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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102392 8 QljJ Abigail €. Mttks Memorial iCibrarg lininn (Enllpgp 9. — i ». presented by -mcL . Mgmffl m BwM aBB HHamfE 1 WEBS i stespean 68 volume 41 N union college barbourville, kentucky jeri fields editor charlotte lewis . . . assistant editor leamon hinkle business manager barry gray cover design WBB student life dedication — j. howard alien amicable competent concerned confidant conscientious dedicated esteemed mediator appreciation — betty young ambitious congenial dependable diligent encouraging inspirational interested winsome s t u d e n t I i f e 6 s P o r t s 49 I e a d e r s h i P 101 t r a d i t i o n s 37 o r g a z a t i o n s 63 k 1 . oh, how full of briers is this working day world! [as you like it) £p$ £ - 7 • I for many men that stumble at the threshold are well foretold that danger lurks within. {king henry vi) k ceremony was but devis ' d at first to set a gloss on faint deeds, hollow welcomes recanting goodness, sorry ere ' tis shown; but where there is true friendship, there needs none. {timon ofathens) these most brisk and giddy- paced times. {twelfth night) they laugh that win. [othello] 10 vJ if we should fail,— we fail! but screw your courage to the sticking place, and we ' ll not fail. {macbeth) V» " «i i III ■■■ I oh, what a rogue and and peasant slave am I! {hamlet) 14 there is language in her, her cheek, her lip. {troilus and cressida) let ' s do it after the high roman fashion. [anthony and cleopatra) i thank you for your voices; thank you, your most sweet voices. [coriolanus) t now o ' er the one half- world nature seems dead. {macbeth) thus play i, in one person, many people, and none contented. [king richard ii) 21 ■ I rj but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood. {king henry v) 22 who can be wise, amazed, temperate and furious, loyal and neutral, in a moment? {macbeth) all hell shall stir for this. {king henry vi) ' tis ever common that men are merriest when they are away from home. [king henry v) - « Zs ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBKARt UNION COLLEGE iniiir u .wr miAi 25 now comes in the sweetest morsel of the night, and we must hence and leave it unpicked. [king henry vi) «« 26 gallop a pace, you fiery-footed steeds. [romeo and Juliet) 27 ' tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support him after. [timon of athens) 1 e V y j$£ come, give us a taste of your quality. {hamlet) life ' s but a walking shadow: a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. (macbeth) JEk ' - -. ' .-.-- " " • •- 9 ■ ' ' • pp J .-■ --. £• =„ : r : ■ " • ' ?E § ■ " ■ Wi sfe-- ■K - B ' . J - .1 F ' eat no onions nor garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath. (a midsummer ' s night dream) 31 fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world. (as you like it) mm- MTj T V, . ,«» « " ■ ' ' ' •• ' let the world slip: we shall ne ' er be younger. (the taming of the shrew) a rhapsody of words (hamlet) I =s i s in how weary, state, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world! (hamlet) the royal banner and all quality, pride, pomp, and circumstance (othello) traditions miss union joy sartorio the 1 967-1 968 title of miss union went to miss joy sartorio, a senior from astoria, new york. joy has participated in many of union ' s organizations and functions, she has been a member of the a.w.s. social standards board, homecoming queen candidate, and s.n.e.a. 38 every year, mr. union is selected on the basis of active participation within the college and the community, this year the senior representing the college is mr. ed Christiansen, from carmel, new york. ed was selected by popular vote of the student body. ed has certainly fulfilled this duty to union college and southeastern ken- tucky. he has served as president of the appalachian volunteers, president of the junior class, and president of alpha phi omega, he was also an active member of the 1967-1968 stu- dent senate. edward Christiansen mr union miss stespean 1968 ■ karen ramsey this year, miss stespean was chosen by mr. johnny carson. his selection of miss karen ramsey, a senior from hamilton, ohio, was based on the candidates photograph. the following were named first, sec- ond, and third runners-up: mrs. betsy shelton fields, a senior from westboro, massachusetts; miss melinda pickard, a senior from barbourville, kentucky; mrs. linda bossman bales, a senior from dayton, ohio. richard " fizzle " corbert received union ' s popularity award of mr. ugly, a contest sponsored annually by the senior class, " fizzle, ' ' a sophomore from Springfield, mas- sachusetts has participated in many of the college ' s organiza- tions, he was one of the innovators of mu omega beta, a new service fraternity, he has also served on the Stevenson hall dormitory coun- cil and the president ' s council. richard corbert mr- ugly 41 snow queen elizabeth fields accepting her reign with a radiant smile, mrs. betsy shelton fields was crowned snow ball queen for 1967-1968. betsy, a senior from westboro, massachusetts majors in elementary education, she has participated in the u club, cheerleaders, swim club, presi- dent ' s council, s.n.e.a., and beta chi alpha. miss cherry owens, a sophomore from bar- bourville, kentucky was first runner-up and will represent mrs. fields during her absence. 42 miss diane shadle, a junior from barbourville, kentucky had the honor of being crowned alpha phi omega ' s 1967-1968 sweetheart queen, diane has a double major of french and english. she is a member of beta chi alpha and has been an active member of gamma beta phi. diane shadle alpha phi omega sweetheart queen representing union college in the mountain laurel festival this year was miss Janice heggan, from cherry hill, new jersey, janice was selected by a faculty committee to compete in this exciting annual pageant held at pine- ville, kentucky. janice is a sophomore majoring in home economices and minoring in physical education. janice heggan 1967 mountain laurel representative 1968 mountain laurel representative kay trueman representing union college in the mountain laurel festival this year was miss kay true- man, from glen burnie, maryland. kay was selected by a faculty committee to represent union in this annual event which is held at pineville, kentucky. kay is a senior majoring in home economics and minoring in business, her activities while at union have included beta chi alpha, s.n.e.a., the orange and black staff, home ec club, playlikers, appalachian volunteers, and a.w.s. council. homecoming queen janice heggan by popular vote of the student body, miss Janice heggan was elected 1 967- 1968 homecoming queen, miss heggan, a junior from cherry hill, new jersey has actively participated in many activities on campus, whether called upon to help a child with his new pair of shoes or to wash dishes at a reception, Janice has never failed to oblige. her other activities include: home economics club, beta chi alpha, pi epsilon alpha, and cheerleading. 46 a-w.s. sweetheart queen elected annually, the a.w.s. sweet- heart title is awarded to the female resident who has contributed the most to the dormitory, this year the title was awarded to miss joy sartorio, from astorio, new york. joy has actively participated in many of the dormitory functions, such as the social standards board, the a.w.s. council and serving at the Christmas open-house tea. joy sartorio phi mu alpha sweethearts barbara ermin janet magsam sally matthews kay dawn hoops 48 IlBR Iffljf SIKH! inn 111101 HI JH HI Aral m i BI BBBByp H T I M s WMmm H ' MB WBBB ■wp left to right: peter parker, james jessum, david stoneman, andy long, ron riskie, steve jessum. cross country no records available 50 kneeling: bob klug, russ wagner, dick snell. standing: coach herman bush, John hagan, dick bierkan, jack stuart. union 1 Cumberland 11 union 5 rio grande 7 union 1 2 pikeville union 5 1 2 rio grande 6 1 2 union 1 1 Oakland city 1 union 9 berea 3 union 8 berea 4 union 1 2 pikeville union 9 1 2 campbellsville 2 1 2 ivn ' on 7 1 2 Cumberland 4 1 2 union 1 2 Oakland city i n on 1 2 campbellsville un o 7 1 3 1 2 centre V 2 un on 1 9 hope, michigan 8 union 5 centre 10 i n on 5 transylvania 10 union 3 1 2 Cumberland iiy 2 un on 7 1 2 tennessee wesleyan 7y 2 union 1 8 Imu an ' on 1 7 1 2 Imu 1 2 un on 1 2 1 2 georgetown 2 1 2 t n ' on 1 1 1 2 villa madonna 3 1 2 golf runner-up kiac conference matches runner-up kiac tournament 51 kneeling: dale moran. dennis hamilton, chris pfaeffli, leo dolan. second row: coach don calitri, joe crook, kerry blasenak, dave ganary, ed alexander, robert smith, paul gregory, jerry halter, third row: perry patterson, bob linderman, steve burchesky, paul leon. bob sewalls, david schaller, arnold holz- herr. swimming union 56 u.oflouisville 57 union 61 western kentucky u. 43 union 43 u. of kentucky 61 union 90 berea 1 3 union 47 georgia tech u. 66 union 49 emory u. 64 union 77 tennessee a i 23 union 58 western kentucky u. 37 union 44 eastern kentucky u. 69 un ' on 66 morehead u. 38 tvn on foerea (forfeited) union 60 morehead u. 44 union 84 u. of Chattanooga 27 left to right: faith Johnson, jan heggan, betsy fields, jo ann hatz, jan magsam, meda smith. cheerleaders • ■jo- 3 1= . 34 Q ,C seated: bob pittser, larry curd, paul andrews, coach pete moore, Charles rutledge, bob douce, doug logan standing: coach paul erslan. ellis childers, ed pierce, ken meibers, keith wortinger, paul carr, bill hill, ron lee. basketball i union 84 union 92 union 77 union 84 union 97 union 70 un on 75 union 81 i n ' on 93 union 94 un on 66 un on 81 union 98 un on 65 union 93 un on 86 un on 91 union 95 un on 98 union 84 un on 90 un on 63 union 77 un on 76 union 87 un on 76 un on 83 Imu 62 Oakland city 75 Oakland city 73 campbellsville 71 A77U 72 montclair 73 Tnew jersey) belmont abbey 57 (norfn Carolina) western Carolina 85 university pikeville 73 Cumberland 76 kentucky state 80 transylvania 53 centre 70 pikeville 69 berea 66 w ' a madonna 63 r o grande 67 georgetown 94 kentucky state 79 centre 81 r o grande 82 campbellsville 59 transylvania 61 w ' a madonna 81 georgetown 87 Cumberland 65 berea 67 c ' ac champions naia district 24 champions kiac tournament un on 99 r o grande 86 un on 96 Cumberland 70 un on 92 pikeville 68 naia tournament district 24 un on 68 carson newman 58 un on 67 georgetown 65 naia tournament nationals un on 69 oVury 75 number 13: mack kneeling: andy long. John hill, ken bernhardt, don gentil, peter parker, david radway. jack seals, chrls ford, doug logan. standing: ron lee, ed carr. mike penick. don Connolly, abner neely. rick shomper. neal deaves. wait list, coach don-calitri. track 1967 union 33 Cumberland 1 03 union 39 georgetown 97 union 70 knoxville college 65 union 73 berea 63 union 48 centre 97 union 20 carson newman 116 56 first row: coach don calitri, bill hoffman. ken bernhardt, don Connolly, Chris ford, andy long, ron riskie, dave stoneman. doug logan, ron lee, d.h. mcneil. second row: rick dunbar, Charles rutledge, mike penick, paul andrews. rick shomper, wait list, arnold holzherr. S35SSS1 . track 1968 union 1 1 Cumberland 1 34 union 99 knoxville college 44 union 79 centre 110 union 35 carson newman 1 1 union 80 berea 51 union 1 08 rio grande 37 kiac tournament Cumberland 1 06 berea 33 union 27 campbellsville 1 9 pikeville 57 tennis 1967 no records available kneeling: mike parker, ken kleeb, John mccomas. standing: gerald brown, Justin duncan, torn mullen, bill harting, jerry halter, coach bob cox. tennis 1968 no records available left to right: bob kunath. steve Stewart, dave cantrell. Sheldon Sanger, chris stoecktin. ray king smith, coach paul erslan 58 left to right: irving schoenacker, larry davis, robert anderson, jon musgrove, John guba. absent: coach peter parker. bowling no records available 59 kneeling: angelo benedetto. jim baker, torn mohr, bill savage, barry foster, dave morey, bob fisher, bob pittser. standing: coach pete moore, dark shadle. gene shawaryn, werner kief, ollie farner. torn fledderman, John Ullrich, doug logan, david graham, John bateman. baseball 1967 union 0, 6 villa madonna 5, 1 union 6 Imu 15 union 5, 7 Cumberland 13, 9 union 4, 5 campbellsville 5, 6 union 7, 9 pikeville 6, 1 1 union 2, 13 centre 4, 8 60 " J wJ£££m 0 flOHffiLr? seated: doug logan, bob pittser, denis avagliano, John Campbell, dave morey, joe moore, John archer, gene shawaryn. standing: coach pete moore, ellis childers, bill savage, torn mohr, Charles rutledge, richard kiesbye, jerry stohner, david Conner. baseball 1968 union 3 Imu 4 union 0, 3 4 centre 4, 2 union 8, 15 rio grande 2, 2 union 6, 9 campbellsville 4, 8 union 4, 7 pikeville 6, 4 t n ' on 0, 14 Oakland city 11,0 t n ' on 8, berea 9, 8 61 62 organizations am mffifil. C SHADLE RLEE JLUL£ E. HUMPHRIES L CURD Wn SAVAGE CKIPP S MITCHELL VGATTUSO S LMING T RENKIN D HENSEL PRESCENT F l V»l CTl AWCCM E CHRISTIANSEN G BOCK c NOTO NS G MILLWARD C HENSEL OSMAN J BATEMAN TklKS K FISCHER J BROWN G GAUNT R OWENS jACToTI TBLJJKS J BANKS PYOUNG B DEPEW a HOITMAN R SHERMAN R O ' CONNELL c MACK G JUSTICE D BOX B MITCHELL HNER C WILUAMS Tf alpha phi omega is a well known service fraternity on union college campus, this year alpha phi omega contributed to union college by raising funds to buy a mascot, " mack, " an english bulldog, was purchased and is kept by the alpha phi omega brothers. the fraternity is also kept active by its participation in the daniel boone festival parade and many other various campus ac- tivities, they will continue to serve the campus in other projects which will help to better union ' s community. president ed Christiansen wee president earl linaburg secretary scott Jenkins treasurer carl noto 64 pat shaw president beta chi alpha striving for beauty, art and culture within the college frame- work is the purpose and task of beta chi alpha, included in their endeavors is the upkeeping of the two rose beds on campus, their annual presentation ball and their cooperation with circle k in a Christmas party for the county orphans. diane shadle vice-president barbara hammons secretary faith kunze treasurer sonyajones publicity chairman debbie bateman diane boyd bette jane buchanan carolyn carey anna marie dixon karla freeman jo ann hatz cheryl hill rhoby horn Janet magsam 66 .- • - 1 mrs. eleanor gilbert miss betty young advisors Judy morgan cherry owens truleen phipps carol proctor karen ramsey joysartorio margaret scott marcia singer lynn sutton kaytrueman sylviayerger 67 circle k circle k, a large service organization, is dedicated to up- hold high ideals in the business, social, and professional interests of union college, their activities this year in- cluded a float in the daniel boone festival parade, a home- coming display, the snowball dance and its annual Christ- mas party for the underpriviledged children in knox county. president bruce rollman vice-president craig clemow corresponding secretary torn manuel recording secretary bud bradford treasurer tim marsh Ail " I 68 seated: bruce rolman, dr. frank gilbert, craig clemow second row: tim marsh, paul bales, lindsey davis, ron sell, earl yost, jack colley, mike bum- gardner, torn weeks, barry gray, third row: torn card, dave morey, george davis, John green, bill butz. bud bradford, lance st. clair fourth row: palmer robeson, leonard thacher, hock soon goh, richard beisicker, runyon barklew, torn manuel. fifth row: paul andrews, paul carr, ken meibers. 69 W eta mu omega beta mu omega beta is the newest addition to union college ' s fra- ternities, its primary emphasis is on fellowship, recreation and service to the campus, membership is open to all male college students, these men have played an integral part in the col- lege ' s activities. president bob mahan vice president richard corbert secretary-treasurer torn faxon first row: richard cromwell, greg ferguson, steve goodman. John guba, bob boyd. dave Cleveland, second row: don hunter, larry forman. fred gross, richard kerins, david ganary. arnold holzherr, bob vankirk. bob cullen, sheldon Sanger, phil yeakle, joe crook, bill jackel. third row: torn faxon. ray smith, dennis hamilton. rick dunbar, richard corbert, bob mahan, richard kistner, jim doster. dave whitcomb. mario dubberke, John ullrich. Judy ashley president louise speck recording secretary chris geyer dorisann harding Constance marigold treasurer membership advisor financial advisor phyllis chaney kay dawn hoops Joyce kinard sergeant at arms gayle lobb okie petersen janice prunier connie squires Joyce white sigma alpha iota the delta upsilon chapter of sigma alpha iota, a relatively new sorority on union college ' s campus, is an international pro- fessional music sorority, this organization is devoted to schol- arship and the development of proficient musicianship, it is open to graduate and undergraduate music students and faculty members. 71 phi mu mu phi, a nationally known phi mu alpha sinfonia music fraternity, is a service fraternity advancing the causes of music on union college ' s campus, this fraternity is of great aid at union college concerts and other music presenta- tions, where their members serve as ushers, the sweet- heart presentation ball is presented through phi mu alpha each fall, this year ' s sweethearts were barbara ermin, kay dawn hoops, Janet magsam, and sally matthews. allane. green terry bott don huckle Charles mcdowell ed black leodontchos dr. nicholos poulos dr. gordon marigold 72 John vandersall president bob tatro vice-president bruce depew secretary wayne hawley treasurer art dark warden larry hayes alumni secretary torn mcfarland pledge master barry gray historian 73 choir the union college choir is a small group devoted to the per- formance of good music, it provides weekly music for chapel as well as a concert each semester, music majors and non-music majors enjoy singing contemporary and classic literature, both sacred and secular. m 1 jfi 33H 1 b Hi ' 41 ■ if 1 nwu l left to right: kay dawn hoops . section leader, John vandersall . . . president. Joyce kinard . . . . . pianist, torn mcfarland . , , librarian, louise speck . . . . . vice-president, sue blackman secretary, art dark treasurer. first row: miss edwina thedford directoress. Cheryl gibson, Okie petersen. tim o ' connell. Joyce kinard. charles mcdowell. kathyrn carr. mike blum, sue blackman. second row: dale olmstead, gayle lobb. jerry kemper. Joanne mccormick, bill mcclish, Janice prunier. larry hayes. third row: rick ever- line, louise speck, craig Williams, joyce white. John vandersall, georgia curfman, candy retz. art dark, fourth row: lou miller, kay dawn hoops, dave banks, ellie waite. paul hvltslander, |udy ashley. lee wick, jan jones. torn mcfarland. 74 ■ ■ noH ' ! ■ ■ •■ :• ■•:«■ ■• ■•: ■ a ■■•: ■• ■ ■: ■•: ia •■ ■:•■■:•■ •:•■•:•■ •M i : ■ ■ ■•: ■• ■•: ■ • ■■:• -:•■ :•■ •:■■•:•■ •M i :•■ ■ ■ ■•:«■-: ■ •■•: chorus the union college chorus is open to all students on campus, they prepare and perform two major concerts each year under the di- rection of miss edwina thedford. left to right: donald hendrickson, bass; jean cassidy. soprano; doris ann harding, ac- companist; edwina thedford, directoress; diane taylor, alto; jay wilke, tenor. 75 brass quintet left to right: mr. james kowalsky, torn mcfarland. don huckle. bill keefe. mr. allan e. green. concert band first row: gayle lobb, donna burnsides, emily verst, carol batten second row: bob tatro. marlene reed, phyllis chaney, dave holbrook, Joyce kinard. Joyce white, terry bott third row: torn mcfarland, Chester okopski. russell wagner, lou miller, brenda sears fourth row: larry davis. bob sewalls, don huckle. bill keeffe director: mr james kowalsky 76 orchestra mm first row: louise speck, John vandersall, larry hayes, dr. nicholos poulos, dr. gordon marigold, al kivler. Joyce kinard, kay dawn hoops, second row: elaine abbott, Sharon matthews, gayle lobb, terry bott, don huckle, Judy ashley, diane massey. third row: phyllis chaney, bob tatro, mr. leo dontchos. fourth row: brenda sears, Charles mcdowell, torn mcfarland, art dark, director: mr. allan e. green. stage band first row: dave holbrook, mr. leo dontchos, torn rose, terry bott, bob tatro. leader: mr. allan e. green, second row: torn weeks, Chester okopski, torn mcfarland, bill keeffe, don huckle. third row: bob sewalls, art dark, lee wick. 77 a.w.s. the association of women students was originated to help direct the social affairs and aid the spiritual growth and harmony of women students living at the college, this association includes the social standards council, the judiciary board, and corridor representatives, every woman resident belongs to the a.w.s. the a.w.s. undertakes many projects, this year their homecoming display was awarded first prize, much work and effort is also put into their annual Christmas tea, the big sister party, the parent ' s weekend reception, and a party for graduating seniors, a bi-monthly newsletter is also published by this organization. president kathy brinly vice-president jeri fields secretary lynne Johnson treasurer bonnie bush council seated: mrs. doris mays, lynne Johnson, jerl fields, kathy brinly, bonnie bush standing: mrs janie fletcher, joy sartorio. karen ramsey, pat mccann, kay trueman. miss berty young. social standards seated: joy sartorio, jo beth long, standing: jan heggan, dot muller. V T? judiciary board seated: mary devries. regina sergent standing: nancy perry, jeri fields. representatives and counselors seated: carol duncan. becky riley. faith kunze. ann Steele, Judy holcombe. standing: kay dawn hoops, bonnie bush, jean linden, edith millett. coleen perkins. ann powell. Stevenson hall this diverse group of men supervise and govern Ste- venson hall, a residence hall for union college men. under the leadership of bill hoffman, this year ' s council progressed further in creat- ing new and more effective regulations and rules for its dormitory residents. president bill hoffman vice-president dave graham secretary tim marsh treasurer steve liming dormitory council seated: dave graham, bill hoffman, steve liming, standing: ron naylor, harry darr, lindsey davis, jim doster, ed braziller. richard corbert. 79 lakeside manor dormitory council the " men of the manor " are a closely knit group of fellows who find companionship and harmony in lakeside dormitory, mrs. mildred zeigler, their housemother, gives an annual dinner for them. the lakeside men have an openhouse at Christmas, at this time, they decorate their dormitory and refreshments are served, donna jesmajian, to the right, was selected as their queen. seated: andy long, mrs mildred zeigler, steve baldwin. standing: bill blemlek, John pilkey. mike meehan, John sullivan, bob shearer, jack molnar. wally hull, richard kloss, John acton, bob klug. 80 first row: larry murray, paul young, jon merkens, richard jesmajian, torn mohr, bob cooper, leo dolan, jon musgrove, wally hull, bob dempsey. sec- ond row: dave holbrook, glenn fennemore, bill blemlek, jack molnar, steve weaver, Clayton grover, dave thornton, third row: chet okopski, mike blum, scott Jenkins, John bateman, dave rockwell, paul gregory, jon whittaker. fourth row: ken fisher, eric krebs, bob smith, John cassidy, andy long, Charles waldrop, bob shearer, lee Williams, nelson barnes, John acton. first row: bob wheeler, larry brink, nick gattuso, John pilkey, bob klug, vince gattuso. second row: bob timms, bert gould, John green, chris ford, barry gray, ed pierce, richard kloss. third row: John sullivan, bruce freedman, torn buddennagen, scott campbell, alan richter, bob weyand, ken lan- dreth. fourth row: bruce depew, jim hertz, bill pierce, charles parsons, mike gensler, millard seay, harry gindhart, mike meehan, steve baldwin. orange and black the orange and black, a monthly newspaper published by a staff of union college stu- dents, seeks to keep the student body abreast of what is happening on campus, positions on the staff are open to all stu- dents interested in journalism, the orange and black is a member of the kentucky inter- collegiate press association, one of the special projects the orange and black spon- sored this year was a special student senate election issue, reporting on the candidates and their platforms. left to right: ronald filler, assistant editor; jody neace. editor; leamon hinkle. business manager. seated: leslie crown, barbara bell. Joyce freeman, jody neace. diane shadle. ruth hardison, pat mccann. jody peffer. standing: andrew Johnson, John green, bob weyand. glenn holdcraft, barry gray, torn mcfarland, leamon hinkle. ronald filler, bruce depew, lee wick, karl kraft. brad fogel. david noyes. 82 seated: lynette Cunningham, dot muller, Virginia byrd, mary jane megee, lynda dawson, diane shadle, edith millett, okie peterson, lynn sutton, bette webber, joy sartorio, carol duncan. standing: bob bliss, Steve burchesky, barry gray, bette jane buchanan, anne powell, Judy bird, ann Steele, kathy brinly, leamon hinkle, jeri fields, charlotte lewis, Juliana Johnson, maxine Stanley, david lord, karl kraft, coleen perkins, Janet magsam, tim marsh, bill hoffman, barbara hesson, phyllis chaney. recapturing a year of college experience is the task of the stespean. the yearbook is con- sidered to be a pictorial history of our school; its students, faculty and administration, the stespean staff remains sensitive to the year ' s happenings and records them in memorable words and pictures. editor jeri fields assistant editor charlotte lewis business manager leamon hinkle stespean 83 gamma beta phi " scholarship, service, and char- acter " is the motto of the gamma beta phi national honor society, membership is open to students who can meet the academic re- quirements, and those students who were beta members in high school, this gamma beta phi chapter was organized in 1966, but it is rapidly becoming one of the most active societies on campus. president kyle perkins vice-president sam clonch secretary carlenetriplett treasurer Judy morgan first row: Virginia myers, melinda pickard, lois anderson, Jennie hawkins. mary lou holbert, Janet jones. second row: meda smith, peggy beard, gayle lobb, donna burnsides, deanna dezarn. John luley. doyle mills, david lord, third row: John thomp- son, william kipp, michael gensler. ronald creasy, albert graham, ralph von derau. thomas card, robert gillaspie. seated: kyle perkins. Judy morgan, carlene triplett, samuel clonch. second row: mrs Catherine singer, advisor; Janice bryant gillaspie, melinda pick- ard. phyllis chaney, lois anderson, Judith holcombe, Virginia myers. sue gibo, jeri fields third row: mary jo jaynes. Joyce white, peggy beard, char- lotte lewis, vivian vair, meda smith, jo della neace. gayle bartlett lobb. Jennie hawkins. mary lou holbert, Janet jones. Janet tomlinson. ruth ann John- ston fourth row: waiter hull, ronald filler, robert weyand, robert macneil. Judith ashley, maxine Stanley, kathleen brinly. donna burnsides. deanna dezarn. marcia singer, michael bumgardner. John luley, david lord fifth row: John thompson, william kipp, michael gensler, ronald creasy, albert graham, ralph von derau. thomas sturgis. thomas mcfarland. william fawley. thomas card, robert gillaspie. david graham, doyle mills. 84 iota sigma nu IDEALS OILIGENCE INTELLIGENCE iota sigma nu is an honorary scho- lastic society which encourages high ideals, promotes diligence in study, and rewards excellence in scholarship, prizes are awarded to freshman and sophomore students having the highest scholastic av- erage, iota sigma nu holds a ban- quet each year honoring all seniors graduating with honors, they also sponsor a tea during homecoming for returning iota sigma nu alumni. president mrs. mary edna Williams Wee president miss carlene triplett secretary-treasurer mrs. sara douce historian mrs. Catherine singer seated: david waltz, kathleen moore. Catherine faulkner singer, lester bartley. sara gilpin douce, kathryn fox daniels. standing: deril mays, edward angel, susan pennycuff, reid clapham, mary d. smith mitchell, Shirley alien, larry alien, jean owens knuckles, jo ann roberts alien, j. howard alien, carlene triplett, phillip malone, Vivian bradley, dr. e.s. bradley. 85 american chemical society promotion among future chemists, initation of a de- sire to study chemistry and orientation in new developments in various fields of chemistry is the tri- fold purpose of the american chemical society, it is the only club on campus with professional, national affiliation, membership is open to all students in- terested in chemistry and allied sciences, national affiliation is open to students majoring in chemistry, their activities last year included hearing visiting and local speakers and inspection of two chemical firms, two plastic and wood miniature green houses were constructed, a home-coming chemical show was performed and funds were raised for club ac- tivities through the sale of potted plants. president robert macneil secretary douglas ruth treasurer richard brooks seated: dr jankovics, douglas ruth, bonnie bush, janie nelson, hock soon goh, becky riley. bob macneit. david lord, dr eugene haas. second row: james nelson, John guba, vince gattuso, bruce freedman, alan richter, Charles parsons, mike blum, david noyes, dr nicholas poulos third row: jim black, victor smith, John moffett, steve liming, waiter lee dexter, ronald creasy, david graham, fourth row: jan buttermore, Jesse burchwell. robert anderson, david thornton. robert shearer, kenneth s landreth, william blemlek, paul j. leon, Joseph frye. 86 first row: miss alice lay, karla freeman, mrs. janie fletcher, ann marie dixon, sandra detherage, beth callahan. second row: marcia hammonds, Joan yavorosky, ruth hardison, jan heggan, lindaevans, maureen sharrah. third row: dinah buchanan, debbie bateman, susan new, melinda pickard, kay trueman, carolyn carey. the home economics club is an organization sponsored by the union college home economics department, it strives to cultivate within its membership an interest in home and family living. president melinda pickard wee president karla freeman secretary ruth hardison home economics club 87 m.s.m. this year under the effective leader- ship of miss leslie crown the meth- odist student movement has be- come more efficient in linking to- gether the church, community and the college, this year their projects included a special tutoring service for residents of the barbourville com- munity and assistance at the hender- son settlement community center. president wayne hawley vice-president carlene triplett secretary kay dawn hoops treasurer carol batten first row: mr. art talbert. irving schoenacker. alicia boyd. carol batten, barbara ermin. leslie crown, carlene triplett, mrs. harold bushey, mrs. dorothy talbert. second row: don parker. marcia singer, bert coffman. kay dawn hoops, John luley, wayne hawley. eric small. 88 first row: dr. george bassett, Janet magsam, gloria risner, carol duncan, connie libby, carlene triplett, martha wovkulich, Janet randall, lois anderson, melinda pickard, carlene stickley, dr. Charles w. simms. second row: mr. warren robbins, mrs. doris mays, tim marsh, bruce gallanger, sylvia yerger, joy sartorio. miss betty young, leslie crown, jody neace, marica singer, sue streit, Janet moseley, debbie bateman, ron creasy, bev dillman, miss gayle miles, leamon hinkle, danny stinson, barry wood, third row: miss kathleen moore, don Connolly, not pictured: Jeff wagner. the John owen gross chapter of the student national education association functions as a pro- fessional club for students entering the teaching pro- fession, various speakers and films are brought to the campus, this year, the student national education association acted as host for dr. george bassett, pro- fessor of education at the univ- ersity of queensland, queens- land, australia. president barry wood vice president jeff wagner secretary joy sartorio treasurer debbie bateman rs. doris mays, joy sartorio, dr. george bassett, debbie bateman, Charles ood. m wood barry s.n.e.a. 89 alpha psi playlikers these two organizations promote theatrical interest on union ' s campus, they are for stu- dents who have shown a genuine concern for drama and its productions. alpha psi is a national honorary organiza- tion, it is for experienced students in dra- matics, either in acting, directing or stage work, membership is based on a point system, whereby each student is expected to fulfill one speaking part on the union college stage. the playlikers are essential in the play productions, they act as backstage workers, lighting and makeup assistants. left to right: torn faxon. earl yost. ellie waite. gary mills, not pictured: martha hoctor, debbie port, sharon bell. 90 first row: mr. robert miller, Cindy merrill, guy milward . . . vice-president, Virginia myers. ray bumgardner. second row: jim black, torn faxon . . . presi- dent, earl yost , . . treasurer, ellie waite . . . secretary, jim habercam, bob gillaspie, gary mills, jim wolf. 91 s.c.b. located in the heart of the campus, the stu- dent center is the mainstream of student activity, the student center board feeds this flow with programs of recreation, leadership, culture and education, it reaches the entire student body with these activities, the student center board is a select group chosen with consideration to leadership and creative abilities. president linda murphy vice-president scottcampbell secretary-treasurer marcia singer left to right: julianna Johnson, earl yost. marcia singer, bill fawley. torn faxom. eleanor witherell. ron naylor, linda murphy standing: scott Campbell, mr ed black, bill finney. 92 student senate the student senate is the represent- ative organization of union college students, its main purpose is to ex- press student opinion in a concise and constructive manner, which involves evaluation and careful study of union college in all its facets: student as- sembly, faculty and administration, services provided by the student senate include a radio program for students, an advisory council, re- presentation on all faculty committees, and provision of funds for needy stu- dent organizations. left to right: bill fawley, secretary; anna hieronymus, vice-president; torn ren- kin, president; bob ireland. treasurer. seated: charlotte lewis, bill fawley. anna hieronymus. torn renkin, bob ireland, dr. howard alien standing: ed Christiansen, John sullivan, ian reid. jim black, barbara hammons. ron naylor, archie main, dana gunnison; mary beth smoll. torn mcfarland, karen ramsey. pat mccann, paul andrews. mike meehan. 94 food committee seated: maureen sharrah, rhoby horn, diane streit, pat shaw. standing: craig clemow, wayne carnes, earl linaburg, mr. dean middleton, bill lacy. judicial council seated: steve baldwin, don Connolly, standing: connie foster, becky riley, keith powell, Judy holcombe, lindsey davis. student representatives left to right: ron naylor, John sullivan, scott campbell, bill fawley, jeri fields, maxine Stanley, kay quick, judy holcombe, julianna Johnson, bill hoffman, tim marsh, scott Jenkins. 95 u club the u club is an organization open to those students who have won letters in recogni- tion of their prowess and skill on the various athletic teams, in cheerleading, or in man- aging, the u club sold programs and ushered at all basketball games this year, they also dis- played a booth in the daniel boone festival. president bob pittser vice president andy long secretary faith Johnson treasurer betsy fields first row: betsy fields, faith Johnson, second row: dave radway, larry curd, paul carr. ken meibers. bill hoffman, paul andrews. torn mohr, bob linder- man. ken bernhardt third row: larry davis, bill hill, chris ford, jerry halter, mike parker, pete parker. torn fledderman, bill savage, bob pittser, ron lee, andy long, denny hamilton. 96 alpha delta seated: Judy holcombe, mrs. may blackstock, donna burnsides, lois anderson, vernice gregory, Janet randall . . . secretary-treasurer, standing: mr. robert riesz, burt coffman . . . president, torn card, doyle mills, ron creasy, don Connolly, david graham . . . vice-president, dr. meyer salkover. bridge club table 1 : barbara bell, rick dillman, lee wick, beverly dillman. table 2: Charles rednour, debbie bateman, fred mack, bill deveer. table 3: burt gould . . . president, steve baldwin . . . Wee president, mike penick . . . treasurer, jemima gee . . secrefary . . . absent, table 4: ray o ' connell, rick shomper, ray owens, al graham. 97 cwens seated: lois anderson . treasurer, lin wirick . president, edith millett . vice-president, billie jean morris secrefary. standing: heather cousins, ann Steele, donna burnsides, miss Judy mcclung. kay dawn hoops, Joyce white, meda smith, cherry owens. german club seated: mr. peter aberger. becky riley. ruth ann Johnston, maxine Stanley . . . vice-president, mary lou holbert president. Joyce white standing: torn manuel, kyle perkins, connie foster, linda bales, Judy holcombe, dr gordon marigold, mr uwe frost. 98 milesians bill armstrong, anna hieronymus, mike baumgardner, jack molnar . co-chairman, wally hull . . - chairman, mr. donald freeman oxford club seated: kathy chamberlain, Joyce anderson, leslie crown, Virginia myers, emily verst, barbara bell . . . secretary, Joan leach, second row: bill steffan. bill beebe, torn buddenhagen, lee wick, John love, burt coffman . , . treasurer, rick everline, bob brown, torn hodgkins. third row: Charles mcwilliams. karl kratt . . . president, phillip barnum . . . Wee president. 99 pi epsilon alpha first row: Jeff brown, torn mohr, rick kloss. John Campbell, larry davis . . . president, bob klug. second row: faith Johnson, jean linden , , , vice-pres- ident, sylvia yerger, Janet magsam , , . secretary, maureen sharrah, carol proctor, Jackie motley, mrs. sara douce, jan heggan. pht seated: Janice gillaspie, barbara linderman, Judy boone . . . president, rosemary Conner . . secretary, debbie kopera. standing: pat buttermore, mrs. robert riesz, sandy milburn, lynne logan, beth main, phyllis mills, diane biel. absent: nancy erslan . . . Wee president, Joyce wheatley . . . treasurer. 100 leadership president miller affluent amicable explicit industrious organized progressive sedate successful mahlon a miller, b s., b.d., s.t.m.. d.d. 102 administration j. howard alien a.b., ma., p.e.d. dean of students John h. boyd a.b., m.a.ed.d. dean of the graduate school andrew r. eickhoff b.s., s.t.b., ph.d. dean of the faculty Charles v. hansel b.a., ma. director of religious life robert I. Jones b.s., ma. registrar; director of admissions doris 1. mays s. laws parks marshall b. potter milton h. townsend b.s., m.a. b.s. superintendent of b.a., m.a. dean of women business manager buildings and grounds director of college and treasurer relations; director of development 103 staff officers edward h. black b.s., ma. assistant director of the student center rufusbonner assistant superintendent of buildings and grounds clarence chadwell b.s. bookeeper and assistant treasurer robert j clement a.b. admissions counselor and assistant director of college relations janie fletcher b.s., m.s residence hall counselor maryh ghormley a.b. residence hall counselor 104 joec hacker b.s., m.a. director of data processing center; assistant professor of business ruth hlssam bookstore manager frances patridge b.s.e., m.a. director of student center; director of student activities; associate professor of physical education oma ritchie residence hall counselor i ' lucille d. robbins r.n. college nurse Charles c. saddler a.b., m.a. assistant to the president dorothy shaw assistant to the business manager Catherine f singer b.a. alumni secretary rollin j. watson b.s., m.a. assistant to the dean of students; dir ector of student aid t . I betty j. young residence hall counselor mildred p. zeigler b.a., m.a. residence hall counselor 105 college staff lindaalford secretary to dean of graduate school and dean of faculty loisbargo clerk-typist in the office of the registrar Judy boone clerk-typist in the office of the registrar bobbie burgess cashier in the bookstore suet, carr b a., b. s.e. secretary to the president loiscordell loretta cowan beverly dickerson Phyllis j Jones library technician secretary in the office clerk-typist in the secretary in the alumi office of college relations office of college relations 106 r mm t W ■ adaking secretary in the office of development loretta liford clerk-typist in the office of development sued, mcdade secretary in the office of the registrar mildred maggard fannie martin esten parks secretary in the office clerk-typist in the clerk in the post office of student affairs library colleen short secretary in the student center boyd todd a.b. purchasing agent nola williams assistant to the bookkeeper 107 faculty peter aberger may c. blackstock ewrin s. bradley staatsexamen a.b., m.a. b.s.. m.a.. phd instructor of trench associate professor of chairman of the division andgerman mathematics of social studies; graduate professor of history herman bush donald 1. calitri clevis d carter a.b.. m.a. chairman of the division of health and physical education; director of athletics b.s.. m.a. coach and instructor of physical education b.a., m.a. instructor of physical science robert criss norman w davis leon e. dontchos saragilpin douce b.a., 11.b., m.a. b.s., m.s., ph d b.s., m.m. b.s. instructor of history professor of biology instructor of music instructor of physical education 108 donald freeman b.s., a.m., b.d. assistant professor of philosophy uwe frost staatsexamen instructor of trench frank a. gilbert b.s., m.a., ph.d. chairman of the division of sciences; professor of biology allan e. green b.m., m.m. assistant professor of music eugene g haas b.s., m.a., ph.d. head of the department of chemistry; professor of chemistry mildred b. hacker b.s., m.a. instructor of physical education patience haggard b.a., b.s. in education, m.a., ph.d. graduate professor of english dorisann harding b.m., m.m. associate professor of piano estefana n. herrera b.s., nat. s.d. assistant professor of biology hubert h. hoeltje b.a., m.a., ph.d. graduate professor of english lawrence r. jankovics ph.d. associate professor of chemistry 109 James e kowalsky mary alice lay Judy mcclung b.m., m.m. b.s., m.s. b.a.. m.a. instructor of music instructor of home economics instructor of english james b. mcferrin b.a., b.s. in Is., m.s. head librarian; associate professor of library science w gordon marigold sadle w. martin robert d matthews b.a., m.a , phd b.s., m.a. b.a.. s.t.b., phd. chairman of the division assistant professor of chairman of the division of languages; head of the business of religion and philosophy; department of modern head of the department languages; graduate of religion and professor of modern languages philosophy; professor of religion frank e merchant a.b , ma, ph d head of the department of english; graduate professor of english gayle miles b.a., m.a. associate supervisor of student teaching; assistant professor of education robert g. miller b.a., ma. instructor of dramatics j lame millen b.s., m.ed. assistant professor of social studies rena milliken a.b., ma. head of the department of business; associate professor of business Charles r mitchell a.b., ma. instructor of english kathleen moore a.b., ma. associate professor of elementary education paul s. moore b.a., m.s. coach and assistant professor of physical education ottis murphy j.c. newport ki song oh a.b., m.a., ed.s., b.a., m.a. b.a., II. b., m.a., ed.d. instructor of business associate professor of part-time professor of political science sociology william s. oxendine nicholas a. poulos Id. prewitt houston m price b.a., ma. b.s., ph d b.a., Il.b. b.a., mm. assistant professor of associate professor of part-time associate instructor of music social studies chemistry professor of business 111 mary e priestley b.s., ma., ph.d. associate professor of english s.e. gerard priestley b.d., s.t.m., b.s., m.a., ph.d., m.s.sc graduate professor of political science robert r riesz a.b., m.a. associate professor of physics warren robbins b.s., m.a. associate professor of education; supervisor of student teaching Virginia b saddler b a . b.s. in l.s., m.s. assistant librarian and assistant professor of library science meyer salkover a.b., m.a.. ph.d. professor of mathematics Charles w simms b.s., m.a., ph.d chairman of the division of education; head of the department of education; graduate professor of education francis x sommer b s , m.d.. f.a.c.s., dabs. part-time professor of health arthur talbert b.s., b.d. part-time instructor of religion dorothy talbert a.b., b.s. in l.s. reference librarian and instructor of library science edwina thedford b.m. ed., m.c.m. instructor of music betty k. townsend a.b., ma. part-time instructor of english leonora trauger b.s., m.s. assistant professor of art wilmer trauger a.b., m.a., ph.d. graduate professor of english winifred watts b.a., m.a., ph.d. graduate professor of english ella o. wilkes a.b., b.s., m.s. part-time assistant professor of social studies robert k. wilson b.a. laboratory assistant in physical science John e. yatros b.s., m.a., ed.d. academic projects developer; guidance counselor I nr t mune -ito».J RK IBIS msm I mm Be m mwmfflm JaiWHHW ■■■ K8BS£a8wi raw IBP ■ H HH — JesSS class of 1968 left to right: earl linaburg. vice president; carol duncan. secretary; kathy brinly. treasurer; vlnce gattuso, president. 116 John acton, ba haddonfield, new jersey trench, history edward j. alexander, bs cynthiana, kentucky business, physical education william armstrong, ba falls church, Virginia philosophy Stephen e baldwin, bs vamwert, ohio history, economics linda bales, ba dayton, ohio socio-economics paul bales, bs fort plain, new york business philip barnum, ba housatonic, massachusetts religion, history deborah bateman, bs palm beach, florida elementary education home economics peggy beard, bs gray, kentucky elementary education english James bellamy, ba elyria, ohio history, political science ronald boone, bs corbin, kentucky physical education, sociology 117 howard brewster, bs barrington. rhode island accounting, economics kathy brinly, bs middletown. kentucky elementary education eddy r. brown, bs cobleskill. new york business education gail lynn brown, bs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania elementary education gerald r. brown, bs montrose, Pennsylvania elementary education sociology Jeffrey brown, bs wayne carnes, bs roebling, new jersey delaware, ohio history, physical education english william caswell, bs tannersville, new york physical education phyllis gayle chaney, bs Winchester, kentucky english. music jay cheeseman, bs penns grove, new jersey history, political science edward Christiansen, bs carmel. new york social studies 118 arthur dark, bs Syracuse, new york music, education craig clemow, ba donald w. comfort, bs Plymouth, Pennsylvania morrisville, Pennsylvania religion, history, philosophy accounting, economics donald m. connolly, bs Cincinnati, ohio mathematics, physics Stephen cooper, ba nassau, new york history, economics harry darr, ba Wilmington, delaware political science, history faye delk, bs pineville, kentucky elementary education english hugh c. delk, bs pineville, kentucky business mary devries, ba baltimore, maryland religion, sociology beverly babbage dillman, harlan, kentucky elementary education bs richard dillman, bs Wilmington, delaware history, psychology 119 robert I. douce, bs tavares. florida health, physical education carol duncan, bs irvington, new jersey elementary education barbara I. ermin, bs altoona, Pennsylvania elementary education psychology elizabeth shelton fields, bs westboro. massachusetts elementary education william f. finney richmond, Virginia biology, chemistry, history kenneth g. fischer, bs buckingham, Pennsylvania social studies eddy g. freeman, bs london. kentucky biology, chemistry bruce gallinger. bs voluntown. Connecticut elementary education 120 vincent I gattuso, ba paulsboro. new jersey biology, chemistry jemima gee, bs tompkinsville, kentucky area in english Christine s. geyer, bs havertown, Pennsylvania area in english Janice bryant gillaspie, bs madisonville, kentucky mathematics, history mary carol giron, bs south seaville, new jersey elementary education mary Catherine glover, bs medford, massachusetts home economics, art barry gray, ba broomell, Pennsylvania art, psychology, religion gerald halter, bs wayne c. hawley, ba ocean city, new jersey endicott, new york health physical education biology, chemistry sociology martha e. hoctor, bs doylestown, ohio english emily v. howard, bs pineville, kentucky elementary education donald r. huckle, bs, bm springville, new york music scott g. Jenkins, bs fairborn, ohio history, psychology Joyce e. kinard, ba dallastown, Pennsylvania music 121 richard kloss. bs tuscaloosa. alabama physical education, health robert f. klug. bs amsterdam. new york physical education, health leonard b kopera. bs york, Pennsylvania area in social studies edward f lamb, bs valley stream, new york bio-chemistry ronald n lee, bs avon, Connecticut business, economics connie I. libby, bs lewisburg, Pennsylvania elementary education steve liming, bs Williamsburg, ohio chemistry, psychology earl I. linaberg, bs baltimore, maryland social studies area, religion 122 jean linden, bs toke, east brunswick, n.j. health physical education accounting robert w. linderman, bs scranton, Pennsylvania area in social studies gayle bartlett lobb. bs media. 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Bonne sante ! et Bon voyage ! ] emcetr 152 LONDON LAUNDRY SANITONE DRY CLEANER Fur Storage Box Storage Linen Service Sanitone Certified MasterVn c eaner Office on Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Phone 546-3151 WILLIAMS STORE Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky KIDD BROS. GROCERY Court Square Barbourville, Ky. OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY 212 Knox St. Barbourville, Ky. William L. Jones, Agent INSURE FOR SURE Welcome Students! GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville Kentucky 153 HAMPTON AND NAU Nunn Bush Shoes Botany 500 Suits Arrow Shirts Barbourville, Kentucky HERNDON DRUG CO., INC. Phone 546-3111 The REXALL Store A. T. Corey, Mgr. BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Compliments of GEORGE ' S USED CARS J B CAFE Court Square Barbourville, Ky. KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors for Auto Parts PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES YOUNG ' S JEWELERS Court Square Barbourville, Ky. Licensed Watchmaker DIAMONDS - WATCHES - GIFTS TREADWAY BROS. Building Materials and Contractors Phone 546-3357 Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of TYE ' S Headquarters for Bobbie Brooks Sportswear Gay Gibson Dresses 154 WEST STANDARD SERVICE Corner of Knox Street and Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky ENGLE ' S STUDIO Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1968!! GORDON ' S POTATO CHIPS PATRONS Mrs. Alice Banscher Cohawkin Road Clarksboro, New Jersey Mr. Mrs. H. L. Brinly 12208 Meadow Lane Middletown, Ky. Mr. Lewis Calloway Mohoning Manor Milton, Pennsylvania Compliments of UNION COLLEGE BOOKSTORE 155 LARGE ENOUGH TO FILL YOUR NEEDS -TOTAL RESOURCES OVER ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS UNION NA1 SAFE S( Howard H. Miller President Ben H Draughn. Jr. Exec Vice President John W Croley Vice President UNION NATIONAL BANK ONLY CHARGES 5% ON NEW CAR LOANS UNB UNION NATIONAL BANK Matt Callihan Mrs. Mattie Cole Director Director Elbert Evans Director Union National is proud to be Barbourville ' s and Knox County ' s largest bank, with total assets of over eleven million dollars your trust in our financial ability made it possible - our officers, directors and employees thank you. Christine Adams Geneda Gray Louise Owens Mary Ruth Mills Betty Smith Note Teller Teller Teller Teller Drive-In Teller J M Janet Hyde Judy Hammons Betty Hammons Ann Gambrel Charles Cole Part Time Teller Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Custodian BARBOURVILLE AND KNOX COUNTY ' S ONLY NATIONAL BANK UNION NA1 )NAL BANK SMALL ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU PERSONAL ATTENTION MANAGED BY YOUR HOMETOWN FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY James E. Thompson, Jr. Cashier Margaret M Riley Assistant Cashier Jerry Carey Assistant Cashier UNION NATIONAL BANK PAYS A BIG 4 1 2 % Corbin H. Melton R.B. Williams Director Director Toy Wilson Director INTEREST ON 6 MO. CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT UNB UNION NATIONAL BANK OUR ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS IS AT YOUR SERVICE. CONSULT ANY OF THE ABOVE OFFICERS OR DIRECTORS ON ANY BANKING NEED AND THEY WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO HELP. itfV Amanda Bobbie Messer Kathleen Ore Mildred Engle Betty Centers Woolum Teller Drive-In Teller Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Drive-In Teller THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THE CHANCE TO WORK FOR YOU OUR PURPOSE IS TO HELP FINANCE INDUSTRY. NEW HOMES. AND PROVIDE YOU WITH MONEY FOR THE THINGS YOU WANT. IT IS OUR DEDICATION TO PROMOTE THE GROWTH OF BARBOURVILLE, KNOX COUNTY AND THIS ENTIRE AREA. INAL BANK - SAFE - SOUND - SECURE 157 patrons Mr and Mrs. Peter Anger Mrs Robert Calloway Roberta Clark Fred Davis Mrs Isabelle Evans Mrs. Suzanne Evans Alice. Jeri. and Sheffy Fields A Friend A Friend A Friend Janice Gardy Mrs. Edward Gugel Mrs. George Gugel Mr and Mrs Raymond Harrison Audrey Highhouse Jack Ketchum Mrs Rick Leiser Stephen Leiser Jerolyn Lightner Fred Magsam Mr and Mrs H.L Magsam Janet Magsam and Tim Marsh Mr N Thompson Marsh, Jr Mrs. N. Thompson Marsh, Jr. Mrs. Coleman Nickols Gregory Nie Mr. and Mrs E Poole, Sr. Judy Reiser Thelma Scales Wayne Wesley Triplett Jim Villutato Mrs. W. Walter Wilson Sylvia Wise Mr and Mrs Maynard Witherell senior directory baldwin, Stephen e — bridge club, president of lakeside manor, chair- man of judicial council. barnum. philip thomas— vice president of oxford club bateman, deborah ellen— beta chi alpha, treasurer of s.n.e.a., home ec club beard, peggy lorena— gamma beta phi. iota sigma nu, s n.e.a. bellamy, James A). — intramural football and basketball boone, rona d a an— swimming team, track, choir, council of southern mountains, s.n.e.a.. orientation committee brewster, howard r.— president of b wing dorm council, circle k, ad- visory council for resident men brinly, kathleen y e— gamma bet phi. cwens, iota sigma nu. president and vice president of a.w.s., s.n.e.a., appalachian volunteers, treas- urer of junior and senior class, orientation committee, stespean staff brown, gerald robert— s.n.e.a., circle k carey, roland ellsworth— karate club, orange and black staff. carnes, wayne . — sports editor of orange and black, food committee, s.n.e a. caswell. william martin— intramural basketball, bowling league. chaney, phyllis gay e— cwens. gamma beta phi. iota sigma nu, s.n.e.a., s.a.i. band, orchestra, sophomore counselor. cheeseman, jay alan— iota sigma nu, pi gamma mu, s.n.e.a. Connolly, donald m. — track, judicial council, u club, math club. devries, mary melinda— appalachian volunteers, a.w.s. council, oxford club, methodist student movement. dillman, richard hamilton— track, alpha phi omega, bridge club, intra- murals. douce, robert lee— pi epsilon alpha, basketball team. duncan, carol jean— secretary of a.w.s., intramurals, s.n.e.a., secretary of junior and senior class, stespean staff, appalachian volunteers ermin, barbara lee— methodist student movement, u.c.c.a., s.n.e a., orchestra. fields, elizabeth shelton— cheerleader, beta chi alpha, u club, appalachian volunteers, s.n.e.a. finney, william frederick— math club, intramurals, student center board. gallinger, bruce n— bowling league, advisory council for resident men, secretary of Stevenson hall dormitory council, s.n.e.a., student advisor in Stevenson hall. gattuso, Vincent A— newman club, alpha phi omega, vice president of junior class, president of senior class, american chemical society, presi- dent ' s council. geyer, Christine sharon— captain coach of hockey team, secretary of food committee, vice president and treasurer of s.a.i., homecoming and spring dance committee. gillaspie, Janice bryant— vice president of alpha delta, s.n.e.a., treas- urer of cwens, president of gamma beta phi, iota sigma nu. glover, mary Catherine— home ec club, appalachian volunteers. gray, barry charles— president of art club, circle k, " orientation com- mittee, phi mu alpha, orange and black staff, stespean staff, student activities representative. halter, gerald b.— vice president of freshman class, chairman of food committee, vice president of pi epsilon alpha, president of u club, Stevenson hall dorm council, baseball team, tennis team, swimming team, mr. ugly of 1966. hawley, wayne curtis— u.c.c.a., president of methodist student move- ment, treasurer of phi mu alpha, choir, american chemical society. hayes, larry e. — phi mu alpha, choir, orchestra. howard, emily van sant— s.n.e.a. Jenkins, g. scoff— treasurer of methodist student movement, oxford club, alpha phi omega, u.c.c.a., cultural life committee, orientation com- mittee, treasurer of lakeside dorm. kinard, Joyce— choir, collegium musicum, orchestra, band, brass en- semble, s.a.i. klug, robert f.— golf team, lakeside dorm council, secretary of lakeside dorm council, pi epsilon alpha lamb, edward francis— circle k. lee, ronald nash— swimming team, track, basketball manager, basket- ball trainer, alpha phi omega, u club linaburg, earl lee— appalachian volunteers, alpha phi omega, vice presi- dent of senior class, orientation committee. linden, jean ann— hockey team, s.n.e.a., intramurals, pi epsilon alpha, president ' s council, a.w.s. council linderman, robert— student senate representative, u club, swimming team. lobb, ga yle bartlett— s.a.i., cwens, iota sigma nu, gamma beta phi, band, choir, orchestra, caving club, s.n.e.a. logan, c. doug as— basketball team, baseball team, track, s.n.e.a., dorm council, u club, pi epsilon alpha, runner up to mr. union, all k.i.a.c, ath- lete of the year 1966-1967. love, John david— oxford club. kopera, leonard bernard— appalachian volunteers, s.n.e.a , intramural football. mccann, patricia m.— fire warden of a.w.s., health committee, band, pi epsilon alpha, intramurals, orange and black staff, student senate, s.n.e.a. macneil, robert brian— president of american chemical society, presi- dent ' s council, gamma beta phi, iota sigma nu. maggard, neila— s.n.e.a., art club, cwens. main, m. archie— alpha delta, student senate, iota sigma nu, alpha phi omega, appalachian volunteers, chairman of food committee, student activities committee. maxwell, dorsey lynn— caving club. mirando, michael Joseph— alpha phi omega, swimming team, bowling team. molnar, John irwin— alpha delta, milesians, bridge club, food committee, lakeside dorm council, assistant editor of the fragments. moore, george— judicial council. murphy, nancy linda— student senate, president of student center board, pht ' s, orientation committee. murray, larry jay— crosscountry, track, intramural football and Softball. naylor, ronald a an— student center board, student senate, Stevenson hall dorm council, orientation committee. neace, jo delta— s.n.e.a., gamma beta phi, young republicans club, editor of orange and black, beta chi alpha, appalachian volunteers, canterbury association, wallis reef publications award, secretary of kentucky intercollegiate press association. o ' connell, raymond John— alpha phi omega, bridge club, s.n.e.a. oerman, roy carl— stage band, orchestra, s.n.e.a. Patterson, douglas r.— orientation committee, swimming team, mile- sians, s.n.e.a. pickard, melinda Joyce— home ec club, s.n.e.a., orientation committee, gamma beta phi, iota sigma nu. powell, Clifford keith— iota sigma nu, judicial council. quick, anna Catherine— s.n.e.a., pi epsilon alpha, health and safety com- mittee. ramsey, karen fay— beta chi alpha, a.w.s. council, stespean queen, homecoming court, snowball queen court, lakeside dorm court, student senate. randell, Janet anne— s.n.e.a., alpha delta. rednour, charles waiter— vice president of american chemical society, bridge club. reid, ian o— oxford club, student senate. rockwell, david albert— oxford club, president of methodist student movement, christian social concerns, u.c.c.a., phi mu alpha rollman, robert bruce— president and treasurer of circle k, student senate, track, newman club, s.n.e.a., stespean staff, american chemical society, appalachian volunteers. ruth, doulgas— orientation committee, treasurer of men ' s dormitory council, secretary of american chemical society. sartorio, joy—p epsilon alpha, secretary of s.n.e.a., s.n.e.a. queen, beta chi alpha, miss union, a.w.s. sweetheart, homecoming queen can- didate, stespean staff, iota sigma nu, a.w.s. council. shaw, patricia— social standards committee, a.w.s. council, president of beta chi alpha, sophomore counselor. shearer, robert irwin— ameri can chemical society, lakeside dorm ad- visor. singer, marcia Catherine— secretary of student center board, metho- dist student movement, gamma beta phi, beta chi alpha, s.n.e.a., home ec club, orange and black staff, editor of 1967 stespean, testing and guidance committee, orientation committee. smith, victor raeburn— american chemical society. snell, richard arthur— head monitor, golf team, advisor to dorm council, advisor to judiciary committee. squires, connie louise— playlikers, s.a.i., student senate, a.w.s. council, iota sigma nu. stickley, carlene carter— bridge club, beta chi alpha, s.n.e.a., treasurer of gamma beta phi. stump, barry waiter— playlikers, member of advisory council. sullivan, john thomas— student senate, chairman of advisory council, college bowl. triplet!, carlene rose— s.n.e.a., methodist student movement, u.c.c.a., cwens. gamma beta phi, iota sigma nu, a.w.s. council, hockey team. trueman, wanda kay— beta chi alpha, s.n.e.a., orange and black staff, home ec club, playlikers, appalachian volunteers, a.w.s. council, mountain laurel representative for 1968. vickery, dan d.— dorm council, judicial council, alpha phi omega. wagner, Jeffrey murray— vice president of s.n.e a., circle k, intramurals, activities committee of student center board. watson, norma osborn— s.n.e.a., biology club. wick, allan pau — alpha phi omega. wilson, James lawrence— treasurer of junior class, karate instructor, american chemical society, student senate. yerger, sylvia eileen— beta chi alpha, pi epsilon alpha, band, s.n.e.a., intramurals. yost, j. earl— student center board, alpha psi omega, playlikers, circle k, orientation committee. index abbott, elaine: 77.145 aberger, peter: 98.108 ackley. david: 131 acton, john: 80.81.1 17 adams. carolyn: 139 alexander. ed: 52.117 alford. linda: 106 alien. . howard. alien, jo ann: 85 alien, larry: 85 alien, shirley: 85 alpine, peter. 1 45 ammer. trances: 131 anderson. joyce: 99.131 anderson. lois: anderson. robert: 59.86,131 anderson. scott: 139 andrews. paul:,139 angel, edward: 85 archer, john: 61.145 armstrong. wilMam: 99.1 1 7 ashtey. judy: avagliano. denis: 61,145 ayers. barbara: 145 bagg. Stephen: 145 baird barbara: 139 baker, jim: 60.131 baldwin. Stephen: 80.81,95.97.117 bales, linda: 98.117 bales, paul: 69.1 17 ballard, marsha: 145 banks, david 74 banks, jehu 131 bargo. loi« 106 barkelew. runyon: 69.131 barnes. nelson: 81 barnum. philip: 99.117 bartley. tester: 85 bassett, george-dr 85 bateman. deborah: 66.87,89.97.1 17 bateman, john: 60.81.139 batten, carol 76.88.131 bauer. john: 131 baumgardner. ray: 91.145 beale. anna: 145 beard, peggy: 84.1 17 bechtol, linda: 131 beebe, william 99.145 beisecker, richard: 69.131 bell, barbara: 82.97.99. 139 bellamy. james 1 17 benedetto. angelo: 60 bent, ann 145 bernhardt, ken: 56,57.96.139 biel. cass: 131 biel. diane: 100 bierkan. richard: 51.139 billings, thomas: 139 bingham. billie: 145 bird, judy: 83.131 bixler. harry: 131 black, ed: 72.92.104 black, james: black, robert: 131 blackman, susan: 74.131 btackstock, may: 97.108 blasenak. kerry: 52.145 blemlek. william: bliss, robert: 83.139 blum. michael: boardman, elizabeth: 144,145 bonner, rufus: 104 boone, judy: 100.106 boone, ronald: 117 borusky. ray: 139 bott. terry: 72.76.77 box. david: 139 boyd. alicia: 88,145 boyd. bob: 70 boyd. dennis: 145 boyd, john: 103 boyd. diane: 66,139 bradford, george: 69 bradtey, ewrin: 85.108 bradley. vivian: 85 braziller. ed: 79.145 brewster, howard: 118 brink, larry 81 brinly. kathy: brock, marcus: 139 brooks, nchard 139 brown, charlene: 139 brown, eddy: 118 brown, gail: 118 brown, gerald: 58.118 brown, jeff: 100.1 18 brown, robert: 99.145 buchanan. bette. 66.83 buchanan. dinah: 87.145 buddenhagen. torn: 81.99.145 bumgardner. mike: burchesky. steve: 52.83.139 burchwell. jesse: 86 burgess, bobbie: 106 burley, ed: 131 burns, charles: 1 45 burns, james: 145 burnsides. donna: 76.84.97,98.139 burton, agnes: 145 burton, thomas: 145 bush, bonnie: 78.84.132 bush, herman: 51.108 bushey, harold-mrs : 88 butterfield, john: 145 buttermore. jan: 86.100.132 buttermore. pat: 145 butz. william: 69.132 byrd. Virginia: 83.145 calitn. don: 52,56,57.108 callahan. beth: 87.139 calloway. chartes: 132 Campbell, john; 61.100.144,145 Campbell, william: 81,92,95,132 cantrell, david: 58,145 card, thomas: carey, carolyn: 66.87,139 carey. John: 139 carl, nancy: 145 carmean. david: 139 carnes, wayne: 95.118 carr, ed: 56 carr, kathryn: 74.145 carr. paul: carr. sue: 106 carfer, clevis: 108 cassidy. john: 81.145 caswell. william: 1 18 cathers. william: 146 chadwell, clarence: 104 chamberlain, kathy: 99.139 chambers, harry: 146 chaney. phyllis: chase, lynden: 146 cheeseman, jay: 1 18 chia. robin: 1 46 child, nchard: 146 childers. arthur 54.61.146 childs. aaron: 144.146 Christiansen, ed 39.94.118 christo. duane: 139 clapham. reid 85 clapp. curtis: 146 dark, art: clement, bob: 104 clemow. craig: 69,95.119 Cleveland, david: 70.132 clonch. sam: 84.130.132 clutter, lyn: 139 coale. hope: 146 cobb, nancy: 139 coffman, ella sue: 139 coffman. hobart: 88.97.99 colley, jack: 69.132 comfort, don: 119 Conner, david: 61.132 Conner, rosemary: 100 Connolly, don: 56,,1 19 cooker, deborah: 146 cooper, robert: 81.132 cooper. Stephen: 1 19 corbert. richard: 41.70.79,139 cordell. lois: 106 cousins, irene. 98,139 cowan, loretta. 106 cox. bob: 58 creasy, ron: 84,86.89,97.140 criss, robert: 108 Crockett, kay: 132 cromwell. richard 70.146 crook, Joseph: 52.70 crook, mona: 146 crown, leslie:,132 cullen. robert: 70,146 Cunningham, lynette: 83.146 curd, larry: 54.96.132 curfman, georgia: 74.146 dando, Clifford: 140 daniels. kathryn fox: 85 darnell. william 146 darr, harry: 79,1 19 davies. samuel: 132 davis. betty: 146 davis. donald: 140 davis, randolph 69,132 davis. larry: davis. lindsey: 69,79.95.140 davis. norman. 108 dawson, lynda: 83.138 dayian, karen. 146 deaves. neat: 56 dechamps, linda: 132 deckhut. keith: 146 delk. hugh: 1 19 delk. lana faye: 1 19 depaolo, frank: 146 dempsey. robert: 81 depew. bruce 73,81.82,132 deskins. carol: 146 detherage. sandra: 87 deveer. william: 97,132 devries. mary: 78.1 19 dexter, waiter: 86 dezarn. deanna: 84.132 dick, John: 146 dickerson. beverly: 106 dickerson, brenda: 146 dillman. beverly: 89,97,119 dillman, richard: 97,119 dixon, anna marie: 66,87,132 dolan, leo: 52,81,146 dontchos, leo: 72.77,108 dooley, mark: 146 doran. Patrick: 146 doster, jim: 70.79 douce, robert: 54.120 douce, sara: 85.100,108 downer, ed: 1 46 dozier, shelia: 132 dubberke. mario: 70.140 dunbar. John eric: 57.70.146 duncan. carol: 78.83.88,116.120 duncan, Justin: 58 duquette, richard: 132 durell, martha: 146 eickhoft. andrew: 103 elam. mary ann: 146 ellerbrock. gary: 140 endress. donna: 140 ermin. barbara: 44.88.120 erslan, paul: 54,58 evans. linda: 87 everline, rick: 74,99 ewing, james: 146 farner. olie: 60 farrelman, John: 146 fawcett, michael: 146 fawley. waiter wm : faxon. thomas: 70, feeley, tim: 1 40 fennemore, glenn: 81.147 ferguson, greig: 70.147 fields, elizabeth: 42.53.96,120 fields, jeri: 78,83,84,95,130,132 filler, ronald: 82.84.132 finney. william: 92,1 20 fischer, ken: 81.120 fisher, george: 1 40 fisher, robert: 60,140 fledderman. torn: 60.96.140 fleming, terry: 1 33 fletcher, janie: 78.87,104 fogel. brad: 82.133 ford, chris: 56.57,81,96.140 forman. larry: 70,147 foster, barry: 60 foster, connie: 95.98.133 frame, lillian: 140 francis, karen ruth: 147 freedman. bruce: 81 ,86,147 freeman, donald: 99,109 freeman, eddy: 1 20 freeman, joyce: 82.140 freeman, karla: 66.87.133 frost, uwe: 98.109 frye, Joseph; 86 fullen, alice: 1 47 gallinger, bruce: 89.120 ganary, david: 52.70.147 gattuso. nicholas: 81.147 gattuso, Vincent: 81 .86,1 16,1 20 gaunt, george: 140 gee. jemima: 1 20 gensler. michael: 81,84.140 gentil, don: 56 george. louis: 133 geyer, chris: 71.120 ghormley. mary: 104 gibbons, richard: 140 gibo. sue: 84 gibson. cheryl: 74 gilbert, eleanor: 67 gilbert, frank. 69,109 gilbert, thomas: 147 gillaspie. janice: 84.100.121 gillaspie. robert: 84.91.140 gindhart, harry: 81.147 girdner, linda: 147 giron. mary carol: 121 glatfelter, melissa: 147 glover, mary Catherine: 121 goh. hoch soon: 69,86.133 goms, pat 147 golden, evelyn: 133 golen, steven: 147 gomany. dale: 147 gomany. ken: 140 goodhart. mark: 140 goodman, steven- 70.147 gorman, Joseph: 147 gould. burton 81.97.133 gove. Clayton: 81.147 graham, albert: 84,97.140 graham, david: 60.79,84,86.97,140 graham, john: 1 47 gray, barry: 69.73.81,82.83.121 gray, linda: 133 green, atlan e.: 72.76,77.109 green, john: gregory. edward: 133 gregory, paul: 52.81.147 gregory, vernece: 97,140 gross, bonnie: 1 47 gross, frederick: 70.147 grosscope. kirn: 147 guba. john: 59,70.86.144,147 guilmarttn. warren: 133 gunnison, dana: 94,147 haas, eugene: 86.109 habercam, james: 91.147 hacker, joe: 104 hacker, mildred: 109 hagan, John: 51.147 haggard, patience: 109 halemann, sarah: 147 halter, gerald: 52.58,96,121 hamilton. david: 52.70.96 hamilton, kathryn: 147 hammons, barbara: 66,94.133 hammons, carolyn sue: 133 hammons, helen: 147 hammons, j.s : 133 hammons, marsha: 87.147 hammons. sharold: 133 hansel, Charles: 103 hanulak, barry: 1 40 harbold. david: 133 harding. doris ann: 71.109 hardison. ruth: 82.87.133 hartman, john: 140 hartung, bill: 58 hatz. jo ann: 53.66.133 hawkins, Jennie: 84.147 hawley. wayne: 73.88.121 hayes, larry: 73.74.77 heggan, janice: 44,46,53.78,87.100, 133 heller, jack: 140 helton, judy: 1 48 hendricks, douglas: 140 henry, Joseph: 1 48 hensel. charles: 140 hensel, donald 140 henthorn, Stephen: 148 herrera, estefana n.: 109 hertz, jim 81.148 hesson, barbara: 83,140 hieronymus. anna: 94,99,133 hill, billy 54.96,133 hill, cheryl: 66.133 hill, john: 56 hmkle, Jacqueline 141 hinkle. leamon: 82.83,89,133 hissam. ruth 104 hoctor, martha: 1 21 hodgkins. torn: 99.141 hoelt e, hubert ,. 109 hoepfner, ed: 133 hoffman. george wm .: 57.7983,95. 96.133 holbert, mary lou: 84.98,134 holbrook. david: 76,77,81.148 holcombe. judy: 78,84,95,97.98,134 holdcraft, glenn: 82.148 holzherr. arnold: 52.57,70.148 hoops, kay dawn: 48,71.7477.78,88, 98,141 horn, rhoby: 66,95,134 howard. emily: 1 21 hower. mane: 1 48 huckle. donald: 72.76.77,121 hull, waiter: 80,81.84,99,134 hultslander. paul: 74,148 humphnes, ellwood: 134 hunter, donald: 70,148 ireland, robert: 94,141 jackel, william: 70 jackson, margaret: 134 jacobus, janet: 134 jager, susan: 148 jaildagian. bruce: 148 jankovics, lawrence r.: 86.109 jaycox. donald: 148 jaynes. mary jo: 84,134 jenkins. scott: 81.95.121 jesmajian, donna: 148 jesmajian, richard. 81.134 jessum, james: 50 jessum. Stephen: 50,148 Johnson, andrew: 82,148 johnson. faith: 53,96,100,130.134 Johnson, julianna: 83,92,95 johnson. lynne 78.148 Johnston, ruth ann: 84,98,134 jones. janet; 74,84,148 jones, phyllis: 106 jones, robert .. 102 jones, sonya: 66,134 Jordan, linda: 134 justice, gilbert: 141 keeffe, william: 76,77.141 kemper, jerry: 74 kerins, richard: 70.148 kiesbye. richard 61 kief, werner 60 kinard. joyce: king, ada: 107 kipp. Charles: 84.141 kirby. paul. 141 kistner. richard 70.141 kivler. alford: 77 lucas. dorothy: 141 lucas. thomas 141 luley. john; 84.88.134 lutz. peter 141 meehan. michael: 80. 81. 94.141 megee. mary jane 83.149 meibers. ken: melton, peggy: 149 merchant, frank: 110 merida. evelyn 149 merkens. jon: 81 merola. john: 141 Q lhm kleeb. ken: 58,134 kloss. richard: 80,81.100.122 klug, robert: knapp. meredith: 148 knuckles, jean: 85 koch. jill: 148 kopera, debbie: 100 kopera. leonard: 122 kowalsky. tames: 76.110 kraft. karl: krebs. eric: 81.141 kunath. robert 58 kunze. faith: 66.78.134 lacy, william: 95,141 lamb, ed: 122 landreth, ken: 81.86.134 lane, betty: 134 lattimer. cheryl; 148 lay. mary alice: 87,1 10 leach, joan; 99,148 leddington, joe: 148 lee. ron:,122 leon. paul: 52,86,148 levan. gary 141 lewis, charlotte: 83,84.94. 134 libby. connie: 89.122 liford. loretta: 107 liming. Stephen 84.122 linaburg. earl: 95.1 16.122 linden, jean 78.100,122 linderman, barbara: 100 linderman. robert: 52.96.122 list, waiter: 56.57.134 lobb. gayle: logan. doug: logue. david 1 23 long, andrew: 50,,134 long, jo belh. 78,141 longacre. william: 148 lord, david: losi. anthony: 148 love, john: 99.1 23 lovitt. brenda: 1 48 mccann, Christine: 148 mccann. pat: 78.82.94,123 mcclish, william: 74,148 mcctung. fudy: 98,1 10 mccomas, john: 58 mcconnell. timothy: 148 mccormick. joanne 74 mcdade, sue: 107 mcdonald. brenda: 148 mcdowell. Charles: mcfarland. torn: 73.74, 94.134 mctemn. tames: 110 mciver. david: 123 mcneil. douglas. 57 mcwilliams: Charles: 99,149 mack, frederic: 97.134 macneil, robert: 84.86.123 macwan. joe: 134 maggard. mildred 107 magsam, janet: 48.53,66,83.88.100. 134 mahan, bob 70.141 main, beth: 100 main, archie: 94.123 malogrides, craig: 149 malone. phillip: 85 manchester, elizabeth 149 manuel, torn 69.98.130 mangold. 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Catherine f : 84,85,105 singer, marcia: slusher, deanna: 150 small, eric 88 smith, burton: 150 smith, meda: 53.84.98,136 smith, ray king: smith, robert: 52.81.136 smith, victor: 86 smith, Vivian miller. 124 smoll, mary beth: 94.150 snell. richard: 51.127 sommer. hands x., 1 12 southard, stuart: 150 speck, louise: 71.74,77,127 spicer. mallie: 1 50 squires, connie: 71 .1 27 st clair, lance: 69.136 stallcup. carol: 142 Stanley, maxine: 83,84,95,98.136 stapp. deborah: 150 Steele, ann 78,83,98.142 Steele, dale 142 steen, bruce: 1 27 steffan. william: 99.142 steinbauer. john: 150 Stevens, robert: 136 Stewart, john: 51,136 Stewart, steve 58,127 stickley, carlene: 89,128 stinson. daniel: 89,1 28 stoecklin. chris: 58.142 stohner. jerry: 61.142 stoneman, david: 50,57.150 streit, diane: 95.150 streit, sue: 136 stump, barry: 1 28 sturgis. torn: 84.136 sullivan, john: 80,81.94,95.128 supplee, alice: 151 sutherlin. bob: 136 sutton, lynn: 67,83 swafford. beverly: 151 sweis. jiryis: 1 28 talbert, arthur: 88.112 talbert. dorothy: 88,1 12 tatro. robert: 73.76,77,128 taylor, dark: 151 taylor, craig: 136 taylor. robert: 151 thacher, leonard 69,143 thedtord, edwina: 74.75,112 thomas. dennis: 151 thompson, john 84.143 thornton. david: 81.86,136 thurston, Joseph: 151 timms. robert: 81 tobler, robert 151 todd. boyd: 107 tollefson. thomas: 143 tomlinson, janet: 84,143 fownsend. beffy k : 1 13 townsend, milton h.: 103 trauger. leonora: 113 trauger, wilmer: 113 trudeau, janet: 136 trueman, kay: 45, tussey, carol: 151 tye. mary helen: 128 Ullrich, john: 60,70,143 vair. vivian: 84.1 28 valentine, betty: 143 vandersall. john: 73.74,77.128 van kirk, robert: 70,151 vanderpool, gervin: 136 venuto, ronald 1 71 verst. emily: 76.99.151 vickery, dan 1 28 vidal. maria: 1 37 von derau. ralph 84 voyages, harry: 151 wadell, betty: 143 wadell, ema: 1 43 wagner. Jeffrey: 129 wagner, russell: 51,76.151 waite, elinor: waldrop, charles: 151 waltz, david: 85 watson, norma: 129 watson, roll in james: 105 watts, Winifred: 1 13 weaver. Stephen: 81.151 webb, david 1 43 webb, karen 143 webb. linda: 151 webber, elizabeth: 83,143 weeks, torn 69.77.137 weir, john: 1 51 west, martha. 1 51 weyand. bob: 81.82,84,129 wheeler, bob: 81.151 whitcomb. david: 70,137 white, joyce,98.143 whittaker. jon 81 .137 wick, allan: 129 wick, robert lee: 77,97.99.143 wiese, john: 143 wildrick. robert: 143 wilkes, ella o.. 143 Williams, craig: 74,143 Williams, lee: 81.137 williams, nola: 107 Willis, nancy: 143 wilson, daniel: 1 51 wilson. james: 1 29 wilson. robert: 113 wirick. linda: 98,143 witherell. eleanor; 92,138,143 wolf, james: 91,137 wolfrom. bruce: 143 wood, betsy: 151 wood, charles barry: 89,129 worley. jack: 1 29 wortinger. keith: 54,137 wovkulich, martha: 89.143 yafros. john: 1 13 yavorosky, jo anne: 87.151 yeager, brenda: 137 yeager, Catherine: 143 yeakel, philip 70.137 yerger. sylvia: 67,89.100,129 yost, earl: yotka. waiter peter 151 young, betty:,129 young, george henry: 151 young, paul: 80,137 the general theme of this yearbook has been those who did. this includes those who did have their individual pictures taken, those who did turn in their information sheets, and those who did actively partake in the activities of the college community. i wish to thank joe manwan for the many hours he spent in the darkroom and the student senate for their endorsement of a fall delivery and their financial support jeri ' «il • •- e±«YT 3 HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • N ' th Cm ' " ' TOM WILKINS, RUSSKLVILLE. KENTUCKY ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MttoUKiM. U6KAR1 UTflON COLLEGE BARBOWWUi, KENTUCKY ABH2ML t WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY OMON COLLEGE mtomniL, Kentucky

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