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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102463 7 Abigail E W k iipmoriai Hibrarg Inion (EoUeg Stespean 1975 Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 isp £ ■ ' ' 1a .1 r %cuh . STAFF ; ' . C» " Well, I left my happy home to see what I could find out. I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out. Well 1 hit the rowdy road, and many kinds I met there, many stories told me of the way to get there. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. " " Well in the end I ' ll know, but on the way I wonder through descending snow, and through the frost and thunder, I listen to the wind come howl, telling me I have to hurry. I listen to the robin ' s song saying not to worry. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. " 10 ir 11 " Then I found myself alone, hoping someone would miss me. Thinking about my home, and the last to kiss me. But some times you have to moan when nothing seems to suit yer, but nevertheless you know you ' re locked towards the future. So on and on you go, the seconds tick the time out. There ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. " 12 13 14 - p " Then I found my head one day when I wasn ' t even trying, and here I have to say, ' cause there is no use in lying. Yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now, kick out the devil ' s sin. " 15 «rf " 16 «je s .- » « • 17 v- 18 " and pick up, pick up a good book now. Yes, the answer lies within, so why not take a look now, kick out the devil ' s sin, and pick up, pick up a good book now. Yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now kick out the devil ' s sin, and pick up, pick up a good book now. " ' ' jmmit ' -Jw r »•■ 19 Well, I left my happy home to see what I could find out. I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out. Well I hit the rowdy road, and many kinds 1 met there, many stories told me of the way to get there. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Well in the end I ' ll know, but on the way I wonder through descending snow, and through the frost and thunder, I listen to the wind come howl, telling me I have to hurry. I listen to the robin ' s song saying not to worry. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Then I found myself alone, hoping someone would miss me. Thinking about my home, and the last to kiss me. But some times you have to moan when nothing seems to suit yer, but nevertheless you know you ' re locked towards the future. So on and on you go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Then I found my head one day when I wasn ' t even trying, and here I have to say, ' cause there is no use in lying. Yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now, kick out the devil ' s sin and pick up, pick up a good book now. Yes, the answer lies within, so why not take a look now, kick out the devil ' s sin, pick up, pick up a good book now. Yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now, kick out the devil ' s sin, and pick up, pick up a good book now. 20 Dr. Miller Receives Honorary Doctorate of Law from Morehead University 22 Dr. Malon Miller, President of College; Dr. Charles Simms, Graduate Professor of Education; Miss Rena Milliken, Chairman of the Division of Applied Sciences, Head of the Department of Business and Economics, and the George Langford Memorial Associate Professor of Business; Dr. John H. Boyd, Dean of the Graduate School, and Gradu ate Professor of Education. Simms, Milliken, and Boyd Retire After Many Years of Service to Union College 23 Dr. Mahlon A. Miller President of the College Union College Administration Mr. Charles C. Saddler Assistant to the President; Director of Co-op Education Dr. Robert E. Rose Vice President for Academic Affairs 24 Dr. John H. Boyd Dean of the Graduate School Graduate Professor of Educ. Mr. Robert J.Clement Dean of Students Dean of Men Mrs. Doris Mays Dean of Women Mr. Boyd R. Todd Business Manager-Treasurer Mrs. Carole Presley Registrar Mr. Beverly R. Alford Director of Admissions • Mr. Milton H. Townsend Vice President for College Relations Mr. Stephen A. Hicks Director of Student Financial Aid 25 s» ' Dr. Deril K. Mays Chairman of Division of Social Sci- ences, Head, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Associate Professor of Psychology. Dr. Robert D. Bryant Associate Professor of Sociology. Mr. Oscar Graham Associate Professor of Psychology Miss Lillian Rogers Instructor of Sociology Mr. Ralph Tremblay Associate Professor of Social Work Behavioral Sciences Mr. Lee James Cox Head, Department of Social Work Assistant Professor of Social Work Miss Pamela Miller Assistant Professor of Social Work Mr. Julian D. Mosley Director of the Appalachian Semester Assistant Professor of Sociology 26 r Miss Rena Milliken Chm.. Div. of Applied Science. Head, Dept. of Busi- ness Economics; Geo. Langford Memorial Professor of Business Business INF ' IV I Mr. J. C. Newport Asst. Professor of Business Mr. Joe C. Hacker Director of Data Processing Center; Asst. Professor of Business ♦ - Mrs. Mary Manis Instructor of Business 27 Education Dr. Warren H. Robbins Head, Department of Education Supervisor of Student Teaching Professor of Education Dr. Charles Simms Graduate Professor of Education Miss Gayle Miles Associate Supervisor of Student Teaching Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Sister Mary Gemma Harlow Assistant Professor of Education 28 Dr. Frank E. Merchant Graduate Professor of English Miss Gail Garloch Assistant Professor of English Dr. Gord on Marigold Head, Department of Languages Professor of Languages Languages Mr. B. M. Stallcup Associate Professor of English Dr. Lester G. Woody Assistant Professor of English 29 Mr. Leo E. Dontchos Head, Dept. of Fine Arts, Asst. Professor of Music Fine Arts Mr. Allen E.Green Chm. Div. of Humanities, Assoc. Professor of Music Mr. William W.Campbell Instructor of Music Mr. David L. Jackson Asst. Professor of Music 30 Mr. John Schultz Instructor of Music Mr. Houston Price Asst. Prof, of Music- Mrs. Elizabeth Burke Instructor of Art 31 Mrs. Patricia Dontchos Asst. Prof, of Speech and Drama Home Economics Miss Mary Alice Lay Asst. Prof, of Home Economics Mr. James B. McFerrin Head Librarian, Assoc. Prof, of Library Science Library Science Mrs. Mary Lockett Reference Librarian, Inst, of Library Science llPIffffil II II Mrs. Virginia Saddler Asst. Librarian; Assoc. Prof, of Library; Head of Library Science Curric. Religion And Philosophy Dr. Dwight Stewart Assoc. Prof, of Philos- ophy Dr. Robert Matthews Head, Dept. of Religion and Philosophy; Francis Landrum Memorial Prof, of Religion 32 Mr. Donald Calitri Coach and Associate Professor of Physical Education Mr. Paul S. Moore Head, Department of Health and Physical Education, Director of Athletics, Coach and Associate Professor of Physical Edu- cation Physical Education Mrs. Mildred Hacker Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women Mr. Dean Brunson Instructor of Physical Education 33 w I ■P I I J I I Dr. Wendell Kringen Head, Dept. of Natural Sciences; Assoc. Prof, of Biology Natural Sciences Dr. C. Santaram Assoc. Prof, of Math and Physics m Dr. Dale Myers Chm., Div. of Natural Sciences; Assoc. Prof, of Chem- istry Dr. Thomas Burns Asst. Prof, of Math and Physics 34 Dr. Lawrence Jankovics Assoc. Prof, of Chemistry Mr. Clevis Carter Asst. Prof, of Physical Science Dr. Robert Simpson Asst. Prof, of Mathematics Mr. Floyd Scott Asst. Prof, of Biology 35 Mr. Sherman Oxendine Head. Dept. of History and Political Science; Assoc. Prof, of History Social Studies Mr. Kevin McCullen Asst. Prof, of Political Science ' liiiittiiiiiikliii Mr. Richard Lockett Asst. Prof, of Political Science Dr. Lester Lindley Assoc. Prof, of History 36 Mr. Larry Inkster Admissions Counselor Mr. Clarence Chadwell Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer Mrs. Catherine Singer Director of Alumni Affairs U ' :S :: Mr. Edward Black Director of the Student Center Mr. Richard Timms Director of Food Services Rev. Raymond Gibson Campus Minister Mr. Chris Hubbs Admissions Counselor Mr. Marshall B. Potter Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Miss Denise Cope Admissions Counselor Miss Frances Patridge Associate Director of Student Center, Direc- tor of Student Activities, Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women. Staff Mr. Bruce Presnell Assistant Director of Data Processing Center Mrs. Freda New Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs Mrs. Sue Carr Secretary to the President Mrs. Lucille Robbins School Nurse Mrs. Bobbie Burgess Clerk in Bookstore Miss Mildred Maggard Student Loan Officer Mrs. Gladys Harrell Secretary to Vice President for Business Affairs I 1 ARA Dining Hall Cooks Housekeepers and Janitors Mrs. Patty Lawson Secretary in Business Office Mrs. Nola Williams Assistant to the Bookkeeper Mrs. Wanda Rhodes Library Technician Mrs. Brenda Doty Secretary to the Dean of Graduate Students Mrs. Sandy Decker Clerk-Typist in Office of Registrar Mr. Willard Sprinkles Plant Engineer Personnel Mr. Eugene Branstrutter Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Jean Miller Clerk-Typist in Library Roland Blaisdell Night Manager of Student Center Mr. Harold Messer Head of Housekeeping 39 Mrs. Sherri Valentine Secretary in Alumni Office Mrs. Loretta Cowan Secretary in Office of College Admissions Mrs. Elizabeth Harris Secretary in Department of Social Work Mrs. Judy Stacy Clerk-Typist in Development and Public Information Personnel Mrs. Betty Greer Secretary in Financial Aid Mrs. Carolyn Bastress Secretary in the Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs Office Wilhelmena Magee Clerk-Typist in Business Office Mrs. Nona Owens Director of Dorm, Pfeiffer Hall Mrs. Rita Brooks Secretary in AIDP Mrs. Patty Abner Clerk-Typist in Development Mrs. Janice Poff Secretary to the Director of the Student Center Mrs. Betty Winters Dorm Counselor Pfeiffer Hall 40 L A K I D TOP: Dave Ziegler, Rob Kierspe, John Weisbrod (treasurer), Andy Humes, Mark Fishburn (vice president). BOTTOM: Dave Dietrichson. ABSENT: Rick Wells (secretary), Leonard Elliot (president). ' «, ' V D O R M I T O R Y StevensonHall Dormitory FIRST ROW: Rick Rhine- hart, Don Vinyard, Charles Anders. SECOND ROW: Jeff Sowles (treasurer), Donnie Hobbs (president), Tony Auzenne (vice president), Ron Benge (secretary). Pfeiffer Hall Dormitory STUDENT SEATED: Elizabeth Garland, Diane Longworth, Steve Campbell, Don Vinyard, Jeff Sowles. STANDING: Jamey Payne, Rob Hall, Maria Specht (secretary), Carol Schultz, Jakki Staggs (treasurer), Darrell Miller (president), Dean Clement (advisor), Mark Carter, Cynthia Butts (vice president). Rick Reinhart, Nancy Oren. The Student Senate is the governing body which serves as a liaison between students and administration. There are students on the Senate representing every class and dorm. Off-campus and commuters are also represented. The Senate has done many things to try to bring the students and faculty closer together. They provide money for a Faculty Entertainment Fund so the faculty can have more of a social life with the students. They also started the Student Senate Distinguished Professor Award, which goes to a faculty member who exemplifies the attributes of a professor both in and out of class. The professor is chosen by a select student committee. They supervise the faculty evaluations in which the students evaluate their professors. 45 M SITTING: Emily Blair (president). Miss Pam Miller, Carol Jurgens, Mrs. Elizabeth Burke, Judy Woolum. STANDING: Dr. Robert Matthews, Dr. Lester Lindley, Dr. Dwight Stewart, Mr. Sam Burke. I L I A N Joanne Moore, Mrs. Raymond Gibson, Sharon Graves (president). Rev. Raymond Gibson, Barb Franks, Miss Gail Garloch, Joe Emmel, Rich Wells, Jim Thompson, Lynne Beakman. o X c F L O U R B D UNITED METHODIST COLL FIRST ROW: Rev. Raymond Gibson, Sharon Graves (secretary -treasurer), Lynne Beakman, Maria Specht (president), Susan Harbison. SECOND ROW: Shahpoor Essapoor, Roberta Taylor, Jim Thompson (vice president), Becky Culp. THIRD ROW: Mohamad Essapoor, Shahrokh Shayydeh, Mehran Badiyan, Darivsh Veiseh, Roger Rule, Reza Estiki, Peggy Chandler, Shahriar Zargham, Rick Wells, Nancy Oren, Joe Emmel. E G I A T E A C T I O N G R O U P 47 Home Economics Club SEATED: Pamelia Miller, Myra Wright (president), Gerry Baill. STANDING: Miss Mary Alice Lay (advisor), Susan Bushey, Lavonne Witt (secretary), Peggy Johnson, Randalene Teague. The Home Economics Club, under the advisorship of Miss Mary Alice Lay, is a vocational organization open to Home Economics majors and minors. The club strives to benefit the women of Union College by promoting an interest in home and family living. They sponsor such projects as a hot dog sale, cookie sale, candle sale, and steak dinner. They also participate in the Daniel Boone festival. 48 J u D I C I A L B O A R D TOP: Donna Dobo (secretary), Steve Gardner. MIDDLE: Pat Sher- idan, Sharon Mills, Natalie Anderson. BOTTOM: Rob Hall (chairman). The Judicial Council reviews all matters of misconduct referred by the Dean of Students. The Council also handles matters of offenses involving violations of general college regulations. The members are elected by the students of Union College to serve as a just and democratic means of appeal. 49 SNEA Benny Broom, Jeri Wood (president), Penny Trosper (secretary), Barb Kane (vice president), Jim Thompson, Jo Ann Thomas, Jimmy Wilson, Diane [bold (treasurer), Sharris Castle. The Builder A builder builded a temple, He wrought it with grace and skill; Pillars and groins and arches All fashioned to work his will. Men said, as they saw its beauty, " It shall never know decay; Great is thy skill, O Builder! Thy fame shall indure for aye. " A teacher builded a temple With loving and infinite care, Planning each arch with patience, Laying each stone with prayer. None praised her unceasing efforts. None knew of her wonderous plan. For the temple the Teacher builded Was unseen by the eyes of man. Gone is the Builder ' s temple, Crumpled into the dust; lx w lies each stately pillar. Food for consuming rust. But the temple the Teacher builded Will last while the ages roll, For that beautiful unseen temple Was a child ' s immortal soul. Unknown 50 B.X.A. ROW 1: Debbie Woolum, Cathy Chakour, Pamelia Miller (vice president), Jennifer Clark, Brenda Creasey. ROW 2: Patty France, Jane Bous, Judy Woolum (secretary), Kim Jufer, Lori Lyle, Bonnie Peak (president), Joan Murphy. The sisters of Beta Chi Alpha are joined by the spirit of friendship. The sorority promotes the ideals of beauty, culture, and art. BXA sisterhood is climaxed by the Annual Spring Presentation Ball held for the formal initiation ceremony of pledges. The organization is active in all campus activities, including Roman Holidays and the Daniel Boone Festival Parade. As a social-service group, the sorority encourages friendliness and respect, among the sisters and the campus. 51 Sandy Combs, Kathy Bays, Carolyn Madigan, Penny Trosper, Dawn Wilkin, Randlene Teague. Jerri Wood, Diane Ibold, Jamey Payne, Natalie Anderson, Debbie Krusemark. G. S. s. 52 PICTURED: Father Osburg (advisor), Rob Kiersbe (president), Rob Hall, John Schwantes, Doug Smith, Paul Dole (secretary-treasurer), Sean Cavanaugh, Leonard Elliot. ABSENT: Dave Mobley (vice president), Mark Heller, Steve Howard. This Spring MOB took a big step by becoming affiliated with Tau Kappa Epsilon, a National Fraternity. They hope this will help their organization to become bigger and better. They also participated in the Daniel Boone Festival Parade. MOB 53 Larry Frederick (treasurer), Ruth Hensley (secretary), Ed Hammel (vice president), David Ziegler (president). Circle K ROW 1: Rick Reaves. ROW 2: Sally Fannon. Glenda Snodgrass, Gloria Jor- dan, Bobbi Lawson. 54 Circle K Walk For Knox County Hearing Center ORANGE BLACK STAFF Tom Barfield, Sports Editor Steve Gardner, Photographer Don Vineyard, Co-Editor Wayne Triplett, Co-Editor Jennifer Gambrel, Copy 56 CWENS CWENS is a National Honorary Society for Sophomore Women. The Union Phi chapter strives to promote leadership and sisterhood among sophomore women. As a service organization they hostess school receptions and at Parent ' s Week-end gatherings. They also have a CWENS Service Week and they participated in Roman Holiday. ROW 1: Maria Specht (junior advisor), Jane Harmon-Davis (national president), Adelaide Parsons (president). ROW 2: Mrs. Mary Lockett (faculty advisor), Joanne Thomas, Becky Culp. ROW 3: Carolyn Madigan (treasurer), Donna Dobo (vice president), Margaret Marsteller. ROW 4: Pamelia Miller, Robin Janikowsky (secretary), Diane lbold. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Elam, DeRhonda Greer, Dora Sue Farmer, Mildred Shepherd, Catherine Singer, Jean Knuckles. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Middleton, Dr. Deril Mays, Helen Donaldson Catron, Bruce Presnell, Vivian Brad- ley, Ann Renfro Shelley. THIRD ROW: Patrice Schutte, Jacqueline Pendola, Janis Griffeth, Dr. E. S. Bradley, Rena Milliken. FOURTH ROW: Diana Mills, Jana Grambrel, [Catherine I. Miller, Denise Robinson, Renee Ruggles. FIFTH ROW: Brenda Doty, Linda 0. Turner, Sallie W. Can- trell, Nancy Walker, Sharris Castle, Lois Spen- cer. SIXTH ROW: Alicia Hatmaker, Denise Cope, Denise Gensler, Virginia Murscoe, Bennie S. Broom. SEVENTH ROW: Michael Broom, Douglas Schutte, Johnnie Turner, Billy Kirk Marsee, James Farmer. BACK ROW: Martin Feipel, Douglas Sellwood, Thomas Doty. OFFICERS: 1973-74 - President - Mary Douglas Mitchell; Vice President - Dale Moore; Secretary-Treasurer - DeRhonda Greer; Ritual- ist — Dora Sue Farmer; Historian — Catherine Singer. Iota Sigma Nu Iota Sigma Nu is an honorary scholastic society which encourages high ideals, promotes diligence in study, and rewards excellence in scholarship. Awards are given each year to the freshman and the sophomore with the highest scholastic average. Recognition is given each year to some person who best exemplifies the purposes of Iota Sigma Nu. Dr. Mildred Shepherd, London, Kentucky, was honored in 1974. 58 Gamma Beta Phi SEATED: Ellen Callihan, Debra Jones, Benny Broom, Jana D. Bailey, Kathy Bays, Lynn Slominsky, Barbara Kane, Wayne Triplett (president), Doris Stewart, Judy Woolum (vice president), Myra Wright, Myrlyn Hale Lawson (secretary), Pamelia Miller, Shards Castle (treasurer), Maria Specht, Richard Cartwright. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Catherine Singer (faculty advisor), Evelyn Wolfe, Denise Gensler, Denise Robinson, Dorothy Elam, Sharon Graves, Janet Fish, Deborah Krusemark, Dee Kurtz, Diane [bold, Charles Anders, Darrel Miller, Beve Smith. BACK ROW: Shahriar Zargham, Bradley Sell, Ross Fisher, Mark Turner, Richard Reaves, Douglas Smith, Charles Saddler, Peggy Chandler, James Thompson. Gamma Beta Phi is a national honor society which promotes scholarship, leadership, and character. Every year the organization makes money by publishing and selling a directory of student and faculty addresses. On Honor Day a book is given to the student with the highest quality point average in hours at Union. 59 SWEETHEART I D E D B B W O O U M 60 Buckeroos Dedicated to the Free Spirit of Union College 61 The Student Center Board ' s major concern is providing the campus with activities and promoting student involvement. They sponsor such things as ice cream socials, All-Night parties, the Hanging of the Greens, Square Dances, and movies. In the Student Center recreation room they hold tournaments in pool, air hockey, foosball, and ping pong. Their main project is the annual Roman Holiday Celebration held in the spring. STUDENT ROW 1: Peggy Chandler (secretary), Cindy Chapman, Brad Sell (vice president), Mary Butler, Dorothy Elam (treasurer), Joe Emmel, Cynthia Butts (president). ROW 2: Trey Saddler, Roland Blaisdell, Jane Bous, Muriel Campbell, Steve Campbell, Rick Cartwright. Student Center Board Sponsors Roman Holiday CENTER BOARD Student Center Board members at the annual Hanging of the Greens ■■ ! - mm Science Society Officers: Wayne Triplett President Mike Napier - - Vice President Doug V. Smith Secretary-Treasurer u i £t 7 ' - ' T Sv 64 . Science Society on their annual field trip Natalie Anderson s T E V E N S o N S w E E T H E A R T 1974-1975 K , . Pfeiffer Hall Sweetheart . ! B R A D S E L L m ; mm ;v 67 Circle K Sweethearts Susan Howard Ruth Hensley 68 H " J - Pamelia Miller MflB S w E E T H E A R T 69 i- t Tina Calabro A SWEETHEART O 7 imtfk Dedication of Colonel Harlan Sanders FRONT - left to right, Coach Dean Brunson, Asst. Donnie Hobbs; 2nd - Dwight Thomas, Tony Auzenne, Mark Schlemmer, John Flanagan; 3rd - Rick Webb, Jim Nehil, John Bridwell, Randy Williams, Ray Spahn, Derek Brown; 4th - Darrell Miller, Bill Swafford, Chris Brand, Jeff Walker, Mike Organ, Roger Crafton. Field Highlights Fall Baseball Program r t ; uinjOTAJjii ' n Baseball returned to Union College as Dean Brunson led the Bulldogs to an impressive Fall season. Colonel Harlan Sanders and his wife were on hand, Saturday October 12, 1974 as Pete Moore, Athletic Director at Union, dedicated the baseball field to the Fried Chicken King. Cross Country Returns Under New Coach FRONT - Martin Pepe, Edward Ham- mell, Sue Prosser. BACK - Coach Bob Wiley, Bruce Laine, Chris Pierce, Larry Frederick, Manager Anna Middleton. ■■■:, ■:■■■} ;■ Jim Nehil starts race against Beres Chris Pierce takes first place honors again S=u t %Ti(rpiiiii)iy ) ) ) )i ■ 1 " ' Fall Golf Team Excels On The Links FRONT - Irv Strunk, Coach Pete Moore; BACK - Sean Cavanaugh, John Burnette, David Bowling. John Burnette shows his winning form. Coach Moore gives a pep talk before the team tees off. Sean Cavanaugh tees off in the Union Invitational. •a • ' . " . ' + A v i 75 Girls Volleyball Has Impressive Season FRONT - Vickie Hayes Kim Jufer, Mary King, Rose Brooks, Pam Griffith, Dawn Wilkins, Jackie Pendola; BACK - Coach Mildred Hacker, Gloria Jordan, Sue Prosser, Penny Trosper, Sally Fannon, Gail Gray, Cynthia Chapman, Debbie Krusmark, Debbie Moore. . " I got it! ' " Girls where is the other team! ' " Come on! Let ' s get started! Basketball ' 74-75 Pete Moore (coach), Carroll Yager, Carlos Combs, Mike Sammons, Mike Doliboa, Danny Walker, Steve Jones, David Bowling Gerald Whitlow, Bill Peebles, Rick Webb, Jimmy Grobmyer, Johnny Logan, Dean Brunson (assistant coach). Seniors Carroll Yager Carlos Combs Jim Grobmyer ff ' r m» •9t ' I i Bulldogs Improved as Season Progressed Pete Moore Looks Forward to the 75-76 Season Steve Jones Receives All-K.I.A.C. Honors Mike Sammons Receives All- K.I.A.C. and N.A.I.A. All- District 24 Honors 80 § - ' s! II ROW 1: Beve Smith, Tony Todd, JI llimim Peter Fou § ner - R0W 2: Ed Valentine ' V i»2Sa??§ John Burnette, Jell Walker, Ron ' ' ' ' . ' , ' . ' ' . Benge. TENNIS ■i,!. " f ■■■lyir " tt» . |V 82 SPRING BASEBALL ' »»» ' 1IL1 v ■■■ . ...■■■-. ■ ■ I i let 83 l ' ' - ; ■ PR ' - f. I ' . " ' •■g nu 1 ' Ivjij - ■■ -■•.. TRACK - • w sc " ' BI8S1 II Sill nun Tony Todd (Tennis), Mike Smith (Track), Mike Sammons (Basketball), John Hensley (Baseball), Chris Pierce (Cross-Country). Athlete of the Year ■ " ; MIKE SAMMONS 85 . TOP: Denise Robinson. MIDDLE: Cheryl Alvis; Dee Kurtz; Sharon Davis. BOTTOM: Dawn Wilkin; Susan Howard; Shelley Howard. Bulldog Cheerleaders Senior and Captain Denise Robinson • ACTIVITIES ' 74- ? 75 Mayme Wallace, the 1973 Homecoming Queen. 1975 Homecoming Candidates Jane Durham, the 1975 Homecoming Queen. The 1975 Homecoming Queen Candidates and their Escorts: FIRST ROW: Maria Specht, Carolyn Madigan, Cheryl Alvis, Jane Durham, Peggy Chandler, Chris Pietrandrea, Susan Howard, Diane Longworth Myers. B ACK ROW: Dave Bird, Don Vinyard, Bob Willey, Bob Brooks, Trey Saddler, Hughie Hale, David Roper, Dale Myers. Willson-Gross Lectures 90 7 I N C O N C E R T I CHRIS SUTTON and ADELAIDE PARSONS Mr. and Miss Union [UQiKtoiieac ■ » iAVfi!aE -V « k ii ■■■ ' » « , ' 92 Brad Sell and Robin Hicks 93 Loretta Lynn opens the Daniel Boone Festival On October 9, the petite and lovely Lor- etta Lynn opened the celebration of the Daniel Boone Festival. People came from all over southeastern Kentucky to hear the " Coal Miner ' s Daughter " sing. The concert was held in the gym which was packed for both shows. 95 k BXA r i ■4fe Union College Participates Union College again turned out in full force to participate in the 1974 Daniel Boone Festival. Union entered numerous floats and everyone enjoyed the entire week of activities. tVAL OR. THQHAS; WALKER CABIN K. " RSQ ' .•;v- 96 in Daniel Boone Festival N O 16i V E 1 M 9 B 7 E 4 R Michael Stanley Band In Concert At Union College Liturgical Jazz Ensemble Dr. Ruth Stephens A.A.U.W. Program Speaker 99 r t- tt X : ■ ■ 0 jh G.S.S. Wins Roman Holiday May 4th 1 9 7 5 On your mark . . . Get set . . . Stop! ! The Doc and the Rev. need a shave! j,.x Mark Turner Jan Fish Benny Shelton Broom Mark McCarty 102 Brad Sell and Robin Hicks Shams Castle Rene Ruggles Who ' s Who 103 Brad Sell Charles (Hugh) Hale Theta Pi Dave Mobley 104 lv Delta Jan Fish Darrel Miller Cindy Chapman m fi 105 K E I T H 106 M I M B E R G E R 107 $JL% Cabaret AND Homecoming 108 1 1 9 7 5 • [Mr ' € k-.- ?: .-v ' .fcll n vV : • It ' - - y ' H » m The many activities of Homecoming included a track meet and tennis match More Activities such as comedy, singing, playing 112 eating, more singing and playing and the Homecoming Queen Contest A SPECIAL THANKS TO CATHERINE SINGER, THE ALUMNI SECRETARY, FOR HER DILIGENT WORK ON HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES. 113 Senator Marlow Cook and Congressman Tim Lee Carter Visit Union College ■ ■• Dale K. Myers Award Presented by Darrel Miller Student Senate President Student Senate Distinguished Professor Award 115 HONORS DAY MAY 1, 1975 ■ ■ ■ ■ GRADUATION MAY 11, 1975 .■ ' -?. ' • A r 122 FINE ARTS ' 74-75 c H O I R C H O R U 124 Belle Canto Debbie Hampton (president), Becky Culp, Adelaide Parsons (secretary-treasurer), Ruth Bar- nette, Diane Taylor, Mrs. Robert Rose (faculty advisor). 125 Musical Groups at Union include under the direction of Leo Dontchos Ensemble directed by David Jackson 126 the Stage Band and the Brass aI I MH H - K tT7t H " J i The Wizard of Oz Of Mice and Men Shows for the 1975-1976 Season 1776 THE CRUCIBLE SLEEPING BEAUTY TWELFTH NIGHT ONE-ACT FESTIVAL H A I S G M W I N S T F R O E R S S Pat Dontchos, Director A a y h a s. 1 O m a The Art Department, under Elizabeth Burke, is involved in many act- ivities such as art displays and shows. CLASSES Freshmen Sophomores Seniors Juniors 135 FRESHMEN Class Officers: Pres.: Larry Frederick V. Pres.: Bucky Adams Sec: Kim Jufer Treas.: Jake Ross 136 i b Cheryl Alvis Hamilton, Ohio Kevin Brown Buffalo, N.Y. Tom Barfield Columbus, Ga. Muriel Campbell Dedham, Mass. Ruth Barnette Ashland, Ky. Stephen Campbell Dedham, Mass Tyrone Blalock Dayton, Ohio Mark Carter Keokee, Va. Daniel Conlon Landing, N.J. Robin Congleton Barbourville, Ky. Sherroid Cornett Pineville, Ky. Brenda Creasy Girdler, Ky. Sharon Davis Bledsoe, Ky. 137 Mark Dugan Utica, Mich. Sally Fannon Pennington Gap, Va. Tim Farmer Cawood, Ky. Jimmy Fleming Columbus, Ga. n BMH| Bnnn| Peter Fougner Garden City, N.Y. Larry Frederick Penns Grove, N.J. Gary Gooden Keith, Ky. Doris J. Gray Barbourville, Ky. Debbie Gregory Flat Lick, Ky. Ruth Hensley Crummies, Ky. 138 Susan Howard Wallins Creek, Ky. Debbie Jarvis Flat Lick,Ky. Glenn Jones Silver Spring, Md. Gloria Jordan Lynch, Ky. Kim Jufer Milford.Ohio Robert Kierspe Mountainside, N.J. sA-MA Mary King Middlesboro, Ky. Bobbie Lawson Alva, Ky. John Logan Cannon, Ky. Donna Longworth CMo, Ohio Wesley MacKenzie East Patchogue, N.Y Janice McNew Corbin, Ky. 139 Deborah Moore Newark, N.J. Wynn Mott Columbus, Ga Joan Murphy Falls Church, Va. Petra Mursch West Hartford, Conn. Teresa Newport Pineville, Ky. Beverly Parsons Barbourville, Ky. Joseph Pronchick Paulsboro, N.J. Randy Rhodes Barbourville, Ky. Jake Ross Barbourville, Ky. Mark Sehlemmer Kettering, Ohio John Schwantes Woodstown, N.J. Gail Shearer Danville, Ky. 140 Judi Lynn Shepherd Barbourville, Ky. Robert Singletary Atlantic City, N.J Douglas Smith Washington, Ga. Roberta Taylor LaGrange, Ky. Dwight Thomas LaGrange, Ky. Tony Todd Jarbourville, Ky. Nancy Warner Tecumseh, Mich. Penny Trosper Galion, Ohio wii Larry Williams Middlesboro, Ky. Terry Williamson Milford,Ohio Debra Woolum Artemus, Ky. Logan Young Louisville, Ky. 141 Freshman really know how to have fun! IV 142 SOPHOMORE Class Officers: President: Bob Wilberham V. President: Charles Saddler Secretary: Lori Lyle Treasurer: Wayne Triplett 143 _ Chatri Apiradee Bangkok. Thailand Tony Auzenne Sicklerville,N.J. Carolyn Bays Himyar, Ky. Bob Carpenter Ocean Grove, N.J. Peggy Chandler Ledbetter, Ky. Glenn Cotterell Scotia, N.Y. 144 Becky Culp Woodstock, Ohio Elbert Deans Franklinville, N.J. Tr ' ■ P lf x . . ' ' ' Bral -U-. Tfe ft 1 tiiiin ■jM«JMWBfMiMi «■ - " IT i. ? i David Dietrichson Dayton, Ohio Grant Doan Cynthiana, Ky. Donna Dobo North Tonawanda, N.Y. Joe Emmel Marcu s Hook, Pa. 145 Mark Fishburn Staten Island, N.Y. Ross Fisher Tipton, Mich. Patricia France Columbus, Ind. Steve Gardner Ft. Thomas, Ky. Christine Gray Flat Lick, Ky. 146 Joyce Gray Barbourville, Ky. Susan Harbison Philadelphia, Pa. Ed Hammell Magnolia, N.J. Diane Ibold Cincinnati, Ohio Peggy Johnson Pineville, Ky. Steve Jones Maud, Ohio 147 Carol Jurgens Louisa, Va. Barbara Kane Jamesburg, N.J. Dee Kurtz Sunbury, Pa. Bruce Laine Versailles, Ky. . fe. £ Sk. :-. " .- ' Tx.-HiiC; m Lori Lyle Olean.N.Y 148 Carolyn Madigan New Shrewsbury, N.J. Pamelia Miller Clayton, N.J. Leroy Moore Viper, Ky. S Michael Napier Gulston, Ky. Adelaide Parsons Lexington, Ky 149 Go ahead, I dare you! Dennis Porter Jellico, Tenn. Shahpour Rouhizad Tehran, Iran Charles Saddler Barbourville, Ky. Michael Smith Versailles, Ky 150 4 , W Jakki Staggs Georgetown, Ohio Alan Sutton Keith, Ky. Lucy Swafford Gray, Ky. Jo Anne Thomas Cheshire, Conn. James Thompson Middleton, N.Y. Wayne Triplett Ironton, Ohio 151 Donald Vinyard Carneys Point, N.J. James Walker Barbourville, Ky. Bob Wilberham Woodbury, N.J. Josepb Wilkerson Winchester, Ohio 152 153 JUNIORS Class Officers: Pres.: Jamey Payne V. Pres.: Cynthia Butts Sec: Joyce Martin Treas.: Wade Bittner 154 W T . .. Charles Anders Keavy, Ky. Natalie Anderson Little Ferry, N J. Gerry Baill Oxon Hill, Md. Jo Ann Bailey Manchester, Ky. Rae Ann Baker Barbourville, Ky. Ron Benge Harrodsburg, Ky. 155 Wade Bittner Kutztown. Pa. Paulette Boucher Centerport, N.Y. Mary Butler Oswego, N.Y. Cynthia Butts Paterson. N.J. Rick Cartwright Bellefonte, Pa. Cathy Chakou r Naperville, 111. Carol Clark Rockville.Md. Jennifer Clark Montour Falls, N.Y. Sandy Combs Happy, Ky. 156 Elizabeth Garland Cannon, Ky. «MH H| Elizabeth Didchenko Chicago, 111. Debra Doolin Heidrick, Ky. 157 Jacki Coins Barbourville, Ky. Sharon Graves Glen Mills, Pa. 158 Debra Hampton South Haven, Mich. Billie Jo Kelly Barbourville, Ky. Deborah Krusemark Rochester, N.Y. 159 Joyce Martin Eubank, Ky. Robert McFerrin Barbourville. Ky. Kathy Mills Barbourville, Ky. 160 Sharon Mills Pineville, Ky. Jamey Payne Knoxville, Tenn. - 3 Rick Reaves Endicott, N.Y. Gregg Rice Versailles, Ky. Susan Greear Rumbley Bardstown, Ky. 161 Phyllis Sexton Gray, Ky. Charlene Sexton Gray, Ky. ■ ' A ' ' -V Shahriar Zargham Tehran, Iran Linda Sharp Jackson, Ohio 162 Beve Smith Girdler, Ky. Ray Spah n Fairfield, Ohio Maria Specht Newport, Ky. 163 Anita Turpin Delta, Ky. John Weisbrod Massapequa, N.Y. Dawn Wilkin Hillsboro, Ohio Judy Woolum Artemus, Ky. David Ziegler Paulsboro, N.J. Jimmy Wilson Manchester, Ky. 164 SENIORS Class Officers: Pres.: Mark McCarty Vice Pres.: Jeff Sowles Sec: Jan Fish Treas.: Chris Pietrandrea " Then I found my head one dayjwhen es within. 165 Tom Benson Barbourville, Ky. Jane Bous Elementary Education Sarasota, Florida i " " ' . ' . — TCr- ...V Christopher R. Brand Trenton, New Jersey Business Administration Benny Shelton Broom Barbourville, Ky. English and Drama 166 John Burnette Coshocton, Ohio History, Political Science Sharris Castle Barbourville, Ky. Business Sean Cavanaugh Falls Church, Va. History Cynthia Chapman Vineland, NJ. Health, Physical Education 167 Pamela G. Carnes Barbourville, Ky. Marsha Clark Barbourville, Ky. Social Work James Davenport Barbourville, Ky. Charles Dibble Barbourville. Ky. Religion 168 Dorothy Elam Barbourville, Ky. Business Leonard Elliott Corbin, Ky. Political Science Geoffry Evans Barbourville, Ky. Business Barbara Franks Summit, N.J. Sociology, Psychology 169 Jana Kay Gambrel Barbourville, Ky. Business Denise Gensler Stryker, Ohio Social Work, Psychology Jimmy Grobmyer Carrollton, Ky. Physical Education Charles Hugh Hale, II Loyall, Ky. Music Education 170 Robert Hall Lexington, Ky. History, Psychology Betty Hampton Manchester, Ky. Andrew Humes Catonsville, Md. Phychology Robin Hicks Barbourville, Ky. Social Work 171 Charlotte Jeffers Barbourville, Ky. S. F. Jones Gettysburg, Pa. Thomas Lawhon Owenton, Ky. Mark McCarty Apalachin, N.Y. Music 172 Christine Martin Plainfield, N.J. Beverly Matthews Lakewood, N.J. Robert Miller Martinsville, Va. Business Adm. Diana Mills Cannon. Ky. 173 James Nehi] Kendall Park, N.J. Physical Education Nancy Oren Barbourville, Ky. Herb Parfitt Barbourville. Ky. Shirley Parfitt Pineville, Ky. 174 Bonnie Peak Pineville, Ky. Sociology Dennis Peloso Paramus, N.J. Health, Physical Education Chris Pietrandrea Mifflinburg, Pa. Sociology Denise Robinson Corbin, Ky. Business Education 175 Donald Rouse Merrittstown, Pa. Psychology Vicki Royston Speedwell, Tenn. Social Work Renee Ruggles Decatur, Ohio Elementary Education Bradley Sell Marion, Mass. Psychology 176 Annie Mae Smith Barbourville, Ky. Math Doug Smith Barbourville, Ky. Math, Physics Jeffrey W. Sowles Houston, Texas Business Adm. Doris Stewart Louisville, Ky. Social Work 177 Chris Sutton Barbourville, Ky. Music Diane Taylor North Collins, N.Y. Music, Physical Education Deborah Thompson Pineville, Ky. Sociology Randlene Teague Barbourville, Ky. Elementary Ed., Home Economics 178 Cathy Turner Byram, Conn. Home Economics Myra Alice Wright Whitesburg, Ky. Home Economics, Social Work Richard Wells Ashland, Ky. History, Religion Gerald Whitlow Ashland, Ky. Business ♦.♦ ♦ ♦ a 179 Richard J. Wolanski Syracuse, N.Y. Applied Music, Music Ed. Evelyn Jean Wolfe Jonesville, Va. Psychology Carroll Yager Carrollton, Ky. Physical Education 180 KATHY BAYS GSS; Gamma Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Nu; John Henry Wilson Award. DENISE GENSLER - CWENS; BXA; Pom Poms; Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu. JANE C. BOUS - BXA, Vice President; Student Center Board; SNEA; Pom Poms; Homecoming Candidate; Representative to Cumberland Falls Pageant; Judicial Board, Secretary; MAZE Committee. CHRISTOPHER R. BRAND - Circle K, President; Baseball. ROBERT D. HALL -- MOB, Secretary; Student Senate; Judicial Council, Chairman. ROBIN S. HICKS -- GSS; Miss Union; AWS, President; Stevenson Hall Queen; Homecoming Candidate; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. BENNY SHELTON BROOM PUB Sweetheart; Best Actress; Sigma Tau Delta, Gamma Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Nu; SNEA, Vice President; Playlikers, Vice President; Alpha Psi Omega; Tuesday Club Award in Literature; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges. JOHN BRUNETTE - Golf; Tennis; Intramurals. MARK A. McCARTY - Senior Class President; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. DARREL MILLER - Milesian, President; Gamma Beta Phi; Student Senate, President; ORANGE AND BLACK; Baseball; Theta Pi Delta. SHARRIS CASTLE - Gamma Beta Phi, Treasurer; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; CWENS, Secretary; SNEA, Secretary. SEAN J. CAVANAUGH - Golf; MOB, President; Assistant Editor of ORANGE AND BLACK; St. Gregory Parish Council. CYNTHIA CHAPMAN - Tennis; GSS; Theta Pi Delta. JAMES JAY NEHIL -- Baseball; Golf; Track; Circle K; Intramurals. BONNIE L. PEAK - BXA, President. BRADLEY L. SELL -- Student Center Board, Vice President; Gamma Beta Phi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Cecil H. Wilson Award; Mr. Union; Theta Pi Delta; Pfeiffer Hall Sweetheart. CHARLES DIBBLE - Gamma Beta Phi. LEONARD C. ELLIOTT - MOB. DOUGLAS V. SMITH Math Award; Physics Award; Science Society, Secretary -Treasurer; Gamma Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Nu. JAN FISH - Student Center Board; Playlikers, President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer; UMCAG; AWS, President; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Psi Omega; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Theta Pi Delta. JEFFREY W. SOWLES - Circle K, Vice President, President; Student Senate. DORIS JEAN STEWART - CWENS, Treasurer; Gamma Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Nu. BARBARA L. FRANKS - Oxford Club, President; Secretary; UMCAG, President, Secretary; Cosmopolitan Club. DIANE R. TAYLOR - Cosmopolitan Club; Belle Canto; Bridge Club; Girls Volleyball; UMCAG. 181 RANDLENE TEAGUE - GSS; Home Economics Club; Re- ligious Life Committee. DEBORAH R. THOMPSON - IMG, Vice President. WILLIAM L. THOMPSON APO. CATHY LYNN TURNER - UMCAG; Cosmopolitan Club; SNEA; GSS; Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega. MARK E. TURNER - Gamma Beta Phi: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. RICHARD WELLS - UMCAG; Oxford Club. EVELYN JEAN WOLFE - CWENS, Secretary; Gamma Beta Phi; Circle K; UMCAG; Scrimshaw. MYRA ALICE WRIGHT - GSS; Home Economics Club; Gamma Beta Phi. P.O. Box 749 Phone 546-6189 HANDY HARDWARE Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 ENGLE ' S STUDIO Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Compliments of UNION NATIONAL BANK Barbourville, Kentucky KNOX COUNTY SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED 240 Court Square P.O. Box 812 Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 Phone (606) 546-3 173 Confections Notions Health and Beauty Aids Cigars SMA School Supplies Restaurant Supplies KNOX CASH JOBBERS Incorporated Service Merchandisers Highway 25-E P.O. Box 438 Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 606-546-3440 183 True Value GE Hardware Appliances RAPP LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber Building Materials Phone 546-41 17 Barbourville, Kentucky TRU-TEST Paints J C PENNEY We know what you ' re looking for. 115 South Main Street Corbin, Ky. 40701 DISTADS 204 North Main Street Corbin, Kentucky Phone 528-5323 MEMBER OF NATIONAL BRIDAL SERVICE RADIO SHACK 102 18th Street Corbin, Kentucky Phone 528-7400 R. H. HOBBS VARIETY STORE Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky 184 Compliments of: CORBIN DEPOSIT BANK TRUST COMPANY LOVE-MOORE JEWELERS, INC. Because You Love Someone TRADE MART CENTER Corbin.Ky. 40701 528-8637 Custom Repair THE BRICK Gifts and Decorative Accessories STORE 419 Knox Street, Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 Phone: 546-4714 185 THE BOUTIQUE " The Store With Tomorrow ' s Styles " Ladies Wear of All Kinds Watches - Rings - Custom Jewelry Gifts Gib and Jean Miller Owners Phone (606) 546-3717 106 Cole Court Barbourville, Ky. 40906 KNOX AUTO PARTS 202 Court Square Barbourville, Ky. 40906 Phone: 546-4156 HOPPER FUNERAL HOME INC Ky. Funeral Directors Burial Insurance 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED 302 N. Bdwy., Barbourville Phone: 546-4141 186 AMERICAN FIDELITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Lloyd Moran Executive Vice President Phone 546-3138 Barbourville, Ky. 40906 DAWAHARE ' S OF CORBIN 207 South Main Street Phone 528-3213 Shop with confidence Prices to suit everyone MILLER-YANCEY Standards Brands of Fine Furniture Fine Furniture Phone 546-3144 Selling Quality Furniture For Over 35 Years 90 Days Same as Cash N. Main Street On the Spot Bank Financing Barbourville, Ky. CLARA ' S SHOPPE Barbourville, Kentucky Phone 546-3092 187 GILBERT ' S GUN SHOP U. S. 25E., Barbourville Highway Corbin, Kentucky 40701 Phone 528-6558 Rose Reiser Phone Owner 546-3127 Knox Street JUDY ' S FLOWER SHOP " The -e ' s no place like Judy ' s Flower Shop " Flowers for all occasions Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING, INC. Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 Barbourville Court Square Phone 546-3151 BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE . . . " THAT ' S OUR ONLY BUSINESS ' Charles W. Buchanan, Agt. Roy L. Faulkner, Agt. Bruce Carey, Agt. 109 Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 Phone 546-4171 BACON CREEK GUN SHOP Corbin, Kentucky Gun Headquarters for Southeastern Kentucky BELK SIMPSON OF TRADEMART CENTER " Your Happy Shopping Store " Corbin, Kentucky HAMPTON AND NAU Nunn Bush Shoes Botany 500 Suits Arrow Shirts Stetson Hats McGregor Sportswear Barbourville, Kentucky BOOSTERS DANIELS OF DOWNTOWN CORBIN WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HEMBREE ' SCAFE NELL ' S DRESS SHOP KNOX STUDIO CALL1HAN MOTOR SALES KIM JUFER GOLDIE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE MODERN BEAUTY SALON COMPLIMENTS OF KNOX COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU INSURANCE WILLIE ' S FABRIC SHOP MULLINS MENS STORE KIDD BROTHERS GROCERY 189 Ron Benge, Editor Jakki Staggs Assistant Editor Others who assisted on the yearbook (we regret we didn ' t have photographs of these people) Anna Middleton, Classes Barb Kane, Activities Beve Smith, Typist Penny Trosper, Classes Susan Howard, Activities Vivian Smith, Introduction Kim Jufer, Ads Peggy Chandler, Ads Larry Frederick, Sports Judy Woolum, Ads Engle ' s Studio Knox Studio 190 Jamey Payne, Activities 4 ► Lynn Slominsky, Organizations Dave Dietrichson and Mark Fishburn, Photographers Donna Dobo, Introduction, Typist Adams, Mark 136 Alvis, Cheryl 44, 86, 89, 137 Anders, Charles 43, 155 Anderson, Natalie 44, 49, 66, 155 Apiradee, Chatri 144 Auzenne, Anthony 43, 72, 144 Badiyan, Mehran 47 Bailey, Jo Ann 44, 155 Baill, Geraldine 48, 155 Baker, Rae Ann 155 Barfield, Thomas 137 Barnette, Ruth 44, 125, 137 Bays, Carolyn 144 Beakman, Lynne 44, 47 Benge, Ronald 43, 155 Benson, Thomas 166 Bittner, Wade 156 Blalock, Tyrone 137 Boucher, Paulette 156 Bous, Jane 5 1,62, 166 Bowling, David 75, 77 Brand, Christopher 72, 166 Bridwell, John 72 Brooks, Rosalie 44, 76 Broom, Benny Shelton 50, 58, 166 Brown, Derek 72 Brown, Kevin 137 Burnette, John 75, 167 Bushey, Susan 48 Butler, Mary 44, 62, 156 Butts, Cynthia 44, 45,62, 156 Calabro, Tina 44, 70 Campbell, Muriel 62, 137 Campbell, Stephen 45, 62, 137 Carnes. Pamela 168 Carpenter, Robert 144 Carter, Mark 45, 137 Cartwright, Richard 62, 156 Castle, Sharris 50, 103, 158, 167 Cavanaugh, Sean 53, 75, 167 Chakour, Catherine 44, 5 1 , 156 Chandler, Peggy 44, 47, 62, 89, 144 Chapman, Cynthia 62, 76, 167 Clark, Carol 44, 156 Clark, Jennifer 44, 5 1 , 156 Clark, Lavona 168 Combs, Carlos 77 Combs, Sandra 44, 156 Congleton, Robin 137 Conley, Donna 44 Conlon, Daniel 137 Cornett, Sherroid 44, 137 Cotterell, Glenn 144 Crafton, Roger 72 Creasey, Brenda 51, 137 Culp, Rebecca 44, 47, 57, 1 25, 145 Davenport, James 168 Davis, Sharon 44, 85, 137 Deans, Elbert 145 Dibble, Charles 168 Didchenko, Elizabeth 157 Dietrichson, David 42, 145 Doan, Grant 145 Dobo, Donna 49, 57, 145 Doliboa, Michael 77 Doolin, Bebra 157 Doty, Brenda 58 Dugan, Mark 138 Durham, Jane 88, 89 Elam, Dorothy 58,62, 169 Elliott, Leonard 53, 169 Emmel, Joe 47, 62, 145 Essapoor, Mohamad 47 Essapoor, Shahpoor 47 Esteki, Reza 47 Evans, Geoffrey 169 Fannon, Sally 76, 138 Fish, Janet 44, 102, 105 Fishburn, Mark 42, 146 Fisher, Ross 146 Flanagan, John 72, 138 Fleming, James 138 Fougner, Peter 138 France, Patty 44, 51, 146 Franks, Barbara 44, 169 Frederick, Lawrence 74, 136, 138 Gambrel, Jana 170 Gardner, Steve 49, 146 Garland, Elizabeth 45, 1-57 Gensler, Denise 58, 170 192 Goins, Jackie 158 Gooden, Gary 138 Graves, Sharon 44, 47, 158 Gray, Christine 146 Gray, Doris 138 Gray, Gail 44, 76 Gray, Joyce 147 Gregory, Deborah 138 Griffith, Pamela 44, 76 Grobmyer, James 77, 170 Gross, Judy 158 Hale, Charles H. 45, 89, 104, 170 Hall, Robert 49, 53, 171 Hammell, Edward 74, 147 Hampton, Betty 171 Hampton, Debra 125, 159 Harbison, Susan 44, 47, 147 Hayes, Vicki 44, 76 Hensley, Ruth 68, 85, 138 Hicks, Robin Stotz 44, 92,93, 103, 171 Hobbs, Donald 43, 72 Howard, Susan 44, 68, 86, 89, 139 Howard, Shelley 44, 86 Humes, Andrew 42, 171 Ibold, Diane 44, 50, 57, 147 Janikowski, Robin 57 Jarvis, Deborah 139 Jeffers, Charlotte 172 Johnson, Peggy 44, 48, 147 Jones, Glenn 139 Jones, Sidney 172 Jones, Steven 77, 147 Jordan, Gloria 44, 76, 139 Jufer, Kimberly 51, 76, 136, 139 Jurgens, Carol 148 Kane, Barbara 50, 148 Kelly, Billie 159 Kierspe, Robert 42, 53, 139 King, Mary 44, 76, 139 Krusemark, Deborah 44, 76, 159 Kurtz, Delores 86, 148 Laine, Bruce 74, 148 Lawhon, Thomas 172 Lawson, Bobbi 139,44 Logan, John 77, 139 Longworth, Diane 45, 89 Longworth, Donna 139 Lyle, Lorraine 44, 5 1 , 143, 148 MacKenzie, Mark 139 Madigan, Carolyn 44, 57, 89, 149 Marsteller, Margaret 57 Martin, Christine 1 73 Martin, Joyce 44, 160 Matthew, Beverly 44, 173 McCarty, Mark 102, 172 McFerrin, Robert 160 McNew, Janice 139 Middleton, Anna 44, 74 Miller, Darrel 45, 72, 105, 115 Miller, Robert 173 Miller, Pamelia 48, 5 1 , 57, 69, 149 Mills, Diana 173 Mills, Kathy 160 Mills, Sharon 49, 161 Mobley, David 104 Moore, Deborah 44, 76, 140 Moore, Jo Ann 44 Moore, Leroy 149 Mott, Wynnton 140 Murphy, Joan 44, 51, 140 Mursch, Petra 44, 140 Napier, Michael 149 Nehil, James 72, 174 Newport, Teresa 140 Oren, Nancy 45, 47, 174 Organ, James M. 72 Parfitt, Herbert 174 Parfitt, Shirley Johnson 174 Parsons, Adelaide 44, 57,91, 125, 149 Parsons, Beverly 140 Payne, Jamey 45, 161 Peak, Bonnie 44, 5 1 , 175 Peebles, William 77 Peloso, Dennis 175 Pepe, Matin 74 Pierce, Christopher 74, 85 Pietrandrea, Christine 89, 175 Porter, Dennis 150 Pronchick, Joseph 140 Prosser, Susan 74, 76 193 Reaves, Richard 161 Rhinehart, Richard 45, 43 Rhodes, John 140 Rice, Gregg 161 Robinson, Denise 44, 58, 86, 175 Ross, Jakie 136, 140 Rouse, Donald 176 Royston, Vicki 176 Ruggles, Renee 44, 58, 103, 176 Rule, Roger 47 Rumbley, Susan G. 44, 161 Saddler, Charles 62, 89, 143, 150 Sammons, Michael 77, 85 Schlemmer, Mark 72, 140 Schulze, Carol 45 Schwantes, John 53, 140 Sell, Bradley 62, 67, 92, 93, 103, 104, 176 Sexton, Phyllis 162 Sexton, Sharlene 162 Sharp, Linda 44, 162 Shayydeh, Shahrokh 47 Shearer, Susan Gail 44, 140 Shepherd, Judi 141 Sheridan, Patricia 49 Singletary, Robert 141 Smith, Annie M. 44, 177 Smith, Beve 163 Smith, Carroll D. 53, 141 Smith, Douglas 177 Smith, Michael 85, 150 Smith, Vivian 44 Snodgrass, Glenda 44 Sowles, Jeffrey 43, 4 5, 177 Spahn, Raymond 72, 163 Specht, Maria 44, 45, 47, 57, 89, 163 Staggs, Jakki44,45, 151 Stewart, Doris 44, 177 Strunk, Irvin 75 Sutton, Alan 151 Sutton, Christopher 91, 1 78 Swafford, Billy 72 Swafford, Lucy 151 Taylor, Diane 44, 125, 178 Taylor, Roberta 44, 47, 141 Teague, Randlene 48, 178 Thomas, Dwight 72, 141 Thomas, Joanne 44, 57, 50, 151 Thompson, Deborah 178 Thompson, James 47, 50, 1 5 1 Tinsley, Mary 44 Todd, Anthony 85, 141 Triplett, Wayne 43, 151 Trosper, Penny 44, 50, 76, 141 Turner, Cathy 44, 179 Turner, Mark 102 Turpin, Anita 44, 164 Veiseh, Mohsen 47 Vinyard, Donald 43, 45, 89, 152 Walker, James Daniel 77, 152 Walker, Jeff 72 Warner, Nancy 44, 141 Webb, Charles R. 72, 77 Weisbrod, John 42, 164 Wells, Richard 47, 179 Whitlow, Gerald 77, 179 Wilbraham, Robert 143, 152 Wilkerson, Joseph 152 Wilkin, Dawn 44, 76, 86, 164 Williams, Larry 141 Williams, Randy 72 Williamson, Terry 141 Wilson, Jimmy 50, 164 Wilson, Virginia 44 Witt, Lavonne 48 Wolanski, Richard 180 Wolfe, Evelyn 44, 180 Wood, Geraldine 50 Woolum, Debra51,60, 141 Woolum, Judy 44, 51, 164 Wright, Myra Alice 48, 179 Yager, Carroll 77, 180 Young, Logan 141 Zargham, Shahriar 47, 162 Ziegler, David 42, 164 Farmer, Tim 138 Pendola, Jackie 58, 76 Rouhizad, Shahpour 150 194 fci V " ---- " ■ " ■ ' -■- • ■t ■ " ' , ' . . :• - . m ' -•3 u • If £ $flft and Qn you go, thesseconds tick theji Thefessonr 1 ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY ' UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY 40906 ABIGAIL £. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE. KENTUCKY 40906 ■ ' .■ ' ■ ' ' fflp ml™ y.

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