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Abigail ?i. MttkB ilemnrial Hibrarg lni0n (EolUge WeclB-rownsenil Memorial Uliray Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 J7S ' . 7iif " The best of times, the worst of times But no matter how good or bad, they were our times. Therefore we dedicate the 1976 Stespean to you! % ' ' " ' . i J WB I V 1 -t PjI Wm aB ' ■• ■■ It Was The Best Of T I M E S It Was The -. - •■-,: ' - ' ■ ; 1 nui STRIKE OUT 1 „ . ..« H HI ; ' f Worst Of Times 9LJL KJR J P- jir ' " ' ■ ' Tr ry- ' g " " MI ' Mi fm " BS ioP ■4: ' K n 1 M hHL ., ' t ' ' ' y 3Bfi!lBi SflMSy.r— jM CJi ' B v ' ,— ui I S Ki ■» «S»I1» na ., ' f HBB ) HkMi| L I ' 4 B IPM I H|gi{ ri J ]_ ej MflflT 3 _ nil nnii i ifffi It Was The Age Of Wisdom It Was The Spring Of Hope -.Sfcf. r-.S: M. •M m I ' k ' j " ■■■jpl HHH BHHHBlMf r ' H i gl . iK ■.;■■;. ' ;■: v.- .■■.. -,.; rsjUlk- ' - ' ' •. .. - i m i Am V rL £: « 4 mB , ■ f ' w ' R; i ; -:.V - ' ;: ' " « ' ' ' :- fitlmMiBimiiki:: f ■.«t- ' »:{3: I :i? S » » :: ' I « ■■■n WB::Mi m •is:- ■ :■-•! ■R?!K 4 3H HiH L mp i: 0ui 1 ii fe- " Si H ' Hf --.. :- " ' .-■. .. ,,. t , :.iff 1 K- ' ' v K ' l H H B ' : ■ ■B it ' CdJi iM - , M-:i: r.H,: »ivr: hii i -ra 1 T p m P f ' ' PM 4 wl %- k t-f- i ' 4 r s Ly ri k Vii r LI KjI •4 k- ! !i mmr ililliillmllllliiliMNiiiiiiiiiii i|l|i tlF- " ' :: ' jf:: ' ' ya " ' SAiiii:;t;»ii¥. ' V ' . . V it was the age of wisdom . . . h ' m:i: ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AND STAFF ■ •A ' 5 -:t;. : .. .f V:f: f-M ■•?iV v «e ' -7. ' .-; i t " :: : ' ' ■:;; K: ' ■ V■vr ' ■ , ' . ' - ' •: " ;. ■ w ■■■■■ - ■»•■ ■ V . .• , ' ■, ,•. ' : s-:-- -.■I- " - 1 ' ' - • s Mahlon Miller, President of the College, received his B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh; M. Div., S.T.M. from Drew University ; D.D. from Union College; and a L.L.D. from Morehead State University. Charles C. Saddler, Assistant to the President, and Development Of- ficer, received his B.A. from Oakland City College; M.A. from Uni- versity of Illinois, Colorado State, Indiana University, Northeastern University. Mrs. Sue Carr, Secretary to the President. 23 Doris Mays, Dean of Students, received her B.S. from Union College; M.A. from the University of Kentucky and did post M.A. work at University of Kentucky and Eastern University. She is the Spon- sor of the Student Senate. Robert E. Rose, Vice President of Academic Affairs, received his B.A., M.A, from the University of Northern Colorado; Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. Patricia Perry, Dean of Graduate Students. Carolyn Bastress, Secretary, Office of Academic Affairs. Freda New, Secretary, Office of Student Affairs. Linda Fletch- er, Secretary, Office of Graduate Affairs. M SMlfll j IB9 1 n " " " ' r ' - " " . 1 i m O 5 Miss Linda Fletcher H • " ' — - Hi HHI 24 Picture Not Available of Mr. Milton Townsend Milton Towsend, Vice-President for College Relations and De- velopment, recieved liis A.B. from Union College; M. A. from University of Kentucky. Bruce Martin, Public Information Of- ficer. Juanita Sellards, Executive Secretary, Development Of- fice. Patty Abner, Secretary, Office of Development. Carole Presley, Registrar. Bobbie S. Hamilton, Clerk typist. Regis- trar ' s Office. Beverly Taylor, Clerk typist, Registrar ' s Office. Miss Bobbie S. ttemilton 25 ■ ■ H ■ik q W 1 1 HT m H Hi 1 1 Mr. Clarence Chadwell iss Wilhelmena Magee Boyd Todd, Business Manager and Treasurer, recieved his A.B. and M.A. from Union College. He servers as the Knox County Chamber of Commerce. Gladys Harrell, Assistant to the Business Manager and Treasurer. Clarence Chadwell, Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer. Wilhelmena Magee, Secre- tary, Business Office. Lucy Swafford, Secretary, Business Office. Miss Lucy Swafford 26 Dr. Wendell Krinsen Dr. Chilukuri Santaram Wendell Kringen, Acting Chairman Natural Science Division, recieved his B.A. from Bemidji College; M.S., Ph.D. from University of Minnesota. He is now the sponsor of the Union College Science Society. Chilukuri Santaram, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics, received his B.S., M.S., Ph.D. from Andhra University, India, and did his post doctoral work at State University of New York. Floyd Scott, Assistant Professor of Biology, recieved his B.S., M.A., from Austin Peay State College and is a candidate for a Ph.D. from Auburn Uni- versity. Robert Simpson, Associate Professor of Mathematics, recieved his B.S. from Middle Tennessee State University ; M.A. from University of Georgia; Ph.D. from University of Tennessee. Lawrence Jankovics (picture not available), As- sociate Professor of Chemistry, recieved iiis diploma from Evotvos University, Budapest, Hungary ; Ph.D. from Columbia University. Clevis Carter, Assistant Professor of Physical Science, recieved his B.A. from Union College; M.A. from George Peabody College. Phyllis Thomas, Instructor of Math and Science. 27 Donald Calitri, Chairman, Division of Applied Sciences, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education and Recreation, re- ceived his B.S., M.A. from Union College; Ed.D. from University of Alabama. He now sponsors the Circle K Club. Pete Moore Head, Department of Health and Physical Education, Athletic Director, Basketball coach, and Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, received his A.B. from Union College; M.S. from University of Tennessee. Dean Brunson, Instructor of Physical Education and Athletic Coach, received his B.S. from Florida Technological University; M.A. from Western Kentucky University. Mildred Hacker, Assistant Professor, Health, Physi- cal Education, and Recreation, received her B.S. from Eastern Kentucky University; M.A. from Union College. Frances Pat- ridge, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, re- ceived her B.S. from University of Arkansas; M.A. from George Peabody College. Dr. Donald Calitri 28 k ' ?|i f Sister Mary Gemma Miss Gayle Miles 1 iiies m 1 M n- ' I B ■k ' H ■v. " B i Dr. Robert MaUiiews B- j Warren Robbins, Head, Department of Education, received his B.S. from Eastern Kentucky University; M.A. from George Peabody College; Ed.D. from University of Tennessee. Gayle Miles, Assistant Professor of Education, Associate Supervisor of Student Teaching, received her A.B. from Union College; M.A. from University of Kentucky. Sister Mary Gemma Har- low, Assistant Professor of Education, received her B.S., M.A., M.Ed, from Spalding College; Ed.S. from George Peabody College. Robert Matthews, Head, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Frances Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion, received his B.A. from Wlreaton College; S.T.B., Ph.D. from Boston University. Dvwght Stewart, Associate Professor of Philosophy, received his B.A. from Culver-Stockton College; B.D. from Drake University; A.M. from Harvard University; Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Elizabeth Burke, In- structor of Art, received her B.F.A. from Wright State Col- lege; M.F.A. from Indiana University. 29 Deril Mays, Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, Head, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Professor of Psychology, re- cieved his B.S. from Union College; M.A. from University of Ken- tucky ; Ed.D. from University of Tennessee. Robert Bryant (pic- ture not available). Associate Professor of Sociology, recieved his B.S. from Temple University; M.Dv. from Crozer Tiieological Seminary ;Th. D. from Boston University. He is the sponsor of Pi Gamma Mu, a National Social Science Honor Society. LiUian Rogers (Picture not available). Instructor of Sociology, recieved her B.A., M.A. from Western Kentucky University. She is now serving as the Junior Class Faculty Advisor. James Co.x, Head, De- partment of Social Work, Assistant Professor of Social Work, re- cieved his B.A. from Cumberland College ;M.S.S.W. from Ray- mond A. Kent School of Social Work; A.C.S.W. from University of Louisville. Pamela Miller, Assistant Professor of Social Work, recieved her B.A. from Marylhurst College ;M.S.W. from Catholic University of America. Oscar Graham, Assistant Professor of Psy- chology, recieved iiis B.A. from Fisk University; M.S. from Pur- due University: Also did additional study toward PH.D. at Purdue University. Elizabeth Harris, Secretay, Department of Social Work. WiUiam S. Oxendine, Coordinator of the Appalaciiian Semester, recieved his A.B. from Union College; M.A. from Uni- versity of Kentucky. Kenneth Winter (picture not available) Co- ordinator of Appalachian Regional Studies, recieved his B.A. from Auburn University; M.A. from University of Kentucky. Larry Klein (picture not available), Visiting Assistant Professor of History, recieved his B.A. from Kansas Wesleyan University ; M.A. from University of Nebraska; has done additional work toward Ph.D. at University of Kentucky. Judi Jennings, Assistant Pro- fessor of History, recieved her B.A., M.A., Ph.D. from Univer- sity of Kentucky. Richard Lockett, Instructor of Pohtical Science, recieved his A.B. from Centre College; Additional Ph. D. work at University of Kentucky. James Barton (picture not available). Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies. 30 Mr.W. Sheru jlOxenU 31 Mr. (Allan Green Pa tricia Dontchos, Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama, re- ceived lier B.S., M.A. from the University of Nebraslca. She is tlie sponsor of Play-lilcers, Alpha Psi Omega, and director of the the- atre program. Allan Green, Chairman Division of Humanities, As- sociate Professor of Music, received his B.M. from Western Michi- gan University ; M .M . from Indiana University ; and iris Doctoral Candidate nearing completion at Indiana University. He is the sponsor of the Bridge Club and participates in intramural basket- ball, band, and stage band. Leo Dontchos, Head, Department of Fine Arts, Assistant Professor of Music, received his B.S., M.M. from Ohio State University. David Jackson, Assistant Professor of Music, received his B.M. from North Texas State University ; M.A. from University of South Florida; D.M.A. from North Texas State University. Jack Clay, Instructor of Music, received his B.M. from Indiana University. 32 Mr. B. M. Stallcup Lester Woody, Assistant Professor of English, received Ws B.A. from the University of Virginia; M.A. from the University of Richmond; Ph.D. from the University of North CaroHna. He is the assistant advisor to Gamma Beta Phi and was the director of Shakespeare ' s TWELFTH NIGHT. Gordon Marigold, Profes- sor of Foreign Languages, received his B.A. from the University of Toronto; M.A. from Ohio State University; Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. Frank Merchant, Graduate Professor of English, received his A.B., M.A. from Brown University; Ph.D. from the University of Denver. B. M. Stallcup, Associate Pro- fessor of English, received his B.S. from Kansas State Teacher ' s College; M.A. from New York University. Gail Garloch, Assistant Professor of English, received her A.B. from Maryville College; M.A., Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. 33 J. C. Newport, Head, Department of Business, Assistant Professor of Business, received his A.B. from Union College ;M. A. from Eastern Kentucky University. Joe Thomas, Instructor of Busi- ness Administration, and Counselor of Experiential Education, received his B.S., M.B.A. from the University of Missouri. Mary Manis (picture not available). Instructor of Business, received her B.B.A., M.B.A. from Eastern Kentucky University. Joe Hacker, Director of Data Processing Center, Assistant Professor of Busi- ness, received his B.S. from Union College, M.A. from Eastern Kentucky State CoUege. Bruce Presnell, Assistant Director of Data Processing Center, received his B.S. from Union College. Paula Hammons, Graduate Assistant in Business. Louise Martin, Secretary, Data Processing Center (picture not available) sJPaula Hammo |s 34 James McFerrin, Head Librarian, received his B.A. from Erskine College, B.S. in L.S.; M.S. from the University of Illinois. Virginia Saddler, Assistant Librarian, Associate Professor of Library Sc- ence, and Head of Library Science Curriculum, received her B.A. from Cornell College; B.S. in L.S., M.S. in L.S. from the Univer- sity of Ilhnois. Mary Lockett (picture not available). Reference Librarian. Wanda Rliodes, Library Technician. Loretta Roark, Clerk-typist in Library. Doris Jean Miller, Library Technician. Mr. James McFerrin 35 Darrell Clark, Director of the Student Center. Janice Poff, Secre- tary to the Director of the Student Center. Larry Watts, Night Manager of the Student Center. Bobbie Burgess, Clerk in Book- store. Betty Messer, Clerk in Post Office. ,, Mrs. Bobbie Burgess 36 Mr. Stephen Hicks lA- •i. " - i Mrs. Sherri Valentine Stephen Hicks, Director of Financial Aid, received his B.A. fro m Union College. Catherine Singer, Director of Alumni Affairs, re- ceived her B.A. from Union College. She has served as advisor for Gamma Beta Phi, Secretary of the Publications and Communi- cations Committee, Historian for Iota Sigma Nu, and belongs to the Union College Woman ' s Club. Betty Greer, Secretary, Office of Student Financial Aid. Sherri Valentine, Secretary, Office of Alumni Affairs. Mildred Maggard, Student Loan Officer. 37 Mr. Larry Inkster L ■ 1 -, - IT ' ' i 1 — fP m M m H W B f f llgl ilL „j[ ,jP , 1 1 tip m ! ' HJ tf j MH W Beve Alfoid, Director of Admissions, received his B.S., M.A. from Union College. He now serves as faculty advisor for the Freshman class. Chris Hubbs, Admissions Counselor. Larry Inkster, Admis- sions Counselor. Loretta Cowan, Secretary, Office of Admissions. JoAnn Helton, Secretary, Office of Admissions. 38 i M. B. Potter Richard Timm, Director of ARA Slaters Food Service. Darrell Miller, Assistant Director of ARA Slaters Food Service. Marshall Potter, Superintendent of Build- ings and Grounds. Eugene Branstutter, Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Harold Messer, Head of House- keeping. 39 4 ■ ii w ' l ' A " i V V m w Mr. Charles ibbl V HHHv - H :¥«irffifmMMi[ ., . " Hl 1 l MH H 1 Kc |! H ij s |j? H JP 9 K Xi H 1 1 Sfe t2l H l kl 1 Mfc Hf C nl Robert Epley, Director, Office of Institutional Analysis and Plan- ning. Dale Myers, Director of Experiential Education and an Asso- ciate Professor of Chemistry, received his A.B. from Berea Col- lege, Ph. D. from Auburn University and did post-doctoral work at Duke University. Ronald Hoffman, Director of Learning Re- sources Development Program. Charles Dibble, Coordinator, Continuing Education. Brenda Doty, Secretary, Experiential Education and Office of Career Planning and Placement. Caro- lyn Long, Secretary, Learning Resources Development Program. Mrs. Carolyji Long 40 - Mr. " Kev in McCjillen Kevin McCuUen, AIDP Coordinator. Edwin LeMasters, Career Counselor. Rita Brooks, Secretary, Career Planning and Placement and Office of Experiential Education. Ed Black, Director of Ca- reer Planning and Placement. Denise Cope, Career Counselor. Mr. Edwin Lemasters 1 ■ ■s W ' te l 1 1 m flil l |H ■ 1 flHr ' B 1 WM ••4 1 . ' JH j l 4 t ' H ' ■ i ■ iT1 8S hj j miLfj H - 1 Reverend Raymond Gibson, Campus Minister. Nona Owens, Pfeiffer Hall Dormitory Director. Lucille Robbins, College Nurse. Rhonda Sturgill, Faculty Secretary. 42 3 . ' ■. ' .■ - ' -t. mm- ' L. - ' ¥:M CLASSES ;; V :- ' " a?i; vi ' i S ; ' . " ' " We were going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way . . . . " j : . m m . , ' W-«., ■:? ' ' 4 ■. • _ , -4,- ■;-; iV.A t ' v ■. ' :;i ■ ' ■ ' SENIORS " it was the spring of hope; it was the winter of despair " mT.:MA ia;. S- ' Jayme Payne, President ; Carol Clark, Vice-Presi- dent; Carol Schulze, Secretary-Treasurer. •. ' 1,, ' , , B iltif;; " ' " " : ' Charles W. Anders Keavy, Ky. jJ.W ' i ' ■-.-. ' 3 Natalie L. Anderson Little Ferry, N.J. ■ . ' ■■t - CLASS Geraldine Sue Baill Oxon Hill, Md. Joann Bailey Manchester, Ky. If " ! iHM Wade Bittner Kutztown,Pa. f s} -,(.:;.,■- ' 1 Jii? ' ;; : ■■ fi ' ' ! - Cynthia Ann Butts Pate rson, N.J. ■ly .. ' K. - - : ■, ' ' ■IhK :M ' ! ' ' ' i m Richard B. Cartwright Bellefonte.Pa. Catherine A. Chakour NaperviUe, 111. ' ■■ ' [(■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' " ■ ' ' is Carol Lee Clark Rockville, Md. Sandra Kay Combs Happy, Ky. ■v ' -vr„s ii(,i:i; ' i ' ' : ■;•:. Mitchell S. Crain Lexington, Ky. Norman Ross Fisher Tipton, Mich. :y ' ' K Elizabeth Garland Cannon, Ky. Stephen V. Howard Louisville, Ky. ? r ' ' . tv fc; Billy Jo Kelly Barbourville, Ky. " IH Deborah Krusemark Rochester, N.Y. H mt Christine Martin Plainfield,N.J. Joyce Martin Eubank, Ky. Robert McFerrin Barbourville.Ky. Pamelia Miller Clayton, N. J. " ?■ ■ ? 1 Kathy Ann Mills Barbourville, Ky. Sharon Kay Mills PineviUe, Ky. g . ' - ' ■■ ; -. ' mm. Leroy Moore Viper, Ky. James C.Newport PineviUe, Ky. tibniiieLou Peak Pineville, Ky. Billy G. Presley Barbourville, Ky. ' - ' ,? l Carol Schulze Nyack,N.Y. x 4 i Phyllis Sexton Gray, Ky. _ Y ' ' .•. ii .1 Sharlene Sexton Gray, Ky. Linda Sharp Jackson, Ohio , kh iW ;l-- V Maria K. Specht Newport, Ky. Karen Nan tackett Loyall, Ky. Diane R. Taylor N. ColUns, N.Y. Joanne D. Thomas Cheshire, Conn. ' : 1 um: Anita J. Turpin Delta, Ky. Harry White Rio Grande, Ohio i Sharon Elaine Graves Glen Mills, Penn. • t 4 - fi ' fi Judy Woolum Artemus, Ky. Shahriar Zargham Tehran, Iran David Wayne Ziegler Paulsboro, N.J. Charles Saddler, President; Peggy Chandler, Vice-President; Jakki Staggs, Treasurer; Donna Dobo, Secretary. I " it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity . . . . " . ' Don Black Maysville, Ky. ■s - Anthony Auzenne Cherry Hill, N.J. Ronald C. Benge Harrodsburg, Ky. Peggy L. Chandler Ledbetter, Ky. Glenn A. Cotterell Scotia, N.Y. :»C« fc 57 Rebecca Sue Culp Woodstock, Ohio Mark S. Fishburn Ft. Wadsworth, N.Y. Donna Jean Dobo North Tonawanda, N.Y. Patricia S. France Columbus, Ind. George E. Gambrel Manchester, Ky. 5S Richard Steven Gardner Ft. Thomas, Ky. Doris J. Gray Barbourville, Ky. Geraldine V. Wood Xenia, Ohio Stephanie E. Greenway Linden, Tenn. Karen R. Gregory Manchester, Ky. 59 Edward John Hammell Magnolia, N.J. Ruth K. Hensley Crummies, Ky. Susan V. Harbison Philadelphia, Penn. Deloria Susan Howard Wallins Creek, Ky. Diane Ibold Cincinnati, Ohio -Z s 60 Pedro I. Jimenez Barbourville, Ky. Kimberly J. Jufer Milford, Ohio Steven Wayne Jones Maud, Oliio Barbara Ann Kane Jamesburg, N.J. Delores J. Kurtz Sunbury, Penn. 61 Bruce Allen Laine Versailles, Ky. Carolyn M. Madigan New Shrewsbury, NJ. Lorraine Lyle Olean, N.Y. Barbara S. Moore Barbourville, Ky. Michael W. Napier Gulston, Ky. 62 Sharon J. Nelson Barbourville, Ky. Adelaide E. Parsons Lexington, Ky. Teresa C. Newport Pine villa, Ky. Beverly G. Parsons Barbourville, Ky. Paul Gregory Peck Russell Springs, Ky. 63 William C. Peebles Covington, Ky. Charles C. Saddler Barbourville, Ky. Richard B. Reaves Endicott, N.Y. Jessie M. Shelby Barbourville, Ky. Michael M. Smith Versailles, Ky. 64 Glenda Kay Snodgrass Jonesville, Va. Arthur L. Spurlock Pineville, Ky. W - . Jacqueline Staggs Georgetown, Ohio Billy M. Stallcup Barbourville, Ky. James W. Thompson Middletown, N.Y. . ' M-BH IBiv ■ •i .-ivrrs af 65 tfifii4, ini L . ♦. -V , ' J " J Vf lit Anthony M. Vertino Hasbrouck Heiglits, N.J. Donald A. Vinyard Carneys Points, N.J. Penny F. Trosper Gallon, Ohio Joseph D. Wilkerson Winchester, Oliio Jimmy Wayne Wilson Manchester, Ky. Debra Woolum Artemus, Ky. 66 SOPHOMORES CLASS 01 I ICERS: John Unban, President, Dunna Lonjiworlh, Vkc Pr.sidini l,jk. Ko I Shelley Howard, Secretary iJ!-:, ywp " it was the season of L ight, it was the season ol Darkness . . . . " Elizabeth Marilynn Adams Hyden, Ky. Cheryl A. Alvis Hamilton, Ohio Thomas M. Barfield Columbus, Ga. Tyrone Blalock Dayton, Ohio Beverly A. Cannon Corbin, Ky. Marguerite Carson London, Ky. $. ■:f 68 Mark Allen Carter Keokee, Va. Donna G. Conley Clintwood, Va. Sherroid D. Cornett Pineville, Ky. Sharon Lynn Davis Bledsoe, Ky. Mark J. Dugan Utica, Mich. Karen Earl Indianapolis, Ind. 69 Joseph Emmel Marcus Hook, Penn. Sally Fannon Pennington Gap, Va. John Flanagan Delran, N.J. Peter P. Fougner Garden City, N.Y. Gary Gooden Keith. Kv. Shelley Lynne Howard MUford Center, Ohio Glenn R. Jones Silver Springs, Md. 70 Ruth Kawadza Williamstown, N.J. Bobbi Lawson Alva, Ky. James W. Leslie Barbourville, Ky. John D. Logan Cannon, Ky. James L. Manis Hazard, Ky. Donna F. Mills Barbourville, Ky. Ruby MOler Mills Barbourville, Ky. ri Ellis Rdiiiiic Moore Barbourville, Ky. Petra I. Mursch West Hartford, Conn. Jakie R. Ross Barbourville, Ky. Michael D. Sammons Hazard, Ky. Vicki A. Saylor Hoskintown, Ky. John P. Schwantes Woodstown, N.J. Mary E. Tinsley Flat Lick, Ky. 72 ■ 1 m ) H 1 b ♦«!• 1 ii » ) I Anthony B. Todd Barbourville, Ky. Jeff Walker Bethel, Ohio John Urban Elizabeth, N.J. James Scott Williamson Corbin, Ky. Rhonda Jo Wilson London, Ky. Charlie Zigler Bridgeton, N.J. 73 FRESHMAN Mclanie Shaw, Student Senate Rep; Dottie Hale, Secretary ; Terry Stigall, President; Debbie Estes, Treasurer; (Absent)- Nancy Johnson, Vice-President; Randy Abner, Student Senate Rep. we had everything before us, we had nothing ore us -t! " - William R. Abner WaUins, Ky. Lyle G. Adams Kettering, Ohio Robert Jay Adams Flemington, N.J. Daniel W. Armstrong Campton, Ky. Debra Ann Bargo Dayton, Ohio Stephanie M. Bates Beattyville, Ky. Vicki R. Begley Hyden, Ky. 75 Cindy Belseth Witinsville, Mass. Hilda Jane Blevins Pennington Gap, Va. Edward M. Bogacici Hawley, Penn. Arnold G. Bradway Bridgeton, N.J. Tracy Bridges Louisville, Ky. Karen Sue Brown Bimble, Ky. Timothy R. Burnham Tampa, Fl. 1 r 76 _M f Pamela K. Buttery Barbourville, Ky. David D. Campbell Artemus, Ky. Marina L. Carson Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Pamela A. Casey Convent, N.J. Edwin Lyle Caudill Felicity, Ohio Edward T. Clark Louisville, Ky. Ruth E. Clark Ossian, Ind. 77 Vi " » ' " 4 ' i?HffH| ' i Darlene B. Compton Newport, Ky. Ruth A. Cook Mozelle, Ky. Greg A. Cornett Hamilton, Ohio Linda A. Craft Dry den, Va. Priscilla J. Cutter Newfield, N.Y. Maureen Susan Devery Ambler, Penn. Robin K. Doss Georgetown, Del. Barbara M. Duricko Jersey City, N.J. Carolyn S. England Stockton, N.J. Lauren A. Esposito Hazlet, N.J. Deborah L. Estes Harlan, Ky. Paul Fisher Louisville, Ky. Barbara A. Fleming Sergeantsville, N.J. Teresa G. Foley Barbourville, Ky. r4 S ' ( 79 Karen L. Fulks Jonesville, Va. Oscar Coins Louisville, Ky. Bobby Ray Cambrel Flat Lick, Ky. Marsha G. Gray Wyandotte, Mich. Doretta Hale Flat Lick.Ky. James W. Hammell Magnolia, N.J. Ronald Harrison Englishtown, N.J. 80 Donald 0. Harris Mt. Dora, Fl. Darrell W. Hayes Pennington Gap, Va. Richard L. Hill Cleves, Ohio Jeffrey Hendrickson Falls Church, Va. Danny R. Hinkle Cincinnati, Ohio Patrick D. Hollett Pennsvilie, N.J. Dee Ann Holly Xenia, Ohio Robert E. Howard Smith, Ky. Delora A. Hubbs Corbin, Ky. Debrah D. Ison Loyall, Ky. Nancy J. Johnson Purcellville, Va. Janice M. Jones Jonesville. Va. Teresa A. Kriviski Alexandria, Va. ■ . Deborah B. Kuc Manahawkin, N. J " ik feS5i 82 Thomas D. Lawson Manahawkin, N.J. Laura P. Lay Brooksville, FL Beverly L. Lenzer Covington, Ky. Cathy A. Leonard Jonesville, Va. Ada M. Leslie Barbourville, Ky. Michael R. Lindsay Pennsville, N.J. Herman Little Jersey City, N.J. 83 i 1 ' ' «v ' Sii K ih 1 ' . K B k - " " jB J Marilyn Long Corbin, Ky. Paula D. Long Cawood, Ky. Jeanne Ann Luttrell Harlan, Ky. Franklin E. McCoy Dover, Del. Wayne M. Meyer Westfield. N.J. Doris Regina Miller Big Stone Gap. Va. Deborah L. Mills Pineville. Ky. 84 Robert A. Milone Margate, N.J. John M. Monaco Somerdale, N.J. Jamie Moore Jonesville, Va. Victor A. Morris Staten Island, N.Y. Milton M. Morton Philadelphia, Penn. Pamela J. Napier Jonesville, Va. Patricia Parker Louisville, Ky. 85 Nancy Patterson Cranks, Ky. Carol J. Pfister Eaton, Ohio David A. Pickard Barbourville, Ky. Richard G. Preston Bingliamton, N.Y. Dennis M. Prosinski Camden, N.J. Danny W. Quillen Deane, Ky. Daniel R. Rees Falls Church, Va. 86 X, :wfr Sherry Lynn Reeves Corbin, Ky. George D. Renfro Flat Lick, Ky. Jon E. Ricketts Orlando, Fl. Kathryn L. Robbins Barbourville, Ky. Cynthia D. Rogers Barbourville, Ky. Coleen Rose LaGrange,Mo. Steven M. Rose LaGrange, Mo. . v - : " " " , Mr f M k ■orlj I ■P I 87 Melanie L. Shaw Brookville, Ind. Roland R. Shelton Barbourville, Ky. Rude M. Sitola Chipinga Rhodesia, Africa Nell E. Slemp Jonesville, Va. Gary D. Slusher Pineville, Ky. Johnny D. Smith Arjay, Ky. Julia Nadine Smith Barbourville. Ky. 88 Mackelene Smith Stanford, Ky. Randall Smith Girdler, Ky. Jackie W. Sproles Pineville, Ky. Glenn M. Sprock Bellston Spa, N.Y. John E. Stallard Louisville, Ky. Peter B. Suchodolski Palmyra, N.J. James Surgener Cawood. Ky. y 89 Mary Sweetapple Plantation, Fl. Diane G. Therrien East Douglas, Mass. Bradley E. Thompson Cincinnati, Ohio Thomas L. Thompson Cleves, Ohio Rudolf O. Thomsen Glasgow, Ky. Danny J. Thornberry Corbin, Ky. Marcus Throckmorton Barbourville.Ky. 90 Rhonda S. Tyler Ewing, Va. m Michael R. Vizoco Gibbsboro, N.J. Lawrence Wagner Vineland, N.J. Deborah J. Walker New Monmouth, N.J. " - Dorian S. Walker Hillside, N.J. Emil Kevin Watkins Frackville, Penn. Jenny L. White Barbourville, Ky. 91 Susan K. Wendryhoski Utica, Mich. Susan Wriggens Point Pleasant, N.J. Cheryl Wilhelm Gray, Ky. Gary W. Williams Barbourville, Ky. Robert H. Williams Louisville, Ky. Linda L. Wilson Woodbine, Ky. i. % 92 Pamela Jo Wilson Barbourville, Ky. Norma J. Wilt Muncy, Penn. Aaron M. Works Philadelphia, Penn. James E. Yeager Campton, Ky. Anna B. York Allston, Mass. Ahmad Zareie Tehran, Iran 93 ft Jay A. Bechtel Royersford, Pa. Nancy Hampton Barbourville, Ky Jo Ann Moore Easthampton, Ma. eniors Jamey K. Payne Knoxville, Tenn. Beve Smith Girdler, Ky. Dawn Wilkin Hillsboro, Ohio 7,55: 737 rnK- - H Derek L. Brown LaGrange, Ky. 4.% Sarali Ann Dingus West Liberty, Ky. Dani Grant Lakeland, FL !i m Joseph D. Hale Loyall, Ky. R O H Terry L. Stigall Hamilton, Ohio Robert Williams Louisville. Ky. Joseph N. Wynn Dayton, Oliio 95 ri rii ' ' -aiirms £ «v ' --sjtft ■• " S :. 96 ■ g ,; iw ' ;m% - :. i. - v. r ' ' ,i ' .--V ' •I ' - ' - yif ' -i ' ■ M. ' . ■:i-y: ■ • ' ■■? ' ■ ' r •v-f- ' ' ..■■ ' ' • t ' - am- ' IV—. • ... . ' :-. : ' i; -S M Cheerleaders H ; _ ; k r lMiii fc jy ' Vv, , " - ! 1 t Dotie Hale, Melanie Shaw, Shelley Howard. Cheryl Alvis, Dawn Wilkin, Susan Howard. 99 Basketball Back: Coach Dean Brunson, Tim Hawkins, Eugene McCaffery, Bill Peebles, Steve Jones, Salomom Kelly, Fred Jones, Paul Peck, Tom Johnson, Rick Webb, Coach Pete Moore. Front: Manager John Burnette, Johnny Logan, Don Harris, Mike Sammons, Don Black, Butch Grubb, Jon Ricketts, Trainer John Urban. Coach and Captains 100 Rises Again RacK ' em uf 101 Swim Team Bert Smith, Diving Coach; Jerry Halter, Coach; Back; Pete McCoy, Tom Lawson, MarkDugan, Bruce Laine, Ray Spahn, Joe Emmel. Front: Carol Pfister, Terry Kriviski, Mary Sweetapple. mm i ♦ » 102 --•«» jin,;:3«stj;-- : ■ i ' w l. ' « ( SIt ! lifJfCTpS F ; 103 i ' iU ■■ ' »,«te;, ' .!» , ' ; - ' , " ■,■■■■ r ' V:- ' ' " " . ' ' ' -i ' OT. -— -■■ • :-.■■■ b. ' ' - . :-- ' 5-:;sSw-v; P?- :! ' ; Br ' ■v ' ' ... Kl iV!, , HH Pif ;;% ' • ' ■ : ' iiA ' ; ' Orange and Black Staff Don Vineyard, Editor, Jimmy Wilson, Sports Writer, Tom Barfield, Sports Editor, Vivian Smith, Business Manager, Peggy Chandler, Penny Trosper. 107 Front: Diane Ibold; Ed Hammell; Cyn- thia Butts, President; Mitch Grain: Dave Ziegler. Baclc: Peggy Chandler, Secre- tary; Trey Saddler; Diane Myers, Trea- surer; Jamey Payne; Mary Tinsley: Don Vinyard; Steve Howard; Jakki Staggs, Vice President; Otis Doan; Dean Doris Mays, Advisor. Student 108 The Student Senate is the governing body of the students. They serve as an omni- busman between tlie administration and the students. They sponsor the Distin- guished Professor Award and a fund for student entertainment by facuhy mem- bers. Senate 109 Milesians f t: " r-Mf y- Front: Lori Jaffe, President, Roberta Taylor, Bob Freidman. Back: Dr. Dwight Stewart, Faculty Advisor, Jo Ann Moore, Karen Saunders, Michaeline Tuznik. - - . . . ? ' ; : :: v 110 Front: Dee Kurtz, Treasurer, Cathy Chakour, Vice-President, Lori Lyle, Pamelia Miller Hall, President, Bonnie Peak, Maria Specht, Patty France, Secretary. Back; Cynthia Butts, Barb Kane, Linda Sharp, Kim Jufer, Judy Woolum. Beta Chi Alpha The sisters of Beta Chi Alpha are joined together by the spirit of Friend- ship. The Sorority promotes the ideals of beauty, cuUure, and art. As a social-service group, the soroity encourages working together, friendli- ness and respect among sisters on campus. BXA is very active in campus activities; the Daniel Boone Festival, and tlie Roman Holidays and they support Union in every way. Sisterhood is climaxed every year with the Annual Spring Presentation Ball which is held for the formal initation ceremony of pledges. Ill Seated: Ruth Hensley, President; Cheryl Alvis, Treasurer; Sharon Davis, Vice-President; Susan Howard, Secretary. Standing: Carolyn Madi- gan, Junior Advisor; Adelaide Parsons, Junior Advisor; Petra Mursch; Roberta Taylor; Mary Lockett, Faculty Advisor; Joanne Thomas, Senior Advisor. Plu Cwens is the twenty-first chapter of National Cwens begun out of tlie need for a women ' s honorary sorority on Union College campus. Established on campus in 1959 by Dr. Mary C. Owen. The so- ciety ' s function was service to campus and community. Early services included aiding the local hospital and selling sta- tionary and pizza in the dorms. Through- tout the years the function has been to serve campus and community as well as to promote the individual ' s own attri- butes of leadership, scholarship, person- ahty. Phi Cwens 112 bAnrtAHLTA PH liAniiA bLTA PHI Top Photo: First Row: Beverly Parsons, Pamelia Miller Hall, Maria Specht, President; Peggy Chandler, vice president; James Thompson, secretary; Sharon Graves, Trea- surer; Susan Howard, Sharon Davis. Second Row: Catherine Singer, advisor; Donna Conley, Thomas Barfield, Deborah Kruse- mark, Michael Napier, Vivian Smith, Diane Ibold, Charles Saddler. Donna Dobo, Steve Gardner, Dee Kurtz, Billie Kelly, Clara, Harrel, Debra Jones. Bottom Photo: First Row: Stella Wagner, Marilyn Adams, Lana Young. Karen Saun- ders, MichaeUne Tuznik, Katluyn Robbins, Dawn Wilkin, Delia Wagner. Second Row: Peter Fougner, Anthony Vertino, Mark Du- gan, Michael Warren, Gordon Long, Robert Howard, Barbara Hoskins, Marguerite Car- son, Evelyn Matthews. Gamma Beta Phi 113 Home Economics Club Top Photo: Sally Fannon, Miss Mary Alice Lay, Bottom Photo; Pamelia Miller Hall, Gerry Baill, Joyce Mar- tin. 1)4 s T E V E N S o N H A L L D O R M I T O R Y 115 GirPs Service Sorority Front: Terry Kriviski, Carol Schulze, Carol Pfister, Dawn Wilkin, Mary Sweetapple. Back: Jamie Payne, President, Elizabeth Burke, Faculty Advisor, Debbie Krusemark, Natalie Anderson, Diane Ibold. G.S.S. is a Service Soroity that serves both campus and community. They participate in Roman Hoh- day and the Daniel Boone Festival every year. 1)6 Mary Sweetapple swims for the U.C. Bullfrogs. G.S.S. Participates in 1975 Roman HOLIDAY. H7 Association of )18 Women Students M9 First Row: Catherine F. Singer, Historian; Rena Milliken, Dale Moore, president; DeRhonda Greer Hubbs, secretary-treasurer; Dorothy Elm, vice-president; Bruce Presnell. Second Row: Jimmy Middleton, Darrel Miller, Clevis Carter, Dr. O.J. Wilson. Third Row: Maria Specht, Joe Anderson, Beve Smith, Janie Presnell, Doris Stewart. Fourth Row: Michael Napier, Myra Wright, Janet Fish, Robert Friedman. Fifth Row: Charles Anders, Lynn Slominsky, Wayne Triplett. Back Row: Mark Turner, Peggy Chandler, James Broughton, Bradley Sell. Iota Sigma Nu 120 Kr- ' ' .V ' i Lana Young, Pam Casey, Billie Kelly, Peggy Chandler, Karen Saunders, MichaelineTuznik, Lori Jaffe, Bob Friedman Psychology c 1 u b 121 c I R C L E K Front: Petra Mursch, Pam Napier, Susan Howard, Jake Ross, Glcnda Snodgrass, Jim Hammell. Back: Ed Hammell, Joe Wilkerson, Danny Quillen, Dave Zeigler, Sally Fannon, Jane Blevins. Circle K Pledges Sitting: Diane Long, Coleen Rose. Stand- ing; Debbie Estes, Shahriar Zargham, Re- gina Miller. 122 Standing; Rhonda Tyler, Nancy FuUard, Penny Trosper, Sally Fannon, Kim Price, Pam Napier. Sitting: Joe Wilkerson, Jim Hammell, Dave Zeigler, Mark Dugan, Joe Pronchik. 123 Lakeside Manor Dormitory Council Sec.-Beve Smith V. P. -Pete Fougner Pres.-Ray Spahn Rep.-Pete McCoy Advisor-Ron Benge W " : ' ■? ' ?. jt--;A ' r.. ACTIVITIES m v; e ' ■ ' ■■.X., ' . ' vV4 NM - .■• 1 • V- ■• .• ■ ' " ii m Union College Renewal 75 127 f tftmi Union Organizations Join Barbourvillians WMMM wp in Their 28th Daniel Boone Festival Parade T • ' - ■ ■ .1.? - ■29 Robert Friedman Jo Ann Thomas Rick Cartwright Who ' s Who AT Sharon Graves Robert McFerrin Maria Specht 130 Peggy Chandler Linda Sharp Cathy Chakour Union College Myrlyn Lawson Beve Smith Jayme Payne Rick Cartwright Mr. Union 132 Cynthia Butts Miss Union 133 Theta Pi Delta Maria Specht Diane Myers Carol Schulze Jamey Payne Cynthia Butts Dawn Wilkin Homecoming Candidates Freshmen — Melanie Shaw Jamie Moore Sophomores — Shelley Howard Cheryl Alvis Juniors — Adelaide Parsons Penny Trosper Seniors — Jamey Payne Myrlyn Hale Lawson 134 Mr l ' : : MILLER-YANCEY Standard Brands Of Furniture Phone 546-3144 BRYANT SON True Value Hardware 201 Knox Street Barbourville, Ky. 40906 Selling Quality Furniture For Over 35 Years 90 Days On the Spot Same as Cash Bank Financing N. Main St. Barbourville, Ky COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE SINCE 1905 1st NATIONAL BANK of CORBIN Member F.D.I.C. 136 " Visit " Clara ' s Shoppe Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville, Ky. Phone 546-3092 American Fidelity Bank And Trust Company Phone 546-3138 Barbourville Kentucky 40906 Compliments of UNION NATIONAL BANK Barbourville, Ky. SUSIE ' S DRESS SHOP Court Square Chidren ' s, Ladle ' s and Teen and Jr. Clothes 137 SUN BONNET GIFT SHOP Court Square Barbourville, Ky. Gifts For All Occasions BUCHANAN-WYRIGK JEWELRY CO. 105 S. Main Corbin, Ky. Jewelry and Gifts " When You Care Enough To Give The Very Best " J. C. PENNY We Know What You ' re Looking For 115 South Main Corbin, Kentucky 40701 MULLINS MEN STORE Specialists in Men ' s Appearal Quality Clothing and Shoes Arrow Shirts Curlee Suits Jarmon Shoes ACME Boots Phone (606)-528-6449 Trademart Center— Corbin, Ky. Special Ov-dei- HetordLs 138 Four Seasons Sport Shop Trademart Shopping Center Finest in Athletic Equipment BELK SIMPSON Of Trademart Center " Your Happy Shopping Store " Corbin, Ky. LOUE-MOORE JEWELERS, INC. Because Trademart You Love Center Someone Corbin, Ky 40701 528-8637 Custom Repair DIS TADS 204 N. Main St. Corbin, Ky. Phone 528-5323 Member of National Bridal Service 139 Compliments of Corbin Deposit Bank and Trust Company Corbin, Ky 40701 Member F.D.I.C. Kentucky Group Bank Downtown 110 N. Main St. Corbin, Ky 40701 Phone: (606) 528-5707 Free Alterations Free Gift Wrapping Lay Away! Ciswette Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Of Corbin, Inc. Corbin, Ky 40701 1000 W. 18th St., S.W. P.O. Box " Drawer D " Telephone (606) 528-1630 140 • dtxii, «. u C Kf.SS i ;t a1i ralion ..h:. ?m . . , A CI iLl KATlON.-i TVVO HIIISUKLD YMAl Of A NATION , ' Ti r ■ ' yy. . y yy y:- • he idea of the original thirteen colonies and their leaders was born out of a passion to be free — to chart their own destiny of building a country out of this thin fabric called Freedom. i The break from England was not to come easily, as this fledgling was viewed as a ser- ious threat to the tentacles of the vast and far-flung British Empire. tHitkst ' ll{-y f-,n 7!7+7r r. M fM ' atriots rose from every corner of the struggling country. Help came from other European countries to add to the flame of breaking the grip of England. Farmers, fish- ermen, cobblers and men from every walk of life took up their arms to defend this new- felt right to be free. As the smoke began to clear, ideas on organizing this diversity of colonies into a coalition of united states began to take shape. The form of a Constitu- tion and Bill of Rights was molded by states- men who previously were nonexistent. " T .vrv- v Tmn: Txni ' I ' ' " ' I " 1 M I I I Hi miTumii«;i!ii{nmii)nifl iiiii»inniDiDnuiiuniiifnniiiiniiniiiiuiiF iniT i .UP , K-i ilh V),Jk ' wmim A . ' ' ' i s the word spread in other parts of the world of this new country, with its vast do- main and resources, thousands of immigrants poured in to start a new life. With the added growth of population, new frontiers were needed. This stretching brought new con- flicts with foreign powers who previously had laid claim to parts of the interior. s the gangling country continued to grow, internal disagreement erupted into a battle of economic and philosophical differ- ences. The battle was to leave scars which would heal only after generations had passed. Out of the wounds came a stronger fiber of freedom for the individual man. The country had survived as a unit and now its energies would be put to work in rebuilding the found- ing fathers ' ideals. he need for new frontiers continued as movement spread West. A rapid explosion of technological advances pointed the country into the fore as an industrialized nation. .0 s one of the leading industrial nations, this strapping, growing giant became em- broiled in the first of the World Wars. After its success with other Allied Nations, a never- before-felt boom and prosperity was followed with the shattering bust of the Great De- pression. Ill Kill • ' --■•V..rf»»« ' New leaders were sought to pull the Countr; out of its fall, while on the horizon new storm clouds were building across the oceans. Si ),-!l li " ' ),-ilW» ' iv(u- ....Ji ' » ««« ' i V( .,„„. , Ul ' ' tf- ' " ' - --- uat ' ' - ' -. «f ' « iiib. K • ' ?: ' ' , m ' %i. l!B «,, ' ' l.1itf )1|-K. t, «% " vy i .- ' ..r ; i ' f " ' ,. i g ' ' vS mm 1 fl i@a ! r tK ' ' .■ ' ■ ' ' " i6 ' k 1 m r 7. ' Vk. " Vl i • Wi S r. " - m- " " fe? " V ' r ' - ' ■ ■•Wa mt A ' " i,.ii " ' i l lill= viiiii .:! ' ,1M.. 4? ■:i; ' ' i ■ ' ' t!V»7,.-i: ' ' )ir " iv ' ' w i.l.,.i " ;J;V ' ' ' ; ' k.i! |U1|. . ,« |i|!! ' ' -..c " --.»( , - .»,. S.:Jih.. rsf ' ... W(,j«„, , t ). p i«;,. ' 3i 3; J r ■ iit , ' 11 " tifli m i m. ' 4;i " -■V.,. ' .- i-:-. V IT iV : r? ' - - " m. ' ' " " ,: ' ' v. ' ' lA second World War was fought to pro- tect the cause of freedom, as the now grown giant emerged to take its place as the leader of the Free World. This new role has brought with it — many challenges — many successes — some failures . . . and through it all a spirit for all nations to envy — a burning passion that all men may one day be free . . . Photo Credits: National Archives-National Geogiapliic Photographer U.S. Capitol His- torical Society-National Portrait Gallery— Library of Congress. m Mi roi ■J- p I T r S .:y,f W:ir ' ■■ ' i? ' ' -J!i 4 " ,i ' .; - ' ' ' ' - ; . . . one small step fdf man, one giant leap ' for mankind. " " ' •Wj,t «k- ---li- - ' :s:rfitf» ' •-» v i : ■ w ' li ..4j5t5 i - r, -

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