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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102243 3 ■£. HHHL « am bb " ■» S Ib j- ln lta| ' ' ?. , 1 ■ ■ ■YT Ai m k a 5? 1 N »■ ' ■I WSBm 1962 ■ ■ mm ... ... ■. .,: ,■.-,.,.■...- Abigail E Wttks iUJputnrial iGtbrarg Union (ftnllegr Dean ' s Off ice union coLleqe BAPBOURVltle kentucky 20 buildings 72 acres 14 professors 34 instructors 728 students ABIGAIL E WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY % AIL E WEEKS MF v «s the 1962 stespean voLume 35 published by student publications of union college, barbourville, kentucky james r. manuel, editor robert s. peterson, business manager dedication 4 historical sketch . 7 administration 15 students 35 traditions 87 organizations 97 off campus 133 athletics 139 activities 151 advertizers 163 index 164 n fee dr. w. g. marigold in a world constantly pressing to its idea of success, what can we say of the learned man? can we number the long hours spent in foreign libraries — can we say that he is at home in the age of durer, of goethe, of mann — that he cherishes the memory of lofty cathedrals and uni- versity towns — that his ear listens beyond the ordinary and taps the well spring of language with sensitivity and understanding — that he lives the arts and yet is not a stranger to the world around him — or that the chalk on his sleeve deceives us, and we remember him as our teach- er and friend. dpf. viewing student teochers learn about class attention from chart made from actual observation. education T ■ W dr. simms explains to lois crowe the interpretation of a psychological exam score. health Mnb physical education women students attend required physi cal education class. recreation and physical training may be obtained by the students at the pool. fine APts piano instruction is given by mr. kelly to a music major. set construction for major dramatic productions are super- vised by mr. gilbert. music student receives lesson on playing the organ by mr. hays Languages dr. marigold instructs workship students on the language laboratory program. mrs. marigold conducts an informal conversational trench class. enqLish fRench qeRman mrs. mcmahon explains corrections made to student ' s, term paper. = ; «■»■« i ' inn a ii a V dr. hoeltje discusses the english requirements at union. sciences professor hansen assists students in identifying the various parts of the heart. tony Jones confers with dr. alien about the procedure in bal- ancing a redox equation. professor pettus offers additional help to student studying mathematics. various textile materials are examined in home economics class by miss lay and students. -BioLoqy -chemistRy mathematics -home economics dr. steinkraus and students in an informal conversation. • • • • ■: ReLiqion and philosophy dr. matthews points out historical biblical cities in Palestine. president miller addresses the freshman class. solitude. 10 social studies dr. bradley explains the use of microfilm os a research tool in modern history. business majors are taught latest procedures by miss milliken. i 1 mK. on vj mMS w+ jft wi - ' ' HwH EiSSv! JE students learn sociology through role playing. miss millen prepares to lecture for government class. -Business -economics -histORy an6 poLiticaL science -sociology 11 Reflecting on arbor day 1910 student body and faculty — 1909-10 girl ' s dormitory room in speed hall about 1910 costellow drug store (now corner drug) baseball team about 1910 professor lewis ' math class — 1910 12 Stevenson hall — 1910 downtown barbourville store — 1908 expression class classroom early 1900 ' s professor lewis ' latin class — 1908 the past 13 Looking m to physical education building science building the major building projects that are to be accomplished in the next few years are the new science building, physical education plant, and an addition to the library. the future , !L jjfliM ' i addition to library building 14 the good man is the builder, if he builds what is good. i will show you the things that are now being done, and some of the things that were long ago done, that you may take heart. t. s. eliot m i n i s t t i o n 15 the campus spirit this year reflects a strong feeling of high hope for the future, the creation of new faculty and adminis- trative positions, significant raises in salaries, the increasing number of new faculty homes being built, and the announcement of a multi-million dollar building program are all indications of a new era of progress for union college, improvements in curriculum, quality of instruction, and honors work are also in the air as complementary aims in the overall growth and development, religious purposes also seem headed towards deeper realization with the unique chapel services featuring student-speaker dis- cussions prior to the chapel address, and with the vesper services presenting some of america ' s best preachers, we are, of course, not satisfied with what has been done, we are always aware of serious inadequacies, these are both the burdens of our christian conscience and the challenge for the years ahead, still it is gratifying to know that through all levels of the college community there is a general mood of raising confidence in our ability to make union a place of increas- ing intellectual and spiritual depth. 16 dr. rnahlon a. miller the president 17 dr. John h. boyd, a.b.. i. a., ed.d. during dr. boyd ' s seven years as dean ot union college, the curriculum has been greatly improved, he has secured state accreditation of union ' s teacher training program and has been working on accreditation of union ' s mas- ter ' s in education program this year. while president of the kentucky education association, dr. boyd led in the establishment of the minimum foundation program, he has shown his ability in his work for the education- al program of the state and of union college. rev. donald welch, a.b , b.d reverend donald welch took over the newly created post of campus minister this year, having previously served as dean of men. the duties of the campus minister are two- fold, he is chairman of the religious life com- mittee and administers the religious life pro- gram on campus, and he is pastor and coun- selor of the students and faculty. 18 dr. mary owen a.b., m.a., ph.d. dean of women dr. paul g. blacketor b.s., m.s., m.a., ed.d. dean of students dorothy lucas b.r.e., m.a. registrar arrhur e. spurlock b.s., m.s. business manager and treasurer milron h. townsend a.b., m.a. director of public relations and alumni affairs marshall b. potter superintendent of buildings and grounds 19 education dr. charles w. simms b.s., m.a., ph.d. chairman of division of education; head of department of education; professor of education the education division is primarily con- cerned with the teacher education program, this division is interested in teachers ' having a broad general education and in their being well-educated in their own subject matter field. practice teaching in union ' s curriculum is done by every future teacher of the teacher education program, the objectives of this program are: helping the student teacher to receive an insight into the social, natural, and ethical world in which he lives, guiding him into applying principles of good teach- ing and learning, and guiding him into dis- covering his own abilities and aptitudes in his skills and talents. karhleen moore a.b., m.a. associate professor of elementary education warren robbins b.s., m.a. associate professor of education and supervisor of student teaching dr. paul g. blackeror b.s., m.s., m.a., ed.d. professor of education 20 physical education frances patridge b.s., m.a. associate professor of physical education for women the physical education division offers a cur- riculum which teaches the student to develop himself socially, to realize his skills and abilities, to eliminate stress and worry through exercise and sports, to develop safety skills, and to pre- pare in general for creative use of leisure time Herman bush a.b., m.a. chairman of the division of health and physical education; head coach poul s. moore a.b., m.s. instructor of physical education betty rhompson b.s., m.s. instructor of physical education for women charles thompson b.s., m.s. swimming coach — instructor of physical education 21 pine Rts the fine arts division gives the stu- dent an acquaintance with the elements of cultural life around him in the areas of art, music, and drama, painting, sculpture, art theory and history are studied in detail in the art department, the music department gives students an appreciation of music and its aesthetic values, it prepares students for church work, private teaching, and service in the educational system, the drama and speech department gives the student the opportunity to participate in dramatic productions, and to appreciate the part played by drama in society. donald j. maxwell b.a., m.a. chairman of the division of fine arts; head of department of mu- sic; associate professor of music albert r. hinson b.f.a., m.f.a. assistant professor of art william paul hays b.m., m.m. associate professor of organ •11 John w. dougherty b.m.e., m.a. instructor of music doris ann hording b.m. in music, m.m., b.m. associate professor of piano allan e. green b.m. instructor of strings John d. kelly b.m., m.m. assistant professor of piano 23 sciences ■nary pertus a.b., m.a. acting head of physical science department; associate professor of mathematics dr. norman w. davis b.s., m.s., ph.d. professor of biology manindra chandra guha b.s., m,s. associate professor of chemistry the division of sciences gives the student a knowledge of the physical and biological world and of the processes that govern this world, it trains students in the areas of mathematics, chemistry, home econ omics, biology, and phys- ics. the primary purpose of this division is to give majors in this area a well-rounded knowledge of science and to prepare them for admittance to graduate and pre-med schools. dr. frank a. gilbert b.s., m.a., ph.d. chairman of division of sciences head of the department of biology; professor of biology 24 MIOAIl E. WTOSMEMOWAl »« ARV UNSON COLLSGE . .... .11 ■ r l CWTl llTlfV social, studies the social studies division of union college consists of six departments: business, econom- ics, geography, history, political science, and sociology, combined, these separate depart- ments aid the student in adjusting his life to a changing world, afford a mental discipline which will assist him in meeting his problems in an intelligent and non-superficial manner, train him for the best citizenship, and im- part a liberal education. dr. erwin s. bradley b.s., in ed., m.a., ph.d. chairman of division of social studies; head of department of history and political science; pro- fessor of history and political science. dr. hugh w. ghormley a.b., m.a., b.d., m.s., ph.d. head of department of sociology; russell m. bennett memorial professor of sociology. rena milliken a.b. m.a., head of department of bus- iness; george langford memorial professor of business. 26 j. lame millen b.s., m.ed. assistant professor of socia studies. elsie forman a.b., m.a. associate professor of business and economics. mildred storey a.b. instructor of history. helene parry b.s., m.s.s.a part-time instructor of sociology. 27 Languages dr. frank e. merchant a.b., m.a., ph.d. head of department of english; professor of english. dr. huberr hoeltje b.a., m.a., ph.d. professor of english. the division helps the student to master his own and other languages, and ac- quaints him with foreign cultures, civ- ilizations and their literature, it also attempts to enrich the writing ability of the student in order that he might learn to express himself intelligently. dr. w. g. marigold b.a., m.a., ph.d. chairman of the division of languages; head of department of modern languages; professor of modern languages. 28 dr. Winifred warts b.a., m.a., ph.d. professor of english william e. memahon b.a., m.a. associate professor of english dororhy memahon b.a. instructor of english Christine gilbert a.b. instructor of english 29 philosophy Ana ReLiqion dr. robert d. marthews bo., s.t.b., phd. associate professor of religion. rev. donald welch a.b., b.d. instructor of religion. rev. j. hayden igleheart a.b., b.d., th.m., m.a. part-time instructor of religion. the department of religion and philosophy has a double task: first to present clearly and sympathetically the message and teachings of the great christian-jewish tradition by care- ful study of its scriptures, second, to stimulate students to think about life ' s deepest prob- lems by setting forth typical philosophical questions and possible solutions. dr. warren e. steinkraus a.b., s.t.b., ph.d. chairman of division of religion and philosophy; head of depart- ment of religion and philosophy; trances landrum memorial pro- fessor of religion and philosophy. 30 j. b. mcferrin a.b., b.s. in l.s., m.s. head librarian and associate professor of library science. mine m sin sH(iEI; 1 Km ttm lib m in m „, - ,:.Miit. 9 vivian wrighr bradley b.s. assistant in library. mamie o. carson b.s. secretary in the public rela- tions office. loretta cowan secretary in alumni and placement office. Virginia goodwin dormitory counselor, women ' s residence. 31 staff dale moore r.n. college nurse. ruth hissam bookstore operator. clarence chadwell bookkeeper ond assistant treasurer. Janice dougherty secretary in the office of the dean. sherrill potter assistant to the bookkeeper. 32 StA J- J- dorothy show secretary in the office of the business manager. borbara wilder secretary in the office of student personnel. Christine mastin secretary in the office of the dean. myrtle r. wilson secretary in the office of the dean. 33 Alumn waiter marcum president alumni association. Catherine f. singer alumni secretary. the alumni association of union college was formally organized in the spring of 1919 after two earlier attempts, the group has grown until there are now over 2800 members. in 1961, mr. waiter marcum, class of 1950 and principal of lexington lafayette junior high school, was elected president of the association, also in 1961, the alumni office was opened on a full-time basis with mrs. Catherine f. singer, class of 1932, employed as secretary. the annual office takes care of homecoming day, alumni day, commencement meetings, set- ting up alumni chapters, and keeps the alumni informed about activities on campus and about the needs of the college. 34 u 6 n lest we should see where we are lost in a haunted wood children afraid of the night who have never been happy or good. w. h. auden 35 sherwood colclough vice-president John e. shepherd president senior cUss officeps betty a. kelly secretary lames orestes yetmon treasurer wt F % 36 thomos allemang ashland, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: english vocation: college teaching activities: unioncollegechristianassociationc ouncil . . . orangeandblack . . . stespeanliterary editor . . . metho diststudentmovement . . . frertth club transferred: ashland center, uni versify of kentucky activities: circlek . . . dramaticsc lub patsy lou alien owensboro, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on . . . betachialpha . . . betasig ma . . . germanclubco-socialchair manandsecretary . . . pepclub . . . unioncollegechristianassociation . . . dolphinclub . . . methodistst udentmovementcofoodchairman : . . womensdormitorycouncil . . . soc ia Istanda rdscomm ittee edward bean north lewisburg, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: business and area in health and physical education vocation: teaching activities: uclub . track robert black brooksville, florida a.b. may, 1962 majors: social studies vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on transferred: florida southern college activities: phisigmakappapresiden t . . . studentsenate . . . mensst udentgovemmentassociation . . . reserveofficertrainingcorpshonorg uarddrillmaster . . . pershingrifle ssecretary . . . baseball alice Catherine blackman Cleveland, ohio a.b. may, 1 962 majors: english vocation: college teaching activities: froshclassvicepresident . . . frosh oxfordclubvicepresident . . . beta sigma . . . collegechoir . . .frosh orientationcommittee . . . german clubsecretary . . . orangeandblack socialeditor . . . womensdormitory councilpresident . . . assistantdire ctorofdanielboonepageant . . . se niorassistantinenglishdepartment . . . deanslist . . . homecomingque encandidate . . . alphapsiormega edward bocock Patrick springs, Virginia a.b. may, 1962 majors: areas in social studies activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on . . . councilofthesouthernmou ntains . . . internationalrelations clubvicepresident . . . juniorcolle gescholarship . . . intramurals . . . unioncollegechristianassociation transferred: ferrum junior col- lege . activities: methodiststudentmov ement . . . Softball . . . intramur als . . . deanslist lano browning Cincinnati, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on carolyn sue burns oneida, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: baptiststudentunioncouncil . . . b etasigma . . . studentnationaled ucationassociation . . . women ' s dormcouncil . . . deanslist . . . u nioncollegechristianassociation Chester g. burton cawood, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: biology and chemistry vocation: teaching activities: intramurals . . . americanchemic alsociety . . . circlek . . . biology club herbert henry butler, jr. mullica hill, new |ersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: biology and chemistry vocation: biology activities: mensdormitorycouncilv icepresiden t . . . unioncollegechristianassoc iation . . . biology club . . . ame ricanchemicalsociety . . . circlek casper carlton penns grove, new jersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and area in business (accounting) vocation: business activities: baptiststudentunion . . . pepclub . . . uclub . . . baseballallkentuc kyintercollegeathleticcouncil . . . unioncollegechristianassoc iation . . . intramurals . . . classrepresen tativetostudentsenate . . . mensd ormitorycouncil . . . studentsena techairmanoffoodcommitteeandvi cepresident albert cawood harlan, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: area in english activities: varsityswimming . . . orangeand blackeditor . . . studentsenate . . . mensdormitorycouncil . . .miles ians . . . uclub . .. . angelo j. chiari bridgeton, new jersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: biology and chemistry vocation: medicine activ ities: chiefmonitorofmensdormitory . . . studentsenate . . . americanche micalsociety . . . biologyclub . . . newmanclubpresident robert dark rockford, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and political science vocation: teaching activities: mensdormitorycouncilpresident . . . circlek . . . internationalrelatio nsclub . . . intramurals sherwood colclough danville, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and political science vocation: coach and teaching activities: freshmanclasspresident . . . mens dormitorycouncil . . . circlektrea surerandpresident . . . dolphinclu bpresident . . . swimteamcaptain . . . unioncollegechristianassocia tion . . . sociallifecommittee . . . tennisteam . . . outstandingswim meroftheyears60and6 1 . . .orient ationcommittee . . . juniorclassvi cepresident . . . internationalrela tionsclub . . .studentnationaleduc ationassociation . . . seniorclassv icepresident . . . uclub . . . mary anne curry cynthiana, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: sacred music vocation: organist-choirmaster activities: choirvicepresidentandpresident . . . frenchclub . . . orchestra . . . u nioncollegechristianassociation . . . americanguildoforganistsvicepre sidentandpresident . . . judicial bo ard . . . betasigma . . . seniorassi stantinfineartsdepartment bonnie diehl mcewen, tennessee o.b. may, 1962 majors: english and business vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on . . . unioncollegechristianasso ciationcouncil . . . nationalmeth odistscholarship . . . seniorassist antineducationdepartment . . . s tudentconductcommittee transferred: martin college activities: studentchristianassociat ion . . . methodiststudentmoveme nt . . . student counciltreasurer . . . phithetakappapresident roy dugger harlan, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: chemistry activities: baseball odrian dunaway sharpsburg, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: physical education and health vocation: teaching activities: golfteam . . . studentnationaled ucationassociation . . . pepclub . . . veTeransclub . . . uclub . . . foodcommittee daniel freitas somerville, massachusetts a.b. may, 1962 majors: sociology vocation: ministry activities: circlek . . . councilofthesouthem mountainstreasurer . . . studentc onductcommitteerepresentative joann godbey yosemite, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: oxfordclub . . . unioncollegechris tianassociation . . . homeeconom icsclub . . . studentnationaleduc ationationassociationtreasurer . . . playlikers david b. gover bronston, kentucky a.b. august, 1 962 majors: business vocation: teaching activities: basketball . . . tennis . . . circlek . . . ucub Joyce onn grant barbourville, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: baptiststudentunion . . . baptist studentunioncounciltrainingunion representative . . . studentsenate . . . christianyouthfulfellowshipa ctivities koy adene guthrie birmingham, alabama a.b. may, 1962 majors: english and drama vocation: teaching 40 bill n. hall heidrick, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: area in business education vocation: teaching pigammamupresident rstudentactivities . . ub activities: . . audito veteranscl elayne hall corbin, kentucky a.b. may, 1 962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on . . . artclub . . . pep club . . . womenssocietychristianservice james Hampton artemus, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: history and political science vocation: teaching activities: track wanda nell hatfield bethel, ohio a.b. January, 1962 majors: english, history and political science vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on . . . germanclub . . . orangea ndblack . . . baptiststudentunion secretary . . . internationalrelat ionsclubsecretary . . . unioncolle gechristianassociation . . . betasi gma robert hayes harrison, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and political science and health and physical education vocation: teaching activities: intramurals . . . studentsenatetr easurer . . . internationalrelatio nsclub . . . studentnationaleduca tionassociation . . . circlek william hoskins hyden, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: area in social studies vocation: law 41 norma hubbard barbourville, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: english, history and political science vocation: teaching activities: freshmanhonQrscholarship gory david jessee dayton,ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and political science vocation: law crosscountry dentsenate . intramurals . activities: . circlek . . . stu frenchclub . . . choir . . . sport sreporterforpublicrelations betty Johnson london, kentucky a.b august, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaled ucationassociati on . . . baptiststudentunionchorus transferred: sue bennett junior college activities: dramaclub . . . choir . . . scienceclub . . . 4hclub . . . artclub . . . studentnationaleduc ationassociation dororhy jane Johnson seven mile, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: mathematics and german vocation: research work- government activities: oxfordclubjailcommittee . . . alp hadeltavicepresident . . . german club . . . dolphins . . . unioncoll egechristionassociation . . . meth odiststudentmovement elizabeth a. Johnson somerset, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: area in business vocation: accounting activities: dolphinclub . . . pepclub . . . uni oncollegechristianassociation . . . methodiststudentmovementsecret ary waiter david Johnson freeland, Pennsylvania a.b. august, 1962 majors: sociology and economics vocation: teaching 42 bobby keith manchester, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: health and physical education vocation: coaching activities: intramurals . . . varsitybasketball . . . uclub betty a. kelly frankfort, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and area in social studies vocation: teaching activities: uclubsecretary . . . pepclub . . . cheerleader . . . pigammamu . . . unioncollegechristianassociation . . . choir . . . studentnationeduca tionassociation . . . seniorclassse cretary . . . pht . . . dolphinclub . . . internationalrelationsclub . . . intramurals . . . sociallifecommit tee donald a. kraus barbourville, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: area in business vocation: accountant activities: orchestra . . . veteransclub daniel w. kreh barrington, new jersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: philosophy vocation: ministry activities: oxfordclubpresidentandvicepresid ent . . . methodiststudentmovem enttreasurer . . . councilofthesou thernmountains . . . unioncollege christianassociation . . . milesia ns . . . orientationcommittee bruce allan langdon northampton, massachusetts a.b. may, 1 962 majors: philosophy and english vocation: ministry activities: oxfordclub . . . internotionalrela tionsclub . . . orchestra . . . ger manclub . . . milesianspresident . . . studentsenate reginald gene lilley union city, Pennsylvania a.b. January, 1962 majors: english vocation: ministry activities: artclubvicepresident . . . unionco llegechristianassociation . . . oxf ordclub . . . stespean . . . playli kers . . . frenchclub . . . alphap siomegapresident 43 robert brent linblad atlantic city, new jersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: area in english vocation: college teaching activities: internationalrelationsclub . . . o xfordclub . . . unioncollegechris tianassociation . . . frenchclub . . . studentnotionoleducationass sociationhistorian . . . dramatic experimentals . . . playlikerspre sident . . . orangeandblack . . . alphapsiomega John h. Iloyd akron, ohio a.b. august, 1 962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: circlek . . . studentnationaleduca tionassociation . . . councilofthes outhernmountainskentuckystatepr esidentandnationalyouthdelegate earl dan laos okeana, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: chemistry vocation: teacher or chemist activities: unioncoliegechristianassociation . . . deanslist . . .intramurals . . . americanchemicalsocietypresident . . . pigammamuvicepresident billy b. lovelace london, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: chemistry vocation: chemical education activities: americanchemicalsocietysecretary . . . alphadeltasecretaryandpresi dent . . . baptiststudentunion . . . socialchairman . . . freshmonorie ntationcommittee . . . seniorassis tantinchemistrydepartment . . . h onorscholarships . . . studentnati onaleducationassociation ... be tasigma . . . germanclub vernon maggard patridge, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: business and biology vocation: teaching activities: veteransclub . . . radioclub james ronald manuel Wilmington, massachusetts a.b. may, 1 962 majors: mathematics and german vocation: teaching activities: americanchemicalsociety . . . ger manclubpresident . . . alphadelta vicepresidentandtreasurer ... or angeandblackmanagingeditor . . . stespeanassistantliteraryeditorand editor 44 V iv ted a.b. james marcum louisville, tennessee January, 1962 majors: health and physical education vocation: teaching and coaching activities: uclubsecretary . . . baseballteam . . . crosscountry . . . studentsen ate . . . unioncollegechristianass ociation homer masingil barbourville, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: area in business education vocation: teaching activities: veteransclub • ; ; v .W:!i ;! :. ¥ «;] ■ : ' 4 4 " 3J m k k HE donold maxey london, kentucky a.b. may, 1 962 majors: business vocation: business management activities: mensdormitorycounciltreasurer . . . stespeanassistantbusinessmanag er . . . internationalrelationsclub president transferred: sue bennett college activities: sophomoreclassvicepr esident . . . businessclubpresiden t . . . studentchristianassociation president flem messer bright shade, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and political science vocation: teaching transferred: berea college activities: historyandpoliticalsci enceclub . . . publicaffairsforum . . . cosmopolitanclub gertrude messer flat lick, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: iotasigmanu diana lee miller corbin, kentucky a.b. may, 1 962 majors: french and area in english vocation: teaching activities: womensdormitorycouncilsecretary . . . orangeandblack . . . interna tionalrelationsclub . . . pepclub . . . betachialphavicepresident . . . studentnationaleducationass ociation . . . unioncollegechristia nassociation 45 margaret moore barbourville, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: english vocation: teaching canton livingston napier martin, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: history and area in social studies vocation: college teaching activities: studentsenaterepresentative . . . radioclubvicepresident . . . veter ansclubjunior executive officer . . . seniorassistantinsocialstudies . . . pigammamu John alien nealis Versailles, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: history and political science vocation: teaching activities: circleksecretary . . . pepclub . . . internationalrelations club . . . m ensdormitorycouncilsecretary . . . studentsenate james nelson maumes, ohio a.b. august, 1962 majors: area in english vocation: teaching activities: choir . . . unioncollegechristiana ssociation John tipton orr freeland, Pennsylvania a.b. august, 1962 majors: german activities: studentsenate . . . choir . . . ger manclubpresident . . . mensdorm itorycouncil anna parker corbin, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching 46 james w. parker framingham, massachusetts a.b. august, 1 962 majors: sociology and religion and philosophy vocation: socialworker activities: internationalrelationsclub ... or angeandblackbusinessmanager . . . stespean . . . councilofthesouth ernmountains landon d. perdew alpha, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: area in social studies vocation: teaching activities: veteransclub donald pickard barbourville, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: physical education and business vocation: coaching or office management activities: intramurals patricia louise powell corbin, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: business vocation: business activities: freshmanclasssecretary . . . soph omoreclasssecretary . . . womens dormitorycouncil roland waync pridgen vinton, Virginia a b. may, 1 962 majors: history and area in social studies vocation: teaching activities: unioncollegechristianassociation . . . intramurals . . . studentnati onaleducationassociationvicepresi dent . . , councilofthesouthernm ountains . . . circlek . . . stespean transferred: ferrum jr. college activities: dramaclub . . . base ball . . . intramurals . . . varsity club . . . snapshoteditorofannual ronald ramke brooklyn, new york a.b. may, 1962 majors: religion and english activities: internationalrelationsclub ... do Iphinclub . . . orientationcommit tee . . . religiouslifecommittee . . . methodiststudentmovementp resident . . . choir . . . oxfordclub evelyn reynolds garlin, kentucky a.b. January, 1962 majors: area in business vocation: business education activities: student nationaleducationassociati on . . . unioncollegechristianasso ciation katheryn elizabeth roberts prestonsburg, kentucky o.b. may, 1962 majors: english vocation: director of religious education activities: choir . . . orchestra . . . america nguildoforganists . . . unioncolle gechristianassociation . . . oxford club . . . germanclubsecretaryan dtreasurer . . . pepclub . . . stud entsenate . . . stespeanassistant literaryeditor . . . betasigmavicep resident . . . freshmanorientation committee . . . studentactivitiesc ommittee . . . juniorclassexecutiv ecommittee . . . honorscholarship . . . easternstarscholarship . . . homecomingqueen gene Howard robertson harlan, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: art vocation: teaching activities: artclubpresident . . . stespeanart editor . . . councilofthesouthern mountains . . . bankofharlanscho larship . . . baptiststudentunion ronald richard robinson Staunton, Virginia a.b. august, 1962 majors: physical education and health vocation: physical therapy activities: varsitybaseball . . . uclub . . . pe pclub transferred: ferrum junior college activities: varsityfootball . . . v arsityclubtreasurer . . . studentg overnment . . . varsitytrack richard n. rushron, jr. media, Pennsylvania a.b. may, 1962 majors: philosophy vocation: ministry activities: oxfordclub . . . unioncollegechris tianassociation . . . milesians . . . councilofthesouthernmountains . . . methodiststudentmovement transferred: wesley college activities: frenchclub . . . base ball . . . kappachi . . . radioclub . . . wesleystudentchristianassoci ationpresident 48 doris Sanderson maiden, massachusetts a.b. may, 1962 majors: french and german vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati onpresident . . . frenchclub . . . germanclubtreasurer . . . method iststudentmovement . . . womens dormitorycouncil . . . judiciarybo ard . . betachialpha . . . senior assistant inforeign language depart ment arnold d. satterly louisville, kentucky a.b. may, 1 962 majors: history and political science vocation: ministry activities: unioncollegechristianassociationcl assrepresentative . . . oxfordclub . . . germanclub . . . orangeand black transferred: university of louisville activities: wesleyfoundationclas srepresentative robert t. schuldr mount vernon, a.b. may, 192 majors: english new york activities: oxfor orangean milesiansvicepresident dclubvicepresident . . dblack . . . germanclubvicepresi dent . . . unioncollegechristianas sociation . . . methodiststudentm ovement . . . stespeanassociatee ditor transferred: paul smith junior college activities: betaalphalambdasecr etary . . . circleksecretary . . . str egianassociateeditor . . . interdo rmcouncil norbert sell north arlington, new jersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: business and sociology vocation: business administra- tion activities: dolphinclub . . . pepclub . . . intr amuralfootballandsoftball . . . sw imming donold shelron junction city, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: elementary education vocation: teaching activities: studentnationaleducationassociati on th.b from piedmont bible col- lege John e. shepherd Springfield, Virginia a.b. may, 1962 majors: accounting and area in business vocation: business administra- tion activities: mathematicsclubpresident . . . ju niorclasspresident . . . seniorclas spresident . . . americanchemical society . . . freshmanorientation committee . . . intramurals rex alien sheppard bridgeton, new jersey a.b. august, 1962 majors: area in english vocation: college teaching activities: orangeandblack . . . sophomorecl assvicepresident . . . chwilsonaw ard 49 kenneth r. simpson harlan, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: music education vocation: teaching activities: choir . . . orchestra . . . america nguildof organ istsvicepresident richard slusher georgetown, ohio a.b. august, 1962 majors: art vocation: artist (teaching) activities: alphapsiomegavicepresident . . . artclub . . . choir . . . orangeand black . . . playlikers . . . student nationaleducationassociation . . . tennisteam . . . intramurals robert smith lexington, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: philosophy and english vocation: ministry activities: oxfordclub . . . frenchclub . . . milesians . . . unioncollegechrist ianassociation . . . studentpastor . . . seniorassistantinreligiondepa rtment adam stacy, II pineville, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: chemistry and biology vocation: doctor of medicine william j. stone, II pineville, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: accounting and his- tory and political science vocation: lawyer norma jo swanner barbourville, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: business and elementary education vocation: teaching 50 aaddfiffiih John edgor symes Cincinnati, ohio a.b. august, 1962 majors: philosophy and religion vocation: ministry activities: playlikers . . . oxfordclub Joanne taylor somerset, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: home economics vocation: teaching activities: unioncollegechristianassociation . . . homeeconomicsclubsecretary treasurer . . . pepclub . . . studen tnationaleducationassociation . . . cheerleader cecil r. thomas wichita, kansas a.b. may, 1962 majors: social studies vocation: minister activities: unioncollegechristianassociation . . oxfordclub . . . veteransclub harrjet lane tower youngstown, new york a.b. may, 1962 majors: german and english vocation: teaching activities ' , sociallifecommittee . . . betachial pha . . . pepclub . . . betasigma . . . unioncollegechristian associa tion . . . womensdormitorycouncil correspond ingsecretaryandstudent senaterepresentative . . . german club . . . juniorclasssecretary . . . orangeandblackassociat eed i to r . . . freshmanorientationcommitt tee . . . missunion curtis wallin tateville, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: music education vocation: music teacher activities: choir roger alien watson levittown, Pennsylvania a.b. may, 1962 majors: philosophy and english activities: playlikers . . . unioncollegechrist ianassociation . . . oxfordclub . . . circlek . . . alphapsiomega . . . u club . . . milesiansvicepresident . . . internationalrelationsclub . . . swimmingstatedivingchampion . . . . . . track . . . choir . . . student senatetreasurerandpresident 51 richord a. west ■hamilton, ohio a.b. may, 1962 majors: health and physical education vocation: teaching activities: basketball . . . baseball . . . int ramurals . . . christianchurchstu dentrepresentative . . . uclub . . . pepclubpresident . . . unioncolle gechristianassociation . . . religi ouslifecommittee . . . studentnat ionaleducationassociation robert k. wilson barbourville, kentucky a.b. august, 1962 majors: chemistry vocation: teaching activities: americanchemicalsociety . . . ch oirvicepresident . . . freshmanori entationcommittee . . . golf . . . intramurals . . . bachgroup . . . o rangeandblackbusinessmanager alvis wooton london, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: health and physical education vocation: coaching activities: basketball . . . track . . . uclub fames yang sao paulo, brazil a.b. may, 1962 majors: chemistry and biology vocation: social work james orestes yet-man bridgeton, new jersey a.b. may, 1962 majors: accounting and area in business vocation: business administra- tion activities: sophomoreclasstreasurer . . . jun iorclasstreasurer . . . seniorclass treasurer . . . mensdormitorycou ncilvicepresident . . . intramurals lucille york artemus, kentucky a.b. may, 1962 majors: english, speech and drama vocation: secondary education activities: cheerleader . . . betachialpha . . . playlikes . . . homecomingqueen candidate . . . uclub 52 basil mills vice-president robert brown president floyd cook treasurer J urn or cUss opficeps 53 junioRs ronald adcock chorles akers elizabeth alien james alien lee armington ruth asher bobby ray austin david austin so i told him yes 54 junioRs gerald bollard nadine baumgardner f. elaine belzer 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Carolyn smith terry ann sorrell William stark brenda Stephens William strong linda strother david sturdevant jay sullivan Jackie taylor John w. tender albert thomas 85 pRes-hmen betty young Joyce thomas James thompson cecil thurston Cassandra tignor siew mee ting donald turner william turner carol ulrich James valentine John valentine lois scan vanhook Janet vickers castner waddell ronald wagner lorrene waller daniel watkins millard west helen woo william yeatts 86 t 6 t how but in custom and in ceremony are innocence and beauty born? ceremony ' s a name for the rich horn, and custom for the spreading laurel tree. w. b. yeats o n s j 87 stespean queen miss eiu Sue RusseU ss miss ella sue russell this year marked the inauguration of the stespean queen contest, the winner was chosen by t. b. (scotty) cowan, pastor of the church of christ, union in berea, kentucky. " scotty " is a popular and frequent speaker at union chapel programs. " scotty " chose ella sue russell for the light in her eyes and her mona lisa smile which reflect the best elements of sophistication and innocence, " susie " is an ele- mentary education major from jonesville, Virginia and has completed her junior year at union. 89 snow queen miss susan mink 90 candidates — susan mink and nancy moore the members of the circle k organization choose the snow queen and her court each year to reign over the Christ- mas dance, the iden- tity of the snow queen is not revealed until the crowning at the dance. candidates — alice carter and linda hill snow queen coupt 91 standing: alice carter, adrian dunaway, ruth asher, cosper carlton, alice blackmon, floyd cook, bob patton, kay roberts, nancy moore, ed bean, alvis wooton, darlene rhinehart, bucky colclough, priscilla holt, mike Williams, John shepherd, and linda hill. two contestants for homecoming queen are chosen each year from the four academic classes, after competing in various tests to dis- play attractiveness and poise, a queen is chosen. homecoming queen queen katheryn roberts t nC heR couRt 92 sweetheARt queen president miller crowns carolyn queen. queen carolyn sue burns and her escort jerry benfield. the sweetheart queen is chosen annually by the residents of pfeiffer hall on the basis of service per- formed for the dormitory and for the school. the queen is nominated from and elected by the senior girls and reigns at the valentine dance in february. her court is composed of the senior girls. 93 bucky on route to pfeiffer typing again. bucky colclough is a native of danville, kentucky. he has served as an officer in circle k, freshman class, dolphin club, and swim team and was on the freshman orientation committee for two years, last year he was named outstanding swimmer of the year. mn union sherwood colclough 94 skeeter goes to class studying time skeeter tower is from youngstown, n.y. during her years at union she has been consistently on the dean ' s list, she was secretary of the junior class and was on the staff of the orange and black for four years, in her sophomore and senior years she was a member of the women ' s dormitory council. harriet tower 95 mountain LaurgL pepResentative miss Betty jane duff 96 o Q n 1 i what life have you if you have not life together? there is no life that is not in community, and no community not lived in praise of god. t. s. eliot o n 97 alpha psi omega henry zingg, jo Crockett, bob linblad, carol Jones, danny dine, alice black, roger watson, re gina mabelitini, dick slusher, mr. gilbert, not pictured: alice blackman, kenneth hele, louis foxwell. poise and charm make o good actress. the local zeta chi chapter of alpha psi omega, the national honorary dramatic society, was founded in 1937 for the pro- motion of interest in drama on the college level. the group took a trip to new york in the spring to see several well-known pro- ductions, it sponsored experimentals and helped in production work on all plays produced on campus, it was also host for visiting drama groups. president ... janrose Crockett vice-president dick slusher secretary-treasurer alice black sponsor mr. reid gilbert 98 ameRican chemical society the local woodford g. sink chapter of the american chemical society was founded for the purpose of promoting interest in the field of chemistry and presenting recent advances made in this field, this year the group estab- lished requirements for membership, made a display for homecoming, par- ticipated in the halloween carnival, and sponsored an informal dance. president earl loos vice-president ... marcetta york secretary-treasurer billy lovelace sponsor mr. pogorelskin hey! what do you know — distilled water! standing: mr. pogorelskin. first row: elosie newsom, priscilla diswood, nancy clay, earl loos, second row: bud butler, Chester burton, angie chiar, roy dugger, billy lovelace. third row: bert webb, jack tender, wally angus, marcetta york, ed minter. 99 MnemcMn quiL6 of organists seated: mary ann curry, standing: hampton. mr. hayes, richord blish, milton perry, Jerome redfern, glee whitfield, gwyn James, paul the american guild of organists founded its local chapter at union college on march 12, 1959 for the purpose of advancing the cause of worthy religious music; elevating the position of church musicians; foster- ing a greater appreciation of the re- sponsibilities, duties, and opportunities of this vocation; and raising the stand- ard of efficiency of organists and choirmasters, the meetings are con- cerned with the discussion of profes- sional topics and meeting the needs and questions of its members. activities for the year included a visit to the barbourville methodist church to study the new organ, pro- grams of an educational value on church music, and programs on the various aspects of the organ, the group also visited the factory of the ward organ company in berea, ken- tucky. president vice-president secretary-treasurer sponsor mary ann curry bill elliot linda elam r. william hayes glee practices bach, beethoven, and marchaur 100 ARt CLUB the art club is to further the inter- est of people wanting to learn more in this field, through participation, the members gain an insight into the aesthetic values of art. among the activities for the year were the sale of Christmas cards de- signed by members of the club, the beaux arts ball in the spring, a trip to new york during spring vacation, and a trip to berea college. constructive criticism president vivian c. france vice-president diane eby secretary mary rogers treasurer glen conway sponsor mr. hinson standing: diane eby, vivian france, Judy parrott, ann wesley, mabel duff, mr. hinson. 101 Beta chi alpha the beta chi alpha was founded in 1930 for the purpose of promoting beauty, culture, and art both at home and on the campus. the activities of the organization included helping the maintenance department on Satur- days by doing odd jobs such as painting, plant- ing and caring for rose bushes; helping circle k plan a program for underprivileged children at Christmas time; and holding- a tea for pros- pective members, the group started a tradi- tional luncheon for beta chi alpha alumnae on homecoming, they planned different money making projects such as a hay ride, selling christmas corsages, a record hop, chili sup- pers, and selling rose bushes. president priscilla holt vice-president nancy moore secretary ruth asher treasurer marcetta york sponsors mrs. William mcmahon, mrs. frank gilbert mrs. William mcmahon mrs. frank gilbert patsy lou alien ruth asher nancy bender lois carol crowe linda lee elam wilma evans miriam hayes merry hetrick linda lu hoff priscilla holt martha kirkland joann knox gloria jean krebs lois l aurin paulette look diana miller 102 susgn mink nancy ann moore bonnie niemann Judy parrott Jennie jo rice linda Salisbury doris Sanderson leslie shaw sally snowball rae stetler karen watson lyda sue welch glee whitfield marcetta york lucille york bxa at work on campus improvement. 1. d Christmas party for the kids. 103 Beta sigma first row: miss millen, mrs. frank merchant, billy lovelace, Jennie jo rice, dean mary owen, paulette look, harrier tower. second row: linda mcgaughy, marty Stevens, alberta sheldon, mary lou smith, merry hetrick, marty kirkland, gretchen mcdermott lovett, ruth asher, nancy moore, Carolyn akers, sally snowball, roe stetler, kay roberts, wilma evans, marcetta york. beta sigma is a scholastic honor society for sophomore girls with at least a " b " average, it is a service club, encouraging freshmen to strive for good schol- arship. plans were made for affilia- tion with the national organiza- tion, activities for the year were selling stationery to the entire campus; performing services for the campus such as acting as hostesses for homecoming, serv- ing at teas, passing out calen- dars in chapel, and cleaning the cross and candlesticks in the chapel. president rae sharon stetlet vice-president linda mcgaughy secretary ann Stevens treasurer wilma evans sponsors miss larue millen, mrs. frank merchant, dr. mary owen mrs. swanson discusses affiliation with owenes. 104 BioLoqy cLub the biology club, a newcomer to the campus, was founded October 4, 1961 its purpose is to explore the various fields of the biological world, each club member can gain a greater knowledge of the field by participating in individ- ual projects. activities for the year included speak- ers at the meetings, movies, -field trips, exhibits, and money-making projects, plans were made for affiliation with the national chapter of biology clubs, bete beta beta. i do like pets president clarence edward leach vice-president ray giron secretary danny strunk treasurer vernon wilder sponsor mr. bruce hansen first row: Jennings mace, ed leach, bert webb, finley potter, mary brown, lorrene waller, Janice Jackson, merry hetrick, howard nippert. second row: wally angus, rodney keenon, michael griffin, bob haulenbeek, ray giron, jack rivel, danny strunk, phil stone, vernon wilder. 105 union college choiR the union college choir partici- pates in the chapel services and at official functions of the college, a Christmas and a spring concert were presented for the student body, in the spring the choir toured ken- tucky, ohio, indiana, and illinois, concentrating on the Chicago area. preparation for chapel service. president ... mary anne curry vice-presidents Jerome redfern and susan mink director mr. John w. dougherty mr. dougherry, directing, first row: alice blackman, sharon hawn, marcetta york, carolyn osborne, lee curry, susan mink, linda reeves, gwyn James, glee whitfield, maggie inglis, paula hampton, jan hicks, second row: nancy biesecker, Judy scent, mary anne curry, Jackie taylor, Joyce thomas, kathy auraden, donna thompson, ann Stevens, linda Salisbury, mary lou smith, third row: bill elliott, jim nelson, James sproul, gary jessee, pete leathersich, ken Simpson, normon kelley, Jerome redfern, charles mitchell. fourth row: jay king, bob wilson, curt wallin, dave burleigh, ron ramke, don hammonds, dick slusher, torn hunter, richard blish, skip george. 106 cipde k seated: jorge mir, coach bush, bucky colclough, bill lloyd, ed ollin. second row: John lloyd, torn douce, ralph booher, john nealis, chuck conley, wayne pridgen, dan freitas, Steven jasper, third row: dan dine, dan strunk, roger watson, bud salyer, doug hulitt, John spath, herb butler, bob dark, jack bush. the circle k club was founded in 1956. it is an organization associated with kiwanis international and exists to promote service and further civic leadership. this year the club sponsored a Christmas dance, a k-pal project with the town kiwanis, and a car wash, it helped . center and Cumberland col- leges establish circle k clubs, and had parties for underprivileged children of barbourville. herb and spath explain club functions to new member president ray (bucky) colclough vice-president norman bill lloyd secretary ed alien treasurer jorge mir sponsor mr. herman bush 107 counciL of the southeRn mountains the union college chapter of the council of the southern moun- tains was founded in 1960. the purpose of the group is to fur- ther a knowledge of the oppor- tunities, needs, and traditions of the mountain area and people of the appalachian south; it enables the students to realize a respon- sibility to the mountain area re- gardless of where they may be. the council sponsored several dances throughout the year, it provided recreation and tutoring at the local orphanage, advised mountain area youth of available scholarships, and distributed clothes and vitamins to the needy, it was host to several state council meetings with no- ted speakers, among them dr. frank laubach. the council at- tended the annual meeting at gatlinburg, tennessee. bloir reviews club ' s program with members first row: bloir richards, pat blair, nona Williamson, dr. ghormley. second row: nina gravely, nancy bender, chris rose, third row: don turner, laura houben, nell hayes. fourth row: charles graham, sally snowball, cass wad- dell, fifth row: carol ulrich, pat bailey, chuck hicks, sixth row: bill alien, george shellenbarger, findley potter, seventh row: morris wilder, ed stinson, randy burge. eighth row: ed bocock, ken damstrom. ninth row: rick pifer, John rivel, John valentine. president vice-president secretary . . . treasurer sponsor . . . blair richards laura houben pat blair . . dan freitas dr. hugh ghormley 108 dolphins out of the water look just like anyone else 6oLphin cLub the dolphin club was founded in 1958 to further the knowledge of and skill in swimming, and to assist the union college swimming department. t he club sponsored the homecom- ing water show and the spring show, members acted as timers, judges, and scorekeepers in the college meets. co-president torn swenk co-president elizabeth Johnson secretary lee curry treasurer david saxe sponsor ... mr. charles thompson kneeling: david saxe, libby Johnson, lee curry, torn swenk. row one: sandy tignor, steve baker, keith sauselen, Wallace angus, bill moody, jeannine alexander. row two: merry hetrick, brsnda Stephens, gail gray, mary brown, elaine belzer, linda baird, alice dudley. row three: bob wood, joe frank, larry butler, chuck conley, randy neland, wait romano, wynn evoy, ernest hommons. 109 fRench cLub first row: a dark, carol schultz, doris Sanderson, mary lou smith, dr. marigold, second row: larry pike, Carolyn osborne, patty hopkins, pete brown, pat dyche. third row: sally snowball, linda elam, mrs. marigold, bill reiley, charles graham, sharon harriman, chuck from. the french club was reorganized on campus in 1956 and exists for all who are interested in the french language and culture, it attempts to give its members a better under- standing of france through films, songs, games, and speakers. this year the club made a home- coming display consisting of a min- iature eiffel tower and an arch de triumphe. six of its members pre- sented a can-can for the halloween carnival, along with the german club, the french club sponsored the valentine dance; the two clubs had an outing together in the spring. president charles from vice-president lois laurin secretory patricia dyche treasurer sharon harriman sponsors . . dr. and mrs. gordon marigold • 0 ' . K ' « L, JL i wonder if they understand french? 110 Be careful with those pins! qepman cIub the german club was founded in 1956 to develop a better under- standing of german art and cul- ture, it seeks to develop a better speaking knowledge of german. the group had a display for home- coming and a booth at the hallo- ween carnival, it acted as sponsor for the valentine day dance, it had a german supper at christmas and a joint picnic with the french club at the end of the year, plans were also made for starting a local chap- ter of delta phi alpha, the german honorary fraternity. president John orr vice-president harry rice secretary patsy alien treasurer ... doris Sanderson sponsor .... dr. gordon marigold first row: ki ki cook, doris Sanderson, patsy alien, nancy clay, kay roberts. second row: billy lovelace, harriet tower, third row: mrs. marigold, marcetta york, ron watson, george sto ne, harry rice, John orr. fourth row: dr. marigold, jim manuel, ted mott, blair richards. Ill home economics cLub first row: mary rogers, lynn dietrich, Joan werley, montrose smart, second row: miss lay, kay carlock, judy Johnson, euna fay bommons, cookie wyatt, joann taylor, Jackie coomer. the home economics club was founded in 1956 with the object of helping stu- dents get to know more about the field, pointing to both the esthetic and the functional sides of home and family care. the activities of the year were a booth at the halloween carnival, a christmas tea for the faculty, a christmas party, a sale of christmas candles, a bake sale in the spring, a sock hop, and a pizza sale. president mary rogers vice-president Jackie commer secretary mary wyatt treasurer montrose smart sponsor miss mary alice lay 112 iota sigma nu iota sigma nu was founded in 1936 for the purpose of encouraging high ideals, promoting diligence in study, and reward- ing excellence in scholarship. this year the organization had a special program in connection with honors day, a luncheon with an outstanding scholar as speaker, and gave a certificate of rec- ognition with a cash award to the out- standing freshman and sophomore of the 1961-62 academic year. president allie m. mays (mrs. ralph mays) vice-president Stella b. binghom secretary-treasurer jean o. knuckles (mrs. sampson knuckles) standing: mrs. allie mays, mrs. genevieve messer, cliff lewis, gertrude mynear, ernest stair, seated: mrs. sampson knuckles, richard lotspeich, miss gayle miles, mrs. richard lotspeich, dr. bradley, mrs. bradley, irene hughes, mrs. keith wilson, mrs. shirley treadway, jr., miss rena milliken, mrs. mildred storey, Stella bingham, sampson knuckles, miss kathleen moore. 113 inteRnational Relations cLub the international relations club was founded for the purpose of studying inter- national relations and their political and economic influence on the world, it tries to get students to take the initiative to discuss and find out more about foreign affairs and to think objectively about them. president vice-president secretary-treasurer reporter-librarian sponsor don maxey ed bocock ralph booher skip george dr. bradley first hand information concerning african problems first row: John mutambara, ralph booher, ed bocock, dr. bradley, don maxey, skip george, bob hays, torn birdsall, boaz mar- farachizi, dick fattaruso, david whiteman, george shellenbarger, thomas j. flynn, ted mott. 114 mathematics cLub standing: mr. watson. first row: brenda france, bonnie philpot, betty smith, second row: bob peterson, chuck from, billy love- lace, miss pettus. third row: jane Johnson, butch west, don brunkhart, jim young, fourth row: mrs. merchant, ron watson, earl quillen, wait romano. fifth row: jim manuel. JM1 jfe ' ™r%iL ™ " J iHt Hi ■ -±%i XttI a new prospective on things the local alpha delta chapter was founded in January, 1960, and is composed of students de- siring to achieve a greater knowledge of the var- ious fields of mathematics. there were visiting lecturers as well as staff and student lectures on the various fields; movies were shown to illustrate particular problems, on the social side, the group had a booth at the halloween carnival, a Christmas social, and a picnic in the spring. president billy lovelace vice-president jane Johnson secretary James young treasurer .... James manuel sponsor miss mary pettus-mr. j. a. watson 115 men ' s dORrmtORy counciL first row: |ohn nealis, bob dark, bud butler, don maxey. second row: bob brown, jim young, scott nealis, dan oesch, angelo chiari. the resident men ' s student association was formed for the purpose of making policies concerning important issues for the men of Stevenson hall. activities for the year were the homecom- ing display, and open house at Christmas- time. informal dorm discussion president robert dark vice-president herbert butler secretary John nealis treasurer don maxey sponsor dr. paul blacketor 116 miLesians the milesians was founded in September, I960, for discussion of philosophical issues arising from classroom problems and partic- ular interests of the students, the club exists to expand the student ' s knowledge of areas and schools of philosophical thought. the programs of the group are presented by faculty members and students, an annual banquet is held and there are trips to philo- sophical meetings in the surrounding area. according to dr. steinkraus . president vice-president secretary-treasurer sponsor bruce langdon robert schuldt louis foxwell dr. warren e. steinkraus standing: wally snook, fred elford, charles hicks, bob smith, louis foxwell, bruce langdon, albert cowood, ron adcock, dr. steinkraus, bob schuldt. 117 foreign student Association first row: helen woo, mojdeh bazorgan, carmen cabrero, eulalia serrano. second row: wooju bhak, boaz maforachisi, de metrios hionis, siew mee ting, dr. ghormley. third row: michael mitias, John g. mutambara, James yang, Jorge mir. the foreign students association was founded in november of 1961 and holds its meetings twice a month, it exists for promoting and consolidat- ing education and understanding among nations, it attempts to give help in the english language to those who need it. an international meal representing all members ' nationalities was pre- pared by the foreign girls for the club. foreign news president jorge mir, cuba vice-president jim yang, china secretary . carmen cabrero, cuba treasurer eulalia serrano, puerto rico sponsor dr. hugh ghormley 118 union college opchestRA first violins Janice dougherty marcus felde connie marigold wilma maxwell barbara steinkraus margie Stevens second violins paula hampton richard blish mary anne curry byron felde martha hinson gwyn James susan mink James sproul Joan werley viola nathan felde orchestra personnel William hays Jerome redfern violincello j. d. kelly gordon marigold kenneth simpson contrabass warren steinkraus harold shehem harry herren flute alice dudley debbie igleheart diana matthews sharon matthews oboe sue nunley clarinet alvin dark wilma davis milton perry bassoon nancy bender william reiley french horn louis foxwell george reid russell nelson trumpet bruce langdon donald payne percussion ronald adcock Joseph beavon gwyn James harpsichord william elliott the union college orchestra is open to all students and persons in the sur- rounding area, the group gave a concert on december 5, 1961 with selections by persichetti, handel, mozart, beethoven, and a composition composed by the con- ductor of the orchestra, mr. allan e. green, on april 17, 1962, the orchestra gave a concert with selections by haydn and beethoven. 119 omentation committee the fre shman orientation committee of upperclassmen acquaints the incoming freshmen with activities of college life. this year ' s orientation program included a variety show, guidance sessions, dances, interfaith breakfast, splash party, tug-of- war, picnic at Cumberland falls, vespers, theater party, and a tea at baldwin place. upperclassmen display their talent for frosh first row: alice blackman, barbara kidwell, billy lovelace, carol schultz, gretchen mcdermott lovett, glee whitfield, patty hopkins, kay roberts. second row: linda hoff, harriet tower, linda elam, becky bird, susan mink, dean mary owen, mr. town- send, third row: don maxey, skip george, casper carlton, John shepherd, bob wilson, torn hunter, bud salyer, chuck conley, bucky colclough, bob dark, ron ramke. 120 OXfOPd CLUB first row: joe beavon, dr. matthews, bob schuldt, charles hicks, mr. mcmahon. second row: torn hunter, dick rushton, pete leathersich, jim stinson, jack rivel, david whiteman, Christine rose, third row: don turner, jim gunn, david glahn, jim valentine, donna gaverly, westly wilson. fourth row: dave burleigh, charles graham, ron ramke, ed dark, John symes, alberta sheldon. fifth row: morris wilder, dale dellmore. bob and torn discuss evening program the oxford club provides instruction in areas of service to students who are pre- paring to enter the ministry, the group held an overnight retreat at levi Jackson state park, it had a jail and hospital min- istry including visitation, counseling, pro- vision of reading material, and a thanks- giving dinner. president torn hunter vice-president robert schuldt secretary alberta sheldon treasurer charles graham sponsor dr. robert matthews 121 Ip h t ' sB first row: pat riker, sherry nelson, beth purdew, miriam hoyes. second row: lanie loos, sharon Jesse, rachael parker, carol I i I ley, barbara thomas. the p.h.t., or putting husbands through, is an organization whose purpose is to provide social activities for the married students of union col- lege, this year the group had a bake sale, an acquaintance party, swim- ming parties and picnics, a tea at which diplomas were given, and a pot- luck supper during religious emphasis week. president vice-president secretary-treasurer sherry nelson miriam hayes beth perdew 122 pi qamma mu xz seated: bill hall, earl loos, standing: miss rena milliken, miss larue millen, dr. hugh ghormley, paul hieronymus, napier, gary Jesse, betty kelly, mrs. mildred storey, mrs. helene parry, dean mary owen. canton president b. n. hall vice-president earl don loos secretary-treasurer rena milliken sponsor rena milliken the local beta chapter of pi gamma mu was founded September 12, 1955. the purpose of the organization is to improve scholarship and to inspire social service to humanity, the mem- bership is composed of students who rank in the upper third of the junior and senior classes, have majors or minors in one of the fields of social science offered at union college, have completed at least twenty semester-hours of so- cial science with a grade of " b " or better, and have submitted a research paper on some phase of social science. the activities of the year included an oral ex- amination on the research papers december 4 and the initiation of new members on december 11. a second initiation was held the second se- mester for students who met the qualifications at that time. 123 pUyLikGRs the playlikers is an organization founded for the purpose of promot- ing an interest in drama on the campus through acting or through learning the techniques of back- stage work such as lighting, cos- tume and scenery making. this year the organization spon- sored a night of drama, drama ex- perimentals, and took a trip to new york to see several well-known pro- ductions. clockwise: dick slusher, jo Crockett, george shellenbarger, carol Jones, vie taylor, mary olice lantz, joe beavon, regina mabelitini, Janice jack- son, arlene dempsey, casandra tignor. left to right: henry zingg, mr. reid gilbert, bob linblad, alice black, danny dine, roger watson, lee alien. m k e u P left to right: joann godbey, doris leslie, ann Stevens, Judy ogers, milton perry, carol ulrich, priscilla diswood, ann mc connell. president robert linblad vice-president louis foxwell secretary-treasurer mrs. alice black sponsor mr. reid gilbert 124 ua6 o cLub the union college radio club was founded in September, 1959 to promote amateur radio service at union college. this year the club set up an amateur radio station under the club ' s call sign w4ndi; established, with the help of the student senate, a student broadcasting station; sponsored code and theory classes to help those interested in ac- quiring an amateur license; and visited other organizations of the same type. president ernest hammons vice-president robert sopp secretary ronald adcock treasurer Wallace angus sponsor mrs. merchant be careful you don ' t solder the ohm meter prod to the chassis a r standing: lee armington, ron adcock, wally angus, ernest hammons, bob wood, mike carr, bob sapp, ted mott. 125 snea the local John owen gross chapter of snea was founded for the purpose of deepening the in- terest of capable students in teaching as a career; it encour- ages participation in professional activities at local, state, and na- tional levels, it emphasizes per- sonal and professional growth and encourages development of leadership skills. among the activities of the year were a Christmas party for a small rural school, a service project for mountain schools, a display in observance of national education week, and the visita- tion of local high schools dur- ing national education week president don ' s Sanderson vice-president wayne pridgon secretary lois crowe treasurer joann godbey sponsor mr. warren robbins first row: joann godbey, sandy tignor, wayne pridgon, doris sonderson, Judy rogers. second row: dick slusher, lois crowe, arlene dempsey, donald shelton. third row: Joan werley, barbara frahn. fourth row: nell hays, Caro- lyn burns, barbara kidwell, sally snowball, fifth row: larry westbrook, diane eby, lana browning, marge town- send sixth row: nadine baumgardner, mabel duff, mary ann suffelette, bonnie diehl. seventh row: cindy dark- son, ann wesley, Judy parrott, linda hill, eighth row: linda mcgaughy, evelyn reynolds. ninth row: ruth asher, bonnie niemann, don brunkhart, patsy alien, tenth row: pat worley, jim frutchey, ed bocock, nancy moore, marilyn phyllides. future teachers of america! 126 student senate seated: sally snowball, bob hays, wilma evans, alvin dark, Joyce thomas, alice carter, casper carlton, dan oesch, marcetta york, jim mcfarland, bruce langdon, ed dark, larry murphy, roger watson. the student senate serves as a coordinator of student interests and student affairs, it is the governmental arm of a student de- mocracy. the organization promoted interest in na- tional and international affairs on campus, worked for an enlightened student body and town community, suggested a proposal for bettering the cut system, and investigated the possibility of increases in workship pay. it started a student operated campus radio station and promoted the idea of lights for the tennis courts. president roger alien watson vice-president casper v. carlton secretary .... sarah snowball treasurer robert I. hayes sponsor dr. paul blacketor our next plan of action is 127 stespe n the editor and his staff have strived to depict union ' s prog- ress, both instructional and phy- sical, as they also attempted to embody the spirit of the college community in the reflection of the past, the traditional, and the spontaneous in campus life. i wonder if they would object to eight more pages? thechoiceofstyleinthisbook w asmadetoconfusethestudent andtocovergrommaticalerror really don ' t think so 128 we proofread and prufred and then we had a party don maxey bob peterson rae stetler jan hicks wayne pridgen sally snowball bob schuldt don payne carol Jones torn allemang jim manuel your carbon was reversed! jack tender louis foxwell amy jones wait Johnson staff ann Stevens regina mabelitini lee alien sally snowball typists jan hicks carol jones barhara frahn photographer don payne art editor gene robertson assistant sports editor rae stetler sports editor wayne pridgen assistant literary editor carol schultz literary editor thomas allemang business advisor joe hacker advertising manager james porker assistant business manager don maxey business manager bob peterson advisor ... dorothy mcmahon assistant editor pat worley associate editor ... bob schuldt editor james manuel 129 U ClUB ■jn £t3is first row: bucky colclough, charles akers, linda hoff, mary onn suffelette, betty kelly, susie russell, gloria krebs, casper carlton monroe hedrick. second row: floyd cook, al monroe, John moffitt, James harbeson, doug hulitt, skip ballard, jim young, ton swenk. the u club is open to all students who have lettered at union college by their demon- stration of exceptional athletic ability in at least one sport, the u club members act as hosts to visiting athletic teams and provide guides during homecoming, and senior mem- bers are escorts to the homecoming queen and her court. president robert patton secretary betty ann kelly sponsor mr. pete moore 130 ucca the topic of the panel discussion will be . . the union college christian association was founded in 1942. the organization fosters christian fellowship and under- standing and stimulates interest and ac- tion in local, national, and world problems through worship and discussion. one special project of the organization this year was the compiling and printing of a booklet of lenten meditations. president barbara kidwell vice-president torn douce secretary linda elam treasurer charles hicks sponsor reverend donald j. welch first row: cindy clarkson, nadine baumgardner, barbara kidwell, jim shaw, mary ann suffelette, ted bryson, don turner, donna graverly. second row: linda elam, dave saxe, lois vanhook, sonny gover, Joyce peacock, arnita dark, alice carter, becky bird, Jackie taylor, pat hobson, dick rushton, ed dark, Christine rose, cass waddell. third row: Joan kiernan, alberta sheldon, betty young, dave burleigh, lennie shetler, joe beavon, John mutambara, jim gunn, ron ramke. 131 women ' s doRmitopy council first row: marcetta york, sally snowball, Joyce thomas, patty hopkins, alice blackman. second row: Carolyn burns, susan mink, marge townsend, mojdeh, bonnie barnett, nancy bender, paulette look, third row: harriet tower, Virginia goodwin, gail fair- child, nancy moore, priscilla holt, Joyce roberts, dean owen, Joyce peacock, fourth row: brenda france, becky bird, bonnie niemann, vivian france, patsy alien, Jackie taylor, florence mohr, lois crowe. what are they planning now? the association of women students was founded in 1957. the organization directs the affairs of the student life entrusted to it, encourages individual and group responsibility, enriches social life, pro- motes a spirit of unity among the women resident students, and develops loyalty to the college and to its ideals. among the highlights of the year ' s ac- tivities were the all school talent show, parent ' s weekend, open house near valen- tine ' s day, the Christmas tea, and the council retreat. president .... vice-president recording secretary corresponding secretary treasurer alice blackman gretchen lovett Joyce thomas harriet tower patricia hopkins sponsor dr. mary c. owen, dean of women 132 released by love from isolating wrong, let us for love unite our various song, each with his gift according to his kind bringing this child his body and his mind. w. h. auden o c m P u s o R Q n i t i o n s 133 off-campus Religious ORQanizations all the major denominations in barbourville have young adult fellowship groups open to older students, st. gregory ' s roman catholic church sponsors the newman club; first methodist church, the methodist student movement; the christian church, the disciples ' student fellowship; the baptist church, baptist student union, these clubs are not connected to or controlled by the college, although the majority of members are union students. 134 Baptist student union piano — betty Johnson, standing: mr. and mrs. John dovid carter, ken damstrom, pat blair, leslie shaw, mary elizabeth fra- zier, Carolyn akers, ronald watson, lois laurin, Carolyn burns, Judy rogers, ethel melton, george shellenbarger, tom newport, sandy tignor, eddie moose, blair richards. the baptist student union exists to pre- pare baptist collegians for christian leader- ship, to minister to the needs of baptist students, and to act as a link between the campus and the local baptist church. activities of the group included the b.s.u. convention, a thanksgiving service, a sweet- heart banquet, an easter service, Christmas caroling, and baptist youth week. Sunday night at b.s.u. president carolyn burns vice-president jerry benfield secretary Judy scent sponsor mr. warren robbins 135 disciple ' s student fellowship first row: John nealis, carol Jones, torn swenk, ruth asher, danny oesch, libby Johnson, lynn dietrich, doris leslie. second row: Joanne knox, ruth eaton, pat hobson, katheryn roberts, John devoe, carol ulrich, Jackie taylor, alice dudley. third row: bill fox, bob bernhardt, dick west, dave harbold, Judy rogers, John orr, bonnie niemann, dennis bigelow, bob dark, bud salyer, rev. Stevenson, doug rodeck. religious jazz the local disciples student fellowship was founded in 1958 to promote a sense of leader- ship, fellowship, and christian brotherhood among students. the group plans to have one major service project a year, its meetings consist of informal get-togethers for recreation, discussion of relevant problems, and worship. president dan oesch vice-president torn swenk secretary-treasurer John nealis sponsors reverend and mrs. howard Stephenson 136 methodist student movement first row: donna graverly, ann wesley, berna-lu greek, elaine belzer, linda mcgaughy, Judy parrott, carol schultz, mary lou smith, helen woo. second row: Jackie taylor, pat hobson, torn Johnson, |im frutchey, bill reiley, joe beavon, dick fattaruso, John mutambara, ting sieu mee. the msm stimulates interest in theological and world problems among students, it pro- vides an area for fellowship and a deepening of christian faith within the individual. during the year, msm helped to support henderson settlement, visited the methodist publishing house in nashville, tennessee, and conducted weekly meetings consisting of panels, speakers, and open discussions. president ronald ramke vice-president linda mcgaughy secretary Judy parrott treasurer george reid sponsor reverend donald j. welch panel discussion about africa 137 newman cLub seated: angie chiari, lowell barnett, shirley stepchuck, regina mabelitini, vincent vendetti, father mulhern, george sparks, anita stepchuck. 11 Xd ' i U k. 3l HMHgti r --c V it ' s explained right here the newman club promotes the unity of the catholic students of union and fosters good will on the campus, this year the group planned various films and lectures for their meetings. president angelo chiari vice-president, treasurer . george sparks secretary anita stepchuck sponsor father mulhern 138 h i in the sun that is young once only, time let me play and be golden in the mercy of his means, dylan thomas 139 coach pete moore indoctrinates new new bulldogs with the secretary of various plays. union coaching staff pete moore head basketball coach 140 susie russell mary ann suffelette cookie wyatt c h e e R L e 6 e R S gloria krebs Undo hoff come on girls let s make ' em cheer! 141 BASketBALL wooton sinks two against villa. ' big daddy " and wes vie for the tip. vjtf 0 co v veQ e ? w vvoo s o« u ' otf , 9 6 tio " e«» ' ,bc«. 96 , sv e 2-7 28 a9 ca P be cW oo ond f Y er vie 56 n 55 A3 A5 •2.0 30 s a e 75 56 97 6 teV " » ort ' A q6l ieee « et. t rnO ' do ° toe r a " ° •jO S WO. ' ra° 8 9 A3 » « beV 79 92 75 9 7A 83 69 79 55 76 62 85 oo ' v oo° ce e e ' ■•■■ 1SS ■::■■ ° .. . V ' " ... ceoue v ° v.. ' -°- ' P ,W e v» ' of A961 5 A7 cu to a ° 6 CU, ae ° 0 c 71 57 85 79 8A 73 22 roo W w o n ' (0 , e 86 63 63 82 95 76 79 82 AA3 95 68 55 8 93 83 7 60 72 9 A 68 73 142 the 1961-62 union college basketball team had a record of 16-10 overall and 7-5 in the k.i.a.c. the bulldogs were tied for third place with bellarmine in the k.i.a.c. the team was led by sam cowan, ron brack, alvis wooten and bobby keith. the bulldogs were hampered by height, but managed to give every team a good game, the bulldogs will lose three of its starters due to graduation, as well as one of the substitutes, in the k.i.a.c. tournament, the bulldogs were beaten by transylvania in the first round 73-68. this season also marked the last in the cage for head coach herman bush, who was elected co-coach of the year in the k.i.a.c, and remains here as athletic director and chairman of health and physical edu- cation department, assistant coach pete moore will move up to head coach next season. the nucleus of next year ' s team will be built around sophomores ron brack and bill fultz, as well as freshmen donnie lane, bob rainey, bob hensley, and jerry bush, if the bulldogs can pick up some height next season, they should be ready for another good season in the k.i.a.c. bobby shoots in traffic behind a good screen standing: dove gover, ron brack, bill fultz, bob rainey, James hundley, alvis wooten, ted Stewart, sam cowan, bobby keith, James hensley, donnie lone, kneeling: don calitri, coach herman bush, coach pete moore. 143 swimming team first row: keith sauselen, wait romano, hap cawood, torn swenk, bill moody, bucky colclough, coach thompson. sec- ond row: don cordner, dave saxe, Steve baker, randy nelson, stan lawson, cas waddell, chuck conley, reid pate. the 1960-61 union college swimming team had a very successful season, coached by John goetz and lead by hap cawood, the pool record-breaker in the breaststroke; bucky colclough, state backstroke champi- on; roger watson, state diving champion; and ron boone, jorge mir, hugh hendricks, jim denham, george sparks, and chuck con- ley, the bull-dogs gave a strong challenge and came in second to the louisville swim- ming team. the 1961-62 union college bulldogs start- ed the season in great style with a victory over vanderbilt. the team had several new members, upperclassmen as well as fresh- men, the only returning lettermen were bucky colclough, chuck conley, and hap cawood. the new coach, charles thompson, worked the team hard through the 1962 season. letterman chuck and novice stan 144 roger watson 1961 state diving champion ray colclough 1961 state backstroke champion 1961 swimming pecoRfts state records set by un diving roger watson breaststroke hap cawood 200 yard backstroke ray colclough 200 yard school records broken by medley relay 400 yard individual medley 200 yard diving butterfly 200 yard free-style 440 yard free-style 100 yard backstroke 200 yard breaststroke 200 yard free-style 400 yard ion dolphins 206 points 2:34.3 2:28 union dolphins ray colclough hop cawood bill lloyd ron boone ray colclough roger watson bill lloyd hugh hendricks Jorge mir ray colclough hap cawood Jorge mir bill lloyd hap cawood ron boone hap cawood 1961 breaststroke record-holder 145 first row: coach pete moore, mike Williams, robert patton, eddie bean, pat murphy, ray wright, Julian holland, James hampton, art logue. second row: wayne mower, douglas hulitt, charles akers, ronald brack, frank galbraith, bruce roberts, roger watson. tRack the union college thinlines brought the conference crown back to union last year, they were undefeated in conference play and lost only to the non-conference foes, eastern, ken- tucky state, and morehead. in the conference tournament union was victorious over bellar- mine, berea, georgetown,and pikeville. the thinlines were led by seniors bruce roberts (outstanding in high and low hurdles) and pat murphy (pole vault, shot, discus, and high jump), other outstanding members were bob patton and eddie bean in the dashes, mike williams, doug h u I lit and skip george in the 880, alvis wooten in the 440, Julian holland in the mile and two-mile runs, and the 440 yard relay team which included bob patton, eddie bean, bruce roberts, and alvis wooten. wayne mower set a school record in the javelin with a hurl of 160 feet. two men hard to beat 146 the 1961 union college bulldogs finished the season with a 10-8 overall record and a 4-6 in the k entucky inter-collegiate athletic conference, the bulldogs were led by ted marcum, monroe hedrick, dennis bigelow, and conley marcum at the plate; and by roy dugger and ray Johnson on the mound, the bulldogs were hard to beat in the outside competition, but ran into a little trouble in the conference, the bulldogs lost only conley marcum, so the 1962 season for the bull- dogs looks better with experience and the addition of new freshmen. bunting lessons BAseBAll first row: reed tyler, glen conway, John moffitt, jim harbeson, roy dugger, ron dunk, ronald robinson, monroe hedrick, ted marcum. second row: coach don shaw, jim mcfarland, dennis bigelow, paul vaughn, conley marcum, bob shaw, roymond Johnson, don riker, autrey debusk, richard west, casper carlton, gerald ballard. m 147 tennis the union college tennis team, coached by John goetz, had a very enjoyable, if not sucessful year, torn adams was the only returning mem- ber of the team, although the final record showed 2 wins and 10 losses, valuable experience was gained by members of the team, members of the team were: torn adams, floyd cook, dave gover, mike Johnson, robert som- mer, and charles conley. with a year ' s competition under their belts, the re- turning " racket squad " is a sure bet to show improvement over past records. first row: dove gover, torn adams, floyd cook, second row: coach John goetz, John stone, mike Johnson, bob sommer, chuck conley. adrian dunaway, |ohn bruner, bob wilson, dave porter, James guth. QoLf the union college " putters " had an enjoyable, although not sucess- ful year, coached by herman bush and led by John bruner, the only graduating senior, the putters gave a good account of themselves, back- ing up bruner were adrian duna- way, jim denham, bob wilson, dave porter, and James guth. with the ex- perience gained and better develop- ment of the putters, we are looking forward to a better year this spring. 148 intRAmuRaLs football faSWESS volleyball 149 intpamuR Ls track girls basketball 150 a i am a part of all that i have met how dull it is to pause, to make an end, to rust unburnished, not to shine in use! alfred lord tennyson t I V I I e s 151 freshman orientation 1 W¥% standing in line is a union tradition -; - ; this is where they take your money where ' s stinking creek? freshmen lose J justice (?) no! freshmen cannot take calculus! already? this is supposed to be fun where ' s the confederate flag? 152 I i.r - £ L, ..« TlM ' ■ i m 1 •fji ft ;;■ ■ ■ P p». V danieL Boone festival Joyce stansell and Stanley godfrey, stars of beyond the gap discuss the production with reid gilbert governor combs receiving members of the cast and crew of beyond the gap little cast members of the pageant in the pre-performance parade early kentucky preacher performing a mass marriage the rev. Stephenson spinning a yarn a home is built from rough-hewn logs 153 homecoming dsf ' s kick-off katheryn roberts linda hill oldsters pfeiffer display memory lane darlene rhinehart ruth asher 154 youngsters BALL Stevenson display raising a racquet homecoming alice carter priscilla holt snea ' s bulldog alice blackman nancy moore 155 156 157 ORama jo Crockett os gertrude hank zingg as Claudius h m L e t bill maxwell as osric hank zingg, jo Crockett jax Carroll as laertes mike snodgrass as gravedigger stan hall, bob sommers as horatio mike snodgrass as player king juanita Williams as player queen pat hurley and pat hopkins as pages stan hall as hamlet jo Crockett, lou foxwell as polonius, hang zingg, alice verner as page, jax Carroll heLLo out thepe lee alien and dick slusher in a dramatic moment from saroyan ' s hello out there 158 milton perry as jean mary alice lantz as kristin jo Crockett as miss Julie dick slusher as yank larry westbrook as paddy phil stone as worker better salt m i s s J u L i e dRama e x P e i m e n t L s t h e h i y P e dancers jim denham as iww official dick slusher as yank inter-regum open houses union advocates certain forms of gambling. i wanna stay! all the comforts of home. want to skip the dance? 160 interesting text, n ' est-ce pas? not too tight campus Life just when i wanted to go to will casper win? i crown you queen of the shack! what ' s this button for? Saturday western 161 campus Life term paper duet but honest they ' re my brother ' s give me back my coke 162 A 6 v e t stick your patent name on a signboard brother — all over — going west — young man tintex-japlac-certain-teed overalls ads and landsakes! under the new playbill ripped in the guaranteed corner see bert Williams what? hart crane R S 163 faculty and staff index blacketor, paul g. 19, 20 bovd, j. h. 18 bradley, erwin s. 26, 114, 113 bradley, vivian 31, 113 bush, herman 21, 107, 143 carson, mamie d. 31 chadwell, clarence 32 cowan, loretta 31 davis, norman w. 24 dougherty, John w. 23 dougherty, janice lee 32, 106, 119 forman, elsie 27 ghormley, hugh w. 26, 108, 123 g ilbert, Christine 29, 102 gilbert, frank a. 24 qilbert, e. reid 23, 124, 98 qoodwin, Virginia 31, 132 qreen, allan e. 23 guha, manindra Chandra 24 hacker, joe c 27 hansen, bruce w. 25, 105 hording, doris ann 23 hays, William paul 22, 119, 100 hinson, albert r. 22, 101 hissam, ruth 32 hoeltje, hubert 28 igleheart, j. hayden 30 kelly, John d. 23, 1 19 lay, mary alice 25, 112 lucas, dorothy 19 mcferrin, lames b. 31 mcmahon, william e. 121, 29 mcmahon, dorothy 102, 29 mangold, w. g. 28, 110, 111. 1 19 marigold, Constance 110, 111, 119, 229 mastin, Christine 33 matthews, robert d. 30, 121 maxwell, donald j. 22 merchant, frank e. 28 merchant, chnstine b. 25, 104, 115 millen, j. larue 27, 104, 123 miller, mahlon 17 milliken, rena 26, 1 13, 123 moore, kathleen 20, 113 moore, paul s. 21, 143, 146 moore, dale 32 owen, mary c. 19, 104, 120, 123, 132 parry, helene 27, 123 patridge, frances 21 pettus, mary 24, 115 poqorelskin, milton a. potter, marshall b. 19 potter, sherrill 32 robbins, warren 20 shaw, dorothy 33 simms, charles w. 20 singer, Catherine f. 34 SDurlock, arthur e. 19 steinkraus, warren e. 30 storey, mildred 27, 1 13, thompson, charles 144, 21 thompson, betty 21 townsend, milton 19, 1 20 watson, james a. 25, 115 watts, Winifred 29 welch, donald j, 18, 30 wilder, barbara 33 wilson, myrtle 33 25, 99 119. 123 1 17 student index adcock, ronald 54, 117, 119, 125 akers, Carolyn 1 04, 1 35 akers, charles e. 54, 69, 146 alexander, jeannnie 79, 109 alexander, jesse t. 79 allemang, thomas 37 al ' en, enzabeth 54, 124, 158 alien, james s. 54 alien, patsy lou 37, 102, 110, 132 alien, william j. 79, 108 allin, edwin 69, 107 amis, thomas 79 anqus, Wallace 69, 99, 105 109, 125 armington, lee 54, 125 arthur, melva joan 79 asher, ruth 54, 92, 102, 1Q4, 136, 154 auraden, katherine 79, 1 06 austin, bobby ray 54 austin, david 54 overs, bruce w. 79 babcock, franklin 79 bailey, barbara 69 bailey, patncia 69, 108 baird, linda 79, 109 baker, etta ruth 79 baker, frances w. 69 baker, Stephen 1. 69, 109, 144 bollard, gerald 55, 147 barnett, lowell 79 baumgardner, nadine 55, 126, 131 bazorgan, mojdeh 79, 132 beagle, wayne 79 bean, darlene 78, 79 bean, edword 37, 146 beavon, |r. Joseph 79, 119, 121, 124, 131, 137 beisecker, nancy 79, 106 belzer, elaine 55, 132 bender, nancy r. 69, 102, 108, 119, 132 benfield, jerry m. 69 bennett, karl lee 55 bentley, John alon 79 bernhardt, robert 1 36 bigelow, dennis 69, 136, 147 bird, rebecca lee 69, 120, 131, 132 birdsoll, thomas c. 77, 1 14 black, alice mae 69, 124, 158 black, edward h. 69 black, lorraine a. 79, 98 black, robert 37 blackmon, alice c. 37, 92, 106, 120, 132, 155 blair, patricia 55, 108, 135 blrsh, richard a. 69, 100 bloyd, rose ann 69 bocock, edward d. 37, 108, 114, 126 boggs, kenneth m, 69 booher, ralph 69, 102, 114 boone, ronald a. 55, 145 boswell, mary e. 69 boyer, mary sue 79 brack, ronald 143, 1 46 brashear, a Ian w. 79 brown, mary e. 78, 79, 105. 109 brown, matt hew m. 55 brown, robert h. 53, 56, 1 16 browning, lana sue 38, 126 bruce, don w. 70 brumbaugh, harry 79 brunkhart, donald 70, 115 bryson, theodore 80, 131 burqe, randall d. 108 burleigh, david 80, 106, 121, 131 burns, carolyn sue 38, 126, 132, 135 burton, Chester g. 38 burton, eleanor s. 80 bush, gerald s. 80 bush, john a. jr. 70, 107 butler, herbert h. 38, 107, 116, 99 butler, laurance c. 70, 109 cabrero, carmen 70 calitri, donald I. 70 canfield, paul t. 80 carlock, janet kay 80, 112 carlton, casper v. 38, 92, 147, 127 carmines, james w. 56 carnes, maxola 56 carr, richard d. 70, 125 carter, alice faye 80, 91, 92, 131, 154, 127 carter, clarinda j. 70 carter, robert a. 80 cawood, albert 38, 1 1 7, 1 44 145 cerynar, Joseph I. 80 chandler, peggy I. 70 chiari, angelo j. 39, 116, 138 dark, alvin w. 56, 1 10, 138 dark, arnita 80, 131 dark, edward a. 70, 121, 127, 131 dark, mary ruth 80 dark, robert I. 39, 107, 116. 120, 136 clarkson, cynthia 56, 126, 131 clay, nancy glynn 70, 99, 1 1 1 clement, robert 70 dine, danny lee 56, 98, 107. 124 cobb, kenneth 70 cobb, nancella 80 cochran, mary m. 70 colclough, sherwood 36, 39. 92, 94, 107, 120, 144, 145 164 union national bank knox street — barbourville, kentucky union national bank knox street — barbourville, kentucky serving the students of union college for over 30 years. safe sound secure saving accounts checking accounts traveler checks complete banking service member federal deposit corporation member federal reserve system frosh find new home for their money 165 student index collier, esteva 80 combs, george rn. 80, combs, waiter j. 70 comer, jomes dermis 80 conley, charles n. 70, J 07, J 09, 120, 144, 148 Conner, david m. 80 con way, glenn e. 70, 147 cook, carolyn sue 71, 111 cook, floyd h. 53, 56, 92, 147 coomer, Jacqueline 71, 112 cordner, donald t. 80, 144 cowan, samuel 56, 146 creighton, david I. 71 crockett, trilby j. 71, 98, 124, 158 crowe, lois carol 71, 102, 126, 132 curry, elizabeth I. 80, 106, 1 09 curry, mary ann 39, 100, 106, 109 dahm, patty ann 80 damstrom, kenneth 80, 108, 135 davis, barbara j. 57 da vis, wilma Joyce 80 delk, harold jr. 80 dellmore, dale lee 80, 121 dempsey, arlene j. 80, 124, 126 denham, james I. 57 dcrossett, aaron r. 7 1 devoe, John 71, 136 diehl, bonnie sue 39, 126 dietnch, lynn j. 81, 1 12, 136 dimarco, paul p. 71 diswood, priscilla 81, 99, 124 doolin, June 81 douce, thomas I. 71, 107 dudley, alice jane 81, 109, 119, 136 duff, mable lee 71, 101, 126 dugger, roy robert 39, 99, 147 dunaway, adrian 40, 92, 148 dyche, patricia onne 110 eaton, ruth i. 81, 136 eby, diana may 71, 101, 126 elam, drucilla m. 81 , 1 10 elam, linda lee 71, 102, 120, 131 elford, frederick 1 19 elliott, William I. 57, 106, 1 19 evans, wilma g. 71, 102, 104. 127 evoy, wyn w. 81, 1 09 fairchild, gail 57, 132 fairchild, harold 81 fattaruso, nchard 81, 114, 137 fields, orvel e. 81 flynn, thomas j. 81, 114 foley, elbert j. 57 foster, carol a. 81 foster, dorothy I. 81 fox, William f. 81, 136 foxwell, louis w. 57, 117, 119 124, 158 frahn, barbara a. 57, 126 france, brenda 81, 1 15, 132 f ranee, vivian c. 57, 101, 132 frank, Joseph d. 81, 135 frazier, mary e. 81 , 135 freitas, dan 40, 107 from, charles I. 71, 1 10, 115 frutchey, james a. 71, 126, 137 fuller, tonilynn 81 fultz, William t. 71, 143 gallagher, eileen 81 gardner, james r. 71 gleesey, William 81 george, floyd e. 71, 106, 114, 120 gibson, John david 58 gilmore, sue 58 giron, raymond 72, 105 glahn, david a. 81, 121 gleason, ruth I. 81 godbey, joann 40, 124, 126 golden, aubrey 81 goodin, bobby r. 72 gover, david 40, 143, 148 gover, glen jr. 58, 131 graham, charles 72, 108, 110, 121 grant, Joyce j. 40 gravely, nina I. 82, 108, 121, 131, 137 gray, gail worth 82, 109 greek, berna-lu 82, 137 gressel, ronald k. 58 griffin, michael 82, 105 gunn, james h. 72, 121, 131 guthrie, kay a. 42 hall, bill n. 41, 123 hall, charles jr. 58 hall, elayne r. 41 hamilton, John jr. 58 hamlin, William 58 hammond, donald p. 58, 106 hammons, arvil 82 hammons, euna fay 72, 1 12 hammons, james e. 72, 109, 125 hampton, james h. 41, 146 hampton, lawrence 72 hampton, paula b. 82, 100, 106, 119 harbeson, james p. 72, 136 harbold, david h. 72, 136 hording, harry t. 72 harnman, sharon 82, 110 harris, juanita p. 59 hastings, robert 72 hatfield, wanda n. 41 haulenbeek, robert 72, 105 hawn, janet s. 59 hawn, sharon r. 82, 106 hays, robert lee 41, 114, 127 hays, sandra 82 hays, Virginia n. 72, 108, 126 hedrick, monroe a. 59, 147 heffern, robert v. 82 hele, kenneth 59 helton, helen j. 72 helton, shelvia j. 82 hen ley, betty lou 82 hensley, james e. 82, 143 herren, harry k. 82 hetnek, merry a. 72, 102, 104. 105, 109 hicks, charles m. 59, 108, 117, 121 hicks, Janice c. 59, 106, 128 hieronymus, paul 59, 123 hill, linda lee 72, 91, 92, 126. 154 hobbs, carolyn sue 82 hobson, patricia e. 82, 131, 136, 137 hoff, linda lu 59, 102, 120, 141 holt, priscilla s. 60, 92, 102 ; 132, 155 hopkins, a. lucille 72 hopkins, patricia a. 72, 110, 120, 132, 158 hopper, William h. 82 hoskins, William 41 houben, laura I. 73, 1 08 ho ward, gayle d. 82 hubbard, marvin e. 73 hubbard, norma j. 42 hudson, thomas w. 73 hulitt, douglas r. 60, 107, 146 hundley, james e. 143 hunter, richard jr. 73, 106, 120, 121 inglis, margaret e. 82, 106 ire Ian, richard m. 82 jackson, freeda a. 82 jackson, Janice f. 82, 105, 124 Jacobs, maurice s. 82 james, gwyneth e. 73, 100, 106, 119 jarvis, |eanne a. 82 jarvis, mary jane 83 jarvis. penny lee 73 jasper, Stephen t. 60, 107 Jensen, douglas p. 83 lessee, gary d. 42, 106, 123 Johnson, betty j. 42, 135 Johnson, conrad r. 60 Johnson, dorothy 42, 1 15 johnson, elizabeth 42, 109, 136 johnson, judith 83, 1 12 johnson, michael 73, 148 johnson, raymond 73, 147 johnson, thomas w. 83, 137 Johnson, waiter 42 jones, carol a. 60, 98, 124, 128, 136 kangur, alan 83 keenon, rodney 73, 1 05 keith, bobby r. 43, 143 kelley, anna m. 83 kelley, norman a. 106 kelly, benny p. 60 kelly, betty a. 36, 43, 123 kidwell, barbara 60, 120, 126, 131 kiernan, joan m. 131 king, jay h. 83, 106 kirkland, martha 73, 102, 104 knox, kathryn joann 73, 102, 104 kraus, donald a. 43 krebs, gloria jean 73, 102, 141 kreh, daniel w. 43 lane, donald g. 83, 143 langdon, bruce 43, 117, 119, 127 lantz, mary 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Suggestions in the Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) collection:

Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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