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Abigail E Weiks hmariui Uibrarg Mnxan (Enllrg? rr- presented by Conway Boatman Chapel THE STESPEAN - 1964 Union College Barbourville, Kentucky CAROL A. SCHULTZ Editor ERICK PIPER Business Manager ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Someone once said there were no ugly men at Union! Individuals Come Getting hurt isn ' t so bad— when you have company. People come from everywhere to Union College. They come from various backgrounds; they come with various standards. They na ' igate on a sea of diversified interests. Each student has his own ideas and aspirations; each has a goal. For some this goal will one day be realized; for others it will ne ' er be. A col- lege education invites the student to enter into the pursuit of knowledge, to open doors, and to explore the corridors. If he accepts this challenge, events will become more vital, education more meaningful. While in college a person ' s life is transformed, for it is here that he passes from adolescence to manhood. No one can say when this occurs, and few can tell why; but even fewer can deny it. " Heck of a deal! " Beards were very much in this year. We always find time to be oin- natural superlatively funny selves. Whatever our interests, whatever our aspirations, our goals, we all feel a certain togetherness. As a body we create a nucleus of many interests. Steadfast friendships are formed, and an outstanding percentage of students find their marriage partner at Union. Student organiza- tions work together with the administration to promote harmonious relations, and each student is an integral part of the realization of this goal. Some in our world will lead, while others will follow. College offers an excellent opportunity for leadership and to practice harmonious living with others. " Of course I ' m from New Jersey! " With a Common Goal. The soft glow of intimacy . ' He said I wasn ' t an individual! " ■ ' If Mom could see me now! " Nature ' s beauty unfolds at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Cumberland Falls provides an ideal setting for fun and relaxation. Refinement Embraces Union College is in tlie heart of the southeastern Ken- tucky mountainous region, and its setting is the more enhanced b) ' the beautiful Cumberland Valley. The Cum- berland Valley has its attractions all year round. From the earliest spring days to late autumn we have an exhilarat- ing drama of color and appeal, while in winter the hills and valleys strive to outdo the other in majestic adorn- ment. Students enjoy the hiking and scenic opportunities that abound in eastern Kentucky. Some like to explore the trails through tlie Gap, while others are content to sun themselves by the Falls. Some prefer horseback riding to water skiing, or golf to tennis. Whatever the attraction, the student finds joy and relaxation from his studies in picturesque Cumberland Valley. Union graduates earn degrees in teach- ing, in music, and pre-professional train- ing in many fields. . . . Union College Students find colorful Brickyard Pond an enjoyable place to relax. Orientation pro idcs incoming stu- dents ith the opportunity ' to familiarize tliemsehes with the campus. During this time tliex ' isit campus buildings, attend special programs, till out forms, make new acquaintances and adjustments. Older students, acting as guides, are responsible for welcoming incoming stu- dents and guiding them particularly on Registration Day. " Ummm . . . steady now Orientation Week . President and Mrs. Nhihlon Miller welcome incoming fresh- men at their outdoor reception. T " Can ' t you see I ' m bus ? " Freshmen enjoyed a watermelon feast, the first dav of Orientation. Testing is lui essential part of Orientation ' eek. " They just look big! " Freshmen help pull in the annual tug-o-war with the upper classmen. Before Studies Begin. Security is a prof ' s signature on Registration Day. Some suffer the consequences of disobedience to upper- classmen . . . while for others it doesn ' t pay to be good. Miss Jacquelyn Mayer graces tlie events so carefully planned by General Chairman of the Boone Festival, Mr. Bill Murphy. The jets came as a thundering climax to the spec- tacular events. The Daniel Boone Festival incites student participa- tion. Miss Ameria of 1963, Miss Jacquelyn Mayer, stu- dent at Northwestern University, contributed her beauty and charm to the festive events this year. Last year ' s Miss Daniel Boone, Miss Sheryl Cowan, a senior at Barbourville High, is now a freshman at Union. The " Big Gun Float " sponsored by members of Alpha Phi Omega added to the promotion of the cooperative spirit between the college and the community. The Festival Parade, featuring Miss America of 1963, Miss Daniel Boone and Little King and Queen, 1963 Mother of the Year, 1963 National Spelling Bee Champion, and many other attractions, had as its thundering clima.x a jet performance. The Daniel Boone Festival Last years Miss Daniel Boone, Miss Sheryl Cowan, and Mr. Dennis Comer help the community make the Daniel Boone Parade a better one. Her personality complements her radiant beauty. Bernie Stiother married more than fifty couples in one day. Sadie Hawkins Day is a day of fun — for the men, any- way. They are the objects of many female pursuers dressed in the traditional Sadie Hawkins manner. Women have been known to run for miles after a certain fellow, only to have him plaster them with shaving cream and eggs. When and if the evasive male succumbs, he and his Daisy Mae are married by Preacher Sam, and the wife may safely release her grip. They are united for the entire day, and Daisy must pick up her husband for the matri- monial dance that evening. It only happens once a year! And Sadie Hawkins Day. Some men can be most difficult! ■ ' Hey, drop it, man . . . We ' re on Candid Camera! " " Ah just knew he ' d be pleased to be caught by me! " " My toes are cold! " The " Oldsters " compete And the North was victorious! Its Homecoming . . with the " Youngsters. ' On October 19, the campus hummed with activity. Old familiar faces ex- pressed the joy of seeing old friends once again. Various campus organizations added color to Homecoming through their displays. Special entertainment was provided for the alumni. Luncheons, tennis matches, an intramural football game between the North and South, a choir concert, teas, receptions, and the annual Homecoming Banquet and dance and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen whirled us round and round in a whirlwind of activity. Before anyone cared to realize. Homecoming was over, and the alumni had left; and the routine of classes had begun once again. Homecoming displays compete for prizes. Alpha Phi Omega built this Kentucky Rifle float. 10 Paula Hampton is rapturous when she is announced Homecoming Queen. And the Alumni Are Home! Homecoming Queen, Miss Paula Hampton, and her escort, Richard Blish, dance to the music of Al Henderson and his band from Louisville, Kentucky. Union is proud of her lovely Homecoming candidates. From left to right are Misses Eulalia Serrano, Joy Lumpkins, Laura Houben, Ann Sergeant, Paula Hampton, Claudia Havens, Lynne Thurston, Cheryl Crontz. n The construction of Union ' s new gym was begun in the summer of 1963. Union College must expand in order to meet the needs of her increasing stu- dent population. Our $700,000 gym- nasium is under construction with occu- pancy expected for the Fall of 1964. It will accommodate 2,200 spectators. Basic equipment in our new IBM Data Pro- cessing Center includes a key punch, a sorter, a reproducer, an interpreter, and a collator. The recently completed Lake- side Lanes, adjacent to the college campus, is popular with enthusiastic bowlers. The student also grows through a varied curriculum. His mental, spiritual, physical, and social development pre- pare him for another way of life. Education is not confined to books; par- ticipation in healthy activities is whole- heartedly encouraged. Through the con- tinued physical growth of the campus and the maturation of the individual. Union is confident of a progressive future. _! The Campus Grows With eager anticipation we awaited its completion. tM5i- -tH1 Toward the end of January its roof and electricity were added. The IBM Department is a fine addition to Union College. 12 Students mature intellectually, spiritually, As Does the Individual. . . . socially. . and physically. 13 ?.■ . y f ' f:r - x ' f On a chill morning under an asbestos sky we awake to a landscape of new snow. Winter Brings Snow .sP X A.V ■ ' 4 " And they had 15 inches in Jersey. m Security is a snowball in your hand in the back of your head. and eyes 14 Santa keeps everyone in jolly spirits at the AWS Christmas party. The pre-Christmas season is probably the most happy time on Union ' s campus. Trees are decorated, teas are attended, holly and mistletoe are everywhere, campus groups sing Christmas carols, men have their open house, the Snowball Queen is chosen, parties are given, and presents are wrapped and hastily un- wrapped, while couples share last minute whispers before return- ing to families and homes. These precious days before vacation are characterized by a hurried atmosphere as we try to work in exams and papers between holiday activities. Studies are generally neglected at this joyous time of year. And Christmas Joy. Snow Queen candidates were Misses Linda Hill, Laura Houben, Loretta Neitzel, Claudia Havens, and Jane Powell. Even Santa Claus enjoys Christmas! 15 There is little opportunity for wasting time if you ' re an ardent scholar-commuter. The Commuter Dean Lynne Bonnett had a Commuter Get-together earlier in the year. The commuters of our student body are all a part of Union and play an important role. The peace and quiet of home life may seem appealing after living in a Union College dorm, but the commuter will assure you that his is the more hectic life. You crawl out of bed earlier and have to leave the warmth of your home to drive, ride, or walk to that 8;00 A.M. class. You go home and help prepare supper and wash dishes and remember the book you forgot to get at the college library. The commuter would probably trade places with any resident student. Some commuters even find time to study. 16 MH Linda and |im Frutchey soon realize a man ' s place is not in the kitchen. The College Courts are the residences for married students. Here we find the aroma of fragrant coffee, the spice of conver- sation, diapers and rattles, all a part of the intimate ' eb of mar- riage. Sometimes both husbands and wives are still attending classes; sometimes one is supporting the other, enabling him to finish his education. Whate er the case may be, both are experi- encing this actuality of married life, for better or for worse. Danny Strunk learns the economics of married life. . . . The Married Student. Linda and Bob Watson contributed their janrose and Hank Zingg starred in talent and efforts to make last Febru- last Spring ' s production of Anouihl ' s ary ' s drama Cat On A Hot Tin Roof a Antigone. great success. This was no drama for Linda and Bob Clement. 17 Let there be music, again and forever. The clarinet lends itself to the expression of love and passion. Janos Starker, world-renowned cellist, prepares for his enthralling performance here in December. At Union there is constant activity-meetings, study, meetings, experiments, meetings, research. Yet there is also a chance for expression. One is free to participate or enjov, criticize or create. In the Fall of 1963, Union opened its new School of Music. Both t he Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Arts degrees in music are offered. Performing organiza- tions include choir, chorus, orchestra, concert band, opera workshop. Bach ensemble, string quartets, and other ensembles. Self-Expression Is Necessary Clara Swan practices a Flaydn Sonata for her senior recital. " Tune them without the piano, Mr. Green? " 18 . . For Every Individual. Mike Johnson, senior art major, expresses himself in strong vivid colors. A series of art exhibitions is offered by Union ' s Art Department. Included in this is an annual senior art exhibition. An award is made to the senior student show- ing the most originality, most expression, and ingenuity in his work of art. Students find expression an essential part of their lives and often realize talents they never knew existed. The time, the man) ' hours of creating, destroying, and recreating . . . . . . are all a vital part of the work of art. 19 « JSi ! ' l ?««UV» I Wes Wilson operating the lights; he assumes this respon- sibility for every production. Drama Involves Working behind the scenes requires a steady hand and much patience. Students find self-e.xpression in all phases of theatre production. Writing, producing, make-up, stagecraft, and acting offer each and every student a chance to partici- During first semester Our Town, directed by Miss Tudith Buckley, Riders to the Sea, Marriage Proposal, and Impromptu, one-acts directed by students, were presented. In the spring the drama department presented Macbeth. All my trials . . . soon be over " Never before in my life have I been left alone in a woman ' s dressing roomi " The cast of Our Town is eagerly applauded by the audience. . the universe, the Mind of God. ' iPP-3 . . . Self-Expression Bob Eustice played the stage manager in Our la ch fy ' ' " himself clearly and with j rs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb enjoy talking over beans. confidence. Emily and George, two ty young people from Gro- 4 i ' vers Corner, are united Y in marriage. f t ' - The Advent of .jj ' BXA members present a st ' le show for Mother ' s weekend in May. Lois Crowe, last year ' s president of Beta Chi Alpha, lends additional charm to tlie roses planted by that society. When the white magnolias and pink cherry trees begin to bloom on campus, when the days turn warm, and students cut classes in order to lie in the sun, when amorous couples become more amorous, spring has arrived! Along with spring we enjoy the dances, the Moun- tain Laurel Festival, and graduation ac- tivities. We even entertain visions of being swept away by the floods, but the reality of the flood wall around Barbour- ville keeps us safe and dry. The graduating class ot Frank Gilbert. iyti3 gave as their class gift a blue poplar tree to Dr. 22 Many families outside Baibouiville ' s flood wall had to evacuate their homes. The murky waters in the Spring of 1963 did much damage to Knox County. . . Spring. Robert Miitney, conductor of the Louisville Symphony Orchestra visited our campus in May. Union ' s candidate for Mountain Laurel Festival Queen of 1963, Rae Sharon Stetler, is fourth from the right. reviewing Hours of cramming Finals composition As our hours of work and study come to a close every year, we re- flect on the many opportunities pro- vided for us. We wonder if our days of toil and frustration will ever have more profound consequences, if our ambitions will ever be realized. Cramming for the very last final, we entertain mingled emotions of sad- ness and pleasure. An important milestone is in view, and we plan more enthusiastically for our future. memorizing . come to a close. 24 T)Di Color it grey and color it green. Nineteen hundred and sixty three - sixty four was a year of endings and of beginnings. There were times when we wondered if we would pass that final . . . and some didn ' t. The murder of Medgar Evers in Mississippi in June was a violent expres- sion of all the hatred and terror of racial conflict. Four children were bombed to death in a church. President de Gaulle closed the door to Europe in Great Britain ' s face by refusing her membership in the Common Market. A redhead from Middlesex laughed at man and the weakness of his flesh. The Profumo scandal, featuring Christine Keeler, a Tory minister, and a socialite osteopath, left an ugly scar on the respectability of the British government. The bitterness of ' Vietnam was crystallized in Novem- ber in the murder of its rulers and in the attitude of Madame Nhu. The world felt the loss of Pope John XXIII, of Aldous Huxley, Franz Reiner, Jean Cocteau, Edith Piaf, and Paul Hindemith. The senselessness of so many things were epitomized by the assassina- tion of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, in Dallas, Texas. We shall sadly remember Monday, November 25, the day of the funeral service of President Kennedy, as a national day of mourning. Yet, 1963-64 was also a year of beginnings. Our diplomas in our hands gave us a very special thrill, a feeling of freedom, independence, eager anticipation, and joy. Faith 7 soared into the unknown. Nationwide efforts culminated in the orderly march on Washington. " We shall overcome . . . this I do believe . . . We shall overcome. " New leaders and changes in government appeared in England, Italy, and Germany. Several African states achieved their independence. That day in August when the partial nuclear test ban treaty was initialed was a very important beginning. Pope Paul VI furthered the ideals of his predecessor with new initiatives. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy showed grave dignity and courage in the face of tragedy. President Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed the responsibilities of leading our nation and looked forward to 1964, to a new year of calmer peace. In the world of sports, 1963 was the first time in baseball history that the Yankees were defeated in four straight games by the Dodgers. The United States won the Davis Cup. This was also the car that America in force discovered the fun of singing and listening to folk music. Neither were we impartial to the light melody, " Dominique, " by the Singing Nun. The sounds of guitars rang loud and clear over the country. And we were jubilant to hear that our own Kelly McNish was voted the fourth greatest folksinger in the south- eastern United States — out of the twelve hundred contestants. The folk singing contest was held in Jacksonville, Florida, on December 28. We have been given the opportunity to mature as individuals, to face life as educated citizens in a restless, ever-changing world. Perhaps by accident, perhaps by effort, our talents and the needs of the world will coincide. To the realization of our goals Graduation and Reflections. we come a step closer. ABIGAIL I. Y7EEKS W WVOWAl ITOTAW U ION COLLEGE BAREOURVILLE, KENTUCKY 25 26 LEADERSHIP Baldwin Place represents the leadership, the hospi- tality, the charm, and the graciousness of Union ' s President and his wife. 27 President Mahlon A. Miller received his B.S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1943. His B.D. and S.T.M. degrees were earned at Drew Theological Seminary. In 1959 he received his D.D. degree at Union College. In the same year he was named Presi- dent of Union College. He and Mrs. Miller reside at Baldwin Place. President Miller has attended Case Institute of Technology, 1943-4.5; Western Beserve Uni- versity, 1945-46; Union Theological Seminary, summers 1948, 1949; Zurich University, Switzer- land, 1952-.53; Tuebingen University, Germany, 1953-54. 28 Dr. and Mrs. Miller entertain at Baldwin Place. . . , finding orchestral harmony a welcomed change. Plans for Union ' s growth are made in pleasant surroundings. Dr. Miller exhibits his John Wesley collection. - ' Lmnjui % Administration Graduate students are guided by Dr. John Dotson. MAHLQN A. MILLER, B.S., B.D., JOHN H. BOYD, A.B., M.A., ED.D. S.T.M., D.D. Dean of the Faculty; President of the College Professor of Education LYNNE W. BONNETT, A.B., M.S. CLARENCE H. CALDWELL, Dean of Women B.S. in ED. j Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer | JOHN A. DOTSON, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies Professor of Education DOROTHY LUCAS, B.R.E., MA. Registrar JOSEPH MITCHELL, B.S., B.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion; Campus Minister 30 MAURICE T. MITCHELL, A.B., M.A. Dean of Students WILLIAM S. MURPHY Director of Development MARSHALL B. POTTER Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Administration ARTHUR E, SPURLOCK, B.S. in ED., M.S. Business Manager and Treasurer MILTON H. TOWNSEND, A.B., M.A. Director of College Relations 31 College Staff LINDA ALFORD Secretary to Director of Graduate Studies SOPHIE PAYNE ALSTON Dormitory Counselor RUFUS BONNER VIVIAN BRADLEY Assistant Superintendent Assistant in the Library of Buildings and Grounds JUDY CARMINES Secretary in the Office of Academic Affairs SUE TUGGLE CARR LOIS CORDELL Secretary to the President Clerk - Typist in Library LORETTA COWAN Secretary in the Office of College Relations JOANNE FULTZ Clerk - Typist in the Development Office VIRGINIA GOODWIN Dormitory Counselor RUTH HISSAM Bookstore Operator 32 MRS. DENMS JACKSON Faculty Secretary ALMA LUMPKIXS Secretary in the Development Office SUE McDADE Secretary in Office of Academic Affairs DALE MOORE, R.N. Assistant Nurse LOUISE ANN OWENS Secretary in Office of College Relations CAROLYN PACE, R.N. College Nurse SHERRILL POTTER Assistant to Bookkeeper DIANNA RELAFORD Secretary in Office of Student Affairs DOROTHY SHAW Cashier GEORGE R. VAN HORNE, JR. Assistant to the Dean of Students BARBARA WILDER Secretary in Office of Student Affairs Mr. McFerrin keeps our Library stacks full . 33 Faculty JOHN R. ALLEN, A.B., Ph.D. ER VL S. BRADLEY, B.S. in ED., Head of Department of Chemistry Professor of Chemistry M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Social Studies; Head of Dept. of History and Pol. Sc. JUDITH C. BUCKLEY, A.B., M.A. HERMAN BUSH, A.B., M.A. Instructor of Drama and Speech Chairman of Division of Plealth and Physical Education; Dir. of Athletics; Associate Prof, of Health and Phys. Ed. Y. Z. CHANG, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English NORMAN W. DAVIS, B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology ELSIE FORMAN, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Business and Economics DIETER CALLER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of French WANDA GATLIN, B.S., M.F.A. Instructor of English 34 HUGH W. GHORMLEY, SR., A.B., M.A., B.D., M.S., Ph.D. Head of Department of Sociology: Russell M. Bennett Memorial Grad. Prof, of Soc. FRANK A. GILBERT, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Sciences; Head of Biology Department; Prof, of Biology ALLAN E. GREEN, B.M., MM. Instructor of Music EUGENE G. HAAS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry JOE C. HACKER, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Instructor of Business PATIENCE HAGGARD, B.A., B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English BRUCE W. HANSEN, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Biology DORIS ANN HARDING B.M., M.M. Associate Professor of Piano WILLIAM PAUL HAYS, B.M., M.M. Associate Professor of Organ WILLIAM F. HENRY, B.S., M.S. Coach and Assi.itant Professor of Physical Education Many religious views are discussed in and out of the classroom. 35 Don Payne? Where? I don ' t see him! ALBERT R. HINSON, B.F.A., M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art HUBERT H. HOELTJE, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English J. HAYDEN IGLEHEART, A.B., B.D., Th.M., M.A. Part-time Assistant Professor of Religion DENNIS C. JACKSON, B.A., M.M. Instructor of Music JOHN D. KELLY, B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Piano HERMAN F. KURTZ, A.B., U.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Acting Head of Department of Chemistrii MARY ALICE LAY, B.S. Instructor of Home Economics BERNARD L. LINGER, B.A., M.M. JAMES B. McFERRIN, A.B., Assistant Professor of Music B.S. in L.S., M.S. Head Librarian; Associate Professor of Library Science 36 CONSTANCE MARIGOLD, A.B. Instructor of French W. GORDON MARIGOLD, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Languages; Head of Department of Modern Languages ROBERT D. MATTHEWS, B.A., S.T.B., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Rc igfon DONALD J. MAXWELL, B.A., M.A., D.Mus. Chairman of Division of Fine Arts; Head of Department of Music ' and Professor of Music CHRISTINE MERCHANT, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Science FRANK E. MERCHANT, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Head of Department of English; Professor of English Dr. Matthews in check? J. LARUE MILLEN, B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studies RENA MILLIKEN, A.B., M.A. Head of Department of Business; George Lanford Memorial Assoc. Prof, of Bus. 37 NORMA T. MITCHELL, A.B., M.A. Part-time Instructor of History KATHLEEN MOORE, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education Miss " Pat " and students working on the Activities Calendar. PAUL S. MOORE, A.B., M.S. Instructor of Physical Education; Athletic Coach MARY E. ORTH, B.M., M.M. Instructor of Music WILLIAM S. OXENDINE, A.B., M.A. Part-time Assistant Professor of Social Studies HELENE S. PARRY, B.S., M.S.S.A. Part-time Assistant Professor of Sociology FRANCES PATRIDCE, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education; Director of Student Activities MARY PETTUS, A.B., M.A. Head of Department of Math and Physics; Associate Professor of Mathematics 38 ROBERT R. RIESZ, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Physics WARREN ROBBINS, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education; Supervisor of Student Teaching VIRGINIA B. SADDLER, A.B., B.S. in L.S., M.S. Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science CHARLES W. SIMMS, B.S., NLA., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Education; Head of Department of Education WARREN E. STEINKRAUS, A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Religion and Philosophy; Head of Department; Frances Landrum Memorial Prof, of Rel .and Phil. ELIZABETH A. TODD, A.B., M.A. BETTV K. TOWiNSEND, A.B., NLA. JAMES A. WATSON, A.B., NLA. Instructor of English Part-time Instructor of English Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Science Mr. Kelly appreciates (?) intrusions while he is practicing. WINIFRED WATTS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English ELLA OPHELIA WILKES, A.B.. B.S., M.S. Part-time Assistant Professor of Social Studies 39 40 SENIORS We reminisce with secret fondness on our busy college years; while at the same time we are making personal plans for the future. 41 ROBERT CLEMENT President JAMES YOUNG Vice-President Senior Class Officers ED ALLIN Treasurer LINDA FRUTCIIEV Secretary 42 KAY ADAMSON, B.S. Vancouver, B.C., Canada Major: Elementary Education Quick-thinking, loves fun . . . laughter and people DAVE AFTERKIRK, B.S. Walton, Kentucky Major: Social Studies Easy manners . . . singular dexterity on the basketball floor CAROLYN AKERS, B.S. Dvvale, Kentucky Major: Business Clyde and chocolate ice cream . animated conversation . quick CHARLES AKERS, B.S. Dwale, Kentucky Majors: History Political Science, Physical Education Confederate flag, quilt, hat . . . jokes, fun, life, Leslie EDWIN ALLIN, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Area in Business Calm, analytic . . . affirmative, friendly manner RICHARD BACON, B.A. Barbourville, Kentucky Majors: English, History Genius for living . . . diligent, reliable, yet gentle SUSAN CONGLETON BACON, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Expressive, whimsical . . . fashionable, genteel hostess BARBARA BAILEY, B.S. Baughman, Kentucky Majors: History, English Relentless perserverance . . . in all her stud, lies PATRICIA BAILEY, B.S. Wheelwright, Kentucky Majors: Home Economics, Biology Teasing eyes . . . clear, decisive, gay, open, fair FRANCES BAKER, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major; Elementary Education Lives in a charitable way ... a gift and a smile STEPHEN BAKER, B.A. Elberon, New Jersey Major: History Impudent grin . . . warm, protective, easy- going JERRY BENFIELD, B.A. Basset, Virginia Major: History Political Science Earnest, serious . . . and a unique laugh EDGAR BEVERAGE, B.S. Waynesboro, Virginia Major: Business Candor of expression . . . hearty cachinnatory indulgence DENIS BIGELOW, B.S. Worcester, Massachusetts Major: Area in Business Genial nature . . . delicate and benign person LUCILLE BINGHAM, B.A. Pedricktown, New Jersey Majors: Social Studies, History Personable, loquacious . . . likes browns and greens EDWARD BLACK, B.A. Swedesboro, New Jersey Major: Biology Vigor and acuteness . . . does his job well RICHARD BLISH, B.S. Fleishmanns, New York Major: Music Education Great range, great richness . . . vast horizons ROSE BLOYD, B.S. Valley Station, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Soft, familiar courtesy . . . Brownie ' s Rose - , DARYL BOGGS, B.S. Whitesburg, Kentucky Major: Chemistry Southern drawl, lots of time . . . time to dream MARY BOSWELL, B.S. Guthrie, Kentucky Major: Physical Education Health Sophisticated charm . . . gliding through all impediments GEORGIA BRADLEY, B.S. Elizabethtown, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Ready smile . . . creative, talented hands MATTHEW BROWN, B.S. Cobleskill, New York Major: Business Soft brown eyes ... a gentlemen so suave DON BRUCE, B.S. Corbin, Kentucky Major: Chemi.stry A man of science . . . thoughtful countenance DONALD BRUNKHART, B.S. Forest, Ohio Majors: Mathematics, Chemistry Acid stains and steady hand . . . inquisitive mind FLORENE BUCHANAN, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Light-heartedness . . . organized and neat and friendly LAURANCE BUTLER, B.A. Mullica Hill, New Jersey Majors: Biology, History Concentration plus . . . deeply attentive, tin- saturable mind CARMEN CABRERO, IS.A. New York, New York Major: Religion Industrious, strong . . . humorous Latin from Manhattan ALVIN CALDWELL, B.S. London, Kentucky Majors: Social Studies, History Neither timid nor shy . . . forceful con- versation DONALD CALITRI, B.S. Hazard, Kentucky Majors: Social Studies, History Political Science Trustworthy, dependable . . . honest, righteous actions CLARINDA CARTER, B.S. Mousie, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Eyes of green and beige . . . lively, lovable " Wren " RALPH CAYLOR, B.S. Ashburn, Virginia Major: Social Studies A mildness in the blazing noon . conscience peaceful ROBERT CLEMENT, B.A. Paulsboro, New Jersey Major; History Sincerity and depth . . . tenderness, strength and leadership LINDA HOFF CLEMENT, B.S. Findlay, Ohio Major: Elementary Education Blue firmament eyes . . . laughing and gay DANIEL CLINE, B.S. Jamestown, Ohio Major: Area in Enghsh Cherishing his love . . . humility, generous heart Jovial grin KENNETH COBB, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Area in Business . . friendly persuasion, winsome CHARLES CONLEY, B.S. Paintsville, Kentucky Majors: Area in Business, Chemistry Tennis champ with southern charm . deep brown eyes REBECCA BIRD CONLEY, B.S. Paintsville, Kentucky Major; Elementary Education Fair, lovely, warm . . . made for the altar and the hearth JACQUELINE COOMER, B.S. Norton, Virginia Major: Home Economics A smile will glimmer . . . as the diamond on her hand DONALD COPE, B.S. Bond, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education A useful, honored man . . . nice to have around DAVID CREIGHTON, B.A. Pennsauken, New Jersey Major: Philosophy Light, intellectual laughter ... a man of pith and substance WILLIAM CRESS, B.S. E. Bernstadt, Kentucky Major: Area in Business Lingering through life . . . savoring every step LOIS CROWE, B.S. Winchester, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Talent for organization . . . friendhj, neat, help- ful, calm FRANK DALTON, B.S. Somerset, Kentucky Major: Health and Physical Education Cooperative spirit . . . sure aim in basket- ball EMILY DICKENS, B.S. Canajoharie, New York Major: Elementary Education Fawn-like innocence . . . sweetness of the anemone EMMETT Dices, B.S. Beaverlett P.O., Virginia Major: Area in Social Studies Delighting in free-hearted benevolence concerned BETSY DOUCE, B.S. St. Albans, West Virginia Major: Elementary Education Steady, serene and proud ... a lovely girl TOM DOUCE, B.A. Wooster, Ohio Major: Sociology A rudder in the wind . . . feet on the ground LINDA ELAM, B.S. Le-xington, Kentucky Major: Biology The epitome of friendliness . . . wonderfully human and warm JAN ENINGER, B.S. Fort Wayne, Indiana Major: Physical Education Health Never too busy for a friendly chat . . . good disposition WILMA EVANS, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Biology, Home Economics Practical wit . . . dependable, conscientious, sensible MARY ELIZABETH FRAZIER, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Home Economics Is love so rare a triumph? . . . exquisitely clothed JIM FRUTCHEY, B.S. Scranton, Pennsylvania Majors: Social Studies, History Gentle criticisms . . . facility of expression LINDA FRUTCHEY, B.A. Scranton, Pennsylvania Majors: French, English Honest in her thoughts . . . thirst for knowledge WILLIAM FULTZ, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Health Physical Education Skillful maneuvers on the basketball floor . smooth JAMES FURR, B.S. Waynesboro, Virginia Majors: Area Social Studies, History Content and cordial . . . discretion and sobriety RAYMOND GIRON, B.A. Trenton, New Jersey Major: Biology Not satisfied with mediocrity . . . excitement of discovery i CHARLES GRAHAM, B.A. Bennington, Vermont Major: History Tall . . . sticks to business at hand MAXOLA GREGORY, B.S. Walker, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Brown hair ... a love of learnit g and school JAMES GUNN, B.A. London, Kentucky Major: English Methodical preacher questioning, sincere conscientious. DAVE HAMM, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Health Physical Education Aptitude for self-revelation . . . firm and knowing EUNA HAMMONS, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major; Business Wistful blue eyes . . . easy going JAMES HARBESON, B.A. Haddonfield, New Jersey Majors: History, Sociology Creative, impulsive . . . independent, likeable, cute NELL HAYS, B.S. McKee, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education History Excellent grades, positive views . . . letters from Larry BARBARA HELTON, B.S. Linefork, Kentucky Major: English Bathed in dreams of yesterday . . . in summer haze LINDA HILL, B.S. Lafayette, Ohio Major: Elementary Education Beauty joined with energy . . . vivacious personality LAURA HOUBEN, B.S. Highland Heights, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Mint in her eyes, honeycombed hair . grace regal MARVIN HUBBARD. B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Area in Business Industrious commuter . . . business is his pleasure CHARLES HUDSON, B.S. Frankford, Delaware Major: Elementary Education Ready for Spring . . . for the soft April twilight TOM HUDSON, B.A. Mullica Hill, New Jersey Major: Biology Scientific, inquiring mind . . . lord of the lab JAMES HUNDLEY, B.S. Sardinia, Ohio Major: Biology Plenty of pep . . . likes basketball quite a bit THOMAS HUNTER, B.A. Middletown, Kentucky Majors: Philosophy, German Trustivorthy, effective preacher . . . clear blue eyes MERRILL JOHNSON, B.S. London, Kentucky Major: English Rapt expressions . . . trust of a child MICHAEL C. JOHNSON, B.A. Indianapolis, Indiana Majors: Art, Philosophy Nimble, lithe . . . calUographic line, design strong MARTHA LOU KIRKLAND, B.S. Gravel Switch, Kentucky Major: Math Eyes alive with expression . . . systemized mind GLORIA JEAN KREBS, B.S. Highland Heights, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Raven black hair . . . frolicking, inquisitive, direct EDWIN F. LASHER, B.S. Long Island City, New York Major: Area in business One of the Foley crowd . . . adjusts easily LOIS E. LAURIN, B.A. Pcterboro, New Hampshire Major: French Sensitivity, originality, and understanding degree of maturity DOUGLAS S. LITTLE, B.S. Yonkers, New York Major: Area in Business Outgoing, flair for fun . . . entertaining, energetic JENNIE R. LLOYD, B.S. Stanford, Kentucky Major: Area in English Happy and gay . . . acute judgements, originality WILLIAM LLOYD, B.S. Mullica Hill, New Jersey Major; Biology Great for a friend . . . for a game, for a task PAULETTE W. LOOK, B.S. Medford, Massachusetts Major: Elementary Education Breath of inspiration . . . freshness and charm- ing ingenuity EVELYN J. MAIDEN, B.S. Frakes, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Small as a daisy . . . precise and busy LLOYD MARCUS, B.S. Syracuse, New York Major: Area in Business Wit and spunk . . . knows what he likes JOE DAVID MARTIN, B.S. Allen, Kentucky Major: History Political Science Handsome blue eyes . . . loves teaching and taffy hair JAMES McFARLAND, B.S. Claymont, Delaware Nlajor: English Sports-minded, humorous . . . and serious too MILTON H. McGEE, B.S. Frankford, Delaware Major: Health Physical Education Friendly . . . easy to talk with, to know ROBERT C. METZLER, B.S. Moyan, Pennsylvania Major: Health Physical Education Self-assertive, positive counsel . . . practical, busy JORGE MIR, B.S. Panama Major: Area in Business Independent, reliable . . . hearty laughter, handsome JOHN W. MOFFITT, B.S. Harrington, New Jersey Major: Area in business Relishes fun and baseball . . . Jane and freedom ALFRED G. MONRO, B.A. Hronx, New York Major: Area in Business Knows " la douceur de vivre " . . . and how to please DORIS K. MOORE, B.S. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Major: Elementary Education Varied interests . . . .sympathetic and kind WILLIAM A. MULLEY, A.B. Pittsfield, Massachusetts Major: English Natural gift of style . . . remarkable vocabulary and wit ANTON NASR, B.A. Barbourville, Kentucky Major; Chemistry Richness, strength, endurance . . potentials great BRENDA J. NASR, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Art Lifting the gloom of darkness . . . brightening the day JEAN NIELSEN, B.S. Chatham, New Jersey Major: Elementary Education Reserved, neat, pretty . . . cooperative, ordinated DANIEL D. OESCH, B.S. Fort Wayne, Indiana Major: English Direct sense of humor . . . shadows of doubt CAROLYN OSBORNE, B.S. Baxter, Kentucky Majors: English, French Determined, excitable . . . likes reds and whites JEWELL PARKER, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Calm, collected . . . growing in wisdom L JUDY PARROTT, B.S, Louisville, Kentucky Majors: Elementary Education, History Efficient, considerate . . . a capable teacher DENNIS PARSONS, B.S. Yancey, Kentucky Majors: Health and Physical Education Helpful and humorous . . . competitive spirit DONALD PAYNE, B.A. Springfield, Ohio Major: Sociology " Camera man " . . . loves music, photography, life MILTON PERRY, B.S. Louisville, Kentucky Major: Music Full of extremes . . . quest for truth ERICK PIFER, B.S. Convoy, Ohio Major: Business Coolness of twilight . . . impartial, accepts responsibility HARRY RICE, B.A. Ashland, Kentucky Major: Sociology Concerned with consequences . . . with current events JACK RIVEL, B.S. Wood Lynne, New Jersey Nfajor: Elementary Education His humor is contagious . . . his laughter gay FRANK ROBINSON, B.S. Camden, New Jersey Majors: Sociology, Economics Marriage must be great . . . with such a mate! DOUGLAS W. RODECK, B.S. Stanton, Delaware Major: Business All light and shade . . . wandering spirit and love of nuture WALT ROMANO, B.A. Brooklyn, New York Major: Math Shades of Brooklyn . . . tempered by Barbourville ' s rain CAROL A. SCHULTZ, B.A. Louisville, Kentucky Majors: French, English Bilingual, cultural, natural leader . . astic, eager to learn enthusi- ANN SERGENT, B.S. Jonesville, Virg inia Major: Elementary Education With eyes all aglow . . . blond hair, complexion fair » SHIRLEY SERGEANT, B.S. Corbin, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Devoted mother . . . strength of character EULALIA SERANO, B.A. Brooklyn, New York Major: Religion Tone of delicate cajolery . . . eager to laugh VIOLA SKINNEL, B.S. Patrick Springs, Virginia Major: Health Physical Education Strong athlete . . . our vivacious " Cricket " CAROLYN SMITH, B.S. Pauline, South Carolina Major: Elementary Education A delicious cook . . . adds spice to a conver- sation SALLY SNOWBALL, B.S. Massillon, Ohio Major: English Speaks with great detail . . . with unique emphasis RAE SHARON STETLER, B.A. Covington, Kentucky Major: English Elegance and finesse . . . imparts confi- dence, graciousness PHIL STONE, B.S. Wyalusing, Pennsylvania Major: Biology Mature, free from false pathos . mind BERNIE STROTHER, B.S. Somerdale, Ohio Majors: English, Sociology Treasury of anecdotes and scandals entertainer DANNY STRUNK, B.A. Pineknot, Kentucky Major: Biology Contemplative man . . . sincere, clear-headed CLARA SWAN, B.S. Vine Grove, Kentucky Major: Music Likes intelligent people and good music enthusiastic scholar EARL SWANNER, B.A. Arjay, Kentucky Major: Area in Business Good in math . . . and making friends RICHARD SZABO, B.A. Caldwell, New Jersey Major: Biology Rational, free from sentiment . . . expert archer MARGE TOWNSEND, B.S. Stratford, New Jersey Major: Health Physical Education Redundant xvith life, health, energy . capable leader KAREN WATSON, B.S. Levitown, Pennsylvania Major: Music Every sound as lovely . . . as every smile R. JAMES WATSON, B.S. Baltimore, Maryland Major: English Friendly and studious ... a good disposition BUFORD WEST, B.S. Versailles, Kentucky Major: Math Capacity for absorbing facts . . exactitudes . lucidity, DAVID WEYANT, B.S. Manns Choice, Pennsylvania Majors: Sociology, Economics Always thinking . . . safe and cautious RUTH WHITE, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Music Talented, humble . . . strong rich voice DAVE WHITEMAN, B.S. E. Cleveland, Ohio Major: Social Studies Area Sure prospects of success . . . gay vitality FRED WILDER, B.A. Danville, Kentucky Majors: History, Political Science, English Makes friends easily . . . history at his finger- tips VERNON WILDER, B.S. Corbin, Kentucky Major: Biology Makes time on the track . . . pretty wife PHIL WILKINS, B.S. Woodstock, Ohio Major: Health Physical Education Patient gentleman . . . hut plenty of spunk PATRICIA WILLSON, B.S. Brooklyn, New Jersey Major: Elementary Education White rose of summer . . . tender, gay JUDY WILSON, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education Her life and her love united . . . radiance X WES WILSON, B.A. Binghamton, New York Major: English Wants to know " why " . . . but patient WILLIAM WAYNE WORKS, B.S. Covington, Kentucky Major: Area in Business Loves basketball . . . fun and freedom JAMES YOUNG, B.S. Ludlow, Kentucky Majors: Math, Chemistry All-round man . . . purposeful, congenial, admirable conduct AMANDA ZIGOS, B.S. Barbourville, Kentucky Major: Elementary Education A woman of many talents . . . trusting, kind HENRY ZINGG, B.A. Barbourville, Kentucky Majors: English, Philosophy Living his life so intensely . . ■ probing, questioning JANROSE ZINGG, B.A. Barbourville, Kentucky Major; English Area Passion for the theatre . . . and for life I 60 Mr. Robbins assists in preparation for student teaching. SUE CROCKETT Ewing, Virginia JAMES CARMINES Tabb, Virginia GRADUATE STUDENTS CLEO CHESNUT Barbourville, Kentucky GENE ROBERTSON Harlan, Kentucky 62 UNDER- CLASSMEN Studies are pushed aside, and we look forward to a pleasant evening of music and dancing. 63 m Wd i BBk ' fx ' ' DAVID SCHWEITZER President BOAZ MAFARACHISI Vice-President Junior Class Officers LEONARD SHETLER Treasurer NANCY BEISECKER Secretary 64 JESS T. ALEXANDER GEORGE K. ALLISON MELVA J. ATHUR Cynthiana, Kentucky Swampscott, Massachusetts Sicklerville, New Jersey KATHERINE A. AURADEN Hamilton, Ohio FRANKLIN K. BABCOCK Carbondale, Pennsylvania KEVIN J. BALDWIN DOROTHY G. BARNETT LOWELL BARNETT Arlington, Virginia Barbourville, Kentucky Barbourville, Kentucky DARLENE J. BEAN North Lewisburg, Ohio HILMA BEISECKER Mogadore, Ohio Football fans on a warm autumn day. ■ )Kf ' fi0 r ' NANCY J. BEISECKER THOMAS BIRDSALL ALAN W. BRASHEAR Akron, Ohio Newburgh, New Y ' ork Louisville, Kentucky THEODORE BRYSON DAVID M. BURLEIGH Jeffcrsonville, Indiana Scranton, Pennsylvania 65 JERRY W. CAREY SANDRA L. CHACONA Barbour ille, Keiituckv Evanston, Illinois PEGGY CHANDLER Covington, Kentucky MARY RUTH CLARK NANCELLA COBB Cox ' s Creek, Kentucky Barbourville, Kentucky JAMES COMPHER LYSBETH A. DAVIS DALE LEE DELLMORE AARON R. DEROSSETT LYNN J. DIETRICH Falls Church, Virginia Barbourville, Kentucky Syracuse, New York Dwale, Kentucky Plainfieltl, New Jersey Posing for Flash — difficulty, 7.5? PAUL B. DiMARCO Rah va ' , New Jersey RUTH EATON Corbin, Kentucky ORVEL EUGENE FIELDS Joncsville, Virginia ELBERT JOE FOLEY Barbour ille, Kentucky RICHARD A. FATTARUSO Syracuse, New York EARL L. FOLK West Wyoming, Pennsylvania 66 DAVID A. GLAHN RUTH L. GLEASON AUBREY D. GOLDEN Wyoming, Pennsylvania Spencer, Massachusetts Taylor, Michigan GAIL W. GRAY Louisville, Kentucky DAVID A. GUY Silver Grove, Kentucky Juniors BRENDA F. HAMMOXS PAULA B. HAMPTON SANDRA M. HAYS ROBERT V. HEFFERN SHELVIA JEAN Barbourville, Kentucky Barbourville, Kentucky Richmond, Virginia Elljerton, New Jersey HELTON Barbourville, Kentucky HARRY K. HERREN PATRICIA D. HUNTER Louisville, Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky FREEDA JACKSON MAURICE S. JACOBS JEAN ANN JARVIS Artenius, Kentucky Baltimore, Maryland Selbyville, Delaware 67 Did you ever get an " A " on a Physical Science final? JOHN L. KATES Felton, Delaware NORMAN A. KELLEY JEFFREY B. KRESS Cranston, Rhode Island North Andover, Massachusetts DONALD G. LANE SIGURD A. LAURIS STANLEY G. LAWSON Versailles, Kentucky Lancaster, Pennsylvania Shelbyville, Kentucky CONSTANCE M. PETER LEATHERSICH LePETER Almond, New York Whitestonc, New York LYNN K. McCARTY JAMES W. McCLUSKEY WILLIAM R. Dallas, Pennsylvania Sewell, New Jersey McKINSTRY Southbridge, Massachusetts BOAZ A. MAFARACHISI GAIL F. MATHESON RALPH D. MELUNEY Southern Rhodesia Spencer, Massachusetts Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania WILLIE D. MIDDLETON Barbour ille, Kentucky CHARLES R. MITCHELL Barbour ille, Kentucky 68 FLOREXCE A. MOHR CHRISTINE R. MONRO JOHN G. MUTAMBARA GREGORY R. NELSON THOMAS A. NEWPORT West Berlin, New Jersey Barbourville, Kentucky Southern Rhodesia Redwood City, California Harlan, Kentucky ROBERT M. PARSONS ROBERT F. PERRONE BONNIE L. PHILPOT Milton, Massachusetts Whitestone, New York Heidrick, Kentucky JERRY W. PORTEUS West Lafa ette, Ohio FINLEY C. POTTER Four Mile, Kentucky " You ' re tickling me PATSY ANN PRYNN BONNIE SUE RICE Joliet, Illinois Stanford, Kentucky JUDITH A. ROGERS Saugus, Massachusetts ERNEST G. ROOP WILLIAM D. SAYRE Jonesville, Virginia Bridgeton, New Jersey 69 DAVID H. SCHWEITZER Bridgfton, e v Jersey i tfk- JAMES R. SHAW Loiiiiville, Kentucky GEORGE SHELLEXBARGER Troy, Ohio LEONARD F. SHETLER Copley, Ohio JUDITH M. SIMMERMON Newport, New Jersey LOUIS D. SLAIS CHARLES A. SMITH MARK V. SMITH Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lorain, Ohio Tarrytown, New York WILMA J. SMITH GEORGE P. SPARKS Barbourville, Kentucky Haddonfield, New Jersey WILLIAM D. STARK BRENDA L. STEPHENS JAY R. SULLIVAN Penns Grove, New Jersey Russell Springs, Kentucky Roebling, New Jersey THOMAS R. SWENK Ocean City, New Jersey KAY K. TANOUYE Hilo, Hawaii JACQUELYN TAYLOR Shreve, Oliio He got what hi ' wanted — a picture in the STESPEAN. 70 ALBERT V. THOMAS JAMES W. THOMPSON ELEANOR THOMPSON CECIL J. THURSTON Roebling, New Jersey Louisville, Kentucky London, Kentucky Penns Grove, New Jersey CASSANDRA D. TIGNOR Mason, Ohio DONALD L. TURNER JAMES C. VALENTLNE Frankfort, Kentucky Montrose, Pennsylvania LOIS J. VANHOOK RONALD H. WALKER LORRENE M. WALLER Somerset, Kentucky Pitman, New Jersey Louisville, Kentucky RICHARD WASHABAUGH Erie, Pennsylvania HOWARD WATSON Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania JAMES WILKINS Gloversville, New York DOUGLAS C. WOODBURY Milton, Massachusetts HARRY L. YATES BETTY JANE YOUNG Barbourville, Kentucky Jersey City, New Jersey " No, no, I don ' t want to be kissed! " 71 PHIL SHARP Vice-President WILLIE TRENT President Sophomore Class Officers JANE EMBREE Trea surer ANN HOLCOMBE Secretanj 72 DONALD T. CORONER Manchester, Connecticut GERALD W, CORUM Tampa, Florida R. DAVID COVERT Verona, Pennsylvania JEANNINE A. ALEXANDER Medford, Massachusetts LOANNA J. ALLEN Park Forest, Illinois THOMAS E. AMIS Flat Lick, Kentucky JOSEPH C. BEAVON Bellaire, Ohio BIRGIT I. BEHRMANN 0 ster Bay, New York LINDA S, BELL Kings Mountain, Kentucky JOHN A. BENSON Trenton, New Jersey JAMES C. BLACK Middlesboro, Kentucky LORRAINE A. BLACK Bridgeton, New Jersey ALICE L. BOWLIN Norwalk, Ohio RUTH CAROL BOYD Barbourville, Kentucky CHRISTINE BREWSTER Jolict, Illinois ROBERT A. BROOME Camden, New Jersey BENDIX W. BUDELMAN Smithtown, New York VIOLA MAE CELLA Longmeadow, Massachusetts KOOX I. CHANG Seoul, Korea JAY A. CHEESEMAN Penns Grove, New Jersey MARY ANN CHUPPE Louisville, Kentucky MARGARET I. CLINE BrookKn, New ' i ' ork JAMES D. COMER Louisville, Kentucky Sophomores " Hey, buddy, gotta dime? MAROW W. COX Corbin, Kentucky ROBERT L. COX Curbrun, Kentucky JOHN CRAWFORD Haddon Heights, New Jersey KENNETH C. DAMSTROM Worcester, Massachusetts WILLIAM S. DAVIES Barbourville, Kentucky ARLENE J. DEMPSEY South Lynnfield, Massachusetts PAUL L. DUNN Cincinnati, Ohio JANE W. EMBREE Wellesley, Massachusetts PAUL L. ERSLAN Akron, Ohio BARRY W. FOSTER Waltham, Massachusetts JOSEPH A. FOSTER Peabody, Massachusetts SARA K. FOX Barbourville, Kentucky SUE C. FRAZIER Louisville, Kentucky DONALD L. FUGATE Bellaire, Ohio TONI LYNN FULLER Camden, New York PETER O. GANTE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WILLIAM GEESEY Carbondale, Pennsylvania SARA ELLEN GILPIN Nashville, Tennessee ROBERT S. HARTMANN Ridgewood, New Jersey JOYCE HARTSFIELD Barrington, New Jersey CLAUDIA F. HAVENS Endicott, New York ELLA M. HEDRICK Sabina, Ohio JUDITH ANN HELTON Woodbine, Kentucky Sophomores Gaucho hats, blazing eyes, crazy cheers, sweat and excitement ouch for the enthusiasm of Union ' s basketball fans. 74 DONALD C. HICKS Westfield, New Jersey SAMUEL J. HISSAM Barbourville, Kentucky ANN C. HOLCOMBE Trenton, New Jersey PHILLIP S. HOWARD Galveston, Texas EMILIO IRIZARRY New York, New York MARY JANE JARVIS Selbyville, Delaware ANTHONY W. JONES Dayton, Ohio JAY H. KING Dover, Delaware REBECCA D. KING Stearns, Kentucky WILBUR A. LEE ' oodbine, Kentucky MARY L. LEWIS Smilax, Kentucky JAMES E. LINDSEY Cincinnati, Ohio MARCIA E. LLOYD Pultne ' ville, New York THEODORE F. LOCKE Springfield, Virginia GLENDON W. LODGE Salem, New Jersey EVERETT LONG Frankford, Delaware JOSEPH K. LOWID Penns Grove, New Jersey JOY J. LUMPKINS Barbourville, Kentucky ALAN R. MACHAMER Williamstown, Pennsylvania THOR B. MAGN USEN Sherbom, Massachusetts Talent and roses; fragrant gardenias and love. JUDY KAY MANNING Memphis, Tennessee Sophomores 75 NORMAN LEE MICHAEL Ashland, Illinois RICHARD MOLDENHAUER Niagara Falls, New York WILLIAM N. MOODY Douglaston, New York WILLIAM R. MULLEN Haddon Heights, New Jersey HOWARD D. MURPHY Kenilworth, New Jersey LORETTA J. NEITZEL Penndel, Pennsylvania PHILIP S. NEWBERT Westfield, New Jersey MEADE C. NEWMAN Boonton, New Jersey CAROL R. NOURSE Saugus, Massachusetts WILLIAM T. O ' CONNELL Baldwin, New York BARBARA ANN OGILVIE East Longmeadow, Massachusetts DEAN A. PALCZER Grafton, Ohio MICHAEL G. PARKER Watertown, New York PAULA E. PEELLE Kettering, Ohio SAMUEL R. PERRY Olive Hill, Kentucky DONALD J. PHILLIPS Owego, New York SUSAN J. POPE Barbourville, Kentucky JANE H, POWELL Woodbury, New Jersey EDWARD E. QUIST Wantagh, New York ANITA L. RAYBURN Ashland, Kentucky •rjsrc- ' ' " JOHN A. RINGOLD Patchogue, New York ' My name is Jayne Mansfield. " Sophomores 76 ANTHONY C. ROCCO Harrington, New Jersey CARL A. RUBY Fair Haven, Vermont KEITH G. SAUSELEN Mullica Hill, New Jersey CATHERINE SCHEEPER Glassboro, New Jersey WILLIAM P. SHANNON Rochester, New York PHILLIP A. SHARP Covington, Kentucky PAUL L. SIESWERDA Exeter, New Hampshire LESTER W. SMITH Barbourville, Kentucky W. JAMES SMITH King Ferry, New York WALTER E. SMITH Hamburg, New York LINDA F. SPEGAL DeMossville, Kentucky BARBARA J. STADERMAN Cincinnati, Ohio GERALDINE SYME Barbourville, Kentucky WILLIAM T. TRENT Richmond, Virginia RICHARD VANDE VOORDE Newark, New York ANTONIO M. VEGA Great Falls, Virginia FRANK M. VUONO Bloomfield, New Jersey STEVEN K. WEARN Greenwich, Connecticut MILLARD L. WEST Springsboro, Ohio JOHN R. WHEELER FKishing, New York f ' BS5%w«CT GAIL F. WHITNEY Montpelier, Vermont WILLIAM R. YEATTS Charlottesville, Virginia GERALD R. YOUTZY Geneseo, New York I .- , Sophomores " We misplaced our date! " 77 H ■ 1 Hi ' H " V ' 1 E ii GERALD HALTER JAMES ALLEN President Freshman Class Officers ROGER ALLEN Treasurer WINNIE BRAZIER Secretary 78 MARGARET ABBUHL Harlan, Kentucky WILMA ABNER lUndrick, Kentucky JUDITH ADAIR Amherst, Massachusetts HERBERT ADAMS Barbourville, Kentucky MARY ALEXANDER Ncedliam, Massachusetts HARRY ALLEN Flat Rock, Michigan JAMES ALLEN Leitchfield, Kentucky ROGER ALLEN Needham, Massachusetts DONALD ANDERSON Trucksville, Pennsylvania BRUCE BAKSA Colonia, New Jersey WILLIAM BALLS Baltimore, Maryland FRED BARNES Haddonfield, New Jersey LESTER BARTLEY Blaine, Maine DONALD BAUTZ West Falls, New York WILLIAM BECKMANN Lakewood, Ohio RICHARD BEECROFT Bridgeton, New Jersey BRENDA BELL Hamilton, Ohio PAUL BELLING Maple Shade, New Jersey ALFRED K. BENNETT Long Branch, New Jersey SUSIE BENNETT Long Beach, California CELIA BEUKELMAN Elizabeth, New Jersey BRUCE BIANCO Arlington, Virginia CASS BIEL Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey 79 JANICE BLAKLEY Brookside, Kentucky LEO BONETTI Hartford, Connecticut KARL BOSSELMANN Fort Wayne, Indiana CHARLES BOTTITA Bayville, New York PAMELA BOWEN Lexington, Kentucky WILLIAM BOYINGTON Oceanport, New Jersey VICKI BOZARTH Alexandria, Virginia WINNIE BRAZIER Woodbury, New Jersey GAIL BROWN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania GERALD BROWN Montrose, Pennsylvania JOHN BROWN Rockville C entre, New York WILLIE BROWN Barbourville, Kentucky BETTi ' BRYANT Barbourville, Kentucky BRIAN BURCHNLAN Norwich, Connecticut BOBBIE BURGESS Barbourville, Kentucky PAUL BURHANS Locust ' alley, New York DAVID CALL Barrington, New Jersey KENNETH CAMP Pitman, New Jersey MACARTHUR CARNES Dewitt, Kentucky PETER CASHIN Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania ▲Ik JM h m JOHN CHOVANEC Dover, New Jersey CHARLES CLARK Buckeystown, Maryland BRUCE CLIFFE Highland Park, Illinois Freshmen 80 " t ARTHUR COOPER Brewster, New York FLOYD COOPER Xewark ' alley. New York PHYLLIS COPE Rose Hill, Virginia MARTHA COPELAXD Carney ' s Point, New Jersey SHERYL COWAN Barbourville, Kentucky CLAUDIO CRISAFULLI Raritan, New Jersey CLAIRE CRITTENDEN Chegrinfalls, Ohio DAVID CRITTENDEN LeRay, Ohio CHERYL CRONTZ Aurora, Indiana MARY CUDDEBACK Deal, New Jersey ANTHONY CUETO Manhasset, New York CARL DANIELS Cirdler, Kentucky TIM DEAN Salem, Ohio RONNIE DEATON Heidrick, Kentucky MAURICE DEGROFF Alexandria, X ' irginia HUGH DELK Pineville, Kentucky KENNETH DENSLOW New Rochelle, New York ANGELA DEPALMA Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania YVONNE DEVAUGHN Bethel, Ohio ANA DIAZ New Y ' ork, New Y ' ork ROBERTA DODSON Wilmetti, Illinois Once in a while there is time to be alone. HOWARD DOUGLASS Berea, Ohio CARL DROLSBAUGH Nonvalk, Connecticut ELISHA DUGGER Place, Kentucky KAROLIXA EGORENKO Frankford, Dekiware EDITH ELMORE Ft. Walton Beach, Florida JOSEPH EiNGELBRECHT Pitman, New Jersey ROBERT ESPOSITO Dover, Xew Jersey ROXXIE EVAXS Barbour ille, Kentucky BEVERLY EWEN Hazard, Kentucky JOHN EARNER Buffalo, New York WILLIAM FIELDER Montgomery, Alabama ROGER FISCHER Co ington, Kentucky DONALD FLEISCHMAN Penfield, Xew York GEORGE FORTUXES Brooklyn, Xew York LENETTA FUNK Florence, Kentucky LESLIE GALLIPEAU Rahway, New Jersey LYNN CANARY Haddonfield, Xew Jersey TCKIE GATTON Delaware, Ohio HARRIET GERBER Hamilton, Ohio JOHN GETZINGER Westmont, New Jersey MARY GIRON Trenton, Xew Jersey " And here ' s to you frosh M FRANCIS GLASS Rome, New York JOHN GLASSER Plainfifld, New Jersey SANDRA GOODEARL Wilminston, Massachusetts PAMELA GOOTEE Springfield, Ohio LAWRENCE GORDON Vernon, Connecticut BARRY GRAY Broomall, Pennsylvania VAUGHN GRIFFIN Rutland, Vermont PEGGY GRIFFIN New York, New York MATILDE GUILLEN New York, New York BERTRAM HAHN Huntington, New York RICHARD HALLMAN Arlington, Virginia GERALD HALTER Camden, New Jersey PAT HAMMONS Green Rd., Kentucky WILLIAM HANEY Ruck, Kentucky LINDA HARRIS Springfield, Ohio WILLIAM HARTUNG Clarendon Hills, Illinois ROBERT HAVENS Jeffersonville, Indiana LYNN HAYES Bloomingdale, New Y ' ork ROBERT HEISE Parsippany, New Jersey GLENNA HELTON Hammond, Kentucky WARREN HERGENHAN Riveredge, New Jersey WILLIAM HESS Clymer, Pennsylvania JAMES HIGGS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Freshmen 83 WILLIAM HILDITCH Le% ' iston, New York RICHARD HOAGLAND Wilmington, Delaware WAYNE HOFFMAN Mantua, New Jersey WARREN HORNSBY Fort Mitchell, Kentucky CARL HOSKINS Bigcreek, Kentucky MARY HOWARD Asher, Kentucky PATSY HOWARD Leitchfiekl, Kentucky JOHN HOYT Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania RANDALL HUDSON Seaford, New York ROBERT HUNTER Brooklyn, New York JOHN JANKA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DOUGLAS JENSEN Charlottesville, Virginia JOHN JOHNSON Lakewood, New Jersey PATRICIA JONES BarbourN ille, Kentucky PATRICIA JORDAN Girdler, Kentucky JOHN JUHASZ Ir ington, New Jersey PAMELA KAISER Cincinnati, Ohio JEFFREY KRONK Huntsbiirg, Ohio EDWARD LAMB Valley Stream, New Y ' ork JANE LAW Selbyville, Delaware i MARY A. LEWIS Evarts, Kentucky THOMAS LEWIS De on, Penns l ' ania JEROLYN LIGHTNER Ironton, Ohio Freshmen 84 I 1 4 {f- i ymJ, ' -- V ROBERT MORRISON Uniontown, Ohio " Pfeiffer fire drills are so exciting! " RONALD LINN Arlington Heights, Illinois DAVID LISCOM ' estfield. New Jersey DAVID LOBB Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DOUGLAS LOGAN Cannon, Kentucky LEON LOMBARI Woodsboro, Maryland HARRY LOY Columbia, Kentucky EDWARD McDANIEL Woodbury, New Jersey DAVID McIVER Jersey City, New Jersey CARL McMACKIN S. River, New Jersey JOHN McNAIR Lewiston, New York DAVID McNISH CharlottesN ' ille, Virginia LINDA MAGGARD Louisville, Kentucky JAMES MAIIAN Wilmington, Delaware MARTIN MAIN Beverly, Massachusetts PHILLIP MALONE Ironton, Ohio SUSAN MAYER New Y ' ork, New Y ' ork JO ANN MEDDOCK Greenfield, Indiana JERRY MILLER Arlingt on, Virginia MICHAEL MIRANDO Brooklyn, New York BARRY MORLACHETTA Gibbstown, New Jersey STEPHEN MURPHY Barbourville, Kentucky GLORIA NEAL Barbourville, Kentucky PATRICIA NEWCOM Glasgow, Kentucky NORMA NORTH Mt. Washington, Kentucky ROBERT OSWALD S. River, New Jersey DORA OXENDINE Barbourville, Kentucky ROBERT PAGAN Mt. Freedom, New Jersey PETE PARKER Watertown, New York CLINTON PARKINSON Baltimore, Maryland CHARLES PARSONS Waterville, Maine MYRA PARSONS Yancey, Kentucky DOUG PATTERSON Crozet, Virginia GLYN PATTERSON Pine Mt., Kentucky CURTIS PAYNE Alexandria, Virginia SUSAN PENNYCUFF Stearns, Kentucky DAVID PETERSON Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey RONALD PHIPPS Barbourville, Kentucky WILLIS PICKENS Queens Village, New York PHILIP POEHLS Kirkwood, New Jersey RONALD POPE London, Kentucky 1 FRANK PRESTON Keeseville, New York " Don ' t men like anything besides baseball? " RANDOLPH PROPOS Trucksville, Penns lvania MAURICE QUELLE Cincinnati, Ohio DAVID RAZOR Denver, Colorado ROBERT REEDY Massapequa, New York REBECCA REID Madisonville, Kentucky FREDERICK REININGER Thetford Center, Vermont LINDA REUL Harrodsburg, Kentucky SAMUEL RICHMOND Jonesville, Virginia LOIS RILEY Windham, New York STEPHANIE RILEY Portsmouth, Ohio GLORIA RISNER Louisville, Kentucky MARY RODI Freehold, New Jersey PEGGY ROTHERMUND New Matamoras, Ohio ISAAC RUSSELL Morrisstown, Tennessee JOHN SAMPSON Westfield, New Jersey LAWRENCE SAMPSON Gloucester, Massachusetts SALVATORE SCAFIDI Union City, New Jersey ZELAH SCALF Corbin, Kentucky BETTY SHAVER Akron, Ohio SHARON SHERWOOD Newark Valley, New York HAROLD SHIELDS Barbourville, Kentucky HOWARD SHORT Jenson, Kentucky LLOYD SIMOLA Somerville, New Jersey Freshmen 87 DAVID SIMMON Alexandria, Virginia GARY SIPPRELLE Concord, Massachusetts MIKE SITTERLY Ilion, New York FREDERICK SLOCUM Westfield, New Jersey EDWIN SMITH Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey RICHARD SMITH Oaklyn, New York DIANNA SNOOK Akron, Ohio PAUL SNOWDEN Marion, Massachusetts PETER SPATH Danville, Kentucky JERRY STEWART Corhin, Kentucky RANDOLPH STOKES Springfield, Illinois GARY STOTSKY Y ' ork, Pennsylvania JAMES STRAUSSER Akron, Ohio CHARLES SUNTICH Falsington, Penns l ania PAUL TALLAMY Branchville, New Jersey NORMAN TAYLOR Worcester, Massachusetts PRISCILLA TAYLOR Kettery, Maine JAMES TERRY Miami, Florida JUDY THURSTON Penns Grove, New Jersey LYNNE THURSTON Allendale, New Jersey PAMELA TIMSON Kenncbuukpnrt, Maine STEPHEN TOTH, JR. Norw ieli, Connecticut JONATHAN TOWNES Keuilworth, Illinois DIANE rHi;rHAWAY Wellesley, Massachusetts Freshmen 88 » mm J CLYDE TUBICK W ' ilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania NANCY TUCKER Barbourville, Kentucky CHRISTINE TUHOLSKY Padiicali, Kentucky NORMA TURNER Cincinnati, Ohio VIVIAN VAIR BrookKn, New York RICHARD ' ANATTA Bethlehem, Pennsylvania LYNN VAN SANT Haddonfield, New Jersey ELIZABETH WALKER Amherst, Massachusetts DAVID WALTZ Scranton, Penns)lvania DA TD WELLMAN London, Kentucky CHARLES WTLBY Haddonfield, New Jersey BETTY WILLIAMS F!at,t;ap, Kentucky DAVE WILSON Watertown, New Y ' ork JAMES WILSON Roslyn Heights, New York JACK WORLEY Lebanon, Ohio HENRY WRIGHT . hirs Hill, Maine DAVE YAKE Titusville, New Jersey HIROMI YAMANA Moorestown, New Jersey " Funniest tlun j; — that ivan bubble Kum I sat on! ' ALAN YATES Caroga Lake, New York BARBARA YEACIER Barbour ille, Kentucky MICHAEL YUTER Arlington, Virginia W|tr A 90 TRADITIONS mi Long a tradition at Union, every Senior girl is a candidate for the Sweetheart Queen who is crowned at the annual Valentine Dance. 91 Wiss u nion 1 1 tin rJLinda o o am ion Wr. Vn rf r. Aamei Ujoun 1 I ( I Mr. and Miss Union are chosen by popular vote of the student body as the senior students who best represent the characteristics of friendhness and con- geniahty, who uphold the traditions of the college, who have a variety of inter- ests, and who possess purpose in life. J om ecom In a Two candidates are nomin- ated from each class. This year ' s Homecoming Queen, a member of the Junior class, was chosen by the Alumni attending the annual Alumni Banquet. 93 Ifltii J aren UVatioi een ' ;. ilH i Union ' s STESPEAN Queen was chosen by noted beauty authority and nationally known cosmetic manufacturer, Elizabeth Arden Beauty Salon. Miss Karen Watson has been selected as the 1964 STESPEAN Queen as the judge was impressed by her radiant smile and tenderness of her eyes as added features of her attractiveness. This contest is held annually and is judged by a person well known in the field of facial beauty; the judge ' s decision is based on a photograph of the candidate. 94 a Lit fflount cJLaurei fKepre en ta tlve til ha r ae Aharon tetter Our Mountain Laurel candidate is se- lected by the college faculty to represent Union College at the annual Mountain Laurel Festival in Pineville, Kentucky. 95 Qu ow een Ifliii oLaura J oube The Snow Queen is chosen by popular vote of the members of the Circle K Club and is crowned at the annual Christmas Snow Ball. 96 weetlteatt een Wu. WartL JdrUunJ The Sweetheart Queen is elected by the members of the Association of Women Students as the senior woman student who has contributed most to the dormi- tory and campus hfe, without recogni- tion, during her years at Union College. 97 98 ORGANI- ZATIONS The Student Aetivities Committee, composed of representa- tives from each of the campus organizations, makes plans for the school year. 99 ALPHA DELTA. First Row: Lester Bartley, Archie Main, Paul Sowden, Bonnie Philpot, Mrs. Frank Merchant. Second Row: Carter Black, Butch West, John Chovanec, Jim Young, Bick Shaw, Don Brunkhart, Ronald Watson, Mr. James Watson. Alpha Delta The Alpha Delta Chapter, dedicated to the attainment of greater knowledge of the various fields of mathematics, invites lecturers as well as staff and students to participate in the programs. President: Butch West; Vice-President: Don Brunkhart; Secretary: Bonnie Philpot; Treasurer: James Young. " Hey, that ' s my girl! " 100 " A man? Where? " Alpha Psi Omega was organized as an honorary dra- matic fraternity for the pmpose of providing an honor society for those performing a high standard of work in dramatics. We sponsor drama productions for the year for the further enrichment of the campus community. Thes- pians are selected for membership after they have fulfilled the basic dramatic requirements of the fraternity and have shown a desire to be honored by membership. President: Wes Wilson; Vice-Preisdent: Bob Watson; Secretary- Treasurer: Joe Beavon. Alpha Psi Omega ALPHA PSI OMEGA. Janrose Zingg, Tonilynn Fuller, Joe Beavon, Wesley Wilson, George Shellenbarger, Miss Judith Buckley. 10! And it really fires! Organized in the Fall of 1963, Alpha Phi Omega Na- tional Service Fraternity is dedicated to service to Union College. In line with this purpose, the members have par- ticipated in the Daniel Boone Festival with the entry of a float, in various campus activities, including a booth for the Halloween Carnival, providing ushers for Union ' s orches- tra concert, and aiding other clubs in maintenance projects. In the future, the charter members pictured below will continue to serve the College and the community in any way possible. President: David Covert; Vice-President: Everett Long; Secretary: Jack Ringold; Treasurer: Donald Bautz. Alpha Phi Omega ALPHA PHI OMEGA. Front Row: James Higgs, Archie Main. Richard Smith, James Mahan, Peter Parker, Mr. Charles Saddler, Everett Long, David Covert, Donald Bautz, Jack Ringold, Reverend George Van Home, Mike Parker, Albert Thomas, Tim Dean, Doug Cornelius. Second Row: Jess Alexander, Charles Clark, John Kates, Wally Balls, John Earner, Robert Hartmann, Robert Reedy, Bob Havens, Ted Locke, Peter Spath, Peter Gante, Vaughan Griffin, David Lobb, Mike Sitterly, Paul Sowden. Edward Quisl, Willis Pickens, Allen Yates, Jon Townes, Harry Allen, Bill Hilditch, Dean Palczer, Sam Richmond, Frank Vuono, James Lindsey, Charles Wilby. 102 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. David Lobb, Jim Young, Boaz Mafara- chisi, Don Brunkhart, John Wheeler, Samuel Hissam, Jan Blakley, GtraUl Corum, Linda Elam, Dr. Herman Kurtz, Dr. Eugene Haas. American Chemical Society Promotion of unity among future chemists, initiation of a desire to study chemistry, and orientation in the de- velopment of new fields of chemistry, is the tri-fold purpose of the American Chemical Society: President: Don Brunkhart; Vice-President: John Wheeler; Secretary- Treasurer: Janice Blakley. The science of precision is by no means tlie easiest. 103 Our campus is beautified by the efforts and enthusiasm of Beta Chi Alpha members. Beta Chi Alpha The purpose of Beta Chi Alpha is to promote the appreciation of beauty, cul- ture and art in the life of the Beta Chi Alpha member. This sorority has created two rose beds on campus. Beta Chi Alpha also sponsors the Alumni Banquet, a reception for freshmen, a banquet for members in late spring, a BXA-Circle K Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren, and various fund-raising activities. We maintain that the truest of all beauty, the purest of culture, and the finest of all fine arts is that of dwelling in harm- ony with God. President: Flossie Mohr; Vice-President: Sally Snowball; Secre- tary: Ann Holcombe; Treasurer: Jane Powell; Alumni Secretary: Pat Bailey; Historian: Ann Sergeant; Publicity Chairman: Georgia Bradley. I PAT BAILEY GEORGIA BRADLEY CLARINDA CARTER LOIS CROWE LINDA ELAM WILMA EVANS I SUE FRAZIER GAIL GRAY CLAUDIA HAVENS SHARON HAWN LINDA HILL I ANN HOLCOMBE LAURA HOUBEN JEAN JARVIS GLORIA KREBS PAULETTE LOOK 104 (T- I FLOSSIE MOHR HESTER NEAL CAROL NOURSE CAROLYN OSBORNE JUDY PARROTT JANE POWELL BONNIE SUE RICE ANN SERGENT SALLY SNOWBALL RAE STETLER JACKIE TAYLOR MARGE TOWNSEND KAREN WATSON PAT WILLSON MISS MARY ALICE LAY, Sponsor MRS. FRANK GILBERT, Sponsor A style show is welcomed by all at any time of year. 105 BIOLOGY CLUB. Seated: Linda Elam, Lorrene Waller, Judith Adair, Phil Stone. Standing: Wayne Brashear, Ray Giron, Richard Beecroft, George Allison, Peter Cashin, Mike Parker, Gerald Corum, Danny Strunk. Biology Club The Biology Club, founded on October 4, 1961, explores the various fields of the biological world through group and individual projects. The club hopes to build a museum and devotes much of its time to earning funds for it. President: Danny Strunk; Vice-President: Ray Giron; Secretary: Lor- rene Waller; Treasurer: Finley Potter. " Say that in German, Danny! " 106 " Think it ' ll rain for Homecoming? " Circle K promotes higher social, business, and professional standards. Members are encouraged to live in accordance with the Golden Rule and to de- velop a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship. We serve the community throughout the year sponsoring car washes, an Easter egg hunt, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Cir- cle K is also responsible for the Christmas Open House Dance and the selection of Snowball Queen. President: Bill MuUey; Vice-President: Tom Bird- sail; Secretary: Phil Sharp and Don Cordner; Treas- urer: Jorge Mir. Circle K CIRCLE K. Seated: Jim Watson, Leonard Shetler, Walt Romano, Don Cordner, Phil Sharp, Jorge Mir, Bill MuUey, Tom Birdsall, Sam Perry, Dr. Frank Gilbert. Standitig: Phil Newbert, Paul DiMarco, Joe Lowid, Al Tliomas, Paul Sieswerda, Howard Murphy, Harry Herren, Joe Foster, George Shellen- barger, Ted Bryson, Tom Newport, Bob Parsons, Cecil Thurston, Jim Harbeson, Walter Smith, Jack Phillips, Bob Heffern, Dave Schweitzer, Jerry Benfield, Richard Moldenhauer. 107 The Union College Choir performs at chapel services, special services, and represents the college on annual tours. The Christmas concert and Spring tour are annual activities. President: Richard Blish; Secretary: Paula Hampton. The strain of choir tour College Choir COLLEGE CHOIR. First Row: Gloria Krebs, Christine Brewster, Eleanor Thompson, Anita Raybiirn, Carol Boyd, Patsy Prynn, Jackie Taylor, Linda Spegal, Pam Bowen, Sandy Tignor. Second Row: Becky King, Harriet Gerber, Claire Crittenden, Diana Snook, Paula Hampton, Linda Watson, Clara Swan, Claudia Havens, Carol Nourse, Karen Watson, Sandy Goodearl. Third Row: Ralph L ' nch, Frank Preston, David Lobb, Richard Blish, John Brown, Don Payne, Ralph Meluney, Richard Duffany, IlJavid Burleigh, Floyd Cooper, David Guy, Don Anderson. 108 !!■:•■•:• ■■: ' «■: vfivN •:•■•:•■ •:•! :-■•:•■ v«:ii vi B •:•«■: ■■:•■•:- vTvn vlvP College Orchestra COLLEGE ORCHESTRA. First VioUn: Doris Linger, concertmistress, Paula Hampton, Elccivc Mcllott, Wilma Maxwell, Barliara Steinkravis, Constance Marigold. Second Violin: Marcus Felde, principal, Dennis Jackson, Richard Blish, Clara Swan, Marv -Velson, Ruth Carol Bo -d, Diana Snook. Viola: Nathan Fclde, Alan Stapels. Viola Cello: Gordon Marigold, Paula Peele, J. D. Kelly, Anita Rayburn. Ba ' i: Warren Steinkraus, Harry Herren. Flute: Suzanne Haas, Sharon XIatthews. Oboe: Bernard Linger, Margaret McCallum. Clarinet: Milton Perry, Paul Dunn. Bassoon: George NIellott, Bets ' Davis. French Horn: Michael Walters, Russell Melson, Ralph Meluney. Trumpet: Donald Payne, Donald Anderson. Trombone: Richard Sheilds, Howard Murphy. Tijmpani and Percussion: Joseph Beavon, David Covert. Librarian: .Milton Perry. The Union College orchestra welcomes all students and per- sons in the surrounding area as members. Under the direction of Mr. Allan Green, the orches- tra gave Fall and Spring con- certs which were open to the public. Miss Ruth White was special concert pianist last Fall. 109 " Sure wish we had some bows and arrows . . . " In order to look after the interests of the men of Stevenson Hall, the Resident Men ' s Student Association was formed to make policies concerning important issues. The main activities of the council are the Homecoming display and the Christmas Open House. President: Jim Young; Vice-President: Tom Newport; Secretary: Willie Trent; Treasurer: Don Calitri. Council of Resident Men COUNCIL OF RESIDENT MEN. Seated; Don Calitri, William Trent, James Young, Thomas Newport. Standing: Ted Bryson, Don Anderson, Douglas Little, Harry Herren. 110 The p urpose of this associa- tion is to direct the affairs of student hfe entrusted to it, to encourage individual and group responsibihty, to enrich social life, to promote spiritual growth, to build among women resident students a spirit of unity, and to develop loyalty to Union and its high ideals. President: Marge Townsend; Vice-President; Lois Crowe; Recording Secretary: Lynn Hayes; Treasurer: Sue Fra- zier; Corresponding Secretary: Rae Stetler; Worship Chairman: Carmen Cabrero; Fire Warden: Claudia Havens; Social Stand- ards Committee: Laura Houben; Student Senate Representative: Martha Kirkland. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Seated: Sue Frazier, Marge Townsend, Lois Crowe, Lynn Hayes. Standing: Gloria Krebs. Marty Kirkland, Claudia Havens, Laura Houben, Rae Stetler, Carmen Cabrero. Council of Resident Women JUDICIARY BOARD: Seated: Lois Crowe, Chairman; Jean Nielsen. Standing: Rose Bloyd, Flossie Mohr, Myra Parsons, Sara Gilpin. i ■S-f ' ' - iLii mm 4 »Tf tf ' i H ftS I COUNSELORS AND REPRESENTATIVES: First Row: Geraldine Syme, Bonnie Philpot, Anita Ravbiirn, Jndy Parrott, Myra Parsons. Second Row: Joan Kiernan, Mar - Ann Chnppe, Sally Snowball, Jackie Coomer, Barbara Staderman, Jerry Miller, Jane Embree. Third Row: Clandia Havens, Becky King, Miss Sophie Payne Alston, Miss Virginia Goodwin, Mrs. Lynne Bonnett, Jan Eninger, Ann Holcombe. SOCIAL STANDARDS COMMITTEE. Seated: Patsy Prynn, Laura Houben, Chairman. Standing: Judy Manning, Judy Thurs- COUNCIL OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS: Seated. First Row: Jack Ham- ilton, Viola Cella, Bea Behrmann, Gail Whitney, Carmen Cabrero, Eulalia Serrano. Second Row: Barbara Hamilton, Mrs. GHormley, Peggy Dean, Dr. Ghormley, Barbara O ihie, Lucy Diaz. Standiug: Bruce Cliffe, Curtis Payne, Carter Black, Jerry Youtzy, Bob Oswald, Claudio Crisafulli, Wayne Huffman, Bob Broome, Jack Rivel. Council of Southern Mountains Through actual working experience, Council of South- ern Mountains tries to present to its members a true picture of the southern Appalachian region. Besides providing opportunities for the campus community to dunk professors at the campus " Dunk-ems " , Council mem- bers also sponsor bakery sales, a sock hop, and a work- camp for members. President: Jack Rivel; Vice-President; Bob Broome; Secretary: Barbara Ogilvie; Treasurer: Wayne Hoffman. There is always a smile on his lips. Cwens CWENS (Active): Mrs. Lynne Bonnett, Susan Pope, Sharon Bell, Sue Frazier, Claudia Havens, Ruth Boyd, LoAnna Allen, Paula Peele, Becky King, Mrs. Frank Merchant. CWENS (Alumni): Paulette Look, Sandy Tignor, Ruth Gleason, Sally Snowball. Carol Schultz, Martha Kirkland, Rae Stetler, Lynn Dietrich, Phi Cwens, one of twenty-two chapters, is Union ' s national sophomore honor society. It fosters leadership scholarship, and fellowship among sophomore women and instills incentive in freshmen women to obtain a high scho- lastic average in order to be honored by membership in this society. Outstanding features of this year were: the visitation by the national president, the tapping ceremony, and the annual initiation banquet. President: Claudia Hav- ens; Vice-President: Carol Boyd; Secretary: LoAnna Allen; Treasurer: Sue Frazier. " Congratulations to all of you! " (The annual Cwen tapping ceremony of March, 1963). 113 FRENCH CLUB. First Row: Carol Schultz, Carolyn Osborne, Mrs. Gordon Marigold, Susanne Haas, Lucy Diaz, Judy Adair, Marcia Lloyd, Lois Laurin. Second Row: Dr. Dieter Caller, Dr. Gordon Marigold, Lowell Barnett, Floyd Cooper, John Mutanibara, Gary Stotsky, Paul Dunn, Don Turner, Maurice DeGroff, Dick Fattaruso, Phillip Newbert. French Club Le Cercle Francais meets once a month during the academic year. All students taking French or interested in France are welcome to attend. This year we enjoyed our Christmas party, making plans for the Valentine Dance, and constructing the fleur-de-lis as our Homecoming dis- play. The fleur-de-lis is our pin and emblem, the colors being red, white, and blue. President: Carolyn Osborne; Vice-President: Lois Laurin; Secretary: Don Turner; Treas- urer: Dick Fattaruso; Sponsors: Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Marigold. " Dominique, nique, nique . . . " " where does this one go? " The promotion and consolidation of education and understanding among nations exists as the goal of the For- eign Students Association. Club members attempt to im- prove their knowledge and use of the English language, encouraging each other in this endeavor. President: Boaz Mafarachisi; Vice-President: Jorge Mir; Secretary: Eulalia Serrano; Treasurer: Carmen Cabrero. Foreign Students FOREIGN STUDENTS. First Row: Carmen Cabrero, Eulalia Serrano. Second Bow: Peggy Griffin, Lucy Diaz, Kay Tanouye, Matilde Guillen, Hiromi Yamana. Third Row: John Mutambara, Maurice Quelle, Harry Rice, Jorge Mir, Dr. Hugh Ghormley, James Davison, Frank Vuono, Koon Chang, Barry Gray, Boaz Mafarachisi. 115 " Hey, that ' s a French song! " Die Deutsche Gesellschaft was organized in 1956 to promote an interest in German language, literature, and culture. Regularly scheduled meetings with films, guest speakers, games, impromptu singing, and chatter provide an enjoyable opportunity for learning. This year our ac- tivities included making a Homecoming display, planning the Valentine Dance, a picnic, and our formal banquet. President: Don Turner; Vice-President; Maurice Quelle; Secrei-ary: Lois Laurin; Treasurer: Bruce Morrison; Spon- sors: Dr. and Mrs. W. Gordon Marigold. German Club GERMAN CLUB. First Row: Don Turner, Carol Schultz, Barry Foster, Lois Laurin, Christine Tuholsky, Dr. Gordon Marigold, Harriet Gerber, Rebecca King, Mrs. Gordon Marigold. Second Row: Lowell Barnett, James Allen, Harry Herren, Mark Smith, Maurice Quelle, David Burleigh, Tom Hunter, Bruce Morrison, Dr. Dieter Galler. 116 HOME EC CLUB. Seated: Miss Lay, Georgia Bradley, Jackie Coomer, Hilma Beisecker, Pat Bailey. Standing: Lynn Dietrich, Linda Elam, Judith Adair, Linda Hill, Mary Frazier, Nell Hays, Carolyn Osborne, Myra Parsons, Peggy Chandler, Hester Neal, Clarinda Carter. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club was founded for the pur- pose of acquainting its members with the esthetic as well as the functional sides of home and family care. The highlight of the year was a Christmas tea for the faculty. The club serves many groups through cookie making and preparation of other refreshments. President: Jackie Coom- er; Vice-President: Georgia Bradley; Secretary: Pat Bailey; Treasurer: Hilma Beisecker. " Don ' t you eat that now! ' 117 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. Seated: Mrs. Joseph Mitchell, Judy Parrott, George Shellenbarger, Mary Frazier, Nell Hays, Dr. E. S. Bradley. Standing: Barbara Bailey, John Mutambara, Alvin Caldwell, John Hoyt, James Thompson, Ann Sergent, Gregory Nelson, Gerald Corum, Kevin Baldwin. International Relations Club With stimulating speakers and worthwhile pro- grams, members of the International Relations Club strive to develop a better understanding of world programs and to instill a desire for world cooper- ation. President: Judy Parrott; Vice-President: George Shellenbarger; Secretary; Nell Hays; Treas- urer: Mary Elizabeth Frazier. " A h h h - choo! " Students are elected to this honorary scholastic fra- ternity as a reward for excellence in scholarship and to promote diligence in study and encourage high ideals. They are tapped in the Spring annually. Membership is open upon election to: (a) All who have met the require- ments for graduation with honors; (b) All students who, at the end of the first semester of their junior year, have a quality point standing which if maintained will grad- uate them with the honor of magna cum laiide. President: Donald Welch; Secretary-Treasurer: jean Knuckles. Iota Sigma Nu IOTA SIGMA NU. Seated: Gayle Miles, Stella Bingham, Mrs. Neal Benjamin, Mrs. John Shelley, Mrs. Wilson Singer, Mrs. Sampson Knuckles, Mrs. Laura Miller, Mrs. O. J. Wilson, Dr. O. J. Wilson, Dr. Mahlon Miller, Dr. Charles Walker. Standing: Dr. E. S. Bradley, Mrs. E. S. Bradley, Deril Mays, Alvin Clark. Bnford West, Nell Hayes, Laurence Westbrook, Alberta Sheldon, James Sproul, Elizabeth Todd, James S. Allen, Kathleen Moore, Robert Peterson, Larry Stamper. 1 19 Teachers and students are on a close basis at Union. The Oxford Club provides an opportunity for all Christian service workers and other interested persons to discuss religious issues and to serve others. The hospital committee makes regular visits to persons in the local hos- pital; the jail committee holds Sunday services at the local jail. This year as its project the club is providing labor to insulate a new building at the Chenoa Christian Center in Chenoa, Kentucky. The Student-Faculty Di- rectory is published annually by the club. President: Jay King; Vice-President: Dale Dellmore; Secretary: Charles Graham; Treasurer: John Benson. Oxford Club OXFORD CLUB. First Row: Jay King. Dale Dellmore, Charles Graham, John Benson. Second Row: David Weyant, Sandy Tignor, Anita Raybum, John Crawford, Jackie Coomer, Floyd Cooper, Peggy Griffin, Archie Main. Third Row: Norman Michael, Don Payne, Joe Beavon, Lynn McCarty, David Glahn, Becky King, Gerald Youtzy, John Johnson, Edwin Smith. Fourth Row: Pat Hunter, Tom Hunter, Jeff Kress, Joan Kiernan, Bob Reedy, Bruce Morrison, Harry Allen, Dave Whiteman, Tilden Cornelius. 120 PI GAMMA MU. Seated: Jorge Mir, Nell Hays. Standing: James Gunn, James Valentine, Erick Pifer, Elizabeth Todd, Larue Millen, Rena Milliken, Hugh Ghormley, Bob Clement, James Frutchey, Milton McGee, Eulalia Serrano, Buford West. Pi Gamma Mu To encourage high standards of learning and to promote social service are the purposes of the Beta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu. Membership is open for students who rank in the upper third of the junior and senior classes, have majors or minors in one of the fields of social science with a grade of " B " or better, and have submitted a research paper on some phase of social science. President: Jorge Mir; Vice- President: Nell Hays; Secretary-Treasurer: Rena Mil- liken. " That program left us something to think about. ' PLAYLIKERS. Norman Kelley, Seated: Arlciie Dempsey, Jess Alexander, Bob Eustice, Karl Bosselmann. Standing: Tonilvnn Fuller, Dr. Watts, Miss Buckley, Norman Michael, Winn Douglass, Gary Stotsky, Bob Reedy, Joe Beavon, John Ringold, Henry Wright, Paula Peelle, Wes Wilson, Sharon Bell. Playlikers The purpose of this organization is to assist and pro- mote in the Production of Drama, on or off this campus, by the Union College Drama Department. This year ' s pro- ductions included, Macbeth, Our Town, and one acts. The Playlikers sponsored trips to Centre College, University of Kentucky, and other colleges to see plays. The season was climaxed in the spring by a trip to Louisville and Cin- cinnati to see professional performances. President: Arlene De mpsey; Vice-President: Norman Kelley; Secretary: Toni- Lynn Fuller; Treasurer: Jess Alexander. " This stuff is strictly for girls! " Student teachers cultivate ever-widening in- terests. The John Owen Chapter of SNEA, founded for the purpose of providing a professional club for students entering the teaching profes- sion, emphasizes participation in all levels of professional activity in education, and en- courages development of leadership skills. Activities for this year include sponsoring vis- iting high school NEA groups and hearing various speakers. President: Emily Dickens; Vice-President: Pat Willson; Secretary: Evelyn Maiden; Treasurer: George Shellenbarger. Student National Education Association S.N.E.A. First Row: (against wall): Evelyn Maiden, Judy Parrott, Patsy Piynn, Peggy Chandler, Ann Sergent. Second Row: Emily Dickens, Miss Millen, Elizabeth Walker, Jean Helton, Nancy Tucker. Third Row: Pat Willson, Sandy Tignor, Georgia Bradley, Chris Tuholsky, Judy Simmermon, Hilma Beisecker, Doug Little. Fourth Row: George Shellenbarger, Jean Nielsen, Phil Wilkins, Carolyn Smith, Judy Rogers, Wil- liam Works. 123 Students participate in the Daniel Boone Festival Parade. In addition to presenting a constitution to both the administration and student body for the judicial branch of student government, the Union College Student Ju- chcial Council, the Senate has compiled all college reg- ulations for a better understanding of what is expected, sponsored a drive to collect used books to be used in Asian schools and libraries, sponsored a Union student in the Southeastern College Folk Singing Contest, and evaluated several areas of our college program and sug- gested possible improvements. The Senate has strived to improve student-faculty and administration relations and to make Union a better community in which to live and learn. President: Ed Black; Vice-President: Paula Hampton; Secretary: Marty Kirkland; Treasurer: Jorge Mir. Student Senate h i 1 k STUDENT SENATE. Seated: Martha Kirkland, Jorge Mir, Edward Black, Paula Hampton, Mr. Maurice Mitchell. Standing: Joe Foster, Dick Fattaruso, Sheryl Cowan, Sam Perry, James Allen, John Famer, Flossie Mohr, Ted Bryson, Lowell Bamett, Jennie Lloyd. 124 U CLUB. First Roic: Rose Bloyd, Clarinda Carter, Nancy Beisecker. Second Row: Coach Henry, Ted Bryson, Tom Swenk, Don Calitri, Dave Schweitzer. Third Rotv: Don Cordnei ' , Jim Harbeson, Stan Lawson, Donnie Lane, Charles Hudson, Grove Sauselen, Phil Newbert. Fourth Row: Bill Fultz, Ron Phipps, Norman Taylor, Pete Parker, Rick Shaw. Paul Sieswerda, Richard Moldenhauer, Everett Long. Fift]i Row: William Trent, Steve Wearn, Donald Bautz, Robert Cox, Frank Dalton, Paul Erslan, William Yeatts, Ron Brack. m ' UClub The U Club proposes to further participation in ath- letics on Union ' s campus. It welcomes as members all who have lettered in any sport. Emphasizing student support as well as student participation, it has assumed the respon- sibility of selling concessions at basketball games. The U Club also enthusiastically supports Union ' s intramural pro- gram. President: Thomas Swenk; Vice-President: David Schweitzer; Secretary: Donald Cahtri; Treasurer: Ted Bryson. " Who says athletes can ' t sing? " 125 Seated: Erick Pifer, Business Manager; Ann Holcombe, Circulation Representative. Standing: Dick Fattaruso, Reporter; Don Turner, Reporter; Jim McFarland, Sports Editor. Dave Creighton, Co-Editor; Jackie Taylor, Co-Editor. Orange and Black Literary talent is expressed in the col- lege newspaper, the ORANGE AND BLACK. This weekly publication in- cludes world and local news plus edi- torials, social events, and cartoons. It offers an oppotrunity for students to create and criticize, thus expressing their views on current issues. Seated: Norman Kelly, Reporter; Joe Beavon, Campus News Editor. Standing: Jim Terry, Reporter; Wes Wilson, Photonraphij Editor; Zelah Scalf, Reporter. 126 The STESPEAN provides a good opportunity for student creativity. Each annual is different; each is permanent; each becomes more valuable with age. A primary objective of the STESPEAN is to capture Union ' s atmosphere through por- traying various student groups in situations pe- culiar to our campus. These personal glimpses of student life are bound forever within the cov- ers of the STESPEAN. Lois Laurin, Literary Editor; Erick Pifer, Business Manager; Carol Schultz, Editor-in-Chief. Stespean Ruth Gleason, Sophomore-Junior Editor; Pat Willson, Faculty- Administration Editor; Myra Parsons, Senior Editor; Judy Parrott, Freshmen Editor. Seated: Linda Elam, Traditions Editor; Lois Crowe, Organizations Editor. Stariding: Dick Fattaruso, Assistant Editor; Don Payne, Photography Editor; Michael Johnson, Art Editor; Jim Terry, Sports Editor. Advertising and General Staff: Mary E. Frazier, Al Thomas, Mary Ann Chuppe, Geraldine Syme, John Crawford, Bonnie Philpot, Beverly Ewen, Phil Howard, Stephen Toth. Seated: Jackie Coomer. U.C.C.A. promotes and fosters Christian fellowship and understanding among students of all denominations. We attempt to stimulate interest and action in local, na- tional, and world problems through worship and discus- sion. Lenten Meditations prepared by campus students and faculty members are distributed by U.C.C.A. Presi- dent: Erick Pifer; Vice-President: Emmett Diggs; Secre- tary; Betty Young; Treasurer: Judy Simmermon; Advisor: Dr. Joseph Mitchell. " Our Santa with spectacles. " UCCA has an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. Union College Christian Association UNION COLLEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. First Row: Boaz Mafarachisi, Nell Hays, Joe Bcavon, Don Fiigate, Linda Elani, Carolyn Osborne. Second Row: Joan Kiernan, Sharon Sherwood, Pam Bowen, Nancy Fuller, Diana Snook, Christine Brewster, Phil Malone, Jerolyn Lightner, Sandy Tignor, Don Turner, Dick Fattaruso. Third Row: Floyd Cooper, Anita Raybum, Don Payne, Bettv YoiinK, Judy Simmermon, Judy Rogers, Jan Eninger, Paul Tallamy, Charles Graham, Bruce Morrison, Gerald Youtzy, Erick Pifcr, Norman Michael. 128 Members of the Art Club strive to extend interest in the visual arts. Each year the club gives a sum of money for the best painting or work of art produced dur- ing the year. Through active participation members are made more aware of the val- ues of art. President; Mich- ael Johnson; Vice-President: Loretta Neitzel; Secretary: Kay Tanouye; Treasurer: Don Rankin. Art Club ART CLUB. Winn Douglass, John Hoyt, Connie La Peter, Susie- Bennett, Peg y Griffin, Barry Gray, Mike Johnson, Loretta Neitzel, Aaron Derossett. American Gui ld of Organists The purpose of the A.G.O. is to promote good religious music, to elevate the status of church musicians, and to increase their appreciation of their responsibilities and opportunities. Each year members are evaluated and granted certificates in their respective classes: Fellow, Associate, or Choir Master. President: Ralph Meluney; Vice-President: Floyd Coop- er; Secretary-Treasurer: Ani- ta Rayburn. Sponsor: Miss Mary Orth. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS. Richard Diiffany, Finley Potter, Bud Cooper, Ralph Meluney, Don Payne, John G. Brown, Clara Swan, Anita Rayburn, Miss Mary Orth. 129 For many avid bridge players at Union, the Bridge Club was founded to explore the fundamentals of both types of bridge games, dup- licate and rubber. Members learn different approaches and ideas about the game from each other and help any interested person learn the game. President: Chuck Smith; Secretary: Clenn Lodge; Treasurer: Dennis Bigelow. Bridge Club BRIDGE CLUB. Seated: Marty Kirkland, Chuck Smith, Glenn Lodge. Standing: Ed Black, Paulette Look, Carol Nourse, Sam Perry, Jim Harbeson, William Haney, Barry Foster. Fencing Club In addition to benefiting from the coordination and good posture resulting from the practice of fencing, the club promotes interest to- wards the sport and towards learning alaout its grace, cunning, power, and beauty. FENCING CLUB. Payne. Al Thomas, Ruth Glcason, Eulalia St- ■ inifii Cabreio, Maurice Quelle, Jean Nielsen, Curtis 130 The purpose of Milesians is to extend interest in phi- losophy and provide an op- portunity for philosophical discussion. Annually the Mi- lesian Club publishes The Milesian Fragments, pertain- ing to philosophical issues. Activities of the club include an annual spring banquet with a prominent philoso- pher as speaker. President: Hank Zingg; Vice-President: Charles Smith; Secretary- Treasurer: Michael Johnson. Milesians MILESIANS. Seated: Dr. Warren Steinkraus, Mike Johnson, Hank Zingg, Charles Smith. Standing: Dave Creighton, Phil Howard, John Mutambara, Joan Kiernan, Thomas Hunter, Dr. Robert Matthews. PI EPSILON ALPHA. First Row: Coach Henry, Ted Bryson, Donnie Lane, Gcrri Bean, Robert Cox. Second Roif; Judy Sinimernion, Nancy Beisecker, Caye Scheeper, Betty Young, Jan Eningcr, Marge Townsend, Viola Skinnell. Third Row: John Earner, Ron Brack, Bill Futz, Erank Dalton, Paul Erslan, Ron Phipps. Pi Epsilon Alpha The purposes of this or- ganization are consistent with the purposes of general education and relate specifi- cally to health and safety education. The club consists of majors and minors in the health and physical educa- tion field. Pi Epsilon Alpha was created in 1962 and is quickly becoming a leader among physical education clubs in Kentucky. Presi- dent: Donnie Lane; Vice- President: Bobby Cox; Sec- retary: Gerri Bean; Treasur- er: Ted Bryson. 131 Members of the Dolphin Club attend meetings with the purpose of furthering the knowledge and skills of swimming and of being of assistance to the activities of the college swimming de- partment. President: Grove Sauselen and Jeannine Alex- ander; Secretary: Mary Bur- nett; Treasurer: Barry Fos- ter. Dolphin Club DOLPHIN CLUB. First Row: Barry Foster, Sue Mayer, Grove Sauselen. Judith Adair, Jeanine Alexander. Second How: Glyn Patterson, Leon Lombari, John Juliasz, Pete Parker, Mary Burnett, Caye Scheeper. PH.T.s P.H.T. ' S. Firs! Row: Mrs. Jennie Lloyd, Mrs. D.anny Strunk, Mrs. Barbara Wilder, Mrs. Doris Moore, Mrs. Linda Clement, Mrs. Alice Bingham. Second Roic: Mrs. Pat Hunter, Mrs. Priscilla West, Mrs. Linda Frutchey, Mrs. Elizabeth Douce, Mrs. Christine Monro, Mrs. Brenda Hammonds. To encourage friendly so- cial relations among the married couples at Union is the purpose of the " Putting Husbands Through " club. Members are the wives of Union students. Some of the main projects planned in- clude securing playground equipment for the children, caring for the newly- acquired rose bushes, and having pot-luck dinners for the couples. President: Bar- bara Wilder; Vice-President: Doris Moore; Secretary- Treasurer: Sue Metzler. 132 The Baptist Student Union serves as a link between the Baptist students and the lo- cal church. It is the church at work reaching out to stu- dents. President: Tom New- port; Vice-President: Don Rankin; Secretary-Treasurer: Bonnie Philpot. Baptist Student Union BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. First Row: Mary Smith, Kathy Fox. Merrill Johnson, Sheryl Cowan, Geraldine Syme. Second Row: Harry Herren, Carl Daniels, Bill Davies, Susan Penny cuff, Tom Newport, Ronald Watson, Carter Black, Bonnie Philpot, Mr. Warren Robbins. Disciple Student Fellowship Disciple Student Fellow- ship was founded in 1958. We strive to promote quali- ties of leadership and Chris- tian brotherhood through our Sunday evenings of fel- lowship, fun, discussion, and worship. Included in our ac- tivities are educational films, basketball games, picnics, and retreats. President: Doug Rodeck; Vice-Presi- dent: Denis Bigelow; Secre- tary: Lynn Dietrich; Treas- urer: Ruth Eaton. DISCIPLE STUDENT EELLOWSIIIP. First Rim: Ruth Eatnri, Dr. Hugh C:hnnnl. , v; Drm, s, ,..,„( H„w: Emmett Diggs, Bill Boyington, Jeff Kronk, Ralph Caylor, John Earner, Dan Oesch, Buddy Beverage, Duug Rodeck, Denis Bigclow. 133 METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT. Slandmg: Jeff Kress, Bud Cooper, Linda Frutchfv, Jeiolyn Lightnt-r, Bruce Morrison. Seated: Dave Glahn, Jim Smith, Don Turner, Dick Fattaru so, Charles Graham, Rev. Joseph Mitchell, Jim Frutchey, Christine Brewster, Bob Reedy, Sandy Tignor, Lenetta Funk, John Mutambara. Methodist Student Movement The Methodist Student Movement states that its ob- jectives are to lead students to Jesus Clirist, to stimulate Bible study, to deepen the Christian faith, to further un- derstanding of the Church, to provide warmth of Chris- 1 tian fellowship, to develop ecumenical understanding, to foster Christian education, to offer projects of service, to interpret Christian vocation, to promote religion in higher education, and to encourage participation in a universal Christian movement. President; fames Frutchey; Vice- President: John Mutambara; Secretary: Christine Brewster; Treasurer: Charles Graham. " Anyone want to try? " Bud Cooper helps with the Halloween Carnival booth for MSM. Activities Magic is at his fingertips. " Have you, ah-hem, any interesting bache- lors? " " We need one more tissue right here The various ckibs at Union enjoy presenting programs for the entire student body. Tlie A.U ' .S. prockices a talent show annually, ' hile the Recreational Leadership class sets aside certain nights for games. Beta Chi Alpha invites all to honor Homecoming Day with a bright yellow chry- santhemum, and all clubs may exhibit their displays. Each year at the Halloween Carnival every club has an oppor- tunity to enrich its treasury by charging admission to a magic show, a cake walk, a can-can number, or whatever they wish. And certainly the Christmas season is con- ducive to promoting cooperative spirits among clubs. " And this one I ' ll name after you. " n: The Beauty and the Fir. Beta Chi Alpha sells yellow mums at Homecoming. 135 k s 136 ATHLETICS r ' !%■ President Miller gives " Athlete of the Year " award to Bill Fultz; outstanding representatives of baseball, tennis, and swimming teams are also recognized. -:l 137 Basketball RON BRACK 6 ' 1 " Forward FRANK DALTON 6 ' 4 " Forward BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Pete Moore, Coach; Bonald Phipps, Bar- bourville, Kentucky; Harry Loy, Columbia, Kentucky; Donnie Lane, Ver- sailles, Kentucky; Don Calitri, Manager. Second Row; Bill Fultz, Barbour- ville, Kentucky; Ron Brack, Paris, Kentucky; Bob Cox, Auburn, Kentucky; Doug Logan, Barbourville, Kentucky; Dave Afterkirk, Walton, Kentucky. Third Row: Frank Dalton, Somerset, i entiicky; Bill Trent, Richmond, Virginia; Bill Mathis, LaGrange, Kentucky; Paul Erslan, Akron, Ohio. Union 76 Campbellsville 102 Union 79 Oakland City 64 Union 59 Carson Newman 58 Union 53 King 35 Union 103 Centre 65 Union 101 L. M. U 48 Union 69 Bellarmine 52 Union 84 Berea 58 Union 69 Ky. State 81 Union 87 Campbellsville 66 Union 80 Transylvania 74 Union 55 Berea 52 Union 58 Georgetown 90 Union 67 Pikeville 61 Union 74 Villa Madonna 80 Union 77 Union 76 Union 78 Union 63 Union 69 Union Union 61 Union 75 Union 82 Union 79 Union 78 Union 66 Pikeville 69 Rio Grande 62 L. M. U 55 Ky. State 78 Bellarmine 66 Villa Madonna 66 Centre 70 Transylvania 63 Georgetown 97 KIAC TOURNAMENT Transylvania 66 Villa Madonna 62 Georgetown 73 138 Tile faculty measures the potentials of Union ' s Bulldogs. Cox receives pass from Dalton and is met by two opponents in the Berea game. Ron Phipps dribbles down the court into Union terri- tory in a decisive victory over Campbellsville, 87-66. Dalton guards Villa Madon- na player while keeping an eye on the ball. Against Berea, Dalton shoots from the outside while Fultz jumps high to recover the rebound. Dave Afterkirk jumps and shoots for two points against Berea. Fultz e) ' es an opening to Trent in the Febmary 22 game against Georgetown. The Union College Bulldogs completed the 1963-64 season with a 19-8 won-lost record. Under the direction of KIAC Coach of the Year, Pete Moore, the Bulldogs fin- ished second in the regular season and run- nerup in the conference tourna ment. Tied for the league lead with Georgetown, the Bulldogs dropped a 97-82 decision in the last regular season contest before a Standing Room Only Crowd at the Knox Central Gym. Union was paced throughout the campaign bv all-KIAC selectees Ron Brack and Bill Fultz. JS ' B Afterkirk scores two points while being fouled by Georgetown ' s Dick Vories. BiMuk slioots well out of reach of Georgetown opponent. Trent jumps for a tip-in wliile Brack assists. Union ' s spirit dies down near the end of the game for the KIAC Conference. KKiyT ' - 53ff-,Jil!i!.isy jm ' 141 SWIMMING TEAM Bottom Row: Tony Cueto, Richard Moldenhauer, John Juhasz, Tom Swenk, Paul Sieswerda, Jim Allen, Jerry Halter. Top Rote: Ted Bryson, Huntley Lloyd, Doug Patterson, Chuck Conle ' , Vaughan Grif- fin, William Moody, Steve Murph " , Stan Lawson, Coach William Henry. Swimming Coach Bill Henry ' s Bullfrogs completed the 1964 season with the state meet at Eastern Kentucky. In a campaign which saw the Bullfrogs swim the University of Alabama, Louisville, Morehcad, Eastern Kentucky, and the University of the South, Union completed a successful season. Among the outstanding performers were Rich Moldenhauer, ferry Halter, and Tom Swenk. Moldenhauer dives for the 200 ' ard freestyle in the 196.3 Kentucky state swim meet. u.n TRACK TEAM. Fronf Row: Don Calilri, Hazard, Kentucky, Manager; Pettr Parker, Watertown, New York; Charles Conley, Paintsville, Kentucky; Robert Patton, Hamilton, Ohio; Vernon Wilder, Corhin Kentucky; Salvatore Scafidi. Union Cit ' , New Jersey; Marvin Hubbard, Barbourville, Kentucky; Richard Moldenhauer, Niagara Falls, New York; Joe Martin, Allen, Kentucky, Pete Moore, Coach. Back Rote: Tom Swenk. Ocean City, New Jersey; Ron Walker, Pitman, New Jersey; Willie Trent, Richmond, Virginia; Charles Akers, Dwale, Kcntuck ; Glendon Lodge, Salem. New Jersey; Donald Bautz, West Falls. Ne ' York; Tom Delorme, Milton, Massachusetts; Bill Fultz, Barbourville, Kentucky. The track squad under the di- rection of Coach Pete Moore, completed a somewhat unsuc- cessful 196.3 season. Despite an overall poor showing, outstand- ing individual performances were turned in. Bill Fultz was the iron man of the team, com- peting sometimes in as many as six events and faring well in almost all. Bill Trent was the best in the KIAC in his special- ties, the shot put and the discus. Pete Parker also consistently placed in the mile and two mile runs. The 1964 prospects are somewhat brighter with return- ing lettermen Fultz, Trent, Tom Swenk, Don Bautz, and Roger Truitt. Seven meets are sched- uled. Track Four members of the Track Team— Trent, Delorme, Bautz, and Lodge- discuss an upcoming meet with Coach Ntoore. BASEBALL TEAM, First Roic: Coach Ciruriii ' ' anHorne, Sonn ' Lonfi. GI n Pattursoii, Bruce DeMinico, Jim Harbeson, Dave Schweitzer. Second Row: Dons Losan, Aaron Derosst-tt, Phil Wilkins, Gerald Halter, Gennaro Assorgi. Third Row: Sam Richmond, Carl Ruby, Jim Young, Phil Malone, Dave Simon. Fourth Row: Kell ' Loveland, Gordon Updegraff, Chuck Akers, Sam Perry. Coach George Van Home looks forward to an improved 1964 base- ball team, one that should compile a better record than the 6-16 won-lost ledger of 196.3. Though two top men, Monroe Hedrick and John Moffitt, were lost through graduation, re- turning lettermen in- clude Ted Bryson, lead- ing batsman last year, Dennis Parsons, Dave Schweitzer, Stan Law- son, and Jim Young. These boys, together with some fine freshmen prospects, form the nu- cleus of a potential!) ' sound team. Union will have more depth than last year, particularly in the pitching department. The squad plays a 22- game schedule and quite possibly could have the first winning campaign at Union in the past two vears. Baseball Tennis TENNIS TEAM. Seated: Chuck Conley, Paul Erslan, Bill Yeatts, Frank Dalton, Pete Corum, Rick Slocum, Bob Reedy, Manager. Standing; Gerald Brown, Donie Lane, Craig Pfeiffer, Dan Oesch, Roger Fischer, Coach Herman Bush. The 1964 tennis team, under Coach Herman Bush, will be out to sur- pass last year ' s squad, which made a favorable overall showing. How- ever, the 1963 squad was hurt by ineligible play- ers. Floyd Cook and Dave Austin are the only graduates from that team with Chuck Con- ley, Dan Oesch, Paul Erslan, and Bill Yeatts returning as lettermen. The addition of Pete Corum greatly strength- ens the squad, and fresh- men prospects are bright. With enthusiasm high, and with good weather. Union ' s tennis fans should enjoy watch- ing some winning play this spring. 144 Linda Hill ' s buoyant spirits provoke an enthusiastic response from the cheering section. " C ' mon you all " , pleads Clarinda Carter. Cheerleaders " Give me an T, " yells Rose Brown. Nancy Beisecker expresses full con- fidence in Union ' s Bulldogs. Jane Powell chats with freinds dur- ing intermission. " Jiminy Crickets, Jel- ly Bean! " " Did you lose something, guard? " Girls ' Intramurals Oh! The frustrations resulting from the pull of gravity! With eager anticipation, we experience the intensity, the drama of volleyball . Determination plus coordination makes for another basket. 3 y 0m The Big Ten wrangle with the Jersey boys. " My abiHty to twist sure comes handy at times hke this. " Men ' s Intramurals Men ' s Intramurals consist of six teams, the program being directed by Coach Bill Henry and assisted by students majoring in physical education. Championship team and individual awards are given to students who are active in the intramural program. Some of the year ' s highlights are the all-star football game, track meet, swimming meet, basketball tournament, bowling, volley- ball, Softball, and other special events. During the past year the Kentucky Mountaineers dominated intramural activities. The Kentucky Colonels, the Big Ten, and the Yankees were also prominent teams in the majority of activities. Girls ' Intramurals are very much like the Men ' s with the exception that girls play kickball whereas men play touch football. Prominent girls ' teams are the Yankees, Rebels, Big Ten, and the jerseyites. Jim Young prepares for a left end sweep in the match between the Colonels and the Mountaineers. ' Hey, what ' s Reverend Van Horn doing up tlicre with my girl? " " I don ' t want to be a hog; here, you play with it for awhile. " 147 RAPP LUMBER COMPANY 200 Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky MILLER AND YANCEY FURNITURE COMPANY North Main Street Barbourville, Kentucky ENGLE ' S STUDIO COURT SQUARE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY KNOX CASH JOBBERS WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS - RACK JOBBERS Confection — Cigars Restaurant Supplies — Sundry Items Health Beauty Aids School Supplies Highway 25 E Barbourville Knox Street 546-3400 148 CONN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY GEORGE H. REESE JR., AGENT First State Bank Building Pineville, Kentucky CLAY MOTOR COMPANY Manchester, Kentucky Chevrolet B. F. Goodrich — McCreary Tires Repair — Sales Service THE GOLDEN BELL Middlesboro Pineville DIAMONDS - FINE CHINA - GIFTS Shop and Save at DOBSON SUPER MARKET Manchester, Kentucky Junction of Highway 421 80 149 POPE LUMBER COMPANY National Gypsum Products Pittsburgh Paints 546-4136 Barbourville, Kentucky LAKESIDE LANES Manchester, Street Barbourville, Kentucky GREAl ' ER CONVENIENCE IN YOUR HOME By CUMBERLAND VALLEY RURAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Corbin, Kentucky TRIANGLE LAUNDRY COMPANY Just a few steps from the College Barbourville, Kentucky CATRON MOTOR COMPANY New Fords and Mercurys Corbin, Kentucky 150 OWENS MUFFLER AND BODY SHOP Mufflers Installed Free Motor and Transmission Overhauled Front End Alignment And Wheel Balancing Four blocks on Falls Highway in Corbin, Kentucky Phone: 1123 ' Compliments of o Friend ' HOP ' S BARBER SHOP Corbin, Kentucky Compliments of KENTUCKY TELEPHONE COMPANY COTTON ' S ONE HOUR CLEANERS Barbourville, Kentucky Students Welcome I G. A. FOODLINER Barbourville, Kentucky Phone: 546-3420 151 UNION NATIONAL BANK now has two facilities for service to its customers SAFE SOUND SERVICE Union National Bank Auto — Bank Knox Street and Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky 152 STESPEAN PATRONS Montrose and Jorge " Sympathy to the distressed " Don Jerry Fisch, Hoagie and Barnes — 229 Bob, Dennis, Pete, Sam, and Ted - 119, 121 Bill and Beth, Olhe and Candy Willy, Critt, Clarence Jane - 118 Jim, John, Arch and Beth in 140 Denny, Jim, and Wayne — Room 142 Zoot, Getz, and Mae Isaac and Cerry, Jeff and Jenn Paul and Nancy, Bill and Sara Warren and Maria, Roger and Jane Lynn, John, Ruth, and Denny John Crawford and Jackie Coomer Mary, Patsy, Cleo, and Shorty Bob Potter Mary Alice Lay W. Dean Middleton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice T. Mitchell Mrs. Lynne Bonnett J. B. McFerrin Larry, Tito, and Rick — Room 120 Joe Beavon and Kay Knight Fuff Rur E Dud and Lull I Nun Dud A Abajo Fidel Castro Y Su Chusma Jay Bird and the " General " - 207 Mike Yuter, John Wheeler, Carl Drolsbaugh - 228 The Ferrum Muskateers: Fuzz, Buddy, Dave — 227 Art, Flip, and Jinks — Room 248 Scott Hudson, Larry Sampson, Vaughan Griffin " Hoak " Reedy, " Wally " Balls, and Jon Townes Howie, Joe, and Bill Circle K Club Al and Ruthie Linda Elam and Jim Young Milton H. Townsend Gerri and Bonnie Joseph and Norma Mitchell Jim and Linda Frutchey Virginia Goodwin Catherine Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Gray Mr.and Mrs. Robert J. Bailey " $2.00 just to be a patron?! " 153 KNOX COUNTY OFFICIALS Judge J. E. McDonald, Jailer Lester Broughton, County Clerk Clyde K. Williams, County Attorney John C. Dixon. Sheriff W. B. Frazier, Circuit Court Clerk Floyd Sowders 154 PEOPLE ' S GAS COMPANY Natural Gas Service Phone: 546-4185 AMERICAN FIDELITY BANK Phone: 546-3138 Knox Street Barbourville, Kentucky SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Row One: Anne Brady, Carol Jones, Marie Langdon, Paul Isaacs, Jim Johnson, John Drew, Rohert ' c aiul. Raw Two: Dan Stinson. Frank Hippie, Barry DeRose, Eric Hewitt, Winston Clifton, Bill Strong, Gary Baldwin, Ray Sevcrns, Chuck Weintrauh, John Wynkoop. Row Three: Richard Bauck, Sam Mitchell, Al Cine, Jim Coates, Bruce DeMinico, Gennaro Assorgi, Dennis Drabek, Choose Taurman, Rex Bird, Bob Long, Richard Lang, Ted Davies, Harry Christie, Jim West, Tom Dushas, Erick Matthews. Row Four: Fred Davis, David Fowler, Neil Latham, Pete Ermalinski. 155 CAROLYN SUE AKERS - Secretary, Freshman Class; Dean ' s List; IBM Typing Award; Cwens; S.N.E.A.; B.S.U.; Gregg Shorthand Award. Track; Swimming Team Treasurer, Senior CHARLES EARL AKERS - Basketball: Manager; Men ' s Dorm Council. ED ALLIN — Intramurals; Circle K, Secretary ' Class. BARBARA ELLEN BAILEY - Dean ' s List; International Relations Club; E. O. Robinson ' s and London Laundry Scholarships. PATRICIA BAILEY - Council of Southern Mountains; Home Eco- nomics Club, Secretary; Beta Chi Alpha, Alumni Secretary; S.N.E.A.; Dolphin Club; Intramurals; Biology Club; Stespcan Queen candi- date. STEPHEN LEWIS BAKER - Stespean Staff; U Club; Swimming Team; Dolphin Club; Playlikers; A.P.O., Honorary Acting Frater- nity; Circle K; Intramurals. LUCILLE BINGHAM - Dolphin Club; Club; Intramurals, Captain. ROSE BLOYD- B.S.U.; S.N.E.A.; U Board; Cheerleader. Hockey Team; P.H.T. Club; A.W.S., Judiciary- American Chemical So- ROBERT DARYL BOGGS - Intramurals; cicty; A.M.F. Racing Team; Math Club; Pep Club. MARY BOSWELL-B.S.U.; Dolphin Club; Intramurals, Captain ; Intramural Bowlers, President; Pi Epsilon Alpha; S.N.E.A. GEORGIA BRADLEY- Beta Chi Alpha; S.N.E.A.; Home Econom- ics Club; U.C.C.A. DON BRUNKHART - Math Club, dent; S.N.E.A.; Intramurals. Vice-President; A.C.S., Presi- LAURANCE BUTLER - Dolphin Club; Circle K; Rifle Club. ALVIN CALDWELL - International Relations Club; Junior Col- lege Scholarship; American Legion Scholarship. DONALD LYNN GALITRI - American Chemical Society; U.C. C.A.; Basketball Manager; Track Manager; Men ' s Dorm Council, Treasurer; U Club, Secretary. CARMEN CABRERO - Dean ' s List; U.C.C.A.; Foreign Students Association, President; Student Activities Committee; A.W.S. ; Fenc- ing Club, President, Teacher; Council of Southern Mountains; 0. ford Club. CLARINDA JANE CARTER - U.C.C.A.; S.N.E.A.; Home Econom- cis Club; U Club; Beta Chi Alpha; Cheerleader; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Snow Queen Candidate; Intramurals; Girls ' Bas- ketball Team. ROBERT CLEMENT -President, Freshman Class; O.vford Club; French Club; Track Team; U.C.C.A., Vice-President; Junior Class Representative, Men ' s Domi Council; President, Senior Class; Alum- ni, Landrum Memorial, Middlesboro Trinity Methodist Church Scholarships; Pi Gamma Mu. KENNETH COBB - Basketball Team; Intramurals. CHARLES CONLEY - Orientation Committee; Track; Tennis Team: Swimming Team; Orphanage Committee; Dolphin Club; Student Senate Representative. REBECCA CONLEY - Orientation Committee; Orphanage Com- mittee; A.W.S., Social Standards Committee; U.C.C.A., Secretary, Representative; Vice-President, Freshman Class. JACKIE COOMER - Home Economics Club, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary; Orange and Black; Stcspcan Staff; Mrs. L. A. Geiss Award in Home Economics; O.xford Club; Gregg Typing and Shorthand Certificates; Girls ' Basketball Team; Intramurals; A.W.S. DAVID L. CREIGHTON - Weaver Award; Orange and Black, Co- Editor; Circle K; Philosophy Assistantship; Dean ' s List; Milesians; Honors Reading Program. LOIS CAROL CROWE - Beta Chi Alpha, President; Student Sen- ate; A.W.S., Judiciary Board, Vice-President; Stespean Staff; S.N. E.A., Secretary; Religious Life Committee. FRANK DALTON - Basketball; U Club; Pi Epsilon Alpha. THOMAS L. DOUCE - O.xford Club; Choir; U.C.C.A., Vice-Presi- dent, President; Circle K; Black Memorial Scholarship; Freshman Class Parliamentarian. LINDA LEE ELAM — Miss Union; Beta Chi Alpha; American Guild of Organists, Secretary-, Treasurer; American Chemical So- ciety; U.C.C.A., Secretary; Home Economics Club; Orange and Black; International Relations Club; Stespean Staff; Biology Club; A.W.S., Judiciary Board; Orientation Committee. 156 JANICE ENINGER - A.W.S.; Student Activities Committee; U.C. C.A.; Pi Epsilon Alpha; Intramurals. WILMA EVANS — Beta Chi Alpha; Cwens, Treasurer; Commuters ' Representative, Student Senate. MARY ELIZABETH FRAZIER - American Guild of Organists; Choir; B.S.U.; International Relations Club; Home Economics Club; Student Activities Committee. JAMES FRUTCHEY - Dean ' s List; Washington Semester Student; Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President; Iota Sigma Nu; History Assistant- ship; M.S.M., President, Treasurer; S.N.E.A.; U.C.C.A. LINDA FRUTCHEY -Dean ' s List; Iota Sigma Nu; Beta Sigma; Education Assistantship: M.S.M., President, Vice-President; U.C. C.A.; French Club; A.W.S.; P.H.T.; Senior Class Secretary. CHARLES GRAHAM - O.xford Club, Treasurer, Secretary: French Club; U.C.C.A.; Student Activity Committee; M.S.M., ' Treasurer; Council of Southern Mountains. RAY GIRON - Biology Club, President; Rifle Club; Orange and Black, Cartoonist; Stespean Art Editor; Herpetology Research Club; U.C.C.A. JAMES GUNN - U.C.C.A.; O.xford Club; Landrum Memorial Schol- arship; Student Pastor; Pi Gamma Mu. JAMES HARBESON - Baseball; Circle K; Pep Club; Intramurals; Bridge Club; U.C.C.A. NELL HAYS - Iota Sigma Nu Award: Cecil H. Wilson Award; Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President; International Relations Club, Secretary; Iota Sigma Nu; Council of Southern Mountains; American Guild of Organists; U.C.C.A.; Home Economics Club; Pep Club; Alpha Psi Omega. BARBARA HELTON - International Relations Club. LINDA HILL — Homecoming Queen Candidate; Snow Queen Can- didate; Student Conduct Committee; Beta Chi Alpha, Secretary; S.N.E.A.; Home Economics Club; Pep Club; Intramurals; Girls ' Basketball Team; Cheerleader; Hockey Team. LAURA HOUBEN - Snow Queen; Beta Chi Alpha; Social Standards Committee; Council of Southern Mountains, Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent. MARVIN HUBBARD CHARLES HUDSON- Track Team; Intramurals. ■ Baseball Team: U Club; Intramurals. TOM HUNTER Milesian Club. - Choir; German Club: Oxford Club, President; MERRILL JOHNSON - B.S.U.; French Club. MICHAEL JOHNSON -Art Club. President; Milesian Club, Sec- retary ' , Treasurer; Tennis Team; U Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Stespean Art Editor. MARTY KIRKLAND - Beta Chi Alpha; Phi Cwens; Bridge Club; Mathematics Club; Student Senate, Secretary. GLORIA KREBS - Beta Chi Alpha; Choir; Student Activities Com- mittee; Cheerleader; U Club. LOIS LAURIN - French Club, Vice-President; German Club, Sec- retary; Foreign Language Assistantship; Sophomore Class Secretary; Junior Class Secretary; Beta Chi Alpha; S.N.E.A.; M.S.M.; Stespean Literary Editor. DOUGLAS LITTLE - Intramurals; Circle K; S.N.E.A.; Men ' s Dorm Council; Student Activities Committee; Bowling League, President. JENNIE LLOYD-Beta Chi Alpha; Pi Cwens; P.H.T.; Student Senate. BILL LLOYD -Circle K, Vice-President; Men ' s Dorm Council; Swimming Team, Captain; U. Club. EVELYN MAIDEN-S.N.E.A., Secretary; Transfer. " I can ' t believe we ' re going to graduate this year! " I JOE DAVID MARTIN - Track; S.N.E.A.; Intramurals; Bowling League, President; Council of Southern Mountains; Dolphin Club; International Relations Club. JOHN MOFFITT - Baseball Team; U Club; Dolphin Club; Radio Club; American Chemical Society; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals, Captain; Men ' s Dorm Council; Racing Team; Nominee for Athlete of Year. JORGE MIR — Swimming Team; Circle K, Treasurer; Dolphin Club, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Foreign Students Association, Presi- dent, Vice-President; LI Club; Men ' s Dorm Council, Treasurer; Stu- dent Activities Committee; Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President, Presi- dent; IBM Typing Award; Student Senate, Treasurer; Business De- partment Assistantship. BILL MULLEY- Circle K, Vice-President, President; Junior Class, Vice-President; Student Judiciary Board; Men ' s Dorm Council, Secretary. JEAN NIELSEN - Transfer; Dolphin Club; Stespcan Staff; S.N. E.A.; Student Activities Committee; Fencing Club; A.W.S., Judic- iary Board. DAN OESCH — Intramurals; Tennis Team; Student Senate; Junior Class, President; U Club; Men ' s Dorm Council; Disciple Student Fellowship. CAROLYN OSBORNE - Choir; U.C.C.A.; S.N.E.A.; French Club, President; Beta Chi Alpha; Home Economics Club; Orientation Committee. JEWELL PARKER - Commuter; Teacher. JUDY PARROTT - Beta Chi President; S.N.E.A.; Student Club; M.S.M., Secretary. DONALD PAYNE — Stespean Photographer; Orange and Black Photographer; Chapel Organist; 0. ford Club; American Guild of Organists; Orchestra. ERICK PIFER - U.C.C.A.; Alumni Scholarship; Orientation Com- mittee; Intramurals; National Methodist Scholarship; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Orange and Black; Pi Gamma Mu; Stespcan Staff; Junior Class Treasurer. JACK RIVEL - Religious Life Representative; Oxford Club; Bi- ology Club; U.C.C.A.; German Club; M.S.M.; Intramurals; Orien- tation Committee; Orange and Black; Council of Southern Moun- tains, President; Assistant Dorm Counselor. CAROL ANN SCHULTZ - Editor in Chief, Stespean; President, French Club; German Club; Cwens, Orange and Black, S.N.E.A.; Dean ' s List; LTnion College Honor Scholarship; National Methodist Scholarship; J.C.E.A. Scholarship; LT.C.C..4.; Milesians; Senior As- sistantship in Foreign Language Department; Freshman Orientation Committee; Orchestra; M.S.M., George T. Carl religious essay award. EULALIA SERRANO - Dean ' s List; Fencing Club, Vice-President; Foreign Students Association, Secretary, Treasurer; Stespean Queen Candidate; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Oxford Club; Council of Southern Mountains; French Club; LI.C.C.A.; Pi Gamma Mu. Alpha; International Relations Club, Activities Committee; A.W.S.; Art VIOLA SKINNELL-Pi Epsilon Alpha; P.H.T.; Hockey Team; Basketball Team Co-Captain; Intramurals; Transfer. SALLY SNOWBALL - Beta Chi Alpha, Vice-President; A.W.S., Secretar ' ; Student Senate, Secretary; Choir; French Club, Treasurer; Orange and Black; NLS.M.; Cwens; Iota Sigma Nu; LI.C.C.A.; S.N.E.A.; Dean ' s List; Council of Southern Mountains; Education Assistantship. RAE SHARON STETLER - English Assistantship; A.W.S., Secre- tary; Beta Chi Alpha; Cwens, President; Orange and Black; Stes- pean; French Club; Mountain Laurel Representative: Hom ' e Eco- nomics Club; Stespean Queen; Orientation Committee; Student Activities Committee. PHILIP W. STONE - Intramurals; Dolphin Club; Stespean Staff; Biology Club; Rifle Club; LI.C.C.A.; Milesians; Biology Assistant- ship; Herpetology Research Club. BERNARD STROTHER - Oxford Club; M.S.M.; U.C.C.A.; Coun- cil of Southern Mountains; Orange and Black Staff. DANNY JOE STRUNK - Circle K; Biology Club, Secretary, Vice- President, President; Biology Assistantship. CLARA ANN SWAN — Transfer; Junior College Scholarship; Fine Arts Assistantship; Dean ' s List; M.S.M.; American Guild of Organ- ists; Choir; Orchestra; Bach Group. MARGE TOWNSEND-S.N.E.A.; Beta Chi Alpha; Pi Epsilon Alpha; A.W.S., Judiciary Board, Vice-President, President; Hockey Team, Captain; Intramurals; Basketball Team. R. JAMES WATSON - Circle K, Executi e Board; U.C.C.A.; Or- ange and Black; Milesians. BUFORD WEST - Freshman Mat h Award; President, Sophomore Class; Math Club, President; Dean ' s List; Honor Scholarship; Iota Sigma Nu; Testing and Guidance Committee; Pi Gamma Mu. RUTH CAROLYN WHITE - Theodore Resser Music Scholarship; U.C.C.A.; Piano Soloist, Orchestra. VERNON WILDER - Biology Club, Treasurer; Track; Dolphin Club; Intramurals; LI Club. C. PHILLIP WILKINS - S.N.E.A.; Baseball; Intramurals, Captain; Honor Scholarship. PATRICIA ANN WILLSON - Honor Scholarship; Oxford Club; L ' .C.C.A.; Betr Chi Alpha; Student Senate, Secretar ' ; Library Com- mittee, Secretary; S.N.E.A., Vice-President; Stespean St;vff. JUDY S. WILSON - Choir; Orchestra; B.S.U.; Council of South- ern Mountains; Homecoming Queen. WES WILSON - O.xford Club; Alpha Psi Omega, President; Play- likers; Bridge Club; Orange and Black. JAMES WALTER YOUNG - Mr. Union; Men ' s Dorm Council, President, Vice-President; Math Club, Vice-President, Treasurer; Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Senior Class, Vice-President; U Club; Baseball; Orientation Committee; Intramurals. THANK YOU The editor would like to e.xpress Iter gratitude to the 1964 STESPEAN staff as well as to arious individuals who contributed priceless time and labor toward making this year ' s STESPEAN an annual well worth cherishing. The editor is especially indebted to Mr. joe C. Hacker, business advisor, whose patience and acute foresight were invaluable, to Marty Kirkland who cheerfully volunteered her services in the organization of the inde.x and the senior directory, and to Mr. Milton Townsend who generously contributed a number of pictures in the sports section and the colored picture of the chapel. Additional thanks goes to Mr. Elmer Engle, Don Pa ' ne, and Wes Wilson, our photographers, ' ithout their enthusiastic cooperation and their willing- ness to act as " shutterbugs " , our 1964 STESPEAN would not be the composite portrayal of student life that we feel it is. ' ith deepest appreciation to all those who helped in the preparation and production of the 1964 STESPEAN, the editor hopes that the student body and facult - will always remember the year 1963-64 at Union College. 157 Index Abbuhl, Margaret 79 Abner, Wilma J. 79 Ackerman, Garon Adair, Judith A. 79, 106, 114, 117, 132 Adams, Herbert 79 Adamson, Kav 43 Afterkirk, David 43, 138, 140, 141 Akers, Carolyn 43 Akers, Charles 43, 143. 144 Alexander, Jeannine 73, 132 Alexander, Jesse 65, 102, 122 Alexander, Mary 79 Alexander, Mike Allen, Harry P. 79, 102, 120 Allen, James M. 78, 79, 116, 124, 142 Allen, LoAnna 73, 113 Allen, Roger L. 78, 79 Allin, Edwin S. 42, 43 Allison, George 65, 106 Amis, Thomas E. 73 Anderson, Donald 79, 108, 109, 110 Arthur, Melva F. 65 Assorgi, Gennaro 144, 155 Auraden, Katherine 65 Babcock, Fraklin 65 Bacon, Richard 43 Bacon, Susan 43 Bailey, Barbara 43, 118 Bailey, Patricia 44, 117 Baker, Frances 44 Baker, Stephen 44 Baksa, Bruce 79 Baldwin, Gary 155 Baldwin, Kevin F. 65, 118 Balls, William 79, 102 Barnes, Frederick 79 Barnett, Dorothy 65 Harnett, Lowell 65, 114, 116, 124 Bartlev, Lester 79, 100 Bauck, Richard 155 Bautz, Donald 79, 102, 125, 143 Bean, Darlene 65, 131 Beavon, Joseph 73, 101, 109, 120, 122, 126, 128 Beckmann, William 79 Beecroft, Richard 79, 106 Behrmann, Birgit 73 Beisecker, Hilma 117, 123 Beisecker, Nancy 64, 65, 125, 131 Bell, Brenda S. 79 Bell, Linda 73, 113, 122 Bellino, Paul 79 Benfield, Jerry 44, 107 Bennett, Alfred 79, 120 Bennett, Susie 79, 129 Benson, John 73, 120 Beukelman, Celia 79 Beverage, Edgar 44, 133 Begelow, Denis 44, 133 Bianco, Bruce 79 Biel, Cass 79 Bingham, Lucille 44 Bingham, Mary 119, 132 Bird, Rexford 155 Birdsall, Thomas 65, 107 Black, Edward 44, 124. 130 Black, James C. 73, 100, 133 Black, Lorraine 73 Blakley, Janice 80, 103 Blish, Richard 11, 45, 108, 109 Bloyd, Rose 45, 111, 125 Boggs, Robert 45 Bonetti, Leo 80 Bosselmann. Kar ' 80. 122 Boswell. Mar ' 45 Bottitta, Charles 80 Bowen, Pamela 80, 108, 128 Bowlin, Alice 73 Boyd, Ruth Carol 73. 108. 109. 113 Boyington. William 80, 133 Bozarth, Vicki 80 Brack, Ronald 125, 131, 138. 141 Bradley. Georgia 45. 116. 123 Brady. Elizabeth 155 Brashear, Alan 65. 106 Brazier, Winnie 78. 80 Brewster. Chris 73. 108, 128, 134 Broome, Robert 73 Brown, Gail 80 Brown, Gerald 80, 144 Brown, John G. 80, 108, 129 Brown, Matthew 45 Brown, Willie 80 Bruce, Don 45 Brunkhart, Donald 45, 100, 103 Bryant, Betty K. SO Bryson, Ted 65, 107, 110, 124, 125, 131, 142 Buchanan, Floiene 46 Budelmann, Ben 73 Biuchman, Brian 80 Burgess, Bobbie 80 Burhans, Paul 80 Burleigh, David 65, 108, 116 Burnett, Mary 132 Butler, Laurance 46 C.ibrero, Carmen 46, 111, 115. 130 Caldwell, Alvin 46, 118 Calitri, Donald 46, 110, 125, 138, 143 Call, David 80 Camp, Kenneth 80 Carey, Jerry 66 Carmines, James 61 Games, MacArthur 80 Carter, Clarinda 46, 117, 125 Cashin, Peter 80, 106 Caylor, Ralph 46, 133 Cella, Viola 73 Chacona, Sandra 66 Chandler. Peggy 66. 117. 123 Chang. Koon I. 73. 115 Cheeseman. Ja ' 73 Chesnut. Cleo 61 Chovanec. John SO, 100 Christie, Harry 155 Chuppe, Mary Ann 73, 111, 127 Cine, Alan 155 Clark, Charles 80, 102 Clark, Marv R. 66 Clement, Robert 17, 42, 46, 121 Clement, Linda 17, 47, 132 Cliffe, Bruce 80 Clifton. Winston 155 Cline. Danny 47 Cline. Margaret 73 Coates. James 155 Cobb. Kenneth 47 Cobb. Nancella 66 Comer. James 8. 73 Compher, James 66 Conley. Ch.arles 47. 138. 142. 144 Conlev. Rebecca 47 Coomer, Jacqueline 47. 111. 117. 127 Cooper. Arthur 81 Cooper. Floyd 81, 108, 114, 120, 128, 129, 134 Cope, Donald 47 Cope, Phyllis 81 Cordner, Donald 73, 107, 125 Cornelius, Tilden 102. 120 Corum, Gerald 73, 103, 106, 118, 144 Covert, Ralph 73, 102, 109 Cowan, Shervl 8, 81, 124, 133 Cox, Marow 74, 140 Cox, Robert 74, 125, 131, 138, 139 Crawford, John 74, 120, 127 Creighton, David 47, 126, 131 Cress, William L. 48 Crisafulli, Claudio 81 Crittenden, Claire 81, 108 Crittenden, David 81 Crockett, Sandra S. 61 Crontz, Chervl 81 Crowe. Lois C. 22. 48. 111. 127 Cuddeback. Marv 81 Cueto. Anthony 81, 142 Dalton, Franklin 48, 125, 131, 138, 139, 140, 144 Damstrom, Kenneth 74 Daniels, Carl 81, 133 Davies, Theodore 155 D.-ivies, William S. 74, 133 Davis, Frederick 155 Davis, Lysbeth 66, 109 Davison, James 115, 116, 120, 128 De.in, Peggy 133 Dean, Tim Alan 81, 102 Deaton, Ronnie 81 DeGroff, Maurice 81, 114 Delk, Hugh 81 Dellmore. Dale 66. 120 Delorme. Thomas 143 DeMincio. Bruce 144. 155 Dempsey, Arlene 74, 122 Denslow, Kenneth 81 Depalma, Angela 81 DeRosc. Barry 155 Derossett. Aaron 66. 129. 144 DeVaughn. Yvonne 81 Diaz. Ana 81. 114. 115 Dickens, Emilv 48, 123 Dietrich, Lynn 66, 113, 117 Diggs, Emmett 48, 133 DiMarco, Paul 66, 107 Dodson, Roberta 81 Douce, Elizabeth 48, 132 Douce, Thomas 48 Douglass, Howard 82, 122 , 129 Drabek, Dennis 155 Drew, John 155 Drolsbaugh, Carl 82 Duffanv, Richard 108, 129 Dogger. Elisha 82 Dunn. Paul 74, 109, 114 Dushas, Thomas 155 Eaton, Ruth 66, 133 Egorenko, Karolina 82 Elam, Linda 48, 92, 103, 106. 117, 127, 128 Elmore, Edith 82 Embrce, Jane 72, 74. Ill Englebrecht, Joseph 82 Eniger, Janice 49, 111, 128, 131 Ermalinski, Peter 155 Erslan, Paul 74, 125,131,138, 144 Esposito, Robert 82 Eustice, Robert 21, 122 Evans, Ronnie 82 Evans, Wilma 49 Ewen, Beverly 82, 127 Earner John 82, 102, 124, 131, 133 FattarusrRichard 66, 114, 124, 126, 127, 128, 134 Fielder, William 82 Fields, Orvel 66 Fischer, Roger 82, 144 Fleischman, Donald 82 Foley. Elbert J. 66 Folk. Earl R. 66 Fortunes. George 82 Foster. Barry 74, 116, 130, 132 Foster, Joseph 74, 107, 124 Fowler, David 155 Fox, Sara Kathryn 74, 133 Frazier, Mary E. 49, 117, 118 Frazier, Sue C. 74, 111. 113. 127 Frutchey, James 17, 49, 121, 134 Frutchey, Linda 17, 42, 49, 132, 134 Fugate, Don.ald 74, 128 Fuller, Tonilynn 74, 101, 122 Fultz, Bill 49, 125, 131, 138, 139, 140, 141, 143 Funk, Lenctta 82, 134 Furr. James 49 Gallipeau, Leslie 82 Canary. Lynn 82 Gante, Peter 74. 102 Giitton. Vickie 82 Geesey. William 74 Gerber. Harriet 82. 108. 116 Getzinger, John 82 Gilpin, Sara 74, 111 Giron, Mary C. 82 Giron, Raymond 49, 106 Glahn, David 67. 120. 134 Glass. Francis 83 Glasser, John 83 Gleason, Ruth 67, 113, 127, 130 Golden. Aubrey 67 Goodearl. Sandra 83, 108 Gootee, Pamela 83 Gordon, Lawrence 83 Graham, Charles 50, 120, 128, 134 Grav, Barry 83, 115, 129 Gray, Gail 67 Gregory, Maxola 50 Griffin, Peggy 83, 115. 120, 129 Griffin, Vaughn 83, 102, 142 Guillen. Matilde 83, 115 Gunn, James 50. 121 Guv. David A. 67, 108 Haas, Susanne 109, 114 Hahn, Bertram 83 Hallman, Richard 83 Halter, Gerald 78, 83, 142, 144 Hamm, David 50 Hammons, Brenda 67, 132 Hammons, Euna 50 Hammons, Patricia 83 Hampton, Paula 11, 67, 93, 108. 109. 124 Haney. William 83, 130 Harbeson, James 50, 107, 125, 130, 144 Harris. Linda L. 83 Hartmann. Robert 74, 102 Hartsfield, Joyce 74 Hartung, William 83 Havens, Claudia 11. 15. 74. 108. Ill, 113 Havens, Robert 83, 102 Hayes, Lynn 83, 111 Hayes, Nell 50, 117, 118, 119, 121, 128 Hayes, Sandra 67 Hedrick, Ella 74 Heffern, Robert 67, 107 Heise, Robert 83 Helton, Barbara 50 Helton, Glenna 83 Helton, Judith 74 Helton, Shelvia 67. 123 Hergenhan. Warren 83 Herren. Harry 67, 107, 109, 110, 116, 133 Hess, William 83 Hewitt, Eric 155 Hicks, C. Donald 75 Higgs, James 83, 102 Hilditch, William 84, 102 Hill, Linda 11, 15, 51, 117 Hippie, Franklin 155 Hissani, Samuel J. 75, 103 Hoagland, Richard 84 Hoffman, Wavne 84 Holcombe, Ann 72, 75, 111, 126 Hornsby, Warren 84 Hoskins, Carl 84 Houben, Laura 11, 15, 51, 96, 111 Howard, Mary Nell 84 Howard. Patsy 84 Howard. Phillip 75. 127. 131 Hoyt, John 84, 118. 129 158 Hubbard, Marvin 51, 143 Hudson, Charles 51, 125 Hudson, Randall 84 Hudson, Thomas 51 Hundlev, James 51 Hunter, Patricia 67, 120, 132 Hunter, Richard T. 51, 116, 120, 131 Hunter, Robert J. 84 Irizarry, Emilio 75 Isaacs, Paul 155 Jackson, Freeda 67 Jacobs, Maurice 67 Janka, John 84 Jarvis, Jean 67 Jarvis, Mar ' 75 Jensen, Douglas 84 Johnson, James 155 Johnson, John V. 84, 120 Johnson, Merrill, 51, 133 Johnson, Michael 19, 52, 127, 129, 131 Jones, Anthony 75 Jones, Carol 155 Jones, Patricia 84 Jordan, Patricia 84 Juhasz, John 84. 132, 142 Kaiser, Pamela 84 Kates, L. John 68, 102 Kellv, Norman 68, 122, 126 Kiernan, Joan 111, 120, 128, 131 King, lay H. 75, 120 King, Rebecca 75, 108. 111. 113. 116. 120 Kirkland, Martha 52, 97, 111, 113, 124, 130 Kiebs, Gloria 52, 108, 111 Kress, Jeffrey 68. 134 Kronk, Jeffrey 84 Lamb, Edward 84 Lane, Donald 68. 125, 131, 138, 144 Lang, Richard 1.55 Langdon, Marie 155 Lasher, Edwin .52 Latham, Neil 155 Laurin, Lois 52. 114, 116, 127 Lauris, Sigurd 68 Law, Jane 84 Lawson, Stanley 68, 125, 142 Leathersich, Peter 68 Lee, Wilbur 75 LePeter. Constance 68, 129 Lewis, Mary . lice 84 Lewis, Mary Louise 75 Lewis, Thomas 84 Lightner, Jerolyn 84, 128, 134 L indsey, James 75, 102 Linn, Ronald 8-5 Liscom, David 85 Little, Douglas 52. 110, 123 Lloyd, Howard 142 Lloyd, Jennie Jo 52, 124, 132 LIo ' d, Marcia 75, 114 Llovd, Nonnan 52 Lobb, David 85, 102, 103, 108 Locke, Theodore 75, 102 Lodge, Glendon 75. 130, 143 Logan, C. Douglas 85, 138, 144 Lombardi, Leon 85, 132 Long, Everett 75, 102, 125, 144 Long, Robert 155 Look, Paulette 53, 113, 130 Loveland, Robert 144 Loivid, Joseph 75, 107 Loy, Harry T. 85, 138 Lumpkins, Joy 75 Lynch, Ralph 108 McCarty, Lynn 68 McCIuskey, James 68 McDaniel, Edward 8.5 McFarland, James 53, 126 Mclver, David 85 McKinstrv, William 68 McMackin, Carl 85 Mc.Vair, John 85 McNish, David 25, 85 Machamer, Alan 75 Mafarachisi, Boaz 64, 68, 103, 115, 128 Maggard, Linda 85 Magnusen, Thor 75 Mahan, James 85, 102 Maiden, Evelyn 53, 123 Main, Martin A. 85, 100, 102, 120 Malone, Phillip 85, 128, 144 Manning, Judy 75, 111 Marcus, Lloyd 53 Martin, Joe David 53, 143 Matheson, Gail 68 Mathis, William 138 Matthews, Eric 155 Mayer, Susan 85, 132 Meddock, Jo Ann 8.5 MeGee, Milton 53, 121 Meluney, Ralph 68, 108, 109, 129 Metzler, Robert 53 Michael, Norman 76, 120, 122, 128 Middleton, Willie 68 Miller, Jerry 85, 111 Mir, Jorge 53, 107. 115, 121, 124 Mirando, Michael 85 Mitchell, Charles 68 Mitchell, Samuel 15-5 Moffitt, John 54 Mohr, Florence 69, 111, 124 Moldenhauer, Richard 76, 107, 125, 142, 143 Monro, Alfred 54 Monro, Christine 69, 132 Moody, William 76, 142 Moore, Doris 54, 132 Morlachetta. Barrv 85 Morrison. Robert 85, 120, 134 Mullen, William 76 MuUey, William 54, 107 Murphey, Stephen 86, 142 Murphy, Howard 76, 107, 109 Mutanibara, John 69, 114, 115, 118, 131, 134 Nasr, Anton 54 Nasr, Brenda .54 Neal. Gloria 86, 117 Neitzcl, Loretta 11, 15, 76, 129 Nelson, Grccor - 69 Newbert, Philip 76. 107, 114, 125 Newcom, Patricia 86 Ne vman, C. Meade 76 Newport. Thomas 69, 107. 110, 113 Nielson, Jean 54, 111, 123, 130 North, Norma 86 Nourse, Carl 76. 108, 130 O ' Connell, William 76 Oesch, Daniel 54.__133, 144 Ogilvie, Barbara 76 Osborne, Carolvn 55, 114, 117, 128 Oswald, Robert 86 Oxendine, Dora S. 86 Pagan, Robert 86 Palczer, Dean 76, 102 Parker, Jewell 55 Parker, Michael 76, 102, 106 Parker, Pete 86, 102, 125, 132, 138 Parkinson, Clinton 86 Parrott, Judy 55, 111, 118, 123, 127 Parsons, Charles 86 Parsons, Dennis 5.5 Parsons, Mvra 86, 111, 117, 127 Parsons, Robert 69, 107 Patterson, Douglas 86. 142 Patterson, Glvn 86, 132, 144 Pavne, Curtis 86. 130 PaVne, Donald 55, 108. 109. 120, 127, 128, 129 Peelle, Paula 76, 109, 113, 122 Pennycuff. Susan 86, 133 Perrone, Robert 69 Perrv, Milton 55, 109 Perry, Samuel 76. 107, 124, 130, 144 Peterson, David 86 Pfeiffer, Craig 144 Phillips, Donald 76. 107 Philpot, Bonnie 69. 100. Ill, 127, 133 Phipps, Ron 86, 125, 131, 138, 139, 140 Pickens. Willis 86, 102 Pifer, Erick 1, 55, 121, 126, 127, 128 Poehls, Philip 86 Pope, Susan 76. 86. 113 Portcus. Jerry 69 Potter, Finlev 69, 129 Powell, Jane 11, 15. 76 Preston, Frank 86, 108 Propos, Randoli:)h 87 Prvnn, Patsy 69, 108, 111, 123 Quelle. Maruice 87, 115, 116, 130 Ouist, Edward 76, 102 Rayburn, Anita 76, 108, 109, 111, 120, 128, 129 Razor, David 87 Reedv. Robert 87, 102, 120, 122, 134, 144 Reid, Rebecca 87 Reininger, Frederick 87 Relaford, Dianna 33 Reul, Linda 87 Rice, Bonnie Sue 69 Rice, Harry 55, 115 Richmond, Samuel 87, 102, 144 Riley, Lois 87 Riley, Stephanie 87 Ringold, John 76, 102, 122 Risner. Gloria 87 Rivel, John 56 Robertson, Gene 61 Robinson, Frank .56 Rocco, Anthony 77 Rodeck, Douglass 56, 133 Rodi, Marv L ' nne 87 Rogers, Judith 69, 123, 128 Romano. Walter 56, 107 Roop, Ernest 69 Rothermund, Peggy 87 Ruby, Carl 77. l44 Russell, Isaac 87 Sampson, John 87 Sampson, Laurence 87 Sauselen, Keith 77, 125, 132 Savre, William 69 Scafidi, Salvatore 87, 143 Scalf, Zelah 87, 126 Scheeper, Catherine 77, 131, 132 Schultz, Carol 1, 56, 113, 114, 116, 127 Schweitzer, David 64, 70, 107, 125, 144 Sergeant, Sh irley 56 Sergent, Ann 56, 118, 123 Serrano, Eulalia 56, 115, 121, 130 Severns, Ray 1.55 Shannon, William 77 Sharp, Phillip 72, 77, 107 Shaver, Bettv 87 Sha v, Tames R. 70, 100, 125 Shellenbarger, George 70, 101, 107, 118, 123 Sherwood, Sharon 87, 128 Shetler, Leonard 64, 70, 107 Shields. Harold 87, 109 Short, Howard 87 Sieswerda, Paul 77, 107, 125, 142 Simmermon, Judith 70, 123, 128, 131 Simola, Llovd 87 Simon, David 88, 144 Sipprelle, Gary 88 Sitterlv, Mikel 88, 102 Skinnell, Viola 57, 131 Slais, Louis 70 Slocum, Frederick 88, 144 Smith, Charles 70, 130, 131 Smith, Edwin 88, 120 Smith, Carolyn 57, 123 Smith, Lester 77 Smith, Mark 70, 116 Smith, Richard 88. 102 Smith, W. James 77, 134 Smith, Walter E. 77, 107 Smith, Wilma 70 Snook, Diana 88, 108, 109, 128 Snowball, Sally 57. Ill, 113 Sowden, Paul 88, 100, 102 Sparks, George 70 Spath, Peter 88, 102 Spcgal, Linda 77, 108 Staderman, Barbara 77, 111 Stark, William 70 Steinkraus, Barbara 109 Stephens, Brenda 70 Stetler, Rae 23, 57, 95, 111, 113 Stewart, Jerry 88 Stinson, Daniel 155 Stokes, G. Randolph 88 Stone, Philip 57, 106 Stotsky, Gary 88, 114. 122 Straiisser, James 88 Strong, Villiam 15-5 Strother. Otis B. 9, 57 Strunk, Danny 17, 57, 106 Strunk, Mary Lee 132 Sullivan, Jav 70 Suntich, Charles 88 Swan, Clara 18, 57, 108, 109, 129 Swanner, Earl 58 Swenk, Thomas 70, 125, 143, 142 Synic, Geraldine 77, 111, 127, 133 Szabo, Richard 58 Tallamy, Paul 88, 128 Tanouj ' e, Kay 70, 11.5 Taurman, Chastian 15-5 Taylor, Jacquelyn 70. 108, 126 Ta ' lor, Norman 88, 125 Ta lor, Priscilla 88 Terry, James Lee 88, 126, 127 Thomas, Al 71, 102. 107, 127, 130 Thompson, James 71, 118 Thompson, Eleanor 71, 108 Thurston, Cecil 71, 107 Thurston, Judy 88, 111 Thurston, Lvnne 88 Tignor. Cassandra 71, 108, 113, 120, 123 128 134 Timson, Pamela 88 Toth, Stephen 88, 127 Townes, Jonathan 88, 102 Townsend, Marge 58, 111, 131 Trent, William 72, 77, 110, 125, 138, 139, 141, 143 Trethawav, Diane 88 Tubick, Clyde 89 Tucker, Nancy 89. 123 Tuholsky, Christine 89, 116, 123 Turner, Donald 71, 114, 116, 128, 134 Turner, Norma 89, 126 Updegraff, Gordon 144 Vair, Vivian 89 Valentine, James 71, 121 Vanatta, Richard 89 Vande ' oorde, Richard 77 Vanhook, Lois 71 VanSant, Lynn 89 Vega, Antonio 77 Vuonn, Frank 77, 102, 115 Walker, Elizabeth 89, 123 Walker, Ronald 71, 143 Waller, Lorrene 71, 106 Waltz, David 89 Washabaugh, Richard 71 Watson, Howard 71 Watson, Karen 58,94, 108 Watson, Linda 17, 108 Watson, R. James 17, 58, 100, 107 Watson, Ron 100, 133 Wearn, Steve 77, 125 Weintraub, Charles 155 Wellman, Daniel 89 West, Buford 58, 100, 119, 121 West, James Radford 155 West, Millard 77 West, Pricilla 132 Weyand, Robert 155 Weyant, Da id 58, 120 Wheeler, John 77, 103 White, Ruth 58 Whiteman, David 59, 120 Whitney, Gail 77 Wilby, Charles 89, 102 Wilder, Barbara 33, 132 Wilder, Fred 59 Wilder, Vernon 59, 143 Wilkins, C. Phillip 59, 123, 144 Wilkins, James 71 Williams, Betty 89 Willson, Patricia 59, 123, 127 Wilson, Dave 89 Wilson, James 89 Wilson, Judy 59 Wilson, Wesley 20, 59, 101, 122, 126 W oodhury, Douglas 71 Works, ' illiam 59, 123 Wiirlcv, Jack 89 Wright, Henry 89, 122 Wynkoop, John 1.55 Yake, Dave 89 Yamana, Hiromi 89, 11-5 Y.ates, Allan 89, 102 Yates, Harry 71 Yeager, Barbara 89 Yeatts, William 77, 125, 144 Young. Bettv 71, 128, 131 Young, James 42, 60. 92, 100, 103, 110, 144 Youtzv, Gerald 77, 120, 128 Yuter, Michael 89 Zigos, Amanda 60 Zingg, Henry 17, 60, 131 Zingg, Janrose 17, 60, 101 159 In Memoriam John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our thirty-fifth President, was a modern man, a product of our century. Gifted with a keen mind, he was a Harvard graduate and a universally admired statesman ... a man of faith and of steady loyalty to his Church. He took pride in a job well done, yet was familiar with the hard work, compromise, frustration, and the responsible use of power neces- sary in achie ing his goals. And in Dallas there was a man who kept alone ... a man with a mind contorted by hate. And the sunshine that was the day of November 22, 1963, verged upon dark, and blood flooded the clouds. It must have been a Friday. And the sound and smell of violence and of chaos shocked the world. Numbed by the tragedy, we were transfi.xed by the starkness in tele ' ision ' s set design— the hideous sixth-floor window, the entrance to the jail, the basement of the Dallas Police Station, the graves. And we saw the blood-stained pink suit of a widow . . . and the assassin ' s wife who carried a gun because she was threatened . . . and the man who killed the man who killed the President. And frail lips were praying in the terror and the dark for peace on earth and for Mrs. ]acc]ueline Kennedy. And the dark wind lilasted the infamy of it all. And the wretched scar of wrong remains. s l . 160 t ABIGAIL I :S K . L ' . WVJ? BARBOURVIUE, KENTUCKt ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UM ' ON COO.SGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY -H c ' cd 00 D w a U vo +- r- C 3 ■ oco CN a fO CT • JS T-H o H

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