wg V V J f, . T A A bn , lg 'u,' 9 fw te ' ' , , if 5 S L 'V igg , j L' ., 'E'- g jk sf ' Q H ' g 5' 9 23 0 ' 5 A' 'V " fl " , W lg A E Y , i 3- ez i 'L -rig 34 F F 4. L .3 1 Q D Q by 4 UF fx 6 f ,, J. f- - ,, ,- -Q 52,5 V 1 ,,,, L. F ,1 Q' r W , v I ig F P P i 4 4 , !'. 'Naw- i. -, Q if 2 W si- lj 4' i . R . .fu . . ,. , , M. ,, N 'W af - L ' L Ma ,, L,.. Q. A. ..-If if ? A5 ' P V A W be Y gl R f :53""' 9' .Q Q54 I' " qi f -v J fi I' + 35? 5 'X '1' .Iii qw Y? 9 W- n",,f' V '92-,'Q was lv 'f wx- , N pil' as .W 3' . A aww it if M. A w ' ig ,r-gf A w K ini' Q nw?-.i f ur W . ,,Y,., av kr... .

Suggestions in the Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) collection:

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