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Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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6, M ,135 .J.,, Xa iw' u"K-, -W may f W egfiisglzw. , if hmm, f '- AK if 3 z H 2? is .2 . w I v 1 .L una:-fsssmanurf I ,'-u HIAN .nf Qing 57' 0 T A . wi' ln1 -.N '-..,,,. A N yr I A. N. Q.-5 NNx s1,w- un.. W' LA-1: 4...-4 4 K+ 1 W aw '- kslggglii ' W X J 2 MW V if?Q-9"12Q Q4 Q1 S3 k 1 X' Q' 2 S, 3 X' ww Q ,et , if "" i ' 'PS .Fu L 2 S' - li I . ' :'iX rf!! 1.1 5 A ' ef: K g , 5 .' 5 ':-lik?" ff Q :" F TS? WEQW , F 1h w " -nw' X., x gg fm ' ef f 1. - -. , ' ' A V 1 ' . Higgs K ul M Q' . 1: .. 5 H M. . . , A N4 5' """"i" -..,. '94m"'-'W - M E X ' R funn 'ah 5 ,- ,. x . 4 f QS.-L' . -L "-A " 'N'-mg: ' - .f. " .ml .wi 0. A M , M 5,,,.,,Q+,- , ., , - .i ...b . - wk- '51 P, , N Qsfvivif, x A , fx , f m 9 V -- - - - M- . .Sm 'Q' T-2. ,Ng-JMMKS X' Q.. ff 1- 'V ' ' b . Q b , .XA .. X f ' x M fa! 1 N , . vw . ' frfw! wi K 3 M ., -a x .. .K re.-.N if-i-sgj - 4 .-,Q V L. ,. . .M w M- . FXS' V Q- J . Wwe-nv rv fm f J I I , x , f V ca if 11 ff ..-Q x am My Ma. 5 4 may rr Q F:-sa, A I2 F, I I R I 1 QI IIIISII LIS 73 ll UNION-ENDICOTI' H. s. I948 UNION GRADED SCHOOL WITH ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT 1891 Issued June I948 by the THESAURUS STAFF OF THE UNION-ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL Endicott, New York I "f?.4- 4"I'f5T?i5'- E WTZTJSRA -, 1 I -JS' 1' ' 1 , . I. 'LS ' F , , 1 -, ff 9' ff. ,' I I " ' II I-p IIWI f iN I I O I I f i if 1 I, I S. X I I L f x A W T IN, . , 4 Il 1 sl I4' . ' 1 f 'f yn' E 1 't I X, , fi .fra g Av? . I V 'I TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE .............,............. DEDICATION .........................,..... THESAURUS GENERAL STAFF ............. THEME OF THE 1948 THESAURUS ...... IN THE GIBSON DAYS .......,.,.........,.. FACULTY ...............................,................ PRESENTING THE I948 GRADUATING CLASSES ............. JANUARY CLASS ............... J UNE CLASS ...... UNDERCLASSMEN .IUNIORS ............ SOPHOMORES ....... FRESHMEN ........ MUSIC ..................................... INTRODUCING ATHLETICS ....... BOYS' ATHLETICS ......... GIRLS' ATHLETICS ,...................... "GAY N I NETI ES" RECOLLECTIONS ..... .L ' ENTERTAINMENT .......................... . I III ORGANIZATIONS ,. ' MISCELLANEOUS ...... I' I If I4 SNARSHOTS .......................................... I, I II MORE "NINETIES" RECOLLECTIONS .. I r ,, I J THESAURUS BUSINESS STAFF ............ 'QI I V EAREWELI. ............................... .. 'II gf? ' t fx ADVERTISING I X I ff III II I ff j I A S ff I X Q. f I , f W AW x I X I JL' J X X2 as 2 . MISS MARY L. PITKIN Principal DEDICATION We are very proud in our dedication of this book to Miss Mary L. Pitkin, our principal. Miss Pitkin, starting as a student in the grades in the Union Graded School was graduated from the high school lin the George Washington school buildingl and, after college training at Albany State Teachers College, has been consecutively, teacher, vice-princi- . pal and then principal of our present high school. We appreciate her kindly interest in each student, her generous and fair decisions, and her breadth of understanding that has directly or indirectly reached every one of us. Therefore, we hope to show our appreciation by dedicating to her, this, our yearbook. In Third Grade in Union Graded School 3 . N THESAURUS GENERAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: L. Alice Sprague ASSOCIATE SENIOR EDITORS: Richard Battista, Donald Blackwell, Carol Jane Compton, Alice Cederborg, Lois Dunn, Ray Fowler, Kathleen Kavanagh, Richard Kroop, Virginia Ogden, Beverly Wayda ASSOCIATE JUNIOR EDITORS: Margaret Brain, Elliot Cottarulla, Patricia Cederborg, Polly Conwicke, John Salemme ASSOCIATE SOPHOMORE EDITORS: Vincent Monaco, Jeanne Pennell, Genevieve Rosello, Ellen Van Dusen ASSOCIATE FRESHMAN EDITORS: Janet Driscoll, Joseph Schwarz ART STAFF TYPISTS Seated: Joan Ponko, Lois Griffith, Saundra First Row, Left to Right: Margaret Salata, Betty Stobler, Morione O'Rourke. Jean Eldredge. Standing: Leandro Mastrogiacomo, Dorothea Second Row: Jina Zimbaro, Vinnie Giallo. Shearer, John Hart, Thomas Doyle,Victoria Izzo. Thing Row: Mo,-ion Remelgus, Morgan Bloom' Also on Art Staff: Mary Lou Horbst, Janet Harder, Theresa Seversky. FACULTY ADVISERS General Adviser: Mrs. Wallace Finch Business: Miss Frederica Hollister Art: Mrs. Theodore Lainhort Senior Class: Miss Betty Wyke Junior Class: Miss Grace Donahay Sophomore Class: Miss Sarah Jane Johnson Freshman Class: Mr. Paul McCormack 4 Q The Gibson Girl, the sweetheart of the Gay Nineties, now becomes The- saurus l948. As the "old look" be- comes the "new look," we go forth from U-E High with our never-to-be- forgotten memories -of teachers, friends, proms, basketball and football games, concerts and plays. With the Gibson Girl and Gay Nine- ties theme, we shall try to connect the past with the present where this linking of the two might be of especial inter- est. We have harked back to some early beginnings in our town and school life in this year's Thesaurus. All dates do not go back to a fifty-year period, for, for Endicott, that would be im- possible. 1 948 TH ESAU RUS lip Mg M Allin- : ' ,, fl! . 1 fi PJ' P" C 'if X f if twink il 6? xe ff,-l H , fly! X EL M' if ffl 3.?? If ff ,. A fy, 5 l if ,Z .Q . 5 1 .r :X ' 'l 1 fl" l . il tl I lll l I X i , if :Exx X it Qui , 'll 3 gli: X 'Il Ex r. . N V ' . ,- ll .ff ' i x fa f 7 T AK "" ,, I 4 I , ' i li ,, Mx Y D . N ,V ir 7 .N XZ!-1 fy.. fc,-Qt fl A N- NK: I 4" f J ff - X, t X T SEN l if ,l I ,ff M, 1,7 I ,Af X- X J: If .Q " - ff! f ,f X- ,I I fill ff " 77 fl -,52'ff1Q' . f 1 i K , JI" ,X if , -514, X , l N 1 xilyff , WZ-f , N , i . ,i i i , if ll if X NT -Nl' .M l lf ffirlf. v T T ' i .tai . if 1-- l l , . 133. I l if T ' if fix ' . t..g'. my 1. lg Jil f R. , X Xxx .f ., 1' X X X' ,Pi ' 1: inf: Y' I -Z i A f So much can happen within the space of time, in three or four years or in fifty years. So many changes can take place, so many opportunities for growth can be utilized or lost. Only so many achievements can be recorded. We believe that our theme will fit in with modern trends and will record not only our three or four years of high school but will record also the era of the "old look," to be remembered by us, as styles and music fashion the "old look" to become the "new." As the lady in the moon lalways recognized as a Gibson Girll looks down on her modern counterpart, we, the Thesaurus Staff, proudly present the I9-48 yearbook. IN THE GIBSON DAYS In i898 there were l,OOO inhabitants in the village of Union. Endicott was named and incorporated in l906. Washington Avenue was plowed and graded in l9Ol. The school in Union in the 90's was "The Union Graded School with Aca- demic Department," the Academic Department of which was organized in l89l. The first school building is now an apartment house across from the George Washington School on Loder Avenue. ln l897-l898 there were l89 pupils in the school, 38 of which were above eighth grade. An exceptionally well-built farmhouse with fireplaces in practically all the rooms stood at the turn of the century where the Union-Endicott High School now stands. Mrs. Earl L. Barnes and Mrs. Franklin Hunt lived in the farmhouse when their father, James Armstrong, farmed the land for the Endicott Land Com- pany. Mrs. Raymond Conrad lived there later when her father, Jonas Gates, took over the farm work. A photograph of part of a herd of cows oh the farm. They were pastured from the farm buildings to beyond what is now Jackson Avenue. 6 x 1+ JV gacully These, tlae faculty, see tlae ola' leave, The new come in, and from the very first a'a yn Cultivate ana' create cloaracter. ,, ff V f Xl, ,X X 7 . -15555 A graduate of Hamilton with three years of graduate work at Columbia University, Mr. Krum has a well-prepared background for his work with many organizations which aim toward school and community cooperation. Though a newcomer to this school last year, he has become well acquainted with the prob- lems of the system and is constantly striving to solve them. His interest in community affairs is evi- denced by his memberships in the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Boys' Club of Greater Endicott, and the Broome County Council Against Discrimination. MR. WILLIAM J. KRUM, JR. Superintendent of Schools ,lflww Mr. Woodard, a graduate of St. Lawrence University, is one of our most helpful leaders. His efficient management and friendly atti- tude have secured our deep respect. He par- ticipates in many social and church activities. A in MR. DEWITT S. WOODARD Associate Principal SEC RETARIAL STAFF Seated: Mrs. Helen Cobb, Mrs, Gene- vieve Roberts. Standing: Miss Raymeta Chaffee, Miss Jessie Brainerd, Mrs. Belle Barney, Mrs. Georgia Bolton. 8 MR. CLARENCE J BECKER Shop 24. lndustrial Arts Machine Shop. Buffalo State College for Teachers, MISS MADELINE BURNS Girls' Physical Education ln- structor. In Charge of Sopho- more After-School Activities. Cortland, FACULTY MISS ALENE E. ALDERSON Home Room 9. English II and III. New York State College for Teachers at Albany, University of Michigan. X Y MRS. MILDRED CALLAHAN Harmony and Theory of Music. ln charge of Music Apprecia- tion Hour after school. Crane Institute of Music, New York University. MISS MARTHA BALL Home Room lO8. French I, ll, Ill and English ll, Recorder for the Foreign Lan- guage Department. Co-adviser for the June Senior Prom. Penn State. MR. CLARENCE G. BERRY Home Room 2ll. Business Arithmetic and Ele- mentary Algebra. Chairman of the Arithmetic Committee. Potsdam. ,ppc MRS. MYRA D, CARMAN Home Room 202. Latin and English ll, Cortland. MR. HAROLD V. COBB Director of Health and Physi- cal Education of the Public Schools of Endicott, Head Coach of Football and Baseball, Chairman at the Department of Physical Education. University of Maine. FACULTY MISS CLARA COVENEY Vocational Homemaking. Head of Homemaking Depart- ITICHT. Chairman of the Department of Home Economics. Mansfield State College for Teachers, Columbia University. MISS GRACE DONAHAY Home Room II6. American History, Recorder for the Social Studies Committee. New Jersey State Teachers' College at Trenton, Columbia University. MISS RUTH ESTY Home Room I09. English II and Ill. William Smith College. MRS. EDNA A. FINCH English IV, Head of English Department. General Adviser for the Year- book, Creative Writing Clup Sponsor, Co-chairman of the Department of English. Cornell University. MRS. LEAH A. CROSSMAN Home Room 8. Shorthand I and Secretarial Practice. In charge of tyging for the Creative Writing on- tests, and "Thesaurus." Plattsburg. MR. GEORGE A. FORBES Home Room 203. Chemistry and Hygiene. Adviser of the Hi-Club, Assist- ant Football Coach and Coach for the Cheerleaders. Niagara University. MRS. RUTH M. EDSON A Cappella Choir and Glee Club. Houghton College. MR. RAYMOND EVANS Veterans' Home Room IS. Instructor in Technical I and II, Machine Shop. Faculty Adviser to the Techni- cal Club, Faculty Adviser to the Veterans' Group. Chairman of the Technical De- portment. Provisional State Certificate Issued by the University of the State ot New York. MR. ROLAND C. FRIDERICH Physical Education, Basketball and Football. Co-adviser for the June Senior Prom. Battle Creek College, Ithaca College. MR. J. KENNETH HILL Shop 2I. Instructor in Industrial Arts and Technical Machine Shop l. Provisional State Certificate issued by The University of the State of New York. FACULTY MISS ROSE J. FORTUNE MRS. ISABELLE K. Home Room l2. FRIDERICH Vocational Homemaking. Home Room 216' Recorder for the Department Plone Geometry' of Home Economics. Cornell University. Chairman of the Department of Mathematics. D'Youville College. MR. HAROLD E HYDE Boys' Guidance Director, Direc- tor of Adult Education. Co-chairman ot the Committee an. Child Development and Guidance Group. Hartwick College, New York State College for Teachers at Albany. u,,, MISS SARAH JANE JOHNSON Home Room 220. English ll, Adviser for the January Senior Prom. New York State College for Teachers at Albany. MRS. HAROLD J. HESS Room 2. Typing, Public Relations Di- Rochester Business Institute, Columbia University. MISS FREDERICA H. HOLLISTER Home Room 2I 2. Advertising Adviser to the "Thesaurus," Chairman of the Department of Foreign Lan- Univ rsity. , M Chairman of the Art Depart- MR. RICHARD Z. KLETT Shop I. Instructor in Machine Design and Strength of Materials. Supervlsor of Technical De- partment, Co-adviser of Tech- nical Club Recorder for the Technical Department. Syracuse University. MRS. ESTH ER L. LAINHART Design, and Representation, ment, Adviser for the Art Staff of the Yearbook. Cortland. FACULTY MR. OSWALD M. KEMP Room I7. Technical Drawing and Avia- tion. Buffalo. MISS EUNICE C. KIRTLAND Girls' Physical Education ln- structor. Head of Girls' Physi- cal Education Department. In charge of Girls' Sports after school. Savage School of Physical Edu- cation, Syracuse University. MR. PAUL J. MCCORMACK Home Room 217. English I and ll. Adviser to Hi-Club Bowling Team. Niagara University, Fordham University. MISS RUTH I. KNISKERN Home Room 2I 9. Bookkeeping I and ll, Head ot the D Commercial Department Adviser to the Commercial Club, Chairman of the Com- mercial Department. New York University. 'vi ,T I , o,..,.r"LA.fvc.zs-f MISS RUTH LAWRENCE Home Room 206. English III and IV. 3, , 1.1 '-gk MISS MARGARET MCDOUGALL Home Room ll3. Elementary Algebra, a Plane Geometry Oneonta Syracuse University. nd Recorder for the English De- partment. Member of the Executive Com- mittee ot the Teachers' Asso- ciation. University of Rochester. Q MR. EDGAR S. MULHOLLEN Home Room 214. World History, Faculty Adviser tor the Student Council, Fac- ulty Adviser for the Advisory Council, Chairman of the So- cial Studies Committee. University of Pittsburgh. FACULTY MISS ALTA M. McLEAN Home Room 204. World History. Syracuse University. MISS GLADYS L. MERSEREAU Girls' Guidance Counselor. Adviser to Tri-Hi Club, Co- chairman of the Child Devel opment and Guidance Commit tee. New York State College for Teachers at Albany, New York University. MRS. MARJORIE L. O'HORA Home Room 4. Typing. Plattsburg. ,Nu w,,u . P. Q. ' , I f 1 . ' 2 :Ii " . + I 2 I .- mfr "ff " 'fl 2' Ut, The A' MR. THOMAS PALOUCCI Room 7. Mechanical Drawing, Recorder for the Department of Indus- trial Arts and Agriculture. Buttolo State College for Teachers, University of uffalo. +P' I MR. C. BURDETTE PARKHURST Physical Education and Foot- ball, Track. Springfield coiieo3cr5pvX MR. RUSSELL E. NORRIS Shop 22. Cabinet Making. Supervisor of the Industrial Department. Chairman of the Department of Industrial Arts and Agri- culture. Buffalo. MR. ACTON E. OSTLING Concert Bond, Drum Corps and Instrumental Classes. Director of Music. Chairman of the Department of Music. Ithaca College. h Q. 413 MR. JEFFERS D. RICHARDSON Business Law, Retailing, Sales- manship, Business Manage- ment. In charge of ticket selling for Senior plays. Recorder for the Commercial Department. Syracuse University. MISS ADONA SICK Librarian, Adviser to Library Club, Secretary of Teachers' Association. Chairman of the Library De- partment. New York University. FACULTY MISS FANNIE M. PENDLETON Home Room IIO. English IV. Chairman of the Language MISS ELIZABETH M. RASMUSSEN Home Room ll. English Il and III. Am Commmee- Committee for Caps and Gowns. Commencement work New York State College for New York State College for Teachers at Albany. Teachers at Albany. MISS CELIA G. STAHL Horne Room 213. Shorthand I, Introduction to Business and Commercial Ar- ithrnetic. Rider College, New York State College tor Teachers at Albany. MR. R. CRAWFORD STAHL B-Band, Orchestra and instru- mental classes, Football Band. Eastman School of Music at Rochester. I MR. JOSEPH F. ROSSIE Shop 22A. Radio and General Shop. Vocational State Certificate from The University of the State of New York. MISS ELIZABETH J. SMITH Home Room I 02. Intermediate Allgebra, Ad- vanced Agebra, rigonometry and Solid eometry. Member of' the Athletic Advisory Coun- ci . Adviser to the Senior Class for Announcements and Cards. Life State Certificate issued by The University of the State at New York. MISS BARBARA THAYER Home Room IIS. Drama, Public Speaking I and ll, Senior Play Director. Mt. Holyoke College, Syracuse University. MR. DAVID C. TINGLEY Home Room II4. American History. Recorder for the Department of Sociol Studies. Scranton University, New York University. diate Algebro. Cornell University. FACULTY MISS MARCIA STONE MISS MABEL STONHAM Home Room 215. Home Room 209. Plone Geometry and Interme- HYQIGY11-2 Gnd GEYIGYOI 5CI9f"Ce- Alfred University. 5' AWS I it MR. CHARLES H. TURVER MRS. MAUDE VARTULI Home Room 201. Foods and Clothing A. Biology ond Hygiene, Chairman Plottsburg. of the Science Department, Lowrence College, University of Rochester. MR. EGBERT A. THURBER Home Room IOI . World History ond Problems in Democracy. Hartwick College. MISS ANNA TRAINOR Home Room IO. Shorthand Il and Transcription. Business Management. Plattsburg. FACULT . K, A Ag" ut Kr '1 ' - JY MISS MAE E. VAUGHN . -3: Q, I Hygiene and Physics, Re- i . corder tor the Science Depart- ' fr lr.: ment. f M Q Syracuse University. 4' I f Si ll' MISS MARGUERITE J. WALTERS Home Room 208. American History and Problems in Democracy. Senior Ring Committee Adviser. Chairman of the Social Studies Department. Syracuse University. MISS BETTY WYKE Home Room 210. English IV. Yearbook Senior Adviser. New York State College Teachers at Albany. tor fi Y MISS ELEANOR A. VOGELGSANG Home Room Ill. English Ill Syracuse University, University. ,ff 'min AQ Columbia 11" N 2 1 I MR. HENRY C. WHITE Home Room II9. Agriculture I, Ill and IV. Coach of Cross Country, Ad- viser of Future Farmers of America, President of State Teachers' Agricultural Associ- ation. Member of Board of Future Farmers of America State Camp. Syracuse and St. Lawrence University. MR. CARL ZONIO Home Room ll2. Spanish and Italian. Syracuse University New York State College for Teachers at Albany. ll C V I mi nj tl 1 A if jf ' .,1' , f 7 if X X, gf X is I6 'V AA ff e ff I t ' Seniou anal undezclaumen ' 0 ,A lv V QQa , . x 'f W XM "y ez ' W X N' ,X v N gf X il 4, Nt A Q me, -.age-' tai WN Y!! L N fwfr ! -- f e f X Va f ,- XX ,T,,,'XmrtNX,.5,XXM , Xf ff S XX gX 'X XX K X X., X XX NX I Z 1 X ,X ,,,V X X W- XX ,l AXW,. l1 , rj X 'X I A 3 W 3 x e Wy wg 'D ff W .h w -XE fi, 'NWN M 4 7 W wt e e trw,,'t t W W ee W W U-JM++9fsws' We pass in the ballsg we gather in tloe classroomsg We share in sweet romanceg then we are graduated. "We part, onbf to meet again." I7 JANUARY CLASS, 1948 J SENIOR OFFICERS Standing: Donald Bradley. At the first meeting of the January graduates, James Barton was elected class President. The other officers chosen to serve with him were Donald Bradley, Vice-President, Josephine Matolka, Secretary, Nancy Frey, Treasurer. The class colors chosen were forest green and white. The flower was gar- denia. The motto, a quotation from Thomas J. Watson, was, "There is no saturation point in education." The first of the social activities was the senior play, "A Date With Judy," presented under the direction of Miss Barbara Thayer. The leads were taken by Sybil Chatham and William Strusz. The banquet was held at Holiday Inn in Vestal. Climaxing the activities, the Senior Prom was held on January 31 at George Washington Junior High School. Commencement was held on February 2, at the high school. Essays were given by the honor students, Carolyn Kjelgaard, Sybil Chatham, Janet Forbes and Nancy Frey. An alumni prize of S5 was presented to Sybil Chatham for maintaining the highest average for four years. Sybil was also given an award for the high- est average in American History by the Kiwanis Club. She received a S5 prize for mathematics honors. Janet Forbes was given the Bausch and Lomb award. She also received SIO from the Woman's Club for maintaining the highest average in English for four years. Elaine Conklin was awarded the Commercial Club prize for the highest average in all business subjects. For the highest average in science and mathematics combined, Edward Zigata received the R.P.l. medal. At the close of commencement the diplomas were presented to the gradu- ates by J. Maxwell Clause, President of the Board of Education. And so an- other class was launched on its journey. l8 Seated: Nancy Frey, Josephine Matolka, James Barton JANET MARLYN ANDREWS lljonll General Course Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Gres club 2, 5, Tiger Staff 2, 3, Creative Writing Club 2, Senior An- nouncements Committee, Basketball 2, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hob- bies: Flower Designing, Music, Pho- tography. Work and allege. JAMES RICHARD BARTON ' ' Bozo" Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Club 2, Band 2, 3, 4, "A Date With Judy," President January Senior Class, ice-President Techni- cal Club 3, Band Letters 3, 4. Hob- bies: Stamp Collecting, Scouts. I.B.M. Apprentice School. MARGARET JEAN BORAVSKI "Margie" Academic Course, Basketball 3. KENNETH EUGENE BOWEN uKenu Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Sootball 2, Junior Varsity 3, Varsity DONALD JAMES BRADLEY nDon1l Academic Course, Cross Country Track 2, 3, Student Advisory Coun- cil 3, Vice-President Senior Class, Track Letters 2, 3. FLORENCE MARY CERNAK UFIOII Academic Course, Italian Club 3, Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir. 3, 4, Hockey 2. Hobby: Record Library Collection. I.B.M. SYBIL RUTH CHATHAM llsybll College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Stu- dent Advisory Council 3, Band 2, Track 2, Hockey 2, Volleyball 2, Tri-I-li Swimming 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, "A Date With Judy," Tiger Stott 3, Student Council Reporter 4, Home- roam Chairman 3, Class I Award Drum Quartet 2, lst prize "l Speak for Democracy" 4, lst prize llocal and statel "Better Foot Health" 4, Candidate for U-E Queen, Senior Prom Committee, Valedictorian, College. JAMES ANDREW CHRISTOPHER Veteran "Lips" General Course. Hobby: Playing the Flute. Business. ROBERT COMO "Bob" Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club, Intramural Football 2, 3. Hobby: Making Puzzles. Machinist. ELAINE EMMA CONKLIN Commercial Course, College. RONALD DOUGLAS CONRAD Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Boy Scouts. Cabinet Maker. CATHERINE MARY COPPOLA uKaten Commercial Course Tri-Hi Club 3, Commercial Club 3, Hockey 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Basketbal 2, 3, Softball 2, 3. Hobby: Book Collec- tion. THOMAS RAYMOND CORNELL "Tom" Technical Course. Hobby: Hunting. RAYMOND JAMES DOB ROVOLS KY " Dob" Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Loaf- mg. DANIEL DONLICK Veteran "Dry Docks" Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball 3. Hobby: Sports. College. MARY G. CATHERINE DOUGHER "Poncho" General Course, "A Date With Judy." Hobbies: Dancing, Cooking. Public Library. JOHN JOSEPH DUFFEK Veteran "Suspenders" General Course Hi-Club 2, Junior Varsity Football 3. BETTY MARIE ELLISON "Pat" Commercial Course. Hobbies: Danc- ing, Roller Skating. Secretarial Work. DAVID ESTEP "Pigeon" General Course, Football Band 2, 3. Hobby: Raising Pigeons. JANET LOUISE FORBES "Jan" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, A Cagpella chair 3', 4, Basketball 2, ri-Hi Swimming 3, Senior Ring Committee, College. NANCY LEE FREY "Nancy" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3 4 Hockey 3, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Volleyball 3, swim- ming 3, Student Advisory Council 3, Senior Class Treasurer, Cap and Gown Committee, College. PAUL FRANCIS HANRAHAN "Pauline" Art Course, Asst. Manoier Football 3 4, Asst. Manager aseball 3 Manager Baseball 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 4, Baseball Letterman, Harry Doehla Art Award 4, "A Date With Judy,"Thesaurus Art Staff 4, Senior Prom Committee. MARY LOUISE HARBST "Lu" General Course, Thesaurus Art Staff 4, "A Date With Judy." Hobby: Art. HOWARD ARMAND HARDING "MuscIes" Academic Course Glee Club 2, 3. Hobby: Music. l.D.M. Office. JOYCE PEARL HASKELL "Jo" General Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 3. Hobbies: Bowl- lng, Photography, Sewing. Beauty Culture. AGNES HOTSKO "Aggie" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 2. BETTY CAROLYN KJELGAARD "Carol" General Course, Scholastic Literary Award 2, Career Research Essay Award 2, Cap and Gown Committee. PAUL ERNEST KOLLAR Academic Course. Hobby: Wood Carving. I.B.M. MILDRED KRMENEC "Millie" General Course, Glee Club 2, Schol- astic Literary Award 2, Cap and Gown Committee. MARY THERESA MASTRANGELO "Dimples" Commercial Course. Hobbies: Piano, Reading, Sewing. Business School. JOSEPH I NE MATOLKA "Jo" Academic Course, Italian Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Hockey 2, Basket- ball 2, 3, "A Date With Judy," President Italian Club 4, Student Advisory Council 2, Secretagf Senior Class, Chairman Cap an Gown Committee, Scholastic Literary Award 3, American Legion Essay Award 3 Candidate for U-E Queen. Hobby: Piano. PATRICIA LUCILLE MATTS upatll General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball 2 3 4 Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Tiger sruff 2, Thesaurus Staff 2, 3, Sc olastic Literary Award 2, Cap and Gown Committee, Chairman Senior Banquet Committee. Hobbies: Piano Reodinw Sports, Secretarial and Orattmg ork. MARY ANN MEAD "Pat" General Course, Future Homemakers of America 4. Hobby: Sports. AGNES MlKLos "Aggie" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 4, Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3 4, Volleglgall 2, Re orter F.H.A. 4. l-lobbies: ncing, Soaking! Stamp Collecting. Secretarial Wor . ROBERT HENRY MOSHER llRedll Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Baseball Letterman, "A Date With Judy," President Hi- Club BowIing4Team 4, Senior Prom Committee. obby: Drawing. MARGARET MARIE O'BRlEN II I Pegsvf General Course, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey Basketball, "A Date warn Judy,'5 Senior Announcements Committee. Hobbies: Swimming, Bowling. Tele- phone Operator. MARY PAR KOLAP "Porky" Commercial Course Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi Club 4, Euture Homemak- ers at America 4 Glee Club 2, 3, Hockey, Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2 Treasurer F.H.A. 4. Hobbies: Ice Skating, Skiing, Photography. Sec- retaria Work. GEORGE PAUL PETRAK Technical Course, Intramural Bas- ketball 4, Assistant Manager Track Team 4. Hobbies: Stamp ollecting, Building Model Airplanes. College. EUGENE PAUL PHILLIPS uphill: Commercial Course, Intramural Bas- ketball 4, Navy. JOSEPH WILLIAM PROSCH ll-joel: 'gecginical Course, Hi-Club Bowling ROBERT EARL QUINN Industrial Arts Course, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, "A Date With Judy." Hob- bies: Swimming, Ice Skating. FILOMENA JULIA RANO "Phil" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Italian Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2 3. Hobbies: Swimming, Dancing. Sec- retarial Work. MERLE REYNOLDS "Sonny" Industrial Arts Course. BARBARA JANE ROUGHT uaabsu College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Clul: 2, 4. Hobby: Dancing. School ol Nursing. SHIRLEY MARIE STAMM "Smiles" Commercial Course, Basketball 2, Softball 2, a, "A Date with .ludy,' Senior Prom Committee. Hobbies: Bowling, Dancing. FILOMENA STANKO "Phil" Homemaking Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, I.B,M. CLAUDIA ELIZABETH TERWILLIGER Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4. Hobbies: Knitting, Cooking. THELMA CLAIRE THOMPSON General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, Tri- Hi Swimming 3, "A Date Witt Judy," Senior Rin? Committee. Hob- bies: Swimming, ce Skating, Cards College. CAROL ELIZA WANCK "Shorty" Commercial Course. Hobbies: Sew- lng, Photography. Secretarial Work. JUANITA JEAN WEBER "Dutch" Homemaking Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Future Homemakers of America 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Basketball 2, Volley- ball 2, Hockey 2, 3. Hobbies: Music, Reading. LAWRENCE DOUGLAS WELCH "Larry" Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, "A Date With Judy " Vice-President Hi-Club Bowl- ing '1'eam, Senior Prom Committee, Chairman Senior Announcements Committee. Hobby: Sports. RICHARD ARLEN WIKE lloickll industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Swimming. Post Graduate. IRENE WOKULICH Commercial Course, Softball 2, Bas- ketball 2, 3. Hobbies: Dancing, Sports. Secretarial Work. EDWARD STANLEY ZIGAIIEGH Technical Course, Concert and Foot- ball Bands 2, 3 4, lst Place Medal Music comm 1, 3, 4, Band Awards 2, 3, 4, Toolmaker MEMBERS OF JANUARY GRADUATING CLASS William Nathen Bailey William Joseph Barnhart Donald Stanley Billings I Lawrence Arthur Bisignam Jack Bronson Agnes Louise Coprio Peter Citrak Barbara Elizabeth Estep Lillian Mae FeDora Gerald John Fitch Byron Paul Georfe Eleanare M. Gas ine George Monroe Harrington Richard Thomas Jones Norman Birchard June John Leo Kotchick Edward Froncls Marshall John F. Parsons Robert Morton Perl Ernest Michael Pittarelli Austin Wallace Richardson James Joseph Shattuck William Henry Strusz Joseph Thomas Vetrono Frederick Oscar Vitale Loretta Louise Volosevich JUNE CLASS, 1948 Dorothy Packard Standing: Robert Conti Colors: Forest green and white Flower: White carnations Motto: "We part only to meet again" The members of the June class of 1948 have gained many honors in this, their last year at U-E. To name all of the activities of the Seniors in a brief summary would be impossible. However, several members of the class have gained recognition by being chosen or elected to head the various student organizations or have received other honors. Our class officers-President, Walter Leahy, Vice-President, Dorothy Packard, Secretary, Billie Wildow, Treasurer, Robert Conti-have filled their offices well in directing our class through graduation plans. ln an assembly for honor students held on March 10, Virginia Ogden was named valedictorian, while Betty Jean Eldredge was salutatorian of the class. There are 27 graduates in our honor group. From approximately 31 1 members of the class the following were elected presidents of the various clubs: June Ann Lyons, Tri-Hi Club, Richard Taylor, Technical Club, Billie Wildow, Commercial Club, June Messersmith, Spanish Club, and Ramon Alderman, Future Farmers of America. Dorothy Packard was elected President of the Student Council. June Ann Lyons is the Senior class representative on the council. Marian Bloom and Eugene Chandler were elected by their fellow class- men and faculty members in their Junior year to serve as representatives on the Athletic Advisory Council. Alice Sprague was named editor-in-chief of the yearbook. At the "All U-E Night" dance, Dorothy Packard was crowned the Queen of U-E. This year has been a successful one in the eyes of the 31 1 graduates. As we go forth into a world, lacking in peace, we shall strive to maintain our goals in life to make our plans of today the actuality of the future, and in our small way help a troubled world. 24 SENIOR OFFICERS Seated: Billie Wildow, Walter Leahy JUNE SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS Highest Honor Stu- dents, left to right: Virginia Ogden, Betty Jean El- dredge, Arlene Alderman, Dolores Whitaker. From each year's graduating class those who have maintained at least an eighty-nine and one-halt per cent average throughout the four years of high school are honored at an annual candlelight ceremony. Each senior, wearing a black robe with an orange collar, is escorted to the stage by a junior honor student, When all seniors are seated on the stage, each senior's name is read. The senior then proceeds to the center at the stage where there is a burning candle representing the light ot knowledge and wisdom. Each graduate lights his candle from the burning candle and later signs his name on the permanent record of all honor students. ln this traditional ceremony, the senior realizes that his high marks have not passed unrecognized. IN ORDER OF AVERAGES, BEGINNING WITH THE HlGHEST Virginia Ogden Margaret Salata Eleanor Boyles Mary Klima Betty Jean Eldredge Marjorie Tritschler Robert Conti Millicent MacDonald Dolores Whitaker Beverly Wayda Beatrice Zampi Helen Baker Arlene Alderman Barbara Silvernail Virginia Kistner James Johns Dolores Magee Alice Sprague Lois Ann Dunn Patricia Lane Caroljane Compton Lillian Uhrinec Barbara Hammond Frederick Becker John Walters Mary Wright Richard Taylor 25 ARLENE ALlCE ALDERMAN College Entrance Course, Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Reading, Knitting. School of Nursing. RAMON FRANK ALDERMAN uBoIdyn Africulture Course, Future Farmers o America 2, 3, 4, Treasurer F.F.A. 3, President F.F.A. 4, Delegate Ti- oga-Broome F.F.A. 4, Judging Awards 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Basketball 2, 4, Student Advisory Council 2, 4, Senior Announcements Committee. Hobbies: Radio, Naval Reserve. Delhi State School of Agriculture. BEVERLY LORRAINE ALDRICH Secretarial Course, Commercial Club 4, Glee Club -3, 4 Secretary Com- mercial Club 4. Hobbies: Reading, Sports. Business School. ELIZABETH VIOLA ALLEN naettyu General Course. Hobby: Sports. MARJORIEAQANE ALLEN ! "Pudgie" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 4, A Cop- pella Choir 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 3, 4, Treasurer Commercial Club 4, Secretarial Work. ,Ji FRANK MARIO ALLIO 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, , , "Quality Street." Commercial Course, Drum C .v, 1, .Q PHYLLIS GERTRUDE ARNOLE Ilphylll Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 3 4, Commercial Club 2 3, Secretary Commercial Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Camera Club 3 xljlvobaiesz Sports, Music. Secretario or . MAURICE CLYDE AVERY nspudll Agriculture Course, Future Farmer: of America 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Secretary 4, Judging Awards 3, 4. Hobbies: Soorts, Handicraft, Reading. Delhl State School of Agriculture. HELEN MARIE BAKER "Bake" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, College. RUDOLPH BALDONI "Rudy" College Entrance Course, Cross Coun- try Track 2, College of Medicine. JANE DORIS BALDWIN "Janie" Homemaking Course Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee lub 2, 3, 4 Volleyball, Basketball 3, 4, Tri-l-ll Swimming 4, Scholastic Literary Award 2, College. JAMES RICHARD BALLES Technical Course, Hi-Club 4. Hob- bies: Baseball, Bowling. M Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, Hockey, Baseball 2, Volleyball, Basketball 2, 3, Tiger Staff 2, Student Advisory Council 2. Hobbies: Art, Music, Sports. CATHAR I NE ROSE BARBARA "Katie" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3 4, Italian Club 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Glee Club 3, Hockey, Basketball 3, AHomeroom President 2. Hobby: Radio. ROBERT DAVID BARNO College Entrance Course, Football 4, Senior Announcements Committee. Hobbies: Sports, Coin Collection, Hunting. JOHN BARON Industrial Arts Course, Junior Var- sity Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 3, .Basketball Letterman 3, Golf HOWARD DAVID BARRETT "Baracuda" Academic Course. Hobbies: Sports, Guitar. I.B.M. BEATRICE MARION BATES nBe0tyu College Entrance Course, Creative Writing Club 3, United Nations Youth Organization 4, Scholastic Literary ward 3 Essay Award "Youth Building a Better warla'j 3. Hobbies: Collecting Poems, Reading. College. NORMA J EAN BATTAGLI Nl Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Hocke , Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball ZII 3, 4, Student Council 2, Student Advisory Council 4, Class Day Committee. RICHARD ANTHONY BATTISTA "Dick" College Entrance Course, Italian Club 3, Creative Writing Club 4, Fife and Drum Cor s 4, Concert Band 3, Thesaurus Staff 4 Senior Colors Flower and Motto Commit- tee. I-iobbies: Photography, Coin E ELlZABETj E I IEDSLEX i Collection. College. Commercial Course, -HTG 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Hobby: Collect- ing Salt and Pepper Shakers. Beauty Culture. FREDERICK MILES BECKER "Freddie" Technical Course Hi-Club 3, 4, Technical Club 2, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, Bowling 4, Home Room Vice Chairman 2, 3, Treasurer Tech- nical Club 2, Advisory Council 4, P Student Council 4, Scholastic Liter- ary Award 4, Thanksgiving-I Dance Committee 3, 4. Hobbies: unting, Fishing. ROBERT RONALD BECKER llBobll Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Building Model Airplanes. DAVID HENRY BEGEAL Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Movies. I.B.M. ALBERT as Cl-USF! V eran "Voite" ? i-Club 2, Junior f s F , Glee Club 2. Hob- ll' ' . Coin Collections. as .1 fl' ,X J . f , 1 ' JOAN BENNETT "Joannie" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2 3, 4 Glee Club 2, A Cappella choir 5 4 Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball 2, Candidate for U-E Queen, Cheerleader 3, 4. Hobbies: Music, Sports. College of Teaching. BEATRICE ANN BIONDI "Bea" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Class Gift Committee. Hobbies: Skating, Swimmin , Drawing. Sec- retarial yilo .: Cf" i I 1 ' I UFC ,A :If ,i J r 'll' ,if -If l. J' Vg ,"' DONALD HAROLD BLACKWELL "Don" College Entrance Course, Student Advisory Council 2, Thesaurus Staff 4, Student Council News 4, Empire Boys' State Representative 3, Junior Rotarian Representative 4, Repre- sentative Endicott Safety Council 4, Senior Banquet Committee. Hobbies: Sports, Photography. College of Pharmacy. x. ERLA R BLOO 'ErIa" Cam r . ourse, Trif Club 2, 3, 4, ' ii wimming 3 owling 3, 4, Gle WZ, A Capp a Choir 3, 4, H , Volleyball, Basketball, N f 'rm , sof n 2, Tri-Ha Re- a r , i ant anager Girls' po , A c isory Board 3, , St Pl r Medal 37 5 i Place Tr c bbons, Scholastic 't -ary Avfar Hobbies: Sports, JANET MARIE BOOKSTAVER nJOnn Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Thesaurus Staff 4, Class Gift Com- mittee, "Quality Street." Hobby: Sports, College. 'S ff, fr P1 ng!! anti! 3 iQ 1475? 0 RITA IDA BOTTINO "Buttons" College Entrance Course, ltaliar Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Tri- Hi Club 4. l-lobbies: Dancing, Sports School of Dental Hygiene. MARY AGNES BOUSQUET uAggien Academic Course, Tri-Hi 2 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Tiger Staff 2, Thesaurus Staff 2. Hobbies: Music, Swimming, Poetry. I-4-414-f'Advanced Schooling. MWA, .2 ROSALI E EMMA BOUSQU ET r1Bo-Boll General Course, Basketball, Volley- ball, Softball 2. Hobby: Sports. BARBARA JEAN BOYD "Barb" College Entrance Course, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hobbies: Basket- ball, Skiing. School af Applied Arts and Sciences. l i I I b 'ELEANOR MARIE BOYLES "Ei" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4 Tri-Hi Swim- ming 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. BEVERLY ANN BROWN "Bev" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Tri-l-li Swimming 4. Hobbies: Sports Dancing, Needlework. School of Nursing. DOLORES ANN BROWN llDodiell Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3 Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 5 4, Football and Concert Bands2 3 4 Football Band Awards 2, 3. Hobbies? sewing, Bowl- ing, Cooking. HELEN JUNE BULLOCK Homemaklng Course. Hobby: Pic- ture Collection. DALE JOHN CAMPFIELD l1Redll Industrial Arts Course, Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 4. Hobby: Sports. NICH J ME CAR 'ckie" Co oe C r Hobbies: Tra I, rts n .B.M. NANCY ANNA CATUCCI l1Nanll General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Tri- Hl Swimming 3, Glee Club 4. ALICE MAE CEDERBORG "Butch" Academic Course, Tri-HI Club 2 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, suse Club 2, Tri- Hl Swimminsg 3 Tiger Staff 2, 3 Lhesaurus taft 3, 4, School of us c. MARION LOUISE CHALKER Commercial Course. Hobbies: Read- ing, Cooking. EUG NE FL Y CHAN I I ' ust ial s urs Technical Club! 2 - , Fit and Drum Corps , , run , Football 2, 3,f4, A leti v ry Board 2, 3, 4 Secr ary ,echn' lCIub 2, Presi- ublic Speak' g Class 4, Foot- ll Letterman, rst Place Medals iting 2, 3, Se ' Prom Committee. Hobbies: Sports, Radio. College. JOSEPH THOMAS CIARAVI NO 11Dukell Commercial Course, Class Gift Com- mittee. Hobbies: Basketball, Cards, Outdoor Sports. GABRIEL ANGELO CICCIARELLI "Gabe" Industrial Arts Course, A Cappella Choir 4 Thesaurus Staff 4 "Quality Street!! Hobbies: Photography Dramatics, Guitar, Travel. ' I WALLACE FRANK CIECIORKA llwollyu College Entrance Course. Hobby: Airplanes. RONALD LOUIS CIPRIANO College Entrance Course, Intramural Basketball 2, Intramural Football 3, Track 3, Volleyball, Junior Varsity, Football 4, "Quality Street," College. BRUCE JOSEPH CLARK nBoot1r Technical Course, Technical Club 2, Track 3, Football 3, 4. MARGARET LOUISE CLEGG Hpeggyu Commercial Course Commercial club 2, 3, 4, Giee Club 2, Hockey 2, 3. Hobbies: Swimming, Radio. Secretarial Work. NORMA JUNE COCHRAN 1iNorm1: College Entrance Course, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Band Awards 2, 3, School ot Nursing. ANTOI NETTE MARY COLAPI ETRO "Donuts" Academic Course, Hockey, Softball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming. DONALD ROBERT coMER nDonu Technical Course, Technical Club 4. Hobbies: Automobiles, Sports. CAROL JANE COMPTON College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Creative Writing Club 2, 3, 4, Concert and Football Bands 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3 Student Advisory Coun- can 2 3, ,thesaurus srcff-1, "Quoi- ity Street," Homeroom Chairman 2, 3, 4 Scholastic Literary Award 2, sand Awards 2, 3, All stare choir 4, Class Day Committee, College of Teaching. I r wrt r ir t ,Sw ., 2 . i I K, -. ,. 5 ...E J,- 'aw' if kiw i t .i . -em Q 'N s it of will 'le' I el zu E ' .,.. . F - "f2..::::t ,. .ff . is? , W ., 1,-7....' N, 3 5- 1' ii ,ij ' 3 .ixfrfi Y " 1 -iflgfif' . ',ll'i .Q ,V 30 ROBERT FRANK CONTI "Bob" Technical Course, Junior Varsity Bowling 4, Volleyball 4, intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Track 2, 3, Hi- Club 4, Student Council 2 3 Stu- dent Advisory Council 2, 3, Treas- urer Student Council 3, Secretar Hi- Club Bowling 4, Em.Pire Boys' State lgepresentative 3, reasurer Senior ass. MARILYN JANE CORBETT "Mickey" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3. Hobby: Dancing. School of Nursing. MARLENE JOANNE COVERT "Mar" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Band Awards l, 2, 3, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hobby: Music. School of Nursing. CECYLE LEA CROFT "CC" College Entrance Course, Senior An- nouncements Committee. Hobbies: Sports, Reading. School of Nursing. DONNA J UNE CROMAN Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Creative Writing Club 3, United Nations Youth Organization 4, Basketball 2, Hockey 3 Tri-Hi Bowling 2 3, Student Advisory Counci 2, Thesaurus Staff 4, Senior Prom Committee. KEIL EUGENE DALTON Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Watch Repairing, Music. Jeweler. DAPHYNE OLGA DANFORTH lloabsll General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Future Homemokers of America 4, Scholastic Literary .Award 2, 3. Hobbies: Cooklng, Hiking. RAY DANN College Entrance Course Scholastic Literarz Award 4. Hobby: Sports. Triple Itles College. LORRAINE ANNEWE ' DANNIBALE "Laffy" Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Art, Music. I.B.M. Drafting Department. RICHARD EMORY DARBY "Dick" College Entrance Course, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Intramural Football 3 Junior Varsity Football 4. Hob- bIes: Piano, Sports. PAULA DAVIS "PouIe" College Entrance Course, Trl-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, A Capgella Choir 3 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, lass Dar Committee. Hobby: Flying. Colege. SHIRLEY MARIE DAVIS nsquirtn Homemokirpg Course, Trl-Hi Club 2, 3, Future omemakers of America 4 Gln Club 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Square Dancing, Skating. MARY ELLEN DEAN "Peggy" College Course, Homeroom Repre- sentative 4,-School of Nursing. CHARLES DE GREGORIO "Chuck" Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Sports. Machinist. EDITH ELIZABETH I DELLAPENTA "Peaquts" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Tri-Hi Bowling 4, School of Nursing. MARIO DOMINICK DE MA1'rEls 'fMuf" Commercial Course, Senior An- nouncements Committee. Hobbies: Radio, Gun and Coin Collections. U.S. Army. . 0.4 353 DONALD FRANCIS DENNIS lloonll College Entrance Course, Intramural Basketball 3, Vice-President Public gqeoking Class 4. Hobby: Automo- nes. HERBERT DEPEW Radio Engineering Course. Hobby: Radio. U.S. Navy. 4 3I' A 'F CATHERINE JOANNA DERACO "Katie" l-lomemoking Course, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Singing, Dancing. ESTHER JOSEPH I NE DERACO HESWH Commercial Course, Glee Club 2, 3 Senior Announcements Committee. Hobby: Sports. ANGELINA DORA DI VINCENZO "Angi General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, Ie Club 3. Hobbies. Reading, Rol raphy. Skating, Dancing. School of Photig-qpwj, HAROLD FREDERICK DURFEE "Durt" Technical Course, Hi-Club 3, 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Var- sity Basketball 4, Junior Varsit Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball 3, if Bowling 4, Homeroom Chairman 2, 3, Student Advisory Council 2, 3, Th k " D C 'tt 4 an sgiving ance ommu ee . Hobby: Sports. l.B.M. Tool Maker. JOHN THOMAS DUTKOWSKY Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club 3, 4, Treasurer Hi-Club 4. I t. DOROTHY ANNE ECK "Dotty" Academic Course, Scholastic Liter- ary Aword 2. ' . 'W ' 1 .1 - .e.,.. .fy ,..f.. ..:- - - , .,-sir., V. , 7 'I , A V ,ji f THEODORE JOSEPH ECK THOMAS BE - oTY '- Vefewn "Ted" "Tom" Mi., A General Course Baseball 3, Basket- Aviation Course. Hobby: Camera f lex il M Y ban 3' Hobbyi Sports' KENNETH GERALD DOUD nKenu College Preparatory Course, Class Day Committee. sl? S X LOIS ANN DUNN "Lanny" 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Student Advisory Council 2, 3, 4, Valle ball 2, Basketball 2, 3 Thesaurus taff 4, Senior Colors, Elower and Motto Committee, College. College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club? fi. BETTY J EAN ELDREDGE ,Ueanif Commercial Course, Commercial ottball 2, 3, Volleyball, Track, Bas- etball 2, Student Council 3, Sec- retary Commercial Club 3, First lub 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Hockey, 2 Prize Career Research Essay 2, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hob- bies: Sports, Reading. EDITH JUNE EVANS "Edie" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Secretarial Work, , xv f fr-ali, g crziasww 32 MARY ANTOINETTE FARGNOLI Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Hockey, Track, Valley-ball, Softball, Basketball 2, 3, 4, iger Stott 2. Hobbies: Sports, Dancing. Advanced Schooling. EDYTHE LOUISE FAUST "Edy" College Entrance Course, Spanish Club 4, Senior Announcements Com- mittee. Hobbies: Music, Pen Pals in Foreign Lands. School of Nursing. LYDIA F "Lee" Commer i Cour , r i Club Comm al Club 3, Gb a Cho' , 3, 4 etb ley- , Soft l c ey , Stu- nt Cou i R rt r Hobbies: ports, ng, c. f' 0 , ,KW DORLA MAE RUTH FELTER Music Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, ltalian Club 3 4, Basketball Baseball 3, A Cappella choir 2, 5, 4, " uality Street" Candidate tor U-E ueen, School of Music. ROBERT BRUCE FERRARIS College Entrance Course, A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 4 Homeroom Vice-President 2, Vice-President United Nations Youth Organization 4, Four Medals in State usic Contest 2, 3, Band Awards 2, 3. Hobby: Stamp Collec- tion. Post-Graduate. EUGENE RAY FIESTER "Eug" Industrial Arts Course, Scholastic Literary Award 4. Hobbies: Building Model Aiirlanes, Outdoor Sports. School of viation Mechanics. sl r lf r' ij x Vkk. . ik ,,. .,.. .fx J. if if 1 'N 'li . i F if eg f 3. -si SN we t QE- - .Q N neges R' R9 3' 'sl Z A A if' Y se S mfg g fjeif siif Q Q " - ss-w e im gf. A 33 ROBERT HERBERT FITCH uBobll College Entrance Course, Fife and Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Drum Corps Awards 2, 3. ,w,5tf.lM'N 3.9904 U Lui SHlRLEY MAE FITCH "Shirl" Homemaking Course, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Hobby: Dancing. RAY LINCOLN FOWLER Veteran "Linc" General Course, Hi-Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Fishing, Skiing. EMMA JEAN FRAZER "Shorty" Homemaking Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Basketball, Volleyball 2, 3. Hobbies: Picture Collection, Square Dancing. .fMfl"M4. K MAE FRUTIGER "Bonnie" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Bowling 3, 4, Band 2. Hobbies: Scrap Books, Needlework. College. DORIS MAY FULLER "Dot" Homemaking Course, Future Home- makers of America 3, 4, Glee Club 2, F.H,A. Guard, Vice-President F.H.A. Hobbies: Outdoor Sports, Music, Movies. l.B.M. 11, fi ww ALAN ROBERT GAUL Technical Course, Technical Club 2. Hobbies: Model Building, Fishing. Advanced Schooling. GEORGE WILLIAM GEHEN "Bill" General Course. Hobbies: Radio, Chess. CAESAR REMO GEORGE Industrial Arts Course, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Football 2, Track, Basketball, Football Letter- man. Hobby: Photography. In VINCENZINA ANGELA GIALLO "Vinnie" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Italian Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Hockey 2. Hobbies: Typing, Dancing. Secretarial Work. ANNA MARIE GIANFRATE College Entrance Course, Glee Club 4, President Spanish Club 4. Hob- bies: Piano, Reading. College. CARL LEONARD GILLESPIE "Mozart" Academic Course, Concert and Foot- ball Bands 2, 3, 4, Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Chair 2, Chief Librarian Concert Band 4, Football Band Awards 2, 3. Hobby: Reading. Music. LOIS OLIVE GRIFFITH Art Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, Concert Band 3, 4, Football Band 4, Thesau- rus Staft 3, 4, "Quality Street," Harry Doehlo Art Award 3. Hobbies: Drawing, Photography, Bowling. School of Art. fyifjf MARIE ANN GUARNIERI Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Hockey, Bas- ketball 2, 3, Candidate tor U-E Queen. Hobbies. Dancing, Sports. Office Work. BARBARA MARION HAMMOND "Barb" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3 4, Italian Club 4, A Cappella choir 2, 3, 4, Rating I State Music Contest 2, "Quality Street," Scholastic Literary Award 3. Hobby: Music. Post Graduate. MARY JOYCE HARDING Academic Course, Glee Club 2, 3, Senior Announcements Committee. Hobby: Sports. School of Nursing. ROBERT MICHAEL HAWTHORNE Industrial Arts Course. HIRLEY ANN HAYCOOK "ShirI" Co ercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, 'Quality Street." Hobbies: Piano, ports, Scrapbooks. Secretarial Work. M N53 SHIRLEY PHYLLIS HAYES Homemakir:-Y Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Future omemakers of America 3, 4, President F.H.A. 4, "Quality Street," Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hobbies: Miniature Dog and Horse Collections. DAWSON GILLMORE HERBAUGH "Daws" Industrial Arts Course, Track 2, Junior Varsity Football 2, Senior Colors Flower and Motto Commit- tee. Hobby: Outdoor Sports. College of Pharmacy. ELEANOR SUSANN HOSPODOR "Elle" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 4, Glee Club 2 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Hockey Easketball, Valley- lmll, Softball, Track 2, 3, 4, The- saurus Staft 4, College. MARY ESTHER Hovi' ll stern 2 3, 4, GI Clu , A la C oir 3 4, me om Rep r 2 Homeroom Pr si t 3 tu nt A visory Cou ' Thesa us Staff Senior Banq Commi . Hobb College Entrance Cou Tr l-l , . ' Miniature Colle new School 'F' ROBERT JOSEPH HRUSECKY nshornll Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Basketball, Cards, Outdoor Sports. ROBERT GORDON HUMPHREYS "Bob" College Entrance Course, Fife ond Drum Corps 2 3, Rating I State Fifing Awards 2, 3, College. ALMA JEAN HURLBURT "Smiley" Academic Course, Tri-Hi 4, Tri-Hi Swimming, Bowling 4, Baton Corps 3, 4, Twirlinq Award 3. Hobbies: Swimming, Reading. School of Nursing. ANTHONY IAN NONE "Tony" College Entrance Course. Hobbies: Radio Mechanics, Medicine. Post Graduate. E JOSEPH IANNONE "Gene" Technical Course Technical Club 2 Ban 2, ramural Basketball , 4, Awards 2, 3. O NICK lNClTTl "Beanzo" Technical Course, Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Senior Announce- ments Committee, Engineerin . 1 JW? EDWARD STEPHEN ISBAN "Ditto" Art Course, Football, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 3, Scholastic Literary Award 2, Art :warg Broome County Health Con- es . Q0 'l39'iJ RUDOLPH JOHN JANASAK llRudYIl Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4, Fife and Drum Corps 2, 3, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Drum Maior Football Band 4, Dance Band 4 Two First Place Music Medals 2, 3, Empire Boys' State Representative 3, Essay Award "School Bus Safety" 3. Hobbies: Music, Aviation. Col ege, FRED JAMES JAROS "Flash" Industrial Arts Course, Baseball 2, Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, Golf 3, Two First Place Track Medals, Sec- ond Place Ribbon, Third Place Medal 3, Track Letterman. Hobby: Coin Collection. I.B.M. BETTY IRENE JENNINGS College Entrance Course, Future Homemakers ot America 4, Basket- ball Softball, Hockey, Track 2, 3, 4, Banner Track Award 3. Hobby: Sports. BURDETTE PAUL JEWELL naurtfl Technical Course, Technical Club 4. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing. JAMES REYNOLD JOHNS . College Entrance Course, Band 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 4, Junior V'arsity Baseball 3 ,"QuaIity Street." Hobbies: Sports. Post Graduate. GEORGE RICHARD JONES "Yonesy' ' Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Sports, Cards. RICHARD NORMAN JONES Hoicku Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Sports, Airplanes. Naval ir Corps. ,- H No? JOYCE MAE KEIPER Hornemaking Course, Future Home- makers of America 3, F.H.A. Re- porter 3, I.B.M. ELAINE MARGARET KELEMECZ "KelIy" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 4, Track 2. Hobbies: Ice Skating, Swimming. Advanced Schooling. MERTON LOUIS KETCHUM nMertll Agriculture Course, Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Basketball 2, 3, 4 Delegate County F.F.A. 3, 4, Local F.F.A. Athletic Chairman 3, 4, Tioga-Chemung County F.F.A. Ath- letic Chairman 3, 4. Hobbies: Bas- ketball Aviation, Naval Reserve. Large Scale General Farming. GARY RAMOND K l LMER Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basketball, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Reporter 2, 3. Hobby: Sports. CONSTANCE IRENE KINTNER "Connie" Colle e Entrance Course, Glee Club 2, 3, Treasurer Public Speaking Class 4. Hobbies: Poiular Record ollec- tion, Dancing. hool of Nursing. VIRGINIA EDNA KISTNER usinnyll College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Tri-HI Bowling 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, Senior Announcements Committee, College. V, W7 MARY BERTHA KLIMA "KIima" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2. Hobbies: Outdoor Sports, Post Card Collection. Business School. MARY ARLENE KOMAR Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Library' Club 3. Hobbies: Sports, Reading, P otog- raphy. Business School. HELEN RO KOPY "Shorty" Commercial r , Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Uni ed at n Youth Organi- zation 4 ske II 2. Hobbies: Clippin s edical Research, l fl WW J A A MARIE KOTEK "Annie" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Track Softball, Basketball 2, Volleyball 5, 4, Scholastic Liter- ary Award 2. Hobby: Dancing. Sec- retarial Work. EUGENE MICHAEL KREMITSKE General Course, Super-Market Man- aoer. RICHARD KROPP "Dick" General Course, Creative Writing Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, Tiger Staff 3, Thesaurus Staff 3, 4 'Quality Street," Essay Award 'I Speak for Democracy" 4, Senior Ring Committee. QQL.-,af IRENE MAY KULHEIM "Renie" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Senior Announcements Com- mittee. Hobby: Sports. Secretarial Work. Quad- JOSEPHINE ANGELA LA FORTEZZA "Jo" Academic Course, Tri-Hi 3,4, Italian Club 2 3 4, Vice-President Italian Club 5, bresident ltalian Club 4, Beauty Culture. CARROL FRANCIS LANE l1Linkll Industrial Arts Course, Class Day Committee. Hobbies: Stamp Collec- tion, Fishing, Hunting. PATRICIA MARY LANE "Pat" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Creative Wrltlng Club 2, Italian Club 3, 4, United Nations Youth Organization 4, A Cagpella Choir 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Sc olas- tic Literary Award 2, ltalian I Schol- astic Award 3. Hobby: Singing. School of Music. MARGARET CHRISTINE LASS "Lassie" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Senior An- nouncements Committee. Hobby: U-E Sports Scrapbook. Business School. EUGENE HAROLD LASZEWSKI llGenelI Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Football 2 3, Track 2, 3. Hobbies: Hunting, Eishing. lfeiewff WALTER MICHAEL LEAHY lrwoltll General Course, President Senior Class. Hobbies: Music, Sports. DOLORES GRACE LE BELLE Commercial Course, Scholastic Lit- erary Award 4, Senior Banquet Com- mittee, Restaurant Management. CARL SIDNEY LEVINE College Entrance Course, Hi-Club 3, Fife and Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Track 3, First Place Medal Fifing Contest 2, Retail Business. VERN BENTON LIGHTNER Veteran "Flash" Technical Course. Hobbies: Model Race Cars, Skiing. FRANCES LIPPOLIS "Fran" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 4, Softball, Volleyball 3, 4, Senior Announcements Committee. FRANK ANTHONY LONGO "Cooks" Industrial Arts Course, Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Scholastic Literary Award 4. AP ws .gli 38 if fool? J- MARIO DOMINICK LOZZI uMuttll Industrial Arts Course, Track 3, 4, Captain Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4 Student Advisory Council 4, Track Medal and Shield Awards 3, Cross Country Letterman. JAMES LUCIANI "Lucky" General Course, Junior Varsity Base- ball 3, College. DOROTHY RAE LUTKE "Rae" College Course, Spanish Club 4, Re- porter Spanish Club 4. Hobbies: Sports, Music. College. n NE ANN YoNs College t c rl-Hi Club 2, 4, re ri- i3, P id - , tudent Co nc'l , de dvisor , 4, R po t ouncil , 3, Sec r ar Cou il 4, ho' , , C rt a l Bonds 2, 4 imming 3, soft n B Awards 2, 3, Canaa- fo -E Queen. Ho bies: Swim- ing, sic. College ' l fy if . O . J ff' ' 9 KW 1.7 MVILLICENT RUTH MAC DONALD "Milly" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 4. Hobbies: Sports, Reading, Music. Secretarial Work. JOHN WILBERT MACHLICA IIMOCII Technical Course, Technical Club 4. Hobbies: Dancing, Hiking. Post- Graduate. DELORES ANNE MAGEE Commerclal Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Secretarial Work. MARY MAGUR "Marsh" College Entrance Course, Senior An- nouncements Committee. Hobbies: Dancing, Roller Skating, Reading. School of Nursing. EUDE JOSEPH MANCINI Industrial Arts Course, Glee Club 2. Hobbies: Fishing, Radio. School ot Radio Mechanics. JOHN MARKO Technical Course, Technical Club 3 4, Concert Band 3, 4, Football Band 2, 3, 4, Band Awards l, 2, 3, Class Gift Committee, Business. THELMA MARTYNEK "Mert" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2 Gee Club 3, 4, Tiger Staff 2, Thesaurus Staff 4 Career Research Essay Award 2, Senior Announce- ments Award. Hobbies: Singing, Reading, Sewing. School of Applied Arts and Sciences. PAU LIN E GRACE MASTROG IACOMO Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3 4 Italian Club 4, carllfaaafa Award McLean Art Contest 2, Class Gift Committee. Hobbies: Dancing, Draw- ing. iles? , 5 M, A A 4 1 35552 QL SSW F RAN K MATOLA Industrial Arts Course, Senior. An- nouncements Committee. Hobby: Sports. EDWARD HARLAN MAxFlEl.D "Moxie" Agriculture Course, Technical Club 2, Future Farmers of America 3, 4, F.F.A. Basketball 3, 4, F.F.A. Treas- urer 4, Student Council 4, Scholastic Literary Award 4, Senior Announce- ments Committee, Farming. JACK KENNETH MAYERS Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Club 3 4, Intramural Baseball 2, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Cheerleader Letters 3, 4. Hobbies: Swimming, Dancing. I.B.M. DAVID ALLEN McLAlN "Dave" Technical Course, Technical Club 3, Glee Club 2, Track 2, 3 4. Hobbies: Photography, Aviation, Sports. I.B.M. JAMES IRVI NG McPHERSON UMUC!! Technical Course, Hi-Club 3 4, Technical Club 3, 4, Empire Boys State Representative 3, Cross Coun- try 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Bowling 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Senior Announcements Committee, College. MARY ELIZABETH McPHERSON "Mac" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2. Hobbies: Dancing, Swim- ming. Telephone Operator. VERONICA KATHERINE MEKUCKY "Cookie" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 4, Creative Writing Club 2, 3, Tiger Staff 2, Hockey, Track, Soft- ball, Basketball, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, "Quality Street." Scholastic Liter- ary Awards 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Danc- ing, Sports. SUSIE MELAZZO "Shorty" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, 'Quality Street," Hobbies: Ice Skat- ing, Bowling, Swimming. .v 1 1 I JOHN FREDERICK ' MESSERSMITH "Jack" General Course JUNE LOUISE MESSERSMITH General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent Snanish Club 4, Secretary Future omemakers of America 4. DOLORES JEAN MIETUS nDollyn Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Track 2, Hockey Volleyball, Bas- ketball, sonbou 2, 3, Scholastic Literary Award 2, Secretarial Work. JEW-GO MIN "Jugo" College Entrance Course, Rifle Club 4, Creative Writing Club 4, Student Advisory Council 4. Hobbies: Violin, Archery, Radio. College of Engineer- ing. V I F JOSEP INGARELLI mercial Co , ' e and Drum rps 3, 4, pe la Choir 4, ' ality et ' it? Rocco ANTHONY MONTFORTE "Rocky" ommercial Course Senior Ring Rg Hobbiu:'Rmding, Sports. CLARA ELIZABETH MONTABONE "Claire" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Italian Club 4, Glee Club 2. Hobbies: Dancing, Basketball, Swimming. WAYNE CURTIS MYERS Industrial Arts Course, Rifle Club 2, 4, United Nations Youth Or aniza- tion 4, Secreta Rifle Cciub 2, "Quality Street,"rScholastic Literary Award . Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing. ,I ARTHUR RAMOND NEIRAA ll rtll College Entrance Course, A Cappella Choir 3, 4. DORIS EMMA NICHOLS Homemaking Course. Hobbies: Danc- ing, Movies. x x LOUISE MARCELLA NIRCHI "Lulu" General Course, Tri-Hi 3, 4 Italian Club 3, 4 Glee Club 2, Treasurer Italian CIub 4. Hobbies: Sports, Dancing. RAYMOND OBIALERA Veteran "D. A." General Course. KEITH THOMAS O'CONNOR Aviation Course, Track Ribbon Award 3. Hobbies: Sports, Auto Mechanics, Aviation. VIRGINIA OGDEN "Ginny" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3 4, Orchestra 2, 3 4 Hockey, VoIIey- ban Basketball, baseball 2, 3 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Empire Girls State Regresentative 3, Thesaurus Staff 4, rench ll Scholastic Award 3, Valedictorian, College. VIOLA MARY OLMETTI "Vic" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi 2, 3, Senior Announcements Committee, Secretarial Work. MARIANE LOUISE O'ROURKE "Mooner" Art Course, Volleyball 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, Scholastic Literary Award 4. Hobby: Sports. CONSTANCE MARGARET ORRIS "Connie" General Course, Tri-Hi Club, 2,, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Hockey, Basketball 2, Tri-Hi Swim- ming 4 Tiger Staff 2, 3, Candidate for U-E Queen, Senior Announce- ments Committee. Hobby: Scrap- books. Telephone Operator. 5 PATRICIA ANN ORSLEY "Pat" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Hockeif, Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball , 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobby: Sports. Advanced Schooling. xi i' 'A ' A JI G :Eve ANNA oRzoL k V ' llGenl, Commercial Course, Commercial , Club 4, Tri-Hi Club 4, Giee Club 2, , ,ses Tri-Hi Bowling 4, Post-Graduate. E . - i'sE: ii::fJff' 1'TI I .S X sgi I DOROTHY ANNE PACKARD noottyn College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 5, Stu- dent Advisory C uncil 2, Student Council 4, appella Choir 2, 3, 4, ir . ing State Vocal Con- test ice-Pr sident Tri-Hi 3, Vi sident Senior Class, Presi- h t Student Council 4, Scholastic ite ry Award 2 Queen of U-E. W Hobby: Singing. College. fi 'f s 5, ' , RENALDO JOHN PAPARELLA , I' ' - Academic Course, Junior Varsity X football 2, Varsity Football 4, Col- N A K ege. it is LOIS NANCY PARRISH "Loie" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2 3, 4 Glee club 2, 3, 4, student council 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer 4, Thesaurus Stott 3, 4, "Quality Street." Hobbies: Music, Reading, Secretarial Work. 4l ROBERT EDWARD PEDRO Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Football 2 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, .Kumar varsity Football 4, College. LEONARD EDWIN PEMBRIDGE Afgriculture Course, Future Farmers o America 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Basket- ball 4, Scholastic Literary Award 2, Judging Award 2. Hobby: Dancing. U.S. Navy. KENNETH FLOYD PERKINS nperkn Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Me- chonics. ROSINA ANN PEZZULLA nGingeru College Entrance Course Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Class Day Committee. Hobbies: Music, Sports. Post-Graduate. PAULINE PHILIP "Pinky" Commercial Course, Scholastic Lit- erary Award 2. Hobby: Sports. Sec- retarial Work. JACQUELIN CLAIRE PICKERING "Jackie" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Student Advisory Council 2, 3, Senior Ring Committee. Hobby: Piano. it is RICHARD ALAN PLANCK "Fingers" Commercial Course Intramural Bas- ketball, Football 3. Hobby: Auro- mobiles. U.S. Navy. CLARENCE NELSON PLUMMER Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, 4, United Na- tions Youth Organization 4, Con- cert and Football Bands 2 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Dance Band 4, howling 2, Secretary Technical Club 4, Band Awards 2, 3, College. CARL IRVIN POGAR "Hoagy" College Entrance Course, Glee Club 2, obby: Reading Law Books. College. DOROTHY MARY POKLENSEA I I til Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, A Capgglla Choir 2, 3, 4, Basketball, Volley ll 2. Hobbies: Music, Pho- tography. School of Nursing. ML! ' 1 SUSIE CECILIA PORZUCZEK ushortyu Commercial Course, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Hockey, Basketball 2, Senior Prom Committee. Hobby: Singing. Secretarial Work. DOLORES ALBERTA POWERS "Dodie" Collelge Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, ri-Hi Swimming 4. Hobbies: :Photograph Tinting, Reading. Col- ege. HAZEL ARLENE POWERS "R" Homemaking Course, School of Nursing. VINCENT JAMES PUTRINO General Course, Hi-Club 4 Italian Club 4, Concert Band 2 3, il, Dance Band 4 Cheerleader 3, 4, Cheer- leader Letters, Senior Prom Com- mittee. RUTH JEANETTE QU I NN 11.-'oneyu General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, Glee Club 2, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hobbies: Music, Cooking, Sewing. MARY ELIZABETH REIF "Bette" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, Secre- tarial Work. MARION LO RE S IIMO I C ercial ru i CI 3 4 Comme i C b at' ns Or ani or 2 oftba 2 o n Danci Secre "Toot' " Commerci our e, andid te or U-E Quee Ho es: ncing g- ing, ut oor p . Se re 'al Work. MAR YNOLDS N V 43 izii4TW EM Y- iomemaking Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 4, School of Di- etetics. 5,20 ' MARY ANNAM Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3. Hobbies: Scrapbooks, Clubs, Reading. JOSEPHINE VIRGINIA RITA "Chuchie" Academic Course, Glee Club 2, Senior Ring Committee. Hobbies: Picture Collection, Ice Skating. Ad- vanced Schooling. MARY LOUISE RIZZI "Riz" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Italian Club 3, 4, Secretarg ltalian Club 4, Candidate for U- Queen, Senior Banquet Committee, Beauty Culture. JAMES MICHAEL ROMA HNYO Nyoll Academic Course, Intramural Foot- ball 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, College. LEONARD VERNON ROSE llLenlI Technical Course. NICHOLAS ANTHONY ROSSELLO "Nick" Technical Course, Football Band 2, 3, Bond Awards 2, 3, Senior Banquet Committee, I.B.M. DOMINIC LOUIS ROSSI "Butch" Industrial Arts Course, Cross Coun- try 2, Baseball Varsity 3, 4, Volley- ball Varsity 4, Student Advisory Council 3, Senior Announcement Committee. Hobby: Sports. U.S. Navy. AMELIA MARY ROTONDI HMOIII General Course Tri-Hi Club 3 4, Italian Club 4, Reporter Italian Club 4. Hobbies: News Scrapbook, Danc- ing, Swimming. Journalism. GILBERT SHELDON ROUFF "Rilly Goof" College Entrance Course, Intramural Football 2, 3, Junior Varsity Foot- ball 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Class Gift Committee, Post-Gradu- a e. HELEN JOYCE ROX "Roxie" Commercial Course, Glee Club 2, A Canoella Choir 3. 4, Student Council 2. Hobbies: Reading, Horseback Rid- ing. Secretarial Work. DAWN LOUISE RUTAN Aviation Course, Tri-Hi Club 2 3, 4, Glee club 2, Tiger staff 2. Hob- bies: Collecting Fig t Pictures, Bowl- ing. Beauty ulture. , 5 K - 1' f- I ., ,.,:7..H,,4,-.Vinh 61 ' A V f M, -- li el tt i 4 el", if Y, i hx , 553 1. 3 si -. 1 it i t 4 Q Q ,I 4 P . i ,laik 'fl 355. - f I 'K .!,lLt'9Lf'i,.-jiri5,3 . aw. 'lf 3-1 , t... , l BARBARA FAY SADDLEM I RE naarbyu Homemoking Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Bowl- inq 3, 4, Bowlina Medal 3. Hobbies: Bowling, Swimming, Cooking. I.B.M. RICHARD CLARENCE ST. JOHN "Zebb" General Course, Varsity Football, Basketball 3, Whit y Point. Hobby: Farming. lf? n ANGELINA ROSE SALAMIDA "Angy" Commercial Course ri-Hi C 4, Track, Baseball 2, ii 3, Hockey 2 3 Basketball 3 4 Tiger Staff 2. Hobby: Swilnnlingf Stenography. www? I ARGA ET ANNE SALATA "Margie" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 4 Volleyball 2, Reporter Commercial Club 4, Schol- ast' L't A d 3 H bb' ic ierary war . o ies: Dancing, Reading. Business School. SANFORD LEON SALLERSON usandyll College Entrance Course, Fife and Drum Cor s 2, 3 4, Intramural Bas- ketball 3? 4 'Thesaurus Business Manager 3 'Two lst Rating Fife Awards, 2 3, Drum Corps Awards 2, 3, Class Gift Committee. fl , Z I 3 JOHN JOSEPH SCANLON "Moneybogs" Academic Course, Senior Banquet Committee, U.S. Navy. SALVATORE SCHIAPPI "Slab" Industrial Arts Course, "A Date With Judy." FRANK SCORDINO "Blackie" Industrial Arts Course. DOROTHEA ANN SHEARER lrDot:l Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2 3 4, Baseball Volleyball 2, BasketbalI 3 S ' R' C m'ttee. H bb: , EYIIOI' IRQ Om I 0 Y Drawing. Advanced Art. MARILYN MARIE SH A Il Commercial Course, D 2, 3, 4, A Cappella ir 2, l r Staff 2, Cond' ef - Q , 'Colle e DOU AS RAEBURN SHULTZ "Dutch" Industrial Arts Course, I-li-Club 2, 3 4, Volleyball 4, Bowling 3, 4, Class Day Committee. Hobby: Music. College. PATRICIA MAE SIBLEY "Pat" Homemakirlg Course, Tri-Hi Club- 3, 4, Future omemakers of America 3, Glee Club 2 3, 4, Hockey, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball, Softball 2, 3, Trl-Hi Swimming 4. Hobbies: Sports, Reading, Movies. lid! , BARBARA ANN SILVERNAI L "Barb" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Hocke , Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball zf 3, 4, Tri-Hi Swimming 3, Assistant Manager Girls' Gym 3, College. ELIZABETH CECILE SIPKO l1BethrI Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Glee Club 2 3, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Scholastic Literary Award 2. Hobby: Piano. Business School. ROBERT WALTER SMACHER nsleepyrl Industrial Arts Course. Hobby: Model Building. MARY ANN SMITH "Smith" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Class Gift Committee. Hobbies: Sports, Reading. Secre- tarial Work. JANICE LILLIAN SNYDER lljanll Commercial Course TrifHi Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 5, Trl-Hs Bowling 3, Candidate for U-E Queen. Hob- bies: Bowling, Dancing, Reading. Business School. ANN GEORGIA SOCHOR "Annie" General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3 4. Hobbies: Reading, Pen Pals in Eor- eign Lands. Sochor Travel Bureau. JOHN JOSEPH SOLAN Veteran General Course, Hi-Club 2, Intra- mural Football 2, Junior Varsity Football 3, lntramural Basketball 2, 3, Senior Announcements Com- znittee. Hobby: Photography. Col- ege. ANNA MARIE SPAK "Annie" Commercial Course. Hobbies: Read- ing, Dancing. Secretarial Work. MARY ANN SPAK "Annie" Commercial Course. Hobbies: Sew- lng,, Dancing, Card Collection. c- retarial Work. I L ROBERT LANE SPANGENBURG llBobll Technical Course, Track 3, Intra- mural Football 4. Hobby: Sports. LYDIA ALICE SPRAGUE "Al" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Creative Writing Club 3, Tri-Hi Bowling 2 3, 4, Student Advisory Council 2, 3, Student Council 4, Tiger Staff 3, Thesaurus Staff 3, 4, Senior Colors, Flower and Motto Committee, Scholastic Liter- ary Award 2, College. PHYLLIS ANN STANDISH General Course, Tri-Hi Club 3 ketball 2. Hobby: Costume Collection. ' f - : , V .. 9. if I ' M. ,V J 1- X KTM ' I - - .yr A ' I wx wif f ogy JEANNE STEWAR1' IlBevIl I I 9 qomm rciol Course Tri-Hi Club 2 3 Comm rciol Club 2, 3, Concert Band 3, 4, ootball Bond 2, 3, 4, Band war 2, 3, Scholastic Literary A ar 2. Hobby: Souvenir Collec- I 45 , S to . hool of Nursing. if if if A I' t w 2 ist. ,x A 5 it 46 Hr IRENE MADELINE SVENTEK "Archie" College Entrance Course, Trl-HI Club 4, Track Hockey Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Softball i 3, 4 Assistant Manager of Girls' Sports 3, Manager of Girls' Sports 4, College of Physi- cal Education. NORMAN RALPH SWAGLER "Norm" Technical Course, Technical Club 4 Intramural Basketball 4, lntramurai Baseball 2, 3. Hobby: Sports. Col- ege. ROBERT BLAIR SYKES IIFUZZYH General Course, Rifle Club 3, Schol- astic Literary Award 4. Hobby: Skating. Automotive Mechanic. RICHARD JOHN TAYLOR "Dick" Technical Course, Technical Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, 4, United Nations Youth Organization 4, Football Band 2 3, 4, Student Council 4, Empire Boys' State Representative 3, Junior Rotarian Representative 4, President Technical Club 4 Treas- urer Technical Club 3, Treasurer Rifle Club 2, President Rifle Club 4, President U. N. Youth Organization 4, Football Band Awards 2, 3 Schol- astic Literary Award 2. Hobbies: Hunting, Skiing, Swimming. ADA IRENE TEMPLE College Entrance Course, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Hobbies: Archery, Photog- raphy. Baptist Bible Seminary. PHYLLIS VIVIAN TERRY uphill: Homemaking Course Future Home- makers ot America 2, 3, Senior An- nouncements Commlttee. Hobbies: Reading, Sports. BARBARA ANN TILLOTSON " Bobs" I-lomemaking Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobbies: Roller Skating, Dancing, Sewing. ALICE MARIE TRAVER "AIeccio" Commercial Course Softball, Volley- ball 3. l-lobby: pall Collection. ,lv if .a HMM ELGIE LOUISE TRAVER "EIg" Commercial Course, Trl-Hi Club 3 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, VoIleybalI 3. Hobbies: Movies, Pen Pals in Foreign Lands. Secretarial Work. SAM FRED TRICARICO "Chick" Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Football 2, Junior Varsity Football 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee. MARJORIE ANN TRITSCHLER uMorg1l College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Trl-l-ll Bowling 3, 4, Scholas- tlc LIf0I'GI'Y Awards , 3, 4. Hobbles: music, Sports, Reading. College of u c. QIMQSDJTJW LILLIAN CHRISTINE UHRINEC "Lillie" Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Glaa Club 2, Volleyball 2, Scholastic Literary Award 2, Laboratory Tech- nlclan. CLARK LEWIS VALLEQUE'I'TE "Bouncer" Aviation Course, Intramural Foot- ball 2, 3, Junior Varsity Football 4, Track 3. JOHN VARGA "J ughead" Industrial Arts Course, Fife and Drum Corps 4, Glee Club 2, Rating I State Bass Drum and Sax Quartet Contest 3. Hobbies: Bowling, lce Skating, Dancing. School of Applied Arts and Sciences. RAYMOND LEWIS VERGASON IIRGYII Afgriculture Course, Future Farmers oAm' 234V'c-P"dt erlco , , , IQ resl en F.F.A. 4. Hobbies: Picture Collec- tion. U.S. Navy. RICHARD ARTHUR WADE "neck" Commercial Course. Hobby: Photog- raphy. DONALD PETER WALLISKY "Little Don" Industrial Arts Course. Hobbies: Music, Pennant Collection. JOHN THOMAS WALTERS "Jack" College Entrance Course, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Volle ball 4, Baseball Letterman, Senior Banquet Committee. Hobby: Sports. College. MARGARET FAY WATERMA J'Peggy" College Entr ourse, Tri-Hi Club 3, 4, Foot nd Concert Bands 2, 3, 4, Tri- Swimming , Football Band ds 2, 3, The aurus Staff 4, Coll . BEVERLY JANE WAYDA naevll Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Football and Con- cert Bands 2, 3, 4, Thesaurus Staff 4, Drill Sergeant Football Band 3, 4, Band Sergeant 4, Band Awards 2, 3, Scholastic Literary Award 4, Instru- ment Award Sectional Contest 2. Hobbies: Music, Reading. College of Teaching. DOLORES ANN WHITAKER "Dodie" College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Concert and Football Bands 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2 3, 4, Tri-Hi Bowling 3, 4, F0OfbOIl Band Awards 2, 3, Scholastic Liter- ary Award 4. Hobbies: Swimming, Bowling. SHIRLEY JOYCE WHITAKER Academic Course, Tri-Hi Club 4. Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing, Swim- ming. College. BILLIE KATHRYN WILDOW Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi Bowling 4, Student Advisory Council 2, 3, Homeroom Chairman 2, 3, Treasurer Commercial Club 2, President Commercial Club 3, 4, Vice-President Tri-Hi 4, Thanksgiv- ing Dance Committee 2, 4, Secre- tary Senior Class. 'Rs , xr, , , We fi' X r Anil? mf Xie' li ll 5 . , w, ia ,,. afim, in m r 'I' . - F4 s .22 . fnilssif H" J , I ,N ivis ,V -" 5 1' A ' . l 2 , li Q- M- . .. F T - ' l 48 WALTER CLARK WILLSON College Course, Intramural Basket ball 4. Hobby: Model Building. ARLENE LOUISE WOOD "Woodie' Homemaking Course. Hobbies Sports, Cooking, Sewing. GLADYS ALMEDIA WOOD Industrial Arts Course, Tri-Hi Clul 3. Hobbies: Dancing, Movies. ALAN BALKER WRIGHT Technical Course, Technical Club 4 Treasurer Technical Club 4. Hobby Reading. MARY ELOISE WRIGHT College Entrance Course, Tri-H Club 2, 3, 4, Italian Club 4, A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4 Concert anc ootball Bands 2, 3, 4, Band Award: 2, 3, Scholastic Literary Award 4 Hobbies: Music, Swimming. School of Music. EUGENIA WRIGHT nsandyn College Entrance Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, 4, A Cagpello Choir 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, ming l stare vocal Contest 3, Scholastic Literary Award 4. Hobbies: Music, Art. Triple Cities College. LUTHER MALCOM WURTH 11-rex: Industrial Arts Course, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, A Cappella Choir 4, Track 2, Band Awards 2, 3. Hobbies: Horses, Music. VILDA MAE WYATT "Buddy" Commercial Course, Tri-Hi Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3. Hobby: Music. JINA MARIE ZIMBARO "Slinky" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi Club 2, 3, Hockey, Baseball, Basket- ball 2. Hobbies: Drawing, Music, Sports. Secretarial Work. THERESA VIOLET ZIMBARO "Dee Daw" - General Course, Tri-Hi Club 2, Corn- 5"""""' Wm' mmm: club 2 suse club 2, 3, Future Homemalcers of America 4, Thesaurus Staff 4. Hobby: Drawing. School of Art. PAUL YURK "Yurk" General our as t 2, 3. Hobby: Bl lar by MARY LOU ZWEIG "Lou" Commercial Course, Commercial J Club 3, 4. Hobbies: Reading, Movies. Office Work. l BEATRICE ROSE MARIE zAMPi "Bea" N9 Academic course, Tri-Ha club 4, of' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Hock 3, 4, Valle ball 2 4 Basketball? 3 4 ROBERT ALFRED HOCK Hgoblf Hobbles: minding, Musee, spd-all Post-Graduate. Technical Course, College. KW' O T H E R MEMBERS OF JUNE GRADUATING CLASS t George Babuka Donald Lainhart Jerome Clune Robert D. Larson Charles B. Davis Francis Laszewski W 9 Paul Desko Elwood MacBeth 777, John Farrell Richard Mandyck , ' ll Q Clyde Garland Walter Miller "tc James Gyles William Mitrus Richard Heichemer Danny Rotunno Edward Koban Ronald Schmaltz Donald Knapp Gilbert Snow K Q Donald W. Wallisky Ten pupils were in the graduating class of l897, all of whom gave commencement essays. 49 LIFE IS SUCH A "STEADY" AFFAIR! ENGLISH III CAN FURNISH HONORS JOVIAL JUNIORS 75 K TEMPUS FUGIT BUT NOT HERE! 50 ATHLETES CAN BE SPECTATORS TOO! SPIRITED SOPHOMORES 1 WU w , E gigoiipxxiw. CANQZSSQ N550 B I F C9144 UONO Or OR r,f"0f2g ,xv 0029. B '950 'F HO GOWN XAPTSQ.-6 "-,DNOR SA NN? Op S? LEASFQSSEZQL Y WE'LL PULL THE VARSITY OUT OF THAT SLUMP! WE' xvfxe LL 'Y CE C N9 T .LL 0 Y 115 4,715 A135 Up 1: x, STWLOPNCE 'ML H Q' ff DOWQOM My To E141 RST N ,Q LOOKZHA rFLOo,fO TH ME 51 FASCINATED FRESHMEN First Row, Left to Right: Margaret Ball, Christine Ferrara, Nancy Ashmon, Janice Dieffenbach, Victoria Kvasnak, Marietta Dayton, Shirley Dailey, Marjorie Elston, Diane Lloyd, Mary Corrice. Second Row: Elizabeth Fawcett, Shirley Boyd, Pauline Matola, Joan Biseo, Barbara Patch, Shirley Camp, Janet Driscoll, Alice Carpenter, Donna Worden. Top Row: Ardaleen Mosher, Mary Novicky, Wilma Green, Mary Jane Corkran, Carol Thompson, Joyce Tanzini, Delores Bowen, Elizabeth Kelm. We, the Freshman Class of '47 and '48, want to express our deep-felt thanks to you teachers and upper classmen for the helpful spirit with which you have welcomed us here in the Union-Endicott High School. Perhaps we don't realize the full extent of your thoughtfulness now, but we sincerely believe that in the future we shall look back to our first few high school days and see through the dim clouds of time your faces lighted anew with friendly interest in our progress. Bottom Row iLeft to Righti: Earl Tripp, Harold Dykeman, Robert Carman, Eugene Alderman, Robert Miles, Peter Jones, Wayne Kemp, Thomas Bucinell, James Patton, Cornelis de Vent, Joseph Schwarz, Robert Strom. Second Row: Robert Mikels, Robert Kowalewski, Roger Shults, James Chrysler, Benjamin Painter, Derek Jackson Donald Morgan, Jack Hoppes, Richard Reynolds, Frank Valletta, Frank Card, Donald Green, Donald Goble, Clyde Terry. Top Row: Harry Entz, Duane Cady, Donald Ziemba, William Little, Homer Gonzalez, William Gutgesell, Jerome Orsley, Clark Jones, Roland Lawton, Ronald Bachynski, Richard Hogan, Larry Bursch, Robert Cocci, Gordon Alder- man, John Kopy. With saucer eyes projected on the various fields of endeavor offered at U-E and our lower lip gently drooping, we slipped past the gates of higher education CU-E to usl in the hope of evading some lipstick-happy upper classman. Our heads are now carried high. With a stiff upper lip we are projecting our eyes upon one goal-the future. 52 .fuudic Ly 5- J, fd y Home Swear f tfglsgc .' ' h Home Ni 5 , " -m.r::- It 3 4 ' ' I -- ' - -- :--- 4 ' Nh 2 'l W , U .L c' X -cs'if'h57lWi2f A ' . ' , j,ljw'fy'W 'I . X P 'e 4 ,, W i 'ffm g.. y r wx 1 ' - I K Vw ' 'ahhh t'Wf':f t W he ff E Eli R , sl Xu V 1 I 'y ' lf fyfyflffffh , x. -A 69,1 WX ,ey Xi' XV I, ' ,Rf ' My , 'N f X- 5 ' ka I' K . ' ls , ff 16 'J , XX f W" .Q P X VNU gig : , 1-:L I 'Nj' f H W s Gaz a rs e f x N , mfs f X 'I ft - - .. v e- , " t i V 1 I L xr J gk 3 l . J f f A ZW I Q ,fz h K t f A - - if: f s W W t yr y GRN X k y Aff' 'h W Qi? ll-- -A --'N' M: f-Qgrif-T The heauty of the masters, The rhythm of the moa'erus, Flow in graceful harmony Wherever students gather. 53 GLEE CLUB e-2 The Glee Club has grown through the years until now it is becoming a major organiza tion in Union-Endicott's music curricula. The Glee Club participated in the Christmas Concert and the annual Spring Concert. Their lighted procession to the auditorium balcony while singing Adeste Fidelis was one of the most effective parts of the Christmas Concert Beverly Aldrich Josephine Allio Joan Babbitt Jane Baldwin Marilyn Battaglini Jean Beardsley Lillian Beaujon Eda Bernard Eva Bernard Margaret Bock Joan Bombay Helen Boretfi Rita Bottino Jane. Brown Anna Bussa Jennie Caforio Audrey Cambers Loretta Campbell Joyce Carman Nancy Catucci Betty Cheer Marie Cianciosi Carolyn Clark Josephine Colapietro Nancy Coles Lois Coyne Barbara Cunningham Marjorie Cunningham Frances Curatalo Shirley Dailey Justine D'Annibale Shirley Davis Louise Deacon Mildred Deliman Patricia Dence Mary Dennis Audrey Dent Catherine Deraco Esther Deraco Angie De Vita Rose Marie DiTota Patricia Donovan Doris Dumond June Eggleston June Escovor Margaret Evans Ado Fedora Rose Fiacco Shirley Fitch Jane Forest Norma Fowler Anna Francescone Anna Gianfrate Betty Gilliland Bernetta Galenbush Anastasia Glowa Ruth Ann Haggerty Marjorie Harding Jane Henneman Kathleen Hoag Theresa Halpin Mary Ann Hapka Marion Hotsko Mary Hudcovich Norma lacovelli Sally Alice Edith Mary Julia Jackson Jaros Jordan Ann Kadlecik Kandrach Marjorie Kerekanich Frances Kisling Frances Kissel Virginia Kistner Dorothy Kolanda Mary Ann Kolodzej Dolores Korbar Eleanor La France Stefy Lass Gloria Lee Iva Letson Mariann Lucianni Judy Mandyck Marjorie Mann Thelma Martynek Theresa Marzocca Mary Massi Frances Mastrogiacomo Leandro Mastrogiacomo Annette Matteo Marcella Matulewicz Lucille Maxtield Theresa Menard Alice Miller Mary Jane Mills Theresa Mingarelli Frances Mistretta Marilyn Mohney Philomena Morlanda Mary Mosco Ardaleen Mosher Isabelle Murphy Barbara Musa Joan Musa Florence Nestor Emmie Norton Jean Ann Ogden Joan Panko Lois Parrish Tania Pashkowsky 54 Jeanne Pennell Phyllis Perl Ruth Pierce Filomena Pittarelli Dolores Prince Barbara Raim Vita Rando Philomena Raymondi Marie Rama Luciana Rotunno Margaret Rought Rosalie Russo Barbara Saddlemire Madeline Salemme Anna Salvatore Patricia Saxton Theresa Seliga Kay Shiner Patricia Sibley Sally Sickler Theresa Soltis Florence Spry Rose Marie Stacconi Dawn Storm Jane Stump Athalia Thompson Marjorie Tritschler Marie Turrigiano Jennie Vanek Mildred Varga Marilyn Welch Dolores Whitaker Glyndora Worden Beatrice Zampi Angelina Zavatto Theresa Zimbaro S t A CAPPELLA CHOIR f'T2't13lEEifft 1 i ii? l , is li. fs f is . J ei UH l.l'i The A Cappella Choir, which meets twice a week, is made up of one hundred talented vocalists under the able direction of Mrs. Ruth Edson. The choir has successfully presented several concerts this year including the Christmas Concert, the annual Spring Concert and a program given before representatives of several Kiwanis Clubs. The chair has also sung at the Sunday afternoon services held for the January and June graduates, at the district meeting of school supervisors and principals, at the dedication ofthe plaques for Servicemen, and at the "Open House" for parents, February IZ. Each appearance of the A Cappella Choir was a welcome and enjoyable event. SOP RANOS ALTOS Marion Bottino Mary Agnes Bousquet Marion Brown Florence Cernak Marie Chomack Mary Cicciarelli Paula Davis Ada Dietrichsen Lydia Fedones Janet Forbes Nancy Frey Norma Fuller Rose Marie Giordano Barbara Hammond Patricia Hammond Eleanor Hickey William Bombard Dale Camptield Gabriel Cicciarelli Armondo Ciacelli Jerome Clune Richard Darby Caesar George TENORS Eleanor Hospodor Mary Esther Hoyt Kathleen Kavanagh Marilee Kramer Ann Knickerbocker Patricia Lane Lorry McConnon Joan Mitchell Constance Orris Dorothy Packard Sue Porzuczek Dolores Prince Marion Remelius Margaret Salata Marilyn Sheehan Barbara Silvernail Sandra Wright Thomas Havel Albino Kraycovic Virginia Mandyck Rosita Sgobba Kenneth Snow Holmes Somers Thora Tait Luther Wurth Marjorie Allen Joan Bennett Marion Bloom Eleanor Bierly Dolores Brown Lucille Chura Caroljane Compton Patricia Dellos Dorla Felter June Ferguson Mary Jane George Irene Hetfner Jane Husvar Victoria lzzo Frank Allio Ernest Bryant Walton Burdick Conrad Capener Elliot Cattarulla Mario Cerroni Nick Dranchak Robert Fitch Kim Gianakouros Wilbur Hess Richard Kropp BASSES June Ann Lyons Jean Mac Leod Virginia Ogden Jeanette Pero Jean Picciano Donna Pickering Dorothy Poklemba Joyce Rox Alma Streno Brenda Ward Dorothy Whitesell Lucy Warren Mary Wright Dawn Yager Alex Kucera Richard Lacey Richard Mandyck Frank Mingarelli Gerald Morgan John Owen Arthur Redpath Ralph Robbins William Schneiter Russell Sitgreaves Harold Stephens ORCHESTRA The orchestra holds a well-deserved and established place in the prestige of U-E. Its programs have come to be a recognized part of assemblies, senior plays, graduation services and sermons to graduates. The fifty-piece organization is directed by Mr. Crawford Stahl. The repertoire used throughout the year and at the annual Spring Concert, chosen from many well-loved orchestral selections, included "Waltz of the Flowers" from "The Nut- cracker Suite," by Tschaikovsky, "Themes" from Rachmaninoff's "Piano Concerto No. 2," and the mysterious, throbbing "Marche Slaves," by Tschaikovsky. To add a lighter touch, the orchestra performed Gershwin's "The Man I Love." FIRST VIOLINS Virginia Ogden Iva Letson Ann Knickerbocker Carolyn Clark Gloria Reynolds Alice Cederborg Charles McManis James Cheatham BASSES Ada Temple Betty Bardeen Beverly Harder SAXOPHONES Rudy Janasak Phyllis Rudler TUBA Clarence Plummer SECOND VIOLINS Jane Hetzel Donna Pickering Norma Fowler Theresa Freundorfer FLUTES Marietta Dayton Thora Tait Rita Reqister Nancy Banks HORNS Donald Stevens Thomas Carlton PERCUSSION Raymond Redolphy Edward Hogan Delores Boatman VIOLAS Marjorie Mann Jennie Caforio OBOES June Ferguson Jean Roosa TRUMPETS Robert Ferraris Thomas North Donald Juckett Gregor Audrey TYMPANI Donald Topping CELLOS Eleanor Boyles Marjorie Tritschler Janet Harris Brenda Ward Sylvia Driver CLARINETS Anthony Diorio Dolores Whitaker Delores Chandler Salvatore Rizzi TROMBONES Carl Gillespie Victoria Kvasnak Walton Burdick CONCERT BAND - 1947-1948 The 84-piece Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Acton E. Ostling, strives to bring "good" music to the ears of listening students and Triple Cities audiences, Included in the well-rounded programs for which they are noted, are Sousa marches, operatic selections, noted symphonies and modern pieces incorporating the boogie-beat with concert style. The band played its annual concert on May Zl this year, and also took part in civic parades, assembly programs and the dedication ceremonies of the Plaques in commemoration of the Servicemen of World War ll. Newly inaugurated this year, was the practice of giving con- certs in Endicott grade schools. In May, the band took part in the May Music Festival which is held to raise funds for college music scholarships. FLUTES Mary Dayton Thora Tait Fita Register Nancy Banks OBOES June Ferguson Jean Roosa ALTO AND BASS CLARINETS Mary Ann Bravi Polly Conwicke SAXOPHONES Rudy Janasak Reeve Copp Antonette Rita Phyllis Rudler Roger Varga Albina Kraycovic William Palombo Gerald Davis BASSOONS Rose Marie Giordano CORNETS Robert Ferraris Donald Juckett Thomas North Eugene lannone June Ann Lyons Richard Taylor Beverly Wayda Donald Covert Margaret Brain Eleanor Bierly Gerald Burns Gregor Audrey Richard Bierly Thomas Cassin PERCUSSION Donald Topping Robert Picciano Raymond Redolphy Janice Jurczak Edward Hogan CLARINETS Anthony Diario Marilee Kramer Dolores Whitaker Dolores Brown Gerry Occhiato Marlene Covert Norma Cochran Mary Reardon Salvatore Rizzi Ellen VanDuzen Delores Chandler Vincent Putrino Mary Wright Norma Jean Mathewson Donald Mohney Robert Cocci Nancy Brown Lois Griffith Eben Bonear Beverly Olmstead Hermina Bilek Jean Picciano HORNS Donald Stevens Thomas Carlton Jane Hetzel Peggy Waterman Gloria Reynolds Nancy Money BARITONES Richard Adams Luther Wurth Robert Carman TROMBONES Carl Gillespie Dorothy Whitesell James Johns Mary Polisensky Victoria Kvasnak Carol Compton Beverly Stewart BASSES Clarence Plummer Gordon Saddlemire Cornelius DeVente John Marko FIFES FIFE AND DRUM CORPS The low rumble of drums-the shrill pipe of the fifes-the call to arms! That's what the Drum Corps meant to people long ago. But now when students hear this call, they cheer to urge our determined football team on to victory. Besides the splendid job the Drum Corps is doing at football games, it has also entered many contests, parades, played at May Festivals, and competed in the annual State Contest. The boys always return home with many prizes to their credit. Much of the success of this organization belongs to the Director of Music Mr Acton E Ostling. His able assistants this year are Robert Carman, Drum Major, and Mdthias Burgher, Drum Sergeant. The Colonials are still marching on! Sanford Sallerson Robert Fitch John Mihok John Bundas Frank Janocek George Komar Robert Fallon Sheldon Osborne Charles Macko Carl Levine Robert Pinkus Gary Little Michael Ripic Edward Yacos Burton Billings John Lisak BAND AND DRUM CORPS MAJORS .,,....-w-"""' ,,,,,..-.- .Qao-' Rudy Janasak, Robert Carman SNARE DRUMS Mathias Burgher Raymond Redolphy Constantine Tzivanis William Forde Stephen Samsonik Arthur Kolanda Frank Mingarelli Robert Picciano Carl Gillespie BASS DRUMS Frank Allio Roger Varga Paul Ives Robert Cerwonka George Valenta Robert Carman-MAJOR CORN ET TRIO Left to Right: Donald Juckett, Thomas North, Robert Ferraris 1 1 FOOTBALL BAND ' ff- --ii FORMATIONS gm- JZ - ,,.,,,.. Y H b s" " " 5 11' R. .',,- Um 3"-E.. pq'-.x , fm' 4..- X .-1 f .JA-5,1 1 . .4-,Q-g,' . 'Went-4:+'f" - 1 la It Q' F--.N I :""91'+"' 'IP' "'?"-'W 'N' ! f ,. '- X Y- .,, , - -. ' K + .,,,, , , . A , "Q, ,,u . ' fm. eww .. . ' V . 'K , U iff' x L :in Qifvf A, Q un 1 3 - 1 - N. 1 ,29 w '-TWG"-f -, .. t ,geek 1 .- - ' Q -. - i .' ' 5 ' K , ,N , - .. Qi' '. K 'J'--M . X x ' ' 0' 'M . . QV' " ' 'E' " -Q .- . I --..1,32Ai N - t . is-Qgq x x x x R +,,. , 'T -X X x ' : .WW lQiP",' -'X K --1 ,' Q .:- all-Y -4 1q"QE" " k . .. . - ,YT-.H A ,- , .1 .ff -A , f Ya --Q Q-,3,,,- - . -wr. . . . ...,sQw,,5W .,s-ff, lkx.,k:,g ,.. , Qi gfgw xi H, Ai A V, mf? I N 3 .f . 'gnsafgwv A . is Q -'-f . J .. ,M ,rv-4 ,. .5 W t' ,Q . ww . fn, .., ,, , 22 ' 3-2-vu ' .x . v ' , , - 1.,. " ' ' A 1 . 'H'-.. . nf fiwig 4 f5,.4. :4 A 1 -- - I A - I . L V - ,., .. M r2Ag.,.,Q ,, . . ' .. .. . M. 3, ..,,. . 1 .. ,W .. .., . . X- pk . 'M . x' 3'?f'k1 T"':.:.5g' ' ' 'f k ' y""?T "M..5.ig, " ' A. ,ggp+'..v . . gr--1-'-",-ind' iq,-N -1,-If 3- . - A 1 1 ,,Mg,"-:g:::'nu" Q,.u.uu,x- : W 'MH 'ff ' 1 . 1' - W - ' . . . . ' ' 3'rf."..iff - . ly- A A V-LJLH - is " """ V ,5.1r3,.r--,LS N... 31,."f:?A"'-QV r'.- V A H 'ffl 'HN--V-.- Af: i -nil!!! . ,w1f",,m"" 4 . ' A ' " l' -- .a....4gg,4MLl-.- V. .X .. Nj 1, -.klfif ,Ag 6 . . in Nvmlx ,X ,,k 'YL .LJ Y 59 DANCE BAND The dance band is the newest organization in our music system. This fourteen-piece band is directed by Mr. Leonard Panaro, with Rudy Janasak as student director. The band played at all school dances, including the annual Football dance, the Christmas and Spring formals and the January Senior Prom. 'Aix . . , , ell: 3 QL-QW -' .w"' .ff , 1 M 454 M41 s , of f' . 444' 2 IK ' Y' I " fff-- f"- , J -k e N7 L15 ' L of "" ' o. fi l . Q? - we ,15 ' 'T -4 5 NN -agar,-A I4 , ' ,j V., l-E-I, ' 5 gh, Tiraf , A4 -U A ,"7 '4-2 , 9 's Clk- I -- f rf a-5,535 -211-r: ,, 2:5 ,N ,f ,f , ' X' - ya+?T:' X-L, I - W- ,.1-4,1-".,g,5" -.,.-,,....-43--, - K 60 Qlfhlefice 1 '7 If a, .hf"':f23Ni" 1 XX' 0 o '- lgglfilfl hv fli.. x There zs nothzng that can ts' , f 1f v.iH'f' Mi 4 1' take the place h ,hh ' 'D igi 'ff . M' ,jf " V :fa1Tfg2f:1' A-ik l Of a rouszng cheer, Q HW ez vietoty zvehhzvofg 'e'fE??E:Zi3V' ,.a,fQg,. Or even a defeat ,nohbf accepted Qef N 'Nix f- 'A When hacked hy M1 ' W :SW Xb 1 " W '-,iv , the spirit of U-E. , t , cfihifl -1 SEE? f. e e "Q V . N xx 'Izumi U fnuorcky ' ' X , sg I ' 4 1 - 1 " Tv? jeg? 2, ' ."" Xi 57: ' lf, X' " . If '25-RH" gs' 1,25 bg, 'A ' A Dx. ?xZ'x, : N :fu P E ,af V. P . U , :gi 1 , N 1. L ' s 1-"9 : ,N' f ' fl if Q If 5 I , X 1 'ff ,ef'wX- jfAX r,t.1f mg, A ,fw5am' .X --- 1 1 ,wwe-v -N - .+V - Jet' L. '-Nfhq... J. fe 'W ' " 'lfh'x" 1' v 1 We x 1 1, .YTNAXXQ , . It X U .J 1 J' ,v - 'isis'-,Q M' ' V ji h 'li I "5 N X' 'EMP "M 4" X xfx fi "X I Z' Ei W- 1 Y' . X if W MA fQ2wfXgf1, +fMe'1aeX H ,wfwtNA , P " . fn fx' lx X QXXX5 I' " ' 'I ' 'A 'X - R Q24 " ' "' '-P K 'I'f"lh" 1 'X 'Q x K 'Q V is 'bf J L A gl, X - . 'hu-1 unc. . b-.3 yi , O 'E ul' 0 6l ATHLETIC ADVISORY COUNCIL Left to Right: Mr. Harold V. Cobb, Andrew Theodore, Eugene Chandler, Miss Mary L. Pitkin, Mr. William Krum, Mr. George Forbes, Miss Elizabeth J. Smith, Marian Bloom, Mary Jane George. We pay tribute to the Athletic Advisory Board for their hard work and keen interest in sports at Union-Endicott High School. Their efforts to secure the best possible equipment and come to the best possible solution in a sports problem have caused the standard of U-E sports to stay up high where it rightly belongs. FIRST U-E H. S. FOOTBALL TEAM, 1903 First Row, Left to Right: Merritt C. Robinson, Harry A'Lurede. Second Row: Ned Lincoln, Dave Brimmer, Oliver Johnson, Arthur Robinson, Clarence Westcott. Third Row: Fayette Brimmer, William Struble, Frederick Thayer, Fay Pitkin, Harry Brown. Fourth Row: Ralph Lusk, Archie Frame. We are fortunate in securing a picture ofthe first U-E H. S. Football Team, organized in I903. We have also found that the baseball team which was organized earlier won 2l out of 22 games in '96 and I3 of I5 games in '97. Our present athletic spirit seems to be inherited. 62 1947 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Gordon Robinson, Art Stenberg, Chuck Harris, Henry Harris, Russell Wheatley and Danny Novelli, co-captains, Andy Hamarich, Bob Sirko, Jim Guccia. Second Row: Dick Thomas, Walter Shonosky, Tony Fiacco, Joe Gimmie, Rudy Kotsubka, Walter Hama, John Mrva, John Homa, Andy Theodore. Last Row: Renaldo Paporella, Frank Longo, Mario Battaglini, Mickey Arcangeli, Lynn Tewksbury, Ken Bowen, Gene Chandler. ' Football took on a New Look on the Southern Tier gridirons as Ty Cobb's gridiron greats went roaring into a rugged seven-game schedule of a new Southern Tier Football Conference. As the smoke of the bruising battle cleared away, a thrilling contest between the Tigers of U-E and the invading Indians of North found the Orange gridders on the short end of a hotly-contested I 9- I 8 score. An underdog Watertown Purple eleven entertained the visiting Orange men by banging out a O-O deadlock in a bruising, muddy game. Back in home territory, the Orange power- house finally got rolling by blasting out a I3-7 triumph over the favored Johnson City Wildcats. The Cobbmen took to the road again to journey to White Plains, New York, to pull the surprise of the year. The entertaining Tigers found the invading Tigers from Endicott tougher than the 25-point underdog rating the newspapers gave them, when they were forced to struggle for a I3-7 victory, I9 points less than expected. Elmira provided no competition for a now highly regarded eleven as the Tornadoes pounded out a 26-O victory over the Elmirans. With snow up to their ankles, the Orange Tornadoes went to Ithaca to smash out a I4-O score over the Little Redmen in a muddy, snowy, sloppy contest. The annual Turkey Day Tilt between the Cobbmen and Central Bulldogs failed to ma- terialize this season due to the terrible weather conditions. The week earlier date found the visiting Orange engaging the Binghamton Central eleven in a bruising, bitter battle with years of tradition behind it. Duplicating last year's feat, the Cobbmen held the Bulldogs scoreless while blasting and smashing out a I9-O triumph. 63 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Q. tnfmx - 'V' Front row, Left to Right: Paul Herbaugh, George Dunham, Jerry Morgan, Jim Smith, Sam Tricarico, Mike La Sorte, Pat Bowen, Henry Banks, Norman Orris. Second Row: Dick Darby, Don Burch, Charles Terwilliger, Bruce Clark, Sam Gosbarra, Clark Vallequette, Andy Theodore, Nick Dranchak. Ted Conwicke's "BattIing Breezes" felt the loss of his services when he was forced to spend weeks in a hospital, so they went out and battled, banged, and smashed their rugged way to the top by retaining the Binghamton Press Trophy, rolling over any and all competi- tion and being crowned "Kings of the Triple Cities' Junior Varsities." Their record of 82 points to I8 for their opponents is 0 good prediction of what we have in store for next year. VARSITY TEAMS IN ACTION Walt Shonosky going through center. John Baron hitting the hoop for an- Elmira-U-E game at U-E. other doubledecker. North-U-E game at U-E. 64 BASKETBALL VARSITY ft - 1, NFWAY A ' " X l Q1 , fx ,1 jigs I 5.5115 ' it ,gf ,Z B?-2 K Seated: Dick Mondyck, Joe Frotino, Andy Sepelak, captain, John Baron, Joe Miner. Standing: Eddie Koban, Dick Heichemer, John Hrustich, Jerry Clune. Height was too much for the Orange "Hurricanes" this year in Southern Tier compe- tition. They did not win any trophies, but, if a trophy were given for the gamest team in competition, we have no doubt that the Hurricanes would be entitled to it, We salute our Basketball Varsity for their splendid performances and their loyal endeavor to be a good winner and a better loser for U-E. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Seated: Bob Picciano, Mickey Frey, Mario Cianciosi, Dick Rommel, Frank Desko, Andy Hudanich, Bob Sirko. Standing: Jim Smith, Bill Armstrong, Bob Simpson, Dick Felter, John Owen, Joe Sventek, Francis Frisk. It seems as though this was Junior Varsity year as the Orange's "Little Breezes" breezed through their season by winning the Southern Tier Conference J.V. Championship. With most of the fellows returning for competition next year, our basketball future at U.-E. indeed seems bright. 65 CHEER Kneeling: Vince Putrino, Leo Brody, Jock Moyers. Standing: Natalie Perl, Marguerite Powell, Lucille Chura, Agnes Kostyun, Joan Bennett, Sybil Chatham. Marian Ball left the Cheering Squad of U-E and Natalie Perl came in to take over in her place to assist the other cheerleaders in cheering our teams to victory. We were sorry to see Marian leave and we sincerely thank Natalie for substituting so capably. 1947 BASEBALL TEAM fi, , I wily? - Xin In Front: Jim Smith, Paul Hanrahan, managers. Second Row: Bob Emerson, Don Mastro, Art Stenberg, Nick Dranchak, George Bachura, Walt Shonosky, Bill Closs, Dick Felter, Steve Pavlovich. Third Row: Ty Cobb, Maurice Hamilton, coaches, Dominic Rossi, Donald Beebe, Bob Mosher, Hal Durtee, Bill Reynolds, Jack Walters, Bob Conti. 66 GOLF TEAM T947 Front Row, Left to Right: John Baron, John Mrva, Art Brumaghim. Standing: George Babuka, Walt Homo, Charles Baron, Andy Theodore, John Hrustich, Bill Armstrong. Coach Nick Di Nunzio's course- trampers went driving and putting on Triple Cities' golf courses to establish a season's record of which we all can be proud. Though fairly young in U-E, golf has seemed to take a definite hold on Union-Endicott and with the mar- velous golfing facilities so close at hand there seems no reason why it will not be a major sport in the near future. Richofd Rvmmel, Ed lSbOf1 MANAGERS OF BOYS' SPORTS COACHES FOR BOYS' SPORTS Left to Right: Frank Buran, Nick Di Nunzio, Bob Atwood, Harold V. lTyl Cobb, C. B. Porkhurst, George Forbes, Roland C. Friderich, Maurice Hamilton. Under the able guidance of the staff of coaches making up the Union-Endicott Boys' Sports Organizations, Union-Endicott has never been and probably never will be represented by teams of low caliber. The coaches' abilities are seen in the fine athletic record possessed by Union-Endicott, and their ability as molders of men is recorded through the history of athletes who have gone into life, men with high ideals formed at Union-Endicott. We wish to pay a special tribute to Ted Conwicke, likeable, amiable Junior Varsity coach whose ef- fect on his players produced a winning eleven. 67 A 4 xv cnoss couNTRY TRACK TEAM Vik Kneeling, Left to Right: John Kotsubka, Mario Lozzi, Henry Fiacco, Chet Harris, John Fiorini, Standing: Mr. White, Remo Mastrogiacomo, John Barno, Joe Rossi, Jim McPherson. Coach Henry C. White closed the books on another successful year of competition be- tween his Orange hill-and-dalers and the other Southern Tier teams. Though crcss-country is still a minor sport at Union-Endicott, the winning ways of the boys can certainly make us feel proud of their achievements. 'I 947 TRACK i947 seemed to be a hard-luck year for the U-E track activities as the T947 tracksters dropping a thrilling Triple Cities' meet at MacArthur Stadium in Binghamton by V2 point. lt was a hard pill to swallow, but, true to U-E traditions, good, clean sportsmanship prevailed. TRACK TEAMS IN ACTION Fred Jaros just edging out Charlie Joe Gimmie heaving the shot-put. Harris to set a new record for lOO- Triple Cities Track Meet, Moy 31, vord dosh Of 9-6 Seconds. 1947, or MacArthur Stadium Triple Cities Track Meet, May 3l, l947, at MacArthur Stadium 68 This season the ever popular ath- letic schedule mapped out for the girls has been more than filled A new sport, ice skating was added to the regular sports volleyball basketball, base- ball and track Skating fans were al- lowed to :ce skate during their regular At the annual Sports Dinner, all girls who had participated in sports this year and the girls who had earned spe- cial awards last year were entertained. Among these award winners were: Theresa Colonna Fannie Longo, and Lillian Mrkus who were awarded LH sweaters Ethel Galgocy Josephine Iannone Delores Isabella and Virginia Kucera received letters Numerals were presented to Virginia Lozzi and Isa- Belle Springer Kathryn Sochor was honored with a gold medal, presented to her for attaining the highest num- ber of points for the I9-46 I9-47 season. GIRLS' ATHLETICS -'Q' -ey WK? 4-I. MANAGERS OF GIRLS' SPORTS I Alix ,X ,gona PAuK0l'-Q T ' . Left to Right: Bonnie Shalkowski, Dorothy Guy, Irene Sventek, Jean Ann Ogden. 69 HOCKEY Left to Right: Dorothy Guy, Bonnie Shalkowski, Concetta Argento, Bar- bara Lewis, Jo Allio, Jean Ann Ogden, Nancy Lo Bello, Frances Kisling, Jeanette Pero, Natalie Perl, Irene Heffner. BASKETBALL Left to Right, First Row: Pat Orsley, Concetta Argento, Carolyn Fanara, Patricia Sibley, Jo Allio, Second Row: Barbara Lewis, Jeanette Pero, Gilda Cinotti. Bock Row: Betty Jennings, Mary Hud- covich, Nancy Lo Bello, Antoinette Graziano. VOLLEY BALL Left to Right, First Row: Lillian Kul- heim, Marian Podest, Alice Jaros, Mary Ann Kadlecik, Dawn Furman, Mary Ann Dennis, Ann Guidici, Rose Stacconi, Barbara Rupert, Catherine ZiCari. Second Row: Concetta Argenta, Nancy Lo Bello, Jean Ann Ogden, Barbara Lewis, lrene Heffner, Dorothy Guy, Gerry Occhiata, Janet Copp, Shirley Mitchell, Jean Picciano. Lost Row: Virginia Ogden, Eleanor Hospoder, Betty Jennings, Marian Bloom, Irene Sventek, Norma Battag- lini, Mary Fargnoli, Mary Ann Smith, Ann Kotek. ACROBATICS MISS KIRTLAND INSTRUCTOR l'4'Sk CALISTHENTICS MISS BURN'S CLASS BUFFET SERVICE AT THE GIRLS' SPORTS BANQUET ,fl X.N' .- OZ ,. T N Yam'-T V Ag ,KE SITE XC 1 MQ Tw s,H'Z,, X 'L' A 77, 1 X' ' Wa , f ly x Xiu' 0 l .V X 1 XMTXX 6 J U x 1 Tsxcsix 4' ' . T xx, f Q, 3 A. Wy WE PAUSE ,, , ff , .at I FZ f ' ow f 5 an N x X Fx I fu .. P X ' R PM ,I B K Sgt wt X E. X . fg Ffh BETWEEN TO PAGES RETURN TO THE "NlNETIES" fs? 9 Lzgrqb .f, Q 5 f 1 J XJ ff X ' l T ff ! X' Q T X 72 Ente! lainment 1 Y s A 'ws e ' 41-. , '11 'WJ 111-'ff , ' X ' 1 .ao xi y , 5 ydllsi A X34 NAA 11 'IMF A N . 11 1 W 1: 1, X Miz! U V111 ' ,1, . 11111, 13 . ff K 4 '. xffiffa' .',1'1,,H1' M5111 " N 1 wi, ew 4 iA'1ff1I ' ,yu ivv"',F:. ,wp , 1 14 1--gl, . x - 11 1 1 ,sg 1111111 111 1 " ,f 11WY't,1lv 11ll is 4: 13-11111 1 f W Y I 1111 1 ,f 11 'f 1 X 'D 4 19 N 1 121-11ii111W .L f K1 Uaivifx N X W 1 1 i 1 1. 1 yy Q1 4 5, V311 y1hP,N23I.I I '11 W ' 1 Ml , 1 I . If fl . , 11 f' .-L '1 r f141,', '1' 1 1'-uk! 'QM 1 , I vw .1 y I ll 'N 1 f 'Nr ' 1 - I ' VX, J,-51 1,1 M 1 J 1 I-li X! ' 1 t " ' ,,:I'1-'JI L WJ! 111 X 1 1 I1 ' 1 11. , , 11 , 2 '1 f' 1 ' . 1 "H W 111 : X1 'gli 111.1 J L H 1 X hX If NX NX 1 1 1.1 , 1 SW-1' J 1 '13 y 1 If 1 ,NMA V1 k 4 - 1 1 1 I ' 1 111' 15 f I 1 Q 'Nl 1 1 X I1 5 X - Xxkiis iw k xx Y 1, 31. A l I R . 5 1 5 1 - xx X 'nxxixx .h y yy ffifgh X lr is 11',1' 1 1 li --QIX. X. 1 it 1 M 1 I1 Ml In V r"f,,-"' XR 1 " ' ,XXL ' Whether a play from Dickens Or a song hy Gershwin, Many happy hours have Been fillea' with entertainment. 73 A DATE WITH JUDY I A SCENE FROM "A DATE WITH JUDY" "Quality Street," a play byJames Matthew Barrie, is the first cos- tume play presented in U-E for several years. One of Barrie's best- known plays, "Quality Street" is a comedy of the Napoleonic War period. The play in- volves the delightful love story of Phoebe Throssel and Valentine Brown. The play, "A Date Witl Judy," taken from the populo radio show of the same name was the presentation of the January l948 Senior class. Thi: play, the story of Judy Foster's struggle to become queen ol the high school prom, is laugh- provoking as Judy becomes in- volved in many trying situa- tions before her aim is finally achieved. Sybil Chatham very successfully took the part of Judy. Others in the cast were: William Strusz, Salvatore Schi- appa, Robert Quinn, Shirley Stamm, Norma Stack, Mar- garet O'Brien, James Barton, Thelma Thompson, Amelia Ro- tondi, Mary Lou Harbst, Lor- etta Volosevich, Larry Welch, and Mary Dougher. CAST OF BARRIE'S "QUALITY STREET" I' ite 74 i The entire cast, pictured from left to right, was, seated: Janet Bookstaver, Dorla Felter, Lois Parrish, Shirley Hayes, Lois Griffith, Caroljane Compton, Shirley Hay- cook, Susie Melazzo, Barbara Hammond. Standing: Frank Min- garelli, Frank Allio, Wayne Myers, Ronald Cipriano, James Johns, Richard Kropp, Gabriel Cicciarelli. Scenes from Dickens' "Christmas Carol" were suc- cessfully staged, under the di- rection of Miss Barbara Thayer, just before school closed for the Christmas holidays. Gabriel Cicciarelli was a most effective Scrooge, while Susie Melazzo portrayed the lovable Tiny Tim. Seated: Miss Barbara Thayer, direc- tor, Beatrice Biondi, Barbara Ham- mond, Paul Hanrahan. Standing: Richard Jones, Marilyn Sheehan, Dorothea Shearer, Robert Quinn, Pauline Mastrogiacomo, Walter Leahy, Norma Battaglini, Paul Kollar, Susie Melazzo, Gabriel Cicciarelli. CAST OF CHRISTMAS PLAY TEACH ERS DO HAVE N JANE STUMP IMPERSONATING AL JoLsoN AT THE INITIATION FOR f FRESHMEN ASSEMBLY T 75 l TEACHERS' HALLOWEEN PARTY The EndicottTeachers'Asso- ciation planned, through com- mittees, an evening of fun as a fitting I947 Halloween cele- bration. Each school in the system was asked to contribute a skit toward the general entertain- ment. The High School repre- sented a typical children's grade program to which each pupil lteacherl contributed. Mr. Mulholland acted as teacher. JUNE l947 SENIOR PROM The annuol Tri-Hi Christ- mas formal was held Christmas night in the George Washing- ton School. Bells and boughs of evergreen decked the gymna- sium, while the orchestra was enclosed by a large sleigh. Pre- siding at the punch bowl were Beatrice Zampi and Mary Ripic. TRI-HI CHRISTMAS FORMAL Left to Right: Dennis Norton, Mary Wright, Martha McManis, Goode Cheatham, Jeanne Story, Larry Love- land. 76 F I BON-FIRE THE NIGHT BEFORE THE TRADITIONAL U-E VS. CENTRAL FOOTBALL GAME MARJORIE ALLEN AND MARGARET BRAIN BROADCASTING AT WENE "MIKE" WEE THREE" TRIO RW' A STUDENT FORUM ON BOOKS SCRIPT-READING OVER A W E N E MIKE Left fo Right: Polly Conwicke, Arthur Redpath, Mary Massi, Frances Kisling, Mary Jane Mills and Charles McMonis. ta Patricia Lone,CoroIja C pt THE TEENAGE BOOKSI-IELF I 1 I I .f Ba xl A 'lx X T A - ,aa I I Q2 M R 3 E2 f l 'ffl l 77 Q is-an-awning HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT GIVES A TEA FOR THE FACULTY A FEW OF THE 'SOO PEOPLE SERVED IN THE HOMEMAKING KITCHEN DURING "OPEN HOUSE" frffggy L ' CUTTING THE CAKE AT A LIBRARIANS' TEA Left to Right. Miss Margaret Wood, elementary grade school librarian, Miss Adona R. Sick, Rev. Wheaton P. Webb, author and guest speaker, Miss Francesca LaSorts, George Washing- ton School librarian, Mrs, Virginia Whitney, librarian of Henry B. Endi- cott School, X Ufzganiza fiona We meet ana' a'ehate, and through our organizations, We learn to appreciate our kllow students And their opinions. 14" . f x 03 W t ,M W' x hmm 17- Y Aff"-'ils '1-f W A ,t 'rift t +:+f li XM' fgf-K 1' 2 is ' XY 'f ,s,. f s A , jp a to ., s s A .yy , m e .avg f n .ur an i in f gg M ffm. .szs ,I XY Q,F,,w j, + 4 f l " .Wi g-4. mg or :Q fl, Mijn' J A11 ,ir V s 4- , a, , .1 Iz1Q,i ,ft so bww:-" v V 79 STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, Left to Right: Sybil Chatham, reporter, June Ann Lyons, secretary, Dorothy Packard, president, Robert Sirko, vice-president, Lois Parrish, treasurer. Standing: Ellen Van Dusen, Janet Harris, John Homo, Rudy Kotsubka, Edward Maxfield, Richard Taylor, Fred Becker, Alice Sprague, Janet Driscoll, Eleanor Corwin. The Student Council, the members of which represent the four classes and all accepted student organizations, promotes a closer relationship between the students and the faculty. The council is a member of the National Association of Student Councils. Delegates from U-E Council attend two meetings each year of the Southern Tier Student Councils. This year the constitution was revised and a merit system for future years was introduced. A school dance band was organized under the auspices of the Student Council. The Advisory Council, made up of representatives from each homeroom, acts as an advisory board for the Student Council. The Advisory and the Student Council have the same officers and the some faculty adviser, Mr. Mulhollen. ADVISORY COUNCIL Front Row, Left to Right: Carol Compton, Eleanor Corwin, Margaret Brain, June Ann Lyons, Alice Sprague, Lois Parrish, Joan Mitchell. Second Row: Marietta Dayton, Janet Harris, Marilyn Mohney, Victoria Izzo, Dorothy Whitesell, Nancy Banks, Janet Driscoll. Third Row: Norma Battaglini, Sybil Chatham, Lois Dunn, Donna Pickering, Mary Esther Hoyt, Mary Ellen Dean. Fourth Row: Dorothy Packard, Ellen Van Dusen, Jane Stump, Francis Kissel, Mary Massi. Standing: Bert Matolka, Jugo Min, Ramon Alderman, Frank Allio, John Homo, Louis Liburdi, Edward Maxfield, Richard Taylor, William Reardon, Robert Sirko, Fred Becker, Robert Carman, James Smith, Russell Wheatley, Ruby Kotsubka. 80 K . xx THE COMMERCIAL cius A . First Row: Edith Evans, June Eggleston, Eleanor Snyder, Vice President, Marjorie Allen, Treasurer, Anne Steinke, Barbara Patch, Margaret Clegg, Beverly Aldrich, Secreta ry, Billie Wildow, President, Margaret Salata, Reporter, Eleanor Hickey. Second Row: lrene Kulheim, Marjorie Cunningham, Ann Donovan, Anne Kotek, Norma Battaglini, Elgie Traver, Genevieve Orzol, Mary Delaney, Audrey Dent, Marjorie Remelieus, Mary Lou Zweig. Third Row: Vinnie Giallo, Marilyn Mitchell, Gloria Lee, Frances Lippolis, Eleanor Boyles, Joyce Haskel, Concetta Argento, Eleanor Corwin, Jean Babbitt, Vilda Wyatt, Jina Zimbaro. The Commercial Club of the Union-Endicott High School, which all business students are eligible to join, is under the supervision of Miss Ruth Kniskern. The members learn much about the business world through lectures and tours through local business concerns. Speakers have come to club meetings from lnternational Business Machines and Endicott-Johnson to tell members about the activities carried on in large manufacturing companies and to give the fine points on interviews. Included in the places the group has visited this year are: lnternational Business Ma- chines, Endicott-Johnson, Radio Station WEN E, Endicott Daily Bulletin, Endicott Telephone Office, the Post Office, and the Endicott Trust Company. Other places which will be of in- terest to members os they start out into the business world were added to the list during the year. TOUR TO THE ENDlCO'l'l' BULLETIN OFFICE 81 TRI-HI CLUB KNITTING CLUB Seated, Left to Right: Miss Marth Ball, adviser, Isabelle Murphy, Bett Gilliland, Ruth Ann Haggerty, Regin- Giordano. Standing: Florence Nestor, Mary Hud covic, Phyllis Perl. THE l947 QUEEN AND CO-CAPTAINS OF THE FOOTBALL TEAMS THE QUEEN AND HER ATTENDANTS AT THE ALL U-E NIGHT DANCE Left to Right: Joseph Gimmie, Constance Orris, Andrew Hamarich, June Ann Lyons, Danny Novelli II947 co- captainl, Marie Guarnieri, Rudy Kotsubka, Sybil Chatham, Robert Sirko, .loan Bennett, Russell Wheatley II947 co-coptainl, Grace LeBelle, Arthur Sternburg, Dorothy Ann Packard II947 queenl, Janice Snyder, Walter Sho- nosky, Mary Rizzi, Henry Harris, Josephine Matolka, James Guccia, Dorla Felter, Tony Fiacco, Marilyn Sheehan, Charles Harris, Marilyn Reynolds, Gordon Robinson. 82 Admiring the sleighs are Dave Allen, Eleanor Corwin, Bernard Daily and Nancy Lew Brown, The Tri-Hi Club was organi- ized l7 years ago under the guidance of Miss Gladys Mer- serau. This seventeenth year has been another successful one to add to the previous years. This year the club, comprised of 280 members, sponsored the annual Christmas and Spring formals. Tri-Hi joined with the Hi Club to hold the annual "All U-E Night Dance" on the evening of the Binghamton Central vs. U-E football game. A pancake breakfast and a Kiddie Party were two other highlights of the club activities. The Tri-Hi Club also spon- sors the Girls' Bowling Team, Kneeling, Lett to Right: Billie Wildow, Mariorie Mann, Diana DeSantis. Gerry Occhiata, Victoria lzzo, Shirley Traver. Standing: Virginia Kistner, Alice Sprague, Mary Jane Mills, Gaye Bower, Thora Tait, Nancy Banks, Bar- bara Raim, Norma Matthewson, Bev- erly Hubbard, Barbara Saddlemire, CHRlSTMAS FORMAL TRI-HI OFFJICERS Seated: Mary Jane George, treasurer, June Ann Lyons, president. Standing: Billie Wildow, vice-presi- dent, Joan Hawthorne, reporter, Cleo Boyles, secretary. GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM which is under the supervision of Miss Johnson and the Knit- ting Club, directed by Miss Ball. Swimming at the "Y" is another important club ac- tivity. This year's members sent money to support a Czecho- slovakian girl under the Foster Parent Plan. They also col- lected money to send Christ- mas packages to Europe. The club awards two prizes at graduation, A fund has been established by Tri-Hi whereby it helps former members through college, by loaning them money without interest until the girls have been out of college for two years. 83 TECHNICAL CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Paul lves, Clarence Plummer, Alan Wright, Richard Taylor, David Wilson, Rudy Janasak, Thomas Havel, Jack Owens. Second Row: Robert King, Jerome Wilson, Norman Swagler, Clyde Garland, Edward Hendrick, David Schu- macher, Burdette Jewell, Donald Comer. Third Row: Raymond Prebish, William Hendrick, Stanley Statyshun, Fred Becker, William Forde, James McPherson. Names of Officers: Richard Taylor, president, Alan Wright, treasurer, David Wilson, vice-president and secretary. Committees: Movies, Jerome Wilson and Rudy Jonasak, Correspondence, Clarence Plummer and Bob King, Pub- licity, Paul Ives and Bill Forde. Among this year's activities: An alumni party was held in the high school cafeteria. Members of the club and alumni of the technical course were invited. The program included fellowship, movies and refresh- ments. At a Hi-Club football dance, members of the club served refreshments, including cider pressed by the members at Wright's farm. We enjoyed plant visits to Union Forging Company, Sweet's Foundry, The Ithaca Gun Company, and Morse Chain Company. On our Ithaca trip, we had dinner at Willard Strait Cafeteria and were conducted through the college testing laboratories where a tension test was demonstrated. The annual picnic is the Technical Club's big social event. 0ffiCefS Und Advisers, I-eff 'O Righlf OUTING AT CHENANGO VALLEY STATE PARK Richard Taylor, Alan Wright, David Wilson, Mr. Klett, Mr, Evans. 84 CREATIVE WRITING CLUB Seated, Left ta Right: Joan Bab- bitt, Patricia Ceder- borg, Nancy Coles, Arthur Redpath, Richard Kropp, Carol Compton, - Jack Guilfoyle, Jane Stump, Patricia Saxton, Lorry Mc- Connon, Jugo Min, Julia Parisi, Lucille Maxfield. Standing: Polly Conwicke, Mary JaneMills, Beatrice Bates, Donna Cro- man. Not Present: Mary Massi, Frances Kis- sel, Florence Nestor, Richard Battista. The members of the Creative Writing Club, which is under the direction of Mrs. Edna Finch, strive not only to better their own literary efforts, but to interest the student body in creative writing. They welcome new members who have gained recognition in a Scholastic Contest, have a recommendation from an English teacher, or are willing and able to submit writings for critical analysis. Besides entering the annual Scholastic Writing Awards contest, the club presented an added incentive to the student body. lt sponsored a successful humor contest and offered cash prizes. This year's officers were: Polly Conwicke, president, Joan Babbitt, vice-president, Jane Stump, secretary, Richard Kropp, treasurer. SPANISH CLUB Seated, Left to i Right:VioletPucek, Anna Gianfrate, Roe Rutke, June X Messersmith, Judy Mandyck, Carl Zonio, adviser. Standing: Janet Jones, Edythe Faust, Athalia Thompson, Jane Hetzel, Bonnie Shalkowski, Jean Ann Ogden, Mary Ann Cocetti, lrene Copeland, Mary Ella Moore. Under the guidance of Mr. Zonio, members of the Spanish classes have organized a club and drawn up a constitution. The purpose of the club is to learn about the social life of our South American neighbors through conversational records, lectures, music, and movies. Since some members find it inconvenient to remain after school for meetings, plans have been made to hold meetings at the members' homes. The officers of the club this year are: President, Anna Gianfrate, Vice-President, June Messersmith, Secretary, Judy Mandyck, Treasurer, Rae Lutke. 85 -Q, ITALIAN CLUB The Italian Club, which meets every two weeks, is this year under the guidance of Mr. Carl Zonio. At the organization meeting in the latter part of September, these officers were chosen: Josephine Matolka, president, Josephine La Fortezza, vice-president, Mary Rizzi, secretary, and Louise Nirchi, treasurer. The highlight of one of the meetings was a short Italian skit, which was produced by Vinnie Giallo and Josephine Matalka. Mary Wright and Marion Bottino added a musical touch to the program. A spring dance and the production of an Italian play have been planned. This year the members are wearing attractive club pins for the first time. ii,-2, ,uve sr' I' I ag? Standing: Katharine Zicari, Loretta Di Paolo, Vinnie Giallo, Pauline Mastrogiacomo, Dorothea Shearer, Leandra Mastrogiacamo, Marie Rano, Dorla Felter, Patricia Lane, Carl Zania, adviser, Clara Montabone, Rosemary Grazi- ano, Barbara Hammond, Rosemarie Giordano, Marian Bottino, Anita Pisani. Front Row, Lett to Right: Rita Bottino, Julia Parisi, Mary Rizzi, Josephine Matalka, Josephine La Fortezza, Louise Nirchi, Amelia Rotondi, Catherine Barbara, Mary Jane George. 86 LIBRARY CLUB Seated, Left to Right: Patricia Dense, Marian Strong, Elizabeth Guiles, Audrey Cambers. Standing: Nancy Lo Bello, Margaret Stickler, Frances Kisling, Joan Musa. There is no glamour connected with membership in the U-E Library Club. ln reality- the library club is a service club, designed to help the students, the library, the school, and the librarian. Prerequisites for membership are: scholarship, aptitude, and personality. The in-service training of club members provides the necessary technical information for their work. Along with the impressive fact that a libra ry club member is a library assistant, he or she must acquire, or be blessed with, certain important personal qualities. He or she must have a warm and open personality, a quick, responsive mind, tolerance, flexibility, and an interest in books. Not to be ignored, either, are that stimulating asset, curiosity lplus perseverance and patience to satisfy itl, initiative, and executive ability. BOYS' BOWLING TEAM ...L l i I LJ R X ,J Kneeling, Left to Right: Fred Becker, Lawrence Palombi, Bernard Watson, Robert Crane, John Farrell, Harry Butts, Benjamin Painter. Standing: Elwood MacBeth, James McPherson, Russell Henneman, Doug- las Shultz, John Dutkowsky, Douglas Williams, Lawrence Welch. Absent When Picture Was Taken: George Huopana, Peter Panko, James Balles, Robert Conti. As usual, our U-E bowling teams had two matches with each of the four local high schools in the Triple Cities and two with Norwich. On the eve of meeting Johnson City, the varsity was in second place with only Vestal remaining on the regular schedule. On March 9, the Jayvee team was also in second place. The varsity squad consisted of Robert Mosher, Larry Welch, Douglas Williams, Douglas Shultz, John Dutkowsky, George Huopana, James Balles and Harold Durfee. Both varsity and junior varsity were entered in the tournament at Binghamton's State Alleys on March 20. In this contest 32 teams were enrolled. 87 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Front Row, Left to Right: Bruce Shultz, Leonard Pembridge, Merton Ketchum, Clyde Avery, Ramon Alderman, Raymond Vergason, Edward Maxfield, Frank Sorochinsky. Second Row: James Doyle, Richard Mikels, James Rosengrant, Nelson Furman, Donald Bushnell, Robert Simpson, Douglas Bowen, Richard Reynolds, Boyd Oliver, Mr. Henry C. White. Third Row: Thomas Harding, Carl Francis, Richard Cooley, Gerald Phillips, Emil Stastny, Earl Terry, Harry Hart- man, Donald Morgan, Ernest Pratt. The agricultural department had an outstanding judging team this past season. A team composed of Ramon Alderman and Edward Maxfield finished second out of thirty-two teams from all over the state in the annual contest held at the Morrisville Agricultural Institute. A team, composed of Ramon Alderman, Clyde Avery and Edward Maxfield finished fourth at the Canton Agricultural Institute among twenty-two teams. The mid-winter district rally was held at Endicott and in the twelve-man contest, Endi- cott finished well out in first place. The boys are looking forward to the Spring Rally to be held at Newark Valley. BASKETBALL TEAM The Endicott Aggie basket- ball team finished the season in second place, being beaten by a strong Waverly team. The defeat came in the last half minute of play when a lucky mid-court long shot won the game for Waverly, for the championship. This was the first defeat in the Broome- Chemung-Tioga district. The boys are looking forward to a championship next year. This year's team was com- posed of Merton Ketchum, captain, Pat Bowen and James Rosengrant, forwards, Doug Bowen, Nelson Furman, guardsg Maxfield, Simpson, and Soro- chinsky in reserve. A BACKWARD GLANCE In 1898, the "Academic Department" had two clubs-a debating club for boys, organized in '96, which at its organization was made up of sixteen members, and a "Ladies Literary Society" for High School girls. 88 Mieceilaneouo sited q fo' 2 I, Df xky :Zo ,A a A gs X :digg ag? SQ , WQQX ,ni 1 ji V I -81 I ' . Wu ' X Q7 - gsm J Q Q' 0 ". X. ' A A f' V 4 X K i if .,f' 1 -xx K X J, I N X I V. N1 2' X Q 'J X if fi - ' K! X1 " p . f eg X X 4 f mow X Hi HU P ' X U e ' 'X ' if 7 " X--Q- fl ,FV 'AW N I, uv Q 41,49 ,X . if b,?""x1 wb X X ' , y I ' K 4 'I Q' ,-" i K I, f!f,,f Ik X f I - HK xv I K I ',,1 I l "hgw,J: xv! ff J ,,kWM,,,,'7' k fzetciffesi s E -.-4, e 4- Thea- A he e Ns W ij' L15 oi' t' 4 MT.-- h h C fx! fvflfwuj Sometimes our memories escape classyication Ana' just make up a qrecial division Which we might call "Miscellaneous," 89 LOOKING If AT COLUMBUS DAY POSTER BOY'S GUIDANCE DIRECTOR Nancy Coles, Russell Avery David McLain, Mr. Hyde CONCENTRATION IN THE LIBRARY "SIGNING IN" AT THE BOOKROOQIKFQIIIIF 0 90 SAY AH-H-H-H!" "WHY WERE YOU TARDY Mrs. Paradise in charge Mr. Woodard, Mrs. Cobb CONSULTATION ON THE "THESAURUS" "PROBLEMS" OF VOTING 1. Standing, Left lo Right: Sheldon Axworthy, Robert Hrusecky, Daniel Doniick. 91 Miss Mersereou, Morilee Kremer ANYTHING INTERESTING, BOYS? THREE CHEERS FOR THE COMPETITION GIRLS' GUIDANCE DIRECTOR THE MONARCH LATHE DELIGHTS GABRIEL CICCIARELLI AND AUDIENCE IN MACHINE SHOP 24 Jeon Rooso, June Ferguson, Mr. Crowfor d IW INSTRUMENTALISTS IN ROOM 20 T955 THE CABINET-MAKING CLASS WATCHES THE CAMERA, AND JACK LOZZI AT THE BAND SAW AFTER THE CEREMONY DEDICATING THE PLAQUES Left to Right:Leonard Ponaro, P.F.C.5 Nicholas DiNunzio, L1'.j Crawford Stahl, lst Lt,g Miss Mary L. Pitking BdttPlchtLtMHHC b UI' 6 E GI' UFS , .Q T. . . l'UfT1 . Sunday afternoon, February l5, at 4 o'clOc k, two bronze plaques were dedicated in honor of UAE H. S. pupils who participated in the World War ll ' ' a e Dedicatory speeches were given by Eugene Ch ndl th ri Mr. Wm. J. Krum, Jr., Mr. Bruce e . . unveiling ceremony took place. Babcock and Mr. H. H. Crumb. After taps were 24l8 names had been inscribed, 77 of which THE HOMEMAKING B. CLASS GIVES A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY EOR MISS FORTUNE x by gold stars. 94 l Q A LESSON IN N RE-UPHOLSTERING, ' MTSS ROSE FORTUNE INSTRUCTOR PHYSICS "LAB." Left to right: Lynn Tewksbury, Holmes Somers, Jugo Min, Lucille Moxfield, Miss Vaughn, instructor. INSPECTING THE NEW BIOSCOPE GERALD DOOLITTLE USING AND POLARIZER WOOD-TURNING LATHE IN MR. NORRIS' WOOD SHOP I I CNHI 2 1' I l V I1 x ' N4 " " A! ,. -as 9' I I . . . I 5+ Gregory Soroceno, Vlrgunlo Ogden, Charles Turver, Instructor . . -W' ""'l -W--V-WJ MR. BECKER'S MACHINE SHOP 24 95 wi - I SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY CONTEST, MAINTENANCE FORCE SEMIFINALISTS First Row, Lett to Right: Caroljane First Row, Left to Right Ernest La Compton, Sybil Chatham, Polly Con- Shier, Mrs Sarah Lloyd George Mi wicke, Mary Jane Mills, halko, D, G Edwards Ross Beaman Second Row: Alan Shapiro, Richard Second Row Joseph Johnson Frank Kropp, John Cicciarelli. Courtright i948 SCHOLASTIC CREATIVE WRITING WINNERS - L First Row, Left to Right: Dawn Stuart, Ann Knickerbocker, Dawn Schrader Patricia Saxton, Lorry McConnon, Angela Kavanagh, Kathleen Kavanagh Marian Bloom, Sandra Wright, Mary Wright, Marian O'Rourke, Polly Con wicke, Betty Cheer. Second Row: Mary Massi, Marjorie Kerekanich, Antoinette Ciaravino Gaye Bower, Florence Nestor, Anastacia Glowa, Mary Mrva, Norma Fowler Eleanor Bierly, Vivian Corneby, Mary Jane Mills, Patricia Cederborg. Third Row: Marjorie Tritschler, Dolores Whitaker, Robert Sykes Eugene Fiester, Fred Becker, Edward Maxfield, Angelo Romcis, Herbert Dellapenta Donald Clark, Jeannine Delauro, Joan Babbitt. Not in Picture: Veronica Mekucky, Ray Dann, Grace LeBelle, Frank Longo Forty students from U-E received awards this year Mary Jane Mills was presented two awards, while Polly Conwicke and Patricia Cederborg each received three. We are very proud of this group. 96 NS . lf" L: . f Q 'I 1 V r , 'ixfc NQg,','X . ., ',Kgrq-'silfjgzv J. f y 1 rj? 9 , , Q f 5 ,f meg -A ' x A- fx I! 'Aw A 1 w i! ,fi lx A I' ' Nf' i c f?f' c V' 5? f f ' 3 D 'll Q' X X ,X if ff , xx' x l ' fl ff ,127 X A k X l 1 or rf af W a a X Jiii f ff c V A' K fm 1 li ' ,f Xi ' fl fx Nfl 4 l if X' Yr me Q lx +4 All W ml X x J ' XR l I c ZZ'- Familiar places, familiar faces Now become but recollections. 97 5-4 wi EF Y,..,. ew 5 1 .xi q w 'H 5? "' 4 ag f We 5 29 imc I N P :J Y ,Y ,H 7 'QV' ,J 1 Qi Lili ws M 'A 3 ll. fx ww S fZ'fQTQ.4 5 J X 2 -al vu: 4 TONS LOAD ,-4' ini Q I., - .LJ I i H' nj'-s. m O 0 WW -, -. 1 ., Lmfggb R by .-, J., -K Q' rg, .J iH Vwliiif S IO 2 ,J 4 I- . LZ' ,., 521121115 aTQ.g,Qg,y Zvff' f N3 'Qi WS Q ,K -if 4 3,551 4- .L . n v 0 X .x 5 m .5 f x , 4 S Q L . K P555 0 1 - 3 L ' .E . ' 'WE r , ....g...M: Mx if' 4 eY NV. V- 5 i A . . am: S YQ 5 SITYKQW Q 3 GIBSON GIRL ASSEMBLY A Gibson Girl Assembly under the direction of the Yearbook Staff was presented to in- troduce the Gibson Girl as the theme of the I 948 Thesaurus. The following songs were used in the musical production: "When You Were Sweet Sixteen," "l Had a Dream, Dear," "While Strolling Thru' the Park," "Shine on Harvest Moon," and "My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon." Group singing followed this program. The cast pictured above included: Jack Caprio, Barbara Hammond, John Hart, Patricia Lane, Amanda Ciacelli, Marian Brown, June Ann Lyons, Dawson Herbaugh, Ann Knickerbocker, Dorothy Packard, MaryWright, Patricia Hammond, Eleanor Hospodor, Jerry Clune, Kay Kavanagh, Richard Battista. Dawson Herbaugh and Richard Battista were student directors. "' l K5 - A K I A X w ,Ry 3-7 R ' NSN , ,gJ'1n, we X If ' faflii of fl ' - y m l? 'T E J ,Www - S:-. A I M. j .. A 905 . Jw , ., W S by 1:12 I Q X A-,Q X Y Kf, 7 422- I Tl' gi ' ' ,f SJR I' V7 IO4 THESAURUS BUSINESS STAFF THESAURUS ADVERTISING STAFF: Lois Parrish, Manager, Theresa Zimbaro, Assistant Manager. Josephine Allio Catherine Barbara Janet Bookstaver Gabriel Cicciarelli Donald Clark THESAURUS Beverly Aldrich Marjorie Allen Catherine Deraco Victor Ferrante Jane Forest Eleanor Hospoder Robert Innes Marlene Covert Mary Ellen Dean June Messersmith Marilyn Mitchell Patricia Orsley Barbara Patch Natalie Perl CIRCULATION STAFF: Arlene Alderman, Doris Dumond Janet Forbes David L. Mills, Business Manager SENIOR PICTURES AND MONTAGES .... G0rdOn's Studio GENERAL PROTOGRAPHER ..,,...,.,,,,..... Stacy Harrington STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER .,..., .,,,..,, V ictor Ferrante Joseph Schwarz Jane Stump Margaret Waterman Manager. Joan Mitchell Marjorie Tritschler FAREWELL We, the graduates of l948, as the Gibson Girl, now go forth into the future. We are to become just another group of the alumni of our beloved U-E High. As we go out into the businesses and colleges of the world, leaving behind many of the friends we have made, we take with us the memories of our association with friends, as well as recollections of assemblies, faculty members, basketball and football games, track meets, conversations in the corridor, romances that have passed, formals and classes. All these, once taken for granted, are now about to end as we, the Seniors of yesterday, be- come the alumni of tomorrow at our commencement on June 3l. The time has come for us to say goodbye to our Alma Mater and for us to go on to greater heights, as did the many Gibson Girls, to seek to achieve the one aim in life, success and happiness. 106 alcfueiliding 'RQSPJQI 4' 410+ For x TINY WAIST 5 A UR S XX fl'-ina X Q xx Qs Y K H f x, f ts 'Kfl AMN, ff ,Q 'f' A 'VU' 1 X, V! f , A, new uf! 'X ' A. , I I xl. 95,0 ' -A f, n I , ff! , X ,NX , A, f' ' XXAA , fx , I f I f' I f' Xlf XXX ffvqxt If FX er' L Trax fff, X N. xlvxxxxxvf, t NEWEST 5 TYLES from PARIS 107 uML' J gf X fg OI'I1II1Cf1CCII'1CI'1t is only the beginning . . . Every achievement opens a new frontier. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION ENDICOTT, NEW YORK I08 THE FUTURE 0E AMERICA RESTS WITH ITS YOUTH Today we see the world torn by many philosophies and ideologies, some of which actually threaten the very foundation of our American ideals and way of life. They would destroy our most sacred principles, among them the rights of the individual in a free society. For the cause of a free society, mankind has been striving and dying since the beginning of history. Thousands of men and women have suffered and died for the freedom we Americans enjoy today-and take so easily for granted. Our ancestors have left us the finest form and degree of freedom the world has ever known. If this precious heritage is lost all that is worthwhile is lost. As long as you, the youth of our land, remember that here in America we have the greatest plan of living conceived by man --the nation shall be secure and shall advance to greater ful- fillment of the American way of life, liberty and happiness. The opportunities are greater than ever before-let us use them I The future depends on you I "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty," and the free, unfettered press of America is the watchdog guarding the rights and interests of the people. THE BINGHAMTO PRESS SOUTHERN NEW YORK'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER T09 WALLACE DRUG STORES I2 WASHINGTON AVENUE 60 WASHINGTON AVENUE IN ENDICOTT Since 1923 Congratulations to the members of the 1948 Graduating Closs of UNION ENDICOTT HIGH SCHOOL Endicott Trust Company Endicott National Bank Marine Midland Trust Company Binghamton, New York Union Endicott Office HO fwfr! ,gigf F 'KWH- Complefely air condifioned for your shopping comforf! CONGRATULATIONS and BEST OF LUCK To All the Graduating Class of I948I fromyour A ' S T R A N D ' LYRIC ' STATE ' E LVI N "Movies Are Y BEST Entertainment' WELLS 81 IIIINIESSEMER D GE SALES 81 SERVICE PLYMQUTH DODGE Jon RATED TRUCKS LARGE STOCK OF FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS I COMPLETE CAR SERVICE BY FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS GUARANTEED USED CARS S TRUCKS PHONE ENDCT 4 9 3 1302 E. MAIN ST. ENDICOTT 4m I'--'IZC Zrl1'u0 MMIO T az. O rv F Thursday School and Dress Footwear FOR TEEN-AGERS QAND THE REST OF THE FAMILYD -Featuring- SARQEFCOSEPSEEZEDS SHOP THURSDAYS! Save 1071 ENDICOTT-.lOHNSON'S 4 Local Stores -tl--PU MIICOI H1700-lvl T29 38 'un- 'o 255' CW FO 9:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS To I948 Graduates Evans Plumbing and Heating KENNETH SPENCER 423 Roosevelt Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Q Telepho e Endicott 1375 way 506k when . . . The Gibson Girl had the new look and Anna Held stole the show by taking a bath in milk we were producing quality dairy products. The modern new look goes with good I g a d we a e p o d to ha e pl yed our port in this drama-down thro gh th yea s CROWlEY'S MILK CDMPANY, INC. End. 571 sang. 2-6441 II4 our teen center N ,' - iq, . . . your fashion center ff? ' X ' enei- ' 54 in j . A Y e it i for the finest in 'll ' tn ' lx Q S l X sports, class and 3 if Z r-- ' date wear ' 'r'- ,A .o Y , if s it is Miss Janice Snyder o ii models a new 5 ii i ig "Teena Paige" as KH it 1 advertised f ii nationally in 34 ' 4 A 'f "Seventeen," l at owlefs 5 Binghamton, N. Y. second floor ggi' fi. Complete Spring Service Binghamton Auto Spring Co. Ai.l.oY's1'EEL , . I X X . , 7 "You Break 'Em .... We Make 'Emu Dial 2-4983 I6 JARVIS STREET-BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK ll5 , 1 fi Ullllll 9106 41+ 'Ig '55 Iv 'r 2 5.- 2 5 'loaof' GORDON STUDI OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER forthe SENIOR CLASS of I948 23 WASHINGTON AVENUE Endicott 414 0 MAGIC CITY ICE 8a MILK co., INC. 607 North Street Phone 84-85 PASTEURIZED MILK ond CREAM HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK BUTTERM I L K CHOCOLATE DRINK ORANGE DRINK COURTEOUS DELIVERY SERVICE CHEESE II6 g XX' I GRADUATES E x T fl S Endicott's Greatest Shopping Center l3Ul2T'S The Complete Department Store In Every Department . . . We're Ready to Serve the Entire Needs of Every Family USE BURT'S CONVENIENT LAY-AWAY PLAN TO SAVE! auwayd a good Sefecfion SANZO USED CARS 1906 North Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK 0 Phone End. 1511-J H7 "lT IS my view that the gravest problem lrapidly becoming imponderablel which confronts the providend head of an American family is how to leave his dependents any sort of a safe minimum subsistence. High income taxes linevitable for yearsl and low yields upon investment lalso inevitable for yearsl hereafter more or less preclude the accumulation of dependable estates. "The answer obviously is life insurance." -ARTHUR H. VANDENBURG, Senator from Michigan One of my policyholders has a friend, who told him that he and his wife spent practically his entire income and really enjoyed life, BUT, he had S200,000 of life insurance. A LIFE INSURANCE ESTATE is immediately created, eliminating the time element necessary to accumulate one. A LIFE INSURANCE ESTATE does not have to be probated with the attendant costs. A LIFE INSURANCE ESTATE will provide guaranteed incomes. A LIFE INSURANCE ESTATE will provide tax free incomes. No wonder, right thinking men are adopting this form of investment and philosophy of living. . J. LAIIIIIART III4 Press Building Binghamton, New York Dial Binghamton 2-BIBI or Call Endicott I26IW Over 30 Years of Experience in the Life Insurance Business DIEGES 8g CLUST NEW YORK C I TY Manufacturers 1948 SENIOR ci.Ass RINGS 'ii MERRELLS INCORPORATED CLARKSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Commencement Announcements and Name Cards GARFIELD THOMAS Representative ll8 The Complete Reproduction Plant OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY PHOTOSTATS BLUE PRINTS WHITE PRINTS CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1948! OZALID Division ot GENERAL ANILINE fr FILM CORPORATION 60 WALL STREET Johnson City, New York BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK In the Service ot GRVUTER ENDICOTT Endicott Daily Bulletin ' Local News ' Associated Press News Radio Station WENE ' Community Programs ' ABC Network ' On Your Radio ot I450 , BUILDING cv-If ' MATERIALS ' III? A . 'IQ 5 Lf 27" -3 .JZ 7351 f WhippIe's ENDWELL One of eight Wl'IippIe's Lumber Yord Serving the Public for Over 53 Yeor WALT LEAHY resi en o une enior ass P d t GJ S CI models Tonzelon full-belted 'acket while I I g new Skyline all-wool sweater. LEADER CLOTH ES I09-I I I Washington Avenue, Endicott, N ook- . Y YOUR FORD DEALER NEWING MOTOR CO. I404 East Main Street Phone 241 I ENDICOTT, NEW YORK E L KS BAKE SHOP QUALITY GOODS ONLY IIO WASHINGTON. AVENUE Phone 2226 OUR BUSINESS MOTTO THROUGHOUT THE YEARS QLVD To give you every service and better than you expect 4, 'V -Z: WQV WTTTE VAUGHN'S Hart, Shaffner C1 Marx Bon-my "Soo" Curlee Clothes no so UNION DISTRICT Phone 1025 ROYAL Cleaners 8. Tailors WE CLEAN THE PROSPERITY WAY ir Plant - I07 North Street Phone Endicott 2328 ir CALL FOR AND DELIVER 24 HOURS SERVICE COMPLIMENTS of THE UNION FORGING COMPANY PAINTS ENAMELS BRUSHES Electrical Appliances Wall Paper Floor Wax Hurtquist 8. Myers I35 Washington Ave., Endicott, N. Y Phone I 59 B. W. Hartq R. S. Myers The HARRIS e e 'k CURB SERVICE 'A' TABLE SERVICE 'k FOUNTAIN SERVICE Dinners ond Sandwiches 2309 EAST MAIN STREET CONGRATULATIONS Closs of '48 ! O 3' VU' SERVING ENDICOTT SINCE 1919 ROUFF Furniture Company V Endicott's Most Complete MUSIC STORE V ENDICOTT SUPPLY CO. 137 WASHINGTON AVENUE 105-107 Washington Avenue ""0"' 3275 Endicott, New York ' WILSON SPORTING GOODS "Dd' d B t H ' 122 NoveHok DRY CLEANING 1106 North Street 3110 East Main Street COMPLIMENTS of Lambk Ice Cream HEADQUARTERS FOR LUGGAGE - TRUNKS All Leather Goods Economy Shoe Repairing G' Luggage Store 1208 North Street "The Best for Less" WA R N E R B R O S. A G E N C Y ALL FORM OF INSURANCE Endicott Trust Company Building Phone 180 BRING YOUR PHOTO PROBLEMS ro ENDICOTT CAMERA SHOP 33 Washington Avenue Photo Headquarters in Endicott TOWN AND couNTnY -l sl-lor i WISHING SUCCESS To U-E Graduates in Years to Come DRESSES - SUITS - COATS ACCESSORIES MODERN DRESS SHOP I I8 Washington Avenue Phone 261 HENRY'S Leading Jewelers C, as HI-HONORED DIAMONDS --.. C. 3 Washington Avenue THE ENDICOTT DRY CLEANING CO. I200 North Street COMPLETE DRY CLEANING NEWELL JOHNSON 2 Flowers Q I306 Monroe Street AND DYEING Endicott, New York FUR STORAGE - 24-Hour Service c. P. Mmous: Phone 514 """" 2243 GUNS-AMMuNmoN FISHING TACKLE Home Workshop Machines GENERAL HARDWARE E. E. Inderlied Hardware Co. COMPLIMENTS of ELMER ANGEVINE AGENCY, INC. Insurance-U Real Estate Mortgages I45 Washington Avenue 4 Washington Avenue Endicott, N. Y. Endiggff, New Yofk Phone I45 CONGRATULATIONS frgm AVERY'S VARIETY STORE "" sP9"I'5We0"'-' 2I9 North Nanticoke Avenue, Union, N. Y. Specializing in SEALTEST ICE CREAM DAILY AND SUNDAY PAFQERS MAGAZINES SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS 6 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York 4 IT cos'rs LESS AT STO N E -1 u N rrso -- -sfQfaOnef- Phqng242'I I2I0 North Street Endicott, N. Y. BOOKS LENDING LIBRARY s P o R T I N cs cs o o D s SChOO'Ogg1QLQgfySUPP'ieS WORK AND DRESS CLOTHES I406V2 North St. Endicott, N. Y. ROSE MAY Ladies' Apparel F U R S I I4 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. Phone 2638 TECHNICAL TRAINING FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES - Two-Year Curricular Chemical Technology Medical Oihce Assistant Mechanical Technology Technical OIIice Assistant Electrical Technology Tuition Free to Residents of New York State Fall Term Begins September 24 NEW YORK STATE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCES 227 Washington Street Binghamton, N, Y. SHEET METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. 8 Jane Street, Vestal, New York CHARLES RECTOR, Prop. General Sheet Metal Work Heaters Installed and Repaired AIR CONDITIONING CONGRATULATIONS B L I S S 401 North Nonticoke Phone 2443 ICE CREAM School Supplies Greeting Cards Ansco Film - C O M P L I M E N T S of MARSHALL'S RADIO RADIOS and APPLIANCES Phonograph Records I I3 East Main Street UNION, NEW YORK BEST WISHES Classofl948 THE STORE FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE I -2-.STYLE SHOP-E Eno Moss E. L. Hilkins W. S. Krott A NAME To REMEMBER E. L. 3-IILITINS co. For STYLE - ewe 6'5- And QUALITY 46 Washington Ave., Endicott, N. Y. - Phone 440 Endicott's Haberdasher ZX INSURING Property Owners for Auto, Fire, Life, Liability and Compensation Hanafin's Agency of Endicott Inc. 101 Washington Ave. Phone 314 COMPLIMENTS of EDDIE'S Auto Radiator Repairing 8 McKinley Avenue Commercial and Studio PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDINGS AND PARTIES Phones: Business, 861: Home, 233J BROTAN'S 29 Washington Avenue "Fashions as New as Tomorrow" ALL THE CREDIT YOU WANT C O M P L I M E N T S of Confectionery and Restaurant Headquarters for Juniors in Endicott lOl Washington Avenue Endicott, New York Phone 930 THE TRIPLE CITIES MOST FAVORED SPECIALTY SHOP SERVING U-E STUDENTS AND GRADS For Over 25 Years KIine's T Mvyyljjz :Nnlco'r'r's Mews AND sovs' I ---- SHOP --1 COMPLIMENTS SEELY'S Of . . Ice Cream . . . cl Il, New York Phone 1473 FRUIT PUNCH 2301 East Main Street, Endicott and PMN 2408 Center Mold Bricks FOR ALL OCCASIONS KEN'S REFRIGERATION, RADIO SALES AND SERVICE 217 North Nanticoke Avenue CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TRIPLE CITIES Macaroni Mfg. Co, P-T Brand Macaroni 2 North Nanticoke Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 1682 Phone2219 K CONGRATULATIONS To Class of 1948 NORRIS H. DANN BAKERIS INSURANCE DRESS SHOP COMPANY Down in Union M Next to EI in Theo Girls Like to Say IT CAME FROM LEE'S "LEADS IN FASHION" I5 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. for Kiddies at WALTER R. MILLER CQ,I. OTS TO EENS "' STATIONERY SHOP 49 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK STUDENT SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS Binghamton, New York 170 Washington Street 121 State Street The DANNY'S ESKUIRE ALL 125 Washington Avenue SHARP INext to Strand Theater! SQU I RES SHOP "THE LITTLE STORE WITH BIG At VALUES" The JEWELRY - NOVELTIES Eskuire Men's Shop DOWN IN UNION COMPLIMENTS HAMMQNDIS LACHMAN'S ' - SPECIALTY SHOP 2 'dec' FYQHSI Q SUITS, DRESSES, ACCESSORIES ENDICOTT 46 Washington Avenue Endicott, New York I I 2 Washington Avenue . Telephone 978 gQ6.ww?!3 my MMD W, ,AWB Mfg AM ? o 5 5 I J W fikif if BW M 32 afffww , Y '. ' , . gi f 'Tx fy., 4 ' ' ' G -1 2 Y f , 1 . I , " f f A, , . ,, j .5 ,' ' -' U 1 ' " i'r': . . 2f-N . - ,f ,i 1, , .rr"f',.z:5ff3M. ' . , ' ' ' " f A-i+1'?k1N?i'S T fb ' Q-:-,ifiy 125A :pt :Agn VW... 4 3. Y f '- yy lim , 3-1 . , , 4 '?1"fM' ,. -, ,iw ' -flfg-4 M. 2--W ,H-Wh-if if 'Lfr 'Q

Suggestions in the Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) collection:

Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Union Endicott High School - Thesaurus Yearbook (Endicott, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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