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5 0702 00102397 7 ■ J5N - JPv A A H tespean Volume 42, 1969 Nothing Is Sacred Anymore . Stespean 69 Volume 42 Charlotte Lewis . The Individual »«b-TsHBS8a!fl!J8iB«ra»£Bnf Union Co. ' iogs Barbourvi! Over 30,000 Americans have died in the Vietnam war . . . Thousands of Biafrians have died from starvation . . . June 5th was another memorable day for the Kennedy family, while November 5th will stand out in Richard M. Nixon ' s mind . . . Despite a rise in employment, U. S. welfare costs soared to $8.8 billion . . . The Pueblo and its crew were returned ... Commander Lloyd Bucher wept convulsively at the California inquiry . . . Pope Paul set fortii the decree that birth control is an artificial preventive of God ' s Will ... 155 taxpayers earned over $200,000 a year and paid no income tax without breaking the law . . . Riots continued in all major cities . . . Mayor Dailey called for return to law and order during the Chicago catastrophe . . . and campus revolutions all over the world went on and on and on . . . AUt f f a fc ;e destruction or evacuation. The Great Flood . antucky, like The Great Wall of China, protects i the intrusion of outside invaders ... It encloses us ... We are like ionistic painting splattered on a small canvas . . . Dare we - " " ♦ ' ■ ' " nd speculate about whether or not the earth to intruders, we take the risk of having to e is not the focal point of the universe ... of It is that Union College is too scared to exist in a profane world of human suffering, or is it . . . Has Union College, 1968-69, suffered only from indifference? To one who thinks that " Union College is ahead of the times. " DEDICATION: MAHLON A. MILLER When Mahlon Miller took the office of the Union College presidency ten years ago, students returned in the fall wondering what this nett structure uas all about. The problem for the next few years was to get them to take it seriously. The idea of students having representation and voting power on facult) committees was progressive and frightening to the apathy of the 50 ' s. Mahlon Miller believes in the survival of that comprehensive and often ambiguous term, " liberal arts. " In his words, " Union College will remain small. dedicated to a breadth of learning as opposed to narrow specialization, and concerned about the intellectual development of the student and development in terms of social, moral, and religious considerations. " When asked about the changes that have taken place in the past ten years. Dr. Miller was optimistic in describing the advances thai have been made. When asked whether or not there is a disccrnable difference between the Union College of the 50 ' s and that of the 60 ' s, he replied: " Yes. the whole society has changed. It is reflected on this campus and every other campus. It can ' t help but be. " And, when asked specifically about the year 1968-69, Dr. Miller said, " I haven ' t felt that there have been any outstanding problems that would make the year unique in the history of the institution. Student activism hasn ' t been very much different than any other year. The college will never come to its knees over the hair and beard issue, but it will over its academic program. The problems arise from the students who can do better, should do better, but won ' t. The year has been historic in the initiation of serious effort in total curriculum study that will lead to modification, and very important in relationship to our efforts in inter-institutional effort. " s. and j. Four Student Involvement Begins to Pervade Campuses Ghettos! If our cities " 4f V JV " ' » ll 1 IV i ; R$ --- 1 1 iij " ■ 1 j The Draft Negotiating the Ill-Lighted Channels of The Selective Service System " Not to take part and do my best would be a kind of death to me. " (Draftee} Ten ' For no reason is Killing justifiable. " (Conscientious Objector) Eleven Credibility Gap Generation Gap Communication Gap Looking for a way to close them. Twelve Thirteen Pope denounces birth control as millions starve Appalachia Still Has Hungry • : br m I .♦- . , - - m -.-.v. I I ■ ■ hern Help Rallied r Starved Biafrans Naval Inquiry Starts Tomorrow Court to Unravel Pueblo ' s Story THE PUEBLO DILEMMA Question the Navy must answer: Were the actions of the skipper and crew justified? Sixteen J nea ai i Nixon and Humphrey are not what this country is all about Nineteen II r m ter«- " s i; I wenty Ray Pleads Guilty to Killing Of Dr. King, Gets 99 Years ' Backdoor ' Gun Registration Rules Changed Twenty-one East Hit By 15 Inch Snow ' r-V ,pwf , «JH7 H ' v)p? S» y - y? :r ■ - Step To TTie Moon $$ G ITS Strikers Battle Jlmlice Herd 39Q Off San Francisco Caqwuf Sex ancUXrugs Imld t f mitics In Nation ' s Underground Press m Union Hosts MACCI Conference Features Dr. Thomas Johns and Archie Bell and The Drells People Twenty-eight Thirty Thirty -one Thirty -two 1 Miss Mini Skirt 1969 Mrs. " Z " Wins Big ■ ■ ■ The Chosen r Mr. Union Bill Hoffman Ill UN Mill IUM jiimiUJ — -.r - Miss Union Diane Shadle Thirty -five Building for the Year 2000 The Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award The Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award is pre- sented to a maximum of ten seniors who have exhibited outstanding qualities in leadership and service to Union College. Recipients of this Award are chosen by a committee com- posed of administration, faculty, staff and students. Seniors receiving this award should display the same type devotion and service that Miss Frances Patridge shows to Union College. Miss Pat ' s actions well exemplify the words Theta Pi Delta meaning -1 wish to serve faithfully. Thirty -seven tMflateMMIHMi K Stespean Queen Gail Gruen .Lakeside Dormitory Representative Homecoming Queen JoAnn Hatz — ' • ■ ■■ ■ ■ J 1969 Mountain Laurel Representative Paulette Jones The Beauty of the Mountain Laurel IS Forty A.W.S. Sweetheart Queen Rebecca Riley Fourty-one Phi Mi » Iphm weethearts . a , • . ' •»»» cc 1 Marlene Reed Eleanor Witherel ♦■ r 5 ■ 3M MB ■•■■■-■•■ JeanHaddad v.- . Carol Proctor My Old Kentucky Home Here Stephen Foster received the in- spiration to write the famous song. " My Old Kentucky Home. " Forty-Three «-4 •, v. DENFUVE on DENFUVE ' Passion is the only ivay ouV Mu Omega Beta Sweetheart Paula Pekarovich Fourty-four Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart Queen Martha Wovkulich 1968 Snow Queen Cherry Owens Forty-Six 1969 Snow Queen Karla Freeman Mr. Ugly David Cleveland Forty-Eight The Contest s. - ■: pSe ' -- V «M - - « - - M s - ArR ross Cduntry y rn i WWff! Bolen, Glen Merklc. Centre In Bellarniinc Centre Union Thomas More Cumberland Oakland City Berca Cumber land Da id Lipscomb Kentucky State Millie. m He re li i i Uni nytatiaftkl IT Tournament « •V : Go : ; ■ i.- . A f rf f7 f -v. ft 1 = •: J lf r °g s , ..A ■r J L-R Coach Don Calitri Steven Fowler Mark Lawr Terry I liarr oBus Rlbauer ' David Hopper. Knox Central High School Bert Smith On Blocks Kerry Blasneck, Captain Paul Leon £ ■ " Union 36 Eastern Kentucky University 75 Union 47 University of Louisville 64 Union 44 Appalachian State University 59 Union 2.1 Tennessee A I State University 77 Union 66 Centre College 39 Union 56 Centre College 56 Union 41 University of Kentucky 68 Union 38 Morehead State University 58 j 5, ' UHIOll Bulldogs j nion Wins KIAC Tourna Bulldogs Win Over Grand Kneeling Ed Pierce. Terry Smallwood, Charlie Rutlcdgc. Standing Paul Andrews, Joe Moore. Paul Carr. Billy Mill. Keith Wortinger, Allen Fullen, Ken Mcibers. Scaled Jack Wolfe. Coach Pete Moore, Larry Curd, Ellis Childress. Bobby Piltsei . Mexico U.S. Basketball Team Wins Gold Medal ' f Union 66 Union 8 ' Union 6 . Union 79 Union 66 Union 1ft • Union ' Union Union Union ■47 ' TEA 1 EATS WHtflTltS, 66 Tennessee Wesleyan Cumberland Kentucky State 79 Tennessee Wesleyan 66 Xavier 100 Oakland City, Ind. IS . CampbcllsviUc 5 Berca Tennessee Wesleyan 57- Carson Newman 68 Pikcvillc 83 Findlay imu %i i Thomas . Campbells Pikeville ,, Rio Grande Georgetown KefHucfc- Transylv Berea " kland City, Ind Thomas More f ffT--RK Track ■: t f -T?c«ru i Tennis f ! v . L-R Bill DeVeer Chuck Bamford John Conrad Chris Stoeeklin Coach Pete Moore Bob Stikle Not Pictured -Dave Cantrell a L Bowling r lmi lucky Southern L R: Carl Taylor Sieve Trimble Jon Musgrove Coach Jack Wolfe Gregory Baldwin Don Jaycox 2 Cuml 2 I i.si Baseball £ m: ' ( ' •4 ' H Georgetown Wins Cumberland Outduels Union as Cox Stars m The Organized 3ft r a tllft ' J.I 1S30, Betting on the People STESPEAN 1969 ' Being Criticized Was To Be Expected . . . ! Sixty-Five ORANGE AND BLACK The Quiet Revolution Underfoot Sixty-Six c m oh «■ - jB| ee Y 5 Jtwf i ye ' v« 1 ■ » ! IS k k k ai 1: K EtiETn :t- Dana Gunnison Associate Editor ' - CQ Staff Foreground: L-R Brenda Smith Clifford Manausa .Kay Depp Helen Glazebrook Chris Brozyna Janice Prunier Background: L-R Pat_Doi Sharon Burns Steven Fowler Linda Dechamps Lee Wick Joyce Freeman Dave Bodenstein Not Pictured ports Editor STUDENT SENA TE m St Dn ■■ ■Uss 3 Em »« " Senate Food Com Front Row L-R Ray Smith Dave Bodenstein Pictured Below L-R Dave Conner Dave Thornton BiU Reith, Chairman Sue Hammons Bob Ireland, Vice-President Beth Strong Lindsey Davis Carl Noto Sonya Jones Jackie Motley Brcnda Smith Anna H. Isaacs Maxine Stanley. Treasurer ■ Keith Wortinger Glenn Holdcrafl Judy Morgan Gilbert Justice Bill Hoffman. President Not Pictured Tom Card Bud Bradford, Secretary Jennie Hawkins Carol Miller Tim Burnett Back Row L-R Clark Taylor Bob Purnell Sixty-Right Earl Linaburg Rhoby Horn Joe Macwan Jennifer Mink Kyle Perkins, Chairman Tom Sturgis Mike Gensler STUDENT CENTER BOARD - — ommitteemen S.C.B Steve Stubblcficld Jim Black Marcia Singer, Vice-President Clark Taylor Judy Morgan L ' .d Black, Advisor Virginia Myers, Secretary-Treasurer Bob Purnell Pat Buttcrmorc Miss Patridge, Advisor Jim Wolf, President Terry Bolen Helen Glazcbrook Barry Gray Jeff Hamilton Steve Hcnthorn John Lulcy Jennifer Mink Judy Pea co Bill Pierce Peg Prosscr Debbie Stapp . Tom Sturgis Linda Snyder The world war on drudgery has begun Edwina Thedford, Directoress Doris Harding. Accompanist Bass Alto Frances Ammct Karen Francis Sue Blackman Kay Dawn Hoops Marlene Reed Janet Magsam Sallianne Matthews Judith Morgan Jacquline Motley Janet Peck Nancy Perry Meda Pittscr Esther Prince Marlene Reed Candid Retz Mary Beth Smoll Ann Steele Lynn Sutton Linda Webb Bettc Webber Joyce White Soprano Billie Bingham Diane Boyd Jody Cloud Georgia Curfman Kay Depp Caren George Cherryl Gibson Jan Jones Mary Jane Megec Deborah Menard Janice Prunier Orlimla Reid Jean Richardson Brenda Sears Linda Snyder Mollie Spiccr Mattie VanKeuren June Lee Wakefield Tenor Denis Avagliano Fred Baldwin James Barr Michael Blum Daniel Chesncy Gary EUerbrock Timothy Feely John FoUit John Cuba David Hurley Donald Jaycox Paul Kirby John Luly Bob Maguirc John Maxvitat Dale Olmstead Mike Penick Ronald Podlskowich James Reed Robert Tatro Paul Sagarese Jon Whittaker Lee Wick CraigWilliams Jerry Ycllin David Banks David Bodenstein Dennis Boyd Thomas Buddenhagen ThomasBurton Craig Clemow Robert Cooper Bobby Davis David Canary Barry Gray Fred Gross James llabercam Joe Hodges Walter Hull Alfred Kivler Eric Krebs Timothy McConnell Charles McDowell Thomas McFarland David Noycs Bob Pumell Anthony Saracino Clark Taylor Gregory Turner John VanDersall John Wiese Jim Wolf Philip Yeakel Seventy-Two " • Ml J S 1 H IstRowL-R Miss Edwina Thedford. ijectore Miss Doris Harding, Accompanist Marlene Ree Mike Blum Charles McD Susan Blacki Jeny Yellinl Brenda Sears 2nd Row L-R Kay Depp Bob Purnell Cheryl Gibson Tim McConnell Deborah Stapp Toni Saracino 3rd Row L-R Joyce Whi Georgia Ci Candid Ri Craig Wilfems Linda Soydcr DanielChcsney Tim Feeley Lynn Sutton Mattie VanKuren 4th Row L-R Mike Penick Janet Jones Janet Peck John Van Dersall Lee Wick David Banks Bob Tatro Marie Hower Janice Prunier Front Row, L-R: Mary Beth Smoll, Becky Riley, Judy Peaco-Secretary, Judy Morgan, Ann Steele-Vice President, Karen Francis, Linda Marcum. Standing: Jeri Fields-President, Mrs. Gee-Residence Hall Counselor, Mrs. Fletcher-Residence Hall Counselor, Mary Jane Megee, Sue Streit, Edith Millett, Cherry Owens, Leslie Crown, Joan Loche, Sally Matthews. Rafters. L-R: Karen Young, Jo Ann Hatz, Janice Heggan-Fire Warden, Virginia Myers, Brenda Sears, Gail Trainer, Carol Miller. Not Pictured: Dot Muller-Treasurer, Mrs. Mays-Dean of Women. Who ' s Afraid Of The Big Bad World? Seventy-Four ALCOHOLISM IN THE U.S. IS DUE TO LIVING CONDITIONS ■ V P« - .♦ T -ft? jgJjTg S DE MANOR «Ka , i-f I ■HBI Dorm Council Andy Long, President John Follit, Vice-President Paul Gregory, Secretary Jon Musgrove, Treasurer Dave Thornton Jon Whittakcr diet Okopski Dave Noyes Craig Williams Ray Owens Bob Cooper, Monitor Wally Hull.Monitor Steve Stubblefield, Monitor Mrs. Mildred Zeiglcr. Dorm Counselor Gail Gruen, Lakeside Queen Stamped With Character i in MARTIN HOUSE P 1 1 % ' Jim Wolf Ray Smith Mitchell Bcrgmann Mrs. Sadie Martin Eric DeGroff Ed Black Not Pictured Dr. Watts ' EVENSON HALL BRMGERS OF LIGHT I ■ L-R Pam Wise Virginia Myers Dan Freidel Bill Beebe, Vice-President Sharon Burns Eric Small, Treasurer M lBatten, Secretary Alicia Boyd, President John Luley Don Parker t( m w — ted L-R m BB 1 te 1 KPj ¥rB Joan Leach Dr. Matthews, Adv Bill Steffen Jim Hofacker Sharon Burns Jean Haddad Mrs. Matthews Arlene White Kathy Chamberlain, Vice-President Standing L-R r - Vern West Bert Coffman Peg Prosser Karl Kraft John Luley Tom Buddenhagen, President Changing the Scene Seventy-Nine KARAT m TO BOO OR NOT TO BOO Eighty-One con treasy Dave Graham Mitchell Bergtm Jan Buttermore Joe Fi Tom Hi I lock Soon Dr. Lawrei eve Liming, Treasu T. Eugene Haas. Spv )ave Thornton. Vice-Pres ohn Moffett Bob Anderson " erhert Miracle We ' re Looking For Dissatisfied Men Eighty-Three EDUCATORS ASSESS THEIR OWN FAULTS ft Fighty-Four - " • ' • : - ' ' : ' . ' -. . " ■ 4?. S r V?» ■ ■ £r Gary Bock Steve Henthorn Bob Gillaspie Mr. Bob Miller Jim Black Jim Habercam Ellie Waite, President Sonya Jones Tom Faxon Leslie Crown Cindy Merrill, Vice President Tom Buddenhagen Eddie Tillie Marie Alexander, Secretary-Treasure 1 hive Actors Are Missing On The Stage Eighty -Five younA republicans » J ' m 4 V V t IT -AMD WEND Membership: Charlotte Lewis-Chairman, Al Graham-Vice-Chairman, Jen I ields-Sccrctary, Kyle Perkins-Treasurer, Bud Bradford-Delegate at Large, Ed Black-Advisor, Steve Baxter, Bill Beebe, Richard Beisecker, Tom Buddenhagen, Bert Coffman, Ron Creasy, Leslie Crown, Lindscy Davis, Ruth Ann Davenport, Pat Doran, Donna Kndress, Linda Evans, Bill Fawley, Pam Foley, Steve Goldsberry, Dana Gunnison, David Hey, Tom Hodgkins. Jim llofacker, Sonya Jones, Maiy T. Knuckles. Eighty -Six Membership: Steve Liming, Cynthia Merrill, Guy Millward, Jennifer Mink, Judy Morgan, Virginia Myers, Ja«ie Nelson, Bernard Nolan, Cherry Owens, Ronnie Owens, Don Parker, Esther Prince, Tom Renkin, Diane Shadle, Bill Sheskin, Marcia Singer, Brenda Smith, Maxine Stanley, Debbie Stapp, William Steffan, Steve Stubblefield, Tom Sturgis, Connie Foster Wood. Eighty-Seven CIRCLE K Don J Lindscy Davis, Vice l ' r . suloni Bill flUtzJgfdtc Stove Ba.x t aflapbcll ink GilberUSpuj WOT mucl Lance St. Clair, 1 ' t tic K u bs ' ' J- ' f Juiui Lmclisfffo Albert Dm ham ' Bert Smith Craig Clemow L-d Bra .ilkr . ' liarry (Way Mike Bumgardne IX- 11 ni JlK ' Tim l Secretary Bill Reith Haul 1 c Hock L Xrajg Will Not Shown Bud Bradford - " V 3 beta mm ■ i m HP ■ First Row: L-R Bob Pittser, Eric Krebs, John Thompson. Second Row: L-R Sue Gibo, Carol Stallcup, Judy Reiser, Mary Jo Jaynes, Susan New, Mary Ann Elam, Tom Manuel. Third Row: L-R Cheryl K. Hill, John Luley, Lois Anderson, Nancy Perry, Shirley Martin, Billie Jean Morris, David Graham-Vice President, Judy Morgan. Fourth Row: L-R Robin Chia, Sally Matthews, Wally Hull, Tom Card, Edith Millett. Back Row: L-R John Moffett, Ralph Von Derau, Barbara Lane, Donna Burnsides-Secretary, Bill Darnell, Diane Shadle, Bill Kipp, Ron Creasy, Al Graham. Doyle Mills, Charlotte Lewis, Doug Mitchell, Cherry Owens, Daniel Webb, Sam Clonch-Treasurer, Meda S. Pittser, Ron Filler, Virginia Myers, Tom Sturgis. Marcia Singer, Mrs. Catherine Singer-Advisor, Robert Gillaspie-President, Mary Triutt Knuckles, Charles Calloway. Relax, You 9 re On Your Way To . Ninety THERE ' S NEVER BEEN SO MUCH DECOR BEFORE Standing: L-R Charles Calloway, Phyllis Chaney, Joy Sartorio Wagner, Mary Lou Holbert, Archie Main, Charlotte Lewis, Maxine Stanley, Robert Macneil, Anna H. Isaacs, Melinda P. Armstrong, Connie Squires, Kyle Perkins-Vice President, Kathy B. Deaves, Gail B. Lobb, Louise Speck, Judy Holcombe, Judy Branstutter. Sitting: L-R Mrs. Jean Owens Knuckles, Mrs. Janice Gillaspie-Secretary- Treasurer. Marcia Singer, Mrs. Catherine Singer-Historian, Mrs. Sarah Douce, Peggy Beard, Miss Rena Milliken, Mrs. Sue T. Carr. Ninety-One w- ALg HA PHI0fIEGA jt . -» • • • • r Ei ■■ | — - 7 -J -iy s 1 . . 1 VL-R ., :- Mud Gary Bock, Sectary i i 1 T - -« Jji .y, • J Oil . Pau - ss jbsv feu IV r WKTfr »C it ' d H » 1 -• - }jlf 4 Et? llli Tp ' « i oung- ' • • Kip j «rJT . DavTrTTo 26 " ? ' f . tr rr- jLarry Cti«l- " !i ' - I 1 ■ ' ■ " ■- " 1 V, YS J - ■ -j ■iefrv ' tHivcr T$»yid.Wo6b ' - ' r .7- T r 2 ' Vi A 4 HZ? + ' •? J " ,. ■ j v V » ; " . r I ED t- •- ' 75U. I i f I kS ] , « St? 3 . ▼» » fee : ?I 3fe J» ' . « ¥3fc ' $ Jf ,» .: 3fe •J.T ft» v . a v i -- BETA C V ! I Sohya Jones -Diane B. Gaun Rhoby Horn Barbara Hantmons Jackie Motley Brenda Sears, Treasurer Jo Ann Hatz Judy Morgan Diane Shadle, President Janet Maasam K ' Karla Freeman -Casol Miller Carol Proctor Cheryl K.Hill Bette Buchanan Jan Heggan Mrs. Eteanor Gilbert .Donna Jesmajian u 5 i m Top to Bottom Larry Forman Mike Tiexney David Hey Aaron Childs Tom O ' Connor Burtie Milltenburger MV OMEGA BETA pi « OMEGK fctlr, X, Mike Durum Ron Mason Rich Kiesby Curl Ruder Al Tarbous Doug Bowman Hob Maguirc Grunt Wallace Rich Pescc Hill Keel ' l ' c Grcii! I ' crguson Steve Goodman Ray Smith David Cleveland, Vice President David Whitcomb Dave Gunary Tom I axon James llabercani Shel Sanger I red Gross, Treasurer Richard Kistner, Sergeant of Anns Pete Miller, Secretary Allen Neely Phil Yeakel, President Nol Pictured John Cuba nl t MOB l i k •-.i . . — - jr y ■ ' + % yr ■ ■ ■l .«. ' tf " l . I . ' «.» Front Row Toni Saracino Timothy Feely, Histo Leo ' Dontchos, Advisor Bob Tatro, President Barry Gray , Vice-Presii? TimMcConncIl Back Row V ...,.vr. ; t I N ' » K - . 2 . v- »■ ' •— «r Ilte ) _VVvV Emily Verst Georgia Curfman Kay Dawn Hoops, President Jennifer Mink, Vice President Joyee White, I u-.iiuici Janice Prunicr Karen Francis Marlene Reed Marie Hower ALPHA PSI V x V b Gillaspie, Treasurer jn Faxon; President Pictured Membership: Lois Anderson, Ken Bernhardt, Jeff Brown-President, Herman Bush-Sponsor, Ed Busser, John Campbell, Fred Deller. John Dunham, Larry Forman, Joe Haban, Janice Heggan, Steve Henfield, Stephen P. Henthorn, Janet Herb, Rhoby Horn. Kathy Hummer. Jo Beth Long Secretary, Janet Magsam, Jackie Motley, Richard Moyer, Paula Pekarovich, Carol Proctor. Da ve Radway, Bobby Reeves, Charlene Rockwell, Ed Saah-Vice President, Bill Savage, Kit Seplak, Maureen Sharrah, Jim Twigg. Kay Woodington The Pros Face a Dazzling Dilemma One Hundred Two ALPHA DELTA Tom Car. Donna Burn side Judy Morgan Glenda Jones Mr. Carl Evans, Sp Doyle Mills, President Second Row Richard Jesmajian Pi: ' W 7 r Judy Reiser, V. Dot Mnl ' Ier tymcy Perry lusan New ' , S cret att-y Go ins _rfon. Treasurer atthews idy McClung, Advisor ' ; i " Virginia Myers Presrdent i Ka)eh Webb f ' ' Orchestra BRASS QUMTE u Tom McFarlani Chet Okopski Don Hucklc Gcmc Ncal Anthony Saracino Tom McFarland Jeff Hamilton David Banks Bill Keeffe Don Huckle Eugene Neal James Kowalsky Candy Marlene ( Joe Hod; Ron Matthews Judy Peaco STAGE BAND One Hundred Five . ?r m V V4? Barbara Bell Lee Wick ft. e Pruni Fred Mack eVefr, Vice Pre Treasurer bergei Front Row: L-R Imogene Rutledge, Phyllis Mills-Secretary, Darrett Markin, Shirley Savage-President. Linda Steele, Terry Penick, Mae Carmean. Back Row: L-R Rosemary Connor-Treasurer, Gail Renkin, Karen Tierney, Donna Cini, Judy Clement-Advisor, Jane Manuel, Diane Biel, Pat Buttermore, Fran Beisecker, Diane Mohr, Alice Dexter, Karlena Taylor. The Establishment Mrs. Mahlon A. husband ' s colli ' ii;i 4MlMUJ. Stressed in Report llllllfiiiiflllllJij Rj K rtvi A.Miller. B.S.B.D. D.D. PRESIDENT MILLER ADMINISTRA TION Robert J. Clement B.A. Acting Dean of Student John H. Boyd B.A.,M.A.,Ed. D. Dean of the Graduate School Professor of Education Andrew R. Eickhoff B.S.,S.T.B.,Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty AN UNDECLARED PEACE | Charles V. Hansel B.A.,M.A. Director of Religious Life One Hundred Nine Doris L. Mays B.S..M.A. Dean of Women Academe ' s Exhausted Executives S. Laws Parks B.S. Business Manager Treasurer Robert L. Jones B.S..M.A. Registrar Director of Admissions Marshall B. Potter Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Milton H.Town B.A., M.A. y ' Jte Director of College ■kMIi) Director of Development Edward H. Black B.S..M.A. Assistant Director of Student Center Part-time Instructor of History Rufus Bonner Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds STAFF OFFICERS Janie Fletcher B.S..M.S. Residence Hall Counselor Mayme Gee Residence Hall Counselor .TO Clarence Chadwell B.S. Bookkeeper Assistant Treasurer Mary H. Ghormley A.B. Residence Hall Counselor Ruth Hissam Bookstore Manager Francis Patridge B.S.E.,M.A. Director of Student Center Director of Student Activities Associate Professor of Physical Education Joe C. Hacker B.S..M.A. Director of Data Processing Center Assistant Professor of Business Onia Ritchie Lucille D. Robbins Charles C. Saddler Residence Hall Counselor R.N. A.B..M.A. College Nurse Assistant to the President Dorothy Shaw Assistant to the Business Manager Ronald Sell B.S. Admissions Counselor Assistant to Director of College Relations A Very Uncoplike Cop r p ' Jack Wolfe B.S. Assistant Basketball Coach Director of Lakeside Lanes Part-Time Instructor Singer Catherine F B.A. Alumni Secretary John E. Yatros B.S.,M.A.,Ed. D. Director of Testing and Placement Services Director of Guidance Counseling Associate Professor of Psychology nselor Linda Alford Secretary to Dean of Graduate School and Dean of Faculty Beatrice Bonner Faculty Secretary COLLEGE STAFF Carolyn Callebs Secretary to Director of Student Center i Lois Bargo Clerk Typist in the Office of Registrar Bobbie Burgess Cashier in the Bookstore s Sue T. Carr B.A., B.S.E. Secretary to the President I Lois Cordell Library Technician Herb Dorsey Food Service Manager Phyllis Jones Secretary in the Alumni Office a « r Loretta Cowan Secretary in Office of College Relations ARE YOU TAKING A JOB AWAY FROM A MACHINE? Betty Greer Clerk-Typist in Office of Student Affairs Loretta Liford Secretary in Office of Development Patti Leddington Secretary in Business Office Cashier Sue McDade Secretary in the Office of th e Registrar Vickie Sowders Clerk-Typist in Office of College Relations Betty Miles Clerk Typist in Library Freda New Secretary in Office of Student Aid Esten Parks Clerk in Post-Office Machines should work. People should think. Linda Swafford Clerk-Typist in Registrar ' s Office Boyd Todd B.A. Purchasing Agent Brenda Yeager Clerk-Typist in Development Office Nola Williams Assistant to the Bookkeeper FACULTY Kathleen Moore A.B.,M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education Charles W. Simms B.S.,M.A.,Ph. D. Chairman of Division of Education Head of Department of Education Professor of Education Deril K. Mays B.S..M.A. Assistant Professor of Psychology Gayle Miles B.A..M.A. Associate Supervisor of Student Teaching Assistant Professor of Elementary Education DIVISION OF EDUCATION H. Warren Robbins B.S.,M.A. Associate Professor of Education Supervisor of Student Teaching DIVISION OF FINE ARTS Doris A. Harding B.M..M.M. Associate Professor of Piano Leo E. Dontchos B.S., M.M. Instructor of Music Allan E. Green B.M..M.M. Acting Chairman, Division of Fine Arts Assistant Professor of Music Frederick Hollis B.A.,M.A.T. Assistant Professor of Art James E. Kowalsky B.M..M.M. Instructor of Music Robert Miller A.B.,M.A. Instructor of Speech and Drama Theater 69 ' I Houston M. Price B.A.JV1.M. Instructor of Piano and Organ " Just Go " Clivc Barnes Edwina Thedford B.M.Ed..M.C.M. Instructor of Music Donald L. Calitri B.S..M.A. Instructor of Physical Education Swimming Coach DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Herman S. Bush A.B..M.A. Chairman of the Division of Health and Physical Education Director of Athletics Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Mildred Hacker B.S.,M.A. Instructor of Physical Education for Women Paul S. Moore B.A..M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Basketball Coach Francis X. Sommer B.S.,M.D. Part-time Professor of Health One Hundred Ninteen Peter Aberger Deutsches Staatsexamen Instructor of French and German VV. Gordon Marigold B.A..M.A.,Ph. D. Chairman of the Division of Languages Head of Department of Modern Languages Professor of Modern Languages Patience Haggard B.A..B.S. inEd.,M.A.,Ph. D. Graduate Professor of English DIVISION OF LANGUAGES Gunter Haslop Deutsches Staatsexamen Instructor of French Judy Lu McClung A.B..M.A. Instructor of English Frank E. Merchant A.B.,M.A..Ph. D. Head of Department of English Professor of English Fred A. Richter B.A..M.A. Instructor of English Charles Reed Mitchell A.B.,M.A. Instructor of English Winifred Watts B.A.,M.A.,Ph. D. Professor of English Billy M.Stallcup B.S..M.A. Assistant Professor of English DIVISION OF RELIGION Robert D. Matthews B.A.,S.T.B.,Ph. D. Chairman of Division of Religion and Philosophy Head of The Department of Religion and Philosophy Frances Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion AND PHILOSOPHY Charles E. Winquist B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Philosophy Students Protest Chemical Warfare Frank A. Gilbert B.S.,M.A.,Ph. D. Chairman of the Division of Sciences Head of Depar tment of Biology Professor of Biology May C. Blackstock A.B.,M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics Clevis Don Carter A.B.,M.A. Instructor of Physical Science Carl F. Evans B.S.,M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Francis Cohenour B.B.A.,B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology DIVISION OF SCIENCES One Hundred Twenty Two Lawrence Jankovics Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry Eugene G. Haas B.S.,M.A.,Ph.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry Professor of Chemistry Mary Alice Lay B.S.,M.S. Instructor of Home Economics Edward G. Marshall B.S.,M.S.,Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology -jvj ' Si; •••• .SB " 3Hs. ' -«« ■■■ Robert R. Riesz A.B., M.A. Head of Department of Mathematics and Physics Associate Professor of Physics ' " - " if " ?- 1;M ' ' 4» Nicholas A. Poulos 8W £ s cv " j BS •• Ph - D - Associate Professor of Chemistry Robert K. Wilson A.B. Part-time Laboratory Instructor SOCIAL STUDIES Robert D. Criss A.B..L.L.D..M.A. Instructor of History Erwin S. Bradley B.S.inEd.,M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Social Studies Head of the Department of History and Political Science Professor of History and Political Science Loyde H. Hartley A.B.,B.D.,Ph. D. Associate Professor of Sociology Sadie W. Martin B.S..M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Haris Khan A.B., M.A..LL. B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science J. Larue Millen B.S., M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studies Rena Milliken B.A., M.A. Head of the Department of Business Associate Professor of Business CZECHOSLOVAKIA Days of Dark Uncertainty J. C. Newport A.B., M.A. Instructor of Business " ' II Bl I H I ' I I mr Ella Ophelia Wilkes B.A., B.S., M.S. Part-time Assistant Professor of Social Studies LIBRARY William S. Oxendine B.A.,M.A. Assistant Professor of History Vandalism Plaques Campus James B. McFerrin B.A.,B.S. inL.S.,M.S. Head Librarian Associate Professor of Library Science Virginia B. Saddler A.B., B.S. inL.S.,M.S. Assistant Librarian Assistant Professor of Library Science Bb B v 4 | P£ Ac 1 . ■ L. Ml vj J 1 Gallup Poll Finds Generation Gap Older Americans Oppose ' Student Power ' One Hundred Twenty-si The Community malmmmmmmmmammmmm ffi ' Jr ff de Style violence Rock L-R Bobby Pittser, President; Diane Shadle, Secretary; Judy Morgan, Treasurer; Kyle Perkins. Vice-President BevR. Afford, B.S. Frances N. Ammer, B.S. Daniel Ray Anderson, B.A. Joyce Anderson, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Cromona, Kentucky New London, Ohio Social Studies Elementary Education Biology, German Elementary Education. Religion Robert Anderson, B.S. Pine Beach, New Jersey Biology, Chemistry Carol Batten, B.S. Sewell, New Jersey Elementary Education Runyon Barkelew, B.S. South River, New Jersey Business Area, History Glenn Richard Beisecker, B.S. Akron, Ohio History, Business Last Tuesday night, these nice clean-cut kids plunged 25 million people deep into the generation g a P- ' m Cass V. Biel, B.S. Point Pleasant, New Jersey Business, Art Robert Bingham, B.A. Blue Ash, Ohio Business, Economics It All Seems Familiar, and It Is Harry W. Bixler, B.S. Donaldson, Pennsylvania History, Political Science Susan Kay Blackman, B.S. Dover, Ohio Elementary Education William Blemlek, B.A. Pompton Plains, New Jersey Biology, Chemistry Raymond Borusky, B.S. I- ' airlcss Hills, Pennsylvania Physical Education, History Jane Blair, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Elementary Education GcorgcW. Bradford, B.S. Penns Grove, New Jersey Social Studies One Hundred Thirty Judith Branstutter, B.A. Barbourville, Kentucky Social Studies, English Jeffrey Brown, B.S. Roebling, New Jersey History, Physical Education Bette Jane Buchanan, B.S. Benham, Kentucky Business Education Edward Burley, B.S. Amherst, New York Area in Social Studies Timothy T. Burnett, B.S. Highlands, New Jersey History, Political Science Biology Jan Buttermore, B.A. Corbin, Kentucky Chemistry, Biology Judy Calitri, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Elementary Education Charles E. Calloway, B.S. Pineville, Kentucky Elementary Education History William M. Campbell B.A. Beverly, Massachusetts English, French Philosophy Wayne Carey, B.S. Georgetown, Delaware Business, Economics Craig Clemow, B.A. Plymouth, Pennsylvania Religion, Philosophy, History One Hundred Thirty-One Sam Clonch, B.A. Jack S. Colley, B.S. David M.Conner, B.S. Robert I.ee Cooper, B.S Wilgus, Ohio Ashland, Kentucky Middlesboro, Kentucky Sayre. Pennsylvania Math, Physics Social Studies, Religion Business Social Studies Leslie M. Crown, B.S. Ironton. Ohio Elementary Education Lawrence Anthony Curd, B.S. Glasgow, Kentucky Health and Physical Education Ruth Ann Davenport, B.A. Williamsburg, Kentucky English, German Samuel Davies, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Social Studies George Randolph Davis, B.S. Alexandria, Virginia Area in Business, History Linda De Champs, B.S. Pitman, New Jersey Business Area, Home Economics EricD. DcGroff, B.S. Washington, D.C. Business Area, Economics One Hundred Thirty-Two Bruce Depew, B.A. Fairfax, Virginia History, Political Science William De Veer, B.S. Palm Beach, Florida Business, Economics Walter Fawley, B.S. Lynchburg, Ohio Social Studies Area Jeri Alis Fields, B.S. Newport, Kentucky Elementary Education Ronald Filler, B.A. Florence, New Jersey Political Science, History Terry Fleming, B.A. Arlington, Virginia History, French, Political Science Karla Freeman, B.S. Cherry Hill, New Jersy Home Economics, Art One Hundred Thirty-Three jHHa Louis D. George, B.S. Hugh GiUespie, B.S. Evelyn Golden, B.S. John C. Gordon, B.S Somerville, New Jersey Mays Landing, New Jersey Pineville, Kentucky Akron, Ohio Business, Chemistry Chemistry, Mathematics Social Studies Area History, Psychology Barry C. Gray, B.A. Broomall, Pennsylvania Art, Psychology, Religion One Hundred Thirty-Four Shelia D. Halter, B.S. Burbourvillc, Kentucky Social Studies, Business Barbara llammons, B.S. Barbmirvillc, Kentucky Business Education Area David llarbold, B.S. Penns Grove, New Jersey Business Area, Psychology we had known we were making history, we ' d have waved at the camera Ruth Hardison,B.S. Kettering, Ohio Home Economics, Business Janice Heggan, B.S. Cherry Hill, New Jersey Home Economics, Physical Education Jo Ann Hatz, B.S. Claymont, Delaware Elementary Education Donald Hensel, B.S. Moorestown, New Jersey Biology, Chemistry Billy Hill, B.S. Danville, Kentucky History, Physical Education Leamon Hinkle, B.S. George William Hoffman, B.A. Judith Holcombe, B.A. Rhoby Horn, B.S. Pineville, Kentucky Independence, Kentucky Trenton, New Jersey Granby, Connecticut Area in Business Education Political Science, Philosophy Math, French Physical Education Walter Hull, B.A. Callicoon, New York Philosophy, Sociology One Hundred Thirty-Six Elwood Humphries, B.S. West Berlin, New Jersey History, Physical Education . . . " The whole ruddy world ' s waiting to see how we do . . . 20 % of Students Seem To Be Thinking of Sex Anna F. Isaacs, B.A. Lexington, Kentucky English, Philosophy, French Faith Johnson, B.S. Trenton, New Jersey Health and Physical Education Home Economics Mary Jo Jaynes, B.A. Falls Church, Virginia English, French Julianna Johnson, B.A. Lakewood, New Jersey English Glenda Jones, B.S. Corbin, Kentucky Math, Chemistry Sony a Jones, B.A. Somerset, Kentucky English, Psychology Richard Kloss, B.S. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Health and Physical Education Robert Klug, B.S. Amsterdam, New York Health and Physical Education One Hundred Thirty-Seven Kail R. Kraft, B.A. Groveville, New Jersey French, Religion Faith E. Kunze, B.S. Toledo, Ohio Elementary Education Kenneth Landreth, B.A. Marion, Virginia Biology, Chemistry Jonathan LePeyre, B.S. Norwich, Connecticut History, Physical Education Charlotte Lewis, B.A. Smilax, Kentucky History, Political Science Stephen Liming, B.S. Williamsburg, Ohio Chemistry, Psychology, Math Earl L. Linaberg.Jr., B.S. Baltimore, Maryland Religion, Social Studies One Hundred Thirty-Eight Walter List, B. A. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Business, History David Logue, B.S. Junction City, Kentucky Health and Physical Education History Andrew Long, B.S. West Belmar, New Jersey History, Political Science John D. Love, B.S. Burnside, Kentucky Social Studies Tom McFarland, B.M. Claymont, Delaware Music B.S. Fredric Mack, B.A. New Britain, Connecticut Math, Physics Joe Macwan, B.A. Nadrid Gutrat State, English, German India Janet Magsam, B.S. Clarksboro, New Jersey Health and Physical Education Thomas George Manuel, B.A. Wilmington, Massachusetts French, German N. Thompson Marsh, B.S. Milton, Pennsylvania Business, Economics One Hundred Thirty-Nine 4 fc4ti Dorsey Maxwell, B.S. London, Kentucky History, Political Science Julian Miles, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Business Education, History Gary Mills, B.S. Southwick, Massachusetts Social Studies, Education Guy Millward.B.A. South River, New Jersey German, Political Science Thomas Mohr, B.S. West Berlin, New Jersey Physical Education, Business One Hundred Forty William Montella, B.S. Cranston, Rhode Island Art, History Judith Ann Morgan, B.S. I ' ort Mitchell, Kentucky Math, English Carl Noto, B.S. Dunmore, Pennsylvania Business Area, Economics Raymond Owens, B.A. Arlington, Virginia History and Political Sciene Ronnie Owens, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Business Donald Parker, B.S. Louisville, Kentucky Business Area, History Allan K yle Perkins, B.A. Rockholds, Kentucky English, German Okie Lee Peterson, B.S. Middlesboro, Kentucky Business, Music John Pilkey, B.S. Lockport, New Port Social Studies Robert Jesse Pittser, B.S. Lynchburg, Ohio Health and Physical Education Business Meda Pittser, B.A. Lynchburg, Ohio English, French Tommy Pope, B.S. Harlan, Kentucky Business Education Carol Proctor, B.A. Havertown, Pennsylvania French, Physical Education William T. Renkin, B.S. Toms River, New Jersey History, Business One Hundred Forty-One Rebecca Riley, B.A. Owenton, Kentucky Biology, Chemistry, English Roy E. Ross, B.S. Norton, Virginia Business, Biology Nick Rudder, B.S. London, Kentucky Biology David Schaller, B.S. Cranston, Rhode Island Area in Business Education, Art Ronald S. Sell, B.S. Somerville, New Jersey History, Sociology John Semkus, B.S. Sag Harbor, New York Business Economics Diane Shadle, B.A. Barbourville, Kentucky English, French Maureen Kay Sharrah, B.S. Havcrtown, Pennsylvania Health and Physical Education Home Economics Herbert Shepherd, B.S. W ' illiamsport, Pennsylvania Education Vesta Shields, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Business Area, Home Economics Richard Shompcr, B.S. Elizabethvillc, Pennsylvania Health and Physical Education History Maxine Stanley, B.A. Rockholds, Kentucky English, German Lance St. Clair, B.S. Avon, Connecticut Business Area, Economics Robert Stevens, B.S. Clifton, New Jersey Social Studies Area Susan Striet, B.S. Rossford, Ohio Elementary Education Steve Stubble field, B.S. Louisville, Kentucky Business Area, English Robert F. Tatro, B.S. Milton, Massachusetts Music James Thomas Sturgis, B.A Snow Hill, Maryland History, Sociology How do you measure a President? Craig Taylor, B.A. North Tonawanda, New York Biology, French - E " We can ' t control everything Franklin Thornton, B.A. Owenton, Kentucky Biology, Chemistry Ralph VanDerau.B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Social Studies Area Janet Trudeau, B.S. Barbourville. Kentucky Elementary Education Gervin Vanderpool, B.A. Rockholds, Kentucky Biology, German Maria N.Vidal, B.A. Elinor VVaite, U.S. Barranquilla. Columbia Ridgeficld, Connecticut South America English, Drama French, English One Hundred Forty-Four Elaine Wallace, B.A. Louisville, Kentucky German, French Thomas Weeks, B.S. Hamilton, Ohio Social Studies Charles Lee Williams, B.S. Berwyn, Pennsylvania Business, Economics James Richard Wolf, B.S. Medina, Ohio Elementary Education Constance Foster Wood, B.A. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts History, German Philip D.Yeakel, B.S. Syracuse, New York Business, Economics Keith Wortinger, B.S. French Lick, Indiana History, Business Paul Young, B.S. Gibbstown, New Jersey Business Area, Economics U.S. Proposes 6 Shapes Where ' s a Round Table Not Round? In Paris! Class of 1970 Lois Anderson New London, Ohio Scott Anderson Paul Andrews Groton, Connecticut East Bemstadt, Kentucky Fred Baldwin Hamilton, Ohio David Banks Harlan, Kentucky Janet Bennett Brantingham, New York Ken Bernhardt Pitman, New Jersey Robert Bliss Michael Blum Tonawanda, New York Falls Church, Virginia Gary Bock Alan Borquist David Box Judy Diane Boyd Falls Church, Orange, New Jersey Corning, New York Baibourville, Virginia Kentucky Steve Burchesky Utica, New York Donna Burnsides Celina, Ohio Ronnie Callihan Bimble, Kentucky Clinton Campbell Clarks Summitt, Pennsylvania Linda Campbell Orlanda. Florida Thomas Caid Windham Center, Connecticut Ann Can Ashland, Kentucky Paul Can Ashland, Kentucky Kathy Lynn Chamberlain Mercerville, New Jersey John Wharton Carey Alan Cini David Cleveland Hobart Coffman Frankford, Delaware Decane, Pennsylvania Watertown, New York Philippi, West Virginia Ronald Creasy Girdler, Kentucky George Lindsey Davis Lynda Dawson Deanna Dezarn Lexington, Kentucky Trenton, New Jersey Hamilton, Ohio William DiNicola Gibbstown, New Jersey Nancy Joyce Elam Blackey, Kentucky Donna Endress Painesville, Ohio Caddie Fitts Joyce Freeman Cortland, New York Loyall, Kentucky LffeKW; John Entelisano James Ewing Timothy Feely Lee Center, New York Jonesville, Virginia Rosedale, New York Joseph Frye Robert Gillespie Geoffrey L. Classman Newark, Ohio Madisonville, Plain fie Id, Kentucky New Jersey Mira Charles Glessing Adams, New York Hock Soon Goh Albert Graham Georgetown, Penang, Penns Grove, Malaysia New Jersey David Graham Woodstock, Ohio Samuel Gullo Corning, New York Alema Harris Manchester, Kentucky John Hartman Jack Heller Charles Hensel Tom Hodgkins Muncy, Pennsylvania Moores Hill, Indiana Moorestown, Willimantic, New Jersey Connecticut Gary Hicks Jacqueline Hinkle Kay Dawn Hoops Lynne Johnson Vernece Jones Gilbert Justice Maple Heights, Ohio Barbourville, Kentucky Shreve, Ohio North Olmstead, Ohio Grays, Kentucky Clarksboro, New Jersey Alternative to Extremism and Violence Paul Kirby Providence, Rhode Island Eric Krebs Passaic, New Jersey Mary Truitt Knuckles Betty Lane John Luly Shirley Martin Charles McDowell Ken Meibers Pineville, Kentucky Barbourville, Ridgefield Park, Democrat, Kentucky North Merrick, Milford. Ohio Kentucky New Jersey New York Evelyn Merida Max MiUer Edith Millett Henry Doyle Mills Kenneth Moore James Mullen Hammond, Kentucky Willi amsport, Pennyslvania Riverside, Connecticut Artemus, Kentucky Milford, Ohio Middletown, Delaware Janie Nelson Merrick, New York Sara Newman Barranquilla, Columbia, South America Cherry Nite Owens Barbourville, Kentucky Ruth Payne James Pedrick Hcidrick, Kentucky Woodstown, New Jersey Michael Penick Katie Pickard Covington. Kentucky Barbourville, Kentucky James Powell Barbourville, Kentucky Orlinda Reid Shokan, New York David Radway North Olmstead, Ohio Harry Ronald Riskie Woodbury, New Jersey Edward Schneider Matawan, New Jersey Marsha Kit Seplak Huntington Valley. Pennsylvania Regina Sergent Barbara Slagter Jackhorn, Kentucky Barranquilla, Columbia, South America John Charles Smalley Ray Smith Wethersfield, Radford, Virginia Connecticut Linda Snyder Carol Stallcup Easton, Pennsylvania BarbourviUe, Kentucky Ann Steele Chris Stoecklin John W. Thompson Bette Valentine Columbus, Ohio Silver Spring, Vincentown, Flatlick, Kentucky Maryland New Jersey Betty WaddeU Fleming, Kentucky Emma Waddell Fleming, Kentucky Elizabeth T. Webber Frankford, Delaware Joyce White Woodstock, Ohio John Wiese Fanwood, New Jersey Martha Wovkulich Brenda Yeager Catherine Yeager Frank Zink Apalachin, New York BarbourviUe, BarbourviUe, Carlstadt, Kentucky Kentucky New Jersey Class of 1971 Hell ' s Angels Raid Small Town L-R John Cuba, President; Betty Lou Boardman, Treasurer; Aaron Childs, Vice-President; John Campbell, Secretary Elaine Abbot Randolph Center, Vermont John Archer Titusville, New Jersey Denis Avagliano Little Ferry, New Jersey Linda Bailey Pineville, Kentucky Marsha Beth Ballard Barbourville, Kentucky William Beebc Hillsdale, New Jersey Neal Bender Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania %•■• $t Ann Bent Wilmington, Delaware Billic Bingham Corbin, Kentucky James R. Black Sweedsboro, New Jersey Kerry Blasenak York, Pennsylvania Alicia Boyd Barbourville, Kentucky Denis Boyd Vrattleboro, Vermont John Campbell David Cantrell Nancy Ann Carl Oren Chaney Brooklyn, New York Salisbury, Litit2, Winchester, Maryland Pennsylvania Kentucky Nancy Cobb Fount, Kentucky Larry Coffey Roebling, New Jersey Georgia Curfman East Concord, New York William Darnel! Betty Davis. Keith Dcckhut Walter Dexter Burnside, Kentucky BarbourvUle, Cranford, Kentucky New Jersey Pennsylvania Dezso Domosi Eurcre, Hungary Woodrow Dunn Wyndottc, Michigan Martha Dure II Brookficld, Massachusetts Mary Ann Elam BarbourvUle, Kentucky Mike Fawcctt Arbngton, Virginia Grieg l ; erguson Brewster, New York Gregory Finks Cinaminson, New Jersey Karen Francis Garrett. Kentucky Bruce Frecdman Milton. Massachuvctts David Canary Ocean City. New Jersey Cheryl Gibson Manchester. Connecticut Steven Goodman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania John Graham Norwalk, Connecticut Paul Gregory Richmond Hill. New York Bonnie Gross Barbourvillc. Kentucky Fred Gross Philadelphia. Pennsylvania John Cuba Dana Gunnison James Habercam Jan Haklik Helen Hammons Gerald Havers Jennie Hawkins Cohoes, New York Bethesda, Maryland Baltimore, Staten Island, Barbourville, Moorestown, Harlan, Kentucky Maryland New York Kentucky New Jersey 134 Things to worry about besides The Election Douglas Hendrick Barbourville, Kentucky Joseph Henry Stonington, Connecticut Stephen Henthom Wintersville, Ohio Glenn Holdcraft Bridgeport, New Jersey Donald Hunter Bruce Jaildagjan Donald G. Jaycox Donna Jesmajian Andrew Johnson Lans Johnson Jan Jones Lansdown, Hampton, New York Clifton, Valley Stream, Washington, D.C. Hampton, Hustonville, Pennsylvania New Jersey New York New Hampshire Kentucky Pochard Kiese Richard Kistner JiU Koch Cheryl Lattimer Cold Springs, Centerport, Norristown, End well. New York New York New York Pennsylvania Joan Leach Paul Leon Elizabeth Manchester Glenn Marston SeeKonk, Alexandria, Sharon, Vermont Kennett Square Massachusetts Virginia Pennsylvania Timothy McConnell Sally Matthews John Maxvitat Mary Jane Megee Cynthia Merrill Carol Miller Burt Miltenbergcr Fairfax, Virginia Ed ma. Minnesota WoodJynne, Ocean View. Delaware Tolland, Lititz, Willmingboro New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania New Jersey Disappearing A merica Douglas Mitchell Jennifer Mink Jackie Motley Dot Muller John Musgrove Virginia Myers David Noyes Caldwell, Pincville, Springfield, Ohio Bricktown, Lebanon, Newport, Tennessee Dunmore New Jersey Kentucky New Jersey New Hampshire Pennsylvania Paula Pckarovich Nancy Perry Richard Pesce Christopher PfaefTli Ocean City, Bill Pierce Roselle. Wharton, Canton, Ohio Kcnnctt Square, Bricktown, New Jersey New Jersey Pennsylvania New Jersey New Jersey Ed Pierce John PTkhard Esther Prince James Rccd Marlene Rccd Candid Rctf Betty Jean PainesvUle, Ohio Barbourvillc, Oswego, New York rollings wood. Springvillc, Washington, D.C. Richardson Kentucky New Jersey New York lairfax, Virginia Robert Ridgeway Judith Rieser Paul Sagarese Sheldon Sanger Brenda Sears Dennis Shea Joe Shields Camden, New Jersey Barbourville, Morris Plains, Darien, Somerset, Kentucky Pittsburgh, Barbourville, Kentucky New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Kentucky Robert Simon Batavia, Ohio Eric Small Seabrook, New Hampshire Mary Beth Smoll Allen town, Pennsylvania Mallie Spicer Avawam, Kentucky Debra Stapp Cincinnati, Ohio William Charles Steffan Dunkirk, New York Linda Webb Yvette Williamson Emily Willis Elizabeth Wood Jerry Yellin Corbin, Kentucky Barbourville, Barbourville, Schenectady, Audubon, Kentucky Kentucky New York New Jersey ass o ; say youth is out ge the world. I Take it from us, ley ' ve already changed i L-R Garrett Clifford, Treasurer; Deborah Gregory, Secretary; Mark Lawrence, President One Hundred Fifty-eight k til i Marie Alexander Bendetta Angeline Charlotte Baird Gregory Baldwin Dorcas Bargo Jim Barr Stephen Baxter Beverly Bays Brooklyn, New York Williamstown, Pineville, Kentucky Gloversville, Mary Alice, Lansdowne, Long Branch, Dearborn Heights, New Jersey New York Kentucky Pennsylvania New Jersey Michigan Rebecca Bays Tommy Bennett James Bunting William Berglund Terry Bogert Terry Bolen Richard Bonar Larry Bowling Ewing, Virginia Cawood, Kentucky Frankford, Delaware A.P.O., New York Warsaw, New York Cincinnati, Ohio Foster, Kentucky Blanchester, Ohio las Bowman Carol Brubaker Russ Buckley Sharon Bums Edward Busser James Bywater Chester Camilleri Gerald S. Carlson ar, Ohio Lititz, North Valley Stream, Duff, Tennessee Camden, New Jersey Marietta, Ohio Newington, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania New York Connecticut Pennsylvania Marlene Castle Nancy Chandler Thomas Chappell Daniel Chesney Garrett Clifford Evelyn J. Cloud Limcraft, Pineville, Cedar Knolls, Newington, Manchester, Barbourville, New Jersey Kentucky New Jersey Connecticut Connecticut Kentucky Julia Cobb Barbourville, Kentucky Charles Comfort Barbourville, Kentucky Richard Cortese Union, New Jersey Steve Coryell Carlisle, Massachusetts Linda Darnell Bumside, Kentucky I I lilll William Decker Bailey Switch, Kentucky Frederick DeUer Dallastown, Pennsylvania Virginia Catherine Depp Hustonville. Kentucky Terry Depp Akron, Ohio Joe Detherage BarbourvilJe, Kentucky Gerald DiMaria John Dunham Michael Duram Canandaigua. Salem, Pound Ridge, New York New Hampshire New York Mother warned me Robert Duricko Jersey City, New Jersey Elliott Garrison Lawrence burg, Kentucky Scott Elliott Tinley Park, Illinois Richard Ellis Barbourville, Kentucky Pamela K. Foley Bailey ' s Switch. Kentucky Stephen Fowler Wyomissing, Pennsylvania Linda Freeman Dan S. Frcidcl Alien Fullen Gregory Gardner Conrad Gemmer Carcn George Frances Girdncr Helen Glazebrook Salamanca, Harboro, Barbourville, Foster, East Rutherford, Pequea, Barbourville, Paoli, Pennsylvania New York Pennsylvania Kentucky Rhode Island New Jersey Pennsylvania Kentucky Steven Goldsbcrry He man Gonzalez Steven Goodman Stephen Gordan Dcbra Gregory Frank Grcincr Carl Groon Gail Grucn Lexington, Bayside, New York Philadelphia, Dover, Delaware Salem, New Jersey Eric, Pennsylvania Wildwood Crest, Chambcrsburg Kentucky Pennsylvania New Jersey Pennsylvania Peter Guilbeault Joseph A. Haban Middlcsboro. Jefferson Hamilton Dorothy Harp Janet Herb David Hey Joseph Hodges James Hof acker Smithficld, Clinton, Tennessee Barbourville, Allcntown, Bridgeport, Anderson, Bricktown, Rhode Island Kentucky Kentucky Pennsylvania Connecticut South Carolina New Jersey John Hume Kathy Hummer David Hurley John Larry Inkster Meredith Jones Molly Kemmer Susan Kennedy Sandra Kidd Bay Shore, Frankford, Frankford, Collin gs wood. Columbus, Ohio LaG range, Illinois Westbury, New York Barb ourvi lie. New York Delaware Delaware New Jersey Kentucky Bradford King Tamara Lynn King Mary Kleinschmidt Gregory Kulig George Kutz Richard Lambert Barbara Lane Mark Lawrence Newington, Ho-Ho-Kus, Columbus, Ohio Garfield, Manasquan, Blackstone, Anchorage, Newington, Connecticut New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey Massachusetts Kentucky Connecticut Jo Anne Locke Arthur Long Leslie Love man Kenneth Mackay Robert Maguire Clifford Manausa Linda Marcum Jack Martin Pitman, New Jersey Paterson, New Jersey Lakewood, Ohio Bogota, New Jersey Collingwood, New Jersey Weymouth, Massachusetts Ewing, Virginia Wayland, Kentucky Ronald Mason Jill McComachy Stuart McCullen John McMurray Michael McQuinley Deborah Menard Milford, Ohio Blairstown, Somers Point, Oceanport, Fan wood. Lynn, New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey Massachusetts Marcia Men dell Washington, D.C. Vicki Mendoza Huntington, New York Glenn Duane Merkle Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robert Merritt Westfield, New Jersey Garry Mills Artemus, Kentucky Herbert Miracle I Kettering, Ohio Frances Moore Duff. Tennessee Ronald Mortcnscn Newington, Connecticut Eugene Neal Nancy Neilson Queens, New York Thornton, Illinois Bernard Nolan Cinnaminson, New Jersey Tom O ' Connor Newton. New Jersey- Mark Otion Warwick, Rhode Island Judith Ann Peaco North Olmstcad. Ohio Janet Peck Ronald Podlaskowich Linda Potts Peggy Prosser Michael Prusina Albert Pulver James Robert Robert Quelle Manchester, Elizabeth, Lexington, Cincinnati, Ohio Delmont, Sarigus, Pumell Cincinnati. Connecticut New Jersey Kentucky New Jersey Massachusetts Salisbury, Maryland Ohio Alfonso Qucsada Miami, Florida Carl Radcr Phillipsburg, New Jersey Patricia Ragonc Colli ngs wood. New Jersey Scott Raymond Brentwood, New Hampshire Joe C. Reynolds White sburg, Kentucky Charlcne Rockwell Salamaca. New York John Ruple Mentor. Ohio Anthony J. Saracino Holmes, New York Steven Charles Terry SmaUwood Brenda Smith Jerry Smith Leo Smith Garrett Smock Shari Snowdcn Beverly Sowdcrs Skrobsky Crittenden. Landing. Alexandria, Columbia, Inlcrlakcn, North Olmstcad, Barbourville. Statcn Island. Kentucky New Jersey Kentucky Pennsylvania New Jersey Ohio Kentucky New York Pauline Spiccr Robert St. Angjco Linda Stickncy Elizabeth Strong Suzanne Sutton Albert Joseph Carl Taylor Peggy Thorpe Avuwam. Kentucky Valley Stream, Prattsburg, Huntsburg. Ohio HunLsburg, Ohio Tarbous Tiltonsvillc, Ohio Pincvillc, New York New York North Plainficld. New Jersey Kentucky Ida Doreen Tidwell Frank Toomey Janet Tomatore Richard Townley Gail Trainer Steven Trimble Marilyn Turnbull Eloise Turner Grays, Kentucky Jersey City, Cranstaton, Westfield, Morrow, Ohio Eatontown, Camden, New Jersey Pennington Gap New Jersey New York New Jersey New Jersey Virginia Gregg Turner Kitts, Kentucky Charlene Valentine Ftatlick, Kentucky Larry Van Der Vliet Rumson, New Jersey Denis Volpe Pittsford, New York Michael Steven Wagner Peggy Wallace Independence, Barbourville, Kentucky Kentucky Judith Ann Webb Corbin, Kentucky Vemley West Groton, Connecticut Arlene White Dennis Marc Terry Whitis Paul Whittaker Duane Wilson Pamela Wise, William Withey Douglas Wood Westerville, Ohio Whitehead London, Kentucky Mansfield, Cheektowaga, Clifton Heights, Redbank, Canasotota, Monroe ville. Massachusetts New York Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Kay Woodington Alice Woodward Kennaird Woosley James York Karen Young Ovid, New York Aliquippa, Canastota, Grays, Kentucky Pennsauken, Pennsylvania New York New Jersey James Zaiser Rockville Center, Pennsylvania Alan Zeiser Glendale, New York Jeffrey Zilbauer Buffalo, New York One Hundred Sixty-Three BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY Charles W. Buchanan, Agent Roy L. Faulkner, Agent 109 Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-5171 KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors for Auto Parts PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville Kentucky WEST STANDARD SERVICE Corner of Knox Street and Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky HAMPTON AND NAU Nunn Bush Shoes Botany 500 Suits Arrow Shirts Barbourville, Kentucky WILLIAMS STORE Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky One Hundred Sixty-four CORBIN DEPOSIT BANK TRUST CO. ' CORBIN ' S LEADING FINANCIAL INSTITUTION " Two Downtown Locations First at Main and First at Lynn Avenue Phone: 528-3120 BACON CREEK GUN SHOP New Used Guns Ammo-Fishing Tackle Cumberland Falls Hwg. U. S.— 25W Corbin, Kentucky JUDY ' S FLOWER SHOP Rose Reiser — Owner Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3127 CATRON MOTOR CO., INC. Main at Fifth Corbin, Kentucky Phone: 528-1905 COTTON ' S 1-HOUR CLEANERS Barbourville, Kentucky Laundry Work — Alterations and Mending Phone: 546-4182 CORBIN OPTICAL CO. Complete Optical Service Same Day Service Available Large Selection of Frames Fast Service on all Prescriptions 112 West 2nd, Corbin, Kentucky OWENS MUFFLER BODY SHOP Mufflers installed free Bear Front End Alignment Tune up by Electronic Machine Phone: 528-2330 One Hundred Sixty-five College Graduates Take Baths The Involved Ammer, Frances N. — Chorus, Student National Education Association Anderson, Daniel Ray - Gamma Beta Phi Anderson. Joyce L. - Methodist Student Movement, Oxford Club, Phi Epsilon Alpha, Student National Education Association Anderson, Robert - Appalachian Volunteers, U Club, Bowling Team, Alpha Phi Omega, American Chemical Society, Stevenson Hall Dorm Council Batten, Carol -Concert Band. Appalachian Volunteers, Methodist Stu- dent Movement, Chorus Beisecker, Glen Richard -Circle K. Student National Education Associa- tion Biel. Cass V. -Alpha Phi Omega Blackman, Susan K. - Choir, Collegium Musicum, Student National Edu- cation Association Blemlek, William - American Chemical Society, Lakeside Dorm Coun- cil-Treasurer Borusky, Raymond - Student Senate Bradford. George Wesley - Methodist Student Movement. Circle K-Treasurer, Student Senate-Secretary, Young Republican Club, Stu- dent National Education Association, Orientation Committee Branstutter. Judith - Honor Scholarship, Student National Education Association, Iota Sigma Nu Brown, Jeffrey — Pi Epsilon Alpha, Track Team, Alpha Phi Omega, Intra- murals Buchanan, Bette Jane - Stespean Staff, Beta Chi Alpha, Student National Education Association Buttermore, Jan Todd - Playlikers, Alpha Phi Omega, Orange and Black Staff, American Chemical Society -President, Student Senate, Stespean Staff Calitri, Judy Bird - Student Senate, Student Center Board, Home Eco- nomics Club, Social Standards Board, Stespean Staff. Orientation Com- mittee, Student National Education Association Calloway, Charles E. - Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu, Student National Education Association, Honor Scholarship Campbell. William M. - Student Center Board -President, Vice-President, Choir, Oxford Club. Orientation Committee, National Methodist Scholar- ship, Student Senate, Cultural Life Committee, Religious Life Com- mittee, Lakeside Dormitory Council, Iota Sigma Nu, Seminar ' 68, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Carey, Wayne - Orange and Black Staff, Alpha Phi Omega Clemow, Craig - Circle K-Secretary, Vice-President, Orientation Com- mittee, Food Committee, Monitor, Stevenson Hall Dormitory Council, Stespean Photographer Clonch, Samuel Edward - Gamma Beta Phi-Vice-President, Treasurer, Junior Class Vice-President Colley, Jack S. - Stevenson Hall Monitor, Student National Education Association, Circle K-Historian, Chaplain Connor, David Michael - Golf Team, Baseball Team-Manager, U Club, Student Senate Cooper. Robert Lee - Oxford Club, Methodist Student Movement, Lakeside Dormitory Council, Young Republican Club, Student National Education Association, Editor Crown, Leslie - Orange and Black Staff. Oxford Club, Young Republican Club, Student National Education Association, Methodist Student Movement-President, Associate Dormitory Counselor, Gamma Sigma Sigma -2nd Vice-President Curd, Lawrence Anthony - Varsity Basketball, U Club, Alpha Phi Omega Davenport. Ruth Ann — Gamma Beta Phi, German Club, Student Senate, Seminar ' 68, Playlikers, Young Republican Club Davies. Samuel - Student National Education Association Davis, Bobby Jones - Junior College Scholarship, Student National Edu- cation Association Davis, George Randolph - Circle K. DeChamps. Linda — Appalachian Volunteers. Home Economics Club. Orange and Black S taff DeGroff , Eric - Circle K Depew, Bruce - Orange and Black Staff, Phi Mu Alpha -Secretary, Stespean Staff. Alpha Phi Omega Fawley, William Walter — Methodist Student Movement. Student Senate-Secretary, Student Center Board, Gamma Beta Phi. Religious Life Committee, Young Republicans Club-Vice-Chairman, Orientation Committee. Student National Education Association Fields, Jeri Alic - Cwens-Vice-President, Gamma Beta Phi. Association of Women Students-Sophomore Counselor. Vice-President. President. Associate Counselor, Young Republicans Club-Secretary, Judicial Coun- cil. Cultural Life Committee. Orientation Committee, Stespean-Editor. Freshman and Junior Class Treasurer, Student National Education As- sociation, Appalachian Volunteers, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Filler, Ronald — Council of Southern Mountains, Orange and Black- Editor, Associate Editor, Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu, Washington Semester, Governor Sampson Political Science Award. Robsion Political Science Scholarship, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Fleming, Karla Freeman - Home Economics Club-Vice-President, Beta Chi Alpha-Treasurer, Association of Women Students, Circle K Snowball Queen Fleming, Terry - Circle K-Secretary Gillespie, Hugh - American Chemical Society Gordon, John - Oxford Club Treasurer, Student National Education Association Gray, Barry Charles — Art Club -President. Foreign Students Club- Treasurer, Circle K-Journal Chairman, Orientation Committee, Chorus, Stespean-Layout Manager, Art Editor, Orange and Black Staff-Assistant Editor, Fine Arts Editor. Phi Mu Alpha -Vice-President, Treasurer. Stu- dent Center Board and Committeeman, Food Committee, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Halter, Shelia Dozier - Chorus, Student National Education Association Hammons, Barbara - Beta Chi Alpha -Secretary, Stespean Staff, Student Senate, Student National Education Association Hammons. Carolyn Sue - German Club, Student Senate, seminar ' 68, Senior English Award Hammons, J.S. - Veterans Club Hardison, Ruth - Bridge Club, Home Economics Club, Orange and Black Staff Hatz, Jo Ann - Beta Chi Alpha-Viee-PTesident, Stespean Staff, Cheer- leader, Student National Education Association, Associate Dormitory Counselor, Home-Coming Queen, U-Club-Secretaiy Heggan, Janice W. - Field Hockey, Home Economics Club -Treasurer, Circle K Snowball Queen, Miss Stespean 1967, Mountain Laurel Repre- sentative, Cheerleader, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Home-Coming Queen, Beta Chi Alpha, U Club, Association of Women Students Fire Warden Hensel, Donald - Alpha Phi Omega Hill, Billy - Circle K, U Club, Stespean Staff. Varsity Basketball Hill, Cheryl K. - Beta Chi Alpha, Gamma Beta Phi Hinkle, Leamon - Orange and Black Staff Business Manager, Stespean- Business Manager, Bowling League, Young Republican Club, Student National Education Association Hoffman, George William - Freshman Class President, Student Senate- President, Alpha Phi Omcga-lst Vice-President. Orientation Committee, U Club-Varsity Track and Field -Conference Champion, Washington Se- mester, Stevenson Hall Dormitory -President. Stespean Staff, Faculty Student Conduct Committee, Mr. Union, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Holcombc, .In. lull - lota Sigma Nu Freshman Award, Senior Assistant- ship Math Department, Ccwns, Association of Women Students, German Club, Alpha Delta, Library Committee. Cultural Life Committee, Publica- tions Committee, Judicial Council. Iota Sigma Nu, Smut and Smut Editoral Board Horn, Rhoby Ann - Field Hockey, Association of Women Students, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Beta Chi Alpha. Food Committee, Judicial Council, Stu- dent National Education Association Hull, Walter - Bowling League -Secretary, Gamma Beta Phi, Milesians- President, Monitor, Karate Instructor Humphries, Elwood - Freshman Class -Vice-President, Sophomore Class-Vice-President, Basketball Team Statistician Isaacs, Anna F. - Student Senate-Vice-President, Food Committee, Milesians, Stespean Queen 1966, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart 1966 Jaynes, Mary Jo - Association of Women Students, Gamma Beta Phi Johnson, Faith - Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader-Captain, Beta Chi Alpha, Mu Omega Beta Sweetheart, Stespean Staff, U Club, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Junior and Sophomore Class Secretary, Miss Southeastern Kentucky 1968 Johnson, Juliana - Cultural Life Committee, Student Center Board - President, Stespean Staff -Copy Editor, Seminar ' 68 Jones, Glenda - Student National Education Association, Alpha Delta Jones, Sonya - Young Republican Club, Seminar ' 68, Alpha Psi Omega, Beta Chi Alpha, Stespean Staff, Orange and Black Staff, Society for the Prevention and Extermination of Dogma Kloss, Richard - Student National Education Association, Lakeside Monitor, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega Klug, Robert - Golf, Lakeside Dorm Counsil, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Student National Education Association Kraft, Karl R. - Oxford Club-President, Orange and Black Staff- Cartoonist, Religious Life Committee, Stesepan Staff Landreth, Kenneth - Monitor, Biology Laboratory Assistant, MACCI Honors Seminar LePeyre, Jonathan - Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, U Club, Orange and Black -Sports Editor Lewis, Charlotte - Association of Women Students-Treasurer, Sopho- more Counselor, Cwens, Gamma Beta Phi, Iota Sigma Nu, Student National Education Association, Editor-Unior and U-Student Hand- book, Stespean -Editor, Assistant Editor, Faculty -Student Conduct Committee, Young Republicans Club -Chairman , Orientation Com- mittee, Smut and Smut Editorial Board, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award, Secretary to the Student Senate Liming, Stephen - Stevenson Hall Dorm Council, Alpha Phi Omega- Treasurer, American Chemical Society -Treasurer Linaburg, Earl L. - Appalachian Volunteers, Alpha Phi Omega - President, Treasurer, Student Judicial Council, Orientation Committee List, Walter G. Ill - U Club, KIAC High Hurdles Champion, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country, Young Republicans, Alpha Phi Omega-lst Vice-President Logue, David - Caving Club Long, Andy - Varsity Track, Lakeside Dormitory President, U Club- Vice-President, Cross Country Team Love, John D. - Oxford Club UNSHA VEN, UNSHORN, AND UNACCEPTABLE McFarland, Thomas - Concert Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, Choir, Chorus, Brass Quintet, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Student Senate Representative, Head Music Librarian, Presser Foundation Music Scholar- ship, Student National Education Association Mack, Fredric Everett - Radio Club-Secretary-Treasurer, Bridge Club, Alpha Phi Omega Macwan, Joseph - Foriegn Students Association -Vice-President, Stespean-Photographer, Circle K, Judicial Council Magsam, Janet E. - Pi Epsilon Alpha-Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Counselor, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Beta Chi Alpha -President, Cheer- leader, U Club X Manuel, Thomas - Methodist Student Movement, Circle K-Secretary, Stevenson Hall Dormitory Council, Junior Class-Vice-President, German Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Religious Life Committee Marsh, N. Thompson, III - Stevenson Hall Dormitory Council, Circle K-Historian, Treasurer, Secretary, Stespean Staff, Student National Edu- cation Association-President Maxwell, Dorsey - Caving Club Mills, Gary Todd - Circle K. Drama Productions, Stevenson Hall Dorm- itory Council-President Millward, Guy - Alpha Phi Omega -Secretary, Alpha Psi Omega-Vice- President, Young Republicans Club, Playlikers, Student National Edu- cation Association Mohr, Thomas - Baseball Team, U Club, Phi Epsilon Alpha Morgan, Judith Ann - Gamma Beta Phi-Secretary, Treasurer, Beta Chi Alpha, Association of Women Students, Alumni Scholarship, Student Senate, Student Center Board, Alpha Delta, Senior Class Treasurer, Young Republicans Club, Student National Education Association, Iota Sigma Nu, Smut and Smut Editorial Board Noto, Carl - Karate Club, Alpha Phi Omega -Treasurer, Vice-President, Student Senate, Monitor, Stevenson Hall Dormitory Council Olmstead, Dale E. - Band, Orchestra, Choir, Collegium Musicum, Chorus, Stage Band, Lead in Opera " The Mikado " , Lead in Operetta " The Kentucky Story " , Phi Mu Alpha Owens, Raymond - Alpha Phi Omega, Radio Club, Caving Club, Play- likers, Drama Productions, Lakeside Dormitory Council Owens, Ronnie - Assistant to the Director of Testing, Young Republican Club Parker, Donald - Methodist Student Movement, Young Republican Club Perkins, Allan Kyle - Gamma Beta Phi -President, Mid-Appalachian Col- lege Council English Honors Study Program, German Club, Iota Sigman Nu -Vice-President, Senior Class Vice-President, Young Republican Club-Treasurer, Judicial Council-Chairman, Seminar ' 68, Smut and Smut Editorial Board, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Peterson, Okie Lee - Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Psi Omega, Playlikers, Choir Stespean Staff Pilkey, John - Circle K, Lakeside Dormitory Countil, Student National Education Association Pittser, Robert Jesse - Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, U Club- President, Faculty Athletic Award, Gamma Beta Phi, Senior Class Presi- dent Pittser, Meda - Association of Women Students-Secretary, Freshman Class Secretary, Student National Education Association, Cwens, Gamma Beta Phi, Cheerleader, U Club Spring ' 69: Contemporary But With a Bit of Nostalgia Proctor. Carol - Pi Epsilon Alpha-Treasurer, Beta Chi Alpha. Phi Mu .Alpha Sweetheart Renkin. W. Thomas - Student Senate-Secretary, Vice-President, Presi- dent. Alpha Phi Omega-Secretary, Vice-President, Student Faculty Con- duct Committee; Young Republicans Club, Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award Riley, Rebecca - Sophomore Counselor. Chemistry Club. Beta Chi .Alpha. American Chemical Society. Associate Dormitory Council, As- sociation of Women Students Sweetheart Queen Rudder. Nick - Junior College Scholarship, General Physics Award, Stu- dent National Education Association Savage. Bill - Baseball Team, Alpha Phi Omega, U Club, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Student National Education Association Savage, Shirley - P.H.T. ' s, Pi Epsilon Alpha Schaller, David - Swimming Team, U Club Sell. Ronald - Circle K, Oxford Club, Union College Christian As- sociation. Veterans Club-President Semkus. John - Dormitory Council Shadle. Diane - Beta Chi Alpha -Historian, Vice-President, President, Orange and Black Staff-Feature Editor, Stespean Staff, Alpha Phi Omega Queen, Gamma Beta Phi. Senior Class Secretary. Young Republi- can Club. Homecoming Court. Seminar ' 68, Miss Union Sharrah, Maureen - Home Economics Club, Pi Epsilon Alpha Shepherd. Herbert - Swim Team Shornper, Richard - Track Team, Bridge Club Stanley, Murine - Association of Women Students-Sophomore Coun- selor, Iota Sigma Nu Sophomore Award, Gamma Beta Phi, Orientation Committee, German Club -Vice-President, President, Stespean Staff. Li- brary Committee, Seminar ' 68 -President. Young Republican Club, Stu- dent Senate-Treasurer, Senior Assistantship-English Department, MACCI Student Consultant. MACCI Memo Correspondent. Patridge Theta Pi Delta Award. Smut and Smut Editorial Board St. Clair. Lance - Circle K Stevens. Robert - Circle K Striet, Susan - Appalachian Volunteers. Student National Education As- sociation, Association of Women Students-Judiciary Board Stubblefield, Steven - Young Republican Club, Monitor, Student Center Board, Alpha Phi Omega Sturgis, James Thomas - Gamma Beta Phi, Young Republicans Club, Judicial Council-Vice-Chairman, Iota Sigma Nu Tatro, Robert F. - Band -President. Phi Mu Alpha -Vice-President, Presi- dent, Head Music Librarian, Presser Foundation Music Scholarship Taylor, Craig - Circle K, Bowling League, Lakeside Dormitory- President, Men ' s Residence Council -Vice-Chairman Thornton, Franklin - Student Senate Von Derau, Ralph - Veterans Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Honor Scholar- ship. Iota Sigma Nu Vanderpool. Gerwin - Alumni Scholarship Waite, Elinor - Playlikers -Secretary, President. Alpha Psi Omega- Secretary Wallace, Elaine - Cwens, Freshman Class Secretary. Association of Women Students-Secretary, German Club, Drama Productions, Cheer- leader. Smut and Smut Editorial Board Weeks. Thomas - Band. Choir, Chorus, Oxford Club, Circle K, Karate Club, Student National Education Association Williams Lee - Appalachian Volunteers, Cross Country Team, Alpha Phi Omega, Council of Southern Mountains -Treasurer Wolf. James Richard - Alpha Phi Omega-Historian, Student Center Board -President. Young Republicans Club. Playlikers, Orientation Com- mittee. Student Faculty Conduct Committee, Cultural Life Committee Wood, Constance Foster - Young Republican Club, German Club Wortinger, Keith - Varsity Basketball. U Club Yeakcl. Philip D. - Judicial Council. Mu Omega Beta President Abbot, Elaine F. 104,153 Aberger, Peter 120 Alexandre, Marie 85,159 Alford, BevR. 129 Alford, Linda 114 Ammer, Frances N. 72,129,166 Anderson, Daniel Ray 129,166 Anderson, Joyce 84,129,166 Anderson, Lois 84,90,147 Anderson, Robert J. 82,92,129,166 Anderson, Scott 77,92,147 Andrews, Paul 54,56,81,147 Angeline, Bendetta 80,159 Archer, John H. 59,81,153 Armstrong, Melinda 91 Avagliano, Denis 59,72,88,153 Bailey, Linda 153 Baird, Charlotte 159 Baldwin, Freddie 72,147 Baldwin, Gregory 58,59,159 Ballard, Marsha Beth 153 Bamforth, Charles 57 Banks, David W. 72,73,105,147 Bargo, Dorcas J. 80,159 Bargo, Lois 114 Barkelew, Runyon 129 Barr, James 52,72,159 Bateman, Debbie 106 Batten, Carol L. 78,105,129,166 Baxter, Stephen Francis 86,88,159 Bays, Beverly Lou 159 Bays, Rebecca Sue 159 Beard, Peggy 91 Beebe, William A. 78,79,86,153 Beisecker, Fran 106 Beisecker, Richard 84,86,129,166 Bell, Barbara 66,106 Bender, Neal 153 Bennett, Janet Marie 147 Bennett, Tommy 51,159 Bent, Ann C. 153 Berglund, Wm. Russell 159 Bergmann, Mitchell 76,82 Bernhardt, Kenneth E. 56,81,147 BieLCassV. 130,166 Biel, Diane 106 Bingham, Billie H. 72,153 Bingham, Robert 130 Bixler, Harry William 130 Black, Edward H. 70,76,86,111 Black, James R. 70,85,153 Blackman, Susan Kay 72,73,130,166 Blackstock, May C. 122 Blair, Jane M. 130 Blasenak, Kerry 52,88,153 Blemlek, William 130,166 Bliss, Robert 147 Blum, Michael 72,73,147 Boardman, Elizabeth 152 Bock, Gary Wayne 85,92,106,147 Bodenstein, David 68,72 Bogert, Terry Thomas 159 Bolen, Robert T. 50,70,159 Bonar, Richard C. 159 Bonner, Beatrice 114 Bonner, Rufus 111 Borquist, Alan Frank 147 Borusky, Raymond George 130,166 Bowling, Larry 159 Bowman, Douglas 97,159 Box, David James 92,147 Boyd, Alicia C. 78,103,153 Boyd, Dennis Dean 72,153 Boyd, John H. 109 Boyd, Judy Diane 72,95,147 Bradford, George 68,84,86,88,130,166 Bradley, Erwin S. 124 Branstutter, Judith 91,131,166 Branstutter, Lewis 153 Brassfield, Judy Ann 153 Braziller, Edward 77,88,153 Brown, Jeffrey 92,130,166 Brozyna, Christopher 67 Brubaker, Carol M. 159 Buchanan, Bette 95,131,166 Buchanan, Dinah 83,153 Buckley, Russell C. 159 Buddenhagen, Thomas 70,72,79,85,86,153 Bumgardner, Michael 88 Bunting, James 56,159 Burchesky, Stephen 81,147 Burgess, Bobbie 1 14 Burley, Edward R. 131 Burnett, Timothy T. 68,131 Burns, Sharon EUen 67,78,79,159 Burnsides, Donna 90,147 Burton, Agens 103,153 Burton, Thomas L. 72,153 Bush, Herman 51,81,119 Busser, Edward Earl 52,159 Buttermore.Jan 65,82,131,166 Buttermore, Patricia 70,106,153 Butz, William Edward 88 Bywaters, James 159 Calitri, Don 52,56,119 Cahtri, Judy Bird 131,166 Callebs, Carolyn 114 Callihan, Ronnie 147 Calloway, Charles E. 90,91,131,166 Camilleri, Chester T. 159 Campbell, Clinton J. 147 Campbell, John Jay 59,77,81,88,152,153 Campbell, Linda Wirick 147 Campbell, William M. 36,101,131,166 CantreU, David 57,97,153 Card, Thomas 51,68,88,90,106,146,147 Carey, John Wharton 148 Carey, Wayne John 92,131,166 Carl, Nancy Ann 153 Carlson, Gerald 159 Carmean, Mae 106 Carr, Anne Powell 147 Carr, Paul 54,81,147 Carr, Sue T. 91 Carter, Clevis Don 122 Castle, Marlene Ann 159 Chadwell, Clarence 111 Chamberlain, Kathy Lynn 79,147 Chandler, Nancye 53,159 Chaney.Oren 153 Chaney, Phyllis 91 Chappell, Thomas Tye 159 Chesney, Daniel 56,72,73,159 Chia, Robin T. 90,154 Childers, Ellis 54,154 Childs, Aaron 96,152,154 Chrisos, Stephen Charles 92 Cini, Alan 56,148 Cini, Donna 106 Clement, Judy 106 Clement, Robert John 109 Clemow, Craig 72,88,131,166 Cleveland, David 48,97,148 Clifford, Garrett 97,158,159 Clonch, Samuel Edward 90,132,166 Cloud, Evelyn Josephine 72,159 Cobb, Darla Faye 83,154 Cobb, Julia Ruth 159 Cobb, Nancy Pauline 154 Coffey, Larry 154 Coffman, Hobart D. 79,86,148 Cohenour, Francis 122 Colley, Jack S. 77,132,166 Comfort, Charles 159 Conner, David M. 59,68,132,166 Conner, Rosemary 106 Conrad, John B. 57 Cooper, Robert Lee 72,75,132,166 Cor dell, Lois 115 Cortese, Richard 159 Coryell, Stephen 159 Cowan, Loretta 115 Creasy, Ronald 82,86,90,148 Criss, Robert D. 124 Crisos Steve 92 Crown, Leslie 74,85,86,106,132,166 Curd, Lawrence Anthony 54,92,132,166 Curfman, Georgia E. 73,100,103,104,154 Darnell, Linda F. 159 Darnell, William 154 Davenport. Ruth Ann 86,132,166 Davies, Samuel 132,166 Davis, Betty Marie 154 Davis, Bobby 72,166 Davis, George Lindsey 68,86,88,148 Davis, George Randolph 132,166 Dawson, Lynda Carol 146,148 Day, Alfred 159 De Champs, Linda Lou 67,132,166 De Groff, Eric D. 76,88,132,166 De Veer William H. 57,106,133 Deaves, Kathy Brinly 91 Decker, William Darrell 160 Deckhut, Keith Robert 97,154 DeUer, Frederick 160 DeMurae, Gerald 56 Depew, Bruce John 92,133,166 Depp, Terry Michael 52,88,160 Depp, Virginia Catherine 67,72,73,160 Detherage, Joe 160 Dexter, Alice 106 Dexter, Walter Lee 154 Dezarn, Deanna Karen 148 Di Maria, Gerald 160 Di Nicola, William A. 148 Domosi, Dezso 154 Dontchos, Leo 99,105,118 Doran, Patrick 67,77,86 Dorsey, Herbert 115 Douce, Sara G. 91 Dunham, John E. 59,160 Dunn, Woodrow Wilson 154 Duquette, Richard 92 Duram, Michael B. 97,160 Durell, Martha 154 Duricko, Robert John 160 Eickhoff, Andrew R. 109 Elam, Mary Ann 90,154 Elam, Nancy Joyce 148 Ellerbrock, Gary 72 Elliott, Scott Marlon 160 Ellis, Richard 160 Endress, Donna 86,148 Entelisano, John J. 88,148 Evans, Carl F. 122 Evans, Linda L. 83,86 Ewing, James S. 148 Fawcett, Michael 154 Fawley, William Walter 86,133,166 Faxon, Thomas Sawyer 85,97,101 Feeley, Timothy 72,73,99,148 Ferguson, Greig 97,154 Fields, Jeri Alis 36.74,84,86,133,166 Filler. Ronald C. 36,66,90,133,166 Finks, Gregory 154 Fitts, Caddie 148 Fleming, David Terry 88,133,166 Fletcher, Janie 74,111 Fogel, Bradley Carl 67 Foley, Pamela Kay 86,160 Follit, JohnW. 72,75 Forman, Lawrence 96 Fowler, Stephen 52,67,160 Francis, Ruth Karen 72,74,100,154 Freedman, Bruce 66,154 Freeman, Joyce Ann 1,64,67,148 Freeman, Karla Jane 47,83,133,166 Freeman, Linda Lee 160 FreidelDanS. 50,78,160 Frye, Joseph 82,148 Fullen, Allen 54,160 Ganary, David 72,97,154 Gardner, Gregory 160 Garrison, Elliott 160 Gaunt, George 92 Gee.Mayma 74,111 Gemmer, Conrad 160 Gensler, Michael 69 George, Caren Louise 70,72,160 George, Louis Robert 134 Gerwig, Bruce D. 51 Ghormley, Mary 77 Gibo,Sue 90 Gibson, Cherryl 72,73,154 Gilbert, Eleanor 95 Gilbert, Frank 88,122 Gillaspie, Janice 91 Gillaspie, Robert 85,90,101,148 Gillespie, Hugh Henry 134,166 Girdner, Frances 160 Glassman, Geoggrey 148 Glazebrook, Helen Lynn 67,70,160 Glessing, Charles 97,149 Goh, Hock Soon 82,88,149 Goins, Patricia 103 Golden, Evelyn 134 Goldsberry, Steven 86,160 Gonzalez, Hernan 80,160 Goodman, Steven 97,154,160 Gordon, John Charles 134,166 Gordon, Stephen H. 59,160 Graham, Albert D. 86,88,90,106,149 Graham, David Allen 82,90,149 Graham, John P. 154 Gray, Barry Charles 1,36,64,66,70,72,8 Grays, Joji 56 Green, Allen 104,118 Greer, Betty 115 Gregory, Debra J. 158,160 Gregory, Paul 75,81,154 Greiner, Frank L. 97,160 Groon, Carl Hans 160 (,99,134,166 One Hundred Sixty -Nine Gross, Bonnie Lou 154 Gross, Frederick 72,97,154 Gruen, Gail Ainslee 38,75,160 Cuba, John Joseph 72,81,97.152,155 Guilbeault, Peter J. 160 Gullo. Samuel J. 149 Gunnison, Dana 67,86,99.155 Haas, Eugene 82,122 Haban, Joseph Anthony 59.160 Habercam, James J. 72,85,155 Hacker. Mildred 119 Haddad, Jean Ellen 43,79 Haggard, Patience 120 Hakiik. Jan Frank 155 Halter, Shelia Dozier 134,166 Hamilton. Jefferson 70,105,160 Hammons, Barbara Ann 95,134,166 Hammons, Carolyn Sue 68,166 Hammons. Helen 103,155 Hammons. J.S. 166 Hansel. Charles V. 109 Harbold, David 134 Hardina, Doris 72,73,118 Hardison. Ruth Carol 135,166 Harp, Dorothy L. 160 Harris, Alema 149 Hartley. Lloyd 124 Hartman.John 92,149 Haslop, Gunter 120 Hatz. Jo Ann Elizabeth 33,39,53,74,81,95,135,166 Havers. Gerald T. 92,155 Hawkins, Jennie 68,155 Heggan, Janice W. 53,74,81,83,84,95,135,166 Heller, Jack 149 Hendricks. Douglas 155 Henry, Joseph J. 155 Hensel. Charles R. 92 Hensel. Donald 92,135,166 Henthorn, Stephen 70,85,155 Herb. Janet Elaine 160 Hev, David 86,96,160 Hicks, Gary Lee 80,99,149 Hill, Billy Albert 54,135,166 Hill. Cheryl Kinningham 90,95,135,166 Hinderer. Douglas 56 Hinkle, Jacqueline 149 Hinkle. Leamon 136,166 Hodges. Joseph Marion 72,99.105,160 Hodgkins, Thomas C. 82,86,106,149 Hofacker, James L. 79,86,160 Hoffman, George William 34,36,68,92,136,166 Holbert, Mary Lou 91 Holcombe. Judith 69,91,136,166 Holdcraft, Glenn F. 66,68,155 Hoops, Kay Dawn 72,100,104.149 Hopper, David 52 Horn, Rhoby Ann 69,95,136,166 Hower, Marie 73,100,104 Huckle, Donald Robert 99,104,105 Hull. Walter James 72,75.80,90,136,166 Hume, John Frederick 80,161 Hummer. Kathleen Ann 161 Humphries. Elwood 92,136,166 Hunter, Donald 97,155 Hurley, David 72,161 Ireland, Robert T. 68,146 Inkster, John L. 59,161 Isaacs, Anna Francis Hieronymous 68,91,137,167 Jackson, Brenda Lee 68 Jaildagjan. Bruce A. 80,92,155 Jankovics. Lawrence 82,122 Jaycox, Donald G. 58,72,88,155 Jaynes. Mary Jo 90,137,167 Jcsmajian. Donna Sue 95,155 Johnson, Andrew 155 Johnson, Faith Eileen 137,167 Johnson, Julianna 1,64,137,167 Johnson, Lans T. 80,155 Johnson. Lynne 149 Jones. Glenda P. 137,167 Jones, Janet Lynn 72,73,155 Jones, Meredith 161 Jones. Paulette 40 Jones. Phyllis 115 Jones, Robert A. 110 Jones, Sonya Lynn 65,68,85,86,95,101,137,167 Jones, Vernecc Gregory 149 Justice, Gilbert L. 68.69,92,149 Keeffc, William E. 97,104,105 Kemmer. MoUy P. 161 Kennedy. Susan Elizabeth 161 Khan.Haris 124 Kidd, Sandra 161 Kiesbye, Richard 59,97,155 King, Bradford 161 Kine. Tamara Lynn 161 Kipp, Charles William 77,90,92 Kirby.PaulF. 72,146,149 Kistner, Richard 97,155 Kivler, Alfred John 72 Kleinschmidt. Mary 161 Kloss, Richard Armstrong 92.137,167 Klug, Robert 51.137,167 Knuckles, Jean Owens 91 Knuckles, Mary Truitt 83,86,90,149 Koch, Jill Karen 155 Kowalsky, James 105,118 Kraft, Karl Roy 66,79,138,167 Krebs, Eric Henry 72,88,90,149 Kulig, Gregory Richard 80,161 Kunze, Fatih Ellen 138 Kutz, George Albert 161 Lambert. Richard Noel 161 Landreth, Kenneth S. 138,167 Lane, Barbara Lee 90 Lane, Betty J. 149 Larson, Douglas 80 Lattimer, Cheryl J. 155 Lawrence, Mark C. 52,158,161 Lay, Mary Alice 83,123 LePeyre, Jonathan 67,138,167 Leach, Joan E. 79,155 Leddington, Patti 115 Leon, Paul James 52.81,881,155 Lewis, Charlotte 1,37,64,84,86,90,91,138,167 Liming, Stephen M. 82,87,92,138,167 Linaburg, Earl Lee 69,92,138,167 List, Walter Gordon 92,139,167 Loff.Gail 91 Lock, JoAnne H. 74,161 Logue, David Nelson 139,167 Long, Andrew Charles 56,75,81,139,167 Long, Arthur J. 80,161 Love, John David 139,167 Loveman, Leslie 161 Luley, John C. 70,72,78,79,90,92,149 Mack.Fredric 92,106,139,167 Mackay, Kenneth Allen 161 Macneil, Robert 91 Macwan, Joseph 1,65,69,88,139,167 Magsam, Janet Elizabeth 53,72,81,84,139,167 Maguire, Robert 72,97,161 Main, Archie 91 Manausa. Clifford 67,161 Manchester, Elizabeth 155 Maniatis, Nicholas 51 Manuel, Jane 106 Manuel, Thomas George 69,88,90,139,167 Maicum, Linda 74,161 Marigold, Mrs. Gordon 104 Marigold, Gordon 104,120 Markin, Darren 106 Marsh, N. Thompson 84,88,139.167 Marston, Glenn 155 Martin, Jackie Ray 161 Martin, Saddle 76 Martin, Shirley Ann 149,90 Mason, Ronald Owen 97,161 Matthews, Evelyn 79 Matthews, Robert 79,121 Matthews, Ronald 99,104,105 Matthews, Sally 72,74,90,103,105,156 Maxvitat, John J. 56,72,156 Maxwell, Dorsey Lynn 140,167 Mays, Deril 117 Mays, Doris 74 Mays, Helen J. 110 McClung. Judy Lu 103,120 McCowachy.JillC. 161 McConneU, Timothy S. 72.73,99,104,156 McCullen, Stuart T. 97,161 McDade, Sue Dannel 116 McDowell, Charles 72,73,105,149 McFarland, Thomas 72,99,104,105,139,167 McFerrin, James 125 McMunay, John 161 McQuinley, Michael P. 161 MeGee, Mary Jane 72,74,156 Meibers, Kenneth 54,149 Menard, Deborah 72,161 Mendell, Marcia Jeann 161 Merchant, Frank 120 Merida, Evelyn 150 Merkle, Glenn Duane 50,59,161 Merrill, Cynthia Lee 85,87,156 Merritt, Robert 161 Millen, J. Larue 125 Miles, Betty 116 Miles, Gayle 117 Miles. Julian 140 Miller, Bob 85,118 Miller, Carol Ann 53,68,74,156 Miller, Franklin 97 Miller, Mrs. Mahlon A. 107 Miller. Mahlon 4,5,107 Miller, Max 150 Millett, Edith Anne 74,90,150 Milliken.Rena 91,125 Mills, Garry Duane 161 Mills. Gary Todd 69,140.167 Mills. Henry Doyle 90,150 Millward, Guy Earl 87,92,140,167 Miltenberger, Burt 96,156 Mink, Jennifer 69,70,87.100,156 Miracle, Herbert 82,161 Mitchell, Charles Reed 121 Mitchell, James Douglas 90,156 Moffett, John Warner 77,82,90 Mohr, Thomas Wallace 84,140,167 Montella, William Eve 140,167 Moore, Frances 162 Moore, Kathleen 117 Moore, Kenneth 54,59,150 Moore, Pete 54,57 Morey, David Kirk 59,150 Morgan, Judith Ann 65,68,70,72,74,87,90.95, 128,140,167 Morris, Billie Jean 90 Mortensen, Ronald 162 Motley, Jacquelyn 68,72,95,156 Mullen, James 59,150 Muller, Dorothy 74.103,156 Musgrove, Jon A. 58,75,156 Myers, Virginia 70.74,78,87,90,103,156 Neal, Eugene Edward 56.104,105,162 Neely, Allen 97,150 Neilsson, Nancy 162 Nelson, Janie 87,150 New, Freda 116 New, Susan 83,90,103 Newman, Sara Cecillia 150 Newport, J.C. 125 Nolan, Bernard J. 86,162 Noto, Carl Casper 68,77,92,140,167 Noyes, David Carey 72,75,156 O ' Connor, Thomas 96,162 Okopski, Chester 75,104,105 Olmstead, Dale Edwin 72,105,167 Otton, Mark Frederick 162 Owens, Cherry Nita 46,65,74,87,90,150 Owens, Raymond Walter 75,92,141,167 Owens. Ronnie Keith 86.141,167 Oxendine, William T. Sherman 125 Paciunas, Allan 156 Parker, Donald Wm. 78,87,141,167 Parks, Esten 116 Parks. S. Laws 110 Patridge, Francis 37 Payne, Ruth Ann 83,150 Peaco, Judith Ann 70,74,104,105,162 Peck, Janet 72,73,104,162 Pedrick, James Engel 92,150 Pekarovich.PaulaJ. 44,53,156 Penick, Michael 72,73,106,150 Penick, Terry 106 Perkins. Allan Kyle 37,69.86,87,91,128,141,167 Perry, Nancy 72,90,103,156 Pesce, Richard 97,156 Peterson, Okie Lee 141,167 Pfaffli.Jay 156 Pickard, Katie Louise 150 Pierce, Edward Paul 54,156 Pierce, William 70.156 Pilkey, John Howard 141,167 Pittser, Meda Smith 72,81,90,141,167 Pittser, Robert J. 54,59,81,90,128,141,167 Podlaskowich. Ronald 72,162 Poulos, Nicholas 104 Pope, Tommy Ray 141 Potter, Marshall B. 110 Potts, Linda M. 162 Powell, James Earl 150 Price, Huston M. 118 Prichard.JohnW. 156 Prince, Esther 72,87,156 Proctor, Carol Virginia 43,95,141,167 Prosscr, Margaret Ada 70,79,162 Prunicr, Janice 67,72,73,100,106 Prusina, Michael 162 One Hundred Seventy Pulver, Albert 50,59,162 Purnell, James Robert 68,70,72,73,105,162 QueUe, Robert R. 162 Quesada, Alfonso J. 162 Rader, Carl Joseph 97,162 Radway, David John 81,150 Ragone, Patricia 162 Raymond, Scott 50,56,162 Rea, Douglas Ford 65 Reed, James L. 72,156 Reed, Marlene Marie 42,42,72,73,100,105,156 Reid, Orlinda Estella 72,150 Reiser, Judy Lynn 90,103,156 Reith, William Walter 65,68,88 Renkin, Gail 106 Renkin, William Thomas 37,69,87,92,141,167 Retz, Candid 72,73,104,105,156 Reynolds, Joe Coleman 162 Richardson, Bette 72,156 Richtei, Fred A. 121 Ridgway, Robert Lester 157 Riesz, Robert 123 Riley, Rebecca 41,74,142,167 Riskie, Harry 50,77,81,150 Ritchie, Oma 77 Robbins, H. Warren 117 Rockwell, Charlene R. 162 Ross, Roy E. 142 Rudder, Nick D. 142,168 Ruple, JohnS. 162 Rutledge, Charles 54,59 Rutledge, Imogene 106 Sash, Edward Carl 59 Saddler, Charles 112 Saddler, Virginia 125 Sagarese.PaulE. 72,157 Sanger, Sheldon 81,97,157 Saracino, Anthony 72,73,99,105,162 Savage, Shirley 106,168 Savage, William Henry 59,81,92,168 Schaller, David H. 81,142,168 Schneider, Edward R. 150 Schoenacker, Irving D. 81 Sears, Brenda 72,73,74,95,157 Sell, Ronald Stuart 113,142,168 Semkus, John 142,168 Seplak, Marsha Kit 84,150 Sergent, Regina Gail 151 Shadle Clark 99 Shadle ' , Delora Diane 35,66,99,87,90,95,128,142,168 Sharrah, Maureen Kay 83,84,142,168 Shaw, Dorothy 113 Shea, Dennis 157 Shepherd, Herbert 142,168 Sheskin, William 87 Shields, Joe Lee 157 Shields, Vesta 142 Shomper, Richard 142,168 Simms, Charles Wesley 117 Simon, Robert 92,157 Singer, Catherine 90,91,113 Singer, Marcia Catherine 70,87,90,91 Skrobsky, Steven Charles 162 Slagter, Barbara 151 Small, EricN. 78,157 Smalley, John Charles 15 1 Smallwood, Terry 54,162 Smith, Brenda Lynn 67,68,87,162 Smith, Burton 52,81,88 Smith, Jerry R. 162 Smith, Leo Joseph 162 Smith, Ray King 68,76,97,151 Smock, Garrett Allen 162 Smoll, Mary Beth 72,74,157 Snowden, Shari Lynn 162 Snyder, Linda E. 70,72,73,151 Sommers, Francis 119 Sowders, Vicki Lynn 1 16 Sowders, Beverly Jane 162 Speck, Louise 91 Spicer, Mollie 72,157 Spicer, Pauline 162 Squires, Connie 91 St. Angelo, Robert 162 St. Clair, Lance 88,143,168 Stallcup, Billy M. 121 Stallcup, Carol 90,151 Stanley, Maxine 37,68,87,91,143,168 Stapp, Deborah 70,73,87,157 Steele, Ann 65,72,74,151 Steele, Linda 106 Steffan, William Charles 79,87,157 Stevens, Robert E. 88,143,168 Stickney, Linda Sue 162 Stoecklin, Christopher 57,151 Streit, Diane Mary 157 Streit, Susan Lynn 74,143,168 Stikle, Robert 57 Strong, Elizabeth Ann 68,162 Stubblefield, Steven 70,75,87,143,168 Sturgis, James Thomas 69,70,87,90,143,168 Supplee, Alice 157 Sutton, Lynn 72,73 Sutton, Suzanne 162 Swafford, Linda 1 16 Swafford, Ronnie 157 Tarbous, Albert Joseph 97,162 Tatro, Robert Francis 72,73,99,105,143,168 Taylor, Carl Richard 58,162 Taylor, Clark 68,69,70,72,92,157 Taylor, J. Craig 88,143,168 Thedford, Edwina 72,73,118 Thompson, John W. 90,151 Thornton, Franklin 68,75,82,144,168 Thorpe, Peggy 162 Tidwell, Ida Doreen 163 Tiemey, Karen 106 Tierney, Michael 56,80,96,157 Tillie, Eddie Lee 85,157 Todd, Boyd Ray 116 Toomey, Frank 163 Tornatore, Janet 163 Townley, Richard 163 Townsend, Milton 110 Trainer, Gail 74,163 Trimble, Steven 58,163 Trudeau, Janet Louise 144 Turnbull, Marilyn 163 Turner, Eloise 163 Turner, Gregory 72,163 Valentine, Betty Lou 151 Valentine, Charlene 163 Van Dersall John 72,73,99,104 Van Der Vliet, Lawrence 163 Van Keuren, Martha 72,73 Vanderpool, Gervin 114,168 Verst, Emily Louise 100,157 Vidal, Maria 144 Volpe, Denis Richard 163 Von Derau, Ralph 90,144,168 Waddell, Betty Lou 151 WaddeU, Emma Sue 151 Wagner, Joy Sartorio 91 Wager, Michael 163 Waite, Elinor Leigh 85,101,144,168 Wakefield, Mattie 72 Wallace, Elaine Roberta 145,168 Wallace, Grant 97,157 Wallace, Peggy 163 Watts, Winifred 76,121 Weaver, Stephen 157 Webb, David 90,92,157 Webb, Judith Ann 163 Webb, Karen 103,157 Webb, Linda 72,157 Webber, Elizabeth T. 72,151 Weeks, Thomas Lee 80,84,88,90,145,168 West, Vernley 77,79,163 Whitcomb, David William 97 White, Arlene Joyce 72,79,163 White, Joyce Ann 73,100,105,151 Whitehead, Dennis 163 Whitis, Terry 163 Whittaker, Jon Ashton 72,75 Whittaker, Paul 163 Wick, Robert Lee 67,72,73,105,106 Wiese, John Christopher 72,92,151 Wildrick, Robert 151 Wilkes, Ella Ophelia 125 Williams, Charles 92,145,168 Williams, Craig 72,73,75,88 Williams, Nola 116 Williamson, Yvette 83,157 Willis, Emily Sue 157 Wilson, Duane Alan 163 Wilson, Robert 123 Winquist, Charles E. 121 Wise, Pamela Joan 78,163 Witherell, Eleanor 42,43,151 Withey, William Keith 163 Wolf, James Richard 70,72,76,85,92,145,168 Wolfe, Jack 54,58,59,113 Wolfersberger, Harry 106 Wood, Betsy Ann 157 Wood, Douglas 163 Woodington, Kay Ellen 163 Woodward, Alice 163 Woolsey, Kennaird 163 Wortinger, Joanne 151 Wortinger, Keith 54,68,145,168 Wovkulich, Martha 45,84,151 Yatros, John 113 Yatros, Mimi 53 Yeager, Brenda 116 Yeager, Catherine 151 Yeakel, Philip 72,97,145,168 Yellin, Jerome H. 72,73,157 York, James Lynn 163 Young, Karen Lee 74,163 Young, Paul Frederick 92,145 Zaiser, James David 163 Zeigler, Mildred 33,75,113 Zeiser, Alan George 88,163 Zilbauer, Jeffrey 52,163 Zink, Frank 151 Miss Faith Johnson Miss Jo Ann Hatz Miss Janice Heggan Rev. Al Cavmines One Hundred Seventy-One I« ' .- --»- — I .... Eisenhower Proclaimed Citizen of the World Editor ' s Note It is apparent to even the least aware among us that 1968-69 has been a con- troversial year, a year in which colleges have been shocked out of their sheltered walls into participation in the, too often. i violent world. It would be impossible to prepare a yearbook of Union College without including the world events during this period. It is for this reason that headlines from newspapers comprise I the copy of the 1969 Stcspcan. Nixon -E isen h outer Wedding EXPLOSIVE REvnauof me FAR LEFT FWE COLONEL A3!,- TEUFELSDROCKH Black and Orange Feb. 8, Last Edition of Post iFk Certainly the conflict throughout the nation is representative of the yearbook theme that nothing is sacred anymore. There has been conflict between countries, between statesmen, between intellectuals and between students and administration. Union College has not remained unaffected by these happenings. It would be impossible to deny recognition of or to be apathetic towards the present world. While learning used to be the prime goal of the college student, suddenly it seems that their voice must be heard as they argue against war, against poor curriculum, against denial of personal freedom and against administration. However negative the young people ' s approach, it is nevertheless, often an honest if sometimes misdirected attempt to change the troubled world. If this yearbook seems too bitter or negative to those who cannot accept the current situation, it is only because dusty traditions and ideals are now being questioned. I would hope that this yearbook will be meaningful to the students at Union as it presents the year. Nothing, including the Stespean 1969, is sacred anymore! One Hundred Seventy-Two ■ ■ —■ " ■—— • Wmitoft-Sol«m HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY W J • North Co ' ohno TOM WILKINS. RUSSEU.VIU.6, KENTUCKY Weeb-Tcwnsenrf memorial Uftrery Union College Barbourvilie, KY 40906

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