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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102386 Abigail E Herks 4H?utnrial Ulibrarg Imrnt (Enllrge STESPEAN 67 Volume 40 Union College Barbourville, Kentucky Marcia C. Singer Editor William S. Parker. .Asst. Editor Hugh C. Delk. . .Business Man. j Cover design by Steve Burchesky ABIGAIL E WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY A£(L T BLE OF C03STTE3STTS Student Life 4 In Memoriam 40 Traditions 42 Sports 54 Organizations 68 Leadership 106 Classes 120 Senior Directory 174 Index 175 I — rDEDIC-A TTOnST Iberia. Is illilcen For her unswerving loyalty and devotion to the ideals of Union College, for her service to community and church, and for her interest in the welfare of all students, the 196? Stespean is dedicated to MISS RENA MILLIKEN . Many paths and many reasons bring us to Union . . . For some a new experience, for others a joyful reunion . . . For failing to obey, some must pay in a small way . . . m Quiet moments of solitude ... or losing himself in the noise of the campus . . . all are part of the many phases in the life of a Union student. 10 " • . • - J We are caught up in the pres- sures of the academic world. It demands much of us — only to give back more. 11 Each of us seeks our own diversion from the academic world — whether it be a nap in the dorm, games at a picnic, or working on a car. 12 13 Committed to various ideas and opinions ... we come together . . . exchanging views . . . some- times quietly . . . often vigorous- ly .. . but always learning from one another. 14 15 In the mists of the morning, a busy day begins at Union . . . i u l V 16 17 " t J [ f 18 Smiles and friendly ways are long remembered as a characteristic of the campus . . . 19 Just as a puddle reflects a chapel tower each of us reflects an in- dividual personality. 20 v A w ■ 21 1 jS i 1 Our memories are widely distrib- uted, but found . . . " Only at Union. " 22 23 Here we spend our days and nights in a world of our own . . . ARIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY A UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY 25 And with the snow comes a winter wonderland . . . K %s ffiWt " ' 26 .-aiV 27 Members of the faculty help us select our courses of study . . . U 28 I 29 ffiAag Moments of study and research are spent here . . . 30 A place where ideas are set forth and accepted or rejected. 31 The long-awaited improvement of the dining hall becomes a reality . . . 32 A meeting place . . . A melting pot of scholars... A cup of coffee shared or perhaps an idea . . . The Center. And so the year passes with varying events and activities. 34 35 36 The year ends . . . and we leave with many memories. 37 Stespean Marcia Singer, Editor Coby Palmer, Art Editor Hugh Delk, Business Manager Bill Parker, Assistant Editor 38 CLASS EDITORS. First row: Eleanor Witherell, Freshman Editor; Hiromi Yamana, Vicki Bozarth, Senior Editors. Second row: Rich- ard Vande Voorde, Graduate Editor; Jeri Fields, Sophomore Edi- tor; Dav id Lord, Junior Editor. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Jerry Bott, Steve Burchesky, Terry Bott. ADVERTISING STAFF. First row: Barbara Hammons, Jo Ann Hatz, Gail Brown. Second row: Diane Peters, Cheryl Kinningham, Cherry Owens, Lynn Sutton. Third row: Steve Kalbach, Leamon Hinkle, Hugh Delk. EDITORS. Charlotte Lewis, Faculty Editor; Faith John- son, Lynda Dawson, Bruce Depew, Organizations; Absent: Mary Carol Giron, Traditions; Bill Hill, Sports. 39 IjNT 3VIE]2VEOI I .35wfl: DR. JOHN A. DOTSON 1895-1966 40 JEFFREY KRONK 1945-1967 JOHN KIDD 1946-1966 41 urn 8fc£?3 ' t_Lj J ll J A ' A L-t j] r fc— A - 1 L r J tr» 1 ' 3M I r. Union HARRY LOY This year the title of Mr. Union goes to Harry Loy, Columbia, Kentucky. Selected by the student body from the senior boys, Mr. Union is chosen as one who best represents the characteristics of friendliness and congeniality, who upholds the traditions of the college, who has a variety of in- terests, and who possesses purpose in life. Harry is a member of trie basketball team, the baseball team, and U Club. He is majoring in business. 44 Miss Union is Jane Law, Selbyville, Delaware, who was chosen by the student body from the senior girls. A candidate for the B.S. degree in elementary education, she has been a member of S.N.E.A., hockey team, girls ' in- tramurals, Playlikers, and Alpha Psi Omega, acting in the production of " Private Lives. " She has been a candidate for Homecoming Queen, Lakeside Queen, Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart Queen, Stespean Queen, and this year was selected as the swim team ' s first queen. JANE LAW 3S£iss Union 45 I iss Stespean JANICE HEGGAN Miss Stespean 1967 is Janice Heggan, a sophomore from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, representing Circle K Club. She was se- lected by Bess Myerson, Miss America 1945, nationally known TV panelist, for facial beauty and personality as shown in her photograph. 46 Union College ' s representative to the 1966 Mountain Laurel Pageant was Norma Jean Osborne, a junior from Barbourville, Ken- tucky. She was selected by a faculty com- mittee to compete against girls from oth- er Kentucky colleges at the Mountain Laurel Festival held in May each year at Pineville, Kentucky. Norma is an elemen- tary education major with a biology minor. NORMA JEAN OSBORNE jNffo int£Lin La-iirel Representative 47 Homecoming Queen FAITH EILEEN JOHNSON The Homecoming Queen, Faith Eileen John- son, was chosen by the student body from representatives of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. A sophomore from Trenton, New Jersey, she is a physical education major with a minor in home economics. Faith is a member of Beta Chi Alpha sorority and has been a candidate for Alpha Phi Omega Sweet- heart Queen and Lakeside Queen. A cheer- leader, she is also active in girls ' intramurals and is a member of Pi Epsilon Alpha, as well as Organizations Editor of the Stespean. 48 k The 1966-67 Sweetheart Queen, chosen by Alpha Phi Omega, is Marsha Kit Sep- lak, a freshman from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. A major in physical educa- tion, she participates in S.N.E.A. and is planning to teach. MARSHA KIT SEPLAK _A.lTp2ia, 3P3ai Omega S-weetlieetrt Givieen. 49 Snow GivLeen JANICE HEGGAN The Snow Queen, chosen annually by mem- bers of Circle K and presented at the Snow- ball Dance, is Janice Heggan, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Janice is a sophomore, majoring in home economics and minoring in physical education. She is treasurer of the Home Emo- nomics Club and played on Union ' s girls ' hockey team. 50 The Sweetheart Queen, selected by the As- sociation of Women Students for her contri- butions to campus and dormitory life, is Viola Bradley, Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Affection- ately known as " Pink, " she has lived both in Pfeiffer Hall and Tye House and has been active in many campus organizations. She is a member of Beta Chi Alpha sorority, vice president of Gamma Beta Phi national honor- ary society, vice president of American Chemical Society, vice president of Home Economics Club, and secretary of S.N.E.A. She is a home economics major with a chemistry minor. VIOLA BRADLEY -A. W.S. S-weetlieart Queen 51 j r . XJgly JERRY HALTER Now a tradition at Union College, Mr. Ugly is selected each year in a contest spon- sored by the senior class. Winner this year is Jerry Halter, a junior from Ocean City, New Jersey. Jerry is a physical ed- ucation major, a member of the swim team, baseball team, U Club, and Pi Ep- silon Alpha. He also is a member of trie Food Committee of Student Senate, Ste- venson Hall Dorm Council, and Circle K. 52 Flii Mia -A-lpliet Sweethearts JANET REIGELMAN Freshman CHRISTINE GEYER Junior KARLA STEINER Sophomore ELLA SUE COFFMAN Senior JUDITH ASHLEY Honorary Sweetheart 53 Ji-A- BASKETBALL RECORD 1966-67 Union 78 Lincoln Memorial 80 Union 82 Oakland City 85 Union 60 Kentucky State 68 Union 65 Lincoln Memorial 57 Union 82 Hanover 80 Union 70 Xavier 78 Union 80 Transylvania 88 Union 98 Campbellsville 85 Union 94 Kentucky State 64 Union 102 Cumberland 85 Union 73 Villa Madonna 82 Union 74 Pikeville 77 Union 88 Berea 60 Union 94 Centre 81 Northwestern Classic Semifinal Union 85 Western Illinois Final 83 Union 81 Tennessee State 96 Union 79 Georgetown 88 Union 105 Centre 73 Union 81 Pikeville 102 Union 71 Villa Madonna 84 Union 81 Campbellsville 78 Union 93 Oakland City 110 Union 76 Transylvania 87 Union 81 Georgetown 89 Union 70 Cumberland 84 Union 71 Berea 90 K.I.A.C. Tournament Quarter finals Union 72 Berea Semifinals 60 Union 78 Pikeville 83 Ba,slcet " fc a.ll BASKETBALL. First row: Woody Humphries, manager; Bob Pittser, Charles Rutledge, Coach Moore, Frank Vavroch, Doug Logan, Ron Lee, manager. Second row: Harry Loy, Larry Curd, Paul Carr. Ken Meibers, Keith Wortinger, Ed Gregory, Paul Andrews, Bill Hill. 56 9 57 FAITH JOHNSON ELAINE WALLACE Clieer leaders JANICE BLAKLEY 58 OLIVIA HOWELL BETSY SHELTON MARY CAROL GIRON BOWLING RECORD 1966-67 Union Lost 2 Won 4 Union-Pikeville Lost Union-Cumberland Lost Union-Kentucky Southern Won Union-Pikeville Won Union-Kentucky Southern Won Union-University of Kentucky Won Bowling BOWLING . First row: Pete Parker, Mike Parker, Larry Davis. Second row: Jim West, Coach White, Jerry O ' Connell 59 gaa SWIMMING RECORD 1965-66 Union 47 Berea 48 Union 37 U. of the South 58 Union 61 U. of Chattanooga 36 Union 34 U. of Kentucky 61 Union 56 U. of Louisville 37 Union 30 Tennessee A I 65 Union 41 Berea 53 Union 35 Morehead 60 Union 29 Morehead 66 Union 36 Eastern 58 Union 36 Vanderbilt 58 Swimming SWIMMING First row: Jerry Halter, Dennis Hamilton, Pete Miller, Gil Ciocci Second row: John Hill, Bob Sewalls, Dale Moran, Dan Hart, Russ Plpo, Coach Calitri Third row: Ed Alexander, Bob Linderman, Tom Boyle, Steve Burchesky, Bert Shepard 60 BASEBALL First row: John Pendleton, Bob Pittser, Doug Logan, Norman Taylor, Louis Lopez, Don Hicks, Tom Mohr Second row: Coach Moore, John Farner, Ed Hoepfner, Harry Loy, Clark Shadle, Russ Wyncoop, Tom White BeiseTDeill BASEBALL RECORD 1965-66 Union 2 LMU 3 Union 0,2 Berea 5,5 Union 3,7 Villa Madonna 10,8 Union 0,4 Georgetown 12,5 Union 6,11 Campbellsville 9,1 Union 3,5 Centre 6,9 Union 8,5 Cumberla nd 9,7 Union 5,18 Pikeville 4,5 61 GOLF First row: John Farner, Ben Basone Second row: Robert Klug, Ron Coluccio, Coach Herman Bush, Jack Stewart G-olf GOLF RECORD 1966-67 Union 3 1 2 Centre 8V2 Union 6 Cumberland 6 Union 9 Transylvania 3 Union I8V2 Kentucky Southern 2V2 Union 7 Transylvania 9 Union 12 Villa Madonna Union 17 Kentucky Southern 3 Union 12 Transylvania 6 62 TENNIS RECORD 1965-66 Tennis Union 7 Pikeville Union 6 Campbellsville 1 Union 3 Cumberland 6 Union Berea 7 Union 2 Transylvania 7 Union 4 Cumberland 5 Union 3 Berea 6 Union 7 Georgetown Union 5 Campbellsville 2 TENNIS Mike Parker, Bill McKinstry, Paul Erslan, Bill Yeatts, Jay Bartlett, Don Shaw, Jim Walker 63 CROSS COUNTRY First row: Coach Calitri, Dave Radway, Edward Brock, George Frazier, Ron Riskie Second row: Ben Kilgore, Jack Stewart, Pete Parker Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY RECORD 1966-67 Union 21 Centre 34 Union 31 Berea 26 Union 24 Georgetown 32 Union 30 U. of Louisville 25 Union 50 Cumberland 15 64 TRACK RECORD 1965-66 Union 69 Berea 67 Union 771 2 Knoxville 58 1 Union 77 Centre 59 Union 79 1 2 Georgetown 56V2 Quad Meet (Centre): Cumberland 88, Oakland City 51 V2 , Union 39, Georgetown 29, Berea 25, Centre 19 1 2 Union 83% Carson Newman 52 1 3 Union 85 1 2 Rio Grande 50 1 2 Union 37 Cumberland 108 Union 51V3 Milligan 93% KIAC: Union 73V 2 , Berea 55 1 2, Georgetown 45 Track TRACK First row: Bill Barrott, Jeff Brown, Ernie Ayers, Barry Morlachetta, Ronald Brockett, Pete Parker, Barry Kehr, Dan Hart Second row: Ron Lee, Bob Leith, Bill Hoffman, Richie Shomper, Walt List, Bill Trent, Randy Long, Jack Seals, Al Cini, Harry Wolfersberger, Ed McDaniels, George Frazier, Don Connolly, Jon LePeyre, Neal Deaves, Terry Fleming, Don Bautz, Doug Logan, Jim Microutsicos, Coach Calitri 65 m. train virals 66 f jV»}.« " Recreation 67 ; 1 E15R H f k ■ ' v!l ■ ' » ' -.■ ■ H ■ ■ H H -A v. m Ill III 111 III III III III to ANGELA DE PALMA DIANE TRETHAWAY COBY PALMER -A-ljDlia Psi Omega. Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary dramatic fraternity, provides an honor society for those who attain a high standard of work in dramatics. Students are selected for membership after they have fulfilled the basic dramatic requirements of the fraternity and have shown a desire to be honored by membership. President Angela DePalma Vice-President Coburn Palmer Secretary-Treasurer Diane Trethaway EARL YOST OKIE PETERSON PAUL SOWDEN MARTHA HOCTOR RANDALL PRUNTY TED LOCKE DEBBY PORT 70 -A.ssocia.tion. of Women Stixolents The purpose of the Association of Women Students is to direct the affairs of student life and to promote spiritual growth and unity among the women residents. Among the projects undertaken were a display for Home- coming, the Big Sister Party, the Christmas Open House and Tea, Parents ' Weekend Reception, and a party for the graduating seniors. President Myra Parsons Vice-President Kathy Brinly Secretary Elaine Wallace Treasurer Charlotte Lewis AWS COUNCIL First row: Charlotte Lewis, Meda Smith, Myra Parsons, Kathy Brinly Second row: Judy Holcombe, Viola Bradley, Mary De Vries, Connie Squires, Pat Shaw, Elaine Wallace, Miss Young. CORRIDOR REPRESENTATIVES First row: Patricia Brian, Ella Sue Coff- man, Maureen Sharrah, Maxine Stanley, Jeri Fields, Pat Shaw, Karla Freeman Second row: Phyllis Cope, Rhoby Horn, Janet Magsam, Char- lotte Lewis, Phyllis McAdams, Connie Squires, Sue Lewis, Miss Young. SOCIAL STANDARDS Carlene Stickley Phyllis Ratliff, Viola Bradley, JUDICIAL BOARD First row: Chris Tuholsky, Barbara Hesson, Kathy Brinly, Karen Ramsey, Janet Jacobus 71 Mv 4i4 -»,4 rfT A - tf4 lit tV WMTCNXIM )n l CMH1 fto 4 VMuM fit JftMil •■-■IK ,,ml l-i. J MM BIN mhu m (much |UM wt«f»««»c«cMT«fr si t wttif ci ttsteuir t,iit »cixuwwr p wot stt«n»r rr r ar tkt if rft h mk hi IMtOii COuaflO CttMtr, iNU» MffpvtMUCA u ' UMMHtr ' nM - - -• i MtN M-nvwfc " ' »fO» «K (Ml LtMHWN F ' Vf tlMIBO B0fl T K U M«TM ■.•C-MD XiO I J ; 1 b«t ot-i i CRntnt « » •• { cij " J™ " I 9 - " ie«li «£«;■ ' JNNIXMI 72 I %m Beta, Clai .A ljolaa, Beta Chi Alpha is a social sorority which at- tempts to bring beauty, culture, and art to the campus community. As special projects, it maintains two rose beds, joins Circle K for a Christmas party for the county orphans, and has an annual Presentation Ball. President Pat Shaw Vice-President Joy Sartorio Secretary Faith Kunze Treasurer Carlene Stickley ANN ABBUHL DEBBIE BATEMAN VIOLA BRADLEY MARY CAROL GIRON BARBARA HAMMONS MARTHA HOCTOR MARY LOU HOLBERT FAITH JOHNSON FAITH KUNZE JEROLYN LIGHTNER JO DELLA NEACE MYRA PARSONS KAREN RAMSEY STEPHANIE RILEY 74 PAT SHAW LYNN SUTTON JOY SARTORIO BETSY SHELTON DIANE TRETHAWAY VIVIAN VAIR SYLVIA YERGER SANDI SCHNITZ ■ MARCIA SINGER KAY TRUEMAN DIANE SHADLE CARLENE STICKLEY CHRIS TUHOLSKY MISS YOUNG MRS. GILBERT 75 Circle KI The Circle K Club emphasizes leadership in service, encourages participation in group activities, and promotes fellowship and scholarship. Club activities included a float in the Daniel Boone Parade, a display for Homecoming, the Snowball Dance, and a party for under- privileged children at Christmas. President David Apner Vice-President Barry Foster Secretary Don Anderson Treasurer Bruce Rollman CIRCLE K First row: David Apner, Dr. Gilbert, Barry Foster, Jack Colley, Bob Gutknecht, Tim Marsh Second row: Gary Mills, Howard Brewster, Bill Butz, Mike Bumgardner, Bruce Roll- man, Barry Wood, Bill Boyington, Tom Manuel, Ron Sell, Jeff Wagner Third row: Ralph Stepp, Jerry Brown, John Pilkey, Palmer Robeson, Bud Bradford, Don Anderson Fourth row: Lance St. Clair, Jim West, John Entelisano, Craig Taylor Fifth row: Bob Thurber, Jim Hollitield, Paul Sowden 76 77 lota Sigma Nu, honorary scholastic society at Union College, encourages high i deals, promotes diligence in study, and rewards excellence in scholarship. Awards are presented on Honors Day to the freshman and the sophomore with the highest scholastic average. Annually lota Sigma Nu publishes " The Garret " , featuring art and literary work by Union students. Recognition is given each year to some person who best exemplifies the purposes of lota Sigma Nu. Dr. Erwin S. Bradley, chairman of the Division of Social Studies at Union College, was honored in the spring of 1966. President Lester Bartley Vice-President .... Robert K. Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Sue Lewis Ritualist Kathy Fox Daniels Historian .... Catherine F. Singer Iota. Sigma rT i IOTA SIGMA NU First row: Sue Lewis, Lester Bartley, Kathy Fox Daniels, Elizabeth Todd Shaw, Allie Martin Mays, Catherine Faulkner Singer, Ann Renfro Shelley, Ed Shields Second row: Susan Pope, Phillip Malone, Dora Sue Oxendine, Margie Worley, Deril Mays, Jerry Turner, Linda Shannon Turner, David Waltz, Norma Foley Turner, John R. Wheeler, Robert Galbo. Rena Mllll- ken, Sue Tuggle Carr, Vivian Bradley, Dr. Erwin S. Bradley, Judith Helton, John Benson, Sue Frazier, Paul Isaacs, Sara Gilpin 78 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First row: Faith Kunze, Kay True- man, Pink Bradley, Janice Heggan Second row: Nancy Tucker, Melinda Pickard, Miss Lay, Phyllis Cope, Abbuhl, Ruth Hardison, Karla Freeman Mildred Wilson, Ann tCONQ , T. 19 Home Economics Olioo The Home Economics Club serves to benefit the women students of Union College by promoting an interest in home and family living. This year it took first place in the Halloween Jamboree and in the Homecom- ing display. President .... Kay Trueman Vice-President . Pink Bradley Secretary Faith Kunze Treasurer Janice Heggan 79 1 T Gamma, Beta JiPlii Gamma Beta Phi is a national honor society open to students who were Beta Club mem- bers in high school and to upper classmen who can meet membership requirements. Its motto is: Scholarship, Service, and Character. Chartered in April 1966, this society hopes to take a place of active leadership on Union College campus. President Janice Bryant Vice-President Viola Bradley Secretary Phyllis Ratliff Treasurer Carlene Stickley GAMMA BETA PHI First row: Mrs. Singer. Sue Gibo. Ann Black, Phyllis Ratliff. Janice Bryant. Carlene Stickley, Carlene Triplett, Hiromi Yamana, Karla Steiner Second row: Judy Holcombe, Kathleen Brinly, Marcia Singer, Kay Martin, Olivia Howell. Mary Jo Jaynes, Christine Tuholsky. Janet Tomlinson, Jody Neace Third row: Ruth Ann Johnston, Charlotte Lewis, Maxine Stanley, Daniel Anderson, Lester Bartley, Samuel Clonch, Reid Clapham, Michael Bumg ardner, Kyle Perkins, Robert Macneil, Judy Ashley, Judy Morgan, Joyce White Fourth row: Walter Hull, Robert Weyand, Ronald Filler, Douglas Sipple, Thomas McFarland, David Graham, Charles Calloway, W. William Fawley, J. Thomas Sturgis 80 MARTIN HOUSE: Jack Worley, Jack Phillips, Mrs. Martin, Dr. Watts, Dave Simon, Ed Lamb Istrtin House For several years a group of boys has lived at the home of Mrs. Sadie Martin on College Street across from Steven- son Hall. These boys have taken an active part in campus life, and Mrs. Martin has been like a housemother to them. Dr. Winifred Watts lives in an apartment in the Martin House. 81 . Lakeside Iwletxior JDorrxiitory Co-u-xicil LAKESIDE DORM COUNCIL First row: Jim Hollifield, Vice- President; Craig Taylor, President; Steve Baldwin, Secretary Second row: Dave Apner, Bill Hartung, John Follit, Treasurer; Jon Merckens, Richard Kloss, Jon Whittaker, Don Fowler 82 FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS, LAKESIDE DORM First row: Chuck Parsons, Larry Murray, Tom Beyer, Jim Carey, Bill Parker, Don Fowler Second row: Ray Owens, Mike Meehan, John Molnar, Jon Merckens Third row: Ken Fischer, Andy Long, John Follit, Paul Young, Vince Gattuso, Charles Calloway, Bill Blemlek Fourth row: John Bauer, Bob Underwood, John Whit- taker, Jim Hollifield, Bill Pusey, Sandy Horowitz, Dick Burley Tlae Men of tlie Manor THIRD FLOOR, LAKESIDE DORM First row: Craig Taylor, Ray O ' Connell, Ed Diehl, Barry Foster, Dave Apner, Richard Kloss, Jeff Brown Second row: Tom Mullen, Scott Jenkins, Ken Kleeb, Fred Noyes, Eric Krebs, Bill Barrott Third row: Pete Quimby, Butch Evans, Ken Turner, Millard Seay, Bob Stevens, Maurice Quelle, Joseph Alford Fourth row: John Sullivan, Mike Gensler, Bill Hartung, Curtis Payne, John Farner, Steve Baldwin, Steve Mahler, Don Dickinson, Sam Powell 83 f m Q ? £ METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT First row: Jerolyn Lightner, Mary DeVries, Joyce White, Kay Dawn Hoops, Judith Gardiner, Carlene Tripled, Marcia Singer, Barbara Ermin Second row: David Rockwell, George Bradford, Tom Manuel, Bruce Morrison, Phillip Malone, Hobart Coffman. John Thompson, Scott Jenkins, Wayne Hawley Ivflletliociist Student Movement The Methodist Student Movement is the Methodist- related organization which links community and campus. During Orientation Week the group assists the church in sponsoring a Hawaiian Luau for new students. President Bruce Morrison Vice-President Wayne Hawley Secretary Barbara Ermin Treasurer Scott Jenkins 84 The Orange and Black is the student newspaper. It seeks to keep the students informed about events on campus and to provide a sounding board for student opinion. Editor Stephanie Riley Assistant Editor Carl Pattison Assistant Editor Jody Neace Business Manager Hugh Delk Advertising Manager . . . Linda Harris Orange and Blade ORANGE AND BLACK Steve Burchesky, Jody Neace, Janice Blakley, Stephanie Riley, Kay Trueman. Bruce DePew, Martha Hoctor, Ron Naylor, Jerry Correll, Carl Pattison 85 nri The members of Oxford Club are Christian service workers who sponsor religious activities on the cam- pus. They are responsible for the Thanksgiving Day worship service and participate in the chapel services and discussion of Faith and Life Week. As part of their service to campus they publish a student direc- tory each year. President Dave Rockwell Vice-President Karl Kraft Secretary Joyce Anderson Treasurer John Gordon Oxford Club OXFORD CLUB First row: Scott Campbell, John Gordon. Joyce Anderson, Karl Kraft, Dave Rockwell, Dr. Matthews Second row: Thomas Bates, Janet Jacobus, John Janka, Linda Bechtol. Barry Wood, Kathy Chamberlain, Vicki Bozarth, Phil Malone, Mary de Vries, Hobart Coflman. Barbara Hesson, Phil Barnum 86 Pi Epsilon Alpha provides profession- al experience for those students who are physical education majors and minors. One of their activities was sponsoring the pep rally and bonfire before the opening of basketball season. They also participate in the intramural program. President John Farner Vice-President Jean Linden Secretary Janet Magsam Treasurer Carol Proctor PI EPSILON ALPHA First row: Sara Gilpin, Jean Linden, Sylvia Yerger, Phyllis McAdams, Faith Johnson, Carol Proctor, Janet Magsam, Maureen Sharrah, Jerry Halter Second row: Dan Hart, John Farner, Bob Douce, Bob Sewalls, Jim Baker, Bob Gutknecht, Larry Davis, Tom Mohr JjPi E3;psilon -A-ljplia, 87 ARTHUR CLARK LARRY HAYES ' ■ " 51, DENNIS JACKSON ALLAN GREEN ift n r W. G. MARIGOLD EDWARD BLACK ' - «• - " NICHOLAS POULOS --•- ' -- to BRUCE DEPEW ft KENNETH BROOMELL JOHN G. BROWN 88 jMtj. F lii MU PHI, the Union College chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia National Music Fraternity of America, was founded with the purpose of advancing the cause of music in America. Among its service projects MU PHI ushered at the musical programs of the Department of Music. It also provided the music for the annual Thanksgiving service. In the fall MU PHI sponsored a Sweetheart Presentation Ball and in the spring a special concert in cooperation with Sigma Alpha lota. The MU PHI Sweethearts for 1967 were: Ella Sue Coffman, senior; Christine Geyer, junior; Karla Steiner, sophomore; Janet Reigelman, freshman; and Judy Ashley, honorary. President Arthur Clark Vice-President Larry Hayes Secretary John Van Dersall Treasurer Wayne Hawley T .W- WAYNE HAWLEY MAURICE QUELLE DALE OLMSTEAD DAVID ROCKWELL ROBERT TATRO THOMAS GOLDEN DONALD HUCKLE KENNETH TURNER JOHN VAN DERSALL Playlikers is one of the oldest clubs on campus. It is open to all persons inter- ested in play production and is dedicated to the promotion of dramatics. Members of Playlikers served as ushers and assist- ants at the performances of the Louisville Actors Theatre and have also spent many hours working back stage, making cos- tumes and scenery and applying makeup as well as performing on the stage. Play- likers is the first step to membership in Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatic fra- ternity. President Coburn Palmer Vice President Earl Yost Secretary Diane Trethaway Treasurer Michael Blum JjPletylils: ers PLAYLIKERS First row: Debby Port, Jane Law, Okie Peterson, Martha Hoctor Second row: Sandy Horowitz, Diane Trethaway Third row: Heather Cousins, Carl Pattison, Barry Stump, Angle DePalma Fourth row: Mary Jo Jaynes, Connie Squires, Mr. Gref, Mary Carol Giron, Coby Palmer Filth row: Mike Bum- gardner, Doug Sipple, Bob Rowe 90 Sfu.c3.ent National Education Association The John Owen Gross Chapter of the S.N.E.A. was founded to provide a professional club for students enter- ing the teaching profession. It em- phasizes participation in all levels of activity in education and encourages development of leadership skills. President Thomas Allen Vice President . . . Susan Pennycuff Secretary Viola Bradley Treasurer Samuel Powell STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION First row: Diane Trethaway, Marcia Singer, Carlene Stickley, Meda Smith, Debbie Bateman, Nancy Tucker Second row: Pink Bradley, Mary Carol Giron, Connie Libby, Virginia Griggs, Cindy Davies, Kathy Brinly Third row: Susan Pennycuff, Jerolyn Lightner, Betty Sadler Williams, Carlene Triplett, Peggy Beard Fourth row: Thomas Allen, Olivia Howell, Bruce Gallinger, Phyllis Cope, Kit Seplak, Bette Webber 91 Student Center Board The Student Center is the hearthstone of the campus. The Student Center Board plans activities for all the students. This year it had a steak night, sponsored Mary Lue Ren- nie, decorated the Center for Christmas, sponsored the second birthday party for the Center, as well as having weekend dances. Six Board members attended the regional ACU Conference in South Carolina. President Scott Campbell Vice-President Earl Yost Secretary-Treasurer Marcia Singer STUDENT CENTER BOARD First row: Earl Yost, Marcia Singer, Kathie Valentik, Judy Bird, Scott Campbell Second row: Miss Patridge, Linda Murphy, Sandy Horowitz. Paul Sowden, Ron Naylor, Bill Finney, Mr. Black 92 93 STUDENT SENATE Seated: Tom Renkin, D. H. McNeil, Art Lam- bert, Steve Cooper Standing: Bob Ireland, Bob Fisher, Frank Preston, Ron Naylor, Barry Morlachetta, Ray Borusky, Anna Hieronymus, John Follit, Connie Squires, Carl Taylor, Janet Reigelman, Harold Gregory, Bill Hoffman, Jim Wilson, Dr. Allen St-u.cient Senate The Student Senate is the voice of the student body. The ideas and desires of the students are expres- sed through this organization to Faculty and Administration. Through the Judicial Council disciplinary pro- cedures are recommended and exe- cuted. Representatives from the Stu- dent Senate serve on all faculty committees. President Arthur Lambert Vice-President D. H. McNeil Secretary Tom Renkin Treasurer Steve Cooper STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS Tom Renkin, D. H. McNeil, Art Lambert, Steve Cooper 94 OOD COMMITTEE First row: Dave Apner, Chris Geyer, Barry oster Second row: Don Connolly, Bill Lacy, Fran Glass Food Committee StvLdent Representatives STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Ron Naylor, Ray Borusky, Janet Jacobus, Marcia Singer, Stephanie Riley, Shirley Allen, Larry Allen J-u.dicia.1 Council JUDICIAL COUNCIL Jeri Fields, Don Connolly, Bill Armstrong, Dan Vickery, Bob Weyand 95 Stevenson Hall B Wing B WING DORM COUNCIL Jim Wilson, Undergraduate Monitor; Hock-Soon Goh, Representative; Reid Clapham, Treasurer; Howard R. Brewster, Jr., President; Jerry Correll, Secretary; Jerry Lynch, Representative; Dick Vande Voorde, Graduate Monitor. STEVENSON HALL B WING ASSOCIATION First row: Palmer Robeson. Andy Long, Jerry Correll, Irving Schoenacker. John Thompson, Burton Gould Second row: Bruce Mitchell, Pete Miller, Oren Chaney, Bill Beckmann, Lulti Hazim, Tom Hodgkins, Eddy Brown Third row: Hock-Soon Goh, Craig Williams, Dan Anderson, Barry Hanulak, Ed Brock, Jack Seals, Darrell Sayles, Bill Stone, Reid Clapham, Bruce Rollman, Charles Kipp, John Semkus. Bob Sutherlin, Mike Penick, Tom Card, Bob Macneil, Bob Luers, Jerry Lynch 96 .A. Wing STEVENSON HALL A WING ASSOCIATION First row: Steve Liming, Dan Vickery, Gary Mills, Jim Melillo, Bruce Gallinger, Sandy McNeil, David ' Mclver Second row: Bill Hoffman, Tom Renkin, Len Kopera, Richard Gibbons, Tim Marsh, Doug Cornelius, Vaughan Griffin, Steve Cooper, Art Lambert, Jack Cosbey, Tony Carrall, Terry Fleming, Ron Naylor C Wing STEVENSON HALL C WING ASSOCIATION First row: Larry Brock, Gene Shawaryn, Bill Bellamy, John Blackwell, Harry Poff, David Box, Donald Anderson Second row: Bob Anderson, Bob Hohne, Tom Manuel, Bud Bradford, Al Klineburger, Drew Wil- helm, Henry Osman, David Morey, Bob Shearer, Harry Darr, Wayne Symington, Richard Brooks, Dan Mackie 97 U CLUB First row: Mike Parker, Ed Alexander, Don Connolly, Janice Blakley, Tom Boyle, Arlene Stoll, John Farner, Mary Carol Giron, Bob Cox, Betsy Shelton, Pete Parker, Ron Lee Second row: Doug Logan, Bob Pittser, Billy Hill, Clark Shadle, Bill Barrott, Charlie Rutledge, Bill Hoffman, Keith Wortinger, Tom Mohr, Ed Hoepfner, Ed McDaniels, Tom White, Jack Seals, Don Bautz, Larry Curd, Dan Hart, Jerry Halter, Coach Calitri XJ CUit The lettermen of U Club promote athletics and encourage school spirit among the stu- dent body. The club had a booth at the Daniel Boone Festival and sold basketball programs. At the annual U Club assembly blazers were presented for the use of the traveling athletic teams. President Jerry Halter Vice-President John Farner Secretary Arlene Stoll Treasurer Don Connolly American dieixiical Society- Promotion of unity among future chemists, initiation of a desire to study chemistry, and orientation in the development of new fields of chemis- try is the tri-fold purpose of the American Chemical Society. President Dan Wellman Vice-President .... Charles Rednour Secretary Viola Bradley Treasurer Frank Hammons AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Dr. Haas, David Lord, David Lobb, Pink Bradley, Ted Locke, Dan Wellman, Steve Liming, Dr. Poulos .A-ljplia, Delta, The purpose of the Alpha Delta Chapter is to promote interest and scholarship in mathematics. The club sponsors a visiting lecturer each year. President Don Connolly Vice-President Janice Bryant Secretary-Treasurer . . Lester Bartley ALPHA DELTA First row: Lester Bartley, Janet Randell, Miss Pettus, Janice Bryant, Elisha Dugger Second row: Mr. Evans, Don Connolly, David Graham, Hobart Coffman 99 Collegitim COLLEGIUM MUSICUM First row: Carol Hamilton, Karla Steiner, Louise Speck, Judith Ashley, Lynn Sutton, Joyce Kinard, Sue Blackman, Diana Matthews, Peggi Hogg Second row: Don Huckle, Bruce Morrison, John Van Dersall. Art Clark, Dale Olm- stead, Carmen Troil Not present: Dave and Gayle Lobb, Pamela Wallace Choir CHOIR First row: Mr. J ackson, director; Kathy Carr, Don Huckle, Diana Matthews, Joyce Kinard, Charles McDowell, Lee Farmer, Lynn Sutton, Sue Blackman, Karla Steiner Second row: Louise Speck, Bill Keeffe. Anna Marie Dixon, Scott Campbell, Okie Peterson, Lillian Steele, Larry Hayes, Mike Blum, Pat Brian Third row: Judy Pineur, Carmen Troil, Kay Dawn Hoops, Dale Olmstead, John G. Brown, Lou Bass, Lee Wick, Phyllis Syme, Carol Nourse Fourth row: Tom McFarland, Judy Ashley, Bruce Morri- son, Ellie Waite, Mike Penick, June Myers, Craig Williams, Art Clark, Pam Wallace, John Van Dersall 100 Concert Band CONCERT BAND First row: Gayle Bartlett Lobb, Judy Ashley, Donna Burnsides, Kathy Chamberlain, Esther Prince Second row: Bob Tatro, Lester Bartley, Phyllis Chaney, Meda Smith, Barbara Hesson, Jerry Bott, Ken Broomell, Joyce White, Terry Bott Third row: Tom McFarland, Dave Clouse, Wayne Rogers, Charles McDowell, Wayne Miskelly, Raymo nd Watters Fourth row: Robert Sewalls, Jim Pease, Ken Turner, Richard Jones, Mr, Green, Karin Craig, Bill Keeffe, Don Huckle, Dr. Linger CJb.ox xs CHORUS First row: Phyllis McAdams, Pat Brian, Donna Burn- sides, Carol Hamilton, Lou Bass, Esther Prince, Lillian Steele, Sandi Schnitz, Linda Klumpp, Rhoby Horn Second row: Janice Prunier, Ellie Waite, Louise Speck, Karla Steiner, June Myers, Judy Hisle, Carol Hamilton, Joyce Kinard, Pat Shaw, Carol Nourse, Peggi Hogg Third row: Sherry Moore, Janet Tomlinson, Sheila Dozier, Lynn Sutton, Margaret Scott, Carol Proctor, Donna Welty, Sharon Brierly, Judy Pineur, Diana Matthews Fourth row: Sue Blackman, Judy Ashley, Kay Dawn Hoops, Ann Steele, Barbara Hesson, Jim Wolfe, Jack Carter, Karen Wimmer, Ruth Ann Johnston, Lyn Wirick Fifth row: Bruce Morrison, Wayne Hawley, Dave Rockwell, Richard Corbert, Dave George, Pete Miller, Bill Stone, Earl Yost Sixth row: Wally Hull, Al Kivler, Bob Cooper, Carmen Troil, Richard Gibbons, John Van Dersall, Joe Norris, Jerry O ' Connell Seventh row: Danny Rennie, Bruce Depew, Tom Golden, Tom Sturgis, Bud Bradford, Tom McFarland, Scott Campbell, Karl Kraft Eighth row: Don Huckle, Jim Pease, Bill Keeffe, Charles McDowell, Art Clark, Dale Olmstead, Mike Penick, Lee Wick 101 Orchestra ORCHESTRA. First row: Barbara Ermin, Louise Speck, Dr. W. Gor- don Marigold, Alfred Kivler, Kay Dawn Hoops, Judith Ashley. Sec- ond row: Mrs. Constance Marigold, Larry Hayes, Dr. Nicholas Poulos, Terry Bott, Dr. Robert Matthews, Donald Huckle, Lynn Sutton, Joyce Kinard, Carol Hamilton. Third row: Gayle Lobb, Phyl- lis Chaney, Robert Tatro, Jerry Bott, Dale Olmstead, William Keeffe, Kenneth Broomell, Arthur Clark. Fourth row: Peggi Hogg, Ray Wat- ters, Roy Oerman, David Clouse. Thomas McFarland, Kenneth Turner. Director: Allan E. Green. Stage Band STAGE BAND. First row: Kenneth Broomell, Terry Bott. Dr. Bernard Donald Huckle. Linger, Jerry Bott. Second row: Donald Anderson, Thomas Weeks, Marshall. David Clouse, Thomas McFarland, Dale Olmstead, William Keeffe, Third row: Kenneth Turner, Mr. Allan Green, John 102 Sigma. -A-ljplia Iota, Sigma Alpha lota is an internationally incorporated professional sorority for women in the field of music. Based on scholarship, musicianship, personality, and character, membership in Sigma Alpha lota is open to college music students of undergraduate and graduate levels and to faculty members in schools where the sorority has chapters. The local chapter has joined with Phi Mu Alpha to present an evening of American music as part of the Arts and Faith Festival. President Gayle Bartlett Lobb Vice President Christine Geyer Secretary Pamela Wallace Treasurer Lynn Sutton SIGMA ALPHA IOTA. First row: Christine Geyer, Lynn Sutton, Pamela Wallace, Connie Squires, Carol Nourse, Janice Prunier, Gayle Bartlett Lobb, Miss Carole Wessler. Second row: Louise Speck, Frances Richards, Peggi Hogg, Joyce Kinard, Virginia Goodwin, Phyllis Chaney, Judith Ashley. 103 Owens CWENS. First row: Jeri Fields, Phyllis Ratliff, Betty Herbst, Judy Holcombe. Second row: Faith Kunze, Elaine Wallace, Charlotte Lewis, Ann Black, Mary Lou Holbert, Karla Steiner. Karate CItj-Td KARATE CLUB. First row: Wally Hull, Dale Olmstead, Peter Salmon. H. Wayne Adams, Ronald Mayne. Second row: James Wilson, Philip Barnum, Wilburn Jackson, Jon Blackwell, David Apner. Third row: Ralph Von Derau, Frank Hammons, Thomas Weeks, Curtis Payne. TwEilesians MILESIANS Carl Pattison, Wally Hull, Dave Mclver, Bill Arm- strong, Rev. Hansel, Mike Bumgardner, Jack Moinar, Anna Hieronymus, Martha Hoctor, Dr. Matthews, Mr. Freeman FHT P.H.T. First row: Susie Allen, Barbara Lirrderman, Beth Boy- ington, Sandy Emeigh, Sandra Milburn, Gail Ward Second row: Beth Main, Mrs. Wittlin, Diane Biel, Judy Boone, Drucilla Sipple, Joan Angel, Mae Carmean, Nancy Loy, Shirley Savage, Jeri Mahan 105 ■% " M (- ' » f 1 -i.f«si m .—.v L MAHLON A. MILLER, B.S., B.D., S.T.M., President of the College D.D. -A. dm in is tration J. HOWARD ALLEN A.B., M.A., P.E.D. Dean of Students JOHN H. BOYD A.B., M.A., ED.D. Dean of the Faculty; Acting Dean of the Graduate School ALBERTA COVERT B.S., M.A. Dean of Women CHARLES V. HANSEL B.A., M.A. Director of Religious Life ROBERT L. JONES B.S., M.A. Registrar; Director of Admissions MARSHALL B. POTTER Superintendent of Buildings and Grounjds ARTHUR E. SPURLOCK B.S. in EDUCATION, M.S. Business Manager and Treasurer 109 MILTON H. TOWSEND B.A., M.A. Director of College Relations; Director of Development Staff Officers EDWARD H. BLACK B.S., M.A. Assistant Director of the Student Center RUFUS BONNER Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds CLARENCE CHADWELL B.S. Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer ROBERT J. CLEMENT B.A. Admissions Counselor and Assistant to the Director of College Relations SARA E. GILPIN B.S. Residence Hall Counselor; Part-time Instructor of Physical Education MARY H. GHORMLEY A.B. Residence Hall Counselor JOE C. HACKER B.S., M.A. Director of Data Processing Center; Assistant Professor of Business RUTH HISSAM Bookstore Manager 110 FRANCES PATRIDGE B.S.E., M.A. Director of Student Center; Director of Student Activities; Associate Professor of Physical Education LUCILLE D. ROBBINS R.N. College Nurse CHARLES C. SADDLER A.B., M.A. Assistant to the President DOROTHY SHAW Assistant to the Business Manager CATHERINE F. SINGER B.A. Alumni Secretary 11 ■ f ? r gP m ■ ROLLIN J. WATSON B.S., M.A. Assistant to the Dean of Students; Director of Student Work BETTY J. YOUNG Residence Hall Counselor MILDRED P. ZEIGLER B.A., M.A. Residence Hall Counselor 111 College Staff LINDA ALFORD Secretary to the Director of Graduate Studies and Division of Education LOIS BARGO Clerk-typist in the Office of the Registrar JUDY BOONE Clerk-typist in the Office of the Registrar BOBBIE BURGESS Cashier in the Bookstore SUE T. CARR B.A., B.S.E. Secretary to the President LOIS CORDELL Secretary in the Library LORETTA COWAN Secretary in the Office of College Relations SANDRA K. EMEIGH Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs MYRA B. JACKSON B.S. Purchasing Assistant PHYLLIS J. JONES Secretary in the Alumni Office 112 ADA KING Secretary in the Office of Development LORETTA LI FORD Clerk-typist in the Office of Development MILDRED MAGGARD Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs FANNIE MARTIN Clerk-typist in the Library EVELYN MATTHEWS Clerk in the Postoffice SUE D. McDADE Secretary in the Office of the Registrar SHERRILL POTTER Assistant to the Bookkeeper NOLA WILLIAMS Secretary in the Business Office and Cashier MAINTENANCE. First row: James Miller, Harold Messer, Eugene Branstutter, Lou Hinson, Nanny Leger, Bill Nelson, Lester Hinkle. Second row: Edd Hubbard, Bill Carroll, Henry Warren, Roy Hembree, Mitchell Clark, Kenneth White, Rufus Bonner, M. B. Potter Third row: Felton Patton, Edwin Hubbard, Kenneth Hughes, Elmer Pope, Douglass Branstutter. Nor present: Ruth Neal, Emma Croley, Lenora Croley, Maud Tye, John Clark. 113 ERWIN S. BRADLEY B.S. in EDUCATION, M.A., PH.D. Chairman of the Division of Social Studies; Graduate Professor of History HERMAN BUSH A.B., M.A. Chairman of the Division of Health and Physical Education; Director of Athletics DONALD L. CALITRI B.S., M.A. Coach and Instructor of Physical Education CLEVIS D. CARTER B.A., M.A. Instructor of Physical Science Fac-u-lty NORMAN W. DAVIS B.S., M.S., PH.D. Professor of Biology CARL F. EVANS B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physia DONALD FREEMAN B.S., A.M., B.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy FRANK A. GILBERT B.S., M.A., PH.D. Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Professor of Biology ALLAN E. GREEN B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Music EUGENE G. HAAS B.S., M.A., PH.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry 114 MILDRED B. HACKER B.S., M.A. Instructor of Physical Education PATIENCE HAGGARD B.A., B.S. in EDUCATION, M.A., PH.D. Graduate Professor of English ESTEFANA N. HERRERA B.S., NAT. S.D. Assistant Professor of Biology HUBERT H. HOELTJE B.A., M.A., PH.D. Graduate Professor of English DENNIS C. JACKSON B.A., M.M. Instructor of Music JAMES E. KOWALSKY B.M., M.M. Instructor of Music MARY ALICE LAY B.S., M.S. Instructor of Home Economics 115 BERNARD L LINGER B.Mus., M.Mus., PH.D. Acting Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts; Acting Director of the School of Music; Associate Professor of Music JUDY McC LUNG B.A., M.A. Instructor of English JAMES B. McFERRIN B.A., B.S. in L.S., M.S. Head Librarian; Associate Professor of Library Science CONSTANCE Y. W. GORDON MARIGOLD SADIE W. MARTIN MARIGOLD B.A., M.A., PH.D. B.S. in EDUCATION B.A. Chairman of the Division of M.A. Part-time Instructor Languages; Head of the Assistant Professor of French Department of Modern Languages; Graduate Professor of Modern Languages of Business ROBERT D. MATTHEWS B.A, S.T.B., PH.D. Chairman of the Division of Religion and Philosophy; Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy; Professor of Religion FRANK E. MERCHANT A.B., M.A., PH.D. Head of the Department of English; Graduate Professor of English GAYLE MILES B.A., M.A. Associate Supervisor of Student Teaching; Assistant Professor of Education J. LARUE MILLEN B.S. in EDUCATION M.ED. Assistant Professor of Social Studies RENA MILLIKEN A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Business; Associate Professor of Business KATHLEEN MOORE A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education PAUL S. MOORE B.A., M.S. Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education J. C. NEWPORT B.A., M.A. Instructor of Business Kl SONG OH B.A., LL.B., M.A., PH.D. Associate Professor of Political Science » Ik I I Ml WILLIAM S. OXENDINE B.A., M.A. Instructor of Social Studies MARY PETTUS A.B., A.M. Head of the Department of Mathematics and Physics; Associate Professor of Mathematics NICHOLAS A. POULOS B.S., PH.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry L. D. PREWITT B.A., LL.B. Part-time Associate Professor of Business 117 HOUSTON M. PRICE B.A., M.M. Instructor of Music MARY E. PRIESTLEY B.S., M.A., PH.D. Associate Professor of English S. E. GERARD PRIESTLEY B.D., S.T.M., B.S., M.A., PH.D., M.S.SC. Graduate Professor of Political Science m fc£i ROBERT R. RIESZ A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Physics WARREN ROBBINS B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education; Supervisor of Student Teaching VIRGINIA B. SADDLER B.A., B.S. in L.S., M.S. Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science 118 CHARLES W. SIMMS B.S., M.A., PH.D. Chairman of the Division of Education; Head of the Department of Education; Graduate Professor of Education FRANCIS X. SOMMER B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S., D.A.B.S. Part-time Professor of Health DOROTHY R. TALBERT A.B., B.S. in LS. Reference Librarian and Instructor of Library Science BETTY K. TOWNSEND A.B., M.A. Part-time Instructor of English WINIFRED WATTS B.A., M.A., PH.D. Graduate Professor of English CAROLE WESSLER B.M., M.M. Instructor of Piano JAMES H. WHITE B.A., M.A. Instructor of Bowling; Part-time Instructor of History ELLA O. WILKES A.B., B.S., M.S. Part-time Assistant Professor of Social Studies ROBERT K. WILSON B.A. Laboratory Assistant in Physical Science JOHN E. YATROS B.S., M.A., ED.D. Part-time Associate Professor of Psychology CURT J. WITTLIN PH.D. Assistant Professor of French 119 ftpf Seniors James Mahan, President; Phyllis Cope, Secretary; Christine Tuholsky, Vice-President; Don An- derson, Treasurer 122 MARGARET ANN ABBUHL, BS Harlan, Kentucky Elementary Education LARRY C. ALLEN, BS London, Kentucky History SHIRLEY WYAN ALLEN, BS London, Kentucky Business THOMAS L. ALLEN, BS Franklinville, New York Area in Business Education ROBERT A. ARCHETTO, BA Cranston, Rhode Island History mMM LESTER M. BARTLEY, BA Blaine, Maine Mathematics WILLIAM L. BECKMANN, JR., BS Ridgewood, New Jersey Area in Business JANICE BLAKLEY, BA Ages, Kentucky English, German SHARON HAWN BOGGS, BS Barbourville, Kentucky Physical Education, Business WILLIAM D. BOYINGTON, BS Oceanport, New Jersey Social Studies VICKI BOZARTH, BA Washington, D. C. Area in Science PETER N. CHASE, BS West Bridgewater, Massachusetts Area in Business HARRY CHRISTIE, BS Lakewood, New Jersey Area in Political Science and History ELLA SUE COFFMAN, BS Montvale, Virginia Elementary Education DONALD CONNOLLY, BS Cincinnati, Ohio Mathematics, Physics PHYLLIS ANN COPE, BS Rose Hill, Virginia Home Economics TILDEN DOUGLAS CORNELIUS, BS Church Hill, Maryland Political Science and History CLAUDIO CRISAFULLI, BS Raritan, New Jersey Area in Business LUCY DIAZ, BA New York, New York Sociology, French YVONNE DEVAUGHN, BS Bethel, Ohio Home Economics, History ELISHA DUGGER, BS Gray, Kentucky Mathematics DON L. DICKINSON, BS Takoma Park, Maryland Area in Business PAUL DUNN, BS Cincinnati, Ohio Biology, Sociology ' - KAROLINA EGORENKO, BS Selbyville, Delaware Elementary Education WILLIAM R. EMEIGH, JR., BS Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania Area in Social Studies JOHN O. FARNER, BS Buffalo, New York Area in Business BARRY WILLIAM FOSTER, BA Waltham, Massachusetts Area in Business ROBERT M. GALBO, BA Darien, Connecticut Biology PETER 0. GANTE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Political Science BA PEGGY GRIFFIN, BA Umtali, Rhodesia English HAROLD GREGORY, BS Barbourville, Kentucky Elementary Education FRANCIS GLASS, BS Rome, New York Business, History H. VAUGHAN GRIFFIN, JR., BA Rutland, Vermont English LINDA HARRIS, BS Springfield, Ohio Elementary Education WILLIAM HARTUNG, BS Clarendon Hills, Illinois Business HARRY H. HILLIER, BA Barberton, Ohio Biology SANFORD J. HOROWITZ, BA Great Neck, New York History MARY NELL HOWARD, BS Asher, Kentucky Elementary Education JOHN JANKA, BA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania English JEFFREY KRONK, BS Huntsburg, Ohio History and Political Science ROBERT D. KUNATH, BS Corning, New York History, Political Science JANE G. LAW, BS Selbyville, Delaware Elementary Education EDWARD LAMB ,BS Valley Stream, New York Biology SELMA SUE LEWIS, BS Evarts, Kentucky Elementary Education JEROLYN IRENE LIGHTNER, BS Ironton, Ohio Elementary Education DAVID B. LOBB, BA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chemistry THEODORE F. LOCKE III, BS Collingswood, New Jersey Area in Business DAVID N. LOGUE, BS Junction City, Kentucky Health and Physical Education DAVID C. LORD, BA Norwalk, Connecticut Area in Science JOHN D. LOVE, BA Burnside, Kentucky History HARRY TRUMAN LOY, BS Columbia, Kentucky Business GERALD EUGENE LYNCH, BS Nicholson, Pennsylvania Area in Business JAMES E. MAHAN, BA Wilmington, Delaware Business, Biology THOR B. MAGNUSEN, BA Sherborn, Massachusetts Biology JOHN MARSHALL, BS Batavia, New York Social Studies PHILLIP DALE MALONE, BA Ironton, Ohio Religion, English DELLA JONES MARTIN, BS Corbin, Kentucky Elementary Education MITZI REAMS MCDONALD, BS Barbourville, Kentucky Social Studies DOUGLAS H. MCNEIL, BS Rockville Centre, New York History and Political Science JON MERCKENS, BS Marblehead, Ohio French DAVID THOMAS MILLS, BS Smyrna, Delaware Business, Education R. BRUCE MORRISON, BA Uniontown, Ohio Religion HOWARD D. MURPHY, BS Kenilworth, New Jersey Social Studies ' », MYRA L. PARSONS, BS Harlan, Kentucky Health and Physical Education WILLIAM EDWARD PATTON, BS East Bernstadt, Kentucky Social Studies, Business SUSAN JANE PENNYCUFF, BS Stearns, Kentucky Area in Business Education DONALD JOHN PHILLIPS, BS Owego, New York Area in Business FRANK J. PRESTON, BS Keeseville, New York History and Political Science MAURICE E. QUELLE, Cincinnati, Ohio German, French BA DAVID M. SIMON, BS Alexandria, Virginia Area in Business PAUL H. SOWDEN, BS Marion, Massachusetts Elementary Education, Sociology WILLIAM STAFFORD, BA Smyrna, Delaware English DANIEL A. STINSON, BS Brooklyn, New York Area in Social Studies L. ARLENE MATTHEWS STOLL, BS Lakewood, New Jersey Health and Physical Education WILLIAM STRONG, BS Hazard, Kentucky Health and Physical Education JIRYIS S. SWEIS, BS Amman, Jordan History and Political Science DIANE JEAN TRETHAWAY, BS East Natick, Massachusetts Elementary Education CARL E. TAYLOR II, BA Oil City, Pennsylvania Business CHASTIAN TAURMAN, BS Cincinnati, Ohio History and Political Science JOCELYN D. TAYLOR, BS Everett, Pennsylvania Health and Physical Education NANCY P. TUCKER, BS Hampton Bays, New York Elementary Education V ' ; CHRISTINE MICHELE TUHOLSKY, BA Paducah, Kentucky German, French VIVIAN J. VAIR, BA Ridgewood, New York English DAVID WALTZ, BA Scranton, Pennsylvania History, French DANIEL WELLMAN, BA London, Kentucky Chemistry, Mathematics JAMES R. WEST, BS Hamburg, New York Area in Business THOMAS J. WHITE, BA New York, New York Biology BETTY SADLER WILLIAMS, BS Jonesville, Virginia English HIROMI YAMANA, BA Moorestown, New Jersey Biology J. EARL YOST, BS Wenonah, New Jersey Biology Juniors Ed Christiansen, President; Kathy Brinly, Treasurer; Vincent Gattuso, Vice-President 133 JOHN A. ACTON Haddonfield, New Jersey EDWARD ALEXANDER Cynthiana, Kentucky WILLIAM ARMSTRONG Falls Church, Virginia GENNARO J. ASSORGI Valley Stream, New York BEVERLY BABBAGE Harlan, Kentucky JAMES BAKER Cincinnati, Ohio PAUL BALES PHILIP BARNUM WILLIAM BARROTT Ft. Plain, New York Housatonic, Massachusetts Aurora, Indiana W ' dfhmh DEBORAH BATEMAN Palm Beach, Florida PEGGY BEARD Gray, Kentucky JAMES H. BELLAMY Elyria, Ohio JOHN BENZ Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania tJk CASS BIEL JUDY BIRD Point Pleasant, New Jersey Paintsville, Kentucky ROBERT BLACK WILLIAM BLEMLEK RONALD BOONE Swedesboro. New Jersey Lyndhurst, New Jersey Corbin, Kentucky RAYMOND BORUSKY Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania LINDA BOSSMAN Dayton, Ohio KATHLEEN BRINLY Middletown, Kentucky EDDY BROWN Cobleskill, New York GAIL L. BROWN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 134 GERALD BROWN Montrose, Pennsylvania JEFFREY BROWN Roebling, New Jersey JANICE BRYANT Madisonville, Kentucky E. RICHARD BURLEY Amherst, New York GLENDA BUTTS Knob Lick, Kentucky EDWARD CARR WILLIAM CASWELL Wilmington, Delaware Tannersville, New York PHYLLIS CHANEY EDWARD CHRISTIANSEN SANDRA CHRISTIE REID CLAPHAM DONALD COMFORT Winchester, Kentucky Carmel, New York Wilmington, Massachusetts Wilmington, Delaware Morrisville, Pennsylvania STEPHEN COOPER HARRY DARR JAMES DAVISON ANGELA DEPALMA MARY DEVRIES Nassau, New York Wilmington, Delaware Port Chester, New York Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania Baltimore, Maryland HUGH DELK Pineville, Kentucky LANA FAYE DELK Pineville, Kentucky EDWARD DIEHL Manchester, Connecticut RICHARD DILLMAN Wilmington, Delaware ROBERT DOUCE Tavares, Florida CAROL DUNCAN Irvington, New Jersey DIANNE ELLIOTT Middleburg, Kentucky BARBARA ERMIN Altoona, Pennsylvania 135 WILLIAM FINNEY Richmond, Virginia KENNETH FISCHER Buckingham, Pennsylvania EDDY FREEMAN London, Kentucky ROBERT GAIL Wilmington, Delaware BRUCE N. GALLINGER Voluntown, Connecticut VINCENT GATTUSO Paulsboro, New Jersey CHRISTINE GEYER Havertown, Pennsylvania Atfel MARY CAROL GIRON South Seaville, New Jersey MARY CATHERINE GLOVER Medford, Massachusetts PAULA GOLDSBERRY Lexington, Kentucky JOHN GORDON Akron, Ohio BURTON GOULD Middletown, Pennsylvania WARREN GUILMARTIN ROBERT GUTKNECHT GERALD HALTER CAROL ANN HAMILTON JOHN FRANK HAMMONS Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Ocean City, New Jersey Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Barbourville, Kentucky ' iW Mi WAYNE G. HAWLEY Endicott, New York DONALD HENSEL Moorestown, New Jersey MARTHA HOCTOR Doylestown, Ohio EDWARD HOEPFNER Collingswood, New Jersey PEGGI HOGG Lexington, Indiana lifelike JAMES HOLLIFIELD Louisville, Kentucky DONALD HUCKLE Springfield, New York WILBURN JACKSON Flat Lick, Kentucky 136 SCOTT JENKINS Fairborn, Ohio STEVEN KALBACH Villanova, Pennsylvania 4 4 KENNETH KLEEB Cincinnati, Ohio RICHARD KLOSS Tuscaloosa, Alabama ROBERT KLUG Springfield, Pennsylvania LEONARD KOPERA York, Pennsylvania RONALD LEE Avon, Connecticut 4lfc dtk PHYLLIS LEWIS Smilax, Kentucky CONNIE LIBBY Lewisburg, Pennsylvania STEPHEN M. LIMING Williamsburg, Ohio EARL LINABURG Baltimore, Maryland JEAN LINDEN East Brunswick, New Jersey ROBERT LINDERMAN Scranton, Pennsylvania GAYLE BARTLETT LOBB Grafton, Ohio DOUGLAS LOGAN Cannon, Kentucky BARBARA LOSENO Waterford, Connecticut JOSEPH MACWAN Hadiad, Gujrat State MARTIN A. MAIN Beverly, Massachusetts HENRY MARQUARDT Woodlynne, New Jersey DORSEY MAXWELL London, Kentucky PATRICIA MCCANN JOHN MCCOMAS Manchester, Connecticut Spencer, Massachusetts EDWARD MCDANIELS Woodbury, New Jersey DAVID MCIVER Jersey City, New Jersey JAMES MELILLO Saugus, Massachusetts 137 MICHAEL MIRANDO Brooklyn, New York R. WAYNE MISKELLY Millville, New Jersey ■I . A SAMUEL MITCHELL Glassboro, New Jersey THOMAS MOHR JOHN I. MOLNAR West Berlin, New Jersey Cliff side Park, New Jersey BARRY MORLACHETTA Gibbstown, New Jersey THOMAS MULLEN North Attleboro. Massachusetts LINDA MARKS MURPHY Lombard, Illinois LARRY MURRAY Selbyville, Delaware JO DELLA NEACE Versailles, Kentucky RAYMOND O. CONNELL Camden, New York JOHN C. OHLERICH Garden City, New Jersey ilk Ai± NORMA JEAN OSBORNE Barbourville, Kentucky RONNIE OWENS Gray, Kentucky WILLIAM S. PARKER Watertown, New York CHARLES PARSONS Frankford, Delaware DOUGLAS PATTERSON Crozet, Virginia RUSSELL G. PIPO Rutherford, New Jersey DEBORAH PORT Cheshire, Connecticut CLIFFORD K. POWELL Barbourville, Kentucky 138 ANNA KAY QUICK Louisville, Kentucky KAREN RAMSEY Hamilton, Ohio JANET RANDELL CHARLES W. REDNOUR IAN REID Brewster, New York Girard, Illinois Tannersville, New York DAVID A. ROCKWELL Little Meadows, Pennsylvania BRUCE ROLLMAN Springfield, Virginia DOUGLAS RUTH Harlan, Kentucky STEPHEN SACHS New Rochelle, New York JOY SARTORIO Astoria, New York IRVING SCHOENACKER Waterloo, New York RONALD S. SELL Somerville, New Jersey ROBERT SEWALLS Scotch Plains, New Jersey CLARK SHADLE Barbourville, Kentucky PATRICIA SHAW Delaware, Ohio ROBERT SHEARER Adams, New York ELIZABETH SHELTON Westboro, Massachusetts »S HERBERT SHEPARD SHARON SHERWOOD RICHARD SHOMPER Williamsport, Pennsylvania Newar k Valley, New York Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania MARCIA C. SINGER Barbourville, Kentucky JOHN SMALLEY Wethersfield, Connecticut LOUISE SPECK CONNIE SQUIRES BARBARA STAPLER BRUCE STEEN CARLENE STICKLEY Dalton, Ohio Woodstock, Ohio New Providence, Pennsylvania Dagsboro, Delaware Pennington Gap, Virginia 3 o 4iW«i1k JOHN T. SULLIVAN Block River, New York ROBERT SUTHERLIN Colonia, New Jersey ROBERT TATRO Milton, Massachusetts CRAIG J. TAYLOR North Tonawanda, New York ROBERT TESTA Providence, Rhode Island CARLENE TRIPLETT Ironton, Ohio KAY TRUEMAN Glen Burnie, Maryland MARY HELEN TYE Barbourville, Kentucky JOHN VAN DERSALL Dalton, Ohio DANIEL VICKERY Monticello, Kentucky 4 ; AIM dm JEFFREY WAGNER Woodbury, New Jersey ELINOR WAITE Ridgefield, Connecticut ROBERT WEYAND Elma, New York DAVID WHITCOMB South Hadley, Massachusetts ALLAN WICK Vernon, Connecticut JAMES WILSON Roslyn, New York KENNETH WOLFERSBERGER Arlington, Virginia CHARLES BARRY WOOD Norristown, Pennsylvania JACK WORLEY Lebanon, Ohio SYLVIA YERGER Lititz, Pennsylvania 140 Sophomores H «w» J H IB m. 1 u. y ■ ■ llff P Walter List, Treasurer; Elaine Wallace, Secretary; Elwood Humphries, Vice-President; Neal Deaves, President 141 A DAVID ACKLEY JOYCE ANDERSON ROBERT ANDERSON JUDITH ASHLEY BARBARA BAIRD JAY BANKS Harlan, Kentucky New London, Ohio Pine Beach, Scotia, New York Artemus, Kentucky Dagsboro, Delaware New Jersey RUNYON BARKELEW JOYCE BARTOLO JOHN BAUER LODY BAXTER LINDA BECHTOL RICHARD BEISECKER South River, Barbourville, Kentucky Baltimore, Maryland Fleming, Kentucky Wayne, Pennsylvania Akron, Ohio New Jersey mfM WILLIAM C. BELLAMY Elyria, Ohio RODERICK BENNETT HARRY BIXLER Waterbury, Donaldson, Connecticut Pennsylvania ANN BLACK Fayetteville, North Carolina SUSAN BLACKMAN Dover, Ohio GARY BOCK Falls Church Virginia rffefefcli JERRY BOTT Kinnelon, New Jersey TERRY BOTT Kinnelon, New Jersey ROBERT W. BOYD Maiden, Mass. THOMAS BOYLE GEORGE BRADFORD Warwick, R. I. Penns Grove, N, J. JUDITH BRANSTUTTER Blue Rock, Ohio PATRICIA BRIAN SHARON BRIERLEY KENNETH R. ANNE MARIE BETTE BUCHANAN Melbourne, Kentucky Belfast, Maine BROOMELL BRYANT Benham, Kentucky Claymont, Delaware Owego, New York MICHAEL BUMGARDNER Alexandria, Virginia TF 4 fc fr l ti M A BONNIE BUSH WILLIAM BUTZ CHARLES CALLOWAY WILLIAM M. JAMES CAREY JOHN SCOTT Lockport, New York Garden City, N. Y. Pineville, Kentucky CAMPBELL Selbyville, Delaware CARTER Beverly, Mass. Bricktown, N. J. SAMUEL CLONCH DEBORAH COLE JACK COLLEY RICHARD COLLINS RONALD COLUCCIO ROBERT COOPER Kitts Hill, Ohio Barbourville, Ky. Louisa, Kentucky Garden City, N. Y, Rome, New York Sayre, Pennsylvania GERALD CORRELL PATRICIA KAY LAWRENCE CURD CLIFFORD B. GEORGE R. DAVIS LINDA DECHAMPS Wilmington, Delaware CROCKETT Glasgow, Kentucky DANDO Alexandria, Virginia Pitman, New Jersey Ewing, Virginia Woodbury, N. J. ERIC DEGROFF WILLIAM H. ROBERT NEAL Washington, D. C. DEVEER DEAVES Palm Beach, Florida Cinnaminson, N. J. LOLA DELK BRUCE DEPEW Pineville, Kentucky Fairfax, Virginia DEANNA DEZARN Hamilton, Ohio DAVID EDER Orchard Park, N. Y. AMOS EVANS Ocean View, Delaware KARLEEN FARMER Louisville, Ky. WALTER WILLIAM FAWLEY Lynchburg, Ohio RICHARD FAY Westboro, Mass. JERI ALIS FIELDS Newport, Kentucky RONALD FILLER GREGORY FINKS DAVID TERRY Burlington, N. J. Culpeper, Virginia FLEMING Arlington, Virginia BRADLEY FOGEL JOHN FOLLIT CONSTANCE Hamilton, Ohio Armonk, New York FOSTER Shrewsbury, Mass. o H $ p tf£4 J4Sl ift DONALD CARL KARLA FREEMAN KATHLEEN HOCK-SOON GOH LINDA GRAY BARBARA HAMMONS FOWLER Cherry Hill, N. J. GLASGOW Denang, Malaysia Pineville, Kentucky Dewitt, Kentucky Philadelphia, Pa. Apple Creek, Ohio 1 1 ilOf 4ft SUE JONES SHAROLD D, DAVID H. RUTH HARDISON DANIEL HART JO ANN HATZ HAMMONS HAMMONS HARBOLD Kettering, Ohio East Cleveland, Ohio Claymont, Delaware Barbourville, Ky. Heidrick, Kentucky Penns Grove, N. J. tektffifc JANICE W. HEGGAN BARBARA ELIZABETH HERBST ANNA HIERONYMUS BILL HILL LEAMON HINKLE Cherry Hill, N. J. HENDERSON Louisville, Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Danville, Kentucky Barbourville, Kentucky Matawan, New Jersey WILLIAM HOFFMAN ROBERT HOHNE MARY LOU JUDITH HOLCOMBE RHOBY HORN SALLY HANSEN Independence, Ky. West Boylston, Mass. HOLBERT Trenton, New Jersey Granby, Connecticut HOSKEN Binghamton, N. Y. Cleveland Heights, O. OLIVIA HOWELL DONNA HUDSON WILLIAM R. WALTER HULL ELWOOD MARGARET JACKSON Allentown, Pa. Dayton, Ohio HUDSON Georgetown, Del. Callicoon, New York HUMPHRIES West Berlin, N. J. Hulen, Kentucky JANET JACOBUS Beachwood, N. J. MARY JO JAYNES FAITH E. JOHNSON JULIANNA JOHNSON RUTH ANN GAIL JORDAN Falls Church, Va. Trenton, New Jersey Lakewood, N. J. JOHNSTON Cincinnati, Ohio Rockholds, Kentucky JOHN R. KIDD CHERYL NANCY LEE KLASS LINDA KLUMPP WILLIAM KNAPP KARL KRAFT East Orange, N. J. KINNINGHAM Easton, Pennsylvania Glenside, Pa. Ontario, New York Groveville, N. J. Honolulu, Hawaii FAITH KUNZE CHARLOTTE LEWIS BARBARA BACHMAN WALTER LIST ANDREW LONG ROBERT LUERS W. Carrollton, Ohio Smilax, Kentucky LINDERMAN Conshohocken, Pa. West Belmar, N. J. Baltimore, Maryland Woodbury, N. J. FREDRIC E. MACK ROBERT MACNEIL New Britain, Conn. Coventry, Conn. JANET MAGSAM STEPHEN MAHLER THOMAS MANUEL TIM MARSH Clarksboro, N. J. Manlius, New York Wilmington, Mass. Milton, Pennsylvania 145 STEVE MARSHALL LYVONNE KAY PHYLLIS J. Westboro, Mass. MARTIN MCADAMS Democrat, Kentucky Dayton, Ohio THOMAS J. BRUCE MILBURN VIVIAN MILLER MCFARLAND Covington. Kentucky Barbourville, Ky. Claymont, Delaware GARY TODD MILLS GUY MILLWARD Southwick, Mass. South River, N. J. MARGARET JUDITH MORGAN JANET MOSELEY JUNE MYERS MITCHELL Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Niantic, Connecticut Binghamton, N. Y. Barbourville, Ky. MICHAEL JANIE ANN NELSON CARL NOTO FREDERICK NOYES RICHARD L. ROY OERMAN NEISWENDER New York, N. Y. Dunmore, Pa. Manlius, New York NUCKOLS York, Pennsylvania Carlisle, Pennsylvania Virginia Beach, Va. tftiAifcta DALE OLMSTEAD RAYMOND W. COBURN PALMER NANCY PARKER CHARLES L. DONALD PAXTON Oswego, New York OWENS Fulton, New York Riverton, New Jersey PARSONS Springfield, Pa. Arlington, Virginia Frankford, Delaware -r 1 BRENDA PEFFER KYLE PERKINS OKIE LEE PETERSON ROBERT PITTSER KENNETH POLIZZO CAROL PROCTOR Grayson, Kentucky Rockholds, Kentucky Middlesboro, Kentucky Lynchburg, Ohio Northport, New York Havertown, Pa. 146 JANICE M. PETER QUIMBY PHYLLIS RATLIFF THOMAS RENKIN BRUCE RICARDS FRANCES RICHARDS PRUNIER Henderson, N. Y. Mt. Sterling, Ky. Toms River, N. J. Bridgeton, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky Oxford, Mass. New Jersey FRANK RICHER PALMER ROBESON JOHN RODRIGUEZ WAYNE ROGERS CHARLES RUTLEDGE SHERRY SAYCE Ewan, New Jersey McLean, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Denville, New Jersey Harlan, Kentucky Wakefield, Mass. DARRELL SAYLES Asheville, N. C. WILLIAM SCHAD SANDRA SCHNITZ BONNIE L. SEALE JOHN SEMKUS DIANE SHADLE Atlanta, Georgia Vienna, Virginia Barbourville, Kentucky Sag Harbor, N. Y. Barbourville, Kentucky MAUREEN SHARRAH DOUGLAS E. SIPPLE ROBERT SMITH MAXINE STANLEY KARLA STEINER WILLIAM RALPH Havertown, Pa. Georgetown, Del. East Aurora, N. Y. Williamsburg, Ky. New Philadelphia, O. STEPP Four Mile, Kentucky ' tsb aM ROBERT STEVENS JOHN STEWART WILLIAM STONE SUSAN STREIT JAMES THOMAS LYNN SUTTON Clifton, New Jersey Toms River, N. J. Burlington, Vermont Rossford, Ohio STURGIS Barbourville, Ky. Snow Hill, Maryland 147 ROBERT A. JANET TRUDEAU KENNETH TURNER ROBERT A. KATHLEEN VALENTIK THURBER Cannon, Kentucky Appalachin, N. Y. UNDERWOOD Media, Pennsylvania Downington, Pa. Harlan, Kentucky tilASfcfcitek GERVIN JOHN VAUGHT PAMELA WALLACE THOMAS L. WEEKS JON WHITTAKER VANDERPOOL Mystic, Connecticut Ashland, Kentucky Hamilton, Ohio Mansfield, Mass. Rockholds, Kentucky llfctk NANCY JANE MILDRED WILSON JAMES WOLF KEITH WORTINGER PAUL LONG WILLIS Barbourville, Ky. Medina, Ohio French Lick, Indiana Gibbstown, N. J Corbin, Kentucky 148 Freshmen Carmen Troil, Treasurer; Meda Smith, Secretary; Bob Fisher, President; Bob Ireland, Vice-President 149 rar« JOHN JOSEPH LOIS SCOTT PAUL LOU BASS JOHN ABRAMS ALFORD ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDREWS Burlington BATEMAN Great Neck Crown Point New London Groton East Bernstadt Vermont Franklinville New York Indiana Ohio Connecticut Kentucky New York THOMAS BATES Kimbolton Ohio mi ROY BECK Sewell New Jersey BARBARA BELL Yardville New Jersey ANGELO BENEDETTO Woodbury New Jersey KENNETH BERNHARDT Pitman New Jersey THOMAS BILLINGS Smyrna Delaware MARGARET BIRD Paintsville Kentucky q o a li 1 a ft JON ROBERT MICHAEL ALAN DAVID DIANE CHARLES BLACKWELL BLISS BLUM BORQUIST BOX BOYD BRANSFORD Amsterdam Tonawanda Falls Church Orange Corning Barbourville Warwick New York New York Virginia New Jersey New York Kentucky Rhode Island 7f ( THEODORE MARCUS E. RICHARD ROBERT CHARLENE WM. DAVID STEPHEN BROSEY BROCK BROOKS BROOMELL BROWN BROWN BURCHESKY Lititz Pineville Camden Claymont Manchester Pennsville Utica Pennsylvania Kentucky New Jersey Delaware Kentucky New Jersey New York DONNA BETH HAUSER MARY SUE THOMAS CAROLYN LEE JOHN W. KATHRYN BURNSIDES CALLIHAN CAMPBELL CARD CAREY CAREY CARR Celina Barbourville Gray Windham Center Fruitland Frankford Levittown Ohio Kentucky Kentucky Connecticut Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania 150 PAUL CARR Ashland Kentucky ANTHONY CARRALL Camden New Jersey KATHY CHAMBERLAIN Trenton New Jersey OREN CHANEY Winchester Kentucky GILBERT CIOCCI Canandaigua New York ROBERT CLEARY Levittown Pennsylvania DAVID CLOUSE Claymont Delaware ' s» » ) • LYN CLUTTER Arlington Virginia HOBART COFFMAN Philippi West Virginia CURTIS COLE Hammond Kentucky NICHOLAS CONTOMPASIS Claymont Delaware RICHARD CORBERT Springfield Massachusetts JOHN COSBEY Milton Massachusetts KARIN CRAIG Northampton Massachusetts RONALD CYNTHIA LINDSEY LYNDA WALTER WILLIAM CREASY DAVIES DAVIS DAWSON DEXTER DINICOLA Girdler Barberton Lexington Trenton Narrowsburg Gibbstown Kentucky Ohio Kentucky New Jersey New York New Jersey GARY L. DISNEY Barbourville Kentucky ANNA MARIE DIXON Barbourville Kentucky JAMES DOSTER Lititz Pennsylvania SHEILA DOZIER Barbourville Kentucky MARIO DUBBERKE Gillette New Jersey JUSTIN DUNCAN Greenfield Massachusetts RHONDA ELDRIDGE Evarts Kentucky GARY ELLERBROCK Clifton New Jersey GENEVIEVE JOHN BRENDA JAMES THOMAS TIMOTHY ROBERT ELLIOTT ENTELISANO EVANS EWING FAXON FEELEY FISHER Corbin Lee Center Ocean View Jonesville Concord Rosedale Chenango Forks Kentucky New York Delaware Virginia Massachusetts New York New York 151 •» gitk+JbtiM THOMAS FLEDDERMAN Cincinnati Ohio CHRISTOPHER FORD Snyder New York L MADELINE FRAME Ivyland Pennsylvania GEORGE GAMBRELL Manchester Kentucky JUDITH GARDINER Wilmington Massachusetts G. ED GAUNT Mullica Hill New Jersey NANCY GENSEL Dallas Pennsylvania MICHAEL GENSLER Williamsville New York DONALD GENTIL Cincinnati Ohio RICHARD GIBBONS Ocean Grove New Jersey ROBERT GILLASPIE Madisonville Kentucky MARK GOIST Lima Ohio KENNETH GOMANY Cream Ridge New Jersey MARC GOODHART Lansdale Pennsylvania 444 ALBERT GRAHAM Penns Grove New Jersey DAVID GRAHAM Woodstock Ohio CAROLYN R. GRAY Berea Kentucky VERNECE GREGORY Gilpin Kentucky VIRGINIA GRIGGS Lancaster Kentucky DAVID GRUBER Palmerton Pennsylvania CHARLES GUSTAFSON Jamestown New York ttfefci CAROL A. DAVID D. J. S. BARRY PHYLLIS WILLIAM R. JOHN HAMILTON HAMILTON HAMMONS HANULAK HARRIS HARRIS HARTMAN Fairless Hills E. Cleveland Dewitt Hackensack Bellwood Wakefield Muncy Pennsylvania Ohio Kentucky New Jersey Pennsylvania Massachusetts Pennsylvania LUTFI JACK CHARLES BARBARA TEENA JOHN JACQUELINE HAZIM HELLER HENSEL HESSON HIGGINS HILL HINKLE Beirut Moores Hill Mooresto wn Ellicott City Gray Hamden Barbourville Lebanon Indiana New Jersey Maryland Kentucky Connecticut Kentucky 152 3 tr tfclTfc JUDITH THOMAS G. JAMES KAY DAWN LLOYD GLEN ROBERT T. WILLIAM P, HISLE HODGKINS HOMSTEAD HOOPS HUDSON IRELAND JACKEL Shelbyville Willimantic Pittsfield Shreve Georgetown Bedford Heights Merrick Kentucky Connecticut Maine Ohio Delaware Ohio New York r ' RICHARD W. CHARLOTTE GILBERT L. WILLIAM E. WILLIAM G. WERNER BENJAMIN A. JESMAJIAN JOHNSON JUSTICE, JR. KEEFFE KERN KIEF KILGORE Valley Stream Pikeville Clar ksboro Manchester Gibbstown Chicago Woburn New York Kentucky New Jersey New Hampshire New Jersey Illinois Massachusetts iLiiM i Aik+M L CHARLES W. PAUL F. RICHARD ALAN W. ERIC H. ELIZABETH KIPP KIRBY KISTNER KLINEBURGER KREBS KRZASTEK Dunmore Providence Centerport Springfield Passaic Toms River Pennsylvania Rhode Island New York Pennsylvania New Jersey New Jersey CHARLES W. KUNKLE Fair Haven New Jersey WILLIAM A. DAVID H. GARY R. WALTER R. JO BETH ALBERTO A. DOROTHY T. LACY LEMMON LEVAN LOCKE LONG LOPEZ LUCAS McLean Lewes Malvern Collingswood Lititz Bayamon Fleming Virginia Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Kentucky PETER JAN JOHN D. DANIEL J. ROBERT L. JOHN D. GERALDINE SHIRLEY ANN LUTZ LYON MACKIE MAHAN MARKIN MARTIN MARTIN Newark Bowmansville Runnemede Wilmington Alexandria Barbourville Democrat Delaware New York New Jersey Delaware Virginia Kentucky Kentucky 153 32 3 JOANNE DIANA L. MARY HELEN CHARLES MICHAEL J. KENNETH J. JOHN H. MATHESON MATTHEWS MAYFIELD MCDOWELL MEEHAN MEIBERS MEROLA Spencer Barbourville Manchester North Merrick Rehoboth Miltord Lake Carmel Massachusetts Kentucky Kentucky New York Delaware Ohio New York VADA MAE MERIDA Hammond Kentucky FRANKLYN MILLER Levittown Pennsylvania MAX MILLER. JR. Williamsport Pennsylvania EDITH MILLETT Riverside Connecticut HENRY DOYLE MILLS Artemus Kentucky BRUCE N. MITCHELL Caldwell New Jersey JAMES DALE MORAN Barbourville Kentucky ifciWJk fa DAVID K. MOREY Sherrill New York BILLIE J. MORRIS Barbourville Kentucky JERRY W. MORRIS Barbourville Kentucky ALLEN R. NEELEY Narrows Virginia JOE NORRIS Walborn Kentucky JERRY C. O ' CONNELL Rome New York HENRY B. OSMAN. JR. Woodbury New Jersey CHERRY N. OWENS Barbourville Kentucky LINDA PECK Binghamton New York JAMES E. PEDRICK Woodstown New Jersey MICHAEL P. PENICK Covington Kentucky COLEEN PERKINS Piscataway New Jersey KATHY PETERS Corbin Kentucky DIANE PETERS Corbin Kentucky ik TRULEEN JUDITH K. HARRY C. DON C. SUSAN ANNE W. JAMES E. PHIPPS PINEUR POFF POPE PORT POWELL POWELL Barbourville Covington York Cawood Cheshire Ashland Barbourville Kentucky Kentucky Pennsylvania Kentucky Connecticut Kentucky Kentucky 154 ' •9 ( -v ' ESTHER BELLE DAVID J. BARBARA JANET S. JOHN DANIEL HARRY R. DENNIS R. PRINCE RADWAY REEVES REIGELMAN RENNIE RISKIE RITCHEY Owego North Olmstead Vincentown Coopersburg Elizabethtown Woodbury Des Plaines New York Ohio New Jersey Pennsylvania Kentucky New Jersey Illinois fcfl FRANK W. GARY K. ROBERT 0. LINDA 1. DOUGLAS J. WILLIAM H. DORIS RIVELL ROSENBERG ROWE, JR. SACKETT SALTZMAN SAVAGE SCHARDING Sewell Chester Maple Glen Greensburg Chicago Georgetown Englewood New Jersey Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Illinois Delaware New Jersey kikdtetiL HOWARD MARGARET J. JOHN W. THOMAS M. MARSHA KIT REGINA G. EUGENE T. SCOTT SCOTT SEALE SEARLES SEPLAK SERGENT SHAWARYN Niagara Falls Danbury Concord Palos Heights Huntingdon Valley Jackhorn Paulsboro New York Connecticut Massachusetts Illinois Pennsylvania Kentucky New " Jersey RAYMOND L. MARY LEE PRESTON CHARLES E. RICHARD M. MEDA M. RAY KING SHERMAN SHOCKLEY SHOCKLEY, JR. SILVERS SMART SMITH SMITH Ancora Millsboro Rehoboth Beach Keyport Swedesboro Lynchburg Radford New Jersey Delaware Delaware New Jersey New Jersey Ohio Virginia DENNIS P. CAROL EUGENE ANN E. DALE W. LILLIAN P. MARIAN K. SOCKWELL STALLCUP STANEK STEELE STEELE STEELE STEWART Paulsboro Barbourville Atlantic Highlands Columbus Ocean View Gray Springfield New Jersey Kentucky New Jersey Ohio Delaware Kentucky Pennsylvania 155 t tifcfc k CHRISTOPHER O. DONALD E. BARRY ROBERT D. PHYLLIS WAYNE E. CHARLES STOECKLIN STOHNER STUMP SURFACE SYME SYMINGTON TANNER Silver Spring Barrington Kutztown Bright Shade Barbourville Laconia Cynthiana Maryland New Jersey Pennsylvania Kentucky Kentucky New Hampshire Kentucky LEONARD J. THACHER Philadelphia Pennsylvania " -.ii f JOHN H. THOMPSON Burlington Vermont i mJi JOHN W. THOMAS B. JANET L CARMEN A. DONNA DILLON THOMPSON TOLLEFSON TOMLINSON TROIL TUCCIO Vincentown Louisville Diamond Norristown Jamestown New Jersey Kentucky Ohio Pennsylvania New York JAMES TUCCIO Jamestown New York JOHN ULLRICH Scotch Plains New Jersey FRANK J. VAVROCH Worthington Ohio BETTY LOU WADDELL Fleming Kentucky EMMA SUE PATTY LARRY E. WADDELL WARD WARREN Fleming Jamestown Barbourville Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky RAYMOND W. WATTERS Richmond Indiana ELIZABETH WEBBER Frankford Delaware DONNA R. WELTY Hamilton Ohio MICHAEL D. WHALEN Bethesda Maryland JOYCE A. WHITE Woodstock Ohio ROBERT LEE WICK Hawthorne New York JOHN C. WIESE Fanwood New Jersey ROBERT B. DREW D. LINDA J. ELEANOR B. BRUCE W. JOHN C. CATHERINE 1 WILDRICK WILHELM WIRICK WITHERELL WOLFROM WRIGHT YEAGER Ramsey McLean Orlando Rehoboth Woodbury Bridgeport Barbourville New Jersey Virginia Florida Massachusetts New Jersey New Jersey Kentucky 156 GrI £LCi-U.£Lte Stvicients DONALD BAUTZ West Falls, New York ROBERT COX Auburn, Kentucky RICHARD DUFFANY Ardmore, Pennsylvania NANCY LOY Edmonton, Kentucky JOHN S. MCNEIL Rockville Centre, N. Y. WAYNE MATTHEWS SAMUEL T. POWELL III Lakewood, New Jersey Garrett Park, Maryland RICHARD VANDE VOORDE Lyons, New York 157 FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. Since 1905 Member of F.D.I.C. Two locations to serve you 100 S. Main St. 528-2500 S. Corbin Branch, S. Main St. 528-1392 Corbin, Ky. OWENS MUFFLER AND BODY SHOP Mufflers Installed Free Motor and Transmission Overhauled Front End Alignment And Wheel Balancing Four blocks on Falls Highway in Corbin, Kentucky 528-2330 Compliments of MULLINS LAUNDRYMAT Barbourville, Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. John Mullins, Owner COTTON ' S ONE HOUR CLEANERS 1 H J mq A r Barbourville, Kentucky Shop with Confidence at DAWAHARE ' S Hart Schaffner and Marx Palm Beach Florsheim Shoes Hyde Park McGregor and H.I.S Stetson and Interwoven Socks Champ Hats McGregor and Arrow Dress , Shirts, Sportswear, and Sweaters Corbin, Kentucky RAPP LUMBER COMPANY 200 Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky G. E. Appl iances 158 LAKESIDE LANES Barbourville, Kentucky Students Welcome I. G. A. FOODLINER Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3420 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. " For those who think young — join the Pepsi generation " 18th Street Corbin, Kentucky HOPPER FUNERAL HOME, INC. 24 hr. Ambulance Service 302 N. Broadway Barbourville, Kentucky 159 AMERICAN FIDELITY BANK Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3138 Welcome Students! GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville Kentucky BISSELL ' S OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Office Machines — Sales — Service Royal Typewriters and Victor Adding Machines 200 S. Main St. 528-2205 Corbin, Ky. KIDD BROS. GROCERY Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky HERNDON DRUG CO., INC. Phone: 546-3111 The REXALL Store A. T. Corey, Mgr. BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY ADVOCATE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. Publishers of THE BARBOURVILLE MOUNTAIN ADVOCATE THE UNION COLLEGE ORANGE AND BLACK Sales Agency Olivetti — Underwood Corp. The world ' s leading desk-top business machines Phone: 546-3175 Barbourville, Kentucky 160 ADDING A DIMENSION TO STUDENT DINING You did it, Class of ' 67! Congratulations ! We ' re proud to have served you and we all wish you Bonne chance! Bonne sante ! et Bon voyage! ' efrwcet Lombard and 25th Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146 • a division of Automatic Retailers of America. Inc. 161 EN GLE ' S STUDIO COURT SQUARE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY MILLER -YANCEY FINE FURNITURE North Main Street Barbourville, Kentucky KNOX CASH JOBBERS WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS - RACK JOBBERS Confection — Cigars Restaurant Supplies — Sundry Items Health Beauty Aids School Supplies On Highway 25E at Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3400 162 HAMPTON AND NAU Nunn Bush Shoes Botany 500 Suits Arrow Shirts Barbourville, Kentucky BELK SIMPSON COMPANY Incorporated ONE OF THE 400 BELK STORES Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats Ready-to-Wear, Toys, and Housewares CORBIN, KENTUCKY WILLIAMS STORE Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky VISIT CLARA ' S SHOPPE Merle Norman Cosmetics also English Leather and By George for Men Villager Country Set Barbourville, Kentucky PENNEYS 115 S. Main Street Corbin, Kentucky One of 1700 Family Department Stores Serving all America with Quality at Reasonable Prices Clothing VARSITY SHOP Students — Men ' s Wear Corbin, Kentucky CORBIN DEPOSIT BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Corbin, Kentucky Two Downtown Locations Serving Whitley, Laurel, and Knox Counties without interruption for over a Quarter of a Century 1935 — 1967 163 Large enough to fill your needs — Total resources over nine million dollars Howard H. Miller President Ben H. Draughn, Jr. Exec. Vice President UNION NAT - so John W. Croley Vice President Jerry Carey Assistant Cashier Matt Callihan Director Mrs. Mattie Cole Director Elbert Evans Director Union National is proud to be Barbourville ' s and Knox County ' s largest bank, with total assets of over nine million dollars. Your trust in our financial ability made it possible — Our officers, directors, and employees thank you. Christine Adams Note Teller Janet Hyde Teller Louise Owens Teller Sharon Boggs Bookkeeper Mildred Engle Bookkeeper Betty Centers Bookkeeper (Barbourville and Knox County ' s Only National Bank A Mary Ruth Mills Teller Betty Smith Drive-in Teller Judy Hammons Bookkeeper Charles R. Cole Custodian UNION NAT NAL BANK D - SECURE - James E. Thompson Jr. Cashier Small enough to give you per- sonal attention — Managed by your hometown friends and neighbors Margaret M. Riley Assistant Cashier Jimmy Bays Assistant Cashier Union National Bank Pays a Big m% Interest on 6 Mo. Certificates of Deposit Corbin H. Melton Director R. B. Williams Director Toy Wilson Director U N B Union National Bank Our nine million dollars is at your service. Consult any of the above officers or directors on any banking need, and they will be more than glad to help. r . Amanda Woolum Bobbie Messer Kathleen Ore Geneda Gray Janice Dixon Drive-in Teller Drive-in Teller Teller Teller Proof Clerk Thank you for giving us the chance to work for you. Our purpose is to help you finance industry, new homes, and provide you with money for the things you want. It is our dedication to promote the growth of Barbourville, Knox County, and this entire area. NAL BANK - safe - sound - secure - YEARY ' S MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Southedge on 25-W Corbin, Kentucky 18 miles to Cumberland Falls Phone: 528-2311 SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY 13 4 EIGHTEENTH STREET CORBIN, KENTUCKY GAMBREL MOTOR SALES Authorized DODGE CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Dealer Clean Used Cars Barbourville, Kentucky SOWDERS PURE OIL 220 Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky Tires - Batteries 546 - 4195 STEREO ADMIRAL APPLIANCES COLOR TV JACK ' s RADIO T . V . 501 KNOX STREET BARBOURVILLE. KY. 40906 546-5224 AUTHORI7ED SERVICE WEST STANDARD SERVICE Corner of Knox Street and Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky 166 LOUIS STANDARD SERVICE New 25E Bypass 1 mile south We Take Better Care of Your Car Barbourville, Ky. 24 hour service AAA Member BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE " THAT ' S OUR ONLY BUSINESS " Chas. W. Buchanan, Agt. Roy L. Faulkner, Agt. 109 Knox Street— Barbourville, Kentucky PHONE: 546-4171 CUMBERLAND FORD MOTORS Cumberland Avenue Middlesboro, Kentucky CATRON MOTOR COMPANY New Fords and Mercurys Corbin, Kentucky BARBOURVILLE SHELL SERVICE ONE STOP SERVICE Cumberland Avenue, Barbourville, Ky. 167 Compliments of KNOX COUNTY OFFICIALS KNOX COUNTY OFFICIALS: Floyd Sowders, Circuit Court Clerk; Ulys Bingham, Sheriff; Lester Broughton, Jailer. Ed McDonald, County Clerk; Bill Sears, County Judge; John Dixon, County Attorney 168 LONDON LAUNDRY SANITONE DRY CLEANER Fur Storage Box Storage Linen Service Sanitone Certified MasterVn c eaner Office on Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Phone 546-3151 Compliments of D W CAFETERIA Walker Park Road Barbourville, Kentucky BEST WISHES from KNOX MOTOR CO. The best place for the best deal Oldsmobile Chevrolet Cadillac 169 Compliments of BOGGS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P. O. Box 625 Phone: 546-3119 Barbourville, Kentucky " Quality Costs Less " Residential — Commercial — Industrial Buildings Bridge Hi-Way Construction Compliments of THE CAMPUS SHOP Books and Supplies for the Student PEOPLE ' S GAS COMPANY Natural Gas Service Phone: 546-4185 170 H A PURE SERVICE CITY 1 Mile South of Barbourville on 25E Open 24 hours Mechanic on duty at all times Phone: 546-4022 Area Code 606 Firebird Gasolines 2 and Super Diesels Barbourville, Kentucky 40906 171 KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors for Auto Parts PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office — Louisville, Kentucky Over Two and one-half Billion of Life Insurance in force H. M. Faulkner Randall Hubbard Troy Hampton A. B. Scent E. G. Sellards 108 Cumberland Ave.,Barbourville, Ky. GEORGE ' S USED CARS Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Phone 546-4061 OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY 212 Knox St. Barbourville, Ky. William L. Jones, Agent INSURE FOR SURE BACON CREEK GUN SHOP Cumberland Falls Road Corbin, Kentucky Firearms and Ammunition Compliments of COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Middlesboro, Kentucky 172 Barbourville ' s Newest - Finest TRAVELER ' S INN . i Phone Barbourville, Kentucky Area Code 606 546-4148 For Reservations 173 Senior Directory MARGARET ANN ABBUHL — BXA. SNEA, Home Economics Club. LARRY ALLEN — Cecil Wilson Award, Senior Assistant in Division o( Social Studies, Academic Policy Committee. SHIRLEY ALLEN — Academic Policy Committee. THOMAS L. ALLEN — Alpha Delta. Pres. SNEA. DONALD A. ANDERSON — UCCA, Circle K. Senior Class Treas- urer, Stage Band, Orchestra, Choir, Track. EDWARD ANGEL — SNEA, " Stespean " DAVID APNER — Circle K, Pres. and V. Pres.; Food Committee. Lakeside Dorm Council, Karate Club, Pep Club. ROBERT ARCHETTO — No activities listed. BRENDA SUE ARNETT — No activities listed. LESTER M. BARTLEY — Pres. Alpha Delta, German Club, Gamma Beta Phi. Pres. lota Sigma Nu, Band. Senior Assistant in Division of Science. WILLIAM L. BECKMANN — Intramurals, Stevenson Hall Dorm Coun- cil. JANICE BLAKLEY — American Chemical Society Secretary, Cheer- leader, U Club. Gamma Beta Phi, Lakeside Dorm Queen. SHARON HAWN BOGGS — BXA, Intramurals, Choir. WILLIAM D. BOYINGTON — Circle K. VICKI BOZARTH — Oxford Club. UCCA, " Stespean, " Presidents Council. Biology Club, AWS Council. Bridge Club. MSM. VIOLA RUTH BRADLEY — V. Pres. Home Economics Club, Ameri- can Chemical Society, SNEA, V. Pres. Gamma Beta Phi, BXA. Social Standards Committee, AWS, AWS Sweetheart Queen. WINNIE BRAZIER — Secretary Freshman Class, Sophomore Coun- selor, AWS Judiciary Board, APO Sweetheart, Home Economics Club, SNEA. Elsie Geiss Home Economics Award. JOHN G. BROWN III — Student Activities Representative for Fresh- man Class, Choir. MSM, American Guild of Organists, V. Pres. Sophomore Class, Collegium Musicum, Treasurer Stevenson Hall Council, Phi Mu Alpha. Orchestra, Minister of Music Scholarship. Freshman Orientation Committee, German Club, Band, UCCA. HADWIN BURDICK — Appalachian Volunteers, Milesians, Oxford Club. DAVID CALL — Varsity Letterman. Golf. WILLIAM A. CAMPBELL — Intramural Bowling. PETER N. CHASE — No activities listed. HARRY CHRISTIE — Milesians, Lakeside Dorm Council, UCCA. APO, " Orange and Black, " Freshman Orientation Committee, Appa- lachian Volunteers, " Forum " . ELLA SUE COFFMAN — Choir, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, AWS Council. DONALD CONNOLLY — Alpha Delta, Track, Judicial Council, Food Committee, UCCA, Milesians, U Club. PHYLLIS COPE — Biology Club, American Chemical Society, Home Ecnomics Club, AWS Council, SNEA, Secretary of Senior Class, Food Committee. Judicial Council, Sub-Committee on Cultural Life. T. DOUGLAS CORNELIUS — APO, Canterbury Club. CLAUDIO CRISAFULLI — Track, Intramurals. YVONNE DEVAUGHN — Home Economics Club, SNEA, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. ANA LUCY DIAZ — Foreign Students, Council of Southern Moun- tains, French Club, Student Senate, AWS. DON LEWIS DICKINSON — No activities listed. ELISHA H. DUGGER — Alpha Delta, Burke Mathematics Award. PAUL L. DUNN — Orchestra, Bridge Club, Biology Club. KAROLINA EGORENKO — BXA, Intramurals. GEORGE EHLERT — APO, Karate Club. WILLIAM R. EMEIGH — APO Pres., Intramurals. JOHN O. FARNER — Pi Epsilon Alpha, APO, Student Senate, Base- ball, Golf, U Club, Lakeside Dormitory Council, Student Center Advisory Board. V. Pres. of Junior Class. BARRY FOSTER — Bridge Club, Dolphin Club, Circle K, German Club. ROBERT M. GALBO — Bridge Club, Biology Achievement Award, lota Sigmu Nu. PETER O. GANTE — No activities listed. IGNACIO GARCIA — Pres. Foreign Students Association. JEMIMA GEE — No activities listed. FRANCIS GLASS — Intramurals, Newman Club, Food Committee. HERMAN VAUGHAN GRIFFIN — APO. Swim Team. PEGGY GRIFFIN — Art Club. Oxford Club. UCCA, AWS Council. LINDA L. HARRIS — " Orange and Black. " WILLIAM W. HARTUNG — Baseball. Bridge Club, Lakeside Dorm Council Treasurer. HARRY H. HILLIER — APO, Biology Club, Freshman Orientation Committee, Dormitory Student Advisor. WAYNE E. HOFFMAN — Council of Southern Mountains, Bowling, Appalachian Volunteers, APO. SANFORD HOROWITZ — Student Senate, Student Center Board, Playlikers. MARY NELL HOWARD — SNEA, Home Economics Club. Council of Southern Mountains. JOHN JANKA — Pres. UCCA, Religious Life Committtee. Student Conduct Committee. Co-editor " The Forum " . JEFFREY KRONK — Circle K. ROBERT D. KUNATH — APO, Freshman Orientation Committee. EDWARD LAMB — Circle K. Lakeside Dorm Council Treasurer, Intramurals. JANE G. LAW — Homecoming Queen Candidate. Snow Queen Candidate, Circle K. Queen Candidate, Playlikers, Miss Union. WILBUR ALLEN LEE — No activities listed. SELMA SUE LEWIS — Secretary-Treasurer lota Sigma Nu, Cwens, Student Senate Representative, AWS Representative, Student Coun- selor. JEROLYN I. LIGHTNER — BXA. SNEA, UCCA, MSM Pres., Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. HOWARD HUNTLEY LLOYD — Swim Team. DAVID B. LOBB — Choir, American Chemical Society. Speleological Club, German Club, " Orange and Black, " Presidents Council, APO, Collegium Musicum. THEODORE LOCKE — Swim Team. Track. APO. Alpha Psi Omega. American Chemical Society. DAVID N. LOGUE — Stevenson Hall Dorm Council. DAVID LORD — American Chemical Society. " Stespean. " JOHN DAVID LOVE — Oxford Club. HARRY LOY — Basketball, Baseball, U Club, Mr. Union. All KIAC Basketball Team. GERALD E. LYNCH — APO, Newman Club. Stevenson Hall Dorm Council. THOR MAGNUSEN — No activities listed. JAMES E. MAHAN — Pres. Junior Class, Pres. Senior Class. Pres. APO. Presidents Council, Alumni Scholarship. PHILLIP D. MALONE — Baseball, Oxford Club. V. Pres. and Pres. UCCA. lota Sigma Nu, Gamma Beta Phi, Senior Assistant Division of Religion and Philosophy. National Methodist Scholarship. JOHN C. MARSHALL — Band. DELLA JONES MARTIN — No activities listed. MITZI REAMS McDONALD — SNEA. DOUGLAS H. McNEIL — Lakeside Dormitory Council, Pres. Student Senate, " Forum. " JON MERCKENS — French Club, Student Activities Representa- tive, Lakeside Dorm Council, Asst. Editor U Book. DAVID THOMAS MILLS — APO. BRUCE MORRISON — German Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Pres. Ox- ford Club, UCCA, Pres. MSM, Pres. Choir, Collegium Musicum. Religious Life Committee, Presidents Council. HOWARD D. MURPHY — Circle K. RONALD NAYLOR — V. Pres. Student Senate. Student Center Board, Stevenson Hall Dorm Council, " Orange and Black. " CAROL NOURSE — Choir, BXA, Bridge Club. Sigma Alpha lota. Homecoming Queen Candidate. ROBERT F. OSWALD — No activities listed. MICHAEL G. PARKER — Honorary Circle K Member, Bowling Team. Track, Tennis, Athlete of the Year in Tennis, Rifle Club, Dolphin Club, Biology Club. PETER PARKER — Cross Country, Athlete of the Year in Cross Country, Track, Bowling, Originator of Mr. Ugly Contest. CLINTON J. PARKINSON — Intramurals. MYRA L. PARSONS — BXA, AWS Pres., Judiciary Board. Home Economics Club, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Cwens, Intramurals, " Stespean, " Extramurals, Presidents Council, Senior Assistant in Division of Health and Physician Education. WILLIAM PATTON — No activities listed. SUSAN J. PENNYCUFF — Home Economics Club Pres., SNEA, AWS Council, UCCA, lota Sigma Nu, IBM Typing Award. DONALD J. PHILLIPS — Circle K. FRANK PRESTON — Gamma Beta Phi, Circle K. Student Senate. Alumni Scholarship. MAURICE QUELLE — Pres. German Club, French Club. Student Activities Representative, " Orange and Black, " Fencing Club, Phi Mu Alpha, Senior Assistant Division of Modern Languages. ROLAND RAUGHT — No activities listed. STEPHANIE RILEY — BXA, SNEA, AWS, " Orange and Black " Editor, Publications Award, Student Representative to Library Com- mittee. GLORIA JEAN RISNER — Drama and Art. PETER H. SALMON — Alpha Delta, Stevenson Hall Dorm Council, Karate Club, Biology Club. JOHN D. SEALS — APO, U Club, Track. JANE POWELL SELL — BXA, Cheerleader, U Club, Pi Epsilon Al- pha. Council of Southern Mountains, UCCA, Snow Queen Candidate. DAVID M. SIMON — Circle K. PAUL A. SOWDEN — Circle K, Pres. Canterbury Club. Alpha Psi Omega, Oxford Club, Sigma Beta Theta Pres., Asst. Postmaster, UCCA, Alpha Delta, Student Center Board. Playlikers. WILLIAM A. STAFFORD — Intramural Football. DANIEL A. STINSON — Oxford Club, UCCA, Stevenson Hall Dorm Council, Foreign Students Association. L. ARLENE MATTHEWS STOLL — Pi Epsilon Alpha. Cheerleader. U Club Secretary, Snow Queen, AWS Council, Secretary Junior Class. WILLIAM R. STRONG — U Club, Baseball. JIRYIS SWEIS — UCCA, Oxford Club. Pres. Foreign Students Association. CHASTIAN TAURMAN — Track. APO, Presidents Council. CARL E. TAYLOR — Alpha Delta. JOCELYN TAYLOR — PHT. DIANE J. TRETHAWAY — BXA, Playlikers, Alpha Psi Omega, SNEA. NANCY P. TUCKER — Pres. SNEA. Home Economics Club. CHRISTINE TUHOLSKY — V. Pres. Senior Class. Pres, BXA, Cwens, AWS Council, Student Center Advisory Board. " Stespean, " French Club, German Club, SNEA, Canterbury Club. Presidents Council. Gamma Beta Phi. VIVIAN VAIR — National Methodist Scholarship. Oxford Club, UCCA, " Stespean, " Biology Club. AWS. Council of Southern Moun- tains, Appalachian Volunteers, Foreign Students Association, Gamma Beta Phi. DAVID C WALTZ — MSM, lota Sigma Nu. Pi Gamma Mu. H. H Owens History Award. UCCA. DANIEL WELLMAN — Alpha Delta. American Chemical Society, Pres. JAMES R. WEST — Circle K, Bowling Team, Bridge Club, Studenl Center Advisory Board. THOMAS JOSEPH WHITE — Baseball, U Club. BETTY SADLER WILLIAMS — Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA. HIROMI YAMANA — Freshman Scholastic Award. Biology Club, French Club, " Stespean, " Home Economics Club, Cwens, Foreign Students Association, Gamma Beta Phi. JOHN EARL YOST — Circle K, Alpha Psi Omega, Student Center Board, Playlikers. Chorus. Index Abbuhl, Margaret Ann — 74, 79, 123 Abrams, John — 150 Ackley, David — 142 Acton, John — 72, 134 Adams, Herbert — 104 Alexander, Edward — 60, 98, 134 Altord, Joseph — 83, 150 Allen, Dr. J. Howard — 94 Allen, Larry — 95, 123 Allen, Shirley — 95, 123 Allen, Susan — 105 Allen, Thomas — 91. 123 Anderson, Daniel — 80, 96 Anderson, Donald — 76, 97, 102, 122, 123 Anderson, Joyce — 142 Anderson, Lois — 150 Anderson, Robert — 97, 142 Andrews, Paul — 56, 150 Angel, Edward — 123 Angel, Joan — 105 Apner, David— 76, 82, 83, 104, 123 • Archetto, Robert — 123 Armstrong, William — 95, 105, 134 Arnett, Brenda — 123 Ashley, Judith — 53, 80, 100, 101, 102, 103, 142 Assorgi, Qennaro — 134 Ayers, Ernie — 65 Babbage, Beverly — 134 Baird, Barbara — 142 Baker, James — 134 Baldwin, Stephen — 82, 83 Bales, Paul — 134 Banks, Jehu — 142 Barkelew, Runyon — 142 Barnum, Philip — 104, 134 Barrott, William — 65, 83, 98, 134 Bartlett, Jay — 63 Bartley, Lester — 80, 99, 123 Bartolo, Naomi Joyce — 142 Basone, Ben — 62 Bass, Lou — 100, 101, 150 Bateman, Deborah — 74, 91, 134 Bateman. John — 150 Bates, Thomas — 150 Bauer, John — 83, 142 Bautz, Donald — 65, 98, 159 Baxter, Lody — 142 Beard, Peggy — 91, 134 Bechtol, Linda — 142 Beck, Roy — 150 Beckmann, William — 96, 123 Beisecker, Glenn R. — 142 Bell, Barbara — 150 Bellamy, James — 134 Bellamy, William — 97, 142 Benedetto, Angelo — 150 Bennett, Roderick — 72, 142 Benz, John — 134 Bernhardt, Kenneth — 150 Beyer, Thomas — 83 Biel, Cass — 72, 134 Biel, Diane — 105 Billings, Thomas — 150 Bird, Judy — 92, 134, 150 Bixler, Harry — 142 Black, Ann — 80, 104, 142 Black, Edward — 88, 92 Black, Robert — 134 Blackman, Susan — 100, 101, 142 Blackwell, Jon — 97, 104, 150 Blakley, Janice — 58, 85, 98, 123 Blemlek, William — 83, 134 Bliss, Robert — 150 Blum, Michael — 100, 150 Bock, Gary — 72, 142 Boggs, Sharon Hawn — 124 Boone, Judy — 105 Boone, Ronald — 134 Borquist, Alan — 150 Borusky, Raymond — 94, 95, 134 Bossmann, Linda — 134 Bott, Jerry — 39, 101, 102, 142 Bott, Terry — 39, 101, 102, 142 Box, David — 97, 150 Boyd, Diane — 150 Boyd, Robert — 142 Boyington, Beth — 105 Boyington, William — 76, 124 Boyle, Thomas — 60, 98, 142 Bozarth, Vickl — 39, 124 Bradford, George — 76, 97, 101, 14i Bradley, Viola — 51, 71, 74, 79, 91, 99, 124 Branstord, Charles — 84, 150 Branstutter, Judith — 142 Brazier, Winnie — 124 Brewster, Howard R. — 76, 96 Brian, Patricia — 71, 100, 101, 142 Brierley, Sharon — 101, 142 Brinly, Kathleen — 71, 80, 91, 133, 134 Brock, Larry — 97 Brock, Marcus — 64, 96, 150 Brockett, Ronald — 65 Brooks, Richard — 97, 150 Broomell, Kenneth — 88, 101, 102, 142 Broomell. Robert — 150 Brosey, Theodore — 150 Brown, Charlene, — 150 Brown, Eddy— 134 Brown, Gail — 39, 134 Brown, Gerald — 76, 134 Brown, Jeffrey — 65, 72, 83, 134 Brown, John G. — 88, 100, 124 Brown, Wllllem — 150 Bryant, Anne — 142 Bryant, Janice — 80, 99, 135 Buchanan, Bette — 142 Bumgardner, Michael — 76, 80, 90, 105, 142 Burchesky, Stephen— 39, " 1, 85, 150 Burdick, Hadwin — 124 Burley. Edward — 83, 135 Burnsldes, Donna — 101, 150 Bush, Bonnie — 143 Butts, Glenda — 135 Butz, William — 76, 143 Call, David — 124 Calllhan, Beth— 150 Calloway, Charles E. — 80, 83, 143 Campbell, Mary Sue — 150 Campbell, William Alfred — 124 Campbell, William M. (Scott) 92, 100, 101, 143 Card, Thomas W. —96, 150 Carey, Carolyn Lee — 150 Carey, James E. Jr. —83, 143 Carey, John W. — 150 Carmean, Mae — 105 Carr, Edward Franklin — 135 Carr, Kathryn Ann — 100, 150 Carr, Paul — 56, 151 Carrall, Anthony — 97, 151 Carter, John Scott — 101, 143 Caswell, William M. — 135 Chamberlain, Kathy — 101, 151 Chaney, Oren — 96, 151 Chaney, Phyllis— 101, 102, 103, 135 Chase, Peter N. — 124 Christiansen, Edward — 72, 133, 135 Christie, Harry — 72, 124 Christie, Sandra — 135 Cini, Al — 65 Ciocci, Gilbert H. — 60, 151 Clapham, Reid — 80, 96, 135 Clark, Arthur A. —88, 100, 101, 102. Cleary, Robert F. — 151 Clonch, Samuel E. — 80, 143 Clouse, David A. — 101, 102, 151 Clutter, Roxine — 151 Coffman, Ella Sue — 53, 71, 124 Coffman, Hobart D. — 84, 99, 151 Cole, Curtis — 151 Cole. Deborah — 143 Colley, Jack S. — 76, 143 Collins, Richard C. — 143 Coluccio, Ronald J. — 62, 143 Comfort, Donald W. — 135 Connolly, Donald M. — 65, 95, 98, 99, 125 Contompasis, Nicholas — 151 Cooper, Robert L. — 101, 143 Cooper, Stephen E. — 72, 94, 97, 135 Cope, Phyllis A. — 71, 79, 91, 122, 125 Corbert, Richard A. — 101, 151 Cornelius, Tilden Douglas — 97, 125 Correll, Gerald T. — 85, 96, 143 Cosbey, John J. — 97, 151 Cousins, Irene — 90 Cox, Robert L. —98, 157 Craig, Karin G. — 101, 151 Creasy, Ronald L. — 151 Crisafulli, Claudio — 125 Crockett, Patricia — 143 Curd, Lawrence A. — 56, 73, 98, 143 Dando, Clifford B. — 143 Darr, Harry I. — 97, 135 Davies, Cynthia Kay — 91, 151 Davis, George Lindsey — 151 Davis, George Randolph — 143 Davis, Larry R. — 59, 87 Davison, James — 135 Dawson, Lynda C. — 39, 151 DeChamps, Linda — 143 DeGroff, Eric — 143 DePalma, Angela — 70, 90, 135 DeVaughn, Yvonne — 125 DeVeer, William H. — 143 DeVries, Mary — 71, 84, 86, 135 Deaves, R. Neal — 65. 141, 143 Delk, Hugh C. — 38. 39, 135 Delk, Lana F. — 135 Delk, Lola, — 143 Depew, Bruce — 39, 85, 88, 101, 143 Dexter, Walter Lee — 151 Dezarn, Deanna — 143 DiNicola, William Anthony — 151 Diaz, Ana Lucy — 125 Dickinson, Don L. — 83, 125 Diehl, Edward — 72, 83, 135 Dillman, Richard — 72, 135 Disney, Gary — 151 Dixon, Anna Marie — 100, 151 Doster, James Harold — 151 Dotson, Dr. John A. — 40 Douce, Robert Lee — 87, 135 Dozier, Sheila — 101, 151 Dubberke, Mario Kurt — 151 Duffany, Richard — 157 Dugger, Elisha — 99, 125 Duncan, Carol — 135 Duncan, Justin B. — 151 Dunn, Paul L. — 125 Eder, David C. — 143 Egorenko, Karolina — 125 Eldridge, Rhonda — 151 Ellerbrock, Gary — 151 Elliott, DiAnne — 135 Elliott, Genevieve — 151 Emeigh, Sandra — 105 Emeigh, William R. — 72. 125 Entelisano, John — 76, 151 Ermin, Barbara — 84, 102, 135 Evans, Amos (Butch) — 83, 143 Evans, Brenda — 151 Ewing, James S. — 151 Farmer, Karleen — 100. 143 Farner, John Oliver — 61, 62, 72, 83, 87, 98, 125 Fawley, Walter William — 80, 143 Faxon, Thomas S. — 151 Fay, Richard L. — 143 Feeley, Timothy C. — 151 Fields, Jeri —39, 71, 95, 104, 143 Filler, Ronald — 80, 144 Finks, Gregory Mark— 144 Finney, William — 92, 135 Fischer, G. Kenneth — 72, 83, 135 Fisher. Robert A. — 94, 149, 151 Fledderman, Thomas A. — 152 Fleming, David Terry — 65, 97, 144 Fogel, Bradley C. — 144 Follit, John W. — 82, 83. 94, 144 Ford, Christopher L. — 152 Foster, Barry — 76, 83, 95, 126 Foster, Constance — 144 Fowler, Donald C. — 82, 83, 144 Frame, Lillian M. — 152 Frazier, George B. — 64, 65 Freeman, Donald — 105 Freeman, Eddy G. — 136 Freeman, Karla J. — 71, 79, 144 Gail, Robert C. — 136 Galbo, Robert M. — 126 Gallinger, Bruce N. — 91, 97, 136 Gambrell, George — 152 Gante, Peter O. — 126 Gardiner, Judith— 84, 152 Gattuso, Vincent— 72, 83, 133, 136 Gaunt, George Ed — 152 Gee, Jemima P. — 126 Gensel, Nancy L. — 152 Gensler, Michael P. — 83. 152 Gentil, Donald — 152 George, David S. — 101 Geyer, Christine — 53, 95, 103, 136 Gibbons, Richard F. — 97. 101, 152 Gibo, Sue — 80 Gilbert, Dr. Frank — 76 Gilbert, Mrs. Frank — 75 Gillaspie, Robert — 152 Giron, Mary Carol — 58, 74, 90, 91, 98, 136 Glasgow, Kathy — 144 Glass, Francis — 95, 126 Glover, Cathie — 136 Goh, Hock Soon — 96. 1 44 Goist, Mark — 152 Golden, Thomas H. — 89, 101 Goldsberry, Paula J. — 136 Gomany, Kenneth J. — 152 Goodhart, Marc Wilson — 152 Goodwin, Mary Virginia — 103 Gordon, John Charles — 86, 136 Gould, Burton E. — 96. 136 Graham, Albert D. — 152 Graham, David A. —80, 99, 152 Gray, Carolyn Raye — 152 Gray, Linda Gail — 144 Green, Allan E. — 88, 101, 102 Gref, Stephen — 90 Gregory, Edward A. — -56 Gregory, Harold — 94, 126 Gregory, Vernece — 152 Griffin, Herman Vaughan — 72, 97, 126 Griffin, Peggy— 126 Griggs, Virginia — 91, 152 Gruber, David H. — 152 Guilmartin, Warren — 136 Gustafson, Charles — 152 Gutknecht, Robert — 76, 136 Halter, Gerald — 52, 60, 98, 136 Hamilton, Carol Ann — 10 1, 102, 136 Hamilton, Carol Ann — 100, 101, 152 Hamilton, David Dennis — 60, 152 Hammons, Barbara — 39, 74, 144 Hammons, J. S. — 152 Hammons, John Frank — 104, 136 Hammons, Sue Jones — 144 Hammonds, Sharold — 144 Hansel, Charles — 105 Hanulak, Barry — 96, 152 Harbold, David — 144 Hardison, Ruth Carol — 79, 144 Harris, Linda — 126 Harris, Phyllis — 152 Harris, William — 152 Hart, Daniel — 60, 65, 98, 144 Hartman, John Dunlap — 152 Hartung, William — 82, 83, 126 Hatz, Jo Ann — 39, 144 Hawley, Wayne— 84, 89, 101, 136 Hayes, Larry — 88, 100, 102 Hazim, Lufti — 96, 152 Heggan, Janice — 46, 50, 79, 144 Heller, Jack — 152 Henderson, Barbara — 144 Hensel, Charles R. — 152 Hensel, Donald C. — 72, 136 Herbst, Elizabeth — 104, 144 Hesson, Barbara — 71, 101, 152 Hicks, Donald — 61 Hleronymus. Anna — 94, 105, 144 Hlgglns, Teena — 152 Hill, Billy A. —56, 98. 144 HIM, John M. —60, 152 Hillier, Harry — 72, 126 Hinkle, Jacqueline — 152 Hinkle, Leamon — 39. 144 Hisle, Judith — 101, 153 Hoctor, Martha — 70, 74, 85, 90. 105, 136 Hodgkins, Thomas — 96, 153 Hoepfner, Edward — 61, 98, 136 Hoffman, George William — 65, 72, 94, 97, 98, 144 Hogg, Peggi — 100. 101, 102, 103, 136 Hohne, Robert G. — 97, 144 Holbert, Mary Lou — 74, 104, 144 Holcombe, Judith — 71, 80, 104, 144 Hollifield, James — 76, 82, 83, 136 Homstead, James — 153 Hoops, Kay Dawn — 84, 100, 101, 102, 153 Horn, Rhoby — 71, 101, 144 Horowitz, Sanford — 83, 90, 92. 126 Hosken, Sally Hansen — 144 Howard. Mary Nell — 127 Howell, Olivia — 58, 80, 91, 145 Huckle, Donald — 89, 100, 101, 102, 136 Hudson, Donna — 145 Hudson, Lloyd Glenn — 153 Hudson, William R. — 145 Hull, Walter James — 80, 101, 104, 105, 145 Humphries, Ellwood — 56, 72, 141, 145 Ireland, Robert — 94, 149. 153 Jackel, Wm. Paul — 153 Jackson. Dennis — 88. 100 Jackson, Margaret — 145 Jackson. Wilburn — 104, 136 Jacobus, Janet — 71, 95, 145 Janka, John — 127 Jaynes, Mary Jo — 80, 90, 145 Jenkins, G. Scott — 72, 83, 84, 136 Jesmajian, Richard — 153 Johnson, Charlotte — 153 Johnson. Faith— 39, 48, 58, 74, 145 Johnson, Julianna — 145 Johnston, Ruth Ann — 80, 101, 145 Jones, Richard — 101 Jordan, Gail — 145 Justice, Gilbert — 153 Kalbach, Steven — 39, 72, 136 Keeffe. William — 100, 101, 102, 153 Kehr, Barry — 65 Kern, William G. — 153 Kidd, John R., Jr. — 41, 145 Kief, Werner — 153 Kilgore, Benjamin — 64, 153 Kinard, Joyce — 100, 101, 102. 103 Kinningham, Cheryl — 39, 145 Kipp, Charles William— 96, 153 Kirby, Paul — 153 Kistner, Richard — 153 Kivler, Alfred — 101, 102 Klass, Nancy — 145 Kleeb, Kenneth — 83, 137 Klineburger, Alan Wm. — 97, 153 Kloss, Richard — 72, 82, 83, 137 Klumpp, Linda — 101, 145 Klug, Robert — 62, 137 Knapp, William John — 145 Kopera, Leonard B. — 97, 137 Kraft, Karl — 101, 145 Krebs, Eric — 83, 153 Kronk, Jeffrey — 41, 127 Krzastek, Elizabeth — 153 Kunath, Robert D. — 72, 127 Kunkle, Charles W. — 153 Kunze, Faith — 74, 79, 104, 145 Lacy, William — 95, 153 Lamb, Edward — 81, 127 Lambert, Arthur — 77, 94 Law, Jane G. — 45, 90, 127 Lee, Ronald — 56, 65, 98, 137 Lee. Wilbur A. — 127 Leith, Bob — 65 Lemmon, David H. — 153 LePeyre, Jon — 65 Levan, Gary — 153 Lewis, Charlotte — 39, 71, 80, 104, 145 Lewis, Phyllis — 137 Lewis, Selma Sue — 71, 127 Libby, Connie — 91, 137 Lightner, Jerolyn — 74. 84, 91, 127 Liming, Stephen — 72, 97, 99, 137 Linaburg, Earl — 72, 137 Linden, Jean — 60, 137 Linderman, Barbara Bachman — 105. 145 Linderman, Robert — 137 Linger, Dr. Bernard — 101. 102 List, Walter — 65, 141, 145 Lobb, David B. — 72, 99, 127 Lobb, Gayle Bartlett — 101, 102, 103, 137 Locke, Theodore F. — 70. 72, 99, 127 Locke, Walter R. — 153 Logan, C. Douglas — 56. 61, 65. 98, 137 Logue. David — 127 Long, Andrew Charles — 65, 83, 96, 145 Long, Jo Beth — 153 Lopez, Alberto — 153 175 Lopez, Louis — 61 Lord. David C. — 39. 99. 128 Loseno. Barbara — 137 Love. John David — 128 Loy. Harry T. — 44. 56. 61, 128 Loy. Nancy — 105. 157 Lucas, Dorothy T. — 153 Luers. Robert — 96. 145 Lutz, Peter — 153 Lynch, Gerald — 72, 96. 128 Lyon. John Dennis — 153 Mack, Frederick — 72, 145 Mackie. Daniel J. — 97. 153 MacNeil. Robert — 80. 96. 145 MacWan, Vijendrakum (Joe) — 137 Magsam, Janet — 71, 145 Magnusen. Thor B. — 128 Mahan, James E. — 122, 1kc Mahan, Jeri Kincade — 105 Mahan, Robert — 153 Mahler, Stephen L. — 83, 145 Main, Archie Martin — 137 Main, Beth — 105 Malone. Phillip D. — 84, 128 Manuel, Thomas F. — 76, 84. 97. 145 Marigold, Dr. W. Gordon— 88, 102 Marigold, Mrs. W. Gordon — 102 Markin, John David — 153 Marquardt. Henry C. — 137 Marsh, N. Thomas III —76, 97, 145 Marshall, John C. — 102, 128 Marshall. Steve — 146 Martin, Dean — 153 Martin, Delia Jones — 128 Martin, Lyvonne Kay — 80, 146 Martin, Mrs. Sadie — 81 Martin. Shirley — 153 Matheson, Joanne — 154 Matthews, Diana — 100, 101, 154 Matthews. Dr. Robert — 102, 105 Matthews. Wayne — 157 Maxwell, Dorsey Lynn — 137 Maylield. Mary Helen — 154 Mayne. Ronald — 104 McAdams. Phyllis — 71. 101, 146 McCann. Patricia — 137 McComas, John James — 137 McDaniel, Edward C. — 65, 98, 137 McDonald. Mitzl Reams — 128 McDowell. Charles — 100, 101, 154 McFerland, Thomas J. — 80. 100. 101. 102. 146 Mclver. David B. — 97, 105, 137 McKinstry, William— 63 McNeil, Douglas H. — 94, 128 McNeil. John Stuart — 97. 157 Meehan. Michael John — 83. 154 Meibers. Kenneth — 56. 154 Mellllo. James P. — 72, 97. 137 Merola. John Hunter — 154 Merckens, Jon F. — 82. 83, 128 Merida, Veda M. — 154 Mllburn, Bruce — 146 Mllburn. Sandy — 105 Miller, Franklyn (Pete) — 60, 96, 101, 154 Miller. Dr. Mahlon A. — 108 Miller. Max C. — 154 Miller, Vivian — 146 Mlllett, Edith — 154 Milliken. Rena — 3 Mills. David Thomas — 72. 129 Mills, Gary T. — 76. 97, 146 Mills, Henry D. — 154 Millward, Guy — 72, 146 Mirando, Michael — 137 Miskelly, Robert Wayne — 101, 137 Mitchell, Bruce — 72. 96. 154 Mitchell, Margaret — 146 Mitchell. Samuel Thomas — 72. 138 Mohr. Thomas W. —61, 98. 138 Molnar. John — 83. 105, 138 Moore, Paul S. (Pete) — 61 Moore, Sherry Ann — 101 Moran, James Dale — 60, 154 Morey, David K. — 97, 154 Morgan. Judith — 80. 146 Morlachetta. Barry — 65, 72. 94, 138 Morris, Billle Jean — 154 Morris, Jerry Wayne — 154 Morrison, Bruce — 100, 101, 129 Moseley. Janet — 146 Mullen, Thomas — 83, 138 Murphy, Howard — 129 Murphy, Linda Marks — 138 Murray. Larry — 83, 92, 138 Myers, June — 100. 101. 146 Naylor. Ronald— 85. 92. 94, 95. 97. 129 Neace, Jo Delia — 74, 80, 85, 138 Neeley. Allen R. — 154 Neiswender. Michael E. — 146 Nelson, Janie — 146 Norris, Joe Gary — 101, 154 Nolo. Carl — 72, 146 Nourse, Carol — 100, 101. 103, 129 Noyes, Frederick — 83, 146 Nuckols. Richard — 146 O ' Connell. Jerry — 59, 101, 154 O ' Connell. Raymond — 138 Oerman. Roy — 102, 146 Ohlerich, John — 138 Olmstead. Dale — 89, 100. 101. 102, 104, 146 Osborne, Norma Jean — 47, 138 Osman, Henry — 97, 154 Oswald, Robert — 129 Owens. Cherry — 39. 154 Owens. Raymond — 72. 83. 146 Owens. Ronnie — 138 Palmer. Cobum — 38, 70, 90. 146 Parker. Michael— 59, 63, 98, 129 Parker, Nancy — 146 Parker. Peter — 59, 64, 65. 98, 129 Parker, William — 38. 83, 138 Parkinson. Clinton Joe — 129 Parsons. Charles L. — 72, 83, 146 Parsons, Charles W. — 138 Parsons, Myra L. — 71, 74, 129 Patridge, Frances — 92 Patterson, Douglas — 136 Pattison, Carl — 85, 90, 105 Patton, William E. — 129 Paxton, Donald — 146 Payne . Curtis — 72. 83, 104, 138 Payne, William Walter — 138 Pease, James G. — 101, 138 Peck, Linda — 154 Pedrick, James E. — 154 Peffer, Brenda Jo — 146 Pendleton, John — 61 Penick, Michael— 96, 100, 101, 154 Pennycuff, Susan J. — 91, 129 Perkins, Allan Kyle— 80, 146 Perkins, Coleen — 154 Peters, Dianne — 39, 154 Peters, Kathy— 154 Petersen, Okie Lee — 70, 90, 100, 146 Phillips. Donald J. —81, 130 Phipps, Truleen — 154 Pickard, Mellnda — 79, 138 Pllkey. John — 76, 138 Pineur, Judith— 100, 101, 154 Pipo, Russell — 60, 138 Pittser, Robert — 56. 61, 98, 146 Poff, Harry Clarence — 97, 154 Polizzo, Kenneth — 146 Pope, Don C. — 154 Port, Deborah — 70, 90, 138 Port, Susan — 154 Poulos, Dr. Nicholas — 88, 102 Powell. Anne — 154 Powell, Clifford Keith — 138 Powell, James E. — 154 Powell, Samuel T. — 83, 157 Preston. Frank J. — 94, 130 Prince, Esther — 101. 155 Proctor. Carol — 101, 146 Prunier. Janice — 101. 103. 147 Prunty, Randall — 70 Pusey, Willard — 83 Quelle, Maurice — 83, 89. 130 Quick, Anna Catherine — 138 Quimby. Peter — 83, 147 Radway, David John — 64, 155 Ramsey, Karen — 71. 74. 138 Randell, Janet — 99. 139 RatliH. Phyllis — 71. 80, 104. 147 Raught. Roland — 140 Rednour, Charles — 139 Reeves, Barbara — 155 Reid. Ian — 139 Reigelman, Janet — 53, 94, 155 Renkin, W. Thomas — 72, 94, 97, 147 Rennle, John D. — 101, 155 Ricards. Bruce — 147 Richards, Frances — 103, 147 Richer, Frank H. — 147 Riley, Stephanie — 74, 85, 95, 130 Riskle, Harry — 64, 155 Risner, Gloria — 130 Ritchey, Dennis — 155 Rivell, Frank W. — 155 Robeson, Palmer — 76. 96, 147 Rockwell. David — 84. 86, 89. 101, 139 Rodriguez. John — 147 Rogers. Wayne H. — 101, 147 Rollman, Bruce — 76. 96. 139 Rosenburg, Gary — 155 Rowe. Robert — 90, 155 Ruth, Douglas — 139 Rutledge, Charles — 56, 98, 147 Sachs. Stephen — 139 Sackett, Linda — 155 Salmon, Peter — 104, 130 Saltzman, Douglas — 155 Sartorio, Joy — 75,139 Savage, Shirley — 105 Savage. Wm. Henry — 155 Sayce, Sherry — 147 Sayles. Darrell — 96, 147 Schad. William — 147 Scharding, Doris — 155 Schnitz, Sandra — 75, 101, 147 Schoenacker, Irving — 96, 139 Scott, Howard — 155 Scott, Margaret — 101, 155 Seale, Bonnie — 147 Seale, John W. — 155 Seals, John D. — 65, 72, 96, 98, 130 Searles, Thomas — 15 Seay, Millard — 83 Sell. Jane Powell — 130 Sell. Ronald — 76, 139 Semkus, John — 96, 147 Seplak, Marsha Kit — 49, 91, 155 Sergent, Regina — 155 Sewalls, Robert — 60. 101, 139 Shadle, Clark — 61, 72, 98, 139 Shadle. Diane — 75, 147 Sharrah. Maureen — 71, 147 Shaw, Don — 63 Shaw, Patricia — 71. 75. 101, 139 Shawaryn, Eugene — 97, 155 Shearer, Robert — 97, 139 Shelton, Elizabeth — 58, 75, 98, 139 Shepard, Herbert — 60, 139 Sherman, Raymond — 155 Sherwood, Sharon — 139 Shockley, Mary — 155 Shockley. Preston — 155 Shomper, Richard — 65, 139 Silvers, Charles — 155 Simon, David — 130 Singer, Mrs. Catherine — 80 Singer, Marcia — 38. 75, 80, 84, 91, 92, 95, 139 Slpple, Douglas — 80. 90, 147 Sipple, Drucilla — 105 Smalley, John — 139 Smart, Richard — 155 Smith, Meda — 71, 91, 101, 149, 155 Smith, Ray — 155 Smith, Robert— 147 Sockwell, Dennis — 155 Sowden, Paul — 70, 76, 92. 130 Speck, Louise — 100, 101, 102, 103, 139 Squires, Connie — 71, 90, 94, 103, 139 St. Clair, Lance — 76 Stafford. William — 130 Stallcup, Carol — 155 Stanek, Eugene — 155 Stanley, Maxine — 71, 80, 147 Stapler, Barbara — 139 Steele, Ann — 101, 155 Steele, Dale — 155 Steele, Lillian — 100, 101, 155 Steen, Bruce — 139 Stelner, Karla — 53, 80, 100, 101, 104, 147 Stepp, Ralph — 76, 147 Stevens, Robert — 147 Stewart, John — 62, 64, 147 Stewart, Marian — 155 Stickley, Carlene — 71, 75, 80, 91, 139 Stinson, Daniel — 131 Stoecklln. Christopher — 156 Stohner, Donald — 156 Stoll, L. Arlene Matthews — 98, 131 Stone, William — 96, 101, 147 Streit, Susan — 147 Strong, William — 131 Stump, Barry — 90, 156 Sturgls, James Thomas — 80, 101, 147 Surface, Robert — 156 Sullivan, John T. — 83. 140 Sutherlin. Robert — 96. 140 Sutton, Lynn — 39, 75, 100, 101, 102, 103. 147 Swels. Jiryls — 131 Syme, Phyllis— 100, 156 Symington. Wayne — 97. 156 Tanner, Charles — 156 Tatro, Robert — 89. 101. 102. 140 Taurman, Chastian — 131 Taylor. Carl —94, 131 Taylor, Craig — 82, 83, 140 Taylor, Jocelyn — 131 Taylor, Norman — 61 Testa, Robert — 140 Thacher, Leonard — 156 Thompson, John Henry — 84. 156 Thompson. John W. — 76, 156 Thurber, Robert — 76, 148 Tollefson, Thomas — 156 Tomlinson, Janet — 80. 101, 156 Trethaway, Diane — 70, 75, 90. 91, 131 Trent, Bill— 65 Triplett. Carlene— 80. 84. 91. 140 Troil, Carmen — 100, 101. 149, 156 Trudeau, Janet — 148 Trueman, Kay — 75, 79, 85, 140 Tuccio. Donna Dillon — 156 Tuccio, James — 156 Tucker. Nancy — 79, 91, 131 Tuholsky. Christine — 71, 75. 80, 122, 131 Turner, Kenneth — 83, 89, 101, 102, 148 Tye. Mary Helen — 140 Ullrich, John — 156 Underwood, Robert — 72, 83. 148 Vair, Vivian — 75, 131 Valentik, Kathleen — 92, 148 Van Dersall, John— 89, 100, 101, 140 Vande Voorde, Richard — 39, 96. 157 Vanderpool, Gervin — 148 Vaught, John — 72. 148 Vavroch, Frank — 56. 156 Vickery. Dan — 72, 95. 97, 140 Von Derau, Ralph — 104 Waddell, Betty— 156 Waddell, Emma— 156 Wagner, Jeffrey — 76, 140 Waite, Elinor— 100. 101, 140 Walker, Jim — 63 Wallace, Elaine — 58, 71, 104, 141 Wallace, Pamela— 100. 103, 148 Waltz, David — 131 Ward. Gail — 105 Ward. Patty — 156 Warren. Larry — 156 Walters, Raymond — 101, 102, 156 Walts. Dr. Winifred —81 Webber, Elizabeth — 91, 156 Weeks, Thomas — 102, 104, 148 Wellman, Daniel — 99, 132 Welty, Donna — 101, 156 Wessler. Carole — 103 West, James — 59, 76. 132 Weyand. Robert — 80. 95, 140 Whalen, Michael — 156 Whltcomb, David — 140 White, James — 59 White, Joyce— 80, 84, 101, 156 White. Thomas J. — 61. 98, 132 Whltlaker, Jon— 82, 83. 148 Wick, Allan P. —72, 140 Wick, Robert Lee — 100, 101, 156 Wiese. John Christopher — 156 Wildrick, Robert— 156 Wilhelm, Drew — 97, 156 Williams, Betty Sadler — 91. 131 Williams, Craig— 96, 100 Willis, Nancy — 148 Wilson, James L. — 94, 96, 104. 140 Wilson, Mildred — 79, 148 Wimmer, Karln — 101 Wirlck, Linda— 101, 156 Witherell. Eleanor — 39, 156 Wlttlln. Mrs. Curt — 105 Wolf. James R. — 101. 148 Wolfersberger, Harry — 65, 140 Wolfrom, Bruce — 156 Wood, Charles Barry — 76, 140 Worley. Jack — 81, 140 Wortlnger, Keith — 56, 98, 148 Wright, John C. — 156 Wyncoop, Russ — 61 Yamana. Hlroml — 39, 80, 132 Yeager, Catherine — 156 Yeatts, Bill — 63 Yerger. Sylvia — 75, 140 Yost. John Earl — 70. 92, 101, 132 Young, Betty J. — 71, 75 Young, Paul F. — 83. 148 k 1 • W niton-Sol»m W HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY W A • Nofth Corollno TOM WILKINS, RUSSELIVILLE, KENTUCKY 176 ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIDR A ky UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY ABIGAIL E. WSPKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY

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