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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102455 3 :. : ' .. , ..,„ ' .;-.. ' ,,: STESPEAN ' 73 moments like these . . , 5 HI d.S. Abigail E Hrrks iMnnnrial iGibrartr Union (Uoilrgp rr -M I J B STESPEAN 973 UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY VOLUME XLVI EDITOR ANNE REED AftfGAlL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY A SIOAlL unjon couEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Moments like these . . . ominous . . . dynamic . . . intense . . . w h« ■HL resolute . .3 ...... intriguing . . . 11 spirited . . . 12 13 if ' ' 1 ▼ ■ . ) y ■£s " " r B • ■k E ? • -• - — 14 sublime . 16 pragmatic . . . 17 ! -. ■ : . ' ' . ' -1 vibrant . . . 18 exasperating . . . 20 SSfc w 21 light-hearted . . . 22 • - t.: « . -V. 23 serious . . . 25 . . . and wonderful. ft jSX PEYTON PLACE! 27 Mr. and Miss Union are seniors selected by popular vote of the student body on the basis of service to the college. Miss Union, Linda Smith of Lorain, Ohio, has served on the Student Senate for four years, and on the Student Faculty Conduct Committee for three years. She has worked on the orientation committee, and was elected vice-president of the Association of Women Students her sophomore year. She is a member of Beta Chi Alpha sorority and was freshman Phi Mu Alpha sweetheart. This year Linda was selected for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges and was a recipient of the Theta Pi Delta service award. Miss Union Linda Smith 28 Mr. Union Steve Fowler - .- j fi Mr. Union, Steve Fowler of Wyamissing, Pennsylvania has been a member of the Student Center board, Maze committee, and the Orange and Black and Stespean staffs. He was vice- president of his sophomore class, and swam on the swim team for three years. Steve was a biology instructor for two years and president of the student senate his senior year. He has also received the Theta Pi Delta service award. 29 Mayme Wallace, C. J. Thompson, Teresa Burkhart, Lisa Long 1973 Homecoming Queen Candidates Robin Stotz, Sharon Mills, Lynda Lacewell, Nancy Graves 30 1972 Homecoming Queen Karla Moore 31 Circle K Sweetheart Fran Cody Fran Cody, a junior, of Grosse Pointe, Michigan was select- ed by the brothers of Circle-K to represent them in the Daniel Boone parade this year. She is a member of Bridge Club and Home Economics Club. Mu Omega Beta Sweetheart Nancy Spring MOB sweetheart, Nancy Spring of Arlington, Virginia is a senior Elementary education major. She is an active member of Beta Chi Alpha. Nancy represented the fraternity in the Daniel Boone parade and at various social functions throughout the year. " W Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart Kathy Brzoska Kathy, the 1972-73 APO sweetheart is a junior psychology major from Wilmington, Delaware. She was selected by the members of the fraternity to represent them in the Daniel Boone parade. Kg? " Pi Upsilon Beta Sweetheart Benny Shelton Benny, the 1972-73 PUB sweetheart is a sophomore English major from Barbourville. She is a member of SNEA and Playlikers. Benny helped the PUB members make a club banner for the Kentucky Derby and assisted them in Roman Holidays and the Fall Carnival. 35 Teresa Burkhart Lakeside Dormitory Sweetheart 36 " .» T . • " • " - Stevenson Hall Sweetheart Anne Reed 37 Valentine King and Queen Ed Stepp and Wilma Roach Cosmopolitan Club Queen Ngoc Y Do 39 Stephen Roberts John Schamp Steven Quentmeyer Tom McKnight 40 Arthur Sampson Suzanne Boyer Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Susan Yeary Linda Smith 41 Tom McKnight Susan Yeaxy Bob Ahrens Theta Pi Delta Award Recipients The Theta Pi Delta awards are given to individuals who have contributed outstanding service to Union College. Each year the recipients of this senior service award represent the quali- ties that Miss Frances Patridge has exhibited during her years of loyal service to Union College, the students, the faculty, and the administration. This award expresses the ideal, " Thelo Pistos Diakonein, " or " I wish to Serve Faithfully " . John Schamp Bob Bays Linda Smith Art Sampson 42 The Involved 43 Debby Miller, Typist John Schnabel, Assistant Editor Dave Mobley, Sports Editor Bob Ahrens, Business Manager 44 m Anne Reed, Editor Peter Chin, Photographer Stespean Staff Don Pipo, Dark Room Technician Doug York, Copywriter 45 Student Senate FIRST ROW (Opposite Page): Steve Fowler, Pat Sheridan, Rand) Mead. SECOND ROW: Ali Akbar Maradshaki, John Schamp, Cindy Chapman, Marty Luff. THIRD ROW: Barb Hofacker, Linda Smith, Debbie Smith, Rita Todd, Tom McKnight, Tony DeFranco. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Graves, Pam Hoy, Jay Felz, Dee Hodgson, Scott Coffee, Bill Oxendine. TOP: Abbas Johangiri. The 1972-73 Student Senate worked throughout its term to further student-administration-faculty relations. With this goal in mind, Senators were active on several campus committees, including the new Retention Committee whose specific con- cern is discovering ways of improving Union ' s academic and social environment. This year ' s Senate surveyed the Student body for an evaluation of the Interim Semester, and it ini- tiated an evaluation of Union College ' s faculty. Steve Fowler, President John Schamp, Vice-President Bill Oxendine, Treasurer 46 Linda Smith, Secretary h w 8 Mm H V j J£0T 1 iWi.V •. ' vv »w«H I ■ ■ , 1 CaJW l ' 3 vr - Wfmmm ft: J. " . 1 i r , W " | ! v ' - J A r J, ZC «! ■ ■ . Iota Sigma Nu FRONT ROW: Deborah Newman, Alicia Ewing, Sec. -Treasurer; James Sproul, President; Genevieve Wesley, Ritualist; Gayle Miles. SECOND ROW: Lynn Taylor, Emily Howard, Betty Smith, Mary D. Mitchell, Catherine Singer, Historian; Edna Westerfield. THIRD ROW: Clevis Carter, Sandra Evans, Kathleen Moore, Linda Townsley, DeRhonda Greer, Rena Milliken. FOURTH ROW: Judith Buddenhagen, Norma Turner, Arthur Sampson, Dora Farmer, Vivian Bradley. BACK ROW: James Harvey, Dr. O.J. Wilson, Dr. E. S. Bradley, Fay Hill, Thomas McKnight. Iota Sigma Nu, an honorary scholastic society at Union College, encourages high ideals, promotes diligence in study, and rewards excellence in scholarship. Awards are presented on Honors Day to the freshman and sophomore with the highest scholastic average. Recognition is given each year to some person who best exemplifies the purposes of Iota Sigma Nu. Dr. Glenn E. Perry, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, was honored in 1972. 48 iV ' t m 81 ■K ». J 1, FRONT ROW: Cynthia Graves, Connie Horn, treasurer; Arthur Sampson, president; Thomas McKnight, vice president; Dorothy Elam, secretary; DeRhonda Greer, publicity chairman; Renee Ruggles. SECOND ROW: Steve Roberts, Carol J. Thompson, Mary Nell Adams, Mary Stanton, Mary Lou Prunty, Anne Reed, Lynda K. Hensley, Kathy Miller, Janet McDowell, Christine Akam, Rebecca Tye, Jacqueline Pendola, Linda Ganary, Mrs. Catherine Singer, advisor. THIRD ROW: Myrlyn Hale, Kathryn Vernon, Ruth E. Harris, Wanda Morgan, Linda F. Girdner, Anita Turpin, Paula Rominger, Marilyn Hacker, Deborah Newman, Connie Watson, Linda Townsley, Nancy Walker, Orville Weyrich, Lois Spencer, Carol H. Black, Karla Moore. BACK ROW: Nancy Graves, Bruce Presnell, Steve Watson, Elizabeth Duffey, Dorothy Turner, Phyllis Walton, Robert Bays, Michael Orlando, Donnie Looper, Diane E. Rice, Kathleen Brzoska, Jerry Petryk, Pegi Santo, Wilma Roach, Judy Woolum, Sharris Castle. Gamma Beta Phi Gamma Beta Phi is a national honor society which stresses scholarship, leadership, and character. The main project for the year is publishing a directory of names and addresses of all students. On Honors Day, a book is given to the student with the highest quality point average in hours earned at Union College. Speakers are brought to the monthly meetings to discuss a variety of issues. 49 Student Center Board Activities ' SEATED: Jane Bous, Yvonne Clancy, Nika Stallaid, Judy Crick, Mayme Wallace, Dorothy Elam. STANDING: Tony DeFranco, Bob Brooks, President; Chris Hubbs, Bill Oxendine, Jimmy Middleton. Student Center Board 51 1 k: Sharris Castle, secretary; Janet McDowell, vice president; Nancy Walker, treasurer; Kitty Vernon, Kathy Miller, Tid-correspondent; Jean Culp, C.J. Thompson, president; Rene Ruggles, Mrs. Shirley Allen, advisor; Anne Reed, Alumni advisor. Phi Cwens The Union College Phi Chapter of CWENS is the honorary society for sophomore women. Since its founding in 1959, the chapter has strived to promote leadership and sisterhood among sophomore women and scholarship among freshman women. CWENS has sponsored such activities as the jail-booth at the Fall Carnival, bake-sales and hot dog roasts. They also bake birthday cakes for freshmen and send " care-packages " during exams. 52 Pfeiffer Hall Women Mu Omega Beta FIRST ROW: Sean Cavanaugh, Hasham Ghaidi, David Sellwood. SECOND ROW: Steve Howard, Adrian Ascenzi, Larry Gugenheim, Jay Felz, Slick Elliot, Mark Warwick, Paul Dole. THIRD ROW: Steve Watson, Joe Lucas, Stewart Cleveland, Mohammod Vakili, Frank Greiner. Absent Dave Cantrell, Charles lepson, Greg Kulig. Mu Omega Beta is a social-service fraternity which pro- motes brotherhood and social activities. They are active in intramural sports and usher at Union College programs. One of their main objectives is to sponsor weekly parties for the entertainment of the brothers and their guests. 54 TOP: Nancy Graves, Bonnie Peak, Secretary; Susan Yeary, President; Glenda Willard, Vice-President, Pegi Santo. BEHIND: Donna Lapham, Jane Bous, Connie Watson, DRIVING: Nancy Spring, treasurer. STANDING: Mrs. Waer, advisor. SITTING: Debby Miller, Anne Reed. Beta Chi Alpha BXA is a service sorority which promotes an appreciation of beauty, culture, and art while promoting the social welfare of the members and enhancing respect and friendship among sisters. The highlight of BXA sisterhood is the annual Spring Pre- sentation Ball held for the formal initiation of pledges. The members are also active in campus festivities such as the Halloween carnival and Roman Holidays, and they competed against other organizations in co-ed volleyball. With their brother fraternity MOB, the sorority often sponsors parties or picnics on the weekends. When called upon, the members serve at college banquets and receptions and usher at other func- tions throughout the year. 55 w ' r ; KNEELING: Bob Ahrens, Bill Bishop, Pat Barker; STANDING: Tom Rudisill, Jim Harvey, BUI Alexander, John Maxvitat, president; Chip Thomas, Steve Bass. Alpha Phi Omega The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to instill goodwill between the community and campus by performing service projects. Besides being a tight knit organization, Alpha Phi Omega is a proud establishment and the oldest service fraternity on campus. Their activities include participating in co-ed volleyball, inter-fraternity football, basketball, and Softball. They help promote the social spirit of the campus by sponsoring parties throughout the year, and are involved annually in the Roman Holidays and Fall Carnival festivities. 1st ROW: Orville Weyrich, treasurer; Bob Wilson, Conrad Phillip, O.V. Sparks, John Podlaskowich, David Burdick; TOP: Michael Broom, president; ABSENT: John Burnett, John Desparois, Bill Halstead, Rick Steumpfle, Sponsor Wendall Kringen. Pi Upsilon Beta Pi Upsilon Beta, a newly formed fraternity on campus has the main purposes of creating unity of its members, loyalty of friendship and love of brotherhood. Its activities include Kathy Brick Swim Meets, Fall Carnival, Roman Holidays, and the Inter-fraternity sports volleyball, basketball, and softball; PUB also helps in school activities by having members usher at functions and sponsoring dances throughout the school year. 57 C- KNEELING: Isaac Harris, Dave Ziegler. FIRST ROW: Chris Brand, Richie Miller, Chuck Reich, Phil Pape, Steve Quentmeyer, Donnie Hobbs, Jeff Sowles, John Francart, Dr. Gilbert, Tom Ralston, Mr. Pickett, David Spenser, Jeff Creasy, Jerry Petryk, Mike Dean, Al Peret, Roland Blaisdell. SECOND ROW: Dave Spiers, Huey Hale, John Lorimer, Clarence Crystal, Bob Flynn, Kerry Blasenak. SITTING: Mark Donahue, Mark Turner, Fred Ley. Circle K 59 Girls ' Service Sorority G.S.S. is a service sorority designed to develop friend- ship among women of all races and creeds by working in a spirit of service for the campus and community. The group has been active in Roman Holidays, the Daniel Boone parade and the Fall Carnival. They also assist the school by serving and ushering at various functions. One of their major activities is cleaning the attic of Pfeiffer Hall every year. 60 .„-r •-x:- J ' Z V - Cm s a ■iHHnBi FIRST ROW: Rhonda Osborne, Debbie Robbins, Jackie Pendola, Cathy Turner, Jan Fish, Lynn Slominsky, Pam Fulks. SECOND ROW: Pam Mullins, Gloria Hauck, Carol Moffett, Dorothy Elam, Anita Turpin. THIRD ROW: Brenda Casey, Carol Schulze, Chris Martin, Robin Stotz. FOURTH ROW: Kaien Misner, Sue Boyer, Nika Stallard, Debbie Wolfe. FIFTH ROW: Becky Shroyer, Sandy Combs, Myria Watkins, Jamie Payne, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Eickhoff, Myra Wright. 61 A i 1x 9 Scott Raymond, Roger Baldridge, Chad Cohenour, David Schr Al Orcutt, Tom Mullen, Rick Benson. «» : : ' T ' .y. i KfB| ML " V ,i i. f; - i UL A afrS. -.i .. AliSaSMm FIRST ROW: Mike Byron, Jay Felz, Becky Shroyer; secretary Sue Boyer; treasurer, Jackie Pendola. SECOND ROW: Dave SeUwood, Karen Doyle, Ginny Babcock, Pat Johnson. THIRD ROW: Donnie Hobbs, Donnie Looper, President, Bill Youngs, Dave Cantrell, Donna Lapham. Pi Epsilon Alpha The Pi Epsilon Alpha fraternity promotes an interest in Physical Educaton and Health. It is open to all majors and minors. 64 -ftj " SITTING: Paulette Boucher, Mary Stanton, Miriam Grodzicki, Debbie Sizemore, Vi cki Fendler. STANDING: Carol Roberts, Nancy Cleaver, Chris Williams, Beth Duffey, Lonnie Callihan, Dee Hodgson, Maureen Regan. TOP: Alice Smalley, president. Iota Mu Gamma Iota Mu Gamma is a service-social sorority which benefits the college by promoting sister- hood and social involvement. The group, a sis- ter sorority to Delta Delta Upsilon, is active in Roman Holidays and the Fall Carnival. They also sponsor car washes and serve at school functions. 65 KNEELING: Trudy Harvey, Pauline Davis, Vicki Cantrell, Yolanda Kiesbye, Mickey Iepson. STANDING: Lois Ascenzi, Mrs. Reise, Patrice Schutte, Margaret Marshall, Chris Orlando, Sue Sanquinetti, Connie Watson, Judy Kulig, Pati Greiner. P.H.T. Membership of " Put Hubby Through " is open to all wives of students at Union College. The group promotes social functions such as dinners and parties for the married couples. They participated in the Halloween carnival and volleyball intra-murals and recently made a generous donation to the science building fund. 66 SITTING: Miss Lay, Denise Cope, Wanda Morgan, Judy Appleton. SECOND ROW: Brenda Mills, Ruth Harris, Gerry Baill, Phyllis Sexton, Janet McDowell, Kathy Miller. THIRD ROW: Paulette Boucher, Yvonne Yeager, Fran Ley, Sharlene Sexton, Debbie Wolfe, Miriam Grodzicki, Pat Sheridan. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club, open to majors and minors, serves to benefit the women of Union College by promoting an interest in home and family living. The members meet regu- larly in Tye House under the advisory of Miss Lay. Wanda Morgan is the president. 67 FIRST ROW: Fred Ley, Fran Ley, David Morse, Virginia Babcock, Pauline Spicer, John Carey, Dave Spiers. SECOND ROW: Mr. Green, Mrs. Green, Dr. Santaram, Mr. Dontchos, Kerry Blasenak, Wally Johnson, Mrs. Groshans, Bill Groshans, Ginny Murscoe, Chad Cohenour, Beth Neudecker, Tom Neudecker, David Schmidt. Bridge Club Under the leadership of president Dave Morse, the Bridge Club meets twice a month to conduct an orga- nized card-playing session. Moreover, the members gather informally in the student center to play a friendly game in their spare time. 68 Patsy Congdon, Peggy Congdon, Dr. Robert Matthews, Dr. Royce Jones, Tom Stanton, Mary Stanton, Debbie Newman. Milesians The Milesians is an organization open to religion and philosophy majors and minors. The club encourages discus- sion of religion and philosophical questions. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kerry Blasenak, Ginny Babcock, Bill Oxendine, Tom McKnight, President; Barbara Hofacker, Jane Bous, Hermon Gonzolez. Judicial Council The Judicial Council is a student disciplining board elected by the students of Union College. It reviews all matters of misconduct under direction of the Dean. Violators of college regulations find it a just and democratic means of appeal. 70 SITTING: Debbie Wolfe, Secretary; Benny Shelton, Cathy Coon. STANDING: Roland Blaisdell, President; Mike Broom, Vice-President; David Burdick, B.J. Krawchuk. ABSENT: Barbara Campbell, DeRhonda Greer, Ginny Horgos, Terry Shelton, Phyllis Walton, Tom Rozmus, Sharon Parker, Cathy Turner, Herb Adams, Linda Townsley, Brenda Jones, Mike Hubbard, Marva Davis, Doug Larson, Kathy Howard. Student National Education Association is a Nationwide organization for those students who plan a career in education. The purpose of S.N.E.A. is to bring to its members speakers, films, and projects that will help round out the students education and prepare them for their chosen profession. Dr. Warren Robbins is the advisor. S.N.E.A. 71 Rev. Gardner, Rick Buckingham, Tom McKnight, Ed Bogie, Barb Franks, Bill Bishop, Charles Dibble, Mrs. Dibble, Rick Cartwright, Maria Specht, Dr. Bryant. Oxford Club The Oxford Club ' s purpose is promoting an opportunity for all persons to fulfill the requirements for Christian service. Meeting on a monthly basis, they have discussions which enable them to seek and prepare for problems which might arise in the future. 72 Glenn Roberts, Jan Fish, Sharon Graves, Cathy Turner, Richard Soper, Diane Taylor, Rick Buckingham, Barb Franks, Evi Wolfe. United Methodist Collegiate Action Group The collegiate Methodist group seeks to further Christian fellowship among college students. They hold retreats, sponsor dinners and host " Drop-ins " for junior high students. 73 UNIDK COLLEGE ■ T 7 j 1 i H j vfci El l 31 i ■ a VlH 4 i Q ' Lakeside Dormitory Men Stevenson Hall Men i k - I •m r ? ■■■ ■ ■■■■■■l 4 m r m FIRST ROW: Debbie Smith, Judy Woolum, Myrlyn Hale, Don Carcille Burchette, Pegi Santo. SECOND ROW: Janet McDowell, Connie Watson, C. J. Thompson, Donna Lapham. THIRD ROW: Jane Bous, Kathy Brzoska, Lois Ascenzi, Pati Greiner, Susan Yeary. FOURTH ROW: Maria Specht, Diane Bargo, Rita Todd, Linda Canary. Pom Pom Squad Under the direction of co-captains Connie Watson and Kathy Brzoska, the Pom Pom Squad performed musical rou- tines during half-time of the home basketball games. The girls in their sporty new black and white outfits highstepped to modern sounds to add an entertaining spark to the athletic events. 76 ■ TOP: Wilma Roach, Julia Stacy, Teresa Burkhart . BOTTOM: Sue Boyer, Margaret Stewart, Melissa Knuckles. Pat Johnson. Cheerleaders 77 ;«■ i FIRST ROW: Christine Akam, Emily Blair. SECOND ROW: Lanna Martin, Jody Cloud, Carol Moffett. THIRD ROW: Becky Heffelfinger, Kitty Vernon, Debbie Wolfe. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Butts, Nancy Graves, Nancy Oren. FIFTH ROW: Steve Henthorn, Chris Hubbs. SIXTH ROW: Dick Wolanski, Steve Roberts, Pete Emery. SEVENTH ROW: David Morse, Richard Buckingham, Chris Sutton. Union College ' s concert choir performs at various programs during the spring and Christmas season, as well as for many chapel assemblies. The vocalists are selected by audition before Mr. Campbell, the voice in- structor. The group ' s major project is tour- ing the area in the spring to present concerts as Union College ' s own cultural ambassa- dors. Concert Choir Choral Union MEMBERS: Christine Akam, Emily Blair, Roland Blaisdell, Cynthia Butts, Richard Buckingham, Jody Cloud, Pete Emery, Charles Garrett, Nancy Graves, Rebecca Heffelfinger, Steve Henthorn, Chris Hubbs, B.J. Krawcheck, Lanna Martin, Carol Moffett, David Morse, Nancy Oren, Alfred Peret, Steve Roberts, Tom Rosmus, Arthur Sampson, John Schnabel, David Spencer, Chris Sutton, Kathryn Vernon, Mayme Wal- lace, Richard Wolanski, Debbie Wolfe. The Choral Union, which is open to all interested persons, practices weekly for two major concerts a year. They perform one Christmas program, and appear again in the spring for a concert on the campus lawn. Mr. William Campbell is the director. 79 s Q f fllF FIRST ROW- B J Krawchuck, Ron Mattheus, Leo Dontchos, Director; Kerry Blasenak. SECOND ROW: Gary Cornelius, Tom Rozmus, Bob Wilson. THIRD ROW: Tom Bailey, John Schnabel, Charles Hale, Robert Ahrens, Mark MaCarty, Wendel Upchurch, Wally Johnson, Mark Turner. FOURTH ROW: Clinton Maddox, Richard Wolanski, Steve Roberts. Stage Band Under the direction of Mr. Leo Dontchos the Stage Band plays at various college social functions and home basketball games. The group specializes in popular, jazz and rock music. 80 bob b b : n : n :«■ ■ ■ b b ■ :«■»: bob ■ ■ ,T, Ivl vBvB vlvl ■ I ' M ' l-M vf vl vlvl vlvl ■ ► ' ■► " ■ ► «■► ' « B- T B T FIRST ROW: Ron Matthews, Sue Greed, Gloria Hauck, Steve Roberts, Sally Hauser, Chris Hubbs, Diane Taylor, Sharon Graves, Gretchen Cohenour. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gunderson, Mr. Campbell, Joe Kobel, B. J. Krawchuk, Dave Morse, Mr. Green, Rick Stuempfle, Tom Rozmus, Ralph Boughton, Bob Wilson, Gary Cornelius. THIRD ROW: Clinton Maddox, Steve Collingsworth, Mark McCarty, Mark Turner, Wallace Johnson. STANDING: Mr. Dontchos, Charles Hugh Hale, Mark Collinsworth, Greg Rice, Jan MacDowell. Wind Ensemble The wind ensemble, which specializes in concert music, plays for home basketball games and presents annual Christ- mas and spring concerts. Members also perform in the pit orchestra every fall for the school musical. Leo Dontchos is the conductor. 81 Percussion Ensemble OPPOSITE PAGE - LEFT TO RIGHT: Huey Hale, Mark Chatham, Chad Cohenour, John Schnabel, Tom Bailey. Percussion ensemble under the direction of Mrs. Betty Davis is a young group open to any student with sufficient skills. They specialize in percussion sounds from the Tympani to the xylophone, and have a wide and varied repertoire. The ensemble plays background music for student recitals. Brass Quintet OPPOSITE PAGE - Mark Turner, Tom Rozmus, Mr. Green, Mr. Gunderson, Mark McCarty. The Brass Quintet is a small instrumental group which performs in recitals. It also assists in some choral programs and occasionally tours with the concert choir. The ensemble ' s repertoire ranges from " Tower Music " of the Renaissance to the most modern of works. Mr. Walter Gunderson is the director. 82 « E ' i:. - ; ?, tfiM 51 i 1 ' ■- 1 s. Scrimshaw OPPOSITE PAGE: Steve Henthorn, Chris Hubbs, David Morse, Debbie Hampton, Mr. Campbell, Tom Rozmus, Nancy Graves. FRONT: Huey Hale. SCRIMSHAW is a vocal group made up of selected students from the concert choir. It performs on numerous occasions on campus and off, and concentrates on older madrigals and modern light music. William Campbell is the director. CAST OF CHARACTERS Juliet Judy Buddenhagen Romeo Peter Emery Nurse Alice Smalley Mercutio Steve Henthorne Friar Lawrence Dave Mobley Tybalt Tom Buddenhagen Lady Capulet Pat Carey LordCapulet Bob Bier Lady Montague Ginny Murscoe Lord Montague Jimmy Middleton Benvolio Chris Hubbs King John Carey Paris Jay Bechtel Musician Jackie Monroe Musician Janice Morrell Alchemist George White Servant Barry Richardson Chorus Beth Duffey Chorus Yvonne Clancy 1972 Production of Romeo and Juliet 84 You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown CAST OF CHARACTERS Charlie Brown John Carey Lucy Alice Smalley Snoopy Steve Henthorn Linus Randy Johnson Schroeder Pete Emery Patty Nancy Graves Freida Anita Turpin 85 KNEELING: Art Sampson, Roland Blaisdell. STANDING: Charlie Smith, Pat Gregory, Bob Rigley, Brad Sell. Stevenson Hall Dorm Council 87 sundry moments V 88 The Competitive . . . 89 54 24 I 34 1 4 2 y 14 MIMOu- 20. 1 i FIRST ROW: Carroll Yeager, Ed Stepp, Jim Grobmeyer, Chris Hall, Robby Jordan, Grady Wilson, Phil Storm, Larry Sizemore. SECOND ROW: Coach Pete Moore, Donnie Looper, Mike Doliboa, Gerry Whitlow, Bill Swafford, Roger Baldridge, Tom Ballenger, Jerry Owens, Larry Presley, Coach Paul Erslan. The 1972-73 version of Union College basketball fell far short of pre-season expectations. Unable to reach the .500 plateau during the season, the Bulldogs fought overwhelming odds and aggressive opponents during what was to be a bleak winter in terms of team victories. But the traditional Union magic, at times, was definitely there. Bill Swafford, last season ' s " player of the year " in the KIAC, was hampered from the outset of the year with a nagging ankle injury. The 6-4 forward did recover in time, however, to retain his classic set shot, which has been a trademark of recent Bulldog basketball. Phil Storm, Union ' s captain and senior playmaker, stretch- ed his hustling frame downcourt this season and became the team ' s leading scorer. The EKU transfer supplied the hot hand in a majority of the Bulldog ' s victories, and often was the top point man in the face of defeat. The other half of Union ' s backcourt combination came in the form of 5-9 senior Larry " The Rock " Sizemore. The former Clay County player sparked the Bulldogs in crucial game-point situations, driving against opponents usually sport- ing much larger dimensions. He was a catalyst on a team dependent in the past upon 30-foot shots and erroneous pas- ses. Junior forward and guard Grady Wilson continued to find more room in the courtside boxes than on the tloor, throwing scares into the opposition as well as some vantage point spec- tators. His superb abundance of timely steals and defensive play kept the ' Dogs in many games that by all accounts should have been one-sided. Roger Baldridge, the team ' s mischief maker who found a home on the bench in the season ' s latter stages, was earmarked for stardom at the beginning of the season. What made that sentencing ironical was: Exhibit A: At the outset of the season, Coach Pete Moore said of Roger: " He is unorthodox in some of the things he does, but he has convinced me he knows what he is doing. " It would seem that there was no room for unorthodoxy on the floor when the Bulldogs began their demise. As a team, the Bulldogs remained constant during the season, while their opponents achieved equity. Teams that were easy pickings last season devoured Union. It was a distor- ted welcome, perhaps, for Pete Moore, returning to Union following a one-year sabbatical at the University of Alabama. He found many new faces waiting in orange and black sweats for his guidance, along with some returning allies. But with Georgetown ' s re-entry into the KIAC, and Cum- berland ' s perennial domination continuing, the Bulldog ' s hopes for a conference title vanished. Campbellsville, Pikeville and Oakland City also topped Union in regular season play, and only Berea became a double victim of the ' Dogs. It was not a year to flourish, or to mourn. Union put its best on the floor, but found that was not enough. It was a year to learn the facts, and to face them the best they could. 90 A post-game diagnosis for Sizemore ' s hand Phil Storm turns the coiner on Kentucky State The Bulldogs In Retrospect Swafford ' s rebound lies in the balance The ' dogs take to the boards en masse Larry Sizemore drives on the deadly Eagles. Bulldog Basketball Highlights 1972-73: a year of ups . . . Carson-Newman ' s Mike Ogan casts a wary eye on No. 44 ?jfl % m m % Roger Baldridge takes on Georgetown ' s Tom Stewart. Grady Wilson aims for new heights. Sizemore turns it on against the University of Tennessee Martin. . . . and downs Guard Phil Storm lays it on the Oaks. 93 Sizemore designates the in-bounds play. 6 ' 4 " Bill Swafford shoots over 5 2 " Steve Williams. Phil Storm snags a crucial rebound from the Oaks. Tommy Ballenger finds daylight in the c 94 ainst the Rebels. Jerry Owens goes high against Kentucky State. The ball becomes elusive in the lane. Swafford goes over McGowan for two against Carson-Newman. Bullfrog swimmer - coach Stew Cleveland Junior Eric Musgrave psyching-up for the freestyle. Frosh standout Ray Spahn To Bob Scioto, time meant everything. FIRST ROW - L-R: John Lorimer, Bob Scioto, Mike Byron, player- Coach Stu Cleveland, Eric Musgrave, Jake Badorf. SECOND ROW: Bob Hofman, Nader Navaie, Ray Spahn, Greg Anderson. Union College Bullfrogs The Union College swimming squad was evaluated at the outset of the season by its player-coach. Stew Cleve- land, to be the strongest — man for man - in the school ' s history. Those who perspired at poolside watch- ing Hoffmans, Spahns and Clevelands compete against such powers as Morris-Harvey, the University of Louis- ville and Centre, would wholeheartedly agree with Cleve- land ' s prophecy. Although the team forfeited many win- ning meets in an otherwise respectable season (due to an overlooked eligibility error), the ' Frogs set an ironclad foundation for the future. With a combination of sea- soned veterans and eager freshmen, Union fans this past season felt a taste of psychological victory that will long be remembered. HBPi ihV ii tf « K» vi ?» jr Jake Badorf led the freestyle attack Bob Hofman broke records with a smile 97 Track and Field is . . . intensity personified . . a Spartan effort . . . reaching new heights j mm x " }{ • ■ ' ■■: . ... a quick start . . . fruits of victory KNEELING: Carroll Yeager, Jerome Porter, Donnie Hobbs, Dan Freidel, Ed Stepp, Eugene Neal, Mike O ' Melia. STANDING: Larry Shepherd, Doug Wood, Jim Grobmyer, Harvey Henderson, Coach Don Calitri, Grady Wilson, Bill Swafford, Joe Hodges, Scott Raymond, Ronnie Robinson, Tim Henderlight, Donnie Looper. The competitive spirit was ignited in the winter of ' 72 when several fraternities joined ranks with their sister sororities in a fierce volleyball contest among the organizations. After many rough and tough games, the tournament ended with the Irani- an team, " Shady " , emerging as champions. Co-ed Volleyball Basketball Intramurals The intramural basketball pr ogram at Union College gave many talented men a chance to show their skills on the court. The six squads performed with few onlookers in the stands, but those who came forth to participate in the contest have come and gone with a better understanding of what a sports- man really is. 101 Golf and Cross Country Prior to 1972 ' s mediocre showing, Union College ' s golfers had won the KIAC golf championship for two consecutive seasons. During those fateful years, the team ' s major asset was consistency. Last fall, it was consistent adversity which wrecked havoc into the team ' s conference domination. From the outset, it was a season earmarked for the makings of Gilbert and Sullivan act. At the Middlesboro Invitational, Coach Dave Cantrell enlisted the services of a Barbourville native, senior Richie Miller, for his fifth-seeded player. Miller ' s performance was impressive, in lieu of the fact he had not touched a golf club for over a month. But this morale booster, as it turned out, was not enough to offset a 7-6-1 conference record. Senior Richie Miller GOLF TEAM L-R: Richie Miller, John Burnette, Robby Jordan, Chuck Reich, Sean Cavanaugh, and Head Coach Dave Cantrell. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD, L-R: Martin Pepe, Chris Pierce, Clarence Crystal, Al Peret, and Paul Assini. The Union College cross-country team placed high in two late-season tournaments to cap a season many veteran obser- vers felt was the best in recent history. Freshman Chris Pierce, Paul Assini and Martin Pepe led the Bulldogs ' assault on their conference rivals, as they placed third in the KIAC, five points behind Oakland City. Senior Al Peretard, junior long-distance runner Chip Crys- tal, the only two squad members who had competed pre- viously for Union, provided valuable depth to the team. BELOW RIGHT, Martin Pepe, LOWER LEFT, Chris Pierce. irr r-? . £jfcjell R jbS Si - B B kfl I j • a game of inches . . . Intramurals are . . . % looking for daylight . . . a boot to one ' s ego . . . 104 swinging past the foes a painful experience at times. finding dark frustration s FRONT ROW: Chris Martin, Jackie Pendola, Nancy Hamilton, Patty Fallat. BACK ROW: Mrs. Hacker, Debbie Cruisemore, Becky Shroyer, Sue Boyei, Cindy Chapman. Girls ' Volleyball Team Union College, abandoned its chauvinism this year and found itself with an intercollegiate girl ' s volleyball team. Coached by Mrs. Mildred Hacker, the squad competed against Kentucky colleges during the season including participation in an invitational tournament at Eastern Kentucky University. The girls deserve a nod of the hat for inaugurating Union ' s plunge into athletic femininity. 106 ■fUrv H IB [ ' J HBfc 3 Faculty, Staff Administration 107 Union College Administration Mr. Charles C. Saddler Assistant to the President Dr. Mahlon A. Miller President of the College ' ■ % $1U i S i ' B KM KB 3 ' 1 . 108 Dr. Andrew R. Eickhoff Dean of the Faculty Dr. ErwinS. Boyd Dean of the Graduate School Mr. Edward H. Black Acting Dean of Students Mrs. Doris Mays Associate Dean of Students 109 Staff Mis. Sue D. McDade Registrar Mr. S. Laws Parks Vice President for Business Affairs Mi. Boyd R. Todd Business Manager f John A. Schilt, Admissions Counselor; Timothy B. Henderlight, Admissions Counsel- or; Gerald B. Halter, Admissions Counselor; Beverly Alford, Acting Director of Admissions. I ! • ife l ¥ 5 1i - Miss Frances Patridge Director of Student Center Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women Mr. Milton H. Townsend Vice President for College Relations and Development Mr. Clarence Chadwell Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer 110 Dr. H. B. Harris Director of Student Financial Aid Mrs. Esten Parks Clerk in Post Office Mrs. Opal Tye Clerk-Typist in Registrar ' s Office Mr. James C. Nelson Development Officer and Director of Public Information Mrs. Catherine Singer Director of Alumni Affairs Mr. Ronnie Callihan Assistant Director, Data Processing Center KTUALL Ji TRY-OUTS Mr. MarshaU B. Potter Supt. of Buildings and Grounds Mr. Wiliard Sprinkles, Plant Engineer; Mr. Eugene Branstutter, Acting Supt Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Nona Owens Dormitory Counselor Pfeiffer HaU Mrs. Lucille Robbins College Nurse 111 Secretaries Mrs. Vickie Sowders Faculty Secretary Miss Mildred Maggard Student Loan Officer ♦2S14 Mrs. Bobbie Burgess Clerk in Bookstore Nola Williams Assistant to the Bookkeeper Mrs. Ruth Hampton Secretary to the director of the Student Center Mrs. Pauline Davis Secretary in P.E. Mrs. Elizabeth Harris Secretary in Campus Religious Center Mrs. Sue Carr Secretary to the President Mrs. Loretta Cowan Sec. in Office of College Relations 112 Mrs. Freda New Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs Mrs. Phyllis Hubbard Secretary in the Alumni Office Miss Julia Cobb Secretary in the Office of Development Miss Brenda Woods Clerk-Typist in Library Mrs. Betty Greer Clerk-Typist in Office of Student Affairs Miss Billie J. Brown Office of Public Relations Mrs. Patty Lawson Secretary in Business Office — Cashier Mrs. Yolanda Klesbye Secretary in Office of Academic Affairs Mrs. Doris Miller Clerk -Typist in College Library Mrs. Sheila Payne Clerk-Typist in Office of College Relations Mrs. Carole Presley Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty and Dean of the Graduate School 113 Dr. Francis Cohenour Acting Head of Dept. of Biology Sciences Dr. Dale K. Myers Acting Head of Physical Science Department Dr. Frank A. Gilbert Professor of Biology Mr. Richard D. Waer Instructor of Biology Mr. Robert R. Riesz Chairman, Division of Natural Science 114 T i Mr. Clevis D. Carter Assistant Professor of Physical Science Mr. Robert J. Simpson Assistant Professor of Mathematics m Mr. Karl Erickson Program Developer, Allied Health Professions Dr. Hugh Lawson Huffman, Jr. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Wendell B. Kringen Associate Professor of Biology Dr. C. Santaram Associate Professor of Math and Physics 11E Languages Dr. Charlotte Carter Associate Professor of English Mrs. Betty Jean Hisle Part-time Instructor of English 116 1 Library Science Dr. W. Gordon Marigold Chairman of the Division of Languages Mrs. Louise Fan- Reference Librarian Instructor of Library Science Mrs. Nga Hamilton Instructor of French Mr. James B. McFerrin Head Librarian Associate Professor of Library Science Mrs. Virginia B. Saddler Assistant Librarian Assistant Professor of Library Science 117 Behavioral Sciences, Religion and Philosophy Dr. Deri) K. Mays Head, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences Associate Professor of Psychology Mr. J.MeadChilds Instructor of Psychology Dr. Robert D. Matthews Chairman of Division of Religion and Philosophy, Head of the Dept. of Religion and Philosophy Mr. Julian D. Mosley Director of the Appalachian Semester 118 Dr. Royce Jones Assistant Professor of Philosophy Mr. Joseph C. Pickett Instructor of Sociology Mr. Thomas E. Neudecker Instructor of Social Work Dr. Robert D. Bryant Associate Professor of Sociology Coordinator of Religious Activities Mr. Gerald Thomas Instructor of Sociology 119 Social Studies Dr. Erwin S. Bradley Chairman of Division of Social Studies Head of Dept. of History and Pol. Sc. Grad. Prof, of History and Pol. Science Dr. Lester G. Lindley Associate Professor of History Mr. William Sherman Oxendine Associate Professor of History Mr. Kevin G. McCullen Asst. Professor of Political Science Miss J. Larue Millen Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education Dr. Charles W. Simms Chairman of the Division of Education, Head of Department of Education, Graduate Professor of Education Miss Gayle Miles Associate Supervisor of Student Teaching Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Dr. Warren H. Robbins Supervisor of Student Teaching Professor of Education Miss Kathleen Moore Associate Professor of Elementary Education 121 Fine Arts ■ I 1 i Mr. Allan E. Green Chairman, Division of Fine Arts i Mr. William W. Campbell Instructor of Music Mr. Walter Gunderson Assistant Professor of Music Mr. Leo E. Dontchos Assistant Professor of Music 122 Mrs. Betty Johnson Part-time Instructor of Music Mrs. Patricia Dontchos Instructor of Speech and Drama Mr. Wendell Upchurch Instructor of Art f 123 Business Miss Rena Milliken Head of the Department of Business Mr. Joe C. Hacker Director of Data Processing Center Assistant Professor of Business Mrs. Shirley W. Allen Instructor of Music Mr. James E. Graham Instructor of Business Mr. J. C. Newport Assistant Professor of Business 124 Mr. Paul S. Moore Chairman, Div. of Health P.E., Director of Athletics, Coach and Associate Professor of Physical Education Miss Mary Alice Lay Assistant Professor of Home Ec. Physical Education and Home Economics 125 Mr. Paul L. Erslan Instructor of Health and Physical Education Mrs. Mildred Hacker Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women In Memory Reverend J. Rue Wesley are m Suns u ■ m MM ■ mm ' ■■ ;■ M £■ ' iff: Former Director of Admissions, Union College H 1 1 . M The Students . . . 127 Freshmen . . . 1 1 ft f i rfifft m CLASS OFFICERS: Melissa Knuckles, secretary; Bob Carpenter, treasurer; Ray Spahn, president; Greg Anderson, vice-president. ■ ■■ 128 Jess AU ' ord Artemus, Ky. Natalie Anderson Little Ferris, N.J. Chatri Apiradee Bankok II, Thailand Paul Assini Hackensack, N.J. Jerry Berkley Barbourville, Ky. Paulette Boucher Centerport, N.Y. James Broughton Barbourville, Ky. Kathleen Broughton Barbourville, Ky. Vanessa Brown Washington, D.C. searching new paths . . . Cynthis Ann Butts Patterson, N.J. 129 Bob Carpenter Ocean Grove, N.J Richard Cartwright Bellefonte, Pa. Brenda Casey Rockholds, Ky. Catherine Chakour Naperville, 111. Mark Chatham Haddonfield, N.J. Carol Clark Rockville, Md. Jennifer Clark Montour Falls, N.Y. Lavona Clark Barbourville, Ky. Sandra Combs Happy, Ky. Jeff Creasy Girdler, Ky. Jerry DiFillipantonio Gibbstown, N.J. Anthony De Franco Rochester, N.Y. Debbie Doolin Heidrick, Ky. Berget Eden Jonkoping, Sweden experiencing the educational debut Mary E. Engle Barbourville, Ky. Martin Feipel Barbourville, Ky. Vicki Fendler Dublin, Pa. 130 Barbara Franks Summit, N.J. Robert Friedman Matawan, N.J. Pamela Gambrel Baughman, Ky. Elizabeth Garland Cannon, Ky. Hashem Ghaidi Tehran, Iran Linda Girdner Barbourville, Ky. Debbie Gilliam Hamilton, Ohio Jackie Coins Barbourville, Ky. Christy Graham Barbourville, Ky. Joyce Ann Gray Barbourville, Ky. Miriam Grodzicki Hillside, N.J. Judy Gross Barbourville, Ky. Myrlyn Hale Barbourville, Ky. Nancy Hamilton Florence, N.J. Isaac Harris Baxter, Ky. 131 Gloria J. Hauck North East, Pa. Abbas Jahangiri Shinayi, Iran David Joy Falls Church, Va. Melissa Knuckles Pineville, Ky. Deborah Krusemark Rochester, N.Y. Nguven Ngoc Lan Saigon, Vietnam Diane Longworth Chilo, Ohio Robert McFarren Barbourville, Ky. Clinton Maddox Gibbstown, N.J. Karen Misner Largo, Fla. Kathy Miller Corbin, Ky. Sharon K. Mills Pineville, Ky. 4Tto Pam Mullins Creekville, Ky. Jamey Payne Knoxville, Tenn. Brenda Murray Chenoa, Ky. Martin Pepe Uackensack, N.J. Nezamfildin Nusser Fafreshi Tehran, Iran Conrad Phillips Olean, N.Y. Felix Omdtoso Ibadan, Nigeria Betty Powell Barbourville, Ky. Rhonda Osborne Pineville, Ky. Tom Ralston Springfield, Ohio Jerry Owens Versailles, Ky. Gregg Rice Versailles, Ky. 132 facing the tears and laughter of self-discovery Maria Specht Newport, Ky. David Spiers Picqua, Ohio Judy Stacy Giidler, Ky. Doris Stewart Louisville, Ky. Margaret Stewart Walker, Ky. Syavash Tabazof Shiiaz, Iran Johnnie Turner Barbourville, Ky. Anita Turpin Delta, Ky. Mohammad Vakili Mashad, Iran Evelyn Wolfe Jonesville, Va. Judy Woolum Artemus, Ky. David Ziegler Paulsboro, N.J. Debi Robbins Pin eville, Ky. Susan Robbins Barbourville, Ky. Renee Ruggles Decatur, Ohio Barry Schneider Orwigsburg, Pa. Jane Schneider New Hope, Pa. Carol A. Schulze Park Ridge, N.J. Phyllis Sexton Gray, Ky. Sharlene Sexton Gray, Ky. Linda Sharp Jackson, Ohio Benny Shelton Barbourville, Ky. Pat Sheridan Croyet, Va. Debra Sizemore Flat Lick, Ky. Lynn Slominsky London, Ky. Richard Soper Stoughton, Mass. Ray Spahn Fairfield, Ohio 133 Sophomores . . . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: SITTING: Chris Pietrandrea, treasurer; C.J. Thompson, vice-president; STANDING: Janet McDowell, secretary; Bob Petronelli, president. 134 Chad Cohenour Barbourville, Ken Davidson Rocky River, Ohio Linda Deaton Heidrick, Ky. Mark Donohue Medford Lakes, N.J. Leonard Elliott Corbin, Ky. Pete Em ery Bellefonte, Janet Fish Falls Church, Va. Bob Flynn Baldwin, NY. Pam Griffith Lynchburg, Ohio Richard Griffeth Patterson, N.Y. 135 .1 ■ I Jim Grobmyer Marilyn Hacker Barbara Hofacker Linda Hensley Jerry Hensley Cairollton, Ky. Hima, Ky. Brick Town, N.J. Middlesboro, Ky. Middlesboro, Ky Dee Hodgson Stephen Howard Brenda K. Johnson Patricia Johnson Sandra Lewis Yonkers, N.Y. Pineville, Ky. London, Ky. Barbourville, Ky. Smilax, Ky. believing, belonging, becoming . . . Fredrick Ley Donnie Looper Mark McCarty Medford, N.J. Wallins, Ky. Apalachin, N.Y. Janet McDowell Ali Akbaba Maradshahi Christine Martin Merrick, N.Y. Iran Plainfield.N.J. Randy Mead Thersa Messer Darrel Miller Honesdale, Pa. Gray, Ky. Muncy, Pa. 136 Katherine Miller Belvidere, N.J. Charlotte Moore Cynthiana, Ky. Nancy Oren Baibourville, Ky. David Mobley McLean, Va. JoAnn Moore Hampton, Mass. Richard Pape Brooklyn, N.Y. Carol Moffett Barbourville, Ky. Michael Neuterman Atlantic City, N.J. Bonnie Peak Pineville, Ky. Chris Pietrandrea Mifflinburg, Pa. Judy Pfenninger Buffalo, N.Y. Maureen Regan WaJpole, Mass. Wilma Roach Louisville, Ky. Carole Roberts Fairfax, Va. Donna Roper Weymouth, Mass. Thomas Rudisill Leesburg, Ohio Brad Sell Marion, Mass. Charlotte Slusher Mills, Ky. Annie Mae Smith Girdler, Ky. Debbie Smith Gray, Ky. Veronica Smith Barbourville, Ky. 137 ■ O.V. Sparks McKee, Ky. Diane Taylor Collins, N.Y. Jeffrey Soules Haddonfield, N.J. Robin Statz Bridgeton, N.J. Carol J. Thompson Walton, Ky. Rita Todd Baibourville, Ky. Cathy Turner Byram, Conn. Mark Turner Apalachin, N.Y. Rebecca Tye Barbourville, Ky. Kathryn Vernon Trucksville, Pa. Myria Watkins Pine Mountain, Ky. 138 finding the right life, and living it. Patricia Watkins Corbin, Ky. Denise West Barbourville, Ky. Gerald Whitlow Ashland, Ky. Richard Wolanski Syracuse, N.Y. Debbie Wolfe Sewell, N.J. Myra Wright Whitesburg, Ky. Carroll Yager Carrollton, Ky. 139 JUNIOR OFFICERS: Donnie Looper, secretary; Karen Doyle, treasurer; Chris Hubbs, vice-president; Pat Barker, president. Juniors . . . 140 8S William Alexander Philadelphia, Pa. Judy Appleton Hyannisport, Mass. Adrian Ascenzi Barbourville, Ky. living for today, striving for a tomorrow . . . Thomas F. Bailey HicksviUe, N.Y. Margaret Baird Pineville, Ky. Kathie Baker Baxter, Ky. Pat Barker Lynchburg, Ohio Diane Bargo Heidrick, Ky. Roland Blaisdell Camden, Maine Leslie Bigelow Painesville, Ohio Jane Bous Wilmington, Del. Bob Brooks Dover, Del. Michael Broom Wilmington, Del. Kathy Brzoska Wilmington, Del. David Burdick Owego, N.Y. 141 Patricia Carey Nancy Cleaver Francis Cody Paul Coffee Wallins, Ky. Hamilton, Ohio Grosse Point, Mich. Moorestown, N.J. Denise Cope Clarence Crystal Elaine Dey Paul Dole Rose Hill, Va. McLean, Va. Lambertville, N.J. Pitman, N.J. Thomas Doty Karen Doyle Dorothy Elam Donald F. Franks Batavia, N.Y. Belmont, Pa. Barbourville, Ky. Evarts, Ky. 142 making every moment special . . . Richard Gilliam New York City, N.Y. Cynthia Graves Washington, D.C. William Groshen Troy, N.Y. Larry Gugenheim Fairlawn, N.J. Richard Hanson Saugus, Mass. Virginia Horgos Elizabeth, Pa. Ruth Ehresman Harris Somerset, Ky. Connie Horn Lynchburg, Ohio Alicia Hatmaker Harlan, Ky. Pamela Hoy Woodbridge, N.J. Becky Heffelfinger Columbus, Ohio Christopher Hubbs Detroit, Mich. Donald Hobbs Ashland, Va. Mary Ann Johnson Tuttle, Ky. 143 Jimmy Middleton Gray, Ky. Virginia Murscoe Forked River, N.J. Jackie Pendola Vineland, N.J. Larry Presley Jonesville, Va. Kenneth Moore Versailles, Ky. Eric Musgrave Glen Rock, N.J. Donald Pipo Rutherford, N.J. Tyrone Ramsey New York City, N.Y. Anne Reed Charles Reich Larry Saylor David Spencer Doug York ellefontaine, Ohio Huningdon, Pa. Paris, Ky. Columbus, Ohio Lebanon, Ohio John Schnabel Doug Schutte Patrice Schutte Robert Wilson Irvington, N.J. Louisville, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Arcade, N.Y. Becky Shroyer David Simpson Alice Smalley Neptune, N.J. Richmond, Va. Wethersfield, Conn. Lois Spencer Mayme Wallace Grady Wilson Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville, Ky. Benham, Ky. 145 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Donna Lapham, treasurer; Bob Ahrens, president; Bob Bays, vice-president; Pegi Santo, secretary. Suddenly, the ends and beginnings merge into a oneness called " Senior " t i •. ' . 146 Mary Nell Adams Smilax, Ky. Home Economics Robert Ahrens Pitman, N.J. Business Adm. Kerry Blasenak York, Pa. Biology Douglas Bowman Mentor, Ohio Elementary Ed. . Art Christine Akam Louisville, Ky. English Virginia Babcock Wayne, Pa. Physical Education Roy Baker Baxter, Ky. History Robert Bays Ewing, Va. History Dennis Boyd Brattleboro, Vt. Business Suzanne Boyer Annville, Pa. Health P.E. Area 147 ichard Lee Buckingham Yvonne Clancy Peter Chin Ralph Christiansen Baltimore, Md. Cleveland, Ohio New York, N.Y. Wilkes Barre, Pa. Religion Art Biology Religion Stewart Cleveland Franklin Lakes, N.J. Business Evelyn Cloud Pineville, Ky. Social Work Kathleen Coon Bridgeport, N.Y. Elementary Ed. William Cooper Dunmore, Pa. Social Study Area James Deaton Jackson, Ky. Social Work 148 Lola Delk Pineville, Ky. Physical Ed. John Desparrois Penns Grove, N.J. Business Acct. Gregory Doerwald Newton, N.J. Chemistry Elizabeth Susan Duffey Toledo, Ohio Social Work Mark Duffy Findley, Ohio Elementary Ed. James Felz Woodbury, N.J. Physical Ed. Kenneth Fischer Jr. Buckingham, Pa. Graduate Stephen Fowler Wyamissing, Pa. Biology John M. Francart Cochranville, Pa. Business Linda Ganary Plaza del Rey, Cal. Biology Charles Garrett Colonia, N.J. Elementary Ed. 149 150 Donna Lapham Douglas Larson Lisa Long John Robert Lorimer Hillsdale, N.J. Clifton, N.J. Annville, Pa. Columbus, Ohio Health P.E. Health Elementary Ed. Biology Larry Lovitt Baibourville, Ky. Psychology Michael McGinnis Northfield, N.J. Business Tom McKnight Ronald Matthews Doylestown, Ohio Oaklyn, N.J. Religion Music and again it ' s a time of decision Benjamin Miles Debby Miller Philadelphia, Pa. Milford,Ohio History Elementary Ed 151 life-long dreams are becoming fluid realities . . . Linda Kay Mills Wanda Mills Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville, Ky. English Elementary Ed. David Morse Deborah Newman Concord, Mass. Napoleon, Ohio Psychology History Roy Ockun Judy Orick Michael Orlando Ricky Pack New York, N.Y. Baxter, Ky. Naugatuck.Conn. Lynch, Ky. Graduate Social Work Business Acct. Area Chemistry 152 Philip Pape Sharon Parker rooklyn, N.Y. Himyai, Ky. Business English Joetta Penn Al Peret Jerry Petryk John Podlaskowish Flat Lick, Ky. Groton, Conn. Philadelphia, Pa. Elizabeth, N.J. Elementary Ed. Biology Political Science Chemistry Bruce Presnell Middlesboro, Ky. Accounting Mary L. Prunty Westport, Conn. Elementary Ed. Steven Quentmeyer Cherry Hill, N.J. Business Bob Rigely Milford.Conn. History Political Sc. 153 Glen Roberts Stephen Roberts Paula Rominger Thomas Rozmus Burgetteston, Pa. HaddonHts.,N.J. Manchester, Ky. Port Chester, N.Y Graduate Business Acct. General Business Music and the college life is becoming a memory . . . Arthur Sampson Gloucester, Mass. English Pegi Santo North Olmstead, Ohio Home Ec. John Schamp Saiem.N.J. Biology Bob Sciolto Howard Beach, N.Y. Physical Ed. 154 ffWEpSS Bruce Shelton Drift, Ky. Elementary Ed. Terry Shelton Barbourville, Ky. Business Linda Smith Lorain, Ohio History Charles Thomas Linda Townsley Havertown, Pa. Bimble, Ky. Biology Elementary Ed. Michael Triggs Harlan. Ky. Psychology Dorothy Turner Tinsley Ky. Business Stephen Watson Dayton, Ohio Health Phys. Ed Phyllis Walton Dayhoit, Ky. 1:1cm. Ed. Christina Williams Yvonne Yeager Susan Yeary James Zaiser Gianby, Conn. Barbourville, Ky. Harlan, Ky. Rockville Center, N.Y English Elem. Ed. 1 lent. Ed. Sociology 156 these are the moments to treasure flWbH 40 A v Q - - - V m ft 157 BOGG ' S CONSTRUCTION CO. U. S. 25-E, Barbourville, Kentucky MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS 1324 Cumberland Ave. Middlesboro, Ky. THINGS GO BETTER WITH COKE 70-25 Best Wishes From KNOX MOTOR CO. The Best Place for the Best Deal CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET STAMPER DOLL STORE Wz Miles South of Union College on U. S. 25E Special Invitation to Union Students - Come in and Browse 204 N. Main St. Corbin, Ky. Member of National Bridal Service J B CAFE Court Square Barbourville, Ky. BACON CREEK GUN SHOP Corbin, Ky. Gun Headquarters for Southeastern Ky. compliments of RAPP TRUE VALUE LUMBER COMPANY HAMPTON AND NAU Nunn Bush Shoes Botany 500 Suits Arrow Shirts Barbourville, Kentucky R. H. HOBBS VARIETY DEPARTMENT STORE Court Square, Barbourville KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors for Auto Parts on the Square Plumbing and Electrical Supplies ' I7h TREADWAY BROS. Building Materials 820 N. Main St. Barbourville, Ky. BOB MULLIN ' S FORD U. S. 25, South- London, Ky. We Are Large Enough to Serve You But Small Enough to Know You LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING I Sanitone Certified MosterVrj c eaner Fur Storage Box Storage Linen Service Office on Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3151 Compliments of MR. MRS. ARLEN BECHTEL HAMMONS UNION ' 76 1 Mile South of Barbourville on 25 E Open 24 Hours Mechanic on Duty at All Times Firebird Gasolines No. 2 and Super Diesels Phone: 546-4022 Area Code 606 Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 164 ?izz — . , - ,. r. , TASTE E FREEZ Knox St., Barbourville Kentucky AMERICAN FIDELITY BANK Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3138 MEMBER FDIC COTTON ' S ONE HOUR CLEANERS Barbourville, Kentucky .« ii T «:, t ■ TO Represented by: BOYCE McELYA BILL FARR - PAT McELYA 403 Citizen Bank Building Paducah, Kentucky (502) 443 7345 166 TRAVELER ' S INN U.S. 25E Barbourville, Ky. MILLER-YANCEY FURNITURE North Main Street Barbourville, Ky. FOR FINE FURNITURE UNION NATIONAL BANK safe — sound — secure 168 ENGLE ' S STUDIO Court Square Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mobley and Otto von Bismark McLean, Virginia Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ward and Heidi Loveland, Ohio SERVI Good Luck to the Class of 1973 SLATER ' S 169 1 ■•J ••«• i «JE ■ ' I 7171717 71717! 717171% PEPSI-COLA BOTTLERS CORBIN, KENTUCKY 170 GOOD LUCK Dr. Harry Zuger -. N BOOSTERS PATRONS COL. AND MRS. BRYANT Y. ANDERSON DR. RILEY ELDER MR. MRS. PAUL SIMPSON MR. MRS. HENRY SMALLEY WILLIAMS DEPT. STORE UNION COLLEGE BOOKSTORE for Books — Supplies School Jackets and Gifts for all Occasions Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Schnabel Irvington, New Jersey Don Jon Pipo 440 Edgewood PL Rutherford, N.J. Tel. 201-939-8292 OPTIC GLASS Peter Chin 51 E. Broadway New York, N.Y. Tel. 212-732-0181 962-8467 963-3059 Free Lance Photography Rt. 2, Box 6 00 Barbourville, Ky. Tel. 606-546-6295 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Reed Bellefontaine, Ohio PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Robert Baldwin Arsham Bayati Mrs. Brazzell G. Kenneth Fisher, Jr. Dr. Julian Habercam Tim Henderlight Jake Carrokh Jawaheri John Alice Glen Roberts Jack Schilt Bruce Shelton L 1 % l:.i SENIOR INDEX ROBERT AHRENS: Freshman Class President, Junior Class President, Senior Class President, President ' s Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Lakeside Dorm Council, Pep Club, Chorus, Stage Band, Business Manager of Stespean, Theta Pi Delta Award. JOHN FRANC ART: Wrestling Team, Circle K. LINDA GANARY: Senior Assistantship, Biology, Pom Poms, Gamma Beta Phi. CHRISTINE AKAM: Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu Fresh- man Award. CWENS, lota Sigma Nu Sophomore Award. AWS, Iota Sigma Nu, Choir, Cecil H. Wilson Award, Thursday Club, Choir, Scrimshaw. VIRGINIA BABCOCK: Choir, Chorus, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Iota Mu Gamma, Bridge Club, Pep Club. Student Judicial Council. ROBERT BAYS: Basketball, Baseball, Senior Class Vice-Pres- ident, Gamma Beta Phi, Theta Pi Delta Award. SUE BOYER: G.S.S., Pi Epsilon Alpha, CWENS Sec. Cheer- leading. A.W.S.. Pep Club, Who ' s Who in American Universities Colleges. Girls Volleyball Team. CHARLES GARRETT: Delta Delta Upsilon, SNEA. CONRAD GEMMER: Freshman Physics Award, Gamma Beta Phi, Burke Mathematics Award. General Chemistry Award, Gov. James D. Black Award. RICHARD GILLIAM: Alpha Phi Omega, Track, Black Student Movement, Resident Fellow. NANCY GRAVES: Beta Chi Alpha, Choir, Chorus. Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Student Senate, Gamma Beta Phi. DE RHONDA J. GREER: Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu, Thursday Club. ROY BAKER: Wrestling Team. LINDA HENSLEY: Gamma Beta Phi. Art Award. KERRY BLASENAK; Swim Team, Circle K - president. Kathy Brick Memorial Award, Bridge Club, Tennis Team, Judicial Council, Stage Band. DENNIS BOYD: Cross Country. STEWART CLEVELAND: Kathy Brick Trophy Award. Kathy Brick Scholarship Award. Mu Omega Beta, Pi Epsilon Alpha. Swimming High Point Trophy Award, Swimming Coach instructor. LARRY HINKLE: Physics Award, Chemistry, Alpha Delta Mathematics Club - president. BURNETTA HUBBARD: CWENS. PAUL INSELO: Student Senate, Pep Club, Lakeside Dorm Council, Choir, Thursday Club. B. J. KARWCHUK: Concert Band. Stage Band. Chorus. SNEA, Resident Fellow. ZS EVELYN CLOUD: Beta Chi Alpha, Choir, Chorus. Sigma Alpha Iota. Black Student Movement, Madrigals. GREGORY KULIG: Mu Omega Beta, Karate Club, Wrestling, Student Senate, SNEA. KATHLEEN COON: G.S.S., A.W.S. - president. JAMES DEATON: Student Senate, SUSGA, NFSSW, Save Our Kentucky, Orange Black Associate Editor, Delta Delta Upsilon, Milesians. ELIZABETH DUFFL Appalachian Semester Program, Iota .Mu Gamma. Playlikers. Gamma Beta Phi. DONNA LAPHAM: Beta Chi Alpha, A.W.S., Pom Poms, Se- nior Class Treasurer, Pi Epsilon Alpha. LISA LONG: Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Stespean Staff, Stu- dent Senate. CWENS - President. Judiciary Board. Stevenson B Wing Queen. MICHAEL S. McGINNIS: Alpha Phi Omega. MARK DUFFY: Mu Omega Beta. JAMES H. FELZ: Mu Omega Beta, Swimming, Pi Epsilon Alpha, U Club, Student Senate. STEPHEN FOWLER: Swimming. Orange Black, Student Center Board. Vice-President Sophomore Class, MAZE, Stespean, Theta Pi Delta. Student Senate President. THOMAS McKNIGHT: Student Senate. Wrestling, Track. Campus Crusade for Christ, Sophomore Class President. Judi- cial Council. Religious Life Council. Phi Mu Alpha, Iota Sigma Nu, Gamma Beta Phi. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Theta Pi Delta Award. DCBBY MILLER: Beta Chi Alpha, Junior Chass Officer - Treasurer, Chorus, Stespean Staff. 172 SENIOR INDEX DAVID MORSE: Tennis Team, Delta Delta Upsilon, Bridge Club, Choir, Chorus, Student Center Board, Band, Scrimshaw. FREDA GAIL MOSLEY: Phi Theta Kappa, KEA, NEA. JUDITH ORICK: G.S.S. Student Center Board. Judiciary Board, A.W.S. DEBBIE NEWMAN: Beta Chi Alpha, Cosmopolitan Club; pres. Iota Sigma Nu, Gamma Beta Phi. Milesians, Oxford Club. Methodist Student Movement. MICHAEL ORLANDO: Gamma Beta Phi. RICKEY PACK: Alpha Phi Omega, Track Team, Black Stu- dent Movement, Student Center Board. PHILIP PAPE: Circle-K, President. SHARON PARKER: Gamma Beta Phi. LINDA SMITH: Beta Chi Alpha, Concert Band, Student Sen- ate, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Student Faculty Conduct Com- mittee, Orientation Com. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Theta Pi Delta Award. LOIS SPENCER: Gamma Beta Phi. NANCY SPRINGS: Beta Chi Alpha, A.W.S., Mu Omega Beta Queen. NIKA STALLARD: G.S.S., Student Center Board, NFSSW, Playlikers, Dorm Judicial Council. MARY J. STANTON: Iota Mu Gamma, MAZE com., Gamma Beta Phi, Milesians. THOMAS J. STANTON: Delta Delta Upsilon, MAZE com.. Milesians; pres. EDWARD STEPP: Basketball. Track, Black Student Union. ALFRED PERET: Circle-K, Cross Country, U Club, Dorm Council, Dorm Judicial Board. |,aOHN PODLASKOWICH: American Chemical Society, Pi Up- silon Beta. MARY LOU PRUNTY: Gamma Beta Phi Society. BOB RIGELY: Alpha Phi Omega, Public Affairs Club, Resi dent Fellow, Judicial Board. STEPHEN ROBERTS: Concert Choir, Stage Band, Concert Band, Alpha Phi Omega, Dorm Council, Orientation Com- mittee, Gamma Beta Phi, Stage Band, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. PAULA ROMINGER: Gamma Beta Phi. ARTHUR SAMPSON: Union College Debate Team, Cecil H. Wilson Award, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Uni- versities, Senior Assistant; English, Thursday, Gamma Beta Phi; Pres., Theta Pi Delta Award. PEGI SANTO: Beta Chi Alpha, Pom-Pom Squad, Choir, Class Treasurer, Cheerleader, CWENS; president, Beta Chi Alpha, Class Secretary, Gamma Beta Phi. JOHN SCHAMP: Alpha Phi Omega, Orientation Committee, Faculty-Student Conduct Com., Student Senate; Vice-Pres., Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities. TERRY W. SHELTON: SNEA. RICHARD STUEMPFLE: Concert Band, Pi Upsilon Beta, Res- ident Fellow. CHARLES D. THOMAS: Alpha Phi Omega, Wrestling Team. LINDA J. TOWNSLEY: Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu, SNEA. PHYLLIS WALTON: Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA. CONNIE WATSON: Beta Chi Alpha, Pom Poms, Choir, Cho- rus, PHT, Gamma Beta Phi. STEPHEN WATSON: Mu Omega Beta, Wrestling Team, Gam- ma Beta Phi. ORVILLE WEYRICH: Cosmopolitan Club, General Chemistry Award, Pi Upsilon Beta, Gamma Beta Phi. GLENDA W1LLARD: Beta Chi Alpha, Vice Pres. e CHRISTINA WILLIAMS: Iota Mu Gamma. CWENS, A.W.S., Thursday Club. YVONNE YEAGER: Home Economics Club. SUSAN YEARY: Beta Chi Alpha; Pres., Pom-Poms, H ome- coming Queen Candidate, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Theta Pi Delta Award. JIM ZAISER: Dorm Council, Recreation Director. 173 GENERAL INDEX Adams, Herbert W. Adams, Mary Nell 49, 147 Adkins. Tummy i Ahrens, Robert 42,44,56,80,146,147 . Akam 78,49,147 Akbarzadeh, Mohamad Alexander, Cheryl 135 nder, William 56,141 Aiford, Jess 129 Aminiun, Hamid ndei ry 128,97 Anderson, I Anderson, Natalie 129 Andris. John Apiradee, Chatri 129 Appieton, Judith 61,141.54 Ascenzi, Adrian 141.54 i. Paul 103,129 Ayars, Susan Ayers. William Babcock, Virginia 70,147,68,64 Badorf, John 97 Bailey. John 97 Bailey, Jo Ann 1 29 Bailey, Thomas F. 141 Bailey, Thomas J. 80,83 Baill, Geraldine 129,67 Baird, Margarette 141 Baker Margaret 141 B.ikcr, Rae Ann Baker, Roy 147 Baldridgc, Roger 90,63 Ballenger, Norman 90 Diane 141.76 Barker, Charles P. 56,140,141 Barnett, Linda Bass, Stephen 56,129 Bayati, Arsham Kathy 135 Robert 49,147,146,42 Beehtel, Jay 135 Bell. Linda Bender. Neal Benson, Helen Benson, Thomas 1 35 Berkley, Jerry 129 Bianchi, John Bidwell, Tho Bigelow. Leslie 141 p, Sandra Bishop, William 56,72,135 Blaek. Carol 49 Blair, Emily 78 BlaisdelL Roland 141,68,59,71 . Blasenak, Kerry 80,70,147,59 Bledsoe. Bonnie Edward 72 Bollinger, Charles Boucher, Pauletie 65,129,67 Bous, Jane 70,141,76,55 $% . B. Bow ni 147 lennis 147 , J .me 147,41,77,64,106 Biand, Christopher 59 i. Michael 57. 14 1,71 Kathleen I 29 iileen 34.49,141.76 hard 78,72,148.73 Bulloek. Charles Burehell, Judy 129 Burehette, David 76 Burdiek. David 57,141 Burchart, Teresa 1 35,77,36,30 Burnette, Johnny 102,135 Bush, Rebecca 129 Butler, Mary 129 Butts, Cynthia 78,129 Byron, Michael 142,97,64 Cady, Thomas Callebs, Carrol Callihan, Lonnie 65 Campbell, Barbara 142 Campbell, Raymond Canady, Rebecca Cantrell, David 102,64 Cantrell, Sally , John 68,85 Carpenter, Jerry Carpenter, Robert 130,72 Carr, David Can, Leslie Cartwright, Richard 130,72 Casey. Brenda 130 Castle, Shams 53,49 Cavanaugh, Sean 102,54 Centers, Lillie Chakour, Catherine 1 30 Chambers, Beth Chapman, Cynthia 135,47,106 Chatham, Mark 130,81,83 Chin, Peter 148,44,62 Chitsaz. Mohammad Christianson, Ralph 148 Christie, Danny Clancy, Yvonne 148 Clark, Carol 130 Clark, Jennifer 1 30 Clark, Lavona 130 Cleaver, Nancy 65.142 Cleveland, Stewart 148,97,54 Cloud, Evelyn 78,148 Cody. Frances 67,68,32,142 fee, Paul 142.47 Cohenour, Chad 1 35,68,63 Columbus, Christopher Combs, Sandra 130 Congdon, Patsy 69 Coiigdon, Peggy 69 u ' r, Janet •jr, Steven Contreras, Cecilia Coomes, Faye Coon, Kathleen Cooper. William 148 Cope, Naomi Denise 142.67 Creasy, Jeffrey 130,59 Creasy. Michael (reed, Susan 81 Crockett, I Crosby, Martha Crystal, Clarence 103,142,59 Culp, Jean 52 Dagley, Bruce Dair, James Davidson, Kenneth 135 Davis. Marva Seth Davis, Sharon nlhony 130. 47 Dean. Mi. in, 1 5° Deaton, Jam -s MS Deaton, 1 ind.i I 35 Delk, Lola 149 irrois, John 1491 Detheragc, William Dey, Elaine 142 Di Filippantonio, Ger 130 Dibble, Charles 72 Do Ngoc Y 39 Doerwald, Gregory 149 Doig, Jeffrey Dole, Paul 142,54 Doliboa, Michael 90 Donohue, Mark 135,59 Donoghue, Kathleen Doolin. Debra 1 30 Dorfman, Howard Dotson, Pamela Doty, Thomas 142 Dowden, Andrew Dowling, Timothy Doyle, Karen 140,142,64 Droser, Carolyn Duffey, Elizabeth 49,149 Duffy, Mark 149 Eden, Birgit 130 flam, Dorothy 49,142 Elliott, Leonard 135,54 Emerson, Gary Emery, Harold 38,135 Engle, Mary 130 Erfan, Seid Azizollah Evans, Geofrey E.vans, Melissa...., Fallat, Patricia 106 Fassihi, Harandi Hami Feipel, Martin Felz, James 149,47,64,54 Fendler, Victoria 65,130 Firth. William Fischer, George 149 Fish, Janet 135,73 Flynn, Robert 135,59. Fortney, Fayetta Fowler. Steven 153,59,4.0 Francart, John 149,59 Branks, Barbara 131,72,73 Franks, Donald 142 Friedman, Robert 131 Fufks, Pamela Gambrel, Pamela 131 Canary, Linda 49,149.76 Garland, Elizabeth 131 Garland, Marilyn Garrett, Charles 149 Gemmer, Conrad Ghaidi, Hashen 131,54 Gibson, Randall Gilliam, Debra 131 Gilliam, Richard 143 Girdner, Linda 49,131 Coins, Jackie 131 Golden, John Gonzplez, Hermon 70,150 Graham, Barbara Graham, Maria 131 Grande, Dennis Graves. Cynthia 49,143 Graves. Nancy 78,49.47,30,55 C; raves. Sharon 82,73 Gray, J Gray, Michael Greer, DcRhonda 48,49,150 Gregory, Patrick Gregory, Samuel Greiner, Frank 54 GrilTeth, Richard 135 Griffith, Gary Griffith Pamela 135 Grobmyer, James 99,136,90 Grodzicki, Mariam 65,131,67 Groshans, William 143,68 Cross. Judy 131 Gugenhcim, Lawrence 143.54 Gulley, Gerald Hacker, Marilyn 49,136 HujahgholL Alireza Hale, Charles 80,81,59,83 Hale, Mrylyn 49,131,76 Hall, Carter Hall, Christopher 90 Hallstead, William 150 Hamilton, Nancy 131,106 Hamilton, Nga Hampton. Carolyn Hanson, Richard 143 Harris. Isaac 1 31,59 Harris, Ruth 143,67 Harvey. James 48,56 H.-.i maker, Alicia 143 Hauck, Gloria 132,81 Hauser, John HerTelfingcr, Rebecca 78.143 Helton, Geraldine Hensley, Jerry Hensley, Linda 49,136 Hensley, Roy 136 Henson, Keith Henthorn, Stephen 78,62,85 Highhouse, Susan 150 Hinkle, Larry Hobbs, Donald 99,143,59,64 Hodder, Harlan Hodgson, Daphne 65,136,47 Hofacker, Barbara 70,136,47 k Hofman, Robert 97 Horgus, Virginia 143 Horn, Connie 49,143 Houshmand, Mohammad Howard, Kathryn Howard, Stephen 54 Howard, Vincent Hoy, Pamela 143,47 Hubbard, Burnetta 150 Hubbard, Michael 150 Hubbard, Phyllis Hubbard, Sandra Hubbs, Christopher 78.140,143,!sT Hutchinson, Robert Iepson. Charles Insolo. Paul 150 Jackson, John Jackson, Stephen 62 Jacobs, Frederick 150 Jahangiri, Abbas 142,47 Jaquith, Catherine Javaheri, Farsi Far Jeffers, Stephen Johnson, Brenda 136 Johnson, Mary 143 Johnson, Patricia 136,77,64 Johnson, Randall Johnson, Wallace 80.144.81,68 Johnson, William Jones, Brenda Jones. Phyllis Jordan. Robert 102,150,90 Joy, David 132 Kamtn, Ronnie Karbalai, Ali Dabbagh Keating, Dale Kelly. BillieJo Kelly, tula Kern ner, Robert Kiesbye, Yolanda King, Raymond Kinnintiham, John Knuckle , Melissa 128,132,77 Kobel. Joseph 81 Krawehuk, Bohdan 80,150.81 Krusemark, Deborah 132 Kulig. Gregory GENERAL INDEX Kulig, Judith Lacewell, Lynda 30 Lair, Geneva Lan, Nguyen Lange, Steven Lapham, Donna 146,151,76,64,55 Lapthoin, Darlene Lansen, Jane Larson, Douglas 151 Lawhon, Thomas Byrd 144 f. Lawson, Donald Lawson, Reba LeCompte, Cathy Lewis, Barrell Lewis, Sandra 136 ' Ley, Frederick, 136,68,59 Long, Lisa Elaine 15 1,30 Longworth, Diane 132 Looper, Donnie 99,49,140, 136.64,90 Lorimer, John 151 Lovitt, Larry 151 Lucas, Joseph 54 Luff, Maitha 47 Maddox, Clinton 80,132,81 Magee, WiUielmena Mohzoon, Mostafa Majors, Gerald Marcus, Deborah Marsee, Billy Marsee, Brenda Marshall, Kenneth Margaret, Marshall 66 Martin, Christine 136,106 Martin, Lanna 78,144 Matthews, Evelyn 78,144 Matthews, Ronald 80,151,81 Maxvitat, John 56 Mays, Judith Mazobere, Timothy 144 McCarty, Mark 80,136,81 McDade, George McDowell, Janet 52,49,1 34, 136,81,76,67 McFerrin, Robert 132 McGinnis, Michael 151 McGlamery, Judith 152 Mcknight, Thomas 48,70,49,72, 151,47,40,42 Mead, Betty Mead, Randall 136,47 Messer, Theresa 136 Middleton. Jimmey 144 Miles, Benjamin Miller, Darrel 1 36 Miller, Debby 51,44,55 Miller, (Catherine 32,137 Miller, Kathy 132,67 Miller, Richard 102,59 Miller, Robert Mills, Linda 152 Mills, Marilyn Mills, Marvin Mills, Michael Mills, Rondal Mills, Sharon 132,30 Misner. Karen 132 Mitchell, Ronnie Mobley, 137,44,62 Moore, Barbara Moore, Beverly Bore, Charlotte 1 37 .Moore, Gilbert .Moore, Jo Ann 137 Moore, Karla 49,31 Moore, Kenneth 144 Moradshahi, Ali 47 Morgan. Wanda 49,144,67 Morse, David 78,52,81,68 Mosley, Freda Mullen, Thomas 63 Mullins, Pamela Murscoe, Virginia 144,9 ' Nassir, Tafreshi 1 32 Nelson, Sharon Newdecker, Martha 68 Neuterman, Michael 137 Newman, Deborah 48,49,152,69 Omotoso, Felix 1 32 Orcutt, Alfred 63 Ore, Delphus Oren, Nancy 78,137 Orlando, Michael 49,152 Osborne, Phonda 132 Owens, Jerry 1 32,90 Oxendine, Linda Oxendine, William 70,144,47,46 Pack, Rickey 52 Pape, Philip 93,15 3 Pape, Richard 137,59 Parker, Sharon 153 Pascale, Gary .Payne, Jamey 132 Payne. Kenneth Payne, Sheila Peak, Bonnie 137,55 Pejoso, Dennis Pendola, Jacqueline 49,144, 64,106 Penn, Joetta 153 Pepe, Martin 103,132 Peret, Alfred 103,153,59 Perry, Robert Petronelli, Robert 134 Petryk, Jarloslaw 49,153,59 Pfenninger, Judith 137 Phillips, Conrad 57,132 Phipps, Sturgil : Pierce, Christopher 103 Pietrandrea, Christine 132,137 Pipo, Donald 144,44,63 Podlaskowich, John 57,153 Powell, Barbara Powell, Betty 132 Presley, Larry 144,90 Presnell, Bruce 49,153 Prunty, Mary Lou 49,153 Quentmeyer, Steven 153,59,40 Ralston, Thomas 1 32,59 Rainey, Thomas Ramsey, Tyrone 144 Rankouhi, Kambiz Raymond, Scott 99,63 Reed, Annette 49,145,44, 55,37 Reeves, Tommy Regan, Maureen 65,137 Reich, Charles Rezvan, Talab Rice, Diana 49 Rice, Gregg 132,81 Riddle, Mary Rigely, Robert 15 3 Roach, Wilma 49,37,77,38 Roark, Cathie Robbins, Deborah 133 Robbins, Susan 133 Roberts, Carolyn 65,137 Roberts, Glenn 154,73 Roberts, Stephen 28,80,49,154, 81,40 Rominger, Paula 49,154 Roper, Donna 137 Rosenbalm, Steve IW.mus, Thomas 80,154,81 Rudisill, Thomas 56.1 37 Ruggles. Renee 52, ' Rutherford, Jerry Sabella, Joseph Sampson, Arthur 48,49,154,41,3 Sanguinette, Shedden Santo, Margaret 49,146,154, 76,55 Saylor, Larry 145 Schamp, John 154,47,46,40,42 Schneider, Barry 133 Schnabel, John 80,145,44,83 , Schneider, Jane 133 Schulze, Carol 133 Schutte, Douglas 145 Schutte, Patrice 145,66 Scioto, Robert 154,97 Scott, George Scott, Paula Seals, Wilfred Sedighi, Langeroudi SelL Bradley ' l37 Seiiwood, David 64,54 Sexton, Phyllis 133,167 Sexton, Sharlene 133,167 Sharp, Linda 133 Sharp, Ronnie Shelton, Benny 133,67 Shelton, Bruce 155 Shelton, Ferry 155 Sheridan. Patricia 133,67,47 Sherman, Stephen Shields, Wilma Shores, David Shroyer, Rebecca 145,64,106 Siavoushi, Farhad Simpson, David 145 Sizemore. Debra 65,133 Sizemore, Larry 90 Slominsky, Beatrice 133 Slusher, Charlotte 137 Slusher, Marsha Smalley, Alice 65,145 Smith, Annie 137 Smith, Audrey Smith, Burton Smith, Charles Smith, Deborah 137,76,47 Smith, Douglas Smith, James Smith, Johnny Smith, Linda 155,28.41,47,46, 42,28 Smith, Mary Smith, Veronica 1 37 Snedaker, Lynn Soper, Richard 133,73 Sowles, Jeffrey 138,59 Spahn, Raymond 128,133,97 Sparks, Otis Specht, Maria 72,133,76 Spencer, David 145,59 Spencer, Lois 49,146 Spicer, Pauline 68 Spiers, David 133,68,59 Spring, Nancy 155,33,55 Sproles, James Stacy, Julia 133,77 Stacy, Ralph StaUard, NikalSS Stanton, Mary 65,49,69 Stanton, Thomas 69,92 Stepp, Edward 97,99,155,90,38 Stewart, Doris 133 Stewart, Margaret 133,77 Storm, Johnny 155,90 Stotz, Robin 138,30 Stuempfle, Richard 155,81 Sutton, Christopher 78 Swafford, Billy C. 99.155. Swat ' ford, Billv D. Tabazof, Syavash Teague, Randlene Thomas, Charles 56,155 Thompson, Dorney Thompson, Carol 52,49,134,138, 78,30 Tilton, Karen Todd, Rita 138,76.47 Tollefsen, Thomas Townsley, Linda 48,49,155 - Trent; Mary Tviggs, Michael Turner. Dorothy 49 Turner, Gregory Turner, Johnnie 133 Turner, Cathy 138,73 Turner, Mark 80,138,81,59 Turpin. Anita 49,133 Tye, Charles Tye, Rebecca 49,138 Vakilli, Mohamed 133,54 Valentine, Edward Varm, Tracy Vanore, David Vernon, Kathrvn 78,52,49,138 Walker, Joy- Walker, Nancy 52,49 Wallace, Mayme 145,30 Walton, Phyllis Warwick, Mark ' 54 Watkins, Myria.138 ' ■ ' , Watkins, Patricia Watson, Connie 49,76,66,55 j| Vatson, Stephen 49,54 fWest, Denise 139 West, Harold West, Larry White, Douglas White, John White, Mary White.-Stella Whitlow, Gerald 139,90 Wilburn, Vicki Willard, Glenda 55 Williams, Christina 65 Wilson, Robert 80,57,145,81 Witt, Lillie Wolanski, Richard 78,139, 67,71 Wolfe, Deborah 78,139,67,71 Wolfe, Evelyn 133,73 Woolum, Judy 49,133,76 Wooton, William Wright, Myra 139 Yager, Carroll 1 39,90 Yeager, Yvonne 67 Yeary, Carolyn 99 Yeary, Susan 76,41,42,55 York, James 145,44 Youngs, William 64 Yousefzadeh, Movlay Zaiser, James Zargham, Shahriar Ziegler, David 133,59 HH0W?34K3 HKHMN n V Oil you. Simon and Garfunkel vrv V A V ' ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIE UW!ON COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY ASIOAIl 1 WEEKS MEMORIAL UBR v UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY

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