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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY ' ' " ' .••-■■•.■• 5 0702 00102485 ' : ' ' ■ Jm - ■ m v mm KM 3W ' ■■■ ' ■ " . - . " ' PS! ■BBF P» -•• PRO DEO ET ' %:• ' .. HOMINE .- WIITOl ' iflll SHKSB ■ .■:■■.,■ . ' , ' ■■ •• ' ■ ' ■;■ - : ' : - ' ' - ' : :•--•.■ - :.- ' ■■;.:.. :.,,, WEEKS-TOWNSEND MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY GIVEN BY fVa.no?s L. Ta.TV-1 d., 1985 STESPEAN 1984-1985 VOLUME LVII Un ion College Barbourville, Kentucky Wecks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 Dedication Edward H. Black Students, usually involved in their studies, sports, and personal concerns, sometimes do not realize that there are individuals at Union College who both directly and indirectly work for their welfare. One such person is Edward Black, Vice-President for Administration. This year he celebrates his twenty-fifth year of association with the college. Mr. Black enrolled in the college in 1960 and served as president of the student body during his undergraduate years. In 1964 he was appointed Assistant Director of the Student Center, serving also as an instructor of history and interim Dean of Students. He has been Director of Student Services, and, as chairman of the Central Management Team, Mr. Black had responsibility for the operation of the college from the time of President Mahlon Miller ' s resignation until President Phillips assumed office in January, 1983. As Vice-President for Administration, Mr. Black works closely with President Phillips and has general administrative responsibility in the president ' s absence. In recognition of Mr. Black ' s consistent and significant devotion to Union College, the Stespean staff respectfully dedicates this 1985 edition to him. The format of the 1985 Stespean is different from that of previous years. We have attempted to present coverage of events according to the yearly calendar rather than use the usual sectional approach. Therefore, the book is divided into sections for Fall, Winter, and Spring. There is no set location for administration, faculty, staff, and student pictures. Rather, where individuals ' pictures are available, they can be located through the Index at the end of the book. I « FALL Dances have not always been as well attended in the past at Union College. However, this year proved to be an exception to the rule. It seems that Footballers enjoy dancing almost as much as they love the blood, sweat, and tears of the field. Welcome Back Dance W f m. - Al Gover Maher Shaat ARA Steakout Early in the fall semester while the weather is still summery, the ARA food service has an outing at Walker Park, regaling students and other college personnel with grilled steaks and the trimmings. Here are scenes with familiar faces feeding same or just relaxing. £ % m$k,--? ' Lisa Lucas Sherry Callebs Greg Porter Tamara Wilson William McNabb Debbie Grubb Junior Distefano Joseph Emmel Pam Hensley, Glenda Sadler, Dr. Finkel, and Kelly Roaden at Murray State, October, 1985 Kim Rose Randy Bright Bonnie Chadwel. Dan Dusina Anthony Glenna Howard Beverly Kenny Morgan Brock Mayfield Moore Crawford Gamma Beta Phi Officers Greg Cauldwell Dwonna Morris Anthony King Marty Turner Amos Sykes IMG Halloween Dance lota Mu Gamma sponsored the Halloween Dance, with — as one can see here — plenty of ingenious costumes and make-up. Besides the soulful dancing (below) there was also merriment from the smiling witch at right to the punk rockers, Dracula, and Baby Dumpling (bottom). On the opposite page Mom plays parlor maid, a long-haired sergeant teams up with a You-Name- It, and at the bottom of the page a Roman vamp gives pointers to a modern one, Scherazade looks perplexed, and Baby Bunting mistakes a Playgirl Bunny for a wittle wabbit. David Corder Above: Mike Taylor and Maher Shaat; Below: Jim Powell, Campus Minister; Bottom: Sharon Reeves Steve Bradford n !J Billy Ray Browning Bill Jackson and Jason Lemay, above; Center: Union College Cheerleaders Bottom: Non-participants at the Banana Eating Contest Beverly Swafford Cheryl Detherage Robert Armstrong Barefoot in the Park October, 1984 This lighthearted comedy by Neil Simon opened Union ' s 1984-1985 drama season and was the first produced and directed by Rebecca Pettys since she came to the college. In the play, the young newly married Bratters are taking up residence in their first home, chosen by Corie. The apartment is up flights and flights of " breath- taking " stairs. The fun builds as Corie manages to take some of the starch out of her stuff-shirted husband, Paul. In typical Simon fashion, each of the characters is just short of caricature, yet with an underlying reality that makes them so like people we all know, one way or the other. It was an evening of pure pleasure. Kasey Lominac Evans (left) played Corie Bratter with the same comedic sparkle that has charmed Union audiences in the past. Her return to our stage after a year ' s absence was a welcome one. She played the part with unflagging vitality. Sam Bowser (above) as the European charmer, Victor Velasco, made his mark with every scene he was in. Sam has contributed a number of memorable performances in past productions as well as working backstage. Whitney Green (right) has played lead roles in previous productions, but his portrayal of Paul Bratter was his best yet. Carl Turner ' s minor role as the Telephone Repair Man was a gem of that occupation ' s imperturbability in the face of human foibles. D.J. McMullin (right) as Corie ' s mother, Mrs. Banks, was hilarious as Mr. Velasco ' s charm gave her a new outlook. Jim Powell, the delivery man (below), had no lines to speak, but he didn ' t have to! His actions were better than words. f • R Robert Dena Michael Tonya Marcus Gatton Cole Miller Miller Roland The Union College Singers in concert, under the direction of Dr. Joe Tarry Susan Young Darrell Burks Diane Fain Wayne Newman Jennifer Van Sickle Alice Jeff Jennifer Greg Clara Heeger Fryman Phipps Duncum Merriweather Does Allan Green think Rome is burning? Willie Johnson jm Dawn McQueen Samuel King Susan Horton Brian Lee Faculty Appreciation Day Each fall the Union College Chapter of the Gamma Beta Phi Society honors the faculty and staff of the college by inviting them to a brunch in the Fellowship Room of the Student Center. Besides coffee and fruit juice, the honorees are treated to a wide variety of finger foods ranging from candy to cookies to doughnuts to coffee cake and all sorts of diet-discouraging snacks. The project is part of the Gamma Beta Phi dedication to being of service to the academic community where there are Gamma Beta Phi chapters. Service, as the coat of arms on the facing page shows, is one of the key words for Gamma Beta Phi members. Scholarship is also important as a key word as well as Character. The Gamma Beta Phi Coat of Arms Although football officially began in 1922, an attempt was made to organize a team in 1905 by Percy Ports. Ports came to Union fresh out of college as head of the science department. There was no funding, but plenty of enthusiasm. The players bought their own uniforms and orange and black jerseys, setting a trend for Union ' s school colors. On October 16, the first game was played on the present site of Stevenson Hall against Williamsburg Institute. Union lost 37-0. One week later, Union again lost at Williamsburg 47-0. Revenge came on November 4 with Union beating Williamsburg 27-0. In April 1906, the calt for spring training received no support. T discontinuance of a collegiate 3 program, the fire 1906 and an injury to Ports, trje falj|O l£0f 44444 4 A A t ft tf » were all factors leading to the discontinuance of football. Men ' s baksetball was substituted in 1906-7. Below: Union ' s first football team: 1. Chas. G. Cole, 2. Wendell Stratton, 3. Will D. Jarvis, 4. P.L. Ports, 5. W.E. Faulkner, 6. W.M. Dishman, 7. Chas. G. Black, 8. Clarence R. TatrhtfTer, " 9. Lee This is 1 ip -, m iiiiliii •m Vanhoose, 10. B.R. Remarks, Tli ' mW h - A.M. Decker, 12. Ray S. Fellows, 13. Robert Howes, 14. J. Alex Tinsley, 15. S.B. -Dishman, Jr., 16. Tom Woods, 17. V.C. McDonald, 18. Jack Hale. psafe: 5? hr ££ • ' ' - S- ' % 358b- Bulldog Country! II . . •; -i-«f % «to fto£ -l F fl jiSlv 5 S3 Wii Looking Back... After 17 years, football was reorganized under W.B. Trosper. Coach T.M. Funk took over from 1923-5. Union won 8, lost 14 and tied 1 game. At right: 1923 Bulldogs: Bruce Mayhew, Calvin Geyer, Tom Foley, Josh Faulkner, Jess Blanton, Jakie Howard, Clarence Webb, Coach Funk, Clyde Hensley, Cyrus Brown, Robert Mason, John Fred Williams, Green Turner, Charles Rice, Ben Dishman, B.F. Hensley, William Mayhew, Herbert Perkins, John Burkhart, Noble Smith, Luther Scott, Manuel Zamora, Asst. Coach Alvin Delph, Robert Peters, Delmar Jarvis. Coach John Wolfe did not fare much better in 1926-8, but Union scored an astonishing 104-0 against Sue Bennet in 1928. Under Coach J.R. Bacon (1929-42), Union gained respect as a team. During the year 1934, undoubtedly the peak of Union ' s football days, the Bulldogs played an undefeated season. At right: 1934 undefeated team: Back row: Clarence (Ossie) Burch, Bill Buchanan, Curtis Stringer, John Gaines, Capt. John York, Marvin Young, Bill Morton. Second row: Coach J.R. Bacon, Clarence Messer, Milton Galbraith, Andrew Miracle, Bill Raines, T.G. Lewis, Millard Saylor. Front row: John A. Turner, Tommy Symansic, Kelly Cornelius, Roland Horrall, Dan Snyder, T.J. Luke, Roland Patterson, Ed. Landreth. Coach Bacon was awarded " Kentucky ' s Outstanding Coach " in 1940. Football at Union was discontinued in 1942 for the duration of the war. Bottom right: 1940-1 Bulldogs: Back Row: George Jones, James Howard, Bill Carigan, J.C. Cartmill, Hubert Cliftin; Third Row: Cecil Rice, Clyndon Miracle, Joe Reese, John Gross, Fred Stevens; Second Row: Dennis Dolvin, Clayton Killion, Luther Mullins, Bill Nau, Steve Kasman, Jack Peace; Front Row: Stevie Fox, Edwin Lawson, Hughs Bennet, Malcolm Armstrong, Archie Peace. : A ■ % 1 o u u u u u u iff i ■$ £ ♦ a u u u u ,»• it And Forward . . Planning the football program became a community affair. Ossie Burch and Bill Nau, former Union College football players, were instrumental in raising funds to kick off the program, Knox Central Vocational School built the ticket booths. A concession stand was built. A 30 ' by 8 ' press box, built by Dant Company of Louisville, features 12 windows, light, heating and accommodates 15-20 people. Four hundred hemlock bushes were placed around the field. Pepsi-Cola Company of Corbin donated the scoreboard (Top photo). Bob Potter, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, designed the weight room. (Center of bottom photo) It features free weights, two offices, an equipment room, laundry facilities and a 30 ' by 56 ' weight-lifting area for bench presses, squat racks, meek machines and incline benches. Shown with Mr. Potter are Coach Shackleford and Pete Moore. The bulldozing was done by contractor Burchell Blevins (Center of middle photo). Shown with him are former Coach Pate and President Phillips. A stadium was also built, which has a seating capacity of 1,500 people. Benefactors, too numerous to name, will be permanently engraved on a plaque and attached to the stadium. Pre-Game Excitement was in the air on the eve of the season ' s first game against Southwest Baptist! Alumni gathered in the Fellowship Room and were shown film clips of past games. Memorabilia such as an original jersey worn by an alumni Bulldog, a dated Stespean and news clippings sparked remembrances of past games. Afterwards, a crowd gathered in Pfeiffer Hall for a wake in honor of the Southwest Baptist Bearcat. All dutifully " mourned " as Reverend Powell recited a eulogy for the Bearcat in his coffin. Bulldog fans then hoisted the coffin and marched to the field, where the bearcat was burned in effigy amid yells of " Beat the Bearcats! " . The morning before the game, alumni and Bulldogs ate brunch together. At 1:15 parachutists, trailing colored streams of smoke, landed on Union ' s field. A football was handed to Turner and Green, to Howard (all former Union football players), then to President Phillips, who handed it to the 1984 Bulldogs. Fans, alumni and student screams filled the air as the announcer began the game with " THIS IS BULLDOG COUNTRY! " . At right: Bonfire pictures. Pam Hensley (behind box) and Kelly Roaden carry supplies. Fans begin to gather. The Big Day! ,: |fi ■ Hf W Starring! — Knox Central High! Ready — Set — Go! Standing room only. Above: A reflective moment. Below: Some of the old gang of the estimated 800-1000 alumni at the Southwest Baptist game. Ralph Bostic, a former Union football player, stated in the Courier-Journal, " This makes me feel like I have rolled back the calendar 42 years. I think this is great. They should have done this right after the war was over. " Above: President Phillips and Sweetheart Queen candidates — Felicia Pembleton, Nancy Dunaway, Glenna Brock and Christy Jones. Sweetheart Queen — Glenna Brock. Left to right: President Phillips, Dr. Luther White, President of Kentucky Wesleyan College, Dr. Paul (Pete) Moore, and Dr. Mike Pollio, athletic director at Kentucky Wesleyan. This year marks the initiation of the " John Wesleyan Award " , presented at the Union Wesleyan game. It is to be given annually to the winning football team, establishing a long tradition between the two sister Methodist schools over the years. Kentucky Wesleyan began their football program last year. The two teams had not met since 1928, with Kentucky Wesleyan winning 60-0. Kentucky Wesleyan took the trophy home this year, but there is always next year! 11 toL ± $ .1 rizu— hfl dLiir f " idlS , i LB ' gm gKv TMK3 m |p= T 5C7 ' vH w kS M Iuoti At left: Coach Shackelford leads the Bulldogs to the field. Bottom left: Channel 27 (WKYT- TV) Lexington, Kentucky and Channel 18 Action News were on hand at Union ' s first game against Southwest Baptist. Below: Try and Catch this! Above: Gotcha! Below: Is this soccer?! r!-- 3— m ■■■■■ ' Above: Coaching staff includes from left to right: Todd Metcalfe — Linebacker Coach, Gary Barnett — Defensive Secondary Coach, Head Coach Robert Shackelford, Ken Roark — Offensive Line Coach, Phillip Russell — Receivers Coach and former H ead Coach John Pate. Below: Managers and trainers include from left to right: Jeff Reide, Christy Jones, Terri Madden, Elaine Babbs, Robin Hornsby and John Chamberlain. _, Above: 1984-5 Union College Bulldogs The 1984-5 Bulldogs are the beginning of many football seasons at Union. The season did not end with a bang, but it is certainly not indicative of the future of Union ' s football program. Most players are freshmen and were literally thrown together in time to play football. As a result, they faced a season of adversity, with one win out of seven games. From this adversity, however, the teammates have grown close, developed pride and character within themselves and have a sense of true team spirit. Several Bulldogs did exceptionally well and are worthy of mention. Greg Arnette was selected as District 32 Defensive Player of the Week (below right). Doug Collins was selected as District 32 Offensive Player of the Week (below left). Head Coach Robert Shackleford is a native of Fort Benning, Georgia. He played football at St. Norbert College at Greenbay, Wisconsin as defensive end. He was named to All-Wisconsin Independent College Association Team for all 4 years of his career. His excellent playing led to tryouts with the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons as a free agent. Before coming to Union College, he was an assistant coach with the Fort Benning Doughboys in 1982. He was also an assistant coach for Georgia Southwestern College in 1983. Twenty-five year old Shackleford states that, " I ' m probably one of the youngest head football coaches in the country, " and that he ' s " excited about the appointment. There ' s a tremendous amount of responsibility that goes along with being a head football coach, but I just plunge myself into the job. I just come to work every day with a positive attitude and go about accomplishing my goals, which is to put together a winning football program. " Defensive linebacker, John Luttrell, has the distinction of receiving an honorable mention by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (NAIA). He was named to the 1984 Division II All American Football Team. During the 1984 season, Luttrell was selected three times as the NAIA District 32 Defensive Player of the Week. He made 56 tackles during the seven-game season for an average of 8 per game, 24 assists for an average of 3.3 per game, 7 quarterback sacks causing 5 fumbles and recovered 1 fumble. Luttrell is a 1982 graduate of Harlan High School. While playing high school football, he was named to the All- Conference Team for 3 years, All-State Second Class A and received an All-State Honorable Mention. Twenty-one year old John Luttrell is a sophomore at Union College. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gurney of Harlan, Kentucky. He and his wife, Teresa, have an 8 month old son, Justin. The Snows Come WINTER IW MY) rAk 1 yl x Y I l G V iNv 1 ) ,4? Barry Tressler v - XSSS y ' 1 ck V Above: Mark Phipps in a fog. at right: Bright, and Dr. John Taylor take to the Kenny Bright, Dr. Arthur Hafner, Randy trail. Below: Bill Jack Wilson reads! Billy Ray Brownin Above: Jerry Cornwell admits a smile, business. Below: Dan Crabtree had his Above right: Dr. Bob Pettys gives the a ir conditioner going when posing here. Richard Onskt The Gang on the Gashouse: Jim Powell, President Phillips, Joe Tarry Chuck Wood Dwight Engle Ken Armstrong Dan Dorton Bill Jack Williams Eric Walden Tony Sanford Dwayne Market Kirby Hoskins Kevin Singleton Debra Smith Randy Sweat Brad Ingle Ronnie Reece Rob Armstrong Alvin Bailey Bulldog Basketball Football or no football, basketball continues to keep its place in the interest of Union students. On these pages we give equal space to the men ' s and the women ' s teams, both of which made good showings in the 1984-85 season. As the yearbook goes to press, James Anderson has been chosen for a try-out with the Portland, Oregon, Trailblazers. On this page Joe Karr (right), Kevin Jones (below left), and Al Gover (below right), all show Bulldog form. On the facing page Reggie Griffin, backed by Kevin Jones, appears to be soaring for a slam dunk. While our basketball teams did not bring home any championship bacon this year, both Coach Karen Fishbaugh and Coach Bill Peterson, with the assistance of Jeff Price, are due congratulations for their outstanding work with the players. s % S«S| James Anderson soars with his usual agility (top left) while Reggie Griffen shows both his power and the effort given to the game (top right). Below, the Cheerleaders, left to right: Kim Penn, Ter esa Ellison, Bobbi Sutherland, Bonitta Williamson, Teresa Mills, Melissa Myrick, and Elizabeth Veitch. Top: Reggie McLeroy and Joe Karr. Bottom: Kevin Singleton sings before a game, another facet of his many talents. Even the Union College Singers, vestments and all, did their bit under Joe Tarry to boost the Bulldogs. Above, Griffin gives an assist for a slam dunk to Eddie Lee Towe II. Top right: Griffin blocks. Below right: The exhibition game with the Athletic Challengers. Coach Karen Fishbaugh talks to her team, above. Below, Amy Harris shows Lady Bulldog form. Above: Patty Burke and Deanna Toles. Below left: The redoubtable Amy Harris. Below right: The Lady Bulldogs ' managers, Sherry Messer and Felicia Pembleton. On the facing page: Regina Hubbard who was named Athlete of the Year, a well deserved honor, considering her outstanding record at Union College. .»JBl s r If Mfe KM 1 11 1 ■■ i • Above left: Lisa Johnson; Right: Jennifer VanSickle; Below: Burke and Toles seem to be keeping a wary eye on the referee. Facing page, top: An occasion when basketball play can look like modern dancing. Below: The essential in-game strategy session. --•s Christmas, 1984 " A Madrigal Dinner at the Home of Charles Wesley " For several years now Union ' s Department of Music and Fine Arts has presented what has come to be generally called a Madrigal Dinner. Again this year, in the main lounge of the Student Center, members of the college community and many local supporters of the college gathered to enjoy a specially designed menu and to watch and listen to a dramatic and musical presentation depicting the spirit of the Christmas season. Directed by Joe Tarry, the setting this year was the home of Charles Wesley, the brother of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. As the guests arrived (the Union College Singers), they were greeted in cordial style by Charles Wesley ' s servant, Betty. With the arrival of John Wesley himself, there followed a variety of familiar and traditional musical selections associated with the Christmas season. A group of carolers joins the festivities and also children carolers (the Barbourville City Elementary Choir). Gentlemen guests of the Wesleys, Jackey Cox, Jack Brooks, Ron Vanover, Joe Emmel, and Whitney Green join Charles Wesley and his brother John (Scott Schweitzer and David Bernard) in a Yule song, accompanied by Lynne Robinson. Betty Stroud of the music faculty played the role of Betty, the Wesley ' s servant. She sang five solos in the course of the evening. Dr. Stroud is shown at right as she sings for the guests assembled at the Wesley home, accompanied by Lynne Robinson. Below, Betty again sings for the assembly, here joined by a group of adult carolers, like the guests, members of the Union College Singers under the direction of Joe Tarry. Sherry Caudill Ralph Hall Darrell Burks Edwin Allin Albert Barnes Jackie Cox is understandably alone. Jack Karr Roy Thornberry Brian Burchell Bill Cox Willie Johnson Greg Mike Angelo Rodney Carl Long Weseman Desando Sizemore Turner Dwight Hendrix thanks a benefactor. Bennie Hensley Tommy Covey Chaz Martin Greg Norton Cotha Van Doran Jane Robbins Deril Mays 1 Debbie Prichard Left: Genetta Johnson Below: Paula Allen Right: Bob Pettys Janet Tarry 1111 ill! Cindy Eversole Above: Alan ( " Big Bird " ) Byrd contemplates the complexities of life. Below: Lori Bain and Eric Bowling put a best foot forward. John Whitaker Above: Delila Miller is not framed by the Business Office window — for a change. Below: Warren Robbins, Graduate Dean. Terry Welch Joe Karr BXA Valentine Dance Cupid had a chance to do his everloving work at this festive evening sponsored by Beta Chi Alpha. Above, Bobbi Sutherland and Chick Davenport tend the door while below left. Miles Estes does the disc jockey bit. On the opposite page some of the crowd in action seem to be enjoying themselves, moving to the music or just sitting one out. Janice Poff Joe Hacker Karen Inkster Regenia Rhodes Faye France Larry McKay Darwin Vickery Steve Bradford Burley Burkhart Larry Jordan Robert Swanson hates being photographed. Ronnie Vanover Kenny Gilmore Mike Waters Richard Rutherford Lance Hogsten C» Left: Robert Matthews and Rickie Allen; Below: Elaine Babbs Angel Street February, 1985 Glenna Marie Brock (below) stares moodily at the camera in her role as Mrs. Manningham in this suspense thriller, perhaps better known by the motion picture title, Gaslight. Mrs. Manningham is a young wife in England of the 1880s whose husband is intent on driving her mad as part of his nefarious plans to obtain valuable jewels. Marc Roland as Mr. Manningham made his debut in this production, handling a difficult role effectively, although he stepped into the part only a short time before performance dates. Scott Schweitzer as Rough, the London detective, the savior of Mrs. Manningham, created a distinctive character whose seemingly offhand manner was deceptive. Both Miranda Stroud and Leslie Long were effective as servants in the Manningham household, and Roscoe Burns, Jr. and Mark Harris skillfully performed their somewhat athletic roles. At one point, when Mrs. Manningham seems about to cut her villainous husband ' s throat, the audience actually urged her to do it! (Right) A tense moment in this suspense drama shows Rough (Scott Schweitzer) and a policeman (Roscoe Burns, Jr.) as they finally catch the evil Mr. Manningham (Marc Roland) as he tries to flee the consequences of his dastardly crimes. His much abused wife watches from the rear. (Below) The backstage crew of a drama production frequently outnumbers the cast itself. Not only that, some of this essential crew often put in as many hours and as much effort as the hard-working actors. Here is the crew of Angel Street: From the top, Amos Sykes, Bob Sweeney, Chick Davenport, Tammy Sweeney, Valerie Sheilds, Jennifer Phipps, Cherie Schweitzer, and Cheryl Cole. These workers deserve a round of applause too! Rah ' Rah! 1985 style Clif Gregory Tony Turner 4 1 Eric Neff Tony Moss Greg Caldwell Rocky Hickman Marty Turner Dianne Ferris George Georgitsis Bart Welch Greg Duncum Scotty Robinson i Barry Thomas Lisa Taylor keeps a wary eye out for Scott Plummer ' s number 10 ' s, at top left. Dwayne Market is ready for pennies from above. Below: Bobbi Sutherland flashes her smile. Sevier Rebecca Pettys is happy to talk about Right: Many Turner is a copy-cat. Shakespeare ' s Globe Theatre, at left. Below: Kenneth Alford grins — he ' s thinking up another test! I Left: James Anderson, Chick Davenport. Above: Connie Swanson Phillip Russel Above: Margaret Senters Below: Anne Adams Above: Rhonda Price Below: Santaram Chilukuri Above: Clevis Carter Below: Allen Engle 1 -m V 1 SPRING Jazzercise? Patty Vavrick Butch Daugherty Brent Flynt Rick Proffitt Charles Gross Charles Ellis Ralph Kevin Debbie Miracle Bradford Hall Trail Wilson Jean Letch keeps Continental Telephone busy. Kristy Jones Michael Torres Scott Price Anthony Morgan Earl Orcutt Gamma Beta Phi The Union College Chapter of Gamma Beta Phi issues invitations to eligible students to pledge the honor society twice each year. The organization is affiliated with the national Gamma Beta Phi Society which holds conventions each year at both the state and national levels. At right are shown fall, 1984, pledges at their induction ceremony, and below the pledges inducted in the spring, 1985. On the facing page Dr. Woody and Dr. Finkel are on the left with Pam Hensley, chapter president, and Kelly Roaden, chapter secretary, all pictured when they attended the state convention at Murray State University. Members are deep in deliberations at a monthly meeting in the Student Center. Bulldog Baseball On these pages we show scenes from both the men ' s baseball action and the championship women ' s Softball prowess. The women brought home the KWIC Championship. i ' i. Above: Virginia Saddler Below: Doris Thompson Above: Frances Patridge Below: John Taylor 2 : Spring Jam This rock ' n ' roll fest was sponsored by Campus Ministry, produced by Greg Browning with the technical assistance of Clifford Slusher and Doug Watson. It ivened the April atmosphere and showed the variety of musical talent at Union. A Night of One-Acts The 1984-85 drama season at Union ended with the production of " A Night of One-Acts, " traditionally an all-student production. This year only Jason LeMay worked on play direction under Dr. Rebecca Pettys. Therefore the play under his direction was the featured one. LeMay directed Peter Shaffer ' s " The Private Ear, " a little slice of life showing how a young smoothie with moxie can beat out a really nice young man when it comes to attracting women. The second play, " The Boor, " directed by Dr. Pettys is by the Russian playwright, Anton Tchekoff, about a widow who is restored by the love of a domineering grain dealer (the boor) from her commitment to the life of a recluse. The two casts of the plays are shown in the picture above. Standing: Jackey Cox played Tchaik, the " nice " young man in LeMay ' s play, Ronnie Vanover was The Boor, and Mark Harris came across as the predatory fellow on the make in " The Private Ear. " Seated are the three women in the one-acts: Alexis Southard played Doreen, the girl the smoothie steals from Tchaik, Vivian Powell kept the audience laughing with her hilarious portrayal of Luka, the peasant domestic in the Tchaikoff play, and Cheryl Cole was the widow who succumbed to the blandishments of the macho boor. It was a debut performance for all, and each individual performance gave evidence of a new and promising pool of drama talent. Union College Singers « r XT4 x x iwawgw r 4 xT x c X U xT x x x ■f v v i yN v The Union College Singers under the direction of Dr. Joe Tarry went on tour during the 1985 Spring Vacation, singing in churches around Kentucky. Above, the Singers are pictured at one of their performances, this one in Frankfort. The Singers also gave a concert in the Conway Boatman Chapel on April 18, 1985. Pictured above, top row: Jackey Cox, John Brooks, David Bernard, Kevin Singleton, Carl Turner, and Ronnie Vanover. Next row: Whitney Green, Rodney VanHoose, Dan Meadows, Russel Pope, John White, and Jerry Pennington. Third Row: Candy Armstrong, Ann Naglee, Cheryl Cole, Lori Brockman, Nora Tibizayo, Lisa Mills, Miranda Stroud, Priscilla VanHoose, Sandy Worsham, and Lori Morrison. Front Row: Glenda Coffman, Tammy Sweeney, Sandra Carter, Barbara Garland, Karen Hood, Melissa Myrick, and Brenda Campbell. Marty Turner is not shown. The Singers hope in the future to make more extensive tours, perhaps even to Europe, and they are planning fund raising projects to finance such ventures. The concert on campus in April, 1985, was recorded and professionally produced cassettes were made of the recording. Members of the Singers sold advance orders for the cassettes before the end of the school year as a means of earning tour money. Mrs. Juanita Phillips, with the help of Dr. Dianne Ferris, organized a Presi- dential Yard Sale which also produced funds which a part of will be held as part of the accumulating tour expense money. The Bullfrogs The 1984-85 Swim Team: Mike Taylor, Maher Shaat, Mike Smith, Lance Hogsten, Chris Ennslin, Coach Todd Metcalfe «fc_ x . Faces Teresa Allie Pete Moore Larry Inkster Penny Reinhardt George Black Connie Mayfield Mary Walker Cheryl Hamil Joe Tarry Jim Cox Jody Branstutter Jan Finkel James Kerley Maybe it ' s a good thing we can ' t hear what they ' re saying. Swanson looks bored, Harris scored, and others ignored. Cabaret, 1985 ■ •- • 4% V M X Variety may be the spice of campus life, if you ' ll excuse that old, but true saying . . . Post-Commencement mob scene, May, 1985 Clockwise: Frank Nussbaum, Ron Rosenstiel, Elizabeth Harris, Debbie Davis, Paul Stephenson, and Beverly Hensley (I M B I II ii I A. President Phillips congratulates John Boyd, awarded emeritus status at the May Commencement. IBB • ■ . ■ . ? « ■:•■•:• ■ •:•■•:•■ Myrlyn Lawson Above: Sharon Mills Below: Cheryl Brown Louise Martin Bill Peterson Carlyle Ramsey Index Most of the persons listed in this index are shown in individual photographs on the pages indicated. In some cases they may be pictured with others, and in some cases persons shown engaged in group activities are not listed in the index. Adams. Anne, 72 Adams, Jimmy, 8 Alford, Kenneth, 71 Allen, Paula, 57 Allen, Rickie, 65 Allie, Teresa, 92 Allin, Edwin, 54 Anderson, James, 50. 72 Anderson, Todd, 70 Armstrong. Ken, 40 Armstrong, Robert. 17. 41 Arzoumanian, John, 11 Babbs, Elaine, 65 Bailey, Alvin, 41 Bain, Lon, 58 Barnes. Albert, 54 Black, George, 92 Bowling, Eric, 58, 62 Boyd. Dr. John. 100 Bradford. Ellis. 75 Bradford, Steve, 16. 62 Branham, Bobby, 71 Branstutter, Jody, 93 Brantley. Brian, 62 Bright, Kenny, 38 Bright, Randy. 12, 38 Brock, Glenna, 13 Brockman. Lori, 8 Brooks. Aaron, 40 Brown. Cheryl. 101 Browning, Billy Ray. 17. 38 Browning, Greg. 56 Bunch, Ivan, 85 Bunsu, Kagawa, 10 Burchell, Brian, 54 Burke, Patricia. 48. 50 Burkhart, Burley, 62 Burks, Darrell, 20, 54 Byrd, Alan, 58 Cabuay, Benpierre, 8, 10 Callebs, Sherry, 11 Carter, Clevis. 72 Caudill, Sherry, 54 Cauldwell, Greg, 13, 69 Chadwell, Bonnie, 12 Cheerleaders, 17 Chilukuri, Santaram, 72 Clark, Gary, 40 Clark, Shorty, 77 Coffman, Glenda, 7 Cole, Dena, 20 Collins, Doug, 70 Corder. David, 16 Cornwell, Jerry, 39 Cornwell, Martha, 77 Covey, Tommy, 55 Cox. Bill. 39, 54 Cox, Jackie, 54 Cox, Jim, 93 Crabtree, Dan, 39 Crawford, Kenny, 13 Daugherty. Butch. 74 Davenport. Trenace Chick, 38. 72 Davis, Debbie, 100 Deadwyler, Janet, 16 DeSando, Angelo, 55 DeSando, Paul, 39 Detherage, Cheryl, 17 Distefano, Junior, 12, 68 Dorton, Dan. 40 Duncum. Greg, 21, 69 Duff. Kevin, 74 Dunn, Judy. 76 Dusina, Dan, 12 Emmel, Joe, 12 Engle, Allen, 72 Engle, Dwight, 40 Ennslin, Chris, 90 Evans, Kasey, 93 Eversole, Cindy, 58 Fain, Diane, 20, 64 Ferris. Dianne, 69 Finkel. Jan, 12. 93 Fishbaugh, Karen, 85 Flynt. Brent, 74 Foley. Glen, 62 France, Faye, 62 Frederick, Jeff, 71 Fryman, Jeff. 21 Gallion. Cassie, 84 Gatton, Robert, 20 Georgitsis, George, 69 Ghosal, Mary Ann, 84 Gilmore. Kenny. 63 Gover, Al. 7 Green. Allan, 21 Gregory. Clif, 68 Griffin. Reggie, 46 Gross, Charles, 74 Gross, Ronnie, 62 Grubb, Debbie, 12 Hacker, Joe, 62 Hafner, Arthur. 38 Hall, Ralph, 75 Hamil, Cheryl, 92 Harp, Sam, 68 Harris, Amy. 47 Harris, Elizabeth, 100 Harris, Mark. 8. 95 Heeger, Alice, 21 Hendrix, Dwight. 55 Hensley, Bennie. 55 Hensley. Beverly, 100 Hensley, Pam, 12 Hickman, Rocky, 69 Hogsten, Lance, 63. 90 Horton, Susan, 21 Hoskins, Kirby, 41 Hubbard, Regina, 49 Ingle, Brad. 11. 41 Inkster, Karen, 51 Inkster, Larry. 62, 92 Jackson, Bill, 17 Jackson, Randy, 16 Jenkins. Shiela. 59. 68 Johnson, Genetta, 57, 65 Johnson, Lisa. 50 Johnson, Willie, 21. 54 Jones. Kristy, 75 Jordan, Larry, 62 Karr, Jack, 54, 56 Karr, Joe, 59 Keith, Daphme. 65 Kelly, Michael. 58 Kerley, James, 93 Khatri, Nazir, 76 King, Anthony, 13 King, Samuel, 21, 63 Lawson, Myrlyn. 101 Lay, Mary Alice, 76 Lee, Brian. 21, 59 LeMay, Jason, 17 Letch, Jean, 75 Long, Greg, 55 Love, Keith, 68 Lucas, Jaime Lisa. 10 Luttrell. John, 63 Madden, Terri. 93 Marigold, Gordon, 77 Market, Dwayne, 40, 41, 70 Martin. Chaz. 55 Martin, Louise, 101 Matthews, Robert, 65 Mayfield. Connie, 92 Mayfield, Howard, 13 Mays. Bernard. 40 Mays, Deril. 57 Merriweather, Clara. 21 Messer, Andy, 7 Messer, Sherry, 48 Metcalfe, Todd, 84. 90 Miller, Delila, 59. Miller, Michael, 20 Miller, Tonya, 20 Mills, Darita. 84 Mills, Sharon, 101 Mills, Teresa, 74 Miniard. Tim, 68 Miracle. Charles, 75 Moore, Beverly, 13 Moore, Pete. 92 Morgan, Anthony, 13, 75 Morris, Dwonna, 13 Morrison. Lon. 1 1 Moss, Anthony, 38, 69 McFerrin, Jim, 64 McKay, Larry. 62 McKinney, Don, 56 McNabb. Larry. 7 McNabb, William, 12 Naglee, Ann, 63 Neff, Eric, 69 New, Freda, 56 Newman. Wayne, 20 Norton, Greg, 55 Nussbaum, Frank, 100 Onskt, Richard, 39. 74 Orcutt, Earl, 75 Patridge. Frances, 84 Pembleton, Felicia, 48 Penn. Kim, 10 P.erry, Jeff, 64 Peterson, Bill. 101 Pettys, Bob, 39, 57, 93 Pettys, Rebecca, 71 Phillips, President Jack C, 40. 76, 85, 100 Phillips, Mrs. Juanita, 85 Phipps. Jennifer. 21 Phipps. Mark, 38 Plummer, Scott. 70 Poff. Janice, 62 Porter, Greg, 12 Potter, Bob, 56 Powell, Jim, 16, 40 Price, Rhonda, 72 Price, Scott, 75 Prichard, Debbie. 57 Proffitt, Rick, 74 Ramsey, Carlyle, 100. 101 Rand, Richard. 68 Redmond. Rick, 63 Reece. Ronnie, 41 Reeves. Sharon, 16 Reinhardt, Penny. 92 Rhodes. Kim, 12 Rhodes, Regenia, 62 Richardson, Paul, 74 Roaden, Kelly. 12 Roark. Ken, 64 Robbins, Jane, 57 Robbms, Warren, 59 Robinson. Scotty. 69 Roland, Marcus, 20 Rosen. Ron, 76 Rosenstiel, Ron, 100 Russell. Phillip. 72 Russell . Scott. 63 Rutherford, Richard. 63 Saddler, Virginia, 84 Sadler, Glenda, 12. 71 Sadler, Marketta, 64 Sanford. Tony. 41 Scott, Russell, 63 Senters, Margaret. 72 Sevier. Jeff. 70 Sexton. Phyllis, 85 Shaat, Maher. 8, 16, 90 Short, Raymond. 1 1 Simpson. Billy. 40 Singleton, Kevin, 41 Sizemore. Rodney. 55 Slusher. Clifford. 10 Smith, Cynthia. 10 Smith, Debra. 41 Smith, Mike. 90 Solley. Kevin. 71 Stephenson, Paul, 100 Stroud. Betty. 8 Sutherland. Bobbi, 62. 80 Swafford. Beverly. 17 Swanson. Connie. 72 Swanson, Robert. 63, 95 Sweat, Randy. 41 Sykes, Amos, 13, 68 Tarry, Janet, 57 Tarry. Joe, 40, 92 Taylor, Dr. John, 38, 84 Taylor, John. 58 Taylor, Lisa, 70 Taylor. Mike. 16. 90 Thomas. Barry, 70 Thompson, Doris. 84 Thornberry, Roy, 54 Toles, Deanna. 48, 50 Torres. Michael. 75 Townsend. Milton. 8 Trail. Kevin. 75 Tressler. Barry. 38 Turner, Carl, 55 Turner, Marty. 13. 69. 71 Turner. Tony. 68 Van Doran, Cotha, 55 Vanover, Ronnie, 63 VanSickle. Jennifer, 20, 50 Vavrick, Patty. 74 Vickery. Darwin. 62. 74 Vietch, Liz. 10 Walden. Eric. 41 Walker, Mary, 92 Warfield, Chelsie. 76 Waters. Mike. 63 Watkins. John, 69 Watson, Doug, 11 Welch, Terry. 59 Wiseman. Mike, 55 Westerman. C.J.. 39 Whitaker. John. 58 Wilcher. Mike, 11 Welch, Bart, 69 Williams, Bill Jack. 40 Wilson. Bill Jack. 38 Wilson. Debbie, 75 Wilson, Tamara. 12 Wood, Candy. 64 Wood. Chuck. 40 Woods. Herschel. 68 Woody. Lester. 65 Young, Susan. 20 Our Advertisers IxmgM SEAFOOD SHOPPES ROUTE 25E BARBOURVILLE, KY. Patron Messages Compliments and blessings from Campus Ministry. — Jim Powell We are proud to have Union College in Barbourville. Our compliments and best wishes to students, faculty and staff. — Mr. and Mrs. Leo Williams and Leo, Jr. Barbourville Sport Shop Full Line of Sporting Goods Top Brands: Wilson, Easton, Bike, Rawlings adidaa " Team Uniforms School Jackets QconvERSE Jf!! 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