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?jlJMlt3 im. ' -■ :iji;iiT oo .h ;;. MSf I. near - r ■ m r 1 i. . • UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY 1979-1980 STESPEAN VOLUME Llll - Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 Hi- ' _ r ' BO. I " jSsl,- - t i IIEl " IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE AGE OE WISDOM, IT WAS THE AGE OF FOOLISHNESS, .T TP ryer ' fi - j?3i IT WAS THE EPOCH OF INCREDULITY, ■ 1 1 IT WAS THE SEASON OF LIGHT, IT WAS THE SEASON OF DARKNESS, IT WAS THE SPRING OF HOPE, 12 WE HAD NOTHING BEFORE US, 13 WE WERE ALL GOING DIRECT TO HEAVEN, JackBcnay Hedtedai :iP (fiM ritf nnHL after 40 ! fars offHJsUiy us a siting, fiddle- piaytny tightwad. iwm WE WERE ALL GOING DIRECT THE OTHER WAY IN SHORT, THE PERIOD WAS SO FAR LIKE THE PRESENT PERIOD, THAT SOME OF ITS NOISIEST AUTHORITIES INSISTED ON ITS BEING RECEIVED, FOR GOOD OR FOR EVIL, IN THE SUPERLATIVE DEGREE OF COMPARISON ONLY. " A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens 16 CLASSES f- ij ft. ' A .. 17 SENIOR CLASS Officers: President, Fred Mossbrucker; Treasurer, Terri Kriviski, Secretary, Reva Abner, (Not pictured Vice President, Jackie Logue.) 18 Reva lean Abner Wallins, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration " It is slavery to do for people what they can do for themselves. " Charlie Akins Uppermarlboro, Maryland B.A., Biology " A rolling stone gathers no moss. Robert Angstadt Gibbsboro, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration " You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself. " 19 Sherry Lynn Arthur Kingston, Tennessee B.S., Special Education, Elementary Education " We all know it ' s better, yesterday has past, now let ' s all start the living for the one thats going to last. " Keith Bradley Banks Keokee, Virginia B S , Drama and Speech " Open your eyes and look at the day, you ' ll see things in a differ- ent way. " Virgena Bingham Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration " If someone is worth wanting, the someone is worth waiting for. ' 20 Anthony W. Caswell Upton, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration " I get by with a little help from my friends. " Darlene Bernice Compton Newport, Kentucky B.S. Social Work and Recreation " I did it my way. " Derwin ). Davidson Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Physical Education " You ' ve got so much to say, say what you mean, mean what you ' re thinking and think anything. " 2) |o Ann Davis Bridgeton, New lersey B.A. Religion " Let us not fear and mistrust what we do not understand but be respectful and open to enlightenment " Ronald J. Durham Corbin, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration " A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for. Patty Ward Hatfield Barbourville, Kentucky B.S Elementary Education, Music Education " I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion. " 22 ludith A. Hines Jonesville, Virginia B.S. Elementary Education, History " Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. " George M. Kinder Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration " Imagination is more important than knowledge. " Terri Kriviski Asexandria, Virginia B.S. Physical Education " Of all the things we have forgotten the one thing we all seem to forget is that we are living on a star. " 23 Darita A. Lit ' ord Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration " Lite is like a maze of doors and all open from the side you ' re on. Michael R. Lindsay Pennsville, New Jersey B.S. Business " Forget what life used to be, you are what you choose to be. " Robert E. Long Federalsburg, Maryland B.S. Music and Business " Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast. 24 Franklin E. McCoy Dover, Delaware B.S. Business Administration " To set your mind at ease, the truest remedies, are the sweeter memories. " Theresa McMonagle Burlington, New Jersey B.S. Physical Education " Just do the steps that you ' ve been shown, by everyone you ' ve ever known, until the dance becomes your very own. " Scotty Dean Martin Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. Mathematics " I regret often that I have spoken, never that I have been silent. 25 loseph R Meibers Franklin, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education " Time; see what ' s become of me while I looked around for my possibilities. " Jesse Wayne Moore Viper, Kentucky B S History " Argument should be to open doors, to learn, to examine, not to prove. " Frederick Albert Mossbrucker Pitman, New Jersey B S Elementary and Special Education " The mind is it ' s own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. " 26 Dena Newman Crestview Hills, Kentucky B.A. English and History " When you ' ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind. " Glenn Nichols Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. History and Drama " If they were right, I ' d agree but it ' s them they know, not me. " Stephen E. Owens Manchester, Kentucky B.S. Accounting " Do you always trust your first initial feelings, special knowledge holds true, bears believing. " 27 George D. Pease Summit, New lersey B.S. Mathematics " Don ' t ever look behind at the work you ' ve done for your work has just begun. " Richard C Preston Binghamton, New York B.M. Music " It is so important to choose your own lifestyle and not let others choose it for you. " ite-i ' ; : -. . i«A?StSS« ' ■ ] ' - ' iJ ' J r Susan Kim Schroerlucke Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Recreation " Ask me and I will play all the love that I hold inside. 28 Brenda Sue Smith London, Kentucky B.S. Psychology " I wish for you: fireworl s for the good times, balloons for the bad times, and love for all times. " Ronald James Swope Lexington, Kentucky B.S. Physical Education " It ' s important to me that you know you are free, ' cause I ' d never to make you change for me. " Mto Ti m VyM k Vi ' ' 11 Oscar M. Tejada Lima, Peru B.S. Religion and Philosophy " The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make any- thing. " 29 Gerald D. Wilder Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration and Accounting " Nature, time, and patience are three great physicians. " Rudolf O Thomsen III Glasgow, Kentucky B.S. English and Mathematics " Lite IS a tragedy tor those who feel, and comedy for those who think. " Laura )ane Yinger Thurmont, Maryland B.S. Community Health " Every man has a place, in his heart there is a space, and the world cannot erase his fantasies. " lean Williamson Sizemore Barbourville, Kentucky B S Special and Elementary Education " You must look into people as well as at them. 30 ORGANIZATIONAL FEUD BXA 1st Place MpB 2nd Place 31 JUNIOR CLASS Officers: Secretary, Linda Smith; Treasurer, Glenn Campbell; President, Beve Carr. 32 ARNETTA ATKINS TAMMARA BACK TONY BAILEY DEBRA BAYS PATRICIA BRODBECK WAYNE BURNETT 33 ESPERANCE CARDOSO BEVE CARR CARL CASTELL WADE CORNETT CYNTHIA DAVIS NONA DAVIS V J 34 JOHNNY DELPONT DAVID DITILLIO w i 1 . ..1 1 1 wr J i £fe A KATHY GIBSON DORIS COINS JOSEPH GRAY ROBIN HALL 35 VICKIE HARP THERESA HUFF CHERRIE HURST PATTl lARVIS MARK JENKINS DANIEL KIRCHNER 36 LORRAINE LANDRY JACKIE LOCUE REBECCA MILLER GLENNA MILLS DWAYNE PETERS SUSAN PITORAK W ' % m ■ i llff y 1 M Bt m i M ' 4| Hj b i 1 ' ff ,-ii ' ' S v ' 4 w • ? ' .. 37 PATH POWELL TERRELL PRICHARD SUSAN SLATER LINDA SMITH SANDRA SUTPHIN BASSAM TABIKH 38 JOYCE TAYLOR JAYNE TODD C PENNY WILLIAMSON Netta says: GO BULLDOGS 39 SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers: Vice President, Stephanie Webb, Presi- dent, Linda Pizzutillo; Treasurer, Stephanie Alexander; Secretary, Shelly Carnes. 40 HETTIE ADAMS STEPHANIE ALEXANDER lOANNE BALL NANCY BARGER IMRAN MAHMOOD MICHAEL BROTHERS 41 LYNN BUTLER BIBY CARDOSO ROBERT CRAWFORD KAREN DANIELS JOSEPH DAWSON DEBBIE DYER 42 MILES ESTES CARMEN CIMA CHUKS IWUNZE DANIEL HOFFMAN KAREN HORNBECK DEBBIE HOSKINS 43 WA ' Sf ' m. m I - e U f REBECCA HOUGHTON lEANNIE NAPIER RANDY MARTIN DENNIS MACY DEBRA MILLS MAXOLA MILLS 44 STEVE MITCHELL KIMBERLY MOORE NAVEED BOKHARI LINDA MUTAMBARA LINDA PIZZUTILLO TIMOTHY POINDEXTER 45 PAM PURCELL MAHNAZ RAOUFI JANE ROBBINS CINA SMITH KEN SMITH LORETTA SMITH STEPHANIE WEBB . . . That ' s what you get for being a W 47 FRESHMAN CLASS ftt»: A j 4. Officers; Secretary, Elizabeth Hoffman; President, |oe Matvey; (Not pictured; Vice President, Susie Goodin; Treasurer, Connie Gibson.) 48 )ACK ALLEN BECKIE ALLISON KIM BINGHAM SHELBY BARCO TINA ANDERSON JUDY BROUGHTON • 49 B H: -«i- " -s-r3is TSv ' raKr ■9 :7 fr ' H B -w-. ' i% , 1 ' ,1- SCOTT BROUCHTON MELINDA BUCHANAN CINA CABRERO LEEANNE COLE RUFUS DINVWELLE PAMELA DUGCER 50 GARY FRY SUSIE GOODWIN JENNIFER HALL SANDRA HINKLE ELIZABETH HOFFMAN ARTHUR HONICAN 51 MOHAMMAD )AHANCIRI KENNEDY |AWAN HELEN JOHNSON SHEILA JOHNSON TAMMIE JONES 52 JOHN KING JOE MATVEY ELIZABETH MAYS SARAH MELTON BILL Mcdonald MARY MILLS 53 lANELLE MITZEL RHONDA KAUPISCH SHARRON OXENDINE CLARICE RAYBORN DONNA RICHMOND SHEILA ROSE 54 ERNIE SLUSHER GERTRUDE SMITH KAMBIZ SOLTONI LISHA STARR -w J V W 1 1 , „ji - ■■pPjr VW % R H — I ' te :-V " - ' 3 M CATHY ST. JOHN CORY STRAUP 55 TERESA TAYLOR CEORCETTA TOLLIVER BYRON WALKER TERESA WILLIAMS 56 FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION, AND STAFF 57 Ms. Mary Alice Lay, Director Alumn: Office Dr. Mahlon A. Miller, President of the College 58 Dr. Robert D. Carey, Execu- tive Vice President, Profes- sor of Education Ms. Doris Mays, Dean of Students and Director of the Student Center Dr. Dwight C. Stewart, Dean of the Faculty; Profes- sor of Philosophy Dr. H. Warren Robbins, Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs; Professor of Education 59 Ms. Mary Walker, Executive Secretary, Development Office Ms. Beverly Lenzer, Secretary Financial Aid Office Dr. Andelys Wood, Assistant Professor of English Mr. Richard Lockett, Director of Experiential Education; In structor of Political Science. J Ms. Sharon Warren, Assistant to the Registrar Mr. Mike E Johnson, Instructor ot Health and Physical Education Mr James B McFerrin, Head Librarian, Associate Professor of Library Science 62 Ms. Frances Patridge, Chairman, Di- vision of Applied Science, Associate Professor of Health, Physical Educa- tion Dr. )udith Jennings, Chairman Division of Social Sci- ences; Associate Professor of History I B . Hj H ■ hHHh I I ■. -. B yH HJFj Rpmsp Pw ji 1 f 1 t Wr ' W f " A ' fe i H Ml P m J) ' ' m. K 4 ' mm I ■u | «r | ■ 1 loSi w V : i i j ■ w 1 am fc yBii 1 1 i JJ ? ) - ' HHH 1 i l i Mr. Brad Reynolds, Public Information Officer Rev. Quentin E. Scholtz, Campus Min- ister 63 Dr. Deril K. Mays, Professor of Psychology Ms. Linda Partin, Secretary, Office of Academic Af- fairs ■v« Dr Robert S. Simpson, Associate Professor of 64 Mathmatics Ms. Teresa Keys, Assistant to the Bool l eeper Mr. Joe C. Hacker, Assistant Professor of Business Ms. Karia Kay Smith, Head, Department of Edu- cation, Professor of Education M i m i llll )I.«I!H I I I I.MM» ' Ms. LaDonna Carey, Director of Financial Aid Dr. Arthur H. Hafner, Professor of Education 65 Ms. Linda Alford, Student Loan Officer Ms. Deboral Cornelius, Assistant Director of the Reading Academy Ms. Shelia Broughton, Secretary to LRC and Coal Technology Dr. W. Gordon Marigold, Head, Department of Lan- guages, Professor of Languages Mr. Clevis Carter, Assistant Professor of Physical Sci- ence Dr. Lester Woody, Associate Professor of English Mr. Charles L. Dibble, Director of Adult Education Ms. Susie Hale, Assistant Director of Adult Educa- tion .V . Ms, Beverly Swafford, Secretary, Graduate Office Mr. Neil Bradley, Career Counselor ■Ji 68 Mr. L. James Cox, Assistant Professor of Social Work; ALCOR Program Director Dr. JoAnn Seymour, Associate Professor of Educa- tion Ms. Rebecca Culp, Library Circulation Assistant Ms. Diane Gaunt, Purchasing Agent 69 Mr. Robert Wainscott, Cafeteria Manager Ms. Sherry McDonald, Secretary to the President Mr. Douglas Litteral, Instruc- tor of Business Administra- tion 70 Ms. Cynthia Ammerman, Secretary, Office of Alumni Affairs Rev. John Shappell, Director of Admissions Dr. Kuldeep S. Turna, Assistant Professor of Economics . feK C- W Dr. James Hall, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ms. Sharon Morgan, Assistant Director of Admis- sions i " " " l B mmm-m bp 1 jH . 19 F X JmS K Btm ' j ' fJ Pl ' " Idilil lPfinr ' v K B jB H ;.. K ' " s pp l I KIk ' jBT Kiid P ' ' ' ' L Lm I H Wki M agMBK m : KBI k Mr. i irn Johnson, Clerk, Post Office Ms Glenda Stewart, Secretary, Business Office 72 Ms. Denise Crawford, Secretary, Business Office Ms. Myrlyn Lawson, Controller Ms. Denise Brewer, Supervisor of Duplication Cen- ter Ms. Sue Cummins, Financial Aid Counselor 73 Dr. Larry Kiein, Associate Professor of History Mr. Larry Inkster, Coach and Professor of Health and Physical Education Ms. Joyce Newsome, Computer Programmer Dr. Paul S, Moore, Head, Department of Physical Education, Director of Athletics, Coach and Profes- sor of Health and Physical Education 74 Mr. lames ). Davenport, ALCOR Assistant Program Director . 1 HL Ms. Sherry Cornett, Graduate Resi- dent, Pfeiffer Hall Facing Left to Right: Sister Mary Gemma Harlow, Associate Professor of Education; Mrs. Virginia Saddler, Assistant Librar- ian, Associate Professor of Library Science; Mr. Allan Green, Chairman, Division of Humanities; Associate Professor of Music 75 Ms. Donna Stevens, Volunteer Ms. Louise Martin, Digital Computer Operator, Data Entry Supervisor Dr. Leola Crosthwaite, Assistant Professor of Bi- ology Dr. Hugh Hanlin, Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. )an Finkel, Associate Professor of English Ms. Carol White, Secretary to Registrar J Ms. Mary Manis, Head, Business Department, Assistant Professor of Business Mr. Alan Bank Assistant ProfessOi of Socio! ' - _,; % ' 77 Mr. George Black, Programmer Analyst Ms. Elizabeth Harris, Secretary, Office of Academic Advising, Career Planning and Placement Ms. Laverna Saunders, Director, Learning Resource Center, in- structor 78 Ms. Janet Tarry, Director of Reading Academy Mr. Milton H. Townsend, Vice President for . ' College Relations and Development Ms. Mary Bartlett, Secretary, Student Center 79 Dr Abdul Samad, Media Curriculum Mr. Edward H Black, Director of Career Planning, Aca- demic Advising and Placement; Affirmative Action Officer Ms. Anne Mammons and Ms. Chelsea Warfield, Employees of ARA Services 80 Ms. Betty Stroud, Assistant Professor of Music Ms. Phyllis Sexton, Bookstore Manager Mr. Don Weaver, DP Director, System Analyst . Dr. Wayne Saunders, Assistant Professor of Philos- ophy Dr. Santaram Chilukuri, Chairman, Division of Natural Sciences; Professor of Physics NOT PICTURED: Ms. Anne Blair, Administrative Assistant of Office of Academic Affairs Dr. John Boyd, Graduate Professor of Education Mr. Eugene Branstutter, Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mr, Clarence Chadwell, Bookeeper and Assistant Trea- surer Mr. Robert Conway, Admissions Counselor Ms. Margaret Dingess, Secretary, Office of Admissions Ms. Cheryl Hamil, Secretary, Development Office Ms. Paula Mammons, Instructor of Office Administra- tion Mr. Grover Harnson, Admissions Counselor Ms. Beverly Hensley, Secretary, Library Dr Richard Howard, Associate Professor of Special Education Dr. Lorraine )akubielski. Associate Professor of Educa- tion Mr. Richard Jones, III Instructor of Speech and Drama NOT PICTURED: Ms. Sadat Mohanty, Instructor of Mathematics Mr. Sherman Oxendine, Coordinator of Appalachian Semester, Associate Professor of History Ms. Anjela Kay Poole, Instructor of Health and Physical Education Mr. Marshall Potter, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Dr. Malcolm Rainey, Associate Professor of Education Major Edwin Richardson, Assistant Professor, Military Science Ms. Carolyn Smith, Secretary, Office of Academic Advising, Career Planning and Placement Mr. B.M. Stallcup, Associate Professor of English Ms. Viola Stanley, Dormitory Director Mr. Edwin LeMaster, Registrar Dr. Robert Mattews, Head, Department of Religion and Philosophy; Professor of Religion Ms. Freda New, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students 82 ACTIVITIES 83 UNION COLLEGE Above; Taking a break from dancing are: Clockwise; Helen Johnson, Wendall Clark, Patty Powell, Don Black, Rachet White, Ron Swope, Nona Davis, and )oe Dawson. Right: Back on the floor, Rachet White and Ron Swope sway romantically as if to say rock with me. 84 CENTENNIAL BALL 1979 Dr. and Mrs. Mahlon Miller also take the floor and reveal their talent. The Centennial Ball brought many couples to the Union College Physical Educa- tion Building on September 22, 1979. The dance featured The Eloquence Band. Over 200 people celebrated this landmark in Union ' s history. 85 HALLOWEEN DANCE Below: How about a kiss ... A Hershey ' s An- thony Chocolate Caswell Kiss, that is. Above: " We consume mass quantities " is all Debbie Hoskins and Polly Howard mutter as they enjoy the Halloween Dance. Left: This scary monster frighten — everyone so much that even our photographer wouldn ' t ven- ture close enough to ask its name. Right: It ' s Halloween, and a favorite prank is to release the circus animals. Everyone attending the dance sure was glad that Arnetta Atkins was available to control Nona Davis DANCE, DANCE, DANCE December is the month for Holiday festivities. Above: Union College students have fun at the Snow ball Dance on December 8. Below: Karen Hornbeck and Dave Pease really rock at the BXA Dance Contest. 83 HANGING OF THE GREENS One of the highlights of the Christmas season at Union College is the Hanging of the Greens. This event is held annually in the Conway Boatman Chapel. Twelve campus organizations helped decorate the Chapel and participated in the singing of Christmas carols. Bob Long of Federalsburg, Maryland, aids Becky Houghton of Louisville, Kentucky, in decorating one of the windows in the Chapel. HOMECOMING WEEKEND PETE MOORE ' S CELEBRITY ROAST 1 J ■ ., ' 1 ■Lm: : April 26, Dr. Paul S. Moore, Coach and Professor of Health and Physical Education, was scorched at a luncheon in the gymnasium. Dr. Herman Bush of Eastern Ken- tucky University, a long-time friend of Coach Moore, is pictured here pre- senting Coach Moore with a reminder of by-gone college days. 90 1980 ROAD RACE • -MZS ?Mi) mi The Union College Office of Campus Ministry and the Union College track team sponsored a ten kilometer run, a two-mile run, and a one-mile run-walk on April 27 as part of the Homecoming Weekend festivities. ■ ■ Rev. Quentin Scholtz happily reaches the finish line 91 HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES 1980 The Union College 1980 Homecoming Queen Candidate are, front row, left to right: freshman Donna |o Richmond, Loyall, Ky.; sophomore Hettie Adams, Sassafras, Ky.; senior JoAnn Davis, Bridgeton, N).; and fresh- man Elizabeth Hoffman, Grays, Ky. Second row, from left to right: junior Nona Davis, Woodbury, N.|.; sopho- more Karen Daniels, Middlesboro, Ky.; senior Terri Kriviski, Alexandria, Va. This year ' s Homecoming Queen is Ms. Terri Kriviski from Alexandria, Virginia. Terri is a senior at Union College majoring in Physical Education. Shown crowning Terri is Alumni President Don M. Turner. 92 VWBfW IN THE SPOTLIGHT . . Ms. Terri Kriviski and her escourt, Mr. Rob Cronin, enjoy their spotlight dance at the 1980 Homecoming Dance. 93 CABARET 1980 . r- ii m i Mr. Rick Preston dazzles everyone with his extraordinary talents on the trumpet as he plays the Chuck Mangione hit " Feels So Good. " Ms. Beve Carr invokes emotions as she sings her solo version of " Sometimes When We Touch. " 94 Mr. Bob Beck enters as the " Melt Squad " " Ice Bust. " in the skit 95 DRAMA RIGHT: Mr. Rick Jones assists Ms. Dena New- man while Ms. Beve Carr poses in this year ' s smash hit, BLITHE SPIRIT. BELOW: These talented students received rec- ognition at the Drama Awards Banquet this year. Standing, left to right: Ms. Beve Carr, Best Actress; Ms. JoAnne Ball, Best Minor Role; Mr. Rick Preston, Technical Assistance Award, and Rude Thomsen, Best Supporting Actor. Seated: Lizbeth Mays, Newcomer Award and Glenn Nichols, special award for Makeup ABOVE: Ms. Arnetta Atkins, Ms. Pat Brodbeck, Mr. Whitney Green, Ms. Debbie Bays, Mr. Steve Broughton, and Mr. Keith Banks participated in the children ' s play HEADS AND TAILS. The presentation was performed in the Conway Boatman Chapel. 96 Honors Day Special Awards Theta Phi Delta Miss Terri Kriviski and Mr. Rudolf Thomsen have been selected as individ- uals who have contributed outstanding service to Union College. Each year, the recipients of this senior service award re- present the qualities that Miss Frances Patridge has exhibited during her years of loyal service to Union College, the stu- dents, the faculty, and the administration. This award expresses the ideal, ' Thelo Pistos Diakonein. " " I wish to serve faith- fully. " Who ' s Who Each year Dean Mays recognizes the recipients of the Who ' s Who Award. This year the winners are, left to right: Rick Preston, Kathy Mill- er, Dean Mays, Lydia Caw, Jayne Todd, Mary Etta Doolin, Fred Mossbrucker, JoAnn Da- vis, and Linda Chavies. 99 Graduation i i ' l _■ « 100 Mr. and Miss Union Tern Kriviski Scott Martin 101 c o N G R S A E T N U I L O A R T S I O N S SOCCER TEAM STATE CHAMPS 1 The KISA Division II tournament champion Union College soccer team members, from left to right front row: |oe Gray, Oscar Tejada, Kennedy )awan, Keith Banks, Pete McCoy, Corey Straup, Imran Bokahri. Middle row: Dwayne Peters. Back row: Coach Larry Inkster, Dan Hoffman, Chuks Iwunze, David Ditillio, Carl Castell, Steve Marshall, Bob Milone, Basaam Tabeekh, Mohammad Jahangiri, David Pease. Not present for the picture were Wayne Burnett, Wade Cornett, Bob Angstadt and statistician Karen Hornbeck. Coach Larry Inkster and the members of the Union College soccer team never imagined that they were fielding a championship team early this September when the Bulldogs were beginning their first season of intercollegiate competi- tion. In spite of the odds against them and much to the surprise of the coach, players, and fans, the Bulldogs finished their year with a victory in the finals of the KISA Division II tournament at Transylvania University. Union ' s enviable record of 11-4 included tournament wins over Cumberland College, Eastern Kentucky University, and Georgetown College, " I ' m very proud of this team, " said Inkster. " In the first year of intercollegiate competition they proved something to the school, the community, and themselves. " In addition to having the number one team in KISA Division II, the Bulldogs had the leading scorer in the state in Mohammad Jahangiri who scored a total of 23 goals this season. 104 i -. ' .18«?- _. r y -w ' - ' " •ws, - ' ' i %, ■i ' - 105 Men ' s Basketball The 1979-1980 Union College basketball Bulldogs and coach are, from left, back row: Dennis Macy, Johnny Delpont, Durkee Davidson, Bert Gregory, |oe Dawson, Victor Gray, Dinky Phipps, and Winton Wesley. Front row, from left: Coach Pete Moore, Tony Bailey, Dennis Rogers, Jack McWilliams, Kevin Lakes, Greg Cover, Scott Broughton, Mike Thomas, and manager Mike Lindsay. 106 Women ' s Volleyball The team members and the coach are, from left, front row: Carmen Cima, Georgette Grimshaw, Terri Kriviski, and Sheila Rose. Back row, from left: Coach Anjela Poole, Sandy Hale, Kim Schroerlucke, Theresa McMonagle, Arnetta Atkins, Lisha Star, and manager Darlene Compton. 107 Baseball The Union College baseball team pictured left to right, first row are: Coach Larry Inkster, Mark Jenkins, Randy Martin, Chuck Hill, Tony Wells, Cory Straup, Jack McWilliams and Earl Crover. Second row: Keith Gilbert, Terrell Prichard, Miles Estes, Billy McDonald, Bob Angstadt, Rod Sears, and David Smallwood. Third row: Bob Crawford, Rob Cronin, Dinky Phipps, Glenn Proffitt, Fred Mossbrucker, Scott Martin, and Dwayne Peters i [ K D H i 1 1 S u- 3i f ' - «d « ' fjl 108 Swim Team The members of the swim team are, pictured left to right, first row; Coach lohnson, David DiTillio, )oAnn Davis, Laura Yinger, Terri Kriviski, Donna Bianchi, Byron Walker, and Bob Angstadt. Second row: Scott Mar- tin, Carl Castell, Rudie Thomsen, Bob Crawford, and manager Bert Smith. 109 Tennis Team The members of the tennis team are, from left to right: Coach Don Lawson, David Martin, Chuks Iwunze, Scott Martin, Steve Marshall, Dennis Macy, Steven Mitchell, and Karen Daniels. Women ' s Basketball The members of the team are, from left to right: Coach Anjela Poole, Debbie Dyer, Sandy Hale, Sharon Oxendine, Terri McMonagle, Kim Schroerlucke, and Pam Adams. Track Team The members of the track team are; Dennis Macy, Carl Castell, Ed Smith, Denver Word, Dan Hottman, Scott Broughton, Rudie Thomsen, Fred Mossbruker, Tim Poindexter, Dave DiTillio, and Marty Smith, ■ ff. ■ " ' • -■ V " Cheerleaders C !fii ' k 5L iVwJi t.i ;-.oi3 «SM :4. l T he 1979-80 Union College cheerleaders are, left to right: Beve Carr, Brenda Smith, Laura Yinger, Linda Smith, Helen Johnson, and Hettie Adams. ,k m% . 1 w . 1 ,w 1 m 1 P Hf [ Stespean Staff Dear Readers, The first thing that we would like to say is - WHEW, yearbooks are a lot of hard work. We hope that our efforts have met with every- one ' s approval. Some special people deserve recognition for all of the help that they have contributed: Miss Kim Moore, Dr. Judi Jennings, Dr. Lester Woody, Dr. Jan Finkel, and Dr. Mahlon Miller. Without the aid of these persons, our ad- vertisers, and you - the purchaser, this yearbook would not have been possible. Sincerely yours, Terri and Doris Ann Terri Kriviski, editor. Doris Ann Coins, editor. Byron Walker, photographer. 114 Theresa McMonagle, Photographer. lota Mu Gamma, top to bottom, left to right; Sorority mascot, Mickey Mouse; Gina Smith, typist; Doris Goins, editor; second row: Melinda Buchanan, circulation manager; )udi Jennings, ad- visor; Kim Moore, assistant editor. Third row: Debra Bays, pho- tographer; Nancy Barger, sales manager; Terri Kriviski, editor; and Jane Powell, typist. Not pictured: lane Robbins, advertising manager; Gigi Grimshaw, layout manager; Tawna Grimme, typ- ist, and Lisa Howard, copy editor. Debra Bays, Photographer. Paul Baker, Business Manager. U5 Dedication After thirteen years, Dean Mays has resigned as Dean of Women, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Students She has been both an authority symbol and a shoulder to lean on for students ' problems big and smalL " I really enjoyed working with young people, and I ' m going to miss it, " she said. Now, she plans to have more free time for travel, gardening and home life 116 Over Fifty Second-Generation Students Enrolled Sons and daughters of Union College alumni recognized at the Conway Boatman Chapel are first row, left to right: Elizabeth M. Mays, Lina Beth Hacker, Thomas G. Hauser, Mae Louise Strong, and Terrell D. Prichard Second row, from left: Susan M. Slater, Debbie Hoskins, Kimberly Moore, and David Don Carter. Third row, from left: Lisa K. Smith, Patricia Hampton Leddington, Sarah Ann Melton, Daniel M. Hoffman, and Rebecca L. Houghton. Fourth row, from left: )ayne Bain Todd, Jerry Clell Hampton, Lana T. Messer, Denise Fortney Crawford, Sharron K. Oxendine, and Teresa Williams Keys. 117 Many Thanks are in order to Dr. and Mrs. Leo A. Geiss for their support of our Yearbook Mrs. Leo A. Geiss, St. Charles, Illinois, received the Alumni Award for distinguished service to Union College at the May, 1978, commencement. She was honored for her loyal support to Union College, especially its Home Economics Department. Active in forming the Trustee Wives ' Organization, she rarely misses any of the outstanding events on the campus. Shown here with her, on the left, is her husband, Dr Leo A. Geiss, who has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1948, and on the right is Dr. Mahlon A. Miller, president of Union College since 1959. 118 PATRONS The Stespean staff wishes to sincerely thank the many who contributed toward making possible this 1980 edition of the Union College Stespean. Barbourville Sports Shop 546-3844 Charlie ' s Sandwich Shop Dr. and Mrs. Mahlon Miller Rustic Razor Polley ' s Florist 546-6811 Miss Mary Alice Lay AAMCO Mid-South HiFi .Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon Smith ' s Body Shop A P Mr. and Mrs. lames McFerrin R.H. Hobbs Knox Studio 546-3310 Mr. Brad Reynolds Judy ' s Florist 546-3127 Hinkle ' s Auto Parts Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Coins 119 PNa UNION NATIONAL BANK BARBOURVILUE, KENTUCKY THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU MAIN OFFICE— 202 North Main Street UNION PIAZA— 603 Knox Street AUTO BANK— Knox Street ©Cumberland Ave. Compliments of Richland Coal Barbourville, Kentucky 120 A merican Fidelity Bank and Trust Company " Home of the Professional Bankers " Knox Street, Barbourville 546-3138 Compliments of Michael, Kenithea, Brandon, and Bradlee Warren Union Plaza, Barbourville U.S. Hwy. 25E. Corbin 523-0300 Member FDIC ARA Services W.D. Bryant and Son, Inc. Union i» College Catering 207 Knox Street, Barbourville, Ky. True Value 606-546-4117 • . 121 Some have it, and some don ' t. • J ynifjiiColiiu]c ' Ill- ' l ' : ' H l ' III h ' T D and W Cafeteria Trademart Center Corbin, Kentucky Catering Service 528-8847 Coke adds life. HaveaCoke anda smile. Senior Index Abner, Reva Jean. Wallins, Ky. BS Bus. Ad. CSS, Childrens Theatre, Stage Co., Playlikers, Bus. Club, Senior Class Secretary, Homecoming Queen Candidate, ' " Cabaret " Emcee, Lighthouse Singers, p. 19. Akins, Charlie. Upper Marlboro, Md. BA Biology. Drama, Lighthouse Sing- ers, Phi Mu Alpha, Circle K, p. 19. Angstadt, Robert. Cibbsboro, New )ersey. BS Bus. Ad. MOB Pres. 1 yr.. Soccer, 1 yr.. Swimming, 2 yrs., Baseball 4 yrs. p. 102,108,109. Arthur, Sherry Lynn. Kingston, Tenn. BS Special Ed., Elem. Ed. Student Na- tional Education Ass., Gamma Beta Phi, Council for Exceptional Chil- dren, p. 20. Banks, Keith Bradley. Keokee, Va. BS Drama and Speech. Soccer, p. 20, 96,104. Bingham, Virgena. Barbourviile, Ky. BS Bus. Ad. p. 20 Caswell, Anthony W. LIpton, Ky. BA Bus. Ad. Bus. Club. p. 21,86. Chavies, Linda, p. 99. Compton, Darlene Bernice. New- port, Ky. BS Social Work Recreation. Basketball and Volleyball mgr. 4 yrs.. Track mgr. 2 yrs.. Stu- dent Senate 1 yr.. Social Work Club 1 yr. Lighthouse Singers 4 yrs. p. 21, 102. Davidson, Derwin ). Louisville, Ky. BS Physical Ed. Basketball 4 yrs. p. 21,98,103. Davis, )oAnn. Bridgeton, NJ. BA Reli- gion. Lighthouse Singer, Student Center Board, Milesians, Dive team. President ' s List. p. 22,92,99,109. Doolin, Mary Etta. p. 99. Durham, Ronald. Corbin, Ky. BS Bus. Ad. p. 22. Grover, Earl. p. 102,108. Hatfield, Patty Ward. Barbourviile, Ky. BS Elem. Ed., Music Ed. Choir, Brass Ensemble, Band. p. 22. Hines, Judith A. Jonesville, Va. BS Elem. Ed., History. Fr. Class Sec, Soph. Class Sec, Beta Club 4 yrs.. Lambda Sigma Member, BXA 2 yrs. p. 23. Howard, Lisa, Evarts, Ky. p. 102. Kinder, George M. Barbourviile, Ky. BSBus. Ad. p. 23,102. Kriviski, Terri. Alexandria, Va. BS Physical Ed. Stespean Editor, Basket- ball 4 yrs.. Swimming 3 yrs.. Volleyball, 4 yrs.. Homecoming 77, ' 80, IMC, Dorm officer, 3 yrs. p. 23, 92,93,99,101,102,107,114,115. Liford, Darita A. Barbourviile, Ky. BS Bus. Ad. p. 24. Lindsay, Michael R. Pennsville, N). BS Bus. Track 4 yrs.. Cross country 3 yrs.. Basketball mgr. 4 yrs. PLJB. p. 24. Long, Robert E. Federalsburg, Md. BS Music Bus. Phi Mu Alpha, p. 24, 89,98. McCoy, Franklin E. Dover, Del. BS Bus. Ad. Swim team captain. Soccer team captain, Pres. Gama Beta Phi, Pres. V.P. Student Center Board, Who ' s Who, Pres. Soph, class, Nat ' l. Register Dean ' s List. p. 25. McMonagie, Theresa. Burlington, N). BS Physical Ed. Volleyball, Basketball, Sigma Chi Delta, p. 25,107,111,115. Martin, Scotty Dean. Barbourviile, Ky. BS Math. Baseball, Swimming, Mr. Union, p. 25,101,108,109,110. Miller, Kathy. p. 98,99,102. Meibers, Joseph R. Franklin, OH. BS Elem and Spec. Ed. SNEA Org., Track, Gamma Beta Phi, Centennial Comm., Council for Exceptional Children, p. 26. Moore, Jesse Wayne. Viper, Ky. BS History. Circle K, Lay Preacher at Boone Manor Nursing Home. p. 26. Mossbrucker, Frederick Albert. Pitman, NJ. BS Spec. Ed and Elem Ed. Pi Upsilon Beta, Baseball, Soph, and Sr. class Pres., Student Senate Pres., Centennial Comm., Academic Policy Comm., Who ' s Who, Light- house Singers, p. 26,108,112. Newman, Dena. Crestview Hills, Ky. BA Eng. and Hist. Volleyball 2 yrs.. Swimming 1 yr.. Cabaret ' 78, Drama Dept., Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Lambda Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Homecom- ing Candidate Fr. Yr. p. 27,95,97, 102. Nichols, Glenn Cinn. OH. BS History and Drama. Mu Alpha Delta, Chil- dren ' s Theatre, Playlikers, Alpha Psi Omega Pres., Stage Co., lota Alpha Delta, Stespean Staff 2 yrs.. Cabaret ' 80, Choir, 10 major U.C. theatre productions, p. 27,95,97,98. Owens, Stephen E. Manchester, Ky. BS Accounting, p. 27. Pease, George David Summit, NJ. BS Math. Soccer 3 yrs.. Swimming 3 yrs.. Gamma Beta Phi 3 yrs.. Student Gov ' t., PUB, Baseball 1 yr. p. 28,88, 104. Preston, Richard G. Binghamton, NY. BM Music. SNEA. p. 28,94,97,98,99. Schroerlucke, Susan Kim. Louisville, Ky. BS Recreation Volleyball 4 yrs.. Captain 3 yrs.. Basketball 2 yrs. p. 28,107,111. Smith, Brenda Sue. London, Ky. BS Psychology. Cheerleader 2 yrs.. Homecoming Queen, Snowball Queen Candidate, Beta Chi Alpha, Lighthouse Singers 2 yrs. Cabaret Emcee, p. 29,102,113. Swope, Ronald James. Lexington, Ky. BS Physical Ed. p. 29,84 Tejadu, Oscar M. Lima, Peru. BS Phil, of Rel. Soccer team. p. 29,104. Thomsen, Rudolf O. Glasgow, Ky. BS Eng. and Math. PUB 4 yrs., Stu- dent Center Board 4 yrs., Student Senate 2 yrs.. Lighthouse Singers, Phi Mu Alpha, Swim Team. p. 30,88,97, 98,99,109,112. Todd, Jayne. Barbourviile, Ky. p. 99. Throckmorton, Tim. Barbourviile, Ky. p. 102. Wilder, Gerald D. Barbourviile, Ky. BS Bus. Ad. and Acct. p. 30. Williamson, Jean. Barbourviile, Ky. BS Spec. Ed. and Elem. Ed. p. 30. Yinger, Laura Jane. Thurmont, Md. BS Comm. Health. Cheerleader, Stu- dent Senate, Dorm Pres., Swim team, CSS, Drama, Gamma Beta Phi. p. 30,103,109,113. 127 I I y Adams, Mrs. Anne B., p. 60. Alford, Mrs. Linda, p. 66. Ammerman, Mrs. Cynthia, p. 71. Banks. Mr. Alan |., p. 77. Bartlett, Mrs. Mary, p. 79. Black, Mr. Edward H., p 80. Black, Mr. George, p. 78. Blair, Ms. .Anne, p. 82. Bradley, Mr. Neil A., p. 68. Branstutter, Mr. Eugene, p. 82. Brewer, Miss Denise, p. 73. Broughton, Mrs. Shelia, p 66. Boyd, Dr. lohn, p. 82 Carey, Mrs. LaDonna, p 65. Carey, Dr. Robert D., p. 58. Carter, Mr. Clevis, p. 67. Chadwell, Mr. Clarence, p. 82. Chilukuri, Dr. Santaram, p. 82. Conway, Mr. Robert H., p. 82. Cornelius, Mrs. Deborah, p. 66. Cornett, Sherroid, p. 75. Cox, Mr. L lames, p. 69. Crawford, Mrs. Denise, p. 73. Crosthwaite, Dr. Leola, p. 76. Culp, Miss Rebecca, p. 69. Cummins, Mrs. Sue, p. 73. Davenport, Mr. James )., p. 75. Dibble, Mr. Charles L., p. 68. Dingess, Mrs. Margaret, p. 82. Finkel, Dr. )an, p. 77. Gaunt, Mrs. Diane, p. 69. Green, Mr. Allan, p. 75. Hacker, Mr. )oe C, p. 65. Hafner, Dr. Arthur H., p. 65. Mammons, Ms. Anne, p. 80. Hale, Mrs. Susie, p 68. Hall, Dr. lames W., p. 72. Hamil, Mrs. Cheryl, p. 82. Faculty Index Hammons, Miss Paula, p. 82. Hanlin, Mr. Hugh, p. 76. Harlow, Sister Mary Gemma, p. 75. Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth, p. 78. Harrison, Mr. Grover C, p. 82. Hensley, Mrs. Beverly, p 82 Howard, Dr. Richard D., p. 82. Inkster, Mr. Larry, p. 74. lakubielski. Dr. Lorraine, p. 82. Jennings, Dr Judith, p. 63 lohnson, Mr. Mike, p. 62. Johnson, Mr. Tim, p. 72. Jones, Mr. Richard C. Ill, p. 97,82. Keys, Mrs. Teresa, p. 64. Klein, Dr. Larry, p. 74. Lawson, Mrs. Myrlyn, p. 73. Lay, Miss Mary Alice, p. 58. LeMaster, Mr. E. Edwin, p. 82. Lenzer, Miss Beverly, p. 61. Litteral, Mr. Douglas G. p. 70. Lockett, Mr. Richard, p. 61. Manis, Mrs. Mary, p. 77. Marigold, Dr W Gordon, p. 67. Martin, Mrs. Louise, p. 67. Matthews, Dr. Robert, p. 82. Mays, Dr. Deril K , p 64. Mays, Mrs. Doris, p. 59. McDonald, Miss Sherry, p. 70. McFerrin, Mr. James B., p. 62. Miller, Dr. Mahlon A., p. 58. Mohanty, Mrs. Sarat K., p. 82. Moore, Dr. Paul S., p. 74,90. Morgan, Miss Sharon, p. 72. New, Mrs. Freda, p. 82. Newsome, Ms. Joyce, p. 74. Oxendine, Mr W. Sherman, p. 82. Partin, Miss Linda, p. 64. Patridge, Miss Frances, p. 63. Poole, Miss Anjela K., p. 82. Potter, Mr. Marshall B., p. 82. Rainey, Dr. Malcolm, p. 82. Reynolds, Mr Brad, p. 63. Richardson, Major Edwin, p. 82. Robbins, Dr. H. Warren, p. 59. Saddler, Mrs. Virginia, p. 75. Samad, Dr. Abdul, p 80. Saunders, Mrs. Laverna, p. 78. Saunders, Mr. Wayne, p. 82. Scholtz, Rev. Quentin E., p. 91,63. Sexton, Miss Phyllis, p. 81. Seymour, Dr JoAnn, p. 69. Shappell, Rev. John, p. 71. Simpson, Dr. Robert J., p 64. Smith, Miss Carolyn, p. 82. Smith, Miss Karia K., p. 65. Stallcup, Mr. B.M., p. 82. Stanley, Mrs. Viola, p. 82. Stevens, Ms. Donna, p. 76. Stewart, Dr. Dwight C , p. 59. Stewart, Miss Glenda, p. 72. Stroud, Mrs Betty, p. 81. Swafford, Miss Beverly, p. 68. Tarry, Mrs. Janet, p. 79. Todd, Mr. Boyd, p. 60. Townsend, Mr. Milton H., p. 79. Turna, Mr. Kuldeep S , p. 71. Wainscott, Mr. Robert, p. 70. Walker, Mrs. Mary, p. 60. Warfield, Mrs. Chelsea, p. 80. Warren, Mrs. Sharon, p. 62. Weaver, Mr. Don, p. 81. White, Mrs. Carol, p. 77. Wood, Dr. Andelys, p. 61. Woody, Dr. Lester, p. 67. 128 -i siircii . m t-iJif tii ;s-T:v;:.: ■ " " -rn ' lilLltirarf UnidI , i.gs 3urvi!!3, KY 40906 V

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