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Abigail E Wfths [pmnrial ibrarg Union (Eoikg? presented by m m ff ' S -r ti V? ' . - 1963 SteSpean -volume 36 puBlishe6 By Student puBlieations of Union Colleqe, BARBOUPville, kentueky. Kf BARBARA A. FRAHN Editor ROBERT S. PETERSON Business Manager Contents Dedication Literary Theme 6 Freshmen 8 Sophomores ;:rrrH-; 19 Juniors 28 Seniors 39 nil Faculty 53 Sports ._„ — ,- T-rrT- . " 77r ' r7 T " 117 Activities 127 Supporters 139 ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MSf .ORlAl U3RARY 3 UNION COUEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY jkz 18.1 9 S8M ' r3 c.:l C)eC)icAtion He moved out risking dark for the sake of light so we could take one step. He would not tell us how. Every seeker must use what weapons he has. This man used them well. It is a thing of feeling every step in the dark and one might fall if guided by any touch but his own. He did not say how he said why— not in a word or phrase but in laughter sometimes and compassion always. Knowledge might be bound but not love. He gave directions for the first step only and perhaps a blessing for the rest. WARREN E. STEINKRAUS LIKE BLUE WATERS AND THE WHITE OF SAND The myth that we have shaped of ancient Greece Is good. Has grace. Is stronger than the history they made Which could not be restored Even if we chose. But instead we choose the symbol— the rose Among nations— symmetrical. Beautiful, simple, unforgettable. They say (the myth says) a people from the cold Hard north came to the Mediterranean, bold People, deep, life-loving Minds quick and roving. We admit glossing over much: hurt slaves And disease and blood. Terror graves. The bestial. The obscene. Men like gars. Women never clean. But we forgive because we understand That like blue waters and the white of sand These Grecian images in word and stone Can cut into the living flesh. Can atone. Can free. Can hang over the hot heart, on a fabulous tree, Pears of the proud torsos of pale Women strong to be loved, the purple trail Of the gleaming grapes of stark Tragedies, the crimson mark Of the apples of crisp ideas, plums Of strange music, blooms Of white columns, pods of sleek Javelins— all fixed, mysterious. All Greek. So in this college by this other river and other Hills around, we call them brother To our play, our thought, our pleasure and our pain. Our need for wholeness gives them life again. Freshman Class Officers WILLIAM TRENT President PHILLIP SHARP Vice-President JANE EMBREE Secretary JERRY RICHARDSON Treasurer JAMES ADAMS LOANNA ALLEN ROBERT ALLIN CAROL ALMSTEDT JOHN W. BAKER DONALD BAUTZ WILLIAM BECKMAN RICHARD BEECROFl LINDA BELL ALFRED BENNETT JOHN BENSON CELIA BEUKELMAN BRUCE BIANCO DELANO BIDDLE CASS BIEL LORRAINE BLACK ALICE BOWLIN RUTH CAROL BOYD CHRISTINE BREWSTER ROBERT BROOME We had not been raised like those Greek youth BILLY BROWN LAWRENCE BROWN WILLIE BROWN RONALD BROWNING DAVID CALL AXEL CAMP KENNETH CAMPBELL HAROLD CAREY PETER CASHIN VIOLA CELLA JAY CHEESEMAN MARY CHISHOLM MAROW COX ROBERT COX DAVID CRITTENDEN ANTHONY CUETO EDWARD CUMMINGS CARL DANIELS WILLIAM DAVIES BEVERLY DAVIS PEGGY DEAN RONNIE DEATON TERRELL DECKER THOMAS DELORME CAROL DENEKAS ROBERT DRAVECKY ELISHA DUGGER PAUL DUNN HENRY ELAM JANE EMBREE RICHARD ERDMANN PAUL ERSLAN in the age of Pericles. We were 11 BEVERLY EWEN SYLVELIN FELDE MARY FILBERT BARRY FOSTER JOSEPH FOSTER LEWIS FRANK SUE FRAZIER DONALD FUGATE DAVID GAPEN DOUGLAS GARCIA WILLIAM GAWEL JAMES GETZINGER «rAi dimk LINDA GIBSON DELMA GILLEY SARA GILPIN FRANCIS GLASS ROBERT GOE EDGAR GUERRERO JOHN HALL WILLIAM HANEY not that wise and not that wild. But 12 You mean you won ' t even hold my hand in chapel any- more? JOYCE HARTSFIELD JAMES HARVEY Freshmen CLAUDIA HAVENS ELLA HEDRICK BARBARA HEFFELFINGER GARY HEINTZELMAN CARL HELTON JUDITH HELTON JOHN HILL SAMUEL HISSAM WAYNE HOFFMAN ANN HOLCOMBE ARNOLD HOPKINS PHILLIP HOWARD BRENDA HUTSON EMILIO IRIZARRY PAUL ISAACS ROBERT JACKS 13 All kinds of bull-dogs CALVIN JOHNSON DAVID JOHNSON MARY JONES PAMELA KAISER REBECCA KING DAVID KINSER ELLIS KOMENSKI BARBARA KROBETZKY MARY LEWIS HOWARD LLOYD THEODORE LOCKE GLENDON LODGE EVERETTE LONG JOSEPH LOWID JOY LUMPKINS DAVID McCLAIN we sure were willing to learn. 14 Freshmen Ji WILLIAM McKINSTRY ALAN MACHAMER JUDY MANNING MARTHA MELTON NORMAN MICHAEL BRUCE MILBURN CAROL MILLER JERRY MILLER MARTHA MITCHELL RICHARD MOLDENHAUER BILL MORGAN WILLIAM MULLEN HOWARD MURPHY GLORIA NEAL ROBERT NESBITT PAULA NEUMANN PHILIP NEWBERT CAROL NOURSE ROBERT NOWAK WILLIAM O ' CONNELL 15 Freshmen BARBARA OGILVIE DOUGLAS OWENS ROBERT PAGAN DEAN PALCZER MICHAEL PARKER PETER PARKER PAULA PEELLE MANUEL PEREIRA SAMUEL PERRY SUZANNE PETERSON SUZAN POPE JANE POWELL EDWARD QUIST ANITA RAYBURN DAVID RAZOR ROBERT REEBENACKER JERRY RICHARDSON KATHERINE ROUNSLEY CARL RUBY DAVID SAXE 16 Did Van Home show you that karate stuff? Freshmen SALVATORE SCAFIDI JULIA SHARP PHILLIP SHARP JUDY SIEBERT CAROL SILCOX JOHN SIMONS DOREAN SKILLMAN JAMES SMITH LESTER SMITH MARK SMITH JANET STACY BARBARA STADERMAN JERRY STONER GERALDINE SYME NORMAN TAYLOR PAUL THEILEMANN 17 Gold-diggers of Club 65 as coal- diggers. Freshmen LYNN THURSTON WILLIAM TRENT RICHARD VANDE VOORDE EDWARD WAHRHEIT DAVID WALTZ GERALD WAMBOLT STEPHEN WEARN JOHN WHEELER GAIL WHITNEY DAVID WILSON PATRICIA WILSON HARRY WRIGHT It ' s oomph-2-3-4, boom-2-3-4. . . Now girls. Sophomore Class Officers THOMAS BIRDSALL President BOAZ MAFARACHISI Vice President LORRENE WALLER Secretary LEONARD SHETLER Treasurer 19 JAMES ADAMSON JESS ALEXANDER WILLIAM ALLEN MELVA ARTHUR KATHERINE AURADEN BRUCE AYERS FRANKLIN BABCOCK LINDA BAIRD RUTH BAKER BONNIE BARNETT LOWELL BARNETT DARLENE BEAN JOE BEAVON HILMA BEISECKER NANCY BEISECKER JERRY BENFIELD Sophomores Dear Mom, the best thing is the trees. ROBERT BERNHARDT THOMAS BIRDSALL WAYNE BRASHEAR MARY BROWN HARRY BRUMBAUGH THEOE ORE BRYSON DAVID BURLEIGH GERALD BUSH PAUL CANFIELD TERRENCE CARNES ALICE CARTER JOSEPH CERNYAR PEGGY CHANDLER EDWARD CLARK MARY CLARK NANCELLA COBB JAMES COMER DONALD CORDNER JOHN CRAWFORD LYSBETH DAVIS We were strong on that Greek wholeness. All . 21 WILMA DAVIS DALE DELLMORE ARLENE DEMPSEY AARON DEROSSETT LYNN DIETRICH PRISCILLA DISWOOD ALICE DUDLEY PATRICK. DYCHE RUTH EATON GUY FARRINGTON RICHARD FATTARUSO ORVEL FIELD CAROL FOSTER DOROTHY FOSTER BRENDA FRANCE TONILYNN FULLER WILLIAM GEESEY DAVID GLAHN AUBREY GOLDEN those angles on tests and teachers. All 00 Sophomores DONNA GRAVELY GAIL GRAY BERNA-LU GREEK LAWRENCE HAMPTON PAULA HAMPTON SHARON HAWN SANDRA HAYS ROBERT HEFFERN SHELVIA HELTON HARRY HERREN PATRICIA HOBSON GAYLE HOWARD MARGARET INGLIS FREEDA JACKSON JANICE JACKSON MAURICE JACOBS JEANNE JARVIS ANITA JOHNSON HERSHAL JOHNSON JUDITH JOHNSON THOMAS JOHNSON ANTHONY JONES JOHN KATES JAY KING DONALD LANE EDWIN LASHER SIGURD LAURIS STANLEY LAWSON DAVID McNISH JENNINGS MACE BOAZ MAFARACHISI GAIL MATHESON WAYNE MATTHEWS TING SIEW MEE ETHEL MELTON JOHN MESSECK CHARLES MITCHELL FLORENCE MOHR WILLIAM MOODY those library shelves and dance steps. All 24 Sophomores JOHN MUTAMBARA LORETTA NEITZEL THOMAS NEWPORT JEAN NIELSEN ROBERT PARSONS JOYCE PEACOCK GARY PETERS DONALD PHILLIPS BONNIE PHILPOT FINLEY POTTER PATSY PRYNN KENNETH QUAST BOBBY RAINEY LINDA REEVES WILLIAM REILEY BONNIE RICE ANTHONY ROCCO JUDY ROGERS ERNEST ROOP 4 i ; 25 ABIGAIL E. WEEKS V HMOR!AL UQRARV JH OU COLLcGE BARBOURVIUE, KINTUOCY Sophomores CHRISTINE ROSE KEITH SAUSELEN WILLIAM SAYRE DAVID SCHWEITZER ANN SERGENT JAMES SHAW SALLY SHAW GEORCE SHELLENBARGER JUDY SIMMERMAN CARLTON SKINNELL CAROLYN SMITH CHARLES SMITH WILLIAM STARK BRENDA STEPHENS WILLIAM STRONG iS h DAVID STURDEVANT JAY SULLIVAN THOMAS SWENK MICHAEL TANNER 26 JACQUELYNN TAYLOR JOHN TENDER ALBERT THOMAS JAMES THOMPSON CECIL THURSTON CASSANDRA TIGNOR DONALD TURNER JAMES VALENTINE LOIS VANHOOK VINCENT VENDITTI JANET VICKERS LORRENE WALLER RONALD WATSON LARRY WEST HELEN WOO BETTY YOUNG those kinds of quarrels and kisses. The works. i Going home with mono. " ' » Junior Class Officers DANIEL OESCH President WILLIAM MULLEY Vice President LOIS LAURIN Secretary ERICK PIFER Treasurer 28 Finally we achieved the golden mean. DAVE AFTERKIRK CAROLYN AKERS EDWIN ALLIN WALLACE ANGUS BARBARA BAILEY PATRICIA BAILEY STEPHEN BAKER GARY BALDWIN MOJDEH BAZORGAN EDGAR BEVERAGE DENIS BIGELOW ALICE BINGHAM REBECCA BIRD EDWARD BLACK RICHARD BLISH ROSE BLOYD ROBERT BOGGS MARY BOSWELL GEORGIA BRADLEY DON BRUCE 29 We could keep cool in all extremes- SV ' 27 - ' DONALD BRUNKHART FLORENE BUCHANAN LAURENCE BUTLER CARMEN CABRERO ALVIN CALDWELL DONALD CALITRI CLARINDA CARTER RALPH CAYLOR ROBERT CLEMENT -«ipii Classroom dress, 1973. KENNETH COBB CHARLES CONLEY JACQUELINE COOMER 30 ir ' iik FRANKLIN DALTON JOHN DeVOE THOMAS DOUCE W L Juniors DONALD COPE DAVID CREIGHTON WILLIAM CRESS JANROSE CROCKETT LOIS CROWE EMILY DICKENS EMMETT DIGGS PAUL diMARCO LINDA ELAM FREDERICK ELFORD WILMA EVANS MARYLAND FINK ik41h ELBERT FOLEY MARY FRAZIER CHARLES FROM JAMES FRUTCHEY JAMES FURR 31 JOE GIBSON RAYMOND GIRON CHARLES GRAHAM JAMES GUNN NANCY HAMPTON PATRICK HAMPTON JAMES HARBESON ROBERT HASTINGS BARBARA HELTON HELEN HELTON LINDA HILL DAVE HAMM NELL HAYS PATRICIA HOPKINS LAURA HOUBEN m •t CHARLES HUDSON THOMAS HUDSON THOMAS HUNTER GWYNETH JAMES MICHAEL JOHNSON 32 A ' s or Fs, any kind of date, chapel or Foley ' s, But Dean Boyd, I thought it was all right to hold hands on campus. ALAR KANGUR MARTHA KIRKLAND GLORIA KREBS LOIS LAURIN PEGGY LAWSON PETER LEATHERSICH DOUGLAS LITTLE NORMAN LLOYD PAULETTE LOOK ROBERT McCarthy JAMES McCLUSKEY JAMES McFARLAND 33 Thomas Walker or Baldwin Place. LINDA McGAUGHY EVELYN MAIDEN LLOYD MARCUS JAMES MARLOWE JOE MARTIN MILTON MeGEE JORGE MIR DORIS MOORE NANCY MOORE WILLIAM MULLEY VERNON MYERS ELIZABETH O ' BANION DANIEL OESCH CAROLYN OSBORNE FRIEDA PARROTT JUDY PARROTT DENNIS PARSONS CAROLYN PELLY MILTON PERRY ERICK PIFER 34 Juniors f 9 M " JERRY PORTEUS DONALD RANKIN ALVIN RENWICK BEVE REYNOLD JENNIE RICE ' ' ' i " 3. If FRANK ROBINSON DOUGLAS RODECK MARY ROGERS WALTER ROMANO In my country, we do not answer questions like that. JUDY SCENT CAROL SCHULTZ EULALIA SERRANO 35 LEONARD SHETLER VIOLA SKINNELL SALLY SNOWBALL GEORGE SPARKS ANITA STEPCHUCK RAE STETLER MARTHA STEVENS PHILIP STONE BERNARD STROTHER Mommy, guess what! Daddy got a card with a black dot! DANNY STRUNK JOHN SULLIVAN CLARA SWAN 36 EARL SWANNER RICHARD SZABO MARJORIE TOVVNSEND JONATHAN TRADER HORACE TRUSCH RONALD WALKER RICHARD WASHABAUGH KAREN WATSON ELBERTA WEBB Something to think about. ANN WESLEY BUFORD WEST DAVID WEYANT 37 CARL WHITE CHARLOTTE WHITE RUTH WHITE FRED WILDER JAMES WILKINS PHILLIP WILKINS PATRICIA WILLSON RICHARD WILSON WESLEY WILSON DOUGLAS WOODBURY WILLIAM WORKS Got to have more of this (hie!) good puneh. diMM ELIZABETH WYATT JAMES YOUNG HENRY ZL GG 38 Senior Class Officers GARY LOVETT President RONALD SCARES Vice President MARY ANN SUFFELETTE Secretary ROBERT PETERSON Treasurer 39 F w m wm 1. Hk a X c7 «• ' 4 mm JAMES ALLEN, AB Tcor business (the Is and ought) Warm wit and cool thought. BOBBY AUSTIN, AB A bit aloof and handsome and dark— Hardly on fire hut plenty of spark. RONALD ADCOCK. AB Level heart and level head. Salty tongue. Eyes in bed. ELIZABETH ALLEN, AB Some look on blackness long enough To find all light and learn to laugh. RICHARD BACON, AB Songs, fears, dreams, books, whys. Susan, pines, hills, creeks, skies. JAMES BAILEY, AB We ' re glad to know your ac- counting is true. We never could keep an ac- count of you. RUTH ASHER, AB Quiet, kind, fair, Harvest woman. Warm. Warm eyes and hair. DAVID AUSTIN, AB Independent man. Quiet and strong. His own coach in the right and the wrong. We were now ready for 40 Plato ' s allegory of the cave. ELAINE BELZER, AB Joking below, eyes on the sky. Church every Sunday, flying high. PATRICIA BLAIR, AB Loving and loved. Sky on the ground. Heaven above and below and around. GERALD BALLARD, AB Affable friend of all the boys. Thinks the girls are Santa ' s toys. SEWELL BARRETT, AB The girls should hug him round the neck, A good do-gooder in medical tech. WOOJU BHAK, AB Nice on the dance floor. Nice in the dorm. Reserved in a way. In a way warm. ROBERT BROCK, AB A Pineville commuter. Happy and shy. Kind in the heart and in the eye. MATTHEW BROWN, AB Slim and thoughtful. Fast on the track. Blithe and cheerful. Slow in the shack. ROBERT BROWN, AB Pleasing, hardworking campus man. Can he know us and like us and lead us? He can. 41 Would we turn towards CYNTHIA CLARKSON, AB Under our trees the smile on her mouth. Rich in her voice the voice of the south. BARBARA DAVIS, AB Something special in a still guise. A little sad and a lot wise. JAMES CARMINES, AB The world of business is his oyster. He could sell pin-ups all through a cloister. ALVIN CLARK, AB Dreamy eyes. Keen ivit. If it really is— he has it. FLOYD COOK, AB Cover boy. Sly on the court. Courts on the sly in another sport. JAMES DENHAM, AB Grave mind that understands Beauty ' s coming. Quick hands. WILLIAM ELLIOTT, AB Music in the night. Dark of the mind, the heart bright. GAIL FAIRCHILD, AB . Southern belle, how mild are northern ways? Southern claims are strong these days. 42 Off campus girh are often the best When good in the sweater and good in the jest. RONALD GRESSEL, AB Youthful reserve. Crooked smile. Mixes and mingles in a high style. GLEN GOVER, AB Business major, makes you feel swell. Business and pleasure mix very well. KAY GUTHRIE, AB Not too close to the campus crowd. Alabama kindness in eyes that are proud. DONALD HAMMOND, AB Range in the body, range in the mind. Such a good man is hard to i a gi ind. CHARLES HALL, AB Union gave him quiet Marge, His very favorite pastoral charge. goodness and light 43 CHARLES HICKS, AB A natural and laughing man Can help the soul if anyone can. JANICE HICKS, AB Cherry blossom girl, but tones of blue. Maybe he was gay but wistful too. LINDA HOFF, AB Whirling skirt. Happy eyes. Fine and True. We really liked to see a lot of you. PRISCILLA HOLT, AB Summer and smoke. Shadow and light. Cool in the daylight. Warmer at night. KENNETH HOFFMAN, AB Some things worked out very cool— The bridge game and the work in sclwol. DOUGLAS HULITT, AB A track team sport long on fun. The sober touch of a minister ' s son. STEPHEN JASPER, AB Really too quiet for those young intern folks— But head that way, since his wagon is volks. CONRAD JOHNSON, AB Connecticut Yankee wild at the wheel. Found fair Elaine a fabulous steal. Seniors 44 CAROL JONES, AB Loves Robert Burns so not really shy. Deepness and dimples, warmth in the eye. L. BENNY KELLY, AB Knew enough biology to choose A peppy peach to keep away the blues. BARBARA KIDWELL, AB Kind and wise. Plays it cool. Knows a lot more than they teach in school. JOHN LLOYD, AB A model for those who would love and teach well. Plenty of secrets of living to tell. DAVID LEWIS, AB Parking the cars and pulling wool. Lady ' s man. The eyes tell all. GARY LOVETT, AB Gentle for a woman ' s need. Strong for a work. Strong for a creed. GRETCHEN LOVETT, AB Veiled lover. Brazenly shy. At the center a goodness, a gladness, a cry. » RONALD LOY, AB The church is wise to gather such decoys. The tall and dark and handsome college boys. 45 SHARON McDonald, ab Lovely, wedded, womanly and wise. Star eyes. REGINA MABELITINI, AB Quick and gracious, seeking to serve In joy. Like a black dove. L. RAY MESSER, AB The school kids in his classes must live right To get a teacher who is plenty bright. BASIL MILLS, AB A real chss prexy. A man not a mouse. Played on the dance floor. Then he played house. WENDELL MILLER, AB Genial, casual, and cool— Tliat history minor got him out of school. EDWARD MINTER, AB A student of the ancient heart- The_ alchemies of heat and heart. MICHAEL MITIAS, AB Quiet, knowing. Heated and cooled by strange ways. The sweetness of ideas in cyni- cal eyes. JOHN MOFFITT . In the diamond and court plenty aggressive. New Jersey vigor we find impressive. 46 Seniors ALFRED MONRO, AB Come along with me Christine In my Oldsmobile machine. THEODORE MOTT, AB Probably shy and properly proud. Likes his people mixed in a crowd. LAWRENCE MURPHY, AB History student of brown-eyed mirth. Found Sue ' s history more down to earth. BONNIE NIEMANN, AB Haystack fragrance. Pasture shine. Summer sunlight caught in pine. ROBERT PARKER, AB Been around enough to know The ways of joy and ways of woe. WAYNE PARKS, AB Meticulous, subtle, dark- makes a hit. Said t o like figures quite a bit. SUE MURPHY, AB Good for a kitchen, a classroom, a man. Gifted, Radiant. Eyes gold and tan. HOWARD NIPPERT, AB Quiet eyes and a sensitive mouth. New York humor warmed in the south. 47 Or would we go back ROBERT PETERSON, AB The patient joy of things well done. God has wished it for everyone. LAWRENCE PIKE, AB Quiet with a fisherman ' s wrist. A lot of Paris is what he missed. ff ' " SSI i« ROBERT PATTON, AB Getting close to the old Grecian dream. The music and the muscle in a team. DONALD PAYNE, AB FuU of accomplishments, having a ball. Organ and trumpet and camera and all. EARL QUILLEN, AB A little sad, polite, and neat. More of his kind would be a treat. JEROME REDFERN, AB A creed and a girl, doubt and desire. Is music a human or heavenly fire? MARILYN PHYLLIDES, AB Something like a Quaker hawk. Too lovely for innocence. Clean poise of rock. BRENDA POFF, AB Painting like loving. Curves and dreams. Longing and hurting, strokes and schemes. 48 ■C : PAUL RICE, AB Slate in the eyes, quick wit to be waged. Not only engaging but also engaged. IX)NALD RIKER, AB A married man. Begot fine twins. Hard as a worker. Wonderful grins GEORGE REID, AB A thinking boy. Some fire and some ice. Not very German but very nice. HARRY RICE, AB Involved about the seeker and the sought. Solitary in the ways of thought. ihr Tf- -. He is a man who thinks and warmly shares; He is a man who cares. JOHN RIVEL, AB Would we had more of his bold caring kind- Cant get the hill people out of his mind. PAUL ROBINSON, AB No fair when a fine biologist like you Has a mother who studies biology too. ELLA SUE RUSSELL, AB Bred for the darker Irish days When the body burned in a hymn of praise. into the ways of the world ip 49 DORIS SAFRIET, AB A lot of woman, body and brain. Plenty of time to love again. LINDA SALISBURY, AB Bitter blond. Too much think- ing. Fright. But laughter and love. A child of light. ROBERT SAPP, AB he ' s ever bishop we ' re happy to know He can call all the shots with his radio. NORBERT SELL, AB Could do a lot if he took the fancy. Look what he did when he took it to Nancy. REID SAYRE, AB Some business buddies someday soon Will cheer him up when they howl at the moon. ALBERTA SHELDON, AB Quiet honesty, open and good. Believes as deeply as everyone should. MONTROSE SMART, AB If she doesn ' t catch him with cooking and caie. She still has the loops of her long brown hair. WALTER SNOOK, AB you want Christian souls and jolly. Deck the halls with lots of Wally. To cast our dark shadows 50 LARRY STAMPER We thought he was shy in public speaking Til he won him an A in student teaching. JAMES STINSON, AB He and Dave gave us something we wanted back— Our bull-dog voice in the Orange and Black. RONALD SCARES, AB Brash and alert. Happy to bother. Growing in grace as a husband and father. on all the ways of folly. JOHN SPATH, AB On water, air, and land good luck to you— Pride of the place where the grass is blue. TED STEWART, AB Tall, quiet, honest and true. A fellow we were glad we knew. GEORGE STONE, AB In chemistry a triple decker- Should have been a chapel checker. MARY ANN SUFFELETTE, AB Delightful Italian, lover of fun. Small but plenty. Made for the JOANNE TAYLOR, AB A funny girl in a really good way. A man and a kitchen together some day. 51 ALMA WEBB, AB Inductive logic in a girl Plus intuition! Quite a pearl. JOAN WERLEY, AB Talking and smiling, darkened by pain. Richer like meadows darkened by rain. ■ r. LAWRENCE WESTBROOK, AB On a woman and a school he fixed his gaze — A man with a wealth of confident ways. GLEE WHITFIELD, AB Like Quaker girls. The good halm Of woman warmness under calm. TED WILD, AB Knowing the mind has its own sweet honey Sweeter and richer than all the big money. MORRIS WILDER, AB A person who is very fine — Who knows that what is mine is thine. MICHAEL WILLIAMS, AB Open. Caring for people and earth. Honest in thinking. Kindly in mirth. FERNE WILLIFORD, AB Mother of children. Smile to remember. Plenty of summer. Some bleak November. ROBERT WOOD, AB Pale and sJiadowed, sincere and discreet. Hard is the way and narrow the gate. PATRICK WORLEY, AB In smiling and shooting some marvelous art. Tall in the saddle and tall in the heart. MARCETTA YORK, AB Kissing mouth. Likes books and nickel cones. Going far. Fine flesh, fine bones WILLIAM YOUNG, AB Pineville boys are welcome all — Especially when dark and tall. 52 53 CHARLES W. SIMMS B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Education; Head of Department of Education; Graduate Professor of Education . Education Barefoot in the wondrous Hellas, the learned Zeno stood upon the sun-drenched stoa and drew out the knowledge gained from existence in many previous lives; and yet there was much more than drawing-out, for in doing such he entered into the psyche of another, discovered what is human, what is partially true, and lay down upon his hard pallet at night, with half-truth, at least, within his sight. JOHN VV. DOTSON A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies; Professor of Education. PAUL G. BLACKETOR B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Education; Dean of Students. H. WARREN ROBBINS B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education; Supervisor of Student Teaching. KATHLEEN MOORE A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education. 54 Physical Education HERMAN BUSH A.B., M.A. Chairman of the Division of Health and physical Education; Director of Athletics; Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education. The ephebi were there with their so short cloaks and ardent oaths; there at the lyceum they practiced a muscular art upon the palestra. And having given nurture to their bodies, they wandered out into the groves and discoursed with the learned ones on what it is to be. And wise they were in their discourse, these ardent young ephebi, for they had vowed themselves to this; a sound body is the best receiver if truth should come to mind. PAUL S. MOORE A.B., M.S. Instructor of Physical Education; Athletic Coach. 1 CHARLES THOMPSON B.S., M.S. Swimming Coach; Instructor of Physical Education. BETTY THOMPSON B.S., M.S. Instructor of Physical Education for Women. FRANCES PATRIDGE B.S., M.A. Director of Student Actiijities Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women. 55 DONALD J. MAXWELL B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts; Head of the Department of Music; Associate Professor of Music. Three muses left Mount Helicon for a day, and wandered hopefully through the underworld looking for souls that might be inspired to dance and sing in worship of the gods. At first they found a wanderer who watched the underworld for the answer to his misery; Terpsichore ' s heart was filled with pity, and thus she said to him: O, wandering one, find now the glory of existence in inspired dance. Erato too so very soon had dedicated a tearful maiden to a life of song. Euterpe finally changed a madman into a glorious, defiant composer. And for awhile the three did sit upon that field of woe, and said one to another: sadness is ahgned with art; each cannot stand alone. It is the sad who know of beauty, and only they can give its truth to those who might be happy. ALBERT R. HINSON B.F.A., M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art. DWAIN L. HERNDON B.S., M.S. Instructor of Drama and Speech. 56 DORIS ANN HARDING B.M., B.M., M.M. Associate Professor of Piano. J. D. KELLY B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Piano. ALLAN E. GREEN B.M., M.M. Instructor of Music. Fine Arts JOHN W. DOUGHERTY B.M.E., M.A. Instructor of Music. WILLIAM PAUL HAYS B.M., M.M. Associate Professor of Organ. 57 W. GORDON MARIGOLD B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Languages; Head of Department of Modern Languages; Professor of Modern Language. Before men came there were no words; only savage sounds from murderous beasts as they stalked their prey. Then beauty sprang upon the world with the utterance of a word. Now one could sing and praise and question other men; and with two gifts, his words and fire, man became the ruler of the world. Armed with language, he remade the world, giving it beauty it did not have before, creating miseries that had not been. This is language, uniter of words and man; and ruler of the world. FRANK E. MERCHANT A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Head of Department of English; Professor of English. WINIFRED WATTS B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English. PATIENCE HAGGARD B.A., B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. . Professor of English. 58 WILLIAM E. McMAHON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English. DOROTHY E. McMAHON B.A. Instructor of English. ELIZABETH A TODD A.B., M.A. Instructor of English. Languages BETTY K. TOWNSEND A.B., M.A. Part-time Instructor of English. ' ttm ' CONSTANCE Y. MARIGOLD A.B. Instructor of French. MARY CATHERINE OWEN A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Women; Professor of English. 59 FRANK A. GILBERT B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Head of the Department of Biology; Professor of Biology. Hyperion fathered the sun one day and wise men gathered in the new known warmth, exclaiming at the regeneration of life that had risen from desire. And all around these savants asked themselves the reason for the sun. They gave many reasons, but Hyperion, in the coolness of Olympia, laughed at them as they began to build their shrines. Fools are they who do not know the reason for the sun: the sun is nought within itself, but only gives a light that men might know the truth. It only stands to guide them safe upon the path of knowledge. The sun may shine, but it can never know the joyous misery of a mind. t il JOHN R. ALLEN A.B., Ph.D. Head of Department of Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry. MARY PETTUS A.B., M.A. Head of th e Department of Physical Science; Associate Professor of Mathematics. MILTON A. POGORELSKIN A.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry. HERMAN F. KURTZ A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry. 60 BRUCE W. HANSEN B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Biology. JAMES A. WATSON A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathmatics and Physical Science. CHRISTINE BUSCH MERCHANT A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Science. Science NORMAN W. DAVIS B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology. MARY ALICE LAY B.S. Instructor of Home Economics. 61 ERWIN S. BRADLEY B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Social Studies; Head of the Department of History and Political Science. Across the valley of time, a sharp, clear call was heard. The heroic trumpet of Clio was played upon the mount of history. Mankind stopped and fell in reverence before the holy muse, and listened to her precious words steeped in the wisdom of forty lives. No praise had she for man, but only fierce phillipics, for he had failed, she said, to live at all in peace, but spent his time in useless wars without holy 01 ' mpia ' s consent. Then one cried out unto the muse: where is the truth that we might use, to live as one in peace? The secret lies, said she, within yourself. Social Studies RENA MILLIKEN A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Business; George Langford Memorial Associate Professor of Business. T HUGH W. GHORMLEY, SR. A.B., M.A., B.D., M.S., Ph.D. Head of Department of Sociology; Russell M. Bennett Memorial Professor of Sociology. ELSIE FORMAN A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Business and Economics. NORMA T. MITCHELL A.B., M.A. Part-time Assistant Professor of History. 62 J. LARUE MILLEN B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studies. ELLA OPHELIA WILKES A.B., B.S., M.S. Part-time Assistant Professor of Social Studies. HELENE S. PARRY B.S., M.S.S.A. Part-time Assistant Professor of Sociology. JOE C. HACKER B.S. in Ed., M.A. Instructor of Business. Library Science JAMES B. McFERRIN A.B., B.S., in L.S., M.S. Head Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Science. VIRGINIA B. SADDLER A.B., B.S. in L.S., M.S. Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science. VIVL N BRADLEY (MRS. E. S.) B.S. Assistant in Library. 63 WARREN E. STEINKRAUS A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Religion and Philosophy; Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy; Francis Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy. About the temple a thousand candles burned, And the dust of the sacred groves was still; Death and life both hovered near the porch, that night when Hermione gave birth to reason; For she had been too many years a maiden, so she became a holy mother. But divinity was the father of reason, and not Orestes, for revelation would not come from mortals. So Hermione delivered reason that it might deliver the world and give it hope to withstand the darkness of existence. Philosophy and Religion ROBERT D. MATTHEWS B.A., S.T.B., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religion. JAMES HAYDEN IGLEHEART, JR. A.B., B.D., Th.M., M.A. Part-time Assistant Professor of Religion. F. JOSEPH MITCHELL B.S., B.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion. 64 A6ministRatidn Atop Mt. Helicon reclined the wise children of Zeus, who reflected once upon their state. Why should we be, said Eros to his mother; And Hera from her throne replied: To guide a soul through its existence; To listen and to speak; to promise and provide the gifts of prior existence and strong knowledge. You should give your attributes that man might grow and learn to know his brother and that which waits to be discovered in the shadows of the temple. 65 President President and Mrs. Miller at home 66 JOHN A. DOTSON A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies; Professar of Education. MARY CATHERINE OWEN A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Women; Professor of English. Administration JOHN H. BOYD A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Dean of the College; Professor of Education. EKDROTHY LUCAS B.R.E., M.A. Registrar. CHARLES C. SADDLER, JR. A.B., M.A. Assistant to the President. MILTON H. TOWNSEND A.B., M.A. Director of College Relations 67 Administration SHERRILL POTTER Assistant to the Bookkeeper, PAUL O ' BRIEN Manager Slater Food Service. VIRGINIA GOODWIN Dormitory Counselor and part- time instructor of piano. SUE TUGGLE CARR A.B., B.S.E. Secretary to the President. MARSHALL B. POTTER Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. JUDY H. CARMINES Secretary in the Office of Academic Affairs. ,,■?• -»■ : . J " IP X RUFUS BONNER Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. LORETTA COWAN Secretary in the office of College Relations. 0m - ' ■■% ' » ADRIAN DUNAWAY A.B. Director of Men ' s Dorm JOANNE FULTZ Clerk-Typist in the Development Office. ROBERT CLARK A.B. Assistant Director of Men ' s Dorm. 69 PAUL G. BL- CKETOR B.S., M.S., M.A., Ed.D. Dean of Students; Professor of Education. B. RBAR. WILDER Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs. BETTi ' LOU BASS A.B. Adrtiinistrative Assistant to the Dean of Students. JANICE LEE DOUGHERTY B.M.E. Secretary in the Office of Student Affairs. GEORGE R. NAN HORNE, JR. A.B., B.D. Assistant to the Dean of Students. CHRISTINE M. HICKS Secretary in the Office of Academic Affairs. 70 Administration JOSEPH MITCHELL B.S., B.D,, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion; Campus Minister. DALE MOORE R.N. College Nurse. tS ' WILLIAM S. MURPHY Director of Development. ALMA LUMPKIN ' S Secretary in the Development Office. CATHERINE F. SINGER A.B. Alumni Secretary. LOUISE ANN OWENS Secretary in the Office of College Relations. 71 A bow to Miss Lucas DOROTHY LUCAS B.R.E., M.A. Registrar. What would we do without The devotion The knowledge The patience The cheerfulness The keenness The care. 72 73 MARCETTA YORK Mr. and Miss Union MARCETTA YORK Senior Assistant in the Chemistry Department, Mar- cetta has contributed much as a member of Beta Chi Alpha, Beta Sigma, American Chemical Society, Cer- man Club, Choir, Student Senate, and A.W.S. She is from Artemus, Kentucky, will tour Europe tliis summer, and plans to pursue graduate studies this fall. ROBERT BROWN A native of Roebling, New Jersey, Bob is a History and Biology major interested in teaching or research in micro-biology. He has participated in Pep Club and Intramurals, and has been president of both the Junior Class and the Student Senate. Bob is also headed for graduate school. ROBERT BROWN 74 Homecoming Queen and Court JUDY SCENT Each class enters two contestants for homecoming queen title. Attractiveness and poise are the primary qualities sought in the queen, and Judy possesses them in a delightful way. She was chos- en by the alumni. Standing: Ella Sue Russell, Joyce Peacock, Claudia Havens, Alice Carter, Judy Scent, Linda Gibson, Marilyn Phyllides, Clarinda Carter. 75 NANCY MOORE Mountain Laurel Representative Mountain laurel representative is chosen by the fac- ulty. Each year a lovely coed competes v ' ith beauties over the state of Kentucky for this distinguished title. Nancy Moore represented Union very well indeed in last year ' s pageant. All senior girls are eligible for the title of sweetheart queen, selected by the women residents of Pfeiffer Hall. The selection is made on the basis of service in both the school and the dorm. The queen reigns at the Valentine Dance, and Gail was lovely in her role. Sweetheart Queen GAIL FAIRCHILD 76 Snow Queen and Court MARILYN PHYLLIDES Chosen by members of Circle K to reign over the Christmas formal, Marilyn was a gracious and stately queen this year. Standing: Claudia Havens, Ella Sue Russell, Marilyn Phyllides, Clarinda Carter. 77 jev ., ' The Stespean staff chose Mr. Paul Mitch- ell as our authority to select the Stespean Queen. Mr. Mitchell ' s long years of viewing photogenic beauties in the movie industry made him especially appropri- ate. He chose Miss Rae Sharon Stetler, from twelve entries, because of her photogenic beauty similar to that of Kim Novak. Mr. Mitchell ' s decision was sup- ported by Miss Jo Dennis, Miss South Carolina of 1962. RAE SHARON STETLER Grace and beauty were there of course, But Hera would have envied her for more; A serenity within was the gift that made her queen of countless gods and men. Stespean Queen 78 79 American Chemical Society Minter meditating. Promotion of unity among future chemists, initiation of a desire to study chem- istry, and orientation in new developments in the field of chemistry are the tri-fold purposes of the American Chemical Society. Two meetings a month plus visits to the Oak Ridge Atomic Plant, the University of Tennessee, and the Uni- versity of Kentucky Chemistry lab are the scheduled activities for the year. Standing: John Wheeler, Marcetta York, Jerry VVambolt, Joe Hissam, Boaz Mafarachisi, Mr. Pogorelskin, Donald Bruce, Douglas Hulitt, Edward Minter. 80 Biology Club Standing: Jennings Mace, Finley Potter, Robert Wood, Mary Brown, Philip Stone, Lorrene Waller, Danny Strunk, Ray Giron, John Trader, Mr. Hansen, James Hundley, Richard Moldenhauer, Benny Kelly, Richard Szabo, Linda Elam. The Biology Club, founded October 4, 1961, explores the various fields of the biological world through group and individual projects. The club hopes to build a museum and works towards earning funds for it. We love new members. Honest, we glued the rattles on. Math Club Standing: Buford West, Miss Pettus, James Young, Bob Peterson, Chuck From, Jerry Richardson, Jerry Wambolt, Barry Foster, Mr. Watson. Seated: Bonnie Philpot, Martha Kirkland, James Shaw, Ronald Watson. The Alpha Delta Chapter, dedicated to greater knowledge of the various fields of mathematics, invites lecturers as well as staff and students to participate in the programs. The theory of numbers is a most fascinating field. New members are happily anticipated. One plus one = tea for two 82 Milesians The Milesians are interested in promoting philosophically systematized thought of a creative nature among philosophy majors, minors, and interested faculty. Activities of the club include an annual spring banquet with a prominent philos- opher as speaker; stimulating discussion programs with philosophers in the area; and creating interest in founding similar groups at other colleges. Well, in Metaphysics Standing: Dr. Mitchell, Morris Wilder, Mr. Pogorelskin, Alvin Clark, Walter Snook, Dr. Steinkraus, David Creighton, Ronald Adcock, Michael Mitias. Seated: Chuck Hicks, Elaine Belzer, Alberta Sheldon, Barbara Frahn. S3 Art Club Now Dean Boyd said no more cuts. Members of the Art Club strive to further the artistic educartion of interested persons. Through active participation, members gain awareness of the values of art. In addition to sponsoring a Horror House at the Halloween Carnival, the club produced a campus Student Art Exhibit in which art works of Union ' s stu- dents were displayed. Gail Gray, David Schweitzer, Loretta Neitzel, Michael Johnson, Vivian France, Lee Allen. 84 American Guild of Organists Standing: Paul F. Theilemann, Ralph Meluney, Anita Raybum, Elizabeth Frazier, Clara Swan, Paula Hampton, Richard Blish, Gwyneth James, Jerome Redfem. Seated: Mr. Hays, William EUott. The purpose of the A. G. O. is to advance the cause of good religious music, to elevate the status of church musicians, and to increase their appreciation of their responsibilities, duties and opportunities. It provides members with opportunities for meeting, for the discussion of professional topics, and for other activities which are incidental to the purpose of the Guild. Members are evaluated each year and granted certificates in their respective classes of membership: Fellow, Associate, or Choir Master. Three Sharps! French Club I Standing: Michael Mitias, Donald Turner, Thomas DeLorme, John Mutambara, WilUam Reiley, John Kates, Chuck From, Fred Wilder. Seated: Mrs. Marigold, Carolyn Osborne, Lois Laurin, Patricia Dyche, Carol Schultz, Dr. Marigold. Kneeling: Morris Wilder, Linda McGaughy, Sally Snowball. Le Cercle Francais attempts to stimulate interest in the French language and culture by presenting to its members such programs as films, songs, speakers, games, and skits. The principal projects were a Homecoming display and a Halloween booth which featured DeGaulle holding a map and flag of France, and members dancing the " can-can. " Ki PB Oui, not we. 86 German Club Die deutsche Gesellschaft was created to spur an interest in Germany and German through cultural and social concerns. Regularly scheduled meetings with films, guest speakers, songs, games and chatter plus impromptu singing sessions provide learning through enjoyment for " die deutsche Gesellschafters. " Club activities this year included Home- coming, the Halloween Carnival, the Valentine Dance, a picnic with the French club at Lake Chenoa, and a formal dinner at the Marigolds. Wonder if the dog knows German? Standing: Dr. Marigold, Mrs. Marigold, George Stone, Phil Howard, David Burleigh, David Glahn, William Reiley, Dale Dellmore, Blair Richards, Tom Hunter, James Harvey. Second Row: David Sturdevant, John Benson, Alice Dudley, Sylvelin Felde, Garol Schultz, Elberta Webb, Janet Stacy. Third Row: Ned Bogie, Don Turner, Chuck From, Buddy Beverage, Ronald Watson. On Floor: Lois Laurin, Barbara Davis, Barry Foster, Marcetta York, Ernest Roop. 87 Phi Cwens Three Cwens take three Jacks— two more and you have a full house. Phi Cwens, Union ' s national sophomore honorary sorority, fosters leadership, scholarship, and fellowship among the sophomore women and, by example, in- stills incentive in the freshman women to obtain high scholastic average in order to be honored by membership in the sorority. This year active and alumnae Cwens attended the National Cwens Convention at Alleghany College in Mead- ville, Pennsylvania. Other outstanding features were the tapping ceremony in the spring, and the initiation of new members at the annual ritualistic feast. Standing: Ann Stevens, Alberta Sheldon, Martha Kirkland, Ruth Asher, Nancy Moore, Sally Snowball, Carol Schultz, Paulette Look, Jennie Jo Rice. Seated: Miss Millen, Rae Stetler, Lynn Deitrich, Bettye Smith, Joyce Peacock, Alice Dudley, Sandra Tignor, Dean Owen. ss Pi Gamma Mu Standing: Back Row: Dean Owen, Warren Robbins, Milton Townsend, Dr. Ghormley, Bob Peterson, James Frutchey, Dr. Simms. Standing, Center Row: Miss Milliken, Miss Millen, Mrs. Parry. Seated: Lawrence Westbrook, James Allen, Alberta Sheldon, Erick Pifer, Jorge Mir. To improve scholarship and to inspire social service are the purposes of Beta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu. Membership is open to students who rank in the upper third of the junior and senior classes, have majors or minors in one of the fields of social science offered at Union, have completed at least twenty hours of social science with a grade of " B " or better, and have submitted a research paper on some phase of social science. The club held its first semester initiation December 10, 1962. Another initiation held in April and a May picnic were the highlights of the year. Now let ' s swing over to Lincoln. SNEA Standing: Pat Worley, George Shellenbarger, Janice Hicks, Bonnie Neimann, Judy Parrott. Seated: James Frutchey, Evelyn Maiden, Emily Dickens, Barbara Kidwell, Phil Wilkins, Sandra Tignor, Patricia Prynn, Linda McGaughy, Peggy Chandler, Priscilla Holt, Marilyn Phyllides, Laura Houben. The John Owen Gross Chapter of SNEA, founded for the purpose of providing a professional club for students en- tering the teaching profession, emphasizes participation in all levels of professional activity, and encourages develop- ment of leadership skills. Activities for the year included sponsoring visiting high school NEA groups, attending a district workshop at Cumberland College, and hearing various speakers in the educational field. That ' s the way you spell it I 90 Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club was founded in 1956 with the purpose of acquainting its members with the esthetic as the well as the functional sides of home and family care. The highlights of the year were a Christmas tea for the faculty, a bake sale and a dance. The club serves many other groups through cookie making and preparation of other refresh- ments. Mable the seamstress makes the material. Front Row: Montrose Smart, Linda Gibson, Ruth Eaton, Suzanne Peterson, Georgia Bradley, Rae Stetler, Jackie Coomer. Second Row: Ann Gas Kin, Euna Fay Hammons, Sharan Bell, Beverly Ewen, Hilma Beisecker, Barbara Ogilvie, Viola Cella, Lynn Deitrich, Anita Stepcliuck. 91 International Relations Club Muy Hermoso With stimulating speakers and worthwhile programs, members of International Relations Club strive to build a better understanding of world problems and to instill a desire for world cooperation. Florence Mohr, George Shellbarger, Helen Woo, David Waltz, Boaz Mafarachisi, Dr. Bradley, Tom Birdsall, Carol Schultz, John Mutambara. 92 Student Senate Alvin Clark, Florence Mohr, Patricia Willson, Raid Pate, Linda Hoff, Stanley Lawson, Lois Crowe, James Carmines, Robert Brown, James McFarland, Paula Hampton, Ronald Adcock. As a result of the firm leadership of the senate, improvements were made in campus neatness and lunch-line procedures; the student union building received an affirmative vote; closer cooperation developed between the senate and faculty committees; and a strong relationship existed between the senate and student body. You know it costs five dollars for cutting line. Men ' s Dorm Council Standing: Bill Lloyd, Ted Bryson, Robert Clement, Reid Pate. Seated: Jim Yomig, Gerald Ballard, Bill Mulley, Jorge Mir. In order to look after the interests of the men of Steven- son Hall, the resident men ' s student association was formed to make policies concerning important issues. The main activities of the council are the Homecoming display and the Christmas Open House. I smell an uprising. 94 i " ■■? ' « Women ' s Dorm Council The association of women students, as an elected repre- sentative body to serve in the dormitory and in the student government, sponsored the Open House, Christmas Tea, Talent Show, Homecoming display. Hospitality weekends for high school senior girls, mothers ' weekend, and engage- ment ceremonies for those girls who have just received their rings. Doxy with Moxyl Standing: Sandra Hays, Barbara Davis, Betsy Wyatt, Bonnie Philpot, Martha Kirkland, Priscilla Diswood, Gail Whitney, AUce Dudley, Bettye Smith, Linda Reeves, Donna Gravely, Katherine Auraden, Gail Fairchild, Rose Bloyd. Seated: Virginia Goodwin, Sara Gilpin, Alice Carter, Ruth Asher, Marge Townsend, Linda Salisbury, Dean Owen, Rebecca Bird, Judy Simmerman, Helen Woo, Lynne Thurston, Joyce Peacock, Patricia Dyche. 95 Choir And then I saw all those airplanes. The Union College Choir performs at chapel services, special services, and repre- sents the college on annual tours. The Christmas Concert and spring tour are annual activities. i i " ■ ■ V " ' First Row: Gloria Krebs, Nancy Beisecker, Langdon Richardson, Rebecca King, Bill Elhott, Ann Stevens, Glee Whitfield, Paula Hampton, Dick E uffany. Second Row: Ralph Meluney, Patsy Prynn, Charles Mitchell, Sharon Hawn, Joe Foster, Anita Stepchuck, Richard Blish, John Symes, Gwyneth James, Jerome Redfern, Dorean Sldllman. Third Row: Thomas Hunter, Jackie Taylor, Lenny Shetler, Mary Frazier, Ruth Carol Boyd, Mike Williams, Linda Reeves, David Burleigh, Don Hammond. Fourth Row: Ron Browning, Claudia Havens, Axel Camp, Carol Nourse, Pete Leathersich, Clara Swan, Paul Theilemann, Anita Rayburn, John Hall. 96 Orchestra First Vwhm: Janice Dougherty, Margie Stevens, Marcus Felde, Wilma Maxwell, Barbara Steinkraus, Constance Marigold Second Violins- vS 7iT ' ' ' ' ' " M " " Ti° " p T% I?™ " , ' S ' " } ' ' y ° " f " ' ' ' J " dy Scent. Vioh: Jeron e SemNS Felde wTuTamS M.r rt-1. r? ' ' " g° ' d. Paula Peelle, Sylvelin Felde, J. D. Kelly. Con rafco,.; Warren Steinkraus, Harr; Herren X - Alice iXv H™ T p " " « i ul Dunn, Milton Perry, Alvin Clark. Bassoon: William Reiley. French Horn; Lou FoxweU George R d Tames Harvey. Trumpet: Donald Payne, Axel Camp. Trombone: Michael WilUams, Russell Nelson. Tympani: Ronald Adcock The Union College orchestra welcomes all students and persons in the smround- ing area as members. Under the direction of Mr. Allen Green, the group plans to give concerts which will be open to the public. NEINI NEINI HERR MARIGOLDI Circle K -«• wr, at- i Standing: Jerry Bush, Tommy Hudson, Ron Gressel, Pat Worley, Wayne Parks, Ed Black, Ted Bryson, Jack Bush, Wayne Matthews, Tim Can- field, Tom Douce, Jim Shaw, George Shellenbarger, Dave Schweitzer, Jim Watson, Tom Newport, Larry Butler, Dennis Parsons, Stephen Baker, Bruce Ayers, Bill Lloyd. Seated: Stephen Jasper, Bill MuUey, John Spath, Wally Snook, Jorge Mir, Walt Romano. Circle K promotes higher social, business, and professional standards. Members strive to encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule and to develop a more intelligent, aggres- sive and serviceable citizenship. They serve the community throughout the year, sponsoring car washes, an Easter egg hunt, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Circle K is also responsible for the Christmas Open House dance and the selection of the Snowball Queen. How many pages to this constitution? 98 UCCA The Union College Christian Association each year, among the students of all denominations, promotes Christian fel- lowship and understanding and stimulates interest and ac- tion in local, national, and world problems through worship and discussion. Members annually give a Christmas party for underprivileged children and distribute Lenten Medita- tions prepared by campus students and faculty members. We want preaching not lecturing. Standing: Tom Douce, Betsy Wyatt, Ronald Loy, Betty O ' Banion, Phil Howard, Carol Schultz, Dr. Mitchell, Norman Michael, John Simons, Mark Smith, Larry West, James Smith, John Hill, Mary Ann Chuppe, John Rivel, Robert Clement, George Reid, David Saxe, Jim Allen, Beverly Davis, Judy Simmerman, Sandra Tignor. Seated: Carol Denekas, Alberta Sheldon, Elaine Belzer, Kathy Rounsley, Judy Manning, Jane Embree, Georgia Bradley, Glee Whitfield, Rebecca Bird, Jennie Jo Rice. 99 Oxford Club T. S. Eliot hates this new translation. This is an organization of the young men and women who are anticipating ministry in the Church. The club provides instruction in areas of service for its members, and all enjoy fellowship at various service and social activities through- out the year. Standing: Charles Hicks. Seated, First Row: Ronald Loy, Wally Snook, Sandra Tignor, Elaine Belzer, John Benson, Charles Graham, Dale Dell- more. Second Row: Betty O ' Banion, Jim Valentine, Morris Wilder, Ronald Browning, John Hill. Third Row: Bernard Strother, Janet Stacy, David Glahn, Jay King, Ed Clark, Alberta Sheldon. 100 MSM Seated: John Mutambara, Patty Hobson, Jim Shaw, Jim Frutchey, Linda McGaughy, Dr. Mitchell, Mrs. Mitchell, Elaine Belzer, Alice Dudley, Bill Reiley, Charles Graham. Standing: Alice Bowlin, Fred Elford, Boaz Mafarachisi, Dick Fattaruso, Don Turner, John Simons, Chris Brewster, John Benson, James Smith, David Glahn, David Waltz, Bob Jacks, Carol Schultz. The Methodist Student Movement states that its objectives are to lead students to Jesus Christ, to stimulate Bible study, to deepen the Christian faith, to further understanding of the Church, to provide warmth of Christian fellowship, to develop ecumenical understanding, to foster Christian education, to offer projects of service, to interpret Christian vocation, to promote religion in higher educa- tion, to encourage participation in a universal Christian movement, and to de- velop a sense of world Christian community. Don ' t you think fifty dollars is a little steep for a Kool-Aid party? Newman Club Seated: Mary Chisholm, Anita Stepchuck, Lorraine Black, Regina Mabelitini, Vincent Venditti. Standing: Manuel Pereira, Mike Shea, Richard Vande Voorde, Robert Dravecky, Francis Glass, Tony Cueto, Bob Nowak, Sal Scafidi, Walt Romano. This club promotes unity of Catholic students on campus and plans for various speakers and social events. Aristotle knew about that! 102 ll Ml i L ■ ■ ■■M ' gAgJiJ--i , , , Disciples Fellowship To promote Christian fellowship through recreation, discus- sion, and informal presentations is the purpose of the DSF. Included in the activities are a retreat at Pine Mountain, educational films, picnic at Cumberland Falls, and the organization of a basketball team. Regular Sunday night meetings are at 7 o ' clock in Christian Church activities room. Fireside fellowship. tminiii jiiiiii Standing: Bill Murphy, Ron Adcock, Rev. Stephenson, AHce Dudley, Douglas Rodeck, A. el Camp, Bobby Austin, Joe Foster. Seated: Joyce Peacock, Dan Oesch, Ruth Asher, Dennis Bigelow, Ruth Eaton, Delma Gilley, Dennis Parsons, Barbara Helton. 103 " U " Club Be calm, be cool The U Club stands for the promotion, encouragement, and identification of all sports at Union whether intercollegiate or intramural. It welcomes as members all those who have lettered in any sport. With revision of the club ' s constitution as the first project, U Club members began a full year of activities which in- cluded acting as escorts for Homecoming Queen candidates, having a Halloween booth, selling concessions at basketball games, organizing a Pep Club of U Club members for the ball games, emphasizing sports and activities of Union, and strengthening the club with active participation in events by all members. Standing: Steve Baker, Skip Ballard, Dennis Bigelow, Bob Rainey, Ron Brack, Floyd Cook, David Austin, Dave Saxe, Chuck Akers, Don Ran- kin, Dave Schweitzer. Seated: Bill Strong, Jerry I5u.sh, James Young, Ted Bryson, Dan Oesch, Don Cordner, Keith Sauselen, Paul O ' Brien, John Moffitt, Gloria Krebs, Ella Sue Russell, Mary Ann Suffelette, Stanley Lawson, Matt Brown, Doug Hulitt. 104 Dolphin Club Standing, Back Row: Stanley Lawson, Larry Butler, Ted Brysoh, Don Cordner, Ted Locke, Bob Nowak, Sal Scafidi, Bruce Bianco, Lou Frank. Second Row: Phil Newbert, Coach Thompson, Stephen Baker, Pete Parker, Ann Holcombe, Mary Ann Suffelette, Maryland Fink, Gail Gray, Linda Pine, Gail Whitney, Barry Foster. Front Row: Mary Brown, Keith Sauselen, Paulette Look, Walter Romano. Members of the Dolphin Club attend meetings with the purpose of furthering the knowledge and skills of swimming and of being assistance to the activities of the college swimming department. To welcome new and old students, the club sponsored an Aloha Dance when school opened. Producing water shows at Home- coming and in the spring, sponsoring a formal dance, and providing timers, judges, and scorekeepers for swim meets kept members active all year. But what would mother say? 105 Playlikers Standing: Mike Johnson, Lee Allen, Lou Foxwell, Jess Alexander, Mr. Herndon, Danny Cline, Wesley Wilson, Elaine Belzer. Seated: Carol Jones, Janrose Crockett, Arlene Dempsey, Martha Stevens. An enthusiastic promotion of drama was felt on the campus early this year when members of Playhkers sold tickets at special booths, when ads were sold for basketball programs in order to earn a trip to New York in the spring, and when the audience responded warmly to the one-act and other plays. The Taming of the Shrew, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Antigone were among the productions for the year. Any student who participated in any way with play pro- duction is eligible for membership. Let ' s not fight over this Une. 106 Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is Union ' s national honorary dramatic fraternity. Thespians are selected for membership after they have fulfilled the basic dramatic requirements of the fra- ternity and have shown a desire to be honored by being invited to join. Alpha Psi promotes drama on the college level by sponsoring experimental, as well as basic pro- duction under Mr. Hemdon ' s direction, written and pro- duced by students and by publishing the Method. My real name is Sherlock Holmes. Carol Jones, Janrose Crockett, Dwain Hemdon, Danny Cline, Regina Mabelitini, Lou Foxwell. 107 Beta Chi Alpha PATRICIA BAILEY ALICE CARTER CLARINDA CARTER CYNTHIA CLARKSON LOIS CROWE LINDA ELAM WILMA EVANS LINDA HILL PRISCILLA HOLT LAURA HOUBEN GVVYNETH JAMES MARTHA KIRKLAND GLORL KREBS PAULETTE LOOK FLORENCE MOHR lOS NANCY MOORE BONNIE NEIMANN JUDY PARROTT MRS. FRANK GILBERT MARILYN PHYLLIDES LINDA REEVES BONNIE RICE MRS. McMAHON JENNIE JO RICE LINDA SALISBURY SALLY SNOWBALL RAE STETLER MARGE TOWNSEND KAREN WATSON GLEE WHITFIELD PATRICIA WILLIAMS HELEN WOO The purpose of BXA is to develop an appreciation of beauty, culture, and art. The members try to further their club ' s interests by giving a tea for freshman women, a luncheon for alumni, co-sponsoring a Christmas party for underprivileged children, selling rose bushes, and caring for their three rose beds on campus. 109 Foreign Students Association Will you please speak ENGLISH! The promotion and consolidation of Education and understanding among nations exists as the goal of the Foreign Student Association. The club members attempt to give help in the English language to those who need it. A Homecoming display is entered, and this year the club won the award in this contest. Seated: Helen Woo, Carmen Cabrero, EulaUa Serrano, Mojdeh Bazorgan. Standing: Jorge Mir, Joe Ting, Boaz Mafarachisi, John Mutambara, Wooju Bhak. 110 PHT Standing: Judy Carmines, Barbara Wilder, Christine Hicks, Viola Skinnell, Jean Richards, Sue Murphy. Seated: Joselyn Soares, Susie Messer, Gretchen Lovett, Pat Riker. To encourage friendly social relations among the married couples at Union is the purpose of the P.H.T. Club whose members are wives of Union ' s students. Some of the main projects planned are securing playground equipment for the children, caring for the newly acquired rose bushes, and having pot luck dinners for the couples. I always loved making mud pies. HI Bridge Club Standing: Charles Smith, Bill Haney, Paulette Look, Robert Hastings, Dave Johnson, James Shaw, Norman Taylor, Peter Leathersich, Elaine Belzer, Wesley Wilson, Martha Kirkland, Janice Hicks, Dick Wilson, Howard Nippert, Ted Locke. Seated: Ed Black, Kenneth Hoffman, Mary- land Fink, Elberta Webb. For the many avid bridge players at Union, the Bridge Club was founded to explore the fundamentals of both types of bridge games, Duplicate and Rubber. To learn different approaches and ideas about the game from each other and to help any interested person in learning the game, members play rubber bridge every Friday night of the month except one, when they hold a duphcate tournament. Don ' t worry Jan, you ' ll make it. Major and Minor Club This is the first year for the Major and Minor Club, and the club members have conducted physical education tests in various schools, getting the activity off to a fine start. Any major or minor in Physical Education is eligible. Beat ' em, boys, beat ' em! Standing: Elizabeth Jones, Marge Townsend, Don Cordner, Ted Bryson, Jerry Porteus, Phil Wilkins, Carlton Skmnell Monroe Hedrick, Jerry Bean, Doug Woodbury, Peggy Dean, MUt MeGee. Seated: Mary Boswell, Miss Pat, Coach Bush, Basil Mills, Martha Melton. 113 Orange and Black The hot seat. The Orange and Black has had a very successful year, striving to serve the stu- dent body with outside news as well as news of campus events. The Lyceum column has caught new interest; cooperation between staff members and the student senate has kept down a good deal of uncertainty connected with the paper; and the regular appearances of the paper have been the result of excellent cooperation and enthusiasm from a fine staff. The editors want to say thank you. Standing: Jim McFarland, Erick Pifer, Ron Adcock, David Creighton, James Stinson, Ray Giron, John Rivel. Seated: Linda Sahsbury, Carolyn Sue Frazier, Linda Elam, Marcetta York, Christine Rose. 114 Stespean Ray Giron, Reid Pate, Phil Stone, Barbara Frahn, Carol Schultz, Sally Snowball, Jean Neilsen, James McFarland, Bob Peterson, Ron Adcock. It has been the desire of the editor and her staff to depict the various facets of student experiences at Union as they reveal spiritual, cultural, and physical growth. A long look into the future. Council of Southern Mountains Dunking plans for Dean Boyd, Through actual work experience, Council of Southern Mountains tries to present to its members a true picture of the Southern Appalachian region. In order to be a member of the Council, each person must participate in the work program outlined by the Council. Besides providing opportunities for the campus community to dunk professors and fellow students at the Dunk- Ems, Council members also sponsored bake sales, a sock hop, and a workcamp for members. First Row against wall: Nina Gravely, Christine Rose, Patricia Hobson, Ann Sergent, Laura Houben, Marilyn Phillides, Harry Rice, Phil Howard. Second Row: Chris Brewster, Gail Whitney, Ella Hedrick, Robert Sapp, Wayne Hoffman, Don Bautz. Third Row: Mary Filbert, Viola Cella, Bob Broome. Fourth Row: Dr. Ghomiley, Joan Werley, Alice Dudley, Lou Frank, Jack Rivel, Ronald Browne. 116 117 Union Coaching Staff COACH HERMAN BUSH NANCY BEISECKER COACH PETE MOORE COACH CHARLES THOMPSON CLARINDA CARTER Cheerleaders 118 Basketball Kneeling: Bobby Goe, Donnie Lane, Ron Phipps, Beverly Alford. Second Row: Don Calitri, manager; Bill Fultz, Dave Afterkirk, Ron Brack, Coach Moore. Third Row: Bobby Rainey, Paul Erslan, Robert Cox, Bill Trent, Frank Dalton, James Hundley. They forgot about Nair. I dreamed I played basketball in my . . . The Union Bulldogs, under the first year leadership of Coach Pete Moore, experi- enced an up-and-dovvn season. After drop- ping its first three KIAC contests. Union found the winning track against Pikeville. In upsetting both Georgetown and Villa Madonna, the Bulldogs tried to make the season interesting. Outstanding performance were turned in by juniors Bill Fultz and Ron Brack. Fultz scored about 20 points per game, while Brack averaged nearly 16 and was the leading rebounder. A junior transfer, Frank Dalton, and two freshmen. Bill Trent and Ron Phipps, round out the starting unit. Because the emphasis was on youth, Coach Moore was forced to start a unit lacking in experience. However, none of the play- ers will be lost through graduation, and Coach Moore can look forward to a more pleasant campaign in his second year as head coach. 119 Swimming Please don ' t flush it now! Under Coach Thompson, the Bullfrogs scored impressive victories in home meets with Tennessee A. I. and the University of Kentucky. This was a pleasing way to begin the home portion of a successful slate. With only eight returning lettermen, Coach Thompson was forced to find additional talent. Sev- eral freshmen tankers performed very capably. Lettermen Tom Swenk and Stan Law- son, coupled with newcomers Dave Ra- zor, Rich Moldenhauer, and John Ju- hasz, scored heavily throughout the season and carried the major load of the Bullfrogs ' attack. The home schedule had at least one new twist— a night meet; Union also was host to the KIAC champ- ionship meet. Since there are many lettermen returning next season. Coach Thompson and the swimmers can look forward to the 1964 campaign. Seated: Grove Saiiselen, Joe Ting, Phil Newbert. Bill Lloyd, Stan Lawson, Coach Thompson. 2nd Row: Dave Razor, Bob Broome, Huntley Lloyd, Tony Cu eto, Don Cordner, Chuck Conley. 3rd Row: Bob Watson, Steve Baker, Rich Moldenhauer, Walt Romano, Ted Locke. 4lh Row: Henry Elam, manager, Al Kangur, Tom Swenk, George Vcldman, Chuck Akers, Reid Pate, manager. 120 Track First Row: Don Calitri, Mgr.; Eddie Bean, Ronnie Boone, Scotty Nealis, Matt Brown, Mike Williams, Larry Seibert, Bob Clement, Coach Moore. Second Row: Bob Patton, William Turner, Harry Brumbaugh, Larry Cernyar, Charles Akers, Sam Cowan, Tom Swenk, Jim Hensley. From Sparta to Athens in three years. The track team could not repeat its champion- ship success of 1961, but, under Coach Pete Moore, it had a number of outstanding indi- viduals on the cinders. 1962 found the Bulldogs at the bottom of the KIAC ledger. Certainly there was no one more versatile than Bob Patton. At one time or another, the sprint ace was victorious in the 100, 220, 440, high and low hurdles, and the broad jump. Basketball ace Sam " Big Daddy " Cowan set a school record in the shot put. Coach Moore is looking for some freshman talent to bolster the squad ' s chances in 1963. 121 Baseball First Row: Carl Bennett, Dennis Comer, Ron Robertson, Ted Bryson, Stan Lawson, Jim Harbeson, Bill Geesey. Second Row: Jerry Bush, Bill Strong, Eddie Moose, Jim Young, Monroe Hedrick, Glen Conway. Third Row: Skip Ballard, Dick West, Dave Schweitzer, John Moffitt, Denis Bigelow, Tom Harding, Doug Rodeck, Jim Hundley, Coach Thompson, Coach O ' Brien. The 1962 baseball team experienced a very rough season and compiled a 6-14 log. Pitching was the tiggest weakness, but prospects for 1963 are bright. Last year, Freshman Dave Schweitzer was the team ' s leading hurler with a 3-2 record. The emphasis last season was, however, on youth, as five freshmen held starting positions. The team was under Coach Thompson ' s direction. Monroe Hedrick posted a .400 batting average and chipped in with three home runs. The team batted .315; and, with experienced players such as Denis Bigelow, Bill Strong, and John Moffit returning, the Bulldogs should improve vastly over the " build- ing year " of 1962. New Head Coach Paul O ' Brien has high hopes, and if the hurlers come through as expected, Union will be a top contender for the KIAC championship. 122 Tennis Union ' s tennis team will be striving to better last year ' s log when they open against Cumberland College. Floyd Cook, Dave Saxe, Dave Austin, Chuck Conley, and Fred Wilder should provide poise and experience, and some expected newcomers will furnish depth to the net squad. Cookies ' forehand. F irst Row: Bob Clark, Mike Johnson, Ted Bryson, Dan Oesch, Dave Saxe. Second Row: Coach Bush, Chuck Conley, Bill Yeatts, Floyd Cook, Dave Austin, Fred Wilder. 12.3 spring Sports 1963 Track First Row: AKred Bennett, William O ' Connell, Sal Scafidi, Huntley Lloyd, Gary Heintzelman, Mike Shea, Tom DeLorme, Coach Moore. Second Row: Don Calitri, Pete Parker, Charles Cox, Allen Machamer, Bill Trent, Chuck Akers, Tom Swenk, Bob Clement, Richard Molden- hauer. Baseball Golf David McNish, Steve Wearn, Coach Bush, James Shaw, Dennis Comer. Kneeling: Sam Perry, Jim Harbeson, James McKinstry, Charles Hudson, Denis Bigelow, Bill Geesey, Jerry Bush. Standing: Coach O ' Brien, Skip Ballard, Dave Schweitzer, Norm Taylor, Jim Young, Ted Bryson, John Moffitt, Dennis Parsons. 12.5 Bill Fultz: ALL KIAC Girls ' Field Hockey Don Cordner, Richard Moldenhauer, Tom Swenk, John Juhasz. Cordner School Record— 200 yd. butterfly, 100 yd. free style. Moldenhauer 200 yd. free style, 500 yd. free style. Swenk 50 yd. free style, 200 yd. breast. Juhasz 200 yd. individual medley. Kneeling: Delma Gilley, Marge Townsend, Viola Skinnell, Judy Simmerman, Sharon Hawn. Standing: Betty Young, Florence Mohr, Peggy Dean, Linda Hill, Mrs. Thompson. T E N N I S First Row: Ted Bryson, Chuck Conley, Dan Oesch, Mike Parker. Second Row: Paul Isaacs, Dave Saxe, Floyd Cook, Dave Austin Coach Thompson. 127 Drama THE TAMING OF THE SHREW THE BALD SOPRANO Nell Hays, Paula Peelle, Regina Mabelitini THE LOTTERY, Lee Allen Is . " . Janrose Crockett, Hank Zingg Janice Hicks, John Symes Fred Elford, Larry Westbrook, Lou Foxvvell, Regina Mabelitini 128 A rat and a toothbrush. He uses a thinking man ' s filter. Orientation You see there was this fanner ' s daugh- ter. Washington Square. Which came first, the freshman or the egg. Heartfelt patriotism. He never asks us guys if we ' re willing. We heard the area was deperssed, but this . . . Sadie Ha vkins Day All this for an athletic scholarship. Smile even though it ' s breaking. If only that National Defense loan would come. Listen ape man leave that alone. 130 510 open House Club " 65 ' Circle K promotes the twist. Sophisticate. 131 Across the Campus : ' iSa ' : Sure, I sold him the test for five bucks. Honey! Don ' t leave me now. 5 Sign him up for Betty ' s course. Of course you can have blanket permission. Hie! How dare you! Faculty 134 M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-EI Frame-ups. Name, please. Potter puttering. Tweetie-pie Bradley brainwashing. Under the trees. Forty-three beans . It looks just like we knew what we were doing. Student Pin-Ups 136 137 STESPEAN 1963 Editor BARBARA FRAHN Business Manager ROBERT PETERSON Assistant Editor EDWARD CLARK Associate Editor LEE ALLEN Literary Editor SALLY SNOWBALL Advertising Manager JEAN NIELSEN Sports Editor RON ADCOCK Art Editor RAY GIRON Poetry Editor REID PATE Photographer DON PAYNE Advisor MRS. DOROTHY McMAHON Business Advisor MR. JOE C. HACKER Staff Typists Philip Stone Dorothy Foster Rae Stetler Lorrene Waller Jim McFarland Janice Hicks Carol Schultz Jack Tender Steven Baker The editors and staff of the Stespean 1963 would like to express their deep appreciation and thanks to Dr. and Mrs. McMahon for their help in preparing this book. No Herculean task perhaps, but still demanding of the greatest labor; they proved themselves in it as nobly as any Greek might do: With the foresight of Pericles, the patience of Penelope, and greater wisdom than the Delphic Oracle, they created order from chaos, and earned for themselves laurels that do not wither. The editors would also like to give special recognition to Ray Giron who developed the art theme and to Reid Pate for his poetic contributions. Special thanks also go to the English Department for the use of the conference room as a workshop. With these final words of recognition, the editors and staff sincerely hope that the students, as well as the faculty, enjoy the 1963 Stespean. 138 139 UNION NATIONAL BANK now has two facilities for service to its customers SAFE SOUND Union National Bank Auto — Bank Knox Street and Cumberland Avenue Barbourville, Kentucky SERVICE 140 Students Welcome 1. G. A. FOOD 546-3420 LINER Barbourville Kentucky R. H. WILLIAMS Most Popular Store on Court Square B arbour ville Kentucky MILLER - YANCEY Standard Brands of fine furniture Barbourville Kentucky Smart Folks Shop At BAKER SUPERMARKET Manchester Kentucky Compliments of CHAPPELL ' S DAIRY, INC. " It may be good and not be ours; But it can ' t be ours and not be good " Middlesboro Phone 41 Kentucky POPE LUMBER COMPANY National Gypsum Pittsburgh Paints 546-4136 Products Barbourville, Kentucky For a new Pontiac or Rambler • MANCHESTER SALES and SERVICE Manchester, Kentucky 141 STACY HOUSE STACY PAD DAD Alvin W. Clark 65 Longfellow Rd. Reading, Mass. MOM Gail J. Fairchild 2602 Nolte St. Ashland, Ky. Robert Eugene Leo Newak, Esq. " Bob " -Vilja- Mary ' s Lane, R.F.D. 5 Huntington, Long Island, N. Y. Anthony Richard John Manuel Cueto " Quates ' — 211 Dover Rd. Manhasset, Long Island, N. Y. Francis Stephen Glass " Fran " — 1409 N. Madison St. Rome, N. Y. Edward " Rick " Quist-U.S. 114 Tally Lane Wantagh, N. Y. Gentlemen and Scholar Dave Call- 228 Highland Ave. Harrington, N. J. English— Accounting Philip S. Newbert " Newby " — pentliouse 178 Harrison Ave. Westfield, N. J. Bruce Bianco— " Tine " the lion-hearted 4823 S. 9th St. Arlington 4, Va. Wm. Wayne Works " Clarence " — U . S . 679 Meadow Lane Covington, Ky. William P. Shannon " Bill " — penthouse 214 Pierpont St. Rochester 13, N. Y. Jerry L. Richardson " Honey " — U.S. Rural Route 1 Sheehe Rd. N. Lewisburg, Ohio Jim Dahlstrom— U.S. " Georgia " — " Peaches " 213 Sherwood Rd. Rome Pre-law William L. Beckman— U.S. 17608 Riverside Rd. Lakewood 7, Ohio Lewis G. Frank— U.S. Box 42, R.D. 1 Swedesboro, N. J. Peter Paul Parker— " Pete " — Elaine 328 S. Hamilton St. Watertown, N. Y. Salvatore Andrew Scafidi " Sal " — Grace— 309 4th St. Union City, N. J. David A. Crittenden " Gritt " -U.S. P. O. Box 41 Medina County LeRoy, Ohio Norman L. Michael " Preacher " -U.S. P. O. Box 52 Ashland, Illinois Robert S. Dravecky " Rip " — Debbie 2265 Beechwood PI. Scotch Plains, N. J. penthouse 142 D. and W. STEVENSON PFEIFFER ENGLES " CAFETERIA H a L i STUDIO L A Homecooked Foods r r y n d a R E S 1 S Homemade Pies R i E 1 The finest in 11 A.M.-2 P.M. c e G C T T a m R photographic equipment T A 5 P.M.-8 P.M. Phone; 546-4173 e r N e b e 1 N C. g e R i e d S N E c c a B i r d Developing Printing Enlarging Barbourville, Kentucky D R Y C L E A N 1 H U R C L E A B A R B U R V 1 Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky H E R D N CATRON MOTOR COMPANY New Fords and Mercurys Corbin, N G N E R S L L E K and R E X A L L Kentucky Phone: 596-3111 L A E N U N D R T U c K Phone— 546-3142 D R U Barbourville, Kentucky Y Y G S Established 1889 143 Jackie Coomer Mr. and Mrs. Dwain L. Hemdon Dick, Toni, Barb, Chuck, Don, Bill Eulalia Serrano and Carmen Cabrero Paula Neumann Christine and Delma Carol and Mary Bob and Linda Lee Carol A. Jones Barb and Glee Linda Sue Salisbury and Mary Ann Suffelette Some Sharp Snack— Shack Staff Jean and Steve Charlie Cochrane Joyce Hartsfield Gail Gray and Joe Anth Carol and Greta-108 Barb and Ann— Room 109 Suzanne Peterson and Judy Siebert Que sera sera!! 116 Pfeiffer Hall-Bev and Boo Ella Hedrick " Smiles " Butch and Pris Danny and Ruth Gloria Krebs and Anita Stepchuck ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO OUR ADVERTISERS: We hope the students and the whole college community will help our advertisers enjoy a year of good business. AND this year we wish to give a complimentary ad to a wonderful supporter, MR. PAUL C. MITCHELL Paul Mitchell, the movie man, gives our little corner of the world pleasure, excitement and im- portance. He has educated us, often in art, his- tory, comedy, tragedy, race relations, nature lore, sex, anthropology, the American frontier, life in Paris, and how to be a road runner. We deserve about 47 hours of upper level credit for all this. 144 Compliments of CHISHOLM ' S MOTEL North of Boston on Rt. 1 Telephone in Every Room Modem Air Conditioned Rooms 726 Broadway Saugus, Mass. Tel. Center 3-5100 PEOPLE ' S GAS COMPANY Natural Gas Service Phone: 546-4185 RAPF LUMBER and Ready Mix Building Materials for every need Barbourville Kentucky CLAY MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet B. F. Goodrich McCreary Tires Repair Sales Service Manchester Kentucky KNOX AUTO PARTS and BARBOURVILLE FIRESTONE SUPPLY On The Square Barbourville Compliments of BRITTON FUNERAL HOME Phone: 598-2121 Manchester Kentucky 145 Phone: 546-3138 A M E R 1 C A N B A N F K 1 D E L 1 T Y nox Street Barbourville, Kentucky Dairy Products That Carry This Load Are Grade " A " - All The Way! Middlesboro Compare Pet With Any Other Phone: 1257 Kentucky TREADWAY BROTHERS 820 North Main Street Building Materials 546-3357 Barbourville Kentucky COMPLIMENTS of ROMINGER FUNERAL HOME Phone: 4111 Manchester Kentucky Dr. |. 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King and The Smelling Salts Kid Barbara Ann Frahn Betsy and Tom Mike and Janet Williams Albie and Ruthie The Orange and Black Staff Jorge and Montrose, Dave and Boo Wayne Brashear Donald R. Payne Room 120 Bruce and Barbara Helen O ' Brien and Ronnie Gressel Terry and Joe— 214 Donald Irvin Rankin Frank and Joan Engaged and Undecided-That ' s 203 Chuck Conley and Becky Bird Doug Garcia and Ginny Vaughan Dave and Jiggs Mike and Jack-202 Back ' s Florist Creech Jewelry Store Maggie and Danny Al and Chris Tony Jones and Pat Worley Richard Wilson Dave Lewis Tom and Pebble Paul G. Blacketor Paul O ' Brien Albert Konetzni and Lloyd Simola Mary Ann and Liz Donna and Kathy Johnny and Jane Porky and Jean Bev and Judy Barbara Heffelfinger and Judy Manning Mary Elizabeth Jones " Sissy " Priscilla Diswood and Gail Matheson Rose Bloyd and Bob Brown (Brownie) " On the Rocks " -God Bless Union! Wes Wilson 148 Meadow Gold Knox County ' s Only Locally Owned Distributor of Milk Phone: 546-4108 or 546-3175 TRIANGLE K N LAUNDRY X C COMPANY N C R E Just a few T E steps from P Union College Barbourville, R Kentucky D Barbourville, 546-3698 U c Kentucky T S Compliments Mitchell Theatre of We Thank HOPPER you FUNERAL HOME for The movies we ' U Embalmers and SEE Funeral Directors in Phone: 546-4141 ' 63 Barbourville, The Yearbook Kentucky Staff 149 Senior Directory RONALD ADCOCK, AB, Philosophy; West Belmar, New Jersey. Radio Club, Milesians, Parliamentarian Sophomore Class, German Club, Parliamentarian Junior Class, Parliamentarian Student Senate, Stespean, Orange ir Black, Parliamentarian Senior Class, Student Un- ion Committee. ELIZABETH ALLEN, AB, English; Floyd, Virginia. Playlikers, Orange ir Black, Stespean, Student Planning Committee, Gambit Committee. JAMES ALLEN, AB, Business Education; Fort Blackmore, Virginia. Transferred, Hivvassee College. Phi Theta Kappa, UCCA, Interna- tional Relations Club. RUTH ASHER, AB, History and Political Science; Blackey, Kentucky. Beta Chi Alpha, Phi Gwens, SNEA, International Relations Club, Homecoming Queen, President of AVVS, Student Judiciary Board, DSF, Orientation Committee. BOBBY AUSTIN, AB, History and Political Science; Fries, Virginia. Major, Minor Club in Physical Education, Intramural Sports. DAVID AUSTIN, AB, Health and Physical Education; Hanover, Indiana. RICHARD BACON, AB, History; Barbourville, Kentucky. Student Senate, Council of the Southern Mountains, Student Planning Committee. JAMES BAILEY, AB, Accounting, Hazard, Kentucky. GERALD BALLARD, AB, Business Education; Ehier, New Jersey. Pep Club, President Pep Club, Radio Club Treasurer, Intramural Captain, President of Dorm, " U " Club, Treasurer of Orange l Black, 62. SEWELL BARRETT, AB, Biology; Harlan, Kentucky. Science Club, Library Assistant, Medical Technology. F. ELAINE BELZER, AB, Religion and Philosophy; Magnolia, New Jersey. Choir, Orchestra, Council of Southern Mountains, Dolphin Club, Milesians, Oxford Club, Playlikers, UCCA, MSM, Pep Club. WOOJU BHAK, AB, History and Political Science; Kwanjon, Chon- Nam, Korea. PATRICIA BLAIR, AB, English; Valley Station, Kentucky. Secretarj ' of Freshman Class, Council of Southern Mountains, Secretary UCCA, Student Activities Committee. ROBERT BROCK, AB, Area in Business; Pineville, Kentucky. ROBERT BROWN, AB, History and Biology; Roebling, New Jersey. Pep Club, Biology Club, Men ' s Donii Council, Junior Class President, President Student Senate, Intramurals. JAMES CARMINES, AB, Area in Social Studies; Yorktown, Virginia. Student Senate, Intramurals, SNEA. ALVIN CLARK, AB, French and Philosophy; Reading, Ma.ssachu- setts. Student Senate, Milesians, French Club, Student Judiciary Com- mittee, Orchestra, UCCA Council, Assistant Dorm Counselor. CYNTHIA CLARKSON, AB, Elementary Education; Cowpens, South Carolina. Transferred Brevard College. UCCA, UCCA Council, Beta Chi Alpha, Art Club, Judiciary Board, Orange b- Black. FLOYD COOK, AB, Business; Norwalk, Connecticutt. Dolphin Club, " U " Club, Tennis Team, Captain Tennis Team, Treasurer Junior Class, Intramurals. BARBARA DAVIS, AB, French; Brooklyn, New York. AWS, Student Senate Secretary, Student Union Committee, German Club Secretary, Senior Assistant in Foreign Language Dept., French Club. JAMES DENHAM, AB, English Area; Kenilwortli, New Jersey. Swimming, Golf, Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Psi, " U " Club, Editor Cauldron, Dolphin Club, Playlikers, Intramurals. WILLIAM ELLIOTT, AB, Music; Valley Station, Kentucky. Vice- President and Co-President of AGO, Accompanist for Choir, Organ- ist for Choir Tours, Student organist for Chapel, Vice-president of Choir. GAIL FAIRCHILD, AB, Sociology; Ashland, Kentucky. AWS Coun- cil, Social Standards Committee, Sweetheart Queen. LOUIS FOXWELL, AB, English; Baltimore, Maryland. Alpha Psi Omega, Milesians President, Orange ir Black. BARBARA FRAHN, AB, French and German; Penns Grove, New- Jersey. French Club, German Club, SNEA, UCCA, Oxford Club, Stespean editor. Secretary Milesians. VIVIAN FRANCE, AB, Art; Artemus, Kentucky. Dolphin Club, DSF, Art Club President, Social Standards Committee, Chairman Decora- tion Committee Freshman Class, Commuter Representative to AWS. GLEN COVER, AB, Business Administration; Somerset, Kentucky. Circle K, UCCA. RONALD GRESSEL, BS, Business; Columbus, Indiana. Transfer, Lindsey Wilson College, Junior College Scholastic Scholarship Grant to Union, Intramurals, Dolphin Club, Circle K. KAY GUTHRIE, AB, English; Barbourville, Kentucky. CHARLES HALL, AB, Social Studies; Stratford, New Jersey. DONALD HAMMOND, AB, Biology and English; Cincinnati, Ohio. Track, Choir, Orange i:r Black. CHARLES HICKS, AB, Philosophy; Trenton, New Jersey. Young Republicans, Forum Club, Intramural Football, Debate Club, UCCA Treasurer, Oxford Club, Milesians, Oxford Club President, Milesians Vice President. JANICE HICKS, AB, Elementary Education; Maple Heights, Ohio. Choir, SNEA Secretary, Student Senate, Stespean, MSM, Bridge Club, Playlikers. LINDA HOFF, AB, Elementary Education; Findlay, Ohio. BXA, UCCA, Dorm Council, Student Senate Representative, Student Senate Vice President, Cheerleading, Student Activities Committee. PRISCILLA HOLT, AB, Elementary Education; Maiden, Massachu- setts. Secretary-Treasurer French Club, UCCA, Dolphin Club, BXA President, Intramurals, SNEA, Judiciary Board, Women ' s Dorm Coun- cil, Homecoming Queen Candidate. DOUGLAS HULITT, AB, Biology and Chemistry; Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Student Senate, " U " Club, Circle K, UCC, MSM, Sophomore Class President, Track, American Chemical Society, Pep Club Vice President, Intramurals. STEPHEN JASPER, AB, Biology; Science Hill, Kentucky. Circle K, American Chemical Society, Vice President Freshman Class, Men ' s Dorm Council Representative. CONRAD JOHNSON, AB, Social Studies Area; Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky. Orange 6 Black, International Relations Club, SNEA, UCCA, Pep Club, Intramurals. CAROL JONES, AB, English; Turnersville, New Jersey. Playlikers, Alpha Psi Omega, Stespean. BENNY KELLY, AB, Chemistry and Biology; Lothair, Kentucky. American Chemical Society, SNEA, Veterans Club, Pep Club, Biology Club, Intramurals. BARBARA KIDWELL, AB, Elementary Education; Augusta, Ken- tucky. AWS, Social Standards Committee, UCCA Secretary UCCA, President UCCA, MSM, SNEA, Orientation Committee, Chairman Orientation Committee. DAVID LEWIS, AB, History; Montrose, Pennsylvania. Student Senate, Cross Country, " U " Club, Aqua-tonics Club, Stespean staff. JOHN LLOYD, AB, Elementary Education; Akron, Ohio. GARY LOVETT, AB, Accounting; Toledo, Ohio. Intramurals, Senior Class President, SNEA, SNEA Vice president. Civil Defense Advisory Committee. GRETCHEN LOVETT, AB, English; Wooster, Ohio. President Fresh- man Girls Dorm, Treasurer AWS, Vice president AWS, Secretary MSM, Treasurer Oxford Club, Vice president PHTs, National Metho- dist Scholarship, Senior Assistant English Dept., BXA. RONALD LOY, AB, Area in Business; Fairdale, Kentucky. Oxford Club, UCCA. SHARON McDONALD, AB, Elementary Education; Artemus, Ken- tucky. REGINA MABELITINI, AB, Elementary Education; Liggett, Ken- tucky. Playlikers, Secretary Junior Class, Junior Representative UCCA, Alpha Psi Omega, Newman Club treasurer. Alpha Psi Omega Secre- tary, Student Conduct Committee. 150 Senior Directory BONNIE NIEMANN, AB, Elementary Education; Mansfield, Ohio. UCCA, SNEA, Vice President SNEA, Dorm Council, Pep Club, Playlikers. HOWARD NIPPERT, AB, Business Education; FishkiU, New York. Intramurals, Bridge Club, Biology Club. ROBERT PARKER, AB, Area in Social Studies; Lake City, South Carolina. International Relations Club. WAYNE PARKS, AB, Accounting; Osg ood, Indiana. Circle K, Stespean. ROBERT PATTON, AB, Physical Education and Health; Hamilton, Ohio. Major and Minor Club, " U " Club, " U " Club President, Basket- ball, Baseball, Track, UCCA, BSU, Pep Club. MARILYN PHYLLIDES, AB, Education; West Newton, Massachu- setts. LAWRENCE PIKE, AB, History; Melrose, Massachusetts. Intra- murals, UCCA, Pep Club, Chorus. DONALD PAYNE, AB, Sociology; Springfield, Ohio. School photog- rapher. Organist Guild, UCCA, Stespean, Orange ir Black. ROBERT PETERSON, AB, Business and Math; Hawthorne, New York. Senior Class Treasurer, Stespean Business Manager, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Gamma Mu President, Alpha Delta, Intramurals, Pep Club. RAY MESSER, AB, Elementary Education; Walker, Kentucky. SNEA. WENDELL MILLER, AB, Area in Business; Gray, Kentucky. BASIL MILLS, AB, Physical Education; Harlan, Kentucky. Basket- ball, Track, Chairman of Major and Minor Club. EDWARD MINTER, AB, Chemistry; Buckhom, Kentucky. President American Chemical Society. MICHAEL MITIAS, AB, Philosophy; Latakia, Syria. Milesians, French Club. THEODORE MOTT, AB, Accounting; Tuckerton, New Jersey. Choir, German Club, Treasurer of International Relations Club, UCCA, Intramurals, Radio Club, Miniature Golf Committee Chaimian. LAWRENCE MURPHY, AB, History; Saugus, Massachusetts. Intra- murals, Oxford Club, Student Senate, Student Conduct Committee, Religious Life Committee, Orientation Committee, Student Activities Committee. SUE MURPHY, AB, English and Religion; Pikeville, Kentucky. BXA, Secretary Sophomore Class, Cheerleader, O.xford Club, UCCA, Pep Club, Student Activities Committee, PHTs. EARL QUILLEN, AB, Math and Chemistry; Frankford, Delaware. Math Club, Gun Club, Intramurals. JEROME REDFERN, AB, Music; Lexington, Kentucky. Orange 6- Black, Secretary AGO, Choir, President and Vice president Choir, Bach Group, Collegium Musicum, Orchestra. GEORGE REID, AB, EngHsh; Haddonfield, New Jersey. Freshman Representative UCCA, Orange 6- Black, Oxford Club, German Club, Cotton Cleaners Laundry man. HARRY RICE, AB, Sociology; Ashland, Kentucky. PAUL RICE, AB, History and Political Science; Elmira, New York. International Relations Chib, Council of Southern Mountains, Intra- murals, Orange ir Black, Playhkers. BLAIR RICHARDS, AB, Sociology; Scranton, Pennsylvaina. Photog- rapher for Orange ir Black and Stespean, German Club, Pep Club, Oxford Club, A Cappella Choir, UCCA, MSM, Council of Southern Mountains, Presiden, BSU Church Choir. DONALD RIKER, AB,_ History, Health and Physical Education; Indianapolis, Indiana. " U " Club, Baseball, Intramurals. JOHN RIVEL, AB, Elementary Education; Woodlynne, New Jersey. Freshman Religious Life Representative, Oxford Club, Biology Club, UCCA, Freshman Orientation Committee, Member Intramurals Champion Team ' 61- ' 62, President of Council of Southern Mountains, German Club, Dolphin Club, MSM, Orange and Black. PAUL ROBINSON, AB, Science, Manchester. ELLA SUE RUSSELL, AB, Elementary Education; Jonesville, Vir- ginia. Transfer Hiwassee Junior College, Stespean Queen, Homecom- ing Queen Candidate, Cheerleader, " U " Club, UCCA, Pep Club. DORIS SAFRIET, AB, Elementary Education; Harlan, Kentucky. Transfer UK. LINDA SALISBURY, AB, English; Louisa, Kentucky. BXA, Secretary AWS, Choir, Orange and Black, Playlikers, SNEA, UCCA. ROBERT SAPP, AB, Sociology and Economics; Camden, New Jersey. Radio Club President, Council of Southern Mountains. REID SAYRE, AB, Business; Bridgeton, New Jersey. Intramurals, UCCA, Pep Club, Sophomore Class Treasurer. NORBERT SELL, AB, Business and Sociology; Marion, Massachu- setts. Dolphin Club, Intramurals, Pep Club. RONALD SCARES, AB., Area in Social Studies; Athol, Massachu- setts. Veterans Club, SNEA, Newman Club, Vice president Senior Class. ALBERTA SHELDON, AB, Religion and Sociology; Susquehanna, Pennsvlvania. Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Gwens, Milesians, Oxford Club, UCCA, German Club. MONTROSE SMART, AB, Home Economics, Laurenburg, South Carolina. WALTER SNOOK, AB, Philosophy; Newtonville, Massachusetts. JOHN SPATH, AB, Area in Social Studies; Danville, Kentuck-y. Circle K, President Circle K, International Relations Club, UCCA, Intra- murals, SNEA. LARRY STAMPER, AB, Sociology and Economics; London, Ken- tucky. Transfer Sue Bennett Jr. College: President SNEA, Deans ' List, Senior Assistant in Sociology Department. TED STEWART, AB, Physical Educati on; Barbourville, Kentucky. JAMES STINSON, AB, EngHsh; Brooklyn, New York. UCCA, O.xford Club, Black Memorial Scholarship, Co-editor Orange ir Black, Student Publications Committee, Library Committee. GEORGE STONE, AB, Chemistry; Lafayette, Tennessee. German Club, Transfer Martin College. MARY SUFFELETTE, AB, Elementarv Education; Wellsburg, West Virginia. " U " Club, UCCA, SNEA, Dolphin Club, Varsity Cheer- leader, Secretary Senior Class, transfer Midway Junior College. JOANNE TAYLOR, AB, Home Economics; Somerset, Kentucky. UCCA, Home Ec Club, Home Ec Club Secretary, Pep Club, SNEA, Cheerleader. ALMA WEBB, AB, Elementary Education; Manchester, Kentucky. JOAN WERLEY, AB, Elementary Education; Moorstown, New Jersey. Choir, Orchestra, SNEA, Home Ec Club, Council of Southern Moun- tains. LAWRENCE WESTBROOK, AB, History and Business; Takima Park, Maryland. Iota Sigma Nu, SNEA, Men ' s Dorm Council, Dramatics. GLEE WHITFIELD, AB, Elementarv Education; Cameys Point, New Jersey. BXA, AGO, SNEA, UCCA, Orientation Committee. TED WILD, AB, Area in Business; Lincoln Park, Michigan. Dramatics. Intramurals, Circle K. MORRIS WILDER, AB, Religion; Hendersonville, North Carolina. Council of Southern Mountains, Oxford Club. French Club. MICHAEL WILLIAMS, AB, Philosophy and Religion; Springfield, Ohio. Track, Choir, Playlikers, Alpha Psi Omega, Golf, Cross Country. FERNE WILLIFORD, AB, Elementary Education; Barbourville, Ky. ROBERT WOOD, AB, Sociology; Nicholson, Pennsylvania, Radio Club, Dolphin Club, Biology Club, College Civil Defense Committee. PATRICK WORLEY, AB, English and Business; Barbourville, Ken- tucky. SNEA President, Circle K, Orange 6- Black, Stespean, Intra- murals. MARCETTA YORK, AB, Chemistry; Artemus, Kentucky. BXA, Beta Sigma, American Chemical Society, German Club, Choir, Student Senate, AWS, Senior Assistant in Chemistry Department, Miss Union. WILLIAM YOUNG, AB, Historv and Political Science; Pineville, Kentucky. SNEA. 1.51 Autographs A PRODUCT OF unter UupUmma COMPANY 4 152 ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LliiiJARY U 4SO J COLLEGE BARBOU«VlLL , kENttTCkt ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORFAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY

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