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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00119343 2 ' 4 .c ■ZiPy.. WVy i ■ v • ft ' . % « i • -V j • •• • . ' S », H li . ■ « ■ ' $ , • ' I • • .• ' «■■ . »% ' ♦ 1 I V ' . w - I ' . . • f | . " ' J }. W; • 979 CENTENNIAL STESPEAN VOLUME L I I UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 409G6 f+K •-I -ims. I find thee, Union Co I I ege , St i I I , Endur i ng as the sun ; And just as fair as in those days When dreams had just begun ; A fortress strcna,cur citadel, Amcna your stately elms; Your arandeur throuqh the passina years Our memory c T erwhe I ms . You ' ve proven to be our beacon light m r r TT II inn mil in m in | ■mi Kill " Ik ■■in •■■•■ li Through a thousand yesterdays f W ffi IB ■ ,f§ i |£ |_p W 5 I i ffl ffl ffi " b ffl m a And through the morrows we T I I give To thee our solemn praise. Martha Teaguet I 949) Index of Bu i I d i nqs Classroom Building (1907) p. 2 Conway Boatman Chapel (1949) p. 2 Religious Life Center (1975) p. 3 Student Center (1964) p. 3 Speed Hall (1897-1905) p. 4 Abigail E. Weeks Memorial Library (1941) p. 5 Stevenson Hall (1907 ) p . 5 Physical Education Building (1964) p. 6 Mahlon Miller Science Center (1973) p. 6 Pfeiffer Hall (1942) p. 7 Dramatic Arts Center (1919) p. 7 Lakeside Residence Hall (1964) p. 8 " But what of his work? Shall it end with his death or shall it continue? I ask you the question. You know it is sometimes said that the youngest child is the most loved of all. Union College was the last and youngest of all his works; and so, we think the dearest to his heart. What shall be its history? Shall it be dear to us because loved by him? Let me answer the question for you, for I think I know your minds in this matter. I say no, it shall not die; it shall live and shall continue to grow and shall add luster to his name. " J.P.Faulkner, " Memorial Address " about Presi- dent Daniel Stevenson TABLE OF CONTENTS RiU kJ] I •• .CENTENNIAL HISTORY 18. . .DEO I CAT ION 35. . .OR IENTAT ION AND SPECIAL EVENTS 43. . .FACULTY AND STAFF 61 . . .STUDENTS . V 91 . . . ORGAN I Z AT IONS , rI09. . .SPORTS 1 141 . . .DRAMAT IC ARTS ii -? 159. . .CENTENN I AL EVENTS 169. ..HONORS DAY - GRADUATION 131 . . .GRAND F INALE G € 2 p 1 UX£L PRO DEO 1 ET HOMINEU Section On Centenn i a 1 His e tony In 1879, thirty-five local Barbourvillians purchased 20,000 of capital stock to provide funds for the founding of a college. This was done at the urging of Mr. Abraham H. Harritt, a school desk salesman and Mr. James T. Gibson, a local dry goods merchant. The formal opening was held over Mr. Gibson ' s store, now the Western Auto Associate Store. Judge James D. Black, who would later become the College ' s fifth president and a Kentucky Governor, gave the opening address. It was he who named the college " Union " with the hope that it would serve as a unifying force in the Barbourville community, regardless of religious or political beliefs. It was in a room above this store also that the first classes were held until a suitable building could be erected. In October 1886, the College became affiliated with the Kentucky Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church through the foresight of Daniel Stevenson, a well known educator of the period. Eaniel Stevenson 1337-1397 James Perry Faulkner 1397-1905 James Warren Easley 1905-1910 James Dixon Black 1910-1912 Percy L. Ports 1912-1914 Ezra T. Franklin 1915-1923 John 0. Gross 1929-1933 Conway Boatman (right) 193d-1960 Mahlon A. Miller I960- The first Administration Building was erected in 1880. In 1905 fire destoyed this building and it was replaced by the new Classroom building. The Classroom Building? with its gracious tower, was erected in 1907. It is now on the National Register of Historic Buildings and is undergoing extensive renovation. This is a strong contrast to when the classes were held in James T. Gib- son ' s store back in 1870-1880. Domestic Science in the Chemistry Lab as it looked in the 1910-1915 period. Fanny Speed of Louisville, Kentucky, wanted the girls who attended Union College to live in a warm, home- like atmosphere. With this in mind, Speed Hall was built in 1905 with no expenses spared to insure the girls ' comfort. Dorm Life in 1910-1911 Speed Hall Once in a while everyone has to take time out for relaxation. Here is a Union College baseball game about 1910-1911. SSHBe " " " - v ' In 1910, Arbor Day celebration participants were, front row from left: Norma Elliot, Willie Watkins, and Anna Griggs. Back row from left: Anne Creech, Harrison Sarge, person un- known, Lewis Wood. Dneeling: Louise Clelland, Edwin Wesley, and Ida Cole. St evenson Hall-Men ' s Dormitory Stevenson Dorm Life about 1911-1913. From the looks of these walls, the males ' s favorite subject back then wasn ' t mathematics. Hen haven ' t changed. V. Mrs. Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Hall Dorm Life Mrs. Henry Pfeiffer of New York City made it possible for a new women ' s residence to be erected on campus. Speed Hall was then renovated and became our present administration building. This 1935 picture is of the old lib- rary located in that suite of rooms in the class -room building now occupied by Dr. Rob -ert Matthews, pro- fessor of Religion and Philosophy. Seated at the front table are: Robert Wiley, Arab Jarvis,Bill Norton, unknown, and Murrell Bozarth. Second table: Elvy Roberts, Glenn Clark, unknown, unknown, Third table: Verna Williamson, Hester White, Cecil Williamson. Back table: Martha Bartle and three unknowns. Standing at the desk are Mary Douglas Smith and Dr. Gross. • HI M _ 6 f o - 6 llfiJtS T. okk-CvC. ■ Messm 6 tuKatT PIika - - s Lewis biyi., u u u u U t ' , Tf ,_. - . , I .,!. ,. ■ fi ii m The 1968 Union College Bulldogs are shown following the winning of the championship honors of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Ath- letic Conference. The team went on to win the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics District 24 Tournament by beating Georgetown 67-65. The Bulldogs then journeyed to Kansas City, Mis- souri, for the opening round of the NAIA National Finals. Front row, from left: Ed Pierce, Larry Curd, Bob Pittser, and Douglas Logan. Second row, from left, Ken Meibers, Paul Carr, Tom Douce, and Paul Andrews. Third row, from left: Assistant Coach Paul Erslan, Bill Hill, Charles Rutledge, and Keith Wortinger. In the foreground are Coach Pete Moore with Jack Thompson, who pre- sented the trophy. Dignitatis meet at Union " s 75th anniversary celebration. From left to right are: Indiana ' s Governor George N. Craig, Senator Alhen W. Barkley, who later became a Vice President, Union .-Coll- ege President Conway Boatman, and Ambassador John Sherman Cooper For the first time, Union College granted graduate degrees at its commencement Monday, May 29,1962. The seven master of arts in educa- tion degrees were conferred on, from left, Leslie Perkins, Ben David Moore, Mrs. Capitola Roberts, Mrs. Ella Mae Shearon, Mrs. Leslie Perkins, Mrs. Lucy B. Jones, and Donald Ray Green. Mr. Bradley- History of Union College 1S79-1979 Dr. Marigold 3 " 1M JjiviiLSON L.aLYTTLh. e.pohuf: fr.VlARRlETT |[RL00N KKtinsley | CTtiHNSLlN ar; iM Ms " ' AN avjii . J.WYATT RC1LSQN vi v 1. 1 .1 i ! . ; J t.HAnnl! ' I ' T F.GIBS ON A£P0Gl)E RHIMKUE JittTAUGMMAM S.F.BR FF0R A J.M.ST :WAR ' G.ELLIOTT AnpliTAIN vTRRAFFTOn ■ Pictured at the Centennial Banquet is the 197 recipients of the Colonel Harland Sanders Honor Scholarship. To Colo- nel Sanders and many others, Union College owes an im- mense debt of gratitude. Through the scholarships and oth- er gifts offered by these wonderful people, count less stu- dents have been able to complete their education who might otherwise have been unable tc attend. In preparing the Centennial Section, I have discovered much to be proud of as a member of the Union College Community. The 100 years history of service of quality Christian Ed- ucation is an enviable one. I gratefully acknowledge the help of Mr. Milton Townsend for his guidance and good will and the special help of Janet Rose. Rita C. Bryan Section Editor Sect i on Two Orientation and Special Events FAITH AND WORK WEEK ft V fe J •PP i m ORIENTATIOA In the Beginning . . . ....there was Freshman Orientation. The class of 1982 was introduced to the mad mad world of college life by a group of upperclassmen known as the Freshman Orientation Committee. The new- comers followed a schedule that included meet- ing President Miller and others at Baldwin Place, campus tours, dorm meetings, meeting with the Student Senate President and of course, Rat Court . Registration w % A ■ PARENTS WEEKEND parents ' Weekend on October 7 was high- lighted with a successful banquet at- tracting more than 150 persons and an overflow audience at the popular ' Broad- way irfusical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. The day was packed with student activi- ties, including a basketball scrimmage under the ' direction of Coach Pete Moore; a women ' s volleyball contest coached by Miss Anjela Kay Poole; a baseball scrim- mage with Larry Inkster serving as the coach; and an intervarsity soccer game, coached by Edward Raquet and pitting Union College against Centre College. Miss Karla Kay Smith was in charge of an art exhibit in the Student Center. President and Mrs. Mahlon P. Miller hosted a morning coffee at Baldwin Place with faculty and staff welcoming parents back to the campus. BISHOP STOKES I i Bu„ ■ ' • m ' LOWELL THOMAS Lowell Thomas is shown giv- ing the Union College Found- ers ' Day Address in the Conway Boatman Chapel on October 5. This well-known radio commentator received a Doctor of Humane Letters De- gree preceding his address ,- and his wife, Marianna, re- ceived a Master of Arts De- gree, honoris causa. Sect i on Three Faculty and Staff Administration Union College was founded the year Albert Einstein was born, 1879. Both had obscure, unpretentious beginnings. Although told as a young student that he would never amount to anything, Einstein in his lifetime achieved universal acclaim for his insights into the nature of the physical world. Because of his stature as an intellectual, his voice was heard in high places when he spoke on social issues. Similarly, although Union is still a small college and is likely to remain such, its humble beginnings and early failure were hardly an obvious precursor of the college as it is today. It was founded by citizens of a tiny Eastern Kentucky town and the immediately surrounding rural community who were determined to provide for the educational needs of local youth. But bankruptcy was not far away and the college was sold at public auction in 1886. Immediately, however, it began a new under the auspices of what was then the Methodist Episcopal Church. Now, as this is being written, a group of foreign graduate students, young educators on leave from their positions in the Ministry of Education and the public schools of Liberia, are high over the Atlantic ocean, flying back to their African homeland after earning Masters Degrees at Union College. As the college matured through the years it attained recognized academic stature, and grew in size and scope to become a respected institution with a substantial graduate program. Its influence is now felt in distant places, a role that doubtless far exceeds the exemplary vision of its founders. Union College has changed dramatically through the years in keeping with the changes in the society around it. As it moves into Century II, it does so with a continuing commitment to academic quality and community service, its goals based on Christian principles, Academic integrity and societal needs. Now, as in the past, Union College seeks to nurture dedication to Christian ideals and sound learning from which will emerge creative intellectual activity and spiritual qualities that foster breadth of understanding and the love of all people. While the commitment to academic quality remains unchanging, the academic program itself changes and can be expected to continue changing. Thes changes are a necessary response of the college to the expansion of human knowledge and the modification of the priorities and the needs of society. The challenge is to effectively serve by making the right changes at the right time. A Centennial celebration is a time for reflection as well as for anticipation. We need to ponder our heritage, giving thanks for the contributions of so many. Union ' s friends have been legion and much support has been at the level of sacrifice. Others will follow during the years ahead — friends, benefactors, and those loyal in their labors. Perhaps the greatest support of all will be from someone in this Centennial graduating class. It is a privilege and joy to salute the Centennial Class. Many people have worked hard to contribute to the fulfillment of your educational, religious, and social needs. The faculty and staff are proud of you, and we hope you have been pleased with us. All graduates and continuing students have our very best wishes. For my part, I assure you that Union College moves into Century II firmly committed to continuing as a Christ-directed enabling influence in the lives of rising generations. President Mahlon Miller Dr. Robert Carey Executive Vice President Mr. Kevin McCullen Assistant Dean of Faculty, AIDP Coordinator: Assistant Professor of Political Science Sue Carr Mrs. Linda Sizemore f Miss Linda Partin Linda Alford Secretary to the- Secretary .Graduate Secretary s Executive Secretary, Dean of President Studies Vice President Undergraduate Academic Affairs Dr. Dwight Stewart Pean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Professor of Philosophy Dr. Warrin Robbins ) Dean of the Faculty and Director v of Graduate Studies ;Professor of Education Mr. Edward Black Dir. of Career Planning Academic Advising Planning Mrs. Elizabeth Harris Secretary, Off ice of Academic Advising, Career Planning and PlS " ror-r, n t Miss Mildred Maggard Student Loan Officer Mr. James Davenport Mrs. LaDonna Carey m. u OI11 « ™ r ' «• r pv ,i nhn shAnnpii Director of Financial Aid ALCOR Assistant Campus Director director of AdS?ssion Mr. Clarence Chadwell Mr. Boyd Todd Bookkeeper and Assistant Business Manager Treasurer Treasurer Mr. Edwin LeMaster Registrar k .•-,-•- Miss Mary Alice Lay Director of Alumni Affairs Mrs. Cynthia Ammerman Sec. ;Alumni Affairs Mr. Milton Townsend Vice President for College Relations and Development Mr. Fred Stoop Development Officer Mrs. Cheryl Hamil Se cret ary , De ve lopmen t Office Mrs. Mary Wa Iker Executive Secretary, Development Office Mrs. Doris Mays Rev. Raymond Gibson Dean of students and Director Campus Minister of the stud ent Center Mrs. Freda New Administative Assistant to the Dear, of Students Laura Wartner Secretary to the Dean of Students Beve Swafford Clerk Typist Mrs. Patty Lawson Director of Purchasing Mrs. Karen Inkster Secretary, Registrar ' s Office k Mrs. Myrlyn Lawson Controller Rhonda Sturgill Faculty Secretary(Fall Miss Sharon Morgan Admissions Mr.Shappel; Mrs. Carey;Grover Harrison, Malena Bingham, Assistant to the Bookkeeper, Admissions Counselor;Bev Lenzer, Secretary Denise Crawford, Secretary to the Business of the Financial Aid Office;Julie Hirn, Office;Glenda Stewart, Secretary to the Student Secretary;Margret Dingus, Secretary Business Office of Admissions. Mrs. Dorothy Harwood, Dormitory Di rector :Bev Carr Resident: Carol Pearce, Assistant Dormitory D rector, Emmy Taylor, Resident Lakeside Dormitory Residents Joe Boswell Ron Harrison Mr. Joe Hacker Director of Data Processing Center, Assistant Professor of Business Mrs . Loui.se Martin Digital Computer Operator Don Weaver Systems Analyst Mr. George Black Junior Programmer Mr. Ed Raquet,Senior Programmer . Mrs. She! lie Raquet, Secretary, Learning Resources. Mr. Eugene Branstutter Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Miss Phyllis Sexton Clerk in Bookstore Mr. Tim Johnson Clerk, Post Office Mr. Dale Myers Director, Experiential Learning Community Services,Associate Professor of Chemistry Mr. Robert Wainscott, Cafeteria Manager, Mr. Mrs. Sweasy, Cooks , Bill Furth , Snack Bar Manager ;Mr. Mrs. Col. Sanders. Dr. Larry Klein Dr. Jjcith Jennings Mr. Sherman Oxendine Associate Professor of History Associate Professor of Associate Professor of History, History Coordinator of Appalachian Semester Alan Banks Assistant Professor of Sociology k H Mr. Richard Lockett Assistant Director, Experiential Learning; Instructor of Political Science Mr. James McFerrin Head Librarian, Associate Professor of Library Science Mrs. Virginia Saddler Assistant Librarian, Associate Professor of Library Science Miss Rebecca Culp Circulation Assistant Mrs Sherry Foley Secretary, Library Mrs. Laverna Saunders Director, Learning Resources Center Mr. Charles Dibble Director of Adult Education Susie Hale Secretary to the Director of Adult Education Dr. Jan Finkel Associate Professor of English Mr B _ M _ stallcup Dr. Andelys Wood Associate Professor of English Assistant Professor of English Dr. Lester Woody Dr Gordon Marigold Dr. Robert Matthews Associate Professor of Head Department of Languages Head, Department of Religion English Professor of Languages and Philosophy, Francis Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion Mrs. Patricia Dontchos Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama Mr. Wayne Saunders Assistant Professor of Philosophy Mr. Leo Dontchos Head, Department of Fine Arts: Assistant Professor of Music Gayna Akillian Instructor in Music Mr. Allan Green Chairman, Division of Humanities Associate Professor of Music Miss Frances Patridge Chairman, Division of Applied Science, Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Dr. Paul Moore Head, Department of Health and Physical Education, Director of Athletics, Coach, Professor of Health and Physical Education Miss Karl a Smith Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Arthur Hafner Head, Department of Education; Professor of Education Dr. John Boyd Graduate Professor Sister Mary Gemma Harlow Associate Professor of Education Dr. Robert Simpson Chairman , Division of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor of Mathematics Mrs. Mary Manis Head, Business Department; Assistant Professor of Business Miss Paula Hammons Instructor in Office Administration Mr. Huph Hanlin Assistant Professor of Biolopv Dr. Henry Barton Associate Professor of Env. Studies Dr. Santaram Chilukuri Associate Professor of Physics Dr. Leola Crosthwaite Assistant Professor of Biology Mr. Clevis Carter Dr. James Hall Assistant Professor of Physical Assistant Professor of Science Chemistrv ill 4 S p j famj fr zty dM» « Sect i on Four Students CLASS of 1979 REBECCA MILLER AAS: HOME EC. STRAIGHT CREEK, KY , TERESA MIRACLE AAS: HOME EC. CALVIN, KY. KAREN TRENT AS: RADIOLOGY TECH, ROSE HILL, VA. ROBERT ADAMS BS: ELEM. ED. FLEMINGTON, N.J. DEBORAH BAYS BS: SOCIAL WORK ARTEMUS, KY. } JOSEPH BOSWELL BS: CHRISTIAN ED LA PLATA, MD. JIMMY BROWN BS: MATHEMATICS CORBIN, KY. RITA C. BRYAN B.S. HISTORY LEBANON JUNCTION, KY. DAVID CAMPBELL BS: BUSINESS AD ARTEMUS, KY. DARLENE COMPTON BS: SOCIAL WORK COVINGTON, KY. SHERROID CORNETT BS: HISTORY PINEVILLE, KY. WILLIAM DIXON BS : HELATH B ARBOUR V I LLE, KY v ■:■ LISA DORAN BS: BUSINESS AD, CARLISLE, PA. BARBARA DURICKO BS: ELEM. ED. BARBOURVILLE, KY DEBORAH FEE BS: ELEM. ED. MIDDLESBORO, KY . EARL HAMMONS RONALD HARRISON BS: PSYCH. PHYS. ED ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. PATRICIA- HATFIELD BS: BARBOURVILLE, KY . »£3iS3£2 » RICHARD HILL BS: BUSINESS AD CLEVES, OH. JULIE HIRN BS: ELEM. ED. BAINBRIDGE, OH, ERNEST HOUSE BS: PHYS.. ED MILFORD, OH. STEVEN JOHNSON BS: PHYS. ED. GRATIS, OH. DONALD JONES BS: HISTORY BARBOUR VI LLE, KY . ROBERT LAWSON I THOMAS LAWSON BS : ACCOUNTING MANAHAWKIN, N.J. CATHY LEONARD BS: BIOLOGY JONESVILLE, VA, I F MIKE R. LINSAY BS: BUSINESS AD. PENNSVILLE,N.J. PAULA D. LONG BS: BIOLOGY CAWOOD,KY. FRANKLIN E. McCOY BS:BUSINESS AD. DOVER, DELAWARE. AM RUTH ANN McCREERY BSrELEM.ED. CORBIN,KY. RONALD MILLER BS: BUSINESS AD. MI ► ROBERT MI LONE BS: BUSINESS AD. MARGATE, N.J. DAN PARTIN BA: PRE -LAW PINEVILLE, KY RICHARD PRESTON BM: MUSIC BINGHAMTON, N.Y. JOSEPH PRONCHICK BS: HISTORY PAULSBORO, N.J. JANET ROSE BS: ELEM. ED. COLUMBIA, TN. STEVEN ROSE BS: HISTORY ENGLISH LA GRANGE, MO. V j k JAKIE ROSS BS: BUSINESS AD. BARBOURVILLE, KY . JAMES SCHILT BS: BUSINESS AD. FRANKLIN SQUARE, N .Y 5i BOBBY SMITH BS: ELEM. ED. BREATHITT, KY . 1 MACKELENE SMITH BA: ENGLISH STANFORD, KY . m it RICKY STANFORD BS: ELEM. ED. BREATHITT, KY . WAYNE STEELE BS : RECREATION LEXINGTON, KY . SHERRY REEVES TAYLOR BA: HISTORY BARBOURVILLE, KY . J OSCAR TEJADA BA: RELIGION PERU 1 } FRANK THATCHER BS: ELEM. ED. VOORHEES,N.J. JSP " tl rffl RUDOLF O. THOMSEN, III BS : ENGLISH LUCAS , KY . r« BRADLEY THOMPSON BA: HISTORY CINNCINATI, OH. THOMAS THOMPSON BS: HISTORY CLEVES, OH. MARCUS THROCKMORTON BS: BUSINESS AD. BARBOURVILLE, KY . VALERIE TRIMBLE BS: ENGLISH DRAMA BARBOURVILLE, KY . DAVID VANCE BS : PSYCHOLOGY COEBURN, VA. MICHAEL VIZOCO BS: HISTORY BUS. AD GIBBSBORO, N.J. AARON WORKS BM: MUSIC ED. UPPER DARBY, PA F , CLASS OF % 80 Charlie Akins Artis Ashley Jayne Bain Keith Banks Ned Barber Linda Chavies Steve Broughton VI IB - ' " " ■■ tM -4 % MB m ' Vv Rebecca Creech Sandy Hash i m Judy Hines Douglas Johnson Laquata Jordan Bob Long Steve Marshall Scott Martin Kathy Miller Joe Meibers Jesse Moore Fred Mossbrucker Dena Newman Glenn Nichols Jackie Sellards From the 11 kite f louse. MAHLON A PRESIDENT UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE K Brenda Smith ' V " THE ONE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF UNION COLLEGE IS A MILESTONE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE IN AMERICAN EDUCATION AN INDEPENDENT PRIVATE COLLEGE CREATED FOR AND DEVOTED TO THE EDUCATION OF ALL AMERICANS- REGARDLESS OF C LASS COLOR OR RELIGIOUS PERSUASION— UNION COLLEGE HAS AN ADMIRABLE TRADITION OF PUBLIC SERVICE ITS GRADUATES CONTINUE TO STRENGTHEN THE COMMUNITIES IN WHICH THEY LIVE AND WORK WITH THE TIMELESS PRINCIPLES AND VALUES THEY ACQUIRED DURING THEIR ACADEMIC TRAINING I APPLAUD UNION COLLEGE FOR ITS SPLENDID CONTRIBUTION TO OUR NATION OVER THE PAST TEN DECADES. AND I HOPE ITS TRUSTEES. FACULTY AND STUDENTS WILL REMAIN TRUE TO THE NOBLE HERITAGE AND OUTSTANDING REPUTATION OF THEIR PREDECESSORS JIMMY CARTER Ron Swope Brenda Throckmorton Phyllis Wells Marvette White Laura Yinger J.D Korto Grad. Mr - T. Walker Grad. I Ik CLASS OF ' 81 1 i 5 I ft ivF Arnetta Atkins David Blevins V 1 I Pat Broadbeck Saundra Bryson Soger Burkholder Glenn Campbell Carl Castell Wade Cornett Nona Davis Dave Ditillio Kersweet Eria Doris Ann Goins Sharon Griffith Janie Harber Jonie Harber James Hatfield Yu-shia Jao Lorri Landry Mark Miller t»4 3g?.-;«fe John Miniard Dwayne Peters Terrell Prichard Sue Slater Mike Stephens Sandy Sutphin Woody Wallace Paulitta Walker Paula Walstad Mark West Denver Word CLASS OF 82 Narcy Barger Billy Anderson Melissa Boswell Mike Brothers Terry Carnes V Kathy Gibson Joe Dawson X Di Victor Gray- Teresa Guth Dan Hoffman ' m i Debbie Hoskins Becky Houghton Deborah Long Randy Martin Elizabeth Mays Peggy Mills Kim Moore k t. Benny Napier Denise Newman Edgar Nickasia Sue Pitorak Linda Pizzutillo A Pam Purcell Mahnaz Raoufi Majorie Ruse Judy Rice Deborah Smith I II Loretta Smith Leola Stead Kim Sutphin UM Doona Tenpenny Terry Thompson Millard Willis Philip Vacanarat Saywrayne March 24, 1936 March 30, 1979 IN MEMORIAM Phillip Saywrayne, a graduate student from Liberia, died on March 30, 1979. Phillip was widely known throughout the Barbourville community and on -the Union College campus. He was a quiet, friendly man who always wore a smile. Phillip was the author of Anthology of Original Poems , Poetry and Speeches , Folk Tales of Liberia and a manuscript entitled Saywrayne on African Culture. People who were touched even briefly by Phillip Saywra yne ' s friendly, thoughtful presence regret that he has passed so suddenly from us. Sect ion Five Orqan i zat i ons The Lighthouse Singers are a voluntary group of Christian students from various denominations who visit churches and colleges to sing and share their faith in Jesus Christ. This year, the Lighthouse Singers were invited all over the state of Kentucky to share their lives with others. They provided worship through song for some congregation almost every weekend of the school year. A lot of moaning, groaning and complaining seemed to go on, but every singer braved Rev. Gibson ' s driving, the winding hills of Kentucky and the many self-sacrifices to find new meaning in their lives. Pictured above are, front row: Rev. Gibson, Don Jones, Terrell Prichard, Dan Hoffman, Mike Brothers, Mrs. Gibson. Second row: Linda Pizzutillo, Kim Sutphin, Rita Bryan, Sandy Sutphin, Darlene Compton, Jo Ann Davis, Stephanie Webb, Brenda Smith, Donna Tenpenny. Third row: Sue Pitorak, Rudie Thomsen, Fred Mossbrucker, Scott Martin. l " ' 1 5 Sffc • ORANGE AND BLACK This year the Orange and Black had two editors. During the fall semester, Dena Newman headed the publication and Kathy Giles took over in the spring. The Orange and Black provided students with articles on events happening in and around the campus community. The articles were written by both students and faculty members. Artist Charlie Akins and photographer Steve Rose added their talents to round off the newspaper material. Pi Upsilon Beta had a good year of fellowship and brotherhood. Although this year was a slow year for activities, the brotherhood of the organization grew closer together under the leadership of president Rick Hill, vice-president Earl Grover, secretary Arnie Bradway, treasurer Dave Pease and advisor Larry Inkster. PUB had a small pledge class of four in the fall semester, but pledges and members all had a good time and the.size of the fraternity increased by four. The major spring activity was a slave sale which raised money for a few of PUB ' s favorite activities, PARTIES! The end of the year meant the loss of four members due to graduation, but the remaining members wish their brothers luck and success in future endeavors. Pictured above are, front row: Fred Mossbrucker, Steve Johnson, Yushia Joa, Rick Hill. Second row: Mike Tancini, Walt Burlingame, David Smallwood, Earl Grover, Tom Lawson, Rudie Thomsen, Wade Cornett, Dave Pease. SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi Delta is a social and service organization open to all girls through a two week pledge period. The main goal of the organization is to promote unity and sisterhood within the sorority and to spread that feel -ing throughout the campus with their projects. Sigma Chi Delta celebrated her first birthday this spring with 15 mem — bers. The girls were quite busy this year sponsoring dances, bakesales , hot dog sales, and an ice cream social. The girls also helped with the Special Olympics, served at the Homecoming Banquet, placed second in the Centennial Exhibit Contest, had two pledge classes, held a worker-for-a- day sale and bought their first jackets. This active group was sponsored by Gayna Akillian and Dick Glasser. SNEA S.N.E.A. - Alive and WeU at Union This year the student National Education Association of Union College participated in many campus functions as well as in state association events. On Campus, S.N.E.A. held monthly meetings at which speakers from on and off campus discussed issues that are facing the educators of today. The organization also participated in functions that had a special emphasis on education such as a special chapel service for education majors that was conducted by S.N.E.A. And the group helped host the Upper Cumberland Valley Teacher ' s Associational Conference. At Honor ' s Day S.N.E.A. presented an award to a senior member that had exhibited a true dedication toward education. Off campus, the Union College Chapter of S.N.E.A. participated in state association events such as the Fall Leadership Conference, the State Convention, and meetings of both the state Executive Committee and the State Task Force Committee. All in all S.N.E.A. at Union College is alive and well and is expecting another great year of activities! SCB Student Center Board To act in an advisory capacity to the Director and Assistant Director of the Student Center. To plan programs on campus for the student body which are educational, cultural and entertaining and administer to the total well being of the student. To plan a calendar of activities : for next .year Pictured above are;First row: Janet Rose, Secretary, Leola Stead, Shelly Raquet, advisor, Linda Pizzutillo, , Donna Dobo.Row two, Bob Malone, F.Pete McCoy, Rudi Thomson, President, St eve Marshall, Vice President, Dan Hoffman. £? DANCE WITH ME I SNOWBALL COURT i K Bringing back an all but forgotten tradition, Student Center Board sponsored Snowball King and Queen elections for the Snowball Dance. Each campus organization was given the opportunity to nominate one male and one female to represent them in the court of candidates. The penny-a-vote elections were held the week prior to the dance. When the counting was complete, Sigma Chi Delta representatives Brad Thompson and Emmy Taylor emerged as victors. The other candidates were Becky Houghton and Aaron Works representing Phi Mu Alpha, Melissa Boswell and Mike Brothers for Circle K, Rita Bryan and Don Jones for Eta Pi Sigma, and Dena Newman and Bob Beck representing the Orange and Black. MOB Mu Omega Beta, sponsored by Dr. Lester Woody, is a social fraternity dedicated to life-long friendship, brotherhood and service to the community. The members of MOB helped with the activities at Parents ' Weekend and participated in the Daniel Boone Festival. As a money-raising project in order to buy new shirts, and also as a campus and community service, MOB members sold ads which were printed on desk blotters. The desk blotters were given away throughout the campus and the community. The members of MOB also sponsored several parties and dances for their fellow students, plus a few private parties! Pictured above are Mike Vizoco, president, Den Rigling, Bob Beck, Secretary, Dwayne Peters, Bob Angstadt, treasurer, David Blevins, vice-president. CIRCLE K A service organization associated with the Kiwanis Club, Circle K was one of the more active organizations on camp- us. Circle K sponsored community-oriented activities such as a Christmas party and Easter party for the children of the Pentecostal Children ' s Home and a Walk-a-thon for Cystic Fibrosis. They also contrbuted to campus enhance- ment by painting lines on the DAC parking lot. Circle K advisors Dr. Jan Finkel and Charley Dibble help- ed the group which was headed by President Cindy Ammerman, Vice-president Sue Pitorak, Treasurer Steve Broughton, and Secretaty Irene Bennett. Pictured above are: Row 1; Donna Tenpenny, Cathy Baker, Wanda Ison, Susan Harbison, Cindy Ammerman. Row 2, -Mike Brothers, Melissa Boswell, Sue Pitorak, Debbie Smith, Irene Helton. Row 3; Steve Broughton, Charlie Akins,Joe Pronchick, Joseph Gray. STAGE COM PAN Y Pictured Above are: Reva Abner, Glenn Nichols , Randy Pence, Pat Dontchos , Jackie Sellards. Missing from the picture is Jeff De- Hart. J.AY K E R S The main activity sponsored by Playlikers was a night full of " gambling and drink " called Monte Carlo Night. No real money was used, but the gambler in all of us was brought out as we attempted to win as much as possible! Refreshments were de - voured and a disco dance, put on by Union ' s own Ron Harrison added color to the evening. The small crew of workers, who were headed by Allan Green, had almost more than they could handle. However, at the end of the evening the completely exhausted crew had another success- ful Monte Carlo Night to their credit. Alumni Salute the Colle Mrs. Catherine Singer received the Alumni Association ' s Distinguished Service Award from Milton Townsend, vice-president for college relations and development, on June 1 , 1 969. Mrs. Leo A. Geiss, St. Charles, III., received the Alumni Award for distinguished ser- vice to Union College at the May, 1978, commencement. She was honored for her loyal support to Union College, especially its Home Economics Department.. Active in forming the Trustee Wives ' Organization, she rarely misses any of the outstanding events_on the campus. Shown here with her, on the left, is her husb and, Dr. Leo A. Geiss, who has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1 948; and on the right is Dr. Mahlon A. Miller, president of Union College since 1 959. Dr. Jesse D. Lay, left, Union College alumni president, 1967-1967, present- ed Dr. John Owen Gross, former presi- dent of Union College from 1 929 to 1938, a Certificate for Distinguished Service to Union College. The presen- tation was made at the dinner held at Union College during the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Officers of the Alumni Association 1977-1979 Dr Rollin J. Watson ' 64 M65 President Donald M Turner ' 60 First Vice President Jerry W. Carey ' 65 Second Vice President Linda Girdner Davies 71 Secretary Myrlyn Lawson ' 76 Treasurer Milton H Townsend ' 48 Vice President for College Relations and Development Catherine F. Singer ' 32 . ... Director of Alumni Affairs and Editor William H Ball. Jr 58 Alumni Trustee Mary Pauline Fox, M.D ' 51 . Alumni Trustee D Cawood Smith, ' 47 Alumni Trustee Otis Doan, Jr., ' 78 Alumni Trustee 1979-1980 Donald M Turner ' 60 President Jerry W. Carey ' 65 First Vice President Coey D Prichard ' 57 . Second Vice President Mrs. Robert McDade (Billie Bailey) ' 54 M72 Secretary Clevis Don Carter ' 59 Treasurer Mary Alice Lay X60 Executive Secretary Milton H Townsend ' 48 Vice President for College Relations and development William H Ball. Jr ' 58 Alumni Trustee Otis Doan, Jr. ' 78 Alumni Trustee Mrs. Robert Burchell (BEA Hammons) ' 61 M67 Alumni Trustee Ronnie Callihan ' 71 Alumni Trustee e ' s 100th Anniversary Union ' s record Century I Facts on the grads Union College has granted 7,828 Degrees and Diplomas 2,587 of these are Masters ' Degrees Union has 6,683 graduates with known addresses Approximately 50 per cent of Un- ion ' s graduates have gone on to obtain an advanced degree. Union College has more graduates teaching in the public schools of Ken- tucky than does any other private college in the Commonwealth. There are 1,803 graduates residing within the six-county area of Knox, Bell, Harlan, Clay, Laurel, and Whitley. Within the alumni ranks, Union numbers a former lieutenant governor of Kentucky who later became the senior member of the Interstate Com- merce Commission, a former U.S. Con- gressman, 193 ministers, 65 lawyers, 138 in the field of healing arts, numerous presidents and vice presi- dents of businesses, leaders in research, and military personnel. o Jp. ft t: - u fl w u u u u o n w u T S r g if if j| , 5Kf .UNDEFE7F1 Members of the Union College 1 934 undefeated football team and its coach are, from left, front row: John A. Turner, Tommy Symansic, Kelly Cornelius, Roland Horrall, Dan Snyder, T. J. Luke, Roland Patterson, and Ed Landreth. Second row, from left: Coach J. R. Bacon, Clarence Messer, Milton Galbraith, Andrew Miracle, Bill Raines, T. G Lewis, and Millard Saylor. Third row, from left: Clarence " Ossie " Burch, Bill Buchanan, Curtis Stringer, John Gaines, Captain John York, Marvin Young, and Bill Morton. The 1 968 Union College Bulldogs are shown following the winning of the champion- ship honors of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The team went on to win the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics District 24 Tournament by beating Georgetown 67-65. The Bulldogs then journeyed to Kansas City, Missouri, for the opening round of the NAIA National Finals. Front row, from left: Ed Pierce, Larry Curd Bob Pittser, and Douglas Logan. Second row, from left: Ken Meibers, Paul Carr, Tom Douce, and Paul Andrews. Third row, from left: Assistant Coach Paul Erslan. Bill Hill, Charles Rutledge, and Keith Wortinger. In the foreground are Coach Pete Moore with Jack Thompson, who presented the trophy. PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1. To encourage and actively promote the highest standards : of creativity performance, education, and research in Music 2. To develop and encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater 3. To foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students 4. TO develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members 5. To instill in all people an awareness of music ' s all important role in the enrichment of human spirit Pictured above are Row l.Gayna Akillian, Janet Rose, clockwise around the piano, Jackie Sellards, Sharon Griffith, Cheryl Hartley, Sue Pit- orak,Sue Slater, Bebbie Bill, Charlie Akins, Advisor Leo Dontchos Bob Long, Sandy Hash, Becky Houghton , Dena Newman, Aaron Works, Debbie Volpe, Rudi Thompson. GAMMA BETA PHI Gamma Beta Phi met once a month this year to plan various events. One highlight of the year was when Dr. Lester Woody and David Pease attended Gamma Beta Phi ' s State Conven- tion at E.K.U. Also, members helped with Homecoming regis- tration. However the group ' s plans were hampered through- out the year by low attendence.at the meetings. At the end " of the year a new crop of members were inducted with the hope for a highly active 1979-SO. Pictured above are: first row: Linda Chavies, Treasurer, Jackie Sellards Secretary, Judy Hines,Vice President, Row two: Dave. Pease, President, Steven Marshall, Publicity ' Chairman. CHOIR Sect ion Six Sports MENS ' William Anderson, Johnny Delpont, Durkee Davidson, Kevin Haggard, Greg Bargo , Joe Dawson, Victor Gray, Bert Gregory, Ron Swope, Kevin Lakes, Tony Bailey, Greg Gover. BASKETBALL r i 4 « j. -»... 4 k jt m ■» ... w . _. » _. , « sSW fc 0f ttyti. 4 A - ' k fc 2a jf ST. LADIES fin o lOfi mm 01 ° i|N% ' uMIO i H[0 ' ] v m .,- 22 ( vljfc x ft! ri I -A ? ' ' i i u Row 1: Terry Kriviski, Teresa Guth, Debbie Dyer, Nancy Barger, Pam Adams. Row 2: Coach Angela Poole, Terry McMonagle, Isabelle Spriggs, Becky Miller, Barb Fleming, Tracy Giles, Sandy Hale, Darlene Compton, manager. s %P . " mJ mz m ?» I 3s " " £U - BASKETBALL H .;•_: V ■■ Beve Carr, Brenda Smith, Nanette Cox, Laura Yinger, Het tie Adams, Sue Roark. y ' i - A bi CHEERLEADER IS: SOCCER! ■ • r r. Row 1: Steve Broughton, Keith Banks, Pete McCoy, Dave UiTillio, Tom Lawson, Basaam Tabeekh, Andy Woodward. Row 2: Oscar Tejada, Danny Burns, Carl Castell, Joe Emmel, Bob Milone, Steve Marshall, Ron Harrison, Mike Goss, Ken Rigling, Dave Pease, Coach Ed Raquet. Row l:Leola Stead, Iwune Chukwunedu, Alfred Thomas, Rufus Dinuwelle,J.D. Korto,Tom H JC " Lawson,Dave Ditillio, Yushia Joa , Jenny- Lehman. Row 2;Keith Banks, Basaam Tabeakh , Bob Malone, Mike Vizzoco,Carl Castell, An- dy Woodward,-Dan Hoffman, David Pease. 1 0i 1- ■ -■ Hi BASEBALL Row 1: Rick Hill, Steve Johnson, Coach Inkster;Row 2:Randy Martin, Miles Estes,Bob Angstadt,Row 3:Dwayne Peters, Bob Crawford, Mike, Tancini,Mark Jenkins, Row 4, Jeff Walker, Ernie House, Earl Grover , Scott Martin, Fred Mossbrucker,Joe Pronchick,Row 5:Mike Cox, Glenn Prof itt, Thorn Thompson, Rob Cronin, Bear Steele. .:»te TENNIS Tennis Team Row 1: Imran Bokhari, Karen Daniels, Teresa Foley, Coach Sharon Boggs.Row 2: Charlie Yazell, Chuks Iwunze, Mike Goss, Steve Mar- shall, Ron Harrison. VOLLEYBALL! • •«§£ « % -v Row 1: Carol Pfister, Sandy Hale, Lori Rodriguez, Joanie Price, Debbie Ellis. Row 2: Darlene Compton, manager, Teresa Guth, Kim Schroerlucke, Barb Fleming, Becky Miller, Terry McMonagle, Isabelle Spriggs, Pat Brodbeck, Dena Newman, Coach Angela Poole. FROM THE COACHES COACH POOLE: The women ' s volleyball team, beset with youth and inexperience, managed only a 1-10 record during the fall. First-year coach Anjela Poole says that " Volleyball requires that the six players on the court must know and fullfill their responsibilities. We lacked this ability because the players are young and have not play- ed together before. " Coach Poole was impressed with beginning players Teresa Guth, Isabelle Spriggs , Lori Rodriguez and Sandy Hall who she said were " willing to hit the floor and get the ball. " Senior Barb Fleming was cited as the team ' s best spiker by Coach Poole. She will be the only member of the 1978-79 team not returning. An experienced squad will return to the volleyball court in the fall in an attempt to better last season ' s record. Like the women ' s volleyball team, the basketball team, also coached by Aniela Poole, is losing only one senior. That senior is the same one that the volleyball team will be missing, Barb Fleming. The 1978-79 team finished at 8-10 despite youth and inexperience Coach Poole said that the team relied on quickness and excellent outside shooting to win those eight games. Coach Poole added that things look great for next year because of the large number of returning players and the fact that the new players this year responded well to inheriting leadership from the veterns. COACH MOORE Union College basketball fans will have an interesting team to watch next season because the 1978- 79 squad lost no players to graduation. In fact, only one player, Durkee Davidson, will be a senior. The last squad posted a 9-19 record which Coach Pete Moore felt could have been improved upon with better defense. " Inexperience was the key factor in the weakness of our defensive game, " he said. Coach Moore was especially pleased with the Bulldogs ' offensive output of 80 points a game. He credits accurate shooting as the reason Union is such a high-scoring team. Overall, Coach Moore feels that rebounding is where Union improved most over the season. " We began to work together as a team under the boards as the season progressed, " he said. Forward Durkee Davidson was named a member of the All-KIAC team and the All-NAIA District 32 team. The Bulldogs made a long winter trip to Salina, Kansas, in January to play in the Marymount- McDonald Classic. Union emerged from the round-robin tourney with a 1-2 record. Coach Moore is confident that the coming year will be as successful as possible with a still-young team. " We must improve our defense considerably before we will do much better, " he says. " We should begin the year with more confidence since the team has played a full year together. " Coach Moore hopes that Union will be able to dominate some games while relying on the potent offense. " I think we will continue to score well and I hope that our rebounding will improve to where we can dominate a few teams. " COACH BOGGS Although the tennis team had a number of experienced players in its ranks, the squad was not able to win a match all year against the tough competition in the conference and in the districts. First-year coach Sharon Boggs, a Barbourville resident, took over a team that was counting on three seniors. Charlie Yazell, Mike Goss, and Ron Harrison, one-two-three on the team respective were not able to yield the kind of year expected of them. The most successful of the three was Yazell, winning two singles matches and one doubles match over the year. COACH RAQUET The internationally popular sport of soccer has been recognized as a varsity sport at Union College, but the school ' s players have been practicing and playing patiently for quite a while in anticipation of the moment. Ed Raquet, who worked for Union in the computer science department before leaving the campus during the spring, coached the soccer team through its last season as a " club " sport in the fall. It was the best season to date for the Bulldogs, who posted a 2-6-1 won-loss-tie record. Coach Raquet noted that the team ' s strength lies in determination, enthusiasm and hustle. " The defense had periods of greatness, " he said. " However, as with most young and inexperienced teams, we had trouble generating any offense. " The high point of the season for the Bulldogs was a crafty 2-1 victory over Georgetown that saw Union put together a strong defensive and offensive game. " With every game we seemed to improve and develop better ballhandling skills, " Coach Raquet stated. " We were able to put it all together at Georgetown. " The Union squad is a member of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Soccer Association. At the 9th Annual KISA tournament late in the fall at Berea College, the Bulldogs were beaten twice. The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers topped Union 5-0 in the first round. The Cumberland College Indians, victims of the Bulldogs earlier in the season, won the consolation round over the Union team 3-2. All-KISA fullback David Pease of Summit, New Jersey, and All-KISA halfback Tom " J.C. " Lawson were the strongholds of the team. Lawson and halfback Ron Harrison of Englishtown, New Jersey, are lost to the team due to graduation. Fullback Carl Castell, Bloomfield, Kentucky, forward Basaam Tabeekh, Tehran, Iran, and halfback Andy Woodward of Lexington, Kentucky, will not be on next year ' s team because they are transferring. Coach Raquet feels that the prospects are good for next year when Larry Inkster, instructor of physical education and Union ' s championship baseball team coach, will take over the helm. Dr. Judi Jennings, instructor of history at Union, organized the team for practice games in the spring. Coach Raquet says that special thanks should be given Dr. Jean Shelton of Dallas, Texas, the founder and patron of the team. Without her support, soccer could not have existed as a club sport on the Union College campus. .:» i tz zr J -•: Five candidates were nominated for the Athlete of the Year Award at the annual Union College Sports Banquet held at Dishman Springs Monday, May 14, with Henry Wayne Steele, Lexington, winning the top honors. Steele a member of the Union College baseball team for four years and has had a batting average over 300 for each season, Larry Inkster, the baseball coach, called Steele a strong defensive player who in the catcher position made him a leader of the team. The winner has led the team in hitting for two consecutive years. The winner of the Danny Drinkard Award which is given to the runner-up for the nomination, went to Barbara Fleming of Sergeantsville, N. J., for her participation on this year ' s volleyball team. " A Union College senior, Miss Fleming was the outstanding spiker and most accurate server this season, " Anjela Kay Poole, women ' s athletic coach, stated. The other nominees included Durkee Davidson, Louisville, Ky., who was co-captain of the Bulldogs this past season. Davidson was sel ected to the ALL-KIAC team, the ALL-NAIA District 32 team, and was selected in March to play for the District 32 team, and was selected in March to play for the District 32 All-Stars against the Mexican National Team, in Berea, Kentucky. Sandy Hale, Lebanon, Ohio, was listed as the women ' s basketball nominee. She played as a 5-6 guard freshman. Miss Poole called Miss Hale a person " who can play either guard or forward positions. The fifth nominee was Chrrles Yazeel, number one tennis player from Paris, Kentucky. Yazell who is a senior, has had four years of varsity action with the Union team. Tennis Coach Sharon Boggs called Yazell " a senior whose leadership qualities have been an inspiration to the entire team. He is a dedicated player. Union College Athletic Director Dr. Pete Moore presided at the banquet with the coaches of the varsity sports making the presentations. These included Larry Inkster, baseball; Mike Goss substituting for Sharon Boggs for tennis; Anjela Kay Poole, women ' s basketball and volleyball; and Dr. Pete Moore, basketball. Miss Frances Patridge, Chairman of the Division of Applied Sciences, read the recommendations for the top sports honor at Union College. There is a long history of sports here at Union. We thought you would like to look back on some of those moments so we dug up some old shots for you to look at. n_ V £3r .t f i V I -23 ■W k ■ : -, £ ft S -L rvack. ' em u.f t T ITT " " " On September 12, 1978 Steve Jones died in an automobile accident near his home in Ohio. Steve graduated cum laude from Union in 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He later returned to Union to complete ahistory major and coach the Bulldog Tennis Team. While at Union, Steve was an outstanding member of the basketball team and was selected as a member of the All Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Con- ference team. He was also a member of the tennis team and an active member of Pi Upsilon Beta. At the Honor ' s Day ceremony on May 10,1979, Rebbecca Miller became the first recipient of the Steve Jones Memorial established in Steve ' s honor. Steve will be greatly missed by all of us. Sect i on Seven Dramat i c Arts DRAMA Fiddler on the Roof Tevyem, the Milkman Ron Benge Golde , his Wife Beverly Carr Tzeitel, his daughter Jackkie Sellards Hodel, his daughter Teresa Akins Chava, his daughter Rebecca Houghton Sprintze, his daughter Lori Green Bielke, his daughter Betsy Timm Motel , the Tailor Jeff DeHart Perchik, the Student Wayne Saunders Yente, the Matchmaker Nancy Smith Lazar Wolf, the Butcher Phil Connley Mordcha, the Innkeeper Randy Pence Avrahm, the Bookseller Glenn Nichols The Rabbi Dick Timm Mendel , the Rabbi ' s Son Rick Neeley Nachum, the Beggar Frank Osburg Fruma Sarah Dena Newman Grandma Tzeitel Denise Newman Shandel, Motel ' s Mother Susan Slater The Constable Rudie Thomsen Fyedka Jim Schilt Chaim Randall Smith Duvidel Michael Brothers Mirala Emmie Taylor Yussel Bob Beck Schloime Paula Walstad Anya Linda Pizzutillo Hershel Tim Wells Berille Yvonne Behrman Schmeril Tony Jackson Moishe Don Weaver Yakov Whitney Green Fradel Michele Bruner Yitzuk Brenda Smith Rivka Pam Abner Bluma Karne Weaver The Fiddler Leola Stead HUCKFINN __ _____ 1 Hunckleberry Finn Glenn Edward Nichols 111 Jim Arnetta Atkins The Duke Bev Smith The King Steve Broughton Widow Bartly Barb Timm Mary Jane Wilks Debbie Volpe Susan Eilks Reza Abner Doctor Robinson Bob Adams Lot Covey Joe Pronchick Harvey Wilks Brian O ' Brien William Wilks Donna Tenpenny Mrs . Hobson Beth Langf ord Abe Turner Keith Banks Ben Rucker Phil Fox Lize Emmie Taylor Aunt Sally Sandy Sue Hash Matilda Angelina Roxie Doolin Thomas Benjamin Elexander Scott West Uncle Silas Linda Pizzutillo Tom Sawyer Brenda Smith Crowd Whitney Green Denise Newman Sue Pitorak Lori Green VANITIES Krfl A % ' £ 1 Vanities Joanne Beverly Carr Kathy Dena Newman Mary Reva Abner Director Ron Benge Technical Director . . Valarie Tremble Crew Steve Marshall Linda Turner Randy Pence VANITIES DIRECTED BY RON BENGE The Interium show . . . The dizzy cast, Beve, Reva and Dena . . . " 01 swivel hips. " . . . " Ill just slit my wrist " ... " I thought I ' d die. " . . . " Cucumber sandwiches. " . . . " Do you make drab dip? " . . . Come on girls, we really should learn our lines. " . . . " Improvisation. " . . . Neon statues for Reva ... " I got hick-ups trying to fake drinking champagne. " . . . Beve (Jo Anne) finally slaps the crap out of Reva ' s (Mary) face in scene three . . . Dena learned to spit out ' Tanhellenic Olympics. " ... " I just saw him in algebra! " . . . " Just us girls. " ... ' If Ron is getting mad, I can ' t tell. " . . . ' This uniform is too tight. " . . . " Hairspray your mirror. " . . . " What do you mean the script says that we have to undress on stage? " . . . ' They did it in New York and it wasn ' t so bad. " . . . " Why is everybody cramming into the first few rows? " . . . K.E.T. Television comes to tape us. . . " Did you see us on T.V.? " . . . " What do you mean you told the T.V. guy that we are always primping? " . . . Valeri learns to saw . . . " Do we have to cut my best line? " . . . " How many trustees walked out during the show? " . . . " I love this script! " . . . " I ' m sorry but your style on me makes me look . . . uhh . . . cheap. " . . . " Was this show type-casted? " DAI? Of M £ DARK OF THE MOON DIRECTED BY PAT DONTCHOS " Brian is naked - almost! " . . . " It ' s too dark, Pat. " . . . Great sound effects. . . " It ' s too dark, Pat. " . . . Fair witch . . . " It ' s too dark, Pat. " . . . Dark witch. . . " It ' s too dark, Pat. " ... It was a good show from what we saw. . . Good-bye Pat. . . Ugh. . do you thin we can turn the lights on now? 4 Dark of the Moon John Brian ■ Brien Conjur Man Wayne Saunders Dark. Witch Debbie Bill Fair Witch JoAnne Ball Conjur Woman Lynda Turner Hank Gudger Whitney Green Edna Summey Amanda Smith Mr. Summey Charles Whitehead Mrs. Summey Nancy Smith Miss. Metcalf Denise Wilson Mr . Atkins Bob Timm Uncle Smelicue Beve Smith Floyd Allen Scott West Mr. Bergen Phil Fox Mrs. Bergen . . .«. Marsha Ledford Burt Dinwitty Craig Timm Greeny Gorman Debbie Hoskins Hattie Hefner Valerie Trimble Marvin Hudgens Randall Smith Barbara Allen Peggy Gregory Mrs . Allen Barbara Timm Mr. Allen David Blevins Preacher Haggler Randy Pence ONE ACTS THE ONE ACT FESTIVAL Three students tried their hand at directing this year. Class time was originally scheduled at 11:45 but unfortunately attendance was low. Class time was changed to Wednesday night dinner at Pat ' s. Needless to day, all three students were prompt. A SIMPLE PROCEDURE DIRECTED BY BEVE CARR ' Tat wrote this play so please don ' t botch it up, girls! " " She rehearses us to death. " . . . " So, you know your lines, what else can you do? " . . . " We have to set our own set. " . . . " Lorri, don ' t be nervous. " . . . " When is Becky going to mess up? " . . . " JoAnne, are you having convulsions? " . . . " Pam, keep your cold because it ' s perfect for your character. " . . . " Does she or doesn ' t she. " . . . Everyone is late for rehearsal because they all got stuck in broken-down cars. " . . . " Show me. " . . . Struggling not to make a statement that would reflect. . . " When do we learn Curtain-Call? " ZOO STORY DIRECTED BY GLENN NICHOLS " We must re-cast. " . . . " Can a girl play the part? Not this time? " . . . Saved by Randy. . . " I hope it doesn ' t rain. " . . . Saturday night it rains, and to top it off, a train goes by . . . " Glenn, I feel silly standing in the same place. " . . . " You look silly, too. " . . . " React. " . . . " Spit it out! " . . . " Where ' s the fake knife? " ... " I used a plastic knife and when it hit his belly, it broke. " . . . " You WHAT? " . . . " The six-page monologue cut down to three. " . . . " I can ' t watch! " NIGHT WATCHES DIRECTED BY VALERI TRIMBLE " Does anyone know his lines? " ... " Is Val likely to have heart trouble? " ... A beautiful set. . . " She ' ll always be a tech person. " . . . " Let ' s get out of here and go sit in the center. " . . . " Let ' s all get together after rehearsal. " . . . " Get the accent. " ... ' If you guys learn your lines I will be extatic! " ... ' 1 think we cut up Beve ' s set. " . . . " When in doubt, consult the book. " . . . " Why do I have to do everything? Because you do it soooo good. " . . . " I ' m gona ' hide in the projection booth. " ... " I searched and searched and came up with this script. " . . . " Ugh, Pat, I have .problems. " A Simple Procedure Directed by Beve Car Vi JoAnn Ball Ellen Becky Houghton Jeanie Pam Purcell Nurse Lorri Landry Technical Crew Linda Pizzitello Charlie Whitehead Lee Stead Zoo Story Directed by Glenn Nichols Jerry Randy Pence Peter Nick Neeley Technical Director .... Denise Newman Night Watches Directed by Valerie Trimble • Soldier 1 Emmett O ' Brien Soldier 2 Steve Broughton Intern Rick Preston Nurse Lynda Turner Technical Crew Charlie Whitehead E-mett O ' Brien Sound David Blevin CABER ET 79 Cabaret gave many students a chance to display hidden talents Jo Ann Davis and Linda Pizzutillo were accompanied by Paula Walstatd in a version of " Happy Talk " , Steve Marshall did a Steve Martin comedy routine, Dena Newman sang an Anne Murray hit, Saudra Bryson and Chris Sutton blended their voices on a tune by Heatwave and there was a special appearance by the Village People who did " Macho Man " and " In the Navy " . Merle Johnson and Jackie Sellards combined their talents on a number and Frank Thatcher assisted Becky Houghton and Sue Slater on " Scarborough Fair " . Aaron Works did two beautiful songs written by Barb Timm, a member of the Jazz Ensemble. Caberet ' 79 was held April 27 and 28 in the Union College gymnasium. From the opening notes of " MacArthur Park " to the final round of applause the excitement of the night- club style variety show came through with brilliant splendor. The show featured the Union College Jazz Ensemble with Reva Abner and Brenda Smith serving as M.C. ' s. BYE YALL TALENT SHOW AWARDS BANQUET Drama Awards 1978-1979 Best Leading Actor Ron Benge Best Leading Actress Beve Carr Best Supporting Actor Beve Smith Best Supporting Actress. .. Nancy Smith Best Minor Role Emmie Taylor Gypsy Bobe Award Glenn Nichols Newcomer Award Emmet O ' Brien Technician Award Valerie Trimble Sect i on E i ght Centennial Events ORGAN RECITAL The Centennial Year began with an organ recital by Dr. W. Gordon Marigold. He played selections by J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn and others. Dr. Marigold was accompanied on the viola by Mr. Allan Green. i - J [i CO M M UNITY WORSHIP SERVICE ' -■--.. ■ ■ The third event of the Centennial activities was the community-wide worship service which was held in the Conway Boatman Chapel on February 3. Rev. James Wells, pastor of the First United Methodist Church; Rev. Phillip Connely, pastor of the First Christian Church; Rev. L. T. Bowling, pastor of the First Pentecostal Church; and Father Frank Osburg, pastor of Saint Gregory ' s Catholic Church all participated in the service. The four churches combined their usual Sunday morning service for the community-wide service. Bishop Frank Roberts, bishop of the Louisville United Methodist Conference gave the address. Rev. Dr. Adrian Roberts, superintendent of Barbourville District of the United Methodist Church, Union College President Mahlon Miller, and Rev. Dr. Raymond Gibson, Jr. also participated in the service. EDWARD BAUMAN The Rev. Edward W. Bauman, Senior Minister of Foundry United Method- ist Church in Washington D. C. was the lecturer for the Union College Centennial Lectures held on April 2-4,1979. The Reverend Dr. Bauman gave four lectures and conducted 2 workshops on church renewal for visiting cl- ergy and laity. Dr. Bauman recieved the A.B. degree from De Pauw Uni- versity,the S.T.B. degree magna cum laude from Boston University School of Theology and a Ph.D. de- gree in Systematic Theology from Boston University Graduate School. Dr. Baughman was well recieved by the college and the surrounding ar -ea. CENTENNIAL BANQU ET UNION COLLEGE invites you to attend The Centennial Community wide Dinner in the Dining Hall on Saturday, the third of February nineteen hundred and seventy-nine Governor Julian M. Carroll - Speaker Please reply $5.00 per plate before January 24 7:00 p.m. (Tickets will be available at the door.) Kentucky ' s Governor Julian Carroll gave the address for the Community- wide Centennial Banquet on February 3. The banquet was one of the opening events of Union ' s Centennial Celebration. Dr. L. D. Sweazy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, introduced Gov. Carroll. President Mahlon Miller served as toastmaster of the evening. Other speakers included Bishop Frank Roberts, Colonel Harland Sanders, Barbourville Mayor Charles Buchanan and Knox County Judge-Executive Don I. Bingham. r U Centennial Homecoming SB April 20-22 At right, a future Union College alumna poses with the art fundamentals class homecoming display. Pictured, at left, is a replica of the Class- room Building tower, which won first prize for Circle K among the displays on the campus during the Union College Cen- tennial Homecoming. Over seven differ- ent organizations or individuals had displays. Circle K received a $50 cash prize. A Weekend to Remember Dr. Lester Woody and Mrs Patricia Dontchos narrated the historical fashion show at the Centennial Banquet. Dr. Woody wrote the script entitled " Foibles, Frills, and Furbelows: A Look at the Looks of History. " Mrs. Dontchos directed the production. Fred Mossbrucker, president of the Student Senate, receives the medallion for the office of the Student Senate President from President Mahlon A. Miller at the Centennial banquet. The medallion will be worn at official college functions. ■ ■•■■• ' • Mrs. Mahlon Miller modeled the gown that she wore the evening of her husband ' s inaugu- ration as president of Union College in 1 960 as part of the historical pageant. Beve Carr modeled the typical raincoat cover- up of the fifties. At this time, girls were not permitted to wear shorts to class so raincoats were worn — rain or shine. Seven Homecoming luncheons were. held at different locations on campus with 360 alumni attending. Mrs Mildred Zeigler, third from the left, of Plainview, Texas, was the honoree at the Lakeside luncheon during " Centennial Homecoming. Mrs. Zeigler was dormitory counselor of Lakeside from 1 964 to V970 Some of the former faculty pictured above are, from left: Dr. Byron Gibson, Mrs. Gibson, and Miss Georgia Haswell. Over fifty former faculty members attended Centennial Home- coming. Reunions Galore Luncheons attract 360 Alumni Union College celebrated its Centennial Homecoming April 20- 22 with more than a 1000 alumni and former faculty in attendance. Activities included a Friday eve- ning slide-and-film show depicting early days at Union, a Saturday morning coffee at Baldwin Place, an illustrated address by Mike Peters, syndicated cartoonist, seven special group luncheons, a double- header baseball game and soccer game with Cumberland College, a tea honoring fifty former faculty and staff members, a forum on the history of Union College, the Home- coming banquet at which seniors were guests of the Alumni Associa- tion, and the Homecoming dance. The program concluded Sunday morning with a country-ham break- fast. 8 s s o 3 1« A z THE QUEEN AND HER COURT Brenda Smith, right, a junior from London, Ky., was elected the 1 979 Centennial Homecoming Queen at Union College. She was crowned by Alumni President Dr. Rollin James Wat- son of Baltimore, Md., at the conclusion of the Saturday evening banquet in the Physical Education Building. More than 700 alumni, friends, former faculty, and trustees were in attendance. The 1979 Centennial Homecoming Court, at the bottom left to right: Karen Trent and escort David Smallwood, Mahnaz Raoufi and escort Mike Vizoco, Paula Long and escort Bob Adams, Nona Davis and escort Joe Dawson, Queen Brenda Smith and escort Tom Lawson, Reva Abner and escort David Campbell, Rita Bryant and escort Don Jones, and Debbie Dyer and escort Greg Gover. L T. A The Theta Pi Delta service award is given in honor of Miss Francis Patridge. Miss Pat has given many years of ded- icated service to Union and her personality has contin- uously brightened her classroom. The winners of this award are chosen by a committee of eight people, two re- presenting each class. The recipients of the award are graduating Seniors who have best exemplified the dedica- tion and service of Miss Pat. o° 00m i © i UQ£L PRO DEO 1 ET HOMINEU 1 Section Nine Honors Day - Graduat i on I l MISS UNION • ■» . • • » . • . ■ • ' . ■ " Miss Union " , Janet Rose, is an elementary educa- tion major from Columbia, Tennessee. Janet was always involved in cam- pus life during her four years at Union. She participated in the mus- icals, Cabaret, Student Center Board, Chamber Singers, Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA and Phi Mu Alpha. She held offices in Stu- dent Center Board, SNEA and Phi Mu Alpha. Janet was the assistant editor of the ' 79 STESPEAN and the editor of the ' 78 STESPEAN-. Like Bear, Janet is in Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges and is a recipient of the Theta Pi Delta Award. Wayna " Bear " Steele, " Mr. •Union " , is a recreation major who came to us from Lexington, Kentucky. D ' iing his four years at Union, Bear was quite act- tive on the baseball team. He was named to the All NAIA District team and the All-Conference Team in two consecutive years. Bears outstanding abilities earned him the honor of being named the 1978-79 Athlete of the Year. Bear is also the artist of sketches of Speed Hall, Conway Boatman Chapel and Abigail E. Weeks Memorial Library which were printed as part of Union ' s Centen- nial Celebration. Some of Bear ' s other honors include the Theta Pi Delta Award and Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges. mmHp K ' £ ' : ,-pjr? f. 4 jt , -. v » •£• ' -- ' -V- -.- ' . MR UNION Rita Bryan Senior Julie Hirn Senior Missing from picture, Mike Goss Ida Stallct Senior Senior Rhoda Gil] Senior Franklin McCov Senior Steven Marshall Junior Kathv Miller Junior Fred Mossbrucker Junior " n i r.-r Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Nominees are selected by a committee of anonymous faculty mem- bers. The Dean of Students serves as the ex-officio chair person. Students nominated by the committee are evaluated on scholastic ability, participation and leadership in extra- curricular activities, citizenship and service to the school, and potential for future and achievement. Janet Rose Senior Wayne Bear Steele Senior GRADUATION One-hundred eighty-seven students received degrees at the Union College Centennial Spring Commence- ment on Sunday, May 20, with U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker of Connecticut delivering the address. President Miller conferred honorary degrees upon the following: Douglas L. Blair, the president of Richland Coal Company, Barbourville, Kentucky, Doctor of Laws; Cecil H. Wilson, owner and publisher of the Barbourville Mountain Advocate, Doctor of Laws; Phillip Fox, Sr., Barbourville, Kentucky, Boy Scout Leader, Doctor of Humane Letters; Raymond W. Gibson, Sr., a Danville businessman, Doctor of Laws; Rev. Richard H. Jones, Ridley Park, Doctor of Divinity; and Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., Doctor of Humane Letters. Dr. L. D. Sweazy, chairman of the Union College Board of Trustees read the citations for those receiving honorary degrees. SO S S -1«jM»«i JA- Mil Illl IPIIIIIIH $ " £ V Sect ion Ten Grand Finale Wftfvaha a WITH MANY A GRAND OLD MOUNTAIN STANDS OUR CO LL E GE • a a o « ■ ' Ml « « i ana ■ 1 1 L_ m s; .. Steven Rose has always complained that because he has always been the yearbook photographer, he has never had his own picture in any of the previous annuals. We would like to change that by dedicating this entire page to Steve in ap- preciation for all his efforts for the Stespean. W« r u r .,. ' •• pr. _ , ■. •■•- ft " " V-;v k « W . f DO YOU REMEBER ••• ; s u S4 SENIOR INDEX (numbers indicate the number of years served) Robert H. Beck: Mu Omega Beta;Track team; swim team Orange and Black, business manager; FIDDLER ON THE ROOF ; Cabaret . Joseph L. Boswell: Oxford club(3) ;Centennial Advisory Comraittee(2) ;Lakeside Resident, (2) Freshman Orientation Committee, (2) Lighthouse Singers; Union College Choir. Rita Catherine Bryan:Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Theta Pi Delta;Eta Pi Sigma(2) ; Junior and Sen -ior Class Secretary, Soccer Team Man -ager(2) ;America ' s Outstanding Peo- ple and Faces; Stespean Staff; Pres- dent Scholarship, Teagle Honor Schol- arship; Circle K; Lighthouse Singers (2);Snowball Queen Canidate, Homecom- ing Court. Jimmy W. BrownrFaculty Committee on Student Conduct, Dean ' s List. Ruth Ann CookrDean ' s List(3); Snea(2) Gamma Beta Phi(2). Lisa Doran: Dean ' s List Appalachian Semester. Teresa Gail Foley:Beta Chi Alpha;Dean ' s List;Gamma Beta Phi ' , Tennis Team;Basketball Team. Ronald Harrison:President Junior and Senior Class, Academic Policy Committee, Tennis TeamjSoccer Club ; Lakeside Resident ; Vice-President , Lakeside ; Assistant to Volleyball Coach; Intramurual basketball, football and volleyball. Julie Ann Hirn:Iota Sigma Nu Award ;Steaspean Staff (2): Lighthouse Singers(3) :Gamma Beta Phi(3) Home Economics Club(2) Sophmore Class Officer;Junior Class Officer:Senior Cl- ass Officer; Student Senate Treasurer ; SNEA President and Vice President; SNEA State Historian jV ho ' s Who Among Student in American Universities and Colleges ; Dean ' s List: Alumni Scholarship Award. Debbie Holmes:Home Economics Club; SNEA, Treasurer; Student Senate. Donald Lee Jones:Judge W.W. Tinsley Memorial Award ;Blackwell Political Science Award ; Washington Semester Lighthouse Singers(3) ;WEST SIDE STORY ; OKLA- HOMA ! ;Robision Political Science Scholar- ship;Eta Pi Sigma;Student Center Board (1); Oxford Club;Dean ' s List ;President • s Schol- arship; Sanders Scholarship; Teagle Honor Scholarship. Thomas D.LawsonrPi Upsilon Beta,Treasurer;Swim Team (2);Golf Team(2); Vice-President Junior Class; Steven- son Hall President ; Gamma Beta Phi ; Soccer Club. Cathy Leonard:Dr. T.R. Davies Senior Biology Award;Cecil H. Wilson Junior Award; Alumni Scholarship Award; Sander ' s Honor Scholarship ; Gamma Beta Phi;Union College Science Society. Michal R. Lindsay:Cross Country(2) ;Track Team(3) ;Basketball Team Manager(j) ;Pi Upsilon Beta. Paula D. Long: Phi Cwens, President; Lambda Sigma, Advisor home- coming Queen Candidate; Union College Science Society, Secretary and Vice-President; Circle K Secretary and Treasurer ; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dent ' s and Universities and Colleges; N tional Dean ' s ListjAlumni Scholarship Award. Franklin E. McCoy: Gamma Beta Phi, President, State Parlimentarian; Student Center Board, Vice President, President, (4);Swim Team,Co-captain;Lakeside Dorm Council Lakeside Resident ; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; National Dean ' s ListjNominee for Athlete of the Year ' 77 Academic Policy Committee ;Dean ' s List. Robert A. Milone: Lakeside Resident (2) ;Student Center Board(3); Mu Alpha Delta; Student Senate;Stespean, pho- tographer(3); Soccer Club(3); Lakeside Judi- cial Board ;Intamural Football. Janet C. Rose: Miss Union;Stespean, Assistant Editor, Editor;Phi Mu Alpha, President ;Student Center Board, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Student Center Board A ward; Who ' s Who Among Student ' s in American Universities and Colleges; Theta Pi Delta; Gamma Beta Phi ; Chamber SingersjSNEA, Historian; Home Economics Club, Vice-President ;Student Senate. Rudolf 0. Thomas III : Student Center Board(4) , Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, President: Pi Upsilon Beta PresidentjPhi Mu Alpha(4)Secretary-Treasurer Lighthouse Singers(3) ;Student Senate(2) Res- ident, Stevenson; Cennial Campus Advisory Com- mittee; Freshman Orientation Committee (2) 0- KLAHOMA; FIDDLER ON THE ROOFjCabaret ' 79. Note: A form for this Index was sent to every Senior. Editor ' s Comments There are many people who deserve credit for the publication of thes 1979 Stespean. First of all thanks go to President There are many people who deserve credit for the publication of this 1979 Stespean. First of all thanks go to President Mil- ler for his support. Also thanks go to Mr. Milt Townsend who donated his time and his files of negatives for our use. Thanks go to Mary Alice Lay for her contribution of editing the Home- coming section and the Alumni Centerfold. Also Thanks go to Dr. Jan Finkel for his help. To our advisor, Mrs. Saddler and Becky Culp. Thanks go to my assistant editors, Janet Rose and Steven Rose. The Section editors were, Donna Dobo and Dave Ditillio , Sports jSherrie Hurst, Students; Rita Bryan, Cenntenial Section . Thanks go out to all of those who sold the yearbooks especial- ly Pat Broadbeck.To my photographer, who turned into a dark- room technician, Bob Malone. But I would like to extend a very special thank you to Donna Dobo because she helped me more than any other single person. Thanks Mom. One last thought, it seems like this staff is big. But however big it seems, we never have enough help. The editors of any publication never have e- nough help. So if the yearbook dosen ' t seem good enough for you than get involved, work on the next one. Steven Marshall P.S. Thanks to Mike Goss Editor . • - Wf -. . ■ • I • ■ :v « • •• ' ■• ' » " ( ■ m p-. ; %. JCJ ■ ■ v ' •ft r S3 » ■ ■ v . y ymk %«•- »v ' S3 : ••. t £ ' • ; . •

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