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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00103080 8 1984 Stespean |K VOLUME LVI Union College Barbourville, Kentucky Weeks-Townssr i Memorial Library Union,College Barbourville, KY 40906 The Inauguration of Our New President On September 30, 1983, Jack Carter Phillips was inaugu- rated as the fifteenth presi- dent of Union College. Over 60 guests, presidents of colleges and uni- and into the Conway Boatman Chapel. The versifies or their respresentatives, led off the Board of Trustees, officers of the college, and colorful academic procession, down the walk the faculty followed, from Centennial Hall to College Street (above) President Emeritus Mah- lon Miller passes on the medallion with the seal of the college to our new president. The president wears it with his academic regalia on ceremonial occa- sions. President Phillips delivers his inaugural address, the climax of the ceremonies, from the pulpit of the Conway Boatman Chapel. The Chief Marshall of the academic pro- cession, Registrar Edwin LeMaster, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dwight Stewart look smilingly on as Douglas Lunsford, who headed the aca- demic procession bearing the Centennial Flag, exchanges affectionate congratula- tions with President Phillips following the ceremonies. Copyright 1983 The Courier-Journal. Used by permission. The Inauguration Was A Time For Smiles Visiting dignitaries enjoyed a buffet brunch in the gymansium before the inaugural ceremonies. Some facts about the Inauguration Presidents and delegates from 61 col- leges and universities and 9 representa- tives from learned societies and assoca- tions attended the ceremonies. Besides flag bearer Douglas Lunsford, other students served as marshalls in the academic procession: Joe Karr, Donald " Happy " Mobelini, Michael Taylor, and Mathew Kompancaril. Campus Minister Quentin Scholtz smiles with the new president. - The President ' s Lady, Mrs. Juanita Phillips, smilingly poses here with daughter Annette. The president ' s wife plays an important role in the life of the college, serving as its official hostess and lending much time and effort to a variety of projects in its behalf. Serenely happy smiles — and a bit of hand- holding — are typical of the college ' s new president and his wife. They are shown here at the reception in the Student Center following the ceremonies in the Conway Boatman Chap- el. . . . And more facts Mayor Charles Buchanan proclaimed Septem- ber 30, 1983, the day of the inauguration, as " Jack and Juanita Phillips Day " in Barbour- ville. During the ceremonies, Dr. Robert L. Ander- son, minister of Barbourville ' s First Methodist Church and a trustee of the college read the Scripture passages. Dr. Douglas L. Blair, Chairman of the College ' s Board of Trustees, presided at the ceremonies. The Union College Singers, under Dr. Joe Tar- ry, sang the anthem " Praise the Lord " by George Frederick Handel. We ' ve Got Gas The spectacular picture of the flaring of Union College ' s own new gas well was taken about 6 a.m. one morning in early November, 1983, shortly after drilling begun on October 19 and ending on Oc- tober 26, had struck natural gas in two rock formations over 2,000 feet down. Shortly after assuming office, President Phillips appointed an energy committee after Mr. Harold Jones, a Barbourville businessman, suggested that it might be possible to strike gas on college proper- ty. Mr. Jones, as chairman, worked with Dr. Deril Mays, Professor of Psycholo- gy, Mr. Samuel Davies, a trustee, and Mr. Walter Powell, Jr., President of our Alumni Association. The president im- mediately felt that the advantages outweighed the risks. Dr. Mays had al- ready done considerable ground work on the project. More than $50,000 in cash contributions and gifts-in-kind, all from citizens of the Barbourville area, financed the project. Alpha Gas, Wiser Oil, Allegheny Nucle- ar Surveys, Argo Energy Co., and Samar, who supplied the drilling rig, all helped with bringing the well in. With $141,000 budgeted for gas in the 1983-84 fiscal year, with a line run from the well just south of College Park to the campus by Delta Natural Gas Co., early in 1984 the college was already begin- ning to realize substantial savings. Flaring 60 feet in the air, the flame of the gas well casts its light on (left to right) Harold Jones, Deril Mays, President Phillips, Samuel Davies, and Walter F. Powell, Jr. Copyright e 1983, The Courier-Journal. Reprinted with permission. ■ Tension mounted as the drilling rig (right) bore downward into the earth. Harold Jones and Dr. Deril Mays (above) were frequently on hand to observe progress. Mr. Jones proposed to President Phillips that a gas well on Union College property might be feasible, and Dr. Mays contributed much to the project from his experience in drillin oil wells in the Barbourville area. Wiser Oil Co. officials (below) measure the flow of gas from the well as Marshall Potter, Union ' s Director of Buildings and Grounds (left), and Edward Black, Vice President for Adminis- tration (center) look on in the background. Cecil Wilson (right), Union College trustee, expresses the concern everyone felt at this crucial moment. The gas was there, however! Wiser Oil employees put a control device on the outlet of the well as Milton Town- send and Walter Powell look on. In August The Weather Was Warm . . . President and Mrs. Phillips entertained entering freshmen at Baldwin Place dur- ing orientation. Suzanne Owens and Tammie Shepherd smile for the camera while Doug Lunsford, an orientation counselor, appears to have designs on President Jack Phillips ' s punch. Doug Lunsford watches in the background, Chuck Wood sits this one out, and Mike Smith shows his form at balloon bobbling as Jill Garner and Jennifer Van Sickle keep an eye on the proceedings. Lighthouse Singers Mindy Starr, Don Gilbert, and Ann Naglee have a friendly tussle over who gets in the swim first at a retreat at Pine Mountain State Resort Park at the beginning of the fall semes- ter. ... But In January Came Snow The snow did not stop the active men in Stevenson Hall, however. (At left) Alvin Bailey moves to intercept Tim Gurran who is carrying the ball as the snow falls with the same abandon the players seem to have. (Below) Several of the men began to roll up a snowball on the front campus that grew bigger and bigger as they toiled to push it up in the direction of Centennial Hall. They finally managed to push it into the dormitory quad- rangle, and what with one thing and another, they added to it un- til the monster in the large pho- tograph was the result. The small picture shows the work in progress with Wally Eccleston, Mike Miller, Mosheer Abdel- Galil, Jason Wick, and master builder Ted Abner who is sculpting the upper part of the creation. In the large photo- graph, Roby Stamper, one of the original snowballers is second from left. 1 I , •Mint " ii r The Gangs Are All Here The Smith Gang: Four members of the A.J. Smith family are stu- dents at Union in the 1983-1984 year. Shown here with mother, Mrs. Freda Smith, are Mi- chael, Johnny Lee, Tere- sa and Regina. This photograph was made the night of the Parents Weekend Banquet where Michael, Presi- dent of the Student Sen- ate was one of the speakers. At any college, there are always groups of students who have some common interest or who have some distinguishing factor that identifies them as a " gang. " Those on these pages are not exactly " gangs, " but they do share interests or some link that sets them apart as a group. The Basketball Fan Gang: (above) Steve Nagbe, Amos Sykes, and Al Barnes assume an unaccustomed seriousness while they wait for a game to begin. The Upward Bound Gang: (left) Bessi Roark, Verlene Congleton, and Sandy Peters display the plaque given to Upward Bound students. All three have now moved up to full time student status at Union. The college conducts the Upward Bound program each summer. i « Si J : :: :: • ' ■ II :: :: t2SL X The Sons and Daughters of Alumni Gang: From Left, Deronda Collier, Suzanne Owens, Shawn Mc- Donald, Kent Wilson, Lisa Hampton, and Tim Carter. Jt, Back row: Greg Warfield, Becky Warfield, Jon West, Clif Gregory, and Tony Abner. The Singing Gang: The Union Col- lege Singers concentrate on their director Dr. Joe Tarry, or else watch the music for their entrance. Mir- anda Stroud, Ann Naglee, Elin Crabtree, with husband Dan be- hind her, Deronda Collier, Carl Turner, Lori Morrison, and Cotha Van Doren perform in the Conway Boatman Chapel. The Hanging of the Greens Gang: Students and faculty members join in singing Christmas carols around the piano in the chapel as part of the annual ceremony during which the chapel windows are decorated for the Yuletide. There Was Music Tom Bledsoe and Rich Kirby (above) under the auspices of the Appalachian Semester, enterained an appreciative audience with a program of old-time mountain music in the Student Center in November, 1983. Five faculty members (below) take a bow following their presentation of organ and vocal music, part of the observance of Martin Luther ' s 500th anniversary. Betty Stroud of the Music Department presented a recital of art songs and operatic arias in March, 1984. And Time For Fun Rickie Allen, dressed for the occasion, makes a personal purchase at the Daniel Boone Festival to satisfy the inner man. Shiela Tucker (left) of Union ' s Business Department demonstrates consumer economics as she attacks the business end of a hot dog. Susan Sprinkle clowns a bit and gets an answering grin from a child at the Crippled Children ' s Services at the Hearing Center Building. Susan is among those students who volunteer for such good services as part of their commitment to Union ' s C.R.O.S.S., the Campus Registry of Sharing Services. What Is It? Clockwise: A basket- ball floats under the starry gym lights. The gas line being buried under the ath- letic field. A closeup of Cumberland Falls. Reels for photo- graphic film. Year- book photographers do get whimiscal at times! ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AND STAFF President Jack C. Phillips Frances Patridge, Vice President for Student Affairs Edward Black, Vice President for Administrate Dwight Stewart, Vice President for Academic Affairs Milton Townsend, Vice President for College Relations and Development Dwight Hendrix Director of Alumni Affairs Edwin LeMaster Registrar Warren Robbins Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs Donald R. McKinney Dean of Students I .-- Daniel Crabtree Director of Admissions Clevis Carter Director of Coal Technology Program; Assistant Professor of Physical Science Santaram Chilukuri Natural Science Division Chair; Professor of Physics Martha Cornwell Assistant Professor of Sociology James Cox Social Science Division Chair; Associate Professor of Social Work ti -1 : 7n David Davis Assistant Professor of Drama and Speech John Elswick Instructor of Business Administration Allen Engle Instructor of Business Administration; Acting Head, Dept. of Business Jan Finkel Head, Department of English and For- eign Languages; Associate Professor of English Dianne Ferris Humanities Division Chair; Associate Professor of English Allan Green Head, Department of Fine Arts; Associate Professor of Music Karen Fishbaugh Instructor of Health and Physical Education; Women ' s Basketball and Softball Coach Joe C. Hacker Assistant Professor of Business Mary Ann Ghosal Assistant Professor of Mathematics Arthur H. Hafner Adjunct Professor of Education Larry Inkster Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education; As- sistant Director of Athletics Nazir A. Khatri Assistant Professor of Chemistry James Kerley Acting Head, Department of Education; Assistant Professor of Education Mary Alice Lay Assistant Professor of Education Jean Letch Associate Professor of Education Jack Luzkow Assistant Professor Of History W. Gordon Marigold Professor of Languages Richard Lockett Director, Experiential Education; Instructor, Political Science f Robert Matthews Head, Department of Religion and Philosophy; Fran- cis Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion Connie Ruth Mayfield Career Counselor and Instructor James McFerrin Head Librarian, Associate Professor of Library Science Deril Mays Professor of Psychology % Todd Metcalfe Instructor, Physical Education; Intramural Director; Soccer, Swimming, and Tennis Coach Paul Moore Applied Science Chair; Head, Dept. of Physical Education; Athletic Director; Professor of Health and Physical Education Bill Peterson Instructor, Health and Physical Education; Basket- ball Coach Francis Nussbaum Professor of Biology Ron Rosen Assistant Professor of Biology Patricia Schweitzer Dormitory Director, Pfeiffer Hall Adjunct Instructor of Eng- lish Paul Stephenson Assistant Professor of Account- ing Virginia Saddler Assistant Librarian; Associate Profes- sor of Library Science Alma Powers Coordinator of Microcomputer Labo- ratory; Instructor, Computer Science Roy Silver Coordinator of Appalachian Semester; Assistant Professor of Sociology Betty Stroud Associate Professor of Music John Taylor Assistant Professor of History Robert Swanson Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies m DR. DORIS B. THOMPSON Doris Thompson Assistant Professor of Education Sheila Tucker Instructor of Business Administration and Economics Lester Woody Professor of English Andelys Wood Associate Professor of English ' » •, m •• • • Rickie Allen Director of Purchasing Eugene " Jody " Branstutter Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds » 1 Deborah Cornelius Assistant Director, Upward Bound ;: t V ' - ' r ; ' t ' ■■ if Cheryl Brown Business Manager and Treasurer Below: Judy Dunn Secretary, Business Office y 4 Faye France Library Circulation Supervisor Cassie Gallion Secretary, Learning Resource Center Susie Hale Coordinator of Adult Education Cheryl Hamil Secretary, Development Office and Public Information Elizabeth Harris Secretary, Special Programs Office Beverly Hensley Library Secretary Karen Inkster Secretary, Office of the Registrar Warren " Rocky " Healey Manager, ARA Food Service Jack Karr Junior Programmer, Data Processing Center Above: Marlyn Lawson Assistant Business Manager; Assistant Treasurer Right: Louise Martin Computer Operator; Data Entry Supervisor Right: Darita Mills Student Loan Officer Larry McKay Assistant Manager, ARA Food Service Sharon Mills Secretary, Physical Education and Music Right: Freda New Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students ! Janice Poff Secretary in the Student Center Bob Potter Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds — . Debbie Prichard Secretary in the Office of Academic Affairs Penny Trosper Rhinehart Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs Virgena Bingham Rhodes Secretary, Alumni Affairs Office Regenia Rhodes Tutor, Adult Education; G.E.C. Instructor Margaret Senters Secretary, Office of the President Jane Robbins Upward Bound Counselor 4 rt Debra Smith Director of Financial Aid 055, 1 Lori Stevenot Counselor and Secretary, Financial Aid Beverly Swafford Secretary, Office of Graduate Affairs Right: Janet Tarry Director of Special Programs Connie Swanson Secretary, Admissions Office Below: Teresa Williams Allie Admissions Counselor STUDENTS Seniors Roger D. Alford Curtis R. Allen John A. Barnes Mary Elaine Begley Renda Bowling Christine Brock Irene Brock Donna L. Brock Stanley Brock Darris Broughton Melinda A. Buchanan Garrett D. Carnes Sherry S. Caudill Lisa R. Chadwell Terry A. Coleman Vita C. Coleman Deronda R. Collier Billie M. Cornett Kenneth R. Crawford Charlene W. Ditty Kasey L. Evans Bryan K. Frederick Lillie K. Galindo Charlotte K. Gambrel Patricia A. Gambrel Pamela G. Garner Harold Clif Gregory Teresa K. Haggard Charl A. Harper Norman T. Hayes Jeffrey D. Hensley Deborah K. Herd Charles R. Hill Karen R. Hogue Rebecca J. Huntley William M. Jackson Carol J. Jackson Rodger D. Jackson Charles C. Johnson Karen D. Jones Alex R. Lyttle Sue Ellen Marshall Jerry L. Mcintosh Jack B. McWilliams Valerie J. Merida Glenn R. Miller V V V The lounge lizards soak up the radiation from the Boob Tube. Mary Delilah Miller Sherry L. Mills Malcolm Miracle Donald (Happy) Mobelini Stephen T. Nagbe Ronnie W. Napier Penny M. Pace Sherry S. Patterson Catherine M. Pesce Robin L. Poff Roy C. Pulliam Warren K. Reasor Cynthia M. Reinhardt Melody Kay Rice Mark A. Ruffner Peggy L. Sams Paula J. Smith Teresa A. Smith Michael R. Smith Kevin R. Solley Michael L. Taylor Ricardo Testino Michael P. Thompson Tony Turner Sharon P. Warriner Audrey L. White Stephen W. White Tammy L. Williamson " But, Lynn honey, I haven ' t shined my shoes yet. " Left: Pig-out ' And-a-one-and-a-twoand-a Gee, we know this looks embarrassing, but they said Tarzan comes through here a lot. Well, ; ; Hello, b± Dolly! W Look, pilgrim, I don ' t care if I ain ' t got a horse. This town still ain ' t big enough for both of us. No mail! Living legends are a dying breed, and I been feelin ' poorly lately myself. Juniors Troy A. Abner Lea A. Alford Nancy A. Allen James W. Anderson Alvin D. Bailey Anita L. Baker Wanda J. Bowling Felicia G. Bowling Randy E. Bright Kenny L. Bright Drenda L. Brock Lori E. Brockman Lisa A. Brody Kagawa Bunsu Benpierre Cabuay Randy I. Carnes Melinda Combs Johnny D. Cooper Roy W. Cornelius Janet Deadwyler Robert Dunaway Miles A. Estes Audrey J. Fitzgerald Cecil R. Foley George Georgitsis Julian K. Gilbert Alan J. Gover Charles J. Gross Judith P. Hammons Sheryl L. Hammons Ray Harriss Teresa L. Hensley Pamela K. Hensley Lisa D. Hinkle Steven E. Hoskins Regina Hubbard Timmy Hubbard Beverly A. Hudson Jim L. Jackson Lisa M. Johnson Kack T. Karr Jason M. LeMay Kenneth D. Lockard John C. Lusby Margaret E. Martin Deborah J. McMullen John P. Meehan David L. Messer Sherry L. Messer James A. Messer Mark H. Mills Lori L. Morrison Mary J. Moser Betty E. Parrot Lisa M. Parrott Charles Parsley Felicia D. Pembleton Timothy Picklesimer Harold D. Racier Dowanna P. Ramsey Maxine Reed Jeffrey L. Riede Kelly J. Roaden Phillip R. Russell Christopher D. Santarelli William T. Selby Raymond J. Short Daugh Sizemore Charles L. Slusher Darryl L. Smith Regina L. Smith Lloyd B. Smith Deborah L. Smith Barbara Trimarco Carl A. Turner Gregory S. Warfield John R. White Michael J. Wilcher Sherry P. Williams Vicki D. Wilson William J. Wilson Darwin A. Winston Ronald L. Yanich Carma Susan Young ' $ k nil HL .r r Bk Opposite page: Brockman studies, top left, while Short drowses, left center. Top right, Watson " pools " his talent, and bottom, the Camouflage Crowd, Cabuay, Short, Stamper, LeMay, and Jackson model the latest fashion in military wear. This page: Above, Miranda Stroud tries an unusual physical fitness exercise. Be- low left, Crutcher is skeptical, and below right, Har- mon eyes a gourmet item. Sophomores Theodore W. Abner Kenneth E. Adams Jeffrey D. Allie Edwin S. Allin John Arzoumanian Billie Elaine Babbs Gary A. Bain Randall R. Baker Chris N. Bingham Victor A. Bingham Lenora K. Broughton Fred W. Buckner James R. Bundy Carla J. Burns Mary J. Caldwell William D. Campbell Patricia A. Campredon Katrina E. Carnes Brady L. Carroll Jerry E. Carver Verlene Congleton James R. Corum Debra S. Creasy James F. Crutcher Jeffrey L. Dauwe Charley G. Dixon William E. Fulton George H. Scott Cynthia M. Gleason Susan R. Glenn Whitney E. Green Charles D. Greene David K. Greene Reginald W. Griffin Debbie J. Grubb Bonetta Hale James J. Halter Kim Hammons Richard B. Hampton Sharon M. Hampton Lisa A. Hampton James R. Harmon Karen D. Harris Sharon G. Holland Tammy D. Hollin Bobby C. Jackson Arthur A. Jackson Cindy Jones Marion B. Jones Linda J. Junker Joseph C. Karr Suzanne K. King Donna M. Long Paul B. Mahan Kimberly Martin Joann H. Maybrier Louis J. Meehan Kathy A. Mills Mary F. Moore Ann L. Naglee Shuji Ogiwara Sandra K. Overstreet Carolyn S. Payne Jeffery T. Payne Sherry K. Payne Tammie L. Perkins Nickey R. Perry Sandra F. Peters Mark E. Phipps Connie L. Pickard Derrick D. Poff Lonnie Powers Jimmy E. Poynter Keith Reed Vivian J. Rosenbalm Teresa G. Sears Maher Shaat Leah R. Short Union College ' s Nancy Alice Dunaway will represent the college at the Mountain Laurel Festival in Pineville, Kentucky, in late May, 1984. She will be escorted by her brother, Robert Dunaway, who is also a student at Union College. Teresa L. Smith Devonna G. Smith Edwin E. Smith Kelly D. Sprinkles Bobbi A. Sutherland Sherry L. Swafford Randal C. Sweat Robert E. Sweeney Amos K. Sykes Mary E. Taylor Cathy M. Testino Barbara K. Timm Deborah K. Valentine Cotha L. Van Doren Joseph D.Van Sickle Kathy H. Wagers John G. Watkins John G. White Kristina L. Yanich College life may seem to flow more or less smoothly along, with one happening as only a moment in time, but Union College students on these pages are caught by the camera in a moment in that flow of events, working, going to classes, hobnobbing in the Snack Bar, showing off their talent in a show or just having a good time with the exhuberance that all of us feel at times. Fresh men Mocheer Abdel-Galil Jimmy D. Adams Thaer Al-Asa ' d Beverly A. Allen Carl E. Anderson Thomas M. Asher Lonnie W. Ayers Timmy R. Bargo Richard D. Barnett Mary J. Bergman Tammy L. Berkley Vivian K. Bingham Kimberly S. Bingham Swella F. Bingham Glenna M. Brock Ina D. Brock John D. Brock Sharon L. Broughton Peter M. Broughton Keith Bullen James Alan Byrd Martha M. Burkhart Diane S. Carnes Teresa F. Carnes Ellis J. Carnes Timothy F. Carter Bonnie J. Chadwell Cheryl N. Cole Deborah L. Cole Judy K. Collett Karen L. Collinsworth Shelley L. Combs Evelyn S. Cooper Alicia K. Crawford Samuel T. Cutter Trenace Chick Davenport John E. Detherage Kathleen J. Doolin Vickie L. Doolin Nancy A. Dunaway Roy C. Dusina Wallace R. Eccleston Patricia T. Elliott Robert W. Ellison Johnny L. Ellison Tommy J. Ellison Karl Chris Ensslin Charlotte D. Evans Leslie L. Farless Angela R. Farmer Virginia M. Farmer Curtis J. Felts Faye L. France Charles W. France Jeffery A. Frederick Robin Garnett Donald L. Gilbert William J. Gilbert Melissa R. Gilbert Tammy V. Golden Roy L. Goodman Marty J. Gray Hairm Gray Anthony K. Gregory Jwonna Grubb Dwonna Grubb Timothy Gurren Karen G. Hale Paul K. Hale Sherry L. Hammons Amy E. Harris Carl M. Harris Yvonne J. Harrison David A. Hawkins Alice J. Heeger Thomas R. Helton Lavon M. Helton Tony D. Henderson Charles F. Hubbard Tammy L. Huff Amy S. Hufstedler Gerald L. Hyde James P. Ison Randy L. Jackson Terri A. Jackson James D. Jarboe Sheila E. Jenkins Lori A. Jolly Ken R. Jones Kristina M. Jones Frank D. Jones Anthony K. Jones Angie Kersey Dwight E. Kinder Jeffery D. King Sandra L. King Charles Kirk Michael S. Lewis " Pardon me, ladies. May I borrow a cup of sugar from you? " Unfortunately for this group of innocents, photographers can only be stopped by driving a stake into their hearts during a full moon. Andy and Ray p rove that you can tune a guitar, but a G- string is missing on a snake. Leslie K. Long Edward A. Maher Melinda L. Martin Phyllis A. Martin Donald B. Martin Dallas J. Martin Delbert May Melynda J. Mayne Vernora Mays Kellie R. Mays Mark A. McCowan Elizabeth S. McDonald Brian B. McDonnell Mark E. McDowell Dawn E. McQueen Donna L. McWilliams Tracy T. Meadows Dennis R. Medlock James A. Miles Retha M. Miller Michael A. Miller Teresa A. Mills Sherilenna K. Mills Charles D. Miracle Robin L. Moran Joaulonda L. Murphy Tammy R. Murphy Sherry P. Neal Monica Ngazdire Nancy L. Noel Justine M. Noonan Maureen P. O ' Hara Yong-ho Ou Henry D. Owens Suzanne L. Owens Donna J. Owens Bobbie S. Partin Ricky D. Partin Marilyn Patterson Roger D. Perry Patricia J. Pickard Trent T. Pittman Alan Scott Plummer James R. Pope William Quinones Sherrill J. Reed Sharon Reeves Sherry A. Rice Richard C. Ricket Warren M. Riddle Bessie Roark Debra L. Rogers Erian K. Root Kim A. Rose Sharon M. Rucker Glenda K. Sadler Douglas D. Scalf Nabeel A. Shaat Tammie L. Shepherd Eugene Singleton Timothy A. Sizemore Irene B. Sizemore Clifford H. Slusher Johnny Lee Smith Terry S. Smith Stephen C. Smith Steve Smith Susan E. Sprinkle Rhonda F. Sproles Roby Stamper Gregory S. Stephens Karen J. Strong Miranda B. Stroud Kenji Suzuki Timothy L. Swafford Beverly S. Swafford Tamara L. Sweeney Lisa A. Taylor T.J. Taylor Jeannene A. Thompson Katrina Carnes George D. Thompson Norah T. Tibizayo Darrell G. Turner Carl W. Turner Jennifer L. VanSickle Phillip L. Vaughn Patricia M. Vavrick Rebecca S. Warfield Catherine L. Watkins Douglas N. Watson John S. West John M. White Jill E. White Marilu B. Wilder Leslie T. Williams Lisa A. Williams Ronnie Williamson Hobert Williamson Kim C. Williamson Tamara L. Wilson Debra A. Wilson James K. Wilson Jackie L. Wilson Peggy J. Wilson Charles E. Wood Sherry M. Woodall Judy A. York Daralee Gonzales This ?!@X ?4 H FILM! The last of Dean Layton ' s storm troopers. What do you mean, " Since we ' re in the chapel? ' My, my my . . . All them books! I ( SPORTS Left: Darwin Winston uses some fancy footwork to send the soccer ball flying. Above: Chris Santarelli puts on the brakes as Bob Ellison captures the ball and an opponent goes down. Union ' s 1983-1984 Soccer Team: Front Row: Kaga- wa Bunsu, Shuji Ogiwara, Steve Nagbe, John Ar- zoumanian, Kennedy Jawan, Ricardo Testino, and Robert Dunaway. Standing: Darrell and Ted Nussbaum, ball boys; Chris Santarelli, team captain; Darwin Winston, John Lusby, Mark Harris, Bob Ellison, Michael Taylor, team captain; Maher Shaat, and Coach Todd Metcalfe. Soccer Darwin Winston eyes wards off the charge o the airborne ball as John Lusby f an opponent. ¥r ::: ft Maher Shaat gets the ball away with a lusty kick as Bob Ellison watches in the back- ground. The 1983-1984 season was a rebuilding year for Union ' s soccer program. The small, but determined team showed constant im- provement from game to game throughout the season. Coach Metcalfe ' s comment was, " I believe our program was more structured and concentrated this year. Everyone learned a lot and more concentration on fundamentals will pay off in the future. " Scott Plummer, goalie, and Chris Santarelli, fullback, were named All State Tournament Players, with Chris also named All State League Player and Union ' s Most Valuable Player. Darwin Winston, another fullback, was also an All State League Player. Bob Dunaway earned the title of Most Improved Player on the Union team. Union ' s young and energetic team rated third in the " B " Division in the KISA State Tournament. With a year of solid accomplishment be- hind it, the Union College soccer program should attain even better results in the com- ing year. Left: Union ' s players in the striped-sleeved uniforms mix it up with opponents as the ball sails toward the Union goal. Soccer is rapidly becoming a popular sport, and it is now a Varsity sport at Union College. Men ' s Basketball Front Row: Managers Mike Wilcher and Jeff Riede; Joe Karr, Rocky Perciavalle, Darryl Smith, Al Gover, Happy Mobelini, Trent Pittman, and Manager Amos Sykes. Back Row: Head Coach Bill Peterson, Jerry Mcintosh, Kevin Jones, Reggie Griffin, Doug Lunsford, Jimmy Crutcher, James Anderson, and Assistant Coach Jeff Price. The Union College Bulldogs in the 1983-1984 sea- son faced what our coaches considered the " tough- est schedule in the league. " Coach Peterson ' s efforts to build a strong team paid off with the most con- ference wins in some years. One triumph was the defeat of the Cumberland College team which was ranked 9th in the country, their first defeat after 21 straight wins. James Anderson led all colleges and universities in the State of Kentucky in points per game — 24.4, and in rebounds per game — 12.1. Anderson was also named to the first all-conference team and the all-district team. Coach Peterson said, " I feel like this season was definitely a step in the right direction to reach our goal, which is to be able to compete with the best teams in our class, inside or outside of Kentucky. " With five starters return- ing for the 1984-1985 season, as Coach Peterson said, " With almost everyone returning and with the squad playing as well as they did as a team, things should continue to look up. " Above: Joe Karr takes to the air as Georgetown players seem taken by surprise. Below: Happy Mobelini is alert to his opponent as he protects the ball with some fancy footwork. James Anderson exhibits a dancer ' s grace as he attempts another basket to enhance his outstand- ing record per game. Seated: Lisa Taylor, Marilu Wilder, Regina Hub- bard, Lori Jolly, Lisa Johnson, and Manager Felicia B. Pembleton. The Lady Bulldogs finished a commendable season by winning the Kentucky Women ' s Intercollegiate Conference Championship. Individual players dis- tinguished themselves also. Regina Hubbard, for instance, scored her 1000th career point in a game against Pikeville College in the opening round of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament. In addition, she was named to the KWIC Tournament Team, the KIAC Team, and the All-District National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes Team in our District 32, placing 4th in the district in scoring. Back Row: Coach Karen Fishbaugh, Billie Cornett, Sherry Caudill, Jennifer VanSickle, Marquetta Burkhart, Pam Cox, Shelley Combs, Amy Harris, Tammie Perkins, and Manager Sherry Messer. Other Lady Bulldogs also make their mark in the 1983-1984 season. Lisa Johnson led the KIAC in Assists. Sherry Caudill also placed on the KWIC Tournament Team, and Jennifer Van Sickle tied the Union College records in rebounds in one game with 15. Caudill also scored the most points per game against Campbellsville on December 10, 1983; she also made 20 out of 24 free throws in the same game. Lisa Johnson is credited with a total of 10 assists in games against Lincoln Memorial Univer- sity and Clinch Valley College. Besides her tying the Union College record in rebounds with 15, she went on to get 17 in January in a game against Alice Lloyd College. Women ' s Basketball Left: Pam Cox takes aim at the basket. Above: Shelley Combs eludes opponents as she shoots for a score. Below: Amy Harris ' s face shows the effort as she soars upward, trying for a long shot. Sherry Caudill and Shelley Combs move in on the play. Front row: Shelley Combs, Lori Jolly, Lisa Johnson, Sandy Overstreet, Lisa Taylor, Patty Vavrick, and Amy Harris. Back Row: Assistant Coach Roy Silver, Felicia Pemble- ton, Tammie Perkins, Jennifer VanSickle, Lori Brock- man, Teresa Haggard, Regina Hubbard, and Coach Karen Fishbaugh. Debbie Creasy is not pictured. Women ' s Softball The Lady Bulldogs Softball Team had a successful 12-7 season, due largely to the team ' s depth and con- sistent defensive play. Lisa John- son in left field, Felicia Pembleton, Lori Jolly, and Patty Vavrick, field- ers, all did an outstanding job in their positions. Lori Brockman dis- tinguished herself at third base. The women also played in both the Kentucky Women ' s Intercollegiate Conference and the Kentucky In- tercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournaments. Q Sandy Overstreet is caught in the midst of some fast action. Above: Felicia Pembleton demonstrates formidable form as she wields the bat. Below: Debbie Creasy ' s hair flys as she flys between bases. Jennifer VanSickle ' s face shows her concentration as she moves in to snag the bal Front Row. Mike Wilcher, Jack McWilliams, Jim Bundy, Jeff Hensley, Scott George, Chuck Wood, Scott Plummer, Brand Martin, Randy Jackson, and Mark Phipps. Back Row: Interim Coach Dwayne Peters, Shane Lewis, Nicky Perry, Jim Halter, Alvin Bailey, Kevin Root, Jeff Allie, Jimmy Crutcher, Alan Byrd, Tim Gurren, Ron Yanich, John Meehan, Kevin Solley, and Assistant Coach Miles Estes. 0 ! Men ' s Baseball Even though Coach Larry Inkster was away from campus on sabbatical leave, the team approached the season with optimism. Interim Coach Dwayne Peters, Union College graduate and form er Varsity player, with the help of his assistant, student Miles Estes, had many players this year with the exper- ience of a conference win the season before. For various reasons, however, the 1984 team got off to a slow start, losing games on the annual Alabama trip, always a matter of facing opponents with stronger teams. By mid-season, the record of wins and losses leveled off, but not, unofrtunately, in time to add up to a winning season. Union ' s players showed good form, as the pictures above and on the page at right will testify. Top of facing page: Catch- er Alvin Bailey hurls one to catch an opponent at second base. Bottom: Jeff Hensley and Randy Jack- son swing their bats. - Swimming From left: Kristy Jones, Chuck Hill, Chuck Slusher, Captains Mike Smith and Mike Taylor swam distance Mike Taylor, Shuji Ogiwara, Chris Ennslin, Maher events and sprints respectively. Shaat, and Coach Todd Metcalfe. This was the first year of competitive swimming for many on our team, but they trained hard and kept up their en- thusiasm during the whole season. With only two seniors on this year ' s team, Coach Metcalfe has hopes for an even better season next year since he will not only have seasoned swimmers returning but also looks forward to new recruits for the coming season. This season the team placed fifth in the Kentucky Inter- collegiate Swimming Conference cham- pionship competition. It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! It ' s SuperTaylor! Tennis Left: David Jackson shows his backhand form, and Jimmy Adams, Right, forhands one. Below: Jimmy Adams howls while Chris Ennslin and Gerry Hyde show the problem is not serious. Above: Coach Metcalfe gets ready to show how it ' s done. The coach took over this spring after Allan Green, who usually works with the tennis team, was injured in an auto- mobile accident. Metcalfe sees a good team forming for next year since this year ' s crew included five freshmen who will be sharpening their play for next go-round. B». I ' m •-- BJ H V £, IE9J ItcHC v i bv fP p H Bulldog Spirit Boosters: (left) Union ' s cheerleaders prepare to go into one of their routines. (Above) The Pep Band lustily blows a lively tune to set a lively pace for Union Cagers. Not one, but two Bulldogs: Joe Karr with friend. - i Student Senate The Student Senate is the democratic voice of the student body. The organiza- tion thrives on leadership, character and a sense of school spirit and participation from its members. One of the main pro- jects for the group was helping overturn the attendance policy. The Student Sen- ate sponsored a campus picnic at Dr. Thomas Walker Park and organized the student body and the administration of the college in a question and answer fo- rum in the Chapel. At left: Pam Garner gives her impersoni- zation of " Mona Lisa. " Below: Left to right: Regina Smith, Cin- dy Jones, Chic Davenport, Troy Abner, Pam Garner, Ken Crawford, Teresa Smith, Mike Smith, and Deronda Col- lier. W Left to right: Allen Engle, Bob Sweeney, Fleicia Pembleton, Dean McKinney and Joe Carr. " My middle name is Bond! The Student Center Board plans programs on Union College campus for the student body that are educational, cultural and entertaining. Some activities in- cluded pizza parties at which students danced to music that was provided, a beach party, planning a roller skating night and a bon-fire. White Castle night was celebrated with burg- ers brought all the way from Lexington. Everyone ' s return from spring break was celebrat- ed with a Back-to-School dance. Student Center Board 4- Left to right: Peggy Sams, Sue Ellen Marshall, Rob- in Garnett, Pam Hensley, Amy Hofstedler, Tammy Williamson, Irene Brock, David Jackson, Valerie Merida, Margaret Martin, Renda Bowling, Jean Letch, Christine Brock and Paula Bright. Beta Chi Alpha 3 ' No one said a word about this! ' The purpose of Beta Chi Alpha is to develope an appreciation of beauty, culture and art, while promoting the social welfare of and enhancing respect and friendship among its members. Beta Chi Alpha has been an ac- tive social and service sorority on the Union College campus for over fifty years. For the 1983- 84 academic year, the sorority sponsored the American Cancer Society Smoke-Out. Beta Chi Al- pha also participated in commu- nity events, such as the Girl Scout ' s Handi-Cap Day and the Daniel Boone Festival. Xd Student National Education Association SNEA acquaints prospective educators with the history, eth- ics and programs of the orga- nized teaching profession, pro- vides practical experience by working together in a democrat- ic way on the problems of the profession and the community and supports, through active participation, higher standards of teacher preparation. During the 1983-84 year, SNEA spon- sored a student teachers display learning center and an Assertive Discipline work shop, conduct- ed by Martha Dell Sanders. Au- drey White was elected 1983-84 State Vice-President at Cam- bellsville College. At right: Stu- dent teacher displays. Left to right: Seated: Bobbi Sutherland, Pam Garner, and Deronda Collier. Back row: Dwonna And Jwonna Grubb and Susanne Owens. wm J5 Gamma Beta Phi Gamma Beta Phi is a National Honor Society promoting schol- arship, leadership and good citi- zenship at Union College. Dur- ing the 1983-84 year, Gamma Beta Phi hosted the Gamma Beta Phi State Convention, served brunch for Faculty Appreciation Day and raised funds with a car- nation sale. Deronda Collier was elected State President for 1983- 84 and Troy Abner State Vice- President for 1984-85. Induction ceremony for Gamma Beta Phi. Left to right: Seated: Teresa Mills, Dawn McQueen, Robin Poff, Glenda Sadler, Elaine Babbs, Audrey Fitzgerald, Scott Plummer, Robert Dunaway, and Teresa Sears. Second row: Lester Woody, Bobbi Sutherland, Connie Pickard, Regi- na Smith, Lori Morrison, Delila Miller, Kelly Roaden, Charlene Ditty, Maureen O ' Hara, Glen- na Brock, Sandra Overstreet, Vita Coleman, Amy Hufstedler, Robin Garnett, Peggy Sams, and Yung-Ho Ou. Back row: Pamela Hensley, Rebec- ca Warfield, Ann Naglee, Charl Harper, Ray- mond Short, Hobert Williamson, Susan Young, Roy Dusina, Randy Sweat, Michael Smith, Don- ald Mobelini, Deronda Collier, Robert Ellison, Fred Buckner, Charlotte Evans, Norman Hayes and Jan Finkel. Left to right: Seated: Charlene Ditty, Kelly Roaden, and Pam Garner. Back row: Troy Abner, Pam Hensley, Lisa Parrott, and Delila Miller. The Nu Alpha Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda, an organization for business majors, provides students opportunities to develop vocational compentencies for business and office occupations, and in the area of business teacher education. Phi Beta Lambda participated in the Daniel Boone Festival and hosted a re- ception for guest speaker Ray Kelly. Troy Abner had the honor of winning first place in the 1984 PBL Leadership Conference, held every year in Louis- ville, Kentucky. Pam, Kelly, and Troy prove that busi- ness majors can cook, too. Phi Beta Lambda Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, a National Dramatic society, supports and promotes theatre and the arts on campus and throughout the community. Membership is earned by a merit point system by students involved in dramatic productions, through acting and technical work. After each pro- duction, members award points to each prospective initiate. Barb Timm (back to camera), Whitney Green and Betty Stroud provide accompaniment for " The Fantasticks. " Back row: Leslie Farless, Mary Taylor, Cindy Gleason, Barbara Trimarco, Susan Sprinkle, Tammy Perkins, and Melinda Combs. Front row: Janet Deadwyler, Denise Harris, Patty Vavrick, Maureen O ' Hara, Dawn McQueen, Sandra Peters, and Tammie Shepherd. Left to right: David Davis, Whitney Green, Barbara Timm, Catherine Pesce, Cotha Van Doren, and Betty Stroud. Janet tries to sell Teresa on the virtues of being an IMG member. Iota Mu Gamma Iota Mu Gamma benefits the college by promoting services, fellowship and unity. iMe The Lighthouse Singers are stu- dents who practice in the Light- house and have fellowship. Through singing, they are able to express their faith and pro- mote Christian fellowship. The group, which is part of the Cam- pus Ministry Program, sang in over a dozen locations during the 1983-84 year. Besides singing in churches from Harlan County to Louisville, the Lighthouse Singers also sang for Chapel, Parent ' s Weekend, and Home- coming Weekend. Dan and Elin Crabtree directed the singers and Quentin Sholtz, the Campus Minister, scheduled activities and sang with the group. Lighthouse Singers Left to right: Seated: Patty Vavrick, Norah Tibi- zayo, and Monica Ngazoire. Second row: Jennifer Van Sickle, Felicia Pembleton, Christie Jones, Lori Morrison solos. Dora Lee Gonzales, and Lori Morrison. Back row: Roy Goodman, Dan Crabtree, Allen Stanley, Bob Sweeney, and Sue Ellen Marshall. v m V Left to right: Roby Stamper, Bill Jackson, Jack Luzkow, Glenda Sadler, and Connie Pickard. " Am I as cute as I look? ' Orange And Black The Orange and Black, the cam- pus newspaper, is published by the student body. The paper was published six times during the 1983-84 year and covered all campus activities, special events and news. The Appalachian Wilderness Club, an outdoor appreciation group, encourages wilderness recreation and fellowship among participants. Through the Appa- lachian Wilderness Club, mem- bers share and experience a com- mon interest in back-packing, hiking, caving, camping, and rappelling. During the 1983-84 year, Union students explored many caves throughout the Ap- palachian region. Two major events of the year included, a combined camping and caving trip to Rockcastle County, Ken- tucky and a back-packing trail expedition to Mt. Rogers Na- tional Park. Applachian Wilderness Club " Oh no, not Mt. Rogers again! " Raymond Short seems to be thinking. Left to right: Charles Gross, Bill Jackson, Lori Morrison, Doralee Gonzales, Susan Glenn and Roger Alford. Left to right: First Row: Rondall Harmon, Ann Naglee, Tammy Golden, Jason LeMay, Second row: Edward Maher, Bill Jackson, Charl Harper, David Jackson, and John Taylor Below: Susan Glenn and Roger Alford. Late for Circle K? Circle K Circle K is a service organiza- tion, which serves both campus and community. It ' s a leadership group similar to Kiwanis and other service clubs. Although small, Circle K participated in many activities during the 1983- 84 year, including a Christmas party for the Cumberland Valley Comprehensive Care Center for children, Union College Jambo- ree (held during Daniel Boone Festival), Elderhostel, and hug- gers, kissers, and cheerers for Special Olympics ® SK Left to right: Vita Coleman, Charl Harper, Bill Jackson, and Jack Luzkow. ' So, do you think it makes me look distinguished? " The Modern Culture Study Group studies modern culture, emphasizing the cinematic arts, through group discussion„films, readings and lectures. During the 1983-84 year, the group was very active, showing films on campus such as Phantom of the Opera, King Kong, and Spell- bound. Other films shown, in conjunction with Charles Mit- chell ' s film course, were Wood- stock and The Last Wave. The Modern Culture Study Group was also one of the sponsors for public showing and discussion of an Appalachian Shop film, The Big Lever. 4 Modern Culture Study Group ' ACTIVITIES . ,,.. : „.: ( . v.. ' : ' .-. Amahl And The Night Visitors. Both faculty and students worked on the production, ei- ther as actors and singers or as members of the vital back- stage crew. (Right) Amahl ' s Mother (Betty Stroud) and her crippled son (Lowell Ebersole of the Harlan Boys Choir) sing of the frosty night with its huge star overhead, their humble home in the back- ground. (Below) Laura Lee Love and Whitney Green dance to entertain the three Kings. Balthazar (Christopher Burt) and Kaspar (Herbert Adams) look on with Amahl and his mother in the back- ground. Steve Sproles and his techni- cal crew worked long hours, turning the chapel into a the- atre complete with stage, set- ting and lights. The produc- tion played to audiences total- ing almost 500 people. In early December, 1983, the college presented " Amahl and the Night Visitors, " a Christmas light opera by Gian Carlo Menotti, as part of the Christmas Festival which is fast becoming a tradition at Union College. Above: Whitney Green cuts a caper in the dance. Top Right: As Balthazar, Kaspar and Melchior (Joe Tarry) sleep, the Mother tries to steal the Kings ' gold, but is nabbed by the Page (Richard Lockett). Right: Amahl wishes to send his crutch he made himself to the Child as a gift, and his sacrifice is rewarded by a miracle: he can walk again. Here he has handed his crutch to Kaspar. Below: Amahl will go with the Kings, and he and the Mother watch as the Page strug- gles to get his burdens together, including a live parrot. His unraveling loin cloth was not part of the planned action. The Union College singers performed as the Chorus of Shepherds in " Amahl. " Students working backstage included Cathy Pesce, who was Assistant to the Director, Jason LeMay, Daugh Sizemore, Tracy Meadows, Cotha Van Doran who was Costume Mistress, D.J. McMullin, Tammie Shepherd, Audrey White, Cheryl Cole, Bonetta Hale, Susan Sprinkle, and Maureen O ' Hara. Barbara Timm was re- hearsal accompanist. Joe Tarry produced the opera, Allan Green conducted the 20-piece or- chestra, and Lester Woody staged the musical drama. Drama At Union Spoon River Anthology Edgar Lee Masters ' " Spoon River Anthology " opened the season in October, playing in the newly renovated Rector Little Theater. Above: the actors, musicians, and members of the backstage crew sit for their portrait: Seated: Tracy Meadows, Joey Wick, Darwin Winston, Tammie Shepherd, Cathy Pesce; Standing: Rich Lockett, Lori Morrison, Deronda Collier, Byron Hammons, Maureen O ' Hara, Dr. David Davis who directed and designed the produc- tion, and Cotha Van Doren. The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams ' " The Glass Mena- gerie " was the second production of the season at Union. It was an effective per- formance of the modern theater classic, showing how Laura, the introverted daughter of a mother still living in a dream-like past, almost emerges from her world centered on her collection of glass animals, only to be driven back into it by bitter disappointment. The cast of " The Glass Menagerie " : Tom, Whitney Green; Amanda, the mother, D.J. McMullen, Laura, Cathy Pesce; Jim, Laura ' s unsuspecting love from high school days, Brian T. Wood- lee. Directed by David Davis, the pro- duction was designed by Cotha Van Doren who was also technical director. Maureen O ' Hara was the stage manager, assisted by Susan Sprinkle. Darwin Winston was sound master for the show. Left: Cathy Pesce, Tammie Shepherd, Joe Wick, and Darwin Winston por- tray a folk dance during " Spoon River Anthology. " " The Fantasticks " was the final show of the 1983-1984 drama season. See pages 96 and 97 in this yearbook. Close Ties Cathy Pesce , shown at left, played Josephine, the aged grandmother in " Close Ties, " a drama of the elderly as a family problem. Cathy, an English and drama major, played leading roles in each of the season ' s pro- ductions. The other members of the cast of " Close Ties " : mem- bers of Josephine ' s family who have the problem of what to do with the strong-minded but sen- ile old woman: Bess, Miranda Stroud; Watson, Carl Turner; Anna, Glenna Brock; Evelyn, Cotha Van Doren; Connie, Mau- reen O ' Hara; Thayer, Scott Hal- comb; and Ira, Whitney Green. Our Cheerleaders V ■■ £ ' - wm 1 m Boosting enthusiasm and support for the Bulldogs is an important activity, and our lively cheerleading squad lines up here ready to go: Kim Williamson, Teresa Mills, Jill White, Bobbi Sutherland, Kim Martin, and Teresa Sears. Below, they put their heads together for a more glamorous pose. Junior Class Talent Show This event during the spring se- mester, 1984, proved Union stu- dents are loaded with talent. Left, Reggie Griffin and Norman Hayes confer on a guitar and drum num- ber, and (below) Delilah Miller waits for her downbeat. Lower left: Marty and Carl Turner blend their voices. Lower right, Lori Morrison, who has appeared in many Union College shows that display her con- siderable musical talent, puts her heart into a song. Rhonda Barnett winds up to bat the volleyball over the net. 4 S Rocky Healey, Union ' s jovial food manager points gleefully at the mud- hole the tug o ' war contestants might find themselves in . . . and Audrey Fitzgerald goes in with a splash! Rocky ' s Cookout Special Olympics Each spring the Special Olympics are held on the college ' s athletic field. Sponsored by the local Junior Chamber of Commerce, many Union students participate in this event for the handicapped, acting as " huggers " that encourage those in the various events, cheer them on, and then give them praise and affection, whether they win or lose an event. Besides the athletic events — there are even races for those in wheel- chairs — food and other entertain- ment is also provided, like the two jolly clowns at right. Below, Lori Morrison and Roby Stamper prepare to man a barbeque grill that will cook food to satisfy hearty appetites resulting from the physical exertions of the partici- pants. I . ■ L, . " Chez Rocky ' s Since Rocky Healey came to Union College as the ARA manager of the college dining hall, students have enjoyed a wider selection of food than in years past. Above, from left, Jim- my Adams, Bill Selby, Roby Stamper, and Mark Harris start their way through the serv- ing line. Below, the lunch time crowd digs in. The plants in both photographs are a Rocky addition to the atmosphere, along with color- ful decorations on the salad bar, signs of com- ing events, a trivia quiz contest, and other pleasantries to make students ' dining more attractive. Rocky also planned cookouts in good weather with steaks and other treats. Students also enjoyed the addition of an ice cream dispenser, another Rocky Healey inno- vation. ' The Idle Hour " Computer Science? The Recreation Room in the Student Center provides relaxation for resi- dent students as well as commuters. Pool tables, ping pong, electronic games, and pinball machines appeal to those who want to try their various skills and also fosters commraderie among the college ' s denizens. Here are some of the players caught, so to speak, in the act of having a break from the arduous tasks demanded by their academic pursuits. 1 n il—, m g Aerobic Dancing? English Lesson? Cathy Pesce directed the final pro- duction of the year, the charming boy-meets-girl musical, " The Fan- tasticks. " The curtain at left rolled up to reveal an inner stage. At left center, El Gallo (David Davis) sells a scheme to Bellomy (Herb Adams) and Hucklebee (Bob Swanson). Lower left, El Gallo sashays off as the Mute (Candy Wood) showers autumn leaves on Luisa (Deronda Collier) and Matt (Bryan Woodlee). Below, the Mute showers them with raindrops. Besides performances in the Rector Little Theater, the show also per- formed at Corbin High School as one of the events in the Fine Arts Concert Series which brings cultur- al events to this area of Southeast- ern Kentucky. Tammie Shepherd, Maureen O ' Hara, D.J. McMullen, Whitney Green, Cotha Van Doren, Audrey Fitzgerald, Tina Noonan, Steve Sproles, and Dallas Shields also contributed backstage. Matt and Luisa, separated by the " wall " — the The first act ends with a typical musical show tableau Mute ' s outstretched arms, have climbed up so they with Luisa and Matt up on their perches and Bellomy can see each other. Here they sing of their budding (Luisa ' s father) and Hucklebee (Matt ' s). ove. Herb Adams as Bellomy and Bob Swanson as Hucklebee go into a lively song and dance routine. Music, Please! iLi = ■ W it- Jfc ' 1 - . . - - I - 5 Union College enjoys musical performances all year long. Above, the Union College Singers, directed by Joe Tarry (left), in a concert performance in the Conway Boatman Chapel. Bottom left is Barbara Timm who accompanies most of the musical offerings at the college. She accompanies faculty mem- bers when they perform, rehearsals and performances of such musical events as " Amahl and the Nigh Visitors " and " The Fantasticks. " Student talent shows are also part of the musical scene, and each spring faculty members and students combine their talents in the annual " Cabaret " variety show presented during Homecoming. Below, Allan Green, recovering from injuries suffered in an automobile accident, conducts the Stage Band from his wheelchair during the 1984 " Cabaret " perfor- mance. ?7;iwS Spring Formal The Holiday Inn at Harro- gate, Tennessee, was the scene of the 1984 Spring For- mal. Dinner, dancing until 1 a.m., and a brief talk by Presi- dent Jack Phillips in between, made up a memorable evening. Some of the festivi- ties are shown here. Commencement, 1984 Union ' s 105th Commencement was on May 6, 1984. Top, graduates march into the chapel. Above, Bill Grey keeps an eye on things and Barbara Timm turns pages for Gordon Marigold, organist. Right, Betty Stroud leads the Alma Mater. Facing page: Top, President Phillips with Robert Lisensky, the commencement speaker. Bottom, Donna Brock collects her diploma. 1 Some of our food service personnel: Left, Junior Jones, Bonnie Eastridge, and Chelsie Warfield. Right: Flo Grey and Cathy Testino. The College Couldn ' t Do Without Them! - i ' ,i£i- M. IlL K3ME - Wm Mm fci ' " -i ■ M- " f 4 1 i 1 ■-.■ I IPC Jl ■ A I HE I i » t " Buildings and Grounds Experts: Front, Russell Stewart, Leonie Kiger, Edith Barnes, Mitchell " Shorty " Clark. Second Row: Don Cole, Thomas Jordan, Ron- nie Mills, Bill Grey, Ray Bran- stutter, and Marvis Pridemore. Back Row: Bob Potter, Jody Branstutter, Harold Jordan, and Mike Elliott. Acknowledgements The 1984 Stespean staff expresses its appreciation to those who have materially given of their time, energy, and talents to help in our production of this volume. Rhonda Barnett and Troy Abner for a number of useful photographs. The Student Activity Appropriations Committee, Chaired by Vita Coleman, for their cooperation in funding the yearbook. Barbara Timm for her accounting help. Barbara Trimarco for helping to distribute the 1983 yearbook. The Publications Committee of the college, chaired by Dr. Jan Finkel, for its support. ADVERTISERS Patron Messages Juanita and I want to take this opportunity to wish our graduating seniors the best in their future careers, wherever the roads may take them. — Jack C. Phillips President, Union College Our compliments and best wishes to all Union College Students. — Betty and Milt Townsend Consistency is all I ask! — Guildenstern The foundation and future of Union College lies with the encouragement, support and involvement of the alumni and friends of Union College. I am proud and honored to be a graduate of Union College. — Dwight M. Hendrix ' 54 Love and appreciation to each member of the Pfieffer Hall Family. You ' re Awesome! — Love, " Mom " Pat Enjoy yourself at Galaxy 3 with the latest in games and treats from our Snack Bar. We have entertainment for the whole family. Ask us about our inexpensive private parties. — Galaxy 3, Main Street, Barbourville Come in and browse. You ' re sure to find what you want in our collection. — Christian Book Store Court Square, Barbourville To our graduates and my students, my compliments and best wishes. — Mary Alice Lay We are happy about the new developments at Union College this year! We wish continued success to President Phillips, the faculty, staff, and students. — Len and Sandra Slusher Bring us your cleaning, laundry, and alteration and mending work. We give overnight service, or even 1-hour service on all dry cleaning. — Kustom Cleaners, Court Square, Barbourville You ' ll find just what you need in our extensive stock of general merchandise. — Knox County Supply Co. Court Square, Barbourville Building materials, TrueTest Paints, plumbing, electrical, and garden supplies and equipment — you ' ll find them all here! — Barbourville True Value Hardware 207 Knox Knox Street, Barbourville Good luck, grads, and best wishes. " Only you know how little you paid at Pic n Pay. " Call us at 528-1871. — Pic ' n Pay Shoes, Trademart Shopping Center, Corbin This is where fashion footwear selections can fill your every need and fancy. — B H Shoes, Trademart Shopping Center, Corbin Good luck to all Union College students, recent graduates and undergraduates. — Suzi and Rocky Healey The Alumni Association of Union College Officers, 1983-1984 President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive Secretary Walter Powell, Jr. ' 59 Rev. George Lindsey Davis ' 70 Richard Blish ' 64 Sherry Cornett ' 79, M.A.E. ' 81 Darita L. Mills ' 80 Dwight Hendrix ' 54 The greatest gift that Union College can bestow on an alumnus is an outstanding quality education, the maintenance of a high degree of academic excellence, and a reputation the alumnus can be proud of. Congratulations to our Seniors an Future Alumni of Union College Cal ' s Pizza Corner We invite the students of Union College to dine with us. Call us at 546-9322 for carry out service. Delivery after 5 p.m. Hours: Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. -10 p.m. Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. -12 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m. -10 p.m. 201 Knox Street Barbourvill e The Jeans Depot Barbourville — Middlesboro Trademart Shopping Center, Corbin Williamsburg — London LaFollette, Tennessee " Choose Levis jeans when you want to look TOO good! " Mid-South Hi-Fi •Pioneer — Jensen — Sanyo Stereo Equipment •General Electric Televisions •Telephones and Supplies •Records and Tapes Trademart Shopping Center Corbin Telephone 528-0566 Plaza Shopping Center Barbourville Telephone 546-8315 Belk-Simpson " Where shopping is convenient and pleasant and the selection is wide. " Trademart Shopping Center Corbin , , _ __- _—_- ,-»-« Decorative ASHLEYS A = US 25 North Men ' s and Ladies ' Wear Corbin, KY Trademart Shopping Center Corbin Knox Auto Parts Wholesale Distributors Auto Parts, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies 202 Court Square Barbourville Telephone 546-4150 Compliments of York Hairstyles Unlimited 100 Court Square Barbourville Telephone 546-5018 Polly ' s Florist Flowers for All Occasions Your FTD Florist Cole Court Barbourville Telephone 546-6811 Compliments of The Bank of Harlan Harlan, Kentucky 1984 Stespean Staff At left: Jason LeMay Editor-in-Chief Glenda Sadler Section Editor Charles Gross, Raymond Short, and Dr. Lester Woody at work on laying out the yearbook ' s pages. JOSTEM Weeks-Tc ..... -mnrial Library Unior " 3 Barboun ilic;, , ,Y 40906

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