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.X J f 'ay ' ff :Q KIP, ' ,,M,.s-W , L.,-4-W A ' ..- WWC, FW Altus wxlllunww f was ' 1-H -.. Y g N, vafh ,fn-f"'f2" D QL' i a :JQWSB4 'S -Q. ., x E l I 4 9 Q " 1 .Q ug , 1 . " I , Q' 5 , 3 5 " ' 5 wit .fxmfat ' , .- ov3"S', . - X W. YFLBI ., ..x, . 1.- , . l .0 f .. -1' 9' ""fI?""',"'L4 ' F I- vqvJ."" f ' 4' mv. A """"""'5f"4f-Liffi-v' . 1 . I ,Tami " 'f' -v Q I .,.. . L V -3 V V all ., 1 uf . ,' . - 2 h '-' '- ' " - 'mag . -f ..a,,3 A. . ' , 'Mix ' 'vas A . ,,',- n , ,- - 5- . A ,A -, J43.:n"5? -4 gf gf '- in ,Q K' I t 'z ' -63' 'F vu QU. . Q. -- 1 L ,453 ' I A ,uv ..,... I., ,M ,Q - I' , . :nan W -w -'P' ,1 '.' . - ' "'f'f""-"A"-w' -f M i f K E 1 J' 9 .4 "qi ,g .ilu A -1'-"'-fr.-'. ' -'ii .L w if J- ' - Yi r ' NL.. 'Il-197 T. in - , 1. ' ,. -' my H1 "' - si .- .4 ?'L,A.....'2-1 . RJ- Nfl' ' ii i ' ,' ,L "l S I.: K 5 'Wren mmf il-"1f'r'l emma va-f..,.:f-r -1 W -1 , -,- .1 . .NZ-s5,2 ." 1 '7l?' I A W In .lv Q .. J , r A.. ,Y .fini r f 'QI 3 wwe Aa! -- nf 'ict --.S 5- QI IUUUW 4 X4 0 2' JQWWWMQ Wwdkiv ,Q my ' Q xx , 5 BSQQBAVLKQQAY W N Q fu MW 5' MTW! Qwgffjg 3 f W Maw if Siu X E5 Rei 556 1 f f X-1 I WAI? 04122, l1esuuru5?F Y 1 W LA, N F x Issued June, 1949 by the F'-'mm THESAURUS STAFF OF THE UNION-ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL Endicott, New York I sv' T- II 1' 51 IQ if ff? 4 ,I I I W E I , I ' f 1 E591 I v . ' fz I 4' I 'fflfh - ff, ' 11, K4 f I -. 4 IQ. I JL "'W"""' .S A 'A L 3119 , EV' VI Q ' n W SIE ,T v SW I L I' TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE ........... EXPLANATION OF 1949 THEME . THESAURUS STAFFS .... ' INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP . FACULTY .............. INTRODUCING THE 1949 GRADUATING CLASSES JANUARY CLASS ......... JUNE CLASS . UNDERCLASSMEN CLASS OF 1950 . CLASS OF 1951 CLASS OF 1952 . ORGANIZATIONS . IU BOYS' ATHLETICS . G, GIRLS' ATHLETICS . Q: MUSIC ..... ENTERTAINMENT . MISCELLANEOUS . W SNAPS .... :IS BUSINESS STAFF . FAREWELL . ADVERTISING . . A 9, ' 4 . M P S I IX S Q E x I wtf?-' 5- -K 'IL F ADM- 'nn-Ly -1: X 2-i.:S:Q-S. 2 fff"-,Tk:- X i iw 2 X N -, 2.1 ll 2' -1 E- ..-,.. l:, :, .lll 0 T 2, I AJ 'Ns .1 he -Q 0 5' J! """tfef 2- Sf! is X 2.1 .fls .SE S EXPLANATION OF THEME Dne hundred years ago, men answered the call of "Gold!" Whole nilies unhesitatingly set out for new horizons and a new life. Gold s the impetus for the great migration and settling. The search for fenture led these people in the vast surge toward open frontiers. ld, to be sure, was the cause, but the '49ers were more than gold- wgry men. They were the pioneers, the future-builders. With their ks and shovels, their covered wagons and their inborn, unfailing rit, they conquered the unknown. Their tools were simple, their ys were crude, but their results were world-shattering. These were 2 '49ers-these were the nation-builders. We like to identify ourselves with those '49ers, for we are '49ers J. We have a challenge to meet, a future to face and a creed to 'ead throughout the world. We feel akin to the earlier pioneers in rit and in purpose. Their tools were courage, faith and devotion simple ideals. To these, we add hope, knowledge and ambition. I Their search was highlighted in the gleaming, precious metal called flllf 2:51:- -, I , g M.: . may K lil' WSH ? , l. if S B476 1 'fl iijl' WV 7 -,XZ-1 , ' fnwggg l,ll , M11 llyfl ,ffm 3 ,- l ,ffl l , ,Ag 7 lg M' :. ll' lf! l ,mflgllflyl lu i l lr tllllllslilfgti' ?5' jll Vi'- .- 1 l ", '. il' lg-,ee 53 l' "r,jlllQ7?i" '.?I7 -4, K A f -' S-1.4, N Aw ef' ii 1 1 v illll - . ,,, ..f:- .....--f' ld. They rose to the spell of this one word as it echoed across a -T Q' W ' ' Ti ' ' ung nation. Now, one hundred years later, another cry goes out- L ff 1,24 is time across a wide world brought close by common ties. "Peace!" e7.- f .5 A --M - is a plea, a question, a challenge. - 2?.Qi'.ff 1 -x This is our gold-more precious than any metal, more elusive than XX , I y ideal. It beckons all who desire security and prosperity. lt brings f ' Q i ce more a thrill of adventure and accomplishment in the need for ,lf X l lilly-llllyl' iity and concord. The graduating classes of l949 answer the call " ' -!l 'ff .' X- 'S a troubled world by dedicating themselves to the pursuit of peace 4. f 'H g ld by paralleling their ideals of courage, determination and sacri- if , . , , -li," pl .X- :e with those of the pioneers of one hundred years past. lil R N N new-1. TT" ilrll i ",. .l T ll1xllli'1yQ'1'1llll',l ll,Nlf .J.e......, : will-T T 'li T 'i s N l Q T W li ll if Kill 2.2--Zigi?-A fs ' ip- , ,lim will it 1, 'll' -. Xl A ew., l in., l l. ' ' ' gel- 2 Q X fx ll""'lg - tif, . li Cl- .Nu n ew R fi v- '- T "N -swift' ss- it x Egg-S szfiifb . L A , Ny it Iggy, NJ ,Ib I I' 1,1 If I Q, mn. -:X .QM ' TPS- -K , -' New 1, il, f t , I' -1 hw ' MJ QEA -G3-,-:1'5,QKN .5 gg? W Ni f , ff - -:J Lflf h jg -1 ,X-I S MWJX i fl I, . - tai if XT 11 'z,,,ei11'sy.e't'.gcfifg .,.,5?'iQ, ,. H ' ' ' e 'E ... f ' f 'SjW5f.h.-A it if so-'I 42:5 f - Ns- ,ST-If-N ' x l' P':-- 1 3, 'llll k 5 mil M L... N' El -W.. cc..- ., 's ' gps -. .,. , .: - - .-T""....-r.?fT.'::s 3 TH ESAURUS GENERAL STAFF Editor in Chief: Polly Conwicke. Associate Senior Editors: Joan Babbitt, Margaret Brain, Elliot Cattarulla, Patricia Cederborg, Kathleen Kavanagh, Mary Jane Mills, Joan Mitchell, Jeanette Pero, John Salemme. Associate Junior Editors: Frances Kissell, Vincent Monaco, Eva Ormon, Jeanne Pennell, Violet Pucek, Patricia Saxton, Ellen Van Dusen. Associate Sophomore Editors: Charles Morgan, Joan Muffley, Patricia Sawicki, Joseph Schwarz. Associate Freshman Editors: Beverly Occhiato, John Sponable. TYPISTS Concetta Argento Barbara Meyers Zita O'Hara Alice Rusnak Marilyn Welch Dorothy Whitesell FACULTY ADVISERS General Adviser: Mrs. Wallace Finch Business: Miss Ruth l. Kniskern Art: Mrs. Theodore Lainhart Senior Class: Miss Betty Wyke Junior Class: Miss Edith Hibbert Sophomore Class: Miss Sarah Jane Johnson Freshman Class: Miss Mabel Stonham 4 ART STAFF Patricia Dellos Tommy Doyle Mary Hudcovic Victoria Izzo Edward Novelli Theresa Seversky Allen Shapiro "Ever since l was of the age of 'Re- INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP This year, since we have felt the influence of the various nations through our international representatives, it seemed fitting to include an international section in the Thesaurus. During the assembly in honor of Miss Hibbert, our exchange teacher from England, we heard the many interesting experiences about her first contact with the American people and customs. We hear by letter of Miss Hollister's vacation travels in Europe, and of the school in Sutton Coldfield, England, where she is teaching this year. U-E students also contributed to the feeling of internationalism. Eleanor Bierly's trip reaped more than just memories. The school library received a book autographed by Norway's skiing champion. Anna Buikstra, whose native land is Holland, and Kathleen Tobin, whose birthplace is Ireland, are finding U-E much to their liking. We have many other pupils who were born in other countries but are furthering their education in U-E. Without attempting to list them all, we mention Charles deVente and Cornelius deVente, both born in Holland. becca of Sunny-Brook Farm,' I have wanted to watch a graduation and to eat buckwheat cakes and waffles, ever since l was at High School, I have wanted to live for a time in the land where pioneers built log cabins and Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, ever since l94O, I have wanted to visit the 'arsenal of democ- racy' and the generous people who fed starving Europe. l expected Amer- ica to be my second home and its people my fellow citizens of the world and I have not been disappointed." MISS HIBBERT "There is an integrity on this island that one must live with to appreciate to the full. People here are going with- out the little luxuries that one sees abroad but they are making a down- right effort to pull themselves out. They export everything that they can in order to bring in food so that all may eat. All share and share alike and the last thing that l could imagine would be that communism could take a hold here. They live hard lives, right now they can't see when the sacrifice will end, but they are all in it together and given time they will pull out. l feel it a distinct privilege to be with them and to see how earnestly they work at the job of recove ry' Miss HOLLISTER ',53.,,,. ' ' F i fri -it . .dx-9 an ,fig 1 "I feel highly honored to have been U-E's representative this year in the Scandinavian Student Exchange pro- gram. I spent six weeks in Norway. Here I studied the school system, lived fel! iii 2 if .fi in a Norwegian home and had the op- portunity to learn new customs and meet new people. My last two weeks consisted of sight-seeing tours in Swe- den, Denmark, France, England and Scotland. l've indeed been a lucky girl and my deepest appreciation will always be ex- pressed for what you did to make this project possible. I sincerely hope many more U-E students will be given this fine opportunity. Thanks for making my senior year the most memorable of my school days." ELEANOR BIERLY S., KS? "U-E is wonderful I The friendly atti- tude of the principal, the counselors, the teachers and the students makes a stranger feel at home. I have enjoyed being a student of this wonderful school over a year now and every day "l enjoy going to a high school in the U.S.A. I find the social life con- nected with U-E much to my liking. In Dutch High Schools there is no entertainment intermingled in a stu- dent's school life. Next year I hope to be graduated just as a typical Ameri- can girl. I expect to go back to Holland after I have graduated from college." ANNIE BUIKSTRA 6 it grows dearer and dearer. Endicott and the school system are very different from my home town, which is Dungarvan Co., Waterford, Eire. Dungarvan is a seasonal resort where many world-famous visitors have spent their vacation and have paid spontaneous tribute to the friendliness of its people, the fascination of its legends and the beauty of its scenery. If all goes well I expect to return to my home town in l95O and I shall feel very happy to be able to tell my family, relatives and friends how wonderful the American people are and how grateful I am for the education which I have received in America." KATHLEEN TOBIN .gacultg "Turning, pr them who pass, the common dust of servile opportunity to gold." -William Wordsworth Q " '- X If WW W 3 of M , f J y fir ff. ' K f , M' fm 1 M t f 1 Q ' I mm IIMM 1, S111 W""u"X MQW lvl!! M WHA xx! Lo YJ!! 1 M f ,M f J X 'K , 1 ,fn ' 'g AL v ' X U ky. : ' W W MW " fo L" f N o of i Q X t o f Q T fi 57' M, 'I f' ' ?" N - - K f m gy X Q Xxx ,731-m-,IV ffl' ' f qyxij M Z v N 1 K' Z X 75 U 'N ,,., , 14, 1, 1 1 'f.f 'f' , ""' f K A' t ff-. . H 7 "Learners in elementary schools, high schools, colleges and programs of adult education have, in general, been too willing to acquire facts for storage rather than for application. Education can be of real value only as we are willing to use what we know for our own best interests and for the best interests of society." WM. J. KRUM, JR. MR. WILLIAM J. KRUM JR Superintendent of Schools "The youth of l849 must have had courage which made them dare to ex- plore the new, initiative to lead, en- thusiasm which helped to conquer hardships, love of nature, to give them calmness and dignity, and faith in God, to enable them to trust the future. "l believe the youth of l949, with greater opportunities before them, can and must possess these some qualities. My faith in you may perhaps help in your new and challenging search for MISS MARY L. PITKIN Principal "As you prepare for graduation you should realize that it does not mean the end of your education. Keep on learning. Your mind grows strong with use, Allow time for daily reading. Avoid the trivial and the vulgar. What goes in the mind comes out in the life." D. S. WOODARD, of Union-Endicott High School 8 the real Gold of Life." MISS PITKIN MR. DEWITT S. WOODARD Associate Principal IS. GRACE ABBEY ne Room 116. erican History. v Jersey State Teachers' Iegelat Trenton, Columbia versity. .. CLARENCE G. RRY me Room 211. lness Arithmetic and nentary Algebra. adam. SS JOSEPHINE RUANA 'ie Room 215. 'thand l, Introduction to ness, and Business Arith- ic. IC USE. MISS ALENE E. ALDERSON Home Room 9. English ll and lll. Commencement Work. New York State College for Teachers at Albany, University of Michigan. MRS. MILDRED CALLAHAN Home Room ll-5. Harmony and Theory of Music. In charge of Music Apprecia- tion Hour after school. Crane Institute of Music, New York University. FACULTY MRS. RUTH H. ADAMEK Girls' Physical Education Instructor. In charge of Junior and Senior After-School Activities. Cortland. . 'WH i--..Lv,,: ' ' MISS MADELINE BURNS Girls' Physical Education Instructor. ln charge of Freshman ond Sophomore After-School Activities. Cortland. MR. HAROLD V. COBB Director of Health and Physical Education of the Public Schools of Endicott, Head Coach of Football and Baseball. University of Maine. MR. CLARENCE J. BECKER Shop 24. Industrial Arts Machine Shop Buffalo State College for Teachers. l MRS. MYRA D. CARMAN Home Room 202. Latin and English ll. Cortland. FACULTY MRS. RUTH M. EDSON A Cappella Choir and Glee Club. Houghton College. MISS CLARA COVENEY Vocational Homemaking. Mansfield State College for Teachers, Columbia University. MRS. LEAH A. CROSSMAN Home Room 8. Shorthand I and Secretarial Practice. In charge of typing for the Creative Writing Contests and "Thesaurus." Plottsburg. MISS RUTH ESTY Home Room IO9. English ll and III. William Smith College. MRS. ISABELLE K. FRIDERICH Home Room 2l 6. Plane Geometry. D'YouvilIe College. MRS. EDNA A. FINCH English IV. Head of English Department, General Adviser for the Year- book, Creative Writing Club Sponsor. Cornell University. MR. GEORGE A. FORBES Room 203. Chemistry and General Science. Adviser of the Hi-Club, As- sistant Football Coach and Coach for the Cheerleaders. Niagara University. MISS JEAN HAMKE MR. ROLAND C. FRIDERICH Physical Education, Basketball and Football. Battle Creek College, Ithaca College. Home Room I4. Vocational Homemaking. Cornell University. 9 IO MRS. HAROLD J. HESS Home Room 2. Typing, Public Relations Director. Rochester Business Institute, Extension Work in Columbia and Syracuse. SS EDITH HIBBERT ne Room 212. in l, III, and IV. 'iser for the Junior Stoff of Yearbook. -ibridge University, England. SS CAROL KAHLER riculum and Teaching Aids' sultont. charge of Movies, Posters Pamphlets. thwestern University, New K University. S. ESTHER L. NHART ie Room IO4. gn and Representation. Iser for the Art Staff of Yearbook. land. MR. HAROLD E. HYDE Boys' Guidance Director, Direc- tor of Adult Education. Hartwick College, New York State College for Teachers at Albany. MR. RICHARD Z. KLETT Shop I. Machine Design and Strength of Materials. Supervisor of Technical De- partment, Co-adviser of Tech- nical Club. Syracuse University. FACULTY MR. J. KENNETH HILL Driver Education and Training. Approved Instructor in Driver Training. State Certificate issued b The University of the State oz New York. MR. OSWALD M. KEMP Home Room I7. Technical Drawing and Aviation. Buffalo. MISS RUTH LAWRENCE Home Room 206. English III and Business English. University of R glee Syra- cuse University. Qi 4 MISS SARAH JANE JOHNSON Home Room 213. Latin ll and English Il. Adviser for Sophomore Staff for the Yearbook. New York State College for Teachers at Albany. MISS RUTH I. KNISKERN Home Room 219. Bookkeeping I and ll. Adviser to the Commercial Club, Business Adviser to the Yearbook. Oneonta State Normal School, Rlattsburg, New York Univer- sity. FACULTY MR. JAMES LONGWELL Shop 21 . Technical Machine Shop Instructor. Adviser to Technical Club. Vocational Certificate from The University of the State of New York. MISS MARGARET A MR. PAUL B. MCGANN MCDOUGALL I '55 W Boys' Guidance Director, Direc- Home Room Ha- 2 , tor of Adult Education.. . Elementary Algebra' and Plane N ,.. L Q Oswego, New York University. Geometry. , ,, I Oneonta, Syracuse University. V gi " MISS ALTA M. MCLEAN MR. EDGAR S. MULHOLLEN Home Room 214. World History and Local Problems. Faculty Adviser for the Student Council. Faculty Adviser for the Advisory Council. University of Pittsburgh. Home Room 204. World History. Syracuse University. MRS. MARJORIE L. O'HORA Home Room 4. Typing. Adviser for the January Senior Prom. Plattsburg. MR. RUSSELL E. NORRIS Shop 22. Cabinet Making. Supervisor of the Department. Buffalo. industrial MR. PAUL J. MCCORMACK Home Room 217. English I and Social Studies. Adviser to Hi-Club Bowling Team. Niagara University, Fordham University. MISS GLADYS L. MERSEREAU Girls' Guidance Counselor. Adviser to Tri-Hi Club. New York State College for Teachers at Albany, New York University. MR. ACTON E. OSTLING Concert Band, Drum Corps and instrumental Classes. Director of Music. Ithaca College. , THOMAS PALOUCCI 7. ' :anical Drawing. alo State College for hers, University Jffalo. . JEFFERS D. HARDSON ue Room I I9. ness Law, Retailing, smanship, ness Management. harge of ticket selling for ar plays. In charge of :all programs. :use University. ADONA SICK ian, Adviser to Library Secretary of Teachers' ation. fork University. FACULTY MISS FANNIE M. PENDLETON Home Room IIO. English IV. Commencement Work. New York State College for Teachers at Albany. MR. MACK RYAN Home Room II4. American History and World History, Adviser for the January Senior Prom. Columbia University, Colgate University. MR. C. BURDETTE PARKHURST Physical Education and Foot- ba I, Track. Springfield College. . .-.-2 :.' ' fn." MR. JOSEPH F. ROSSIE Shop 22A. Radio and General Shop. Vocational State Certificate from The University of the State of New York. Oswego and Syracuse University. MISS ELIZABETH J. SMITH Home Room IO2. Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Trig- onometry and Solid Geometry. Member of the Athletic Ad- visory Council. Adviser to the Senior Class for Announce- ments and Cards. Life State Certificate issued by The University of the State of New York. Al iii MISS ELIZABETH M. RASMUSSEN Home Room Il. English II and III. Committee for Caps and Gowns. New York State College for Teachers at Albany. MRS. MARTHA SALEMME Home Room I3. French I, Il, III and English II Penn State. FACULTY MISS RUTH STONE Home Room I2. Vocational Homemaking. Adviser to Homemaking Club and The Junior Red Cross. Syracuse University. MR. R. CRAWFORD STAHL B-Band, Orchestra and Instru- mental Classes, Football Band. Eastman School of Music at Rochester. MISS MARCIA STONE Home Room IO8. Plone Geometry and Interme- diate Algebra. Faculty Advise: for Senior Banquet. Cornell University. MISS MABEL STONHAM Home Room 209. Hygiene and General Science. Adviser to the Freshman Staff at the Yearbook. Alfred University. MISS ANNA TRA NO Room IO. Shorthand ll and Tr nscript . Plattsburg. l MISS BARBARA THAYER Room 120. Drama, Public Speaking I Er Il. Senior Play Director. Mt. Holyoke College, Syracuse University. MRS. MAU DE VARTULI Vocational Homemaking. Plattsburg. 14 MR. CHARLES H. TURVER Home Room 201. Biology and Hygiene. Lawrence College, University of Rochester. H ' ' we ' ' 't .,,gs'sx:C S' 1 " " 'f . fir '17 te , f' 1 . ,... if ,L .: x rms i f f' 1 MR. EGBERT A. THURBER Home Room IDI. World History and Problems i Democracy. Adviser to Key Club. Hartwick College. MISS MAE E. VAUGH? Room 207. Hygiene and Physics. Syracuse University. ISS ELEANOR A. JGELGSANG fme Room I I I. glish III, Journalism. viser to the "Zephyr." 'acuse University, Columbia iversity. J' 1 FACULTY MR. HENRY C. WHITE Home Room 20. Agriculture I. Ill and IV. Coach of Cross-Country, Ad- viser of "Future Farmers of America," President of State Teachers' Agricultural Associa- tion. Syracuse University and St. Lawrence University. MISS MARGUERITE J. WALTERS Home Room 208. American History and Prob- lems in Democracy. Senior Ring Committee Adviser. Tri-Hi Bowling. Syracuse University. MISS BETTY WYKE Home Room 2lO. English IV. Yearbook Adviser for Senior Picture Committee. New York State College for Teachers at Albany. MR. CARL ZONIO Home Room ll2. Spanish and Italian. Syracuse University, New York Sgloafmfiollege for Teachers at ,ffgx ix T I ,K X ,- X I is ,, s I,Ilff' .. A ' ' f Q - ' Wil T 41 X S le xx gg' f Is 11- gf All ,1 as 3 T- , -5 . os - E ' 2 D ,I .-:::lg - J, I of -- sie f f I Nm 'Q rfb Y I rgzijii' be Q 4 e, Q XX ,Lmtf if ff -"iz, - ' .fx KAY L' QLQXX K X Y v I5 ,f.f-i-- 911 Mr. Howard Meeker, Clerk of the Board of Education and Purchasing Agent. SECRETARIAL STAFF FRONT ROW-Mrs. Belle Barney, Mrs. Genevieve Rob- erts, Mrs. Georgia Bolton. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Helen Cobb, Miss Raymeta Chaf- fee, Mrs. Virginia Mitchell, Miss Jessie Brainord. HTS! 'il w 'if 2 , if g f MAINTENANCE STA FIRST ROW-Mr. Beemar Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. Cortrigh' Mr. Burgess. SECOND ROW-Mr. John son, Mr, Spitalsky, Mi Panasuk. BACK ROW-Mr. LaShie Mr. Edwards. Seniou and uncletclademen "Some must he great. Great office, will have Great talents. And Goa' gives to every man The virtue, temper, understanding, taste, That lws him into lik, and lets him fall just in the niche he was ora'ain'd to jill." -Cowper i 1:7 LN' - ' l-+11-ggi-xg: 1! s Q" -'gr -W ll ' '--sig. ' ff? ..,-. Ts, "1 4 -T31 Cr' '94, I 'iw-E - ' ,i.,ji--- Q QR -:i- -:QS - D ie f'- W1-r 4- 4' f--- SQ .F A QQKXT -- if ,XL X X .. ,Y i , 5-S 1 ,, , kj ' M in '-'P w'5f925f2i?'S53Q Mig, W- 3 K Y N F I fi, 1:51 1-,X-X xl :gf ix E V. , 41 - :J ?'4N'Qlup-g '- -Y l Y 1 ,X SX f in i-G . A JL-ff? 151111 l -uw I I I sa , :1aj?, e xfff' -'Xwfzf X"' - 'Qi' f ' j W" iff mx 'lx if " - 4 X ""'x"1sDhsx AZTY . , C, z , 5,fk'Qf.r4:g7b. - - 'X .f A , - Q.- X "1-k'4f1'dIi,.A:.L-X'f,n.,,F?-,,,, -Aj, qekvx- E TTUs-X'f,..30-F I!! ',i?.,,Vf-gCL-7.g,d5.- A-: Tgxfv -mjAA!- EINXQEE-Zzlh., ,dbg are -W '7 L-I ' "' Q- -5 ,P ff T705 ., 1,7 le smffai' -E Saw' 'lf' ' - ' 1 r, , ,.5.1-1? il-AJ-1-4 ' Qin- V " -fi-iz? H-L-. ,,,,:- 5 ' f' S 114-imgk 55? I7 JANUARY CLASS 1949 SEATED - Robert Julian, president, Lillian Bachura receives diploma from Irene Heffner, Secretary. J. Maxwell Clause, president of the STANDlNG-Lillian Bachura, treas- School Bowd- urer, Joseph Miner, vice president. The January Seniors as "The Forty-Niners" have left our halls and taken their places in the world of today, soon to become the leaders in the world of tomorrow. Robert Julian was honored by being chosen the President of his class. Other officers were: Joseph Miner, Vice President, Irene Heffner, Secretary, and Lillian Bachura, Treasurer. Maroon and gray were the class colors, the class flower, the red carnation, and the graduates selected for their motto, "We part only to quarrel with destiny." Irene Heffner, Joseph Miner, and John Barno took part in the senior play, "You Can't Take lt With You," which was presented under the direction of Miss Barbara Thayer. The Banquet at "The Shangri-La" in Endicott on January l7 was followed by the January Senior Prom at the "American Legion Clubhouse" on February l. At Commencement on January 31, essays were given by Natalie Perl, John Stevens, and Lillian Bachura, Marion Bottino, one of the honor students, played a piano selection. Lillian Bachura was awarded an alumni prize of S5 for maintaining the highest average in all subjects for four years. An English prize was also awarded to her by the Woman's Club. Two awards of S5 each were given to John Stevens, one 'for American History, and the other for Mathematics. Bernard Watson was awarded the R.P. l. medal for three years of science and two and one-half years of Mathematics, and the Bausch C7 Lomb award. The Commercial Club prize was presented to Natalie Perl. Thus the January "Forty-Niners" left our halls to help seek golden peace in the world of uncertainty. I8 MISS PITKIN AWARDS CHEMISTRY PRIZE ive II. il l Fw Bernard Watson, John Stevens, Miss Pitkin, Lillian Bachuro, Natalie Perl. QUEEN AND KING OF "GOLD DUST BALL" ARE CROWNED FRONT-James O'Hara, king, Irene Heffner, queen, Joseph Miner, Nata- lie Perl. REAR+RoberfJulior1. I9 Y 0 LOUIS JOHN ANDERSON "Louie" Industrial Arts Course. U.S. Marines. LILLIAN ANNE BACHURA nLHll College Entrance Course, Senior Class Treasurer, Valedictorian, Can- didate for Queen of Gold Dust Ball, groome County Health Essay Award MARION BOTTINO College Entrance Course, Italian Club 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. Triple Cities College. LORETTA CAMPBELL Homemaking Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Glee lub 2, 3, 4. I.B.M. CHARLES WILLIAM CHEESMAN "Chuck" Veteran General Course, Candidate for King of Gold Dust Ball. Trade School. MARIE CIANCIOSI "Mer" Commercial Course, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. I.B.M. VIVIAN IRENE CORNEBY "Viv" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Football Band 2, 4' Tri-Hi Bowling 2, 3, 4, Softball 25 Scholas- tic Literary Award 2, 3. Post-Gradu- ate Work. LAURA ELSA DERICK "LoIly" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3. I.B.M. GERALD WESLEY DOOLITTLE "Jerry" College Entrance Course. Triple Cities College. VICTOR FERRANTE "Flash" College Entrance Course, Rifle Club 2, 35 Volleyball 3, 45 Track 4, Thesaurus Advertising Staff 3, Thesaurus Student Photographer 3, S t' I Rl A d 4. O ec IOHQ eay war lndustrlal Arts School. swego ANNA FRANCESCONE General Course, Glee Club 2, 3, Sen- ior Prom Committee. I.B.M. NORMA HELEN FULLER Homemaking Course, A Cappella Choir 4, Glee Club 2, 3. Ansco Com- pany. LSON E. FURMAN eral Course. Business School. KNETTA GALEMBUSH nBobbyll umercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 3. ness School. KDE GARLAND "Feets" 'inical Course, Technical Club 2, or Announcement Committee. IOTHY GUY "Dot" age Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club , 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Basket- 2, 3 45 Track 2, Tri-Hi Swim- i 2, 51, Hack? 2, 3, 4, Softball 4. Cortland ollege of Physical ation. QY HALAS 'nercial Course, Glee Club 2, ir Banquet Committee, Ansco Dany. EN BERNADETTE AMBALEK emic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 35 ey 2, 35 Basketball 2, Glee Club l.M. IRENE HEFFNER "Rene" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, A Capfella Choir 2, 3 4' Volley- ball 2, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Track 2, Alice in "You Can't ake It With You," Chairman Senior Ring Committee, Homeroom Secretary 4, Sports Let- ter 4, Homeroom Representative 4, Student Advisory Council 4, Candi- date for U-E Queen 4, Queen of Gold Dust Boll 4. College. RICHARD HIGBY Veteran College Entrance Course. Tri-State Engineering College, Indiana. HELEN HRICIGA "Laney" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, Glee Club 2, 35 Senior Banquet Commit- tee. l.B.M. ROBERT JULIAN "Hank" College Entrance Course, Boris Ko- Ienchov in "You Con't Take It With You," President of Senior Class. College. AUDREY MARIE KEENEY General Course, Library Club 2, President of Library Club 2, Class Day Committee. ROBERT DUANE KING "Bob" Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4. l.B.M.-Toolmaking Appren- tice Course. GARY KENYON LITTLE nl-itzll College Entrance Course, Rifle Club 2, Fi e 6' Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4, 2 Rating I and I Rating ll State Contest Awards for Fiting 2, 3, 4, 2-Year Corps Awards, wflek Club Awards 3. Post-Graduate or . ANNA MARIE MANCINI D "Annie" Commercial Course. l.B.M. THERESA MARZOCCA General Course, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Secretarial Work. MARCELLA FRANCES MATULEWICZ "Marcy" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 35 Future Homemakers of America 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Basketball 2. Business School. HAROLD HIRSCHELL MAYES, JR. Veteran Academic Course, Track 2, 3, Ten- nis 2, Swimming 2, 3. Transfer from Kingston High School. RICHARD L. MCCARTY "Dick" Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Football 2, 3, Track 4. Business School. ALLAN JOSEPH ANTHONY MINER "Ernie" Commercial Course, Basketball--Jr. Varsity 3, Basketball-Varsity 4, Mr. De Pinna in "You Can't Take It With You," Candidate for King of Gold Dust Ball. U. S. Army. ROBERT MINGARELLI "Rub" General Course, Senior Banquet Committee. U.S. Army Air Corps. EDWARD DEUEL O'BRIEN llEdIl Commercial Course, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. College. JAMES A. O'HARA "Jim" General Course, King of Gold Dust Ball. SAM PALMERI College Entrance. College. NATALIE ANN PERL "Nat' Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Hockey 2 3, Basketball 2, 35 Volleyball 2,3 Track 2, 3, Softball 2, 35 Thesauru Advertising and Circulating Staff 3, Thesaurus Circulation tatf 4 Advisory Council 3, Cheerleader 3 4, Candidate tor U-E Queen, Senic Ring Committee, Chairman of Sen ior Prom Committee. Salutatoriar Rochester Institute of Technology RISTOPHER J. RENDA "Chris" eral Course. CIANA ROTUNNO "Lucy" wmercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Secretarial Work. CA SENIO "Rickey" eral Course, Baseball 3, Senior and Gown Committee, Essie in u Can't Take It With You." Air e Hostess. RSELL EUGENE ITGREAVES "Russ" strial Arts Course, A Cappella r 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Homeroom esentative 2, Senior Cop and 1 Committee. l.B.M. N ELIZABETH STEINKE "Annie" imercial and Homemaking 'se, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Commer- Club Z, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, ayball 3, 4. IN STEVENS Veteran lemic Course. College. DAWN MARIE STORM General Course, Glee Club 2, 35 Tri- Hi Club 2. JOYCE STUDLEY "Jo" College Entrance Course. Stenotyp- ing. Transfer from Wilson High Sc ool, Wilson, N. Y. JENNIE VANEK Commercial Course, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Business School. GERALD WHITE "Doak" Industrial Arts Course. Post-Gradu- ate Work. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS "Dougie" Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, President of Hi-Club 4, Bowling Award 4. Post- Graduate Work. ROSE YURECKA Homemaking Course, Glee Club 2. ALSO IN THE Jane Baldwin George Gehen Geno Richard Musa Augustine Riolo Alma Streno JANUARY CLASS Thomas Tzivanis Thomas Valenta Jerrold VanLuvanee John Varga, Jr. Bernard Watson 1a'7.f2?:gZ, 5 Y ifffjnvgtw AQ' N Qx ' 1 W 'la "Hx QFWRQM 96:7 Q yi '-.ff X-1, N v i ,, - ., in sax -, 3.J'.a' m.xQWM -'J' 1' NWA .. nj, ' at A l X-,.xN .3J Q'-Mgiinlq NSW IN - xl:-tat,-jzllik I, l !,,,,, X ' JIM' 1 ,J-1":' Mwfn Q' .IEA V it A V V . xml 1 D, L4 I U. ax, . M M A A or ., : - .xx D4 .va j -C X K Sx I If 'f p' , V ,-,V YY . , WWA rr.-1 ,fa MM-,f I7-" - ' f-A ,ig 4 E vx Qxlwl A V5 ! xv ' ,' 'I 4 JI: 4 .Ju I xx I- - ' . V SJR: 'S J' L QP' V "M 'A 'M of "f - 1 P+ ' 'xQjf .'fw ,W f:.- rf, ,gr aj xg Ni L yr vi" R X' Vin. I, Q ' luv 1 19 .5 e'3U' 'J', .JGrf,..,f.Mf fi f" ., QF 1"-fa? -+ I' N.: ,L ,'1"w-, "'ff1-WJ' w, . A A , - S 21 4 - rr., ' Nkfif W, A 4 7 . - ' I T - ,xt ,X xy '1 ay f,, ,' , f f ' I ..,. 1 Y.f,V wiser 'J rxrffw A f , if wi r,wQ1wlrJ' ' S fr A 1 W r:?fWI'f ' Mr 7' " A -H2351 LQ- MX Ng fx A if Xf A' ' x,,. ' NN A M 'Nw 1-up A 'Xb 61" ' ' 'S 'wk'-' rQ'1'f'f! hww.. , ASV V' J 'JW Asha' -r - X no new r,, Xxlfm , ' 90? t if 5 HF J W" 'I 5525545 p M j Hu ,-:QQ 'i- 41, ymw . ffffj, 'J J 'g KH! N251 r. IW.. . :Wk A A 1 A I lf-ii ?.l'vlM A Fl, IU! J I ,Y "'??2zl 4 fi at? ,W A was-A A Web., Jw, ' ' 5 3 S "lx X t rg' W Al.,,,,xv ,115 if v I XJ' jifi, ,?, !4'k 4.,"f!A, :IL xigfx .siaiijf vii- i? . x tl rms k LAL Maggy' 11 6 22, lv faq -x.-. is if 1-gr 1 "ff Ysoxxx, ' " -' f J H3529 ' . ' V " "9 -W e' A5 . 's " 1 -'z-.a-'ff 'D . , If -eo-fe, or Why , ut. r-, rn- 1, 1 . ,J K. ' 1. - f :M r , .J Q W FMF' Tw 'R .W 6 S V ' X r lj' X'-pax Sub-.T .T , ff" -63175. J ' :.'.:. ,, 2, 1 , H 11 J Xi we A-:Mp ff N'-W Q f' M1 S, Q size 'L+ Sir A ,W fav J J' 'Jim gp , -SX-,X lkx -gf" S ' Xiu nkkgi? QM J' A lr f I S X A -,-The ,,-,,Z- -1 yu ax '5- N"-K 3-"W ' , D L Q I 'x :uf vi yi, 'X X N . 1 kj " vm? 'S if Pew f -A J' A J"U A R 1" .S " J J '1' We-Q1 - k fft V lg A I CV, - IJ Mr Xa V I ff . " 'fv,.3'Ag?LTL -I 0123: f' f rl -XXV 5 ' gf K' 'ro' A ' , fl ' ' Qf,5Q,.' ff EP ff ,ff 24 JUNE CLASS 1949 SENIOR OFFICERS SEATED-Joseph Fratino, Mary Jane George. STANDING-Andrew Theodore, John Mvra. Valeducforian-Eleanor Corwin Salutatorian-Polly Conwicke The year l949 has been successful and profitable for the forty-niners who are leaving U-E this year. Many honors have been given them, far too many to mention here. The following students have been honored by being chosen as presidents of various clubs and for other recognition. The officers of the class of '49 are Joseph Fratino, President, Andrew Theodore, Vice President, Mary Jane George, Secreta ry, and John Mrva, Treasurer. Robert Serko was elected President of the Student Council, Mary Jane George, of Tri-Hi, Anthony Vetrano, of Italian Club, Polly Conwicke, of the Creative Writing Club, Bonnabelle Shalkowski, of Future Homemakers, Frank Sorochinsky, of Future Farmers, Eleanor Snyder, of Commercial Club, Richard Newton, of Spanish Club, Paul lves, of Technical Club, and Carol Evans, of the Library Club. Polly Conwicke was chosen Editor-in-chief of our yearbook, Andrew Theodore and Mary Jane George were our senior representatives on the Athletic Advisory Board. Chosen queen of her class at the "All U-E Night Dance" was Eleanor Hickey. From a group of Honor Students, Eleanor Corwin was named Valedictorian, and Polly Conwicke, Salutatorian of the class. With a feeling of success, we, 285 more students, are leaving the halls of our Alma Mater, to enter a world in need of understanding and brotherhood. We shall do our best to aid in providing these, and to secure our own success and happiness, 25 JUNE SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS High Honor Students, left to right: Pauline Conwicke Eleanor Corwin Mary Ann Coccetti Joan Babbitt IN ORDER OF AVERAGES, BEGINNING WITH THE HIGHEST Eleanor Mae Corwin Elliot Reynold Cattarulla Pauline Kay Conwicke June Marie Ferguson Not in picture Mary Ann Coccetti David Donald Allen Joan Elizabeth Babbitt Virginia Ann Clemente Mary Ella Moore Joan Mitchell Not in picture Elizabeth Ann Cheer Ruth Anna Pierce Mary Jane Mills Anna Mildred Sochor Mary Elizabeth Mrva Margaret Ann Brain Betty Jean Lindsey Joan Faith Panko Angelo P4 Romas Charles Vasil Komar Audrey Marie Dent 26 IARD JOHN ADAMS "pack" le Entrance Course, Hi-Club 2, lh Club 4, Camera Club 2, :I Nations Youth Organization ncert Band 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Advertising 4 Tiger Staff 2, Baseball 3, 2, 41 Band Awards 2, 3, 4, 3 I State Music Award 3, Em- loys' State 3. College. ID DONALD ALLEN le Entrance Course, Key Club 4, 'lt Advisory Council 2, 45 Base- , 3, 4, Basketball-Intramural atball-Intramural 3, Football Varsity 4, Sergeant Vincent in Ruth," Empire Boys' State 3. le. PHINE B. ALLIO "Jo" :mic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, ae Club 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Field ly 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, 2, Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Adver- Manager of Thesaurus 4. le. CETTA MARIE ARGENTO "Congie" lercial Course, Commercial Club 4' Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, Thesaurus Staff 4, Basketball 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4' Soft- 1, 3, 4, Track 3, Volleyball 2, Sports Sweater 4. Secretarial .Y ROSE ARGENTO nMorll iercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2. 'y Culture. -IAM FREDERICK IMSTRONG "Yamo" trial Arts Course, Basketball- lrsity 2, 3, Basketball-Varsity If 2, 3, 4. JOAN ELIZABETH BABBITT "Joanie" College Entrance Course, Commercial Club 3, 4, Creative Writing Club 3, 4' Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, TI1esaurus Staff 4, Creative Writing Club Vice President 3, Glee Club President 4, Scholastic Short Story Award 3, Endicott and Tri-Cities Essay Awards for "What American- ism Means to Me" 4, Honor Assem- bly 3. College. EDWARD BACHYNSKI "Ed" Aviation Course. Military Service. MORRIS ROBERT BAN KER IIMOII Commercial Course, Key Club 4, Scholastic Essay Award 2. Triple Cities College or l.B.M. HENRY CLAY BANKS College Entrance Course, Football- Intramural 2, Football-Jr. Varsity 3, Football-Varsity 4, Track 2, 3, 4. College of Medicine. JOHN ROBERT BARNO Academic Course, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross-Country 3, 4: Paul S camore in "You Can't Take lt Witri You." Syracuse University. MARIO GREGORY BATTAGLINI "Batt" Industrial Arts Course, Baseball 2, Basketball-Intramural 2, Football -Jr. Varsity 2, Football-Varsity 3, Football Letterman 3. NELLIE BETSY BAXTER Homemaking Course, Future Home- makers of America 4. BRUCE OWEN BECKER "Spruce" College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Basketball- lntramural 4, Bowling-Jr. Varsity 4, Mr. Kirby in "You Can't Take It With Yau." College of Law. DONALD GLEN BEEBE "Moose" College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball-lm tramural 2, 3, 4, Football-lntra- mural 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Home- room President 4, Baseball Letter- man 3, 4. College. GLADYS JOYCE BENJAMIN HJOYH Homemaking Course, Spanish Club 4. College of Home Economics. ELEANOR LUCILE BIERLY "Ellie" College Entrance Course Commercial club 2, Tri-Ha club 2, sl, 4, A cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 35 Football Band 2, 3, Bowling-Trv Hi 2, Tennis 2, Scholastic Essay Award 3, Band Awards 2, 3, Student Exchange in Norway 4, Candidate for U-E Queen. College. ROYAL ELVIN BOWEN "Pat" Industrial Arts Course, Basketball- lntramural 2, 3, 4, Basketball- Future Farmers 3, Football-Jr. Var- sity 2, Football-Varsity 3. MARILYN ELAINE BRADBURY "Cindy" Homemaking and Art Course, Tri- Hi Club 2, 3, 4. Art School. MARY ANN AGN ES BRADSHAW General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee Club 2, Thesaurus Staff 4, Track 2, 3. LEO RUSSEL BRADY "Rusty" College Entrance Course, Key Clul: 4, Basketball-Intramural 3 4, Track 3, Volleyball 4, Empire Boys State 3, Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4 College. MARGARET ANN BRAIN "Margie" College Entrance Course, Student Advisory Council 2, 35 Tri-Hi Clul: 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball Band 2, 3, 4, Band Sergeant 4, Orchestra 4, Thesaurus Staff 3, 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Martha Seawrighl in "Dear Ruth," Band Awards 2, 3, 4. School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene. MARY ANN THERESA BRAV College Entrance Course, Commercic Club 2, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Cancel Band 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Bowling- Tri-Hi 4, Band Awards 3, 4. But al State Teachers College. DONALD LEWIS BRINK i "Stinky' General Course. Navy. TRUDE MARY BRINSER "Gert" smoking Course, Glee Club 2, etball , Field Hockey 2, 3, all 2, Volleyball 2. l.8.M. lE ELIZABETH BROWN ge Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Glee 2, Thesaurus Staff 4, Baseball Basketball 2, 3, Field Hockey ftball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 45 Home- .V-ice President 4. Laboratory -ucian. lCY LEW BROWN "Nance" le Entrance and Art Course, i Club 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 3, :tball Band 3, 4, Tiger Staff 2, 'lg-Tri-Hi 4, Christmas Play, esson from Luke," 4, Chair- Senior Announcements, Foot- Band Awards 3, 4, Cafeteria littee 3. Cortland State Teach- rllege. lALD WILLIAM BURCH tical Course, 'Basketball-lntra- I 3, 4, Football-Intramural 2, all-Jr. Varsity 3, Football- ly 4, Volleyball 4, Homeroom President 4. BUNDAS "Punk" gal Course, Fife Cr Drum Corps wo-Year Corps Award. l.B.M. VA KATHERINE BURIN nJenn if Y nic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Club 2, 3. School of Nursing. DONALD ARTHUR BUSHNELL "Bushie" Agriculture Course, Future Farmers of America 2,3,4g Homeroom Pres- ident 4, F.F.A. Judging Team 4. U. S. Army. ANNA BUSSA General Course. Commercial Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 4, Glee Club 2, 35 Basketball 3. HARRY HOFFMAN BUTTS "Montana" Commercial Course, Hi-Club 3, 45 Basketball-Intramural 2, 3, 45 Bowling-Varsity 4, Football-lntra- mural 2, Football-Jr Varsity 3, Track, Hi-Club Bowling Trophy 3. LOUIS VICTOR CAFORIO "Banana" Technical Course, Track 3, Cross- Cauntry 4 AUDREY ELEANOR CAMBERS College Entrance Course, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. GERALD PAUL CAMPBELL n-Jerryu Industrial Arts Course, Football Bond 2, Band Awards 2, 3. JOHN PETER CAPRIO "Jack" Art Course, Basketball-Intramural 2, 3, 4' Football-Intramural 2, Tennis 3, 45 Tony Kirby in "You Can't Take It With You," Scholastic Art Award 3. Cartooning. DURWOOD GENE CARGI LL General Course, Concert Band 4, Football Band 4. Technical School. THOMAS JAMES CARLTON IIT-ornlr College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 4' Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band Awards 2, 3, 45 State Contest Awards French Horn 2, 3. New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences. ELLIOT REYNOLD CATTARULLA College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 3, 4' Basketball- Intramural 2, 3, 45 Senior Director in Key Club 4, American Chemical Society Award 4, Empire Boys' State. College. PATRICIA RAE CEDERBORG I npotn College Entrance Course, Creative Writing Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4' hesaurus Literary Staff 2, 3, 47 Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Scholastic Essay and Radio Script Awards 3, Poetry Award 2, 35 Vice President Creative Writing Club 4. New York State College for Teachers. ROBERT CERUTTI "Bob" Technicat Course. ROBERT HENRY CERWON KA lrBobn College Entrance Course, Key Clul: 4, Dance Band 3, 45 Fife Er Drurr Corps 2, 3, 4, 3-Year Corps Award. College. DELORES BELLE CHANDLER HDOYYA College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Clui 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Footbal Band 2, 3, 41 Glee Club 2, Orchestre 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 35 Swimming- Tri-Hi 4, Band Awards 2, 3, 4. oll lege of Medicine. GLORIA J EAN CHATCHEW HGIOI College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Clul 2, 4, Glee Club 2, Basketball 2 Field Hockey 2, Softball 2, Track I Scholastic Essay Award 2. College ELIZABETH ANN CHEER "Betty College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Clu 2, 3' A Cappella Choir 4, Glee Clu 2, 35 Scholastic Essay Award E College. MARIE CHOMACK "Rec Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. School Nursing. DONALD WESLEY CLARK "Do: College Entrance Course, Thesaul Staff 2, Scholastic Essay Award BINIA ANN CLEMENTE "Fudge" iercial Course, Commercial Club 'liar Red Cross 4, Student Ad- Council 4, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, room Vice President 3, Honor ably 3. Business School. Y ANN ELIZABETH JCCETTI "Mac" ie Entrance Course, Spanish 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 4, Bowlinga 4, Softball 2, Volleyball 2. y State Teachers College. DHINE LUCY ILAPIETRO "Jo" :I Course, Italian Club 3, Tri- .ib 4, Glee Club 2, 3. Secre- Work. Y NATALIE COLEMAN HNOVI ercial Course, Future Home- s of America 4, Spanish Club -Hi Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2. ss College. INE KAY CONWICKE "Polly" ' Entrance Course, Creative I Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club Q Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Foot- nd 2, 3, Thesaurus Editor-in- ,Swimming-Tri-Hi 2, Miriam ar Ruth," Band Awards 2, 32- tic Award Special Regional and National! 3, Essay ' Awards for "America's Con- in to a Permanent Peace" 2, ak for Democracy" 3, "Our .t American Heritage-Lib- 3, "Men of Erie" 3, "What anism Means to Me" 4, Girls' , Creative Writing Club Pres- , 4. Antioch College. RD CHARLES COOK ,,Ed., Entrance Course, Hi-Club 2, ippella Choir 4, Basketball- lral 3, 4, Ed Carmichael in Ian't Take lt With You." IRENE AMANDA- COPELAND Academic Course, Spanish Club 3, 4 School of Nursing. JANE ELIZABETH COPP College Entrance Course, Future Homemakers of America 2, Glee Club 2, 3. J EANNETTE ELAINE COPP rlljcnll College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee Club 2, Track 2, Volleyball 2. Wilson Memorial School of Nursing. GRACE ELNORA CORNELL Homemaking Course. ROBERT M. CORSON "Bob" College Entrance Course, Basketball -Intramural 2, 3, 45 Football- lntramural 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball 4, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Track Letters 3, 4, Track Ribbon 2, Track Medal 3. College. ELEANOR MAE CORW I N "Ellie" Secretarial and College Entrance Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, Student Advisory Council 2, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Thesaurus Advertising Staff 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Candidate for U-E Queen, Secretary of Commercial Club 4. College. MARCIA CARTER COUGHLIN "Marsh" College Entrance Course, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 4, Class Colors and Motto Committee, Candidate for U-E Queen. School of Nursing. BARBARA LOU CUNNINGHAM Art Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2. JOSEPH THOMAS CUNNINGHAM ".Ioe" College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, Basketball-Intramural 2, 3, 4, Golf 4, Track 2, Volleyball 4, Cross- Country Track 2. Syracuse College of Forestry. GERALD WILLIAM DANIELS IIB-Hll Technical Course. I J USTI NA ROSE DANN I BALE Homemaking Course, Future Home- makers of America 2, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, Volleyball 2. l.B.M. GRACE MARIE DAVIS "Gracie" Commercial Course, Stenography. EVELYN MARGARET DELLAPENTA "Ev' General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4 Thesaurus Staff 4, Ring, Class Color: and Motto Committees. HERBERT LEONARD DELLAPENTA "Herb" College Entrance Course Scholastic Book Review Award 3. College. ANTHONY JOSEPH DEL RE Technical Course, Basketball-Intro mural 2, Football-Intramural 2. AUDREY MARIE DENT "Ivy College and Business Course, Con mercial Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, , Thesaurus Staff 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi Katherine Gibbs' Secretarial Schot DIANA GLORIA DE SANTIS Commercial Course, Commercial Cl: 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3 45 Glee Club Bowling-Tri-Hi 5, 45 Homeroc Reporter 4. Secretarial Work. JOHAN CHARLES DE VENT "Lieutenan Industrial Arts Course, Scholas Essay Award. l.B.M. K AGNES DIETRICHSEN 'ge Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 aurus Staff 4, Baseball 4, Home- Vice President 4. College. 'HONY JOSEPH DIORIO 111-onyn ge Entrance Course, Rating I Music Contest Award 3, Band ds 2, 3, 45 Treasurer Italian 4. College. E MARIE ANNE DI TOTA ,.RoSe,, making Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, ae Club 2, 35 Bowling-Tri-Hi lege. IARD MAURICE INATO "Mike" rial Arts Course. DROST :I Course. Diesel Mechanic. -EY MAE ELDREDGE 2 Entrance Course. Student ry Council 4, Homeroom Vice :nt 4. Wilson Memorial School 'sing. 6. J'-J RICHARD LOUIS ENGLISH noickll College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, Basketball- Intramural 3, 45 Football-Intramural 2, 35 Track 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Treasurer 4, Tri- Cities Track Award 2, Empire Boys' State 3. College. ROSEMARIE CECILIA ESCOVAR "Rosie" General Course, Future Hornemakers of America 2, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3. I.B.M. JEANETTE HELEN ETN ER College Entrance Course, Junior Red Cross 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, Basketball 2, Softball 2, Volley- ball 3. Laboratory Technician. CAROL ANN EVANS General Course, Spanish Club 4, Tri- Hi Club 2, 3, 4. MARGARET RUTH EVANS nAAoggie11 College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Teachers College. ADA MAE FE DORA Homemaking Course, Future Home- makers of America 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HUGH FENDICK IIBHIII Technical Course, Technical Club 2. JUNE MARIE FERGUSON "Fergie" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Dora in "Dear Ruth," Football Band Awards 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Quintet Award 3. College. JOHN ALBERT FIORINI "Johnny" Technical Course, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Reporter 4, Captain Cross-Country 3. JOSEPH JOHN FRATINO lljoell Technical Course, Key Club 4, Span- ish Club 4, Technical Club 4, Base- ball 3, 4, Basketball--Jr. Varsity 2, Basketball-Varsity 3, 4, Basketball Letterman 3, 4, Basketball Captain 4, Key Club President 4, Senior Class President, Empire Boys' State. Post- Graduate Work. WALTER EDWARD FR EY "won" College Entrance Course, Key Club 4. U. S. Army. SAM GASBARRA General Course, Football - Intra- mural 2, Football-Jr. Varsity 3, Football-Varsity 4, Track 2. MARY JANE GEORGE uMidgelr College Entrance Course, 'Athletic Advisory Council 3, 4, Italian Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of Tri-Hi 3, Tri-Hi President 4, Homeroom Presi- dent 4, Secretary of Athletic Ad- visory Council 4, Senior Class Sec- retary. College of Teaching. REGINA EMILIE GIORDANO uRigi1 College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Clut 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Field Hockey 2 Laboratory Technician. ROSE MARlE MARTHA GIORDANO "Honey' College Entrance Course, Italian Clul 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappelll Choir 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4 Football Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4 Bowling-Tri-Hi 3, 4, Swimming- Tri-Hi 2, Band Awards 2, 3, 4 Woodwind Trio Award 2, Woodwin Quintet Award 3. Fredonia Stat Teachers College. ANASTASIA GLOWA "Baby' College Entrance Course, Glee Clul 2, 3, 4, Class Colors and Motti Committee, Scholastic Autobiograph ical Sketch Award 3. College a Teaching. RITA SALLY GOLDBERG "Reet College Entrance Course, Glee Cli. 2, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 2, , School of Nursing. ROSEMARY LOUISE GRAZ lANO "Rc College Entrance Course, ltalian Cla 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Basebc 2, Volleyball 2, Occupational Essi Award 2, Secretary ot Italian Club Wilson Memorial School of Nursin -DRED ANNA GREYTACK "Millie" sae Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club e d Hockey 2. School of Nursing. tRA MARGARET GROSE "Claire" eral Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Bowl- -Tri-Hi 2. School of Nursing. IES ANTHONY GUCCIA "Chi Goo" ral Course, Football-Jr. Var- !, Football-Varsity 3, 45 Senior amrngrmttee, Football Letter- l MARIE GUIDICI "Lolly" nercial Course, Glee Club 2, atball 2, Field Hockey 2, Soft- Z, Volleyball 2. I.B.M. ZESA GRACE AGNES KLPIN "Terry" le Entrance Course, Glee Club 4. Wilson Memorial School of ig. RLY ANNE HARDER II Bevll ercial Course, Orchestra 2, Hockey 2, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. ess School. CHARLES JOSEPH HARRIS "Cho Cho" Industrial Arts Course, Football- Varsity 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4, Vol- Ieybal 3, 45 Homeroom Reporter 4, Player of Year in Triple Cities 3, Captain of Football and Track Teams 3, 4' Moose Cup Football Award 4 All-Southem Tier Football Team 22 3, 45 Letterman Football and Trac 2, 3, 4' Central New York Football Team 3, lOO-Yard Dash Award 3, Track Awards 2, 3, 4. College. CHESTER HARRIS "Chet" Aviation Course, Football- Intra- mural 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross-Country 3, 45 Cross-Country Letterman 3, 4. Post-Graduate Work. JOHN LEWIS HART "Heert" Art Course, Thesaurus Staff 3, Ten- nis 3, Scholastic Art Awards 2, 3. Commercial Art. BERNARD MICHAEL HAVRILKA "Trigger" College Entrance Course, Hi-Club 2, G-Mon in "You Can't Take It With You," Assistant Football Manager 4. Navy. EDWARD MERLE HENDRICK llEdll Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4. I.B.M. RUSSELL EDWARD HENNEMAN, JR. "Russ" Aviation and Radio Course, Bowling -Varsity 4, The Sailor in "Dear Ruth." I.B.M. ELEANOR MARIE HICKEY uEIIell General Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, Student Advisory Council 4, Tri- Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4 Queen. , Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, U-E JANE ANN HUSVAR "Janie" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Business Col- ege. PAUL HAROLD IVES "Senator" Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4, Fife Cr Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Basketball-Intramural 2, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross-Country 3, 4, Rating I Medal Drum Solo 2, 3-Year Corps Awards, Pres. of Technical Club 4. VICTORIO JEAN IZZO znvickyll Academic Course, Student Advisory Council 3, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Art Staff 3, 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 3, Field Hockey 2, 4, Penny in "You Can't Take lt With You." School of Nursing. FRAN K JOSEPH JANECEK "Fritz" Technical Course, Technical Club 2, Fife C1 Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary of Homeroom 4, Basketball- lntramural 2, Track 2, 2-Year Corps Award. BARBARA GRACE J ONES "Bobbie" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Swimming--Tri-Hi 3, Vol- leyball 4. Triple Cities College. EDITH MARY JORDON l1Ediell Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Binghamton State Hospital School of Nursing. KATHLEEN MARIE KAVANAGH "Kay" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4' Thesaurus Staff 2, 3, 4, lst National Scholastic Award Short Story 2, lst Local Award Poetry 3, Basketball 2, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, 4, Swimming-Tri-Hi 2, 4, Track 2, 4, Volleyball 2, 4, Olga in "You Can't Take lt With You." College. MARJORIE JEAN KEREKANICH "Margie" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Student Advisory Council 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Scholastic Poetry Awarc 3. Secretarial Work. DAVID BRUCE KINNE"Dave' Industrial Arts Course, Football- Intramural 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4. Col ege. FRANCES RITA KISLING "TolIie' College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Clu 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Glee Clu 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 4, Bowling- Tri-Hi 2, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Soft ball 2, 4, Swimming -Tri-Hi I Track 2, 4, Volleyball 2, 4, Treas urer Library Club 4. College. ANDREW KOMANOWSKI "Andy Technical Course. Basketball-lntri mural 2, 3, 4. KRLES VASIL KOMAR IIHOCRII lnical Course, A Cappella Choir fe G Drum Corps 2, 3, 4' 2-Year s Award. College or lndustry. JES KOSTYUN "Aggie" 'ge Entrance Course Tri-Hi Club 45 Basketball 2, Field Hockey alleyball 2, 4. College. 'Y CHARLES KOTSUBKA nstudu atrial Arts Course, Student cil 3, Basketball-Jr. Varsity lotball-Jr. Varsity 2, Football rsity 3 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Track rman 2 3, 45 Football Letter- 3, 45 Track Captain 3, Track ds 2, 3. College. IILEE GRACE KRAMER uLeell ge Entrance Course, Junior Red 4, A Cofpella Choir 2, 3, 45 :rt Bond , 3, 45 Football Band 45 Homeroom Secretamt Band its 2, 3, 4. Ridley's retarial IOLAS KULASZA "Nick" cal Course. l.B.M. NOR SADIE LA FRANCE "Butch" naking Course, Future Home- iotr Qmerica 2, Tri-Hi Club 2, u . DONALD R. LAINHART llstudll General Course. STEFY ANNE LASS "Lassie" General Course. Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, Volleyball 4, Homeroom Reporter 4. Business. School. MDZEM GLORIA ELAINE LEE Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Thesaurus Cir- cular Advertising Staff 4. Insurance Office Work. IVA LOIS LETSON Homemaking Course, Glee Club 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. College. BARBARA LOUISE LEWIS "Butch" College Entrance Course Creative wrlnnamclab 4, Tn-Hi Club 3, 4: Basket II 2, 3, 4' Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 5, 4, Track 3 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, Assistant Manager Girls' Sports 3, Manager Girls' Sports 4. Albany State eachers College. FRANCES JOANN LIBERATORE "Fran" Homemaking Course, Future Home- makers of America 2. Secretarial Work. jU,J2 LOUIS ANGELO LIBURDI Technical Course, Student Advisory Council 2, 3, 47 BasketbaIl-lntra- mural 2, 35 Football-Jr. Varsity 2, Track 2. HARRY WILLIAM LINDEBORN "Lindy" College Entrance Course, A Cappella Choir 2, 31 Glee Club 2, 35 Track 3, N.J. State Chorus Champions Award 2. College. Transfer from Collings- wood High School,Collingswood,N.J. 1 ,ff BETTY JEAN LINDSEY Bett' Commercial Course, Glee Club 2, Field Hockey 2, Track 2, 3. ANGELO LIPPOLIS Veteran "Lippi" General Course. NANCY JOAN LITTLE Homemaking and Secretarial Course. Tri-Hi Club 4. NANCY MARIE LOBELLO nNon1l Commercial Course, Junior Red Cross 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Vice President, Treasurer, Reporter ot Li- brary Club 2, Secretary Library Club 3, 4. Secretarial Work. ROSE MARIE LO BELLO General Course, Future Homemakers of America 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Bos- ketball 2, Field Hockey 2. EUGENE GERARD LOFTUS usenell Technical Course, Technical Club4 Basketball-Intramural 3 4, Foot- ball-lntramural 2, Football-Var sity Manager 3, 45 Homeroom Treas- urer 4, Football Letterman 4. l.B.M MARY LOUISE LUMAZZA "Mary Lou' General Course, Future Homemaker at girrlerica 3, Tri-Hi Club 4, Gle u . CHARLES PETER LUTZ "Chuck College Entrance Course Basketba -Intramural 3, 4, Football-lntrc mural 3, 4, Volleyball 4. Collegl Q CHARLES MACKO "Willie Technical Course, Fife Er Drum Cor 2, 3, 45 2-Year Corps Guard. JEAN ARLYNE MAC LEOD "Jeanii College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Cl 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Glee Cl 2, 3. College. ELINE MACUCH "Addy" lmercial Course, Commercial Club 'ri-Hi Club 2. Secretarial Work. GINIA ELLEN MANDYCK "Ginger" lemic Course, Student Advisory lcil 2, Tri-Hi Club 3, 45 A Cap- Chair 2, 3, 45 Rheba in "You t Take lt With You." Bingham- Ltate Hospital School of Nursing. lCY JUNE MANEY uNonn ge Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club lncert Band 2, 3, 45 Football 3,45 Band Awards 3,45 Candi- for U-E Queen. Cortland Teach- ollege of Physical Education. LJORIE LOU MANN "Marge" Je Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Orchestra 2, Bowling-Tri-Hi 3, 45 Voca- Essay Award 2, Homeroom ?ary 4. IDRA MARY KSTROGIACOMO "Lee" lurse, Italian Club 2, 45 Tri-Hi e Club 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 g-Tri-Hi 3, Volleyball 2, lrus Art Staff 2. Mastro Irs. Xl RACHAEL MATOLA "Shorty" l Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 45 Glee Club 2. School of J. JOHN ANTHONY MATOLKA "Yonko" Technical Course, Technical Club 2, Basketball- Intramural 2, 3, 45 Homeroom President 4. ANNETTE LUCY MATTEO Commercial Course, Glee Club 3. LUCILLE JUNE MAXFIELD Ill-ucyll College Entrance Course, Creative Writin Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee glub 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2 Softball 2, Volleyball 2, Scholastic Poetry Award 2. THERESA ELIZABETH MCQUADE "Tre" General Course, Future Homemakers of America 2, Senior Class An- nouncements Committee, Mrs. Da- browski in "A Lesson from Luke." St. Vincent's Hospital School of Nursing. BARBARA JEAN MEYERS "Bobbie" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 45 Thesaurus Staff 4, Homeroom Secretary 4. Recep- tionist. JOHN MIHOK "Schawb" College Entrance Course, Fife C1 Drum Corps 2, 2-Year Corps Award, Golf 3. College of Law. DAVID LEO MILLS College Entrance Course, Fife Er Drum Corps Color Bearer 2, Thesau- rus Business Manager 3, 45 Ameri- can Chemical Society Award 4. College. MARY JANE MILLS "Janie" College Entrance Course, Creative Writing Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Bowling-Tri-Hi 3, 45 Swimming -Tri-Hi 2, 3, Edith Wilkins in "Dear Ruth," Thesaurus Editorial StaTf 4, Scholastic Literary Award 3, Ameri- can Legion Essay Contest Award 3, Better Foot Health Essay Award 3, Americanism Essay Award 4. Uni- versity of Michigan. JOSEPH NICK MINGARELLI ,,Ming,, Art Course, Football Band 2, 3. RICHARD JOHN MISULICH "Moose" General Course. JOAN MITCHELL "Joanie" College Entrance Course, Creative Writing Club 4, Student Advisory Council 3, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 4, Thesaurus Circulation Staff 3, Thesaurus Editorial Staff 4, Homeroom Representative 3, Piano and Voice Contest Awards 3. Pots- dam State Teachers College. SHIRLEY LOUISE MITCHELL "Shirl" College Entrance Course, Student Advisory Council 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, Treasurer Tri-Hi Club 4, Candidate for U-E Queen. College. MARY ELLA MOORE College Entrance Course, Spanish Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Thesau- rus Circulation Staff 3, Occupational Essay Award 2. College. MARY PHILOMENA MORLANDO "Phil" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Glee Club 2, Baseball 2, 3, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Volleyball 2, 3. Past-Graduate Work. JOHN JOSEPH MRVA "Masty" Industrial Arts Course, Basketball- Intramural 2, 3, 45 Football-Jr. Varsity 2, Football-Varsity 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Representa- tive 4, Football Letterman 3, 4, Senior Class Treasurer, Clfairmar Senior Ring Committee. MARY ELIZABETH MRVA "Merv' Commercial Course, Commercial Clul 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Scholastii Essay Award 3. Secretarial Work. ADELINE MARY MUCILLI "Shorty Commercial Course, Commercial Clu 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee Club 2. Sec retarial Work. BARBARA MARGUERITE MUSA General Course, Future Homemake of America 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, GI Club 3, Treasurer of Homemakii Club 4. EPHEN NAGLE ustrial Arts Course, Basketball- 'amural 2, Track 2, 35 Secretary- asurer 4. U. S. Air Corps. ELYN MAE NICHOLAS llEvelI imercial Course. Business School. VIA HATTI E NORTONHMH :ge Entrance Course, A Cappella r 4, Football Band 2, Glee Club 5 Homeroom Secretary 4. 'RICIA MARY O'BRIEN I iipotfi ral Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 35 Club 2, 35 Homeroom Repre- itive 4. Stenotyping. RY ANN OCCHIATO Hokeyii iercial Course, Commercial Club :dent Council 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 'ig-Tri-Hi 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, lleyball 2, 3, 45 Mrs. Kirby in Can't Take lt With You," urus Staff 4, Sports Letters 4, rt and Football Band Awards 45 Chairman Southern Tier wt Council Conference 4. Rid- iecretarial School. LD ALVIN JONNELL "Jerry" z Entrance Course, Football- lural 3, 4. Syracuse School of y. JEAN ANN OGDEN "Ogle" College Entrance Course, Spanish club 3, 4, Tri-Hi club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3' Basketball-Intramural 2, 3, 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4' Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Thesaurus Staff 2, 45 Senior Prom Committee, Scholastic Short Story Award 2. College. ZITA ELIZABETH O'HARA Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Glee Club 2, Homeroom Vice President 4. Business School. FRANK NORMAN ORRIS HB0-Ball General Course, A Cappella Choir 4, Basketball-Intramural 2, 3, 45 Football-Intramural 2, Football- Jr. Varsity 3, Football-Varsity 4. Post-Graduate Work. JOHN RICHARD OWEN Il-Jockll Technical Course, Spanish Club 4, Technical Club 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball-Jr. Varsity 3, 45 Football- Intramural 3, Football-Varsity 4, Baseball Letterman 3. College. -Ex. 'W-Q WILLIAM GERALD PALOMBO "Plump Plump" Technical Course, Concert Band 2 3, 4, ounce Band 2, 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Basket- gala-Intramural 4, Band Awards 2,X1 JOAN FAITH PANKO "Joannie" Art Course, Italian Club 2, 45 Tri- Hi Club 2, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 45 Glee Club 2, Basketball 2, 45 Bowl- ing-Tri-Hi 2, 45 Field Hockey 2, 45 Softball 2, Swimming-Tri-Hi 2, 45 Volleyball 2, 45 Senior Class Colors and Motto Committee, Candidate for U-E Queen. College. PETER DONALD PAN KO "Panic" College Entrance Course, Hi-Club 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, BowIing-Var- sity 2, 35 Tax Collector in "You Can't Take It With You." Albany State Teachers College. JULIA Pftlilsl "Jo" General Course, Creative Writing Club 2 Italian Club 2, Tri-Hi Club, Basketball 2, Volleyball 2. TANIA PASHKOWSKY "Tiny" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee Club 2. NINA FRANCES PERKINS nperkyu Homemaking Course, Commercial Club 2, Future Horrlemakers of America 4, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4' Football Band 2, 3, 45 Bowling-Tri-Hi 3, Football Band Awards 2, 3, 4, Service Chairman of Homemaking Club 4. MARY JEANETTE PERO College Entrance Course, t d t Council 3, Tri-Hi Club 2, , 5 Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 H mer President 2, Thesaurus St f Student Chairman Assem r grams 4 Tri-Hi Bowling 4, ask boll 2, 5, Hockey 2, 3, 4- Sottb l 2, 3, 45 Track , 3, Vol eyball 3, 45 U-E Sweater 4, Candidate t U-E Queen. College of Physical Ed cation. ,ff I? QI MERRITT KENNETH PETERS uKenll Industrial Arts Course. LOIS B. PHILLIPS General Course, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 4 Bowling-Tri-Hi 4, Field Hockey 2, 3. JEAN EDITH PICCIANO "Jeanie" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 41 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, Football Band 2, 3, Soft- ball 3, Volleyball 2, 3. Business School. ROBERT ERNEST PICCIANO "Pancho" College Entrance Course, Hi-Club 4, Key Club 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 47 Dance Band 3, 45 Fife 5 Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Football Band 3, Baseball 2 Basket- ball-Jr. Varsity 3, Basketball- Varsity 4, Donald in "You Can't Take lt With You," Homeroom President 4, Drum Duet Contest Medal 3, 3-Year Drum Corps Award, 2-Year Band Award. College. DONNA JANE PICKERING College Entrance Course, Student Advisory Council 3, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 2, 3, 41 Ruth in "Deal Ruth," Senior Ring Committee 4, Candidate for U-E Queen. College. BERNICE CONSTANCE PIER Academic Course, Italian' Club 4 Glee Club 2. RUTH ANNA PIERCE "Ruthie Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club A Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Bowling-Tri-l 4, Homeroom President 4. l.B.M. TA PAULA PISANI "Neets" ral Course, Italian Club 3, 4, Club 2, Basketball 2, 3, Soft- 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3: Secretary ralian Club 3. Beauty Culture. JMENA MARIE ITTARELLI "Phil" rral Course Future Homemakers merica 4, Italian Club 3, Tri-Hi 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 35 Bowl- -Tri-Hi 2, Swimmin -Tri-Hi2, :tary Homemaking glut: 4. RY ANN POLISENSKY uMorll eral Course, Concert Band 2, 3, :zotball Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra and and Orchestra Awards 2, College. RGUERITE ANN POWELL uMarge11 mercial Course Tri-Hi Club 2, 5 Cheerleader fl, 4. I.B.M. 'MOND EDWARD REBISH "Ray" nical Course, Technical Club 2, K Secretary of Technical Club. .ORES RUTH PRINCE "Dorkey" ge Entrance Course, Tri-Hi 2, : A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Glee 2, Bowlin -Tri-Hi 3, 4, cun- -e for Ui Queen. Katherine s Secretarial School. ROBERT THEODORE PULSE IlBobll Technical Course, Technical Club 2. College. GINO LOUIS PUTRINO "Smiles" Music Course, Concert Band 4, Dance Band 4, Football Band 2, 4, Band Awards 3, 4. UMBERTO ALBERT PUTRI NO "Watts" Commercial Course. JOSEPH MICHAEL QUARTARARO "Peanuts" Industrial Arts Course, Basketball -Intramural 4, Track 2. U. S. Navy. P H I LOMENA RAYMONDI uphill! Academic Course, Future Home- makers of America 4, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4. ARTHUR BRUCE REDPATH l1Artll College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, A appella Choir 2, 3, 4: Grandpa in "You Can't Take It with You," Senior Ring Committee. College. RITA ANN REGISTER College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Softball 3, Tennis 2, Band Awards 2, 3, 4. Colorado Women's College in Denver. JANE ELLEN RINER "Janie" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4. Wilson Memorial School of Nursing. ANTONETTE LOUISE RITA Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 45 Concert and Football Band Awards 2, 3, 4. I.B.M. SALVATORE RAYMOND RIZZI "Sam" Industrial Arts Course, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 4, Football Band 3 45 Orchestra 3, 4, Bowling -Tri-Hi 2, Rating l Award Clarinet 3, 4' Rating II Award Clarinet 2, Band Awards 3, 4. Music. ALBERT BURN ETTE ROBERTS "AIbie" College Entrance Course Kev Club 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Gllee Club 2, Albert Kummer in "Dear Ruth," lst place American Legion Oratorical Contest 4. Politics. LENA LOUISE ROMA "Lee" General Course, Italian Club 3, Tri- Hi Club 2, Baseball 2, Softball 2, Volleyball 2. ANGELOS P. ROMAS "Slim" Academic Course, Key Club 4, Scho- lastic Essay Award 3. College. RICHARD W. ROMMEL ,iRiCkyf. College Entrance Course, Basketbal +Jr. Varsity 2, 3, Basketball-Van Stn 51, Manager Intramural Foot- a . PHYLLIS JANET RUDLER "Phil" General Course, Concert Band 2, 3 4, Football Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Clul: 5, glrcrestra 2, 3, 4, Band Award: ALICE MAY RUSNAK "Al' Commercial Course, Commercial Clut 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, Thesaurus Staff 4 Senior Ring Committee. Secretaria Work. GORDON HOLLIS SADDLEMIRE "Gordie" Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club 2 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Football Banc 2, 3, 4, Band Awards 3, 4. U.S Army. JOHN VINCENT SALEMME "Salami" Commercial Course, FootbaIl-Intra- mural 2, Thesaurus Editorial Staff 3, 4, Baseball Manager 3, 4. U.S. Navy. HEN SAMSONIK, JR. nsonnyll trial Arts Course, Hi-Club 2, ra Club 2, Fife C1 Drum Corps 4, 3-Year Corps Award, G- in "You Can't Take It With Machinist or U.S. Navy. NAAS NICHOLAS SBARRA le Entrance Course, Italian 4 Key Club 4, Dance Band 2, :II Band 2, Track 2, Vice Presi- Italian Club 4. College. ET SCHERMERHORN "Schem" 'al Course, Future Homemakers nerica 4. l.B.M. SI ANDREW SCHNEIDER iical Course. Machinist. Nl CARLTON SCHNEIT "Jack le Entrance Course, Key Club dent Advisory Council 4, Foot- -Intramural 2, Harry Wilkins in Ruth," Homeroom President siness College. ID LEE SCHUMACHER "Dave" ical Course, Key Club 4, Tech- Club 2, 3, 4. IBM Apprentice med Services. FLORENCE ANN SEPELAK HFIOII Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 3. Secretarial Work. ROBERT JOHN SERKO "Bob" College Course, Spanish Club 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 45 Student Advisory Council 3, 4, Basketball-Jr. Varsity 2, 35 'Basketball-Varsity 4, Foot- ball-Varsity 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 45 Track Ribbons 2, 3, Triple Cities Track Awards 2, 3, lntersectional Track Award 3, Shield-Sectional Track Award 3, Track Letters 2 3, 4, Football Letters 3, 4, President Student Council 4. College. THERESA PAULI NE SEVERSKY "Cheeh" Art and Homemakin Course, Field Hockey 2, Softball 3, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, American Legion Auxiliary Poster Award 4. Art Work. ROSITA SGOBBA "Ro" General Course, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2. CAROLINE MARIE SHAFFER General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Eowllgntgt-Tri-Hi 2, Thesaurus Staff BONNABELLE MARY SHALKOWSKI "Bonnie" General Course, Future Homemakers of America 4, Spanish Club 3, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, Field Hockey 2, 3, Softball 2, Volleyball 2, 3, Home- room Reporter 4, President Future Homemakers of America 4. Beauty Culture. ANITA FRANCES SHON Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4. Secretarial Work. JAMES WILLIAM SMITH nRingu Industrial Arts Course, Student Ad- visory Council 3, Basketball-Jr. Varsity 2, Basketball-Varsity 4, Football-Jr. Varsity 2, 3, Football -Varsity 4 Football and Baseball Letterman S, 4, Baseball Manager 2, 3. College. KENNETH WILSON SNOW uslugu College Entrance Course, Spanish Club 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4. College. FLOYD ALBERT SNYDER "Sneedgrass" College Entrance Course, A Cappella Wold 4, Baseball 3. Post-Graduate or . ELEANOR GERTRUDE SNYDER "ElIy" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 45 Bowling-Tri-Hi 2, Thesaurus Advertising Staff 4, Sen- ior Announcement Committee 4, Bowling Award 2, Treasurer of Com- mercia Club 2, Vice President of Commercial Club 3, President of Commercial Club 4. New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sci- ences. AGNES HELEN SOCHOR uAggieu General Course, Student Advisory Council 2, Tri-Hi Club 2, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey 4, Soft- ball 2, 45 Track 2, Volleyball 2, 4. Cortland Teachers College of Phys- ical Education. AN NA MARY SOCHOR General Course, Commercial Club 1 Spanish Club 3, 4' Basketball A Field Hockey 4, volleyball 4, car tain Intramural Basketball 4. Pad' ard School for Secretaries. HOLMES WILLIAM SOMERS "Homer' College Entrance Course, Hi-Club E Key Club 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Football Band 2, Volleyball 4, Col lege of Medicine. FRANK CHARLES SOROCHINSKY "Butch' Agriculture Course, Future Farmer of America 2, 3, 45 Future Farmer Aggies 2, 3, 4, Football-lntramurc 3, Football-Jr. Varsity 4, Footba -Varsity 4, Homeroom President 4 Homeroom Reporter 3, F.F.A. Judg ing Team 2, 3, 4. Post-Graduat Work. ERNEST LEROY STANDISH "Ernie Technical Course. U. S. Navy. ANNA MARIE STEFLI K "Stef' Commercial Course, Commercial Clul 4, Tri-Hi Club 2. Secretarial Worlf RICHARD EDWIN STOUTIEI. I College Entrance Course. College. ARD ALLAN STROM uskimpu rial Arts Course, Basketball- iural 4. Technical School. PH WILLIAM SVENTEK "Butch" le Entrance Course, Basketball Varsity 3, Basketball-Varsity PH TATUSKO "Joe" ical Course, Basketball-lm ral 2, 4. RLES JOSEPH RWILLIGER "Pete" 'rial Arts Course. U.S. Army. si RAYMOND WKSBURY e Entrance Course, Junior Red 4, Student Advisory Council 4, all 3, 4, Football-Jr. Varsity otball-3, 4, Southern Tier :Il Conference Team 4, All- ootball Team 4, Central N. Y. ar Football Team 4. College :fessional Baseball. REW ANGELO lEODORE "Te De" 'rial Arts Course, Athletic Ad- Council 3, 45 ltalian Club 4, Club 4, Student Council 4, tball-Intramural 3, Football 'arnural 2, Football-Jr. Var- Foatball-Varsit 3, 45 Golf 45 Treasurer Stucllent Council 4, ' Class Vice President. U.S. arps. THOMAS THEODORE Radio Course. Radio Servicing. KATHLEEN GARY TOBIN IIKGYII Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 4. Business School. ALTON DONALD TOPPING nDon1I College Entrance Course, Key Club 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Fife C1 Drum Corps 2, Football Band 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 3, 45 Football-Intramural 2, Lieutenant Seawri ht in "Dear Ruth," Band Awards 3, 3, 4, Drum Duet Awards 2. Aeronautics. JOYCE ELAINE TOWSAND Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, Tri-Hi Club 4, Bowling-Tri-Hi 4. Secretarial Work. ANTHONY JOSEPH VETRANO llvetrr College Entrance Course, Italian Club 4, Student Council 2, Student Advisory Council 2, Baseball 3, 45 Basketball-Intramural 3, 45 Foot- ball-Intramural 2, Hameroom Pres- ident 2, President Italian Club 4. College. RONALD MITCHELL WADAS Radio Course. U. S. Navy. MARGARET ANNE WAH I LA "Marge" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4. Secretarial Work. LORNA ANN WALKER Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 3, 45 Bowling-Tri- 45 Thesaurus Business Staff 4. BRENDA ANN WARD "Beeba" College Course,,,A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Bowling-Tri-Hi 2. Potsdam State Teachers College-of Music. ,. LUCYANN WARREN College Entrance Course, Creative Writing Club 2, 35 Student Advisory Council 2, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Bowling- Tri-Hi 2, Softball 2, Volleyball 2. Post-Graduate Work. RICHARD FRANKLIN WEBSTER "Dick" Aviation Course. Aviation. BETTY J EAN WEINGARTN ER Homemaking Course, Glee Club 2, Field Hockey 2, Softball 2, Track 2. 'rv ..-4' MARILYN PRISCILLA WELCI Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club E ?geeyAClub 2, 3, 45 Thesaurus Staff 1 JEAN LOUISE WHIPPLE College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi CIL 2, 3, 45 Tiger Staff 2, Bowling-Tr Hi 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Colors Con mittee. College. DOROTHY ARLENE WHITESELL "Dot Commercial Course, A Coppell Choir 2, Concert Band 2, 35 Footbo Band 2, 35 Orchestra 2, Thesauri. Staff 4, Homeroom Representativ 3, Student Advisory Council 2, Ban Awards 2, 3, 4. WARREN M. WHITTEMORE "Whit Industrial Arts Course, lst Nationi Scholastic Award for Furniture Mal- ing 3. Apprentice Carpenter. JEROME LEON WILSON "Jack Technical Course, Technical Club E ?5BlY1ice President Technical Clul DAWN MARIE YAGER College Entrance Course, A Cappell Choir 3, 45 Glee Club 2, Basketba 2, Field Hockey 3, Softball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2. Schoc of Nursing. LGARET ANN RNKOVICH "Marge" nercial Course, Commercial Club :retarial Work. ELlNA ANITA FLORIA RVOTTO "Angie" making Course, Glee Club 2, 3, isketball 2, Field Hockey 2. OTHER MEMBERS OF THE JUNE CLASS John Adams Thomas Cossin John Ciccarelli John Cordelli Richard Felter Joseph Grassi David Gritman William Hackbart X0 John Hall Raloh Iannone Joyce Johnson Marilyn Kie Ronald Schmidt Robert Stehm CATHERlNE ROSE ZICARI ncothyn College Entrance Course, ltolian Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Club 2, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 45 Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Rating I Piano Duet Award 3. Music. VIRGINIA HELEN ZIEGLER uGinny11 Homemoking Course, Future Home- makers of America 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2. Gordon Wrigley Edward Yacos l ,ei as il 2 J- if' Q l s ' .T X J : ' , 2 fi-fiutr' ,A , X E X L iii 1 7,4 xl i 5 if if 'itll 'x' G1 J AN Xl, I N ir 1 V l 5. - , , , x .. .. 2 wir IRA JN vii, 'fygn , i fi ' A lil' f J - xi T X T J ,. V i f K yu , .X Q I X i ME? I . , W' , ,E x X:.. e - 49 CLASS OF '50 PRIMPING TIME OUT FOR A COKE BEATING THE HEAT l .. ! ai 'sv -'Ti' J' BOOTS AND BUDDIES 50 AOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES TO VHE ADVISORY COUNCIL What a strange new world, We got sed to it, though . . . Initiation assem- ly came and we looked mighty queer 'ith all that lipstick . . , So many wings have been going on here, with s in their midst+A Cappella, Band, ,lee Club, Student Council, Technical lub, Tri-Hi, Orchestra . . . Did you ver wander down that hall near 2l 5? uch bedlam we've caused! . . . At :st we mastered Portia's plea. But wen, everyone knows that most of us re regular Quiz Kids . . . The Sophs id fine in the athletic line, too. In Jotball the J. V.'s pulled out on top, ur basketballers are among the outhern Tier's finest, to say nothing f the bowlers. Wait until you see our arsitiesl . . . Our girls were volleyball ictors and we had some terrific intra- mural basketball teams, too. We've iven our all to Student Council, U-E's ride and joy, her own little democracy. Fur representatives and advisors are oing a wonderful job, don't you think? . . In all, it has been a pleasant year vershadowed only by the grief we have alt in losing one of our best friends nd most spirited classmates, Norman trusz. SOPI-IOMORE STUDY HALL Sixth Period in 2I 5. X I CLASS OF '51 M. Homo, N. Harris, M. Valenta. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES ON J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM R. Orris, W. Branca, M. Wesko, E. Bloom. . , l Sl CLASS OF '52 The school year of '49 finds a new group of boys and girls making their appearance at U-E. Like the youth of the " '49ers," we are enthusiastic, adventurous and full of dreams- dreams of gold-the "gold" of education-that precious something which we hope will bring us happiness, security and a chance to serve. We are now well along on our first lap, and have already experienced some of our first "finds." These have been new friends, new experiences, new teachers, and new fields of learning. Like our forefathers, however, some of us will make great "finds," some will lose what we gained, some will not even see a nugget. But today we are young. The future is chal- lenging. We like our role and we hope you like us. FRESHMEN GIRLS FIRST ROW-Diana Lloyd, Elma Beniamin, Margaret Ball, Shirley Camp, Donna Worden, Marjorie Elston, Mar- garet Seeley. SECOND ROW-Dolores Copp, Mary Jane Corkran, Jean Williams, Barbara Bowen, Marigolcl Powell, Patricia Becker, Faye Lamphere, Shirley Thompson. THIRD ROW-Jean Reardon, Marilyn Tiffany, Betty Cleveland, Dolores Bowen, Ellen Jorgens, Shirley Thomas, Beverly Occhiato, Mae Giannuzzi, Barbara Day, Joan Terwillinger. FOURTH ROW-Carolyn Roberts, Mary Corrice, Jean Wallace, Joanne Kadlecik, Peggy Pierce, Joan Harris, Donna Conklin, Jackian Sutton, Marylyn Youngs. FRESHMEN BOYS FIRST ROW-Eugene Meddaugh, Robert deVente, James Rollo, Daniel Lippolis, Walter Birchard, Carl Dykeman, Daniel Moore, William Snow, Carl Silvernail, Joseph Reardon, Richard Biao, Richard Scudder, Donald Wickizer. SECOND ROW-Myron Delamen, James Hill, Laurence Darlin, John Sprague, Gerald Green, Robert Henning, Eugene Smith, Norman Kyle, Clifton Aldrich, John Huffcutt, Benadetto Muggeo, Lynn Waters. THIRD ROW-Albert Krmenec, Theodore Beaudette, John Dieffenbach, William Fish, Gerald King, Eugene Fra- tino, Fredric Brewer, Gerald Gridley, Robert Briggs, Vincent Picciano, William Powers, James O'Donnell, FOURTH ROW-Lawrence Harris, Walter Butler, Thomas Durgala, Vincent Ferrara, .lack Shelp, John Sponable, Richard Michelbach, Jack Shawley, Richard Lutke, James Forbes. FIRST ROW--John Warren, Norman Chilson, Jack Welch, Sylvester Shirley. SECOND ROW-David Terwilliger, Jack Gower, James Button, Thomas Clark, William Zemberi. 52 Ozganiza fiona "United we stand"-and from our unity we gain the appreciation and inspiration of cooperation. WD gi-Q fs Pi f-VJ '53 vl-Cv., 9-W, YA!! "" Yll.-lLl STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED-Andrew Theodore, JanetDriscoll,Mr.EdgarMul- hollen, Robert Serko, Bev- erly Occhiato, John Homa. SECOND ROW-Emil Stastny, Stanley Stastyshyn, Cleo Boyles, Gerry Occhiato, Jeanette Pero, Rudy Kot- 1 subka, Richard Bierly, Jos- eph Roma. l OFFICERS The Student Council, a group of repre- sentatives from the student body, is working toward a better governmental system in our school. This year, we hope the newly devised constitution will take effect changing our present system to one similar to that of our national government. Each year, a number of special programs are completed by the Student and Advisory Councils. The councils carry on numerous drives in the school, prepare some assembly programs, carry on teen-age dances, correct faults arising in the student body, and finally, represent the Union-Endicott High School in the Triple Cities, Southern Tier, and National EEATE?-Beverly 0CCl1i0f0, JOHGT VISCO . STANDING-Robert Serko, John Homo. Student Council Conferences. ADVISORY COUNCIL SEATED FRONT-Stanley Binkewicz, Richard Angeline, Jack Yoder, Rudy Kotsubka, Robert Serko, Janet Driscoll, Beverly Occhiato, John Homo, Andrew Theodore, Jack Schneiter, David Allen. SECOND ROW-Marlea Homo, Margaret Baron, Marigold Powell, Marilyn Mohney, Beverly Bulman, Dorothy Allen, Ann Knickerbocker, Rose LaSorte, Mr. Edgar Mulhollen, Mary Hudcovich, Nancy Lou Coles, Gerry Occhiato, Virginia Celmente, Shirley Eldredge, Cleo Boyles, Jeanette Pero, Angela Kova- nagh, Shirley Mitchell. THIRD ROW-Gerald Tewksbury, Irving Kepner, Lynn Tewksbury, Peter Jones, Emil Stastny, Stanley Stastyshyn, Walton Burdick, John Kotsubka, James Forbes, Richard Bierly, Louis Liburdi, Richard Eldredge. 54 Secretary LORRY JOAN I -7 ' x. L-1 13' '- CREATIVE 'WRITING' CLUB President Vice President LII "' 41 . I I ' in POLLY PAT The Creative Writing Club is an organization that believes in widening its scope. Each year it participates in an increased number 'ot ac- tivities. In previous years, members occupied themselves mainly with gaining local and na- tional recognition in many types of contests. Now, in keeping with its creed of furthering interest in creative writing here in U-E, the club planned and executed a successful assem- bly program. Creative Writing Club members believe in developing their tastes and talents by free criticism and discussion, and try to maintain U-E's fine literary standing. The officers of the energetic organization are: Polly Conwicke, president, Patricia Ceder- borg, vice president, Lorry McConnon, secre- tary, and Patricia Saxton, treasurer. Treasurer PATTY K . JANIE MIKE MANIA 'fi . I If 19 ELLEN MARY I , ' ' 1 PATRICIA BARB. CREATIVE WRITING CLUB ASSEMBLY ,IIA FIRST ROW-Patricia Cederborg, Polly Conwicke, Lorry ' 6 McConnon, C, SECOND ROW-Mary Jane Mills, Barbara Lewis, Patricia ' ll I Saxton, Mary Massi. THIRD ROW-Patricia Sawicki, Joan Babbitt, Joan LUCILLE Mitchell, Gay Bower, Lucille Maxfield. GAYE 55 if, .wt A, Mi. xi i In its second year of existence, the Spanish Club has progressed Jane Hetzel Carol Evans Thora Tait Joan Muffley Gilda Cinotti Nancy Banks Carol Corbett June Escovar Alice Jaros Violet Pucek Mary Mosco THIRD ROW Donald Cox rapidly under the competent leadership of Mr. Carl Zonio and its elected officers: Richard Newton, president, Jean Ann Ogden, vice president, Judy Mandyck, secretary, and William Schmolka, treasurer. Plans were discussed in regard to obtaining Spanish films revealing the customs and habits of Spanish civilization. Pins were ordered by club members, and an entertainment committee was appointed to put on programs. The Spanish Club strove this year to create more interest in Spain and her customs and to help Club members to gain a better under- standing of the language. FIRST ROW- Anito Pisani Lena Roma Mary Massi Mary Ciccarelli Antonette Schiappa Mary Incitti Loretta DiPaoIo Catherine Zicari Antoinette Graziano Marie Roma Marie Sbarra Sylvia lrneli SECOND ROW- Rachael Sbarra Florence Nestor Genevieve Rossello Marie Rano Mary Lou Biango Bernice Pier Betty Gilliland Isabell Murphy Helen Boreffi Rosemarie Giordano THIRD ROW- Rose Fiacco Mary Jane George Leandra Mastrog iacomo Joan Panko Vincy Olmetti Louise Cicciarelli Rosemary Graziano FOURTH ROW- Tony Vetrano Mr. Zonio, Adviser Nicholas Sbarra Tony DiOrio ' I LIAN CLUB Mull! The I948-49 chapter of the Italian Club was organized in October. Newly-elected officers were: Anthony Vetrano, president, Nicholas Sbarra, vice president, Rosemary Graziano, secretary, Anthony Di- Orio, treasurer, Antoinette Graziano, reporter. With an eye toward the future and a successful year, a hard- working committee drew up a constitution for the organization. Having drawn up a very active schedule, President Vetrano led the club to success in I949. 56 SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW- Ardaleen Mosher Joyce Beniamin Madeline Salemme Judith Mandyck Jean Ann Ogden Patricia Sawicki SECOND ROW Irene Copeland Joyce Mihalcho Howard Winslow Richard Newton Donald DePugh Mr. Zonio, Adviser William Fedasko Joseph Fratino Richard Adams fRONT ROW- Eugene Loftus lerome Wilson lAr. Richard Klett vlr. James Longwell 'aul Ives 2aymond Prebish 3ACK ROW- l'heodore Morter Zobert Knapp Nilliam Ford David Clark Ervin Babcock Stanley Stastyshyn David Schumacher lerry Wright lack Shelton lames Taylor The newest club in Union-Endicott High School is the Key Club. TECHNICAL CLUB The aim of the Technical Club is the furtherance of educational and social growth through an introduction to industry. Technical Club members meet twice a month in order to plan activities and map their campaign for increasing their treasury funds. These funds are used to finance educational plant visits. In the past year, members visited the Ithaca Gun Company, Sweet's Foundry, Morse Chain Company, Union Forging Works, l.B.M., and Cornell Laboratories. KEY CLUB FRONT Row- David Manchester David Fuller Arthur Redpath Robert Picciano Donald Topping Joe Fratino Donald Cantone Richard Newton Holmes Somers Richard English SECOND ROW- Nicholas Sbarra Alan Shapiro Albert Roberts Walton Burdick Bruce Becker Jack Schneiter Thomas Carlton Leo Brady Robert Serko David Schumacher David Allen Joseph Cunningham THIRD ROW- Mr. Egbert Thurber lt is an organization composed of boys who have an average in the ElliOtC0ttoruIlo upper third of their class, and show qualities of leadership, character and citizenship. The Club received its charter in September, I9-48, when forty-one boys were admitted. In February, l949, ten sopho- mores were added to this group. Some of the projects carried out by the Key Club have been- ushering at social functions in the school, checking coats at Kiwanis conventions, and making a tour of l.B.M. and other local industries. This Club belongs to an International organization, and sent two official delegates to the convention held in Washington, D. C. This convention is the biggest event in the Key Club year. 57 Donald Mohney Donald Stevens Robert Cerwonka James Cheatham Angelo Romas Palmer LaGrange Donald Beebe Donald Peabody Lewis Griffis Charles McManis Richard Clark TRI-'HI GIRLS' BOWLING TRI-HI CLUB OFFICERS GIRLS' SWIMMING SEATED STANDING-5l'1l,"l9Y Mitchell, TVEOS' Barbara Patch, Nancy Banks, Vivian Mary Jane George, urerj. Frances Kissel, reporterj Janet Cattarulla, Genevieve Rosello, Shirley president. Harris, vice president, Angela Kava- Boyd' Delores Butler' nagh, secretary. In I93l, Miss Gladys Mersereau was instrumental in the organization of Tri-Hi, the girls' club of U-E H. S. Tri-Hi not only sponsors most of the social activities in the high school, but also interests itself in such worthy causes as aiding in the sale of forget-me-nots for the benefit of Veterans of Foreign Wars, sending Christmas packages to school children in Holland and in England and establishing a loan service for former members who seek to fur- ther their education. This year, Tri-Hi sponsored sports dances and entertained its members at a Kiddies' Party, a spaghetti dinner, and a pancake breakfast. The highlights of its program were the tradi- tional "All U-E Night Dance" and the Christmas Formal. Plans included a tea and enter- tainment for parents of Tri-Hi girls, a special sports dance with refreshments and an annual Spring Formal. Special interests for members are bowling and swimming, and many girls enjoyed these diversions this year as they have in the past. Tri-Hi membership totals 288, an increase of 8 members over last year. Tri-Hi has been steadily growing and improving its goals since it was first introduced to the high school. In future years, under the guidance of Miss Mersereau, its success may reach even higher peaks. SEATED-Alice Jaros, Joan Panko, Barbara Raim, Norma Jean Mathewson, Kay Shiner, Vivian Corneby, Gerry Occhiato, Beverly Occhiato. SECOND ROW-Diana DeSantis, Mary Jane George, Leandra Mastrogiacomo, Rosita Sgobba, Marilyn Mohney, Nancy Banks, Jeanne Pennell, Nancy Brown, Patricia Cederborg, Eleanor Corwin, Philomena Morlando, Anna Matusica, Lorna Walker, Lucy Warren, June Ferguson, Mary Jane Mills, Carol Corbett. THIRD ROW-Nan Hollenback, Veronica Dribnock, Margaret Brain, Philomena Raymondi, Beverly Hubbard, May Walker, Ruth Pierce. 58 TRI-HI CANDIDATES FOR QUEEN CROWNING OF THE QUEEN STANDING, BACK- lrene Heffner, Jeanette Pero. SEATED-Joan Panko, Nancy Money Eleanor Hickey, Donna Pickering, Shirley Mitchell, Dolores Prince, Mar- cia Coughlin, Eleanor Corwin. tnot in picturci Eleanor Bierley. HOMEMAKING CLUB 1 c Z 1, Eleanor Hickey, Charles Harris. SEATED, FRONT- Natalie Coleman Filomena Pittarelli Barbara Musa SECOND ROW- Miss Ruth Stone Nina Perkins Bonnie Shalkowski THIRD ROW- Nellie Baxter Lorraine Axworthy Virginia Ziegler Janet Schermerhorn Philomena Raymond: Virginia Mandyck Dorothy Kolanda Rose LoBelIo Doris Miner This club was newly organized in October, 1948, Among the girls who are members, the majority are homemaking students, but girls taking other courses are invited to join also. The Homemaking Club has as its goal the furtherance of service to others. As its distinct contribution, it offers the opportunity for enriching home life through participation in a variety of homemaking activities during club meetings. Miss Ruth Stone, assisted by Miss Jean Hamke, is sponsor of the group. 59 Robert Simpson, Donald Morgan, Clyde Terry Earl Rathbun, Frank Sorochin- sky Douglas Bowen, Mr. H. C. White. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW-Harold Benjamin, Lloyd Cornell, Robert Craig, William Zemberi, Eugene Smith, Mr. H. C. White, James Button, Donald Morgan, Donald Bushnell, Ernest Pratt, Sylvester Shirley. SECOND ROW-Jack Welch, Gerald Phillips, Robert Simpson, Richard Mi- kels, Frank Sorochinsky, Earl Rathbun, Emil Stastny, Clyde Terry, Earl Tripp. This year the outstanding judging team of the U-E Future Farmers of of America took first place in poultry and dairy at the Waverly District Contest. Frank Sorochinsky, president, won first prize in poultry judging at Waverly and was a high scorer in the some division at Morrisville State School. Edward Goodrich won first prize in dairy judging at the Waverly Contest. The club planned a successful pancake supper, which proved as popular as in previous years. Another activity, the F.F.A. basketball team, entered the Broome, Tioga, and Chemung County Basketball League. The team won the annual mid-winter rally that was held here last year, and hopes to carry off these honors again. 60 THE COMMERCIAL CLUB - Y l 1 0 FIRST ROW-Virginia Clemente, Adeline Mucilli, Audrey Dent, Lois Phil- lips, Eleanor Snyder, Eleanor Corwin, Gerry Occhiato, Lorna Walker, Anna Steflik. SECOND ROW-Margaret Yankovich, Concetta Argento, Joan Babbitt, Ann Donovan, Anna Bussa, Barbara Meyers, Louise Cicciarelli, Barbara Starr, Anna Antalek, Mary Lou Bunnell, THIRD ROW-Adeline Macuch, Mary Lou Cederborg, Sally Lou Reed, Alice Rusnak, Anita Shon, Anna Sochor, Mary Mrva, Diana DeSantis, Florence Sepelak, Margaret Wahila. The Commercial Club of the Union-Endicott High School, first organized in l935, is under the supervision of Miss Ruth I, Kniskern and is composed of business students. Its main purpose is to acquaint its members with the busi- ness world through lectures and tours through the various local business concerns. Places of business which the Commercial Club has visited in the past year include: International Business Machines, the Endicott-Johnson Corporation, Radio Station WENE, the Endicott Daily Bulletin, the Endicott Postoffice, the Endicott Telephone Office, and the Endicott Trust Company. From time to time, this activity list is enlarged by the program committee to meet the interests and requests of club members. The officers for this year are: Eleanor Snyder, president, Eleanor Corwin, secretary, Lois Phillips, treasurer, Audrey Dent, reporter, Gerry Occhiato, representative on Student Council. COMMERCIAL CLUB ACTIVITY SEATED-Miss Eleanor Irvine of IBM drey Dent, reporter, Lorna Walker 61 STANDING-Eleanor Corwin, secre- tary, Eleanor Snyder, president, Au- LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW- Nancy LoBello Mary Jane Corkran Carol Ann Evans Dawn Stuart Frances Kisling Janice Dieffenbach Dolores Bowen SEATED- Arlene Guilfoyle SEATED- Margaret Pierce Marigold Powell Miss Ruth Stone Patricia Sawicki Marilyn McCormick Shirley Camp STANDING- Marilyn Tiffany Shirley Thompson Janet Weston Carolyn Roberts Eunice Swank Marylyn Youngs Patricia Becker Sally Reed fm-ia: JW Valuable service is rendered to the school by members of the Library Club. Each member, according to his particular aptitudes, becomes a spe- cialist in some phase of library work, and at some time during his member ship, he has the opportunity to try his hand and develop his skill in all phases of the work. Membership in the Library Club means that the student must learn to rely on himself, follow directions, and accustom himself to work with indi- viduals. Return rewards come in the form of comprehensive Library expe- rience, skill in Library usage, habits of independent investigation, exciting contacts with new books, a new idea for reading pleasure and profit, and an opportunity to develop reading tastes. In co-operating with the Librarian, Club members gain an understanding of the Library and its role in personal enrichment and social adjustment. Officers of the I949 Library Club are: Carol Evans, president, Dawn Stuart, vice president, Nancy Lo Bello, secretary, Frances Kisling, treasurer. JUNIOR RED CROSS This year in U-E, a chapter of the Junior Red Cross was established. At the first meeting, two representatives from Binghamton Central gave a talk about their chapter of the organization. Under the guidance of Miss Ruth Stone, the Junior Red Cross members made an afghan to send to a hospital, elected officers, and planned a campaign for next year's expansion in mem- bership and activities. The following officers were elected: Patricia Sawicki, president, Marigold Powell, vice president, Peggy Pierce, secretary, Marilyn McCormack, treas- urer, Shirley Camp, historian, and Shirley Thompson, representative. 62 gi althletice "By .yborts like these are all their cares beguifd . . . ". -Oliver Goldsmith 11" Lfffl , i7W7Mff ' e , I K-1, ,' Z aj 2 F K f fe f l l l ,J -, W , ff? elf ee 1 f f iff . g ym' ,Y if aw 'hx , . I 71 ' Q "V 'N S ,: ig tg I ' .. ,W ew x if l- 'M I e r .pr nl I 4 1 . I 1 N' K 'W 1' M ff , . Q' M 'X ' ,w - flu iw i X r N z, ,Q ,N W.. I X X' F' f ' ' 'l N6 WM at E "V 3 ' Y. 1. vtizizwxv X wma. D A v iz? 5 X A , X .N l LQ ' j' S ' ' ft' T5 ' -44 e A1 gs. 63 ATHLETIC ADVISORY COUNCIL John Homo, Mr. Cobb, Andy Theodore, Miss Pitkin, Mr. Krum, Miss Smith, Mary Jane George, Mr. Forbes, Cleo Boyles. We express our gratitude to the Athletic Council for all the work they have done in finding a solution to the athletic problems which arise. They are responsible for providing equipment, generally running the athletic pro- gram and taking care of expenditures. We feel that they have helped to raise the standard of sports in U-E to a very high level. COACHING STAFF C, B. Parkhurst, trainer, Ronald Friderich, asst. coach, George Forbes, asst. coach, Morris Hamilton, asst. coach, "Ty" Cobb, head coach, Theodore Conwicke, asst. coach, Nick De Nunzio, asst. coach. The quality of U-E's sports stands out, due to the fact that they are under the able guidance of fine coaches. This is proved by the excellent teams our neighboring cities have seen pour out of Union-Endicott High School, year after year. With capable coaches for each sport, U-E is usually regarded as a power- house in any of its many competitive sports. The overcrowded trophy cases prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the ability of the following- Ty Cobb-I-lead football coach, head baseball coach. T. Conwicke-Asst. coach, in charge of J. V. Football, asst. coach in track. N.DiNunzio-In charge of golf, asst. football coach. R. Friderich-Head coach of basketball, asst. football coach. G. Forbes-Asst. coach of football. M. Hamilton-Asst. coach of football, asst. coach of baseball. C. B. Parkhurst-Head coach of track, asst. football coach. 64 VARSITY FOOTBALL 1948 -9 , ' f A. - .5 L . i. H2'1ff1F33" '-51 Lees, 1 ' 1 ' FRONT ROW-John Stacconi, Frank Longo, Lynn Tewksbury, Bob Harley, Bob Serko, Capt. Charlie Harris, Joe Gimmie, John Hama, John Mrva, Andy Theodore, Rudy Kotsubka. SECOND ROW-Norm Orris, Larry Harris, Clark Vallequette, Mike LaSOrte, Don Burch, Jerry Morgan, Gilly Rouff, Renaldo Paparella. BACK ROW-Bob Pedro, Joe Guccia, Stan Binkewicz, Jack Owen, James Smith, Harry Banks, Bill Schneiter, Sam Gasbarra. The "Orange Tigers" opened the season September 25 by defeating a weak Ithaca team 52-7. This looked like another great team at U-E, On October 2, U-E traveled to Binghamton and gftera close game returned with a I4-l 2 victor . The next Saturday, October 9, the team Went to Elmira to meet Elmira Free Academy. Again it looked as if U-E had a wonderful team, 05 they ran rough-shod over the Academy team, winning 39-O. The next game, October l6, at Johnson City showed another reversal in form and the Tiger went down to defeat before a powerful Johnson City team, I4-O. The Johnson City game seemed to take all the spark out of the U-E team, as on October 23 Elmira Southside came to Endicott and held for a 6-6 tie. October 30, Syracuse Central returned to Endicott after a two-years' absence and found EJAE o?3the "up-grade" again. Although showing weaknesses in spots, the team won handily to . On November l3, White Plains High School, with one of the best records in the East, came to Endicott expecting to repeat the beating handed to U-E at White Plains in l947. But the U-E team was really "up" for this game and played by far the best game of the season. The U-E defense "bottled-up" the entire offense of the White Plains team, and with "Chuck" Harris, "Johnny" Homa and Mrva running nicely behind a fine charging line, the final score read U-E 20, White Plains O. The annual Binghamton Central-Union Endicott game was returned to Thanksgiving Day after being set ahead in l947. An overflowing crowd saw a hard, close game, and at the end the Central Bull Dogs were the victors, 9-O. Although not as good as we expected, the season was a success. We finished 2nd in the Conference with a season's record of Won, 5-Tied, l-and Lost, 2. 65 , 5 s 5 ? if VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW-Mario Cianciosi, Andy Hudanich, Capt. Joe Fratino, Frank Desko, Dick Rom mel, Bill Armstrong. BACK ROW-Bob Picciano, Joe Sventek, Dick Felter, James Smith, Bob Serko. The 1949 U-E Varsity basketball team was represented by as fine a group of boys as ever played for U-E. There were no outstanding stars on the team, but the boys played as a unit and depended upon teamwork for their victories. Asa result, the season was very successful, U-E finishing in third place in the league race. At the beginning of the season the prospects of a winning team did not appear bright, as there was only one reserve letter- man returning from the i948 season. The rest of the squad was made up of the junior var- sity team of I948, but the team improved as the season progressed until at the end of the season it compared favorably with the best in the league. Congratulations to Capt. Joe Fratino and his teammates for their indomitable spirit and determination and for the fine sportsmanship displayed during the entire season. The boys again proved that teamwork and determination are greater attributes for success than individual stars. The team won I2 and lost six games. BASKETBALL NT ROW-Larry Palombi, Mike Frey, Bill Bronco, Allyn Puterbaugh, Jim Forbes, Louie icke. K ROW-Richard Oris, Earl Bloom, Jack Owen, Don Cantone, Mike Wesko, Walt Wilce. The I949 Junior Varsity Basketball team which won nine and lost five games was made up almost entirely of new boys to U-E. Most of them are either freshmen or sophomores and will be returning for at least two or three more years. A few of these boys show promise of being promoted to the varsity squad next year, and the prospects of a successful season in i950 are very bright. 67 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM 1948 4 ' IN FRONT-Assistant Manager Salemme, Manager James Smith. FRONT ROW-Andy Hudanich, Bill Owen, Frank Desko, James Luciani, Capt. Jack Walters, Dom Rossi, Hal Durfee, Don Beebe, Bob Conti, Bob Pedro. BACK ROW-Coach Hamilton, Al Snyder, Alex Rita, Tony Vetrano, Dave Allen, Walt Miller, Paul Dixon, Joe Fratino, Coach Cobb, Lynn Tewksbury. ln Baseball we were 3rd in the Conference in l948, winning 6 games and losing 5. GOLF TEAM 1948 Finished 2nd in Conference and Znd in Section IV FRONT ROW-John Hrustich, George Babuka. BACK ROW-John Mrva, Andy Theodore, Dick Heichemer, John Baron. 68 1948 TRACK TEAM - fl Tar' A FRONT ROW-M. Lozzi, Jaros, Serko, Hama, Charles Harris, Rudy Kot- subka, Guccia, Marinello, Nelson, Gimmie, Vallequette, J. Katsubka, SECOND ROW-Bombard, Chester Harris, Brady, McLain, Ferrante, Mc- Pherson, Cipriano, L. Harris, Orris, Ives, Butts, Bliss, Crane, C. George, Mgr. THIRD ROW-Griffith, Coach Parkhurst, Barno, Banks, English, Fitch, Corson, J. Lozzi, Rouff, Atwood, Tzivanis, Fink, McManis, Gibbs, Harvey, Benson, Ellis, Fiacco. The i948 Track Team showed the results of good training and real sports- manship. They placed second in the Triple Cities Meet and second in the Section Championship Meet. 1948 CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM Coach Henry White, John Kotsubka, Henw Fiacco, Louis Caforio, Chester Harris, Captain John Fiorini, Roosevelt Fiori and Joseph Rossi. Missing from the picture is James Bliss. The U-E Cross-Country Team got off to a poor start this fall but wound up the season by placing second to Vestal in the sectionals at Delhi. Although placing a poor third in the Triple Cities Meet, the boys did well on several long trips to New York, Utica and Watertown. This was the first time in three years that our boys didn't take the Triple Cities Championship. Next year we hope to come back strong again. Prospects for the coming year appear very bright, since the only letterman missing will be Captain Fiorini. 69 ACTION! Charlie Harris in Binghamton Central game. Bob Pedro C0l'l'i6S The ball. Joe Sventek 138i recovers a fum- ble as Bill Armstrong 1431 and Captain Joe Fratino 1321 close in against Binghamton North. Bob Serko and John M,-Va in Fred Jaros wins the IOO-yard dash ginqhcmfon Cenfrol game. as Charlie Harris comes in second ' at the Johnson City Dual-Meet. 71 GIRLS' ATHLETICS The routine in girls' sports has not varied much from other years. We were very pleased to see U-E beat J. C. l3-Ol even if it was in girls' hockey. Other teams have also shown their ability. Our volleyball play day this year was a tremendous success. The top teams from North, Vestal, and U-E competed, with U-E winning all four games. At the Sports dinner, Virginia Ogden and Mary Ann Smith received their letters, Veronica Mekucky and Betty Jennings received their numerals, Mary Fargnoli, lrene Sventek, Marian Bloom and Norma Bataglini were presented with U-E sweaters. These girls had obtained their points for awards by par- ticipating in after-school sports. Marion Bloom received the medal for the highest number of points for one year. Mrs. Adamek has trained the junior and senior girls in sports this year. Miss Burns had the sophomores and freshmen in her classes. We've all had a great deal of fun in our sports and hope that others who follow may be as fortunate. MANAGERS OF GIRLS' SPORTS Managers of girls' sports this year are: Alice Jaros, Mary Ann Kedlecik, Barbara Lewis and Shirley Traver. 72 This group of U-E girls helped win oll the games ot the volleyball ploydoy in Vestal. ., -, ua? O 1 H e re ' s cm rw e 0 sy point for Agnes Sochor as Teom- mofes and oppo- nents Iook on. These girls in Mrs Adomek's class are limbering up cclisthenics. 'ZS S . N1 , , 'ww 14 M 4-any Juawic "We are the music-makers, We are the dreamers of dreams." -Arthur W. E. O'Shaughnessy 2 . . 2 4 e ex K I Fa ,ge -Qggz' is 2 -s ff., e , ' of , ,X W V, f f f ff 1 ' e 5 ,f 4, X ffl RN I , -f' . ' eg-. eff ms- w w e -, -e M 4 , , .' " ff J Yi 'T N e f'-iifgirei 'lx f 5?-.32 X ' bf A ! gf , S, Q 1 ee , ,4- 2 'M v ga ,S X3 W3 12 WM, f - : VA . X s .-4 1. t . .1 ' 14 L fix 75 Our U-E orches- tra has long played an important part in assemblies,grad- uations, and plays. The members form one of the most hard-working school organiza- tions. Their spe- cialty at the spring concert was "Con- certina" by Von Weber, with the clarinet solo played expertly by Tony Diorio. Qty C iw ORCHESTRA Their pro- gram also included "Bacchanale" from "Samson and Deli- lah" by St. Saens, "Rudolph Friml Fa- vorites" and "Syl- via March" by De- libes. The string choir played "Prae- ludium" by Men- delssohn and the brass choir played " Kamennoi -Os- trow"by Rubinstein with harp accom- paniment by Nancy Lou Crouthamel. IST VIOLINS Joan Wade Iva Letson Ann Knickerbocker Carolyn Clark Gloria Reynolds lrene Villata Charles McManis James Cheatham Jane Hetzel Donna Pickering Marilyn Mohney William Carmine 2ND VIOLINS Norma Fowler Richard Scudder Laura Maroglio Alice Reeve Theresa Freundorfer Louise Sturzenegger Joanne Kadlecik Edward Cox Josephine Hartman Elizabeth Kvasny VIOLAS Mari-orie Mann Marie Sbarra John Sponable Jennie Caforio CELLOS James Tait Janet Harris Brenda Ward Barbara Spencer Evelyn Edmunds Theresa Bendert Ida Mae Hughes Darla Lockerby BASSES Betty Bardeen Joan Mitchell David Calleo Rose LaSorte FLUTES Marietta Dayton Rita Register Peter Jones 76 ill M972 W OBOES June Ferguson Jean Roosa CLARINETS Anthony Diorio Mary Frances Reardon William Fish Delores Chandler BASSOONS Rose Marie Giordano Robert Adams SAXAPHONES Phyllis Rudler Salvatore Rizzi HORNS Donald Stevens Thomas Carlton Patricia Boyles lllfflll .4 TRUMPETS Donald Juckett Gregor Audrey Margaret Brain Marjorie Harding TROMBON ES Victoria Kvasnak Mary Polisensky Dorothy Whitesel Barbara Bowen Eugene Aldermar Joyce Conoran TUBA Clarence Plumme PERCUSSION Richard Angeline Edward Hogan Delores Boatman TYMPANI Donald Topping GLEE CLUB In their bi-weekly meetings, the Glee Club girls worked at and enjoyed their singing, discussed plans for programs and parties, and elected as offi- cers: Joan Babbitt, president, and Kathleen Hoag, secretary-treasurer. Among the girls, the height of their year's activity is the annual spring concert-April I this year. Student planning, scene arrangements, and origi- nality helped put over this year's medley of world-wide songs. A Cappella and Glee Club co-operated in the program, which included Mexican, Italian, Hungarian, and Negro folk songs. ALTO SECTION SOP RANO SECTION Frances Adams Antoinette Argento Jennie Boravski Shirley Boyd Carol Brown Delores Butler Myra Calamun Judy Callahan Vivian Cattarulla Alice Chambers Louise Cicciarelli Lucille Conti Agnes Felo , Genevieve Fidiam Mary Lou Fitch Grace Foote Joyce Getman Kathleen Hoag Barbara Hopko Mary Hudcovich Norma Iacovelli Joyce Johnson Tessie Katsares Frances Kisling Joan Konikowski Joyce Ludington Frances Mastro Leandro Mastro Anna Matusica Jean McLain Alice Miller Joan Muffley Vincy Olmetti Jeanine Patrick Beverly Reaves Phyllis Scott Theresa Seliga Mildred Valenta Elizabeth Vavra Mary Walters Betty Wilcox Nancy Adams Concetta Argento Joan Babbitt Barbara Bennett Margie Bock Helen Boreffi Gaye Bower Annie Buikstra Betty Lue Burnette Dolores Camarda Audrey Cambers Sallie Capwell Angie Catucci Marilyn Clark Regina Clark Justine Dannibale Joan Daniels Beverly Davis Caroline Dolezal Evelyn Edmunds Margaret Evans Ada Fe Dora Mary Ann Fulton Anita Gallanger Anastasia Glowa Theresa Halpin Patricia Hartigan Irene Hickey Lillian Hriciga Sylvia lrneli Sally Jackson Edith Jordon Joanne Kadlecik Betty Kelm 77 Mary Ann Kolodzei Darla Lockerby Lucille Maxfield Theresa Menard Nesta Morris Joan Morter Ardaleen Mosher Jane Puchalek Ruth Pyluck Vita Rondo Donna Redolphy Sally Reed Alice May Reeve Jeanette Richards Carolyn Roberts Norinne Robinson Joan Rommel Rose Salamida Carol Mae Sammon Patricia Saxton Rachel Sbarra Patricia Scofield Peggy Shatz Theresa Soltis Barbara Spencer Joan Stevens Irene Stulir Nadeane Tatich Irene Villata Janet Weston Connie Williams Jean Williams Glyndora Worden 6 X Q0 FO X0 0 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Qxxvfl . ' C 0090 dQxC Robe vc Number ' C B050 -x0nO ounce SOPRANOS Marilyn Battaglini Elizabeth Bohush Marian Brown Mary Cicciarelli Nancy Coles Patricia Dence Ada Dietrichsen June Eggleston Betty Farwell Jane Forest Rose Marie Giordano Patricia Hammond Eleanor Hickey Kathleen Kavanagh Frances Kissel Ann Knickerbocker Phyllis LaShier Lorry McConnon Mary Jane Mills Frances Mistretta Philomena Morlando Isabell Murphy Joan Panko Patricia Sawicki Rosita Sgobba Faith Signor Jane Stump Donna Lou Tilton Lucy Ann Warren v TENORS Dole Campfield William Carmine Jerome Clune Edward Cook William Bombard Jackie DeMarco James Forbes Thomas Havel Charles Kasai Rose LaSorte David Manchester Virginia Mandyke Mary Massi Richard Newton Norman Orris Kenneth Snow Holmes Somers A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, which heretofore has had a capacity enrollment of one hundred, is now over IIO members strong. This talented group, under the superb direction of Mrs. Ruth Edson, meets twice weekly for rehearsals of arrangements which have spread tame over the Southern Tier. The lilting rhythm and close harmony of the group are achieved only through utmost cooperation and devotion to music. The Choir presented a program at the Kiwanis Banquet in December and one earlier in the season on the same program with Milton Cross for the Civic Forum series. On December l6th, they broadcasted over WENE as a special Christmas program, including Tschaikow- sky's "Nutcracker Suite," Fred Waring's arrangement of "America the Beautiful," and sev- eral Christmas carols on their repertoire. During March the group sang at the IBM Gradua- tion and at the Hooper School. The Annual Spring Concert was presented by the A Cappella in combination with the Glee Club on April lst. At this time, the two groups presented a number of folk songs from Italy, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Mexico and America, as well as combining voices for "Polvetsian Dances" from "Prince Igor" by Borodin. The A Cappella Choir continues to be outstanding in its presentation and interpretation of well-known and well-loved music. LTOS ian Barnes eanor Bierly :hnuk Lovey etty Cheer lrolyn Clark Jncy Crouthamel itricia Dellos ary Ann Dennis ne Ferguson Jrma Fowler ary Jane George 'igela Kavanagh irothy Kolanda ga Komonowski ith Kraus an MacLeod arilyn Mohney wmie Norton anette Pero an Picciano Inna Pickering :len Pinkey rbara Roim :rie Roma :mrgaret Rought ise Marie Stacconi iwn Yoger BASSES Richard Angeline Bruce Becker Robert Capener Elliot Cattarulla Mario Cerroni Tony Diorio Wilbur Hess Harlan Inman Gary Little Richard Lutke Mike Miklos Robert Picciano Arthur Redpath Albert Roberts Robert Scalzo William Schneiter Albert Snyder Harold Stephens Donald Stevens Gordon Wrigley .lane . P 57,205 061701611 1 eu, 5857 feb 'ZW' Once fl O 617-Ii Ntfmbe Co Folk fl 'lcert I FIFE AND DRUM CORPS ln the year l936, a new musical organization was introduced to the Southern Tier-the U-E Colonial Drum Corps. The Corps, with colorful revo- lutionary type uniforms of orange and black and deep rope drums, was patterned after the old Continental Ancient Corps of New England that played during the Revolution. U-E is the only school in the State of New York having such an organization. Through the years of l936 to l94O, the Corps won twenty-one cups and trophies at the annual State Field Days. The Corps this year has marched at all conference football games, Hallowe'en, Armistice and Memorial Day parades and the Chamber of Commerce's Parade of Progress. ln the Spring the Drum Corps, Band and Orchestra hold an annual concert. Members from the Drum Corps compete at the NYSSMA State Contest for solo and ensemble competition. The year's activities will be brought to a close by an assembly program by the three organizations. FIFES Michael Ripic Richard Eldredge Salvatore Clemente David McHenry Thomas Confer Sammie Leonard Gerald Green Jerry Skrivan Bernard Herceg Richard Baio SNARE DRUMS Mathias Burgher Raymond Redolphy William Forde Robert Picciano Stephen Samsonik Gerald Mills Gerald Tewksbury William Fedasko Arthur Kolanda BASS DRUMS Robert Cerwonka Paul Ives Robert Russell Robert Scalzo DRUM MAJOR Robert Carman DRUM MAJOR ' DRUM SERGEANT Robert Carman Mathias Burgher 80 FOOTBALL BAND so s ,.., , t. . 9 -tl A..,, A L That smooth half-time parade you see every Saturday afternoon during football season doesn't just happen-it takes workl Our Football Band can be seen almost any night after school going through their formations in preparation for the big show. A completely new set of letters or symbols is worked out each week, with the help of Mr. Stahl. This year, outstanding performances were the transportation series for the White Plains game, showing a covered wagon, Oldsmobile, airplane and train. At the Thanks- giving game, the parade of the months was given, with members of the Dramatics Department walking across the field dressed in appropriate cos- tume while the band spelled out the abbreviation of each month. Ask any member and he will tell you that even the mud, rain and snow doesn't seem so bad when you're wearing that orange and black uniform and marching in U-E's Football Band! DRUM MAJOR Donald Topping 5 t 5 i 'W r' "jg-M fffff' -,, Hff'G.g5s.i:?.i2s-Af.,ifjhl-' ,A M- i - ' --:- : "' -iff f fi fuxgi' get u:i"'p'lilf::. 1 ' M ,,.. . . Lmw' ,M-Ulm 4 f 51QE .... Q. - r. '. 'stil- , .,,Qit'.t xr- 'wa 4' Awe ff rf " we . fic . . . W . . , vial- X vhs i f Q L. fl vmifgxfaf 5' 41 xfoql CONCERT BAND Oo QNX O Q5 Q06 QN56' cvbwk 15 ff! DI Under Mr. Ostling's di tion, the Concert Band, year, has maintained the si fine record for which it always been noted. At the nual concert in May, the " vonic Rhapsody" by Carl Fr man and Schubert's "Un ished Symphony" were sented. The band performer assembly programs for Get Washington and Henry B. dicott Junior High Schc gave a repetition of the I concert in assembly at l and participated in the Me rial Day parade. F LUTES Marietta Dayton Thora Tait Rita Register Nancy Banks Barbara Register Peter Jones OBOES June Ferguson Jean Roosa Eb CLARINET, Loretta Garrett CLARINETS Anthony Diario Marilee Kramer Salvatore Rizzi Robert Cacci Gerry Occhiato Mary Frances Rea rdon Donald Mohney Norma Mathewson Ellen VanDusen Jean Barton Delores Chandler CLARINETS Beatrice Bardee William Fish Cleo Boyles Lillian Beauion John Sponable Robert Briggs Nancy Brown Barbara Raim Gloria Dannibal Janice Dieffenb David Clark SAXOPHONES Reeve Copp Antanetta Rita Patricia Testani Phyllis Rudler William Palomt Lewis Griffiths Gene Cargill BASSOONS Rose Marie Gio: Robert Adams l N h diversified talents are red through its eighty that you will find names nbers in the lists of other unity projects also, such e newly formed Junior iony and the Triple Cities ,unity Symphony Orches- lepresentatives were l at the state contests at ind, and outstanding ers frequently played so- d ensembles throughout aar for civic and social ILARINET OW TROMBONES LARINET Victoria Kvasnak . Mary Polisensky nwmke Dorothy Whitesell rg Barbara Bowen E I lager: 13352 iiffigfffgmn r lubckett BARITONES E'gi2fn Richard Adams f- Robert Carman -overt J T . rkins ames out 2 Harding BA E :Gdy SS S .nes Clarence Plummer Occl-,goto Gordon Saddlemire Ucci Cornelius deVente trino Lynn Waters J Del Santo JUCIY Shelp I HORNS PERCUSSION Stevens Donald Topping Carlton Edward Hogan eynolds Raymond Redolphy tzel Robert Picciano Aaney Janice Jurczak Boyles Delores Boatman CONCERT BAND 0 '79 o4,0ON 6' 44,0 N 'gl OQNS 83 CORN 673, '1,9,,, ON 6 Organized last year to play at occasional dances, U-E's Dance Band now furnishes mu- sic for all school functions- formals, basketball and foot- ball dances and club sponsored activities-and holds a defi- nite place of honor in our mu- sic department. Its members, boys who understand the real feeling and style of modern music, meet once a week un- der the direction of Mr. Panaro. Drop around any Tuesday night and hear an authentic "jam session" with our own talented musicians taking part. swf' 1 DANCE BAND Ui r-'sg' Taffy Sam Rizzi Tony Diario Sam Bonventry Reeve Copp Willy Palambo Gregor Audrey Don Juckett Gino Putrino Mario Cerroni Joe Sedlock Bob Sawasker -fu g Z enter fainment The world's ez theater, the eetrth's et stage"-and parts are played for our own enjoyment and jhr the entertainment of others. Ng- MU 8 5 ,f-ef THANKSGIVING BONFIRE The night before the big game, and U-E turns out to "pep up" the town with the old "Beat Central" cry. PLAN HALLOWE'EN DANCE Eleanor Corwin, Nancy Lew Brown, David Allen, Nancy Coles and Robert Serko plan annual Hal- Iowe'en Dance held in gym. As the saying goes, "A good time was had by all." U-E CROWNS ITS QUEEN Lovely Eleanor Hickey reigns supreme ot the Thanksgiving Dance. She was crowned by Charles Harris, captain of the football team. MERRY CHRISTMAS give a big hand to the cost of the Christ- Playl They did a fine job turning out one e best assemblies of the year. Left to right: las Williams, Nancy Brown, Theresa Mc- Ie, Brenda Ward, Mary Morizio, James ira and Jane Stump. STUDENT TEA zTodini, Janet Powell, Marilyn Huyck, Irene alko, Jeanne Ince and Joan Musa prepare table for a tea held to welcome the new wemaking girls from all the Endicott Junior ws. THE HIGH SCHOOL CROWD A group of U-Eites crowd around the soft drink stand at one of the typical Friday night dances by the American Legion. -...J ,f CHRISTMAS FORMAL One of the most important social affairs of the year is the Christmas Formal held at George Washington School. Pictured are a few of the many couples who danced to the dreamy music of the U-E Dance Band, WENE BROADCAST lt's Hi Tune Time with Mary Massi and Ray- mond Redolphy. This program presents the latest news and songs for the teen-age crowd THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Time out between dances for refreshments served by Tri-Hi girls to the l5O couples at- tending the annual Christmas Formal. GOLD DUST BALL - January Seniors say farewell to the old wa Mater the good old-fashioned '49 way 1 a Gold Dust Ball held in the American ion. FAC U LTY TEA Homemaking Department exhibits its skill wis Christmas Tea presented for the faculty. . Vaughn, Miss Ruth Stone, Miss Coveney Miss Hamke are shown being served by y Polisensky. YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU This delightful comedy was presented by the January '49ers. Tony Kirby lJack Capriol had a difficult time convincing Alice llrene Heff- nerl that they belonged together in spite of family differences. Victoria lzzo capably took the part of Mrs. Sycamore, Others in the cast were: Erica Senio, Joe Miner, Bob Julian, Arthur Redpath, Kathleen Kavanagh, Ed Cook, Bruce Becker and Gerry Occhiato. I CAST OF "DEAR RUTH" Left to right: Polly Conwicke, Albert Roberts, Donna Pickering, Margaret Brain, Jack Schnei- ter, Donald Topping, Mary Jane Mills and June Ferguson. The play chosen for presentation by the June Seniors this year was a quick-paced family comedy in three acts by Norman Krasna, The whole cast is pictured in a scene from Act ll in which Judge Wilkins lJack Schneiterl is performing the wedding ceremony for Martha lMargaret Brainl and Chuck lDavid Allenl. Bystanders are Ruth lDonna Pickeringl, Bill lDon Toppingl, Mrs. Wilkins lMary Jane Millsl , and Dora, the colored maid lJune Fergusonl. Albert lAlbert Robertsl, Ruth's fiance, is looking aghast while Miriam lPolly Conwickel strikes a typical pose. IN THE ASSEMBLY MEN AT WORK "BROTHERHOOD Clarence Plummer, Robert DiPietro, Bernard Havrilka, Michael Ripic, Mario Cerroni of the new "Proiector's Club"-intent on answering requests of many teachers for the showing of classroom films, The call is out for new members to assure the satisfaction of these requests. Marion Franta represented Czechoslo vakiag Athalia Thompson, Greece Jeannine DiLauro, American Indian Elizabeth Vavra, Czechoslovakia, Rob' ert deVente, France. J AN UARY PROM Pictured left to right are Mr. and Mrs. Krum and Mr, and-Mrs. Hess, distinguished guests at the January Prom. 90 .fuiocellaneoud Tlaese miscellaneous treasures Are like scattered golden coins, A myriad of memories Never to be forgotten .,.,..- f' r ' f . ,:,.f - -- ,Y -. 5-qvv-1- -,..V,,gu-. ,1 KN H , ' do . gg! 5 ,-is E1 1 Xxx fl I f -t 'A , fs 45 '25 N- 16: f f, , Q u, L M- ff saoes tffzgg f f e if Eff eff 1 1"l 1' lim i'7"'I"f" 'V f -. s ' Q s., L 5-,Q X H' is C1321 fa ? - ti If 'i s! ,A " f ,Al l s Q 'ff' ',,f ' th , If :5 -1- F X I X! V X iff' I H W " ' ' fr W H l sa, yn" A fx PM ' -A-f-LH , 4 1 si fl 'I vl big' if A J ff X swwlzlll jf, W f ' l ff 1 1,5 F 91 'WHAT'S UP, DOC?" HDANGER! CHEM. LAB .. 3 nrwwbi f"""'1 Nellie Baxter, Joan Hill, Mr. Turver, Charles Kosai, June Ferguson, instructor, Gary Little. Albert Snyder. PHYSICS LAB. Robert Carson, William Schneiter, Miss Vaughn, instructor, Donald Beebe, Andrew Hudanich. BOYS' COUNSELOR GIRLS' COUNSELOR Paul Dixon, Mr. McGann. Alice Jaros, Miss Mersereau. 92 POLLY CONWICKE, OUR REPRESENTATIVE TO EMPIRE GIRLS' STATE LIKELY LIKENESSES STIFF COMPETITION 'S ix 'TH ' L' 11- Roberta Painter, John Hart. Warren Whitfemore receives First National Cabinet-Making Award from ORATORICAL CONTEST Mr. Morris. Albert Roberts, first plocej David Allen, second place. 93 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS PITKIN," FROM THE FACULTY Miss Alderson, Miss MocDougoII, Miss Pitkin. "DON'T FORGET THAT DANCE" A TYPICAL AMERICAN fi Nancy Crouthomel, Albert Roberts, Charles Cheesemon ot the United Joseph Juiiqn, America Poster. "MMMMM! GOOD!" Miss Hahn serving. 94 OUTSTANDING ATHLETE RECEIVES AWARD Charles Harris receives the Moose trophy from James Westfall, Endicott Moose Governor, while Coach "Ty" Cobb and Dr. I. Lawrence Kerr look on, Watching from the back row are three former holders of the trophy, Halsey Alderman, Howard Meeker, and Larry Gibbs. COMMERCIAL ART "FOUR INVlTATIONS" IN DESIGN Ill FRONT-John Stacconi, Dolores Edward Novelli, Theresa Seversky Dobon. BACK-Theresa Mingarelli, Thomas Doyle, Saundra Stabler. AMERICAN LEGION FOOTBALL DINNER Robert Serko, captain-elect, "Ty" Cobb, Jim McKechnie, "Lefty" James, head football coach of Cornell University, Charles F. Johnson and Howard Meeker. 95 AT WORK IN THE WOOD SHOP Thomas Decker, Earl Atwell, Donald Zampi, David Manchester. "LOOK, NO HANDS F" Mr. Longwell's Machine Shop, Room 21. Il A LIKELY STORY" Mr. Woodard and Mrs. Cobb. SOLID GEOMETRY MODELS Arthur Redpath, Elliot Cattarulla. AMERICANISM CONTEST Annie Buikstra, third prize winner in Endicott, Mr, Robert B. Edwards, rep- resentative of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Joan Babbitt, first prize winner in Endicott and the Triple Cities, Mary Jane Mills, second prize winner in Endicott, and Mr, Andrew Coyle, from the Junior Chamber of Commerce. "YOUR MOVE" STUDYING IN THE LIBRARY? TOMORROW'S AGRICULTURALISTS Earl Tripp, Frank Sorochinsky, Donald Bushnell, Emil Stastny, Gerald Phillips, Donald Morgan, Clyde Terry. 55 PSX' SI W NTIDOSIUPM QYX S69 XIXCDXEX 5 OC9Q'vCvf 1XS xl 6 Q, REPRESENTATIVES TO EMPIRE BOYS' STATE 'za Fo 'Vs 6 Richard English, James St. Leger, Vestal Central, Rudy Kotsubka, David Allen, Elliot Cattarulla, Leo Beady, Joseph Fratino, Robert Serko. PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS VISIT CORTLAND 98 'fl PQ, Pe 1' XN P2 XQSF N2 if wow 'c ow C 'lb 0 LV ,f 099:00 Siiciiifecosig 1, ZXSO ' 'Sf 544 156' 57 900 'ixxaesg eqqsfh O7O?Q7 Stroc- ooqrk-SO0 QQ Q Kes C4413-05911 . 066 Pl ,C'c'Orcj'ef'sc:C'i Q56 X, 5,79 Fgwofigo, UPHOLSTERY CLASS ' Use Filomena Pittarelli, Beverly Miner, Beverly Rohrback, Miss Hamke, instructor, Dorothy Kolanda, Joan Musa. "THEN ADD A PINCH OF SALT" Miss Easley of the Binghamton Gas Company gives a food demonstration to Miss Stone's Home Economics Class. 99 7s "IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?" off o "r O,IfX31Qfg2fD Alfrg S032 Xlxlsrlwx A Al q fai. ,, Xqg5f,P:8yXPxx' - Nurse Lesko and Dr. Mallory. CQSQX - If Eleanor Bierly, Mary Jane Mills, Theresa Bendert, Ellen Von Dusen, Polly Conwicke, Mary Jane George. Regional prizes this year were limited to only three fields: Journalism, Inter- national Letter-writing and Radio Scripts. These six students represent prizes won in each of the divisions. FRONT-Mary Mrva. REAR-Anno Steflik, Virginia Clemente, Bernetta Galenbush. MR. KLE'l'I"S TECHNICAL DRAWING, ROOM I 457.75 Snaps 1 "Friends and places where we met, The material proof of things we did Engrcwe themselves upon these pages and Upon our memories." -Anonymous I X1 ,, - X 9 151 fm 19 Qyxx f tsl' " X g9 iiefw' +f 1' N Q. 3 5-'1xxJ,q,'Xhx.a t l Q , is spa 'Q 'H M .23 K 1 'rf t r W xifwfi- , WL'-'fff.' wx Mm H f X +ygqs,':. x .,nI ln I K Xa M V W! 1' , A fe M1 X his - . Y 'l '11 ,-ff XX ight h L , sf X I ' 1, X X , X' :xl R 7: i' Qiix Qi W I . X5 5 Q ifgkggin ,1-T. n 1 You Q A 3 he xi 1 X s l s . l A Xvf J To vi-T-A9-JY? IOI 1: 102 5 'Lu X 'Qi Q-3 ff.-M ' f ' A , m V A , Ulgmli ' -' P - fy ,Q ez. M- 4 ' . I0 4 f'N Q..-ff x l'6:3s...,.,l'6 -ew iw' dawg ki 415 v ,'S You -ak SV" Ss if xgglpvozrv-4-I A xv WHFSAIIPIISXRIIQINFQQ cum: I u THESAURUS ADVERTISING STAFF Josephine Allio, manager, Richard Adams, Eleanor Corwin, Doris DuMond, Ruth Ann Haggerty, Patricia Hammond, Eleanor Hickey, Robert Innes, Gloria Lee, Judy Mandyck, Sally Lou Reed, Norinne Robinson, Joseph Schwarz, Eleanor Snyder, Lorna Walker. THESAURUS CIRCULATION STAFF Barry Benjamin, Mary Massi, managers, Mary Lou Bunnell, Dawn Camadella, Audrey Dent, Barbara Lewis, Janice Poynter, Natalie Perl, Caroline Shaffer, Lorna Walker, Janet Weston. David L. Mills-Business Manager. FACULTY AND SENIOR PICTURES, ALSO MONTAGES . Gordon's Studio GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHER ............... Stacy Harrington STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER ....... ' ......... Jeanne Pennell I I T' T5 "' 1, fl- fr iigj?-7-77 ' p e a- ,I 3CA u Fo QNW g g, gigglg -g ,L . L j I J - I In I , - 1 I -... I V I' , I ' ...U ,WY V K K! ' i! ,' - ....-. V I , I 7 ff IX ' U A : ge Q S- jf 'Ar 'X y X' in . X ff? 0 ff F u Y IQ, , 4 'rx -' ' ' L IO7 FAREWELL Now a book closes and a year ends. Suddenly we realize that we not only finish another school term, but prepare to leave the haven of the high school and the material accumulations of four successful years. We take with us knowledge, friendships, memories and the wealth of high school life. All at once our prospective changes and the classes and activities that have been our Present change before our eyes and become the Past. Now we are faced with the newness of our chosen fields and the challenge of maintaining the balance of our life. Yet we must look back upon our four treasured years, and then look further back to the first '49ers for inspiration in our pioneering of the Future. A door has closed behind us, but has not locked. These pages of the "Thesaurus" will bring us memories of moments past as we set our marks upon the clean new pages of the Future. MWXNS J ' ' -er ill' V I . Q l 1 - - ii I lui A N ' 1 X W- i V e t y i X E., xfff,.Qff5-- 2 i A . j' ii fy V rw X'-A by iii , , r"'1f' -. -- t-..:N.,,,.,. I i K 'an ': as f 108 McLean's High School Hangout is a favorite meeting place for U. E. students. Here Miss Eleanor Corwin and Miss Lorna Walker look over a new Teena Paige Cotton which they've seen advertised in a favorite magazine. Completely air conditioned for your shopping comfort! M Lmrs IO9 WALLACE DRUG STORES I2 WASHINGTON AVENUE so WASHINGTON AVENUE IN ENDICOTT Since 1923 Congratulations to the members of the i949 Graduating Class of UNION ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL Endicott Trust Company Endicott National Bank Union Endicott Office Marine Midland Trust Company Endicott, New York iiO OPPORTUNITIES are the raw materials from which achievements are made. Materials are everywhere: the real challenge is to take advantage of them, to build and shape them into achievements. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION K Ill CONGRATULATIONS tothe CLASS OF 1949 ...X One taste is worth O thousand words RS, CROWLEY'S MILK CO., Inc. Diol End. 5-3421 WELLS-NIESSENIER, mc. D GE SALES 81. SERVICE PLY UTH ll DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS HEL LARGE STOCK OF FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS IITITY COMPLETE CAR SERVICE BY FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS GUARANTEED USED CARS S TRUCKS 1302 E. MAIN ST. TELEPHONE 5-3397 ENDICOTT, N EW YORK Shop gnclicott - olmaon Stofzeat FOR A FULL LINE OF Footwear...Hosiery Evening Footwear Gym Footwear .nd an types of Rubber Footwear AT MODERATE PRICES HEADQUARTERS FOR THE FAMOUS E-J SADDLES Black and White - Red and White - Brown and White 66? SHOP THURSDAYS: SAVE 'IOM Stores Open Until 8:30 Thursday 66? ENDICOTT-JOHNSON STORES IIB CONGRATULATICNS To 1949 Graduates Evans Plumbing and Heating KENNETH SPENCER 423 Roosevelt Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Q T Iephone Endicott 5-7631 H4 our teen town . . . your fashion center for the finest in sports, class and date wear Miss Eleanor Snyder models a novel cotton print by Betty Barclay. owler's Binghamton, N. Y. second floor Complete Spring Service Binghamton Auto Spring Co. A L L 0 Y.S T E E L ! ,U "You Break 'Em .... We Make Em Dial 2-4983 I6 JARVIS STREET-BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK ll5 I GORDON STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE SENIOR CLASS OF I 949 23 Washington Avenue Dial Endicott 5-8411 MAGIC CITY ICE at MILK co., INC. 607 North Street Dial 5-3337 PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM JERSEY PASTEURIZED MILK HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE DRINK ORANGE DRINK COURTEOUS DELIVERY SERVICE C H E E S E II6 g NX' I eww fl S UATE S T0 THE T Endicott's Greatest Shopping Center I3lJl2T'S The Complete Department Store In Every Department . . . We're Ready to Serve the Entire Needs of Every Family USE BURT'S CONVENIENT LAY-AWAY PLAN TO SAVE! allwayd a good Seleclion . . SANZO USED CARS 1906 North Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK O DIAL 5-4881 I 7 DIEGES 8g CLUST NEW YORK CITY Manufacturers I949 SENIOR CLASS RINGS w ME RRELLS INCORPORATED COI'TIfT'I6F1CeI'T'I6n T Announcemen ts CJ nd Name Cards GARFIELD THOMAS Representative N E W I N G Moron COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Dealer Headquarters for FORD CARS-FORD BONUS BUILT TRUCKS GENUINE FORD PARTS I404 East Main Street Phone 5-3344 ENDICOTT, NEW YORK ROUFF Furniture Company V GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES V 105-'I 07 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York Dd d B H II8 Newspapefs Greatest Asset ,,,.. . f 1' :1 , . ..,. . t"5,5f.,. .5 EEE' ag S-MQ'-is -- '- ,ffff 1 il-aiziag23' - The Binghamton Press is proud to be one of the many American newspapers enjoying an exceptionally high degree of public confidence. For no news- paper achieves it without constant effort and a strong devotion to publishing the news impartially and accurately. This has been the No. T policy of the Press throughout its 45 years history. .As a result, Triple Cities folks often quote the Press to prove a point or establish authority in discussions of world affairs, politics, sports, fashions and local happenings. This public confidence -- won by the Binghamton Press' constant alertness in support of American principles and ideals - is a tribute to the character of its readership and its strong position as a great HOME newspaper. The Binghamton Press Southern New Y0rk's Greatest Newspaper H9 The Complete Reproduction Plant OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY PHOTOSTATS BLUE PRINTS WHITE PRINTS 60 WALL STREET BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1949! OZALID Division of GENERAL ANILINE 8 FILM CORPORATION Johnson City, New York Are you thinking of college? Check These Features ofthe NEW YORK STATE IN ST I T U T E O F APPLIED ARTS O' S C I E N C E S BINGHAMTON V Prepare for a Semi-Professional Occupation V Live at Home V Pay No Tuition V Work 6 Months in Cooperative Employment , V Choose From 5 Two-Yeor Courses I ..-, . BUILDING .1--f' f MATERIALS .L ef, V 4 '. -f f, I A I F I V Wg WHIPPlE'S LUMBER YARD QUALITY SERVICE DEPENDABILITY 3310 East Moin Street ENDWELL, N.Y. VAUGHN'S Hart, Shaffner 81 Marx Botony "500" In the 'Service of GRVUTER 1sNo1co1'1' Endicott Daily Bulletin ' Local News ' AP -INS News DONEGAL SPORT SHIRTS . . Radlo Statlon WENE JANTZEN AND wsu:-FM ' Community Programs UNION DISTRICT 'gBiNe':':f H450 ' n our a loo Phone 5-2131 and 101.7 Meg. COMPLIMENTS C OM P L I M E N TS of of T H E U N I 0 N FORG I NG , L6 ITI b S COM PAN Y lce Cream The HARRIS DRIVE-III . . 'k CURB SERVICE 'k TABLE SERVICE 'A' FOUNTAIN SERVICE Dinners ond Sondwiches 2309 EAST MAIN STREET CONGRATULATIONS Closs of '49 - Good Luck Alwoys I I YU' I 6 Washington Avenue NovelIo's BAKE SHOP QUALITY GOODS ONLY DRY CLEANING 110 WASHINGTON AVENUE Phone 5-2051 o 1106 North Street 3114 East Main Street OUR BUSINESS MOTTO THROUGHOUT THE YEARS To give you every service ond better than you expect. up "O 1 WV TJWTIE ROYAL 'k Cleaners and Tailors i' WE CLEAN THE PROSPERITY WAY Plant: 107 North Street Phone Endicott 5-4251 Coll For and Deliver 24 Hours Service COMPLIMENTS ofthe 'k LYRIC 'k STATE "Movies are Your BEST Entertainment" Points . . . Enomels . . . Brushes ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Everything in Sports WALL PAPER FLOOR WAX ENDICOTT TIRE 5' SUPPLY -L--COMPANY--l 127 Washington Avenue l1iE.'iI9!f.l?T " M2f..E!,E5',.. Y. Phone 5-2811 B. W. Hartquist R. S. Myers WILSON SpORTING GOODS L :'AE"""""T"'s 'OIIUNKS w A R N E R B R o s. UGG G -' T A G E N c Y All Leather Goods . ALL FORM OF INSURANCE Economy Shoe Repairing 6' . Luggage Store Endicott Trust Company Building lzos North sneer "The Best for Less" "W" 5'3"" BRING YOUR PHOTO PROBLEMS TO ENDICOTT TOWN AND COUNTRY --- SHOP --- WISHING SUCCESS To U-E Graduates in Years to Come CAM E RA S H O P DRESSES-SUITS-COATS 33 Washington Avenue Accissomis MODERN DRESS SHOP 118 Washington Avenue PHONE 5-5811 HENRY'S Leading Jewelers .,, HI-HONORED DIAMONDS --.,. 3 Washington Avenue THE ENDICOTT DRY CLEANING CO. 1200 North Street COMPLETE DRY CLEANING NEWELL JOHNSON 2 Flowers 1 1306 Monroe Street AND DYEING Endicott, New York FUR STORAGE - 24-Hour Service c. P. MANousE oi.: 5-1621 """'e 5-2551 GUNS-AMMUNITION ELMER ANGEVINE AGENCY FISHING TACKLE """""""'e" Delta Homecraft Machines COMPLETE GENERAL HARDWARE Real Esfole Gnd Insurance SERVICE E. E. Inderlied Hardware Co. c 145 Washington Avenue Phone 5-9927 4 Washington Avenue Endicott, N. Y. ENDICOTT' NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS from AVERY'S VARIETY STORE l Sportswear l 219 North Nanticoke Avenue, Union, N. Y. Specializing in SEALTEST ICE CREAM DAILY AND SUNDAY PAPERS MAGAZINES SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS 6 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York 4 IT COSTS LESS AT 3 UNITED i ARMY STORE 1210 North Street Endicott, N. Y. SPORTING GOODS woRK AND DRESS CLOTHES STONE 1 Sta Moner- Phone 5-6251 BOOKS GREETING CARDS School and Office Supplies Stationery 1406Vz North St. Endicott, N. Y. ROSE MAY L. F. HAMLIN, INC. O LGd'eS Apparel . . . Pharmacist . . F U R S ' 59 Washington Avenue 114 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. ENDICQTT, NEW YORK PHONE 5-0661 CONGRATULATIONS 1 M I c H A E L s ? 5C to 31.00 Store Bl-'55 W 401 North Nanticoke Phone 5-9602 3301 East Main Street ICE CREAM ENDWELL NEW YORK School Supplies Greeting Cards Ansco Film COMPLIMENTS of MARSHALL'S RADIO RADIOS and APPLIANCES Phonograph Records 1 13 East Main Street UNION, NEW YORK BEST WISHES Class oi 1949 THE STORE FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE I --..v.STYLE SHOP1-: COMPLIMENTS of KENNETH M. COLEMAN GLENN R. DANIELS E. L. Hilkins W. S. Krott E. L. HILKINS CO. -Jewelers- 46 Washington Ave., Endicott, N. Y. PHONE 5-0121 COMPLIMENTS of Headquarters for Juniors in Endicott COMPLIMENTS of EDDIE'S Auto Radiator Repairing 8 McKinley Avenue Commercial and Studio PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDINGS AND PARTIES Phones: Business, 5-3355 - Home, 5-8623 B R O T A N ' S 29 Washington Avenue Q . ,,,. .," t I I I 'A Ii LI Im i "Fashions as New as Tomorrow" , V" X ' Y Au. me canon' You wAN'r Mg. E D M O S S A NAME AVENUE To REMEMBER Confectionery and Restaurant For STYLE And QUALITY Endicott's Haberdasher IOI Washington Avenue Endicott, New York PHONE 5-9673 THE TRIPLE CITIES MosT FAVORED SPECIALTY SHOP SLM WW W COMPLIMENTS of ENDICOTT NASH CORP. 2301 East Main Street, Endicott PHONE 5-5951 COMPLIMENTS of KEN'S RESTAURANT 118 Nanticoke Avenue SERVING U-E STUDENTS AND GRADS For Over 25 Yeors KIine's ENDICOTT'S Mews mo sovs' l- sl-lor --- SEELY'S ...lceCreom... E d Il New York Phone 5-9635 FRUIT PUNCH and Center Mold Bricks FOR ALL OCCASIONS CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1949 LEE'S USED CARS Endicott 1003 East Main St. Enclwell, N. Y Phone 5-1581 P11009 5-0391 395 ALDERMANS OF ENDICOTT Incorporated NORRIS H. DANN , INSURANCE Konser-Frazer Dealer C 0 M P A N Y FAIR DEALING-COURTEOUS SERVICE HONEST APPRAISALS MADE ON YOUR TRADE-IN xi Open Evenings- Phone 5-3381 Girls Like to Say IT CAME FROM 1 ffl' f"'h 15 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. See the "NEW LOOK" for Kiddies at OTS TO EENS SHOP 49 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS of RU DY'S BARBER SHOP 128 Nanticoke Avenue UNION DISTRICT COMPLIMENTS of ALEXANDER'S Confectionery 103 West Main Street Endicott PHONE 5-9702 COMPLIMENTS of WALTER R. MILLER CO., Inc. STATIONERY STUDENT SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS Binghamton, New York 170 Washington Street 121 State St t MANHATTAN SH I RTS ALL SHARP SQUIRES SHOP The Eskuire Man's Shop Down in Union COMPLIMENTS HAMMQND'5 LAC H M A N I S 2 IDEAL FLORIST Q SPECIALTY SHOP ' SUITS, DRESSES, ACCESSORIES ENDICOTT 46 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York 122 Washington Avenue Telephone 5-1331 CONGRATULATIONS To Class of 1949 NELSON MOTORS 3124 East Main Street Endwell, New York Phone 5-4461 COMPLIMENTS of ENDICOTT FLORIST 116 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York PHONE 5-0221 COMPLIMENTS of IDEAL ALLEYS 119 Jennings Street Endicott PHONE 5-9614 D O N ' S G A R A G E PHONE 5-3251 2100 North Street Endicott, N. Y CONGRATULATIONS To I949'ers Tiff S. REED SNAPP CORNELL'S GROCERY Meats - Groceries Phone End. 5-9854 2303 North St ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone Endicott 5-7611 olLs Ann Accessoklss ELECTRICAL WORK OUR SPECIALTY CENTRAL SERVICE GARAGE Glenford R. Buchanan, Prop. General Auto Repairing ALL MAKES OF CARS 1907 Eost Moin Street Endicott, N. Y. Need Insurance? CALL . . . McCLARY-STABLER AGENCY Phone 5-3646 105 E. Main St. g XP' '1 v X S ws, 9 X A if x wif.- ll H K in-- Vv N- Ma ,mm . yn i 3 ,IW W 2 R2-f 55 Hee 4 X15 . 90 ff.. me ew If sn 1. mm fi i F " N Al.,-X z- ., M . --1-'15 gs- ,K up . -W -- 8 N1 Jgakn sv ' 'WN .g, -Yblr-, vm Nw? wx L ff- w.,. Q. ,. AVA. 1, .. 1'-'ff we f w f New-7 ' 1 5, ki 'Q 1 ,H V353-1 aff 'mf 7 I Hi -:mug My Q-44' cl 149925, HM v..J31a!,q-e X 3 w A-g9..,L,,,,,,,,,,x..p , . .. , ' . L, W ,li w 'Wi ,Am-f .WW MW U- P' A

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