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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102407 4 ' . U Mi£| STESPEAN UNION COLLEGE Barbourville, Kentucky Ann E. Steele Editor William A. Lacy Asst. Editor fitUt 218.1W tA M MM l ' -XU m ■I • . N... " !! Cfc it VI g v| UNION tf i NEBULOUS ■9 4 ISOLATED i ONEROUS NEIGHBORLY 10 11 H — « — mt — nr Tib 1 f ft if 12 CLANNISH m 13 14 %b OTHERWORLDLY 15 LANGUID . ' 16 IBS " — s ; : : - ' ■■ " m- " ? l % 17 LYRICAL 18 sk? - " - 1 «- ■ J 20 II EARNEST m. tm 21 22 GREGARIOUS 23 ECLECTIC 24 Yes, Union is many things TRADITIONS 27 Mr. Union 28 Paul Andrews V • f X;, ( ■ « . ,. . ' vV " Miss Union Ann Steele 29 Tom Card The Patridge The Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award is presented to a maxi- mum of ten seniors who have exhibited outstanding quali- ties of leadership and service to Union College. Recipients of this award have shown the same type of devotion that Miss Frances Patridge shows to Union College. Miss Pat ' s actions well exemplify the words " Thelo Pistos Diakonein " meaning — " I wish to serve faithfully. " rt Coffman Bob Ireland Paul Kirby 30 fheta Pi Delta Award Tom Faxon Paul Andrews MT 31 32 Stespean Queen Marlene Reed Homecoming Queen Linda Snyder Linda and escort Steve Stubblefield Vickie Mendoza Mu Omega Beta Sweetheart 34 Judy Peaco Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart 35 Gail Gruen Linda Snyder 36 Orlinda Reid Phi Mu Alpha Sweethearts Linda Smith 37 v B 1 A V ■■■ . •■ ■ . ■ ■ ,v. ' . 1 hU 4 " • :W VV. " If ' ft iS. W ' ■ 4 • Ginny Archer Lakeside Dormitory Queen 38 Ann Steele A.W.S. Sweetheart Queen 39 Barbara Slagter Cosmopolitan Club Queen 40 SPORTS 41 Basketball LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Hinderer, Larry Sizemore, Terry Smallwood, Ellis Childers, John Sieweke, Bill Swafford, Al Fullen, Ken Meibers, Paul Carr, Paul Andrews, Robby Jordan, Joe Moore, Jim Glover, John Laidlaw, Coach Jack Wolfe, Coach Pete Moore. Union 72 Tenn. Wesleyan 69 95 Georgetown 83 73 Thomas More 76 94 Oakland City 74 67 Ky. State 86 63 Cumberland 91 94 Carson Newman 90 77 Pikeville 74 82 Cumberland 91 107 Ky. State 98 82 Tenn. Wesleyan 65 100 Berea 82 86 Campbellsville 92 90 Pikeville 76 100 Rio Grande 103 99 Georgetown 87 60 Transylvania 77 74 Thomas More 70 105 Berea 106 86 Oakland City 79 58 Cumberland 57 99 Campbellsville 70 74 Centre 68 105 Rio Grande 93 95 Ky. Wesleyan 75 KIAC Tourney 68 Campbellsville 60 81 Pikeville 72 80 Cumberland 91 42 Coach Moore calls Andrews and Meibers " best players Union has evei had. " 1 ' J fl i 1b9 ■ ST P a -jfl iH ft ■-— — - 43 ■PPPP !««■«- __ B w ' 1 ;j ' l ■V H H Hi ' tB ■ 6s ll 45 Swimming LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW - Doug Schellinkhout, Emmett Walling. Paul Leon, Stewart, John Lorimer, Stev Fowler, Steve Burchesky. MIDDLE ROW — Coach Don Calitri, Ed Busser, Steve Watson, Dave Ganary, Jay Feb Burt Smith. FRONT ROW -- Kerry Blasenak, Dennis Hamilton, Ken Jackson, Joe Collins, Terry Depp. 46 s w ■ If i ■■ ■MB Cross Country LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Pulver, Ron Riskie, Al Peret, Dan Friedel, Glenn Merkle, Otto Pembrook, Coach S. W. Gregory. 47 Golf LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Herman Bush, John Hauser, Steve Jeffers, Tommy Bennett, Tom Card, Lou Carey, Jol Dick. Tennis iFT TO RIGHT: Chris Columbus, Carl Miller, Dave Morse, Chris Stoecklin, Bob Stokely, Dave Cantrell. FRONT DW — Mike Durham, Bob Dureko, John Conrad, Coach Larry Nichols. 49 Baseball and Track get under way. i - V " 50 ,J -c UW " " C£. 9Kks Cheerleaders " J Mimi Yatros LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlene Castle. Gail Trainer, Pat Ragone, Gail Gruen, Shari Snowden, Tammy King. Pom Pon Squad ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT — Pati Miller, Evelyn Paine. Carol Miller, Peggy Santo. ROW TWO: Jane Ganz, Doreen Johns. Molly Kemmer, Connie Weeks. ROW THREE: Kay Depp, Susan Yeary, Ann Marshall. ROW FOUR: Darcy McDowell, Chris Thorpe, Michelle Palmer. ROW FIVE: Susan High- house, Vickie Mendoza. 53 Intramurals J ' ■- ' Twas Bwai 54 HH m HI 55 56 I f I ACADEMICS _ THE PRESIDENT RIGHT: Dr. Mahlon A. Miller. BELOW: Presi- dent and Mrs. Miller. 58 ADMINISTRATION ABOVE: Dr. Andrew R. Kickhoff. LEFT: Dr. John H. Boyd. BOTTOM: Rev. Dewey A. San- ders. 59 rr OHioi 60 TOP: Mr. Milton To»nsend. ABOVE: left. Mr. Marshall Potter; right. Mr. S. Laws Parks. LEFT: Mr. Robert Clement. STAFF OFFICERS LEFT: Mr. Charles Saddler. BELOW: Miss Frances Patridge. BOTTOM: left, Mrs. Cather- ine Singer; right, Mr. H. B. Harris. 61 TOP: left, Mr. Robert Jones; right, Mrs. Doris Mays. ABOVE: Mr. Clarence Chadwell. RIGHT: Mr. Ed Black. 62 STAFF PERSONNEL x w ».♦ ' ♦•■♦ " ♦ « " « » A — , •♦♦ ♦♦♦« r- ■ • ♦ fe • • , :::::::: :tig::| K L TOP: left, Mr. Beverly Alford; right. Mr. John Pilkey. ABOVE: left. Mr. Boyd Todd: right. Mrs. Dorothy Shaw. BOTTOM: left, Mr. Joe Hacker; right, Mrs. Lucille Robbins. 63 ABOVE: Mrs. Ruth Hissam. RIGHT, near. Miss Hazel Ballou; far, Mrs. Maud Rees. BELOW: Mrs. Mary Ghormley Mrs. Oma Ritchie. BELOW: right, Mrs. Mildred Zeigler. 64 FACU LTY LEFT: far, Mr. Warren Robbins; near. Dr. Charles Simms. BELOW: left middle. Miss Kath- leen Moore; left bottom, Miss Gayle Miles. BE- LOW : Mr. Deril Mays. DIVISION OF EDUCATION 65 DIVISION OF SOCIAL STUDIES TOP: left, Mr. Charles Eastland; middle, Dr. Loyde Hartley; right, J. C. Newport. ABOVE: left, Nancy Hovarter; right. Dr. Haris Khan. RIGHT: Dr. Erwin S. Bradley. 66 LIBRARY TOP: Mrs. Sadie Martin. MIDDLE: Miss Rena Milliken. LEFT: far, Mr. William Oxendine; near, Mrs. Virginia Saddler. BELOW: left. Miss J. Larue Milieu; middle, Mr. James B. McFerrin; right, Mrs. Louise Farr. i!iik J J • 67 DIVISION OF FINE ARTS TOP: left, Miss Doris Ann Harding; right. Miss Patricia Becker. MIDDLE: left, Mr. Walter Cunderson; right, Mr. Frederick Hollis. ABOVE: left, Mr. Leo I hirudins; right, Mr. Houston Price. RIGHT: Mr. Dennis Jackson. 68 DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEFT: Mr. Don Calitri. BELOW: Mr. Pete Moore. BOTTOM: left, Dr. Herman Bush; mid- dle, Mrs. Mildred Hacker; right, Mr. Jack Wolfe. 69 DIVISION OF LANGUAGES TOP: left, Dr. Frank Merchant; middle. Dr. Gor- don Marigold; right, Mr. B. M. Stallcup. ABOVE: left, Mrs. Nga Hamilton: right, Mr. Gunter Haslop, RIGHT: Dr. Patience Haggard. 70 FAR LEFT: top. Dr. Winifred Walls; middle. Mrs. Elizabeth Caine; bottom. Dr. Robert Mat- thews. ABOVE: Mrs. Betty Jean Hisle. LEFT: Mrs. Lois Hutchins. BELOW : Mr. Douglas Hook. DIVISION OF RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY 71 TOP: left. Dr. Lawrence R. Jankovics; middle, Mrs. May C. Blackstock; right, Dr. G. Edward Marshall. ABOVE: left, Dr. Frank A. Gilbert; right, Dr. Nicholas Poulos. RIGHT: Dr. Francis C ' ohenour. 1 I m JIh zr sa m W m m — - Zm ' -- " 72 H I f i WW ? DIVISION OF SCIENCES LEFT: Mr. Robert R. Riesz. BELOW: left, Mr. Clevis Carter; right. Miss Mary Alice Lay. BOT- TOM: Mr. Bruce R. Caine. 73 m 74 CLUBS 75 1970 UNION COLLEGE STESPEAN STAFF KAY DAWN McFARLAND COPY EDITOR ROBERT McCULLOUGH PHOTOGRAPHER 77 Union College Senate BACK ROW: Mallie Spicer; Doug Jones; Mike Tierney; Tom Faxon; John Markin; Lynn Dawson; Scott Elliot. ROW TWO: Chris Brozyna; Lindsey Davis; Linda Smith; Steve Coryell; Ann Steele. FRONT ROW: David Webb; Paul Hammond: Tom McKnight. 78 Union College Judicial Council LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Thomas; Peggy Prosser; Chris Stoecklin; Mary Beth Smoll; Al Graham; Ray King Smith; Janie Nels 79 BACK ROW: Mrs. Gilbert; Shari Snowden; Carol Miller; Peggy Wallace; Tammie King; Mollie Kemmer; Jody Cloud. FRONT ROW: Debbie Gregory; Kay Depp; Nancy Nielsson; Connie Weeks; Carol Brubaker; Doreen Johns; Linda Smith; Debbie Newman; Pat Ragone; Maureen Sharrah: Diane Hughes; Gail Gruen; Emily Wood. 80 Beta Chi 81 Alpha M u m e 9 a B e t a ROOF: Richard Kisbey; Steve Trimble; Al Tarbous; Rand) Brumback; Barry Brazzell. ROW TWO: Fred Gross; John Guba; Mark Duffy; Tom O ' Conner; Doug Jones; Doug Bowman; John Bellavia; Rich Pesce; Grant Wallace;Greg Fergusen. ROW ONE: Greg Kulig; Dave Cantrel; Mike Tierney; Stue McCul- len; Frank Greiner; Rich Kisner; Don Hunter; Chick Glessing; Mike Durham; Steve Goodman: Bruce Oldack; Charlie Fjeldel; Tim Cleary. 82 TOP: Bert Miltonberger; Ray King Smith; Dave Ganary; Rick Jones; Aaron Childs. BOTTOM: Tom Faxon; Mike Durham. 83 V ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Reed, John Moffett, Wayne Carey, Jim Pedrick, John Hartman, Scott Anderson, Greg Baldwin, David Box, Jim Black. ROW TWO: Mr. Douglas Hook, John Wiese, Roland Ransom, Harry Herbert, Jim Hofacker, John Maxvitat, Ron Mortenson, Frank Zink, Mr. Ed Black. ROW THREE: Steve Liming, Steve Weaver, Owen Skaggs, David Webb, Gary Bock, David Hall, John Luley. ROW FOUR: Monty Combs, Bob Ahrens, Bob Gillaspie, Gilbert Justice, Glenn Merkle, Larry Shepard, Bob Wassum. ROW FIVE: Bill Kipp. Bill Beebe, Bruce Jaildagian, Brian Controvillas, Don Parker, Larry Natarelli, Alan Paciunas. ROW SIX: Tom Buddenhagen, Chip Thomas, Bob Cooper, Guy MacGuigan, Mike Prusina, Jim Twigg, Lou Carey, Jeff Barnes. 84 Alpha Phi Omega 85 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia FRONT TO BACK: Joe Hodges, Tim Feeley, Gary Hicks, Eugene Neal, Ron Matthews, Mr. Leo Dontchos, Dana Gun- nison, Tim McConnell, Charles McDowell. 86 Wi s e m i n a r ' 69 LEFT TO RIGHT: Cherry Owens; Ann Steele; Carol Stallcup; Chris Stoecklin; Ginny Archer; Dr. Frank Merchant; Sara Neuman; Bob Gillaspie; Mr. Billy Stallcup: Tim Feeley. H STANDING: Mrs. Dottie Sanders; Mrs. Alice Riesz. ROW TWO: Mae Carmean; Elizabeth Renwick; Bernice Machamer; Pat Morey; Imogene Rutledge: Donna Cini; Karen Tierney. ROW ONE: Barbie Siewecke; Mary Harrison; Debbie DeVeer; Trudy Harvey; Lynn Glessing; Darrett Markin. M i I e s i a n s LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Douglas Hook; Dr. Frank Merchant: Bob Ireland; Dr. Robert Mathews: Judith Mays; Chet Okopski; Mike Blum; Celeste McFer- son: Paul Kirby: Dave Bodenstien; Sara Neuman: Chris Brozyna: Tom Staton; Maria Vidal: William Darnell. c I u b BACK ROW: Robin Chia; Herbert Gonzalez; John Wiese; Bill Reith; Paul Leon; Mr. Bob Reisz. FRONT ROW: Linda Webb; Linda Townsley: Debby Diswood; Debbie Newman: Marie Vidal; Hock Soon Goh; Barbara Slagter; Celeste McPherson; Sara Neuman; Emily Wood. t: • I ■k h. I ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Floy Thomas, Sally Purnell, Bob Purnell, Steve Roberts, Marlene Reed, Cherryl Gibson. ROW TWO: Char- lie McDowell, Connie Weeks, Loring Bearce, Peggy Santo, Jo Archer. ROW THREE: Kay Depp, Michael Blum, Tim McConnell, Jan Banks, Kay Dawn McFarland, Marie Hower. ROW FOUR: Georgia Curfman, Richard Buckingham, Dave Banks, Bob Tatro, Vincent Navarro, Janice Prunier. Choir 90 Concert Band ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Hodges, Bob Purnell, Arthur Camacho, Pam Wise, Lynn Howard. ROW TWO: Tom Rozmus, Ron Mat- thews, Linda Smith, Phillip Lucenti, Eugene Neal. ROW THREE: Steve Roberts, Mr. Leo Dontchos, Director, Roy Hensley, Gary Cornelius, Robin Chia, Ray Reeves, Dave Banks. -. Tl mj » ' fcilltiti?! p 4ft JM iw 4kj 1 1 r - II f f 3 il t .§■ " 1 t V, i ftfr- „ Stage Band ROW ONE: Eugene Neal: Lee Wick; Phil Lucenti; Ron Matthews; Mr. Leo Dontchos; Bob Purnell; Joyce White; Bob Tatro. ROW TWO: Charlie McDowell: Tony Cinkutis: Chet Okopski: Gary Cornelius: Roy Hensley; Tom Rozmus. BACK: Steve Roberts; Rich Jesmajian. 92 Chorus ROW ONE. LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen Shurrah, Karen Webb. ROW TWO: Larry Inkster. Doug Larsen. Ed Saah. John Campbell. ROW THREE: John Maxvitat, Fred Gross. John Archer, Jo Belh Long, Rita Messer, Kay Woodington, Dave Radway, Paul Andrews. ROW FOUR: Steve Henthorne. Ron Riskie, Dave Webb, Miss Pat, Dave Morey. Pi Epsilon Alpha 94 Gamma Beta Phi ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Tillie. Julia Cobb, Christine Akam. Robin Chia, Carol Stallcup, Sandra Kidd. Virginia Myers, Ron Creasy, Helen Hammons, Ann Steele. ROW TWO: Linda Marcum, John Luley, Alicia Boyd, Cherry Owens, Lois Anderson. Shirley Martin. Bill Darnell, Louise Bargo, Janie Parkey, Tom Hodgkins, Owen Skaggs. ROW THREE: Russell Buckley, Doyle Mills, Meredith Jones, Garry Mills, John Moffett, Sandra Blair, Judy Peaco, Jean Haddad, Mrs. Singer, Ka Depp. Judy Reiser. Al Graham, Billie Jean Morris. Bill Kipp, Mary Ann Elam. Barbara Slagter, Ronald Spatafora. Dave Graham. Home Ec Club 96 SEATED: Pauline Spicer, Linda DeChamps, Maureen Sharrah, Ann Gray, Bonnie Gross. Ruth Ann Payne. Brenda Yeager. STANDING: Catherine Yea- ger, Darla Cobb, Louise Bargo, Sandi Sehnitz, Miss Mary Alice Lay, Dinah Buchanan, Yvette Williamson. k W F i J % JS t kss T United Methodist Student Movement TOP TO BOTTOM: Judith Mays; Marcia Mendell; John Lulev; Steve Henthorne; Marilyn Turnbulh William Pierce; Debbie Newman; Donald Parker; Caddie Fitts; Joe Hodges; Wilma Ritchie; Jim Ewing; Alicia Boyd; Eric Small. LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Black; Doug Jones; Clark Taylor; Doug Bowman: Virginia Myers; Mallie Spicer; Steve Henthorne; Peggy Wallace; Scott Ray- mond; Miss Frances Patridge. Student Center Board 99 ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Gillaspie, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. John Gibbs, Dr. John Gibbs, Mr. Deril Mays, Marcia Singer, ritualist; Kyle Perkins, vice president; Maxine Stanley, Sonja Jones. ROW TWO: Dr. E. S. Bradley, Jean Knuckles, Betty Valentine, Vivian Bradley, Mary Mitchell, Doyle Mills, William Campbell, Charles Calloway, Cheryl Hill, Kath- leen Moore, Joyce Cole, Catherine Singer, historian. ROW THREE: Billie Jean Morris. Clyde Henegar, Rena Milliken, John Markin, Albert Graham, Ralph Von Derau, Hobart Coffman, Samuel Clonch, Lindsey Davis, Thomas Sturgis. Iota Sigma Nu 100 i Gamma Sigma Sigma SEATED: Billie Bingham, Billie Jean Morris, Peggy Mellon, Kay Woodington, Pauline Spicer, Marilyn Turnbull. Debbie Stapp, Maria Vidal, Joan Leach, Mary Ann Elam, Caren George, Kathy Hummer. Elaine Abbott, Cheryl Lattimer, Mary Beth Smoll. Mary Jane McGee. STANDING: Mallie Spicer. Nancy Perry, Karen Webb, Mrs. John Boyd, Mrs. Andrew Eickhoff. Sigma Alpha lota LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlene Reed, Judy Peaco, Lynn Sutton, Marie Hower, Emily Feeley, Kay Dawn McFarland, Joyce White, Jennifer Mink, Linda Webb, Janice Prunier. ». i iiuiiiiiliiilui| 1 ' W -» . ' 1. LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Peaco, Mary Kleinschmidt, Barbara Lane, Kay Woodington. Meredith Jones, Jean Haddad. Peggy Wallace, Pauline Spicer, Sandra Ridd. Cwens 103 " G 104 UClub ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenn Merkle; Ron Riskie, Sec: Paul Andrews. V.P.; Steve Burcheskv, Pres.; Dennis Hamilton: Mike Tiernv Set at Arms; Dave Radway; Torn Card: John Maxvitat: Tommy Bennett. ROW TWO. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack MacMurrav: John Archer: Dennis Avagliano- Chris Ford; Eugene Neal; Larry Inkster: Terry Smallwood, Treas.; Ed Busser; Ed Saah; Dave Shaller; John Campbell. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Greiner, Ron Mortenson, Tom Card, Bill Stefan, Jeff Schlit. ROW TWO: Ralph Christianson, Eugene Neal, John Maxvitat, Tim McConnell, Scott Elliott, Jerry Carafello. Stevenson Hall Dorm Council W i n g B - Wing C-Wing 107 108 to ».. i« v fcW ' « hrj S ! ftowJ ♦ X »4 fi » ♦. VI ' 4 « i» ML (ft DORM COUNCIL — LEFT, BACK ROW: William Beebe: Ron Riskie: Frank Zink: Chel Okopski; Steve Leaver: Ken Landreth. FRONT ROW: Chris Columbus; Bob Stokely: Mrs. Mildred Ziegler: Fred Baldwin; Walker Rilk. 5, 4 LAKESIDE DORMITORY 109 ALBRIGHT 110 me APARTMENTS m TOP TO BOTTOM: Mike Gensler; Craig Williams; David Shaller; Robert Stevens; Edward Pierce; James Hertz; Peter Quimby; Eric Krebs; Mr. Charles Black. A.W.S. Council «r §MB ' St I LEFT TO RIGHT: Dean Mays, Patti Miller, Miss Hazel Ballou, Barbara Lane, Debbie Port, Donna Lapham, Barbara Bell, Charlene Rockwell, Susan Yeary, Sherry Moore, Mary Jane Megee, Sharon Miller, Mrs. Maude Rees. 112 LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy Reeves; Steve Liming; Dan Plumley; Dr. Lawrence Jankovics; Glen Hammons; Joe Frye; and Terry Bolen. American Chemical Society 113 Circle K International 114 ROW ONE — FRONT: Scott Elliot; Phil Pape; Bob Quelle, Rec. Sec.; Paul Leon; Maynard Krebs, Vice Pres.: Jim Mullen, President: Craig Williams Corres. Sec; Bill Reith, Historian; ROW TWO - MIDDLE: John Archer; Ron Riskie; Denis Avagliano; Jerry Walton; Jerry Depp; Al Graham; Art Long; Bill Morrill; Tom Card; Al Cini; Rich Pape; ROW THREE — WALL: Don Jaycox; Paul Andrews; Walt Yatka; Robbie Jordan; John Campbell: PaulCafr; Keith Rich; Kerry Blasanek; John Larimer: Al Peret; Al Zaiser; Hock-Soon-Goh; Lindsey Davis; Larry Paduano; Jack Schilz: Dave Graham; Tommy Ben- nett. Dr. Frank A. Gilbert, Advisor. 115 Oxford Club LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW ONE — Tom Buddenhagen, Rev. Dewey Sanders, Judith Mays, William Darnell, Steve Roberts, Jean Haddad, Peg Prosser. ROW TWO — Bill Steffan, Bert Coffman, Dave Bodenstein, Paul Rudolph, Jim Hofacker. CLASSES 117 The Senior Class 1970 THERE WAS A TIME NOT VERY LONG AGO, Lois Anderson Galion, Ohio Math, Physical Education Robert Anderson Pine Beach, New Jersey Biology Scott Anderson Groton, Connecticut Business Paul Andrews East Bernstadt, Kentucky Physical Education David Banks Harlan, Kentucky Music Linda Bechtol Wayne, Pennsylvania Home Economics 118 Barbara Bell Yardville, New Jersey Elementary Education Ken Bernhardt Pitman, New Jersey Health, Physical Education Tonawanda, New York History Michael Blum Falls Church, Virginia Religion Gary Bock Falls Church, Virginia History Pamela Bowman Clinton Corners, N. Y. Biology David Box Corning, New York Business Steve Burchesky Utica, New York Sociology Donna Burnsides Celina, Ohio Math Ronnie Callihan Bimble, Kentucky Business 119 Clinton J. Campbell Clarks Summitt Pennsylvania Business Thomas Card Windham Center Connecticut Math, Physics John Wharton Carey Frankford, Delaware Accounting Wayne John Carey Georgetown, Delaware Business David Carmean Frankford, Delaware Psychology Anne Powell Carr Ashland, Kentucky Business Paul Carr Ashland, Kentucky Business Forest Scott Carter Loudenville, Ohio Social Studies 120 Alan Cini Decane, Pennsylvania History WHEN WE WERE FRESHMEN. Darla Cobb Barbourville, Kentucky Business Hobart D. Coffman Philippi, West Virginia Math, Religion Ronald Creasy Girdler, Kentucky Math William Lewis Darnell Burnside, Kentucky Math, Religion Betty Davis Barbourville, Kentucky Elementary Education Lindsey Davis Lexington, Kentucky German 121 Walter L. Dexter Damascus, Pennsylvania Biology Linda DeChamps Pitman, New Jersey Business, Home Economics Eric De Groff Washington, D. C. Business William H. DeVeer Palm Beach, Florida Business William Dinicola Gibbstown, New Jersey History Leonard Dufresne Watertown, New York Political Science Nancy Elam Blackey, Kentucky- Business Donna Endress Painesville, Ohio Elementary Education Thomas Faxon Concord, Massachusetts Elementary Education Timothy Feeley Rosedale, New York English Caddie Fitts Courtland, New York Business Joyce Freeman Loyall, Kentucky Business 122 Joseph C. Frye Newark, Ohio Chemistry George E. Gaunt Jr. Mullica Hall, New Jersey Business Michael Gensler Williamsville, New York Social Studies Robert Gillaspie Madisonville, Kentucky English Charles Glessing Adams, New York Sociology Hock-Soon Goh Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia Chemistry THEN SUDDENLY — FOUR YEARS WENT BY. 123 Albert Graham Penns Grove, New Jersey History, Political Science David Graham Woodstock, Ohio Chemistry Liz Mammons Middlesboro, Kentucky Elementary Education John Hartman Muncy, Pennsylvania Business AND WE WERE CHANGED 124 Jack Heller Moores Hill, Indiana Social Studies Gary Hicks Maple Heights, Ohio Sociology Thomas Hodgkins Willimantic, Conn. Chemistry Robert Ireland Cleveland, Ohio Religion, Philosophy Richard Jesmajian Valley Stream, New York Math Vernece Jones Grays, Kentucky Math Gilbert Justice Clarksboro, New Jersey- Business William Kipp Dunmore, Pennsylvania Sociology Paul Kirby Providence, R. I. Sociology Eric Krebs Passaic, New Jersey Business William A. Lacy McLean, Virginia History Steve Liming Williamsburg, Ohio Chemistry, Psychology, Math 125 David Logue Junction City, Kentucky Health, Physical Education Andrew Long West Belmar, New Jersey History Jo Beth Long Lititz, Pennsylvania Health, Physical Education John Luley Ridgefield Park, N.J. History Delores Mackey Corbin, Kentucky Elementary Education John Markin Alexandria, Virginia Business Anna May Martin Barbourville, Kentucky Elementary Education Shirley Martin Democrat, Kentucky Elementary Education Dorsey Maxwell London, Kentucky History Charles McDowell North Merrick, N.Y. Music Kay Dawn McFarland Claymont, Delaware Music Ken Meibers Milford,Ohio Social Studies 126 BY OUR WORK, Evelyn Merida Hammond, Kentucky English Kranklyn Miller West Germany History Max Miller Williamsport, Pa. History Henry Doyle Mills Artemis, Kentucky Math Joe Moore Milfor d, Ohio Business Mary Moore Barbourville, Kentucky French 127 David Morey Sherrill, New York Health, Physical Education Janie Nelson Merrick, New York Biology AND OUR FUN, Sara Neuman Barranquilla, Columbia, S. A. English, French Cherry Owens Barbourville, Kentucky English Don Parker Louisville, Kentucky Business Ruth Ann Payne Heidrick, Kentucky Business James Pedrick Woodstown, New Jersey Business Michael Penick Covington, Kentucky German 128 Russ Pipo Rutherford, New Jersey Business Betty Powell Barbourville, Kentucky Business Alma Powers Rockholds, Kentucky Math Janice Prunier Oxford, Massachusetts Sociology Peter Quimby Henderson, New York Business David Radway North Olmstead, Ohio Health, Physical Education Bruce Ricards Bridgeton, New Jersey History Ron Riskie Woodbury, New Jersey History David Schaller Cranston, Rhode Island Business Sandi Schnitz Virgin Islands Home Economics Regina Sergent Jackhorn, Kentucky Elementary Education Maureen Sharrah Havertown, Pa. Physical Education 129 ?p ■ Barbara Slagter Barranquilla, Columbia, S. A. Math Ray Smith Radford, Virginia History Linda Snyder Easton, Pennsylvania Elementary Education Carol Stalk-up Barbourville, Kentucky English Ann E. Steele Columbus, Ohio English Dale Steele Ocean View, Delaware Health, Physical Education Robert Stevens Clifton, New Jersey Social Studies Susan Stewart Middlesboro, Kentucky Social Studies Chris Stoecklin Silver Springs, Maryland English 130 AND BY OTHER PEOPLE, Steve Stubblefield Lexington, Kentucky Business Robert Tatro Wallaston, Mass. Music John Thompson Vincentown, New Jersey History Barbara Thorpe Pineville, Kentucky Psychology Ed Tillie Fleming, Kentucky Business Betty Valentine Flatlick, Kentucky English 131 INTO — US. Maria Vidal Barranquilla, Columbia, S. A. French Betty Waddell Fleming, Kentucky Elementary Education Emma Waddell Fleming, Kentucky Elementary Education David Webb Ingram, Kentucky Health, Physical Education 132 Yvonne West Barbourville, Kentucky Elementary Education Joyce White Woodstock, Ohio French John Wiese Fanwood, New Jersey Business Craig Williams New London, Conn. Business Emily Willis Barbourville, Kentucky- Sociology Martha Wovkulich Apalachin, New York Elementary Education Brenda Yeager Barbourville, Ky. Home Economics Catherine Yeager Barbourville, Ky. Business J. Earl Yost Wenonah, New Jersey Sociology 133 Underclassmen: A-B Elaine Abbot, 3 Vonda Gay Abner, 2 Robert Ahrens, 1 Christine Akam, I Gary Andresky, 1 John Archer, 3 Josephine Archer, 3 Denis Avagliano, 3 Virginia Babcock, 1 Gregory Baldwin, 2 David Bandeline, 1 Jan Banks, 3 Louise Bargo, 2 Robert Barkdoll, I Bruce Barnes, 1 Thomas Bartus, I Robert Bays, 1 Regina Bean, 3 Loring Bearce, 1 Bill Beebe, 3 John Bellavia, 2 Steve Belle, I Tommy Bennett, 2 Mitchell Bergmann. 2 Thomas Bidwell. I Billie Bingham, 3 David Bird, 1 James Black, 3 Sandra Diane Blair, I Roland Blaisdell, I 134 t M-i AAi itilii Underclassmen: B-C kern Blasenak, 3 Robert Bodenloss, 1 David Bodenstein, 2 Terr Bolen. 2 Kathleen Boulelte. 1 Alicia Boyd. 3 Suzanne Boyer, 1 Catherine Bradburv, 3 Barry Brazzell, I Chris Brozyna, 2 Carol Brubaker. 2 Dinah Buchanan, 3 Richard Buckingham, 1 Russell Buckley, 2 Melissa Buckwalter. I Tom Buddenhaeen, 3 Edward Busser, 2 Thomas Cady, 1 Arthur Camacho, 1 Dennis Cammarata, 1 135 Underclassmen: C John Campbell, 3 David Cantrell, 2 Jerry Carafello, 2 Lou Carey, 1 Nancy Carl, 3 Michael Carlson. 1 Marlene Castle. 2 Vickie Caswell, I Jeanette Chagola. 1 Harry Chambers, 3 Thomas Chappell. 2 Robin T. K. Chia, 3 Richard Child, 3 Peter Chin, 1 Karen Christiansen. 3 Ralph Christianson, 1 Anthony Cinkutis, 2 Timothy Cleary, 1 Nancy Cleaver, 1 Stewart Cleveland, 1 136 Underclassmen: C-D Jody Cloud, 2 Julia Cobb, 2 Joseph Collins. I Christopher Columbus, 1 Monty Combs, 1 Francis D. Connell, I Ann Consiglio, 2 Brion Controvillas, 1 William Cooper, 1 Gary Cornelius, 2 David Crane, I Georgia Curfman, 3 Philip Damstrom, 2 Rex Daniels, 2 Alfred Day, 2 James De Rocco, 1 Michael De Santo, I Barbara Deininger, 2 Kay Depp, 2 Terry Depp, 2 Joe Detherage, 2 Richard Dionne, 1 Deborah Diswood, I Sallie Dodd, 2 Gregory Doerwald, 1 Jane Doner, I Mark Duffy, 1 John Dunham, 2 Mike Duram, 2 Robert Duricko, 2 137 Underclassmen: E-G Mary Ann Elam, 3 Scott Elliott, 2 John Entelisano, 3 Mike Esposito, 1 Jim Ewing, 3 Mike Fawcett, 3 Emily Feeley, 3 James Felz, 1 Greig Ferguson, 3 Michael Fischer, I George Fisher, 3 Pum Foley, 2 Stephen Fowler, 2 Carol Francis, 1 Linda Freeman, 1 Allen Fullen, 2 David Ganary, 3 Jane M. Ganz, I William H. Gardner, 1 Charles Garrett, 2 Conrad Gemmer, 2 Caren George, 2 Cherryl Gibson, 3 Richard Gilliam, I 138 Underclassmen: G-H Daniel Hammons, 1 Helen Hammons, 3 Richard Hanson, I James Harvey, 1 Jennie Hawkins, 3 James Havles, 1 James Glover, 1 Hernan Gonzalez, 2 Steven Goodman, 3 Clayton Gove, 3 John Graham, 3 Debra Gregory, 2 Patrick Gregory, 1 Frank Greiner, 2 Fred Gross, 3 Sandra Grubb. I Gail Gruen, 2 John Guba, 3 Dana Gunnison, 3 Robert Gustavson, 1 James Habercam. 3 1 Underclassmen: H-K Samuel Hays, 3 Stephen Henthorn, 3 Harry Herbert, 1 James Hertz, 3 Susan Highhouse, 1 Larry Hinkle, 1 Joe Hodges, 2 Jim Hofacker, 2 Lynn Howard, I Marie Hower, 3 Burnetta Hubbard, 1 Kathy Hummer, 2 Richard Hies, 2 John Inkster, 2 Kenneth Jackson. I Sidney F. Jones, 1 Robert Jordan, 1 Molly Kemmer, 2 Underclassmen: K-M BFP C ik imd Dennis Kennaugh. 2 Gary Kennedy. I William Kern, 3 Sandra Kidd. 2 Richard Kiesbye, 3 Tamara King. 2 Mary Kleinschmidt. 2 Greg Klinedinst, I Meredith Knapp. 2 Whitcomb Knuckles, 3 John Kobiela. 2 Martin Kumor. 1 Bob Kurtz, 2 John Laidlaw, 1 Ruth Lakeman. 1 Barbara Lane, 2 Donna Lapham. 1 Douglas Larson, 2 Cheryl Lattimer, 3 William Lawson, 1 Paul Leon, 3 Gary Levan, 3 Patricia Gail Lewis, I Warren Lloyd, I Arthur Long, 2 Lisa Long, 1 William Longacre, John Lorimer, 1 Philip Lucenti, I Gary MacGuigan. ' . 141 Underclassmen: M Kenneth Mackay, 2 Robert Maquire, 2 Ann Marshall, 1 Glenn Marston, I Jackie Martin, 2 Ronald W. Matthews, 2 John Maxvitat, 3 Judith Mays, 1 Timothy McConnell, 3 Robert McCullough, 1 Bert McDade, 1 Brenda McDonald, 3 Darcy K. McDowell, I Thomas McKnight, 1 John McMurray, 2 Celeste McPherson, 1 Mary Jane Megee, 3 Deborah Menard, 2 Marcia Mendell. 2 Vickie Mendoza, 2 Glenn Merkle, 2 Cynthia Merrill. 3 Fay Miley, 1 Carol Miller, 3 Pati Miller. 2 Sharon Miller, 1 Garry D. Mills, 2 Wanda Mills. I Burt Miltenberger, 3 Jennifer Mink, 3 A A A 142 Underclassmen: M-P itifcitf John Minor, 3 James D. Mitchell, 3 Karla Moore, I William Morrow, I Ron Mortensen, 2 James Mullen, 3 Dorothy Muller, 3 Virginia Myers, 3 Lawrence Natarelli, 1 Vincent Navarra, 1 Eugene Neal, 2 Nancy Neilsson, 2 Terry Nelson, I Deborah Newman, I Linda Noe, 1 David Noyes, 3 Tom O ' Connor, 1 Bruce Oldack, I Allan Paciunas, 3 Rickey Pack, I 143 Underclassmen: P Lawrence Paduano, 3 Evelyn Paine, 2 Michelle Palmer, 1 Al Palmore. 3 Phillip Pape. I Anna J. Parkey, 1 Randy Parmett, 1 Charles Parsons, 3 Curtis Payne, 3 Richard Pesce, 3 Judy Peaco, 2 Otto Pembrook, 1 Jerry Petryk, 1 Ed Pierce, 3 William Pierce, 3 Richard Ploshay, 2 — -v 1 JZ H Underclassmen: P-R John Podlaskowich. Julio Porcell, 1 Michael Poster, 2 Karen Potter, I James Powell, 3 Shirley Powell, 2 Hsther Prince, 3 Peg Prosser, 2 Michael Prusina, 2 Albert Pulver, 2 James Purnell, 2 Sally Purnell, 3 Robert Quelle, 2 Steven Quentmeyer, Pat Ragone, 2 John Ray, 3 James Reed, 3 Marlene Reed, 3 Richard Reed, I Roy Reeves, I Orlinda Reid,3 Judv Reiser, 3 Joe Reynolds, 2 Robert Reynolds, I Wilma Richey, 2 Robert Rigely, 2 Walker Rilk, 3 145 Underclassmen: R-S Stephen Roberts, I Charlene Rockwell. 2 Steven Rota, I Don Rybacki. I Edward Saah, 3 Arthur Sampson, I Elizabeth Sanders, I Kenneth Santipadri, 1 Margaret E. Santo, 1 Frances L. Savage, 3 John Schamp, I Douglas Schellinkhout JohnSchilt. I Bill Schmitt, I Edward Schneider, 3 Robert Sciolto, 2 Alan Sears, I Freda Sexton, I Mary Shelton, 1 Terry Shelton, 1 Lawrence Shepherd, 1 Ralph Sherman, 1 Joe Shields, 3 Russell Silver, 1 Clarence Skaggs, 3 Eric Small, 3 Alice Smalley, I 146 Underclassmen: S-T John Smalley, 3 Terry Smallwood, 2 Douglas Smith, 1 Jerry Smith, 2 Linda Smith, 1 Mary Beth Smoll, 3 Shari Snowden, 2 Mallie Spicer, 3 Pauline Spicer, 2 NikaStallard, I Patrick Stallard, 1 Deborah Stapp, 2 Bill Steffan, 3 Kyle Stephenson, 1 Jack Styger, 1 Brian Sullivan, 2 Alice Supplee, 3 Lynn Sutton, 3 Suzanne Sutton, 2 Clark Taylor, 3 147 Underclassmen: T-W Ronnie Tedders, 1 Nancy Terrell, 1 Charles Thomas, 1 Dennis R. Thomas, 3 Floy Thomas, 1 Chris Thorpe, 1 Peggy Thorpe, 2 Michael Tierney, 3 Janet Tornatore, 2 Linda Townsley, 1 Gail Trainer, 2 Steve Trimble, 2 Marilyn Turnbull, 3 James Turner, 1 James Twigg, 2 Dave Urich, 1 Charlene Valentine, 2 Peggy Wallace, 2 Emmett Walling, 2 Jerry Walton, 1 Deborah Ward, 1 Stephen Weaver, 3 Peggy Webb. 3 Connie Weeks, 1 148 Underclassmen: W-Z Douglas Werley, 1 Vern West, 2 Marc Whitehead, I Paul Whittaker, 2 Christina Williams, 1 Duane Wilson, 2 Pamela Wise, 2 Doug Wood, 2 Mary Wood, 1 Kay Woodington, 2 Alice Woodward, 2 Yvonne Yeager, 1 Susan Yeary, 1 Jim Zaiser, 2 Zoe Zimmerman. 1 -8 1 55. " 0 |S|j§s£ 150 HAMMONS PURE SERVICE CITY 1 Mile South of Barbourville on 25E ; i - - T- Open 24 hours Mechanic on duty at all times Phone: 546-4022 Area Code 606 Firebird Gasolines No. 2 and Super Diesels Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 151 LONDON LAUNDRY SANITONE DRY CLEANER Fur Storage Box Storage Linen Service Samtone Certified MasterVn c eaner Office on Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Phone 546-3151 KNOX CASH JOBBERS, INC. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS - RACK JOBBERS Confection — Cigars Restaurant Supplies — Sundry Items Health Beauty Aids School Supplies On Highway 25E at Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3440 152 1 ENGLE ' S STUDIO Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky ADVOCATE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. Publishers of THE BARBOURVILLE MOUNTAIN ADVOCATE THE UNION COLLEGE ORANGE AND BLA CK Sales Agency Olivetti — Underwood Corp. The world ' s leading desk-top business machines Phone: 546-3175 Barbourville, Kentucky COTTON ' S ONE HOUR CLEANERS Barbourville, Kentucky HOPPER FUNERAL HOME. INC. 24 hr. Ambulance Service 302 N. Broadway Barbourville, Kentucky Phone 546-4141 153 BEG LEY ' S D RTTg S ONS HAS THE LOWEST EVERYDAY PRICES IN TOWN Students Welcome I. G. A. FOODLINER Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3420 SOWDERS PURE OIL 220 Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky Tires - Batteries 546 - 4195 E M L±±L i ■ B - 1 . M E i 3 - IO ■ HOB B S R. H. HOBBS Variety Department Store Clothing for the Entire Family On The Square Barbourville, Kentucky 154 Welcome Students! GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville Kentucky COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office— Louisville, Kentucky Over Three Billion of Life Insurance in force Scott Campbell H. M. Faulkner Randall Hubbard A. B. Scent E. G. Sellards 108 Cumberland Ave., Barbourville, Ky. Best Wishes from KNOX MOTOR COMPANY The Best Place for the Best Deal OLDSMOBILE Zmk, Chevrolet Compliments of CHANDLER PRINTING CO., INC. Quality Printing Everything for the Office Corbin, Kentucky Phone 528-1822 BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance " That ' s Our Only Business " Chas. W. Buchanan, Agt. Roy L. Faulkner, Agt. Bruce Carey, Agt. 109 Knox Street-Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-4171 HERNDON DRUG CO., INC. Phone 546-31 11 The Rexall Store Three Registered Pharmacists To Serve You Barbourville, Kentucky TREADWAYBROS. Building Materials and Contractors Phone 546-3357 Barbourville, Kentucky VARSITY- VILLAGER Student ' s Wear Corbin, Kentucky 155 Compliments of RAPP LUMBER COMPANY JUDY ' S FLOWER SHOP ' There ' s No Place Like Judy ' s " Flowers For All Occasions 546-3127 KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors for Auto Parts On The Square Plumbing and Electrical Supplies WILLIAMS ' CLOTHING STORE Florsheim Shoes Arrow Shirts Kuppenheimer Suits Barbourville, Kentucky Visit CLARA ' S SHOPPE Merle Norman Cosmetics also English Leather and British Sterling for Men Villager Country Set Barbourville, Kentucky HAMPTON AND NAU Nunn Bush Shoes Botany 500 Suits Arrow Shirts Barbourville, Kentucky KIDD BROS. GROCERY Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Compliments of D WCAFETERIA Walker Park Road Barbourville, Kentucky 156 Compliments of THE CAMPUS SHOP Books and Supplies for the Student WEST STANDARD SERVICE Corner of Knox Street and Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky AMERICAN FIDELITY BANK Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3138 Member FDIC Stereo Color TV Admiral Appliances JACK ' S RADIO T.V. 501 Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 Phone 546-5224 Certified By NEA Cet Ky. 58 Jack B. Sellards 546-4074 157 Large Enough To Fill Your Needs. Total Resources Over 1 3 Million Dollars UNION NA1 Howard Miller President Corbin H. Melton Senior Vice President Toy Wilson Vice President r ? ? 4fU ' r A Gerald Hyde Installment Loans Sammy Davies Installment Loans Bill Burton Head Teller Union National Bank is proud to be Barbourville ' s and Knox County ' s largest Bank with total Assets over thirteen million dollars. Your trust in our Financial Ability made it possible. Christine Adams Note Teller • ' Geneda Gray Note Teller s Helen Brown Note Teller Hazel King Note Teller Amanda Woolum Drive-in-Teller Sherry Foley Drive-in-Teller Kathleen Ore Drive-in-Teller Becky Dorsett Teller Sherri Campbell Teller Barbourville ' s and Knox County ' s Only National Bank UNION NA " All Deposits insured to $20, 0( ONAL BANK Small Enough To Give You Personal Attention — Managed By Your Hometown Friends Neighbors - James E. Thompson, Jr. Cashier Margaret M. Riley Assistant Cashier Jerry Carey Assistant Cashier Mrs. Mattie H. Cole Director H. M. Callihan, Jr. Director R. B. Williams Director Our 13 million dollars is at your service. Consult any of the above officers or directors on any banking need. Ann Cambrel Bookkeeper Betty Centers Proof Clerk Judy Hammons Bookkeeper CuNJp is a National Bank UNB Union Nat ' l Bank Colleen Hamilton Bookkeeper JNJp Your Sate Sound-Secure Bank UNB Union Nat ' l Bank Betty Hammons Bookkeeper QjNj Pays You 5%% UNB Union Nat ' l Bank Lois Mills Bookkeeper Chas. Cole Custodian ONAL BANK y the Federal Insurance Corporation. SAFE - SOUND - SECURE Senior Directory Anderson. Lois — Oxford Club; M.S.M.; Gamma Beta Phi; Methodist Scholarship; S.N.E.A.; Sophomore Counselor; Cwens, treasurer; Alpha Delta, secretary-treasurer; Pi Epsilon Alpha; Iota Sigma Nu. Anderson. Robert — Alpha Phi Omega; Appalachian Volunteers; Varsity Bowling: Stevenson Hall Dorm Council, president; Monitor; American Chemical Society. Anderson. Scon — Alpha Phi Omega, pledgemaster; Stevenson Hall, dorm council and judicial board. Andrews. Paul — Student Senate; Varsity Basketball, All-KIAC, Player of the year, athlete of the year, All-NAIA District 24. Honorable Mention All-America, Member of Outstanding College Athletes of America Book; Varsity Track, K1AC Discus Winner; U-Club, vice president; Circle K; Pi Epsilon Alpha; Mr. Union; Patridge Theta Phi Delta Award. Banks. David — Presser Foundation Scholarship; Choir, president and vice president; Judicial Council, alternate. Bechlol. Linda — Home Ec. Club; M.S.M.; Oxford Club; Appalachian Volunteers; S.N. E.A. Bock. Gary — Alpha Phi Omega, recording secretary and chaplain; Bridge Club; Playlikers; S.N. E.A. treasurer. Burnsides, Donna — Cwens; Alpha Delta, secretary-treasurer; Gamma Beta Phi, secretary. Card. Thomas — Dorm Council; Head Monitor; Varsity Golf; Food Com- mittee; Bridge Club; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Delta; Circle K Club; Vice- President of Sophomore and Junior Class; Patridge Theta Phi Delta Award. Carey. Wayne — Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer; Orange and Black. Carmean. David — Student National Education Association; lota Sigma Nu. Can, Anne — Sophomore Counselor; Stespean Staff; P.H.T.; A.W.S. Council. Carr. Paul— Basketball Team; U-Club; Circle K Club. Cini. Alan — Circle K Club: Varsity Track; Lakeside Dormitory Council; Stespean Staff; Student National Education Association. Clonch. Samuel President of Junior Class; Gamma Beta Phi, vice- president and treasurer. Coffman. Hobart Alpha Delta; Circulum Task Force Committee; Pat- ridge Theta Phi Delta Award; lota Sigma Nu. Creasy. Ronald Student National Education Association; Alpha Delta, vice-president; Young Republicans, president; lota Sigma Nu, American Chemical Society: Gamma Beta Phi. Darnell. William Alpha Delta, president; Oxford Club; Gamma Beta Phi; lota Sigma Nu; Religious Life Committee. Dawson. Lynda Secretary of Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class; B.X.A.; Student National Education Association; A.W.S. Dechamps, Linda — Home Economics Club; Orange and Black; Appal- achian Volunteers. deVeer. William — Bridge Club, vice-president; Tennis Team. Elam. Nancy — lota Sigma Nu; National Education Association; Gamma Beta Phi. Feeley. Timothy — Phi Mu Alpha, president, historian; Seminar ' 69; Orange and Black. Fills. Caddie - Methodist Student Movement. Goh. Hock-Soon American Chemical Society, vice-president; Steven- son Hall Representative; Circle K C ub; Stespean Photographer. Graham. Albert Intramurals; Bridge Club; Circle K Club; Student Judicial Council; Freshmen Orientation Committee; Gamma Beta Phi, vice-president; lota Sigma Nu, secretary-treasurer; Curriculum Task Force Committee; M. A. C.C.I. " Instant Answers " ; Young Republicans Club, vice-president; Cafeteria Monitor; Presidents ' Council, Student National Education Association; Vice-President of Senior Class. Graham. David American Chemical Society, vice-president; Baseball; Gamma Beta Phi, vice-president; Alpha Delta, vice-president; Circle K Club; Vice-President of Stevenson Dormitory Council; Freshman Chem- istry Award; Organic Chemistry Award. Hicks, Gary — Circle K Club; Karate Club, president; Phi Mu Alpha, vice-president; Presidents ' Council; Student Senate. Ireland. Robert — Assistant Editor of Orange and Black: Milesions; Stu- dent Senate, vice-president, treasurer; Circle K Club; Kentucky Student Association; Vice-President of Freshman Class; President of Senior Class; Patridge Theta Phi Delta Award. Justice. Gilbert -- Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals; Food Committee; Stu- dent Senate Committeeman. Kirby. Paul — Student Center Board Assistant; Emergency Fund and Ser- vice Inc.; Art Award; Coffee House Committee; President of Junior Class; Student Faculty Conduct Committee; Religious Life Committee; Cultural Life Committee; Human Rights Commission, secretary; Committee on Social Standards, chairman; Patridge Theta Phi Delta Award. Lacy. William — Student Senate; Food Committee; Stespean. assistant editor and business manager. Liming. Stephen — Stevenson Hall Dorm Council; Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer; American Chemical Society, treasurer; Student National Edu- cation Association. Long. JoBeth — Phi Epsilon Alpha, president, treasurer; Social Standards Board; Intramurals; Hockey; Secretary of Senior Class: Student National Education Association, president. Luley, John — Methodist Student Movement; Alph Phi Omega; Young Republican Club; Gamma Beta Phi; Concerned Students for Knox Coun- ty. McFarland. Kay — Methodist Student Movement; Cultural Life Com- mittee; Sigma Alpha Iota, president; vice-president; Stespean Staff; Music Faculty Award. Machamer. Bernice — Alpha Delta; lota Sigma Nu; P.H.T. Markin. John — Playlikers; Student Senate; Intramurals; Gamma Beta Phi, treasurer: Iota Sigma Nu; Off Campus Monitor; Lakeside Dormi- tory Council. Meibers, Kenneth — Newman Club; Circle K Club; U Club; All-KIAC; All-NAIA; Varsity Basketball; Honorable Mention All-American; Danny Drinkard Award; Member of Outstanding College Athletes of America Book. Merida. Evelyn — Seminar ' 69; Student National Education Association. Mills. Henry — Alpha Delta, president; Iota Sigma Nu Sophomore Award; Gamma Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Nu; Cecil H. Wilson Junior Award; Senior Assistant in Math-Physics Department. Moore. Kenneth — Circle K Club; Basketball Team; Baseball Team. Morris. Billie Jean - CWENS, secretary; GSS; Gamma Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Nu; Student National Education Association. Mullen. James — Circle K Club, president; Baseball Team; Presidents ' Council; U Club; Student National Education Association. Nelson, Janie — Appalachian Volunteers; American Chemical Society; Smut and Smut; Student Judicial Council; Orange and Black; Young Republican Club. Neuman. Sara — Milesians; Cosmopolitin Club; Iota Sigma Nu. Owens. Cherry — Honor Scholarship; Stespean Staff; E. O. Robinson Scholarship; Gamma Beta Phi; Seminar ' 68, secretary; Seminar ' 69, pres- ident; Young Republican Club: Iota Sigma Nu; Faculty-Student Conduct Committee, secretary; Chapel Committee; CWENS; Beta Chi Alpha, historian. Parker, Donald Methodist Student Movement, treasurer; Young Re- publican Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals; Concerned Students for Knox County. Pipo. Russell — Swim Team; Alpha Delta. Prunier. Janice — Choir; S.F.A.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Appalachian Vol- unteers. Radway. David — Track; U Club; Pi Epsilon Alpha. Riskie. Ronald — Cross-Country; Track; Circle K Club; U Club; Steven- son Hall Dorm Council; Named to 1969-1970 Outstanding Athletes of America Club. Schnilz. Sandra — BXA, historian; Home Economic Club; Smut and Smut; Orange and Black. Smith. Ray — Mu Omega Beta, president; Tennis Team; Student Senate; Teacher Course Evaluation Committee, chairman; Student Judicial Coun- cil, vice-chairman; President of Sophomore Class. Steele. Ann — Stespean editor; Student Senate, secretary; Orientation Committee, Miss Union; AWS Sweetheart. Gamma Beta Phi, Seminar ' 68 and ' 69: Social Standards Committee; Curriculum Task Force Com- mittee; CWENS; Honor Scholarship; Methodist Student Movement; Sophomore Counselor; Stespean Staff; Choir; A.W.S., vice-president, president; M. A. C.C.I. " Instant Answers " ; Patridge Theta Phi Delta Award; Smut and Smut staff. Stevens. Robert — Circle K; Orientation Committee. Steocklin. Chris — Varsity Tennis; U-Club; Seminar ' 68 and ' 69; Judi- cial Council. Tatro. Robert — Phi Mu Alpha, president, vice president, and secretary; Stage Band: Choir; Presser Foundation Scholarship. Thompson. J. Wesley — Gamma Beta Phi; Stevenson Hall Dorm Council. Tillie. Ed Playlikers; E. O. Robinson Scholarship; Cultural Life Com- mittee; Gamma Beta Phi; Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award. Valentine, Betty — lota Sigma Nu Award; American Literature Award; Iota Sigma Nu; Seminar ' 68 and ' 69; English Comprehensive Award. White, Joyce — Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota, corresponding sec- retary and treasurer; Choir; Stage Band; Cwens; M.S.M. Wick, Robert Lee — Oxford Club; Choir: Orange and Black staff. Williams, Craig — Choir; Appalachian Volunteers; Circle K, correspond- ing secretary. Yost, John Earl — Circle K; Student Center Board, vice president; Play- likers; Alpha Psi Omega; Orientation Committee; Dorm Counselor. 160 Index Abbott, Elaine: 101,134 Abner, Guv: 134 Ahrens, Bob: 84,134 Akam, Christine: 95,134 Anderson, Lois: 95,1 IS Anderson, Robert: 1 18 Anderson, Scott: 84,1 18 Andresky, Gary: 134 Andrews, Paul: 28,31,42,105,1 14 Archer, Ginny: 38,88 Archer, John: 94,105,1 14,134 Archer, Jo: 90,134 Avagliano. Dennis: 105,114.134 Babcock, Virginia: 134 Baldwin, Fred: 108 Baldwin, Greg: 84,134 Bandelinc, David: 134 Banks, David: 90,91,1 18 Banks, Jan: 90,134 Bargo, Louise: 95,97. 1 34 Barkdoll. Robert: 134 Barnes, Bruce: 134 Barnes, Jeff: 84 Bartus, Tom: 134 Bays, Robert: 134 Bean, Regina: 134 Bearce. Loring: 90.134 Bechtol, Linda: 118 Beebe, Bill: 84,108,134 Bell, Barbara: 112,118 Bellavia, John: 82.134 Belle, Steve: 134 Bennett, Tommy: 48, 1 14,134 Bergmann. Mitchell: 134 Bernhardt, Ken: I 19 Bidwell, Thomas: 134 Bingham, Billie: 101,134 Bird, David: 134 Black. James: 84,134 Blair, Sandra: 95,134 Blaisdell, Roland: 134 Blasenak, Kerry: 46,1 14,135 Bliss, Bob: 119 Blum, Mike: 89,90,119 Bock, Gary: 84,119 Bodenloss, Robert: 135 Bodenstein, David: 89,116,135 Bolen, Terry: 113,135 Boulette, Kathleen: 135 Bowman, Dou : 82,99 Bowman, Pamela: 1 19 Box, David: 84,119 Boyd, Alicia: 95,98,135 Boyer, Suzanne: 135 Bradbury, Catherine: 135 Brazzell. Barry: 82,135 Brozyna, Chris: 78,89.135 Brubaker. Carol: 80,135 Brumback, Randy: 82 Buchanan, Dinah: 97,135 Buckingham, Richard: 90,135 Buckley, Russell: 95, 1 35 Buckwalter, Melissa: 135 Buddenhagen.Tom: 84,116,135 Burchesky, Steve: 46,105,1 19 Burnsides. Donna: 1 19 Busser, Edward: 46,105,135 Cady, Thomas: 135 Callihan, Ronnie: 1 19 Camacho, Arthur: 91,135 Cammarata, Dennis: 135 Campbell, Clinton: 120 Campbell, John: 94,105,1 14,136 Canlrell. David: 49,82,136 Carafello, Jerry: 106 Card, Tom: 30,48,105,106, 114,120 Carey, John: 120 Carey, Lou: 48,84,136 Carey, Wayne: 84,136 Carl, Nancy: 136 Carlson, Mike: 136 Carmean, David: 120 Carr, Anne: 120 Carr, Paul: 42,1 14,120 Carter, Forest: 120 Castle, Marlene: 52,136 Caswell, Vickie: 136 Chagolla, Jeanette: 136 Chambers, Harry: 136 Chappell, Thomas: 136 Chia, Robin: 89,91.95,136 Child. Richard: 136 Childers, Ellis: 42 Childs. Aaron: 83 Chin, Peter: 136 Chrislianson, Karen: 94,101,136 Christianson, Ralph: 136 Cini, Al: 114.121 Cinkutis, Tony: 92,136 Cleary, Timothy: 136 Cleaver, Nancy: 136 Cleveland, Stewart: 46,136 Clonch, Samuel: 100,121 Cloud, Jody: 80,137 Cobb, Darla: 97,121 Cobb, Julia: 95,137 Coffman, Hobard: 30. 1 00, 1 1 6, 1 2 1 Collins. Joe: 46,137 Columbus, Chris: 49,108,137 Combs, Monty: 84,137 Connell. Francis: 137 Conrad, John: 49 Consiglio, Ann: 137 Controvillas, Brion: 84,137 Cooper, William: 84,137 Cornelius, Gary: 91,92,137 Coryell, Steve: 78 Crane, David: 137 Creasy, Ronald: 95.121 Curfman, Georgia: 137.90 Damstrom, Philip: 137 Daniels. Rex: 137 Darnell. William: 89,95. 1 1 6. 1 2 I Davis. Betty: 121 Davis. Lindsey: 31.78,100,1 14,121 Dawson, Lyn: 78 Day, Fred: 137 Dechamps, Linda: 97,122 De GrolT, Eric: 122 De Rocco, James: 137 De Santo. Michael: 137 De Veer, William: 122 Deininger, Barbara: 137 Depp, Kay: 80,90,95,53,137 Depp, Terry: 46.1 14,137 Dethcrage, Joe: 137 Dinicola, William: 122 Dionne. Richard: 137 Diswood, Deborah: 89,137 Dodd.Sallie: 137 Doerwald, Gregory: 137 Doner, Jane: 137 Duffy. Mark: 82.137 Dufresne, Leonard: 122 Dunham. John: 137 Duram. Mike: 49.82,83.137 Duricko, Robert: 49, 1 37 Elam. Mary Ann: 95, 101,138 Elam, Nancy: 122 Elliott, Scott: 78. 106.1 14,138 Endress, Donna: 122 Entehsano, John: 138 Esposito, Mike: 138 Ewing, Jim: 98,138 Fawcett, Mike: 138 Faxon, Tom: 31,78,83,122 Feeley, Emily: 102,138 Feeley, Timothy: 86.88,122 Felz. James: 46.138 Ferguson. Greig: 82,138 Fischer, Michael: 138 Fisher, George: 138 Fitls. Caddie: 98,122 Foley, Pam: 138 Ford, Chris: 105 Fowler, Stephen: 46. 1 38 Francis, Carol: 138 Freeman, Joyce: 122 Freeman. Linda: 138 Freidel, Dan: 47 Frye. Joseph: 113,123 Fullen, Allen: 42.138 Ganary, Dave: 46,83, 138 Ganz. Jane: 53,138 Gardner, William: 138 Garrett. Charles: 138 Gaunt, George: 123 Gemmer, Conrad: 138 Gensler. Mike: 111,123 George, Caren: 101,138 Gibson, Cherryl: 90,138 Gillaspie. Bob: 84,88,123 Gilliam. Richard: 138 Glessing. Charles: 82,123 Glover, James: 42.139 Goh, Hock Soon: 89,114,123 Gonzalez, Herman: 89.139 Goodman, Steven: 82.139 Gove, Clayton: I 39 Graham, Al: 79,95,100,1 14,124 Graham, David: 95,1 14, 124 Graham, John: I 39 Gray, Vernia: 97 Gregory, Debbie: 80,139 Gregory, Patrick: 139 Gregory, S. W.: 47 Greiner, Frank: 82,106,139 Gross, Bonnie: 97 Gross, Fred: 82,94,139 Grubb, Sandra: 139 Gruen.Gail: 36,52,80.139 Guba, John: 82.139 Gunnison, Dana: 86,139 Gustavson, Robert: 139 Habercam, James: 139 Haddad, Jean: 95,103,1 16 Hall, David: 84,139 Hallstead, William: 139 Hamilton, Dennis: 46,105 Hammond, Paul: 78,139 Hammons, Daniel: 139 Hammons, Glen: 1 13 Hammons, Helen: 95, 139 Hammons, Liz: 124 Hanson, Richard: 139 Hartman, John: 84,124 Harvey, James: 139 Hauser. John: 48 Hawkins, Jennie: 139 Hayles, James: I 39 Hays, Samuel: 40 Heller, Jack: 125 Hensley, Roy: 92 Henthorn, Steve: 94,98,99,140 Herbert, Harry: 84,140 Hertz, James: 111,140 Hicks, Gary: 86,125 Highhouse, Susan: 53,140 Hinderer, Doug: 42 Hinkle, Larry: 140 Hodges, Joe: 86,90,98,140 Hodgkins, Tom: 95,125 Holacker. Jim: 84,1 16,140 Howard, Lynn: 91,140 Hower, Marie: 90.102.140 Hubbard. Burnetta: 140 Hughes. Diane: 80 Hummer. Kathy: 101,140 Hunter, Don: 82 llles, Richard: 140 Inkster, John: 94,105,140 Ireland. Robert: 30,89,125 Jackson, Ken: 46,140 Jaildagian. Bruce: 84,140 Jeffers. Steve: 92 Jesmajian, Richard: 92.125 Johns, Doreen: 53,80 Johnson, Judith: 140 Johnson, Lynne: 140 Jones, Doug: 78.82,99.140 Jones, Meredith: 95,103,140 Jones, Sidney: 83,140 Jones, Vernece: 125 Jordan, Robert: 42,114,140 Justice, Gilbert: 84,125 Kcmmer, Molly: 53,80,140 Kcnnaugh, Dennis: 141 Kennedy, Gary: 141 Kern, William: 141 Kidd. Sandra: 95.103.141 Kiesbye, Richard: 82,141 King, Tamara: 52,80,141 Kipp. Bill: 84,95,125 Kirby, Paul: 30,89,125 Kistner, Richard: 82 Kleinschmidt. Mary: 103,141 Klinedinst, Gregory: 141 Knapp, Meredith: 141 Knuckles, Whitcomb: 141 Kobiela, John: 141 Krebs, Eric: 111,114,125 Kulig. Gregory: 82 Kumor, Martin: 14 I Kurtz, Robert: 141 Lacy, Bill: 76.125 Laidlaw, John: 42,141 Lakeman, Ruth: 141 Landreth, Ken: 108 Lane, Barbara: 103,112,141 Lapham, Donna: 1 13,141 Larson, Doug: 94.141 Lattimer. Cheryl: 101,141 Lawson, William: 141 Leach, Joan: 101 Leon, Paul: 56,89,1 14,141 Levan, Gary: 14 1 Lewis, Patricia Gail: 141 Liming, Steve: 84,1 13,125 Lloyd, Warren: 141 Logue, David: 126 Long, Andrew: 126 Long. Arlhur: I 14.126 Long. Jo Bent: 94. 1 26 Long. Lisa: 141 Longacre. William: 141 Lorimer, John: 46,141 Lucemi. Philip: 91.92.141 Luley. John: Mac Guigan. Gary: 84,141 Machamer. Bernice: 88 Mackay. Kennelh: 142 Mackey, Delores: 126 Maguire. Robert: 142 Marcum. Linda: 95 Markin. John: 78. 100.126 Marshall. Ann: 53,142 Marston, Glenn: 142 Martin. Anna May: 126 Martin, Jackie: 142 Martin. Shirley: 126.95 Matthews. Ronald: 86.91,92.142 Muxvilal. John: 84,94,105, 106.142 Maxwell. Dorsey: 126 Mays. Judith: McConnell.Tim: 86,90,106,142 McCullough. Robert: 77.142 McDade. Bert: 142 McDonald. Brenda: 142 McDowell. Charles: 90.92. 126 ' McDowell, Darcy: 53,142 McFarland, Kay Dawn: 77,90.102.126 McFerrin. David: 89 McKnighl, Thomas: 142 McMurray. John: 142 McPherson. Celeste: 89, 142 Megee. Mary Jane: 101,1 12,142 Meibers. ken: 42,126 Menard, Debbie: 142 Mendell, Marcia: 98,142 Mendoza. Vickie: 34.53,142 Merida. Evelvn: 127 Merkle. Glenn: 47.84,105. 142 Merrill. Cindy: 142 Miley. Fay: 142 Miller, Carl: 49 Miller. Carol: 53,80,142 Miller, Franklyn: 127 Miller, Max: 127 Miller, Pan: 53.112,142 Miller, Sharon: 112.142 Mills. Dovle: 95.100.127 Mills, Garry: 95.142 Mills. Wanda: 142 Miltenberger. Burl: 83.142 Mink. Jennifer: 102,142 Minor, John: 142 Mitchell, James: 142 Moffett, John: 84.95 Moore. Joe: 42.127 Moore, Karla: 143 Moore, Mary: I 27 Moore. Sherry: 1 12 Morey, David: 94.128 Morris. Billie Jean: 95.100.101 Morrow. William: 114,143 Mortensen, Ronald: 84,106,143 Mullen, James: 114.143 Muller. Doroth : 143 Myers, Virginia: 95.99.143 Natarelli. Lawrence: 84.143 Navarra, Vincent: 90,143 Neal, Eugene: 86.91,92,105, 106,143 Neilsson, Nancy: 80.143 Nelson,Janie:80,l28 Nelson. Terry: 143 Neuman.Sara: 88.89,128 Newman. Deborah: Noe, Linda: 143 Noyes. David: 143 O ' Connor. Tom: 82,143 Okopski.Chet: 89,192,92,108 Oldack. Bruce: 82,143 Owens, Cherry: 88,95.128 Paciunas. Allan: 84,143 Pack. Rickey: 143 Paduano. Lawrence: I 14.144 Paine. Evelyn: 53.144 Palmer. Michelle: 53.144 Palmore. Al: 144 Pape. Phillip: 114.144 Parker. Don: 84„98.I28 Parkey. Anna: 95,144 Parmelt, Randy: 144 Parsons, Charles: 144 Payne. Curtis: 144 Payne. Ruth Ann: 97.1 28 Peaco. Judy: 35, Pednck. James: 128 Pembrook. Otto: 47,144 Penick, Michael: 128 Peret, Al: 47,1 14,144 Perry, Nancy: 101,144 Pesce, Richard: 82,144 Petryk.Jerrv: 84.144 Pierce. Ed: 111,144 Pierce, Bill: 98,144 Pipo. Russ: 129 Ploshay, Richard: 144 Podlaskowich, John: 145 Porcell. Julio: 145 Port, Debbie: I 12 Poster. Michael: 145 Potter. Karen: 145 Powell. Betty: 129 Powell, Shirley: 145 Powers. Alma: 129 Prince. Esther: 145 Prosser, Peg: 79,116,145 Prunier. Janice: 90.102.129 Prusina, Mike: 84,145 Pulver. Al: 49,145 Purnell. Bob: 90.91,92,145 Purnell, Sally: 90,145 Quelle, Robert: 114,145 Quentmeyer, Steve: 145 Quimby. Peter: I 11.129 Radway, David: 94,105,129 Ragone, Pat: 52,80,145 Ranson, George: 84 Ray, John: 145 Raymond. Scott: 99 Reed. James: 84.145 Reed. Marlene: 32.90,102.145 Reed, Richard: 145 Reeves. Roy: 91,113,145 Reid, Orlinda: 37,145 Reiser, Judy: 95,145 Reith, Bill: 89.1 14 Reynolds, Joe: 145 Ricards. Bruce: 129 Richey, Wilma: 98,145 Rigely, Bob: 145 Rilk, Walker: 108,145 Riskie. Ron: 47, 14,129 Roberts. Steve: 90.9 1 ,92. 1 1 6. 1 46 Rockwell, Charlene: 112.146 Rota. Steve: 146 Rozmus, Tom: 91,92 Rudolph. Paul: I 16 Rybacki, Don: 146 Saah. Ed: 94.105,146 Sampson. Arthur: 146 Sanders, Elizabeth: 146 Santipadri, Ken: 146 Santo. Peggy: 53,90.146 Savage, Lynn: 146 Schaller. David: 105.111,129 Schamp, John: 146 Schellinkhout. Doug: 46,146 Schill, John: 106,114,146 Schmitt, Bill: 146 Schneider, Ed: 146 Schnitz.Sandi: 97,129 Sciolto. Robert: 146 Sears. Alan: 146 Sergent. Regina: 129 Sexton. Freda: 146 Sharrah. Maureen: 80.94,97.129 Shellon. Mary: 146 Shellon, Terry: 146 Shepherd, Lawrence: 84,146 Sherman. Ralph: 146 Shields. Joe: 146 Sieweke, John: 42 Silver, Russell: 146 Sizemore, Larry: 42 Skaggs, Clarence: 84,95.146 Slagter. Barbara: 40.89.95,130 Small, Eric: 98,146 Smalley, Alice: 146 Smalley. John: 147 Smallwood, Terry: 42,105,147 Smith, Burton: 46 Smith, Douglas: 147 Smith, Jerry: 147 Smith, Linda: 37.78,80,91,147 Smith. Rav: 79,83,130 Smoll, M-Jry Beth: 79.101,147 Snowden. 3fiari: 52.80.147 Snyder, Linda: 36,130 Spatafora, Ron: 95 Spicer, Mallie: 78,99,101.147 Spicer. Pauline: 97,101.103.147 Stallard.Nika: 147 Stallcup, Carol: 88,95,130 Stanton, Tom: 89 Stapp, Deborah: 101.147 Steele, Anne E.: 29.31.39,76,78, 88,95,130 Steele, Dale: 130 StelTan, Bill: 106,116,147 Stephenson, Kyle: 147 Stevens. Bob: 111.130 Stewart, Susan: 130 Stoecklin, Chris: 49,79,88, 1 30 Stokley. Bob: 49,108 Stubblefield. Steve: 131 Styger, Jack: 147 Sullivan, Brian: 147 Supplee, Alice: 147 Sutton, Lynn: 102,147 Sutton. Suzanne: 147 Swafford. Bill: 42 Tarbous, Al: 82 Tatro. Bob: 90,92,131 Taylor, Clark: 99.147 Tedders. Ronnie: 147 Terrell, Nancy: 147 Thomas, Charles: 84.147 Thomas, Dennis: 79,147 Thomas, Floy: 90.147 Thompson, John: 131 Thorpe, Barbara: 131 Thorpe, Chris: 53,148 Thorpe, Peggy: 148 Tierney, Mike: 78.82,105 Tillie, Eddie: 30,95,131 Tornatore, Janet: 148 Townsley, Linda: 89,148 Trainer. Gail: 52,148 Trimble. Steve: 82,148 Turnbull. Marilyn: 98,101,148 Turner, James: 148 Twigg, James: 84,148 Urich, Dave: 148 Valentine, Betty: 100,131 Valentine. Charlene: 148 Vidal, Maria: 89.101,132 Waddell. Betty: 132 Waddell, Emma: 132 Wallace, Grant: 82 Wallace, Peggy: 80,99,103,148 Walling, Emmelt,46, 148 Walton, Jerry: 114,148 Ward, Deborah: 148 Wassu, Bob: 84 Watson, Steve: 46 Weaver, Steve: 84,148 Webb, David: 78,84,94,132 Webb, Linda: 89,102 Webb, Peggy: 101,148 Weeks, Connie: 53,89,90,148 Werley, Doug: 149 West, Vern: 149 West, Yvonne: 133 White, Joyce: 92,102,133 Whitehead. Marc: 149 Whittaker, Paul: 149 Wick, Lee: 92 Wiese, John: 84,89,133 Wildrick. Robert: 133 Williams, Christina: 149 Williams, Craig: 111,114,133 Willaimson, Yvette: 97 Willis, Emily: 133 Wilson. Duane: 149 Wise, Pam: 91,149 Wood, Doug: 149 Wood. Mary: 149 Woodington, Kay: 94,101.103,149 Woodward, Alice: 149 Wovkulich. Martha: 133 Yeager, Brenda: 97,133 Yeager, Catherine: 97,133 Yeager, Yvonne: 149 Yeary, Susan: 53,1 12,149 Yost, J. Earl: 31,149 Yotka, Walter: 114 Zaiser, James: I 14,149 Zimmerman, Zoe: 149 Zink, Frank: 84.108 162 164 N

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